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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Anyone for Tennis?
Day 48: Saturday, November 2

(MF, Mff, ff, inc, slow, reluc, voy, rom)

Written by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

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There was a big Halloween party planned for Saturday night, so Alan figured there wouldn't be much action earlier in the day while people were conserving their energy and preparing for the party. However, everyone was keen to test the waters on how things would be now that Ron was gone.

Katherine woke up fairly early and went jogging. She'd been exercising regularly to keep in shape since before she became a cheerleader, but lately she was even more dedicated because she considered herself her brother's number one fuck toy. The first thing she noticed as she returned home from her jog was that the underwear cabinet was back, once again placed near the front door.

She ran into Susan in the kitchen. She said "Hi, Mom," and gave her a kiss on the cheek. They chatted for a few minutes.

Katherine could see that Susan was wearing a sexy blouse and short shorts. It wasn't completely outrageous, but it was the most risqué thing she'd worn as normal clothing in two weeks. It was also clear that she wasn't wearing any underwear, but then again she'd never really stopped doing that once she'd started, except for a few days when Ron was home.

Staring directly at Susan's nipples as they protruded through the thin fabric, she said, "Mom, you're such a great mom. I can see that you're helping Alan again with some visual stimulation."

Susan smiled. "I'm trying," she said bashfully.

"Great! So do you mind if I help him 'do his thing' too? He must be up by now."

Susan was taken aback. It was true that just the night before, after catching Katherine blowing Alan, she'd had a talk with her and agreed, in theory, that she could help more directly with her brother's treatment. But she hadn't expected theory to turn to reality so rapidly, especially since she'd grounded Katherine at the same time.

Susan thought, Boy, she's really cheeky to push that so soon, isn't she? But what can I do? They've already done it, and I'm doing it. They're probably going to keep doing it whether I want them to or not, so I might as well have them keep it out in the open where I have some control over it. Besides, I can't be selfish and jealous, trying to hog him for myself. It's painful, but I can't undo what they've done. Plus, she is asking permission from me, as I required. Well, sort of, anyway.

She finally just nodded.

"Cool!" Katherine kissed her mother again and bounded out of the kitchen. She was secretly delighted and more than a little surprised that Susan had agreed. She made sure to leave the room quickly before Susan could change her mind.

Alan had just awakened and was lying in his bed, naked. He hadn't been accustomed to sleeping naked but, more and more, he was finding himself nude or at least without underwear, and he was growing to like it. He was in a half-awake state and lightly masturbating his erection under his bed sheets while enjoying a nice fantasy.

In his fantasy, he woke up in the morning only to discover that Susan was already lying naked between his legs and in the middle of giving him a great blowjob. But he hardly had time to fully fathom that when Katherine came in looking for him. When she saw what Susan was doing, she wordlessly took her clothes off too and joined right in.

But the dream didn't end there. After enjoying a fantastic shared mother-daughter blowjob for a couple of minutes, Suzanne and Amy came into the room as well, since they were wondering where everyone had gone to. They also simply took their clothes off and joined right in. Amy helped lick his cock, but there was only so much room around it, so Suzanne French kissed him for a while.

Then his daydream got much, much more unrealistic, because Glory had somehow gotten in the house as well, and the exact same thing happened to her. Soon, she was lying naked on his chest and taking turns with Suzanne kissing him.

As he slowly stroked his boner, he thought, What's great is that it's kind of true! Okay, the part with Glory is a bit far-fetched, but I AM intimate with her! And if things continue at home like how they've been going lately, the rest of it actually COULD happen someday! At least, it's not completely impossible. How lucky am I?! Man!

Katherine came in all excited and bouncy, dressed in a negligée (which she'd just changed into from her jogging outfit). She was mindful to completely close the door behind her. She didn't notice he was masturbating since it was happening under his sheets and blankets. "Good morning, sleepyhead. I have great news. Guess what? I'm expecting!"

That woke him up completely in a hurry. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. Expecting? Oh, fuck! I've made my sister pregnant? Fuck! Yesterday? Was it from yesterday? Could she know that fast? Didn't we use protection?! Finally, all he could mutter was, "Expecting?!"

"Yes. I'm expecting to suck you off. Mom just said it's okay. So pull down your sheets." She carefully shook her shoulder just enough to let a strap of her negligée slide down her arm.

Alan felt his brain whipsaw. He had a stupid expression on his face for a few seconds as everything sank in. Then he got upset. "Sis! What the fuck?! You scared me nearly half to death!"

Katherine in a négligée that is off one shoulder, leaning on Alan's bed, pressing her arms to make her tits push forward and look bigger

She laughed. "It did wake you up, didn't it? Let me make it up to you with a friendly 'good morning' blowjob." She leaned forward, pressing her arms to make her tits push forward and look bigger than they already were. She knew he always loved that.

He pulled down his sheets to expose his crotch, including his stiff erection. He was chagrined, but too aroused to complain much.

As she grasped his hard-on, she exclaimed, "Whoa! Looks like someone has been naughty with the self-love. You've even got it wet for me already. Don't tell me you've been committing the 'sin of Onan?'" She said "sin of Onan" in a sarcastic voice, making clear she didn't share Susan's concern about that.

He ignored her Onan question since the answer was obvious, and said, "Promise me you won't joke about that pregnancy thing again. I'm totally freaked out and my heart is pounding like crazy! Seriously. I've been completely disassociating what we're doing from the possibility of having children, despite all your frequent 'baby juice' comments. Please don't pull that kind of thing. Period."

"Okay. Sorry. You gotta admit it was pretty funny though. Would you prefer if I pull on this kind of thing?" She tugged at his dick while continuing to giggle.

He grunted with approval.

"Here, let me soothe your jangled nerves like a good fuck toy sister should, with a loving, prolonged cocksucking. Did you know Mom actually gave me her approval to do this?" She continued to jack him off, because she wasn't quite done talking.

"No way!"

"It's true! Oh, and by the way, no more masturbating, and that's an order. Not because of Onan, whoever the heck he was, but because you've got me living right across the hallway, you doofus!" She giggled. Then she immediately tilted her head down and engulfed his entire cockhead.

Alan didn't sit up, and instead just relaxed with his head on his pillow and his hands behind his head while Katherine bobbed up and down over his crotch like a busy woodpecker. Man! This is the life. And Mom gave permission. That's so huge!

Katherine really wanted to take off her nightie. Unlike Susan, it wasn't because she got extra sexual pleasure from blowing him while topless or nude; it was just that her clothes were in the way. This was especially true because she usually liked to finger her pussy or play with her nipples while she sucked him. However, she was mindful that Susan could look in at any time, so she left her nightie on, hoping that it might reduce the extent of Susan's distress.

Just when Katherine was getting into a steady bobbing rhythm, she pulled her lips off and sat up on his chest. "Oh no! What if your cock accidentally slipped between my tits? Then you just might be titfucking me." She folded her tits around his slippery shaft and briefly stroked it in her cleavage, despite the fact that she was still wearing her nightie.

But that wasn't enough. In an even more theatrical voice, she said, "Oh no! What if I slip up big time on your sticky fuck-monster and it slips on down my tummy..."

She scooted back, deliberately dragging his boner down her nightie, over her belly button and below. "What if it just keeps on sliding down and down, and we're both helpless to stop it. Gravity... Can't be helped..." She brought it down over her covered pussy, right to the top of her clit. She giggled, "Then we'd really be screwed. Or at least I would be!"

But he was especially intent to stay firmly within Susan's boundaries, because he was still feeling guilty for violating them with Suzanne when Susan had discovered them in Suzanne's backyard. He didn't want to go through that again. Although he'd noticed the door was closed, he figured the odds were better than even that Susan would spy or eavesdrop on them. She'd always respected their privacy before, but her cock-lust was too strong for her to stay away.

He grabbed his sister's hand and stopped her. "Okay, that's enough. No more accidents. Remember Mom. Remember the slippery slope. We shouldn't even be talking like this." He nodded knowingly at the door.

"Big Minaret Brother, you just skied down the slippery slope, oozing pre-cum all over my naughty nightie. After all that tough skiing, don't you want to rest for a bit inside my cozy ski chalet?" She pulled her nightie aside enough to expose her wet slit, and then tugged at his cock to slip it inside her.

However, his hand still held onto hers and kept it back.

He chuckled. "So it's a ski chalet now, huh? No. I'd rather ski inside your mouth for a while. I liked skiing in the twin peaks region, I admit. That was too brief. But blowjobs only, please. That's all Mom allows you, right?"

Katherine didn't press too hard to do more, once he'd clearly put his foot down. She knew she'd get her chances with him at Kim's house, and perhaps elsewhere. Besides, she figured the odds were good that Susan would be listening in before long.

She'd left the door closed, since that was the normal thing to do. But if Susan did spy or eavesdrop on them, she didn't really mind. She figured the more that kind of thing happened, the quicker Susan would accept her role as a fellow fuck toy, and the sooner they could share his cock together.


Susan probably would have given in to her urges and spied on them before long. However, she was self-aware enough to realize how likely it was that she'd do that, and she felt bad about violating her children's privacy. So she deliberately did something to distract herself: she called Suzanne on the kitchen phone. Many important events had happened since they'd last talked the previous afternoon, and Susan felt it was her duty to bring her best friend up to speed.

Suzanne started things off on an eager note. "Okay, it's time. Spill the beans! What's the big secret already? I didn't pester you about it yesterday; I used great restraint, but now I'm pestering!"

"What secret?"

"You know the one. You mentioned something mysterious was happening with Brenda. I need to know!"

"Oh, that secret. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much development there. I thought I'd hear from her again, but I haven't. You don't want to know, though, until I can present the entire thing."

Suzanne could tell that Susan was hiding something, since Susan was a terrible liar, but she didn't want to call her on it. Instead, she hoped to get Susan to reveal what she knew of her own volition, so she said encouragingly, "But I do! I do!"

Susan frowned, then replied, "Trust me. It'll be waaaay better if you wait. I'll call her later and see what's up. So we'll know one way or another soon."

Suzanne sighed. "Oh, very well."

From there, Susan switched to talking about her latest interactions with Alan. The conversation took a long while, since she was in the habit of telling Suzanne every last detail, including sexual details. In fact, recounting the sexual details was the part she loved the most. When it came time to describe her long blowjob when she was wearing the shirt in which she'd cut a large hole, she found herself also fingering her pussy through her clothes. By the time she was finished, her clothes were half-off and askew because she'd ended up playing directly with her nipples and pussy until she had a nice orgasm.

As usual, Suzanne pretended not to notice Susan's increasingly ragged breathing, her increasing number of sexy "Mmmm" noises, and all her other tell-tale signs of impending orgasm. Susan had no idea how obvious she was when she was giving in to her horny urges.

Once Susan confessed that she'd given Katherine permission to help Alan with his "special problem," Suzanne said, "I think that's a very wise decision. I'm proud of you, that you're mature enough not to let jealousy blind you. But how are you feeling about it right now? I'm sure it can't be easy for you."

Susan sighed. You can say that again! It wouldn't be so bad, except, except..."

"Except what?"

"Except... even as we speak, Angel is up in Tiger's room, gobbling on his fat knob!"

"Really?!" Suzanne thought, The plot thickens. As does his cock. Hee-hee!

"It's true. I haven't seen it for myself, but I gave her permission when she asked if she could go do that, so of course she is." She asked hopefully, "It's not like Tiger's penis would be flaccid, would it?"

Suzanne said, "I think it's safe to rule that out, especially if she's been up there for a while."

"She has," Susan said sadly.

"So how does that make you feel?"

"Jealous! I'm green with jealousy! That should be ME up there! If I'd told her no and helped him right now, then instead of talking to you, it would be MY lips stretched wide, and MY tongue dancing on his sweet spot! I'd be lying naked between his legs, just like a good big-titted mommy should, fondling his sperm-filled balls, stroking those thick ten inches of rock hard- OH!"


"I'm sorry, It's just that I'm making myself so horny!" She had to take a few long moments to try to control her breathing. Then she continued, "When I start thinking like that, it becomes very real for me. I start salivating and even open my mouth in a perfect 'O' shape if I'm not talking, ready to engulf him all the way in, until I'm practically choking and gagging on all ten inches of his delicious cock-meat!"

Suzanne knew Alan's penis was just a bit shy of eight inches when fully erect, but she saw no urgent need to correct her best friend about that yet again. "I think that's commendable. It shows me yet again just how much you love him. I also think it's very commendable that you let Angel go to him, despite your passion to serve his cock. That's a healthy attitude, because you're going to stand aside while others enjoy his cock quite a lot."

"I am?!"

"Sure. You're one of his personal cocksuckers now, and so am I, and so is Angel, but it's not going to stop there. We already know he's having sexual success at school, although we don't know the details. He's probably building up a little stable of teenaged hotties." Suzanne actually doubted that, since she didn't think he'd have much success with women without her secretly pulling the strings in the background. But she figured it would help Susan's attitude. Plus, she had to admit that he must have had some success at school all on his own already.

Suzanne continued in a sadder tone, "Additionally, I'm not exactly thrilled about it, but Amy will join in before long. I'd stop that if I could, and I'll try to delay it as long as I can, but given how they feel for each other, and Amy's beauty, and other facts, it's all but inevitable."

"That's probably true," Susan said.

"And there will be others. He has what women want. For instance, what about Brenda? Don't you think it's fairly likely he'll seduce her eventually?"

Susan winced. "Probably. ... Almost certainly." She groaned unhappily.

Suzanne said, "I can hear the pain in your voice. But don't think of it as a bad thing, think of it as a very, very good thing!" Knowing that Susan was already very horny from the things they'd been talking about, she asked, "Doesn't it make you hot, thinking about Angel polishing his knob right now? To me, that's a sign of what an impressive stud he is. How many boys his age manage to turn their beautiful, busty mothers AND sisters into his personal cocksuckers?"

Susan was highly conflicted, but she admitted, "Not many."

"Doesn't it excite you to know that while all the other boys in school merely eat their lunches during lunch, Sweetie is off in some secret room, probably with a bevy of busty cheerleaders taking turns slurping on his cock?" Suzanne figured that had to be a wild exaggeration, even given Alan's great sexual fortune lately, but she also figured that would push Susan's buttons.

She was right. Susan breathlessly exclaimed, "Oh, yes! Heck yes! Now, THAT is hot!"

"What's the difference?" Suzanne asked. "Isn't it even hotter with Angel? She's one of the most beautiful girls in school. There's no doubt about it. She could have any boyfriend she wants. And yet she prefers to fully submit to the power of her brother's cock! Come on! If he snaps his fingers and she crawls naked to him and then lovingly licks his long bone from base to tip and back again, wouldn't the sight of that get your blood pumping?"

Susan's chest was heaving up and down. "If you put it that way, then yes! That's seriously hot!"

Suzanne said, "Of course it is. And think about the advantages. You and your daughter will have so much to talk about, so much to share. You can share cocksucking tips and all kinds of other tips. The next time you go shopping together, you'll go as two personal cocksuckers looking for extra sexy clothes to better titillate your shared man. Plus, it opens up all kinds of new possibilities for you. For instance, can you imagine kneeling naked under the dining table and bobbing on your son's delicious cock all through his breakfast? Or any other meal, for that matter? Now that she's fully involved, there's nothing stopping you from doing just that!"

Susan fretted, "I could never do that, not in a million years. It's just so embarrassing, not to mention degrading. Maybe... Maybe I could, if it was just Tiger and me there. But not with my sweet Angel watching and listening! I would simply die of humiliation!"

Suzanne responded, "You say that now, but tell me, haven't you thought about that? Isn't that a secret fantasy of yours?"

Actually, Susan had been thinking about that very thing a fair amount lately. She'd even suggested it to Brenda during one of their recent conversations. She was astonished. "How did you know that?!"

Suzanne was pleased. Although Susan had shared many of her fantasies, none had been like that, and she'd merely made a good guess. She stated confidently, "It makes perfect sense. Sweetie is a remarkably virile young man. I must say that his stamina has exceeded all my expectations. And he's also a growing boy who eats a lot, so he always needs a VERY good breakfast!" She chuckled at that.

Then she continued, "It follows that he'll want his personal cocksuckers to help him through his meals. Don't be surprised if you start spending some meals UNDER the table. While he gobbles down his food, you'll be gobbling up and down his cock! And when he eats his sweet dessert off his plate, your dessert will be his yummy cum splattered all over your face and chest, and even more pouring down your throat! And of course Angel will be watching all the while, at least when it's not HER turn to spend a meal under the table!"


Susan clutched at one of her hefty globes with her free hand. She pictured that so vividly that for a moment she really thought she was under the table. She gasped, "That's... that's... SO HOT!"

Suzanne chuckled. "Yes. Yes, it is." Although she had reluctantly admitted that she was one of Alan's "personal cocksuckers," since it couldn't be denied what she was doing to him and him alone, she didn't put herself in the same category as the obviously sexually submissive Susan and Katherine. She considered it way too undignified to ever "help" Alan with an under-the-table blowjob. So when she talked about such a thing, she was having a fun time imagining Susan doing that.

Whereas Susan was thinking solely about herself doing that. It had been a wild and fleeting fantasy of hers, but Suzanne's comments made it seem actually possible, if not probable, and that aroused her to no end.

Susan had remained fully dressed through the phone call. But she was wearing a sexy blouse and short shorts and nothing else. Suzanne's words had worked her up so much that she'd pulled her shorts down enough to access her pussy, once the under-the-table talk had started. Once she started furtively fingering herself, she found herself spiraling rapidly towards orgasm. She practically shouted, "Gotta go! Talk to you later! Bye!"

But before she could hang up the phone, Suzanne shouted back, "Wait! Wait!" Then, seeing the line was still connected, she added, "Do me a favor. Go upstairs and watch or at least listen to what Angel is doing. It'll help you adjust that much faster."

Susan panted, "I'll, I'll... consider it. Bye!" Then she did slam the phone down. She barely managed to stave off her climax long enough to end the call, due to Suzanne's last words. She actually started screaming in orgasmic ecstasy even as she was putting the receiver in its place.

Suzanne heard the start of that scream before the line disconnected, and that gave her a great big smile. I love Susan so much! It's exactly like I always thought: her prudish persona was just a facade. Her sexy, slutty side was always buried inside her, just waiting for a chance to come out. And boy oh boy, has it come out! Color me pleasantly surprised again. Just as with Sweetie, she's actually exceeded my hopeful expectations! Things can only get better as she comes to fully accept her new way of life.

Not surprisingly, Suzanne was very pleased by the latest developments that Susan had described. She had planned to gradually get Susan to accept that Katherine also needed to be helping Alan do his thing, but now those plans could be happily tossed aside. That sped up her timeline for her overall scheme quite a bit.


Back in his room, Alan continued to just lie on his bed and love life while Katherine bobbed and bobbed on his shaft.

Katherine sucking on her brother's cock while he's lying on his back on a bed

Unfortunately, Katherine wasn't as good a cocksucker as Suzanne was or as Susan had recently become. She still needed to develop a practiced and varied technique. But she was still pretty darn good. Besides, the fact that she wasn't as overwhelmingly talented actually allowed him to enjoy the experience more in a way, since it permitted him to stay relaxed for a longer time instead of having to constantly fight the urge to cum nearly from the very start.

As he lay there in bliss from her constant stimulation, he pondered the big picture. He could see a happy pattern forming, even though both Suzanne and Katherine now had to ask Susan for permission each time they wanted to help him. That didn't seem to be as big a barrier as he'd feared, given that Susan had given Katherine permission to be with him now. Things are coming along very nicely. It seems like I can look forward to frequent help from Mom, Sis, and Aunt Suzy at home, and eventually probably Aims too. Then there's Glory at school, and Sis and Kim to have fun with elsewhere. And who knows, maybe I'll get to be with Heather some more. That's seven total babes! Wow. SEVEN!

It couldn't possibly get any better than that. The treatment for my energy problem is easily the best thing that's ever happened to me! Well, I suppose it would be even greater if Christine could help me too, and Brenda is pretty stunning, but come on! Get real. Even my luck has a limit. I still can't truly believe I'm gonna end up having sex with Brenda, even after all Aunt Suzy has done to make that happen.

But the big thing is what's happening here at home. He reached out and lovingly ran his hand through Katherine's hair as his thoughts turned more to her.

Katherine mewled with pleasure in response, and tried out a corkscrew move that just happened to be Susan's favorite move (and thus something that he particularly enjoyed).

He hummed happily, letting her know to keep that up. Boy, am I glad Mom didn't freak out about Sis and me. Now we don't have to sneak around anymore. Well at least not as much. Right now it's all about blowjobs due to Mom's rules and restrictions, but that'll change. I don't know how long it'll take, but I think we're past some point of no return. Someday, I'll be able to fuck all four of them whenever I want! Hell, I could wind up like some kind of sultan with a harem, or something. I mean, it's so great that it almost defies belief!

The one thing I have to hope for is that I never get "well." Meaning, I never want this six-times-a-day treatment to end! Ever! Oh man! What if it did? What if next time I see Akami, she says, "Oh, by the way, it turns out there's a pill we found that can do the same thing?" That would suck!

But you know what? It's like I said, that we've passed the point of no return. I'll bet Aunt Suzy would give Mom some kind of fig-leaf excuse so she can keep going without guilt. Dang. My aunt is a total genius!

When Katherine felt that he was getting close to a climax, she suddenly sat up in his bed between his legs. Her boobs bounced freely, since both shoulder straps had slipped well down her arms. She quickly rushed to the door and opened it, hoping to catch Susan there by surprise, but there was no sign of anyone.

She was disappointed, but she didn't show it. She turned back to Alan and smiled wolfishly, making a show of wiping her chin clean of cum and saliva.

He asked in confusion, "Is that it? Are you done?"

"Not hardly!" She chuckled, as if he'd said something totally absurd. "I'm your number one fuck toy, and I'm not about to leave here until you've splooged me good. No, I stopped because it's time for your strategic break."

"It is?" He was having a great time enjoying a blowjob without all the usual struggle. He'd been thinking that when the urge to cum got too great, he'd just let go for once. In fact, he was close enough already to let go at any time.

She said, "It is. Remember what Nurse Akami said: 'It's not just the quantity; it's the quality.' You don't just need six climaxes daily; you need very PROLONGED and SATISFYING stimulation!" Inspired by her own words, she started to bend down to his shaft, but then caught herself.

He grinned. I'm still not happy with this "fuck toy" stuff, but how could I not love that attitude? She really loves having fun with my dick! He asked, "I do?"

"You do. I want to see just how long I can keep you right on the edge. Besides, it's Saturday morning. Where are you going to go and what are you going to do that's more important than getting your cock sucked for hours by your loving sister?"

He chuckled. "'Hours?'"

"Okay, maybe not literally, but we can try. Besides, I have a confession." She looked around conspiratorially, especially at the door, and then crawled up his chest to whisper in his ear. "I have to admit that I want to impress Mom!"


"Yeah, you know, the busty sex bomb tinkering around in the kitchen right now?"

He gave her a look for stating the obvious.

She settled down on his chest and licked his neck a little, since she had to wait out his strategic break anyway. "Since I just checked the door, we don't have to worry about being overheard, at least for a while. I know what she's doing right now, or at least I can guess: she's thinking about what I'm doing to you right now and wondering just how long it'll last. She's probably looking at the clock a couple of times a minute and getting all anxious. She keeps thinking about coming up here to 'check' on us, which means if she can't suck your cock, she at least wants to see me do it. Frankly, it's a miracle she hasn't gotten here already!"

"And that's a good thing?"

"Sure! Look, I really want this 'Number One Fuck Toy' title, and I've got stiff competition. And no, I don't mean that!" She reached down and playfully flicked at his boner. Since it was poking nearly straight up from his crotch, that set it swinging. "I know that when it comes to cocksucking I probably can't compete with Aunt Suzy's talent and experience and Mom's sheer passion. Not yet. I'm working on it, but someone can't become an expert overnight. In the meantime, I want to at least see if I can win with endurance. I'll show that my dedication to serving your cock surpasses even Mom's!"

He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close. "Sis, you don't have to do that. Really. Right now, everything seems to be turning up blowjobs lately, I guess because of all these rules not to touch pussies so I won't end up fucking anyone. But that'll change, with sixty-nines and cunnilingus and all kinds of fun stuff that's more equal. God knows I love what you're doing to me, but at some point I feel bad that it's so unequal."

"Bro, I'm sure you're right about the sixty-nines and whatnot, and things will get more equal, probably. But not THAT equal, because there's four of us and only one of you. I'm afraid this is your lot in life, to suffer through lots of blowjobs!" She giggled. "Besides, this is important for me to make a point with Mom, okay? I want her to understand that I'm not just a bit player here, that I can tend to your cock just as well as she or Aunt Suzy does!"

She hopped back on the bed and practically dove at his crotch. Seconds later, she was happily slurping and bobbing. In her renewed burst of enthusiasm, she went so deep that she came very close to triggering her gag reflex. The resulting choking and gagging sounds aroused both of them tremendously, although they wouldn't have been willing to admit it. In fact, she deliberately sucked him that deep for a while, getting a strange thrill from flirting with danger.

He knew that Katherine had self-confidence issues which largely stemmed from having such an impressive mother and "auntie." So he vowed to himself to last as long as he could. Not only would it be fun, but it would be good for them all if Susan took Katherine more seriously.

Time passed. Katherine sucked and sucked, and when her mouth got tired she jacked him off. Whenever he got too close, they took another strategic break. She sucked and stroked some more, and when she seemed too tired to continue she insisted he fuck her tits for a while. She pulled her nightie down to her waist while he happily did just that.

They would have done more, such as more overt pussy play, except that they both practically assumed Susan would be eavesdropping on them before long, if she hadn't started already. Whenever they spoke they were careful not to say anything they didn't want their mother to hear. And Katherine kept her nightie as least partially on just in case Susan came through the door at any time.

They were developing a good mutual understanding that allowed him to ride close to the edge of climax without actually going over it. In fact, it seemed like they might just be able to literally go for hours, as long as they kept taking enough strategic breaks.

Alan finally decided to cum, for several reasons. One was that he could tell that his sister was absolutely exhausted from all the stroking and sucking. The other was that he hadn't had breakfast yet, and his stomach was grumbling. It was time, and even Katherine knew it.

After getting a nice warm load in her mouth, she liked to keep some under her tongue so she could savor it for some time afterwards.

Feeling devilish, she pulled her nightie back up and went directly downstairs.


Ironically, Susan never did go upstairs to snoop, even though Alan, Katherine, and Suzanne all were fairly sure that she would. The phone call with Suzanne had lasted a long time, and when it ended, she had such a big orgasm that she was down for the count for a while afterwards.

In fact, she was still in a post-orgasmic blissed-out state when she heard Katherine clomping down the stairs. Her bare ass was on the floor and her back was against the lower cabinets. Her blouse had been tossed aside and her shorts were pulled down below her knees.

Luckily for her, Katherine's clomping gave her an early warning, and she didn't have much in the way of clothes to put on. Acting fast, she was able to stand up and get her clothes on and more or less in order right as Katherine entered the kitchen.

"Hey, Mom!" Katherine said breezily. "What's up?"

Susan looked at the clock. Katherine had been right that Susan had been anxiously checking the clock all along, despite the phone call with Suzanne. She assumed that Katherine was sucking Alan nearly non-stop, and she wanted to know just how long it would take before he blew his load. She asked, "And just what have you been doing, young lady? Do you realize you've been upstairs for... fifty-six minutes?"

Susan had been looking at the clock but she hadn't been adding up the time for a while, thanks to Suzanne keeping her busy on the phone and then her highly distracting orgasm. Now that she thought about it, she was staggered. "Fifty-six minutes?! Don't tell me you spent all that time with Tiger's fat knob in your mouth?!"

"Yep!" Katherine said proudly. "Gaawwwd, I've been stroking and sucking for so long that I think both my hands and my jaw are gonna fall off!"

Susan was stunned. "But that's impossible! Not even he can last that long, not without his strategic breaks!"

Katherine admitted, "Okay, maybe it wasn't non-stop. He did take a few brief breaks. But I kept him going most of the time. My jaw and hands are sore, and I'm all licked out. But it was grrrrrreat! Here, you wanna see?"

She walked over to Susan and kissed her on the cheek. Her mouth tasted and smelled like her brother's cum, and she breathed onto Susan's cheek as the kiss ended just to make sure that Susan didn't miss that fact.

Katherine kissing Susan

Susan's eyes went wide and she clutched her hands to her chest. Wow! That's, that's his spermy scent, for sure! I love it, but to smell it straight from my daughter's mouth is just so, so... debauched! She wanted to chastise Katherine for what she'd just done, but that would have been hypocritical and she knew it.

Katherine watched Susan's nipples grow erect in a matter of seconds and the pace of her breathing increase.

Susan said disbelievingly, "You really were...?"

"Yep!" Katherine proudly licked her lips.

"Fifty-six minutes?!"

"Yep! I'd guess there was only about five or six minutes where I wasn't at least stroking his massive boner. Most of the time, I was like this." She held a hand up to her mouth like she was holding a stiff erection with it, and she bobbed her head back and forth on the imaginary boner.

Susan actually staggered backwards. "You...? Wow!" She shook her head, trying to wrestle with that information. It looks like I have some new and very serious competition! A whole hour? That means that I'm going to have to last even longer than that. Just a few days ago, it seemed a wild fantasy of mine that I'd suck my Tiger's delicious cock-meat for hours on end. But it's already kind of coming true!

She asked ruefully, "You're not a little girl anymore, are you?"

"Nope! I'm all grown up. I'm just like you now in that I've become one of his personal cocksuckers. Like you, I'm gonna be spending a lot of time servicing his cock. But I don't mind at all. In fact, I love it!"

Susan was floored. She hadn't really thought things through about Katherine's future participation in the hours since she'd walked in on her blowing Alan yesterday. "I just got off the phone with Suzanne a little while ago, and she called you one of his personal cocksuckers too. Maybe it's true."

Her eyes narrowed, and her expression went from stunned to stern and questioning. "Are you SURE that's what you want? It's no shame to just want to help him sometimes without officially becoming a personal cocksucker."

Katherine said defiantly, "Oh, I'm going official. I'm going full on. Personal cocksucker all the way!"

"But... But what about dating and such? Do you realize the kind of commitment you're making? For instance, going to dances and movies and the prom and whatnot. Are you really willing to give that up, maybe for years and years to come?"

Katherine shook her head. "Mom, Mom, Mom. Surely you don't expect me to cheat on my own brother?!"

"Cheating? Who's talking about cheating?"

"You are. Serving his cock isn't some part-time thing. You have to be fully dedicated to it. Surely Aunt Suzy has explained that to you?"

"Well, yes, she has, but-"

"No buts! There's NO WAY I would ever kiss another boy now, much less play with his dick, not as long as I'm helping Brother. You must feel the same, don't you? Can you imagine dating some other guy, taking him home, making out with him on the sofa, and then sucking his dick?"

Susan reacted strongly, just as Katherine knew she would. "Angel! Don't make me ill! My mouth, my body, it belongs to my son and my son alone!"

"See? What's true for you is true for me too. Brother's cock is very POWERFUL and DEMANDING. You can't be half-assed about serving it. I'm saying I'm here to help in any way I can, as often as I can. You, me, Aunt Suzy - we're his personal cocksuckers now. We're a team." She was deliberately using some of the lingo Suzanne used on Susan almost every day, as well as throwing in some of her own ideas.

Susan could see what Suzanne meant when she said that sharing Alan with Katherine too could be more arousing than jealousy-inducing. Right now, Susan was feeling a little bit jealous but very, very horny. Hearing Katherine express her passion and dedication was practically driving her wild.

However, there was a part of Susan that remained mindful of her duty to be a good parent. So she protested, "But you're different. Suzanne and I are pushing forty and effectively unattached. Nobody will mind much if we spend the next ten or twenty years with our heads in Tiger's crotch."

Katherine cut in, "'Effectively unattached?!' You're both married! What about Ron?!"

Susan looked away in embarrassment. "It's... complicated. Let's not go into that right now, okay?" She resumed eye contact. "What about you? You're still young! There's so much you'll miss out on. Dates with nice boys-"

Katherine cut her off by sticking her tongue out in disgust. "Yuck! Mom, I don't care about that. Not anymore. I LOVE my brother, and being his fuck toy sister is what makes me happy."

Susan poked a finger at her. "I don't like to hear you call yourself that. It's demeaning."

"Come on, Mom. You and me, we're a lot alike, I can tell. Don't you get off on that kind of language? I know you won't let him fuck you, but 'fuck toy' is a state of mind, suggesting total submission and obedience. Doesn't that turn you on? Or, if not fuck toy, what about sex pet? As a good Christian, you're not allowed to lie. So tell me: don't you find it exciting to think of yourself as your son's sex pet?"

Susan's face reddened and she dropped her head down. She whispered. "Yes!" Somehow, confessing that doubled her already high arousal level in a flash.

Katherine smirked triumphantly. "You see? If you feel that way, why can't I feel that way too? Besides, this is his time of great need. What should come first, wasting my time on dating some losers, or helping my loving brother with his dire medical condition?"

"Well, it's not really THAT dire," Susan pointed out rather reluctantly. Most of the time she tried not to think about his medical condition at all, because she knew on some level that was a weak excuse for all the "helping" she was doing.

"True, but family comes first. We're lucky that playing with his cock is great fun, but I'd do it even if it wasn't, just because I love him."

Susan complained, "Same here. But when I caught you two yesterday, and gave you permission to continue helping him, this isn't what I envisioned at all! I don't mind you helping him some, but please don't become one of his personal cocksuckers. That's a big commitment that will prevent you from having a normal social life. It's highly improper!"

She was doing her best as a responsible mother to talk Katherine out of this path. But at the same time her massive boobs were heaving up and down inside her blouse, because she secretly found it very thrilling that her daughter would choose that path.

"Mom, this is a unique situation here. We have to think outside the box and throw old notions of 'proper' out the window. Brother's cock has big needs. BIG needs. You know that even with you and Aunt Suzy helping, he still has to masturbate by himself sometimes. That's forcing him to commit the Sin of Onan. That's just not right!"

Susan had a sinking feeling she would lose this battle, especially since she wasn't putting up much of an argument due to her conflicted feelings. Still, she said, "That's true, but with Ron gone I can help out more. A LOT more. And I'm here most of the day. Suzanne or I can handle almost any situation at home."

Katherine had already anticipated that argument. "Yes, but remember what Akami said. It's not just-"

Susan completed the sentence for her "-the quantity; it's the quality. I know. But I'm good at both."

"I'm sure you are, Mom, but the more we stimulate him, the better his stamina gets. I just sucked him for fifty-six minutes! Imagine if that was you. Fine. You can handle that. But then he gets stiff again an hour later. Could you handle THAT too? And then again another hour or two after that? No!"

She held her hands up. "Look at me. My hands are so tired from stroking that I can hardly lift them this high. My jaw, lips, and tongue are feeling wrecked as well. Don't tell me you won't feel the same after a hour or two."

Susan nodded, and then stared off into space. Oh my goodness! This is really happening. I'm going to suck him until I'm simply too tired to carry on, and then others will take over! My son is such a stud that it leaves me breathless!

Katherine stated, "A really powerful, dominant cock like his needs the three of us helping out, at a minimum. I'll bet Amy will be joining us too, and we'll need her help. I'm not just ready to be one of his personal cocksuckers, I already consider myself one. I have no problem totally dedicating myself to serving his cock. Can you say the same?"

"Of course I can!" Susan replied indignantly. "Nothing is more important to me than giving him those prolonged, highly satisfying orgasms Akami told us about! And I'll have you know I've made that commitment for a while now."

"Oh really? Is this the same woman who kissed Ron goodbye yesterday? On the lips?"

Susan suddenly blushed and looked away. "It wasn't really on the lips. Besides, that was a fluke, an emergency situation. Let's not talk about that. Like I said, it's complicated, and Ron will be gone soon. By the time he comes back, months from now, the situation will be completely different, believe me."

She looked back into her daughter's eyes with renewed determination. "Let's talk about YOU! You're a young girl who's growing up. You need to develop normal relationships so you can settle down and get married and have kids!"

Katherine had expected Susan to say that too, and she'd prepared an answer. She cleverly lied, "Don't worry, Mom, I've got that covered. Brother has his medical situation right now, so that comes first. But things change. He'll go to college; I'll go to college; his energy problem will be licked; all kinds of things will happen. I'll have lots of time to date guys later. I've got a twenty-year window to have kids, if not even longer. But for now I have to remain focused on what's most important, and that's serving my brother's medical needs! Naked and on my hands and knees if need be!"

Susan was greatly dismayed by Katherine's answer because of what it portended for herself. Oh my! Here I am, just starting out on this new path of helping Tiger, and Angel points out the end is in sight! What if he DOES get better? And what about when he goes to college? That's looming in the future, next Fall. It's inevitable, and I've been doing my best to completely ignore it! Oh dear!

Katherine knew Susan's ways of thinking very well, and so knew that after she'd made that point Susan would be too busy worrying about her own future with Alan to think much about Katherine's new status as one of Alan's official personal cocksuckers, or, as she preferred to think of it, one of his "fuck toys." And she figured that unless Susan really put her foot down quickly and specifically prohibited certain things, the de facto situation would become established tradition. That's what she was counting on.

Out of the blue, Katherine asked, "Soooooo... What's for breakfast, then? Brother should be down in a few, and we're both famished."

Susan grumbled, "Breakfast? More like brunch after certain people took a full fifty-six minutes to... well, never mind." She sighed. She was frustrated, because she sensed she'd lost the argument. Plus, she was hot and bothered, but now she had to cook. "I don't know. What do you want?"

"You know, the usual. How about waffles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, noodles, oatmeal, potato omelettes... any mix of that kind of thing will do. But make sure to make a BIG bowl of fruit for Brother, with LOTS of pineapple."

"Pineapple? Why?"

"It helps with the taste of his cum. It turns out that cum is alkaline, so acidic foods like oranges, lemons, and pineapple get rid of the bitter taste and make the cum taste better."

Susan protested, "But Tiger's cum is already delicious!" She blushed a little at that.

"I know. Believe me, I know. That's because he's practically a vegetarian and even a fruitarian already. But if he eats more sweet things, especially fruits like pineapple, it'll taste better still!"

Susan asked incredulously, "Is that even possible?"

Katherine giggled. "Mom, you're so cute. And speaking of our favorite cum dispenser, I'll go see what's taking him so long. Later!" She rushed out of the room and up the stairs.

Susan stood in the middle of the kitchen, wondering what had just happened. She felt like she'd been run over by a truck. I can't believe it. I thought she was just going to help Tiger a little here and there. Suzanne and I would take the heavy load, so to speak. She's such a willful girl. I don't know about this. I should put my foot down before she gets all kinds of wild ideas.

I know: I'll talk to Suzanne. She'll know how to handle Angel's willfulness. It's one thing for her to help him out from time to time. I suppose that's inevitable since she lives right across the hall from him and all. But really, it's MY duty to be his main personal cocksucker, with Suzanne also one, yes, but more helping out when I'm busy. Angel needs to live her own life!

She looked around the kitchen, figuring out what she'd need for breakfast. She didn't actually have any pineapple to put in a fruit salad, but she made a mental note to buy some more soon. She grinned as she took out some pots and pans. Yep, I'm gonna buy some pineapple. Lots and lots of pineapple!

Back in her room, Katherine chuckled to herself. That went well, 'cos Mom is soooo predictable. That was kind of brutal, but necessary. She needs to get used to the fact that I'm doing this for Brother, and that's not going to change. It's true he's going to go to college and all that, but I'm not too worried. I'm gonna stick like glue to his side, if he'll let me.

This is just the start. Hopefully soon, Mom and I will be casually talking and joking about his sperm all the time. Not to mention, licking his cock together! I can't wait for THAT! And, of course, he'll fuck all of us day and night! She snickered happily.


Alan followed his sister's blowjob with a long shower, after which he went downstairs for brunch.

Katherine couldn't stop smiling. She ate quickly and then left the house. She'd made her point, staking a claim to her brother, and now she figured she should back off for a while so their mother wouldn't think that she was too demanding of her brother's time.

However, Susan didn't get to be alone with him because Suzanne arrived shortly afterwards and joined the meal. Once the three of them finished eating, the two gorgeous mothers looked at Alan expectantly.

He thought to himself, I wonder what they're thinking. I bet they're thinking of helping me out. After all, that's just about all that goes on in this house anymore! But what'll I do now that it's not just Aunt Suzy openly helping me? My dick is getting stiff again, which is not a surprise, just looking at these two incredible six-foot-tall wonders. If I ask Aunt Suzy for help, then Mom's going to be offended. If I ask Mom for help, then Aunt Suzy's going to be offended. And if Sis were here too it would be that much worse! Mom won't allow two women helping me at once. So how can I divide my-

His thinking was interrupted by Suzanne, who leaned over the table where he was sitting. They'd been drinking tea, so she asked, "Would you like some more tea?"

He nodded.

Suzanne in a skirt and blouse that shows her deep cleavage, leaning over the table, pouring tea

She leaned further forward across the table with a teapot, sending her boobs soaring downwards towards him as they barely remained hanging in her skimpy top. Naturally, she was braless too, and it showed. She kept her head and eyes cast down so he wouldn't feel shy about scoping her out. She wriggled her shoulders subtly to present an extremely enticing "tit-quake."

However, Susan saw what her buxom friend was doing and said, "Thanks a lot, Suzanne, but I can handle it. A guest like you shouldn't have to-"

Suzanne cut in. "Nonsense! Technically speaking, this isn't my home, but you know I practically live here. I'm happy to help out. I'm especially happy to help Sweetie. I like to take my share of the load."

Then to Alan, she asked, "Would you like some more tea?" She leaned forward again, jiggling her boobs, knowing full well that his teacup was already full to the brim.

Susan crossed her arms under her own tremendous rack and frowned. She was still wearing the extremely revealing blouse and short shorts she had on during the earlier phone call with Suzanne, so that pose was even more titillating than usual. "Suzanne, thanks, but really, when it comes to serving him, I think I've got it covered." She glared at her best friend.

"Fine," Suzanne said, "but I'd like to serve him too sometimes."

Susan barked, "I can serve him very well, thank you very much!" She leaned forward as if there was something wrong with his teacup or saucer and she was fixing it. But her move was really just a blatant attempt to show off her cleavage by thrusting her chest forward outrageously.

Suzanne finally stood back up, acting as if nothing were wrong. "Okay, sure."

Alan thought, These two are getting really competitive all of a sudden. I don't want that. There's an obvious undercurrent in what they're saying, like Aunt Suzy saying she wants my "load" and Mom talking about "serving" me. God, so fucking hot! I have to diffuse this situation quickly, but I also have to be subtle, polite, and not act like some macho jerk. One reason they like me so much is because I don't say arrogant things like, "Hey baby, you'll get your turn."

He said to both of them, "Speaking of helping out, that reminds me. I could use some help with doing my thing today, and it would be great if you two could help me. I'd really appreciate it."

"Certainly," they both replied, at the same time.

"I'm going to need help more than once. Probably once now that I've finished eating, since you two have given me such outstanding visual stimulation, and once again in the afternoon. So maybe one of you could help now and one later?"

They both nodded enthusiastically.

He said, "Great! Then could the two of you please decide who goes when?"

Susan and Suzanne looked at each other. They were not loving looks.

For a moment, he thought his solution of letting them decide would only make matters worse as they fought over who went when.

But then Susan gathered all her willpower and said, "Suzanne, why don't you go ahead? It's probably better for me, anyway. In fact, why don't you take all of my responsibilities for the next couple days? I need to keep to my vow and clear my head."

She thought that would hit like a bombshell, showing everyone how understanding, generous and self-disciplined she was. She envisioned Suzanne giving her a grateful hug before running off to Alan's room while holding his hand.

But Suzanne brushed it off, literally, as she breezily waved her hand in the air. "Nonsense. I need your frequent involvement in this. There's just too much hard cock here that needs to be stroked and sucked for me to take care of it all by myself. Besides, I'll be particularly busy the next couple of days, so this is a really bad time." That wasn't true, but she didn't want Susan to get the time to clear her head by going without. "I've got an idea. Why don't we flip for it?"

Susan considered putting up more of a fight. She could have suggested that Katherine take over her "duties," if Suzanne was so busy. But she looked over at her son and thought about his next tasty load that she could swallow. Finally, she just nodded.

Suzanne flipped a coin, and she won.

Alan was a bit disappointed, because he knew his mother had been frustrated lately; in particular, her catching him with Katherine the night before no doubt especially still rankled and troubled her. He wanted to solidify her recent transformation before she had a chance to slide back once again towards her prudish instincts. But he had to live with their agreement and the results of the toss.

Suzanne was a bit disappointed also, because she too felt that changing Susan's attitude was really important, and she thought letting Susan have a turn right now would help with that. But winning the toss had a big practical upside for her: more intimate and arousing time with the man she loved.

He finished his food, then wordlessly took Suzanne in hand and began to head towards the stairs leading to his room.

But suddenly Susan said, "Wait! You two, stay here. Don't do it upstairs, 'cos I want to go there right now."

"Uh, okay," he replied. He realized that Katherine or Amy could walk into the house at any moment, so the living room area wasn't good. "We'll go to the basement. How does that sound, Aunt Suzy?"

"Fine." She pulled him out of the room, and they walked arm in arm like teenagers on their first date.

Susan hurried upstairs.

— — —

Susan went straight into Alan's room. She had originally planned to return to her room so she could masturbate some more - she'd already had a wonderful orgasm just after waking, since now that Ron was gone there was nothing stopping her from jilling herself more often. But she decided to stop by Alan's room to check the chart on the inside of his door and see how many times he'd cum the day before. Checking his chart was still a daily habit for her.

As Susan entered the room, she was overcome with the smell of Alan's cum. He still hadn't opened his window recently. The room smelled stuffy and stale, but mostly there was the odor of sex. It was a powerful reminder of how his cock tasted. If she couldn't have it in her mouth right at that instant, being in his room was the next best thing.

She looked at his orgasm chart on the back of his door. Oooh! Seven times yesterday. Impressive. Tiger is getting to be such a sexual stud. Such a big, strong, cum-filled young man! Mmmm! His needs... He just has such powerful needs! Sticky, gooey... So stiff and strong! He really does need three personal cocksuckers, at least!

Without warning, her legs nearly buckled. Oh no. My head - it's like I'm getting dizzy just standing here. Between looking at this chart and knowing what's happening in the basement, I don't know if I can control myself!

She closed the door to his room and rushed to his bed. Then she lay on top of the covers and frigged herself. She imagined that he was right there in the room, standing on the other side, watching her.

She knew that he kept some towels next to his bed that he liked to cum into; soft, silky towels. As she worked herself towards climax, she picked up one of the towels and sniffed it. It was still fairly wet with his cum - she figured the cum was some hours old and from some point in the middle of the night. (She didn't know it, but it actually had been used much more recently, since he'd cleaned his penis with it after cumming with Katherine.)

Susan was so eager for his cum that she didn't care how old it was. She rubbed it over her face and then licked at the cum, pulling it into her mouth. The cum wasn't fresh, but the towel had been rolled into a ball and there was a patch that was still wet instead of crusty and hard.

Look at me! This isn't right. I've lost all dignity and restraint! I volunteered to stay away from Tiger's cock for several days, but that was a total lie! The truth is, I couldn't last a day. I'm totally hooked! People say I'm an extraordinarily beautiful woman. I should be able to divorce my cheating husband and replace him with any man I want. And yet, the only man I want, the only man I love, is my very own son! I'm deeply ashamed to be one of his official personal cocksuckers, one of his big-titted sex pets even, and yet nothing makes me happier! I'm totally hooked on my son's fat cock! It's so wrong, but Gaawwwd it's so good!

She eagerly lapped at the cummy towel as her pussy exploded in orgasm.


Suzanne and Alan went downstairs to the basement, which was filled with the two mothers' exercise equipment (although there was plenty of open space as well). The two of them went there instead of Alan's room because they incorrectly assumed Susan wanted to do something in her room or bathroom without being audibly reminded that Alan was having his dick sucked only a short distance away.

Within a very short time, Suzanne found herself kneeling in front of a standing Alan, giving him a slow titfuck. She was wearing nothing but high heels, while he was naked too, at her insistence. The titfuck was just serving as a prelude to a blowjob, because she wanted to talk first and the titfuck left her mouth free.

She said, "Sweetie, I know what you were thinking. You're worried about a rivalry between mothers, given the tense and competitive situation we just left upstairs. But don't worry. She and I are the very best of friends; it would take a hell of a lot to split us apart. As long as there's plenty of your cock for both of us - and of course there is - everything will be fine." As she spoke, she raised one tit while lowering the other, keeping his shaft tightly squeezed while her boobs went up and down, up and down, up and down.

He was still discovering the joy of titfucks; he loved them so much that it was difficult for him to think. That made him slow to answer, "I'm trying, Aunt Suzy, I'm trying. ... It wasn't that long ago since I had to do most or all of my six times by myself."

Suzanne laughed. "Now that your father is gone, I don't think you'll ever have to do that again. We're going to make you feel so good, you won't know if you're coming or going." She giggled. Then she snaked her tongue out and flicked it at the tip of his cockhead. "I take that back. You're going to know very well that you're cumming."

They both chuckled at that.

He looked down and saw his rod sliding back and forth between Suzanne's ivory orbs. They didn't have any special lubrication this time, but his cock was already drooling so much pre-cum that it didn't matter. Dang! Titfucks are great! They're just as good as blowjobs even, in their own way. At least with big, pillowy tits like these. I feel like I'm really fucking, and her tunnel is so tight and yet still so soft!

A couple of extremely enjoyable minutes passed for them both. He liked the vigorous titfuck, where his shaft was trapped between two boobs quickly sliding up and down, particularly when they went in opposite directions. But then she slowed down.

When it came to Suzanne, he decided that he liked slow titfucks better. That's because with his dick staying more-or-less in place, her long tongue could come out to play. The things that tongue could do to his cockhead defied description. She could easily reach his sweet spot with the tip of her tongue, so she did so, repeatedly.

However, after a while, Suzanne had to slow down to a near stop, to avoid having him shoot his load too fast. For all practical purposes it served as a strategic break, even though his stiff pole remained buried in her ample cleavage the entire time.

As they rested, he asked, "Aunt Suzy, I've got a question. Titfucks are totally awesome, but when it comes to Mom it seems like they're not even on her radar screen. Is there a reason they're so taboo for her?"

"Well, I mentioned this to you the other day. Your mom has been so sheltered sexually that I don't think she even gets what titfucks are. I've explained them to her before, but she seems to think a titfuck would be little different than, say, rubbing your cock against her butt."

"That sounds like fun!"

She snickered. "Somehow I thought you'd say that. But I guess it's true that I'm mostly to blame. You see, I've mentioned it to her here and there, but only in passing. To be honest, I guess that on some level that was on purpose. I know you don't like to talk strategy with me for fear of me feeling like a co-conspirator against her or something, but I've kind of deliberately avoided cluing her in about them. I've been following kind of a one-step-at-a-time approach, and right now the plan is to get her fully onboard the handjob and blowjob train."

He kidded, "That train has left the station and it's moving full speed ahead - I can tell you that!"

"Yes, I've noticed," Suzanne replied with obvious understatement. She pressed her boobs tightly together, giving his cock an especially tight squeeze. "So I won't say any more about my strategy. But let's just say that now that she's making good progress there, expect more good things with her in the near future."

"Oh! I like the sound of that."

"Let's just say that I've looked into the crystal ball and I see your dick sliding through a pair of perfectly round, G-cup mommy boobs."

Suzanne holding Alan's dick between her tits

He stared down at his dick where it was trapped in Suzanne's cleavage. "Yeah, I see that crystal ball too, and it feels as good as it looks!"

She rolled her eyes, but grinned too. "I'll have you know, these are 38G auntie boobs."

He joked, "Anti-boobs? Is that like anti-matter?"

"I said AUNTIE boobs. Don't quit your day job to become a comedian." Knowing that this talk of titfucking Susan was firing his libido, she resumed sliding her tits up and down either side of his shaft. "Speaking of more good things, it's almost time for my lunch. I think I'm going to eat some Alan sausage, with a side order of balls, and then a cup of piping hot crème de cum soup!"

She craned her head down and tickled his sweet spot with the tip of her long tongue some more. "But I must admit that I do feel a bit of rivalry with your mom. Now that she's becoming a committed and talented cocksucker, I have to stay one step ahead. That's why I've been working on my deep throating skills. It's a real pain in the ass, believe me, but I want to do it for you, Sweetie."

That wasn't entirely true. She used to be very good at deep throating in her wild college days, but she hadn't done it in the years since then until she'd resumed recently with Alan. None of her lovers had moved her enough to make it worth the great effort. But, even so, it wasn't something that needed practice, just determination. She just said that to emphasize that it was difficult but she wanted to do it for him.

She continued, "I want to be your favorite cocksucker and stay that way. Deep throating is a special thing that only I can do to you."

She started to reposition for the deep throating, but a certain look in his eyes stopped her. She said with chagrin. "Wait. Oh no. Somebody else has done it to you?!"

He could have lied, but he loved Suzanne and wanted to be honest with her. He nodded shyly.

She sighed. "How can that be? I know for a fact it's not Susan or Angel. Right?!"

He nodded again.

"Then who?"

He blushed. "I can't say."

"Oh, come on. You can tell your Aunt Suzy." She squeezed his erection with her big melons more insistently. Then, she dropped her hand from where she'd been pressing her tits together, and used her upper arms to maintain the tit-tunnel instead. With her hands freed, she momentarily halted their titfucking rhythm and caressed his balls in a pleasurable way to help squeeze the secret out of him.

He groaned with pleasure but was still in control enough to say, "Nope! Can't kiss and tell. But to satisfy your curiosity, just know that it was someone from school." He figured Glory certainly wouldn't want him to tell anyone what they were doing. They had never really discussed the need for secrecy about their affair, but then again there wasn't a need, since the danger of her losing her job due to loose talk was so dire.

Suzanne resumed her intermittent licking of his cockhead with her freakishly long tongue. "Oh. That's not so bad then. I was afraid there for a moment that your mom had beat me to it. I can't imagine her knowing how to do that without my help, but she is full of surprises lately. Or your sister. I gotta admit I feel some competition there. Just what have you two done together?"

He remained mum, enjoying her sliding tits and flicking tongue as he thought over what he should say. Then he concluded, "I can't kiss and tell."

"Okay. Enough talking anyway. Deep throating time!"

Suzanne knelt down further and put her mouth over his erection. Just like Glory, Suzanne didn't try to go all the way at once. She slowly took his long dick in deeper and deeper each time her head bobbed on it.

But unlike Glory, Suzanne was clearly having trouble. She repeatedly gagged as his boner reached the point of triggering her gag reflex. She sputtered and choked.

He had to take his cock all the way out again and again, giving her a chance to recover.

She was frustrated that she was having such trouble, because she recalled that she'd previously managed to deep throat him with ease. She realized that she'd been overconfident, and she hadn't mentally or physically readied herself to do it.

She said, "Sorry. Just a sec. I'll get this." She thought, Now I remember why I gave up on this all those years ago. It's a total bitch! But I'm not about to let some slutty teenage girl outdo me! Since he mentioned it was someone at school, she assumed that it was another student. It didn't occur to her that it could be a teacher.

She focused her resolve and determination, and got into position to give it another try.

Suzanne attempting to deep throat a standing Alan

She simply bobbed on him for a couple of minutes, to get in the mood. She slowly took him deeper and deeper, until she was slightly gagging on him. Then she pulled all the way off him to take a very deep breath. Since he was still standing, she suddenly lunged her head forward until more than half of his erection was in her mouth.

That was well past her gag reflex and into her throat, but she didn't stop there. She kept going and going until her nose was pressed up against his body.

He exclaimed, "You did it! You're amazing!"

She was very glad, but she thought, Ha? You think that's impressive? Try this! Then, with his cockhead still lodged deep down her throat, her long tongue got busy with the portion of his shaft in her open mouth. It felt like his cock was enjoying a good fucking AND a good blowjob at the same time.

Alan loved it. Nevertheless, the experience wasn't as good as with Glory. The problem was that Suzanne didn't have her heart in it. She was doing it to prove something to him, not because she truly wanted to do it and was having fun with it. She had to be extremely aroused to be in the mood for it, and she was aroused, but not that aroused.

Suzanne deep throated him twice, keeping him down her throat nearly a full minute each time. But then she gave up and finished him off with a traditional blowjob. Although the deep throating wasn't as great as Glory's, it still was extremely arousing, and she didn't have to suck him very much longer before he was ready to blow.

When she sensed he was close, she mumbled, "Face, tits, or tummy?"

"Oh man! What great options! You mean directly on your tummy, or down your throat to it?"

"Down the throat. But hey, whatever floats your boat."

He joshed around, acting like he was ordering from a menu in a fine restaurant. "Let's go with tummy, with just a little on the face. And I'll take a side order of two ripe boob squeezes, and an extra helping of Aunt Suzy awesomeness."

She had a good laugh at that.

So she squeezed and stroked and sucked him while he shot his load down her throat, straight into her stomach.

But she honored his request by backing off when they came to his last couple of ropes, letting them hit her on the nose and chin.

When they rested, Suzanne proudly said, "How'd you like them apples? I KNOW your teen slut at school can't lick you like that even when you're that far in her throat."

He was rather abashed when he apologetically said, "Actually..."

Like him, she'd been slumped against the wall as they recovered. But she sat up stiffly like she'd just been bit in the ass. "WHAT?! Are you kidding me?!"

He shrugged, also apologetically. "I'm really not. I wouldn't lie to you about this."

She shook her head and stared into space. "Unfrigginbelievable!" She kept on shaking her head a few more times, and then turned to look him right in the eyes. "You've got me really curious now. You HAVE to tell me. Just who is this girl?! How did you get intimate with her?! And how the hell did she learn to do all that at her age?!"

He was tempted to tell her that it wasn't a 'girl,' but he worried that if he did, she'd figure out right away that it was Glory. His crush on his history teacher was very well known to her. Therefore he said, "Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything. I want to, but I can't. It would be betraying a confidence."

"Grrr!" After a long pause, she asked, "At least tell me this: is she as beautiful as I am? Is she as curvy as I am?"

He carefully replied, "She's definitely beautiful, there's no doubt about that. But I don't want to make comparisons. As far as curvaceousness goes, I think it can't be denied that you're a fair deal curvier than she is."

Suzanne huffed, "Well, thank God for that, at least!" She thought, It sounds like I've got some serious competition with this mystery girl. She's beautiful, curvy, and she even knows my deep-throating tricks! I honestly didn't think he had it in him to snag a girl like that. His penis is larger and thicker than most, even if I hype it up well beyond that, and he's got impressive stamina and recuperative abilities. I've had some really intense orgasms with him, and I know Susan has too. He has a special knack, that's for sure. But he's not a true lady-killer, at least not yet. For starters, I don't think he'd know the first thing about how to seduce a stranger.

Hmmm. So it must be someone he knows well already. That narrows the pool considerably, since he doesn't have many girls that he knows to begin with. Christine?! Nah, no way. "Pristine Christine" is one of her nicknames, because she's well known to be a virgin. She can't possibly be deep throating like a pro already, and anyway, she's plenty curvy.

Then who?! I don't know enough about who he knows at school. Damn. I guess I'll have to put that in my pipe and smoke on it for a while. She didn't even consider Glory, because she still assumed that it was another student.

Both of them were tired and sweaty after that effort, so the two of them rested for a while in each other's arms. This was fine with Alan, who had been looking forward to a simple, restful day, with little more to do than be sucked off by his lovely ladies before and after brunch.

Suzanne asked him, "Okay, so you can't tell me about your mystery deep throater. But you CAN tell me about your recent help from your mother and sister, can't you?"

"Yeah, I suppose. We don't really keep secrets. Besides, Susan tells you everything already, and you could wheedle answers out of Sis if you put your mind to it. So why ask me?"

"Because I want your perspective. I'm going to get a very different account depending on who I ask, even though all the answers are sincere."

He ended up giving quite a long explanation about how he and his sister had gotten caught last night, about the new "goodnight kiss and tuck-in" tradition, and much more. However, he skipped most of the sexual details, since he considered that private.

Suzanne didn't mind his editing too much; earlier on the phone she'd already heard another version of most of the same events from Susan. Now that Alan had given his account, she could go back and question Susan further to get a still more complete picture of what had really happened. It wasn't that Susan was dishonest, but not surprisingly, she'd glossed over some of the more humiliating aspects. For instance, Susan had vaguely mentioned wearing a "sexy shirt" but she hadn't described how she'd worn a T-shirt with a large area cut out in front for her boobs to stick through.

At one point, he described how he'd cleverly managed to humiliate Susan, due to his belief that she "really got off on that."

Suzanne said to him, "You know, you're right that she gets off on that. You should explore that some more with her. I don't think you want to make her do something really absurdly shameful-"

"No! Definitely not! I love her too much to even think of it. Like having her do something in front of a stranger? Or even TO a stranger? Forget it! I love her too much to even consider it."

"Good. I figured you'd say that. But little things you can do to her around the house are good, like what you had her do with that shirt. Find some excuse for you to not like the clothes she's wearing and have her strip right in front of you. Or have someone like Angel or me watch while she blows you. Heck, even someone like Brenda, since she's in the know now. What do you think of that particular suggestion?"

"That would be okay, I guess. If the mood was right, and Brenda really is safe as we hope she is."

"Good thinking. I'm glad you worry about those kinds of things. Always be careful and mindful. You've got a secret power over your remarkable mother. I've seen that you've been using it instinctively for a while, without really realizing what you were doing, but now that you're consciously figuring out how it works, it's easy to go too far. I know she's got a body built for sex, but she's still your mom. It's a fine line, trying to humiliate her to turn her on while still leaving her basic dignity intact."

He pondered that. "Yeah. I'll have to think about that. I guess I should err on the side of caution."

"Smart. But don't err TOO much in that direction. I think she's beginning to understand how much she enjoys being humiliated by you in a sexual context."

Suzanne was cheered by everything she'd heard. She felt her overall plan was working out better than she'd expected, and on a much faster timeline too. Her only frustration was not knowing exactly what Alan and Katherine were doing with each other. Alan was frustratingly vague when it came to talking about that. He admitted that he was "involved" with his sister, but wouldn't say any more. He explained that he hadn't talked to Katherine about possibly sharing such things with Suzanne, so he wanted to err on the side of caution with that too.

Suzanne figured she wouldn't get much more from Katherine either. Normally, she "could wheedle answers out of Sis if [she] put your mind to it," as he said, but not this time. She was like Katherine's second mother, but she'd already pestered her with questions, to no avail.

Suzanne went back home, content to have a big load of Alan's cum in her belly.

As she walked the short distance back to her house, she thought, Excellent. As usual, another two steps forward and one step back. Sweetie and Angel getting caught is proving to be a really good thing, there's no doubt about it. Angel's sex activities are coming out in the open and Susan hasn't put up a big stink about it. The more her sexual "help" becomes normal and accepted around the house, the better, and the sooner we can push ahead into our new sexual life. Another piece leading to the fulfillment of my overall scheme falls into place.

I feel just like Mr. Burns on the Simpsons. "Eeeexcellent!" I wish I could do a convincing "Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" laugh. I don't even really need to actively scheme that much anymore - everything is developing as it should, naturally.

But there's still a long way to go. Getting Susan to actually fuck her "Tiger" is going to be the hardest mental barrier to overcome, by far. Getting her to have sex with Angel and me will be easy by comparison. Oooh! Won't that be fun? She snickered with delight.


Alan climbed back up the two flights of stairs to his room, to recuperate and to do a little reading. But when he opened his door he was in for a big surprise.

Susan still lay on his bed, wearing nothing but her birthday suit. The fingers of one hand were deep in her cunt while her other hand mauled her tits. She was headed for yet another orgasm; she'd lost count of just how many she'd had while anticipating and fantasizing about her turn to suck her son off later in the day. Her clothes lay scattered on the floor beside the bed.

Susan lying naked on Alan's bed, one hand fondling a boob while the other has two fingers deep in her cunt

She was so carried away with what she was doing to herself that she hadn't noticed him opening the door.

He decided it was better that way. He knew she'd be mortified if she got caught like this, and that was the kind of thing that could trigger her guilt and some kind of backlash.

It might have been different if he'd been more aroused. He could easily have gotten carried away from watching the sexy scene. But although he was extremely stimulated mentally by what he saw, his penis was still down for the count, since he'd climaxed with Suzanne only a short time ago.

So, after taking a mental picture to savor later, he carefully and quietly closed the door.

Unable to use his own room, he wandered back downstairs. No one appeared to be around and he didn't feel like doing anything special. He felt mentally exhausted by all the stunning events in his life lately.

He sat on a sofa in the living room, turned on the TV, and found a college football game to watch. He was a big football fan, but only for professional football, and especially for his nearest home team, the San Diego Chargers. So he didn't pay much attention to the game on TV.

He found himself spacing out, thinking, I'm suffering from mental whiplash. So many things have happened in just the last day or two. And Mom! Her attitude has totally changed, especially in these past few days. I mean, even as I sit here she's up in my room, naked and masturbating! On my bed! And this is a woman who, well - I know she looks like a goddess, but I always saw her as a MOM, basically without any sex drive. She was always so typically mom-ish, despite her busty beauty. But she's totally in heat right now, over ME! It's crazy!

He closed his eyes, just to rest a little bit during the commercials. But he immediately fell asleep on the sofa.

The next thing he knew, Susan was standing over him, shaking his shoulder. "Tiger? Tiger, time to wake up. I think you've had a long enough nap, especially so early in the day."

He was very disoriented. He sat up - he'd slumped down in the sofa unknowingly when he'd drifted off - and turned around. Susan was there, but she was wearing her old non-sexy clothes and looking perfectly normal. This was confusing, because he somehow pictured her still masturbating nude on his bed. "Um..." was all he could manage.

Suzanne walked past, carrying bags of groceries into the kitchen. She was dressed in non-sexual clothing as well, at least by her standards. "Howdy, Sweetie," she said in passing. "Have a good nap?"

"Um, yeah." Wow. Aunt Suzy. Was my dick really all the way down her throat just a little while ago? How weird is that? Now, everything seems strangely normal. Trying to hide his confusion, he got up and helped bring in more of the groceries.

A few minutes later, he sat at the kitchen counter, sharing some newly bought pineapple juice with Susan and Suzanne. Things were so normal and non-sexual that it was still discombobulating for him.

He thought, I guess there are times things are going to be wild and crazy, and other times that are just gonna be the same ol' same ol'. I have to get used to these swings. It's fitting that they went shopping, 'cos it's a good reminder that normal tasks like buying food and fixing and eating it still have to take place. I need to make space for both sexual AND non-sexual things in my new life.

With that in mind, he suggested, "Hey, you know what would be fun? Why don't we play tennis? Aunt Suzy, is your court free?"

She smiled. "Let me check the schedule." She stared off into space for a few seconds before smiling at him knowingly. "You know it is. It hasn't gotten much use lately."

Everyone in the Plummer and Pestridge families played tennis, since the Pestridges had their own private court in their backyard and the two families were so closely intertwined. But skill and interest levels varied. For instance, in the past Brad and Eric had played tennis a lot, but they had stopped once the Pestridge family had effectively split in two and Eric gained so much weight, while Brad got interested in playing football instead. Everyone else was very athletic and fit, and could play pretty well.

The main reason the court wasn't being used much lately was because Alan was usually the main instigator for playing tennis, and during the fall he played very little at home since he was playing at school five times a week. But it was the weekend and he was in the mood to do something "normal" and non-sexual, so he said, "Let's do it, then. Are Amy or Sis around? If not, we could have a threesome."

Susan suddenly blushed, and Suzanne laughed. Alan was caught between embarrassment and amusement at his accidental double meaning.

Suzanne quipped, "Excellent idea, Sweetie! But we've got everything we need right here. We can play with your balls, and maybe you have something long and hard we can hold tightly and swing around?"

Susan's blush deepened. "Suzanne! Really!"

He thought, Well, I suppose things aren't gonna go all the way back to normal, even during "down times." I love how Mom can still get that embarrassed about such mild joking around. Sweetness!

But Suzanne said, "Seriously though, tennis is a good idea. I've got some things to do, and the others are out and about, but you two can play."

So Alan and Susan went upstairs to change clothes and get their equipment while Suzanne finished shelving the rest of the groceries.

The two of them met up back in the dining room and made ready to go to the Pestridge tennis court via the sliding back door and the path between their backyards.

However, before they could leave, Suzanne came out of the kitchen and looked Alan and Susan over as if they were having a formal inspection. She gave Alan only a cursory look since he was in his usual shorts and T-shirt, then she focused her attention on Susan. Finally, she said to her, "I hope you're not planning on going like THAT!"

Susan was suddenly very worried. It seemed her world had gone topsy-turvy lately, and she never knew what to expect anymore. She asked, "What's wrong? These are the kind of clothes I've always worn to play tennis."

"That's the problem," Suzanne stated. "Need I remind you about the visual stimulation rule? No undies! Period!"

"But wait! You told me it's okay to wear 'em when I go out. And you didn't have a problem when I wore undies while I went shopping with you a little while ago. In fact, you wore undies too!"

"Yes, but that's only because we don't want other men to see you looking too sexy. Your hot and curvaceous body is for Sweetie's use and enjoyment only. Ditto for me."

Susan was mortified. "I know that. That's a big part of what it means to be one of his personal cocksuckers. But we're going outside!"

"True, but I happened to know that Brad and Eric are gone all day."

"Fishing?" Alan asked.

"Not this time," Suzanne explained. "They've gone to some car race. Why they'd want to see cars drive around and around in a circle for hours is beyond me, but that's what they're doing. So, Susan, that means no other men could possibly be there, just your cutie Tiger. I think you know what that means."

Susan's nipples sprung to full hardness. She could feel a dizzying wave of lust starting to wash over her. But she pointed out, "Fair enough, except that we'll be playing TENNIS!" She looked down shyly at her huge rack. "You know I have major support issues."

This was a valid point. Just like Suzanne, Susan had to use a special sports bra for extra busty women whenever she took part in any athletic events.

Suzanne knew that, but she said, "Hmmm. Well, let's see what we have to work with. Strip down to your undies."

Susan was incredulous. "What?! Here?!"

"Sure. Why not? Don't talk about modesty when we all know how much you love gobbling Sweetie's fat knob, not to mention showing off your lovely body to him. Come on; we don't have all day."

Suzanne was being a bit harsh, but she wanted to use the tennis practice as another opportunity to break down Susan's sexual barriers, and also to test the link between Susan's humiliation and her libido, based on what she and Alan had been talking about in the basement. That's why Suzanne had said she couldn't play tennis herself that afternoon, when in fact she could have. And that's why she was taking deliberate steps to put Susan back into a very horny state before the tennis started.

Susan standing in just a sexy, frilly bra and panties

Susan put down her tennis racquet and slowly stripped down to her underwear. Then she bowed her head, closed her eyes, and pinned her arms behind her back. She felt completely ashamed, but her body was also on fire from intense arousal. Alan was staring at her so intently, ogling her with his eyes, it almost felt to her like his hands were wandering all over her body.

"A-ha!" Suzanne exclaimed, after about a minute of letting Susan just stand there in her underwear. "That doesn't look like your heavy-duty sports bra to me. In fact, if I didn't know better, I'd say that's a very expensive, lacy, revealing, sexy bra. What happened?"

"Um..." Susan was a terrible liar, and couldn't think of a good excuse.

Suzanne prodded, "You wore that less for support and more to titillate and arouse your hunky son, didn't you?"

"Okay. Guilty as charged!" Susan confessed. "But why is that bad? After all, I do want to help with the visual stimulation, and every little bit helps."

"True, but you were lying to both of us. You said you need extra support, but you were hoping your big tits would bounce all over the place during tennis, thanks to your flimsy bra, and that would make Sweetie so hot you'd soon have his thick cock sliding in between your lips! Weren't you?"

Susan just squirmed in place, looking very guilty about that. She shyly muttered, "It is my turn to have him next... What's wrong with wanting to make sure he'll get in the mood?"

"There's nothing wrong with that. Just don't lie to us." Suzanne pressed, "And if you're obeying the visual stimulation rules, you can't be half-way about it. Take off your underwear too."

Susan looked at Suzanne with wide-eyed shock. She'd grown to love getting naked for her son almost any time, but with Suzanne there too and acting like an interrogator, stripping was very humiliating. She whispered, "Do I have to?"

Suzanne crossed her arm and gave her a stern look. "Yes, you do. Since you're a good Christian, let me remind you of Isaiah 47. Do you remember what that says?"

Susan protested, "No. The Bible is a massive tome. You can't expect me to remember an obscure passage like that."

Suzanne put her hands on her hips. "Then, Sweetie, please go to the den and retrieve the Bible from the bookshelf. Then bring it here and read her the passage."

He quickly found the Bible and returned. Suzanne was still glaring at Susan, making her squirm with obvious sexual arousal.

Suzanne took a couple of steps to where he stood and pointed on the pages he had opened. "Read from this line to this line, please."

He found it weird to quote the Bible in such a situation, especially with a raging hard-on in his shorts, but he did so. "'O daughter of Babylonia, never again will you be the lovely princess, tender and delicate. Remove your veil, and strip off your robe. Expose yourself to public view. You will be naked and burdened with shame.'"

Susan gawked in surprise. "The Book of Isaiah says THAT?!"

Alan replied, "It does." He noticed that the next line was, "I will take vengeance against you without pity." That suggested to him that Suzanne was taking the quote out of context, to say the least. But she obviously had her reasons, and he wasn't about to correct her.

Suzanne said, "That's obviously a reference to beautiful women who misbehave. Just like you've misbehaved with your lie about your bra. Beautiful, busty women such as yourself end up naked and humiliated quite a lot. It's all part of serving a powerful and demanding cock. Consider yourself lucky if Tiger doesn't give you a harsh spanking!"

Susan shook her head in amazement. "Boy! I read the Bible from cover to cover several times over, but it seems I missed all the most interesting parts."

Suzanne chided her, "We're waiting."

Susan bowed her head and closed her eyes again, and then submissively stripped. She was outrageously horny already. She worried that she'd be even more embarrassed when the other two saw how wet her pussy was once she took her panties off, as well as smelling her musky arousal.

Alan didn't know where Suzanne was going with this, so he put the Bible down on the kitchen counter and wisely stayed quiet. Knowing Suzanne, he figured it would lead to very good things. His dick felt like a steel pole in his shorts.

Susan had stripped completely, but she carefully covered her pussy mound with both hands. She didn't want to reveal her wetness, which was getting wetter all the time.

Suzanne simply stood there and stared at her, as if she were trying to make up her mind about something, while in actuality she was just letting both Susan and Alan get more and more aroused from the situation.

Eventually, Suzanne waved her hand in an impatient motion that made clear Susan had to remove her hands from her privates. XX01

Susan's face was beet red as she pinned her hands behind her back. She looked down through her deep cleavage at her soaking pussy, and the rivulets of cum down her inner thighs. Oh dear! Just look at that! I'm so WET! I bet I'm smelling up the whole room too. Why does Tiger always have this effect on me?! She stared at the bulge in his shorts with open desire. It's unfair! He's just too well-hung and sexy!

Now that she was buck naked, Susan kept fidgeting nervously, shifting her weight from one hip to the other. That kept her ripe, bouncy boobs in constant jiggly motion.

Alan seriously considered, Man, I should just take my dick out and stroke it, and damn the consequences! Or, better yet, tell Mom to suck me off, right here and now! She'd do it too, even with Aunt Suzy watching. Just look at her. She's that horny!

But... Aunt Suzy always has some kind of genius, devious plan. I've gotta trust her judgment. It always ends up great for me.

Suzanne finally said to Susan, "Okay, here's the plan. I have to concede that your breasts are so outrageously large that it'll be difficult for you to play tennis without any support at all. But on the other hand, a rule is a rule, no exceptions, and you're not allowed to wear undies around your son. So, what we'll do is, I'll let you use one of my tops. It's tight enough to give some support, kind of like the spandex tops you and I wear for our workouts. It's an exciting red, rather than the traditional tennis white, and it's décolleté enough that you'll be a bouncy, jiggly, bosomy spectacle for Sweetie here, yet not injure your breasts. And of course it goes without saying that you'll play without panties."

Susan's eyes opened in alarm again. "But Suzanne!" One of her hands reflexively came around from her backside to cover her pussy and bush.

Suzanne stared at that hand disapprovingly until Susan finally put it behind her back again. Suzanne told her, "Now, go upstairs and put your undies away. Then I'll take you back to my room and get that top for you."

As Susan put her tennis top and shorts back on, she pouted, "Suzanne, you're such a meanie."

"I can be, but it's for your own good. Rules are rules, and we need to show Sweetie that no one is above them. Not you, not me, not even him." She pointed in Alan's direction.

Susan nodded obediently. She seemed to accept that completely. She never stopped to question where the "no undies" rule came from in the first place.

Suzanne was tickled pink. Knowing how much everyone played tennis, she'd recently bought a top just for the purpose of having Susan wear it when she played Alan in a private setting. It was about as outrageous as it could be while providing just enough support for Susan to run around. Suzanne loved few things more than seeing one of her clever schemes coming together just as she'd hoped.

Once Susan had gone upstairs, Suzanne immediately unzipped Alan's shorts.

"What are you doing?!" he exclaimed, even though the answer was obvious.

As she began to jack him off, she said, "What do you think? Wasn't that hot? I saw you have a big fat boner trapped in there, and I'm helping you enjoy the moment. But don't ask questions, because we've only got a short time until she comes back downstairs."

He looked down at her hand sliding up and down his shaft, and then over at her sitting on the adjacent stool. He nodded.

"Good. Here's the plan. Tennis is a nice idea, and I hope you have fun and get some real exercise. But we can't let up on your mom; we've got to keep her in a state of sexual excitement 24/7 so she'll scrap the rest of her prudish outlook. She may seem pretty hot to trot right now, but we actually still have a long way to go."

He nodded again. He looked down at Suzanne's stroking fingers, then he twisted a bit on his stool and glanced nervously towards the stairs. He knew they'd be able to hear Susan coming down the stairs before she could see them, but he was still worried about getting caught like this. (Although, had he been thinking clearly, he might have realized there was nothing "illegal" about what they were doing, according to the current house rules.)

Suzanne continued, "So, after you've had a good workout, try to push her sexual buttons. This will be good practice for you. I know you love her deeply, but she's a submissive type and you need to learn how to dominate her. And this is a particularly good time to practice humiliating her in the right way, like we discussed earlier."

"But we'll be playing tennis! You want me to do something sexual right in the middle of the tennis court?!"

"Sure," she said calmly as she jacked him off. "Remember, that's MY court, and I designed the backyard very carefully so my family could have complete privacy there. Eric and Brad will be gone for hours. Between the walls and all the greenery, plus the downhill slope out back, there's no way anyone else can look in. As you know, it's a big, big, backyard, much bigger than yours. Just don't shout, 'I'm fucking your mouth!' at the top of your lungs, and you'll be fine."

"Bu-bu-but..." he stammered. "But even so... we're gonna be outside!" He was having a hard time thinking, thanks to her relentlessly stroking fingers. Knowing that she didn't have much time until Susan returned, she was focusing almost exclusively on rubbing his sweet spot.

"That's good," she said. "She's got all kinds of sexual hang-ups we need to break down. A big one is a phobia against having any kind of sex in public."

"I've got that phobia too!" he cried too loudly. "And with good reason. It's dangerous!"

"Shhhh! That's better then. You can kill two birds with one stone, and work on your phobia at the same time. Just think of a bright future, where you're tanning yourself by the pool, with Susan and I taking turns bobbing on your cock. Are you still so opposed to sex outside?"

His hands clenched into fists and he clenched his teeth, because a great surge of erotic pleasure ran through his body. He squeezed his PC muscle repeatedly until the crisis passed.

Then, just like that, she let go of his pre-cum-soaked erection, tucked it back into his shorts, and zipped him up. She explained, "I hear Susan starting down the stairs. That was just to help put you in a randy mood. But you need to save that cum for her. Give her a facial, right there in the middle of the tennis court!"

"Whoa! Aunt Suzy! I don't know... I don't think I'm ready for that."

She sipped the last of her orange juice, showing no sign of what her hands had just been doing. She wiped his pre-cum off on a napkin, and said, "Kid, you have to ask yourself: Are you going to be a man, or are you going to stay a boy? If you really want your mom to service you sexually every day for years to come, and totally love every minute of it, you have to become the kind of man that she needs."

"What kind of man is that?"

But instead of answering, Suzanne stood up and looked past him. Susan was walking through the living room to rejoin them. "Susan! You're looking good. Sweetie, look at all that bouncy action under her top. Susan, too bad you can't play like this, in your usual top but without any breast support at all. Let's go!"

Susan's face was red. "Suzanne! Please!"


Susan met Alan at the tennis court on the distant edge of the Pestridge backyard. She had a very red face because she was blushing furiously, partly due to what she was wearing. She could live with the sexy, revealing top Suzanne had picked out for her, although she was concerned about whether it would provide enough breast support, especially given how dramatically the neckline plunged to show off her deep cleavage. What bothered her far more was that Suzanne had disapproved of the skirt she'd chosen and picked out a far shorter miniskirt. That was extremely alarming, since Suzanne stuck to her guns in not letting Susan wear any panties.

Susan's pussy was still very hot and wet, as it had been ever since she'd been forced to strip in front of Alan and Suzanne. She'd tried to dry it off when she was upstairs, but it was wet again by the time she came back downstairs.

Susan playing tennis in a sports bra and extremently short white miniskirt

She was also blushing as she started to stretch and limber up on the tennis court, because she was thinking about what Suzanne had just told her. Before Suzanne had let her leave the Pestridge house, she'd given her a bit of a pep talk. She'd said, "Now, Susan, I know that some of the things I'm making you do may seem embarrassing, if not downright humiliating. But remember your Tiger's serious medical need. To be a good big-titted mommy, you have to be willing to go the extra mile. What that means is different in different situations. Imagine if your son had been in a terrible accident; you might have to stay up most of the night, night after night, giving him pain medication and hearing him scream and cry in agonizing pain."

Susan had gasped in dismay. She was very easy to manipulate because she wore her strong emotions on her sleeve.

Suzanne had continued, "Luckily, that's not the case here at all. Instead of giving him a pill, your 'medicine' is sucking and licking on his wonderfully fat penis for extended periods of time. In fact, you're extremely lucky that you can actually have a great time helping him out, if you approach it with the right attitude. Never forget that you're one of his personal cocksuckers now. Don't think of playing tennis without panties as a bad thing; think of it as a wonderful opportunity to get his big, powerful erection rock hard, as it should be, and then to keep it that way. Remember, it's not just a matter of how many orgasms he has a day; it's also the prolonged stimulation that he gets before each of them."

She had concluded, "The Good Lord has blessed you with an exceptionally sexy body. Maybe He had a purpose for that. Maybe it was so you could properly serve your son's fat and constantly throbbing erection in his time of great need. Ron is gone and Tiger is your man now. He's the man of the house. What's more important in your life than serving his cock with all your love? I can't think of anything. Can you?"

Susan had shook her head because she couldn't either.

"I know you're still getting used to the fact that it's your duty to drop to your knees and slurp and suck on his fat dick whenever he needs it, or even just wants it. And I know you're going to be terribly embarrassed at first while playing tennis today, since you'll be constantly flashing your tits, ass and pussy at him. But remember you're doing this because you love your son. Your goal today - and in the future whenever you play tennis with him - should not be to get the highest score. It's to keep him hard and horny with visual stimulation, and then use your hands and lips and tongue to drain him of all that nasty cum buildup. So go out there and do your best. I know you can do it!"

These words were very much on Susan's mind as she opened a can of tennis balls and swung her racquet to stretch her arms. Suzanne's right, as usual. It doesn't matter if we're inside or outside, or what we're doing. I've made a commitment to be Tiger's "centerfold mom," and that means keeping his balls well drained at all times. That doesn't stop just because we're playing tennis. Bless her soul for keeping my head on straight. Suzanne is the best friend in the whole world!

Alan had been distracted tying his shoes and putting his stuff on a side bench, but now he walked to the middle of his side of the court and started his usual stretching exercises too. But then he noticed that Susan had suddenly stopped moving and was just standing there, looking at him. "Um, Mom, aren't you going to finish stretching? You don't want to pull a hamstring."

She looked abashed. "Uh, no, I'm good."

"Ha! Good one. But seriously, get stretching so we can get started."

She resumed her stretching, but it soon became apparent why she had been so reluctant to do so when he was watching. Her outfit was much sexier than a typical white tennis outfit, with an almost pornographic lack of fabric. Her miniskirt barely went below her pussy. That meant that when she started to bend over to stretch her legs, she didn't just expose a little bit of her ass - she exposed all of it. Her very wet pussy was out there in plain sight when she did that. She constantly had to flip her skirt back down, because it tended to get stuck up around her waist.

And her borrowed top was nearly as bad. It was sleeveless and so thin as to be almost transparent, a minimalist sports-bra top that failed to come down enough to cover her belly button. It did provide vertical support by wrapping tightly around her back, supporting her breasts from beneath and constraining them somewhat from above. But the only side-to-side support was from the outsides of the top. Her breasts were pressed against each other, providing mutual lateral support and deep cleavage, allowing them to sway back and forth within the confines of the top.

She thought, I need to have a sexy, exhibitionist attitude. But it's one thing to think that and it's quite another thing to do it while actually standing outside under the bright sun. I'm utterly exposed here. And my pussy! It's so hot! Hot and throbbing! Tiger has me dressed like some kind of shameless... sex toy. Good Lord, that's exactly what it's like. I'm here for his amusement... and that's so damn HOT! I'm his busty sex-toy mommy! How on Earth am I supposed to concentrate on playing?

As if she wasn't embarrassed enough, she recalled her conversation with Katherine a few hours ago, where she'd chided Katherine for calling herself a "fuck toy," only to have Katherine get her to admit that she got off on terms like that and "sex pet." She sighed. "Sex pet," "sex toy," "fuck toy" - what's the difference?! The bottom line is, my old life is over! My new life has begun, and serving my son's fat cock is going to be a very big part of it! I just have to accept that, and stop worrying about being embarrassed all the time. It's like Suzanne said a little while ago: beautiful and busty women like me end up naked and humiliated a lot when we're dominated by our well-hung sons!

That wasn't exactly what Suzanne had said, but it was close.

Susan rushed through the rest of her warm-up. Alan warmed up even less, since he was mostly just standing there and pretending to stretch while ogling her as she repeatedly flashed her pussy and ass. Then she suggested they forgo the usual practice rallies and go straight to playing a set. Her face was still ruby red with embarrassment, so she was eager to get the match over with as fast as possible. Plus, she was mindful that she had been promised his next cocksucking, so she was eager to get back to the privacy of his bedroom.

Rear view of Susan playing tennis in a sports bra and extremently short white miniskirt

She won the rally for serve, and then made it through the rally without incident. So far, so good. Maybe this won't be as bad as I'd feared.

But when she tossed the ball into the air to serve, stretching high to hit it with her racquet, her right nipple popped completely free from her tight top. Distracted by this, she let the ball drop to the ground without connecting with it. "Um, hold on, Tiger. I'm having a bit of an, er, problem here. Just a second... That's better."

With her top back in place, she tossed the ball up again, but the exact same thing happened a second time. This time practically her entire boob popped out along with the nipple.

She was stumped. She asked, "Um, Son, would it be okay if I serve underhanded?"

He was trying not to snicker. "If you do that, you know I'm going to cream you. You've got a wicked serve; it's the best part of your game."

She grumbled to herself, I think he's gonna "cream me" in any case, and I'm not talking about the score. This is so humiliating! And outside, no less. Anyone could see me!

No, I can't think like that. I have to remember Suzanne's wise words. Winning today isn't about getting the most points; it's about getting the most cum. There's nothing more important in my life right now than sucking every last wiggly spermie from his heavy balls, and if my big tits popping out with every serve can help with that, then so be it.

With that new resolve, she served again. Her tit popped out again, although it was the left one this time. But she hit the ball hard, and in the seconds while she waited for his return hit she managed to tuck it back into her top. The rally proceeded more or less as usual, although she was more restrained than usual in making sudden movements. She actually won the point, to her pleasant surprise.

They continued to play the game. Normally, their skill levels would have been comparable, but Susan was at a big disadvantage due to her continued and mostly futile efforts to at least protect some of her modesty and dignity. She was constantly flashing her bush and labia as she jumped around the court, and she flashed her ass even more. Her massive boobs generally stayed inside her top except when she served, but one or the other would pop out at very inopportune times. Sometimes she would even end a long rally with both her nipples on display.

The most humiliating thing for her though came between their points, when she had to bend over and pick up the balls strewn around the court. They were only playing with a single can of three balls, so Alan or Susan typically had to pick up a ball after each point. Alan usually had nothing better to do at those times than admire her fantastic bare ass. That led her to really hate her miniskirt, because it seemed to want to ride up to her waist and stay there.

At times when she had to pick up balls that she'd hit into her side of the net, Alan would stand on his side of the net and reach over and fondle her bare ass. She secretly enjoyed that, and occasionally she would take her sweet time picking up the ball. But, inevitably, she would remember where she was and abruptly stand up and try to tug her miniskirt back into position.

But it turned out that all this didn't really hinder her score, because Alan was even more distracted than she was. Many times he would get so distracted by her flashing that he'd simply stop and stare, completely forgetting to run after the ball. Soon she got clever and began deliberately flashing him at key moments during their play.

Alan actually was the slightly better player in general, so normally he would have won. He was on the high school tennis team, after all. But their matches were almost always close, and she made him work for every win. Thanks to all her sexy flashing, she took an early lead in the first set.

This hadn't happened in ages, and she started to get cocky. Each time her tit popped out, or she had to bend over to pick up a ball, she grew a little more used to it. After a while it ceased to bother her much (which had been part of Suzanne's intent in getting them to play), because she was usually able to effectively forget that they were outside and that there was at least a theoretical possibility others could see.

As a result, she found herself taking longer and longer to pick up balls. She'd spread her legs wide, wiggle her ass, and always point her ass towards Alan so he was guaranteed a good show. Her hot, pulsing pussy was dripping copiously, so much that her son could see the glistening of her inner thighs from across the court. But she didn't try to clean herself, but rather just reveled in just how wet and horny she felt.

Once, when she was bending over near the net and letting him fondle her ass again, she purred happily as she felt his finger slide up and down her gushing pussy lips. But then she remembered her rules and stood up straight. She looked all around with worry. "Son, be careful! You know that's not allowed."

"Sorry, Mom."

She wagged a finger at him and walked back to the base line for another serve.


They continued to play, with Susan getting the better of him, since her nakedness distracted him even more than it did her. Once she took a 4-to-1 game lead, they took a water break at the bench. As they sat next to each other, sweating and breathing hard, he asked her, "So, Mom, kinda weird, huh? What do you think about playing 'erotic tennis?'"

Had he asked her that after the first couple of games, she would have said "Terrible!" But at that point she just smiled and said wryly, "It's... interesting. What bothers me though is how unfair it is. Here I am, letting it all hang out pretty much for every point, and you won't so much as take your shirt off!" She gave him a sexy pout.

He spread his legs wider, adjusting his crotch. "How's that?"

Once he withdrew his hand, she saw he'd pulled his erection out from the bottom edge of his short shorts. A good three of four inches of his thick cock was hanging out, resting against his thigh.

"Oh my! My goodness!" She licked her lips and looked around nervously. Every now and then she remembered where they were, which sent jolts of fear and excitement through her. Why can't we be done already?! We should be up in his room. Angel sucked him off for nearly an entire hour, and I can't wait to beat her time. If we were anywhere else but here, I'd be on my knees and slurping and gagging already!

He said, "Tell you what. If you win this next game, I'll take my shirt off."

She smiled and ran her hand across his chest. "Mmmm! Then I'll be able to see my studly son's manly muscles." She purred saucily as she squeezed his biceps, "I'd like that very much. You're such a GROWING boy!" She looked back down at the exposed inches of his hard-on. She felt an almost irresistible compulsion to stroke it, but she couldn't forget where they were.

He continued, "However, if you lose, you'll have to take something off too."

She looked down at herself. "But I don't have anything left to take off! That would be... obscene!" She asked with great worry, "What would I have to remove?"

"That's up to me. It could be anything. It could be your shoes. It could be your glasses. Your cap, maybe. Who knows?"

"Or, more likely, it could be my top!" She frowned nervously. "Then I won't be able to play." She could deal with her current limited breast support okay, for a limited time, but to have no support at all would be an entirely different matter. That would quickly become really painful, and she could easily injure her breasts. She feared that if that happened she'd have no choice but to concede the match.

He was cryptic as he tucked his hard-on back in. "Perhaps. Who knows? Maybe you'd better just win the game then, so you don't have to find out."

She stood up dramatically. "You're on!"

Alan's six-times-a-day treatment had not been an always happy experience for Susan. She'd been in a lot of embarrassing and awkward situations where she suffered a lot. But one thing couldn't be denied: she was living again. It was as if she'd rediscovered her joy for life. She felt a great thrill rush through her as she contemplated both winning and losing the bet. Either way, she knew it would be interesting.

She walked back to the court with a fierce determination to win, and she gave it her all.

But Alan was equally inspired to win. Much like a pool shark, he'd deliberately underplayed his game earlier, to make her overconfident. But now he stopped holding back.

It was close, and the game went to "advantage Susan" at one point, but Alan eventually won.


They met at the side of the net. Susan was about to launch into a big explanation about how she couldn't play without any breast support at all, but she never got the chance, because he said, "Sorry, Mom. Looks like you lose your skirt."

"My skirt?! Oh no! Son! You're such a meanie!" However, she was extremely horny by this time, and all the sweaty physical exertion just seemed to fuel her lust even more. She turned around, slowly shimmied out of her miniskirt, and spread her legs wide.

She asked in a saucy tone as she stayed bent over, "Is that what you want to see? Does it make you happy to see your mommy's naughty pussy out in the open like this? Are you proud at how soaked you've made her? Do you want to run your hands over her ass? Nasty boy! Meanie! I bet you won't stop until you've got me completely naked!"

He inhaled deeply, reveling in the musky aroma of wet pussy. "Nope, I won't. In fact, this next game, we'll play for the same stakes. If you win, I'll take off my shirt. If I win, you'll take off YOUR top."

p: Susan playing tennis skirtless in just a red sports bra

"Oh no!" She immediately turned around and tried to pull her skirt down to cover her pussy. She'd gotten into the habit of doing that during the game. The only problem was, she wasn't wearing the skirt anymore. Flustered, she attempted to pull her top down instead, but it was so taut and short that she couldn't even cover her belly button with it.

Frustrated, she shook her fist at him. "Oooh! You! You're toast! I'm gonna win this game, and then the next one too! Then YOU'LL be playing naked!"

To her surprise, he held his arms open wide, indicating he wanted a hug.

Without thinking why, she closed the distance with him. For years, her prudish habits had made her hug-averse, but lately she couldn't get enough of them.

She'd had a vague notion he was going to apologize for being so aggressive, but instead he started French kissing her and fondling her bare ass.

Within seconds, his fly was somehow unzipped and his cock pressed up against her bush, burning her skin with its erotic heat. And also mysteriously, her shoulder straps slid down to her elbows, effectively pinning her arms at her sides and leaving her huge melons completely exposed. His hands alternated between kneading her ass cheeks and her creamy tits.

She mewled in protest but completely ineffectively, since she was too busy dueling with her tongue to break the kiss and complain with words. She just made her usual "Mmmm!" sounds, which came out sounding more erotic than upset. Oh no! His cock really NEEDS to get pleasured by my hands! But not here, out in the open where anyone could see! We could be ruined if they know who we are!

Alan remembered Suzanne's advice to be more aggressive, so he was trying to do just that.

The mysteries piled up, because she somehow found herself jacking him off as they kept kissing, even though she hadn't intended to do that. Her hand just kind of wound up there, and she found it impossible to simply hold his shaft without stroking it too.

She thought as she panted hard, Dear God! So good! So good! I don't even care where we are. Well, I do care, but it just can't be helped this time. Suzanne is so right! How lucky am I that the 'treatment' my son needs involves constantly pleasuring this manly cock? Mmmm! And the way he's pulling on my nipples... My Lord, this is Heaven on Earth!

But then she felt a particularly powerful breeze blow up her ass crack and between her legs, tingling her pussy, and even though she already was very mindful of their outdoor location, the breeze heightened her shame that she was standing outside, right in the middle of a tennis court, wearing little more than tennis shoes, a cap, and a top hanging uselessly around her waist. She abruptly pulled back until she was out of arm's reach.

She stood there still proudly topless, and asked, "What was that all about?"

"You're just so hot and sexy, I can't resist. I even love the way you look and smell when you're all sweaty."

Darn it! she cursed to herself. My son is such a sexy, confident STUD! How can I resist, when he talks and acts like that? But she finally did her best to put her skimpy top back into place. Oh my! I can't believe this is all I have to wear. It's more naked than naked!

Then she said, defiantly, "Stand there looking all cocky, Mr. Big Cock. But I have news for you: you're gonna LOSE! You're gonna go down in flames! You might as well take your shirt off now and stuff it in a toaster, 'cos it's toast!"

He was all smiles, because he loved her feisty spirit. "Yeah, well, we'll see." He tucked his erection back into his shorts and bent down to pick up a tennis ball. Then he stood and asked, "Whose turn is it to serve?"

Susan picked up her racquet and strutted back to the serve line to play the next game.

As Alan stood on his side, ready to resume playing, he had to stifle the urge to laugh. There was something really amusing about seeing his mother standing there with an intense look of determination, yet naked from her belly button on down. Her dark brown bush stood out against her very fair skin in the midday sun.

Unfortunately for Susan, her mind was determined enough, but her body had reached such a horny fevered pitch after his fondling and kissing that she was pretty much rendered incapable of playing tennis competently. She didn't give up, but it was as if her skill was cut in half. After losing the first two points, she knew she was going to lose the game, and with it, her top.

They played out the rest of the game, but her skills continued to nosedive as her loss became more of a certainty. All she could think about was how she would soon be standing in the middle of Suzanne's backyard, wearing nothing but her tennis shoes, socks, and glasses. Thinking that only increased her arousal, which made it more difficult to play, with made her still more aroused, and so on. It was a vicious circle of constantly-increasing lust.

By the time the game mercifully ended and Alan won, her pussy juices were dripping far down her legs. She tossed her racquet away and fell to her knees, because she was simply too overcome with lust to remain standing.

My God! My GOD! Tiger just defeated me. And I don't just mean in tennis; he utterly destroyed me, body and soul! I thought I was so clever, flashing him at just the right times, but there's no beating his clever mind and powerful cock! I really thought I'd get him to take off his shirt, at least, but no! As usual, I end up buck naked and panting for his thick cock-meat!

He put his racquet on the bench, picked up a bottle of water, and walked to the side of the court. He stood in front of his mother and took a much-needed chug of water. Even when he was playing at his best it had been a tough match, because Susan had such a fit and athletic body.

She sat up on her knees and dramatically pulled her top over her head. She tossed it away, not caring where it went, just like her racquet. It seemed to take minutes for her big tits to stop jiggling.

He held his breath. Jeeeesus! Of course I'm well aware that Mom is stacked and stunning, but dammit, at times like this it's like I'm hit by a two-by-four all over again! DAMN, I'm friggin' aroused!

She cupped her globes from underneath, saying, "Look, Son, look! You won!"

"Not necessarily," he pointed out, as he finally resumed breathing. His heart was racing wildly, yet he managed to sound relatively calm as he asked, "Thirsty?"

She nodded.

Instead of simply handing her the water bottle, which would have forced her to stop clenching her immense breasts with both hands, he held it over her face and poured it towards her mouth.

She opened her mouth wide and enough water flowed in to quench her thirst. But of course the water also gushed all over her face.

Satisfied at the very sexy display, he handed her the bottle so she could actually drink normally.

She took a long sip, after which she exhaled heartily, showing her appreciation.

A naked Susan pouring a bottle of water on her chest

But then she leaned even further back and resumed pouring the water over her naked body. She focused on her big tits, completely drenching them. She emptied most of the nearly-full bottle, leaving even her tummy and legs quite wet.

Chills ran up and down her spine as the cool water splashed over her hot, sweaty skin. All her nerves tingled. But what she loved even more was the blowjob symbolism. She'd had to open her mouth wide, just as if he were about to slide his manhood into it, so it was easy for her to imagine that it was his cum pouring all over her, not just water.

She gasped, "Oh! Tiger! MMMM! So HOT!" So much cum! So much! Such spermy goodness! He's drenching me in his fertile seed! I wish he really could cum this much, every time!

He smiled from ear to ear; he definitely had to agree with the "so hot" sentiment. But he continued to speak casually, as if she weren't naked and soaking wet in the middle of the tennis court. "The game score is only three to four. You're still in the lead. You just might pull this out." He didn't believe that for a second, though, not anymore. She looked wild-eyed, and he frankly doubted she could even get it together enough to stand.

She continued to maintain her obscene pose, with her tits thrust up and out. She shook herself a little bit, causing water to fly in every direction. "That means nothing and you know it! You know that I can't play out the rest of the set without a sports bra. I've been thoroughly defeated in every way... and it feels so good! You were holding back, not playing your 'A' game until the end. I can see that now. So clever! Playing me like a puppet on a string. Oh God, it makes me so hot to be totally bested by my own child!"


Susan gave him a devastating "come hither" gaze. "Son, come here and claim your reward."

Alan wasn't sure what she had in mind, but he stepped up to her until his crotch was practically in her face.

"You say I can still pull this out? I'll tell you what's going to get pulled out," she muttered passionately as she unzipped his fly.

Seconds later, she had his cockhead in her mouth and was happily bobbing on it. She was overjoyed beyond words. But more than that, she was content, as if all were right in the world again. Suckling her son's cock just felt so good and so right that she no longer cared where she was or who might see.

She thought, Dear Lord, I love this so much! Now that I'm getting over my foolish prudish resistance, I'm free to truly enjoy myself and revel in every little thing about it. I love that my tongue is giving him tremendous pleasure. Hearing his ecstatic moans is VERY sweet music to my ears, always. But it's so much more than that. I love the act itself, including how naughty it is! Mmmm! I love having to stretch my mouth open wide to engulf his thick cock. I love flitting this way and that with my tongue while my lips steadily slide back and forth. MMMM, yes! Just like what I'm doing now! I love his male smell, which makes my nostrils flare and sends chills down my spine. Oh, and I love the taste! And not just the unusually delicious taste of his cum, although that IS the best. I even love the taste of merely licking his shaft! And his pre-cum! Plus, I love the sheer heat of it!

She bobbed on him deeper and faster, inspired as she continued to ponder. Gosh, I love absolutely everything about sucking his great cock! But that's not all. I love what's happening outside of my mouth and hands too. I love kneeling submissively with my tall son towering over me. He makes me so proud, the way he's learning to dominate me! I love being completely naked for him, and feeling this outdoor breeze gives me goose bumps everywhere. BRRRR! I love how my big tits bounce freely, and especially how they do so in perfect time to my rhythmic sucking. Mmmm! I love the way he runs his hands through my hair or bends down and pinches my nipples. I love holding onto his ass for support, running my fingers up his ass crack, and toying with his anus. So naughty! Tee-hee!

And that was just for starters. She truly loved everything about it. And she could have read off an even longer list about the joys of making him cum, feeling it happen, and then tasting and swallowing the results of all her hard work. Ever since Suzanne had told her that cocksucking was an art, she wanted to study and perfect her calling, to literally become the best cocksucker in the entire world.

So, needless to say, she gave great head. Her relative lack of experience didn't matter.

Alan had to struggle just to remain standing, because her passionate tongue-lashing turned his knees to jelly, so he had to grip her head with both hands just to stay upright.

But he worried even that might not be enough to remain standing. Realizing the net was a few feet behind him, he was about to tell her that he needed to take a couple of steps back to rest his ass on it. He hoped there wasn't much give and that would be enough to hold him up.

But then, thinking about the net, he had an even better idea. "Hey, Mom. I hate to make you stop, but please stop! Then, I want you to run around to the other side of the net and kneel down over there."

That request was so strange that she pulled his boner out of her mouth to ask, "Why?!"

"Because then I'm going to stick my dick through the net, and you can finish me off like that."

Her eyes twinkled with delight. "You naughty, naughty, VERY bad boy! I love it! Okay, just a second!" She got up and held her breasts and she ran around to the other side of the net and then knelt right in front of it.

He walked right up to the net and stuck his pole through one of the gaps in the netting.

She immediately engulfed his cockhead again and resumed where she'd left off.

In truth, there was hardly any difference from before. The netting didn't get in the way, so the main impact was psychological. But both of them got a big kick out of it. Plus, this new position allowed Alan to rest his hands on the top of the net and support his weight nearly as much as if he'd been sitting. He really needed that, because he felt his bones were turning into noodles.

Several more glorious minutes elapsed. She sucked and sucked until her cap fell off. A few tears even fell from her eyes. Finally, he felt his balls tighten up, and he knew his eruption was imminent.

Luckily, she sensed when he was approaching his climax, and dialed down her efforts accordingly. That enabled him to struggle on for a few more minutes, but she was so enthusiastic that soon he was right back to the very edge. She again tried to give him a break, and again that gave him new life for a little while.

This process repeated several times. Alan couldn't believe how long this endless onslaught of erotic euphoria lasted.

A naked Susan pouring a bottle of water on her chest

As her lips continued their seemingly endless tight sliding, she stared up to her son's face and thought, Look at me! Everybody, look at me! I'm totally naked, totally ashamed, totally horny, and totally loving it! Mmmm! I'm defiling this nice tennis court with my wanton, lewd, slurpy cocksucking noises, but I don't care! I wish Suzanne could see me! I wish Brad and Eric and Amy all would come home and see me too! I even want the neighbors to see me! Everyone! Mmmmmmm! I want the WHOLE WORLD to know that I'm my son's big-titted mommy slut and I serve his powerful, fat cock with PRIDE and JOY!

MMMM! Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! I'm just gonna DIE of spermy cocksucking joy! Come on, Tiger! Give me your yummy load already! Give it to me!

What she didn't know was that, in fact, Suzanne had been sneaking around her backyard from time to time and checking up on how they were doing. When Suzanne saw that Alan was reaching the real intended end game, the one of arousing and sexually humiliating Susan, she stuck around. She watched all of their last two tennis games from behind some bushes, capturing it all on a video camera. She figured that someday, once Susan had completely converted to a sexually-free way of life, she could give her a nice surprise by showing her the rough video footage.

Suzanne made sure to record all of Susan's epic blowjob. She was tickled pink at what they were doing through the net, and she was very glad that would be recorded for posterity. Her only frustration was that she wasn't close enough to listen in and record the sound as well.

When Alan finally came, it wasn't a direct result of anything Susan had or hadn't done; it was because he simply lost the energy to keep going at such a dizzyingly high level of arousal, and with that lost the willpower to hold back the urge to cum.

Since his boner was deep in her mouth, his cum started to fire straight down her throat. He was on such a delirious plane of arousal that he forgot to warn her. He also completely forgot about the net his hard-on was poking through, although he was still gripping it.

She didn't like his cock being that far in her mouth, since it meant she missed out on tasting his cum. So she pulled back until just the very tip of his cockhead was against her lips, which allowed his cum to shoot this way and that in her mouth, seemingly filling it up with his sweet seed.

Once she felt his spurting weaken, she pulled back even more, allowing his last couple of ropes to splatter across her face. That wasn't much, compared to how much had gone into her mouth, but she liked it when at least some of his cum ended up visibly "marking" her skin.

When her blowjob ended, Alan crumbled to the ground like a dead man. He tried resting against the net, but it sagged because he was below the taut top edge. So he slipped the rest of the way to the ground. As he lay there, he panted with exhaustion, "Talk about being completely defeated! You slayed me!" After some more panting he added, "Right now a single limp noodle could beat me in tennis! Ugh! Man!"

Susan had similarly collapsed on the other side of the concrete tennis court. She didn't care how dirty her nude body got; she had no choice because she was too weak to do anything after her own powerful orgasmic rush.

They rested like that for a few minutes, too tired to say or do anything else. They were both utterly drenched in sweat, from the tennis match plus the sex afterwards, with their hair matted to their foreheads. Also, they stank. They could not have cared less.

Eventually, Susan managed to stand up, flop and fumble her way over the net, sit down next to Alan, and plop her face down in his crotch. She was much happier without the net separating them. Finally responding to his comment, she said, "Speaking about limp noodles, I see one that needs cleaning." Then she started licking his flaccid penis and balls.

Enough time had passed that his penis didn't feel so extremely sensitive anymore. Getting his dick licked didn't do a lot for him when he was flaccid, although he really appreciated the gesture. But it was different when she licked his balls and even took turns mouthing his testicles; that felt great. He closed his eyes and luxuriated in this pleasure bonus.

He thought, Good grief! After all that, you'd think she's done, but then she has to clean me too! She must be highly aware of where we are, but even that doesn't stop her. Incredible!

After she finished, he asked, "That was nice. Can I clean you too?"

She was shocked. "What?! Lick my pussy?"

He nodded.

"Tiger, you know you can't do that! That would be very improper. I'm sorry, but that entire area has to stay off limits!"

But after she said that, she decided his cock and balls could use another cleaning, from top to bottom. Although she wouldn't let him lick her, the fact that he wanted to do so inspired her, so she resumed her licking of him, purring contentedly as she did so. The thrill of her exposed location kept her arousal humming at a very high level.

He sighed inwardly at her continued adherence to the rule that kept her pussy off limits. Weird. I guess I've gotta bide my time on that one.

She'd been hoping that all of her cleaning would cause his penis to resurrect, but it became clear that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Eventually, they both revived enough to start to seriously consider where they were and how it would look if someone found them.

Susan sat up and began to fret about the possibility that Brad and Eric might return home. She also renewed her worries that some neighbor might see and recognize they were mother and son. She didn't know that Suzanne was also keeping an eye out so they wouldn't get caught.

Wearily, Susan and Alan dressed and tried to make themselves presentable. Susan went straight to her shower, while Alan went to the shower he and Katherine usually used, across the hall from his bedroom.

Even though Alan had already taken a nap earlier in the day (without meaning to), he was so drained in every way after that fantastic blowjob that he went straight to bed after his shower and fell into a deep sleep.


Not surprisingly, Susan was very distraught at her behavior on the tennis court. She worked off her guilt in a frenzy of house cleaning. But every now and then she would stop what she was doing and savor her erotic memories, most especially about what had happened on the tennis court. Then she would blush furiously and get back to cleaning.

Suzanne decided it would be smart not to talk to Susan about what had happened, at least not yet. She could tell that Susan needed more time to process the experience. That was a big reason why Susan had gone on a cleaning frenzy; she needed time before she was ready for her next sexual adventure.

However, Suzanne's curiosity concerning Susan's Brenda-related secret was absolutely killing her. She helped Susan with the cleaning, but after about half an hour she couldn't stand it anymore. When they happened to be working side by side in the kitchen, she asked, "By the way, have you had a chance to talk to Brenda yet?"

"No, I haven't. Sorry. There've been a lot of distractions."

"True. But this is a quiet time, what with Alan taking a nap and all. In fact you could hardly pick a better time than this."

Susan sighed in resignation. "Oh, very well."

To Suzanne's surprise and disappointment, Susan went upstairs to her room to make the call. Susan was clearly intent on keeping her secret a secret, at least for the moment. Suzanne could easily have eavesdropped one way or another, but she decided to honor Susan's wishes in the matter. Susan was adamant that Suzanne would really appreciate the news if she could just wait until things came together, so Suzanne restrained herself.

Susan sat on her bed as she called Brenda while wearing just a sexy nightie. Brenda was also in her bedroom when she got the call. After only brief small talk, Susan asked, "I'm dying to know: what have you decided about the pictures and everything else?"

Brenda let out a heavy sigh. "I knew you were going to ask me that. I still haven't made up my mind."

An exasperated Susan demanded, "Oh, please! What's so difficult?!"

"These are extremely difficult decisions! They could affect the rest of my life!"

Susan asked eagerly, "Well, if I put a theoretical gun to your head, which way are you leaning? Can you at least answer that?"

Brenda sighed again. "I'm leaning towards keeping my options open."

"What does that mean?!"

"It means I don't think there's much harm in simply gathering more information. After all, you said it's a long road to becoming one of Alan's women, and getting a reaction from him to my nude pictures is just one step. Isn't that right?"

"That's right."

"So I'm not going to make any kind of commitment just to see if he's interested in me. I could meet him a couple more times, just to gather more information. I don't have to make any commitment until well after that."

Susan was delighted. "That sounds reasonable. So you HAVE made a decision then, haven't you?"

"I guess. It's just..."


"I still don't know if your lifestyle is right for me. I like the IDEA. Heck, I adore the idea! But would I enjoy it in practice, on a daily basis? I have my doubts. To try to answer that question, after I saw you last I bought a big plastic dildo."

Susan asked, "Didn't you already have one? I'm just guessing, but now that I've had my sexual awakening, I understand that pretty much everyone masturbates, men and women."

"That's true. And I did have one already. But this one is bigger. Thicker. Alan-sized."

"Ah. And?"

"And I figured that if I'm interested in being one of his women, one of his sluts, then I damn well better make sure that I enjoy handjobs, blowjobs and titfucks. Especially blowjobs. It sounds like there are a LOT of those."

Susan giggled with glee. "That's true!"

"So I tried it with the dildo. No spark. Nothing. I practically hated it. It was just like before, the few times I went down on my soon-to-be ex. A tiresome obligation. Maybe I'm just not right for your lifestyle."

"Nonsense! That's balderdash. Poppycock! The thing is, I'm not an expert. There are things I don't even want to know, because it would take away a bit of the magic. But even I can tell that context is everything. The mental aspect is everything. It's not just the physical act; you have to get in the right mindset." Susan pulled her nightie down to expose her breasts, because any talk of blowjobs got her aroused, and she knew things would get hotter from there.

Brenda asked, "How do I do that? When I hear you talk about sucking your son's cock, it sounds like the greatest thing in the world! My mouth waters and I can't wait to do it myself. But then, with the dildo, it's such a let-down. How can I practice and get good for him if I'm not even inspired enough to use the dildo?"

"I understand. You're not using it in the right spirit." She made a quick calculation. She considered going over to Brenda's to show her and inspire her, but there wasn't time because she had other, more urgent things that she wanted to do. "I'll tell you what. I'll teach you how to love sucking on the dildo if you promise to hand over the pictures today. All of them. I can't wait to see them. Have you edited them yet?"

"Unfortunately, no. As you can tell, I've been dithering. I've looked at them a heck of a lot, but to be honest, I don't know how to use the right computer programs, like Photoshop. It's frustrating, because my son Adrian does. He's a whiz at that kind of thing. Normally I'd get him to help, but I can't exactly show him nude pictures of his mother!"

"Well, there you have it then. You need to hand the pictures over to me anyway."

"Can YOU edit them? You don't strike me as the computer whiz type."

"No, I'm not. Far from it. But Suzanne is. Well, not exactly a whiz, but she can do everything she needs to on a computer, including edit pictures. On top of that, we have a special printer with special paper for printing high-quality color pictures."

"I don't know. I don't know if I want Suzanne to see me like that."

"Sorry, girl. We're a close-knit team here. If I see them, and Alan sees them, how could Suzanne not see them too, sooner or later? In fact, odds are good Katherine will see them too. We don't share our secrets with the outside world. You're the only exception, and that was largely my mistake. But within our family we share pretty much everything. The important thing to remember is that Alan will not know the pictures are of you. He'll just think it's some busty fox. Suzanne is great at scheming. If you put this in her hands, she'll do better at it than I will."

"Hmmm. I still don't know. I do want Alan to see the pictures, because otherwise I can't take the next step. And I don't know exactly how else I could edit them. I can't exactly go to Kinko's for a job like that."

"No, you can't. Also remember, I'll teach you how to love the dildo as much as if it was Alan's real cock."

"THAT I've got to see! I don't believe you!"

"Have we got a deal? I'll prove it to you right now."

Brenda hesitated, but only for a few seconds. "Okay, deal. But I'm only handing the pictures over to you IF I'm fully satisfied with this dildo experience. I don't just mean something mildly okay; I want to go hog wild over it, losing myself in the experience like I just can't get enough!"


Susan couldn't have been more confident. "No problem. Do you have it near you? Where are you?"

"In my bedroom, sitting on a chair."

"Good. Get the dildo and take ALL your clothes off. Then put your sexiest pair of high heels on. Sit back on the bed and switch to speakerphone mode. Can you do all that?"

"Sure. Just give me a minute. But I've gotta warn you, I'm VERY dubious."

Susan's lips curled into a smile. "I'm not. You'll see."

A couple of minutes later, Brenda was back on the line, in speakerphone mode. She wanted to give the experiment a fair shake, so she really did take her clothes off. She even put high heels on, although she was sitting up in bed on top of her covers. "Okay, I'm ready. Now, what is this magic that you're so sure about? We're not even in the same room. What could you possibly say to me over the phone to get me to enjoy a blowjob?"

"That's easy. I played tennis today. In fact, I finished just a little while ago. I'm going to tell you all about it."

"What, are you nuts?! How is that supposed to work? Are you going to try to bore me into a trance?"

Susan chuckled. "Hardly. You'll see. Because I was playing tennis with Alan, and this was no ordinary tennis match."

"Huh. You're serious, it seems. Should I do something with the dildo?"

"Not yet. But keep it within easy reach. Just between you and me, if you want to touch yourself in naughty places while I talk, that's okay. It's even encouraged." Susan had taken her clothes off too, because she was planning on taking her own advice, but she wasn't willing to admit that to Brenda.

Susan started telling the story of the tennis match she'd just experienced with Alan. She gave a very detailed account that started even before it began, back when she was in the house arguing with Alan and Suzanne over what she was allowed to wear.

So at first Brenda wasn't that aroused, or even particularly that interested. However, it wasn't long before Brenda was hooked. Susan skipped past nearly all mention of the tennis they'd actually played, instead focusing on the sexual aspect, and especially her sexual humiliation. From what had happened at the photo shoot, she could tell that Brenda got off on that as much as she did, if not more so.

Soon, Brenda was huffing and puffing and playing freely with herself, particularly her pussy, clit, and nipples. She was glad that Susan was doing nearly all the talking, because she was almost too winded to even breathe. Occasionally she would ask a question, but more often she'd exclaim how hot Susan's story was. It would have been a great story for her as fiction, but she knew for a fact that it really had happened to Susan only a short while earlier, which made it the hottest story she'd ever heard.

For a long time, Brenda's dildo was completely forgotten. But then, as the story started to reach a flaming-hot intensity, Susan told Brenda to pick up the dildo and pretend it was Alan's cock. She still wouldn't let Brenda put it in her mouth, but she would allow Brenda to "help keep it hard" by stroking it from time to time.

Brenda's attitude towards the dildo was totally transformed. Previously she hadn't been in an aroused mood and the dildo had just been a piece of plastic. But now, with Susan's shockingly arousing story continuing, in her mind the dildo became Alan's big erection. She was frustrated, because she wanted to stroke it, play with her nipples, and play with her pussy and clit all at the same time, but she didn't have enough hands. She kept switching back and forth between stroking the dildo and stimulating her erogenous zones, squealing in orgasm from time to time.

Then Susan reached the climax of her tennis story, when she had been totally defeated by her son and he'd claimed his prize by fucking her mouth right in the middle of the tennis court, through the tennis net no less. As the description of her blowjob started, she finally allowed Brenda to suck on the dildo.

Brenda was nearly out of her mind with raging lust. She sucked on the dildo like her life depended on it. She was so enthusiastic that she repeatedly pushed it deeper into her mouth than she could handle, coming dangerously close to triggering her gag reflex. The resulting loud choking and gagging sounds delighted both Brenda and Susan to no end.


Brenda felt even more emboldened and aroused by that, to the point that she actually tilted the dildo up high above her face with her head tilted way back, and brought it down in an inspired attempt to deep throat it. She had no idea what she was doing since she'd never tried deep throating before, so she failed. But just the effort, as well as even more choking and gagging noises and sensations, thrilled her even more.

Brenda also appreciated that when she had been stroking the dildo, she'd needed to use one hand to hold it in place and another to stroke it. Whereas she could pound it in and out of her mouth with just one hand, leaving her other hand free for masturbation. She had an exceedingly loud orgasm well before Susan finished the blowjob part of the story, and the muffled sounds of her attempting to scream despite her mouth being crammed full of the dildo further aroused both women, causing their excitement to soar ever higher.

Susan had a couple of orgasms of her own, but she was embarrassed about that and tried to keep them secret. Brenda was so carried away with the tennis story, plus her own gasping, moaning, and frequent screaming, that she hadn't put any thought into the possibility of Susan masturbating. In her mind, Susan was on the tennis court getting her face fucked. Except, at the same time, Susan was her, and she was the one getting thoroughly humiliated and dominated out in public by Alan's powerful cock.

Eventually, the story wound down. Both women were content to recover for a while on their beds.

But the line was still connected. Eventually Brenda said, "Okay, you win. THAT was convincing. The dildo became Alan's cock in my mind, and I loved it!"

Susan couldn't resist crowing a little. "You see? What did I tell you? It's all about context, and attitude. Isn't cocksucking fun?"

"Oh. My. GOD! I had NO IDEA! It's the greatest! And that was merely with a plastic dildo. I can't even imagine what it would be like with the real flesh-and-blood Alan and his pulsing, throbbing cock!"

"Oh, it's better! Much, much better! And not only that, but you get your big, creamy, delicious, spermy treat at the end for all your hard work!"

"UNGH! HNNNG! Oh God! I can't wait! That does sound fantastic!"

"It is! Which means you owe me some nude photos, girl!" Susan giggled with glee at that.

Brenda groaned. "Oh, shit! I didn't think there was any chance I'd lose that bet. But you won fair and square, so I'm willing to pay up. In fact, it never felt so good to lose. God it felt good!"

Susan giggled some more. "Funny you should say that, because those were the exact words that I thought after Tiger bested me on the tennis court. These are still early days, like I keep telling you, but I've got a funny feeling that I'm going to end up saying that a lot. He'll stand triumphant time and time again, his great cock jutting proudly into the air, and I'll wind up kneeling and naked, my face and tits doused in his spermy goo. But that's the life of being one of his personal cocksuckers."

"His what?"

"Oh, I'll tell you all about that later. I don't want to get you worked up all over again. Now, about the photos, I have an idea. I'm about to go shopping."

"How can you go shopping after that?! Especially since it really happened to you. I would need days to recover!"

Susan giggled. "There's no time for that around here. As soon as Tiger has blasted his load all over your face and tits, the process starts all over again. Even as I'm thoroughly licking his balls clean, I revel in the knowledge that inside those balls, millions of little new spermies are being created. That's one reason why it's fortunate that he has lots of big-titted lovers. It would be too much for me, taking care of his cock all by myself!"

"I can see that." Brenda was awed. "It DID really happen to you, didn't it? You're not just making that all up?"

"No way. I wouldn't lie to you about that. Besides, that's just one adventure I've had in the last twenty-four hours. Now that Ron is gone, it seems that things are twice as cummy and tingly as before! I could tell you many stories."

"Please do!" They both giggled over that. But they also knew this was not the time.

Then Brenda asked, "So what's this about you going shopping?"

"Oh, yes. I'm about to leave shortly, as soon as I freshen up. And it's not just any shopping trip, either. I'm in the middle of remaking my wardrobe, from the fuddy-duddy clothes I used to wear to lots of cock-stiffening super sexy outfits! I was thinking that while I was out and about, maybe I could stop by your place to pick up your memory card with the photos on it. Or we could meet somewhere."

"Definitely! Let's meet somewhere! Now that you mention it, I want to buy some sexy new outfits for him too. Maybe we can go shopping together?"

"Sure. That would be fun. But I thought you were still undecided on him?"

"Fuck that! Not after what just happened!" Brenda realized it was dangerous to let her passion run unchecked, so she added, "I'm not saying I want to go all the way and commit to him now. But I definitely want to take the next step and see where things will lead."


Susan was very proud of herself. After the phone call ended, she thought, Now, I REALLY can't wait to tell Suzanne all that I've done with Brenda lately. Even with my jealousy over Brenda's breasts, it's too much fun to talk to her like that. I can't resist! I suppose there could be a lot worse things than having a new, beautiful, super-busty friend like her to share the joy of pleasuring Tiger's cock. Just so long as she doesn't take up too much of his time. But I still want to wait until I can actually look over those nude photos before I reveal it all to Suzanne!

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