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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Go All the Way
Day 39: Thursday, October 24

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Later in the day, Amy and Katherine waited for school to end. They found a place to hide from the other cheerleaders until the school had cleared out almost entirely, since Amy was already supposed to have taken Katherine home.

As they chatted quietly, Katherine said that she wouldn't let Amy borrow the Mr. Excitement dildo, which was Heather's, but that she had another dildo at home which Amy could use when she came over.

Amy also expressed her disappointment that neither Katherine nor Alan were shaving her pussy more often, particularly because they had told her that it needed to be shaved frequently, especially in the first week. So Katherine promised that both she and Alan would shave it very frequently that weekend if the opportunity presented itself, which delighted Amy.

However, Katherine was pissed at having to sit and wait with Amy for the school to clear out. Brother is expecting me! We finally get to have sex, but here I have to wait? Arrgh! Cruel and unusual torture is what it is. Grrr!

As they waited, Katherine considered talking to Amy about what to do about Heather. Even though she found sexual pleasure with Heather, she disliked her and really hated being coerced. But she was afraid to talk to Amy about this kind of thing, for fear of cluing her in too much about the true nature of things like "checking for bumps." Besides, she figured Amy was just too nice to be able to plot against Heather, so talking about it would be pointless anyway.

It was frustrating that, although Amy was her best friend, she didn't feel that they could talk productively about such things. She figured that was just how it was.

When she finally deemed enough time had passed, she raced home on her bike as fast as she could, leaving Amy on her own bike far behind.

Meanwhile, when the last bell of the school day rang, Alan felt the desire to run full speed to the bike racks, since he was incredibly eager to get to the planned sex session. But he was worried that if he did that, people might get suspicious. Even though he was bursting with excitement inside, he tried to walk at his normal pace and act calm and collected.

He was halfway to his bike when Christine caught up to him and started walking next to him. "Hey. What's up?"

"Oh, hi Christine. How's it going?" He gave her a friendly smile, but he thought to himself, Dang! What bad luck. Why does she want to talk to me NOW, of all times?!

"Oh, I was just off to get some ice cream, it being such a hot day and all. You want to join me?"

"What, you mean the Baskin-Robbins?" There was a Baskin-Robbins franchise near the school.


Alan was torn. Oh man! Sis is waiting. I'm so eager, I'm about to die. But what excuse can I give that I can't gobble down a cone in five minutes? Fooling Christine is just asking for trouble, since she's so sharp. I don't want her to think I'm avoiding her. I have to act perfectly normal. Besides, it won't be the end of the world if I'm five or ten minutes late. The extra anticipation may even make the fucking that much sweeter.

He said, "Cool. Let me get my bike and we'll ride there together."

A few minutes later, they'd locked their bikes outside the Baskin-Robbins, selected their flavors, and sat across from each other in a booth. Once they were settled and licking their ice cream cones, Christine asked, "Okay, now I've got you where I want you. What's up with you lately?"

He replied, "Hmmm. Where to begin. You see, there's this great big yellow thing in the sky called the sun, and it rises in the east every morning. When the Sun rises, most everyone gets up, and I do too."

Christine finally figured out where he was going with this. "Don't tell me. You're literally telling a blonde the meaning of 'what's up with you lately.'"

He kept up his pretense, asking cluelessly, "Am I making it too complicated? Should I use shorter words?" He pointed towards the sky. "Big. Yel-low. Ball."

She rolled her eyes. "Ha ha. Seriously, what is going on with you? I've been keeping an eye on you, and you've been acting strangely."

One aspect of Alan's personality was his ability to live in the moment. He'd mostly managed to push aside thoughts of fucking Katherine for now, and was successfully getting into chatting with Christine. He quipped, "I like to keep an eye on you as well. And other body parts too, if you'd let me." He wiggled his eyebrows outrageously, making it clear from the exaggeration that he was just teasing.

She grinned and shook her head. "You see? That's what I'm talking about. A week or two ago, you wouldn't have said that to me. It's fun, but it's rather... bold, especially for you. And it was just about a week ago when things started to get weird with you. Right about last Wednesday, in fact. I didn't say anything about it on our practice date on Friday, but now it's THURSDAY, over a week later, and you're still acting weird!"

He thought, Uh-oh! Last Wednesday? That was just after the most awesome Tuesday of all time with Mom! Does she suspect something about that? Is incest written all over my face?! I've gotta play it cool and bluff my way through this!

He asked guardedly, "How am I acting that's so strange?"

She paused in licking her cone to say with exasperation. "Where to begin? For one thing, you're so HAPPY these days! Like I said, a day or two of that is no big deal, but it's been a week now where you have this far-off look and huge shit-eating grin almost all the time. I'm surprised your feet even touch the ground, since you're constantly floating on air. So just what is going on?"

He tried to dodge the question with a joke. "I have this shit-eating grin because I've been eating a lot of shit. Turns out it not only kinda looks like chocolate, it tastes like it too."

"Yuck! Please, not while I'm eating. Actually, not ever."

"Oh. Sorry." His stalling tactic had given him some time to think, but he still didn't have a good excuse for being that happy for that long. He decided there was only one thing he could say that would plausibly explain his change in mood. "Alright, I'll tell you what's up. But only if you promise not to tell a soul. And I mean you can't tell anybody!"

She nodded as she licked her ice cream.

Christine licking an ice cream cone in a suggestive manner

Watching her lick her cone distracted him more than a little. Dang! Ever since I've been getting blowjobs, I can't look at the licking of ice cream the same way. Does she have any idea how AROUSING that looks?! Damn! And why did she have to pick vanilla of all flavors, and be so messy about it? That looks just like cum dripping down her fingers!

But he focused, and said, "This brings up some kind of painful things, but obviously you remember how I asked you out a while back and you turned me down? Well, I'd been kinda holding a torch for you for a long time. But that turned out to be a much-needed reality check. Kind of a slap upside my head, actually. I thought to myself, 'If that isn't gonna work out, I'm not just gonna sit on my duff.' So... Let's just say things are going well for me on the dating front - the real dating front."

Christine's jaw dropped. Since she'd concluded that something was going on between him and Kim, she pictured them together on a date, even though he hadn't said who it was. She was surprised at how much that idea hurt. "Are you serious?!"

"Of course I'm serious. Think about it. Not only am I happy most of the time lately, but I'll bet I look more confident. I know I feel a lot more confident."

She thought about it and concluded, It does make sense. It also explains why, for the first time, he's so comfortable joking in a gentle, suggestive way with me, like his earlier comment about wanting to keep his eye and other body parts on me. That's a sign of more confidence with girls. But he's just... Alan! I can't picture him actually dating, for real. But then again, he was very charming and suave on our practice date. If that had been a real date, I think I would have given him a real kiss at the end. I guess I've got to think of him in a new way. But if that's true, is he dating just Kim? She seems a bit young for him, and frankly, given how and where he looks at me as well as other endowed girls, not busty enough. Hmmm?!

She asked, "So, you're going steady with someone? That was fast!"

"Whoa, I never said that. I'm just dating. You know, seeing what's out there. Our practice date played a part in that, because it's helped give me more confidence to have real dates."

"But that was only Friday. And you've had dates with multiple girls since then?!"

He said, "Let's put it this way. I'm kinda antsy to get going right now, because I've got an orgy with two cheerleaders to get to."

She laughed. "Right! So would you give me their names, so I can check with them how happy you are? Please?!"

He marveled at his audacity. He'd told her the truth about the "cheerleader orgy" because he knew it was too outrageous to be believed, so she'd have to assume that he was just kidding around. He'd gotten a thrill seeing if he could get away with that. (His fallback was to protest that he'd been joking.) He licked his ice cream cone and shook his head. "Sorry. My lips are sealed. If I went out on a real date with you, would you want me to tell other people about it without your permission?"

"No, of course not. I see what you mean." Still not satisfied though, she tried again, "Can you give me a clue? I'll bet it's Kim and Amy! I'm right, aren't I?"

He played dumb. "Huh? Why would you say that?"

"I saw how Kim came on to you yesterday. And have you ever seen how Amy looks at you? Give me a break; they're both just too obvious."

He didn't know what to make of that. He could understand why she'd guessed Kim, but in his mind Amy had always just been Amy. He figured that even the sexual fun they'd been having lately was just that, fun and playing around.

He held up a hand. "Stop right there. I'm not going to play this game. You're like some kind of friggin' bloodhound. If I say anything, you'll run with it and figure out far too much. If I say nothing, you'll probably learn something from that too, and still figure out too much. I'd appreciate it if you'd please respect my privacy here. I told you this much because you're a good friend. Please don't make me regret it by asking all kinds of probing questions, or even asking around behind my back. Give me some privacy, please."

That deflated her, since she'd already been thinking about who she could ask who might give her useful information. "Okay. I'll be good." But even as she said that, she was still mulling over candidates. She was intrigued by how he'd dodged her guess about Amy.

He smiled. "Thanks. I think I'd like you better if you were bad though, like your offer the other day." He gave her a flirty wink, but in a way that let her know it was all in fun, even though they both knew he meant it.

She got a strange thrill from that comment, which happened to strike a nerve with her. All her life, she'd been nothing but "good," and she'd often wondered what it would be like to be "bad," especially when it came to sex. In the past, she'd tried to picture what it would be like to have sex with Alan, but she'd had to use a lot of imagination because he was always such a gentleman around her, except for the way he stared hungrily at her body and especially at her breasts. She'd imagined that if they ever did get intimate, it would be two total virgins fumbling around and learning together. But now she had to face the fact that he could be getting sexual experience and confidence without her.

That made her jealous, very jealous. But she was careful not to show it. She forced herself to say, "I suppose congratulations are in order."


They continued licking their ice cream cones until they were nearly finished, at the point where they were eating the sugar cones themselves.

He found himself thinking, I can't believe I'm sitting here casually talking to Christine, of all people, and in less than an hour I will actually be fucking my sister! Thank God there's no such thing as mental telepathy, or she'd be killing me. Yikes!

After a long silence, Christine asked, "So, you're really not gonna give me any names?"

"Nope!" He smirked, because he felt a bit smug about it. Even though his cover story to explain the recent changes in his behavior was kind of a lie, it was also kind of the truth. While he wasn't going on real dates per se, he certainly was getting a lot of sexual experience, and that did help to repair the wound to his pride of her turning him down. He couldn't help but hope that she might have second thoughts about rejecting him.

"Well, I know one of them is Kim, after what happened yesterday."

"Whaaaaat?!" Alan complained, "What happened? She just came by while you and I were talking and said 'hi.'"

"That's not how I remember it."

"Christine, please. Give me a break."


They both finished their cones, stood up, and tossed their used napkins away.

But Alan was right about Christine being like a bloodhound - once her curiosity was aroused, she had a hard time letting go. As they walked out of the Baskin-Robbins, she asked playfully, "What if I tickle the answer out of you?"

To her great surprise, he suddenly turned on her and exclaimed, "What if I tickle the answer out of YOU?!" Then he reached out and tickled both her sides at once.

Christine in a green blouse pressing into Alan as he has his hands at her waist to tickle her

She found herself laughing, both from his tickling and his comment. She cried out, "That doesn't make any sense!" But he just kept on tickling her, so she struck back and tickled his sides too.

Within seconds, they were laughing uproariously from all their tickling fun. When she'd made the tickle comment, she'd had no plan at all to actually tickle him, so she was glad that he'd taken the initiative.

When Alan aimed for her more sensitive armpit area, she quickly clamped her arms to her sides. That left her in a vulnerable state since she couldn't tickle him very effectively with her arms at her sides, so she stepped back and announced, "Truce!"

Alan nodded. "Truce."

When their laughter subsided, they resumed walking to where they'd locked their bikes.

He was secretly quite excited by the fact that he'd been able to touch her during the tickle fight. Christine radiated a vibe that made him think she wouldn't ever welcome even gestures like a peck on the cheek or a friendly hug. (She wasn't called the "Ice Queen" for nothing.) So any physical contact with her was thrilling for him, especially since he felt her boobs briefly brush against his chest a couple of times while they were horsing around.

Christine said, "Okay, now that we have a tickle truce, you tell me who you're dating, and in return I'll tell you who you're dating."

He just grinned. "Nice try. Although it's interesting to get a glimpse of the logical thinking of the blonde mind."

"Grrr!" She briefly struck a martial arts pose. "Sometimes I wonder why I let you live."

"That IS a bit of a mystery," he kidded.

As they finished unlocking their bikes, she asked, "So... now that you're dating for real, does that mean that our practice dates are over?" She tried to act casual, but clearly that was a very important issue for her.

"Are you kidding me? Quite the contrary! That'll make our pretend dates even better. It'll help take the pressure off, and remove any lingering weirdness from when I, you know, asked you out."

She asked, "But won't you be too busy now?"

He stopped what he was doing and looked her in the eyes. "Christine, I'll always have time for you. Frankly, I think I'd have as much or more fun just talking to you as I would necking with some other girl."

For some reason, she blushed a little at that.

They said their goodbyes soon after, and Alan bicycled off towards his home. He figured the whole interaction with Christine had delayed his departure by ten minutes or so. That wasn't the end of the world, since he, Kim, and Katherine would have all afternoon together.

Christine lingered there for a minute before getting on her bike. That was rather touching, what he said about wanting to spend time with me. I noticed he didn't make any plans for another practice date with me though. Could he really mean that?

Damn. Alan's such a nice guy. Now that he's more fun and confident than before, I'm beginning to regret having shot him down.


When Katherine arrived home, about ten minutes later than expected, she was surprised that Alan wasn't already there and waiting for her.

He came biking home at a blistering speed about five minutes later.

Katherine actually stood in the garage where he parked his bike. She looked peeved and had her arms crossed. "And what took you so long?"

"Sorry! Believe me, I've never been so keen to get home. But Christine found me and started talking to me-"

She interrupted with a loud "RRRRRRR!"

He quipped, "What is that, your mountain lion impression? If so, it's pretty good. But honestly, I had no choice but to talk to her. You know how curious she gets. She knows I don't have anything so urgent going on that I couldn't stop and chat with her for a few minutes."

"Grrrr!" But Katherine decided to try to bury her jealousy, since the less they talked, the quicker they could get to Kim's house. She also remembered that she'd been late getting home herself. She said petulantly, "Whatever!" Then she spun around and hurried into the house.

Alan followed her in, and they met up with Susan in the kitchen.

Alan and Katherine had paved the way the night before for their upcoming fuck session, as well as future ones. They had told Susan that a new group had formed, called the 'S-Club' or 'Service Club'. They said it was a group devoted to doing good deeds in the community, kind of like the Key Club, another group that was already popular at their school. There actually were similarly-purposed S-Clubs in other schools, which was where Alan had gotten the idea, but their high school didn't have one. That made it a great cover story.

The two further explained to Susan that tomorrow was the first meeting, and since the club had just started, it would meet every Monday and Thursday. The membership was very small, because meetings were being held off-campus. Therefore they needed to borrow the car. That was a necessary lie, because Kim's house was quite a distance away.

Susan was delighted and readily agreed to loan them the car any time they needed it for S-Club activities. She encouraged them to join more such clubs, especially since it would look good on their college applications.

Susan even offered to drive them there, but Alan said that would make them look uncool to the other club members, who all had their own cars. (Surprisingly for such a rich family, the kids didn't yet have their own cars because their parents felt it would be spoiling them too much. Anyway, if Alan really were to need a car for some special event, his father's car was usually available since Ron was almost never around.)

Thus Alan and Katherine managed to arrange to have sex with each other with their mother's full approval, in a certain sense. The ever-resourceful Alan had also managed to procure a box of condoms.

Kim phoned and gave the all-clear, so everything was ready.

— — —

Alan drove. As they got in the car, he said, "Sis, I'm so glad we're doing this. Sitting in class, I'd half convinced myself that you were gonna chicken out."

"Are you kidding, Big Tasty Brother? I wouldn't miss this for the world! You're going to make me a woman!"

As they settled into the car in the driveway, Katherine leaned over and kissed him on the mouth.

He let the kiss linger, but when it was done he looked around frantically and said, "You're trying to kill me, you know that? We're still in our own frigging driveway! Mom could see! Just wait a few minutes, please!" He started the car.

"Sorry, Bro. Or should I say, Big, Hard, Sister-fucking Brother."

"Hey wait a sec." He put his head down on the steering wheel and groaned inwardly. "Sis, when you say things like that I feel so torn. Is what we're thinking of doing here really right? Is it... is it wrong? Even if you say no, isn't it going to end badly? Don't you feel a bad end coming?"

She held his head in her hands and turned it so he was looking at her. "Listen to me, Big Brother. This isn't wrong. I love you. You love me. That's all that matters. Forget about the mores of this town; I don't care what they think. I'm not certain what the law is on this, but it feels right. You know it and I know it. We love each other and always have, and this isn't going to end badly because we will ALWAYS be in love, no matter what happens."

He asked, "But what if Mom finds out? It would break her heart. Or Ron?"

"Sure, Mom catching us would not be good, to say the least. But ultimately, she'll love us even if we rob a bank. Besides, given how she's helped you 'do your thing' already, can she really be the one to throw the first stone?"

"But that's not the same as real sex," Alan protested. "Not even close."

"No, but it'll help, big time. As for Dad, he's never, ever around, so forget about him. In fact, let's just forget everything and everyone else and have fun! I know I'm going to have a hell of a good time, and love every single, unforgettable second."

That made him smile. He kissed her deeply, though quickly. He was glad that he had, for he again tasted a pleasing hint of mint on her lips and could smell the musky aroma of her skin. "I don't doubt you will. And you're probably right about everything. It just feels so momentous, it takes my breath away. But I'm so excited too. I'm all trembly. Let's get going before I die of anticipation." He started the car.

"Tell me about it!" she enthused. "I just get so uncontrollably excited thinking about the fact that we're going to be making love in mere minutes! I'm so turned on! Not only that, but the most interesting thing happened to me at school today."

"Really? What?" Alan asked as he drove the car out onto the street. He thought whatever she would have to say could take his mind off his lingering doubts.

While he drove down the road, Katherine talked dirty and told him the hot and sexy story of what had happened with Heather, Amy, and herself during cheerleader practice.

Since Susan might see them leave or return, they had to wear relatively normal clothing. Alan wore a T-shirt and long pants while Katherine wore shorts and a sweater. But once she left home she took the sweater off to reveal a sexy green tube-top.

As they sped through traffic, Alan could look over and see Katherine's magnificent boobs jiggle and shake. He blessed the car's stiff suspension. He grudgingly admitted to himself that her boobs weren't nearly as big as the almost unnaturally massive tits of his mother or Suzanne, or Christine's twin wonders, but they would still be the subject of masturbatory fantasies for just about any guy at school.

He thought, Between Sis and Aims, I've got the inside track on at least half of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful and big-breasted girls in the school. And then there are certain other older women at home that I love to death and who defy description. It's definitely a one in a million or even one in a billion situation. Wow. And it was pretty much all caused by this weird medical treatment I've been given. Thank you, Dr. Fredrickson!

But despite all the women in his life, at that moment it was his sister who occupied his mind.

Katherine on the passenger side of a car, crouched down in the footwell, looking at Alan and fondling his hard-on through his pants

Within a few blocks of leaving the house, Katherine crouched down in front of the passenger seat so her brother could better see the show she was going to put on. She grasped at her breasts through her top, and pulled down her short shorts past her knees so she could frig herself.

Alan was freaked out that she now wore nothing but a tube top, but as she was crouched down, no one could really see what she did or didn't wear. He had to make a deliberate and constant effort not to try and see her pussy for fear of crashing the car.

As she continued to tell her arousing story, she reached over and placed her hands on the bulge in his pants. She began to massage it through his clothing as if that was the natural thing to do.

Alan prayed that they would get to Kim's house soon, before he had an accident. Between her story and her hands, the trepidation about incestuous sex disappeared completely from his mind. Lust took over.

She stopped telling her story and said, "You really need to get new pants, because these have a defective zipper. Look - they're unzipping all by themselves!" She giggled and pulled his zipper down as she said this.

He placed his hand over his opened fly to prevent her from going any further. "Sis, you can't! I'm driving, for fuck's sake. How would you like to get us killed right before our big moment?"

She was unfazed, and giggled, "Hey, don't blame me - it's the zipper." She knew he had to keep at least one hand on the wheel, so with one more hand than he had in the fight, she managed to get his hand out of the way and pull his erection out through his fly.

"No, Sis. No!" he cried in a very agitated state. "Please! I beg you!" The car stopped at a stop light, and he pulled at his hair with both hands in frustration and sexual arousal. "We're gonna die. I know it. Die!" He said this dramatically and fatalistically.

They started moving again, and as though to drive the point home, he nearly struck a mailbox on the side of the road; he missed it, he was sure, by mere inches.

"See?!" he griped.

But she didn't see, since she was crouched down so low.

When they stopped at another stoplight he stared at his sister wide-eyed with fear, even as she steadied herself from the slight jolt. Luckily no police cars were around to see the near-accident. He was worried the police would think he was driving drunk.

"Chill already," Katherine chided him. "Okay, fine. If you're such a bad driver, your loss. I'll concede this wouldn't be the best time to die. How 'bout this? I promise I won't give you a blowjob while you're driving, as I'd planned, and I'll take it easy until we come to a stop at traffic lights. Like this one."

She frantically jacked him off until the light changed and then just held his throbbing erection in her hands as he drove on while she waited for the next light.

She resumed her story, but he was too focused on her hands and on trying to prevent an accident to pay any further attention to her words.

Still, her ministrations on his dick didn't really stop, they just slowed down, which drove him out of his mind with desire. She kept asking jokingly, "Are we there yet?" which didn't make things any easier on him.


After a fifteen-minute drive, they finally reached Kim's house.

They were both so worked up that neither of them retained the slightest reluctance to fuck each other.

Alan pulled the car into Kim's driveway, after which they ran into Kim's house as fast as their feet could carry them. He sported such a massive wet spot around his groin area that it looked almost as though he'd pissed on himself. But he didn't care how funny he looked; he just wanted to get to a bed.

Katherine practically ran over Kim, who stood in the front doorway to open the door. She had quickly put on her cheerleader uniform, which nicely showed off her trim and petite figure.

Katherine briefly French-kissed and groped her. She was very grateful for how Kim had helped to make this day possible. She frantically asked her, "Where's the bedroom?" It was clear that she did not want to waste another moment. If her voice wasn't a clear enough indicator, then her nipples certainly were; they were so erect that even her areolae looked puffier than usual through her top.

Kim just smiled and pointed upstairs.

Brother and sister ran upstairs in a flash.

They sat on the bed as Katherine urged, "Quick, Bro, get the condoms!" They'd had plenty of foreplay in the car, and were ready to dive right in.

Clothes flew into the air as Alan fumbled around with the condoms.

Katherine impulsively reached out for Alan's hand. She suddenly appeared calm as she said, "Brother, thank you. I know that this is going to be the greatest, most exciting day of my life. And the best part has just started! In a minute, neither of us will be virgins anymore!"

The two held hands for a brief pause. He looked into his sister's brown eyes, saw the passion and excitement there, and said, "I love you, Little Sister!"

She looked back with a high, rosy color in her cheeks, and said, "I love you too, Big Brother! And I'm so glad we've found a new way of loving each other."

They kissed with passionate intensity. Katherine's heaving breasts brushed against his chest; her nipples were hardened rocks which poked into him like hot coals.

Katherine finally pulled him away. "That's great, but let's not wait another second!" She lay down on Kim's bed face up, and said, "I'm waiting for your big dick!" To further illustrate her words, she opened her thighs wide and ran an index finger over her rigid clit, which was engorged and stood out proudly from its hood.

V: Alan's dick entering Katherine's waiting cunt for the first time

Alan knelt on the bed between her legs, positioning his cock above her fuck hole. He looked at her and she wordlessly gave approval for him to go on as she hooked her heels around his waist. He took a big breath and tried to clear his mind. His whole world was now centered on his sexy, lust-filled sister.

She writhed beneath his body in impatient anticipation. She was hot and willing to accept him into her body, fully and completely.

She looked up at him, panting with longing. She thought, I feel like I've just run a marathon, and we haven't even started to fuck yet!

He pushed his erection into her. It slid down ever so slowly into her very tight pussy. He momentarily lost track of all parts of his body, except for a spine-tingling focus on every nerve in his dick. Warmth, wetness, tightness and softness - those were the sensations that filled his mind.

And as wonderful as it felt to slowly slide his insistent impaler into his sister's depths, even more wonderful was the sense of oneness and love he felt coursing between the two of them.

There were a million things he could have said, but all he could manage was a guttural "Ugggghh!"

"Oh, yeeeeesssss!" she yelled in return, a cry of release and pleasure. Although she'd never had a cock inside her before, from the very first instant it was in her, it felt fantastic. She felt the fullness, heat, and rigidity of her brother's dick as it moved and throbbed deep within her. His whole body covered her and enveloped her.

She clutched his arms fiercely.

Already she began to feel the onset of mini-climaxes, even though Alan had not yet begun to move inside her. She was very glad that her hymen had been broken accidentally five or so years earlier, so there was no pain or blood, only the sense of being stretched to incredible fullness. She could feel her brother's hot breath beat down on her neck.

V: Alan fucking Katherine for the first time, in missionary position as seen from above

Alan slowly pushed his hard dick in until he felt it could go no further, sure that he'd hit the impassable entrance to his breathless sister's cervix. He stayed there for just a moment, to enjoy the feeling of being so deep within her.

Impatient, she not-so-subtly wiggled her hips beneath him. She was eager for more.

He slowly began to pull back out. The coolness of the air around his shaft as it emerged was in extreme contrast to the heated depths he'd enjoyed just a second before. Then he pushed in again slowly, as though driven by a deep, primal urge. Then out. Then in and out.

He built up a rhythm and reveled in the fact that his sister, too, had begun to move in sync with his gentle thrusts. Katherine, athletic cheerleader or not, had always seemed so soft and fragile, at least from his protective, brotherly point of view. He didn't want to hurt her.

When her upwards thrusts became more powerful, worries about her fragility subsided. He began to push his thick meat into her body all the way to the hilt.

She wrapped her arms around his back, holding on to him as if she were on a wild roller coaster ride.

Out of the blue, Katherine started screaming, "Yeeeeesssss! My brother is fucking me!" Her plentiful breasts moved madly with the motion of Alan's thrusts and she loved that and everything else so much that she had to let it out. The sound carried into every room of Kim's house, but Kim had assured them earlier that they could yell to their heart's content and the neighbors would never hear, provided they kept the windows closed.

Kim, meanwhile, sat in the room next door and fucked her own cunt with a dildo as she got off on their sounds and screams. Even from a room away, she could already start to smell the pungent odor of their sex. It drove her wild with envy and passion. She shoved the dildo as deep inside her as it could go as she imagined what it would feel like to be plowed like Katherine was getting plowed just one room away. She may have not liked men, but she'd decided she really liked Alan's dick.

"We're fucking! We're fucking!" screamed Alan joyously. He, too, reveled in the freedom to yell to his heart's content, after weeks of furtively and quietly sneaking around in his secret sexual life. He yelled as loud as he could, "I'm fucking my own sister, and I love it! Woooh, yeah!"

Their thrusts were no longer anything like the soft shoving from a moment before - they were steaming along in an insistent and solid rhythm.

Alan pistoned his pole into her as deep as it would go. He marveled at the hot-cold-hot-cold sensation of each insertion and extraction of his prick as it pounded into her, seemingly on its own volition.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she yelled in time to his thrusts as her large breasts slapped against his body. "More! More!"

There was no pretense at drawing anything out. They just wanted to cum as fast as humanly possible. Arms and legs became a blur of activity as they threw their bodies into one another and the powerful scent of sex literally poured out into the room from where they were joined in glorious abandon.

Things moved at a feverish pitch until neither brother nor sister could hold back any longer. Both teenagers stiffened as their bodies cried out for release. They reached climax together while yelling a seemingly endless stream of incoherent screams.

Alan felt his jism course through his prick, like a fire hose suddenly filling with water. Then the semen exploded from his penis and filled the depths of his sister's vagina. He thought, I'm doing it! I'm doing it! It's happening! He continued pushing his cock deep inside her and, almost instinctively, stopped on the downstroke so that he could deliver his seed at the gates to her womb.

Katherine felt the coursing and throbbing of his prick, timed to the beat of his heart. Then she felt the splash of his seed as it filled her depths, flooding her with tremendous warmth. All of a sudden it occurred to her that she shouldn't be feeling such sensations. The condom! Where's the condom? Too busy kissing - we forgot! Ah, hell. Just sit back and enjoy it. Oh fuck! God! So good! Screw it! Screw ME!

She calmed down enough to begin making sense with her screaming, and shrieked, "Screw me! Screw me! Screw me!" over and over.

Alan collapsed on top of Katherine. The two siblings just lay quietly for a minute as they recuperated, breathing heavily from their exertion. Both of them could feel Alan's semen as it slowly bubbled out of Katherine's cum-filled cunt and around her brother's semi-erect shaft.

He rose just slightly enough off her body so that he could look into her eyes. All he saw there, as she looked back up at him, was love, tenderness and deep appreciation.

Alan asked, "Did that hurt at all?"

"Not in the slightest," she replied. "It felt like your cock was born to be inside me. A finger or dildo just doesn't compare with the real thing! Now that I know how good it feels, I want your cock inside me every minute. Every minute of the day. Brother, do you promise to fuck me every minute of the day, for the rest of our lives? Will you make me your complete fuck toy?"

"I'll try my best," he answered, and laughed gaily.

Yes! Yes! a rapturous voice inside his head continually shouted while she happily squirmed in joy beneath him. He was on the highest of highs.

They rolled over to talk. He thought out loud, "You know, it's really amazing to finally fuck a woman. But for that woman to be you, my sister, it's just too much. I can't believe it."

Katherine hugged him firmly, and said, "I know. It's my first time too. We're on the same wavelength."

"Sis, I love you so much!"

"Oh, Brother! Me too! I love you so much, my heart is gonna burst!"

Flying high, he quipped, "Well, let's not have that happen. We don't want to make a mess in Kim's house."

She just laughed. Then the great idea came to her, "Hey, let's do it again, already!"

"Okay! I should have no problem getting ready to go with you to arouse me. But you know, it's funny, I'm really thirsty all of a sudden."

"I'll get you something to drink!" they heard Kim yell at them. They hadn't closed their door and she could hear even their whispers.

Kim holding a can of soda, looking at Katherine and Alan cuddling on the bed

A minute later she walked in with a can of soda in her hand. She was buck naked, like them, though with painted-on panties, with her own cum dripping visibly down her legs. "Don't mind me," she said. "I'll leave you two alone for your special time together, but I just had to say you guys are fantastic."

She handed the can to Alan. "I'm shaking like from an earthquake, in the next room, just from hearing the sounds of you two. I can't wait to watch, or even get that big thing stuffed inside me. I wish I had a brother to fuck too, but I'm an only child. Now drink up, big boy, and give us round two."

They all smiled at each other. "Alan, your fuck toy is waiting for you," Kim added in a husky voice, with a strong emphasis on "fuck toy." She walked back out of the room.


Alan said to Katherine, "I like the sound of that, what Kim just said: fuck toy. Are you my fuck toy?" He remembered Katherine had used that term before, both a few minutes earlier and when she had snuck into his room just after midnight the previous night. It sounded sexy, but he hoped that it didn't have any meaning beyond that.

"You know it!" she replied enthusiastically. Then she shifted to a whisper. "I live just to be fucked by you! Now I can tell you something. I wanted your thing deep inside me even before you started your medical treatment. I've secretly wanted it for years, ever since I saw you naked and aroused in the shower one day. That's why I never really fooled around with any guy, and why I appeared so prudish. Well, that, and trying to be like Mom."

He was really shocked. "But you never let on. No flirting or anything."

"I know! It was my secret shame. I don't think I ever would have acted on it if it weren't for what's happened these past few weeks. I figured you were - and still are - such a good-hearted, morally upstanding guy that you'd hate me if I expressed any sexual feelings towards you. And I was chicken. God, I was unhappy sexually and didn't really understand why. I could barely even admit my feelings to myself. But now that's all over, thank God, 'cos I have you."

Alan was very surprised by all that. He'd never had the slightest clue she felt that way. He decided he'd absorb all this information later; right now he'd just get back to fucking.

Seeing him start to reposition himself, she eagerly began to do the same. "Let's fuck some more!"

"Okay," he said at first, but then an important consideration came to him. "Hold on, Sis. I have some bad news. Do you realize we forgot to use a condom?"

"Really? You're right. Oh well. You could be a father." She seemed completely unfazed by that possibility, and maybe even a bit gleeful about it. In fact, she now appeared even more interested in getting his erection back inside her before he could find a condom. She held it and drew it closer to her cum-smeared cunt.

"Wait a sec! Just hold on! Is that all you're going to say: ho hum, you could be a father? We're talking pregnancy here!"

"I know, and it gets me hot! Big Brother, I don't think you understand the whole fuck-toy concept here. Fuck toys don't complain, they don't make demands, they just get fucked. My pussy is now yours to use as you please, and so is my womb. The way I figure, if you get me pregnant then we'll be bonded together in a new and powerful way, and you'll just fuck me and love me even more than you already do."

Alan looked stricken. He thought she was taking the "fuck toy" idea too far. But even more concerning was her sounding serious about wanting to get pregnant.

Katherine saw his face and quickly changed her tune. "Awww, don't be like that. I know you're not ready for kids yet, and I'm even younger than you. That's why I'm on the pill already."

"You are?!"

"Yep! All of us cheerleaders are; Heather made us do it to stop our periods so it wouldn't interfere with our cheerleading. We take an active pill every day and skip the week of dummy pills that normally bring on a period. Aunt Suzy got the pills for me and Amy; she says that she's used the same method herself to stop her periods.

She continued, "Unfortunately, I might not have been taking them for long enough just yet to be really safe; that takes at least a month. But I am wearing a diaphragm as well. AND I've got a day-after pill, just in case everything else fails. We're totally covered."

"Phew! You scared me there. But don't you think a condom would be good just to be that much safer?"

"Nope. I took all these precautions 'cos I wanted to feel you bareback the first time and every time. That's how you fuck a fuck toy: bareback. Why should you care if you're knocking her up? All that matters is that she has a cunt and you're going to use it as you like to get your pleasure."

"Whoa, Sis, that's not how I look at it at all. A guy has to respect the girl's feelings and ask her if-"

She interrupted as she climbed on top of him, "Hey! I've been fantasizing about being a fuck toy for a long time now. Can't you just humor me and do the touchy-feely sensitive-guy thing another day? I guarantee you won't knock me up, but we can pretend otherwise. That's the fun of it!"

By the time Alan got a chance to reply, "Okay," she had already slid down over his pole and was balls-deep.

He joked, "I guess that's a 'No' to using a condom, then."

"Correct!" she said as she raised herself up and re-impaled herself. "Ahhh! In fact," - she raised herself up again, - "it's pretty much a rule that fuck toys always get fucked" - she lowered back down - "bareback!"

Alan thought with amusement, For all this supposed 'fuck toy' talk, in fact she's the same feisty and demanding Sis as ever. But that's just how I love her. Though I've got to admit that I could get into the 'sister as fuck toy' fantasy myself! Big time.

After raising herself up and re-impaling herself more times than they could easily count, she shouted, "Fill me up! Let's not leave the little spermies in there all lonely. Give them some new friends!"

He commented, "Wow, you are one sexy woman. Dangerously horny, too!"

V: Katherine riding Alan cowgirl style

"Mmmm. Big, Sexy, Sweaty Brother, this time, let's take our time." She clenched her vaginal muscles tightly while wiggling her bottom. The feeling of fullness while she sat on top of her brother with his dick buried so far inside her nearly overwhelmed her, it felt so great.

He was happy with that idea.

They proceeded much more slowly, like they were fucking in slow motion. He gradually pushed his prick deeper and deeper, up to the very hilt, and then pulled back just as slowly until all but the tip of his cock was out of her cunt. Then he did it again. And again.

He watched with awe as his sister's tits began to bounce slowly with each thrust of his dick. He thought, I guess this is the difference between fucking and making love. I've heard a lot about it, and now I know what they mean. This is even better than just plain fucking, because it feels like the love between us is growing stronger and stronger!

"God, I can hardly wait until you cum inside me again!" she sighed with a shudder. "Fill me up with your seed until it overflows and spills everywhere!"

"I would say what you just said really turned me on," he responded between labored breaths, "But there's no way I can be any more turned on than I am already... It's funny, 'cos I never really thought about you in that way. You know, before this all started."

"Awww, I'm hurt," she pouted.

He clarified, "Sis, I totally lusted after you, don't get me wrong. You're so beautiful! But it was forbidden, so I fought those feelings as hard as I could. Masturbating to a mental image of you made me feel really guilty. But the main thing was, I figured you'd think I was a freak and hate me for it."

"You were so wrong!"

"I know! Jesus. Just think about all the wasted nights with our bedrooms just across the hall from each other, and no fucking going on. What a tragic waste! Now help make up for lost time."

She sighed sadly. "Don't remind me! I feel the exact same way. It's like a physical pain to think about all the opportunities we missed, all the lost time! You're just gonna have to fuck me that much more to make up for it!"

She rose up just the tiniest bit to give him more room to thrust deeply into her tight, cum-soaked cunt.

He thrust up at her relentlessly, ever so slowly increasing his pace.

As they reached a frenzied climax, he pulled her down to him and rolled over, so that he ended up lying on top of her. They kissed and ran their hands everywhere. There wasn't as much screaming now since they were too busy kissing. The two siblings basked in the warm glow of their love-making.

Although the slow pace felt just as wonderful to each of them as their faster pace had, he abruptly pulled out of her altogether.

She suddenly felt empty inside, like someone had taken a part of her body away from her. She hated that feeling. "What are you doing?!" she yelled incredulously. "Why did you stop? Fuck me more! Harder! Fuck me now!"

From the next room they heard Kim yell, "Yeah, what's the big deal? Give her what I need! I mean, what she needs!"

"Both of you, slow down!" he said, while tapping the head of his cock on his sister's swollen, ember-hot clit.

That made Katherine arch her back in response, trying to impale herself again on his stiffness.

He said, "In these few weeks of my limited sexual experience, I learned that delayed gratification is twice as sweet. Let's hold off as long as we can, taking our time. That way, we can have fun for hours. Where'd those condoms go? Give me a sec to put one on."

"Don't you dare! Make me a mommy!"

He confirmed, "Fuck toy fantasy, right?"



While she was still relatively calm from resting, she explained, "You gotta understand, Brother. With a fuck toy, there's no breaking up, ever. There's no cheating, no running off with some hunky lifeguard. There's no, 'Sorry, I've got a headache.' Well, not unless I was like violently vomiting or something. Basically, my cunt belongs to you for as long as you want it."

He began to pound his sister with renewed vigor. He was getting off on her ideas. But he asked, "You mean, you're not going to still date other guys? I assumed you would."

She giggled, "I know what you're thinking, Bro! You're thinking, 'If she's gonna be exclusive with me, then it's expected that I'm gonna be exclusive with her.' Nope! Fuck toys don't complain about sharing. In fact, I think it's only polite if you give Kim a good pumping before you go."


"Really!" In fact, she burned with jealousy, but she figured there was no way she could have him exclusively, not given all the things happening with Susan, Suzanne, and even Amy lately. In fact, to compete with Susan and Suzanne in particular, she figured she had to try to be as open about sharing as possible. Besides, she wasn't totally opposed to the idea. Even as her jealousy burned inside, she found the idea of Alan fucking other girls strangely exciting and arousing.

They were getting too worked up with their piston-like movements to talk much more about it, but he decided, Weird! Too friggin' bizarre! The thing is, I'm really warming to the whole fuck toy idea. I guess she wants to shock me, to shake up my opinion of her so I'll have no doubt that she's not the clone of our prudish mom that she appeared to be. And thank God she's okay with sharing. That saves me from some big, big problems!

"Last time was good," she said with growing arousal, "but give me all you've got this time!"

"Hey, I gave you all I had last time," he chuckled.

"Give me more! Even more! Fuck me! Go deep! Break me in two! Fuuuuuccckkk meeeeeeeeee!"

He obeyed her gladly. He literally bounced his hips up and down on her body, making his shaft slide completely in and out of her. He would rise up so that his cock was completely exposed to the air, then he would pile-drive his pole right back into her upturned cunt as far as he could go.

They screamed and squirmed and climaxed. Sweat flew everywhere as Alan's cum shot off deep inside. He realized it was a very satisfying feeling to fill a vagina. He'd already realized that he really got off on the idea of "marking" his women with facials and pearl necklaces, but he instantly decided there was no more definitive way to claim a woman than by shooting off deep in her cunt.

"Mmmm! That was soooooo gooood!" Katherine said in a lazy and relaxed tone.

"Mmmm..." he happily agreed.

As they lay back and rested again, Kim poked her head into the room. "Thumbs up on round two, y'all," she said as she flashed them the thumbs-up sign.

They all laughed.

And then Kim said, "That gives me an idea," and stuck her thumb into her slit.

Everyone laughed again.

Katherine said, "Good idea," and stuck Alan's thumb into hers.

As Kim walked out of the room, she said, "Do either of you want anything this time?"

Katherine yelled back, "I'll take my brother's wide, thick, meaty cock deep in my cunt, please! And I'm thirsty, too. But don't get me a drink; I know just where to get all the tangy sweet cum I could ever need! At least until they put it on the cafeteria menu." She switched positions and began to suck his penis back to life.

Eventually she had success, so she kept sucking it with even more enthusiasm.

But after some minutes, Alan said, "Hey! You know, you can do that anytime at home. Let's fuck some more."

"But I want to taste you this time."

"In that case, when I'm ready to shoot, you can suck me off."

"That's a hard sell, Mister," she giggled.

He sat up.

V: Katherine getting poked by Alan, doggy-style

She sat up on all fours and raised her ass to him. "This time, let's try doggy-style! So many things I've been reading about that I can finally try out for real."

He thrust his hips forward at the same time that she thrust backward.

He was amazed at the difference between this and fucking a relatively motionless body. He decided right away that doggy-style was great.

They worked in perfect rhythm. Not only did her vaginal muscles clench each time she thrust back at him, but his own posture made it possible to thrust with less exertion, which meant that he could keep going with a steady rhythm even longer.

Then there was the feel of her ass as it pushed back against his hips. It was so soft, smooth, and warm that he couldn't help but grab hold of her by both hips and luxuriate in the feeling of her skin even as he watched his rod disappear and reappear. Each time he pulled out of his sister's moist pussy, her inner lips seemed to drag along his shaft, like they were still joined even when he pulled out.

He decided, Doggy-style is definitely most excellent. I could do this for days! But the best thing of all is that I think I'm reaching a lot deeper this way.

Sure enough, he kept his promise to let her swallow his load even though he would have enjoyed filling her with his cum again. When he pulled out after many minutes of doggy-style fucking, she was right there to drink up his spurting ropes.

When they were done, he pointed out, "You know, I'm fairly amazed that you didn't mind that my dick was covered with your own pussy juices."

"Brother, you're so cute but so dumb. I'm your fuck toy now. I'll try anything, just so long as it doesn't involve another guy or guys. That's where I draw my line."

"As if I'd ever want to share you. Ha! I can tell you now that ain't ever gonna happen."


After their third time, they were both so tired that they instantly fell asleep.

Half an hour later, Kim had to come in and wake them up.

"Sleepyheads," she said as she shook them, "you're missing out on your very limited fuck time. You only have another half hour before you need to take a shower and get cleaned up. S-Club meetings can only last so long, even fake ones, and my mom will be getting home soon."

"Okay, Mom!" they both said in whining voices at the same time, because it was the kind of thing they would have joked around about at home.

Alan decided to run with the idea and pleaded, "Can't we fuck just a little bit longer, Mom? Pleeeeeasse?"

Kim stood naked above them, playing the role of a stern and tut-tutting mother. She folded her arms under her medium-sized tits and glared disapprovingly. "I'm sorry. I don't go for all this sibling fucking stuff. You two need to get back to your Service Club meeting." The sight was almost comical because her pussy dripped with her own juices as a visual betrayal of just how aroused she was.

Katherine joked, "But Service Club is all about service. Alan hasn't serviced me nearly enough yet!" She rubbed Alan's now-flaccid penis suggestively and imagined that her true mother, Susan, was the one standing in front of her. Such a racy and erotic thought did wonders for her own libido. She very much wanted her mother to watch. She had visions of Susan crying, "It's so improper!" even as she looked down on her children and frigged herself frantically as they fucked before her eyes.

"I'm sorry, kids," said Kim. "You two are only allowed to fuck each other six times a day. Those are the rules!"

Both Katherine and Alan laughed a bit nervously, because neither had yet told Kim of Alan's medical treatment of needing to orgasm six times a day. Apparently Kim had picked the number out at random, thinking it was an improbably high target.

Katherine turned towards Alan lying beside her and said, "Wouldn't it be delicious if Kim really was our mother instead, standing there like that?"

They both grinned widely.

Katherine reached behind herself and found his dick. "What do you think Mom would think about this?" she said as she guided it into her slit, even while Kim watched her do this with intense interest and longing.

Katherine then said to Kim as a way of explanation, "We haven't really talked about it with each other much, but I think it's safe to say that both Alan and I have fantasies about fucking our very fuckable mother."

That statement came as quite a surprise to Alan. Whoa! I had no idea Sis feels that way towards Mom! But now that I think about it, why should I be surprised? For one, Sis appears to be getting into other women, and for two, Mom is such perfect centerfold material that any female with any bisexual or lesbian tendencies whatsoever would lust after her. Hell, statues would lust after her!

He didn't let the surprise distract him for too long, however, and continued to slowly push his meat into Katherine from behind.

"Now there's a fantasy I can get into," said Kim as she absent-mindedly grabbed one of her own nipples and gently twisted it. "I've seen her at some school functions. I don't think anyone's ever failed to notice her. How can they? She's like a giantess. She must be six feet tall, and she's perfectly built. She's so stacked! With the way she looks, it seems bizarre that she's just a housewife. I'm surprised she hasn't been kidnapped by a rich Arab sheik or something, to add to his collection."

He naughtily suggested as he ran a hand over his sister's left breast, "Well, if the Arab sheik isn't going to do it, maybe the three of us should kidnap her and make her OUR sex slave." Thinking about his mother made him think about tits, so he played with Katherine's.

Katherine added with a devilish smile, "Imagine her all tied up and yelling, 'Help me! Help me get fucked by your big cock, Son!'" She bucked up against his thrusting hips and added, "Just like you're doing to me now, Big ICBM Brother."


"Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile." She giggled as she suggested, "Or maybe Inter-cunt-inental Ball-slapping Muffin-stuffer. I'm not sure."

He laughed. "But you know, about Mom, it's like you read my mind." He thrust himself forcefully into his sister's cunt some more. "How did you know I've been having fantasies about her?"

"Bro, sometimes you're so thick, and I'm not talking about your dick for once. If you weren't having fantasies about her until recently, then that made you the only one in town. It's like we've got Jayne Mansfield for our mom." She wanted to tease him about how their mother was helping him, but she decided to wait until she knew Kim better before mentioning that in front of her.

"I guess I'm a bit slow at times, Sis," he huffed and puffed. "Hey, why'd you pick Jayne Mansfield of all people?"

"I was trying to think of a famous actress with really, really big tits. With a few exceptions, you kind of have to go back to another era to find the really full-bodied ones." She reached up and tweaked one of her own nipples. A shiver went down her spine, which caused her body to shudder and made her pussy throb even as he continued to plow her slowly and deeply.

"Oh. Good point. Anyway, of course I'd never do anything with her, since she's too prudish, but imagine her coming to pick us up one day and finding the three of us in a three-way. And then instead of getting mad, she rips off her clothes and joins in! I could imagine that actually happening!"

Then he remembered that Kim was listening, so he felt obliged to belatedly add, "Of course these are just fantasies. I would never really think of actually doing anything..."

Kim interrupted, "You two are getting me so hot again! How about we trade moms? Mine's a dear, but she's really let her body go to pot. Anyway, do you mind if I watch this time? I mean, since I kinda am already."

"Sweet Little Sis, do you mind?" he asked. "It's fine with me."

"No prob, Big Hunky Brother. Pull up a chair, Kim, and imagine him pounding into you on Monday."

Kim smiled broadly at Alan. "I think you just might convert me from being a lesbian. But then Katherine is bound to convert me back all over again."

All three fucked and fingered each other and themselves for what seemed like an endless amount of time.

Alan was worked up to his fourth ejaculation of the afternoon. It seemed like he could stay hard forever as he lazily fucked his sister on the bed. The powerful scent of sex in the air grew even thicker with each passing moment.

Kim, nude, fondling her own breasts to bring herself to orgasm

Kim sat in her chair and worked on her own orgasms. Or at least she tried to sit in her chair. Sometimes she would get so excited that she'd stand up and be practically over them next to the bed while she masturbated herself furiously.

He was half-convinced that Kim would end up in bed with them in a matter of minutes, which prospect didn't bother him at all.

However, she restrained herself. She knew that Alan was too nice to turn her away if she wanted to join them, but also that this needed to mainly be Alan's and Katherine's special time with each other.

Kim grew more vocal as their play continued, acting more and more like the cheerleader that she was. "Come on, Alan! Fuck your sister's pussy!" she cried while she frigged herself. "Show her how good you are, what a good brother you are. Slip it in and fuck her hard! Fuck her deep! Take your big bone and ram it into her. Plant your cock in her cunt!"

"That's what I'm doing, already!" Alan cried out in amused frustration. He and his sister had moved back into the doggy-style position so that he could hammer into her more aggressively.

"Well, keep doing it!" Kim yelled back. "Give her the fucking of her life! Fuck her tight, steamy twat with your monster boner! Stick that bone! You're her brother; fuck her like you mean it!"

Kim liked to point out every few sentences how the two of them were brother and sister, as if they didn't know that fact already. But that encouragement helped keep everyone steamy hot.

At one point, Alan's energy flagged, and he had to take a breather.

Kim, though, was ready to help. "Hey, I am a cheerleader after all. I think you two could use some inspiration." She disappeared for a minute and then came back with her pom-poms. Still naked, she started jumping around, shaking the pom-poms. She made up an improvised cheer:

"Fuck her hard
Fuck her deep
Make her cum
And make her weep!"

Alan and Katherine burst into laughter. Katherine in particular got the "sillies" - she just couldn't stop laughing. Kim's presence was most definitely appreciated.

The whole time Kim had been in the next room, she'd been imagining that it was her instead of Katherine getting fucked. She continued to think along those lines: Katherine is so fucking lucky! Imagine having Alan as a brother! And then Susan as a mother! Fuck! Insane! I never knew I could get off this much on incest until these two came along. Hell, I never seriously even thought about sex with a guy. Now I'm soooo jealous. I honestly want him to fuck me. Fuuuuuccckkk! Oh God! Fuck each other! Ah! Yeah! Fuck me!

Katherine began to have little orgasms, until finally they all merged into one massive orgasm. Just as she began to wildly buck under Alan, he shot his hot seed deep into her vagina.

Kim, too, came with them and staggered back into her chair.

Eventually they all shook themselves out of their reverie.

Kim looked around until her eyes fell on the clock. "It's been more than thirty minutes!" she yelled in sudden agitation. "We're running late. And how am I going to get these sheets cleaned up in time? I wasn't expecting a lake of cum. Shit! I guess I'll have to start the washing machine right now."

"Should we shower together?" Katherine asked her brother in a sexy voice. They dripped with sweat and cum.

He replied, "That would be nice, but I'm totally spent. I don't think I'd be any fun. I have no idea how I'm going to get it up for Nurse Akami tomorrow."

"What's that all about?" asked Kim, very curiously.

Alan realized he shouldn't have said that, and answered vaguely, "That's a secret we'll probably tell you later. We'll have to decide that. It's the story about how this sexual stuff all began. In any case, we don't have any time for stories now. Sis, why don't you and Kim take a shower together? You women can keep going long after us guys are all worn out."

"I don't know about that," said Katherine. She got up, but she obviously had trouble just standing, so she leaned against the wall. "You fucked me so hard, I don't know if I can walk. Kim, you'll just have to help me tend my wounds in the shower."

"With pleasure!" She threw her pom-poms over her shoulder, glad to forget them when faced with such a tasty proposition. She wondered what it would be like to suck Alan's cum out of Katherine's cunt, if there was enough left.

The showers were quick, since Alan and Katherine were exhausted, sore, and in a hurry.

Kim did help "tend Katherine's wounds" though, and it did turn out there was some cum left to suck out. She was happy to do it.

Everyone got dressed.

Alan and Katherine both spent many minutes kissing Kim goodbye one after the other, just inside her front door. The three of them eventually moved into a group hug and grope.

Private parts began to get uncovered again as the kissing and fondling intensified. But Kim finally said, "My mom is going to be here any minute. Let's save something for next time."

The two Plummer siblings finally and reluctantly disengaged after they had thanked Kim profusely for the use of her house and for her great hospitality.

Alan literally had to hold Katherine up as she walked to the car, she was so wobbly and her crotch was so sore from her first fucking.

As Alan took the wheel of the car, he asked his sister very seriously, "Any regrets?"

She replied without hesitation, "No. None. That was a dream come true. Fuck social convention. Together you and I can overcome anything. What about you?"

"I feel the same. No regrets. I feel like I should be feeling way guilty, but how could anything that feels that good be bad? That was awesome. Thank you, Sis. Thanks for encouraging this... We're a team. We'll stick together and deal with whatever may come."

They held hands and connected deeply as they stared into each other's eyes. It was the most romantic moment either of them had ever experienced.

He said, "I know I said this earlier, but I love you so very, very much!"

She replied, "I know."

He laughed, because he knew that was a reference to a famous line Han Solo told Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. The fact that they knew each other so well that she knew that he'd catch the reference and really appreciate it just made the sexual intimacy between them that much more satisfying.

Katherine thought, My fuck toy fantasy is a total rush, but this is even better! What I wouldn't give to be his wife and share moments like this forever and ever. It almost makes me sad that the one thing I most want I'll never get. But this is no day for sadness.

And so the most mind-blowing sexual experience that either Katherine or Alan had had in their short lives came to an end.


By the time Alan and Katherine got home, it was already past six.

Dinner would be ready in less than an hour, but Alan went back to his room and immediately fell fast asleep. He'd never imagined a person could feel so utterly exhausted.

Katherine did the same. She tried to walk around as little as possible, and when she did it looked like she'd just been in the saddle all day, which wasn't too far off, metaphorically speaking.

They tried to rouse themselves for dinner, but with only partial success. They were forced to make up stories about their fake club's first meeting to answer their parents' questions.

Alan was careful to continue acting tortured by his stimulation obligations in front of his mother. It was easy to do, since he was already in a sort of agony from sexual exhaustion after the fucking marathon.

After dinner, Susan took a shower. While switching tampons, she noticed there was hardly any blood there, signaling the end of her period. She therefore decided to just go with the regular menstrual bandage in her panties for the night, and see if there was any more spotting in the morning.

She was about to put some clothes on when she heard Alan come up the stairs. Still struggling within, she decided to just quickly wrap the towel back around her and go talk to him. She figured that would be okay since she was still wearing panties. She wanted to check how he was doing, since Suzanne's comments had her worried.

As Alan walked up the stairs, she met him at the top and asked if she could have a moment alone with him.

Ron watched TV in the living room downstairs, totally unaware of the other things going on in his house.

Susan wrapped in a towel

Alan couldn't help but notice that Susan was wearing only a towel. It had occurred to him that in recent days she seemed to frequently come and go from taking a shower. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what this was about: that allowed her to wear next to nothing to titillate him, but at the same time her husband wouldn't think anything was amiss in the extremely unlikely chance that he could be torn from the TV.

Plus, there was the danger that the towel could fall off altogether. Thoughts of that were more than enough to give him an instant boner. The fact that she was slightly blushing proved that she knew she was doing something "naughty," and that just aroused him even more.

She could even partially drop or readjust the towel, but so far she hadn't done that. She was still afraid to take things back to how they had been before Ron arrived.

As they walked along the upstairs hallway, she asked Alan in deliberately vague terms, "Tiger, how are things going with your problem?"

He put on another extremely pained expression, and replied, "I'm hanging in there, but it's hard. So hard." He deliberately used the word "hard" instead of something like "difficult," and really emphasized it to help ensure she would visually imagine his engorged dick.

Her eyes opened wide, so he knew his little verbal trick had worked. It helped that she didn't have to expend much mental effort to imagine his hardness: his erection strained the fabric of his shorts, fighting to get out.

They reached Alan's room and went inside. "Hang in there," she said reassuringly. "It's just another week." That was a vague reference to when Ron would finally fly back to Asia. Her voice sounded bland, but her eyes were glued to his crotch. She thought, Oh my. Just look at that thing! If he adjusts his shorts, maybe it'll poke right out the bottom. Do it, Tiger! Let me see all of you!

"I know, Mom, I know. Seven days. I can't last that long!"

Susan patted his head reassuringly. She said calmly, "Don't worry. It'll be all right."

But her thoughts weren't calm at all. It would be even better if I let this towel drop. Then Tiger would see me in the buff, and his thing would burst right through his shorts! I'd be forced to suck it off before Ron saw how obscenely his woody stood out. Isn't that the kind of help I'm supposed to give?

He said with heartfelt love, "Thanks, Mom. Your support gives me strength."

Saliva was building up in her mouth in anticipation of cocksucking. "Son, you can do it. Be strong." Be firm too. Firm, strong, and thick! Maybe if I let this towel fall, that could help you. Or you could really be a man, and yank it off. You know you want to! The door is closed, so don't be so shy.

Her hand drifted to where the towel was tucked in over her huge rack. She thought, If only Ron wasn't home, I'd drop it for sure... No, I can't think that. Lord, give me strength!

"Mom, you're the best. I love you."

"I love you, too," she answered, with a benign smile. But her inner voice was practically screaming, and it was all she could do not to gawk openly at his crotch. Her hand nervously grabbed the towel and she felt a nearly overwhelming desire to pull it open. If you love me so much, Tiger, rip this towel off! Take it off and ravage me! I don't care if my husband IS downstairs! Show me your love and take me! Do me right here!

Suddenly, she turned around and rushed out of the room. She fell onto her bed in her own room and sobbed quietly. Her mind was filled with visions of burning in hell. She cursed herself for her lack of control. That was too close! What's wrong with me?! I very nearly let my towel slip. I need to have my head examined! Lord, please forgive me, but my body is just too horny lately; I can't control it!

Alan was unaware of his mother's inner torment, because on the outside she'd acted the same as she'd been doing recently when she was titillating him. The only difference was a slightly trembling lip and a hand which clutched her towel far too tightly.

He felt a twinge of guilt for lying to her after just having had sex with his sister, but not nearly as much as he thought he should feel. As he headed towards the living room to watch TV with his father, he thought, How could Mom really criticize me or blame me for doing anything with Sis, when she herself has sucked my cock so enthusiastically? Why should I feel guilty?

Shortly afterwards, Susan and Ron left for some social function with Suzanne and her husband Eric.

Alan and Katherine were left alone, but both were happy to just vegetate, especially since they had their own rule about fucking only at Kim's house so they wouldn't get caught. They were both so emotionally and physically spent that neither had any hope of doing any studying that evening, even though Alan had a big test the next day.


Neither sibling was close to ready for more sexual play when Amy came over about an hour later.

"Hey Alan, hey Kat," Amy said to them as they lay flopped down in the living room, watching TV. "It's just the three of us at home, right?"

"Right," said Alan. He thought, Uh-oh, here comes something else.

"Goody. I'm still hoping you'll give me that homework help, but I'm also really worried about my pussy: it's overdue for another shaving. Can you guys please help me out? Pleeeasse?!"

Amy in a bi-color bikini top, dark on the left and white on the right, loose enough to show her nipples, and unbuttoned short shorts

Alan turned around and finally took a look at Amy. He was incredibly turned on by what she wore. Once she'd walked in and confirmed that the Plummer parents were gone, she'd taken off her T-shirt and unbuttoned her cut-off shorts. All she had under the shirt was an oversized top that was dark blue on one side and white on the other.

Alan realized that Amy had started showing herself off deliberately. Her top had been sexy enough the last time she'd worn it, but now she'd arranged it so that both her nipples occasionally came partly into view as she walked towards him. He wondered if she'd stretched the material or something, to make the top hang even more loosely.

Her shorts were slung so low that he was amazed that they somehow managed to stay on her at all. With her shorts unbuttoned, nearly all of her pubic hair would have been exposed to prying eyes if she'd not been bare down there.

Unfortunately for both of them, he was completely exhausted. He thought, Why does Aims have to dress like this just after I've been fucked nearly to death? Bummer. It's such a shame to not fully appreciate her sexiness.

"Oh God, can you handle this, Sis? I don't think I can even get up out of this sofa, much less get up in other ways." Yet even as he said this, he felt twitches of life in his penis, thanks to Amy's luscious teen body that she was displaying so temptingly in her deliberately slutty clothing.

His sister replied, "Talk about being unable to walk - look at me! And do you remember what happened to me in cheerleading practice, on top of that? I'm even more wiped out than you are!"

"Yeah, wasn't cheerleading practice fun?" said an energetic Amy enthusiastically. "You want to work some more on the leakage problem?"

"Ugggghh!" both siblings sighed.

Amy looked puzzled.

"I'll take it," said Alan finally. "I won't enjoy it, much, but I gotta build up my stamina. It's all part of building up my energy, I guess."

But he continued to lie there, as if he were waiting for his body's energy to recharge some more first. He commented lightheartedly, "Boy, Aims, looks like you're really having some trouble keeping your clothes on these days."

"Oh goody!" she squealed. "You noticed! I love dressing up all sexily like this. It's almost as much fun as being naked. Aren't clothes just the biggest bother?"

That roused him a bit. Partly to stall having to move, he asked Amy, "You're really fine with nakedness, aren't you?"

"Gosh yeah! Totally! What's the point of clothes, anyway? Don't you think they're kind of silly? Like guys wearing ties. That's just silly! Okay, if it's cold, clothes are good, I guess. But on a nice warm day, why get all covered up? I would have walked over from next door without any clothes at all except for everyone getting so upset when I do something like that. Mom and Dad never let me be naked, like, EVER! And you should see Brad's face if he finds me watching TV without any clothes on, which happens sometimes."

"I'll bet," Alan commented. He could well imagine Brad's consternation.

Amy continued, "Wouldn't it be great if everyone was naked all day long? Except for the really ugly people." She giggled. "But imagine if everyone was beautiful, and we were all naked, and it was sunny and green and we all lived in nature. Wouldn't that be, like, the super bestest of all? Kind of like Adam and Eve."

Katherine pointed out, with a bit of a leading question, "But if everyone is naked and good looking, then don't you think all the people would get lusty and start having sex all the time?"

Amy grabbed one of her boobs and clutched it idly as she thought. She appeared to contemplate taking her top off. But then she answered, "Yeah, but would that be a problem? I mean, isn't that how it was in the Bible? Weren't Adam and Eve, like, doing it to each other all over Eden? And when they had kids, weren't they doing it with their parents and each other? Sisters rutting with brothers and sons doing it with their mothers? Otherwise, who populated the Earth? I thought that was the utopia we all want to go back to."

Alan immediately had visions of himself fucking his sister. They were incredibly vivid images, from just a short time earlier. He momentarily wondered if Amy knew more than she let on about what they'd done, because she was talking about sibling sex for the first time ever. It wasn't exactly common to casually mention incest, and in an approving way. But then he concluded that Amy just wasn't clever enough for that kind of verbal subtlety.

Then he had images of himself, Amy, Katherine, Susan, and Suzanne running around Amy's perfect Garden of Eden. He would find them bent over some big rocks and take them from behind, over and over. Wherever they wandered in the garden, he would grab one of them and fuck the living shit out of them, and every time he did, Amy would just smile blissfully and say, "Wow!"

That roused him enough to motivate him to stand up. He went with Amy to the bathroom. He felt glad to realize that Amy wouldn't hate him and Katherine if she found out what they were doing to each other. He'd always suspected she would be loving and understanding about almost anything, but it was still good to get reassurance.

"Did I come at a bad time?" Amy asked, closing the bathroom door behind them and shedding her clothes with her usual boundless enthusiasm. "Both of you seem all poopy."

"Kind of," he said, "but that's okay. We're happy to help you out, anytime."

He was so exhausted he didn't even bother to take off his clothes.

"No, you seem really tired," said a visibly worried Amy. "Are you sure you want to do this? We can do it tomorrow instead."

"No, well actually..." A naughty thought went through his bleary brain. "The truth is, I have a problem. Can you keep another secret? A super secret?"

"Of course," she said, happy to be gaining his trust. "Haven't I been good with secrets?"

"Yes, I guess you have. Anyway, the problem is with my dick. You see, my dick is all tired out. And when my dick is tired, that means I'm tired, too."

"Oh gosh! That sounds horrible!" she gushed. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Well, actually there is. If you could get my dick excited again, then I could get a new rush of energy and I would have no trouble shaving your pussy."

"Oh goody! I'd love to help! And it would only be fair, since you've been helping me so much. But... everybody tells me that penises are bad. Especially penises and pussies put together. Like what almost happened with me and Jack Johnson last year. Aren't those thingies bad? My parents told me never to touch one."

"No, don't be silly! A penis isn't bad. Weren't we telling you the other day about all the wonderful things a penis can do, like how it can cure the hiccups and all that? It's just that certain men are bad, and they do bad things with their penises. So your parents gave you a blanket warning to make sure you'd be safe. It's like when your parents told you not to talk to strangers when you were a kid. It's not like all strangers are bad, but your parents didn't know if you could tell the good ones from the bad ones."

"Oh, I get it. Well, I trust you completely. If you say so, then I'm sure it's fine. So what do you want me to do?"

"Do you mind if I take it out?" he asked, while his hands hovered at the band of his shorts.

"No, of course not. I wanna see it!"

He removed his shorts and underwear, then sat sideways on the edge of the tub and leaned against the adjacent wall. He didn't feel that embarrassed to have Amy see his privates, since he'd posed for her artistic sketches many times. Even though he'd at least been wearing tight briefs or bathing suits every time, those hadn't left much to the imagination. She'd even gotten him to pose in Speedos a few times.

His flaccid penis hung limply between his legs, as Amy could clearly see. Even her naked body and all their talking weren't enough to bring it back to life.

"Oh no!" she said with a frown. "It looks sad. Not at all like the ones I've seen in my anatomy books and stuff, and not like how it always looked when you were posing for me."

"Yes, very sad," he agreed. "If you could rub it with your fingers maybe you could invigorate it and make it happy again. Then it would stick out proudly like a flagpole."

"I don't know... Are you sure this is okay? I've never really touched a guy's thingy before, except when I was trying to push Jack away."

"Aims, let me tell you another secret. Do you remember a while back when you walked in on us watching TV, and you saw your mother sitting with her pussy wide open and pointed so I could see it?"

"Sure. That's when you first let me in on a secret."

"Well, the reason she was showing me her pussy was because she also knows about how my dick, my thingy, is usually sad. She was trying to excite me to help it get back to life. She touches and rubs it a lot to help, and even Sis and Mom do sometimes."

"Oh really? That's cool. You've been getting them to help you and you've never asked for my help? I'm hurt." She scrunched up her face in a pout. "I'm happy to help in any way. What do I have to do?"

He loved how easily accepting she was of anything. "Like I said, if you could start rubbing it."

She took his dick in her hands. It had already begun to show the first signs of revival, even before she touched it.

"Gosh, it feels weird. Kind of like a limp vegetable or something."

"Yeah, it's kind of like that now. Just rub it gently with your hands some and you'll see it grow and get better."

Amy began rubbing it.

"That's good," he said. He noticed that she seemed to have a natural knack for stimulating his penis, because from the very start her touch felt great. But to help her improve, he gave her advice on the best spots to rub and told her to focus on the sensitive spot just under the head.

M: A topless Amy exploring Alan's rampant erection while he appears to be lying down

His dick quickly grew to full size in her hands. He found himself thinking, I vaguely remember concluding that I shouldn't let Aims touch my dick. But I'm soooo exhausted, I can't even remember what that was about. Oh yeah - Aunt Suzy probably wouldn't like it. But hell, it's too late to stop now! Besides, things have changed in the last few days. It's becoming clearer and clearer to me that things are getting more sexed up all the time, and it's inevitable Aims is gonna get involved. Aunt Suzy may end up yanking her hair in frustration, and I certainly don't want her to know just yet, but she will understand before too long that this is how things have to be, I'm sure.

I mean, Aims comes and goes from this house like she lives here more than in her own, and she hangs out with me and especially with Sis all the time. How could she not get involved?

Distracting him from his thoughts, she asked, "Is that as big as it gets?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Gosh, it's so big! Bigger than the ones I've seen in pictures and stuff."

"It gets to be almost eight inches, which they say is pretty good, but it won't stay that way for long today. It's soooo tired. I think we need something else. You know, boys have some favorite body parts. They love pussies, butts and boobies."

"I know that, silly! Guys are always trying to touch my butt and my boobies, but my friends and parents say I'm not allowed to touch them back!"

"Well, generally that's a very good rule. But with me it's different, like I explained before. Maybe if I played with your boobies, it would help my dick grow a little bit more."

He reached out and began to fondle her lovely boobs. They weren't gigantic like his mother's or her mother's, but were still damn big, and perfectly shaped for their size. They rode high on her chest and stuck out proudly, even when she wasn't deliberately thrusting them forward.

"Oh, look!" she said excitedly. "I think your thingy is growing even more! It's swelling in my hand. I'm so glad I could help. And it feels good to help, too. Especially when you touch my nipples like that."

He was already fully erect, but he didn't want to diminish her enthusiasm. Certainly he grew hornier with each passing minute, more because of the way that she was showing herself to be submissive to his every desire than the actual physical contact between them.

"Mmmm. Yeah," she cooed as he put more vigor into exploring her chest. "Feels so good. You can touch my boobies any time you want. You don't even have to ask; just grab 'em. Don't worry if I'm wearing any clothes; just take 'em off if you want to."

G: Alan groping Amy's large, naked breasts

He thought about that. Man, life is good! Her boobs are so big and soft, too! What luck to have a next-door neighbor like her. How is it everything's falling my way all of a sudden? I wonder if Aunt Suzy put her up to this? Nah, she's really protective of her.

As she returned her attention to his dick, she asked, "Now what? Do I keep rubbing it?"

"Yes, you should keep rubbing or else it may go down again." In actual fact, he realized that his dishonest story had come true: Dang! My energy level IS reviving. Maybe I shouldn't doubt that diagnosis after all.

As she continued to rub, he began to feel that he had the energy to give Amy a good, solid fuck. He figured, If I asked her to fuck, she'd probably just say, "M'kay!" Only hours ago I was a virgin, and now I could fuck a second girl on the very same day as my sister! How amazing is that?

But it seems the conditions aren't right. For one thing, no doubt I'd catch hell from both Mom and Aunt Suzy. Especially Aunt Suzy. Just getting her to let Aims help me with her hands and stuff is gonna be a big, big step. Plus, I don't think my dick could handle anything more today. At the very least, I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I should. If I do it with Aims, I should make it a special experience for each of us, just like it was with Sis.

He was drawing dangerously close to a climax. "That's good, Aims; you can stop now." He pulled his hands away from her chest.

"Are you sure?" she asked, still rubbing. "I really don't mind rubbing at all, and I think what you've been doing with your hands is great."

"No, really, take your hands off NOW, please!"

"M'kay," and she did so, feeling slightly hurt. "Geez."

He explained, "Sorry for getting anxious there. It's just that, well, we really have to hurry things up so we can shave your pussy before everyone gets back home."

"That's okay; I'm kind of new at this. I'm sure to screw things up. But that was fun! If you want to rub my boobies, or have me rub your thingy anytime, just let me know!"

"I'll do that." He thought, Jesus, she's like a completely pliable sex object! She'll do anything I say and not even wonder why. Sis has all this bold talk about being a fuck toy, but Aims is acting like the real deal. Such a turn-on!

He said, "All right, let's get to your shaving. Today we have to hurry. Some other day we can do a more thorough job."

He stood up and got the shaving cream and razor. His dick continued to stand happily at attention.

"Your thingy looks funny bouncing around while you walk," she giggled.

Alan was too tired to think of a response. "Hold still, and close your eyes," was all he could say. He covered her pussy with shaving cream and began to shave it. Then he remembered the whole "checking for bumps" story. He felt obligated to follow through with that.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to check for bumps again."

"Mind? I just loooooove it when you check for bumps," mumbled Amy out of the corners of her mouth in an attempt not to even move her lips.

He could barely understand her words because she had apparently taken his command not to move very literally. He thrust his fingers in an out of her tight twat, giving her a vigorous fingerfuck without any pretense of "checking for bumps" on the interior walls of her vagina.

M: Alan fingering Amy's bare twat until she 'leaks'

Then he finished shaving her as fast as any professional barber would have, especially since it wasn't a big job like the first time had been, when she'd had a full bush. "Aims, you can open your eyes now and you don't have to worry about sitting still anymore."

The shaving duty over, he continued to "check for bumps" for many more long minutes. Meanwhile, they talked.

"Gosh, I just totally love it when you check for bumps," she said again. "It reminds me a lot of something that happened to me earlier today."

"You mean with you, Kat and Heather at cheerleading practice?"

"You know about that?" said a very surprised Amy. "I thought that was supposed to be a special secret."

"It is, but anything that Sis knows I'm likely to know, and vice versa. Like I'll tell her later how you helped me out just now. And her secrets are always safe with me, so no worries."

"Oh. M'kay."

"Actually, checking for bumps is a lot like masturbating. Sorry to hear about your 'leaking fluids' problem, but Sis and I will be glad to help you figure that out later, on some other day."

"Really? Wow! You two are the best. Always helping me out!"

"That's what friends are for." A thought occurred to him: in the book reading he'd done recently to become a better lover, he'd learned about a woman's G-spot and how to find it. He decided to put the knowledge to use. So he said, "You know, Aims, there's one area in particular where a lot of bumps accumulate. Let me check there."

He searched the inner wall above her slit, and found a rougher area easily enough. He focused his attentions there.

After a few seconds, Amy said with a scrunched-up face, "Oh no, I think I have to go pee! But I don't want you to stop."

"Just fight that feeling; I think it'll pass. It's just that I think I've found one of those elusive bumps." He kept rubbing, and from the changing look on her face, knew he was onto something. Her G-spot slowly engorged until there was no doubt it was quite a big "bump."

"You feel that? What my fingers are going over? That's one of the bumps I've been warning you about. Now you can see why shaving is so dangerous and why we have to help you so much."

"Are you saying these are supposed to be bad? But it feels so good when you touch them! Please don't stop! I love my bumps!" She trembled and shook from another orgasm.

He waited until she came down from her orgasmic high. Then he said, "We can talk more about these bumps later. Now that we've found one, we'll have to redouble our efforts to find the others. But we really should stop here. I'm getting tired again." He pulled his fingers out of her slit.

She was very disappointed by that. "Oh no! Here, play with my boobies some more, and let me hold your thingy."

"I appreciate the thought, but I really have got to get going. Remember that this is all another super secret. And don't let anyone else touch you like we've been doing, unless one of us says so. You can't trust anyone else, and you don't want to have what almost happened with Jack Johnson happen again."

"Dear me, no. You two are the bestest pals! You guys would never take advantage of me. I don't trust anybody else. You're, like, super trusty."

Alan pulled up his shorts while watching Amy put her clothes back on. "Why don't you go find Sis and tell her everything we've just done. She'd like to know how it's going with the shaving of your pussy, and, like I said, we don't keep secrets between us. I'm so tired I think I'm just gonna go lie down in my room."


Alan lay down on his bed and began to drift off to sleep, even though he knew it was still before nine o'clock. He was just that tired.

He stirred when he heard his sister enter his room. "Someone has been a very naughty boy," he heard her say to him. He opened his eyes and saw her completely dressed, so that she would be presentable when their parents returned.

"Headline: Pot Calls Kettle Black," he tried to joke. He asked of Amy, "Is she gone?"

"Of course." She grabbed a pillow and lay down on the floor near his bed.

"You know," he pointed out, "between you and me, her supposed protectors, we're doing a pretty lousy job of protecting her. In fact, it seems like we're slowly turning her into a sex addict."

Katherine didn't seem perturbed about it. "Ah well, what can you do?"

"Very funny," he said. "You know I feel pretty bad about playing with her like that, but I feel even more turned on. She's just so damn fuckable! Talk about a fuck toy! She's so ready and willing. You know, I think that if I told her that my prick was a paintbrush and I needed to use it to draw a painting on the inside of her vagina, she'd probably believe it!"

They both laughed. But on another level, they both felt guilty as well. After all, they'd practically been siblings to Amy ever since they could remember, and they loved her dearly. But they couldn't resist having fun with her sexually. If she resisted, as she had earlier that day when Heather was involved, it was a very different matter, but with just the two of them she always seemed so eager.

"Yeah, I agree," Katherine nodded. "But keep in mind, buster, who your number one fuck toy is! No need to go all the way to Amy next door when my bedroom is only ten feet away."

"Don't worry. She can't compete with you, 'cos you're my sister and my best friend and I love you. But admit it: you want her too. You're gonna turn into a total lesbian if you don't watch out!" he chided playfully.

"Bah! When I could have your cock instead? No thanks, Big Penis-pistol-packing Brother. A pussy is just something to bide my time with, since you seem to be so busy with so many women. I gotta admit, I'm jealous of Aunt Suzy and Mom, not to mention your appointment with Akami tomorrow. I'll bet the clothes will be flying off pretty fast there!"

He replied honestly, "I bet you're right about that. And I'm totally into you, Sis. We're brother and sister and that'll never change, and I hope us being physical and fucking our brains out will never change, too. But you have to admit our two favorite moms are pretty incredible. I mean, now that you're doing it with girls, wouldn't you do either of them, or both, in a heartbeat? You have to figure I would as well."

She felt jealous, but tried to suppress it. "Yeah, okay, they're pretty fuckable. They're like porn stars or centerfolds. But that's the problem. I figure I can't compete with that. Their pretty faces, wide hips, long, muscular legs... And of course, each of their boobs could be an entire Macy's parade float, for crying out loud. How can I compete?"

He knew Katherine had self-confidence issues, and he tried to boost her spirits with sincere compliments. "Don't worry: your boobs are plenty big enough to keep me happy. And you're still growing, not to mention what good shape you're in too. Sis, you're gorgeous! You're a total fox!"

"But how can I compete with the supersize-boob moms?"

"Listen to me. You're one of the most endowed girls in school. You're already bigger in the chest than Mom was when she was your age, she tells us. If you keep that up, you're going to need a forklift in front of you holding them up whenever you walk around!"

"You say the nicest things, Big Horse-hung Brother! Do you really think my boobs are nice? They feel kind of inadequate to me." Ignoring the danger posed by their parents' imminent return, she sat up and took her shirt off so he could have a good look at them.

Katherine, topless, showing her full breasts and her tan lines

Alan took a good, long, appreciative look. "Are you crazy, Sis? They're amazing. You sound like a multimillionaire who complains about being poor 'cos he's not a billionaire. Virtually any girl your age would kill for boobs like yours. And they make me very happy, so please don't keep putting yourself down. I keep saying you're completely gorgeous because I mean it! You have such a perfect body! I mean, geez, forget about your great tits for a second. What about your ass? Or your legs? Your legs really do go on forever. I must have been blind not to try to fuck you years ago."

He wasn't just saying that to make her feel better either; he honestly couldn't understand how she could have a complex about her boob size or worry about her looks in general since she truly looked fantastic. He added, "But could you please put your shirt back on? We're supposed to be on our best behavior at home, right?"

"I've just taken it off for a second so I can get your opinion of them. And if you put it that way, I guess I can stand to share you just a little. Sucks to be you, huh? You'll come home and think: 'Who should I get to service my dick this time, Sis, Mom, or Aunt Suzy?' How are you gonna deal with a situation like that?"

He quipped, "I don't want to offend. So I think it's best if all three of you service it at once."

"Ha ha. But... who knows? It might happen."

He thought, Sis, don't say that. You're gonna make me horny all over again! Instead of telling her that, he just kept quiet, hoping for a change of topic.

She asked, "But what about Aims? She makes me jealous too. She's young, attractive, big-boobed, and growing. AND I know you love her a lot. Her tits are bigger than mine, you know. And speaking of asses, she has a particularly fine ass, I'm sure you'll agree. It's big, but not at all flabby."

"Jealous? You mean when your fingers aren't deep inside her and you're not playing with each other? She's your closest friend, and has been all your life. She's like a sister to me too, so I love her also, but she'll never have the place in my heart that you have. You're, like, my very best friend, much more so than even Sean or Peter! I can relate to the three of you, but I don't really connect with her mentally like with you three."

She was touched, and also greatly reassured. She'd assumed that Amy wasn't a serious threat because she wasn't nearly as much of an intellectual as Alan, but even so she was really glad when Alan confirmed that assumption.

He continued, "Boobs and asses and their sizes aren't everything, either. You know you're more toned and fit than she is, for one thing. She's kind of soft and squeezable, and you're more hard-bodied. Also, I'll need a girlfriend for school eventually, if only for dances and social events. What are people going to say: 'There goes Alan, the guy who never dated a girl in high school, and never dated a girl in his life?' But I only want to have a girlfriend who understands about you and me, and is willing to participate with us, even. I'm beginning to think Aims would fit the bill."

"I could live with that, on the outside," said Katherine. "As long as you treat me like your girlfriend at home. And we all know what your number one boyfriend responsibility is." She reached out to grab his dick.

He intercepted her hand and kept her at bay. He just didn't have the energy, plus there was the danger factor.

"Okay, fine. I'm tired too. But it's your job to keep me filled with that." She pondered the idea of Alan making Amy his official girlfriend. She could see the logic in it, but she didn't like it, and her facial expression soured as she continued to think about it.

An idea hit her. "Hey, what if you make Aims AND me your TWO official girlfriends? Wouldn't that be better?"

"Hell, yeah! That would be awesome! But let's get real. Everyone would kill me for incest with my sister, and then they'd kill me a second time for scooping up two of the foxiest girls in school. You want to see people kicking my corpse?"

She stared off into space wistfully. "Come on! It wouldn't be that bad. But can't we just... pretend? I don't mind sharing you with her, because she's my closest girl friend, and she's just, ya know... Amy. Wouldn't it be great, in a better world, if we could be a threesome?"

A big smile crossed his face as he considered that. "Yeah. Wow. Imagine if I took both of you to one of those fancy parties all the cool people go to. I'd leave the house and then turn around and come back to pick both of you up. You'd look so super sexy... Everyone would be amazed. But hey, I don't care what they think. Why even go to a party? The three of us could have so much fun up in my room all night long!"

Kat in a red silken bra and skirt, the latter pulled up to show her pussy, kneeling in red heels, while Amy is behind her in a silver bra and thong, also kneeling while wearing mid-thigh silver boots

Katherine laughed. "Now you're talking!" She had her own related fantasy of dressing up for a fancy party in extremely revealing and sexy clothes, with Amy doing the same. But then she realized that she wouldn't want others to see her like that, even in a fantasy, so she latched onto the idea of having fun up in Alan's room instead.

Then she changed topics. "Getting back to reality, what about Kim? Why don't you make her your girlfriend?"

He replied, "She may get her jollies with me; we'll see if that happens. But let's face it: at heart she prefers women. Besides, she's not really my type; she's too young and immature."

"Physically immature," she clarified for him. "I know what kind your type is: the kind with tits so big that they fall over forward whenever they try to walk. Like two certain mothers I could name."

He nodded grudgingly. "All right, there's some truth to that. As if that makes me different from every other male in the universe. But don't worry." He got up and comforted her with a warm hug. "I seriously love you just as much as either of them. After all, you're my sister, and there's a real thrill in making love to my sister that only you can satisfy. Plus, by the time you've finished growing, Macy's will be calling you to see if you have two new entries for their parade. You're a knockout already, and you're still coming into your own. In thirty years I hope we'll still be fucking each other, while Aunt Suzy and Mom sadly will already be senior citizens."

"Thanks!" she said, somewhat relieved. "You're the best brother anyone could have. I don't know why I doubt my looks so much. No, actually, I do. I mean, I have a mom who looks like Mom, and that would be daunting for anybody. But so what? I know that I inspire YOU, and that's all I really care about. In any case, let's not go any further with Aims for a while, okay? I feel like I have enough competition in your fantasies, what, between Mom, Aunt Suzy, Aims, Akami, Kim, Ms. Rhymer..."

"Hey, whoa, I've never even touched Ms. Rhymer!"

"Yeah, that's the only one of the bunch you can say that about, I noticed! And you seem to have a way with women nowadays. I'm sure she'll fall like a domino, if you're after her." She mocked Ms. Rhymer's voice, asking pleadingly, "'Oh Alan, my young man, please let your teacher help you with your medical problem!'"

He laughed.

She went on in her normal voice, "And then there's Christine..."

"Hey, there's one you don't have to worry about. She's made it pretty clear that she's not interested and just wants to be friends."

"Hrm. So you say. Anyway, I've told you before that I don't mind you doing certain other women, as long as you don't forget me. Especially since I seem to get a share of the action with them too, from time to time."

They both laughed at that.

Katherine continued, "I don't know about Christine, though, since she really does seem to be the ice queen. But if I were Ms. Rhymer, I'd watch out. You've had the hots for your teacher for three years already, and a certain unassuming teacher's pet is turning into quite the pussy tamer." She sang the Van Halen song:

"You've got it bad,
got it bad,
got it bad,
you're hot for teacher."

He rolled his eyes, but was secretly pleased at the whole teacher-romance concept. That song was frequently in his mind lately.

She continued, "If she had any sense, she should have been having you pound her through a wall with that jackhammer cock of yours, instead of giving you blue balls all this time. She has her nose in books instead of up your crotch."

"Why don't you tell her that?" he suggested facetiously.

Still running with the idea, she added, "Instead of you being her teacher's pet, you should make your teacher your pet!"

He groaned in frustration. That idea really turned him on, and the fact that it was his sister suggesting it aroused him even more. He could feel his penis starting to engorge, if only a little. Yet he was so exhausted that he felt he was being cruel to his body by staying awake for even a few more minutes. He muttered, "Oh, man, you're killing me." Then his voice grew determined. "Sis, I'm really beat. You're still topless, and I'm sure Mom and Ron would love to hear their 'model kids' talking like this."

Katherine, naked, on her back

Alan again lay on his bed with Katherine now back on the floor near him. He looked over the edge of his bed to see if she'd put her shirt back on, but instead of putting it back on, she'd taken her shorts off as well.

"Sis!" he whined. "That's not what I call putting your shirt back on."

She smiled up at him naughtily. "I know, but my shorts were chafing me," she giggled.

"You and your chafing," he said with a sigh as he rolled back onto his pillow. "What am I going to do with you? You seem determined to get caught."

"I have a suggestion on what you can do with me, Big Studly Brother, but it's only going to make you more upset with me. You see, I have this hole that needs to be filled with a hot injection of thick man-meat."

"Sis! Not at home, remember?"

"I locked the door to your room, you know, and these walls are fairly soundproof. I'm not stupid."

"Nope," he said firmly, "you're certainly not. But I really have to put my foot down. And whatever happened to you being all tired and sore, anyway?"

"I'm sore. Soooo sore. But any time is the right time to fuck. I think the only cure for my sore cunt is some Big Thick Brother cock! It's like drinking some more alcohol to cure a hangover. Why not a little more sister-poking? When it comes to you, just imagine a little sign above my pussy that says: 'Open 24 hours a day.' Just like the corner Quickee Mart."

They both giggled.

"Hey, take a look at this!" Once she saw he was sitting up and looking, she added in an extra sultry voice, "You sure your cock doesn't want to make a quick pit stop in your sister's pussy?" Then she twirled around to face him, spread her legs, and opened her labia wide with her fingers. "Calling all cock! Calling all cocks! Mayday! Mayday! All hands on dick!"

He laughed, especially at the "all hands on dick" part, but he also gave her a look that said 'No.'

She sighed. "But if you insist on leaving me horny, can I at least take care of you?" She sat on the edge of his bed and cradled his boner in her hands. Despite his exhaustion, it had grown hard thanks to all the sexy talk.

"We can't even do that while Ron is home. What if one of them walked in? As much as I'd love it, believe me. But a rule is a rule."

"But the door is locked!"

"Yeah, but it's a slippery slope."

She kidded as she ran her fingers up and down it, "I'll agree that it's slippery. Definitely slippery most of the time. I'm not so sure about the slope part though. A little bit crooked, maybe, but not much."

He swatted her hand away, in a playful yet effective manner. "One of us has to retain at least a shred of sanity and restraint, Sexy Little Sister." He smiled as he decided that if she always called him big brother with an adjective thrown in, he could reciprocate a bit more.

She smiled too. "Okay, tough guy. I'll go then. You're just leaving me wanting you even more badly, Big, Long, Hard, Throbbing, Sister-stuffing Brother. But remember that I'm serious about what I said about sharing. I don't mind setting you up with one of the other cheerleaders, like Janice or Joy. Their personalities don't really fit with yours, so they don't worry me. But someone like Christine, someone you really love who could take you away from me, that REALLY worries me."

"Don't worry. As I keep telling you, Christine is just a friend now. And sure, I have a crush on Ms. Rhymer, but she's a teacher, so that obviously is just a fun daydream. In fact, there's no woman in the world who will take my sole attention now that I have so many wonderful women all helping me out. I would be a fool to accept any situation where I couldn't fuck you constantly, Moist Little Sister. That's one thing you don't have to worry about at all."

"That makes me feel so much better. I wish I could be your girlfriend in school too, but I realize that ain't gonna happen."

"Yeah, that would be cool," he said wistfully. "But you never know. College maybe? We're not actually genetically brother and sister, so as long as nobody knows us from high school..."

"All right, don't get my hopes up already. There are always problems. Like, what if you're at college and Ron asks you, 'So Alan, who's your new girlfriend?' What could you say? 'Uh, actually it's someone you know...' Ain't gonna happen. Anyway, I'm out of here already, Big, Pulsing, Pounding, and Oh-so-filling Brother."

Alan laughed. "Hey, if we get so into these naming games, we'll never finish our sentences. Not to mention, someone might overhear. What's more is that it hasn't even been one day since I rammed you, as you so poetically describe it. Have a little patience."

She huffed, but playfully. "Easy for you to say. That's like saying to a heroin addict, 'Hey, only 24 hours of cold turkey withdrawal. What's the big deal?' But I'm curious. How many times did you get off today?" She stood up and finally started putting her clothes back on.

"Let's see... One after midnight, then once this morning, once at lunch, four times with you this afternoon, and almost once with Aims. Now my dick is pleading for no more tonight. So, seven. I've done better. But in terms of quality vs. quantity, I don't think it'll ever be possible to beat today."

"Well now I've got something to aim for, don't I?" She winked. "Goodnight, sister-fucker. Thanks again for the great day!"

"Thank you, too! Goodnight, brother-fucker!" he said with deep contentment.

She kissed him goodnight on the lips for several minutes. She tried to make it lead to something more, even getting aggressive with her hands, but Alan and his sore penis wouldn't have it.

He barely had the will to push her away, so he pointed out, "You see what I mean about the slippery slope?" XX01

As she made to leave, she made the comment, "Too bad I have to go, but once you start fucking Mom, she and I can take turns sleeping in your bed! Or we could all sleep together. Wouldn't you like that, Big, Shove-your-huge-monster-sister-splitter-deep-into-me-and-then-make-me-suck-your-hard-cock-over-and-over-again-all-night-long Brother?"

He had no comment, but she could tell from his facial expression that he would like that very much. He looked cute blushing.

He was surprised again at how little his incestuous thoughts and deeds led him to feel guilty, at least most of the time.

Instead, he filled the void by saying, "Actually, Squeezy Little Sister, as much fun as we're having calling each other names, we're definitely getting carried away with that, and it's dangerous. So we can't do that, either. Not to mention, these names get me so hot that it really weakens my resolve. And it gives me too big a head."

"Awww. But don't worry, I'll give you head. Would you like me to give you big head?" She moved back towards his crotch.

"Sis! Please. I said, 'A big head.' Emphasis on the 'A.'"

She pretended to be dumb. "OooOOOoooh. My bad." She giggled, then winked, and finally slipped out the door.

Back in her room, she spent over an hour writing an entry in her diary that described her first fuck in extreme detail. She knew it was something she'd want to refer to in fond memory in the years to come.

XX01: Katherine standing in the doorway striking a sexy pose.


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