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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
I'm So Tired
Day 1: Monday, September 16

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

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CHAPTER 1: Prelude (Early September 2002)

Suzanne Pestridge needed a man. But not just any man. She had her heart set on Alan Plummer, the son of Susan, her best friend and next-door neighbor. Alan had just turned eighteen. His mother still thought of him as a boy, but in fact he was already very emotionally mature for his age.

Suzanne was unhappily married to a rich man named Eric. She'd married Eric near the end of her time in college, when the two of them had been very much in love. He had cheated on Suzanne many years ago and their marriage had never recovered. Now she was 39 and her marriage was completely loveless. However, they hadn't divorced because they didn't want their two children to live in a broken home.

With Eric's domestic life in disarray, he focused his energies on making money. He spent more and more time at work and less and less time with his wife until they practically became strangers.

Suzanne Pestridge, leaning forward, cleavage showing in a plunging-neckline blouse, with her tell-tale long teased strand of hair cascading down the left front side of her blouse

Suzanne couldn't live without sex because she was a sexual dynamo. On the outside, her shimmering green eyes radiated a serenity, grace, and sophistication that apparently reflected her inner personality. But her physical appearance masked a wild and mischievous side. For years, she had made up for the total halt in sexual relations with her husband by having secret affairs.

Given Suzanne's appearance - a perfectly sculpted knockout from head to toe - she had no trouble finding partners to fool around with. She kept her five-foot-eleven frame in great shape by working out every day, but what really grabbed the attention of admirers were her large 38G breasts and the arrestingly deep cleavage between them that she frequently displayed.

Between her outstanding chest, sultry face, and long, curly, dark brown hair with some red in it, so many people compared her to Jessica Rabbit that she had a strong desire to strangle that famous cartoon character.

But as her family grew richer and richer, she grew increasingly bored with her other lovers. About the only people she'd met recently were upper-class snobs from her part of town. There were many attractive men, well versed in having mistresses and lovers, who knew how to keep such things a secret. But it was all so formulaic that she no longer found any pleasure in it, aside from the pure physical joy of having sex. She yearned for something more emotional, more forbidden and unpredictable.

Of all the males she knew, the only one who didn't strike her as greedy, insensitive, and self-centered was Alan Plummer. He lived with his younger sister Katherine and his mother Susan in the house next door to Suzanne's. The two mothers were extremely close best friends, and in fact were essentially each other's only real friend.

Susan's marriage to her husband Ron was also an unhappy one. He was nice enough, but his job took him overseas for all but a few weeks each year. Like Suzanne's husband Eric, Ron was rich because he worked hard and focused on money. Ron was gone so much that their two children lived their lives most of the time as if they didn't have a father.

Busty Susan, wearing her usual glasses, in a typical covering-everything blouse, with a purse over her shoulder, ready to go shopping

Superficially, Susan was very similar to her best friend Suzanne. Susan also had a big-breasted, beautiful body. They had the same height, weight, bra size, and even wore all the same size clothes. But their personalities were quite different, and these differences were reflected in their faces.

Susan had a pure and innocent look to her that no doubt reflected her strict upbringing. She had no sexual experience other than missionary position with her husband, whom she had married straight out of high school. She'd never masturbated in her life, as she was taught that to do so was a horrible sin.

And even though her thirty-seven years made her only two years younger than Suzanne, she looked much younger. It irked Suzanne that when they would go out together Susan sometimes got carded for alcohol but she never did.

Even their different hairdos reflected their opposite personalities. Both had long dark hair, but Suzanne had hers stylishly curled, with a long teased strand that hung down over her extremely pale skin, while Susan's cut was straight and simple. While Suzanne's hair flowed freely in every direction, Susan kept hers restrained with hair bands.

In fact, Susan did almost everything she could to hide her tremendous beauty. She hid her dark brown eyes behind a pair of bookish glasses instead of wearing contacts, and wore conservative clothing that she hoped would hide her hourglass figure. It was unusual for her to even be seen in short-sleeve shirts, despite the year-round heat where they lived in Southern California. Suzanne was flattered when men openly admired her, whereas it offended Susan's sense of morality and proper behavior.

Susan was very proud of her children and raised them well despite the lack of a father's presence.

Alan in particular was an outstanding young man in every way. He was only a senior in high school, yet he already seemed to carry himself with the maturity of someone ten years older. He was extremely intelligent, caring, and friendly, although he was seen as a bit of a nerd as far as friends and hobbies were concerned. He was the kind of person who would gladly help an old lady cross the street, because that was the way he had been raised.

He had only one major flaw: a lack of energy. He slept a lot at night, napped every afternoon, and when he wasn't sleeping he often felt tired and lethargic. Thus his grades weren't due to time spent on the material, and so sometimes they weren't as high as others who worked harder and longer on assigned homework, but he mostly made up for that through his high intelligence.

Alan was tall - already six-foot-one - and his body was trying to fill out the results of his recent growth spurts from the last few years. He was finally starting to put on more mass and muscle, and was generally considered handsome. Yet he had low self-confidence and thought himself too gangly. Partly because of this, he had little experience with women and had yet to even kiss a girl romantically.

Few people appreciated Alan's attributes more than Suzanne. She knew every detail of his life just as well as his own mother did. She didn't like being around her own husband Eric so she went over to the Plummer house nearly every day and evening. She had her own keys to Susan's house, helped Susan with chores, and did just about everything with the Plummer family except eat dinners and sleep there. She saw Alan so often that he called her "Aunt Suzy." In many ways she was like his second mother, and had been so since he was a baby.

Additionally, since they were quite wealthy and had no need to work, Susan and Suzanne spent a large part of each day talking to each other. Susan's two children, Alan and Katherine, and Suzanne's two children, Brad and Amy, were all born within about a year of each other, ending up in the same or adjacent grades at school, so of course they discussed their children constantly. From a young age, the two mothers shared all the gossip and news about their children. In some ways they almost felt as if they were attending high school again along with their children.

And then there was Suzanne's growing desire for Alan. She had long loved him as much as she loved her own children, even to the extent of giving him the nickname "Sweetie," but like almost everyone else she considered him a nerd. She had never thought of him in a sexual way until about two years earlier.

Her teenage daughter Amy was a naturally talented artist, as well as a close friend of the Plummers. Two years earlier, she'd started drawing an extensive series of sketches using Alan and Katherine as life-drawing subjects in a variety of casual settings. Since such drawings helped an artist develop anatomical accuracy, the models were always minimally clad. Amy's sketching sessions with her teen neighbors had continued intermittently up until only a few months earlier, ending with the start of summer.

When Suzanne looked at Amy's sketches she was struck by how Alan had a surprisingly large bulge in his bathing suit or shorts in nearly every single one. Normally, as an adult, she ignored her next-door neighbor's children's privates, but one day, not long after, curiosity got the best of her. So while she was sitting by the Plummers' backyard pool, she checked out Alan's erection inside his bathing suit. His stiff hard-on wasn't particularly big, not quite as large as it seemed to be in her daughter's drawings, but nonetheless Suzanne started thinking of Alan as a sexual being.

After that, she began checking him out more often. She saw that he was filling out and turning into quite a man, even something of a hunk. Amy's more recent drawings of him made that particularly clear, especially the ones where he had posed in a Speedo. Suzanne had been waiting patiently until he turned eighteen before beginning to seduce him.

She'd given a lot of thought about what she might do once it was time to start her seduction. Although she could see Alan all the time, there wasn't much opportunity for her to be alone with him. Because Suzanne and Susan were so close, they shared almost everything. She knew it would be next to impossible for her to keep an affair with her "Sweetie" secret for long, but if it became exposed, she risked losing her deep friendship with Susan.

However, Suzanne was a very clever woman. Her years of extramarital affairs had taught her many practical lessons in duplicity, and she'd always had a penchant for cooking up schemes and intrigues. The target of her next affair was a doctor named Wilt Fredrickson. The fact that her target was a physician opened up possibilities in her scheming head.

Furthermore, she understood the personalities of men very well, and she had Dr. Fredrickson pegged. He was a nice, moral man, but when it came to sex he clearly fell into the category of "thinking with the wrong head." After just a few not-very-necessary medical appointments, Suzanne decided he was just the person she needed for her latest scheme.

Suzanne could tell that he was cheating recklessly on his wife. It was also clear to Suzanne's experienced eye that he was regularly sleeping with his pretty nurse. Furthermore, she probed for gossip about him and discovered he'd had countless affairs. Obviously he took full advantage of his status as a good-looking doctor to elevate cheating on his wife to an art form. Suzanne strongly suspected the reason he'd become a doctor in the first place was for the opportunities with women it provided.

Suzanne had known just how to handle him. When she turned on her "come hither and fuck me" look, she always got her man. She'd only met him a few times, all in the past month, but he was already completely wrapped around her finger. He was bursting with desire to have sex with her, and now she merely had to figure out how she could best use him.

She thought to herself, Susan and I talk about Alan's constant tiredness, so I should be able to convince her to take him to a doctor for a check-up. I'll get her to take him to Dr. Fredrickson. All I need to do is to get this doctor to diagnose Sweetie with a sexual ailment that I could help in "curing." I've got the good doctor so hopelessly desperate for sex that he'd practically rob a bank if I promised him sex in return. Certainly I can get him to fabricate one harmless, little, made-up diagnosis.

I'll get him to say that Alan's condition can be cured if he has orgasms constantly, many times a day every day. My Sweetie doesn't have a girlfriend yet, and since I know his life like the back of my hand, I know he won't be getting a girlfriend anytime soon either. So he'll need "help" before too long, and I'll volunteer! Soon I'll be able to have sex with him all the time, and his mother not only won't mind, but she'll thank me for performing a vital medical service for him!

The key to making her scheme work was some kind of plausible diagnosis that would convince Alan and Susan that Alan needed a regular prescription of good old-fashioned fucking. She allowed Dr. Fredrickson to take her out on a few dates, and after teasing and kissing him until he was literally panting for more, she brazenly dropped the idea on him: sex in return for "one little favor."

Despite a show of protest, he fell for it completely, as she had expected, and she played him like a puppet. Once he was on board with the concept, he started to refine her ideas and make them more medically plausible to reduce his likelihood of being found out.

He explained, "I'll need to get a full workup on this boy, to see if any of his hormones are out of line. Almost everyone's differ a bit from 'normal,' whatever that is. Then I'll fudge his numbers to make the line of treatment seem semi-reasonable, or at least explainable. That will protect us all if this gets out. Fortunately, I'm using a temp this week while my regular nurse is out on vacation, so if I alter his charts just before she gets back she'll never be the wiser."

Everything was now ready. In reality, it was a low-risk situation for both of them, a point that helped convince him. If for some reason Alan or his mother didn't buy the diagnosis, Suzanne held so much sway with the Plummer family that she was certain she could smooth everything over. Admittedly, there was a chance it wouldn't work out. However, she figured Alan would be so tempted by the sexual possibilities that he wouldn't question things too much, and she was certain that she could talk Susan into believing just about anything. But even if this scheme didn't succeed, she knew that she would continue trying until she found one which did. She'd always nailed her target, and she was confident that she would this time too.

However, making Alan her lover was not her only goal. In her dreams and fantasies, she turned the entire Plummer household, with the definite exception of Ron, into her lovers. She had frequent, recurring dreams about this. They always seemed to end with her in the center of a pile of naked bodies, with Alan, Susan, and Katherine pleasuring each other as well as her. She realized that it would take a lot of changes for that to happen, especially given Susan's prudish ways.

CHAPTER 2 (Monday, Sept. 16)

Susan escorted her son Alan into Dr. Fredrickson's office. Suzanne had recommended the doctor, saying he was a specialist who might be able to help cure Alan's constant tiredness problem. Alan had gone on his own to the same office a few days earlier, where he gave blood and urine samples and underwent a battery of other tests as part of a full medical workup.

During that first visit, Dr. Fredrickson had talked to Alan about hormones in general and thyroid levels in particular. He'd said that a hormonal imbalance was often the cause of tiredness, but that such imbalances could now be detected and corrected with the right medication or treatment. He was optimistic that he could help restore Alan's energy level. The test results were in; now the doctor wanted to discuss them and the needed course of treatment with Alan and his mother.

Akami, Dr. Fredrickson's half-Japanese half-caucasian nurse, in a white lab coat

Dr. Fredrickson's nurse, Akami Fubuki, escorted them to an examination room and told them that the doctor would join them shortly.

Alan thought Akami was quite a beauty. He guessed correctly that she was half Japanese and half Caucasian because she had physical aspects of both races. Her facial features complemented her intelligence and intensity. Alan estimated that the raven-haired beauty was in her early thirties. In fact, the lab coat she wore made her look more like a doctor than a nurse, even more so than the baby-faced Dr. Fredrickson.

To keep his mind off the medical appointment, Alan's eyes followed Akami's breasts around the room as she prepared things for the doctor, even though he couldn't see much of them through her lab coat.

He thought, Her breasts aren't enormous like Mom's or Aunt Suzy's, but they're generous for a Japanese woman.

His furtive gazing was interrupted by the entrance of Dr. Fredrickson. "Thank you nurse. That will be all," the doctor said brusquely as he swept into the room. The nurse got up and left.

The doctor gave his diagnosis to Alan while Susan listened. "I have mostly good news, but also some potentially bad news. You do in fact have very irregular hormone levels. As we can see here" - he displayed some charts of test results - "most of your hormone levels are normal, but some are extremely low. Look at these results here."

He pointed to two graphs in particular. Although the nurse, Akami, didn't know it, the doctor had come into the office the night before and altered Alan's test results on the computer before printing out the charts.

The doctor went on to give a complicated explanation about Alan's hormone problem. In short, he pointed to the charts and other data that suggested Alan's thyroid levels and testosterone were both much too low. That was undoubtedly the cause of his frequent tiredness and lack of energy.

Alan and Susan were both glad to be told that there was some physical cause for his condition. Susan asked, "Can he be treated, doctor? Is there something he can take or do to cure this?"

The doctor reassured her that the condition was treatable. He began asking Alan a series of questions, which Alan had no problem answering until the doctor asked, "What about your sexual activity? Do you mind if I ask how frequently you engage in sexual intercourse?"

Alan's face turned red in embarrassment. He had been raised in a very conservative family where the subject of sex never came up. Since his father was almost always absent overseas, they'd never had a frank discussion about "the birds and the bees." He knew surprisingly little about sex for someone his age because his mother's attitudes on the subject had rubbed off on him. For instance, she hadn't allowed him to attend even the limited Sex Ed. classes that were offered in conservative Orange County. What little he did know he'd garnered from surreptitiously reading porn stories on the Internet. (Susan had had a filter program installed on his computer, but it was only partially effective.)

His mother Susan was so proper and moralistic that he couldn't imagine talking about this kind of thing in her presence, but now she was sitting right next to him and he had no choice. He was dying of shame.

"Um, I'm a..." was all he could get out. He stopped talking and hung his head.

"Let me answer that question," Susan responded in a 'take charge' voice. "Alan is a bit embarrassed talking about such things."

Alan looked up towards her appreciatively.

"He's never had sexual intercourse, and in fact he's never really had a girlfriend. He's only eighteen. I know kids are getting, uh, romantically active at younger ages these days, but there are many boys his age in the same boat. I hope you're not insinuating that he is somehow inadequate, because he's a very normal, healthy boy. He has very normal sexual desires, I'm sure; it's just that he hasn't found the right girl yet."

"I'm glad to hear that," replied the doctor, "because this is very relevant to his condition. Please don't be offended, but we need to be frank and honest here. Can either of you tell me how frequently he masturbates?"

Now it was Susan's turn to start blushing, as she found even the mention of masturbation far beyond the pale. She in fact had no mental conception of her child masturbating at all, so she had to ask, "Alan, can you please answer that question for the doctor? If you masturbate, just nod your head."

He nodded his head without raising it.

She had very traditional Christian beliefs, and she had been taught that the Old Testament explicitly prohibited masturbation, classifying it as a serious sin, so she was greatly disturbed to learn that he was masturbating. But she resolved to talk to him about it later, when the doctor wasn't around.

She said encouragingly, "If you do it more than once a week, on average, nod your head again. Okay, Tiger?" Tiger was Susan's pet name for him, dating back to when he was a little boy and had a favorite pair of tiger-themed pajamas.

He nodded his head again.


More shy nodding.

"Three times?"

Another nod.

"More than once a day?"

He nodded again.

She thought, Oh dear! Tiger sins on a daily basis! But she hid her worries and asked, "Twice a day?"

His mother was starting to grow incredulous. She had never imagined that he masturbated at all.

In fact he did it twice or more a day almost every day, but detecting his mother's tone, he shook his head no in response to that. He didn't want her to think he was weird.

"So, doctor," Susan concluded, "I think we can safely say between one and two times a day."

"Thank you, Mrs. Plummer," the doctor responded. "That's actually about average for someone his age. Eighteen years old is the sexual peak for males, whereas it's about thirty-six or so for females. You'd be shocked how many times a day some boys masturbate. Despite what many people think, virtually all boys his age masturbate frequently. His level of activity shows he has a healthy sex drive, which is good news, all things considered."

He added, "Because of that, let me change the discussion to talk about his condition. I believe Alan is showing signs of Hypothyroidism. His lack of energy, low heart rate, low blood pressure, low T3 count, and in particular his very low T4 count are all..." Seeing the blank looks on their faces he stopped. "Um, T3 and T4 are the low thyroid levels I showed you earlier on his chart. He's showing classic symptoms of Hypothyroidism. It's an unusual condition to find in someone his age - it's a problem that most often shows up in post-menopausal women - but there ARE things that can be done about it."

Dr. Fredrickson continued, "Such low hormone levels in a teenager are extremely unusual; I've never had a case like this before." He thought to himself, That's certainly true.

He went on, "I did some research after I got his test results, and I've found that there are several possible treatments for his condition when it occurs in someone his age. The usual treatment for an older person, which I stress is NOT a cure, would be to give him pills that would boost his thyroid hormone levels. That in turn would probably boost his testosterone level. But taking the thyroid medication wouldn't permanently fix the problem; he'd probably need to take it for the rest of his life. That's not a big issue for old people, but it would be for someone his age."

"Also, thyroid medication can have a whole range of very undesirable side effects." He said with emphasis, "Some of the MINOR effects include irregular heartbeat, rapid weight loss, insomnia, migraines, chest pain, trembling, and sometimes even diarrhea and anal leakage!" He stopped as he realized his voice had been rising.

He paused, coughing nervously. Up to this point, everything he'd said had a grain of truth in it; even Alan's test results were only exaggerated and not completely fabricated. Alan did really have very low thyroid levels, which no doubt helped explain his low-energy problem.

But now the doctor was moving onto grounds that could cost him his practice and possibly even his license if his planned "treatment" were exposed. However, he steeled his resolve by thinking, Keep thinking about Suzanne and her incredible body! Just a little more bullshit, and I'll be home free. I'll get to fuck the sexiest woman I've ever seen. Besides, it's not really bullshit. Alan really DOES have the problem we're discussing, and my suggested cure really WILL help him, probably... So it's not like I'm really doing something bad and unethical, right? It's just that our society would never approve a cure that involves sex in any way. Right?

Or am I just trying to convince myself? Well, it's too late now in any case. In for a penny, in for a pound! He mentally crossed his fingers, hoping these two would buy his explanation.

He pressed on, "And then there's one possible side effect that older women really like, but he probably wouldn't. The medication can cause his body to produce high levels of estrogen, triggering significant breast growth. Older women like that because it plumps up breasts that have deflated with age. But for a young man it could be a real problem; he might even have to start wearing a bra."

Dr. Fredrickson thought the breast growth claim was the first thing he'd said so far that was a complete lie. But he figured that the possibility would so horrify Susan and Alan that they would both willingly acquiesce to Suzanne's plan.

He let that awful outcome hang in the air before continuing. "But there is another possible solution I found during my research, which would cause his body to naturally produce more of these hormones. That way he wouldn't need to be on prescription medication for the rest of his life."

"If Alan can ramp up his sexual activity, it will raise his heart rate and blood pressure and cause his body to begin producing more of those hormones. It works in the same way that repeated stimulation of a woman's nipples eventually causes her to lactate, even if she doesn't have a baby at the time. The human body tries to adjust in response to new demands; it's a very dependable reaction."

The doctor checked the chart, as if confirming his diagnosis. "For Alan, I would recommend that he stimulate his penis to ejaculate an average of six times a day. More, if he can. But six is already a great amount, because one missed day would mean twelve the next day to make up for it, if you can imagine that."

He paused to see how that would go over. Personally, he felt that six times a day was way too much; he'd wanted to "prescribe" just a recommended range. However, Suzanne had insisted he use that specific number. He was somewhat surprised to see that neither mother nor son showed any special reaction.

He continued, "Prolonged stimulation followed by orgasm will cause his body to begin producing more sexual hormones within a matter of weeks. That's almost certainly guaranteed to raise his energy level, and it will avoid the bad side effects of using pills, since it's a completely natural process."

Susan in proper blouse and glasses, looking shocked

Finally, his suggestion sank in. Both mother and son sat there shocked and speechless.

Alan's mouth actually hung open. SIX times a day?! That's a lot! Every single day?! Holy crap! My arm will fall off!

The doctor continued, "I know that neither of these solutions are ideal. That's why I originally said that I had both good news and bad news. As your doctor, I would recommend the second solution, if Alan can manage it. The breast growth I mentioned for the first solution is just one of many possible negative side effects; anal leakage is another. I'd rather not describe them all in detail unless I have to. If he can find himself a girlfriend quickly, and one who would be able to help, this second solution could actually be quite pleasurable for him, and would soon become virtually unnoticeable as a medical treatment - it would just be a change of lifestyle for him."

The doctor went on, "On the other hand, some people are morally opposed to masturbation and sex outside of marriage. So if that's the case, we still have the first solution. Either way, I'm confident he can overcome his problem. But of course the decision is up to you, Alan - and to your parents."

Alan and Susan looked at each other. Alan was quiet for a moment, but then blurted out, "I want the second solution. I don't want to have big breasts like a woman, or be leaking poop in my pants, or some weird stuff like that. I don't think there's anything morally wrong with sexual stimulation, either. I know it's weird, but I want to be normal; I'm tired of being tired all the time!"

His mother looked at him questioningly. Even though she now lived in freewheeling Southern California, she had grown up in a small Midwestern town which the sexual revolution had somehow missed. Her very religious upbringing had taught her that masturbation was evil, made one go blind, and all that. But she also didn't want her son to have his hormones out of whack or have him grow breasts or be leaking in his pants all the time.

She was doing her best to hide her deep sense of unease. Oh my goodness! Dear Lord, please, help guide me in this difficult matter. I don't want my son to sin six times each and every day! But what are our other options?! I wish Suzanne were here; she always knows what to do. But these problems are so terribly embarrassing that I don't know if I can even tell her about it. Besides, I'm on the spot to make the call right now. I'm the parent here; I have to step up and make the tough choices.

Oh dear. I suppose I have to agree with Tiger. But, at the very most, this can only be a temporary solution. I just can't stand all that awful... Onanism!

She visibly hid her concerns and smiled in sympathy. "Okay, Son. If that's what you want, then that's what I want." She reached out and took his hand. They squeezed hands in mutual support, smiling at each other as loving mother and son.


Dr. Fredrickson smiled broadly, but only on the inside. He thought, That's a relief! It looks like they both bought this crazy treatment - hook, line, and sinker. That means that Suzanne is gonna be very happy with me, and then I'll be very happy with her. What an incredible knockout she is! I'm gonna get my reward and fuck her brains out just as soon as these two are out the door.

But naturally he kept those thoughts to himself. Out loud he said, "I do believe you've made the right choice. However, before you agree, let me warn you about a few other things. For one, you'll both be making a long-term commitment. If Alan's level of sexual stimulation returns to current levels, it's likely that his hormone levels will also come back down as well. This is one area that isn't fully understood, since very few young people have this problem and have undergone this treatment. It may be that after some time the change will become permanent, but then again it may not. That may be something we can explore in the future by lowering the level of stimulation and observing whether his hormone levels drop. On the other hand, this could be something he'll need to keep doing for years. We just can't tell for sure at this point."

He continued, "Secondly, there isn't much research on this condition or treatment, but from the little there is, it appears that half measures are usually not effective. In other words, averaging only four stimulations a day is unlikely to provide any improvement at all. We'll try six to begin with and see if that's enough. Alan will need further appointments to test his progress. But he must average six with little variation. If he is short on one day, he has to try his best to make up for it on the next."

Susan and Alan nodded uncertainly.

The doctor added, "Third, and finally, contrary to popular belief, masturbation is not bad for you; it won't really make you go blind, despite what you might have been told."

Both mother and son smiled nervous smiles on hearing that. Susan could accept that masturbation might be alright medically, if the doctor said so, but she was still concerned about it being a sin.

He continued, "In fact, recent studies have shown that frequent masturbation will lower the risk of prostate cancer in later life. But given the high level of stimulation Alan will need, if he masturbates himself six times a day, every single day, it could lead to problems with his penis: chafing and abrading the skin, unnatural bends, irregular polyps, and so forth. I highly recommend: first, that he use K-Y Jelly or some other form of lubricant every time, and second, that at least half of the stimulation be done by someone else."

He continued, "In other words, for at least three of his six times a day, he should get stimulated by a female manually or, even better, orally. That would be ideal. The mouth creates the proper level of friction and lubrication without so much rough abuse of the skin. Of course sexual intercourse is also ideal and has no ill effects on the penis, no matter how frequently it's practiced. After all, that's what a penis is made for, and vaginas naturally self-lubricate."

"Oh my God," responded Susan, "that's horrible!" Her shock was a combination of the talk of penis damage, Alan's lack of a girlfriend to assist, and just the idea of masturbation generally. The other things that the doctor had just mentioned had yet to sink in.

One part of her realized that the stories of masturbation causing blindness were probably myths, but she had still internalized the idea that masturbation was wrong, somehow dangerous, and definitely sinful. This talk of dangerous polyps only gave medical backing to her fears. She was also well aware that her son didn't have a girlfriend and was unlikely to get one soon. "What'll we do?" she said imploringly. "I don't think Alan is anywhere near finding a girl who can help him out like that!"

"I'm sure you can come up with some kind of solution," said the doctor confidently. He thought of Suzanne - after all, she'd explained to him that this was the purpose for the whole story. His lies were meant to give a thin veneer of respectability that would allow her to seduce her friend's son in the guise of giving him medically-needed relief. She knew Susan couldn't object to that.

So he suggested, "See if there's anyone you know willing to help. Perhaps hire someone, if all else fails. Or if you can't find any solution, you can always give up and have him take the pills instead."

He went on, "But, and I can't stress this enough, I highly recommend that whatever you do, please be extremely careful about who you tell. I would hesitate even telling other medical professionals. His case is so unusual, it almost sounds like an urban legend. As a professional myself, I know that many people can't resist telling others about extreme cases. If a doctor has a patient with something highly unusual like a hundred-pound goiter, and he tells just one or two people, even in strict confidence, then they feel free to do the same. And so on - that's how it spreads. Sometimes such stories even get in the newspaper. If this were to become well known, I don't need to point out how merciless his classmates would be in taunting him about his treatment. So if you hire a professional, be completely certain that they won't tell another soul."

Alan couldn't figure out if all of this was a really great thing or a really awful thing. I have a feeling that masturbating that much, and being forced to do it so much every day, will take all the pleasure out of it and turn it into a chore. Besides, I'm not likely to find any girl to help me out even a little, anytime soon.

In fact, the pressure of this medical need is gonna make it that much harder for me to find a girlfriend. How absurd would it be to ask a girl, "Could you please pleasure me six times a day? I need it for my medical treatment." No one would agree to that, or even three times a day - that would be completely insane!

Susan's worries increased. She thought, No way am I going to trust a stranger with that secret and turn Tiger into a real-life "urban legend" laughingstock. I'm not going to tell a soul - not anyone! Which means he'll have no choice but to masturbate, and get all those deformities. Oh dear!

Suddenly, a new and even more disturbing thought occurred to her, as she recalled his revelation that he masturbated every day. "Doctor, how do we know that his um, private part isn't already malformed from his, uh, attentions?" The strait-laced mother couldn't even get herself to say the words "penis" and "masturbating."

"We don't," replied the doctor, more thinking aloud than anything else. What does that mean, to keep this charade believable? he thought to himself. Reluctantly, he told them "I suppose we'll have to examine Alan's penis now, to get a baseline for later comparison. Alan, please change into a hospital gown, if you don't mind. Then get up on this examination table and put your feet in the stirrups."

Alan was still dressed in his street clothes, since the original purpose of the appointment was only to discuss his test results. He changed his clothes, then sat on the adjustable examination table and put his feet into the stirrups as if he were going to have a pelvic exam.

The doctor put on a pair of gloves and thought more about what he would do next. He figured he had been boxed into examining Alan's penis, but as a straight male who didn't do this kind of thing with his regular ear, nose and throat (ENT) patients, he had no desire to do so. In fact, like many straight men he was rather homophobic. He tried to think of a way out.

Alan sat in the stirrups, beet red with embarrassment, while the doctor fiddled with his gloves. The gown was open in the rear, down Alan's back, and so short in the legs that it left his genitals completely exposed as long as his feet were in the stirrups. Alan's head hung down so he didn't have to make eye contact with anyone. He didn't know which was more embarrassing, being naked in front of his mother or in front of another man.

Susan steadfastly averted her gaze.

The doctor crouched down in front of Alan's crotch. Then he motioned for Susan to come close by as well. "Come over here and sit next to me. You need to see the telltale signs as well. In fact, why don't you pull those two chairs over?"

Susan grabbed two chairs and sat in the one further from Alan, leaving the closer one for the doctor to sit in. They both leaned in towards Alan's penis.

Susan pretended to be following the doctor's orders, but in fact she had her eyes tightly closed. She just couldn't bear to look at her son's penis, even if it was flaccid. She was fairly sure that doing so would be some kind of sin.

Alan's penis was flaccid and shriveled up because he was so embarrassed and humiliated. That disappointed the doctor. Dammit, it'll have to be erect to be examined closely. And it will have to be measured to see if his low hormone levels have stunted its growth.

He continued, "Uh, Alan, we need your penis erect so it can be examined and measured properly. Can you get it erect?"

Alan was so horrified at that idea that he couldn't even form a response.

The doctor turned to Susan and noticed her closed eyes. "You don't mind, Mrs. Plummer? Can you do something to help him get erect?"

With the doctor's eyes on her, she was forced to open her eyes and look at Alan's crotch. Her eyes went wide. The sight of his penis greatly distressed her, even though it was completely flaccid.

Dr. Fredrickson motioned to the mother to grab Alan's penis and make it grow somehow.

"I very much do mind!" she responded in indignation. The mere thought of sitting on a chair and having to stare at her son's penis from so close was something she could never have imagined. Being asked to touch it was beyond the pale.

The Plummer household was extremely reticent about nudity, and she hadn't seen her son naked since he was a very little boy. Neither had he seen her naked or even partially undressed in all that time.

She briefly glanced at his penis again, and immediately felt her heart leap into her throat in shock and embarrassment. Her heart pounded wildly. She turned away as if to listen to the doctor.

"I understand," said the doctor, "but I assure you it's medically necessary. His penis needs to be checked regularly for abnormalities, and I don't want to have a regular special appointment just for that. This is out of my area of expertise. As your new general practitioner, I don't mind taking on this kind of case, but I've never had to do this before, and frankly I would prefer for you to touch his penis and check it. That way you can do it at home, just like periodic breast cancer self-examinations."

Susan sitting in shock

"No! I'm sorry, doctor, but I just can't possibly agree to that!" Susan's hands were trembling at the very thought. Her face looked absolutely aghast.

The doctor could see that his proposal was a no-go. "All right then, let's see..." Ah yes, Akami. This is where she can help. "If you don't mind, can we bring in the nurse? She can show you the procedure. I hesitate to bring in other people on Alan's problem, but I see no other choice."

What a relief! Susan thought. I'll do a lot of things for my son's health, but not that! "Yes, please."

The doctor left the room to find the nurse.

Meanwhile, Susan grabbed Alan's hand and squeezed it in a sign of support. "Be strong, Tiger. Don't worry; everything is going to be all right." She stared into his eyes, relieved she didn't have to look at his penis anymore.

Alan finally looked up into her eyes and smiled. Her encouragement gave him strength to continue with this humiliation, even though her hand was trembling.

"And never fear," she continued, "I won't let anyone find out about this. It will all work out fine." That led immediately to the unspoken thought, I bet Suzanne could find some kind of solution to this. But do I dare tell her?

But Alan only heard what she said, to which he nodded uncertainly.

She squeezed his hand again, and stole another glance at his penis. She couldn't help but satisfy her curiosity. Geez! I think it's bigger than his father's! She quickly banished that un-motherly thought from her mind and turned away.

As Susan was doing this, the nurse opened the door and walked into the room.

Susan pulled her eyes away from her brief inspection of her son's crotch, but not before Akami noticed where the mother was staring.

Akami gazed at Susan with a knowing look.

Susan's heart nearly stopped, she was so terrified that the nurse would say something.

But the nurse just continued to smile, and kept her mouth shut.

Akami standing above Susan and Alan, looking down

Alan also looked at the nurse standing in the doorway, and felt like he was falling in love. Or at least lust. She seemed much more sophisticated and sexy than the girls at school. He knew how absurd the idea of such attraction was, and assumed that Akami would never give him a second glance, but he couldn't help his feelings.


Dr. Fredrickson came back into the examination room.

Akami put on a pair of gloves as the doctor explained the basics about Alan's condition. The nurse's involvement was not part of Suzanne's original plan. Suzanne had required Dr. Fredrickson to swear to complete secrecy, and no doubt she would be upset to find out that he'd already told someone else.

The doctor knew that Akami could be trusted not to tell anyone else. He thought, She's kept my affair with her completely secret, for one. But what will she do with the information herself? Surely, as a medical professional, she'll have doubts about the treatment plan. Is she going to give me a hard time about this later?

Finally, everything was ready. Alan still sat in the stirrups with his flaccid penis exposed for the three adults to see. This time, Akami sat in the doctor's chair, Susan took the chair next to it, and Dr. Fredrickson stood behind.

"Alan," said the doctor, "before the nurse can proceed, you need to make your penis erect. Can you do that right now?"

Alan thought, Who is he kidding?! How can I do that on command, with three people staring at me, including my own mother? He just frowned and looked desperately around the room, as if he could find a hole to climb out of and escape.

"Can you think of something sexy?" said the doctor encouragingly. But the idea was obviously a no-go, judging from Alan's face. So he suggested, "Perhaps you'd like some privacy? Or we can come back when you're ready?"

"No," said Alan, wincing with embarrassment. "I just can't touch myself... there... in, uh, outside my house. I'm too... Sorry, I just can't!"

"That's okay," the doctor said consolingly. "Would you mind if the nurse stimulates you?"

Alan was too shocked to even respond to that.

The nurse herself raised a curious eyebrow. Dr. Fredrickson had told her a little bit about the situation just before she came in, but she didn't fully understand what was going on.

The doctor took the ensuing silence for a yes. "I'm sorry Alan and Mrs. Plummer, but I see no other solution. Do you see one, Mrs. Plummer?"

Susan was too stunned to speak.

"No? Well then, let's try to hurry this up. Your appointment is already taking much longer than expected. Akami, if you would please?"

Few normal doctors would ask such a thing of their nurses, but Dr. Fredrickson didn't see the situation like most, especially since he was fucking Akami on a regular basis. He enjoyed having her suck his penis almost more than fucking her because she was exceptionally good at doing that. He knew she certainly wouldn't mind the sex act, and he hoped he'd dropped enough hints before they came in for her to understand that this was no ordinary situation.

Akami did give Dr. Fredrickson a queer look, but she knew she couldn't ask questions in front of the others. Without saying anything to anyone, she simply grabbed Alan's penis and began rubbing it. At first, she started rubbing it gently, at the base. Being a bit clueless about why she was doing this, she decided it would be safest to act like this was just another medical procedure.

But Alan's dick initially failed to respond. His mind was too frazzled to fully comprehend what was happening. A minute ago I was just thinking that I was falling in love with Akami, and now she's suddenly holding and rubbing my penis? Unreal! This isn't happening!

Akami saw this as more than a bit demeaning, and wanted to get it over with quickly. She realized her emotionless and clinical approach wasn't going to work.

M: Akami down at Alan's crotch, stroking his penis

So she smiled reassuringly and said to Alan in a very soothing voice, "Just close your eyes and relax. Imagine sexy things. Imagine me naked, if you think that will help. Would you like me to get naked? I will, if you want me to. Do you want me to take off my shirt and my bra, and expose my breasts to your eyes? Would you like to-"

The doctor interrupted her. "Thank you very much, nurse. It looks like you have been successful."

Sure enough, Alan's dick had reached its full length in a matter of seconds and was sticking straight out, thanks mostly to Akami's suggestive words.

Akami realized that the doctor had purposely cut her off before she got too carried away with her talk. She loved slutty talk during sex, but understood that now wasn't the best time, especially with the obviously prudish Mrs. Plummer sitting next to her. She removed her hands from Alan's erection.

From where Susan was sitting, she could just see Alan's hard-on jutting forth between his leg and the nurse's forward-leaning body. She was beside herself with shock, but also strangely fascinated. It IS bigger than my husband's! she realized. My little boy is all grown up!

"Very good," the doctor said in a passionless voice. "Now we should proceed with the abnormality check. Mrs. Plummer, as you can see, Akami will now start at the base."

Akami took one hand and placed it at the base of Alan's dick, while her other hand resumed rubbing his boner at the sensitive spot near the tip.

The doctor narrated, "She will use her thumb to press against every bit of the surface, and check for polyps or anything else, such as an unusual protrusion. Her other hand, I suppose... is making sure that the erection is steadily maintained."

Akami's other hand was doing just that, repeatedly pressing on the frenulum, the most sensitive and arousing spot for males, on the underside of the hard-on just below the glans, which is the technical name for the bulbous cockhead.

Dr. Fredrickson thought disapprovingly to himself, That isn't really necessary at this point, Akami, but if you ask a horny slut to rub a cock, she's going to do a thorough job of it!

Suzanne had asked the doctor to tell Alan and Susan a story about "checking for abnormalities," to serve as a foot in the door for her helping with Alan's penis in the future. But neither Suzanne nor the doctor had counted on having Akami actually perform it in front of them.

Alan thought, This is insanity! Am I going out of my mind, or is this a dream, or a nightmare, or what?! I can't believe my mom is sitting right here. I can't even stand to look at what she's doing. If I cum, I'm gonna die of shame. But how can I not cum this very second, the way the nurse is fondling me?

He struggled with all his might to control himself, but he didn't know how that might be done. The best he could do was keep his eyes closed and try to think un-sexy thoughts, but that was nearly impossible because he was simply too aroused. What particularly drove him wild was knowing his mother was watching.

Akami proceeded to press her thumb against every part of Alan's erection, as if she were impressing a pattern on the sides of a clay jar. As she moved up towards the tip, she moved her other hand towards the base and began pumping her fist up and down. The hard-on in her soft hands was growing wet with pre-cum, which allowed her fingers to slide more easily over its length.

Might as well make the most of the opportunity, she thought. This is a nice dick. She'd never touched a penis in her several years of professional duties as Dr. Fredrickson's nurse. She figured that a chance like this might not come again.

Her experience with handjobs was coming in handy, as she was able to keep Alan right on the verge of orgasm without actually pushing him over the edge. At times she had to squeeze the base of his dick to stop him from cumming, but he was so out of it that he didn't even realize that's what had held him back.

The doctor thought that having Alan get a lot of sexual pleasure from this could be advantageous, so he let Akami keep going. He figured that if Alan enjoyed a great handjob, he'd be too frazzled to question the more dubious aspects of the prescribed treatment. Even better, that would make him hope for more such tactile assistance and thus be even less likely to question the doctor.

Alan was in exquisite agony as Akami took her sweet time completing the 'procedure.' He kept his eyes shut tightly to forget all the people staring at him, but the intense feelings her examination caused him to experience soon pushed all sense of embarrassment completely out of his mind.

Before long, Akami had finished exploring every last bit of his erection, which meant that, technically speaking, the procedure was over. But since the doctor didn't tell her or motion for her to stop, she kept stroking. Only now she didn't even make a pretense of performing a medical procedure, and increasingly did it just for Alan's pleasure, and her own. She'd never been in such a situation before, but found it quite arousing. She had to fight to try to keep her breathing at least somewhat normal, if only for appearances.

M: Akami stroking Alan's large erect penis while Susan studies every move

Susan meanwhile was extremely agitated. She'd never had an incestuous thought in her life. But staring at her son's erection being jacked off only a few feet away was beginning to have the inevitable, natural effect on her libido. She was even more aghast to see all the dripping pre-cum, and hear the sound of Akami's hands sloshing and squishing through all that sexual fluid.

Susan was in denial, mentally refusing to even contemplate the thought that she could be turned on by her son's big erection. She ignored the fact that her nipples were painfully hard and her panties were getting moist. Instead, she told herself, I'm merely observing to make sure there's nothing wrong with my son's sexual organs. That's no sin, is it? Isn't it my responsibility as a parent to make sure everything is okay... down there? The fact that it's so... big... and thick... and throbbing. ... Well, that really... Never mind about that. I just need to check on this procedure, which, if I didn't know better, looks awfully sexual.

She kept staring at it, and then turning away. But after a while it became clear no one was paying attention to what she was looking at, least of all Alan, who still had his eyes firmly shut, so she started gawking more openly.

She unconsciously leaned in closer behind Akami to have a better look. She continued to move her head closer and closer, as if she were being a perfectly attentive student of the procedure. The squishy sound of Akami's hands sliding up and down seemed as loud as the roar of a train engine to her. The wet stain on her panties grew larger.

The doctor continued to ramble on about what to look for, unnatural bends and so forth, but in fact, Susan couldn't focus on his words. For all she knew he could have been speaking Swahili. Soon, her mouth was only about a foot from the tip of her son's erection.

She began to idly think, It's so close. I could almost reach out and touch it. Just like what the nurse is doing. ... No, not like that! That's too sexual. But just to touch it, just to see... Do penises really get this big? I thought my husband's was typical, but this is maybe twice the size of Ron's!

She abruptly noticed that all movement had stopped. She came out of her mental fog enough to hear the doctor say to the nurse, "Thank you, Ms. Fubuki. Sorry for making you go through that."

Akami removed her hand and pulled back a little. She was so excited that she couldn't hide her panting or the flushed look on her face. It wasn't every day she got to play with a teenage boy's privates, let alone in front of an audience like this.

Susan sat back as well. But she was still so completely transfixed by Alan's erection that she didn't even notice how blatantly aroused Akami was.

Alan had kept his eyes closed the entire time. Dang! I have to cum so bad! Why did she have to stop right then? I was so close! ... But on the other hand, there's Mom. It's probably a good thing we stopped. Where would the cum go, for one thing? Why, it would probably just fly in the air and hit Akami in the face, since she's still so close I can feel her breath on me.

He found the idea of that happening intensely arousing and had to steel himself from cumming, even though he wasn't being stroked anymore.

Finally, he regained some semblance of control over his still very excited erection. He opened his eyes and looked around. He noticed Susan was staring intently at the ceiling. Huh, that's funny. Akami and Mom both look like they're, well, bothered or something. Embarrassed? Is that why their faces are red and they're huffing and puffing like that? Did I do something wrong? Maybe my mom is angry with me? But why? I'm just following the doctor's orders.

The doctor seems pretty calm and collected, though. That was weird, though. Was that really some kind of medical procedure? I hope the doctor's not gay.

Dr. Fredrickson had, in fact, stood a ways off and tried to avoid looking in the direction of Alan's penis as much as possible. He was very uncomfortable with the whole situation, but the lure of Suzanne's voluptuous body continued to drive him on.


The doctor said, "That completes the examination of his penis. Naturally, Alan felt some arousal, but that can't be helped since the penis is such a sexually sensitive organ. However, it's also important to periodically check the scrotum. Men should be particularly watchful for testicular cancer, but there's a way to check for that."

Before too long, Akami's hands were on Alan again, this time focusing on his balls.

Alan's dick had been growing flaccid upon seeing all the people around him, but Akami's renewed attentions soon took care of that. In all the times he'd masturbated, he'd never played with his balls, but now he found that having them handled could be powerfully arousing. He closed his eyes in embarrassment and again found his mind overwhelmed by sheer pleasure.

The doctor asked Alan to cough a few times. He was trying to keep up at least a vague pretense that a scrotum check was being conducted.

However, Akami had other ideas. She used one hand to massage his balls while the other again began stroking his thick erection.

Neither Alan nor his mother stopped to consider why she was doing this, since there was no real need to maintain his hard-on at this point, but both of them were having an incredibly difficult time thinking straight about anything.

Again, Akami took many times longer than such a check would normally take. She still didn't understand why the doctor wanted her to do this, but now that she'd started, she wanted to have some fun with it. Several times the doctor coughed or gave her sharp looks to try to get her to stop, since he worried she was taking things too far and would make Alan and Susan too suspicious. But she pretended not to notice his subtle signals.

Alan and Susan were lost in their own worlds and completely oblivious about the non-verbal battle going on between doctor and nurse.

Finally, just as Alan felt he couldn't take any more and would shoot his jism all over the room, the doctor announced that the testicular check was complete.

There was no way Akami could ignore that, so her hands reluctantly brought their rubbing to a halt.

Soon the situation was back to normal. The mood of forbidden sexual excitement in the room faded slowly, while Alan's penis went flaccid in a matter of seconds.

Alan was incredibly relieved when the doctor asked him to put his underwear back on.

Dr. Fredrickson had let all the stroking and fondling go on so long mostly to test Susan's reaction. He could tell she was aroused, but just how much? He couldn't help but notice the great curves under all her clothes and wondered if it might be possible to somehow have sex with her too. Hot damn! Between Suzanne and Alan's mother here, I don't know if I've ever seen two sexier women in my life. And that's with all these layers of clothes still on. What would she look like naked? I shudder to think. But unfortunately Susan is married and I don't know how to deal with these prudish and faithful types. If only I could take advantage of her obvious intense lust right now, but how?

The doctor lectured Alan and Susan while Alan finished dressing. He told them that they needed to look for warning signs that Alan's hypothyroidism was worsening, such as problems with memory. He also gave Susan a list of foods that Alan should reduce or eliminate from his diet, such as soy, corn, cabbage, broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables.

She reviewed the list with intense interest. She loved cooking a wide variety of dishes for her family, even what some might call "exotic foods." It was one of the very few outlets she had to express herself creatively, so she immediately started to plan for ways she could integrate these new rules into her cooking.

The doctor explained, "Alan will need monthly checkups to monitor his progress and hormone levels. The receptionist will have gone home by now, but you can make an appointment by phone. I will have Nurse Akami call you with each set of test results when they come in."

He didn't mention anything more about the need for penis abnormality checks at home, to the great relief of Susan in particular. The doctor continued, "Alan's penis appears perfectly normal and healthy, including its length. For now, everything seems fine."

But then, in saying that, he realized that they had forgotten to measure it.

He thought to himself, I have to admit, this is all really getting me going. I guess I'm just a randy goat, like everyone says. I especially liked seeing the looks on the faces of Akami and Alan's mother. Susan is so gorgeous, and the way she looks so painfully tortured but secretly aroused by her own son is such a turn-on. I wish I had a picture of how she looked when I asked her to touch her son's penis. I must be a twisted fuck, but why don't I just drag this out a little more? I'll say we have to measure the penis, and hey, we can even ask for a sperm sample. And who knows, if I keep stoking Susan's fire through her son, maybe I'll eventually get a piece of her myself.

In an authoritative doctor's voice, he said, "Sorry, Alan, I just realized that we forgot to measure your penis. Could you please take off your pants again?"

To his horror, Alan realized he would need to get hard again. As he took off his pants and shorts for the second time and exposed his flaccidness, he glanced at Akami.

She smiled at him and winked. "Would you like me to help you with that?" she asked seductively. "We have to measure its full length. Correct, doctor?"

"Correct," Dr. Fredrickson said in a neutral tone. "Oh, and I'm being so forgetful today. Naturally, we'll need a sperm sample as well."

Alan was half hard by the time Akami put her hands back on his dick. It grew completely hard not long after.

He was puzzled. He thought the point was to measure his erection, but now that he was fully erect, Akami just continued stroking and stroking.

Dr. Fredrickson, trying to draw things out some more, said to Akami, "Nurse, please make sure he's at his maximum length." He turned to Susan. "A lot of people assume that a male reaches the same length with each erection. Not true. One erection can be significantly longer and harder than another, depending on how aroused the male is. We need the absolute maximum for our records."

"I see," Susan said, her voice quivering with excitement. She was completely transfixed by the sight of Akami's hands sliding up and down, up and down. It was as if she were hypnotized. She no longer paid any attention to who might notice her staring. Her nipples were so erect that they hurt.

M: Akami again stroking Alan's penis

Akami's face drew so close to Alan's erection that he could feel her increasingly ragged breath on it.

The doctor said, "Nurse, why don't you, uh, say some suggestive things to make sure we get the best measurement. We need him to be extremely aroused."

"Yes, doctor," she replied clinically. Then her voice turned to complete lust as she said to Alan, "Kiddo, you've got a really nice dick here. I just love to stroke it. It looks tasty, too. Phew" - she exhaled loudly and strongly, making sure the air blew right onto the sensitive skin at the top of his erection. "I wonder what it would be like to put it in my mouth. What if I sucked on it like a lollipop? Would you like that? Would you shoot a big load down my-"

"THANK you!" Dr. Fredrickson interrupted rudely, shutting Akami up. He'd been closely watching Susan's reaction, and it looked like she was so shocked by Akami's words that she was about to pass out. He knew things had gone too far too fast, so he tried to tone it down. He added in a more normal voice, "I think we can definitely say it's at maximum length, or close to it. Time to measure, but damn! Where's my ruler? Just a second; I think it's in the other room. Please keep him like that till I get back. I'm so forgetful today."

After the doctor left, Akami gave Alan a sexy wink. She kept on stroking with one hand while fondling his balls with the other. She kept on lightly blowing on it too, usually aiming at his sweet spot under the cockhead.

Alan hadn't been thinking about Akami's feelings; he'd just cluelessly assumed she was a nurse doing her job. But between the wink and her arousing words, it suddenly occurred to him that the whole procedure might in some way be more than a little exciting for her as well. For a complete virgin like Alan, this was easily the most sexually exciting experience he'd ever had. He was staggered by the realization that he was somehow giving someone else sexual pleasure as well.

Susan's breath had become ragged. She was fascinated at the way pre-cum was now dribbling out of the tip of Alan's hard-on - so much that it seemed to her like he'd already climaxed. The only times she'd ever made love to her husband were in the dark in the missionary position, mostly because she'd been raised to believe that the only permissible sex act was one that could potentially lead to procreation. She'd never given her husband a single hand job or blowjob, so she was unfamiliar with - and completely fascinated by - such sights.

The doctor returned quickly, to everyone's disappointment. (He was worried that Alan would climax before the measurement could be taken.) He took out a ruler and gave it to Akami.

Akami had devilish timing. It seemed to Alan that if she had stroked him another second or two, he would have completely emptied his balls of all their cum. But for long moments she merely held his boner lightly at the tip while she measured his stiffness.

She finally announced, "Seven and three-fourths inches, doctor. Maybe seven and seven-eighths."

"Let's call it eight," the doctor said generously.

Alan himself didn't know until that moment how long it was. I guess that's bigger than normal, he thought to himself, not really sure what normal was. He had some vague notion that six was average, but on the other hand, all the boys in the porn stories he read on the Internet seemed to have nine- or ten-inch ones, and even though he figured there was some exaggeration there, the stories had left him with the impression that penises that long were a lot more common than they actually were.

Susan decided that Alan's penis was about three inches longer than her husband's, which was the only other penis she'd ever seen. But she noticed Alan's erection was not just longer, it was a lot thicker as well.

She still looked (and felt) like she was on the verge of a complete freak-out. So, as much as Dr. Fredrickson got his jollies from sexually teasing her by proxy, he realized he couldn't push his luck too far. He told Alan to put his pants back on. Then he gave him a cup and told him that he could use the bathroom to produce a sperm sample. The doctor figured that to have Akami help create the sperm sample right in front of Susan would definitely be way over the line of decorum.

Alan waddled off to the bathroom, where he was able to cum literally in seconds. Just a few minutes earlier he'd said he couldn't masturbate in a strange place, but he was so worked up by now that he didn't even stop to think about that issue. All he had to do was think about Akami's fingers around his penis and the way she stared at him while blowing air on the tip of his dick, and he began shooting his cum into the cup.

He gave little or no thought to his mother as he came. He'd always known that she was an extremely beautiful woman, and his penis often grew stiff in her presence. But for years now he'd considered her off limits as an object of masturbatory fantasy. She was just too moral and pure. He might have felt differently if he'd had some glimmer of how intensely she'd been staring at his erection, but his eyes had been closed throughout most of his 'examination' and he'd been staring at Akami and her hands the rest of the time.

He did think of his mother after he was done, but only in terms of guilt. She was so prudish and religiously conservative that he had a strong feeling that he'd have to suffer through a long lecture about the evils of sex in general, and masturbation in particular, for the entire drive home.


Alan and Susan gave their thanks to the doctor and walked out into the waiting room, where they figured they would set the time for their next appointment with the receptionist. But to their surprise, there was no receptionist. What was even more surprising was that Suzanne was there instead, reading a magazine in the waiting room.

"Suzanne!" said Susan, in sudden and great embarrassment. She immediately thought about Alan's new medical arrangement, and wondered what Suzanne would think if she knew. Oh dear! Will I have to tell her? How can I keep it a secret from my best friend when I tell her all my secrets? Shoot! I tell her absolutely everything. How can I not tell her about this?! Oh, how dreadful! I think I'll just die. How can I tell her that I stared at Tiger's... Oh, I don't want to even think about it!

Susan's face grew red as she considered the implications. So did Alan's. Little did they know about how much Suzanne already knew.

Suzanne in blouse and tailored jacket, sitting in the waiting room

Suzanne stood up and smiled happily. She was wearing a smart-looking lemon-yellow business suit with a white blouse. Although she didn't work in an office, she usually preferred to dress in a formal manner. Among other reasons, she knew it made her look extremely good.

"Surprised to see me, eh? I'm not surprised to see you. I wanted to know exactly how my idea of Alan seeing Dr. Fredrickson about his problem went. I scheduled my own doctor's appointment right after yours, so I could hear it immediately, straight from the horse's mouth."

"Uh, that's great," said Susan slowly, stalling for time. "Thanks... uh, for your concern."

Susan was furiously trying to think of what she would tell her best friend. She was grateful that no one else was around, because she felt like sin was written clearly all over her face. In fact it was after 5:00 p.m., since their appointment had taken much longer than the few minutes that had been scheduled.

"So what's the verdict?" Suzanne asked the two of them eagerly, pretending not to notice their great awkwardness. "Don't keep me waiting! Does the doctor have a cure for Sweetie's problem?"

That question made both Alan and Susan blush. Neither had the guts to explain.

Suzanne prodded, "You were in there a long time, Sweetie. What were you doing all that time?"

I imagine I shouldn't say that the nurse was rubbing my dick off and on for about 20 minutes, Alan thought. God, she basically gave me a handjob! How do I explain that to Aunt Suzy?

"It went well!" he said suddenly. He plastered a big, fake smile on his face and tried to bluff his way through. "The doctor said that I could be treated, and that I would be having a lot more energy in a short time, even though the treatment would be a bit, uh, unusual." He began to frown and blush as he considered how to explain that part.

"That's wonderful!" Suzanne replied with genuine joy, despite not really being surprised. She immediately hugged them both, first Alan and then Susan.

Naturally, neither of them realized just how happy Suzanne really was, because Alan's comment about the unusual treatment told her that they had fallen for her six-orgasms-a-day scheme.

Soon I won't be just hugging him, Suzanne thought to herself. He's going to be mine. All mine! Woo-hoo! Today's the greatest, the start of the rest of my life with my chosen man, my Sweetie!

She pulled back from her hugs, and then said with a serious, concerned face, "But what's this about unusual treatment? What are they going to do to you, Sweetie?" She asked this with false naïveté, as she put her face close to his and brushed his hair out of his eyes in a motherly fashion.

Both Alan and Susan looked at each other. The same thought was on each of their minds: What are we going to tell her?!

Suzanne was like Alan's second parent, much more so than Alan's own father, so much so that he referred to her as his aunt even though she wasn't actually related. No one had thought to consult Alan's father about today's diagnosis, and since he was overseas, he probably couldn't have been reached readily by phone even if they had tried.

Alan and Susan both realized that there was no way that they could keep the truth from Suzanne for long. Once she wanted something, she almost always got her way, and she clearly wanted to know about their appointment. But both were too shy to actually explain at that moment, especially since they were in a public place.

Susan and Alan exchanged knowing looks. Then Susan said to Suzanne, "It's quite secret. Can you promise to keep a really big secret, and I mean, swear utterly honestly that you won't tell another soul?"

"Of course!" Suzanne feigned cluelessness. "What's all this about? What could possibly require so much secrecy?"

Just then, Akami opened the door to the waiting room.

Susan jumped a little in fright.

The nurse said, "Mrs. Pestridge? The doctor is ready to see you."

Suzanne turned to Akami and said brightly, "That's me!" She then turned to the other two and said, "I have to go. Can I talk to the doctor about it? I'm sure he can explain the medical details better than anyone."

Alan and his mother looked at each other again, reaching an unspoken agreement, after which Susan said, "Okay, but afterwards come straight to our place so we can discuss this further. I'm really kind of up in arms and I... Well, I'll explain it to you later."

"Okay," said Suzanne happily, kissing each of them on the cheek. Then she left the room with Akami.

Susan was greatly relieved. If the doctor was going to break the news to Suzanne, that meant that she wouldn't have to. She prayed, though, that the doctor would keep his explanation clinical and not be too detailed in recounting just what had happened.


Akami put Suzanne in the other examination room, the one that Alan and Susan had not just used. She said "The doctor will be with you shortly." Then she went looking for Dr. Fredrickson, finding him in his private office.

Akami standing at the door to Dr. Fredrickson's office

"Wilt," Akami said, using the doctor's first name in a quiet, polite voice, "there's a Suzanne Pestridge in room two, waiting for you. But before you go in there" - her voice suddenly changed to a pissed-off tone even as she lowered it - "will you tell me just what the fuck is going on?"

The doctor looked up at her, but not in surprise, since he'd known that this was coming sooner or later (and probably sooner).

When he didn't respond immediately, she continued, "We're next to a nursing home, so almost all your patients are old. But then suddenly you have this young man, and now this unbelievably sexy woman, scheduled back to back. You've got them scheduled the day the receptionist left early, and they're here after hours to boot. Not to mention, rubbing a penis is hardly normal procedure for an ENT specialist like you! You warned me to 'roll with the punches' but I wasn't expecting something like THAT!"

She asked with increasing indignation, "What the hell is this? Don't tell me that was a normal check-up you just did. Some bizarre story about how that young man has to orgasm six times a day, which I've never seen in any medical literature, and then you have me rub his penis in a blatantly erotic manner for such a long time! Not that I minded that last part at all. But you've never done anything remotely like this before!"

The doctor replied, "You're right about all that. And you're a pretty smart woman, so can you figure out what it all means?" He sat back, steepled his fingers under his chin in a thoughtful pose, and watched Akami.

"Hmmm," said Akami, still in an angry huff. "This woman, Mrs. Pestridge, she seems to know the other two quite well. I overheard that they're going to let her know about his secret, which surprised me. It seemed like she already knew something though. Her reaction was strange, and ... too happy. I guess ... maybe ... maybe she got you to make up this whole story in the first place. And you agreed, because... I guess, she is pretty damn hot, and doubtless she promised you sex in return."

"You've got it wrong," said Dr. Fredrickson. "That young man really does have extremely low thyroid and testosterone levels. You're a smart cookie. You know his diagnosis is accurate. It's just his treatment that bothers you."

"There ARE meds he can take for hypothyroidism," Akami pointed out crossly.

"Yes, and they aren't a CURE." Dr. Fredrickson continued, "Nearly every patient that comes in here is already taking so many meds, for so many different problems, that they belong in a hospital. They all suffer from lots of side effects. It seems that side effects are all I treat anymore."

He paused a moment, then continued, "With this kid I can at least TRY to fix the problem. You've worked with me long enough to know I would never harm a patient. Think for a moment. You've seen his charts. What do you think his body is going to do if he starts having a lot of sex? How will it adapt?"

Akami thought for a few seconds, "Okay, okay, you're right. It'll raise his heart rate and blood pressure. You're even right that he'd produce more testosterone." She paused again, "AND, I guess that could have an effect on his T3 and T4 levels." She looked at him sharply, "Still that doesn't make it ethical. Somehow, I think this has more than a little to do with how that woman who referred him to us, Suzanne Pestridge, looks. She's ridiculously beautiful and curvy."

The doctor couldn't help but grin a little upon being reminded of Suzanne's outstanding looks. He was practically salivating over the prospect of fucking her.

Akami noticed his grin as he hungrily stared off into space. "A-ha! I'm right!"

He tried to cover for his mental lapse. "So I'm recalling how she looked. Is that a crime?"

"You're not just recalling. Clearly, you're putty in her hands."

He shrugged, trying to play it off. "So I want to please a beautiful woman. Guilty. I would hardly be the first man on Earth to be affected like that."

Akami huffed in frustration. "I suspect it's more than just being impressed by her looks. You have some kind of sordid deal with her, don't you?"

Dr. Fredrickson tried to play innocent without explicitly denying the charge. "What do you mean?!" He suspected Akami would learn the truth eventually, so lying outright would only be digging a deeper hole for himself.

She sighed. "A classic non-denial denial."

That was met by conspicuous silence, which only further confirmed her suspicions. She sighed again. "I'll go along with this, especially since I enjoyed the hell out of it, but you owe me big time."

Relieved, Dr. Fredrickson said, "About Suzanne, you don't mind, do you? You know you're far from the only one I have sex with. Amongst others, there's the little matter of my wife. That woman will get what she wants from me, and then move on."

"Yeah, I realize that," said Akami. "But I can still be pissed off about it! Especially because this is such a violation of your professional ethics. You've never done anything like this before! In spite of your sleeping around on your own time, we've been running a very professional outfit here."

The doctor replied in a chagrined tone. "I know. I'm kind of shocked myself that I agreed to do what she wanted. But can you show me any straight male who would turn down a request from that woman? Think about it. I figure no one is being hurt here. Consider why Mrs. Pestridge would want this story spun in the first place."

Akami thought about the case some more. "Let's see - he has to ejaculate six times a day. No one will know, probably, except the mother and her. So the mother will have to get the other woman to sexually assist the son sooner or later, given the way you presented the whole situation."

"Bingo," said Dr. Fredrickson. "The young man is shy and has never even kissed a girl. So he'll be extremely happy. He'll get to have sexual fun with an incredibly beautiful, sexually experienced woman. If he knew what I was doing for him, he'd probably name all his children after me, ha-ha!"

Akami frowned skeptically.

He continued, "Mrs. Pestridge, Suzanne, says she's had a long series of unsatisfying affairs and is in love with Alan. So she'll be happy. It's win-win for everyone. And it will be done in such a way that his mother Susan not only won't be upset, but will be positively appreciative of her friend's help. The odds of getting caught are nearly zero, because Suzanne is in on it and can influence whatever the other two think. I have to admit, it's a pretty brilliant plan. So why not? No harm, no foul, right?"

"But will those two really buy it? Are they that naïve?"

"Apparently. I'm told that Susan is about average in intelligence but that Alan's pretty smart; he's in the gifted track at his school and all that. However, Suzanne says not to worry because they're both very moral and trusting. And extremely naïve! Also, don't underestimate how much people implicitly trust doctors. But if all else fails, she says she's got it covered."

"Hmmm," Akami huffed. "It's a good thing you're not as scheming as that wily woman. Otherwise you'd get yourself a young clientele and be fucking every patient that came in the door before long."

"Be careful about giving me such ideas!" he chuckled, amusing himself.

Akami replied, "I want you all to myself today; this has got me all hot and bothered." She came around to his chair as she said this, wrapping her arms around him. "Actually, I find the whole idea of what you're doing to this kid kind of hot. Especially when you let me jack him off. However, if you want my silence and cooperation, there's one thing you'll have to do."

"What's that?"

"I enjoyed teasing that boy today, especially in front of his mother. It made me want to do all kinds of nasty things, and right away. So send that redheaded schemer away! Tell her you'll do her some other time. That's one thing. There are actually two things. The second thing is, I want to play with the boy some more. Tell them that I've taken charge of this case, and allow me to have fun with them in the future. And we'll have lots of appointments! That'll be another win-win. I saw how uncomfortable you were with the idea of having to touch him down there." She grabbed his penis through his pants as she said "there" to emphasize the point.

The doctor was pleased at her relatively minor demands, as she really had him over a barrel. "Okay, as long as you can keep it cool, okay? No fucking him in front of his mother or anything like that. We don't want her to snap and call the authorities, right?"

"No problem," she replied as she ran her hands over his chest. "I just like torturing and teasing him, especially with her watching. I've never done that before. I promise you, I'll be as cool as a cucumber."

He ran his hand over her face and down her arm. "No you won't! You're a sex maniac."

Akami in her white lab coat, open at the chest with both of her breasts exposed, while she fondles her right nipple

As if to prove his point, she stepped back and began unbuttoning her clothes. Curiously, she took off her lab coat and blouse, then unhooked her bra and put her lab coat back on. (She figured correctly that the doctor would get off on the lab coat as a reminder that she was a nurse.)

"So what if I am?" Akami said defiantly as she grabbed at one of her boobs.

The doctor was aroused by the beauty of his tempting nurse. "Cucumbers certainly aren't cool by the time you're done with them. But okay, we'll be in on this together. This is so much more interesting than all those old women with their runny noses, don't you think?"

He got up and went to talk to Suzanne and send her away. He had a hard time getting his boner not to show.

Akami finished taking off her bra and began masturbating before he even left the room. That was smoking hot today! Alan was so innocent that teasing him couldn't be more devilishly fun. It'll be great to do it again, plus a lot more. And Wilt is a cad, but he's my cad, at least for today. I can't wait for the good doctor to come back here and give me the beef injection I so desperately need!


Susan and Alan got in their car and drove away from the doctor's office. Neither could quite believe what had happened. Both had a lot of thoughts buzzing through their heads; each remained silent for a while.

Susan was mostly thinking about what Suzanne might learn. She hoped that the doctor toned it down and didn't describe how long the nurse stroked her son's penis right in front of her. But images of that stroking kept intruding on her thoughts. She didn't really consciously think of it as her son's penis, per se. She was just so blown away by the idea of a penis being massaged that she couldn't get past that.

It had been a very long time since Susan had had sex. Because her upbringing had been so repressed, and her marital experience with sex so limited and unsatisfying, she honestly didn't think about the act very often. Her husband was home less than a month a year. When he did come home, they might have sex on the night he returned, but sometimes not even then. It had become entirely a matter of going through the motions, the way some people feel obliged to go to church once or twice a year for Easter and Christmas. Their 'intimate relations' were the most vanilla sex imaginable, with lights out and always in the missionary position.

Unlike her best friend Suzanne, Susan had not really considered having an affair. Several years earlier, Suzanne had picked someone as a potential lover for Susan and started pushing her into getting intimate with him, but Susan found she couldn't countenance that - she had been conditioned far too strongly against cheating in marriage. Suzanne had apologized immediately, telling Susan that she just hadn't wanted to see her best friend hurting and alone so much. Susan had accepted the apology and their relationship survived the incident.

What had happened in the doctor's office ignited the first truly intense sexual feelings Susan had felt in a long time. About the only exciting erotic moments she'd had in recent years were when Suzanne would, in the strictest of confidence, share the intimate details of her affairs. But that wasn't the same thing as seeing a real live penis up close.

She was so absorbed by these problems that she hardly gave any thought to the wisdom of choosing one of the doctor's "solutions" for Alan's "problem" over the other, or foregoing the whole thing. She didn't even consider the possibility that the doctor could have been putting them on. After all, virtually everyone instinctively trusts a doctor, especially when the doctor has a nurse who is in complete agreement with the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Alan also didn't question what had happened, because he was so sexually blown away. All he could think of was Akami. He had a sudden crush on her. That was no surprise, given that he'd never even been kissed on the lips before and suddenly found himself being jacked off by a beautiful woman. Holy Cow. That was beyond my wildest imaginings. Her eyes seem very piercing and pretty wise. True, I couldn't see a whole lot of her body through her nurse's uniform, but I'll bet every inch of her is beautiful just the same. I can't wait until my next appointment already! I just hope Mom doesn't have to go. Well, at least Mom isn't giving me her usual lecture about the evils of sex.

He looked over at her. She seems a bit wigged out, to be honest. She's probably really going to tear into me later. I'll bet she's gonna give me a lot of grief about my masturbation confession in particular.

He found himself thinking, over and over, I can't believe it'll be a whole month before I'm with her again! I wonder what I could do to make it happen sooner.

He also felt incredibly embarrassed and ashamed by what had just happened. He thought about his future situation. It occurred to him that he probably had more embarrassing incidents in store. For one thing, he would have to find someone to help him out with his sexual stimulation every single day. Rather than finding this idea exciting, he found it depressing because he foresaw nothing but rejection.

The main reason he had never kissed a girl was because he was only attracted to one girl at his school. Her name was Christine Anderssen, and they were reasonably good acquaintances since they shared most of the same classes. But he hadn't let on at all that he was interested in her, and he was convinced that she wasn't romantically interested in him. She was both extremely beautiful and highly intelligent, so much so that he was convinced she was out of his league.

(Alan actually was also attracted to another woman at his school, one of his teachers, but that's another story.)

No doubt, Mom will insist that I ask someone out immediately. What will I do? How can I get out of it? It'll be a miracle if Christine wants to go out with me in the first place. The idea that she would then ever agree to satisfy my needs sexually three or more times a day is completely laughable!

That conundrum occupied most of his thought. The idea of having to orgasm six or more times a day was so bizarre and unreal that Alan couldn't really fathom it, let alone delve into its implications.

His mother, though, was already thinking ahead in at least one respect. Rather than go straight home, she drove to a local adult superstore. As they were getting close, she finally spoke.

Susan looking distraught

"Tiger, are you okay with this? I know it must have been a really strange doctor's visit for you. I know it was for me. But I'm sure Dr. Fredrickson knows what he's doing." She looked shell-shocked as well as concerned while she spoke to him.

"Yes," answered Alan in a flat tone. He too was still rather shocked.

"Yes, you're okay with this?"

"Yes," he said again. "It's just, I dunno, ... so weird. Like what that nurse, Akami, did to me today. I didn't know they did that in doctors' offices!"

"I didn't know that either," said his mother with great understatement. "But when you think about it, what else could be done? They did have to check all those things since your treatment involves your... you-know-what. You're lucky that, as a man, you don't have to go to a gynecologist, because doctors are forced to do extremely intimate things to us women sometimes too. And more often than not it's done by a male doctor. Though luckily I've always managed to avoid that, thank the Lord. So this is the male version of that, I suppose."

"Yeah," he replied, somewhat wistfully, still thinking about how good it all felt. Suddenly he realized they were pulling into a parking lot.

"Why are we stopping here?"

"I was just thinking, Tiger, that you're going to need to stimulate yourself." Even saying that much made the prim woman blush some more. "You may need some, uh, visual aids, to help you out, so I thought we could pick some up here."

At that, he blushed too. Her attitude towards sex had rubbed off on him more than a little, even though their religious beliefs were quite different: Susan remained a devout Christian while Alan had to be dragged to church. Even though he thought he was "cool" about such things, he got easily embarrassed at times.

She reached over, held his hand, and gave it a squeeze. They often held hands to show their closeness and support for each other.

"I know this may be a bit much for you, Son, but let's get it over with already and then let things get back to normal, okay? This is clearly something you're going to need, if not now then down the line, so let's be done with it. You go pick out some magazines, and I'll get some videos for you. No, on second thought, you'd better pick them out too - I'd be too embarrassed. I'm sorry!"

He rubbed her back lovingly. "Hey, that's cool. You're trying to help, and I appreciate it a lot."

She smiled through her distraught face. "Bring the stuff to me and I'll pay for it. I'll be waiting by the cash register."

She continued, "I would normally never be caught dead buying this stuff, but I'll do anything to help you out, Tiger. I'll get embarrassed standing in front of the cashier so you don't have to. We'll both have to help each other out to get through this awkward phase, but I'm sure it will all be back to normal soon enough. Since Suzanne knows, I'm sure she'll do everything she can to help you out too."

Susan had no idea just how ironic that last statement actually was.

Another thought crossed Susan's mind and gave her great concern. What about my Angel?

Katherine (whom Susan had nicknamed "Angel," a nickname Suzanne also used) was not only Alan's sister, but also his very close friend and a junior in the same high school, so she was bound to find out what would be happening before too long. Alan, Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine were all as close to each other as could be. Suzanne's daughter Amy was usually right there with them as well.

Susan thought, Angel will find out one way or another. No doubt she'll feel really sorry for him and want to help out, but how can she? I hope and pray she doesn't offer to help him attain sexual relief somehow. No way! His masturbating is a sin, but that would be a much greater sin! I'll forbid it, and in any case she would never suggest such a thing. I can't believe I'm even having these thoughts. She's his sister - that's totally sick! Even though they're both adopted and not genetically related, it's still sick.

Susan wasn't fertile, so both Alan and Katherine had been adopted about a year after their births. People often noted that, even though they weren't related to each other or to their parents, they all bore a certain physical likeness. For instance, they all had the same dark brown hair and eyes.

She cleared her mind of such thoughts and said, "Come on. It'll be over quickly." They went into the store.


Buying the pornography went fairly uneventfully. Alan grabbed more or less the first things he came across, so they got out of the store in record time.

When they got home after another mostly silent ride, they found Suzanne and Katherine already at home.

It was almost dinnertime so Suzanne couldn't stay long - she'd have to go back to her own home and cook dinner for her husband and two children. It had gotten to be so that dinner was practically the only time the members of her family ever got together.

After dinner, her husband Eric and her two children, Brad and Amy, would all scurry away to their respective rooms and go back to doing whatever it was they were doing before dinner. Then Suzanne would usually go over to the Plummers' house. Amy would often come over as well, especially since Katherine and Amy were closer than many real sisters.

Suzanne had been sitting in the living room, impatiently waiting for Susan and Alan to return. When the two walked through the door, even before saying their hellos, Suzanne said, "Alan, I see now what you mean by 'unusual treatment.' I can't believe it!"

"Hi, Aunt Suzy. I can't believe it either," Alan responded. He was too embarrassed to make eye contact.

They all sat down and began talking.

Susan said it would be better if Katherine attended as well, so she went to find her.

Suzanne meanwhile called a restaurant for take-out food for her own family. She realized this discussion was likely to take a while, given that Katherine was involved.

Alan was fairly shocked that Katherine would be told the secret as well, but he kept silent. When he thought about it, he realized she would soon learn about it one way or another, so it was best to get it all out in the open.

Katherine in her so-proper school clothing: a white blouse, cute striped bow-tie and conservative-cut jacket

Katherine came into the room still wearing the clothes she'd worn at school, which looked more like a strict, formal boarding-school uniform than the typical attire of a Southern California public high school student. It was almost comical how square and repressed she and the rest of the Plummer family appeared.

They told the story from the very beginning for Katherine's benefit.

Susan provided an extremely edited version of the appointment, focusing on Alan's diagnosis and unexpected treatment.

Suzanne knew the fuller truth from the hurried accounting that Dr. Fredrickson had given her after Susan and Alan had left, but she didn't let on what she knew.

Alan looked closely at his sister to gauge her reaction to his "six times a day" predicament, but she appeared very poker-faced about the whole thing.

By the end of their conversation, the group grew strangely jovial.

Suzanne in particular made some surprisingly off-color masturbation jokes, which everyone thought were hilarious.

For instance, Susan made the comment, "I'm not worried - I'm sure Tiger will have a girlfriend soon who can help out with this situation. Soon he'll be beating them off with a stick."

Suzanne quipped, "He'll be beating off soon in any case."

Susan cried out, "Suzanne! I'm shocked!" because she was. She blushed deeply. But even as she said that, she couldn't help but laugh along with the others.

Even Suzanne could hardly believe that she'd said that in the presence of the highly prudish Susan. But she thought to herself, It's high time this bunch starts to loosen up sexually in a big way. I need to start chipping away. Even little jokes like that will help.

Naturally, Alan was mortified by any reference to his masturbation needs.

It occurred to him that everyone's nervousness about the whole situation was being relieved through humor. There was a heavy tension hanging in the room - to the extent that just about anything appeared to be funny.

When the group broke up and people started to head to their own rooms, Katherine said, "Bro, we know what you're going to have to do right now in there!"

Everyone laughed some more.

Alan turned red-faced and became glum, though he didn't let them see it.

He pondered momentarily, I wonder what it would be like for Sis to help me with my problem. Dang, I can't believe what I'm thinking! I mean, she is pretty cute. Heck, more than just cute - she's a knockout! And she's a pretty great sister all around; she sure is taking this well. But thinking about her that way is just wrong. To even be thinking what I'm thinking now... Sis would kill me if she knew.

It was almost like Alan and Katherine were twins, because they were born only about a year apart. They were also emotionally close, like many twins. They teased each other a bit, but playfully, and they hardly ever fought. Like Alan, Katherine was in the gifted track in almost all her classes, but she was a grade below him at school because she was slightly younger.

Katherine in profile in school clothes after removing her jacket, showing how busty she is under her blouse, wearing a conservative skirt

She was both smart and beautiful. Except for her angelic face, it was quite hard to tell how attractive she really was due to the absurdly out-of-date clothing style that she'd learned from her mother. But underneath all those clothes there was a tall, curvy, firm body. It seemed as if she'd inherited her body from Susan as well, even though she was adopted. She felt almost freakishly tall compared to her classmates, though in fact her body wasn't gangly.

Like her mother, she had long, straight, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She had generous breasts, though they couldn't compare with the behemoths of Suzanne or Susan. She was now five foot eleven, the same as her mother and two inches shorter than Alan, and she was threatening to grow even taller.

But like a lot of teenage girls her age, she was unsure of herself, lacking self-confidence. Even though she was in the gifted track at school, her grades were merely adequate because she didn't put much time or effort into her studies.

She worried that she wasn't pretty enough, because not many boys asked her out. Feeling awkward about her body, she tried to hide it. Ironically, this was a vicious circle, because guys generally were put off by her prudish dress and demeanor. Even though it was obvious through her clothes that she was very fit and curvy, the boys assumed she was some kind of religious nut who would never put out.

She'd recently begun to fight this image somewhat. She'd made an effort to join the "in crowd" by joining the cheerleading squad. However, this was a very recent development - she'd become a cheerleader just weeks before, at the start of the school year. About the only time she ever wore anything remotely revealing was when she was cheerleading.

That strategy was starting to work, because boys now were noticing her and asking her out much more frequently. However, she still turned almost all of them down, in large part because she was looking for someone like her 'big brother' and most guys couldn't measure up.

Alan was finding it harder and harder not to take notice of her body, though he had been trying for some time to avoid doing so. His mind continued to slip into thoughts about her, against his will.

As Alan walked upstairs after the group meeting, he thought, Having Sis rub my dick would be just as mind-blowing as having Aunt Suzy or Mom do it. But no way would that ever happen. She's so demure and refined. Even though she is quite a cutie. Those cheerleading outfits are so scandalously revealing! She's in shape, that's for sure. Those legs... I shouldn't even be thinking these thoughts, not even as a fantasy.

Oh my gosh - what am I doing thinking of Mom or Aunt Suzy helping me that way, for that matter?! Sis is always teasing me about being a weirdo because of this or that small thing. I must really BE a weirdo to be thinking like this. I have to get my mind out of the gutter, now!

He went back to his room to find that the porn videos and magazines had already been placed there by his mother. She was off in the kitchen cooking a very late dinner, and Aunt Suzy had gone home.

He thought to himself, It's no joke. I really do have to masturbate tonight, and then six more times tomorrow, and six more every day after that. Six frigging times! No wonder my mom got me all this porno stuff. I mean, I enjoy doing this, but I don't think I've ever actually done it six times in one day in my life! I guess I really am some kind of asexual, hormone-deprived freak. I don't think this is going to work, but I have to give it a try.

He started looking through the video boxes and the magazines. He couldn't watch the videos in private in his room, since it didn't have a television or player. So he idly flipped through the magazines as he considered how much his life had changed in a matter of mere hours.

Eventually he turned off the lights and got naked under his bed sheets - the only way he was used to masturbating - and began thinking about Akami. He knew that with the memory of her hands so lovingly caressing his dick fresh in his mind, he didn't need porn videos or magazines.

He finally got into it, as a specific fantasy formed in his mind. He imagined himself in his bed, except Akami was with him. They were lying together naked and she was stroking his penis, but nothing she did made him erect.

She sighed, and said, "It's no use. We've been at it for hours. I think it's time to bring in the big guns." Unexpectedly, she clapped her hands, loudly and repeatedly.

A few moments later, his mother and his Aunt Suzy walked in. They were both buck naked, and not ashamed of it. In fact, they struck sexy poses as they stood by the door.

Alan exclaimed, "Mom! Aunt Suzy! What the heck?!"

He normally tried hard not to masturbate about Susan or Suzanne, but they were so very sexy and appealing that he quite often failed to keep that resolve. In this case, the two MILFs snuck into his Akami fantasy unexpectedly, so he didn't have any resistance to that.

Susan spoke as she strode forward, confidently undulating her ass cheeks. "Akami warned us that it would come to this, and it has. Son, you have to cum six times a day, and today you're still three short! Suzanne and I love you. We won't let that happen."

Suzanne also came near, but her walk was so graceful and sexy that it was almost more like a slow dance. She crawled up onto the bed, letting her massive melons dangle down. "Sweetie, let us help you. We both want to help you so much!"

Although Alan tried not to fantasize about either his mother or his Aunt Suzy too much, it was clear that in this dream the two buxom mothers were not going to take 'no' for an answer. Besides, he was just too horny ever since the doctor's appointment; in the dream he didn't put up even a token resistance.

Less than a minute later, Susan and Suzanne each had one hand on Alan's erection, and there was no doubt it was erect.

Akami sat back and watched with a satisfied smile as the hands from different mothers stroked up and down with a single purpose. "See? I knew bringing in the big guns would work."

Susan asked, "'Big guns?' Is that some kind of reference to our overly large breasts?"

Akami smirked. "Probably."

Alan's fantasy only got better from there. Susan and Suzanne took turns blowing him, and then they licked him together. But soon Akami got involved as well, leading to a full-on orgy.

Alan was all smiles as he vividly imagined the three beautiful women getting wilder and wilder in his bed. His fantasy Susan was very different from his real-life mother in that she had no moral qualms about sex whatsoever, and was just as sexually experienced and skilled as the fantasy Suzanne.

Alan happily stroked his erection, picturing himself the center of attention in his pretend orgy. His mother was busy sucking his cock while Akami and Aunt Suzy passionately French kissed right next to him.

GM: Alan having a sexual fantasy of being in bed with three other women: Susan is giving him a blowjob while Akami and Suzanne are kissing

He was just about to cum when he heard a knock on the door.

"Hey Big Brother, Mom says it's time for dinner." It was Katherine.

Hearing her voice quickly brought him out of his fantasy world. Dang! Noooo! That was too good!

She waited for a response, but after not getting one quickly, she queried, "Bro, are you in there?"

"Yeah." By the frustrated and resigned tone in his voice, from that one word she instantly realized what he must be doing.

"OH. You're doing THAT." She started giggling on the other side of the door.

"It's not funny!" he said crossly. His dick was rapidly going flaccid, and he wanted her to go away before he lost his momentum. "Please cut me some slack. I'm not having an easy time with this, okay?"

"Okay. I'm sorry," she said in a more serious tone.

"I have to kind of... finish up here. Can you tell Mom I'll be there in a few minutes?"

She giggled some more, but then she realized that was probably making him feel worse. "Sorry, I can't help it. Sure, I'll go tell Mom."

He had to start his masturbating all over again. Recalling Akami jacking him off with Susan watching got him erect again very easily. Then he was able to get back to his vivid orgy fantasy.

Eventually, he was able to cum into one of the towels he kept in his room.

He felt guilty afterwards that Susan and Suzanne had featured in his fantasy, but he was so worked up that he couldn't really stop himself. They were so sexy that this wasn't the first time he'd masturbated while thinking of them, and he knew that it certainly wouldn't be the last.

He washed his hands and then went quickly to dinner. It was very strange sitting down and eating a spring vegetable casserole with his mother and sister, both of whom were obviously aware that he had just finished masturbating mere minutes before. He feared they could in fact smell it on him.

"Tiger," said his mother, "do you want to talk about this new situation any further?"

"No, I've had enough talking for one day. Let's just call it an early night and talk about it tomorrow. Sheesh."

There was an awkward silence, but then his sister thankfully ended it by talking about her day at school. Alan was greatly relieved, and hardly said a word until the meal was done.

He went back to his room and tried to jerk off several more times that night. He achieved three more orgasms, thinking of Akami each time. By the time he went to sleep that night, his penis was somewhat sore and didn't want to respond, but he was still one short of the required six.

He realized, I'll have to pace myself throughout the day, every day, if I'm gonna make my goal. I'll have to masturbate immediately upon waking every morning, and then, ideally, once more before going to school. This is nuts!

School ran from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon, but he foresaw no chance of sexual relief during those hours. So that means I still have to do it four more times in the afternoon and evening after getting home. That's a lot of times! There's just no way, especially since I don't even have a girlfriend.

Normally he got home and immediately took a nap, which meant he could masturbate before falling asleep and again after waking up. That would still leave him needing two or three more times that night. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I should try to masturbate again before returning to sleep. That could help me to save up a "surplus" for days when I'm below average. ... I wonder ... how soon until I become tired of all this masturbating? There's just no way I can do it every single day. No friggin' way!


While Alan was masturbating, Suzanne was on the other side of town thinking about him. She'd gone to a hotel room to keep her part of her deal with Dr. Fredrickson. But even as he was fucking her, she was thinking more and more about Alan.

V: Suzanne, legs in air, being fucked by Dr. Fredrickson

This guy isn't half bad, she thought while the doctor shook and thrust above her. A deal's a deal, and I have to uphold my half of the bargain. He knows what he's doing in bed. A year ago even, I might have toyed around with him for months before I got bored of him. But I'm already bored, ten minutes into our first fuck of the night. He's just not Alan! I've got it bad for my Sweetie.

"Oh yeah! Like that!" she moaned. "Harder!"

But inwardly she chuckled. Gotta keep up appearances. I wonder what he'd think if I really spoke my mind and cried out, "Boooor-ring!" He kind of looks vaguely like an older Alan, I gotta give him that. Similar haircut and hair color. And the physical pleasure is there. I probably won't have to fake an orgasm, at least. But I want my Sweetie! These country club types - doctors, lawyers, businessmen - they're so fake. They always leave their wives unhappy because they only love themselves. I want to make love to someone I actually love for a change! I don't care about the age difference. It's Alan or nobody!

I hope you enjoy this, mister, because this is the last time for me. This is the end of my aimless affairs. From now on, the only man I'm going to fuck is my Sweetie! I take that back. We're not going to fuck - we're going to make love. I'm going to love him all up! THEN we're going to fuck. A lot, hee-hee! And once I've got him, I'm never going to let go.

The doctor cried out, "Oh yeah, baby! So tight!"

Suzanne did the mental equivalent of rolling her eyes. "Oh yeah, baby!" How cliché. I've been there, done that. Boooor-ring!

But out loud, she cried, "Push it in! Deep!" She closed her eyes and decided it would be more bearable if she imagined it were Alan on top of her. She knew many sexual tricks to increase a man's pleasure, but didn't use any of them. She didn't want the doctor to get too attracted to her.

Dr. Fredrickson certainly felt he got a good deal out of his lie. Even when she was on autopilot, Suzanne was a great fuck.

She also was a great actress. For instance, Alan didn't have the slightest clue she was interested in him; there had been no flirtation, no teasing, nothing. She wanted to keep it that way, until it was time for the next phase of her scheme.

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