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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Day 46: Thursday, October 31

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Early in the morning, just before sunrise, Susan lay in bed having an erotic dream about Alan. Such dreams had become very commonplace during the past couple of weeks, pretty much from the first medical appointment with Akami. She didn't remember her dreams every night, but when she did it seemed that they were always erotic ones about Alan.

This dream was different than most though, because Ron was involved and because at first she had no clue that she was dreaming. The dream began with the feeling of waking up in bed, exactly as she would have done normally.

In her dream, she woke to a knock on her bedroom door, then heard Alan's voice through the door. "Mom? Are you up? It's me."

This was extremely unusual. Alan hadn't knocked on her door in the middle of the night since he was about five, when he sometimes needed comforting after waking from a bad nightmare.

Susan looked over and saw Ron lying next to her, on his side of their big bed, snoring gently. She said just loudly enough for Alan to hear, but hopefully not loudly enough to wake Ron, "I am now."

"Can I come in?"

"I suppose." The annoyance in her voice was obvious.

Alan opened the door. He was wearing baggy pajamas, which in her dream did not strike her as unusual. He closed the door behind him and walked up next to Susan while keeping the light turned off. He whispered, "Sorry Mom, for waking you, but I just had to. I'm so afraid! I had the most terrible nightmare!"

Susan felt a strange sense of déjà vu. Indeed, it had been over a dozen years since this had happened last, and yet in another way it seemed as if it had been just yesterday. Back then, when he was a toddler and woke up from a bad nightmare, he would rush into his parents' room and jump right into the space between them. Once he felt safe, he would settle down and go to sleep. Even back then, Ron was traveling more often than not, which meant that usually only Susan was there to comfort him. Katherine did the same thing, and sometimes they would have nightmares on the same night, for instance after both had watched a scary TV show or there was a nighttime thunderstorm. Oftentimes, the three of them would end up sleeping together - not close enough to touch intimately, but close enough to each other to feel safe.

As the dreaming Susan recalled those memories, she realized just how much she missed those years. Back then, she felt free to hug and kiss her children many times during the course of the day, and they would frequently say "I love you, Mommy!" and run to her for hugs. She didn't know when she'd stopped encouraging the physical affection, but even casual hugs had ceased almost completely by the time they reached junior high. Thinking about that loss made her feel very sad.

So, in a powerfully nostalgic mood, she looked up at Alan's silhouette as he stood there in the darkness and said, "That's okay. What can I do to help?"

He looked shy and embarrassed as he said, "I know this sounds silly, but can I get in bed between you and Ron until I get rid of these jitters? I'm totally freaked out!"

She smiled. "You're a bit bigger than last time, but sure. Hop in." Technically, Susan and Ron slept in separate beds, but the beds were flush together. One large bedspread covered them both, but beneath that each bed had its own sheets and blankets. Susan pulled down the sheets on her side of the crack between the two beds, inviting Alan to lie there.

He immediately took up the invitation, but not before pulling off his pajama top and bottoms and dropping them on the floor. Suddenly, a hard and insistent erection loomed into view.

Just as suddenly, Susan started to think that allowing him into her bed was a very bad idea. As he gently and quietly scrambled up the middle of the two beds, she exclaimed in a loud whisper, "Tiger! Why are you taking your pajamas off?!"

"Sorry, Mom, but that's how I sleep now. I can't sleep in pajamas anymore. There's just no way." As he talked, he ducked under the covers and lay down right next to her.

"But Son! I thought you said you were scared!" She didn't want to admit it, even to herself, but her nipples quickly grew erect and her pussy tingled with arousal.

"I am! Terrified! Thank God you're here." He scooted up closer to her in the bed, his front side cuddling right up to her front side. That put his bare chest right up to her unavoidable large breasts.

She was so shocked that she froze in place. She wished she were facing the other way, but it would be rude to turn over now. She was thankful at least that she was wearing her nightgown, but in some ways that was worse because it was made of satin and the feel of her son rubbing against her silky curves felt even more delightful than if it was skin to skin.

She held her breath for a long time, fearful of what he might do next. But he finally seemed to settle down, and then stopped moving altogether. She exhaled with relief.

She considered the situation, and decided that all in all it wasn't that terrible. True, he was naked and her nipples were pressed into his chest. She hoped that her nightgown was thick enough to disguise from him just how erect her nipples were - she blamed that on the excitement of an unusual situation. But aside from that, their bodies weren't touching much except for some incidental leg contact. He seemed to go out of his way to bend his torso in such a way that his erection wouldn't poke into her.

She whispered, "Tiger, you're not five years old anymore, you know. It's not exactly appropriate for a boy your age to lay here like you are, especially without your pajamas. What would your father think?"

He whispered back, "I know, Mom, I'm sorry. But in the nightmare there were burglars breaking into the house and it was all so real and scary!"

"Well, that does sound pretty terrible. But you can only stay here for a little while, until you calm down, okay? Then it's right back to your bed. If your father were to wake up right now and see this, he'd have a hissy fit!" Her voice dropped lower. "I can't even imagine what he'd think."

"Okay, Mom. Sorry."

In her dream, both of them briefly looked at Ron, with Alan twisting his neck around to do so. Though the room was dark, they could see Ron's chest rising up and down under his covers and hear a steady snoring. Clearly, he was sound asleep.

Since Alan was partly turned the other way, Susan attempted to scoot away from him while he was distracted.

But the move backfired. He ended up scooting in closer as he readjusted, and now she was at the edge of the bed and didn't have any more room to move away again. He said, "Don't worry; it'll be all right. I won't be long. In fact, I feel better already. But do you remember how you'd comfort me when I was really small?"

"Alan!" Susan nearly shouted. Had it not been for Ron being right there, she most certainly would have shouted, because her nightgown had a tie right over her cleavage and, while he was talking, he had found it and untied it.

G: Alan squeezing Susan's breasts, starting to suckle on her left nipple

Acting fast, he pulled the front of her nightgown open, exposing her big breasts, and then dropped his head down to her bountiful charms. His mouth latched onto her left nipple and he started to suckle.

She exclaimed, in an urgent but much quieter voice, "Son, just what do you think you're doing?!"

He was too intent on suckling to answer.

So, after a brief pause, she continued, "How can you remember that? I stopped nursing you before you were two!" (In reality, she hadn't nursed him at all. But in her dream world she had, and in fact in that world he wasn't adopted at all.)

He still didn't answer. He just contentedly suckled like a newborn babe.

She fidgeted about. She even tried briefly to push him away, but her heart wasn't in it. She felt something primal about having him suckle at her breast, and she just couldn't deny him that.

Milk soon began to flow, which would have been a miracle in reality but seemed normal and even expected in the dream.

Susan knew that, as a faithful wife and responsible mother, she had to do or say something. But her nipples were her greatest weakness - any fondling of them, or of her breasts in general, rapidly got her hot. Within seconds of him starting to suckle on them, she felt a lusty heat rising within her. There seemed to be a direct line between her nipples and her clit and pussy. The more his lips nursed at her breasts, the more she started to leak down below.

Soon the room was fragrant with the musky smell of her arousal. Her big breasts rose up and down with Alan's face on them like a ship riding the ocean waves. She felt a deep contentment as the milk flowed into her son's mouth. She absolutely loved being a mother, and this was the height of motherly happiness for her.

After a couple of minutes, he switched to the right nipple even though he hadn't exhausted all the milk from the left one. As he did so, he kept a supporting hand on her left breast. It soon became a fondling hand. He lightly twisted and pulled her free nipple. Then his hand holding her other pillowy globe started to do more than just hold it.

Susan had been quiet, afraid of even whispering for fear of waking her husband. But now she said in a nearly inaudible voice, "Tiger, you can't do that! You're, you're... feeling me up! That's too sexual! What if your father wakes up?! This could cause soooo much trouble. Think about it!"

Alan still didn't answer. Instead he just kept suckling and playing with her breasts. In fact, both his hands were wandering and exploring all over her upper body. Then he scooted in closer, causing his now throbbing erection to press up against one of her thighs.

She quietly gasped as she felt the hot shaft of flesh against her cool skin. A few minutes earlier, it would have pressed against her nightgown, but as his hands wandered they had a curious habit of pulling on her nightgown and exposing more and more of her voluptuous body. Now the nightgown was bunched uselessly around her waist.

Oh God! It's happening again! she thought with growing alarm (and arousal). He's gonna get me naked, and then he's gonna make me suck his cock! But what's terrible is he's gonna make me love it too! Dear Lord, please, give me strength to resist! This is so terribly wrong. I can hear Ron breathing!

But even that wasn't enough for him. He continued to undo the nightgown until it was open from top to bottom, and then he pulled it out from under her and tossed it onto the floor. Then he cuddled in closer with his head near hers instead of at her chest. That allowed him to actually rest his erection directly over her bush, clit, and slit.

Good Lord, I'm totally naked now! I should have resisted more, but I'm too hooooorny! His cock is resting on me and it feels soooo good! She reflexively cuddled back and found herself gripping one of his ass cheeks. But when she realized what she was doing, she let go. "Alan!" she hissed, "have you gone mad?!"

He finally pulled away to speak. He wiped off the milk dribbling down his chin, looked into her eyes lovingly, and said, "No, Mom. It's just that you're so beautiful, I can't resist looking at your breathtakingly beautiful body."

She griped, "Well, if you're gonna suckle, then suckle. But please, do it fast!" She said that mainly so he'd have to scoot back down. She couldn't bear to have him keep his boner rubbing against her clit - it was driving her crazy. She also didn't want him to notice how her cunt was leaking like a broken faucet.


Alan pulled down the sheets and blankets on Susan's half of the double bed until they lay in a useless heap around their feet and ankles. Then he went right back to fondling and suckling on her breasts. That put his erection back between her thighs, which at least was too low for fucking.

Both of them had completely forgotten about his nightmare, if indeed he'd ever had one.

G: Susan lying naked in her bed, head on pillow, while Alan looms over her, fondling her breasts

Susan knew she should be mad, but she couldn't stop smiling. She looked down at her exposed nudity, then at her son's big hard-on poking into her inner thigh, then finally over to Ron where he was still blissfully snoring away. She was so turned on that she wanted to scream for joy. She knew what her son was doing to her was wrong, horribly wrong, but it felt so fantastic that she was completely helpless to stop it. The fear that her husband could wake up and discover her at any second made it all that much more deliciously sinful and exciting.

She thought, I've never felt so alive! My son is such a MAN! He just takes what he wants, and right now what he wants is his busty mommy! He doesn't care that Ron is right here; he knows that Mommy is slave to his cock, anytime, anywhere! Besides, Ron cheated on me, so why should I care about what he thinks? Isn't it time that I start to live for myself? And that means serving my son and his wonderful cock! MMMM!

But still, it's so cruel to do this while Ron is still here. If the tables were turned, I would just die. I really have to stop this! I need to somehow lure my studly and virile son out of the room.

She grabbed his erection and began stroking it. She whispered huskily, "Tiger, I'll bet all that suckling and playing with your mommy's big titties has made you nice and hard. I'll bet your balls could use a thorough draining."

He just murmured as he suckled, "Mmmm-hmmm."

She raised her head briefly to make sure Ron's eyes were still closed. Comforted by his continued light snoring, she said quietly as she pumped Alan's shaft, "Mommy loves jacking you off. Your cock is hot and alive in my hands! But I would love it even more if I could give your big, thick sperm-filled meat a nice suck. Mmmm! Mommy can't wait to get all those pulsing hot inches of cock-meat into her mouth! But not here! It would be too noisy and messy. Let's go to your room right now and have lots of fun. How does that sound?"

He disengaged. "Great, Mom." But instead of making a move off the bed, he straddled her and then climbed up her body until his long, stiff dick was dangling right over her mouth.

She hissed with renewed fear, "No, baby! Not here! I said 'in your room'!"

But he seemed not to hear her. "Come on. You said you want to suck it, so suck it!"

Aroused beyond comprehension, she finally gave up all resistance. Her mouth had been firmly shut, but then he started to tickle her underarms. She opened her mouth to protest and laugh, but somehow it just stayed open, and even opened wider and wider as his erection drew closer to her red lips. She remained motionless, but let him feed inch after inch of hot cock into her mouth.

Normally when Alan got a blowjob, he was so happy that he was content to just stand there and enjoy the terrific erotic pleasure coursing through his body. But this dream Alan was much more aggressive than the real world Alan. Kneeling over her, he began thrusting his hips vigorously, effectively fucking her face. Meanwhile, he steadied himself by grasping her shoulders, somehow managing to caress and massage them despite his increasingly wild thrusting.

Susan was humiliated, but even more aroused than before. She didn't know whether, technically, she was climaxing or not, but every passing second she felt better than she had during her best orgasms, and the waves of pleasure simply never ended. Her son kept fucking her face minute after minute after minute like an unstoppable fucking machine.

My God! I love it! My son is fucking my face in my marital bed with my husband sleeping right next to me, and I love all of it! It's so wrong. I'm going to go to Hell for this, but I don't care! Mmmm! I just hope Ron doesn't wake up, but Tiger is shaking the bed so violently and I'm moaning so loudly, how could anyone sleep through this?! It's just a matter of time now before Ron discovers everything! Then he'll know; he'll know that I've been completely tamed by my son's cock! Mmmm! Mommy's just a naked, big-titted, cocksucking son-slut, Ron! Sorry 'bout that! Hee-hee! I'm evil! Pure evil! But I just can't resist these eight inches of sinful bliss! Eight? Heck, it has to be ten inches long, at the very least! MMMM! SO GOOD!

By now, Alan was practically standing on the bed, shaking it so much that it rocked back and forth like a major earthquake was hitting the room. And Susan was completely unrestrained in her moaning. Had it not been that her mouth was stuffed full of juicy thick cock, she would have been screaming to the heavens.

B: Susan naked on her back in her bed with her legs drawn up, with Alan between them feeding his cock into her mouth, holding her head in place with his hands

She hadn't looked Ron's way for a long time for fear of what she might see there, plus she couldn't turn her head, given the way that Alan was rhythmically and deeply plunging his cock in and out of her mouth. (She had no gag reflex in her dream, so his entire boner magically fit into her mouth with each pass.)

As if that wasn't enough stimulation for Alan, her index finger had found his anus and she was plunging it in and out in time to her imagined deep throating. She'd done it once to him in real life in one of her more uninhibited moments. In the dream, she didn't need to worry about first lubing her finger.

But she finally looked over to Ron out of the corner of one eye, fully expecting to see him sitting up, crying and horrified. To her surprise, he was awake, but he wasn't paying her or Alan the slightest attention. Instead, he was on top of a slim, petite Thai woman, rutting into that woman just as intently as Alan was fucking her own face.

Susan was shocked and appalled. Despite her own actions, she felt a great anger burning inside. Jealous and humiliated, she started flailing her arms about, to no avail. As she began pounding on Alan, trying to get him to stop, she felt the dream slipping away. Only then did she realize that in fact it was a dream.

Suddenly, there she was, in her own bed, wide awake with her heart pounding wildly. There was no sign of Alan anywhere, and she was still wearing her nightgown. Needless to say, Ron was asleep and there wasn't any Thai woman to be seen. Her labia certainly were wet though, and her breathing was very ragged.

She sat up in the darkness. A dream! Only a dream! Thank the Lord! Praise Jesus! Oh my God!

She just sat there for a few minutes, recovering.

Eventually, she calmed down enough to begin thinking seriously about the dream. That was the most disturbing nightmare of my life! True, it was unbelievably arousing. It was like one endless multiple orgasm. But it was SO WRONG! If nothing else, there are all the horrifying Oedipal implications of Tiger just TAKING me like that while Ron was sleeping next to us! I don't even want to think about it. Ron must never know! Never, ever, ever! Tiger must never know either! Even Suzanne can't know. I can't tell anyone; it will have to be my secret shame.

Oh my God! What if Tiger found out about it, and decided to try it out in real life? That would be SO HOT! But so wrong! Really, really wrong! I can't even go there in my fantasies.

But boy would it be hot. ... And wrong. I can't forget the wrong part!

After an hour or more of tossing and turning, she finally went back to sleep.

When she woke, she went through her morning routine in a daze until after Ron and both kids had all left the house. She felt like everyone could read her mind, but of course they all remained completely unaware of what was bothering her, though it was quite apparent to each of them that something had happened.

Ron guessed it was a nightmare, since she'd gone to sleep perfectly happy and then awoke next to him quite agitated. But he didn't ask her about it before he hurried off to his office.

— — —

As usual, shortly after the others had gone, Suzanne came over to join Susan for their morning exercises.

Susan's resolve not to tell Suzanne about the dream lasted at most five minutes. Suzanne occasionally kept secrets from Susan, but Susan was pretty much incapable of keeping any secrets from Suzanne, and this was no exception.

As soon as Suzanne walked through the door, Susan rushed up to her and began crying in her arms. She bawled so passionately and for so long that she had no choice but to explain to Suzanne what had set her off. Other people could have lied their way out of it or made up some feeble excuse, but Susan was too honest and relied upon Suzanne's help and guidance too much to do that. She blurted out the entire dream as best she could recall it, crying the entire time. She was so distraught, she didn't even get very aroused while retelling it.

She felt a lot better after unloading her burden. She felt even better after Suzanne began to interpret the dream for her.

Suzanne said, "Susan, that is a pretty weird dream, I have to admit. But it's just a dream! Just a dream! People dream all kinds of strange things, and it means nothing. Frankly, I'm not surprised in the least."

"You're not? You don't think I'm some kind of horrible, sinful freak?"

Suzanne laughed. "Hardly. I think you're a lovely, loving person. No, what I mean is, the medical help you've been giving Sweetie has been weighing heavily on your mind. You've been forced to think about your rather unusual treatment of him quite a lot. At the same time, Ron's been home here and you were hit with this huge bombshell about him cheating on you. It's only natural that with these two things dominating your thinking, you'd have a dream that encompassed both. If you, say, were mugged at gunpoint and then had a grandmother die a couple of days later, don't you think you'd have dreams about one or the other event, and sometimes both?"

"Probably," Susan admitted, nervously twirling her thumbs.

"Of course you would! For days and days and days. You might dream about your grandmother getting shot during a mugging or something like that. That's how the mind works. There are absolutely NO disturbing Freudian or Oedipal implications to this dream. None whatsoever. It's just pure coincidence to have dreams about Alan's treatment and Ron's cheating intersect in that kind of story."


"Absolutely! Now, obviously, I wouldn't go and tell Ron or Sweetie about it. You're wise not to do that. Sometimes people misunderstand things like that, and not a lot of people have taken a class on dreams in college like I did. But I tell you honestly, put it completely out of your mind because it has no meaning whatsoever. Changing the subject, I've heard that Macy's is having a big sale today. I say we go there right now and check it out!"

"But what about our exercises?"

"We'll do those later. If we go now, we'll avoid the crowds." Suzanne knew Susan often ruminated during her exercises, but a shopping trip would distract her more and help her forget the dream faster.

It took some time and effort, but Suzanne eventually managed to get Susan to forget almost completely about her dream. In fact, as the day went on, the details of the dream grew increasingly fuzzy, the way dreams usually do. Within hours, Susan could only remember a hazy outline, because Suzanne kept her so distracted that she didn't have any time to reflect on and reprocess the dream. By the time they returned home, Suzanne's recall of the dream was better than Susan's, due to the way memories of dreams fade unless one actively records the dream upon awakening.

However, Susan felt a lingering sense of guilt and unease that not even Suzanne's efforts could dissipate. The details of the dream were gone, but the emotional impact was still there.

Susan vowed to herself to avoid all sexual contact with Alan, at least for the next few days until she could get her head together. But at the same time, she knew she'd also forbidden Suzanne from doing anything with Alan, as punishment for the pool incident the previous day. She'd already made an exception for that the night before, and any further exceptions would make the whole punishment pretty much worthless. She also was dead set against Alan committing the "sin of Onan." She'd actually let him do that the night before, because she figured that was less of a sin than helping him out with Ron down the hall.

But Alan still had to cum six times a day. Susan had no idea how to cope with that fact.


When Alan got to his first-period physics class, he was feeling on top of the world. Even though nothing special had happened at home before going to school, he'd had such great sexual success in general lately that he felt like he was flying instead of walking. His joy made him playful, so when he saw that he was a couple of minutes early, he decided to play a little trick on Christine. Instead of entering the classroom through the usual door at the front of the room, he entered through a second door at the back of the room. Then he snuck up from behind to where Christine was sitting.

He was in luck, because Christine had gotten there just before he did, and she was bending over to put her backpack on the ground. Unusually, she was wearing a skirt. True, the skirt went all the way down to her knees, but by her standards that was quite revealing.

Feigning a different, gruff voice, Alan spoke to her while standing just behind her, out of her sight, so she wouldn't be able to see who was speaking. "Hey, babe, nice ass! You look as good from behind as you do from the front!"


Christine straightened up and turned around slowly, prepared to blast whoever it was with a withering look of total disdain. She started to say, "I wonder how much trouble I'm gonna get into when I rip your eyeballs from your face!" But just as she finished saying that, her eyes made contact and she realized who she was speaking to.

She immediately broke into a big smile. "Oh, hi, Alan! I didn't see you come in." But then she frowned and followed up with, "What's this B.S. about 'nice ass'? When I heard that I thought you were just some asshole."

He joked, "No, I'm an asshole with a name. And this is a building of facts, and learning, and truth."

"So?" Her eyes narrowed, because she suspected another joke was coming.

"So... I cannot tell a lie. And the shocking truth is that you do have a very nice ass."

Christine immediately blushed, and quickly sat down in her seat, seemingly to better hide her rear from wandering eyes. Yet she sat facing toward the back of the class so she could keep talking to him face to face. She shot him an evil look, hissing, "Hush!"

He hadn't planned on saying anything more about her ass, other than his initial surprise comment. The truth was, he really hadn't been able to see much of her ass while she was bending over, due to her long skirt. But he felt that he was on a roll. He could tell somehow that, even though on the surface Christine seemed bothered by his comment, on a deeper level she actually enjoyed it. So he quieted his voice so the other students wandering into class wouldn't overhear him, then said, "How can I be quiet when I'm in the presence of such posterial greatness?"

She couldn't help but grin a little at that, despite her great discomfort at being complimented about her body. "Posterial is not a word."

"Good point. How 'bout 'patootie beauty' instead?"

She rolled her eyes. "No."

"Okay. Number one bum?"

"No, and that doesn't even quite rhyme." She looked around nervously, double checking that no one else was paying attention.

"Hey, cut me some slack. I'm thinking off the top of my, well... you know what."

She still couldn't help but smile, even as her face reddened some more with all the continued ass talk. "Change the topic already, please!"

"Okay, fine." He leaned in and spoke in a conspiratorial whisper. "Did you hear the big news? It's all over school already!"

Christine leaned towards him eagerly. She was always keen to hear the latest gossip.

He looked all around like a nervous spy before continuing, "The word is, this really sexy fox named Christine was caught bending over in a skirt just before school, and it turns out she gets an A plus in the Mighty Fine Behind class. She's in the ADVANCED track on that too!"

Christine was fit to be tied. She shook a fist at him and growled. "GRRR! Stop it, already! You're embarrassing me!" She added with amused chagrin, "I think my first instinct, which was to poke your eyes out, was the right one. What am I going to do with you? Or should that be to you?"

"I can think of some fun things." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, clearly still joking.

She turned around in her chair and looked pointedly at the clock on the wall, hoping for class to start already. She muttered at him, "Take a chill pill. Geez! Do I have to blast you with a fire hose?"

He considered making a joke about blasting her with his fire hose, but with Christine he knew not to take his sexual comments too far. So instead he just said, "Hmmm. Sounds kinky!"


He was rolling with the punches, sensing that Christine was actually greatly enjoying the compliments and sexy joking, even if she didn't fully realize it herself. But he wanted to be sure he wasn't offending her in some way. So he put a hand on her shoulder, forcing her to turn back to him. He said in a friendly voice, "Hey, we're just having fun, right? Back when I wanted to date you, we couldn't talk like this. But now that we're just friends, we can tease more freely, right?"

"I guess." She honestly didn't know what to say. She didn't like his sexual jokes, but at the same time she didn't want him to stop. It also frustrated her that she seemed incapable of joking back when the subject was sexual.

He withdrew his hand, but continued talking while staring intently into her eyes, "You need to loosen up. Fight fire with fire. When I talk like that, you should get all sassy and say something like, 'Damn straight I've got a fine ass! Too bad you're never gonna get to touch it!'"

Christine raised her hands and waved them in frustration. "Come on; that's not me. I'm not good at that kind of thing." She looked around again nervously, feeling relieved when she saw that other students entering the classroom were ignoring them. After all, it was very common for the two of them to talk before and after class.

Alan said with a sly grin, "Hey, it's not like you're a shrinking violet. I feel lucky I still have both my eyes. And that's a good thing, because otherwise I wouldn't get to admire your prize-winning rear end. It's so great, it ought to win the Nobel 'Piece' Prize." He made air quotes as he said "Piece" to make sure she caught the play on words.

She snorted with amusement at the absurdity of all that, then quickly covered her mouth with embarrassment at being outed for laughing when she was supposedly disapproving of his comments. She growled menacingly, "Alan, you're soooo dead! I swear, you better enjoy this class because it'll be your last!"

Just then the bell rang, marking the beginning of their class. Christine turned away from him, toward their teacher, indicating that the conversation was over.

Alan sat back in his seat, still pleased with himself. He wasn't worried about her threats, since that was just one part of their special way of communicating with each other. Geez, man! What's gotten into me? I'm acting so aggressive towards her. I never used to talk to her like that. Or anybody else, for that matter. I guess I've had so much sexual success lately that my confidence is sky high. I'm also a much more sexual guy these days. When I see a nice ass, I'm gonna revel in appreciating it, darn it. And even though I couldn't see more than the outline through her long skirt, I know she's got a really nice one.

But what I really like is that she complains about it but obviously loves it! She knows I'm a horn dog, but she also knows I'm sincere. And even though it makes her squirm and blush, the fact that she couldn't stop smiling shows that she likes hearing that she's beautiful. Heck, what woman doesn't?

In fact, now that I think about it, it's pretty dang cool what happened when I got here. I pretended to be someone else making a crude comment, and she got all pissed, but as soon as she realized that it was me her attitude changed in an instant. The fact is, nobody else could talk to her like that without her getting all pissed off. We've got a special thing going on, which is really great. Besides, teasing her about her ass today was soooooo much fun! I love that I'm not letting my shyness stop me anymore.

As Alan was thinking that, Christine was busy thinking too. That Alan! Jesus, he really knows how to piss me off! I swear, I should just smack him upside the head one of these days. Although... how could I not laugh at some of those names? "Posterial greatness." "Mighty Fine Behind class." And it looks like I'm going to win the Nobel 'Piece' Prize in "assiness," or something. She chuckled inwardly.

She smiled widely, already fondly recalling the conversation even as her embarrassed blush was still fading. But then her smile turned to a frown as her self-consciousness about her looks came to the fore. I wish I was half as sexy as he seems to think I am. Just because I have these oversized bags on my chest, he gets all moony and loses his mind, just like all the other guys.

And this all happened because I decided to wear a skirt for a change. If he's gonna carry on like this, I'm not gonna wear a skirt like that again! It's back to pants for me. Although...

A wicked grin covered her face as she considered possibilities. I wonder how he'd react if I show up in an actual miniskirt? He'd probably really blow a gasket. I'd love to see the expression on his face if I were to come to class in a shockingly revealing miniskirt and then bend over with him standing right behind me! What clever quip would he come up with if I bent over enough for him to see the color of my panties? I'll bet he'd be truly speechless for once! Ha ha ha!

But her grin disappeared as she realized, Not like I would ever do that. But still, it's fun to imagine. I should do something to shock him at least a little bit. Look at what I'm wearing now. it's ridiculous! This shirt covers me to my neck, like I'm trying to be Amish. He's right: I do need to loosen up, and maybe fight fire with fire. In fact, I wonder if I should wear my red shirt to school tomorrow, the one that's really tight and shows off more than a little cleavage. He's never seen that one before. Or I could wear that brown skirt that shows off more of my legs...

Christine had never cared much for fashion. Even though class had started and the teacher was speaking, for once Christine wasn't paying attention. She didn't consciously realize it, but Alan's ribald joking around plus his bold looks of lusty appreciation had put her in a horny mood, and she found it fun thinking about all the sexy clothes she could wear, and the reactions from him they would elicit.

Eventually though, her unusual, slightly naughty mood subsided and she focused on the teacher's words with her usual laser-like intensity.


Alan and Glory were worried about spending too much time together at school. To reduce suspicion, they were trying to limit getting physical with each other to only about three times a week. They'd decided in advance that this day was one of the days for them to stay away from each other.

Glory was very disappointed, because she'd already gotten used to having sexy fun with him every single school day since they'd first gotten sexually intimate on Friday. But Alan was concerned that people were starting to get suspicious. In particular, Christine commented to him as they walked between first and second periods that she hadn't seen him at lunch for several days, and no one else had either.

As a result, Alan figured he had no choice but to eat lunch with his friends. Hopefully that would stop Christine from getting curious and digging deeper. He didn't even stay after class to talk with Glory for a few minutes, as he often did, instead walking out of class and into the hall with his good friend Sean.

But as soon as they left the classroom, Alan was in for a shock. "Aunt Suzy! What are you doing here?!"

Suzanne in a red suit and hells, with a whiteboard in the background

Indeed, Suzanne was standing in front of him, waiting for him to appear. She was dressed elegantly and expensively, not because it was any special occasion but because she dressed like that almost every day. She smiled a warm smile at him and said, "Hey."

Sean was floored, so much so that he nearly stumbled as he came to a stop along with Alan right in front of her. He exclaimed, "Whoa! Mrs. Pestridge!" Suzanne was showing off a very generous amount of cleavage, and Sean's eyes went straight to her deep valley. He and many others knew from parent-teacher conferences that she was Amy's and Brad's mother. She'd made a lasting impression on the male students of Alan's school, to put it mildly.

Alan got an erection almost instantly. But then again so did Sean and every other male who saw her.

Suzanne grabbed Alan's hand. "Come on. We've got something of a family crisis to discuss." She began quickly click-clicking her way down the hall with Alan in tow. The normal hustle and bustle of the students as they left their classes and headed to the cafeteria was replaced by a kind of awed hush as everyone stared at Suzanne's incredible beauty.

One reason Suzanne regularly dressed so exquisitely was because she liked to draw attention to herself. But she didn't want this much attention, so she was in a rush to get away.

Alan was in so much of a daze that he could barely keep up. At one point he asked her what was going on, but she didn't say anything because she was waiting until they had complete privacy.

As they walked down the hall, they passed Christine, and Alan noticed that she had definitely noticed them. In one way that seemed like a good thing, because she wouldn't wonder where he disappeared to during lunch again. But in another it seemed like a bad thing, because she'd likely wonder why he was leaving school with Amy's mother. He was gratified that at least Christine knew that Suzanne was like a second mother to him, so him being with her wasn't so strange.

They finally reached Suzanne's car, which turned out to be Susan's Honda Odyssey minivan that Suzanne had borrowed for her "errands." She got in the driver's seat and took off in a great hurry as soon as he was buckled in.

Alan was too disturbed to fully enjoy this unexpected adventure. "Okay, Aunt Suzy, what's going on? For starters, why are we in my Mom's minivan, instead of your sports car?"

"You'll see." She gave him a mysterious, mischievous look.

He groaned in frustration. "I hope you really needed to come here, 'cos I'm gonna get no end of grief from my friends about this."

She asked with pretend cluelessness, "Oh? Why is that?"

"You know why! It's like a famous movie actress, like Nicole Kidman or Catherine-Zeta Jones, just appeared in our school halls for no apparent reason. You look so fucking HOT! It's like all the girls are, I dunno, ice cubes in comparison."

She smiled widely, then pouted winsomely and teased, "Nicole Kidman, huh? I must be losing my touch."

Before he could respond to that, she said, "But there's no time. Let me be quick, because I know you only have 40 minutes for lunch. Oh, and here. Eat this." She pointed to a paper bag she'd put on the floor in front of his seat.

He opened it and saw it was a bag lunch she'd made for him. Realizing they were in a big hurry for something, he immediately began unwrapping and eating the lentil and chickpea salad sandwich he found within.

Seeing him do that, she said, "Okay. Now I can answer your questions, Sweetie. I got a call from Brenda an hour or so ago. She wants to meet me in a little while. She wouldn't really say what for, as she seemed rather shy about the whole thing, but she said it was something that you highly recommended that she do. Do you know what she means?"

He shook his head.

"Now, here's the thing. I'm supposed to meet her before you even get home from school. I don't like to go into these things unprepared, which means I have to talk to you now, before you get home. That's why I had to see you at lunch."

He said as he chewed his sandwich, "That's it? I thought it was something important, especially when you said it was a family crisis."

"It IS important! And it is a family crisis of sorts. Brenda's not just some woman. That's all she was, up until she learned of the incest. I don't think I need to remind you that means she's become very important to us and we have to treat her extremely carefully."

"Okay. I'm psyched to see you in any case. What do you want to know? And where are we going, anyways?" He'd noticed Suzanne wasn't driving to their home neighborhood. He couldn't think of any reason for her to be driving in the direction she was taking.

"Let me worry about that. First, I want to know why you were so insistent that she talk to me. But more than that, I want you to tell me EVERYTHING that you two talked about last night while you had the chance to be alone."

"Everything? Aunt Suzy, I already explained things in a general way last night. Isn't that good enough?"

Suzanne glanced over briefly, giving him a discouraging look. "No! Details matter. I want you to remember everything you can. Every word, every expression. Everything! Not only is Brenda a highly fuckable piece of ass that I expect you to lay claim to and royally fuck someday soon-"

He interrupted, "Whoa! I still can't believe that."

Suzanne rounded a corner at speed, squealing the tires briefly before replying, "Believe it! Brenda needs a man like you wouldn't believe, and if you're even half the man I know you to be, she'll be spreading her legs for you faster than you can say, 'Rumpelstiltskin.' Remember, if we don't play our cards right with her, she could ruin absolutely EVERYTHING with what she knows. You know I'm a schemer. The key to a successful scheme is information. That's why I need to know everything you know before I talk to her again."

Suzanne pulled the minivan over and turned off the engine.

Alan had been so preoccupied with talking to her while eating his sandwich that he'd lost track of where she'd been driving. He looked around and realized they were in a parking lot overlooking the beach. The minivan was parked right at the top edge of a cliff, so they had a great view of the sand and the ocean, while their height and position made it very unlikely that anyone would look up and see them.

Still looking around at the view, he asked, "Why are we here?"

She smiled wolfishly. "I was thinking... where can we talk that's only five minutes from your school, and get cozy at the same time?" She said "get cozy" in such a sultry manner that it made him look over at her.

To his amazement, she was suddenly mostly on top of him and not wearing any clothes! Her ass and legs were still in her seat, but her top half was leaning over his chest.

He cried out, "Whoa! How did you get naked so fast?!"

She took his half-eaten bag lunch and set it aside. "I picked clothes that were quick to take off. Plus, no undies helps." She kissed him on the lips while pulling down his shorts, so that by the time her passionate kiss had ended his shorts were down his thighs and her hand was sliding up and down his rigid shaft.

He gasped quietly, with genuine awe, "My God, you're gorgeous!" His heart was pounding hard, more from being in close proximity to a naked Suzanne than from the danger inherent in their public location.

She grinned, but otherwise ignored his compliment. She said in her sexy, scratchy voice, "I figure we've got nearly half an hour, and then it's five minutes to get you back to class on time. Do you want to just talk, or do you want to have some naughty fun with that beautiful woman that all your friends at school were gawking at and dreaming about?"

He asked in confusion, "But I thought you had an urgent need to talk about Brenda?"

She yanked the lever controlling his seat, causing it to slide all the way back so they'd have more leg room. Then she tilted his seat back. "I do, but later!" She kissed him again in a way that took his breath away.

Alan was worried about being seen. It was true that the beach below them was mostly empty, in part because it was the middle of a school day. He was relieved that they weren't at the White Sands Beach, the one closest to his high school, where any of his classmates who cut class might see them. Also, fortunately, the back and side windows on the minivan were tinted as much as California law would allow.

Suzanne loved the feel of skin on skin, as well as the thrill of danger, so before long she had his shorts all the way off and his T-shirt pulled up to his armpits.

He could tell she was extremely hot to trot. So, in addition to running his hands all over her ass and upper body, he dared to touch her pussy, which he was excited to find was soaking wet. To his delight, she didn't say or do anything to stop him. He assumed that was probably because she was so busy with the kissing.

After one particularly breathless kiss, she suddenly broke away. She looked at him with fire in her eyes. "You naughty boy! You naughty, naughty boy!" She laughed with pure joy. Her ass was still in her seat, and now she readjusted her position so her head was right over his crotch.

His heart pounded even harder as he realized what was coming next.

She said, "I'm going to have to punish you for that. Trying to play with my pussy - you should know better. I'm going to have to give your cock a good tongue lashing. Yes indeed!"

He let out a strangled cry, because she skipped the usual step of merely licking his boner and went straight to bobbing on it.

He clutched at the door handle and the center tray to hang on. His ass rose slightly off the seat as an intense surge of pleasure coursed through his body. "Oh! MAN! Fuck me!"

B: Suzanne with a cock in her mouth, grasping the root with her left hand while her right fondles the ball sac

She bobbed on him for about five minutes, using a variety of styles and rhythms.

He found himself thinking, The Tongue comes out to play. Not just any tongue, but THE Tongue! Dang, the things she can do with that sucker! God damn! Now she's just showing off, practically wrapping it around my entire shaft! Fuuuuuuuck!

Oh man! If she keeps on like this, I'm gonna blow! Like, NOW! Shit! Shit, shit, shit! Gotta hold out! I don't want her to think I can't handle it. But her tongue! Her lips! Her fingers! Just the things she's doing to my balls are driving me crazy! And the bobbing! Dear God, the BOBBING!

I know! The best defense is a good offense! He reached out and started playing with her nipples. He wanted to play with her pussy again, but it was out of reach.

Had he been able to reach her pussy, he might have successfully distracted her and caused her to slow down. Instead, pretty much all he did was get himself worked up even more, since her huge, soft tits felt so good in his hands.

The situation was getting desperate - her oral skills were fantastic and her efforts were relentless. He let go of her boobs, but that didn't help much, not in the face of her rhythmic bobbing. In desperation he cried out, "Mercy! Uncle! Oh God! Please stop!"

Amused, she stopped. She pulled her lips off and switched to merely licking him for a while. This allowed her to talk again, but she couldn't help but crow a little.

"So... Sweetie... Are you still bummed that I showed up unannounced at your school?" She licked her way down to his balls, slathered them in her saliva, and then went right back to the most sensitive region at his cockhead.

"No! Fuck no! Jesus!" His eyes were closed and he was straining hard. His T-shirt had fallen back down most of the way, so at least he would seem clothed to someone looking in from the outside. He worried that he'd appear to be some weirdo having a powerful masturbation session, but he reminded himself that between the tinted side and back windows and the angle of the cliff in front of the minivan, the odds of anyone noticing him were very small indeed. As usual, Suzanne had everything figured out ahead of time.

She knew almost better than he did just how much pleasure he could take without cumming. She was making repeated X patterns over his sweet spot with her tongue, finally giving him the "tongue lashing" that she'd promised earlier.

FUCK, man! he thought, gripping onto parts of the minivan like his life depended on it. So fucking INTENSE! I swear, she's playing me like a fiddle! How does she know when to ease up just enough?! I'm so damn high on lust that I could fly!

She said between licks, "So, I think... What would your friends think... if they knew... that the hot MILF they saw you with... was doing THIS to you right now?!" She giggled. "Your mom likes to call herself one of your 'personal cocksuckers.' Would you like me to be another one of your personal cocksuckers? Would that turn you on?"

She found herself aroused by her own words, so much that she went back to a steady bobbing right over his sweet spot. It was so pleasurable that he practically ripped the handle off the door. After just a minute or two he had to shout again, "Aunt Suzy! Please! Stop!"


Suzanne did stop, but did so reluctantly since she was increasingly eager to guzzle down one of his creamy loads. However, she was willing to wait, since she could see that he was fighting with all his might to hold out.

Realizing that he needed a longer strategic break, she crawled back up his body until she was face to face with him, which had the added benefit of letting her stretch a bit after being cramped in the limited space under her dashboard while she was between his legs.

"Aaaaah! That's better!" She stretched her arms as best she could. "Now you know why I borrowed your mother's minivan, so I could fit down here."

"Indeed! Wow!" He was amazed.

She kissed him playfully on the nose and said, "You know what? You should move your cock to your nose. Then I could alternate between kissing you and sucking you off. That would be a lot more comfy for me in a tight spot like this."

He said sarcastically, "I'll work on that."

She tenderly ran a hand over his face. Staring at him from inches away, she said, "So, you like your ol' Aunt Suzy?"

"For my own self-protection, I'm not going to answer that."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I see you're still jacking me off with one hand. Just having your beautiful nude body on top of mine in a place like this is too sexy to be believed. If I answer that question honestly, I'm going to have to say that I don't just like you, I love you, and I love you so much that it almost makes me cry tears of joy whenever I think about it. And then you're gonna get way too excited and go to town on my dick even more than you already have, and I'm gonna cum way too soon during a lunch break."

His talk of love made her heart soar. She was so thrilled, and already so much in love with him, that her entire body seemed to be humming. She said playfully, "You think you've got it all figured out, don't you?"

"I do." He looked at her with a mixture of triumph and love.

She just stared at him for a long moment, then suddenly scrambled back down to her previous spot between his legs. "Dammit, you're right!" Once she was settled in, she gave some long licks from his balls to the very top and then back down, after which she said, "But you're half right and all wrong. I'm not going to blow you; I'm going to give you another titfuck! You like those too, don't you?"

He groaned with a mixture of delight and dismay. "Oh God! Please! Give me strength! Aunt Suzy, if you do that, I'm gonna cum in, like, three seconds!"

"Hmmm. We don't want that. We've got to maintain your treatment program." She had added that last statement to try to maintain the pretense that he was getting a medical treatment. She let his hot erection settle in the depths of her cleavage, but took his warning seriously and delayed starting the titfuck.

He closed his eyes again and started counting.

She could tell what he was doing because she saw his lips move. "Doing the old 'close your eyes and count to ten' trick, huh? Good idea." She lapped her way around his cockhead until he had to gasp out loud, then stopped. "That's an old hit from the sixties, you know. Dusty Springfield, I think." She sang:

"I close my eyes and count to ten,
and when I open them you're still here
I close my eyes and count again,
I can't believe it but you're still here"

He wasn't familiar with the song but he liked the melody. "Nice." Her scratchy voice made her sound like Bonnie Tyler or a female Rod Stewart. His chest was still heaving from the endless waves of pleasure, but he at least managed to open his eyes and look at the beach and the ocean.

Waiting a few more moments to recover, he dared to glance briefly at Suzanne, and at his dick trapped between her huge globes. "Fuckin' A! That song must be about me. I can't believe you're still here. Hell, I can't believe you're here with me at all!"

She replied, "Sweetie, let's not go down that road again right now. Beautiful women need love too, you know, and it just so happens I'm kinda fond of you." She winked. "But we need to talk about Brenda. Our time is short, especially since I've hardly gotten started on your tongue-lashing punishment."

She looked down toward his cockhead and tried to reach it with her tongue. "I'm gonna whip it with my long tongue over and over again until it's red and 'bleeding' pre-cum. Maybe that'll teach you."

He laughed. "Teach me what? What did I do wrong in the first place? I forget."

"Me too." She tried "lashing" him, but since she couldn't reach his sweet spot, she "lashed" the top of his cockhead around the opening instead.

When she felt him tense up, she had to stop. "Okay. Let's really talk. I promise I'll be good... for the most part." She laughed wickedly. "Now, tell me what you told Brenda."

"Do you seriously expect me to be able to talk at a time like this?"

TB: An apparently topless Suzanne with her boobs held close around a cock while licking the underside of the head

"What? Is the view of the beach too distracting?" She swirled her tongue around his cockhead and tightened the grip of her boobs around his shaft, pushing him to the very brink of climax.

"Jeeeeesus! Aaaaaiiiiiieee! DAMN!" Panting hard, he complained, "You're gonna kill me!"

"True, probably, by and by. But what a way to go! So anyway, talk. Time is running out."

"Aunt Suzy, you're crazy!"

"Never call anyone crazy who has their teeth close to your cock." Due to the titfuck position, the best she could do was lightly scrape the top inch of his cockhead with her teeth to playfully make her point. "Anyway, the human body is very, very flexible. You may not realize it, but I'm training you. Right now, it may seem crazy to expect you to talk, but soon it'll feel odd for you to talk to me WITHOUT some beautiful woman actively sucking or at least stroking you at the same time."

That was such an arousing thought that it almost took him over the edge. He managed, barely, to hold on, but it left him breathless all over again.

Suzanne tried to give him more of a break, but with his hot erection trapped in her cleavage and his bulbous cockhead so close to her mouth she couldn't completely help herself. After another minute or two of keeping him right on the edge, thanks to playful little licks and tit squeezes, she crawled back up him until her mouth was back in kissing range.

"There. I promise not to do anything more than jack you off a little bit." She was already stroking him steadily as she said that. "Now, tell me about Brenda. And if talking about that big-titted babe inspires you to fondle the G-cups of the naked babe resting on top of you here in this public parking lot, well, so be it. Just don't put your hand here..." She took one of his hands and brought it to her pussy lips. His fingers immediately grew wet as he unthinkingly probed an inch or so into her slit.

She concluded, "...because that would be wrong."

He wasn't sure if she was teasing or serious, and frankly, neither was she. But he withdrew his hand, if only because he was overcome with stimulation and he was still trying hard to stave off his own climax.

She stopped stroking his shaft, only to fondle his balls instead. "Start with why you think she's so keen to talk to me all of a sudden."

"Well... I, uh... One thing I forgot to mention to you yesterday... I told her that she was unhappy. ... And, uh... Awww, hell! I give up! How can I talk like this? Your body feels so damn good! Your mouth is literally like an inch from mine. I wanna kiss you so bad!"

"Then kiss me, you fool!" she said in a challenging, sultry purr. "We still have time." She turned her head and quickly glanced at the clock on the dashboard. "Would you believe we still have fifteen minutes before we have to start back?"

He was tempted, but he closed his eyes and said, "No. I'm just gonna shut out all sensory information and pretend you're not jacking me off, and keep cool until I've told you all about Brenda."

He mentally counted to ten again, which helped a good deal. "Okay. I suggested she should talk to you right away about finding a good man, and making her life happier in general. I figured that if she did talk to you, you'd gain more insight into her, and then we could use that to kind of tempt her so she'd desire me more."

Before he could say more, Suzanne interrupted excitedly, "Brilliant! I knew you had it in you! You're like a chip off the ol' block. You're gonna make a great schemer, kid! And a killer seducer. Just from what I saw and what you told us last night, it's clear that you really got under her skin. And soon you're gonna get under her panties and into her burning hot CUNT!" She immediately locked lips and kissed him with a soulful passion.

He could feel beads of sweat rolling down his face, because she had him so hot in more ways than one. For once, she wasn't overtly doing anything to his hard-on, because she had brought both hands up to hold his head in place while they kissed. But his cock didn't get any respite, because her curvy, naked body was writhing on top of him and she seemed to make a point of grinding and churning her hips on his shaft.

It took him a while to recover from that combined kiss and cock rubbing. He couldn't seem to let go of her ass to save his life. Nevertheless, he finally managed to resume his story.

After Suzanne got over her initial excitement, she calmed down enough to let him summarize the rest of his discussion with Brenda. She avoided stimulating his cock too outrageously, more or less. He recounted everything he could remember, including such details as his "lord and master" comment.

Suzanne had a good laugh about that, and a few other things, such as how carried away he got with his doggy-style fuck suggestion. But all in all, she was very impressed at how he'd handled things, and she told him so. "Remember yesterday I told you that it's better to be lucky than good, but you're lucky AND good. I had no idea how true that was! Given her reaction to your 'lord and master' comment, plus other clues, I suspect she's even more submissive than we thought. You may have a real firecracker on your hands!"

She started sliding back down his body, to get back in position between his legs. "I'm so proud of you. I couldn't have coached you any better if I'd been able to tell you exactly what to say through an earpiece. She's much further along than I'd hoped for by this point. Once we get Brenda fully addicted to serving you and your cock, we can rest easy about what she knows regarding the incest."

Suzanne's mouth was positioned for more cocksucking, not titfucking this time. She licked all over his sweet spot as she added, "Would you like that? Would you like super busty Brenda to be your submissive toy to fuck and fondle any time you like?"

He just groaned lustily.

"I agree! You need a big reward. I'm going to have to give you a severe tongue lashing. I'm going to whip you with my tongue until your cock is completely soaked! Oh, wait. It already is, and mostly with my saliva!" She laughed gaily.

He grunted between labored breaths, "That's exactly what you said... about my... my punishment."

She laughed some more, even as she kept on stroking and licking. "I did, didn't I? Oh well, punishment, reward, or anything in between - it doesn't matter. The main thing is, I know I've gotta pleasure your incredible cock!"

With that, she engulfed his cockhead and then some, and got busy bobbing with strong suction. She'd been careful up to that point, easing up or stopping altogether if she thought he was too close to eruption. But she knew they had only a few minutes left, so this time she went all out.

It didn't take much. He too was aware of the time. In fact, he was more aware of it since he was facing the dashboard clock and glancing at it occasionally. She'd said it would take five minutes to drive him back to school, so he was aiming to last until then. But in the end, they still had a couple of minutes to spare when he started firing his load into her hungry mouth.

She kept bobbing through his climax and for about a minute afterwards, until he was completely flaccid.

She sighed happily; they both seemed content and mellow.

But then she was a sudden ball of energy. In a matter of seconds, she was back in the driver's seat and fumbling to put her clothes back on. "Quick, Sweetie! Your clothes! And you only ate half your sandwich. Finish it up, and your drink too."

He grabbed his shorts from the floor and started pulling them up his legs. By the time he was dressed, he was surprised to see that Suzanne was already starting the minivan. When she meant business, she meant business, and she didn't want him to miss even one minute of class on her account.

On the ride back, she asked, "Do you remember yesterday, when you came up with the idea that I should investigate all the girls on the cheerleading squad?"


"Well, I was thinking about it, and I've decided against it. The problem is, if I have investigators really start digging around, they're going to end up poking around into your life, and Angel's life, and Amy's life too. Even if they try not to, and only focus on the other cheerleaders and not Angel and Amy, it's hard to avoid them if you're all interacting. And what if, say, some investigator takes photos of you and Angel kissing rather intimately, and puts two and two together? Then I could have a whole new set of problems on my hands!"

He admitted, "I hadn't thought of that."

Suzanne chuckled. "Yeah, well, you were a bit preoccupied at the time. If I recall, a certain crazy redhead was busy licking your Johnson."

He quipped, "Yeah, I gotta tell Ginger Spice to stop doing that. It's distracting!"

She chortled, "Ginger Spice?! Ha! Yeah, right."

Pondering the situation more seriously, he asked, "Um... Aunt Suzy? Here's an idea. What if, instead of a full-on investigation, you just do a little background check yourself? Didn't you say you have personal experience doing that kind of thing?"

"I do," she admitted. "And nowadays with the power of personal computers, it's surprisingly easy."

"To be honest, the main one I'm worried about is Heather. She's scary! But knowledge is power..."

Suzanne smiled. "Knowledge IS power. That's a saying that people know to be true, but they're usually too lazy to act on it. You're right. I'll see to it personally, to find out a little bit about her. And that may help you, Angel, AND Amy from being crushed under her stiletto-booted heel."

"Thanks! You're the best!" He leaned into Suzanne's seat and kissed her cheek.

Suzanne grinned. "So... you and Heather, huh? Who'd'a figured?"

"Wait! I didn't say that! I haven't named any names. It's just that, as head cheerleader, she has her tentacles in everything."

"Ah. I see. Okay, we'll have to keep an eye on Ms. Octopus then."


In the end, Alan made it back to class on time, although he did have to run from the minivan to the classroom door, making it by only a few seconds.

The only problem with his whole lunch adventure was that Christine sat next to him in their fifth-period calculus class, so she noticed his post-coital lethargy and patina of sweat. Luckily, since she saw him run in, she figured it was due to his running a good distance to get to class on time. She kept her eye on him though, forcing him to stay alert and focused for the entire class, when what he really wanted to do was fade out in a post-orgasmic nap.

As he sat there pretending to listen to their teacher, he thought, Dang! Aunt Suzy is fucking UNREAL! I hate to say this, because I totally love Glory and how we're spending our time together, but lunch in the car with my auntie is a notch more awesome than lunch in class with my sexy teach. And that's saying a lot! But then again, Glory and I are just starting to get to know each other in an intimate way. Aunt Suzy already knows me so well that she has a big advantage.

Hell, the truth is, I couldn't take a lunch like that on a daily basis; I'd be totally useless for the rest of the day!


At one-thirty on the dot, Brenda rang the doorbell to Suzanne's house. That was when Suzanne had asked her to arrive, because she'd figured she'd need time to recover from meeting Alan and to make herself presentable. It had also given her some time to think about what she was going to say. But she also wanted Brenda gone before the school day ended, before Brad or Amy might come home.

Suzanne in the doorway in a gray long-sleeved blouse with pockets and a very short skirt

"Welcome! Come in," Suzanne said, acting the perfect hostess. She was dressed in just a long-sleeved blouse and short skirt, since she wanted to project an informal air.

Brenda was dressed more impressively, because she actually did want to impress. Her dress had a plunging neckline because she thought there was at least a slight chance she might also end up seeing Alan before she went home.

After a few minutes of pleasantries, the two women wound up sitting on opposite sofas in the Pestridge living room. Suzanne could tell that Brenda was too embarrassed to state the real reason for the visit, so she kept beating around the bush.

Suzanne broke the ice. "I got ahold of Alan during his lunch today at school and asked him about what you two talked about last night."

Brenda's entire body stiffened in response to hearing that. "You met with him just to talk about what he and I said in private?!"

"No, no, no. Relax. It wasn't like that at all. For starters, the reason I saw him had nothing to do with you. Since you know all our secrets, and you don't mind me speaking frankly about sexual matters..." She left that dangling to get Brenda to confirm again.

"I don't."

"Then I'll just come out and say it: I was getting hungry, for cock. For Alan's big cock!"

Brenda gasped.

"I'm sorry. I thought you could handle that kind of language."

"I can. Please, don't censor yourself for me. It's just... rather startling to hear it out of the blue like that."

"Ah. I see. I took Alan to a private place away from school so he could titfuck me, and boy did he!" She ran a hand down her chest, right between her boobs. "I can practically still feel the heat, the wet heat, burning into my skin. I got so hot that I couldn't help but suck his thick meat too. But listen to me; you don't want to hear me go on like that."

"Um..." Actually Brenda did, very much, but it didn't seem proper to admit it. She was starting to get quite horny, but she felt she should conceal that fact.

"That Alan. He's such an honorable, kind-hearted kid. Naturally he told me he couldn't share what you two had talked about, since there was a presumption of privacy. But he told me that he'd said that I could give you some pointers on finding a new man in your life, as well as on how to cope with the post-divorce blues. That was already on my agenda."

Brenda relaxed when she inferred, mistakenly, that that was all that Alan had told Suzanne. She nodded. "I guess that's... true enough. I must admit, being at the house next door last night, I saw a family, or maybe I should call it a group of very close friends..."

Suzanne suggested, "'Family' is good."

"A family, then, that's extremely happy. It's not just the sexual excitement in the air, although there's a lot of that too. There's just so much love, and joy, and laughter. It made me realize by contrast how unhappy my life has been in recent years. Alan talks highly of you. He says you can solve any problem, no matter how big or small. So I guess I could use your advice. How can I change things so I can be as happy as you all are?"

Suzanne nodded, pretending that Brenda's disclosure was new to her. "Okay. I can help with that. I've already suggested that, although Alan is off limits for you, I'd like to help find you a man like him."

"Yes." Brenda felt a pang in her heart. She didn't want a man like Alan; she wanted Alan. She wanted the real thing! But she figured that might not happen, so she needed to be willing to accept the next best. Besides, the more she learned and the closer she got to Alan and those who knew him well, including Suzanne, the better her chances would be with him.

Suzanne went on, "I understand your divorce is nearly final, so you're approaching a crossroads. That's the perfect time to shake things up and start down a new road - a better road. But before I can help you figure out where you want to go, I need to know where you've been. There's still so much I don't know about you. Can you fill me in?"

"Sure. What would you like to know?"

"Why don't you just tell me what you feel is relevant? For instance, more about the regrets and frustrations that have led you to desire a new man."

Brenda sat back and sighed heavily. "I do have some regrets and frustrations, but talking about them isn't easy. But then again, in many ways I've been incredibly lucky, so I should be grateful. For starters, because I've been married to a very wealthy man, people assume I'm some kind of gold digger who married into wealth. Not true. My parents were also very wealthy, so I was born into a life of luxury."

After a pause, she said, "By the way, last night, Alan pointed that out to me, even though he had no way of knowing. How did he do that?"

Suzanne grinned. "I'm not surprised. He's a VERY perceptive young man. Sometimes when I'm with him, I feel like he's looking straight into my soul. I can't keep any secrets from him. He knows my innermost secrets, my deepest desires."

"YES! YES! That's EXACTLY how I felt with him last night! It was an intense experience. Rather frightening, to be honest."

Suzanne waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, he's harmless. He's just very insightful, but he's very careful not to share any confidences. Well, he's harmless unless he's trying to seduce you, in which case watch out!" She chuckled knowingly.

Brenda's heart was thumping wildly as she thought about Alan seducing her. He's such a handsome, sexy STUD! If he were to try to seduce me, there's no way I could resist! Hell, why would I even want to resist? I'd drop to my knees in a flash and show him just how good I could be! That I'm worthy to be one of his many sluts. I'd show him with my lips and my tongue!

Suzanne smirked a little bit, seeing that Brenda was momentarily visualizing herself with Alan. Suzanne asked, "How has that affected you, being born into wealth?"

Brenda sighed again. "Unfortunately, in many ways that's more a curse than a blessing, at least the way I was raised. You see, I was spoiled rotten. On top of that, I've been blessed with this body." She looked down at her voluptuous form. "But in some ways that's more of a curse too. You see, I got my breasts very early and they just kept on growing. By the time I was fourteen, everyone treated me like I was royalty, just because I have all this extra fatty tissue on my chest and butt. That only spoiled me even more, especially when it came to men."

She looked over Suzanne's body. "I'm sure you can relate."

Suzanne nodded. "Probably. We've talked about our similar problems due to our somewhat similar bodies."

"I never had to lift a hand to do anything, because some horny guy who wanted to get into my pants was there to serve me. In a way I lucked out, because the reaction of others was SO extreme, SO over the top all the time that I got completely sick of it pretty quickly. Well before high school even ended, all I wanted was to be left alone. I guess we always want the things we don't have, which in my case was for people to like me for my brains rather than my body. I put my nose to the grindstone and did well in school. As a result, I ended up going to the University of California at Berkeley."

Suzanne nodded. "Yeah, I heard that."

"You're not surprised?"

"Why should I be? Brenda, we're in the same boat. The only difference is, I went to UCLA because I wanted to stay in Southern California. But I was accepted to Berkeley and quite a few other top universities as well. My story's exactly the same. Everyone loved me for my body and I wanted to be loved for my mind. Heck, we might even have ended up as classmates."

Brenda nodded. "Everyone treats me exactly like that. I'm so used to it that I find it hard to switch gears when someone actually understands me. Anyway, at Berkeley, I continued my spoiled ways. Believe it or not, I have a housekeeper named Anika who has basically raised me since birth. She continued as my full-time maid all through college, and she's with me still. How many college students have their own maids? None, that's how many."

Brenda was still having lusty thoughts, even as she carried on the serious conversation. She found herself staring at Suzanne's mouth in an odd way. Just an hour or so ago, that mouth was wrapped around Alan's cock! Her lips were stretched almost painfully wide, but I'll bet she loved it! No, I know she did!

"You seem bitter about it," Suzanne pointed out, unaware of Brenda's thoughts.

"Not really. Anika is the greatest; I don't know what I'd do without her. She's so much more than a maid. But I did pay the price for being pampered, and I continue to pay it. Anyway, it wasn't long before I met a man named Quintin Ross and married him. I was only nineteen. Not long after, we had a little 'accident,' meaning I got pregnant. My one and only child Adrian was the result. Although the timing was unfortunate, Aidy is the joy of my life, so now I have no regrets that I got pregnant."

She thought, I wish I could truly talk to Suzanne about anything. For instance, what's the policy around here regarding pregnancy? Is he going to knock up all his women? Or just use them as his sex dolls? Does she want him to impregnate her? Either way, it's too hot to be believed!

She regained her earlier train of thought and continued, "Sadly, Quintin didn't feel the same. He couldn't handle being a father at such a young age and skipped out on me. I dropped out of college and got divorced. Things were not going well. At least I had Anika and my Adrian, and I was still rolling in money. Quintin certainly was not poor, so he sort of threw a ton of money at me to try to make up for running off."

Suzanne nodded in sympathy. "I know what it's like having a baby or two at a young age, believe me."

"Yeah. At first I let it overwhelm me, but I eventually got back on my feet and went back to Berkeley to finish my degree. But before long I met another man and fell head over heels for him too. Bob, Bob Hunter. He's the man I'm divorcing now. Since I was hanging out with the rich students, I suppose it's not surprising that he turned out to be extremely wealthy too. I can't say I married him for his money, but then again, at that point in my life I was too snobby to date anyone who wasn't rich. At least I managed to graduate that time."

"What in?"

"A double B.A., in History and Art History."

Suzanne was pleasantly surprised, since she hadn't known that. "Oh, really? How interesting. You're going to be very popular around here. Alan loves history, and my daughter Amy is just crazy about art. She's quite a painting prodigy."

Brenda thought, What Alan really loves is SEX! And busty, beautiful women. Like me! Why can't I be one of his lovers too, dammit? I could be so good to him. He might be exactly what I need!

She pushed those feelings to the side and said, "That's nice. Anyway, after graduation, Bob and I moved to Orange County, to a brand new mansion that I still live in. Anika continued to work for me, but we had a whole squad of servants helping out." She frowned. "I know this sounds insincere, but I really think there's such a thing as having too much money. Bob stayed busy with his business, but we were so wealthy that it was utterly pointless for me to work. I had too much money and too much free time. Too much help, even, which meant Anika raised Adrian as much or more than I did. I think I would have been a lot happier with a lot less. I sure don't want to be poor, but money does not equal happiness, that's for sure!"

"I agree," Suzanne said. "Obviously it's good to know you won't ever have to live on the streets but, in my experience, rich people aren't any happier than the rest. And sometimes they're a lot less happy. It's my theory that people often get rich because they're so focused on getting ahead that family and love and health and other important things fall by the wayside. That almost guarantees big problems before long."

Brenda nodded. "So true! That was Bob in a nutshell. I mean, fuck! Pardon my French, but we had more money than we knew how to spend, and yet it was never enough for him. That became a big bone of contention between us. I wanted to enjoy life and have more of his time, but the opposite happened. As time went on, it's like he got more and more into his job. I think he loved the power, having lots of people to hire and fire and kiss his ass. Me? I'd been through that already due to my looks. I still have this big 'everyone leave me the hell alone!' chip on my shoulder, so the last thing that would interest me is some kind of power trip."

She sighed heavily again. "I just want to be done with it, all of it. The money, the servants, the snotty friends, the superficiality of it all. I've realized that I don't like ANYBODY that I know! I don't have a single real friend, except for Anika and Aidy, my son. Everyone else is just so fucking fake! Again, sorry for cursing."

"Not a fucking problem." Suzanne grinned, making clear that she didn't mind the profanity.

Brenda smiled at that. "You - and by 'you' I mean the whole Plummer house gang - you're the first real people I've come across in ages. You guys don't care which rich or powerful people I know, or how much my jewelry costs, or which exclusive resort I'll be going to for my next vacation. You guys actually LIKE each other, instead of sniping and backstabbing. It's so refreshing!"

Suzanne reached out and held Brenda's hand. "I've been where you are, believe me. I was lost for a long time too, looking for happiness in all the wrong places. My marriage went to hell years ago, which is a story I'll have to tell you later. I thought I could fill the void with sexual affairs and parties, but all the people I met were the same type of vacuous, elitist snobs that you don't like. In fact, that's how I first met you, at one of those parties a couple of years ago."

They both had a laugh over that.

Suzanne continued, "Too bad we didn't get to know each other better then. Susan's been my saving grace. She has these old-fashioned conservative values. I have a LOT of problems with some of that, especially in the religious and political areas. But some of those old values turn out to be the most important things, like family."

"Excuse me, but how does she juggle that with her new, um, focus on sexually helping her son?"

"Good question. The two things aren't in conflict at all. Sex and love reinforce each other. Sex strengthens the loving bond, and love makes the sex much, much better. It's a virtuous circle, the exact opposite of a vicious circle."

"I can see that." And I want it! Damn! Susan's so lucky! Suzanne too.

Suzanne continued, "I'm all about family these days, although I continue to be estranged from my husband and his seeming clone, my son Brad. I guess the Plummers have become my new family, and my daughter Amy's too. But Susan helped me in other ways. For a while, I tried to get her to go to those society parties. But she complained so much it was like pulling teeth, and only ever went as a favor to me. She called those people 'a bunch of puffed-up posers.' And she was right! I'd rather have one good friend like her than a thousand fair-weather friends. People who will stick with you through thick and thin."

"Exactly! Suzanne, it's like you're reading my mind."

Suzanne pointed out, "That's not so surprising. We're both about the same age and our histories aren't that different. We've had many similar experiences, from all the attention our big breasts and curvy figures have got us to unhappy marriages to husbands who are more interested in work and making ever more money at the expense of everything else. Susan's story is a bit different, but also broadly similar. There's no reason why you, or Susan, or I have to stumble in the dark alone; we can help each other."


They held hands again, then Brenda firmly squeezed Suzanne's. "Thank you! Alan was so right about how I needed to talk to you one-on-one. And I haven't even gotten to the main reason I wanted to talk to you!"

They both laughed, enjoying their new camaraderie.

Suzanne pulled her hand back and said, "Let's talk about that, then. Finding a new man. Yes?"

Brenda nodded. Her real interest at that moment was Alan, and trying him out, but she thought Suzanne wouldn't allow that. However, she hoped to learn things that could help her with that quest.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Nah. This conversation is far too interesting to take a break."

Suzanne smiled. "Very well. Let's talk about finding you a good man, one of those 'real men' like Alan that I've talked to you about. But first, let me explain a little more about my situation today. I've come to the conclusion that the most important thing, and maybe really the only thing that matters, is love. One of the ways Susan influenced me was to make me see that materialistic and selfish desires really don't matter much. I know that sounds a bit hypocritical when I'm living in this big house. I'm not saying that stuff doesn't matter at all, but once you reach a certain point... Let's put it this way. Have you ever heard of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?"

Brenda's face lit up. "I have! I love the fact that you mentioned that! Wow, talking to someone about something of intellectual substance. This is such a rare treat for me, because people see my looks and treat me like I'm a brainless bimbo. Maslow was a psychologist who said that each person first tries to fulfill his or her most basic needs, like food, water, and shelter. Once those are secure, the person moves on to higher needs, like secure employment, good health, and so on. The person keeps going up to get to still higher needs, like self-actualization."

Suzanne smiled. "Exactly! You and I, with our basic needs more than taken care of, we can move up. A lot of wealthy people never truly get that concept. They think the goal is just to collect more and more stuff. But that's a dead end. There's always that one more thing you want or think you need, and you keep working yourself to death until you literally die."

"So true," Brenda agreed. "You can't take it with you. I have more money than I could ever reasonably need to spend. Why couldn't Bob see that? Why couldn't he at least have found a better balance?"

Suzanne nodded. "Tell me about it. It's like you're describing my husband Eric. I'm at a point where what I desire above all else is love. To love and to be loved. Friends and family are what matters the most. And I've found that. Susan's a big, big part of it. And my daughter Amy. And Katherine, who's like a second daughter to me. But most important of all is Alan. I've gotta say the sexual aspect with him plays a big role. Had it not been for that, he'd be like a son to me, which is fantastic. But he's so much more! Brenda, I'm in love! I'm so much in love!"

Brenda smiled, even as she felt a sharp pang of jealousy. "That's wonderful. But isn't it kind of difficult for you? I mean, I'm sure he loves you too, but he's also sexually involved with Susan, and Katherine in a way, and others."

"Oh, definitely others," Suzanne said with a leer. "He's quite the stud."

Brenda noticed more than a touch of pride in Suzanne's voice, and that puzzled her. "I still don't get your attitude on that. Be honest; doesn't that bother you?"

"We're working it out. It's definitely a work in progress. We're lucky that there's just one male involved. I don't think men can share women very well. It goes back to some primal caveman instinct. But if one man has several women, that can work. That's been proven throughout history time and time again."

"The harem pattern," Brenda suggested. Harem-related porn was one of her favorite types of porn. The mere word could get her wet. It was hard for her to talk about the subject in a supposedly disinterested manner.

"If you want to call it that. In fact, I think it has big advantages. Look at us last night. You felt the vibe. The whole Plummer house is high on happiness and love, because we're all in love with Alan, and he's in love with all of us. It's incredible! For instance, I can share the joy of being in love with Alan with Susan, my very best friend. I thought we were the very best of friends previously, but it's made us even closer than before. Sharing Alan with other women you like, well, it's just better all around."

Brenda found herself nodding, because she was in complete agreement. I'll bet it is! Alan, with his harem of gorgeous women! Then she caught herself and stopped.

"So anyway, my point is, if you want to be happy, to be deliriously happy, you need to find love AND sexual satisfaction. Right now, you're lacking both in a big way."

"I am?"

"It's written on your face."

Brenda sitting on a blue sofa in a blouse and jacket, with crossed knees clad in gray hose

"It is?"

"Brenda, I'm going to be blunt. I'm going to be very blunt. You look like a woman who hasn't had a good fuck in YEARS!"

Brenda was shocked at first, but then she burst into laughter and Suzanne joined in. "You're right! You're so right!" After the laughter died down, she asked, "Is that really written on my face?"

"Well, yes and no. It's not something a stranger might notice, but I've been seeing you and talking to you more often in recent weeks, so it seems obvious to me. Of course, a big clue was the way you shouted out how you need to get laid at that party a few nights ago."

Brenda laughed. "Oh yeah! When I was drunk. That was a teeny, tiny clue."

Suzanne winked. "Very tiny. I'll bet it's actually true that you haven't had sex in years, at least any really good sex. Meanwhile, Bob has been having affairs right and left."

"What?! How did you know that?!" She was well aware of his affairs, but she didn't see how Suzanne could know.

"From what you told me before. Alan's not the only one who can be perceptive, you know. Your husband's on a power trip, you said. For people like that, sex is a manifestation of power. Way back when, I'm sure he pursued you aggressively because you were the best. The most beautiful. The most endowed. Smart and rich, too. It was impossible for him to find a more physically impressive wife than you. To put it bluntly, you were a gorgeous trophy to be won. Then he was happy with you for a while, because having and flaunting you was one way for him to prove his superiority over others. But people like that get bored with the status quo."

Brenda nodded as she listened. She was very impressed.

"Eventually, he concluded that having you, and some other women on the side, would be even more of a power trip, plus there's the thrill of the chase and the excitement of keeping a dangerous secret, and so on. Believe me, I know, because my husband Eric is a lot like your Bob, and the same kind of thing destroyed our marriage."

Suzanne went on, "For a long time, I was stumped: why on Earth would a man cheat on ME? Let's not toot the false modesty horn; I'm extremely beautiful, smart, good-hearted, an insatiable tigress in bed, and lots of other positive things besides. But eventually I realized what happened wasn't about me. His personality made his cheating inevitable. Some people are just never satisfied with what they've got."

Brenda asked, "Why didn't you just divorce his sorry ass years ago?"

Now it was Suzanne's turn to sigh heavily. "In retrospect, I should have. Keeping a sham marriage going was the dumbest mistake I ever made. But I thought it was vital to keep the family together until the kids graduated from high school. What I didn't realize was that a family split in two while living in the same house was no favor to the kids. In fact, just the opposite. But now it's a moot point. Somehow we've muddled through, and now the kids are of age and I can finally get a divorce. Which of course will allow me to devote myself to Alan full-time. So you can see how very similar our situations are."

"But how is Eric cheating on you different from Alan having multiple lovers?"

Suzanne's eyes narrowed and she had to control a surge of anger. "It's totally different! Nothing could be MORE different! Cheating is cheating, and it's just about the most painful kind of personal treachery you can imagine. But you probably can imagine it, since Bob cheated on you."

Brenda nodded. Her heart ached from the reminder. Bob had cheated on her for years and years.

"Whereas everything Alan has done with other women has been with my full approval. I may not know every last detail, but there's no real duplicity or treachery going on. In fact, I've encouraged him every step of the way. You see, we're a family - a real sharing family. If Alan were my lover but not theirs, we would have all kinds of problems. Sharing is the only way to go here."

Brenda was silent, since she didn't know quite what to think about that. Damn! I'm an outsider. If I were part of that group, say, Suzanne's sister, I'm sure I'd have the taste of sperm on my breath right now! I'd spend hours naked and kneeling, choking and gagging, then getting the fucking of my life! That would be a dream come true. But Alan doesn't know me at all, so why would he be interested?

Suzanne continued, "So, as you can see, our life histories are pretty similar. The big difference is that now I have Alan."

Brenda said wistfully, "What I need is my own Alan." Maybe I'll have to settle for that, someone like him. God, that sucks! So much money, and it can't buy me the one thing I really need.

"My thoughts exactly! In fact, you need someone exactly like Alan. Too bad Alan is already taken, several times over. We've lamented that already. Someone like him would turn your life around. Of course, I'm not talking about the superficial things, like age or looks, though it's wonderful to have a handsome young stud who can last so long. But it's the stuff inside that counts. The key thing for me with Alan is that he's just such a GOOD person. He doesn't care about power, wealth, or status. I think he saw what Susan and I went through, and he's been lucky to learn what really matters at a much younger age than you or I did. He knows it's about family, friends, and love. If his loved ones are unhappy, he's unhappy."

After an apparent pause, Suzanne unexpectedly added, "And sex!"

"Excuse me?"

"Sex! Sex is key. It's like the glue, the bond, that holds it all together. I don't think you can have a happy romantic couple without good and fairly frequent sex. If they go without, then they're just roommates and not really a couple. With sex, we reaffirm and strengthen our loving bonds every day." She leered, "And it's a hell of a lot of fun!"

They laughed. Brenda added, "Amen to that!" Again she thought about the fact that Suzanne had blown Alan just an hour or so earlier. Lucky slut. Lucky lips. And he titfucked her too!

Suzanne continued, "So what you need is a man who has good values, not superficial ones. And he has to be someone you find attractive. And someone who can ring your chimes over and over again, if you know what I mean."

Brenda said with chagrin, "Basically, Alan."

"Pretty much. Unfortunately, there aren't many Alans out there, and I'm sure they get snapped up fast. But I've found mine, and with the right attitude, lots of work, and knowing where to look, I'll bet you'll be able to find yours."

Brenda said anxiously, "I hope so. The fact that I have a teenage son already, that doesn't help matters."

"No. But I believe there's someone out there for every lonely soul. Or, in Alan's case, someone for several lonely souls." She chuckled.

Brenda was fishing for details about Alan's sex life. She asked, tentatively, "Um, you don't have to answer this, but just how many 'lonely souls' do you think one person like him can satisfy?"

"Hmmm. In Alan's case, who knows? I do know that I'm much, much happier sharing him than having someone like my husband-in-name-only Eric all to myself. The sharing has so many benefits. To give you an example, Susan was already my very best friend before this all started. I thought we couldn't possibly get any closer. But then we both started sharing Alan, and we've gotten MUCH closer! We spend even more time together every day, and we're constantly talking about the sexy, fun things we did with him. It literally doubles the joy, because I get to do something with Alan, and then later I get the joy of reliving it by talking about it with Susan."

Brenda asked hesitantly, "Do you get... graphic?"

"Oh, yes! VERY graphic! We go over every blowjob nearly lick by lick. Not only is it great fun, but we also learn a lot about what works best, so we can serve him that much better."

Brenda felt goose bumps when she heard that. "Serve him!" Oh God, she's living the dream! MY dream! But am I ready to make that dream a reality? That's scary!

Suzanne added, "Of course, that wouldn't work for some personality types. We're lucky in that our group, or family, meshes so well. Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes. There are a lot of different ways to find happiness."

"That's true," Brenda agreed. She was miffed that Suzanne had dodged revealing the number of Alan's lovers.

Brenda and Suzanne continued to talk about this and that. Mostly, they focused on Brenda's problems. Suzanne tried to stress that it would be difficult to find the kind of man she wanted and needed, and in the meantime she needed to get in contact with her sexual side and "go a little wild." Once she "found herself" sexually, that would make it easier to know what she wanted with her ultimate mate.

At one point, Brenda asked Suzanne to describe how good it felt to be fucked by Alan.

Suzanne was forced to state that she hadn't actually been fucked by him yet, since she'd been holding off on real intercourse until Susan was ready to accept it for them both. But she reassured Brenda that, based on the great pleasure that she'd experienced with other sex acts with Alan, she was sure it would be absolutely fantastic. She pointed out that all the other sex acts with prolonged arousal were training him to have incredible stamina, on top of his innate teenage ability to recover rapidly. She further asserted that she and he would fuck within the next week or two, once Susan got past her issues about so-called "true incest," meaning vaginal penetration.

Given everything else that Brenda had learned about Alan, she had no reason to doubt Suzanne's prediction.

There was much that Suzanne refrained from saying. For instance, she didn't bring up Brenda's sexually submissive tendencies, even though she was tempted to. She reminded herself that her scheme wouldn't come to fruition in one day, so on this day she was just planting seeds that would flower in the future.

There was also much that Brenda refrained from mentioning. She still considered her submissiveness a deep secret that only Alan had figured out. She thought Suzanne might have an inkling, in a vague way, due to the kind of "real man" Suzanne said would suit her, but she was ashamed to reveal just how strong her submissive feelings were. She was very afraid of those feelings. Life was safe, if boring, as long as she kept them bottled up. Alan tempted her to take the plunge and let those feelings run free, but that scared her. She still felt reluctant and conflicted.

Suzanne's goal was to give Brenda the idea that the person she should "go a little wild" with was Alan. Furthermore, she wanted Brenda's desire for Alan to grow and grow. It didn't take a big mental leap to conclude that if Brenda's ideal mate was a man "exactly like Alan," who better to fit that description than Alan himself? Once Brenda was fully under Alan's spell, her knowledge of the incest would no longer be a threat. Ideally, Brenda could find a role as a kind of associate member of Suzanne's new sexual family, benefiting from it in many ways without being a core member who took up a lot of Alan's time and energy. Suzanne considered the fact that Brenda had a teenage son to be a potential bonus, because it would hopefully keep Brenda occupied much of the time so she wouldn't be too clingy or upset about not being closer to Alan.

Suzanne hadn't worked out all the answers when it came to Brenda, but she had a gut feeling that things were working in a direction that would make everyone involved very happy, including Brenda. In fact, in the same way that Suzanne felt that Susan's sexual awakening would ultimately end up being the best thing that had ever happened to her friend, Suzanne thought that Brenda's life also could be radically transformed for the better.

Even though the supposed purpose of Brenda's visit was to get Suzanne's help in finding a man like Alan, she left the house with less of an interest in that option and even more desire for Alan himself. That had been exactly Suzanne's intention all along.


Susan had told Alan and Katherine to be home from their S-Club meeting by five o'clock. With school ending at three o'clock, that gave them less than two hours for another ménage à trois at Kim's house under the cover of the S-Club meeting.

Had Alan gotten together with Kim and Katherine one day earlier, there would have been a lot of weariness. Katherine was still recovering from the drilling of a lifetime on Monday. Kim also wasn't used to being fucked, and so had taken some time to recover. But by Thursday afternoon both girls were hot to trot.

Not so for Alan. He'd recovered from Monday reasonably quickly, but Wednesday had been another intense day for him. He'd had seven orgasms, which would have been tiring enough in any case, but they'd also all been very intense and prolonged. He decided that he needed to pace himself better.

Alan and Katherine had been dropped off at school that morning, which left Alan wondering how the two of them would get to Kim's house after school. But Katherine said she'd take care of it.

When Alan finished with his tennis practice, he went to meet his sister in the student parking lot, as she'd requested. To his surprise, Kim was there too.

Kim immediately grabbed his arm and led him towards a car. "Nice to see you, big guy. In short, Katherine and I decided that we need to maximize every minute we're together since our time today is so short. That's why we'll be taking my mother's old SUV and Katherine will be driving."

Alan looked as clueless as he felt. "Katherine driving? I don't understand. It's still the same distance to your place no matter who drives there."

They'd reached Kim's car by that point. Kim said as she opened the door to the back seat, "Yes, but think of all the precious minutes wasted while you were driving last time. Minutes that I could have spent with your cock in my mouth."

Alan looked around frantically to see if anyone was within hearing range, but no one else was even close. "But..." he protested, "but I need to take it easy."

Kim practically shoved him into the far back of the car where there was a lot of room. Meanwhile, Katherine hopped into the driver's seat and started the engine.

Before the car even began to move, Kim had Alan's shorts off and his erection in her hand.

But Alan was serious about taking it easy, and especially not overtaxing his dick. He convinced her that he could do a good job of "warming up" her pussy with his fingers.

The only problem for Alan was that when they were about halfway there, Kim took her top and bra off and said to Katherine, who was driving the car, "You know what I've always wanted to do but never had the guts to go for?"

"What's that?" Katherine asked.

"Press my breasts against the window of a moving car, flashing everyone in sight!"

Katherine enthused, "Oooh! What a great idea! Boy, Kim, I wish you were driving 'cos I'd love to do that right now!"

Alan complained, "Kim, I hope you don't think you're actually going to go ahead with..." His voice trailed off because she was already doing it.

Kim in her mother's car, topless, pressing her breasts against the window, flashing everyone

Kim's breasts were small by Alan's lucky standards, only B-cups, but flattened out against the window they looked to be a size or two larger.

Alan responded with increasing panic, "Kim, you can't do that! Everyone will see! We're getting closer to your house all the time; there could be people you know!"

Kim giggled, "What people?"

She had a good point. The car was well into the suburbs and she was pressed up against the passenger-side back window, which looked out onto the sidewalk (rather than being visible to cars coming in the other direction). In any event, the streets were deserted and there almost weren't many cars passing them.

Alan was aroused by the display, though he didn't want to admit it. He moaned, "I give up. The whole world's gone insane."

Kim joked, "I don't care if you give up talking, but don't give up fingering! I'm having the time of my life here!"

Indeed, Kim was so aroused, especially by the three or four minutes she'd sat with her boobs plastered against the window, that it took Katherine and Alan some effort to talk her into putting her top back on long enough to go from the car to her house.

But as soon as the three of them got through the front door and closed it behind them, all bets were off. Katherine and Alan were panting with excitement, but Kim's lust left theirs far behind.

Kim practically tackled Alan to the floor and had him naked from the waist down before he knew what was happening. She fell on top of him, sucking his dick like her mouth was a black hole in deep space, pulling in all adjacent matter.

After only a minute or two, she went so deep that she started to gag and had to pull back a bit.

Katherine leaned in and kidded, "Save some of that for the rest of us, okay?" After Kim failed to answer, Katherine started to get annoyed. "Kim, don't we want to move this from, like, two feet from your front door?"

O: Kim talking just after lifting her mouth from Alan's cock

"Sorry," Kim said as she briefly and reluctantly removed her mouth from Alan's dick so she could talk. "It's just that I'm so excited. This is, like, a feast! I have no idea how you can manage to live in the same house as him; I'd be sucking him off twenty-four hours a day."

Katherine leaned in and giggled. "You'd be surprised how accurate that is sometimes. But do save some for the rest of us, okay?" She began taking off both her clothes and Kim's.

Alan also needed Kim to take it easy, because her great zeal already had him on the edge of climax. He didn't want to shoot all his loads from blowjobs instead of fucking, so he added, "Yeah. Not that I don't love it, but can we at least make it to your bedroom?"

Kim got up from the floor and led the other two upstairs to her room. Even though she was excited about her newfound discovery of penises and wanted to do nothing but play with Alan's all afternoon, she was mindful not to neglect Katherine. Since Kim was basically a lesbian, she wasn't suffering from that obligation: it was like having to choose between one's two favorite flavors of ice cream.

So, when Alan declared he needed a rest to recover his energies, Kim turned her attention to his sister. As soon as Katherine sat down on Kim's bed, Kim yelled, "Yee-hah!", jumped on her, and went after Katherine with abandon.

Now Alan was the odd one out, but he didn't mind. After everything that had happened to him that day, he wanted a more mellow sexual experience, plus he really did need the break. So he just sat and watched Kim and Katherine sixty-nine as he slowly stroked himself.

After five minutes or so, the two girls calmed down enough to remember again that he was there and see what he was doing. While they continued to mainly go after each other, they made sure to keep a hand or mouth on him as well so he wouldn't have to masturbate.

They went on like that for quite a while. But although Kim was still bursting with excitement, Alan managed to set the pace and generally keep their sexual fun languid and slow. Thus they spent much of their time talking and lightly caressing each other.

Alan didn't want to fuck just yet, as he wanted to save that for the finale. So, after about half an hour when the other two were looking for something different to do, he suggested, "Hey, I've got an idea. I know your pussies are sensitive and sore from Monday. Let's try titfucking. Have either of you done that before?"

"No," Katherine admitted.

Kim also shook her head 'No.'

Katherine was unreasonably afraid that her breasts would be too small to give a good titfuck. But she was slightly encouraged by the fact that she knew they were much bigger than Kim's. At least, for once, she didn't have to compare her bust to those of Susan and Suzanne.

She said, "Sounds weird. But if it makes you feel good, I'm all for it. I want you to fuck any part of my body, any way you want, any time you want. It's part of my fuck-toy code."

"Me too!" Kim agreed. "I don't know about this fuck toy business, but I'm quickly learning that anything involving either of you doing anything to me is great."

Alan naturally started with his sister. He poured some baby oil on her chest. Then, while he sat on her stomach and pounded into her ample cleavage, Kim lay between Katherine's legs and licked her slit.

Katherine was soon rendered nearly insensible from the double attack, with drool literally rolling down her chin.

Once she'd had a nice orgasm, she and Kim switched positions. Kim had the smallest pair of tits Alan had titfucked yet, but she made up for that by cocksucking him at the same time - there was no way she was going to let an opportunity of having her mouth that close to his erection go to waste.

A titfuck was something new for both women, and they decided they really got off on it.

Kim pointed out, "That's one thing at least that a man could do that no dildo could compare with. I've gotta admit, the hot flesh of a cock pressed between my boobs is so much better than cold plastic put in the same place."

Katherine joked, "I like it too, except for the fact that there's not even the slightest chance that I could get knocked up that way."

She loved talking about getting pregnant at every opportunity when she was having sex with her brother. Alan didn't like that very much, but he tolerated it because he knew it was something she really got off on.

Alan's dick was still in a bad way and it still hurt for him to ejaculate or pee. But the three of them kept going anyway. He remained hard nearly the entire time, and all three of them had fun trying to keep his prick fully stimulated and aroused without actually taking him over the edge. Even when they mostly just sat and talked, at least one of the girls had a hand on his manhood, lightly caressing it. He felt he could live like that all day long, keeping a low-level erotic buzz from morning to night.

Kim was also in heaven. She just couldn't get over how much she loved cocksucking. She still considered herself a lesbian, in that she really didn't like men. She certainly didn't want a boyfriend; she strongly preferred the company of women. All she wanted from a man was a cock to suck and fuck, without the hassle of actually having to go on dates and the like. She realized this "S-Club" arrangement was perfect for her, so she stayed on her best behavior to make sure it would continue.

Kim also took advantage of Katherine's tiredness to monopolize Alan's dick most of the time, sucking it until her jaw muscles couldn't take anymore. She sucked him slowly and backed off when necessary to prevent his orgasm. For her, taking it easy amounted to lazily licking his cock or, failing that, rubbing it against her cheek. She was constantly rewarded by a slow drip of pre-cum that she licked up.

V: Kim fucking herself up and down on Alan's pole while he lies on her bed

Although there was a lot of cocksucking and titfucking, Alan made sure that the finale for each woman was a good fucking: Katherine in missionary position and Kim cowgirl-style. He shot one load directly into Katherine but with Kim he used a condom. Katherine was delighted to see that he was going bareback only with her.

Kim, though, didn't mind, because in the end she pulled off him, removed the condom, and had him ejaculate into her mouth. She just couldn't guzzle down enough of his sweet cum.

Despite their exhaustion, they were all very disappointed when their relatively short "S-Club meeting" had to end. They felt like they could have kept at it for a full afternoon, slowly fucking, sucking, talking, and just hanging out.

As Kim drove them home, Katherine thought about their driver. She was surprised at the change that had come over Kim. Katherine had barely known Kim before they became sexually involved, as they'd only been cheerleaders together for a couple of weeks prior to that. Her first impression had been that Kim was an evil bitch, working hand in hand with Heather to make Katherine a sex slave. But that turned out to be completely wrong. In fact, it was remarkable just how fawning Kim had become to both the Plummer siblings, but especially to Alan.

In this latest "S-Club meeting," Kim seemingly all but worshipped Alan and his dick. She'd run to the kitchen to get him orange juice or fruits, wipe his forehead with a cool towel after he sweated, lick his cock clean after each orgasm, and generally treat him like a king.

Katherine could relate to that, because she'd been acting towards him more and more like that herself lately. She reflected, There's something about getting a really, really good fucking. There's a bonding that takes place. Not only that, but you're ready to do anything to get it again. I hope Kim doesn't get more possessive and try to take my brother away. If that happens I'm not going to let go of him without a hell of a fight!

But what am I thinking? There's no way she can steal him, not with what he's doing to Mom and Aunt Suzy, and somewhat with Aims. Why the hell would he give up having four beauties in his own house for anybody? That's one benefit of having to share. I may not get all of him, but I'm pretty much guaranteed to get a good piece of him.

Alan had also noticed Kim's new subservient attitude. Though he wasn't the type to be rude or demanding, he was curious, so he experimented a bit with what she would do. Unfailingly polite, he nonetheless started acting more assertive, saying things to Kim like, "Boy, I could really use some juice." He noted that Kim would hop up immediately and run downstairs to get the juice. She also would take any sexual position he asked, unquestioningly.

She acted even more eager to please than Katherine, which was saying something. He noted the irony that while Katherine loved to talk about being a fuck toy, she generally didn't act that subservient or submissive. He was glad, too, because he loved her just the way she was, personality-wise, and didn't want to see a big change.

The whole experience presented him with much food for thought. He didn't want to turn into a selfish asshole; he realized he'd have to pay serious attention to that possibility.


Susan had been thinking about what might happen the next time Alan needed to cum while at home. She was supposed to be punishing Suzanne, but she also had her own vow not to help him too much until after Ron was gone. If push came to shove, she thought she might give him a handjob, but she wanted to avoid that eventuality because she doubted that she'd be able to resist turning the handjob into a blowjob.

She assumed Alan would be tired and want to take a nap when he returned home after school and his S-club meeting. Ron's departure for Asia was imminent, leaving her feeling obliged to do some things with him. There were certain errands that she and Ron needed to take care of together, such as deciding some important purchases. She wanted to make sure that Alan and Katherine made it home by five o'clock, as they had promised, but with Alan being gone with his S-Club meeting and then napping, she figured the late afternoon would be a good time to do her errands with Ron. She'd asked Suzanne to stop by and make sure the kids got home on time.

Alan and Katherine did make it home on time. Katherine, also assuming Alan would take a nap immediately, took off for next door to hang out with Amy.

However, for once Alan didn't feel like napping. It was past his usual nap time, and he was so up from the S-club meeting that he knew he'd have a hard time getting to sleep.

He mentioned this to Suzanne when she showed up at the Plummer house to check on him and Katherine. She sensed opportunity. She told him that his alertness was a good thing, because they needed to discuss what had happened the day before with Brenda. Suzanne requested that the discussion take place in Alan's room (in case they might get intimate).

As soon as they were in his room, she closed the door and asked him, "So, what's your pleasure?"

"What do you mean?"

She struck a provocative pose, with her hands behind her head. "I mean, what would you like to do with me? Within a reasonable approximation of Susan's rules, of course." In fact, she was breaking Susan's punishment with that suggestion, but she calculated she could get away with it.

He shrugged. "I don't care. Not because I'm not interested, but because I'm going to be with you whatever we do, and that's the main thing. Anything with you is good. Just sitting here and talking is good."

Suzanne looked at him in disbelief. Is this kid for real? Or is he filled with more shit than a sewage treatment plant? The thing is, I know him almost as well as I know myself. Sometimes he does shade things a bit - he is a charmer! But I also know from his face when he's totally sincere, and he meant that! My God! Does he have any idea what that does to me? This is true love!

Although Alan was happy to be with Suzanne in any context, the main reason he'd said those words was because he'd just come from a lot of sexual activity at Kim's house and he didn't think he'd be up for more any time soon. But he felt he couldn't explain the real reason for his reticence, due to his need to maintain the S-Club cover story.

They were standing in the middle of his room, fully clothed, but Suzanne was so overcome with lust and love that she suddenly attacked him. She practically tackled him to the bed, kissing him as if she were pouring her heart and soul out to him via her luscious lips.

"Whoa!" he said a few minutes later when they finally came up for air. By that time, she'd managed to get every item of clothing off them both. They lay in the middle of his bed. His sexual reluctance had been totally forgotten, as demonstrated by his newly engorged boner.

She shook her head. "You don't even know, do you?"

"Know what? I know that I love you."

"AAAAIIIIIEEEE!" She squealed like she'd just been stabbed. Then she kissed him passionately, for a long time.

She hadn't so much as touched his erection yet, because she'd focused entirely on the kissing. But it had been rubbing against her here and there, and she was suddenly too aroused to ignore it any longer. She paused in her kissing and said, "Sweetie, just keep saying things like that to me and you'll be amply rewarded. In any case, we may not have a lot of time, so let's get it on!"

"What about talking about Brenda?"

"Oh, we'll have time for that eventually. But... fun first! Again, what would you like me to do? My treat. I wanna blow your mind and set your cock squirting like an out-of-control fire hose."

"Hmmm. Well, there's handjobs, blowjobs, and titfucks, right? Everything else seems off limits, since I'm not allowed to get near your pussy."

Suzanne tonguing Alan's bare foot

"Not true! Well, you're right about Susan's stupid rules, at least for now, but there's all kinds of other things we can do. For instance, check this out." She scooted down the bed, held up one of his feet and began to kiss and lick it.

"Whoa!" he said after a minute or two, when he'd had a chance to consider what she was doing. "That feels pretty good. It's like you're giving my foot a blowjob or something. And it's weirdly intimate. I mean, you've really gotta love someone to get so passionate with their stinky feet. Let me do you."

Again her heart soared, but then she said, "No! Some other time, okay, but not now. We need to get your cock squirting, then get back downstairs. So, again, what's your pleasure?"

He'd had a lot of blowjobs lately, but titfucks were still a comparatively new thing so his choice was easy. "Well, what about another titfuck? That was awesome!"

She grinned. "I thought you might say that. One titfuck coming right up." She scooted back up the bed and trapped his erection between her tits. "How does this feel?"

"You're a goddess! You're awesome!"

She giggled with glee as she slid her tits along both sides of his shaft. "Well, that's true." She winked while lapping at the tip of his cockhead with her long tongue.

She got into the lapping so much that he assumed she'd lost her train of thought. But then she continued: "Consider this a reward for handling Brenda so well. You really hit a home run there! I talked to her while you were at school today, like I told you I would. Supposedly she wanted my advice on how to find a man like you. But I know what she really wants: THIS!" She licked in a circle all the way around his cockhead to make clear what she meant.

Then she added, "Her panties are all in a squishy twist over you. It's so cute. At the moment she thinks you're the biggest stud on the planet!" She snickered.

His natural modesty came to the fore. "I find that hard to believe." He meant it too.

"Believe it!" She planted a slurpy kiss right over his urethra.

"So what did you two talk about, exactly?"

"This and that." She was stopping to lick between each sentence. "I think it's best that you don't know exactly. It was mostly very specific stuff about her past. It's brilliant if you can 'perceive' something in general, like that she has an uninspired sex life, but it'll be a disaster if you 'perceive' something too specific, such as the name of her first husband. You're not supposed to know that until she tells you herself."

"Ah. Good point." Even though he was enjoying her titfucking, their pace and excitement level was still fairly relaxed. So he asked, "By the way, what's the deal with her?"

"What do you mean?"

He felt a sudden surge of lust. "Dang, she's just got such huge fuckin' tits!" He was so excited, he grasped both of Suzanne's nearly-as-large globes with his hands.

She chuckled. She'd been holding a tight tunnel around his erection, but she let go since his hands were doing the job. "That's your question?"

He brought his momentary surge of lust under control and tried to think. "Um, no. I know about the whole incest disclosure problem, of course. But she just sorta dropped in out of nowhere. With all the stuff going on in this house lately, having anyone over is pretty risky. How did she even get into a position to know about our incest in the first place? I suspect you had some scheme up your sleeve, even before the disclosure, like you usually do. Am I warm?"

She paused her titfucking activity while keeping his hard-on deep in her cleavage. "VERY warm!" She bent her head down to lap at the head of his cock. Then she strained and struggled and managed to get all of it in her mouth. She slid her lips back and forth over his sweet spot several times before she had to release his cock. "In fact, I'd have to say you're downright HOT!"

He chuckled, even as he felt goose bumps all over from the sheer pleasure. "I didn't mean it like that. You're dodging the question!"

She grinned widely; she was proud of her reputation for scheming. She resumed the titfuck, sliding one tit up as the other one went down. "Guilty as charged. She's something else, isn't she? Tits out to here, and a great body. Plus a really cute and beautiful face. And smart as well. Are you happy that she's well on her way to becoming your latest conquest?"

He groaned, mostly from lust. "Aunt Suzy, you're still dodging the question."

She chuckled. "I see I can't get anything past you, not even when you're in the middle of a slippery titfuck. Okay, I'll tell you: yes, it's been my scheme all along. My plan has always been that I want you to FUCK her! But now, with her learning about the incest, that's gone from a great idea to a necessity. Reaming her with your big cock was the plan all along!"

That triggered an erotic reaction in Alan that nearly set off his orgasm. He closed his eyes and grunted loudly. "UGH!"

Suzanne suddenly pulled back, hoping to reduce his stimulation temporarily so he wouldn't blow his load so quickly.

It was a close call, but somehow he hung in there. He kept his eyes closed and just panted for a few moments, trying hard not to think about what she'd just said, or in fact anything at all.

Suddenly he focused on what Suzanne had said about how he would eventually fuck Brenda. That nearly made him hyperventilate all over again. Finally, with his eyes still closed, he asked incredulously, "What?! No way! Why?!"

"Don't you think it's a good idea? Don't you want to do her?"

"Duh! A castrated, gay Pope would want to do her! But seriously, that doesn't make any sense. I'm super happy right now. I love the royal treatment you, Mom and Sis are giving me. I'm not looking for anyone new."

"I know. And neither am I. But I'd been vaguely aware of her for a while now, after seeing her at various social functions. After all, there's no way to avoid noticing her! Recently, at a party, I saw her again and had a realization that we needed to get her involved in this somehow. It wasn't really one of my full-blown schemes, because I didn't know where it might go exactly. I just knew that I wanted to see her bouncing on your cock." That was honest enough, although she hadn't fully committed to pursue that last objective until Susan had revealed her incest, which had forced Suzanne's hand.

His arousal surged so much that he leaned forward as if he were being buffeted by a wave. "But why?! Why would you do that for me?!"

"First off, because you're my Sweetie, and I like to make you happy." She again paused the titfuck and bent her head downward. She had an easier time of it the second time, managing to engulf his entire cockhead immediately.

The pleasure of her lips repeatedly sliding over his sweet spot was so intense that he clutched at the bed sheets and started moaning ecstatically.

Eventually she relented, for fear that he'd cum too soon. She switched back to "merely" titfucking him. But tilting her head down just a bit wasn't so difficult for her, so she also licked the top of his cock. "See what I mean? Stick with me and you'll go far!"

"Jesus Christ!" His heart raced and sweat tricked down his face. "I don't doubt that. Good grief! But... that still doesn't really explain why you threw her my way."

"I know. But a woman like Brenda, she's one in a million. Rarer than that! In my entire life, I've never met another woman who's so curvy, so stacked, and yet so basically slim. She's a genetic freak! AND she's getting a divorce, so she's fair game and vulnerable. It was such an amazing, timely opportunity that I simply couldn't let it escape." She thought, Besides, I want to have fun playing with her myself!

"Wow!" He marveled at that while also luxuriating in his titfucking. But then he asked, "Even so, wouldn't you be jealous of her? Doesn't that cut into my time with you? We still hardly know her. That means there's all kinds of danger!"

Suzanne decided to halt their titfucking, because the conversation was becoming both important and complicated. She was happy to just keep his boner happily snuggled in her deep cleavage. "Jealous? Maybe. But by now you must know that I'm a switch hitter. Maybe I'd like a taste of Brenda myself."

"Oh man!" he groaned lustily. "Don't even put that thought in my head! I can't take it!"

She grinned wickedly. "What, of Brenda and me, naked and kissing, rubbing our big racks together?"

He groaned again. "Big? You mean fuckin' HUGE! Oh man!" He took hold of the sides of her breasts and started thrusting in and out of her cleavage more proactively. Thinking about both Brenda and Suzanne was getting him really worked up.

Still imagining the sight, he exclaimed, "If that were to happen... Man! There'd be such a great mass of tit-flesh collected there that it would cause a boobtacular black hole or something!"

Suzanne laughed heartily at that. "So, are you saying my rack compares favorably to hers?"

"Oh! MAN! Don't even get me started!" He squeezed the sides of her tits even tighter, then caressed them all over, enjoying the feel of their sheer roundness. "You, Mom, and Brenda! The three greatest racks in the universe!"

She was tickled pink. She asked, "What about... Christine? I've seen her at your school, and she's remarkably top-heavy for her age."

"Shit! Okay, four then! Please don't make me think about that!" With his eyes closed, he continued to explore every last inch of Suzanne's round mountains, but now he imagined that they were Christine's instead.

Suzanne was slightly miffed, since she'd been hoping he'd say hers were better than Christine's. But she shrugged it off.

With the titfuck on hold, he was quicker to comment. "The whole bisexual attraction explains a lot though. You're not really being totally altruistic, are you?"

"No, I'm not. Hell, you're involved with WAY too many women as it is. Like you need one more!"

He chuckled. "True." With the titfuck still stalled, he continued to have fun caressing Suzanne's big melons.

"In a way, I'm kind of using you, because I have the hots for Brenda, but I haven't seen any hint that she's even slightly into women. Still, I figure she'll get so hot and bothered with you that threesomes may become a possibility. Can you picture her and me sucking your cock together? And then kissing each other at the end of your cock, kissing it some more, then swapping the cum that you've shot all over our faces?"

"UGH! UH!" He was getting carried away with some very vivid mental images. He had to stop fondling his aunt until he calmed down from that description.

Suzanne knew that if she flicked her tongue out and licked his cockhead some more, he'd shoot his load. She was tempted to do so, especially since she wanted his cream on her face, but she decided to let him have his rest. It was more fun talking about Brenda in the middle of all this sexual activity. There would be time for a facial later.

Once he had recovered a bit, he quipped, "If that's getting used, then please use me some more!" Then, realizing how similar that was to the words to the old soul hit "Use Me" by Bill Withers, he sang,

"'I wanna spread the news,
that if it feels this good getting used,
you just keep on using me
until you use me up!'"

She laughed. Then she resumed her titfucking. She took over the squeezing while also sliding her upper torso up and down, causing his hard-on to slide through her tight tunnel.

He grunted. He realized that he was sweating bullets, but he loved it.

TB: Suzanne

She continued, "Sweetie, this can be just the start of many good things to come. Because I'm bisexual, you and I can go 'pussy hunting' together and have a hell of a good time. I didn't want to tell you about this just yet, but when someone like Brenda comes along, you have to seize the opportunity, even if it means breaking the rules a little bit."

He grunted with approval. "Agreed! So what's the plan?"

"Like I said, I never had an exact plan with her. I just knew that I had to act fast. She's coming out of a failed marriage and starting to look around for the first time in ages. She actually was on the prowl for a man the night when Susan and I ran into her a few days ago!"

"Oh no. What happened?"

"I blocked that, of course. I can't let someone else snap her up. Now she's moony over you. The plan is to just keep stirring the pot, keep building up the hype, until she totally cracks and gives herself to you completely. Then your incest secret will be safe, and you'll have a brand new sex pet!"

He grunted loudly as a new surge of lust ran down his spine and practically made his hair stand on end. Thinking that she was done explaining, he started thrusting up a little bit to improve the titfuck even more.

But she wasn't done yet. "I figure it's like, let's say you're managing a football team and your team already has a really good running back. But in the draft you see a running back that you're convinced is gonna be a Hall of Fame player, but he's not gonna go until the later rounds. You've got knowledge that gives you an inside scoop on just how great he is. So you've gotta snap him up before anyone else can, even though he doesn't fit in with your immediate plans. You'd be a fool not to. That's kind of my thinking with Brenda."

He groaned lustily (because of the increasingly exciting titfuck), "Wow! I didn't know you... know so... so much..."

"About football? How could I not? I don't want to, but it seems like you have some game or another on the TV every Sunday all autumn long, and Brad and Eric do even more. Anyway, sometimes it's more fun not having an exact plan."

He struggled to speak. "It's kinda... kinda weird that... you're, you're... behind the scenes, planning everything..."

Seeing his breathing trouble, she helped him by clarifying, "Maybe you're feeling a bit chagrined that I'm manipulating things so much? I'll bet you feel like a puppet on a string, and that's annoying."

"Yeah, kinda. I mean, I totally appreciate it, but..."

She came to a decision. "I'll tell you what. I think I might dial back monkeying around behind the scenes for a while and just let events evolve on their own. Now that she's past a critical point, let's see how you handle things with her."

He groaned again, not just in approval of that idea, but just because he was so close to cumming.

For clarity, she asked, "Sounds good?"


She chuckled at his lusty response. "Okay, then. I figure you're not going to get TOO involved with her, because you have three of us, and how many guys can handle even three lovely ladies? Don't bother to deny that things are happening between you and Angel. She hasn't said anything to me, but I can tell."

She paused to see if he responded to that, but he was careful to stay mum. The only obvious sound was his heavy panting.

"Boy, you're really trying to stick to that 'don't kiss and tell' policy, aren't you? You know I don't mind if you do your sister. In fact, I fully approve! Anyway, maybe Brenda can be a 'special guest star' of sorts, coming over here to get fucked every now and then. Once or twice a week, perhaps. Susan is against her getting any more involved than that. Or maybe nothing will happen at all. We'll see."


The titfuck felt so fantastic that it was getting hard for him to talk, period. He was amazed that Suzanne seemed so unaffected. He grunted, "What about... danger?"

"Good point! Sweetie, promise me one thing. Don't just go out and fuck any woman you set your eyes on. That's kind of like pissing in the pool and ruining it for everybody, because we could spread sexual diseases to each other easily, even through blowjobs and handjobs. Over the years I've learned that the old saying is really true: "Knowledge is power." When I see someone I'm seriously attracted to, I try to find out everything possible about them before making any move. So if you do want a one-night stand or something like that, please clear it with me first."

She continued, "For instance, with Brenda, I didn't just invite her over tonight. My people have been looking into her background quite closely for some time now."

He gasped out between ragged breaths, "'My people?'"

She considered how to answer that. Finally she said, "Sweetie, now that the nature of our relationship is changing, I need to clue you in to some things that I've kept close. You have some general knowledge that I've had affairs. Well, I learned some lessons the hard way with those. When someone's trying to get into bed with you, they'll tell you all kinds of sweet lies. I eventually had my reputation ruined in this neighborhood, because I trusted some people would be discreet and they weren't."

Seeing he was possibly lost in the throes of ecstasy, she asked, "Are you getting all this?"

"Um, yeah!" He thought it was weird how he kept having serious conversations right in the middle of sex acts. But he was starting to get better at such multitasking.

She said, "Here, let me take things down a notch so you don't lose your mind."

"UGH!" That was a grunt of approval.

She slowed the pace drastically.

Once she saw he again had his breathing under control, she resumed massaging his boner with her soft boobs, but now with a subtle rhythm. "Anyway, I've worked out a system over the years. I have a relationship with a private investigation agency I trust. That's what I meant by 'my people.' I give them a name, and they find out almost everything they legally can. It usually takes a week or two. Meanwhile, I do my own research: tap into the gossip network, talk to mutual friends, ask the person subtle yet probing questions, and so on. The trick is to get a pinprick of blood to test for STDs. Sometimes that's not easy, but I have my ways of getting things done." She grinned knowingly.

Since the pace of the titfuck had slowed so much, he was able to ask, "So you already did all that with Brenda?"

"Well, for the most part. Things were still in process when Susan slipped up about the incest. So, unfortunately, the cart is before the horse this time. But that's okay. I know enough about Brenda to feel she can be trusted. She even passed the secrecy test: I told her a juicy but harmless secret last week and she didn't tell her friends about it. That's key. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut feeling. I feel like I understand her personality quite well. We're really, really lucky she fell into our laps; I can't emphasize that enough."

She couldn't help but tease him a little. Squeezing her tits much tighter around his shaft, she resumed their slipping and sliding. "The question is, what'll happen when she falls into YOUR lap, face first, with your cock winding up half-way down her throat?! What are you going to do then? Since she's so submissive, how are you going to handle your first sex pet?"

"STOP! STOP!" He contracted his PC muscle so tightly that his ass actually rose off the bed.

Having mercy on him, she stopped her titfucking as well as her sexy talk.

Once he got his breathing back under control, he decided to avoid her far-too-arousing questions because he was still on a hair trigger. Instead, he tried to redirect the conversation back to less stimulating areas. "How can you be sure she didn't tell her friends that secret test thing?"

"Sweetie, I have my ways. Trust me; I've worked out a good system over the years. Now, it's true that no system is perfect. In particular, it's very difficult to find out what goes on in the bedroom behind closed doors. Unfortunately, I don't know much about how good she is in bed, or what really turns her on. But after talking to her some, I'm confident that she wants to be dominated sexually. She's a ripe fruit ready to be plucked! That's the essential key to understanding her, and for getting her to keep our secrets."

"What made you so sure about that, anyway?"

Sensing he could handle it again, she tilted her head down and licked around his urethra.

He grunted and groaned, but managed to ride out the resulting wave of pleasure.

She continued to lick the tip here and there as she went on: "Sweetie, sometimes people overcompensate. Like a guy who's secretly afraid and shy, so covers it up by being a macho bully. I saw Brenda get angry at a party a while back, and it seemed a bit of an act to me. I decided that she was trying to hide her true nature from everyone, including herself. But that's not all of it. I can't fully explain the gut feeling I had. It's kind of like having 'gaydar,' I guess. Maybe I have 'subdar' - the ability to spot a submissive in hiding. You have to develop skill at reading people; they might say one thing while their body is giving off subtle signals saying the exact opposite."

"Wow. Nothing gets past you."

"Not entirely true. But the more you know, the fewer mistakes you'll make. In any event, she was such ripe fruit, how could I resist inviting her into our lives? Then, when I talked to her in private, I was able to subtly question her and confirm my suspicions about her. And aren't you glad that I did?"

"Hell, yeah! Man!"

Talking about Brenda's sexual potential was getting Suzanne too worked up; she realized she was getting carried away with her licking and cock-squeezing yet again. Calming herself somewhat, she continued, "Anyway, the bottom line is, the new plan with her is no specific plan. Just be yourself around her and see where things go. Sure, let's keep on hyping you to her and tempting her, but let's not push it. There's plenty of time to develop the relationship, if it's going to happen."


"Now, on a different note, what's with all this 'big-titted cheerleader' talk from yesterday? Was that total hype for Brenda and Susan, or is there some truth there?"

"There's some truth there, but I can't give details."

"Fine. But you do need to take the proper precautions when you're with other girls, including letting me know names so I can make sure there are no nasty surprises."


"You can start by giving me some names right now."

"But... what about not... kissing and telling?" He was having a hard time talking, he was so aroused.

"Screw that. Sweetie, I need to check out these people and make sure we don't have a disease problem, or any other kind of problem."

"Okay, I've got an idea. You should check out the whole cheerleading squad."

"What?! You're having sex with the entire squad?!" She was impressed.

"No, but a couple of 'em. If you research them all, you'll have 'em... UGH! ... covered. Minus Kat and Amy, that's only four."

"Fine." She was a bit miffed, since she wanted him to name specific names, but she realized that would suffice, even though it would make her research task more difficult.

TB: Suzanne

They didn't talk much after that, because Alan was rapidly working his way up to a great orgasm. Once he got closer, she took his cockhead in her mouth and sucked him off for another minute or two. They both knew the end was near.

She toyed with the idea of a pearl necklace or a facial; she had fantasies of coming downstairs with her face and chest covered in pearly cum. But she decided that might freak out Brenda too much, and the long-term big picture was more important.

So she went all out when she had his cockhead fully inside her mouth. Between her licking and sucking, plus the way she fondled his balls, he realized further resistance was useless, so he gave up and blew his load into the back of her mouth.

They rested and recovered for a bit after she'd coaxed out and swallowed all his cum.

He thought, Incredible! I got to titfuck Aunt Suzy's awesome rack! Again! Man, life is GREAT!

And, as if that isn't amazing enough, there's Brenda. And now Aunt Suzy is hinting she'd like to find other total foxes like Brenda, so we can take part in threesomes from time to time?! Sweetness! I really can't believe how awesome that is.

I don't know about all this "my people" cloak-and-dagger stuff though. I mean, I really appreciate her checking out Brenda, but I'm not keen on telling her about the likes of Glory and Heather and Kim. For one thing, that would put her in total charge of my sex life. And where's the spontaneity if I have to wait a week or two before I can touch somebody? The opportunity may well be gone by then.

But the main thing is, those three are a done deal. I'm fucking them already, or almost so in Glory's case, so giving them the thumbs up or not is irrelevant. I'm sure it'll be fine. I'll just have to be more careful about using a condom. The real danger is Heather, but I highly doubt she'll want to be with me again anyway. I'm still a "loser nerd" in her eyes, no matter how much I ring her chimes. Besides, by checking out the whole cheerleader squad, Aunt Suzy'll be investigating Heather as well.

In the future, okay, we can use those background checks if someone new comes along. But I especially don't want Aunt Suzy or anyone else knowing what Glory and I are doing. Or Heather. If she knew that Heather was one of the cheerleaders I'm talking about, she'd turn her focus on her and I'd probably get a lot of teasing and grief about it. Heck, she might even make me stop fucking her.

But I don't think I can! It's not just that she's the head cheerleader and the most powerful girl in school; there's something more. A lot more. I don't know what it is, but she does something special to me.

They could have continued talking about Brenda and other matters, but Suzanne didn't want to push her luck. She'd been "busted" by Susan the day before, and that had put a dent in Susan's deep trust in her best friend. Suzanne didn't want to get caught again, so she said goodbye and went back to her own home.


By the time Susan got home from her errands with Ron, she was feeling anxious and depressed. Being with Ron continually reminded her of what a broken, loveless marriage she had. But what bothered her even more was that she hadn't so much as touched Alan's penis all day.

She quickly found Alan in his room, working on his homework for a change. She hinted heavily that she'd be happy to help him with at least a handjob, as soon as they could get away from Ron to do it. So she was crushed when Alan told her that he didn't need any help right away.

This puzzled her. She checked his orgasm chart. "Tiger, I don't see any checks on the chart for today. A virile, well-hung young man like you-"

He cut in, "Sorry, Mom. I'm getting a bit slack keeping the chart updated. I'll get to it later. The truth is, I did get some help."

He had to think fast, because he couldn't be honest about any of the help he'd gotten. Suzanne had shanghaied him at school, and then again when he came home, but she wasn't supposed to have any sexual contact with him because of Susan's punishment. And he couldn't talk about his "S-Club meeting" with Katherine and Kim, for obvious reasons.

So he said, "The S-Club meeting didn't start right after school ended. There was just enough time for me to get some help. And I got some more quick help after it was over. So I'm good for a while, especially since, you know, Ron is home."

"Oh." Susan couldn't hide her disappointment. "Are you keeping in mind what Akami said, about the need for both quality AND quantity?"

He replied in a typical bored teen voice, "Yes, Mom."

"Good. Well then, let me know if you need me later. You're still well under your daily target, aren't you?"

"I am."

She left after some more small talk.

— — —

Later, the entire Plummer family ate dinner together. The idea was that the four of them would spend time together that night, since Ron would be leaving the next day and he hadn't actually been around that much. Nobody seemed too excited about it, not even Ron, but it seemed like the thing to do. Susan baked a fairly indifferent champignon, tomato, and chayote quiche, and then they all decided to watch a movie, which wouldn't require much social interaction.

Not long after the movie started, Susan got a phone call from Brenda. She answered it in the kitchen. The others were in the living room with the movie, so she felt she could speak freely. She spoke in a quieter tone than usual though, just to be safe.

Brenda said, "I'm sorry for bothering you but... to be honest, I'm feeling troubled. I'm shaken over what happened last night."

Susan asked, "Didn't you talk to Suzanne earlier? Didn't she get things straightened out?"

"I did, and she was great. But even though she was helpful, she actually made me even more upset at the same time. I was hoping I could speak to you, in person, tonight. I guess I just need some emotional handholding."

That appealed to Susan's altruistic nature, despite her jealousy issues with Brenda. "I'd be happy to help you, but, uh..." She thought about spending the rest of the evening with Ron, and decided she'd rather talk to Brenda. But there was another problem. "Where would we meet? Everybody's here tonight, including Ron. It's not good."

Brenda was relieved about that. She was actually scared about seeing Alan again.

The two of them discussed alternatives. Suzanne's house was rejected because Eric, Brad and Amy would probably be there. Brenda suggested her own house, but Susan was reluctant. She explained that, although she knew that Brenda was extremely rich, that didn't affect how she felt about Brenda. However that might change if she saw Brenda's big mansion. Instead, Susan suggested that they meet the next day during school hours.

That would have been much easier, but Brenda was so emotionally churned up that she longed to see Susan that night. She said, "Tonight would be much better for me. I've got an idea. If you don't want to see my place, I also have a guest house that is much more manageable. It has its own driveway, so I can tell you how to get straight there. It's right next to the main house, but you won't see much in the dark."

So they made plans to meet there. Susan figured she wouldn't be missed much during the movie, so she left just a few minutes later. She told Ron and the others that the call had been from a friend who was having an emotional crisis and she needed to go to console her friend right away. That was true enough.

Susan was amazed at what she could see of Brenda's estate, even in the dark. She had to go through a security gate, and then the drive through the front yard was longer than a couple typical street blocks. She actually made a point to not look towards Brenda's mansion, instead driving straight to the guest house.

Brenda was already there and led her inside. They were both wearing not especially revealing clothes, although they also dressed to impress each other.

After a friendly hug and kiss, Susan took a look around the main living room. "Wow! This is a guest house? This is the size of a normal house. When was it last used?"

Brenda replied, "To be honest, I don't know. A long time ago, I'm embarrassed to say. It gets dusted and cleaned, but other than that it just sits here. I feel bad about it. Keep in mind that this is all Bob's doing. He's so vain. If you think this is bad, you should see the main house! We have so many unused rooms that I feel like I live in a ghost town. It's all for show. Once the divorce is final, I'll be happy to move into a more modest abode. I was the trophy wife living the trophy life in a trophy mansion, but no more!"

"Good for you." Susan sat down in an easy-chair, and Brenda sat in one next to her. "Enough about that. I'm not here to judge you. What's got you so worked up that you had to see me right away?"

Brenda looked down shyly. "I don't know where to begin. It's the card game last night. To me, that wasn't just a card game. What happened really rocked my whole world! I'm still reeling!"

Susan was secretly pleased; clearly the Alan hype was having an impact. But she played dumb. "Oh? What exactly do you mean?"

Brenda sighed. "It's Alan. All the talk about sex."

With trepidation, Susan said, "Tell it to me straight: you think I'm some kind of horrible, immoral person for helping him out, don't you?" That wasn't part of Suzanne's hype scheme; Susan couldn't help but express some of her own insecurity.

Brenda sighed heavily. "No, I don't. I'll admit that it's weird. And yes, I guess I do judge you a bit about that. But it's not just a negative thing. After all I've learned, I admire you for your willingness to help him even before you discovered the pleasure involved. That took a lot of guts."

Susan nodded. "Yes it did. Given my religious upbringing, I've had to overcome practically everything I knew to help my child in his time of need. Keep in mind..." She interrupted herself. "Brenda, can I be painfully honest with you, and really bare my soul for a minute?"

"But of course! I'll be glad if you do, because I'll probably do the same in a little while."

Susan explained sincerely, "Up until just weeks ago, I was about as sexually innocent and inexperienced as a wife with children could be. I'd been taught that sex was bad and only for procreation. Ron was brought up the same way. You don't even want to know how infrequently we had sex. Whatever you think it was, it's way less than that. It's so sad. Ron was the only man I'd ever been intimate with in any way, shape, or form, so my libido had basically shut down from sheer disuse. I hardly ever thought about sex. Given my devout Christian beliefs, cheating wasn't even a consideration. Heck, I didn't even masturbate!"

Brenda was incredulous. "Oh my gosh! Are you serious?!"

Susan nodded gravely. "I thought it was a sin."

Brenda pointed out, "A lot of people think it's a sin, but that doesn't slow them down much. The sexual urge is just too strong."

Susan said, "Perhaps. But remember what I said about my libido shutting down. If you live life like a nun, then eventually your sexual urges go away. That's where I've been at for my entire adult life."

Brenda was moved. "Oh, poor you! That's horrible!"

"When I started helping Alan cum, I initially thought that would be about as appealing as, say, having to lance a boil. You know, one of those odious tasks that you have to do as a loving mother. Luckily, kindness reaps rewards, because in the last month or so my life has blossomed like you wouldn't believe! I was reasonably content before, but it's like I've discovered true happiness for the first time. It's a whole different level! The sexual pleasure is a big part of it, but not all. Everything is great! I can't stop smiling. Only now do I look back and realize how much I've missed out on."

Brenda was so moved that she was nearly teary-eyed. "That's beautiful! You're really making me see this with new eyes."

"What started out as awkwardly helping my son has turned into a magical, precious journey. You're seeing us at a time where things are only starting to catch fire. I can't even imagine how much BETTER it's going to get!"

"Wow. Susan, you really are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing that with me. Since you've been so open, let me be open with you. I talked to Suzanne about some things today, but I didn't really get to the heart of the matter. She's so very impressive, you know what I mean? I like her a lot, but I feel a bit intimidated by her too. Whereas with you, I feel like we're on the same wavelength somehow."

Susan grinned. "I feel that too."

"Good. Here's the thing. In the past few days, I feel like my life has turned upside down. Suzanne got to talking about an ideal 'real man,' and it was like every word she spoke was a slap across my face, because she spoke such powerful truth! It was like she could read my mind. Then, last night, I got to talk to Alan, and the same thing happened again. He's my ideal man, my dream man! It's like he walked straight out of my dreams!"

Susan beamed. "I couldn't agree more! And you don't know the half of it! Mmmm... When I have his big, fat... er, member... in my hands..."

Brenda clarified, "You can say 'cock.' It's better that way. I think we can easily agree that if any man has a cock, it's him!"

Susan giggled happily. "Ain't that the truth!"

"And don't censor yourself on my account. As I keep telling you, I can handle it, no matter how graphic it is."

"Good. Because right now I'm thinking about holding his big cock in my hands." She gestured with her hands, as if she were stroking him while he stood in front of her. "Running my fingers up and down all ten throbbing inches..."


She brought her hands to her face as if holding his erection so that she could lick and suck it. She even closed her eyes and blissed out for a few long moments, as she obviously fantasized about doing just that. But then she re-opened her eyes and asked in a pouty tone, "By the way, did you know I haven't even so much as touched his cock once today?!


"It's true! Ron being home is a real problem. Luckily, Alan told me that he got a lot of help from some big-titted cheerleaders. But if he were here right now, Gaawwwd! I wouldn't be able to control myself! I'd just HAVE to swallow him deep, as deep as I could! He'd probably start fucking my face vigorously, making me choke and gag! But you know what? Confession time: I secretly love it when he does that! I feel like he's taking total control and really putting me in my place! MMMM!"

She suddenly dropped her hands and seemed to snap back to the here and now. "Oh my. Sorry. I got a little carried away there. We were talking about your problem, and I went off on a tangent. Where were we?"

Brenda was floored yet again. In particular the words "I feel like he's taking total control and really putting me in my place" hit her like a sledgehammer smashing a chandelier. Her body trembled and her heart raced so intensely that she was lucky she was already sitting down.

She just stared at Susan as she clutched at her chest, trying to hide how much her gasping was causing her huge tits to heave up and down. She was struck dumb.

Susan frowned. "Sorry, did I get too explicit? I did. I'm really sorry."

That caused Brenda to snap out of it and respond. "Oh, no! It's not that! PLEASE don't censor yourself. In fact, my problem is the opposite: I love what you're saying so much that I can't get enough of it. True, I've been married twice, and I've had a few other lovers besides. But when I hear you or Suzanne talking with such passion about helping Alan with his problem, I realize that I've never really had sex at all! You've opened my eyes. I want that. I want to feel what you've been feeling!"

Susan said modestly, "I've been blessed by the Lord."

"You have!"


Brenda grew contemplative. "I just hope it's not too late for me. You see..." There was a prolonged pause while she pondered what to reveal. She ultimately decided to go for it. "The problem is... I... Well, to put it all on the table, I asked Suzanne's help to find me a man like Alan. But that's not what I really want. I want Alan himself!"

"I see," Susan said stiffly and guardedly. She knew that already, but it still alarmed her to hear Brenda confess her feelings so directly.

Brenda hastened to add, "Mind you, I don't mean to take anything away from you at all. Or Suzanne, for that matter. You two are his main helpers, and I totally respect that. But Alan has lots of other helpers too, such as his big-titted cheerleader help. You keep emphasizing that he needs a LOT of variety. So why not add me into the mix?!"

There was a long pause while Susan wrestled with her emotions. Her jealousy of Brenda's larger breasts came to the fore, but she also was mindful that they really had no choice but to get her involved, due to her knowledge of the Plummers' incest. Still, Susan was determined not to make it easy on her, which was also part of the "playing hard to get" strategy Suzanne was promoting.

She said, "I appreciate your honesty. However, it's not easy. His other lovers all know him well. We're a tight-knit group. Group harmony is extremely important in something like this. We can't have people joining and then leaving willy-nilly. We've made really major commitments!"

Brenda pleaded, "I'm not talking about just a fling. I'm willing to make a major commitment too."

"Are you? Really? How do we know that? How can we be sure? You're still a stranger to us, for all practical purposes. Heck, how can you truly know yet? I can see you have strong feelings for him at the moment, but will that still be the case a week from now? Or a month or year?"

Brenda sighed in frustration. "You're right. I can't know the future for sure. I just wish I could explain the passion of my feelings for him. Maybe then you'd understand."

"Passion is good, but passion can be fleeting. I'm sorry, but we need to take a wait-and-see approach before we even consider the possibility."

Brenda was severely disappointed, but at the same time, she realized that Susan had left a door open. "So... there's hope?!"

Susan was really working the "hard to get" angle. "Perhaps. But consider it a long-shot at best. This is not some easy thing you're asking. This is a major commitment."

"But what about his big-titted cheerleaders?"

"What about them?"

"You don't even know all their names, from what I understand. And they're not tightly connected to your group at home. If he can get help like that, why not me too?"

"That's a different situation," Susan replied, sounding a bit irked. "Tiger, I mean Alan, is a very, very virile, well-hung young man. His powerful cock has big needs! You don't expect him to go the entire school day without at least some blowjob help, do you?"

"I suppose not."

"So that's an 'any port in the storm' kind of emergency situation. We can't be there, and those busty girls are. They're not taking any time or attention away from us. Whereas, if it were you, you WOULD."

Brenda dropped her head sadly. "Damn. I see what you mean."

"This is an especially big problem for Suzanne. In case you haven't noticed, she has a really big libido. She feels like she doesn't get enough of him as it is, so she's been especially adamant that you not get involved."

Brenda held her hands together in a begging pose. "Then please don't tell her about this conversation? Please? I don't want her to hate me or think I'm her enemy. I promise I'll go along with whatever it is that you and she decide, and what Alan wants. I'm just hoping that maybe there's some possibility. For instance, what about when neither of you two are around and he gets a big stiff boner? What then?"

Susan grunted grudgingly. "I suppose there are situations like that. To be honest, we haven't worked everything out yet. Mind you, these are very early days. For instance, I talk like I'm a blowjob expert, but I've only been sucking him for two weeks. And not every day either, due to problems such as Ron being home. So the situation is still very much evolving. It may turn out that Tiger wants more variety."

Brenda bounced in her seat. "So there IS hope! Isn't there?!"

"Maaaaybe. Maybe. We'll see. There are many factors that would have to fall into place just right. For instance, what about what Alan thinks? From what Suzanne told us, he's not even that interested in you."


Brenda sat on the edge of her chair. "I know, but that can change! Give me a chance, please!" She suddenly stood up. "Look! I've got the body type that he likes, don't I?" She struck a provocative pose, jutting out a hip and putting a hand on her waist.

Susan stared up and down her for a few long moments, "Well, I suppose."

"You suppose?! Come on! Everyone says I'm the best of the best!"

Susan narrowed her eyes with irritation. "You certainly are full of yourself! Not everyone will necessarily feel the same way. You heard what Suzanne said about Alan's ho-hum attitude."

"I know, but later, when he was talking to me alone, you should have seen the way he looked at me. He was undressing me with his eyes! He was lusting for me, big time!"

Susan said skeptically, "That's no surprise. He's such a horny young man that he'll lust after anything with boobs."

Brenda lowered her arms and straightened up in disappointment.

Susan got what she considered an unusually clever idea, one that she thought Suzanne would approve of. "Look. I'll try to help you out. And I'll even keep this a secret from Suzanne, for now. You have one big advantage in that you know our big secret. The fewer people who know that the better, obviously, so if he did want more help, you'd be an obvious candidate."

"YES!" Brenda's mood changed in a flash. She pumped a fist in the air.

"Hold on! Don't get too excited! Like I said, there are lots of obstacles. For starters, we need to know at a bare minimum whether he would be interested in you. I'm not just talking about a horny guy lusting after a pretty woman. It's gotta be more than that. You need to really get his engine running if you want to have any chance of becoming one of his regular helpers."

Brenda asked plaintively, "What do I have to do?! Can you arrange for him to see me more often?! The weekly card game isn't much of an opportunity for me to make a big impression, particularly since he doesn't even play cards with us."

"I can certainly work on that. For instance, maybe you can come over for dinner after Ron is gone."

"Oh God!" Brenda's heart thumped wildly as she considered that scary yet hopeful opportunity.

Susan got to her clever idea. "But there's something else you can do that could get us a good sense of whether you stand a chance."

"What's that? I'll do anything!"

"Are you sure you mean that? Because what I'm thinking is to take some nude pictures of you. I'll edit them so your head can't be seen, and ask him what he thinks of them without revealing your name. He'll undoubtedly have a raging erection, 'cos he usually does, so I'll be able to feel his reaction with my mouth and my sliding fingers. Believe me, my lips know when he's feeling excited!"

Brenda was torn. But then she thought, Fuck it! Why not?! I was lamenting to myself that no amount of money can buy me Alan. But maybe courage will! If I'm going to get what I want, I have to be brave and go for it! Besides, I can always back out, so this isn't so scary. This is just to see if I can get my foot in the door.

She asked breathlessly, "What are you thinking?! When? Where? How?!"

Susan spoke calmly. "I'm thinking right here, right now. I didn't bring a camera, but your house is right over there." She pointed in the direction of Brenda's mansion. "Surely you have one. Then you can loan me the memory card or even the entire camera if need be. I'll take care of the rest. We'll have the pictures in Alan's hands tomorrow."

Brenda started considering the possible dangers. Susan seemed like a lovely, sweet person, but she wasn't sure if she could trust her. "What about if we take the pictures now, but I edit them and print them out myself? I can bring them by tomorrow, no problem."

Susan had been secretly hoping to show Alan the full pictures, including Brenda's face, but she realized that could be pushing her luck too far. So she said, "That'll work too. In fact, that's less work for me."

"Good!" Brenda was panting heavily. "Ohmigod! I can't believe I'm actually going to do this! But what the hell? Let's do it!"

Susan smiled. "That's the attitude! If we're gonna do it, let's do it right. While you're getting the camera, why not pick up some sexy clothes too? I don't know what exactly. Lingerie, perhaps. Oh! And don't forget high heels!"

Brenda's eyes lit up. This was starting to sound like fun. Scary and thrilling, and highly arousing, but fun. "Okay!" She started to rush out of the room.

Susan shouted to her back, "But don't take too long! I don't have much time; I have to get back to my own family. I know how it can be picking out clothes. Just grab a bunch of stuff and bring it over here to sort out. Ten minutes, tops!"

Brenda had paused until Susan finished. "Okay! Ten minutes!" She ran out the door, slamming it behind her.


The Hunter guest house was to the side of the backyard of the main Hunter mansion, so the distance wasn't that far. Brenda ran all the way there and back in her attempt to make Susan's ten minute deadline. She was a few minutes late, but Susan let that slide. Brenda came back carrying a camera and a bag full of clothes, plus a couple of pairs of high heeled shoes.

Susan had carefully closed all the curtains while she was waiting. There was no way anybody could look in.

Still breathing hard from the running, Brenda handed the camera to Susan and laid out the clothes on a sofa. "What do you think? What should we start with?"

Susan was feeling uncommonly bold. Thinking about Alan seducing Brenda made her horny, but her jealousy towards Brenda meant she didn't mind making things a little difficult for her. "First, we start with some nude shots. Let's see if you really are as great as you say."

Brenda started to feel panicky. She'd never done anything like this before. Even her two husbands never took any nude pictures of her. She'd been a high maintenance wife who rarely granted special favors like that. "When you say nude, do you mean completely nude? Can't I at least keep my panties on? That'll show him my complete figure."

Susan had been examining the camera. It was a digital "point and shoot" type similar to one she'd used before. She looked up, and said, "To be honest, this isn't JUST about taking pictures. I'm also testing your resolve. These are still early days, as I've said, but one thing I've discovered already is that if you're one of Alan's helpers, you're going to be completely naked A LOT. Furthermore, you'll find yourself in humiliating situations frequently. For instance, have you ever knelt naked under the table and sucked off a man while he casually eats breakfast while talking to others at the table who know you're under there with his cock in your mouth?"

Not surprisingly, Brenda gasped. "MY GOD!"

Actually, Susan had never done that, but it was a frequent and powerful fantasy for her. In fact, a few days earlier, she'd had a particularly intense fantasy of that happening while Ron was sitting at the table. She strongly suspected that once Ron was gone, it would happen to her for real.

Brenda gathered her courage. "I can handle it. I've got what it takes! You'll see!" So far, she hadn't taken any clothes off, but she started to strip.

She undressed quickly at first, but as more clothes started to come off, she started to reconsider the wisdom of what she was doing. I must be losing my mind! Am I really doing this?! I must be desperate. I've got the face and body of a centerfold, and millions of dollars in the bank besides. I can have any man I want! Except Alan, that is. Dammit! I want HIM! Why does it have to be so difficult? And why did Susan have to mention sucking him under the table during breakfast? I've never even enjoyed a blowjob before, but if that were to happen to me... SHIT! I would cum like a raging river the entire time! God DAMN! I would suck his cock like my life depended on it!

Inspired by such visions, Brenda bravely took off all her clothes, including her bra and panties. She even stood with her arms out to show she had nothing to hide. "There! I'll bet you didn't think I could do it. Start clicking away. I don't care! I'm ready!"

Susan stood in front of Brenda still wearing her ordinary clothes, but she hadn't raised the camera to her face yet. "That's good. But you're not there yet. I saw some high heels in your bag." She grinned with fond memory. "Those are a must. If you ever become one of Alan's women, that's about the only thing you'll ever wear."

"Oh. Right." Brenda went back to her bag and selected a pair of black high heels. The fact that she was "forced" to wear such heels aroused her still more. Her hands were trembling so badly that she had some trouble putting them on, but she managed. She went back to standing in the middle of the room. "How's that?"

"Better. I should warn you that I'm not a professional photographer. But I suppose I should start taking some pictures now." She took a few pictures of Brenda just standing there. Then she stopped and asked, "Is that it? Are you just going to stand with your arms at your sides like you're waiting for the bus?"


"Shit! Right! Sorry, I've never done this before. How's this?" She struck a somewhat sexy pose, with a hand behind her head.

"Good." Susan took a few more snaps. Then she stopped again. "Hold on. Your pose is good, but what about your face? You look scared."

Brenda broke her pose. "I AM scared! I've never done this before! I'm posing buck naked for an eighteen-year old kid I barely know! I never did this for either of my husbands!"

Susan replied as if she wasn't surprised in the slightest by that, because she wasn't. "Of course you haven't. They're just men. Maybe they're rich and charismatic or whatever, but still, just men. And you were just a woman. Beautiful, sure, but just a woman. Whereas Alan, you know what he is! Let's put it this way: he won't just make you one of his women. He'll make you one of his SLUTS!"

Those were exactly the kind of words Brenda needed to hear to get inspired. That's right! Alan is a superior kind of man. A natural master! That's why he's got me doing this much already. He has MANY women who love to serve him. When I think of him staring at my tits last night, stripping me naked with his eyes, staring into my soul... Oh God! That's what I've been missing my entire life, a man who makes me feel like that!

She resumed her sexy pose. "Here, let me try again." While her position was the exact same as before, this time, lust radiated from her eyes like burning flames.

Susan began snapping more pictures. "Better! MUCH better! ... By the way, do I have to worry about the memory card running out?"

"No, you should be good."

"Excellent." Susan kept on clicking away. "If it helps, imagine that I'm Alan. I'm standing here in just my T-shirt. Suzanne is kneeling naked below me, trying to get me hard with her hands and mouth, but I just came all over her face and tits a few minutes ago, so I'm stubbornly flaccid. What can you do to help, standing in front of me?"

Brenda's body surged with arousal as she imagined that scenario. "More talk like that, please! That really helps!" She struck a different pose. In the previous one, her body had been angled just enough to hide her pussy and bush. But now she stood full on with her legs slightly spread.

"Good! Good! You're having an effect on him already. Remember what Suzanne said last night? 'Ladies and gentlemen, we have lift-off!'"

Susan and Brenda shared a good laugh over that. But it also reminded Brenda how Suzanne left to go take Alan upstairs to suck him off. Her arousal rose a couple more notches.


Susan continued to take pictures. She was feeling horny and emboldened, so it was easy for her. Brenda tried out several different poses from the front. As she did so, Susan continued the narrative about Suzanne trying to revive Alan's penis. She explained that there was progress, but he was still only half-hard.

As the minutes passed, Brenda found herself relaxing and even enjoying herself. Because she'd started off completely naked, there was no way to hide her shame, and she just decided to let it all hang out. This was a brand new experience for her, and it seemed every nerve in her body was humming with energy. Her face still displayed an embarrassed blush, but she also smiled with genuine joy.

Her arousal steadily rose higher and higher. Due the fact that she had an unusually leaky pussy, it wasn't long before rivulets of cum were dripping down her inner thighs. She wanted to clean that up, but Susan saw that and insisted that she didn't.

Then Susan had Brenda turn around and show off her backside. Brenda did so with verve and swagger. She was so into posing by now that when Susan told her to stretch down and touch her toes, she didn't hesitate.

Even as Brenda held that lewd pose, Susan asked her, "How do you feel?"

"How do I feel?!" She was incredulous that she was being asked this now.

"That's right."

"Can I stand up?"

"No. Answer the question."

"UGH! Horny!"

Susan laughed. "I know that. I can SEE that! Goodness gracious, girl, do you always get that wet?"

"It's kind of a problem," Brenda muttered with embarrassment. "But this is way more than usual." The rivulets of cum had nearly reached her knees.

"So what does that mean about how you feel? Spread your legs wider. Then compare this to, say, sex with either of your husbands."

Brenda dutifully spread her legs as Susan took some more pictures. "Oh, there's no comparison! Sex with my husbands? That was okay. No big fireworks though. I had to fake my orgasms more often than not. Whereas, this... I don't know! I've hardly ever felt like this before! Can I stand back up yet?"

"No! But I'll tell you what's happening behind you. Tiger's cock is nice and stiff, and Suzanne is going to town on it. She's stroking and sucking him good. But he's asked for you to stay in that pose. He's thinking how it's going to feel to fuck your tight little pussy!"


Brenda moaned lustily. "UNRGH! Don't say that, or I'm gonna topple over with these damn high heels!" Jesus Christ! Alan is gonna fuck me! He's gonna SLAM his huge pole into me, maybe even when I'm bent over like this! I'll be nothing but one of his many fuck sluts!

Susan continued to click. "Wider! Wider! And how do you feel, already?"

Brenda attempted to spread her legs still wider. "To be honest? Like a TOTAL SLUT!" She had a sudden realization. "Oh my God! That was your intention all along! Not just to take the photos, but to give me a taste of what it truly feels like to be one of his sluts!"

Susan chuckled knowingly. "Yep! Are you feeling so horny that you're afraid you might pass out?"


"Are you feeling humiliated too? But in a good way, like you've never felt so alive?"

"Yes! EXACTLY like that!"

"Good! Welcome to my life! Tiger puts me in some kind of compromised, humiliating, but oh-so-arousing and wonderful position pretty much every day. It's his specialty! If you become one of his sluts, you'll feel like this a lot! Except imagine a great big cock pounding into you on top of everything else!"

"Oh my God! NO!"

"Yes! Maybe he'll slap your ass a couple of times to remind you who's in charge. Then, as you keep your hands locked around your ankles, you'd bend up at a stiff right angle so he can fuck your face!"

Brenda practically screamed. "AAAAEEEE! NO! HNNNG! UNGH! NO!"

Susan didn't realize it, but Brenda had a spanking fetish. Even the mention of a couple of ass slaps practically drove her out of her mind.

Susan was going to say more about the face fucking, but she could see Brenda's body wobbling dangerously on her high heels, so she had mercy on her.

Brenda actually clutched her ankles tightly to prevent herself from falling over. But that reminded her of Susan's words and excited her so much that she nearly fell over anyway. She finally recovered enough to pant, "I'm sorry, I have to stand up or I'm going to fall over for sure!" She stood back up and turned around. She immediately clutched at her big tits. Her idea was to stop them from wildly bouncing, but once she had them in hand she started blatantly caressing them and pinching her nipples. "Oh shit! I can't... I can't help myself!"

"That's okay. I know the feeling. Believe me, I know!" Susan continued to take more pictures.

Brenda felt as if she was truly unable to control her hands. So she just closed her eyes in shame when one of them slipped down to her pussy and started fingering her clit and slit. "What... what's happening with Suzanne, by the way?"

Susan hadn't expected things to go so far that Brenda would end up freely masturbating, but she decided to keep rolling with the punches. In fact, she had to summon her willpower not to do the same. "I'm glad you asked! She is drowning in STIFF COCK! She just finished pounding her fist up and down his shaft while she sucked his balls, and now she's bobbing on him again! She's going so deep that she's taking him to the root! Oh my! She's deep throating him!"




"Yes, it's true!" Susan had never seen a deep throating, but since it was a fantasy she wanted to let her imagination run wild. Her pussy was getting quite wet.

"Oh no! Oh God! OH NO!" Brenda was frantically fingering her clit while tugging on one of her long nipples. "Susan... I wish you hadn't said that! Now... now, I'm gonna cum! Sorry! Avert your eyes!"

Brenda came a few seconds later. The orgasmic joy hit her so hard that she had to drop to her knees. But she kept right on going. She tilted her head back and screamed. The guest house was far enough from her main mansion that she didn't bother about the noise.

Susan didn't avert her eyes. In fact, she kept right on taking pictures. She even stepped closer to take some close-ups. She was impressed by the volume and passion of Brenda's screams.

Brenda had a multiple orgasm that lasted nearly two minutes. When it was over, she practically crawled to the nearest chair, flopped into it, and curled up in a ball. Even then, her body continued to twitch due to occasional aftershocks.

Susan took a few more photos of Brenda curled up in her chair with a dazed freshly fucked look on her face. Then she put the camera down and sat back in the nearest chair. She was somewhat surprised to find that she was still fully clothed, and with bra and panties no less, since she always wound up buck naked in these kinds of situations.

Brenda buried her face in her hands. "I'm so ashamed! Can you throw a blanket over me, please?"

"Why be ashamed? You did great!"


"Really. You say you want to be one of Alan's sluts. I don't know about that. Like I said, there are many things that would have to line up just right for that to happen. But your stock just went way up in my book. It's not just about having big tits or a stunning face. The main thing is attitude. And you really showed me you know how to be a sexy slut. Don't ruin it now by chickening out at the end."

Now that she was coming down from her orgasmic high, Brenda never felt so naked and ashamed. But she bravely uncovered her face and looked Susan's way. Her voice was trembly. "There. See?"

"Good. You must really want him."

"I do! I do!" She sighed. "Susan, I wish I could explain. It's not just the prospect of the best sex in my life, although there is that. There's been a huge hole in my life. I feel like I'm... hollowed out. Like I'm going through the motions. The only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning is taking care of my son Adrian, and he's gone to school or elsewhere most of the time. I want what you have. It's the whole package. Like the way you say you've blossomed and have an entirely new outlook on life."

Susan said encouragingly, "That's true. I do. And you can too. We're similar, you and I. We're each coming out of bad marriages and broken dreams. But we're still young, and life is long. Brenda, the future is SO bright for me that I can't even tell you. Now, when I wake up, I want to leap out of bed. I can't wait to see what each new day will bring! It'll be like that for you too, if not with Alan, then with someone like him."

Brenda groaned. "I don't want someone like him. I want HIM, dammit! UGH! Sorry. I'm just a little frustrated. Anyway..." She looked over to the sofa where she'd laid out her sexy clothes. "What about all those?"

Susan considered that. "You know what? I think we're good for now. We've got plenty of pictures, so this is a good place to stop. If we keep going, I'm going to get too horny to stand it. Besides, you inspired Alan so much that he just blew a big spermy load right into Suzanne's mouth!"

Brenda smiled from ear to ear. "Did he? Good!" She actually felt a big sense of satisfaction from hearing that.

After fully recovering from her orgasm, she sat in a more comfortable position. "So... what do you think? Did I pass?"

"Well, that's up to Alan. I'm just his mother."

Brenda whimpered lustily at that incestuous reminder. She almost had to beg Susan to shut up. She felt like her body simply couldn't handle any more arousal. However, her body had a different take on the matter.

Susan was genuinely very impressed, and she wanted to be honest. But she also wanted to continue Suzanne's strategy of having Alan play hard to get. So she said, "For what it's worth, I think you have a GREAT body! Not just your huge tits, but all over. Nice legs, nice ass, cute face. I'd be surprised if he doesn't find you worthy. We'll find out soon. But remember, even if he does like the pictures, that's just one step on a long road."

Brenda nodded with grim determination. Dammit, I can do this. I've come this far. If you want something bad, you have to fight for it with all your might!

Susan left a short time afterwards. As promised, she left the camera with Brenda. She said she'd call tomorrow to ask how the pictures came out.

Brenda had greatly desired Alan already, but now her desire spiked still higher. Even though she didn't even see him or talk to him whatsoever during the photoshoot, Susan had successfully given her a taste of how it felt to be simultaneously aroused and humiliated by him and with him. It was like an addictive drug that she couldn't get enough of.


Later that evening, Susan found herself deeply conflicted. On the one hand, she had really enjoyed the tuck-in and goodnight kiss that she'd given Alan earlier in the week, and wanted to make it a regular event. But on the other hand, she knew that she had a tendency to lose control around him, and she was very aware that Ron was still at home. She was also still feeling uneasy about her recent nightmare of giving Alan a blowjob while Ron slept next to her, and she remembered her vow to avoid helping Alan sexually, for the next few days at least. Yet she knew he needed her help to reach his daily target, particularly while Suzanne was being forbidden to help him as a form of punishment.

In the end, she decided to compromise: she would go give Alan a tuck-in and goodnight kiss. Maybe she could inspire and encourage him a little, but limit herself to doing nothing more than that. To make sure that was the case, she would wear a heavy robe over her nightgown to be doubly safe from losing her clothes.

She kept busy in the common rooms, doing chores while dressed in her nightgown and robe. She was very proud of what she had accomplished with Brenda and wanted to tell someone about it, but Suzanne had gone home. So she relived the photo shoot in her head until her husband had fallen asleep.

Stopping by the front foyer after giving a final check that the house was locked up, she made the impulsive decision to put high heels on. Then she went to her son's room and quietly knocked on the door.

"Tiger? You still up?" She knew he was despite the late hour because his light was still on, but she felt obliged to ask.

"Yeah, sure Mom. Come on in."

She went in and found him already in bed, under the covers. "Hi, Tiger. I thought I'd come in and give you another tuck-in and kiss... If that's all right?"

"All right? I love it! And I love you."

"Awww, you're so sweet. No wonder Suzanne calls you her 'Sweetie.'" She saw he'd been reading something, so she asked, "What are you up to? A reading assignment? I'm so proud of you."

In fact, Alan had been looking at the naked pictures of Suzanne that she'd taken for him recently. He didn't want to share that fact without Suzanne's permission, but luckily he'd put the pictures in other reading material. Unluckily, that happened to be one of the pornographic magazines Susan had bought him some weeks back.

"Um, well, actually..."

Before he could figure out what to say, Susan had a closer look at what he was holding and realized what it was. "Oh. I see. A, uh, blue magazine. I'm sorry for prying." She thought, If he likes nudie pictures, just wait until he sees the ones I took of Brenda tonight! However, she didn't plan to tell him about that until tomorrow. She wanted this time to be all about her and him, without Brenda getting in the way.

"No, it's cool, Mom. You're cool. It's just that, I still haven't made my target for the day. So, I, uh... I was about to start masturbating."

She put on her most stern, motherly face. "Tiger, what did I warn you about spilling your seed upon the ground?"

"But Mom! What am I supposed to do? I can't just cum on a beautiful woman every time I want! I mean, I'm beyond incredibly lucky already to get all the help I've been getting, but sometimes there's still going to be times like these. I mean, six times a day! SIX times!"

She tut-tutted, "Well, that may be, but I still disapprove. I wish I could help you myself, but unfortunately Ron is still here. And I made myself a solemn vow this very morning to not help you that way for a while. Until he's gone, at the very least."

He decided to see if he could try his luck with her. He sensed that she was saying one thing, but the fact that she was wearing high heels said something quite different. "Bummer! Well, couldn't you at least help with some visual stimulation? Isn't that less sinful than using a magazine? And anyway, what's with your get-up? Are you wearing a robe AND a nightgown? Mom, really! I feel like you're afraid of me or something."

"I'm sorry. It's just that things have gotten out of control lately and I feel the need to re-establish firm boundaries. I suppose I got a little carried away. Here. Is this better?" She took off the robe.

"Not really. That's one of your old nightgowns, the kind an Eskimo would reject 'cos it's too warm. Mom, if you're worried about losing control, you can't hide under ten layers of clothing. I mean, you're still going to be helping me in that way once Ron leaves, right? You pretty much promised to help me with your hands AND mouth whenever I needed it."

"Did I? Oh dear!"

"You did."

"Well, that's true," she conceded. She didn't like where the conversation was going. She was getting quite hot and bothered already as she imagined helping him on a daily basis, maybe several times a day, starting when Ron left tomorrow. She suspected that she'd find herself completely naked before too long. She was glad that she was wearing high heels, although she tried not to think why she had them on in the first place.

He cleverly suggested, "Why not do what Aunt Suzy was doing Sunday night and test your willpower? Strengthen it. We can work together to establish firm boundaries!"

Her pussy and nipples started to tingle. She asked suspiciously, "Does this involve me taking off my nightgown?"

"Well, yeah, but I promise you won't touch my member, if you don't want to. We're just looking for visual stimulation here. And you can't exactly sneak back into your room and pick out something sexy with Ron sleeping there, can you? Wouldn't it just be better to take the nightgown off?"

Her heart started pumping fast. "I don't know. It just somehow doesn't seem fair to your father. He's only here this one last night, you know."

"I know, Mom, but what's worse? Me committing the sin of Onan right before your eyes, or you feeling like you've embarrassed Ron when he's sleeping through everything anyway?"

"Well, if you put it that way, I guess it would be irresponsible to knowingly let you sin like that." She pointed at him sternly. "But no penis contact! Right? Not even with a sheet in the way."


She removed her heavy nightgown and found herself standing by her son's bed stark naked. She felt extremely awkward. She loved baring her body for him, but she also felt sinful and guilty. "I was afraid something like this was going to happen. Let's at least get this over with quickly. Now, what am I supposed to do?"

He had been working to get her clothes off and hadn't really thought beyond that point. He admitted, "I don't know, Mom. I mean, having a centerfold mom standing right here makes it hard for me to think. I dunno... Say and do sexy stuff. Meanwhile, I'll stroke myself."

Susan, standing naked, looking down bashfully

She loved that he called her a "centerfold mom." He'd recently called her his "beautiful centerfold mom" too. Hearing such high praise made her sensitive nipples tingle. She smiled and shifted her weight from hip to hip.

Even just that was an extremely arousing sight.

She stared at the large bulge under his blankets and noticed it was moving. "Oh dear. Well, I suppose there's no alternative to you doing that. I suppose I can turn a blind eye, as long as you don't spill your seed upon the ground like Onan did. Boy, it looks like some kind of trapped animal under there. Oh my! Son, you're just so virile. ... Now, let's see. ... You want me to say something sexy?"

"Yeah. ... I dunno... Maybe... Oh, I know! Why don't you tell me what you'd like to do if you could do anything without worrying about boundaries?"

She thought about that, and then said in a sexier voice, "Well, Son, I came in here to tuck you in. But basically, I can't tuck you in with that big lump under your sheet. I need to smooth that lump down. Mommy wants to pull down that sheet and find out just what's causing that lump!"

"It's my dick, Mom. It's hard."

She was starting to get into the spirit of things, and found herself swaying back and forth to a song that was playing in her head. (The song was "Centerfold" by the J. Geils Band, inspired by his "centerfold mom" comment.) She didn't know much more than the chorus, which she altered to:

Her son is bold
His mommy's gonna do what she's told
His mommy is a centerfold
Mommy is a centerfold
Na na, na na na na
Mommy is a centerfold!

She said, "Oh dear! Well then, Mommy would just have to help make it go soft again. Good thing I've been taking cocksucking lessons from Suzanne. I'd just bend over you, letting my big tits dangle..."

"Can you show me? That's not touching, if you just show me that."

"Well, okay, but only because you're such an adorable cutie. Suzanne is right: you are a Sweetie." She leaned over his bed, dangling her nipples within inches of his face. She thought excitedly, This is probably the kind of pose a real busty centerfold makes!

When she did that he pulled down his blankets, but in deference to her no-touching vow he left the sheet where it was, covering everything from his chest down. Then he kept his hands outside the sheet, using it to gain more traction with his visible stroking.

"God, Mom! I love it when you do that. So what else would you do?"

"Well, I think I would feel like kissing your belly button. I'd kiss you there, and then kiss and lick my way down, down, down. Would you like that? Would you like your mommy to lick her way down to your big cock? Mommy would! She'd love it!"

"I'd love it too! Then what?"

Suddenly she frowned. "Tiger, I'm worried. Thinking back, sometimes it can take AGES for you to cum. Am I going to be wiggling here naked for ten minutes or more? What if your father wakes up to go to the bathroom?"

"We could speed it up. You know how much I love your breasts. What if you really get them jiggling? Bouncing up and down, even."

"Tiger! That's so naughty." She began shaking and jiggling. "So dreadfully naughty. What you're suggesting is completely undignified. I'm your mother! It's bad enough that you talked me out of my clothes and are making me stare at your hands stroking up and down that magnificent bulge. Now you want me to jump? I suppose in your perverted mind I should do something like this?"

Susan naked, jumping so that her tits swing up

She started bouncing up and down. Her breasts were so big that they flew around in all directions like independent entities. Sometimes they went round and round in circles together, and sometimes they moved to separate rhythms and even crashed into each other. Whatever they did, Alan loved it as long as they stayed in motion.

She continued to speak as she jumped lightly. "I'll tell you right now, this is what it might look like if I agreed to your sinfully twisted suggestion, but I'm not going to do it. You can't treat your mother like some piece of meat! No! A thousand times no! I'm not... going... to... jump... for... you!"

She punctuated each word in that last sentence with a particularly big jump.

Of course her words were in jest and they both knew it. But such protests made everything that much more fun.

She stopped jumping, since having her huge tits flail around like that hurt a lot.

Alan got up briefly, moving away from her to turn on his stereo. He selected the funky song "Tear the Roof Off the Sucker (Give Up the Funk)" by Parliament-Funkadelic. He kept the volume rather low, though for fear of waking Ron.

Seeing his erection bob all over as he walked from and to his bed sent Susan's arousal up another level. She noticed he didn't get back under his sheet when he returned to bed, so his hard-on stayed jutting up for her to see, but she didn't say anything about it.

She stood there for a moment, listening to the song. "Hmmm. Interesting music. It makes me feel..."

"Funky?" he helpfully suggested.

"What's that mean?" There were some major gaps in her musical knowledge.

"'Funky?' Hmmm, that's a tough one to define. But it definitely makes you want to move your feet and dance. Listen to the beat and see what it does to your body."

She started to dance. She was tentative at first, but the song had such a compulsive groove that she started to really get into it. She sexily ran her hands up and down the sides of her body, repeating the motion several times. She was somewhat limited by her high heels, but she was still glad she wore them because they made her feel extra sexy and inspired.

In the most sultry voice she could conjure up, she asked, "So what do you think of your mommy now, Tiger?"

"My God, Mom, you're the most lovable, sexy person in the whole wide world!" He was still happily and blatantly stroking his erection. He was so excited from her display and words that his fingers were getting soaked from all his pre-cum. He was already having to fight off the urge to climax because he didn't want the fun to end.

She raised her hands above her head and kept dancing. "How am I doing? Am I funky?"

"Mom, you're totally funky! I had no idea you had it in you. The way you move your hips, you could be a belly dancer! You know, this band has a saying: 'Free your ass, and your mind will follow.' Or maybe it's 'Free your mind, and your ass will follow.' I forget. But either way works."

"It does!" she exclaimed as her naked body continued to writhe and groove. "I really do feel free. This is so liberating! It's fun!"

She continued to dance until the song ended. Then she went to the stereo and turned the music off, because she was a bit exhausted and didn't want to be tempted to dance some more. She also liked the simple act of walking around the room, knowing that he was beating his meat to the sight.

Walking back to her son, she put her hands on her hips and said proudly, "So how do you like your 'centerfold mom' now?" Then she added shyly and tentatively, "Did you really mean that? Am I your centerfold mommy?"

"Totally!" He'd been steadily masturbating throughout her dance, loving every second. But now he stopped and reach out to her. He touched her knee, which seemed safe enough, but then he traced his fingers up her leg, hip, and right across her taut tummy. He wanted to go still higher to her fantastic rack, but that was out of reach for him in his prone position. "Mom, you're a total hottie. I say with complete sincerity that you could win Playboy's Playmate of the Month right now."

As she saw him sit up, she took a step back and said, "You're too kind. You can't really mean that. Although, did you know, both Suzanne and I have been asked at various times to pose in magazines? Maybe I could have been a real centerfold mommy!"

"Really? That's exciting! Why didn't you ever tell me about that before?"

"Well, it's all rather improper, isn't it? It's not the kind of thing a mother usually talks about with her son. Besides, I was offered a lot of money at various times, but it could have just been hot air. Or even some kind of evil scam. Suzanne made sure I always said 'No,' no matter what promises they made. Anyway, I like this little goodnight-kiss tradition. Let's not go too far and blow it, especially with your father so close to leaving."

He gave up his plan to touch her some more, at least for now. "Whatever you want, Mom. Though in reality I'd be very happy if you 'blow it.'" He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

She laughed and playfully pretended to be upset. "Why, all I came in here to do was to give you a goodnight kiss. I hope you're not thinking of doing something naughty."


He was so overcome with emotion that he suddenly turned serious. He reached out and grabbed one of her arms, pulling her close. "Mom, let me tell you something important." He leaned closer to her face, while she leaned in towards him. He was nearly overwhelmed by her sexy scent. She was a little bit sweaty, which he loved. "I love you so much. You're in my thoughts every single minute of the day, either consciously or unconsciously. Just the knowledge that you're nearby gives me confidence and lifts my feet as I walk. I really mean that."

She was bent over to have her face level with his. Her impressive melons swayed pendulously. She caressed his cheek with a hand while staring lovingly into his eyes. Tears started to flow down her cheeks. "I wish I could express my feelings for you as beautifully as you just did, but I can't even begin to find the words to explain how I feel. Son!" She grabbed him and held him close in a tight embrace.

She pulled his face directly into her impressive cleavage. The sexual contact was mostly inadvertent on her part, but not completely so.

He could hear her sob. Even though his face was smothered by tit-flesh, it never occurred to him to take further advantage of the situation - his concern for her emotional well-being preempted his lust. Besides, unless he screwed up big time, he knew there would be plenty of other, better opportunities in the future.

He pulled her head back and once more they stared into each other's eyes. They visually probed each other's faces, staring deeply, as if staring straight inside one another's souls.

Without warning, she tilted his head up and kissed him squarely on the lips. Their mouths locked and their tongues probed hungrily. Soon, she dropped to her knees next to the bed so she could continue the kissing more comfortably.

At first, he contented himself with just enjoying the kiss. But his erection was still jutting up, and it still felt great for him to stroke it. So he resumed doing that with one hand while his other hand held her chin or cheek.

Their kissing went on and on for many long minutes.

As they kissed, Alan found himself thinking of Ron, who was sleeping just down the hall. He had nightmarish visions of him bursting into the room (though in fact the door was locked). He hated the danger of their tryst, but at the same time he couldn't deny that it made everything that much more intense and arousing. His heart swelled with triumph to know that his mother couldn't resist him despite the substantial risk.

She was feeling highly conflicted. On one hand, she was painfully aware of the fact that Ron was sleeping down the hall. This was his last night home, and she felt she should respect him enough to avoid sexual contact with his son at least this one time. But on the other hand, Alan's erection was stiff and hot and within each reason. Also, she truly hated the idea of him committing the sin of Onan. Worst of all, she hadn't touched it all day, and that didn't seem right.

She finally decided on a compromise. She wouldn't give him a blowjob, or even a handjob, but she would put her hand on his and help him along. That's exactly what she did. She broke the kiss briefly, and purred, "Here, Tiger, let me help you with that." Her hand covered his, and she started to lead the stroking. "Such a nice cock. Such a BIG cock! MMMM!"

They kissed some more while she continued to stroke. After a few minutes, he got clever and widened the gap between his fingers as much as possible. It wasn't long before her fingers slid into the gaps between his, and she was essentially jacking him off on her own.

After a while, she broke the kiss again to purr in an extra sensual voice, "You're a naughty son, aren't you? Making me do naughty things all the time!" She thought back to her photo session with Brenda as she said, "Always keeping me naked and humiliated. Forcing me to share you with lots of other busty babes. Mmmm! But it's such a THICK cock, such a tasty cock, how can I resist?" Her fingers were sliding faster and faster now, forcing his hand to keep the pace. "Why, you've even got me calling myself one of your personal cocksuckers! Which is true!"

That was the final straw. He gave up the struggle of trying to hold back his climax. With an erotic moan, he let go of his erection altogether, allowing her to slide her fingers faster still. He let go in order to bunch the sheet over the tip of his erection, since her hand wasn't over the tip.

To his surprise, she still didn't move her hand to catch his cum. The wet stain already on the sheet suddenly became a much bigger wet stain as he just kept stroking and cumming until he had nothing left to give.

Susan French kissed him again as his orgasm petered out. She was filled with a satisfying "mission accomplished" feeling, which gave her the strength to pull away and regain control. She avoided touching his cum, because she wanted to respect Ron at least that tiny bit and not take cummy hands back to bed with her. She was determined not to lick and suck his penis and balls clean for the same reason.

She looked away from him shyly. "Tiger, we shouldn't have done that. The boundaries."

"But we didn't break the boundaries. You didn't so much as touch my erection. There's nothing wrong with kissing. You should be proud of your self-control."

She knew the no-touching part was a lie, but she let it slide. At least she didn't touch him much, relatively speaking. She complained, "And I let you commit the sin of Onan right in front of me! You spilled your seed upon the ground!"

"Upon the sheet, actually."

"I know. But that's how the Bible verse goes. I feel terrible. But I suppose that since I was at least somewhat helping you, that doesn't really count as masturbating."

"No, it doesn't."

"What about your father down the hall?" She couldn't help but notice the similarities between her recent nightmare and the real life events that were happening at that minute.

"Do you feel bad about that? He's still asleep."

"I do. I do! I feel horrible. But the thing is, I don't know how to put into words just how much I love you. But I can express it with my body. When I make you feel good with my body, I feel so good, and I feel like we're as one. I love you so much. So much more than just as a son, or as a lover, or as both combined. It's so much more." Her confidence boosted, she looked back at him.

He caressed her face and hair with his hands. "Mom, you just expressed it beautifully. I couldn't have said it any better. Physical pleasure just strengthens a much deeper bond. I just want to touch you and hold you 24 hours a day. I know it's wrong, but I want to feel like you're mine and I'm yours. Don't tell the others this, but I just don't think it's possible for me to ever love anyone else as much as I love you right now."

She started to cry tears of joy. "You make me so very happy! Son! I love you so much!" She thought, I am yours, Son! But she wanted to wait until Ron was out of the house before she started saying that kind of thing out loud.

They kissed on the lips again. He rolled on top of her and generally had his way with her nude body, with a particular focus on her breasts. As usual, he avoided touching her pussy area.

She pulled away when they could no longer breathe, laughing to herself. "I don't know what I was expecting when I came in here, but I wasn't expecting this. I was terribly tempted the whole time to give you a blowjob or handjob to show you my love. I could have slurped and supped on your cock for a good half an hour. But don't you feel this kissing was just as good?"

Susan crying in Alan's embrace

"I do. I've never felt so close to you." He really meant that, and everything else that he'd said.

They hugged tightly again for a long time. Neither of them ever wanted to let go. She particularly loved the sensation of lying naked underneath him; it made her feel like she totally belonged to him and was helpless to resist his lusty desires.

He could sense she was shedding more tears. He tried to focus on remaining sensitive and responsive, although her erect nipples poking into his chest made it hard to for him to be completely platonic.

She was lost in thought for a while, and then said, "I keep on doubting the wisdom, the morality, and the prudence of doing these things, particularly the physical part. Every time I do them I end up feeling so good. So right. At this point my real loyalty should lie with YOU, not with Ron, because of what he's done. You need me. Your penis needs my help to get rid of all that nasty cum, while he apparently doesn't need me for anything. I guess I'm just a trophy wife for him. But I keep having... issues! You wouldn't believe some of the dreams I've been having lately."

She shivered as she recalled (vaguely) aspects of her most recent "nightmare," while was actually more like a blissful wet dream, where Alan took advantage of her in her bed while Ron was sleeping right next to them. "Please be patient with me. It's hard to overcome my past beliefs and my marriage vows, however inappropriate they might seem now. It takes time."

"That's okay, Mom. We have lots of time. Especially now that Ron will be gone soon." His hands continued to caress her bare back while she fondled his bare ass.

All this talk about her husband had her worried. She managed to get out from under him, then looked nervously at the door. "I'm really pushing my luck with these late-night visits. I should go. Goodnight, my love. Until tomorrow, when you-know-who finally leaves. Finally!"

She stood up, then put her nightgown and robe back on. Then she looked at the big wet spot on his sheets. "You want me to take care of that?"

"Yes, please! Oh, you mean the sheet?" He grinned at his joke.

"Oh, you! You're incorrigible. The sheet, you nasty, cum-filled boy. Let me put that in the hamper and I'll get you a fresh one."

She took the soiled sheet, got him a new one, then turned out the light as she left his room.

Alan's penis had stayed flaccid since his climax, but he was still in an erotic mood. Even just watching Susan in her nightgown while changing the sheets was arousing for him. Now that she'd left, he hugged his pillow tightly, wishing it was his mother and that they were sleeping in the same bed all night.

He thought, I just had a similar experience of deep connection the other day when I made love to Sis. I didn't realize that it was possible to completely and utterly love more than one person at the same time, but now I know that it is. I think I love four women. Aims maybe not as much, 'cos I know her the least, but I even love her a lot. Things wouldn't be complete without her. I don't know how I'll ever be able to part with any of them.

Hell, maybe five, because what about Glory? Dang! Is it possible to love four or even five women at once? That's nuts!

He had no shortage of amazingly arousing things to think about, so he had to will himself to put everything out of his mind to get some rest. Eventually, he fell asleep with a big smile on his face.

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