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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Surfer Girl
Day 40: Friday, October 25

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan was asleep within minutes, and got a good ten hours of rest that night.

He felt like a million bucks when his alarm woke him the next morning, and so did his dick. He looked back on his exciting experiences the day before, and then remembered bits of his dreams. Whoa! I actually had sex with Sis! Good God, it fucking lived up to the hype and then some! I can't wait to do that with her again and again and again!

V: Glory bent over, with a dripping cunt, while Alan holds his cock behind her, ready for penetration

But, now that I think about it, what's weird is that last night I had a pretty intense dream about fucking Ms. Rhymer. And now that I know what fucking is really like, that dream was so dang realistic and vivid! It was like I could feel the full pleasure of really pushing my dick inside her.

With all the great things going on at home with Mom and Sis and Aims and Aunt Suzy, why do I dream of Ms. Rhymer too? Am I that greedy? Aren't four total babes enough for anybody? I mean, true, I had other dreams about Sis and the others, but that one dream with Ms. Rhymer was, like, extra awesome.

Hmmm. I think maybe it's a reflection that things have been heating up in fourth period a LOT lately. Especially in the last few days. Yesterday was particularly weird, for crying out loud - my teacher was totally jilling herself with a Magic Marker while she was staring right at me! I swear she was! There's no other explanation. And then, when you consider how long I've been crushing on her, it seems like things are reaching some kind of peak with her or something.

What am I talking about here? She's my teacher! She'd never allow anything to happen. She'd get fired in a minute! But she keeps giving me this hungry look. Apparently I'm the same way. I can't wait to find out what'll happen with her today! No wonder I fucked her so damn hard and long in my awesome dream.

But if there's one thing I know, it's that I'm NEVER gonna try to put a move on her. That would be stupid. Maybe she has some feelings for me, but she's not the kind to ever allow anything to happen with a student. She'd slap me and get all hurt and angry, and that would kill our special friendship. No, I've got PLENTY of other things to be happy about, starting with a lot more sister fucking! He chuckled to himself.

After he went through his morning rituals, he got the book bag in which he had the black paint and brushes and secretly repainted his sister's crotch in the shower. The plan was to finish well in time for breakfast.

Katherine was surprisingly cooperative about it. Her worry about her parents catching them was great enough for her to stay quiet and not tease or tempt him, so they finished with time to spare.

When it was done and he was alone again, he thought, Man, I'm so glad the bathroom door has a lock. Especially since Ron knocked on the door to see if the bathroom was free; that was a close one!

No way am I going to get caught again. But if I have to get caught, I'd rather get caught painting here than in the supply closet at school. I could always make up some excuse to Mom and Ron about painting my sister, weird though it might look. After all, we're only painting. Plus, I'm getting pretty good at coming up with bullshit stories on the fly. Kim will just have to manage on her own, 'cos I'm not going back into that supply closet. Hopefully her paint job will hold up well enough to last through the day.

Alone in the bathroom, Alan masturbated as he showered. He had no shortage of inspiration, because he mentally relived what he and his sister had done the day before. He figured he was ready for anything Akami might dish out, and also fantasized about Ms. Rhymer throwing herself at him after school. Together those helped him unload a torrent of cum in the shower.

— — —

After both Alan and Katherine left for school and Ron left for work - his vacation at home wasn't much of a vacation for him or his family - Suzanne came over as usual and joined Susan for their daily exercise regimen.

Susan was proud of herself that she'd gone all of Thursday without any inappropriate touching of her son. However, her urges were building inexorably. Given what had happened on Tuesday, Suzanne seemingly managed to bring every private conversation she had with Susan around to a discussion of Alan and his ever needy erection. She was so subtle that Susan never realized how Suzanne was deliberately goading and tempting her at every turn.

This day, Susan burned off her sexual frustration by attacking the exercise machines with unusual vigor. By the time they were all done, she felt like a limp noodle. She hardly talked to Suzanne, because she was so sexually frustrated and every topic tended to remind her of her frustrations.

— — —

After Suzanne left, Susan went back to her bedroom and took a nap, something she hardly ever did. She slept and dreamed.

The dream started out as a replay of what had really happened that morning at breakfast. Ron was busy reading his usual Investor's Business Daily newspaper while Katherine and Alan gobbled down the big breakfasts Susan had prepared for them. Ever the dutiful housewife, she was constantly coming and going to the kitchen to serve everyone else's needs. It was a wonder she found time to eat her breakfast with them as well.

So this was exactly how it was in her dream, except that she was wearing an outrageously sexy and revealing nightgown. The gown was semi-transparent, not to mention open to the waist, but neither Alan nor Katherine found this in the least bit strange. Whether Ron would have been shocked was unknown because he was so absorbed in his newspaper that he wasn't paying any attention to the others.

She looked down and realized that both her breasts were mostly hanging out of her gown, but it was cut in such a way that there was really nothing she could do about it.

Dream Susan in a very revealing robe, gaping open at the top

At first she didn't even realize it was a dream and not reality, because things somehow seemed like they were supposed to be. She continued performing her usual morning rituals and duties in a bewildered daze.

Then when she brought Alan his usual fruit and bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, he started to feel her up. Not surprisingly, his hands homed in on her 38G rack.

She stood there blushing while he groped at her bare chest.

He said casually, as if he did this all the time around Ron, "Mom, I'm checking to make sure you're following the rules."

She whispered worriedly, "The rules?"

"Yes. The rules that state you're not allowed to wear a bra or panties. Ever." His food temporarily forgotten, he twisted and pulled on her nipples with both hands.

Her mouth hung wide open. If her heart hadn't been pounding hard before, it certainly was now. She stared with horror at Ron's newspaper, fully expecting that he'd heard what Alan had just said and would lower the paper. Then all hell would break loose. But the paper stayed up. The only sign there was someone alive on the other side of it was the sight of some fingertips holding up the paper and the sounds of a bagel being chewed.

Time seemed to pass for her at a glacial pace. But her boobs were as sensitive in her dreams as in real life, so her arousal rose to nearly unbearable levels. She finally looked back down at her son and whispered almost inaudibly, "Tiger, it's been a few minutes, at least. I think you have your answer already!"

Alan spoke back without making any effort at keeping his voice down. "True. At least about your tits. Let's check your pussy." One of his hands dropped down to the front of her crotch, and the other reached around to her ass. Two of his fingers pushed deep into her slit, which was already moist and eager. All his fondling in front and back kept her gown elevated and her entire front exposed. It was a near miracle that her gown managed to cling to her shoulders and stay on at all (not that it covered much in any case).

After all this time, Susan remembered that Katherine would also be eating breakfast with them. In fact, Katherine wasn't in the dream yet, but she materialized just in time for Susan to look over at her.

Katherine seemed completely unperturbed by what was happening, and just kept chomping away on her kiwi fruit. However, there was no newspaper blocking her view, so she repeatedly looked over at what Alan was doing.

By this time, Susan had her hands behind her head, as if she were under arrest. It occurred to her that Alan hadn't told her to strike that humiliating pose, but she'd done it on her own, perhaps because he inspected her like this every morning.

Even as Alan probed her pussy and ass, Susan whispered to her daughter, "Angel, what's happening here?! Don't you find what Tiger's doing to me a bit... odd?!"

Katherine giggled. "Odd? Mom, you're the odd one today. Brother is just doing his usual underwear check. He's checked me twice already this morning, and he made me cum both times! See?" She was wearing a gown held closed by a sash, and without getting up she opened the sash and exposed herself from her neck to her knees. Sure enough, she was unencumbered by any underwear.

She leered at Alan. "Hey Bro, you wanna check me again?" Like Alan, she wasn't trying to keep her voice down at all. She added in a sultry purr, "With your special prober, perhaps?"

He winked at his sister. "Maybe later. Aunt Suzy gave the prober a pretty good workout last night. Besides, I think I'm gonna be checking Mom for a while. I might even give her a 'special check' right across the table!"

Katherine just grinned and went back to eating her oatmeal, while leaving her gown wide open.

Susan found all of these disturbing events to be terribly arousing. She thought, Oh no! Not the special check! God knows I love it, but not in front of Ron! She realized that in this dream world, Alan fucked her every day, and he didn't care who saw them at it.

Her gash was gushing, thanks to Alan's continued fingering. The squishy sounds his fingers were making seemed to fill the entire room, and even drowned out the sounds of eating. She knew that if she didn't get him to stop soon, she'd cum, and cum hard. She was certain the resulting scream would wake the dead. It would certainly serve to clue Ron in.

So she whispered urgently, "Tiger, please! No! That's enough!"

He frowned. "Enough? Mom, I don't like your attitude. Blow me."

"What?! How DARE you talk to your mother that way!" Since the others weren't whispering, her voice was growing louder and louder too. Yet even though she was trying to act defiant, she still kept her hands behind her head.

"Mom, I'm not going to warn you twice. Blow me now, or I'm going to have to take you over my knee and give you a good spanking." He looked like he was ready to do it.

Her mouth gaped like a fish. At first she rejected the idea of a blowjob out of hand. But she weighed her options and decided that if she had any chance of saving her marriage by miraculously keeping Ron oblivious, the blowjob was the lesser of two very horrible options. The loud ass slaps of a spanking would alert anyone who wasn't completely deaf to what was happening.

While she was making up her mind, Alan tugged on her gown, and kept tugging until it fell to the floor.

Susan immediately bent down to pick it up, but before she could, Katherine snatched it away. Susan then reached out for it, but Katherine crumpled it into a ball and held it away like she was protecting the ball during a basketball game.

"Naughty, naughty, Mom," Katherine chided her. "You know the rules in this house. Cocksucking Alan is always done completely naked. How many hundred times has Aunt Suzy told you that? Sheesh!"

Susan was feeling frantic. There was a part of her that wanted to blow Alan so much she could almost literally taste it, but a greater part of her was scared to death because Ron was right there. It seemed like she was sucking her son's cock very often indeed, so she didn't understand how her husband could be so oblivious.

Since at that moment Alan was busy eating his oatmeal, she decided to try and slip away upstairs without anyone noticing.

However, she'd only managed to lower her arms and take a step or two away from the breakfast table when she felt two feminine hands on her butt.

It was Katherine, standing behind her. She said, "Mom, now where do you think you're going?"

"Well, I thought I'd, er, go powder my nose first."

A naked dream Susan, holding her big breasts, with Katherine's hands on Susan's butt

Katherine laughed as she intimately caressed Susan's shapely derriere. "That's a good one! If I didn't know better, I'd probably think there's something wrong with you today. Are you feeling okay? Is your stomach queasy from swallowing too much of Brother's sperm last night? Again?! Geez, Mom! Are you or are you not your son's sexual plaything?!"

Susan turned back towards Alan. She found herself hefting her breasts up and practically molesting her own chest, and she didn't know why. She looked at the large bulge in his shorts and grew angry, mostly at herself. Look at that! Tiger's cock needs draining and here I am, traipsing and gallivanting about like I've got something more important to do! My role is to suck! And to stroke! And to SERVE!

Those thoughts brought a sense of calm relief. It was almost as if this weird world was starting to make sense again. Her proper role in life was to serve her son sexually, and thinking otherwise, even temporarily, was the reason her head hurt.

However, Ron's presence was still terrifying her. She said to Katherine, "No, I'm good, Angel. Of course I'm his toy." She shivered with delight upon saying that. "But maybe Tiger and I could get more comfortable if we retired to my bedroom?"

"No, Mom. Do it here." Katherine gave Susan's butt cheek an encouraging slap, and propelled her in Alan's direction. "It's important to remind everyone all the time who the REAL man of the house is."

Just then, Susan heard and saw Ron's newspaper ruffle. Perhaps shaken from his stupor by the loud slapping sound, he was bringing the paper down to reach for the bottle of orange juice in the middle of the dining table.

Susan immediately ducked down below the table edge before Ron could see her standing there in the buff.

Katherine and Alan took advantage of her movement to position her head over Alan's lap. Katherine swatted Susan on the ass to scoot her forward.

Alan, meanwhile, put his hands on her head and guided her in close. Susan couldn't remember it happening, but somehow his shorts had come off, leaving him naked from the waist down. "There's my cock, Mom. You know what to do, and it's what you do best. Suck!"


Susan was horrified, but at the same time her lips were drawn to his bobbing erection like a magnet. It just felt right and even necessary to suck on it. If Ron happened to be there and figured out what was happening, then so be it. Alan obviously was the naturally superior man here. But just before her mouth closed in on his dick, she complained loudly, "No fair! Two on one!"

Then her tongue made contact with his dick and it was like some internal circuit had been activated. She thought she'd been incredibly aroused before, but that was nothing compared to her level of arousal now. Her pussy tingled and throbbed, and her rock-hard nipples cried out for attention. But most of all, she was in love with the big erection that was sliding deeper and deeper into her mouth. Every touch of her tongue or lips on it felt so good that it was like another mini-orgasm. She brought her hands up to assist with pleasuring the base, and stroking it made her cunt gush and cream even more.

She thought, I have no idea what's going on. But I know I love to suck my son's cock! I'll just worry about giving him the maximum joy, and let my children worry about Ron. Mmmm! Although, I should probably not be too loud and slurpy. Mmmm!

In reality, Susan's desire to suck her son had been growing to nearly unbearable levels ever since that fateful Tuesday, and now she had her chance. Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once on his pole, because there were so many techniques she wanted to use on him. Hearing him moan in pleasure in response was the sweetest music she'd ever heard.

But just when she really started to get into it, she heard Ron say, "What was that, honey? Did you say something to me?" Apparently he was responding to her far too loud "No fair! Two on one!" comment some moments before. Or he might have heard her increasingly urgent sexual "Mmmm!" noises.

Susan wasn't sure if any part of her body was above the table edge, but she suspected the top of her head or her ass might be. She tried to duck down further as best she could, and in the process of bringing her head down, her son's dick went deeper and deeper into her mouth until she was almost deep throating it. Lewd gurgling noises came out of her mouth as she nearly choked. But she managed to readjust a bit, and then lovingly slather his shaft with her saliva.

Ron asked, "Susan? Did you hear me?" His voice sounded unconcerned and distracted. It seemed that, against all odds, he hadn't noticed anything suspicious and was back to reading his Investor's Business Daily. However, he did apparently still expect an answer from her.

Susan hoped that Alan would say something so she wouldn't have to, but he seemed totally happy and didn't say a word. In fact, as she breathlessly waited while her lips bobbed up and down, he raised the stakes still further by pulling his shirt off, leaving himself completely naked, just like her. Then he calmly went back to drinking his orange juice and eating his sliced pineapple.

The danger was so great that she wanted to cry, and some tears did roll down her cheeks and drop to the floor. It seemed as if it were practically a life or death matter that she say something soon, because if Ron figured out what was happening that would cause an enormous scene and she wouldn't get to swallow Alan's spermy load. But she was loving the blowjob too much to stop, even for a few moments. So, with about three of Alan's eight inches inside her lips, she just moaned, "Mmmm-hmmm."

Ron seemed to miss the sexual quality of the moan, and said, "You know, dear, I have to say, I'm surprised."

Susan panicked. Oh shit! Here it comes! He's finally caught on! She sucked and licked with all her heart. Her long hair flew about as her head bobbed up and down madly, because she was certain this would be the last time she could ever blow her son. She even played with his balls with both hands, hoping to get him to cum right away. She felt as if all her problems would somehow go away, or at least be rendered meaningless, if her son blasted a big, creamy load right on her face.

But incredibly, Ron merely said, "Yep. I'm just amazed at what a great job you did with the landscaping while I was gone. Just look at those hedges over there. Alan, was that your mother's idea to clip them like that?"

"It sure was, Father!" Alan's reply was unusually passionate and loud due to what Susan was doing to him with her lips, tongue, and both hands.

Ron said, "I'm not surprised. Susan, you've definitely got a green thumb. And honey, what about the lawn? Is it my imagination or did you reseed it?"

Susan thought, Oh crap! How am I supposed to talk?! I suppose I could just pull off my Tiger's tasty meat, but it's just too good! Mmmm! This is where I belong, with my nose in his pubic hair and my tongue lapping against his sweet spot. Mmmm, yeah! I just have to cum, I need to cum, and I'm gonna cum!

B: A naked dream Susan, on her knees, going down on Alan while he's sitting in a chair

She wanted to talk, she really did, but instead her head kept going up and down, up and down, up and down. Her heart beat louder as the seconds slowly passed. Finally, she decided that a muffled mumble was better than no response at all. In between her increasingly loud moans, she managed to say, "I we-theeded ehh. Mmmm!"

"What was that?" Ron asked.

Katherine saved the day, saying, "She said she reseeded it, Dad." But then she giggled and added, "She really likes seed. In fact I think she's going to get some more seed very soon. Aren't you, Mom?" That resulted in another burst of giggles.

Forced to speak again, Susan could only manage another even more emphatic "MMMM!" In a way, it was a good thing she couldn't say more, because she felt a strong desire to say, "Oh yes! Mommy needs a lot of seed! Tiger's yummy spermy seed!"

Her hands were tugging on Alan's balls and she was plunging her mouth up and down the entire length of his rod now, swallowing about four inches with each downwards pass. Four was amazing for her, considering that she couldn't deep throat him in real life. She'd decided that she had to get him to cum as soon as possible, as that might bring an end to her dangerous humiliation, plus she just really needed to taste his seed. So she was using every trick she knew to get him to blow.

An improbably oblivious Ron continued, "You know, now that I'm at it, there are a lot of nice changes since I was here last, inside the house and out. You're just too good to me, honey." He sniffed the air. "The only thing I'm not crazy about is the smell. This place smells different. Susan dear, are you using a new air freshener?"

Katherine answered, "Actually, Dad, that was something Alan came up with on his own. In fact, it was about the same time he started working on a big seeding project in Mom's garden. He's really, really busy in her garden, in fact. He's planted so much seed in her, uh, garden, that she's just PREGNANT with anticipation to see what'll pop out." She snickered.

Susan wanted to add, "It'll take us about nine months to get the results!" But she was too busy bobbing up and down on cock. She started snickering at Ron's cluelessness too, but it was hard to tell, given the way her lips were loudly smacking and slurping.

"Oh really?" Ron asked with only marginal interest. "And just who's paying for all this?"

"Alan. He just kind of stuck it to Mom. He stuck it to me too. But he was so passionate about it that we both just kind of swallowed it. Now we both like it and can't get enough of it. All this planting of his seed in our gardens." She chortled back a laugh.

Ron said, "Oh. Well, that explains things. Alan, I appreciate your efforts, but it's best to leave the domestic stuff to the ladies. And Susan, please try a different brand of air freshener. This smell, well, it's decidedly odd."

Katherine was trying to hold back her giggles, but she appeared to be on the verge of a massive giggle fit. It didn't help that she added, "Actually, Dad, I don't think you can be too hard on Mom. Alan's been hard on her already. She had a big load to deal with. In fact, I think she's about to deal with another very big load today. Any time now, in fact!" She tittered and snorted. She looked down at her mother, whose cheek was actually bulging out with the shape of Alan's cockhead each time it approached her lips.

Katherine reached out and caressed the bulge on Susan's cheek, and Susan paused to let her daughter give it a prolonged feel. Somehow, that only amused Katherine more, while it took Susan to even higher orgasmic heights.

Susan tried to push her son's cockhead deeper into her cheek, hoping to create an even bigger bulge for Katherine to caress. It worked, and for a few seconds it seemed like her daughter was jacking off her son's dick right through her cheek, even as her tongue danced all over it inside her mouth!

"Don't get me wrong," Ron said, "I appreciate everything she does for the family..."

Susan couldn't hear any more because her efforts finally paid off and Alan started to climax into her mouth. It was a mighty flood, and because this was a dream, the amount was not bounded by real physical limitations. But not only was there a flood of cum gushing and squirting into her mouth and down her chin, but there was an unstoppable orgasmic flood of joy washing over her like a tidal wave, threatening to subsume her and drown her in bliss.

Despite the fact that Susan's mouth seemed crammed full with a tree trunk of an erection, she somehow found herself screaming at the top of her lungs. She knew the gig had to be up by now (and in fact she couldn't possibly figure out how Ron hadn't been clued in already, since she still wasn't consciously aware that this was all just a crazy dream of hers), but her erotic high was so intense that she had no control over what she did.

Finally, it was done and there was no turning back. Alan had emptied his balls into her stomach while she had alerted Ron, and the rest of the entire neighborhood, to her adulterous and sinful acts with her piercing screams. Despite the fact that she'd swallowed so much of his jism, there was still more of it all over her face, as apparently she'd pulled off at some point during her screaming while Alan had kept shooting and shooting on her. He'd unloaded about twenty times his normal amount.

She was too tired to clean herself off, and in any case there was no point in hiding what she'd done. She raised herself up from her humiliating position on all fours beneath the table and stood there in the nude, ready to face her husband's wrath.

All was silent while Ron stared at her with a curious expression. He crooked an eyebrow and said, "Susan, what's gotten into you? You're acting damnably odd this morning." Yet his voice lacked passion. It was like he was complaining about something inconsequential such as having a bad hair day. He stared right at her, but showed no reaction to the rivulets of cum dripping down her face and streaming down her chest as well. He didn't react to her nakedness either.

She tried to wipe her face clean of the simply ridiculous amounts of cum there in an obviously futile effort to hide the evidence. But there was just too much. Her face ended up with plenty of pearly white goo on it, and her hands were now covered too. Cum was dripping everywhere, and she was afraid to make a big mess on the floor, so she started wiping her hands on her legs. That helped, so she went back to her face for more. The only problem was, now she found herself really getting into smearing the cum all over her skin. She wiped still more of it across her tummy, and caressed her massive tits with her cummy hands.

Good God! My son is so virile! With this much spermy goodness, he's gonna knock me up for sure! It's everywhere! Look at my tits and legs - they're shiny and gooey, like a glazed donut! How is it that Ron doesn't seem to see or care?

Then, just as she'd made some progress cleaning her face, Alan grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her nude body down onto his lap. "I'll take care of this, Father."

Susan found herself staring at the floor with her ass in the air, splayed across her son's lap. There was no doubt he was still erect, as she could feel his hot steely bar pressing into her fair skin. Now that she was pointing towards the floor, the remaining cum seemed to sluice off her in buckets. Ever the homemaker, she idly wondered how difficult it would be to clean up the mess.

Alan's hands were fondling her all over as he said, "You know, Father, while you've been gone, I've discovered that sometimes Mom gets out of line. Like that totally rude scream she just made, for instance. I've found that nothing gets her back on track faster than a good spanking." He brought an open palm down and swatted her hard on the butt.

Susan couldn't see anything except the floor, but she heard Ron say, "Good. Very good, Son. I'm glad to hear you have things well in hand here. To be honest, I worry about your mother while I'm overseas. But it seems that's unnecessary."

Alan raised his hand up high and swung it down for an even harder spanking. The slapping sound filled the room. Then he plunged two fingers back into her cunt and groped her dangling breasts with his other hand. "Nope, Father. I've got things under control. I try to be the man of the house when you're not here. Mom needs to be spanked regularly, or she tends to forget her place. Plus, she sucks my cock with more vigor when I remind her I'm in charge. In fact, I've found Sis responds well to the same treatment. She always sucks my cock with more passion after she's had a really hard spanking. I usually spank both of them for some reason or another once or twice a day at the very least."

Susan thought, Well, he's gone and done it now! Maybe Ron is somehow blind, but he's not deaf as well. Oh God! It's so HOT! Tiger's right - I love it when he takes charge!

Alan let loose with another loud swat.

"Excellent," Ron said, still with an almost bored tone. "Nothing can take the place of a firm hand. And I see you've marked your territory by cumming on her face. I assume you're taking good care of my marital duties in the sack, as well? I worry about her straying with all kinds of random men, and there's no way a man like me can keep her satisfied."

"No need to worry, Father. I'm literally on top of it. I fuck Mom's cunt good and hard every single day. Just listen: Mom, who owns your pussy?"

Susan was too insanely aroused to cry, but she said in an emotionally tortured voice, "Ron, I'm so sorry. You know that I love you, but... Tiger, you do! I'm your slut and you know it!"

Ron whistled appreciatively, sounding genuinely pleased. "Wow! Impressive!"

Alan explained, "I keep her pussy and mouth so pumped full of my cum that she practically sloshes around like a water balloon when she walks. She's so well fucked that she never even THINKS about random men. In fact, I've been boning her regularly even while you're here, just to be on the safe side."

"That's my boy! Son, I'm proud of you. I guess I'll be sleeping in the guest bedroom from now on. I hope you're not neglecting Suzanne?"

"Oh, definitely not! She's just as sexy and stacked as Mom, so she's got my sperm leaking out of all her holes all the time too."

"Excellent," Ron said, like he'd just read a promising stock report. "That's how a real man of the house does it."

Susan was flabbergasted at Ron's attitude. She thought for certain that she was going to lose her mind completely. Just then, Alan took his breast-fondling hand and brought it around for another powerful butt slap. At the same time, his probing fingers stayed within her cunt, and the combination of his thrusting, spanking, and groping, not to mention his hot dick burning into her skin, drove her to such a dizzying high that she thought the walls were melting.

As an orgasm to end all orgasms welled up inside her, she thought, I can't believe it! Tiger is in complete control! Ron realizes his place: bringing home the money, so all my Tiger has to do is stay at home and fuck me and his sister into oblivion! And I also have to realize my proper place: to serve! I know my purpose, and it's to serve my son's mighty cock, morning, noon, and night! It's unstoppable! I'm nothing but his big-titted plaything! Resistance is useless! Fuck my cunt next, Son. Fuck your mommy good!

At that, Susan woke up.


After Susan awoke, she remained disoriented for quite some time. For one thing, even though her dream was wildly improbable, she had been convinced it was real until she opened her eyes to the harsh light of day. It took her some moments to piece together that she was lying on her bed and that she'd been taking a midday nap.

For another thing, although it was only a dream, she'd had a very real and very powerful climax. She'd been having seemingly countless erotic dreams in recent weeks, but she hadn't ever really had a wet dream, and hadn't realized that women her age could still have them. And even though she'd been doing nothing but sleeping, when she woke up she was sweaty all over as if she'd just run a race. Even her legs and arms were trembling.

She was very grateful that her period had ended. It would have been embarrassing to have to deal with the resulting mess.

Susan standing in the shower, spraying her neck with water

She staggered to the bathroom and had a long cold shower to help clear her head.

When it was over she felt a lot better, but she also felt extremely disturbed by her strange dream. She immediately balled up her bed sheets and tossed them into the laundry basket, since the large wet spot on her bed reminded her of how she'd felt during the dream.

Trying to pretend there was nothing wrong, she painted her fingernails, a calming post-shower ritual for her. While she did that, as she stared at them, she thought, I'm so glad I followed Suzanne's advice and cut them way down the other day. Before, they could be dangerously sharp. But now they're just the right cock-stroking length. Uh, I mean, member-stroking length. Darnation, I have to stop calling it a cock. Erection, there's a good word. That's very technically correct, since it's erect and throbbing with need most of the time. Now, when I hold my son's erection, I can stroke it and not worry about damaging him. And when I fondle his balls...

Dear me! I'm at it again. I really have to stop these lewd and sinful thoughts. I need help! My dream was beyond sinful; it was seriously disturbed!

She did what she'd always done when she needed comfort and advice: she called Suzanne.

Lying on top of her newly replaced bed sheets with nothing but a towel wrapped around her voluptuous body, she spoke into the phone. "Suzanne? Are you there? I need your advice!"

Suzanne was in her private office at her house, typing on her computer. When she had spare time she liked to work there on her financial investments. "Yes, I'm here, my friend. I'm a little bit involved at the moment, but you always come first. What's up?"

"Suzanne, it was horrible! I just had the most depraved and disturbed dream of my entire life! Well, that's not entirely true. I've had some pretty disturbed dreams in the last week or two, but this one was right up there. But it seemed even more REAL than usual! And, well, I don't know how to say this, but I ended up all wet."

"You wet your bed?"

"Well, not like that..."

"You're sweaty?"

"Yes, there is that, but that's not the main thing..."

Suzanne concluded, "It was a sexual dream. You're wet that way. To be blunt, you had a climax in your sleep."

Susan shamefully confessed, "Yes. Dear goodness yes! There's something terribly wrong with me! At my age, to be having powerful wet dreams like this! It's wrong! It's a sin!"

"Calm down, Susan. I'm sure it's not as bad as it seems. Alan has that effect on women; it's only natural."

"You know it's about him?!"

Suzanne chuckled. "But of course. All your strange dreams lately have been about him, haven't they? Why don't you start from the beginning and tell me all about this one?"

"I can't!"

Suzanne spoke like a chiding mother. "Susan! We've been over this. You need to tell me your dream, and that's that. It'll be therapeutic."

So Susan described the dream in great detail. Her plan was to describe it in a clinical and dispassionate manner, like a psychologist dissecting it for meaning. She did start out that way, but as she got into the spirit of it, she naturally grew increasingly heated and passionate.

Suzanne helped by asking questions that seemed to be neutral, but somehow pushed her buttons and made her even more aroused.

Before long, Susan was so carried away that she was inventing new details that weren't even in the original dream. The dream memory had started to fade, forcing her to make up some parts to cover the fuzzy areas.

Suzanne didn't help her even a bit to keep calm - as per her overall plan, she took advantage of every opportunity to break down Susan's sexual barriers, and this was a golden one, not to be missed. Suzanne's questions started to become increasingly blatant and enthusiastic, like, "And was he groping your big tits? I hope he was. Did he give them a really good squeeze and knead them like he owned them?"

"Oh God! Dear God, yes he was! It was exactly like he owned them, in fact. And he even played with them while he spanked me! Isn't that wrong?"

"Not necessarily. Remember, you need to readjust your attitude to help with his treatment. Please continue. Did it feel good, the way he was pulling on your nipples?"

"So good! So good!"

And so they continued like this. Even Suzanne found herself getting really hot and bothered.

fM: Susan lying naked in her bed, fingering herself while she talks on a portable phone

Susan had erred badly by calling her friend while dressed in just a towel (although, subconsciously, it probably wasn't an accident). It only took a minute or so before the towel had opened and her hands were roaming all over her body. Before long, the towel was on the floor and her fingers were pulling on her clit.

She was a woman in serious need of a dildo. However, there was no way she'd have the gumption to walk into a store and buy one, or even ask Suzanne for one, so she had to make do with her fingers.

Finally, after some more powerful orgasms, Susan's body was so sore and exhausted from too many orgasms in too short a time that she reached a more contemplative mental state. The explanation of the dream now done, she started to raise more serious concerns about it.

"Suzanne, I'm such a bad person. Horrible! Twisted! Sick! Evil! What kind of wife treats her husband like that?! I cuckolded him with his own son!"

"Susan, may I remind you that it was only a dream?"

"It wasn't really. It was an exaggeration, yes, but is it so far off from real life? Maybe this is some kind of prophecy! I mean, I HAVE sucked my Tiger off more than once. And the other day I was strutting around naked while you jacked him off, right in Ron's bedroom! It can hardly get any worse than that!"

Suzanne stated, "Let me remind you again that, first, you were appropriately covered in a towel most of the time, not strutting around naked. Sweetie hardly had a chance to stare at your sopping-wet pussy for more than a minute or two, tops. Not counting your naked hug, of course. Second, that's your bedroom, not Ron's. Given that he's gone eleven months of the year, you can't say he lives here in any sense of the word. You'd have to look hard to find any Navy wives who see their husbands less than you do."

Susan sighed. "Be that as it may, you have to admit the dream does have some basis in reality. And things are getting worse all the time! Who knows what it'll be like in a month! Maybe this is some kind of terrifying nightmare preview of my life to come!"

"Nightmare?" Suzanne asked skeptically. "Most people don't pass out repeatedly from multiple orgasms in their nightmares."

Susan whimpered helplessly at that.

Suzanne confidently continued, "Anyhow, let's look at this rationally. You're feeling a lot of irrational guilt over your assistance with Sweetie's treatment. Plus, you just found out that Ron is almost certainly repeatedly cheating on you. You're bound to feel extreme animosity towards him over that alone. Since you're such a nice and polite person, those feelings are sublimated and come out in dreams. As if that isn't enough, you're also finding out that your son is a total sexual stud with a seemingly endless need to cum, and an erection that just won't quit. If you add that all up, I'd say it's almost inevitable that you'd dream about him cuckolding Ron. You're letting out your desire for revenge in a harmless way, through dreams. If I were a psychologist, I wouldn't be worried that you're having dreams like that; I'd be more worried if you WEREN'T having dreams like that."

"Really?! Really truly? How do you figure?"

"Susan, what is the purpose of a dream? They serve many purposes, but one is to sort of straighten out our emotional knots while we're sleeping. You know, some other societies take dreams a lot more seriously than we do, and they put them to good use." She brought up a real example that served her purposes nicely. "I read about this one tribe on some Pacific Island that has virtually no murder or violent crime. You know how they do it?"


"When a person has a problem, he or she goes to the shaman and describes it. The shaman then tells that person to act out their violent impulses in dreams. They do, and as a result they lose the urge to do it in real life. It's the same in your dream. Of course you're not going to blow Sweetie at the breakfast table while Ron is reading the newspaper. That's just absurd. You're going to blow him elsewhere, when Ron is not around. Repeatedly. Daily. But for a variety of reasons, most especially your husband's cheating, but also his very serious and prolonged neglect and indifference towards your marriage, you have this fantasy of doing it right there in his presence. So I say, you need to have MORE dreams and fantasies like that. Let all those poisonous feelings OUT, like lancing a boil!"

"Really? So you're saying the dream was a good thing? I'm not a horrible sinner and despicable wife?"

"Of course not. You're the nicest, kindest person I know. This is just a phase you're going through. It's a good and necessary thing."

"Should I talk to Ron about it?"

"Dear God, no! Just like all your assistance in giving Sweetie handjobs and blowjobs, what Ron doesn't know won't hurt him."

"But I'm confused. If I were to do those kinds of things, doesn't that mean I really AM cuckolding him?"

"Not at all! Because Alan is your son, and it's for medically necessary reasons. Context is everything."

"But... It still feels wrong and sinful. The truth is, I rarely even think about those medical reasons anymore. I think about doing it just for the sake of doing it! Sometimes, I find myself... salivating... just thinking about doing it! Isn't that disgusting?"

"Susan, that's natural too. The more you enjoy it, the better off everyone will be. Would you prefer hating it? Does that make any sense, to want to hate it?"

"Well, no, not exactly... But what about if I have these same kinds of ideas and fantasies when I'm awake, like in a daydream? For instance, I have to admit I got pretty aroused just when I was describing the dream to you." She guiltily looked down at her still cummy hand. She'd wiped it against the sheets, but hadn't gotten everything.

Suzanne replied, "I'm not surprised. I got all hot and bothered just hearing about it. The thing is, you're learning you have a very sexually virile and well-hung son. You're trying to figure out, 'How do I square my new role as obedient, always wet and ready, big-titted cock stroker and cocksucker for my strong and demanding son with my old role as faithful wife to my nice but sexually weak and poorly endowed husband?' Am I correct?"

"Well, that sounds harsh, and rather vulgar. But if you put it that way, I suppose there's maybe some-"

Suzanne cut her off. "Okay, then. Naturally, you're going to be in an emotional jumble making that kind of transition. Add to that your unusually strict and conservative upbringing, and it's no surprise that you're having fevered and bizarre dreams. But it will pass."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive. I took a class called 'Understanding Dreams' in college. Do you remember me telling you about that?"

Susan did remember. "Yeah."

"You see then? This is all basic stuff and very common. Don't worry!"

"And what about this strange submissive aspect? In my dream, I called myself his toy. I think Angel called me his sexual plaything too. Now, you have to admit THAT is messed up. Right?"

"Actually, no. When a woman comes into close contact with a naturally superior, well-endowed male like your son is, it's common to have feelings of submissiveness. It's instinctual for a female to want to please her mate, and the more desirable the mate, the more she wants to please him. Don't worry; you'll get used to it."

Suzanne thought, I'm really laying it on thick, constantly talking Sweetie up to be the world's greatest super stud. And not only that, but I feel like I'm setting women's liberation back a couple hundred years. But hey, I know which of her buttons to press, and that kind of talk will get her wet every time.

Sure enough, Susan's voice was growing increasingly ragged. "Do you mean Tiger is my mate?"

"For the limited purposes of you regularly stroking and sucking him to orgasmic satisfaction, then yes."

Susan let out a sexy groan. "Oh God! I don't know... That sounds so improper... So what am I supposed to do?"

"Well, I think the more you resist your new role with helping him, the longer you're going to remain in an emotionally conflicted state. I suggest you put more effort into giving him visual stimulation, and also tactile stimulation as soon as you're ready for it."

Susan griped, "Awww. Does that mean I have to wear high heels more often?"

"You know it does. When your feet hurt, just remember how good it feels when his cock stretches your mouth wide open."

Susan let out a sexy moan. She was frustrated that it had been so long she could hardly remember how that felt.

Sensing victory, Suzanne's talk grew more blatant. "I could really use the help, you know. My hands and mouth get tired stroking and sucking, up and down and up and down, over and over. It just seems to never end, all that jacking and licking and guzzling of yummy cum. I get downright exhausted!"

Susan's heart beat faster. "But what about Ron? I mean, he's a good husband. I like him a lot."

"Is he? Ron, the 'gone all but a few weeks out of the year while he sleeps around in skanky old Thailand' Ron? That Ron? And I noticed you say you 'like him a lot,' not that you love him with every fiber of your being. What happened to love?"

That hit Susan hard. She didn't know how to respond.

Suzanne's voice grew more commanding and insistent. "The fact is, your marriage is in disrepair. You've done all you could and been a model housewife, almost too good a housewife. I keep telling you, you don't need to act like a servant. Well, at least not to Ron."

She thought about how hard she should push Susan's submissive tendencies, and decided not to run with the servant idea, at least for now. "But in any case, his absence, neglect, and cheating have brought things to a crisis point. But now is not the time to act. Not quite. As I keep saying, wait until we get the results about STDs as a first step. We got the blood sample from him using the ruse about him needing a physical, which is good. That was clever of you. Now we have to wait for the results to come in. Your marital problems have been so long in coming that waiting a little longer will make no difference."

Susan was indecisive. "Well..."

"And in the meantime, keep having your funky, bizarre dreams and fantasies! Seriously. Think of it as lancing a mental boil, just like what those Pacific Islanders do. The more you do it, the more you picture yourself sexually assisting your son, the better. Just continue to keep me in the loop, and especially tell me everything you can remember about your dreams. If they start to turn into something you should actually worry about, I'll let you know."

"Okay. I'll try that. And I guess I'll just wait with seriously talking to Ron. But as far as Tiger goes, I'm too weirded out to be able to help you with his daily target anytime soon, I think. I mean, my feelings for him are so strong. Too strong. I think a cooling off period can only be a good thing. Not to mention, Ron won't be here that long. This is just a short and unexpected trip for him, so I should hold out at least until he leaves. Regardless of the medical reasons, it's just basic respect to not do it when he's here."

Suzanne shrugged. She actually was impressed at Susan's attempt to remain at least somewhat loyal to Ron, even if it was misguided. "Suit yourself, then. But don't be surprised if other women pick up some of the slack in your absence. Six times a day is just too much for any one woman, and my jaw and hands are about to fall off!"

That upset Susan. "Like, who?!"

"Oh, I don't know. I'm just saying things happen sometimes."

The phone call wound down after some more chit-chat and eventually came to an end.

When it was over, Suzanne sat in her office practically bursting with delight. I'd say that call went well! Hee-hee-hee! I'll admit I do feel kind of bad about all but brainwashing Susan with my advice, but it's for her own good. She was brainwashed before with her prudish ways, and breaking all those years of religious mumbo-jumbo requires some pretty powerful counter-programming. Soon all of us will be living in a sexual heaven on Earth, just as soon as we can break down all of her mental walls and Ron takes a hike!


Meanwhile, Alan's time at school passed surprisingly uneventfully. For his first three periods, he started to get very excited about his plans to masturbate in Ms. Rhymer's classroom during lunch, hopefully with her watching like she had the previous time. But Christine sat next to him for all three of those periods, and she noticed him behaving even more oddly than he had been in recent days. So he had to force himself to look and act normally, even though he was bursting with anticipation on the inside.

Just as he had the day before, he was sporting a huge hard-on when he walked into Ms. Rhymer's fourth-period history class. And just like yesterday, he had to hold a textbook strategically over his crotch to hide that fact. He was looking forward to more sexy staring between him and his teacher, which would hopefully lead up to a very steamy lunch period.

But as soon as he walked in, she waved him over. Once she had him one-on-one, she muttered to him angrily, "Your plans for an extra credit session during lunch? Consider them cancelled!"

He was shocked, and he showed it. He quietly stammered, "Bu-bu-but..."

She glared at him. "You're in big trouble, young man! Meet me after school and we'll talk about it. As for lunch, why don't you try to spend it actually eating lunch, for once? Do you think you can handle that?"

Now, he was shocked and hurt. He had no idea that Mr. Jackson had talked to her the day before and told her about catching him in the closet with Kim, so he was completely confused by Ms. Rhymer's sudden about-face. He nodded, and muttered, "Okay, I'll see you after school."

He went to his seat, his penis having gone flaccid in a couple of seconds.

For the rest of the class, Ms. Rhymer seemed to go out of her way not to even look at him. This made him even more confused than before. As a result, he wasn't aroused or erect in the slightest.

When class ended, he lingered to see if she wanted to say anything more to him, but she continued to ignore him. So he walked out with the last few students.

As a result, for the first time in what seemed like ages but was actually only a few days, nothing special happened to him during lunch. He'd had big plans with Ms. Rhymer that were shattered, and although he ate with his friends Sean and Peter, he remained glum.

— — —

In Katherine's cheerleading practice during the last period of school, her painting scheme was finally exposed. And it occurred on its last day, too, since Alan had pronounced it was too risky for him to continue painting them, now that they couldn't use the supply closet. The exposure, when it came, was due to a combination of Kim's carelessness and the fact that Alan hadn't touched up her paint job.

Kim in her cheerleader outfit, bending over so that her painted-on panties, which are flaking off, are visible to another cheerleader

As the six cheerleaders stood around on their practice field to warm up and get ready for practice to begin, Kim bent down to get something out of her supply bag. In doing so, she bent from the waist and completely exposed her ass to her fellow cheerleader Joy.

A number of small gaps and missing patches in the paint job made the situation obvious, causing Joy's mouth to fall open. Without thinking, Joy said out loud, "Kim! Your panties... They're painted on!"

Kim immediately straightened up, but the damage was done.

Janice, the only other person truly surprised, said in confusion, "Joy, what are you talking about? Kim, what is she talking about?"

"I just saw... her..." Joy stammered. "Her panties, they're like, made out of paint!"

Heather moved closer, trying to rush to Kim's rescue. "Now, now, what's the big deal? Who cares if her panties are painted-on? What's the big deal?"

Heather was pissed off that their secret had been exposed, because she'd hoped to take Kim into the girl's locker room and get involved in a sixty-nine under the excuse of another "muscle cramp," just like she'd done with Katherine the day before. She was disappointed that she couldn't use the painted panties as an excuse for playing with another of her cheerleaders.

"'What's the big deal'?!" a still incredulous Joy asked Heather. "I would expect that you, of all people, would be having a conniption fit. Or you, Katherine! After all, today's a game day, and you can totally see that she's not wearing real underwear!"

It actually wasn't that obvious, but the game did pose a problem for Kim's now-spotty paint job.

Amy, surprisingly, came to the rescue. She already knew that at least four of the six cheerleaders, Heather, Katherine, Kim, and herself, didn't have a problem with it. "I think it's sexy!" she said. "What does everyone else think? Do they think it's sexy, or do they not like it?"

"I think it's sexy too," Katherine immediately added, pretending not to know what was going on while trying to help Kim.

"So do I," said Heather, also pretending to be clueless. "As head cheerleader, I give my approval."

Full-face view of Joy in her red cheerleader outfit

"Well, I think it's out of control," said Joy.

All eyes turned to Janice, who appeared to be undecided.

"Can I... take a look?" Janice asked. "I want to see how obvious it is."

Kim bent over, and quickly flashed the others her painted butt.

Janice asked, "What's it look like in the front?"

More reluctantly, Kim turned around, and held up her skirt so the other five could stare at her painted and shaved pussy. Her face was beet red and she was too shy to speak.

"What on earth did you do it for?" Janice asked.

"It's not like I wanted to," she lied. "I... lost a bet. It's just for today and then it's over!"

Janice answered, "I have to admit - it IS pretty sexy. Are you really planning to go to the game like that?"

"Yeah," Kim admitted as she blushed even more. "I mean, what's my choice?"

"I think it's fine," Heather said again, resolutely. "What do you think, Janice?" she asked. "Do you think Kim should remove the paint before the game?"

Janice looking towards the viewer, with Joy standing behind her doing the same

"Hey, if she wants to go like that, that's her own get out. Like I said, I think it's pretty sexy. I just can't imagine in a million years that I would ever do something like that."

"What about you?" Heather asked Joy.

Joy stood farther back from Heather, still staring open-mouthed at Kim. After a pause, she said, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but ... if everyone else is cool with it, then I'm cool with it. I don't want to be a party-pooper. And it is pretty exciting. But no way would I ever do that, either!"

"All right, we're all agreed," Heather pressed on. "We'll allow it, but only if everyone here agrees not to tell a single soul. Can we all agree to that?"

Everyone nodded.

Heather figured that now that the cat was out of the bag, she might as well go all the way. She started to make up a story off the top of her head that would allow her to gain more control over the others. "It's really no big deal, and I should know, 'cos I've had to do it myself, before I was head cheerleader."

"Really? Wow!" said a wide-eyed Amy.

"Yes. It's a common punishment head cheerleaders give their cheerleaders who don't behave. In fact, the bet that Kim is talking about, what she really means is that she made a very serious error, which confidentiality prevents me from mentioning the details of. I warned her that unless her behavior changed, she would get this punishment. She didn't, so here she is. In fact, she's not the only one. At the same time, I'm punishing Katherine for another serious offense."

There was a gasp from Joy and Janice.

"Katherine, you want to show them?" Heather asked.

Katherine bent over, cheerleader skirt hiked up to her waist, showing her painted butt and labia

Now it was Katherine's turn to blush furiously. She turned around and briefly exposed her butt. "I'm... shaved in front too," she said very quietly.

"Heather, you can't give out punishments like that!" said an aghast Joy. "If that happened to me... I think I would die of shame!"

"I can and I will!" Heather said sternly. "If anyone here tells a single other soul, even your best friend or sister or whoever, then whoever tells will have this as their punishment. If someone tells and I can't find out who, then you all will have to be painted and go to a game that way. Does anyone want to challenge me about this?"

There was complete silence. No one ever wanted to oppose Heather openly.

"No? Then good!" Heather reveled in her newly-confirmed power over the other cheerleaders.

"All right, then. Katherine, you take Kim back to the lockers and get her paint job touched up, if you can. You know who to get help from." By this time Heather had figured out that Katherine's brother probably was the painter, so she was careful to refer to him obliquely. "Come back and rejoin practice when you're done, and have Kim come back and rejoin practice as soon as she's dry. Now, run along."

The two of them started to scamper off, but Heather had a new idea and stopped them. "Wait! Stay here for a sec."

"It's not as big a deal as it appears, girls," Heather realized that she might have gone too far in frightening her squad, judging from their panicked faces. Even easy-going Amy seemed panicky at the prospect of being painted and then getting found out by the crowd.

Heather continued, "The fact of the matter is, this happens all the time, in total secrecy of course. The only people who can possibly find out are the other cheerleaders, because everyone else is too far away to see clearly. Do you know, over the years, how many times this has happened to girls on our squad? Lots. Hardly anyone knows just how many, 'cos no one ever finds out. It's a head cheerleader secret."

She looked around with an intense stare. "The truth is, Katherine and Kim have actually been like that all week, and none of you suspected a thing!"

All eyes went to Katherine, who suddenly looked very sheepish and embarrassed.

Janice laughed. "No wonder Katherine said she was fine with it!"

Heather continued, "I don't know why Kim had such a bad paint job today, but if she hadn't you still would never have noticed. So don't worry about those two during the game today. This is the last day of their punishment."

That relieved the others a lot, even as they were shocked to find out that both girls had been like that for a week without them noticing. But the others were still intensely curious about it all, and especially keen to see what would happen during the game.

"Okay," Heather went on, "since that's all settled, I must say I'm still curious about this paint job. I want a closer look to see just what the problem is. Kim, can you lean up against that chain link fence over there?"

Kim nervously walked to the fence and wondered what new deviltry Heather had in mind.

Heather commanded, "All right, lean up against the fence. Higher. Stick your butt out further, so we can get a clear view. And don't get all prudish about a little nudity, because we all see each other naked in the showers."

Kim protested, "But we're outside!"

"Bah. We're practically miles from anyone else. It'll be fine."

Kim was forced to bend over and place her butt at an obscene angle, so much so that it was actually higher than her head.

"That's better," Heather continued. "Everybody gather round. This damn skirt keeps getting in the way." Heather had purposely let Kim's skirt fall over her hands twice to make it seem like an obstruction, when in fact it was not. "This damn stupid skirt. Better just take it off."

In one fell swoop, Heather pulled Kim's skirt down until it hit the ground. "That's better," she said as she suppressed a snicker.

"NoooOOOooo!" cried Kim. "I'm naked! The football players will see!"

Football practice took place not far away on the other side of the fence. Even though it looked like Kim wore panties, to Kim it felt like she was totally nude.

"No you're not," chided Heather. "Remember, nobody thinks you're naked unless they can see you up close. That's why I pulled your skirt off, to make a point. Look - the football players aren't taking any notice at all."

It was true; the football players were busy running plays. But even if they thought the paint job was real underwear, the sight of all the cheerleaders gathered around one person, staring at a skirtless crotch, was bound to bring lots of attention as soon as any of the boys noticed. Heather didn't care much though; she loved living dangerously.

Kim was silent, hoping that a lack of discussion would hurry things up.

Kim bent over while Heather shows everyone else Kim's painted-on panties that are flaking off her rear

Heather put her hands on Kim's butt and peered at Kim's ass closely. "Everybody take a close look. The pussy lips were painted originally, but now they're not. You can see her pink fleshy lips if you're paying attention. That's bad."

The other cheerleaders couldn't help but gather closely and stare, like passersby gazing at a car wreck.

"Heather, please stop this, I beg you!" cried Kim. "I'll do anything; just let me go! I'm so embarrassed. I think I'm going to cry!"

Heather reluctantly let Kim go, mostly because she didn't want to have the other cheerleaders, especially Joy and Janice, freak out too much.

Kim was allowed to put her skirt back on. She walked off to the locker room with Katherine. The whole incident had taken less than a minute, and luckily none of the football players had noticed anything odd.

Katherine, meanwhile, had no idea how she was supposed to touch up Kim's paint job.

As the two of them walked to the locker room, Katherine complained, "It's a real shame that Joy noticed. I can't believe Heather ratted me out too! And pretty much exposed my brother in the bargain, though at least she didn't mention his name. I'm gonna have to get her for that. Anyway, I think she's right about one thing: our only choice now is to find Alan and fix your patchy paint job. He should be playing tennis right now. You stay here in the lockers and I'll come back with him on the double."

"Thanks," was all Kim could say. She was very emotional, still on the verge of tears.

Katherine tried her best to reassure her new friend, giving her a supporting hug as they kept on walking. "Don't worry; I'm sure it'll be fine. No way will any of the others ever tell with that threat of a punishment. Heather sure gave a convincing story. And I thought your paint job was good enough. Anyway, I'll be back soon."

Katherine was able to get Alan out of tennis with the excuse of a family emergency. Ever resourceful, he had kept a brush and some of the paint in his locker in case of emergencies, so he went to get it.

He quickly painted Kim in the big shower stall of the girl's locker room, where he most certainly wasn't supposed to be. It was also the same spot where Katherine, Heather, and Amy had played with each other just the day before.

He wondered what would happen if another girl came into the locker room while he was there, but it seemed that neither of the girls wanted to even consider that possibility.

Kim's fright made it more difficult to paint her labia. It took him a few minutes of fingering her pussy lips to get them puffed up enough for him to paint properly. He had to first calm her down with soothing words, and then talk nasty to get her aroused.

Katherine, meanwhile, stood guard.

He returned to class as quickly as he could. One couldn't see the tennis courts from the cheerleader's practice area, but the other cheerleaders who didn't already know Alan's role had seen Katherine head toward those courts and return with Alan. That gave them an obvious reason to believe that Alan was the painter of the faux underwear.

Back on the practice field, Kim and Katherine felt very self-conscious as they did their exercises. The other girls were still somewhat shocked, and frequently looked in their direction.

Heather finally had to order the others to not give any unnecessary glances at Kim and Katherine during the game, for fear of drawing the crowd's attention towards them.

Kim cheerleading, doing a high kick

The game itself went without incident. There were some exposing moves like the high kick, but they were kept to a minimum by Heather and apparently no one in the crowd suspected a thing.

Kim and Katherine were nervous as hell the entire game, but really they were in little danger of getting caught. The crowd was so far away that no one could have noticed unless they looked for something suspicious with binoculars.

Both of them secretly enjoyed the experience. Like the thrill of a bungee jump or a frightening horror film, they enjoyed it and hated it at the same time.

After the game ended, all the other cheerleaders crowded around Kim and Katherine and fawned over them like little schoolgirls (except for Heather, who remained aloof to maintain her authority).

"Oh my God, that was so hot!" Janice gushed. "Every time we did a high kick or shook our booties, I got so excited, even though it wasn't me!"

"Me too!" said Amy.

"What about you, Joy?" Katherine asked.

"It was pretty crazy; that's all I can say." She shook her head in wonder. "Okay, I admit it, I felt the same way. You two are pretty cool, that you can do that. If it were me, I would have pissed in my panties in total and utter fear!"

Janice joked, "What panties? Piss in your painted-on panties?"

Everyone laughed at the absurdity of that.


Finally, Alan's school day ended. He was looking forward to his after-school meeting with Ms. Rhymer, if only to find out what he'd done to upset her. Plus, he was buoyed by the fact that no matter what happened with that, it would be followed by another sexually-charged appointment with Akami.

As everyone else left the school grounds, he went back to his fourth-period classroom, full of curiosity at what his favorite teacher wanted to talk about.

He knew that the sexual tension between them had been building and building, and it seemed like things were reaching some kind of breaking point. He figured that she must have gotten cold feet at the last minute, and that's why she'd cancelled the plans they'd had for lunch. He guessed that she was less upset with him than upset at herself for letting things go so far.

But that was not the case at all. In truth, her mind was a jumble of mixed emotions. She kept wavering between different plans, which led to very different futures for her relationship with him. She'd cancelled her lunch plans with him mostly because she still hadn't made up her mind on what to do. Even now she remained uncertain, but she'd told him to meet her after school, so she had to tell him something. She decided to go with her gut feelings when the time came.

When he got there, she sat alone behind her desk and looked extremely angry. "Come in, young man!" she said sternly.

He walked in, suddenly meek. He was far too anxious to be aroused.

"Young man, I had hoped to discuss how I could possibly help you with the orgasmic urges you have during the school day. But a more urgent and distressing problem has come up. Mr. Jackson told me all about how he caught you in the supply room yesterday."

Now Alan knew he was in deep trouble. Her earlier anger at him suddenly made sense.

"I'm shocked! Shocked to hear that you were in that room with some little hussy." She shot her words at him like bullets. "That cheerleader Kim, I gather."

He didn't confirm or deny it, but just stood still.

Her tone softened a bit. "I'm hurt too, that you didn't even tell me that you had a girlfriend. I thought that you considered me a friend you could confide in, even though I'm also your teacher."

He thought he saw her wipe away a tear, but he wasn't sure.

"You are a friend!" he quickly interjected. "You're my favorite, best teacher I've ever had!"

"Well, some kind of friend you are, then," she continued, now bitter. "What kind of friend would steal my key, make a copy of it and then use that copy to fornicate in a completely forbidden area? I cannot tell you how utterly disappointed I am in you, young man!"

Her upset feelings grew. "This is completely deplorable! Not so much because of what you did in there. I understand that you've been driven to such behavior by your ... medical treatment. But to betray my trust like that! That was completely unnecessary! Why couldn't you have just told me? We could have worked something out. Didn't I show you how far I'm willing to go to help you after school on Wednesday?! How many teachers would let you do something like that?"

She was definitely crying now, feeling both sad and angry.

He felt so bad that he wanted to cry as well. He was too stunned to come up with a good response.

He still tried to figure out what she meant by "worked something out" when she prodded him again, "What do you have to say for yourself, young man?"

"Um, I'm really, really sorry! I never meant to hurt you! It wasn't that I wanted to betray your trust; it's just that I thought you would never understand, that no one would understand. What you did to help me on Wednesday was awesome, but it just goes to show much how strong this need to cum every few hours has gotten for me!" That wasn't completely true, but he was trying to minimize the damage.

He continued, "This medical treatment is driving me crazy! It's like my body chemistry has changed. I get horny all the time, and I've gotten used to getting quick relief. Yesterday, I thought that if I didn't get some relief in the middle of the day during school, I would literally lose my mind. So I did something drastic, and stupid." There was some truth to what he said, but he continued to exaggerate for emotional effect.

"You sure did," she agreed, glaring angrily at him again. "You're just lucky that it was Mr. Jackson who caught you, or you could have gotten in real trouble. You could even have been expelled! I understand that you needed relief, but why did you have to turn to some slutty cheerleader? I'm sure that Kim is a slut who's ready to spread her legs for any guy, or girl more likely, I hear! Do you know enough about sexual diseases? Do you realize the risks you're taking?"

Suddenly her voice changed and became loving and caring. "Why didn't you come to me, your favorite teacher? Especially after what I did for you on Wednesday? I could help you like she did. Don't you like me? Don't you find me attractive?"

He didn't know what to say to that. The implications were astounding. "I could help you like she did?!" Holy fuck! Does that mean what I think it means?

In fact, she didn't know what she meant; she was going with her gut and letting her emotions take control. She was hot for Alan even more than she was angry or jealous. Curiously, the anger and jealousy seemed to only fuel her arousal even more, although she was struggling not to show it.

"I'll tell you one thing, young man," her voice angry again. "That cheerleader is no match for me! I could show her things that would make her blush!"

His mind boggled. What is she saying? I'm so confused; she's changing her mood every few seconds. Is she offering to replace Kim, so I can do things with her sexually? With my super sexy teacher? The one I've been dreaming about for three years? Even after what happened the day before yesterday, I don't believe it. No friggin' way! This is exactly like what Sis was joking about just yesterday!

He answered, "I find you VERY attractive, Ms. Rhymer! Please don't be mad at me! You're the greatest! I've had a crush on you forever!"

"Hrrmph!" she huffed. "You're just saying that to make me feel better! You've always had a cunning tongue. Anyway, having a crush on your teacher is wrong! Very wrong! It's not allowed. And you can't blame that on your medical treatment, either. I know you've felt this way about me almost since the time you first met me, at least if your constantly erect member is any indication! I think you've been bad. Very bad! Luckily, Mr. Jackson was smart enough to come to me and explain the situation. Since you stole my key, he thought it fitting that I give you the punishment for your misdeeds, and a punishment you will get!"

Alan was already a bit surprised by her appearance, since her blouse was open and underneath it she wore a sporty top that had a lower cut than anything he'd seen her wear before. He doubted she wore a bra. She'd never worn anything like that while teaching class, and yet school had just ended a few minutes earlier.

But now she got up, and he noticed that she wasn't wearing any pants, but merely bathing suit bottoms. That was even stranger. However, he was in no position at the moment to ask why.

Glory bent forward, wearing a low-cut top and bathing suit bottoms under her open shirt

She didn't know what she was going to do until she started to do it (although the clothes she'd just changed into were a big clue as to her true intentions, deep down). She walked to the door and locked it. She picked up something off her desk and held it behind her back. Then she came back to him, bent over him with her hands behind her back and got even angrier.

"Since you act like a child, I'm going to treat you like a child!" she raved. "I'm going to give you a spanking, just like a little boy!"

Her tone momentarily changed yet again and grew hesitant. "Now, strictly speaking, this kind of thing is not allowed. Do you plan to complain, or are you man enough to take your proper punishment with dignity and keep your mouth shut?"

"I'll uh, take my proper punishment." His mind spun crazily. Could this be for real? Kind, amazingly nice Ms. Rhymer, "Surfer Girl" Ms. Rhymer, is going to spank me like a little boy? Of all the people in the world!

"Good! At least you're not a complete baby!" she yelled, tough again. "Now take off your shorts and underwear - if you're wearing any - and bend over the desk."

Wait. What?! Oh no! I'll have to get naked in front of her! True, he'd exposed himself to her two days ago, but this felt very different. He stood three feet in front of her, where she now sat on the edge of her desk. His face was blushing red.

He took a step or two back, and then slowly slid his shorts down. He felt like he was the main event in a completely coerced strip show. He would have been just as humiliated if a whole crowd watched him. Yet, in spite of that, he'd just grown an erection because he was feeling a sexy vibe from his teacher as well as the intimidating one. Her mysterious comments about wanting to help him like Kim had really got him going.

He began to remove his underwear watching her apparently angry eyes as they bore into his crotch. His dick sprang free, revealing its completely erect state. He quickly removed his underwear and used his hands to cover his boner.

"Young man, you are completely incorrigible! You stand in front of your teacher with a hard-on! No, don't try to hide it!"

He sheepishly pulled his hands away.

"Is that how you repay all my kindness, with your perverted crush and your uncontrollable erections? That's what you've been doing all this week and last, having blatantly obvious hard-ons all through my class. I won't stand for it! You even had the audacity to masturbate right in front of me! Now come over here and take your punishment!"

Glory squatting in her previous outfit, holding a ruler

He noticed that Ms. Rhymer now held her ruler, and was unconsciously stroking it in the same way he'd spied her doing a few days earlier. God, what the hell does she want? First I thought she's coming on to me, but then she's humiliating me, and now she's stroking that ruler. What the hell? I've never seen her act like this, like... at all!

He nervously walked over to the desk and bent over it. He was tall enough so that his feet still touched the floor, and he was able to push his genitals up and over the desk to give them some cover.

She crouched down behind him so she could have a good look at him between his legs. Dammit! Why does he have to have such a fucking big dick? Nerdy straight-A students aren't supposed to be well-hung too! How am I supposed to resist that?!

"No, that position is too good for you," she finally concluded. "I won't have your disgusting genitals all over my desk."

He suddenly felt terrible for defiling her desk in that way.

She grabbed a chair that had no armrests. "Here, lie down over this and keep your head down."

He did. He knelt on the floor on one side of the chair, pressed his stomach down on the seat, and let his forearms fall to the floor on the other side. His genitals, including his engorged dick, hung down next to the seat. With his head down, it was impossible for him to look up and see what she was doing.

"That's more like it," she said. "Now, get ready to take your punishment. I think ten smacks will be a good start." She still wasn't sure what her plan was, but spanking his bare bottom seemed like a good start.

He felt a smack on his bottom, and realized it must be from the ruler she had just been stroking. It really hurt. Four more times the ruler came down in quick succession. He was already in real agony after the first one and the pain only got worse. He didn't expect it to hurt so much, but it did.

"Now how does that make you feel?" his teacher said through clenched teeth. "That'll teach you to fuck that little tramp! I'll bet that finally cured you of your erection."

To his amazement, he felt her reach under his legs and cup his erection in her hands. If anything, it was harder than before.

She had told herself that she was just checking on the state of his penis, since she was coming from the side and couldn't see it due to his leg being in the way. But when she felt its fullness, it was like her willpower snapped. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I really, really shouldn't be doing this! But this damn thing is twice the size of Garth's. This is the raging beast that makes even the goddess Suzanne Pestridge scream in ecstasy!

Once she had a hold of his hot pole, it was as if she was incapable of letting go. In fact, her fingers curled around it and held it tightly.

She yelled at him, "I can't believe it! You're still hard! Are you so perverted that spanking actually turns you on? Well, we'll see with a few more smacks."

To his ever-increasing surprise, he found that, indeed, the spanking had only gotten him more aroused. That was helped along more than a little bit by the fact that she was still firmly grasping his boner. Dang! This is just TOO WEIRD! Gloria Rhymer is touching my dick! How can I not be hard when the woman of my dreams is holding onto me there?! Now that it's happening, it's almost too scary. Doesn't she know she could get in all kinds of trouble for that?!

"However," she went on with a bit more softness in her voice, "I see that I may have been too hard with the ruler. It's not my intention to hurt you so badly. For the rest of your punishment I'll use my hand so it won't leave marks."

She swatted his naked butt with the palm of her hand. The ass-slaps had become much less painful. Between each swat her hand lingered on his butt and caressed where her hand had just hit.

Meanwhile, he felt her other hand begin to move against his erection, as if she was purposely rubbing it. However, she appeared so angry that he figured it was just his imagination at first.

By the tenth and hopefully last swat, it was clear that there was a lot more stroking of his butt and rubbing and stroking of his hard-on than any spanking going on. In fact, it couldn't be denied that she was giving him a full-on handjob!

But to his surprise, even the painful spanking had aroused him. He felt like he would shoot his load onto the floor at any second, and only fiercely held back because he was afraid of what her reaction would be. If it hadn't been for his PC muscle training, he would have lost it long before.

She stared at her hand sliding up and down his shaft, but it was like she couldn't believe her own eyes. I'll fucking show him! He goes to some fucking cheerleader for help instead of me?! After all I did for him?! Putting my career on the line, just to help him?! Well, I'll show him what a real woman can do to a cock! Even the mighty Suzanne Pestridge might learn a trick or two from me!

Although she was jacking him off, she still didn't have an overall plan. But her anger and lust were merging together, making her truly incapable of controlling her own burning hot body.

"Turn over," she said. She slapped his boner and then let go of it.

He turned over and maneuvered himself so he ended up sitting in the chair. He looked into her eyes at last.

She appeared to be panting heavily, and wantonly stared with excitement at his long, thick prick. "Sit down on the edge of the desk and face me," she commanded.

He obeyed. His boner poked up away from his body and into the air. He actually felt the blood pulsing into it, which made him light-headed.

The pace of her breathing slowed. "Good. You're not ashamed of your manhood. Now we can have that discussion of what to do about your medical treatment."

Her voice was much kinder now. "Alan, I didn't actually want to spank you. I've never spanked anyone before in my life. But I've just been so very angry at you! And I didn't realize it until this very instant, but it was as much getting over my mental resistance to touching you as anything else. I could pretend to do it as part of a punishment - you see what I mean?"

She purred, "But now here we are." She reached out and held his balls with one hand and his shaft with her other. Her fingertips ran up and down his erection in a delicate tease. FUCK IT! Fuck, fuck, fuck it! I don't care if I lose my job. I'll get a new one somewhere else if I have to. And I don't care about being true to Garth. He and I are history anyway. I'm going to get completely selfish for once, and completely give in to my lust and my desire! And what I want right now is this god damned thick cock!

Both of them stared at her sliding fingers. Even the thin pretense of the spanking was gone. It was clear their relationship had just taken a dramatic turn, and both of them were literally as well as figuratively breathless about it.

Finally, after a minute of squishing and sliding as the pre-cum flowed down her fingers, she spoke in a knowing, sultry voice. "The question is, what am I going to do with you? What am I going to do to THIS?" She squeezed his shaft somewhat painfully, but then, as if to make up for it, she leaned forward and briefly kissed the top of his cockhead.

She thought, Oh no! I've done it now! It won't be long before this damn thing is crammed deep in my mouth, I can tell! I'm about to become a slut for my favorite student! This is so WRONG! But so fucking right!

He just groaned in response to her kiss. He was greatly relieved that her anger wasn't entirely real, though the pain in his ass was real enough. Now he was so turned on that he couldn't think. He had to devote all his energy and concentration to flexing his PC muscle, because he didn't want to spoil the mood by cumming unexpectedly. He still was in a "pinch me, I'm dreaming" mode, because it didn't seem possible that what was happening really was happening to him.

She continued a little more heatedly, while her fingers kept on slipping and sliding up and down his stiff pole, "Mind you, my anger wasn't all fake. The fact is, what gets me upset is that you haven't asked me to directly help you find relief with your ejaculations! What is it that you need? A handjob? A blowjob? A titfuck? Lots of them, and more?! I can give you anything that little cheerleader can give you, and twice as well! I'm sure I can do some things for you that even your busty 'auntie' can't do!"

He was pretty sure he'd stopped breathing. He wouldn't have been any more shocked if she'd confessed that she was an alien from another planet.

She was getting so worked up that her fingers were practically flying up and down his boner, and her other hand was fondling his balls like she was trying to coax all of his cum out of them. But then she caught herself and slowed way down, because she didn't want him to cum just yet.

She went on, tenderly, "I've had feelings for you too, you know, and for some time. But I've just been too shy and maybe ashamed to act on them. You've changed! You've become such a, such a... sexy young man! I still don't know what to say or do now. That spanking and anger was a way to step outside of myself to get past that barrier, but now I don't know what to do."

"Kiss me," he said. He surprised himself with his confidence, a confidence greatly fueled by lust and his long-standing desire for her. He stood up, forcing her to stand up too. Then he kissed her on the lips.


Ms. Rhymer's mouth parted in anticipation. She was pleasantly surprised by his boldness, and more than a little relieved that he didn't have a hurt reaction to her rather strange behavior. She pushed her worries from her mind and just savored this special moment.

Soon their tongues twirled in a wild dance. Her hands ran to his naked ass and began to caress it while he ran his hands through her hair and down her back.

She was hot for him in general, but extra hot for his cock specifically. She'd had other boyfriends before Garth, but none were quite as endowed as Alan was, especially when it came to thickness. As they French kissed with all the fire of a supernova explosion, her hand found its way back to his boner, and she resumed stroking him.

He was just as hot for her as she was for him. She wasn't wearing a lot of clothes to begin with, so it was easy for him to slip his hands inside her bathing suit bottoms, and he did.

His already great arousal level rose another notch in response. She loved that he was being this bold.

She broke the kiss, and moaned, "I'm so sorry for hurting you. I'll never do it again. Please forgive me. It was just... a necessary deception for me to somehow break through the barrier between us!"

He nodded in understanding, even though he didn't completely understand. It seemed like there must have been other and better ways for her to have accomplished that, but he didn't care much now that they were necking and fondling.

He planted his lips on hers again, and even tilted her head back in his passion, just like they did in the movies. He thought, Holy FUCK! I'm really kissing Ms. Rhymer! We're totally making out! This is the best thing to happen to me ever! Okay, maybe not, but only because there have been some other equally great things that happened lately. So many fucking impossibly great things, especially with Mom, and Sis, and Aunt Suzy! But still, this is EPIC!

And the kiss just feels so GOOD! And her body does too. Gaawwwd, I love her ass! My hands are full of nothing but bare ass! My hot teacher really is, well, HOT! True, she may not have the big boobs I really like, but these are more than a handful!

He brought a hand from her ass and groped at her left boob, and then her right one, kneading them through her clothes. These feel great! But I wouldn't care if she had no boobs at all, because the rest of her is so perfect. She just has such a fit, hard body! But more than that, this is Ms. Rhymer we're talking about here! Holy fucking mother of God!

They kissed some more. He kept groping at her boobs, eventually with both hands, but he was frustrated by her clothes. However, he was so emboldened by this dream come true that he wasn't deterred. As the kiss went on, he managed to take her blouse off, which was already hanging open.

Then he worked on taking off the exercise clothing she wore underneath. He pulled her shirt up to her armpits, exposing to his view for the first time her lovely breasts in all their naked glory. At the same time, he tried to tug her bathing suit bottoms off.

However, he needed her cooperation to get her top off her arms or her bottoms down her legs, but instead of helping she seemed to get frightened by his bold efforts. She thought, FUCK YES! I knew it! I knew it! Alan HAS changed! I used to be flattered by his crush on me, but I never was going to let him do anything because he was just too nice and shy. I already had that with Garth. But this new Alan takes charge! He IS a stud!

Still, I can't let him go too far! Things are veering out of control! If I let him take my clothes off, he'll be fucking me soon thereafter! Not yet. Soon, but not yet!

She pushed him away, saying sadly, "I can't let you do that. You know I have a boyfriend, a serious boyfriend. My feelings for him are ... confused. I'm not ready for that. I'm not ready to, um, you know, have sex. If you have to do that right now, go to that little tramp."

Then her expression turned mischievous, and there was a twinkle in her eyes. "But I can give you something else. The best blowjob you ever had, or are ever going to get!"

That suggestion startled him. "You're willing to blow me but you won't even let me remove your top?"

She considered for a moment, then said, "Well, since you insist, maybe I'll give you a little peek. But hands to yourself." She began to sexily pull her top up.

Alan's eyes were locked on her chest. Her breasts weren't large to him, but that was only because of his very exaggerated standards. By any normal measure, her C-cups were impressive indeed. XX01

She had only intended to pull her top up above her breasts, give him a good look, and then pull them back down. But her lust was in the driver's seat. Somehow, she kept on pulling it up all the way over her head, and then she let it drop to the floor.

He thought, Dang! Nice tits! My teacher's tits! This is so sweet! This isn't happening! He gazed at her like an idiot.

She thought, Shit. Oh well. I really shouldn't have done that, but it's like I've lost my mind and I don't care! I guess we'll be okay as long as I don't let him fuck me. I can't allow that. Probably not at all, but at least not until I break up with Garth!

She knelt down in front of him before her own desk. Aaaah! It's time for my tasty treat! Somehow, I just know I'm going to be doing this a LOT for him from now on! With one hand still holding and stroking his shaft, she leaned in and began to lick her tongue all around his cockhead.

It felt unbelievably good, for both of them.

But for Alan, it felt too good. He cried out, "Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait!" He was worried he'd embarrass himself by cumming in the first few seconds. "Ms. Rhymer, please! I'm, I'm afraid you're gonna make me cum already!"

She paused. She looked up at him with amusement and an arched eyebrow. "Seeing how I've got my tongue on your cock and I'm about to swallow the whole damn thing, don't you think it's time you start calling me 'Glory?'"

He quickly changed his mind, because the prospect of her taking it all in her mouth was too thrilling to resist. "No, don't wait! Yes! Keep going!" He still felt like he could cum at any moment, but he also had no idea what the future might hold and he didn't want to miss out on this incredible occasion by being too cautious. Besides, he was so very aroused that he figured if he did cum soon, he'd be able to get erect again before long.

Glory engulfed all of his cockhead, plus another inch or two.

"ARGH!" he screamed, because a titanic surge of arousal ran through him and actually made him curl his toes inside his shoes.

She loved it too. She'd never felt so wicked, so naughty, so totally out of control. Plus, the sheer thickness of his erection excited her to no end. She knew right away this was a cock she could easily learn to love to suck.

Her tongue began lapping against his sweet spot in earnest. At the same time, she slid her lips up and down his shaft with an extra tight seal.

"ARGH!" he screamed. Just as he was recovering from the last surge of pleasure, he was hit by an even bigger one. He couldn't explain it, but he felt a sort of electric connection. Perhaps it was a little-understood biological or chemical reaction similar to pheromones, but it felt like something very magical was happening when her lips were wrapped around his shaft. It was a special feeling he hadn't even gotten with Susan or Suzanne and their passionate mouths.

Glory could feel it too, although she wasn't sure at first if it was just the taboo thrill of the situation. Suddenly, it was like she couldn't get enough. She already was tempted to show him her deep throating skills and take him all the way to the root.

She stopped again, but only for a few moments. She realized he was simply overwhelmed with pleasure and trying to adjust. Chuckling in her own mind, she mulled over what she was doing while her lips and tongue resumed their fun but at a slower pace. I've really gone and done it now! I damn well hope I didn't make the biggest mistake of my life, because there's no way to undo this.

I'm sucking on Alan's cock! Good God! I really am! And what a cock it is! It totally fills my mouth, and then some. Just keeping my lips wrapped around it is a constant challenge. But dammit, it feels so good! Just knowing it's Alan's. Mmmm! But it's more than that. I'm getting this constant special buzz. Is that true love? Am I really in love with him or just in lust with him? I don't know, but I know I want to make him feel better than he's ever felt in his life!

She chuckled to herself some more. Yep! I'm definitely going to be doing this a lot from now on! He says he needs to cum every day around lunch. If he wants, he can cum straight down my throat, any time he wants!

With the goal of giving him the best blowjob he'd ever had, even better than Suzanne's, she began a series of devastatingly effective corkscrew moves, taking him surprisingly deep at times.

However, she had to stop again not long after she began because Alan started making sounds like he was being tortured. Upon reflection, she realized he just really, really wanted to delay his orgasm, and his entire body was suffering and straining to that end.

Already, she was impressed. Garth didn't have that kind of determination, which meant he didn't have that kind of staying power. She rarely gave her boyfriend a blowjob because she didn't really enjoy it. But everything seemed different with her new lover.

She took mercy on Alan, and just slid her lips up and down his pole a little while keeping her tongue away, to avoid overstimulating him. As she let him recover, she thought about her boyfriend. Poor Garth. I'm cheating on him and I've never cheated on anyone before. Even if I don't get fucked today, a blowjob is still cheating. He doesn't deserve this. I should have called it off with him before I started doing anything with Alan, but I just can't help myself. I've been fantasizing and fantasizing, but I didn't think I'd REALLY go through with this until I did!

MMMM! God, yes! This cock tastes too good! I'll tell Garth it's over tonight. That's close enough for horseshoes.

Thanks to Glory restraining herself, relatively speaking, Alan calmed down enough for him to attempt to speak between his heavy panting. "Ms. Rhymer! ... I can't... can't believe it! ... Dream come true!"

There was much he wanted to say, but that was the best he could get out for now, because his "dream come true" comment inspired her to increase her bobbing, and with greater suction. She resumed her talented tongue work too.

She mumbled through her stuffed mouth, "Caaah me Gorree ahhreadah."

"Oh... man!" He mentally translated her mumble: "Call me Glory already." That's such a trip! She's can't even talk clearly because she's sucking my cock!

He clutched his hands into fists and tried to hold on during this wild ride. Within seconds of her changing her technique, he was fighting with all he had not to cum. He noticed that of all the blowjobs he'd had, none had involved suction this powerful. Phew! Jesus! Ms. Rhymer is the suction queen! God it feels great, just so long as she doesn't suck my dick clean off!

She grew more excited the more she pondered what she was doing. This is wrong! Dead wrong! If someone were to walk in right now, my career would be over. Hell, my life would practically be over. It would get back to my parents, and I'd just die of shame. But, I must admit, the danger makes everything even twice as arousing!

And what must Alan think of me now? His prim and proper teacher is on her knees, slurping and sucking like her life depends on it! He must think I'm a total slut. And the truth is, I kind of am a slut, his slut! Any teacher who does this for a student has to be pretty damn slutty! In fact, I've never acted so slutty and reckless in my life. And I've never felt so ALIVE!

These ideas made her overheated libido positively flame. She started to whip her tongue around his cock so quickly that he felt as if there were two tongues upon him.

B: Top-down view of Glory sucking Alan's cock, looking down on her naked breasts

The sensation was so uncanny that he looked down to check whether she actually had two tongues. That turned out to be a mistake. He'd been careful not to look down for fear of being overstimulated by the sexy sight, and that's just what happened. Luckily for him, he cried out with such alarm that Glory sensed his impending crisis and froze all movement.

They stayed like that for some long moments, as if time had been suspended. Finally his close shave passed. He even dared to look down again. What staggered him this time was that not only didn't he see two tongues, or one tongue, he couldn't see much of his teacher's face because she had so much of his erection in her mouth.

Just seeing that made him so giddy that he had to close his eyes and squeeze his PC muscle frantically.

Holy Christ, man! Just so... UGH! Intense! UH! Damn! But I've gotta... phew! I've gotta... gotta... hold out! Can't... don't wanna... I don't wanna be some teenaged, hair trigger... UGH! Dammit, it feels so awesome even when she's not moving! Her lips are latched onto me like a leech! Phew! Just hold on, hold on. It'll pass!

As his heart raced and his body tingled down to his toes, he tried to come to grips with the lip-lock she had on him. He suspected that she had him unusually deep. What he didn't realize was that she had truly great deep-throating skills, and while she wasn't going all the way down on him just yet, she was holding him well past her gag reflex. Part of his cockhead was in her throat, and that felt so good that he was having a hard time not cumming, even now.

But he was desperately eager to prove to her that he was worthy of her by not shooting off like an overly aroused boy with no self-control. He knew that even a week ago he would have been that boy, but his abilities were growing by the day, especially since Suzanne had worked with him on his PC muscle control.

She'd held him deep for a minute, but finally she had to pull up for air. After gasping for breath, she decided she'd given him enough of a break, so went back to bobbing and licking. It would have been easier for him if she'd at least partially deep-throated him again, but instead she focused her efforts on his super-sensitive frenulum, his sweet spot.

Oh MAN! he thought. Good LORD! Just when I thought I had things under control, she has to do THIS! I swear, who would have thought my history teacher would be this good at cocksucking?! And she's nearly naked and her body is just as fit and curvy as I knew it would be! She's a total babe, my Surfer Girl teacher babe, and she has the hots for ME! This is too crazy! But I'm not gonna let her down. I can do this! Hold on! Motherfucking HOLD ON!

He'd had all kinds of sexually arousing thoughts floating through his mind, such as how great it would be to tell his good friends Peter or Sean that their remarkably beautiful history teacher had given him a blowjob just a few feet away from where they sat in her class. (Although, in fact he knew he would never betray her trust by telling them.) But he wiped his mind of such thoughts, somehow managing not to think at all. By slowly counting to ten over and over, he did nothing but luxuriate in the ceaseless waves of pleasure that were flowing through his body.

In fact, it had been only a few minutes since Glory had started blowing him, but even so, she was a bit surprised he'd lasted so long. She had expected him to have no self-control whatsoever, and she also prided herself on her cocksucking skill. So she decided to step things up a notch.

She withdrew until it was just the tip of her tongue playing with the tip of his cockhead. But she was just getting ready while filling her lungs with air. She thought, This is a real deep throat, Suzanne!

Then she engulfed his cockhead and took him deep, deeper than she had anyone before, since she'd never sucked on an erection quite this long before. More than half of his shaft disappeared between her lips, with some of it sliding down her tight throat. Then she pulled all the way off him, then did it again, going even deeper the next time.

B: Glory deep-throating Alan

Though she breathed through her nose, she eventually had to pause for more air. Then she took him deep again.

It finally dawned on him, Hey! She's deep throating me! No way! She can do that?! Damn! I can feel her tongue working up towards her lips, her super suction lips, but then it's so tight in back! FUUUUUCCK, man!

He tried to pay more attention to what was actually happening to his dick. Thus, on her next pass, he felt his cockhead not only hit the back of her throat but go way down it. He thought for sure her gag reflex would kick in and she would choke or even throw up, but she didn't.

He looked down and saw that her nose was practically bumping against his pubic hair. He concluded, Damn! It totally figures that Aunt Suzy could do this, but not Ms. Rhymer?! Jesus H. Christ! As if Ms. Rhymer blowing me wasn't exciting enough already. I think she's trying to kill me!

He could only wonder to himself, Where on Earth did all that dick go? It's like sword swallowing!

But it got even better. His cockhead slid up and down her throat, and it occurred to him just how similar the sensations were to when he'd fucked his sister the day before. It's not like I'm metaphorically fucking her face; I'm literally fucking her face!

It was like fucking and then some, because even as his cockhead pistoned in and out of the back of her mouth, her tongue swirled around the middle of his shaft, at the same time that her lips did incredible things to its base while keeping a very tight lip-lock. Suzanne had a much longer tongue, but Glory's had more dexterity; she had moves that even Suzanne couldn't emulate.

But she didn't stop there. With one hand she played with his balls, and did it in a way that gave him incredible sensations there that he'd never felt before. With her other hand she pushed his butt up off the desk and slid a finger that she'd lubricated with her pussy juices up into his anus. He was pleasantly surprised that she knew the anal fingering trick that he'd first learned from Akami.

For some reason, he'd assumed that his teacher had only very vanilla sexual skills. He knew she was only a few years out of college, and she seemed more innocent than slutty. But he realized that as great as Suzanne's deep throating skills were, hers were even better, if only slightly.

Between all these sensations, he knew he couldn't last long. Even his PC muscle exercises couldn't save him from this combined assault.

"I have to cum!" he cried.

She kept on as if she hadn't heard. She was very proud of her cocksucking skills, and it had become a matter of pride for her to get him to cum sooner rather than later.

He shot a powerful load into her mouth. Because he'd cried out, she pulled back just in time, so his cockhead was in her mouth instead of lodged in her throat. She took his eruption in stride and swallowed every last drop of his jism.

When he was done, she gasped for breath as if she were dying, then recovered quickly. (A vital element of her deep throating skill was her excellent breath control.)


She stood up, satisfied and happy. Alan had shown he had significant sexual stamina, which was very nice, and she felt good from showing off her obviously excellent cocksucking ability. She didn't hate deep throating, but she didn't really enjoy it either, because it had its uncomfortable aspects. Still, she loved the fact that she could wow him with her deep-throating technique. She felt it had been worth the effort just for the look on his astounded post-orgasmic face.

She asked boastfully, "Now tell me, young man, can your girlfriend do that?"

"No," he admitted between heavy, labored breaths. "You were... amazing!" He stared at her bug-eyed while she just smiled and smirked.

He realized that of all his recent blowjobs, the only ones that came close were those of Suzanne's, and even she couldn't compare. It sounded corny, but he felt like her mouth and his dick had some kind of special connection. Deep throating was a completely different thing, and he was astounded at how good she was at it. His brain reeled as he considered that he might be enjoying her oral skills on a regular basis from now on.

He thought about his teacher's "girlfriend" comment, and concluded that she was referring to Kim. "Actually, she's not my girlfriend. I don't really have a girlfriend. She's more of a lesbian than anything. That was just a weird moment of passion. I don't know what it means for the future, but I don't think of her in that way. That's why I didn't tell you."

She was very glad to hear that. "Good!" She was extremely eager to please him, which was why she'd shown off her deep throating and other cocksucking skills from the very start. She knew it was kind of irrational, since the odds were enormous that he'd be over the moon just doing anything intimate with her whatsoever. But she was feeling conflicted over the wisdom of what she was doing, and she didn't want there to be even the slightest chance that this daring gamble of hers would not succeed.

Besides, she felt like she was in competition with Suzanne Pestridge for his affections. She felt she couldn't compete with Suzanne's outstanding beauty; nobody could. Even comparing herself to Suzanne's great sexual skill was daunting. The redhead looked like she was born to fuck, and his Wednesday description of her blowjob suggested that her talent actually matched her looks, incredibly enough.

So now that she was coming off her erotic high, she more or less put Suzanne out of her mind and concentrated on the more threatening and presumably easier to beat competition at school. That meant Kim, since she didn't know or even suspect he could be involved with more than one girl at a time. "Well then. Since you don't have a girlfriend, I want you here every day after school to get your treatment. And that's a requirement to pass my class, young man!"

She smiled broadly. She was confident after that blowjob that she'd blown Kim out of the water, in more ways than one.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead, and still struggled to get his breathing under control. He was puzzled that Ms. Rhymer was the one who'd been doing all the work and struggling with breathing since her mouth had been stuffed with cock, and yet she wasn't sweating or gasping like he was.

He waited until he could talk more freely, and then he replied, "Ms. Rhymer, please, don't even say that. I think I'm going to die. Seriously!"

"Call me Glory already."

"Glory." He had a minor tingle of pleasure as he recalled her saying those exact words while her mouth was stuffed with cock. "That was like... death, but in a good way, if that makes sense. You show me pleasure I didn't even think was possible, and then you say we're going to do it every day? With you? The woman I've been dreaming about for so long? Do you have any idea how many nights I've fallen asleep after masturbating, thinking about you?" He added with genuine wide-eyed amazement, "I can't believe this is happening!"

She was very happy. He was saying all the right things and making her feel that maybe she wasn't a complete idiot for seducing one of her students. "It's not quite as good as that. Deep throating isn't exactly easy, and it isn't as pleasurable for me as regular cocksucking. I'm afraid we'll have to save that for special occasions." She grinned. "Sorry, you'll just have to put up with my plain old cocksucking on a daily basis. We can meet after school like this. Who will be the wiser?"

"Oh no! How horrible!" he joked. But then, more seriously, he said, "Um, I can't, uh, actually be with you every day after school." Alan thought of his plans to go to Kim's house with his sister every Monday and Thursday, for starters.

She was very surprised.

He scrambled to think of a better excuse than "there are times I'd like to fuck my sister." It was hard to think though, after what he'd just been through, not to mention that she still stood topless in front of him. "God knows I'd love to! Some days I can, but it would be better during lunch, Ms. Rhymer. I don't know if that's possible for you, though."

"Please, don't call me Ms. Rhymer. Didn't I make that clear? Don't you think we know each other well enough now to be on a first-name basis?"

"Sorry, uh, Gloria."

"Call me Glory. That's what my close friends call me."

"Glory." He tried out the new word experimentally, since he was seriously thinking of calling her that from now on. It made him smile, because he began to sing:

"Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Teacher hit me with a ruler
I hid behind the door with a loaded forty-four
Now she ain't my teach no more!"

They both laughed. "Battle Hymn of the Republic, you know," he pointed out. They both were familiar with the kid's variation to the famous song.

"The first two lines are good, but I don't like the last two," she kidded.

"I don't either. Let's see. Maybe we can come up with something better." He sang again:

"Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
Teacher hit me with a ruler
We did it on the floor of a beat up four-by-four
And now I bang her on the door!"

"Much better," she said with a laugh. "You're so clever. What a shame I don't own a four-by-four. And as for that last line, well..." She thought about her boyfriend Garth, not to mention the huge risk she was taking and all of the things that could go wrong. "We'll have to see how things go. Someday, perhaps."

She grew more serious. "Look. I don't know WHAT I'm doing. This is pretty crazy. I'm a teacher and you're a student, obviously, but that means a normal relationship is out of the question. Frankly, I don't know what's going to happen with us. For now, let me help you with your problem. Let's keep it simple and save questions about what this all means for later."

He was secretly very glad to hear that. Had the two of them become intimate a few months earlier, before everything happened with Suzanne, Susan, Katherine, and the others, he would have leapt at the chance to be exclusive with her. But now that had all changed and he couldn't imagine going back to asexual relationships with his other lovers.

He realized he was lucky in one important respect: the danger inherent in a relationship between teacher and student actually worked in his favor, making it impossible for them to have a normal (and thus presumably exclusive) relationship.

In fact, it dawned on him that while she was giving him a hard time about being with Kim, she knew about his intimacy with Suzanne and wasn't saying anything about that at all. He found that very encouraging indeed, because he didn't want to be forced to choose between his dream-come-true "Surfer Girl" and the other amazing women in his life.

She looked around, and added, "Did you notice this room is actually pretty ideal for fooling around? The door locks and the walls are pretty soundproof. Plus, we're on the second floor, and with the trees in the way, no one can look in from outside. Maybe we should try out your door idea someday when the hallways are full, and see if anyone notices!"

He chuckled gleefully. "And here you won't even let me touch your breasts."

She thought about how he'd given her boobs a good fondle before managing to strip her from the waist up. But she did realize he hadn't really gotten a chance to fondle her there after most of her clothes came off. "Well, since you insist, we can do that... next time."

He pouted, "Aaaaawww. Next time?"

She chuckled. "Give you an inch and you take a mile. Look at you. You're still doubled over, recovering, and you're not even aroused. Let's save that for when we'll both enjoy it more."

He replied, "Not aroused? Believe me, I am VERY aroused! Just because my dick isn't up for more fun, that doesn't mean anything. Just being here with you, like this... wow! It means so much to me. I'm so happy that I really want to cry! And if I were any more aroused, well... I'd be REALLY aroused! My dick would probably fly off and soar up to Heaven!"

She laughed happily at his inability to articulate his feelings, because it showed her effect on him. She particularly loved that her blowjob had blown his mind to such a degree that he still looked dazed and shell-shocked. It was obvious from his reactions that he had very strong feelings for her that included lust but went well beyond that. "We don't want that. I very much want to keep your penis attached to you." She laughed some more.

"Me too, believe me!"

Returning to their earlier topic, she pointed out, "Your lunch idea presents some problems. I realize that's when I could really help you the most, since Suzanne Pestridge helps you before school and when you get home sometimes, I assume. But people could get suspicious if you were in my room during lunch every day with the door locked."

He pointed out, "But everybody already knows that I stay after class and talk to you during lunch anyway."

"That's true, but it's usually only for five to ten minutes at most. The door generally stays open."

Now that he had recovered further, his clever mind was getting back on track. He tried to cover for his earlier faux pas in shooting down her idea to meet every day after school. "Okay, here's what I'm thinking. The reason I'm not so keen on meeting after school isn't because I have somewhere better to be. It's just that it would be super suspicious. You and I already hang out a lot during lunch, even if it is only for ten minutes or so. We should work with that."

Seeing her interest, he continued, "We should vary it up. We can meet after school some days, and during lunch on other days. And maybe not meet at all some days, because that could raise too many suspicions if we meet every day. Thank God the door can be set to lock when it closes."

He thought as he ogled her partially nude body, Dang! Nice tits! My teacher's tits! This is so sweet! This isn't happening! I've gotta be the luckiest kid alive. I'm here with Ms. Rhymer! Oops, I mean Glory. Hell, even the fact that she finally lets me call her 'Glory' makes me happy and horny! That's proof that our relationship has totally changed.

He gazed at her gorgeous, fit figure like a total idiot, blinded by beauty. It occurred to him that they'd assumed from the start that they'd want to meet every school day if possible. That showed how much they both wanted each other. She wants me! She's, like, got a crush on me or something. ME! That's like Eric Clapton wanting to come to my house to jam, even though I play guitar like crap. It doesn't make any sense. But then again, look what's been happening to me recently with women in general. Maybe I have a lot more sex appeal than I thought?!

Realizing she was expecting him to say more, he said, "Then, on other days, we can hang out and talk during lunch as we always do with the door open, so people will think sometimes the door just happens to close and sometimes it doesn't. On some of those days, hopefully we can meet after school in your room and take more time. 'Cos after all, we both have to still eat lunch, and the lunch period isn't that long."

"I think I have a new item on my menu," said Glory in a saucy tone she'd never used around him before. "It's called a Sperm Shake. Very high in protein, and with a surprisingly sweet flavor. I can still taste it!" She leaned her head back and made lewd gurgling noises.

She was joking around, but she was genuinely impressed with the taste of his cum. Not only did she not mind it, she actually found it delicious.

Alan was shocked, insofar as he paid attention to anything other than her boobs. She'd always acted like a lady; he didn't expect her to be so sexually frank. "Ms. Rhymer! I mean Glory!"

Glory, topless

"You thought I was prim and proper, didn't you? Well I have a whole other side." She was completely naked from the waist up, but seemed surprisingly unself-conscious about it. She even thrust her chest out a little bit.

"I kinda guessed, though it's still a surprise to see," said Alan. "When I've seen you on the beach it's like you're a totally different person. You know, we all call you 'Surfer Girl' behind your back."

His thoughts drifted to mental images he had of seeing Glory surf the waves even as his eyes remained locked on her chest, imagining her surfing naked.

"I know, and I don't mind at all." Referring to the nickname of one of the other teachers, she pointed out, "It's much better than calling Mr. Farnburton 'Mr. Farmbottom'!"

They laughed together.

She continued, "Maybe one of these days you'll just have to bump into 'Surfer Girl' accidentally-on-purpose at the beach. I'd like that." She winked. "Who knows, maybe I could help you with your special problem on the beach." She gazed knowingly at his flaccid penis.

"I'd like that very much too." He found himself horny all over again, over and above his already-existing arousal. He mentally pictured himself fucking her on the beach sands, even as he enjoyed the reality of her topless beauty right in front of him. "I've had some pretty amazing fantasies about you, but the reality is soooo much better."

But then he remembered what else he had to do. "Unfortunately, right now I've got to roll," he said ruefully.

"So soon? I thought we were just getting started!" she pouted.

He thought, Oh, man! What a temptation! How can I possibly leave this?! Even though my dick isn't hard, she'll have me going again in a couple of minutes for sure.

She cupped her boobs and thrust them out towards him. "Are you going to run home to Mrs. Pestridge's bigger boobs instead?" Then she pinched her nipples, as if to entice him to suck on them. She knew she shouldn't let herself feel jealous about what he was doing with Suzanne, but she couldn't completely stop herself from making that bitter comment.

He groaned in lusty frustration. "It's not that! I'd love to stay here for hours and hours, but I have no choice. I've got a medical appointment. It's about my treatment." He began to put on his clothes.

"Oh. Well, then. That can't be helped. And sorry again about the spanking. But like I said, it was somehow necessary. In some ways I was tricking myself as much as you, so I wouldn't chicken out. Anyway, I'm sure we can find ways for me to make it up to you."

Her voice turned sultry as she sensuously licked her lips. "I might just need to work on my deep throating some more, for instance. I might just have to suck on your cock quite a lot, as my way to say I'm sorry. Would you like that?"

He shook his head in disbelief. "WOW! You know I'm not brain-damaged. Though I might be if you keep giving me blowjobs like that one. So I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer."

She smiled happily and so did he. "See you on Monday, especially at lunch, if you know what I mean!"

"Definitely! And the spanking wasn't bad at all. In fact, it made me all horny, as you knew it would. But since you were so naughty with me, maybe I'll just have to give YOU the spanking next time!"

"Maybe you will," she agreed gleefully.

He waved and walked out.

He thought, This rocks! Man, having this energy problem is the best thing that ever happened to me, no question! Suddenly everyone wants to help me with my orgasm treatment. Everyone! Heck, maybe I could even get Christine to help? ... Nah, there's a limit to even my luck. But still. Wow! Ms. Rhymer is a real firecracker!

Alone, Glory thought to herself, What have I done? Glory, you are a very, very foolish woman. You're skating on thin ice. Razor-thin ice. There are so many reasons why that was not a smart thing to do, including what my boyfriend would think. Soon to be ex-boyfriend, I suspect. And there's my job. I'm gonna lose my job for sure, with the way things are going. If I don't, it'll be a miracle. But, to be completely honest, I'd do it all over again. My Alan! He's mine! It breaks my heart that he's so active with Mrs. Pestridge, because I could be falling head over heels for him!

Even the very perceptive Glory didn't realize just how many other women she had as competition.


Less than an hour after Alan left Glory in her classroom, he found himself in the examination room used by his nurse, Akami.

Thanks to the drive to the doctor's office and then having to wait in the waiting room, he'd finally lost the dazed look Glory's surprise "attack" had given him. He even managed to shift his focus to looking forward to what another appointment with Akami might bring, rather than just reliving what had happened in Glory's classroom.

Akami in her white medical uniform, standing in a doorway, looking in

By the way Akami stood in the doorway to greet him with a sultry and excited look in her eyes, Alan figured he'd have a very good appointment indeed. He had a hard-on he could use as a baseball bat just from looking at her face and the way she was staring back at him.

"How are we doing today?" she said brightly as she came in. She was dressed in her usual white lab uniform while he remained dressed in his usual T-shirt and shorts.

"Good. Nice to see you," he said happily and more than a bit nervously. Geez! This is a woman who has totally jacked me off, twice! What's gonna happen today? The hungry way she's looking at me like I'm a steak... Jesus! My heart is about to burst from anticipation!

He said, "But, um, before we go on, I should mention that my mother insisted on driving me here, and even now she is waiting in the car. She told me to restrain myself, and that she might be checking up on me at any time."

"Did she say that?" Akami wasn't terribly surprised. "She said similar things to me on the phone, but I don't think she'll be coming in to check on you. She complained that I was too enthusiastically helpful at our last meeting, and told me that she wouldn't be attending this time. If I didn't know better, I'd almost think she's afraid to come in here, as if I'd molest her or something!"

They both had a laugh at that, but Alan saw a lot of truth in it. Akami was delighted that her scheme - to scare away Susan so she could be alone with Alan - had worked.

She added with a sexy purr, "And maybe she's afraid of what she'd see. For instance, how do you think she'd react if she was forced to watch me slide my lips up and down your stiff erection? To get a good sample, of course."

He practically had to clutch at his chest. JEEEEESUS! She's totally gonna give me a blowjob! And what if Mom did see that?! That's seriously blowing my mind!

The nurse suggested, "Now why don't we go ahead and take your blood sample, to get that unpleasantness out of the way?"

Alan watched as she withdrew a small vial of his blood.

Akami flashing her panties under her short skirt

When she was done getting the sample, she squatted on the floor in front of him and said, "Let's take a good look at you."

She stared at him intently, as she usually did.

He couldn't help but notice that, from that position, her short skirt rode up, which caused her panties to show. If she hadn't worn panties, he could have seen her entire pussy.

There was an uncomfortable silence, and then she said, "All right, Alan, as we did last time, I'm going to have to give your penis a good amount of stimulation." She smirked slightly. "That is, if you don't mind?"

He stammered, "Um, no! I'm cool! Uh, I mean, that's cool."

"Good." She was having a hard time keeping a straight face, she was having such fun seducing him. "Please take off your clothes."

Sweet! I knew it! I swear, having to cum six times a day is kind of a curse, but it's also the greatest blessing. But is she really doing this for some valid medical reason, or is she just getting off on it? There's gotta be at least some of the latter going on, but hell, who cares? He asked, "All of them? What about the patient gown? Should I put that on?"

"Yes, all of them. Wear the gown if it makes you feel more comfortable. It's all the same to me."

He began to take off his clothes, item by item. He felt extremely self-conscious as she stared at him. This is what a woman must feel like when she does a striptease. Awkward! However, he felt a lot better than when he'd stripped in front of his teacher a mere hour or so earlier. Then, he had no idea what would occur. Now, he was certain that fun, highly pleasurable things were about to happen.

At the same time, the undressing, coupled with Akami's display of her panties, brought his erection back with a vengeance, so that by the time he'd removed his pants and underwear he was fully engorged. However, he still felt self-conscious about being completely naked, so as he started to raise his shirt, he asked, "Can I keep my T-shirt on? Please?"

"Sure. Why not?" She smiled broadly and scooted closer. Without a word, she grabbed his erection and began to stroke it. She didn't show any hesitation or doubt at all.

He thought, Man oh man, what a day! Feels GOOD! I may not have feelings for Akami like I do for Ms. Rhymer, but she's still quite a hottie. This could turn into a very good regular thing if I can just keep my head in the game.

She asked him as she leaned in closer to his boner, "Tell me, has your penis been receiving enough stimulation in the past two weeks?"

He almost wanted to laugh deliriously at that, since he'd been getting such incredible stimulation. He looked down at the nurse on her knees as her fingers slipped and slid up and down his shaft. "Oh definitely. I'm happy to report that I'm averaging just slightly less than six ejaculations a day, always preceded by prolonged stimulation, and the day-to-day consistency has been pretty good also."

"That's great news," the nurse replied. "You've improved, but you still need to try harder to maintain that average of six or better."

She was actually surprised that anyone could keep up such an intense schedule - six climaxes a day seemed absurd for a male - but she tried not to show it. "Also importantly, have you been getting assistance from others so that your penis isn't treated too roughly?"

He shuddered, because her mouth was so close to the tip of his cockhead that her every breath felt fantastic. He thought she might stick her tongue out and lick it at any moment. "That's really great news, too," he said, trying to sound calm. "I've been getting lots of help lately. Though I still don't, er... have a girlfriend, really." There was a touch of sadness in his voice at that, because he thought about what happened when he'd tried to ask Christine out.

Akami wasn't terribly surprised at that, given what she knew about Susan and Suzanne and their hourglass figures. She figured he wouldn't be in a big hurry to get a girlfriend if he had the likes of those two helping him. "And what about your mother? She told me on the phone about her new strict policy of not having you get overly excited, as she put it. But one issue she dodged was whether she brought you to ejaculation when she performed your abnormality checks this Tuesday and last. Did she?"

His heart was pounding hard, and not just from the handjob. Can I tell her about Mom and me? I mean, she kinda must know already, given everything that happened last time. And she's in the middle of jacking me off, so she's cool, right? But still, it's incest! He asked rather nervously, "Um, is there some kind of assumption of patient confidentiality, like there is with lawyers and preachers?"

She replied, "Of course. And besides, remember that I was here and saw the sexual tension between you and your mother. If I had a problem with it, don't you think I'd try to be discouraging her, instead of encouraging her to help you out?"

He thought about that, and decided to be honest. It felt good to have someone to "confess" to. Plus, he figured that if he lied about all the help he was getting, it could affect his treatment. "The first Tuesday, definitely. In fact, we both kind of went a little wild. She gave me lots of handjobs and blowjobs that day - I don't think she could have checked me any more thoroughly! Does that, uh, shock you?"

"No. I'm not surprised at all. And it's not my job to make moral judgments. Please, continue."

He sighed with relief. "Uh, okay. But, uh, this last Tuesday, there was just one handjob, very quick and clinical. She's really changed her attitude; she now says that's all she can help me out with all week. I think she was kind of freaked out about what happened the week before."

Akami tried hard not to snicker. She thought, as if she were talking to Susan, I know who's getting "overly excited," and it's you, you old cow, and not me! "Lots of handjobs and blowjobs?" Wow! Talk about above and beyond the call of duty!

Then she said to Alan in a bitter voice, "You know, I find it very rich that she would berate me for getting a little friendly with a patient when she herself is sucking off her own son!" She unconsciously let out her anger by rubbing his erection more aggressively.

He groaned lustily. The thrill of being with someone relatively new was bringing him to the edge of climax faster than usual.

After she composed herself a bit, she added, "But don't pay any attention to my ramblings. We need to finish quickly, 'cos I'm sure she's waiting impatiently in the car. I wonder what she's thinking about while she's waiting."

He was enjoying the handjob and didn't feel a need to reply. He could well imagine Susan squirming with arousal in the car, imagining what was happening to him in the doctor's office, and that turbo-charged his arousal.

Akami said as she stroked and deliberately breathed on the sensitive underside of his shaft, "I know this is a controversial stance, but I really couldn't care less about the so-called 'incest' factor. The fact is, you're adopted. Biologically speaking, there's no incest here at all. The whole point of the incest taboo is to prevent birth defects and the like, and that's obviously not an issue here. We just have a very loving and concerned woman trying to help out someone she loves any way she can, even if it contradicts her religious beliefs. I find that touching, and inspiring. So you won't find any disapproval from me."

He felt even more relieved. "Boy, I can't tell you how glad I am to hear you say that. The thing is, I don't feel any guilt at all, even though I'm supposed to, and I think it's because of what you just said. Besides, she's just SOOOO totally gorgeous that I figure it's kind of out of my hands. I mean, I would have to be dead not to be turned on by her, big time."

Akami chuckled. "Well, there is that." She kept on stroking and stroking as they talked, focusing on his frenulum, the sweet spot under the head of his cock. "I'd like to ask you another question. Strictly for medical purposes, of course, but you might find it a bit personal. These women who have been helping you out. Have you had sexual intercourse with any of them?"

He considered, Man! What should I say to that?! Of course I just lost my virginity to my own sister in an amazing fuck-fest yesterday, but can I really tell the nurse that? She doesn't need to know about Sis. When it comes to actual fucking, she might not be so understanding about incest. He thought it might be okay, but decided it was safer to just lie.

"No, I haven't. Just handjobs and blowjobs. But I think that's likely to change soon, probably by our next appointment two weeks from now."

He thought, I wonder if that's true. Aside from his sister, Alan considered his chances with Kim, Glory, Suzanne, and Amy, even if his own mother seemed out of reach. He figured that he might not get lucky with all of them, but there were so many possibilities that he was likely to have intercourse with at least one of them by that time.

He looked at Akami and decided he might even have an outside chance with her. After all, she was jacking him off as they talked.

That led to a question he was very eager to ask. "In fact, that reminds me of a favor I'd like to ask you. Would it be possible for you to prescribe some condoms and birth control pills? I think sex is bound to happen, so it would be much better to have safe sex, but it's difficult for us high schoolers to get those things."

"So this bad boy is getting into some naughty places then." She flicked her tongue out and briefly licked the very tip of his cockhead before taking it in her mouth.

B: Akami in a white blouse, apparently on her knees, sucking off Alan, who is wearing a blue-gray T-shirt

That hit him like an electric shock. He really did feel something powerfully arousing all throughout his body. He clenched his fists and squeezed his PC muscle frantically.

She smirked. With his dick so close for a while now, she just couldn't resist doing that, even if just for a second or two. "Did you like that?"


She chuckled. "What about this?" She lapped against his sweet spot.

"OH, HELL YEAH!" He felt a surge of pleasure that literally curled his toes.

She managed to smirk and keep licking at the same time. "Well, it's key to have prolonged stimulation before your orgasms, so we probably should do more of that." She spent the next minute or two licking all around his cockhead while stroking his shaft.

Then, out of the blue, she pulled back slightly and resumed their discussion. "Now, as for birth control, I think I can help you out there. Don't tell your mean ol' mother, though, okay? How many condoms do you need?"

"Lots! Hundreds. I dunno, maybe like a year's supply?"

She laughed, and thought, Oh, to be eighteen again. She joked, "For you, that probably means thousands. You can buy those over the counter yourself, but I'll see what I can do to get you started. By the way, always use latex condoms unless you or the girl has an allergy, because latex ones are more reliable."

"And what about birth control pills?"

She shook her head. "I can't give you those; there are different kinds and no one kind works for all girls. In fact, what might keep one from getting pregnant might actually make it more likely that another DOES get pregnant. You wouldn't want that. What you need to do is tell the girl to go to the county health department, or to Planned Parenthood, and get an examination. After that the doctor can decide what kind of birth control will work for her and give her a prescription."

She continued, "Anyway, teenage girls are notorious for not taking their pills reliably, at the same time every day. If they don't do that the pills have a much higher failure rate. So always use a condom anyway. Besides, condoms are the only kind of birth control that can protect against STDs, which are particularly a problem with teenagers because they think they're invulnerable so get infected quite a lot."

She got up and returned with her purse, from which she extracted a tube of something. "Here. You should also use spermicide, particularly since your big cums might break the condom, which will already be stretched to the limit over your big prick. You can buy this in drugstores; this is the brand I prefer 'cos it's not too messy on your hands, and it doesn't taste too bad. You can have this one, but you'll need to buy your own from now on."

She leaned back in and resumed her licking. "Meanwhile, right now you're still just getting blowjobs and handjobs, nothing more?"

"No more. And it's killing me. My mother keeps talking about 'maintaining boundaries' when it comes to women."

"What about a titfuck?" She licked down to his balls and back. "Have you done that yet?"

"Titfuck?" asked a confused Alan. He wasn't thinking too clearly, since what she was doing to him felt so very good.

"Come on! Don't tell me you don't know! I'm sure you've seen that in an X-rated movie or something. You know, it's when a man puts his penis in a woman's cleavage, with her boobs pressed together, and essentially fucks in the resulting crevice as if it were a vagina."

He thought back to some erotic stories he'd read that described titfucks. "Yeah, okay, I know what you mean. But that's not for real, is it? I thought that was just some exaggerated thing in a porn movie that hardly ever happens, like how guys always have impossibly big penises. I mean, a guy would like it, but what woman would find pleasure in that?"

She smiled at his naïveté. "Believe you me, women can and do find it pleasurable. In fact, it's very important that you learn how to titfuck a woman, for your treatment. A woman's soft breasts, especially if properly oiled, can provide you great stimulation without any aggravated rubbing of your penis. Plus, I understand you're surrounded by a bevy of very well endowed women. It seems a no-brainer for you to titfuck them on a regular basis."

That idea sounded so good he nearly swooned and lost his balance. He muttered, "Hot damn!"

She had a hard time keeping a straight face as she continued while licking, "Actually, although your mother wouldn't approve - she seemed to imply that it was improper for a nurse to get naked with a patient - I think I would be remiss in my duties if I don't show you firsthand how a titfuck works. It's important to learn how to do it correctly. But let's do it quickly, in case your mother gets impatient and comes in to check on our progress."

He didn't need to be convinced, so he nodded eagerly.

She loved the pretense that she was doing this for medically justifiable reasons. She knew that at any time she could have said, "Hey, let's drop the crap and just have sex," but she was having a lot more fun with this elaborate, if borderline ridiculous, charade. Besides, she was mindful that Suzanne needed her to maintain the cover story provided by the questionable diagnosis.

She quickly took off her nurse's uniform and bra, which left her wearing nothing but sexy black panties. She had him take his shirt off so she could stimulate more of his erogenous zones. Looking for ways to have even more sexual fun with him, she knelt between his legs and again took his boner in her hand. As she resumed stroking, she said, "Alan, I'm very keen on showing you how a titfuck goes, but there's a problem. I'm not nearly as endowed as someone like your mother, so the best way to make this work is if I lie down and you sit on top of me. But then what happens if you cum unexpectedly? We still need a sperm sample, and that might be our only chance."

"Oh." He was seriously bummed, because a titfuck sounded fantastic.

But she continued, "So what I propose is I suck you off now. You need to hold the cup nearby, and when you feel the time is near, warn me, and we'll make sure you shoot into it. Then, once we're done, if you've got another bullet in your gun, so to speak, we'll give a titfuck a try."

He enthused, "Okay! What a plan!"


Alan watched as Akami knelt in front of him. He might have preferred to be sitting, to be more comfortable, but he was too stunned by recent developments to think of it. Man oh man! I had a damn good feeling that some great things would happen at this appointment, given what happened last time, but I didn't expect THIS! I thought she'd just jack me off again. Wow!

She couldn't resist teasing him a little more. "I'm going to stimulate you orally now. That is, if you don't mind."

"What? No! Please!"

B: Akami with Alan's cockhead in her mouth

Akami could see the sheer excitement in his eyes, which inspired her to give him the best hummer she could manage. She'd already been licking him for a few minutes and was eager for more. So she suddenly engulfed his cockhead and part of his shaft.

"Aaarraraaack!" he squealed, taken by surprise. He abruptly clutched at her hair with both hands, trying to cope with the intense surge of pleasure.

She thought, Phew! That's quite a thick one. I have a hard time imagining someone like Susan managing to get this beast in her mouth, but I guess stranger things have happened. Damn. I've gotta figure out how to breathe with my jaw wedged open like this!

For the next minute or so she didn't do much else, while she tried to get used to having his wide cockhead in her mouth. She just wasn't used to such a big dick. Dr. Fredrickson's penis was about as long as Alan's but considerably thinner; it was the thickness that made sucking Alan such a challenge.

That gave him a lucky break, because it gave him time to calm down a bit. He was finding that closing his eyes and slowly counting to ten helped his stamina, so he did that. But he also found himself thinking, First Ms. Rhymer blew me not an hour ago, and now Nurse Akami! Man, today is a GOOD day! Heh-heh! But what's interesting is that both of those things happened because of this weird treatment. I swear, every boy in America should have my problem!

Akami had been doing a little bit of licking here and there as she figured out how to cope with such a mouth-filling cock. Eventually she decided she was ready to continue, so she began bobbing on him in earnest while licking at the same time.

He had just relaxed enough to drop his grasp on her head, but that caused him to frantically clutch it again. Uh-oh! Hold on to your hats! Here we go!

Since she'd been stroking, licking, and blowing air on his dick for many minutes, he was already close to climax before she started bobbing on him. As a result, he had to flex his PC muscle from the start in a frantic effort to not cum. But even though it was a struggle, he was in heaven.

She didn't get much pleasure out of giving blowjobs, so she typically didn't give it her all when she blew Dr. Fredrickson. But just being with Alan was new and exciting for her, and the fact that she was supposedly doing this as part of her legitimate nursing duties doubled the thrill. As a result, she bobbed back and forth on him quickly and applied a lot of suction at the same time.

He groaned helplessly, knowing that he wouldn't be able to stave off his orgasm if she continued for much longer.

She could sense he was slowly losing control, so she thought ahead to the moment he would start to cum in her mouth. Then she realized with a start that they were supposed to collect his sperm sample. Even though these appointments were really a charade, she felt obliged to keep up the pretense for Suzanne's sake, and the blood and sperm samples were practically the only "real" thing they had to do.

So she pulled her lips off with a loud smack, looked up and said. "Hey! What about the cup?"

He'd been clutching her head with both hands off and on, and had forgotten all about the cup. He looked around in a daze and saw it resting on a nearby countertop. He had to move and step over to get it, so he did so. But when he got there, he more or less collapsed against the counter. He didn't fall, but he clutched at it as if he were drowning and it was his life preserver.

She immediately switched into concerned-nurse mode, standing up and saying "Alan? Is something wrong?"

"No. It's just that... I need a moment." After a pause, he said with his eyes still clenched tightly shut, "Sorry. I'm overwhelmed. I was doing great, and then all of a sudden it hit me. I mean, you here, and what happened earlier at school, and Mom waiting in the car, probably getting all horny thinking about what we're doing in here... It's just... too wild!"

Akami didn't know what he meant by "what happened earlier at school," but she could guess well enough. She drew close to him and put her arms around him. "Hey, relax. It's good. It's all good, isn't it?"

He opened his eyes and looked at her with renewed appreciation for her thoughtful comforting gesture. "Yeah. It's not just good; it's fantastic. But still, sometimes I want to shout 'Stop the roller-coaster ride for a minute so I can catch my breath.' I mean, a few weeks ago I was just a nerd with no sexual experience at all. It's just... I'm good now, actually. I just needed a breather."

She smiled as she continued to hug him. "I can imagine. You are on a wild ride. And admittedly I hardly know you at all, but there's something about you that makes me confident you're not only gonna handle all this wildness, you're gonna master it. You strike me as a good, smart kid with a lot of common sense, especially for someone your age. Besides, there's nothing to be afraid of. So go out there and kick some ass!"

Her words snapped him out of his fugue. He smiled widely. "Yeah." His confidence grew by the second. "Yeah! Damn straight!" Inspired and reenergized, he kissed her lips. (He didn't even stop to think that her lips had just been wrapped around his boner.)

She kissed back. But the kiss wasn't a passionate barn-burner. Instead, he felt a closer link to Akami after her supportive hug and kind words, and this was reflected in a kiss that was appreciative and tender rather than just lusty.

Or at least that's how it started. Soon, his hands drifted down to clutch at her firm ass, while she wound up with one hand on his ass and the other jacking off his still very erect cock. As that hand began pumping faster and faster, their continued necking turned very lusty indeed.

She found herself getting just as worked up as he obviously was. Even though she wasn't normally fond of giving blowjobs to Dr. Fredrickson, she found herself sliding down his body, because the craving to have his cock back in her mouth was overwhelming.

He clutched at her head again when she engulfed his shaft once more.

Their hug had given his hard-on a short respite, but the way she began bobbing and licking and sucking all at once made him realize that he wouldn't last much longer. As if that wasn't enough, she brought a hand up and resumed stroking the inches of his cock that didn't fit in her mouth.

He tried his counting-to-ten technique and his PC-muscle-squeezing technique at the same time, but they just weren't able to delay his impending orgasm any longer.

Just as he reached the point of no return, he remembered the cup. Luckily, he was leaning against the counter where the cup sat, so by shouting "The cup!" he gave her the needed warning.

He started shooting while they worked to get the cup into position. Since she had just pulled her lips off his dick, he ended up firing right into her face. But that was only for a second or two, after which he managed to aim for and hit the cup with the rest of his load.

When he was done, she looked at the cup and started laughing. "Phew! That was a close call!"

He found himself laughing too. "Yeah! Oops!"

He slumped down to the floor once that his energy level started crashing.

Akami was all smiles. That was FUN! I wish it could be like that with... Well, what's the point of making comparisons? But still, Alan just has something special going on. He gets this look of pure joy on his face when he's in ecstasy, and it brings joy to MY face! Shit. I wanna do that again already!

Hmmm. How should I do this? I wanna get it on with this lucky kid and have a climax or two of my own, and I've already promised him a titfuck. Yet I do need to keep up pretenses. Will he buy it if I go back into officious nurse mode, or will that seem too cheesy and improbable by this point?

She decided to resume her nurse role. Standing above him, she gazed at his exposed crotch. "Hmmm. Your penis is down for the count. We'll have to use every measure to revive it quickly, even if it might not be standard behavior for a nurse."

He thought, That's the understatement of the year! He wondered about her change of demeanor, but it never occurred to him to question whether the whole diagnosis was legitimate. Even if it had, he had every reason not to rock the boat when everything was going so well.

She looked down at herself, wearing just her panties, which had become visibly wet in front. Then she looked over at him, slumped against the side of the counter. She thought, What's the point of even pretending at this point? Let's just have fun! Still, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to give him a veneer of "official" justification.

So she said, "Alan, this is my last appointment of the day. Still, I figure we don't want to keep your considerate mother waiting in the car too long. I promised to show you how a titfuck works, and it would be nice if you could have another climax before you go. I don't mind at all helping you reach your daily target. But that means we need to get this show on the road, and that means getting your penis erect again. Is there anything I can do to help there?"

p: Akami standing in low-cut black panties with hands on the upper slopes of her boobs

As she finished saying that, she stood back and struck a sexy pose with her hands just above her boobs.

Alan was agog. Wow, she's hot! My nurse is some kind of horny, dirty slut, and I love it! But the sight and thought weren't enough to get his penis hard again, since he was still in the refractory period after his previous climax.

She told him to lie on the examination table. When he did, she climbed on top of him and began to feverishly kiss all over his face.

Soon their lips met and they tongued each other while his hands ran all over her near-naked body. She resumed stroking his dick while they kissed and he ran his hands all over her backside. Despite the fact that the only item of clothing she still wore were her panties, he pushed those aside to probe deep into her ass crack.

But all her extra attention and effort wasn't really necessary, as his penis would have been hard in another minute anyway just from her near nakedness, not to mention the prospect of enjoying his first titfuck. Far from getting burned out from all his sexual fun, he was finding it easier and easier to get aroused the more that sex occupied his life.

The helpful nurse, when she saw that the situation was literally well in hand, had him change places so that he was now on top.

He straddled her, with his knees on each side of her stomach while his stiff prick poked at her breasts.

She grabbed the sides of her breasts and pushed them together, which exaggerated her modest cleavage. "Now take that penis and stick it right in there." She was trying to sound dispassionate but not succeeding very well, because she was just as worked up as he was. "Imagine that it's my vagina, and that you're fucking me. You may have some trouble imagining that, so maybe next time you can give me a good fuck, so that, uh, you can make a better comparison between these methods. Would you like that?"

Her efforts to appear professional were increasingly absurd. Alan could see right through her, and that she obviously just wanted to fuck.

She knew her excuse was silly; she couldn't help but smile as she said this.

Alan already had his dick in position between her tits, so he began to stroke with it. "Yes, I think that would be most ... educational," he snickered. He was amazed at what a wonderfully soft channel her boobs made for him.

"Yes, very educational..." she moaned. "It would be even better if you could fuck my pussy as soon as we were done with this, to help you, you know, more directly compare and contrast."

They both laughed at the charade.

She went on, "However, I'm worried about your mother, who's waiting in the car. What if she gets tired of waiting and comes in to check on you, only to find you balls-deep in my pussy?"

He moaned extra loudly after hearing that.

"Unfortunately, we'll have to make this quick. When we do it, I want us to do it properly." She added a bit more considerately, "And your first time should be really special, with someone you love deeply."

He thought about his first time, just a day earlier. He smiled broadly, happy that it had been with someone he did love deeply.

T: Alan titfucking Akami, holding her boobs around his dick to form a tunnel

He continued to pound his erection though her velvety soft tunnel. He used his hands to push her boobs together and create a better path to plow. As a bonus, that made her breasts seem much bigger than they really were. Rather than just hold them there, he stroked them, mashed them, and even managed to pinch her nipples from time to time.

When he needed to pause to prevent ejaculating too soon, he would remove his cock for a spell and suck on her breasts. They were the complete focus of attention now for both of them.

Akami felt obliged to refrain from sexy talk, since she was trying to maintain at least some plausible cover of this being a professional nurse's duty. But the sultry "fuck me" look in her eyes showed how aroused and excited she truly felt.

Within a few minutes, she could sense that he was ready to shoot. "If I might make a medical observation..." she said between heaving breaths. Her body squirmed beneath him and she seemed ready to climax.

"Yes, of course. Will there be a test on this later?" he giggled.

"Note the proximity between my cleavage and my mouth," she pointed out. "It's almost as if the body is designed so that when you're done fucking a woman's breasts, you can scoot up a bit and shoot your load into her mouth. And since we already have your sperm sample..." Her calm words belied the wild look in her eye and the excitement and energy flowing from her.

"Penetrating analysis, nurse! Let me test your hypothesis!" He almost shouted as he grew more excited with every second. "Watch out! It's coming... Get ready!" He got his prick positioned over her mouth and began to shoot into it from only an inch or two away.

She closed her eyes, raised her head, and braced for the cum-blast. She took it all in, like a baby chick begging for food from its mother bird. At the same time, she lifted her butt into the air and clenched her body as a great orgasm coursed through her.

As soon as she'd sucked the last drop dry, she said, "Very... therapeutic."

By this time, he could see that her pretense to be a nurse just doing her duty had become a parody. That gave him a good laugh.

"But I keep thinking about your mother," she said more seriously. "You'd better get off me and get cleaned up right away."

He did so, but that comment made him think of his mother too. Jesus Christ! Titfucking Akami was great, but just imagine titfucking MOM! Wow! Or Aunt Suzy! Double wow! Or even Sis or Aims! My God, man! This is like a whole new sex act!

While they washed up and started to put their clothes back on, the nurse began to speak again. "You asked jokingly if there would be a test. As a matter of fact, there will be. I want you to practice what we learned here today frequently over the next two weeks. When you come back for your next appointment, I expect a hands-on demonstration. Of titfucking, and a few other things."

"Wow, nurse," he replied, "you really go the extra mile for your patients!"

They both enjoyed the absurdity of their conversation.

But at the same time, she could tell that he was starting to really wonder what was a joke and what was real. So she replied, "Actually, more like the extra inch. Or eight inches. But only for you, Alan. You're about sixty years younger than our other patients. Keep in mind that your diagnosis is very real, and your treatment is very real. It just so happens that your nurse also happens to like sex a lot. So why can't we both benefit from your need to cum so often?"

"Indeed." Again, he didn't really think things through since this set-up benefited him so much.

"Remember though, other people might not be so understanding. Heck, it's probably better if even Dr. Fredrickson is kept in the dark about just how helpful I've been to you. If you boast at school or tell anyone anything, I could be in a world of trouble, and all your fun might come to an end."

He nodded. "Believe me, I get it. I mean, my mom is helping me out, for crying out loud. I already know how saying anything to anyone would be a disaster. My lips are shut so tight, I have to inhale all my food through my nose."

She chuckled at that, but she was also relieved, since the danger of her getting in trouble was very real. She helped him straighten his shirt, like a fussy mother. "Don't forget what we've learned today. I'm not just having fun with you - there was a real point there."

"Yes, there is a point," he quipped, "and it's starting to poke into my shorts."

She looked and saw that his dick was still flaccid, but she went along with the joke. "Oh dear! Not again! I feel a new round of important tests coming on for your next appointment, so I might have to schedule you for two hours next time! We'll have to test your penis in many different ways."

"That sounds great." He gave her a hug.

When they disengaged, she stood back and pouted. She was genuinely raring to go for more. "Are you really sure you have to go already?"

fM: Akami in open white gown but nothing else, fingering herself while fondling her breasts

She had some "trouble" putting her own clothes on, since she was busy fingering her pussy in an attempt to entice him to stay for yet more fun. She'd just put her lab coat back on, but with nothing under it, to make herself look more seductive since she could tell he enjoyed the whole nurse fantasy.

"God, I wish I could stay," he said. "But there'll be a next time."

As she continued to masturbate, she said, "Okay. But seriously, I meant it when I said there was something to learn here. Don't overlook the titfuck any longer. I may not have the biggest boobs in the world, but that doesn't seem to be a problem with your mother or that woman I saw briefly. Suzanne, I believe. With women like that, you'll find a titfuck very pleasant indeed. You may think that chafing your penis is some kind of joke, but it's not. A well-lubed titfuck will keep that chafing at bay."

He realized she really was serious about that point, at least. "Thanks for the advice. And everything else!"

She said, "My pleasure. Literally." Just as she said this, her fingers caused her to orgasm. She laughed at the timing.

When she was more composed a few moments later, she added, "Remember that many women often enjoy a good titfuck, and it's not just some pose for the camera in a porn film. I certainly just enjoyed it! In fact, I had a very nice climax at the end there, probably because you used your hands like you did."

He nodded.

"Oh, and by the way, I see you took my advice to work on your PC muscle. Your stamina and control are really improved since last time! Good show. I had the hardest time preventing you from ejaculating too soon, before. Now, it's like you're the Energizer Bunny."

"Yeah. That PC muscle thing has been helping a lot. I owe everything to you."

"We'll phone with your test results on Monday, and remember, study hard for your next appointment!" She gave him a wink and now made a more sincere effort to get cleaned up and clothed.

He thought, Man! She actually gave me serious advice to enjoy more titfucks! Talk about crazy! Speaking of porn films, I feel like I'm living in one. Is this how older people behave, with wild sex going on behind closed doors? I guess it must be, because it's happening to me.


While Alan had been in the doctor's office, Susan had been sitting in her car trying to read a copy of People magazine. But her thoughts kept returning to what Alan might be doing with Akami.

Ever since that last appointment, she'd tried to block out the memories of that hour of witnessing constant penis manipulation, but she found herself unable to forget it. Thinking about that got her nearly as horny as thinking about the previous Tuesday when she lost all control.

As she sat in her car, she had visions of Akami sucking her son off, but that was just for starters. Her mind was mostly filled with the idea of Alan and Akami fucking.

These ideas literally made her hot and bothered, but very upset and jealous too. She was a frazzled jumble of emotion. She wasn't about to masturbate in the car, so that made her even more bothered. She repeatedly tried to return to the magazine, but found she couldn't get the meaning of the words.

She was fidgeting and frowning when Suzanne called her on her cell phone. Suzanne knew that Susan would be just sitting in her car, trying unsuccessfully not to think about what Alan and Akami were doing nearby. She figured that gave her a perfect opportunity to fire up Susan's lust for Alan a little more, simply by vividly describing all the things Akami could be doing to Alan's dick.

She started off the conversation on a light and cheery note. "Hey Susan! How's it going?"

But Susan was practically on the verge of tears. "Oh, Suzanne. Thank the Lord you called. It's awful! Just AWFUL!"

"What's wrong?"

"Everything's wrong! My cutie Tiger... Oh God! I can't even think about it!"

Suzanne had been practically licking her chops because of all the potential for sexy mischief. She'd been hoping to get Susan so hot and horny that Susan would be all over Alan as soon as his appointment ended.

But Susan's voice sounded heart-breakingly sad, and before Suzanne could really get going with her usual lusty spiel Susan pleaded, "Suzanne, I beg you. Please! Don't talk about Tiger right now. Please! Not a word. That's the last thing I need to hear. Not even anything slightly related to him. You're my best friend and I really need you now. Please talk about anything else so I can get my mind off of... you-know-what. What's going on in there!"

Suzanne holding a flip phone to her right ear

Suzanne knew that she had a more domineering personality than Susan, and if she really pushed she could get Susan to go along with her planned discussion, continuing until Susan was so horny that she couldn't tell up from down. But Suzanne's heart went out to her suffering friend.

Sometimes I just push too hard, too fast. Susan's going through a major life change now; she needs time to adjust. It's not all about seeing my sexual scheme come to fruition as fast as possible. I keep telling myself that it's just as much for her benefit as it is for mine, or my Sweetie's, or Angel's. Not everything has to happen TODAY. Susan's my best friend. Hell, she's closer than that: I'd take a bullet for her. Right now, she needs me as a friend and that comes first.

She sighed quietly, so Susan couldn't hear. Then she forced herself to sound enthusiastic. "Sure. It would be my pleasure to talk to you for as long as you like. I'll bet you brought a magazine to keep yourself occupied. I hope it's something with actual news in it."

"Um, it's People magazine, actually."

Suzanne sighed again in distaste at Susan's reading selection, but she did it out loud this time and with theatrical exaggeration. "Susan, Susan, Susan."

Susan smiled a little bit, causing her mood to begin to lighten.

As requested, Suzanne kept Susan's mind occupied with talk about a whole variety of mundane things. It was a challenge not to talk about anything related to Alan or sex, because so much of Susan's life revolved around her children and sex was on her brain so much lately. But Suzanne was careful to redirect the conversation whenever it drifted too close to those areas.

The two mothers kept talking until Susan saw Alan walking through the parking lot towards her car.

Susan was tremendously relieved, and thanked Suzanne profusely for being so helpful.

Suzanne hung up the phone, feeling good about herself. That was... refreshing. Susan is just such a GOOD person, so filled with boundless love. Just being around her makes me want to be a better person too, and I feel good helping her out. I'm convinced that the best thing I can ever do to help her is to open her eyes so she'll see that she can love her children and me in an entirely new way, a sexual way. But sometimes the best way to go from point A to point B is not a straight line, and today just goes to show that.

As Alan got in the car, Susan looked at the clock on the car dashboard. She consoled herself that at least his appointment lasted less than an hour, instead of the hour plus of the previous one.

As she drove away she asked, "So... How did things go?" She tensed up as she waited for his response.

"Oh, good, good." He was trying very hard to say as little as possible. He could see that the idea of him doing sexual things with Akami upset her, just from the tension in her voice and the look on her face. He found that curious, because she obviously was much more bothered by that than if he did the exact same things with Suzanne. But it occurred to him that Susan viewed Suzanne as close family, almost like an extension of herself, whereas Akami was seen as an outsider and a potential threat.

Susan gripped the steering wheel tightly as she asked, "So... did she... uh... check your, uh, member, for abnormalities?"

"She did."

"I see." Susan gritted her teeth. But she managed to keep her cool, more or less. "And did she... take any samples? Sperm samples, I mean."

He grudgingly admitted, "She did that too."

"I see." There was a long silence while Susan continued driving. Finally she gathered up the resolve to ask, "And may I ask how she took those samples? Did she assist you... orally?"

He winced. "As a matter of fact, she did."

Susan showed no visible response, but just kept on driving. On the inside, though, she was a churning cauldron of emotion. After a minute or more she calmed herself somewhat, telling herself, I am not going to let this bother me. This is a medical treatment, nothing more, nothing less. After all, it makes sense that checking for abnormalities is a good opportunity to help him do his thing, so he can check off one of his six times for today.

She asked, "Did she do a good job... with it?"

"Um, yeah. I guess you could say that. She definitely spent a lot of time, uh, helping with, ah, stimulating it."

GRRR! But I can't be mad about that. After all, Akami was the very one who pointed out that it's not just the quantity of his daily orgasms but the quality too, so of course she follows her own advice. He needs prolonged, talented stimulation or his testosterone won't kick into gear, or whatever it is that happens there to help fix his energy problem.

She felt a flash of jealousy as she let her thoughts wander. So, I suppose that for most of the appointment Tiger just sat there while Akami licked and slurped and sucked on his rampant... member. Most other people, when they go into the doctor's, they get a painful shot or bad news, or even something awful like chemotherapy. But not my Tiger. No, he gets his cock sucked for a long time by a cute nurse!

Susan gripped the steering wheel so hard she practically crushed it in her hands. Calm down. Calm down. Calm... Okay. So what? That's what his treatment is. And if she took most of her clothes off - and I'm sure she did, since she did last time - that makes sense because she doesn't want to get cum on her work clothes. And although she's very professional, I'm sure she enjoyed it. And why wouldn't she? I mean, sucking on Tiger's big, fat cock? Er, I mean, his rather large member? How could she NOT enjoy that? It's just about the greatest fun in the whole wide world!

She sighed with longing. Oh, that Tuesday! What a day! I'll never forget that day. Kneeling naked below my strong, handsome son, my mouth stretched as wide as can be with his thick meat filling me, bobbing on it like some kind of common hussy, hearing the beautiful music of his lusty groans as I flicked my tongue all over his sweet, sweet spot, feeling naughty tingles all the way down to my... to my...

NO! I can't think like this, especially when I'm driving. Besides, that's what SHE was doing to him just a few minutes ago. ARGH! Why does that get to me so much? I have to remember the wise words Suzanne tells me pretty much every single day. Tiger is a remarkable young man with a very special problem. It's inevitable that a lot of very beautiful women will end up helping him. It's not my place to question that. Especially if I'm unable or unwilling to step up to the plate and suck his yummy cock a couple of times a day, at least, every single day...

She glanced over at Alan in the passenger seat next to her, and found herself staring at his crotch. For once, there wasn't any sign of a bulge there. She licked her lips longingly, but then turned her attention back to the road.

She didn't even ask any more questions about the appointment, so the rest of the ride home was fairly quiet. She was frankly a little scared of Akami, whom she blamed as the root cause of all of her own sinful urges and temptations. So she didn't want to know, and didn't want to think about, whatever they had done.


That evening Amy, Suzanne, and Suzanne's husband Eric came over to the Plummer house for dinner, because they were all going to a party afterward. There were no sexual hijinks whatsoever during dinner, no doubt due to Eric's presence.

After the meal was over and the plates were being taken away, Amy said, "Thank you, Aunt Susan. That was really good."

Susan smiled benignly and walked off to the kitchen with some of the dirty dishes.

Always-happy Amy in a skimpy top

Alan, though, kept his eyes on Amy. She wore a surprisingly daring top, perhaps because she'd never fully gotten the message on how things had changed around the house. It exposed a lot of cleavage, below which there were a few clasps down the middle which held it together. He watched in horror as she started to undo the first clasp.

There wasn't much holding the skimpy top together. Within seconds it was undone to her belly button, though luckily gravity still held her boobs inside the fabric (since she also wasn't wearing a bra). He realized that this was her way of saying that she'd enjoyed the meal, thanks to what he'd told her before about unbuttoning and so forth.

Before anyone else had really noticed what she'd done, Alan got up, grabbed her, and pulled her away from the table. Her top flew open a bit more, but no one saw it as he'd spun her away from the others. Meanwhile he asked out loud so the others could hear, "Amy, could I speak to you for a minute?"

A safe distance from the table, he was able to whisper to her and get her to cover up.

But the incident made him wonder just how much he could trust Amy not to screw things up. He realized that the further they initiated her into sex, the more chance there would be for her to say or do something that could ruin everything. He decided to take things slower with her for a while, especially when it came to three-way activities involving her with Katherine and him that could be seen as incestuous. He also decided that they'd have to be more careful in the ways they teased her.

As it was, Alan had reached his mental limits. He'd had so much sexual excitement in the previous two days that he felt he couldn't take any more. Thus he was very relieved to go to the party and mingle with grown-ups in a completely sex-free environment. He needed time to absorb all the changes in his life, and in particular that of sex with his sister.

Katherine, on the other hand, seemed completely unfazed by the enormity of what they'd done; all she wanted was more sex.

Alan could understand how she felt; it reminded him of when he first got a computer - for days afterwards he was so excited he could think or do little else but focus on the computer.

But somehow all the sexual contact with multiple females made him more wary than his sister, as well as a lot more sexually satiated. He wanted to be in this for the long haul, so he had to be very careful, while she relied completely on him to be the careful one.

— — —

With Alan and the others leaving for the party, Susan found herself at home alone. Ron had his own work-related party to go to, and didn't like her to go to parties without him. Ironically, he worried that she might be sexually vulnerable if she left the house.

It was a real let-down for her, after all the excitement of recent days, to spend a Friday night all by herself. To keep from getting depressed, she kept herself busy doing household chores.

She held out for a while, but eventually she made her way to Alan's room. There was one chore she had come to both love and hate in the past couple of weeks. She formerly had tried to live in denial that her son masturbated, at least as much as she humanly could before the whole six times a day procedure started, but now she felt like she was practically forcing him to sin by not helping him. On the other hand, it felt like a sin to help him too, as it went against her conviction that these acts be reserved for her husband.

It had been hours since Alan had been in his bedroom. It was clear that he had been masturbating earlier, because there were big cum stains on his towel and a spare pillow case. She was delighted when she took a closer look and discovered that the stains on both were still wet and relatively fresh - sometimes it didn't dry out for a long time when the fabric was all bunched up.

She carefully took all the linens downstairs to the laundry room without touching his wet stains. Her mind was still torn between her renewed moralistic sense and her new found desire for his cum. She thought, I have to stick to my vow. I'm going to drop them right into the washer and that's that. Simple. To do anything else would be sinful and depraved, and far too improper. There's NO WAY I'm going to so much as touch that wet spot, much less taste it. I've made that delicious mistake before, several times lately, in fact, but I'm not going to make it again! What would my parents think of me, that I'm even thinking such wicked thoughts?

She put all the laundry she'd collected into the washing machine, piece by piece, including his bed sheets. Eventually, the only two items left were the towel and the pillowcase. Maybe if I just have a little sniff...

She felt confused and conflicted, so she decided to do what Suzanne had recently taught her to do in such situations: expose her breasts. She immediately felt better and more liberated once she was topless. Aaaaah! That feels better. Suzanne is proven right yet again. It's as if the day changed from wet and cold to sunny and warm. Even though Tiger isn't here, I feel like he is, and that he's staring right at me. His big penis is getting stiff. Mmmm!

She started to feel tingly down below as she imagined her son walking in on her with her bare chest heaving and bouncing.

She brought the wet spot on the towel to her nose to smell it, testing just how fresh it was. Hmmm. Pungent. That's very pungent. And of course it's so sweet. All that juice he drinks sure does wonders. You can almost smell just how virile he is! But I'll bet it's not REALLY fresh. After all, it's been hours since he was in his room. It just looks fresh.

She couldn't help herself and ran a finger through the wet spot. She brought her wet finger to her nose as if to make sure. Hmmm. It's wet alright. But how does it taste? That's the real test of freshness.

She pulled her head back and brought the towel down to put it in the washer. NO! I'm NOT going to eat any of it. That's completely depraved and disgusting. Furthermore, it's downright sad. I'm not going to be some pathetic and lonely loser. It's bad enough that I'm doing the laundry on a Friday night while thinking the most naughty and sinful thoughts about my son and his wonderfully suckable erection!

But while she had moved the towel away from her face, her wet finger was still right in front of her nose. Somehow, while she was admonishing herself, her finger found a way into her mouth without her consciously thinking about it. She sucked on her finger. She loved the wicked taste so much that she grew weak in the knees.

Susan holding a clumped-up towel to her mouth, sucking a wet spot

With that, all restraint flew out the window. She brought the towel's wet spot to her mouth and began sucking on the wetness. This is wrong! So wrong! This is NOT happening! I can't believe what I'm doing!

She continued to berate herself until she sucked all the cum she could get out of the abused towel. However, her berating came out in such a way as to be more arousing to her than discouraging. For instance, she said, This is NOT how a proper Christian lady behaves. This is how a wanton big-titted mommy slut behaves! One who simply can't get enough of her son's naughty, incestuous, oversized cock-meat!

Why, if he were here right now, I might very well drop to my knees and take his great thickness into my mouth and suck on it! And not just one or two polite little bobs on it either. No! I'm so far gone that I'd create a tight seal with my lips and use tremendous suction right over his sweet spot, because I know how much he loves that. And I'd use my tongue on it too, and stroke the rest with my fingers, because I'm so very, very naughty!

She quickly moved on to the pillowcase until she got most of that wet spot as well.

Once the cum was gone, her horny mood vanished in the air. She broke down and cried. Her one consolation was that no one else knew of her secret struggle with the laundry.

It was a battle she fought silently, and generally lost, almost every time she did the laundry these days. No one else, not even Suzanne, knew just how frequently she struggled with her urges at times like this.

To Susan's great despair, it seemed like the only times in a day she was happy nowadays was when her chest was bared and her son's erection or cum filled her mouth.

She concluded, It's hopeless. I can't deny reality. I need to help Tiger with his problem and soon, or I'm going to lose my mind! I don't even care if Ron is still here; I'm not going to fight it anymore. I need his love! I need that cum! It's the liquid proof of his everlasting love. God help me!

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