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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Brilliant Disguise
Day 48: Saturday, November 2

(MF, Mff, ff, inc, slow, reluc, voy, rom)

Written by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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While Alan was napping, Amy went to the Plummer house, looking for help in shaving her pussy.

Luckily, Katherine had just come home. They met in Katherine's room. Amy stood at the door. "Hey, what'cha doin'?"

"Oh, nothing. I've got bad news though. Alan's taking a nap."

Amy frowned. "Seriously? Bummer!"

"Hey, I'd be more than happy to help you with the shaving and whatnot."

Amy's frown was replaced by a blindingly bright smile. "Really? Cool beans!" She suddenly turned shy. "Can we practice another kiss or two though?"

Katherine was all smiles too. She felt a shiver of excitement run down her spine, because she loved Amy like a sister, and lusted after her too.

Amy looked a bit nervous as she crossed the room for their kiss.

But before she got there, Katherine looked at her with mock-confusion. "What are you doing? I hope you don't plan on kissing me like THAT."

"Like what?"

Katherine made a sour face. "With all those icky things covering your gorgeous body. I believe most people call them... clothes. Yuck!"

Amy's disappointment turned to joy, and she giggled along with Katherine. Her smile was so bright it practically lit up the room. "You said it, sister!" Within seconds, she had shed her clothes.

Katherine hurried to catch up and take off her own clothes. Her arousal soared as she realized she'd soon be French kissing Amy again, in the nude.

Not too many seconds later, their bodies met and their lips locked.

Perhaps influenced by Susan and her erotic noises, they repeatedly "Mmmm"-ed with pleasure as they necked passionately.

Katherine wanted her hands everywhere on Amy at once, and she was so excited she hardly knew where to put them first. When she and Amy had kissed intimately the day before, Alan had been there, so the excuse had been that they were just kissing "to help make his thingy happy." But with Alan now not present, Katherine knew it was obvious that Amy was enjoying their kissing.

Since they'd both been nude the last time, and were already familiar with fingering each other's pussies, there wasn't much need for either of them to hold back, and they didn't.

After a few minutes of tongue dueling, Amy said, "Mmmm. This is fun!"

As Katherine cradled Amy's boobs, she replied, "Yes. Yes it is! Aims, you're my best friend. And now we can be even BETTER friends! Isn't that great?"

"Yeay! Totally!" Amy kissed her again.

Katherine still wasn't entirely sure what Amy thought about this kind of kissing, or their other sexual activities lately, or what Amy wanted to do with Alan exactly. She also wasn't sure just what to say though, because if Amy really was naïve about all this, talking frankly could make a mess of things.

She got a clue though when their next kiss ended and Amy said, "Aaaah. Nice. But I guess we should get to the shaving. Do we have to put our clothes on just to go to the bathroom?"

"Nah," Katherine replied. "I've got some towels we can wrap around ourselves. All we really have to do is pop out into the hall for a few seconds. The odds of Mom seeing us are almost nil."

"Coolio. Any chance Alan will wake up? It would be fun to kiss him too. And even do other stuff!"

"Other stuff?" Katherine asked cautiously.

"Yeah. You know. Like, with his thingy. It seems to need a lot of attention." Amy giggled.

Katherine relaxed a little bit. "Yeah, I suppose it does. Is that something you'd be interested in helping out with? And I don't just mean once or twice. His thingy has big needs, pretty much every single day!"

"Oh, TOTALLY! I'm soooo all over that! You and I, we can help him together, right? It's, like, something we can have way fun with, dont'cha think?"

Katherine checked her feelings for jealousy, but she was surprised at just how little she felt. She worried frequently about losing Alan's attention to Susan or Suzanne, but Amy seemed harmless, and just too much fun and too lovable to get upset with.

Besides, Katherine had a good feeling that she could use Amy to her advantage. She thought, Help him together? Definitely! I know I'm attractive and sexy, but I'm not some perfect voluptuous goddess like Mom or Aunt Suzy. But if Aims and I team up, even those two can't compete with that! Aims is just so easy to manipulate, it'll be like having a copy of me. With our two tongues and lips on his dick, he'll have to give even our busty moms a rain check, at least some of the time!

Katherine smiled from ear to ear. "Great idea, Aims!" Then she kissed her lips again.

Katherine and Amy kissing in the nude, mouth to mouth and boobs to boobs

Amy responded eagerly, showing off her kissing skills. But after a minute or so, she pulled back and said, "Uh-oh! How are we supposed to do this, 'cos our boobies keep getting in the way."

It was true - both girls were so endowed that they had to be attentive to even get their lips to touch. But Katherine turned that around to a positive. "That is kind of a problem. But just imagine if Alan could see us. He'd get off on watching our racks rub together, don't you think?"

Amy's eyes lit up. "Oh! TOTALLY! Let's do MORE of that! Plus, it's just fun to do even when he's not here to look!"

Soon, they were just as focused on rubbing their tits, and especially their nipples, together as they were on the kissing. It felt fantastic, and neither of them wanted to stop.

Katherine found herself thinking, Brother's gonna love seeing this! But it also has its own reward. I'm his number one fuck toy, and I'm damn proud of that fact. But maybe Aims can kind of become my fuck toy too. Our fuck toy. Her body's so soft and squeezable and fun to play with! Also, she's so lovable and enthusiastic. She's always been a great friend, and now we're becoming lovers too. She's way into this, I can tell!

The two girls went back to the bathroom next to Katherine's room, in part so they could play with each other's pussies. There was their usual amount of "checking for bumps" and "investigating the leakage problem."

Katherine advised Amy that the leakage problem still had no answer, but that it demanded more investigation in the very near future. This was the same conclusion she'd had every single day since they'd started. They almost never stopped giggling during such "investigations."

She could tell by now that Amy had caught on to the whole "leakage problem" pretense. But still they maintained the charade, absurd as it may have been. It was more fun that way, plus it was easier than bringing certain issues out into the open. For instance, Katherine figured that Amy's position about sex with other women such as herself would evolve naturally. so asking her if she was bisexual only risked causing problems. Katherine suspected it was possible Amy didn't even know what "bisexual" meant, and that was probably for the best.

Alan had shown Katherine how to find Amy's G-spot, and then Amy was able to find Katherine's. They were both "very disturbed" to find one of the actual bumps, and spent many long minutes trying to massage their respective bumps away, to no avail. Both agreed these particular bumps would need much more "hands-on" investigation.

Again, Katherine figured Amy was wise to this, but again it didn't really matter by this point. They practiced kissing quite a lot more as well.

Before they were done, Amy also asked if she could borrow a dildo.

But Katherine said that would have to wait for another day. This asking for and denying the dildo was getting to be a daily ritual too. Katherine always said "No" because she wanted Amy to become completely dependent on her and Alan for all her sexual pleasure. So far, it appeared to be working like a charm. Amy was coming over even more often than before, always ready for pussy shaving or a "bump check."

But today Katherine wanted to do something new. She suggested she had a novel solution to their supposed "leakage problem."

She said, as they sat on the bathroom floor, pumping fingers into each other's vagina, "Aims, here we are, always checking out the same hole, but we've forgotten to check the other one! Is there also a leakage problem there? If not, why not? If you could investigate that too, maybe we could solve our problem."

"What, you mean your asshole?" Amy asked bluntly. "Yuck! That's gross. I don't want to touch that."

"I know it sounds weird, but you were just asking the other day how you could pay us back for all the help that Alan and I have given you. I don't think this is too much to ask. It's very clean. I just washed thoroughly. Just put a finger in there, after you get it lubed up with your pussy juices. It's no big deal." Katherine had been miffed that her anal fingering with Kim hadn't worked out, so she'd looked it up on the Internet and discovered the crucial importance of lubrication. She was keen to try it again, or have it tried out on her, so she could test to see if it was something she could do with Alan.

Amy still appeared wary, so Katherine volunteered, "Here, I'll put a finger in yours first. Then you'll see it's not so weird, and can even feel really good." Katherine began sawing at Amy from both sides, with two fingers in her vagina and another up her anus.

Pretty soon Amy had to admit that it felt pretty good. She finally was persuaded to stick her own finger up Katherine's butt.

Amy on her knees with her tongue at the entrance to Katherine's nude butt

It felt good, and Amy had fun poking around there. Amy had no revulsion about her asshole as long as it was completely clean, and Katherine's was. In fact, within minutes, Katherine asked Amy to replace that finger with her tongue, and Amy had no objection to even doing that.

Amy's tongue was soon contentedly probing deep into Katherine's anus as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Katherine not only liked the feeling of having a tongue up her butt, but she also liked the feeling of power in ordering Amy to do it. Although she didn't normally get off on power the way Heather did, there was something intoxicating in having someone as subservient and unquestioning as Amy stick a tongue in one's anus.

Amy washed up very thoroughly once she was done with Katherine's ass.

After more orgasms all around, Katherine admitted they appeared to be no closer to solving the "leakage problem."

But Amy suggested they continue to explore their butts in the future, just to be sure. By the end of the session, Amy exclaimed, "Mmmm. I love licking butts. I'm a butt-licker! Do you think Alan will let me lick his butt? It's fun to be naughty!"

This gave Katherine some new worries. Later, when she was alone, she wrote in her diary, as part of a longer diary entry:

I like Amy's sexy "anything goes" attitude - in theory. The problem is, she's gonna be that enthusiastic doing anything with Brother too. I don't want to have to compete with that. Is teaming up with her really such a good idea? What if he ends up spending a lot of time with her alone, time he could be spending with me instead?

No, that isn't the way to think about it. The fact is, sexual things are gonna happen between him and her in any case. Now that the ball has started rolling, there's just no way for her not to get pulled in. She's too beautiful and willing, and their feelings for each other are too strong. If it's gonna happen anyway, I need to get on top of it and control it. I may not be a master manipulator like Aunt Suzy, but when it comes to Aims, I don't have to be. I'll tell her what to do, and she'll happily say "M'kay!" like always.

Together, we will be an unbeatable team. He could actually end up spending MORE time with me, if Amy and I get really good at pleasuring his cock together. And if there's anyone I'd most want to do that with, it's lovable Aims. It'll be great!


When Alan finally came downstairs, it was already five o'clock. The only thing that had motivated him to leave his room was to get a snack in the kitchen.

The afternoon continued to slip by fairly normally for Alan and everyone else. Susan announced that she was going shopping, and did so.

Suzanne wanted to stay at the Plummer house, since that's where all the sexy, fun things were happening. So she went to work on the computer in the den for a while.

As it so happened, Alan needed time to process and recover. He remained scarce for a while after his nap. He stayed in his room and read a book for class; it was about political intrigues in the Roman Empire.

That was all just as well, because everyone remaining in the house was feeling tired and listless from just too much sex.

Susan standing in a purple négligée

Although the downstairs area appeared to be empty, when he entered the kitchen, Suzanne came in from the adjacent den. She flashed him a big smile and a thumbs up.

As was so often the case, his eyes went straight to her deep cleavage. Even though she was wearing a pin-striped business suit, she'd taken off her bra and blouse when she arrived at the house, leaving a tantalizing peek through just her jacket.

"What's the good news?" he asked. "Did you make a ton of money?" He asked this because Suzanne spent a lot of her time trading stocks and bonds online. She was so good at it that she didn't need a "real job," and it left her with lots of free time. Sometimes she used Susan's computer in the den for trading if she didn't feel like going back to her own house to check the markets.

But she said, "No, silly. It's the weekend, remember? The thumbs up is for you! GREAT job with your tennis win over Susan!"

"Technically, I lost, four games to three."

"True, but you won when it came to stealing her heart. Those last two games were classic!"

He narrowed his eyes. "Wait a minute. Did you talk to her about this?"

"No, not yet. I don't know where she went to exactly, but she's not here. Hmmm, I wonder where she is, now that I think about it. All I know is she's out shopping, but she didn't say what she was intending to buy."

"Then how do you know what happened?" He picked up an apple and started to cut it into slices.

"I have my ways," she said, with deliberate mysteriousness.

"Such as?"

"You wouldn't BELIEVE how much money I spend on the Psychic Friends Hotline!" But seeing that he wasn't going to let the question go, and didn't even laugh at her joke, she said, "Okay, fine. I spied on you guys. But it was for a good cause. Getting Susan to open up sexually is tough. She has so many moralistic hang-ups that breaking them all down is like a full-time job. I don't want anything to go wrong. Mad at me?"

He thought about it as he ate a slice of apple. "Nah. Not really. You're just being you, and plotting and scheming is what you do best. Your schemes always work out well in the end, even though your means are sometimes, shall we say, ethically challenged. Besides, you're so beautiful that it's impossible to get mad at you."

"That's true," she teased. She was particularly appreciative he said this when she was mostly clothed. She picked up one of the apple slices and gave it a few provocative licks before biting into it.

He asked, "So, speaking of scheming, how's the 'corruption of the innocents' plan coming along?" He kept eating the slices.

"Great, actually. What happened on the tennis court was absolutely pivotal to getting her to feel like she belongs to you."

He marveled, "Wow! Mom? Belonging to me? Woooowww!"

Suzanne smiled at that. "I was too far away to hear what was said, but I can just tell. Did you have a fun time, by the way?"

He practically stared at her bug-eyed. "Are you kidding me?! Holy cow! It was awesome! The blowjob at the end - you saw that, right? That was just the icing on the cake!"

Suzanne was all grins. "Excellent. I could tell that she had just as much fun as you did, although in a slightly different way. When you humiliate her, she really gets off on that."

"I noticed!"

"Your mom has had decades of brainwashing from a bunch of religious wackos, so just getting her to surrender fully to her blowjob lust is a battle. It's like pulling a rubber band and having it always snap back into place. But you give her so much happiness and sexual ecstasy that I think she's finally totally hooked. We'll see, though, how she is later. Her emotions are all over the map lately. I never know what mood she'll be in from one hour to the next."

"You're telling me!" he agreed emphatically. "One hour to the next? More like one minute to the next! She-"

Suzanne rested a finger across his lips, and gestured for him to be quiet.

He waited a bit while she seemed to be listening closely for something. Then he asked, quietly, "What is it?"

"That was the garage door. She's back. She'll be coming in the house in... three... two... one..."

"Howdy!" Susan said, as she came into a front hallway from the garage. "Anyone home?"

Alan whispered, "Impressive. Aunt Suzy, you know us all so well, it's kind of scary."

Susan walked straight down the hall to the kitchen, carrying three very heavy shopping bags. Her face brightened when she saw Alan and Suzanne standing there. But she also got a bit abashed as she looked at Alan a second time, as she obviously was recalling what had happened earlier with him on the same tennis court.

Suzanne recognized the names of the stores on the bags and said, "Oooh! Clothes! What'd you buy? What'd you buy?" She took one of the bags from Susan before Susan could put the bags down on the counter.

"No!" Susan protested, once she was able to put the remaining two bags down. "That's not..."

But it was too late, because Suzanne had already pulled several items from the bags, and held them up for Alan to see. One was a very skimpy and semi-transparent nightie. The other one turned out to be an even skimpier and more insubstantial nightie. Suzanne whistled in appreciation. "Ooh la la!"

Suzanne put those back in the bag, and rifled through it some more. She told Susan, "Wow, look at this. You have enough nighties in here to outfit an entire army! Well, that is, if there were a very, very sexy army made up entirely of tall, busty, naked women."

Alan grinned, and quipped, "That's one army I wouldn't mind fighting."

Susan's face had already turned cherry red. It turned even more red when he winked at her. Somehow, she was powerfully reminded of their tennis match, and she felt such a thrill race down her spine that it nearly knocked her off her feet.

Suzanne said, "And if you add in your purchase a few hours ago of a whole bag of pineapples plus lots of pineapple juice, I'm starting to see a pattern."

Alan asked cluelessly, "Cool. I love pineapples. But why so many?"

Susan looked away, even as she unconsciously licked her lips. "Never you mind. It's, uh, good for you."

Suzanne considered explaining how Susan had discovered that pineapple and certain other fruits could help make Alan's cum taste even sweeter. Katherine had given Susan that tip that very morning, but Suzanne had already found out because, when it came to Alan's cum, news travelled fast. Suzanne had since checked out the idea on the Internet and found some evidence to support it. However, she decided against telling Alan, since she didn't want to make him too conscious about how his eating habits could affect his sex life. It made no difference; he didn't need any instruction on that matter, since he'd long loved consuming sweet and fruity things, which resulted in his tasty cum.

Susan's embarrassment only got worse when Suzanne asked in a teasing, sing-song voice, "Soooo, I wonder why you bought all these sexy clothes? Who could you be trying to arouse and impress with this mountain of lingerie? Hmmm. Very mysterious!"

It was true that Susan had bought a virtual "mountain of lingerie." Normally, she lived a humble, modest lifestyle, despite her wealth. She didn't have that much clothes for herself, at least not when compared to other women in her income bracket. But she had met up with Brenda at the shopping mall, and after Brenda handed over the memory card with the nude photos on it, the two of them went shopping together. They fed off each other's sexual enthusiasm, causing Susan to buy much more than she'd ever bought before. The wealthier and more profligate Brenda actually bought even more.

Suzanne had been holding up a pair of semi-transparent panties, but Susan snatched them away and put them back in the bag. "Very funny," she grumbled.

She was so embarrassed that she was almost trembling. But she thought back to the words Alan had told her yesterday, and repeated them in her mind: "Thrust your chest out and proudly poke your big tits high in the air, because you have nothing to be ashamed of." That helped her relax some, especially when she thrust her tits out at the same time.

She said with increased confidence, "It so happens that my old clothes just don't cut it around here anymore because of... well, certain changes. And Suzanne, I appreciate you loaning me practically half your wardrobe, but you need your clothes back and I need some sexy clothes of my own."

Suzanne said, "Don't worry; I think it's great. I'm just razzin' ya a little bit. And it looks like you picked some really great stuff!" She held up another see-through nightie. "What do you think, Sweetie? Can you picture your mom in this?"

Alan beamed at Susan as his dick suddenly engorged. "Mom, I'm so psyched! You bought all this for me? To help me with my condition? You're so caring and sweet!" He walked over to her and gave her a big hug.

Susan was so happy that she practically floated away on a cloud of happiness. It didn't skip her attention that she felt his still-growing hard-on brush against her, and that made her even happier.

But then Suzanne frowned, and gravely told Susan, "There's just one problem."

Susan asked, "What's that?"

"It's impossible to buy this much stuff without immediately trying something on and showing it off to the man you love."

Susan's big smile returned when she realized Suzanne had just been razzing her again. "That's true," she gleefully agreed.

Suzanne dug deeper into the bag, and whistled again. "Susan, this bag is full of extra two-inchers!"

Alan asked, "What's an 'extra two-incher?'" He was still hugging Susan, since she smelled and felt so good.

Susan turned her blushing face away in embarrassment. "Never you mind about that! It's, uh, it's a girl thing." Her mind was filled with a vivid image of Alan's already long and completely turgid cock growing an extra two inches right in front of her eyes, thanks to the revealing clothes she was wearing.

Suzanne and Susan soon went upstairs, taking the bags of clothes with them. Alan was told to sit tight in the living room and eat some more fruit.

Just as they reached the edge of his hearing, he thought he heard them joking with each other about how they hoped he'd eat all the fruit in the house. I don't get it, man. Does fruit increase sexual energy or something? Weird. Oh well. Boy, I can't wait to see Mom in her new clothes!

Plus, what's great is that there's been a pattern with Mom of two steps forward and one step back. After what happened on the tennis court, I thought for sure she'd kind of withdraw at least into a semi-prudish mode for a while. But no! Not only did she not do that, she went out and bought a whole mountain of sexy clothes, and in a really short time. She must have told some sales clerk, "Give me all your lingerie in my size." Well, almost.

Maybe Aunt Suzy is right and we're at a key turning point. It'll be great if we don't have any more steps back. Here's to nothing but big steps forward from here on out! Before long, I'll be fucking Mom, Sis, Aims, and Aunt Suzy all the time! Why not? Mom's the key. If she's okay with it, anything goes!


Upstairs in her room, Susan briefly explained to Suzanne that she actually had gone shopping with Brenda, and that the big secret that she was keeping was now in her possession, in the house. (Brenda had given her camera's memory card to Susan in a zip-lock bag, and Susan had carefully stored that bag in a secret place in the den as soon as she returned home.)

Naturally, that clue caused Suzanne's already great curiosity to skyrocket even higher. But Susan wouldn't say anything more. She had other more important things to do right away, but she promised they would talk about it once they had sufficient free time. She promised Suzanne that she would not be disappointed.

Susan came back downstairs all alone a couple of minutes later, click-clicking along in her four-inch high heels. She wore a highly-arousing purple nightie that looked like it was made out of material lighter than puffs of cloud.

He whistled in appreciation. "Mom, you look so hot that they'll need to put you in some kind of asbestos decontamination chamber."

Susan standing in a purple négligée

She laughed. She was beaming with delight and bursting with energy, it looked like she was about to start spontaneously jumping around. She stood in the middle of the dining room, next to where Alan was sitting at the kitchen counter, providing him with a sultry, slow 360-degree twirl. Then she struck some provocative pinup-girl poses.

As she did that, he asked, "Why'd you pick that one?"

She beamed as she explained, "Suzanne said it was the hottest of a very hot bunch."

"I suspect she's right. It's great! Can I touch it? I want to test something."

"What's that?"

"I want to know if it'll set my hand on fire."

She giggled gaily. Then she turned around and thrust her ass out to within his easy reach, showing that she was ready to be touched there.

He immediately went to town on caressing her ass cheeks through the silky fabric, but he didn't stop there. He soon pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. As they necked, he pulled her tremendous tits all the way out of her nightie and began to knead them roughly.

After a minute or two of kissing, she playfully swatted one of his groping hands and said, "You're not allowed to do that, you know. That whole area is off limits. Except for special occasions." She'd rather lamely added that exception, because it was hard to deny the fact that he was finding ways to play with her tits pretty much every day.

He sensed that she was so horny already that her resistance to breast play was paper thin. He hoped she'd give in on that if he was insistent. "You mean I can't do this?" He pulled on both nipples, briefly pulling her tits forward and into a more conical shape.

"Oh!" she gasped lustily.

"Or what about this?" He twisted both nipples aggressively.

She panted, "Please, please! No!"

He kept twisting, but asked, "You're serious? Why not? Compared to a blowjob, this is nothing."

Her hefty tits were heaving and swinging wildly as she tried to answer in a gasping, near-orgasmic voice. "If you must know... You, you know already! My... My tits... Oh! Oh no! ... Too... too... MMMM! Yes! ... You make me too horny! UGH! No! Can't... control myself!"

He had mercy on her, so he went back to playing with her ass cheeks, this time including her ass crack. He liked that the nightie was between them, because its silky smooth texture was fun to stroke. But then he half-kidded, half-chided, "But what did I tell you about wearing underwear?"

She'd managed to get her breathing under control once he'd let go of her hefty melons, so she said, "You told me I should never wear them except outside the house. And Mommy obeys her handsome, well-hung son. She must obey, especially when it comes to servicing and draining his big cock!" She fumbled with the button on his shorts as she said that, managing to get his fly undone.

He said sternly, "Unfortunately, a nightie is a type of underwear, isn't it? I'm afraid you're going to have to take it off immediately."

"Okay!" she answered excitedly as she slid her fingers all the way up and down his erection, like she was reconnecting with an old friend. She could have been upset at his order, since she'd just bought so much lingerie, but she could tell that he was just trying any thin excuse to get her naked again. She loved wearing her new purchase, but getting naked on her knees sounded even better to her.

Her fingers had just wrapped around his shaft, but she let go and stood back up. She purred sensuously, "If my hunky, virile son tells me to strip and get totally nude, then I must obey! After all, the doctor said I have to be some kind of..." - she searched for the right word - "sex object for you." She slowly and tantalizingly shimmied the nightie down her body, letting her boobs jiggle as it slid off her torso.

Spreading her legs a bit, she slowly inched the nightie down her legs. "Looks like I have to do what I'm told. I must OBEY!" Obviously she was really getting off on that idea, without any hesitation or guilt. "Obey my cocky, spermy, cum-filled son! Mommy wears exactly what her son tells her to wear, even if it's nothing but my high heels! After all, it's the house rule, and Mommy would get a big fat spanking if she's naughty and tries to cover up..."

As the nightie slid down to her ankles, she bent forward and lightly shook her massive rack. She stared straight at his exposed boner and licked her lips ostentatiously. Then she turned around slightly so she could wiggle her bare ass at him as well.

Oh, God! I'm naked, again! I just bought all those clothes to wear for my son and it's kind of pointless because I'm probably going to be naked around him most of the time from now on. But I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm one of his personal cocksuckers now, his big-titted mommy slut! This is the life we live. I don't even care anymore if acting like this is necessary for his medical problem. I'd gladly do it anyway!

His blood pressure rose and his heart pounded. "Mom, can I ask you a favor? Could you buy me a thesaurus?"

"Sure, Tiger. But why bring that up now?" She was puzzled why he was asking for that instead of watching the seductive way she was bending over to pull the nightie all the way off her feet. She'd gotten the nightie off one foot, and that allowed her to spread her legs stiff and wide. She pretended to have trouble getting the nightie off her other foot so he could enjoy a long look and especially notice just how wet her pussy was already.

He was so transfixed that he forgot to answer her question. He knew he wasn't supposed to do it, but since she couldn't see, he stroked his raging erection a little bit.

While seductively wiggling her ass, she prodded, "Tiger?"

He snapped back to the here and now. "Right. Um, I'm bringing it up because I need to find new words to describe just how sexy and amazing you are. The words I know just don't do you justice. Seriously."

"Awww. You're so cute and kind!" She was finally stark naked. She threw herself into his arms and wound up sitting in his lap. She twisted and turned, grinding down on his turgid shaft. It was as dangerously close to fucking as they'd yet come, because his erection was sliding against her labia.

She thought, OH YES! Fuck me, Tiger! Enough with the handjobs and blowjobs! God knows I love 'em, but I need to get seriously fucked! Angel has got the right idea: fuck toy! Make me a true fuck toy for you by fucking me!

But then she realized what she'd just thought, and felt a little bit panicky. That idea opened up a whole can of worms for her; she was worried that she really could go to Hell if they fucked. Wait a minute! Scratch that. I can't say that, or even think it! Blowjobs and handjobs and such are one thing. That's not really so bad, especially since Ron betrayed me. But fucking is REAL incest! That's a grave sin! If I'm not strong, I could put Tiger's soul in danger as well as my own. I can never do that. That's why we have to have rules and boundaries!

Despite saying that to herself, her outward behavior hardly changed at all. She was too worked up to stop or even slow down. She figured that as long as she remained mindful that she couldn't allow his boner to slip inside her burning hot slit under any circumstances, they would be okay.

A naked Susan sitting on a naked Alan's lap with her legs wrapped around him

He was stunned that she was allowing this. They were passionately necking, and he even managed to reach around her and finger her pussy lips from behind. That was almost a minor afterthought, because the way she was grinding and churning on him was the main show. At times, she even slid her wet pussy lips back and forth over the top of his raging cock!

So far, their French kissing had prevented her from being able to complain that what they were doing was "so improper." But eventually they broke the kiss for air. He started speaking quickly with the hopes of keeping her distracted. He didn't know what to say, so he just continued with the compliments. "Mom, you know, I tend to go on and on about your body, and especially your boobs. It's almost criminal for a suburban soccer mom to have a body this sexy!" He caressed the parts he mentioned when he said, "Your ass. Your hips. Your back. Your long hair. Your graceful neck."

He knew he had her full attention now, so he was taking his time with long pauses and plenty of fondling and caressing between each mention of a body part. And all the while, she was dry-humping him with her thighs or even directly with her pussy. (Although there was so much wetness that there was nothing "dry" about what they were doing.)

He brought his wandering hand to her front side. "Your naughty place, including your love button." He ran a finger up and down her slit some more, and then pressed her clit like it was a button.

Susan chided him, "Tiiiiger..."

He quickly moved on before she complained some more. "Your tummy. I love your tummy, especially your belly button. Peek-a-boo!" He playfully poked at her "innie" belly button.

That made her giggle. She was already smiling from ear to ear, because she was having the time of her life.

He brought his hands up and caressed the underside of her breasts. "And yes, these magnificent melons. They are truly spectacular, and they feel as good as they look!"

She moaned orgasmically. "Oh! Tiger!" I really need to stop him! It feels too good! That's my weak spot! If he keeps doing what he's doing, I'm going to cum from breast play alone! And then I'll be so hungry for cock that I'll just let him slip inside me! UNGH! It would be so easy! So easy! And so incredible! But we can't!

To her great relief, his hands kept moving up, exploring all the way up her shoulders and neck until he gently caressed her cheeks with both hands. He lovingly stared into her eyes. "But just as impressive is your face. I love your face, especially your eyes. Your eyes convey so much warmth and caring and love."

She was getting so aroused that it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to speak. The latest shift of her hips had put her sizzling cunt directly on top of his boner again, and she couldn't resist sliding back and forth on it some more. She was a hair's breadth from a great orgasm. "Son... You're just... saying that... You're... you're... trying... to... AHHH! Trick me somehow. Hnnng! With your... Oh! Your... Oh yes! Your BIG COCK sliding against my... MMMM! So naughty!"

Overwhelmed by lust, plus the fact that their noses were practically touching already, she found herself French kissing him some more. She hoped that would prevent her from screaming out loud when her climax hit. It hit her like a sucker punch a few seconds later, but she couldn't stay quiet, so she ended up screaming and moaning into his mouth.

He very nearly came along with her as he felt her entire body tremble and shake. But he somehow held on. He was helped when her orgasm left her too out of it to keep sliding on the top of his cock. In fact, his hard-on was left alone for a while, aside from occasional contact due to her orgasmic writhing.

As he kissed her trembling, moaning mouth with all he had, he thought, A-ha! I've got her now! She's so horny that she's totally losing it. I've just gotta ramp that up some more until she's unable to say no to anything! She's so RIPE! It's friggin' incredible! Could it be? Is it time we finally fuck?! Oh God! Too exciting!

Unable to control himself, he took the hand that had been fondling her ass and brought it between her ass cheeks again. He reached in from behind and managed to slip two finger into her slit. In doing so, his fingers actually brushed against his own erection, since it was right there. Everything was soaked with his cum and her pussy juices.

He thought, So fucking great! This is a wet dream come true! Mom is naked and on my lap, and totally willing and horny! For real! Soon, she'll be bouncing on my cock! I just have to hold it together. I can't cum yet. Can't cum! That'll ruin everything!

He was so insanely aroused that he wasn't thinking about the implications of fucking, such as his usual concern that she wasn't mentally ready for that yet. His lust was in total control.

Susan though, was very worried. Yet she was so turned on that she was tempted to just not care. Oh no! Dear God, no! He can't put his fingers there, inside me! That's way, way too sexy and naughty! Gotta... must... resist! I just know Tiger is gonna... HRNNNG!

Her attempt to prevent him from breaking the 'no pussy touching' rule was foiled by the fact that that very touching caused her to climax again, even though she was still reeling from her previous one. Once again, she wound up screaming and moaning into his mouth, at least most of the time. She was losing control of her body.

As she sat on his lap trying to recover from that orgasm, he pulled on a nipple with one hand and steadily pumped two fingers in and out of her soaked gash with the other.

She thought, This is bad! Really bad! He's... UGH! Too tricky! ... HNNG! Nipples AND pussy? How can I resist?! Oh! Oh God! ... Just like today with the tennis... Too, too tricky! Can't... Can't... He's made me into one of his sluts, and I love it! He's, he's gonna fuck me! It's fuck toy time! Mommy's gonna get fucked into fuck toy oblivion! Gotta... watch out! It's a sin! Big sin!

She mustered up the willpower to break the kiss. She knew she had to disengage fast, and that was the first step. With the way he was poking two fingers into her hot cunt, she knew that before long not only would she be willing to get fucked, she'd be begging for it.

With his mouth free, he immediately resorted to more compliments. However, even he was having a hard time talking while his breathing was racing out of control. "Mom! I... I just... love you so much! Ugh! You're so impossibly... beautiful! Kiss me again, Mom!"

"Sorry. Can't. Must. Give. Blowjob." She jokingly said this in a strange voice, as if she were a robot or a zombie. She was playing around, but also had the intention of changing positions so she wouldn't give in to the growing temptation to be fucked for real. Meanwhile, her hands found his boner and she held it tightly. That also kept it from slipping into her pussy, but it would be very easy for her to reposition slightly and guide it in at any time.

For nearly a minute, she just held his cock while she brought her wild breathing and pounding heart somewhat under control.

He held his breath, half expecting that she'd slide it in at any moment. But as the seconds passed, he realized that she was winning the battle to regain some self control. Trying to play another angle, he joshed, "Hey. I thought you just said that you had to obey me. I want another kiss on the lips!"

She answered seriously, "Yes, obey, but only within the bounds of the rules. I can't have you just taking advantage of me any which way. After all, I'm your mother!"

The playful way she said that last part made him think she wouldn't completely mind such rule violations. But still, he was frustrated that a desperately desired motherfucking didn't seem to be in the cards.


She slid all the way down his body until she was kneeling between his legs. Phew! Safe! That was too close! It's like the Devil's got a hold of me today and he won't let go.

She felt a shiver of ecstasy down her spine as her sense of danger passed and she refocused on the delightful position she was in. Kneeling in front of my son, naked but for my high heels... God, it's SO GOOD! This is where I belong! It's like he has all the power and I have none. I'm here just to serve! Like, like... like I'm his tit slave! Oh, YES!

Her hands fed his stiff pole into her mouth. Once that happened, and she'd started to lovingly bob up and down on it, her fuck lust slowly subsided. Most of it, anyway; she kept one hand on her pussy and frigged herself frantically. However, that fuck lust quickly transformed into cocksucking lust.

It wasn't long before she was even hotter than before. She started cumming again, and once she did, it was like she couldn't stop. It was as if she were riding on a bumpy road, and each bump in the road gave her a small orgasm. They came along at unexpected intervals, and there were so many that she quickly lost count.

Her lips rhythmically slid up and down while her head twisted, creating her favorite corkscrew and reverse corkscrew movements on him. And all the while her tongue stayed busy inside her mouth, usually working right on his sweet spot.

She also was careful to slow down and take it easy on him, relatively speaking. Now that the "crisis" had passed, she'd remembered Katherine's earlier comment that she'd sucked him for fifty-six minutes that morning. She wanted to focus on duration more than intensity, and try to beat that time.

She thought, That was too close! That was scary! Rules are rules for a reason. I can never allow him to touch my pussy, or even my nipples, or that's going to happen again! The focus needs to be on his sweet cock, not me. THIS is what it's all about. THIS makes both of us too happy to even speak. Not that I could speak anyway! She chuckled to herself. Mommy can't talk! She knows you're not allowed to talk when your mouth is full, jam-packed with a ten-inch tower of son-cock! MMMM!

Suzanne walked in a couple minutes into Susan's happy cocksucking. She'd changed out of her suit and into a see-through nightie. She'd really liked Susan's new purchases, so for once she was wearing some of Susan's clothes instead of the other way around.

Suzanne acted surprised by what she saw. "Oh my gosh! What do we have here?! This looks so very improper!" She lightly mocked Susan's catchphrase "improper" while smirking with glee.

Susan wasn't at all pleased by Suzanne's arrival. In her opinion, sex should be a highly private act, so she felt very self-conscious and nervous to have even her best friend watch. But she was enjoying the cocksucking so much that she found it tough to stop long enough to complain. Instead, she closed her eyes and focused even more intently on her tongue work, hoping Suzanne would get the hint and leave.

But the opposite happened. Suzanne actually knelt down right next to her and drew so close that Susan could feel Suzanne's sweet breath on her face.

Alan's dick tingled with extra pleasure, thanks to the added breathing from Suzanne, who lightly blew air onto his cockhead as well. He hoped he'd soon be enjoying his first double blowjob from the two MILFs. Fuck me! This is too good! What a day. ANOTHER one of my favorite wet dreams is coming true! Mom, take it down a notch. I don't want to blow my load before Aunt Suzy joins in!

But instead Suzanne started talking while keeping an arm around Susan's backside. She figured that to do more would be pushing Susan too hard. "Don't worry, Susan; I'm just going to sit here and watch."

Susan didn't reply, since she wasn't about to stop her bobbing for anything. But she briefly opened her eyes, looked to the side towards Suzanne, and tried to give her a discouraging glare. You'd better not touch it! It's mine!

Then she closed her eyes. It was like she was pretending that if she couldn't see Suzanne then she wasn't there, even though Suzanne had her arm around her back.

Sensing Susan's hostility, Suzanne knew she should tread carefully. Her goal was to make Susan comfortable with her presence so the two of them could pleasure Alan together in the future. "My goodness! Girl, you've become a VERY good cocksucker. I'm impressed. Just look at how you suck that thing!"

She looked up at an angle that Susan couldn't, due to the cock in her mouth. "You should see your Tiger's face. His eyes are practically rolled up in his head. If I've ever seen the face of a totally happy guy, it's Alan right now!"

That mollified Susan some. Suzanne's impressed! If anyone is a cocksucking expert, it's her, so that means a lot! I'm so glad. If it's my fate to be one of Tiger's personal cocksuckers and have this thick slab of man-meat in my mouth every day, then of course I want to be the best! MMMM! Tiger, how do you like THIS move? She pinned his cockhead between her teeth and cheek, causing her cheek to lewdly bulge out. Then she raised a hand and massaged his cockhead through her cheek while also tickling it inside her mouth with her tongue. She'd never done that before, but she wanted to do something highly visual that Suzanne could appreciate.

Suzanne clapped with glee. "Oooh! Nice move! VERY nice!"

Susan was happy to hear that. But what thrilled her and what she strived for were Alan's lusty moans.

Actually, he couldn't feel much of what her fingers were doing through her cheek, but he opened his eyes and peeked down, and the sexy sight of it was almost more than he could bear.

Suzanne continued to shower Susan with compliments. Once she felt that Susan wasn't going to kick her out (if and when Susan ever stopped her sucking!), she started a running commentary on the techniques Susan was using, making suggestions on how to pleasure Alan's fuck-meat even more.

At one point, Suzanne said, "That's a good move, but you do the corkscrew too much. I know it's very effective, and it's one of my favorites too, but you have to vary it up more. Why don't you unleash a triple reverse corkscrew on him? He loves that one!"

Susan holding and licking lan's dick while Suzanne watches, with an arm around Susan

Susan had been growing annoyed by Suzanne's critique. She couldn't stand it anymore, so she pulled her lips all the way off her son's shaft to complain, "Suzanne! Please! This is a PRIVATE act! Did I ask you to sit here and breathe in my face and give a running play-by-play commentary, like some kind of sports announcer? I think I'm doing just fine here, thank you very much!"

She lovingly ran her fingers all the way up Alan's long shaft, tracing prominent veins, and then back down again. "Look at how hot and hard and throbbing it is. That's a satisfied cock!"

She swiped her tongue around his cockhead a few times, then continued, "I may not have your long tongue, and I know I have only a fraction of your expert moves, but I have real passion! I slather my son's most sensitive spots with my tongue and with my LOVE!"

Suzanne wasn't easily dissuaded. Seeing all this cocksucking up close had made her practically lose her mind. She no longer was thinking long term, but now was looking for a way to join in with some double cocksucking. She said, "That's very good. But you can have the passion AND the expert moves. You don't remember how to do the triple reverse corkscrew, do you?"

Susan had been lapping away at Alan's sweet spot, making him moan loudly. But even as she did that, she managed to shake her head with disappointment.

Suzanne said, "That's okay. I've been teaching you so many sex techniques lately, it's understandable that you need time to remember and master them all. It's the one where your hand moves in one direction, your lips move in the opposite direction, and your tongue laps in yet another direction. It's a tricky one. Here. And note the bulging and caving of my cheeks as I move my tongue around."

To Susan's great surprise, Suzanne removed Susan's fingers from around the base of Alan's shaft and replaced them with her own. Then, Suzanne's mouth closed in and she said, "It goes like this."

But Suzanne only got to demonstrate the move without interruption for a couple of seconds, because Susan recovered from her shock and yelled, "Suzanne! Stop that this minute! Cocksucking is NOT a group exercise! It's very private! We are NOT going to share him at the same time, now or ever! Besides, technically, you're still being punished, and you still need my permission. Remember how I'm supposed to be mad at you about the whole pool-cleaning incident?"

Suzanne had been taking advantage of Susan's diatribe to continue with her sucking. She used tremendous suction and long bobs up and down Alan's cock, hoping to get him to cum before she had to hand him back. She knew he was right on the edge, so she was tempted to keep going until he squirted in her mouth, no matter what Susan said or did.

But Susan stopped talking and just glared at her impatiently from inches away.

Rather sheepishly, Suzanne pulled off and passed control of Alan's hard-on. She realized that she'd been letting her lust get the best of her, which wasn't prudent.

Susan took the proffered cock and resumed stroking as soon as her fingers wrapped around it. But she also complained, "THANK you! Sheesh! And please don't do that again. I appreciate all your help, but passing his cock back and forth between us is just too weird. It's highly improper!"

Then, as if she were suddenly alone with Alan again, she looked up at him and smiled. As her tongue lapped against his sweet spot, she asked, "How are you doin', Tiger? Are you having a fun time with your busty centerfold mommy? Mommy's having so much spermy fun, despite all the rude interruptions."

She glared briefly at Suzanne, who was still hovering close by. "Do you need a break?" She started licking with increasing energy. "Or can Mommy - Mmmm! - make - MMMM! - love - mmmm! - for hours and hours - Mmmm! - to your fat-"

But Susan never got to finish her sentence, because she heard the sound of the door from the garage opening. Then she heard the distant but growing sound of Katherine and Amy talking gaily to each other.

"Oh shit!" Susan never cursed with that word, but she was really upset to be interrupted just as she was about to engulf her son's cockhead again. "Quick, Suzanne! Do something! Intercept them and give us time to make our escape!"

Suzanne looked down at herself in her outrageously revealing nightie. "Dressed like this?"

Susan was already down on her knees next to Suzanne, but she pulled Alan down where he sat in the love seat. She hoped that would put his head below the countertop level from the point of view of someone standing in the kitchen, but she wasn't sure if it would. At the same time, she hissed at Suzanne, "Please! I don't want them to see me like this!"

Suzanne was annoyed, but nevertheless she stood up and rushed across the kitchen. She blocked the entrance from the hallway into the kitchen before the girls could get past.

There was a circle of open space on the main floor of the house, with the foyer in front connecting to the kitchen and dining room area in back via a hallway on one side (with a bathroom and den off it) and the living room on the other side. As a result, Susan and Alan got up and snuck off through the living room.

As two of them crept away, they heard Suzanne say, "Hey, girls! Check it out! Is this a sexy nightie or what? Susan and I are playing dress-up. She just bought a whole store full of clothes, and you two have to come join us!"

That explained her appearance (mostly), but it also implied that Susan was obliged to join them shortly. Thus, although Alan and Susan made it up the stairs undetected, Susan was out of time to finish her blowjob.


However, Susan wasn't about to be denied. As she quietly slipped into Alan's room with him, she thought, Darn it! It's been a crazy roller coaster of a day. Unfortunately, I won't be able to challenge Angel's hour duration this time. But if it takes me a few minutes before I show up downstairs, then tough! I've been working hard for that sweet cum load building up in his balls. It belongs in my tummy!

She whispered to Alan, "Quick! Get on the bed! We don't have much time, so please, don't hold out!"

Alan had his doubts. After the scare of the interruption, and then having to stealthily hurry up the stairs, he'd lost his erection entirely. He laid back on his bed with his head on his pillow, and let Susan give it a try.

She crawled up on the bed and laid her naked body between his legs. She took his flaccid penis in her mouth and started to work on it. Darn it! This is no good. He was close, and now it's like I'll have to start all over. And normally I'd rejoice at all the extra sucking that means, but there's just no time! I need to say or do something to speed things up, but what?

Nothing immediately came to mind, so she caressed and licked his growing dick, and decided to just say whatever came to her. "Tiger, I'm one of your personal cocksuckers now. Do you know what that means?"

"Um, I can kind of guess, but not exactly."

In fact, nobody had defined the term yet, but she had a clear idea of it, so she explained that to him. "First and foremost, it means that I belong to you! Almost like a possession. I'm yours and no one else's. Certainly, no other man is allowed to touch me or kiss me."

"What about... Ron?" He was going to say "Dad," but he was trying to break himself of that.

"Including him! Especially him! I guarantee that whatever happens, I'll never be intimate with him again." She hadn't really thought things through, but she realized as soon as she'd said those words that they were true. Wow! Never again! I guess my marriage is well and truly dead, and all that's left is the paperwork. Unfortunately, I still don't have proof that he's cheating, but Suzanne guarantees he is. And how could I go back to him now? I belong to my son! This has gone so far beyond simply helping him with his medical problem. I'm totally hooked on his cock! I don't know what the future will bring, but I can't go back to my old life. I'd die of heartbreak! THIS is my future! Serving my son!

With that, she engulfed him again. His penis had been reviving already thanks to her mouth and hands, but her declaration about Ron quickly finished the job and left him panting with lust.

She bobbed on him for a good minute, using her most effective techniques in hopes of speeding things up. But then she realized she'd never gotten far with her definition of personal cocksucker, and since words had been effective so far, she pulled off him and switched to mere licking and stroking.

"So Son, that's the first part, the 'personal' part. Then there's the 'cocksucker' part. Obviously, that means I'm ready and willing to suck your cock whenever you want it! Just say the word, and I'll drop to my knees!"

"WOW! Really?!"

"Really! Furthermore, to me, cocksucking is maybe the main thing, but it's hardly the only thing. Suzanne tells me there's all kinds of ways for a woman to pleasure a man that doesn't involve... you know..."



"Yes. That. You and I, we'll learn all those ways together, okay? You're a VERY virile young man, and you need to cum a lot, every single day! I think that's true even without your medical condition. As one of your sex pets, it's my job to, well, do a lot of this!"

With that, she swallowed his cock again and got back to business. She used her hands, tongue, and lips in harmony to get him off as fast as possible.

Unfortunately for her, Alan wasn't on the same page. He knew Susan was expected back downstairs, but he figured it didn't really matter if she was late or not. He was already so worked up that he could have mentally let go and climaxed at any time, but he wanted to make their shared joy last. So he was holding out like usual.

Susan sensed that after a while, and it frustrated her to no end. But it also impressed her just as much. I should have known! It's never easy to make him cum, never! And that's only right. It takes great effort to make a great cock like this blow like a volcano. I've been going all out already, but I've got to step up my efforts even more!

She was stumped as to how to do that, but then an idea came to her. She'd tried deep throating him already and without any success. She knew she wouldn't be able to do it with her current rushed mentality. But she'd noticed that when she came close to triggering her gag reflex, the struggle was strangely pleasurable for her, and it made lewd choking and gagging sounds that repeatedly sent shivers down her spine. To her, those sounds were the audio epitome of what her new cocksucking life was all about. She hoped her son would love hearing them as much as she did.

So she bobbed as far down as she dared. Sure enough, that resulted in the very choking and gagging sounds that thrilled her to her core.

It turned out Alan loved that too. His body wiggled around in delight, and he moaned even louder than usual. "Mom! What are you...? Those sounds... They're so... UGH! OH GOD!"

She kept it up for about a minute. It was a different feeling to have so much cock in her mouth, and even though it wasn't quite deep throating, she loved it.

He couldn't take it. Even with his PC muscle squeezing, he was helpless to endure the joy any longer. He cried out, "CUMMING!" Then he did.

Susan was mindful that she was supposed to be downstairs with the girls shortly, plus she already had him deep in her mouth. So she simply kept on bobbing through his orgasm, and after it, until his dick went completely flaccid.

She finally pulled her lips off him. She opened her eyes and wagged a finger towards his face. "You naughty, naughty boy. I told you to cum quickly, and you didn't. I'm going to have to punish you by licking your balls so clean, they shine!" She started in on "cleaning" his penis and balls.

He chuckled at that. "Sorry. But Mom, that doesn't sound like much of a punishment. In fact, it's just the opposite. It feels really good when you do that."

She didn't respond at first, because she'd sucked one of his balls into her mouth. But when she switched to just licking, she said, "Don't worry about it. Remember, I belong to you now. Do what you want to me, short of that one forbidden thing. Well, and certain other rules to prevent that one thing from happening. If I have to go downstairs and you want to fuck my face, then fuck my face!"

He shook his head in awe.

Susan took her usual amount of time licking him clean. She felt pressured to leave, but she was mindful not to rush to make the point that the needs of his cock came first.

But eventually he was left alone. He decided to take a shower. As the water poured down on him from the nozzle on the shower hose, he contemplated recent developments. Mom is so great. I can't even believe this whole "personal cocksucker" business. But she's really frustrating too! I STILL can't touch her pussy? And I'm not even supposed to touch her tits, just because they're so sensitive and easily aroused? That's majorly lame. If she belongs to me now, like she says, then I should be able to touch her wherever I want. And maybe I will.

But even with her new "official" status, she's still got other rules too. For instance, it looks like a dual blowjob with Aunt Suzy ain't gonna happen, at least not anytime soon. Man, that would be too awesome to even imagine! Although it came soooo close. Phew! That was seriously hot, how Aunt Suzy even took over for a while!

But then again, how can I complain about anything? Life fuckin' rocks! Mom is getting to be a super-incredible cocksucker, just as good as Aunt Suzy, but in her own way! How amazing is that? And then there's Sis, and Aims, and Heather, and Glory, and so many other insanely great things going on. But Mom... Oh man, Mom! Maybe if Aunt Suzy keeps working on her, she can knock down her other stupid barriers before long. But please, hurry it up! Having only half the pie makes me so hungry for that other forbidden half!

And speaking of pie... Jesus! To fuck Mom or Aunt Suzy! Or both! Fuck! That's so beyond the beyond! Wow! I would seriously KILL for that!


Susan joined the others shortly after leaving Alan's room. She was chagrined that not only did nobody mind that she'd been gone, Suzanne told Katherine and Amy that Susan had been delayed because "a special problem had popped up on Alan's crotch." That led to some light-hearted teasing and joking about Susan's newfound cock lust. Her chagrin was that if they knew that's what was happening, she could have taken a lot longer, and given him a "proper" and prolonged cocksucking session.

Susan put a lot of stock in propriety. But her ideas of what was "proper" were rapidly changing, to say the least.

Susan, Suzanne, Amy, and Katherine went to Susan's room and had a great time there going through Susan's new clothes. Since they were all close to the same size, they all tried out various items. Only Amy, who was a few inches shorter, didn't fit well into some of the things, but she could wear most of them.

Alan steered clear of the whole process. He'd had more than enough excitement already, so he just chilled out in his room for a while. Besides, he wanted to save his energy for a big party that night, one of the biggest of the year.

In their neighborhood, the exact day of Halloween usually passed with very little activity to mark the holiday, especially since most parents were too scared to let their children go trick-or-treating much anymore. Instead, everyone waited until the next Saturday night for the local big party. A fat, bald, and jolly man named Ralph held a Halloween party every year for everyone in the neighborhood; it was THE party to go to. He was also exceedingly rich (in an already wealthy neighborhood), so his massive shindig was attended by hundreds of people.

Alan, Susan, Katherine, Suzanne, and Amy were all planning on going. However, Suzanne's husband Eric and her son Brad decided to skip the party and watch a program on NFL football.

Everyone was excited, but Suzanne was the most excited of all. Her plan to seduce the Plummer family was proceeding better than she could have dreamt. She decided it was time she gave herself a reward at the party - a very big reward.

Suzanne, dressed from fingertips to toes in a black Catwoman outfit, with cat ears and mask, with tightly-encased protruding huge hooters

Suzanne was very mindful of the fact they would be going to a costume party. Costumes meant the potential for mistaken identities, so she'd cooked up a devious plan a couple of days in advance.

Suzanne bought a costume for Susan. She picked Wonder Woman, because it would force Susan to flaunt her body in public for practically the first time. Wonder Woman essentially wore a one-piece bathing suit, except for a very revealing cut around the boobs and a lack of shoulder straps. She wanted to see how Susan would fare with other men around and not just Alan. In addition, she told Susan that the costume required her hair to be done up in a style that closely resembled Suzanne's. (Actually, that wasn't true, but Susan had only the vaguest idea who Wonder Woman was and what she was supposed to look like.) Suzanne did Susan's hair herself and did her best to get Susan's hairstyle to match her own, hoping that could lead to some interesting mischief.

Suzanne also bought three costumes for herself: one of the superhero Catwoman, one of a Renaissance-era lady, and a third that was an exact duplicate of Susan's Wonder Woman outfit.

She picked the first two for the cover they could provide. With Catwoman, she could wear a skintight suit that let her show off her body but still managed to completely hide her identity. There was a mask covering her entire head except for her eyes, nose, and parts of her chin and cheeks. Some of her distinctive hairstyle and color spilled out the back, but at least it was much less obvious than usual. The Renaissance outfit was a frilly dress that had an extremely low-cut bodice. She also planned to wear a black mask with it, as if she were attending a masquerade ball from centuries earlier.

She didn't have one specific plan. Rather, she had several. She had to depend on fate to some degree, so she had different options depending on how things worked out, as well as how she felt at the time. She was dressing as Catwoman to start. In one plan, she would switch to the Renaissance dress halfway through the party, find Alan, and pretend to be a total stranger. If Alan fell for it, she could have fun with him and possibly even get fucked by him without incurring any of the consequences.

The other main option to her plan was to switch into the extra Wonder Woman costume (as well as a wig duplicating Susan's hairstyle), pretend to be Susan, and get intimate with Alan that way. She long had felt jealous about the special love and closeness Alan and Susan shared. She knew she had an extremely close and loving relationship with him too, but she fretted that the powerful mother-son bond meant she would always be missing something. So, for just one night in her life, she wanted to be in Susan's place when she interacted with Alan, and see if it really did feel different. However, in order for that to work, a lot of things had to fall in place, such as where Alan and Susan were and what they were doing.

She had other less desirable options in mind as well, including calling any switch off or acting like it was a joke if conditions weren't right.

The teens put a lot of effort into their costumes too, and without any ulterior motives.

As a joking reference to the nicknames their mother called them, Alan went as a tiger and Katherine went as an angel, as kind of jokey reference to her "Angel" nickname, even if few people outside of the Plummer house would understand that. Katherine wore a very low cut white dress, with a halo on her head that was held up by wire, and translucent wings on her back.

Alan looked somewhat like he was wearing a little boy's pajamas, completely covered in a one-piece suit from head to toe except for a hole for his face.

Katherine's costume caused a bit of controversy before they left. "I hope you don't think you're going like that," Susan said to her daughter.

"What? I'm showing as much skin as you are," Katherine correctly pointed out.

"Yeah, but angels don't go flying around in strapless dresses. And what's that on your breasts that's drawing even more attention to your dramatic cleavage?"

"Those are puffy clouds," Katherine said indignantly. "Angels live up in the clouds, you know." Her "clouds" were made out of a bunch of glued-together cotton balls.

Katharine in an angel costume with small wings and a halo, with clouds covering her breasts

"Yeah, whatever. I don't think any Bible has angels looking like that. Anyway, I know you want to look good for Tiger now that you're... you know, helping him with his problem..." - she looked away, embarrassed - "but consider all the other guys who will be there. What about them? You'll ruin your reputation at school."

After much nagging by Susan, Katherine agreed to enlarge her "clouds" to cover more of her breasts. However, she still managed to be a very sexy, raunchy looking angel.

Amy had come over to help Katherine dress, while Katherine helped her dress. Amy chose to go as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Her costume displayed a remarkable amount of cleavage, but somehow she talked Suzanne into letting her wear it.

Actually, Suzanne would have preferred to say 'No,' but there was no chance to pick another costume because they were all about to leave for the party.


Suzanne, Susan, Alan, Katherine, and Amy went to the party together in Susan's minivan.

When they arrived, there were already at least two hundred people there. Ralph, the host, lived in a huge two-story mansion. The party sprawled all throughout it and out into his massive backyard, where a band played beside a swimming pool. People of all ages were there, including dozens of Alan's classmates, as well as many teachers.

Amy, dressed in an Elvira-styled witch costume that displayed her substantial cleavage, was quickly surrounded by a crowd of flatterers.

After doing some polite mingling, Suzanne went to look for Alan to start to put her scheme in motion. But there was a problem: Katherine was clinging to him like glue.

Katherine would have been surrounded by her own crowd of flatters too, but she managed to limit that hassle by remaining arm in arm with her brother. Secretly, she was also fantasizing to herself that they were an official couple. Not so secretly, she occasionally whispered sexy things into his ear, like, "Honey, I'm tired. I'm ready to go already. Take me home and fuck me."

That earned her a worried nudge and stern look from her brother. He worried that even her quiet whispering might be heard.

But rather than stop, she added with another saucy whisper, "Big Rail Spike Brother, do you think that if you drag me over behind those trees and screw me silly, anyone would notice?"

She giggled, but Alan gave her such a desperate pleading look that she toned it down - for a few minutes, anyway.

Suzanne decided to eliminate the competition. She walked up to Alan and Katherine as they stood outside talking to each other and doing their best to ignore almost everyone else. Then she handed each of them drinks.

Alan said, "Thanks, Aunt Suzy. I mean, Catwoman. What's in the drink?"

The liquid was black, and smoke rose from the glasses. "It's called 'spooky punch.' It's basically Long Island Iced Tea, with some coloring and dry ice."

Katherine took a sip. "Mmmm! Not bad. Is it alcoholic?"

"Just a tad. I'm sure Ralph wouldn't mind if you young'uns have a little." Suzanne was delighted that neither of the Plummer kids had any idea what a deceptively powerful alcoholic wallop Long Island Iced Tea packed. Her scheme was unlikely to work unless she could get Alan drunk.

Within an hour, Katherine was completely plastered. Her alcohol tolerance was low, and she had drunk two glasses of the spooky punch, which quickly all but knocked her out. Suzanne led her to the entryway, near the cloakroom, and helped her lie down on a nearby couch, where she immediately passed out. The party hosts had dealt with drunk guests in previous parties, so they arranged a sort of "pass out zone" in plain view of several other rooms to prevent any furtive molestation.

Alan had helped Suzanne get Katherine to a safe spot to sleep off her alcohol. But he felt very protective of her, so even as he mingled around and socialized, he tended to stay within eyesight of where his sister was resting.

He'd only been without Katherine for a couple of minutes when he heard a familiar voice. "Hey, Bo!"

He turned and smiled. "Hey, Aims!" Sure enough, it was Amy.

She rushed to him and gave him a hug. "Phew! Oh boy, am I glad to see you! Guys are, like, totally all over me."

In a flash, he went into super protective mode. "Did any of them touch you inappropriately?! Tell me who? Where?"

"No, silly. I'm not about to let THAT happen. Not after what happened with Jack Johnson. If some guy gets all gropey, I'll sock him myself! It's just that it's like they're eating me up with their eyes." She looked down at her exposed cleavage.


He said, "Well, yeah! Aims, how could they not? You look totally hot!" Only now was he getting a good look at her costume, because she'd waited to put most of the make-up and such on until they'd arrived at the party.

"I do?!" She beamed.

"Of course you do. You always do, but tonight you're super double duper extra heat hot-ariffic!" He'd playfully imitated her unique style of creating long words and phrases.

She giggled. "There's no such thing as heat hot-ariffic!" She winked.

He was all smiles. "Let me get a good look at you."

She took a couple of steps back. Since she was dressed as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, she put her hands on her hips and tried to look serious. But, as usual, she couldn't stop smiling.

He chuckled and shook his head. Between the music playing and people talking, the room was quite noisy, so he stepped close to her to be heard. "Man! I barely even recognize you. It's weird." That was true. Between having her skin powdered white, her heavy eye liner and make-up, and her black wig, she looked nothing like her usual self.

He quickly continued, "But weird-hot. You're showing off soooo much cleavage and boob that of course all the guys are going to gawk. But I gotta ask: if you didn't want guys gawking, why did you choose such a revealing costume?"

"Three reasons," she replied. "It's Halloween, and I figure Elvira is pretty Halloween-y. Two, It's fun to play dress-up sometimes. And three..." - she looked around suspiciously, and then drew in close to whisper in his ear - "I DO want to be gawked at. But not by all those yahoos and bozo brains. I want to be gawked at by YOU!" With that, she licked his ear in a very sensual way.

Up until that point, Alan hadn't been that aroused at the party. True, nearly all the female costumes were some variation of sexy: sexy nurse, sexy mummy, sexy maid, sexy vampire, and so on. He certainly appreciated some of those costumes and the women wearing them. But compared to what he'd been seeing and experiencing at home lately, it was all fairly tame stuff. Plus, he was still feeling sexually satiated from his earlier adventures.

However, hearing Amy say those things to him while doing that to his ear got him horny in a hurry.

Then she said, "You know what?"


"I'm not a big fan of this party, or parties like this. I guess I'm not a party girl. There's a whole lot of fake-o's and lame-o's around here. You know what I'd like to do?"

"What's that?"

"Find an empty closet, get in it with you, and see what happens! And let's just say it's got to involve a lot of smooching!"

He looked around carefully, and then back to where Katherine was sleeping. She wasn't the only one, or the first, since the Long Island Iced Tea had fooled a lot of people, mostly women, due to their lower body weight and thus alcohol tolerance. He looked at the sofas where a handful of women resting and thought, Sis'll be okay. I can leave her for a little while.

Then he looked back at Amy and said, "You know what? Let's do it!"

She was genuinely surprised. "No way! Really?!"


"M'kay! Totally! Let's go!" She looked all around, then took his hand and led him in the direction that held the best promise of empty closets.

As they walked hand in hand, he got the impression that Amy was somewhat tipsy. Her movements were a little erratic and unrestrained. He asked, "Are you feeling okay?"

She replied breezily, "I'm feeling way better than okay! I'm super okay!"

A minute later, they were in the pitch black of a closet in a little-trafficked section of the big mansion. Luckily for them, it was a big closet and there was more than enough room for them to stand together without being impeded by hanging clothes and other things. Alan had already taken off his tiger head and left it just outside the closet, because that would be an impediment to fooling around. Besides, it wasn't comfortable to wear. Amy did the exact same to the raven-haired Elvira wig that she'd been wearing, and for the same reasons.

Alan heard rustling sounds and Amy's nervous giggling. She whispered, "I can't believe we're really doing this!"

"I can't believe it either!" He meant it too. He considered himself risk-averse, but he couldn't pass up the opportunity.

They fumbled around in the dark and wrapped their arms around each other. That led to more giggling until they were settled in a comfy hug. Amy quietly exclaimed, "It's SO dark! I can't even see... anything!" That was true; it was pitch black.

He asked nervously, "Um, Amy? What happened to your costume?" Since he'd touched her, he felt nothing but bare skin. He ran his hands up and down her back and said, "I'm feeling nothing but Amy here!"

"Of course! That's 'cos I am Amy!" She giggled. "But don't worry, I'm not TOTALLY naked. 'Cos what if someone opens the door?"

He felt down lower, and realized that her dress had been pulled down to her waist. That was a relief, because he was very worried about getting caught. The room the closet was attached to had been empty and dark when they'd come in, and they'd left the lights off. He figured he'd get some warning if the light in the outer room was turned on; they'd be able to notice the light through the cracks around the door. But still, it was a nerve-wracking situation.

What he didn't realize was that someone else already had an idea where they were: Susan. She also had been lingering near Katherine to make sure she'd be okay while sleeping off the alcohol. Thus she had seen Alan and Amy when they walked off together hand in hand. She didn't follow them immediately because she wanted to stay with and guard her daughter.

But eventually she realized that Katherine would be safe, due to other concerned people keeping an eye on all the sleeping drunks. She also was getting far too much attention from horny men for her taste, even though she was covering her chest with her hands and arms most of the time. She wanted to escape to the safety of the son that she loved, so she went off to discover where Alan and Amy had gone. She didn't find them off the bat, but by asking around she was able to eliminate where they had not been, and she kept searching.

Alan had no time to think about his predicament, because Amy's lips found his and then they were off to the races. They started necking madly, with a good deal of fondling as well. He'd felt her round boobs on his chest since the start of their embrace, but he hadn't initially realized that she was topless due to his own costume. Now that he knew that she was, his hands went to her chest and he freely fondled and caressed her soft yet firm globes.

After a couple of minutes, Amy broke the kiss to ask, "Hey Bo..."


"Do you like me?"

"Of course!"

"No, I mean, do you really, really, really like me?"

It felt bizarre to make a heartfelt declaration in the pitch blackness, but that's just what he did. He brought his hands to Amy's face and acted as if he was able to look directly into her eyes. "Aims, I not only 'really, really, really like you'; I totally love you!"

"You do?!" The joy was evident in her voice.

"I do. Of course I do! Why do you even have to ask? We're closer than most siblings. Don't you love me?"

"DUH!" She punched his chest with surprising force. "Don't even ask, you, you... big doofus!" That was Katherine's playful insult, but Amy used it for once. "I totally love you too! And now we can love each other even MORE!"

They kissed again, but it was even more passionate and loving this time. Both of them were very emotionally moved. Although they were very close, they had hardly ever expressed their feelings to each other. Amy was a de-facto family member, but the fact that she wasn't technically family had created a formal barrier between them.

The action in the closet got hotter and hotter. Alan liked playing with asses nearly as much as he did with breasts, so he slipped his hand inside her costume and probed until he was able to grip an ass cheek in each hand. Her panties would have been a barrier, but he simply slid his fingers under them and then pretty much forgot about them.

Soon, Amy's hands wound up inside his tiger costume. At first, she went for his ass just like he had done with her. But by and by, one of her hands migrated around to his front while staying inside his costume. She ignored his underwear, so her fingers wound up wrapped around his erection.

As soon as he felt her fingers grasp his boner, he broke their kiss and complained, "Aaaaaims!"

She giggled. "What? Everybody else is doing it? Why can't I? Don't think I haven't noticed what's been happening lately. Your thingy is super duper popular, isn't it?"

He groaned in resignation. "I suppose it is."

She was busy sliding her fingers up and down him already. "Why is that all of a sudden? I still don't really understand what's going on."

"It's complicated."

To his surprise, she saved him the problem of what to tell her when she said, "Then forget it! You can tell me later. We've got better things to do!" Her lips met his again, and they were off to the races once more.

Time passed. Both of them thought of going back to the party, but without speaking to each other, they independently decided this was much better than anything else the rest of the party had to offer.

Amy had been kissing and jacking him off for about five minutes, while he had mostly focused on kissing and tit-fondling, when the light to the larger room was turned on. In what seemed like just a second or two later, their closet door was opened wide.

"A-HA!" The voice was Suzanne's.


Alan and Amy were temporarily blinded, because the closet was so dark and the light seemed so bright in comparison. A few seconds later, as Alan's eyes adjusted, he looked out into the room and saw Suzanne standing there in her Catwoman costume. She was striking a sexy cat-pouncing pose, just like Catwoman would. "Got you!" she exclaimed. "Catwoman strikes again!" Clearly, she was hamming things up.


She didn't seem that upset, because she wasn't. Luckily, Amy had managed to pull her hands out of Alan's costume in a flash, so Suzanne thought the two of them had just been necking with some tit fondling. Suzanne was very reluctant to see Amy get sexually active, but compared to everything else going on at the Plummer house, that was small potatoes.

Then Alan saw Susan walk into view. If anything, she looked more upset than Suzanne did. With his arms protectively around Amy, he asked, "Mom?! Aunt Suzy?! What are you doing here?"

Suzanne folded her arms under her sizable rack and said wryly, "The better question is, what are you two doing in THERE?" Her voice dripped with sarcasm as she asked, "Did you get lost on the way to the bathroom?"

Amy asked Suzanne, "Mom, can't I get a little kissy with Bo? Everybody else is! And compared to you-"

Suzanne cut her off because she couldn't be completely sure they were free of eavesdroppers. "Let's not talk about that now. Later." She looked down at Amy's bare chest, and rolled her eyes. "Can you two make yourself presentable?"

Alan stepped out of the closet. "I guess the fun's over, huh?"

Susan was in chiding mother mode. "You can say that again! Tiger, you can't do something like this in a public place! It's HIGHLY improper! What if someone else had found you here?"

He was bummed, so lashed out, "If we're going to do something wild in public, is it better if we do it somewhere else... like a tennis court?"

Susan immediately blushed and turned away. Not only did that mention greatly embarrass her, it also aroused her wildly. Suddenly, it was like she was on her knees and bobbing on him right through the tennis net.

He turned to Suzanne and asked, "How did you find us?"

"You can credit Susan for that. She noticed you were gone and got concerned. She tracked you down through the process of elimination. I started wondering where everyone else had gone and ran into her, then joined the hunt."

Susan had recovered from his tennis court surprise, but she was still very red-faced. She pointed to his tiger mask and Amy's Elvira wig on the floor next to the closet door. "That's what gave it away. That, plus the moaning and kissy noises."

Amy finally had her dress pulled back up and into place, so she stepped out of the closet. She frowned. "Bummer." But then her frown turned back into her usual smile. "But I don't regret a second of it! That was super fun!"

She turned to Alan. "Thanks, Bo!" Despite the fact that Susan and Suzanne were standing right there, she kissed him on the lips again, and made it last.

Suzanne let out a heavy, defeatist sigh.

Susan stepped up to her best friend and put a hand on her shoulder. "Our kids are growing up. It's a part of life. Everyone gets older, even your cute Honey Pie."

"I know. I know. I need a drink. A stiff one!" She looked around as if expecting to find a drink within reach. Then she looked back at the teens. "Are you two going to behave?"

Alan and Amy nodded in the way that chastened kids do.

"No more sneaking off into closets?"

He grumbled, "No more closets."

"Good. Come on, Susan. Come on, you two. Let's go mingle and socialize. If we wanted to talk just to each other, we could have just stayed home."

The four of them returned to the party, and then they did try to talk to others. They also checked on Katherine. She'd woken up, but she wasn't feeling well and wanted to remain where she was for a while. Susan decided to stay with her and look after her. Not only was she a caring mother, but she knew that also would keep her from the lecherous men who tended to swarm to her even more than usual due to her revealing costume.

Suzanne was keen to kick her scheme into gear. That's why she'd been looking for Alan when she'd run into Susan instead. Unfortunately for her, Amy was sticking to Alan like glue. Amy was practically walking on air after what happened in the closet.

Suzanne was determined to carry out her plan, since she knew costume parties were few and far between. She felt dastardly about it, but she encouraged Amy to drink more of the "Iced Tea" instead of warning her of the effects. Her plan was to get Amy drunk too. Then she could take her and Katherine back home.

She might have done the same with Susan, but she wanted her to stay around for a little longer. After all, she couldn't keep secret from Alan if some people went home, and if he knew Susan went home, she obviously wouldn't be able to try out her option of pretending to be Susan. It would be ideal for her plans if Susan got somewhat drunk (since her disorientation was key), but not too drunk, and she knew Susan had a low alcohol tolerance. So she actually warned Susan to be careful and not drink too much, and especially to stay away from the spooky punch.

Eventually, Suzanne's sneaky efforts paid off. Amy got fairly drunk, although not as much as Katherine had, and Katherine was still recovering slowly. So when Suzanne volunteered to take both girls home and put them to bed, nobody objected.

That's exactly what she did. But before Suzanne left, she told Susan, "Now, I know you're feeling exposed and vulnerable in that costume."

Susan nodded frantically. "To say the least! Why did I let you talk me into wearing this, this... napkin?! A bikini would be less revealing!"

"That's not true and you know it. Anyway, I have a special request. I know you're going to want to cling to your Tiger's side while I'm gone, but I want you to avoid that. Mingle."

Susan looked around with worry, like there were packs of wolves hidden just out of sight ready to get her. "'Mingle?' Alone?! Can't I mingle with him?"


"Suzanne, please! You don't know what it's like! It seems every man in this place is looking at me with bad intentions!"

Suzanne said, "That's because they probably ARE all looking at you with bad intentions. Susan, you still have no clue just what an extraordinary beauty you are. But you're also a big girl, and you've been to lots of parties. You can handle yourself."

"But not dressed like this! Not even close!"

"All right. I'll make you a deal. I'll get you a light jacket from your car you can wear. Remember we brought extra clothes in case it got cold."


"But wear it loosely, because if you zip it up, no one will know what your costume is. And mingle! Ever since things started with Alan's... medical situation... you hardly leave the house or see your friends. Tell you what. I'll make you an even better deal. If you mingle for the whole party and stay away from him, I promise..." She looked around, and then whispered right in Susan's ear. "I promise you'll get a turn with him as soon as we go home. Just think: in a few hours, as soon as the party ends, you'll be naked and on your knees, doing what you love best! You won't even be able to thank me because your mouth will be so stuffed with him!"

Susan's eyes lit up. "Deal!"

Suzanne was very pleased with herself. Now the path would be clear and she would be free to implement her scheme. As she walked away, she thought, Too easy. Just like taking candy from a baby. Or, more fitting, giving candy to a lady. A great big heaping hunk of piping hot cock candy, that is!

Suzanne drove Amy and Katherine home and put them to bed.


Alan was only alone for a minute when Glory walked up to him. "Well, well, well. Who do we have here, young man? A scary tiger? Oooh, I'm so scared!" She said that sarcastically, as if she was anything but scared. But then she winked and smiled at him, showing she was just having fun.

"Glory! Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes!" Then he remembered that others could overhear, and said, "Er, I mean, Ms. Rhymer. It's nice to see you." She was wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit, and he gave her an obvious sexually excited look over from head to toe. He remembered he wasn't supposed to look at her like that either, but it was too late to take it back. Luckily, no one was paying any mind to their interaction.


"And it's nice to see you." She was trying to act like she always did when talking to any of her students, but there was an unmistakable lusty fire in her eyes.

He said with sudden urgency, "There's something I've got to talk to you about. Very confidential, very important. Quick, come with me!" He started walking away at a brisk pace.

"What? What is it?" She had to hustle to keep up with him.

"Just a minute. Wait till we get there."


But he didn't explain, and kept walking through the mansion with a purpose. Finally, he came to the exact same room with the closet that he'd gone into with Amy. He knew from that experience that it was a good spot for privacy, at least if he didn't have a bombshell mother and aunt actively looking for him.

Still without saying a word, he grabbed a chair and propped it under the doorknob of the door he'd just closed.

As he did that, Glory folded her arms suspiciously and asked him, "Just what do you think you're doing, young man?"

"Sorry, but we need total privacy. What I'm about to tell you is too important, too private, and too personal to even chance that anyone else might hear!"

She was starting to worry that he really did have some big, secretive news to tell her, although she remained suspicious.

As he finished securing the door, he muttered, "There, that's better. Fool me twice, shame on me, right?"


"Never mind." He straightened up and stood right in front of her.

She looked at him expectantly. "Well? What is it already?"

"Just this." He blatantly gazed up and down her body, and said, "You look... really nice. Super sexy! I love it!"

She sighed heavily and expelled the concern that had been building up inside her. "That's it?!" She rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, that's kind of it, but it's a pretty big deal. Glory, you're costume is a work of GENIUS! I can't tell you that out there. I can't even call you Glory. But here, we can talk and kiss as much as we like." He stepped forward to hug and kiss her.

He got his arms around her, but she turned her head to avoid the kiss. "Young man, control yourself! What do you think you're doing?!"

"Isn't it obvious? I have a stone cold fox for a teacher who turned into a slutty cheerleader, and I can't keep my hands off her!" His hands slipped to her ass and he pulled her in tighter.

Her hands were being held awkwardly away from his body, because she didn't want to show approval by taking part in the hug. "Well, try!"

"Sorry, it's hopeless. You're too beautiful!" He leaned in to kiss her.

"Try harder!" She wasn't really attempting to fight him off, but when he tried to kiss her, she resolutely kept her lips shut tight.

That didn't discourage him even slightly. He already was worked up by what had been started but left unfinished with Amy not that many minutes ago. And seeing Glory in a cheerleader outfit had stirred him to such a degree that even he was surprised by it. He knew that she was very capable of firmly saying "no" if she wanted to, but what he was hearing from her was more like "maybe."

To test that premise, he took his hands off her ass, only to slide them inside the back of her skirt and panties until he was clutching bare ass flesh.

Glory didn't say or do a thing, and just stood still like a statue with her lips still pursed tight.

He knew then that he had her, although he had to heat her up some more first. He said, "What's the problem? We're in a room with no windows, and the one door is secure. There's no way anyone can get in. And if someone does come knocking, we can just say that we really were having an important private conversation. The brilliant thing is, most people here have no idea who you or I am. Even the teenagers, most of them go to the fancy private high school instead. Your costume is a perfect cover. In that, you really DO look like a teenaged cheerleader! Not only can we kiss and fondle, we could go back to the heart of the party and make out like two long-lost lovers and probably get away with it!"

All the while he was giving that verbose explanation, his hands were roaming. Now that he'd successfully "claimed" her ass, his hands went elsewhere. He was greatly helped by the skimpy cheerleader uniform, since he was able to slide his hands under her clothes with ease. By the time he was done talking, he had one hand under her top and bra and was rolling an erect nipple between his fingers, and his other hand had dipped inside the front of her skirt and panties and was working on her clit.

She started to protest, "Young man, that's a bunch of-"

But she didn't get a chance to say more. He had his mouth so close to hers that their noses were nearly touching, and he was waiting for his chance. When her mouth started moving, he brought a hand from her nipple to the back of her head to keep it in place and then he tried to kiss her again. This time, his tongue slid right in and their tongues started dueling before she fully realized what was going on.

She was so discombobulated from his uncharacteristically aggressive behavior that she was a couple of steps behind him. She thought, HEY! Unfair! Totally unfair! And get your grubby hand out of my panties! That's no way to treat your teacher!

But she was a goner, and she knew it. After about a minute of torrid necking, she thought, Fuck it! This is so wrong, so wrong, but I must have left my brain at home. My willpower too. FUCK! I'm too horny to say "no!"

In truth, Glory had chosen the cheerleader outfit pretty much just for Alan's benefit. She knew that the Pestridges and Plummers came to this party every Halloween. In fact, she'd chatted quite a lot with Alan during last Halloween's party. Furthermore, she knew he was sexually intimate with at least one cheerleader and very probably more. She wanted to show him that she was more desirable than anyone on the cheerleading squad, and somehow wearing a cheerleader costume seemed the way to do it. She'd even selected a red one that closely matched their high school's uniforms. But she assumed that he'd just secretly lust after her, and that was it. She still mostly thought of him as the shy Alan he used to be, who would have never, ever done something like this.

Even Alan was surprised by his behavior. When he'd rushed her to a private room, he was only thinking of getting to compliment and talk to her in private, and maybe give her a kiss or two. But he'd had so much sexual success lately that his confidence was soaring. He was feeling that if he let his lust roam wild, good things happened. His lust had taken over now, causing his intentions to rapidly evolve.

He was in such an erotic frenzy that he accidentally ripped her panties in two while he'd been moving his hands around inside her skirt. They eventually slipped to the floor. And while it was too much of a hassle to take her top or skirt off, at least just yet, he managed to get her top up around her shoulders, and her bra ended up on the floor too.

Glory again cursed to herself as she found herself unzipping the fly to his tiger costume while they continued to make out. Fuck it! Fuck it all! He seems to have my number and I don't know why. It's like I'm helpless to resist him!

She felt a thrill race down her spine as she held his thick erection in her hand. This thing again. This damn thing is the cause of most of my troubles. If only it would stay where it belongs and out of my hands! But she couldn't help but grin as she thought, I guess I'll just have to stroke it and maybe even suck it until the rambunctious little beast finally settles down!

One thing led to another, and the two of them got more hot and bothered with each passing minute. Eventually, every single thing Alan wore wound up on the floor, because his tiger costume was too thick and warm to be fun for the occasion. Glory would have ended up just as naked but he got a big thrill out of seeing her as a cheerleader, so he left her skirt on and her top pulled up to her shoulders.

Eventually, Glory was ready and eager to suck him, so she started to slip down his body.

But he stopped her. "Wait! I'd love that of course, but not yet. I've got something I need to do first."

She sighed, as if put out. "Oh no. What now?" But she couldn't wait to find out what he'd do next.

He dropped to his knees in front of her, but he sat up high so his head was level with her breasts. Then he started licking one nipple while pinching and fondling the other.

She loved that, and she loved it even more when he switched from licking her nipples to sucking on them. And when he kept doing that and started fingering her wet cunt at the same time, she was over the moon.

She thought, No! No, no, no! I refuse to believe this kid can wreck me like this. Any second now, I'm going to cum harder than I EVER did with Garth! Who is this guy and what did he do with the Alan I thought I knew?! UGH! OH! OH NO! It's coming! It's coming! AH! ... YES! YES! AAAAAAIIIIIIEEEE!

She only screamed in her mind as her orgasm shook her, because she was very afraid of being overheard. It was one thing if they'd just been hearing talking or rustling around. That could be explained away. But a scream of total orgasmic euphoria definitely could not. She resorted to biting down on her hand to stay relatively quiet. It might have been an old cliché, but it worked for her.

Usually, after an orgasm she felt worn out for a while and she needed time to recover and recharge. But the opposite happened this time. By the time the last orgasmic aftershocks were finished with her, she was barely able to stay standing. But at the same time, her entire body was buzzing, as if every nerve ending had been stimulated, and she was raring to return the favor.

She dropped to her knees, which both saved her from the struggle of remaining standing and put her where she wanted to be. She barked, "Now, you stand up, and that's an order from your teacher!"

He stood up, but as he did so he asked in pretend confusion, "Teacher? What teacher? I don't see any teacher around here. All I see is one VERY slutty and VERY sexy cheerleader. Glory the blowjob queen. We call her Glory Hole, for obvious reasons."

Glory was already so motivated to give him a great job that any further incentive seemed unnecessary. But it turned out that wasn't true, because those words took her to another plane of desire. Suddenly, she felt like she WAS Glory Hole, the cheerleader slut.

She didn't even say anything in response, because her lips were already tightly sealed around his shaft by the time he said "obvious reasons." She started bobbing at a frantic pace, and thought, Blowjob queen?! I'll show you a blowjob queen! You're going to rue the day you said that, because I'm gonna suck your cock so long and so deep and so good that it'll make you go blind! And then you'll lose your friggin' fuckin' MIND!

For several minutes, her lips slid over him with tremendous suction and her tongue showed dexterous skill few possessed. But that was just the warm-up as she psyched herself up. Then she started taking more and more of him with each lunge down his thick shaft.

Alan WAS going out of his mind, in a sense. It certainly wasn't anything he was about to "rue" though, because the sensations were absolutely incredible. Then he noticed a change, a wonderful change, and looked down to see that her nose was in his patch of pubic hair!

Holy cow! Glory, you rock! Man! That is what I call a deep throating!


She kept that position for a surprisingly long time. And while she did so, she created a sensation that felt just like she was milking him or squeezing him with the walls of her throat tightly around his shaft. And as if that wasn't enough, her lips and her tongue never stopped working.

Just when he was getting concerned for how long she could last without breathing, she quickly pulled all the way off and gasped for air. But she quickly recovered, took a deep breath, and dove right back on him, all the way down until she couldn't gobble down any more cock.

Then she did the exact same thing, because she knew not to mess with success. There was nothing she could do with her mouth that was any more devastating than her milking and squeezing technique. It was very difficult to do, so she hardly ever did it, but she felt plenty inspired to do it now.

He grabbed her head and cried out, "Glory, you're killing me! Too... too much! AAAAAH! Gonna cum!"

She was grateful that he said that, because she didn't want to waste his cum by having it go straight down her throat. She pulled all the way off, gasped for air, and then sucked him back in. But this time she just bobbed back and forth over his sweet spot while his cum rocketed to the back of her mouth.

When it was all over, he crumpled to the floor. It took him several minutes before he could even breathe relatively freely.

He finally lifted up and stared incredulously at Glory, who was sitting on her ass. "What the fuck was THAT?"

"What do you mean?"

"Friggin' EPIC blowjob!"

"Hey, what else do you expect from Glory Hole, the slutty blowjob queen?" She smirked with glee. "But what the hell was with you, Mr. Grabby Hands Who Doesn't Know the Meaning of 'No.'"

Now it was his turn to smirk with glee. "What can I say? You inspire me. And by the way, I like your new nickname better than mine."

"Well, don't be quite so inspired next time. We can't take such foolish risks. As for the nickname, let's not mention that ever again, shall we?"


"I'll admit that at the time it spurred me to be even more slutty with you, and I even just said it myself, but glory holes are disgusting, horrible things and I hate how that drags my name down."

"Okay. It's forgotten already."

"Good. And here's a tip: when I deep throat you in the future, please don't hold my head in place. That could get dangerous."

"Oops. Sorry." He dropped his head back down to the floor and rested a little longer. He loved that she was taking it for granted that she would be deep throating him in the future, even though he wasn't surprised. It seemed that each time they got intimate with that each other, it only increased their mutual desires. They definitely had good sexual chemistry, to put it mildly.

Alan and Glory chatted for a while as they put their clothes back on and made themselves presentable again. Glory criticized him some more for taking such a risk, but she was secretly flattered at his explanation that he simply couldn't control himself around her when she was dressed like that. She knew that if she could turn back time, the only difference would have been that she wouldn't have stubbornly resisted so much at the start.

Since Glory's panties had been ripped in two, she was forced to go "commando." She acted upset about it, but it was a secret thrill for her, especially since the cheerleader skirt was so short. She knew that would keep her horny and thinking about Alan all evening, even if she wasn't able to be with him.

They agreed to leave the room at different times, go their separate ways, and then keep away from each other for the rest of the party. Both of them suspected that if they did get to talking of each other they'd wind up doing it all over again, but the risk was too great to do that. Alan also pointed out the obvious lusty look in Glory's eyes when they first ran into each other, and she revealed that he'd looked at her in a similarly blatantly desirous manner. So they agreed it was safest if they didn't even come close to each other for the rest of the night.

They went to separate bathrooms to better freshen up.

After that, Alan lost track of Glory and went out into the backyard, where maybe half of the partiers were. He looked around for familiar faces such as Susan or Suzanne, but didn't see them anywhere.

Just a few minutes later, a very attractive teenage girl named Carol came up to him and introduced herself. He didn't know her because she went to the private high school and he went to the public one. They started chatting away. She seemed interested in him from the very start, and grew more so, because he was even more sexually confident than before.

He thought, Boy oh boy! Today is my lucky day, to say the least! Why not try to see what happens with Carol? She definitely pushes my buttons. Right now, I feel like anything is possible with anybody!


Suzanne ended up taking longer getting Katherine and Amy to bed than she'd anticipated. The distance from the party to their homes wasn't that great, but it wasn't as easy as dropping them off. Both girls were feeling lousy and wanted to be pampered and loved, and given aspirins and water and so forth. Despite feeling rushed, Suzanne kicked into motherly mode and helped them both out until they were both asleep in their beds.

As a result, she was gone for a full hour instead of the half an hour that she'd expected. As soon as she got back, she went looking for Alan. But one problem with Suzanne's scheming was that Alan had been drinking too. It started when he was with Katherine, and then when he was with Amy, before their closet adventure. Luckily for him, since he was a bit bigger and heavier than either of them, and male, he had more tolerance of alcohol. Plus, he'd only had one glass of the spooky punch.

He'd been feeling tipsy, but still fine and in control, during his adventure with Glory. But when he started talking to Carol, he drank another full glass of the punch, which was really the high-alcohol-content Long Island Iced Tea, and that pushed him way past "tipsy" in a hurry.

By the time Suzanne saw him, he was fully drunk and obviously barely hanging on. Suzanne wanted him drunk, but not too drunk. It was very difficult for her to get the balance right, especially since Alan had never been drunk before in his life, so she didn't know how much alcohol he could handle. Plus, since she hadn't been able to be with him much at all since the party began, she was forced to leave this vital aspect of her scheme mostly to chance.

So Suzanne was concerned by that. But what bothered her even more was that an attractive young female had become Alan's companion while she was gone. The girl was already flirting shamelessly with him. This kind of thing would never have happened to the old Alan, but the new Alan was oozing sexual experience and confidence, so such aggressive flirting was no surprise.

Suzanne decided to go look for Susan, hoping that by and by the girl would leave. She wanted to make sure her best friend was doing okay.

She also saw Susan mingling in the crowd but staying within eye contact of her son. Susan was surrounded by a small group of young men, all trying their best to hit on her.

Susan made eye contact with Suzanne, giving her a look that said, "Rescue me!"

However, Suzanne just mouthed a single word at her: "Mingle."

Susan frowned unhappily, but seemed resigned to the situation.

Now, Suzanne had an important choice to make. She could choose to wear her Renaissance outfit and see if Alan would seduce and fuck her thinking she was a total stranger. Or she could change into her spare Wonder Woman costume and a wig that matched Susan's hairstyle, and fool around with Alan that way. She couldn't get fucked with the second option, because Alan would definitely think he'd fucked his mother the next day, and Susan wouldn't, and the truth would soon come out. To even do something like oral sex with him could be tricky, if Alan and Susan compared notes after the party.

She thought it over, deciding that pretending to be Susan could be too difficult to pull off, plus it was a rather underhanded thing to do to her best friend. So she decided to wear the Renaissance dress. She had it in a big bag in the cloakroom, so she went in there and changed.

She walked around meeting and chatting with friends, but she tried to keep moving. All the while, she was keeping an eye out for Alan.

When she found him again in a different spot, the cute young girl was now draped all over him. She was running a hand over his chest and laughing at nearly everything he said. She had long, blonde hair, and looked like the wild, slutty type. He had another glass of "spooky punch" in his hand, and was about as wasted as he'd ever been.

Suzanne had been careful not to drink too much, so she could keep her wits about her, as well as probably be the one to drive everyone home later. Thus she was nursing a martini as she boldly walked up to the pair.

This was a key moment for her scheme. With her other costume on, would he recognize her or not? She had her doubts, because she had such a distinctive appearance, from her remarkably voluptuous body to the unusual color and style of her hair. True, she'd chosen headgear to cover most of her hair and she'd brushed her distinctive long tassel down her backside, but she hadn't covered her hair entirely. There were also other telltale signs, such as her pale skin. In her favor was the fact that the lights were turned down low in the room they were in, Alan would have no reason to suspect anything since she'd never tried something like this on him before, and he was drunk. Plus, she knew that if she wore an outfit that showed off a tremendous amount of cleavage, as this one did, he would be highly distracted, to say the least.

Another big advantage she had was that she was very good at voices. She could disguise her trademark scratchy voice as long as she consciously worked at it, but she rarely did that, so he was unlikely to suspect. Furthermore, she used the French accent she'd picked up when she'd spent a couple of years in France in her younger days.

She also had an escape plan: she figured that if he did recognize her, he would do so right away, and then she could pretend she'd just been pulling a practical joke on him.

Her sexy French accent fit her period costume perfectly. She looked and acted like she'd just stepped out of the movie Dangerous Liaisons.

Suzanne, martini in hand, in her second, Renaissance outfit, masked but showing all her buxom charms

She waved a hand at Alan to get his attention, while completely ignoring the girl he was with. "Excuse me, young sir. Can you help a damsel in distress?"

"Sure!" he said unthinkingly. His eyes went straight to her cleavage before he remembered that was rude. He frowned, and squinted doubtfully at her. "Do I know you?"

"Not yet, but you will - very well. I'm from France."

"Oh. Cool."

Suzanne was delighted to confirm that he didn't recognize her. "Call me, um, Elle."

"Hi! I'm Alan, and this is Carol."

"Nice to meet you, Alan." Suzanne shook his hand and pointedly ignored Carol.

"Well excuse me, Elle," Carol said to Suzanne in a nasty voice. "Can't you see we're a little busy here?"

Suzanne sneered dismissively at her. "Little girl, why don't you run along to your Barbies and your doll house." The way she said it, it was an order, not a question.

"Well! I never!" Carol said huffily.

Suzanne chuckled to herself, then said, "That's your problem, missy. Leave this one to those of us who have."

Grabbing Alan's arm, Suzanne said to him with sudden alarm, "Quick! It's urgent! Please come with me. I need your help!"

Carol stood there, stunned and at a loss for words. "Alan, are you going to let her treat me like that?"

"Sorry, Carol. I'll be back in a bit," he said as Suzanne started dragging him away. "I can't let down a damsel in distress."

The conversation stalled because Suzanne was focused on leading him away from the girl and steering the two of them through the crowd. She had to keep an eye out for Susan too, and avoid her.

As they walked, she thought, Girl, this is it. This is your last chance to back out. Or just have fun without fucking. Once the fucking starts, you know what's gonna happen! Her worry was that once she got a taste of getting fucked by him, she'd want and even need it every day. When it came to her sexual desires, her highly sensitive pussy basically called the shots. But she didn't see how she'd be able to get away with frequent fucking at this stage, since Susan was nearly always at home.

But she was willing to take the risk, so she kept on walking. Her fuck lust had been building, day by day, and she felt she couldn't hold out any longer.

His head was foggy from the alcohol, so he asked, "What was your name again?"

"Elle. Remember that, because you'll be screaming it later."

He was in such a state that he couldn't figure out what she meant by that, although he had a vague sense it was a very good thing, judging from her sultry tone of voice.

She pulled him all the way to the foot of the inside stairwell that led to the upper floor of the mansion. "Come with me here," she said, and began to climb the stairs, still leading him by the hand.

He dumbly tried to process her comment. "'Come with me here.' 'Come with me here...' Something about that is weird. Don't you mean 'Come here with me?' Yeah, that's how it goes."

"Oui, that too," Suzanne said, as she discovered an empty bedroom and pushed him in. However, when she'd said "come with me here," in her mind she'd spelled the first word "cum."

Her heart was racing with anticipation. Finally! This is so much fun! First I'm gonna fuck him as "Elle." Then I'm gonna fuck him as Susan. No, wait, I can't do that, because he'll think it really was Susan and the truth will come out tomorrow. But if there's time, hopefully I can at least suck him off as Susan, and have a nice long, big-titted mommy to well-hung son talk! That'll be a blast!

"Are we there yet?" he asked, still not really thinking.

Suzanne shut the door behind her, and leaned against it with Alan now trapped inside the room. The room was dark except for the light of the moon pouring through the windows. That was important. She figured that as long as the lighting was poor and she could remember to use her French accent instead of her scratchy voice, she could get away with her deception. She put her hat on a dresser by the door, figuring she didn't need it anymore, now that he believed she was Elle.

"Yes, we are," she replied, but now that she had him there, she wasn't sure how to proceed. "Um..." she said aloud, but she couldn't think of anything to say. She'd finished off her martini to give herself some "liquid courage," and she'd been drinking some earlier, so she wasn't as sharp as usual.


Alan stood in the middle of the room, not too concerned with much beyond trying to stay upright. It was slowly dawning on him what a gorgeous, big-breasted woman he was standing in front of. He loved the way her tits were all but popping out of her extremely low-cut dress. He couldn't stop himself from staring.

"You know, Elle, I gotta say, your boobs are almost the biggest..." He staggered, and fell forward until he was supporting himself with a wall.

"Yes, almost the biggest what?" she said.

"Oh, nothing, I shouldn't have said anything."

"No, I really want to know. Almost what?"

"Well, I was trying to say they're almost as big as the boobs of two other women I know."

Suzanne smiled a devilish smile, realizing this would be a good "foot in the door" for her plans. She loved that she was obviously one of the two other women. "Now, just a moment! My breasts are my best assets. You're telling me you know not one but two women with bigger boobs?"

"Yep." He smiled smugly.

"I don't believe it." She put her hands on her hips and acted indignant.

"Well, it's true. I live near two of the most gorgeous women in the universe. Yours are pretty nice, but theirs are even nicer."

Suzanne was amused that Alan thought "Elle" wasn't as big or beautiful as her real self. "I think you're wrong," she said firmly. "How can you tell for certain?"

"I don't know. I can just tell."

"Non! You have not felt my boobs, mon ami. I refuse to concede they're smaller than these other women's until you make sure by checking them with your hands."

"That's a fair cop. Okey-dokey." He walked towards her, but then he suddenly steered away and went to the light switch by the door and flicked it on. "Wait. Let me get a better look at you."

Suzanne was secretly terrified. She hadn't been expecting that, and she had no way to stop him. She turned her head away as if she was shy due to the light, when in fact it was so he couldn't get a good look at her face. She was grateful that she had her mask on at least, because there wasn't much else providing her cover, considering that she was anticipating getting naked in a minute or two.

Luckily for her, he was drunk, horny, and oblivious, so he didn't get a clear look at her. Then she remembered that she could pretend to be modest. She squealed, "Please! Turn off the light! I'm shy!"

He turned the main light back off, but turned a smaller lamp on instead.

She felt that would be okay. She didn't want to raise his suspicions by complaining too much.

He exclaimed, "Dang! You're so HOT!" He staggered right up to her, reached out with both hands, and cupped her boobs from below.

She held her hands on his and pulled down on her dress, which had just ever-so-barely covered her nipples in the first place.

Her two pale melons popped free, and he began investigating their size more boldly. However, he was in his tiger costume, so he couldn't feel much with his "paws."

"Hey, Tiger. Let's take off that tiger suit, so you can check properly," she said huskily. She pulled a zipper down his back and dragged the costume off his arms and down to his chest.

His hands flew back to her boobs, as he stared at them with wide-eyed wonder.

She thought with amused chagrin, I probably don't even need the mask. Knowing his tit lust, it'll be a miracle if he looks at my face again!

She purred with her sexy French accent, "So, what do you think? Are they the biggest?"

Suzanne in her Renaissance costume, boobs bare, holding one out to Alan for mental comparison with those of his mother and aunt

"Hmmm. They're pretty fuckin' huge, lady. I mean Elle. Fuckin'... basketballs! ... I mean, they're quite large, madam. Pardon my language! You're nice, and yours are nice!" he said as he nearly swooned from alcohol. "But Susan's are nicer."

"Oh, are they?" Suzanne said, suddenly genuinely upset. It's amusing when he's comparing me to myself, but not when he prefers his mother! "Who is this Susan? Is she your girlfriend?"

"No, she's my..." He caught himself before he said "mother," since he believed he was with a stranger. "Actually, yeah. I guess you could kinda say that. Lover maybe fits better."

"What about this second woman? How do her breasts compare?"

"Oh, Suzanne? Way nicer too. Sorry, but that's just how it is. She's a major babe!" He continued to fondle her, pulling at her nipples nearly painfully.

"I refuse to believe that," she said as she began to pull her dress further down. "Is she your girlfriend?"

"Well, kinda, kinda not. It's complicated."

Carefully keeping her head turned away, she pointed at her chest with both hands. "Look at me naked, and tell me honestly if you think these other women are prettier than me." She wore nothing under her dress, so she was suddenly completely nude, except for her high heels and mask.

"Ho boy! That's nice!" His hands began running all over her, but still focusing on her huge tits. He'd been conditioned in recent weeks to avoid touching pussies, so he refrained from doing that. "You look a lot like my Aunt Suzy, but she doesn't let me touch me much. I mean her. Much, I mean."

"She must be crazy. Am I having an effect yet?" She pulled his suit down further until it came to his knees.

Alan didn't answer with words, but his erection sprang straight out, showing off its full length. She chuckled. "Looks like I just got my answer! What do we have here?" She reached down, enveloped it with her hands, and began stroking. "Is this not proof that I am the more beautiful woman?"

"Sorry, Elle. I mean, you're making me really hot, and you're so beautiful and busty that it's crazy! I like you a lot. But you should see what these other two women do to me. It's REALLY crazy, it is!" He looked around the room dumbly. "By the way, what was the thing you wanted me to help you with?"

Suzanne grabbed Alan by the shoulders and pushed him backwards until he fell back onto the bed. Then she pulled his tiger costume completely off his feet, so he was now totally naked except for the tiger fur covering the hair on his head, which was a separate piece. Even with her mask on, she was still trying to keep her head away as much as possible.

"These women," she said. "Do they let you play with them?"

He nodded. "Oh yeah! God, yeah! I played tennis with Susan today, and... Wow!"

"I don't mean playing like that."

"You should have seen us play!" He laughed far too loudly. "Super sexy blowjob!"

She thought, I did! Hee-hee! She pretended to be surprised. "What, are you saying these two beauties, they suck you off?"

He nodded more assertively. "Totally! So much and so good! God, it's so good!" Through his drunkenness, he remembered talking about other women wasn't polite. "But let's not talk about them; let's talk about you. Do you live in France, full time?"

Not wanting to make up lies she might not remember to keep straight, she avoided the question. "Wait. I'm curious about these women. Look at what my hands are doing. Does it look like I mind talking about them?"

He gaped at her two hands stroking up and down his shaft. "Wooooow! So cool! Man, I'm so lucky! How the heck does this kind of thing keep happening to me?!"

She was tempted to ask him which one sucked him better, but she felt it was a bit too sneaky to ask him questions like that in this circumstance. Besides, such odd questions might make him suspicious. Instead, she pretended to be curious but clueless. "These two women, your two lovers... Do they let you fuck them?"

He stopped nodding and became sad. "Oh, man! What a drag. That's the one thing I can't do. It sucks so bad! I love 'em so much. All I want to do is fuck 'em all day long, but they say they're not ready."

He considered revealing that he had more than two lovers and that he did get to fuck a couple of them, but he thought that would sound like boasting, and displease her. He didn't understand how they'd gotten on talking about Susan and Suzanne, and he was eager to change the conversation or just stop talking.

She walked to the side of the bed, pulled his limp body up the bed until his head was on a pillow, and then lay on top of him. "That's too bad. But don't fret, because I would very much like you to fuck me. That errand I need help with? It's simply that I want you to give me a good fucking."

He still looked befuddled, so she clarified, "I want you to stick your cock in my cunt and ram it back and forth inside me like there's no tomorrow. Is that clear? Do you think you can do that?" She drew one of his hands to her pussy and let him stroke her furry patch.

"Whoa! Wow! Really? You'd really let me do that?! I just met you!"

She chuckled, because normally he was suave, or at least clever, but now he was saying all the wrong things. "Have you ever heard of a one-night stand?"

"Oh yeah. But, uh... I don't know, Elle. I can try. But I'm... I'm pretty drunk." The room spun around him, and he was having a hard time focusing on the task at hand. About the best he could do was grope and ogle this mysterious (from his perspective) beautiful woman.

He'd heard that it was hard for a man to get and keep a firm erection while drunk. But he also realized that that wasn't a problem for him, at least at the moment. His lust was ruling his befuddled brain, so he decided to give it a try.

He managed to position himself over Suzanne/Elle, then sat on her legs so that his cock pointed towards her cunt. Without any further ado, and before she had a chance to get wet, he tried to stick his tool into her hole. But with the room spinning, the effect was that he kept poking his dick everywhere but where it belonged.

Suzanne on her back on a bed, trying to guide Alan's cock into her, since he's too drunk to aim straight

Suzanne, desiring more foreplay, decided that had been fortunate. She grabbed control of his dick, but rather than stick it in, she played with it, moving it against her pussy, teasing herself by rubbing it against her clit and all around the area.

She whispered to him, "Close your eyes and keep 'em closed. Let me take charge. I'll take you to Heaven!"

"Okay!" He closed his eyes right away. He was glad, because it meant he could concentrate on holding his head to stop the room from spinning.

She began poking it in her tunnel a fraction of an inch and then pulling it back out, making herself increasingly wet.

That got Alan increasingly frustrated yet aroused in the process.

She was still looking away out of habit, but it occurred to her she didn't need to do that anymore, now that his eyes were closed. When she looked back at him, she saw him holding his head, and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I don't know. I'm really dizzy. I worry I think I'm gonna be sick."

That's really romantic, she thought in frustration. She paused her teasing his cock with her cunt and asked, "Are you going to be sick, or just maybe, or what?"

"Maybe. I don't know! I've never gotten drunk before. But I'm... I'm... hanging in there."

She thought, Okay, this REALLY is "last chance to change your mind" time, girl! This is not how I wanted my first time with him to be. Not at all. But, dammit, this is my only chance! I can just test the waters, and scratch my itch, and then things'll go back to before. No one will be the wiser. We can have a real first time later, and do it properly. I don't even know what'll happen tomorrow and beyond if we do it now. Maybe this'll sate my need and I'll be able to hold out until Susan is ready to accept it. I don't know.

But the fact is, it's not like I have any choice. My damn cunt is in control again! She just can't wait anymore! If I don't get to fuck my Sweetie, the love of my life, I'm simply going to lose my mind!

"Here, maybe this will help distract you." Giving up hope of any lovemaking prowess from him in his current state, she simply stuck his erection in all the way. She figured she had to hurry, before he got sick or went flaccid.

His natural instincts took over and he began pounding her with a steady rhythm.

That's better. Much better! she thought, as he pleasured her with long, deep strokes that seemingly penetrated to the center of her being. He's plenty thick and plenty long, so it should be a good fuck even if he's too drunk to have any style. Gaawwwd, that fills me up!

"I'm hangin' on, I'm hangin' on," he said out loud to himself. "So good. You're so good, Elle. Fuck! Yes!"

They went at it for the next five minutes, without any variation or playing around but with a steady, solid pounding.

Suzanne on hands and knees on a bed, with Alan fucking her doggy style, with his arms around her, fondling her boobs

Then he climbed up on her and went at it doggy-style, so he could penetrate her even deeper and play with her hanging tits at the same time.

Suzanne was having a great time. She felt like all her sneaky identity switch scheming had paid off. She let out a guttural gasp with his every thrust. "Oh! ... Oh! ... Oh! ... Oh! ... Oh! ..." She was loving life, even if his technique lacked subtlety.

Alan began going faster and faster, but then his energy peaked and he began going slower. He was like the little engine that couldn't. Finally, he stopped altogether, with his hard dick still inside her, and simply lay down on top of her and hugged her.

She cursed inwardly. Dammit, this is not how it's supposed to be. I'm not seeing stars here. Sweetie's just too drunk. We're both too drunk.

Luckily, he wasn't having trouble staying erect, like many drunk men do. But the alcohol had made his brain decide to go to sleep and it seemed there was nothing he could do to prevent that. Not even a great fuck could keep him awake.


Suzanne sensed he was going to go to sleep or get flaccid at any moment, maybe simultaneously. So she pulled him out and flipped them both over, changing places. Now straddling him, she slowly impaled herself, lowering herself onto his still-rigid pole.

That seemed to work better, because she did all the work, bouncing up and down. He was still fighting his drowsiness, but it was a lot easier just to lay there than be the active one. The pleasure was so intense that that alone was keeping him buzzing enough to stay awake.

To help inspire him, and because she was feeling very inspired herself, she kept up a patter of sexy comments, such as, "You total stud! Fill me up. Fill me up deep with your man meat! Fuck me back into the Stone Age. Fuck this sexy mama senseless. Fuck me silly! You can do it! Hard! Yeah! Just like that! Good!"

Her French accent was forgotten, and the natural scratchiness of her voice was back, but he was in no condition to notice. Also, at one point her signature tassel of teased hair came loose to her front side while she was bouncing on him. But luckily his eyes were closed and she remembered to return it to hanging down her back side.

As the time passed, his close call with falling asleep seemed to pass. His worry that he would get sick was long forgotten as well. It helped that the fucking exercise was burning the alcohol out of him. He opened his eyes and began enjoying what was happening more than before. The sight of her bouncing tits seemed to revive him even more.

She threw her arms up in the air and rode him like a bucking bronco.

"Fuck me!" she yelled. "Fuck me, Son!" That was a very telling comment. Although she loved that Alan considered her his aunt, for years and years she had secretly considered herself to be his second mother. (The same went for her feelings for Katherine.) She was so carried away by her fucking ecstasy that she had let that slip.

She realized she had to say something quick before he got too suspicious. The danger of being discovered caused her to remember to resume her French accent. She added, "Pretend I'm your mother!"

That's a bizarre thing to say, he thought, but it hit him like a jolt of electricity nonetheless. Energized, he sat up somewhat, groping at her tits.

"Oh, you like that, don't you? Yes, pretend I'm your mother. I get off on incest fantasies, don't you?"

He grunted affirmatively.

She did her best to run with her new cover story. "Good! That's why I like fucking young men your age. It's really hot! Fuck me, Son! Be a motherfucker!"

"Yes! A motherfucker!"

She stayed silent for a couple of minutes. She figured she'd let him get used to the incestuous role-play idea. Plus, the fucking was picking up in speed and intensity, and since she was doing all the work with her bouncing and/or gyrating hips, she was too winded to want to talk.

But then her energy ebbed and the pace slowed for a while. She stopped her bouncing and switched to a sort of slow churning.

He grunted, "Hot damn! You're really good at that!"

"Thanks!" She considered using her pussy squeezing techniques on him. But she worried that if she did, the next time they fucked he would make the connection and realize the deception. Few women could squeeze their pussies as well or as powerfully as she could.

Instead, she just slowed down some more, and said, "I'm inspired by this incest fantasy. By the way, your two lovers, Susan and Suzanne, you said they're older women about my age, right?"

"Right." Actually, he hadn't. But he was still drunk enough to not remember well, and he assumed that he must have if she was asking him that.

"Do you pretend that Suzanne is your mother?"

His entire face lit up, although she was relieved that he kept his eyes closed. "Oh yes! She's totally like my mom! I love it!"

Suzanne filed that away for future reference. "What about this Susan? Do you pretend she is your mother too?"

"Oh God! Fuck! Yes!" His arousal was increasing more and more with each new incestuous thing Suzanne said, and it showed in his fucking.

"Then fuck your mother! Fuck us all!"

"Yeah! Mom, Mom, finally, I'm fucking you! Yes! You've teased me too much! So mean! Too mean! I can't take it anymore! I'm gonna finally cum inside you!"

Suzanne sitting on Alan, riding him cowgirl style

"Yes! Cum inside me! Fill me, Sweee-- Sweet Jesus!" She'd started to say his nickname "Sweetie," but luckily stopped herself in time.

It wasn't likely that he'd notice the slip-up in any case, given his intoxication and what they were doing. Everything was too arousing, and this talk about fucking Susan and Suzanne was too much for him to take, on top of everything else. He'd been holding back and trying to control himself a bit, but he just didn't have the mental focus to maintain control through such a highly erotic situation.

"I'm a motherfucker!" he yelled really loudly as his climax triggered, shooting torrents of cum into Suzanne's vagina.

His semen blasted into her like a nuclear explosion going off. Even though he wasn't on his best game, he still dependably shot huge loads. The cum hit the back of her vagina and more just kept coming.

Suzanne was glad he wasn't wearing a condom, so she could feel his jism on her cervix, filling her up. She didn't have to worry about pregnancy, since she'd had her tubes tied after Amy was born. She fell on top of him, exhausted and sweaty but content.

"Boy, Elle, that was great," he said in a surprisingly casual tone.

"Merci beaucoup. Thank you very much, Tiger," she said, and kissed him on the cheek, while she ran her fingers through the tiger fur of the last remaining part of his costume. Now that the fucking was over, she again remembered to disguise her voice with her French accent.

Being called "Tiger" now turned him on intensely. He had to remember that he hadn't actually just fucked Susan.

Suzanne had used Susan's nickname for him deliberately, knowing it would have an effect. She would have much preferred to call him "Sweetie," but figured that was too dangerous, since it would have been one more clue he could have lined up.

He tried to figure out about why she'd called him that, and then decided that she had to be referring to his tiger costume. She wouldn't have pushed her luck unless there had been such an obvious explanation.

He sat with eyes wide open. "I feel so revived. My stomach even feels better. But why the weird incest fantasy? And what if someone heard us? I think you're great just the way you are. ...Dang! What a hot, horny, randy woman. And I just met you. Wow."

She answered his first question. "I don't know. I just like it. Everything is hotter with an incest fantasy, don't you think? It appeared to work for you too, didn't it?" Then she thought about the second question and suddenly felt intensely worried about having been overheard.

She looked up at the windows with a start, and felt a great wave of relief as she realized they were closed. I can only imagine what would have happened if the windows were open and a couple hundred people heard him yell "I'm a motherfucker!" The irony! What would Susan have thought if she'd recognized his voice?

He thought, Yeah, but it's a weird thing to do to someone you just met. Man, she must have a serious crush on her own son, or something like that. That would explain it. She is the right age to have a son like me. Hey! Maybe that's why she was so hot for me, so fast! I must remind her of her son! That explains things. Dang. I'm such a lucky guy.

But the effects of the alcohol still lay heavily on him, and in his post-orgasmic bliss he suddenly felt his eyes drooping. He asked, "What were you saying before about comparing? I don't know about that, but you were great."

His voice started to slow, like a cassette player whose battery was running low. "Can I see your whole face now? I'm curious. You really remind me of my, uh..." He had just enough of his wits about him to catch himself from saying "aunt." His voice slurred and slowed even more. "Speaking of forbidden fucking, you were almost as good as... As good as..."

His eyes closed, and he instantly fell fast asleep. He began snoring, seemingly completely dead to the world.

Suzanne wondered what name he was about to say. Hrm. Probably Katherine. Are they fucking? I wouldn't be totally surprised if they were. That would make sense for forbidden fucking, and it would be great news for my overall scheme. But she can't be a better fuck than me; she has to be a clumsy virgin. Who else could it be? Maybe a teacher? That would be forbidden too. Ms. Rhymer, perhaps? Nah. I know she has a serious boyfriend, and fucking a student would be too risky.

She lay naked next to him for the next half an hour or so, waiting for him to wake up, but he didn't. She tried shaking him, but all that did is cause him to mumble and turn over. She even tried squeezing his flaccid penis with her fingers, looking for signs of life, but it just flopped over like a limp sausage.

Some schemer I turned out to be! she thought, chagrined. I got him too drunk and had him fuck me when he could barely walk. Then, to add insult to injury, I got him thinking about Susan instead of me. It's a miracle he didn't recognize me as well, especially since I let my strand of teased hair get exposed in the midst of the fucking.

Duh. And now he's done for the evening. At least I know I am. I'm so tempted to close my eyes and fall asleep on this bed, but if we don't wake until morning, I'd be in big, big trouble. Besides, I have to check on Susan and make sure she's okay. Not to mention, I can't wait here until she starts looking for me! This was not one of my better schemes, that's for sure!

She thought more about Alan's sexual performance. Although, at least I finally got to scratch my itch! We were really going for a while there! I enjoyed that a lot because it was him. It was a good fuck overall, and boy oh boy did my cunt need that after all these weeks of build up! But objectively speaking, as a first time fuck with my special Sweetie, it sucked. I'm lucky he didn't get sick or fall asleep on me. He only was really going there for about three minutes, maybe five. The rest was all me. It was a good fuck because I made it that way, while he just laid there like a log.

No way does this count as my first time with him! I want a better memory! I'm going to pretend this didn't happen, and try again when he's sober and fully aware of whom he's fucking. I shouldn't have tried to rush things, but my needy cunt got the best of me, as usual.

I need to do things in their logical order. Susan has to progress much further first. I'm going to act like this never happened. And since he doesn't know it was me, he won't press for a repeat performance. I don't know how long I can hold out with just blowjobs and such, but I have to try. If Susan were to catch me fucking him, with her current attitude, that would be a big, big setback for her. It's all about her, really. She's the key to unlocking the glorious future we'll all share. She's fallen in love with oral sex, which is great. But as long as she's so dead set against fucking her cutie Tiger, I can't fuck him either.

She pulled covers over him, put her Renaissance-themed dress and hat back on, and then slipped out of the room. To her immense relief, the entire floor appeared to be essentially empty, though she heard some other panting noises coming from nearby rooms.

She made her way downstairs and into the cloakroom. Once alone, she slipped the black mask off her face. Then she left the cloakroom with her bags of clothing and went to the nearest bathroom. She changed out of her Renaissance outfit and back into her Catwoman one.

But then she thought, You know, if Sweetie wants his mother so bad, why don't I give her to him? Then there won't be any barriers anymore, and we can all fuck each other with abandon. I've been far too tricky with her lately, lying constantly. It's time we bring that to an end, and bring it all out into the open. We can muck about for weeks or even months trying to break all her barriers, or we can do it all in one fell swoop! Yes, there'll be a lot of gnashing of teeth, but once she discovers the joys of fucking her cutie Tiger, she'll never go back. And she thinks she likes blowjobs! She chuckled to herself.

I'm gonna make all my scheming up to her, and give her the best present she could ever want. I made her hair look like mine with the possibility for such an identity swap in mind, so I should use it. Not only that, but what'll be really brilliant is that if she gets fucked pretending to be me, then she'll have to understand if he continues to fuck me from now on, since she'll be the one who started him fucking "Suzanne." God, I amaze myself sometimes!

Also, let's face it. Now that I got to feel him in me this once, how long can I really hold out before I absolutely need him in me again? Not long! It's time to break through all the barriers and bring all of us straight into the sexual utopia of my dreams!

So, changing her mind, she changed back into her Renaissance dress, hat, and mask.


Suzanne went looking for Susan. For starters, she wanted to check that she was okay and that aggressive and horny men weren't giving her too much trouble.

Susan was in a crowded room on the ground floor, talking to Gloria Rhymer. Glory didn't live in the neighborhood, but many people who lived elsewhere had been invited, and she'd been regularly invited and attended for the past three years, ever since she'd started teaching at the local public high school. Right from the start, she'd been one of the most popular teachers, and she was on good terms with many of the students and teachers who did live nearby.

Suzanne was glad to see that Susan looked like she was having a much better time than before, no doubt due to the fact that she was talking to Glory, who she already knew and liked. Plus, there were no men around her and trying to pester her.

Glory was much better at putting her foot down than Susan was. She had no problem being rude and/or insulting if she had to. So she'd managed to drive off the crowd of leering men that had been following Susan around constantly, like a pack of hungry wolves.

Since then, the two of them had been talking for a long time, and just with each other. They were having a grand time. If Alan had been able to listen in, his ears would have burned with embarrassment, because he was the common link between Glory and Susan, and since they were both secretly in love with him, they couldn't say enough good things about him. It was like they were trying to outdo each other praising him to the skies.

Interestingly, both of them had secret agendas. Susan knew Glory's reputation for taking a personal interest in her students' social lives and being up on the latest gossip. So she was trying to subtly press her for information about who Alan was getting sexually intimate with at school. Meanwhile, Glory was dying to know how many other lovers Alan had and who they were. She had no suspicion whatsoever that Susan could be one of them, but she knew that Susan was about as honest as a person could be. So she hoped that Susan might reveal some secrets.

However, neither of them were having much luck. They both commented on how he had "come out of his shell" lately and started having great success with the girls. That much was obvious and couldn't be denied. He was brimming with confidence and even sexual swagger. But Susan pretended like she didn't know any details, and Glory did the same.

Susan had no suspicions that Alan could be involved with Glory, because for all of her praise about him being an "unstoppable stud," she considered it too farfetched that even he could be intimate with a teacher. She'd heard of major scandals in the news about isolated cases like that. But after talking to Glory for a while, she started to rethink that a little bit. When they talked about the recent changes in Alan and his newfound sexual success in general, Susan thought she detected the fire of lust in Glory's eyes. But still, she dismissed it as far too improbable, like Alan having sex with a nun.

Glory didn't detect a similar fire of lust in Susan's eyes, even though it was there too, because Susan spoke with such passion and pride about virtually anything related to her son. So it was easy to assume that Susan was similarly wildly enthusiastic about Alan's social life successes too.

Suzanne had been standing back for a couple of minutes, observing the dynamic of Susan and Glory talking to each other from afar. Finally, she decided to walk over to her best friend. "Hey, Susan. It's me."

Susan took a few seconds to recognize Suzanne in her new costume. She quickly recovered, and smiled. "Boy, am I glad to see you! Where have you been? Oh, where are my manners? Ms. Rhymer, you know Suzanne Pestridge already? Don't you? Or, but of course you do, because of Amy." She remembered that Glory had taught Amy in the past.

Glory smiled and nodded. "Yes, of course. Amy is a pure delight. How are you, Suzanne?"

"Good. Yourself?" Suzanne gave Glory a brief hug and a kiss.

Glory was strangely titillated by that. It was like she felt a jolt of electricity buzzing through her for as long as it lasted. She didn't consider herself even slightly bisexual, but she figured that Suzanne was such an extraordinarily beautiful and obviously highly sexual woman that anyone would be affected by her. She was grateful when the hug ended.

Suzanne said to Glory in reference to her sexy cheerleader outfit, "By the way, I love your costume. So sexy!"

Glory very nearly blushed in embarrassment. Her heart did wild flip-flops, because Suzanne all but called her sexy. She stuttered, tongue-tied, "Uh, y-y-y-you too!" Then, recovering, she looked to Susan. "But the real winner is Wonder Woman here. Suzanne, you should have been here earlier. When I say I had to fight the guys off with a stick, that's almost literally true!"

The highly modest Susan was slightly abashed by that, and eager to change the subject. "I'd love if the three of us could chat. Suzanne, you should hear some of the stories she has to tell about Alan! But, Glory, if you don't mind, I've got some important things to discuss with Suzanne."

The three of them said their goodbyes after a little more small talk. Then Suzanne and Susan moved away so they could talk in private.

Susan asked urgently, "Suzanne, where HAVE you been? I'm ready to leave. Glory has been protecting me from the lechers, but I feel like I'm completely naked! Everybody keeps staring at me!"

Suzanne moved in close and spoke very low. "But don't you like to be completely naked and have someone stare at you? A certain someone!"

Susan's eyes went wide, as lusty thoughts of her son suddenly hit her. "Oh my!" She whispered back, "Let's not talk about that here!" Then she said in her regular voice, "But, completely changing the subject, I can't find Alan anywhere. What do you think happened to him? And you've changed. What happened to your other costume?"

Suzanne avoided answering about the costume change, hoping Susan would forget to ask again. "Don't worry about him. I was just checking on him. He had too much of that spooky punch and he's sleeping it off. Just like Katherine did earlier."

"My poor Angel. How is she, by the way?"

"She's fine. I put her to bed and she's sleeping like a baby. The main thing is she didn't get sick. Come with me." Some curious men were starting to draw near, pulled in by seeing two total bombshells without any men with them. Suzanne took Susan to a nearby balcony so they could have more privacy.

Susan asked, "What about Tiger? Where is he? How is he?"

Suzanne said, "I helped him to a bedroom upstairs and I stayed with him for a while, in mothering mode." She was secretly amused by that once she'd said it, since she had been "in mothering mode" in a sense, due to the mother-son role-play. "For a while there, it looked like he was going to be sick, but it passed when he got sleepy instead. He's up there right now, sleeping it off like a baby."

Susan in her Wonder Woman outfit, with headband, wrist bands and a coiled golden lasso in her right hand

"Oh Suzanne, you're such a good friend! Always so thoughtful of others. Thank you soooo very much for looking after him. Earlier, I was running away from one guy after another all evening. It was awful! I had to find someone familiar to latch onto, and luckily I found Ms. Rhymer."

She looked distressed. "Why did I ever let you talk me into wearing this low-cut Wonder Woman costume? The men all have good reason to think I'm some kind of wanton hussy. I'm practically naked! It's horrible! One guy even took a bunch of pictures without my permission! He called it 'cost play' or something. What does that mean? Oh, and one guy actually put his hand on the bare part of my ass cheek. I had to turn and slap him!"

Suzanne leaned close and whispered directly into Susan's ear. "There's only one man who's allowed to do that, isn't there? And he can do that - and so much more - any time he wants!"

Susan shivered lustily, but then she looked around with worry, as if everyone in the room had heard and knew who Suzanne was referring to. Trying to change the subject, she asked, "Why are you wearing that different costume now, anyway?"

Suzanne answered, "I was worried that Catwoman suit would get too hot, seeing how it covered every inch of me. So I brought a spare costume, just in case. And thank God I did. I was burning up inside it. And unlike you, I don't mind showing off a little bit of skin. This one is much better."

Hey, that excuse actually sounds pretty believable, Suzanne realized, pleased with herself.

"Well, it certainly suits you," Susan replied. "So where is Alan exactly? It must be midnight already. It's way past his bedtime."

Suzanne thought, It's funny to hear Susan want to lay down the law about his bedtime, given that she willingly calls herself his "personal slut." She was tempted to whisper something to that effect, but even though they were standing alone, she figured it was an unnecessary risk.

Instead, she said, "I can take you to where he is. But before I do, how are YOU feeling? You're standing unsteady and your cheeks are flushed."

Susan sheepishly replied, "I avoided the spooky punch, just like you told me. But I did have two glasses of wine." That was a lot for her.

"I think you're past tipsy. Would you say you're drunk?"

Susan shyly admitted, "Maybe." Then, more honestly, "Probably."

Suzanne thought, GOOD! Hey, maybe my idea to have her pretend to be me could work after all. At the least, let's dangle the bait and see if she takes it.

She said, "An idea just struck me. You're not happy with your costume, and I'm not using my Catwoman one anymore. It's much less revealing. In fact, it covers you all the way up your neck. So why don't you change costumes? Not only that, but you can play a really devilish trick on Alan! Since we have the same body shape and size, when you put that costume on, he'll think that you're me! You can give him a big surprise!"

Susan thought of the possibilities. Mostly, she let the alcohol do the thinking for her. Tiger is lying upstairs in bed. I can give him a big surprise, all right! I can wake him up with a loving cocksuck, and he'll think it's Suzanne! Hee-hee! Maybe I can somehow use that to find out how we compare.

No, wait. Why stop there? We could go all the way. Oh my God, we really could! He'll stuff his cock right in his mommy's naughty hole, and he'll never even know it's me! I know it's soooo wrong, but wouldn't it be better if I got these urges out of my system? Then I could stick to the boundaries so much easier.

It's my one chance to get fucked by him without consequences! I keep thinking about doing all kinds of nasty things with him, and I can't control myself. This afternoon, I came way too close to letting him slip his big cock in me. Maybe I need to get this out of my system, or I'll keep tempting him until he finally snaps! Or I'll snap, for that matter. Better to do it when he doesn't realize it's me.

Suzanne could practically see the wheels turning in Susan's head, and she liked what she saw.

But even though Susan was contemplating the idea, she asked, "Shouldn't we just go home already?"

Suzanne said, "It's not as late as you think. It's definitely not close to midnight yet. Between having to take the girls home and then tending to Sweetie, I've hardly been able to enjoy the party at all. Besides, if he's resting, we should let him be until he's feeling better. Even a short car trip could make him sick, in his condition. If you're tired of the party, why don't you go upstairs and stay with him? When he wakes up, you can mother him. I'll stay down here and socialize until you come get me and tell me it's time to go."

Susan thought, Oh my goodness! That sounds like a perfect situation! I could have some quality time with Tiger, in Suzanne's costume, and Suzanne will never be the wiser! Maybe he'll recognize me. Then I can give him a nice, long blowjob. It's been HOURS since his last climax. His balls must have grown in size from all the billions of spermies building up. Spermies that belong in my tummy! And if he doesn't recognize me, that's much better! Then I can do all kinds of naughty things that are against the rules. OH MY! What a great idea!

Susan asked doubtfully, "So, do you really think I should play a practical joke on him?"

"Sure. What a great chance. Just talk with a scratchy voice and call him 'Sweetie.' Remember, he's still quite drunk, probably more so than you. In that state, he'll believe anything."

Susan thought, WOW! I can't believe it! My heart is thump, thump, thumping. I've never been so nervous in all my life! Could I really pull this off? Would I, should I, actually let him fuck me?! Suzanne says that as great as blowjobs are, sex is even better! I wouldn't know, since I've only ever been with Ron, but I could believe it!

On a more practical level, Susan began to wonder if this being taken for Suzanne might actually work. "What about my hair? How does that work? Yours is so different."

"I had most of my hair stuffed under the hood, and down my back under the costume as well. Anyway, thanks to your special hairdo tonight, your hair looks pretty much the same as mine, except you don't have the reddish tinge that I do. But no one can tell the difference about that in a semi-dark room. All you have to do is ditch the glasses, and work on your voice. Do you think you can sound like me?"

"I don't know. I've never tried." Hmmm. The voice is a bit of a problem. Suzanne's scratchy, sultry voice is so distinctive. Mine is generic and blah. I wish I could sound like her. But I can't miss this opportunity!

"Well, try. Try right now."

"I don't think so. I'm not a good actress like you. What if I pretend to use Catwoman's voice? What does she sound like?"

Suzanne remembered that Susan was a terrible actress. Susan was so innocent and honest that she was bad at deception and lying. So Suzanne replied, "Hmmm. That's an idea. She sounds pretty much like you, now that I think about it, so that would work out just fine."

Actually, Suzanne had no idea what Catwoman sounded like. She knew next to nothing about Catwoman except that she wore a sexy costume that worked great for costume parties. But she wanted Susan to feel reassured, and she figured as drunk as Alan probably still was, the voice wouldn't matter.

Susan still was scared to try to pass herself off as Suzanne. But as they talked about it, Suzanne gave her another glass of wine. Susan was so nervous that she quickly drank the whole thing. Just like Suzanne did earlier, she was looking for "liquid courage."

Eventually, after yet more encouragement from Suzanne, she agreed to give it a try.


A few minutes later, Susan crept into the room Alan was sleeping in, dressed as Catwoman.

Suzanne had brought Susan near to the room, and then quickly and silently left. She knew from how seriously Susan was taking this that Susan was contemplating much more than a practical joke, and she knew she'd ruin everything if Alan was awake and saw both her and Susan at the same time.

The wily redhead went back downstairs. She intended to actually socialize just like she'd said, because she had nothing else to do.

By now, Susan was definitely drunk. Her third glass of wine had quickly gone through her system and was having a strong effect on her. It was remarkable that she could still walk relatively steadily. She cursed the four-inch heels that came with the costume and repeatedly muttered to herself that she didn't understand how Catwoman could somehow hobble around in them, much less fight crime.

Susan had taken her glasses off to make herself less recognizable, and she couldn't see close objects very well without them. She had no choice but to make do.

Susan in Suzanne's body-hugging Catwoman outfit, without glasses

Because it was a hot night, Suzanne had put just a sheet and light blanket over Alan. Still, Susan could tell right away that he was naked. She loved how his boner tented the bed sheets.

Oooh, look at that! The thick, powerful cock I love so much is practically pulling the sheets off the bed. What a stud! And what a cutie too. She looked at the pieces of his tiger costume that had been left on the floor. Awww! My little-whittle Tiger is really a tiger tonight! Should I really let a cute, well-hung tiger-stud fuck my tight, hot, hungry little kitty-cunt?

I think I just answered my own question! She felt great tingles of arousal all over, but especially in her pussy. She didn't even seriously fret and ponder if she could go through actually getting fucked by him, at least not yet, because the alcohol was making her reckless.

She sat on the bed and began shaking his shoulder. "Alan, Alan," she said in her usual voice.

Then realizing the need to be Suzanne, or at least to not be detected as herself, she changed her voice some. She couldn't sound scratchy, but she tried her best to purr in Suzanne's sultry tone. "Alan, wake up. Catwoman is here. Wake up!"

He opened his eyes. "Oh, hi Aunt Suzy."

"I'm not your Aunt Suzy; I'm Catwoman."

Suddenly he opened his eyes wide, staring as if in horror.

Susan worried, Oh no! Has he found me out that fast?

He jumped up out of bed and, with his hands over his crotch, looked around desperately. Finally he saw the bathroom right before him, darted into it, and slammed the door behind him.

Susan heard the sound of pissing. It wasn't just a little; it sounded like a flowing river that went on for over a minute. She realized. Oh yeah. All the alcohol, it has to come out of him. ... I've never really listened to him peeing before. ... My goodness! It sounds like he pisses as much as he cums! It's fitting though: he's hung like a horse, and he pisses like one too!

I can't believe I'm seriously thinking about filling myself up with THAT MUCH cock! He'll skewer me and split me in two! It'll be nothing like sex with Ron.

Oh Dear! Ron! I am still a married woman. Just because he's cheating on me doesn't give me the right to do this. What'll I do?!

Her nervousness increased as she waited. She noticed that her hands were shaking. I really shouldn't do this, but I need to feel him within me at least once in my life. I don't want to die without knowing that the one man I truly love has made love to me. God, you can forgive me for one slip, can't you?

Thinking about God reminded her how she perceived incest as a grave sin, and just made her even more of a nervous wreck. As if that wasn't bad enough, she thought about her wedding ring, hidden under her costume. She had to stifle an urge to flee.

Alan finally came back into the room, still naked, not bothering to hide his now flaccid penis. He sat next to Susan and held his head in his hands. "Sorry, Catwoman, but that was an extremely urgent nature call. Too much of that damn punch! Boy, am I regretting that. What the hell did they put in there? I thought you said it was iced tea or something."

"Are you feeling okay, Sweetie?" Susan remembered to use Suzanne's nickname for him.

"I'm feeling better than before, but... Oh man!" He rubbed his numbed face vigorously. "I still feel like I'm flying. Drunk. Head still spinning a bit. Argh," he moaned in frustration. "At least I don't feel like throwing up anymore. That was close."

She held out open arms. "There, there, come to Mommy - your Aunt Suzy. I'll make it all better." He leaned in to her, and she placed his head on her ample boobs.

For the next five minutes, she simply held him in a hug while running her hand over his head. She really wanted to kiss him, but she worried he'd detect her kissing style.

"Do you feel better now?" she finally asked.

"Oh, much. Yes. You're so sweet, taking care of me. I was wondering where you'd been all evening."

Susan was perplexed by that comment. Huh? I thought Suzanne said she'd helped him up here and checked on him regularly. Maybe he had already passed out. Or maybe the alcohol is making him forget? "T- Sweetie, are you having trouble remembering what happened earlier?"

"Big time. My head is like in a fog. I doubt I'll remember anything that happened tonight, come tomorrow."

She realized, This really IS my big chance! I can do anything with him, and he won't even remember it! How can I pass this up? If I'm going to be a good mother, there's only one way I can purge my mind of all the horny, nasty thoughts I keep having. Just one time is all I need and then I'll never feel like wanting him in me again. Maybe I'll find his big cock is actually TOO BIG for my tight little pussy, and it'll hurt. Then we'll all be much better off, knowing that that temptation is removed. Yeah, I'll bet that's what'll happen. After all, he is such a well-hung, potent, virile young man.

She didn't even believe that prediction. Somewhere deep down she realized that fucking him once would only whet her appetite for more. She knew she'd love it, and if it hurt at all, it would be in a "hurt so good" kind of way. But I just HAVE to get fucked by him! Pounded. Reamed. Knocked up. Ravished. Raped. Done. Filled. Yes! My son has to fill me up with his big cock! He must! It's for my own sanity. I can't stand it anymore!

She was being much more honest with this line of thinking.

To start things off, she reached for his erection.

"Oh shit," he said, and got up again and ran to the bathroom.

Again, Susan heard a torrent of pee, but less this time around.

While she waited, she thought, Okay, Susan, this is it. Calm down. Calm down. Don't be afraid or ashamed about what you're going to do. What did Tiger say to me the other day? "Thrust your chest out and proudly poke your big tits high in the air, because you have nothing to be ashamed of." That's what I have to do.

Susan in the Catwoman outfit, which is now unzipped vertically from neck to crotch, and from side to side, exposing her boobs

As she still waited, she stood up and unzipped the top of her Catwoman costume. As the zipper made its way down the middle of her chest, her tremendous tits came into view, and then her firm stomach. She pulled the zipper all the way down past her cute belly button to the top of her bush. She kept the mask on her head though, to help keep her real identity secret. Despite being drunk, she was determined not to act foolishly.

She thought to herself, Don't be nervous. Wipe that fraidy-cat look off your face. This is for the best. ... Although I can't believe I'm seducing my own son! I just have to be confident and decisive. Tiger loves my big tits, and Suzanne's for that matter, and since they're the exact same size, it's all good. I've gotta use them to my advantage to really get his tasty sperm churning in his yummy balls. I'll thrust my tits up still higher.

He washed his hands, then came back into the room. He took one look at Susan with her chest arching forward, surrounded by skin-tight black leather, and his eyes bugged out in Roger Rabbit style. "Aunt Suzy! Shit! You look even better than usual. And that's saying something."

That gave Susan confidence. She smiled as she thought, Maybe that's because your mommy really is hotter than your Aunt Suzy!

Again she held out open arms in invitation. "Come back to my chest, Sweetie."

He immediately returned his head to her soft, pale boobs, but now his face rested on naked flesh.

Her hand went to his penis, but it was flaccid. "is something wrong? Am I not sexy enough?"

"God, no! It's just the alcohol. I still don't feel so good."

"I have an idea," she said, still holding his soft penis. "Maybe if you suck on my nipples, that will help you forget your pain."

Even though he was drunk, he didn't need to be asked twice. He immediately placed his mouth over an erect nipple and began suckling contentedly. He also caressed the undersides of her breasts with both hands under the pretense of merely holding them in place.

Susan cooed, "That's it. Suck them just like that. Pretend you're a baby and you're breast-feeding from your mother. Suck your mother's tits, Sweetie."

Why is everyone so into pretending they're my mom this evening? he wondered. How weird.

Soon, he emptied his mind and concentrated only on the sensation of suckling on a nipple. He switched from tit to tit as the minutes rolled by, and pinched and stroked the nipple he wasn't sucking.

Susan was in complete ecstasy. Her nipples were so sensitive that having them suckled almost felt better than being fucked. She also found the suckling very soothing, and a lot of her worry and doubt melted away.

Also, funnily enough, Susan's "forget your pain" idea was actually working - Alan's mind began to clear.

Even better, his dick began to revive. She immediately noticed that, and slowly stroked it to full hardness. Then, of course, she kept right on stroking. Now that she considered herself one of his personal cocksuckers, being able to do this to him gave her great satisfaction.

But their focus remained on his suckling. She kept up her provocative commentary about it, at a lazy pace. "That's it. ... That's it, little baby. ... Keep sucking your mommy's tits. ... Drink my milk. ... Make me lactate. ... Keep suckling until you can milk me. ... Milk your mommy..."

Finally, he turned his head up and asked, "But Aunt Suzy, Mommy, Catwoman, ... whatever I should call you ... isn't what we're doing wrong? What about Mom's rules? A little bending is okay, but maybe we're getting into it too much?"

"That's okay. It's okay," she cooed, as she pressed his head back onto a nipple. "Just leave it to... your Aunt Suzy. If a little bit of rule bending is good, then a lot is better." As her hand slid up and down his shaft, she cooed, "Play with my nipples, you big Tiger. Play with me. Suckle my tits until I cum milk. ... Drink your mother's milk, my little baby!"

He began suckling again, at a more intense pace.

Now she was feeling very good indeed. Being able to jack him off reassured and mellowed her even more than before. Her qualms about fucking were still there, but they seemed like a hazy, distant memory. My son has a powerful, demanding cock. Even when he's drunk and ill, he still gets this stiff easily. Isn't it just a matter of time before he fucks me? It may be a sin, but I AM one of his big-titted playthings. That's the life I've chosen to live. Angel's not the only one who wants to be his fuck toy. But how can I be a good fuck toy for him if he doesn't get to fuck me whenever he wants?!

I'm a good woman, a good Christian woman. Everybody does some sinning. What if I make getting frequently fucked by my son my sin, and live an exemplary life in every other way? Won't that balance out?

After a delay of a few minutes, he pulled his mouth off a nipple again, and said, "Aunt Suzy, you don't have any milk in your tits. Didn't the doctor say just a while back it would take days of constant suckling for a woman to start lactating? Remember when he used that metaphor when talking about my condition?"

"That's right, Sweetie. But we can continue this at home. You can suckle on my tits all day long for as long as it takes, until I finally gush milk. Won't that be fun? To have you fondle and grope and suckle at my tits until they're sore? Then you can drink my milk every day! And then, after that, you can suck and suck, and just keep sucking! Tie my hands behind my back and use me as your personal milk machine!"

She threw her head back in ecstasy, imagining permanently enslaving her boobs to Alan's thirst. She was so carried away with that fantasy that she let go of his dick and forgot about it for a little while.

"Catwoman, I think you're getting a little crazy. That's just impossible with Mom watching, and you know it." He switched his mouth to the other nipple.

"You're right," she sighed. "Although you might be surprised how she thinks about these things. I think she secretly wants to do EVERYTHING with you, really bad! She just can't get up the courage to go all the way, and you're not being aggressive enough. You need to take charge. She's one of your personal sluts now. Treat her like it!"

With no response to that, she took another tack. "But since you can't get my boobs to leak, why don't you aim a little lower? There's lots of leaking down there!"

Susan now naked except for the black Catwoman headmask, long black gloves, thigh-high black hose and 5-inch heels

She stood up briefly and wiggled further out of her Catwoman suit, until only the pieces of her costume on her arms, legs and head remained. All of her hair now fell free, except for some still under the Catwoman hood. Paradoxically, this made her look even more like Suzanne. In the dim light, her skin was pale enough to pass for Suzanne's alabaster skin as well.

If Alan had been really alert, he would have noticed that she had brown eyes instead of Suzanne's green ones, or that Suzanne's trademark long strand of teased hair was missing, or any other number of minor differences. But he was anything but alert. He was exceedingly horny.

And, in his defense, their bodies were nearly identical from the neck on down. And their skin was so flawless that there were almost no distinctive markings. With such a body as his playground, he wasn't looking at her face much.

He began stroking his hand over her stomach, going steadily lower and lower. Even her stomach was a turn-on: it was perfectly formed, like a statue of a Greek goddess. He loved the feel of the tiny, invisible hairs that covered it.

Meanwhile, she wrapped her fingers around his boner again and resumed stroking it. "Why don't you suck on my clit instead?" she suggested enthusiastically. "Put your tongue in my pussy. Lick my hairy pussy until I cum! Since you're a tiger, bite me! Bite down on my clit! Make me cry your name, scream your name, at the top of my lungs!"

She was still trying to talk in a sexy whisper to sound more like Suzanne, even if she couldn't imitate her friend's scratchy voice completely. But her voice was becoming more Susan-like with every minute as she got increasingly distracted by her steadily growing arousal.

Luckily, he didn't notice that either. There were far too many other exciting and arousing things demanding his attention. If nothing else, her hot body looked even hotter, thanks to the pieces of the costume still remaining, and he couldn't tear his eyes away.

He put his hand on her clit and began rubbing it. Both Suzanne's and Susan's pussy areas were considered off limits in his mind, so this was quite exciting for him. His mouth followed his other hand, slowly kissing his way down her stomach until it was at the top of her bush.

She continued to enthuse, "Just like that! Yes! Lower! Bite my clit! Do me! Get nasty!" All the while, she kept jacking him off.

But he stopped abruptly and pulled away from her. He looked sad and frustrated.

"What's wrong?" she asked, as she tried to push him back. She grabbed his dick with both hands and stroked it more vigorously, hoping to literally stimulate him back into action. "Don't stop now! Please! It's just getting really good!"

"I just remembered the boundaries. We're going too far! I'm getting so horny, especially with the way you're talking, that if I go down on you now I don't think I'm going to want to stop at all! And frankly, Aunt Suzy, I'm surprised at you. You're egging me on and on. It doesn't seem like you want to stop either. One of us has to have some control. What about my mom, who's your best friend? Don't you want to respect her rules at least somewhat? I just can't do this to her. Not now. It feels like cheating."

"Oh Alan! That's so sweet!" She leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. Her hands kept running all over his erection, despite his comments.

"You see?" he said, pulling his body slightly apart from hers, but only after enjoying a good, long kiss, "You're doing it again! We're not supposed to do that."

She looked away, guiltily. She'd been trying to guide his dick into her slit.

"Look, Aunt Suzy, you know I love you with all my heart. I'd love to fuck you, more than just about anything in the world. But not without Mom's permission! I love her too! I can't let her down!"

Susan was overcome with love for her considerate son. But she was also overcome with lust. Ironically, his words made her want to get royally fucked even more than before. He's such a good boy! Such a great son! A son like that deserves a big-titted mommy to fuck!

Somehow, he ignored her slipping and sliding fingers on his shaft, and continued, "My head was all fogged up a bit before. I'm still drunk, and you're obviously more than a little tipsy. So let's just chalk this one up to us not being totally with it. I've got to go pee again. When I get back, it would be better if I come back to an empty room, 'cos I don't know how much more temptation I can take. I mean, Jesus Christ! I must be an idiot for not fucking you right now. You're so insanely beautiful!"

Her hands flew back to his cock. "Can't I just suck you for a little while? Can't we do that first?"

He noted the curious word "first," but replied, "I'd love to, but I have to pee so bad. And things are spinning out of control. It's good we stop. I just can't control myself around you. Seriously! You're like a sex drug!"

His words sobered her. She even let go of his stiff, slicked-up boner. She thought, Can I at least give him a nice, prolonged blowjob? He needs to be rewarded for following my rules, and I can think of no better way. But the problem is, Suzanne and I have different styles. And there's her extremely long tongue. He'll notice the difference soon enough, and then he'll realize it was me all along. I want to slide my lips and tongue all over his fat cock so very, very badly, but I can't!

Or, at least... I can't here. What if I wait until we go home and he's safe in bed? Then I can do it as me! That won't be so long from now. I can hold out until then!

With that decided, she felt a lot better. "Okay, you're right. Let's just forget this ever happened, okay? No need to mention it to anyone?"

He nodded, and said, "We'll have other chances soon, I'm sure. Then we can do it right. I want that so bad."

She cried, "At least touch my clit!" She touched it herself, causing her whole body to shake violently, almost as if she were being rattled about on an amusement park ride.

He stood gaping as he watched her cum.

He groaned. "Dear God!" The sight was too sexy to endure. He hurried off to the bathroom. It took a while before his hard-on softened enough for him to pee.

As Susan began pulling the Catwoman costume up over her legs, she thought, What an amazing son I have! Tempted beyond all reasonable expectations, and the only thing he could think of was me, not Suzanne, and respecting the promise he'd made to ME! I'm so happy I could cry!

Here I've been acting like a total slut, even though a lot of it was the alcohol, and I haven't been listening to my own advice. Enough! I'm not going to make this kind of mistake again. I'll be a mother he can be proud of! Cocksucking, yes. Definitely yes! But nothing more.

After a pause, her mind began working in a different direction. Even though ... the idea of him milking my tits until I lactate is so hot! Oh Gaawwwd, I've gotta get out of here before he comes back in the room! Too hot!

She realized that not only did she need to leave for that reason, but she needed to change costumes before they headed home together. So she shouted, "I'll be back for you in a few minutes! Okay?"


With her Catwoman costume back on, she stood up and somehow managed to stagger out of the room, despite her drunkenness and the towering heels that came with the costume.

A few minutes later, Susan found Suzanne socializing downstairs. They quickly hustled to the cloak room to get their things, and then to a nearby bathroom to change. Susan changed back into her Wonder Woman costume. Then Suzanne changed into the Catwoman outfit Susan had just taken off. Only then did they go up together to get Alan, who had changed back into his tiger costume.

Finally, they went home together, with Suzanne driving. She hadn't drunk any more alcohol since her Elle act upstairs, so she was good to drive. Suzanne was dying to ask Susan how things had gone with Alan, but she knew she'd have to bide her time until tomorrow.

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