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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
I Put a Spell on You
Day 28: Sunday, October 13

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Susan woke up feeling naughty. She'd had more dreams of doing sexual things with Alan, but rather than getting at least partially upset and feeling guilty about it, she unabashedly reveled in it. She decided to just put her objections aside for a while and imagine a better world where she could have sexual fun with him without the fear of sin or impropriety. A part of her wanted to just lie in bed all day fantasizing, but her strong work ethic wouldn't allow her to do that.

She thought, It's strange. These last few days, whenever I think about sliding my hands all over Tiger's big erection I get filled with the urge to do nice things for him. Huh. Well, I don't know why, but I think I'll feel a lot better if I cook waffles with strawberries. And make some raisin toast too. He loves that.

So she got up and hurried downstairs earlier than usual because the special breakfast she planned to make required more time than normal. It was eight o'clock and she figured she needed to have the food ready by nine, so they all would be able to get to church by the start of the service at ten.

Sunday was the one day of the week that she and Suzanne always skipped their morning workout, because of Susan's need to get ready for church. (Suzanne wasn't really religious, but occasionally she went to church too, purely to appease her best friend.) Susan was feeling very energetic, but didn't have a way of blowing off steam.

As she stood there cooking, she thought, I can hardly wait until Tiger comes downstairs. Today, I'm not going to shirk my visual stimulation responsibilities. In fact, I have a full, exciting day of visual stimulation and sexing things up to look forward to, hee-hee! I'm sure he's going to love this shirt I'm wearing, since it's about ten sizes too large. I can't even keep it on my shoulders when I actually want to.

But I don't want to! Hee-hee! I'd just love to see his face if he walked in and saw me topless!

The only thing is, it's not fair that Suzanne has all that extra experience. She's such a seductress. And if that isn't bad enough, she's practicing being nude so she can bare her body with ease whenever he needs to get hard. Which I suspect is nearly all the time, hee-hee. Well, two can play that game. Maybe I need a little nudity practice myself. I need to get daring. I need to get naughty! I know it's terribly improper, but it's for the health of my son!

Because she was cooking she didn't want to expose herself up front, so she took her skirt off. The apron still covered her pussy in front, but her ass was left bare. Her heart was pounding hard from her audacity. It's still early so I should be able to stay like this a little while, and put it back on before he comes down. But what if he DID see me? Wouldn't that be a hoot? "Good morning, Tiger! Mommy's going to give you your favorite breakfast and your favorite ass. Come over here and feel it; you know you want to. Put your hand on my ass cheeks. Mmmm, yes! Just like that."

She didn't fully realize just how aroused she was getting. She wiggled her butt, imagining her son's hands were on it. "Oh! Tiger! I didn't say you could take off my top and my apron too! You naughty boy! ... But since you insist, yes, you can play with Mommy's boobies too. Oh, Son! What are you DOING?! What is that long hot thing sliding up and down my ass crack? You're so aggressive today! Now what are you doing?! Don't put that big thing in my mouth; it'll never fit! Oh TIGER!"

"It DOES fit! Tiger! Do you know you've got your penis in Mommy's mouth?" Tee-hee-hee. I'm so naughty!

She practically danced around the kitchen, she was so fired up by her semi-nudity. She thought quite a lot about the idea of giving her son a blowjob. I wonder what that would be like, for real. Suzanne has been talking about it a lot these past few days, and she says it's great. But I don't know. I kind of wish I would have done it to Ron at least once, so I'd know what it's really like. Of course Tiger's member is double the length and width of Ron's, so it wouldn't really be the same. Okay, maybe not double, but almost. He's such a well-endowed young man! Would it really fit in my mouth?! Suzanne assures me it would, but I don't know.

And how unseemly and improper would it be for me to do that? I know I need to help him, but I have to draw the line somewhere! I mean, if I were to take off all my clothes and kneel before him... My tall, handsome son towering over me, with his tremendously large, thick, needy erection in my hands... my trembling hands... Oh, I don't know! It just seems so debauched! To, to... to take it in my mouth! And suck on it! I can't! I just can't!

Despite her reluctance, or maybe in large part because of it, those thoughts made her very aroused indeed. But time flies when you're having fun, and she got so caught up in what she was doing, not to mention all her happy daydreams, that she lost track of the hour.

Susan in a blouse and apron, with bare butt and long hair down to her waist, standing cooking at the stove

Thus Alan was quite surprised when he came downstairs and walked into the kitchen to say good morning. He looked at Susan, and at her ass. He literally did a double-take. He was so surprised by what he saw that it was like a hard slap to his face. He even staggered back a few steps. "MOM! Whoa! You're uh, you're not wearing any... Well, your butt. I can see it!"

Susan had been standing in front of the stove, working on the waffles. She froze. Uh-oh! Tiger's here already?! OH NO! I had intended to take my skirt off only for a few minutes. Oh dear! He's gonna think I'm some kind of wanton hussy!

And I can't turn around either, because all I'm wearing is this grossly oversized shirt, with no bra underneath! It exposes way too much. True, I'm wearing an apron, but that won't help, not unless I wear it up around my shoulders. Oh my goodness! What will I do?!

She decided to try to stay calm and stand still. She brought both hands to her ass cheeks, trying to cover them. But her ass cheeks were a lot bigger than her hands, so he still had a great view, especially of her ass crack and even a hint of her pussy between her legs. In fact, in a way she actually showed off more, because putting her hands there caused her shirt to rise up some, showing off all of her ass instead of just the lower half.

Blushing, she exclaimed, "Alan?! Tiger! What are you doing up already?"

His eyes were locked on her bare ass cheeks like laser-guided weapons. "What do you mean, Mom? This is the usual time I come down on a Sunday."

She continued to wiggle and writhe in dismay, which only made an even more arousing sight. Her face practically turned cherry red. "Is it that late already? Oh dear. I'm afraid I lost track. You're not supposed to see me like this! This is so embarrassing! I just, uh, I... Well, I... It's hard to explain..."

Had it been anyone else protesting, even Amy or Katherine or Suzanne, he would have done the gentlemanly thing and averted his eyes and probably left the room. But this was his knockout mother and his curiosity got the better of him. Knowing that she was facing away from him and would remain too embarrassed to turn around and make eye contact, he lied, "Don't worry, Mom; I'm not looking."

"Thank heavens for that!" An awkward silence ensued as she thought, Oh no! What am I going to do now?! I can't just stand here like this, with my hands on my ass for the entire breakfast! I can't turn around either, or I'll show him far too much of my big, heavy breasts.

She gathered up her courage, trying to psych herself up. Susan, this is the time to rise to the occasion! He needs visual stimulation. I have to help him out! I should just let him look at my bare ass. What's the harm? Besides, it's not like I have a choice. He'd see nearly as much in a bikini anyway. I have to put my modesty and pride aside, to help him with his affliction!

She withdrew her hands from her backside and went back to cooking while bare-assed. She thought about putting her skirt back on, but decided the waffles needed immediate tending first. She was freaking out with nervousness, and her heart was pounding even harder. She told herself she'd go and dress in a minute or two, when this batch of waffles was done.

She clenched her ass cheeks together. I wonder if he's looking. Did he just see me do that?! Tiger's such a good boy, but I remember what horny teenage boys are like and I'm afraid he's going to look, no matter what he promised. He must be looking at my ass right now! She secretly thrilled at the thought that he was checking out her exposed ass cheeks. Without really thinking about it, she repeatedly clenched and unclenched her ass cheeks.

The strange thing was that she felt a tingle all over her pelvic area, almost like it had gone to sleep and was reviving. Somehow her body was reacting in a powerful way just to the thought of her son looking at her bare flesh there.

Of course Alan was ogling his mother's ass; he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Not only was his penis erect, it was almost truly threatening to rip his shorts open! Unbelievably, it seemed like she was repeatedly squeezing her ass cheeks a bit. He wasn't sure if that was his imagination or not. For a few glorious moments as she pulled her hands down to her thighs and then took them away, he was able to see nearly the entirety of her ass before the back of her curiously-oversized shirt covered the top half of it again.

Susan's exposed bare ass, with her hands wrapped around her upper thighs, fingers extending backwards

He thought, Hot damn! I can't believe I'm really looking at Mom's ASS! Her skin looks amazingly soft and tempting to touch. Now I understand why people so often compared asses to peaches. That is a perfect 'peachy' ass! I'm practically drooling here! Man, I'd kill just to run my hands all over her!

He had to get a closer view. He walked across the kitchen until he was just a few feet away. To his surprise, she didn't say or do anything, or even try to cover up. Shit! You can see everything!

He asked, "Mom, can I ask why you were cooking partially naked, even if Sis and I weren't down here?" He didn't want to discourage her, but his curiosity won out.

"That IS a good question," Susan said, stalling for time while she tried to figure out what to say. She was startled to hear his voice from so near, just behind her. Since he'd walked up next to her, she knew he couldn't have done that without looking at her.

Oh dear! My Tiger really IS staring at my ass! It's not just another fantasy of mine this time. He's so close he could reach out and touch it! How can I explain things? "Son, I was just practicing being naked to help you cum hard and often, and I got so distracted wondering what it would be like to hold and fondle and suck your big member that things kind of got out of hand and I forgot to put my skirt back on?" No, that's not gonna fly.

Just listen to me though. I'm so wicked! I've completely lost my way and fallen from the path of righteousness. Thank goodness I'm not a Catholic, because I sure wouldn't look forward to my next confession with a priest!

But THINK, Susan, think!

Finally, she said, "Well, I, uh, I was doing a load of laundry, and uh, I, er, I realized that my, uh, skirt... My skirt, it was, um, needing to be washed, so I put it in there and, in the washer I mean, and, uh... I was thinking that since I was down here early cooking your favorite breakfast, um, it wouldn't matter. You know, how I was, uh, dressed. But I lost track of the time and, well, you can see what happened."

Unfortunately for Susan, she was as honest as they come, so whenever she lied it came out sounding like the feeble lie that it actually was.

"And why aren't you wearing panties either?" he asked.

Susan was so ashamed by that question that she wanted to weep. But she held herself together and replied more honestly, "You should know the answer to that. Suzanne, that big meanie, she won't let me! Don't you remember the discussion with Amy, how the four of us Plummer and Pestridge ladies have agreed not to wear any undies to help sex things up for you? But I didn't expect not to wear undies AND not wear a skirt! It's so... shameful!"

Alan, not surprisingly, didn't buy her laundry explanation, so he went back to that. As he continued to stare at her firm, sexy butt, he pointed out, "But if you put the skirt in the washer, then how is it I don't hear the washer going?" He took a few steps closer and even bent down a little to get a better look at her flawless bubble butt.

"Oh. Well, uh, the washing is done. And there's a problem with the dryer, you see, so I'm air drying them."

She thought, Thank goodness I don't have to look him in the eye as I tell these blatant falsehoods or I'd never manage to say the words. Now I can add 'lying to loved ones' to my rapidly growing list of sins. Oh dear, when will the madness stop? And to make matters worse, my pussy is getting all wet. What if he sees me dripping, or smells me in heat?! Why does he have to be so sexy and so well-endowed anyway? And why oh why are we cursed with this six-times-a-day medical treatment?!

Worse, what will he think of his wicked mother? Especially if he knew of the debauched thoughts going through my mind? It's all I can do to not turn around and check to see if he has a great big erection tenting his shorts. I'll bet he does!

He noticed some holes in her explanation, even if one disregarded her shaky and unconvincing voice. For one thing, if the clothes were being air dried then that would mean her skirt wouldn't be ready for hours. In fact, there wouldn't even have been time to wash and dry them in the machines before he and Katherine came down. But he decided that any further probing would only embarrass her further.

So instead he asked, "Oh. Well, what are you cooking then? Did you say you're making my favorites?"

Susan had been on the edge of panic, but with the change of topic it was as if a big weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She walked a few feet to the sink to wash some fruit, giving Alan a new angle on her butt, not to mention allowing him the delicious sight of her ass cheeks undulating as she walked.

She answered his question with an enumeration of what she was cooking. But she still thought, Oh dear! I dodged a bullet there with my lame lie, but I'm still cooking with a naked ass and Tiger is still standing right there! In fact, his voice has only grown louder, which means he's been getting closer to me. I can't bear to look, but he must be practically right behind me now! What'll I do? What if he reaches out and starts fondling my rear? I don't know if I'd be able to resist. I don't know if I'd WANT to resist! But I must! It doesn't matter what a cutie pie he is, or how well hung he is; he's still my son!


Alan was extremely tempted to reach out and fondle her ass. He was so very aroused that he seriously worried he'd lose all control. But then he had a different idea that was highly appealing and far less dangerous. In the few moments he hadn't been gawking at her ass, he'd noticed her hugely oversized shirt that was in danger of sliding down her shoulders. He'd also noticed a lack of bra straps, or any other straps, for that matter. He'd guessed, correctly, that he'd have quite a view if he looked at his mother from the front.

So, trying to act casual, he walked around her until they stood face to face. He asked, "So what's for breakfast?"

Susan wearing a blouse with a V-shaped neck that is too large and sliding down around her shoulders

Susan felt utterly humiliated. Her nipples weren't exposed, but a very deep valley of cleavage was. She wanted to cover that with her hands, or at least pull her shirt up her shoulders, but her hands seemed to be made of lead. She just stood there, blushing. She tried to fake a smile and pretend that all was normal, but she was far from convincing. She was in a kind of lusty daze, feeling so aroused that practically any touch was liable to push her over the edge.

He couldn't help but blatantly ogle her bountiful chest. But he was still trying to act cool and collected so she wouldn't freak out and he'd get to continue to enjoy the view. With that in mind, he asked again, "Mom, did you hear me? I said, what's for breakfast?"

She came out of her lusty and frightened daze, at least partially. "Uh... oh yeah. Waffles. Waffles! Belgian waffles! And... And cinnamon toast." She was so panicky that she practically shouted that.

His pulse was racing crazily, just like hers, but he was doing a better job of hiding his excitement. He said, "Cool. Thanks."

Another awkward silence ensued. He felt bad for his mother and her great embarrassment, so he decided to address the elephant in the room. "And by the way, I want to give you a big thanks. I know the real reason you're dressed like that."

"Why?!" She felt panicky, terrified that he could see right through her and sense her lusty desire for him.

He said, "You're helping with the visual stimulation! Just like Aunt Suzy has encouraged you to. I know that must be extremely difficult for you to do, to say the least! But still, you're doing it, and I must say, you're doing a great job. Mom, you're so sexy that it leaves me breathless! I don't know what to say. How can I possibly thank you for loving me so much that you do this?"

She was secretly relieved that he thought she was being selfless in her actions. "Um, don't mention it. It's, uh, nothing."

Then she finally glanced down and saw that he really did have an extremely prominent bulge in his shorts. She nearly swooned. Oh God! Dear Lord! Just look at that! He's so, he's so... HUGE! It IS twice the size of Ron's, at the very least! (Actually, it wasn't, but her imagination was running wild.)

She was so hot and bothered that she started panting, causing her chest to heave up and down. Her shirt was so oversized that there was very little keeping it up. All that heaving presented an even more titillating sight, but she knew that if it didn't stop, her shirt was going to slide down to her waist!

She thought in a panic, Dear God, please! Help me! Any second now, my shirt is going to fall off, and I'll be standing here with my big breasts bouncing up and down! I'll be wearing little more than an apron! Heck, I might as well take that off too, to make my abject humiliation complete!

And then, and then... Tiger's... dick! It's so big! And needy! Just LOOK at that bulge! If I'm standing here topless, or worse, completely naked, he'll probably expect me to drop to my knees and, and... and unzip his zipper! And then... OH GOD! To, to, to hold it in my hands! And stroke it! Or even LICK it! SO HOT!

The two of them continued to stand there. Alan was so transfixed by his mother's heaving chest that he forgot to continue to make small talk. The kitchen was dead silent, except for the sounds of their heavy breathing.

It's unclear what might have happened next, but Susan suddenly found herself forced into action by the sound of Katherine tromping down the stairs. The kitchen was only separated from the dining room by a counter and there was a wide opening from there into the well-traveled living room. But there was also another way out of the kitchen, a hallway leading from it to other rooms in the house on the other side of the central stairwell.

Susan needed to act quickly. Without even an explanation to Alan, she fled down that hallway before Katherine could come into view. She clutched her hands to her chest to prevent her shirt from sliding off as she hurried away.

She hid in a downstairs bathroom until she heard the sound of Alan and Katherine talking. (Alan was dying to tell his sister what had just happened, but he wasn't sure how she'd react, so he forced himself to keep mum. However, Katherine noticed he was acting very oddly, so she suspected that something significant and sexual had just happened between her brother and mother.)

As they stood there, Susan ran bare-assed up the stairs, reaching them from a different direction, and made it all the way back to her bedroom without being seen. She quickly put on panties and bra, and a long dress, since she needed them for church anyway. Then she rushed back downstairs to tend her still-cooking waffles.

A part of her was terrified and appalled at what she'd done, but at the same time she hadn't felt so alive in years. Even the running around bare-assed had been a terrific thrill.

However, after she'd calmed down and her children had gone upstairs to finish getting ready for church, her guilty feelings took over. The mere fact this had happened on a Sunday morning shamed her deeply.

She sat at the dining-room table, staring out the window, mulling over recent events. What's come over me? I'm turning into the kind of wild and immoral hussy that my mother always warned me about. It was bad enough that I took my skirt off and then spaced out until Tiger saw me. But what's even worse is that I didn't mind that much that he was looking at my bare butt. In fact, I kind of liked it! I got a kind of perverse thrill - and that's certainly the right word, perverse - from knowing that he was staring at my rear. And I don't care if he said his eyes were closed; I KNOW he was looking. I could even hear his breathing growing heavy, almost on my neck!

Besides, I saw the way he was staring at my heaving breasts. That lusty look in his eyes! God, it was so HOT! I don't know WHAT would have happened if Angel hadn't come down just then. Thank the Lord she did!

This last thought wasn't made with any conviction. She continued in this vein, trying to deny her true feelings. It's all well and good that Angel and I help provide visual stimulation. After all, I promised Suzanne I would, and there's no sin in just dressing with a little sex appeal. I suppose that even going without undies is harmless enough. But I have to draw the line at no baring of my private parts. Certainly Suzanne would understand my reasons for that. And holding Tiger's big fat dick in my hands and stroking and stroking it until his hot cum splashes all over my face and drenches my big tits is out of the question! I wish Suzanne would stop pushing me about that. I mean, I'm trying to be a helpful mother and all, but I have my limits!

What just happened can never happen again, and that's final!


Alan often managed to beg off from going to church since he didn't like going, but there was no chance of that on this day. Susan felt so guilty from her ass exposure that she went a little overboard with her religious fervor. Alan could tell from her suddenly prim and proper mood immediately after the bare-ass incident that it would be counterproductive to even ask to stay home.

The somber and puritan mood persisted even after they returned home from church, but it didn't remain that way for long.

Suzanne came over to the Plummer house shortly after lunch. She wore a top that showed off her ample cleavage and also left her midriff exposed. She was eager for more fun with Alan. However, she found that he was already taking a nap and that Katherine had gone out.

Susan was in a bad mood and complained, "Suzanne, you call that a shirt? That's more of a bikini top than a shirt, in my book. You can go traipsing around like some kind of shameless hussy in your own house, but please don't do it in mine!"

Suzanne raised a curious eyebrow. "Gee, what's gotten into you?"

"We're surrounded by temptation and sin. Maybe if you'd gone to church with us this week, you'd be more aware of the dangers!"

Suzanne put two and two together. She didn't know about what had happened before church, but she figured that, at the very least, church could bring on a new burst of moral righteousness. So she said, "Susan, please don't be that way with me. I'm your best friend, okay? Now tell me, what's got you all worked up?"

Susan looked at the ground. "I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"I... I just can't." She didn't want to admit that she was afraid it would arouse her too much. But she also had a hard time standing up to Suzanne.

Suzanne asked impatiently, "Susan, are you wearing panties? Or a bra?"

Susan looked even more abashed. After a long pause, she nodded affirmatively.

"Okay. Take them off now. Right here. And then you're going to tell me what's bothering you."

Susan looked up at Suzanne in surprise. "What? Right here? Right now?"

Suzanne nodded in a way that brooked no opposition. "You know the rules. Of course you need to wear those things to church, but we're back home now, so there's no excuse. And do I or do I not have the right to choose what clothes you wear?"

Susan was going to say something more, but she decided that she'd just lose in the end anyway. It was just too hard to stand up to Suzanne. Blushing profusely, she reached inside her clothes and pulled her bra out. Then she slipped her panties down her legs while keeping her long dress on.

Suzanne didn't give Susan any relief though, and immediately began pressing her about what had happened.

It took a while, but eventually Susan spilled all the details of how she'd been caught cooking bare-assed. In telling the story, Susan found herself getting sexually worked up again as she recalled how she had trembled with excitement, half-expecting Alan to reach forward and fondle her ass cheeks at any moment.

Suzanne didn't have to do much to put Susan back in a sexy mood because the story-telling got her most of the way there. But just to make sure that Susan didn't backslide, she said, "Susan, I agree with what you said, that walking around with a bare butt is going too far. What we need to do is find just the right kind of outfits that will excite him and help his condition, but at the same time preserve your modesty."

So Suzanne went home and returned with another big pile of clothes, after which the two of them went to Susan's bedroom and played dress-up for an hour or two.

Susan grew increasingly giddy and horny as time went on. She was growing to love dressing in a sexy manner for her son.

Suzanne constantly goaded her on with encouraging but rather tame comments like, "Sweetie will love that dress," or, "He'll totally flip for that one."

After a while, when she knew Susan was really worked up, she said more provocative things like, "Oh, he will definitely blow his load when he takes one look at you in that," or, "Watch out! If you wear that in front of him that big erection of his will split his shorts right in two!"

When they were all done, Susan came out of her bedroom dressed in one of the sexiest combinations they'd tried on. She'd protested that it was too revealing, but Suzanne "forced" her to wear it since Suzanne now had the "right" to decide what clothes Susan wore.

She wore a skin-tight, thin, white tank top, which made it clear as day that she wasn't wearing a bra. Not only could her nipples be faintly seen through the cloth even when they weren't erect, but her huge globes bounced freely with almost every move she made.

Suzanne knew that not only would that inspire Alan's lust, but it would keep Susan in a near constant state of arousal, since Susan's nipples and boobs were obviously so easily stimulated. Plus, Suzanne knew that the mere fact that Susan was wearing such revealing clothes would keep her horny.

Susan also wore short blue-jean shorts that were most noticeable in how low they hung on her hips: the button to unfasten them was only an inch or two above the top of her pussy. In back, they covered so little of her ass cheeks that some of the top of her ass crack could be seen.

Susan protested, "Suzanne, this is far, far too outrageous! It's terribly improper. This is not what a good Christian woman wears!"

"Susan, stop complaining already. If you're not willing to suck or even stroke his cock today, you HAVE to at least help with the visual stimulation. Do you want to see him suffer the curse of blue balls?"

"Well, no. Obviously not, but..."

"Your Tiger is a very virile young man, with a powerful, demanding penis. I'll bet his balls are practically bursting with tasty sperm by now. You need to go find him right now and inspire him, so he can get some relief."



Susan set off to find her son and see if he and his penis liked her outfit as much as she hoped he would. Despite her protests, she could hardly wait to see a large bulge growing at his crotch.

After Alan woke up, he'd decided to take a book and go sit by the pool. He was in the middle of rereading The Lord of the Rings, so he had that with him. But he was ready for some more tempting and teasing, and though he was all alone, he figured that the pool area was a good place to see some more skin. Still, he hadn't realized just how right and lucky he would be.

Susan in a skin-tight short top and very short shorts

Susan came down to where he was sitting. (Suzanne followed, but lingered behind so Susan would get all the attention at first.) "Tiger? Sorry to bother you, but Suzanne absolutely insisted I have to show this outfit to you. I don't know WHAT she's thinking, but I find it's just easier to play along with her."

She was trying to act casual as if she didn't care what he thought, but her face was blushing deeply and her legs and arms were twitchy and fidgety. She kept her eyes closed, because it was slightly less humiliating that way.

Alan gaped for some long moments while Susan's nervousness grew. She half-expected him to say something like, "Mom! Put some clothes on already; you're embarrassing me!"

But instead, he said, "Mom! Wow! Whoa! I'm speechless."

Suzanne, still standing a good distance behind Susan, felt his words weren't clear enough to put Susan at ease. So she flapped her arms in the air as if trying to scare away a flock of birds, hoping Alan would see her and get the non-verbal message that more compliments were needed.

He saw and understood. so he added, "Mom, you look so great! You know what you are? You're a babe! A total babe! Nobody would believe you're a suburban housewife and not some kind of hard-bodied fashion model. Seriously! You should be a lifeguard on 'Baywatch.' Pamela Anderson would be jealous of you."

Susan tingled with pleasure from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She was practically dizzy from all his compliments. "You don't really mean that," she protested, hoping he'd say more.

"It's true! Not only that, but you don't know how much this means to me, all the effort you're putting in to help me with the visual stimulation. I know it can't come easy for you to walk around without a bra, and letting me see your big breasts jiggling and bouncing, your hard nipples clearly visible as they poke through your practically see-through top. I love you even more than before for your big effort to get me soooo ... daaaang ... hard! Thanks!"

By the time he was halfway through saying that, Suzanne was waving her arms again and shaking her head no, trying to tell him that he'd gotten too graphic. But he was so transfixed by Susan's lightly bouncing chest that he was oblivious to Suzanne's signals.

Susan looked down at her chest. "Oh dear!" In the dim light of her bedroom she hadn't realized how transparent her top could look when out in the bright sun. It was practically as if someone had poured water on it, and she realized to her horror that her nipples were faintly visible, not to mention the way her erect nubs were tightly tugging at the fabric. She covered her chest with both arms. "Tiger! You're not supposed to see that!"

But he was on a lust-driven roll. "Why not? Mom, you're a seriously sexy babe and you've got a rack that proves it! You're a stone cold fox! God, it would be so sweet to take those puppies in my hands and suckle on those firm, uh, tasty, uh, er, nipples..."

Suzanne in a bikini, standing with legs and arms spread, seen from behind

Alan's words petered out because he finally noticed Suzanne's increasingly desperate arm waving. She made an arresting and jiggly sight of her own as she repeatedly raised her arms over her head, especially since she was dressed in a red bikini, so he gaped at her for a bit before finding something intelligent to say.

Finally, he concluded, "The point is, Mom, you should be very proud of your body. God really blessed you with great genes, and the way you exercise almost every day has paid off, big time. I'm so grateful and so touched that you dressed up for me."

Susan had a "deer in the headlights" look. She wanted to chastise him for saying inappropriate things, but all she could think about was what it would feel like to have her son firmly grasping her breasts with both hands and pulling on her nipples with his fingers and teeth. She scuttled back into the house in a daze, without even saying a word.

Once she was safely back in the house, her nervousness and embarrassment disappeared, but her lust remained. She beamed with pure joy. She kept thinking, He thinks I'm a babe! "A total babe!" And a "stone cold fox," whatever that means. I'm sure it's good though! She realized her pussy was dripping, and rushed to the bathroom to clean up.

Suzanne lingered behind just long enough to say to Alan, "Thumbs up there, Sweetie. I was afraid you laid it on too thick, but I think it worked out in the end." She licked her lips. "And speaking of being touched, some lucky boy right here is going to get touched by his Aunt Suzy very soon."

Alan protested, "I wasn't laying it on thick; I really meant every word."

"I know. You're honest at heart. That's one reason we love you so much. But still, compliments don't hurt. You keep saying nice things to her and, mark my words, you'll find your meaty sausage sliding between her ruby red lips before too long. Tootles!"

She turned to go, but then stopped and looked back at his tenting crotch. "Oh. And speaking of thick, looks like you've got a problem there in your lap. But promise not to take care of it just yet, okay Sweetie? I'm sending some more Mommy fun your way."

She gave him a dainty wave and walked away, leaving him completely floored. Dang! Not that I'm complaining, but why is she so keen on having Mom help me out in a physical way? Mom's just not like that. I wish I could have a frank talk with her, but she likes to be mysterious about her scheming.

The two women stayed inside for a while. It wasn't long before Susan asked her best friend, "This may seem like kind of a strange question, but do you have any idea what a 'stone cold fox' is?"

"I sure do," Suzanne replied. "That's a woman who's a total babe, who's drop-dead gorgeous. Sweetie called you that, didn't he?"

Susan looked away shyly. "Well..." She was too modest and embarrassed to admit it.

Suzanne could easily tell she was right. "You should be very proud of yourself, because you ARE all that. But that's both an honor and a responsibility."

Susan asked, "What do you mean?"

"Clearly, he's uniquely inspired by your beauty, maybe even more so than mine." Suzanne didn't actually believe that, although she had to admit it would be a very close call, but she was trying to hype Susan up. "That means that if all else fails and he's falling behind with his daily orgasms, we may have no choice but to turn to you."

Susan's face was reddening as she considered the possibilities. "What exactly do you mean?!"

Suzanne was worried about pushing Susan too far too fast, so she was enigmatic. "We'll see. We'll see."

Susan's imagination ran wild, keeping her arousal at a high level. She had delightful yet scary visions of being "forced" to help her son with handjobs and even blowjobs on a daily basis.

Suzanne didn't like to sit in the sun in the middle of the day, owing to her extremely fair skin. But, inspired by Susan's obviously horny mood and Alan's relatively suave compliments, she encouraged Susan to go back out in a bikini to serve Alan some homemade cookies.

In the past, Susan could never have imagined herself wearing a bikini. Only one week earlier, if she'd been asked about bikinis, she would have said they should be outlawed altogether. But even though she complained to Suzanne, "Well, if you absolutely insist," the truth was, she could hardly wait to wear one in close proximity to her son.

She changed and went back out to deliver the snack.

Alan's face broke into a great big smile when he saw her walking his way. His penis had gone flaccid, but it stiffened immediately when he saw how she was putting extra oomph into swaying her hips, which in turn caused her boobs to sway as well. And the way her face showed that she was both very aroused and very embarrassed got his heart racing with lusty need.

Mindful of Suzanne's advice to be generous with the compliments, he said, "Whoa! Mom, is today my lucky day, or what? Who is this perfect-ten busty BABE bringing me cookies?"

Susan dropped her head shyly, blushing as she stood there. She finally remembered to put the tray of oatmeal raisin cookies down on the table next to him, but then she just kept standing there.

He continued, "Seriously, who is this smokin'-hot centerfold, and what has she done with my mom?"

Susan spoke very quietly and shyly. "I am your mom." She stood still, but she felt like her body was on fire, especially her erect nipples and wet pussy.

"You are? Oh yeah; you are. I forgot to look at your face because I can't take my eyes off your awesome huge rack!"

As soon as those words left his lips, he worried that he'd gone too far. The Susan he was used to wouldn't allow that kind of talk.

To his surprised, she smiled widely. "Oh... you! You know you can't say that kind of thing about your mother's bosom. It's terribly improper." That was kind of a chastisement, but she was so clearly happy that the words had no sting.

p: Susan in a skimpy blue and black bikini top with arms upraised and no evidence of bikini bottoms

She struck a sexier pose that showed off her "awesome huge rack" very nicely. She raised her hands up above her head as if to block the sun's glare. But in truth she didn't really care about the glare; she just knew that that position would lift and emphasize her breasts even more.

That emboldened Alan. "So what? I mean it. Come on, sit down and enjoy these cookies with me. I want to see what it's like to sit next to a bikini-clad movie star."

She positively beamed. "Oh, you! There's no movie star around here."

He loved how she turned so bashful yet giddy over the compliments. "Yes there is." He pointed north, towards Los Angeles. "You must have gotten lost. Hollywood is that way."

"Shush, you!" But it was clear she didn't really want him to stop.

She was so flattered by even more compliments from her son that she found herself sitting on the lounge chair next to his. She wound up staying for a while. She wished that she was wearing sunglasses like he was, because she was endlessly fascinated by the large lump in his swimsuit. But since he could see her eyes, she only dared to look at his crotch every once in a while.


Katherine came home around that time, noticed the poolside gathering, and put on a bikini to join in the fun.

Amy was sitting reading in her room and heard the sounds of laughing by the Plummer pool, which she could easily see from her window. (In fact, her window was the only one in the Pestridge house that looked onto the Plummer backyard.) She recalled what Katherine had told her the evening before, so she quickly came down and joined in as well.

Within minutes, Alan had gone from being alone to being surrounded by three voluptuous, scantily-clad women. (Suzanne remained in the Plummer house - for the moment.) He figured it was his lucky day, but what he didn't fully realize was that Susan was put off by Amy's presence. While she was practically family - she even called Susan "Aunt Susan" sometimes - Susan didn't know how she fit in when it came to these sexual situations.

However, Alan's hopes for something erotic happening weren't completely dashed.

Amy lay down on her stomach on a towel, with her bikini top undone and lying underneath her. After a few minutes, she sat up and began chatting with Alan. Her bikini top remained on the towel, leaving her topless.

"Hey!" cried Susan, when she noticed a few seconds later. "Amy, you've forgotten your bikini top. And in front of Tiger, no less! Please cover up immediately!"

Amy in bikini bottoms, covering her bare breasts with her hands

Amy stood up and reluctantly put her hands over her breasts. But she said, "No, Aunt Susan, I haven't forgotten it. I'm sorry if I did something wrong, but I thought it was okay if we expose ourselves in front of him. I thought we were supposed to dress sexily and not wear underwear and stuff. Isn't that what you all were doing the other night? Isn't that a good thing?"

Susan was flummoxed. "Well, yes, but to a certain degree only. No one asked you to run around topless!"

Amy smiled. "No one has to ask me. I think it's fun! Am I not allowed to go topless if I want to? Isn't it a pretty common thing to do around private pools in back yards?"

Susan was even more flustered trying to respond to that. "Uh, yeah, I guess it is. And since I'm not your mother, I guess I can't tell you not to. But I do disapprove. It's so improper."

Amy, completely ignoring Susan's disapproval, said, "Yeay! Thanks a lot, Aunt Susan! You're such a cool mom. It's so much more fun over here than at MY house." She stuck her tongue out at her house in playful defiance. "I'm going to jump in the pool." She took her hands off her chest and dove into the water.

Susan said to Katherine in a disapproving voice, "That Amy. She seems so free about taking her clothes off. Thank goodness, Angel, that you'd never ask me if you could go topless."

Katherine opened her mouth and then closed it in frustration. Inspired by Amy, she had been just about to ask that very thing, but Susan's comment dashed that plan.

Susan was still clueless about the extent of Katherine's sexual feelings toward Alan. She would have flipped her lid if she'd known about Katherine's pool escapade the day before. Susan's sexual attitude was very confused and unstable at that point, which meant that she was confused and inconsistent in dealing with Katherine too.

Katherine was still deciding what to do when Alan said, "Thanks, Mom, for being so cool about Amy and all. I think I'm going to jump in the pool too." He dove in, angling to get closer to Amy's generous orbs.

Katherine didn't want to be left out, so she dove in after them.

Soon the three teenagers were splashing each other and having fun. They began playing water games that none of them had played for years. For instance, they played Marco Polo, where one person had to keep their eyes closed and try to find another person.

Of course, the key fact was that Amy remained topless. As a result, Alan's dick stayed very stiff in his bathing suit.

Susan felt a child-like desire to join in. Deep down she felt like she was still a kid at heart. But she decided it would be unseemly for a parent to play such a game.

Normally, she would have brought a book to read if she was tanning herself by the pool, but she'd come out carrying nothing but the cookies. So she closed her eyes and tried to clear her mind, since she was still practically trembling with excitement.

However, she couldn't stop thinking. This is a very distressing situation. Amy, topless! It's not like Tiger needs the visual stimulation. His member is EXTREMELY aroused. One look at his bathing suit proves that! I sure hope Amy and Angel didn't notice, but how could they not? I have half a mind to take MY top off too! Her tone was as if she was threatening a punishment, but she belatedly realized that would be no punishment at all.

Wait. Did I really just say that? Why should I take MY top off?! How would that help anything? Although... Suzanne says I need to do more to help him with his problem. What if he got out of the pool and we were all alone, and he just started taking care of his problem then and there, while staring at my bare breasts? That would be SO HOT! Although... that would be the sin of Onan. I should be the one to help him directly! YES! Mmmm! On my knees, my bare boobs bouncing, and my fingers pumping up and down his hot pole! That's the kind of help I should give him! Oh God! Yes! Yes!

She was refraining from touching her own privates, but she realized her body was squirming around quite a lot in her lounge chair. She opened her eyes to check if anyone had noticed. To her relief, the three teens were busy having fun in the pool. She closed her eyes again and mentally reminded herself to act calm and cool. But such lusty fantasies continued to occupy her thoughts.

Amy didn't engage in any hanky-panky in their water games, but Katherine certainly did. With Susan not looking most of the time, she took every opportunity to touch Alan that she could get away with. This mostly happened when Amy had her eyes closed in their games, since games like Marco Polo involved closed eyes. Katherine would peek out when her eyes were supposed to be closed, and zoom in on Alan's body, "accidentally" rubbing her body all over his. Several times she even grabbed his erection through his shorts.

More than once, she grabbed his erection through his suit and held onto it briefly as if she were trying to figure out what the big thing between his legs was. She gasped in horror, eyes wide open in shock. Then she "realized" that she was still holding it and acted even more surprised, until she finally let go of it as if it were a hot potato.

Alan enjoyed this game a great deal, even if he couldn't really figure his sister out. He was remarkably slow on the uptake due to his lack of prior sexual experience. Even what had happened with her by the pool the day before hadn't fully clued him in to how much she lusted after him. At first he'd thought her grabbing really was accidental, since they were playing very physical games with a lot of touching and grabbing, but it happened so often that he'd eventually begun to wise up. However, he also was too shy to see what would happen if he reciprocated, especially since he never knew whether Susan or Amy might see what he was doing.

He really wanted to try something, but he kept chickening out. After a while he thought, This sucks. I need someone like Aunt Suzy to take the situation in hand, so to speak.

Katherine was having a great time, but she was irked that he didn't fondle her tits a single time, even though she rubbed them up against his chest repeatedly. She thought, Sheesh! How much more obvious do I have to get? Whatever hesitancy and guilt she'd had in the wake of exposing herself to him at the pool the day before was long gone, swept away in all the excitement of flirting and touching. She figured the cat was out of the bag about her attraction to him anyway.

Finally the three of them grew tired and went back to lying in the sun. Alan thought that he'd get his chance to apply lotion, and suggested, "Does anyone need any more suntan lotion?"

But Amy happily said, "No thanks! I put some on earlier and it's waterproof. Isn't that cool?"

Alan didn't find it so cool. He was bummed. (He didn't realize that Susan would have put a stop to him anyway, since she was concerned about him laying his hands on Amy while she remained topless.)

Katherine had used the same lotion already as well, so even though she wanted Alan to put some on her, she figured she'd get called on it.

Katherine lying face down, topless and bottomless

But she figured she could at least do her part in providing some more "visual stimulation." So she decided to have her revenge at her mother's no-topless rule by lying face down and undoing her bikini top, just as Amy had done earlier. But then she went one step further and "accidentally" undid her bikini bottoms as well, since they were the kind that could be untied on the side of the leg. She initially left them in place, but slowly let them slip open across her butt while she pretended to rest with her eyes closed.

Alan certainly didn't fail to notice what she was showing; he stared especially intently at her ass. Her body shone alluringly from all the suntan lotion and his erection showed no signs of subsiding.

Amy noticed that Katherine's bikini bottoms were coming off, but saw nothing wrong with that. In fact, after some minutes, she decided she would follow suit. She stood up and began taking her bikini bottoms off as well.

That finally forced Susan to say something. She sensed someone standing up and opened her eyes to see what was happening. When she saw Amy with her bikini bottoms down below her knees, she exclaimed, "Amy! For the love of God! What are you doing?! Stop that right now!"

Amy had managed to completely remove the bikini bottoms while Susan was complaining. She stood there just holding them in her hand, while Alan eagerly drank up her nakedness. She was providing him with a side-profile view, so he couldn't see her pussy, but the sight of her big bare ass was very nice compensation.

She stared at Susan with a clueless expression on her face. "What's wrong?"

Susan huffed, "What's wrong?! You're taking your bikini off, that's what's wrong! Put it back on, now!"

"M'kay," Amy finally said in a bummed voice. She bent over and began to stick her foot back through one leg-hole of her bikini bottoms.

Amy seemed to be having a lot of trouble putting her clothes back on. That presented Alan with the sight of her naked butt wiggling just a few feet from where he was sitting. Since he was wearing sunglasses, he could stare to his heart's content. He just assumed that no one was the wiser.

Amy bent over, bikini bottoms about her ankles

"Sorry, Aunt Susan," said Amy as she still struggled to get dressed with her bikini bottoms down around her ankles. "I was just thinking that Katherine had a good idea, and I wanted an all-over tan too."

Amy turned to face Susan as she pulled her bikini bottoms to her knees. That meant she was facing Alan too, since he was sitting on the lounge chair next to Susan's. And that meant that he had a great view of Amy's pussy from just a few feet away.

Susan gasped. "Amy! Don't let Alan see your you-know-what!"

Amy stood all the way up while leaving her bikini bottoms around her knees. "No, my what?"

Susan was franticly waving her hands. "You know, the private place between your legs!"

"My asshole?" Amy remained frozen in place until Susan explained herself.

Susan grew painfully embarrassed and found her nipples were rock hard again. "No, your other, uh, hole, er, down there."

"You mean my cunnie? My cunt?" Amy helpfully ran a hand up her thigh towards her pussy.

Susan griped, "Amy! Such language!"

Alan couldn't believe how very aroused he was. Being unable to masturbate and relieve the built-up pressure was maddening. He could have readjusted his package so his erection wasn't so obvious, but he was getting a secret thrill out of keeping it blatantly obvious.

Amy still stood there, with her breasts and pussy on full display. "Well, what's wrong with showing him that? After all, Katherine is too, pretty much."

Susan's eyes had been closed for a while, since the others were resting and she was secretly reveling in her sexy incestuous fantasies. As a result, she hadn't noticed how Katherine's bikini bottoms had slid off until they covered little more than part of her ass crack. She cried in horror, "Angel, what are you doing?!"

"What? What's wrong?" Katherine asked in pretend cluelessness. "Did something happen?" She purposely sat up and turned around to look directly at her mother as she spoke. This left her bikini top on the ground, while her motion caused her bikini bottoms to fall all the way off as well.

"Angel! You're completely naked!" Susan nearly yelled, gesticulating wildly in agitation. "Put something on right away!" She reflexively put her hands over her own chest and looked over at Alan. She could read the excitement in his expression, not to mention see the size of the lewd bulge in his swimsuit. She chided him, "Tiger, don't look at your sister like that!"

Because Alan was wearing sunglasses, Susan couldn't actually tell where he was looking, but she could guess well enough. Besides, if he was looking at Amy with her bikini bottoms around her knees, that was just as bad.

Susan found herself getting flushed and agitated as she stared at his bulge a few seconds too long. She just knew that he had to be looking directly at her from behind his shades. She was further embarrassed to realize that he'd obviously noticed her checking out his package.

She tried to backtrack. "Not that I would, uh, know, er, where you're looking, Tiger. And of course I have no way of knowing that you're erect, um, uh, I mean, aroused. That is to say, excited. It wasn't like I was looking at... your... After all, I'm your mother!"

Seeing that she was just digging a deeper hole for herself, she turned to Katherine and barked, "Angel, what's gotten into you? Hurry up!"

Katherine was still sitting up, tying one side of her bikini bottoms back together. That left her topless and mostly bottomless too, since the other side of the bikini bottoms hadn't yet been re-tied. She was deliberately taking her time.

Suddenly Amy walked into Susan's view as she came over to help Katherine. "Need any help with that?" she asked sweetly. The only problem was, she was buck naked, having temporarily given up on putting on her own bikini. In fact, her bikini bottoms were no longer around her knees; they had been left behind on the ground.

Now Susan was really at a loss. "Amy! No! Please! Go back to where you were and put your own bikini back on, thank you very much! NOW, please! Let Angel take care of herself, and quicker, please. For crying out loud, everybody needs to put some clothes on!"

She thought, This is ridiculous. Amy and Angel are incorrigible. Are they purposely wallowing in depravity, or just trying to test me, or what? I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle here. I might as well just take off my bikini as well. Hrmph! I'm so exposed as it is in this scandalous bikini, what would be the difference?

Her pussy started to tingle as she warmed to the idea. What if I DO just strip? After all, Suzanne says I need to give Tiger more visual stimulation. And look: Amy and Angel are both fumbling around and taking forever getting their bikinis back on. I need to defend their virtue. If I were to unleash my big breasts, certainly my Tiger would look my way instead of back and forth at the other two like he was trying to watch a ping-pong match.

He's obviously very hard. Very, very stiff. He needs to whip out his member and "jack off," as Suzanne calls it. Maybe he'd get so inspired seeing me naked that he really WOULD whip it out and stroke it right here in front of me. Er, I mean us. God, that would be SO HOT! Uh, I mean, it would be very, uh, helpful with his, uh, medical treatment.

Not only that, but Suzanne strongly made the point that it's morally imperative that Tiger should never spill his seed on the ground. If I were to suggest that he blast his creamy load all over my face and chest, I could save him from that sin! In fact, that's another excellent reason for me to take my top off, so he doesn't stain my bikini with his nasty seed when he ejaculates all over me! Oh God! Such POTENT and FERTILE seed, coming from that BIG, THICK erection of his! Mommy's just gonna DROWN in a cum bath of love!

But Susan's fantasy of stripping was just that - a fantasy. She never seriously considered the idea. As she looked around and saw Amy and Katherine as they finally finished getting their bikinis back on, she slowly returned from her erotic daydream.


Susan felt guilty for her hypocrisy in chastising the girls for getting naked when that's what she secretly wanted to do herself.

Once things settled down and Amy and Katherine had their bikinis back on and were lying on their own lounge chairs, Katherine said, "Sorry, Mom. I guess my bottoms must have gotten untied somehow. I didn't even realize."

Susan was so trusting that she didn't suspect deliberate shenanigans. "I'm sorry too. I guess I over-reacted. I thought you'd done that on purpose. I even forgot they made bikinis that untie like that. Let me guess - Suzanne just bought that for you."

Katherine grinned and nodded.

Susan sighed. "That woman. What is she doing to this house? Why do they make them like that, anyway?"

Katherine explained, "It's helpful if you want to eliminate tan lines. And I've got some serious tan lines I'm trying to get rid of. In fact, would it be okay if I untie them on purpose? I'll be super careful to make sure all my important spots stay covered."

Susan sighed again. "I suppose it's okay, as long as you stay extremely careful. I know how you've been trying to get rid of your tan lines lately. But be careful when you're sitting up like that, or you'll give Tiger a free show." Normally, she wouldn't have given such approval, but on some unconscious level she was hoping that the generally increasing levels of nudity would let her expose more of herself as well.

"I will," Katherine said, immediately untying her bikini bottoms again. "But... just out of curiosity, would a 'free show' be so bad? I thought we were supposed to get sexier, as you put it. That's why I was wearing a bikini in the first place. Isn't that why you're wearing one too?"

Still more than a little aroused, Susan said, "Okay, you got me. I suppose I am wearing a bikini in the hopes that Tiger will look at my nearly naked body and feel inspired to shoot a big load." She glanced over at her son, and suddenly felt extremely embarrassed that he'd just heard that. "Um, wait! I didn't mean it like that! What I meant to say is-"

Katherine interrupted, "It's okay, Mom. I know what you mean. And he thanks you for being such a cool and helpful mom, don't you, Big Brother?"

He was startled out of his babe-watching reverie from behind his sunglasses. "Me? Oh yeah, totally. Thanks. All of you."

Amy replied, "No prob, Bo. It's totally fun! I love to get naked. Aunt Susan, would you mind if I take my top off again? I promise I'll keep the bottoms on this time."

Susan sighed. "Very well. Since I'm not your mother, I guess I can't stop you."

"Woo-hoo!" Amy whipped her top off immediately.

Susan continued, "But Angel, you ARE my daughter. A little bit of visual stimulation is all well and good, but I worry about these bikinis. You know how I've complained about bikinis in the past. I don't know why I listened to Suzanne. She just bought this one for me and practically forced me to wear it. Next time I'll wear the one she bought me last week. That one is a little more respectable, at least."

Katherine giggled. "No, Mom, I think the one you've got on is great. It's the kind most people wear. I think you look super sexy. I didn't know I had a total fox for a mom."

Susan lapped up the compliment. She egged her on with the reply, "No, you're just saying that."

"No, really. Don't you agree, Brother? What's especially sexy are your nipples. I've never seen nipples so pokey. They're just about to poke right through your top. You must be thinking about something really sexy!" She giggled some more.

Susan's nipples poking through her bikini top

Susan was aghast again and blushed profusely, since the only logical candidate for her arousal had to be the ridiculously obvious bulge in her son's bathing suit. She stammered, "No, I wasn't... It's just... Tiger, don't... It's just that, uh, Son, don't look at your mother's nipples like that!"

All this talk had of course turned Alan's attention to his mother's breasts, and especially her highly visible nipples. He'd been spending much of his time at the pool staring at them and at the rest of her body from behind his dark sunglasses, but he was happy for the reminder to continue to enjoy the sight of her immense breasts.

Susan continued, while flustered and wiggling around, "Oh my goodness! I'm so embarrassed. I wasn't thinking about anything in particular! The fact that Tiger is here with his muscular chest and big bulge has nothing to do with it! Sometimes nipples just get hard for no reason, just like the private parts of men do."

Susan realized she'd said "big bulge" and blushed even more with shame. She finally put one arm over her big tits and hid her blushing red face with her other hand.

But that only aroused Alan even further, since her breasts were so big that her arm couldn't hope to cover them, and the way her tit-flesh bulged in response to the pressure was extremely titillating in its own right. On top of that, when she put her hand over her face it meant that he could stare even more blatantly at her body, now without worrying about whether she could tell where he was looking.

Susan thought, Dear Lord, please help me! I'm sticking my foot in my mouth and embarrassing myself again and again. Why do I have such wicked, sinful thoughts about my son and his phallic bulge?! Whatever happened to Suzanne?! I wish she'd come and rescue me!

In fact, Suzanne was watching from the house. She was staying away for the moment because she figured that the more people were there, the more inhibited Susan would act. She couldn't hear what was being said, but she could see enough to tell that her plan was progressing nicely. She was displeased to see Amy getting naked, but she figured it was best to let that slide for the moment, so as to not disrupt the progress being made with Susan.

Alan was definitely on the verge of cumming again, just from all the visual stimulation around him. He was grateful for Suzanne's recent help in learning to clench his PC muscle. He frantically strained with all his might to prevent himself from ejaculating into his swimsuit. He lay there as still as a statue, for fear that any friction from his swimsuit on his cockhead would push him over the edge. His heart was still thumping like mad, so much that he was even sweating from the strain.

Amy suggested, "Aunt Susan, why don't you take your top off? I'd like to see those super-pokey nipples. We could all get topless. Wouldn't that be fun? Nudity is totally neat-o! And it would be like, visual stimulation for Alan to get better. Right? This visual stimulation stuff you just talked about is the same as the effort to sex things up, isn't it?"

Susan turned yet a darker shade of red. "It is, but Amy, we'd better not. I think he has seen plenty enough of all of us already. Too much, in fact! Don't you agree, Tiger?"

"No, Mom. I'd love to see you topless. I have to agree with Sis. You ARE a total fox. A stone cold fox, like I said before. You should be proud of your impressive chest and well-built body. I don't know why you've been hiding it for so many years."

She thought to herself, I know it's weird, but can't I feel pride if my son gives me a compliment? I'm a "total stone cold fox," which sounds pretty darn good, even though I still don't know what that really means. Hee-hee! Now, if only these damned nipples would go down already!

She took another furtive glance at the bulge in her son's shorts, and then forced herself to turn away. Maybe I SHOULD go topless! Suzanne says I need to step up my efforts to help him with his spermy problem. Tiger's penis has been so very long and stiff for such a long time... The poor boy must be suffering! It's time for him to cum! And, if he were to cum on my face, or my chest, then he wouldn't be spilling his seed on the ground like Onan did! Mmmm, yes! Tiger, cum on me! Cum on Mommy!

She suddenly caught herself, and realized how much her boobs were heaving up and down in time to her heavy breathing. She folded her arms under her rack in an attempt to lessen her bouncing. Goodness gracious, how I'd love to do it. As it is, my bikini top hardly covers much anyway. But someone here needs to be the responsible one. I need to set a good example for Angel and Amy. It's Sunday afternoon and I'm completely forgetting the teachings of Jesus. Didn't He say something against nudity? He must have. Didn't He?

So she replied, "No offense, Amy, but proper ladies don't go topless. It is VERY improper. I say 'No,' and that's that. I'm sure that Tiger has had more than enough stimulation for at least a couple of nice, long ejacu-"

She cut herself off. "Um... What I mean to say is, he should be able to reach his target today just fine, especially given the way you two were gallivanting around without your bikinis. Things are getting a little out of hand here, and everyone should just relax."

She closed her eyes and tried to let her mind go blank again, but found that impossible to do. But she was determined to at least pretend that she was resting.

She sorely wished she'd worn her prescription sunglasses instead of her usual glasses, so she could stare at Alan's body from behind the dark lenses. Her nipples hadn't gone down; she could even feel them throbbing. She repeated his words: "stone cold fox," "impressive chest," "well-built body." Oh, my son, I know such superficial features don't really matter in the eyes of the Lord, but your compliments make me so happy!

A few minutes later, things calmed down just enough for Alan not to worry about spontaneously cumming into his swimsuit at any moment. But his urge to cum was as great as ever, so he politely excused himself and hurried up to his bedroom. He was so inspired by what he'd seen and heard that he came twice in quick succession.


That evening, Amy came over to the Plummer house again, shortly after Susan and Suzanne left the house on an errand. She walked into the house and saw Alan sitting alone on a living room sofa, just watching TV. "Hey, Bo! What's up?"

"Not much."

"Hold on a sec while I get comfy."

Alan watched from across the living room while she took off all her clothes, stood there totally naked for a few moments, and then put her shirt and shorts back on. She definitely captured his full attention! He'd long since recovered from his earlier masturbation that afternoon, so his penis quickly engorged in his shorts.

Amy, wearing only a large bi-color tank top and partially-unbuttoned shorts, without bra or panties

When Amy was finished, she stood directly in front of him and asked, "How's this? I'm trying to dress a little sexy, 'cos I hear that's like the new rule now."

Her tank top was white on one side and blue on the other. It was several sizes too large, so it hung upon her loosely. But at the same time, the cut was so risqué that it did little more than barely cover her ample tits. If she were to make any sudden movement, an entire boob could easily fall out of the top. As if that wasn't enough, she kept her shorts unbuttoned, allowing Alan to see the top of her bush.

After giving her a long and very appreciative inspection, he exclaimed, "You look great!"

She smiled from ear to ear. "Thanks."

At Suzanne's insistence, Susan had recently moved a short chest of drawers near the front door so that all the women could take their underwear off and on when coming or going, and leave them in the cabinet while at the Plummers'. Amy had her own drawer, so she went to it and put her underwear away.

(Unfortunately for Alan, Susan used the bathroom near the front door whenever changing into or out of something decent to wear outside the house, and everyone but Amy followed suit.)

Alan was in ecstasy from all the eye candy, but Amy's clothes in particular drove him wild, perhaps because he'd never really seen her dress like that before. Although Amy was big on nudity, Suzanne had kept that tendency in check up until this point. In fact, Suzanne was very strict about what Amy could wear, because she still thought of Amy as her "little girl" and didn't want boys to take advantage of her. Suzanne had to approve all of Amy's clothing purchases, and she applied much more conservative standards for her daughter than she did to herself.

Amy walked back to the middle of the living room, bringing a book that she'd left near the front door. "Is it cool if I just kinda hang out with you for a while?"

"Sure. What's the book for?"

"Homework stuff. I didn't know you were watching TV. But I could just watch TV for a while too."

He looked to the TV. It was just one of the 24-hour news channels, and it wasn't very interesting. He picked up the TV remote and turned it off. "Nah. I wasn't really watching anyway, and homework is more important. Please, go ahead."

"M'kay!" She sat down on an adjacent sofa and started to read her book.

Alan thought that Amy was extremely trusting and naïve; she would probably believe anything a close friend, such as he was, might say. He tried to figure out how he could use that to his advantage so he could not just look at, but also touch, her tempting body.

He thought, Mom and Aunt Suzy are out, and Sis is up in her room, which leaves me all alone with just Amy! How cool is that, when she dresses like this? And how much more awesome will it be if she's dressing all sexy like this all the time?! Dang! But she's just sitting there reading a book. I need to make something exciting happen with her! He still suffered from low self-esteem when it came to sexual matters, but now his confidence was rapidly rising, thanks mostly to everything sexual that had happened lately. It seemed as if he could do no wrong.

Alan walked over to Amy and said, "I really like what you're wearing, Aims."

(Alan and Katherine generally called Amy "Aims" when there were no adults present, just as she, and sometimes Alan, used "Kat" for Katherine, mainly in similar circumstances. In addition, Amy had her own special nickname for Alan, "Bo." This was because they felt they should be more formal around Susan, and reserving use of their nicknames for times without parents present had always made that use a special "insider" thing among the three kids.)

"Thanks!" Amy replied. She put her book aside and looked up at him with a big smile. "This morning I cut this shirt up a bit just for you. It used to go all the way down."

"For me? Wow, that's so nice. You know what I like best about your shirt?"

"What's that?" Amy asked, extremely happy because he had so rarely complimented her looks in the past.

"I like how it shows off your nipples so well. And they're not even hard."

"They're not? What's not?" she asked, looking confused.

"Your nipples, silly. You know how they get hard and pointy sometimes? Like Mom's did today at the pool? You'd look twice as sexy now if they were hard. In fact, would you mind if I touched them to make them stick out a bit more?"

"Touch them?" Amy asked, now looking a bit worried and confused. "I don't know... Looking is one thing. But my mom says I should never let a guy touch me anywhere. And especially not in a place like that!"

"Yeah, but she means other guys, not me. You know how she said the other day that you could even walk around naked in front of me and it wouldn't be a problem? And how she said I could be trusted to not do anything improper?"

"Yeah," Amy said, nodding slowly, still looking uncertain at first. "I guess she did say you could do anything to me, or something like that. And I would like to see my nipples get super pokey like Aunt Susan's did. That would be fun!"

G: Alan fondling Amy's nipples through her shirt to 'make them pokey'

"Exactly. I'm sure your mom wouldn't mind if I just pinched your nipples a bit, like this." He reached out with one hand and began playing with her nipples through her top.

"Oooh!" said Amy with a somewhat erotic moan. "That makes me feel kinda funny. You sure this is okay?"

"Heck, you're not even naked, and your mom said that was okay. But if you're worried that she'd mind, why don't we just not tell her? Unless you want me to stop." He now had his hands on both of Amy's nipples, which was making her feel extremely 'funny'.

"Gosh no! Don't stop. That feels super good!"

"Aims, haven't you ever pinched your own nipples before?" he asked with genuine surprise.

"Yeah, but Mom says I'm not allowed to touch myself in any way that makes me feel too good. She can be a real meanie when she treats me like a little kid. So I'm not sure if she'd approve, 'cos this is making me feel really good. And it feels tons better than I remember, maybe because you're doing it."

Alan was amazed that Amy actually obeyed her mother about such things. Almost every child was told that they shouldn't masturbate, but almost everyone did it anyway. He said soothingly, "But you see, it's okay because I'm the one touching them, not you. So it's kind of a loophole." Both her nipples were rock hard as he kept working them with his fingers.

"Oh, I see. ... M'kay!" she said, now seemingly satisfied with his explanation.

"You see how much sexier you look with your nipples so hard?" He finally took his hands off her tits so she could look down at her nipples.

"Yeah. Neat-o!" she replied enthusiastically. She took her top off completely, the better to view her hard nipples, and then wiggled her naked tits around playfully. "Look at 'em!" She bent over and whirled so the centrifugal force would throw her breasts up and out while her firm, round ass pointed the other way. "Wooooo!" She giggled as she let her bare breasts bounce and swing.

That further drove any semblance of reason from Alan's brain. He felt uncharacteristically wicked urges arise. God, she's so sexy! And so easy! It's like she just wants to get fucked, taking her clothes off at the drop of a hat. Hell, all of a sudden all of the women around here are acting like they're aching to get fucked. Maybe it's time I start taking care of the fucking duties around here, starting right here with Aims!

He didn't notice Amy's brief grin as his eyes glazed over with intense lust.

He put a hand on one of her breasts and another on her stomach. "Look how fit you are, Aims," he pointed out as he began to rub his hand over her stomach. "I love clothes like this that show off your belly button and stomach, 'cos you've got such a nice body."

"Thanks! I'll wear more like this if you like."

G: Alan fondling Amy's large, succulent, naked boobs

"Oh, definitely. But only in this house, right?" One of his hands circled around her back, while the other cupped the entirety of her tit. He periodically pinched and teased her nipple as well. He was so aroused that he couldn't believe it. His stiff erection ached in his shorts.

"Yeah, I wouldn't want any other guy to see me like this. Just you..." she said, in an increasingly dreamy and absent-minded voice.

His hand moved back to her stomach, and then moved further down. He thought to himself, Dang, I don't care if she is innocent Amy, I'm so sexually worked up lately I just have to fuck somebody! I can't wait to see what real fucking is like. It's way better than having these thoughts about my sister or mother, at least. I'll bet Aims is willing, and damn the consequences!

His thoughts drifted lower, along with his hand. "I really like your shorts too. How is it they became unbuttoned?" he asked as he reached a hand into the area exposed by the lack of buttoning and began rubbing around there.

"I thought you'd find that sexy," she said. "I totally want to help out with all the visual stimulation and stuff."

"Thanks. I do! I do! I find it really sexy when you expose your boobs, like you did this afternoon. Your ass is totally amazing too. And I find it even more-"

She interrupted. "Golly! What's that? That thingy in your pants?" She pointed a finger right at his crotch. His hard-on was not only straining against the fabric lewdly, but it was actually throbbing visibly in his shorts.

"Um, Aims, you should know what body part that is. It gets, uh, like that when-"

All of a sudden, he stopped what he was saying and froze. He'd heard the sound of Katherine opening the door of her room. The odds were good that she'd come downstairs and see them. Dammit! So close! Frustrated again! He had just put his fingers into the top of Amy's bush. He'd never touched a vagina before, and now it looked like he'd have to wait some more.

"Why don't we finish this later?" he suggested as he took his hands off Amy and tried to find a casual sitting position that hid his erection. "I think Kat is coming downstairs, and she gets a little bit jealous when she sees me touch other girls, especially someone as beautiful as you."

"Beautiful? You think I'm beautiful? Oh, Bo! That's superfantabuwonderiffic!" Amy blushed a deep red, but smiled widely.

He smiled, because he liked her unusual habit of making up her own words by stringing words or parts of words together. He also liked the fact that she'd used her own private name for him, which she'd made up in childhood when Susan had objected to her imitating Kat and calling him "Bro". Whenever he heard her say "Bo" it always made him feel close to her, like family.

At the same time, he groaned inwardly. Arrgh! That episode only made me more frustrated sexually! I never get a chance to be alone with Aims, especially lately. When will I have a chance to pursue her a bit more? And when will I finally get to fuck somebody, anybody?

Katherine walked down the stairs, but stopped when she looked into the room. She was very surprised, because Amy was still topless. Damn! The competition is getting tougher all the time. I can't afford to fall behind. Still, that's kind of cool. Things are sexing up in a big way around here, which will give me my chance!

Katherine had been noticed, but Amy was busy reading her book again, and Alan was pretending to do something, although he wasn't sure what. He looked around and grabbed a magazine from the coffee table. He held it up like he was reading, but he was far too excited to pay attention to the words.

Meanwhile, Katherine was psyching herself up. This is the kind of situation I've been dreaming about for ages! True, I didn't envision Amy here too, but she can be a helpful catalyst. And just look at the bulge in Brother's shorts! WOW! I've gotta rise to the occasion and sex things up to an even higher degree!

She walked into the living room, acting as if nothing was unusual. "Hi, Aims. Boy, it sure is some heat wave, huh? What a good idea to go topless. Do you mind if I join you?" She began taking off her shirt even before Amy could reply.

"Cool beans!" Amy replied. She was an extremely friendly person, seemingly without a jealous bone in her body.

The three of them sat and started to chat about inconsequential things.

But after only a minute or so, Amy asked Katherine, "So, do you think showing our titties to Alan is okay?"

Katherine replied, "Definitely! It's more than okay. In fact, I think you're gonna see a lot more of that kind of thing around here from now on."

"Really? Why?"

Katherine thought about hinting about Alan's rather unique treatment, but she wasn't sure if Susan and Suzanne would approve. So she just said, "Before, the three of us were kids. But now we're turning into adults, and adults can be more lax about that kind of thing. Not with just anybody, obviously, but we're like family, so it's okay. Right?"

"Totally!" Amy eagerly agreed. "Cool! Super double awesome cool! I just LOVE being nude, but Mom only lets me do that in my room. Even then, she gets all huffy about it."

Thinking about Brad and Eric, Katherine said, "Well, that's understandable. I don't think your brother or dad would understand if you started running around your house topless. But Alan here is okay with it, aren't you?"

"Definitely," he said. He couldn't believe this conversation was going on with both girls sitting naked from the waist up. "I think it's great."

"Cool beans!" Amy said with her usual boundless enthusiasm. "Hey! Who do you think has bigger boobs?"


"Kat and me, our boobs are just about the same size. But whose do you think are bigger?" Amy raised her globes, making them look even larger.

Alan was struck speechless. His dick was painfully aroused, and he wished that Suzanne was helping him with tactile or oral relief at that very instant. "Um..."

Katherine didn't want to lose out, so she cupped her boobs and hefted them up too. "Yeah, Bro, who does have the bigger boobs?"

It was a very close call. If Alan had been completely honest, he would have to give the slight edge to Amy. But he wanted to be diplomatic, so he said, "I don't know. It's too hard to tell."

Amy made a sad pout. "Awww. I know it's a silly thing, but I totally want to know. Isn't there some way you could better judge their sizes?" She arched her back and stretched, while continuing to cup her hefty melons.

Katherine didn't know that Alan had been fondling Amy's boobs just before she came in, but she really wanted him to fondle her own. She knew Amy was extremely easygoing and would agree to almost anything she proposed, so she tested the waters. "Aims, what if he checks us out with his hands? Then maybe he'll be able to tell."

"Yeah! M'kay! Let's do it!" She suddenly got up. "I'll go put on some music and we can party! Do you have some B-52's CDs lying around?" Amy loved lively, danceable music, and the B-52s were one of her favorite bands.

But just as Amy bent over in front of the CD player, they heard the garage door opening.

"Oh no!" Alan groaned in dismay. "That must be Mom and Aunt Suzy!" He thought, Talk about lousy timing! I was so close to titty heaven!

Sure enough, Suzanne and Susan had come back from shopping. Both Amy and Katherine knew their mothers would not approve of what they'd been doing, so they quickly put their shirts back on before they were discovered.

Alan realized it was actually quite lucky that Katherine had come downstairs when she did, or he could have found himself in an extremely compromising situation in front of the two mothers. Alan, control your urges, he said to himself. You could have totally blown it. Patience! This is all gonna get really good if you're just a little more patient.

Besides, maybe it was a good thing I got interrupted twice. I was so excited that I was on a hair trigger. If I could have fondled their boobs freely I probably would have squirted a big load in my shorts. Man, that would have been embarrassing! Probably would have been worth it though!


Amy went back home shortly afterwards. She figured her fun was over now that the two mothers were present.

But the fun was far from over for Alan. Happily for him, Suzanne seemed to sense that he was just about to go insane from stimulation and lack of release, so she took him back to his room just a few minutes later.

As soon as she closed the door to his room behind her, she started stripping. "Sweetie, whip out that sweet cock-meat of yours. Your Aunt Suzy has gone all day without sucking your cock and that needs to change right now!"

Alan laughed. "Sweetness! Aunt Suzy, I love your brazen sexuality and explicit talk. I don't know where I stand with the others, but with you, you know what you want and you just go after it. I don't think any of the others have even said the word cock, ever!"

She grinned as she stepped out of the last of her clothes. "Well, I don't know about them, but I'm going to take your cock, hold your cock, stroke your cock, and then stick your cock down my throat so I can suck your cock for hours! So don't cock things up or get cocky about it. Cock, cock, cock, cockedy cock! COCK!"

They both laughed.

Then Suzanne got serious and got down to business. She said, "Remember when I said that you'd better get used to the sight of me naked and on my knees, sucking your cock?"

"Yeah? I mean, how could I ever forget that?!"

B: Suzanne naked on her knees, approaching Alan's dangling meat

"Well, here we go." She crawled across the room to him on all fours. She shook her boobs back and forth as she crawled. As she went, she said, "How do you like seeing your Aunt Suzy crawl like a hungry animal so she can eat your fuck-meat? Does that turn you on? I hope it does, 'cos you're gonna be seeing it a lot from now on!" Then she took him in her mouth and sucked like a vacuum cleaner.

He groaned loudly and lustily as her lips slid back and forth over his sweet spot. "Oooooh! Yeeeessss" Goditssogood! Gonna need to cum already!

He squeezed his PC muscle frantically. He didn't want to embarrass himself by cumming in less than a minute. But after all the fun with Amy and Katherine downstairs, and then seeing Suzanne crawl naked on all fours, it was a difficult struggle.

As she licked and sucked, she thought, What's come over me? All this crawling, for one thing. I've NEVER done that kind of thing before for any guy in my life! It's not dignified. The problem is, for perhaps the first time in my life, I'm with the man I really love and I want to wow him. I want him to go absolutely ga-ga every time he sees me. But I do need to settle down and keep my dignity. No more of this crawling around, even though it is kind of fun to just go wild.

Despite the fact that Alan had recently started to practice the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle squeezing technique known as "Kegel exercises," named after the gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel who first described them, he didn't have the self-control to hold out for long in the face of such an all-out sexual attack. He tried his best, but he could no more stop his relentless rush towards orgasmic overload than he could stop a runaway truck barreling towards him.

Suzanne's tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, impossibly long, wrapping itself nearly all the way around his erection. He thought that was physically impossible, but it sure appeared that way. And her lips were just as ever-present. She could move like lightning, doing the most unexpected things, and then at other times caress his shaft with her tongue and lips in a very romantic and affectionate way. As if that wasn't enough, her fingers stayed busy too, usually playing with his balls, or stroking those remaining inches of his shaft that weren't in her mouth.

B: Suzanne holding and sucking on Alan's cock, as seen from below so that Suzanne's naked boobs appear to be on each side of his meat

Sure enough, in only a minute or two, he made some loud guttural warning groans and began to spurt.

Suzanne didn't back off, but just kept stroking, sucking, and licking, attempting to pleasure him 'to the last drop'. She made sure not to have his erection too far down her throat when he came though, so that his cum wouldn't go straight down her gullet without her being able to taste it.

When it was all over, he sat back and looked down at her. His chest rose and fell as he recovered his breath.

Suzanne looked up. "What is it? Sweetie, you look sad. Don't tell me I did a bad job, 'cos I know I didn't. I'd think you'd be ecstatic."

"Well, I am! You made me feel soooo great that I can't even put it into words. Dang, you're good! And I really needed that. But it was over so fast. I have no control at all. I feel like I'm just not living up to the kind of guy you deserve."

Suzanne guffawed. "Oh, that's rich! Sweetie, I could get used to this. I've been with a lot of men, but already I can tell that you're the best."

He frowned sadly, even while he admired her naked, kneeling body. "Best? Best at what? Ejaculating as soon as you touch me? I don't know what to do. You're just too much woman. I can't hold out."

"That's so sweet. But think about it. You're just starting out. You're just starting to learn control of your PC muscle. Besides, I can be pretty overwhelming at times."

He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. "That you can."

Suzanne kept talking, "And I'm not allowing you to touch me, so all you CAN do is sit there. And it was mostly my fault, 'cos I got so excited that I didn't try to pace and prolong things at all. Don't worry. Okay, technically you may not yet be the best, but you will be. You've got all the tools." She reached out and held his flaccid penis as she said the word "tools."

"Like what?" he asked. "An above-average penis size? A lot of guys have that."

"True, you have that, and a few other nice attributes like your surprisingly sweet cum, but you have so much more. It's the intangibles. Aspects of your personality that just make a woman enjoy having sex with you. I don't want to go into them now though, because we've got better things to do."

She began to rub his flaccid penis in her hands. Then she bent forward and began licking his balls with her long tongue.

That made him remember his previous curiosity about the exact length of her obviously very long tongue. In fact, he grew so curious that he finally grew bold enough to ask, "Speaking of attributes, can you stick your tongue out for me?"

"A-ha! You noticed. Sure." She stuck it out all the way, revealing to him the longest tongue he'd ever seen.

He was impressed; it was even longer than he'd imagined. It looked like she'd even be able to touch the tip of her nose with it. "Wow! That's cool. Obviously you're the only one who's ever blown me, but I have a feeling you're extra good at it, thanks to your tongue."

B: Suzanne between Alan's legs, holding his erect cock with her right hand while she licks the underside near his frenulum

She chuckled. As she started to talk, she licked up and down the side of his shaft while continuing to show off just how long her tongue was. "Oh, I'm good all right, but it's not just my tongue. It's like with you; it's the intangibles. For one thing, the passion, the engagement. When I jack you off or suck your cock, I just want to give you the highest high you've ever had in your entire life, and I'll stop at nothing to make sure that you get it." She certainly didn't lack in confidence, but she had good reason to boast.

He'd figured it would take ten minutes or more for his penis to revive, but between what her hands were doing to it, her intense look right into his eyes, her naked body, and her words, he found it already growing turgid. Oh man! Here we go again. So good!

He asked, "What about your husband?"

She grimaced. "What about him?"

"Don't you satisfy him? Doesn't he satisfy you? Whatever happened between the two of you? That's always been a mystery to me. He's like some kind of big, powerful, rich guy. What are you doing with a nerdy loser kid?"

"Are you trying to get me to stop stroking you? Geez. First question: yes I did, with ease, way back in the days when we actually had sex. Second question: yeah, he was good enough, back in those days. But now he's TOO rich. TOO powerful. We don't even relate anymore."

"But what happened? I still kinda remember when you two were really happy?"

She gave him a look that made clear that question wasn't welcome and he wasn't going to get an answer. She didn't want to reopen painful old wounds.

He wisely changed the topic slightly. "But what about other guys? I mean, you're Aunt Suzy, you're like some kind of walking, talking orgasm. You could have your pick of any guy. You could be with some buff lifeguard or bodybuilder or Donald Trump or something."

She laughed. "Ha! I've been with lifeguards and bodybuilders, and a lot more. I'm not proud to admit it, Sweetie, but I've had a lot of affairs since I gave up on my husband." She chuckled, "Donald Trump, so far, has escaped my sweep. But I've been with his type. Egotistical assholes, the whole lot of them. If a guy has something special, like a ten-inch dick or a million-dollar yacht, he comes to think he's God's gift to women. I piss on the whole lot of them. My affairs with those self-centered jerks are over."

She looked up into his eyes and said with great sincerity, even as she kept stroking, "You're different. That's what I'm talking about with the intangibles. Your mom and I, we raised you right. Susan can be over the top with her religious mumbo-jumbo, but there's a lot to be said for raising a kid with those old-time values. I feel confident that, no matter how good things get for you, you're not going to become an asshole. That's because you have class. You've got a moral backbone. You've got modesty. I know you're only eighteen and you're still maturing, but you're already more mature than many much older guys - my husband for instance - because you've got the fundamentals."

She added, "Heck, you're probably more mature than I am in a lot of ways. I can be pretty selfish and hedonistic sometimes." She thought about the duplicity in her entire six-times-a-day scheme. She wasn't proud of herself, but she felt that in this case the end justified the means, and that everyone involved would benefit quite a lot.

She looked down at his erection. It was back at full strength, so she started devoting more attention to it. "No, I'm afraid you're stuck with me, Sweetie. You're the best. I'm gonna stick to you like glue, if you'll have me. My only slight frustration is that I'm going to have to share cocksucking duties with Susan and Katherine and who knows who else."

His heart practically stopped beating upon hearing that. "What?! Mom? Sis? No way!"

"Yeah way. I've said this to you before, Sweetie. Just give it a little time, and mark my words: it'll happen. Your mother is so cock-hungry already that she doesn't know if she's coming or going. You notice that deer-caught-in-the-headlights look she has all the time now? That's 'cos she's always thinking about your dick. She's thinking about fondling it. She's even thinking about sucking on it."

Talking about sucking reminded Suzanne to lean forward and begin licking the tip of his cock. But she was able to do that, and stroke with her hands, and keep talking too. "And I heard about her nipple incident at the pool today. What do you think made her nipples like two little hardened missile silos? It's you, mister."

He knew with his logical mind that what she was saying was true, but it was just so staggering, and the implications were even more mind-blowing, that it didn't seem real to him.

She went on, "And I've seen how your sister looks at you too. She's quite a hottie, don't you think? Can't you just picture her nursing a big fat Alan boner between her lips?"

He groaned as he pictured it. He was even more aroused because she was lapping against his sweet spot like a hungry dog.

She said, "I'll bet before long, both of them will be calling dibs, vying to see who gets to stroke you and blow you next. Just give it time. I wonder how long it will take before all three of us are all naked on the floor together, just like I am on all fours, begging you that we be the one allowed to suck your cock next!"

"Oh MAN! Aunt Suzy, don't talk like that! I'm just some guy. That could never be. I don't deserve it."

She shot him a dirty look and gave his erection a slightly painful squeeze. "Don't say that again, you hear? You're not just 'some guy.' True, you're not perfect; nobody is. You've got issues, like a lack of self-confidence. But you're special."

Out of nowhere, she started to tear up. "You're my special Sweetie and I love you. So much!"

By the time she got to saying "so much," tears were rolling down her cheeks because she was overcome with emotion as she tried to convey the depth of her love for him. However, she hated to cry; she thought it was a sign of weakness.

She also had trouble telling him in words just how much he meant to her. So she pulled herself together and distracted herself by devoting all her attention to the blowjob. She'd been passionate before, but now she sucked him with abandon. She tried to show him how much she loved him with her tongue, lips, and hands instead.

Alan was overwhelmed by what she'd said and by her tearing up, even more than by her insanely pleasurable blowjob. It took him over a minute after she'd stopped talking to get himself together enough to say in reply, "Aunt Suzy, I love you too." She hadn't actually said "I love you" as a direct, isolated statement, but he knew that she meant it.

He could hear her emotionally choke up again, and he felt it too since his dick was well inside her mouth.

He added, "And I'm not just saying that 'cos you're so sexy and stacked and great at handjobs and cocksucking. I mean, you're my Aunt Suzy. What more can I say? You're right up there with Mom as the most important person in my life, and that's the highest compliment I can think of. I know you love me, and, well, it just makes me love you back even more."

Suzanne was so moved that she was certain she was really going to lose it and cry her eyes out. But her tough persona kicked in. She stopped her blowjob long enough to say in a semi-joking voice, "Stop your blubbering already. You sound like a girl."

They both laughed.

Suzanne sighed as she lovingly caressed his hard shaft and cockhead with both hands. She gave it a few kisses, and then a few long licks, and then she said, "It's going to be a shame, having to share this sweet meat. But that's okay." She said to herself as much as to him, "Six times a day is a bit much for any one woman to handle, even someone like me. I don't mind sharing a little."

Then, in a nasty, sultry voice, she spat out, "We're all gonna get really good at sucking your cock. Really good." She swallowed him deep.

He didn't realize it, because he was so out of his mind with arousal, plus he'd never experienced it before, but she actually accidentally deep-throated him. Suzanne knew all kinds of sexual tricks and techniques, but deep throating wasn't something she had tried since she was in college. It wasn't easy for her, and so it wasn't something she was willing to try unless she was really in love. Unfortunately, until Alan, she hadn't truly been in love for a long, long time.

Even with Alan, she hadn't intended to deep throat him, at least not any time soon. She liked the idea of surprising him with new things from time to time, and that was something she figured she could treat him with well down the road, after she'd had a chance to practice it on a dildo and get good at it. But her desire for his dick was so strong that she kept sucking more and more of it into her mouth until she realized with great surprise that she'd reached where her gag reflex would trigger.

At that point she paused, uncertain what to do. She thought back to her previous deep-throating efforts many years earlier, but they weren't good memories. She recalled a lot of discomfort and no additional pleasure. But her love and lust for Alan were so strong that she thought, What the hell? Why not? and she kept going.

To her surprise, she managed to swallow most of his cockhead, and with a lot less discomfort than she'd anticipated.

He groaned exceptionally loudly. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he hung on as waves of extreme euphoria washed over him. She didn't know why the deep throating was happening relatively easily for her. She suspected that she was feeling both exceptionally cock-hungry and very relaxed, and that she might not be able to duplicate it again very readily anytime soon, so she should take full advantage of the opportunity. As a result, she pulled back, inhaled deeply, and dove all the way down his shaft once again.

One thing she didn't like about deep throating was the frustration of not being able to breathe while her throat was obstructed. So she made long deep-throating lunges, but only stayed down for a few seconds. Then she would alternate with tongue work right on his sweet spot until she was ready to make another short-duration deep lunge.

She needed his cum right away, and was determined to use every trick she knew to get it.

B: Suzanne with Alan's cock halfway in her mouth as she holds him with her right hand

He blew his load about a minute later. When he started, she was deep throating him again. But, sensing his impending eruption, she pulled up at the last moment so she could taste his cum flowing through her mouth before it disappeared down her throat.

Just as he came, she touched her clit and exploded in climax at the same time.

He'd never felt so good, so satisfied. But it wasn't just the sheer joy and intense pleasure of a great blowjob. He felt a deeper love and connection with Suzanne than ever before, and that felt far better than the mere physical pleasure between them.

She got up next to him and they cuddled for a while as they recovered. He wished he could kiss her, and he brought his face close to hers, but for some reason she didn't seem open to that, and turned her head away. She also made sure he kept his hands by his sides instead of letting him explore her lush, curvy body.

But their cuddle was pretty awesome just the same. He knew that his bond and emotional closeness with her was getting stronger thanks to moments like those.

As they cuddled, he asked, "Aunt Suzy... Did you... This is kind of a weird question, but did you just deep throat me?"

She grinned. "Yes. Yes, I did."

"Wow! I didn't know you knew how to do that."

"Frankly, I didn't either. It just kind of happened. Don't expect it to happen again. I don't know what you've read or seen, but deep throating is NOT EASY for a woman to do. Well, at least that's the case for most women, including me. Maybe some women feel differently, but it usually isn't that pleasurable either. With you, I did it and I even kind of enjoyed it, because, well, you're my Sweetie. You're my special guy. It made me happy hearing you groan in ecstasy like you'd just entered Heaven."

"I did!"

She chuckled, lovingly brushing a hand through his hair. "See? That's what I'm talking about. You're such a cutie, so full of enthusiasm. But seriously, consider that a special treat that might not happen again. Frankly, I don't even know if I can do it again! Try sticking a finger down your throat and see what happens, and then imagine how much more difficult it would be with a dick the size of yours instead of just a skinny fingertip."

He tried sticking his finger down his throat, but gave up after just a second or two. He could see her point. He gave her a hug. "Wow. Aunt Suzy, you're the best! You make me so happy, and not just sexually. Just knowing that you care and that you're always there for me puts wind in my sails and makes me want to be a better person. And as a bonus, you're very cuddly!" He tightened his hold on her and kissed her bare shoulder, since that was right in front of his face.

She chuckled at his "very cuddly" comment, squeezing him back. But at the same time his words warmed her heart so much that she had to fight not to shed tears of joy. She thought, I feel the same, Son. All that right back at ya, and then some. Susan isn't the only one coming out of her shell lately. I feel more alive than I've felt in years, and it feels so good! So good to be loved!

She normally tried not to call him "Son," even in her thoughts, but that's how she thought of him in her heart of hearts.


Katherine had been eavesdropping on Suzanne's earlier sexual activities with Alan, so she went to her room, ready to eavesdrop on this latest blowjob too.

She very much wanted to listen in again, but unfortunately for her, Susan had the same plan. The two of them kind of lingered in the hall and bathroom area just outside the closed door to Alan's bedroom. They both waited for the other one to leave so they could eavesdrop, but neither one did.

After an awkward minute, Katherine went back to her room but kept the door open. That foiled Susan, since from within her room Katherine could see Alan's door just across the hallway. But Susan went to her bedroom down the hall and kept her door open. That foiled Katherine, since Susan could see and hear down the hall.

As a result, both of them missed the big emotional moment between Alan and Suzanne.

After two blowjob orgasms in quick succession from Suzanne, Alan felt she'd not only sucked his balls completely dry, she'd sucked his soul right out of him as well.

He was tired, hot, and sweaty, so after she left, he got up and staggered off to take a shower before going to bed. He put on a robe and headed across the hallway to the bathroom adjacent to Katherine's room, but just as he was opening his door, his mother called him into her bedroom to talk to him. He headed off in that direction instead, still feeling sticky and yucky.

Katherine also heard Susan's call, and saw her opportunity for action. She felt Suzanne was pulling far ahead in the contest for Alan's affections, so she needed to do something to make her mark or she would have to go back to pining away with her secret crush on him. Therefore she snuck into the shower while he was in Susan's room, hoping to surprise him there.

Down the hall, Alan walked into Susan's room, and asked, "What's up, Mom?"

Susan was sitting on her bed, but in an unusual position, curled up with her knees to her chest and her arms around her legs. She seemed sad or worried. She asked in a quiet voice, "Did you have a fun time with Suzanne just now?"

"Yes, I did. She helped me do my thing. She was really great."

"That's nice." But Susan seemed even sadder.

He walked closer and asked her, "Anything wrong? Are you upset or something?"

She exhaled heavily. "No, I'm fine. It's just... Well, things are changing. You're becoming a man. I'm having to think of you in a sexual way because you're becoming sexually active, even if it's all only to help with your medical treatment."

He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her and took her hand. "Hey, Mom, it's okay. I'm still the same me. Things will be fine, I'm sure. I still love you, and I know you love me. We'll get through whatever problems come up, because we're a team." He was reluctant to express his love to Suzanne or Amy because their exact status was unclear, and it didn't seem "cool" to talk about love with Katherine, but he had no hesitation in telling his mother how much he loved her, so he said it a lot.

She didn't have any hesitation either. "Son! I love you so much! You're right. I'm sure things will be fine. It's just that you're growing up, and that's a part of life."

He smiled encouragingly, and then leaned in to kiss her. He kissed her cheek and then the tip of her nose before he pulled back.

Her heart leapt to her throat for an excited moment when she thought he would kiss her lips. She had to hide her disappointment when he didn't.

Sensing that he'd helped Susan out of whatever weird mood she'd been in, he said goodbye and headed back down the hall to take his shower.

Susan wanted to ask him all about the handjob or blowjob that Suzanne had obviously just given him, but she was nowhere near ready to talk to him about such things. Curiosity was welling up in her, but she was forced to wait until later, perhaps tomorrow morning's exercise session, when she could hear about it from Suzanne.

Meanwhile, Katherine stripped and hopped into the shower before Alan got there. She left her shirt on, knowing that the wet T-shirt look could be even more arousing than complete nakedness. She also wore rubber clogs that helped tone up her legs just like high-heeled shoes. She turned on the water to get herself wet, but then turned it back off so he wouldn't realize she was there.

fM: Katherine squatting in the shower, in a wet shirt and clogs

Alan walked in, picked up a towel, and closed the door before the presence of his nearly naked sister even registered on his brain. When he saw her, his mouth dropped open in shock. But his surprise wasn't nearly as great as it would have been had she not done a striptease for him by the pool the day before, or been topless with Amy earlier, or been grabbing at his erection in the pool earlier that day. Clearly, she was acting in a new, provocative way around him.

"Sis! What are you doing here?!" he exclaimed. He gawked in particular at her fully-exposed pussy.

"Oh, nothing much; just taking a shower." She didn't seem perturbed or surprised by his presence, but asked, "The bigger question is: What are YOU doing here? Are you trying to spy on your naked little sister?"

"No, no, no! No, it's not like that. I didn't even know that you were in here, is all!"

"Then why are you looking at me that way? If I didn't know better, I'd think you're looking straight between my legs!"

Her indignation was just a ruse to keep him talking and staring. In fact her labia were spread deliberately wide for his viewing, and she made no attempt to close her legs. If anything, she spread them even further apart.

But then he started paying even more attention to her hands. She was holding the hose to the shower nozzle with both hands, right in the middle of her chest, and rubbing her hands up and down the hose as if it were a phallus.

That flustered him even more. Seeing Suzanne naked was one thing, but seeing his sister this way, so ready and eager for sexual fun, was still a huge shock to his system. With Suzanne he felt somehow safe in knowing that there were boundaries, but he knew his sister well. She was more impetuous and untamed; with her, anything was possible. In addition, she was his sister!

"Sorry! I'm really sorry!" he said extremely apologetically. "I didn't mean to be looking at anything. I'll go now."

He paused at the door and, with his eyes averted, asked, "Sis, what's going on? Why is everybody, like ... just totally ... all the nakedness! Why?!" But he was too flummoxed to stick around to form a more coherent question, much less get an answer. He fled from the bathroom.

Damn, Katherine thought. I should have started slowly and worked up to more. Next time he'd better watch out, 'cos I'm going to "sex him up" until he has a heart attack! This is too much fun not to do. The cat's out of the bag that I want him, so there's no reason not to go for broke! Aunt Suzy's already sucking his cock; I have to catch up to that soon or fall behind. Oh God, I love you, Big Brother!

She turned the water back on and used the shower hose to blast water at her pussy until she had a nice climax. She used one hand to keep stroking the hose, pretending it was her brother's hard-on.

Had it not been for that shower encounter, Alan would have gone to bed masturbating to thoughts of Suzanne. As it was, his mind was a jumble and he thought of Katherine, Suzanne, Susan, and even Amy. He kept thinking of Suzanne's comment: "We're all gonna get really good at sucking your cock."

He had no trouble getting aroused, and soon fell into a deep, dream-filled sleep after shooting his sixth load into a towel. (His total included a masturbation session before church, and others before and after his mid-afternoon nap.) All in all, it had been another great day for him.

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