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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Join Together
Day 50: Monday, November 4

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

This is part of a longer e-novel. It's highly recommended that you start with the Introduction and read the parts sequentially, in order to understand the characters and previous events. The Introduction also provides the full set of story codes for all parts, as well as explaining the story structuring into chapters within parts.

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Katherine was dreaming, although she didn't realize it. In her dream she was lying naked in Alan's bed, getting fucked by him from behind. However, this wasn't an ordinary fucking, because she was eight months pregnant, with a heavy belly the size of a beachball. Instead, it was more like they were cuddling, except that Alan's erection was fully sheathed inside her, just the way that she liked to hold him. Sometimes he would twitch or move his dick inside her just a bit, and sometimes she'd rhythmically squeeze him with her pussy muscles. Either way, it was heavenly for both of them as they lay spooned together in his bed with one of her legs bent to give him easy access to her honeypot.

They could have gone on like that for hours, but eventually Susan interrupted by knocking on the door. "Morning, kids! Rise and shine!"

Katherine spoke through the door. "Hey, Mom. We're already up."

"Can I come in?"

Alan replied, "Sure."

Susan opened the door and strolled in, wearing nothing but a sexy see-through nightie. She evidenced no dismay or surprise when she saw her two children lying in bed fucking. Instead, she smiled broadly with pride and pleasure. "Look at you lovebirds. Angel, the way you're glowing, I'd think you're still on your honeymoon."

Katherine turned and tilted her head a bit to kiss her brother's cheek and nose. "Mom, that was way over a year ago. But you know what? It still feels like we just got married!" She smiled brightly and kissed him on the mouth.

Susan pulled the covers back, allowing her to see their actual coitus. She sat down on the bed and stared. "Aaah. Just look at that! Angel, are you taking good care of your hubby's big, thick cock, like a good fuck toy should?"

"Mom, you know it!" Katherine replied proudly. "That's why he calls me his favorite fuck toy."

Susan reached out to lovingly cradle Alan's balls. "Son, don't forget you have other fuck toys who love you just as much."

"Thanks, Mom," Alan replied while subtly churning his hips, keeping his pole stirring. "And don't be offended by the 'favorite' comment, okay? You know I love you as much as humanly possible, and you're a fantastic fuck toy too. But if I don't say nice things to my wife, I'll never hear the end of it."

Katherine playfully poked an elbow into Alan's tummy. "That's right, buster! Don't you forget it!" She giggled.

Susan's fingers roamed up to where Alan and Katherine were joined. Since their fucking was relatively stationary, she was able to run her fingers along Katherine's soaked pussy lips. "My sweet Angel... Just look at all this fat cock, filling you up!" A note of concern was added to her voice. "Are you sure this is okay? After all, you're eight months pregnant."

Katherine replied, "The doctor said it's still okay as long as we're careful, remember? And look how carefully we're doing it; we're barely moving."

"I can see that," Susan said, both staring at and touching where her children's bodies joined. "But I'm concerned. I'm sure it feels nice, but how will Tiger cum at such a relaxed pace. Besides, I came in here to tell you both to come downstairs. Amy's cooking, and she wants to know what you two would like."

Katherine asked, "That reminds me. Who's looking after Alison?" In Katherine's dream, she already knew that Alison was the name of her first child with Alan, who was less than a year old.

"Suzanne's still got her," Susan replied. "She's had her all night."

"How's she been feeding?" Katherine wondered. Again, without being told, she already knew that Amy had breast-fed Alison all night, since Amy was lactating after recently having her own child with Alan. As they sometimes did, one mother took care of both babies for a while, so the other could have private time with Alan or get some sleep.

"Wonderfully," Susan replied. "Both babies were perfect little darlings. But let's get back to the problem at hand. Amy doesn't have to start breakfast just yet, but you'll want to eat soon. Remember, Angel, you're eating for two."

Katherine rolled her eyes. "I know, Mom. You tell me that every day."

"Because it's true. And you know how hard it is to get Tiger to cum. Don't you think you should up the ante?" Susan ran a hand up and down Alan's thigh while fondling his balls with her other hand. "Son, don't you think some mommy loving would help?"

Alan answered, "Mom, we're kind of in the middle of something here. Maybe if I pick up the pace..."

But Katherine said, "No, wait. She's right. We don't want you to get too carried away and possibly hurt our baby with your deep thrusting. Why don't we switch to a fun little double blowjob for a while? Then, when you get close, you can get back to fucking me so you can fill me up."

Susan clapped her hands with glee. At the same time, she joked to Katherine, "You know you're already pregnant. You're gonna have to wait for that one to come out before he can knock you up again."

Katherine just giggled in response. She wanted to say something about how good it felt being fucked while pregnant, but she was careful with her words since she knew her mother couldn't have a baby of her own.

So Susan took off her nightie and she and Katherine got busy licking Alan's throbbing boner. In this alternate dream reality, it was clear that mother and daughter had shared this task many, many times, simply because they were so good at coordinating their actions. The two of them lay between Alan's legs, each on their side to provide room for Katherine's big belly. They both just did whatever they felt like doing at the moment, which sometimes meant engulfing his fuckmeat and bobbing on his shaft, but they were also mindful of not being too greedy, so they usually contented themselves with just licking.

Time passed. Susan and Katherine licked and stroked faster and faster. Katherine's advanced pregnancy did nothing to hinder her cocksucking, so she and her mother played Alan's cock like blowjob experts.

Eventually Alan announced, "Daddy's ready to blow!" (In this dream world, he liked to call himself "Daddy," since he was father to Katherine's and Amy's babies. He also liked its other connotations, such as being head of the family.)

"Quick!" Susan cried out. "Tiger, reposition yourself. Shoot some more of your fresh baby batter into your sister-wife!"

Within seconds, Alan was lined up, ready to go.

A very pregnant Katherine in bed with Alan behind her and deep inside her, with Susan holding them both from behind

Susan did the honors, holding (and stroking) his cock while carefully guiding him in. As she did so, she said, "Look at this beautiful scene! Oh, Tiger! I'm so very happy you married your sister, and that you generously made fuck toys out of us all! But be careful and go slow. I'm gonna poke a finger up your ass to make sure you blow, just when you say the word 'Go.'"

Alan's hard-on bottomed out in Katherine's pussy, up against her swollen cervix. He paused for a second to take a breath, then shouted, "GO!"

As planned, Susan thrust her finger up his anus, causing him to shout out with a surge of extreme arousal.

Katherine cried out too, because she could feel her brother's cum erupting in the far depths of her vagina, against her cervix, flooding the pocket of her fornix.

She gripped her mother's hand for support and screamed, "So good! So good! Oh, Brother! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your fuck toy forever! Oh God, I think I'm gonna die, it feels so GREAT!"

Her powerful orgasm ripped through her like a massive earthquake. But all too soon it faded, to be followed by a series of smaller aftershocks. Throughout it all she held Susan's hand tightly. As she recovered her breath, Susan leaned over her, so that mother and daughter could share a passionate French kiss.

But just as the last echoes of her orgasm faded, Katherine's dream faded away too. She slowly became aware that she was lying alone in her bed. She tried to keep her eyes closed in the hopes that she would be able to go back to sleep and resume her dream, but it was not to be.

However, she wasn't that upset, since the day was full of promise. She sat up, opened her eyes, and looked at the alarm clock by her bed. She reached over and disabled the alarm, since it was a few minutes until her usual time to wake up on a school day anyway.

She just sat there for some long moments, savoring the dream. But then she suddenly raised her arms high in the air and let out a silent scream. AWESOME! YES! What a dream! BEST! DREAM! EVER!

Exulting, she shook her fists and waved her arms around. Woo-hoo! Yee-haw! That's what I'm talking about! Oh boy!

She closed her eyes, relishing the memories of her dream for a little longer. I've had lots of waking fantasies like that, but it's soooo much better in a real dream. So vivid and real! I swear, my pussy feels all wet and stretched out, 'cos it feels like Brother really was fucking me!

She reached down and fingered her pussy lips. The wet part certainly is real enough, hee-hee! God, that was great. I should really write that down in my diary, before I forget the details. And I would totally jill myself to completion right now, except I've got Mr. Brother-Cock right across the hall, and who knows what kind of fun we'll get up to during breakfast? I can't wait!

Her other hand went to her tummy. Awww... I was so into that that I half expected to really be beachball-size. But I'm not even a little bit pregnant. Oh well. Bro is just gonna have to work on that later today... WHEN HE FUCKS ME! Woo-hoo! She raised a fist, punching it in the air.

Inspired by that thought, she suddenly bounded out of bed and started to get ready for the day. I think that dream was a sign that today is gonna be a really great day. But then again, when plans involve massive brother fucking after school, how could it not be?! Oh boy, I'm so excited!

By the time she got to the bathroom to brush her teeth and take care of her other morning needs, she'd calmed down a bit. Looking in the mirror, she asked herself, I wonder what he'd think if he knew just how much I'm into having his babies. He'd freak out, I'm sure. And he'd have a good right to. I mean, we're WAY too young. Plus, the whole brother-sister thing. Personally I couldn't care less, especially since genetics aren't a factor, but people would talk. Boy would they ever talk!

But they don't know the DEAL! It's just that I love my brother so much! If I had at least one of his babies, it would bond us together forever and ever!

Her mental picture changed to life after giving birth. She was holding and nursing her first baby. Oh! And lactating! How can I forget about lactating?! Not only will that be great in and of itself, but Brother will be able to suckle me too. And my boobs! Good God, what if they were to get as big as Mom's?! So cool! I want it to be NOW already!

Katherine holding a suckling baby to her left breast

Fleshing out that image in her mind's eye, almost as if it were a real photograph, she noticed a golden wedding ring on her ring finger. She froze, opening her eyes wide. Oh my God! That's right, I forgot: in the dream we were MARRIED! How great is THAT?! And Mom was so cool and understanding. Hell, she even kissed me on the lips! We were, like, fuck-toy sisters, united in sexual devotion to our man. I swear, that really was the best dream ever! I wish I could tell someone, but not even Aims would understand. Thank God I have my diary.

The thing is, that really IS going to be our reality someday! Aunt Suzy is on the case. I don't know what she's doing exactly, but I know it's all good. She's gonna break down Mom's prudish resistance, and then it'll be all gravy from there. SPERM-flavored gravy! Yum!

Brother may not be into becoming a father just yet, but someday - some wonderful, hopefully not-too-distant day - my dream will come true. Haters gotta hate. They wouldn't understand why I love my brother so much, but then again they don't have him for a brother. He's just such a GOOD person! The nicest, most loving guy I've ever known, hands down. I know he'll be the best father in the whole world!

Just then, she heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Hey, Sis. You in there?"

Katherine swung the door open wide. Pulling her brother into the room, as well as into her embrace, she made ready to kiss him. However, he tried to slow her down, saying, "Uh-oh! Morning breath."

"I don't care!" She socked him with a powerful French kiss, which literally left him breathless.

While he recovered, she said joyfully, "That's for you being you, Daddy!" She giggled with pure glee at adding the "daddy" part.

He asked with sincere confusion, "What did I do?"

"What did you do? More like what DIDN'T you do last night."

"Last night?! All I did was sleep."

She winked at him mysteriously. "Shows what you know... Daddy!" She'd finished her morning rituals already, so she walked past her brother, allowing him to use the bathroom.

He wondered, "There you go again, saying 'Daddy'. What's up with that?"

She stopped in the hall just outside the bathroom and turned around to look at him. "What's up with that? What's up with THAT?! Don't get me started, not unless you want to nail me, right here, right now!"

He nervously looked down the hall towards Susan's bedroom and hissed, "Shhhh! Are you mad?"

She replied, more quietly, "Yes! Mad...ly in love!" Then she blew him a kiss and went back to her room.

Alan chuckled as he closed the bathroom door behind him. Geez. Sis is weird. Boy, is she in a good mood. She must've had a nice dream or something. Or maybe she's just looking forward to our afternoon plans? I know I am!


As Alan went through his own morning ritual in the bathroom, he looked ahead to the school week. The tennis team he was on was having a big competition. They were having a round-robin tournament amongst themselves, which meant that every day each player would play three matches. It was less a competition to see who was best, and more a test of dedication and endurance. The matches began at the start of the sixth period and would run at least an hour after school, sometimes more.

Man, that's gonna be a bear. On top of that, I've got a large amount of homework to do, especially since I've been falling behind. Given all that, I doubt there's gonna be time for a lot of sexual fun. If I can just come close to my six-times-a-day average, I'll be doing really well.

Still, compared to before, it's literally infinitely better! Besides, I've got some pretty awesome plans. Now that Aunt Suzy's talked Mom out of grounding Sis, we're gonna go to Kim's house this afternoon, and Thursday too! That'll rock! I'll get to fuck Sis again! And judging from her cryptic comments just now, I think she's got it on her mind just as much as I do - maybe even more so.

And then I've got another appointment with Akami on Friday. That'll be great! Given how the last one went, I think it's probably gonna be more of a fuck session than an appointment. Sweetness! Between the tennis and my homework crunch, I'll just have to endure and survive the week. Hopefully the Akami appointment will be a fun reward at the end for all my efforts, assuming I'm not too wiped out to enjoy it.

Then there's Mom waiting downstairs right now. Jesus, why would I ever have reason to complain about anything?!

And hey, it's time to have some fun! Yesterday was a relaxed day, at least by my recent standards. It's true that there was a lot of sexual excitement, but then I had a nap and a good night's sleep, so now I'm well rested. My dick is in surprisingly good shape too, probably from cumming "only" four times. Now it's time to see what kind of mischief I can get into with Mom and Sis before school starts! He chuckled to himself.

Downstairs, Susan was going through another mood swing. Her near fuck at the party had given her pause, and the way she'd almost ended up fucking Alan the night before when his shaft was sliding against her slit gave her even more pause. She was still in love with sucking his cock, but she feared her lack of self control would lead to real fucking very soon, and that prospect really terrified her.

As usual, she'd gotten up and gone downstairs to the kitchen while her kids were still asleep. She'd dressed in her ordinary clothes, like those she would have worn back in her prudish days. She'd even walked barefoot instead of wearing high heels. This was all part of an effort to get back to being just an ordinary housewife and mother, doing typical homemaking things.

As she prepared breakfast for her children, she thought, I just need to get through the morning without getting carried away. Tomorrow's going to be a Tuesday, and things always get a little wild on Tuesdays. That's all the more reason for me to take a break today. I need to spend the entire day doing and thinking about things that don't involve my son's glorious member. Today has to be a day I simply chill out and calm down. Suzanne can help him with his special needs instead. Heck, even my Angel can do a little bit, if need be. But not me. My day is tomorrow.

Alan came downstairs full of energy, eager to start the day. He frowned to see the way his mother was dressed, but decided not to show it. He went into the kitchen and gave her a good-morning kiss on the cheek, but she seemed strangely stand-offish about it. He didn't let that deter him either.

Katherine was already sitting at one of the stools next to the kitchen counter. She patted the stool next to hers and called Alan over to sit on it. She quietly hissed. "Psst! Bro! Come here!"

He sat down, wondering what all the whispering was about. He asked her in a low voice, "What's up?"

She spoke in a voice just quiet enough so Susan couldn't make out the words. "Bro, I've been thinking. I'm living in fuck-toy paradise, and you are too! You know what I mean?"


It wasn't surprising that he didn't understand, because she was thinking about her earlier dream and how similar their sexual desires were. She added, "Your dream is my dream. We're living the dream already! Capiche?"

"Um, kinda."

"Here, let me make it clearer for you." She reached over to his crotch and unzipped his zipper. Then she flopped his semi-flaccid penis out and began stroking it. That did the trick; in a matter of seconds it was fully engorged. She was careful to keep her arm movements below the counter's edge, so Susan couldn't see what was she was doing. "Understand now?"

He nodded happily.

They had kept up a lively banter while that was happening, both because it was fun and to help mask the way her hands were stroking him below the counter.

He decided to try to draw Susan into the conversation, hoping to lighten her mood. In particular, he complimented her repeatedly.

They were all so playful that, before long, Susan started to feel a little giddy.

Taking advantage of that, Alan's comments and compliments turned more sexual. He said, "Hey, Sis, are you cold?"

"No. Not even slightly. It's gonna be another beautiful, sunny day here in paradise." She muttered under her breath so only her brother could hear, "Fuck-toy paradise, that is." She giggled.

"Huh. Neither am I," he replied. "And yet Mom looks bundled up like she's about to head out on a polar expedition. Mom, where are your snow boots?"

Susan looked away in embarrassment. "Hey. So I'm feeling a little cold. What's so bad about that?"

"Because I can't enjoy your beautiful body, Mom. How many guys are lucky enough to have a Playboy centerfold for a mother? Not too many. And your boobs! They're not only huge, they're perfect! But under that thick sweater I can't even tell if you HAVE any boobs!"

Katherine realized that getting Susan to loosen up could lead to lots more fun for everyone, so she played along. "Yeah! Mom, you're embarrassing us. Seriously. I thought you'd gotten over your prudish ways. Let's see those famous tits of yours in all their naked glory."

Susan blushed, reflexively crossing her arms over her chest. "Angel, really! You can't say that."

"But I just did. Right, Bro?"

Alan said, "Mom, could you compromise a little? At least take off the sweater. Don't you want my dick to get stiff?"

Susan started to protest, "Son, that's not a proper kind of language-"

But Katherine interrupted. "Mom, oh come ON! We all know how important visual stimulation is for his medical treatment. You can't deny that it would be a big help if his cock would get all thick and long, and hot and throbbing! Then one of us could help him out before school, and he could have a nice cum. Wouldn't that be great, if one of us could help him out?"

She giggled, because even as she was saying that she was rubbing intently over his sweet spot. She was just using a couple of fingers, sliding against it over and over. There wasn't anything special in her motions, and there was next to no variety, but she knew that that one spot contained so many nerve endings that it would be highly effective just the same. In addition, by doing it that way, she was able to keep her arm almost completely still, without telltale motion that could be seen above the counter edge.

Susan grumbled, "Well, I suppose I could take my sweater off..."

Once she had her sweater off, the two kids started encouraging her to do more. She kept most of her clothes on, but she wound up preening and posing, thanks to their continued compliments and cheers.

Before long, she was downright horny.

About five minutes later, when Susan walked over to the dining room table to bring them glasses of orange juice, she noticed something odd. Her two children had just moved from the counter to the table in anticipation of breakfast being served. But they were sitting on the same side of the table instead of on opposite sides as they usually did. What's more, they were on the far side of the table from where the kitchen was, which also wasn't their usual habit.

Susan walked around the table and gasped. Alan's erection was poking out through his fly, while Katherine's fingers were holding it and pumping up and down.

They both calculated that Susan was horny enough that they didn't need to play around in secret. In fact, Katherine continued to lightly stroke up and down Alan's shaft while her mother stared in disbelief.

"Children! What are you doing?!"

Katherine said dismissively, "Mom, it's no big deal. Brother got a little hard, and I'm just helping him out." Seeing that she'd been found out, she decided to go all out. She bent forward, tilted her brother's erection straight up, and began ostentatiously sliding her fingers all the way up and down it, instead of just furtively rubbing his sweet spot like before.

Susan couldn't help but step closer to get a better view, even as she complained, "Well, I'm shocked! And appalled!"

Katherine brought a second hand over to fondle his balls. "Why? You heard me giving him a blowjob yesterday, didn't you? You said it was okay."

"I know, but... this is different! I will not have this house turn into a den of debauchery, especially right in the middle of breakfast!"

Katherine sitting alongside Alan, fondling his sweet spot with one hand and his balls with the other

Katherine was still stroking away despite Susan's complaints. More and more pre-cum was slowly oozing out and drooling down his shaft. That was giving her rhythmic rubbing an increasingly wet and squishy sound. She said, "Geez, Mom, it's no biggie. Actually, I take it back. It's a very nice biggie. And a thickie too." She giggled.

Susan was still staring wide-eyed. She felt her pulse increasing and her nipples hardening. I almost wish Ron were still here. Things would have to be normal if he were home. Who's gonna save me from Tiger's delicious manhood if it's just the three of us?

Katherine could tell that Susan's resolve was weakening, so she said, "If it bothers you so much that I'm doing this, you can take over. Do you wanna? We can't just leave him like this; that would be cruel."

"Well, no thank- I mean... Angel! Don't make me do that! It's not nice. I'm trying to have a calm, collected morning, and then you have to go and do... that!" She pointed at her son's hard-on, with Katherine's hand still sliding around it. "It would mean a lot to me if you would take your hands off him and go sit in your usual chair."

Katherine complained, "But Mom, check it out. Look at how long and thick his hard-on is. And stiff! Don't you think when it gets this stiff, it just NEEDS some soft, feminine hands to keep it tingling with arousal?"

"Well..." Susan didn't know what to say, since she agreed but didn't want to admit it.

Katherine pressed her point, "Hey Mom, check out his balls! Aren't they extra large and extra heavy? Just look at all the sweet, sweet sperm in there." She lifted his balls from below, lifting and lowering them a bit. "So much spermy cream, dying to get out? Certainly we can't send him off to school in this condition?"

Susan licked her lips. But then she decided to stand firm. "I'm sorry. I really must insist."

Katherine whined, "But MooooOOOOoooom!" Giving in to Susan's stern look, she finally took her hands off his privates and changed chairs.

Alan finally spoke. "Mom, that's totally mean! What am I supposed to do, after I'm all excited like this? My dick isn't just going to go down." He looked at his crotch. His dick was still as stiff as ever, angling upward at a forty-five degree angle.

Susan folded her arms under her big breasts and tried to look and act firm. "Well, I'm sorry, but that's how it is!" She was determined not to look at his exposed erection, but just knowing it was there was exciting her even more.

"That's how it is?!" he griped. "Talk about double standards. There's no rule against helping out, but there's specifically a rule about you dressing sexy, and look what you're wearing."

"No there isn't," Susan said triumphantly. "I'll admit that there's a rule saying you can tell me what to wear, but you haven't done that." She frowned, realizing she'd just set herself up.

"Okay, I'm telling you right now to dress in something sexy." He pretended to be thinking about his options before getting an idea. "Oh, I know. The shiny red outfit that makes your boobs all extra bouncy."

Susan reflexively crossed her arms over her chest and covered her boobs with both hands, even though she wasn't topless. "Oh no! Not that one!"

She looked down and confirmed that Alan's erection was still sticking straight out through his fly, and was just as hard as ever.

Katherine reaching under the table with her foot to massage Alan's erection with her toes as it sticks up through his unzipped fly

Katherine had changed chairs to be opposite Alan, slouching down in hers while the other two were talking until one of her feet could reach his erection. Then she began sliding her foot all over it. She said, "Hey Bro! Look what I'm doing! Mom said no hands, but she didn't say anything about feet. How does this feel?"

He looked down and saw her second foot arrive.

Susan saw all that too. She clutched her arms to her chest even tighter than before, as if that could somehow stop her erect nipples from throbbing in time to the beat of her heart.

Soon both of Katherine's bare feet were rubbing up and down the sides of Alan's erection where it protruded from his fly. She didn't have the same control or pressure she could have had with hands, but there was a kind of charm nevertheless.

"It looks pretty weird," he admitted. "But it feels great. Mom, is this okay?"

Susan had to fight to control her breathing as she replied, "Well, no, not really. But I suppose I'll allow it if you don't make me wear that red outfit. Anything but that! Besides, it's Suzanne's and I think it's back at her house."

"Okay then, deal. But only if you wear one of your new see-through nighties instead."

"See-through nightie?! But that's even worse!" Her eyes were still glued to his crotch, which she watched in fascination as her daughter's feet rose and fell around his cock. At one point, Katherine tried to catch his boner in the gap between her big toe and her other toes, but there was no way it would fit.

Susan thought, That's such an inefficient method. My hands would be so much better. How does she expect to drain his heavy cum-filled balls like that? It's just not right! Tiger needs prolonged, intense stimulation. He needs my hands to slip and slide all over him, and rub his sweet spot hard and fast! ... Or my mouth... Yes, I'm thinking my mouth would be good... Better! Much, much better! Tiger needs me!

He insisted, "Well, Mom, a rule's a rule, and that's what I want you to wear."

Katherine could see how her mother's resistance was weakening the longer she kept staring at her son's hard dick. She could see from her mother's face that she was going to agree before too long. Knowing that Alan was too kind to push for more, she decided to try on his behalf to see what they could get away with. "Yeah, Mom. And since you're being so ornery about this, you have to put it on right here."

"Here? Angel..." Susan's face was growing flushed and her chest heaved with excitement. "Oh, very well. I suppose rules are rules. But really, that's no way to treat your mother. So very improper!" Her eyes went back and forth in time to Katherine's sliding feet.

She went upstairs looking dejected, but in fact she was feeling increasingly excited. Being "forced" to do things meant that she didn't have to take responsibility for her actions. That's why she didn't protest Katherine's requirement very much; on a subconscious level, she didn't want to win that fight.


When Susan came back with the nightie, Alan and Katherine were still busy with the feet rubbing, but they'd moved their chairs away from the table so there was now nothing between them. That way, Katherine could better see and control what her feet were doing.

Susan was still dressed in her ordinary clothes, but she began taking them off. "I hope the two of you are happy. This is so humiliating." She was still more huffy than usual and didn't make any effort to be particularly tantalizing while undressing.

Alan felt bad about her frustrated mood, which he didn't understand. He said, "But Mom, this is supposed to be visual stimulation for my medical treatment, remember? Can't you be more, well, stimulating?"

"Sorry, Son, it's just that this is so strange to me. It doesn't come easy." Since she was adhering to the no-underwear rule, it didn't take her long to get naked. Then it took her an extra minute to bend over and change into her high heels, during which she wiggled her ass in Alan's direction. Both of her children could easily see her pussy and how wet it already was.

But once she was undressed, she just stood there awkwardly with a hand over her bush, not knowing exactly what to do. She knew she had to put the nightie on next, but she rather hoped one of her children would give her a naughty order first.

At that point Katherine said, "I smell something burning."

"Oh dear! The French toast! I forgot all about it!" Susan rushed off to the kitchen, still wearing no clothes. She was forced to clutch her boobs as she ran to prevent them from swinging too wildly. She left the nightie she was supposed wear back on the table.

While she worked at the sink to dispose of the burnt toast and clean the pan, she thought, Why does this seem to always happen to me lately? I'm completely naked and serving my children hand and foot! It's so undignified. I'm the sole adult here; I'm the mother. Why does it seem like my son is the one in charge? Just because my nipples are so hard and needy, longing for his lips to suck on them like he did yesterday, does that give him some right to cram his tasty big cock down my throat all the time, whenever he feels like it?

Darn it, that sounds too sexy! I have to STOP thinking about slathering my tongue all over his sweet spot or I'll never calm down. I can't help it if my pussy gets this wet from being naked - my body is betraying me!

As soon as the nude mother was gone and otherwise occupied, Katherine whispered, "So, Big Bro, how do you like what I'm doing with my feet? Kind of like a handjob, so I guess maybe it's a footjob."

"Pretty cool, actually. I never would have thought of it, but it feels great!" He grew serious and leaned forward. "However, about Mom..."

Katherine also leaned in closer to hear his extra-quiet whisper. She put her hand on one of his knees to do so, but quickly moved from there to stroking his meaty shaft with that hand instead of just her feet.

He said very quietly, "As good as that feels, would you be willing to take one for the team?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, get Mom to take over. She's wavering, but we need to end her mood swings."

"You just like how she tends your cock better."

"Do not!"

"Do too!" Both of Katherine's fists slid up and down Alan's dick as they argued. She started going faster and faster as her jealousy and anger grew.

He spoke quietly but insistently. "Do not, really! You're fantastic. It's just that we need to be strategic here."

"You're just saying that."

Susan said from over in the kitchen, "Here comes breakfast!"

Susan, naked, walking toward the viewer while carrying a box of cereal in one hand and covering her pussy with the other

The kids looked over and saw her standing naked while attempting to bring over their breakfast cereal. Because one of her hands was modestly covering her pussy, she could only hold the cereal box in her other hand and had to leave the bowls and milk behind.

Tottering along in her high heels, she thought, Okay, things are back to normal. This is just like a typical morning. Well, almost. So I'm kind of naked. That's not a total disaster, is it? After all, some families live as nudists, right? Even Adam and Eve were nude. Besides, I'll be able to put on my nightie just as soon as I have a minute. What's important is to get through this in a relatively normal way and get the kids off to school.

As she walked across the dining room, she said, "The French toast, unfortunately, was unsalvageable. But I'm making another batch. Meanwhile, you should get started with this." As she got closer, she saw Katherine was using two hands instead of her feet on Alan's boner. She chided, "Angel, what did I say about using your hands?"

"Sorry, Mom. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but it's just so hard to get him to cum! I can't get enough pressure with my feet, and we have to get to school before long. Do you want him to go to school practically bursting with all that tasty cum?"

"Hmmm. Oh dear. That is a good point." Susan stood with the cereal box held strategically in front of her crotch, but she finally had to put it on the table. She was blushing furiously, despite her attempt to look and act calm.

She placed her hand where the box had been to keep some semblance of modesty, but that left her fingers so close to her clit that she was tempted to start jilling herself right there. Dear Lord! I'm so very horny. Just look at Angel's fingers sliding up and down and all around Tiger's thick meat! There's so much cummy goodness needing to be stroked and licked and sucked that I just HAVE to touch myself! At least a little bit, can't I? Please?!

No! I can't! I have to be strong. I need to tell them to stop - right now!

Without saying anything more, she hurried back to the kitchen naked, trying in vain to cover her ass as she went.

Alan thought, It's weird. On the one hand I feel bad to see Mom so obviously distraught. But on the other hand it's a huge turn-on! That's so wrong. She's my mom. I shouldn't be making her do stuff like this. But I can't help it; she's just too busty and sexy! I lose all willpower around her!

Susan soon came back, with her breasts wobbling and bouncing in every direction as she attempted to hold the milk, two bowls, and spoons while keeping her pussy covered as much as possible.

His enjoyment of her sexy walk to and from the kitchen was greatly enhanced by his sister's continued two-fisted handjob.

Susan put everything on the table. "Finally! You two naughty kids eat up. We're running behind, thanks to all these shenanigans. I really shouldn't be allowing any of this."

But neither Alan nor Katherine was touching their food - they were having too much fun.

Susan put her hands on her bare hips. "You two, I go through all this trouble to cock you food; the least you can do is eat me. ... I mean it! Eat IT. The food!" She blushed.

Katherine burst into giggles. "'Cock you food?'"

Susan had only noticed the second Freudian slip, so she blushed even more when she realized that she'd also made the first one. Somehow, standing naked before her children and blushing profusely with her head bowed down in shame turned her on even more. She could feel rivulets of her juices rolling down her inner thighs, and hoped and prayed that her kids wouldn't see just how hot and wet she was for her son.

Looking anywhere but at her children, she decided to retreat back to the kitchen and recover from her humiliation there. She did so, but as she walked away, about the only thing she could think of was the hope that her son was admiring the rise and fall of her bare ass cheeks.

By this time, she was so horny that as soon as she reached the kitchen she turned around and headed back to the dining room table. She did her best to walk in a slow and sexy manner. But as she did she thought, Drat! He's hardly even looking at me. Angel is sticking close to him, using all of her feminine charms as well as her ten sliding fingers. I need to up my game!

Suzanne's been talking about giving me "sashaying lessons." I've been doing the practice exercises she gave me, but she says I'm still not ready for prime time. How I wish I could wow my Tiger by walking just like Suzanne does! It's true I've been getting good at strutting, but strutting moves me far too fast.

All too soon, Susan reached the table. She still wasn't having much luck attracting Alan's attention. Noticing the nightie still lying there, she picked it up and mumbled, "At least now I can finally get into some clothes!" She slowly put it on, trying to surreptitiously wipe her thighs clean in the process. She wasn't sure if she was trying to be more responsible by wearing something, or if she was simply attempting a reverse strip-tease by getting dressed in a very sexy manner. In truth, it was a little bit of both.

The funny thing was though, the nightie was so transparent that it hardly made any difference at all. It certainly did nothing to support her still wildly wobbling breasts. If anything, it only made her look more desirable.

After she'd pulled the nightie over her head, she continued to stand there and watch Katherine's two-handed stroking. She thought, Okay, they have their cereal now. This is the time for me to put my foot down. I have to be like Suzanne. I have to be tough! We should have a NORMAL breakfast like normal people. No cock stroking! Or at the very least, if cock stroking has to be done, I should save Angel the indignity of having to do it.

Yes, the more I think about it, it's my duty to protect her as much as possible. I've already been corrupted by becoming his personal cocksucker, well, one of them at any rate, so it wouldn't be so bad if I were to take his magnificent, powerful meat in my hands, and rub and stroke it with love until he showers me with a fountain of spermy goodness! Mmmm! Yes!

Katherine could read Susan's mood from her face. She realized that something needed to be done before Susan started asserting control. That way, she could take credit for what was going to happen anyway. She winked at Alan behind their mother's back, and said, "Speaking of running behind, I've got a bunch of things to do upstairs. Here, Mom, why don't you take over?"

Susan's determined face crumbled into an uncertain yet needy one. "What, you mean, with Tiger's cock, er, I mean, member?"

Katherine grinned and nodded.

Susan's voice rose with alarm. "But what about the French toast?"

"Try multi-tasking."

Susan thought, NO! I'm going to put my foot down, just like I said! Someone has to put a stop to all this debauchery. But even as she thought this, she found herself taking Katherine's place in the chair, taking over stroking Alan's erection only seconds after Katherine let go of it.

As her hands started to pump up and down on his wet shaft, her boobs wobbled and swayed enticingly underneath her nearly nonexistent nightie. That wasn't by accident; she remembered Suzanne's advice to always keep her boobs moving through subtle methods such as sometimes pressing one or the other of her upper arms against them.

With Alan's cock in her hands and her boobs jiggling, she felt a sense of calm and happiness come over her. Somewhere in the back of her mind a voice was continuing to complain about the impropriety of it all, but she shooed the voice away, like she would for a bothersome buzzing fly. Hmmm. Well, maybe this is for the best. After all, I'm preventing my darling Angel from being seduced by this tall tower of male perfection! Mmmm! So thick and long!

Katherine just stood there watching her mother's hand slide up and down. She decided that she wasn't in such a big hurry after all. Playfully referring to Susan's earlier Freudian slip, she told her mother, "Now you're really cockin'!" and then burst into giggles.

Susan pouted, "Angel! That's mean." But her hands didn't slow their sliding even slightly.

Katherine suggested, "Boy, look at the time. Bro and I will have to go to school before too schlong." She was again poking fun at the Freudian slips, but Susan didn't know what "schlong" meant and Alan was too absorbed in the handjob to do much more than grin, so Katherine ended up being the only one to giggle at her own joke.

She went on with sincere encouragement, "Mom, maybe you should suck him off to make him blow that much faster."

Susan licked her lips. She didn't need much convincing. "Well, if you think so..."

"Definitely! After all, you don't want us to be late for school, do you? It's the only proper thing to do, when you think about it. Oh, and you'll need to take that nightie off. It looks really expensive and you could ruin it when Alan erupts his tasty cream all over you."

"Oh, poo! But I just put it on!" It's happening again! Everyone's always conspiring to get me to take all my clothes off. It's not right! But while one part of her mind was complaining, the rest of her loved the idea.

"Them's the breaks." Katherine figured that since she couldn't keep Susan from Alan's hard-on anyway, she might as well help with breaking down her barriers. That would help them all have more fun in the future. By this time she was standing behind Susan and looking in Alan's direction, so she winked secretly at him once again.

He just smiled back. Katherine's cooperative attitude was definitely winning points with him.

Susan compromised and pulled her nightie down to her waist rather than taking it all the way off. She knew Alan was probably going to squirt all over her face or chest, so she needed to keep those bared. I have to keep some boundaries, some restraint, or my son will be plugging my cunt with HARD COCK before too long! Mmmm! He'll ride his mommy hard and deep! MMMM! Yes! So full! Oh, I can't even think about it. I can't! Mmmm! Must suck cock instead!


Susan held out until Katherine finally left to go upstairs, then she silently bent over and started slurping away.

As she ran her tongue up and down one side of his slick stiffness and fondled his balls, she thought, This is so embarrassing. How do these things keep happening to me? Is it always going to be like this? I just wanted to have a normal, non-sexual morning, and look at what happens! Somehow, no matter what I try to do, I always end up topless and sucking his cock! It's just not fair.

She mouthed his entire cockhead and then some. She liked to work on his sensitive spot by sliding her lips back and forth over it repeatedly while stimulating it with her tongue. It was possibly her favorite and most frequently used technique because of its devastating effectiveness (except maybe for her corkscrew technique).

Mmmm! Yes! This is the life! Why does he have to taste so good and make me so tingly? That's not fair either!

Susan bent over, sucking Alan's cock with her bare boobs hanging pendulously

She was so inspired that she tried to deep throat him. She did make it about halfway down his shaft, but only for a second or two before it triggered her gag reflex. She quickly pulled back. She would have to think twice about trying that again.

A couple of minutes passed, with the busty mother bobbing with a steady rhythm and considerable suction. Alan was feeling great. He was tremendously aroused, but not so aroused that he had to struggle with his PC muscle all the time.

In fact, he was so in control that he was tempted to try for more. He said, "Mom, I almost forgot to get your attention." He reached out with a hand to grope her ass, if he could reach it.

But she glared at him. Her lips were still sliding up and down just below his cockhead, but her eyes all but said, "Don't push your luck, buster. Believe me, I know you're aroused!"

So he prudently withdrew his hand. The way she was going to town on his erection, he didn't have much to complain about. He was psyched that her cocksucking skills were improving daily by leaps and bounds. It was truly a multi-sensory experience for him. He couldn't begin to describe how aroused it made him to see her head bobbing in his lap, smell her mix of wet pussy and refined feminine fragrance, and listen to her constant stream of happy "Mmmm"-ing sounds. Sometimes he ran his hands through her long straight hair, which added to his joy.

Susan thought as she sucked, He's always pushing the boundaries. He knows I can't resist him. If he gets his hands on my ass, I'd love it so much that before long I just might wind up begging for him to shoot his superior seed deep into his mommy's womb! Why can't he be content to have his big-titted mommy be one of his dedicated cocksuckers? Why does he have to control every last bit of my body and my soul?! But most of all, why does sucking his cock have to be so darn FUN?! MMMM!

Before long, she found two of her fingers plunging in and out of her slit as she contemplated her son's near total control over her mouth. It's like my mouth was made to fit around this fat stick. It just feels so perfect! Mmmm! How can I stop myself?! I just can't swallow enough incestuous seed to satisfy my depraved urges! Mmmm!

He knew he wouldn't be able to last long, especially given the way she was wantonly fingering her pussy right in front of him. (He couldn't see her pussy from where he was sitting, but he could see the rhythmic movement of her arm.) But he didn't want the fun to end, so he desperately tried to figure out a way to keep it going. She was so consumed with her task, he knew he couldn't just ask her to pull off and let him take a break. So after only a minute or two he said urgently, "Mom, the French toast! You should check on that!"

She stood up. "Oh no! It might be burned again." She rushed back to the stove. Luckily the French toast was still okay, since she'd set the heat to the lowest setting, but it took her some time to finish that batch and start another.

That was good for Alan because he'd been right on the edge of cumming. Even another thirty seconds of such intense stimulation would have been too much for him to take.

Susan came back and opened her nightie again, then let the nightie fall completely to the ground. There had really been no need to do that, except that she felt even more deliciously naughty sucking his cock in just her high heels. Being naked made her feel even more subservient to his lust. She raised her huge globes with both hands. "I hope you appreciate all the things I have to do for you."

"I do, Mom, I do!" He liked what she was doing to her rack, but he also noticed her glistening inner thighs.

She frowned skeptically. "Hmmm. Well, if you ask me, this is really not the proper way to start the day. We can't make a habit of this! After all, I'm still your mother; I deserve your respect."

But this time she got down on her knees, between his legs, and resumed her eager cocksucking. She would have been a lot more upset about the indignity of her position except that she loved cocksucking so much. Deep down, this was exactly the kind of thing she really wanted to happen.

Alan was loving life. He soon worked out a good system: whenever he would get too close to cumming he'd find some new excuse to send Susan back to the kitchen and then he'd get to watch her hustle around in the nude. He loved how she was forced to hold her breasts since they were so big and unwieldy. His system had a good practical purpose too, since she still did have breakfast cooking.

She continued to try to maintain some control over her body. Even though she was naked, frequently fingering herself and indescribably horny, she thought that cumming wildly would cross yet another line, especially since there was no telling what kind of lewd things she might shout out as her body writhed (unless her mouth was stuffed with cock, which it was most of the time). So she did her best to restrain her climax.

The interruptions helped with this, but on the other hand a part of her didn't really want that much help and just wanted to cum. Before long, she was practically a nervous wreck from her greatly growing lust.

Katherine came back naked, carrying her clothes and her backpack. She sat down next to Alan and started eating her breakfast, acting as if there was nothing unusual (which increasingly there wasn't) in seeing her mother's head bobbing in her brother's lap.

Susan was nearly delirious with lust, but pulled her lips off her son's dick long enough to complain, "Angel! Really. Get some clothes on. Please. That's so improper."

"Mom, how can you lecture me on being naked when you're not wearing a stitch yourself and your mouth is crammed full of cock? Besides, I don't want to wet my panties or my skirt watching what you're doing."

Susan realized she was in no position to object to that. However, in a rather counterproductive attempt to maintain some authority, she said, "It so happens that Tiger's cock is particularly needy. His fat knob has practically stopped throbbing because I haven't been lapping my way around it enough, and I've been neglecting the root of his shaft even worse. And don't get me started about his balls; I haven't licked them for minutes! The darn food cooking in the kitchen keeps ruining my concentration. So this is no time to talk, but we WILL talk about your troublesome attitude later, young lady!" She'd been jacking off Alan as she said this, but then her mouth went back to work too.

The two siblings ate their French toast together. All the while, Susan spent most of her time on her knees, bobbing her head back and forth over her son's long shaft.

Alan was too distracted to eat, but Katherine knew he had to get some food in him before school, so she cut up his French toast and fed it to him piece by piece. She also liked to lean into him and rub her hands over his chest when she could. Sometimes she'd nibble on his ear or plant kisses along his neck. Occasionally, she'd surprise him and stick her juice-coated fingers into his mouth, straight from her box, rather than the next bite of French toast that he expected.

He certainly didn't want to complain about that. Not only was it sexy, but her juices tasted good to him.

He thought, Man, this is the life! Mom's blowing me while Sis is feeding me. I'm living like a king! If only I could prolong this even more, I could live like this all day! But god-damned school starts so early. Shit.

As if reading his mind, Katherine asked, "So... enjoying your breakfast?"

He laughed. "You could say that again!"

His sister giggled too. "What do you like best? Is it the fact that you've got a naked and kneeling G-cupped mommy bobbing down your cock? Or do you like the way I'm feeding you? Or how you're playing with my tits, since your hands are free?"

Susan thought, Grrr! He's not supposed to be doing that! If Angel is at all like me, titty play is the key to total submission. If he keeps on playing with her tits, before long she'll be, well, she could wind up one of his tit slaves! Just like me! Oh God! So HOT!

Needless to say, Susan was too aroused to break her lip-lock for long enough to complain about what he was doing to Katherine.

Thus, she was extremely relieved when he finally blew his load shortly after he'd finished eating. He ended up shooting it straight down her throat, so she needn't have worried about messing up her nightie after all. To her great shame, the feeling of his pulsing erection squirting hot cum into her throat was so exciting that she climaxed right along with him. Since she'd been holding back the urge to cum the entire time, it was a massive whopper. The only thing she could be grateful for was that her lips were so busy trying to coax every last bit of sperm out of him that she never had a chance to scream. Even without the actual act, she imagined all her neighbors recoiling in horror when they heard her scream: "Tiger! Fuck your mommy's mouth!"

When her orgasm finally subsided, she slid to the floor, bedraggled and sweaty. As happened so often, she was wracked with guilt, but also happily drunk with (temporarily) satiated lust. Already she was beginning to feel forlorn about the eight hours her children would have to be away at school.

Alan was scarcely in better shape, slumping in his chair as if she'd sucked his soul out along with what felt like a gallon of cum. He was in no condition to go to school.

Susan soon got back on all fours, but only to put her face back into his crotch.

"What are you doing?!" Katherine asked, quite confused.

As Susan licked, she said, "Unfortunately, cocksucking is a very messy business. Bodily fluids fly everywhere. It's not right to leave Tiger's crotch all messy."

Katherine asked, "So you're cleaning up your saliva with more saliva? I don't get it."

Alan said, "I'm not sure how much cleaner things can get, exactly, but my dick is in a super-sensitive state afterwards, so it feels good in a weird way to get it licked right then, even though it's flaccid. Kind of like stepping in a really hot hot-tub. It hurts a bit, but in a good way. And when she licks my balls, hell, it feels so good that she can do that anytime!"

That was music to Susan's ears, causing her to redouble her resolve to regularly lick him clean. She also made a note to spend more time on his balls, and then got busy with that right away.

Katherine shook her head. "Whatever. But come on, Bro. Somebody's gotta get you ready for school. Where'd you put your backpack?"

She helped him dress, even while Susan kept on 'cleaning' his balls. Then Katherine brought him his backpack and all but shoved him out the front door.

Susan wanted to help, but although she was able to lick his balls just fine, she was barely able to stand. Her huge orgasm had practically wiped out her control over her big muscle groups, at least for a while.

All in all, it was a very good morning for everyone, and an especially great morning for Alan. As he and Katherine rushed out the front door with their backpacks, ready to bike to school, she muttered to her brother, "You owe me one."

Susan managed to stagger to the front door to see them off. Only as she stood in the front window, waving goodbye, did she realize that she was still nude. She ducked down, but luckily the Plummer house was screened well enough from the street that no one had seen.

She blushed as she chided herself for her carelessness and lack of control, but already she couldn't wait for Suzanne to come over for Susan's daily recounting of exactly what had happened and to get Suzanne's advice.

Had she been honest with herself, she would have been able to predict what would happen: Suzanne would come over a few minutes after all four of their kids had left for school. Then Susan would immediately rush to her and fret and bemoan her lack of willpower and the disturbingly sexual nature of what had happened during breakfast, after which Suzanne would reassure her that there was no problem and would half-convince her that things had worked out best for everyone involved.

Then, using leading keywords and phrases, Suzanne would get Susan so aroused that the formerly prudish housewife would describe her morning cocksucking in increasingly vivid detail. Susan would come close to cumming, but wouldn't quite get there since she was afraid to touch herself while Suzanne was watching. Then, to Susan's great frustration, the two of them would spend over an hour exercising, keeping her aroused the entire time thanks to her constant moving about as well as Suzanne's sexually-focused conversation. After Suzanne would leave, Susan would finally get her much needed (and much delayed) chance to masturbate.

And that's exactly what happened.


As often happened, Alan found himself walking with Christine between first-period and second-period classes. He was trying to be in the moment, but it was a struggle because he couldn't stop reflecting on what had happened at home that morning, before school.

Christine's head in right profile

Christine said to him, "I can't believe I'm actually speaking to you in the flesh. You've been so hard to reach lately. Are we still friends? Did what happened to us a while back ruin everything?"

"No. No, it didn't."

"Did our practice date ruin things then? You haven't spoken to me much since then, aside from a couple of times. I was just trying to reestablish our friendship, I hope I didn't mess things up even more."

"No, the date was great. No problem at all. We had a good time hanging out after school on Thursday, right? Remember that? And today's only Monday."

Christine nodded. "Yeah, that's true. It's just that... Well, that was pretty much the only time."

"Hold on. We had lunch together on Wednesday too, right?"

"Yeah, I know."

In truth, in the last week or so she'd been deliberately giving him more social time outside class than ever before, but her interest in him had been growing steadily, so now she wanted even more. That led her to complain: "But other than a couple times here and there, you haven't said much more to me than the usual 'Hey, what's up?' kind of talk. And all the weird stuff I pointed out then is still happening. It seems you're always spaced out, ridiculously happy, and you disappear as soon as class is over."

Trying to dodge the issue, he chuckled, "'Ridiculously happy?' Is that a bad thing?"

"No, but... You have to admit, it does kind of make a girl wonder."

He nodded, then replied vaguely, "It's not just you. I'm not trying to avoid you at all. I like spending time with you. But you may have noticed that I've been hard to reach for everyone lately."

She arched an eyebrow. "That's an understatement! You've become the mystery man. No one even sees you during lunch anymore. People are starting to talk. What's going on?"

"I'm just really, really busy. Lots of things happening at home..." He thought, That is technically true. If she only knew what kinds of things.

They were getting near their next classroom, so she slowed her pace considerably so that they could keep talking without people overhearing. "Is it because of what you told me on Thursday, that you're going out on real dates?"

"Well, that's a big part of it. Especially the 'ridiculously happy' part. But as far as disappearing all the time and not spending more time with you, that's just my lameness. I'd love to spend a lot more time with you. In fact, I'd like for us to go on a second non-date date, if you know what I mean. Would you be into that?"

"Definitely!" She belatedly realized that she was looking and sounding too eager. "Um, I mean, that would be cool."

"Cool. I'll give you a call to work out the details. But as a general plan, how about some time this weekend? Like maybe Friday or Saturday night?"

"Yeah, okay. Let's do it!" She chided herself for sounding too eager again, but she wasn't good at hiding her emotions. Then she added uncertainly, "That is, I wouldn't be interrupting your real dates with a mere practice date, would I?"

He replied, "No, don't worry. I can juggle things around, I'm sure. It's like what I told you on Thursday: I'll always have time for you. Even though we've pretty much only hung out in school until lately, I consider you one of my best friends."

She was glad to hear that. Still, she was dying to find out just who his other date or dates were. Then she remembered that she'd promised on Thursday not to be nosy about that. She said, "Yeah, but Friday or Saturday night, that's the time for real dates." She hoped he might reveal more about his other dates by responding to that probe.

He said, "And it's the time for practice dates too. After all, they're pretty much real except for the romance part. Don't worry; like I said, I can juggle my other dates, no problemo."

"Cool." By this time, they'd reached the door of their next classroom, then stood there until they'd finished their conversation. Christine smiled as they walked to their seats together.

She'd tried to sound enthusiastic, but actually she was disappointed. Their "non-romantic" date had gone so well that she was starting to warm up to the idea of going on a real romantic date. However, he seemed very firm on not getting involved with her. What bothered her more was his mention of going out on "real dates" with other girls. He even mentioned that he could juggle his "other dates," which implied more than one. She was surprised at just how much that disturbed her.

Still, she looked forward to their weekend plans and hoped to further test his feelings and see if she could progress their relationship further.

As he sat in his chair and waited for class to begin, he pondered the notion of getting something sexual going with her after all. But he dismissed the idea almost as soon as he thought of it.

He thought, No way am I going to go through that agony again, just to be shot down and probably see our friendship destroyed for good. Plus, I've got so many women on my mind and in my life, I just can't deal with another. Christine is a Nordic blonde goddess and I really love her... well, I love her personality at the very least. And I could really love her body. She still turns me on in a big way, but she's so sexually inexperienced. She's still the "Ice Queen"; as far as I know, she hasn't even kissed a guy yet.

I'm so totally spoiled these days that when I hang out with a beautiful woman, I expect a handjob the way other guys expect a hello. It would be unfair of me to drag such an innocent girl down into my den of iniquity. She'd be better off without me. She needs to find some pure, innocent guy just like her. I can't give the women I'm already with the time or love they deserve; adding another one would be selfish of me and unfair to them all.

Alan and Christine shared nearly all their classes so, now that their friendship was back on solid ground, it felt natural when they walked together between their second and third-period classes. As they did, Christine asked him, "By the way, I've been wondering... Have you had a meeting with the college counselor yet?"

"No," he replied. "How 'bout you?"

"Oh, sure. I asked to be one of the ones to go first, so I could get it out of the way."


"Well what?"

"If I'm not being too nosy, what colleges are you planning to apply to?" He was genuinely curious.

She looked around suspiciously. "I suppose I can tell you. But don't spread this around, okay? I have enough trouble with people thinking I'm elitist."

"My lips are sealed."

She smiled as she pondered her bright college future. "My first choice is Stanford. It's one of the best of the best, and it's here in California. But, failing that, I'm thinking Harvard, Princeton, or Yale. I have some back-up schools too."

Alan whistled. "Phew! No wonder you want to keep that on the down-low. Some people are gonna be envious when they hear about your choices. Especially since it's obvious that you're going to get accepted to them all."

"Really? You think?" She looked surprisingly worried.

"Are you kidding me?! You could get in on your academic accomplishments alone. But when you add in your athletic and extra-curricular stuff, you might as well buy your Stanford sweater now, if that's your top choice. And that's not to mention overcoming your big disability."

She raised a curious eyebrow, indicating he needed to explain.

He deadpanned, "I refer to your blonde hair, of course. As I recall, it's been decades since any blonde has gotten into Stanford, male or female."

She raised a book and acted like she was going to hit him over the head with it. "You! Argh!" Knowing they didn't have much time to talk before class started, she asked, "What about you? Where are you applying, Mr. Brown Hair?"

He thought, Oh, shit! I haven't been thinking about that AT ALL. And with the way I've been neglecting my homework in favor of sex, my options are narrowing. But he had thought about it from time to time for months, so at least he had a ready answer. "I'd love to go to Stanford too. That would probably be my first choice as well, but I have to be realistic. My chances of getting in would be a longshot at best. Heck, that's true for all of your top choices. But I think I'd have a really good chance of getting into UC Berkeley. If not that, maybe UCLA. I figure that if I'm not going to luck into some top Ivy League college, I might as well stay in sunny California."

She nodded. She knew his chances of getting into Stanford were quite small, so she didn't want to give him unrealistic expectations. Instead, as they walked into class and sat down, she said, "You know what? If I get into Stanford and you get into Berkeley, we'll only be about an hour apart."

He smiled. "That's true. That would be cool. It would be a lot better than being on the other side of the country from each other. It would be nice to stay in touch."

"Yeah." She returned his smile. "I'd like that."

He felt all warm and tingly inside from looking at her and hearing her say that.


Alan remained distracted throughout the day. Even after the diversion of talking to Christine, all he could do was think about his great morning and how his mother had sucked him off while his sister fed him breakfast.

But as soon as he entered his fourth-period history class, taught by Glory, the morning faded away. It was like a switch had flipped in his brain: his entire focus turned to his sexy teacher. His mind worked in such a way that he found it easy to live fully in the moment, which meant that whatever or whomever was capturing his attention at that moment tended to monopolize it.

Now that he had more sexual experience, he didn't just dream of seeing Glory naked - he very vividly imagined all kinds of sexual things they could be doing together. Occasionally he looked around the class and marveled that the other students weren't all staring at him, since he was practically drooling and cumming in his chair as he fantasized about spending private time with their teacher.

But the great thing was, as soon as class was over, his fantasies tended to become his reality. As usual, Glory was formally attired in business dress, with fancy stockings and lacy underwear. But as soon as all the other students left, leaving Alan alone with her, she removed her clothes piece by piece, drawing it out like a professional striptease to drive him wild.

Glory in formal teaching attire, undressing incrementally for Alan

Because of his tennis schedule, she said as she stripped, "This week, let me focus on pleasing you. You'll be able to play better if your dick is well-drained before your matches, so you should let me relieve you every single day this week."

He was staggered by how much that sounded like something his mother would say. Of course he didn't point that out.

Glory continued, "We don't want to get into the habit of meeting every single day all the time or people will get suspicious, but we can risk it this week, to help your tennis matches. Then, if you do well enough, I'll give you a really big reward when your tournament is all over, to celebrate your victory."

He was far from the best player on the tennis team, and knew he had no chance of winning the whole tournament. But he also figured, Glory knows I'm not a great player. I'll bet her definition of "victory" will be pretty generous. As long as I still have a pulse when the tournament is over, she's gonna give me something good. Maybe she'll even let me fuck her! I sure could use some more fucking opportunities, with all the frustration about that at home. It would be heavenly to fuck Glory!

By the time he mumbled his approval, her mouth was already around his prick, happily slurping away naked and on her knees. As he was generally doing at home lately, he just stood there reveling in euphoria, rather than actively thrusting his hips or forcing her head back and forth. Then again, she was doing a great job and didn't need any help or encouragement.

She thought, Aaaaah! Even though I got to suck him on Saturday night at the costume party, it still feels like ages since my lips were wrapped around his thick shaft! I missed this so much! I don't know why, but I'm totally hooked on this young man's great cock! I know that, in a way, he's taking advantage of me. I suck him off most every day, and he just kicks back and enjoys it. But so what? I'm having a hell of a great time, and I'm getting more orgasms that he is! So there!

We have great chemistry, that's for sure! Whenever we kiss, or touch, or especially when I'm bobbing on him like this, I feel this endless tingling, like an electric charge, buzzing through my entire body! Gaawwwd, I crave it so much. No man has ever made me feel this way. No wonder he has all his other lovers. I'm nothing more than his lunch time cocksucking slut. That's so demeaning, but even that turns me on! It's fucked up!

Alan loved the way her tongue worked. It wasn't particularly long, but it was relentlessly active, always darting from here to there, always coming up with surprises. That also made her a great kisser.

After a short while, she stopped and looked up long enough to say, "Let's work on our blowjob teamwork. There's nothing I'd like to do more than suck you off for the whole lunch period. You can work on your control, and I'll work on how long my jaws can endure. Tell me when you're getting close, young man, because I don't want to see you shooting off early!" She said this in a stern voice, as if reminding him to complete a homework assignment.

He thought, What the heck? Now it sounds like she's channeling Aunt Suzy! If she only knew how much I'm practicing improving my stamina at home.

And speaking of "if only," if only Sean or Peter could see me now. They both have her as a teacher and think she's hot. Heck, everyone thinks she's hot. What would they think if they heard her say to me, "There's nothing I'd like to do more than suck you off for the whole lunch period"? Of course they wouldn't believe it. I can scarcely believe it myself, even as I caress the back of her head and hear and feel her slurping and sucking. Who says women don't like giving blowjobs? At least some women seem to love it!

Sure enough, she sucked him and stroked him for the whole lunch period. She didn't properly deep throat him per se, since that felt so good to him that he wouldn't last more than a minute or two without squirting, and she really wanted to see if they could do it for the whole time. But was hardly bothered by her gag reflex and often plunged down so deep that she had more than half his cock in her mouth, which definitely qualified as deep throating, even if it only lasted a few seconds each time.


Alan remained standing as Glory knelt naked between his legs. It would have been much more comfortable for him to sit, but he preferred the dominance aspect of towering over her.

He thought about just that while she blew him. Man, all this sexual success is going to my head. I'm letting my bad side, my wild side, run wild. I dunno why, but standing up like this is like a serious rush! Seeing my teacher, who was just lecturing us fully clothed a little while ago, naked and kneeling and feasting on my cock... MAN! How could anyone resist this kind of power trip? I don't want to turn into a bad asshole, but this just feels so goddamned great!

It's like that quote by St. Augustine: "Lord, give me chastity, but not yet." Exactly! Give me the ability to resist this kind of power rush, but not yet! Ironically, I first heard that quote from Glory in this very class. I wish I could tell her now that I remembered it, but, given the circumstances, it's probably better that I don't.

As usual, she used more suction than even Suzanne could manage, while fondling and licking him at the same time. She was even more passionate that usual, because she'd gone most of the weekend without any sex with a partner, except for her brief encounter with Alan at the costume party.

One thing she definitely didn't do was have sex with her boyfriend Garth. She knew she should have broken up with him already, but she couldn't bear to break the bad news to him. She knew it was taking the easy way out, but she was trying to let their relationship die a slow death. She figured that if she did it that way, by the time she broke it off with him, he wouldn't be that upset, and probably would even expect it. As a result, she had talked to Garth on the phone some, but she'd avoided seeing him all weekend. In fact, it had been a long time since she'd so much as kissed him.

In truth, having trouble breaking it off with him wasn't the only reason she was still technically dating him. She also got a sexual thrill thinking that although she was Garth's girlfriend, she really belonged to Alan. She didn't tell Alan to him face because she considered it demeaning and didn't want to give him a big head, but when she masturbated in private, she liked to fantasize that she was his personal slut, forced to do whatever he wanted her to do. A part of her was bothered that she couldn't have a conventional romantic relationship with her favorite student, but another part of her actually reveled in it.

She bobbed and licked with such enthusiasm that, after a while, her energy level inevitably began to lessen. They took brief breaks here and there, but, even with those, so much prolonged and inspired tongue action and jaw work was really tiring for her.

Alan remembered how much she got off on the idea of being naked in front of class, so he said to help revive her, "You know, I don't know if I'll be able to cum before class is over. Why don't I just stand behind the lectern and you can keep on sucking me? I'll pretend to be a guest lecturer while you kneel inside the lectern as much as you can."

Of course, he didn't really mean it. But Glory liked that pretend idea so much that she insisted they practice it right away, since they were in the middle of a strategic break anyway. She got up and repositioned herself and him. She knelt with her back against the lectern, which kept her head below the top of it. The class, had there been one, actually would not have been able to see her there while they were seated. However, if anyone stood near the door, there would be no way to miss her.

Alan shortly rued having come up with the idea, because Glory insisted that he pretend to be a guest lecturer and try to give a lecture on the European discovery of America at the lectern. She made certain that "try" was the operative word, because her mouth was crammed full of his cock before he even began to speak. She redoubled her efforts to distract him so much that he couldn't even think, much less talk at length about some ancient history subject.

Most of Alan's lecture sounded something like this. "So Columbus, he, uh... he sailed the ocean blue in 1492. ... Um, and uh... Let's see... There were, uh, three ships... UGH! God, that's so good. The Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. ... He, uh, was trying to sail to India and calculated that uh, that uh... The um... JESUS! Glory, how do you expect me to last the whole lunchtime if you keep doing that? I'm only human, you know. ... Um, where was I? Um, so Columbus, he uh, thought the world was round and- JEEEE-SUS! Not the balls too?! I'm gonna blow for sure!"

It would have been a pretty pathetic lecture, but it was a really great blowjob. The more Glory could make him stumble and lose his place, the happier she was.

As if lecturing wasn't tough enough, Alan was also forced to stand the whole time. He ended up clutching the lectern with a death grip, just struggling to remain standing. Her blowjobs were that good.

But as good as they were, Glory was holding back just enough to keep him from cumming. She was watching the clock and when she deemed it was time for Alan to cum, she went into overdrive, grasping his balls and flying forward and back over his shaft until it seemed to him that her whole head was a blur from moving so quickly.

He fell to his knees and slumped against the lectern, still clutching on to what he could so he didn't fall all the way to the floor. When he finally reached orgasm and pumped his load into his teacher's mouth, he felt as if the heavens had opened and a choir of angels were serenading him.

Still, as always, he was mindful that he wanted her to have an orgasm too. So even as his body was convulsing spasmodically, he cried to her, "Cum for me! Cum!"

And she did. Just as she was improving her ability to keep him right on the edge of climax without quite going over, she was doing the same to herself by occasionally fingering herself as she sucked. So when the time came for him to cum, she almost always could push herself over the edge with ease. She actually was getting better orgasms, and more of them, blowing Alan than she had through any kind of sex with Garth.

Holy fuck, man! he thought, as he started to recovered after his big blast down her throat. She practically killed me with too much pleasure! I swear, even Aunt Suzy could learn something from Glory's techniques. WOW! There still is that special spark, that magical feeling, that makes her blowjobs extra awesome. How am I gonna make it through the rest of the day? I don't even know if I can walk, much less play tennis!

Then followed what was becoming a post-orgasmic ritual. Alan could do little more than melt into the floor; he was so overcome his knees felt like rubber. Glory, though, grabbed a can of air freshener and tried to mask the smell of their deeds. Her hair was particularly tussled from her rapid-fire action near the end, so she took some time brushing it until she looked semi-normal. She wore lipstick every day (which tended to leave red rings around Alan's dick), so she was careful to apply a fresh coat of lipstick to herself.

Usually she would make sure his penis was cleaned of her telltale lipstick marking. But occasionally, she would deliberately leave a red ring around his shaft, and say something like, "Let's see what your other sluts think of THAT! Consider that a message to them that this cock belongs to ME!" She knew she couldn't make that claim, but she liked to think that way anyway.

By this time, Alan would more or less revive. Glory would examine him and fuss over his clothes and hair until he was presentable, then send him on his way. It seemed she always timed it perfectly so that he left just a minute or two before she unlocked the door and the first students started coming in for fifth period. Sometimes, he would linger in the hall and watch for the others to arrive just to see just how much time they'd had to spare.

He was amazed that his body somehow managed to recover enough for him to play sports. He ended up playing tennis the entire sixth period hour, and then another hour and a half on top of it. There were sixteen players on the team, so he had five days to play the other fifteen players.


While Alan was spending his lunch time with Glory, Christine wandered around the cafeteria during her favorite part of the school day. It wasn't the food she looked forward to, but the chance to learn all the latest gossip. From a very young age, her parents had imprinted in her brain the saying that "knowledge is power." Christine had taken the love of learning to heart, which was a big reason why she so excelled in her studies. But it also meant that she liked to hear everything about everyone at school. Since she didn't have much of a social life of her own, that also enabled her to live somewhat vicariously through others.

Christine had formed a spy network of sorts to get the best gossip, referred to somewhat derisively as the "Goody-goodies" by those who knew of its existence. (Alan, a social outsider, was completely unaware of this, even though he was one of her few real friends.)

Christine was too much of the "Ice Queen" to have lots of friends, but she'd taken advantage of her reputation as the top-ranking female student in academics, as well as her reputation as a paragon of morality and purity, to form her own clique of like-minded girls.

She was thus linked in with a surprisingly large group of girls who did well in school and were also "pure" and usually virgins, although often not by choice. They might have been considered female geeks, but Christine was so drop-dead gorgeous that no one considered her a complete geek. Christine's high social standing rubbed off on them the more they associated with her.

Their reputation as "Goody-goodies" meant that they were scorned by the most elite of in-groups, the clique that those in the know called the "Blondies." Heather was at the center of this all-female group, whose members tried to emulate her, even down to most of them dying their hair to look more like hers (which was also always perfectly dyed). Since Heather was their role model, they celebrated immorality and hedonism, living a wild life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Most were barely passing their classes.

Like Christine, Heather also was aware that 'knowledge is power', so she too used her followers to try to learn everything about everyone. Heather's grades were lackluster because she didn't care about academics, but she could be very smart when she put her mind to it.

As a result, the "Goody-goodies" and the "Blondies" couldn't have been more different. The "Goody-goodies" spent much of their time trying to figure out what the "Blondies" were doing, although the "Blondies" didn't much care about the "Goody-goodies" since they generally lived pretty boring lives and weren't socially important enough to be a threat. Heather considered only Christine herself potentially dangerous enough to be worth keeping tabs on.

Christine got her food tray and sat down at "her" table in the cafeteria. Boys were mostly oblivious to the vicious power struggles between the girls, but if one wanted to understand the power structure one only had to look at where people sat at lunch. Christine's table was a minor power center and it was hard to get a seat there, but it was also quite far from Heather's table, and that table was like the U.N. Security Council of school politics, except a lot more vicious.

As Christine sat down, she looked to the "lieutenants" in her network who were already there. She sat across from Michelle, one of her key aides due to Michelle's unusually good connections to the football team (through her brother who was on the team) and thus the "Blondies" and asked, "Hey Michelle. So, what's up? What's the latest scuttlebutt?"

Michelle was bubbly with excitement. She had news about Alan Plummer and she knew that Christine always liked that, especially lately. "All the girls are talking about your hot date."

Christine blanched and froze in mid-reach for her fork. "What? I told you that was a completely platonic thing!" She was surprised her practice date with Alan was being discussed so many days after the fact.

"No, girl, I don't mean your date itself; nobody cares much about that, or even knows about it outside of your good friends here. No, I mean the guy from the date, Alan."

Christine visibly relaxed and tried to act more nonchalant. "Oh really? What about him?"

Michelle grew more excited. "Well, there are even MORE rumors about him today. Further confirmation that he is gettin' it on!" She said "gettin' it on" in a sassy, streetwise tone, and shook her head from side to side while wriggling her shoulders.

Christine leaned forward, and then others sitting nearby all leaned in. "Well? Don't stop there."

Michelle pulled back, suddenly more hesitant. "Mind you, these are just rumors. I haven't been able to put it all together, but there's something happening between him and the cheerleading squad. Something sexual."

Christine, glaring

"The squad?!" Christine asked incredulously. "You're not talking about merely one person, but the whole group?" She sat back. "I don't believe it. The WHOLE squad?"

"Uh-huh. The main thing is, he's just a nerd, right? But all the members of the squad are suddenly talking about him like he's the cock of the walk. Where did that come from? Like before third period today, Tina was clever enough to ask that cute cheerleader Kim what she thought about Alan, and Kim totally blushed and got all nervous. What's up with that?"

Tina was sitting a few seats away at the same table and said, "Uh-huh! It's true! I mean, her reaction was EXTREME. So I asked Janice and Joy about him just a little while ago, and they were kinda all weird too. And you already know that Amy has been wandering around in a daze talking about how 'dreamy' he is. Of course there's no point in talking to Katherine since, as his sister, she doesn't really figure into this. And no one dares talk to Heather."

Michelle picked up where Tina left off. "HOWEVER, remember that Heather was seen at the beach talking to Alan in a friendly manner. Heather! Friendly! Actually, even more than friendly if you believe the girl who claims to have seen it. She was actually flirting with him, big time!"

Another girl at the table said, "Hold on. This is HEATHER we're talking about! Everyone knows she's a shoo-in to be the Homecoming Queen this year." No one needed to mention what a blow to Heather's chances it would be in that contest if she started publicly associating with nerds like Alan, even if just for a laugh.

Christine said crisply, "I think I know who Heather is, thank you very much! Although I do have to admit that something strange is going on. But Michelle, why are you so convinced that it involves more than one girl? Maybe he and Amy have started some kind of relationship. That would be a logical deduction."

Michelle's eyes were sparkling with excitement. She leaned in even more and her voice took on conspiratorial overtones. "A-ha! Furthermore, a brother of a friend told me that the other day he was standing near Alan and a couple of other guys when Kim and Janice bent over right in from of them to pick up their pom-poms and you could see their butts. Alan mumbled to himself, 'Dang, I'm such a lucky bastard.'"

Another girl at the table pointed out, "It could just mean he considered himself lucky to get a free peek at that."

Michelle replied, "But you had to be there, from what I'm told. Apparently he blushed and had this hand-caught-in-the-cookie-jar expression, like a big secret of his had been exposed. Everyone there thought it was really odd."

Her face lit up. "But wait! Here's where it gets REALLY good! I don't want to name names, but earlier today one of Amy's closest friends got all confidential with her and prodded her to come clean about her relationship with him. She replied, and I quote, 'Just between you and me, no, sadly, I'm not his girlfriend. At least not yet.' She sighed, then her face lit up when she said, 'But I do like to play with his thingy!' Then they had a conversation in the strictest secrecy about his 'thingy.' She hinted that it's very 'needy' and that she's hardly the only one who plays with it."

Christine looked up and down at all the girls listening intently and snorted, "So much for 'strictest secrecy.'"

Michelle pointed out, "You always say that information wants to be free, right? But anyways, put together Amy and others having fun with his 'thingy', and the cheerleaders, not counting Katherine, suddenly acting strange when asked about him, and what do you get?"

Christine shot her down. "All I get is one girl with an overactive imagination who's jumping to conclusions. Get real! I could believe that Alan might be playing around a bit with Amy. After all, they've been next-door neighbors and close friends most of their lives. He's hinted to me strongly that he's dating somebody, so it's probably her. But he's such an upstanding guy; I can't imagine him playing around with more than one girl at a time. Frankly, I find it a bit hard to see him with a girlfriend at all."

She wasn't sure why she said that, especially since she didn't really believe it herself. Logically, she knew that he was almost certainly dating Amy or Kim, and quite possibly both of them. But emotionally, she was having a hard time changing her perception of him.

She added, "And you all know how stuck-up most of the cheerleaders are. I could see them being cordial to him, since he's Katherine's brother, but that's it. Amy and Katherine are obvious exceptions to that."

"But Kim totally blushed when asked about him," Michele pointed out.

"Kim's a lesbian, for crying out loud!" Christine complained. "Everyone knows that. Why would someone like that, and on the cheerleading squad to boot, get involved with a relative nobody?" Actually, Christine had seen Kim flirt with Alan on Wednesday, so she strongly suspected that Kim was at least bisexual and very likely did have something going on with Alan. But she didn't want the other girls to know that. She felt upset already just having to concede that he could be dating Amy; having him suddenly dating a whole bunch of girls, and not really her, was just too much to bear.

At that moment Michelle dropped what she considered to be her major bombshell. "What if his quote 'thingy' unquote was absolutely freakin' HUGE?! Even a lesbian might get a little bit curious."

Christine was incredulous. "Okay, Now you've gone completely off the deep end. Give me a break!"

"Hey, all I know is that Amy's not-so-trustworthy friend said that Amy made some big hints in that direction. And it all makes sense. When have you ever heard of Heather being honest-to-God friendly with a guy unless she wants something from him, or, especially, wants to have sex with him? We all know Heather is nothing like the sexually innocent priss that the clueless people in school think she is. What else could she possibly want from ALAN, of all people, unless he has a giant rocket in his pocket? Especially if he knows how to use it? Remember, she was seen flirting with him."

Christine sat back. She couldn't help but recall Alan's earlier mention of having to juggle his "other dates" this weekend, almost certainly implying more than one girl. She wasn't about to share that information with the others at the table though.

She said, "Huh. I have to admit, it is a bit intriguing. Still, it's just speculation piled on speculation. For starters, we can't actually confirm whether Heather was flirting with him or not. I'd say it's a lot more likely she deigned to talk to him just long enough to rip him a new asshole and taunt him with that 'You want it but you're never gonna get it' attitude of hers."

Tina spoke up. "True. But IF Heather was trying to get into Alan's pants, wouldn't that be the news of the year? Queen Bitch of the Universe plus Teacher's Pet Nerd equals luuuuve! Ha ha!"

The whole table burst into laughter and catcalls about that prospect. They all hated Heather, so any gossip that could take her down a notch was very much appreciated.

After that, the gossip exchange drifted on to different topics. But Christine only pretended interest while she ruminated about the gossip over Alan. She found herself more than a little bit disturbed by it all, especially the likelihood that something was happening between him and Amy. She hadn't been that daunted by the possibility that he was dating Kim, because she figured that she had a much sexier body than Kim did. But Amy was a different matter. She knew that Alan was a "tit man," and Amy was amply endowed, as well as all-around beautiful. She'd be seriously tough competition.

Then there was the possibility, although remote, that he was somehow getting involved with Heather as well. She found that so disturbing that she refused to even consider it. Still, the rumors suggested that he was getting increasingly sexually active, as well as increasingly desirable. She'd assumed that if she ever changed her mind about him, he'd still be there, ready and waiting for her. But now she was discovering to her chagrin that this was no longer true.


When his tennis match was over, Alan rushed directly to Kim's house. He hadn't showered after playing, but he figured he could shower there. His low-energy problem was the same as always, so he really wanted to nap, but he figured he could work in an hour or two of sex and then take a late nap at home before dinner. That's exactly what he ended up doing.

Alan showed up at Kim's house at 4:30 p.m. He rang the doorbell, which was answered immediately by both Kim and Katherine, who had been waiting anxiously for him to arrive. They were both wearing especially sexy, revealing outfits just for him. However, he was so tired from the tennis, plus biking to Kim's house in a hurry, that he couldn't really appreciate it. He just smiled and said, "Hey, you two look great! Kim, could I take a quick shower? Maybe that'll revive me."

Of course Kim didn't object, so a minute later Alan was naked with the shower water running over his body.

The girls gave him a few minutes to get clean and hopefully somewhat revived. Then they surprised him by joining him in the shower.

He didn't have it in him to object, especially once he got a good look at their naked bodies. He said, "Oh, man. I can't believe this is happening. Girls, I warn you; it'll be a tight squeeze in here."

Katherine replied, "That's what we're hoping!" She giggled at the double meaning.

He shook his head. "Duh. I really walked into that one, didn't I? Kim, what are you doing?"

He asked that because Kim had wasted no time, kneeling before him in a flash. In fact, by the time he finished asking her what she was doing, she was already licking his penis. Unfortunately, it was flaccid, but that didn't discourage her at all. She did focus more on licking his balls though, massaging his perineum with her tongue until the proximate stimulation of his prostate made his penis grow erect.

Then Katherine moved in. She managed to kiss his lips without getting in the way of Kim's efforts. Between happy smooches he asked his sister, "So what's this all about?"

Katherine replied as she licked his neck, "This is called number-one-fuck-toy service! Kim has agreed to be assistant fuck toy for the day. So feel free to do anything to me, to us, that you want! Anything at all!" After some more kissing, she added, "In certain other places, we have to be careful about what we do. But here and now there are no rules at all!"

"I like the sound of that!" he exclaimed with genuine excitement. The girls were doing a good job of reviving him both mentally and physically.

Despite the "anything goes" situation, Alan was content to just let Kim suck him off while Katherine kissed him. He still wasn't all the way back, and his muscles were aching from all the tennis. Just standing there with his back against the wall, intimately kissing his sister while the water massaged his sore muscles, felt very nice. The fact that Kim was blowing him at the same time was a very big bonus.

They kept at it until he was on the verge of a climax. Then they got dry and moved to Kim's bedroom.

Alan was in a mellow mood. He wanted to fuck for a while, but in a way that wouldn't take too much energy. He told Kim and Katherine while he sat naked on Kim's bed, drying his head with a towel, "I've been reading some books on sex techniques, but last time I was too excited to use what I'd just learned. Now I want to try this stuff out. There's a book that goes on about how awesome tender, slow, love making can be. So that's what I'd like to try. Did you know a woman is supposed to have seventeen different erogenous zones?"

"Seventeen?" Katherine asked quizzically. "That can't be right." She and Kim sat side by side next to him, naked, eagerly waiting to see whom he'd choose to fuck first.

Alan pointed his finger at Katherine and tossed the towel aside. "Kim, hope you don't mind, but I think I'll start with some sister fucking."

No one was too surprised by that. Katherine immediately hopped up on the bed and lay down.

Alan resumed his train of thought about erogenous zones even as he smiled and pressed himself down onto his sister. "Seventeen zones, Sis. Seventeen."

"No way!"

Katherine on Kim's bed, being mounted by Alan, missionary-style

"Yeah, way." He pushed his cock straight in. "You're going to find out. There's the back of the knees, the earlobes, the armpits..."

"Armpits? No way, Big Rig Brother. There's nothing sexy about that. ... Oh, God, it's so full! My poor cunt just ... can't take it. ... Push! Harder!"

"That's what the book says, Shaved Little Sister. Let's check it out. But I can't do two women at once. Let me show Sis first, then I'll show you, Kim. Then, once I get the hang of it, I can get some help from one of you, like I'm Santa and I've got a sex elf."

Kim laughed. "I could have guessed who gets the seventeen-zone treatment first, but that's okay. I'm happy to be a sex elf, if that helps. Looks like you're getting into the Christmas spirit early."

Alan smiled at that while he started to find his fuck rhythm. "Yeah, they say Christmas starts after Halloween these days. Let's do just a little bit of this in and out and then move to some slower stuff. Bouncy Little Sister, I like how Kim has you all lubed up with cunt cum and then some before I even start."

"Oh, I am. I'm so fucking ready!" Katherine panted. "Spear me! Fuck with it! Fuck! Fast fuck! Fast fuck! Hit me with your baby juice!"

Alan's plan to take it slow and easy went down the drain as he got swept up in her enthusiasm. He gave his sister a quick, hard and intense five-minute fuck. The sound of his balls repeatedly slapping against her filled the room.

But then, just as they were both about to cum, he became completely motionless, with eyes closed. Both Kim and Katherine were puzzled by that; they began to wonder if he'd passed out. But after a minute he re-opened his eyes and resumed his rutting, though now in a completely different manner. He settled in for a relaxed, "tender love" fuck, which was what he'd wanted to do all along.

Kim was content to watch and masturbate. She was realistic enough to recognize that she wasn't as beautiful as Katherine, nor could she ever compete with their incest taboo and close sibling bond.

With the slower fucking, Alan had time to try out his book learning about the seventeen erogenous zones.

Sure enough, Katherine discovered erogenous zones that she hadn't even known existed, like the soles of her feet. She really got into having her toes sucked. She also had a sensitive neck and ears.

Alan made a mental note to focus on her toes a lot more in the future. Then, during a strategic break to give his dick a second wind, he put his fingers in her slit and played around inside.

Even though she was somewhat sore from their just-concluded fuck, she wanted more. "Oooh! Yeah, just like that! Kim, I am in the zone!"

Kim asked, "What zone?"

"You know, 'The Zone'. The blissful state where everything is absolutely perfect. 'Cos my big brother is fucking me and loving me, and doing a damn good job of it!"

He modestly shifted the topic. "Speaking of zones, let's not forget the best spot of all. Your G-spot. Right here." He knew it pretty well on his sister from previous sessions, so he had no trouble locating it this time. "I'm gonna get to know this spot so well, I'm gonna be a god-damned G-spot-ologist."

She purred and moaned. She really was in seventh heaven.

As they played with each other, Alan spoke his mind freely. "Little Sis, I have to be honest. I really think you are the best-looking girl in school." Suddenly he remembered that Kim was in the room, masturbating just a few feet away from them. He belatedly added, "No offense, Kim."

Kim responded, "None taken. At least I have the looks to get on the cheerleading squad, so I know I'm not chopped liver. But then there are the drop-dead gorgeous types. And I'd agree that she at least ties with that group, in a tall, willowy sort of way. When you get to the looks of like Heather, Christine, Amy, Donna, and Katherine, it becomes impossible to pick a best." (The Donna she referred to was Donna Giovanni, Heather's main rival in school, who was also well-known for her beauty.)

Alan was relieved that Kim didn't seem offended. He tried hard not to make comparisons between the women in his life, in part because it was such a potential minefield. "See Sis? Screw Heather. I think her tits are fake, and probably half the rest of her is augmented somehow. Your body is really outstanding." He ran his hands over her breasts and down her tummy, then to her hips. "You don't have a single blemish, or hardly even a scraped knee."

He brought one hand up to cup her face while his other hand kept exploring. "And your face is so pretty. You could be a model, and I do mean a really high-paid model. How lucky am I to have such an amazing sister?"

Katherine tingled all over from the compliments and the fondling. But she pouted, "What about Christine? Isn't she the most beautiful girl in school? That's what a lot of people say."

Alan realized that he had to be extremely diplomatic, because there was no denying that Christine was a total knockout and totally real. "I agree with Kim. When you get to that level of beauty, it becomes pointless to compare. All I know is that every time I see you, I want to love you, possess you, fill you up with my cum."

Katherine squirmed under him excitedly. "Oh, Brother! Me too! I love you too!" Her hands found his boner, which she stroked while trying to pull it back into her slit. "Every time I see you, I want you in me! Gaawwwd, I want you to fuck me forever! That's why I want to be your fuck toy! I really mean it. I love you so much!"

They kissed and shared their love for each other. He still needed a longer strategic break though, so he lay right next to her in a way that prevented her from fitting his erection in her cunt, or even from jacking him off much.

Then, not wanting to hurt Kim's feelings, Alan turned to her and said, "Kim, I think you're very beautiful too. And you're still growing; in another year you'll be even more of a stunner. But you have to understand that my feelings for my sister are inherently different, and very special."

Kim understood. "No problem. Believe you me, I completely agree. Your sister is hot. Your whole family is remarkably good looking, including you and of course your mother. You Plummers must have the most amazing genes."

Alan smiled a wry smile, because Kim was forgetting that both he and his sister were adopted.

Katherine finally replied, "You think you're lucky, Big Farm Silo Brother? How lucky am I to have such an amazing brother like you?" She gazed into his eyes. "I've loved you so long. I don't care if you happen to be my brother; you're the one that I love."

"I love you too, Little Sis. In fact, I'm really glad that you're my sister, because that means I'm fucking the girl I love the best. I have my own Playboy centerfold model just across the hall from my bedroom, ready to fuck any time."

"Not just ready," Katherine corrected. "I live for it! I suck on pens and pencils all day long at school, just dreaming about you filling my mouth or my cunt."

Kim laughed. "It's true. The funny thing is, she really does. Whenever I see her, I have to remind her covertly to not be so obvious about her pencil sucking."

"I stand corrected," he said, amused. "But my point is, not only are you the ultimate fuck, but you're also the kindest, most loving girl. You always made this brother very happy, way before our sex even started, just by being you."

Both of them shed a few tears of happiness even as they continued their gentle foreplay. Alan was still toying with her G-spot, which was having its intended effect.

Kim gave them their space and played with herself more or less non-stop. She ardently wished that she had a brother like Alan, after seeing how good he and Katherine were for each other.

The two siblings took another half hour to fuck the slow way, until they came together with a lot of clawing and screaming. Then there was more fondling afterward, until Alan's time at Kim's was running out.


However, Alan was a gentleman, so he didn't want to neglect their hostess Kim. He spent his last half hour giving the younger cheerleader a slow, exploratory fuck. Just as with Katherine, he made sure to stimulate every single one of the seventeen erogenous zones described in the book. Some of his explorations were a success, others not so much.

Kim on her back on the floor, being fucked energetically by Alan

But he didn't neglect some old-fashioned fucking as well; he worked up to that as his finale. His thrusts pushed her body along until he literally fucked her off the bed and onto the floor. That didn't stop them; he kept on going. The force of his thrusts pushed her backwards along the floor until they came to a wall.

Katherine thought that was hilarious.

He also remembered his mother's advice from the night before: Force her to do what you want. Bend her to your will. He had a hard time treating his sister gruffly or any differently than he normally treated her. But since he didn't know Kim that well and she seemed so amenable to just about anything, he practiced a new style on her.

Alan was normally a very polite guy, but this time he tried to do just what he wanted, and screw politeness. To his surprise he found that Kim seemed to like his aggressive sexual manner even better than his polite one.

She grew noticeably excited from him merely telling her what to do with her body. That excited him also. He told her: "Pull your leg up to your chest," or "Suck my balls," or "Lick the ass of my little supermodel sister," and so on, and Kim would do it without question. Before long it seemed she waited expectantly for more orders from him, or even from Katherine, as if she really got off on being told what to do.

He thought back to when he and Katherine were worried that Kim would blackmail Katherine into being her sex slave. It was obvious now that that wasn't in Kim's nature, that she was really more a submissive type.

Now that he was more comfortable with his new "seventeen zones" techniques from practicing one-on-one on each of them, once Alan had cum in Kim (using a rubber), Katherine joined in and the three of them just played around with each other.

For a while, Katherine and Alan practiced stimulating Kim's lesser-known erogenous zones to the point that Kim was so overcome with pleasure that she felt she would die. It seemed to her like she was in a sauna where the temperature kept going up and up until she just couldn't breathe.

At one point, with Alan sucking her toes while reaching up and tweaking her engorged clit and Katherine licking her neck and twisting her nipples, Kim cried out, "Stop! I can't take it! I'm burning up like an oven!"

But part of Alan's new experimental strategy was to just override Kim's wishes, so the two siblings didn't let up. It was the first time he could recall where he'd kept going when someone said stop.


After a while, Alan could sense that Kim was reaching a peak, so he decided to end things with a dramatic flair - he got Kim to stand up so he could fuck her against the wall.

She responded with the biggest orgasm she'd ever had in her life, causing her to scream louder than she'd ever screamed before.

When it was over, Kim said to Katherine, "Oh. My. God. I may be a lesbian, but good fucking is good fucking. We should enjoy sharing him now, while we can, because when word gets out about what this boy can do, they're going to be lining up around the corner just to get fucked!"

Katherine replied with mixed emotions, "They already are."

Now time was really running out, but there was one more thing Alan wanted to do. He said, "All right, I've pleased you both a lot today, haven't I?"

Katherine and Kim nodded enthusiastically.

"Right. Good. Well, even though the three of us have been getting to know each other pretty well, there's one thing we haven't done that I'd really like to do. Namely, I've never had two women suck me off at the same time, and I want you two to be the first."

Katherine responded jokingly, "Sure, maybe we can help you out. But first I have to ask, what have you done for me lately?"

Kim, though, didn't see the joke. She immediately griped, "Girl, what are you talking about? If Alan gives us a command, we have to obey it immediately. Are you so selfish that you'd put your needs above his? What's wrong with you? And don't you want to suck him off together? That sounds like a GREAT idea to me!"

"Chill, Kim," Katherine responded testily. "That was just an attempt at humor, you know, like the Janet Jackson song. The way Alan just fucked both our brains out until we were delirious with joy, I thought it was pretty obvious that 'what have you done for me lately' had to be a joke. I mean, have you ever felt better in your life?"

"Oh. Right. Sorry. But let's not sit here and gab all day. Look: Alan wants us to suck him off together and we're so thoughtless that no one is even holding his dick!" Kim immediately grabbed it and resumed stroking it. "If Alan says 'jump' then our only response should be 'how high,' right?"

"Of course. You don't have to tell me that. I'm all about being a perfect, obedient fuck toy."

"Then what are you waiting for? His cock needs us, and time is running out." Kim started tonguing it, and Katherine quickly leaned in and followed suit.

Katherine and Kim jointly pleasuring Alan's cock

As Katherine swirled her tongue around the head of Alan's dick and then alternately lightly blew on it, she thought, Geez. What's with Kim? Those were my lines. She's trying to be even more ingratiating and eager than I am. She's been doing it all day long, but even more since Bro strangely started ordering her around this last half-hour or so. ...

Well, I'm sorry Kim, but you have to realize that you're the second fiddle here. Alan is MY brother. With the modest size of your tits and the slimness of your hips, you're lucky that he deigns to fuck you at all. Brother fucks only the best! He says that I'm centerfold material, and I have to constantly prove that's so. As soon as he isn't around, I'm going to have to make it clear to you that you can't upstage me. I'm having enough trouble competing with all the giant jugs at home; I don't need real competition here as well.

The two of them were having trouble sharing his erection - each wanted too much of it. Katherine opened her eyes, and Kim, somehow sensing that, opened her own eyes and looked back to see Katherine shooting daggers of anger at her.

The younger girl immediately backed off. She mostly retreated to the base of Alan's boner, leaving Katherine with the top half where she could deliver more pleasure.

Katherine took full advantage, and soon was alternating between licking and sucking his cock.

Kim was slightly disappointed because she knew he didn't have many nerve endings down there. Still, she loved licking any part of his cock.

Alan lay back on the bed, enjoying things, while he played with a different girl's tit with each hand.

Katherine thought, as if she could pass a message to Kim telepathically, Now that's better. We're happy to have you and use your house, Kim, and I really like you, but don't forget that Brother wants to fuck me first and last. You'd best be serving not just him, but me too. ... Ah. That's much better.

Katherine was encouraged by Kim's continued deference to her position at the head of Alan's prick. Instead of bickering, we should work together to give Bro the best blowjob he's ever had.

Kim was now watching Katherine, so Katherine tried to project a telepathic message to her: "Go to his balls. Suck his balls."

Not surprisingly, the telepathy didn't work, but Katherine motioned downwards with her eyes and Kim lowered herself until she reached Alan's balls. She started sucking on his ball sack, at which Katherine gave an approving nod.

Katherine thought, as if talking to Kim, Good. Later I'm not only going to have to talk to you about your proper place, but we're also going to have to work out a nonverbal communication system so we can act as one to please him. He's spent a lot of time giving us orgasms today, but Kim is right: we're the ones who should put HIS needs first. The more we pleasure him, the more he pleasures us. If he starts seriously boning the likes of Aims, Christine, Donna, and Heather, I'm not going to get much of a share of him. Kim and I have to keep him so satisfied that he doesn't feel the need to wander elsewhere.

Alan was oblivious to the jockeying for position that his request had created; he only knew that he was being given one hell of a blowjob. Dang! This is too awesome. I need these dual blowjobs more often.

As good as this is, just imagine if this was Mom and Sis! My sister and mother sucking me off together. I never would have imagined that in a million years, but now I'm sure it'll happen someday, probably soon. Or Mom and Aunt Suzy! What a combo that would be. Or Aunt Suzy and Sis. Or Aims with any of the above. Especially with Aunt Suzy's extra long tongue.

Or, hell, throw in Glory with anyone. She sucks some serious cock, even if you don't count her deep-throating skills. Glory and Aunt Suzy?! Fuck! The two most talented tongues at once. I think I'd die of pure joy with that combo. But this right here is pretty fucking awesome. We're going to have to do this every time from now on.

Katherine had let Kim migrate back to the tip of Alan's dick by the time he finally had to cum, and both of them were still working on it. But when he started to spurt, Kim backed off and let Katherine place her mouth over the tip to capture all his spunk. Katherine really appreciated that, so to show her gratitude, once her brother had shot all his ropes, she French kissed Kim and pushed some of his cum into Kim's mouth as a reward for a job well done.

Alan could well imagine that his cum was being passed between their mouths, and the thought nearly got him hard again. However, he was tired and didn't stir from his restful pose.

He wouldn't have been able to do much more in any case, because it was already six o'clock and time to go. Dinner at the Plummer house was usually around 6:30 p.m. and Alan still needed his daily nap. He decided he would tell his mother to save his dinner; he'd reheat it after waking from an exceptionally late nap.

As they were getting dressed and cleaning up, Alan asked the two girls, "So, what did you think of the stuff from the book? Is the slow, tender love better than the fast kind?"

Kim answered, "Both are great. It's like great taste vs. less filling. Why should I have to choose just one? The important thing is that you fuck us every way you can, as often as you can."

Katherine chimed in. "I agree. You know how to fuck us good, Big Umbrella Brother. You're like some kind of master lover twice your age. I don't think anyone would believe you've only been doing this for a couple of weeks! I don't care how you fuck me, fast or slow, front or back, or whatever, because you know and read my moods so well. Anything you want is good. The important thing is that you keep fucking me, a lot."

He replied modestly, "If you like what I'm doing, don't thank me; thank the books. Anyone my age could do the same. Between this and the PC muscle control I've been working on, it's all just book learning." Actually, he was learning more from talking to Suzanne than from books, but he avoided admitting that in front of Kim.

Kim pointed out, "Yeah, that may be partly true, though I think you've got a lot of natural talent. But how many teenage guys bother to read such a book, or even try to please the woman at all? Guys are such self-centered jerks." Realizing she was speaking to a guy, she belatedly added, "Um, you excepted, of course ... maybe. At least you know how to show a woman a good time."

Alan laughed. "No worries. I understand what you mean; guys generally are jerks. I can be a jerk too. But I've been learning that the more I please a woman, the more powerful my orgasms end up too. Mutual orgasms are the best, by far."

Katherine, trying to show that she was the more devoted lover, said, "That may be, but from now on Kim and I resolve to think not of our desires and needs, but only of yours. This is no longer the S-Club, the Service Club. It's now the SA-Club: the Service Alan Club."

Kim laughed gleefully. "Right! You said it, girl! Alan is naturally so good at pleasing us that we have to up the ante to keep up with him. We have to show nothing less than total devotion." She licked her lips and stared at his groin with slavish lust.

Alan laughed them off and made a couple of self-deprecating jokes, but secretly he was very pleased with their attitude.

He thought, This must be what it's like to be an alpha male gorilla. The alpha male gets as many females as he wants. The only difference is the gorilla has to fight off all the other male gorillas constantly, whereas everything is handed to me as if on a silver platter. I wonder how that happened?!


Katherine was slightly sore from her extensive fucking, but nevertheless she still found the energy to help Amy shave her pussy. It had just been shaved the day before yesterday, but Katherine noted, "You can never be too careful about these things." In fact, they were now shaving each other's pussies every day almost without fail.

Katherine was feeling highly sexed lately. Since, for the time being, she could only be with Alan a couple of times a week (at their S-Club meetings), she consoled herself by mutually getting off with Amy.

They stopped by Alan's room and asked if he wanted to join in, but he declined.

Katherine standing nude with Amy checking Kat's pussy with her arm around her

Even though the two girls had never discussed it, they were both aware that their 'checking for bumps' was just a pretense, so Katherine didn't have to restrain herself. Amy was game for whatever Katherine wanted to do sexually, to the point that they were both having fun coming up with excuses to innocently 'explain' why they were doing something so sexual.

For instance, Katherine had a further chance to note Amy's "fluid leakage problem." As Katherine later told Alan, she'd discovered that twisting Amy's nipples added to Amy's leakage dilemma, especially when she fingered Amy's G-spot at the same time. Their only real problem was that they had to be careful that they didn't make too much noise.

Susan assumed the two girls were spending their time in the bathroom doing "girl stuff" with makeup and what not, so with the doors locked they didn't have to worry about being found out. But since their cries of ecstasy could give the game away, they were careful to climax very quietly.

After Amy left, Katherine knocked on Alan's door, then simply went in.

He was in the middle of reading a textbook, but he put it down.

Eschewing preliminary small talk, she said, "So, I noticed you didn't want to help out with Aims tonight."

"Nah." He stared off into space, looking thoughtful.

"Wanna talk about it?" She sat on the edge of his bed.

He sighed. "I dunno. ... I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything. I'm living a dream. But even in a dream, sometimes a guy needs a rest."

She smiled reassuringly. "I understand. That's why I came in here fully clothed. You were pretty pooped at the end of the Service Alan Club, and your expression since then hasn't really changed."

He grimaced. "Do you really have to call it that?"

"Yes!" she giggled.

He rolled his eyes.

She asked, "But is that all it is? With Amy, I mean?"

He pondered that before replying, "I guess... I guess I'm a young guy, and I'm pretty much controlled by my libido. When I have a chance to play with Aims, I can't turn her down. But during the times I don't have a hard-on-"

She interrupted him with a mock gasp. "Does that really happen? I've heard rumors about that happening once or twice, back in the Early Renaissance perhaps, but I have yet to see it with my own eyes."

He made a face at her and lifted his textbook, pretending he wanted to hit her with it. "Very funny."

"Sorry. You were saying?"

He continued, "When I'm not aroused, I kind of wonder if what we're doing with Aims is right. I mean, it's fun, but isn't there kind of a mean tinge to it? And she's practically been a sister to us since forever. I haven't been as close to her in recent years as we used to be, but she's still a really good friend. It doesn't seem right to trick her."

Katherine said, "I've thought a lot about that, but I think you're wrong. Look at Mom. There's all kinds of deception going on there. Aunt Suzy's deceiving her, she's deceiving herself, and we're deceiving her too. For instance, we're not telling her that we're fucking. But look how HAPPY she is! Yeah, she has these times when she kind of backslides and feels bad. I take it she's in one of those moods tonight, since she's been hanging out by herself in her room. But overall, she's like a new person! And most of the time she's so jubilant that just being around her makes me totally psyched too. Isn't it all worth it? Over time, her lingering issues will fade away, and then this house'll REALLY rock!"

"Yeah, I can see that. That's why sometimes I look into my soul for the guilt, but I don't find any. I kinda wonder why not, but I think it's because it all feels so right. Like what you and I are doing. It just feels so good and right! It deepens our love for each other. I could never imagine going back!"

She reached out for his hand and squeezed it. "Same here. I love you, big time, Big Brother. But getting back to Amy, it's the same thing. Yeah, maybe it started out like we were taking advantage of her, but things are changing already. You should join our next session and see. She and I are having sexy fun, and we don't need any pretense anymore. We joke about the whole 'checking for bumps' thing. And in time it'll only get better. Haven't you seen how she and I kiss and stuff? She knows it's totally sexual, and she loves it!"

He squeezed her hand. "I'm glad to hear that. But I still feel a bit uneasy. Maybe I'm getting so supersaturated with all this sex every day that my conscience is starting to reassert itself a little bit."

She pretended horror. "Oh no! We can't have that!" She snatched his textbook from him and held it like a flyswatter. "Where's that pesky conscience thing? I'm gonna tan its hide and teach it its place!" She waved the book around menacingly.

He reached out and gave her a hug. "Thanks for the talk. I feel better. And thanks for giving me some space. I really needed it."

She winked at him. "But of course! That's what us number-one-fuck-toy sisters do!" Deliberately sounding like a hawker in a commercial, she joked, "Not only are we number one in sales, we're number one in customer satisfaction! Plus, we're recommended by four out of five dentists for their patients who chew gum."

They both had a good laugh while he ruffled her hair endearingly. "Sis, you're the greatest."

They kissed for a little while, but it was a loving and bonding kiss, not a horny one.

After the kiss, he said, "Sis, you know I love you, and I'm psyched that you love me so much too, but I don't know if this whole 'fuck toy' thing is healthy. And I'm not talking about for you, 'cos you'll argue that until the room runs out of air. I'm talking about for me. I mean, the way you and Kim were fawning over me today... Sure, I loved it. But I can feel it going to my head already. That's gonna turn me into a real asshole before long."

Katherine asked with worry, "What do you want me to do?"

"Just cut back on the fawning, okay? I love that you want to be my fuck toy, but also that you're an uppity fuck toy. I guess what I'm saying is, be more uppity. Be more demanding. You know what I mean?"

She smiled; she could live with that. "I do. And I'm gonna start by calling myself your number one fuck toy even MORE!"

He protested "But Sis!"

"Hey, you said be more uppity. I'm doing what I want, and that's what I want."

He shook his head in frustration.

She smiled. "Don't worry. I'm just yanking your chain. I know what you mean, and I'm gonna help. Less fawning. Keep it real."

His face brightened. "Exactly! 'Keep it real.' I like the sound of that. I mean, let's have wild, crazy monkey sex all the time. Most definitely! But we can do that and keep it real too. You don't have to call it a 'Service Alan Club' and treat me like I'm some kind of demigod or something. I feel like that's creating bad karma. Hubris and all that. I'm just your same ol' brother after all, right?"


She said that to placate him, but she didn't really mean it. She realized that she'd have to be careful not to make the fawning too overt, but she knew she'd never been happier than when she was serving him sexually, and she wasn't about to stop. Unlike Susan, she knew what she wanted and she didn't have any moral qualms or second thoughts about it.


Susan was in a bad mood, and she'd been in one most of the day.

As had become the pattern, Suzanne had spent her morning workout time with Susan to successfully convince the formerly repressed mother that she didn't need to feel guilty about her morning cocksucking, or about anything else she might do with her son. But Suzanne eventually had to leave, and with Susan spending most of the day by herself she slowly went into another sexual relapse.

Even so, had Alan come home directly after school, chances were good she would have been on her knees between his legs in a matter of minutes. But because he hadn't, she'd grown increasingly depressed. The very extent of her disappointment convinced her that she needed a break to put things into perspective. Thus, by the time he did come home, she was dressed rather conservatively, although she still adhered to the house rule of no panties or bra. She was wearing such clothes largely so that he would order her to dress more sexily. Subconsciously, she really wanted him to "force" her to do all kinds of sexual things to and with him.

Unfortunately, by the time he got home he was too exhausted to start anything with her. He was also confused by her mixed signals. He went straight to his room to chill out.

As a result, Susan ended up feeling even more disappointed and regretful, both about her "fate" of being "forced" to sexually serve her son and that she hadn't chosen a sexier outfit so he would want her to serve him right away.

Suzanne came by around five o'clock. She noticed Susan's mood right away. After some cajoling, she got her to confess what was bothering her.

Susan complained, "I don't know what I want. I keep flipping like a switch. There are times I feel bad. I'm letting sex take over my entire life. It's gone far beyond just helping Tiger with his medical problem. I've started calling myself one of his personal cocksuckers, and I think of myself that way now too! I spend half of the day thinking about his penis and whether it's being taken care of properly, and if it's not, when I can take care of it. It's not right!"

Suzanne was sitting right next to Susan on a living room sofa. She had an arm around her back, and rubbed her soothingly. "I don't see what's so bad about it. That's how I am too. I'm one of his personal cocksuckers too, so his cock is on my mind most of the time, just like you. That's what it means to be a personal cocksucker."

"Really?! You feel that way too?" She looked at Suzanne uncertainly.

"Of course." Actually, Suzanne was exaggerating for effect, knowing what Susan wanted to hear. But there was a lot of truth there too.

Susan grumbled, "Well, one thing that bothers me is that if I'm going to be so focused on his penis, at least I should end up sucking it more often. I thought that once Ron left, I'd be naked and kneeling much more often. Choking and gagging on his thick meat at least three or four times a day. Maybe more! But that hasn't happened yet. How does the saying go? If you're gonna do the time, you might as well commit the crime? Something like that."

Suzanne gave her a comforting squeeze. "I understand how you feel. I want him more too."

Susan spoke with extra passion. "I mean, why can't we just have a quiet evening for once, where he spends an hour or two watching TV, and then another hour or two doing his homework? And I could be right there lying on the sofa over his leg, or in between his legs, happily bobbing and slurping all the while. When I get tired, that's what titfucks and handjobs are for. I really want to explore this whole new titfucking thing! That's such an exciting new vista!"

Suzanne grinned at Susan's enthusiasm. "Don't worry, there will be evenings like that. And yes, you're going to looooove titfucking. But remember that being the personal cocksucker to a man like him is both a blessing and a curse. He can only cum so many times a day, and he needs great variety. So... sometimes you need to wait."

"I know. Don't remind me," Susan grumbled.

"In fact... I hate to bring this up after what you've been saying, but the reason I came over now is to help you with dinner. Remember, Brenda's coming over to eat with us tonight. I've arranged for Amy to cook for Eric and Brad so I can be with you the whole time."

Susan let out a low, unhappy growl. "UUUUGH! Great. Just great. I need more competition from her like I need another hole in my head. Is there any way we can get out of this?"

Suzanne tried to soothe her with more back rubbing. "You're the one who set it up in the first place. It's too late to back out now. Besides, don't forget that she knows the incest secret."

Susan groaned again, but with more resignation. "I know, I know. That's awfully convenient, again. He gets what he wants. But what about me? Where is this all heading? Am I fated to be his personal cocksucker forever, bobbing on his cock every day for years and years to come?"

Suzanne spoke in a matter-of-fact tone, yet also registering surprise, as if she didn't understand why Susan would ask such an obvious question. "Why, yes. Of course! What else? And it's not just cocksucking. You focus on that because it's your favorite part. As you like to say, Tiger is the man of the house now. That's doubly so with Ron back in Thailand. In fact, Ron may well never live or even visit this house again."

Susan nodded in contemplation. "That's very possible."

"So if your Tiger is man of the house, you're much more than just one of his personal cocksuckers. If he's the man of the house, doesn't that mean he effectively owns everything in the house, including you? Including Angel?"

Susan gasped. "I... I suppose so! But, but... what does that mean?!"

"It means that you have to serve him to your fullest. Like he's your husband, only much more so. We can start tonight. If he wants to fuck Brenda, and of course he does, then you need to help make that happen. You were doing really well there with her for a while. Remember the nude photos you took and all your clever scheming? What happened?"

Susan said glumly, "I don't know. When I'm having a bad day like this, everything looks different. I wish I could have a... never mind."

"What? A nice long cocksucking?"

Susan nodded shyly. "You see? I love it too much. And it makes me jealous."

"No, that enthusiasm is very good. Why don't we start with cooking dinner together. Then, if we finish and Brenda's still not here, and Sweetie is up for it, well, let's just say you'll need to limber up your jaw."

Susan's mood transformed. She got up and went to the kitchen with vim and vigor.

Susan and Suzanne proceeded to whip up an impressive dinner of stroganoff, couscous, and pumpkin pie in record time. Susan's eye was on the clock, because she knew that Brenda was due at six o'clock and she was likely to be on time. So any time prior to that could be her special personal time with her face in Alan's crotch.

As they cooked, they also discussed how to handle Brenda's visit. Alan had previously complained that he didn't want everything with Brenda to be carefully stage-managed behind his back, so they agreed to let him take the lead and direct the flow of the evening. But they also came up with some special events that they might or might not put into play.

The more they talked, the more Susan's enthusiasm to assist with Brenda's seduction returned and even grew. At times, she could get extremely frustrated at the problems of sharing him, but if someone like Suzanne could frame the situation in the right arousing terms (and she did), being "forced" to share him became one of Susan's biggest turn-ons.

While the food was cooking and there wasn't much to do, Suzanne went upstairs with Susan to her bedroom and helped her pick out a sexy outfit to wear. Suzanne already had her own selected. The idea was to outdo Brenda in how revealing her outfit was, so Brenda would feel pressured to wear something even more revealing next time.

With that accomplished, Suzanne told Susan that she'd finish off the cooking herself, since there wasn't much left to do but wait anyway. Then she said, "That means you need to break the news to your Tiger that Brenda is coming to dinner. I don't think he even knows yet. To make it easier on him, I say you tell him while you're wearing these" - she pointed to Susan's prescription glasses - "and those" - she pointed to Susan's collection of high heels at the foot of her closet - "and nothing else. Oh, and if you have trouble getting the message across because your mouth is full, well, so much the better."

A beaming Susan gave Suzanne a mock salute. "Yes, ma'am!"

Suzanne walked back to the kitchen with a warm feeling in her tummy. Aaaah. I love making Susan feel good. She deserves it, after all her troubles with Ron. I know exactly what she really needs to be happy, and I'm going to make sure she gets it, in spades. Right now, she's deep into her oral phase. Soon, I'll introduce her to titfucking. That'll blow her mind even more! Then, step by step. Perhaps have him going down on her next. Then maybe anal sex, or dual blowjobs. I'm betting it won't be long before he's fucking her needy pussy, and then she'll REALLY know what it means to be happy!

— — —

Alan had tried to do his homework, but he found he couldn't get serious about it. His mind was always on sex. So by the time Susan came to his room, he was reading The Lord of the Rings instead. He knew the whole story very well already, so it didn't take much thinking, and he figured the completely different world of Middle Earth had the best chance of fully distracting him for a while.

That plan went right out the window when Susan came in wearing just her high heels. She didn't even say a word. She simply walked to where he sat in front of his computer desk, spun his desk chair to a different direction to face her, knelt between his legs, fished his penis out of his shorts, and started to suck on him.

Realizing that reading was hopeless, he kicked back with his hands behind his head, and luxuriated in her cocksucking talent. His penis had been flaccid, but quickly engorged in her mouth.

After about five minutes, when she had him truly throbbing with joy, she stopped to speak. Mindful of what Suzanne suggested earlier, she didn't pull his cock all the way of her mouth, but she craned her jaw still wider to at least be somewhat intelligible. "Bah da waah, Brendush gonnnah be commung for dinnah."

That startled him. "What did you say? Brenda is coming over for dinner?"

"Uh huh." Her lips tightened around his shaft and she resumed her intense suction.


But he put a hand on her head trying to slow her down. "Wait! Tell me more. What's she coming for? What's the plan?"

Susan tried to keep talking and sucking, but soon realized she had too much to say. So she merely licked and stroked him as she quickly explained what was happening. She only told him the basics, and emphasized that he would take the lead and everyone else would follow. She didn't clue him in about all the various developments with Brenda since the last poker party. He didn't even know about the nude photos or the photo session yet. She figured there were more enjoyable ways for him to find out.

Mostly, she just wanted to get back to full-on cocksucking, which she did.

He kept his hand on her head, since he had to frequently slow her enthusiastic efforts. He thought, I'm beginning to think Mom is kind of addicted to sucking my dick! Is that wild or what? When I think back to how prudish she used to be, not that long ago... UH! Gaawwwd! She's gonna make me cum too soon! Hnnng! DAMN, she's good!

And Brenda's coming over. Brenda! Man!


Brenda was still highly conflicted about what she wanted and what she was willing to risk. She told herself that she was merely still in "information gathering" mode. She had two main goals in visiting the Plummer house for dinner. One was to impress Alan, so he would strongly desire her. To that end, she wore a very sexy dress that put a strong emphasis on showing off her deep, deep cleavage. The gap in front of her dress plunged down so far towards her belly button that she couldn't wear a bra with it. Her second goal was to find out more about him and everyone else in his group, in order to make a more educated decision on what she should ultimately do.

She knew that a certain amount of sexually suggestive activity and talk would take place, given what happened at the last poker party. She was determined not to object to any of it, but at the same time not let it unduly affect her. Most of all, she felt she couldn't give in to her lustful urges and lose control.

That was her plan; it lasted barely a minute.

Suzanne had apprised Katherine of the situation with Brenda not long before Brenda's arrival. Like Alan, Katherine knew the general strategy but wasn't told many details or given specific instructions. She just had enough time to rush upstairs and find something sexy and revealing to wear.

She was still changing when Brenda rang the doorbell. That left Suzanne to answer it. The stroganoff and pie were ready to go and keeping warm in the oven, so Suzanne had already changed into her own daringly sexy dress.

Suzanne and Brenda greeted each other with pleasant hugs and pecks on cheeks. After the front door was closed, Brenda looked around and asked, "Where are the others?"

Suzanne matter-of-factly replied, "Katherine is still getting dressed. She should be down shortly. Whereas, Susan will take longer. She's in Alan's room, sucking his cock."

Just like that, Brenda felt like her world was shattered into a thousand pieces. She knew that oral sex happened in the Plummer house daily, but to have Suzanne state it so plainly, as nearly the first thing out of her mouth, made her weak in the knees. She actually reached out and grabbed hold of Suzanne's shoulders to stay standing. "What?! What did you say?!"

Suzanne played dumb, pretending there was nothing to get shocked about. "I said that Susan is in Alan's room, sucking his cock. So she may not be down for a while. For one thing, you know how long it takes before he blows his load. She could be there a very, very long time indeed." She grinned knowingly. "But also, she's obviously not wearing any clothes, so it'll take a while for her to dress. She believes cocksucking is best done while only wearing high heels."

Brenda felt like the floor disappeared from beneath her feet and she was floating in space. It wasn't just the cocksucking talk; it was the details mentioned. She actually thought, Gaawwwd, it's so true! It IS best done wearing only high heels! She told me that repeatedly, and she's living it! He could be blasting a creamy load all over her fantastic naked body any time now! How am I supposed to stay calm, knowing that?!

Just then, Katherine came bounding down the stairs, looking and acting chipper while still wearing an extremely revealing outfit. "Hey, Brenda!"

Brenda looked up and nodded weakly. She was reeling so much that she felt dizzy.

Katherine gave Brenda a big hug, forcing Brenda to let go of Suzanne's shoulders. Then the ebullient girl pulled back and said, "Hey! Guess what? Did you hear my big news?"

Brenda was grateful for the change of topic. "No, what?"

"I'm a full-on cocksucker for my brother now! I was kind of doing it anyway, kind of a lot. So I guess it was inevitable: Mom walked in on me a couple of days ago when I was bobbing on my brother's fat cock. Naturally, she was pissed and made me stop. But then, just a few minutes later, she took over and spent a long, long time finishing him off. Because who can resist, am I right?" She giggled. "Since then, she gave into the inevitable, and now I'm allowed to serve him just as much as everyone else! Isn't that great?"


"Um, yeah." Brenda looked pole-axed, and felt that way too.

Katherine added in a chipper voice, "By the way, I love the miles of cleavage. You look totally slutty, but in a good way, if you know what I mean. I'm sure that'll help inspire Brother big-time."

"Er, uh, thanks." Brenda closed her eyes and turned her head in embarrassment. She was suddenly regretting the choice of her black dress, because it did indeed show off "miles of cleavage."

Katherine wasn't quite done. "Yep. Brother's gonna get a big, fat, stiff cock for sure. Then one of us will have to help him out. Wow, it might even be my turn next. Cool!"

Brenda nodded weakly. She decided she needed to sit down, and fast. She looked over to the living room and started stumbling in that direction.

Seeing her difficulty, Suzanne held her arm and guided her safely onto the near sofa. Then Suzanne and Katherine took seats near her.

Brenda stared wide-eyed between the two women. I thought I was ready for this visit, but I'm not! Shit! What happened to keeping cool? I just totally lost my shit the minute I stepped through the door!

And to make things worse, much, much worse, now I know what they mean with all this cocksucking talk! Last time I was here, that was just a theoretically arousing thing. I didn't know how it truly felt. Now, thanks to Susan's rousing tennis match talk complete with dildo in my mouth, I have some small taste of the erotic joy they must feel. Even as we speak, Susan has her lips wrapped around her son's cock! Her tongue is dancing on his sweet spot, like always, and her fingers are sliding up and down his massive shaft!

The worst part is the symbolism of it all! She's SERVING him, shamelessly! Naked and kneeling, like a good slut should. And he's towering over her, like he's her lord and master! "Lord and master!" Oh dear God, no! Not those words! He IS her master! And now he's Katherine's master too! His SISTER! And he's got his aunt Suzanne! Fuck, I'm going to faint! Is there nothing that can stop him?! He could come for ME next!

Brenda had to adjust how she sat, because she was already worried about leaking fluids onto the sofa. She was ruing her choice of clothes, and hoped the others didn't notice how her long nipples were standing up high.

Katherine continued, "Since then, Mom has been pretty cool. For instance, this morning before school, we basically tag-teamed him. I gave him a handjob and a footjob while Mom strutted around naked to help with the visual stimulation. Then she took over with a big ol' sloppy blowjob. I actually got to feed him his food while she blew him. Isn't that awesome?!"

Brenda muttered, "Um, yeah. Uh, congratulations." But her words didn't begin to reflect how she really felt. MY GOD! He was fed by his sister while his mother sucked him off? He's living like a king! No, like a lord! A lord and master! No, please, no! I beg you, no! No more! Too hot!

Brenda was practically swooning, even though she was sitting down.

Suzanne leaned towards her with concern. "Is there something wrong? You look a little pale."

She tried to bluff it out. "No, I'm good. Maybe I'm just... I could use a little water."

Suzanne looked to Katherine. "Could you get her some water please?"

"Sure thing." Katherine hopped up and headed to the kitchen.

Suzanne decided to take things easier on Brenda for a while. She'd had fun giving Brenda a shock right off the bat, and Katherine gave a great assist, but she didn't want Brenda to actually pass out before Alan even showed up. So she blandly said, "Anyway, that's what's new over here. What's new with you?"

Brenda was still bug-eyed. "Uh... well... How am I supposed to follow THAT?!"

To her relief, Suzanne laughed at that, and they shared a good laugh.

After that, the conversation turned to more or less normal small talk, although that was relatively speaking. For instance, after Katherine came back with the water, she asked Brenda for her reaction on her new sexual "promotion," and Brenda found herself trying to sound sympathetic. Brenda felt freaked out about it, to say the least, but she fought hard to hang on and fit in.

As the small talk continued, Brenda thought, Things SEEM normal now, on the surface. But I know that's a lie. For one thing, Susan is still upstairs, sucking Alan's cock! What I wouldn't give to see that! Hell, what I wouldn't give to BE that, to be in her place! But like Susan keeps telling me, it's a long road there. I can't allow myself to think about what Susan is doing: the panting, the gurgling, the sweat dripping down her face, the cum sliding down his cock for her to lap up every last sweet drop... I can't think about ANY of that or I'll fall apart!

Worse, they have me on a knife edge. At any moment, Suzanne or Katherine could say something super sexy and make me cry uncle! Just fall to my knees and beg for mercy! I know it's gonna happen too, because this house is like the place where all my favorite sexual fantasies happen, for real. Too sexy! Too much!

However, to her immense relief, nothing was said that rattled her. In fact, things were exceedingly normal for about ten minutes as Katherine talked extensively about school, her teachers, her friendship with Amy, and other non-sexual matters. Suzanne got out a bottle of wine and Brenda gulped a glass down straight away to help calm her nerves. Brenda started to feel like she had things under control after all.

Then Alan came downstairs with Susan hand in hand. Brenda's world flipped over again, simply because it was Alan and she had put him on such a high pedestal in her mind. Brenda had butterflies in her stomach to be so close to him again, to put it mildly. At least she was able to stand up steadily when Alan and Susan came into the living room to exchange greeting kisses and hugs.

Susan greeted Katherine, Suzanne, and then Brenda in turn with quick hugs and pecks. Then she moved back for Alan to have his turn.

Alan hugged and kissed Suzanne first. There was nothing that shocking about it, even though he French kissed her and squeezed her ass a bit. It would have been acceptable contact between husband and wife in a room full of people. But of course Alan and Suzanne were not husband and wife.

Then Alan hugged and kissed Katherine, exactly like he did Suzanne. This was much more shocking for Brenda, knowing that the two of them were brother and sister. Even though the French kiss was brief, Alan was clearly marking his sister as his, especially with the way he fondled her ass.

Brenda felt her heart would thump right out of her chest when her turn came next. He wordlessly came up to her and gave her a brief hug with his arms around her back and then a peck on each cheek. That was it. He pulled back and started talking to Suzanne about something.

Brenda was practically heartbroken. After seeing him French kiss the other two, she thought she would be getting the same treatment, but she didn't. At least she got to feel her big tits press tightly against his manly chest, but that contact was frustratingly brief. She felt cheated that she didn't even get a quick ass squeeze. The worst insult of all was that she'd worn a dress with shockingly revealing deep neckline, more daring than any dress she'd worn in public before, and he seemed to take no special interest in her daring cleavage.

Actually he did take interest, very much so. But he was trying not to show it due to Suzanne's strategy of having him play hard to get.

Brenda fretted, SHIT! What am I supposed to do?! Susan and Suzanne say he doesn't have any special interest in me, and I guess they're right. There's so much damn competition in this room. I thought I would outdo everyone with my bold outfit selection, but it looks like they've outdone me. Dammit!

After the usual suitable time, the group moved from the living room to sit around the dining room table. Susan brought out the food (baked salmon was the main course) and then said a short prayer.

All that was like any typical suburban family having dinner, except Brenda noticed that during the prayer, Susan prayed for Alan to have prolonged stimulation and frequent orgasms. Just hearing that tidbit thrilled Brenda to the tips of her toes, because it hinted how deeply this new sexual lifestyle was embedded at the Plummer house.

One other shocker for Brenda was that when the group moved from one room to the other, she noticed that Alan had a raging erection again. He wore the same kind of loose slacks as the previous time she'd seen him, as well as a similar dress shirt, so his bulge was almost comically obvious. She was flabbergasted that he was erect again so quickly after what Susan did to him upstairs. Her opinion of him as an insatiable super stud went up yet another notch.

What she didn't know was that Susan and Alan had played basically the same trick on her that Suzanne and Alan did last time. Yes, Susan really did suck him off, and for nearly half an hour too (if one included periodic strategic breaks). However, they stopped after she had a big orgasm, not him. He was willing to suffer without a climax in order to further impress Brenda. He'd had five minutes to go flaccid while Susan dressed in her room, since coming downstairs with an erection would have been a bit too much.

Brenda had been doing okay, and even enjoying the conversation. But now that she knew his dick was stiff, she was much more nervous.

However, aside from that one little trick, Alan didn't know how explicit he should be with the conversation. Since he hadn't been informed what had happened to Brenda since the last poker party, he didn't know where she stood. So he didn't steer the discussion in a sexual direction. Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine were trying to follow his lead, so they didn't either. He didn't physically flirt either.

Brenda was shocked when the situation or discussion became sexual, but also felt frustrated when it didn't. She remembered her goal of trying to get Alan to desire her, so throughout the meal she tried many tricks in order to capture his attention. Since she'd long known that her huge breasts were her most attention-getting feature, she made sure to keep the conversation centered on breasts whenever possible, even if it was something non-sexual, such as back pain and other problems they caused.

As long as they were being discussed, that gave Alan a valid excuse to look at them, and her a valid excuse to touch them. Furthermore, she laughed at any joke, causing them to jiggle. She would turn her head quickly when someone else spoke, causing more jiggling. There was much jiggling indeed, since her dress showed so much cleavage that she had no choice but to go bra-less.


She had many other tricks in her arsenal. She squeezed her upper arms together, causing her orbs to bulge up and out. Since Alan was sitting across from her, she loved to lean way forward when he was talking, as if she was highly interested. She was, since it was him, but she also loved to let her tits dangle for him. Sometimes, she slumped down a little, causing her huge globes to rest on the table in an enticing manner, like two heavy boulders. She even ran her hand or a finger over the exposed skin, sometimes daring to draw a finger right down her cleavage. She even managed to bring one or both of her legs above the table edge at times. Often she would keep her eyes closed, so he would feel free to look to his heart's content.

While she was doing this, she was usually thinking sexy thoughts, often as if she was talking to him. Come on! Look at my tits some more, Alan! You know you want to. Don't you just want to FUCK these big beauties? Susan has shown me the light about blowjobs. Now, I know just how pleasurable they can be, for both of us. It must be the same for titfucks. I can't wait for your huge cock to plunder my tits too! I don't know which I want more, for you to fuck my tits or mouth! Both! Lots of both!

Due to this kind of thinking, she stared into his eyes with an unusual sexual intensity and increasing frequency, often even when other people were talking. And if she wasn't staring at his face, she frequently burned a hole through the table in her attempt to look at the bulge in his lap. She thought a lot about that too. I just know you're stiff for me right now. I know it! Are you thinking about turning me into one of your sluts? Are you imagining all the different ways you could use and control me? Because I am! Is that what's keeping you so erect?

Other times, Brenda's thoughts were more longing and wistful. For once, she stared at Susan instead of Alan and thought, I wonder what it would be like to live in Susan's shoes. Sucking Alan off during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sucking him when he drives the car. Titfucking him while he watches a movie. Trying to take a shower alone, covered in sudsy bubbles, only to end up even more covered in hot cum! Waking up in the middle of the night to find his cock half-way down her throat! I'll bet all that happens to her, daily, and MORE! She's NEVER safe! He could snap his fingers at any time, and she has to strip, kneel, suck, and serve! Wooooowww...

Look at her now, flashing him such a loving smile. She's probably thinking what she'll be doing to him the minute I'm out the door. I'll bet she's salivating already! She truly adores her son's big snake of a cock, just like a good mommy-slut should. Dammit, I can't get over the fact that she's his MOTHER! Her real life is better than the best incest fiction I've ever read. And when is he going to fuck her cunt? I'm sure that'll happen soon. She's so lucky that I can't stand it!

On the surface, all was normal with Brenda. But just under the surface, her invitation to him couldn't have been any more obvious. Yet he still didn't take advantage with any sort of flirting or innuendo in return. He was trying the "playing hard to get" strategy, but for once he was acting too aloof. He definitely noticed her come-ons, and he couldn't help but frequently stare at her big tits, because her many little tricks were impossible to ignore and his self-restraint could only go so far. But that was about all he did.

Brenda was secretly very frustrated. She felt daunted by the competition. She worried that her physical assets simply couldn't compete with the loving bonds he shared with the others at the table, given their impressive beauty too. After the delicious meal was over, she went to use the bathroom to pee, but also to check herself in the mirror and regroup.


Once Brenda was well out of the room, Suzanne whispered to Alan, "Hey, you, you're blowing it!"

He whispered back, even though Brenda was on the other side of the house by then, "What do you mean?"

"She's expecting a highly sexual man, a dominating kind of man. Have you not seen how she's been acting? Her blatant titty show targeted at you? You're letting her down."

"What about showing off my bulge?" He was still erect, and it showed, thanks to Brenda's "titty show."

Suzanne gave him a scoffing look. "Big whoop. That was for, like, two seconds, with the table in the way. Besides, she saw your bulge plenty last time. You need to do something outrageous!"

Susan and Katherine were listening, and they nodded in agreement.

He looked at each of them, and then asked all three, "What do you recommend?"

Susan looked to Suzanne for confirmation, and then said, "We have just the thing. Don't we?"

Suzanne nodded. "We do. Let us try something. Best not to ask what exactly and just roll with the punches, okay? You're really good at that. You'll figure it out."

"Sure." He'd wanted to be in charge of events this evening, but he realized he hadn't been aggressive enough. That was a common problem for him. He could be sexually aggressive if the mood was right and the signals were clear, for instance with the way he'd roughly treated Heather and called her names when he'd fucked her. But he waited for such signs and didn't try to push things enough to get a clear signal one way or the other. He figured he could use some help.

Brenda didn't stay long in the bathroom. When she came back, Susan intercepted her in the kitchen. She whispered confidentially in Brenda's ear, "I'm sorry, I STILL haven't have shown Alan your nude photos yet. I didn't really see him at all today except at breakfast and just before you got here, and both those times I was pretty busy with his cock. But never fear, I have a plan to make it up to you so you can see his reaction yourself. You'll see!"

"Um, that's okay," Brenda started to whisper back. But Susan was already walking away, out of the kitchen in the direction Brenda had just come back from.

Brenda didn't know what to think of that, so she returned to the dining table.

But the moment she sat back down, Susan reentered the kitchen with a manila folder in her hand. "Hey, everybody! Come gather round! I have something neat to show you."

Brenda's heart sank, since the folder looked like it could hold 8 by 10 inch photos. Oh no! Please, no! Tell me those aren't the printouts of my photos! Pleeaaase!

Alan, Suzanne, and Katherine gathered around the kitchen counter where Susan was, forcing Brenda to join them. Suzanne and Alan stood on the kitchen side, Susan stood at the end, and Katherine and Brenda stood on the dining room side.

Brenda hoped against hope that the manila envelope contained anything else but the nude photos of herself, but her hopes were dashed when Susan pulled one photo out and laid it in the middle of the counter. Brenda recognized it immediately as one of the first poses she'd struck during the photo shoot. She thought she would simply die of shame, but at least she had some consolation that her head had been cropped out of the photo altogether.

As Susan brought that photo out, she said to the group, but to Alan in particular, "I have some fun nudie photos to show you. I can't say yet who they're of or how I got them. But I want to get your feedback."


Time seemed to stand still for Brenda as Alan picked up that picture and held it close to his face to examine it. She forgot to breathe for a startlingly long time. She was mortified that he was looking at her photo right in front of her eyes, but that didn't diminish her desire for him to give an approving opinion about it.

While Alan was inscrutably studying that one, Susan handed out other photos so each person had at least one.

Brenda only briefly glanced at hers. She looked all around and was further relieved to see that all of the photos were cropped. But even so, she suddenly felt that she must have been insane to ever think Alan and the others wouldn't notice right away that it was her. Her curves were too extreme and unique, and her long nipples were a particular giveaway. She felt for sure that, any second, somebody would say something like, "Hey, Brenda, aren't these photos of you?" Then she'd have to explain herself, and what could she say?

To make matters worse, she was so embarrassed that she knew her face had turned a bright cherry red. And that was damning, because why would that be the case unless the photos were of her? Also, her arousal was off the charts. Her big tits heaved up and down (unsupported by her dress) - another damning clue. Her pussy had been wet all through dinner, because simply being near Alan when she knew he had a hard-on was too exciting, but now it positively gushed, overflowing her panties and trickling down her inner thighs. That, in turn, created a pungent, musky smell that was another damning clue.

She feared that once she was "outed" as the subject of the photos, her entire story would come out and she'd end up confessing her great desire to serve Alan, taking the decision about whether she even wanted that out of her hands due to her passion of the moment. From there, he would demand that she prove it or get spanked, and she'd find herself kneeling in just her high heels in front of all the others, choking and gagging on his fat cock! This created a vicious circle, because such thoughts thrilled and frightened her in equal measure, making her tell-tale signs such as her heaving chest and blushing face, even more obvious. That in turn made her more humiliated and horny, and so on. She had to clutch at the edge of the counter top to merely remain standing. She shut her eyes tightly and braced for the worst.

Alan had recognized right away that the picture he was holding was of Brenda. Susan and Suzanne in particular had acted quite smirky and excited about the mysterious surprise they said they were going to spring on him, so he knew there had to be some special meaning in the photos even before he saw them. Just looking at the one full frontal photo, the answer seemed obvious. He'd a lot of pornographic pictures over the years, mostly on his computer monitor, but he'd never seen a woman with a figure quite like Brenda's. And even through her clothes he'd noticed how far her nipples stuck out, which was confirmed in the photo.

So far, he'd kept a poker-face. But, just to be sure, and seeing that Brenda had her eyes shut tight, he looked quizzically to Katherine, since she was across the counter from him with Brenda, and then nodded towards Brenda.

Katherine was in the know about the photos already, so she smiled and nodded knowingly.

It was hardly necessary for him to confirm, since he saw Brenda's burning red face when he glanced at her to check if she was looking back at him. He thought, HOT DAMN! Wow! I wonder what the story is with these. Not just one nude picture, but many, from every angle! And how did Mom get ahold of them?! I smell an Aunt Suzy scheme in progress! Heh! So cool!

He considered how he should play this. Clearly, Brenda was about to die of sheer shame, unless her great arousal got to her first. He was developing a good sense of how to arouse a woman with a little humiliation, but Brenda looked more like she was about to hyperventilate or pass out. He decided that to reveal that he knew the photos were of her would be cruel and over the top at this point. Instead, he would play dumb, very dumb, and help her come back from the brink.

So he said about the photo in his hand, "Gee, Mom, this is one sexy lady. Do you know her? Do I know her?"

Susan replied, carefully, "Now, Son, you know I said I can't tell you anything about that. Maybe sometime later. But right now, I just want to get your reaction."

"Hmmm. Let me see another one then, or two."

Brenda wasn't religious, but she had her eyes shut tight and was praying hard. She heard the sound of papers shuffling, and surmised it had to be Alan looking at more of the photos. She had the counter edge in a vice-like grip with one hand while she had an arm under her huge rack in an attempt to minimize the wild bouncing of her great knockers.

After a pregnant pause, Alan said, "Well, this woman certainly has the curves. She looks pretty darn sexy to me. What a rack! She's really stacked! Do you think those are real?"

Brenda heaved with relief at those positive words. YES! He says I'm sexy! And yes, they are real! All real!

Suzanne spoke up. "In my opinion, they have to be real. Look at this one. See how they're dangling down? Only real breasts do that."

There was more shuffling of photos.

Despite her great embarrassment, Brenda couldn't resist peeking out of one eye to see which photo Suzanne was referring to. OH NO! It's one of the ones where I'm bending over and clutching my ankles! The SHAME! The SHAME! Why the hell did I ever let Susan talk me into going that far?!

She had to close her eyes again and clutch the edge of the counter with both hands this time, because a strong orgasm ripped through her. Luckily for her, her fear of getting caught was so great that she forced herself not to make any special noise or movement. She just stood there and let it happen, as if she'd lost all control and had to pee there standing up. Actually, it was quite similar because of the copious wetness trickling down her thighs.

Suzanne could guess that Brenda just came, even though it wasn't blatantly obvious, from the way Brenda's face scrunched up and then relaxed. Plus, there was the way Brenda's massive tits were heaving up and down even more than before, even considering that she wasn't cradling them with an arm anymore. Suzanne was secretly delighted. She also was pleased that Alan was playing coy and not letting on that the pictures were of Brenda, just as she had hoped he would. She decided it was time to reward him, as well as blow Brenda's mind into oblivion that much more. She figured Brenda could handle it after cumming.

Suzanne had been careful to stand on the same side of the counter as Alan while making sure Brenda stood on the other side. That allowed her to reach into Alan's slacks. Since he wasn't wearing any underwear, to better show off his bulge, her fingers immediately wrapped around his long shaft and started to stroke.

Now it was Alan's turn to be flummoxed. Not only was Suzanne jacking him off, she wasn't even being that subtle about it. Susan and Katherine caught on right away and smiled with knowing approval. Only Brenda was still in the dark, and what would happen when she opened her eyes? But he remembered that Suzanne and the others counseled him to do something outrageous, and this certainly qualified. Besides, it felt too fantastic to make her stop.

So he continued to examine the photo of Brenda lewdly bending over while pretending to ignore Suzanne's sliding fingers. Thinking about how Suzanne said the picture proved the breasts were natural, he even managed to say, "Yep, I see what you mean, Aunt Suzy. Those do look natural. You can also see, well, pretty much everything! Whoever this woman is, she sure cums a lot. Brenda, you don't mind if we freely discuss this kind of thing, do you? You're not offended?"

Brenda opened her eyes in a panic. She was still riding out the tail end of her orgasm, and she was barely in control of her body or her mind. She knew her face was cherry red and her big tits were bouncing outrageously on her chest, with her dress no help at all. If Alan looked at her now, she was sunk. She expected the worst.

However, Alan knew that the signs of Brenda's arousal, not to mention her embarrassment, were so blatant that he couldn't make eye contact with her and continue to pretend to be clueless. So he studiously examined the photo from close up instead.

The others had come to the same conclusion and wanted to keep the pretense going. They were all looking down intently at their photos as well.

Brenda looked around from face to face. She couldn't believe her luck, but she didn't question it. Even though she felt like she'd just been fucked standing up, and looked like it, she tried to pull herself together and quickly respond to Alan before the silence made someone look her way. "Um... well... NO! Of course I'm not offended. Just keep on looking and talking about that picture. I don't mind that at all."

She added in her mind, Especially keep on looking DOWN. Don't look up! Dear God! What am I going to do about my face?! How do I make my blush go away?! Hell, how do I stop feeling so totally humiliated so I stop blushing more?! Look at him: he's staring right at a photo of my fully exposed pussy! My leaky, leaky pussy! And I just told him to keep looking! And what about my real leaky pussy, now?! I'm going to be dripping down to the floor in another minute!

Now that she was recovering some more from her orgasm, she was able to cradle her tits with an arm again to stop their crazy bouncing. She still needed her other hand to grip the counter edge and keep her standing.


Katherine spoke up while staring at her own nude Brenda photo. "Well, I think that whoever this woman is, she's got an amaaaazing body. Geez! Just look at the size of those boobs! I wish I had boobs half that size. And check out her ass too, Bro. In my picture, she's kind of twisting her body in place, so you can see her ass and boobs at the same time."

Alan responded, "My picture is pretty much all ass. And I have to admit it's a pretty damn fine one too. Her legs aren't bad either, especially when they're firmed up with her high heels and the way she's bending over. I wonder if they look as good in a relaxed pose."

Susan helpfully shuffled through the photos and selected one for him. "Here, look at this one." She'd selected another picture of Brenda's backside that showed off her legs to great effect.

"Thanks." Alan whistled appreciatively as he studied the new picture. His enjoyment of it was intensified by the way Suzanne was rubbing his sweet spot. "Yep. Nice legs indeed. Too bad we can't see the face in any of these, though. Or even the hair. Why is that?"

Brenda's eyes opened in another panicky alarm. She held her breath as she waited for Susan's reply.

Susan said, "Sorry, I can't tell you that. Consider it a test to see what kind of body type you like the most. If you saw the head, that might bias you."

Brenda allowed herself to breathe again, relieved. Good answer!

Susan continued, "I picked this woman's pictures because I thought she had an ideal body for you. Isn't this your exact type?"

Alan looked at Susan as he replied. (Luckily for Brenda, Susan was standing on the other side of him, at the end of the counter.) "Well, I don't know about THAT. 'Ideal?' Hardly. She is sexy, no question. But, to be honest, Mom, you're more of my ideal. I like a woman who's taller and not just this outrageously curvy." With that answer, he was trying a sweet and sour approach. He complimented Brenda's body some, but made clear that he wasn't as impressed as most men were, to keep her striving.

It was an effective approach. Brenda was soaring high one moment and crashing down the next. But all in all, it was about the answer she expected, and even wanted. Clearly, Alan wasn't easy to please, and that made her want to work harder to impress him.

So far, Brenda hadn't noticed the way Suzanne was playing with Alan's erection. She had her eyes closed most of the time, and when she had them opened, she was looking up at faces. But now, she was calming down some, relatively speaking, and she looked around the counter top to see which photos of her were being looked at.

While she did that, she noticed the tell-tale motion in Suzanne's arm. It wasn't hard to catch, since Suzanne was all but asking to get caught. She gasped, loudly, but no one seemed to notice. NO! NO! It can't be! But it IS! She's DEFINITELY giving him a handjob, not even three feet from me! I can't believe it!

If the orgasm Brenda was still recovering from rated a ten on a one-to-ten scale, her new surge of arousal shot up to eleven. She very nearly spontaneously climaxed again, and only didn't because her body was in a refractory phase from the last one. But actually, I CAN believe it! OF COURSE she's jacking him off. This is Alan! His cock is hard all the time, and their job is to keep him constantly throbbing with pleasure! So how can she NOT?! I'll bet the others know and approve, and wish they could be helping instead. Suzanne's trying to be subtle about it, for my sake, but with a cock that long and thick, there's no subtle way to stroke it!

GOOD GOD! GOOD GOD! This kid is incredible! He needs more helpers, definitely! Busty, beautiful sexy helpers who want to love and worship his cock, like me! How can I resist him?! It's hopeless!

Brenda realized that she was likely to cum again soon, despite the fact that she wasn't touching her privates and she'd just cum a few minutes earlier. She further realized that whenever it did happen, she probably wouldn't be able to stay as quiet as the prior time. She had to escape, and fast!

She simply let go of the counter and walked out of the room, towards the living room.

Since the others were all trying hard not to look at her, she was well into the living room when Katherine finally looked up and asked, "Hey, Brenda. Where are you going?"

Brenda walked faster, glad that she was out of visual range. She was frightened that the wetness of her thighs could be seen even from behind. She loudly replied, "I'm off to, uh, powder my nose!"

Indeed, she was headed directly to the bathroom, though it definitely wasn't to powder her nose. Once she got there and closed the door safely behind her, she sat down on the toilet, with the lid down, just to breathe and recover. Aaaaah! Thank God! Too close! I just about had a heart attack!

After some more heavy gasps for air, she thought, Suzanne's jacking him off! That's just so very wrong, but... so very, very RIGHT! A real man like Alan, that's the only way to properly treat him! They don't call themselves a harem, but that's what they are! He's the lord and master, and they're his de facto slaaaaves! His sex slaves!

She had refrained from masturbating or even spontaneously cumming since she'd gotten to the safety of the bathroom, because she still worried about making a ruckus. But with those thoughts, she couldn't hold out any longer. A hand reached to her sopping wet panties, pulled them aside, and she found her clit. She brought her other hand to her mouth and fiercely bit down on it in an attempt to contain the noise.

Again, her fear of getting caught was so great that she managed to stay relatively quiet, at least compared to the way she longed to scream her head off.


But Brenda wasn't quiet enough.

Around the kitchen counter, Susan, Suzanne, Katherine, and Alan all exchanged knowing smiles as they heard strangled shrieks and muffled cries coming from the nearby bathroom.

Susan whispered the obvious. "Did you hear that? Brenda's having an orgasm! A big one, too! Gaawwwd, that makes me so hot! Especially given what you're doing, Suzanne." She playfully teased her, "You're soooo baaaaad!"

"What?" Suzanne played dumb. But she grinned widely, jacking off Alan even more blatantly than before. In fact, with Brenda gone, she pulled Alan along with her to the middle of the kitchen, giving Susan and Katherine an unhindered view of what her hand was doing inside Alan's slacks.

Susan was too worried to enjoy the view. "Not there! We want to drive Brenda wild, but let's not be TOO obvious about it! She'll be back soon."

Suzanne considered that, then nodded. "You're right, even though I doubt she'll be back that soon. I've got an idea. Sweetie, there's something I want to show you in the den."

The way her fingers were working his sweet spot was distracting to say the least. At first he could only manage to ask, "The den?" But then realization dawned on him of why she wanted to use the den. "OH! The DEN!"

Suzanne nodded. "That's right. I want to show Brenda just how much of your cock I can fit down my throat! Let's do it while she's still in the bathroom! Chances are, she'll come back the shorter way, by the den. Especially if she hears us in there!"

Alan tried to resist that idea, but Brenda's photos and Suzanne's handjob had gotten him far too horny. "Oh, man! How can I say no?!"

"You can't! Come on, let's go!" Suzanne pulled her cum-soaked hand out of his slacks, and started to push him towards the den. But then she stopped and said to Susan and Katherine, "If Brenda makes it back, keep on keeping on. Play dumb. Act like you don't know what we're doing in the den, and yet make it obvious that you do."

Katherine nodded. "Right! The Sergeant Schultz approach."

Suzanne paused until she caught that reference to the TV show "Hogan's Heroes." "Right!" She hurried off with Alan.

Once they were safely in the den, Alan pulled his slacks down and held his boner straight out, hoping for some serious action.

But Suzanne simply stared at the door that he'd just closed behind them. She whispered, "We need to leave the door open a crack."

He whispered back, "Oh my God! Mom's right: you're soooo bad!"

She turned her head and gave him a smirky grin. "I know. You'll never be bored with me, Sweetie. But what about the door? We've gotta act fast."

"So you really think she's gonna spy on us?"

"Oh, definitely. I've got an idea: let's split the difference. This door is a bit loose. If you're really careful, you can balance it so it's aaaalmost open a crack. Technically, it stays closed, but one can see it's not quite closed all the way. And if one so much as touches it from the outside, it opens an inch or so. As a schemer, I know these things." She was arranging the door just so, even as she spoke.

Alan groaned and rolled his eyes. He didn't have much say in the matter. But then he ceased to care, because Suzanne finished with the door, then quickly removed her dress. Since she wasn't wearing underwear, she was down to just high heels in a flash. She closed the distance between them, reached for his cock, and planted her lips on his for a juicy kiss.

About a minute later, Alan found himself lying face up on the short sofa in the room. His T-shirt was still on, and his slacks were merely pulled down his thighs enough to safely expose his balls and rampant erection.

In stark contrast, Suzanne was buck naked with her face in his crotch. The contrast was intentional. She figured that the submissive Brenda would find it extra arousing that way.

She already was busy licking his sweet spot and stroking his shaft when she whispered, even quieter than before, "In a minute, let's not speak at all, unless it's something we're okay with Brenda hearing. Remember, try playing to our audience of one. Groan and moan loudly and often. Consider how things will look from the doorway, and definitely don't block the view. I'll be doing the same."

He groaned, "Okay."

"I'd like to explore some more titfucking with you, but probably not now. Susan has been hyping blowjobs to Brenda like you wouldn't believe, so that's what she's gonna want to see." With that, she engulfed his cockhead and began to bob on it. She held to a slow pace, because she knew that he was very worked up from everything that had been happening and she didn't want him to cum before Brenda could spy on them.

Brenda took her time in the bathroom. After her orgasm ended, she had a new burst of determination to get her act together and handle herself better for the rest of her visit. She put her panties and dress back in place, then checked herself in the mirror.

She mentally addressed her reflection, Okay, that was close, really close, but I averted disaster. They still don't know the photos are of me. They didn't see my red face! Hey, even my blush is starting to go away. Alan was so busy with the photos that he didn't look at me at all. Nobody knows anything! True, I came twice, but I was silent the first time and then in here the second time, so nobody knows that either. I hope, anyway! Unfortunately, I was a little bit loud this time around. Everything's just too sexy here! I couldn't help it. I still almost can't breathe, because of all the sex in the air!

In any event, I have to be optimistic. What else can I do? My imagination has been getting pretty out of control, but they don't know that. I can still save the evening. Alan even said "She is sexy, no question," about one of my photos. He likes my breasts, ass, and legs. That's something to build on. I'll go back out there with more of my wiggly moves to draw attention to my best asset: my big breasts. Before long he'll be eating out of my hands. Then, not long after that, I'll be eating out at his crotch!

As she left the bathroom, she knew there were two ways to go back to the kitchen / dining room area: she could walk through the front foyer and living room into the dining room, or she could walk down a hallway into the back of the kitchen. She assumed that Suzanne was still "secretly" jacking Alan off in the kitchen, so it occurred to her that if she chose the hallway, she might be able to walk in on them and observe them without being seen in return.


She couldn't resist the temptation, so she started down the hallway. But she didn't get far before she heard curious sounds coming from the den up ahead. She stopped in front of the den door and listened carefully. NO! ... YES! That most DEFINITELY is the sounds of sexy slurping! That can only mean one thing: a handjob wasn't enough. Suzanne is full-on blowing him, just behind this very door!

Brenda's sense of being back on top of things was torn apart in a flash. Her heart started beating fast again, and her arousal spiked so high that she had to lean against a wall for a moment until she could cope. She had carefully dried her thighs and blotted her soaking-wet panties as best she could, but she suspected that area would be a swampy mess before long. The sounds she heard through the door confirmed everything she'd come to believe about Alan.

She considered ignoring them, just walking past to join Susan and Katherine, but that thought lasted for about a millisecond. The temptation to eavesdrop was too great, especially since she could hear Alan and Suzanne surprisingly well. (Of course, she didn't realize they were being extra loud just for her.) Her hesitation was overcome when she heard Suzanne say: "Oh, Sweetie! I love your cock... so much! Going... deeper! Mrrmpth!" As if that wasn't pussy-tingling enough, there was a muffled aspect to Suzanne's voice, suggesting that her mouth was full of thick cock even as she spoke.

Brenda looked up and down the hall to check whether the coast was clear. It was, but the problem was that the door to the den was very close to the door between the hallway and the kitchen. She listened carefully for sounds other than the thrilling noises coming from the den, and realized she couldn't hear Susan or Katherine talking.

That made her curious. The door between the hallway and kitchen was closed most of the way, but not all the way. She opened it wider and quietly crept through it, just enough to look at the kitchen counter area. To her great relief, she saw no one there. Peeking a little further into the kitchen, she could hear and see all the way to the dining room, and realized that Susan and Katherine had returned to the dining room area.

That was great news, because it made her spying less likely to be discovered than if they were still in the kitchen. She closed the door between the kitchen and the hallway for extra security.

She was feeling emboldened and encouraged, even while her heart was thumping like crazy due to great arousal and the potential for being caught.

She finally turned her full attention to the den. She noticed the door was ever so slightly ajar. Curious, she lightly touched the door, just to see what would happen.

Just like that, the door opened another inch! That was enough to create a crack just big enough to peek through.

She wanted to groan in some kind of lusty chagrin. Aaaah, fuck me! Again! It's like there's some kind of sexy conspiracy forcing me to peek. Everything is just making me too horny! How can I not look now?! Fuuuuuck!

She tried to resist peeking, telling herself it was far too risky, but lust was driving her on. After just one brief glance, she was hooked. She couldn't see very much of the room, but it was like Alan and Suzanne were perfectly positioned for her, because she had a very good view of Suzanne's head bobbing right over Alan's crotch. (Of course, they WERE perfectly positioned for her.)

Suzanne had Alan's cockhead in her mouth, but she wasn't bobbing down any further than that. And with the way she happened to be holding his shaft with just the fingertips of one hand, Brenda could see nearly all of his erection, minus his cockhead.

That sight literally took Brenda's breath away: she forgot to breathe until she ran low on oxygen, then had to take big gasps to recover.



She tried to be quiet with her deep breathing, but she wasn't quiet enough. Both Alan and Suzanne heard. They didn't need to look over to the door to confirm that she was there, since that would be way too risky. But now that they knew they were being watched, their arousal levels skyrocketed.

Suzanne immediately switched her style so she was merely licking her way around Alan's cockhead. That allowed her to show off her long tongue and just what it could do. It also exposed more of Alan's erection for Brenda's eyes while being less stimulating for him. That was important, because he was groaning with the struggle of trying desperately not to cum.

At first Brenda was frightened at the sight of Suzanne's tongue. It looked so freakishly long that for a brief moment she seriously entertained the idea that Suzanne wasn't really human. Just as quickly, she dismissed that as absurd. Suzanne's tongue was just long enough to be humanly possible. She also belatedly remembered that Susan had recently made a passing reference to Suzanne having an unusually long tongue. But the scare got her heart racing even faster. She actually worried that she might pass out from too much excitement; being found unconscious in front of the den door would be horribly embarrassing!

She watched another minute or two of Suzanne's licking, but she simply couldn't take it. It was too intense, like staring into the Sun, except it was as if she was staring into pure lust instead of bright light. This was truly the most arousing sight she'd ever seen in her life!

She quietly staggered back down the hall towards the bathroom. She had to make another pit-stop there. If nothing else, she needed to deal with her panties again; they were as wet as a towel that had just been dunked in water. She also again had long rivulets of her juices flowing down her inner thighs!

However, she didn't stay long. She worried that she'd been gone a suspiciously long time already, so she hurried back to the dining room much sooner than she wanted.

Susan and Katherine were amused at seeing Brenda so very aroused. They all got off on being embarrassed by Alan in sexual situations. They didn't fully understand it, but they could sense from her lusty reactions that Brenda was a kindred spirit in that regard, so they enjoyed seeing her react similarly to being embarrassed by him. But they also could sense when things were going too far, realizing that Brenda was too frazzled at the moment to be pushed any further.

Thus, when Brenda came back to the dining table and sat down, they acted as if nothing unusual had happened. Brenda had again cleaned herself up in the bathroom, so her hair was in place and other surface aspects were as they should be. But she still had a stunned, dazed air about her. Obviously, she couldn't get over what she'd just seen in the den, added to everything else.

Brenda tried hard to engage. Looking around, she realized the photos were all gone. "Where did those photos go?!"

Susan smiled. "Don't worry. I put them away."

Katherine said to Brenda, "You know, after you left, it occurred to me that the photos looked a lot like you. Well, like what I think you'd look like without your clothes on. And wasn't your face really red?" She wasn't trying to razz Brenda; in fact, it was the opposite. She thought events would seem more believable in retrospect if at least someone noticed the obvious clues, and this was a relatively safe moment, with Alan out of the room.

Brenda realized denial was futile. Besides, an admission wasn't so bad with just Katherine and Susan present. She looked around carefully, then whispered, "Okay, if you must know, it WAS me! Those pictures are of ME! But please don't tell anybody! Especially not Alan!"

Susan whispered, "Remember, Suzanne already knows. She helped me print the photos."

"Okay, then, don't tell Alan. That's what really matters! He can't know!"

Katherine nodded. "Don't worry; your secret is safe with me. But what's this all about?! Where did those pictures come from? Why did Mom have them? And why were they being shown to us?"

Brenda narrowed her eyes and glared at Susan. "Because your mother played a dirty trick on me! Susan, you weren't supposed to show him those when I was right there too! I just about DIED!"

Susan was a terrible liar, but just this once she managed to effectively play dumb. "But I thought you wanted that. No? I thought you wanted to see his reaction?"

Brenda complained, "I wanted to GET his reaction. But not BE there! Too scary! Good God!"

Before she could say more, Katherine asked with apparent innocence, "But what's it all about? What's all this about wanting to show them to Alan?"

Brenda sighed heavily and gently put a hand on her forehead, as if she was checking for a fever. I should stay away from this house. They're going to make me die before my time. It's one shocking, sexy surprise after another. Exactly like last time!

She calmed her nerves, more or less, and said, "It's a long story. I'd rather not tell it now. But the short version is that Susan snapped the pictures, at my request."

Katherine was playing up her supposed cluelessness. "But why?!"

Brenda sighed heavily again. Her feelings were all over the map. Her desire for Alan was growing all the time, but she feared giving in to her submissive lusts. The more her desire grew, the higher the stakes grew, increasing her fear.

Susan saved her from answering by boldly saying, "Don't answer that!"

That startled both Brenda and Katherine.

Susan continued, "Katherine, Brenda here obviously has an interest in helping Alan out with his special problem. I think you can see the clues, from her nude photos to the way she's dressed. That said, Brenda, now is not the time to make any commitments, or even talk about it. This is a very important, serious thing, and you shouldn't be acting rashly. You might not feel the same way tomorrow that you feel right now."

Brenda was amazed. She felt like she'd been slipping off a high cliff, only to be rescued by a helping hand from Susan at the last moment. She was extremely relieved she could dodge Katherine's question. She nodded, breathlessly.

Katherine, knowing how she was supposed to help Suzanne's strategy of making helping Alan look like a highly desirable prize only for the best of the best, folded her arms and scoffed. "Helping Brother? You? Hrumph! We'll see about that!"

Susan played the good cop in the "good cop, bad cop" routine. She took Brenda's hand and held it supportively. "Brenda, don't mind her. Just relax. Take some time and seriously think about what you want. There's another card game party coming up in just two days, so if you come to that, it can help you figure out what you want. Okay?"

Brenda nodded again. "Thanks. I'll do that." And she did feel much better. But she also thought, "Just relax?!" HA! Fat chance! How can I do that when I know that Suzanne is sucking him off AS WE SPEAK?! Right over there, in the other room! Damn, I can still hear her noisy slurping and gagging ringing in my ears! I can still see her lips stretched impossibly wide around his tree trunk cock! And the way she was buck naked while he was fully dressed. I don't know why, but that sight is SO FUCKING HOT! It really shows he's in charge!

Susan said, "Okay, enough about that, then. Not another word. Alan and Suzanne are nearby and could come back at any time. We don't want them to overhear us."

"Oh, where are they? What are they doing?" Even though Brenda knew the answer, she wanted to see what answer she'd be given.

Katherine snickered playfully. "Do you want the polite answer, or the correct answer?" She giggled.

Brenda sat up stiffly again, proudly thrusting her big tits forward. "The correct answer, of course. As I keep telling Susan, I'm a big girl. I can handle it."

Katherine looked at Susan, uncertain what she should say. However, Susan didn't give her any obvious direction. So she said to Brenda, "Since you say you want to help Alan, I suppose we don't have to be so secretive. But it's up to you. Guess."

Brenda was glad for a chance to answer that, especially since she was certain about the answer. "I know a lot more than you think about all the help you give him. Knowing Alan and his great needs, Suzanne probably took him to some private place in the house where she could suck him off."

Katherine expressed surprise. "Very good! Maybe there's hope for you yet. And what do you think about that?"

Brenda got bolder still. She grasped her heavy globes from below and held them up. "It makes me very hot and horny, that's what I think! I love that Alan is such a sexually insatiable young man. I love that he has many beautiful women who help him. I love that it takes that many women to keep him satisfied! He's not like other men. Not at all!"

Katherine was genuinely impressed. "Wow! Nice!"

Susan was impressed as well. "Good answer, Brenda. But we really need to stop now. Sure, it's likely that Suzanne will be sucking him for another half hour or more, but you can never be sure. Let's just talk about other things until they get back, okay?"

So that's what they did. But Brenda felt much better about her evolving situation. Her hope was rising that she could find a place as one of his women.

As it happened, Alan and Suzanne returned after "only" another twenty minutes. Alan had been worked up even before Suzanne started sucking him. Then, knowing that Brenda had peeked in on them made him practically delirious with erotic ecstasy. It took all of Suzanne's considerable oral talent, and quite a few strategic breaks, for them to last even that long. Eventually, they decided together not to fight it any longer, and they shared a great mutual orgasm.

Afterwards, they considered lingering in the den to further puff up Brenda's opinion of him, but they decided against it. They both felt that Brenda already was fully convinced he was a total stud, and too much hype would lead to disappointment down the road. So they went back to the dining room after making themselves presentable in the bathroom.

Brenda didn't stay much longer after that. She wanted to, but she was emotionally and physically exhausted. She actually had only been at the Plummer house for an hour and a half, but it had been one heart-stopping arousing shocker after another for her.

She did get one last significant thrill as she was saying goodbye at the door, though. Each woman gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye. Then it was Alan's turn. She was disappointed that he only gave her a kiss on each cheek. But while he was doing that, he firmly held her ass cheeks through her dress. And with his hands caressing her ass cheeks like he owned them, he looked into her eyes and said, "It was nice having you here tonight. I look forward to having you again. I hope I'll get to see a lot more of you in the very near future."

As he made that last comment, he looked down into her cleavage in a very knowing and blatant manner.

Brenda was beyond delighted. He's going to HAVE ME! She exclaimed, "You will! You will!" She squeezed him tightly, with a lot of deliberate rubbing of her hard nipples into his chest.

He was so encouraged by her reaction, including the feel of her soft tit-pillows against him, that he very nearly brought his hands up to fondle her rack. But then he remembered the plan to act aloof, so he pulled away instead.

She left the house soon thereafter. She was frustrated at how some things had gone, but overall she was nearly walking on air.


Alan, like Brenda, was tired both physically and mentally. He went upstairs, making clear that he wanted to be alone for a while. He wasn't mad at anyone; far from it. He just felt like he needed some alone time.

Suzanne went back to her own home to check on things. She rarely left the cooking to Amy, so she wanted to make sure Amy had done an able job of preparing cordon bleu for the family. It turned out Amy had.

Suzanne considered going to the Plummer house later that evening for more sexy fun with Alan, but for once she wasn't in the mood. She thought, Because of my "Elle" impersonation on Saturday night, I'm more ready than ever to get properly fucked by my Sweetie. The way I look at it, we're still at zero real fucks; that one didn't count. My memory of it is a bit hazy: it seems more like one of my unfulfilling erotic dreams. Lord knows I've had enough of those lately, ever since my cuddly Sweetie started turning into such a hunk.

It's probably a good thing I don't remember it too well, because my need for him is already almost more than I can bear. My pussy is so ready! All these blowjobs and titfucks just whet my appetite, especially when Brenda is spying on us! Phew! That was hot! But it still isn't time. I have to remain in control of my emotions and not just think from between my legs. For one thing, I shouldn't screw up his tennis tournament; that wouldn't be fair. Once he starts having sex with me, he'll barely have enough energy remaining to even walk onto a tennis court! I should wait at least until the weekend. As soon as his tournament is over... Oh damn! His Boy Scouts hiking trip is this weekend! If it's not one thing, it's another. When are we going to be able to fuck already?!

Blowjobs and titfucks are well and good, but it's high time that I get properly FUCKED! I NEED to get fucked! With the mood I'm in right now, I wouldn't be able to say 'No'. He'd start licking my pussy... Oh God! That would feel soooo goooood! Then, in a matter of minutes, he'd be shoving his thickness aaaaaalll the way in, impaling me to the hilt! Dammit, I'm working myself up too much just thinking about it.

No. I need another day or two to get over the whole "Elle" incident. Tomorrow is Tuesday, when Susan will have him. Then, by Wednesday, I should be back to normal.

However, she realized she needed to see him soon to discuss what she'd recently learned about Heather. So, around nine-thirty, about two hours after Brenda left, she put on some unusually-conservative (for her) clothes that thoroughly covered her body and went over to his house. She figured that he'd had enough time to recover from his Brenda adventure. Her clothes would communicate that she was there just to talk, and nothing else.


Alan was at his desk, still doing his homework. He looked up and smiled when he saw Suzanne pushing his door open while knocking on it.

Everything she usually wore was sexy in some way, but this outfit was not, at least relatively speaking. Although she'd unbuttoned a few buttons at the last minute to expose a lot of cleavage, even that was restrained compared to her usual attire lately. He read that correctly as a "hands off" signal.

Suzanne pulled up a chair. After making some small talk she said, "Okay, let's get down to business. I'm NOT here to talk about Brenda."

"You're not?"

"No. Tonight was a big success with her. Let's let that settle for a while and discuss it tomorrow. Okay?"

"Sounds good. Very good. I do need time to process that. What are you here about then?"

"Remember how we talked the other day about me looking into Heather?"


"Well, I have the scoop on her. But first, I'd like to know exactly what's happened between you and her."

He stiffened. "What makes you assume there's anything to talk about? I don't want to confirm or deny anything."

"Come on. It's me. I know you; I can tell something happened. I can see it in your face when her name is mentioned. Something happened a few days ago. Let's not play games."

Alan complained, "Aunt Suzy, please. Don't make me tell you. I don't like to kiss and tell. Isn't that kind of private?"

"Usually, yes. And don't worry; I won't tell your mom or sister or anyone else. But it's important that I know. Heather is not just 'some girl'! I already knew that she's a really powerful, and therefore dangerous, girl at your school, and now I'm doubly concerned about her. If you're going to handle her successfully, we need to work together. Also, look how well things went with Brenda. You're turning into quite a ladies' man. That's great, especially for you, but the more lovers you have, the greater the danger for everyone involved. What if you were to get an STD, for instance? Think how that could spread."

He sighed. "Okay." Then he proceeded to tell Suzanne of all his recent encounters with Heather, including the one time they'd had sex.

Suzanne remained silent, just taking in everything he said. When he was done, she said, "Thanks for all that. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. Now, let me tell you what I've learned about her."

Suzanne talking to Helen in a coffee shop, with Helen holding her cup and saucer with both hands

Alan said, "Hold on. I'm curious; how did you get your info about her in the first place?"

Suzanne smiled knowingly. "It's a small world. I just happened to run into her mother Helen today. I was at a coffee shop and all the tables were taken, so I asked to sit at hers. Imagine my surprise when I found out who she was."

He grinned and rolled his eyes. "What a coincidence! Somehow, I doubt that happened by pure chance."

Suzanne's smile widened. "Well, okay, maybe I stalked her a little first to find just the right moment to 'happen' upon her, but 'stalking' is such a harsh word. Anyway, I got to talking about my two kids and all the troubles they put me through and how one of mine was a cheerleader, and wouldn't you know it, she started unloading all of her frustrations about her own kid. It was like taking candy from a baby."

He shook his head. "Aunt Suzy, you're a genius. A conniving genius."

"Tell me something I don't know." She winked. "Anyway, Heather is a self-centered, power-hungry bitch. But you already knew that. From what you told me about your encounters with her, you have a good bead on her. I have to say you've handled yourself well so far. You're a challenge for her. You're interesting and different. Most importantly, you haven't shown weakness, and you've played hard to get. That's key."

She continued, "But let me tell you some things you don't know. Frankly, I don't fully understand why she's so bitchy. Some people just have inherently ornery personalities, and maybe she's one of those. Or maybe Helen didn't tell me everything. But at least some of who she is can be understood by how her parents treat her. One interesting thing is how much of an elitist snob her mother is. Several times, she said things like 'And that's not something a Morgan does.' She seems to think highly of her family name, to say the least."

Alan asked, "Are they from some super prestigious family? Hey! What about J. P. Morgan? He was a famous, super-rich robber baron, right?"

Suzanne smiled tolerantly. "Yes. Actually, I thought about that too. But I didn't just 'bump' into Helen without doing some background research first. After all, I had to find her and where she hung out, so I could arrange our 'chance' meeting."

"I looked into Heather's family tree, and there's nothing special going on on either side, and certainly no connection to the J. P. Morgan fortune. It's true that Helen's family is fairly wealthy, but the way she goes on, you'd think she shits gold bricks. Besides, Morgan is her husband's last name, so you'd think her family background would be irrelevant to that. In my opinion, Helen's sense of privilege and entitlement is out of whack. Again, I don't know all the details, since I didn't speak to her that long and I couldn't pry about everything. But, for whatever reason, Heather got all that from her mother. Heather doesn't just think she's great; she KNOWS it."

Alan considered that, and nodded. "Yeah. Now that you mention it, she seems to think that she's the most beautiful girl in school. She went on and on about it, like it was an indisputable fact. And heck, she might be, at least for some people, but it's hardly indisputable in my opinion. There are others: Christine, for starters. In my book Sis and Amy give her a run for her money, plus they're a lot nicer."

Suzanne nodded. "I know. And it's not just beauty. It sounds like she basically thinks she should rule the school like it's her divine right or something. But here's the thing. Do NOT under any circumstances confirm her inflated sense of self-importance with compliments. If you do that, she'll grow bored with you fast. People like her are weird. On the one hand, they're full of confidence and bluster, but on the other hand, they have secret nagging doubts too. On some deeper level, she's gotta wonder if she's really all that great."

She continued, "I can't read her mind, but it's only human nature. Besides, I know her type. I had a college roommate once who was like her in a lot of ways. Her insecurity is well suppressed, but deep down it's always present. If you ever waver, she'll try to convince you of her greatness, and if she ever succeeds, that'll help convince her that you're not worth pursuing."

Alan nodded. "Huh. Okay... So, no compliments ever. Luckily, I was kind of doing that already. My encounter with her happened just one day after you gave me your advice about Brenda. The two are waaaay different. But I tried the 'confident, cocky, yet aloof and hard to get' approach you advised for Brenda, and it worked on Heather too!"

Suzanne smiled. "That WAS very fortuitous timing. I'm not surprised; that strategy works on a lot of women, maybe even on most women. It's just human nature to want what we can't get, or is very hard to get. Sadly, that's why nice guys finish last so often: they're not seen as a challenge."

"I can see that."

"That said, Heather is a special case. You've gotta go in a different direction with her than Brenda from now on. Very different. Think of her almost like a vicious animal, like a lion or tiger. You can't show her any weakness at all, or she'll pounce!"

"What if I flat-out insult her?" He was struck by a thought. "Hey! Did I mention that when we had sex, I called her a 'slut' and a 'bitch' and a 'fucking cunt' and all kinds of mean things like that, and she loved it?"

Suzanne said, "You said something to that general effect a few minutes ago. But you have to be verrrry careful there. It's one thing to say that in a sexual way as something to get both of you hot; it's another to say that in another context like you really mean it, for the purpose of emotional injury. The key with girls like her is to be straddling that fence. Mind you, I didn't say 'no compliments at all'. Instead, be very selective with compliments and only praise her if you honestly believe she deserves it. Don't be too harsh either! Whoa; that's a very dangerous game. If she decides you're an enemy, she'll stop at nothing to crush you."

He said with worry, "Uh-oh. The more I think about it, the more I remember saying some really mean things to her. I was angry and I just kind of went off in a way I've NEVER done to anybody before. And I wouldn't have done it then either, but I kind of started down that path and she seemed to eat it up, so I just ran with it. Am I screwed now?"

Suzanne smiled. "It depends on your definition of 'screwed'. If we're talking about having a lot of hot sex with your gorgeous blonde, tanned head cheerleader, then yes, you're probably really 'screwed.'" She winked.

He chuckled. "Uh-oh! Woe is me!"

"From what you've told me, it sounds like that name-calling crap really turned her on. After all, she's already been dropping some pretty heavy hints that she wants you to fuck her again. If and when you do, you absolutely should do what you did before. You stumbled onto some things that just happened to push all her right buttons. So keep on pushing those buttons, you lucky fucker!" She playfully gave him the middle finger.

He grinned impishly. "Hey. It's not ALL luck."

"No, it's not, I'll give you that. Anyway, it's gonna be really tricky with her. You have to straddle a fine line. I'm thinking it would probably be best for you to behave stand-offish towards her, like she's no big deal and you can take her or leave her. Act like you're the one in the driver's seat and it's her job to impress you, like you've been doing with Brenda, only more so. But don't upset her or insult her except when she's so hot for sex with you. If she gets all hot and bothered, THEN go with all that slut talk. Even then, though, you need to watch her reactions and be careful: you have to make sure she's responding to it in the right way."

He rubbed his chin. "Hmmm... Sounds tricky. How do I get her all hot in the first place without being able to use the stuff that arouses her the most? But I noticed you said 'if and when' I have sex with her again. What do you mean by that?"

Suzanne sighed. "The 'if' part was pretty much wishful thinking on my part, I'm afraid. If it were up to me, I'd say drop her like a hot potato. She's dangerous! Yeah, I know she's gorgeous and you've made clear that she's a hot fuck, but she's just not worth it. I'm particularly worried about STDs. I know you say she insists that she's clean and all that, but she's had so many sex partners that she's a disaster waiting to happen. However..."

She paused dramatically, and then went on, "However, I know you. Plus, I know how eighteen-year-old horny boys think: you think with your dick! You had a really wild, intense sexual experience with her. AND she's the head cheerleader and pretty much the most desired girl in school. So there's probably just no way that you'd say no to her again. In fact, if it weren't for all the sexy fun you've been having at home every day, you'd probably be falling hard for her and trying to boink her on a regular basis. But if that happened, she'd dump you in an instant. The fact that you're not chasing after her with your tongue dragging on the ground is what makes you so intriguing and desirable to her. But anyway, I know I can't stop a raging river with my bare hands. You're like a kid in a candy store: you've discovered sex and are going more than a little wild over it all."

He nodded. "Guilty as charged."

She went on, "So I'm trying to do some advance damage control here. I'm telling you how to handle her so that you can come out of this without getting hurt, and so you at least don't make an enemy out of her. Also, so you don't bring some diseases into our family and give them to all of us. It's almost certain that, before long, she'll tire of you or you'll get tired of her. You two are just waaaay too different to be compatible for more than a few fun fuck sessions. So let your ya-ya's out and have a lot of fun."

He was disappointed to realize that she was probably right.

She added, "Think of it like riding a bucking bronco. It's a wild ride, but it doesn't last long, so enjoy it while you can. When it's all over with, we'll have to talk again. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, you'll calm down some and we'll be able to talk more sensibly about who your sex partners ought to be. In the meantime, be careful to avoid getting infected."

He thought about that. "Boy. When you put it that way, I feel kind of dumb. Maybe I should just tell her 'no thanks' and walk away right now, while I still can. I mean, we've only done it that one time. It would be pretty easy to walk away at this point."

Suzanne smiled knowingly. "That shows what you know. Remember, it takes two to tango. Heather gets what she wants. You can act like you're in the driver's seat all you want, but don't be fooled. You're just discovering what sex is all about; you're not 'master of your own domain' yet, as Seinfeld put it. The bottom line is, if she wants to fuck you again, she will. If she goes all out to tempt you, you won't be able to resist. Eventually, yes, if she stays interested in you for long enough, you'll develop more resistance to her charms, but right now you're still in that 'kid in the candy store' phase. Basically, I'm pretty sure she's going to keep fucking you until she gets bored with you."

He asked, "So why are you giving me this good advice? Isn't that just going to prolong how long she uses me like some kind of boy toy?"

Suzanne responded, "Think of it like you're a surfer riding a big wave. You catch the wave, but you know eventually the ride is going to end. And the end is never pretty. You don't ride a big wave and end up standing. But how you wipe out depends on your level of skill. If you know how to hold your breath and handle yourself, you make it okay, and then you get right back up to ride the next wave. If you're clueless, you could get seriously hurt or even die. I don't want to see you hurt. Besides, what you learn about handling her will help you in handling all the other Heathers you'll run into later in life. And there are lots of people like her, to varying degrees, though most aren't likely to be so extreme."

"Wow, thanks," he said. "By the way, I didn't know you were into surfing."

"I'm not. But I do live in Southern California, and I have at least half a clue, so give me some credit. I'm not happy that you and Heather hooked up in the first place; I'm not happy about it at all. But it's a done deal. To keep going with the surfing metaphor for a minute, are you going to ride the wave, or is the wave going to ride you? You mean a lot to me, and I don't want to see you hurt. So let's continue with what you need to do to stay one step ahead of her."

She went on, "Let's look at her relationship with her father. That's always very telling. Again, I can't know everything from one conversation with her mother, but I gather that Frank - that's his name, by the way - loves Heather a lot, but he's made some big mistakes in raising her. She wants his love and attention and feels like she's not getting enough of it. You'd be surprised how much things like that will affect her sex life and her choice of partners. That happens on some deep subconscious level. Let me go into more detail and explain how we can use that to your advantage..."

Suzanne and Alan continued to discuss Heather for the next half hour. She gave Alan many useful insights. Overall, Alan had already been on the right path when it came to staying one step ahead of Heather, but that had been mostly luck, plus his uncanny ability to roll with the punches. After talking to Suzanne he had a much better idea of what to do in the future, and thus much greater confidence. As Suzanne pointed out, when it came to Heather, maintaining confidence and swagger was half the battle.

Just before Suzanne left, she asked him, "Do you have condoms on you at all times? For instance, in your wallet?"

"Um, no." He felt stupid for having to say that.

She asked, "Where do you keep your wallet?"

"In a front pocket, or in my locker when I'm playing tennis."

"Good." She took a string of foil-wrapped condoms out of a pocket and tossed them at him. "That figures. It shows how much you're thinking with your dick and not your brain. Take those and use them! Put them in your wallet. Do NOT have sex with Heather again without using one. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am." He was chastened; he knew he deserved it.

He was slightly disappointed that Suzanne only gave him a peck on the cheek when she left, but he wasn't too upset about it. He wasn't that aroused anyway.

The only problem was, it was hard for him to get back to doing his homework. But, eventually, he managed.

Later, Susan came to his room to give him a goodnight kiss and tuck-in. She wore yet another new see-through nightie. (She practically had her own closet full of those now, if one included all the ones that were borrowed from Suzanne.) Her desire for sexy fun had overtaken her worries.

But even though she'd come in before his usual bedtime, he was all but asleep already. Although he'd gotten a good night's sleep the night before, his body still needed to recover from so much unaccustomed mental and physical excitement.

They talked for a while, but in the end she did little more than kiss him on the nose and actually tuck him in, in a relatively non-sexual, motherly way.

— — —

Susan went to bed feeling very disappointed by the relatively small amount of sexual fun she'd had with her son. She'd enjoyed her breakfast blowjob with him, but that was marred by Katherine's presence. She'd been able to blow him for quite a while just before Brenda arrived, but hadn't received her usual cum bath at its conclusion. She'd thought he'd be cumming on her three or four times a day once Ron had gone back to Asia, but clearly that wasn't happening.

Her only consolation was some words Suzanne had told her recently: "Your son is becoming such a sexual stud that you're going to have to learn to share. There will be days you may not touch his cock at all. But don't be sad; be proud that he has so many sexy helpers who are all sharing the joy."

Another really bright spot was the fact that the next day was a Tuesday. She could hardly wait.

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