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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Sunny Afternoon
Day 29: Monday, October 14

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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On Monday morning, as Alan lay in bed after waking, he thought, Man oh man! I can't wait to start another day. My life has gotten so interesting. I can see a definite pattern developing: with each new day, the clothing of all the lovely ladies at home gets a little bit more provocative. There've been a truly incredible number of times all four of them had been naked, or nearly naked, in the past few days. How long will it take before everyone ends up naked all the time?!

Normally, Susan was an early riser, so she was usually already showered and dressed by the time Alan came downstairs for breakfast in the morning. But on that day she was still wearing a bathrobe when he walked into the kitchen.

It started out tightly wrapped around her but, as breakfast went on, it began to loosen on her body and the proportion of her cleavage that was visible grew.

When Katherine came downstairs, that didn't seem to inhibit Susan's behavior at all.

As Susan served breakfast, she did a lot of leaning over, so much so that on one or two occasions one or both of her creamy tits almost fell out of her robe altogether. But still, she managed to keep her nipples covered nearly the entire time.

Susan with breasts and nipples showing

Nearly, but not all the time. She knew Alan was getting a very pleasant eyeful, and she loved it. But even as she did these things, her face was filled with worry and doubt.

She wondered, Just what am I doing here? We're supposed to sex things up, but am I getting into the job of tantalizing Tiger far too much? Why do I enjoy showing myself off to him so much? This time I can't even say that Suzanne made me wear this.

The problem is, this robe is the ONLY thing I'm wearing! I feel so naughty, but it feels... so good! And tingly! There must be something wrong with me. I'm falling into wickedness and sin, but I can't help myself!

She was wracked with moral doubt and guilt, but she found herself showing off her body to Alan anyway. She simply tried her best to not think about what she was doing or why, but just to do it.

The one overriding thought she maintained was, The doctor says this is what Tiger needs. She also repeated like a mantra, The penis in the abstract. Don't think of it as his penis. The penis in the abstract.

Alan had great difficulty eating his breakfast of French toast, scrambled eggs, and fruit. Susan didn't say much to him, or even overtly flirt with her body, but she seemed to be constantly hovering around him, asking whether he needed anything. The front of her robe was open down to her cute belly button, which meant he could see all of her deep cleavage and even much of the undersides of her huge round globes. It was a miracle she didn't show her nipples more, but they seemed to be caught on the inside edges of the robe most of the time.

As if that wasn't tantalizing enough for him, Katherine sat across from him with most of the buttons undone down the front of her blouse. He could see nearly as far down into her cleavage as he could with his mother's. All throughout the meal his sister repeatedly leaned forward over the table, showing off even more of her ample chest.

Meanwhile, Susan frequently glanced at his crotch. She wasn't even subtle about it. Each time she looked, she saw Alan's stiff erection tenting his shorts. By and by, she got so worked up that she started to feel it was getting a little bit longer and thicker with every glance.

She thought, Oh my goodness! What kind of cruel fate gave me such a well-endowed son? I wouldn't be surprised if his member is ten inches long, if not an entire foot! All this stimulation is good for him. That's why I'm not chiding Angel for acting like a wanton hussy. But I don't know if this helps him with his problem unless he gains release. I wish there was some way I could help make that happen, right now!

Let's face it: I'm naked under my robe, and my breasts are on display more often than not. Everything is so hot! I feel like I'm burning up! Would it really be wrong if I let my robe slip off my shoulders altogether? And then... then... if I were to drop to my knees, unzip his shorts, and...

Oh no! Such sinful thoughts! I can't go there! He DOES need that kind of help; there's no doubt about it. But Suzanne needs to be the one to give it. Unfortunately, she's not here! Isn't it my motherly duty? Oh, but I can't! But why do I feel so tingly?! Even my nipples are feeling funny. And what if he smells that I'm wet down below? That would be totally humiliating. I HAVE to get my act together!

She didn't realize it, but she was repeatedly licking her lips while staring with undisguised lust right at the bulge of his crotch. She even reached inside her robe and experimentally felt one of her erect nipples for a few moments, before she finally fled back to the kitchen.

The problem was, arousing sights like his mother's obvious lust kept Alan's dick extremely erect, but there was nothing he could do to relieve the pressure. He couldn't jack off under the table, not with Katherine sitting right there, and there wasn't enough time for him to go back to his room or the shower and masturbate in either one of those places before he left for school.

As a result, he left for school with a bad case of blue balls.

— — —

After Susan's children were gone, she went about collecting yet another load of laundry from her kids' rooms. She couldn't help herself while doing that and wound up sniffing the moist spots on the towels and sheets she'd removed from Alan's room. The smell of her son's cum made her giddy and nearly dizzy. Thus, once she started the laundry, she was "forced" to perform her now daily "breast exam" in the shower.

When her climaxes were over, she felt even worse about how she was blatantly showing herself off, not to mention guilty over her frequent masturbation sessions. The 'breast self-exam' excuse had worn thin for her, as now she gave as much attention to her pussy as to her boobs. She vowed to herself, I'm going to stop dressing like a hussy starting right now. Tiger will just have to get his visual stimulation somewhere else.

But then Suzanne came over for their usual daily exercise session. Suzanne was hardly through the door before Susan began pestering her with questions about what she'd done to Alan in his room the night before.

The two of them sat down at the kitchen counter and drank green tea while Suzanne described the two blowjobs she'd given Alan in such detail that it seemed as if she described every single lick and suck she'd given his boner. The only editing was that she greatly cut down on describing the emotional talk that she and Alan had had afterwards, since she was very shy about that kind of thing and knew that Susan would be extremely jealous.

Needless to say, this talk got Susan hotter than an oven.

Susan and Suzanne still often discussed their sexual dreams. But that kind of talk was now fading in importance day by day, since the real-life events with Alan were so much more interesting and exciting for each of them.

Susan's resolve not to show off her body faded away during all the excitement of talking to Suzanne. By the time Suzanne left after they had completed their morning exercise routines, Susan was at least as ready to "help with visual stimulation" as she had been before.


In school, Alan repeatedly spaced out, maintaining a near-constant hard-on in all his classes. The weekend had been dangerously exciting and all the sexual stimulation was like an addictive drug. He wanted more.

As often happened, he ended up staying after his fourth-period World History class to ask his teacher, Gloria Rhymer, some questions about that day's lesson. He was truly interested in history, and it showed, but he also just liked spending time with his presumably-secret crush. As often happened, they wound up spending the entire lunch period together talking about history and school gossip while eating their food.

But once their time together had ended, his thoughts returned to the sexual possibilities at home. He decided he would hang out by the pool after he got home and see what resulted. He was well aware that that was where on Saturday his sister had gone sexually berserk, and where on Sunday Amy had gone topless (plus sometimes bottomless) and Susan had had her nipple incident. He hoped that another trip to the pool could lead to more such exciting things.

As soon as he got home, he put his backpack away in his room, put on his bathing suit, and headed to the pool area. It seemed that the others were thinking along the same lines, because when he got to the back patio, Suzanne and Susan were already there and Katherine joined them as soon as she could. He wondered if they too were hoping the near nakedness of swimming attire could help make something happen, since all of them were wearing alluring bathing suits.

Suzanne in a very skimpy bikini

Suzanne was wearing the most outrageous suit of all. It was a bikini so small that it barely covered her nipples. Even then, one could see fairly well through the semi-transparent material. Only a thin string ran down her ass crack, so from the back one could hardly tell she wore anything at all. In the front of her crotch there was so little cloth that some pubic hair was easily visible on each side of the suit.

In addition, she was wearing very high heels. They seemed wildly inappropriate to the occasion, but lately Suzanne seemed determined to wear high heels as much as humanly possible whenever she was around him. As an experienced sexual temptress, she knew what a big difference they made, not just in how they looked but also in how they firmed up her legs and ass. She also felt a growing sense of competition with both Susan and Katherine, wanting him to look only, or at least mostly, at her. She felt that heels gave her an edge, because the other two almost never wore heels.

Katherine was wearing her new bikini, the same one she'd worn the day before. She looked great in it, but in Alan's mind it didn't compare to the one-piece suit with which she'd driven him wild two days earlier. He had a soft spot in his heart (and usually a wet spot in his swimsuit) when he remembered that one.

As good as his sister looked, Alan tended to pay more attention to Susan's and Suzanne's more mature and buxom bodies. It was hard for Katherine, or just about any other female, to compete with them. Suzanne was expert at preening herself in sexy poses, and used all her tricks to the fullest. Susan knew no such tricks, but she had a nearly identical body, an even thinner waist, and a charming puritan innocence going for her.

Suzanne had recently bought Susan two new bathing suits. Susan had worn the more revealing of the two the day before, but after the mortifying nipple incident she had decided to wear the one with the more conservative, sports-bra-styled design. It wasn't that she didn't want to show Alan her nipples, but to have them be the focus of everyone's attention and the butt of their jokes was another thing altogether.

Susan was swimming in the pool when Alan arrived. Even though she was wearing her more conservative bathing suit, she looked so sexy that it took him some time to get used to the fact that his formerly prudish mother was wearing such a suit. He couldn't even remember what kind of bathing suits she'd worn in the past, because she'd usually gone out of her way not to go swimming when her kids were home.

Susan in a wet bikini, tits popping out, preparing to embrace Alan

He practically creamed on the spot when he saw Susan slowly lift herself out of the pool to greet him. The water dripping off her slick wet skin was just as great an erotic sight as Suzanne's nearly nonexistent suit. It reminded him of his cumming all over Akami, and for a moment he imagined Susan dripping with his cum instead of pool water.

To add to his distress, this was the first that Susan had seen him since he got home, so after coming out of the water she gave him a big "welcome back from school" hug, pressing her wet body against his dry one so that her hard nipples drilled holes into his chest.

It seemed to him that the hug went on a lot longer than her previous hugs. As a teen, he'd never really been hugged by his prudish mother except during the past few days, but now her intimate hugs were coming fast and furious.

He hadn't been expecting the hug, so he didn't know what to do when his erection poked firmly into her abdomen as the hug went on. She must feel that, he thought as the hug continued, but she gave no sign of doing so.

She kissed the top of his ear and said, "My big son. I'm so proud of you."

He wasn't sure what inspired that, but wondered if the "big son" comment had anything to do with the large hard-on pressing into her so insistently through his bathing suit, which was a typical boy's suit much like the shorts he always wore. Holy crap! I'm going to die of shame! he thought as the hug went on and on while his boner insistently prodded her tummy. How can she NOT know what's poking into her there?

After she disengaged, she showed no sign that she'd noticed or minded his throbbing dick. In fact, she'd been very aware of it; that was the main reason why she'd wanted the hug to go on forever.

Since his mother made him wet in one way from the pool water dripping off her body, he figured he should jump into the pool before it was obvious that she was about to make him wet in another way.

As soon as he jumped in, Susan went back in the water too. Katherine, not wanting to miss out, jumped in as well. The three splashed around and had fun playing with each other, but there was no touching.

Suzanne didn't join them. Her skin was so fair that she didn't like getting in the water and having her suntan lotion wash off. It seemed to her that even the supposedly-waterproof lotions weren't really that waterproof.

Susan got out first, since she'd already been in the water for a while before Alan arrived. She sat in the lounge chair next to Suzanne's, leaving Katherine an opportunity to divert some of Alan's attention from the two impressively stacked mothers.

When Alan stood next to his sister by the side of the pool nearest to Susan and Suzanne, Katherine realized that the two older beauties couldn't see much more than their heads and shoulders in the water. She reached out and brazenly grabbed her brother's erection through his swimsuit.

That certainly got Alan's full attention, especially as there wasn't even the slightest pretense this time that it was an accident. She was definitely going for broke.

As she held his hard-on, he thought, Okay, we're definitely crossing some kind of incestuous line here. I've seen a lot of Sis and Mom in the past few days, but this is the first undeniable sexual touching, and that's a totally different thing. But you know what? I don't feel bad about it. I love Sis and she loves me. Yeah, it's kind of weird to think of her THAT way, but dang! She's just so good looking that it short-circuits my brain and all my objections. I guess it's true that guys think with their dicks. Geez! She's STILL holding it!

To Katherine, those touches in the pool the day before had been playful, just an extension of the water games they'd been playing with Amy. But, like Alan, she knew this new grope was a big escalation and a very pivotal moment in their lives. She felt frightened beyond belief. After all, just days earlier she'd considered herself to be extremely conservative in her fashion and sexual attitudes compared to her classmates. But now her long-simmering lust for her brother had burst to the surface. Furthermore, she felt that she had to act quickly or lose out to the two older women.

She had no idea that Suzanne was actually encouraging Alan to pursue both Plummer women. Even if she had been able to hear Suzanne saying things like that, she would have assumed it was just talk to get Alan horny, because she couldn't imagine any woman voluntarily sharing her man.

But what concerned her more was Susan. She had no doubt that her mother would never allow her to touch Alan's penis, much less suck on it. She assumed Susan would be horrified to even think that something sexual was happening between her children. So she believed whatever happened between Alan and her would have to remain a dark secret.

However, Katherine realized that she could use Susan's hypocritical attitude to her own advantage. Knowing that Alan was helpless to object in any way, because Susan was sitting so close, she pulled his hard-on out of his swimsuit and grabbed it with both hands. She gave him a triumphant, wicked look, which he returned with a helpless, worried stare. She began to stroke him under the water, keeping all the action in her forearms so that neither mother looking at her upper arms would think that anything was amiss.

Katherine in a bikini, lower arms out of sight, with a strange look of concentration

Suzanne saw their faces and suspected something fishy. Alan was mostly facing away so she couldn't really read his expression, but Katherine had a curiously triumphant yet frightened look on her face.

Suzanne was overcome by curiosity, so she announced, "I think I'll take a dip in the water too."

Katherine resignedly put Alan's boner back in his suit before Suzanne could see anything, and then once again was forced to play second fiddle to one of the buxom mothers.

This time it was the sight of Suzanne swimming through the water that captivated Alan. As Suzanne rarely went swimming, much less lie by the pool due to her extremely fair skin, this was a rare sight for him indeed.

Shortly afterwards, he hurried back to his room to masturbate to the new set of erotic images and ideas rattling around his brain. He'd been fantasizing all day at school about what might happen at home, but real life had once again exceeded his expectations.

He was so excited that he practically shot his load before he got started. Afterward, he quickly fell asleep for his usual daily nap.

He thought the excitement from the pool was over, but it wasn't. Much to his surprise, not long after he woke up, Susan came into his room still dressed in her bikini. She held her arms open wide and said, "My favorite son, give your mother another hug."

He usually slept in the nude, but he'd already awoken from his nap and had just put on a shirt and shorts, so he stood up and walked to her.

She grabbed him and squeezed him in a bear hug, as if he were about to depart on a long journey. "I love you so much, Tiger," she cooed, her voice filled with emotion.

His dick grew hard as he felt her soft skin pressing all over him and he smelled her pleasant feminine aroma. His erection happened to be scrunched up in his shorts in a way that prevented it from pressing into her in an obvious manner, but there was no way he could avoid enjoying how her nipples and big boobs pressed into him. She was already very aroused, so her hard nipples practically stabbed into his chest. Her tits were so soft and so big, it was as if they molded over his entire chest as they mashed into him.

She pulled back slightly and said, "I just felt like hugging you. You don't think there's anything wrong with a little show of affection between mother and son, do you?"

"No, Mom," he replied. "I like it. I've noticed we've never hugged or kissed in the friendly way some other families do. At least up until now. I mean, even you and Sis rarely ever touched."

She wiggled with delight in his arms, causing her nipples to scrape back and forth across his chest, pushing them into him even more. "Oh good! I'm so glad that Suzanne has helped me open up a bit and allowed us to become closer."

Her lips were now only two or three inches from his. Because he was only two inches taller than his unusually tall mother, he felt that all he'd have to do was lean forward just a little and their lips would meet. The word "closer" resounded in his head as he had sudden visions of the two of them necking with abandon, falling back onto his bed, hungrily kissing all over each other's face. He could feel and smell her breath, and noticed it was a curious mix of mint and alcohol.

A-ha! he thought. She must be getting tipsy. It doesn't take much with her despite her tall size. That explains things. Dang! She needs to drink more often.

But even though he loved her touch, he froze in fear at the idea of kissing. Now the hug felt like a trap he couldn't escape and his body literally seized up. It wasn't that he didn't want to do it, but he'd never kissed a girl before and he was wrought with performance anxiety, not to mention freaked out that she was his mother.

Suddenly she kissed him on the nose, and then directly on the lips. But their lips no more than grazed each other before she pulled away and broke the hug altogether.

He sighed inwardly with relief. It wasn't really a kiss - more like a tease of what a kiss could be. The idea of fulfilling a fantasy with her and actually getting romantic was too much for him to take so unexpectedly. He thought, As long as there was no tongue, there was nothing illicit or incestuous about that. Some people just touch lips. No big deal, right?

She went to the door, paused, and said, "Tiger, I'll be happy to hug and kiss you lots more from now on. You know, like a really affectionate family. We love each other so much, don't we? So we shouldn't be afraid to show it. That can help you do your thing."

"We do, Mom. I love this family. You're the best." He noticed her body was now turned away while she looked back over her shoulder towards him. But what really caught his eye was the way she was ostentatiously "adjusting" her bikini over her ass.

She replied, "Tiger, you make me so happy. So proud."

Susan standing in a bikini, facing away but looking over her shoulder while adjusting how it covers her butt

While she said this, her fingers pulled on her bikini, first pushing the fabric inwards so it sank up into her ass crack, then pulling it back out wide over her butt cheeks. Then she repeated the motion, as if fidgeting. She giggled with glee like a little schoolgirl.

Then she said, "But don't mope around here all alone in your room. We're still having lots of fun out by the pool. What do I have to do to get you to come back downstairs and join us? I don't think you'll regret it."

She arched her back so that her massive tits jutted out dramatically. He could see one of her mountains of flesh from the side view she was offering him. At the same time she pushed the bikini fabric back into her ass crack and then pulled it upward, so that for a second it seemed like her ass was completely uncovered.

She giggled again, then left without waiting for his reply.

Alan considered staying in his room and masturbating to the image his mother had just presented. He had so many sexy images to masturbate to these days that he could hardly keep up and savor them all. But there was no way he could turn down her sexy offer. He was curious too about what he would see at the pool, so he changed back into his bathing suit and went downstairs.

As Susan headed downstairs, she thought, What was THAT all about? I just came up here to tell him to come downstairs so he can discover our surprise, and somehow I ended up practically molesting him! Well, at least it was good visual stimulation to help him out. And I didn't actually do anything sinful. Although touching lips together like that is more than a bit improper. Oh dear, I really have to control myself better.


While Alan napped, Suzanne had been laying the groundwork for more fun after he woke up. She'd said to Katherine and Susan. "Hey, who's up for a little game? Why don't we play Truth or Dare?"

Katherine's face had brightened at that prospect.

But Susan immediately said, "NO! Absolutely not!" She actually was more worried about telling the truth than having to do a dare. She was filled with all kinds of forbidden, lustful thoughts that she didn't want to say out loud, especially if Alan or Katherine were present.

So Suzanne had said, "You do realize, don't you Susan, that we don't actually have to be playing that game for me to make you wear whatever I say."

"Whatever do you mean?"

"I mean that you've already agreed to wear whatever I tell you to wear, no matter what. Don't you remember that?"

Susan blanched as she remembered. Suzanne hadn't been exerting that power much lately, since Susan was choosing sufficiently risqué outfits on her own. "Uh-oh. That's true. But look: what I'm wearing right now is already positively scandalous. I hope you aren't going to tell me that I have to wear that skimpy bikini you gave me. Are you?"

Suzanne smiled innocently. "Who me? No, of course not. In fact, the only thing I want you to wear right now is your wedding ring."

Susan stared at the ring on her finger, and then up at her best friend. "My wedding ring?! That's IT?!"

Suzanne nodded.

"But Suzanne! That means I'll be completely naked! What if Tiger comes back down here?! He probably will! Surely you jest!" She squirmed around in her lounge chair with a mixture of horror and hopeful anticipation.

Suzanne replied, "That's the whole idea. But don't worry, Katherine and I will join you so Sweetie won't focus his attention just on you. And we'll all lie face down so he won't see much. Just your back and your butt."


Suzanne held her hand up to silence Susan. "No buts. Actually, make that three butts." She chuckled. It wasn't that good a joke, but she was tipsy so almost everything seemed funny. She'd brought out a bottle of wine and all three had wine glasses next to their lounge chairs.

She continued, "You confessed to me all about how he stared at you in the shower, so he won't be seeing any part of you that he hasn't already seen up close."

"SuzaaaaAAAAaanne!" Susan whined. "Don't say that in front of Angel here! I thought that was just between you and me! I feel horrible enough about that dreadful incident as it is, but now Angel is going to think I'm awful!"

Katherine had been silent but listening intently. She said, "No, Mom, I think that's great. You were just helping Brother with some visual stimulation, right?" She was very curious to hear more about this shower incident, but she decided not to ask about it just then, for fear it would spook Susan from going along with Suzanne's total nudity plan.

Suzanne piled it on. "Exactly. What's the big deal? You didn't do anything to be ashamed of. In fact, I'm so very proud of you, helping him out like that. I'll bet he rushed back to his room, dropped his shorts, and started stroking that big, tasty erection of his. Can't you just picture him, holding that throbbing beast in his hands, with his eyes closed thinking of your wet, naked, sultry body? That's a sight that should make any mother proud."

"Is it?" She flopped back down on the lounge chair, conceding defeat. "Oh, poo. Suzanne, why do you do these things to me? The whole thing doesn't sound very proper to me," she added feebly. "In fact, it's decidedly IMproper."

Suzanne offered no response to that, so she thought about what Suzanne had just said, and asked, "What was that you said about his member being, um, er...? What did you call it? Tasty?"

Suzanne launched into a detailed, explicit description of how wonderful Alan's erection tasted in her mouth, describing the sweetness of his cum, causing both Katherine and Susan to squirm with excitement.

Suzanne explained, "Look, I can't deny that I've slept with a lot of different men. More than 100 for sure, and how many more I'd rather not say. But none of them tasted as good as he does. I was so curious about this that I looked up some articles on the Internet. It turns out that the taste of a man's cum is due to his diet, and Sweetie has a nearly ideal diet for delicious cum. He eats a ton of fruit and lots of other mostly healthy but rather sweet things, and he avoids most meats and bitter things. His cum tastes so good that I swear it's like dessert! I could feast on it all day long!"

The three women continued talking and drinking wine, and before long Susan couldn't wait for Alan to wake up from his nap so she could lie naked in front of him. She was delighted, though also apprehensive, when she was chosen to be the one to go upstairs and tell him to come back down to the pool.

When Alan did return to the pool area, Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine were all in position, naked and lying backside up on their lounge chairs. The three of them were all tipsy and more than a little excited about it. Actually, despite her cool appearance, Suzanne was just as excited as the other two.

Alan was right in suspecting that something was up by the way that Susan had been acting when she came to get him, but he was in no way prepared for what he saw when he got back to the pool. The lounge chairs were faced away from the door to the back patio, so only when he got to within a few feet of them did he realize that their three occupants were completely naked (except for Suzanne wearing her now-omnipresent high heels). He had a great view of their asses and long firm legs.

All three were giggling nervously - even Suzanne, who usually made it a point to not giggle. There was a lot of nervous energy in the air.

He had no idea what to say or do. He would have rushed back inside and spied on them from there had he not just explicitly agreed to come to the pool area. His penis engorged fully in about two seconds. He very literally could have been knocked over with a feather.

It wasn't just that he was looking at three very sexy bare asses; he felt that he was looking at his future. It was a future full of sexual fun with Suzanne, Susan, and Katherine. Suddenly, it even seemed possible he could wind up fucking all three of them someday.

That was just too much to take. He had to sit down before he had a heart attack or seizure. He plopped down in the nearest empty lounge chair.

Suzanne lying nude, face down, as seen from beyond her feet, between her legs

Finally, Suzanne sat up a bit, turned, and said to him with a big grin, "Suurrrpriiiiiiise! I'll bet you weren't expecting this, Sweetie!" As she did so, she spread her knees apart and kicked her high heels up into the air, giving him a good view of her pussy.

Susan and Katherine were lying on lounge chairs pointing in the same direction as hers, keeping their legs tightly closed, so they didn't know what she was revealing. It was a special display intended for Alan's eyes only.

He felt like his brain had already been blown apart and now Suzanne's move was pulverizing the scattered pieces. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He was struck speechless and just shook his head.

Suddenly, just sitting down wasn't enough, because he felt like his entire body was burning up. He pulled his T-shirt off and jumped into the pool to cool down and give himself a chance to think.

What in God's name is going ON?! Is this some kind of a joke? Maybe a test? All three of them naked?! Aunt Suzy I could believe, but Sis and even MOM?! No friggin' way! Not only are they all totally nude, but they're OUTSIDE! Is it possible for any of the neighbors to see them?

He looked around and realized the likelihood of being seen was extremely low. All the houses around the Plummer house had big lots with copious amounts of greenery. It was a veritable jungle between the Plummers' house and any of the neighbors'. And since they were on the uphill side of a gently sloping hill, the only house that could look onto theirs was the Pestridge house, and the only room with windows on that side which could have any possible view was Amy's.

He poked his head out of the water after swimming a few laps.

"Cat got your tongue?" his mother asked in his direction, playfully. "I decided that it's okay to go to the pool topless after all," she joked with deliberate understatement. Jokes from her were extremely rare. But her comment also recognized how much had changed in just one day, with some inebriation definitely playing a role in the new dress code. "Aren't you going to say 'hi'? Would you like another hug?" She giggled at what she thought was another joke.

"Um, Mom, you're totally naked." He didn't mean to say that, but it just slipped out. It was like he was asking for confirmation from someone that he was really seeing what he was seeing. What do you say when speaking in the general direction of three ladies' asses?

Suzanne teased, "No she's not." She pointed at Susan's hands. "Look. She's still wearing her wedding ring." (Suzanne's fingers were bare of any rings. Since she had been de-facto divorced from Eric for years, she generally only wore his ring when she left her house and wanted to cut down on the number of men who were always propositioning her.)

Susan blushed even redder than she already had been. "Suzanne, you're such a meanie today. Why must you flaunt my infidelity?"

Suzanne acted surprised and confused. "Infidelity? Are you thinking of having sex with somebody? I thought that we were just providing Sweetie with some visual stimulation." She thought, Teasing Susan is just too much fun! Now that I've started, I can't stop. I need to behave or I'll scare her off.

Susan blushed about five shades deeper. She stammered, "No! Of course not! You're still married too, you know!"

Alan wasn't quite sure what good pointing that out did, but it made him feel even more insanely aroused than he already was.

He considered getting out of the pool, but thought, Man, how am I going to hide my hard-on in this swimsuit? The damn thing is so insistent that it's threatening to pop out the top. There's no way I can adjust it to hide it, not with all this nakedness going on. It feels like a damn baseball bat. Dang! Well, I can't stay in here forever. Maybe I'll just rush to one of those lounge chairs while their heads are turned.

That's what he did, except that as soon as he got out of the water the others all heard the tell-tale sounds and turned to look. All eyes were glued to the bulge in his crotch until he finally made it to the lounge chair.

He sat down and tried to compose himself. Things were surprisingly quiet; the others were waiting to hear from him.

Finally, he asked, "So... Um, how long have you all been lying there like that?"

"Oh, we've been in these chairs for about an hour," his mother replied. "Pretty much ever since you left to take your nap."

Katherine giggled at her deliberate avoidance of answering his question.

Susan was lying between Suzanne and Katherine and didn't have a good view of where Alan was sitting. So she rose up in the lounge chair a bit and turned on her side somewhat to better look at him, allowing him to see most of her boobs hanging down. Only her nipples were still pressed against the plastic of the lounge chair. She continued, "But it was only a few minutes ago when Suzanne forced us to take off our bikinis, right after I ran up and got you. What do you think; are we more than you can handle?"

"Uuuuhh, no. I'm cool. It's cool."

His sister giggled at that, and then they all giggled. His attempt at appearing casual and nonchalant was laughably bad and obvious to all.

He asked Susan, "Did you say she forced you to get naked?" His head was suddenly filled with images of a sexy catfight in which Suzanne managed to overpower both Susan and Katherine, ripping all their clothes off in the process.

Susan said with obvious shame, "Yes, she forced me. She's such a meanie! She says that I'm not allowed to wear anything around you but my wedding ring! Isn't she cruel?" Her legs twitched and writhed uncomfortably, as if she had been tied up and was struggling to break free.

He was so aroused yet frustrated that he wanted to bang his head on the pool decking and cry. I can look at Mom all I want, but never touch! Heck, even Aunt Suzy doesn't really let me touch her. And they all look so friggin'... touchable!

As if she were a mind reader, Suzanne said to him, "You know what, girls? I don't know about you, but I certainly could use some more suntan lotion. With this pale skin I've got I can get a sunburn from a flashlight. Sweetie, honey, can you help me out here? I'm feeling too lazy to do it myself. Actually, you should help us all out."

His eyes bugged out.

Katherine's and Susan's did too. This hadn't been mentioned as part of Suzanne's original dare, and they didn't know what to think. Susan in particular would have complained except that she was so extremely horny.

Alan managed to nod 'Yes.'

Then Suzanne casually added, "Well then, since we all just took off our bathing suits, I'm sure our creamy white butts could especially use some lotion."

Here we go again, he thought, with that mixed feeling of fear and anticipation that he'd come to know well in recent days. More sexy craziness! I love it, even though my heart is pounding so hard it feels like I'm gonna die!

But he merely said, "I'm glad to help. Who wants to go first?"

Suzanne suggested, "Why don't you do your mother, and then do your sister? Then you can do me."

He wondered at the possible double meaning in her tone of voice, especially in the way she said the word "do" each time. He asked himself, Was I the only one who noticed that? I mean, I practically came on the spot the third time she said "do" in that raspy voice of hers. I don't know how, but somehow even that voice is too sexy!

Susan protested, "No! Tiger, please. I'm not ready."

But Suzanne said, "What's not to be ready? You don't need a Ph.D. to have suntan lotion put on you. Sit up and let him put some lotion on your back, already."


"Sit up"?! Susan was incredulous at what Suzanne was suggesting. If I do that, he's going to see my breasts for sure, even if he's right behind me! She was going to put her foot down and insist that he "do" her last, but somehow the idea of her son looking at her big globes broke her resistance. It was as if her tits demanded to be looked at, and her brain and the rest of her body were just along for the ride.

She whimpered and kept her eyes closed as she silently sat up. Her nipples were erect and her head was reeling from an overdose of lust and desire. She at least tried to keep her legs together so he could only see a little bit of her dark brown bush.

Susan naked, sitting up, leaning forward, full boobs hanging lusciously, while Alan puts suntan lotion on her back

Alan nervously went to his mother and sat behind her on her lounge chair. His hands shook so badly that he could barely get the lotion out of the bottle. It was the first time he'd really touched his mother, outside of rare occasions like hugging.

Fucking hell! I'm running my hands up and down Mom's back, and she's totally fucking naked! I could reach around right now and cup her bare tits in my hands! Or I could just slide my hands down and caress her bare ass! Dang, she's just so fucking hot, how can I resist?!

Susan was thinking much the same things, except with the point of view reversed. Tiger... Tiger's running his hands all over my nude body! It's like I'm some kind of slut for him! Oh God! Son, I love the feel of your hands on my back, but don't stop there! Turn me around and grope my breasts while you kiss my lips! Thrill me! Possess me! Make me yours! Let me be your naked mommy slut. Let me help you do your thing! Oh God, I want to help you so very, very much! Let me give you an abnormality check right now. No, better yet, let me check it with my mouth! Suzanne talks so much about the utter joy of sucking your BIG COCK! Please, let me suck it!

Needless to say, her moral and religious concerns were forgotten in the heat of the moment, although a forbidden thrill remained. But she just sat there and didn't say a thing or let on how incredibly aroused she was, because she remained very aware that Suzanne and Katherine were nearby and probably watching her every move.

The minutes passed. Alan slowly calmed down and stopped shaking nervously as he grew accustomed to applying the lotion. He could feel that Susan was nervous, but was slowly relaxing as well. But just because they grew more accustomed to the situation, that didn't mean that their arousal levels went down at all.

"Mommy, I want you to stand up and face me. With your arms at your sides. Spread your legs and thrust your chest out so I can play with your pussy and tits!"

"But Son!"

"Do it!"

"Yes... Yes, sir!"

Those were some of Susan's thoughts as Alan continued to run his hands over every inch of her shapely back. She felt like her body was burning up. If it was possible to climax just from a back massage, she was a leading candidate.

As he grew bolder, he considered going further around her sides so he could touch the edges of her breasts. And he did, but just a little bit. He just didn't have the self-confidence with women to initiate anything on his own, despite going nearly out of his mind with desire as his hands wandered over his mother's nearly perfect form.

His hands went lower, towards her ass. There was no obvious line to stop at, since she was so prudish that she'd seldom been in the sun except when wearing "granny" dresses. So he was able to be bolder there; he went lower than the top of her ass crack several times.

Susan rewarded him for his boldness with some very erotic-sounding moaning.

He would have gone lower still except that he was conscious of the other two watchers.

Eventually he finished with her back. That put him at a loss over what to do next. The safe thing was to do her legs next, but he couldn't do that while she was still sitting up.

Suzanne and Katherine were both keeping a very close eye on his progress. Seeing his problem, Suzanne resolved it by saying, "Sweetie, your fuddy-duddy mother never goes nude, so her butt is really white. Make sure to pay special attention to that with the lotion, or it'll get burned."

Susan said, "Darn you, Suzanne, we didn't agree to that. And I'm no fuddy-duddy. I just happen to believe in some bedrock Christian values."

"Well then, prove it by lying down so he can have proper access to your ass."

Frowning, Susan pretended great reluctance as she did so. "I'll have you know that I'm only doing this under duress." But on the inside, she couldn't have been more thrilled.

Suzanne's suggestion for Alan to pay special attention to Susan's ass didn't make much sense - just like the even paler Suzanne, Susan's skin wasn't any more pale on her butt than anywhere else since she didn't really have any tan lines. However, it was a good excuse for Alan to completely explore her ass, and he planned to take full advantage of the opportunity. While he wasn't brave enough to initiate things on his own, he was able to take advantage of any openings that were handed to him.

Susan continued to complain as she lay down, "You said he wouldn't touch us in any sensitive places and only do our backs."

Suzanne responded, "I never said anything about sensitive places; I just said you'd only have to lie face down. Well, you're lying face down. Do you want to get a big sunburn on your posterior? We can call that the fuddy-duddy tan."

"Oh, poo! Very well. I am not a fuddy-duddy. I'll show you! Tiger, my cutie, I suppose it's okay if you do my ass. Please be careful though, okay?"

He wanted to shout "Do your ass!? Don't mind if I do!" Instead he just nodded, but then realized she couldn't see that. So he said "Okay" as he started to rub. He didn't really know what "be careful" meant. For the moment, he decided to touch only the relatively safer areas of her ass cheeks and upper thighs and avoid exploring her ass crack. This was the first time he'd been able to really fondle her ass for any length of time. He was surprised at the sheer amount of flesh, especially since Susan was nearly six feet tall and thus no pixie. There was no excess flab to be felt anywhere.

Man, I can't believe I'm fondling Mom's ass! And with Sis and Aunt Suzy watching, no less! Too hot!

He was content to keep kneading her ass cheeks. Not only did her buttocks feel fantastic - soft and yet somehow firm at the same time - but before long Susan relaxed even more and started steadily purring with pleasure. At first, her purring just sounded like shallow breathing, but then it slowly began to sound more sexual, more passionate. His erection was so stiff and engorged that he couldn't get his mind off it; it was constantly calling out for attention, craving release.

The supposed application of suntan lotion had turned into a massage if not an outright assault, but Susan didn't seem to mind. He only applied some new lotion to his hands when he wanted more lubrication so that his hands could continue to slip and slide easily over her silky smooth skin.

As he massaged her ass, he noticed that she was keeping her legs very firmly closed so that he couldn't get anywhere near her snatch. Her whole ass was repeatedly clenched in an apparent attempt to keep even her ass crack from being invaded. But as the minutes passed and she relaxed more and more, the clenching ended and her legs even separated a bit.

Susan felt like she was having an out-of-body experience; her head seemed to have no power to control what was happening to her body. After she belatedly realized that her legs were no longer clamped tightly together, she thought, Goodness gracious! Tiger can see everything now! He can probably see my labia, if he's a naughty boy! I really should hold my legs together. What kind of mother spreads her legs for her son?

A naughty mommy, that's what kind! I'm just so horribly naughty. So deliciously, wonderfully naughty! I really should close my legs. That WOULD be the proper thing to do. ... I really should...

But her legs didn't close. She was lost in a lazy, happy, erotic haze, and any movement seemed like a huge bother.

He did see her pussy lips, but only a hint. They were mostly hidden in the shadows between her legs. He could easily see her anus though, especially when he spread her ass cheeks wide to get a good look at her ass crack. This was the first time he'd seen it up close, and the sight powerfully affected him.

He lost track of time while massaging her ass, but eventually he realized he'd been at it so long that if he didn't get to her arms and legs, she actually would start to get a sunburn on them. He loved her dearly and didn't want that to happen. So he reluctantly pulled away from her ass, but as a parting shot his fingers made a few passes right into her ass crack.

She responded with even more sexy purring and moaning.

He was actually relieved to work on her arms and then her lower legs for a while. His erection couldn't stay so hard forever. It didn't exactly go flaccid, but it did soften a bit while he worked on her extremities and tried to think of nonsexual things, such as imagining Rosanne Barr and her TV husband John Goodman sitting around naked and sweating profusely. That helped a lot.

He realized that he'd leaked so much pre-cum that he had a big wet spot on the front of his swimsuit, but there wasn't much he could do about it. He also repeatedly inhaled her aroma, because the smell of Susan's wet pussy filled the air. That was one reason he had such a difficult time becoming flaccid.

He slowly worked his way up her thighs until his fingers got within a few inches of her slit. He was continually staggered that there was no bikini or bathing suit to reach. His erection again grew hard as diamond, but he didn't push his luck and try to get any closer. He was absolutely ecstatic at being allowed to touch her skin in this sensual way anywhere at all, and didn't want to blow it.

When he was done, Susan slurred, "Shhanks a ton, shport," and then hiccupped.

Only then did he realize just how tipsy the women all were. He finally took a look at something other than his mother's naked body, noticing not one but two empty wine bottles on an end table next to their chairs, plus a third bottle that had been opened. This must explain their collective insanity. I wonder what they'll think of me when they all sober up. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts. I'll bet Mom is the most affected; she can't hold her liquor at all.

Susan had kept her eyes closed during nearly the entire massage. After Alan got off her lounge chair, she drifted off to the netherworld between sleeping and waking. She didn't hold her alcohol well, and she tended to get sleepy after only a very few drinks.


Next it was Katherine's turn. To Alan's simultaneous delight and dismay, she seemed extremely eager for him to get started on her. She looked ready to burst.

All throughout the lotion application on his mother, Katherine had fidgeted about, kicking her legs restlessly. Sometimes she even ran her hands over the parts of her body which mirrored Alan's caresses on their mother as she fantasized about her brother touching her that same way, and more. She was already in an orgasmic nirvana before he even touched her for real.

Alan continued to be amazed at how dramatically she'd changed from the girl he thought he knew. That girl would never have considered going topless, much less bottomless, and the idea of a man then applying lotion to her naked skin probably would have caused her to faint with dismay. Yet here she was, her nonverbal communication practically begging him to run his hands all over her. Verbally, she remained silent.

He didn't realize how much her earlier ways had been a pose, designed to ward off unwanted attention and also to keep her mother happy. His sister may have looked the part of a prude, but she didn't hold those values in the same way that her mother did. On some level she'd been saving herself for her brother, even when she thought that there was at most a slim chance that anything would ever happen between them.

He wondered to himself, Does she think this is all some kind of game, like tickling when we were younger? This is so much more serious than that. Does she just want to help me do my thing, or does she want more? It's tempting, but I'm not going to do anything a brother shouldn't do when applying lotion to his sister. In fact, because she may be willing to go further, I'm going to have to be even more careful, for both of us. This is no time to get something going, not with Mom sitting a few feet away!

Katherine lying nude on a lounge chair

With his mother, Alan had sat behind her to apply the suntan lotion and started with her back. But now with Katherine he sat next to the lounge chair and started with her feet. He wanted to get used to touching her before getting to the "good stuff."

He discovered that he really enjoyed the feel of her skin, which was covered with a youthful peachy fuzz. Also, even though Susan was extremely fit from working out daily with Suzanne, Katherine was even firmer and fitter (thanks more to youth than effort). She had a tight and hard but not overly muscular body. He found himself running his hands all over her, just for the feel.

She didn't mind, even though it didn't have much to do with applying lotion or even massaging. Just like Susan, she started purring and moaning lightly.

He also took the time to appreciate her lovely aroma. With Susan he'd been so nervous that he'd barely noticed her smell at all, at least not until the scent of her wet sex became obvious.

Soon after he started applying the lotion, Katherine spread her legs a bit, allowing him to stare at her labia as he worked his way up her legs. As he moved his hands higher and higher up her thighs, she didn't say a word or make any noise to discourage him.

He wondered just how far he could probe. He found his excitement rising even higher as he contemplated touching her pussy. Dang! What if I just fingerfuck her right here, with Mom and Aunt Suzy lying right there? Would Sis want me to do that? She totally would, I can tell. Her groans are getting so loud and erotic as I near her pussy that I'm gonna cum any minute for sure.

But in the end he backed off, mostly because it was just too risky. Not only was Susan bound to notice, but Katherine might slap him for being too presumptuous. He resolved not to do anything a brother or a professional masseuse wouldn't normally do.

After he finished 'applying lotion' to most of Katherine's body, Suzanne made another "helpful" suggestion. "Sweetie, it looks like you have magic hands. I can hardly wait until you come over here. You should straddle her legs for easier access." Her words had deliberate double meaning. She even had a long pause after "come," implying that she meant "cum, over here."

He sat on top of his sister's legs to do her ass and back. It occurred to him that his erection, still frantically trying to fight its way through the fabric of his swimsuit, was now mere inches from his sister's naked slit. That thought didn't help him cool off, especially since her legs were spread wider than Susan's, giving him a better view of the lower part of her pussy.

It also didn't help that, while his mother had limited herself to moaning, Katherine started to murmur some words that only he could hear. She said things like, "Mmmm! ... Good! ... That feels so good! Mmmm... Do me there. Yes! Do me there! ... More." He at least felt relieved that he was wearing conservative bathing trunks that were really more like regular shorts, instead of those tiny thongs that European men wore. He was embarrassed enough as it was, and could do little to relieve his raging boner.

He gave her ass a very thorough working over, but again avoided all but the fleshy cheeks. It wasn't that he didn't want to explore her ass crack, but she was getting so into it and getting so vocal that he worried about what she might say or do. He imagined Susan rousing herself from her drowsy slumber as Katherine shouted something like, "Oh yeah! Plunge your fingers into my hot box! Go for it!"

He also felt self-conscious because he knew Suzanne was very much awake and carefully watching every move he made from behind her dark sunglasses. She wasn't saying anything, neither approving nor disapproving, which made him feel a bit nervous.

He was getting close to cumming, causing him to try and pace himself. He tried hard not to look at his sister's pussy so much, but couldn't help staring at it sometimes.

But then impulsively, just as he was about to finish with her butt, he grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands and dug his fingers into them as far as he could.

She responded by opening her legs even wider than before.

He found himself staring at her asshole and much of her pussy. But as he moved his hands in towards her ass crack, she cried out, "Oh, yes! Like that!"

He looked over to Susan in fright to see if that had woken her, just as he had been fearing would happen. But she was either still asleep or in a happy daze. Spooked by the close call, he pulled his fingers away from her flesh.

"Noooo..." his sister moaned petulantly.

Alan knew he should stop. Katherine's voice was getting too loud, too obviously sexual. It was too dangerous all around. But he was so aroused that he kept going. He planted his fingers back into her ass cheeks and started probing her ass crack with a stray finger or two.

"More like that!" she said loudly. "More in the butt! So good!"

He started working his fingers like a baker working raw dough.

"Yes!" she cried out. "Like that, Big Brother! Mmmm, yeah! Deeper in the butt!"

Alan looked over at Suzanne and saw her giggling behind her sunglasses. He didn't realize it from her hard-to-read expression, but she was amused at his distress at being torn between wanting to go further and knowing that he should stop.

He had a sudden attack of guilt, mostly brought on by Katherine's use of the word "brother." I AM her brother. Her older brother. What am I doing? I'm taking advantage of her. She probably doesn't even know what she wants, and I'm practically molesting her. She must be confused by all this, this "help him do his thing" and "provide visual stimulation" talk. He got up wordlessly and backed away, almost as if in horror over what he'd considered doing.

He'd completely misread her. She griped in a pouty voice as she felt his body lift, "Is that all?" Seeing that he was really finished, she turned her body so that she was lying more on her side than her front and said, "Thanks, Bro. I really enjoyed that." She was flashing him with a full view of her pussy and tits as seductively as she could, running her hands over the front of her voluptuous body as if she were still tingling all over from his touch.

Alan smiled weakly and gulped. Dang! But she IS still my sister! Shouldn't I be trying to stop things? God, I don't know anything anymore. I just know I have to cum so bad that I wanna fall to my knees and cry!

He was deeply conflicted. The very taboo of their touching intensified his erotic urges. His sister's moans and cries, her willing, open legs, the feel of her clenching ass cheeks, the thought of her grabbing his erection in the water earlier - it was all too much for him to take. Dammit, fuck it! Maybe I should just throw all caution to the wind, pull out my dick, and fuck Sis right here! Fuck it! I'm so close to just losing my mind! If only Mom and Aunt Suzy weren't here, I'd do it!

With that thought, he was reminded that he still had to do Suzanne.

He looked over at her. Her legs were closed with one over the other, but her big pale tits were exposed for him to see. That made him all the more excited, so much so that he was ready to all but attack her. If not her, then somebody, anybody. I can't take it anymore! I have to cum or die!

He spoke up. "Um, Aunt Suzy? I was just thinking. It seems like we're running low on wine. Why don't I go inside and get some drinks? And some snacks too?"

She knew what he really wanted to do: go inside and masturbate. Taking off her high heels and sunglasses, she stood up in all her naked glory. "Oh no you don't! I know what you're planning on doing in there. Don't worry, though. Trust your Aunt Suzy." She started forward.

He thought she was coming at him, but she walked right past him.


Suzanne took some more steps towards the pool. Then she jumped in. She picked a depth where her feet could reach bottom before her head got wet. (She hated getting her hair wet, since it ruined her carefully-cultivated wavy hairstyle.)

Alan loved watching her naked body in the water. It made him want to cum. Everything now made him want to cum, need to cum, almost beg to cum. He knew that if he touched the bulge in his swimsuit, he would make a big mess for sure.

Standing in the water near him, she suggested, "You must be hot, Sweetie, so jump right in!"

So he did. He figured it could only cool him down, in more ways than one.

But only a minute or two after he jumped into the pool again, he found himself in water that came up to his chest with the nearly-as-tall Suzanne standing right in front of him, eyeing him.

Suzanne in the pool, arms raised, standing in water that comes to just under her jutting boobs

She silently worked her way towards him with a deadly serious gaze, like a tiger quietly stalking its prey.

He backed away from her naked body, until he backed right into the side of the pool.

She kept coming towards him, finally pinning him to the wall, putting her arms on the rim of the pool on each side of him.

He felt like she was the predator and he was the prey. He instinctively tried to duck down to get away from under her arms, but she kept coming forward and squashed her tits into his chest as she embraced him. He gave up trying to escape and stood back up.

One of her hands reached down to his swimsuit and went inside. She put her head right next to his and whispered, "Don't worry; let Aunt Suzy take care of you. She wants to make you happy - very happy. She loves you very much."

That was about as close as she'd ever gotten to telling him directly of her deep love for him. Unfortunately, he didn't pay it much attention because he was so distracted. Her exploring hand quickly found his hard-on and grasped it tightly.

Alan was ready to panic. He looked over at Katherine, who was looking right back at him. He wondered how much she could tell was going on.

Suzanne finally spoke out loud, though still using a quiet voice so to avoid waking Susan. "How are you holding up, Sweetie?" she said teasingly as she began stroking his erection underwater. "How are things hanging?"

There was a heavy emphasis on the words "up" and "hanging" as she subtly lowered her voice to a gentle and seductive whisper in his ear. "It's about time for one of your daily stimulations, isn't it?"

"Um... Yeah... Well, uh..." He was struck dumb by her great beauty, not to mention the danger of the situation. He looked over at Susan and saw that her eyes were still closed. He looked again at Katherine. Does Sis know what Aunt Suzy is doing to me? I mean, we're standing in pretty deep water here, but my aunt is all over me like white on rice. She must at least guess, right?

However, he held his tongue. He didn't want to say or do anything that would draw Katherine's or Susan's attention. The one good thing about his position was that he was on the same side of the pool as the lounge chairs, which meant that the very fact that Katherine and Susan were so close to the deck made it impossible for them to see much more than his and Suzanne's heads.

Suzanne worked his swimsuit all the way down his legs to get it out of the way (with his willing assistance), and then started to stroke his erection in earnest. At the same time she said, and not too quietly, "Angel knows. Your sister knows I'm jacking you off. I'm stroking your cock!"

He finally lost it. His body seemed to crumble as he shot off into Suzanne's hand, but she hugged him tighter and held him up. Rope after rope of cum squirted into the water, most dissipating immediately. But some of the bigger strands stayed intact and floated away, at least for a little while.

He wasn't sure whether he'd passed out or not, because the next thing he knew he was still in the pool, still being hugged by Suzanne. However, his breath was fairly calm and his mind was more at ease.

Suzanne knew how overcome he must have been, so she simply held him in a tender embrace until he recovered. The fact that she was naked and his swimsuit had somehow floated off didn't matter because Suzanne was there to support, not to arouse.

But after a while, they each grew more aware that they were naked and in an intimate embrace.

He felt so satisfied that it seemed to him that he'd never need to cum again in his life. But as he rested in Suzanne's arms without speaking, with her heavy breasts pressing into him, he found his penis rising once again.

She could feel it rising along her thigh as it filled with blood, seemingly heading with a purpose the short distance towards her snatch. Her nipples grew erect again and she whispered, "Am I under attack by a mini-submarine, or are you just happy to see me?"

He laughed, and then said, "I'm just happy to see you. VERY happy to see you. Aunt Suzy, you mean so much to me."

"Oh, Sweetie!" She leaned forward and tilted her head, closing in for a kiss. But at the last minute she remembered she wasn't supposed to do that, so instead she ended up merely kissing him on the nose. To make up for it, she then ran her tongue along his cheekbone to his earlobe and licked all over his ear.

He was surprised at just how pleasurable that was. It helped inspire his erection to reach full size just as she grasped it again.

She brought both hands to it so she could really go to town under the water, but he kept his arms around her so that their hug didn't end either.

They both looked over to Susan to see if she was awake yet. She was, though she still seemed kind of out of it and she hadn't really focused on them yet. Then they looked to Katherine to see if she was looking at them. She was, with a big approving smirk on her face, no less.

M: Alan and Suzanne naked in the pool, almost up to their armpits, while she holds his erect dick underwater with both hands

As Suzanne stroked, she started carrying on a conversation to make it look like they were facing each other closely just to converse. She said in a reasonably loud voice, "So, Sweetie, I've been thinking about your stimulation problem."

Needless to say, she purposely picked a topic that would further fluster and arouse him (as if that was even possible at this point!). "I've been thinking about different ways the three of us could better inspire you to reach your daily target."

"I think you're doing a great job," he replied, while nodding down toward where her hands were busy sliding back and forth along his shaft.

She smiled. "Oh, do you? Did you hear that, Susan? He says that I'm doing a great hand... job. I mean job. Great job!" She laughed. She'd misspoken on purpose, knowing from experience what Susan looked like when she wasn't paying attention.

"Whaa...? Wha was... Shhhomewaah talkin' to me?" Susan didn't get up, but adjusted herself in the lounge chair so she could look over at Suzanne. She was still completely naked, of course, but too out of it to realize what she was showing.

Alan was alarmed by that, but, not surprisingly, also very aroused. He had a fantastic view of the front half of his mother's perfect bombshell body. What frustrated him was that he couldn't say anything to Suzanne to give her a hard time for courting danger. He couldn't even give her a look without now potentially drawing Susan's suspicion. But then he realized that Susan's view of them was from their shoulders on up. So he reached down and pinched Suzanne on the thigh.

Suzanne said to Susan, "Yes, I was just talking to my Sweetie here. We're discussing ways to improve the quantity and quality of his daily stimulation."

Susan sat up, giving Alan an even better view of her voluptuous nudity. She was trying to focus so that she wouldn't miss any of this important conversation.

Suzanne kept talking to Alan on the subject. But she spoke clinically and in a nearly emotionless tone even while her hands wanked him underwater with enthusiasm. She used generic words and phrases, discussing such things as the need for additional "tactile agitation" and "oral stimulation," but the obvious meaning was more handjobs, blowjobs, and the like. Additionally, her words were filled with double meanings and puns. For instance, with the fingertips of both hands pumping on his shaft, she talked about the need to "stroke his ego" so he could "stand tall and make a big splash with the girls."

Alan imagined that Katherine's and Susan's eyes were boring into the back of his head, but he had no way of knowing if they were looking at him or not. In any case, there was nothing he could do about it except stay as quiet and still as he could and act casual, since he was totally in Suzanne's power.

He'd thought that water would be a great lubricant for sex, but that turned out not to be the case. In fact, because his pre-cum dissipated in the water rather than providing lubricant, being submerged made it more difficult for Suzanne to jack him off. But in the end that difficulty ended up helping him last a little longer than he otherwise would have.

Still, he couldn't last very long, since he was thinking about his totally naked mother and sister while Suzanne rubbed her big tits against him and covertly stroked his stiffness.

As he approached climax, Suzanne continued to talk to him in a flat monotone: "So again we return to the question of assistance in achieving your stimulation target. Would it be proper for others to assist you manually, or orally, or perhaps stimulation through the soft flesh of a woman's cleavage? And if so, who exactly would be willing to assist you in this manner? Do you think, perhaps, one woman is not enough? Would you prefer two tongues on your erection at once, or maybe even three?"

As she said this, her hands flew up and down his shaft as fast as she could move them through the resistance of the water (which, admittedly, wasn't that fast).

He felt himself gearing up for another big climax.

But all of a sudden, Suzanne pulled away. He didn't even have anyone to hug anymore. He watched, perplexed, as she started to get out of the pool.


Susan appeared to be rousing herself a bit more, though she was clearly drunk, while Suzanne and Katherine were merely tipsy. She pointed an accusing finger at Suzanne. "Whaa are you two guysh doin' o'er dere? Shumpting's fissshy." But Suzanne by this point was already climbing out of the pool.

Susan saw that Alan was watching Suzanne get out of the pool, and pointed with alarm, "Look out, Shusee! He can totalleee see your pusshy!"

Suzanne pretended to mind, partially covering her bush with a hand. She stood right in front of Alan, towering over him as he looked up at her from within the pool. "Are you trying to look at my pussy, Sweetie?" She placed a hand defiantly on one of her hips.

"Not that much," he replied. That was mostly true, because he was looking over all of her incredible body as she stood above him with her big tits dangling down, and not just at her pussy.

Suzanne walked back to her lounge chair, still completely naked and boldly visible to the world. Cleverly, she'd brought Alan's swimsuit with her. "You see that, Susan? He's not staring at my pussy that much. So no problem."

Susan didn't know what to say to that. She had the feeling that something wasn't right. She looked all around. Suzanne, no clothes. Angel, no clothes. ME, no clothes! Don't people usually wear clothes? She assumed Alan was still wearing his swimsuit, since she could only see him from his shoulders up, and she hadn't noticed Suzanne unobtrusively carrying it to her chair.

Katherine was resentful that Suzanne had gotten to have all the fun in the pool while all she could do was watch from afar. She fretted, but kept quiet. She knew that, as Alan's sister, there were more limits on what she could do with Susan around than what Suzanne could do.

Alan thought, Aunt Suzy obviously isn't going to return my bathing suit. She's having too much fun stealing it and then watching me squirm. Damn! And Mom is slowly waking up, so the quicker I get out of here, the less she's going to mind.

He waited until Susan closed her eyes, as she seemed to briefly drift off into some sleepy daydream now that nothing interesting appeared to be happening in the pool. Then he hopped out and hurried over to Suzanne's lounge chair, cupping his privates with both hands. As soon as he got there, he wrested his swimsuit back from her. Luckily for him, she didn't put up much of a fight, since she'd only wanted to tease him a little bit, not make things impossibly difficult for him.

He managed to get it back on before Susan opened her eyes and looked his way again. He considered himself very lucky.

Suzanne remained sitting naked on her lounge chair right next to him. She started vigorously drying herself with a towel, though it seemed that the only parts that were getting rubbed were her breasts.

"Now that I'm all wet, you're really going to have to do me," Suzanne said to Alan in a scratchy voice filled with innuendo. "But first, please dry me off with the towel." She lay face down on the lounge chair.

It was such a hot day that he didn't care whether he was wet or dry, so he didn't bother to towel himself off first. He had better things to do. He realized Suzanne's request was just a thinly-veiled invitation for him to explore her body, so he did.

Suzanne seemed to enjoy the rough feel of the towel over her skin, so he rubbed her more vigorously with it. The harder he rubbed her the more happily she moaned. He moved the towel in big sweeps all over her body, so she never knew what spot he'd attack and explore next.

He could have done that all day, but he realized putting lotion on her directly with his own hands would be even better. So he put the towel aside and started in with the suntan lotion. He was calmer now than when he'd been in the pool, since he'd climaxed twice recently, but his penis was still very erect and aroused.

He leaned forward and whispered, "Mom is right. You are a meanie. You left me hanging back there."

She looked over at Susan, who was looking away. Then she briefly cupped the impressive package in his swimsuit. "Looks like you're still hanging, big boy."

He just shook his head in disbelief. He knew everything she did was designed to give him pleasure, so he could hardly get upset at her devious ways. Instead, he squirted some lotion on his hands and started with her legs.

Suzanne complied by spreading her legs wide open. They were spread even wider than Katherine's had been, so that her feet and lower legs hung clear off the sides of the lounge chair.

As he worked his fingers up towards her thighs, both of them got increasingly excited. Once he got near the top of her legs, Suzanne said, "Straddle me!"

So he did.

She added quietly, "It's time you do your favorite cocksucker!"

Susan sat up blearily in her lounge chair. "Whadjoo juss say, Suze?" she asked as she tried to stay propped up.

Alan looked over and saw her large, firm tits bouncing around on her chest. They finally came to a halt and dangled there temptingly. Then he looked at the equally delectable and curvy Suzanne right in front of him and thought, Today is a great day. A very, very great day!

Suzanne said to Susan in an easily understood voice, "I said, 'It's time you do your favorite cocksucker.' As in one who sucks cocks. As in me, since I've been sucking his cock."

She giggled nervously, realizing that she was pushing her luck. But she was fairly tipsy and knew that Susan hardly had the right to complain. After all, Suzanne had told her about the blowjobs in such detail that it was practically as if Susan had been in the same room watching them.

Susan nonetheless whined, "Shushanne! Sho wery impwoper! Shuch wangwauge."

Everyone had a good laugh at that, as Susan's voice really sounded ridiculous, almost like Elmer Fudd's. The idea that she would object to the use of the word "cock" or "cocksucker" but not object to her friend actually sucking her son's cock was also fairly absurd.

Susan flopped back down onto her lounge chair and closed her eyes again. She lay face up - a fact that Alan certainly appreciated. She struggled to stay awake, sometimes closing her eyes, then fighting to keep them open at other times. She was trying to make sure that Alan and Suzanne didn't go too far, or at least that, if they did, she'd get to watch.

Alan worked his way up Suzanne's legs. Because she was so pale-skinned, he decided he really should cover her thoroughly with lotion before playing around. So he did her arms and back fairly quickly, rushing to get to her ass.

Once he finished covering her ass with a quick coat of lotion, he kept at her ass but at a more relaxed pace. Sitting on top of Suzanne's legs, with her ass cheeks in both hands, he thought, YES! Now, THIS is the life! My naked Amazon buxom aunt in hand, and Mom and Sis lying naked nearby and looking on. And in the great outdoors, no less. It doesn't get any better than this!

Okay, if I was getting blown at the same time, it would be better. But only just barely, that's how ecstatic and aroused I am!

He spent a very long time on Suzanne's ass. Since it was Suzanne, he felt freer to get overtly sexual, especially when Susan had her eyes closed.

Susan appeared to be drifting in and out of some kind of sleepy daydreaming state. Sometimes she let out the "mmmm" sound she often made when quite aroused.

He was getting a very rapid education in women's asses. First he'd caressed Susan's, then he'd more vigorously probed Katherine's, and now he felt free to go even further on Suzanne's. He started where he had left off with Katherine, by digging into her ass cheeks and mauling them. He alternated that with softly stroking them, keeping his hands a fraction above her skin so that he lightly grazed her fine hairs.

That gave her goose bumps, and the alternation between styles also seemed to increase her horny moaning.

This time he also didn't hesitate to explore her ass crack. He discovered that when he probed it, or her perineum - the area between her anus and her pussy - that created a lot of especially happy moans. However, he was too shy to get near her asshole itself.

Katherine grew intensely jealous as she watched from a few feet away. She could see just how he was going much farther with Suzanne than he had gone with her. That made her wish that she could have been last.

So far, he had avoided directly touching Suzanne's pussy, even though he had great access to it between her legs. He'd come quite close, but wanted a sign from her before he took that next step. After all, just the day before yesterday, she'd let him closely examine it, but she'd made it very clear that he wasn't allowed to touch it.

The awaited sign finally came - one he couldn't possibly misunderstand. Suzanne, seeing that Susan appeared to have drifted back to sleep again, reached around behind her and grabbed him by the wrist. She guided his hand right to her pussy and said, "You missed a spot."

Alan exploring Suzanne's pussy

He began exploring it very thoroughly. Early on, Suzanne reached back again and brought his fingers to the little nub above her slit. She said quietly, "That's my clitoris, my clit. Rub it a lot, but very gently. Think of it like the penis for women. It gets erect too. All the pleasure nerve endings you have in that big dick of yours, and a lot more, are packed in this tiny little thing."

He really went to work on her clit after hearing that.

She loved it so much that she threw caution to the wind. She turned over to give him even better access to her crotch and, especially, to her clit. She didn't mind that Katherine was watching, but she crossed her fingers and prayed that Susan would remain asleep.

This was the first time he'd had a good chance to both touch and study a woman's pussy up close. He tried to memorize every last detail, as if he would never see another. He paid close attention to how Suzanne was leaking her own juices. He petted her bush, stroked the outside of her engorged outer labia, and especially kept working on her clit, but as of yet he hadn't put his fingers inside her nether lips. He wanted to take things one step at a time, and there was no shortage of fun new things to try.

After some long moments of exploring, he'd obviously got Suzanne really going, judging by her happy coos and moans. Emboldened, he finally started to press two fingers between her labia.

But to his great surprise and disappointment, Suzanne immediately swatted his hand away just as he started to penetrate her. Yet she said nothing, and he couldn't read her facial expression.

He didn't understand the rules of what he could and couldn't do, so he gave up on that line of attack for the moment. He guessed that maybe she didn't want to get too hot and heavy with Susan threatening to stir at any moment.

However, he was allowed to keep touching her clit until she'd had a nice, and very quiet, climax. He was proud of himself for making her feel good.

Then she turned back over and whispered, "Sorry, Sweetie, we should end it there. Your mom is waking up again."

So he finally climbed off her. He'd easily taken twice as long with Suzanne as he had with either of the other two, all in all.

Once he got off her, she said, "Thank you, my Sweetie; that was very nice." Then, more to the others, she said loudly, "Alan does a very thorough job. Veeeerrry thorough!"

He was surprised to hear his sister Katherine reply, perhaps with a touch of jealousy, "Yes! A little too thorough if you ask me."

"That was very nice, Sweetie," said Suzanne again, "but I think it may almost be time for us all to turn over, don't you think, girls? Oh, and you may have to put more lotion all over our fronts. We're just so exposed!" She made the last part sound like she was a helpless girl being ravaged. "You should start with your mother again."

Alan looked over to Susan.

To his surprise, she was awake and staring at him. She turned over and said, "If I turn over, Tiger's gonna shee my pusshy." She was looking up at the sky with an expression of pure euphoria, perhaps even unaware that she'd already turned over and was showing him everything on her front side yet again.

It was too much for him to take. It's not that he didn't want to see them naked from the front - he most certainly did. But he was on the verge of orgasm again from all the excitement, and the sight of his mother turning over and lying there with her legs spread wide and knees bent looking so completely fuckable actually frightened him.

It wasn't just that he feared he would cum in his swimsuit at any second. Worse than that, he feared he might lose all mental control. By this point he was thinking of little other than fucking all three women, one after another. He suddenly imagined himself raping his mother right on her lounge chair, while she futilely punched him with her fists. Even worse, he imagined her quickly giving in and crying out in an ecstatic voice, "Sho wery impwoper!", of all things, while he pumped into her. It was too much for him to take. He felt his dick would erupt with a torrent of cum at any second.

Finally replying to Suzanne's comment about turning over, he said, "Uh, why don't you do that, but I've really got to go! See you later!" He bolted off like a deer for the house. He heard the sound of more tipsy giggling as he sped away, but didn't look back again.

Back in his room, he shot his load almost as soon as he could get a towel around his boner. Then he collapsed on his bed and fell asleep for a second nap.


The experience at the pool left Alan completely drained, both physically and emotionally. He thought he'd had it for the day, and things appeared to have calmed down completely by the time he did some homework in the late afternoon. But there was still the whole evening to go.

Dinner was very awkward. Suzanne wanted to stay and eat with them yet again, but this time she was unable to escape from her obligations with her own family. So it was just Susan, Alan, and Katherine who ate together that night.

Susan appeared to be suffering from a hangover from all the alcohol and sun that she'd had that afternoon. She was a mess and had a pounding headache.

Luckily for Alan and Katherine, this prevented any kind of serious discussion about what had happened earlier. They each ate a TV dinner in near total silence.

Alan thought that if Susan were feeling better she would have given him and his sister a moralistic lecture about what had happened by the pool. Scantily-clad flirtation was out, given Susan's bad mood, which Katherine also wisely understood and respected, so she had dressed like her old self.

The rest of the evening started out very mellow, as everyone continued to recover from the afternoon. But then Suzanne and Amy came over again. Both were fancily dressed.

Suzanne walked into the house like she always did - as if she were family. She gave Alan a friendly wink as she walked past him.

Amy with arms (and boobs) outstretched to hug Alan

But Amy stopped at the sight of Alan and looked at him as if they were having a dramatic and very joyous reunion. With arms outstretched and an even happier smile on her face than usual, she shrieked "Alan!" and gave him a big hug.

Amy was very touchy-feely and prone to hugs in general. Even so, this was unusual in the Plummer household, where physical displays of affection were rare because Susan had been raised to believe that such intimate contact was improper. In consequence, Amy normally restrained herself around their prudish household.

So Alan asked her quietly, "What's the occasion, Aims?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just glad to see you. Mom and I were at some boring, fancy dinner party thing. Everyone was so stuffy. I'm just so glad to be back with normal people!" Amy continued to cling to him. She wasn't wearing much, as she'd already taken off some of her formal attire. Furthermore, she was wearing a low-cut top, something that her mother almost never allowed her to wear.

He realized to his horror that his dick was erect and pressing into Amy. He commanded it: Down, boy! Down! Can't you even take a few hours rest?! But it didn't help. He rather forcibly but politely disengaged from the hug.

Amy didn't seem to mind at all; she just ran off to hug other people.

Alan thought, I guess that was just an innocent hug. I must still be aroused from everything earlier. I can't allow myself to get that kind of reaction when near the pure and innocent Aims. I shouldn't have taken advantage of her yesterday when I played with her nipples. In fact, Aunt Suzy would probably be upset with me if she knew. Why, I remember just a few years ago when Aims was a complete tomboy. I guess her mother's super-sexy genes are kicking in. Does she know her effect on men, or is she still a tomboy at heart? Now that I've seen her naked, I can't think of her like I did before.

The three Plummers and two Pestridges settled in and watched TV. The evening continued to be a mellow one as all but Amy were still mentally and physically recovering from their afternoon fun. Thus their energy level continued dropping until it seemed like all four were lifeless slugs, fused into the sofas.

Amy, though, remained bubbly, seemingly oblivious to everything.

Alan was very selective about what he watched on TV, so when nothing good appeared to be on he went back to his room to read. He was really into J.R.R. Tolkien since The Lord of the Rings movies had started coming out, and he was re-reading all the books by Tolkien that he'd read previously. By this time his energy level had revived, no doubt helped by the fact that he hadn't had any alcohol, unlike the other three.

But the one thing he didn't want to do was think. He was so blown away by what had happened earlier at the pool that he wanted a night to sleep on it before figuring out what it all meant and what he should be doing about it. He was fully on board for lots more sexual fun with Suzanne, but his feelings about what to do with Susan and Katherine were more conflicted. He just wanted to be alone and read his engaging book. He buried his nose further into it and tried to avoid any mental distractions.

However, Suzanne was on a very different wavelength. She held her liquor much better than Susan and Katherine (in part because she knew how to limit how much she drank), and didn't feel bad at all. In fact, given a few hours to rest in the late afternoon, she now felt downright energetic and horny.

The "suntan lotion application" at the pool had been like a dream come true for her. She'd wanted Alan badly for months, if not years. Now it was all coming together for her: not just her plan to seduce him, but even her larger, more ambitious plan to seduce the entire Plummer family (minus Susan's almost-always-absent husband, of course). Lying naked outside with the other two women and even bantering about cocksucking with Susan seemed like a stone's throw away from the completely open, communal, sexual relationship that she was envisioning could someday happen between the four of them. She was beside herself with excitement.

Susan had drifted off while watching TV, and Katherine and Amy seemed fully occupied by whatever program was on.

So Suzanne stole away, rushed up the stairs, and practically burst into Alan's room. But when she opened the door and took a good look at him, she could see their moods didn't jibe. For once, sex wasn't even on his mind. It didn't help that she wasn't dressed even slightly provocatively: she was still wearing her clothes from the formal dining engagement that she and Amy had attended with their family, and she even still had on her underwear. But she wouldn't be denied the needs of her voracious sexual hunger.

She sidled up to Alan, who had put down his Tolkien book and was fully engaged with her presence. "Alan, my Sweetie, how are you doing?"

"Okay," he grunted. She stood in front of him and stooped down a bit to where he was sitting at his desk.

She put her hands on his shoulders and massaged them. She worked in towards his neck with a vigorous massaging motion. With a voice all sweetness and light, she said, "Sweetie, that handjob was fun in the pool, don't you think, but I realized I haven't had a chance to give you your daily cocksucking today. How would you like that now?"

He replied honestly, "I don't know. I'm feeling kind of exhausted. After all, that's the problem that's causing all this - my tiredness." He didn't want to talk about what had happened at the pool.

"Awww. I'm hurt. I've only been helping you for a few days, and already you're tired of me and my cocksucking lips."

"No way, Aunt Suzy," he protested. "It's not like that. I could never get tired of you. Really. You're amazing!"

"Well then, I'll bet I can get you into a sexier mood so you can do your thing. Have you done it six times today yet? I'll bet you haven't."

"You've got me there," he admitted. He'd done it once upon waking, then school took most of his day, then there were three times in the afternoon. Even though the poolside experience was the most amazing erotic experience he'd yet had in his life, it had been mostly one of blue balls and very little actual direct stimulation except for what Suzanne had done to him underwater. It dawned on him that the last time he'd cum, just after the pool where he'd run inside and came almost before he could pull his swimsuit down, probably didn't count at all, according to Akami's rule that the only ejaculations that could be counted were those that directly followed prolonged tactile stimulation.

He calculated, and then said, "I think, honestly, just three times today so far."

Her eyes lit up. "Then you really need some help. I'm feeling randy as a goat. The way you touched me all over earlier - it gets me so excited just thinking about it. Let me get rid of all these annoying clothes."


She stopped massaging his neck and stood up, but then an idea occurred to her. "Wait. Why don't you put on some music? Something sexy. I'll give you a little show. That'll put you in the mood."

Alan rolled his desk chair over to his CD collection. He had a lot of music, but he didn't know what qualified as sexy. It's not like I've got that song with all the horns in it that they always play during stripteases, he thought a little bit grumpily. Hmmm. What about "Legs" by ZZ Top? She could show her legs off nicely to that. Or "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince to, well, go crazy?

Oh, I know, he said to himself a little more brightly. "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. If that isn't sexy, then nothing is. He put the CD in the player, then went back to his desk chair.

Suzanne doing a slow striptease, starting from a business suit

Suzanne liked his choice. She closed her eyes and started to sway around a bit. She looked at his lap and said, "You're not going to stay clothed like that, are you? Whip it out."

Alan duly unzipped his shorts. However, his penis was still stubbornly flaccid.

But then she started to groove.

He'd never seen her dance like that before, and was impressed at just how gracefully and rhythmically she could move.

Her whole body flowed to the music as she made long, slow, fluid movements to the sultry song. She ran her hands slowly up and down her still fully-clothed body. She wore a very stylish, fancy scarlet outfit. Now all that clothing worked to her advantage because she had more items to take off, including a jacket, vest, and blouse underneath.

More into it now, she began correcting the fact that she was so overdressed. Her long-sleeved jacket was the first item to come off. Then a pair of pants that was hindering her movements. One by one her other clothes came off. She'd never done a striptease for him before, but it seemed as if she was born to it.

Alan was beside himself with excitement. Despite his weary state, his erection started to rise.

As more items came off, he was surprised to find her actually wearing both bra and panties; it was the first sight of female underwear for him in days. The underwear was typically sexy: a lacy, partially see-through bra, and a tiny pair of panties made out of little more than gauze that just managed to cover her ass crack and bush. The fact that she was wearing these was purely a lucky accident, as she hadn't been expecting to be stripping later that evening when she'd dressed for dinner.

By this point he had a raging hard-on and his pulse was racing, but she was just getting started.

She worked on removing her bra, ever so slowly. But just as she started doing that, the song ended and another in a wildly different style began. She continued to groove as if Marvin Gaye were still playing, and cooed, "Quick. Something else. Sexy."

Alan was stuck. He had to act fast, but he couldn't think of another sexy song off the top of his head. With more time he would have made a different selection, but he put on "Boombastic" by Shaggy.

It was more of an upbeat song with a reggae-styled beat. That wasn't her normal style, but she liked it. She picked up the pace and switched to a more active and wilder dance. It evolved into a sexy bump and grind that got her sweaty from all the activity.

He found himself getting sweaty too, just from watching. His book was completely forgotten; he was hypnotized by her talented pelvic gyrations.

Suzanne on hands and knees, in a revealing bra and panties

After a few minutes of heart-stoppingly beautiful, nearly-naked dancing, she fell to her knees and crawled towards him. She purposely had her bra barely clinging to her chest. Both bra straps had fallen from her shoulders, yet the cups somehow managed to cover her nipples and not much more. Her milky boobs hung down, seemingly forever, looking impossibly large. She looked up at him with pleading, dark green eyes.

Then she became playful and giggled. "Ooh! Looks like our little friend here likes the show." She sat back on her knees, reached out for his dick, and started stroking it. "You know what I've been doing lately?"

"No. What?" By this point he was in a great mood, ready for anything. Somehow just watching her had reenergized his entire body.

"Every time I come in here and give you a blowjob or handjob, you know what I do afterwards? I go and tell Susan all about it. Every last little detail. The way my hand slides up and down your cock, over and over. The way you shudder when I blow my breath lightly against it. The feel of your cock sliding in and out of my mouth, the saliva dripping off it. The taste of your delicious cum. The joy at seeing or tasting the first drops of pre-cum dribble out. Everything!"

His jaw practically hit the floor.

"She protests of course, and complains that it's 'so improper,' but she loves it. She can't get enough of my sexy talk. She gets so hot that she has to run back to her room and masturbate herself silly, every time. I thought you should know. I wonder how hot she'll get when she hears about this one."

"Are you serious? Or are you just saying that to arouse me?"

"I'm saying it NOW to arouse you, but it's completely true. We usually talk about it during our morning exercise session, right after you leave for school. You should see the fiery look in her eyes and the way her big tits heave with pure lust for you, her one and only son!"

Suzanne let go of his hard-on after giving it a final squeeze. Then she stood back up and returned to her dance. She knew it was a long song, so she wasn't worried about her tempo.

He was excited beyond all reason, especially after that tidbit of news about his mother. He panted and stroked himself with enthusiasm.

She finally took her bra off completely and twirled it over her head, around and around a finger. Then she let it fly across the room. She laughed at just how much she was acting like a real stripper; she was surprising even herself. She said to him, "Save some for me."

He slowed down his stroking.

Her panties came off a bit faster. She twirled them around and flung them away as well. She was as worked up as she'd ever been and didn't want to waste any time. With the song still playing, she dropped to her knees and brought his stiffness to her mouth.

She said, "Just think: because I tell Susan every last blow-by-blow detail, and I do mean blow by blow" - she blew on the head of his dick - "when I suck your cock, in a way, your mother is sucking it too. It's like she's here with us now, watching and listening!"

Then she took his stiffness into her mouth.

B: Suzanne on her knees between Alan's legs, sucking his cock while resting her hand on his T-shirt and abdomen

Alan was so close to the edge and her words were so hot that he came quickly. He lasted a minute at most before he shot his cum into her mouth. He nearly passed out from all the pleasure. His only regret was that he hadn't had a video camera to record her striptease so that he could treasure it forever.

But Suzanne still wasn't done. Since he was far behind in his daily count, she wanted to get at least one more cum out of him. She simply kept her mouth over his prick and remained sucking on his flaccidness.

Within a few minutes, his penis sprang back to life. Eighteen is the typical peak age of male sexual virility, a fact that was apparent to both Suzanne and Alan. He felt he could do no wrong and his erections would repeat forever.

In the middle of her renewed sucking, he asked, "Is that really, REALLY true? What you said about telling everything to Mom? I just can't believe it."

She switched to stroking and licking the tip of his dick so she could talk. "Believe it, baby."

"But she's so prudish!"

Suzanne pulled his shorts all the way off, so she could easily access his balls. "Ha! Yes, obviously there's that prudish part of her, but I've known for ages that there was a raging inferno of lust burning just beneath the surface. You know about the various affairs that I've had for a few years now, right?"


"Well, over time, I got in the habit of telling her all about them. In glorious Technicolor detail. How a man's hand felt on my breast." She brought his hand up to her breast as she said this. "Or how a hard cock drove deeper and deeper into my steaming pussy!" She swallowed his erection and took him deeper and deeper into her mouth with each thrust.

Alan couldn't help but feel that it was him in her box instead. It was all he could do not to cum again immediately.

But then she suddenly withdrew again, as if nothing had happened. She said in a casual tone, "Of course, she tut-tutted and protested all the while, but I could tell how hot she got, every single time. It's like the moralistic preacher who's against pornography, yet repeatedly watches lots of porn just to confirm how wrong it is. Given how little sex she got from Ron, it was obvious to me that she was living vicariously through my affairs. Susan and I don't keep any secrets."

She added to herself, Well, not counting one or two I keep from her. But I do tell her just about everything I do, eventually. I'm more honest with her than I ever was with my parents or husband. It's almost like she's my conscience and I have to go to her for approval.

Blowing lightly on his sweet spot while tugging at his balls, she added in a breathy voice, "So, thanks to that little tradition, it goes without saying that we share almost everything that we do to you. I wasn't completely forthcoming to her at first, but now I can be honest in my blow" - she blew particularly seductively - "by blow" - she did it again - "by bloooow" - she repeated herself again just so she could blow even more on his sensitive skin - "with her. And she practically doesn't even know how to lie. She tells me everything, even her sexy dreams. It takes her a while to get going, but once she does she could easily spend ten minutes describing a five-minute dream blowjob on your cock; that's how much she loves it."

"Oh man!" He groaned loudly, because Suzanne had resumed her cocksucking as soon as she'd finished talking. Just as she'd done after her "steaming pussy" comment, she went deeper and deeper with each pass until she was practically deep throating him.

It was all too much for him; he blew his load after only a minute or so of such intense lip action.

When it was over, he had an overwhelming desire to take Suzanne in his arms and hold her and kiss her forever. But she was determined not to go any further than a blowjob, and wouldn't even allow a hug. She was in the driver's seat: she could do whatever she wanted, and he could only play along. He wasn't the type of guy to normally take liberties or push his luck.

Afterward they both sat on the floor, lying against his bed side by side.

Suzanne thought, It's all true. Those were good times, talking about my affairs with my best pal. I swear, I probably got more enjoyment out of telling her about my affairs and watching her busty body squirm around than in the actual affairs themselves. And that sharing tradition was key to inspiring my six-times-a-day scheme in the first place. I could see what a sexual being she really was, and it broke my heart knowing that she didn't even masturbate. I do feel bad lying to her and deceiving her about all this, but I can't feel too bad because I know better than anyone else just how terribly she's been suffering in so many ways.

Someday, she'll thank me, I'm sure. Probably some glorious day after she and I finish taking turns giving Sweetie a nice long cocksucking! Hee!

Turning her attention back to Alan, she commented, "Let's see. That's numbers four and five. We still have one more delectable mouthful of cum to go. But it's better to be a woman."

"What do you mean?"

"Guys are so frustratingly limited in the number of orgasms they can handle. But not women. I just came five times during those two songs alone."

"You did? I didn't even notice."

"You will. Believe me, by the time I'm done with you, you'll know everything there is to know about the female body. Actually I take that back, because I don't plan to ever be done with you. I'm going to be your special cock stroker and cocksucker forever, if you'll have me."

Once again he really wanted to kiss her. Lust was turning into love; he felt he was falling head over heels in love with this remarkable older woman. He'd already loved her as a person since before he could walk, but he'd long suppressed his lusty feelings for her. Now he was totally in love with her body too. He reached out towards her with both arms.

But still she wouldn't let him hug her, since she knew that would lead to a passionate kiss. She gently placed his arms back to where they'd been. "Remember," she said softly, "cocksucking is allowed, but no kissing."

"Why?" he asked, genuinely perplexed.

"Because the goal is your six times a day, Sweetie. You don't want to make me all googly-eyed crazy over you with your undoubtedly excellent and passionate kissing, do you?"

He didn't know how to answer that. For one thing, he'd never really kissed a woman before, so he was hardly excellent at it. He got stuck on "Ummm..."

She pressed on, "Well then, as long as you respect my boundaries, I guess a little snuggle is okay."

He gratefully leaned up against her and put his arms around her. He was beyond happy.

She rested her head on his shoulder and heaved a big sigh of contentment. "Sweetie, I'm glad that you know that I've had a lot of affairs. After all, there aren't a whole lot of secrets between the four of us. Five really, with Amy, even though we don't tell her everything. But this is different than any affair or relationship I've ever had before. Those days are over. With you I feel so different. I don't want it to stop. I really hope we can keep doing this forever."

"I do too." He ran his hands through her long, dark, curly hair. He loved the way it felt silky smooth, and the way it could look red with certain lighting but not that red at all at other times. It was always changing its appearance, like sunlight sparking on the ocean.

They remained like that for about a half hour, talking and enjoying each other's company in a (mostly) non-erotic snuggle. He didn't directly assault her breasts or genitals but he did get to enjoy her naked body in subtle ways as he caressed her almost everywhere.

After a lull in the conversation, she looked at her watch and sighed with frustration.

"What is it?" he asked. He was in the middle of massaging her neck and shoulders just like she'd done to him earlier. The difference this time was that they were both completely naked.

"Well, my husband is-" She interrupted herself and laughed. "Remember him? I barely do. Anyway, Eric is probably expecting me. It's late. I wish I could stay here like this for hours, but I should get going." She stood up and started dressing.

Alan suddenly felt wistfully sad that she was leaving. He shivered at the mention of her husband Eric. In recent days he really had nearly forgotten that she was married. Then he thought, Not to mention my mom! She's married too. I can't believe I'm forgetting my own father. Talk about a bad parent, if he makes such a deep impression on his children. Not! It really is like I've never had a father at all. For years now, Ron has been like some distant relative who comes by for Christmas or Easter sometimes.


Suzanne stood at the door, but then said something to shake him out of his thoughts, which were drifting towards a glum rumination about adultery. With a twinkle in her eye she said, "Wait a sec. I almost forgot something. Before I go, we still have that pesky sixth time to take care of." She walked back towards him. "You can't get rid of me that easily, mister! Drop those pants already!"

Alan's good mood returned instantly, with all thoughts of his absentee father completely forgotten. Since he was still naked, he had no pants to drop.

She walked right past him and lay down on his bed. She said deviously, "Before we get to some more cocksucking, maybe I'll just get forty winks first to recover my strength. You're going to wear out my jaw. I sure hope you don't try anything while I sleep." She winked, and then closed her eyes.

He clearly understood her meaning. If she was "sleeping," then he could do things to her that she otherwise wouldn't allow him to do. He was very aroused by the pretense of him taking advantage of her as she slept. He climbed on top of her and straddled her waist.

She maintained the pretense of sleeping, even making exaggerated snoring sounds. That made both of them laugh, but she kept her eyes and mouth closed despite her laughter.

She didn't have all her clothes on, although she'd just put back on her vest, skirt, and underwear.

He began unbuttoning the buttons on her vest, one by one.

She grew quiet.

He really felt as if he was doing an incredibly nasty thing to a sleeping woman. It aroused him tremendously. Then he went to work on her bra. He had a hard time getting the bra off, and found himself seriously worrying about "waking her." But by gently lifting her up a bit he eventually managed to get it unhooked and removed from behind her back.

G: Suzanne on her back while Alan plays with her tits

Now, finally, was his big chance to explore her huge tits to his heart's content. He touched them tentatively, and wasn't chastised for it.

She still pretended deep sleep.

Soon, he was vigorously groping her ivory twins.

Her quiet breathing turned to moans, and a soft smile spread across her face. She loved it, even if his touch lacked subtlety. She loved his lusty enthusiasm.

He pinched and pulled at her nipples in every way he could think of. Then he did something he had always wanted to do: he took a nipple in his mouth and suckled it.

She moaned even louder with pleasure.

He alternated between suckling and nibbling on one tit while he groped the other.

He grew increasingly excited at the prospect of just how far she might let him go. He didn't really know how far he himself was ready to go just then, but he was eager to find out. He slid down her body a bit and put his hand on her skirt to take it off. Unfortunately, that broke the spell.

She opened her eyes, sat up, and moved his hand away.

"Alan, what do you think you're doing?" she said with mock indignation. "I'm shocked. Shocked!" But her mood was still playful.

He laughed at the line from the movie 'Casablanca'.

"How did I lose my bra? Were you trying to undress me while I was sleeping?" she asked with false cluelessness. "What were you planning on doing to me? Were you thinking of - oh my God, you weren't going to rape me in my sleep, were you? Bad Alan!" She playfully swatted at him. Imitating Susan's drunken voice, she added, "Sho wery impwoper!"

That really cracked both of them up. It also reminded him of his earlier out-of-control fantasy of fucking (if not even raping) his mother by the pool, which excited him that much further.

"I think you need to be punished. Severely. Forty lashes! Forty lashes of my tongue around your big fat pecker!" She lay down on the bed with her head between his outstretched legs and sucked him off like she'd already done twice earlier.

But, maddeningly for him, she took delight in repeatedly stopping and talking to him. She really wanted to prolong his joy this time.

"You see what I mean?" she asked as she paused with his boner in her hand. "You see what I mean about today at the pool?"

"No. What?"

"What I was saying before about how your mom and your sister both have the hots for you. They're both so hot for your cock that it's not even funny." She went back to licking his shaft.

After a minute of silence from him she stopped long enough to say, "A-ha! You don't deny it!"

He really couldn't deny that fact anymore, but it troubled him. "But Aunt Suzy, isn't that wrong? I don't know what the hell the doctor and nurse are thinking with their suggestions and, for that matter, their whole treatment idea. It's wrong for Mom and Sis to touch my dick. That's incest!"

She stopped licking again. "Alan, Alan, Alan," she said, as if she was losing patience with his ignorance. "That's not incest. Incest is intercourse. A blowjob or handjob is not a big deal; it's just a fun little thing. I know one mother with a hyperactive teenage son. Whenever he gets too wild, she's found that if she gives him a blowjob he calms right down. It's not like they're sleeping with each other - that would be wrong."

He was very skeptical. "I don't know, Aunt Suzy. This is all too weird for me."

He let the topic drop. In truth, his objections weren't really that strong in the first place; it was more of a case of him feeling obliged to say the moral and responsible thing. Deep down, he was totally thrilled by what could happen.

She returned to her cocksucking duties, taking him deeper and deeper. Then, just as she had him on the edge of a great climax, she pulled back and completely stopped once again.

"What is it this time?" he cried out in frustration.

"Promise me one thing." She made several swipes at the tip of his dick with her tongue to keep him half-insane with lust.

"What? What is it?!"

"Promise me you won't forget about me tomorrow." She engulfed him again and resumed a deeper sucking.

He groaned loudly, both at the pleasure she was giving and at her frustratingly cryptic comments. He wanted to remain silent until his impending cum before he continued the conversation, but after just a few moments he had to ask, "What? What's going to happen tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is a Tuesday, and you know what that means," she said, then returned to sucking. She was loving his frustration, but in a playful way, not with malice.

"Arrgh! What does that mean?"

She stopped again, and lightly rubbed the sensitive spot below his cockhead with her fingers to keep him building to a climax during a longer pause. "Don't you remember? Tuesday is the day the nurse said you need an abnormality check of your penis. Whatever that means. Apparently it's up to your mom to give you one. Remember to keep telling her I have poor eyesight, by the way, or she might try to back out. She's already basically told the rest of us to get lost for the whole day. I want to back off anyway, in the hopes that if it's just you and her together, she'll lose all control."

His heart pounded wildly as he considered that.

"So I'm just asking: tomorrow, when she's the one sucking you off, don't completely forget about me, okay? I'll be back for you with my eager tongue on Wednesday."

"Arrgh!" he cried out again. "Don't say that! You can't be serious!" She resumed sucking him, and this time he could hold out no longer. He shot deep into her mouth. He was so aroused that he grabbed the back of her head and thrust his cock forcefully into her. She just took him in deeper and deeper until his pubic hair tickled her nose - she was deep throating him again.

She sucked in all the cum he could shoot out, as if her mouth was a bottomless vacuum.

As he shot his ropes of cum straight down her throat, he pondered what she'd said. Could she really mean it? My mom? Touching my dick tomorrow? No! It can't be!

Oh God, this feels so good! Fuck! Aunt Suzy, suck me dry! YES!

After Suzanne left, Alan felt completely drained. He took a quick shower and finished his nightly toilet rituals. Then he went straight to bed. As he lay there, he let the entire incredible day pass through his mind.

Let's see if I came six times or not. I masturbated twice in the morning. Then Aunt Suzy jacked me off in the pool. Then she started stroking me, but left me hanging and got out of the pool. I was so damn horny that I had to rush to my room to cum. I wonder if that counted, because I didn't really get the "prolonged stimulation" Akami says I need.

But I suppose it doesn't matter much, since Aunt Suzy blew me THREE more times that evening! Yeay! Go Suzanne; you're so awesome! But still, I wonder if I should put a checkmark on my chart for that possible seventh time or not? Maybe I should ask Akami what "prolonged stimulation" is exactly. At least that way I'll know for sure that my daily count is accurate.

Shortly thereafter, sleep overtook him.

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