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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Crazy Train
Day 54: Friday, November 8

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan's alarm clock woke him up. He automatically reached over to hit the snooze button as he usually did, but then noticed that it was still pitch dark. Looking at the clock, he realized it was three o'clock in the morning. It slowly came back to him that he'd set his clock that way on purpose with the hopes of sexually satisfying his sister, if his body was up for it.

He sat up in bed and thought about sneaking into her bedroom in the middle of the night, waking her up with a good fucking. He pictured her toned, tanned body writhing in pleasure beneath his own.

Well, looks like I don't have to worry about getting aroused. Boooiiiing! I am already. And my dick feels pretty good, I must say. I don't even feel that tired at the moment. All systems are go.

He'd been sleeping in the nude lately, so he decided to just go to her room that way. It felt deliciously naughty to sneak across the hallway in the dark dressed in just his birthday suit, holding his stiff erection against his lower abdomen to prevent it from bouncing around too wildly.

He wasn't a big fan of having sex in the dark. There are some women who look better clothed, but all the women he'd been with so far looked great naked. Cutting out the visuals also removed a large part of the experience, so when he found himself inside Katherine's room, he fumbled around until he found a desk lamp and turned it on. That provided some light, but it was still dark enough to be a bit mysterious and exciting, like a thief or rapist sneaking through the house with a flashlight.

Next, he turned his attention to Katherine as she lay sleeping in her bed. She too had taken to sleeping in the nude lately, but with the way she was cuddled up in her bed sheets he couldn't see much more than her head.

He still wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do with her exactly, but he decided that first he wanted to see her in her full naked glory while he made up his mind. He pulled the sheets down, slowly exposing her ripe young body. She squirmed a bit as the blankets came away, but didn't wake up.

Man! What a sister! Am I the luckiest guy on Earth or what? And she has this weird 'fuck toy' idea that I certainly don't want to disabuse her of. If I wasn't feeling so tired all the time, I'd sneak in here every night! Or better, have her sneak into my room instead.

He pondered what to do next. He liked the idea of just going for regular intercourse and giving her a good, hard fucking, but he'd made a vow not to do that in the house, for Susan's sake. That could easily become a dangerous habit. Getting caught in the middle of the night by Susan was very possible, especially if Katherine really started screaming. He figured Susan would probably get over it eventually, but it would set things back with her for quite a while, and that wasn't worth the risk. Her opposition to incestuous fucking was very strong, despite all the other sexual things she was doing with Alan, since Suzanne had managed to convince her that "real incest" only applied to actual intercourse.

While he was thinking, Katherine started to shift in the bed. Her hands seemed to flail about a bit as she shifted her body around, leading him to guess that she was feeling a chill because of the missing sheets and trying to pull them close.

Instead, one of her hands found its way down to her pussy. He realized that she was dreaming, and from the way she was starting to moan it must be a very pleasant erotic dream. He looked closely at her eyelids and saw them fluttering a bit. I remember reading about that somewhere - REM sleep while dreaming, meaning Rapid Eye Movement.

He watched with fascination since he'd never really examined someone dreaming before (and the fact that she was buck naked and gorgeous certainly didn't hurt). Her fingers lingered near her slit but she didn't seem to have the coordination to put them in. Then her moans started to become a bit more coherent. "Alan! ... Oh Alan! ... Big... Big, big, big... Big, BIG Brother! ... Oh!"

He chuckled, very pleased. That's pretty cool. What are the odds of me being here to hear that? Unless she mentions me in her sleep all the time, which would be even more amazing, actually. She must really like me if she dreams about me like that. It just makes me want to fuck her good and long. But I really shouldn't. I just know we'll get carried away. However, what if I try something new...

He crawled up on the bed and put his face in her crotch. Okay, this is kind of gross. But after all the blowjobs I've been getting, it's only fair for some payback. Also, she's smooth-shaven, so this is the ideal time to try out some pussy licking. If I totally hate it I can stop before she wakes up and no one will be the wiser. This is as risk free as it gets.

Her hand was still lazily lingering around her pussy, so he gently pushed it away. Then he had a better idea and carefully licked the fingers on that hand, one by one.

That increased the intensity of her moans. They'd been incoherent for a while but now she started saying, "Too big! Too big! ... Soooo big..."

He chuckled some more at that. If my dick were only half as big as all the hype about it around this house, it would be like two feet long! I wouldn't be able to fit through a door. Not that I'm going to discourage the hype, heh-heh.

Then he turned his attention to her pussy. Her hand was safely out of the way, so in the dim light he bent his head further down, thinking, Well, here goes nothing.

No sooner did he put his tongue on her gash (already nice and moist from her dream) and lick his way up it when he sensed a tremor running through her whole body, like someone had lifted her up an inch or two, then dropped her back down. Two hands suddenly appeared at his head and clenched at his hair, pulling on it hard.

Then her scream began. "Aaaeeeii-"

Not wanting to get caught, he acted fast. He quickly scooted his way up her body, taking her hands on his head with him. He was going to put a hand over her mouth, but when his head rose high enough for her to see his face, her scream died in her throat.

He slowed down until his eyes were just a foot or so in front of hers. Her eyes were wide open with fear, but also adjusting to the dim light.

"Alan?! My baby? Is that really you?!"

He puzzled at the "my baby" but nodded. He brought a finger to his mouth in a "be quiet" gesture and whispered "Shhhh!" for good measure.

It was a good thing he did too, because it took all of Katherine's willpower not to scream even louder than before, but this time from joy instead of from fear. Instead, she stretched out her body and threw her fists in the air. "YES! YES!" she scream-whispered. "My dream man is here in the flesh!"

But her celebration was short lived because then she threw herself at him, covering his mouth with hers in a deep, passionate soul kiss. She tackled him so exuberantly that within seconds she wound up on top of him. Her hands seemed to be everywhere at once.

Their kiss went on for about a minute or so until one hand found his erection. Then her other hand quickly joined in the discovery. She broke the kiss and gasped for air. "Oooh! Is all this magnificent, powerful cock for me?!"

"Yep!" He said that despite not knowing why his dick was frequently called "powerful" by the women in the house. He didn't understand that at all.

She started to scoot down his body, but he said, "Wait. Remember what I was doing when I woke you up? I was just starting to lick you down there. Don't you want me to do some more of that?"

"Please do!"


"Please do!" she repeated, a lot quieter this time. "But let's make it a sixty-nine. I've never done that before. You explore down there, and I'll just pop this lovely babymaker in my mouth. Oh boy! What a great surprise! You're the best brother ever!"

So they repositioned, with Katherine still on top.

Katherine reversed on top of Alan in a sixty-nine, on a bed

Alan tried his best to get back to his aborted pussy licking, but didn't have much success. At least from his point of view he thought he didn't, though she seemed to love everything he was doing. It was too dark for him to see what he was licking most of the time, so he just licked whatever happened to be there in front of him.

His biggest "problem" was that she was sucking on his erection like she was possessed. She was so into it that he couldn't concentrate or find his bearing to really know what he was doing.

He'd heard of the "alphabet technique" where one makes the shapes of a letter of the alphabet to vary up the pussy licking, but there was no chance for him to try that out. Mostly, he just stuck his tongue out and sometimes came into contact with her writhing body, and sometimes didn't. He concentrated on squeezing his PC muscle so he wouldn't shoot his load after only a minute or two, but it wasn't easy, given the way she was giving the blowjob her absolute all.

He hung in there until he felt her body tremble in a great orgasm, then let go his restraints and shot a load right into her mouth. He was intrigued to notice how much pussy juice gushed out and wetted his face while he was also spraying her tonsils with his cum.

But all too soon their orgasms were over. Katherine switched from being a boundless ball of energy to barely having the strength to roll off him. She became clingy and cuddly, which suited his returning exhaustion just fine.

As they lay side by side, she whispered, "Big Brother, that was the best surprise ever! I was having this dream about you really nailing my cunt with your massive pussy pleaser, just like I do most every night, and then all of a sudden I woke up and it was really happening! Well, close enough, anyway. In fact, the fact that you were willing to go down on me was even better than regular fucking! That was so unexpected!"

He grinned. "I know. For me too. I wasn't really planning on doing that, but I just figured, 'Why not?' That was my first time going down on a woman. I hope I didn't suck too bad."

"Your first time?!" she whispered excitedly. "Wow! That's totally cool! You make me feel so loved. Ohmigod! ME! Your first time!" She practically crushed his rib cage with the force of her hug.

"Shhhh!" he warned.

"Sorry," she replied quietly. "It's just that I'm so excited! I wish I could tell Mom. She'd be totally thrilled, if it weren't for her reservations about us being together." She sat up some and looked at him with renewed excitement. "But you know what the coolest thing of all is?"

"What's that?"

"That you could just come in my room in the middle of the night and take me at any time, in any way you like! I've never felt so totally, well, fuck toy-ish! Sleeping in this bed is never gonna be the same, knowing that at any given moment you could burst in and take me any way you like, ravage me, and fill any of my holes with your precious little babymakers!"

"Does that bother you?"

"BOTHER me?!" Realizing she was getting too loud, she lowered her voice again. "Bother me? Are you kidding? I don't know how I'll get to sleep ever again, 'cos I'll be too excited thinking about all the things you could do to me at any moment!"

He was very pleased. He'd had an extremely sexually satisfying time, even though it was rather brief, but more importantly he knew Katherine didn't feel neglected anymore, at least for the moment.

After a few more minutes of post-orgasmic cuddling and kissing he snuck back into the hallway. On a whim, he went to his mother's bedroom instead of his own, opened the door and peered inside. He saw her lying on her side, breathing loudly, obviously deeply asleep. Even though her body was mostly covered by sheets and blankets, her face still looked startlingly beautiful where it was faintly lit by the light he'd just turned on in the hallway.

As he stared at her, he thought, Sis is right. Things have really been opening up around here. Now that Ron is gone, not only can I sneak into Sis's room at any time, but what's to stop me from sneaking in here and having my way with Mom any time I like? Well, okay, I couldn't just up and fuck her without unleashing a shit-storm of trouble, but a midnight blowjob would be pretty sweet! It's almost a bummer than I'm such a deep sleeper. But what's a real drag is that I need so much sleep or else I'd make a midnight crawl to one bed or another every single night!

Closing the door, he went back to his bed and immediately fell into a really sound sleep.


"Angel, we've got a problem."

"I know, Mom. I know."

Susan and Katherine were in the kitchen, chopping up vegetables to prepare omelettes for breakfast. Both of them were wearing semi-transparent nighties in the hopes that that would sexually inspire Alan. But the problem Susan referred to was that he hadn't woken up yet. He was so sleepy that he'd actually slept right through his loudly beeping alarm clock. Katherine had to come into his room and turn it off. After that, Susan had decided to let him sleep longer.

But they were running out of time. Susan asked, "Do you think we should wake him up? He has to eat and shower, at least, but we're running out of time even for that! Not to mention helping him out with his special problem." She felt a tingle in her nipples and pussy as she fondly recalled titfucking him the previous night.

Katherine nodded, "ESPECIALLY helping him with some sexy fun time. As you know, he's not one to cum easily. It takes a LOT of passionate sucking and stroking. If you so much as let up for one minute, you're back at square one."

Susan nodded. She wore a worried look. "That's so true. Normally that's a very good thing, because I loved the prolonged struggle before I get my spermy reward. But not today!" She glared at Katherine. "It didn't help that you slept in some too, and you haven't showered yet either. You and I both have a lot to do, and not much time to do it in." She sighed. "I wish there was a clone of me: one to sneak into Tiger's bed and help him with him problem, and the other to cook and eat breakfast and get you two to school."

Katherine suggested, "Actually, you DO have a clone: Aunt Suzy! You two are basically identical from the neck on down. But more importantly, she's right next door. Maybe she could lend a hand?"

Susan felt a curiously powerful surge of lust as she pictured Suzanne sucking him off. Although she much preferred helping him herself, having Suzanne help felt like the next best thing. She said, "The problem with that is that she's got to get Amy and Brad ready for school. She's as busy as me right now."

"You don't know that. That's true in general, but what about Eric? Doesn't he ever help out? What if she says she's got an emergency? Can't he fill in? Besides, Amy and Brad are pretty capable. They don't really need that much help in the first place, once their breakfast is cooked. It's mostly a case of motivation, kicking their butts until they're out the door on time."

Susan stared off into space with worry. "I suppose... I suppose it wouldn't hurt to call and ask."

A short phone call and five minutes later, Suzanne came over. She's taken Susan's suggestion and gotten Eric to make sure their kids would get to school on time. In return for helping Susan, she'd been promised that she could play the major role in dealing with Alan's "special problem."

Suzanne was extremely delighted by the invitation. Breakfast at the Pestridge house was no fun, because it was one of the rare times the family was often together, but it was a family split in two, with Eric and Brad on one side and Suzanne and Amy on the other. The atmosphere was chilly. Whereas being at the Plummer house promised great sexual pleasures, and lots of love and fun.

Furthermore, Suzanne hoped to use the situation to break down Susan's willingness to take part in sexual activities with others around. To that end, shortly after coming over, she took Katherine aside in the dining room and spoke to her so Susan couldn't hear from the kitchen. "I've got a favor to ask, Angel."

"What's that?"

Suzanne winced unhappily as she asked, "Can you kind of make yourself scarce for twenty minutes or more?"

"Sure. Why?!"

"Well, because I'm planning on having fun with my Sweetie. But, and here's the key thing: I also want Susan to have fun with me. Right now, she's got a lot of reluctance to watching or taking part in sexy fun with him if I'm there. But her reluctance is double for you, since you're her daughter and she's trying to be a 'responsible' parent. If both you AND I are there, then her resistance doubles again, at least. To make matters worse, right now her libido is cold. I've gotta work on heating her up to loosen her up, and that's easier if you're not around. Remember, the sooner we can break down her rules and limits, the sooner all of us can be living in endless erotic nirvana."

Katherine was bummed. "I understand that, but still, it sucks. Lately, I've been having a ton of morning time fun. It's gone from being a drag to being one of my favorite times of day."

Suzanne responded, "I know. But don't worry. Do whatever you need to do upstairs. Shower and get your books and backpack ready, your clothes laid out, and so on. If my plan works like I think it will, you'll get some high quality sexy fun time with him too. The more ready you are, the longer the fun time can be."

"Sweet! But what about breakfast? I do need to eat."

"I know. That's a problem. Maybe eat in the living room? Roll with the punches. By the time you come back downstairs, maybe Susan will be so hot and bothered that you'll be able to eat in the dining room without her getting spooked. If so, that'll be a nice small victory. Keep in mind we can enjoy life moment to moment, but we have to stay focused on our ultimate goal."

Katherine nodded.


Several minutes later, Alan came staggering downstairs. He was much more sleepy and out of it than usual. He didn't see Katherine, so he walked to the voluptuous mother cooking in the kitchen. She was wearing an erotic apron that left her ass and the rest of her backside uncovered. So he gripped her ass with one hand.

He waited to see if that would lead to a complaint, especially since he started digging between her legs, right up to the edge of her pussy. But the only response was a contented purr. So he reached around for a hug that also allowed him to cup one of her large, bare tits.

"Tiger, you know the rules. You're not allowed to touch me there without permission. It's very improper!"

That's exactly what Susan would say. Furthermore, cooking in nothing but an erotic apron (and high heels) was exactly what she would be doing at this time. However, after a couple of seconds, Alan somehow sensed that it wasn't Susan. For one thing, the voice was too scratchy. For another, the smell was feminine and lovely, but it wasn't Susan's smell. But what really gave it away was when he finally tore his eyes away from her bubble butt and looked up enough to noticed her full and slightly curly reddish-brown hair.

Alan disengaged, stepping back in total shock. "Aunt Suzy?!"

Suzanne turned around to make eye contact and fully reveal her face. She was grinning from ear to ear, because she'd just successfully played a harmless but fun trick on him.

He actually rubbed his eyes in disbelief. "Waaaait a minute! What's going on here?! How could you be you, here, now?!"

She chuckled with glee. She swept her hair back down her back, because she'd arranged it over her front as much as possible, to make her distinctive reddish-brown hair less noticeable. (It hadn't helped much, since her curly hair tended to fall back into place, but it had left more of her back bare for a little while.)

Adding to his confusion, he suddenly felt arms reach around him from behind, and then gigantic bare tits press into his back. He heard a voice coo into his ear, "What's wrong, Sweetie? Has something got you confused?"

He turned around and looked into Susan's smiling face. "Wait! No! Mom, how can you be standing here when you're over there?!" He turned back to Suzanne and pointed at her. "That's... that's... oh God! No way!"

The reason Alan had been cleverly tricked was due to Suzanne's careful planning. She'd gotten Katherine to sneak into his room and change his alarm clock so he'd think it was half an hour later than it really was. Then Katherine had woken him up in great distress due to the time, and told him to rush downstairs right away. He'd thrown on his T-shirt and shorts, then come down while he was still in a half-awake state. He definitely was lusty though, with his penis fully erect, since he looked forward to playing around with Susan and maybe Katherine, no matter how sleepy he was. He'd been so focused on the gorgeous bare ass in the kitchen that he hadn't even noticed the different hairstyles and hair colors at first.

Susan reached around to his crotch. She purred happily when she felt his bulge. "Mmmm... Is that for me, or is that for Aunt Suzy? No matter." She unzipped his fly and let his shorts slide down to his knees. "It's like you have TWO big-titted mommies to play with this morning, isn't it?"

He was starting to get fully awake in a hurry. In fact, his eyes were wide and his heart was pounding as he contemplated his awesome situation. "I don't know what the hell is going on! Aunt Suzy, you should not be here at this hour. That never happens! But, that said, I totally love it!"

Suzanne smirked at Susan's hand already jacking off his exposed boner. She said, "You're not the only one loving it. For days now, I've been hearing from Susan about her thrilling morning adventures. As you know, I come right over once all you young 'uns are off to school, so sometimes I get the full story even with the smell of cum and breakfast still in the air. I heard about her wearing nothing but an erotic apron for you a couple of times, and I couldn't resist trying it myself. You like?" She turned her back to him again and ostentatiously wiggled her ass.

He enthused, "Aunt Suzy, you have no idea! This is such a serious mind-fuck for me! Pardon my language, Mom."

Susan was still jacking him off from behind. She'd pulled his T-shirt up in back as well, so she could slide her bare tits against his back, skin on skin. "Please do be careful," she cautioned him.

He continued to ogle Suzanne wearing just the erotic apron. "You're so adorable and feminine in that. So motherly. It's VERY symbolic. It's really blowing my mind!"

Looking over her shoulder, Suzanne took a few steps back. She was aiming her ass at his crotch. "You didn't mention sexy. What about sexy?"

"UNGH! So sexy!" He groaned loudly and lustily. "Do I even have to say that, when it comes to you? It's like a given!" He quickly glanced down at Susan's fingers rubbing his sweet spot, and had to stifle the urge to scream out loud with unrestrained ecstasy.

"Us women, we always like a good compliment." Suzanne's ass had met up with Alan's crotch. She would have loved to grind against his exposed boner.

But Susan's hand was in the way, and Susan was not happy about Suzanne's probing with her ass. She complained, "Suzanne, what are you doing? You know the rules. We can't have two women pleasure him at once. That's far too debauched and improper!"

Suzanne stopped and turned around, since she'd been bumping into Susan's hand more than Alan's hot cock. She looked over Alan's shoulder to Susan's face. "Okay, sorry. But can I give him a hug, at least?"

Susan wasn't happy about that. She griped, "That's also kind of pushing it. But I suppose a brief hug is okay."

Suzanne took full advantage of Susan's generosity. She wrapped her arms around Alan, but down towards his ass, so she wouldn't interfere with Susan's tits still sliding on his back. And she was careful not to interfere with where Susan was jacking him off. But that still allowed her to press her tits against him too. In fact, she quickly untied her erotic apron and let it fall to the floor so it wouldn't get in the way.

Then she French kissed him as well. Once her hugging and kissing got started, she pulled his shirt up in front as well, so it was up around his armpits. That meant G-cup-sized tits were rubbing against his bare skin on either side.

He thought, Oh my God! I'm in the middle of a tit sandwich! How great is that?! Mom's right: I DO have TWO big-titted mommies to play with this morning! Sweet Jesus! I'm fully awake now, that's for sure! He laughed out loud with pure joy.

Susan's thoughts were similar. Suzanne and I have him trapped in titty heaven! This is why the good Lord blessed us with such massive endowments, to better share the love, and share the fun! But she wasn't happy with the bending of the rules, and she was concerned about getting Alan to school on time.


As a result, the three of them soon repositioned. Alan moved to the love seat in the dining room. Susan cuddled her naked body next to him. Suzanne knelt her naked body between his legs and started in on one of her world-class blowjobs.

But Susan also brought out a tray with the breakfast she'd prepared for him: a potato omelette with fried mushroom and eggplant with tomato on the side, an assortment of fruit slices, and pineapple juice. She set it on a chair within easy reach of where she and Alan sat together on the love seat. She said, "Tiger, we kind of tricked you by setting your clock forward. It's not as late as you think it is. But, that said, we're still running very short on time. So, just for today, I'm going to feed you while Suzanne takes care of your special cocky needs."

He was incredulous at his good fortune. "Are you kidding me?! I'm going to get handfed by my centerfold-perfect mother while my centerfold-perfect auntie sucks me off?! I don't believe it!"

Susan just smiled. She'd already cut his food into bite-size chunks before he'd come downstairs. She picked up a fork of the omelette and brought it towards his mouth. "Believe it!" She nodded down at Suzanne's bobbing head, and proudly proclaimed, "It's already happening."

Alan ate that bite of omelette, which was delicious, like all of Susan's cooking, and still hot as well. "I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth, but you spoil me. This is just... beyond the beyond! I have to be the luckiest guy on Earth!"

He didn't understand why he couldn't eat his food on his own. But that did free up his hands, and with his mother buck naked and cuddling into his side, that allowed him to freely fondle her body, especially her big tits. He knew that he technically wasn't allowed to touch her tits without her permission, but she was obviously very hot and bothered now, and if she wasn't going to mention it, he wasn't going to either.

Susan said to him while feeding another bite into his mouth, "Tiger, you have a VERY grave condition! The problem with you needing to cum so many times each and every day isn't going to go away, and it requires a lot of help from your loved ones. Furthermore, we can't let it interfere with your school. I'm not happy that you're touching Suzanne and me at the same time. In fact, I'd just put a stop to this very thing in the kitchen. But Suzanne persuaded me that we have to make a special exception today, in the interest of time."

He knew that he didn't have any "grave condition." Susan seemed to forget that if his orgasm treatment didn't help, that would just mean he'd simply be more tired and need daily naps like he'd had for a long time now. He also knew he could eat just as fast on his own, whether Suzanne was blowing him or not. But he decided he'd be an idiot to mention such things. Instead, he simply nodded.

Susan's eyes twinkled with delight as she remembered something. She looked down at Suzanne's sliding lips and said to her, "I wish you could talk right now, my very best friend, because I have great news that I can't wait to share! Last night, as I was tucking Tiger into bed, I took your advice and gave him a titfuck! And... oh my goodness! It was SO GOOD! SO HOT! It was as exciting as on that first Tuesday when I discovered the joy of sucking his cock!"

Alan said with wry understatement, "And it turns out I kinda liked it too." He happened to be fondling one of her tits, so he gave it a firm squeeze.

Susan turned her head to make eye contact with him. She smiled widely. "I hope you more than 'kinda' liked it, buster. Because there's a lot more of that in your future!"

"Mom, I'm just kidding. You know I loved it. Thank you so very much. You're the best mom ever. I love you!" He brought his spare hand to the back of her head and gently pushed her face towards his.

"I love you too, Son!"

Breakfast was temporarily forgotten as they French kissed for the next minute or two. Susan was resistant, because this also was a violation of her rule against two women pleasuring him at once, because Suzanne was continuing to suck his cock. But since he'd said "I love you," her emotions were too strong, leading her to soon kiss him back with all her might. He let go of her head and fondled her great breasts with both hands.

Eventually though, their kiss ended, and Susan tried to regain some control of the situation. She said, "That's enough of that." She looked down at his fingers lightly pinching her nipples. "Uh-oh! There are rule violations everywhere today. Let's just get back to you eating your breakfast."

Just then, Suzanne pulled her lips off his shaft so she could speak, and said, "Hold on. You make too big a deal out of these so called rule violations. That's great news that you both obviously enjoy the titfucking. I say that's a cause for celebration. Feeding him doesn't take both your hands. I say we celebrate with a little bit of this." She took one of Susan's hands and brought it to Alan's boner.

Susan Suzanne

Susan's mouth gaped in alarm and surprise, even as her fingers wrapped around his shaft. The feel of his hot, wet cock in her hand made her feel goose bumps all over. She looked down at Suzanne, who was "merely" lapping her tongue on Alan's sweet spot, and complained, "Suzaaaaanne! Please don't do this to me! Rules are important!"

Suzanne spoke as she licked. "I know. But isn't keeping his big, fat cock throbbing with pleasure important too?" As soon as she was done saying that, she engulfed Alan's cockhead again and resumed her bobbing on him.

Susan felt torn; she didn't know what to say. Meanwhile her fingers started to slide up and down, as if acting on their own.

Alan loved that this bending of the rules was happening, so he tried to make it a done deal by saying, "Thanks for helping me out together, Mom and Aunt Suzy. You two are the best! And Sis too." He looked around the room and into the kitchen. "Where is she, by the way?"

Katherine walked into the dining room from the living room. "Did someone mention my name?"

Susan was alarmed. She quickly let go of his cock as if it were a hot potato. She was grateful that Suzanne's bobbing head blocked the view of what he hand had been doing. She covered her huge globes and pussy as best she could. "Angel, it's not what it looks like!" Her face turned red.

Suzanne pretended to be deaf, because she didn't even pause with her exquisite cocksucking.

Katherine giggled. "It's exactly what it looks like! But don't worry, I agree that a special situation like today calls for special measures. I've just come to pick up my plate of food too." She headed towards the kitchen.

Alan quietly sighed. He was bummed by his sister's timing, since it had accidentally interrupted Susan's lending a hand.

Susan complained, "Angel, you know how much I love you. You see I have your breakfast plate all prepared too. But you can't eat here! It's too shameful! Suzanne said you were busy upstairs."

"I was. But I finished." Actually, Katherine hadn't spent much time upstairs at all. When Suzanne explained to Katherine her plan to trick Alan in order to instruct her in her role in the plan, Katherine decided that she couldn't resist watching. She'd been peeking from the living room nearly the whole time. That's why she was able to suddenly appear when Alan mentioned her name.

Susan's embarrassment was rising the longer Katherine lingered and watched. "Suzanne, please! Help me here. Can't you stop for a minute?!"

Suzanne didn't stop, or even slow down. In fact, she was taking him unusually deep, in order to slightly trigger her gag reflex so she could make believable, lewd gagging sounds.

This embarrassed Susan greatly. She reached out and tapped the top of Suzanne's head, even though she had to uncover her own breasts to do so. But the purpose of her tapping wasn't inherently clear, so Suzanne pretended not to understand.

Katherine said mirthfully, "Hmmm. It looks like Aunt Suzy is unable to talk for some reason. I wonder why that could be?" She giggled. "It looks like her parents taught her not to talk when her mouth is full!" She giggled even more at that.

Alan chuckled at that as well, but Susan was not amused. She gave her daughter a very disapproving look.

Katherine had been testing to see if Susan would put up with her presence. Clearly, that wasn't happening. So she said, "Don't worry, Mom. I understand that helping Brother with his special problem is just about the most important thing these days. And he can't just cum like THAT." She snapped her fingers as she said "THAT."

Susan's mouth was continually watering as she stared down at Suzanne's sliding lips. It took all her willpower not to assist. She remained resolutely against having two women pleasure her son at once, especially with her daughter watching.

"Listen to Aunt Suzy." Katherine paused, allowing everyone to pay attention to Suzanne's continued gagging sounds. "She's really choking on that fat cock! Doesn't that sound sexy?" She paused to make sure that Susan was listening.

So much! Susan whimpered to herself. So sexy! I can't stand it!

Katherine continued, "I'm sure she's giving it her all, but Brother's not even breathing hard yet. And that's good, since Akami said he's gotta get prolonged stimulation for it to have the desired effect. So I'll take my plate and eat in the living room. That's how I can help him out some too, this time."

Susan breathed a huge sigh of relief. "Thank you for that! You're such a wonderful daughter. I'm so proud of you for being understanding!"

Katherine had been ogling the whole time that she'd been talking, but she couldn't actually see much of the blowjob except for the back of Suzanne's body, including her rhythmically bobbing head, and Susan was still covering herself up. So she figured she wasn't missing out on seeing much anyway. She went into the living room with her plate of food. Since there was a wide open doorway between the dining room and living room, she at least could content herself with listening to Suzanne's passionate slurping noises.

Alan ate the rest of his breakfast like that. He couldn't get over how good he felt, both mentally and physically. Between Suzanne's blowjob and getting to fondle Susan while she fed him, he truly had never felt more like a king or sultan.

Unfortunately, he couldn't prolong the experience nearly as long as he would have liked to. He realized that time was running out, and it would be rude to be late to school now, after all they'd done for him. But because he ate at a good pace, he still hadn't climaxed when he ran out of food.

Susan wasn't sure what the next step should be.

Suzanne said, "I've got an idea. Sweetie here still needs to shower, no? I'll join him in that and make sure he ends it with a nice cum. Meanwhile, Susan, you know exactly what he needs for school. You can pack his backpack and so forth so he can hit the ground running when the shower is over."

"Oh, poo!" Clearly, Susan would have preferred to be the one helping in the shower. All through breakfast she had been incredibly tempted to take over for Suzanne, or at least lend a hand, and yet she'd restrained herself. But she realized it made more sense this way. She sighed. "Okay. Fine."


Alan's lusty joy continued in the shower. Katherine had been listening from the living room and she'd finished eating too. So she rushed upstairs and got in the shower first. She could legitimately claim that she hadn't showered yet either. When Alan and Suzanne got to the upper bathroom a couple of minutes later, they were greeted by the sexy sight of the shower water pouring down on the stacked and tanned teen.

Suzanne was extremely impressed at Katherine's appearance. Standing next to Alan right in front of the shower, she resumed stroking his cock while saying to him, "Sweetie, just look at your sister! Really look at her!"


"I'm looking!" Indeed, his heart was racing from the sight, as well as from Suzanne's sliding fingers.

Katherine loved being the center of attention. She didn't speak, but just posed and preened proudly for her brother.

Suzanne responded, "I know. But do you really appreciate what a gorgeous sister you have? I doubt it. Without question, she's one of a small handful of the most beautiful girls in your high school. Look at that tan! That smooth skin, so deliciously wet. Those really are BIG tits, Sweetie, especially for her age. And she's still growing, so I'm sure they'll get bigger. She's a total hottie, AND now she's your personal fuck toy. It's true that a lot of sisters are fuck toys for their older brothers, but not many look like that."

He was panting hard as he watched. "Whaaaat?! In what world..." His voice tailed off, because he realized that Suzanne was just teasing him with her general 'sisters-as-fuck-toys' comment.

Suzanne dropped to her knees in front of him. "Now, before we get in the shower, I'm going to suck your cock some more, while you say nice things to your sister. Let her know that you love her and appreciate all she's doing for you!" She engulfed his cockhead and started to bob and suck.

He was incredulous yet again. He looked down at Suzanne's mass of reddish-brown hair bobbing up and down, then unthinkingly put a hand on top of her head. He looked back at his sister, who was still in a very provocative pose, made all the more tempting due to the water running down her skin.

Suzanne loved the naughtiness of blowing Alan while he complimented his naked, wet sister. She hadn't felt this delightfully debauched since her wild college years. She made a point of slurping and sucking extra loudly, just to make sure that neither of the other two could forget her presence.

Alan certainly couldn't miss the incredible pleasure she was giving him. He worried that he was too horny to speak coherently, or even to think straight, but he was determined to try. "Um... Sis... Aunt Suzy is right! My God, you're so beautiful! I'm the luckiest brother ever! I know that sometimes you feel overshadowed by our mother and auntie, but you shouldn't. I love you so much that I can't even express it. And then you're my best friend, even more than Sean or Peter or anyone else. AND you look like this!" He waved a hand at her in awe. "Then, as if that isn't incredible enough, this 'fuck toy' stuff on top of that?! I don't even know what to say, except that I'm not worthy!"

She growled as if angry, even though she was personally flying from the compliments. "Don't ever give me that 'not worthy' crap again! I'll be the judge of that!" Her expression softened in a loving smile. "Now, step into this shower right away, dammit, so I can show you just how much I love you!"

Suzanne pulled her lips off his cock so that the two of them could get in the shower with Katherine. Then they put Alan in the middle of another "tit sandwich." Katherine and Suzanne showered him with kisses and hugs while they jacked him off together.

There wasn't much pretense of trying to get anyone clean, especially since nobody was really dirty in the first place. Katherine got to be the one to suck Alan off this time, since that was the reward that Suzanne had promised her for helping out and eating elsewhere earlier in the day. Meanwhile, Suzanne and Alan kissed and groped each other, so all three generally had a great time.

Luckily, Susan didn't realize that both Katherine and Suzanne were in the shower with Alan. The bathroom door was locked to prevent her from looking in. She was busy getting dressed herself, preparing Alan's things, and so forth. She'd just assumed that Katherine was in her bedroom getting ready. It wouldn't have been the end of the world had Susan known, given what had just happened downstairs, but she would have been somewhat upset nevertheless.

Alan didn't last as long as he would have liked. Suzanne had previously brought him close to the edge downstairs, so the additional stimulation of being with Katherine and Suzanne in the shower had pretty much wiped out the rest of his self-control. He came within just a couple of minutes, shooting his load straight down his sister's throat.

The two women didn't mind that. Katherine stood up soon afterward and joined in the kissing, hugging, and all-around fondling. That again put Alan in the middle of a "tit sandwich." And unlike with Suzanne and Susan downstairs, he could kiss and fondle both women to his heart's content, with the added bonus of the water pouring on them to make everything that much more slippery, sensual, and arousing.

Also, Alan didn't have to follow Susan's 'no pussy touching' rule for a change. That left him able to freely fondle both women everywhere he please, so he took full advantage of the opportunity. Both woman had very nice orgasms, thanks mostly to his stimulation of their clitorises.

Eventually Susan knocked on the door. "Tiger? Suzanne? It's really time to go! We can't wait any longer. Son, did you have a good cum yet?"

He'd been making out with Katherine, but he broke the kiss and shouted through the door, "Um... yeah! It juuuuust happened. Aunt Suzy was great, as usual."

"Okay, good. But hurry. And find your sister! I just checked her room and she's not in there." Susan started to walk away.

"Okay, I'll look." He and Katherine shared a knowing look, and then another great kiss. Then he turned in place and kissed Suzanne again so she wouldn't be left out.

The three of them finally started to towel off. Katherine commented quietly, "This worked out really nicely. I didn't even mind having to eat in the living room. That was such a total hoot, Brother, seeing you get all confused by Aunt Suzy in mom's apron!"

"Oh, you saw that?" Suzanne asked.

"How could I resist? Classic!" She giggled. "I just wish I could have taken some pictures too."

Alan shook his head in wonder. "I think I need to be late more often. It's even more fun than being on time!"

Suzanne paused in her drying off to wrap her arms around both Alan and Katherine. "I love both of you so very, very much! Angel, Sweetie here is the man with the penis, and that's a big factor. But I'm very nearly as thrilled to be able to do this kind of thing with you. You have no idea how happy this makes me!"

Katherine squeezed her back. "I do, because it makes me even HAPPIER! I promise you, no matter how happy you are, I'm still a little more. This is fuck toy sister paradise!"

Suzanne chuckled at that. "Let's call it tied." She teased, "Of course, we're both happier than Mr. Suffering Sad Sack over here." She winked at Alan, who was laughing already at that absurdity.

Despite the playing around, the three of them were quick to dry off and go. With Alan talking to Susan to distract her, a clothed Katherine managed to sneak downstairs and then come back upstairs to explain her disappearance.

Events continued mostly as normal from there. Susan drove her children to school since that was faster than having them bike and she wanted to be sure they were on time. They just made their classes before the bell rang. Suzanne went back home next door to take care of a few things before coming back for her usual exercise time with her best friend.


Susan and Suzanne were in the basement of the Plummer house, taking a break from their usual morning workout sessions. Both were dressed in their usual skin-tight, lycra workout outfits.

Since they were quiet and resting, Susan had an opportunity to think over what happened prior to sending her children off to school. This morning wasn't as great as some others have been. I definitely have mixed feelings; I know some of my rules were stretched out of shape. Tiger's not supposed to play with my big tits, but does he ever listen? No! Such a bad boy! Bad, bad, cum-filled, naughty boy! The whole time I was feeding him breakfast, he played with my tits pretty much non-stop!

She had to suppress an urge to touch her nipples as they grew erect again. In fact, I can almost feel his hands still on me... Mmmm... I guess when he wants my tits there's not much I can do about it. I'm surprised he didn't give me an orgasm from nipple play alone!

She glanced over at Suzanne and remembered what else had displeased her. But my other rule, that's a more serious violation. I shouldn't have let him play with me at all, if Suzanne was busy slurping on his fat knob! If I allow two women on him at once, who knows where that will lead?! There have to be limits! I suppose I can't really blame him for that though. I was the one who cuddled up next to him without even a stitch to wear. A handsome, big-cocked, virile, superior kind of young man like him is going to take advantage of that. But I can't really blame myself either: we were running out of time and his balls were filling up with sperm. Something had to be done!

I'm not regretful. And Suzanne was a big help. But next time, we need to avoid that kind of crisis. If he sleeps in again, I should just sneak in his bed and wake him up with my mouth! That's much better. Then I don't have to worry about Angel barging in. And I can take my sweet time about it. In fact, "early to bed and early to rise" should be our motto. Then I could spend an hour or more in his bed every morning, sucking and licking, lapping and bobbing, stroking and loving! MMMM!

Suzanne could see that Susan was thinking intently about something. She asked coyly, "A penny for your thoughts?"

Susan shrugged. "Oh, I'm not thinking about that much. I'm just reviewing what happened earlier. Some of my rules were bent, but no harm done, right?"

"Right. You had a crisis of Sweetie needing to cum AND needing to get to school on time. I thought you handled it brilliantly. So a rule or two got a little bent. That's what happens in a crisis. Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal, I'm sure."

Susan nodded. She felt reassured by that.

Suzanne changed the subject. "On a different note, I want you to do me a favor."

Susan used a towel to wipe the sweat from her face. "Sure. Anything for you; you know that. Especially after you helped out this morning. What is it?"

"It follows on what we discussed yesterday. Remember how I told you to talk to Brenda and try to get to know her better?"

Susan's face soured. She said somewhat reluctantly, "Yes, I know. And I'm on it already. Did you know I called her yesterday afternoon? Just like you wanted me to."

"No, you hadn't mentioned that. How did it go?"

Susan shrugged noncommittally. "Okay, I guess. A bit awkward though. I mean, I know you want me to hype up Tiger, and I tried, but it's just weird doing that with someone you don't know well."

Undeterred by Susan's feeble objections, Suzanne simply asked, "So, what did you say?"

"Well, I got her to promise to wear something sexy for Tiger at the next poker party. That was my big accomplishment. Although, admittedly, she seemed pretty keen to do that already."

"And...?" Suzanne prodded.

"There's not much else to tell, honestly. I kind of spoke in generalities, and she did too. It was like we were dancing around what we really wanted to say. I did try hard to show Tiger in the best light. I emphasized that he's a special boy with special needs."

Suzanne scoffed. "Susan! You make it sound like he's mentally disabled and in some special education class. You have do to better than that. In fact, we both know you can do better. You did fine with her at the last poker party, so why can't you be like that when you're on the phone with her?"

If you did, Suzanne thought gleefully, I'm sure the two of you could get on together like a house on fire, and I wouldn't have to do quite so much scheming to bring her around to admitting what she really wants in life.

"I dunno. It's different." Susan was clearly unenthused about the prospect. "For one thing, I was extremely aroused at the party. But just picking up the phone to call Brenda, I don't feel aroused at all. It's like day and night, actually."

"Okay. Here's what we're going to do. Once we're done exercising, I'm going to go home. Then I want you to take off all your clothes and go skinny-dipping in your pool. Oh, and take your cell phone with you and keep it by the water, but don't get it wet, of course."

Susan reflexively covered her chest, which she tended to do when she got nervous. "Why should I do that?"

"Because it'll put you in the right mood. Then I'll call you, and we'll share all our latest sexy Alan stories about things that have happened since yesterday that we haven't discussed yet. That'll get you very hot and bothered. And I'll probably peek from Amy's room to make sure you're following my instructions."

"Oh, poo! It's scary to be naked outside and all alone."

"Don't worry. I'll make sure you're safe. Then, as soon as we're done, you call Brenda and do the same with her. Don't try to sell Sweetie like you're selling a product; just tell her some of your favorite sexy stories. Maybe even tell some of the same ones you've just told me, if they're good ones."

Susan whined, "Do I have to? Having to swim naked is bad enough. I'm just not that keen on Brenda."

In frustration, Suzanne lowered the boom on her best friend. "Then you shouldn't have told her all your secrets! Look, you know this is a consequence of your own actions. As I keep telling you, we no longer have any choice except to draw her into our group, and the only tie that will bind her to us is Sweetie's wonderful cock. She's already well on the way to getting fully hooked on him, but you need to keep moving things along. In fact, I want you two to become close friends and talk to each other a lot."


"Susan, don't be a baby. We have to do what's best for Sweetie. I know you're not keen on sharing him with her, but keep in mind that his medical situation is serious. Six times a day, day after day after day! The only way he'll manage that in the long term is with variety, lots of variety. We're lucky that Brenda is as beautiful and busty as she is."

"Too busty," Susan muttered under her breath.

"Your jealousy of her isn't very becoming," Suzanne warned.

Susan winced, knowing that her friend was telling he the truth. She grumped, "Okay, fine. Whatever. I'll give it a try."

"Trust me, I think you'll like it. You and Brenda are similar in important ways, so I'm betting you'll find it easy to become friends."

Susan wasn't enthusiastic, but then again she wasn't particularly aroused either. An hour later, after swimming naked in the pool and trading stories extensively over the phone with Suzanne, she was in a very different and much more aroused frame of mind. One result of being so horny was that the thought of Alan having sex with Brenda now made her proud and excited much more than it made her jealous.

Susan standing thigh-deep in a swimming pool, seen in half-profile from her left hind quarter

As a result, when she called Brenda while still standing halfway in the water, she was genuinely keen on talking to her and "selling" Alan.

Luckily, Brenda was home and happy to talk. She was busy clipping some bushes in her backyard, but she didn't mind taking a break to chat. She often gardened in the mornings before the sun got too hot.

The conversation was much more fluid and friendly than the previous day's phone call. It wasn't long before Susan went off on a "that reminds me of the time..." tangent, and began telling Brenda a very sexually explicit story of herself and her son.

The result was just as Suzanne had foreseen. Susan got so horny that she sat on the edge of the pool and began fingering her pussy, because the water diluted her lubrication too much.

Brenda resisted her own urges for a while, not least because she was outside, but she finally slipped a hand in her pussy and started masturbating too. Susan's incestuous stories managed to arouse Brenda so much that she opened her blouse and slid down her shorts and her underwear for good measure, so she could have easy access to her nipples and pussy while sitting on the grass.


Susan eventually finished telling several extremely arousing stories. She'd completely gotten over her initial reluctance. But after a while, she wanted to take a break from talking so much, so she asked, "This is nice, sharing like this, isn't it?"

"Definitely!" Brenda agreed.

"Okay, now it's your turn. I've told you some Alan stories, but I want you to tell me at least one Alan story of your own."

"But you know I can't do that." Brenda whined petulantly, "I've hardly seen him much at all. The only interesting times I could tell you about were when you were there too. But... I suppose I could tell you one of my dreams or fantasies?"

"Oh, yes! Please tell!" Susan couldn't get enough of such talk, because it helped pass the time while Alan was off at school.

"Well, it's kind of embarrassing..."

"Brenda, so were the stories I just told you. They're even more embarrassing, especially because they actually happened. He's my son! A lot of people would consider this kind of thing incest. I mean, I even told you the humiliating story of the way he totally tamed me on the tennis court the other day. If I can share that, you can share your fantasies."

"Okay. True enough."

Brenda laughed. She hadn't had this much fun in ages. But now that she was coming down from her orgasmic high and only lightly fondling herself, she grew serious. "Susan, I've got a question. Honestly, is Alan anything like the man I'm fantasizing about? I know I'm projecting some sort of wildly exaggerated, idealized fantasy man onto him. But the reason all my fantasies star Alan now is because I got the sense that he really IS kinda like that. Maybe not totally, but... I mean, look what he does to you, AND Katherine, AND Suzanne! AND he has even more women of that caliber, I understand!"

Susan tried her best to answer that sincerely for once, instead of just hyping up Alan. "To be honest, he is exactly like that, but he's also... not. It's complicated. I have a fantasy version of him too, and I have to admit that the real one isn't as aggressive or domineering as he is in my dreams. The real one is kinder, nicer. Most importantly, he's more loving. I know that he loves me as much as he humanly can, and he'd never, ever hurt me. I'd trust him with my life. The real Alan would never molest anyone on a train, nor would he completely humiliate me or anyone else in front of a bunch of strangers like that."

She quickly added, "However! However, he sure as heck would 'molest' or humiliate me in private, or in front of the people who already understand, like Suzanne or Katherine. Because he knows that would get me all horny, and that we'd both get off on that. You hear about how women go for the typical 'bad boy,' which is the type of guy women know they should avoid but they end up getting involved with, because the guy's exciting. And then there's the 'nice guy,' who they should want, but they don't because he's boring. Well, with my Tiger, I have the best of both worlds! He's so nice and loving that it makes my heart swell with joy all day long. But he's also got a lot of 'bad boy' in him that likes to come out and play, driving me wild. So, no, he's not like the fantasy man of your dream. He's better! Way better!"

Susan thought she was done with sexual arousal for a while, and her body was definitely sexually satiated after her big orgasm. But then one other thing occurred to her. "Oh yeah. You know how in your dream you were completely going out of your mind with arousal and excitement? He sure does that part! In fact, he makes me feel that way practically on a daily basis! All of us! I don't know what it is, but somehow, around him, amazing sexual things just keep on happening! And you must know what I mean, since you've seen and felt it when you've visited our house."

Brenda was very impressed with that answer. Ironically, by being completely honest, Susan ended up hyping Alan more effectively than if she'd been deliberately trying to do so.

Brenda finally let go of her boobs and sighed wistfully. "You're so lucky. I can see why you're willing to share a special man like that. I know you feel envious about my larger breasts, but you have no idea how jealous I am of you. I'd trade places with you in a heartbeat! You get to be with him and have all kinds of sexy fun every single day, for hours! I've only gotten to see him a few times, and he's just not that into me. It's driving me crazy!"

Susan asked, "What about your son Adrian?"

Brenda hastened to clarify, "Of course when I say I'd trade places I don't mean I'd leave Aidy. I'd never do that! He's my whole world! What I mean is, what I wouldn't give to be in a situation like yours, to have a son who... who..." She faltered, not sure how to refer to Susan's and Alan's sexual relationship.

Susan said helpfully, "Who's turned his own mother into his personal cocksucker."

Brenda let out a sigh of relief. "Yes! Yes! Exactly like that! Sweet Jesus, just the phrase 'personal cocksucker' gets me all horny all over again!"

Susan was tempted to ask more about Adrian, and in particular about the potential for Brenda to have a similar incestuous relationship with him, but she decided she didn't know Brenda well enough for that. Still, she was very curious. She was coming to believe that her sexual relationship with Alan was what was normal and right - that non-sexual mother-son relationships were the odd ones.

Brenda asked, "Sorry if this is rude to ask, but I just have to know... Are YOU his personal cocksucker? Not just as a sexy name to call yourself for fun, but for real? Is that how you see yourself?"

Susan seriously pondered that question. She recalled two weeks ago, when Suzanne first told her to repeat the lines: "I'm my son's personal cocksucker. I live to suck his fat cock! I'm proud to be my Tiger's big-titted mommy slut." At the time, that had just seemed like words to say to get herself fully aroused and psyched to her son with his "special problem." But things had changed dramatically since then.

She surprised herself by telling Brenda, with conviction, "You know what? I AM! And furthermore, it embarrasses and even humiliates me to say that, but at the same time, I'm strangely proud of that fact. What's more, I'm not just 'his personal cocksucker,' I'm 'ONE OF his personal cockSUCKERS.' That's a very important distinction. That shows what a well-hung stud he is."

Brenda's heart raced wildly. She asked, breathlessly, "'Personal cocksucker.' What does that phrase mean, exactly?!"

Susan spoke with obvious pride in her voice. "Naturally, I have to be ready and willing to suck his big, fat cock at the drop of a hat. And of course it goes without saying that I belong to him and him alone, even though he can have as many other women as he can handle. But it's more than JUST cocksucking, although that is my favorite! Being stripped naked, or wearing revealing outfits, dancing, titfucking, striking sexy poses, handjobs, kissing, getting spanked, fondling, swallowing his load, taking his cum on my tits... there's just so much to do! I'm discovering that it's like a full time job. Whatever it takes to keep his cock stiff and happy, that's what I need to do! It's like... it's like... I'm just one of his many sex pets!"

Brenda screamed, "OH GOD! NO!"

"YES!" Susan squeezed her huge breasts together, fondly recalling her first titfuck the previous night.

"NO!" Brenda had thought she was all done with masturbating for a while. But her arousal level skyrocketed through the roof, forcing her to resume fingering her suddenly burning hot pussy.

"I'm telling you, YES!" Susan elaborated, "I know that sounds terribly unfair, having to share him, but somehow... I don't know... it actually seems better that way. More thrilling. More naughty. And it's the same with being his sex pet or sex toy. I don't have to worry about right and wrong. I can just totally focus on keep him hard and happy. And, in turn, I've never been so happy, and so aroused, in my entire life!"

Brenda was so thrilled that she couldn't breathe. She pulled on a nipple while fingering her slit. No way! That's like my... dream! My every fantasy, come to life! It's really happening to her!

Susan grew doubtful when all she heard was heavy breathing on the line. She asked, "Does that sound... wrong to you? Am I... am I... misguided?"

Brenda exclaimed, "Oh, heavens NO! Susan, you go, girl! I'm so jealous that I can't even stand it! I can't even breathe!" Sure enough, she was panting and gasping for air. "That's the hottest thing I've ever heard!"

Susan breathed a heavy sigh of relief. "Are you sure? Because now that I put it into words-"

"I've never been more sure of anything! Susan, listen to me: seize the day! Fortune has smiled on you. Enjoy this to the fullest!" Out of the blue, she shrieked, "AAAAIIIIEEE!"

Susan asked with concern, "Why did you just suddenly scream there?!"

Brenda admitted, between extra labored breaths, "I just had this vision... of Alan coming home from school today... And... and... you're right there! ... Wearing... high heels, and... little else! Just... just... sexy, UGH! Something sexy! To arouse! ... To make his cock so stiff! UNGH! HNNRG!" She was frantically pumping her fingers in and out of her hot cunt. "And you, you... kneeling... Take his... in your mouth! Oh GOD! Oh God! Can't... can't... breathe!"

Hearing that aroused Susan, but not nearly as much as it did Brenda, since Brenda's sexy vision was Susan's daily reality. She wasn't masturbating at all, and just said with concern, "Take your time. No need to speak. Just breathe. Relax..."

But Brenda was anything but relaxed. She was working herself up into a lusty frenzy as she mentally pictured Susan kneeling and sucking Alan off while wearing nothing but a red bodice and dark stockings. The bodice had a special cut that lifted her breasts from below while keeping them nearly totally exposed. Then the daydream changed, and it became Brenda instead of Susan, and her mansion instead of Susan's house.


Brenda's arousal was already sky-high, but that change made it skyrocket clear out of orbit. As she rapidly fingered herself towards another climax, she thought, Oh God! Dear God! That could be ME! Susan says he has many personal cocksuckers! Many! Why can't I be one of them?! It's so wrong! A married woman like me... an older woman... I shouldn't even think it! He's just a kid! He's in high school, for fuck's sake!

But... It's not really about him, it's about me. It's about living out my fantasies! Who cares what other people think? I'm rich; I can do what I want! And... if he were standing there, towering over me, fully clothed, hands on his hips... expecting - nay, demanding! - top quality personal cocksucker service... I would have to engulf his fat knob, and... with all my might, all my skill... to serve him... over and over, like a SLAVE! Cum, everywhere! On my face! On my tits! Down my throat! Leaking from my cunt! OH DEAR LORD! Help me! I'm gonna burst into flames! His, his... sex pet! One of many! HNNRG! Forever! UNGH! Too hot! Too hot!

Brenda pulled herself together just enough to get off the phone without being rude about it. "I've gotta to go! I'm so hot right now, that, well... you can guess what I've got to do! Let's talk again soon! Bye!" She hung up and let her fantasy totally consume her.

"Okay!" Susan sometimes still had doubts about what she was doing, but hearing such approval from a relative stranger like Brenda went a long way to convincing her that her new lifestyle wasn't sinful or wrong.

Susan found herself listening to a dial tone. She looked around and refamiliarized herself with her surroundings. It was disconcerting for her to realize that she was still sitting outside by the edge of her pool. It was a good thing she'd chosen a spot in the shade or she might have gotten severely sunburned.

Brenda was even more disconcerted. Once her latest orgasm finished washing over her and through her, she also tried to take stock of where she was. She consoled herself that, because she lived on a large estate and was home alone, the chances were infinitesimal that anyone could have seen her or heard her. She quickly slipped her clothes back on and rushed inside her mansion to take a shower.

That phone call marked a significant change in Susan's attitude towards Brenda. A few minutes later, when she was also taking a shower (in a shower room built in the backyard near the pool), she thought, That Brenda. She's all right! So what if her boobs are a bit bigger than mine? She gets it! She definitely has the right attitude! She's hardly done ANYTHING with Tiger yet. Heck, she barely knows him, but even so she knows instinctively that her natural role is to serve him! Frankly, I'm impressed. And she's definitely Alan-worthy! Soon, he'll be taming her for real. Heck, I'm even kinda looking forward to seeing him fuck those mammoth tits of hers!

Although... I can't wait until he titfucks mine again. A lot! Last night was the best! Mmmm... She still wasn't up for more masturbation, but she playfully squeezed her breasts together and imagined her son's erection plowing between them.

However, her thoughts soon returned to Brenda. I have to admit, I was unhappy when Suzanne told me she wanted me to befriend Brenda and talk to her frequently. But now I already know that when Brenda and I talk tomorrow, it'll be one of the highlights of my day! Between my true stories and her fantasies, we'll have a grand old time. I can't wait to tell Suzanne how well this phone call went. I'm sure she'll be pleased.

I still don't want Brenda to come around that often. Once or twice a week is fine. But Suzanne is right that if Tiger needs some extra variety, Brenda is ideal. And even though I don't want her to see him and monopolize his time all that much, I sure do like the idea of talking to her more often, and especially of sharing our surprisingly similar Alan fantasies. Maybe she can be fully satisfied with that? I hope so.

Had Alan been aware of how Susan and Brenda were fantasizing about him when he wasn't around, he would have been completely staggered. Had he known the details of their fantasies, he would have found them absurd and comical. Although he was rapidly gaining sexual confidence and skill, Susan was right that he wasn't nearly as aggressive or impressive as they liked to make him out to be.

But the reality didn't matter so much as what they believed, or at least wanted to believe. Remarkably, he was slowly "taming" them without lifting a finger, simply via the way they were sharing stories, both real and imaginary, with each other. And with Susan in particular, the way that she was constantly encouraging him in various ways to be more domineering was successfully increasing his aggressiveness and making him more into the kind of sexual man she, and apparently Brenda, most desired.


Alan couldn't wait for Friday's school day to be over. The reason was the tennis tournament. He was so physically tired from playing too much tennis and not getting enough sleep that he felt he hardly had the energy for sexual fun anymore. He'd gone from eight climaxes on Tuesday to six on Wednesday to four on Thursday (including his three-o'clock-in-the-morning adventure in Katherine's bedroom, although technically that had happened very early Friday). He worried that if that pattern were to continue, he'd ruin his six-times-a-day average for sure.

However, a curious thing happened during his fourth-period history class taught by Glory Rhymer. As he watched her standing and lecturing at the front of the class, his libido kicked into gear. And the more aroused he got, the more energized he got. His tiredness faded away as he fantasized about the things he and his sexy teacher could do during lunch.

He thought, It's so hard to pay attention to what she's saying when every time she opens her mouth, I imagine my dick sliding into it! And that can happen, soon! Everyone else in this class has no fucking idea! A couple of minutes after the bell rings, I CAN find myself thrusting my boner into my foxy teacher's mouth, if that's what I want. How can I not get all excited about that?!

The timing is awesome. If she was my first-period or second-period teacher, I'd still be wiped out from mornings at home, but by fourth period I'm raring to go again! Maybe I can ride this energy surge all the way through the end of the school day.

What he didn't realize was that Glory was getting just as worked up thinking about what they could do during lunch as he was. She had an increasingly hard time maintaining her professional teacher facade when her pussy was getting seriously wet. She was careful not to look at Alan too much as she lectured, but her mind was filled with naughty thoughts about what he was going to do to her.

As soon as the class was over and the other students had left, he closed the door and turned to see Glory dropping to her knees right in front of her desk. She was in such a rush that she only managed to get her outer jacket off. "Come on, young man. No foreplay, no teasing. Just stick that big thing in my mouth. I need it!"

Grinning from ear to ear, he stood up and stepped forward. He thought back to the fantasy he'd been having during class. Man, I don't even have to ask, or even speak. It's like the most beautiful teacher in school has become my sex pet!

Glory attacked the zipper of his shorts with a real hunger. Then her lips went to town on his erection.

As they often did, they got wild right on Glory's desk, even though it was still covered with papers and books from the class they'd just finished. She was so hungry for his cock that it wasn't long before she was deep throating him.

Glory on her back on her desk, deep throating a standing Alan

She was so determined to impress him that she did something she'd never done before to anybody. She turned over on her desk and sucked on his erection from an upside down position. That was impressive enough, but once she got used to it, she even managed to deep throat him like that!

However, it was very difficult and taxing. She had to stop and rest for a bit. But she'd taken the edge off her erotic hunger, now that she'd been able to slurp and suck, and deep throat him several times.

He thought that once she recovered, they'd resume more oral action until she made him cum.

But, to his total surprise, she sat up, straightened out her skirt, and got off the desk. She sat back in her chair. She looked officious and fiddled with some of the papers that had managed to remain on the desk. She held a piece of paper in front of her, stared at it, and said to him in a dismissive tone, "Thank you. Come again."

Alan was confused, to say the least. His erection still hung out of his fly, and he was keen for her to resume the deep throating. "Glory, what do you mean?"

"Thank you. Come again," she repeated before rudely waving him off.

"But, Glory, you were just giving me a..."

She cut him off, smiling. "Young man, sometimes you have to know when you're being teased. I'm just yanking your chain." She giggled as she said in an aside, "Though there are some other things of yours I like to yank more." She turned to him standing right next to where she sat, and began caressing his boner with both hands.

"I don't know what it is about your cock! It's just so much fun to stroke and suck! Compared to Garth and my previous boyfriends... Well, let's not go there." She broke eye contact with slight embarrassment. "Let's just say your stamina is incredible! For any other guy, the deep throating I just did would have been the end game, but for you, it was just the warm up."

He was too modest to know what to say to that. But it made him feel proud of his growing sexual skills. He could sense his stamina was improving day by day, thanks to so many situations like this.

They both watched as she rubbed his sweet spot with one hand and stroked the rest of his shaft with her other. "I could do this all day, and using my mouth is even better. We'll get back to more deep throating, I'm sure. But it's no fun having you cum so soon during the lunch break, so I thought we could do some role-playing for a while. As we've discovered, that's one thing we both love."

"Oh. Well, that's better. But damn, you scared me, just cutting me off like that! Let's do something quick so I can get this little guy poking into you somewhere."

She chuckled with delight. "Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, I would! What kind of role-play do you want to do?"

"I don't know. It doesn't always have to just be me as the teacher and you as the student. Use your imagination. I don't know why, but I'm extra horny today. Maybe because I've started to accept our strange relationship. So I'll play any role you like. I'll even be extra submissive, since I know that really delights you, despite your frequent protests to the contrary. Just remember my restriction: we can't go all the way."

"Huh. Okay. Let's see. We don't really have any props or costumes except for teaching stuff. Well, you're still dressed up, and you're dressed all fancy, like a bank teller. Why don't we have you be a banker?"

"Sure. Sounds like fun. A bit unconventional, though. I'd like to see how you can turn this into something erotic. You're in complete charge here, so just tell me what to do and I'll try to play along."

"All right." He looked down at his shorts. "I guess I should zip up my fly." He pushed his unsatisfied erection back into his shorts and then walked to the door. Then he turned around and walked back into the room.


Glory still sat behind her desk, checking her clothes and making herself presentable. She'd put her jacket back on to look even more professional.

He pretended to knock on an imaginary door, since he didn't want to actually leave the room and reenter from the corridor.

She looked up with a stern expression. "Yes? Come in."

He walked closer to the desk where she again pretended to read some papers. He said deferentially, "Ah, excuse me, miss."

She stood up and shook his hand. "Hello. My name is Ms. Rhymer. How may I help you?"

"Uh, hi. My name is Alan Plummer. They say this is where I should come to apply for a $100,000 loan."

She arched a curious, delicate eyebrow at him, but nodded her understanding. Then she indicated an imaginary chair at the end of her desk. "Yes, that's right. Please, have a seat. That's a lot of money."

He pulled one of the students' desk chairs over so that it was right in front of hers, and sat in it. "I realize that. But I assure you that I'm very deserving."

"We'll see. Now do you have any proper-"

He interrupted her. "Excuse me. Sorry, but before I go any further, I'd like to know what the interest rate on that loan will be, because I've gotten a very good offer from another bank and I've almost decided to go with them. I just want to do some price comparisons first."

She managed to look surprised at that but said, "I assure you that we have the best rates in town. We charge only five percent annual interest. Not to mention, our service is second-to-none."

"Five percent? Screw that!" he scowled. He had no idea if that was a good rate or not, but for the purposes of his drama he wanted it to be bad. "The other bank had a much better offer. Sorry to waste your time. I guess I'll be going." He stood up to leave.

She jumped to her feet too, holding out a hand in supplication. "Wait! Hold on, Mr. Plummer. Don't go."

He still pretended like he was on the verge of leaving. "Do you have a better offer, Ms. Rhymer?"

"Uh, no, not per se," she conceded.

He again made to leave and walked closer to the imaginary door.

She rose halfway from her chair and exclaimed, "Wait!"

He turned back to the desk. "Look. If you can't better that offer, why should I stay?"

"We'll at least match any offer another bank makes, and as I said, we have the best service in town."

He said suggestively, "The other banker I was dealing with was friendly. She was VERY friendly. If you want me to even stay here and talk to you, you'd better take your blouse off right now."

She pretended great shock, but now she finally saw where he was headed with this. "Excuse me? Did I hear you correctly, Mr. Plummer?"

"You did," he said archly. He regarded her with a severe look of expectation.

"That's outrageous! I could call security."

"You could, but there would be no need, because I'm leaving now anyway."

"Wait. Wait!"

He turned back around and glared at her with folded arms.

Glory blushing, looking startled and perhaps ashamed

"Look. I really need this account, to make my quota. ... All right, I'll do it." To her surprise, she found herself so caught up in the role that she actually blushed with genuine embarrassment. She took her red jacket off and put it on a chair.

He stood and stared as she feigned tremendous reluctance and slowly unbuttoned her white blouse next. Her shamed face and profuse blushing not only made her role that much more convincing, but also got him hard as a steel bar.

Alan sat down as she finished unbuttoning and then opening her blouse wide. He said, "As I said, the other bank had a very friendly and attractive employee, and she was very, very accommodating to my needs. Take off that bra, by the way." He leered openly at her chest as it heaved with excitement.

Glory muttered under her breath as she stripped off her bra, "That had to be Linda. Damn her."

"Oh? You know her? So you must know just how friendly she can be. Nice rack you have there, by the way. She's a regular office slut. Not only does that bank offer great rates, but the fact that she was jacking me off while she told me about them made them sound even more appealing."

"Damn that whore!" Glory complained. "She always does that. Steals all the customers with her slippery fingers. Well, look. I said we offer the best service in town here, and I mean it."

"Okay. Fine." He stood up and walked around her desk. He brought his desk chair with him and sat down on it. "Show me that you can do better."

She still acted hesitant. "Wait a second. How do I even know you're a worthy customer?"

He suddenly thought of something that greatly amused him - a cultural reference that was almost too perfect for the situation. He asked, "Do you know the Bob Dylan album, 'Bringing It All Back Home?'"

"Yeah. What's that have to do with this?"

"Do you recall the line: 'They asked me for some collateral...'?"

Glory finished the lyric: "'And I pulled down my pants'. From 'Bob Dylan's 115th Dream,' I do believe. Very amusing, Mr. Plummer."

He thought so and laughed out loud.

Glory couldn't help but laugh with him.

They both shared a love of classic rock, especially from the 1960s, so it was no surprise to him that she'd recognized the lyric. In fact, over the past couple of years, she'd introduced him to many of the artists and albums he now listened to. Sharing music was one big way they had become friends.

But then she reverted back to her role. "All right, sir, that's all well and good, but I'm afraid that here at First Prudential Bank a five-inch penis is not sufficient collateral for such a big loan."

"Who said anything about five inches? Take a look at this." He unzipped his shorts and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them, and commanded, "Touch it."

She hesitantly reached out, barely touching the tip of his thick, eight-inch tool. She acted amazed and a little frightened. She didn't have to act that much since she did find its size and thickness impressive.

He griped, "What are you waiting for? Grab it. Jack me off. Or I'll go back to the other bank and have Linda do it again. And more!"

She grasped it more firmly and then started to stroke it. Her heart thumped with exhilaration. Within seconds, she had a good rhythm going. God dammit! What is this young man doing to me?! I'm having too much fun. There is something about his cock that makes it great fun to play with. Maybe knowing how delicious his cum tastes is a big part of it? I've never been so keen to get a man to cum!

She spoke as she stared at her sliding fingers on his hot pole. "I have to admit, Mr. Plummer, this is a more sizable asset than I expected. We just might be able to do business together after all." She salivated and licked her lips.

Alan was beside himself with delight to have her hands back on him after the unexpected earlier interruption. "Oh, we'll be doing business, all right. Take off your skirt and undies and let me see your pussy. But don't stop stroking for even one second. From now on, if I choose your bank, or even if I don't, I expect you to jack me off at all times from the instant you see me."

"Yes, sir. Remember, Mr. Plummer, we do promise the best service around, even though a lot of people refer to us as 'First Prude.' Some of the other banks have sluttier reputations, but I can assure you, we're a bank that puts out! So I suppose it's only right that I service you." She stood up and pulled off the rest of her clothes, but she couldn't take her open blouse the rest of the way off since he had told her to keep one hand on his erection.

When she went to sit back down, she found that Alan was in her chair. "Sit back down," he barked. "Sit on my lap."

"Yes, Mr. Plummer." She sat down on his thighs, but facing him so she could continue to pump his tool.

He said in a different tone of voice, "Time out from the fantasy, Glory. At this point, I'd imagine he'd go on to demand that she submit to a good fucking. In the story, my character is very demanding."

"I noticed that. I'm all for realistic acting, young man, but I'm not going to go that far just for our role-play! No way, no how."

"Dang it!" Her blouse had accidentally closed over her chest, so he opened it wide again and gently caressed her breasts.

Then he switched to rolling her nipples between his fingers.

That got her panting and heaving. She was starting to feel a strong need to cum already. "You're dangerous, young man. Very dangerous! Your technique is getting too good, too fast!"

She looked down and saw his cock actually resting up against her bush. She bit her lip as her pussy tingled with need. "You're tempting me. Okay, I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll let you dry-hump me. We'll pretend we're fucking, for story purposes, but keep that damn overactive thing out of my hole! And I'll only allow it just this once, because even with good intentions accidents can happen, and often do. Is that completely clear?"

"Completely! Okay." He knew that when Glory said "just this once," unfortunately she was much more likely to stick to that than was his mother. He resolved to be good and enjoy the dry-hump to its fullest.

He resumed his character's role. He fondled her tits more aggressively. "Ms. Rhymer, you talk about service. But is your bank willing to go all the way for the customer?"

"Oh yes. We will back you up to the hilt."

"That's good to hear, because you're going to get filled to the hilt!" He grabbed her and pulled her towards him. She cried out as his cock slid right underneath her pussy lips and kept on going. The warmth of her body around his cock both aroused and frustrated him. As his cock slipped into the cleavage of her ass cheeks, it barely grazed her pussy lips. He could feel her wetness coat the top of his shaft.

She shouted, "Mr. Plummer! You're fucking me!"

"No, you fuck me. I want you to do all the work while I just sit back and enjoy your squeezing vaginal muscles. You know that the customer is always right."

Glory with legs spread around Alan as he slides his penis under her pussy, dry-humping her without penetration

"Yes, sir. Right away, sir!" Glory grabbed his shoulder with one hand and the chair with the other and slid her pussy back and forth over his stiff pole. His cock and balls were forced down onto the wooden surface of the chair by the weight of her body. Glory was already wet as a water slide. She slid her bottom back and forth over the entire length of his erection, repeatedly dragging her pussy lips along it from the tip to the base, stopping only when she reached the tuft of pubic hair above his cock.

It would have been really easy for Alan to reach down with a hand, or simply flex his hips at the right moment, and push his hot pole into her slit. But he just wasn't the kind of person to do that, especially since she'd explicitly made it clear that such activity was off limits. He actually wasn't that frustrated, since the frustration of not being able to fuck older women had become par for the course for him.

As he humped, he tried to maintain a conversation. "So, Ms. Rhymer, do you fuck all your customers?"

"No, just the younger, more handsome, aggressive, and better hung ones." She took her blouse off, as her body kept heating up.

"So, does that make you the office slut around here?"

"No, we're all sluts here. That's how they pick us. You should see the job interview. A virile man like you, you can take your pick of any employee. Even the owner of this bank, Suzanne Pestridge. She's very sexy and quite an excellent fuck, from what I hear. She's slept her way up the ladder, starting as just a simple teller slut. We're all promoted mostly based on our fucking skills. I think you really need to fuck her to see just how great this bank is."

Glory cleverly knew the mention of fucking Suzanne would excite him even further. She assumed that Suzanne was the one who was "helping" him at home. She winked knowingly when she mentioned Suzanne's name. In real life Glory wasn't interested in a threesome, but this was a fantasy, and besides, there was something about Suzanne that made her feel sexy. Everyone knew that Suzanne dropped jaws and even caused loud gasps whenever she came to any school function.

"Excellent suggestion," he replied as calmly as he could, though his voice had become very ragged. "Next time I come in here, I want a naked meeting with you and this Suzanne; both of you lubed up and ready to go. I'm gonna fuck her just like I'm fucking you right now. I'm gonna fuck you both at once!"

"Yes, sir!"

While the fantasy excited him, the dry-hump excited him far more intensely. In fact, it was so exciting that he ejaculated well before he normally would have. Glory had only slid back and forth over him a handful of times when he shot his first slug of cum between her ass cheeks. By the time he said "I'm losing it!" he'd already started to spurt.

"Oh shit!" Glory shrieked as she realized that his delicious cum was being wasted needlessly. With lightning speed she jumped off him and dropped to the floor so she could catch and swallow as much cum as she could get. Her athletic skills came in handy, because she made the difficult transition and got her mouth over his cockhead in time to get most of his ropes.

He mentally kicked himself for ejaculating prematurely.

But she took it in good stride. She knew that her boyfriend Garth wouldn't even have lasted through the first minute of her deep throating, much less all that came after that. She came up from his lap, and said, "Looks like you're a very eager customer, Mr. Plummer."

"I was a little too eager. Get back down there and clean me off."

"Yes, sir." She dropped to her knees and started licking his now flaccid cock.

She thought, Uh-oh. I think I'm enjoying this role-play a little too much. I thought Alan was sexy and tempting already, but when he gets more aggressive like this, he's even harder to resist! Garth would never treat me like this. It's so humiliating having to clean his cock with my tongue. But I'm actually getting off on it. Look at me, I'm playing with my pussy again. I'm Alan's teacher. This is so wrong! Maybe that's what makes it so thrilling.

She concentrated more on his balls, since she figured he'd get more physical pleasure out of that, now that he was down for the count. She'd been close to cumming herself, and she was still on the edge. So she played with her clit a bit, which allowed her to enjoy a small orgasm. She didn't show any outward signs though, so Alan didn't even realize it had happened.

She thought, Wow! I came while merely licking his balls. True, it was what happened before that got me so close, but still, that's pretty remarkable. Somehow, being naked... She stopped, realizing she still had the blouse partially on. So she pulled it the rest of the way off and set it on a nearby seat. Phew. That's better! Like I was saying, somehow, being naked and kneeling between my student's legs is a big turn-on, in and of itself. If anyone were to see me like this... Jesus! Scary. I'm so bad, and it's so GOOD!

As she held her balls her hands and licked each one, she asked, "So will you be using our services here at First Prude?"

"Oh yes, I will be using your services. Frequently. I'll be making many deposits here, if you catch my drift."

She pretended to sigh. "I do. I suppose now that you know I'm a slut for big cocks, you're going to use me at will."

"Yes. That's right. But the question is, will I choose your bank for the loan?"

"We're happy to have your deposits any time, Mr. Plummer. They're so creamy and tasty, and you're such a good fucker." She thought, God, that's so true! He hasn't even fucked me yet, but I just know he's gonna be the best I've ever had! Wait. "Yet?" I can't think like that!

She continued to lap at his testicles. "But don't tell me you're going to go with Linda's bank for the loan! I can't stand that bitch." Glory was confusing borrowing and depositing money, but it didn't really matter for purposes of their fantasy.

He ran his hands through the curly blonde hair on the top of her head. "I'm not sure, to be completely honest. I've already banged women at three banks, but there's still a pair of cute redheads at First Mutual down the road I want to try out. Not to mention the buxom blonde over at Wells Fargo. I'm saving her for last."

"That would be Debbie," Glory growled. "She fucks all the customers. Damn." She squeezed his balls excitedly and swallowed half his penis in her efforts to clean him and get him back up, but he couldn't recover so quickly, and she didn't have any further effect on it.

So, after another minute or so, she pulled his penis back out of her mouth and belatedly added, "Whatever bank you pick, Mr. Plummer, we appreciate your patronage. And remember our open door - and open legs - policy." She looked up from her place at his crotch and winked.

While she continued to lick him clean, he stepped out of his role, and concluded, "That was really fun, Glory. A great reward. But I'm bummed out. I didn't get a chance to enjoy more of your deep throating. Remember you said we'd get back to that? And it's not like you let me dry hump you every day. I blew far too soon."


Glory sat up. She looked at the clock and confirmed they were running out of time. She'd been hoping to have another, bigger orgasm, but she could see that wasn't going to happen. "Don't worry about it. It was a lot of fun." She thought, What he thinks is cumming too soon would be some kind of endurance record for Garth. Poor old Garth. We had some good times together, but he just can't compete with Alan in any way.

She stood up and put her hands on her bare hips. "We should start cleaning up in here. We scattered papers all over the floor earlier. It's a complete mess."


He looked at her standing there, naked from head to toe except for her stockings. Hooo boy! I know I've been thinking and feeling this a lot lately, but I can't believe my eyes! My sexy Surfer Girl teacher is standing there, in the middle of her classroom, wearing nothing at all! And with cum trickling down her thighs, no less! And she wants ME! She's cheating on her boyfriend to be with me! She's smiling and posing a little bit, just because she sees I'm checking her out.

Holy fuck, as if all this isn't enough, just moments ago she was just licking the cum off my dick and balls! I swear, I've gotta be the luckiest guy alive. I'd better savor every last moment, 'cos how long can this last?!

Overcome by emotion, he exclaimed, "Glory, you're such a stone fox!" He stepped close and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Don't you dare get started again, young man!" She glanced at the clock with worry.

He French kissed her anyway.

She melted in his arms, and passionately kissed him back. God dammit! Alan makes me feel so alive. It's like I can't resist him! And he's getting to be a really good kisser.

However, she soon pushed him away, once she felt his fingers starting to probe around her wet slit. She wagged a finger at him. "Behave!"

He chuckled. "Okay." He knew time was running low.

She took out the air freshener and sprayed it around the room. They did this every day in an effort to get rid of the smell of sex before the next class began. She didn't bother to dress just yet. She liked to delay putting her clothes back on as long as possible because she knew that it pleased him.

He did the same for her as he walked around cleaning up, dressed only in his T-shirt.

He thought to himself, I wish I could be half as aggressive in real life as I act in these little dramas. Here Glory all but offers up her pussy to me, and I don't have one-hundredth the balls of the bank customer I just played. I'm just too fucking respectful of people's wishes. Grrr.

Out loud, he said to her, "I love these role-plays. We've been doing one just about every day this past week, but I'm not getting tired of them at all."

"Me neither. I say we keep doing them. Did you just come up with that banker idea off the cuff, or was that something you'd thought out beforehand?"

"Off the cuff. Because of your clothes, I guess."

"That was very creative. Channel those creative energies into your class writing some more, young man! ... Wouldn't that be strange if banks were really like that and all the tellers were complete sluts? I wonder about the male tellers. In that world, would they fuck me to get my business?"

He pointed out, "The problem with that is that in this world or that world, they'd fuck you at the drop of a hat just 'cos you look so good. So the role-play doesn't really work in reverse."

She grinned, but pretended to complain. "Flatterer. By the way, I was confused there for a bit. I was surprised at the way you ran with that premise, because, you know, in real life if you ask for a big loan it's not like they bend over backward for you. If you're reputable and deposit a lot of money, maybe, but not for a loan."

"Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to open an account with a lot of money, then. Because I've eyed some cute females in some banks around here, and I'd like to see one or two of them 'bend over backward' for me, as you put it."

Glory laughed. "You're too much! Talk about sex on the brain! The trouble is, knowing how you're exuding sexuality lately, they just might." The two of them bent down and started to collect all the books and papers that they'd scattered on the floor.

As he ogled her fantastic ass while she bent over to pick something up, he thought, It really boggles the mind that she'd risk her job and a major scandal just to be with me like this. Certainly none of this would have happened if my libido and confidence hadn't been super-charged thanks to events at home. But the bottom line is, with her being this great for me, I've gotta rise to the occasion and be equally great for her too. Glory, I'm not gonna let you down!

In a remarkable coincidence, Glory also was thinking about the danger of getting caught. She found herself wiggling her ass seductively, knowing Alan's eyes were on her. But she forced herself to stop, and thought, Crap! I've gotta stop this already. It would be sooooo easy to inspire him to get aroused again, and then we'd be role-playing, and kissing, and fondling, and so much more. I kinda promised we'd get back to more deep throating, and wouldn't that be great?!

She sighed quietly to herself. Listen to me. I'm getting carried away! I have to TEACH! Why does he get me so horny and excited every time I'm with him? It's gotten to the point where I can hardly wait to deep throat him some more, and deep throating is rather an ordeal. I was never keen on doing it with Garth, and hardly ever did. Poor guy. But for Alan, I'm risking my job, my reputation... everything! Maybe even jail time! I have to turn off my libido somehow and get back into teaching mode. NOW!

She sighed again, out loud this time. God, this sucks. How much of my thrill from being with Alan is due to the danger and the taboo, and how much would be there regardless? Does it even matter? 'Cos I seem to be totally hooked on him. The way things are going, I'll be lucky to make it to the end of the year without losing my job, or worse!

They managed to finish cleaning up and getting themselves presentable just in time. Alan snuck out just before the first students to her next class started coming in.

Glory somehow managed to rally her mental energies and get herself in the mood to teach her fifth-period class. But it was a trying experience for her.

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