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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life

Timeframe: 16 September - 30 November 2002
Place: Orange County, Southern California, USA

The following codes are for the story as a whole:
[MF][Ff]*, f, ff, mF, where square brackets indicate alternatives, * means zero or more repetitions of the preceding item, and a single resulting letter means solo activity (i.e., masturbation)
fict, cons, rom, reluc, het, bi, les, humor, inc, poly, harem, orgy, 1st, safe, oral, anal, swallowing, toys, lac, squirt, exhib, voy, size, BBr, slow, highschool, teen, cosplay, nurse, teach, hardcore, WM, WF, BF, OM, IR, light bondage, light D/s, light humiliation, light spanking, rated R
Lists of story codes on which these are based may be found here and here.

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is an illustrated story. If for some reason a picture doesn't display, you may need to refresh the page or right click on that particular picture to retrieve it. If a picture has a black border, then there is an alternate version showing more skin. Read the "Bonus version" instructions in Artwork to activate and use this feature.

What is this story?

Six Times a Day is not your usual erotic story. If you like arousing stories that have plot and character development too, you don't want to miss it. At over 3.7 million words, it's one of the longest erotic stories ever written. There's no other story quite like it, because it's illustrated with over 2900 pictures, all made by the author in Japanese anime style to perfectly fit the story's scenes.

This is the story of Alan Plummer, quite possibly the world's luckiest high-school student, on his journey from virgin to sexual nirvana. His mother's best friend secretly lusts after him, so she arranges for him to be prescribed a questionable treatment regime for a diagnosed medical problem, requiring him to have six orgasms a day each preceded by prolonged arousal. Things don't go quite as she planned, and an increasing number of gorgeous women find themselves helping him with his "medical treatments." There's apparent 'incest' with his adoptive mother and sister, creating tense and exciting situations. There are many fully-developed female characters here (in more ways than one!) that you'll want to get to know better.

It takes some time at the start of the story to develop the characters and plot, but the payoff later is a story that's emotionally satisfying as well as very arousing. There's also humor, romance, and deeper themes. The plot naturally appeals to men, but many women and couples have enjoyed it too. It's been a huge labor of love, not only for the author but also for the many fans who have helped with suggestions, proofreading, extensive editing, and website and forum support. The time and effort put into it shows.

The whole story is both extensively illustrated and entirely free. So give it a try and allow yourself to be immersed in a fantastic erotic world. Then please leave your thoughts at the related forum for the author and others to see. Feedback is very literally their only reward, and comments there have often impacted the story as it continues to progress.

The four women of the Plummer and Pestridge households

The structure of Six Times a Day

This epic story is divided in various ways, hopefully making it easier to read. Omitting the support files (of which this is one), this story, which spans 76 days in late 2002, consists of 153 parts, each of which contains between 20,000 and 35,000 words of story text. It has been found that smaller parts are more managable for the reader, so many of the latter days in the story each extend over multiple parts.

Each part is, by itself, the size of a typical novella. If it were printed as a paperback pocketbook, each single part would fill 50 to 90 pages of text, and more when the many illustrations are included.

Each part has a title that is the name of a classic rock song, chosen to match the part's thematic content. Each song was popular before the time in late 2002 when the story takes place.

Each part is partitioned into between seven and fifteen chapters, each usually between 1000 and 4000 words, where each chapter has one or more illustrations.

Each part begins with an illustration of the primary women in Alan's life. New women appear in the illustration in the part in which they are introduced, to enable the reader to visualize them and recognize them once they start showing up in the story. In the near future, clicking on a woman's face will bring up a short description of her, which some readers may find useful to better visualize the character.

The goal has been for each part to average one illustration per 1000 words, but the current average is closer to one illustration per 1315 words. For more on how the illustrations were made, click this Artwork link, which can also be found at the top-left and bottom-left of this page.

Before 2012, most of the illustrations for parts 120 and earlier were grayscale. Those have now all been colorized, mostly through the effort of longtime proofreader YamiBoy, to whom we are all grateful.

Bra sizing in Six Times a Day

Bra cup sizes in this story use this U.S. scheme. Those currently used herein are B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J. Band sizes are in inches.

CREDITS: The following registered trademarks are used repeatedly throughout Six Times a Day. They are acknowledged here, at the start of the story, rather than in each part in which they occur:
• Jell-O®: registered U.S. trademark of Kraft Foods
• KY Jelly®: registered trademark of Reckitt Benckiser.

NOTE: Thanks to all the many people who have helped with this story, most especially IBT, WD40, Gnome, Hermit, and YamiBoy, and to Sam.I.am for major re-editing of many parts and for managing the production process for the various editions on both servers. Recent proofreaders who have submitted voluminous reports of items needing correction include EcchiSpud and Geezer. If you see any remaining errors, please point them out. The song subtitles for many of the earliest parts are thanks to Nightfallen.

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It is not the author's intention to infringe on anyone's copyright. If an image copyright holder finds an unauthorized image within these illustrations and wishes it removed, we will do so immediately. We will not respond to hearsay or assumptions, only to originators or their authorized agents. Thank you. Spacer X