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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Hard to Handle
Day 45: Wednesday, October 30

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan woke up Wednesday morning feeling weary but excited. He was weary because he hadn't been able to sleep as much as he needed; he was wiped out from so many great sexual experiences.

He was also excited, because he sensed that his mother had reached some kind of tipping point. Their path forward wasn't clear, but it was obvious that there was no going back. That was an absolutely huge development, because she was the linchpin to sexual permissiveness at home.

Unfortunately, when he came down for breakfast, Ron was there, reading a newspaper and eating scrambled eggs and fried tomatoes, with Susan cooking in the kitchen. It was all so painfully traditional that Alan didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Susan had resumed wearing her old clothes, including her usual apron. She showed only the slightest hint of cleavage. She glanced at him with a friendly smile and "good morning" greeting, but that was it.

When Alan went to his room to get his backpack and school books, Susan came in and closed the door. Looking nervous and guilty, she said, "Tiger, what we did yesterday was ... not a bad thing. I'm happy to help you with your medical problem, as long as you remember that what I said and did was just to help inspire you. But you need to forget about those wild things I said in the heat of the moment, okay?"

He nodded, although there was no way he would ever forget.

She said, "I've been thinking about your father. True, things haven't been good between him and me, and our sex life died long ago, if it ever really existed in the first place, but can I really blame him for that? The way I used to be - a cold fish in bed, literally frightened and ashamed about sex - that's at least partly my fault, due to my prudish hang-ups."

She continued, leaning against Alan's door as she talked, as if to hold it shut. "In any case, what we're doing behind his back... it isn't right. I believe he's basically a good person."

He wanted to speak out about the problems between her and Ron, but knew that it wasn't his place. He figured the situation would probably resolve itself soon, since he was sure that, due to all the dramatic sexual developments in the house, Susan's marriage was doomed regardless. He didn't want to look like he was trying to usurp Ron's place as Susan's sex partner, even though that's what he actually wanted to do. Furthermore, he thought the best thing to do when she was going through one of her now-common mood swings was to just be agreeable until it blew over. So he responded simply by nodding with understanding.

She continued, "Even just talking to you right now makes me feel sinful and guilty. Now that your abnormality check is done for the week, can we just go back to being a normal family until he leaves? That's only two more days. Can you take care of things yourself for two days? Maybe with whoever your mystery assistants are at school?"

"Sure, Mom. That sounds completely reasonable. But you forgot to mention Aunt Suzy. She can be a big help."

"No, I didn't. She's kind of in my doghouse right now. She's been pushing me too hard, making me do crazy things. I wouldn't have gone so far lately if it hadn't been... Well, let's just say that I think it'll be good if she cools it for a couple of days too. She means well - I know she does - but when she gets carried away, her advice isn't always that good."

Dang! Major cock block! What a drag. But he said, "Okay. Whatever you say. Sorry if you feel like I've been pushing you into things you don't want to do. And I know Aunt Suzy means well, so I hope you're not too upset with her."

He seemed to be done, but then he added, "That said... It just occurred to me that if you can't help, and Aunt Suzy can't help, then what's going to happen? You don't want me to commit the sin of Onan, do you? I thought we were past that."

"Oh dear me. No! Not that! Anything but that!" She frowned with worry, then asked, "What about your big-titted cheerleaders at school? Can't they pick up the slack?"

He flashed back to what had happened with Heather the day before. As great as it was, he highly doubted it would happen with her again. But that still left him getting help from Glory and Kim. "Mom, I'm getting help from at least one female at school, but I can't say who or how many. Anyway, that's at school only; it doesn't help at all when I'm home."

She asked, "What about Brenda? You'll be seeing her tonight, you know. And Suzanne says you're all set to wow her."

"Maybe so, but that's just to talk. She also says it will take WEEEKS to seduce Brenda. So that doesn't help at the moment."

Susan's frown deepened. "Oh. Oh dear. What about your other mystery helper, then? For instance, the four mysterious checkmarks on your orgasm chart from Saturday?"

He spoke carefully, since he didn't want to reveal the help Katherine was providing. "I can't talk about that at all. Sorry." Then he lied, "But that doesn't help at home anyway." Then, hoping to get Katherine's participation out in the open, he suggested, "What about Sis? She's eager to help me, and she's been great with the visual stimulation."

Susan was adamant, folding her arms under her massive rack. "Definitely not! She's not ready."

"How 'bout if you and Aunt Suzy just help with handjobs for now? That's not so bad."

She fretted, looking nervously all around the room. "Well, I don't know. I'll think about it. Okay?"

"Thanks, Mom! You're the best. But now I've really gotta run or I'll be late for school."

As he left, Susan gave him a non-sexual kiss and hug. It was like the old days before his treatment began, when she'd been reluctant to even hug.

As soon as Alan was alone, he thought, That sucks, big time. But on the bright side, at least Mom isn't mad at me and she hasn't fallen back into full-on prudish mode. She did say "What we did yesterday was... not a bad thing." That's really major! All I have to do is wait two days for Ron to leave and hopefully things will change around here again. Maybe sooner. Besides, getting it on with Aunt Suzy, Glory, and a sexy cheerleader or two at school is like a billion times better than my best-case scenario just a couple of weeks ago! I actually got to fuck HEATHER yesterday! Pinch me; I'm dreaming, 'cos I still don't believe it.

Then there's Sis, who's turning out to be a real wild card. Who knows what could happen with her, and when? Maybe we can sneak away for a couple of hours, like we did over the weekend. Hey, the next couple of days are actually looking pretty good! In fact, when it comes to the long term, "the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades," as the song goes. Things are progressing nicely on a lot of fronts, including maybe with Brenda. Heck, the fact that there even ARE fronts is awesome! Besides, now that I think about it, Sis and I have a session at Kim's house tomorrow afternoon, so that's another awesome thing to look forward to. Cheerleader orgy! Woo-hoo!

— — —

The new bright spot of Alan's school day was his private time with Glory.

She had resigned herself to the fact that their sexual relationship was for real, and it was pointless for her to continue trying to deny her feelings for him or think that she'd bring it to an end, at least any time soon. She couldn't wait.

Unfortunately for Alan, he wasn't up for more sexy fun. In mind, yes, but not in body; his penis was still recovering from his "sex binge" of the previous day.

Glory's hands were on his crotch almost the instant the last of the other students had gone, but his dick had been so overworked that even getting hard was painful for him. His lack of response led her to wonder about the explanation.

Glory fondling Alan's crotch, attempting to get him hard

She pulled down the elastic waistband of his outerwear shorts and placed her hand on the bulge in his underwear. What she found was flaccid. "Alan, is there something wrong? We've been together three times and you're already tired of me?"

"No way, Glory," he replied. "I've been whistling 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' all day long." That was true, since he was referring to his 'Glory, Glory, Hallelujah' version. "But my dick hurts. It really does. Why don't we practice kissing?"

So Glory had to content herself with kissing and groping. The gossipy teacher wondered to herself what, or more likely who, had gotten his cock so worn out. She resisted the urge to pry because she was afraid of the answer.

After a few minutes of tender cuddling, she came up with an idea. "You know, we talked about varying things up. Not just meeting at lunch, but after school sometimes too, as well as not meeting at all on some days. What if we try to meet after school today?"

He thought, Man, this is like a dream come true, that the woman of my fantasies is asking me that. But I'm pretty darn wiped out. Plus, maybe there'll be some kind of sexy fun when I get home. Could I handle Glory AND whatever sweet delights await me there?

He admitted, "I'm not sure. If I can't get it up for you now, will that change in less than two hours? Maybe my body is telling me to take the whole day off."

"But you can't. Aren't you more or less required to cum a lot every day, regardless?" She had serious doubts about the validity of his orgasmic treatment, but she was willing to use it to her advantage in the moment.

"That's true."

She thought back to the great time they'd had the day before when she'd dressed up as a police woman. "Hey, I have an idea. What if I dress up in something special and we have another role-play? Wouldn't that inspire you?"

He replied sincerely, "To be honest, merely thinking about you inspires me plenty. It's just that I'm not sure if it's smart for me to be inspired today. Maybe when my body tells me to take it easy, I should listen."

"Pshaw. You've gotta push yourself or you'll never run a marathon or accomplish anything major. If you're not out-and-out hurting, I'm sure it'll be fine. Tell you what. I'll sweeten the pot even more. Remember how I gave you a spanking on Friday?"

"How could I forget?"

"Turnabout is fair play. Maybe it's time for you to spank ME! You can be the teacher, and I'll be the naughty student who needs to be punished."

"Are you kidding me?!"

"I'm serious." She was warming to the idea the more she thought about it.

"I'm so there! Even if I have to crawl over a field of broken glass. Man! Glory, you're the best! I don't deserve you!"

She chuckled. "That's true. Still, it seems you're stuck with me." She abruptly pulled herself from his embrace. "Now, go eat lunch with your friends. You don't want to make a habit of skipping lunch to be with me."

He left a short time later when she practically pushed him out the door. She was in a hurry because her mind was racing with her role-play idea, and she wanted to do it up right. She figured there was just enough time for her to race home, grab some clothes, and race back before the start of fifth period, so that's exactly what she did.


Alan had a hard time concentrating through his fifth- and sixth-period classes. All he could think about was the promised after-school role-play and spanking with Glory. He knew his worries about not being able to get erect were unfounded, because he got plenty erect just thinking about it. Playing tennis kept him busy and flaccid for most of sixth period, but as soon as tennis was over, it was like he had an iron bar in his shorts.

It was almost torturous to make his way slowly to Glory's classroom after the final bell ring. He wanted to run, but forced himself to walk. The upside was that by the time he got there, all of her students were gone. In fact, she was just as eager as he was; she'd even managed to change into the clothes she'd snatched from home by the time he knocked on her door.

Once she confirmed it was him and him alone, she let him in.

It was a very good thing that the hallway was empty, because he just stood and stared at the sexy vision standing before him. My GOD! Why does things like this keep happening to me?! It's like everything is sexually supercharged all of a sudden, and I don't know why. But, dang! Who needs a why when she looks this good?!

Glory carefully and quickly walked around him, closed the door, made sure it was locked, and then resumed her position in front of him. She wasn't striking a particularly sexy pose, but she didn't have to, because her outfit was jaw-dropping enough. Thanks to the clothes she'd picked up from home, she was playing the role of the naughty schoolgirl to the hilt.


She was wearing a red-and-white striped top that covered her shoulders and upper arms, and not much else. Her boobs were dramatically exposed, with her nipples just barely covered. The top was tied right beneath her rack, leaving all of her tummy bare. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra.

She wore short jeans shorts slung low on her hips. As if that wasn't revealing enough, she'd left them unzipped, exposing the top of her bush. She held some textbooks in one hand to complete the student look. She also wore high heels, which, although they didn't really fit the schoolgirl motif, definitely made her legs and ass look even more enticing than usual.

She said, "So, Mr. P., I hear you wanted to see me about something?"

Since Alan had been thinking of little else the past two hours except their role-play, he already had his teacher persona to slip into. He barked, "That's Mr. Plummer to you, Glory. Look at you! You know you can't come to school dressed like that!"

Glory struck a deferential pose, clutching the textbooks to her midriff and dropping her head. "I'm sorry, Mr. Plummer. It's just that..."

"What? You know I'll have to punish you. What were you thinking?! I can even see some of your, well, your hair... down below! It's outrageous!"

Glory acted shy and embarrassed. "To be honest, sir, I just pulled my shorts down a couple of inches. You're the only one who gets to see me like this."

"And why would you do that? Glory, you've been my most difficult student, by far. Always getting into trouble. Well, it stops today. If you're going to act like a willful child, then I'm going to treat you like one! You leave me no choice but to give you a spanking!"

She nodded, while still obediently looking to the floor. "Yes, sir. Mr. Plummer, sir."

He waved a hand imperiously and impatiently. "You know the routine. Take off your clothes and bend over my desk."

"Take off my clothes, sir? All of them?!" She put her textbooks down and started fiddling at the knot of fabric just under her breasts.

"Certainly. I'm not going to let you get away with blunting the force of the spanking with your thick jeans shorts. I'd let you keep your panties on, but you're obviously not wearing any. That's another rule violation, by the way. I'll have to give you another ten smacks for that!"

Glory had already been highly aroused in anticipation, but she was getting even wetter and more aroused in response to Alan's confidence and authority. He really seemed like a take-charge teacher. She bent over outrageously and pulled her jeans shorts down her legs. However, she just had to ask, "Fair enough, but why do I have to take my top off too?"

"For starters, you're hardly wearing a top to begin with. I'm going to have to confiscate your clothes since they clearly fail to meet the minimum school requirements. Secondly, who says I'm only going to spank your ass? Since you're showing an outrageous amount of cleavage, perhaps you need to be spanked there as well."

She didn't know if he was serious about that. She'd never even heard of such a thing. But she knew that, even though the role-play was feigned, the spanking she was about to receive would feel very real. She thrilled to think he might spank her breasts too - provided he did it in a sexy way and not a truly painful one.

He stood watching in impassive silence when she took her clothes all the way off (except for her high heels, of course). However, she could tell his poker face was an act by the way his shorts were tenting outrageously. That made her smile. I don't know what's going to happen with this spanking, and I can't wait to find out! But I DO know that he's not about to get out of here until I have my lips around his fat cock and I suck him to a cummy explosion! Since we can't fuck, I'm going to turn cocksucking into something that will absolutely melt our brains!

Indeed, Alan was so excited that it was a marvel he wasn't romping around the room and bouncing off the walls. I don't know which is better: Glory in her naughty schoolgirl outfit, or when she's buck naked. I'm a total winner either way! DANG! There's so much misery and trouble in the world. But at a time like this, I'm flying far from the Earth, basking in pure joy! It was awesome enough to do something like this with a total hottie like Heather, but this is my history teacher, for crying out loud! I wish I could tell somebody! But who would believe it?! Hell, it's happening to me right now, and even I can barely believe it!

Now that she was naked, Glory stood straight like a soldier, with her hands behind her back and her legs spread straight and wide. "Mr. Plummer, sir? Where do you want me?"

He pointed to Glory's desk in front of the classroom. "Bend over my desk, of course." But then he got an even more wicked idea. "No, wait. Clear the desk off. Sweep the papers to the floor if need be. Then crawl onto the desk on all fours."

Glory almost dropped her role, because she considered that too outrageous. "Are you serious?!" Then she thought, Hell, why not?! It's big enough, and it can easily support my weight. I'll never, ever see my desk in the same way, but so what? God damn! This is why Alan thrills me in a way Garth could never even imagine. I love it!

He was starting to have second thoughts. In truth, he wasn't nearly as confident as he seemed.

But before he could take back what he'd said, her expression totally changed. She flashed him a naughty smile and said, "Yes, sir!" Then she crawled up on her desk. She deliberately positioned herself so he'd be able to walk up behind her and easily reach her thrust-out ass.

He walked behind her and brazenly caressed her bare ass cheeks with both hands. Then he quickly yanked his shorts all the way off. It was a great relief to have his raging erection fully freed. He went right back to fondling her ass.

He felt so giddy and triumphant that he was almost dizzy. He thought, This is where my recent experience with my other sexy ladies pays off. The old me could never have handled this, because my brain would have exploded several times over by now. Everything is too fucking sexy to take! I doubt there's ANY other student in this school who could cope with spanking our total fox of a teacher while she's naked and on all fours on top of her own friggin' desk! But can handle it, thanks to all the super sexy stuff I've done back home. Fuckin' A!

He took some moments to close his eyes and breathe deeply. Then he tried to get back into the teacher mindset. As he continued to blatantly run his hands all over Glory's ass, he said, "I've heard rumors about you. Very nasty rumors, that you're a total slut. They say you'll put out for just anybody. Is that true?"

"Mr. Plummer, sir! I must protest! That's completely untrue! I, I... If you must know... I have a crush on one of my teachers, and I'm not interested in anyone else! That's the only reason I dress like I do!"

She didn't need to say that he was the teacher, because they both knew that's what she meant.

She thought, What a kick! What a total rush! This is what I call truly living! I'm on the verge of cumming from the hair on my head to the tips of my toes, and he hasn't even started the spanking yet! It's a good thing we're not trying this at lunch, because the chairs are going to be floating in a lake of my pungent cum before we're through!

She panted, "Sir! Do what you have to do! I've been bad and you need to spank it right out of me!"

"Indeed. Brace yourself! Here it comes!" He was far too excited to think about establishing some kind of verbal procedure. Instead, he held her in place with a hand on one ass cheek, and then smacked her hard on the other.

She cried out. She was surprised how hard the smack was. She'd figured this was going to be a sexy spanking, not a "real" one in any sense. But the smack was as hard as she'd expected a truly disciplinary spanking to be. She complained, "OUCH! DAMN!"

He said, "Sorry, Glory. Spare the rod and spoil the slut. I can't go easy on you, or you'll never learn. It's for your own good." As he spoke, he caressed both her ass cheeks like he'd been doing. But, for the first time, his fingers explored their way into her ass crack, and below, along her perineum (taint) to her soaked pussy lips.

When he reached the latter he said, "I'm concerned that you'll find this arousing instead of punitive. That's why I can't go easy on you. We both know you have a crush on me, and you've had one for a long time. That's why I have to remain strictly professional." Even as he said that, he pressed a finger against her clit, causing her to moan with erotic need.

Then he abruptly pulled his hands away, raised one up high, and swung it down on her other ass cheek.

Again she cried out. Then she complained, "OUCH! Mr. Plummer, PLEASE!" She loved that she was calling him "Mr. Plummer." Actually, she loved absolutely everything about this, especially the complete role reversal. She'd never been sexually spanked before in her life, and she didn't consider herself the submissive type. She highly doubted this was something she'd want to do often, because it did hurt a lot, but it was great as an occasional surprise.

"Please what?" His hands were right back fondling her, freely running all over her ass and pussy mound. As he ran the tip of his index finger up and down her wet pussy lips he said, "I'm concerned you're not taking this seriously. I told you this is to punish you, not to arouse. That's why I'm checking you down here."

She thrust her ass back at him, hoping to get his finger to slip inside her. "Mr. Plummer! If you keep checking, I'm going to lose it! Don't check so much!" When she said "lose it," she was talking about cumming. She'd been on the verge of cumming before the spanking even began, and now that it was in process she was hanging on for dear life.

Alan could sense how worked up she was, and he greatly desired to give her a big "O." So he sped up his efforts. He smacked her ass several more times, in relatively quick succession. But it was only quick in comparison to the first two, because he spent a lot of time between smacks "checking" her arousal, most especially by stimulating her slit and clit every way he knew how.

After the sixth smack, she lost control. She'd been humping back at his hand without a shred of dignity or restraint, when out of the blue she let out a piercing wail. Her entire body trembled as her much-needed orgasm slammed into her. She had to brace herself to some extent, because there wasn't much desk surface on either side of her, and she was afraid of falling to the floor.

He loved the pleasure he was giving her. But he was also eager to cum himself, or at least get close to it. Although his shorts were pulled off, his erection wasn't getting any "action" at all.

Glory remained on all fours on top of her desk, mostly because she didn't have much room to do anything else.

As her gorgeous, fit body continued to heave and pant while orgasmic aftershocks coursed through her over and over again, Alan crawled up on the desk behind her. He knew it was a bit dodgy, but the desk looked to be a solidly built one and he though it could support them both. He didn't have much room, but he wanted to get his boner involved. He removed his shirt and even his socks, because he got off on the idea of being completely naked on top of his teacher's desk.

He resumed fondling her ass and pussy, to her great delight. But then she stiffened with alarm when she felt him guide his cock up to her inner thighs. She spoke in a highly alarmed voice. "Time out! What do you think you're doing, young man?!"

He said sheepishly, "Just... I thought this looked like fun..."

"Of course it does, but don't think for a SECOND that I'm about to let you fuck me! Get that thought out of your head! I told you that's not possible until we get the nature of our relationship established, if we can do that at all. I've been having the time of my life. Don't ruin it by trying to push too far!"

The idea of fucking her was definitely on his mind, but she objected so strongly and passionately that he lowered his expectations. "Glory, trust me. I definitely am NOT going to do that! I just kind of want to rub it against you in that area. You know me; I'm a nice guy. I don't want to ruin our new relationship before it even gets very far. Please believe me! I will NOT do that to you today. I promise!"

She grumbled, "Maybe those are your intentions, but accidents do happen. It's too dangerous!"

"What if I do this?" Holding his erection up, he rested it up against her ass crack, so the tip was pointing above her. It was well away from her pussy.

"Well... I don't know. Maybe. I suppose we can try it for a minute."

YES! Sweetness! He tried to get back into teacher mode. "Okay, Glory, let's resume your spanking. I'm keeping my dick where it is to, uh..." - he scrambled to come up with even a half-baked excuse - "um, to, uh... to test your resolve. Your, uh, willpower. Okay? Here we go. Brace yourself!"


He resumed his earlier pattern of occasionally smacking her while spending more time fondling her ass and pussy. The only problem was, with his cock nestled in the groove of her ass crack, he was in danger of accidentally smacking himself in a very, very painful way. He tried to avoid that by smacking the outer sides of her ass cheeks, down by the tops of her thighs. That helped some, but still, his boner bounced around after each smack.

After a few more smacks, he admitted defeat and repositioned with his penis below her pussy, as if he was about to dry hump her. That was much better in case of an off-target smack, but it greatly increased the danger of accidentally sliding his cock into her pussy, just as she feared.

Glory realized the likelihood of them fucking, accidentally or not, was increasing by the moment, and she wasn't ready for that. She was alarmed because she found herself ardently wishing that he'd just slip it into her already and give her a solid pounding.

To prevent that from happening before she lost all control, she carefully repositioned on the desk. It wasn't easy, but she managed to turn herself all the way around. Then, still on her knees but with her face in his crotch, she took his cock in hand and fed it into her mouth. She started to suck.

That effectively ended the spanking, since he could no longer reach her ass. It effectively ended the role-play as well, since she was unable to talk. However, neither of them minded one bit. Alan had been worked up to a fever pitch, so he was grateful for the sudden direct attention to his cock.

The only downside was that he was so very aroused that he couldn't hold out once she started sucking. In fact, he lasted only a few minutes, and even that was a near epic struggle. With a loud, wordless cry, he erupted into her hot, greedy mouth.

She sucked him through his orgasm, continuing until he went flaccid. She didn't have another orgasm of her own, but she didn't really crave one since she'd just had an enormous one a few minutes earlier. She managed to savor a lot of his cum on her tongue, but nearly all of it went down her throat before long, leaving her face clean.

Once it was over, the two of them crawled down from the desk and rested against it, side by side. They kissed and cuddled a little, but they were too exhausted to do any more than that.

After they were fully recovered, Glory gave him a mini-lecture about the danger of getting that close to fucking. She reiterated her intention not to fuck as long as they were just "sex friends."

He promised that he would be more careful in the future.

They were both completely sexually satiated and tired, so Alan headed home not long afterwards, once he helped her clean up and cover the smell of sex in her classroom.


Alan went home hopeful that he could take it easy for a while. After what had happened with Glory, he figured he'd take a nap before he even contemplated any more sexual activity.

But Suzanne had other ideas. She knew that she was supposed to play it cool until Susan felt like she'd been punished sufficiently, which was at least until Ron left and possibly longer. Even though the two buxom mothers were getting along great and had had a fine time exercising together that morning, Susan still felt it necessary to punish Suzanne for continually pushing her into highly sexual situations where she often ended up with Alan's erection in her mouth. Susan had decided that her main problem was that she hadn't been tough enough, so now she was trying to take stronger stands all around.

Suzanne didn't like that. She didn't think it was fair that she'd be forced to go days without any Alan fun, after she'd done Susan such a big favor by helping her discover her sexual side and have more orgasms than in the whole of her previous life. So Suzanne decided it wouldn't harm anyone if she could have a little secret fun with Alan when Susan wasn't home. Besides, she wanted to give herself a big reward for how far she'd managed to bring her scheme along in such a remarkably short time.

But when Alan got home, Katherine was already there, hanging out in the living room. Immediately after he came in, Suzanne came over from next door as well. Susan was in the kitchen baking more oatmeal cookies. (That was a sign of love for her, especially since she was determined not to express it in other ways.) Ron was still at work.

Katherine was reading a magazine on a sofa, but she jumped up and ran excitedly to the front door to greet Suzanne, as if her arrival wasn't an everyday occurrence.

"Hi, Aunt Suzy!" she yelled as she ran into Suzanne's arms. The two hugged each other, then kissed. First Katherine kissed one cheek, then the other, and then her lips met Suzanne's. Their mouths opened, and their heads twisted from side to side as they jockeyed for the best position.

Alan thought as he watched, Whoa! That's no mere greeting kiss. They're doing it square on the lips, and with some tongue! They're French kissing? What the fuck?! Whoa!

The kiss wasn't that long, and they both walked into the living room as if such kissing was nothing unusual. Katherine winked at Alan and then went back to her reading. Susan remained in the kitchen without being aware of what had happened.

But Alan was positive he'd never seen his sister and "aunt" kiss on the lips before. What was THAT? Was that a sign of something really sexual? Or are they just being friendly? I hear women sometimes kiss on the lips without it meaning anything. But still. I've never seen them do that with each other before. Hmmm... Is this part of "sexing things up" around the house to help me out? Because if it is, it sure is working!

Suzanne had brought her bikini over and said she was in a mood to use the pool. This was very unusual, as she wasn't much of a swimmer and even less of a sunbather due to her very fair skin. When she did swim, she usually used the pool back at her own house.

Alan realized there must be some ulterior motive for her behavior. Since they all knew that Ron wouldn't be home until around dinnertime, he figured she was up to some sexy mischief. Even though he was exhausted and needed a nap, he decided to hang out by the pool for a bit first and see what she would do.

Susan was keen on enforcing her punishment as part of her new "get tough" resolve. She went out to sunbathe with Suzanne so she could keep an eye on things. She was trying not to get into a sexual situation, but she was "forced" to put on a skimpy, sexy bikini of her own in order to compete with the one that Suzanne was wearing.

Katherine, somewhat surprisingly, didn't join them. She wanted to play it cool until Ron left, and she wasn't sure how well she could conceal her incestuous desires from her mother and Suzanne. She felt like there was a big "I fucked my brother!" sign on her face. She was especially worried that Suzanne would figure out what was going on if she spent time watching her interact with her brother, since Suzanne was so perceptive. She hoped Suzanne wouldn't mind if she knew, but she wasn't sure.

Suzanne wanted to make sure that Alan didn't go to his room for a nap. While he was getting himself a drink in the kitchen, she said to him as she opened the sliding door to the back patio, "Sweetie, make sure to meet me out back in a few. There's something we should discuss." Then she quietly removed her bikini top while standing right in front of him. She gave him a promising wink and then tossed it aside, making clear it wasn't going back on.

He gulped. His penis engorged fully in about two seconds flat.

She noticed the new bulge in his shorts and grinned knowingly. "Hrm. I'm suddenly feeling desirous of a thick sausage. I wonder why that is?" She licked her lips suggestively, then turned and walked away towards the pool, using her trademark exaggerated hip-swaying sexy walk. She knew that would hold his attention, especially given her thong-style bikini.

Alan came out a short time later after taking care of some things in his room.

Suzanne lying on a lounge chair by the pool, breasts bare, wearing only a thong

The two busty mothers appeared to be sleeping on adjacent lounge chairs. Or at least they had their eyes closed behind sunglasses. That gave Alan a great opportunity to gawk at their centerfold-worthy bodies. Dang! Schwing! I'm the luckiest guy on Earth! Major busty MILF babe-age! I love seeing them together like this. They really are like twin sisters from the neck on down.

But as he came up to them, he cast his shadow across Susan's legs. She sensed he was near and sat up.

Suzanne sat up too, but she just grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"Nice bikini, Aunt Suzy," he replied mischievously. "I especially like the top, but the bottoms aren't half bad either." Suzanne still wasn't wearing a top, and the bottoms were more of a G-string than a bikini, which didn't even completely cover her bush. He also noticed and appreciated the lewd way she was sitting, with her legs splayed out wide as if waiting to be fucked. She'd had her legs spread like that when he'd first arrived, when she was lying down, so she'd obviously been trying to get him horny.

Miffed, Susan said, "Tiger, don't pay any attention to Suzanne's bathing suit, and I use the term 'bathing suit' loosely. She's promised me that's she'll wear something else next time."

Then she turned to her friend and said crossly, "Suzanne, I told you this would happen! You're corrupting him!"

"If you don't like the bikini, Susan, I can take it off," Suzanne suggested innocently, making a motion to begin pulling her bikini bottoms all the way off.

"No thanks! That wasn't the solution I had in mind!" Susan replied with greater exasperation. She was particularly frustrated that Alan had eyes only for Suzanne, thanks to the fact that her best friend was topless and she was not. She sat up and thrust her chest out in an attempt to compete, but Alan still seemed more interested in Suzanne and her bouncy bare boobs.

"How many people here vote that I should take it all off?" Suzanne asked, raising her hand.

Alan's hand shot up immediately. They both smiled as they knew they outnumbered Susan two to one.

"How many people vote that I should keep it on?" Suzanne smirked.

Susan raised her hand. But rather than accept the two-to-one result, she complained, "This isn't a democracy! This is my house. I make the rules. I don't even know why I let you come out here with that itty-bitty thing on in the first place. Geez! What about propriety? What if my husband saw you like that?"

"Okay, okay," Suzanne said, lying back down. She knew that she was already in Susan's doghouse, and didn't want to make things worse. Besides, they were only talking about taking off her bikini bottoms; she already had the top off, and that put her ahead of Susan when it came to keeping Alan interested.

Susan, on the other hand, still fumed jealously at how much more attention Alan was giving Suzanne. He's hardly even noticing me! If this keeps up, maybe I should take my top off too. Not that I want to... Grrr! Okay, I totally want to! I get wonderfully tingly whenever he looks at my bouncy boobies. But I'd look like a supreme hypocrite after just chastising Suzanne for taking hers off, plus Angel is wandering around the house somewhere. So I guess I'm stuck. Poo!

But she came up with another idea. While she did keep her bikini top on, she began applying suntan lotion in the most sensual manner she could muster. Sitting up with her chest thrust out, she spent most of her time with her hands on her breasts. She pulled her bikini this way and that, supposedly to get at the pale skin underneath. The process was actually more arousing to watch than if she'd been topless.

Alan just stood there with a raging boner for about two minutes, watching his mother put on a blatantly erotic show for him, as well as sometimes checking out Suzanne. (Suzanne was letting Susan "win" this little competition.) It was dead silent but for the sound of the pool filter motor in the distance.

Eventually, a new thought occurred to Susan. "Anyway, Suzanne, I heard you saying you wanted Alan for something. What did you call him out here for? Just so you could make fun of my more sensible standards of decency?"

That was ironic, given the way Susan continued to "apply lotion" to her big tits, especially since she wasn't even using lotion anymore. She was caressing herself under her top in a blatantly erotic fashion, even pinching her erect nipples at times. She clearly was getting hot and bothered.

Suzanne just teased her gently, "No, Susan, of course not. We can make fun of those anytime." She smiled a wry smile. "And you're right, I certainly do want him for something." She made sure that Susan saw that she was looking at Alan's crotch, then licked her lips.

"Suzanne," Susan chided. "I'm not certain what you mean, exactly, but no doubt it's extremely sexual. So please cut it out."

"Okay, I'll stop. But just so we're clear, I was talking about his penis. Specifically, I was thinking how good it would feel if I stretched my lips around his great thickness and started bobbing with lots of suction. But of course I wouldn't neglect using my tongue or my fingers. Aaaah!"

Susan gave her a cross look. "I'd already figured that out. Sheesh!" Nevertheless, she fidgeted and licked her lips with longing.

Alan kept looking back and forth at the two as Susan and Suzanne talked. Between the way Susan was caressing her breasts and frequently flashing her nipples, and the way Suzanne was preening and posing while bare-chested, his only trouble was that he couldn't look at both of them at the same time. His cock was incredibly hard, making him realize that all the pain and soreness had disappeared.

Neither woman failed to spot the long, penis-shaped bulge in his swimsuit. They were staring at it continually.

Susan bit her lip nervously, which was a clear sign that she was getting very turned on. She complained, "Can we talk about something non-sexual for a change? Please?"

Suzanne sat up in her chair to face Susan directly. "So what makes you think I'd be thinking something sexual? Maybe you're projecting." As she shifted positions, she jiggled her bare tits in an exaggerated fashion, making sure Alan could see them from where he stood. She also sat up in her chair, leaning forward and putting her hands on her knees. Supposedly that was to get even closer to Susan, but actually it was so Alan could have a great look at her nearly naked ass.

Susan knew what Suzanne was doing. "Please! You're going too far. You had something pressing for Alan?"

Suzanne thought to herself, That one's too easy. She couldn't resist the play on words. She continued to stare blatantly at the lewd bulge in Alan's swimsuit. As she wiggled her butt, covered by only a thin string down her ass, she replied, "Actually, I was rather hoping that Sweetie had something pressing for me. Mmmm. Yummy. Looks like he does!"

"Suzanne!" Susan huffed. "That's outrageous!"

"Sorry." She sat back in her chair and became more serious. "But remember that part of our jobs is to keep him hard through visual stimulation."

Susan griped, "Yeah, but you're in my doghouse, and that's a slippery slope. If anyone should be providing visual stimulation, it's me!"

"Fine then. Take off your bikini top and preen and pose like you really are his big-titted mommy slut."

"Maybe I will!" Susan said hotly, both angry and relentlessly horny. Her face was red as she undid her top. She continued to gripe, "I don't know why I'm doing this, though. As if we don't already all know his big, fat co-, er, member, is already quite hard."

"True," Suzanne stated, staring shamelessly at Alan's crotch, just like Susan. "But remember that from a medical assistance point of view, it's not just about him popping wood. That's just the first step, which usually ends in a spermy facial for you or me. As nurse Akami once put it about his sexual stimulation, 'It's not just the quantity; it's the quality.'"

Susan harrumphed and grumbled a little bit, even as she raised her hands above her head in a sexy pose. In truth, just hearing that quote aroused her greatly. "The things we have to do..." She looked over at her son. "How's this, Tiger?"

"Great, Mom! You're the best mom ever!"

"So you say," she said, sighing with chagrin. Then, still holding that pose, she asked Suzanne, "Now, what's this you wanted to talk to him about? Is it about Brenda?"

"No. I think we're pretty set there. We should talk some before she gets here to make sure we're all on the same page, but I don't think he needs any more training. How do YOU feel about it, Sweetie?"

"I'm good. I'm practically bursting with confidence."

Suzanne moaned sensuously. "Mmmm... Is that what's distending your swimsuit? Is it practically busting with confidence? Or just lots and lots of hot cock-meat?"

Susan complained, "SuzaaaAAAAAaaanne!"

Suzanne chuckled. "Sorry. Actually, I brought our family hunk out here to offer him a job."

Suzanne proceeded to tell Alan that her pool-cleaner wasn't coming that week, and that Wednesday was his usual day. She concluded by asking, "Could you clean the pool today instead, Sweetie? It's only a two-hour job, and I'll pay you well. How does $50 sound?"

"Sounds great!" He was genuinely and pleasantly surprised at the opportunity. Even though his family had quite a lot of money, his mother tried hard not to spoil him, so he actually had very little spending money. He was even forced to work crappy jobs during the summers.

Seeing that Alan wasn't looking her way, Susan reluctantly dropped her arms.

Suzanne said, "Okay, Sweetie, why don't we head on over and I'll show you what to do."

They got up and went to the Pestridge house a few minutes later. Because they used the connecting gate between their backyards, they didn't have to go and change first, although Suzanne did put her top back on.

Susan was flummoxed: not only did Suzanne monopolize much of Alan's attention at the pool, but now she'd taken him away altogether. She'd been enjoying posing topless for him, and now she had to stop.

She was already seriously rethinking her stance against helping him until Ron was gone. That darn boy. I swear, he really does have a problem with that rampant, massive member of his. Perhaps I should consider his suggestion that I help with handjobs until Ron is gone. They only problem is, once I get all those hot, throbbing inches in my hands, I can't stop; I just HAVE to stretch my jaw wide and cram it in! It's a compulsion!

And what'll happen once Ron IS gone?! There will be nothing stopping me then. All heck will break loose. My role as one of his personal cocksuckers will come to the fore, and I'll probably spend most of my free time naked and kneeling, slurping and sucking and licking and choking and gagging on his magnificent cock! I can't wait!


About the only times that Alan had been to Suzanne's pool area was when there were dinners there involving both families, or when he passed through it on the way to use the Pestridges' tennis court, which was out back and on a lower level, away from both the house and the pool. The Plummer house was the social place to be, which meant the Plummer pool got much, much more use (even though it didn't have a hot tub and the Pestridge one did).

The gate in the fences between their houses was also little used. Amy went through it often, but she was the only one. Suzanne usually felt it was more dignified to come and go through front doors, and Brad and Eric almost never came over any more.

Suzanne and Alan walked in silence.

Suzanne had a big smile on her face as she walked hand in hand with him. She thought, Like taking candy from a baby. It's so easy to manipulate Susan, and of course I can do whatever I want with my Sweetie. I've never unleashed my full manipulative powers on her, since she is my best friend and a very moral person. But doing this is an exception, because it's what she really wants deep down. She's loving life! But I'm loving life even more these days. I might just go all the way with my Sweetie today, hee-hee-hee.

Not that I would, actually. The time isn't ripe, 'cos once I get started I'm gonna need it all the time, and Susan wouldn't be ready to hear about that. But I could if I wanted to. Everything is so close. It's all coming together!

She went into her house for a minute while she kept him waiting by the side of her pool. She wanted to double-check that no one else was home or would be back soon. After calling Eric on the phone and talking to him briefly, she walked back outside.

Standing next to Alan by the side of the pool, she took her bikini top off again, then revealed her real purpose. "Time to show you what to do, Mr. Pool Boy. There's not much to the job, actually."

He had a hard time paying attention to what she was saying because he was overcome by lust. Nevertheless, he stood there and waited for his orders.

Suzanne standing topless with her right hand on her hip, posing for Alan, wearing thong bikini bottoms that she's pulled to the side, exposing her bush

She stood proudly before him, posing for him with her hands on her hips. One hand casually tugged at her minuscule bikini bottoms, pulling them to the side so he could see most of her bush.

He gushed enthusiastically, "Aunt Suzy, have I ever told you that you're a goddess?"

She laughed. "Yes, but not yet today, unfortunately."

"I'll have to make a daily habit of it then, because you are perfection."

"I could think of worse daily habits, like smoking."

They were both all smiles, and Suzanne was particularly happy at the compliment.

But she then complained, "I'm not perfection. What about my blue veins?" She ran her hands over her exposed boobs, tracing some barely visible veins with her fingers. "Or how about the crow's feet around my eyes?"

He responded sincerely, "Every single thing about you is so sexy that the phrase 'bust a nut' is a literal worry for me. Just seeing you touch your boobs at any time," - she responded by doing just that - "it's like my cum is going to swell up and erupt from my dick."

She took her hand away with an exaggerated look of concern, like she could actually ruin his penis by touching herself there.

He smiled at her humor. "I love everything about you, inside and out. I even love your imperfections, because they're a part of the you that I've known and loved since I was a baby. Besides, your face doesn't look old at all; it looks sexy, experienced, and knowing."

She unconsciously licked her lips as she imagined an endless stream of cum flowing out of his dick like water flowing out of a garden hose. Damn, he's a charmer! This is why I love him! But she merely said, "You know how to make this ancient, ugly hag feel great."

"Hag?! Ancient?! UGLY?! Are you totally insane?! I take offense at all that. You're not allowed to call yourself such horrible names. I won't let you."

"My hero." She locked arms with him and clung to him tightly. Naturally, she took the opportunity to rub her nearly naked body up and down his muscular one. "But you're distracting me. I still haven't told you your job, Mr. Pool Boy. The first thing you have to do is get naked."

"Hmmm. That sounds interesting." He joked, "I will if you will."

She made a mock sigh. "If that's what it takes to get you to follow orders, then very well. As if I'm in danger of being overdressed as it is! But since you insist, let's do it both at once." Her hands went to her waist so she could remove the bikini bottoms, the only thing she still wore.

"Hey, wait a minute." He was enjoying this. "Are you sure this is legal? I say we have another vote on taking it off, now that we're in a different legal jurisdiction."

She laughed heartily. "Sure. All in favor of Suzanne and her Sweetie getting naked and naughty, raise their hands."

Suzanne and Alan raised both hands each, so four hands were in the air.

"All in favor of Susan's stupid, fuddy-duddy rules and keeping their clothes on, raise their hands." After a suitable pause with no hands to be seen, Suzanne said, "The motion carries, four to zero."

Alan pushed his shorts down to his ankles, revealing a proud erection.

But Suzanne waited with her bikini bottoms. Instead, she said, "Sweetie, I'll give you the honor of taking these off, but remember, we have to obey some rules, even without Susan here. Don't do anything unless I give the okay first, okay?"

"Okay." He could scarcely believe his luck. Taking advantage of the fact that he was naked, he stood right next to her and took his time taking her bikini bottoms off. Not only did he seize the opportunity to explore her crotch and butt as much as he thought he could get away with, but he also let his exposed erection rub up against her creamy, pale skin. Since the two of them were nearly the same height, it poked close to some dangerous areas.

"Hey, Sweetie, who gave you permission to do that?" she finally asked. She wasn't going to complain until she felt his cock rubbing up against her inner thigh, putting it within six inches of her slit. It left a little smear of pre-cum.

He was all smiles. "Do what? Take off your suit? You did."

"Don't play dumb. I'm talking about something hard and long rubbing against me."

He continued to rub his boner up and down her inner thigh as he took off her bikini with the speed of a snail. "Oh, you mean this?" He grabbed his erection with one hand and directed it even closer to her slit.

When she didn't say or do anything, he continued, "Technically, everything I'm doing here is part of taking off your bikini. You know I've always been one to take advantage of legal loopholes." He slid his stiffness between her legs, so it was rubbing the outside of her crotch. Then he began subtly dry humping her.

"All right, smart-ass, finish taking the damn thong off me already. I'm not worried about loopholes; it's you taking advantage of just plain holes that worries me more. What if your mother saw us like this? Mmmm!" In fact, she loved what he was doing, but she hoped to discourage him just enough so that he'd merely keep doing that and not get any bolder.

She moaned in pure delight, which undercut her admonishment. The pre-cum from his cock was now mixing with the dribble of fluid coming from her cunt, and she realized how easy it would be to allow him to slide forward just a little bit more. I love you so much, Sweetie! I won't be truly happy until you're balls-deep in me, pounding me hard with your big cock! But not today. So damn close, but not today!

Once the bikini bottoms were down below her knees and finally freed from one leg altogether, she lay back down on her lounge chair. They were getting too close to actual fucking for her to feel comfortable. She'd assumed that he would stop then, but he didn't.

He continued to hold her bikini bottoms in one hand as he brought them down her left ankle at a glacial pace. With Suzanne lying down, he began to rub his erection right on top of her clit.

Suzanne knew they were getting in extremely dangerous waters now. But she loved it so much that she found herself opening her legs wider and wider. Before long, she was completely splayed out and he loomed over her with his hard-on in the ideal position to begin fucking.

This is what I need! Sweetie, once I let you in there, I'm never gonna let you out! But please don't rub against my clit like that. That's my magic button that opens my legs wide. You keep doing that, and in another minute you'll have all eight inches inside me. Susan and her rules and punishments and prudishness can go hang! Ugh! God!

Suzanne lying nude on her lounge chair, legs splayed, while Alan rubs his cock over her cunt and clit

Alan was positively euphoric - he felt confident that he would finally get to fuck Suzanne, now that they were safely alone and their bodies were lined up just right. His heart was pounding wildly. The situation was exciting enough already, but the thrill skyrocketed as he grew increasingly certain that they were going to fuck.

He continued to slide his hardness back and forth over her clit and labia, hoping that would drive the last of her resistance away. He let go of her bikini bottoms completely so that he could concentrate fully on sexual pleasure, although they still dangled around her ankle.

She felt incredibly tempted to let him go, but worries about Susan held her back. She imagined the kind of blowup that would follow if Susan heard her screaming "Fuck me harder!" from over their backyard fence. It was a solid, high fence so one couldn't see from one backyard to another unless one went through the gate, but of course it provided little impediment to sound.

So finally she said, "Naughty, naughty. This is why my parents always warned me about lawyers. They always take advantage. Stop that this instant, or someone is going to be in trouble, and I'm not sure if it's gonna be you or me. I'm serious."

However, she added to herself, Or, just stick it in! Show me what a MAN you are! Don't take no for an answer! Take ME! In truth, she would have easily given in if he had been more aggressive.

He stopped, since he didn't know how conflicted she really felt. He'd been aggressive because she was so obviously enjoying all he did, but he also always obeyed when he was told to stop. She was like a second mother to him, and he greatly valued her happiness, love and respect. Yet he didn't remove his erection from its position right on top of her bush, clitoris, and slit. His hot, needy thickness kept throbbing against her most sensitive areas.

Minutes passed as they remained in that exciting and dangerous position.

She was dizzy with the possibilities. Phew! That was too close! If he only knew how willingly I'd spread my legs for him, if he would just show a little backbone. But the danger's not over. As long as his boner is in such a tempting spot, this is touch and go! I really have to insist, before he does something we'll both love! If only Susan wasn't so close!

But just as Susan's breasts were her weakness, Suzanne's was her clit and cunt. She knew she'd give in soon, and she couldn't imagine getting fucked by Alan for the first time and not screaming in ecstasy to the high heavens. Then they'd get in big trouble with Susan, who was just over the fence. The progress she'd made breaking down Susan's willpower could go down the drain. So she finally forced herself to add, "Again, Mr. Letter-of-the-law, the implication in the stop command is that you actually take your penis away, like I told you to before."

"Oops! I was going for the literal interpretation of your most recent command." Inwardly he was deeply disappointed that his ploy hadn't worked, but he tried not to let it show. He'd gotten used to cumming many times a day. But, mostly due to his lingering soreness, he had only cum once so far that day, so the overwhelming desire to cum was making him unusually aggressive.

"I know you were. Now remove it already! You've dropped my thong, so fun time is over."

She thought, I definitely appreciate his boldness. This is just the kind of thing I'd normally love to encourage. If anything, I want him MORE aggressive. I can only imagine how great life will be when my Sweetie is roughly grabbing me and surprising me with random fucks all day long. But unfortunately, there's no way I can risk full-on fucking at this point unless I'm sure Susan isn't home, and I'm pretty sure she still IS home, and in the back yard to boot. She might hear if either one of us cries out, even if she's inside her house. I'd probably get so excited that I really would scream that loudly!

He reluctantly moved so his crotch was no longer pressed against hers. But he said, "Au contraire. The fun is not done. I'm not finished stripping you. I was just resting." He took hold of her bikini bottoms again and resumed pulling them down the ankle they had been resting on.

She chuckled, despite herself. "'Just resting?' That's rich. You really are a sneaky one, you know that?"

He still delayed as much as possible. He had mere inches to go before the bikini bottoms went around her heel, but he had no intention to get to that point any time soon. Instead, he continued to hold them in place while he rubbed his erect dick all up and down her pale left leg.

She eventually had to laugh at his arousing stubbornness. "Is there some kind of holdup?" she asked, half hoping that he'd stop and half hoping that he wouldn't. She was right on the edge of a climax, and wondered how long she could hang in that delightful state.

"Yes. You're so sexy that I think it's fried my brain. I seem incapable of doing anything but rubbing my dick against your skin, for some strange reason." He kept on having fun running his hands and boner all over her legs.


Eventually, she said, "Okay, stud, enough of that. Remember that you're here for a job? I think it's time to start." She kicked her bikini bottoms the rest of the way off, since by this time they were dangling from her toes.

"Now?" he whined. "But I was having so much fun."

She said, "Trust me. I know you'll like this."

He stood, reluctantly, and began to walk away from her even more reluctantly.

"Hey. Where do you think you're going? I said I have a job for you, and it's over here. Believe you me, you're going to find it plenty of fun." She got off her lounge chair and fell to her knees a few feet away from him.

"What do I have to do?" he asked, slow on the uptake for once.

"All you have to do is stand up. Right here in front of me."

Suzanne in a semi-profile view, sitting naked on the deck of her pool with her legs to one side

He stood. A smile slowly spread across his face as he saw Suzanne get on her knees before him, toss her hair in a very alluring manner, and beckon him near. Wow! Out of the frying pan, into the fire! But what's the positive, orgasmic version of that saying? Out of Playboy, into Penthouse? Or vice versa?

She shot him one of her intense "come hither" looks. "So here's what you have to do: your Aunt Suzy needs you to make a big deposit of cum right down her throat. You think you can do that?"

He asked, "This is my job? The one you're paying me $50 for?"

"It's part of it."

"Wow! I'm a gigolo now! Sweetness."

She laughed. "Yeah, right. Hey stud, my tongue is getting lonely over here, and my lips are feeling slippery and need something to slide on. Can you do it or what?"

He walked right up to her, all smiles. "I think I can try."

"Smart kid. But remember: we have to be quiet. We don't want your mom to know what we're up to. So no loud moans or screams. Okay?"

He nodded eagerly.

She cradled his erection with both hands and licked at the tip. Yum! I must have said "big cock" to Susan a thousand times in the last week alone, but it's true. This is a really nice one. A big fat cock! Lucky, lucky me, because I fell in love with him before I knew just what he was packing.

Alan had been lost in thinking about nothing but the possibility of fucking Suzanne, but for some reason her words made him think seriously about where he was and what they were starting to do. He realized they did need to be careful. He lowered his voice. "Okay, sure. But I thought you told me recently that your house was completely off limits for this kind of thing. What about your husband? Or Brad?" His cock twitched with extra excitement at the reminder that she was a married woman.

She stopped licking long enough to answer, "I noticed you didn't mention Amy? You don't mind if she sees us? You naughty boy!" She licked a bit more, completely circling her way around the crown, just below his glans. Then she laughed as she thought out loud, "And good thing you remembered that now. As if they wouldn't mind you rubbing your cock on my clit, but they'd draw the line at cocksucking!"

"Hmmm. Good point," he chuckled.

"Anyway, those two are out. I surprised Brad with a new fishing pole this morning, virtually guaranteeing that he and his dad would go off for and fish all afternoon. They took the bait, so to speak." She couldn't help grinning from her pun, even as she attended to his dick: <slurp, slurp> "They're crazy about playing with their fishing poles, but the pole I've got here is a lot more fun." <Slurp, slurp>

She squeezed his cock to make sure he caught her meaning. Then she slurped and licked some more. "I even called Eric a little while ago just to" - <slurp> - "just to make sure they're still safely far away."

Alan thought she was done talking because she suddenly took his entire cockhead in her mouth and began working it. Her extra-long tongue could do insanely arousing things that normal tongues simply could not, and one such technique was that she could draw circles around the crown - the base of his cockhead - while it was all the way in her mouth. It was one of her very special tricks.

But just as she was really getting into it, she popped it back out of her mouth to say between more licks, "Then there's Amy. She and Angel went to the beach for the afternoon. So we've got the whole house to ourselves. All you have to do is make sure to keep your voice down. I'm not too worried unless Susan goes out back, and she rarely goes there by herself. It's a bit risky, I know, but I just can't resist you today!"

She ran her long tongue all the way from the top of his erection down to the base of his balls and back again. She liked that his privates were mostly hairless, except for one small, thick tuft of dark pubic hair. That was well above his balls, so it never interfered with her licking or sucking. It was almost as if he'd shaved his genitals, though she knew that he hadn't.

He was feeling in a teasing mood. "So, this is what the regular pool boy does every week? Not bad work! How much does this job pay, again?" He lovingly ran his hands through her lush, curly, reddish-brown hair.

"In his dreams. Sweetie, you're the only one for me. I hope you know that. I'm insulted if you think your cock isn't all the cock I'll ever need. And more importantly, that you're not all the man I need. However, having you do this every Wednesday ain't such a bad idea. I'll have to see if Susan will go for it."

She kept sucking.

Naturally he loved what she was doing. His only regret was that he was standing up. He was so overwhelmed that he was learning just what "you make me weak in the knees" meant. He clutched at her head, mostly to help prop himself up.

It took her only a minute or two to bring him to the verge. "Are you ready?" she asked as she sensed his balls tightening.

"Ready, my ivory Amazon goddess!" he replied excitedly.

She sucked him again until he began spurting his cum. She kept guzzling his seed until he was just about done, while at the same time frigging her clit until she had a nice climax of her own. Then, completely surprising him, she pushed him backwards.

He staggered around, trying to regain his balance, but they were right on the edge of the pool and he had nowhere to go. The fact that his shorts were still tangled around one of his feet didn't help. He fell backwards, splashing into the pool.

He came to the surface and gasped for breath as he spit water out of his mouth. He had been taken completely unaware. "What the hell did you do that for?" he finally asked.

She laughed heartily. "No reason, except that it was fun. But looks like you'll have to be naked for a little while now."

He looked down at his soaked T-shirt and his shorts floating nearby. "Awww, shucks," he joked. He didn't exactly mind that prospect.

She said slyly, "I think maybe I'll get my book and hang around the pool today. Just to enjoy the view."

He pulled himself out of the pool as she said this and stood before her.

"You look delish. Your muscles are definitely developing."

"Very funny stunt, Aunt Suzy. I'm not laughing."

"Come on. You're smiling at least," which was true.

Suzanne was having trouble stopping her chuckling over the incident. She was having the time of her life and hoped this was just the first of many such afternoons they would spend naked together.

She went to sit down on her lounge chair. "Now, as for your real job..."

But when she began to explain he jumped on top of her, before she could even sit in the chair. That took her by complete surprise. Since he was wet, fresh from the pool, and she was dry, she let out a loud squeal when his wet body enveloped hers. He wasn't particularly thinking about sex; he was trusting Suzanne to set the pace with that. He just wanted to have fun and see what developed, so he launched a full-on tickle attack.

Within seconds, Suzanne was screaming and laughing with delight (but not too loudly), while at the same time begging for mercy. But he kept on, so she tickled back. Tickling soon gave way to caressing and hugging, and then French kissing.

Alan was hard again by this time, with his erection pressing urgently into her thigh, so he rubbed it up and down her soft skin.

Suzanne loved it but realized that they were still in the same situation as before: with Susan next door it was still too dangerous. She knew she had to get him to back off or they'd be fucking in earnest before very long. "Down, boy," she said as she gently but insistently pushed him away.

He backed off reluctantly, moving to the chair next to hers, where he sat facing her. His rigid rod stuck straight up, swaying lightly with every movement he made.

She looked at it and teased, "It doesn't look like you have any 'shyness with women' problem anymore!"

Then she became relatively serious. "All right, here's the plan. Remember your job? The bad news is, you actually do have to clean the pool. Otherwise, if your mother were to come over and notice the pool was still dirty, she would grow suspicious. I still plan to pay you, but I'd like to reward you in another way too. Do a little work, then I'll suck you off. Do some more work, you'll get some more cocksucking. Repeat until the pool is clean or you can't get it up anymore, preferably the latter."

She gave him a saucy look, then continued, "I noticed that you didn't add any checkmarks to the chart in your room today, and we know that Susan refuses to help. Like they used to say in the old Mission Impossible TV series, 'Your challenge, Ms. Phelps, if you choose to accept it, is to tease at least six orgasms out of Alan Plummer before the day is over.' Does that sound like a good way to spend the afternoon?"

"Hell yeah! But I don't think it's humanly possible to shoot six times in one afternoon." His grin grew wider as he added, "But I sure don't mind trying, though."

"What doesn't kill you will make you stronger."

He liked that. "But now that you're here with me, why not just stay naked and do all kinds of nasty things together all day long, like we voted to do earlier? Why just cocksucking?"

"It's called plausible deniability. And anyway, I may bend your mom's rules a little - okay, a lot - but she'd kill me if we actually fucked, so don't even think about that. Not now. Not today."

"Well, what about if I eat you out? I'd really like to do that."

She replied harshly, "Don't test me!" Realizing he might misunderstand, she clarified, "I would like that TOO much."

"And that's a bad thing?!"

"Yes." She said that in a way that ended the discussion. Her thinking was that once he started doing that, she'd get so horny that he'd be fucking her before long. But she didn't want to tell him that for fear he'd put that information to use.

Suzanne lying on her poolside lounge, naked except for sunglasses.

So he spent most of the time raking leaves out of her pool, while she appeared to read her book, though she spent a good bit of time ogling what she called to herself: "Sweetie's cutie patootie." She pulled her lounge chair right up to the edge of the pool to get the best view that she could.

Alan's shorts and shirt were left in the sun to dry, leaving him as naked as Suzanne.

Half an hour later, she asked him to cover her with more suntan lotion. (She'd carefully covered herself with lotion earlier in the day, when she was with Susan. She needed to, given the fairness of her skin.)

That request quickly led to Alan's erection wandering all over her body. He even had the cheek to write "I love you" on her back, using his prick as the pen. He tried to leave a trail of pre-cum to serve as the ink, but that didn't work so well since there just wasn't enough of it to get a steady flow.

However, she figured out by feel what he must be writing, so she said, "I love you too!"

They both laughed at that.

Then she told him assertively, but not harshly, "Cute, but cut out the funny business. And don't make me laugh so hard. Your mom might hear us and get nosy."

She thought, And I thought the day couldn't get any better. He really loves me! I knew he does, but I love it so much every time he says it. This is just like we're boyfriend and girlfriend. I feel so young, so carefree; it's like I'm a teenager again! Seducing him was the smartest thing I've ever done.

She turned over and grabbed his erection. "I'm looking for a pen to write a response," she said. "But my problem with pens is that I have to suck on them while I'm trying to think of what to write."

That led to another long cocksucking session, during which she occasionally fingered herself. But she seemed unwilling to go any further, not even letting him go down on her.

Alan was consoled that she allowed him to rub his hands over her oily, coconut-scented body while she pleasured him. She hadn't let him do that as much as he wanted before.

However, Suzanne's "rules" said that her pussy was off limits, so he kept his fingers from that area. That was unfortunate for him, because had he only fingerfucked her for a minute or so, he would have found her pulling his boner into her hot pussy a short time later. But that's why that area was off limits to him in the first place, because she couldn't trust her self-control if he touched her there.

Eventually, and at least technically, she returned to reading her book and he returned to cleaning the pool. But they joked and teased and tickled and kissed each other so much that neither made much progress.

Then there was the problem of her fair skin. She kept needing him to apply suntan lotion to her, all over. That usually progressed to at least a handjob before he finished and returned to his pool work.

At one point, she thought, This is a preview of the future! Soon this will be our lives every day, just hanging out and having sexy fun, except with fucking and cunnilingus too. And Susan and Angel will be tanning in the nude here with me. Tiger will be our "boy toy," keeping our pussies eternally engorged and sore due to getting fucked so much!

Just when his clothes got reasonably dry and he was going to put them back on, she "accidentally" dropped them into the pool, but by then he didn't mind. At first, he found being nude in a somewhat-unfamiliar outdoor environment to be humiliating, but as the day went on he began to quite enjoy it. Knowing that her eyes were on him kept him nearly constantly hard, which was only fair, since she was as naked as he was.

Soon he noticed that she had more or less given up on the book, instead spending most of her time watching him while her hands played with her pussy. Apparently her hands got tired or she wanted more stimulation, because after a while she went into the house and came back with a small vibrator. He watched in fascination as she stuffed it into her cunt. It was quite small and disappeared completely inside her.

He never would have suspected its presence if he hadn't watched its insertion, though the way she continued to squirm around in her lounge chair and play with her nipples certainly implied that something was turning her on.

It was truly remarkable that any pool cleaning occurred at all, but, ever so slowly, he managed to make at least some progress on the job.

During another break in their sexual play, while he was actually working on the pool, she asked him from her lounge chair, "By the way, I've been meaning to ask: what exactly happened between you and your mom yesterday, with the abnormality check? I tried to get her to talk about it this morning, but she wouldn't say a word, so I figured it must have been pretty special."

In fact, Susan had described it in great detail during their morning exercises, but for once Susan hadn't gotten all horny recounting it because she'd been trying hard to be "good" while Ron was still in town. But Suzanne wanted to hear Alan's version, since she was certain that Susan had not told all.

"Oh, it was." Alan proceeded to tell about his repeated difficulties in getting aroused, and his mother's increasing and near-desperate urge to help that led to the great blowjobs that she finally gave him.

They both naturally became increasingly turned on as he talked. Before he got very far into the story, he found himself sitting next to her while her hand stroked his hard-on.

When he started a detailed description of his mother's first Tuesday blowjob, Suzanne responded, "You mean like this?" and started sucking his cock yet again.

He didn't get to hear her reaction to what Susan had done, as she was too busy sucking by that point. His story trailed off as he became fully focused on what she was doing, even though it had only been half an hour since her previous blowjob.

In an ideal world, Suzanne would have been happy to have his cock in her mouth nearly all day long, every day, assuming that it couldn't be in her cunt. On this day she was getting pretty close to that ideal.

Between her infectious enthusiasm and her near-constant cocksucking, Alan was having a tremendous day as well. The only real limit to their sex play was how quickly he could get hard again. That was the only time when any pool cleaning got done, while he was recuperating.

As Alan again neared climax, Suzanne's cell phone, which was lying on a nearby table, began ringing. It switched over to take a voice message after a few rings, but then it rang all over again. And again. "Damn, I should have left that thing inside," she said, before returning to slurping on his prick.


When the phone rang again, she decided that she just couldn't ignore it any longer. She crawled a few feet across the patio to get it. "Sorry, Sweetie. Hold on a sec. It might be an emergency." She sat down on the pool deck and picked up the phone.

He walked over after her, coming up from behind, and began fondling her tits even as he rubbed his boner along her back. He licked at her shoulder blades, loving her sweaty, salty taste.

G: Suzanne sitting up from her lounge chair, talkin on her cell phone, while Alan cuddles her from behind and fondles one of her tits

It rang again and she finally managed to answer: "Hello?"

"Suzanne, you traitor, you..." It was a very angry Susan.

"What's wrong?!"

"You know damn well what's wrong, you, you, you... you backstabber... you deceiver! You're mocking me AND my rules! Alan's 'cleaning job' was just a thin excuse for you to suck his cock all day long!"

Both Suzanne and Alan looked around. (Alan could hear Susan's voice quite well since she was shouting into the phone.) They half expected to see her somewhere, perhaps leaning over the fence, but they couldn't see any sign of her.

Suzanne was too stunned to answer. She knew that Susan very, very rarely got angry, but when she did it was truly frightening.

"Answer me!" Susan finally yelled. "Or are you still too busy sucking his cock to speak?"

Suzanne turned around and pushed Alan away. She was actually relieved by that last question, because it meant Susan wasn't currently looking at them from somewhere across the fence.

"I think maybe we need to talk about this," Suzanne eventually said in a quiet voice, in an attempt to get Susan to calm down.

"Damn right we should! You two get your sorry asses over to my house right now! You... you... fucking cocksucker!" The phone clicked dead.

"I think we're busted," said a worried Suzanne. "I've never heard her so mad!" She was particularly shocked to hear Susan use the word "fucking" in anger, since Susan hardly ever cursed at all, and never used that word when she did.

She began putting her tiny bikini back on. "Pick up your wet clothes. We have to go and face her wrath." At the last minute, as she was walking away, she remembered to take the small vibrator out of her cunt. She walked with her arms crossed over her immense breasts.

Alan didn't know what to say. He felt terrible for having being caught disobeying his mother, so hung his head low.

They walked through the gate that formed the only break in the tall wooden fence between their houses. There were a large number of trees and bushes on both sides of the fence. Because her pool wasn't visible from the gate, Suzanne had thought that there was no way they could be seen. She knew that they hadn't made too much noise, so she wondered how they'd been discovered.

A livid Susan met them on the other side of the gate. She stood in a robe that would have covered her up well enough if she had arranged it carefully. But as she began yelling and pointing her finger at Suzanne, the robe opened wide up top, so that it was held closed only by the sash at her waist.

"Suzanne, I'm so hurt! I'm beyond words! I ask you to keep it cool for two days until Ron has gone. TWO whole days! Is that so much to ask?! But noooOOOOooooOOOOoooo!"

Susan in a robe, tied at the waist with a sash but falling open around her tits, with arm out in anger yelling at Suzanne

Alan found it exceedingly difficult not to get horny from staring at his mother's massive mammaries as they bounced around. For some reason, her rare display of anger was turning him on even more. He wondered about that, concluding that perhaps it was because she was displaying an unusual amount of passion.

Jesus H. Christ! he thought. My mother was built for lots of fucking. That's all there is to it. How could making love to that body possibly be wrong?

Her anger turned to shock when she saw Alan. He was naked except for the wet shirt and shorts in his hands, which he held out in front of his crotch to provide some coverage.

"Look at you two!" she yelled. "With the clothing you're wearing, I just might be able to cover a postage stamp!"

It was true that Suzanne's bikini bottoms were about as small as they come, and she didn't even have her bikini top with her. But Susan's diatribe about covering up would have seemed more convincing if her own huge, exposed tits hadn't been bouncing around so much, gyrating with every word. At some deep level she undoubtedly was aware of what she was showing, and at that level she wasn't going to lose a chance to compete with Suzanne for Alan's attention. But at a conscious level she was truly unaware of how much she was flaunting, because she'd lately become so accustomed to being naked.

Then she turned her wrath on her son. "Alan Evan Plummer!"

He gulped. He knew it was always bad news when she used his full name.

"What on Earth do you think you're doing, traipsing and gallivanting around outside completely naked? What if someone were to see you? God, your father might be home any time. Or Eric or Brad or the girls might see you. Go to your room. I'll deal with you later!"

Alan knew when to get lost, so he took off like a rabbit. As he ran into the house, he heard Susan yell at Suzanne, "Just what the hell did you do to him all alone over there? Now you can see why I turned down your offer to be alone with him outside our house!"

As soon as he was gone, Suzanne held her hands up in a surrender gesture. "Susan, please! You're right to be angry! I screwed up!"

"Damn right you did! I'm so mad, I'm about to burst!"

"Wait! Before you explode, let me just say one thing: I plead temporary insanity!" That curious statement bought her a little more time, letting her explain: "I didn't mean to be so bad, I really didn't! But Sweetie showered me with all kinds of genuine compliments! My resistance and willpower just went out the window!"

Susan said in a suddenly quiet voice, "What did he say?" She could easily relate to losing control after hearing her son lavish compliments on her.

Chills ran down Suzanne's spine. She'd known Susan for twenty years, but had only seen her truly angry like this a handful of times. She knew from those times that when an angry Susan dropped her voice like that, it usually signified a calm before an even more furious storm.

Suzanne dropped to her knees, striking a completely penitent and defeated position. She knew Susan would never get physically violent, but words ultimately could hurt more than punches. Suzanne's only defense was the truth. "He said... he said... he really loves me!"

"What?!" Susan had no doubts that Alan loved Suzanne, but certain formalities of distance had been established because Suzanne wasn't a Plummer and she didn't want to threaten Susan's role as Alan's mother. Suzanne had been reticent about directly telling her own loved ones just how much she loved them. (Ironically, given what a wonderful, beautiful and confident person Suzanne was, she had a great fear of rejection when it came to love, which was perhaps one reason her previous affairs had all been short-lived.) Susan knew that if Alan actually had said those words, and she had no reason to doubt Suzanne about that, it would have been truly unprecedented.

"Well, not in so many words," Suzanne admitted. "But when I complained about some little signs on my body that I'm growing older, he said, and I quote, 'I love everything about you, inside and out. I even love your imperfections, because they're a part of the you that I've known and loved since I was a baby.'"

That gave Susan pause. "Really? He said that?" She was touched, wishing that he'd say something like that to her.

"He did! And that's not all! He said many other really genuine, kind things as well! How could I not turn into a big puddle of goo? He's my Sweetie, and I love him!" For her to openly confess her love for him like that was also unprecedented, even just to Susan.

Most of Susan's anger dissipated like a rapidly deflating balloon. She was still highly annoyed, but her flash of white-hot anger had passed, thanks to all this heartfelt talk of love. With her arms folded under her exposed, massive rack, she stared down at Suzanne with a hostile scowl on her face. But she asked thoughtfully, "He really did say that?"

"He did. I mean, what if he said something like that to you? How could you NOT drop to your knees and suck his big fat cock like your life depended on it? Kissing just isn't enough!"

There was another long pause. Then Susan conceded, "I see what you mean. He does tend to sweep a woman off her feet and down to her knees, doesn't he? He's just so genuine when he says something like that; you know he means it to the bottom of his soul. If he said that kind of stuff to me, I probably wouldn't be able to stop sucking his fat cock until every last one of his millions of spermies was in my tummy." Her pussy tingled as she pondered that happening.

Suzanne noted, "Yeah, I don't think he even realized how important his words were to me. He was just shooting from the hip, saying what he really felt. But that's not all! Later, he wrote 'I love you' on my back! And I told him 'I love you too!' Today was a real breakthrough day for me. For us!"

Susan nodded thoughtfully at first. "But wait a minute. He wrote on you? With what?"

Suzanne was seriously embarrassed, but explained honestly, "Uh, actually, he used his fat erection like a pen. He was trying to write with his pre-cum, but I got the message more from feeling the shapes he was making."

Susan's jaw dropped. Unconsciously, she mouthed the words, "So hot!" I wish he'd do that to me! Tiger, you can write all over me! Use your fat cock to write "I love you" right across my big tits!

But then her tone grew harsher. "I see. And I'm glad of that, at least. However, that doesn't get you completely off the hook! Sure, I could excuse a nice long cocksuck if he wooed you and wowed you like that. But I've been thinking about it, and I'll bet you were planning on sneaking him over there so you could suck his cock anyway!"

Suzanne stood up, but kept her head bent forward penitently. "You've got me there. You're right. But again, can you really blame me? Imagine you got to spend all afternoon with your cutie Tiger, with both of you completely naked. How many minutes would it take before you were on your knees with his magnificent cock halfway down your throat?"

Susan thought about that, but replied testily, "True, but that's not the point! You're changing the topic. The point is, you tricked me by sneaking off to be alone with him! Pool cleaning, my ass. That was just a thin excuse. Why didn't I see it before? Suzanne, I trusted you! I'd trust you with my life! How could you do this to me?"

That made Suzanne feel really terrible, even worse than before when Susan had been absolutely livid. She knew the trust they shared was a very special thing that needed to be protected, and her six-times-a-day scheme was the first time in many years that she'd really violated it.

She confessed, "You're right. I'm so, so sorry! All I can say in my defense is that I thought Sweetie really needed some special assistance. And who was going to help him today, if not me? You took yourself out of the running, and you said I couldn't even give him a handjob. What was supposed to happen when he got erect? Would you rather that he spent the afternoon masturbating in his room, committing the sin of Onan?"

"Well, no," Susan confessed. "But still, don't make yourself out to be a saint. Your motives were selfish! You just wanted to guzzle down a couple of nice thick loads of his yummy sperm!"

"Guilty as charged. But I can be altruistic and selfish at the same time, at least in this case. That's the beauty of his special medical condition: we get joy from helping him out. Everybody wins."

"Yes, but what about Ron?!"

"What about the fact that Alan hadn't cum a SINGLE time today, so far? Do you want him to completely ruin his average, and have blue balls as well? I had to help out!"

"Maybe so. But you went too far; you blatantly lied to me!"

They continued to argue like that for a few minutes. But it wasn't so tense anymore, because Susan's fury had passed. Still, Suzanne knew Susan would remember this incident for a long time to come, and that made her very sad.


They went back into the Plummer house and continued to talk there. (Ron wasn't expected home until much later, so they weren't worried about him walking in on them.) Susan continued to wear her robe very loosely, even though Alan wasn't there.

After a while, they came around to the issue of punishment. Initially, Susan was going to punish both Alan and Suzanne. But Suzanne eventually convinced her that it would have been completely unreasonable for any boy Alan's age to resist Suzanne's ample charms, especially given his need to cum at least six times each and every day. Besides, Susan had such a powerful lust for her son, it was hard for her to stay mad at him. So Suzanne took the fall and ended up being the only one who got a real punishment.

Normally, Susan wouldn't have felt right punishing someone she wasn't actually related to, but Suzanne was so much like family that she went ahead and said to her, "Here's your punishment. First, you're not allowed to pleasure Alan in any way, period!"

"What?! No! That's too cruel!"

"Listen. I'm not done. The caveat is, unless I give my express permission first. And I'm keeping that restriction until further notice. I'm not going to be handing out permission to you willy nilly, either. For starters, don't even THINK about asking me until Ron's gone."

"But how will Sweetie get by?" Suzanne asked plaintively. "What about his relentless daily schedule?"

Susan replied hotly, "You let me worry about that! Thanks to your irresponsibility, I just may be forced to take matters into my own hands more often, so to speak. In fact, probably my hands and mouth." She blushed a little. "Not that I really want to, mind you, but you leave me little choice!"

Suzanne had a hard time keeping a straight face at that, but she knew this was not the time to say something snarky. She found it interesting that Susan appeared to be completely sincere in thinking she was being "forced" to give Alan such help. But she thought, If Susan needs excuses like that to cling to so she doesn't have to feel guilty about her sexual awakening, then the more excuses the better. In fact, I should think up some new ones for her.

Suzanne said, "I'm sorry for making you do that. But I do want to make clear just what you'll need to do. It's true that he seems to be getting some help at school, but that's usually only good for one or two checkmarks on his chart. All the rest will be up to you, because you want to limit his need to sin as much as possible. I'm sure I don't need to remind you of the sin of Onan and what God did to him."

"NO YOU DO NOT!" Susan said crossly, her arms still folded under her exposed tits. Without thinking about it or planning it, she was growing more and more accustomed to casual nudity. The fact that Suzanne remained nearly nude helped quite a lot.

Suzanne responded, "Well then, you'll have to make sure he blows his load down your throat at least once before school. Every morning, without fail! That's essential to spreading the task out throughout the day, so he doesn't get too sore. I don't know how you'll manage that with Ron still here, but you'll have to try. Do you think you can handle that?"

Susan had a hard time not licking her lips. "If that's what I have to do, then it's what I have to do. I'll manage somehow." She made it sound like she was making a big sacrifice, when in fact she was already chomping at the bit.

Suzanne was secretly delighted. "And of course his afternoon and evening orgasms will fall entirely on your shoulders. You won't have a lot of opportunities while Ron's in town, so I recommend you steal away with Sweetie to feast on his throbbing cock-meat every chance you get. And blowjobs are the best, because they're faster and leave less of a mess. They're also going to avoid chafing him."

Susan's anger towards Suzanne continued to fade as she found herself thinking about all the delicious orgasmic possibilities in the near future. She especially liked hearing the reasoning that blowjobs were the best option. Wow! I could wind up sucking his cock four or five times a day, every day, even before Ron leaves! My goodness! My belly would be permanently full of his little spermies. And all that talk about being his big-titted mommy slut and one of his personal cocksuckers wouldn't just be sexy talk - it'll be true! I'll be living to serve his powerful manhood! Oh God! Oh God! YES!

She was so floored by this realization, which struck her almost like a divine revelation, that she was forced to sit down. She wanted to jump for joy. Not only could she fulfill her not-so-secret desires, but now she had at least a semi-plausible excuse for doing so.


She pictured herself outside in an endless grassy field somewhere, naked and kneeling, happily sucking on her son's cock. Mmmm! So delicious! I wish that could be me right now, with my jaw stretched open almost-painfully wide, because my son is that well-hung. And it COULD be me. It WILL be me! So much! Mmmm! So much! I'm such a naughty, naughty mommy, but I don't care!

She trembled with excitement, but tried to portray a semblance of calm as she said, "Well, that's probably just how it's gonna have to be for a while."

But she also thought out loud, "It'll be rather cruel to Ron if I sneak off with Tiger like that. I've been thinking. I know Ron cheated on me, but he really hasn't been THAT terrible a husband. And what if I get caught right before he goes? That would really be a disaster."

Suzanne sat down on the sofa next to her and countered, "But you really have no choice in the matter. I forced this on you. Maybe Alan can get by with five or four times a day for the next two days, but do you want him to completely ruin his daily average?"

"What if he... does it on his own... sometimes?"

Suzanne acted scandalized. "Susan! Do you hear yourself?! That's the sin of Onan!"

Susan looked down, chastened. "I know, I know. But he did it so much before all this started. Would a few more times really be so bad, in the greater scheme of things? At least until Ron's gone?"

Suzanne responded with a withering look. "You're the one who's always telling me about how worried you are about sin. If you're feeling guilty, maybe you should try to limit yourself to handjobs until Ron's gone. But the main thing is, one way or another, you have to coax all that cum out of him."

Susan considered that, then looked up at Suzanne with new resolve. "Thanks. I'll try. And I'm sorry about being a meanie, but I really have to put my foot down. I feel like things are spinning out of my control. I need to be firm, or who knows what'll happen around here."

"I understand. I blew it, and I'm not just talking about your son's dick. I should have been stronger. However, I hope you can at least understand why I lost control. I mean, do you know what it's like, having to go so many days without being able to swallow even one of his creamy loads? Not being able to run your tongue up and down those glorious eight inches? Not being able to lick his balls while your hands steadily pump up and down all over his rock-hard pole? Not even being able to feel his throbbing warmth in your hands as it squirts out his hot, potent seed all over your face and chest? Can't you understand my frustration?"

"Yes!" Susan panted loudly, as another wave of lust overtook her. Had Alan walked into the room just then, she would have had his fly unzipped before he could even say hello.

Suzanne knew that at this point Susan was putty in her hands. She went on to describe again, in intimate detail, all of the sexy reasons why she'd lost control. Then she went on to describe in vivid, accurate detail everything she and Alan had done to each other until the moment that they'd been caught. She even described her blowjobs with a near lick-by-lick accuracy.

Such minor details would have sounded dreadfully boring to most people, but Susan loved to hear it, steadily growing more and more aroused. She had positioned herself so she could surreptitiously rub her pussy a little bit, without Suzanne knowing it (or so she thought). She was eager to learn more of Suzanne's many cocksucking techniques and how she employed them, since she was intent on improving her own skills.

To help herself better describe the different ways that Alan had played with her breasts, Suzanne began to caress herself in the same way.

Susan still wore nothing but a robe (which she'd put on in the first place because of an unconscious desire to expose herself to her son). She found herself shifting and wriggling about as Suzanne's story got hotter and more explicit. She constantly had to re-close her robe. She wasn't trying to cover her breasts - she'd long given up on that - she was just trying to keep her wet pussy hidden from Suzanne's view.

By the time Suzanne began running her fingers up and down her own legs to illustrate just how and where Alan had run his erection over her, Susan gave up even attempting to keep that part of her robe closed. It seemed a bit silly after all, since Suzanne was wearing only her bikini bottoms.

Finally, Suzanne ran out of excuses to keep up her vivid description of sex acts. She ended with, "So that's the story," and looked at a clock on the wall. "My, how the time flies. We've been talking over an hour. I suppose by now Sweetie has taken his afternoon nap. You should go up there right away and give him a firm lecture, or whatever."

"A lecture? You really think so?" She pulled at the sash of her robe again, trying to hide the rivulets of cum currently running down her thighs. Her chest was heaving wildly. She felt that she wasn't in any condition to give Alan a lecture.

"Definitely. Don't even waste time changing and cleaning up, because Ron could be here soon." Actually, she knew that wasn't true; she just wanted Susan to visit Alan's room in nothing but her robe.

She suggested, "I'll tell you what. I'll find my bikini top and put it back on. Then I'll stay downstairs and keep an eye out for anyone coming home. That way you're covered in case you happen to end up stroking or sucking Sweetie's fat sausage as well. I know you're mad at him, but he's way below target today."

She added in her mind, And I'll freshen up down here. This place smells like wet pussy, thanks to both of us! What would Ron think of that?

Susan nodded, replying piously, "Well then, thank you very much. But don't worry, that's not going to happen; I'm going to be too busy reminding my son about the virtues of forthrightness and honesty." But she licked her lips in anticipation just the same.

Suzanne prodded, "That sounds good. But remember, if you're punishing me so severely, then the load is entirely on you. If he's gonna make his daily target today, it's pretty vital that you suck all the sperm out of his big balls at least once before dinner, and again later tonight. You might even have to do it while Brenda is visiting!"

Susan nodded while trying hard not to smile. "I suppose that's possible. If it happens, Brenda will just have to try to understand."


Susan had to force herself to walk slowly, rather than run up the stairs, because she didn't want to look too eager.

Once Susan was gone, Suzanne thought, Like candy from a baby, again! This punishment could work out so well that I'm a bit disappointed I didn't think of it myself. Just so long as it doesn't last too long. Once she's completely hooked on sucking his cock every day, I'll be able to move on to the next phase in my scheme. Pretty soon I'll have him fucking both of us. I can hardly wait!


Alan had tried to take a nap, but he was too agitated from his mother's unusual outburst to fall asleep quickly. Seeing that a nap wasn't going to happen, he went to his computer and surfed the web and answered e-mails, because his mind was too scattered to do any homework. He put on his favorite Nick Drake album, "Pink Moon," but even some mellow acoustic guitar music couldn't soothe his troubled mind.

By the time Susan entered his room, Suzanne had manipulated her into such a lustful state that her anger was completely gone. She still wore nothing but the robe, though at least she'd stopped by the bathroom to clean up her sopping wet pussy as best she could. It's telling that she took the time to do that but didn't bother to change clothes.

She actually did give him her lecture about values and virtues. She tried to sound stern and authoritative, but she was only partially successful at best. Her chief problem was that she was still so horny that she had trouble staying focused. Among her other difficulties, her nipples were so hard that they poked out noticeably even through the loose-fitting robe.

As she lectured, Alan had a hard time concentrating. Instead, he thought about her nipples and wondered what was making her so aroused. He also noticed her robe continually opening up more and more, and idly wondered when her breasts would bounce completely free. It was a testament to his attempt to be a good son that he managed to follow her speech at all.

At one point, she explained the punishment she was giving Suzanne, and that prompted him to ask if he was getting punished too.

"Normally yes, you would be too. But this is your time of trouble, what with having to keep your daily target and everything. Besides, Suzanne was the one who tricked me, and you were just being used by her. Also, how could I expect a young, virile man like you to resist a gorgeous, busty beauty like her? But I'm still a bit disappointed in you!" She wagged a finger at him disapprovingly.

He didn't know it, but behind Susan's conscious thought was her feeling that a son with such a big, tasty cock should never be punished, only rewarded, preferably by lots of blowjobs. His recent acting job in pretending to be tortured by sexual frustration also helped in getting him off the hook.

She kept her lecture mercifully brief, lightening her tone as she finished. "Look, I'm sorry. I'm not all rules and boundaries, you know. I'm trying to loosen up and get sexy, just like you asked. Since Suzanne is in the doghouse now, it looks like more of the burden of keeping you stimulated will fall on me. I was just shopping for a new bikini before I caught you two. Why don't we go to the pool and I'll show it off for you?"

Susan was so upset that Suzanne had co-opted all of Alan's attention earlier that afternoon that she'd rushed to the store as soon as both of them left and bought the skimpiest bikini she could find. When she got back she was eager to show it off, and that's how and why she'd realized what Alan and Suzanne were doing, because she went looking for him and she'd heard the sounds of their sexual fun over the wall.

She was still eager to show it off. This latest bikini was thong-styled, just like Suzanne's. It had barely enough fabric to cover her nipples and her bush, and nothing more. In the back it was simply a string that disappeared up her butt crack.

It wasn't a hard sell to get Alan interested in seeing his voluptuous mother in a teeny new bikini. In fact, his desire for a nap disappeared altogether.

She went to her bedroom to change, while he also changed into his usual swimsuit. They met by the pool a few minutes later. Suzanne was nowhere to be seen; she'd made herself scarce because she knew that Susan wanted this time alone with her son. Katherine was still at the beach with Amy.

Susan stood proudly before her son, modeling the new white bikini and a matching white pair of high heels. "What do you think, Tiger? I promised I'd wear a sexier bathing suit. Does this fit the bill?"

He loved the excited, joyful smile on her face at least as much as her exposed, shapely body. "Oh, Mom! Wow! You know it does! You're just as amazing on the inside as on the outside. I love you so much, and that you're always trying to help me out so much, even with all the danger."

Susan was giddy with the compliments. But that mood was broken by his reminder of that Ron could come home and find them there. "Danger? Don't even talk about getting caught, please. Thank goodness your father is out, because I'd hate to see what he'd think if he saw me like this. Even though it IS just a bikini. It's not like I'm showing off anything I shouldn't. But it's just such a daring bikini; he wouldn't know what to think."

She glance at his crotch. Oh boy! Just look at that big fat bulge! Mmmm! So many inches of yummy cock-meat for Mommy!

The two of them sat down on lounge chairs next to each other and engaged in idle chat. There was a buzz of anticipation in the air, but they were playing it cool for the moment, just enjoying being together.

As the minutes passed, Susan started to loosen up. She'd been worried that Suzanne might come out to join them and again steal her thunder, but that worry faded. She commented, "You know, it actually feels kind of funny to wear this, since I don't wear any underwear anymore. I'm getting so used to having my breasts bounce free - and exposed to your eyes much of the time - that I don't know what to think when they're all bound up like this."

"Thank you, Mom, so much, for dressing up just for me. Or undressing, I should say."

They both laughed. "It's the least I can do," she said. "I'm sorry I broke my first promise, from two weeks ago. You know, when I promised to suck you off every single day. It's been difficult for me adjusting to... well, to everything. But really, that wasn't just a promise. Suzanne has helped me see that it's actually my responsibility to make sure your member is well drained on a regular basis."

He could hardly believe his ears. He just nodded his head dumbly.

She fingered the edges of her bikini in a seductive way. "I'm going to try harder to fulfill that vow. We can't forget Nurse Akami's instructions that it's not just a matter of how many times you cum, but we have to keep your, um, member stiff and stimulated for as long as possible!"

That idea was so exciting for her than she had to calm her breathing before she could continue. "Of course, I'll do my best in the visual stimulation department. Like this bikini. This is the kind of bikini that good mommies wear, don't you think? The kind of big-titted mommies who make sure to use their lips and tongue to always keep their son's balls drained dry!"

Seeing that she was on a roll and didn't need much encouragement, he just nodded. His rod felt as rigid as a steel bar. Man! Mom loves blowjobs so much! I wonder what'll happen when she discovers titfucks too?!

Susan in her glasses, sitting kneeling in high heels, with a skimpy bikini top slid up her boobs to expose her nipples and thong bikini bottoms, with her hands behind her neck and her long dark brown hair falling down her back

She continued, "But the problem with a bikini like this is that it covers so little you never know what will happen. Like if I try to redo the tie at the back of my neck..." She raised her arms and began retying the bikini top. As she did so, the top slid up her boobs until her nipples were completely exposed.

"You see what I mean?" she squealed. "This bikini is so small I can hardly keep it on at all!"

"Yeah, I definitely see what you mean," he said, very aroused. It wasn't just the bikini that got him going - every last inch of her was hot. She wasn't wearing a hairband, so her long, dark brown hair fell more freely than usual. That, plus the fact that she wore high heels, made her seem nothing like the suburban soccer mom he'd known and loved for so many years. Only her owlish prescription glasses reminded him of her "old mom" ways.

She continued to play with her bikini top for several minutes, driving him slowly insane with lust. She showed him all the different ways her nipples could be exposed: by popping a nipple out the top, or the bottom, or one side or the other, or both nipples at once in different variations. Throughout most of this she found her fingers straying to her nipples and brushing up against them, even pinching them. The bikini top had one knot at the back of the neck and another in the middle of the back, and she found different excuses to untie one or the other or both.

Her nipples were not especially large or pronounced, but they grew more erect than he'd ever recalled seeing them before.

His only frustration was that he didn't want to say or do the wrong thing. He figured the danger of that was increased due to her recent angry outburst. So he was forced to let her take the lead, keeping his boner tucked away. It was like sexual torture, but a wonderfully arousing torture.

By and by, she said, "I'll bet you have the same kind of trouble with your bathing suit. For a well-hung, cum-filled boy like you, I'd be surprised if you could keep your big rod cooped up in there at all."

He knew when to take a hint. "Now that you mention it, I'm having a problem too." He immediately readjusted his crotch, making sure to cause his erection to snake down his leg until it poked out. But it wasn't that tiny a suit, and only a couple of inches were exposed. So, correctly judging his mother's mood, he simply slid his shorts down past his knees.

She smiled and licked her lips hungrily as she stared at the erection that now jutted out like a flagpole. "I think you have the right idea there, Son. A big cock like that just can't be tamed or restrained in any way! As you can see, this bikini top is just as much trouble. Don't you think it's better if I take it off altogether, instead of having to always battle it? It simply doesn't fit over my chest very well."

"Oh yeah!" he agreed. He was already holding his erection and rubbing it, but just a little, which he hoped she wouldn't notice. She was really sensitive about the "sin of Onan" issue.

She tossed her top away, then struck another sexy pose for him.

DANG! Mom is a walking orgasm! I can't take any more teasing. I have to step up and say something, or I'm gonna have a heart attack! "Mom, this is just too much for a stimulation-starved guy like me. Could you help me 'do my thing' right now?"

"Sorry. Mommy would love to, but she can't do that. Imagine if Ron comes home and finds Mommy with her hands around her little boy's not-so-little member! Or, even worse, what if he sees Mommy bouncing her head up and down on her son's lap, sucking his cock like there's no tomorrow? Sucking his big, thick Popsicle, except it's such a hot Popsicle too. Throbbing hot! No, that won't do." She clearly was getting more than a little excited herself.

"Mind if I do it myself then?" he asked excitedly. Even as he asked, he was already stroking himself in an increasingly blatant manner. He was so turned on that he already had to firmly clench his PC muscle to stave off an impending orgasm.

"Does your mommy really arouse you that much?"

He laughed. "YES!"

Susan squatting low in her high heels, naked except for a skimpy thong, with her hands on the pool deck between her knees to help stabilize her while her big tits swing free

She turned and sat up on her heels, giving him a great view of her backside. "Here. Take a look at my ass. Isn't it just scandalous how little cloth they put back here? I should go back to the store and complain: 'Hey, I wanted a bikini, not a fucking G-string!'"

He was shocked; she never, ever used the word 'fuck'.

She added, "Pardon my dirty language, by the way, but I'm just so angry! What, did they run out of fabric or something? It's like I'm totally nude. I might as well be, except for these high heels."

She looked over her shoulder at him and winked. "Can you imagine that? Your mommy totally naked except for high heels? That would leave me completely helpless to resist your spermy spear!"

He could imagine it well, since that was pretty much exactly what she looked like already. He groaned as he stroked, somehow even more blown away by her high heels and bikini bottoms than if she'd been completely nude. They were proof that she dressed outrageously just to please him. He was amazed that he hadn't already shot his cum all over the pool deck.

She slowly ran her hand over her buttocks. "And this tiny string. It gets lost up my ass crack." She probed her butt crack with one hand. "What do you think Ron would say if he came home right now and saw us like this?"

She looked off in the distance and continued as if she were speaking directly to Ron. "What would you think, Hubby, if you saw your wife wearing nothing but a G-string and high heels, and your son a few feet away with his swimsuit around his ankles, jacking off to his mommy's naked body? Well I have news for you, Ron. Your son is twice the man you'll ever be! And his prick is so THICK and HOT and TASTY! You have no idea how to satisfy a woman!"

She turned back to Alan and looked with genuine dismay at his hand stroking his erection. "Tiger! I told you, you can't do that!"

He moaned, "Mom! Geez, you're just too sexy!" He looked down at where his hand was still sliding up and down his thickness. "I can't stop myself!"

She smiled wickedly. "Try, Son. You know that's a sin. So VERY improper!"

He tried merely hold it instead of stroking it, but he knew that his was a losing battle. He wouldn't be able to hold back for long.

She slowly scooted forward. "I hope I don't have to help you out. Are you going to make me do all kinds of wanton, naughty things to your fat cock with my lips and tongue? Why, if I did that, you just might blow your nuts all over your sinful mother's naughty face! Imagine that. Imagine if Ron came home and I greeted him just drenched in your creamy jism? He might think something's not quite right. No, it's better if I just show you the rest of my bikini. It's good if I only help with the visual stimulation. I haven't even shown you the backside yet. Well, not much." She giggled.

He interrupted again. "Mom! You're getting me soooo turned on. Please! I think I'm gonna lose it soon. What should I do when it happens?"

She surveyed the situation and considered the time. God, I'd love to suck his cock, but I shouldn't. Suzanne was supposed to keep watch, but she seems to have gone. And what if my husband really DOES come back and find us like this? This is crazy! I really should have stayed with him in his room. I'd be gulping down his sweet, salty seed right about now. But Ron's due home any minute!

She said, "Tiger, I hate to say this, but we have to stop. Ron might come home anytime. Please go back to your room and finish up there, okay?"

"Fuckin' A!" Alan cursed under his breath. As if I can just start and stop like that, turning my urges on and off like a light switch! You're driving me mad, Mom! ... Fuck! Unbelievable!

But after taking a deep breath or two, he continued with a conciliatory tone. "But that's okay. I understand." He looked at her with dejected puppy-dog eyes.

"Awww..." She wavered, turning fully towards him. "I suppose we could. Maybe just a couple of licks... Just for a minute, to taste a little bit..." She scooted closer.

He prayed with all his might that she'd help, even though he wasn't religious.

But she hesitated, looking extremely nervous. Just then a big truck drove past, which they could hear from their backyard. That reminded her of her husband arriving home, causing her to pull back. "I'm sorry. We can't. Not now."

"DANG!" He sighed heavily. Stupid truck! "Oh maaaaan. ... Well, anyways, thanks so much for helping out. You and Aunt Suzy helping today - this is what I've been missing. Later."

It took incredible willpower and all of his PC muscle training to pull back from the brink, to where he thought it likely that he wouldn't cum at any second. But he did it.

Now that she was distancing herself from helping him, her religious concerns reasserted themselves so she added, "Oh, and remember the sin of Onan."

He thought, You've GOT to be kidding! Is this my punishment for earlier?! He got up and literally ran back into the house, clutching his still-raging erection to his stomach the entire way.

As soon as he was out of sight, Susan headed back to her own room. As she hurried naked through the house, holding her bikini top loosely against her chest, she thought, There you go again, Susan. You turn into a complete exhibitionist at the first sight of your son's cock. But it's so much fun! The problem is, I just can't trust myself not to go all the way. Not to just up and let my son fuck me! Oh God! Now, THAT'S incest, and there's no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I'd go to Hell for sure, and I'd be taking my son with me!

She stopped by the laundry room and looked for something of Alan's. It seemed there was always cum-stained laundry to do these days. She found a hand towel he had used to masturbate into, inhaled deeply to get his aroma from it, then ran with it the rest of the way to her room.

Soon she was on her bed, with one hand in her crotch while the other held his cummy towel up to her nose. She inhaled his scent deeply. This is so wrong. So unsanitary, for one thing. What would my mother think right now, seeing me with this towel? But I can't stop. Good Lord I can't stop! Mmmm! So good!

Now that she was in her room, she started masturbating frantically. She didn't have an issue with female masturbation, since there was no "seed" that was "spilled upon the ground." Suzanne had convinced her that, since the sperm and the egg were the life-creating elements, and since no eggs were lost from her masturbation, there was no harm done in her wasting just a little pussy juice.

Suzanne in fact had been lurking in the den downstairs the whole time. She wanted to stay out of the way, but when she saw Alan and Susan sit down by the pool she couldn't resist spying on them. She ended up getting as hot and bothered as either of them, so she frigged herself to orgasm from her secret viewing spot.

She didn't understand what had caused Susan to run off before getting more intimate with her son's erection. She thought about going home, but then she came up with a new, devilishly-fun idea.

Alan ignored Susan's admonition against masturbation; he considered it wildly unreasonable, given the way that she'd aroused him and left him high and dry. As soon as he got to his room, he started masturbating. He'd had to stop by the bathroom across the hall to piss, and that cooled him down slightly. In fact, it had taken a couple of minutes before his erection had softened enough to let him pee. But with that out of the way, he knew it wouldn't take more than a minute or two before he would be spurting his load.


Unfortunately, Alan didn't get even that much time, because Suzanne burst into his room mere seconds later. She was still wearing her bikini. She took a look at his hand on his boner and exclaimed, "What do you think you're doing?! Stop that this instant!"

He was so worked up that he felt he couldn't stop. He complained, "But Aunt Suzy! Be reasonable!"

Suzanne shouted, "Susan, quick! Come in here quick! It's Alan!"

Susan was already masturbating naked in her bedroom, but she considered the health and happiness of her children her top priority. Thinking that Alan could be hurt, she jumped up and ran down the hall like her life depended on it. Panting and clutching her boobs from bouncing too much, she cried out, "What? What?"

Standing in Alan's doorway, Suzanne pointed accusingly at where Alan sat on his bed. "Look!"

Susan pushed past and looked inside. Alan had stopped stroking himself due to Suzanne's befuddling panic, but he still had his boner in his hand.

Suzanne accused Susan, "He's committing the sin of Onan, and it's all your fault!"

Susan was torn between rushing to Alan and turning back to Suzanne. For the moment, she just stood halfway in between. "MY fault?!"

"That's right. You worked him up beyond all reason, then you wouldn't even give him so much as a handjob. It's like handing a known murderer a loaded gun and telling him to shoot. You're more guilty than he is!"

Susan didn't know what to say, because she suspected that Suzanne was right.

Alan felt bad for his loving mother. He let go of his penis and said, "Mom, don't worry. The mood is broken now anyway. I promise I won't abuse myself."

"I should think not!" Susan said hotly, while still standing there buck naked. But then she softened. "Even so, Suzanne's right. This IS my fault. I'm so sorry!"

Suzanne then lectured Susan about what a cocktease is and why it was so wrong to be one for Alan "in his time of need." She got Susan to apologize some more and promise to never do it again.

Suzanne concluded, "You've apologized now to Alan. Next you need to apologize to his cock. With your MOUTH!"

Susan felt a powerful jolt of arousal. She looked to Suzanne in dismay, even as she started to salivate in anticipation. "But, but... I'm supposed to be mad at him! And my vow, with Ron still here." She gasped. "He could come home any minute!" She stared back at her son's powerful erection and felt her pussy getting wet. Then she started limbering up her jaw with some stretching motions.

Suzanne spoke in a no-nonsense tone. "I know. But if you break a pot, you've gotta clean up the broken pieces. As for Ron, I suggest you hurry, so he doesn't catch you with Alan's cock halfway down your throat. I'm really good at hearing the sound of your garage door opening. I'll cover for you. If you don't suck him then I'll have to, no matter what your punishment for me is, because it's downright cruel to leave him like this!"

Susan sighed in defeat. "Very well. I suppose I deserve it." Since she was already buck naked, she walked to Alan, quickly knelt down, and engulfed his shaft.

Alan's penis had started to go flaccid due this alarming "crisis," but he was still extremely aroused from all of Susan's earlier teasing. Naturally, his dick stiffened fully as soon as she put it in her mouth and started bobbing.

Susan moaned and "mmmm"-ed with pleasure as she felt her lips seal tightly around his iron-hard pole. Aaaah! This is my punishment. I deserve it for being a naughty cocktease. It's a weird punishment though, because I love it so much!

Suzanne grinned impishly. "Good. That's better." She removed her bikini and closed the door behind her. Then she added to Alan, "By the way, feel free to play with her naked body. Since she was teasing you especially with her big tits, it's only fitting."

Alan reached down and ran his hands over as much of his mother as he could reach. He explored her front and back sides, but naturally he caressed her great globes most of all.

Suzanne stood just a few feet from where Alan sat on the edge of his bed. "Okay, now that we're all comfy, Sweetie, I'll bet you're wondering why I burst into your room in the first place."

He was still reeling from the turn of events. Already, he was worried about cumming, because Susan was sucking him with such gusto. He put a hand on her head, trying to get her to slow down. "Now that you mention it, yeah!"

Suzanne replied, "Because we have to discuss the Brenda situation before Ron gets home. We might not get a chance later. Since he could be arriving soon, we don't have time to waste!"

That much was true, but there were some key bits she didn't mention. One was that she'd been watching the way Susan had been teasing him with her posing, so when she saw him rush back to his room she'd known he'd start masturbating right away. She'd been careful to interrupt him before he came so she could bring Susan in for her "punishment." She was having fun with that, as well as furthering her overall goal of breaking Susan's sexual resistance.

She also wasn't that worried about Ron coming home prematurely. She'd actually called his office and spoken to his secretary while Susan was posing for Alan in the backyard, learning his schedule for the rest of the day. Thus she knew there was no real danger of interruption, but she'd wanted Susan to think that there was, to impart a sense of urgency, thus channeling Susan's nervous energy into her cocksucking. Clearly that was working in spades.

Suzanne added, "So let's talk. I'm confident you're ready to face Brenda, but there are some finer strategic points we need to address."

Alan flopped his hands up and down helplessly. "You expect me to talk?! When Mom is doing THIS to me?! And with you standing there completely naked too?!"

Susan was bobbing and sucking with great passion, but she paused and turned her head. She saw with dismay that Suzanne indeed had removed both parts of her bikini. Then she simply turned her head back to her task and resumed her bobbing rhythm. Darn it! I really should say something. That's so improper. But... MMMM! I just love Tiger's cock so much! I've got a really tight vacuum lock going on. I can't stop to talk now!

Suzanne said, "Good point. Susan, you'll have to ease up on him considerably or he won't be able to talk before long. I think it's best if you just stroke and lick him for a while. Then you can join in the discussion too."

Susan Suzanne

Susan wasn't happy about that, but since she supposedly didn't approve of the blowjob she felt like she had no choice but to agree. She pulled her lips off Alan's cockhead with a loud pop, and asked Suzanne, "What are you doing standing there?!"

Suzanne deliberately misunderstood. "Oh, good thinking. I should pull up a chair."

Susan sighed in frustration. "What about giving me some privacy? And you can't just masturbate like that; it's terribly improper!" She kept her same kneeling position, but began to lick and fondle Alan's balls.

Suzanne shrugged as she brought a chair up close and sat on it. "Yeah, well, what can you do? It's too arousing a sight to resist."

Although Alan had permission to play with Susan's body, he decided he needed to stop doing that for a while, just because he was on arousal overload. He even had to close his eyes awhile.

However, Suzanne didn't give him a chance to recover fully before she continued. "Okay. Sweetie, I don't think we need any more training. I'm confident you'll ace your encounter with her. Aren't you?"

"Um, yeah." He was still reeling from his mother's oral assault.

"Still, we need to figure out tactics. Here's what I suggest. Susan, Katherine, Brenda and I will start playing cards. Since you haven't talked to her much before, I suggest you simply stop by and act curious about her. 'How are you?' 'What do you do for a living?' That kind of thing. Act as if you know absolutely nothing about her except the little bit you learned when you met her last week."

He nodded.

Suzanne said, "Say 'yes,' so Susan can hear you. It's cute how she licks and sucks so intensely with her eyes closed, but that means she can't see when you nod."

"Right. Um, yes." He stroked Susan's hair in appreciation of her presence and efforts.

That caused her to purr with happiness. She planted a long kiss right on his sweet spot, as if trying to plant a hickey on it. Mmmm! Such a GOOD son!

Suzanne went on, "Good. Anyway, act interested, but not too interested. Let everyone else do most of the talking, especially her. We'll ask most of the questions. DON'T look at her body, and especially make a point of not gazing at her breasts. Look only at her face! Look her directly in the eyes! That's VERY important. Can you do that?"

"I may have the occasional slip-up but, in general, yeah."

"Try harder than that. So what if they're so big? Play with your mother's some more if you want big tits."

"Good idea." He wasn't on the brink anymore, so he bent down again and caressed his way to Susan's nipples.

"Anyway, once you've learned the basics about her - which you actually know already - I'll get us to have some kind of prolonged break and manage things so you can have some one-on-one time with her. Susan, are you listening?"

"MMMM!" Realizing that she was just licking and not sucking, so that her mouth could still talk, she clarified, "I mean 'Yes.'"

"You or I need to clue Angel in on our plans. But even if we don't, between you and me, we can drag her to the kitchen or something like that." Suzanne looked from the back of Susan's head in Alan's crotch up to Alan's face. "Alan, your solo time with her is key. That's when you should do the stuff we discussed previously, like use your secret knowledge about her submissive nature to seemingly read her hidden deep desires like an open book. Don't push too hard. Remember that this is just phase one of a much longer process."

"Right," he said, while idly rolling one of Susan's nipples between his fingers.

"After that, I figure everything else is gravy. Assuming your solo talk goes well, she'll think that ALL of the great things she's heard about you must be true. It'll become a self-fulfilling prophesy as she gives you every benefit of the doubt. From that point on, whatever you do or say, she'll interpret it in a positive light. So the rest should be a walk in the park. Just roll with the punches, like you do so well already, and continue your 'confident and cocky' role-play while maintaining your aloof 'playing hard to get' stance. I know it sounds strange, but believe me, it will work. Remember, you are not in awe of HER; she should be in awe of YOU!"

He nodded. Then, remembering to speak for Susan's sake, he said "Right" again. He thought, I sure wish I could explain what happened with Heather yesterday. I know Aunt Suzy is spot on, because everything she's telling me to do to Brenda worked like a charm on Heather already. So I don't see how I'll fail! I'm not so sure about the rude name calling though. My gut tells me that's a Heather-only kind of thing. But the rest is just the same.

Suzanne continued to lay out her ideas. She'd thought through a number of possible scenarios, suggesting how to handle each of them. She told Alan to generally trust his instincts and his talent in "rolling with the punches." She knew there were too many scenarios to consider them all in advance.

She had some advice for Susan too. Mainly, she wanted Susan's help in hyping Alan's sexual prowess as much as they all could reasonably manage, depending on Brenda's mood and reaction. There was little that Susan loved to talk about more than that, so she agreed readily. Suzanne advised that all the women should dress very sexily, almost shockingly so, but to keep their clothes on unless things with Brenda went even better than expected and Suzanne gave them each some kind of clear sign to be even bolder.

It turned out that Susan didn't need to talk much, because Suzanne was monopolizing the conversation. Alan also didn't have to say much, except occasionally to register agreement or ask a quick question. So, by and by, Susan wound up doing less licking and more sucking. Eventually Alan had to discontinue caressing her body because she went all out, "attacking" his sweet spot with her sliding lips and tongue.

Susan was slurping and moaning so loudly that Suzanne almost missed the sound of the garage door opening, indicating that Ron had come home. Fortunately, Suzanne did hear it, so she warned the others.

That put Susan into a near panic. She had to stop her sucking instantly. She didn't have any clothes with her, so she ran down the hallway, clutching her boobs to her chest. Then she rapidly put on some clothes, including underwear, and made herself presentable before Ron saw her.

Suzanne was disappointed. She'd planned on timing things so Alan could cum as the conversation ended, but she'd gotten so carried away with her scheming that she'd lost track of the time. She said, "Sorry, Sweetie, to end things like that. I suggest you take a cold shower. It's too bad that you didn't cum, but in a way it's a good thing. If you can have a visibly raging boner most of the time Brenda is here, that'll help a great deal."

He let out a long frustrated groan. "Uuuuugh! I guess you're right."

"Look on the bright side. You know what happened just now, with Susan pleasuring you while we talked? That's going to be the new norm once Ron is gone. Your mother loves to suck and you love to be sucked, so why not have it happen all the time? But it's not just her. Brenda and Susan seem VERY similar in my book, from their improbably busty bodies to their submissive mindsets. Soon, it'll be BRENDA bobbing naked between your legs as you and I talk and hang out."

"No way! Are you serious?!"

"Serious as a heart attack. Play your proverbial cards ably tonight, and it could happen sooner than you think."

"Talk about an incentive! Jesus H. Christ!" He looked down at his boner, which was still throbbing and covered in his mother's saliva. "But you're not helping me cool off, like, at all!"

She grinned. "That's what the cold shower is for. But don't cool down TOO much! Even as you act aloof, you'll still want to show off how your cock never goes flaccid."


Ron didn't go upstairs immediately when he returned home, so Susan was able to make herself calm down and look normal. Then she quickly cooked up some sweet potato, squash and black bean enchiladas. All four Plummers sat down to what appeared to be a completely ordinary dinner for them.

But appearances were deceiving. In fact, the air was unusually thick with intrigue and lust. Because Susan's oral work had been unexpectedly interrupted, both she and Alan felt like they had unfinished business. All Susan could think about was her son's erection, and how much she'd been enjoying licking and sucking it until Ron came home. And all Alan could think about was his mother's centerfold body, talented mouth, and sexy ways. Unless, of course, he was thinking about Katherine, Suzanne, Amy, Glory, Heather, Brenda, or the like. Not surprisingly, Brenda was on his mind a lot.

Both mother and son went out of their way to appear normal, but this in itself would have been a big clue for anyone who knew them well. They were trying too hard.

Ron was oblivious. Luckily, he carried the conversation along for them all, allowing Alan and Susan to just stare at him and nod for most of the meal.

Katherine, however, suspected something. She was very curious about the subtle vibes she was picking up between mother and son. Susan had hinted to her before dinner that there had been some kind of blow-up and Alan was in the "doghouse," but she hadn't learned any details. She had no idea where things stood between them now, especially since Susan didn't act mad at him, and the subtle sexual tension suggested that Susan was the opposite of upset with him. But there was nothing she could do at the moment to find out.

Ron's office colleagues were having a goodbye party for him that evening. Susan was supposed to go, but she claimed to have a stomach ache. Luckily, she was too nervous and excited to eat much at dinner, which gave some credence to her excuse.

The other three breathed a sigh of relief when Ron finally left for his party shortly after dinner. Maintaining a front of "normality" had become very stressful for them all. Susan could barely wait to get her son's boner back in her mouth. Unfortunately for her, there was no time for that. She needed to get dressed and get things ready for Brenda, who was due to arrive soon.

Katherine was still largely oblivious about the evening's plans. She knew that Brenda was coming over for the card game, and she had been invited to take part. Also, she'd heard some about how Brenda had learned the incest secret and that there was a plan for Alan to seduce her. But she didn't know any of the details yet.

Alan was able to dress very quickly, as men often do. So then it was left up to him to explain the rest of the plan to Katherine. He did so in her bedroom so she could select and change into a fancy yet highly revealing outfit while he was talking.

Alan had a lot to explain, and he was still at it when the doorbell rang indicating that Brenda had arrived. Suzanne had shown up a couple of minutes earlier, all dressed up and ready to go, so she let Brenda in while Susan and Katherine finished dressing up. That also gave Alan a little bit of time to at least mention the few important things he hadn't explained to Katherine yet.

He finished by asking her, "So, are you fully on board with our plan?"

"But of course! If it weren't for the incest secret danger aspect, I'd be uppity about it. Majorly, majorly uppity. Even now, I'm not exactly keen, since she's just too damn busty! But protecting the family comes first. So you can count on me."

"Phew! Thanks. You're the best!"

She stopped what she was doing and pointed a finger at his chest. "I am, and don't you forget it. And YOU, Brother, you're a lucky, lucky dog. So damn lucky!"

"I know. You're not the first person to call me that lately. But hey, no time to talk. I'm gonna go down there and socialize."

"Okay. Knock her dead!"

Alan nearly stopped and stumbled halfway down the stairs when he got a good look at what Brenda was wearing. Luckily, he caught himself and remembered his aloof attitude.

Brenda was wearing a dress that would have looked nice enough on almost anyone else, but on her it was so provocative that it could start a riot. She considered this the first salvo in her campaign to get Alan to truly notice her and lust after her. She'd felt obliged to wear a coat over her outfit to cut down on the stares as she drove over to the Plummer house, particularly if she were to be involved in an accident or be stopped by a cop. But she took her coat off as soon as she arrived, leaving it in her car before approaching the Plummer's front door.

Brenda in a very tight-fitting dress with her huge jugs jutting forth

She was wearing a dark blue, sleeveless dress that came high up her neck, covering her torso except for a heart-shaped hole that exposed her cavernous cleavage. The really remarkable aspect was how skin-tight the dress was above the waist. Her protruding nipples could be seen so clearly that it was as if she wore nothing over them at all. They would have been noticeable even if her nipples weren't erect, but her anticipation to meet Alan meant they were very erect even before she walked in the door.

She wore a special bra designed to go with the dress. It was hard to see the bra straps, but one could if one looked carefully. She considered a bra essential, due to her support issues.

However, Brenda wanted Alan to know that she was more than just her boobs. She felt that she had a very nice bubble butt and nice legs, but they didn't get noticed much due to her cracking chest. So she'd picked a dress that was skin-tight down to her belt line, but then widened into an extremely short miniskirt. Her pussy and ass were only a couple of inches from starting to be exposed if she was standing still.

Suzanne had been talking to Brenda, but when Alan showed up, she found an excuse to go upstairs to tell Susan and Katherine about Brenda's daring outfit. She hoped to encourage them into wearing something even more daring in response. She also had plenty of her own clothes stored in Susan's room, and she decided to change into something that would blow Brenda's outfit away.

That left him with the task of keeping Brenda entertained while Susan, Katherine, and Suzanne had to dress up all over again.

Alan and Brenda made small talk. On the surface, it was pleasant enough. Alan was a little bit nervous, but he didn't feel outright intimidated, even though he was thrust into a one-on-one conversation with her unexpectedly soon. Supposedly he didn't know much about her yet, so it was easy enough for him to ask her basic questions about herself.

Since she was doing most of the talking, he was able to get into the mindset Suzanne had suggested for him. The most immediately obvious aspect of that was that he engaged in idle chatter with her as if she were perfectly ordinary looking. He couldn't help but glance at her ample chest from time to time, but compared to other men, his near non-stop focus on her face was practically insulting.

Brenda could see by an occasional glance at his shorts that he wasn't even getting aroused. He certainly would have, had he actually taken the time to truly look her body over. But by concentrating on her face and her words, there wasn't much visual stimulation to inspire him, so it wasn't that hard for him to keep willing his penis to stay flaccid.

Brenda was used to seeing erections sprout up like mushrooms after a rain wherever she went. It was almost comical when she strolled through a public place like a shopping center, to see so many men visibly double over or clutch at their groins as she went by. The few times Brenda hadn't gotten a reaction from a man, she'd assumed he was gay. But she knew for a fact that Alan was a very horny heterosexual.

She'd long told herself that she wanted to be treated just like everyone else, and that she particularly detested how men spoke to her nipples instead of to her face. But now it was just the opposite: she wanted him to talk to her boobs! She was highly mindful of Suzanne's story about how he had no particular sexual interest in Brenda since he "didn't know her from Adam." The more she failed to get a reaction from him, the more she longed to change that. She found herself subtly rolling her shoulders and shifting the weight on her hips, causing her big tits to jiggle and sway.

And yet, the more obviously she tried to get him to look down, the more determined Alan was not to. He considered it a battle of wills of sorts. He was determined to win.

Brenda was frustrated beyond belief, so much so that she had trouble carrying the simple conversation. Already, she'd never wanted a man to want her more than she wanted Alan right now.

Brenda had been feeling awkward about wearing such a revealing outfit, but she felt much better after Susan and Katherine came downstairs too and she saw what they were wearing. Knowing that Ron wouldn't be home until late, warned of Brenda's sexy dress, and wanting to create a sexy atmosphere to help with Brenda's seduction, they'd dressed to the nines.

And then there was Suzanne, who certainly wasn't shy about looking and acting sexily. She also had the least to fear if Ron came home early, and she was determined not to be outdone by Brenda.

Suzanne in a blue, toga-like outfit that ties behind her neck but drops in a plunging V almost to her crotch, suitable for a Roman orgy, with just the faint line of a thong around her waist

Everyone else's jaws dropped in near comic-book style when she walked down the stairs last. They saw that Suzanne wasn't so much wearing a dress as she had on a long, toga-like piece of cloth draped loosely about her form. It had been carefully taped at several strategic spots, or else her nipples and pussy would have been flashing them repeatedly as she walked. In deference to Brenda, she was also wearing a thong, thereby making it clear that at least certain sensitive areas were covered.

Brenda was amazed when she saw a big bulge rise in Alan's shorts within seconds of Suzanne's arrival. Her relief that the others were wearing very sexy outfits quickly turned into distress, if not even a kind of silent rage. She felt like she'd been completely outclassed. If she could have immediately dressed in a still far more revealing outfit she would have, but she had no such outfit to change into.

What she didn't know was that Alan had been deliberately forcing his penis stay flaccid with Brenda. Then, when the others showed up, he willed himself to get erect. Furthermore, he'd chosen to wear tight yet giving slacks and no underwear, so when he did get an erection, it couldn't have been any more obvious.

Her frustration grew because she'd been told by Susan that Alan's penis was ten inches long and unusually thick. She had figured that had to be an exaggeration, and it was, since the length was really just under eight inches. However, the bulge in his slacks was so substantial that now she found Susan's description completely believable. That suggested to her that all the other wild claims about how sexually impressive were most likely accurate as well.

Brenda was beside herself. She didn't know what to do. Despite all of the impressive things she'd heard from Susan and Suzanne about Alan in recent days, she'd fully expected that he'd be eating out of her hand before long, fawning over her and bringing her drinks in an attempt to impress her. She'd figured that such an outrageously sexy outfit as she was wearing simply couldn't miss.

Instead, he seemed to only have eyes for the three others.

An angry Brenda

Brenda had to fight not to blow her top. She was practically fuming, and it showed on her face. The fact that she couldn't say anything about it just frustrated her even more.

Alan could guess when she was so frustrated, and he was secretly pleased. He couldn't resist innocently asking her, "Is something wrong?"

Brenda forced herself to fake a smile. "No, nothing."

"Clearly, there's something. I can read it on your face. Don't tell me you have a prudish disapproval of the other dresses."

She'd considered using that as an excuse, but now she couldn't. "No. I'd be the pot calling the kettle black. I guess I'm just not used to being, well, outshone by others."

He simply nodded in understanding. "There's a lot of that around here."

That pissed her off even more, because he all but confirmed that she was being outdone. But she kept her mouth shut.

Luckily, the card game got going quickly, and that diverted her attention for a while. They decided to play poker for starters, since Katherine didn't know the rules to many other games. They sat around the dining table in the dining room, since that was the logical place.

Alan announced that he wasn't interested in joining the game since he had some homework to do. But he also said that he'd stick around for a while to be sociable to their new guest.

His homework comment secretly frustrated Brenda even more. Here I am, acting like a groupie trying to impress a movie star. But he's just a kid! He's got homework to do because he's still in fucking HIGH SCHOOL! I've got to get a grip. I should just forget all about him and enjoy the evening.

But she couldn't forget him. The hype from Susan and Suzanne had her so intrigued that she had trouble just staying cool and collected.

Things proceeded according to Suzanne's plan. Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine asked Brenda lots of basic questions about herself, especially Katherine, since she knew the least about her. This was key, so Alan could have some material to plausibly work from when he hit Brenda with his seemingly amazing "insights" about her later.

Alan was great at playing aloof and hard to get. He was polite and interested in Brenda, but generally stayed quiet and enigmatic, as if he was always busy thinking. And he continued to only look at her face, even while he happily ogled the dramatic cleavage the others were showing.

Everyone knew that Brenda knew the incest secret, but there was kind of an unspoken understanding not to mention anything about that whatsoever. In fact, there was no sexual talk at all so far, despite the outrageously sexy outfits all the women were wearing.

Brenda felt like she was going crazy. She was frustrated beyond belief at how the evening was going. It seemed like her attempt to get Alan to change his mind about her was a complete flop.


By and by, Suzanne decided that the conversation about Brenda had gone on long enough. She didn't want Brenda to reveal too much about herself just yet, because that could blunt the impressive "insights" Alan was supposed to make later. As a result, she made an excuse to go to the kitchen to prepare some snacks with Katherine and Susan.

It was time for Alan to have his one-on-one talk with Brenda. This was the focus of Suzanne's recent training and advice. Alan started to feel a bit anxious, but then he remembered to pretend he was just an actor in a play. He also told himself that Suzanne had put him in a situation where he truly couldn't fail. That really helped.

Before Suzanne left to the kitchen, she said, "This may take a while because we didn't have any time to prepare things in advance. Alan, I want you to take Brenda to the living room so she won't see how us elves work behind the scenes. Keep her entertained with lively conversation, you hear?"

Brenda and Alan moved to the living room. Brenda took a seat on one of the sofas, causing Alan to sit on another sofa across from her. But then almost immediately she stood up, saying she wanted to stretch her legs a little bit. She insisted that he remain sitting.

She figured she was being clever, because if he was looking up at her, he wouldn't be able to avoid looking at her body. In particular, it would be hard from him to even look at her face over her massive twin peaks.

Indeed, he did have a harder time that way. He quickly decided the only effective countermeasure was to stand up too, so he did. He gave the same excuse about wanting to stretch his legs, so she couldn't object. Although he was trying to act sexually uninterested, he already had willed his penis to get and stay erect. He wanted to give the impression that while he wasn't particularly attracted to Brenda, his penis was nearly always engorged anyway.

So when he stood back up, she nearly gasped out loud to see the lewd tenting in his slacks. She was definitely impressed, but tried hard not to show it.

He knew he didn't have a lot of time to banter about, since the "making snacks in the kitchen" excuse could only hold up for so long. So he started out by saying, "Thanks for sharing a lot about yourself, Brenda. That was interesting. I sense your marriage has not gone well."

Brenda bristled that he'd brought up such a sensitive topic right off the bat. "No shit! Sorry, but that's a touchy subject. You're hardly Sherlock Holmes though, since it's common knowledge that I'm in the middle of getting a divorce."

He said, "I'm not surprised. But it goes much deeper than that. I think you married your husband for his money."

Brenda put a hand on her hip and gave him a sassy, pissed-off look.

But before she could tell him off, he continued, "I know, I know, that's probably evident from your wealth. It's an old story of rich guy marrying beautiful gal. But it goes deeper than that. You were very wealthy already, weren't you?"

That surprised her, since most people took her for a gold digger. "How do you know that?"

"One can just tell. People who are born into money behave differently. Not better or worse, mind you, just differently. But I suspect you were never satisfied with your husband in any case. Some people can marry for money and find satisfaction, but you didn't. Not just emotional satisfaction, but sexual satisfaction."

"What, so now you're trying to make a move on me?!" Ironically, that was what she wanted, but old habits are hard to break, and she was used to being indignant at grabby or pushy men. She couldn't resist taking another quick peek at the outrageous bulge in his slacks.

He held his hands up defensively. "Hardly! Can't you see I'm well taken care of here without you? But it's obvious to me that you're not happy sexually, and that make me sad in a way. A woman with looks like yours should be overwhelmed by intense pleasure, repeatedly. Maybe you should talk to Suzanne. She's some kind of genius when it comes to this kind of thing. I'm sure she'd be able to help you."

"By sending me to you?"

Actually, that was what he was expecting would happen before long, if Suzanne was right. But he pretended otherwise. "No way! You know that she's one of the women who help me with my special problem. Why on Earth would she want to share me with someone new?"

"I don't know," Brenda admitted uncertainly. She glared at him suspiciously. "But then again, everything about this place is weird." She glanced again at his bulge without meaning to. She hoped he hadn't noticed (although he had), and that he wouldn't see how erect her nipples were. (He'd glimpsed that too.)

So far, the evening had been outwardly normal, like most any other card game. But the unspoken elephant in the room was the incest secret, plus all the other things she had learned about sex in the Plummer household.

He responded, "Not weird. The word you want is 'liberated'. We're having a hell of a fun time here. It's not just about sexual pleasure; that's just one aspect. The intimacy is so much more! It liberates the soul. It deepens emotional bonds. It shakes you up, letting you see things in a new light. You don't just need a divorce; you need a complete renewal. I can tell."

She was irritated at his presumption to advise her. "And how can you tell, Mister Peabody?"

He grinned, appreciating the obscure, sarcastic reference to the genius dog from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. "Okay, Sherman, so I'm too young to have gone through all that myself."

She couldn't help but briefly grin back at his "Sherman" reference, showing he understood her Mister Peabody reference.

He continued, "But I do seem to have a way with women." He leaned forward and stared intently. "I can see a lot from just looking in your eyes. For instance, you think you're a real take-charge power woman, and in some ways you are. But you also have a sexual hunger that's not being fulfilled. That's because you go for the wrong kind of men. I think you're afraid of going for what you really want."

She was starting to get scared, because she knew she was afraid of going for what she really wanted in her sex life. But she put up a blustery front. "And what's that, Mr. Know It All?"

He airily suggested, "You need a strong man, a man who won't take no for an answer."

He was taking a risk in running with Suzanne's insights into Brenda's submissive nature in such a bold manner. But he was well into his "actor in a play" role-play mode now. He figured that if he really was the cocky and confident guy the hype said he was, he wouldn't be afraid to say something like that.

She asked snidely, "And I suppose you're that kind of man?"

He worried he was going too far. However, he saw a burst of lust flame up in her eyes. So, despite her caustic tone, he felt encouraged to pursue this risky approach. "I would be, if it weren't for the fact that I'm not interested in you. Sure, to be frank, you're beautiful eye candy, but nothing more for me. I'm very involved with women I'm deeply in love with, who are at least as beautiful as you, if not more so. Most of them I've known all my life. Harsh, I know, but I need to disabuse you of this idea that I'm coming on to you. That way, we can talk freely, as friends."

She was stunned by his blunt words. She just stared at him wide-eyed, not knowing what to say to that. She was totally unused to anyone not wanting her sexually. Normally, she would scoff at any straight man making that claim, but, given Alan's other stunning lovers, it seemed possible. Furthermore, her submissive side was her most closely guarded secret. No one had ever implied that she was submissive before, since she worked hard not to give that impression. Even Suzanne in recent days had been careful not to reveal that she'd discovered that about her.

Finally, Brenda asked, "So... Mr. Has All the Answers, what kind of man do I need?"

"May I be frank?"

"As if you aren't already?!"

"Even so, may I?"

She huffed, "Fine! Whatever!" But she was dying to find out what he'd say.

He was still working from Suzanne's inside information, but he was also quite horny now too. Even though he continued to avoid looking at Brenda's voluptuous body, he was aware of the great sexual opportunity he had with her. He had no need to will his penis to stay stiff when he had the idea of fucking Brenda's huge, soft tits in the back of his mind.

Thus, when he spoke, his lust was heavily influencing him too. "You need a man who treats your body like he owns it. I can tell that you're bored by men who are keen on flattering you and fawning over you. You want someone who YOU have to flatter and fawn over to keep his interest. Your ideal man, he's not going to ask for sex, or even demand it. He's just gonna unzip his fly, point his stiff, jutting dick at your face, and expect you to service him!"

V: Brenda

Alan enjoyed watching Brenda visibly swallow, hearing his words like dangerous thunderclaps. The "deer in the headlights" look in her eyes made her seem deliciously vulnerable.

"You're a woman of tremendous potential, but you need a man who can not only match you but also let you be the woman you were always meant to be. He'll treat you like a queen most of the time, out of bed, but in bed, he'll be your lord and master!"

Brenda gasped out loud. She'd never imagined he would suggest something so outrageous and lewd.


He belatedly worried that he'd gone too far, way too far. He tried to maintain a poker face, but his heart leapt up to his throat. Already, he was thinking about how he could backtrack some and limit the damage.

Luckily, not only was Suzanne right that Brenda was sexually submissive, but Brenda was even more submissive than Suzanne realized. That's why she'd been afraid to ever act on her submissive feelings and she tried to be intimidating, including having public temper tantrums. She was terribly afraid of opening that Pandora's Box and losing all control to her sexual lusts. As a result, his words hit home like an arrow striking a bull's-eye.

He was even luckier than that though with his word choice. He'd used the words "lord and master" inadvertently in a dramatic flourish. That seemed to be his most outrageous mistake.

But in fact, those were the very words that affected her the most. When she heard "lord and master," an electric thrill ran down her spine, straight to her pussy and nipples. She very nearly came on the spot! Even though she'd never acted on it, she'd had many fantasies along that line. If there was one word that aroused her more than any other, it was "master." Her greatest fantasy was to be a sex slave for a powerful master who had a harem of other equally impressive sex slaves.

Her nipples were already erect, but her pussy started to lubricate too. More tellingly, and embarrassingly, her big tits began heaving up and down, despite her heavy bra support, due to her sudden need to gasp for air. She felt completely naked, both physically and emotionally.

Her body's obvious physical reaction to his words saved the situation for him. He realized that his overreach wasn't a problem after all. So instead of sheepishly backtracking, he felt even more emboldened. He didn't say more just yet; instead he just stared into her eyes from a close distance, as if he was trying to win a battle of wills.

That made her feel that he was daring her to admit her true nature. Perhaps he was even challenging her to submit completely to him right there, at that moment. Her already strong desire for him shot through the roof. Her fear more than doubled too.

In fact, he didn't have any specific intentions. He was merely aggressively maintaining his "cocky, confident, yet aloof" pose. He sensed he'd struck a chord, but he didn't even begin to realize just what an enormous effect his words had had on her.

For Brenda, this was a pivotal moment, possibly a life-changing moment. She had strongly desired Alan already, due to what Susan and Suzanne had said about him in recent days. However, she had been highly doubtful that he really was "all that." This card game was an excuse for her to test him and see if he was for real.

Due to this conversation she was having with him, she thought, You know what? I've just realized that Alan is everything that Susan and Suzanne have claimed, and maybe even more! And with his "lord and master' comment... Oh God! My desire for him has doubled, and then doubled again! I don't just want any good man, I want THIS man! I want Alan! Nobody else will do!

And some of his other words shook her to her core. Until a couple of days ago, she had been convinced that any woman who claimed she enjoyed giving a blowjob was lying. Talking to Susan and Suzanne had started to shake that. But then Alan had said to her, "He's not going to ask for sex, or even demand it. He's just gonna unzip his fly, point his stiff, jutting dick at your face, and expect you to service it." After she'd heard that, had he pointed to his crotch, she very well might have dropped to her knees and started sucking, even knowing the other three women were nearby.

Brenda in a dark blue sleeveless dress with a heart-shaped cutout over her cleavage, with her right arm folded under her bust

She saw the way that his gaze had dropped to her chest, so she placed an arm under her massive breasts, lifting them and thrusting them out directly at him. It was as if she was offering herself up for his inspection and approval. She suddenly found herself afraid to be in the same room as him. She felt a curious, powerful urge to take her clothes off, and especially to show him her bare breasts. But she decided that she had no choice but to steel her willpower and brave it out.

It seemed that he'd finally noticed her incredible body and revealed his lust for her. She should have been happy about that, but instead she felt afraid. It was all too much, too exciting. She no longer thought of him as an eighteen year old high schooler who hadn't accomplished anything significant in his life yet. Instead, he was "lord and master." The master of Susan, the master of Suzanne, and the master of many more amazing beauties.

She felt panicky. Dear God! Alan... He, he... He's just... I'm not worthy! She had to turn her head because she couldn't handle his intense gaze.

The silence between them grew. She felt like she had to say something to break the awkwardness, but she didn't know what. Finally, she asked, "Is that... is that how you treat the women who help you, like Susan and Suzanne?"

He shrugged. "I try. It depends on them. I give them what they want and need."

She thought, My God! He's modest about it, but he DOES treat them like that! Lucky sluts! No wonder they can't stop raving about him!

He just kept staring at her ample rack. That went directly against Suzanne's advice to play hard to get. In fact, if there was one thing Suzanne had repeatedly emphasized, it was to avoid looking at Brenda's breasts. But he trusted his own instincts too, and he sensed that the situation had significantly shifted somehow. He didn't understand how exactly, but he was getting immediate feedback in the form of Brenda's arousal. He could tell that the more blatantly he stared at her tits, the more trouble she had just breathing.

The silence grew again until it became unbearable for Brenda. She finally asked, almost fearfully, "And... and... what about my breasts?"

He didn't understand the question. "What about them?"

She was completely flustered and wide-eyed. "What would you... I mean, what would this man, this ideal man you say I need... what would he do to them?"

He gave her chest a long look. "The thing is, everybody thinks you're just a walking pair of boobs, but he would know that that's not true. He would know you have an incredible body from head to toe, and he'd want to possess every inch of it. True, your tits are a big attraction, and I'm sure he'd caress them like he owns them. He'd have you topless most of the time, if not completely naked altogether. That would make it easy for him to slide his dick between them daily. But he wouldn't stop there. He'd... No." He shook his head.

"What?!" His words excited her so much that she felt dizzy and giddy.

He could see a burning fire in her eyes, and her body somehow held an eager pose. But nonetheless, he figured he should stop while he was still ahead. "Sorry, I'm being too forward. Don't listen to my mad ramblings. You should talk to Suzanne. She'll help you out."

Brenda was crushed. He'd set her whole body aflame with his words and his intense stare, and now she wanted to hear more, much more. "Wait! Don't stop! Sometimes it's good to hear a male perspective. What else would you, I mean, uh, what would he do to the rest of me?"

Encouraged, he got even more blatant. He leaned in close and spoke in a low but passionate voice. "Well, he would FUCK your pussy! And I'm not talking about the tepid 'making love' you've experienced before. I'm talking about getting well and truly fucked, like a beautiful woman such as yourself deserves to be, where you feel so good that you honestly wonder if it's possible to simply die from an overdose of pleasure. He would do that to you daily!"

Brenda looked like she was ready to jump on Alan, she was so wired with desire. "What else?! What about my ass? What would he do to my ass?!" She suddenly twisted her body to show off her ass while still looking back into his eyes. She even bent over slightly and put a hand on her ass. The skirt was so short that that showed off a fair amount of bare ass cheek. He could see a bit of her panties wedged between her cheeks as well.

He knew he was playing a dangerous game in letting his lust do the talking, but he could see that it was having a great effect. Besides, the way she was showing her ass off short-circuited his restraint. "Of course, he'd know that you have a fantastic ass! He'd love to run his hands all over it, and even kiss it and lick it!"

She was in seventh heaven. "What else?!" She used the hand on her ass to subtly lift her skirt up higher.

He tried to think what else he could say to continue his run. He briefly considered shocking her with the idea of anal sex, but he found it too unappealing to be convincing about it. So instead he said, "Just so he can fully appreciate and fondle your ass, he'd flip you over and fuck you doggy style!"

She gasped. She whispered in awe, "My... my... pussy?"

He started off speaking calmly, but as he carried on he found it harder and harder to restrain himself. "Not your pussy; your cunt! You'd find yourself lying naked on your bed with a telephone pole stuffed up your hot, needy cunt! His thickness would take possession of you. You would strain to take every throbbing inch as he plows deep inside you! Your face would be mushed against the pillows as you whimper and moan and wriggle. Your breasts too. Sweat and cum would pour off you. You'd claw at the sheet and gasp desperately for air. You'd beg for him to stop because you just can't take that much intense pleasure, but you'd also beg him to keep going because you'd find you need that pleasure almost as much as you need air to breathe!"

Brenda knew exactly how that felt, because her breasts were heaving as she panted for air.

He concluded, "I guess your begging would just be incoherent. You'd churn your rear end all over his big cock as you screamed his name!"

V: Brenda

Brenda was so horny that she actually did have a small climax right then, due entirely to his words. Her pussy was gushing, soaking her panties. She could easily imagine herself getting thoroughly fucked doggy style by Alan exactly as he'd described. Suddenly she had to hide her ass from him, for fear that he'd notice her orgasmic trembling. So she turned her body back towards him. But she had to turn her head away immediately after that, because just looking into his eyes had become too arousing for her to take.

Once she broke eye contact, Alan sensed that he really was going too far this time. He came to his senses somewhat and tried to downplay what had just happened. He said, "Sorry if I got a little carried away with my description, but I'm just trying to convey that what you're lacking is passionate sex like that."

"That's quite all right," she replied, now fully facing him again, but with her head shyly bowed down. She was feeling flush, and hoped it didn't show in her face. (It did.)

He continued calmly, "It's too bad I'm already taken several times over, because I could be that man for you. You might be worthy of me. It's possible. But don't worry. There are other men like that out there; you just need to find one. Like I said earlier, we've been going through a sexual liberation here lately, mostly thanks to Suzanne. You really should talk to her. She'll help you find the sexual satisfaction you need to make your life complete."

He thought, "You might be worthy of me. It's possible." Jesus! What chutzpah! Did I really say that?! How embarrassing. I'm taking this whole cocky attitude thing way too far!

Brenda looked back in Alan's general direction, but she was afraid to make eye contact again. "You might be worthy of me. It's possible." Did he really say that?! Oh God! Dear God! There's HOPE!

She felt wrung out, like she'd just had the intense kind of sex he was talking about. This situation was far too exciting for her. She decided she had to force herself to behave in a calm and normal manner, lest he see just how much he'd gotten to her. She nodded. "That's a good idea. I'll do that. Thanks." Oh God! There's hope!

He was still looking her body over in a blatant manner. He'd been focusing on her tits, but now his gaze went lower. Suddenly, it was his turn to gasp with surprise.

That gasp worried Brenda greatly. She looked down her body to see what might have caused it. But her breasts were so very large she had trouble looking down past them.

However, she suddenly felt what he had to have seen: she could feel trickles of cum rolling down her inner thighs. That wouldn't have been so bad, except that she was painfully aware that her dress covered her crotch like a miniskirt, and a short one at that. Clearly, he must have seen the trickles of cum sliding down her skin!

Oh no! I'm ruined! No! What is he going to think of me?!

She had to escape, and right away. She quickly started to walk away, towards where she knew the downstairs bathroom was. "If you'll excuse me, I have to go powder my nose."

He smiled. "Sure. It's been nice talking to you. I hope I didn't offend you."

"No! No problem! Uh, bye!" She fled the rest of the way to the bathroom, practically running there.

Once she had the door safely closed behind her, she breathed a huge sigh of relief. But she was far from relaxed. She quickly pulled her miniskirt up and her panties down. Then she sank two fingers deep into her slit. Aaaaaaah!

She clenched her teeth with all her might as a great orgasm ripped through her. It lasted so long that she had plenty of time to maul and knead at her big boobs through her dress and bra, while also steadily pumping her fingers in and out of her needy gash. Lord and Master! Master Alan! Take me! Take me and use me! Make me one of your sluts! Oh God! Fuck me in every hole! Hot! Too hot!

When it was all over, she slowly slid her ass down the door until it reached the floor. She kept her eyes closed and struggled hard not to cry. It wasn't that she was overjoyed, and it wasn't because she was sad. She was simply emotionally overcome.

Alan was more than a little emotionally staggered by what had just happened too. His boner twitched wildly in his slacks, like it was straining to burst free. But he deliberately ignored it, and after a minute or two it went back to "merely" being stiffly erect.

Meanwhile, he tried to make sense of what had just happened. Whoa! Where did THAT come from? It was like another me just came out of nowhere and kind of took over. The same sort of thing happened when I had sex with Heather yesterday. I hope I didn't freak Brenda out too much, or make my lust too obvious.

Well, I probably did both, and it's too late to take that back. I mean, how much more obvious could I get?! I kept talking about what "he" would do, but we both knew I was talking about me and her. And damn if that doesn't make me horny, thinking about taking her like that!

I know what it is. I have this HUGE lust for all the women I love, like Mom, Aunt Suzy, Sis, and even Aims. But I love them so much that I'm afraid I'll upset them. So sometimes I act kind of timid around them. I'm afraid to boss them around, even if that's what they want. But when I have a chance to turn my lust on someone else, like Heather or Brenda, all that bottled-up aggressiveness suddenly comes out. Man, I just dumped this BLAST of overwhelming lust on her! I hope I didn't freak her out too much. Oh, man! I must have totally overdone it. Damn!


It took Alan another minute or two to regain his wits and calm his breathing enough so he could talk in a reasonable manner. He immediately headed to the kitchen.

Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine were quietly whispering amongst themselves. There was an electric charge in the air. Clearly, they knew something was up.

When Suzanne saw Alan come near, she eagerly whispered to him, "Well?"

He spoke in a low voice to make sure there was no way Brenda could hear from the bathroom down the hall from the kitchen. "That was... interesting! To say the least! Aunt Suzy, I think we went off script. Waaaay off script!"

She was practically ready to shake him. "Don't be so cryptic! Give us more!"

"Well... I think that was a big success."

The three women turned to each other and started high-fiveing. But they were quiet and careful high-fives. Clearly, had they not been worried about Brenda overhearing, they would have been whooping and hollering. Susan and Katherine may have had reservations about the whole plan to seduce Brenda, but those reservations were totally forgotten, at least for now. Together with Suzanne, they were rooting for Alan all the way.

Alan was rushed, because he didn't know how long Brenda would stay in the bathroom, but he took a couple of minutes to briefly explain the highlights of what had happened. He talked about how he got carried away with the boldness of his sexual suggestions, and how Brenda had unexpectedly reacted, down to the cum he saw dripping down her inner thighs. He mentioned a few "mistakes," such as how he blatantly stared at Brenda's boobs and how he'd gotten so carried away that he'd even mentioned fucking her doggy style.

Suzanne whispered in response, "Curious. Interesting! That's okay though. Go with your gut. Stare all you want. I think things have changed, and that's good."

"Really? Cool!" He concluded by speculating that Brenda probably went to the bathroom to masturbate.

To his surprise, Susan whispered, "We know. She did!"

He asked, "How do you know?!"

"We didn't dare peek our heads in, but we were quiet as mice, listening for clues. We couldn't make out words, but we could hear the general tone. We actually heard the growing lust, somehow! Then, when Brenda went to the bathroom, she did a damn good job keeping quiet, but not quiet enough! We could hear the occasional squeak or grunt or moan!"

Katherine nodded. "Congrats, Bro! She had a super big orgasm, for sure!"

Alan was surprised. "Wow. So you knew all that already. Wow! But... what now?! What do I do for an encore? I think I got lucky. Anything else will be a come-down compared to that."

Suzanne said, "That's probably true. But remember that it's better to be lucky than good. Although in your case, stud, you're lucky AND good! I say we act like nothing's happened and go back to playing cards. Sweetie, you go upstairs and just chill out. Let this big boy have a much-deserved rest." She fondly patted his still very stiff erection. "Do your homework. We'll play it by ear, and if we think your presence will help, we'll call you down. Okay?"

"Okay. But 'do my homework?!' No way! How can I ever go back to doing normal things, after something like that?!"

Susan pushed him away, as if pushing him up the stairs already. "Try. And go now! Before she gets out of the bathroom!"

So he went upstairs. It was a strange comedown to be alone in his room after all that excitement. But he appreciated the chance to chill out for a while. He lay on his bed and closed his eyes. He was still too wired to go to sleep right away, but his body was able to get some rest just from lying there.

Brenda took a while, first to recover physically from her intense orgasm, and then to try and make herself presentable. Feeling slightly desperate, she raided the Plummers' bathroom cabinets for a hairbrush to fix her bedraggled appearance, since her skin-tight dress didn't have pockets and her purse was near the front door.

She had a problem with her panties. She tended to get wet very easily, sometimes very, very wet. So she normally carried extra panties in her purse, in her car, and so on. She didn't have an extra pair to change into now. She was so sopping wet that she wasn't sure if it would be worse to keep them on or go without. She decided to keep them on, and washed the front of them in the sink so at least they wouldn't reek of sexual arousal.

Eventually, she managed to look more or less normal. The only lingering sign of her orgasm was her flushed face, but she couldn't take the time needed to wait for that to go away. She gathered up her courage and went out to interact with the others.

She was relieved that Alan had gone upstairs. She worried that she'd babble and blush and generally make an embarrassing spectacle of herself if she had to see or talk to him now. She was further relieved that the other three acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. They didn't even ask why she'd taken such an inordinately long time in the bathroom.

Instead, they pretended to be chomping at the bit to resume the poker game, so that's what happened.

That was a further relief to Brenda, because playing cards allowed her to focus on something else so she didn't have to wonder so much about what the heck had just happened between her and Alan.

As usual during their card play, there was a lively discussion going on at the same time.

Brenda had a chance to reconsider what had happened, now that she'd calmed down. Phew! That was scary. Why did I let Alan get to me like that? He's not so great. Sure, he IS a real man. A total stud! There's no doubt about that. But he is still in high school. He's a nobody. I'm filthy rich and gorgeous. I've met all kinds of famous people over the years. Movers and shakers! I must be insane, thinking about having sex with Susan's son!

I've got to get my act together. True, I've long fantasized about being dominated by a man like him, but those are just fantasies. I can never let that cross over into my real life. I would be ruined! Where would it lead? If I open that door, there's no telling how far I'd fall into total depravity. Alan is dangerous! I need to stay clear of him!

But curiosity got the best of her. Once the game was proceeding nicely, she felt like she had her "foolish" feelings under control, so there was no danger in simply learning a bit more about him. When there was a lull in the discussion, she asked, "Excuse me, but could I ask something rather... personal?"

Suzanne vaguely replied, "Please do."

"I know it's not my place to ask, but I can't help myself. How do... how do things work around here? With Alan, I mean?"

Speaking for the group, Suzanne said, "I don't understand what you mean."

"Well, I know that Alan gets a certain amount of, uh, special help from you to deal with his, uh, unusual problem... with his, uh... penis..."

"Yes?" Susan encouraged.

"And, uh, I thought I'd have to put up with a certain amount of wildness here. For instance, you mentioned visual stimulation. Even Katherine takes part in that, am I right?"


Katherine nodded proudly. "That's right. As much as Mom lets me." She shot a pouty look at her mother.

Brenda stumbled onward, "And, uh, um... I was told that it could happen that he'd get erect and one of you would have to take him to another room, and uh, er... kind of... take care of him."

Susan said, "Yes, that's generally how it works. What's the question?"

"It's just that, none of that has happened. Even though, well, if I can be perfectly frank..."

"Please!" Suzanne encouraged.

"The thing is... I couldn't help but notice that he's been erect pretty much since I got here. Isn't that a problem for him?!"

Suzanne fielded that. "You're right. That IS a problem. But, and let me be frank too, we've kind of tried to avoid that sort of thing tonight, since you're here. I mean, you must think we're weird enough already without Susan or I popping off to take care of him every now and then."

Brenda said, carefully, "That is very bizarre, true. But I don't want him to suffer on my account. I already told you that I don't want to judge, and I'm not going to tell a soul about what happens here. If these card games become a weekly tradition - and I'll be glad if they do - I'm going to end up seeing that kind of thing sooner or later. So it might as well be now. Like I told you the other day, I'm a big girl. I'm sexually liberated. I can handle it."

Susan asked doubtfully, "Are you sure? Really sure?!"

"I am. To be honest, I feel bad for him. The whole time we were talking, well... I couldn't help but notice... UGH! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I saw a bulge in his slacks that was so immense, I couldn't believe my eyes!"

Susan chuckled. "That's sounds about right. That's my boy!"

The others chuckled and giggled too, and Brenda joined in. She was very relieved at how her comments were taken, and she relaxed some.


Susan looked to Suzanne. "Now that she's given us permission, I'm concerned. Maybe you should go upstairs and check on him."

Suzanne considered that, then thought, Why the heck not? Brenda seems to have passed some critical point of no return anyway. But she asked Susan, "Are you sure you want me to go? Remember what you said earlier, about how you were going to exclusively take care of him for a while?"

Susan blushed slightly. "That's true. But let's not shock poor Brenda too much all at once. I am his mother, after all, and no matter what she says, I'm sure she thinks that's weird."

Brenda did find that weird, but in an intriguing and very arousing kind of way. She found the idea of Susan assisting Alan's penis twice as arousing as Suzanne doing it. It was almost too exciting for her to contemplate. But she felt she couldn't admit that to anyone, or they'd think she was the really weird one.

Suzanne shrugged. "Well... if you say so, okay. I'll go check." However, they were in the middle of a round of poker, so she didn't leave just yet. She waited until the hand came to an end. All the while, she could tell the tension was rising, especially from Brenda.

She took advantage of the delay to test Brenda a little bit. "Brenda, just so you're completely clear, you want me to tell you what's going to happen upstairs?"

"Um, if you wish." She tried to stay casual, but she was secretly thrilled by that question. Brace yourself, girl! Remember, Alan is not for you. You're just curious about how things work. Stay calm!

Suzanne said, "I'm going to go up there, and knowing him, his cock is going to be stiff already. Remember we told you already that we tend to call it a 'cock' around here, not a 'penis.'"

"I remember. And that's perfectly okay with me." It IS a cock! And what a cock! God damn!

"Anyway, if it's stiff or not doesn't really matter. Either way, I'll probably start with a little striptease to get him in the mood. At the same time, I'll probably do some sexy talking too. For instance, once I'm topless, I might press my breasts together and lick my lips, like this" - she did just that, though her skimpy dress stayed on - "and tell him how I can't wait for him to slide his cock in my cleavage. Then I'd-" She cut herself off and brought her hands back to her sides. "Sorry, I'm probably getting too graphic. Am I getting too graphic? I'll stop."

Brenda eagerly exclaimed, "NO! Please don't stop!" She realized she might appear more than a little too eager, so she attempted to continue in a calmer vein. "Er, what I mean is, like I told you, I can handle this kind of thing. I don't want you to censor yourself for my sake."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." But Brenda warned herself, Calm. Stay calm! Alan is a nobody. Just an extremely well-hung, sexy nobody.

Suzanne resumed, "Very well. I'd continue to do that sort of thing." She stood up. "For instance, I might turn around and show off my ass. He's definitely a tit man, but he appreciates a fine ass too." She waved a hand over her ass, and struck a sexy pose. "Something like this, perhaps."

Brenda practically clapped her hands with glee. That's so true! He does appreciate a fine ass! He loves mine; he told me himself! I can't wait for him to spread my... Oh shit! Calm! Stay calm!

Suzanne went on, "And while I'm posing, I'd say more to inspire. For instance, I might tell him that this ass belongs to him, just as the rest of my body belongs to him."

Brenda's chest started to heave up and down. This was exactly the kind of thing she'd been fishing for. OH, YESSSS! Her body belongs to him! God! FUCK! That's too hot!

Suzanne had correctly guessed what Brenda wanted and she was delivering it while trying not to be too blatant. "By then, I imagine he'd be pretty worked up. Certainly, his cock would be sticking straight up, demanding my attention. Then... Oh. I'd better stop. I really am getting too graphic."

Brenda was practically bouncing in her chair with eagerness. "NO! I mean, please don't! In fact, I insist you continue! I want to prove that you can talk freely around me. Consider me just another one of the girls." Another one of his SLUTS! Shit. No! Calm. Calm! He's a nobody! Nobody!

Suzanne pretended to be doubtful. "Well, if you insist. So, by that point, I'd be completely naked. Except for my high heels, of course. We usually wear those because he likes them."

Brenda was panting heavily. Yes! Of course!

"Then I'd drop to my knees and crawl to his cock."

Brenda was so shocked and delighted that she nearly stood up. "You'd do that?! You?!" She could envision that with crystal clear clarity, except she was the one naked and crawling.

"Well, I'm saying I might. That's the sort of thing we do. It's not just about inspiring him; I'm getting psyched up too." In fact, Suzanne had never crawled to him, and she had no intention to ever start. But she correctly figured this was the sort of thing that would thrill a submissive like Brenda.

Brenda practically screamed to herself, GET A GRIP! GET A GRIP! Fuuuuuck! Alan is a nobody! A nothing! Just a kid. But if he's a nobody, how does he get even the likes of Suzanne to crawl to him on her knees?! Hot damn! Dammit, I want him so much!

"Then, I might crawl up on the bed. But let's assume that he's sitting on the edge of the bed, because we usually end up naked and kneeling between his legs."

Brenda's pussy was very wet again. Her panties were soaked from before, so rivulets of cum were dripping down her inner thighs. That should be ME! Alan, please! Let me suck your cock!

"Now, holding and stroking his hot cock in my hands, I could say something, such as thanking him for letting me be the one of his many sluts to suck him this time. But by this point I imagine that I'd be so worked up myself that I'd just engulf his entire cockhead and then some with my mouth, create a tight seal with my lips, and start to SUCK!"

Brenda gasped. "OH GOD!" She could picture it vividly, except that in her mind she had taken Suzanne's place. Alan! So much cock! UNGH! It's filling my mouth to the brim! I can't breathe! Too much cock! Hot in my hands! I have to stroke and suck before I pass out!

Suzanne was getting into hamming up her story with dramatic flourishes and hand gestures. She pronounced, "Then... let the sucking begin! Here's where it gets really fun, but really hard too. Just getting your lips around his huge cock is a struggle. And keeping it that way while breathing through your nose gets no easier!"

Brenda thought with lust and alarm, I knew it! I'm choking and gagging! His cock is defeating me!

"But your troubles have just begun, because the competition is steep, and his standards are high. You've gotta use every trick, every move you know, while keeping your lips AND tongue busy, and stroking the rest of his shaft for good measure!"

Not surprisingly, Susan was getting extremely worked up hearing this, maybe as much as Brenda. She chimed in, "And that's not all! You don't do that for just one minute, or two, or even five. You'll suck and suck and suck until your jaw hurts, and your tongue can't go on, and your lips are tired from sliding, and even your fingers can't stroke anymore! But his cock is stiff as an iron bar! It's hopeless!"

Brenda was mystified by this talk about how difficult it was, but at the same time she loved hearing it. She had to resist the temptation to play with her pussy under the table. "Hopeless?"

Susan was taking over the narrative, even as she unthinkingly clutched at her breasts through her dress. "Yes, hopeless! His cock has totally defeated you with its power and stamina! But you dig, deep inside, for that last reserve of energy and willpower. You think about his many other lovers, and you decide you've just gotta do better than them. You're going to be his absolute favorite cocksucker ever! So you suck! And suck and suck and suck, and then you suck some more! With so much suction, and tongue work, like you're trying to lick and suck his cock right off!"

Brenda was transfixed. This sounded like the most thrilling thing she'd ever heard. She held her breath, knowing that Susan was getting to something good.

"And then, if you're lucky, he rewards you! With a great big sperm shower!"

Susan's face was rapturous. "All over your face! Down your throat! Spilling down your chin! On your tits! Everywhere!"

Brenda was triumphant. YESSSSS! That's it, Alan! Cum all over me! Drown me in your cum! Claim me and own me!

However, that thought, about being owned, gave her pause. Fuck! I'm letting him get to me too much. I've really gotta get a grip or I'm going to humiliate myself screaming like an idiot! Calm the fuck down!

Susan paused her account, because she was trying to control herself too. She realized that her breathing was racing out of control. So she clutched tightly at her chest and tried to divert attention away from herself by asking Suzanne, "Isn't that right?"

Suzanne grinned widely. "Sounds about right to me."

Brenda was panting heavily, but she didn't want the others to know just how horny she was. So she tried her best to be skeptical. "That sounds good for him, but what about you?"

Susan resumed her eager talking. "Didn't I mention that part? That's usually when a big orgasm hits YOU, too! Oh my goodness! So much pleasure! And not just one. Sometimes, when I start cumming, it's like I can't stop! Mmmm! So good! Then, just when you think it's all over and he practically passes out from the sheer joy of it all, it's time to lick his cock and balls clean! MMMM!"

Suzanne was amused at Susan's enthusiasm yet again. She was grinning with wry understatement as she said to Brenda, "So, there you have it. One typical Plummer house blowjob."

Katherine had been listening raptly all along, and now she joked, "Gee, Mom, I kind of gather that you like it."

Susan didn't get her wry understatement. "I do! I do!"

A lull of silence ensued. There still was plenty of heavy breathing all around, especially from Brenda. Susan finally remembered decorum and let go of her boobs.

Suzanne then jokingly pointed out, "So... we were in the middle of the poker game. Who's turn is it?"

The others just laughed, because the poker hand was clearly forgotten.

Finally, Brenda asked, "Thanks for sharing that. Is that how it is every time?"

"Pretty much," Suzanne said. Actually, she'd exaggerated a lot, and even made things up, such as the crawling. But she sensed this is what a submissive like Brenda wanted to hear.

Brenda was stunned. "That's incredible! But it's so much work! It sounds really hard."

Susan spoke proudly. "It is! But that's one thing that makes it so good and satisfying. It's hard to explain. It's like, when he blasts cum all over your face, you know you've really earned it."

Suzanne had sat back down once Susan got on a roll. But now she stood back up again. "Speaking of all that, now you've got me really keen to go upstairs. If you'll excuse me, ladies, I've got a fat cock to choke and gag on." She winked. Then she turned and walked out of the dining room.

Brenda whispered in awe. "Wow!" Lucky slut! I want that! I totally want that! I want HIM!

Then she remembered her earlier thoughts that Alan was just a "nobody." Fuck that! That's bullshit! Yes, he's young, but it's clear that he's an incredible man! How can I not want him, after all I've seen and heard? I'm incredible too, in my own way, but that just means that I'm worthy of being one of his sluts! He even nearly said as much!

With Suzanne gone, Brenda switched to saying some of her more acceptable thoughts out loud. "I think I'm starting to get it. I think I've been looking at sex the wrong way. Due to my appearance, I figured any man should consider himself lucky just to be with me. I didn't put much effort into it. In bed, I mean. But... the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Am I right?"

Susan nodded enthusiastically. "Exactly!"

"But what about Alan? It seems like he's not putting as much into it."

Katherine joked, but in a way that she knew would push Brenda's submissive buttons, "It's good to be the king!" She giggled.

Susan could tell what Katherine was doing, and she played along. "It's true. It IS good to be the king. The rules are different for him. After all, he's the man of the house, and we're his busty sluts. Our duty is to pleasure him. But it's not all fun and games for him. He has to fight hard not to cum, and that's not easy. You should see the intense struggle on his face sometimes. Actually, a lot of the time, because our job is to keep him right on the edge of orgasm as long as we can."

Brenda thought, My God! Amaaaazing! The more I hear, the more I want to be a part of this!

But I need to cool my jets for now. For one thing, he may not even want me. The competition is pretty tough. And for another, success could be scarier than failure. My submissive fantasies have been safely locked away deep inside of me until now, and for good reason. What do I really want here? Do I really want to be just one more of his many sluts? That's crazy! I'm a perfect ten. I have more money than I know what to do with. I can do much, much better!

I need to seriously think this over before I say or do anything rash.

There was a sort of post-orgasmic feeling in the air, even though nobody had climaxed. So Susan, Katherine, and Brenda took a short break from even talking. It went without saying that they were all thinking about what Suzanne was doing upstairs.

The older women were drinking a fair amount of wine (Katherine was not allowed), which helped ease inhibitions. After a few minutes, Susan poured herself another glass of wine. Thinking out loud, she said, "Suzanne's so lucky to be upstairs right now. I just loooove giving that boy a nice blowjob. The taste of his cum. ... Oh! It's just too much!"

Brenda nodded longingly.

Susan sighed blissfully. "Have I mentioned how sweet his cum is?"

"Yes, you have."

Katherine cut in. "Mom, remember I'm listening too. You say stuff like that, and then you say I can't join in. It's soooo frustrating! Grrrr!"

"Sorry, Angel."

Brenda went back to daydreaming about what it would be like to be in Suzanne's shoes right now. She must be bobbing on his thickness even as we speak! I'll bet there are tears leaking from her eyes from the sheer effort of it all. But Alan just sits there like a king, because he is the king! "Lord and master" too! Dammit, why did he ever have to say those words to me?!

She decided that if she kept thinking along those lines, she'd practically die of anticipation. She decided to change the subject at least somewhat. "Katherine, if I may ask, what's your role in all this?"

Katherine in a white strapless gown that stays on her boobs only because it's taped on

"I try to inspire Alan by dressing sexily. For instance, look at this dress." Katherine stood up and moved away from the table to model her outfit. She even waved her hands over herself, like a model at an auto show. It was a white dress that barely clung to her midsection, much like a wrap-around towel. It looked like her nipples were only covered by two flaps of cloth that could blow open at any moment, but in fact they were taped down. She asked Brenda, "What do you think?"

Brenda replied, "I must admit, you look good. And you dress like that to help inspire your own brother to cum?"

"Yep! You got it. It's very important that he shoot out large quantities of cum all throughout the day. This is a team effort and we all have our roles."

Brenda asked, "May I ask: do you get completely naked for him?"

Katherine carefully replied, "My role is kind of evolving. But if that's what it takes, then sure! Why not? If he were to say to me, 'Sis, stand up, take off all your clothes, and then bend over and touch your toes,' I'd do it. In a heartbeat."

Susan chided, "Angel!"

"What? Mom, you said I could help with the visual stimulation, didn't you?"

Susan grumbled, "I know, but that sounds lewd and improper."

"Hey, we've all gotta do our part. In fact, I'd like to do more. I wish I could be the one with my lips stretched wide around his pole right now, and with my tongue dancing all over his sweet spot. But Mom won't let me."

Brenda thought, A-ha! Katherine may not be one of his sluts yet, but she will be soon! Of course she will. A man like Alan takes what he wants, and he's sure to want her. She's a fox. Then he'll basically own his mother AND his sister! Jesus H. Christ!

Despite thinking all that, she merely asked, "'Sweet spot?'"

Katherine explained, "That's what we call the frenulum. You know, the special spot on the inside, just under the crown."

Again, Susan's passion for the subject caused her to add her two cents. "That's really what it's all about, stimulating the sweet spot. That's my absolute favorite, because I know he loves it so much! The challenge is to lick and suck and stroke it pretty much non-stop, but in a variety of ways, so he's constantly delighted and surprised."

Katherine goaded Brenda a little more. "I'm sure that's what Suzanne is doing right now. She's working on his sweet spot!"

Susan moaned blissfully. "Mmmm... She is..."

Brenda found herself daydreaming about being Suzanne upstairs again. Fuck! And to think that I thought blowjobs were a chore. I'd give practically anything to have Alan's cock down my throat!

Any sort of polite restraint on Brenda's part had been overwhelmed by her curiosity. She continued to ask questions about helping him while they waited for Suzanne to return. "So, how often does he need to be helped?"

"Only all the time!" Susan answered proudly. "Honestly, that's pretty much non-stop too. For instance, just before dinner, I was up in his bedroom, naked and kneeling between his legs, as usual." She giggled. "Slobbering and slurping and sucking, as usual."

Brenda's eyes nearly bugged out of her head. No way! I have to get out of this house before I have a heart attack! Everything is too exciting! Susan is so lucky. She's living in the middle of a sexual paradise. What about me? I haven't even gotten fucked by my loser husband for three years!

Susan went on, "l was at it for at least half an hour. Like I said, you just suck and suck and suck until you're too tired to go on. There's a whole art to it. I feel like I'm a complete novice. I have so much to learn!"

Brenda asked, "A half an hour? For real?"

"Sure. Who knows how much longer he would have lasted, but I had to stop unexpectedly because Ron came home."

Brenda's thumping heart beat faster still. "Oh my goodness! Ron! I forgot all about him! What about him? He's your husband!"

Susan turned sad. "That's unfortunate. He doesn't know about any of this, obviously. Keep in mind that this has all happened in the last two months, and things are still evolving. Whereas Ron is gone overseas eleven months out of the year. Something's going to have to give, because I don't want to sneak around his back. I suppose I'm headed for divorce. We need to wind that down and spare him the pain of ever finding out."

Brenda thought, Susan and Suzanne are married, but no matter! Like Alan would let that stop him. He takes what he wants! She asked, "Sorry for prying, but I can't help myself: have you ever treated Ron like you treat Alan?"

"Oh my! Dear goodness, no! Alan is a special kind of man, a superior kind of man. His cock demands top notch service! Whereas Ron, he's a very nice man, but just a man, if you know what I mean. It would be a case of throwing pearls before swine. It's sad, and I feel bad for him, but that's the reality."

That answer thrilled Brenda, sending electric currents down to the tips of her toes. "Alan is a special kind of man, a superior kind of man. His cock demands top notch service!" God dammit! That's so true! I've just met him, but I know it's completely true. When he stared at me, he stared into my soul! He knew all my innermost secrets. There's no resisting him!


Suzanne came back downstairs after being gone for half an hour. But the shocker was that Alan came down with her, hand in hand. Both of them were wearing the same clothes as before.

Mindful of impressing Brenda with Alan's stamina, when Susan saw them returning to the dining room, she asked Suzanne, "Hey there. Back already?"

Suzanne smiled. "Yeah, that one was a real quickie. You got me so worked up talking about things that it only took him half an hour to blow."

Brenda thought, "Only" half an hour?! That's incredible! I was downright terrible at blowjobs. Note to self: I've gotta work on that, fast! But even so, none of the men I was with could have lasted five minutes. Alan's some kind of sexual superman! If I want to become one of his sluts, I'd better learn to become a cocksucking expert!

Suzanne grinned slyly while Alan took part in typical polite greetings. She was secretly amused, because the truth was she hadn't done anything with Alan at all. She had intended to, but he'd been resting on his bed, and by the time she got there, he'd fallen asleep. She stayed in his room and fiddled around on his computer until he woke up. Then she explained to him the plan to make Brenda think that she'd pleasured him the whole time she was upstairs. They merely needed to wait a little longer to make it a respectable half hour, so that's what they did.

There hadn't been any actual poker playing going on for a long while. But with Alan there, Brenda spearheaded the effort to resume the game, and make it seem as if they'd been playing all along. That was far preferable to having to explain that she'd been asking questions about servicing his penis.

Again, Alan didn't join in the poker game. He sat around and chatted with them as they played.

With Alan present, Brenda assumed that the Alan-centric sex talk would come to a complete stop. But that wasn't entirely what happened, since all the others were in on the plot to further corrupt her. Susan resumed the provocative talk by asking, "So, Tiger, how many checkmarks is that today so far?"

She added as an aside to Brenda, "He keeps track of his orgasms on a chart in his room to make sure he maintains his daily average."

Alan put his hand on his chin. "Let's see. There was that one time as school today..."

Susan said, "Woo-hoo! More school help! But Tiger, I don't remember seeing a checkmark to that effect."

"I know. I've been slack on updating the chart today. Sorry."

Despite Brenda's embarrassment about talking about this with Alan actually right there, curiosity got the best of her again. "Excuse me, Alan, but are you implying that you're actually having sex at school?! During your school day?!"

Susan cut in again. "That's not just an implication; that's the truth! He has several big-titted cheerleaders helping him out!"

Brenda felt another powerful jolt shoot straight down her spine. It raced to her pussy and started her gushing all over again. No way! It can't be! This kid is simply incredible! Sex, at school?! With big-titted cheerleaders?! She whispered to him in awe, "Is that... is that true?!"

Alan didn't want to actually lie about it, but he figured he could use Suzanne's tactic of creating impressions through vague implication. He chuckled. "I can't talk about that. I won't either confirm or deny it. After all, I don't kiss and tell."

Susan was tickled pink. "He's so modest and polite! But don't listen to him! All the girls in school are worked up into a lather over him. But of course he settles for nothing but the best of the very best. Which means big-titted cheerleaders. Isn't that right, Angel?" She was supposed to hype him up for Brenda, but she probably would have said and meant that anyway.

Katherine hadn't been talking much, and she was surprised to be put on the spot. But she was willing to play along with the hype. "I don't know the full story. But yes, cheerleaders are involved. Very beautiful cheerleaders." She added to herself gleefully, Such as me!

Susan was triumphant. "See? What did I tell you?"

Brenda was very impressed yet again. Damn, this is going to be tough, getting him to want me. I must admit that I've let my breasts do all the work for me. All I have to do is show up and men are slobbering. Not with Alan. Hell, I might be only the fourth most beautiful woman in this room!

The sex talk eventually died down when it became clear that Brenda was very embarrassed to talk about this sort of thing with Alan there. Furthermore, Alan's modesty made it difficult for him to hype himself in Brenda's presence.

However, just when it seemed like some actual poker playing would take place, Suzanne dramatically announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift-off!" Seeing that everyone else was confused, she said to Alan, who was sitting next to her, "Sweetie, please stand up."

"Awww. Do I have to?"

"I think it's necessary."

"Very well." His reluctance was feigned. When he stood, all eyes went to his crotch, because there was another huge bulge there. He made sure to stand in such a way as to emphasize its size even more.

Brenda was flabbergasted. "But... that's impossible! Suzanne, didn't you just finish taking care of him?! That was only ten minutes ago, tops!"

Suzanne just grinned. "Welcome to our world. However, I'll admit that's pretty quick, even for him. You must inspire him."

Brenda stammered, "Me? But I don't..." She was bewildered. She wanted him to desire her, but whenever it appeared that he did she became both shy and afraid.

Suzanne reassured her. "Don't worry. We appreciate the extra inspiration." She turned to Alan. "How are things hanging, Sweetie?"

He answered, "I'm enjoying chatting with you all, but I'll admit it would be good to get some more relief. Sorry, Brenda, for this vulgar talk."

Susan said, "That's okay, Tiger. Brenda understands the situation. Suzanne, would you be willing to help him with his problem again? I'm still not forgetting what I said to you earlier, but again I think we need to be considerate of Brenda's sensitivities. We can take a short break while you're gone. Well, for at least a part of the time you're gone, anyway. I have to heat up some snacks for us to eat."

Suzanne's eyes lit up. "Come on, Sweetie, let's go upstairs again. Are you ready for another big, sloppy blowjob? Maybe some titfuck fun too?"

He just nodded a bit sheepishly. He hurried off with Suzanne a few moments later.

Katherine remained quiet, but under the table she clenched her fists in frustration that she wasn't able to be in Suzanne's shoes. UGH! When will I be able to openly help?! The way things are going, Brenda's gonna leapfrog over me. GRRR!

— — —

Up in Alan's room, Suzanne gave Alan a very real blowjob this time. There wasn't any talking or foreplay because all the oral sex talk with Brenda had gotten both Alan and Suzanne hotter than ovens. They were in such a hurry that Alan didn't get any further than unbuttoning his dress shirt and unzipping his fly when Suzanne pushed him down into his chair and attacked his erection with a ravenous hunger.


In fact, the two of them were so worked up that Suzanne had to resort to unusual methods to prevent him from cumming too soon. She sensed that any sort of bobbing would be too much for him to handle, so she mostly licked and stroked. But even that was dangerous, especially since she was too talented and horny to do a merely adequate job.

But his greater difficulty was caused by his lusty thinking. Whenever he started to feel he was gaining control over his urge to cum, he would think something like, Look at me! My sex-goddess auntie is naked and kneeling, slobbering all over my dick, while I kick back in this chair as if I'm some sort of king! But what's really crazy is that Brenda, friggin' super-stacked Brenda, would love to be in her place!

He only lasted ten minutes or so. When it arrived, his orgasm was quick and unspectacular by his recent standards. He finally lost control while fantasizing about Brenda peeking in on them.

When Suzanne heard his desperate cries and knew he was past the point of no return, she finally engulfed all of his cockhead and frantically bobbed on him until all of his load blasted right into her mouth.

He felt disappointed by how quick the whole thing had been, relatively speaking. Afterwards, when they were cuddling on his bed together, he said to her, "Look at me. Your hype has been so effective that Brenda's starting to think that I walk on water. I can see the way she looks at me now. She's fallen for all of it, hook, line, and sinker."

"That's good," Suzanne said, giving him an encouraging squeeze.

"Yeah, in theory. But the problem is, I'm not THAT good. I mean, yeah, it's true that I do have multiple lovers. That's pretty amazing right there. But still, there's more bullshit than truth. For instance, I only lasted ten minutes! What are we going to do? She thinks I last an hour each time."

Suzanne smiled. "That's easy. We'll just hang out and wait another fifty minutes. Then we go downstairs and act like you managed to last a full hour."

"But that's unethical!"

She stroked his chest reassuringly. "Sometimes the end justifies the means. This is one of those times. Remember, she knows about the incest. I would lie my head off to the entire U.S. Supreme Court to protect that secret."

"I guess," he grumbled. "But what about when the reality catches up? As it inevitably does."

"You've watched too many TV shows, where lies always must be punished in some kind of just universe. What will actually happen is that by the time the truth does come out, she'll be so hooked on you that it won't matter. Trust me on this. I know what I'm doing. Remember, a couple of days ago I told you that perception can become reality. That's more true than you realize. Think about Susan. In her eyes, you basically can do no wrong. She thinks you're a stud no matter how long you hold out."

"I know, but she's my mom. She's totally biased."

"True. But we'll make Brenda totally biased too. Trust me. I'm working on it."

"If you say so." He had his doubts.

— — —

Alan and Suzanne really did stay upstairs for an entire hour. The poker game continued with Susan, Katherine, and Brenda in the meanwhile. The discussion remained sexual and related to Alan for the most part. Brenda had many, many questions.

Susan and Katherine were happy to answer them. They were careful to always paint Alan in a highly impressive light.

The card game finally came to an end shortly after Suzanne came back downstairs, alone. Alan had been getting sleepy, and she figured that since he'd made such a big impression earlier, it would be best for him to rest on his laurels and not try to top that.

Plus, with Alan not there, Suzanne was free to rave about the supposed hour-long blowjob that she'd given him.

By now, Brenda had no doubts. She really did see him as some kind of unstoppable sexual superman.

They would have enjoyed talking and ostensibly playing cards even longer, but they had to stop because Ron was expected home from his office going-away party. None of them, not even Susan, wanted to be seen in such sexy garb by Ron.

Brenda said that she'd had a great time, despite the weird sexual revelations, and promised once again to keep secret the details they'd shared with her. She said that she looked forward eagerly to their next get-together, and that she'd enjoyed this card game even more than the last one.

That was an understatement. She'd been completely blown away. She figured she'd need a week until the next card game just to recover from this one.

As Brenda made her way to the front door and started to say her last goodbyes, Suzanne decided to see just how far she could push her submissive nature.

She said, "Thank you for putting up with all the wildness and weirdness around here, and for promising to keep everything absolutely secret. Thanks also for being understanding about Alan's rather special condition. It was wonderful that you dressed up in such a sexy outfit. I'm sure he appreciated it."

Brenda thought about Alan's ogling, and couldn't hide her pleasure. "It was nothing," she said with a big smile. "I enjoyed it."

Suzanne replied, "Would it be too much to ask you to dress like that next time? Or even a little sexier?"

Susan added, "Tiger, uh, I mean Alan, has big needs. Sexual needs. The more visual stimulation he receives, the better."

Suzanne was ready to say more, to seemingly dismiss Brenda's concern that they wanted Brenda to help Alan with his orgasms. But first she waited to see if that was even necessary.

Happily, Brenda forgot all about her concern that they wanted to take advantage of her in some way. In fact, at this point she rather wanted Alan to take advantage of her. She said, "No problem. It would be my pleasure. I'll even dress a little more... risqué... if that's what he wants. Er, I mean, if that's what you think is best, for his needs."

"It is," Suzanne said with her usual confidence. "Susan's husband Ron will be long gone back to Asia by next week, so feel free to go all out and wear something really sexy." Seeing that Brenda was willing, she reinforced the "playing hard to get" idea. "Like I said, we don't want you to directly help Alan, he doesn't want that, and you don't want that either. But there's no harm with some extra visual stimulation, right?"

Brenda nodded. She already knew that she'd be counting the days. She was very disappointed by Suzanne's words about not being able to directly help him, but she figured that if she kept at it, that might come later. She relished the challenge.

Suzanne added, "And by the way, definitely make sure to wear high heels. It's practically a required dress code around here." She pointed to all the women's heel-clad feet.

Brenda nodded again. For some reason, the idea of wearing high heels for Alan turned her on to a great degree. In all the erotic fantasies she'd had, she'd always been wearing very high heels.

She found herself fantasizing about what she'd wear the next time she visited. She quickly flashed through a variety of dresses and gowns, each one more revealing than the last.

She stared off into space as she settled on a scandalously-revealing purple dress. She imagined herself sitting on the floor in the Plummer living room in a provocative pose, with Alan standing above her. She gave him her best sultry stare, saying to him in a sexy voice, "So... you think you're hot stuff, do you? Are you the man I've been looking for? Are you man enough to know what to do with... this?"


She imagined running a hand over her body, blatantly offering herself to him. As she did so, she deliberately let a nipple slip free. Her voice grew even huskier. "If you want it, come and get it! Show me what you can do with that big cock of yours! Are you going to make me take it in my mouth? Because I think you should! Maybe you should just fuck my face right here in front of everyone! Or maybe you should cut to the chase and fuck my needy cunt! I need it so bad!"

Brenda had such a blissful, lusty expression on her face that Suzanne couldn't help but ask, "Penny for your thoughts?"

Brenda snapped out of her reverie. "Uh, what? Oh, nothing! I'm just, uh... thinking about what a nice time I had tonight. I really should be going though."

She quickly left the Plummer house and headed home.

Her panties were still soaking wet. Once she got in her car, she was relieved to take her panties all the way off. Aaaah! That's better! Maybe next week I just won't wear panties at all!

Brenda's attitude about Alan had dramatically changed, to say the least. Later, back at home and masturbating in her bed, she relived everything that had happened, especially his private conversation with her. Thinking about it gave her goose bumps.

Then she imagined Susan jacking off and licking a huge erection. She was extremely intrigued by this incestuous contact. Soon, Susan morphed into Brenda in her fantasy. Then she imagined herself and Susan sharing Alan with their busy tongues working on him as a team. She fingered herself to a very satisfying climax to this thrilling vision.

Afterwards, the post-orgasmic blues hit her really hard. She worried that Alan didn't want her. But she worried even more that he would want her. Letting her deeply buried submissive feelings run free in the real world was an extremely frightening prospect. She wasn't sure if that's what she truly wanted.

Suzanne left right after Brenda did, due to wanting to be gone before Ron came home. She figured there would be plenty of time to discuss and process what had happened tomorrow.

— — —

Later that evening, Susan came to Alan's room, ostensibly to give him another goodnight kiss. Unable to trust herself, especially since Ron was home and lying in bed just down the hall, she entered his room while still completely dressed.

He was still awake, though sleepy, and reading a book.

She said, "Tiger, I know I've been giving you mixed signals. I'm very confused myself. Today has been incredibly frustrating for me! I wanted to help you do your thing so very, very much, but then Brenda showed up and kind of ruined everything, and now your father is here. I mean, he's just down the hall! Right now!"

Alan nodded. He was frustrated too, but he understood. Besides, he was sexually satiated from another really great day.

She told him, "Just wait until your father leaves and then we'll sort this all out, okay? We can have a good talk then. But right now it's just too dangerous."

"Okay. Believe me, I've been counting the days until he's gone."

She added on a brighter note, "And tomorrow? Who knows? Suzanne is in the doghouse with me, as you heard. So I just might be forced to help you out directly, especially if he isn't home. In fact, I might have to help you out quite a bit."

"That would be great, Mom! I know I keep saying this, but you really are the best mom ever."

"And you're the best son." She leaned in and kissed Alan even as he was saying this.

Then they kissed each other repeatedly on the cheeks and nose, just as they had earlier. But that was all; their mouths never touched.

She got up, blew him another kiss from the door, and left.

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