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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Day 37: Tuesday, October 22

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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On the cheerleader front, after all the fun Katherine, Alan, and Kim had in the storage closet, and Kim's generous offer for them to use her house, neither Katherine nor Alan brought up the idea of counter-blackmailing Kim again.

In fact, if anyone was in the driver's seat now in terms of setting rules and an agenda, it was Alan first, Katherine second, and Kim last. The fact that Kim was much younger made it hard for her to stay in control. She could easily have blackmailed both Alan and Katherine over their incestuous relationship, and she did in fact find the idea of dominating Katherine temptingly arousing in terms of possibilities. However, she just wasn't the kind of person who would enjoy actually doing that.

And then there was her horniness. If either of the Plummer siblings suggested a situation that could lead to more sexual fun, Kim was all for it.

The situation with Heather was a bit more prickly and tricky, but Alan assured Katherine that the head cheerleader could be handled. Luckily, Heather didn't know much.

At school on Tuesday, things went pretty well for Alan. He'd managed to get off twice before breakfast, so he was more or less able to concentrate. The only strange thing to happen was in his history class with Ms. Rhymer. He was busy with all the other students taking a test until he came across one particularly difficult question. As he often did on tough questions, he stared out the window as he pondered, as if he could find the answer written in the clouds.

Then he noticed his teacher's reflection in the windowpane. She appeared to be staring in his direction. Since he was looking out the window, she didn't realize that he knew she was looking at him. Alan noticed that even as her gaze remained fixed she also had a strange, far away look in her eyes. She sat on the edge of her desk on the spot where she usually sat when she talked to him after class. She held a ruler with both of her hands, and Alan noticed that she languidly caressed it up and down.

Wait! he suddenly realized. That's exactly like stroking a dick! Still looking at reflections in the window, he scanned the class to see if anyone else had noticed. No, everyone is too busy with their tests.

Glory holding a ruler vertically, stroking it with both hands

He continued to watch her reflection in the window as she stroked the ruler. There could be no doubt about it: she was treating the ruler just like an erect prick. One hand held it at the base while her other hand slowly went up and down its upper half. Then, gradually, the pace of her hands on the penis/ruler quickened, and soon reached a furious pace.

Alan could hardly believe his own eyes. While he'd long considered her his most beautiful teacher and lusted after her privately, it had all seemed like a safe fantasy. He could hardly conceive of her actually having sexual desires and actions of her own. He was again shocked to look around the room, through the reflections on the windows, and find that nobody else had noticed anything out of the ordinary. It seemed to him that what she was doing was blatantly obvious, but everyone else was simply too busy with the test to even look up at her.

She began to pant, and despite all the conservative clothes she wore, Alan could detect her pert boobs heaving in time to her vigorous stroking of the ruler. He looked around again, amazed that the jiggling of her breasts still hadn't attracted the attention of any of her many horny young admirers, all of whom would have practically killed to see such a sight. However, he was completely riveted, especially since he could see by her reflection in the window that she was staring right in his direction the entire time.

Finally it seemed like she and the ruler somehow climaxed together. He half expected to see jism shoot from its end, then realized how silly that idea was. However, she WAS panting heavily.

After what seemed to be the climax, it appeared that Ms. Rhymer slowly came back to her senses. She put the ruler down and looked at it a bit shamefully. However, it appeared to him that he could still detect her butt wiggling around a bit, and then realized that she was sitting right on the corner of the desk. Oh my God! Now she must be trying to get herself off with the corner of the desk! Did she have a real orgasm with the ruler?

But then she got up and returned to her seat behind her desk.

Alan tried to return to his test. Did she notice that I saw her through the window? I was looking up and away from my paper for an awfully long time. Certainly she would have noticed that? Was she putting on a show for my benefit?

He looked up at her again, directly this time and not through the reflection. She stared directly and intensely right at him. But when she realized he was returning her gaze, she appeared to get nervous and quickly looked away. He went back to his test, but couldn't think. He looked up again via the window's reflection. She's staring at me again! What gives?

Alan then noticed that if one paid close attention, it appeared that she was moving around slightly in her seat. Her face appeared really flushed as well, even more than it had a few minutes earlier. Then he realized that both of her hands were in her lap. What they were doing there was blocked by the desk, but he could make a good guess, especially since her arms appeared to move in a piston pattern.

She's masturbating right in front of the class! he realized. Not only that, but she's doing it while she's STILL staring at me! God, does she have a thing for me?! Duuuuh. She must! After all this time, three years of lusting, and I finally find out that she likes ME! Dang!

This is just too bizarre. The most beautiful teacher in school is masturbating in my class while thinking of me, and then I've got to go paint the pussies of my sister and her friend for lunch. And today is a Tuesday, so who knows what that'll mean. Is Mom going to do another "abnormality check" of my dick even though Ron is home?

And then there's Aunt Suzy... She could come into my room at any time. And another appointment with Akami is coming up... This is just too weird! It's like I'm having the total harmonic convergence of sexual luck! And really, it all goes back to my "six-times-a-day" treatment. That was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. It's hard to believe that that was a legitimate treatment.

He saw his teacher gasp. Her face turned even more red, and she suddenly looked very embarrassed. There's no doubt. She just had an orgasm! In class! In front of everybody! And no one but me noticed! I'll be damned!

After that, Alan's concentration on the assigned test was pretty much shot. Every time he tried to focus, all he could see in his mind's eye was the expression on his teacher's face when she'd climaxed. He had no doubt that his test results would be poor.

He lingered after class to see if Ms. Rhymer wanted to speak with him. But not only did she not say anything, she appeared to be nervous and ignoring him completely. Although he was the last student out the door, she remained quiet. As he left, he noticed that she hadn't even gotten up from her chair, which remained behind her desk.


There really was no painting to speak of that day.

Katherine and Kim were wearing normal skirts since it wasn't a game day. But underneath they both wore real black panties, just to be on the safe side.

Alan removing Katherine's panties from the rear, revealing her painted-on ones

Alan removed their skirts, and then actually had to perform the relatively unfamiliar act of taking off panties to thoroughly check their paint jobs. He found that the paint was so durable from the day before that he didn't need to repaint them, so he had more of a social visit with Kim and Katherine in the supply closet.

They only stayed a few minutes, and their talk was entirely nonsexual. Mostly it was a chance for Alan and Kim to learn more about each other. Katherine was definitely on her best non-teasing behavior because of her promise to cool it until Thursday.

— — —

And so things went relatively normally until Alan got home. Then, once again, his charmed and strange life seemed to get particularly surreal.

He walked inside to find Susan seemingly waiting for him in the kitchen. Just seeing his mother these days, no matter her attitude or what she wore, usually got him hard. At the very least, all he would have to do is see her hands or lips and remember what she had done to him with them, and he'd have an instant boner.

But being alone with her in the kitchen today got him especially hard and horny. He recalled their one wild day together when he came upon her washing the dishes at the kitchen sink and extensively fondled her ass. It was all he could do not to whip his shorts off and climax all over her backside.

Susan was dressed in her usual conservative, around-the-house clothing. But no matter how she dressed, there was no way for her to completely hide her fantastic tits and the rest of her shapely body. In fact, drab clothes had a way of drawing attention to her assets even more, as if those assets rose to the challenge of proving their ability to attract one's eyes no matter what she wore.

Jesus Christ, he thought, Mom's tits look like they're ready to burst through even that heavy fabric! I can totally see how erect her nipples are. And it pains me to think about the rest of her fuckable body, 'cos it's all too huggable and touchable. What an ass! Certainly she must also remember vividly what happened last Tuesday. Is that why she's meeting me in the kitchen? Sis said something about having somewhere to go with Aims after school. Has Mom manipulated things to make sure we could be alone? She's going to be touching my cock soon, I just know it!

Susan appeared to be very nervous. She said without looking at him, "Tiger, there have been some changes around here lately, changes for the good. We've been able to make this a respectable, Christian household again. I wanted to talk to you about this last night, but, uh..." She paused and struggled over what to say.

Then she continued, "Since your father has returned home, things are more the way they should be. I'm sure you'll agree. But we still have your medical problem, and since today is a Tuesday, I think it's still important that you have your check for abnormalities on your... member. You told me last night how it's getting more difficult for you to achieve satisfaction, and Suzanne warned me that you're suffering soreness and chafing down there. I'm concerned. Do you think that we can forget what happened last week, and do such a check in a much more clinical and dignified manner?"

Alan nodded his head in agreement, even as he gulped in frightened and excited anticipation.

"Good. I'm glad you agree. Why don't we go to your room?"

They began to head in that direction.

Susan really was determined to perform the abnormality check in the most non-sexual manner possible. She told herself repeatedly that she was only doing it because Suzanne had talked her into it and really left her no alternative. She cradled a cup in her hands, and spoke as they walked, "I think it was a mistake to take our clothes off last time. This time, just unzip your fly, move your underwear to the side and let it poke out. Then you can shoot into this cup." She held the cup up for him to see.

Back in his room, she was the epitome of professionalism. She waited for him to sit down and take out his hard-on, which he did. True, she knelt in front of him, which was exciting in and of itself, but then when she began to rub his erection, she did it clinically and dispassionately. She didn't say a word and remained poker-faced, even grim.

This is no fun, thought Alan. I almost have more fun with my own hands.

He was determined that things wouldn't continue like this. He willed his dick to get flaccid, although normally the mere idea of his mother doing an abnormality check would have made it as hard as it could get. He thought of two extremely fat, ugly, pockmarked, and pimply men having sex with each other, and that worked wonders to get and keep his penis down.

Susan tried to stroke his deflated dick, but it continued to soften.

In desperation, he lied to her. "I'm sorry, Mom, but with you all bundled up in your conservative clothes, I just can't get it up. It reminds me of the old, unsexy days. And you're not being very passionate. I need some visual stimulation at the very least. I'm having such trouble sometimes, lately, getting a reaction down there."

"You're really a handful, Alan Plummer!" she said in exasperation. "What am I going to do with you?" She thought, This is not good! I can't allow things to get out of hand. I have to think of my husband! I don't know if he's cheating on me or not, but I am still married. It's not the act of helping with Tiger's medical treatment that bothers me; it's all these depraved, sinful, and decidedly un-wifely thoughts that go through my head when I do it! I'm so weak!

After no response, and a long pause, she said, "Okay, just a little visual stimulation. But none of my clothes are coming off, you understand?"

He asked with deliberate cluelessness, "How can I get visual stimulation if your clothes won't come off? ... Hey, I know! I've got an idea. Stand up and raise your skirt. That might do something."

Susan raising her skirt, revealing hose, garters and no panties

"Very well," she said, sighing. "At least you didn't focus on my boobs for once, and I don't have to take anything off." She stood and raised her dress, fully exposing her hairy snatch.

Even now, after supposedly "reforming," she still wasn't wearing any underwear, a fact that Alan was quite pleased to discover. To divert her attention away from his delight at this turn of events, he feigned confusion. "I'm a bit surprised, Mom. Didn't you take to wearing a bra and undies again?"

She sighed again, and looked away. "Yes, I did," she answered reluctantly, "but I'm experimenting. Is there anything wrong with that? You heard in the car the other day that Ron and I are having some marital difficulties. Perhaps if I dress a little sexier, maybe that'll help."

In actual fact, though, she was only going without underwear in the mornings and afternoons, when Ron wasn't around but Alan was. She didn't even know why she was doing that, except that it made her feel good somehow. She snapped defensively, "Are you happy now? Does that make me a bad person or something?"

"No. Geez. Nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm just curious, that's all."

"Anyway, Son, are you ready yet?" she asked impatiently. "I can't just stand here like this!" She was worried, because his eyes were focused on her labia like a laser, from only a few feet away, and that was getting her extremely hot and bothered. She had to fight the temptation to spread her legs wider and expose more pink to her son's lustful gaze.

Speaking more to herself than to him, she said, "I shouldn't call you 'Son' at a time like this. It's so embarrassing! It's not right for a son to look at his mother's most intimate places. It's... so very improper!"

Her impatience continued to grow because she was feeling more aroused with each passing second. She was starting to feel tingly all over, especially between her legs, and she worried that he would soon start to see moisture down there.

Then there was Alan's extremely distracting dick, which wasn't helping her effort to keep breathing evenly. She nodded towards where it was hanging out of his shorts, and noted, "I see you're almost there."

In fact, his dick had already gotten rock hard as soon as he took one look at her fully exposed slit. But he still didn't want her to touch him in only a clinical way, so he hoped to sex things up a bit more. He thought again of extremely fat men having sex, which caused his dick to deflate halfway just as she reached out to begin stroking it again.

"Tiger, you're too much!" Susan cried in exasperation as she saw his boner wilt. "What now?!"

Alan quickly thought of an excuse. "Well, the way you were being kind of snippy and resentful at my question, it broke my mood. And now it's not working anymore."

Susan was still holding her skirt up with one hand, but then she let it down in defeat. "Talk about prima donnas!" she griped. She was unusually irritable because her emotions were in a jumble. Expecting the inevitable, she unbuttoned her blouse and then spoke with more than a little frustration in her voice. "Come on! Look at my chest, if that helps! Even look at my... unmentionable area!"

He gladly looked at both areas, and he loved it. But he pretended to be frustrated.

She dropped the skirt again and sighed. "What now, oh Mr.-Suddenly-Can't-Get-It-Up-If-My-Life-Depended-On-It?"

"I dunno, maybe if I could just 'get your attention' - you know - touch you on the rear a little."

She was even more exasperated at that, and ruefully recalled his massage the previous Thursday, and how that innocent touching had spun out of control. But with no alternative in sight, she said, "Oh... all right! Go ahead and make it quick. I'm far too lenient with you, you know. It's a miracle you're not more spoiled."

She was frustrated, but she was also secretly pleased. She turned around and let him lift her skirt and play with her ass. She was acutely aware of the fact that she wasn't wearing panties, and she knew he'd get a good look at her labia from behind. She had to force herself to keep her legs close together so he wouldn't get too good a look there.

What's more, he didn't just give her ass a quick fondle, he got on his knees and started to give it a very intimate and prolonged exploration.

As he got into rubbing his hands all over her butt, an unexpectedly strong sexual feeling welled up in her. Despite her intentions to the contrary, she began to intensely enjoy what he was doing to her rear end.

She thought, It's been far too long since I've felt like this. It's been six days since I gave him a blowjob. That's almost a week. I can't go without him that long! God, what the hell is wrong with me? I need some of his yummy sperm in my mouth right now!

No. That's wrong. I'm a good, Christian woman, a married woman. My husband is in town. In theory, he could come home and see this! I have to keep control...

G: Alan fondling Susan's bare rear after raising her skirt in back

She became so absorbed in her thoughts that she forgot to protest when Alan carefully and gently stuck a covertly-lubricated finger in her anus and began to pump it in and out. Far from being outraged by this invasion of her boundaries, she merely gasped erotically, "Oooh! Tiger!"

She thought, That's my Tiger. You give him an inch, and before you know it you're lying naked on the bed with a big, thick, super-long dick shoved down your throat! I love it! He's so forceful!

In truth, he wasn't really that forceful, since most guys in his shoes would have lost all control around a woman as physically awe-inspiring as Susan, but she didn't see it that way. It was all she could do not to fall on the bed and widely spread her legs and ass cheeks for him to explore. She also had to resist the urge to encourage him to lovingly probe her suddenly sensitive anus even more deeply than he already was.

But then, suddenly, she came to her senses and remembered her vow to be professional and dispassionate. She again reminded herself of her husband and that Alan would have to cool it. She was surprised though to discover a feeling of regret in being so sensible, once she made her decision.

"Okay, buster," she told him. "Enough's enough. You must be hard by now."

He sat up on the bed, so she could have a better view of his crotch.

She turned around, forcing his hands away from her butt in the process. Sure enough, his dick was hard again. She knelt back down in front of where he now sat. "Quick now, Tiger, before the moon turns green or you come up with some new weird excuse, let's get this over with already!"

"Don't worry, Mom, I'll be fine now," he said sincerely.

On the surface, everything was done strictly by-the-book. With one hand Susan jerked him off, and with the other she quickly performed the abnormality check. But in fact, she caressed his boner with a passion and intensity which she had not felt even a few minutes earlier.

Even with her being as professional as possible, Alan still greatly enjoyed it. There was no way for her to fondle his dick without it feeling good. Plus, with her blouse mostly unbuttoned, he had a great view of her braless boobs bouncing and swaying in time to her "checking."

She finished the check quickly, saying, "There. Now that's how it should be done. Professionally. Responsibly."

He was crushed. Since she had been doing a serious check, it actually didn't take much time at all.

However, she added, "But now that we're done with that, I think it would be good for you to get one of your daily times over and done with. Since you've been having such difficulty getting and keeping stiff lately, do you need my help to finish yourself off? Or can you handle it on your own?"

He was no fool. He replied, "Um, actually, I could really use your help."

"Oh, very well." She sighed, but she was secretly delighted. In fact, she didn't really keep it very secret, because her face lit up with a big smile.


This time, Susan used both hands and really went to town. Her hands flew up and down and around his shaft as she delighted in her first real handjob for what seemed like ages.

She loved it, but what she really longed for was to stick it in her mouth. She loved a blowjob more than just about anything, though she wasn't sure why. Perhaps because it seemed to be the epitome of naughtiness - both her parents would have had heart attacks even thinking about a penis being put in any mouth, much less hers. Even her father was so brainwashed into thinking a penis was inherently filthy and sinful that he would not have found the idea of a blowjob arousing. But Susan had vowed to herself not to allow a blowjob to happen under any circumstances, so she channeled all her passion into the handjob instead.

Alan was loving life. He was feeling so good that he decided to press his luck a little bit. Susan was panting and grinning and generally enjoying herself so much that he was confident she wasn't about to stop no matter what he said.

"Hey Mom? You know, I can feel it starting to go down a little."

She was incredulous. "You're kidding me! You're a very virile young man with a wonderfully thick and powerful, uh, member. Son, this erection is so hard and... good. I don't see a problem here." Her hands slid and sloshed all over, sped along by a growing amount of pre-cum.

But he persisted, "Trust me. Maybe you can't see it yet, but it's definitely going down, mentally. I can't help but think about you and Ron together, and his hands doing sexual things to you."

"Don't think about that!" she protested as she rubbed two fingers against his sweet spot. "I tell you, he's hardly touched me since he's come back."

"Well, that's a relief. But just to be on the safe side, I think it's probably better if you pull your top up to your shoulders. 'Cos you're so bountiful and beautiful up there. That'll take my mind off anything else."

She narrowed her eyes. "You would say that. You expect to just snap your fingers and see your over-endowed mother eagerly bare her chest? Is that what you want? Do you get some kind of sick thrill watching my big boobies bounce all over the place?"

He wasn't thinking too clearly at that point, because it seemed like a no-brainer question. "Um, yes."

She sighed, even though she was secretly delighted. "What if your father were to see us like this? Don't you think my being bare-chested would just make things worse?" She resumed stroking her son's thickness, which accidentally, or not so accidentally, caused her "big boobies to bounce all over the place" even more.

Alan had a clever thought. "Well, it might even help speed things up a little bit, so I think it could actually be safer."

She sighed louder. "You have a point there. Very well. But I'm just opening things up a tad so we can get this done quickly." She frowned, then pulled away and started fiddling with the buttons on her blouse.

He didn't realize it, but Susan was so aroused by that point that he could just as easily have talked her into a blowjob. But he was too far gone to be thinking clearly, and he still tended to take her protests at face value despite the burning fire of passion in her eyes.

She didn't just open her blouse a "tad"; she rearranged her blouse so that it was completely unbuttoned, gaping down to her belly button, giving him a clear view of her mighty rack. She didn't know why, but of all the things that turned her on, having her son stare at or fondle her big bare breasts was at or near the top of her list. Her cunt was getting wetter all the time, making a big damp spot on her skirt.

M: Susan in a white blouse with big breasts hanging out, working Alan's dick with both hands

The downside for Alan was that he was correct in the fact that seeing his mother expose herself like that DID speed things up for him. He'd already been having a heck of a time trying not to cum too soon, and even his recently-begun, regular PC muscle exercises only helped a little.

She leaned in close, so close that he could feel her damp breath on his shaft. I'm so bad! Apparently it's not enough for me to stroke my son's thick member; I have to breathe heavily on it too. It's like I'm some kind of obscene phone caller, panting on him like some kind of sex fiend.

Dear Lord, please give me strength! I have to do this to help my darling son with his problem, but why do I have to enjoy it so much?! It's just... it's just... so hot! Sex with Ron was nothing like this. That felt like a chore. But this... it's so exciting! And so naughty! I'm a naughty, shameless, busty mommy. Just look at my big breasts bouncing around. It's all so sinful. Tiger is probably going to blast my face with a thick load of his creamy, spermy goodness, and I'll deserve it!

She leaned forward even closer to his boner, panting on it in an ever more overt manner. Oh dear! This is bad. If I keep this up much longer, I won't be able to resist cramming it into my mouth. It's just too thick and tempting. We'd better wrap this up, fast!

She stared intently at her fingers moving over his cockhead as she said with great concern, "We have to hurry! Between your huge penis, er, unmentionable, and my excessively large breasts swinging in time to my sliding hands, this scene could be badly misconstrued!"

With a furrowed brow, she continued to concentrate on her stroking. Then she added, "Why, if Ron saw us, he might jump to conclusions that something improper is happening!"

Alan had to hold back from laughing out loud. He also had to restrain himself from reaching out and firmly grasping his mother's steadily swaying tits. Between the tactile stimulation of her fingers and the visual stimulation of her massive tits, he couldn't cope with all the pleasure.

The end came upon him quickly. "I'm losing it, Mom! The cup! The cup!"

She fumbled around for the cup and positioned it just in time.

He ejaculated cleanly into the cup. Both were silent until he was done. In retrospect, he was disappointed that he had mentioned the cup because he would have preferred to cum all over her. But on the other hand, he worried that might have been pushing his luck too far. In any case, the whole thing was over in a fantastic but all too short five minutes.

When he had finished, she pushed his flaccid penis back into his underwear, rebuttoned her blouse, and stood up. She was panting a little, but she tried not to show it. "Thank you, Tiger. I really needed that. I needed to make sure that I understood the importance of boundaries myself, and to prove to myself that last week was an aberration. I feel like I've passed a test, and even more so since you made it extra difficult for me. It looks like I'm not going to completely fall apart if you touch me, and for that I thank the Lord."

She straightened out her clothes and hair, but it was hard not to notice that she'd left all but the bottom two buttons of her blouse unbuttoned, leaving her cleavage in clear view. "Next time, hopefully, we'll have better luck getting you aroused, but overall it appears that you have the maturity to deal with your treatment without letting things get out of hand. Otherwise I was going to have to ask Nurse Akami to take care of these checks. I'm sorry about some of these changes, but that's the way it has to be. Do you understand?"

"Yes, of course," he replied. But he thought, If you only knew about what's happening between Sis and me, then what would you think about my ability to maintain boundaries?

"Good. I suppose a little bit of visual stimulation didn't hurt anyone. And if you show that you can behave properly, then maybe next time I'll be willing to use my mouth, like we did before." That made it sound as if a blowjob would be a reward for him, but in fact it would have been just as much of a pleasure for her. However, she acted restrained in her demeanor. "Now, do you think that will hold you for a while?"

"Yeah, definitely. Now I'll be able to take care of myself for at least a day or two," he lied, sure that it was what Suzanne would want him to say. "I'll think about... what we did here."

"A day or two?" Susan asked incredulously. "Is that it? I can't believe it!"

"I'm sorry, Mom. But it's just... you're so arousing. The porn we bought, all that other stuff, it just doesn't compare. Aunt Suzy is great, definitely way great, but somehow I find myself thinking of you sometimes, even when I'm with her. And when you're like, all 1800's and Amish, she has a real uphill battle getting me going at all."

Susan complained, "'All 1800's and Amish.' Come on. I'm not that bad." She leaned forward as if she just wanted closer eye contact, but as a result she showed off great expanses of creamy tit-flesh, since her blouse was still mostly unbuttoned.

He tried hard to maintain eye contact, with limited success. He could easily see her erect nipples. "Well, that's true. Not anymore, at least. I'll think about you not wearing any undies, and that'll at least help a little."

He was playing up his supposed difficulties in getting aroused, when in fact he really was hardly having any trouble at all. In truth, Suzanne alone was endlessly arousing, and he correctly suspected that she had lots of tricks and talents she had yet to use on him. For some reason, he didn't feel that he was lying, but instead just stretching the facts.

Susan thought for a minute, and thought again about Suzanne's plan of taking care of him somewhere outside the house. She still found that strangely disturbing for a reason she couldn't quite put her finger on, and wanted either to be the one to help Alan directly or at least have it happen in her house. The locale was symbolically very important to her; if it took place in her house, she would feel connected to the event even if she wasn't there. "Let me know how it goes, Tiger. Let's have good communication on this. Tell me when it gets unbearable, and we'll do something, though it may not be precisely what you want."

She smiled as he nodded back gratefully. Then she left the room. Curiously, it was only when she was in the hallway that she remembered to button up the rest of the buttons on her blouse.

Alan turned back to his bed after watching Susan leave, and then he noticed the cup of cum was still there. Without thinking, he shouted, "Hey, Mom!"

She'd almost reached her room, but she stopped and loudly replied, "Yes, Tiger?"

"Mom, can you come back for a sec?"

Once she was back at his door, he pointed to the cup of cum. "Um, what are we supposed to do with this?"

Susan stared at it in surprise. Her expression quickly turned lusty and hungry. "Uh, don't worry. I'll take that. I can give it to, uh... Akami. For... uh... analysis."

He thought, Yeah. Right! But he just nodded.

She walked out of the room holding the cup of cum like a hungry teen holding a banana split.

He thought, Man, I don't even wanna know what she does with that. TMI. Too much information!

Putting that issue out of his mind, for the most part, he lay back on his bed and pondered what this latest development meant. I'll bet this event will be very important over the long run. Aunt Suzy told me Mom's return to her prudish ways would only be a temporary thing, and now it looks like she was right. Sweet! Today, Mom was trying to be all proper and clinical, but the fact is she's still jacking me off and she's still digging it, too! Double sweetness!

Given this and what she said last night, after Ron leaves we're bound to slide back to how it was before. If I play my cards right, I bet she'll eventually lose the rest of her repressed attitude, and become hot to trot all over again. I've seen that it's in her, and it has to come out.

Once that happens, the whole facade can finally be torn down. I'll be able to fuck Mom, Sis, and Aunt Suzy to my heart's content, in my own house! Can you imagine that?! Fucking THEM?! But it really could happen! Oh God, I'm so horny already! His penis was starting to grow erect, so he began to masturbate to those exciting thoughts.


I mean, someday soon, I might wind up with my dick fully impaled in my mother's pussy! It really could happen! And why stop there?! Aunt Suzy would totally know and approve. Hell, we could wind up in a threesome. Wouldn't that be cool, if the two of them kissed and rubbed their gigantic tits together even while I'm balls deep in Mom!

But why stop there? I'd blast my load right into the depths of Mom's cunt! Then, right away, I'd pull out and plunge straight into the burning furnace of Aunt Suzy's tight cunt! Jeeeeesus! I can almost feel it! Then I'd fuck the hell out of her too! UNGH!

Holy FUCK! So awesome! It really, really could happen someday soon! He was thrilling to the pleasures of masturbating as he vividly imagined that scene.

But why stop there? Aims is totally in the bag too, if Aunt Suzy is doing it already. Throw in Kim and God knows who else? Ms. Rhymer even? Imagine inviting my teacher over to my house for dinner, followed by a giant orgy! I'll be the only guy, and four, five, maybe six women will all be trying to pleasure me. It'll be like having my own harem! Hell, while I'm at it, why not throw Christine into the picture? Okay, that, at least, is totally unrealistic, but it's so damn hot!

I don't even need to go wild with impossible fantasies though, because the reality is already so mind-blowing. And it's only gonna get better and better! All I have to do is stay on course and not do anything stupid, like getting caught having sex with my sister before Mom can handle that.

He continued to masturbate while reveling in his fantasies, and orgasmed again. Despite what he'd told his mother, these days he had little trouble at all climaxing six times a day. True, his dick wasn't always up for it, but he had no lack of erotic thoughts driving him wild. He would have been inspired enough to cum twenty or thirty times a day if time and his body would have permitted it.


That same day, as soon as the bell rang announcing the end of the school day, Glory took off like a rocket to her car in the teacher's parking lot. She'd been planning to go surfing after school, and she already had her surfboard and everything she needed either on or in her car. The problem was that she had to drive a long way to get to any beach not frequented by kids in her school and it got cold and dark early this time of year. From experience, she knew she'd only get about an hour's worth of quality surfing time in, but lately she'd been feeling frazzled and she really needed it.

Surfing wasn't just a sport for her; it had a lot of emotional and even possibly spiritual meaning. Usually, an hour or two of catching waves recharged her completely. She was hoping for something like that to happen to her today, because she'd been in the dumps lately.

The problem was Alan. She rested on the beach after she finished surfing. She peeled off her wetsuit and then roughly dried herself off with a towel. Then she went back to lie on her surfboard near the water's edge. Sometimes she found it comforting to lay there with the sound of the waves lapping the sand right next to her. She closed her eyes and tried to sort out her feelings about him. It was a way of pondering her problems that had worked well for her in the past, because there was something about the sun and the sound of the waves that helped put her in a meditative and contemplative state.

For two years, if not more, I've been fully aware that Alan has a strong crush on me. It was kinda cute, especially since he was so clueless and didn't realize that I knew. Of course I was flattered, but I'd always assumed nothing would come of it. He was too shy, and I just didn't see him in a sexual way at all. Besides, he's much too young, and one of my students to boot. The whole idea of his crush leading to anything more was downright silly!

Then something happened. I can't figure out exactly what, or when, or how. But in the last week or two, there's been an important change in him. Out of the blue, he exudes sexual experience and even supreme sexual confidence. It was subtle at first, but it seems to grow day by day. Before, when he'd looked at me longingly, I'd only felt a bit sorry for him. I mean, I'm so not a potential girlfriend for him! But now, when he stares, it does things to me. He just looks so HUNGRY. He's like a tiger; you know he's gonna hunt down and eat his meal. And the meal is ME! I swear, when he looks at me in class like that, I have this strong desire to undress then and there!

And hell, let's face it; I've pretty much done just that. I've done some other crazy things lately too, because he's been driving me wild. If he only knew! I just hope I drive him wild too!

Glory lying on her back on a surfboard, wearing a black bikini, preening

She arched her back and raised a hand to her head, as if she was striking a classic cheesecake pose for him on her surfboard.

She relaxed her pose and continued to consider the situation, keeping her eyes closed. But what's worse is that I find myself contemplating doing even more with him. His weird need for "help" that I've found out about could be a golden opportunity. Why the hell not help him? If he kisses with even half of the passion he looks at me lately...

But that's just crazy talk. Right? I mean, I've got a steady boyfriend in Garth. He's a perfectly nice guy. There's nothing wrong with him. He's very dependable. Handsome and strong too. Everyone tells me that he's a great catch.

The problem is, Garth has never rocked my world. I swear, I've gotten more aroused from Alan just LOOKING at me than anything Garth has ever done to me sexually. Not only does Alan have this weird sexual mojo going on all of a sudden, but he's also still the same ol' kind and lovable nerd who somehow became one of my closest friends in this last year or two. Even though, technically, ours is not a 'friends' relationship, so we never see each other out of school, the undeniable truth is that he's gotten under my skin somehow and kinda made me love him. Then, when you add this new sexual spark to that, I just can't resist him!

She sighed, opened her eyes, lifted her head, and looked up and down the beach. Then she stared into the crashing waves while heavily pondering her situation. Surfing here today was supposed to help me, but it didn't. I still feel unsettled. It's like I'm standing at the edge of a cliff. What if I have a sexual relationship with one of my students? That could be about as smart as jumping off a real cliff! What on Earth am I thinking?! Is it just the fantasy of getting it on with a student? That's just a fantasy and a terrible weakness I have; I can't let it affect me. And Garth! I can't cheat on him. I hate cheaters. So why am I so fucking HOT for Alan lately?

I swear, there's something different about him. Something strange. It's like he's gone from clueless virgin to a real Don Juan in a matter of days. That's just not possible. I know he's been doing something sexual with Mrs. Pestridge in that time, but what? It's gotten me so damn curious! What if I help him out just a little bit? Just enough to find out what's going on, and find out why he's having such a strange effect on me?

Would that be so bad? I can't REALLY be thinking about doing something with him, can I?!

The shadows were growing longer and the wind was picking up as she lay there on her board. So she left the beach a short time later, still feeling unsettled and depressed. She wondered why she remained in a relationship with Garth, because he wasn't any help at all for her emotionally. She felt like their relationship had already died some time ago, and she just lacked the guts to tell him that it was over.


Susan in a white blouse and skirt, playing tennis

That evening, Susan and Ron went to play night tennis with each other. Tennis was one of the few things they actually did together.

Susan felt conflicted being near Ron. On the one hand, she felt guilty for having jacked off her son hours before, but on the other hand she suspected Ron of rampant adultery. She let out her frustrations by playing aggressively.

Not only was she in great shape and playing at the top of her game, but Ron was quite out of shape from sitting behind a desk too much. Her maternal instincts kicked in. She prided herself on being a good wife, so when they were done playing she said to him, "Ron, honey, are you all right?"

He was panting badly as he clutched his side. "I'm just... winded... I'll be... all right... Good game... First time... you beat me."

But Susan said, "You're not all right! Frankly, you haven't looked yourself lately. What have you been doing in Thailand? Whatever it is, it sure isn't exercising."

He griped, "It's called 'getting old.'"

"Nonsense. Look at Suzanne and me. Would you believe I got carded the other day when I bought some wine at Trader Joe's? It's true. When did you have your last physical?"

"Uuuh, I don't remember." He was still bent over and gasping.

"You're having one now! I'm going to set one up for you and I don't want to hear you're too busy to go."

Ron just nodded.

Susan thought, AND, when he goes, I'll make sure he gets a blood test. Then we'll be able to test him for STDs too. It's not exactly a Suzanne scheme, but I'll bet Suzanne's gonna be proud of me for my cleverness! It's not even immoral, because he does need a check-up.

Not long after they returned home, Suzanne came over to see if circumstances would allow her to help Alan some more. She noticed Ron watching TV in the living room, then she wandered upstairs. She heard the stereo in Alan's room, which presumably meant he was studying, and she also heard Susan down the hall in the bathroom attached to her bedroom, just starting to take a shower.

An idea came to her and she rushed back downstairs to Ron. She told him, truthfully, that her son Brad had been having trouble with his fantasy football team and needed advice. She knew Ron was a big football fan and she correctly figured he'd volunteer to go over and help Brad. She further knew that when either of them got to talking about football it was nearly impossible to get them to shut up, so that meant Ron was out of the picture for a good while.

Then, giving Ron a minute or two head start, Suzanne rushed back to her own home, went to her private office there, and called the Plummer house on her private line.

Alan's bedroom door was slightly ajar, so he heard the phone ring in Susan's bedroom. Hearing the water running in the shower and the phone still ringing, he rushed over to her room to catch the phone before the answering machine took it. He made it just in time. "Plummer residence?"

Suzanne chuckled. She could tell it was Alan's voice, and there was no mistaking her scratchy voice, so she decided to have a little fun with him. "The Plummer residence? I'm not sure I have the right number. I'm looking for an Alan. I understand he needs to have his cock sucked."

Alan was so shocked by this that he was momentarily rendered speechless, and just muttered, "Uh, ah..."

"Is this Alan?" she continued. "Because this is his friend Christine, and I just wanted to tell him that I'm so sorry about turning him down for a date. I'm just standing here in my opened robe playing with my big breasts and thinking about how I need to make it up to him with blowjobs. Lots and lots of blowjobs!"

Alan was slow on the uptake, especially since his head was filled with an image of Christine playing with herself. It was as if so much blood had suddenly rushed to his cock that there was none left for his brain. He stated the blatantly obvious. "You're not Christine!"

"Oh, but I am. Who am I speaking to? Is this Susan?"

"No, she's in the shower. Aunt Suzy, I know that's you. I mean, come on. You're not even trying to sound like Christine. Heck, you don't even know what she sounds like. What's this all about?"

"But I AM Christine! And I need your help!"

Her plea for help sounded so urgent and sincere that Alan couldn't help but reply, "What's wrong?"

"I don't know! It's my body. You're the only man I can trust, so I'm calling you!"

fM: Christine standing in an open robe, talking on the phone with one hand down by her clit

"But what is it? What's the problem?" Against his will, Alan found himself increasingly drawn into the scenario. His vision of Christine talking on the phone grew more vivid.

Suzanne said in her boner-inducing scratchy yet sultry voice, "It's like cats when they go in heat. It's just like that. I'm in heat! I need your help. I need you to come over here right away! My breasts! They're so... needy! They need a man's touch! I'm standing here in my room, virtually naked, writhing with lust, but when I pull on my nipples and fondle my breasts it just doesn't do it! Alan! Please! I need YOU! I want you to grope and maul them! Pull on my nipples HARD! Touch them all over!"

Alan thought, Shit! If she keeps talking, my dick is gonna rip my shorts to shreds! Christine!

Suzanne paused just to pant for a few moments, then continued, "I think, if you rub your penis all over it, that would help a lot. Can you do that? Can you rub your stiff dick all over my big breasts? If you put it between them, I'll squeeze them together and rub and rub until you squirt all over my face! Can you help me with that? Please? Is that what you call a titfuck?"

He groaned lustily. Oh, man! She's killing me! Christine! Titfucking her is practically my very favorite fantasy!

But Suzanne wasn't done. "And my pussy is even worse. It's on fire! I think the only thing that can cool it down is cum. Lots and lots of sticky man-cum! Alan, I need your help! I need your cum! If you don't come over here and stick your big cock in my tight little blonde cunt, I think I'm gonna die! You just have to come here and fill all my holes, over and over, in and out and in and out with your big hard log, all night long!"

She snickered quietly to herself as she heard Alan breathing heavily and unevenly. Then she upped the ante. She gasped as if attacked, "OH! OH! Oh, my breasts! Oh, GOD! If you can help me with just one thing, they really do need to get fucked! Please, I'll do anything if you just come over here and fuck my tits! Oh God! Please! And then the blowjobs! I'll suck your cock forever if you just promise to fuck my big tits like they need to be fucked!"

Suzanne was getting herself increasingly worked up with her rapid-fire sexy talk. She had to pause to catch her breath.

That gave him a chance to finally get a word in. He was extremely aroused, but deadpanned, "Aunt Suzy, shit, man! If you ever need any money, you could make a fortune as a phone sex operator. Jesus! That was like being hit by a truck! A full-on sex truck!"

She laughed. "I don't know what a 'full-on sex truck' is, but it sounds like fun. But you got me. I'm not Christine."

He laughed too. "No, you're not. You're pure sex, and pure evil too."

She chuckled knowingly. "There's maybe some truth in that. However, would you be less mad at me if I said I really am playing with my tits and I really am looking for you so I can help you with a blowjob?" She chuckled again, because she could hear him gulping with shock and arousal.

"Oh, man!" He stammered a bit and then said, "Aunt Suzy, God I'd love for you to help, and that Christine talk got me really worked up, although it would have been just as great if you were you, but you can't. Ron is here."

"No he's not. He's over here. He came over just a few minutes ago and he's gonna be here a while. He and Brad are talking about football, and even my husband has joined in. I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal."


"I'll help you reach your daily target with a handjob or blowjob, but you have to ask your mother for her assistance first. But the offer's only good for the next five minutes. You snooze, you lose."

"But Aunt Suzy! She's taking a shower. How can I even ask? And you know how she is lately, especially since Ron came home. What's this all about?"

Suzanne in a tailored blouse, talking on the phone

"She needs to get more involved, because I can't handle it all by myself. I heard she helped you with an abnormality check earlier today, so you need to strike while the iron is hot. Not only that, but a shower is a perfect time. She's very susceptible to your charms when she's naked, believe me. I've noticed that all her religious morality seems to come off with her clothes."

"But Aunt Suzy. I can't just walk in there when she's naked and ask for help with an orgasm. That's craziness!"

"Think of it this way, Sweetie. It's win-win. If you go in there and she says yes, then you're obviously a very happy camper. If you go in there and she says no, then you still get my help. AND you get to see her naked. The only way you lose is if you're too frightened to go in at all. Fortune favors the brave."

"But... but... Aunt Suzy! Grrr! You ARE evil!"

"Did I mention the five minutes has started already? Your mom and I keep no secrets, so don't try to wriggle through any loopholes. Oh, and you can't mention that I suggested any of this. Good luck!" She hung up the phone.

Standing in Susan's bedroom, he was already quite close to her adjoining shower. In fact, Susan probably could have heard his end of the phone call had the shower water not been running. Thinking about her showering there so close was very tempting. Furthermore, thinking about Suzanne's promises and her talk about Christine helping out had put him in such an excited mood that he was ready for practically anything. His dick was fully erect and throbbing with need.

Still, he thought too much to be naturally assertive, and he found himself pacing back and forth in her room, wondering what to do.

He tried to think of some reason to enter the bathroom while his mother still stood wet and naked. Even as I'm thinking, she's probably close to getting out and toweling herself off. If she does that, it'll be too late. Dang. But I can't go in there as if by accident, since this isn't the bathroom I normally use. Maybe I could say there's some kind of emergency? Nah. At best I'd get a quick look... There's something really wrong with me to even be standing here in this room, but I'm so horny that it's beyond unbearable. My dick is so stiff and hard, I can barely walk around! Damn Aunt Suzy and her sexy talk!

Before long, the only thing he could think about was how his mother would look under the shower, seeing the water pouring down all over her glistening skin. But still he hesitated because he couldn't think of a good reason to go in there and violate her privacy.

Suddenly, the shower came to a stop.

Shit! Shit, shit, shit! Time is running out! Not to mention Aunt Suzy's five minute window. That could even be over already! I wonder what she's thinking. Today she actually told me she might give me a blowjob sometime soon. And she DID give me a handjob.

Hey. Wait a minute. What did she say earlier today? "Tell me when it gets unbearable, and we'll do something, though it may not be precisely what you want." That's it. I'll just say I can't take it anymore and see how she reacts. If worse comes to worst, she can't be THAT mad at me, can she?

Fortune does favor the brave! What the hell, I just have to do it!


Alan knocked on the bathroom door before he could think of any excuse not to act. "Hey Mom, are you in there?"

"Tiger? Is that you? Yes, I just finished showering."

He opened the door, rushed in and hugged her before she had much chance to react.

"Son?! What are you doing? I'm naked!" He was in luck. Her hair was mostly still wet, even though her body had been dried off. She wore nothing except the towel that was wrapped around her long dark-brown hair that was bunched on top of her head.

"Sorry, Mom, I thought you said you were done showering."

"Yeah, but I'm still drying off! You have to leave this instant!"

"But Mom. You said I should tell you when it gets unbearable, and... it, um... got unbearable." He slid his body down until he knelt with one leg so his head rested between her boobs. He regretted the fact that he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but there were limits to his daring. Even freshly showered, her scent was intoxicating to him.

G: Susan just out of the shower, with a towel on her head, with Alan's head in between her boobs

"Already? But Tiger! I just helped you out a few hours ago. You said that would last you a while!"

He was delighted. He was having a conversation while literally talking into his mother's ample cleavage, and although she wasn't happy, she wasn't pushing him away. He wrapped his arms around her and held her by her lower back.

By contrast, her arms fluttered in the air because she didn't know what to do or how to get him away.

"Sorry, Mom, I can't help it! These things can't be controlled. I have raging teenage hormones, and there's no telling when they'll strike. I'm really, really sorry!" His words were muffled because his nose was deep in her cleavage.

"Alan Evan Plummer! Listen to me this instant! I am NOT going to give you a blowjob. That is final. Do you understand? Not even a handjob. You'll just have to fend for yourself. Ron is downstairs! Downstairs, I said!" She shivered at that thought, and her voice dropped to a near whisper. "Do you realize what that means? What if he walked up here right now? It would be the end of our marriage! A total disaster! Please peel yourself off me already!"

He was happy to hear his mother talk, because the longer she talked, the longer he could hold on. And he was partly right about the raging hormones - he really was thinking with the wrong head at the moment. "But Mom! He left to go talk football with Brad a few minutes ago. He'll be gone for hours. And I can't help it. Please, Mom! I need some help. Some assistance! Maybe... Can I get your attention?"

His hands dropped to her ass and started sensually stroking her bare butt cheeks. Meanwhile he continued to nuzzle his face between her pillowy breasts.

Susan could already feel her arousal growing. Any contact with her breasts tended to make her weak in the knees, and that was happening now. Plus, the way his hands were vigorously exploring her ass cheeks was practically making her climax already.

Without thinking, she clutched at the outer sides of her breasts, helping to push them in towards his face. But she persisted, "Tiger! Please! Get off me. Don't do that! Particularly not in my ass crack. Now isn't the time. And next door is still too close! He could come back at any moment and I might not even hear it. What about Suzanne? Can't you get her help?"

"But she isn't here," he pointed out. "I have needs right now, big needs! My dick is so hard it hurts!" He licked some drops of water off her left boob. His tongue worked its way towards her nipple.

Susan freaked out; she worried that if his mouth made it to her nipple and he started suckling her there, she'd lose all control. She decided she had to disengage from his greedy grasp before that happened. She tried to wiggle away. "Okay. I'll give her a call, since it's such an emergency. Here. Let me go by."

He was about to let her go, but then a thought came to him. "Hey, wait! You can't go yet. You're all wet. Here, let me dry you off." He grabbed a nearby towel.

She said with uncharacteristic sarcasm, "Thanks." But she held her arms up and let him towel her off, even though she wasn't really wet anymore, except for the hair under her towel.

Not surprisingly, he used this as an opportunity to fondle and explore her entire naked body. It was frustrating that he had to use the towel, but he quickly developed a habit of "checking" her skin after he rubbed the towel against it to make sure it had gotten dry.

He also was frustrated because his erection was still trapped in his shorts. But he knew that she remained reluctant about "helping out," so his main goal was not getting off himself just yet, but lowering her resistance by increasing her arousal. And there was no doubt that his plan was working like a charm, because her lust and passion for him grew by leaps and bounds as he continued drying her off.

The only sign of resistance that she showed was that she kept a hand over her pussy most of the time.

She thought, Typical. Tiger may not realize it, but he's utterly humiliating me! I mean, I just stand here like some kind of sexy nude statue, and he's using this drying process as an excuse to explore every last inch of my body! But what's really shameful is that we both know that there's no good reason why I can't towel myself off, or why I even need to be "dried" in the first place. And yet I just keep standing here silent, letting him do it, I might as well say, "Tiger, play with your busty mommy as long as you like. Treat her as your sex toy, if that makes you happy."

Oh God! I can't think that! It's too hot! And as if that isn't bad enough, he's taking full advantage. My body was pretty much dry to begin with, and it's definitely completely dry now, but does he stop? No! And what is he getting driest of all? My big boobs, of course. Damn that rough towel. Doesn't he know how sensitive my breasts are? If he keeps doing that, he might even make me cum!

And just look at that big dick of his, cruelly trapped in his shorts like that. That's not right! He must be suffering. What kind of uncaring mother am I? Shouldn't I be helping him... with my mouth?!

Sensing that her resistance was in tatters, she abruptly said, "Okay, that's enough." She grabbed the towel from him and put it aside. (Interestingly enough, she could have wrapped it around her torso, especially since it wasn't really wet, but she didn't.) Then she pushed out of the bathroom like she desperately needed to get fresh air.

He reluctantly let go and watched her walk naked to the telephone that was beside her bed. Man! That's my friggin' mom! What an ASS!


He went to her bedroom door and locked it. Then he went to her closet, found a pair of red high-heeled shoes, and gave them to her.

She stood there with one hand over her pussy, with her other arm crossed over her nipples. She looked at the heels in confusion. "What am I supposed to do with these?"

He handed her the heels, forcing her to uncover her privates. He gave her his best sad, needy-puppy-dog look.

She couldn't help but shake her head and grin a little. "Oh, very well. I suppose it's better than being COMPLETELY naked."

She took a step towards her bed so she could put her high heels on, but stopped when she felt his hands on her ankles and realized he was down on his knees. Then it dawned on her that he wanted to be the one who put her heels on her feet.

Even though she was fully aware that she was still in her birthday suit, she couldn't resist having her son pamper her like this. She spread her stiff, straight legs, but kept a hand over her pussy, and let him put the high heels on her feet.

Not too surprisingly, he made a production out of this too. He spent as much or more time simply caressing her feet and her lower legs as putting her feet in the heels.

Susan loved it. My goodness! Why am I letting him do this?! I'm so bad! If only it wasn't high heels. I don't know what it is, but lately high heels have gotten strangely thrilling for me. It's like he knows all my weaknesses. I really should at least get him to give me a towel. My pussy is tingling too much, and I have goose bumps all over!

She kept a hand covering her pussy, but that was it. I'm a terrible mother. At the very least, I should be covering my breasts. But I get so very tingly knowing that he's looking at them, and loving them. Lord, help me! And he picked the red heels. Those are my favorites!

Her only concern was that her hand over her pussy could feel a growing wetness. She didn't want him to see rivulets of her arousal flowing down her thighs, so she finally said, "Okay, Tiger. I think that's enough. Is there anything else I need to do, or can I make the call already?"

For some reason he was enjoying remaining silent now that that had started, so he just smiled and shook his head. Then he stood up, stepped back, and returned to his blatant gawking of her backside.

p: Susan seen from behind, just out of the shower, wearing red high heels, with a towel wrapped around her head

She ostentatiously stretched and preened a little bit before she even thought about picking up the phone. She was fully in her horny mode now, and ready for most anything. Her attitude had changed so much that she was irritated she had to make a call, and she had to think back to figure out who she was supposed to call and for what.

She felt a great sadness when she remembered she was supposed to ask Suzanne to help Alan and his stiff boner. He'd worked her up so much that she thought, Maybe... maybe I should just help him myself. Somehow, I feel he's going to trick me into choking on his member, no matter what I do. He's just too clever and well hung. But... oh no! Ron is nearby! I don't care how thick and delicious my son's erection looks. I need to use my willpower and let Suzanne handle things, if only this one time.

Her backside alone was a very impressive sight. Alan rarely got to see all of her back because her long brown hair was usually covering most of it, but since her hair was still up from her shower, he could marvel at her shoulder blades and long, shapely neck. He was so out-of-control horny that the urge to explore her body was almost overwhelming.

She finally picked up the receiver and started dialing Suzanne's number, but then she realized she felt self-conscious calling her best friend while Alan was still ogling her nude form. So she sat on the opposite side of the bed from him. That limited his view of her, but there still was plenty of bare skin for him to enjoy.

"Hello? Suzanne?"


"We have a problem here. It's about Tiger. He says he needs assistance right away. It's urgent! Can you come over here and lend him a hand?" She blushed as her words sank in, and then corrected herself. "Um, I didn't mean that literally. Well, actually, that is kind of what I do mean, but I didn't mean to say... Uh, anyway, the point is, you're needed over here. Okay?"

Part of Suzanne's motive for her on-the-fly scheme was to push Alan into becoming more assertive, so she was delighted that he'd done as she had hoped. But of course she acted as if she didn't know anything about it, saying, "Just a second. Call me back on my cell phone."

"But-" Susan found herself listening to a disconnect signal. She glanced over at her son, and saw him still staring at her. She frowned, but didn't say anything to discourage him (since she secretly loved it). Then she rapidly dialed the other number and got Suzanne again. "Suzanne, is that you? What was that about?"

Suzanne replied, "I can't talk about tending to Alan when Brad is in the same room. It's too weird, not to mention dangerous. Anyway, I'm in a safe spot now, so what's up?"

Alan meanwhile had walked around so he could see his favorite part of Susan: her front side.

The way that he blatantly gawked at her made her a little uncomfortable. So she crossed her legs to cover her pussy and put an arm back across her chest. Luckily for Alan, she needed her other hand and arm to hold the phone, and there was far too much tit-flesh for one arm to cover effectively.

She said to Suzanne, "It's Tiger. It's like he's gone crazy. He's standing here with me in my bedroom, and I'm naked and he's not! He's staring at me like he's a starving dog and I'm a raw steak. You have to help!"

Suzanne cooed, "Oooh! That sounds hot."

Susan exclaimed, "He's just taken the towel off my head and he's running a hand through my hair, and he's drying it with his fingers!"

Suzanne said, "Ooooh! Even better! What a considerate boy."

"Considerate? I think it's just an excuse for him to play with my body."

"Sounds sexy! Are you excited?"

Susan was hot as a furnace. The way Alan was devouring her with his eyes was almost unbearable. Her legs kept trying to spread themselves apart. She wanted to thrust her chest out and scream, "Suck on these!" But instead she cried into the phone, "SuzaaaaAAAAaanne! That's irrelevant. By the way, is Ron over there right now?"

"As a matter of fact, he is. I think he's going to be here for quite a while. The men are having a big football pow-wow. Why do you ask?"

"Look, can you come over here right away and take care of my Tiger's big problem?"

Suzanne was having fun teasing Susan a little bit. She could picture Alan standing and staring while Susan squirmed and blushed as she sat while talking naked on the phone, and she figured the longer she could draw that out, the more aroused everyone would get. So she asked, "When you say big problem, are you referring to his big erection?"

Susan winced. "Yes."

"Are you sure he's erect right now?"

Alan was standing right next to Susan by now, so he could just manage to make out what Suzanne was saying to her. Inspired by the question, he adjusted his shorts, causing his erection to poke out the bottom. Because they were short shorts, about half of its length stuck out.

Susan stared and panted, "God, yes!" Her pussy was throbbing and leaking, and she couldn't stop staring at his exposed boner.

"How do you know?" Suzanne prodded. "Are you staring at his fat thickness right in front of you?"

"Yes! YES! I can see a good three or four inches of magnificent man-mea-" She interrupted herself. "But that's not the point! I need your help right away!"

Suzanne wanted to tease Susan a lot more, but she had to be careful when speaking on the phone in her own house, even if she was sure she was in a secure location. So she merely replied, "Okay, sure. But what's the big rush?"

Susan didn't want to admit the real reason: she was so aroused that she feared she wouldn't be able to control herself much longer. She had visions of dropping the phone and lunging forward, tackling Alan to the bed in a mad frenzy to get his shorts off. She nearly screamed, "Please come over NOW!"

Alan meanwhile, had adjusted his shorts so that nearly all of his erection was poking out the bottom edge of his shorts. He was so eager for Susan to "play" that he started stroking it and looking at her expectantly.

He thought this would get her even more aroused, but for once, he misread her. She felt like he was being too pushy and was taking her for granted. She calmed herself, and glared at her son as she said to Suzanne, "You can't wait because Alan is being insistent and demanding like some kind of prima donna."

Suzanne quietly sighed. She could tell that Susan's mood had just taken a turn for the worse. "All right. I'll be right over."

Blaming all her conflicted emotions and raging desires on her son, Susan vented at him in the guise of speaking to Suzanne. "Thanks. Thanks a million. Isn't he something else? You should've seen his impetuous and spoiled behavior today. Frankly I'm disappointed in him. He needs to learn how to control himself and respect others."

The words hit him like a bucket of ice water. Suddenly shamed, he hung his head as if all the spirit had been sucked out of him. No longer listening closely, he couldn't hear Suzanne, but he heard Susan say, "I know. I know... Okay... Well, I'll see you soon."

Then she hung up.

Now she could finally cover her ample chest with both arms, and did so. She chided, "Okay, Son, Suzanne will be over soon. Are you happy? We're lucky she happens to be available on such short notice. You've been rude to both of us and, had your father been here, it could have been disastrous for us all. This is exactly the sort of unthinking, selfish, reckless behavior which I was afraid of, so I hope you feel proud of yourself. Can you please give me some privacy now?"

He dropped his head even lower. His erection could no longer be seen because it had shriveled up, retracting back into his shorts. "Sorry, Mom. I'm really sorry. Please tell her she doesn't have to come over. Really. Please. She can't help now, 'cos whatever mood I was in, it died for good."

He started to walk off to his room with his body slumped down and head bowed like he was headed to his own execution. But he paused, turned, and said with sincere anguish, "Mom, I'm sorry for being pushy and invading your privacy. But having to do it six times a day, it's not easy! I wish you wouldn't hate me and say such hurtful things. I can't help my condition." He turned and kept walking.

Now Susan felt bad. "Wait!"

He froze just as he was about to reach her bedroom door.

She stood up and walked towards him while still attempting to keep her pussy and nipples covered. "I'm sorry I was so harsh, Tiger. But you have to understand, there's a time and a place for everything. What were you thinking? All I can help you with are the abnormality checks, once a week. The rest of the time, Suzanne may be able to help here and there, but let's have some perspective. Your problem is hardly the most important thing in the world. You're forgetting about other people and what's important to them."

He hated disappointing his mother more than just about anything. He couldn't bear to even look her way and had to fight the urge not to break down and cry. "I'm sorry, Mom. I don't know what came over me. It's just that I love you so much. And I look at you and get so aroused, I really don't know what to do! I mean, how many boys have gorgeous mothers with big G-cup breasts?" Since she'd just put her glasses back on, he added, "Or your unbelievably beautiful face behind those sexy glasses?"

She put her hands on her hips, (mostly) forgetting she was buck naked, and exposing both her pussy and nipples in the process. "Wait a minute. You're really laying it on thick. My glasses are not sexy!"

"They are to me!" he exclaimed with obvious sincerity. "Because they're YOUR glasses. And I don't know how they measure asses, or backs, or feet, or smiles, but whatever part of your body they'd measure, it would get a perfect score! How can I handle that?! You're just too hot for me not to want you!" Yet, even though he was obviously appraising her perfect nude body, he wasn't that horny. He made a few sobbing sounds as it became more difficult for him not to burst into tears. He again started to walk away.

Susan rushed to him. Coming at him from behind, she covered him in a big hug. "Awww, my cutie Tiger. That's so sweet. Mommy isn't mad at you. Don't cry." She gently rocked his body with hers as if she were rocking a baby crib. "Don't cry," she purred as her voice grew softer.

His urge to cry did in fact fade as he felt her love pouring into him via her tender hug. He started to feel a lot better all over. In fact, in less than half a minute his erection sprang back to life, thanks to the way her naked body was all over his like an octopus, and in particular how her huge, soft boobs pressed into his back.

Then things got much, much better when she turned him around while continuing the hug so she could make eye contact with him. Her big globes continued to press into him, but against his chest now. She admitted, "I'm sorry for being so harsh. I meant what I said, but I have to admit that I expressed my feelings too harshly because I was afraid I couldn't control myself around you, and I wanted to scare you off. So don't feel too bad, okay?"

He nodded. He also casually brought his hands to her ass cheeks and lightly rested them there.

She continued to lecture him, but in soothing tones. "Tiger, I love you, but don't forget the boundaries, okay? If you really need some visual stimulation from me, I suppose that's okay, but you can't just wander into my private bathroom and ask for assistance any time you like, like you're some kind of lord! Especially not when Ron is nearby. That's insanity. If he's anywhere in California, that's far too close for me, because he could never understand the complexities of why you need certain highly unusual types of help. And to start touching yourself while I'm talking on the phone, expecting me to take over, that's not right either. I don't mean to be rude, and I love hugging you like this, but you really need to go now. I'm afraid, even when he's next door. That's too close!"

"That's okay, Mom. I understand. I'll go."

"Do you still want me to send Suzanne over?"

"No thanks. Tell her sorry, but-"

With perfect timing, they heard the front door open and close. They realized that it must be Suzanne since Katherine and Amy had left a few minutes earlier to go meet friends at the mall, and Ron usually used the back door and gate to visit the Pestridge home.

"There she is," Susan said. Her hard nipples continued to poke into Alan's T-shirt. "She's interrupted her time with her son just to help you out, so can't you at least try to be accommodating? It would be good if she could stroke or suck you a nice long time, since Akami says that's medically necessary. But more importantly, she can help you have a lovely, spermy climax."

His arousal was growing, despite the fact that his mood was conflicted. He found his erection pressed hotly and firmly against Susan's thigh, just as if his shorts weren't there at all. "I don't know, Mom. I can't just turn it on and off at will, you know."

She giggled. "But it's definitely 'on' right now, isn't it? You're such a BIG boy," she purred sexily and pulled him in a little closer, causing his boner to slip up her skin.

He said honestly, "That's all 'cos of you, Mom. When I leave this room, I don't know... I'll probably lose it. I still feel bummed about what I did."

"Well, don't feel too bad. Just respect the boundaries and everything will be fine. I'll tell you what: if you're good in the next day or two, I promise I'll help you out with my hands even before next Tuesday's abnormality check. How's that for inspiration?"

His face lit up with a big smile. "Wow, Mom! Awesome! You're so great." He hugged her tighter, freely running his hands over her bare ass in the process.


Just then, there was a knock on the door. "Susan? Sweetie? I can hear you in there. Can I come in?"

G: Susan standing naked, with Alan pressing against her with his large boner (in his pants) sticking up between them

The two of them turned and stared at the door. They would have panicked except that they instantly realized the scratchy voice could only belong to Suzanne. And it made sense that she would have come upstairs by now.

After Susan got over her initial shock, she said, "Suzanne?! I'm not decent."

However, her words came too late because Alan was within reach of the doorknob, and as she spoke he unlocked and opened it. "Hi, Aunt Suzy."

Susan's first reaction was to flee and cover herself, but Alan's opening of the door was so quick and unexpected that she realized that, in the time she had, breaking the hug would only expose herself even more. So she pressed herself tighter against him. She hoped that since he was mostly between her and the door, Suzanne wouldn't be able to see much of her, although it was painfully obvious that she was completely naked and hugging her clothed son.

Suzanne walked in. She smiled and teased them playfully, "Well, well, well. I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"No! Absolutely not!" Susan protested as she squeezed herself closer to her son, inadvertently pressing his boner even tighter against her lower tummy. "Nothing at all! It's not like it looks! Uh... We're just having a little talk."

Suzanne looked down at the way Alan's hand was kneading Susan's bare ass cheeks, and raised a curious eyebrow. "Normally, I would have to snicker about that, but I won't. Besides, I heard a little bit through the door just now. Something about my Sweetie not needing me after all?"

Acting as if it was no big deal that Susan was completely nude and being fondled by her son, Suzanne closed and locked the door behind her. Then she walked past the hugging duo to sit down on the edge of Susan's bed.

Susan, with Alan's happy cooperation, jostled him bit by bit so the two of them could pivot some without breaking their hug. They kept at it until Alan was between Suzanne and Susan again. Susan didn't want Suzanne staring at her naked backside, especially while Alan's hands were holding and caressing her bubble butt.

All the while, Susan's body pressed into Alan's in the most delightful ways. He especially loved how her boobs seemed to cover his entire chest. He could actually feel heat coming from her erect nipples through his thin T-shirt.

As they shuffled around, Susan said to Suzanne while blushing profusely, "I suppose you're wondering why I'm naked..."

"Nah. I got it on the phone. I gather Sweetie burst into your room while you were naked and you haven't had a chance to put your clothes back on. Or something along those lines."

Susan said, "Yes, sadly that's the case. I'm afraid he's been acting in a terribly improper manner. He has to understand I have boundaries."

"Not a problem. We'll just have to take care of the horny bugger." She surreptitiously inhaled deeply, and approvingly noticed the smell of Susan's arousal pervading the room. She beckoned Alan closer with a crook of her finger.

He immediately disengaged and went to Suzanne.

Susan grabbed the towel from the bed, where it had been thrown after Alan dried her, and wrapped it about herself. (She might have worn a robe, but subconsciously she knew that she was sexier in just a towel, which had more potential for naughty accidents.) She hurried into the adjacent vanity area for a moment to check her coverage in a full-length mirror. When she was sure that her 'private parts' were covered and that her hair was OK, she returned to the two of them.

Suzanne had been busy during Susan's brief absence. When Susan walked back in, she found Alan and Suzanne sitting next to each other on her sofa. Suzanne's blouse was completely unbuttoned in the front, with her boobs hanging out. Alan still wore his T-shirt, but his shorts were now off and Suzanne was stroking his stiff boner with both hands.

Susan was still more shocked by Suzanne's arrival than aroused, so she complained, "Suzanne! What do you think you're doing?!" But she wasn't feeling prudish enough to actually leave the room, or even avert her eyes.

Suzanne loved to tease. Her tone was joking but friendly. "Susan, you should know what this is called by now. You can say I'm jacking him off. Or you can call it a handjob."

"I know THAT! But I mean, in my bedroom! And Ron! You can't do it here, 'cos this is his bedroom too!"

"Susan, as for this being his bedroom, come on, look around. Do you see any signs of him except for a picture or two?"

Horrified, Susan noticed a big wedding picture of Ron and herself taken on their wedding day. Feeling like Ron was staring at her through the picture, she walked over to it and placed it face down. She was also reminded of her wedding ring, but she tried hard not to think about that, or its implications.

Meanwhile, Suzanne was saying, "He spends more time sleeping in airports than he does sleeping here. This is YOUR room, decorated just how YOU like it. I'm the one helping Sweetie with his problem at the moment, not you, so what's the problem? And I told you Ron will be busy for a while. The guys'll probably be gabbing for an hour or more about quarterbackers and linebacks and all that stuff."

Even though Suzanne was driving Alan wild with two hands sloshing their way up and down his erection, he felt the need to correct her statement. "Quarterbacks and linebackers, actually, Aunt Suzy."

Suzanne winked. "Whatever! It's true that I hate football, but I knew that much at least. I was just testing ya."

He decided that was probably true, since he believed she was knowledgeable about almost everything.

Susan stood transfixed for long moments, just staring at Suzanne's stroking fingers and only barely hearing the explanation about Ron being busy next door for an hour or more. She licked her lips and her heart beat much faster when she saw pre-cum start to dribble out and wet Suzanne's fingers.

After a while, she asked Suzanne, "Why is your blouse opened in front?"

Suzanne acted as if she could hardly believe she had to answer such an obvious question. "Oh, come on. Surely you know the only way to properly jack off a thick, long, powerful cock like Sweetie's is with your top off. Especially in your case. It's well known how much he loves your big breasts."

With a large towel around her, Susan at least looked covered up, but she didn't feel covered up. The towel was wrapped tightly around the top of her massive melons, but with this talk about how Alan loved her rack, it somehow slid down in her hands until her nipples were barely covered. She felt like she was effectively naked, especially in her lower privates, because the towel hung a few inches off her body and didn't even touch her ass cheeks. Her cunt was throbbing and leaking, and she felt like everyone could see the rivulets of vaginal fluids flowing down her legs. (Actually, this was true, although the others politely pretended not to notice.) She regretted not cleaning her thighs while she'd been in the bathroom.

p: Susan holding a towel in front of herself to cover her front and protect her modesty

To add to her consternation, one of the few places where the towel touched her was at her nipples, and the material rubbed against them in agonizingly delightful ways with every move she made.

But she hardly noticed those things because she was so absorbed watching Suzanne's handjob technique. She did just manage to have enough wits left to complain, "Suzanne, this isn't right. Even if Ron's gone, you can't do this here, like that."

Suzanne pretended to misunderstand. "You're right. Alan's big slab of man meat could blow like Mount Vesuvius at any second, and we could make a big mess. God knows that thing squirts like a public fountain. Susan, could you be a dear and take off the rest of my blouse? You know what they say about spilling one's seed on the ground. Thank goodness our faces and chests are here to save him from sin."

Susan walked forward as if in a trance. She stood next to Suzanne, who obligingly turned a little, and unbuttoned her blouse from the backside. That put her in much closer proximity to the handjob. She could hear every last juicy squish as Suzanne's magic fingers worked their way up and down without pause.

Suzanne, still acting as if nothing was out of the ordinary, asked Susan, "Could you take my skirt off too? It's an expensive one, and you know how Sweetie's spermy seed can fly just about anywhere. I don't want it stained like Monica's." (That was a reference to Monica Lewinsky's stained blue dress that had led indirectly to President Bill Clinton's 1999 impeachment trial.)

Susan asked with worry, "But... won't that leave you naked? Completely naked?!" The thought of that tremendously excited her for some reason, especially since her gaze was glued to Suzanne's sliding fingers.

Suzanne smiled. "No worries. In my rush to come over here, I happened to be still wearing panties." She made eye contact with Alan, and winked. "Crazy, I know."

Feeling like a zombie or under some enchantment, Susan finished undoing Suzanne's blouse and then got to work on removing her skirt. Oh God! Tiger, shooting his spermy seed! That's so HOT! I can practically feel his sinful seed shooting onto my skin!


All of that undressing required Susan to do a lot of bending over. Before long, her towel, which had already been clinging precariously to her body, opened and fell to the floor.

"Oh my goodness! I'm naked!" Susan stood there helplessly, looking down at the towel. Even though she was still slightly peeved at Alan, she was so aroused that she was tempted just to leave the towel there and compete with Suzanne at stroking and even sucking his cock. But some shred of willpower remained, so she reluctantly bent down and picked up the towel.

Suzanne was delighted by Susan's little accident. During Susan's momentary distraction she quickly pulled her own panties off and tossed them aside. Then, as her fingers relentlessly stroked, she casually said to Alan, "You should consider yourself very lucky. How many boys have big-titted mommies like THAT?" She nodded at Susan's bare ass, since Susan was still bent over picking up the towel. "Don't you think her ass is just as impressive as her famous boobs?"

"Suzanne!" Susan complained as she finally stood back up and tried to put the towel back in place.

She quickly tucked the two ends of the towel tightly together at the top of her cleavage, which left a potential gap right down her middle. She was in such an erotic fog that she didn't realize that the way she was standing caused that gap to open.

Susan standing, wrapped in a towel that has a big gap in front, showing her pussy

Alan, however, definitely noticed. Even though he'd just seen and felt a lot of naked Susan a few minutes earlier, his eyes bugged out as he stared at his mother's bush and pussy through the gap in the towel. Getting sneak peeks was somehow even better than seeing full-on nudity, especially when he was being jacked off by another naked bombshell at the same time.

He couldn't help but notice how wet her pussy was. It made his heart pound like crazy, even more than Suzanne's sliding fingers.

When Suzanne had rushed over to the Plummer house, she'd just expected to meet Alan in his room and give him a blowjob, and that would be it. She hadn't expected that a situation like this would present itself, but since it had she was rolling with the punches. Her goal was to reignite Susan's lust for her son as quickly as possible. Consequently, she now worried that things were moving too quickly, which could cause another setback. However, Susan had already informed her (in clinical terms) of the abnormality check earlier in the day, so Suzanne thought it likely that Susan was already on her way back to loving her son's cock.

With that in mind, she said, "Susan, isn't it just amazing how long it takes for Alan to cum? I mean, here we are, and if you believe all the hype, we're both centerfold material. God knows we have big enough boobs, and boys love that kind of thing. I'm naked, you're flashing your pussy, and I'm stroking his massive log with both hands, and he's STILL managing to hold out on us! How do you do it, Sweetie?"

When Susan heard that she was flashing her pussy, she immediately straightened up and adjusted her towel to close the gap. Once that was done, she didn't know what to do with herself so she just remained there. But kept a hand on the towel to make sure that the gap didn't reopen.

Suzanne had known that Susan would cover up after hearing her description. But she also knew that Susan would get even more aroused when she learned that Alan had been looking at her pussy, and furthermore, that Suzanne had seen him doing so. In fact, by this point Susan was such a raging inferno of lust that rivulets of her pussy juice started to become obvious even below the bottom edge of her big towel, halfway down her thighs.

Alan noticed that his mother had a growing 'leakage problem'. His heart pounded like a hammer, and he was in no shape to talk. But he still kept his eyes open, even though that put him in even greater danger of overstimulation, because he didn't want to miss any part of what was happening around him.

Susan finally recovered her wits enough to notice that Suzanne had removed her panties as well. She complained to her best friend, "Hey! Where'd your panties go?"

Suzanne didn't even look up from staring at her own stroking fingers. "Yeah, well, they were chafing me. What'cha gonna do?"

"Suzanne! That's no answer. If it weren't for my towel, we'd both be wearing nothing but our red high heels! I mean, that's just outrageous, not to mention downright improper. Is this how married Christian women behave? No! It's more like we're Tiger's personal sluts!"

Still not looking from Alan's crotch, Suzanne replied, "You know, if you want to be one of his personal sluts, I suggest you drop the towel, and for good this time. Help out with some visual stimulation."

Susan gaped in shock. "That's... that's so improper!"

"No it's not. That's just being helpful. Dance around a little bit. Remind him what a hottie he has for a big-titted mommy. His cock is so nice and stiff and HOT in my hands! But it's not throbbing enough. The more quality visual stimulation you can provide, the more it'll help. As one of his personal sluts, it's kind of your responsibility. Remember, Akami said it's not just about the daily total for his orgasms, but the QUALITY and duration too."

"Suzanne!" Susan complained again. "I never said I wanted to be one of my son's personal sluts. Besides-"

Suzanne cut her off. "Actually, you have. For instance, do you remember when you told me the other day-"

Now, it was Susan's turn to interrupt. "No! Please! Don't mention that, please? Am I not humiliated enough here? It's bad enough that my entire body is trembling with desire from watching you stroke and stroke and stroke and stroke and stroke my studly son's great big cock! So much stroking! Won't it ever erupt with spermy goodness?! My mouth is watering from this NEED I have to... to... to suck it! God help me! Dear Lord, please! And then you want me to drop my towel and strut around, showing off my big tits to my very own son!"

Susan was in such an insanely horny state that she wasn't sure anymore if she was complaining or fantasizing.

In fact, Suzanne could feel that Alan's dick was pulsing in a most intense and needy manner. She'd said otherwise as a thin excuse to get Susan to fall further into debauchery. But it wasn't only his dick; his entire body was shaking, possibly even more than Susan's. Of the three, only Suzanne appeared to be a relatively cool cucumber, due to her greater experience at disguising and controlling her raging lust. Now worried that Alan was about to blow his load, she asked him, "How are you holding up, Sweetie?"

Alan was so aroused by Susan's words, not to mention Suzanne's continued stroking, that it seemed the room was spinning and he might pass out at any second. He'd heard Suzanne's question and tried to form an answer, but his mind felt like mush. "Um... I, uh... the PC muscle..." He was practically hyperventilating too, making it all the more remarkable that he could say even that much.

Suzanne picked up on what he'd said, and talked on his behalf. "Did you say the PC muscle? So you're doing your exercises. Excellent! Are you practicing right now even as my hands are flying up and down your marvelous, stiff pole?"

He just nodded.

"How delightful. I can tell you must be practicing religiously and it's paying off already, because... look. What if I do this?"

Suzanne knew some special moves where she could place the tips of her fingers on his most sensitive spots, like his piss hole. Her fingers fanned out and covered all of his most erogenous zones with the skill of an acupuncturist. Her fingers danced over his scrotum as well, and even the surprisingly sensitive perineum (the space between the scrotum and anus).

He groaned as her fingers did a bunch of arousing tricks all at once. It was like he'd been slugged in the chest, but by a wave of pure pleasure. Somehow he managed to hold off his cum, but he didn't know how he'd managed to do so.

(In fact, under cover of her rapid hand movements, Suzanne had pinched the base of his dick tightly, cutting off his orgasm just before it started, because she knew her assault would overwhelm him. He was so close to passing out and focused so intently on not losing it that he didn't even notice what she had done.)

Suzanne was honestly impressed by his staying power. "Susan, this is remarkable! He's cum so far in such a short time, so to speak! Hee-hee-hee! If we don't watch out, we could be here for hours. We'll probably have to take turns. Can you just picture Ron's face if he came in here and saw my fists sliding up and down your son's big, thick, monster cock with you naked on your knees, masturbating in front of us? Or what if we're jacking and licking him together? Talk about a surprise!"

"Suzanne! That's so improper!" Susan protested. But the visual picture Suzanne presented was so hot that she found herself climaxing without warning, and without even touching her privates. The urge had been building for quite a while, and her body just couldn't take any more.

Caught unaware, her knees buckled and she fell to a squatting position on the floor. As she did, the precariously tucked towel fell open again and dropped to the floor around her. Ironically, and more or less by pure chance, she found herself in almost exactly one of the positions Suzanne had just described. She realized this, and it made her even more insanely aroused as waves of pure orgasmic bliss washed over her.

Alan had already been on the precipice of a great climax when Suzanne started to describe how it would look if Ron found them. That started to push him over the edge. But as he began to lose control, he saw Susan collapse and her towel fall away as if she were kneeling before him to worship his erection. That caused him to truly and completely lose it; the arousing sights and sounds and smells that surrounded him were more than any horny male could endure without cumming hard.

As she sensed he was about to shoot, Suzanne repositioned herself, lying on the sofa to make herself comfy. Then she dropped her face into his lap, engulfing his entire cockhead in one motion.

Susan somehow managed to stand back up, crying out in erotic dismay, "Oh God! What are you doing?!"

B: Alan in a T-shirt, sitting on a sofa while Suzanne lies nude on the sofa, blowing him while Susan stands in front of them both, watching

But Suzanne had no way to respond, because she was bobbing frantically up and down his stiff pole while he shot his load into her mouth.

She worried that taking it in the mouth right in front of Susan was going too far, but her desire to swallow all of his cum was too strong. Besides, she figured it wouldn't be good if Ron came back and found his bedroom smelling of a strange man's cum. So she swallowed all but the last few drops.

Alan's climax was starting to peter out. Then he looked up at Susan. First, he saw her wet pussy. Then his gaze went higher, up her taut tummy, and he saw her hands clutching at her mountains of tit-flesh and pulling on her nipples. His gaze went higher still and he saw how hungrily she was licking her lips while watching Suzanne's bobbing head guzzle up his cum.

That triggered what was almost a second orgasm, resulting in more thick, creamy ropes of cum rocketing to the back of Suzanne's throat.

Susan watched Suzanne's neck, and saw her best friend repeatedly gulping in a frantic effort to keep up with the flood of cum in her mouth. At that moment, Susan wanted that to be her mouth and her neck so desperately that it was all she could do not to scream at the top of her lungs in frustration. Some lingering sense that Ron was nearby both stifled her scream and fired her lust even more.

While she yanked on her nipples, she realized that she was having another great climax. She found herself falling to her knees again and crying out some, although it wasn't the blood-curdling scream she'd been contemplating mere seconds before. Her breasts and especially her nipples were so sensitive that, once again, she'd orgasmed without any clitoral stimulation at all.

When Alan's double climax finally petered out, he actually passed out briefly. His upper body turned to jelly. He would have collapsed completely and slid off the sofa, but Suzanne caught him and held him in place until he came back to consciousness.

Fortunately, he hadn't missed much, since he'd been out for less than a minute. Waves of pleasure continued reverberating throughout his body for so long that he felt like he'd died and been reborn several times over.

When he returned to the world, he found himself slouched way back on the sofa. Suzanne was still stretched out along most of the sofa with her head in his lap. It dawned on him that this goddess of beauty was cleaning his penis and balls with her tongue. Even though he was in his refractory period, with a flaccid dick, the stimulation felt really great.

He looked around the rest of the room and saw that Susan was on the floor in front of him, sprawled out nude and completely passed out. Her multiple orgasms had hit so relentlessly that she'd really lost consciousness.

After a few minutes, Suzanne decided that Alan's penis was sufficiently clean and wouldn't be rebounding anytime soon, so she sat up. She cuddled into his side and gently stroked his upper arm as the two of them watched Susan's bare breasts rise and fall with each breath. "Having fun, Sweetie?" She laughed, because the answer was so obvious.

She spoke freely to Alan about Susan, knowing that Susan was completely zonked; they could even hear her snoring lightly. "Just look at her. I'd have to say your mother has fallen off the fuddy-duddy wagon in a big way. Most women never have an orgasm like that in their entire lives. I think it's safe to say that she's hooked on orgasms like that now, and her reverting-to-her-old-ways phase is essentially over. Just look at all that naked, big-titted motherly goodness that's going to be yours to play with for years to come. Look at that juicy pussy. Mmmm. Yum."

Alan was still so out of it that he could barely string a sentence together. "Aunt Suzy. Don't say that." He was concerned she'd ramp up his arousal yet again while he was still too non-reactive to really enjoy it. He knew her description would be insanely arousing all over again, but he didn't think his brain and body were in any condition to handle it at that moment.

Suzanne ignored his request to stop talking like that. She readjusted the two of them so his head lay on her pillowy breasts instead of leaning against her side. Even though it was the back of his head resting on her cleavage, it still felt great for both of them. She was even thoughtful enough to position him so that he continued to have a good view of his sprawled out mother.

She said, "I gather you upset her just before I got here, by being too aggressive. I'm surprised at you. Remember: don't push your luck. Trust ol' Aunt Suzy on how and when to proceed. You just have too much cock for me to handle all by my lonesome self and we're going to need her help. Let me bring her along, and before you know it your mother and I will be taking turns blowing and stroking you every hour or two. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

He just moaned affirmatively. There was an incredulous tone to his moaning, because her suggestion sounded too good to even fantasize about. Yet he couldn't deny the reality of seeing Susan lying there naked, her thighs sticky with her own cum and the post-orgasmic bliss still evident on her face.

Suzanne helped him stand up before he was really ready to go anywhere. She playfully swatted him on the butt. "Time to get a move on. This was far too risky, to be honest. Your mom was right about that much. There's really no telling when Ron will come back, and I've got to do some serious damage control first. But boy, was that worth the risk! Don't you agree?"

He nodded his head as he staggered off to take a shower down the hall. He was so orgasmically shattered that he moved without thought. He was asleep by the time he hit the bed.


Suzanne, meanwhile, had a lot of damage control to take care of. After dressing, she woke Susan and assisted her to the private shower adjacent to her bedroom.

In the shower, Susan thought, My goodness! I'm just so darn tired. I can hardly keep my eyes open. What the heck just happened there? Now that I think about it, it all started when I was taking a shower a little while ago, just like this one.

Then Tiger took over! He's just soooo assertive! He came in here, and he didn't care that I was naked, just like I am now. He's such a kind, mild-mannered boy. It was so unlike him. I'll bet it was his cock driving him on! His huge, sperm-filled cock! That turned him into some kind of ravenous SEX MONSTER! And naturally, he homed in on his big-titted mommy, all naked, wet, and helpless in the shower!

Oh my! It kind of makes me wonder if he'll come in here again. I suppose he's in his bathroom right now, and he's probably as tired as I am. He'll probably just want to wash up and go to bed. But he'll have to wash his privates to get clean. Mmmm... Wash his cock and balls... Rubbing them... Making his cock long and thick! And that just might wake up the monster in him again! And of course he's gonna look to his busty mommy for relief. For... for... cocksucking! MMMM!

p: Susan in the shower, head thrown back, seen in profile, holding her hands near her pussy

Without really thinking about it, Susan found herself washing her pussy. "No, Tiger, you can't! You just can't. I'm too tired. Suzanne's around here somewhere. Why don't you have her help you out? And then I can watch. Mmmm, yes! Oh, God! Like how she was just fondling and stroking and rubbing your big cock for so darn long! And yet, even that wasn't enough, was it? You made her suck and bob on it, even while your naked mommy danced in front of you, waiting for her turn! MMMM!"

Wait a sec. It wasn't quite like that, was it? I'm getting too horny again. Why is it that every single time I get in the shower lately, I just get too darn horny? The problem is, I have to clean my private parts, and that somehow always makes me think of my cutie Tiger...

But not this time. Darn it, I'm gonna show some willpower for once and NOT spend the next ten minutes or more just rubbing my naughty places while dreaming about sucking on his great, big, thick, long, tasty, yummy cock! Mmmm!

But no. I'm NOT going to do that. Really! Dear Lord, please, give me strength!

The problem is, my body is far too easily aroused. The good Lord must be trying to tempt me or something, because pretty much all I have to do is think about my handsome, adorable son these days, and BAM! Tingles and shivers all over! But I will be strong. With faith in God and the power of prayer, I can accomplish anything I set out to do.

She deliberately pinned her hands behind her back, clenching her hands together for good measure. There! That'll stop me. My naughty hands can't do any harm now. Phew!

But then she remembered Suzanne talking about how she was one of Alan's "personal sluts." Oh no! Why did I think of that?! "Personal slut." It sounds totally wanton and depraved. But it's kind of true, isn't it? Am I one of his personal sluts? If I'm frequently helping him with my hands and even my mouth, what does that make me? Oh God! I AM one of his personal sluts! So HOT! But so wrong! Oh no! MMMM! Too hot! I can't control myself! I'm so bad!

At some point while she was thinking that, her hands wound up on her pussy and breasts again. She truly had trouble controlling herself, because there were too many stimulating thoughts in her head.

After a while, and a fair amount of "cleaning" of her pussy and breasts, she felt something more than just water trickling down her thighs. That made her stop before her usual loss of self-control, to look down to see what was happening. To her surprise the trickle was blood.

Oh no! Of all things, my period just started. I wasn't expecting that until tomorrow. I guess it's early. Maybe it's a sign I should stop helping my Tiger. Actually, what else could it be? The Lord is telling me to stop this before it goes too far.

She did manage to stop masturbating after that. She was proud of herself, and decided that this was a key turning point on her path to regaining her willpower and self-control.

While Susan showered, Suzanne cleaned up the bedroom. She opened windows and used copious amounts of air freshener to rid the room of any sexual smells. She even dimmed the lights and lit some candles so the smell of melting wax could serve as an olfactory distraction.

When Susan finally came out of the shower, she again wore the same big white towel as before. The only difference was that she had panties on underneath, due to the start of her period. She dragged herself to her bed and lay down under the bed sheets. She was too tired to even remove the towel.

Suzanne was still there, fully dressed again, ready to work on the mental damage control. She could tell that Susan was somewhat aroused, but too tired to be fully aroused. Still, she appeared aroused enough to be open to at least some of Suzanne's sexual suggestions.

Susan was despondent. "Suzanne, how could I? What happened just now, it was so wrong! So very improper!"

But Suzanne came back with, "Why? What happened? I gave Sweetie a handjob because he really needed one. Doctor's orders. There's nothing wrong with that, and in fact it's a very good thing, a big step to his getting back on track with his daily target."

Susan snorted unhappily, "You did more than just give him a handjob."

Suzanne pretended to be clueless. "What? You mean at the end?"

"That's exactly what I mean!"

"Oh, that. Well, I didn't want to create a big mess. Would you have preferred for his cum to fly all over? Remember, this is where Ron sleeps too. In fact, you were standing right in front of him; he probably would have cum all over you. Would that have made you happier, to have him douse you from head to toe in his sweet, creamy sperm?"

Susan bit her tongue, because she was afraid to speak for fear that she'd readily agree to that. Instead, after a pause, she complained, "Well, okay, but you didn't have to bob so darn long on him."

"Oh but I did! I've read that the average male orgasm lasts about six seconds. But not our studly Tiger! He had some kind of double orgasm, and just when I thought he was all done, he started cumming and cumming and cumming again!" She patted her tummy. "I feel bloated from the cup or two of sperm he pumped down my throat. Yum!"

Susan was more than a little envious, even though she knew Suzanne must be exaggerating wildly with the "cup or two" comment. She complained, "That was nowhere near six seconds of bobbing. It wasn't even twelve seconds. It was much, much longer than that!"

Suzanne shrugged. "True enough. But I guess I mistimed his start and did a little bobbing there first. And afterwards, how was I to know whether his cock would stay hard or not? I figured it was worth another minute or two of bobbing until I was fully certain he'd gone flaccid."

Susan sighed. "Well... okay. I guess. That sounds reasonable. Besides, I suppose I'm more mad at myself than at you. I'm the one who shouldn't be doing naughty things with him!"

"What did you do? So you gave him a heaping helping of visual stimulation. Big deal. Again, that's doctor approved; nothing wrong with that. You didn't touch him improperly. In fact, you didn't do anything wrong at all."

"But I felt it pressed against me when we were hugging," Susan complained. "I mean, I could feel his... you know."

"His cock," Suzanne helpfully suggested.

Susan nodded, embarrassed. "We just kept hugging and hugging, with his rampant..."


"Um, that. Poking into me. My word, it was poking! That definitely counts as inappropriate touching."

Suzanne responded, "But it's so big and thick and hard most of the time, how could you NOT feel it pressing against you? You didn't do anything wrong there. You're completely naked, he's got his usual raging boner, and he's hugging you because he's such a sweet Sweetie. So there's a little grinding going on. Again, big whoop. That's just basic biology. He wouldn't be heterosexual if he didn't take advantage and fondle his busty mommy a little bit."

"But still," Susan grumbled, even as she longingly pictured her son's erection in her mind, remembering exactly how it had pressed into her. "And did you see me at the end? You were probably too busy bobbing all over his delicious cock to notice, but I... I... I had a tingle! A strong tingle! It's so wrong!" She shamefully covered her face with her hands, even though it was a big effort to do so in her noodle-like, completely-drained state.

"Now, now," Suzanne soothed, running a hand along Susan's bare shoulder. She knew that when Susan said "tingle," she didn't mean just a tingle - that was Susan's code for an orgasm when she was in a prudish or regretful mood like at this moment. "There's nothing wrong with that at all. I keep telling you, as long as we have to help him with his treatment, why can't we enjoy it? That's no sin! It would be stupid to force ourselves to suffer. 'Tingles' are nice; why run from them?"

She lied as she continued, "Besides, he was so far gone by that time that he probably didn't notice you falling to the floor. He has no idea that you collapsed in a naked orgasmic heap. In fact, he passed out completely himself. I helped him get up and walk to his own bathroom before he was fully aware. So as far as he knows, you just stayed there watching, dressed like you are now, in that big towel."

"Really?" Susan could have sworn she'd seen Alan staring at her on the floor while Suzanne's head bobbed up and down over his long, stiff prick, but now she wasn't sure if that was a real memory or just her fevered imagination.


Susan told herself, I must have been fantasizing. Hallucinating? Maybe I'd passed out already. Yeah, I probably had passed out and was dreaming. Thank goodness, too, because that was so depraved and out of control. And still I feel bad about it, even if he couldn't see everything.

She said, "But Ron! What about Ron? I feel so horrible! If my husband only knew what we're doing here, he'd kill me." She stared at her wedding ring and twisted it on her finger.

Suzanne responded, "Look. There's no point in telling Ron about Alan's medical treatment, because guys can be irrational about sex-related things involving other guys. Not that what you're doing with your son is really sex per se, but we can't expect your husband to understand that. In any case, Ron has no right to be angry about anything you do. Don't forget about all of his cheating when he's overseas. You're just being a good mother, helping your son in his time of need. As you get better at it, you'll be able to control your feelings better too."

"But... But... It just doesn't feel right. Anything that feels that good, it simply HAS to be a sin."

Suzanne laughed. "I really like your parents, generally speaking, but they seriously messed you up about some things." She went to the candles she'd lit and blew them out, leaving the room in near total darkness. "It's late and you're exhausted. Go to sleep and we'll talk about it some more tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay." Susan felt like she was a little girl being tucked in by her mother. Suzanne even went to Susan's dresser, got out her nightgown, handed it to her, and then took her towel away.

Suzanne noticed right away that Susan was wearing panties, but she figured it was just part of Susan's temporary backslide. Susan didn't want to mention that her monthly menses had began, because her prudish side made her reluctant to ever talk about "yucky" things like menstruation.

Susan worried about Ron coming to bed and finding her naked in just her panties, so she managed to put her nightgown on, again with Suzanne's help. But she was so exhausted that she fell asleep as soon as she lay down and closed her eyes; her soul-shattering multiple orgasms had worn her out completely.

After she was asleep, Suzanne borrowed her shower and removed all traces of their activities.

Suzanne left the Plummer house feeling extremely good about herself. My impromptu scheme worked as well as I could have hoped. True, it was a bit bumpy and risky there for a while - when I'd arrived, it seemed like Susan and Sweetie were having a big setback in their sexual development due to his lust for her and loss of control. But I managed to get everyone to pretty much forget all that. Susan's great multiple orgasms bring my ultimate plans that much closer to fruition. Now I can talk to her openly about sex again, and thus bring her along a lot faster. Plus, I had so much fun! I know we all did.

She chuckled to herself when she got home and saw Ron, Eric, and Brad still hanging out in the living room, arguing about football statistics.

She thought, Ron, poor Ron. If you only knew what goes on in your house right under your nose! But then again, you deserve it all, and then some, for what you've done to Susan. Those chickens will ALL come home to roost. I'll see to that, that's for sure.

But the sexual activity in the Plummer household had one more encore. After Alan woke before midnight with a need to pee, he remembered his daily quota and was able to get off once more while thinking about what had transpired earlier. He couldn't believe his luck.

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