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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Beat It
Day 23: Tuesday, October 8

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Susan and Suzanne continued their usual morning workout tradition on Tuesday morning. However, Suzanne had added an exciting new component: before, after, or sometimes even during their exercise session, they would talk about their sexual dreams from the night before, as well as detail any arousing experiences during the previous day that the other might have missed.

Susan was generally very honest in her accounts, although sometimes there were dreams or parts of dreams that she was just too embarrassed about to tell. And she also tried not to reveal just how much she was thinking about her son in a sexual way lately, or how passionate her feelings were. Still, very little got past Suzanne. Susan's heart was like an open book, and she was a terrible liar. If she tried to hide something, Suzanne usually was able to ask pointed questions and coax the true story out of her.

Suzanne was less honest. She also explained her dreams, but only very selected sections. She knew that most of her dreams were far too shocking for Susan to handle at this stage. She even had dreams that were just of her and Susan intimately loving each other for hours. To even hint at those kinds of feelings could have ruined their friendship altogether.

When Suzanne did talk about her dreams, she described things in an extremely arousing way that inevitably left Susan hot and bothered. At times, she tried to similarly describe what she and Alan were doing when Susan wasn't around, but Susan didn't want to hear it. So, once in a while, Suzanne resorted to telling it like it was a dream, only to finish with: "Come to think of it, that wasn't a dream. That was what happened last Friday when we were up in his room."

That little trick worked every time. Suzanne could actually see Susan's arousal level immediately double just by the look on her face. The only problem was Suzanne usually had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Susan felt that Suzanne helping to inspire Alan was a "necessary evil," but the more she heard about it, the more she felt that she'd be tempted to help him in the exact same way, which she was trying her best to avoid.

She found that her resolve and resistance were slipping with each passing day. Looming ahead was the next medical appointment she and Alan had at Dr. Fredrickson's office, on Tuesday afternoon. Given what had happened during the last appointment, just thinking about the next one sent shivers of excitement up and down her spine.

— — —

Hours later, Alan sat in his fourth-period class, World History. Soon it would be lunch. He was excited about the upcoming doctor's appointment, but not as much as Susan was, since he had a lot of other things on his mind too. That was especially true in this class, his favorite class of the day.

Ms. Rhymer in a facial view, with short curly blonde locks

His teacher, Ms. Gloria Rhymer, was not just the object of his longest crush, but she was an excellent teacher too. She was talking about something the class found interesting, but Alan didn't hear a word. He was thinking about all of his recent luck.

He looked around the classroom and thought, It seems there's a large number of ordinary or even ugly people all around me. Seniors in high school are in the prime of life, and Southern California is justly world-famous for its beautiful women, but even here the percentage of really attractive people remotely comparable to the beauties back home is small.

Of course there are a few pretty girls here and there, but none of them are as beautiful as Christine. Man, I haven't been thinking about Christine really at all lately, have I? I suppose that's no surprise, given the other women occupying all my fantasies these days instead.

However, when he did think of Christine, his heart filled with pain. He wondered how he'd ever overcome his shame and be able to talk to her again. He'd been avoiding her, even when she tried to reach out and repair their friendship. The burn of rejection was still too hurtful for him.

While Christine was stunningly beautiful and outrageously curvy, Gloria Rhymer was a knockout in a more subtle way.

Alan had been pining after her for a long time. He'd grown quite adept at imagining her teaching class naked, and was doing it once again. The school year had just started only a few weeks earlier, at the beginning of September, but he'd known Ms. Rhymer a lot longer than that. She'd taught his American Government class during his freshman year, during her very first year of teaching. Then, after a year without a class from her, she'd taught his U.S. History class his junior year. Now, as a senior, this was the third time in four years that he was taking one of her classes.

In fact, he realized that he was her "teacher's pet," as he was for one or two other teachers. As one of the smartest and most emotionally mature students in the school, his being a teacher's pet wasn't too surprising. But he found it awkward at times to be the teacher's pet for someone on whom he had an intense crush. Besides, he had an extra special friendship with her, and it had been that way since his first year in high school. They just seemed to click as friends in a way that transcended their difference in age and social status.

Alan didn't know her exact age, but he knew she was in her late twenties.

She seemed even younger though. It was well known, for instance, that she was a frequent surfer at the nearby beaches. As a result, many students frequently called her "Surfer Girl," though no students called her that to her face. Her love of surfing was also a good indicator of her athleticism and physical beauty. Her boobs were fairly big for a surfer. (She wore a 34C bra.) However, few women could match the high standards that Alan had when it came to breasts, which were based on the generous boobs of his mother Susan and his 'aunt' Suzanne.

Gloria surfing in a one-piece suit

Even so, when she stood in a bathing suit, Gloria Rhymer, who was known to her friends as Glory, was definitely impressive. A number of times, beginning three years before, Alan had seen "Surfer Girl" at the beach with her surfboard, and that was exactly when his masturbatory fantasies of her had begun.

She looked absolutely perfect with a surfboard under her arm, like a woman from a Playboy spread of sexy athletes. She was firm and muscular all over, but the muscle didn't take away from her femininity and she still had nice, smooth curves. Her curly blonde hair waved in the breeze, making a nice contrast to her tanned skin.

She was of medium height, about five foot seven, a good deal shorter than the nearly-six-foot-tall beauties in the Plummer and Pestridge households.

Back in class, it was much harder to see her beauty. She almost always wore conservative clothes that covered up all but her hands and face. Her hair was short as well. It wasn't that she was prudish, but she just didn't want her body to become a distraction in the classroom or an issue with her colleagues. As a result, she went to great lengths to cover it up.

But she had been seen by many others at the beach, and was clearly the object of many young men's fantasies, as well as those of a few young women, no doubt. When Alan and his friends went to the beach, they all talked openly about the possibility of further "Surfer Girl" sightings, and which beach to go to in order to see her. Since she surfed on many different beaches, usually distant ones (probably in part to foil the admiring students), running into her was a matter of pure luck.

When class finally ended, she discretely motioned with her hand that Alan should speak to her once the classroom had emptied.

She was a very kind and friendly teacher, and knew many students on a personal level. That meant knowing something about their private lives and talking with them socially in school. In most high schools, to see a teacher outside of school was an unstated taboo that rarely happened between any student and teacher, but she wasn't deterred by that. However, of all her students in the fourth period, only Alan would have frequent talks with her after the class had ended.

Since lunch followed the fourth-period class, Alan would usually stay and talk for five minutes or so and just have fun gabbing, and then make his way to lunch. Sometimes they would even spend all of the lunch period talking, a practice that they probably would have done more frequently except for the disapproval of the other teachers. The subject would often be her class or the students within it. He would give feedback about things like whether people were getting bored or what material in particular went over well, so she could improve her teaching technique. She would also expand on historical facts mentioned in class that he'd found interesting.

However, the two also couldn't resist engaging in gossip about the other students. It wasn't just Alan telling her the gossip he knew either; in fact, it usually was the other way around. He was surprised at how many things she knew about his fellow students that he didn't. She had her own gossip network which included other teachers, and he wasn't nearly as interested in school gossip as she was. If he did inquire about what others were doing, it was usually only a lead-in to telling her something new.

However, this time she didn't want to talk about any of those things. Instead, she asked him, "Is something up, Alan? The last few days you've been kind of spaced out, and today you were on another planet altogether. I think if I would have, I dunno, torn off my dress or something, you wouldn't have noticed at all! What gives?"

Oh maaaaan! What am I going to tell her? She's too perceptive and she knows me too well to believe some bullshit story. They sat directly on the edge of her desk, as they usually did when they talked after class. He shifted around nervously in front of her.

"Uh, to be honest..." He scratched the top of his scalp nervously, and hung his head down sheepishly. "It's women trouble. I'm thinking about women too much."

"Oh really?" asked a suddenly very interested teacher. "Someone in class? Or is it someone in school? Christine, perhaps?" Like many people, she knew all about Alan's crush on Christine. She was not only an insatiable gossip hound but was also very observant and a good guesser.

"Actually, it's not really even someone, or, er, someone in this school, per se."

"Oh, reaaaally!" She thought, This is getting more and more interesting! And what does that "per se" mean?

"But I can't tell you the details," he added. "You see, it has something to do with an embarrassing medical condition that I've got."

"Young man," - she liked to call him that - "you've got me really confused now. Could you please clarify your meaning? I don't want to pry into your personal affairs..."

Bull honky, he thought.

She continued relentlessly, "...but it looks to be something that's affecting your behavior in class, so I want to know." She always had good excuses for learning more gossip.

"I really, really can't say."

She stared at him witheringly.

"All right, I can say this much, if you promise not to tell a soul."

"I promise." She made the "cross my heart and hope to die" gesture over her chest.

"I have a medical condition which is causing me to make some adjustments in my lifestyle, and that's making me really confused. I wish I could say more, 'cos I'd really like your advice about some things, but I can't. I promised my family that I wouldn't tell a single person about this medical thing. Can you please understand that and respect it?"

"Yes, I suppose, but that really doesn't explain anything. For one thing, young man, you're a perfectly healthy, uh... young man. There's absolutely nothing wrong with you that I can see. For another, that explanation seemingly has nothing to do with girl trouble, which is what you said is distracting you in the first place."

"That's true, but I really can't say any more... Well, okay... I guess I can say this: energy. My problem is a lack of energy. I sleep too much, and I'm always tired. You know that. You've bugged me how many times about nodding off in class? So I'm getting treated for that. It's not really a big medical problem. Nothing to get worried about. If the treatments work, then great; if they don't, then I'm the same as before, which is no big deal. Okay, does that explain enough? I really have to go to lunch now."

"Yes, thanks for sharing that with me. I really appreciate your confiding in me. I'm glad we're friends enough to have this conversation, and I promise I won't tell anyone. You know I'm a gossip, but I also know when to keep my mouth shut, so don't worry about that at all. But I still don't see the connection between that and your girl trouble."

He looked away in embarrassment. "Like I said, it's complicated."

She put a hand on his shoulder, which was highly unusual for her. Even though they had been close friends for over three years now, there were limitations to their friendship since she was a teacher and he was a student. For one, she didn't feel comfortable seeing him outside of school without some education-based justification such as a museum trip. For another, they almost never had any physical contact, in part for fear of fanning the flames of suspicion by people who already thought it likely that they were being too friendly with each other.

She said, "This doesn't have anything to do with your asking Christine out and her turning you down, does it?"

He blanched. "Oh, Geez! You know about that? How do you know that?!"

She let go of his shoulder, and shrugged. "You know me; I'm a gossip hound."

"Oh man! That sucks. If you know about that, it means other people do too. Man!" He sighed. He added, "But it doesn't have anything to do with that. Well, not directly, anyway. Like I said, it's complicated."

She frowned with frustration. "Hmmm. Well, I hope you'll be able to clarify this mystery for me before too long. I just hope that whatever your medical problem is, and whatever your girl troubles are, it won't affect your behavior in this class next week. We have some important tests coming up. If you want to talk about it some more in confidence, don't hesitate to come to me."

"Thanks a lot. I'll do that."

She added, "You know I pass on a lot of gossip, but I can keep a secret. Especially if it's about you, I would never tell a soul." She almost added, "Because you're special to me," but that was the kind of thing a teacher wasn't supposed to say to a student, especially when she knew that student had a crush on her.

He nodded. "Gotta run!" He was out the door in a flash.

She continued to sit on her desk, trying to figure out just what the hell he was talking about. Lack of energy, huh? Tired. Seems like he's suddenly thinking about girls a lot, or maybe too much. Perhaps he's taking some pills to boost his energy that are having the side effect of boosting his libido. That would explain things.

Yesterday AND today I noticed him coming into class like he had a tree trunk stuck between his legs. Definitely an uncontrollable, raging hard-on. I'm thinking he must have been actually highly aroused for the entire class today. It's really unusual for any guy to be that aroused for that long. I wonder if he was thinking of me at all. Perhaps he's in a state of constant horniness. Hmmm...

Glory was attracted to Alan. But not only was she his teacher, she also had a serious boyfriend, so she dismissed her feelings for Alan as harmless and never to be acted upon. She did flirt with him a bit, but so very subtly that he didn't even notice. For instance, her comments a few moments earlier about tearing her dress off had seemed to go completely over his head. She was only 27, and constantly felt as if she would rather be one of the other students instead of the teacher, with all the unfortunate social walls that came with that role.

If I were also a high school senior, she mused, I would be all over the idea of Alan as my boyfriend. But I'm not, and I would never dream of actually having an affair with a student! No way, José! Unfortunately, Garth has been a real jerk lately; he's hardly acting like a boyfriend at all. Especially in bed! He's left me stuck with all this fantasizing. The idea that the goody-goody and oh-so-polite Alan could actually be a horny monster in a constant state of arousal will definitely be food for thought when my fingers get busy in my pussy tonight! After all, fantasies are harmless, right?


After the school day came to an end, Alan and Susan finally found themselves sitting in the doctor's waiting room, waiting for Nurse Akami.

Alan was extremely relieved that the wait would soon be over. He'd been so horny all day long thinking about Akami that he could hardly stand it. He had a very good feeling that something sexually exciting would happen: since Akami had massaged his penis last time, odds were she would do it again. For the first time ever, he seriously considered masturbating in a school bathroom during lunch because his need was so great, but the fear of getting caught by other guys had stopped him.

A big part of Suzanne's scheme to seduce Alan was getting Susan to loosen up so that Suzanne could have a sexual relationship with him without ruining her relationship with her very best friend. As a result, after Suzanne had spoken with Dr. Fredrickson on the phone and found out that Akami would be handling the next appointment by herself, she called up Akami and subtly encouraged her to get Susan to loosen up. (Suzanne had previously had some brief interactions with Akami, but she still had to turn on the charm to get Akami to go along.)

Akami had already been thinking along those lines. While waiting for Susan and Alan to arrive, she thought, Mrs. Plummer was obviously raised very conservatively. She trusts me implicitly because I'm a medical professional. I doubt she'll stop me no matter what I do, as long as I have some kind of excuse. So if I push her, one of two things will happen. One, she'll get increasingly horny as I grow increasingly bold with Alan. And that'll be fun, to watch such a prim and proper woman nearly bursting with lust.

Or two, she'll freak out to the point that she won't want to come back. That's even better, 'cos it would mean I can have these appointments just with Alan. Then I can REALLY have my way with him. I'll be able to tease him, jerk him off, and, hopefully soon, fuck him on every visit. And as a delicious irony, I'll even get paid to do it and Wilt will have to go along with it! Either way it's win-win for me, and for Alan too, as long as I keep up the pretense of medical necessity.

However, I can almost guarantee the second outcome won't happen. I know Susan's type. She's one of those Bible thumpers who are raised to obey their parents and preacher without question. People like that always obey their doctors without question too. I'd have to do something reaaaally outrageous to get her to think twice about not trusting me.

But then again, I AM planning on doing something really outrageous! Hee-hee! Suzanne Pestridge will be tickled pink, I'm sure.

Akami standing in a doorway, wearing a white blouse, a short dark skirt, a lab coat and a stethoscope

Akami appeared at the door to the waiting room. To Alan, it seemed almost as if she was posing as she stood in the doorway, showing off her fine body. Whether that was the case or not, her sultry appearance got him even more excited.

"Nurse Fubuki will see you now," she said with a wry smile, making a joke of the fact that she would effectively be both Alan's doctor and his nurse.

The two of them went back to the same room they'd used the previous time, and soon Alan and Susan were chatting with Akami about this and that. Akami confirmed that, for all intents and purposes, she would be taking charge of Alan's case.

That was fine with Alan and Susan; nurse-practitioners often managed treatment programs once they'd been prescribed.

This time though, as soon as they got down to business, Akami matter-of-factly told Alan, "Please take off all your clothes and put on that gown. You might as well do it here since I'm going to see all of you today in any case."

He didn't mind undressing in front of her, but he felt very self-conscious about doing so in front of his mother. He made sure to take his clothes off with his back turned to Susan.

Susan watched his tight butt wiggling around with great interest. She was also secretly delighted to discover that the gown didn't cover much at all.

Akami took a look at his full erection as he was changing and joked, "Looks like we won't have to worry about getting you in an erect state this week!"

Susan also noticed his erection. She sucked in her breath and her heart started to pound wildly. Oh my goodness! It's practically as big as it is in all my dreams! Tiger is such a BIG boy! I can't wait to watch Akami stroke it. Er, I mean, I wonder if she's going to give it another abnormality check.

But he lost the erection a few minutes later when Akami put on some latex gloves and poked him with a needle so she could take a blood sample. She also took a number of other cursory measurements. In actuality, the only thing she really needed for medical purposes, and for the entire appointment, was the blood sample; her other measurements were just to make the rest of the appointment appear more necessary and legitimate.

Finally she got to what everyone, including Susan, was waiting for. "Ah," she said, "now it's time to check your penis again... I hope you don't mind, Alan or Susan, but we'll have to perform another check for abnormalities."

Both mother and son had strongly suspected that this would be coming.

Susan was intensely conflicted about it, wanting to see and yet not wanting to see at the same time. In truth, she'd been looking forward to this moment for days. Suzanne says that nudity is no sin, and that should be some consolation, but she doesn't know just how impure my thoughts are. Why, just watching Tiger's cute little tush, my nipples got as hard as they can get. I'm going to keep my eyes closed, no matter what!

Akami put on one glove in a grudging attempt to maintain some plausibility that this was a medical procedure.

But what surprised everyone was that no sooner had Akami placed one hand on Alan's stiffness to rub it, and the other hand on it to "check for abnormalities," then he started cumming.

F: Akami, face covered in Alan's cum, with some inside her open mouth, on her tongue

Akami was sitting close to Alan when the cum began flying at her. Strings of cum hit her first on the face, then the chest, and then further down as she futilely tried to back away. Most of it ended up on her face, but a bit was deposited on her legs and the floor. Some of it even landed right in her open mouth.

"SORRY! So sorry! I'm so very sorry!" He apologized far too loudly. He was totally mortified and ashamed. The fact was, he was very sexually inexperienced and therefore didn't have much control over his orgasms or forewarning when they were imminent. The anticipation of having another abnormality check had been too much for him to take.

"I didn't expect that! Please forgive me!" he nearly screamed.

Susan also looked mortified, as if she were dying of shame that her son had done such a vile thing. But at the same time, she practically swooned upon seeing Akami's face thoroughly splattered with her son's cum. Her pussy and nipples throbbed with arousal as she unconsciously licked her lips, imagining she was licking up all that cum.

Akami, however, got over her initial shock quickly and took it in stride. "Look, you two," she said. "Don't worry; it's nothing." She began taking off her uniform. "Remember, we all want Alan to orgasm as many times a day as possible. Six times a day, or more. If he can ejaculate while in the office today, so much the better. Am I right? In fact, if he can ejaculate more before this session is over, that will help to make this a successful appointment. My only disappointment is that we weren't ready with a cup, because we have to take a sperm sample again before you go."


Akami used a sink on a counter behind her to wash the sweet-smelling semen off her face. With her back turned, she gathered and swallowed all the tasty cum near her lips that she could reach with her tongue. Mmmm! That's really tasty! Then she took off most of her clothes. She finally turned towards them, standing in just her underwear.

Both mother and son were more than a little shocked at her new appearance.

Alan privately thought to himself, She's every bit as beautiful as I hoped! Her boobs were more impressive than her stifling, conservative nurse's uniform had made them out to be, and she was very fit and shapely.

Akami lied, "Sorry I had to take those off after he got them, er, messy. But don't worry; I'll have the doctor bring in another uniform for me before we're done." In actual fact, she didn't want the doctor to come in and spoil the mood. She hoped they'd soon forget about her expecting a change of clothes. Her cum-soaked uniform was now sitting in a heap on the counter with the sink.

She said, "Let's make lemonade out of lemons. In fact, if by just wearing less clothing I can help Alan reach orgasm again, that will also be for the better. Don't you agree?"

He just nodded. It seemed like a lot of people were asking him such obvious questions these days, like "Is it okay for me to take my clothes off?" He never knew how to respond in those situations, because he feared that too much enthusiasm might scare the person off.

Susan seemed somewhat mollified, since Akami didn't seem to mind.

Akami again held Alan's penis. She knew that, after such a powerful orgasm, it would take some time for it to re-engorge to full size, despite her more revealing appearance.

As she resumed stroking his penis, she made some idle talk to help pass the time. "Alan, can I ask you how you're so tanned all over, even underneath your underwear?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm just naturally dark. The adoption agency wouldn't let us know my parents' true names, but the racial background was given, and there is some Middle Eastern blood in there along with French."

"Ah yes. The adoption. Sorry, but I forgot that Susan isn't your natural mother. You two look similar, except for a few things like your darker skin."

This line of thinking reminded Akami of something she wanted to bring up. "Alan, I want to talk to you about exercise in relation to your condition."

Susan and Alan each immediately became concerned but remained quietly attentive. The nurse continued, "You should avoid certain types of exercise. Tell me, do you know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercise?"

He answered, "Sure. Aerobic is like cardio and toning types. Anaerobic is strength training and muscle building."

"Correct." Akami smiled approvingly. "A person with your condition should avoid or severely limit anaerobic exercise. Your body currently is unable to properly produce the muscle fibers which that type of exercise develops."

Susan interrupted. "Alan is on his school tennis team. Does that mean he should quit? And what about swimming?"

"No, that's aerobic exercise, which is very good for him right now. Exercise that builds agility and endurance, while also raising his heart rate and blood pressure, will have a significant positive effect on his condition." Akami felt she could be a little playful, so she added, "That would also include most forms of sexual intercourse. Once Alan is able to find a girlfriend to 'help him out', we may see an even greater improvement in his condition."

That news both comforted and horrified Susan. My tiger is nowhere close to finding a girlfriend. If he does... does that mean... Should I allow... My goodness! What are the options there?! She fought mightily against that train of thought, trying instead to concentrate on Akami's next words.

At that point the nurse stated, "I'll write him a note for school that should keep him out of anaerobic exercise programs."

Akami had continued to stroke Alan's penis throughout the conversation. He remained semi-flaccid, primarily because he was so aware of being jacked off in an examination room in front of his mother, a situation which made him more nervous than excited.

After a few more minutes of fruitless stroking, Akami said, "Since we're short on time, I think I need to take additional measures." She got up again and put some lotion onto her finger. Then, after sitting in front of Alan again, and having him scoot forward to the edge of the examination table, she took her gloved hand and brought it up towards him.

"Alan, if you'll please lean back a little," she said. "Thanks. Now don't be alarmed, but I'm going to stick a finger up your anus."

"What?!" he asked in horror. "Why?"

"This will help with the stiffness of your penis. Don't worry. A little bit of stimulation of the prostate can be very pleasurable and increase arousal. Of course it's necessary to first lubricate the finger, but no doubt you're aware of that already, Susan."

As a matter of fact, Susan had never heard of such a thing, but she didn't doubt a medical professional.

Akami slowly inserted her finger into Alan's anus. "How does that feel?"

He grimaced. "Strange. Really strange. But I guess... it's not a bad feeling."

AR: Akami's gloved left index finger being inserted into Alan's anus

"Just hang on. It gets better." She slid her finger in a bit further, then slowly began moving it back and forth and in and out. At the same time, she fondled his penis and balls, trying to revive him from his flaccid condition.

Susan watched with rapt attention. She felt like she couldn't breathe, while her heart continued to hammer. She found herself hoping that Akami's efforts would bring about his swift revival. But at the same time, she felt guilty and dirty for looking, so she lifted her hands to cover her eyes.

"How's that?" Akami asked after another minute had passed.

"Wow... Really weird. But better." He thought, Man, that feels fantastic! Does this make me gay or something? Up the butt - it's so gross! Who would have figured? And my naked butt wriggling on this exam table is kind of turning me on more too.

Akami spoke in an aside to Susan, "So, as you can see, the finger in the anus has made the critical difference: he's re-erecting." She continued to work her gloved finger in his anus, while her other hand worked his engorging dick.

Susan stared in disbelief - her vow to keep her eyes closed had been a miserable failure so far, since she was staring between her fingers. However, she could at least console herself that Alan didn't realize where she was staring since he wasn't looking in her direction. She didn't know why exactly, but it took all her willpower not to grasp her boobs with both hands.

Getting no answer from Susan, Akami continued talking. "That reminds me," she said in a casual tone, as if rubbing someone's erection after they had just come all over one's body was a perfectly normal part of one's nursing duties, "I haven't yet asked the most important question of all. Alan, how are you doing on maintaining the proper number of daily stimulations?"

"Unfortunately, not so good," he said bashfully.

He tried to keep his head down and not stare at the nurse, but that only made him look down to where she was rubbing his shaft. His other options were to look towards his mother or at a blank wall, so he closed his eyes instead.

He confessed, "The first week or so I was right on track. But then the next six days after that, I didn't have any orgasms at all. But in the last week or so I've been working on it, trying to catch up. Yesterday was only six, but the day before that I actually had eight orgasms."

Susan already knew that fact, as she'd been keeping a close eye on the daily progress chart that Alan kept on the inside of his door. But she found herself gasping with surprise anyway. In her current state of arousal, she instantly pictured him jacking off over and over, with his cum repeatedly squirting into the air. That made her heart beat even faster than before. Her panties were starting to get moist. She hated that she couldn't control her response.

Akami, on the other hand, was poker-faced. "Hmmm. That's not good. I hope the doctor stressed last time that it's not just the overall average - consistency is important too. You can't go without doing it one week, and then do twice as much the next. Some slight daily variation is fine. For instance, you may find yourself in a situation where you can't find privacy at all for a day, and so you only cum once or twice. But to go without for six days is very troubling. You may have wasted the entire two-week period."

"I'm really sorry," he said. "But this was a very special circumstance. You see, I asked a girl out who I really liked, and she said 'No', so that really took away all my motivation. But I'm over that now, and I feel confident that kind of thing won't happen in the future."

Susan held her breath, wondering if he was going to mention the visual stimulation help he'd been getting at home. She exhaled with relief when she realized she wasn't going to be implicated in "helping" him.

"Well, that's good to hear at least," said the nurse. "But if we're going to salvage the week, it would help greatly if you could reach orgasm a large number of times today. This is really an emergency situation, to rescue your lost week. Just now, that was how many times today already?"

Akami had been stroking Alan's erection continuously during this discussion, keeping him as hard as marble. She'd been slowing down or stopping as necessary to keep him on edge without letting him ejaculate. She'd finished stimulating his prostate long before, then removed her gloved finger from his anus and discarded her gloves.

"That was my third," he replied, recalling the two times he'd masturbated in bed before school.

"Good. Now, why don't you close your eyes and keep them that way so you can concentrate on what I'm doing?" She said that so Susan would be free to stare at Alan's hard-on.

Then she spoke to Susan, but she made sure to stare at the penis that was less than a foot in front of her face, so that the horny mother would feel even more free to stare at her son's privates, believing that she could do so without detection. "Susan, Alan seems to be a good patient who is taking his responsibilities seriously. How do you see the situation? Are you comfortable with things, and the nature of his admittedly very unusual treatment?"

Susan dropped her hands from her face. "Well, uh, frankly doctor, er, nurse," she stammered, "I'm having some trouble adjusting. Everyone at home has had to cope with the new situation, and we're all finding some aspects of it very trying."

"What aspects would those be, Mrs. Plummer?" Akami hadn't even started the abnormality check; she was just blatantly jacking him off. No one seemed to mind though.

Susan decided that to reveal her true feelings wouldn't be very prudent. She wished to say, "I've shocked myself that I'm walking around without a bra or panties every day now, and I don't care. I feel really good when I see Tiger looking at my body. Sometimes I feel like a hussy and just want to throw off all my clothes and stand before him in the altogether. I just can't stop thinking about my handsome son or his big member!"

Instead, as she stared at Akami's hand sliding up and down Alan's pre-cum-soaked shaft, she said, "There are many troubling aspects. For one thing, we're all having the difficulty of telling some people, or maybe not telling them. We don't want this to be widely known, but we also have trouble keeping this secret from close friends."

"I see," said Akami, while also intently watching her handjob. Her expert hands were already bringing Alan close to orgasm again. She now had him where she could gauge if he was getting too close, and back off as necessary, keeping him in a state of near-constant bliss. "That's only natural. Might I inquire whom you've told?"

"That's all right. So far, just Katherine, my daughter, and Suzanne, my close friend and next-door neighbor, whom you may recall meeting briefly at the end of our last appointment. She's almost like family. We haven't told my husband yet, because he's out of touch, overseas."

"It sounds like you're being very selective in whom you tell. That's very wise. I was afraid you would hire a professional to assist Alan. That's a dangerous roll of the dice. You never know what will happen there."

"I agree completely!" Now Susan was finally conversing about something that she was more comfortable discussing, at least as comfortable as she could be, considering that she was sitting right next to the nearly naked Akami and staring at Alan's erection being jacked off while they talked.

But for some reason it felt far less strange to her than she could ever have imagined when his treatment had started three weeks earlier. She felt too good at the moment to think about all the reasons why this might be morally wrong, if not outright sinful.

Her attitude towards masturbation had changed completely in recent days, at least in regard to Alan's need to do so. She still thought of masturbation as a sin, but Suzanne had convinced her that an exception could be made on the grounds of medical necessity. Now every time Alan reached orgasm, it felt like a small victory to her, like the baseball team one is rooting for scoring another run. And she judged each day as a success or failure partially based on whether he reached orgasm six times or not. She (and Suzanne and Katherine) now frequently found excuses to go into Alan's room so they could keep an eye on the chart on which Alan recorded the number of times that day that he had climaxed.

Still, it was unnerving watching him actually getting stroked, not to mention her having seen Akami fingerfucking his anus. Her nipples ached to be touched; her entire body tingled with desire. Her fingers desperately wanted to take over from Akami's, but her conscience told her that would be wrong.

The nurse asked her, "So, since there's no professional help, and he failed to get anyone to go out with him, does that mean that all of his gratification is self-gratification?"

"I'm afraid so," Susan responded sadly. She thought again about the "sin of Onan," the Old Testament story against masturbation.

Akami said, "I will repeat what the doctor said last time. It is much more preferable if he can get help for at least three of the six times a day, on average. So much self-gratification can be extremely taxing for his penis; he may end up rubbing it raw." This was something Dr. Fredrickson had coached her to repeat, to assist the unfolding of Suzanne's scheme. "He may, for instance, have lengthy periods where he is unable to achieve orgasm because his penis is so sore. Has that occurred already, Alan?"

"No, fortunately not," he replied. He still had his eyes closed, both out of sheer embarrassment and because Akami had requested it. He had no idea that Susan was staring with avid attention at every last little move Akami's fingers were making up and down his shaft; he just assumed that his mother was so prudish that she'd be looking anywhere but there.

Akami continued for Susan's benefit, although without looking her way, "That's good to hear, but it's just a matter of time, perhaps days or at most weeks, before he has that kind of problem. So please redouble your effort to find someone to fulfill that role."

"I understand completely. We'll do our best," Susan replied resolutely.

Akami's hand slid up and down, up and down, up and down. "I hope you do. There are many medical problems where a helping hand, so to speak, is completely necessary. That's why so many people have personal nurses or live in an assisted-living situation. The unusual nature of his treatment doesn't reduce the fact that he needs assistance."

"One way or another, we'll find someone to help him before our next appointment with you," Susan promised.

"That's the spirit!" Akami enthused.


Akami continued, "Now, if you will turn your attention back to Alan's penis" - Susan's eyes had never left it - "you'll see that it is once again completely erect" - it had been for quite a few minutes already - "so I'm going to begin to check for abnormalities. Since it's such an extremely large and thick penis, this check will take a lot longer than usual."

Susan asked, "Is it really all that big, or are you just saying that?"

Akami said, "Here, let me whisper something in your ear, because I don't want Alan to get a big head." Then, running her fingers all over his mushroomy cockhead, she joked, "Although I'm afraid it's too late for that."

Susan scooted her chair forward and leaned in, which put her in much closer proximity to her son's boner. Now she could easily notice the scent of his strangely sweet-smelling cum.

Akami whispered, "Oh yes, it's very big indeed. You obviously have an extremely virile and well-endowed son. His erection is bigger than 99 percent of them." She'd just made that up. She doubted that it was true, though she figured Alan would be in at least the top few percent. She was using such words to excite Susan, which gave Akami a big kick from watching the prudish woman respond. "Just look at it; I can barely get my hand around it. This is a special boy with a special endowment. I'll bet his sperm are as potent as hundred-proof rum."

Susan sat back in her chair, thoroughly wowed and increasingly wet. Her heart swelled with pride to hear how special her son was.

Akami motioned for her to lean forward again, closer to her stroking hand. "Susan, I want you to watch closely again so you can become expert and do this at home once a week. Now, the first thing-"

Susan staring at Alan's big, hard rod

Susan cut in. "Just a minute, nurse. Sorry to interrupt, but did you say, 'Do this at home?' Me? I really don't feel comfortable doing anything that would involve touching... you know."

"His penis."

"Yes, his, uh, you know... penis." She shuddered while saying such a lewd word out loud. "I just don't feel comfortable about that. I'm really sorry."

Akami considered her plan to push Susan out of her comfort zone, both to help Suzanne's scheme and just because it was fun to do. (It was mostly the latter, since she didn't feel any real obligation to Suzanne.) So, Akami responded as if irritated, "Look, we really need your hands-on help here. If not you, then who? I'm sorry, but as Alan pointed out, it's not like you're his biological mother! One needs to visually examine the penis closely from all sides since he can't do that himself. It sounds like his father is overseas too much to assist here, and I'm sure Alan would prefer a female to help him with this delicate task anyway. So who else does that leave? If you're uncomfortable with the idea, it might just be best if he comes in here once a week so I can perform such checks."

"Perhaps I could convince my friend Suzanne?" suggested Susan. "We could have her come in, and you could show her the procedure? It can't be that hard to learn."

"Perhaps," said Akami, hiding her disappointment. Even though she was supposed to be helping Suzanne seduce Alan, she loved the naughty thought of Susan having to do it or, failing that, getting to do it more often herself. "Ask her and let me know. I don't care who does it so long as someone does. This should be done every, oh, let's say, Tuesday, since that's today. And then I would like to perform a check myself during our appointments, which I believe will be every other Friday."

"That much?" said Susan. She was really surprised, as was Alan, since it didn't actually seem to be that grave a medical problem, all things considered.

Akami nodded as she kept on stroking. She figured that if she couldn't "help" Alan every week, she could at least say they needed an appointment every other week.

Susan's eyes were glued to Akami's pumping hands. She wanted so badly for those to be her own hands, but she also thought about sin and Hell. She suggested, "If Suzanne can't do it, perhaps we could pay you to do it all those times?"

"That's another idea," Akami said with greater enthusiasm. That would be a lot of fun for her if it worked out that way. "But regarding your friend Suzanne, how is her eyesight?" She was looking for excuses to get Suzanne out of the picture, as least as far as these "checks" were concerned.

"Perfectly fine," replied Susan.

Alan piped up. "Um, that's not true. A couple of days ago, she was showing me stuff on my computer, and she said she had eyesight problems." He didn't realize that was just a white lie that Suzanne had used as an excuse to lean forward into a more tempting pose.

"What?" said Susan in honest surprise. "That's news to me. I've never seen her wear any glasses other than sunglasses in my entire life! I'll have to ask her about that."

"Well, that's what she said." He shrugged. "Just the other day, in fact. Maybe her eyesight is failing her a little bit lately."

That made Akami very happy, because it gave her the excuse she was looking for. "Why don't you ask her then? But if she does have eyesight problems, then I'm afraid that it rules her out. You really have to get your head close and examine his skin for any little bump, mole, or anomaly." She leaned her head in.

Susan obligingly leaned her head in too, until her face and Akami's were so close they were both breathing on his dick.

Akami asked, "I assume your vision is fine, Susan? With your prescription glasses on, of course."

"Yes, it's fine," said Susan dejectedly. "Maybe Suzanne can get glasses too."

"Well, until she gets her vision problem corrected, you'll be the only one at home capable of doing these weekly checks, unless you want me to do them."

Susan sighed in defeat. Goodness! I know I've said I'd do anything to help my Tiger, but that means I'm going to be stroking his, uh, member! I suppose Akami wouldn't understand if I tried to explain about the sinfulness, the sheer impropriety...

Alan was thinking, Jesus H. Christ! If those two don't stop breathing all over my dick, I'm gonna explode! Mom's the worst. Her mouth is so close to my most sensitive spot that if she blows air on it one more time, I'm gonna blow! He gritted his teeth and tried to hang on.

Akami could see the tortured look on Alan's face, so she pulled back a few inches, causing Susan to do the same. She said to the busty, panting mother, "All right. With all this talking, I'm afraid that I haven't made any progress in explaining to you the proper procedure here. Let's start again from the beginning, shall we? At least my constant stimulation of his big erection is serving one purpose. Achieving an orgasm is helpful, but it's even more important to have prolonged stimulation first. The real goal should be prolonged stimulation followed by orgasm, to make sure that a hormonal change will be achieved."

Susan nodded, trying to pay better attention to Akami and not just gawk at her stroking. But she was so giddy with lust that it was hard for her to think. However, one issue came to her mind. "Um, Nurse, may I ask you a question?"

"Please do."

Susan whispered, hoping against hope that Alan wouldn't hear her talk about this embarrassing topic. "Lately, sometimes, I've noticed... ah... wet spots on Alan's sheets. I think he's been having wet dreams."

Blowing away Susan's effort to be discreet, Akami asked Alan in her usual voice, "Have you? Have you been having wet dreams?"

He bashfully replied, "Uh, yeah." He added to himself, And they started immediately after our last appointment! Some of them involve you, but most of them involve Mom!

Susan gave up her futile attempt to whisper. She unthinkingly licked her lips as she watched pre-cum dribble out of her son's pisshole. "Uh, ah, anyway, my question is... do wet dreams count as far as Alan's daily target goes?"

Akami considered that. Her first instinct was to say 'Yes,' since a wet dream was still a valid ejaculatory orgasm. But she remembered Suzanne's purpose for this scheme, and having them count didn't help further that scheme. So she replied, "Unfortunately, not really. Look at my hand."

She hardly needed to say that, since Susan was already staring at Akami's sliding fingers. However, Susan used that as an excuse to lean in closer. The sexual, masculine smell was almost more than she could take. She was so horny that her head was reeling.

Akami explained as she slowly stroked, "In order for it to count, you need a lot of this." She paused, and slid her fingers from base to tip and back again, three times over. She finally continued, "A lot of prolonged stimulation, like I said. With a wet dream, there's just no telling what happened or how long it lasted. It's not like you crawled naked into your son's bed in the middle of the night and slid your fingers up and down his thick shaft and maybe even kissed and licked it to make sure that the stimulation was sufficiently intense and prolonged. Right? So I'm going to have to say 'No.'"

Susan thought it wasn't possible for her to be more aroused, but she was wrong, because Akami's words made her pussy tingle and gush more than ever before. Oh my goodness! Dear Lord! What if I were to actually do that?! Oh dear! That's just too... too naughty! And "maybe even kissed and licked it?!" Oh my!

The nurse's words didn't go unheard by Alan. He moaned and groaned lustily as he imagined waking up only to find his naked bombshell mother secretly jacking him off. He was slowly losing control.

Akami continued, "Again, we have to recall the example of stimulating the nipples to start the process of lactation. Alan, the ejaculation achieved when you came into the office might not have counted for one of your daily six, I'm afraid, because it happened so quickly."

He was very disappointed to hear that. That meant his record day of eight times earlier in the week hadn't actually counted as a full eight times, since he'd cum within minutes on more than one occasion.

Akami added, "What we really need is a long... hard... constant massage of Alan's long, hard erection. Blowjobs are good. That's putting his thick shaft in your mouth and sucking on it with your lips."

Susan gasped in dismay at the very idea. But she also was intrigued and aroused. Is that... is that... could I do that?! It's just so BIG! I'd be happy just to have my hands on it, and kiss it and lick it a little, just like she suggested!

Akami continued, "But it depends on how you do it. Even a quick blowjob, or quick and nasty intercourse - a fuck and run, as some call it - is unlikely to achieve-"

Akami had to stop speaking because once again Alan had begun to cum furiously all over the place. She'd been carefully doling out her caresses, and she'd pulled back from blowing air on him. But she'd forgotten to take into account the additional effect of her words on the trigger-happy teen, so her sexy talk had suddenly caused him to lose all control.

As before, his throbbing erection began squirting his seed all over the beautiful nurse. He cried out, "UNGH! UGH! AAAAH!"

Both Akami and Susan had their faces less than a foot from the tip of his dick, but Akami was directly in front of him so most of it landed on her. His twitching cock even splattered a little bit on his mother's face too, but only a few stray gobs.

Akami reflexively moved backwards and took the rest all over her chest. She used her hand that was still around the base of his hard-on to discreetly direct his aim, making sure that it got enough on her bra so that she'd have to take that off as well.

"Oh dear," Akami said. She started laughing. "This is getting to be ridiculous, isn't it?"

Both Alan and Susan started laughing too. They were both greatly embarrassed again, but not nearly so much as the first time. Laughter helped relieve their nervous tension.

Akami leaned in again towards Alan, took off her bra, and said seductively, "Are you trying to get me naked one piece of clothing at a time?"

Everyone laughed again, if a little stiltedly.

By this point Susan was so aroused that she not only didn't mind Akami baring her chest, she wished there was some excuse for her to bare her own chest as well.

Akami, topless, face and chest splattered with cum

Alan was also incredibly turned on. He loved the sight of his jism all over the nurse. Taking off the bra really only served to make Akami look that much sexier, as there were still plenty of cum gobs dripping down her chest. She just remained quiet, looking at him, but he couldn't read the meaning of her expression. In any case, she didn't appear to mind the cum that was spattered all over her face and chest; she just sat there for a few moments, letting the cum gobs drip down.

My God, this is great! he thought. Is that what they call a facial? I've read about those, but to see it, with MY cum all over her... WOW! Whatever it is, I love it!

Susan's big boobs were heaving up and down so much that it seemed as if she wasn't wearing a bra either. She thought, My goodness! So much cum! It just looks... it looks... SO HOT! Oh God, is that hot! It's like he's marking her with his precious seed! Oh dear!

She had a sudden vision of her own face and bare bosom being covered just like Akami's, which caused such a powerful erotic rush that she nearly swooned. Then she smelled the air, getting such a potent combination of odors of Alan's cum and her own and Akami's pussy juices that she did swoon, practically falling out of her chair.

Akami turned to look at Susan to see how she had fared. She couldn't help but smirk a little bit at how obviously Susan was drowning in lust. She pointed a finger to a spot under her right eye. "You have some right there."

Susan was so out of it that she wasn't paying attention (which meant that she didn't wipe her face clean). She was in a daze, staring at Akami's cummy face and chest. So much cum! she thought. Is this normal? Is my son unusually potent? Then she remembered Akami's words about Alan's penis being in the top one percent. Her whole body tingled with delight. He IS! He IS! What a special boy!

Akami got up to clean herself off again.

Both Alan and Susan watched her go to the sink wearing nothing but a pair of panties.

Susan finally put her hand up to the spot on her face where Akami had pointed, not because of Akami's comment but because she felt something wet dripping there. She felt a gob of her son's soft, gooey cum. She looked over at him and was relieved to see he hadn't noticed. Not surprisingly, he was busy watching Akami wipe the cum off her face and chest.

Seeing that he was totally ignoring her for the moment, Susan swept the cum off her face with two fingers, then placed those fingers under her nose. MMMM! Smells good! Surprisingly sweet! Mmmm. Not like Ron's at all. (She had never had semen anywhere near her face before as that was improper and disgusting, but she had also heard that cum was bitter and had wondered if it would smell bad as well.)

She looked up again and confirmed that Alan still wasn't watching. She put one of her fingers in her mouth and licked off his cum. Tastes good too. REALLY good! Tangy and sweet. MMMM! Then she thought, What the heck am I doing? This is gross! And so wrong!

"Can I have a towel?" Susan loudly asked Akami.

"Certainly," replied Akami. She grabbed a towel and brought it to Susan. The nurse didn't seem troubled to be walking about in nothing but panties. However, there was a large wet spot on them over her pussy, so she walked back to her chair quickly, hoping the others would be less likely to notice her aroused condition after she sat down.

After sitting down, she rubbed a wet cloth all over her face and chest to get rid of any gobs of Alan's cum that might remain.

Alan found the whole scene incredibly sexy, especially as she was cleaning herself while sitting between his legs only a foot or two away. He discovered to his surprise that his penis was already hard again. But his hard-on, finally, was also extremely sore. He figured that it would hurt if Akami tried to touch it again.

Akami looked at Susan and asked, "Did I get it all?"

That forced Susan to closely examine Akami's breasts and face as she looked for stray gobs of cum. She certainly is a beautiful woman, Susan thought. Her nipples are hard, too, just like mine. Tiger must be getting her aroused too.

"Yes, you're fine," Susan finally said.

Susan thought she could feel just how erect her own nipples were, but she reached up and cupped one of her breasts as unobtrusively as she could, just to confirm it anyway. That can't be! There must be some kind of mistake. My own son is making my body do crazy things, forbidden things! I have to be strong. It's like I'm in Satan's den, with all these sinful temptations around me.

She was trying to maintain the fiction that this examination was having no sexual effect on her whatsoever, but it was becoming a completely untenable lie.


Akami was ready to continue. She told Susan, "Let's return our attention to Alan's penis. Unfortunately, once again we failed to use a cup to get his sperm sample, so he'll need to ejaculate again before he leaves. Sorry about that, Alan. My bad. Before we forget again, Susan, could you go back to the cabinet there? ... Yeah, that's the one. ... Open that and get the sample cup riiiight... there. That's good. Thanks a lot."

While Susan was walking and Alan's eyes were following her, Akami quickly reached between her own legs and used her towel to blot her dripping pussy as best she could.

Susan soon came back, holding the cup in her hand. She looked at it and frowned. What kind of sinfulness and naughtiness will I be subjected to next? I just have to remember this is all so my Tiger can get well.

Alan said, "Nurse, I really don't think I can do this again, even though I am, uh ... erect. It's just that I'm starting to feel really sore. I've been doing this so much lately." His dick was up but flagging, and only the fact that Akami was sitting topless in front of him kept it from subsiding altogether.

"That's the kind of chafing I was warning you both about," the nurse replied. "Unfortunately, we have no choice; we have to get that sperm sample before you leave. This will be a good experience for you, to be sore the first time right in the doctor's office. That way we can determine exactly how sensitive you are. Clearly you aren't going to be able to achieve orgasm on your own this time, so I'll have to assist again."

That sounded as reasonable as anything he'd heard lately, which admittedly was all pretty bizarre.

"Oh, and by the way," Akami added as an aside, "if you're going to have the prolonged stimulation which this treatment requires, you're going to have to learn to control yourself better. I suggest you go on-line and look up something called the pubicoccygeal muscle or 'PC muscle.' That's the muscle that can hold back an orgasm. There are some exercises you can do to control it better, so start doing those immediately, every day, as often as you can. Okay?"

"Yes. The PC muscle." Alan had no idea what she was talking about, and his brain was fogged with lust, so he thought of the PC on his desk at home so that the association would let him remember the term.

Speaking to Susan again, Akami said, "We can see that his big erection is beginning to subside. So we should act quickly before we lose it altogether." She reached out with one hand and began massaging his dick again.

When it became apparent that her stroking was maintaining his penis only at about three-quarter mast, Akami said, "It looks like this may not be enough, so if this happens during one of your manual examinations, Susan, I suggest using further measures. Stimulating the anus is a good one. Or you could try playing with his balls. Baring your chest would be another option. Saying some sexy sweet nothings is yet another. But why don't we wait a few minutes for him to revive? Alan, I bet you could use a break."

He nodded in agreement.

Susan also nodded, even though Akami wasn't speaking to her, because she badly needed a break as well. Her entire body was pulsing with arousal, and her panties were soaked. Because Alan had splattered his cum all over twice, the entire room was permeated with the smell of his seed. To Susan it was like an intoxicating drug. She longed to get away from it and get her senses back, but it would have been rude to just rush out of the room.

After a pause, Akami continued, "On a different note and while we're waiting, Susan, in our last meeting I mentioned periodic self-examinations for breast cancer. Do you check yourself periodically?"

"Um, sorry nurse, but I've never done that," Susan said very shyly.

"Never? My word, Susan! You could be in danger! Do you realize that your age of thirty-seven is nearly the most important time to detect the onset of breast cancer? One in three women in the U.S. will get it at some point in their lives. Do you even know how to conduct such an exam?"

"I don't know that either," Susan said, feeling even more embarrassed.

"By all means then, I'd better show you how while we wait for Alan to revive. Take off your blouse and bra and let's get started right away." Akami thought to herself, This'll either scare her off from ever coming back, so it'll just be Alan and me, or I can have more fun with her and get my hands on her huge knockers! Either way, it's a win for me! And breasts that big can't be called breasts; they're knockers!

Susan was in complete shock. "What?! Here? Now? In front of Alan?!"

"Sure. After all, I'm already topless. Besides, I'm sure it's not like he hasn't seen you naked at some point or another." In actual fact he had not, except a few days before in the shower, and his view of her boobs at that time had been brief and partly blocked by her hands and arms. "In any event, you've probably noticed that he's been keeping his eyes closed, except for these last few minutes. Alan, can you close your eyes again?"

"Yeah," he said as he gasped for breath. Just the idea of having his mother completely expose her huge jugs was making his dick hard again and causing him to tremble with excitement.

But Susan for once wasn't paying attention to his tool; she looked up in fear as Akami expectantly waved a stethoscope above her chest.

Akami spoke up again to forestall any more protests. "Alan, thanks. Susan, if you're feeling nervous, why don't you keep your eyes closed too? That seems to help reduce a person's sense of embarrassment sometimes, and you only need to listen and feel what I do to pick up the technique on how to do a breast check properly."

"Okay," Susan replied, realizing she'd been defeated again. She would never have agreed, except that she was unbelievably horny. She asked feebly, "Are you really sure this is necessary?" She squeezed her eyes tightly shut even before she began taking off her blouse. I guess Tiger saw me naked the other day, so what's the difference now?

Susan was so embarrassed to have Alan see her naked that she wouldn't open her eyes for anything. So she just opened her blouse the bare minimum that Akami would need, undid the front clasp of her bra, and pulled the cups off to the sides of her breasts where they hung under her arms.

"You have a very healthy set of breasts," Akami said, as she began poking at the soft, naked flesh with her stethoscope. That instrument and her panties were all the nurse had on. "But such large breasts are in even more danger of breast cancer. I'm really surprised that no one has taught you about how to examine them."

The cold stethoscope continued to poke all over Susan's tits while Akami gave a lengthy sermon on the importance of breast self-exams, the dangers of breast cancer, and just about every other relevant topic she could think of that would prolong Susan's experience. She still hoped this would either cause Susan to erupt into a lusty frenzy or give up altogether on attending the appointments.

Akami paid particular attention to exploring Susan's nipples with the cold, metal tool. She found herself getting unexpectedly aroused by the temptingly soft, large tits. She thought back to some lesbian experiences she'd had when she was in college, which led her to an even higher state of arousal.

Akami putting the cold stethoscope probe on the nipple of Susan's bared left breast

Alan meanwhile couldn't help but peek through slitted eyes. When he finally did, he discovered that Susan's eyes were shut extremely tightly and Akami's back was turned to him, so there was no reason not to peek again. And then again. Soon he was gaping openly. Susan had kept her chest so bound up and covered all these years that he had a hard time registering just how gargantuan her breasts really were.

He wasn't touching his erection at the moment, but it was so hard that he felt he could break rocks with it. Despite his best attempts not to think of his mother as a sex object, he'd secretly longed for years to have a good view of her bare chest and now that dream was coming true. The view he'd had ogling her in the shower didn't come close to this.

Susan actually was more relieved than anything to have her chest bared, once she got a little used to it. Seeing her son's shaft stroked repeatedly had filled her with the urge to rip her shirt open. Breaking free of the confines of her bra made her sigh contentedly, like slipping into a cool pool of water on a scorching hot day.

As Akami poked and probed with the stethoscope, Susan fantasized that it was Alan's fingers on her instead. Oh Tiger! Help Mommy. Mommy's so hot. She needs your hands, not this cold steel probe. Touch me, Son! Mommy's so naughty. She needs to be touched, and punished. Oh yes, she needs a big, fat, thick punishment! You should make her hold it and stroke it. That'll teach her!

As if Susan wasn't already horny enough from the tactile sensations on and around her extremely sensitive nipples, Akami said with seeming clinical detachment, "Now, when we're done here in a minute, I want to teach you some of the best ways to stimulate your son's penis. Remember, it's not JUST about him cumming six times each day; it's also about prolonging each orgasm. Who knows, you may find yourself stroking his big erection for half an hour or more at a time. There are all kinds of tricks you can learn to make him feel really good while you do that."

Susan felt like she was drowning in lust. Akami's words were the best news she'd ever heard. YES! YES! Stroke Tiger's big fat dick for hours and hours! MMMM! So good! So hot!

Akami spoke for several minutes about the importance of prolonging Alan's erections and the handjob methods that could help with that, all the while probing and prodding Susan's nipples with the stethoscope.

Susan was so hot, she felt like she would spontaneously combust. And her heat wasn't just metaphorical - she was sweating all over.

Just when Susan thought the breast exam was about done and she could get a chance to cool down, Akami said, "But of course the techniques I've been explaining shouldn't be done with a stethoscope. It's extremely important to use one's fingers to discover polyps. If you'll allow me to demonstrate..." Akami began groping Susan's tits all over, using both hands.

Susan was already extremely hot, wet and horny just from looking at Alan's erection being stroked for so long. The feel of hands on her chest was too much to take. Oh no! Now it really IS like Tiger's hands are all over me! MMMM! I love it! But I have to be strong and resist or I'm going to climax right here and now! What'll Akami think? Such a naughty mommy, cumming so hard, dreaming of her son's big sticky endowment sliding through her fingers...

She slumped in her chair and involuntarily began wiggling and shaking her body. She was short of breath, and her tits heaved up and down like a ship tossed about in a heavy typhoon.

Alan couldn't believe what he was seeing. He longed to stroke his raging boner, but he didn't for fear that Susan would open her eyes and see him doing so.

As the "breast exam" went on, Susan began to feel more erotically charged than she'd ever felt before in her life. Sex with her husband couldn't compare. It was all she could do to maintain some respectability and not moan loudly or scream as she thought about the fact that Alan was sitting just a few feet away and possibly, even probably, looking at her. However, she couldn't bear to open her eyes to find out for sure. She slumped lower and lower in her seat, like she was turning to goo and melting down to the floor.

fG: Akami pulling on Susan's left nipple while Susan is overwhelmed by the sensation

As Akami probed Susan's chest, she thought to herself, God, I can't believe this horny bitch is letting me do this! This is the most fun I've had in years! And she's so damn innocent that she actually thinks this is a valid medical procedure. Ha! Just look at these nipples! I have to figure out a way so I can suck them. That might just be a little too obvious right now, though. And the idea of her being so obviously aroused by her son's cock, that's getting me even hotter! I love it!

I've been kind of half hoping to scare her off so I could have Alan all to myself next time, and we can really get wild. But playing with them both is MORE fun, I think!

Several times, Akami leaned forward and rubbed her more modest boobs "accidentally" against Susan's titans. The tips of her nipples lightly brushed against the base of Susan's mounds. Susan was so far gone by that point that Akami doubted she even noticed.

Alan, though, most certainly did. He squirmed nervously in his chair, well aware that his erection was standing straight up, completely exposed and bobbing in the open air. He still fought with all his might not to jack off. It wasn't that he had superhuman willpower; it was more his fear of getting caught.

Finally Akami could see no reasonable excuse to prolong things further, and she wanted to get back to toying with Alan's penis, so she ended the exam. She concluded, "So that's all there is to it, Susan. Many women do that when they're in the shower. It's really no big deal, so please tell me you'll perform these exams regularly."

"No, d-d-don't worry, I'll do my best," Susan said nervously, still recovering and shaking with excitement. She felt like her tits were literally on fire. She'd been brought tantalizingly close to a great climax, and her whole body still buzzed and tingled, yearning to be pushed over the edge into ecstasy.

"How often do these checks need to be performed again?" she asked, since she was too horny and preoccupied to have been paying much attention to what Akami had said earlier. Mostly, she was wondering how often she'd have an excuse to play with her breasts from now on.

"Once a month is pretty common. But a well-endowed woman such as you might want to do it more often. It's really impossible to do it too much; the only problem is not doing it at all."

"Thank you nurse. I'll remember that."

Susan opened her eyes and looked back at Alan. She was relieved to see that his eyes were closed, but she didn't realize that he'd only closed them moments earlier, just as the "breast cancer check" appeared to be ending.

She also noticed that his penis was rock hard again, so she kept her eyes fastened on it. She was aware that she'd dripped a copious amount of wetness from her vagina. The front of her panties was soaked through and she was now actually sitting in a little wet spot. But she hoped that things would calm down and she'd be able to get out of the room without anyone noticing her leakage problem.


Akami finally turned back to Alan, spied his turgid erection, and said, "Well! Would you look at that? Looks like we've lucked out and can continue with Alan's treatment."

Of course, Akami had performed the 'breast exam' in front of Alan knowing full well that the sight of such an impressive pair of knockers being probed would make any male hard, even if, or especially if, the knockers in question were his own mother's.

Akami put a finger back into Alan's anus and resumed caressing his meaty rod at the same time. Addressing Susan, she said, "While I'm busy here, why don't you practice the breast exam techniques I just taught you so you'll be sure not to forget them."

"What? Here? Now?!" was all Susan could stutter out. She was nearly speechless watching Akami's hands stroking again. She didn't know if she wanted to scream out for her to have mercy and stop, or shove her aside and take over.

"Why not? Otherwise, you're just going to sit there staring at me rubbing Alan's big penis. Who knows how long I could end up doing that? I'm sure you must be tired of that sight already."

Susan was almost too flustered to answer. "Um? What? Yeah. Of course. Tired. Alan's big penis. Um, big member, I mean. Urm, member... I'll just go ahead then."

Akami, seeing that Susan seemed submissive to her suggestions, tried to push her luck a little more, to see just what she could get away with. She said, "You'd better take your blouse all the way off, just to be sure."

Susan nodded and removed her blouse and bra from where they still hung on her shoulders. She had no clue why she had to get completely topless "just to be sure," but Akami was right about Susan naturally following authority figures. Since the nurse suggested it, Susan assumed there had to be a good reason for it.

Alan thought, OH MAN! Friggin' kill me now! This is how I want to die, staring at Mom's fuckin' AWESOME rack! No way! And while Akami is jacking me off, no less! This is Heaven!

Susan began fondling her boobs with both hands. But at the same time she was too transfixed to take her eyes off her son's lengthy tool. A part of her really was trying to obey the instructions and perform a proper breast check. But because she hadn't been paying attention to Akami's "breast check" earlier, she had only a vague notion of what to do. However, she didn't want to admit how she'd been completely spaced out.

She only knew that there was something about checking for bumps, and that if the motions of Akami's hands had been anything to go by, it was extremely important to check the nipples extensively by pulling and twisting them in every direction. She also knew that putting her hands anywhere on her chest right now while closely looking at her son's thick erection made her tremble in a powerfully pleasurable way.

"Hard to believe this is a necessary medical procedure, isn't it?" Akami asked somewhat amusedly to Susan as she stroked and stroked and stroked, trying to get Alan to cum for the third time. "If anyone could see me now, they might assume I'm a hot and horny cum-starved slut in some kind of three-way orgy! Let's hope Dr. Fredrickson doesn't decide to pop his head in. You might find that a bit embarrassing, for him to see you like that."

Susan looked down at her fingers pulling on her nipples and wanted to crawl in a hole and die. But it felt too good to stop. She knew she'd never experienced an orgasm before that day, but she wasn't sure whether that was what was happening at the moment. She'd already felt several thrills race through her body, surges of pleasure that started near her clitoris and made her feel so euphoric that she was light-headed. But she felt something bigger coming on, something so big, intense, and powerful that she was almost afraid to experience it.

Akami continued in her usual calm, clinical voice, "Next time, if we take more care, we'll be able to conclude our appointment quickly without any loss of clothes, except of course for Alan's. I really must apologize. I feel so embarrassed, doing my job in just my panties. I guess that's a consequence of being new at this and dealing with his unusual condition." All the while, her fingers continued to saw in and out of his butt and swirl around his shaft.

"It's really quite all right," replied Susan in a shaky voice. "These things happen." Subconsciously she strongly suspected that all these sexual things happening weren't just coincidence, but she didn't let herself ponder the issue or wonder about Akami's motives. Not thinking about it meant that she didn't have to analyze her own confused feelings. Plus, she was too busy playing with her big melons to really think about anything else at that moment.

I think I'll need to perform these breast checks quite often, she thought as she continued to pull at her nipples. I'm at that age where cancer becomes a real concern. What did she say? It's best to be very careful, and it's impossible to do it too much. I wonder if once or twice a day is a good amount. Since it's not actually sexual but just a medical procedure, then it must be okay. Right? True, it does seem a little bit sexual, but she says I have to do this for my health...

"Now," continued Akami, trying to gain Susan's attention, "once again your son is getting close to ejaculation. But it would be better if we could prolong the stimulation a bit more before achieving that end, so this can count as one of his six times today."

She continued to saw with her hands. After a while, she said to no one in particular, "I must admit my hands are getting tired. Perhaps if I switch." She pulled her hand away from his throbbing dick. "Susan, could you lubricate this other finger please?"

"What? Huh? Oh. With what?" The smell of Alan's semen filling the room clouded Susan's brain as if she were deep in a fog bank, hopelessly lost. She could barely hear or process Akami's words; they sounded like they were coming from rooms away.

"That towel on the chair there."

Susan turned around, reached out and picked up the towel. She noticed that it was the one she and Akami had used to wipe off some of Alan's cum. There was cum all over it. Oh dear! She wants me to rub Tiger's cum all over her finger so she can stick it up his anus! That's so very improper! What is she thinking?! Is that some kind of medical procedure? Well, she is the nurse.

As the other two were occupied and facing the other direction, Susan again furtively took a taste of her son's seed from a big gob on the towel. She sucked that finger dry, even as she unconsciously moved it in and out of her mouth as if she were sucking the cum directly from his hard penis. With her other hand, she continued to fondle a bare breast.

Susan, topless, fondling her bare right breast while she sucks the cum on her left index finger

Oh no! What am I doing? I can't stop myself! But this is so good! She hungrily ate another gob. Goodness! So improper! But it tastes too yummy...

Akami secretly smiled to herself. She didn't need more lubrication, and if she did want some, Alan's hard-on was continuously oozing pre-cum. But she'd figured it would be one more thing to get Susan even more excited, and by the length of time it took Susan to return with the towel, she knew she'd been right.

In fact, the only reason Susan gave the towel back at all and didn't just lick the towel completely clean was because a vague voice somewhere in the far reaches of her brain reminded her that Akami was expecting her to do something.

Finally, Akami plunged her finger into a big puddle of cum on the towel as Susan held it, and it came out covered in the stuff. "Excellent. This will provide the lubrication I need." She took one finger out of his anus and immediately stuck the new finger in. She then rubbed his hard-on with the other hand.

Susan gasped yet again as she returned to her seat and began rubbing her naked chest more aggressively. She knew on some level that Alan was watching her and even openly gawking at her, but she didn't let herself think about that because she didn't want to feel obliged to make him stop.

Many more minutes passed. Akami expertly kept him right on the verge of a great climax without letting him go over.

After a while, she said, "As long as we're doing this, let's multi-task. Susan, come closer. Come a lot closer. While you keep up your breast check, I want you to lean in over my shoulder to look at what my fingers are doing."

Susan leaned in. "Like this?" XX01

Alan cried out loudly, like he'd just been stabbed.

Susan pulled back and looked around with worry. "What? What happened?"

Akami said, "I think that he got extremely excited staring at your breasts. You know, when you lean forward like that, they make an especially enticing sight for a horny young man like your son."

"Oh!" Susan put her hands over her erect nipples, causing tit-flesh to bulge out above and below her crossed arms.

"No, it's good," Akami said. "Don't cover up! Remember, the goal is to keep his big dick throbbing with pleasure as long as we can, to stimulate his hormone production."

Alan was so blissed out that he barely knew what was going on. He thought, correctly, that he had started to cum when he saw Susan's big tits swaying over his crotch, but he didn't realize that Akami had squeezed the root of his shaft in a certain way to abort the ejaculation and pull him back. Since she was a nurse with knowledge of human anatomy, she knew little tricks like that.

As Akami stroked, she said to Susan, "Okay, now come here closer."

Susan uncrossed her arms again and leaned forward once more.


Susan moved in until her face was only about a foot from Alan's cockhead, not to mention Akami's stroking fingers.

Alan looked at his mother's dangling globes and decided it was just too exciting a sight to handle. He closed his eyes and kept them closed, hoping that would help him stave off his imminent ejaculation just a little longer.

"Okay, see what I'm doing here?" Akami said to Susan. "I'm mostly rubbing this spot right here, on the underside of his penis just below the crown. Now, as a married woman, I'm sure that you're aware that this is by far the most sensitive part of a man's penis. So, naturally, most of my efforts are focused there. But what I bet you didn't know is that area has a name, and it's called the frenulum. Or, as I like to call it, 'the sweet spot.'"

Susan shook her head. In truth, she had a vague idea that the head of the penis was the most sensitive area, but she'd never had any sex education, and she and her husband Ron never spoke of such things. She'd literally been having sex with him only once or twice a year, and that was in the dark, in the missionary position, with almost no foreplay. She hardly even knew what Ron's penis looked like in detail, and about the only times she'd touched it was by necessity to help guide it into her vagina.

Akami continued, "See? I keep rubbing that spot, right there. His sweet spot. But I vary it up. It's more arousing if you continually surprise him. See how I rub it this way, and then I switch it up and do it like this? And just once he starts to get used to that, I slide my fingers down a couple of inches, and back up again. Here, come closer and have a better look."

Susan moved in until her nose was practically bumping against the side of his shaft. She was transfixed by the sexy sight. She noted, "It's all wet! Your fingers are wet too."

Akami looked at Susan as if she were surprised, "Surely, as a married woman, you know that's pre-cum, right? It's not the same as cum, but it helps me do things like this." She suddenly slid her fingers all the way down to the base of his shaft, and then stroked her way all the way back up to the head.

For some reason, that was just about the most arousing sight Susan had ever seen, maybe because it reminded her of just how long and thick her son's erection truly was. She felt that she was about to pass out - she sensed she was extremely close to cumming, but she fought it off with great effort for fear of the things she might scream out and the noise she would make. At the same time, she backed off and sat down on her chair, looking in on the action over Akami's shoulder.

Seeing that both Susan and Alan seemed to like that a lot, Akami kept repeating the move, varying it up sometimes with corkscrew motions.

Alan grunted in agony and ecstasy with every long stroke Akami gave his erection. He was very close to orgasm, and would have cum long ago except that Akami knew just how to manipulate him to prolong his pleasure. (Plus, there was that squeezing trick she'd used that gave him a second wind of sorts.)

Akami was having a grand time. She particularly loved the way that Susan was so breathless that she kept unwittingly panting, so that her moist, hot breath blew against the most sensitive parts of Alan's boner. She continued to offer pointers to Susan, such as, "Now, you'll note that I'm using two hands to stroke his dick right now. That's because stimulating his prostate with my finger in his anus is TOO arousing, so I had to stop. After all, our goal isn't just to make him cum; it's to maximize and prolong his stimulation. There's such a thing as being too effective. I'll probably save that move for later, for right when he's about to blow his load."

Susan again unconsciously stuck two fingers back in her mouth and thrust them in and out, imagining they were the stiff boner right in front of her. It seemed so real to her addled brain that she thought to herself, Oh no! Tiger's big erection is in my mouth! He's filling it up with his hot, hot meat and his naughty mommy is taking it all in! So this is what a blowjob is. It's so good! Drool dripped from her saliva-covered fingers and down her chin.

However, Susan soon had to pull her fingers away because she was struggling to get enough air to breathe, and she felt embarrassed by what Akami must think of her.

Akami coughed a number of times until she caught Susan's attention and Susan was able to get her panting under control (although her huge bare boobs kept heaving up and down).

Then Akami said, "I think we're just about ready now. Susan, would you position the sample cup for me? I'm counting on you to hold it over the end of his penis and catch as much of the ejaculate as you can."

Susan grabbed the sample cup from the stand beside them, very disappointed that this probably meant the end of her "breast exam," and especially the end of watching Akami's expert handjob.

Akami then turned her attention to the happy patient. "Alan, open your eyes and look at me."

Susan, topless, standing behind a topless Akami, both facing Alan

He did look at her, or at least he tried to. He couldn't help but notice Susan sitting beside and slightly behind Akami with a slack-jawed stare focused on his thick rod, as if she were possessed or struck dumb. Her enormous tits were heaving like she'd just run a marathon, and so were Akami's.

Between the two of them sitting there bare-chested, Alan thought to himself, Lord, if you're going to take me young, do it now, because I'm in heaven already!

Akami stared him straight in the eyes with a sultry look and said, "I want to take my tongue and lick your cock all over. I'm going to put your cock in my mouth and suck it dry!"

"Oh my God!" he cried out. His balls tightened up and his erection began to buck.

Susan rushed to position the cup. She was delirious with anticipation, overjoyed to see his cum gush forth. Her hands were shaking.

In the last seconds before Akami knew he would start to cum, she came up with an idea to further sexually corrupt Susan. She snatched the cup from her with both hands. "Here, I have to hold that. You hold his penis so his aim is true!"

"WHAT?! Excuse me?!" Susan thought her heart would thump right out of her chest.

Akami yelled, "Quick! There's no time!"

Without thinking, Susan grabbed her son's erection. It was the first time she'd touched his penis directly since he was a toddler. She didn't want to do it, even with her great arousal, but she feared his cum would fly off in every direction if she didn't (and she was trained to follow instructions given by people in an official capacity).

Susan gasped in amazement, stunned at its heat, its unusual thickness, and how it seemed to be throbbing with life.

But she didn't have more than a second or two to think about that, because he began shooting ropes of cum into the cup. Her hands were shaking, inadvertently increasing Alan's pleasure, but she made sure to hold his boner in position so that not a drop was spilled. She was so turned-on and excited that it was a near thing she didn't faint.

Susan's eyes were as wide as saucers as she watched rope after rope of hot cum blast into the cup. In actual fact, the amount of ejaculate was normal for a man, which meant it wouldn't even fill a shot glass. But to Susan's inexperienced and over-excited mind, it seemed like he was in danger of filling the entire cup that Akami was holding.

Akami climaxed at the same time as Alan, but the other two were so busy they didn't realize this. In fact, the whole building could have caved in at that moment and they wouldn't have realized it.

Not that many seconds later, Alan's ejaculation petered out. Akami had to move the cup still closer to the tip of his dick to catch the last couple of weak spurts. But that gave her another idea. She shouted urgently, "Susan, stroke it! He's running out! We've gotta catch all the cum we can!"

Susan couldn't believe it. "Stroke it?!"

"You heard me! Hurry!"


Susan was so aroused that she thought she would truly lose her mind. She deferred to authority again and started to tentatively stroke. Her son's shaft was wet from pre-cum, so her fingers slid back and forth with surprising ease.

Even though Alan had just climaxed, his dick remained stiff. Knowing that his mother was effectively giving him a handjob helped make sure he stayed that way for at least a little longer. He even shot out a couple more weak spurts, providing seeming justification for Akami's instruction to stroke it, after all.

However, Susan was so embarrassed and shy about what she was doing that her fingers didn't move that much. The mere fact that she was touching his dick at all was extremely arousing, much more so than the actual tactile sensations she was causing. In fact, her fingers soon came to a standstill after she saw no more cum was going to dribble out. She didn't want Akami or Alan to think she was eager to do this.

She asked the nurse, "Um... is it okay if I... if I... let go? I think it's, uh... done..."

Akami could see that Alan's erection was starting to subside. She didn't see much point in pushing Susan any further. She knew that what had already occurred was a very big step, so she said, "Yes, you can. Thanks for the help there. Sorry about putting you on the spot like that. I didn't think ahead."

"That's quite all right," Susan said politely as she finally let go. "These things happen, I guess." But while she tried to appear relatively normal, except for her blushing face, her mind was racing and her heart was too. "These things happen?!" No they don't! I just touched my son's member! I even, er, massaged it a little bit! That's terribly, terribly improper! How on Earth...?! I'm in shock!

With his penis completely flaccid again, Alan just closed his eyes and rested. He was actually afraid to look at his mother's continually heaving and jiggling chest for fear of getting erect yet again. Furthermore, he refused to think about the fact that she'd held his erection and even jacked him off a little bit. It was simply too much excitement to take.


The three of them were quiet for a minute or two while everyone calmed down. No one moved or made any attempt to put on clothes.

Despite the lack of activity, Susan's face remained cherry red and she kept her eyes averted. She actually said a mental prayer. Dear Lord, please forgive me! That must be some sort of sin, I'm sure. I didn't intend to touch him there, really, but the nurse kind of made me! It all happened so fast! Please, please, forgive me!

Alan was stunned beyond belief. Holy shit! Mom just held and even stroked my dick! I can't believe it! I know it happened because I sure as hell felt it, but I STILL can't believe it! Mom! My super prudish mom! Man, these appointments are AWESOME!

Akami finally broke the silence with a matter-of-fact-sounding voice. "You see," she said to Susan, "a little dirty talk at the right moment is an excellent way to push him over the edge, if other methods aren't enough. And now that you helped stimulate him with your hands, you don't have to be shy about doing that in the future. But if that isn't enough, you may want to help him with your tongue as well."

"I see," said Susan, but what she was really seeing in her mind was the more literal meaning of helping him with her tongue. Oh dear! Oh my goodness! Does she really expect me to do that again?! That can't be! I'm a respectable, God-fearing mother. I'm his mother, for crying out loud! Why does she seem to forget that?!

And what's this talk about using one's tongue?! That's insanity!

I can't imagine how good it would feel to lick it too! Wait, "good?" I meant, uh, weird. Weird and wrong! Sinful! But what if Nurse Akami asks me to lick his, uh, member, right now? Would I have to do it? Maybe I should! She is the nurse, and she knows best. She keeps helping him with her hand, but never with her mouth. Maybe he needs me to give him a blowjob right now!

She pinched her nipples and accidentally moaned out loud in excitement. She was the only one who hadn't truly climaxed yet, and her sexual anticipation seemed to only grow even as the others calmed down and her own breathing returned to normal. But now that she had retreated somewhat from her erotic peak, she felt nearly as guilty and conflicted as she was horny. Yet, strangely, remembering the sinfulness of what she was doing actually served as a kind of aphrodisiac, causing her arousal to come surging back.

"How does that feel, Alan?" asked the nurse. "Sore?"

"Yes, sore, very sore! Arrgh!" he groaned. Not only did his penis hurt, but his anus still felt strange as well. Despite that, he didn't have any complaints. It had been a great experience, even better than watching Internet porn with Suzanne. He knew he certainly would never forget the moment his mother wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started to stroke.

Akami began the slow process of ending the appointment. "Very good, Alan. And thanks for your assistance, Susan. Alan, when you're ready, please change back into your clothes."

The nurse turned to Susan and began lecturing her while both remained topless. "So, as you can see, I think the important point made here today is that, in Alan's case, it's important to treat the stimulation of the penis and the achievement of ejaculation as a routine procedure - one that should be done six times a day, and should be treated as just another thing to do, like brushing one's teeth. If one can eliminate the emotional baggage and preconceived notions, it will be that much easier to get things done. The important thing is to act maturely and professionally on a daily basis."

Susan just nodded dumbly in reply. She was only able to focus on a few words, because she was still in a state of shock from what had just happened. Ejaculation. Of his penis. Needs stimulation. My hands. My hands around his penis. Professional. I have to do it professionally. Daily! Do it daily!

Akami still sat there in her chair. She was afraid to get up, because that would expose the large puddle of cum that had dripped from her panties into the seat of her chair, and that would make a mockery of her speech on professionalism.

"Susan, could you do me one more favor?" she asked. "I'd be rather embarrassed in this condition to have the doctor come in now with my other uniform. Could you go outside and get it?"

"No problem," Susan said. Her pussy was also dripping wet, very wet. Luckily she was wearing a thick, dark skirt so her wet spots weren't so obvious. She figured, I can make a quick getaway to the bathroom and get myself cleaned up. I can't let Tiger see me like this. He might get the wrong idea! He might think I got excited looking at him, and even touching him, and that's not true! I'll just clean myself up a bit, and that's all. Masturbation is wrong!

Akami explained, "That's a dear. Just go outside, turn left, and open the first door on your right. In there you'll see a black bag sitting on a shelf. Just grab the whole bag and bring it back here. Oh, and you'll probably want to dress first."

Susan hastily put on her bra and blouse. Then she rushed the short distance to the bathroom.

Susan took a long time, much more than five minutes.

Alan and Akami meanwhile made small talk, trying their best to ignore the fact that Alan was dressed in a hospital gown that concealed nothing and that Akami was still sitting in nothing but a completely soaked pair of tiny panties. Alan wanted to use a towel to clean up before changing, but Akami seemed determined not to move, and he was afraid to ask her or to get up himself.

Alan finally was able to have a good long look at the nearly naked nurse, now that his mother wasn't around to preempt his attention.

Akami didn't seem to mind at all, and just smiled happily at him while they talked. She thrust her chest out proudly, but hid her groin by crossing her legs. She'd also had enough for one session and didn't want to get him too aroused again.

Feeling mischievous, Akami said, "There are a few things I want to mention before you go, one of which I want to talk to you about before your mother gets back." She paused to organize her thoughts, then said, "I can tell you eat a lot of fruit, specifically acidic types. Am I right?"

Puzzled and surprised, he asked, "How did you know?"

She licked her lips seductively and replied, "Certain foods will affect the taste of a man's ejaculate. When you had your accident earlier you got a little bit in my mouth." She was surprised she could say that with a straight face, since she had tasted far more than what he had inadvertently shot into her mouth.

He was shocked and mortified, yet somehow also aroused.

The nurse continued, "In this case, you taste sweet, almost sugary. I can tell that you've been avoiding that list of cruciferous foods that I gave you during your last visit. Those foods will also affect your taste, but in a bad way."

She continued to explain the pros and cons of different foods, including ones that would increase his libido. She thought, I should tell Susan about such foods as well, but I'm not sure if she's ready to hear about them, and their implications, just yet. Hmmm. But then again, do I even need to explain the why of it? Hmmm...

Awhile later, she said, "I wonder what's taking your mother so long."

He shrugged. He was puzzled too, because Susan was taking an unusually long time just to go to the bathroom.

— — —

Susan, meanwhile, locked the door to the bathroom and immediately fell to the tile floor. She nearly tore her blouse open even as she pulled her skirt up around her waist. Within seconds, the idea of "cleaning up" her leakage morphed into frantic masturbation. She furiously got herself off, plunging two fingers deep into her slit. She simply never masturbated, but there was no way she could stop from doing it this time.

Susan in the bathroom, skirt rucked up and hand in panties, masturbating frantically

She panted heavily. I've never felt so aroused in my entire life! This has nothing to do with Alan! This has nothing to do with Alan! I'm not even thinking about his huge penis! No I'm not! The way I touched it! So HOT! Oh, his big DICK!

I refuse to think about what it would be like to jack him off from start to finish! Dear Lord, that would be a thrill! But I'm NOT going to think about that! Or Akami's crazy talk about licking it! Or... or... what if he thrust it into my mouth?! OH GOD! I REALLY can't let myself think about THAT!

Or, God forbid, what if he speared me with it?! Pounding into me, into my special place! My son's huge, hot penis! No! No. I'm driving that thought out of my mind... It must be... it must be the breast check! That explains it! Akami's hands... That got me too worked up! Must... not... think... of... the... penis... The thick, throbbing, penis... Gaawwwd! I want it! I want HIM! My son! My handsome, hunky son!

She started orgasming over and over, and came what seemed like rivers and rivers of cum.

When it was all over, she lay there panting for several more minutes. So that's what an orgasm is like. Wow! That was very, er... I don't even want to think about it. I wonder why I never had one with Ron and his tiny penis. I don't know if that was my first one ever, 'cos I had some pretty intense tingles earlier, but that was my first BIG one ever, for sure!

Her joyous mood dissolved into one of defeat and weariness. I can't believe I just did that. It's so wrong! So very improper. What would my parents think of me now, if they could see me? They told me I'd burn in Hell if I did that even once, and now I have. But not masturbating can't be right either, can it? Doesn't almost everyone masturbate? I'll bet you they masturbated, too! Look at my Tiger. He has to masturbate six times a day. It's a medical necessity. So how can it be a sin? Still, it's different for women.

After thinking it over some more, she decided that masturbating once was an excusable mistake that she could never let happen again.

Suddenly realizing how much time had elapsed, she wiped off her legs, tried her best to tidy up, and went to look for Akami's bag. She wished dearly that she could have stayed in that bathroom a lot longer, not thinking about Alan's penis, not thinking how it felt in her hands, and most importantly, not thinking about how it would feel if he used it to deeply impale her pussy.

"So sorry!" she said breathlessly to Akami when she finally returned and closed the door behind her. "I had to go to the bathroom first, and then I got all disoriented coming from the other direction, and was afraid to open the wrong door."

She'd felt calm and restrained when she reentered the room, but then was assaulted by the pungent smells of Alan's cum and wet pussy that completely filled the room. Suddenly her erotic feelings came flooding back. Her knees got weak and she nearly collapsed on the floor. She desperately wanted to leave the room immediately, before she succumbed to her lustful need all over again.

The nurse said, "No problem." She could make a very good guess why it had taken Susan so long to use the bathroom, but she saw no need to embarrass her further by even hinting at that reason. Instead she said, "Would you hand us some towels?"

Akami thought, Now if that didn't freak Susan out, I don't know what would. Maybe I did push things too far, but I got more than a little carried away myself. I'll bet dollars to donuts that Alan will come alone next time, which means I'll get to play with him without any restrictions. Whether she comes back or not, I win, either way! Hee! And Suzanne strongly hinted she wanted me to help Susan open up sexually. Boy, did I do that, and in spades!

"We were just talking about some changes to Alan's diet. Do you cook his meals?"

Susan replied with more than a hint of pride, "I do - all of them except what he eats at school."

"Then you need to increase his iodized salt intake. Iodine is essential for thyroid hormone production, and his iodine levels are lower than normal. Iodine isn't found in most foods, and he tells me that you don't add any salt to the food you cook. A little bit of iodized table salt sprinkled on his food at dinner should satisfy his needs."

Another thought occurred to Akami, "It would probably be a good idea to just add it to the food as you cook it instead. You and your daughter could probably benefit as well if you don't normally cook with it."

"Okay. That's easy enough to do," Susan replied.

Seeing that Susan was accepting her suggestions without question, Akami proceeded to tell Susan about foods that would improve the taste of Alan's cum. She didn't give any reason, so Susan assumed that those foods also had something to do with increasing his thyroid hormone production.

Just as they seemed to be wrapping up, Akami asked Alan, "So, now that a little time has elapsed, how does your penis feel? If you remember, when I asked you if your penis was sore after your last orgasm, your answer was, and I quote, 'Yes, sore, very sore! Arrgh!' That's not good."

He winced. Now that he'd calmed down a lot, it was embarrassing to talk about such things. However, he truthfully admitted, "It does still feel... strange."

Akami furrowed her brow. "That has me concerned. I suppose the best thing to do is to keep an eye on the situation. Susan, I don't normally do this, but since this is a special case, I'll make an unusual exception: I'll call you this evening and you can give me an update on his condition. If he's still feeling sore, we may have to take additional measures, such as scheduling another appointment, possibly as soon as tomorrow."

Susan nodded grimly. She was easily led to worry about the health of her children.

Alan and Susan left the doctor's office a short time later, with Susan practically dragging him out the door. Both had the feeling that something really important had happened there, that some Rubicon had been crossed, but neither of them were quite sure what it was or wanted to think about it much. They were just plain exhausted and eager to get home.


Susan and Alan sat quietly in the car as they rode home together from the appointment with Akami. They were both in a daze. There was little comment aside from Susan occasionally saying things like, "Well that certainly was something, wasn't it?"

She hoped and prayed he wouldn't say a word about how she'd held and even stroked his erection, if only briefly. The mere thought of talking about it was mortifying.

Luckily for her, Alan was just as eager to avoid that embarrassing topic as she was. He tried to be noncommittal and vague in general. He was busy with thoughts of his own.

His second appointment with Akami had turned out to be everything he'd hoped it would be, and then some. He was on the verge of realizing that Akami wasn't just a very dedicated nurse who would do anything to help her patients, but was pushing hard to get sexual with him. He still hadn't quite gotten there, however, simply because it was almost beyond his conception that an older, experienced, and beautiful woman like Akami would ever be interested in a nerdy teenager like him.

But what really puzzled him as he rode home was the behavior of his mother.

Alan kept looking at her as she drove, before returning to his thoughts. He couldn't believe that she didn't seem to have a problem with the appointment they'd just come from. I don't get it. The mom I thought I knew would have been outraged and never returned again. She probably would have sued for extreme emotional distress. I mean, I simply can't believe what happened back there, and that my prudish mom was right in the middle of it! She stroked my dick, for Christ's sake!

Is she actually getting turned on by it all? She seemed to be getting kind of hot and bothered. Hell, I have no clue about understanding women, but even I noticed how her chest was heaving so excitedly. Her BARE chest! Dang! She's so friggin' STACKED! Jesus H. Christ!

It was like she couldn't tear her eyes off my dick. I'm getting too horny all over again just from thinking about it, thinking about her massive knockers bouncing up and down. But she's my mom! ... However, she's totally gorgeous. I never before realized fully just how fucking hot she is. Sure, I knew her curves, and guys I know who see her call her some kind of super MILF. But looking up close, there are no blemishes, no moles, no weird birthmarks, no unsightly wrinkles, nothing. Such smooth, flawless skin! How cruel is it to have such a smokin' hot mom?! What if she's willing to help me out with my treatment in any way possible, and I do mean in ANY way? Wow! Impossible!

He tried to put those thoughts out of his mind, since his penis couldn't take any more excitement after everything that had just happened. He'd climaxed three times in only an hour or so, and his penis did feel strange as a result.

Susan was thinking along the exact same lines: What has gotten into me? That was the most overwhelming sexual experience I've ever had! I haven't masturbated in like... well, ever, pretty much. My whole body felt so ... GOOD! But it's so wrong. Sinful! Probably the better it feels, the bigger the sin.

I know it's wrong to think about my son's member, but if these appointments mean that I learn to loosen up, isn't that a good thing in general? Suzanne says it is, and she's the smartest person I know. Couldn't this put some spice back into my marriage? I would never think about cheating on my husband, and I certainly would NEVER think about actually ... with my son... To actually...

For starters, to touch his member!

There, I said it. To freely, wantonly, do such an immoral and nasty thing. Just thinking about what I did makes me so tingly that I can hardly drive the car. But Akami says I need to check it for abnormalities. Isn't that kind of a moral loophole, if I'm doing it for medical reasons? In fact, wouldn't I be a BAD mother if I didn't?

True, it's a sin for a mother to touch a son that way, but it's also a sin for him to masturbate. So one sin is as bad as the other, right? That means it's no worse if I help him out. Right? I did it once today and it didn't kill me. Wouldn't it be selfish of me if I don't do everything she asks, for his benefit? ... It's for his benefit, not mine. ... I have to be a good mother. ... But I feel so guilty.

On the outside, she looked calm and collected. But that was only a show, because her thoughts were a bubbling cauldron of confusion. She could barely keep her mind on driving, causing the car to veer all over the road until they finally got home.

Both mother and son immediately rushed to their rooms. Susan did so because she decided she wanted to explore her discovery of masturbation more extensively, and in a "hands on" manner. She rationalized that if she masturbated immediately, it would still only count as one time. Alan did so because he was completely spent in more ways than one and just wanted to sleep.

— — —

When Alan finally woke from his daily nap, he mentally reviewed his appointment with Akami as he lay on his bed. But that wasn't a good idea because he got yet another erection, and his penis still wasn't feeling much better: it hurt when it got hard. He turned on the light and went to the computer. He figured doing some homework for a change would do him good.

At that very moment, he heard a knock on the door.

Suzanne in a sexy sleeveless dress with a lot of cleavage

Suzanne stepped into his room, holding her arms up on his doorframe. "How are you doing, Sweetie? You ready for some more Internet fun?" She was wearing a shimmering dress he'd never seen before. It was emerald green, which perfectly matched her eyes.

Oh no! he thought. How can I turn down that offer? But I have no choice. Dang!

"Aunt Suzy, I'd love to, but I have a really bad case of... I don't know what to call it. Things are just kind of sore and overworked down there."

"Oh, are they? That must have been some doctor's appointment!" She was very pleased that the doctor's appointments were pushing Alan along sexually, but she tried to hide the satisfaction from her voice.

Alan moaned in frustration. "Ugggghh! Don't even bring that up. It hurts just to think about it! Could we try later tonight, once I've had a chance to recover? I might be feeling better by then."

He yanked his eyes back up to her face - they kept drifting down to her crotch because her dress was so short. He was convinced that if she just raised her arms a little more, he'd see her pussy.

Suzanne reluctantly left after chatting with him a bit more. She tried to pry what had happened at the appointment out of him, but he only spoke in vague generalities about the medical aspects.

She figured the soreness of his penis was a natural result of so much activity during the appointment, so she wasn't concerned. She expected that he'd be back to normal within an hour or two, if it took even that long. However, that seeming problem gave her an opportunity to push Susan's comfort zone a little further. She decided to call Akami soon and confer about it.


Suzanne went back downstairs, where she was practically accosted by a very upset Susan.

"Suzanne, I need to speak to you. Right away! It's about this appointment with Akami we just came back from. Some very disturbing things happened. Very, very disturbing." She was so distraught that she hardly even noticed Suzanne's super-revealing dress.

They went out back to the pool area so they could talk without being disturbed or overheard.

Suzanne insisted they both change into bikinis first. She figured that might help Susan feel a bit more sexy, which in turn could help her be more sexually forthcoming. Plus, she wanted to get out of the dress before Susan gave it much thought.

Susan was reluctant to wear any kind of bikini. In fact, she didn't even have one of her own to wear. But Suzanne had recently loaned her several, along with lots of other clothes, and Suzanne managed to talk her into wearing one of them.

Once they were settled in, Susan said, "Suzanne, my dearest friend, I have a horrible confession to make. I have sinned in thought AND deed. I'm headed straight to the gates of Hell, that's for sure!"

Susan went on to describe what had happened at the appointment with Akami. She didn't want to reveal everything, since she found some things too embarrassing to even tell her best friend. But Suzanne kept asking probing questions, forcing the strictly honest Susan to reveal more and more. In the end, there was very little she'd left out. She even briefly mentioned how she'd touched her son's penis, emphasizing that Akami had "forced" her to do it.

Suzanne discovered that, in Susan's mind, her main "sin of thought" was her lustful yearning to touch and stroke her son's erection. Her main "sin of deed" was masturbating in the bathroom near the end of the appointment.

Unfortunately for Suzanne's scheming, Susan was feeling so guilty and upset that the mood wasn't one of arousal, despite the bikinis and the topic. Suzanne decided not to push things, instead letting Susan vent her frustrations for a while.

Once Suzanne had gotten most of the story, she thought, Hmmm. This is a bit dicey. Religion is very important to Susan. I need to convince her that having Sweetie masturbate is bad, but that her masturbating is not a sin. Good thing that I've been thinking about this in advance and just waiting for the right moment to give her the religious justifications she needs.

She asked, "Can you hold on a minute? I need to get something that will help us out here." Then she got up and went inside.

She came back a few minutes later with a heavy tome. She put it on the table next to her lounge chair and said, "Susan, I've been thinking about these matters for a while now. The spiritual implications of Sweetie's unorthodox treatment have been troubling me too. As you know, I'm a Christian too, even though I don't go to church nearly as often as you do. The answers to your worries are in the Bible, naturally. Are you familiar with the story of Onan?"

Susan replied, "Certainly. It's in the Book of Genesis, I believe. I've been thinking about that a lot lately, given Tiger's situation. My parents told me that story repeatedly when I was a kid as a way to teach me about the evils of masturbation. Onan was the one who spilled his seed upon the ground. God was so mad at him that he struck him down and killed him on the spot as a warning that the Children of God should never commit that heinous sin."

"Indeed," Suzanne replied (even though she knew that explanation of the story was just one of several). "But think about that famous saying, 'He spilled his seed upon the ground.' Who has seed? Men do. Spend. Semen. Sperm. Women don't have that. Therefore, women cannot spill their seed upon the ground, so what you did today in the doctor's office bathroom was no sin at all."

"But women have their own sexual fluids," Susan pointed out.

"True, but male seed is half of a potential human life. The female half, the egg, is buried deep within us and there's no way to spill it anywhere. Female fluids are just for lubrication; they have no spiritual meaning or potential - no more than saliva does, if I can be blunt about it. If you want to masturbate, there's absolutely nothing wrong or sinful about it. It's only the MALE who can sin that way."

Susan facing Suzanne by the pool, with both in bikinis

Susan thought about it, and then gasped: "But that means that Tiger... I know he has a medical justification, but still... He's sinning six times a day! I mean, I knew that already, but you just made it sound that much more sinful! He's wasting half of a potential human life!"

Suzanne coolly replied, "True. He does have medical justification, but it would be better if he didn't have to do that at all, right?"

Susan nodded with worry.

Suzanne continued her lecture, "Well, luckily, there's a way out. Think about it. God was mad at Onan because he spilled his seed UPON THE GROUND. Sex is a gift of pleasure between man and woman, and in the story there was a beautiful woman right there with Onan - Tamar was her name - but he spilled his cum onto the floor instead of on her. THAT'S what made God so mad. Onan should have spilled his seed all over Tamar."

"Wait. So you're telling me that it's perfectly okay for a man to spill his seed onto a woman? And not just in her?"

"Absolutely. If the cum lands on a woman or in a woman, that's perfectly fine. Either way. Sexual fun between man and woman is one of God's greatest gifts to his children. Any part of the woman will do. Her vagina, naturally, but her mouth will do just fine. Or her chest, her hands, her stomach - anywhere, really, as long as it at least lands on her skin."

Susan's pussy started to tingle as she imagined holding Alan's erection and letting him shoot all over her fair skin. "Suzanne! So what you're saying is that I should let Tiger cum all over me?! Whenever he wants?"

"Yes. See? The sinful thoughts you thought you had about that are not sinful at all. You naturally long to stroke his big erection and have him cum in your hand or even on your chest or your face, because deep down you find it abhorrent to see all that precious seed wasted on the ground. I feel the same way. I've been holding off on touching him that way so far for fear of upsetting you, but I think it's time we step up and be responsible. We have to put an end to all the morally-questionable masturbating that he's been doing. We need to save him from sin by giving him handjobs."

Suzanne couldn't believe she'd delivered that last line with a straight face. She didn't believe a single word of what she was saying, and in fact wasn't really religious at all. She only went to church every now and then so that Susan would think she was a believer and thus not constantly proselytize, trying to convert her. Even so, from long years of experience, Suzanne knew exactly how to push all of Susan's buttons, so she knew this was precisely the kind of thing that Susan would fall for.

"I don't know. That just seems so ... extreme. My parents never taught me about THAT."

"Well, your parents are simple people. Honest, hard-working, good, God-fearing folk, but simple farmers just the same. They've never studied theology. In the past week or so I've been studying this issue, and all the religious scholars agree. A man's seed belongs on or in a woman, not on the ground. Here, let me point out just one quotation I've found."

She opened up the big book she'd brought. "These are the words of Clement of Alexandria, one of the most important Christian scholars who lived in the third century. He wrote, and I quote, 'Because of its divine institution for the propagation of man, the seed is not to be vainly ejaculated, nor is it to be damaged, nor is it to be wasted.' So you see, right now, Alan's cum is being vainly ejaculated into tissue paper or towels an average of six times a day. We can save him from sin with our hands, our mouths, and the rest of our bodies." Suzanne said this with dead seriousness, though her great earnestness was nothing more than a good acting job.

Susan just sat there with an astonished look on her face. Finally, trying to change the subject and stall for time, she asked, "Do we really have to talk about these things in a bikini? I feel so ... naked. Exposed! It's downright improper."

"Yes we do," Suzanne answered testily. She loved the fact that Susan trusted her so much that she didn't even need to give a justification for that.

After some long moments, Susan seemed no closer to making any kind of decision.

Finally, Suzanne asked, "Well, what do you think?"

Susan replied, "You make a good case. In a way, it's a big relief. If I DON'T give Tiger a handjob, that's actually worse than if I do." The wheels were still turning in her head as she mulled over the implications. She couldn't forget how good it felt to hold her son's thick, hot, throbbing erection in her hand.

"That's right." Suzanne was pleased to watch Susan's nipples harden in her bathing suit.

But while Susan was greatly aroused by these ideas, they also inflamed her sense of guilt and sin. "Well, Suzanne, that may be the case, in theory, but in reality I just can't bear the thought of doing that. It goes against the grain of everything I've been taught my entire life. Also, what about the incest? He's my son!"

Suzanne knew that the incest issue would be a tougher nut to crack, but she tried to chip away at Susan's beliefs on that too. "Incest is strictly about intercourse, Susan. Everyone knows that. Is it a crime to kiss your son? No. To hug him? No. Handjobs and the like fall in that same category." She had a hard time saying that with a straight face, but she knew how gullible Susan was, and was fairly sure that her 'explanations' on this topic would have at least some effect.

Susan frowned, picked up the tome and read the quote. "I dunno. I'd think a hug is totally different than, well, ... You know. Can you do some more research on that?"


Susan thought some more, and then said, "Suzanne, I really appreciate everything you've done for this family during our trying time. Maybe, maybe... Maybe you should help Tiger out, you know, in that way. With your hands, I mean. It's okay with me. I give you my permission. But I could never do that myself. No matter what Clement of Alexandria says, and I'm sure he was a wise man, it just doesn't sit right with me. Not only that, but if my parents ever found out, or God forbid, one of my sisters, they would never understand. They'd never forgive me. I'm afraid the burden will have to fall on you."

Suzanne looked at Susan gravely. "I understand. But if jacking off Sweetie is going to be my daily burden, I think it's only fair that you make some sacrifice too."

"Like what?"

"I'm going to need more help in the visual stimulation department. For him to climax six times a day, day after day, month after month, he's going to need a non-stop barrage of truly impressive stimulation. It's a lucky break that he has such a sexy, buxom mother, and we have to take advantage of that. You keep only meeting me halfway when it comes to what you wear. I want you to agree to wear anything I say, at any time, for his sake."

Susan blanched. "I dunno. Wow! Is that really necessary? Why can't he just get excited looking at you?"

"Don't you trust me? Don't you respect my sacrifice? I'm willing to let him cum in my hand, or even on my face or chest if need be, to save him from the heinous sin of Onan. What are you willing to do to help him? Aren't we in this as a team, with you, Angel, and me all doing what we can to help someone we love in his time of need? Heck, even Amy is helping out with some visual stimulation, without understanding the why of it. She still tries to do her part, because, even though it's mostly unstated, she loves him like a brother."

Susan let out a big sigh. "Very well. I'll do what I can."

"That's the spirit! Together, we're going to overcome all obstacles and resolve his awful energy condition once and for all. You're my best friend and I love you."

They hugged.

As Suzanne squeezed her, she thought, Hot damn! I think she bought it! Hee-hee, I think that was the biggest line of bullshit I've spun in my entire life. I especially like the part about my "sacrifice" in "suffering" through all those juicy handjobs that I actually can't wait to give. But she bought it! She still has so much prudishness to overcome, but I've planted the seeds and given her the religious justification she so desperately needs. It's amazing. I'll bet it's possible to find quotes in the Bible to justify just about anything, especially with all that weird Old Testament stuff.

The only thing is, I feel bad about tricking my best friend. She's soooo gullible. Normally I'm the one who protects her innocent mind from the sharks and rip-offs, but now I'm betraying her faith in me. She would have rejected these ideas that conflict with her religious upbringing out of hand unless they came from me. She trusts me more than anyone else by far, I'm sure.

The thing is, sometimes the ends DO justify the means. I can't just come out and say, "Susan, I'm in love with your son; I want to spend the rest of my life with him." She'd freak out, especially since I'm still married. This is the only way. There has to be a gradual change in her sexual mores before she can accept what I plan to do with my cute little Sweetie. Or not so little, hee-hee.

I've been so good and honest to Susan for so many years, I know I've earned this one harmless little trick. It's gonna make her life much, much better too. Hopefully, in the end, she can throw off this Christian fundamentalist bullshit that's been holding her down and learn to live and love! Maybe she'll even divorce Ron when she discovers what she's been missing. I never have liked him. I suppose he's a nice guy, but he's a terrible husband for her.


Suzanne once again helped the Plummer family prepare dinner. She'd immediately held Susan to her promise to wear whatever Suzanne chose, and then picked out the most outrageous outfit for her yet. She stayed throughout their dinner of pulse stew, in large part so she could make sure that Susan didn't chicken out in wearing the selected outfit for the full meal.

Alan's dick shot straight to attention when he walked into the dining room for dinner. Suzanne wore an outfit that just barely contained her generous breasts, which he found very arousing even though he wasn't too surprised to see it. Katherine wore a similar very revealing outfit, and that was a surprise since he'd never seen her wear such blatantly sexy clothes in front of their mother before. But it was what his mother wore that completely blew his mind.

Susan in a dress that reveals the central half of her torso to below her navel, exposing a major part of each braless breast

Susan was wearing a shiny red leather outfit which looked like it had been designed for a high-class prostitute. It was skin tight and hugged her body as if she wasn't wearing anything at all. Contrary to most revealing tops that leave the neck open and then have a plunging gap down a woman's cleavage, this outfit had fabric all around the neck and a plunging gap UP from the tummy nearly to the neck.

As a result, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra, and that the outfit itself didn't give her boobs any support. He could see her nipples as clear as day, and her boobs shook like Jell-O at the slightest movement. His mouth grew dry and he felt dizzy.

Stranger still was how Susan acted. She looked extremely ashamed and subdued, as if the scantily clad body seemingly designed for fucking belonged to a different person and had somehow been mistakenly attached to her wholesome face.

She thought, This is so obscene, so terribly improper! I can see how Tiger is looking at me, and that's not how a son should be looking at his mother. But I can hardly blame him; he's a healthy young man with an active libido. Why did Suzanne make me wear this shameful thing?! That's what I don't understand!

Throughout the meal, she complained to Suzanne for making her wear the outfit.

Yet somehow her bashfulness turned Alan on even more, not only because it appeared that she was willing to do anything to help him, but also that she was being forced to do it like a slave.

At one point, Susan leaned over to Suzanne and whispered in her ear. She'd assumed Alan couldn't hear what she was saying, but he could, mostly because reading her lips while she whispered helped quite a lot.

She whispered, "Suzanne, I can't do this. It's like I'm naked. They won't stop bouncing and jiggling with every move I make. And my nipples! Everyone will be able to see how much this arouses me. It's so improper."

Suzanne whispered back, "'They?'"

Susan hissed with irritation, "You know. My breasts!"

"You have to be strong. Think of all that cum Sweetie is going to shoot tonight, thanks to your sacrifice. Hang in there."

Susan whispered in return, "That's part of the problem. I keep thinking of him cumming. I'm telling you, it's not right."

Suzanne just squeezed her hand. "Be strong."

Susan finally leaned back, inadvertently causing a new series of tit-quakes.

Alan was so aroused that he wanted to cry.

As Suzanne had hoped, Alan's great arousal overwhelmed his defenses, so he ended up explaining some of what had happened with Akami.

Both Katherine and Suzanne listened with intense interest.

Alan's version of events was highly edited and censored. He did explain how he'd climaxed three times during the appointment, but he left the impression that it had been more of a clinical treatment than the mind-blowingly lusty experience it really was. He didn't want to embarrass his mother, so he mentioned next to nothing of what she had done, and said she'd kept her eyes closed the entire time.

But even Katherine, who knew little of what had happened so far between the others, could read between the lines more often than not. She strongly suspected that Susan had done more than just sit there bored with her eyes closed the whole time. Her suspicion was strengthened by watching Susan's nervous reaction to Alan's retelling of the event.

Susan mostly just squirmed and blushed in great embarrassment. She squished about as well, because her pussy got quite wet. It wasn't what Alan said that made her so horny; it was her own memory filling in the gaps of his account that did it. Mostly, she couldn't get out of her mind the image of Akami's hands rhythmically sliding all over Alan's big erection.

She had been on edge, frightened out of her mind that he would mention how she'd been "forced" to hold and even stroke his erection at one point. When he got to that point of the story and failed to say a word about it, her relief couldn't have been more obvious. She breathed a huge sigh of relief and slumped down in her chair, emotionally exhausted.

Since Katherine was the least knowledgeable about the appointment, she kept pressing for many of the very sexual details Alan was trying not to mention. She said things like, "So wait a minute, Big Brother. You're telling me, the whole time you were there, this pretty nurse was massaging your hard-on? And she did this in the nude?!"

"Not exactly the whole time, and she wasn't exactly nude," he replied sheepishly, red as a ripe tomato. "She always kept her panties on."

He answered some questions, but he still tried valiantly to steer the discussion away from anything that might reveal what his mother had done or said, in an attempt to protect her honor.

Despite his mostly successful efforts, Susan was aghast with shame, and the more aroused she grew, the more ashamed she got as well. She thought, What's wrong with me? I can only imagine what I look like in this outfit, with my erect nipples plainly visible for all to see. This top gives no support whatsoever! I might as well be topless. It's like someone just painted a part of my breasts red and called that a top.

Down below is almost worse! I'm all wet, and I don't have any panties to help. I hope no one can smell, well, my sinful aroma. This is just awful! It's some kind of sexual torture!

But what's definitely worse are my naughty thoughts. I don't care what Suzanne says; thinking about my Tiger's big hard member being so lovingly stroked by the good nurse HAS to be some kind of sin. Worse, I can't forget how it felt in MY hand! So hot and alive, filled with his youthful virility! I'll bet it's erect and very hard right now, under the table there. Tiger must be terribly excited right now, thinking about how he splattered his seed all over Akami's face and chest. At least he didn't spill it on the ground! Phew! Thank goodness for small blessings.

She tried to stare through the table at Alan's crotch. I'll bet his member could use some help right now. It must be throbbing in great pain, aching for release. I could be the one to stroke it at this very moment! It's for his own good! And if he cums all over me, I'd be saving him from moral depravity. He could cover my skin with his spend. Suzanne said he could cum on my chest. Or even on my face!

Oh my!

She breathed heavily, trying to calm herself. There must be something wrong with me. Suzanne seems so calm and collected. Angel is her usual giggly self. True, they're both dressed very provocatively, but I'm the only one dressed like a complete whore and thinking terribly naughty thoughts about my own son and his massive erection! I have to get my act together. But I have to do it on my own. I can't let even Suzanne know that I can't stop dreaming when I held Tiger's pulsing, throbbing hardness in my hand, or I'll die of shame!

She was right about one thing: Alan was extremely excited and in great need of release. Despite the sexy outfits Katherine and Suzanne were wearing, he knew it was mostly due to Susan's top. He loved how it was cleverly designed to cause her boobs to jiggle even more than if she'd been completely naked, because of the way it managed to lift them up yet leave them without significant support.

Every move she made, even if it was just to lift a fork from her plate, caused her boobs to bounce around wildly. She was frustrated by all the movement she was making and felt like there was a big spotlight shining right on her chest, with everyone staring at her. But she didn't know what else to do.

Alan skipped dessert. Instead, he rushed upstairs, hopped on his bed, and masturbated. Needless to say, his horny thoughts were focused on his mother. At first, he thought about her stunning red outfit, but that soon switched to memories of her topless during the appointment, and the brief time she'd stroked his erection while he climaxed. When he shot his load into a towel, it was to thoughts of Susan's bare breasts bouncing wildly as she enthusiastically stroked him, not just for less than a minute, but for the entire duration of one long, glorious handjob.

He was emotionally and physically exhausted from receiving so much sexual stimulation in recent days. His penis felt like it had been rubbed raw. He was greatly relieved later that evening to simply go watch a movie with his friends Sean and Peter. It helped too that he took a cold shower before leaving.

But it wasn't so easy to simply shut off all that had happened. He spent most of the evening among his friends, yet not really with them. Instead he thought about things like what his friends would think of his mother if they walked into his house to pick him up to go somewhere and saw her dressed the way she had been at dinner. Even more consuming was the thought that Suzanne was waiting for him to come back and take care of some "unfinished business."

— — —

Once Alan left for the movie, Susan desperately needed her own release as well. While she washed the dishes with Katherine, she debated whether she should masturbate later or not. It wasn't that she distrusted Suzanne, but she wondered if maybe Suzanne only knew one school of thought when it came to the sinfulness of female masturbation. She didn't want to live a life of sin based on a misunderstanding.

But on the other hand, she was so aroused that she felt like falling on her knees and screaming, "Why me, Lord? Why me?" She was reminded of the trials of Job.

After much restless agitation, she came to a compromise solution: I'll just go back to my room and practice my breast exam. Akami did say that one cannot do that enough. Since I didn't have any for years, I probably need a lot of them now, to make up for it. Besides, if I don't practice, I'm going to forget precisely how Akami did it.

So that's what she did. She ended up having an orgasm just by "examining" her breasts. She decided that didn't count as masturbation since she hadn't even touched her pussy.

She tried at first to think of her favorite male movie stars, but failed miserably. Within seconds, her thoughts were filled with nothing but erotic fantasies involving her son. Despite her protestations, she'd loved wearing her scandalous red outfit at dinner, so at first her thoughts involved that.

fM: Susan pulling on her big boobs by the nipples, self-administering her idea of a 'breast exam' in order to get off

In her daydream, in the middle of dinner Alan ordered her to sit next to him. Then, without saying anything, he reached over and began fondling her through her top. But soon he had her top completely off and was casually pulling at her nipples while holding a normal conversation with the others. In her mind, it really was her son's fingers pulling on her nipples during her fantasy, rather than her own doing so.

Then, in her fantasy, Suzanne sat on the other side of Alan, took out his erection, and began stroking it. All the while, Alan kept pulling on Susan's nipples.

Mostly, she fantasized about Suzanne jacking Alan off. She could easily imagine it, since she'd seen Akami doing it. She was too ashamed to masturbate to thoughts of doing it all by herself instead.

She never got beyond that in the daydream because it was all so exciting that she came within minutes.

She felt a lot better when it was over; it felt like a fog had lifted from her brain. She decided, This kind of ... activity ... is good because it purges all those nasty, depraved, evil, SINFUL thoughts from my head. It's like Suzanne keeps telling me: it's the lancing of a boil. I feel halfway normal now. What I need to do in the future is to have some more breast exams but think about other things - anything! - than my son's extremely tempting member.

Now that she was calmer and somewhat sated, she recalled her earlier thoughts, such as the idea that she needed to have lots of breast exams to make up for not doing them for years, and wondered how she could have fallen for such illogical thinking.


Suzanne was lurking around the Plummer house after Susan went to her room, like a spy on a secret mission. She wanted to know just how excited Susan was getting. So, once she thought the coast was clear, she snuck up to Susan's bedroom and put her ear to the door. She heard sounds of moaning and bed springs squeaking.

She slipped down the hallway to the guest room, which was on the other side of Alan's room. She pulled out her cell phone and made a call. "Akami? Hi there. This is the perfect time. She's just masturbated, and I'll bet she's naked." After some words from Akami, Suzanne ended the call by saying, "Thanks. I'll be waiting."

Suzanne and Akami had conferred on the phone earlier, and they were on the same page. Akami had already used the soreness of Alan's penis to come up with the idea of pushing Susan into get in another sexual situation with her son. Akami didn't have an exact plan, but she'd told Susan at the end of the appointment that she'd call her later to check about his level of soreness.

When Suzanne had found out, she couldn't have been more delighted. The two of them worked together on just what Akami would say when she called Susan that evening, so Suzanne already knew exactly how the phone call would go.

Susan was startled to hear the phone ring. She was still lying in bed, recovering from her latest orgasm. There was a receiver on the bedstand so she scooted over and picked it up. "Hello? Plummer residence?"

"Susan? Hi there. It's Akami Fubuki."

"Oh, hi Akami. How are you doing?" Susan sat up in bed, careful to cover her breasts, as if she could seen through the phone line.

"I'm fine, but I'm worried about your handsome son. As you may recall, I told you I'd call you later and see how things are faring with the soreness he's been feeling in his penis."

"Oh, yes. That." Susan's heart leapt to her throat, because she could sense big trouble coming.

"Have you checked his condition, or asked him about it?"

"I'm afraid I haven't."

"Well, you really should."

"Oh dear!" Her heart was racing. "What should I do?!"

"I think a thorough abnormality check is in order, just to be on the safe side."

"WHAT?! You can't possibly mean that! Who would do it?!"

"You, of course."

"ME?! But I'm his mother!" Susan clutched at her chest defensively with her free hand, inadvertently causing the sheet to slip down in the process. XX03

"True, but that's a good thing in this instance. Who would do a better, more conscientious job than you? Nobody!"

"But... but I can't! I really can't! That would mean I'd have to touch his... his member! Akami, you can't ask me to do that! It's terribly improper! It's just not done!"

Akami said patiently, "Of course it's done. You already did it earlier today, didn't you? How else can you check the condition of his penis if you don't touch it?"

Susan was completely dismayed and alarmed. What worried her was that she was also greatly aroused. She stammered, "C-c-can't... can't I just, just... can't I just look at it?"

"Well, I don't know. I'm not sure if that'll do the job. What if you miss some bumps that aren't readily visible?"


The two of them went back and forth for a while. Susan remained adamant that she couldn't touch her son's penis under any circumstance. She was determined to draw a line in the sand over that. In desperation, she ended the call and called Suzanne, hoping against hope that Suzanne could perform the required check.

But Suzanne had foreseen that. She had slipped out of the house unnoticed and then deliberately failed to answer her cell phone, so Susan would have no alternative.

Frustrated, Susan called Akami back and they resumed their negotiations of sorts. Akami had been hoping to get Susan to stroke Alan to climax under the guise of an abnormality check, but she could see that would be pushing her too far too soon. So in the end, she conceded that Susan could simply visually check Alan's penis for soreness.

She gave some detailed instructions on how to do that. Actually, it was very simple and boiled down to checking for redness, pain, and swelling. But she wrapped her explanation up in technical terms to make it sound like Susan would now have some special soreness-detecting ability, thus forcing her to be the one to do the checking.

However, Akami insisted that Susan then remain on hand to watch him masturbate himself "to completion." Akami stated that she was fairly confident that Alan's penis would feel fine when flaccid or even erect, but it was his actions during and just after an orgasm that needed to be monitored closely for evidence of soreness.

After a few minutes of cajoling, Susan reluctantly agreed. Her heart still beat fast and hard, because she was just as aroused as she was frightened.

Akami added a kicker. "By the way, there's one more problem."

"Oh no. What's that?"

"It's only natural that your son is going to have a very, very difficult time getting aroused. It can't be denied that you're a truly extraordinarily beautiful woman, Susan, but this is almost certainly going to be awkward and embarrassing for you both, and that's a mood killer. So you'll need to create a welcoming, sexy vibe. I suggest you simply go topless. That'll help ensure he'll get erect and stay that way for the duration."

"Nurse! What are you suggesting?! I can't do that!"

"Why not? He saw you like that today."

After some more back and forth, Susan compromised. She refused to go topless, but she agreed to wear something "extremely sexy." When prodded if she had any clothes she'd worn lately that got a big reaction from him, she grudgingly confessed to the red outfit she'd worn at dinner and how that had gone over. She immediately regretted mentioning that, because Akami insisted that she wear it.

Akami concluded the call by saying, "I recommend you act fast, before you get cold feet and start to worry too much. Do it now, as soon as you get off the phone!"

Susan fretted, "I probably would, but there's just one thing: Alan is off watching a movie with some friends."

"Shoot." Akami had been unaware of that, since Suzanne hadn't mentioned it. "Do it as soon as he comes home then. I'd like for you to call me once he cums, so I can get an immediate report on whether he's still sore or not. If he is, we might have to schedule another appointment for as soon as tomorrow, depending on how bad the soreness is. But I don't want to stay up late; I've got to be at work early tomorrow. Therefore, I'd like for you to call me as soon as possible. Will you do that?"

Susan was still very fretful. "I suppose so. But, nurse, is this REALLY necessary? It all just seems so... well... unusual. I can't believe what you're making me do!"

"Susan, let me assure you that I don't like this any more than you do. But need I remind you how he answered when I asked him just after his last orgasm whether his penis was sore? I remember his exact words: 'Yes, sore, very sore! Arrgh!' Don't you remember that, and his tortured moans and groans?"

"I do," Susan replied, more worried than ever.

"Now, imagine that, only getting worse and worse with each new orgasm he has! If that's the case, we'll have to suspend this treatment right away, and then I don't know what we might do instead. So a lot is riding on this. You need to be there for him, as the loving mother you so clearly are, and see with your own eyes if he's really sore or not. It would be even better if you could touch it, and examine with your fingers if-"

Susan interrupted, "Nurse, please! I told you already that I can't do that! I just can't! I'm a good Christian woman! I believe that's clearly a sin."

"Suit yourself. I understand your issues. But if you do get a chance to touch him-"

"That's not going to happen! I'm sorry!"

"Okay, if you insist. But remember that you almost certainly will need to perform abnormality checks on him in the future. So how would this be different?"

"It's just... I'm not ready, okay? I'm not ready!"

The phone call ended a short time later, after the usual good-bye pleasantries.

Susan sat there in her bed, beside herself with lust and fear. She wished Alan was home so she could get it over with. She tried calling Suzanne again, but Suzanne still wasn't answering.

Frustrated, Susan put on her typical frumpy, conservative clothes and went next door to find her best friend. She was still holding out hope that Suzanne could perform the required check instead.

But Suzanne knew Susan almost better than she knew herself, and she'd anticipated that move. She'd already left her house to take a long walk, to make absolutely sure that she couldn't be found.

Dejected and stressed out, Susan went back home to wait. She changed into the sexy red outfit she'd worn for dinner. But then she regretted doing so, because it aroused her so very much. Every move she made seemed to make her nipples and pussy tingle. She knew that Alan was likely to come home very soon, so she just forced herself to grin and bear it. Besides, she feared that if she took the outfit off, she'd just wind up masturbating again.


Susan was relieved that Alan got home about ten minutes after she'd changed into her sexy red outfit, because she seemed to be getting more aroused and more anxious with each passing minute.

She waited until he was back in his room, then she knocked on his door. "Tiger? Can I come in?"

"Sure thing." He took a seat at the edge of his bed, assuming she wanted to talk to him about something for a while.

She came in and closed the door. Her face was blushing red with embarrassment, and she just whispered shyly, "Hi." XX04

He'd been feeling relaxed and content. It had been hard for him to get into the mood of watching a movie, but he'd eventually managed to do so. While he wasn't about to forget the thrilling appointment earlier in the day, it wasn't occupying most of his thoughts, like it had prior to the movie. But that changed as soon as he saw his mother in her red outfit. His eyes bugged out and his jaw dropped open. He couldn't have exaggerated his expression any more if he tried.

Susan was shy to directly explain why she was dressed like that, and merely asked, "How was the movie?"

He played along, even as he continued to shamelessly gape. "Good, good."

"What did you see?"

That forced him to actually think, so he had to shake himself out of his horny stupor. Needless to say, his penis got fully erect in a flash. "Um... uh... 'The Tuxedo.' It's uh... it's kind of an action comedy starring Jackie Chan."

"I see. That's nice." There was a long awkward pause while Susan just stood there by the door. It took all her willpower not to cover her pussy mound and nipples with her hands. She truly felt more exposed than if she'd been completely naked.

Thinking about the movie got him to thinking about the movie's co-star, Jennifer Love Hewitt. You know, Jennifer looked pretty hot in the movie. But the funny thing is, even though she's known for her big boobs, she's got nothing on Mom. I hear she's a 36C. That's nothing! Mom is a 38G! Friggin' G! That's like, triple the size, I'm sure! C, D, E, F, G... That's waaaay larger! Mom is a BABE! And I swear her face is movie-star sexy too!

Susan finally decided to address the elephant in the room. "I'll bet you're wondering why I'm wearing this."

"Uh... yeah! I totally love that you wore that at dinner. You look so incredibly sexy that I can't even believe it! But you didn't look that keen on wearing it. I kinda gathered Suzanne put you up to it."

"She did." Susan started to walk across the room, heading towards the chair in front of his desk. But once she started walking, her big breasts began bouncing wildly. She'd been extremely aroused before she'd even entered his room, and she almost had to stop for fear that she wouldn't make it to the chair before cumming loudly and noisily. Still, she gritted her teeth and steeled her willpower and managed to sit down in it.

Alan had been just starting to recover from seeing her in that outfit when watching her walk blew his mind all over again. He stared with mouth agape like a character in a comic book.

Prior to earlier that day, she would have been nothing but embarrassed to have her son ogle her like that. But something had changed after the appointment with Akami. She was still very embarrassed, but she was also highly aroused and even proud that her body was causing such a reaction.

She forced herself to press on. "To be honest, I'm kind of wondering why I'm wearing it too." She chuckled nervously. "Especially because this time, Suzanne didn't twist my arm to wear it."

"She didn't?!"

"No. Nurse Akami did."


"That's right. She called me while you were at the movie. Remember how she said she was going to call later and check up on the soreness of your, uh... your... member?" Susan had already been looking away, but saying that caused her to close her eyes for good measure.

"Oh yeah."

"Well... she wants me to check you now. She was quite insistent about it, actually. She told me I had to wear something sexy so you'd get, uh, well... you know."


She opened her eyes and nodded. Her face reddened even more.

He was so very aroused that he was a bit reckless and just spoke his mind. "You don't have to worry about that! I'm so erect right now that it almost hurts!" He shifted his seating position, enabling her to see the large bulge in the pants that he'd worn to the movie.

"Oh my goodness!" Now it was Susan's turn to gawk shamelessly. She recalled the orgasms she'd experienced at the doctor's office, and she wondered if it was possible for her to climax spontaneously right then and there. XX05

She tried to control her lusty thoughts and pressed on. "That's, uh... that's good. But, uh... Gosh, there's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to up and say it." She shut her eyes tightly again. "Akami says you need to show me your member, your erect member! And not only that, but... well, she wants you to masturbate too! All the way to completion. So, so I can see if you're sore or not afterward!"

She felt relieved, having said all that. She belatedly remembered to ask, "That reminds me: are you feeling sore? You know... down there?"

He continued to ogle his voluptuous, gorgeous mother. The fact that she had her eyes shut meant he could enjoy the sight of her massive rack without getting embarrassed. That sight was made even more impressive by the fact that she was so worked up that she was breathing heavily. Her scandalous blazing-red outfit magnified and amplified every move of her big tits, so much so that she was forced to hold them from below to stop them from swinging around wildly. But that didn't stop their heaving; instead it made it look as if she was offering them to him on a platter.

He was panting and his heart was thumping hard and fast just like hers was. But he retained enough sense to realize that he needed to be careful in answering her questions about the soreness of his penis to avoid ruining the fun. In fact, his penis hadn't given him any trouble in the last few hours, other than that it had seemed to stay erect most of the time due to his memories of the appointment. He said, "Well, I don't really know. It feels okay, I guess. But what about when I cum? That's the big question."

Susan nodded. "That's what Nurse Akami said also. That's why she wants me to, uh, watch the whole thing. So... can we just... get this over with quickly? Please?"

"Okay, if you insist. I'll just... uh... take my pants off now. Is that okay?"

She silently nodded again.

Hot damn! He stood up, but found that his legs were feeling shaky and weak. He hastily pulled his pants and underwear off before his legs gave way altogether. He breathed a huge sigh of relief as he plopped back down on the edge of the bed.

Knowing that his mother's eyes were still closed, he closed his eyes as well. He needed a moment to at least try to calm himself somewhat. Oh my Lord! This is too much! It's like we're right back there at the appointment with Nurse Akami, except it's just Mom and me at home, and that's even MORE exciting! Anything could happen! She's going to watch me jack off while wearing THAT outfit! Fuck me!

Shit! This isn't helping! I'm seriously worried I'm going to cum before I can even start! I can't stand it!

He tried to clear his mind and take some slow, deep breaths. That didn't help much though, because there was simply no way for him to clear his mind of his horny thoughts about his super-stacked mother.

Also, he didn't have much time. Before he could do much slow breathing, Susan asked shyly, "Son? Are you ready?"

"Um, sure." He held his boner and pointed it up at her. Then he braced for impact when she opened her eyes.

She didn't realize how she looked, but she was staring at his erection with undisguised lusty desire. Furthermore, she was still holding her massive breasts from below, even as they kept surging up and down in time to her heavy breathing.

Her mouth hung open in the same way his had when she first came into the room. Oh my goodness! It's so BIG! So stiff! I'll bet it's HOT too! Gaawwwd, I can almost still feel the heat of it in my hand when I was stroking him earlier today and he was shooting into that cup! So hot!

As if she wasn't horny enough already, she remembered something else Akami had told her. "Um, Tiger? It just occurred to me... Nurse Akami said I needed to get up close, and I do mean really, really close, in order to check for soreness. She gave me a little lecture on what signs to look for. Is that okay with you?"

"Uh... sure." He hesitated to give permission, only because he worried that he was getting too aroused already. He had no idea how he'd manage to masturbate for very long if his mother was watching from close range. But he was willing to give it a try.

Alan's desk chair had rollers and it could roll even on the thick carpet. So Susan scooted herself and the chair up close, so close that he had to open his legs wide to make room. Then she leaned in for good measure.

Susan was still surprisingly clueless about how titillating moving her body in certain ways could be, and this was one such case. She didn't think to realize that if she bent way forward in her seat, her big tits would dangle down and appear even larger than they already were.

That was the final straw for Alan. He was simply holding his boner while thinking about stroking it. However, he was afraid to get started doing that because he didn't know how he could masturbate without cumming immediately. It turned out that even touching his penis was too much, with his mother leaning in close like that.

He was taken by surprise. By the time he shouted, "AAAH! Watch out!" his cum was already shooting out of his cock.

Funnily enough, both Alan and Susan had been so preoccupied by other highly distracting sights and thoughts that they hadn't given any consideration to where Alan's cum would go when it was time for him to blow his load. Susan hadn't thought about it during her phone call with Akami or in all the time she'd had to ruminate afterwards.

As a result, nature simply took its course. Since Susan was right in front of him and she was leaning in, there was no other option but for the cum to fly towards her, directly at her very large breasts.

Alan cried out again, "MOM! Watch out!" He was extremely distressed that he was cumming on his mother, but he couldn't think of what else to do. There was no way to stop the torrent urgently blasting out of his pulsing cock.

fM: Susan

Susan quickly leaned back in her seat, but that didn't help much. His cum was still shooting in the same direction, only instead of flying just inches to get there, instead it was flying two or three feet. The only effect that had was to cause his cum to splatter over her in a wider area. Nearly all the cum still hit her tits, usually centered on her deep cleavage because that had been the focus of his attention, but a few stray strands reached her tummy or up towards her shoulders and neck.

She held her hands up helplessly and uselessly, and squealed just as helplessly, like a damsel in distress. "AAAAIIIIIEEE! Tiger! What are you doing?!"

By the time she'd said that, his orgasm was already petering out. He'd shot out a lot of cum, but like all male orgasms, it was over in a matter of seconds.

His orgasm came to an end, but his arousal most certainly did not. In fact, seeing his cum all over his mother's immense rack kept a mental orgasm of sorts still going for him. He was so aroused that he was downright dizzy. He hardly knew up from down.


However, he was well trained to be polite, and he at least remembered his manners. "Oh, Mom! I'm so sorry! So, so sorry!"

Susan made a sour face as she looked down at her body. She didn't know what to think. A part of her was disgusted, which was the reason for the sour face. But another part of her was highly aroused and energized. Having anyone cum on her, much less her own son, was so taboo and wild that it was almost beyond her understanding.

After much heavy panting and unfettered tit heaving, she remembered to reply. "That's quite alright. These things happen."

"So you're not mad?"

She was still looking down at herself in sheer disbelief. She kept her hands up in the air like she'd been splattered by mayonnaise or mustard and she didn't want to touch the mess. "Um... no. You're a virile, healthy young man. It's what we wanted. But... oh no!" She suddenly remembered the whole ostensible point of the exercise. "What about your soreness?! Is your penis okay?"

He looked down at his crotch. His hand still held his dick, which had remained erect. In fact, it was throbbing most urgently. Without thinking, he started stroking it. "Um... it uh... it seems okay."

"That's a relief!" She breathed a very sincere sigh of relief. The heavy sigh caused her already wildly bouncing tits to soar just a couple of inches below her chin. She grasped them firmly with both hands and tried to still them, but she was so extremely aroused, and her tits were so naturally sensitive, that she very nearly climaxed from the contact. She was dizzy with lust, just like him.

He looked at his mother's bouncy titty show and then back down at his crotch. It seemed like it was happening to someone else, but he was openly jacking himself off with his cum-splattered mother sitting right in front of him. He knew his dick was supposed to go flaccid after an orgasm, especially a powerful one like the one he'd just had, but the opposite seemed to be happening: his erection was stiffer than ever, and his hand seemed to have a mind of its own. His fingers slid up and down, with new squirts of pre-cum helping to lubricate the surface.

She leaned in closer. She was so fascinated by the sight of him jacking off that she put the issue of the cum on her tits on the back burner, at least for the moment. She forgot that her sexy pose with her huge melons dangling down like that had helped cause his cum explosion in the first place. She asked, "Be honest with me, Son: does it hurt?"

Trying to belatedly get permission for what he was already doing, he asked, "Mom, uh... it's hard to tell. I mean... that happened so unexpectedly! I don't think that was a fair test. I didn't even get a chance to get going. Don't you think I should masturbate properly? Then we can check for soreness."

"You're right," she quickly and eagerly agreed. She scooted her chair up even closer, so her face was nearly directly over his crotch.

She thought, as she unthinkingly clutched and even fondled her cummy tits from below, My goodness! Just look at him go! His hand, pumping up and down - that was my hand earlier today! I did that to him! I'm such a naughty, slutty mother! Even if it was for a good cause, even if I was forced to do it, the truth is I loved it! Just like I love watching him now! It's SO HOT! Nurse Akami says I'm going to have to help with the abnormality checks. Which means I'll soon be stroking him for real, just like he's doing right now! Oh God! So hot! So very, very hot!

He watched some of his cum gobs sliding down her curvy slopes, and genuinely came close to fainting. He didn't think anything could be more arousing than what had happened at the earlier appointment in the doctor's office, but this was. He had to close his eyes before he had some kind of emotional freakout. XX07

However, after just a few moments, he tempted fate and opened his eyes again, because he couldn't resist the sexy sight. He thought, Hot damn! Mom is so sexy! She's a total BABE! So STACKED! Good God! I can't believe it! I'm actually jacking off while she's kind of feeling herself up right in front of me! I could reach out and fondle those shiny red tits myself! Damn! This is crazy! So horny! I'm too horny!

Susan's lust was getting out of hand. She was huffing and puffing like she'd just run a race, and that pretty much forced her to continue to hold her bouncy boobs. But with all of her attention on the way her son was stroking himself, she didn't consciously realize that she had begun to wantonly slide her fingers through the cum on her round tits. She even tried to pinch her nipples through her sexy red top.

Then, somehow, she did realize what she was doing. She forced herself to stop playing with her nipples, but she couldn't stop sliding her fingers through the pearly mess. Oh dear! This is my son's cum! There's so MUCH of it! She inhaled deeply. Mmmm! It smells good! Yummy! I know from earlier that it tastes good too! Gaawwwd! I should just... just... lick some up and eat it! Ewww! Gross! And yet... I want to! But I can't! I can't! He's watching me!

She turned her attention to his boner as she continued to slide her fingers through his cum. Oh God! God! Dear Lord, look at him go! Such a BIG penis! So BIG! Much bigger than his father's! I'll bet my son has the thickest penis of any boy in town. The longest too. I'm so proud of him. What a sexually virile young man he is. Look at him stroke and stroke! Soon, that'll be me! It'll be MY turn! I'm going to have to stroke my son's big penis until he cums all over me again! And again and again! SO HOT!

Alan was loving life. The only problem was that Susan was right, things were very hot. Too hot, in fact. He'd only been masturbating for a couple of minutes since his orgasm when out of the blue he realized he'd passed the point of no return once again. He shouted out, "MOM! Gonna cum! Again!"

fM: Susan

Susan was so far gone that she didn't try to get out of the way. She didn't even pull back. In fact, she pushed her tits together from their outer sides and exclaimed, "CUM! Cum, Son! Cum on me!"

He came. It was much the same experience as the previous time, except his arousal and erotic euphoria was even more intense. He actually saw stars while his eyes were still open, something he didn't know was possible. He kept his eyes open no matter what because he didn't want to miss even a second of the sight of his cum blasting all over his mother's huge tits.

Had he been a little more aware, he might have aimed his cock this way and that to paint her thoroughly. He might even have dared to aim at her face. But his brain was in total orgasmic overload, and it was all he could do to fire right at her cleavage. He loved aiming there since her lewd top left her cleavage exposed from below. He loved the sight of his cum landing directly on her bare skin.

Susan had been near the cusp of climax pretty much since she'd walked into his room. She could have gone over the edge at any time if she'd so much as touched her clit, but she hadn't. However, things got to be so much when he started cumming on her enormous tits for the second time that she climaxed anyway. She wasn't even touching her highly sensitive nipples, although the way she was squeezing her tits together from the sides certainly helped.

She was determined not to let him know that she had lost control, so she gritted her teeth and forced herself to just keep on panting heavily, even though the urge to scream at the top of her lungs was nearly impossible to resist.

His climax came to a quick end. He slumped back unthinkingly. He'd been assuming that he was sitting forward in a chair, just like his gorgeous mother was, except that he wasn't. So he fell all the way back to the bed. He lay there, gasping for air with his eyes closed, with his feet still on the floor.

Susan's orgasm lasted significantly longer, but eventually that ended as well. However, she remained fully aware and energized. She looked down at her chest in amazement. SO MUCH CUM! My Lord! So much! Tiger just... unloaded on me! He's such a STUD!

Seeing that he was effectively lying down on his bed and almost certainly out of it for a while, she reached behind her back and undid her red top. She let it slide all the way to the floor. That left her completely topless but still very cummy. Much of his cum had landed on her red top, but even more of it had hit her bare skin. With his second climax in particular, nearly all of it had landed right on her exposed cleavage.

She was like a kid in a candy store. Her attitude about his cum had changed dramatically since his last orgasm just minutes earlier. A part of her still thought cum was disgusting, but that part wasn't being listened to while she was so insanely horny. She gleefully ran her fingers through his cum and then scooped a big cum gob up and took it in her mouth. MMMM! So yummy! My oh my! That IS downright delicious!

She somehow forced herself to stop doing that, out of a lingering sense that it was too "improper," but after checking to make sure he still wasn't watching, she pressed her tits together again and slid them back and forth against each other. It was an entirely new experience for her, because so much of his cum was now lubricating their movement. Oh my goodness! Just look at me! This is so naughty! Too naughty. I really shouldn't be doing this, but I can't stop! I'm so darn horny! It's like my body is in control of my mind, not the other way around! I just hope Tiger doesn't open his eyes, or my goose will be cooked!

She continued to revel in the joy of running her fingers through the cum streaks, smearing them into her skin. When she wasn't doing that, she loved to rub her cummy massive melons together. And when she wasn't doing that, she sometimes dared to eat a little more of his cum. But she tried hard not to do that last thing that often, for fear that it was truly too depraved. XX09

Eventually, she realized that she was in danger of Alan reviving and opening his eyes at any moment. She decided she had to be proactive in removing that danger before she made a complete fool of herself. She said, "Tiger, please don't open your eyes, okay?"

He was feeling totally exhausted, yet in a completely sexually-satiated way. It was bliss. He stirred enough to answer, "Okay. But why?"

"Just trust me on this, okay? I get embarrassed." She pulled her chair back and dropped to her knees. She realized that if she was kneeling, she'd be out of his sight where he couldn't sneak a peek. "I just, uh, I want to check on the state of your... uh... member. How are you feeling? Sore?"

Despite his exhaustion, he wanted to shout, "Awesome! I feel friggin' awesome!" But he didn't. However, he was so out of it that he didn't use his cleverness to exploit her concern about his soreness. Instead, he answered honestly, "I feel fine. Just fine. No soreness at all."

"Really? NO soreness?" She was very disappointed to hear that. Somehow, she correctly sensed that his soreness wasn't that major an issue, but if he continued to complain of soreness, Akami might "force" her to check on the state of his penis more often.

He was still so far gone, floating on a cloud of lusty bliss, that he didn't pick up on the disappointment in her voice.

She thought, Oh, poo! Drat! Why did he have to say that? I wouldn't mind checking him tomorrow too! But wait. Listen to me. His health is the most important thing. In fact, it's the only thing. What happened here is just... Well, let's not even think about it! This didn't even happen. I've got to pretend this didn't happen. And I have to get out of here before he opens his eyes!

She forced herself to say, "That's good to hear, Son. So you're not feeling any pain? No problem, even after ejaculating twice?"

"Nope. I'm good." He still wasn't thinking.

"I'm very glad to hear that." She picked up her red top and stood up. She was quiet and careful not to touch him so he wouldn't wonder what was going on and open his eyes. Then she silently snuck to the door and opened it. She peered up and down the hall to make sure the coast was clear.

She stood in the hallway, outside the door to his room with it mostly closed. That way, if he did look around, he wouldn't see that she was topless, with his cum smeared all over her in a very deliberate manner. She spoke loudly through the crack. "I've got to go now. Akami asked me to call her right away, to give her the news. Is there anything else you want me to tell her?"

"Um, no. I think I'll just lie here for a while before getting ready for bed."

"Sounds good. Good night, Son. I love you."

That perked him up. He opened his eyes and sat up, hoping to make eye contact. "I love you too, mom! You're the best!"

But Susan carefully closed the door before he could look her way. She quickly hurried down the hall to her room before he could see her, or worse, before Katherine happened upon her. She clutched her red top to her massive globes as she went.

Alan flopped back down on his bed to rest some more.

Susan did call Akami and shared what she now felt was both good and bad news. She was glad that her son didn't have a serious soreness problem, but she kind of wished he at least had a little problem that would necessitate more checking. However, she gave Akami an honest, though highly abbreviated, account.

It was very abbreviated indeed, because she didn't want to go into what an extremely arousing experience it had been for her, and how she'd ended up having a powerful orgasm.

She was quick to get off the phone because she hadn't come off her erotic high just yet, and she had a lot of cum on her tits to play with. She ended up masturbating through another orgasm as she alternately smeared her son's cum into her skin and gobbled more of it into her mouth.

It was only after she came down from that last orgasm and cleaned up in the bathroom that the guilt and regret hit her. She felt terrible. She simply couldn't believe what she'd done when she'd let her lust take control. Lust had never been a problem for her, ever. These were entirely new feelings. Compared to how she'd felt with Ron, it was as if she'd never experienced lust at all.

She at least consoled herself that what she'd done was medically necessary, as strange as that seemed. She promised herself that she'd never let herself do something like that again. She consoled herself that at least she'd saved him from the "sin of Onan" by having him cum on her body instead of "spilling his seed upon the ground."

Alan remained in a state of joyous disbelief for some time. His orgasms left him too exhausted to move, but thoughts of what had just happened left him too excited to go to sleep, so he just savored the wildly arousing memories for a while.

He remained totally unaware that she'd taken her top all the way off and eaten and played with his cum. But had he known, he hardly could have been any more shocked and awed than he already was.


Suzanne's husband Eric was working late, so she was alone as she stood before her bedroom closet and started to undress for bed. She had just gotten off the phone with Akami. Akami in turn had gotten off the phone with Susan a couple of minutes earlier, and she'd passed on Susan's account of how she had watched Alan masturbate himself to two orgasms.

Suzanne thought, Success! Today's been a grand-slam success. I knew it! I'm shocked, but not completely so. Susan has been so repressed that she's a volcano of passion, and now she's starting to erupt. She can't control herself even slightly. She's so fucking horny for her cutie Tiger! It's obvious.

I wish I knew more. I have so many questions. So Sweetie came twice. But what did he say? What did she say? Where did all his cum go?! That's a big one, right there. I'll have to wheedle more answers out of Susan tomorrow. It's all too exciting!

This certainly changes things. My main goal with her was to weaken her moral stance enough so that she'd accept my relationship with my Sweetie. The thing is, I think she's sliding down a slippery slope and there's no way to stop her just halfway down. She's resisting, but deep down she wants some of his cock. I could see the way her eyes were practically boring a hole through the table at dinner; it was as if she were praying for X-ray vision. What she did tonight with him and his two orgasms is just further proof.

So I've kind of unleashed a powerful and unpredictable force. that could be bad. That definitely opens up a whole can of worms. But on the other hand, maybe, just maybe, I can realize my ultimate, impossible sexual fantasy: seduce not just Sweetie, but Susan and Angel too! It seems too good to be true that I'm getting this far with him, but I never would have expected the other two would react the way they have as well. It's like they're total, repressed nymphomaniacs, exploding into lust at the first opportunity.

Well, actually, I'm not completely surprised. For years now, I strongly suspected that Susan could be a very passionate, sexual woman. I've long suspected she's sexually submissive too. It's just that her sexuality has been completely repressed by all that religious crap she grew up with. I never could figure out how to unleash her inner tigress. It turns out her boundless love for her son is the key to unlock her door.

She finished undressing while continuing to ruminate.

Susan's reaction has been wild enough. But there's Angel's reaction too. Like the way she was pumping him at dinner with questions about how Akami had stroked his penis. "Pumping" is the perfect word. She looked like she could barely restrain herself from reaching over and jacking him off right at the dinner table!

Once Suzanne stood naked, she began fingering her pussy in front of her mirror. I had her pegged all wrong. I thought she was another prude just like her mother, at least on the surface. How many years did I try to get Susan to have an affair to spice up her life, and it was the one thing I could never make her do. I couldn't even get her to dress more sexily. But no, BOTH mother and daughter are total hotties! In fact, I'd almost suspect Angel had a thing for him even before I put my scheme in motion. Maybe she does! It's so hot - sister and brother together! I can't stand it!

By this time, Suzanne was really assaulting her cunt. Her whole body bucked with every thrust. Her other hand worked furiously on her clit. But unlike Susan, whose brain fogged over with lusty passion so easily, Suzanne was much better at keeping her wits about her, even though her own lust and passion could be just as strong. She continued to simultaneously fantasize and scheme even as she grew more and more aroused.

Sweetie could be the key to all three of them. I need to develop and cultivate their lustful feelings for each other. Then, one day, we'll all be in bed together, all four of us! If we're all on him, it'll be natural for the touching between everyone to develop until we women are all madly fucking each other as well. It'll be glorious! I could move in with them, and... Oh God! Oh, too much! Too much! It's my dream of sexual utopia!

I can move in with them and maybe, maybe even... Oh, yes! Maybe even marry my Sweetie! Oh Lord God! Yes! Only I can marry him. I'm the only one not related! Fuck! They'll have to agree. Fuck yeah! Oh! Good God! The fucking hunky Alan, my fucking husband! And Susan and Angel my partners in bed! Oh Lord! One giant orgy, every day! God yes! Oh! Aaaaiiiieeee!

fM: Suzanne nude in front of her bedroom mirror, with both hands in her bush, getting off

Suzanne arched her back and let out a loud wail as she had the best orgasm she could remember in years. As it went on, visions of all three Plummers flashed in her head, one after another. Mostly it was Alan, and then Susan. Suzanne had held a slight crush on Susan for years, but she'd never pursued it because she considered Susan just a tad less prudish than a nun with a vow of lifelong chastity.

She'd never had strong sexual feelings for Katherine until very recently, since she had no interest in underage girls. But there was no denying that Katherine was reaching legal age, and she already had the body of an adult. In fact, Katherine was turning out to be an extremely stunning young woman with a voluptuous, busty body. That left Suzanne amenable to the idea of seducing her as well. Suddenly she was very amenable.

She lay back on her bed in the nude. If I had a REAL man as a husband, he would be here for me now. He'd fuck me right here, right now! I never would have started wandering. But let's face it, I need a lot of fucking. AND love! It's been so many years since Eric and I made love. It's like both Susan and I aren't married at all. I don't know which is worse: Susan's husband being overseas all the time, or my husband being here but not here at the same time.

Well, Sweetie's a real man, and a good man too. He's no mere boy. He'd never neglect me or leave me alone. I know that his love is pure and not based on just lust, because he loved me dearly before he even hit puberty. He's the one man I think I can truly love! Even if that means sharing him with Susan, and maybe Angel too.

She looked around the empty bedroom and sighed. Ah, well. Tomorrow's another day. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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