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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Let's Talk about Sex
Day 43: Monday, October 28

(MF, Mf+, ff, inc, slow, reluc, voy, rom, 1st)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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When Alan woke, he realized that it was Monday morning and time to get ready for school. The day looked very promising for him. Not only was he extremely excited to see Glory again after the weekend, but he, Katherine, and Kim had another "S-Club meeting" planned after school.

He had a feeling his mother would want to help "make sure he used lotion," or Suzanne would help directly now that they were more out in the open with Susan about that, or both. But Ron was there at breakfast and Susan was unusually silent and poker-faced, so he didn't have a good read on how she felt after all that had happened the day before.

He didn't mind that much, though, since he'd had an unsettling dream which put him in a strange mood and he needed a little time to snap out of it. He couldn't remember what the dream had been about exactly, but he felt guilty for doing something wrong. He suspected it had something to do with his conflicted feelings about Ron.

Alan's classes seemed to drag especially slowly until he got to Glory Rhymer's fourth-period class. The supposed point of her "helping him out" was to cure his raging erection, partly so he could concentrate better, but the problem with that was that he wouldn't get that relief until after her class was over. So he sat in anticipation, with an erection seemingly hard enough to shatter diamond all throughout her class. The class could have been taught in Swahili for all he knew. He hadn't even worn underwear, certain of what would soon happen.

He had to continually shift his boner around in his outerwear shorts, where it was in constant danger of slipping out of them altogether since he was wearing rather short shorts. He was surprised that no one noticed. What luck! I'm in the front row so few people have a good view of my crotch, he realized.

But there was one person who had a very good view of that front-row crotch: his teacher Glory. She was in as much agony waiting for the class to end as he was, thanks to his constant hard-on. Soon she had to stop her lecture and give the students an in-class assignment, because she just couldn't focus anymore.

Glory sitting behind her desk, with her dress hiked up, exposing her pantyless bottom

She tried very hard not to stare at Alan's crotch too much, fearing that other people would notice. She would look elsewhere for a few minutes and then reward herself with another glance at his blatant hard-on. She felt so horny that she raised her skirt up around her waist while sitting in her seat behind her desk. Only her panties stood between her and complete nakedness from the waist down. Meanwhile, her students, including Alan, remained completely unaware of her condition as they did their work in front of her.

For a while, she was content to stroke her pussy over her panties. But soon that wasn't enough. As she had been doing so often lately during her fourth-period class, she pulled her panties down so she could reach her crotch and began to slowly finger herself while pretending to write some notes.

Even as she furtively rubbed her slit, she thought, This is wrong. I'm wrong! I'm a bad person. I'm supposed to be teaching class, but all I can do is play with myself! But dammit, at least half of the blame should go to a certain young man sitting in the front row. I'm probably the only one who can see that he's got a friggin' baseball bat in his shorts! No, make that an entire tree trunk!

To think that as soon as class is over, I could have that thick pole in my mouth. Could? Hell, I WILL! God, I can't wait! The urge to lick my lips is almost impossible to resist, but my students might see me doing that! This is so fucked up. I have a boyfriend. Alan is MY STUDENT! I could get caught. He's just a kid. And yet, I can't stop myself! My pussy's on fire! But I HAVE to stop! What if I get so wet that people smell something funny? Okay, I'm just gonna rub myself a little bit more. Just a tiny bit, with the tip of my pen...

She ended up masturbating more than just "a little bit." However, she held back from cumming, for fear that it would be too obvious. That kept her exceedingly horny, and raring to have fun with her new lover.

Finally and mercifully for both Glory and Alan, the bell rang. Glory quickly and surreptitiously made herself presentable. Everyone else slowly filed out while Alan and Glory stayed in their seats and acted as if everything were normal.

When the last of the other students had gone, Glory got up and casually closed the door. "I fixed the lock over the weekend," she said.

The two just stood there, facing each other, seemingly frozen in place. Finally Alan said, "All clear?"

"All clear," she responded. No sooner did the words leave her lips than the two were all over each other like wild animals. They dropped to the floor in front of Glory's desk as they kissed with desperation.

"Careful with the buttons," Glory said as Alan practically tore her shirt off. She had spare clothes stored in her classroom just in case, but she hoped to wear the same clothes for the rest of the day. Her bra went next while she removed his T-shirt.

Their kissing and groping was frustrated by their simultaneous desire to shed clothes. Alan's shorts slid off easily enough, which only made it harder to get her skirt off, as her hands and attention had zeroed in on his boner, which she began to stroke rather than undressing further.

Finally she had to stand up momentarily to remove her skirt and panties, since she wanted to have that area completely free for Alan's gaze and play. "Remember, no sex," she said, as she separated from him briefly. "But everything else!", at which point she practically tackled him.

Glory on her back on a tiled floor, mouth open in ecstasy while her unbuttoned blouse displays her heaving boobs

The two rolled around on the hard, cold tile floor, occasionally bumping into chairs. Glory held onto and rubbed Alan's dick as if her life depended on it, while Alan's hands focused on her ass. They had been so eager to get at each other that she was still panty-clad and her blouse was wide open but still loosely on her, but he didn't let that slow him down. He just reached inside wherever he liked, as if the panties and blouse weren't there.

Eventually she lay on top of him, and they kissed and groped some more. His extra inches of height put his cock nearly at the opening to her cunt. It practically begged to go the extra few inches and enter her warm tunnel.

He managed to get an arm between their bodies and began to fondle her clit. A nearly magnetic attraction seemed to drive his penis and her pussy closer and closer together...

Suddenly, she jumped up as if someone had yelled "FIRE!" She fell back towards her desk while panting heavily.

"What?" he asked, sitting up. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Nope, you're doing everything too right!" she panted. "You're pretty good for a teenager! Let's just take it easy for a minute, or we'll be fucking like rabbits and will still be going when the fifth-period class begins!"

He thought, I'm not exactly opposed to the first part, to say the least, but the second part might not be so good. Sweet! Fooling around with the teach is a blast!

She collected herself, then went back to him. "The problem is this thing, young man!" she said as she grabbed his erection. "It's entirely too dangerous. Perhaps if I bring it back to its normal size, it won't poke me so urgently." She knelt between his legs, paused, and joked to herself, "Though I suspect this IS its normal size." Then she engulfed his cockhead and began to bob on him.

He wanted to pleasure her body at the same time, but it was mostly out of reach, so he just soaked up the experience. He recalled her boast that she was a cocksucker second to none, and again he decided that she was right, even when she didn't deep throat him. One great thing was that she didn't seem to be bothered by a gag reflex, so even when she wasn't deep throating him, she could and often did take him remarkably deep just in passing.

He came quickly, almost embarrassingly so, once she got started. She was just too relentlessly talented, and he was too aroused after waiting for hours for this to hold out for long.

She took it all down her throat so cleanly that there was hardly a drop of cum left when she was done.

He lay back for a minute while she lay between his legs. He panted heavily. "That was something else, Surfer Girl. Dang! I loved it. Now let me please you."

She too had a hard time talking between labored breaths. "Don't you dare! My job here is to please you so you can reach orgasm, don't you remember?"

"Yeah, but don't you want to get off too?"

"I do want to get off this cold floor," she replied. "What a mess." She began to rise, stretching like a cat.

Alan sat up and found himself incredibly turned on at the sight of his teacher's boobs as they slowly rose after being squished into the tiles near where he sat in class every day.

Like a cat, she rose into a pouncing position, and then sprang at him.

Glory, naked with panties pulled down to mid-thigh, with Alan's hand on her right thigh

They began to kiss, lick and grope all over. Alan's hands eventually found their way to Glory's pussy, and he began to finger her. He grew annoyed at the panties which got in his way. He managed to get them down her thighs.

But that seemed to set off alarm bells in Glory's head. She eventually had to roll off him and back onto the cold floor before she lost all willpower.

"That's ... wow, really nice, young man, but ... that wasn't what I was planning. I thought you'd sit on the desk and I'd give you a nice handjob, and then you'd run off to lunch."

"I thought something like that too," he said. "I guess we have some pent-up energy."

"I guess!" she said with a laugh, astonished by her own behavior. She sat at the edge of the desk and tried to compose herself. "The problem, I think, was that for nearly an hour I stared at your erection about to burst a hole through your shorts." She thought to herself, Not to mention how I've been thinking of you for the entire weekend! She was embarrassed to admit that to him.

She added, "But let's, uh, come to our senses here for a minute."

He got up and sat next to her. He began to run a hand through her hair. "I've been waiting for this for so very long. Actually, I never imagined it would happen, but I dreamed of it. Dang. I had some pretty hot dreams, but reality is much better."

"Me, too. Don't let it go to your head, but I've masturbated while thinking about you for a long time." That was true, although she had never been seriously interested in him until recently. She was flattered by his obvious crush on her, and she'd had fleeting fantasies about him, along with some of her other handsome and appealing students.

He was honestly shocked. "You did?! But you can't do that; you're a teacher!"

She laughed. "And it's illegal for teachers to masturbate?"

He grinned at his foolishness and joked, "Well, yeah."

She said, "Let's get a hold of ourselves. What if someone knocked on the door right now? It would take us ten minutes to get presentable! We swept up all the dirt on the floor, like a broom, and now we're all messy. Let's try this again tomorrow and see if we can keep it more under control."

A new thought popped into her head. "And for God's sake, young man, wear some underwear, or else there will be an incident during my class when your penis bursts right through your pants! Not to mention, how do you expect me to teach with you poking out like that for the entire hour?"

"Okay... Underwear next time..." he leaned over and began to kiss her again. Before too long, they began to get heated once more, causing his dick to grow back to full size.

During a breather, she said, "Since you told me of your problem, I began fantasizing that it had turned you into an insatiable sexual monster. Looks like I just about hit the nail on the head! Let me calm you down so you can make it through your next two classes." She laid him back on the desk, which sent objects flying everywhere.

He pulled his legs up to his chest and shamelessly let his hard-on stick out towards her. "Can you deep throat me again?"

"I was thinking about it. But in the future, don't ask; let me decide when it's a special occasion to do that, okay? Last time, you forgot that I do have to breathe from time to time."

He laughed good-naturedly.

She watched him laugh, and found him so cute yet so manly that she couldn't help but want to please him. "Okay, we'll do it. But let's make it quick."

"Yes! Sweetness!"

She pistoned his pulsing hard-on in her fist, then sucked him like any blowjob at first. But with each stroke into her mouth he found himself a little bit deeper, until before he knew it he was all the way in. Again, her tongue, her mouth, and her throat all worked on his cock at the same time.

He thought, MAN! I can't believe how great that feels! It's like I'm getting fucked and blown all at once! I'm still getting used to the idea that I can do anything with her at all, and she does this to me again! Phew!

Since he'd climaxed a few minutes before, this time he could last a lot longer. He'd be inside her throat for almost a minute before she would pull on him and he'd pull all the way out so she could breathe. Then, they'd do it again, and again.

He thought he could fuck her throat forever, but lasting a long time was definitely a relative concept when it came to Glory and oral sex. He found it entirely too exciting and didn't last past her fourth deep swallowing.

Afterwards, the mood changed. They talked gossip like old times as they cleaned up the class and themselves. The ever-resourceful Alan had brought towels and a bottle of water in his backpack, so they were able to give each other towel baths. Since it was lunchtime, they managed to quickly eat their lunches too.

They didn't want to discuss the nature of their relationship just yet. Both of them wanted to see how they felt once things settled down a little more.

But, as their time was running out, Glory suggested, "You know, we're going to need to vary things up so people won't suspect. Like we agreed last time, we should meet at lunch some of the time, after school some of the time, just talk with the door open occasionally, and not meet at all sometimes too."

He nodded.

She suggested, "Since we got together Friday and today, we should probably stay apart tomorrow. Especially with the way we've both been looking at each other in class, we should be extra careful for a while and see if anyone says anything."

He nodded sadly. "Yeah. Probably. That would be for the best."

The two of them stared at each other for a long moment. Both of them felt a sudden compulsion to kiss the other. As their faces drew together, Glory sighed and said, "Okay, we'll meet tomorrow too, but after that, we definitely need to be careful!"

"Yeay!" His lips met hers and the sparks flew as their tongues dueled with great passion. That would have lead to more, even though he'd already had two orgasms in short order, but they restrained themselves since they knew their time was running out.

Finally, after they again looked just like any student and teacher who talk to each other, they unlocked the door. That turned out to be a very good thing, because a knock came on the door, and the first student walked in for fifth-period calculus class. They were both amazed that the entire lunch period had flown by so quickly.

Alan slipped out of the classroom before a second student entered. To still be in class when the next bunch of students arrived would be a very dangerous habit, which they needed to avoid at all cost.


Susan awoke and praised the Lord for giving her another day, just like she did every day. Then it hit her. Oh... GOD! What did I do yesterday?! And last night! Things were so out of control! She looked over at Ron as he slept, and gasped. I'm such a wicked woman! Dear Lord, please forgive me!

Then another thought hit her. Oh NO! The incest secret! Brenda knows! I was such a fool! What's going to happen to us now?!

But with Ron there, she had no choice but to put on a happy facade and go through her usual morning routine.

She was able to keep a surface appearance of normality until Ron left for work and her kids left for school. Then she sat around, anxiously awaiting Suzanne's arrival for their usual workout session.

As soon as Suzanne let herself in the front door, an angry Susan let her have it. "Suzanne, some friend you are! What have you done to me?!"

Suzanne looked surprised, but she wasn't really. She knew she'd pushed Susan pretty far yesterday, so the odds of such a backlash were high. But juicy opportunities had come up that she hadn't been willing to pass up, and she figured it was worth it all in the long run. "What's wrong?" she asked innocently.

"Everything. Just everything!"

"Whoa. But don't worry. I told you I'll figure out how to contain the Brenda situation."

"It's not just that. In fact, that's almost the least of my worries, because I trust you to handle that scheming kind of thing. No, that's just a symptom of how my life has spun out of control with all this, this... sexual craziness!"

"Hmmm. This sounds serious. But we are still going to do our workout, right?"

Susan grumbled, "Yes, eventually, I suppose." Then she added sharply, "But first, I've got some things to say to you!"

"Good. I've got my leotard on underneath these clothes, as usual. I've gotta go to the bathroom. Why don't you change and meet me in the basement? I'll get us both a nice cup of herbal tea, and you can tell me all about it."

"Oh... very well!" Susan stomped off.

A couple of minutes later, Susan and Suzanne met in the basement where they always worked out. Suzanne didn't expect her stalling tactic would help much, but she'd noticed Susan's attitude about sex varied greatly depending on how much clothing she wore at the time. By getting both of them into their relatively skimpy spandex exercise outfits, she hoped that would improve matters.

Susan stood up and started in on Suzanne again. "Yesterday really took the cake! I think I must be totally out of my mind. When I think about all the things I said and did, I can't believe that was me! And that was even BEFORE the problem with Brenda!"

Suzanne just sat there and nodded. She let Susan vent for a while.

Susan was particularly steamed about the words Suzanne had told her to say to herself over and over again: "I'm my son's personal cocksucker. I live to suck his fat cock! I'm proud to be my Tiger's big-titted mommy slut." Then, Susan had said them happily and proudly, but now she was too ashamed to say them at all, and only referred to them indirectly, blushing while doing so.

When Susan finally ran out of steam a few minutes later, Suzanne began to speak. "Whoa! I can see you're upset. That's very understandable. Yesterday was quite a wild day, wasn't it? But don't worry; this is all a part of adjusting to the big changes in your life. I'm sure that by tomorrow you'll feel a lot better about everything."

Susan paced around, agitated. "But I don't WANT to adjust. I don't WANT these big changes, thank you very much! The only explanation I can think of is that the news of Ron's cheating has shocked me so much that I've gone a bit off the deep end for a while."

"That may be part of it," Suzanne said calmly. "But you have to face the facts. This is a family in crisis. And I'm not even referring to Ron and the possible end of your marriage. I'm talking about Alan and his time of need. Have you forgotten about that? Have you forgotten about how much he needs your help now?"

Susan threw her arms up in the air in frustration. "Why does he need THAT kind of help?! Why can't he need some normal help, like help with his homework, or help losing weight, or something that's not an ethical and even religious dilemma for me?"

Suzanne let out a sympathetic sigh. "I know. It's tough. But he does need 'that' kind of help. And you can't go back on your pledge to help now. He's in a very tough spot, trying to keep up with that relentless six-times-a-day schedule, and your rejection would devastate him."

That statement left Susan gasping, leading her to collapse with a heavy sigh onto a nearby padded bench. "I'm not rejecting him, not at all! I love him so much! You talk to him for me, please! Tell him that I can still do the abnormality check if need be, but that's all I can handle. Please!"

Suzanne gave a very disapproving look. "Susan! That's not all you promised to him, you know. You promised to be his personal cocksucker. One of them, actually. But it takes all of us, working together, for him to even have a chance to keep up with his daily targets! You know that! Are you going to let him down?"

Susan looked very sad. "No, of course not. But do you have to say that kind of thing?"


"You know. His personal... you-know-what."

"Those are just words. They're meaningless in and of themselves, so don't worry about it."

"But I DO worry! It sounds so SHAMEful!"

Suzanne shot back, "But they're true, so how can you complain? You are one of his personal cocksuckers, are you not? Or do you plan on sucking any other penises?"

Susan's heart leapt to her throat as she thought about sucking on Ron's penis. Oh dear! He IS my husband, and he is still in town. I probably should do that for him, since I never have. But why does the mere thought fill me with... disgust? Whereas, every time Suzanne calls me Tiger's "personal cocksucker," it jolts me and makes me tingle in all my naughty places!

Suzanne smirked, glad to see that Susan had effectively answered that by failing to mention Ron. "I know you're a GREAT mother, for him, and for Angel. You'd suffer any torture, pay any price, endure any burden, to help them and protect them. Wouldn't you?"

"Of course I would! I'd take a bullet for either of them! But..." She dropped her head down low. "If it was something like torture, that would be so much better. But the problem is... I love helping him too much!" She dramatically bit her lip and then looked away.

Suzanne reached out and put her hand on Susan's shoulder. She patted it in sympathy. "I know exactly what you mean. Some people would find your comment silly, but I understand all your issues. After all, we discuss this almost every day. Mostly, you worry about losing control, going too far, and where it will all lead."

Susan nodded anxiously - very, very anxiously.

"You forget one thing: I'm here for you! I won't let this overwhelm you. No way!" This was a blatant lie, but she considered it a benevolent one. "You should just focus on your task at hand: stroking and sucking your son's turgid member whenever he needs it. If you find yourself tempted to do more, to commit forbidden sex acts, and maybe even to commit incest, that's just not going to happen! I'll be there to make sure of that. And our Sweetie will too. I'll have a good talk with him and make sure he understands the importance of respecting your boundaries. You KNOW he's a good kid, and you KNOW he'd never do anything to disappoint you, don't you?"

Suzanne secretly loved how she'd somehow been gradually able to convince Susan over the last few days that blowjobs and handjobs with Alan weren't really incest, although Susan sometimes tended to back-slide on that point of view, particularly during her prudish episodes.

Susan on an exercise bench in black exercise shorts and gray workout top, holding a towel to her face

Susan nodded. She wiped her face with a hand towel, even though they hadn't started exercising yet, because the discussion was literally, as well as figuratively, making her hot and bothered. She could almost feel her lips sliding back and forth on her son's thick shaft as she said, "I'm not worried about him so much as I'm worried about ME! Suzanne, I just love it too much! Someone else needs to take my place who can be more level-headed about things."

She actually had to stop for a moment to regain her focus, because she had started to salivate and space out. "The problem is, I've never really had any sexual joy in my life. Never! After what I've done with Tiger in recent days, I realize I've never had sex with Ron or anyone else before, for all practical purposes. Cutting my fingernails was more arousing than sex with Ron!"

She sighed and looked down again. "And then... Tiger's medical problem came along. And all of a sudden, helping him has become the most exciting thing in my life, by far! It's like I'm trying to make up for nearly forty sexless years in a single day!" She looked up pleadingly. "I can't stop! I don't want to stop! It's all I can think about lately. Take this morning. I woke up, and immediately felt horrified over what I'd done yesterday. But when I was taking my morning shower..."

She suddenly turned away. "No. I can't tell you. It's too shameful!" Her chest heaved up and down repeatedly due to a lusty surge that stimulated her entire body.

"Tell me!" Suzanne insisted.

Susan wiped her face again and tried to calm her excited breathing. "Well... do you insist?"

"I do!"

"Okay... I'll try. ... The shower started out fine, but when I began to soap up and run my hands all over my wet body, I found myself thinking that those were Tiger's hands! I got so excited, I nearly had a... well, a powerful tingle! I swear, if he had walked in on me just then, I would have dropped to my knees and sucked on his big fat thing with a desperate hunger until he squirted all over my face! So help me God!"

Just as Susan feared, simply talking about that doubled her arousal. She crossed her arms under her massive rack in a futile effort to hide just how horny she had become.

Suzanne was secretly pleased, although her face showed sympathetic concern. "But that's a GOOD thing, Susan! Hear me out. Please. Your cutie Tiger is in his time of need right now, and frankly, I don't know if he's going to make it with this challenging daily schedule. And if he doesn't get his energy back, what kind of future will he have? Let's not even think about that! And unfortunately, there's no one else who can take your place! Sure, he's getting some mysterious help at school, and elsewhere, but that'll probably only provide two or three of his daily orgasms. We should be grateful we're getting that much help. Otherwise, it's all up to you and me. Or would you rather see him suffer the sin of Onan?"

"No! Not that! Anything but that!"

Suzanne was secretly amused at the strength of Susan's revulsion to the whole "Onan" argument. That was one of her most effective ploys yet. She added, "Remember the famous religious saying, 'It's better to shoot your seed into the belly of your mother than have it land on the ground.'" She couldn't help but smirk a little bit at that deliberate misquote.

Susan earnestly replied, "I think about it all the time, ever since you mentioned it to me the other day. It gives me great spiritual comfort."

"Good. As it should. So he needs your enthusiasm. He needs your beautiful body, and your gorgeous face. He needs your big tits, your perfect bubble butt, and your long and shapely legs. The fact is, he's told me that nothing inspires and arouses him more than his 'beautiful big-titted mommy.'"

Susan's body tingled even more upon hearing that. She longed to reach under her top and play with her erect nipples, but she didn't dare do that with her best friend watching.

Suzanne could tell she was having a positive effect, so she added enthusiastically, "That's right! You're like his personal Playboy bunny! He needs to fondle you, caress you, and kiss you. All over your hot body! He needs to nibble on your ear, and lick your neck, and tell you how much he loves you while your fingers slide up and down his thick, hot erection. How will he make it through all this, if he can't do those things to you whenever he wants?"

Susan clutched her hands to her chest, which she sometimes did when she got aroused but was trying to fight it. "Oh, Suzanne! Don't say that, please. It sounds too good! I could spend all day lying naked with him, doing all those wonderful things."

"And you should sometimes! That's your most important duty right now, as a good mother."


Susan abruptly asked, "But what if this is all a moot point anyway? What if Brenda tells others about us?! I trust you to handle that situation, and yet-"

Suzanne cut her off. "I know that's on your mind, and it's on mine too. But let's just focus on one problem at a time, okay? We'll deal with this first and then come back later to the Brenda issue, okay?"

Susan nodded.

"Good. Now, there's the little matter of his cock."

Susan said, "It's not so little."

It wasn't really meant as a joke, but more like pointing out an absurdity, an oxymoron like "jumbo shrimp." But Suzanne used it as an excuse to chuckle, and then smile, to help lighten the mood. "True. So true. Let's face it. It is a big cock. A huge cock, even. And it's a demanding cock. We never knew until recent weeks just how powerful and demanding his cock is."

"Ain't that the truth," Susan said with another sigh. She was so emotionally worked up, she forgot to correct Suzanne's repeated use of the word "cock."

Suzanne took full advantage of that, since that taboo word for Susan always had an arousing effect on her. "And in his time of need, the most important thing of all is that you pleasure his cock. You stroke it. ... Lick it. ... Suck it. ... Tease it. ... Please it. ... Love it. ... Serve it."

Suzanne was using dramatically long pauses, and Susan's heart raced wildly as she hung onto every word. That last phrase hit her like a sucker punch. She whispered in a mixture of lust, fear and awe, "'Serve it?'"

Suzanne went on, "Yes, serve it. Sweetie is also going through an emotional roller-coaster these days. In these crucial days, he needs the reassurance that he has someone he can count on day or night. He needs to know you'll always be there to serve his big fat cock with your loving tongue, your loving lips, and your loving hands. He needs the confidence that only having you as his personal big-titted cocksucker can provide."

Suzanne knew that every time she used words like "big-titted" and "cocksucker" it raised Susan's pulse a bit, so she used them at every opportunity.

Susan was getting hornier by the minute, but she was still trying hard to hide it. She asked, "But why can't you be that special someone? Why does it have to be me?"

"Oh, but I am. I'll proudly call myself his personal cocksucker too. Or do you think someone with needs as big as his can get by with only one personal cocksucker?"

"Well..." Susan was too overwhelmed to know what to think. One should be enough, shouldn't it? But Suzanne is so convincing. And Tiger does have a big, delicious cock. I meant "need!" Big "need!" He needs me to suck and slurp all over it! I can practically feel the tip of my tongue dancing all over his sweet spot! Darn it, I have to stop salivating or she's going to notice!

Realizing that she'd totally spaced out, Susan asked, "Sorry, you were saying?"

Suzanne swept on. "I said he needs someone to help him day and night. To serve his demanding cock. And I certainly am in this house many hours each day, but there are so many more hours I'm not here! Imagine what could happen after Ron is gone. It's three o'clock in the morning, and Tiger wakes up with a raging boner! What does he do? Where does he go? To Katherine?"

"No! Dear God, no!"

"That's right. But given his grave situation, he can't just skip that opportunity and go back to sleep. Why don't you tell me what should happen, if you're a kind and loving mom."

Susan started tentatively. "Well, he'd probably knock on my door, and tell me he has a problem. Naturally, I'd wake up and invite him in. And he'd be naked. Gloriously, completely naked! And his huge boner would be standing proud, like a soldier on parade!" That sounded so tempting, she had to repress the urge to fling her clothes off right then and there.

"Yes! Very good. And what would you be wearing?"

"Well, I might sleep in the nude. Or better yet, I'd wear a really sexy and revealing nightie, in the hopes that something just like this would happen. I'd sit up and let him see my big boobs bouncing around in my transparent lingerie. I'd strike a really sexy pose, letting him know that I was eager to serve him. Then I'd say: 'Come to Mommy!'" By that time, there was a big blissful smile on Susan's face.

"Yes? And?"

"And he would! And it would be glorious! He'd climb up on top of me and show me what a virile man he is. First, we'd kiss and make out for a while, and then while we neck I'd happily stroke his ten-inch cock!"

"It's eight inches, actually." Even though Suzanne was constantly trying to hype Alan to Susan, she just couldn't let that anatomical inaccuracy go by without objection.

"Whatever. But I wouldn't do that for long, because his mighty cock has big needs! Big demands! I'd sit up on my bed on my knees, because a good mommy cocksucker belongs on her knees!"

"That's the spirit!" Suzanne chimed in. "But why are you still wearing your nightie? Now's the time to take it off!"

Susan, wearing her wedding ring, holding her naked boobs from below

"Yes!" Susan was so far gone into her fantasy that she pulled her spandex top off and tossed it away without really thinking. She cupped the undersides of her newly-bared tits and pressed them together. It was like she was in a sexual fugue, only dimly aware that she was still speaking to Suzanne instead of to her son Alan. "Come to Mommy, Son! Cum ON Mommy! Let my tongue make love to your cock, for an hour or more! Mommy loves you so much! She loves to help you with your special spermy needs so very, very much!"

Suzanne snapped Susan out of her reverie by saying, "Listen to yourself, Susan. You love to help him with his special spermy needs so very much. You do!"

Susan looked down at her bare chest in disbelief. "What the heck?! How did that happen?!"

Suzanne soothed her, "Don't worry about it. And don't you dare cover up. That's the real you. You know it feels right and tastes right. The false you is the one who blindly repeats the teachings of your weird church back in Nebraska. You were brainwashed, pure and simple, by people who hated sex. Jesus didn't want us to all live sexless lives! Think about how much Tiger will need you at three in the morning, and then tell me that I'm wrong! Who else will be there to help, if not you?"

"I don't know," Susan said, feeling sad again, even though her arousal level stayed sky high. She continued to clutch at her super-sensitive breasts. "Nobody, I guess."

"That's right. Even during the day, there are many times when I won't be there. Nobody has a more important role than you. Forget about incest! Forget about intercourse! Forget about all that bad stuff. We'll make sure that never happens." That was another lie. "Just focus on handjobs and blowjobs. That's how you can help him the most."

Susan stood up and assumed a dramatic pose, clutching a fist in the air. "You're right. As usual, you're so right! Tiger needs me! Maybe it's fate, or maybe it's God's will, but my role is to suck and stroke. Whenever Tiger gets a big boner, I need to be there, on my knees, ready to serve. Because that's what good mommies do!"

"Good! Very good! But Susan, that's not all. You can't afford to wait for him to happen to pop a boner. You need to be proactive, and provide visual stimulation as much as you can. Help inspire the boner, then stimulate it as long as you can, and then take his blast of potent seed on your face or chest or straight into your mouth. Then repeat until his balls are drained dry. That's what good mommies do. And I can help. Since I won't always be there, I need to teach you all I know about how to please and pleasure a superior cock like Alan's."

"Well, let's get started then!" Susan said with determination. She thought about Suzanne's supposed Biblical quote, "It's better to shoot your seed into the belly of your mother than have it land on the ground." That strengthened her resolve. Then she thought about Suzanne's words that had been bothering her so much, "I'm my son's personal cocksucker. I live to suck his fat cock! I'm proud to be my Tiger's big-titted mommy slut." At this point, far from being bothered, those words inspired and thrilled her. Yes, I am! Yes, I AM!

Turning back towards Suzanne, she said, "I'm sorry about my little pity party this morning, but I'm over it now, and it's all thanks to you."

Suzanne just smiled and nodded in understanding.

Susan hesitated. "There's just one favor I want to ask."

"Sure. Anything for you. You know that."

Susan's face turned sad and she clutched at her bare breasts protectively, seemingly newly ashamed of her exposure. "Promise me you'll take care of all Tiger's special needs until Ron is gone."

Suzanne was stunned. She thought she'd done well in turning Susan's mood completely around, but this request turned her thoughts of victory to those of impending defeat. "What?"

"I'm sorry. I know, I know, you always tell me that a good big-titted mommy should help her son at any time of day or night, and I will. I will! But not until AFTER Ron leaves! I need time to adjust to everything, and I don't want to disrespect him like that."

"But he's disrespected you with his cheating."

"Maybe so, but loyalty and fidelity mean a lot to me, and he's not a bad person overall. Please... help me with this! I almost had a nervous breakdown this morning, thinking about what happened last night. I can only handle so much!"

Suzanne nodded. Hearing the mention of a near nervous breakdown made her think that she was pushing Susan too hard. Last night was a major, major breakthrough. Of course she needs some time to adjust to that. Ron will be leaving soon anyway. It's just that I'm so eager to achieve all my dreams, it's hard to wait. I need patience. I don't want to hurt my best friend in the process of bringing both of us to our heaven on earth.

Susan's face lit up, seeing Suzanne's agreement. "Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Suzanne raised her hand. "Hold on. I'll try. If Tiger needs me, call me and I'll be there in a flash. But there may be times when I can't be there. Then you'll need to decide how to deal with his blue-balls situation, if that happens, to avoid him being injured."

"I'm sure it'll be fine," Susan said, suddenly bursting with enthusiasm because this compromise greatly reduced the conflict that was stressing her, causing her to be depressed. "You live next door, after all."

Suzanne warned, "Also, there's his abnormality check next Tuesday. You're the only one who can do that."

Susan waved that off. "That'll be fine. I got carried away with that before, but I have the self-control now to keep it to just that: an honest-to-goodness abnormality check. Now, let's get to the other stuff! Tell me everything!"

"I will, I will. But first things first. Since we're down here and dressed for the occasion, let's do our morning exercises. Then I'll pick up on what we were doing last night with clothes, and teach you more about how to dress to turn his flaccid little cock into a towering tube of throbbing manly might! If you do it right, you can make him hard at will!"

"Oooh! Sounds good!" Susan dropped her hands to her sides and thrust her bare tits out proudly, as if she were posing for her son. "Can't we do that now, and exercise later?"

"Susan, might I remind you, keeping our bodies in tip-top shape is just as vital to serving his cock in the bigger picture, especially since we're both getting older. Remember last night, when he said you were his 'beautiful centerfold mom' and how much he loves you? Do you or do you not want to be his 'centerfold mom' anymore? That takes work, to look that good! Hard work and eating right. Or do you want some sweet, beautiful, big-titted young thing to come along and take most of his attention?"

"Scratch that. It's workout time!" Susan pumped her fist in the air to express her determination.

Suzanne snickered inwardly as she watched Susan put her top back on so they could start working out together. I swear, manipulating her is too easy. It really is like taking candy from a baby, although no one knows just what buttons to push and when except for me. I'd feel bad, except I know the new Susan is going to be a thousand times happier than the old one. Her transformation is already inspiring and heartening. She's really having FUN and letting go for the first time in her life! The only problem is getting past these little setbacks. But as long as I'm here to manage them right when they pop up, we should be fine.


Twenty minutes after Suzanne went home, the two women were together again. This time they were sitting in Suzanne's living room. Suzanne said, "Okay, Susan, I know you're wondering why I just phoned you and had you rush over here. I just spoke to Brenda on the phone. We need to deal with that right away."

Susan's heart leapt in her throat. She'd largely put the Brenda problem aside all morning, but it had been worrying her as well. "Oh? What did she say?"

"I talked to her for a few minutes. I'm happy to report that she didn't sound accusatory or disdainful or anything like that. We skirted around the heart of the matter, instead making plans to meet in person with you to hash things out. She's going to be here in about an hour. I figured it's better to meet her here than at your house, since she might feel extra awkward talking in the house where she knows all your incestuous activities have been taking place."

"Good point," Susan noted.

Suzanne continued, "Before we talk to her, it's essential that you and I talk and sort things out, so we can present a united front. I'm not asking you to lie, but we don't want to be bickering and confused."

"That makes sense. And I'm really glad for this chance to talk. Earlier, you said deal with one problem at a time, and I agree. Now that this topic is open, I've got questions."

Suzanne sat back on her sofa. "Sure. Why don't we start there?"

Susan looked down at her hands and nervously fiddled them together. "For starters, we're talking about the 'incest secret' that I accidentally revealed to Brenda last night. But you told me that incest is intercourse only, and what I've been doing to Tiger isn't incest at all. So which is it?"

"Good point. The thing is, what you and I call 'incest' isn't the same as what Brenda calls it. My assumption is that she has the same misunderstanding that most people do in this day and age. We'll straighten that out with her later, but in the meantime, let's call it that for shorthand so as to not confuse her, okay?"

"Okay. Second question. Just how honest were you with her last night? I know that you're basically honest and good, but sometimes you embellish a bit. There were a few things you said that struck me as not quite right. You told me that you're trying to recruit her to help Tiger with his problem, so that could be influencing you. And that's another thing, by the way. I kind of went along with that idea last night, God only knows why. I suppose I was still a little addled with lust from what happened earlier. But now that I'm of a sound and sober mind, I question the wisdom of that."

Probably because you aren't in your own house and smelling Sweetie's cum right now, Suzanne ruefully thought to herself.

Rather than sharing her thoughts, Suzanne replied, "It sounds like we've got a lot to talk about. Let's handle things one at a time. First, about my honesty, we all make choices about what to say and not say. If I'm selling a house, I'm going to talk up its good points and downplay its bad points. That's not unethical, if you avoid outright lying. And that's what I did with Brenda last night. What are the things that struck you as not quite right?"

Susan answered, "Well, for one thing, you talked about him having a bunch of other lovers. You even called them 'his sluts.' And I must admit I helped with that when I brought up how busty they are. That must have been my shameful lust talking again, because the truth is, he really doesn't have all those other lovers. Yes, he's getting some other help, but we made it sound like there are all these centerfold-quality buxom women practically standing in line to help him!"

Suzanne responded, "Let's review. You and I both keep an eye on his orgasms chart. He says he's not masturbating anymore, and I believe him. So if he's not getting help from you or me, then it has to be from others, right? We know some of that help comes from school, because he comes home from there and puts a mark on his chart straight away. But we ALSO know about OTHER marks. For instance, don't tell me you haven't been wondering about the mysterious marks from the day before yesterday."

Susan frowned as she recalled those marks. "That has been bugging me. Four mystery marks! FOUR! And it was a Saturday, so it can't be from school. You don't think... he's doing something with Angel, do you? The last thing I know for sure was they left together, they were gone for many hours, and then, later... four marks!"

In fact, that was exactly what Suzanne thought. But she was in complete approval and wanted to cover for Katherine until Susan was ready to accept her daughter's involvement, so she waved a hand dismissively. "Of course not! I know those two kids as well as my own, and if they were lying about that, I'd sniff it out right away. No, I'll tell you what's really going on there: Angel was covering for him. I'll bet they just shopped a little while, then she dropped him off so he could spend time with his secret lover."

"'Secret lover?!' Who's that?!"

Suzanne lied some more, "I have my guess, but I can't say at this time until I'm on more solid ground. But if I'm right, she's very busty and beautiful indeed. Plus, we know his school help is busty and beautiful too."

Susan frowned. "How do we know all that?! Suzanne! It sounds like you're keeping secrets from me!"

"Well, not exactly. I'm good at reading between the lines. It's like what I said last night about the dog that didn't bark. Sometimes, I can learn a lot by talking to Sweetie and listening carefully to what he DIDN'T say to me. I haven't told you some of this because I'm still in information-gathering mode, and I could still be wrong. But the bottom line is, we weren't really lying to Brenda about that. He really does have other VERY impressive lovers. I'm almost 100 percent certain that you and I aren't his only personal cocksuckers."

Susan sat back against her sofa, amazed. "Wow! That's just... wow! Incredible!" She could feel the heat growing between her legs, and her nipples grew erect.

In fact, Suzanne was mostly bullshitting about all of that. In addition to covering for Katherine, she was trying to keep the many lovers hype going with both Susan and Brenda, figuring they were the types to eat that up. She felt Alan had very little ability to attract a woman without her secretly pulling the strings. She did know about the checkmarks indicating something happened during his school hours, and that puzzled her, but she figured that was probably just some fairly typical teen sexual hijinks with a typical teen girl.

Then Suzanne said, "Now, to address your other issue. You say that you question the wisdom of Brenda helping him with his problem. Prior to last night, I was already trying to scheme how we could make that happen, based in part on my concern for you."

"For me?"

"Sure. Remember what you said yesterday morning, when you were talking about your concerns in helping him? You said, and this is a direct quote, because it stuck in my mind: 'Someone else needs to take my place who can be more level-headed about things.' You were talking about the need for other women to help him out!"

Susan sat up, alarmed. "Just a minute! I might have said that, but I was being rash! I remember that discussion, and I was feeling distraught. I'm a lot better now. Much has happened between now and then. I've kind of, well, I've sort of accepted that, yes, I am one of my son's personal cocksuckers now. That label makes me blush with embarrassment - such a shameful thing! But it is what it is. I just have to accept it. And so, if that's the case, he doesn't need so much help from others."

Suzanne was secretly delighted. "What did I say that made you change your mind?"

Susan squirmed in her seat. "To be honest, it wasn't anything you said, per se. It was more what happened. I vowed I wouldn't help him again until Ron was gone. But then, last night, when you were helping me with those exercises to boost my willpower, well, the opposite kind of happened and somehow I found myself bobbing on his, uh, erection. And it wasn't a long time, but - God help me! - I enjoyed it so much! Too much!"

Suzanne pointed out, "You just licked your lips."

Susan bowed her head in embarrassment. "Did I? Oh dear! And I'm salivating too. You see? This is what happens every time I think about it." She looked back into Suzanne's eyes with new determination. "The truth is, I love it! Okay? It's my great shame, but I love helping him! So why can't you and I take care of all of his needs outside of school?"

"Several reasons," Suzanne replied. "For one, if he's going to cum an average of SIX times a day, he'll need a great variety of stimulation. Plus, there will be plenty of times he's out of school and not near you or me. What then? I could go on, but it's a moot point, because one reason trumps all others."

"What's that?"

"The incest secret! Or, as I should say, the so-called incest secret. Brenda knows that now, which means she's a loose cannon. Luckily, she doesn't seem to harbor any ill will, but still, the very fact that knowledge is in her head is dangerous. There's only one way to save the situation."

When Suzanne didn't elaborate, Susan prompted, "And that is?"

"To get her hooked on Alan." Suzanne replied with her usual confidence.

The look of surprise on Susan's face was as precious as it was utterly predictable to Suzanne.

"For how long?" Susan asked, worriedly.

"For as long as we need her to keep our secret," she replied, sidestepping the obvious implications of where that might lead. "If she does get hooked, then she'll essentially become one of us. That'll switch the whole situation around. She'll keep the secret with just as much determination as you or me."

Susan frowned.


"I don't like it."

"Do you disagree with my logic?"

"Well... no. But... darn it! I guess I just get selfish. I want Tiger all to myself! I don't mind sharing him with you. In fact, I welcome it, because you're my best friend and his auntie, and we're all so close. But someone we hardly know, like Brenda, that sounds hot in theory, but I don't like it in practice. It could be dangerous!"

"True, but we have no choice. I don't want to play the blame game, but the secret is out, and you were a part of that. Now, we have to move into damage control mode. Luckily, it turns out Brenda is an exceptional woman in many ways, and I'm not just talking about tape measurements. She could be trouble with a capital 'T', but I sense that she's not. She's nice, smart, and level-headed. And how lucky is it that she's so exceptionally beautiful too? Sweetie certainly won't find it a hardship to have her help him out as well."

Susan's frown deepened.

Suzanne furrowed her brow. "What now? Oh, I get it. You're jealous, aren't you? She's probably the only gorgeous woman you've ever met with breasts even bigger than yours."

Susan let out her pent-up frustration on that issue. "It's ridiculous! They're just so darn BIG! Aren't mine enough? Tiger LOVES my big tits! All I have to do is bend over a little bit, or flash some cleavage, or arch my back and thrust my chest forward, and his penis gets thick and stiff! So hot in my hand! Throbbing with life!"

Suzanne prompted her, "And then you need to take care of it, don't you? With your mouth! You need to take off all your clothes, put on your high heels, kneel between his legs, take him deep into your mouth, and SUCK!"


"MMMM!" Susan groaned. "Mmmm, YES! YES!" She was suddenly writhing and squirming in her seat. She reached for her breasts, but then she stopped herself and regained her composure. "Er, yes. I'll admit that's what I'm thinking. But then, with Brenda there, he'll turn to her instead! She'll be the one doing all the kneeling and sucking! And I'll have to sit there and torture myself with the sounds of her delicious slurping!" She had an arousing yet disturbing vision of Brenda in a luxurious bedroom in her mansion, lavishing her loving attention on Alan's erection in the exact same way she loved to do herself.

Suzanne spoke evenly. "That's probably true. I imagine that very thing will happen eventually. And it's the same for me. But that's the price we both have to pay for letting our great secret slip out. However, look at it this way. He's going to be getting help from others anyway. We already know of one mystery woman outside of school. It's better to have it be someone we know, in a situation we can control. And just because Brenda has to be a part of this now, we can determine how frequently she's involved. What if she only helps him once or twice a week? Would that be so bad?"

After a long pause, Susan grudgingly admitted, "Well... I suppose not."

"Besides, we're starting this weekly card game tradition with her. What if that evolves into a card game / blowjob-type tradition? Maybe the winner in cards that week gets to spend an hour up in his bedroom, naked and gagging on his thick shaft. Assuming we can talk her into it, one or two events like that a week should be enough to ensure her loyalty to us. Then our secret becomes her secret too. What hurts us hurts her too. The more we can befriend her, the better off we'll all be."

Susan groaned with displeasure, but she said, "I suppose that's acceptable. I suppose my petty jealousy is immature in any case."

"Good! It's settled then. Now, we need to strategize on what to say when she gets here. I sense that, after what happened last night, she's already quite interested in Alan. We should foster that. But priority one is to get her to calm down about the incest secret. The rest will follow, not today, but maybe next week or the week after that, or even later. Let's not push it. Rome wasn't built in a day."

Susan nodded. Then something occurred to her. "Last night, as we were headed home, you said that, and I believe these were your exact words: 'Brenda is looking at this in a very different way than that, and I think I know why. But it's just a theory, and that'll have to wait until tomorrow.' I've been puzzling over that ever since. What did you mean?"

"Well, I'm still not sure. It's still just a hunch. But my guess is that she was very inspired by my 'real man' talk. It's plenty obvious to me that she craves a real man of her own. You heard what she said. Last night she was on the prowl, itching to get laid. Worse, she would have settled for Mr. Right Now rather than holding out for Mr. Right. Remember?"

Susan closed her eyes and nodded. "I remember."

"So last night she didn't think such men exist, but WE told her that Alan is one. If it was just one of us saying it, she might not have been sold on the notion, but now she is! She's very intrigued by him. Then, finding out that highly desirable women like you and I have gotten intimate with him, well, that raised her interest ten-fold. That's my theory for why her reaction to the incest is muted. Instead of complaining 'Susan don't do that,' she was more thinking, 'I want to do that too.'"

Susan nodded. "Hmmm. Interesting. I can believe that. She did seem awfully interested in talking about him last night."

"Yes, but keep in mind that she was drunk and horny. She'll probably come across differently today. We'll have a harder row to hoe. Here's the thing though. We want to increase her interest in Alan, but people always love a tough challenge. Even while we're doing that, we need to act like he's off limits. The classic 'playing hard to get' gambit."

Susan thought that over, then nodded. "Ah. I think I follow."


The two of them talked a lot more about what to say and how to behave. Susan detested lying, but she believed that sometimes a white lie or lie of omission was okay, if it was for a noble purpose. For her, Brenda was a threat to her entire family. Luckily, it was a very low-level threat since Brenda seemed to have a good attitude, but it was a threat just the same. And there was almost nothing Susan wouldn't do to protect her family, so she was willing to go along with Suzanne bending the truth in this instance.


Susan and Suzanne were still talking when they heard the ringing of the doorbell.

Suzanne whispered to Susan under her breath, "Okay, it's show time! Remember, this is to save the family!"


Susan was all smiles by the time the door opened and Brenda was standing there. She was secretly relieved to see that Brenda was dressed and acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Brenda wore a stylish outfit that showed off a little bit of her cleavage. It was similar to the moderately-revealing dresses the other two were wearing, except that she wore nearly knee-high boots instead of heels.

After taking off her coat, Brenda traded hugs and pecks on cheeks with Susan and Suzanne. She was a little stand-offish, but that was nothing compared to the two mother's worst fears.

Suzanne walked Brenda into her living room and then said politely, "Here, why don't you take a seat, wherever you like. Would you care for a drink?"

"Yes, please. Coffee is good. But before we say or do anything, I want to get something out of the way right away: I'm not here to accuse you or judge you. I've done a lot of thinking since last night. It was good to sleep on things. The fact that Alan is adopted weighed heavily on my mind. That means we're not talking about real incest. And the fact that he's of age and hasn't gone all the way with you, Susan, that's important too. I could be wrong, but I don't think anything actually illegal is going on here. So, as long as nobody is being hurt, abused, or taken advantage of, who am I to judge?"

Susan immediately rushed to Brenda and gave her a big hug. "I am SOOOO glad to hear that! I agree completely! We say 'incest' as short-hand, but it's not really true. Besides, the more you know, the more you'll understand. There's a lot I want to explain!"

Brenda nodded as the hug ended. "I'm sure. And I want to hear it. But I just want you to know that you have nothing to fear from me. Unless there are disturbing surprises you haven't told me of yet, I made a promise last night not to tell anyone about your secret, and I intend to keep it."

Suzanne thought she'd already had the situation under control, and she was considered a cool cucumber. But she was so relieved to hear that that she also rushed to Brenda and gave her a heartfelt hug. In fact, she practically crushed her with a prolonged bear hug.

Brenda chuckled as she finally broke free. "Okay, enough hugging already! I get that-" she suddenly cut herself off, because she noticed Suzanne furtively wiping some tears from her cheeks. This surprised her. She was only starting to get to know Suzanne, but she already could tell that Suzanne was a jaded and very sophisticated lady not likely to easily shed tears. "You're crying?"

Suzanne realized that there was no way she could deny it, so she said, "Dammit, I guess you got me. I'm very surprised at myself, but it's just that I love these people so much. This is about so much more than sex. I feel like I would do anything to keep them safe from harm. Anything! So hearing that disaster isn't looming because of last night's slip-up, well, you have no idea how relieved that makes me feel!"

Susan walked to Suzanne and gave her a big hug. "Me too! Me too! Oh my goodness! I thought I was feeling okay about all this already, but I realize that I just breathed freely for the first time since last night! It feels really good!"

Some inconsequential small talk ensued. Since they were in Suzanne's house, she went to the kitchen and prepared coffee for everyone. She considered bringing out a snack too, but since it was getting towards lunch time she decided to hold off on that.

Susan and Suzanne sat side by side on a sofa while Brenda sat in an easy chair that faced them across a coffee table.

Suzanne said to Brenda, "Thanks again for being so understanding. I hope we can still become good friends. But you have lots of questions, I'm sure, so let's start there. Fire away."

"Hmmm. Where to begin?" Brenda sipped her coffee, then put the cup down. "I suppose it makes sense to start at the beginning. How did you two get involved with him?"

Suzanne made sure she answered that one. "Good question. You may remember Susan mentioning that Alan has a medical condition that means he has to cum a lot."

Brenda furrowed her brow. "Yes, of course. That was my next question."

"Well, let me address that too, because it started there. It's a long story, but the gist is, less than two months ago, Alan found out from his doctor that he needs to cum about six times a day, every single day. Prior to that, we thought he was a normal boy with a normal libido. But like I said last night, it's the ones you least expect. Sometimes the most virile men don't look like Conan the Barbarian, but they look like, well, Alan."

Brenda said, "Let me get this straight. This was diagnosed by a doctor?"

Susan nodded vigorously. "It's true! I was at all the appointments. We have a nurse now who's been put in charge of checking his condition every couple of weeks. As for his problem, think of it like milking a cow. If you don't milk the cow, it's in great pain and suffers. Alan's like that, only with his penis. He HAS to cum many times a day!"

Suzanne cut in quickly, because this was a dangerous area for her. She didn't want Brenda to know too much about Alan's "medical diagnosis" because she worried that any intelligent outside observer would see through the bullshit. Also, it was better for her hype if Brenda got the impression that Alan wasn't sick in some way, but rather just incredibly virile. She said, "I know it sounds bizarre, to say the least. And despite what Susan just said, it wouldn't really be the end of the world if he doesn't cum that much. But for his optimal health and energy, he needs to cum around six times every day."

She switched into a more thoughtful mode. "That's just how it is, I guess. Some people are tall, some people are short, some people are smart, and so on. Alan just happens to be off the charts when it comes to sexual prowess, stamina, and recuperation. These are still early days, mind you. Everything has happened in just the last two months. But already he shows so much natural talent and stamina that it's almost scary to think what he'll be like with more experience!"

"I see." Brenda's breathing was starting to get heavy. Clearly she was more than a little intrigued.

Suzanne continued to talk fast so she could move the discussion to safer territory. "Please don't be mad at Susan. She's done what she has with him out of motherly love and concern. The same is true for me. I got started stroking him to orgasm as part of his medical treatment, to make sure he had enough inspiration and stimulation to cum enough times each day. But what happened was, I very quickly discovered how great it was for both of us!"

She leaned back. "Now, I'm not sure if this is something to boast about or be ashamed of, but the plain truth is that I've had many lovers over the years. I've never counted them up, but let's just say well over a hundred. You know how I look. The three of us are beautiful, and let's just treat that like the fact that it is instead of always beating around the bush. Since way back, I've had my choice of men. We talked last night about the 'handsome man law,' and sure, I've had a lot of hunks who were duds in bed. But I got smart early and went more for verifiable reputation in bed than looks. So when I say there's something extra special and extra thrilling about sex with Alan, you know it actually means something and I'm not just bullshitting. Trust me; I KNOW the difference!"

Susan nodded emphatically.

Brenda looked back and forth between them. "Whoa. It's like we turned the clock back to last night, because I'm feeling completely incredulous again. I believe you, and yet... I don't understand!" She raised her hands up in a pleading gesture. "What's the big deal?! What the heck is the appeal about him?! Especially if you're just talking about handjobs and blowjobs, right?"

Susan and Suzanne nodded at that.

"Those are a CHORE! That's what you do if you must to get your man erect, so you can get to the good part, the intercourse. You don't have an orgasm just from handjobs and blowjobs!"

Susan couldn't help but beam and boast proudly, "You do if it's with Alan!"

Brenda groaned in frustration and shook her head.

Suzanne thought she was out of the woods as far as the "medical" issue went, but Brenda then asked, "Getting back to his daily orgasm problem, why doesn't he just masturbate, like every other boy his age?"

Suzanne replied carefully, "As you know, Susan here is a devout Christian. She believes that male masturbation is the 'sin of Onan.' It's in the Old Testament; look it up. We have to respect her beliefs. But even if you put that aside, the practical matter is that a guy can masturbate a few times each day, sure, but SIX?! That's asking too much, especially considering that this isn't just something that's unlikely to go away after just a month or two. We started out just helping him with what we call 'visual stimulation,' but it quickly became clear that wasn't enough."

The three of them talked about the masturbation issue some more. Brenda tried to argue that masturbation alone would suffice. However, deep down she was captivated by the idea of a young man so virile that it took a bevy of beautiful women to meet his sexual needs. As a result, it was easy for her to be convinced into changing her mind.

Brenda said, "Okay, let's concede that masturbation doesn't cut it, and simply having a girlfriend help out isn't enough either. I might even concede that help from more than one woman is needed. But why do you two have to be involved, of all women? Suzanne, I understand he considers you his de-facto aunt, if not a sort of second mother, even, from the way you two talk about him. And Susan, it goes without saying that conflicts with your role as his mother."

Susan replied passionately, "Does it? Does it? I beg to differ! In fact, I would argue it's a natural extension of my motherly role! Keep in mind that it's not like we both got horny one day and decided to fool around for purely hedonistic reasons. It's something I started to do for his health. True, it turned out to be shockingly pleasurable for me, but I would have continued doing it anyway even if it caused me great pain, because that's what mothers do. You're a mother too. You know the sacrifices we make."

Brenda though looked confused and doubtful. "I do. But I'd hardly call this a sacrifice. Getting to climax over and over with a total stud like him?! That's the exact opposite of sacrifice!"

"True," Susan huffed. "And I'm sure that explains why so many busty babes are eager to help him. But I truly mean it when I say I would have continued helping him regardless. Brenda, I don't have a real career. I don't have a happy marriage, or even a real marriage, period. My life revolves around helping my children and being a good mother. That means the whole world to me!"

"I believe you," Brenda said. "You radiate loving-mother vibes maybe more than anyone else I've ever met. But still, Suzanne lives here next door to you. Why not just leave that task to her?"

Susan got testy. "Haven't you been listening to anything we've been saying?! Of course she helps as much as she can, but that's not enough! What if his penis reaches a critically stiff stage and his balls are bursting with cum and there's no one home but me? I have no choice but to help. Any caring mother would! Besides, as Suzanne told you, it takes several women to keep him excited and then drained every day. We have to keep it fresh and interesting."

Brenda's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Speaking of which, that reminds me of my main worry. Why have you two befriended me recently? The timing is curious. You're not interested in me just so I'll help him with his problem too, are you? I thought we were becoming real friends!"

Suzanne said in a kindly tone, "Let me field that. I'll admit the timing is suspicious. You do fit the physical description of what he likes to see in his helpers, generally speaking. But I can assure you that's not the reason why we've befriended you. You want to know why? Remember, last night I said that he's already taken. Yes, he has 'several' helpers. I can't name names or give a specific number, but suffice to say that we've got the situation covered. We're in a good place where no more help is needed. It wasn't easy getting here, and changing things could ruin the delicate balance we've achieved. It takes a very special kind of woman who is truly willing to share without getting bent out of shape with jealousy issues and so forth. We don't know you well enough. The odds of you finding that attractive are almost zero, and the odds that you would fit in even if you did are nearly zero again."

Brenda wiggled in her seat uncomfortably, "Well, I don't know about 'nearly zero...' The situation is bizarre, to say the least." She hated the idea of being pushed into helping Alan, but she was intrigued nevertheless, provided that helping him was her choice.

Suzanne cut in before Brenda could say more. "It is. Trust me; you don't want to get involved. As to why we befriended you, it's true looks probably had a lot to do with it. But that's simply because people of a certain look and physique tend to stick together. Consider Susan and me. We've been best friends for twenty years, and people point out that it's like we're identical twins from the neck down. That actually makes sense, as I'll explain."

She continued, "Brenda, I want to level with you, without all the modesty bullshit. You, Susan, and I, we're a very elite group. We're not just beautiful; we're the women even the beautiful women hate out of jealousy. It's only natural we stick together. Who else can understand the problems you go through due to your looks and your body but someone else with similar looks and a similar body?"

Susan added to that, "Life is weird that way. I can't tell you how many girlfriends I had and then lost because they felt intimidated by me. And you know me well enough already to know that I'm hardly mean or intimidating. But if I'm friends with a 'normal'-looking woman, things tend to go sour fast no matter what I do. Particularly if any man they're with sees me; then they get jealous in a hurry. And it's even worse with men. I can't have any real male friends because all they think about is going to bed with me. I don't like it, and I didn't ask for it, but it seems I can only pick my friends from a pool of other very beautiful women who won't have a reason to be jealous of me."

Brenda considered that, and then nodded. "You're right. Actually, I feel the exact same way, because I've had the exact same experience, over and over again. When you suggested the weekly card game tradition, I was on that like white on rice because of those very reasons. Honestly, I find it hard to keep ANY friends at all! The size of my breasts... God! I get so sick of it! People treat me like I'm just a walking pair of boobs, not a human being, let alone a woman with actual brains."

Susan felt bad hearing that, because she already had a simmering jealousy over Brenda's breast size. So she smiled, visibly glanced down at her own impressive rack, and said, "As you can see, that's not an issue among us three; we're on an even plane. We can ignore that aspect and just be normal. Well, as normal as we can be, considering the Alan situation."


Brenda said, "Speaking of that situation... Forgive my language, but what's so god-damned great about sex with Alan already?!"

Suzanne put a hand on her chin. "That's a very, very tough question. As I said last night, how do you explain something like falling in love to someone who's never experienced it?"

Brenda barked impatiently, "I know, I know. But there must be SOMETHING you can tell me to at least give me a general idea. I keep coming back to the why. Why are so many women eager to sleep with him? Okay, he's somewhat handsome, I'll grant, but he's no Brad Pitt. He seems like a pretty normal teenager to me."

Susan piped up. "Well, one thing that can't be denied is how impressive his penis is. It's ten inches long and INCREDIBLY thick!"

Suzanne winced visibly. Even though she was trying to hype Alan at every turn, she felt compelled to say, "Well, maybe not actually ten inches. That's-"

Susan waved her away. "Whatever. Close enough. The point is, it's so long and thick that you can BARELY even fit it all in your mouth! And when you do, there's still plenty for both of your hands to stroke! And you've gotta stroke it, because, darn it, it takes a tremendous effort to get him to cum, every single time! And once you do get him to shoot out a load of his copious, creamy cum, he gets erect again in a jiffy, maybe even while you're still busy licking his balls clean! OH! And speaking of his cum, have I mentioned how sweet and delicious his cum tastes? I hope this doesn't sound sacrilegious, but it's truly like manna from Heaven!"

Suzanne added to that. "Brenda, keep in mind that I don't think Susan has ever tasted any other cum but Alan's. Probably not even Ron's. Whereas I've had many, many lovers, so I can confirm that she's right. His cum is remarkably delicious. If you're wondering why we get so excited about mere handjobs and blowjobs, that's one big reason right there."

Susan was practically bouncing in her seat as she explained, "It's like when you work really, really hard on something, like doing your taxes, and then you reward yourself with some special yummy treat, like a bowl of ice cream. Except it's way better than that, because the task is endless fun, and then the reward is even better!"

Brenda shook her head in awe. "Susan, you amaze me. I can't believe we're sitting here and talking about the taste of your son's cum. Despite your recent sexual awakening, you - pardon my bluntness here - you still have the air of someone who is very religious, prudish, and innocent. So to hear you talk like that pretty much blows my mind!"

Susan frowned uncertainly. "Do you want me to stop? I can stop. It's just that, as you can see, this is something I feel very passionately about."

"I can see that!" Brenda chuckled.

Suzanne said, "Susan, let's not bore our guest with our endless yammering about these issues. Brenda, to make a long story short, yes, Alan's penis is impressive in multiple ways. And yes, his cum is uncommonly delicious. And I'm probably beating a dead horse already talking about his stamina and so forth. But you can find other guys with all that and sometimes more."

She got back to the submissive theme she was trying to promote. "So those factors help, but they're not the main thing. No, what sets him apart is what I talked about last night, about him being a real man. Let's put it this way. As I said, I've had many lovers. No guy was going to get far with me unless he knew what he was doing in bed, and had lots of other great attributes besides. But for all those other men, when I sucked their cocks- oh, sorry for the language, Susan."

"That's quite alright," Susan replied demurely. "Let's call it what it is. Most men have penises. Alan has a cock!" She said that with obvious pride that Brenda couldn't help but notice.

Suzanne continued, "Anyway, when I sucked their cocks, I was doing it mainly as a favor for them. But with Alan, I do it because I want to, for me. The fact that he enjoys it too is almost just a bonus! I'm having so much fun, and so many orgasms, that I joke to myself that it must be fattening, cancer-causing, AND illegal! But of course it isn't. I wish you and every other woman could feel what I feel. That's why we need to find you a 'real man' too. Let's not talk about Alan till we're blue in the face. He's taken, and he's not interested in you anyway. Instead, let's use him as a model, and find somebody like him, closer to your age, who-"

Brenda cut her off. "Whoa! Back up. What did you say? Did you just say he's not interested in me anyway?"

Suzanne pretended to be sorry that had accidentally slipped out, when in fact she'd said it on purpose. "Oops. I guess I did. But think nothing of it. Everybody knows you're very beautiful. Anyway, like I was saying-"

Brenda interrupted again. "Sorry, but I want to sort this out first. If you keep saying that I'm so beautiful, then why did you just say he's not interested in me?"

Suzanne sighed, like she realized there was no way to avoid discussing this unpleasant matter. "Well, it's just... I'm sure that objectively he'd agree that you're a ten out of ten, but... you know, personal tastes differ. There isn't always a certain spark of interest."

Brenda put her hands on her hips indignantly. "And how would you know that in his case?"

Suzanne sighed. "If you must know... remember when you met him briefly last Wednesday?"

"Of course."

"Later, I was curious what he thought about you, so I asked him. And all he said in reply was, 'She's nice.' That took me by surprise, because he's not the kind of guy to pull his punches when praising a woman. He and I have a good rapport. For instance, if we're walking down the street and he sees a total hottie, he'll actually tell me, 'Check her out. She's a total hottie!' So to merely... well, that's about the gist of it." She pretended like she suddenly realized she was getting in too deep and had to stop before she hurt Brenda's feelings.

Naturally, this only increased Brenda's interest even further. She was literally on the edge of her seat. "Wait! You were going to say more!"

"No, I think I've said enough. I don't want you to feel bad. Oops. I mean... Well, probably it's just a misunderstanding anyway. Forget it."

Brenda growled, "You've gotta tell me more, after that!"

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure! Please! Let the chips fall where they may!"

"Okay, if you insist. I thought that having him call you 'nice' was damning with faint praise. So I asked him, 'Just nice? Come on. You can't tell me you'd kick her out of bed for eating crackers.' He replied, 'I suppose not.' That bland response surprised me all over again. And... well... I guess I might as well tell you the rest. I couldn't let that go, so I asked, 'Is that all? When was the last time you saw a woman as curvy as that? Her breasts are even bigger than mine!'"

Brenda was so eager to hear the response that she actually stood up. "And? And?"

"And... he tilted his head and seemed to consider that, as if he was picturing you in his mind. Then he said, 'Yeah, I suppose so. But there's such a thing as too big. You're my ideal: you and Mom. Ideal breast size, ideal faces, ideal everything. You're the ones I love. Whereas I don't know Brenda from Adam, er, Eve. So it's hard to get excited about her.' To be honest, that led to an appreciative kiss, and things kind of spiraled from there, all the way down to his shorts if you catch my drift. So that was the end of our conversation about you."

Brenda was clearly upset. This was an almost totally unfamiliar experience for her, to be perceived as only second best with her looks, and especially due to her breasts.

Susan assumed that Suzanne was referring to a real conversation that she'd missed, when in fact Suzanne had made the whole thing up on the spot as part of her "Alan playing hard to get" strategy. That mitigated Susan's jealousy issue over Brenda's larger breast size. Consequently, she was being completely sincere when she consoled Brenda: "Don't feel bad. That's a good point, that he doesn't know you yet. So it's not fair to compare. Perhaps he'll change his mind when he gets to know you better. In fact, I'm almost certain about it."


Brenda was steamed and it showed, by the way she put her hands on her hips, but she didn't know who to get mad at. Since she was standing up, she started pacing around, just like she had the night before. "Thanks, Susan. You're probably right. And thank you, Suzanne, for your honesty. But that stings. It really hurts! I'm used to men falling all over me from the moment they lay their eyes on me. I don't know how to handle rejection!"

Suzanne said, "Well, if it's any consolation, at least that should put any lingering worry about being asked to be one of his helpers out of your mind. I didn't want to mention that conversation before, but that's why it never even entered my thoughts as a possibility."

Brenda growled, "Thanks," and kept pacing. In fact, Suzanne's consolation felt more like she was being kicked when she was down. Brenda had tried hard not to show it, but she was actually very interested in becoming one of Alan's helpers. At the very least, it sounded interesting to give that a try once or twice, just to see what the hype was all about. But now Suzanne had seemingly closed that door for good.

To hide her sour mood, she sat back down and asked Suzanne for more coffee.

In response, after getting the coffee, Suzanne started talking to Susan with some idle coffee chatter. That was on purpose, to give Brenda time to reflect.

Brenda thought. God dammit! Alan sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread. He's too good to be true. Even his cum tastes sweet! What's next? Does he shit gold bricks?! Nothing would surprise me at this point. But the killer is that it's obviously not a snow job. Suzanne seems sincere enough, and if anyone is incapable of lying, it's Susan. I can read her face like a book. Besides, if it wasn't true, I'd find out in a hurry with any one-on-one sexy time with him. Fat chance that's gonna happen now. Dammit!

But hold on a minute. Why should I give up that easily? Men like that are one in a million, or rarer still. If there's an honest-to-god, insatiable, unstoppable sex stud here in this town, I can't just let that opportunity go by! I'm so damn horny all the time that I can't stand it anymore. It's not that he's not attracted to me at all; it's that he's not attracted to me YET! I can change that! We're already starting this nice weekly card game tradition. That'll give me the perfect chance to get to know him better. He may not take part in the game, but I'm sure he comes and goes. If I get in my seductive mode and wear something super sexy, he'll take new notice of me for sure!

So he has "several" lovers. I don't know what that means. Four? Five? Six? More?! Whatever the case, why not one more than that?! If he had just one lover, that could be a hopeless situation. But if they believe he needs lots of sexual variety, and they obviously do, then it makes perfect sense to bring in some fresh faces from time to time. I want to know what's so great about him, and the only way to truly understand that is through direct experience. I want the experience of giving a blowjob not just to get a penis stiff, but as an act of erotic ecstasy in and of itself! I want to get royally FUCKED by one of Suzanne's "real men", the kind of man who makes even Suzanne proudly call herself one of his sluts!

With this new agenda in mind, Brenda decided that she needed more information as a first step. So she parried away Suzanne's seemingly persistent efforts to talk about finding Brenda a "real man" of her own. (Little did she know that the last thing Suzanne wanted was to succeed with that offer.) Instead she kept the focus on Alan, but in a non-sexual, "getting to know you" kind of way.

The other two were quite happy to discuss Alan at great length. Brenda soon found out about his classes, his friends, his hobbies, and more. They kept their answers honest, but they also were careful to emphasize the things that made him look good and failed to mention the things that didn't. Susan was such a proud mother that she would have done that anyway.

The three of them talked clear through the lunch meal they ate together. The early worries and awkwardness relating to the incest secret were long gone. They ended up talking about each other quite a lot as well, helping their mutual friendship to grow.

When Brenda eventually announced that it was time for her to go, Suzanne asked her, "As you know, Wednesday is the day after tomorrow. I'd like to keep our new card game sessions going. Do you still think you'd like to come over, even though you now know we're a couple of weirdos?"

Suzanne said that last part in an obviously teasing kind of way. Brenda smiled and responded, "Yes, I'd still like to come, and no, you're not a couple of weirdos! In fact, you've really turned my head completely around. I'm not saying I approve of incest in general; I'm not saying that at all. But in this particular instance, I definitely understand and sympathize. Besides, I keep forgetting that Alan is adopted, which means that it's not really incest; it's just sex among consenting adults. As far as I'm concerned, that whole matter is closed."

Suzanne smiled in return. "That's great to hear. Except for one thing."

"What's that?"

"It's not so easy to say the matter is closed. We're trying to just live normal lives, but with Alan getting aroused so easily and frequently, things are never exactly normal. The subject is bound to come up repeatedly, and in ways that may well make you uncomfortable. So I just want you to brace yourself for that."

"Such as?"

"Such as, as you've noticed, we talk about sexual matters quite freely and explicitly, and quite often."

"I can handle it. In fact, it's kind of fun. Talk away."

"But it gets worse. What if he gets aroused when you're here on Wednesday? That's not only possible; it's highly probable. Had you not known our secret, I suppose he would have suffered until you went home. But since you do, chances are Susan or I will want to slip away for a while to help him out. That's going to be awkward. It's not too late to change your mind, if you'd rather not come."

"I'm a big girl. I can handle that too. I don't want him to suffer either, so do what you've gotta do, as long as it's done discreetly, of course. But hey, something just occurred to me. What about Katherine?! I've been forgetting all about her. What's her role in all this?"

Suzanne answered with the official story, even though she believed otherwise. "She knows everything, but she's not directly involved. Well... not much. She does help him some with visual stimulation sometimes."

Brenda furrowed her brow. "You mentioned that before. Is it what it sounds like?"

Susan replied this time. "It is. It means dressing sexily, maybe a little preening and posing, maybe some sexy talk too. It could even involve nudity, and in fact it usually does. Whatever it takes to inspire him. But, and this is the key: NO touching! Alan has become a man, but my precious Angel is still a girl."

Brenda nodded. "Ah. I see. So strange! But hey, I'm not going to judge. We'll talk on the phone before then, but expect to see me on Wednesday. Honestly, I'll be looking forward to it. Whatever happens, I know it won't be boring. You're the most interesting people I've come across in a long time, that's for sure!"

Once Brenda was gone and the front door was closed, Susan turned to Suzanne and asked, "I think that went surprisingly well, don't you?"

Suzanne gave Susan a hug of relief. "Definitely!"


Even though Alan had a great time with Glory during the lunch period, he figured his day was only going to get better. He still had an afternoon at Kim's to look forward to. This time he and Katherine wasted no time and drove there straight from school. As a result their clothes provided more cover than in the last car ride to Kim's, so the festivities largely had to wait until they arrived at her house.

The first time at Kim's place it had been just Katherine and Alan having sex while Kim watched, but they had promised her that she would be welcome to join in this time. They met her at the door and the three of them kissed and groped a fair amount before one word was even spoken.

Finally Katherine started up the stairs. But then she stopped, bent over, looked back at Kim and Alan and flipped up her skirt, revealing her bare pussy peeking between her legs. "Last one up is a rotten egg," she prodded, "and the first one up gets first dibs on this!"

Kim and Alan quickly scrambled after her. Because he was much taller, Alan made it to the bedroom before Kim, so he won first dibs.

Katherine was delighted by his victory. "Excellent! It has been way too long, Big Hole-filling Brother. Way. Too. Long." With a turn to Kim, she added, "What say Alan fucks me while you watch, and then after that you can take your pick of him or me next? Then we can all do it together."

"Okay," said Kim, still bummed to have lost the race. She sat down on a chair next to her own bed in the upper-floor bedroom and got ready to watch. "Good things come to those who wait, I guess."

Alan and Katherine were out of their clothes in record time. "They sure do," said Katherine. "Such as this." She held her brother's long shaft in both hands. "Is it just me, or is this thing growing longer every time I see it?" she asked, half seriously.

"I know one way to find out," he replied. He quickly straddled his sister, who lay stretched out on the bed. Then he slowly lowered himself directly into her slit.

"Kim, this is all I ever need," Katherine said.

Alan bounced up and down on her while pistoning his hot meat in and out.

"I'm not kidding when I said I want to be his fuck toy. You've got to try it! Big Stick Brother, give me all you've got! Do me all day long!"

Since Alan had recently bought and read a few books on the art of lovemaking, he wanted to try some new techniques. But there would be enough time to try many of those later in the day. He started simply by churning and rotating his hips, which was something all the books recommended.

Katherine absolutely loved his improved technique, letting him know it by her moans and shrieks.

V: Katherine on her back in the bed, getting fucked in missionary position by Alan

But he was simply too worked up to stick with that style for long. He fell onto her and started pumping up and down, as if he were doing push-ups with her underneath. He rapidly built up a jackhammer motion, and soon it seemed like he would nail his sister right through the mattress.

She'd loved what he was doing before, but she loved this just as much. Between thrusts, she shouted things like "More!" "Harder!" "Push!" "Fuck!" and "Yes!"

Within minutes, he sprayed his cum deep inside his sister's tight pussy, after which they collapsed into a sweaty, happy heap.

Kim looked upon them in wonder. She'd never seen such a fast and passionate fuck, even in the movies.

But he was just getting warmed up. His dick recovered, springing back into action almost instantly. His sister lay motionless as if she'd just been slain by his pussy pleaser, while he sat up and began to gently stroke his revived hard-on. "Okay, Kim," he said, "it's your turn now. Who will it be first? Me or my sister?"

"Sorry, Katherine," Kim said, as she got up from the chair next to them, where she had been masturbating, completely naked. The sex between Alan and Katherine had ended before she'd had a chance to get off. "I've been with a lot of women, but never a man, and this is my golden opportunity to give it a try. Besides, I've got to get some of what you just got!" She hopped onto her bed and commanded Katherine, "Roll over and make some room."

The bed wasn't very big, but Katherine rolled over towards the edge. Kim took her place under Alan. She expected the same fast, pounding treatment that he'd just given his sister. But she was quite anxious about her first time having sex with a male lover, so she closed her eyes and tensed up. To encourage him she said, "Okay, let's see if you really can drive a hole through the bed this time."

But he was in a different mood now and saw through her false bravado, which was in conflict with her obvious body language. He realized it would be better if he could put her at ease, so he said, "Let's work up to that. But first, let me be gentle, especially since this is your first time."

His body covered hers completely, since he was so much taller than the diminutive girl. He began kissing her on the mouth while running his hands over her boobs and upper torso.

At first, Kim didn't know how to respond. It had been a long time since she'd made out with a boy and she'd never really gone past first base with any of them. Alan treated her gently and kissed her ears and neck and licked her lips. She had hang-ups about a male treating her like that, but she didn't want to disappoint him so she closed her eyes and decided to pretend he was a woman.

Her body started to respond much better as she grew more comfortable with his foreplay. For a while it wasn't that hard for her to imagine that he was just a flat-chested woman since, although he was fairly muscular, he had virtually no hair on his chest. Also, his cock remained below her crotch, between her legs, since he was so much taller than she was, allowing her to maintain the illusion for the moment.

It seemed to her like his hands were all over her. She began to mentally count hands and decided that there were too many. Oh yeah, Katherine! She's getting in on the action too!

Katherine had wanted to leave the two of them alone for their first time together, but just couldn't resist the urge to join in their play.

Kim had had a lot of sex for someone her age, but she'd never been sexually involved with two other people before (other than when the three of them were together in the supply closet).

While Alan's hands stayed around Kim's upper body, Katherine mostly focused on Kim's flanks. Then her hands moved to Kim's pussy, where her fingers prepared the way for Alan's dick. She put one, then two, and finally three fingers into Kim's tunnel.

Soon Kim was more than moist; she was flowing like a raging river.

As if by prearranged signal, Katherine pulled her fingers away and Alan scooted up so that Kim's face now met the bottom of his neck.

Although Katherine had insisted that all her fucks be bareback, Kim had made no such request, so Alan had slipped on a condom when Kim first joined them on the bed. "Are you ready? Here it comes..." he said as he slid his dick into her waiting, wet hole. He was surprisingly calm about it - to fuck Kim was far less of an emotional shock for him than to fuck Katherine. She was so wet that he slid in very easily, with almost no resistance until the end.

By some definitions, Kim was technically a virgin, since no man had entered her vagina before, but the way had been cleared by countless dildos of both the strap-on and hand-held variety. So the feeling of her cunt being deeply filled was not completely alien to her. But Kim quickly realized that no dildo, however fancy, could compare to a real flesh-and-blood penis. The body heat alone from Alan's erection was enough to send shivers of excitement down her spine.

I really like it, she thought with surprise. I like it a lot! As Alan thrust in and out at an increasing pace, she quickly responded by bucking her hips up at him in expert fashion, building on all her experience with female partners who had worn a strap-on. A fake cock is good. But the real thing is so much better, so warm, so alive!

"Alan, fuck me!" she declared.

"I am already!" he replied, somewhat amused.

"But more! Harder! Faster! Like you did to Katherine just now. Really DO me. Nail me! Break me! Fuck! Fuck me now! Impale! Impale me! Cut a hole right through me! NOW!"

Alan turned on his pistoning motion and hammered her for all he was worth, similar to what he'd done to his sister some minutes earlier. Fucking with a condom felt different, but all-in-all he didn't find it as horrible as some people said. For one thing, endurance was a very important goal for him and he could tell right away that the condom would help him last longer since being sheathed reduced his sensitivity. He was especially keen on doing his best with Kim; like many males he wanted to induce a lesbian to become somewhat bi.

Katherine backed off and just stared in wonder as Alan rammed Kim like a steam engine that had spun out of control. God, that's so HOT! That must be what we looked like to her. No wonder she wanted to try him.

Katherine realized that she was becoming jealous. She thought, It doesn't matter, because I'm burning even hotter with PURE LUST! She found herself playing aggressively with her own pussy and clit as she watched.

Once Kim really got into it, Alan rolled them over so that she was on top and could control the action. This caused her to slam down on him even harder, positioning herself so that her clit was stimulated on every stroke.

Katherine thought that was really hot. She yelled, "Ride em, cowgirl!" and reached behind Kim to start fingering around her anus.

Some of Kim's lesbian lovers had played with her ass before, so being stimulated by Katherine made it even easier for Kim to fantasize that she was with a woman, even though at the same time she was loving the feel of Alan's cock and his muscular chest. Soon both she and Alan were screaming at the top of their lungs: "Fuck!" "God!" "Yes!" "Hard!"

GM: Kim on top of Alan, fucking him, while Katherine fingers her anus

Just when Kim thought it couldn't get any more stimulating, Katherine stuck two fingers up Kim's anus, which made her yelp in surprise and painful protest.

Katherine actually had no idea what she was doing with that move, and she hadn't known to lubricate her finger first. She was just trying to be spontaneous and inspired. As a result of the lack of lubrication, it didn't exactly feel good to Kim, whose cry was one of complaint.

That yelp caused Katherine to remove her finger lest she ruin the moment. She thought (mistakenly) that Kim had an aversion to anal penetration, so she tried to make up for her intrusion by caressing and teasing Kim's other erogenous zones, while simultaneously continuing to stimulate her own clit.

With Katherine's help, Alan had reduced Kim to a quivering mass of jelly by the time he spent his seed deep inside her.

After that, the three of them just rested for a few minutes.

Alan was sweaty and exhausted after two such frantic fucks in close succession. "Okay ladies," he said as he finally got off the bed, "all this happy sex makes me thirsty. I'm gonna get a drink of water. I'll leave you two to play for a bit."

"Alan!" Kim shouted, grabbing his attention just before he walked out of the room. She too was starting to come back to life, at least a bit. "That was ... really good."

"Thanks," he said bashfully as he paused at the door.

"Really, I'm serious. You're, like, rocking my world. I'm seriously reconsidering my choice of sexual orientation at this very moment. That excellent fucking makes me a bisexual at least."

Katherine rolled over onto Kim and started kissing her. "Let's see if I can get you reclassified as a lesbian." She kissed again. "After all, it's mostly thanks to you that I discovered the pleasures of women. And I have so much more to learn."

The two went at it with a passion while Alan took a break and cooled off, leaving to flush the used condom down the toilet. Then he went to Kim's kitchen, looking for a snack. There he found some tortilla chips, salsa and a pomegranate.


After Alan joined in again, they worked on ways to better get everyone involved and pleasured at the same time. The rest of the afternoon was a blur of tangled flesh.

After a while, Alan lost track of who did what to whom and when. Generally, he stayed in the middle and the two females came at him from both sides. After he'd had an orgasm, he would move out of the way to lend a hand here or there, and let the two women go at it until he was ready for another round. He did all he could to delay orgasm, and as a result he stayed erect and involved for quite a long time.

He was surprised at his growing prowess. His sexual stamina and libido seemed to increase steadily every day. Having six or more orgasms a day is like training to run or something, he figured. At first you can only run a short distance, but each time it gets a little bit easier, and before long you can just keep going and going. I've come so far in just a few weeks, from when just touching my dick while thinking of Aunt Suzy or Mom made me cum instantly.

In addition, Kim and Katherine spent a lot of time eating out each other's pussy. There was rarely a clit without a finger to rub it, or a hole without a tongue, finger or penis in it. But Alan's dick was in greatest demand: when it wasn't deep in one of the women, usually there was a hand or mouth around it to milk it.

Kim was eager to suck Alan off, "Finishing what I started before we were all so rudely interrupted," as she put it while recalling the day they'd nearly been caught by Mr. Jackson. It turned out she enjoyed sucking Alan's dick until he ejaculated as much as everyone else who'd tried it, which meant she enjoyed it quite a lot. Of course, his delicious cum was a big reason for that.

M: Kim holding and looking closely at Alan's cockhead

His penis was in such demand that at times Kim and Katherine argued, and even physically tussled with each other, over who got access to it next.

Being with two women was a huge boost for his ego: when they weren't fighting over his dick, they praised him and it to the high heavens.

Katherine would cry things like, "Big Hammer Brother, stick your twat tamer in me now, or I'm gonna die!" It was over the top, but all in good fun.

She had a real fetish for being called a "fuck toy," and kept referring to herself by that term. She also really got off on the idea of her brother making her pregnant, even though she was using protection. So it wasn't unusual for her to shout things like "Knock me up! Fill your fuck toy with your babymakers!"

Alan liked such talk, if only because it showed how much she was enjoying things, but he didn't say anything to encourage her fetishes.

Kim wasn't quite as colorful with her language, but her tone was equally enthusiastic. For instance, while he was fucking Katherine, Kim imagined she was the one being fucked as she cried out, "Alan, do me! Do me! Please! Fuck me forever! Just fucking stick it in me and fuck me good!" She spoke like that because they had such a fun anything-goes vibe, as well as a competitive one.

As much as Alan enjoyed Kim, he enjoyed his sister even more, so he mostly kept his thick shaft on or in her. Kim understood she couldn't compete with sibling lust, not to mention the fact that Katherine had a more mature and voluptuous body. She was happy just to be included at all.

Their competition led to them praising him so excessively that he actually felt the need to complain. "You guys are overdoing it. Quit stroking my ego so much."

"Okay!" Katherine replied quickly. "Kim, what say we stroke his pussy stretcher some more instead?"

"You're a mind-reader," Kim answered, leading to all of them giggling. Within seconds there were four hands on his flaccid penis. It was hard in a minute, after which Katherine wasted no time in impaling herself on it again.

There was a lot of fucking, but at the same time Alan realized that they had only begun to explore the possibilities of sex. Things like anal sex or strap-on dildos hadn't been tried at all. After his experience with Glory, he wished that the two girls knew how to deep throat him too, but he knew they would need some time to work up to that.

In the frenzy of the moment Alan forgot to try out most of his book-learned new techniques, and even forgot to carry out Akami's "homework assignment" to practice titfucking. Since intercourse itself was new to him and Kat, they were more than happy to just keep fucking as much as their bodies could manage.

There's still a lot of time for titfucks before I see Akami again next Friday, Alan consoled himself later. And so many opportunities to practice, heh-heh!

Just like the first time at Kim's, they definitely overdid it. By the time they were done, all three were so sore they figured they wouldn't be able to have sex again for days.

Alan ended up cumming no less than four times, and he failed to make it five only because his penis couldn't take any more. He had fucked both Katherine and Kim to start. Kim had blown him for the next load, and after they had all tried many different positions, Katherine had sucked him to another climax to get her treat too. He hoped and prayed he wouldn't have to pee anytime soon; he figured it would be excruciatingly painful.

As they all lay on the wet and messy bed sheets and gathered strength to leave, the siblings probed Kim's feelings towards men a bit further.

"So Kim," said Katherine, "you can't tell me now that you don't enjoy sex with a man. Why is it you think you've never had a boyfriend?"

"That's not exactly true," Kim pointed out. "I started out with guys, 'cos, you know, that's what you're supposed to do. But it seemed like they were all jerks. I never went any further than kissing and some groping through T-shirts, that kind of thing. Talk about ham-handed oafs!" she recalled with a shudder. "Even after I started going out with girls, I went out with a guy occasionally so I could keep up the pretense with my mom and get on the cheerleader squad and stuff."

She sighed. "I don't know. No offense, Alan - a good penis is quite nice - but all guys are jerks. I don't think I was, like, a naturally-born lesbian. I've got some deep issues with men: Freudian shit. Maybe I'm mad at guys because of my father. He left my Mom and me when I was young and really devastated us both. She let herself go and has never really recovered. That, plus, let's face it, women are a hell of a lot more attractive than men to look at."

"Wow," said Katherine. "But you don't blame Alan for the sins of your father, do you?"

"No, I guess not. Alan, you're pretty cool. Being with you today started off weird and I even had to close my eyes for a while, but before long it was okay. You're not like most of the guys in my classes, you know, the stupid jocks who could get tips from a Neanderthal on what foreplay means. Or even how to be polite or make conversation. I wish I was in the gifted classes like you two. Maybe I'd have a better attitude about guys."

"Well," Alan piped up, "you know me now, so I have to stand up for the men. I want to prove to you that not all guys are jerks. We don't just have to meet here in your house twice a week. We can, you know, be friends in school and stuff, if you want to. In fact, thanks to Mr. Jackson I think, there's already a rumor going around that we're boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Yeah, I'd like that," said Kim with a smile. "You're gonna ruin my dyke reputation, though! ... I think I could get into swinging both ways, but I'm still in no hurry to have a boyfriend and all the baggage that comes with that. I don't need a girlfriend either, now that I have you two. I don't mind, though, if we stoke that rumor a bit," she said playfully. "We can kind of stoke and stroke at the same time," she giggled.

For a while they lay naked on the bed, lost in thought, feeling like slugs. Except that slugs don't have sore privates.

There were more kisses all around as Alan and Katherine said goodbye to Kim at her door.

V: Kim on hands and knees on a table, with Alan fucking her doggy-style

But they weren't done. To everyone's surprise, Alan got hard once more from all the kissing and decided to do something about it. He took Kim over to a coffee table in the living room, stripped them both naked, and fucked her right there to his fifth climax of the afternoon.

Katherine was so worn out she didn't even have the energy to frig herself as she watched. "Talk about insatiable!" she remarked once the other two were finally done. "Kim, can you believe how lucky I am to have him as a brother, with his bedroom right across the hall from mine?"

Kim licked her lips as she answered, "I know. I wish I was you."

"It's not all wine and roses, yet, though," Katherine complained. "Alan's dick is hard, like ALL the time! And he's not wearing underwear at home much these days, so you can like totally see everything. Bulge-o-rama. But I'm not allowed to touch it or do anything unless we come here. Aaaargh! So frustrating. We'll all be sitting there at the dinner table and I'll want him to just sweep away all the plates so I can lie down and have him fuck me right there, but nooooOOOoooo. He seems to think that's 'not prudent.'"

They chuckled.

She added, "My dad might think something was up with that, though he's so clueless I sincerely doubt it."

Alan actually had to carry Katherine back to the car. She'd been the main target of both Kim and Alan for the whole afternoon, and was literally too fucked to walk (though she did ham up how much she ached just so he would carry her). She had never "hurt so good."

"That was great, Kim!" Alan said as he waved to her from the driver's seat of the car. "See you here on Thursday."

Kim, dressed in only a towel as she stood at the front door, waved back and blew him a kiss.

Katherine, slumped down in her seat with all the strength of a pile of Jell-O, groaned at the reminder. "Thursday? Oh fuck! Big Diamond-hard-dicked Brother, you're trying to kill me!"

She reveled in the opportunity to call him "Big Brother" names since they were in a secure location, and she'd done it all afternoon long. "Gaawwwd. One more of these afternoons at Kim's will finish me off altogether." She closed her eyes, ready to drop off to sleep in an instant.

"Me, too, Sis. If we're gonna die, it's a good way to go." He cradled her head in his hands.

"I love you, Brother," she purred as she slowly lost consciousness.

"I love you, Sis." Tears of happiness leaked from his eyes after he heard her words. He wasn't just happy at the great sex, but he truly felt a sense of oneness with his sister, a deep unity he'd never felt with anyone before.


When Alan got home, he was surprised to find the house empty. Susan was nowhere to be seen. She'd left a note for Alan and Katherine saying that she and Ron were out. It included instructions on what the two kids should make for dinner.

Alan took a long nap. He was tired enough on a typical day, but after his hours of fucking two energetic cheerleaders he felt like he might sleep until the next morning. In fact, it had taken been a major struggle just to stay awake long enough to drive home.

Even after he awoke and put on some clothes, he found that he was still the only one in the house.

However, it didn't stay that way for long; Suzanne arrived mere minutes after he had sat down at the dining room table to read a book. More and more of her wardrobe was migrating into Susan's bedroom, so she went up there and changed into a sexy, but not overwhelmingly sexy, outfit.

Alan was a bit worried, because he thought for sure that Suzanne would be up for some hanky-panky, but how could he explain that his dick was hopelessly flaccid? He certainly didn't want to have to admit that he'd spent most of the afternoon having sex with his sister and another cheerleader.

However, it turned out the issue didn't surface immediately because the first thing that Suzanne said when she came back downstairs was, "Sweetie, bad news. I'm afraid your mother had another of her prudish relapses this morning."

He put down the book while she was pulling up a chair to sit next to him. "Oh no. I guess things went too far last night?"

Suzanne laughed. "You could say that again! To be honest, it was a lot more than I'd expected or wanted, especially at the end there when she blew you. But events have a certain momentum of their own. Unfortunately, today she was about as distraught as I've ever seen her. She was devastated that she'd had oral sex with you on what she called her husband's bed while he's still in town. To give you a sense of her mindset, she kept calling your cum 'the demon seed.'"

"Wow. That's bad."

"You don't know the half of it. It was all fire and brimstone and going to Hell this and going to Hell that. Luckily, we met first thing in the morning, so she and I talked and talked until I managed to ease her concerns quite a bit, but at a price. She needed someone to blame for what happened, and could either blame me, you, herself, or some combination. Honestly, I pretty much pushed her into it, and the last thing she needs is to feel worse about herself, so I took most of the blame. I parceled some out to you too. So she's pretty mad at both of us. That's the main reason I came over here, to warn you."

"Oh well, thanks for doing your best. What does it all mean though?"

"At first she was determined to go completely cold turkey and never help you again. But that didn't last long. I think she realizes deep down that that's not possible. So then she vowed to avoid touching your penis until Ron leaves. I don't know if she'll manage to hold out that long, but in any case I think it's best that you and I cool it for a day or so."

Actually, Suzanne was exaggerating somewhat for effect. The basic facts of her story were true, but she was leaving out how quickly Susan had gotten horny again and then changed her tune. She didn't want Alan to be overconfident.

He said, "Dang. That sucks. I gotta say it bums me out most of all to hear she's that upset. She's been such a wonderful mom that she should never be unhappy. I wish she- Hey! If you just came over here to tell me bad news, then why are you dressed in a heart-attack outfit? Meaning one designed to give me a heart attack."

Suzanne grinned. "I don't know what you mean. These are just my hanging-around-the-house clothes." She pulled her chair back so he could get a good look at her from head to toe.

"'Hanging-around-the-house clothes'?! Are you nuts?! I'm having a mental orgasm just looking at you, and it's making it seriously tough to concentrate."

Suzanne in dark lacy top, miniskirt and hose, sitting on a chair, dangling one of her high-heeled shoes

"Look," she said as she kicked a leg forward. She let one of her shoes come loose and dangled it precariously, using just her toes to wiggle it around. "These are only two-inch heels. If I was expecting to feel your cock tickle my tonsils in a couple of minutes, I'd be wearing three-inch heels at least, and probably four-inchers. That's as high as I go, though. Five inches is self-abuse; that's just too high."

He looked her over with great interest. Admittedly, she was publicly semi-presentable when standing, even though her lacy black top exposed all of her cleavage and a good deal of her midriff. In addition, her black leather miniskirt didn't quite reach down to the top of her dark stockings, leaving a tantalizing stripe of pale skin between them.

Her miniskirt rode up her thighs when she sat, especially when she kicked a leg up and kept it there dangling in the air as she was doing at the moment. Also, thanks to the 'no underwear' rule, she was flashing her labia whenever she opened her legs, which was quite often.

He just rolled his eyes in frustration. "If those are your hanging-around-the-house clothes, I'm afraid to see what you'd look like all dressed up to seduce someone. But I digress. Wait. Why would you wear high heels if you want to give me a blowjob?"

"Because you love 'em! They make you extremely horny!"

"I do? ... I guess you're right; they do."

She rolled her eyes. "That's what I call a non-denial denial. Look. Tell me this doesn't turn you on." She kicked her leg up even higher still, so it was as high as her head. Not many women of any age could perform such a feat; it showed just how limber she was. She pointed the toe of the foot with the dangling shoe this way and that, as if trying to draw attention to it.

Then with one leg up so high, she spread her other leg wide, totally exposing her pussy to his view.

He laughed. "It's a good thing you're here just to talk, and not to get me all horny."

"Oops." She brought her leg back down, then brought the two together, after which they both had a good chuckle.

Alan continued in a serious vein, "Anyway, I sure do wish Mom didn't have all those hang-ups, although I can understand her feelings about cheating on Ron, even if he did cheat on her first. What did you do to patch that up?"

"I didn't. She set up a dinner, party, and dancing date with Ron for this evening. She's out right now getting a manicure and having her hair done so she'll look her best. The fact is, they haven't been connecting much at all since he arrived. She hasn't been warm to him, no doubt in large part because of the bombshell about his cheating that I dropped on her, but he hasn't made much of an effort either. So we'll see what happens. She might even feel like getting physically intimate with him to help get over her guilty feelings. I warned her strongly about not doing that before she has him checked for STDs, but who knows what'll happen. I can't control everything she does; I can only give advice and encouragement. Be warned. Maybe they'll make out or something."

Alan observed that he was having a surge of jealousy. His face hardened and he clenched his fists. Even though Susan and Ron had been married since before he was born, at this point the idea of them merely kissing on the lips was almost more than he could take.

Suzanne noticed immediately and chuckled, "Looks like someone's getting a little jealous, eh?"

"Hey, I can't help it. You know, I'd feel the same about you. Oh God! I just had a horrible thought. You're not kissing YOUR husband like that, are you? I just kind of assumed you weren't since you two have been on the outs for so long, but what if you are?!"

Suzanne was touched. She smiled with just a bit of sadness and said, "No, don't worry. Eric and I share a good-morning peck on the cheek sometimes and a good-night peck on the cheek at other times, but nothing more. To be truthful, sometimes I worry about Eric smelling your cum on me when he kisses me like that, but if he ever has he hasn't let on. I don't even know how much he'd care at this point. We're like housemates. As I'm pretty sure you already know, we sleep in separate bedrooms."

She grew wistful and stared off into the distance. "Now that I think about it, I can't even recall the last time Eric really kissed me." She didn't love him anymore, but she still felt sad over how their marriage had fallen apart.

Alan, though, was still pumped up and agitated from his jealous feelings. "Well, good! I mean, I'm sorry about your marriage and all, and I know it's horribly hypocritical of me, but I can't help the way I feel."

Suzanne refocused on him and smiled. "Don't worry. I understand how you feel. As it is, you happen to have two big-titted married babes who have dedicated themselves to pleasing you. You must be just about the luckiest kid in town, and that doesn't even count the mysterious help you seem to be getting outside the house, as Susan pointed out last night."

Alan looked abashed. "Well, you see..."

"Don't worry. I really don't mind. We'll talk about that another time. Having to share you is just a necessary by-product of the intense medical treatment required to cure your tiredness problem."

Alan was certain that, after his workout with Katherine and Kim, it would be at least a couple of hours before he could get hard again. However, as soon as Suzanne said "You happen to have two big-titted married babes who have dedicated themselves to pleasing you," his dick came back to life. The fact that he'd been able to nap for over an hour helped quite a bit.

Suzanne noticed his engorged state at once. So as she said "Speaking of which, how'd you do today?", her foot started to wander forward and up his leg.

"Good. Very good. I'll make six today no problem." He certainly felt her foot, but tried not to show it. He joked, "More checkmarks on my chart from that mysterious outside-the-house help."

Suzanne raised her eyebrows. "Hmmm. Now I am getting jealous. Susan's right; you really are becoming quite the stud around town, aren't you? Before long, it's gonna be difficult for you to squeeze me in, or should I say squeeze you into me?" Her foot rose higher and found its way to his crotch. She began circling the bulge in his shorts with the toe of her shoe.

Alan found himself growing increasingly aroused, but he was concerned that his mother might come home and didn't want to upset her any further. He said, "Um, that feels good, but didn't you say that you and I should cool it for a day or two at least?"

Suzanne frowned while her foot kept exploring. "I did say that, didn't I? Well, Susan's not home, so what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Besides, I'm not doing anything; these are what I call my 'evil shoes.' They have a mind of their own and they're up to no good, as usual."

M: Suzanne's high-heel-shod foot toeing Alan's prick through his pants

Alan laughed before standing up to get away from the 'evil shoes.'

However, they rose with him and kept sliding over his bulge.

He said, "We'd better stop before your 'evil shoes' get carried away too much." However, his resolve wasn't that strong, so he found himself staring between her legs where her cunt was again presenting him with a lewd, wide-open display. "Um, be careful what you're showing there. We're kind of in an exposed location."

She purred, "Yes, we are. Isn't it exciting?"

His heart was thumping hard but he tried not to let it show. "Are the 'evil shoes' causing that too?"

She sighed theatrically. "Unfortunately, yes. The power and reach of the 'evil shoes' knows no bounds. I didn't even want to wear them today, but they made me." She grinned and winked.

Alan was extremely frustrated because, although he was very aroused mentally and growing more so every minute that he let Suzanne charm him with her bag of sexy tricks, his penis still had problems. He said, "Aunt Suzy, I can't believe I'm saying this... You're sexy as hell, but I'm not really feeling that now is the time for fun. Do you know what I mean? I keep thinking of Mom. What if she were to walk in on us?"

Suzanne wave a hand dismissively. "Pshaw. I can hear your garage door from a mile away. Even if I were bare-ass naked, slurping and slobbering heartily all over your cock, I'd manage to make myself presentable in time."

He gulped at the thought of that highly thrilling prospect, but still he remained worried. "Even so... I'm also thinking how angry she must be at me."

Suzanne finally pulled her foot back, allowing him to sit back down. She even closed her legs - most of the way. She could tell she needed to address his concerns before he would get really frisky. "Well, truth be told, she's mostly angry at me and at herself. Even when she gets in one of her moods, she's so taken by you that she figures the boy with the golden penis can do no wrong. In fact, for all my efforts to redirect the blame to you and mostly to me, she wants to take all the burden of what she's done on her own shoulders. I'd like to level with her more honestly and tell her just how much I've been steering events, but if I did that, her future sexual progress would be much slower and way more difficult. Sometimes a little deception can be a good thing."

He raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Yeah, we've heard that from you before. But I do believe you care and think this is for the best. So what do we do now? For one thing, how should I deal with her next time I see her? You know I don't want to plot, but this isn't plotting. It's just figuring out how to get her out of her funk."

The two of them talked for quite a while about Susan. Every now and then, Suzanne's 'evil shoes' would wander up his legs and get a little frisky, but not too frisky: just enough to keep him interested.


After a while, Suzanne said, "Sweetie, don't worry too much about your current issues with your mom. What's important is to keep the big picture in mind. She's changing daily. She's discovering that she not only loves sex, she loves to serve you."

That startled him. "To serve me?"

"Sexually! She wants a strong and dominant man who tells her what to do, but only if that man is you. Hell, to be honest, I kind of feel the same way."

"What? No. Aunt Suzy, you're totally kick-ass. Nobody tells you what to do! Or, if they do, they soon regret it. I love that you're a sexy woman, but you've still got balls of steel."

She grinned, happy that he thought of her that way. "That may be true, but... Sometimes, a person can feel one way in bed and another out of bed. And they may even feel differently in bed on one day compared to another. I'm like that sometimes. I can do the whole dominatrix thing, and I have, especially with some of my affairs. I couldn't open up and let my guard down with people I didn't trust. But with you, I guess there's a bit of Susan in me. I like it when you tell me things to do."

She turned away and blushed. She thought, Shit! How did that come out? We're supposed to be talking about Susan!

He was surprised, to say the least. He said flatly, "I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. You can say that, but you don't mean it."

"What? Of course I do!" She was surprising herself. She thought she'd just been saying that to help arouse him. But then she realized that she really meant it, and that she didn't mind if he knew it.

He griped, "You can say that, but every time I ask you to do something, you say we can't. Heck, I can't even touch your boobs most of the time, even though you delight me with all these great blowjobs. Kissing seems to be off limits too. It drives me crazy!"

Suzanne suddenly found herself greatly aroused. The idea of kissing him while he played with her boobs sounded like a very good idea indeed, especially if he did it in an assertive manner. She dramatically pulled her top off her head and tossed it aside. "Try me!"

He gasped as he watched her great globes slowly bounce and jiggle back into place. He cleared his throat while trying to keep his cool. His lust surged, but he still felt determined to see the conversation through to its end before he gave in to his urges.

He was a little surprised she didn't reply with her usual excuse of not wanting to go too far out of concern for Susan. But his frustration at the overall situation, plus more than a little arousal, drove him on anyway. He said, "Okay, I will. But let's see if you're all hat and no cattle. Aunt Suzy, I want to fuck your tits!"

Her eyes went wide and her heart started to pound. "Excuse me?"

He was tempted to take his words back since he feared she was offended, but he resolved to stick to his guns. "You heard me. Right here, right now! Why is that so against the rules anyway? A titfuck is no worse than a blowjob or handjob. But they're totally forbidden around here. I don't get it. I say it's time to change that!"

Suzanne had been trying to postpone any titfucking, as part of her strategy not to get too far ahead of what Susan was doing with him. After all, the two mothers talked about their sexual adventures with Alan most every morning. But she decided Susan had made plenty of progress lately and wouldn't get upset when she found out about it. So she said, "You know what? Fuck it! You're right! Stand up."

His legs lifted him up while his brain was still catching up. "What? Really?!"

"Really." She got on her knees in front of him, wearing just her skirt and high heels. "Do you really think you can handle this? Can you handle me, Mr. Big Man?" She unzipped his fly as she spoke.

"I'm damn well going to try!" His hopes soared.

He thought his heart would stop altogether when he looked down and saw Suzanne's boobs closing in around his stiff erection. Then he closed his eyes and luxuriated in the feel of her soft tit-flesh enveloping his hot and throbbing hard-on.

He let out a long exhale. "Aaaaaah! Yes!" Oh my freakin' GOD! I'm about to fuck Aunt Suzy's epic tits! Incredible!

She raised a curious eyebrow, obviously fishing for him to share his thoughts.

He was momentarily speechless as he reveled in the tight tit-tunnel she'd created. But he soon found his voice again and exclaimed, "MAN! Man oh man! You have NO IDEA how MUCH I've wanted to do this!"

She smiled from ear to ear. She briefly gave her tits an extra tight squeeze with both hands. "Oh, really? Tell me all about it."

His eyes bugged out as he felt that squeeze. "Oh God! I'm too psyched to talk! Aunt Suzy, I tried so hard not to masturbate to thoughts of you, but so many times I'd see you wearing some low-cut top and I couldn't resist! UGH! God! So many times, I secretly wanted to... to... UH! To fuck your tits like this!"

She loved the fact that he was struggling hard not to cum when all she was doing was holding her boobs around his shaft. She regretted that she hadn't done this with him before, because he clearly was loving it so much.

She also was strongly affected, much more so than she would have thought likely. During her affairs, it seemed all of her lovers wanted to fuck her tits; Alan was hardly the only male who lusted after her remarkable bust. So even though she'd provided many men with titfucks in recent years, this almost felt like an entirely new experience to her, because it was with Alan - someone she really loved. She loved how hot, thick, and alive his dick felt trapped in her cleavage. It was almost as if there had never been a penis there before.

He looked down and saw how her chest was starting to heave with excitement. In turn, that increased his own excitement. He had to force himself to keep his breathing under control, at least enough so he didn't hyperventilate.

But she wasn't making it easy on him, because she was as horny and thrilled as he was. She didn't give him much of a chance to get settled before she started jiggling her tits up and down around his cock. She also pushed her big boobs together with extra force, creating a particularly tight tit-tunnel, and not just for a brief squeeze.

He loved it. He felt so much pleasure that his body was actually disoriented and he thought his feet were leaving the ground. His arms waved in the air like a spastic dancer. Oh, FUCK ME! I'm fucking her tits! I really am! I'm doing it! And it's just as great as in my dreams!

Within seconds though, his sexual euphoria spiraled to such a height that he screamed out a high-pitched "YEAAARGH!"

Suzanne stopped and giggled. "What was that sound? Are you a pirate or something? Or a chihuahua?!" She snorted and laughed even more.

He was chagrined, but at least the interruption stopped him from cumming too soon.

However, just when he felt like he'd got his feet on the ground, it was like a trap door had opened beneath him: Suzanne resumed the titfuck and it was all he could do to hang on for dear life while frantically squeezing his PC muscle.

She was overjoyed at how much fun she was having. She knew that, objectively speaking, this wasn't really any different from titfucks she'd given other men. But seeing Alan so wired with arousal that his hair practically stood on end had her laughing out loud and tingling all over.

She enjoyed teasing him, verbally and otherwise. She cooed, "So, you enjoy this, huh?"


"Too bad it has to be a one-time thing."

"UNH!" This grunt superficially sounded much the same as his previous one, but that one had been filled with joy while this one was filled with disappointment.

But then she playfully winked and said, "Good thing it's NOT gonna be a one-time thing then. In fact, if your cock doesn't have my lips wrapped around it at any given moment, that's probably because it'll be deep in my cleavage instead!"

"UNH!" This time, his grunt was of pure ecstasy. That sounded like the best news ever.

She chuckled. "You like that, don't you? What if I were able to combine the two with my long tongue, like this?" She tilted her head down and unleashed her extra-long tongue, lapping along the top of his cockhead.

Unfortunately, she had to stop that almost immediately, because it was far too arousing for him to handle, both mentally and physically. Even in his dreams, he hadn't imagined a simultaneous titfuck and cock-licking.

After that, she tried hard to pace herself. She cut out the verbal teasing, since he clearly was already dangerously close to the edge. However, due to their mutual sexual euphoria, she wasn't entirely successful in holding back or sometimes stopping altogether to let him last as long as possible.

Therefore, after just a few minutes, he cried out as his dick started to fire. "Watch out!"

He meant the warning literally, because at that moment his dick was pointed right at her face from only a couple of inches away.

T: Suzanne, topless, holding her boobs together around Alan's shaft as she gives him her first titfuck

Luckily, she'd felt the tightening in his balls and closed her eyes in time. She didn't have a chance take any other evasive action, so she wound up with a face full of cum.

She didn't mind though. In fact, she quite liked it. She thought back to what she'd been telling him just before their titfuck started. I must mean what I said about how I like it when he acts all aggressive with me. If any other man tried to do that to me, I would have been pissed and probably wiped his cum all over HIS face. But with my Sweetie, it's like I just won a prize. I want to run to Susan and show off all the spermy goodness!

Sheesh. I'm sounding just like her. I've gotta watch out, because it sounds like my hype to her about how great it is to get a facial is affecting me too. Still, I wish she could see this.


Suzanne put her clothes back on while Alan rested with his eyes closed.

Then she nudged him to make sure he wasn't falling asleep. "Okay, kid, make yourself presentable. Now that we've gotten our horny urges out of the way, we've gotta talk about some serious stuff. I say we do it upstairs, on the sun deck."

He stirred and started pulling his shorts back on. "Why there?" The sun deck wasn't used very often, since everyone preferred the backyard pool area.

"I don't want someone to walk in on us. I know for a fact that Ron's going to be at his office and then go straight to a restaurant to meet Susan there, so he's not a problem. But I don't want Susan or Katherine walking in and interrupting us. If we use your bedroom, well, one thing could easily lead to another. And it's getting late in the afternoon, so that's a good time to catch the sunset, if we stay long enough."

They went up to the sun deck together and sat in white plastic deck chairs, facing each other. Suzanne had put on a different dress than what she'd been wearing earlier. It was red and skin-tight. She wore dark sunglasses too.

Alan started things off by saying, "Aunt Suzy, I just gotta say you look GOOD. And I mean even-better-than-usual good. That dress... is it new?"


She smiled widely, and struck a sexy pose in her seat. "As a matter of fact, yes, relatively speaking. And thank you. Flattery will get you everywhere."

He returned her smile. "So... no hanky panky?"

"Nope, sorry. Okay, let's get started. This may seem out of the blue for you, but the thing I want to talk to you about is Brenda."


"You remember her from Wednesday, don't you?"

"Sure. It's hard to forget anyone with a face and a figure like that. What about her?"

Suzanne briefly raised her sunglasses and locked her steely eyes on him before purring, "Would you like to fuck her?"

Alan was so shocked that his body recoiled backwards. "Fuck her?!"

Suzanne could feel a devilish smile coming on. She licked her lips and confided, "Yes. Fuck. Her. As in, fuck your cock into her and make her scream your name in passion. I was wondering if you'd want to do that on, shall we say... a regular basis?"

"What?!" He looked all around, as if trying to find hidden cameras that were recording this for some comedy TV show. "You can't be serious!"

"I can. Why is that so hard to believe?"

"You won't even let me fuck you! And she's so curvy, cute, and sexy that it's ridiculous. Why the heck would you set me up with her? I'm having so much sexual success lately that it's like a living Twilight Zone episode. It doesn't make sense!"

"You are, but don't let it go to your head, because a lot of that is because of me, your secret guardian angel. And that's the case here. You really are the luckiest guy in the world, because not only am I suggesting that you should seduce Brenda, for all intents and purposes, I'm pretty much ordering you to do it."


She smiled while her eyes danced with mirth. "I know. Your brain is about to explode from yet another sexy shock. Unfortunately, it's not all good news. I need you to do that to solve a big problem we have. You see, Susan and I ran into her by chance at the party we went to last night. The three of us were drinking, we got to talking in a chummy way, and, well, to make a long story short, it kind of slipped out that you and Susan are sexually intimate."

"WHAT?!" He stood up in alarm. "Oh SHIT!"

She patiently waved a hand downward. "Relax. Sit back down. Nobody knows but her, and it turns out that she's pretty cool about it. If some outsider had to find out, she's about the least troubling we could hope for. We had her over for lunch today and had a big talk with her about it. I think I'd better tell you the whole story."

For the next ten minutes, she related what had happened with Brenda both the previous night and earlier that day. She also told him a lot about Brenda, just to make sure that he knew everything he needed to know in advance.

Eventually she concluded, "So now you can see why I say you need to seduce her. If she's on our side, if she considers herself one of us, then the incest secret will stay safe. I'm sure you can rise to the challenge."

Alan was worried and spoke his mind. "Are you kidding me?! I'm flattered, and this sounds like the set-up to a porn movie or something. But the truth is, I'm no seducer. All the sexual success I've had, I basically fell into it. The only time I really took the initiative was when I asked Christine out, and she turned me down flat. And Brenda - God! She's waaaaay out of my league! I had no problem talking to her before, but now, knowing the stakes, I'd be a mess. I'd be way too intimidated to even get started. Hell, I don't even know what getting started would be! What am I supposed to do?!"

Suzanne smiled patiently. "Relax again already. Like I said, I'm your secret guardian angel. Do you think I'd let you flail around and make a fool of yourself? No way! Especially not with what's at stake here. You'll be glad to know that I'm already on the case. I'm working on making it so that practically all you'll have to do is show up and say 'Hi' and she'll cream her panties."

He settled down a bit, but gave her a skeptical eye. "Come on. How is that possible?"

"I have my ways. Look at what happened to Susan and how her sexual attitude turned around so quickly. Do you think that was your doing? You've played your role well, but I've been working behind the scenes to pave the way, and I'm still busy every day with that. I'm already well on the way to doing the same thing with Brenda. Luckily, it turns out that we have a secret weapon of sorts."

"What's that?"

"Brenda's buried desires. Not only is she not stubbornly prudish, like Susan used to be, but it turns out that, deep down, she's very sexually submissive. Do you know what that means?"

"Of course. I've seen that in porn and read about it in erotic stories and stuff."

"Good. Actually, she's very much like your mom. Remember how I was saying earlier that your mom likes it if you act in a dominant way and give her orders and the like? That's what you need to do with Brenda too. Only Brenda doesn't realize she's that way and she may fight her true nature at first. But if you play your cards right, this should be easy. I've found out that she's been living a vivid submissive life, but only in her fantasies. If you can make that happen for her in the real world, she'll be easy pickings, like falling off a log."

He spoke emphatically. "That's easy for you to say, but I don't know the first thing about any of this! I'm not a naturally dominant kind of guy at all. And she's so intimidating that even thinking about trying to seduce her is making my heart race!"

"Au contraire! I'll be the first to admit that you're not the stereotypical alpha male by any means, but I've been seeing how you sexually interact with Susan, and you have some sort of natural knack. I'll admit that it's subtle, but it's there. I'm going to train you so you can handle Brenda at our next card game on Wednesday."

He wailed unhappily, "Wednesday?! But that's the day after tomorrow!"

"Chill out already. You don't have to actually seduce her then! This is a long-term scheme. It may well be a 'two steps forward, one step back' kind of thing. The occasional slip-up is okay. If you can seduce her within a month, that would be plenty fast enough. On Wednesday all you need to do is talk to her and come off impressively."

He sat back, relieved. "Oh. I can do that. I thought you were basically saying, 'Seduce her right now. Go.'"

Suzanne chuckled. "No, we're not that desperate. She's vowed to keep the incest secret to herself, and I trust her on that. This is more of long-term insurance. Susan and I are busy befriending her, which helps. If you can bring her to heel and keep her as your sex pet or whatever you call it, then we'll be safe as houses for years to come." Normally, she didn't approve of a term like "sex pet," but she used that to provoke and inspire him.

"Whoa! Are you serious?! 'Sex pet?' 'For years to come?!'"

"Sure. This is a one-way ticket. Once you've seduced her, you can't back out or we'll really be in trouble. If she's as submissive as I think she is, she's practically chomping at the bit to have a lover or even a master just like you. So why can't it be you?"

He groaned loudly. "UNGH! Do you realize how frigging arousing this is? But it's totally scary too! I mean, she's not just a hottie; she's, like, supermodel hot! She's practically on the same level as you and Mom!"

Suzanne grinned. "I know. That's why I haven't even asked you if you approve of the seduction idea." She stared knowingly at the bulge in his crotch. "I can see your soldier is saluting the idea in a big way."

He stared off into the distance, wide-eyed. "Duh! Man! How could it not?!"

"This is a no-brainer. The only question is making it happen. Just remember that I'm in your corner, working behind the scenes all the time. If you screw up, I can almost certainly contain the damage. I know she's ridiculously wealthy, and just as outrageously busty and beautiful, but she's been hiding her submissive side so well that nobody figured it out until your clever auntie came along." She winked. "So if you follow my advice, it really is a can't-lose situation."

There was a prolonged silence. Finally, he said, "Why does this kind of thing keep happening to me?! The things that are happening to me are so great that even I can't believe them! I know you're my guardian angel on this and some other things, but not everything. I can't get specific, but I've had sexual success at school lately too, and I can't see how you could possibly be responsible for that. I know you and Mom have noticed all the checkmarks that you can't account for."

She replied, "True. I'm not responsible for that. I haven't looked into it either, because I don't want to smother you by trying to control everything. I trust you're being prudent and smart, and using a condom when necessary. Correct?"

He nodded.

"Good. I may have to talk to you more about that later, because you have to be extra-careful when you have multiple lovers, or you could infect us all. Now, here's what I think: success breeds success. You may not realize it, but you've changed in a big way in just these past few weeks. You're brimming with sexual confidence. And THAT, my darling, is the biggest aphrodisiac of all. Confidence! All you need to do is take that attitude to Brenda, and you'll be in like Flynn."

"And you don't mind that?! You don't mind if I fool around with another woman? If I fuck her, even?"

She patiently responded, "I started out with the 'F' word to shock you. It'll probably take a while to get there. But yeah, it should happen with her eventually. And yes, it bothers me some. But remember that we don't have any choice here. We just can't have her running around with the incest secret in her head if she isn't loyal to us. The one who is bothered more though is your mom. I kind of made a deal with her that you'll only have sexy fun with Brenda a couple of times a week. And that's good for me too. I don't want your Brenda time to be taking away from your time with me."

He shook his head. "Wow. I can't believe we're talking about 'Brenda time' like this is a done deal, and I'm actually going to have sex with her. I've only met her once, and then only briefly!"

"And that's a very good thing. She never saw the old you, before you got confident and cocky. I'm basically creating a version of you out of thin air that fits with her vision of her ideal man. The sheer hype of it will practically carry the day by itself. All you need do is step into the role and carry it off well enough that her illusion isn't broken. I tell you, it'll be easy!"

She clapped her hands together, "Now, let's get started. Time is of the essence. We've got a chunk of free time for the next hour or two, but who knows if we'll have any time tomorrow to practice."

"Practice? Practice what?"

'Practice what you're going to say, how you're going to present yourself, what you'll wear, and all the rest. I've got a lot to teach you. It's all about attitude and style over substance. For instance, Sweetie, I hate to break it to you, but even though your penis is both longer and thicker than average, it's no porn-star penis. However, in your mother's eyes it is, because I never talk simply about your 'penis.' With her I'm always referring to it as your 'big cock,' your 'fat cock,' and the like. Eventually the hype becomes the reality. I swear, she's convinced it's ten inches long! And that's good. It makes her happy and horny."

She went on, "The same thing will happen with Brenda. Sure, in a way, you're a nobody. You're just another high school kid, and you have no right to even THINK about being her lover."

"That's what I keep saying!" Alan complained.

"And yet, she knows that you're dominating Susan and me, and many other busty and beautiful women besides."

He cut in, "I am?! That's news to me!"

"Hush. I'll get back to that. The question is not 'Are you worthy of her?' It's 'Is she worthy of you?'"

He gesticulated emphatically, "That's nuts! There's no way!"

"You say that now, but that's what I've got her thinking already. The mind is the most powerful sexual organ. Perception is EVERYTHING. True, you're not really dominating me, and you dominate Susan with a loving, light touch, but Brenda doesn't know that. We've given her the impression that we're a couple of your personal sluts, your sex pets. And when she comes here on Wednesday, she'll see Angel helping you with visual stimulation and all but assume she's one of your many impressive lovers too. Which, by the way, is probably true, but let's not get off track."

He kept a poker face and stayed silent. He really didn't want to discuss that with her.

She went on, "I don't know the reality of your mystery lovers, but the details don't matter very much. The fact is, you DO have multiple lovers, and how many guys of any age can say that? It's probably better if I don't know the real facts, because I'd feel obliged to maintain at least a certain level of accuracy. This way I can freely spin things to make Brenda think you have an entire harem of women who are just as busty and beautiful as your Mom and me. If I can convince her of that, can you see why Brenda would be wondering if she's worthy of you, instead of the other way around?"

He whistled in appreciation. "I can! Hot damn! That's friggin'... diabolical! Aunt Suzy, you're a genius!"

She grinned widely. "I try. Now let's start your lessons in how to seduce Brenda. For starters, I'm going to tell you about submissive women and what they want in their men. I don't consider myself submissive, but I've played the part many times, since most men really get off on that. I've also known a large number of women like that over the years, including your mom. I don't know all the ins and outs of that lifestyle, but I know what makes them tick."

"Okay. Cool. I'm all ears."


Suzanne lectured Alan for at least half an hour. It wasn't just about how to handle submissive women. In fact, she talked more about him. At one point, she explained, "In my opinion, the biggest problem isn't Brenda; it's you. Like I said, I'm working my 'Suzanne Scheme-y Magic' on her."

He chuckled at that.

"She'll still have doubts come Wednesday, but give me another week or two and I'll have her believing that you can walk on air. And that's not knocking her intelligence. She actually strikes me as a smart cookie. But with my understanding of psychology and human nature, frankly, she doesn't stand a chance. That's why I say the main problem is you. Specifically, your self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself, and then your success will naturally follow from that."

She continued, "I know it's not possible to get you to drastically change your self-opinion in two days' time. So here's my suggestion: when you see Brenda, pretend like you're an actor in a play, but it's an improv-style play, where you're making up the lines as you go along. You're not Alan, normal high-school guy. Instead, you're Alan, super stud, master of your own harem. Do you think you can do that?"

He replied, "Actually, that approach would help a lot. I think I've got a natural affinity for role-plays. I definitely have fun with that kind of thing."

"Excellent. We'll work on that. But, to skip ahead a bit, here's the key to your behavior on Wednesday: you need to act hard to get. You're not at all interested in Brenda, in any way!"

"I'm not?"

"No! You already have your harem of a dozen women who are even more beautiful than she is! You're taken. There's no more room at the inn. So why bother with her?"


"A dozen?! That's absurd." He paused to imagine how Brenda must look naked. Due to all of his recent experience with naked woman, he could picture her very well indeed. He was staggered all over again that they were even discussing the possibility of seducing her.

He griped, "Heck, even if you were all-knowing, I doubt you could find a dozen women in California as beautiful as her, much less more so. Her curves are so outrageous that I didn't know a figure like that was physically possible! She's like a real-life Jessica Rabbit!"

Suzanne playfully pouted, "Hey, I thought I was your Jessica Rabbit."

"You are, definitely. But you know what I mean."

"I do, actually, and I agree. But remember that perception can become reality. A woman like Brenda has guys falling all over her trying to impress her, constantly. Booooring! That's the quickest way to lose her interest. It's human nature to want what is just out of reach. I've already told her that you're not interested in her. You merely need to reinforce that by acting aloof. Show more interest in everyone else in the room BUT her."

"But that's mean."

"Don't overdo it, by any means. There's a definite art to the 'playing hard to get' game. I'll teach you how to get the balance right, and when to change your approach. The key is, she's so extremely beautiful that she's completely unfamiliar with having to work to impress someone else. We'll use that to our advantage, like some kind of sexual jujitsu. Ironically, it'll actually be easier for you to seduce her than some woman who isn't a perfect ten, because no one else would have had the audacity to use these tactics on her. She won't know what hit her until it's a done deal and you've got her worshipping your cock, you lucky dog!"

Suzanne continued to give Alan advice along those lines. The more she talked, the more his self-confidence grew, because he could see the brilliance of her strategies. He realized that she was setting things up so it would be easy for him to succeed.

They talked on the sun deck until the sun set and it started to get cold. Then they moved inside to Alan's room and kept on going.

They were still talking up a storm when Susan returned home, wearing her casual "shopping around town" clothes. After taking off her underwear, she went upstairs, looked around, and eventually found Alan and Suzanne. Some small talk ensued, where Susan showed off her manicured nails and newly-styled hair. (Alan couldn't see the difference in either.) Susan asked where Katherine was, and learned that her daughter was having dinner and seeing a movie with Amy. Suzanne had suggested that as a ploy to get the girls out of the way so that she could talk to Alan about Brenda without having them interrupt.

Then Susan asked Alan and Suzanne what they'd been talking so intently about.

That was the entry Suzanne had been waiting for. She said, "I'm so glad you asked, because I really need your help. Your timing is perfect!" (Actually, it was Suzanne's timing that was perfect. She'd paced her talk with Alan based on when she'd expected Susan to come home.) "We've been talking about the Brenda problem."

"Oh." Susan went from smiling to frowning in a flash. "Son, I'm really sorry about that. Ugh! I can't believe I let that secret slip out."

Alan replied, "It's okay, Mom. Obviously we all need to use this as a lesson to be super careful in the future, but Aunt Suzy says she's on top of it."

Suzanne said, "I am. I've been talking to Sweetie for nearly an hour about how best to seduce Brenda. I said your timing is perfect, because we're ready for some role-play practice and I need your help."

Susan clutched a hand to her chest. "Me? Why me? I don't know the first thing about any of this! I can't role-play Brenda to save my life!"

Suzanne spoke confidently. "Don't worry; you don't have to. I'll be playing Brenda, and Alan of course will be playing Alan."

"Then what do you need me for?"

"I need you to raise the stakes. Sweetie here is a smooth talker, as we all know. But no matter how much he pretends, he'll know on some level that this is just a role-play. So we need to frazzle and distract him, to knock him off his game. We also need him extremely horny and excited, since he'll be that way when talking to Brenda. That's where you come in. I need you to drop to your knees and suck his dick while we're doing the role-play."

Susan took a step back towards the closed door in alarm. "What?! No! I can't do that!"

Suzanne asked, as if she was befuddled by Susan's reticence, "Why on Earth not?"

"You know why. I vowed not to do that until Ron leaves. Besides, this is supposed to be my special evening with Ron. I'll be leaving shortly to meet him in a fancy restaurant. How will it be if I meet him with the taste of my son's cum still in my mouth?!"

Suzanne couldn't help but grin. "It'll be hot; that's how it'll be! You'll be showing your true loyalty to your true love: Alan. But I didn't say you have to suck him to completion. I'll gladly take care of that part if you don't want to."

"I do, but, it's just... I can't! Suzaaaaaanne! Please! Don't make me!"

After more of Suzanne's cajoling, with a surprised Alan wisely keeping silent, Susan finally agreed to help, but with a handjob only. She also resolved to keep her clothes on, to help keep her lust in check.

Suzanne set up the role-play situation. She quickly rushed to Susan's room and put on a fancy, sexy, and very revealing dress that she had loaned Susan, as well as high heels. While she was doing that, she had Alan change into slacks, a dress shirt, and dress shoes. Then she poured a glass of wine for herself and another for Alan, to help create the impression that they were mingling at a dinner party. She didn't give Alan any specific instructions, but just told him to remember what she'd advised already and wing it.

Then she left Alan's room and immediately reentered. She walked up to him and introduced herself as Brenda. By then, Susan was kneeling at Alan's side to be as unobtrusive as possible, reaching around his leg to jack him off. There was no way one could miss Susan there, or Alan's erection poking through his fly, or Susan's fingers sliding up and down his shaft, but Suzanne resolutely maintained eye contact with him and acted as if all that action wasn't going on.

Alan and Suzanne made some small talk for a few minutes. There was nothing particularly special about what they said or how they said it. Then Suzanne called for a break.

Alan asked, "So, how was I?"

At that, Susan immediately stopped her stroking.

Suzanne looked down to Susan, now that she and Alan were on a break, and said to her, "No, not you. You know how his cock is. We want to get him right to the edge of climax and keep him there. If you stop for the breaks, you'll never achieve any momentum."

Susan sighed, but she resumed the handjob. She wasn't enjoying Alan's erection as much as usual, due to her worries about her plans with Ron.

Then Suzanne said to Alan, "You were okay. Nothing special, just okay. However, that's fine. You don't have to hit a home run here. Simply not screwing up, not shattering the hype I've built up, will be victory enough. But I think you can do better, because you're a capable guy."

He nodded. "Yeah. I feel like I'm warming up. I'm ready for another go."


Suzanne smiled in approval. "Good. I've got an idea. We were talking about innocuous things. That's the safe strategy, and there's nothing wrong with that. But if you really want to make an impression, remember all the things I've been telling you about Brenda in the last hour. Personal things, intimate things that she won't know you know. For instance, the fact that she's submissive, and the ramifications of that. But also, the problems with her marriage, her frustration at the lack of good sex - or really any kind of sex, her turning to porn and dildos to compensate, and so on."

He nodded again, then took another sip of wine.

"Now, keeping all that in mind, think how brilliant you would come off if you could make it seem that you came up with those insights about her after just observing her and talking with her for only a short while. For instance, you could get to talking about her divorce - she's not keeping that a secret at all - and make astute comments based on things you know that most people don't. From there, you could get to talking about her sexual frustration, and so on. If you do it right, she'll think you're looking straight into her soul and she has no defense against you! She'll be so impressed that her desire for you will skyrocket!"

He frowned. "I don't know. That sounds good, if slightly unethical, but I suppose the gloves are off, given what's at stake with the incest secret and all."

"That's right," Suzanne encouraged.

"The problem is, that sounds good in theory, but it's really hard to do in practice. For instance, what if I'm too 'astute?' Won't she figure out that I must have been tipped off by you or somebody else?"

"That is a danger, but I have great confidence in you. That's why we need to practice. So let's try it again. But don't rush into that kind of thing; work your way up to it."

"Got it."

Suzanne took a few steps away, turned around, and pretended to come at him anew. But then she looked at Susan still jacking him off, and frowned. "Susan, I hate to say this, but I don't think you're being arousing enough."

"I'm not?!" Susan felt extremely aroused herself, and felt she was doing a good job stroking him.

"No. We really want him distracted. Very, very distracted. I think you're going to have to take your clothes off. All of them."

"All of them?!" Susan let go of her son's boner and defensively covered her chest.

"Yes. Except for your high heels."

"But how will that help? He can't really see me if I'm kneeling at his side."

"True. But he can see some of you. Besides, it's psychological. He'll know you're naked and that'll give what you're doing a little extra oomph. More importantly, you'll be highly aware of your nudity and you be that much more inspired."

"Oh, poo!" Susan was disappointed, but she couldn't deny to herself that she would be even more aroused like that.

Susan Suzanne

Susan again jacked him off, this time while butt naked.

Suzanne again took a few steps away, again turned around, and again pretended to come at him anew. Then she resumed chatting with Alan.

He was more into role-play mode this time, and he did a better job, even with the idle chatter. He also grew more accustomed to his mother's handjob. After about five minutes, he managed to deftly switch the conversation to Brenda's divorce, and then tried to use his extra knowledge to his advantage. However, the discussion eventually petered out and Suzanne called for a break again.

Alan immediately asked, "How was that? Better?"

"Yes, actually," Suzanne replied. "Once again, you rose to the occasion. But you can do better still. The discussion was much improved, but you still have trouble coming across as confident and cocky. Let's work on that."

Susan was still giving Alan a handjob, and her lust and enthusiasm had been steadily rising. But her worries were growing too. "Suzanne, how long is this going to go on anyway? I do have set reservations at the restaurant. I only came home to dress up and cook dinner for my children before rushing out the door again. Besides, from the side here I can only use one hand, and it's getting tired."

Suzanne said, "Don't worry. Angel's dinner is taken care of already, as you know. As for Sweetie here, after you go I can fix him something. This is top priority. But I do admit time is running short. Also, he isn't anywhere NEAR the edge of orgasm. We need to up the stakes. I'm afraid you're going to have to blow him. And properly: naked and from the front."

"Awww. Do I have to?" Actually, now that she'd gotten horny from the handjob, her objection was feeble at best. She liked jacking Alan off a great deal, but she positively loved sucking him. And if she could do it while kneeling in nothing but high heels, she was usually over the moon.

Suzanne stated simply, "You do. Sorry."

"What about my vow not to do that until Ron is gone?"

"The spirit of that can remain, but we have to make a special exception. Remember what Sweetie said about how the gloves have to come off, given what's at stake."

"Oh, poo!" But Susan couldn't stop smiling. She even called time out so she could run to her room and fetch a pair of high heels to put on.

Once she was back with the heels on her feet, Suzanne advised her, "Remember, don't hold back. No strategic breaks this time. If you think he's about to cum, keep going! Our goal is to make him as distracted as humanly possible."

"Right!" Susan relished that challenge. She licked her lips as she imagined guzzling his cum down her throat.

Alan had to laugh when he heard the loud "MMMM!" that occurred when Susan engulfed his cockhead with her mouth. Man! Feels great! But how crazy is this?! First, Aunt Suzy all but orders me to seduce Brenda, of all people. Now she's got Mom bobbing on me while we practice the seduction. What's next? I can't even imagine!

The role-play resumed shortly thereafter. To an outsider, it would have looked comically odd to see a well-dressed man talking to a well-dressed woman with wine glasses in their hands while a totally naked woman bobbed on or licked the man's erection. But once the conversation started, neither Alan nor Suzanne thought much about Susan being there.

Susan Suzanne

However, Alan's pleasure was so intense that every now and then he would look down to see what was causing it, and feel a tremendous jolt of excitement to rediscover his mother down there. It was a thrill that never got old.

The role-play went on even longer this time before Suzanne called for the next break. It was obvious to all that Alan was becoming more comfortable in his role the more he practiced it.

Susan's oral talents were starting to get to him though, especially since she kept right on, going through the break again. The absurdity of the situation pushed Susan's submissive buttons in a big way. As she twisted her head for her favorite corkscrew move, she thought, Sorry, Ron! I'm probably going to be late for our dinner, but something has come up, and it's my son's fat cock! I didn't mean for this to happen, but he's simply too insatiable. Just yesterday, Suzanne called me his "personal cocksucker" for the first time. I was outraged. But already, it feels like it's an established fact.

Ron, just look at me! Could things get any MORE humiliating? I know it's wrong; a good Christian wife doesn't behave like this. But I can't help it! Tiger's cock is too thick and too delicious! Mmmm! The way he stretches my lips wide makes my naughty places all tingly. It feels like this is exactly where I belong. I feel bad, because I know that all through our dinner and after, this is all I'll be thinking about. I'm sorry but I can't kiss you. My mouth belongs to my son now!

Mmmm, Tiger, how do you like that, when I flick the tip of my tongue against your sweet spot while my lips vibrate and hum? Or how 'bout THIS move?

Suzanne could sense that Alan was getting close to the edge. It wasn't hard to miss, because he was panting so much that he was having trouble talking. So for the next role-play, she took the lead in the conversation. She also ditched the wine glasses, so their hands were freed. This time, she subtly steered the discussion first to Brenda's divorce, but quickly past that to Brenda's sexual frustrations and even on to the subject of her submissive nature. The discussion got very sexual, very fast.

Alan didn't fully realize what was happening, because he was facing a serious struggle just trying to talk and listen at all, given all the intensely pleasurable things Susan's mouth was doing to him.

As usual, Suzanne had been acting as if Susan didn't exist. But then she looked down and pretended to be surprised to see Susan there, even while she continued to pretend to be Brenda. "Alan, what kind of man are you? What does it mean when you're talking to me and you have a naked woman giving you a blowjob at the same time?! I should be outraged!"

He was baffled. He was so far gone into his erotic ecstasy that he was having trouble separating the role-play from reality. He could only lamely ask, "Um, are you?"

"YES! But at the same time, I have to admit that it's pretty damn hot! Especially because she's your mother! OH MY GOD!" She put her hand on Susan's head and tilted it slightly, to better see her face. "She's your MOTHER! Susan!"

Susan didn't stop her bobbing. In fact, the increased humiliation inspired her to bob faster and with even greater suction.

Suzanne kept her hand on Susan's head. "Alan, you're exactly the kind of man I'm looking for!"

"I... I am?!" His eyes practically rolled up into his head from Susan's renewed assault.

"Yes, you are! I need a real man, a strong man, a dominant man who takes what he wants! Obviously, you noticed that your mother is a total fox, and you decided to make her one of your personal sluts. I respect that."

"You do?!" He was rhythmically squeezing his PC muscle for all he was worth.

Suzanne drew close and wrapped an arm around his back. She made sure to press her massive melons against his chest. She had to be careful to approach from an angle, due to Susan kneeling right there. Her voice became extra husky and sultry. "I do. I've been looking for a man like you for a long time, a man who's not afraid to take control. Do you think you have what it takes to control me, and do to me exactly what you did to your mother?" She took one of his hands and brought it to her ass. She made sure he had a firm grip on her ass cheek through her thin dress.

He was surging with lust, which made his confidence surge too. He proclaimed, "Um, yeah! I do!"

'Tell me more!" She pulled her dress down below her big tits, and made sure he got a good view of them bouncing without restraint.

With his free hand he boldly grabbed one of her breasts and caressed it from below. "You see what Mom is doing to me?"


He was flying high with extreme arousal, but he somehow managed to speak between heavy gasps. "That's what you'll be doing next! In fact, you'll be doing it together a lot! Taking turns sucking my cock as two of my big-titted sluts!"

Suzanne was really hamming up her Brenda role. "Oh, Alan! You're so manly! How can I resist you? Kiss me!"

That ended the conversation, because Suzanne planted her lips on his while he was still gasping for breath.

Susan was listening carefully, loving every single word. In fact, the other two had to speak up just to hear each other over all of her constant "mmmm"-ing and moaning, not to mention her lewd slurping. She was inspired to go all out to get him to cum, even while she used one hand to finger her pussy to orgasm.

When her big "O" hit her, shortly after Alan and Suzanne started to neck, Alan could feel it by the way her lips hummed and even trembled around his shaft in a very delightful way. Knowing that she was cumming, on top of everything else that was happening, was the final straw. He started to cum too.

Suzanne didn't let up with the kissing one iota, even though his need for oxygen was getting serious. As a result, he had no control over what was happening. He was hanging on for dear life when an intense wave of erotic euphoria washed over him like a tsunami.

Luckily, Susan took immediate control of his cock, and she knew exactly what she wanted. Motor control was difficult for her, given the way she was being rocked by her own orgasm, but she managed to pull his cockhead out of her mouth after a second or two, enabling her to paint her own face from mere inches away.

And with her mouth freed, she screamed for joy, expressing her total exultation without restraint.

As his orgasm started to fade, even as hers kept going, she adjusted her aim lower in order to paint her cleavage a little too. But by then he didn't have much left to squirt. However, it was the idea that was important. Knowing that she was going to meet Ron soon, she wanted her son to mark her face and tits first.

A minute later all three of them were sitting on the floor, resting and recovering. Suzanne was the least affected, so she kept Alan from collapsing completely by holding him in her warm embrace.

Finally Susan spoke up. "I vote for that last role-play. That was the best one by far!"

Suzanne laughed. "You would. Unfortunately, that one doesn't count. I went way off script, because I could tell Sweetie was about to cum and I wanted to have some fun with it. Brenda has the hots for him, but she's not going to be THAT easy."

"Oh, darn," Susan pouted.

Realizing the time, Susan forced herself to get up. She knew that she could still meet Ron at the restaurant in time, but only if she hurried. She didn't even have time to lick Alan's dick and balls clean.

As Susan bent over to pick up her clothes, Suzanne asked her, "So, are you still disappointed that I made you help out?"

Susan muttered, "Don't humiliate me by making me answer. You know what I'd say. But now I really have to go. We'll talk later. I love you both!" She'd acted fast, racing out the door with her clothes in her hands (and cum still all over her face).

Alan rested in Suzanne's arms a little longer.

After a while he asked her, "So, what's the plan now?"

"I say we cook your dinner. Then I've gotta pop over to my house and cook and eat dinner there. I'll make it fast. By the time I get back, you'll be done, and then we can role-play some more."

"Okay, but how can we continue without Mom?"

"Oh, we didn't really need her. I suppose it did help some, but I included her in this mostly as part of my ongoing campaign to break down her sexual barriers." What she didn't tell him was that she'd especially wanted something sexual to happen to Susan just before her date with Ron, so his mother would be thinking about Alan all through the date instead.

Alan was surprised. "Oh, man! Remind me to never oppose you on anything. You're so devious and unstoppable that it's scary."

"Maybe so. But remember that I'm in your corner. Which means there's no way you can be intimidated by Brenda. You see what I mean when I say she stands no chance of resisting you?"

"Hell, yeah! Wow, that's actually true. Amaaazing!"


Alan and Suzanne talked and role-played for more than an hour after dinner. Without Susan there, they were able to stay serious and focused, avoiding any kind of hanky-panky.

Alan could feel his confidence growing all the time. He started to feel as if the seduction of Brenda was almost a done deal, because Suzanne seemingly had all the answers. He felt that the pressure was off him, at least somewhat, because he figured that even if he screwed up she'd somehow manage to control the damage.

Suzanne was careful to leave for home before Alan's parents returned.

— — —

Susan and Ron danced for a while at the party they attended after their dinner at the restaurant. That left Susan sweaty when they came home. She took a shower, while Ron went straight to bed.

However, she wasn't ready to sleep. She was still in an emotional jumble over all that had happened recently, and she felt the need to talk to Alan about it and clear the air. She'd taken a shower, but while that had refreshed her body, her thoughts were still mixed and confused.

Alan had been reading a book for school ever since Suzanne had left. However, he was bored with the material after all the earlier fun and excitement, and his eyes were getting heavy.

Susan knocked on the door. Then she came in and sat on the edge of his bed, close to his chest where he sat up against the headboard.

He noticed that she wore a robe, but she had it so tightly closed that the only skin he could see was her face, neck, and hands. He could tell she'd just taken a shower because her hair was still slightly damp and she smelt fresh-washed with a hint of strawberry-scented shampoo.

Susan looked anxious, and was anxious. She sat on the edge of his bed and started out with small talk. "How are things, Tiger?"


"What happened with Suzanne after I left?"

"Oh, she left to cook dinner for Eric and Brad, but then she returned. She'd cooked something for me too, so we were able to practice for another hour or so. It was great. I was feeling seriously intimidated by the idea of seducing Brenda, but I'm not anymore."

"That's great news. She really is something, isn't she? Sometimes, I think there's absolutely nothing she can't do."

"That's probably not an exaggeration!" He chuckled at that.

She asked, "I suppose Suzanne talked to you? Talked about me?"

"How 'bout you? How did your special evening with Ron go?"

Susan's brow furrowed in distress. "It was good. Ron and I had a lovely time together."

Alan immediately tensed up.

She saw that, so she continued, "Well, maybe not exactly a lovely time. Even when Ron is with me, he's not really there. You know what I mean? I guess I got used to his ways and just thought that was normal, but now I expect more. I couldn't help but feel the whole time that it was the last hurrah, given how things are evolving between you and me. So my feelings were bittersweet at best."

Alan felt himself relaxing quite a bit.

She reached out and grasped his hand tightly. "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but all the while I was with him, I kept thinking of you! I must be the worst wife and mother ever, having thoughts like that about my own son instead of my husband!"

Alan's heart soared. He was secretly extremely relieved and pleased that she and Ron apparently hadn't kissed much, if at all. He couldn't help but ask, "What kind of thoughts?"

Susan still squeezed his hand reassuringly, but her eyes looked anywhere but at him. "Naughty thoughts. I thought about what we did, you know, during the role-play. In fact, it must have been my imagination, but even after I ate dinner, I couldn't get the taste of your cum out of my mouth. In fact... oh, I'm so bad! Half the time that he was talking I had no idea what he was saying, because I was reliving the blowjob over and over again in my mind! All I could think about was all the different moves I wanted to perform on your cock!"

"I see." Alan tried not to show it, but he was delighted beyond words.

"And the other half of the time, I was thinking about what you and Suzanne were up to. Would you get erect again? And if you did, would she take good care of you? I wanted to rush right home to help out, but I knew I couldn't. So I had to sit there and listen to Ron drone on and on."

She finally looked him in the eyes and asked, "By the way, how DID you manage? Did you blast her face good, like you did mine?"

"Actually, no. I guess you pretty much drained me dry. We were strictly business, working on the Brenda problem, up until when she went home just a little while ago."

"Oh. That's good." But Susan frowned again.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, if I can't help you, then I like knowing that Suzanne did. I guess I'm a bit disappointed that nothing happened, because I think of you as endlessly virile. But I also get jealous. I selfishly want all your cum to myself. And that's not right. Since the problem with Brenda developed, Suzanne has been stressing how much you need a variety of special helpers. And that's true. There are times neither Suzanne nor I can be there for you. For instance, the help you've been getting from a cheerleader at school.'"

He asked, "Um, what makes you think it's a cheerleader?"

She looked him closely in the eyes. "It IS; isn't it?! I just knew it! I knew it!" He hadn't actually given anything away with his words, but she knew him well enough to correctly read his expression. She looked both exultant and envious at the same time. "Does she have big tits? Please tell me she has big tits!"

He tried to put on his best poker face. "I can neither confirm nor deny anything."

"Oh, poo! You're no fun!"

Susan thought, What's with me? I really do want her to have big tits! Why don't I get more angry or jealous? I mean, I do, but hearing that mostly just makes me extremely horny! It's a sign of my mental depravity, I think. Or could it be a positive sign? Certainly it would be worse if I couldn't bear to see him spill his seed on girls his own age. Somehow though, I just know he's going to save plenty of his spermy goodness for me, and he does need help during school hours, so why should I mind? In fact, it's downright hot thinking about him sneaking off to some unused room with a big-titted cheerleader and forcing me to drop to my knees and slip his thick sausage between my lips and... Wait a minute! Did I just say "me" and "my?" I meant "her!"

He saw her looking thoughtful but he didn't know why. He decided to take advantage of her distraction to switch the topic before he gave away any more about his sex life at school. "So, Aunt Suzy tells me that, in addition to the Brenda problem, you were pretty bummed this morning about how you've been helping me. Is that true? And are you really determined not to help me again until Ron is gone? Not counting the special exception of what happened earlier, of course."

Susan in a white terry-cloth robe with her left boob showing

Susan's robe had started out tightly bound, but as they'd been talking it had been slowly loosening. Gradually, her collarbone area came into view, and then the top of her deep cleavage. She gave her robe a tug in a seeming effort to close it, but it didn't have much of an effect. In fact, even after her tug he could still see one of her nipples.

She answered, "Now, hold on. I didn't say that. Suzanne has helped me realize that I don't have to go cold turkey and stop helping you completely; it's just that things need to be done in moderation. Like the last time we did an abnormality check. That wasn't so bad, though you did take a few liberties. I suppose that can't be helped. Boys will be boys, after all."

Staring off into space, she reached up with one hand and caressed one of her big boobs. It started out partially covered, but the more she fondled it, the more uncovered it became. It wasn't hard to guess that she was fantasizing that her hand was Alan's and he was taking a few more "liberties" with her body.

She snapped back to attention, and looked him in the eye. "If only it could be more like that, but I usually don't have that kind of self-control!" She looked down at her hand in the middle of her now completely exposed tits, and showed dismay. "Look at me, will you? Why does this kind of thing keep happening to me?! Things are spinning out of control again! I keep losing it! I think I'm losing my mind!" Suddenly she fell forward towards him as if she was fainting.

He held his arms out to brace her fall, and found himself tightly embracing her.

She buried her face in his shoulder and burst into tears.

He tried to be reassuring. Since she was having sexual issues, he tried to comfort her without any sexual overtones. He stroked her long brown hair over and over while she sobbed. However, it was hard to keep a platonic mindset since her robe had somehow opened even more during the hug. He could feel her erect nipples poking into his chest, which made his heart pound hard. He had to be careful where he put his hands, because her robe had slid down so much that most of her back was bare. It seemed to him that her long dark-brown mane of hair was about the only safe place where he could touch her.

He didn't want to take advantage of her during her distress. He knew this was a bad time to get an erection since she was draped all over him and would certainly feel it, but he couldn't help himself. He fought his arousal as long as he could, but eventually he lost the battle. As his thick rod grew, it pressed itself against a part of one of her legs still covered by the robe.

She felt his growing hardness for what it was. Actually, his boner was what brought her out of her crying spell, since she found herself thinking about it instead of about her problems with self-control, cocksucking lust, and a cheating husband.

He was abashed as he said, "Sorry, Mom! I didn't really mean for that to happen. I just want to hold you and reassure you, and be your best friend. But you smell so good, like fresh strawberries, and feel good... I can't help it." He dropped his head.

She pulled back some and looked at him closely. "That's okay. I understand."

He looked up shyly, only to notice that her robe had opened still more, effectively leaving her topless to well below her belly button. Her arms pressed against her big tits on either side, inadvertently creating jaw-droppingly deep cleavage. But he figured that since she didn't seem to notice or care what she was showing, he would pretend not to notice either. He forced his gaze to remain on her face.

In fact, even though she was genuinely upset, the way her robe had come open was no accident. Even her apparent fall forward and her tears were partly feigned, though otherwise sincere. She was torn between distress and lust, which were working at cross purposes.

She sighed loudly as she dried her eyes. "It feels like you could use some more help right now, but I can't. I just can't! It's not that I want to stop being your special spermy helper, not at all! The truth is, I love it. But I need time to adjust. I think it's best if I deal with your special needs in a more clinical fashion for a while, until I regain my bearings. If I give in again, I'll feel even worse tomorrow. It's like getting drunk and having a hangover, except it's an emotional hangover."

"I understand, Mom," he said while petting her long hair.

She pulled in closer, which somehow opened her robe a little bit more, since her sash was slipping down her hips.

He said, "I think that's for the best. More important than my medical treatment is your happiness. Can we just stay like this and hug? I kind of feel like I was under-hugged as a kid."

She cooed as she squeezed him tighter, "Awww, my poor baby."

They just held each other in a loving embrace for a couple of minutes. The sash on her robe slowly loosened still more, until he could see the top of her dark brown bush. But they both pretended not to notice the change. They also pretended that her erect nipples weren't pressing into his chest and his boner wasn't poking into her leg.

Actually, Alan had never really touched Susan's hair in the past few years, since she had discouraged most intimate contact. He found himself greatly enjoying just stroking her long, silky straight hair as it cascaded down her back. All of his stroking seemed to have a calming effect on both of them. Their erotic contact was nice and titillating, but not overwhelmingly arousing.

After minutes of silence, she said, "You're right. You were under-hugged as a child. That's the problem with me - I rarely do things in moderation. Before, I shunned all physical contact like the plague, and now I go too far the other way. ... You know what would be nice? I remember when I used to tuck you into bed and kiss you goodnight. That made me feel so happy. Could we do that again, just one more time, for old time's sake?"

He replied, "I used to love that tradition too. Did you know that I cried when you stopped? But since it wasn't a 'cool' thing, I pretended not to care. Honestly, I'd LOVE for you to tuck me in, not just tonight, but any night that you like. Maybe we could even make it a regular habit."

She beamed with happiness. "Okay. But we can't do anything improper. Remember that your father is sleeping just down the hall. We wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea. We have to keep things completely non-sexual."

She was sending mixed messages to say the least, because just as she said that, she finally pulled back from the cuddle and hug, and stood up near the edge of the bed. This caused her robe to open even more. She had to quickly grab the sagging sash before the robe fell off her altogether. She lifted the sash up and pulled it tightly around her, but she did that in a way that just managed to keep her bush covered, leaving her completely exposed from the waist up. As if that wasn't arousing enough, she closed her eyes and thrust her big tits out, knowing how much her son loved that.

Susan, topless, in just a towel hanging from her waist, preening

Alan was a little slow on the uptake. He incorrectly thought that she was just lost in contemplation, since there was no way she couldn't know what she was showing, because doing it deliberately was in complete contradiction to almost everything she'd just been telling him. And when she put her hands on her head, striking an even more arousing pose, he thought she was just yawning and stretching.

The truth was that she longed to display her body for him nearly as much as she longed to suck his dick. But she couldn't fully admit that to herself; she imagined she did this entirely for his benefit, to help with his visual stimulation needs (as if he needed any more erotic inspiration!).

She thought, That's right, Son, look at Mommy's boobies! Sadly, I can't suck your cock, er, penis, right now, because I need to regain my self-control. But I can still show off my body, and that'll make you happy. And seeing you happy makes me so happy that I just want to burst with joy! God gave me my unusually large 'girls', but I never before understood His reason. But now I do: it's so you can play with them and love them! And that makes me so happy that I couldn't care less what Ron does!

A thrill went through her as she recalled this was exactly where she used to stand when she would lean over and give her son a goodnight kiss (though obviously in those days she wasn't naked above the waist or preening in such a lewd position). She was still smiling from ear to ear as a naughty idea came to her. "Okay, Tiger, here comes your goodnight kiss."

She bent over and leaned down. That caused her breasts to dangle down enticingly just a foot or so from his face. She could hear him gasp, and she loved it. But she pretended not to notice, and kissed him on the cheek. Then she kissed his other cheek, and then his nose. She was deliberately lingering in her highly arousing position, letting him enjoy it to the fullest.

He also kissed back several times, but not on the mouth. He felt her nipples scrape along his upper chest from time to time, but he resisted the tremendous urge to reach out and cup her dangling globes. He was trying to be a good son.

She pulled away a few inches and stared at him lovingly, right in the eyes. "Mmmm. That was nice. Just like when you were younger."

It wasn't like any childhood kisses that he could recall - especially the huge, swinging, bare tits part - but he knew better than to point that out. The kisses were very nice too. They were slow and romantic, the kind that usually were a prelude to full kisses on the lips.

Then she leaned forward again, and he thought for sure a French kiss would follow. But instead she went to his left ear and kissed it. Or at least it was kind of a kiss. In fact, there was a lot of tongue. She seemed to alternate between licking all over his ear and planting small kisses on it.

No one had ever given any special physical attention to his ears before, and he was surprised at just how powerfully erotic and all-around great it felt. His erection twitched visibly under the covers, as if there were a direct connection between his ears and his dick. It helped that she was slowly sliding her pillowy tit-flesh all over his chest. His boner remained untouched, but there was a special vibe in the air, and he actually felt nearly as much pleasure as if she were jacking him off.

She eventually pulled back and just stood there. She seemed unaware that her robe had just slipped even lower, so that it was only her wide hips which barely prevented her entire bush from being exposed.

Between the long hugging and cuddling and the kiss, he'd admired her bountiful rack earlier, but that was when her eyes were closed. Now he openly stared at it with her full knowledge, and without shame.

Susan was very blissed out, and didn't mind at all. In fact, she turned a bit this way and that, blatantly showing off her hefty melons. As she did this, she said, "You know, I've been thinking about something we did last night. Even though things went too far, I think Suzanne has the right idea. I have to get over my fears and phobias and the only way to do that is with constant practice. Just like how they help people to get over their fear of heights, or snakes, or what-have-you. What we need to do is practice, but without going too far and doing something sinful and depraved. Do you think you can handle that?"

He nodded, trying not to appear too eager. He wasn't sure what she meant by "practice," but he figured that whatever it was would be great, especially since her chest was increasingly heaving with excitement.


Susan knelt down by the edge of the bed. Thrusting her chest forward again, she said, "I think it's best if you... explore... my, uh, upper torso, er, chestal region. Since you seem so fascinated with that part of my body, we both get too excited when you touch me there. But maybe if we repeatedly practice it in a controlled setting, we'll get used to it and I won't be filled with such a constant and uncontrollable desire to suck your cock." She blushed and bowed her head. "Um, I mean, perform oral sex on your member."

He loved how she looked when she pinned her hands behind her head and thrust her chest forward. And he loved how her globes were already rising up and down repeatedly in time to her heavy breathing.

He reached out with both hands. He saw that she was trembling all over in what was probably some combination of lust and fear, and he didn't want to scare her off. So he started tentatively at first, barely brushing her boobs with a feather-light touch and keeping far away from her nipples.

He saw that caused her to shiver and tremble even more, so he experimented with light touches. He grazed her skin with his hands, carefully keeping within that boundary between touching and not touching. In so doing, he brushed her tiny, nearly invisible body hairs in a delightful way that caused her to pant even louder.

She'd long known that her breasts were extra sensitive, but whenever he played with her there the intensity of her response always surprised her just the same. She felt she'd been jolted with a powerful shock, but one of pure pleasure.

It felt so good that she couldn't stand it for long. She was forced to say, "Tiger, please! Can you do something else for a while? This practice is supposed to make me want to suck your cock less, not more! God, it's so good!"

He obligingly moved his fingers to her nipples and began twisting them lightly.

Susan gasped out loud. If anything, his nipple play felt even better and it was all she could do not to climax. It was almost as if her nipples had all the nerve endings of a clitoris. OH GOD! DEAR GOD! TOO MUCH! She panted wildly, but tried to endure the rush of total arousal.

He knew she loved nipple play, but he didn't yet understand how stimulating one part of her body could strongly affect her elsewhere. So he calmly asked while he fondled, "I don't understand, Mom. I'm just playing with your breasts. What does that have to do with oral sex?"

She panted, "Wait! Can you... Just... Can you just... Hold 'em! Don't... twist!"

He kept his fingers still until her breathing calmed down. As they waited, he spontaneously exclaimed, "Mom, I love you so much!" He was feeling so much love for her, as well as lust, that he just had to express it.

She beamed with maternal joy. "I know. I know. And I love you. But just... hold 'em, for now. Nipples too... sensitive..."

G: Alan fondling Susan's exposed boobs

She waited a little longer. She was riding a powerful erotic buzz and wasn't in any hurry. She gazed longingly at the large bulge in the bed sheets. Mmmm! I have the best son ever! Such a GOOD son! So loving, so kind, so thoughtful. And he's so wonderfully endowed. I'm truly blessed! Other sons might try to take advantage of their horny, busty mommies, but he understands I'm in a fragile and sensitive state right now.

As her chest slowed its heaving, his fingers started to resume their exploration of her massive mounds. He was tentative at first, but when she didn't complain, he grew a bit more assertive, even tweaking her nipples a bit. But he didn't want her to get too aroused to continue, so he was sparing with the nipple play.

Finally, he prodded her again. "Mom, what does playing with your tits have to do with oral sex?"

She answered honestly, "I don't know. But there seems to be some kind of connection between my nipples, my pussy, and my mouth. When one are gets stimulated, it's like an electric current keeps shooting between them all until I don't know up from down."

She thought to herself, I'm so WET! God, am I soaked! Mmmm! There really does seem to be some kind of direct line from my nipples to my clitoris, and my mouth too! This is almost as much fun as making love to his fat cock with my lips and tongue!

She continued, "All I know is that I want to make you feel good in return, and I start thinking about that... big... cock. That great big tasty... mouthwateringly delicious and thick... Oh so good and yummy... mmmm... COCK!"

She was staring so intently at the bulge his boner was making in the sheets that it seemed like her eyes would burn a hole through the fabric to expose his erection. He was copiously leaking pre-cum, which made a noticeable wet spot on the white sheet. She could almost see through it, and just thinking about what was there made her salivate.

But as much as he would have liked another blowjob, at that moment he wanted to stop her emotional mood swings. He didn't want her to wake up the next day feeling even worse about herself, because if that kept happening, eventually something much worse would happen, though he wasn't sure quite what. He was in this for the long haul, so he tried to think strategically instead of just thinking with his dick.

He said, "Shhhh! You'll wake up Ron! Do you want him to hear you yelling 'cock' in his son's bedroom?"

She blushed. "No, I suppose not."

The reminder of Ron aroused her more, not less. She contemplated throwing the sheets back and stuffing Alan's erection into her mouth. Even the way he was being so understanding was turning her on terribly. But she knew that if she did that, things could easily spiral out of control. Her nipples and pussy were tingling, and an orgasm was slowly building inside her.

She thought, I am kneeling already. This is the standard cocksucking position, and my favorite position in the whole wide world! Naked and on my knees for my son! All I have to do is lean forward a little bit, and he can keep playing with my chest while I suck! I need it so bad, I'm starting to drool!

But then she grew nervous and looked towards Alan's door. It was clear from her face that she was thinking about her husband just down the hall.

She stood up, putting her tits out of her son's reach. As she did, her robe finally fell off the rest of the way. She turned around so she could bend over to pick it up. That put her ass and pussy practically in her son's face.

Susan, bent over, showing just her trimmed but unshaven pudenda and her anus

While she lingered an extremely long time picking up the robe, Alan had plenty of opportunity to notice just how wet she'd gotten between her legs. New rivulets were flowing from her puffy labia.

He could clearly see every detail of her snatch, which was showing between her legs. He was sorely tempted to reach out and "get her attention" right there, but he remembered the importance of not pushing her too far yet again. He didn't want to do anything that might cause her to end this new tradition on future nights, so he refrained.

But while he was timid in his lack of action, his imagination didn't hold back. He thought as he examined her cunt, Dang! That is where I want to be! Right in that fucking hole. Hot damn! I'm doing my sister and then I'm going to do my mother! I'm gonna BANG her! Yes! And that ass! It's so perfect it doesn't seem real. So firm and muscular, yet so soft and feminine. If I could just reach out... If only it wasn't for Ron...

She finally stood up and turned back around to face him. "Thanks for the nice kiss, Tiger, but remember what I said about no funny stuff, okay? Otherwise we can't do this again tomorrow."

"Okay, Mom. No funny stuff." His eyes greedily devoured her body, which was nude from head to toe.

She was also looking at him hungrily. Her eyes still lingered on the big tent in his bed sheets that was doing a very poor job of hiding his erection.

She said, "I'm proud of you. You showed some self-control, and that gave me the strength to have self-control too. All we did was have a goodnight kiss and work on curing our phobias a little bit. What's wrong with that?" She seemed as intent on convincing herself as she was in talking to him.

"Oh. I forgot to tuck you in." She sat back down on his bed, still nude, and patted down and smoothed out his sheets, as she pulled them up to Alan's neck. She seemed to have particular "trouble" smoothing out the large bulge in the sheets between his legs.

Alan thought for sure that a handjob was in the offing, and he waited for her to start stroking. But suddenly she disengaged and stood up again.

"Good night, Tiger. Sweet dreams." She blew him a kiss, and then leaned in and kissed him on the cheek again.

His hands went back to her big tits without him even thinking about it. The simple cheek kiss lasted a ridiculously long time, a minute or more, and all the while he groped and kneaded her panting and heaving rack.

When she stood up, she indirectly acknowledged the charade. "Tiger, I can't help you out directly with your problem, per se, at least not until Ron leaves. Well, unless you want clinical and passionless help. I think you'd prefer Aunt Suzy to that, though. But I can give you a little visual stimulation every now and then. I think that's allowable, don't you?"

He nodded. "Yep."

"Do you think there's anything wrong with that? Is it a sin? Is it something good mommies shouldn't do?"

"Of course it's not a sin, Mom. Geez! And I think you're the best mom ever, because you're willing to help out like that. I love you so much that it physically hurts when I see you go!"

She smiled contentedly. She silently mouthed the words, "I love you too." Then she put the robe back on (but loosely, leaving it wide open in front), and started to leave again.

However, he suddenly reached out and grabbed the sleeve of her robe. "Wait! Mom... before you go..." He suddenly grew shy and abashed.

She drew closer, knelt next to him and tenderly stroked his hair. She smiled and waited for him to gain courage to speak.

Finally, he said, "Mom, something's been bothering me a lot all evening. A lot. I was even pacing around for a while, and I couldn't concentrate at all. But you'll think it's weird."

She took his hand in his lap and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "I promise I won't think it's weird. Besides, look at us." She waved a hand through the air, gesturing at her still bared tits and the growing wet spot on his sheet. "Things have gotten pretty weird, so weird is the new normal."

They chuckled a bit at that. He continued, "It's just... I get jealous! I couldn't stop thinking about you and Ron out on the town, doing who-knows-what." He suddenly looked up at her face with great fear. "Did he kiss you tonight?"

"No. He didn't so much as blow me a kiss." She thought proudly, And I wouldn't let him if he tried! Son, I belong to you now!

"Phew!" He was surprised at the depth of his feelings on the matter. His sense of relief was tremendous.

"What?" She thought about his reaction, and a grin spread across her face. "Are you getting possessive about your mommy?"

He replied, abashed, "Yeah. I guess I am."

She found this idea so arousing that somehow her hand wasn't holding his hand anymore. It shifted a few inches over and began grasping his erection through the sheet. She admitted, "That's... I don't know. That makes me feel good. Really good." Her grasping quickly turned to stroking.

He smiled at her. "Wow. Awesome! So... In the future..."

"Will I kiss Ron? On the lips?"

Alan winced at that. Then he nodded shyly.

She replied coyly, "Well, that depends. It depends on what you want me to do. I kind of like to think of myself as 'your girl.' What would you have me do?"

He felt a sudden surge of arousal so great that he nearly shot his load. It was physical, thanks to her stroking fingers, but the mental rush was even greater. Wow! Mom? My girl?! That is so awesome! And I thought today was gonna be a setback day!

He gathered his courage again, and said, "Mom? Um, I don't want you to kiss him again, okay? That would mean a lot to me."

"But he's my husband," she pointed out.

M: Susan, wearing her wedding ring, holding Alan's cock wrapped in some thin cloth like a sheet

However, between the wry smile on her face and the way she was jacking him off through the sheet, he could tell she was just teasing. "Even still..." He didn't want to say more, because it led to very uncomfortable Oedipal areas.

There was a long pause. The room was dead silent except for the sound of fabric sliding around his stiff pole. Even that didn't make much noise, because her fingers had spread his wet spot to cover his entire erection, and so there was less of a rustling sound and more of a squishy one.

She found herself thinking, I AM Ron's wife. No matter what he may or may not be, that's still a fact. But, on the other hand... I'm Tiger's personal cocksucker now too. One of them. Apparently of many! That thought gave her a big thrill, causing her fingers to slide faster.

If not now, then soon, he'll have a lot of busty, beautiful helpers. Including the likes of Brenda. And that's kind of a responsibility for me too, to be one of them. True, I haven't taken any kind of formal, spoken vows, but I feel it in my heart. Actually, there wasn't anything in my marriage vows to Ron that said I had to kiss him. Now as one of Tiger's personal cocksuckers, I have to serve him and him alone. Just like he somehow has got me jacking him off with both hands. He's just so clever and irresistible!

Where does my loyalty lie?! Ron abandoned whatever rights he had to me through twenty years of neglect! No, the answer is clear: my body belongs to my son now! At least he knows how to use it and appreciate it!

Finally, she looked away and whispered, "Very well." It was a subdued moment on the outside, but on the inside, shivers of excitement shot up and down her spine. She knew this was a pivotal moment.

Her answer took so long in coming that he had to ask to confirm, "So you won't kiss him again? For real?"

She muttered, embarrassed, "Not if I can help it!"

"COOL!" He very nearly came on the spot. The only thing that saved him was that he'd anticipated an upcoming crisis based on her answer, so he was already squeezing his PC muscle.

She thrilled to feel his cock throbbing in her hands. She thought, Who am I trying to kid with my vow? Yes, I need time to get my head together. But that's just a temporary thing. When it comes right down to it, I'm Tiger's big-titted mommy slut, and I love it! I can't tell him that yet, though, or he'd get too demanding. I need time!

Another minute or so passed in complete silence, except for the squishy sounds caused by her stroking fingers and the sound of their heavy breathing. She was sorely tempted to pull the sheet off him so she could suck and stroke him directly, but she was determined to show at least some resolve. Besides, she was afraid that Ron would walk down the hall. Finally, she said, "I'm not really jacking you off, you know. This doesn't count, because the sheet is in the way."

He nodded. He couldn't care less what her justification was, as long as she kept going.

Another minute went by. He was getting extremely close to orgasm, and grunted, "Mom, I'm gonna..."

"Shhhh!" She laid a finger across her lips while the fingers of her other hand kept up her steady rhythm. "You can't cum since I'm not jacking you off. We're just sitting here, relaxing."

He grunted quietly, and suddenly the wet spot grew larger. A lot larger. His dick tried to jerk around wildly, but she brought her other hand down and more or less held it in place. She kept stroking it until it finally quieted.

With a naughty grin, she looked down at his crotch and pretended to be surprised by what she saw. "My goodness! What do we have here?" Her fingers were still stroking, trying to coax out a few more drops of cum before he went flaccid. "It looks like I need to change the sheets."

"No, Mom, please don't. Not now. Believe you me, there's been many a night I've gone to sleep with a wet spot. I'll just sleep on the other side."

She thought, Oh dear! The sin of Onan writ large! So much precious seed, all wasted. I hope those days are gone forever. But she merely asked, "Are you sure?"

He nodded.

She stood up and bent over. They kissed again, still avoiding each other's lips.

Somehow he knew that was just what she wanted, so he also refrained from fondling her dangling melons.

She straightened back up, looking extremely satisfied with the entire encounter. Wordlessly, she walked out of the room, all but holding the robe up at her hips, since the sash wasn't helping. When she reached the door, she finally re-tied the sash on her robe, making herself presentable again. She winked and blew him another kiss as she walked out the door.

She felt like she and her son had shared a magic moment, and she couldn't have been happier. But as soon as she left the room and walked into the dark and empty hallway, it was as if a spell had been broken. Suddenly, Ron was a real person again, lying asleep down the hall, and not just a distant concept. She felt terrible for trampling all over her marriage vows.

She felt dirty and ashamed. She had a hard time going back to sleep while she heard Ron breathing and snoring right next to her. However, she wasn't that upset, relatively speaking, because she consoled herself that she'd resisted her extremely strong urge to suck her son's cock.

She eventually decided, That's it! Tonight I finally started to turn things around. I can have a little fun without going completely crazy. True, he managed to get me naked, which he seems to do to me every single time. But I resisted! And while I did stroke his glorious cock a little bit, it wasn't like a full-on thing. It was just like I was tucking him in, and straightening the sheets a little. Okay, a lot! But the point is, I held back. I didn't suck! We didn't make out either. I can't allow myself to drop to my knees and suck his, uh, member, completely dry every time I see him, so that's an important step. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

As for promising him I won't kiss Ron anymore, what's the big deal about that? I'm just acknowledging reality. With Ron doing who-knows-what to God-knows-who in Thailand, I need to be careful in any case. And with Tiger's serious medical condition, I just have to accept the fact that I'll be stroking and sucking his member a lot from now on.

So why do I feel so... high? I feel terribly guilty, and sinful, but oh-so-good too! I'm ecstatic! I'm gonna be Tiger's girl! His, exclusively! His "beautiful centerfold mom," serving and servicing his big cock daily! That just feels so right!

She thought about the words Suzanne had been telling her to say. "I'm my son's personal cocksucker. I live to suck his fat cock! I'm proud to be my Tiger's big-titted mommy slut." Oooh! I feel terribly guilty saying that, with Ron sleeping right next to me. But at the same time, it sends shivers up and down my spine! The best kind of shivers, too! In fact, I'd better not think about it anymore or I'll be too excited to sleep.

Alan, meanwhile, had a post-orgasmic energy crash as soon as Susan left. Within a minute, he was fast asleep. The few thoughts he had before surrendering to slumber were completely euphoric. He didn't feel any guilt at all.

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XX01: Susan, sitting, fully clothed, squirming in her seat, her hands ALMOST caressing her breasts beneath her clothes, nervously trying to control herself.

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