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WARNING: This website is for ADULTS ONLY. It contains fictional adult material and illustrations of a sexually explicit nature. It includes visual, textual and/or aural depictions of nudity and fictional heterosexual, bisexual and lesbian sexual situations, some of which may be with fictional characters slightly under the age of eighteen.

No reasonable person can believe that the stories found on this website are real; therefore they are protected free speech. Real persons under eighteen years of age, persons who live in jurisdictions where access to this website is unlawful, and persons who may be offended by such depictions shall not directly or indirectly view, read, listen to, download, acquire or possess any illustration, textual material or other content that is found at, in, or through this website, nor shall they place any order for any goods or services at, in, or through connection to or from this website. If you are under eighteen years of age, or your access to this website is otherwise unlawful, or you are offended by such materials, or you are acting on behalf of any governmental agency, you are not authorized to download any materials from this adult website; any and all such downloading shall constitute intentional infringement of this adult website's rights in such materials.

By downloading materials from this adult website, you (the down-loader) hereby agree to be personally liable and to fully indemnify the owner of this website for any and all damages directly, indirectly and/or consequentially resulting from your attempted or actual unauthorized downloading or other duplication of materials from this adult website, alone or with, or under the authority of, any other person(s), including, without limitation, any governmental agency(ies), wherein such damages include without limitation, damages resulting from loss of property, fines, and attorney's fees, including, without limitation, those generated by prosecution and/or governmentally-imposed seizure(s), forfeiture(s), and/or injunction(s).

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We strongly support and encourage parental controls on the Internet. This website is not intended to be viewed by minors and we appreciate your help in ensuring that it is not. If you are a parent and you want to block this or any other website with adult content, please contact one of the following:

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