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SIX TIMES A DAY - An e-novel by Spacer X

Revision status

Former Part 85 and much other new material for earlier parts is included in this release. All parts have been renumbered consecutively.

Information on the structural aspects and goals of this work have been added at the end of Part 0, the Introduction, which is where any new reader should start.

A dropdown listing by chapter of the characters found in each chapter, with a link to that chapter, has been added to each part.

A listing by part of the characters found in each part has been added as Part b4.

Six Times a Day has been throughly revised, with significant new text and illustrations. It now totals almost 4.2M words in 1675 chapters, accompanied by over 3100 colorized illustrations in manga style. (Alternate editions, including a grayscale edition and a safe-for-work edition without any illustrations, are available on the SpacerXStories.com server).

Visit the author's forum for freewheeling discussion about the story and its characters, and updates on the story's progress. Please leave comments and appreciation in an appropriate section and thread of that forum.

Many parts of Six Times a Day still need serious editing, so are likely to contain typographic errors, transposition errors, inconsistencies and other obvious problems. If you spot any of these, in any part, please report what you find in the appropriate problem-reporting thread:

SIX TIMES A DAY - An e-novel by Spacer X

This is an illustrated story of how a directed medical diagnosis and contrived treatment plan was used to change the lives of many people. Enjoy!

Codes: The following codes are for the story as a whole:
        MF Mf FF ff Ff M F f m mF mult cons rom reluc bi humor inc mother son bro sis dau
        group harem poly 1st oral anal toys lac exhib voy size doct BBr slow

This is an e-novel that is heavily illustrated in Japanese anime style with an average of about one picture for every 1350 words. It is not the author's intention to infringe on anyone's copyright. If an image copyright holder finds an unauthorized image within these illustrations and wishes it removed, we will do so immediately. We will not respond to hearsay or assumptions, only to originators or their authorized agents. Thank you. Spacer X

Book  1: Introduction; 16 September – 14 October 2002 (Days 01 to 29)

  • Part   0: Introduction (start here): The basic premise of this story, and how it differs from others on the web. Insight into its structure and the choice of Part titles.
  • Part   1: I'm So Tired: Alan gets an odd diagnosis for his low energy problem, with an even stranger suggested medical treatment. His mother Susan reluctantly decides to help out.
  • Part   2: Breakdown: Alan learns the meaning of the word rejection, but Suzanne has a plan to help and his family goes along with her scheme.
  • Part   3: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction: Suzanne's plan swings into action, starting with some private Internet browsing. Some of the others get swept up into sexing things up as well.
  • Part   4: Beat It: Alan has a second doctor's appointment. During the appointment, Susan discovers some hidden desires.
  • Part   5: Mind Games: The sexual tension increases at the Plummer house. Suzanne puts her plan to "help" Alan with his treatment into action. Katherine tempts Alan to become a voyeur.
  • Part   6: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This): Suzanne starts working on breaking down Susan's inhibitions. Katherine reveals her secret lust for Alan in dramatic fashion.
  • Part   7: I Put a Spell on You: The moral barriers continue to fade in the Plummer house, and clothing barriers continue to be pushed around the Plummer pool. Amy gets more involved with helping Alan with his treatment.
  • Part   8: Sunny Afternoon: The fun by the family pool gets hotter. The heat continues as Suzanne helps Alan out in private.

Book  2: 15 October – 23 October 2002 (Days 30 to 38)

  • Part   9: Touch Me: Glory confronts Alan about the new changes in his behavior. Alan gets his first abnormality check from his mother.
  • Part  10: The Things We Do for Love: Susan's sexual side starts to awaken. Family and neighbors continue to turn the heat up.
  • Part  11: Dazed and Confused: Alan's father calls and says he is coming home. Susan doubts her newfound sexuality.
  • Part  12: Paint It, Black: Katherine has a wardrobe malfunction at school and Alan comes up with a solution. But what happens when another cheerleader notices that something's off?
  • Part  13: Saturday Night at the Movies: Katherine and Alan have some fun at the movies. The next day, they start corrupting their neighbor Amy.
  • Part  14: Slippin' into Darkness: Suzanne has some plans to sway Susan back to the dark side. Kim the cheerleader gets corrupted in a different way.
  • Part  15: Tempted: Alan's teacher Glory starts to realize her desires for Alan. Susan recovers from her backslide into prudishness that occurred when Ron returned home, and then some.
  • Part  16: Beyond Belief: An acquaintance named Brenda comes over to play cards. Suzanne arranges things on the sly to have Susan peek at Alan during a private moment.

Book  3: 24 – 31 October 2002 (Days 39 to 46)

Book  4: 1 – 7 November 2002 (Days 47 to 53)

Book  5: 8 – 10 November 2002 (Days 54 to 56)

  • Part  34: California Girls: Alan wakes up to two very pleasant surprises before going to school.
  • Part  35: Walk on the Wild Side: Alan gets an unexpected surprise during his afternoon class, leading to a risky adventure. Alan's appointment with Akami has a dangerous secret.
  • Part  36: Lucky Man: Suzanne, Katherine, and Alan continue to work on breaking down Susan's remaining barriers. Simone notices that Heather is acting strangely.
  • Part  37: Soak Up the Sun: More pool fun and festivities at the Plummer house. Suzanne and Alan push the limits set by Susan.
  • Part  38: Lay Your Hands on Me: Alan and Katherine go a little too far in front of their mother. Heather confides her lust to Simone, and realizes a few feelings she doesn't understand.
  • Part  39: I'm Goin' Down: Katherine and Suzanne learn to play without Alan. Katherine gets permission for a new way for Alan to get her attention.
  • Part  40: Lazy Sunday: Suzanne helps Brenda discover her submissive side. Suzanne shares her real centerfold experience and starts to resign herself to Amy's involvement.
  • Part  41: Catch a Wave: A day at the beach turns into a day of erotic fun. Suzanne and Alan share a special moment.
  • Part  42: Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress: Christine and Alan have another non-romantic date that oozes lust. Susan and Katherine relieve Alan's pent up lust with a role-play date of their own.

Book  6: 11 – 12 November 2002 (Days 57 to 58)

  • Part  43: Good Morning, Good Morning: Alan and Katherine keep their mother from backpedaling on her boundaries. Susan's and Suzanne's morning workout takes a new turn.
  • Part  44: Holiday: The cheerleading squad punishes one of their own with Alan's help. Alan comes to Christine's aid.
  • Part  45: Surf's Up: Alan takes a trip to the beach with Christine. Susan helps him enjoy his memories of the trip when he returns home.
  • Part  46: Show Me: After a sensual stop at the local adult store, an eye-popping show ensues. Amy gets more acquainted with Alan's cum.
  • Part  47: I Kissed a Girl: Susan starts to love Katherine and Suzanne in a new way.
  • Part  48: Crazy Train: Heather tries to ambush Alan in the middle of school. Joy is undergoing her punishment from Heather when Janice comes to the rescue. Susan continues to work on Brenda over the phone.
  • Part  49: This Magic Moment: Susan takes her special day to the limit, her willpower quickly waning. Katherine plays referee and gets in on the action herself.
  • Part  50: Under My Thumb: Suzanne cums over and joins in the fun as well. Alan "punishes" his "naughty mommy."
  • Part  51: Hey Jealousy: The heat and jealousy start to rise in the Plummer household, and Alan has to learn diplomacy on the fly. Alan surprises Amy with the role of a lifetime, then takes charge to suppress the others' jealousy.

Book  7: 13 – 14 November 2002 (Days 59 to 60)

  • Part  52: Let's Work Together: Susan's doubts come back with a vengeance. Suzanne just happens to have a friend who can help.
  • Part  53: The Great Pretender: Alan gets a major scare from Glory's role-playing. Heather gets a reward for keeping her promise.
  • Part  54: Wicked Game: Amy, Katherine, and Alan have a creamy delicious time. Alan works through some issues with Katherine and Suzanne.
  • Part  55: Let's Have a Party: Another card party with Brenda gets hot and heavy, until jealousy starts rearing its ugly head. Susan loses control and lets her competitive side take over.
  • Part  56: Bad To The Bone: Suzanne shows Alan a new way to have sexy fun. Susan eavesdrops, and finds herself wanting it as well.
  • Part  57: Kiss: Susan and Katherine continue to practice their kissing before school. Susan's and Suzanne's morning activities are interrupted by a buxom visitor.
  • Part  58: God Only Knows: Alan and Glory both learn a lot by role-playing. Suzanne drives to L.A. to help an old friend set things up to cure Susan of her remaining doubts.
  • Part  59: The Girl Can't Help It: Alan and Amy help Heather and Janice work out their problems. Susan gets punished, or does she?

Book  8: 15 – 17 November 2002 (Days 61 to 63)

  • Part  60: Baby Got Back: Susan and Katherine meet a therapist named Xania. Alan teaches Heather that he is in charge of her ass.
  • Part  61: Sexual Healing: Alan joins the rest of his family for their appointment with the therapist, and finds it's not nearly as unpleasant as he had feared.
  • Part  62: Young Lust: Joy enjoys herself at the game. Akami makes a surprise house call at the Plummers.
  • Part  63: Wild Night: Christine learns how to flirt with Alan, and becomes aware of her growing sexual urges. Katherine lets her jealousy intervene again.
  • Part  64: Feels like the First Time: Susan admits her deepest desires. Alan gets his first blowjob from Brenda. Suzanne shows Alan just how good she can be.
  • Part  65: Tonight's the Night: Amy has her first special night with Alan, beginning with going out with him for the first time as his Official Girlfriend. Their special night ends with something more private.
  • Part  66: Hanging on the Telephone: Glory has a long, exhilarating phone-sex session with Alan at the same time that Alan is getting unexpected help. Katherine enjoys the end to the ban on sex in the house.
  • Part  67: Please Please Me: Another fashion show for Alan pushes everyone's ideas to the limit.
  • Part  68: Fashion: The fashion show continues. To everyone's surprise, Brenda breaks down. Susan and Suzanne have some late-night fun with ice cream.

Book  9: 18 – 20 November 2002 (Days 64 to 66)

  • Part  69: Just What I Needed: Susan had a doctor's appointment to see if she has become a true nympho. Alan tries to balance real life and his new sex life.
  • Part  70: Sex Machine: The "S-club meetings" resume, with a new member added. The family has a group encounter. Susan discovers that punishment can be its own reward.
  • Part  71: Under Pressure: Alan gets reciprocal and then anal with his mother Susan. Susan and Suzanne share a day of intimate fun while working out other issues, and Xania gets in on the fun. Christine warms up (slightly) to the idea of sharing.
  • Part  72: Brown Sugar: Heather finally manages to corner Alan. Unfortunately for her, Alan decides he prefers chocolate. Susan and Suzanne discuss an interesting possibility involving Brenda.
  • Part  73: Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby?: Suzanne and Alan test Susan's resolve, while Amy works on breaking down Suzanne's own barriers to impropriety. Alan and Katherine show Susan their love for each other.
  • Part  74: Friend or Foe: Katherine gets her anal cherry popped. Xania and Suzanne have a special lunch with Ginger. Alan reveals part of his secret life to Sean and initiates him as an apprentice.
  • Part  75: All Shook Up: After his run-in with a group of jealous football players, Alan reluctantly enlists Heather's help. Brenda shows up early for the Wednesday poker party.
  • Part  76: It's My Party: Brenda gets addicted to Alan's cum. Xania pretends to be prudish and reluctant.
  • Part  77: Games without Frontiers: Everyone gets revved up and horny as the poker party gets more intense.
  • Part  78: Don't Stop: The Plummer family party continues, as the dares get kinkier and the women get hornier. Xania is fit to be tied.
  • Part  79: All Night Long: Xania discovers a new joy. Alan pushes Brenda's willpower and resistance.

Book 10: 21 – 22 November 2002 (Days 67 to 68)

  • Part  80: Never There: Xania continues her role as therapist but finds herself the subject of a few mind games.
  • Part  81: What a Fool Believes: Alan steps up Sean's training, sending him on a surprise weekend trip. Alan tries to control Glory's sexual arousal from a distance.
  • Part  82: Girls Talk: Heather starts some troubling rumors, then Amy steps up and tries to do damage control. Xania joins Susan and Suzanne for their morning workout.
  • Part  83: Glory Days: Glory enjoys her cellular connection, and almost gets caught. Glory and Alan discuss Heather and blow off a little steam. Xania gives some final advice before returning home.
  • Part  84: Running with the Devil: Alan goes to battle with Heather and discovers a tender, sweet side, so he decides to try and tame her inner bitch. Glory's "Full Day" ends.
  • Part  85: Whammy Kiss: Alan has more fun at home with Susan, Suzanne, and Amy. A homework problem leads to something unexpected with Christine.
  • Part  86: Good Times, Bad Times: Alan gets another fucktastic wake-up call. Glory uncovers Alan's secrets. Amy confronts Alan over Christine.
  • Part  87: It Takes Two: After an emotional day at school, Alan's spirits are revived at home.
  • Part  88: With a Little Help From My Friends: Alan has another appointment with Akami where she reveals a dangerous secret. Katherine, Amy, Susan and Suzanne do their best to get Alan's mind off his troubles. Christine has an interesting shopping trip where she encounters a schoolmate.
  • Part  89: Leaving Here: Susan, Katherine, Suzanne and Amy make a loving commitment to each other and Alan before he leaves on his scouting trip.

Book 11: 23 – 25 November 2002 (Days 69 to 71)

  • Part  90: Girls Just Want to Have Fun: Katherine writes more in her diary. While Alan is away on his scouting trip, the girls discuss their new bond. Christine gets an interesting phone call. Suzanne meets with Glory and tries to help out.
  • Part  91: The Waiting: Christine continues to lust after Alan and has a wondrous dream. Brenda cums over for weekend fun, and Suzanne has doubts about her submissive role.
  • Part  92: Like a Virgin: Susan's big night arrives with Katherine's help. Suzanne helps out with a punishment. Brenda watches video while Amy and Katherine keep her busy.
  • Part  93: You Shook Me All Night Long: Amy and Brenda make a special connection. Mother and son continue with their special night. Amy has some special gifts for Alan and Susan.
  • Part  94: Communication Breakdown: Tension again starts to rise as trouble and jealousy spring up in the Plummer house. Alan reaffirms his role as Heather's Bitch Tamer. Susan and Suzanne try to work out their differences with a fantasy about Glory.
  • Part  95: Start Me Up: Alan follows up on Sean's training. Glory decides to help Alan in a non-sexual way. Brenda's relationship with her real son Adrian takes a new turn.
  • Part  96: We're Not Gonna Take It: Katherine, Susan, Suzanne and Amy decide to confront the doctor problem head-on. Alan gets Xania hot and bothered over long-distance. Suzanne gives Brenda advice on seducing her son.
  • Part  97: Tush: Alan discovers that Amy's pussy isn't her tightest hole. Susan learns to truly let go and surrender control to Alan. Katherine and Amy chat.

Book 12: 26 November 2002 (Day 72)

  • Part  98: Back Door Man: For once Alan wakes his sister, bringing her a most pleasant surprise. Heather starts her inner bitch training.
  • Part  99: Hot for Teacher: Even with Heather on his side, a few football players step up their tactics to get back at Alan. In spite of the decision to keep things non-sexual, Alan has fun with Glory. Alan and Simone find that Heather's inner bitch training has some interesting side effects.
  • Part 100: My Best Friend's Girl: Sean goes to his first SA-Club meeting with Alan and gets hit with more than just one surprise.
  • Part 101: Long Train Runnin': Susan and Brenda have fun waiting for Alan. Amy joins in the fun but also becomes the surprising voice of reason. Suzanne and Glory meet again to discuss Alan.
  • Part 102: Shop Around: Susan's hungry butt needs some attention. The women of the Plummer and Pestridge households go to the local sex shop and Susan gets more than she bargained for.
  • Part 103: I'm Gonna Make You Love Me: Christine puts it all on the line during a date, and makes Alan an offer. Alan returns home to some astonishing role-playing.
  • Part 104: Little Sister: Suzanne and Amy get down and dirty. Katherine gets a special day, but then shows just how far the green-eyed monster of jealousy has taken over.

Book 13: 27 November 2002 (daytime, Day 73)

  • Part 105: Take It to the Limit: Heather continues her "Bitch Training. A few football players make plans for more than mere revenge on Alan. Susan, Suzanne, and Brenda try to figure out how to help Alan keep his "Bad Alan" side in check.
  • Part 106: Dreams: Christine and Alan exchange notes in class. Alan has trouble controlling "Bad Alan". His thoughts shift towards domination as he daydreams of Christine.
  • Part 107: California Dreamin': Christine does what she can to help Alan, even agreeing to become his bodyguard at school. Katherine apologizes to Christine but starts a scheme of her own. Glory sees Heather's "Bitch Training" in action.
  • Part 108: I Won't Back Down: Alan and Christine find out the football players' plan could be more dangerous than they thought. Alan battles with Heather again to keep her in line.
  • Part 109: Soothe Me: Amy tries to be "Columbo with tits" and puts herself in a dangerous situation. Alan and his family have a very important discussion, and a striptease.

Book 14: 27 November 2002 (evening, Day 73)

  • Part 110: Take It Easy: Simone helps Alan out dealing with Heather. Suzanne and Amy give Alan a break with some Southern comfort. Brenda reveals some shocking news to Adrian and seduces him even more.
  • Part 111: Games People Play: Kim finally meets the family. The sixth weekly Poke-Her Party gets started with Akami and Brenda also in attendance.
  • Part 112: Living Lovin' Maid: Brenda makes a surprising offer. Alan gets to know Akami better, non-sexually as well as sexually. Kim is in total "lesbian heaven" as Alan offers her the services of his new toy.
  • Part 113: Ain't Too Proud to Beg: The party takes on a new life as the harem takes control. Katherine and Alan have a father/daughter role-play. Alan agrees to try out some new things. Christine's dreams get more intense as her lust for Alan grows.
  • Part 114: Hurts So Good: Christine's dream reveals some urges that she doesn't understand. Alan starts a role-play with Xania and Suzanne that has surprising consequences. Susan goes into "mama grizzly bear" mode and gives Xania and Suzanne an experience they will never forget.

Book 15: 28 November 2002 (daytime, Day 74)

  • Part 115: I Can't Control Myself: Xania and Alan have a serious talk about his life. Susan, Suzanne, and Brenda have a sexually charged shopping trip. Amy gets mischievous and helps Alan with Xania and with a sexretary role-play.
  • Part 116: Lust for Life: Xania and Alan continue their therapy session of sorts. Alan gets in a generous mood and goes shopping.
  • Part 117: Devil Inside: Heather is in for the shock of her life, in more ways than one.
  • Part 118: Baby Come Back: Suzanne and Xania have a private conversation. Heather has more epiphanies during her Bitch Taming session.
  • Part 119: Run Like Hell: Suzanne turns on the charm in an attempt to get Glory to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Alan, Amy and Brenda get dirty while getting clean.
  • Part 120: Thank You: Glory comes to the Plummer house for the big Thanksgiving meal. Romance (and sex) is in the air.

Book 16: 28 November 2002 (evening, Day 74)

  • Part 121: Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Brenda can't contain her excitement around her son. Alan takes Glory back to her apartment after the group Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Part 122: Good Vibrations: Glory and Alan have fun at the beach. Brenda further loses control with her son.
  • Part 123: Surf City: At the beach, Glory and Alan have an unexpected visitor. Adrian is shocked that Suzanne wants to "punish" his mother.
  • Part 124: Mother and Child Reunion: With the help of Suzanne, Brenda and Adrian continue to grow closer. Heather has an interesting talk with her mother. Alan gets his mother's attention in a big way.
  • Part 125: Magic Man: Alan still has his hands full trying to act out Susan's fantasy. Simone helps manage Heather. Katherine and Amy have an interesting chat with Christine.

Book 17: 29 November 2002 (daytime, Day 75)

  • Part 126: She Loves You: Alan and Amy finally get to spend some quality time together. Alan's lovers all come together to help him with problems at school.
  • Part 127: Danger Zone: Suzanne has an interesting surprise for Glory up in her bedroom. Trouble looms as the football game begins at school.
  • Part 128: Kung Fu Fighting: Alan's problems with the football players come to a head. Christine demonstrates that her voluptuous curves are deceiving.
  • Part 129: It's All Right: Alan goes home to recover with the help of family. He later visits Christine at her home.

Book 18: 29 November 2002 (evening, Day 75)

Book 19: 30 November 2002 (morning, Day 76)

  • Part 134: Fat Bottomed Girls: Christine explores Internet porn. Katherine, Susan, and Amy learn the penalty for wearing too many clothes and being mean.
  • Part 135: Good Times: The Plummer house gets a deep cleaning. Xania comes by for a tea party and a strategy meeting.
  • Part 136: Running on Empty: Heather meets a very impressive woman and learns more about how to get her punishment ended. Christine, Amy and Simone talk and make plans.
  • Part 137: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough: Alan's meeting with Heather ends with a surprise decision. He gets a nice reception at home.
  • Part 138: Ready for Love: Alan gets to know Brenda a little better. Christine gets closer to Katherine and Amy.
  • Part 139: You Sexy Thing: Xania seriously considers joining the harem. Amy teaches Christine how to pleasure Alan. Brenda connects with Alan on a whole new level.

Book 20: 30 November 2002 (mid-day, Day 76)

Book 21: 30 November 2002 (late afternoon and evening, Day 76)

Book bg: Background Information

The following additional parts provide background information. For the new reader's enjoyment, it is strongly recommended that reading auxiliary Parts B2 and B3 be deferred until the story has been read through Part 052, which is when the last primary character is introduced. The information in Parts B2 and B3 does contain spoilers, but reading those parts after one has progressed through Part 052 will at least not generate anticipation of when those characters will arrive in the story.

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