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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
Day 56: Sunday, November 10

(MF, MFF, Mf, MFf, inc, oral, slow, reluc, voy, rom)

Written by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

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Alan slept for the entire drive back home, since he was exhausted from all the sexual fun.

When the group did get back, it was already quite dark and past dinner time for most people. Suzanne and Amy had to go back to their own house to spend time with the men of their family.

Alan was still very tired. He rested some more while Susan told Katherine all about the beach trip. (Susan wasn't rubbing in the fact that Katherine couldn't go; she just loved to share her experiences.)

However, as tired as Alan was and as full as his weekend had been, it still wasn't over. He was scheduled for his second "non-romantic" date with Christine. Since he'd already canceled and rescheduled it on Friday, there was no way he could push it off again. He was glad that at least he was sufficiently rested for that.

Susan teased him about his "hot date." She seemed to think it was an established fact that Alan and Christine would become sexually involved, so she dismissed all his protests that this was just a "practice date."

Katherine, on the other hand, gave him a lot of grief about it. While she liked Christine well enough from a purely objective point of view, she burned with jealousy whenever Alan did anything with her.

Alan was relieved when he was finally able to leave the house.

He'd already promised Katherine that he wouldn't go to the movies with Christine, and he intended to keep that promise. So when they'd made their plans, he'd asked Christine what she wanted to do instead.

She'd replied, "Like I told you last time, I never get to go out on dates because I have to remain focused on school. But I had a lot of fun last time getting all dressed up and making a big deal of it. Why don't we do that again, but get even dressier? We can dress to the nines and go out to a nice restaurant. That'll be enough for me because Monday's a school day. What do you say to that?"

Alan had agreed. He dressed up in the nicest clothes he owned, which meant he wore a suit and tie, as he had done only a handful of times before in his life. He wasn't happy about having to do that, but the restaurant that Christine had picked, The Avalon, was the fanciest one for miles around and it required all men to wear a coat and tie.

He'd been impressed with Christine's nice outfit when he picked her up for their last date, because she usually wore nothing but nondescript, conservatively cut clothing at school. But he was absolutely floored when he arrived to pick her up this time. She was wearing the kind of fancy black outfit that would be perfectly appropriate for a meal at a fancy restaurant like The Avalon, but it also looked like an ideal outfit to show off the goods of a high-priced call girl.

He took one look at her, and his jaw nearly dropped to the ground. Are you kidding me?! Are you friggin' kidding me?! She's soooo hot! Just look at that cleavage! Jesus Christ, it's like ten miles of cleavage! Dang! Instant boner! How the hell am I going to make it through this date when she's dressed like that? Talk about blue balls city. And what's amazing is that she's dressing like that for ME! Nobody else gets to see her in all her busty glory except me!

And she's not even my girlfriend, and now it's too late for her to ever be. Fuuuuck! I feel like this is almost some kind of cosmic test, to see if I'm morally worthy of having all these lovers. I can't give in to my lust and bring this pure angel down into my sordid world. I can't!

Christine in a tight, dark dress with arms under her breasts, showing off her prominent rack

Christine was blushing and nervous as Alan walked up to her. Before he even got a chance to speak, she said, "I don't own any nice dresses myself. I borrowed this, and it's a little bit more daring than I would have liked." She fidgeted nervously and shifted her feet back and forth, which inadvertently set her breasts jiggling. "Okay, a lot more daring."

Even though Alan had been surrounded by naked breasts and entire naked bodies for the entire afternoon, the sight of Christine's deep cleavage got his dick hard in a heartbeat.

He thought, Holy hell! As if I'm not aroused enough already. I must be some kind of wicked person, because seeing her all shy and blushing is doubly arousing! It's like she's got the sultry body of a super elite call girl with the face and mind of an angel! Dang! She's showing so much cleavage, is it even possible for her to be wearing a bra with that?! I just wanna... I wanna kiss and caress her so bad!

He realized that he was staring too long and too obviously. He needed to do something to break her nervous mood. The song "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate popped into his head, so he sang,

"I believe in miracles.
Where you from, you sexy thing?
You sexy thing, you.
I believe in miracles,
since you came along, you sexy thing."

Christine had a good laugh, which helped to dissipate some of her nervousness at wearing such a daring outfit. The song was old, but it was famous enough so even she knew it. She thought, This is why Alan is great. He makes me laugh, and makes me feel really good about myself.

However, he could tell she was still a bit jittery, so he continued to play it cool. Smiling, he said, "No worries. I think you look great!" Trying to imitate Billy Crystal, he joked, "Daaling, you look maahvalous!"

She smiled in return. "Really? You're just saying that."

"Christine, pardon my French, but holy fucking Jesus H. Christ son of a bitch! Oh my God, you are SCORCHING! If you were any hotter, I'd seriously be afraid to touch you because I wouldn't want my fingers to burn off!"

She laughed. "Okay, now you're really laying it on thick." She added in a husky voice, "Sounds like we may have a problem though because I certainly want you to touch me."

He thought, Whoa! Warning alert! Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Is she giving off a sexy vibe or what?! This is not what I expected.

She took his hand as a friendly gesture before speaking.

But before she could, he pulled his hand away. He waved it around with a pained expression on his face, like he'd just touched a hot oven. Then she realized he was hamming up his comment about her being too hot to touch.

She laughed heartily, and the rest of her nervousness faded away. "Very funny, wise guy." She was trying to act chagrined instead of amused, but she couldn't stop chuckling.

He patted his clothes, as if looking for something.

"What?" she asked.

He was still pretending to check his pockets and so forth. "I'd anticipated this, because I'm well aware of what a hottie you are. So I made plans to bring oven mitts. But I seem to have misplaced them."

She chuckled some more. "Come on, you brunette bozo." (Due to what he'd started with his dumb blonde jokes, hair color references were a kind of friendly insult.) "Let's get going before I freeze to death. This napkin I'm wearing doesn't exactly keep me warm."

He took her hand, while acting extremely apprehensive about it. This time, he pretended surprise that his hand didn't burn off. "Hmmm. Maybe I'll be okay after all. I've sort of built up a tolerance after being so close to your hotness every day in school."

They started to walk away. She was going to modestly tell him to lay off the hotness jokes. But before she could, he stopped and stared off into space with a strange expression. "What?" she asked.

He stammered, "I feel a... feel a... sneeze... coming on... can I borrow your napkin?"

She remembered her comment likening her outfit to a napkin, and had another good laugh. But then, mindful of her plan to act more flirty, she said in a sultry voice while looking around nervously, "Okay, but here. Let's get to a private place, and then you can take my clothes off."

He jaw nearly fell off again. He stared at her in sheer confusion. He was certain she couldn't mean it, but then again, she didn't tease like that, ever, so could she possibly mean it?!

She let him suffer for a few seconds, and then smiled. "A-ha! Got you! Two can play the teasing game, you know."

He laughed, and felt strangely relieved. Phew! Not even I could be that lucky for her to actually mean it. And if she did, what would I do?! I'd have to say no, but would I mean it and stick to it?! Let's hope it never comes to that! He said, "Man you got me. You got me good."

They resumed walking. She said, "You know, one thing I like about these dates is that we can flirt without any worries that it'll go anywhere. I can even say something outrageous like that. It's kind of like flirting with training wheels on."

"Yeah, that is cool." He thought, Phew! She was freaking me out for a minute there. I thought she was coming on to me or something. Especially with that incredible black dress. Man, I never thought I'd live to see the day where I could see ALL of Christine's cleavage, but there it is in all its glory! Woo-hoo! And it's just as perfect as I'd imagined. The only thing that would make that a prettier picture is if my happy hard-on was in the frame, plowing up and down her busty valley.

Whoa, Nelly! Calm down boy. This is no way to start a non-romantic date, with a raging erection to end all raging erections. Think of something else!

He tried to follow his own advice, but his mind wanted to think about things like Suzanne's or Susan's cleavage, comparing and contrasting their busts to Christine's. That was only making his problem ten times worse. Are her nipples erect? I think they are. Hell, in that dress it's totally obvious that they are! Could she be that aroused because of me, or is it the cold, or just wearing such a revealing dress?!

Christine left him to his thoughts for a few moments, then said, "By the way, thanks for the compliments. I should mention that you look great too. Seeing you in a suit makes my heart go pitter patter. When you drove up I was asking myself, 'Where's Alan, and what's Cary Grant doing here?'"

That broke him out of his reverie. "Yeah, right. Now you're the one laying it on thick. But you're right: talking like this is fun." He'd been holding something behind his back with one hand the whole time, and now brought it out. It was a bouquet of a dozen roses. "Here, my lady, these are for you."

Christine squealed with delight, took them from him, and smelled them. Her face lit up with a grand smile since, unlike most hothouse roses, the florist had found some for him that were actually fragrant. Then Christine leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek.

She had actually intended to kiss him on the lips, but she chickened out at the last moment. That was one of her problems: because she was completely inexperienced sexually, she had very low self-confidence with such matters and had never developed any real flirting skills. However, she tried to make up for it by letting her lips linger on his skin while also giving him a partial hug.

When she pulled back, she said, "Thank you! I've never been given flowers before. These smell so nice. You're gonna get soooo lucky tonight!"

His jaw nearly hit the floor.

Then she winked and added, "Of course I mean that in a completely platonic way."

"Of course. Ah. Flirting practice. Fun." But for a few seconds he'd thought she'd really meant it, and his heart was racing a thousand miles an hour. Man, this is nuts! First, saying she wants me to touch her, then offering to take off her "napkin" dress, and now this. Good grief! I think she's trying to give me a heart attack! If it wasn't for the fact that I'm so used to being around all my lovable hotties at home, I'd melt from all the sexual heat radiating from her. Anyone would!

Calming himself a bit, he joked, "You know, those flowers cost extra. Knowing that you'd touch them, I had to buy the flame-proof kind."

She laughed. "I didn't know there even were ones like that."

"I didn't either, but just the same, you'd better put them down before they spontaneously burst into flames." He took her by the arm in a gallant fashion, and said, "Come, my lady. Let's go paint the town red." He opened the car door for her and generally behaved like a perfect gentleman.

As he started the car, he thought to himself, Man, if it's gonna be like this all evening long, I seriously don't know if my heart can take it. Flirty Christine is almost scary! She just looks too smoking hot to resist! I never thought I'd say this and mean it, but... hubba hubba hubba! Hot damn!

Had he known what Christine was thinking, he would have been even more blown away. She'd been coming around to the idea of getting romantic with him after all. Although she was all but certain that he was dating Amy and Kim as well, at the very least, she figured that she had a good chance of winning any competition with any other girl if she just put her mind to it. She knew she had an incredible body, with a face to match, and was smart as a whip and all-around talented to boot.

She'd always liked him a lot, but mostly just as a friend. However in the past couple of weeks he'd become a new person in a lot of ways: much more assertive, easy-going, and generally happy (thanks to all his new sexual experience). That unaffected self-confidence made a big difference as far as the ladies were concerned.

She was hardly the only girl in school looking at him in a new light, especially with all the rumors going around in certain circles. She felt like she had to push the boundaries of the practice date or she'd fall too far behind the competition.


But much to his relief, the two of them had a nice meal and enjoyable conversation at the restaurant. They had a great many "nerdy" and intellectual interests in common. It was true that Christine wasn't into popular culture to the extent that Alan was, since she spent so much time with her schoolwork, martial arts practice and such, but her favorite movies and TV shows were almost exactly the same as his. The only area where they didn't find much common ground was music, since Alan loved rock and roll and Christine was more into classical.

They laughed, gossiped and bonded.

Alan couldn't remember the last time he'd had such a fun (not to mention delicious) meal.

Christine looking totally gorgeous

The only problem Alan had was that Christine looked so gorgeous. His erection was almost continuously hard, which became a problem because the meal lasted three hours. Every now and then he would get distracted and start to lose his erection, but then he'd really look at her and find himself not only painfully aroused, but on the verge of falling in love with her all over again.

It was difficult enough that she had such an impressive and sizable chest, enticingly displayed by her stunning dress. But when he tried not to stare at all of that cleavage on display he'd find himself staring at her face and her hair, and that was just as impressive and arousing in its own way. There was no denying that she was a real head turner.

At one point, Alan said, "Okay, forgive me if I'm being nosy, but I just have to ask. Your dress is amaaaazing! So very, very sexy! But you mentioned that you borrowed it. From who? How? There must be a story there."

She blushed slightly as she explained, "Ah, you see... I have this aunt, named Kirsten. Even though she's my aunt, she's not that much older than me, so I think of her more like a cousin, or even kind of the sister I never had. Anyway, she lives in the area, and she runs her own modeling agency; she actually used to be a model herself. So she's got all kinds of clothes. To be brutally frank, I don't know a thing about fashion, so I kind of turn to her for help. This actually is one of hers."

Alan replied, "Ah. I see."

On the surface, there was nothing particularly embarrassing about that, so he didn't understand why she had blushed. He decided it wouldn't be polite to ask.

The reason Christine blushed was because that wasn't the full story. When she'd told Kirsten that she wanted some very sexy clothes, as well as advice, Kirsten was glad to help, but she'd also playfully teased Christine quite a lot. She knew Christine had never been on a date before, "practice" or not, and thus this had to be a very big deal for her. As a result, she'd asked all kinds of questions about Alan and Christine's feelings for him.

Furthermore, the truth was, Kirsten had a great many dresses. Christine had selected one of the most outrageous ones, with a scandalously low neckline, because she'd caught Alan staring at her breasts so often and wanted to please him. She was also well aware that he was involved with at least Amy and Kim, and she felt like she had to outdo the competition. Recalling her dress selection, and the way Kirsten had razzed her about it, embarrassed her.

Instead of prying further about that, Alan said, "If Kirsten is your aunt, and she used to be a model, and she fits into that dress you're wearing, then she must be a total stunner! But I'm not surprised, because great beauty obviously runs in your family."

Christine's blush deepened at the obvious compliment. She turned her head and mumbled, "I don't know about that."

He asked, "If you two are close, how come I've never heard about her?"

Christine was able to recover and resume eye contact, since that put her back on solid ground. "No reason, except that she doesn't go to our school, and it seems we've always just talked about school-related stuff. To be honest, there's a lot of things about me you don't know."

"I'm sure that's true, and probably ditto with me. But that's why dinners like this are so good: we can get to know each other better, beyond all that school stuff."

Following that, they asked each other questions about their respective families and childhoods, and other matters they'd never talked much about previously, all the while keeping their mood light and fun.

They were more open and inquisitive about each other than ever before. For instance, at one point, Alan asked, "Okay, truth time. I've got a question I've been meaning to ask you since forever."

"What's that?"

He thought, What did your parents feed you growing up that put all your weight in your breasts and other curvy spots?! But instead he settled on asking something else he'd long wanted to know: "What's the story with your hair? I mean, it's pretty obvious that you dress and act to minimize attention. You certainly aren't looking for random yahoos to shout come-ons at you. But your curly locks down your front and your very long hair down back, that draws attention like nobody's business. Especially because you have such gorgeous blonde hair. Is there a story behind that?"

She replied honestly, "As a matter of fact there is, although I wouldn't call it much of a story. It's a long family tradition on my mother's side. My mother Olga has these curly locks and long straight hair in back, and her mother in Norway did, and her mother did, and so on, as far back as anyone can remember. I'm not crazy about it, to be honest, because you're right, I don't like the attention it brings me. But at the same time, I'm kind of proud to be carrying on a family tradition."

He nodded. "Ah. Cool. That's pretty neat, actually. Who knows? Maybe if you go enough generations back, there's an axe-wielding Viking berserker named Kristina rushing into battle with blonde, curly locks. Didn't Viking women fight along with the men?"

She smiled. "They did. And you know what else? Berserkers had a habit of going into battle naked to shock and intimidate their enemies." She winked playfully.

"Whoa!" He sat back with wide eyes, overcome with a vision of Christine as a nude Viking warrior. "Man. You shouldn't have said that. Now, I'm never going to think of the Vikings in the same way again." He shook himself from his reverie, and said playfully, "Hey you know all those historical re-enacter types, who reenact Civil War battles and such?"

"Yeah? Somehow, I think I know where you're going with this, but please proceed." She was smiling and having lots of fun.

"You should totally get involved with that! If you did, participation would shoot up a thousand percent!"


She chuckled. "Actually, that could be kind of fun. I'd have a plastic axe and use it to wound rather than kill, so any guy who looked at my bare breasts in a lusty manner would get thwacked to the ground! I could release years of pent-up frustration from all the leering and cat-calls I've had to endure. Right in the neck!" She pretended to swing an axe.

He sat back, as if getting out of range of her axe, and dropped his smile. "Um, on second thought, maybe that's not such a good idea." Trying to change the subject slightly, he asked, "By the way, do you feel any affinity with your Viking ancestry? Or your Norwegian background in general?"

"Nah. Not really. The Vikings were a thousand years ago, anyway. My parents do, but I've been heavily Americanized, to their regret. I don't usually read or write the language, though we do speak it at home sometimes. I've been to Norway, but it's only been for a couple of short trips to visit relatives. It didn't feel like home to me at all. This is home."

She was going to ask him about his affinity for his background, but at the last second she remembered that he was adopted and didn't know what his background was. So instead, she said, "Since we're asking questions we never felt we could ask until now, I've got one for you."


"This isn't just for you, but for men in general. Although it's especially for you. What's the deal with the male attraction to breasts?!"

"What do you mean?"

"What's so fascinating about them? I know they give me a certain power over guys. I could move in a certain way that'll make a guy turn into a blithering idiot. It's a blessing and a curse. But you're basically my one male friend, and it's not something I could ask my dad. You're a self-confessed 'tit man.' What exactly is going on in your head at times like that?"

He searched his feelings, trying to give a sincere and serious answer. After a long pause, he said, "I don't know. It arouses me in a big way, but I don't know why. I wish I knew, because it's frustrating not being able to explain or control it. It must be a hard-wired, biological thing. Totally speaking out of my ass, since I've never looked into this, I'm guessing that anything that makes a woman different than a man becomes a turn-on, and vice versa. For instance, a male hairy body can be a positive, but it's a huge turn-off to see a hairy-bodied woman. Part of it is cultural, I'd guess. I'd bet that if most women shaved their heads bald in a certain culture, that would be a huge turn-on for guys. And the more the difference is, the more arousing it is. So, big breasts are more arousing than small ones." He shrugged.

"I've never looked into the research either," she replied. "But that makes sense. But is that all there is? For instance, asses don't really look that different. If you took a photo of just a person's ass and it wasn't hairy, you'd be hard pressed to tell if it belonged to a man or a woman. But that's a turn-on too, isn't it? Or is there something extra-special about the breasts?"

"I think there is something special about the breasts that's hard-wired," he replied. "Maybe it has to do with wanting to see if the mother would be able to lactate for her babies? Could it be a sign of fertility and good health?"

"Probably. That makes sense to me."

He nodded. "But who knows for sure? Again, speaking of asses, all my ideas on this are coming straight out of mine. But also, and this is something I'm glad I can finally tell you face to face... There's one very important reason I joke with you a lot about your breasts: it's safe!"

She raised a curious eyebrow. "Meaning?"

"Meaning... there are other body parts... the vagina, for instance... that are SO taboo that, well, they're really taboo. Maybe other guys would be cruder and tease you about that, and your ass for that matter, but that's not me. That seems over the line to me. Heck, it's weird for me to even say that 'V' word to you. But breasts are relatively tame, I guess." He frowned with uncertainty. "I don't know. Maybe I'm way off. But I've long felt that, with you, I could joke about your breasts and it doesn't mean I'm a total perv. Just a partial perv."

She grinned at that. "The jury's still out. I think you're leaning towards 'total perv.'"

He grinned back, knowing she was just teasing him. "There's also the fact that they're so very prominent on you, and big breasts are overwhelmingly considered a desirable thing to have. It's like gently teasing a really tall guy about his tallness. That's all in good fun if done in the right way, but doing the same about how short a short guy is wouldn't be nice at all." He asked anxiously, "But AM I way off? IS that something that bothers you? Geez, I should have asked you this a year ago, at least!"

She carefully considered her answer. "To be honest, when you started joking about that, way back when, it did kind of annoy me at times. But I grew to like it, and to even look forward to it. You amuse me, and it is flattering in a weird kind of way, with the way you do it. Mind you, if someone else were to joke like that with me, it would totally bug me. And I see what you mean about it being relatively safe. For instance, you've joked a thousand times about wanting to touch them, but you've never actually tried to, not even once. I trust you. And I guess that's what a lot of humor is, poking at something that's a little taboo, a little risqué, but not too much. It helps to have that slight sense of danger."

He smiled with relief. Then he joked, "Yeah, but after a while that sense of taboo or danger wears off, so one has to raise things up a notch. I propose that in the future, when I make a joke about your breasts, that I actually fondle them at the same time."

She snorted with laughter. "Yeah, right! You wish!"

He held his hands up defensively. "Mind you, it would be purely for humorous effect only. It wouldn't be like I'd enjoy that at all. I'd just be doing it... extensively... for a laugh. Very extensively. Some jokes require a loooong set up."

She laughed some more. "You're a crazy nut!" In truth, she loved this kind of banter, and she hoped it would eventually lead to more.


After that, their conversation grew more serious. For a while, there wasn't a lot of flirting or teasing, especially while they ate their meal.

But that changed as they finished eating the main course. Christine looked around the restaurant conspiratorially, and then leaned forward like she was going to tell him an important secret. She commented, "I wonder what people would think if they saw us here together."

"What, you mean like people at school?" When she nodded he shrugged. "I suppose the rumor mill would have a field day."

"I think it would. Especially since there's all kinds of rumors about you already."

She'd warned him of some rumors before, but still he played coy, with silly, obvious exaggeration. "Me? Little ol' me? Nobody wants to know about a nobody like me."

She smirked. "Yeah, right. Did you know there are even MORE rumors about you lately? And they're getting wilder all the time."

"Really, like what?"

"To tell the truth, there's only one new rumor, but it's quite a doozy. The word is that someone who looks very much like you was seen having sex with a completely naked blonde in the teacher's parking lot during school. Can you believe it?" She laughed heartily. "As if that isn't crazy enough, they say the girl had a long ponytail and a deep tan, just like Heather!" XX01

Between the way Christine was leaning forward and the way she was laughing, it seemed her heavy boobs would escape her dress altogether. But Alan couldn't enjoy the view because he was so frightened by this latest 'rumor'. He realized someone must have seen him and Heather fucking in the parking lot on Friday. He'd been convinced there was no one around, but someone must have seen them anyway, if only from a considerable distance.

He was lucky that Christine apparently dismissed that rumor because she thought it was simply too outrageous. As a result, she was busy laughing instead of closely scrutinizing his face for tell-tale reactions, which he certainly was having. That gave him a few seconds to recover and join in her laughter. "Boy! You're kidding me! Me and HEATHER? Naked in a school parking lot?!"

"I know!"

As the laughter died down, he deadpanned, but in an obviously joking manner, "It's true though. The reason we did it in the parking lot is because that's where she parked her flying saucer. After we did the deed, we took off and flew to her secret moon base."

Christine laughed heartily. "Heather has a moon base?"

"Of course. She and Elvis are using it as part of their fiendish plan to-" He interrupted himself and covered his mouth with a hand. "Oh, shoot! I said too much already! I promised I wouldn't tell. Forget you heard that!"

She laughed even more. "Stop it! You're too funny!" She sat back in her chair and held her sides because she was laughing so hard.

Alan laughed along. He was feeling pretty good that he'd managed to cover up the truth with some clever joking.

In fact, even though Christine figured the rumor was probably a total fabrication, or at least a wild exaggeration, his quick, amusing comments convinced her that even if there was something to the rumor, it must have nothing to do with him. However, as she calmed down from her laughing, she said, "Okay, so maybe you're not having naked sex in the parking lot. But still, there are a lot of weird rumors about you, and if there's that much smoke there has to be some fire. Right?"

He joked, "Yeah, but it's just that Heather's UFO caught on fire, and that created a lot of the smoke."

"Very funny. But still, it's a legitimate question."

He realized he couldn't fob off her curiosity with more joking about flying saucers and moon bases, so he said, "I don't keep up with the rumors. But it's true that not long ago I was a typical nerd and completely clueless with girls. Now I'm involved with some very beautiful girls, and how often does that transition happen, especially so fast? So I'm sure people must wonder if I have magical voodoo dolls or something."

"A-HA! 'Some!' You said 'some' very beautiful girls!"

He rolled his eyes. "Christine, I already told you I'm not going steady. So there's no scandal in saying 'some,' which, by the way, includes you. After all, we're on a date of sorts tonight, aren't we?"

She blushed a little bit and averted her eyes in embarrassment.

He went on, "Besides, it so happens that it's true: I do have magical voodoo dolls." He picked up his napkin and quickly shaped it into an hourglass figure. "See? This is one of you. Do you feel this?" He began stroking the two lumps that crudely represented her big breasts.

She sighed and shot him an exasperated look. "You would touch me THERE. What's with you and boobs?"

But he just smiled and kept on stroking the napkin lumps. "Are you sure you don't feel anything?"

She decided to play along and tease him back. She opened her eyes wide with pretend surprise. Then she gasped as if she really were being groped by an invisible hand. "Alan! Stop that this instant!"

"Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" He cackled like a mad scientist. "Never!"

She raised her hands to her massive rack and covered it with her arms. "Alan, please! Don't! It's too... You're making me tingle!"

His penis went from flaccid to fully engorged in what seemed like a fraction of a second. Suddenly he felt like he really was fondling Christine's breasts, if only by proxy. XX03

She clutched her chest tighter, causing her tit-flesh to bulge out wherever it could. The dress did very little to keep her covered. She moaned in a surprisingly erotic way as she looked around at the other people sitting at tables near them. "Oh, Alan! Please! Not here! Not in front of all these people!"

He thought, "Not here?!" If only she meant that and we could have some fun later! What I wouldn't give to take her to some private place, pull those straps off her shoulders, and... Damn! Oh, man! I'd kill just to see her naked body! But I can't think that either. I have to cool down, or I'm gonna blow a gasket!

He put the napkin back in his lap and straightened it out. "Okay, later then. But beware! With my voodoo doll powers, there's no telling what might happen!"

Christine had started out just trying to tease sexually with her pretend distress. She'd figured, correctly, that he'd love it if she touched her boobs in any way, even if seemingly to cover them up. But things had gotten so hot so fast that she felt a surge of lust rushing through her body. If it hadn't been for the table separating them, she would have immediately pulled him in close for a passionate lip-lock.

She thought, Whoa! What's up with THAT?! I'm not gonna let my passion control me. Plus, I'm probably blushing, and I'm not gonna let him get to me like that. She picked up her napkin. "Hee! Two can play this game. I have my own voodoo doll too." She quickly crumbled it into a shape, but she found that it was hard to make arms and legs with a napkin. So she gave up on that and instead made something resembling a sideways 'T' shape. She held it up. "There!"

He looked at it and laughed, because her "voodoo doll" had a penis about as long as the doll was tall. "Christine, is that your voodoo doll, or are you just happy to see me?"

Her blush deepened and she quickly put the napkin back in her lap. "That doesn't even make sense!" She was frustrated that her attempt to embarrass him with her outrageously erect voodoo doll had somehow backfired.

"No, but we're having fun, aren't we? This is great, don't you think?"

She relaxed, nodding in happy agreement.

With a lopsided grin, he asked, "Is that how you think of me? With my dick bigger than my body?"

Her blush deepened even more. "I was just... I was... I was trying to tease you about the fact that, uh, at school, you seem to be... Well, what I mean is, more often than not... Oh, never mind!"

He laughed, amused at her failed attempt to explain that she'd tried to tease him about his frequent and apparently all-too-obvious erections.

He had mercy on her and changed the topic. "You know what's funny? Before I tried to ask you out, we weren't actually that close. I was, I dunno... scared of you."


"Yeah. You know, when you have a crush on someone and want to ask them out, it's scary. There was a sexual tension that was... daunting, even if it was just a one-way thing. I had to remind myself constantly just to be myself. But now the pressure's off, and that's allowed us to grow a lot closer than before. Ironically, tonight we can flirt and tease each other, but it feels completely different from how it used to be. I'm not tense and nervous around you, even when you shape your napkin into a giant phallus. We can joke in a way we never could before, and have more fun doing it, because all that 'is she into me or not' bullshit is over."

She thought, Speak for yourself! Now I know what you must have felt like then, because the pressure is off you but it's squarely on ME!

She forced herself to smile and say, "Yeah. I know what you mean."

But she thought, Dammit! The tables are turned. It's ironic. Back then, I took it for granted that he wanted to be romantic with me, and I wasn't that interested. I only became really interested after he started dating others and changed somehow. I mean, he's so much more self-confident now. He's got this sexual magnetism that makes my heart beat fast. And I'm in the exact same shoes he used to be in, wanting to get something started but not knowing how to do it. Hell, he doesn't even have a clue how my feelings have changed. This SUCKS!

They continued having a good time, talking about interesting things, laughing and joking, sometimes even lightly flirting. Alan had selected some particularly funny dumb-blonde jokes, and somehow managed to slip them into the conversation every now and then.


He was continually amazed at the fact that he was in such a fancy restaurant with such a beautiful woman. At one point, he found himself thinking, You'd think I'd be pretty used to great beauty, with the ladies running around my house. But Christine truly is extraordinary! Her face is as jaw-dropping as her body. I feel like the cock of the walk, just being here with her. And the men, including our waiter, are envious of me, I can tell.

It's such a shame that I can never allow her to be my girlfriend. But maybe it's for the best. I can barely keep up with her as a friend, intellectually and athletically. She'd be waaaay out of my league as a girlfriend.

It was only at the end of the meal, when they were waiting for the check, that things got a bit heavy. Christine reached over the table and put a hand on his and said, "Alan, before we go, I have some things I need to get off my chest."

His eyes reflexively dropped to her deep cleavage after hearing her say that and he started to gawk. However, he quickly realized what he'd done and returned his gaze to her face.

To his great relief, she burst into laughter.

He laughed along with her and relaxed. He joked, "Well, I was just checking out what it was you needed to get off your chest. I was hoping it was your top."

She replied playfully, "You wish!", then laughed some more. However, she turned serious after that and said, "I really want to apologize for the way I turned you down a while back."

"Oh, don't mention it. It's water under the bridge."

"No it isn't. I feel awful about it."

She had practiced what she was going to say to him at this point over and over. Her plan was to say, "I want to apologize for not only the way I turned you down, but the fact that I turned you down." Then she would reveal that she did have a romantic interest in him after all. She'd analyzed all kinds of possible alternatives of what he might say in response, and had potential follow-ons for each of them.

But that's not what she said. At the last second, she again chickened out and didn't finish her planned full sentence.

Both of them ended up apologizing profusely to the other. They made vows to strengthen their friendship and do more things together outside of school. But there was no hint of wanting romance.

There were a number of reasons why she chickened out, such as inexperience, but the main one was her fear of rejection. Earlier in the evening, Alan had all but said that he only thought of Christine as a friend when he explained how he now felt at ease flirting with her, so it seemed certain to her that they were on different wavelengths.

Strangely enough, she also had a fear of success. If she revealed her feelings and he felt the same way, she was afraid that she'd be a failure at physical intimacy. She was the kind of person who had to be the best at whatever she did, and if she wasn't she didn't want anyone to see her doing it. The more she started to imagine him as some kind of talented Don Juan, the more she feared that somehow she wouldn't measure up.

What she wanted most of all was for Alan to realize from her outfit and her flirting that she wanted him to take charge and be her guide in learning about sex. She didn't know or understand that the recent parade of naked women in his life made her signals too tame for him to recognize. Ironically, his inexperience was such that he could not differentiate among the sexual interest signals of women with varying levels of experience and sophistication. His cleverness and ability to roll with the punches couldn't always make up for his lack of experience.

They split the bill (at Christine's insistence) and left the restaurant. The rest of their time together was pleasant but predictable.

He again kissed her goodnight on the cheek at her front door, and generally acted like a perfect gentleman.

Christine in a white gi over a light gray sports bra, cinched at the waist by her earned brown belt

When she got to her room she wanted to break down and cry. Instead, she changed to her gi and practiced her martial arts to blow off some steam.

As she went through her routines, practicing various entries and take-down throws, she thought, Grrr! So frustrating! What frustrates me most is that the date went TOO well! That's bad because my feelings for him keep growing stronger and stronger. Argh!

Why? Why, why, why, why, why?! Why does he have to be fooling around with Amy, Kim, and who knows how many others? It's killing me! There's no way in hell I'm going to share him. NO. WAY. Yet what else am I supposed to do? If it was just one other girl, I could compete with that, but how am I supposed to compete with a lifestyle?! How do I make myself so head and shoulders above everyone else that he comes to his senses and decides to be with just me?


The Plummer house seemed unusually quiet after Alan left. Susan and Katherine felt sexually satiated after several days of having many orgasms, and Susan was tired out from the beach trip too. They were content to just rest, relax, and watch a movie - the old Pink Panther comedy "A Shot in the Dark" - together in the living room.

Suzanne and Amy were next door at their own house, since Alan was expected to be gone all evening, and they wanted to have a quiet and restful evening also. Suzanne watched the Humphrey Bogart classic "The African Queen," while Amy did her homework.

Brenda called Suzanne not long after she'd started watching her movie. Unfortunately for Brenda, Suzanne was away from her phone and she didn't want to be bothered until the movie was over.

Brenda was dying to talk to somebody about recent events relating to Alan. So she soon gave up on trying to reach Suzanne and called Susan, who did answer the phone. Brenda felt and sounded anxious, and wanted to meet in person sooner rather than later.

Susan wasn't doing anything important and Alan wasn't there. Plus, she remembered that Suzanne had given her the responsibility of taking the lead in turning Brenda into one of Alan's sex pets, something she couldn't oppose since she herself was responsible for Brenda knowing about the Plummer family incest. Therefore she allowed Brenda to come over for a short chat, even though she'd seen her earlier in the day after she'd caught her with Alan and Suzanne in the Pestridge backyard.

Brenda had dressed in relatively normal clothing, because Susan told her that Alan wasn't going to be there, and also because she wanted to discuss serious matters and not get hot and bothered.

Susan and Katherine were wearing "lazing around the house" clothes, since that's what they were doing. They paused the movie when Brenda arrived. Brenda would have much preferred to talk to just Susan, but Katherine was there and wanted to at least listen in for a while.

The three of them sat on sofas in the living room, drinking tea and making small talk. But after just a couple minutes of that, Brenda said, "I see that I've interrupted a movie, and I'm sorry about that. I don't want to take up a lot of your time, so I'll get straight to the point. I'm all torn up inside over what happened to me this morning, with Alan." She looked around the room as if expecting to see him pop up out of hiding at any moment. "By the way, where is he?"

Susan said proudly, "He's on a date! And not just any date either. He's with Christine Anderssen. She's a remarkable catch! You have to see her to believe her. Angel, do we have that picture of her? You know the one Tiger likes so much, from her award ceremony?"

Katherine wasn't happy about it, but she nodded. "Yeah, I'll get it."

Susan described Christine's academic and athletic achievements in glowing terms, as well as the state of her relationship with Alan, until Katherine returned with the picture a minute or two later. She sat next to Brenda as both of them looked at it, and said, "Check her out! Look at her gorgeous face! Her trim, fit body, her blonde hair... but most of all, look at her breasts! It's true you can't see much skin - she tends to carefully cover her body, I'm told - but you can still see what she's packing. Can you believe a girl her age is that stacked?! And she's got so many other great qualities. For instance, she's all dressed up because this photo was taken at some kind of national science fair award. With any luck, Tiger has taken her to some private spot and he's fucking those tits even as we speak!"


Brenda was truly amazed, not to mention daunted, by Christine's beauty. As she gawked at the photo, she asked, "Just what is her breast size, anyway?!"

Katherine boasted, even though it was pure speculation, "38F, and growing!"

Brenda put the photo down and looked back and forth between Susan and Katherine. She said, "Katherine, I can see that you're jealous of this girl, but Susan, you're not. Why is that?"

Susan said, "Please let me answer that. It's only natural to feel jealous. More so for Katherine, since she's nearly the same age as Christine and compares herself to her more directly. I feel jealous too, but I kind of revel in the feeling, strangely enough. To me, it's further proof that my son is a naturally superior sort of man, if he's dating arguably the most desirable girl in the entire school."

Katherine groaned unhappily, "I feel that buzz of arousal too. Heck, I can't help but boast to you about her breast size. But unfortunately I worry a lot more. There's only so much of him to go around, you know." She considered, and then added to Brenda, "To be honest, I'm not exactly thrilled if you're going to be hogging time from him too."

Susan told Brenda diplomatically, "Keep in mind the situation here has been evolving rapidly. I'm sure it must seem to you that things have always been as you see them, but, as I told you, we've only just started to discover the extent of my son's sexual gift. We're all having to adjust. For whatever reason, I seem to have adjusted quickly to the notion that we're going to have to share him with many other women. There's no use in fighting it, so why not celebrate it?"

Katherine grumbled, "Easy to say, hard to do."

Brenda said, "It's interesting that you say that, because that's exactly what I wanted to discuss. I'm trying to adjust too. But this morning, I was hit... well, it felt like a crowbar smacked the side of my head! I feel absolutely pole-axed!" She looked to Katherine. "I don't know what you've been told about what happened this morn-"

Katherine cut in, "News travels fast around here. I didn't get the full lowdown, but I know that Suzanne sucked and stroked my brother's cock while he basically played with your naked body to his heart's content. And unfortunately things got rudely interrupted by Mom here, so he didn't even get to cum. Is that about right?"

Brenda was highly embarrassed that Katherine knew all that, but she tried not to show it. "Um, uh... yes, I suppose that's about right. And maybe that's become kind of normal for both of you, but I still haven't really touched his penis yet! The whole experience for me... well, it was like being struck by a bolt of lightning! I'm absolutely reeling. That's why I need to talk to somebody who knows about all this."

Susan said, "That would be us. What in particular do you want to discuss?"

Brenda flopped her arms in frustration. "I don't know! Everything! Starting with what the hell just happened with me today! Like I said, I didn't even get to touch his penis, and all he did was run his hands over me, but somehow it was the greatest sexual event of my life! No kidding! I can't even think about it without getting so hot that I can't stand it!"

She sighed heavily and tried to calm herself down. "I don't understand what's happening. Everything is up in the air. I don't even know if I'm going to really be a part of this special thing you have going, for the long term."

Susan spoke carefully. "It's true that things are still up in the air in your case. We're just starting to get to know you, for one thing. I can't predict the future. And I do admit that I have some jealousy issues, and sharing issues." She unthinkingly stared right at Brenda's larger rack as she said that.

She went on, "But, that said, I think it's safe to say that you're going to be a part of this in one way or another for a long time to come. Barring some shocking, unforeseen development, that is. It's just a matter of how frequently we'll see you, and what your exact role will be. But I'm sure things will work out for the best."

Brenda leaned back against the sofa and sighed heavily. "That's a huge relief to hear! The thing is, I have a long-buried submissive side, and it's being unleashed with so much power and emotion that it scares me! I don't want to frighten you off, but I'm feeling consumed with these... these... submissive feelings! Suzanne is encouraging me to submit to him, and, and... that sounds like the most exciting thing ever! I have this urge to pleasure his cock that's so strong, it's practically all that I can think about! What's happening to me?!"

Katherine chuckled. "Welcome to the club."

Susan just smiled and chuckled knowingly too.

Brenda looked back and forth, but mostly to Katherine. "You're... you're not mad?"

Katherine gave a dismissive look. "Nah. Now, I'm not happy. Especially because of your figure. Even cartoon bombshells aren't as curvy as you! How am I supposed to compete with that?" She waved her hands in Brenda's general direction. "But I also feel sympathy for you, because I've been there, and I'm still there."

Susan nodded. "Me too. We haven't been at this long, but I strongly doubt that hunger you're describing ever goes away. You just learn to live with it."

Brenda's eyes widened. "Are you serious?!"

Katherine and Susan nodded sagely.

Brenda asked anxiously, "But why are these feelings so strong? As I said, I haven't really DONE anything to him yet. And all he did was touch me. We didn't even kiss!"

Susan said, "True. But I'll bet he thoroughly dominated you, didn't he? He's got a special talent for that. And it's plain to see that some women react very strongly to that. No doubt that includes the three of us."

Brenda was still venting her frustration. "That may be. But my reaction is TOO strong. For instance, I never enjoyed giving a blowjob. Heck, years went by without me giving a single one to my husband. But mostly thanks to talking to you, Susan, and especially the one time you got me to practice with a dildo, my opinion has totally flipped. Now I think about it all the time! When I fantasize about Alan, I actually think more about blowing him than getting fucked by him. I can imagine it so vividly, every last little bit, that it feels like I've done it to him many times. But I still haven't so much as touched his penis! How does that make any sense?! Does that make sense to you?"

Katherine replied, "I can field that one. I'm no psychologist, but it seems to me that it's not the physical act of the blowjob that excites you so much; it's the submission! It's the stripping down for him to get him hard. It's the dropping to your knees while he towers high above you, tall and strong. It's wearing high heels. It's having to do all the work while he just kicks back and enjoys himself. Having your face or breasts painted by cum. I could go on and on, but my point is, it's a blatantly submissive sex act. Whereas fucking, that's more of a mutually pleasurable thing. In fact, he could end up doing most of the work while you lie there and take it."

Brenda nodded vigorously. "You're right! You're so right! I think that does explain my new fascination with all things oral. And it also explains why I didn't enjoy giving my husband a hummer. Back then, I wouldn't let myself 'go there' with a submissive mindset."

Susan said to Brenda, "I have great news for you. All those things Katherine mentioned are true, and the physical act is a total joy too! If you let yourself go with the right attitude, then you'll have a blast."

Katherine joked, "Figuratively, AND literally!" She giggled.

Susan understood the reference to facials, which set both older women to laughing. Then Susan added, "And more good news is that it's the same with titfucking. That's an endless delight in and of itself, AND it's a symbolic, submissive act too!"

Katherine nodded at that. "Definitely!"

Brenda thought, Oh no! That's scary. I've been so focused on cocksucking that I haven't thought much about titfucking. Now I'm going to be doubly obsessed!

Katherine asked Brenda, "By the way, what did he do to you today exactly?"

Brenda frowned and clutched at her head, as if in pain. "I can't even think about it, it's so arousing. He... he... the main thing is, he ran his hands all over my body like he owned it. I mean, he well and truly owned it, from the very start! As if my body was just there for his amusement. And all the while, Suzanne was stroking and sucking him! The mighty Suzanne! So loudly! Slurping, slurping, slurping! That huge cock of his was getting serviced non-stop by a naked, sexy bombshell, for ages! But it's like that hardly even fazed him."

Susan and Katherine were trying to stay calm, but they couldn't help but squirm a little.

Brenda wasn't done. "But the worst part was, he... he... he wouldn't let me cum! He played with my pussy and nipples and drove me to the brink of delirious ecstasy, but he still wouldn't let me cum! He even smacked my ass once, and threatened to give me a good spanking if I didn't behave! It was the most humiliating day of my life!"

Her chest was heaving so heavily that she had to stop and catch her breath. She tugged at her blouse like she was burning up in a hot sauna.


Susan smiled knowingly at the tugging. "Brenda, I've got a suggestion. Take your blouse off. Your bra too if you're wearing one. It'll make you feel better."

Brenda stared skeptically. "It will?"

"It will. Clearly, you've crossed the point of no return. You're one of Tiger's sluts now. So, from one slut to another, I'll bet that what makes me feel good will make you feel good too."

Brenda pointed out, "But Alan isn't even here to see." Nonetheless, she was feeling so hot and horny that she started to pull her blouse over her head.

"True," Susan agreed. "But try it out. Caress the undersides of your breasts and imagine that his cock is getting stiff from looking at you. You'll feel better and more relaxed, I'm sure of it."

Katherine said, "Besides, it's the law! I really mean that. The house rule is no underwear for any women, period. Which means you need to take your panties off too. You might as well just get completely naked."

Brenda whimpered. "Oh God! I can't do that!"

Katherine played hardball. "We're all wondering if you really have what it takes. Consider this a test."

Brenda couldn't say 'No' after that. She proceeded to take all her clothes off, including her medium heels. (She hadn't worn high heels since she'd been told Alan wouldn't be here.)


At first, Brenda stood naked with her arms at her sides, blushing and fidgeting, But with the other two beauties just silently staring at her, she felt curiously compelled to bring her hands to the top of her head, and did so. She even anxiously stood on her tip toes at times.

Katherine leaned in to Susan, sitting next to her on the sofa, and whispered in her ear, "Mom, I can't get over the fact that she's, like, all boob!"

Susan frowned, because her jealousy was surging. She whispered back, "I know."

Katherine whispered, "How am I supposed to compete with that?! It's like she really IS a living sex toy!"

Susan grumbled unhappily in response. But then she forced herself to curb her jealousy. Suzanne says it's my job to take the lead on turning her into a sexy and obedient sex pet for my son. Clearly, I see that's her destiny. I can't let my envy over her breast size get in the way of that. Tiger is never going to neglect me, in any case. He loves me beyond measure!

So she whispered in return, "Remember, it's not what we want, it's about what Tiger wants. Is he going to want her to become one of his sex helpers? Obviously. Just look at her! So we need to do our best to live with that."

"I suppose so," Katherine muttered before pulling away.

Brenda's anxiety was growing, because she wasn't able to hear what the other two were whispering. Then Susan asked her, "Well?"

Brenda searched her feelings, and said, "I do feel better, strangely enough. I'm very embarrassed, especially because you two are keeping your clothes on. Not to mention the way you're whispering about me and judging me like a piece of meat. But that reminds me of how I felt this morning: constantly horny and humiliated. And I hate it, but at the same time it does make me feel good somehow."

Susan was feeling very satisfied that the suggestion had worked. "Like Angel said, welcome to the club."

With her hands still on her head, Brenda asked, "May I sit down now? Please?"

Susan was about to say yes, but Katherine was the quicker to speak. She told Brenda, "Turn around first. Let's see the full package my brother will be getting."

Brenda turned around to show off her backside. Again, without being prompted, she went a step further. She spread her legs wider while keeping them ramrod straight, and she bent at the waist to better thrust her ass out. Her eyes were closed and she was imagining Alan was the one inspecting her now.

Katherine urgently whispered to Susan again, "Mom, she's got an awesome ass too. She's, like, walking tits and ass. It's crazy! And look at her juicy pussy. It's so WET already! Not to mention that she's standing naked in our living room in that obscene pose. If I were Brother, I'd get up and fuck the hell out of her, right here, right now!"

Susan worried that everyone was getting too aroused. She was trying hard to prevent that, so she'd still have lots of energy to play around when Alan returned from his date. Thus, instead of replying to her daughter, she told Brenda, "You can return to your seat now."

Brenda was extremely happy to hear that. She settled into her seat with her hands clenched together in her lap, trying hard not to cover her privates. "So... what happens to me next?! I need to know!" She looked away bashfully. "To be honest, I've had submissive fantasies over the years. Lots of them. But this isn't what I expected it would be like at all!"

Katherine asked, "What's different?"

Brenda frowned. "A lot less sex, and a lot more waiting, for one thing. In fact, it's nearly all waiting!"

Susan said, "There is that, but life must go on. We just have to be patient. As for the big picture, I imagine you'll probably end up like us, except you won't be with him nearly as much. So, yes, you'll be frustrated a lot, but it's worth it. You'll be part of our never-ending quest to fully satiate his cock. I'm sure he'll make you one of his personal cocksuckers and sex pets. But never forget that it's a war we can never win! We may drain him dry for an hour or two, but the moment he finishes his climax, his balls are already filling up with fresh, sweet sperm. All we can do is to tease and tempt him, and pleasure him with every inch of our bodies, especially our mouths, tits, and hands."

Brenda gesticulated with both hands, "But to what end?! It sounds like we'll be running on a treadmill forever!"

"Yes, that's true," Susan said thoughtfully, yet with obvious enthusiasm. "One can see that as endless defeat and frustration. But I prefer to think of it as constant victories and sexual satisfaction for all! Yes, I've been in a lot of embarrassing, uncomfortable, and even downright frightening situations lately, but I've never been so happy in my life! I keep telling you that, because it's true. What do you think, Angel?"

"Oh, definitely! It's the same for me. And Brenda, you have to completely throw your pride and dignity out the window. I call myself his 'fuck toy,' even though he hasn't actually fucked me yet." Katherine added that lie, together with a visible pout, just for Susan's benefit.

She went on, "Whatever you call it, we're all effectively his sex pets, his personal playthings. That will be your fate too, to serve his cock, no matter how humiliating and undignified the situation. Tears will stream from your eyes as you strain from the effort of bobbing on his great thickness, for so long that you lose all track of time! You'll stroke and lick and suck, all at once, but with his stamina it'll feel like he's hardly even noticed. His cock will utterly defeat you, over and over again!"

Brenda exclaimed, "That sounds horrible!"

But Katherine countered, "Oh, is it? Really? Just look down at yourself. Did you realize you've started clutching and caressing your enormous tits from below since I've started talking about it? Can you see how much they're heaving from your heavy breathing, even with you holding them like that?"

Indeed, Brenda saw. But she wasn't happy about it. "What's wrong with me?! My body is betraying me!" She let go of her boobs, only to have them bounce and swing so much that she had to firmly hold them once more. XX02

Susan was smug. "There's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing wrong at all. What Katherine just described might sound bad on the surface, but in fact, nothing could be better! I'm just starting to understand all the many changes that are happening to us. But I know that I absolutely LOVE this 'endless treadmill.' Like I said, I've never been so happy. Brenda, consider yourself one of the very fortunate few. Your big tits, cute face, and all-around beauty have put you here with us. We're 'suffering' from one point of view, but in actuality, there's so much arousal, pleasure, and fun every single day that I almost can't believe it!"

Katherine nodded to Brenda. "Think about it. Just TALKING about this stuff is making you so hot and bothered that we can smell your wet pussy. Imagine how much better it is to actually DO it!"

Brenda blushed. She'd been keeping her thighs pinned together, but she spread them slightly and looked down between her legs at all the wetness there. "Oh no! I'm so sorry!" She quickly locked her legs tight again.

Katherine waved a hand dismissively. "Don't sweat it. You're kind of one of the gang now, for better or worse. I'm sure you'll be leaking like a faucet around us all the time. You seem like a highly arousable type, to say the least."

Brenda looked to the floor in shame, and her face got redder. "I am... but lately... it's been off the charts! Everything seems to make me horny. And I've been... I hate to admit this, but I have to. I've been masturbating constantly, it seems! Today, that's nearly literally true. After coming home from Suzanne's this morning, I spent most of the day naked in my bed or bathtub, if you know what I mean. It's like there's a fire in my pussy that never goes out! And in my nipples too. Everywhere, actually!"

Susan smiled. "That's good. Just think how hot you'll be once you crane your mouth wide open and feel his cock slide right in! For real!"

"Oh God!"

"Or when he plows his big cock between your massive tits and blows his load on your face!" Susan was having to fight not to get carried away herself.

"UNNRGH!" Brenda grunted. She pushed her bare tits together and stared down at them, as if half expecting to see Alan's boner there.

Katherine pointed out, "And you're not family, so there's no reason why he won't fuck your cunt before long. Again, I'm not thrilled about it, but part of being a fuck toy for my brother is having to see him fuck lots of other women. If you're not hopelessly hooked on serving his cock just yet, wait until he's fucked you out of your gourd a few times!"

Brenda's hips were writhing on the sofa now. She didn't speak or grunt in response to that, but only because she was suddenly panting so hard that she was struggling for oxygen. She was freely and aggressively kneading her own giant globes as she thought about Alan fucking her.

Susan continued to talk to Brenda, despite Brenda's aroused and distracted state (as well as her own). "I know you're feeling very conflicted and emotional right now. You're scared and confused. I understand from very recent experience that it's very hard to fully realize that you're going to wind up as someone's personal sex toy, and not just in some pornographic movie scene, but in real life. And the jealous burn of knowing you're just one of his many such sex toys... well, I don't know if we ever get over that. I've been feeling all that, in spades, and I still am. Believe me, it's tough! The worst is the long times when he's not around, and I'm left to my worries and guilt. I've wondered a thousand times in the last week alone if I'm doing the right thing."

Those words sounded sobering, and that helped Brenda calm down some and more or less recover her breath.

Susan concluded, "But you know what? At the end of the day, I have to ask myself, would I ever want to go back to normal, the way things used to be? And the answer is always an emphatic 'NO!' A thousand times no! This isn't an easy path, but it's a highly rewarding path. I feel blessed by God. It's like every day tops the last one as the most amazing day I've ever had!"

Katherine nodded emphatically. "Exactly, Mom. And Brenda, keep in mind that you still haven't even sucked his cock. You're having to deal with all the frustration associated with waiting, without much of the reward. But that'll change soon, I'm sure. Think back to how exhilarated you felt this morning. It's true, I wasn't in your shoes, but I'll bet you anything that that'll pale in comparison to the thrill and joy you'll feel when you suck his cock! And then, when he blows his creamy load all over your face and tits? Ohmigod! I can't even BEGIN to explain how great that is! You'll cum and cum, over and over again!"

Brenda asked, "But all submissive symbolism aside, is it really as great as you two say it is? Most woman bitch and moan about them. They say it's all about making the man feel good while they get nothing out of it."

Susan spoke confidently. "Things are different with Alan. Trust me." As part of making a larger point, she admitted, "To be honest, it's not like his penis is THAT different from a typical one."

Katherine cut in to joke, "Yeah, it doesn't shoot out rainbows."

Susan smiled at that. "No, just lots and lots of delicious cum!" She and her daughter shared a loving and hungry look at that. Then she continued, "But, I suppose context is everything. I can't really explain it because I don't understand it. But there's something about how my Tiger is so very confident, dominant, and studly that makes blowing him completely different. As I've mentioned before, it's all about attitude. Those women who complain, I'll bet they've never truly gotten into the spirit of it."

Katherine helpfully suggested to Brenda, "Think about how Alan fondled your breasts and the rest of your ridiculously curvy body this morning. Now, your soon-to-be ex-husband probably did that to you a lot as well, and it was probably just an annoyance most of the time, wasn't it? You had to fake a smile and put up with it."

Brenda asked with surprise, "How did you know that?!"

"I can tell. If you were with a man who truly knew how to satisfy you, you wouldn't be so gaga over my brother. Heck, you probably wouldn't be in the middle of a divorce in the first place. But anyway, compare that to how your heart couldn't stop racing when Alan touched you. And it's not like he's got some super special, magic hands. In a purely physical sense, I'll bet what he did wasn't that different to what your hubby did. But, like Mom said, context is everything. And attitude! Both yours and his. Somehow, he has a way of making things extremely exciting, pretty much every time. I guess that's his sexual gift, more so than even his stamina, or his extra large penis, or the sweet taste of his cum."

Susan nodded, and added, "Although all those things together make up an irresistible package!"

"Literally!" Katherine giggled at that. Then she concluded, "He pushes our buttons in just the right way, making it an endless pleasure to pleasure him. Somehow, he makes it thrilling and naughty, every time. The mere fact that we ARE his sex toys vying to outdo each other in pleasuring him keeps it exciting, no matter what. See what I mean?"

Brenda thought that over, and nodded. "I guess so." She finally managed to take her hands off her breasts and rest them at her side. She was still very aroused, but worried too. "But how can you just sit there and calmly call yourselves his 'sex toys' and 'sex pets?' That gives me goose bumps and shivers every time I hear one of you use those words."

Katherine responded, "We get goose bumps and shivers too. That's probably why we like to say it. Although, personally, I much prefer 'fuck toy.' Mind you, it doesn't mean I want to be some brainless blow-up doll. I'm still the same ol' me. It just means that I'm TOTALLY devoted to serving my brother's cock! And then I reap the rewards for my selfless attitude. My orgasms are plentiful and intense!"

Clearly, Brenda was impressed. She looked down at herself and realized that she was playing with her clit as well as one of her breasts. "Look at me!" she squealed in embarrassment as she pulled her hands away. She panted, "I'm naked... and about to cum just from hearing you talk about all this. Sheesh!"

Susan reached out and patted Brenda's bare knee. "Don't worry. I know this is a lot to take in. But you're not alone. Brenda, you're still not my favorite person. I haven't been exactly secretive about the fact that the size of your breasts bothers me. Mine used to be tied for the biggest around here until you came along. But it's not like you can help that, since yours are all natural. And my heart goes out to you. It seems like you're almost exactly where I was just a few weeks ago. I don't know if we can truly become close friends, since we're rivals for Alan's affection in some ways, but I'd like to try to help you just the same. If you're feeling like you need someone to talk to, you can give me a call, anytime."

Brenda's face brightened. "Really?!"


The three of them talked some more after that, but about lighter topics. Brenda felt like she'd been through the emotional wringer, all day long, and the other two women sensed that and helped her relax. Because Brenda and Katherine hadn't talked to each other much yet in a more intimate setting like this, the two of them got to know each other better while Susan mostly just smiled and listened in.

Strangely, Brenda stayed naked the entire time. And when it came time for her to get up to go, she commented as she picked up her clothes, "It's funny. I never forgot for a second that I was completely naked and you two were fully clothed. And that made me feel uneasy the whole time, like there were butterflies in my stomach. But now that it's time for me to put my clothes back on, I kind of don't want to."

Susan nodded. "I figured as much. I can't really explain how these things work, but I just know that they do. You just have to go with your gut feelings sometimes."

Brenda pointed out as she dressed, "This morning, Suzanne made me strip, pretty much first thing. She said people are more honest and forthcoming when they're naked."

Susan said, "I'm sure that's part of it, but it's more than that. Brenda, you and I, we're not typical women. Angel, this probably goes for you too. We obviously are naturally submissive types."

Katherine nodded.

Susan told Brenda, "Like you, I'd repressed this side of me deep down for many years. But now, when I take my clothes off, it's so much MORE than just taking my clothes off! It's like I'm showing my body off to my son, and giving him a thrill, even when he's nowhere near me! Heck, I can't even get on my knees or put on a pair of high heels without feeling a sexual thrill, even when I'm home alone. Is that strange?"

Brenda replied, "It is, but I could easily see that happening to me. In fact, I think it is already happening to me! Susan, these feelings are so powerful that it scares me!"

Susan stepped forward and gave Brenda a hug, just after Brenda had finished dressing. It was an affectionate hug, despite the fact that there was no way their incredible racks couldn't mash against each other. Susan spoke reassuringly, "Don't worry, it gets better. A lot better. And we'll help you get through this difficult phase. Not just me, but Suzanne, Katherine here, and Amy too, I'm sure. The way I figure, we may not always see eye to eye, and we could end up in competition with each other sometimes, but we're in the same boat. We should help each other instead of fighting."

"I couldn't agree more!" Brenda squeezed Susan tightly, greatly relieved by Susan's kind and understanding ways.

After some more small talk at the front foyer, Brenda waved good-bye to Susan and Katherine and walked out the door.

Susan and Katherine returned to the living room and remembered their movie, which had been left on pause this entire time.

Susan said, "Well, that was interesting. Do you want to restart the movie?"

Katherine replied as she sat back on the sofa, "Yeah, in a minute. I'm still kind of processing all that."

"Me too," Susan said, sitting back on the sofa next to her. "By the way, how are YOU doing? We talked the whole time about Brenda's problems, but what about you? Finding yourself a sexual servant to your own brother, that has to be-"

Katherine interrupted dismissively, "I'm fine. Sure, we're all going through the same things. And yeah, becoming my brother's fuck toy is humbling, but I'm sure it's exactly the same for you, having to submit to the power of your son's cock. But, just like you, I've never been happier. I wouldn't want to change a thing. I'm not all stressed out and conflicted like Brenda is, that's for sure. I don't know what the future will hold, exactly, but I can't wait to find out! I'm sure it'll be great, and filled with lots of love, spermy joy, and special times with my very favorite people." She smiled at her mother.

Susan wrapped an arm around her daughter and pulled her in for a motherly hug. "I couldn't agree more. But maybe you and I should talk some more about what we're going through? I feel like we haven't been talking enough lately."

"Nah. Too much talking and not enough movie. Seeing the rest of the movie will help pass the time until Brother gets home. Besides, it's a good one, don't you think?" Katherine didn't like to talk in depth about her feelings with Susan lately, for fear that if she did she might accidentally reveal the fact that she and Alan were already fucking.

After basking in the warmth of their loving embrace, Katherine finally picked up the TV remote and resumed the Pink Panther movie.


Alan's dinner with Christine had lasted over three hours, mostly because of good conversation. So it was getting late when Alan came home, to find Susan and Katherine still waiting up for him. (Their hour-and-a-half long movie had long since ended.) They were both wearing ordinary clothes, on the off chance that he'd bring Christine back home with him.

As soon as he came through the door, both of them wanted to know everything that had happened, and were especially curious if anything physical had happened. As he removed his suit coat he started summarizing his evening with Christine. When he said that it had remained entirely platonic, Susan appeared crestfallen.

But Katherine was ecstatic. She jumped around and threw her arms into the air. "Woo-hoo! Sweet!"

Alan tolerantly waited her out.

When Katherine had calmed down some, Susan said, "Let me see if I get this straight. Christine was with you for over three hours and she didn't so much as jack you off?"

"Yep." Seeing the severely disappointed look on Susan's face really made it hit home just how important the stimulation of his penis had become for her.

Susan put her hands on her hips, like she was ready to give Christine a stern lecture. "Hrm. I don't know what's gotten into Angel, but I already don't like this Christine very much, if she's gonna be like that! She apparently thinks she's better than everybody else. It's especially galling since you say she's got the bust and looks to be Alan-worthy. Tiger, you need a girlfriend in school, and you deserve the very best. Who better than Christine?"

Katherine said with great annoyance, "Um, Mom? Hello?! Did you forget I'm listening too?"

"Of course I know you're here. You would be my first choice, no question! You're the very best in every way, including the most beautiful, in my book! But unfortunately, everyone knows you two are siblings. So how could it be you?"

Katherine was taken aback by that. It was a good point, and she didn't know how to respond.

Susan turned her attention back to Alan. "In any case, Tiger, your penis has gone over THREE hours without any stimulation whatsoever! You must be horribly backed up with sperm."

He grinned. He could see what was coming. "That's true. I don't know if she intended it or not, but she kept my dick rock hard for most of the evening. She wore a low-cut dress that left me positively drooling."

Susan looked distressed. "Hrm. Not good. Not good at all. Well, Angel and I were discussing this while you were gone. I'm willing to help you with your problem, but as you know, Angel is being grounded. She's allowed to jack you off just once today and nothing else, and she's already used that one up. So, if you want me to, I could take care of you."

He replied, "What? Are you crazy, Mom? Of course I want you! I want you and Sis both equally of course, but maybe Sis could at least watch?"

Katherine had her arms folded and had gone from joy to irritation with the reminder of her punishment. She said, "Grrr. But I guess that's better than nothing."

Before Susan could disapprove, he unzipped his fly and flipped out his erection. "Great! Hey Mom, I've got an idea. Before I take this outfit off, why don't I get some mental AND physical relief? I could pretend that you're Christine and we're doing our date over."

Susan's face lit up. "Brilliant! Son, you're so creative. I love it!" She reached out and lightly brushed his erection with her hand. But then she wistfully let go and said, "Wait right here though while I get dressed in something sexy. What color was her dress?" She rushed to the stairs as she talked.

"Black. Kind of silky. It showed off a LOT of cleavage, like practically down to her belly button."

"Hmmm, maybe she's not all that bad," Susan said as she walked away.

Katherine followed after her. If she wasn't going to be able to take part directly, she at least wanted to help with the visual stimulation.

After a few minutes, Alan began to wonder what was taking so long. He crept to the top of the stairs and was able to listen from there, since Susan had left her door open and she and Katherine were arguing boisterously.

Susan was complaining, "No, I can't go like that, Angel. It's completely improper! I'd be sending the wrong signal."

"And what signal is that?" Katherine goaded, "Maybe you're signaling that Mommy wants to suck on a spermsickle? Lick on a bally-pop? Would that be so bad, to let him know that you know your place is on your knees with his big dick in your mouth?"

"Really, Angel, you're so vulgar."

"Hey. I'm just calling a spade a spade. If you go down there topless, he'll get so hot and hard that your tonsils will be drowning in cum within five minutes."

Susan couldn't quite hide her eagerness for that. "You think? I don't know. I mean, I'm supposed to at least start out looking like Christine. I have to wear a silky dress that shows lots of cleavage, and that's that!"

Katherine goaded, "If you go topless, how much more cleavage can you show? Besides, you don't have a really good, silky black dress."

"I know!" Susan wailed unhappily. "As one of Tiger's personal cocksuckers, that is simply unacceptable! Should I call up Suzanne for help?"

"No! It'll take too much time. Remember, he's waiting downstairs with his big cock poking out in the air."

"Mmmm...! Yummy..."

"Mom, focus!"

Alan snuck back downstairs, confident that Katherine had the situation in hand.

Susan came back down the stairs a few minutes later. She was all dolled up, even wearing glossy lipstick, eye shadow, and a necklace.

Susan in a Hérve Léger-like bandage dress (at least at the waist), naked from the waist up

Alan looked up at her and whistled, but he also chuckled. "Mom, isn't your outfit there missing something?"

She wore a fancy light coffee-colored dress but there was no fabric of any kind above her stomach, leaving her topless.

Even though he had figured she'd come down topless after what he'd overheard, he didn't have to pretend surprise because he was genuinely floored at just how scorchingly hot she looked.

She was bursting with eagerness. "I'm sorry, Son; it's just that I have such a hard time keeping my chest covered when I'm around you. The clothes just seem to fly off. Should I go put the rest on?"

"No, please. I can't really complain if- Oops! For pretend-date purposes, I haven't seen you yet. I have something in the car I picked up on the way home, hoping this would happen. Hold on; I'll go get it."

He put his suit-coat back on. He also tucked his erection away and zipped up his fly. He went to the garage and picked up two bouquets of flowers that he'd bought at Safeway on his way home. He'd made a note of what a great reaction his flowers had caused with Christine, and wanted to see if he could repeat that success.

Instead of walking the usual way from the garage directly into the house, he went back outside and rang the doorbell.

Susan answered it in her topless mocha-colored dress, with her arms over her chest for fear of the neighbors seeing.

Alan immediately pushed into the house so no one could get a free peek at his semi-naked mother, even though their front lawn was so big with so many bushes and trees that there was little to no chance of that happening. He noticed Katherine had come back downstairs and was sitting on a nearby sofa, watching with a slight frown on her face. He held both bouquets behind his back.

"Hi Christine. Damn! You look fantastic." He joked, "That's an unusually revealing outfit, compared to what you usually wear at school."

Susan knew he was holding something behind his back, but she didn't press to ask what it was. Instead, she suddenly realized that she'd never talked to Christine, except in passing at a couple of school events. She said, "Time out."

She turned to Katherine. "Oh dear. Angel, I don't know Christine from a hole in the ground, except for a few things, I suppose. She's never even been here to visit. How does she talk? What should I say? What's she like? All I know is that she does really well in school, she's kind of uptight and unwilling to help out with Tiger's blue balls, and her breasts are as big as mine."

Katherine stood up and wandered over. "There's not much more to know, except that she's a pathetic lonely virgin and she's justly nicknamed the 'Ice Queen.' So harden your heart and act like a cold-hearted know-it-all bitch and you'll do just fine."

Alan complained, "Hey Sis, that's totally mean and you know it. We'll talk about your Christine issues later, but for now don't ruin my 'date' with your negativity. She's a good friend of mine, and she deserves a little respect. Okay?"

Katherine gave him a bit of a look, but then relented and nodded sullenly.

As he turned back to Susan, he noticed that she was hopping about excitedly, holding her breasts to stop them from slapping her in the face. "I'm on a date with my son! Did you hear that, Angel? My big cum-filled boy wants to spend a romantic evening with me and seduce me!"

He chuckled. "That's right, Mom. But remember that you're Christine now, okay? You don't need to be exactly like her; just pretend to be an extremely intelligent and, yes, a kind of demanding know-it-all teenage girl. Unfortunately, a bit prudish and sexually repressed too. Remember, I asked her out and she turned me down. Got that?"

She nodded, but there was a new fire in her eyes. "She turned you down. How could I forget that? What is WITH that girl? She could have been slurping on your cock for weeks by now. The fool!"

He ignored that and tried to get the role-play going. "So... No. You know what? I'm gonna go back outside, and then come back in again. Okay?"

He did just that, although it was more of a token opening of the door a couple of inches and then closing it again, and he was careful to make sure his flowers weren't visible. He turned back to Susan and looked surprised. "Christine, you look fantastic!'"

"Why, thank you, kind sir! And look at you. Don't you look good enough to eat? Alan, I've never seen you in a suit before. It makes you so handsome."

"And I've never seen you in a dress like that before." Very mindful of her bare breasts, he joked, "You should wear that to school some time." But then he turned serious and turned on the charm. "I'm speechless before your beauty. I've been your number one admirer for so long. But what I can't express with words maybe I can say with this." He pulled one of the bouquets from behind his back. "For you."

Susan's eyes went wide and she squealed like a stuck pig. She started wildly jumping around. Naturally, that sent her big tits flying, so she had to rest her arm across them to keep them somewhat restrained. "Oh my God! My God! This is so exciting! My son is too wonderful for words!"

He was all smiles, but he cautioned, "Remember, you're Christine. Although I did buy the flowers for you, Mom. It's just a small way for me to show you how much I love you."

Without further ado, she threw herself at him and kissed him on the lips with unbridled passion. She shoved her tongue so far into his mouth that she seemed intent on trying to deep throat him with it.

He loved her attention, but he had a hard time keeping the other bouquet hidden behind his back, especially since Susan was playing grab ass.

Suddenly she pulled back and stared wildly into his eyes from inches away. "Good Lord, you're gonna get SO lucky tonight!" She dropped to her knees.

He laughed. "That's funny. Christine said the exact same thing when I gave her the flowers."

Katherine had retreated to the sofa but suddenly stood up and stormed over to Alan. "She did? And you gave her flowers? You said it wasn't a romantic date!" She was angry.

Susan didn't have anything to say; she was busy unzipping his fly and fishing his erection out of his pants. She looked at all the pre-cum that had built up from so much anticipation and joked, "Pre-cum to momma!"

As she started licking his cockhead, he thought back to how he'd told her that Christine was a bit prudish and sexually repressed. He laughed inwardly, Yep, Mom. That's what I call prudish! But he didn't have a chance to tell her that she was out of character for the role-play, because he needed to deal with Katherine before she managed to build up a full head of steam.

Luckily, he had the other bouquet of flowers, so he brought them out. "Uh, Christine, I noticed you have a younger sister who is in every way as beautiful as you. Here, Katherine, these are for you." Susan's tongue was flitting all over his sweet spot, but he tried not to notice.

Katherine didn't jump about, but was more hushed with awe and disbelief as she took the flowers from him. "Really? For me? You were really thinking of ME?"

He felt the need to temporarily break out of the role-play, which wasn't exactly working too well anyway. "Of course I was thinking of you. I love you! On any given day, hardly an hour goes by when I don't think of you somehow. I love you as much as any brother ever loved his sister. It's like you're a part of me instead of us being two separate people. You know what I mean?"

Her face lit up like the sun. "Brother! I know exactly what you mean! Oh! Oh! ... Mom, did you hear that?"

Susan was already busy slurping on Alan's erection. But as she licked up and down and all around it she managed to say, "I heard. That's so romantic!" She was so inspired by the touching moment that she took his entire cockhead into her mouth and tried to suck his stiffness all the way down to its base. She repeatedly gagged since she didn't know how to deep throat him, but she got as close to deep throating as she could.

Alan found himself in a tongue duel with his sister as she kissed him with the same kind of intensity Susan had been using a short time earlier. He marveled at the fact that he was kissing his sister while being blown by his mother. The physical and mental thrill was simply unbelievable.

In fact, Susan was so intently and enthusiastically using her lips and tongue that he already had to worry about blowing his load. His PC muscle training kicked in. He was rapidly getting very good at that, out of sheer necessity.

Finally, Katherine and Alan had gotten so carried away that they had to stop kissing just to breathe.

Katherine switched to planting kisses all over his face. She said, "Mom, I'm so happy! I've never been as happy as this! Can I please suck him off? If I can't, I don't know what! But I'll be so bummed."

Susan was busy making her usual "mmmm" noises. But after some long moments she finally came up for air. She was still licking and stroking him with one hand while her other hand held the bouquet. She said absent-mindedly, "That's nice, Angel. But can't you see Mommy's busy? Mmmm. Mommy has a big cum-filled cock she needs to drain dry. Maybe later. ... Mmmm! MMMM! ... After all, you are being grounded."

"Grrr! So. Un. Fair. GRRR! I wish I was being grinded, rather than grounded."

"Hey," Susan chided. "Don't even hint at intercourse. That's not allowed. We don't want" - she paused to fit all of Alan's cockhead into her mouth and then let it go - "to" - she did it again - "be" - and again - "cock" - she spent a long time licking and sucking it before coming up for air - "teases." She giggled, then went all-out on his erection with her mouth and free hand.

By this time Susan had managed to get Alan's balls hanging out through his fly, so she spent some time kissing and sucking them too. Her hands, tongue, and lips were never idle.

Katherine had time to think, so now she switched back to sweetness and light as she resumed kissing Alan all over. She figured she could at least have her brother's upper body to play with for a while, since her mother was so preoccupied down below. Katherine ran her hands all over his chest. "That's okay. I'll make do. The important thing is that you love me, Brother."

"I do."

A lot more necking and sucking followed. Both women shed most of their clothing, even though Alan barely managed to remove just his suit-coat. Even his tie remained hanging loosely around his neck, because his hands were too busy exploring his sister's shapely naked body to waste time undressing.

Finally, between French kisses, he had a chance to say, "As much as I'm enjoying this, can we take a time out? My dick needs a break if I'm gonna last much longer. Not only that, but I was really looking forward to a fantasy version of my date."

The two horny women pulled off. Somehow they'd managed to put their flower bouquets on a table, but now it seemed as if they were rediscovering them all over again. It took another minute or two of them French kissing him and fondling his cock before they let him go.


Alan was left alone briefly, with his erection flagging a little, when the other two scurried off to find vases for their flowers. He just stood there thinking unsexy thoughts, in a desperate and largely futile effort to get his hard-on to go down. Shit, man! Mom's blowing me while Sis is kissing me! They're each so sexy and so much fun to mess around with one on one, but together? I think I'm gonna die of sheer joy! God... DAMN! This is a major breakthrough. Mom's so psyched, she's forgetting her rules about threesomes! Wow!

Now if I could just get her to actually suck my cock while Sis works on it too. We're so close...

Susan, naked, with what looks like a hand towel around her waist

Susan was the first to come back to Alan, who was still standing near the front door. She was again pretending to be Christine. "Oh Alan! Sorry for keeping you waiting. I just want to say thank you so much for the flowers."

"Um, you're welcome." He was having a hard time switching gears. He was busy trying to register that she was wearing nothing but a small pink towel around her midsection, which didn't manage to cover either her pussy or her huge melons.

She looked distraught. "I must apologize for my appearance. You see, after you knocked that water all over us, we went to change but it turns out that all our clothes were already in the wash. Even the towels were all wet. This is the only towel I could find."

"I spilled water over you?"

Susan came right up to him and whispered huskily, "I'm hoping you will spill some warm white liquid all over the back of my throat. Er, I mean, that's what I'd say if I was some kind of shameless hussy! Like if I was a really horny big-titted centerfold mommy who had just been given some flowers by her hunky son and needed a big load of his spermy love!"

She realized that she was getting too carried away, so she added in a more matter-of-fact voice, "But for now, just roll with the punches about the towel. We'll work it out."

He was amused that he was being told by Susan to roll with the punches when she was the one who was always getting off track with her role-play. But he just smiled and said, "Right. Sure. The water. Since I'm rolling with the punches, I'm not even gonna ask why you're only using the towel to cover the area between your breasts and pussy."

She dropped her head submissively and answered his question honestly, even though he hadn't really asked. "It wasn't my idea. Angel, er, my younger sister made me do it."

"Wow. I should thank her. Christine, I've been dreaming of seeing you naked like this for years."

While Katherine might have technically "forced" her mother to dress like that, the truth was that Susan hadn't needed much coercion, since she'd been so overwhelmed by his thoughtfulness in bringing her flowers. Seeing what a great reaction she was getting, she turned around and wiggled her bare ass.

"Look all you want! I'm afraid the towel doesn't cover much of my ass either." She spread her legs a bit to give him a glimpse of her pussy.

Damn, I wanna fuck that hole! Mom is such a fuckin' tease. She'd better get her lips back on my dick muy pronto! I might just start cumming into the air, with no contact at all! But all he said was, "Um, but that's kind of a problem, isn't it? How are we going to go eat at The Avalon?"

"Ah. Well, my sister and I were just discussing that. We were thinking we could eat here. We're both good cooks."

"Okay, that works. Speaking of your sister, how did she fare with the water-spilling crisis?"

"I thought you'd never ask." Susan whistled towards the stairs. "Sister!"

Katherine was waiting for her cue and began walking down the stairs.

Alan looked her way and started laughing uproariously. He was so amused because the only thing she wore was a black skirt, but she had it way up around her stomach. It was so short and so high on her that he could even see her belly button peeking out beneath it.

Susan, also very mirthful about the outfit, said, "As you can see, she didn't have much left to wear either."

Katherine had been looking down into the living room from the top of the stairs. She put on a show of extreme distress about her nakedness that seemed just as heartfelt as the one Susan had managed just a few minutes earlier.

Katherine with a ruffled short skirt high on her waist, completely showing her pussy

Katherine made a deliberately ineffective effort to cover her breasts with her hands as she said, "Alan, I'm so embarrassed. You hardly know me, but now you must think I'm a common slut. Ever since you spilled your seed all over me-"

"Water," he corrected, grinning.

"Whatever. Anyway, with the way I'm shaved totally clean down below, you can see everything! You can even see my moist pussy, and there's nothing I can do about it!"

Alan was so aroused that he was ready to scream for someone to give him some oral or manual relief right away. But being a good sport, he tried to play along. "Well, at least I can't see anything on the inside."

"No," she conceded, "not at the moment, but all I'd have to do is this" - she spread her legs a bit while pulling her slit apart with her fingers - "and then you could see EVERYTHING! You'd better not spill any more of your seed on me when I'm like this, or you could make me have your baby!"

He gulped. It was great fun, but it was also so arousing that his erection actually began to hurt.

Susan chided, "Angel, er, Sister, what did I say about teasing Tiger about vaginas?"

Katherine protested while keeping her nether lips pried apart, "But it's just a scientific fact, Christine! About the only way he would be guaranteed not to see the inside was if there was some kind of big log-like object filling it up and blocking the view." She giggled at her naughtiness before readjusting her stance.

After she had spread her legs even wider, she pried her nether lips open a second time. "Even worse, if a boy in this room, like, say, Alan there, decided to have his way with me and fucked me hard and long, when he was all done my pussy would probably be all red and abused and puffy. It might even stay gaping open like this without any help from my fingers. Then everyone would be able to clearly see all his baby-making semen pouring out. Gosh, that would be embarrassing, even if it was a lot of fun."

Susan was amused, not to mention aroused, but she still felt it necessary to play the bad cop. "What did I just say about tormenting our date with our tight little pussies? Don't make me warn you again." She turned to him and asked, "Why don't you come in for a bit? Don't be a stranger."

Alan had been standing just inside the front door the whole time, but now he walked into the living room and sat down. He let Katherine and Susan lead him into the room, so he would be behind them where he could admire their bare asses as they walked. Both of them actually ran their hands sensuously all over their asses as they moved. They even stroked their hands down their legs, drawing his attention down to their high heels.

Even though Christine didn't really have a younger sister (to the best of his knowledge), and of course there was no chance in hell that she would start a date in the buff, especially if her parents were home, he was having a great time just the same.

Apparently the talk about cooking dinner was just a pretense, because Susan sat down on the floor in front of Alan (very nearly in blowjob position) and Katherine sat back on a nearby sofa to watch some more. Katherine would have loved to be more involved but felt she had better not, due to her being grounded.

Susan, getting even more into her Christine role, said, "Alan, I really have to apologize. I can't get over how much I regret turning down your offer for a date a few weeks ago."

Alan was thinking back to his date earlier in the evening. As Yogi Berra said, "It's déjà vu all over again." The real Christine said nearly the same thing just hours ago.

But then Susan said, "I've come to realize that you're a man with great needs. Sexual needs. And despite my intellect, I also have some pretty big balloons." She giggled, but then grew serious and turned to Katherine. She asked her, "Should I do it?"

Katherine scrunched her face up in frustration. "Mom, I told you exactly what to say. What's the problem?"

"Well, just thinking about it, it IS a violation of the boundaries I set..."

He had no idea what they were talking about, but he listened closely. Her boundary violations were always exciting.

Katherine argued, "You make the boundaries, so you can change them anytime, and we all know that you often do. You ARE in agreement that good mommies need to keep their son's dicks well drained, aren't you?"

"Yes, of course, but-"

Katherine pressed, "And you do agree that good mommies belong on their knees with their mouths completely full of cock?"

Susan was reluctant. "Well, I don't know. That sounds kind of demeaning. It sounds terribly tempting, but... For one thing, do we have to use that vulgar 'C' word?"

The horny daughter kept pressing. "Oh, come on, Mom. Don't get cold feet now. If your mouth is there to get him off, then why aren't your tits there for the same purpose? Just do what you agreed to do."

Susan was wavering, but Katherine stared her down so intently that she finally caved in completely.

Susan turned back to Alan and said, "I have no idea how to make up for all the pain I've caused you. I know you were deeply depressed for a whole week and I hear that greatly upset your mother and the rest of your family. But I was thinking that if I offer my tits for you to use for your satisfaction any time you like, that might begin to even the score. And the rest of my body is yours to use as well. Just remember that I'm a virgin. I'm completely at the mercy of your oversize cock, so I beg you to go slow when you go all the way." Her words started off tentatively, but she became more convincing (and self-convinced) as she talked.

He was wildly aroused by her words, but thought, What a hypocrite. She was just chiding Sis for vagina teasing, like, a minute ago! My God, my dick is about to explode like a rocket and fly to the moon! I'm too fuckin' HOT; I'm gonna burn up! Fuck MOM? Hell yeah!

Susan continued, "And in case that isn't enough, my sister is offering herself completely as well. I didn't really think it was necessary, but she insisted." She looked over at Katherine and frowned. "It looks like you'll be making us get VERY naughty tonight. Both of us!"

Katherine smiled a bit sheepishly. But then her eyes lit up when she realized that Susan was still wearing her towel. She frowned and nodded at the towel.

He was panting hard. He realized that he had to keep in mind that, since his mother was calling herself a virgin, that meant she was talking in fantasy terms, so he really wasn't likely to get lucky and fuck one of them that night.

Susan let her useless towel "accidentally" fall to the ground. She loved the role-play. Having her daughter "force" her to get naughty with her son was driving her to the brink of a great orgasm.

He chuckled and thought, Well, Christine didn't exactly say any of THAT part, but then again this is fantasy role-play. I can't really complain- Oh! Damn!


His thoughts were interrupted because Susan was pressing forward and wrapping her big breasts around his erection.

He was so surprised that he stood up. "What? Whoa, Mom!"

She quickly knelt to place herself in a better position, then enveloped his erection again so that she could lick the tip of his cockhead while giving a titfuck, and that's exactly what she proceeded to do.

Susan giving Alan a titfuck while licking his cockhead

He stepped out of the role-play and said, "Mom! You were talking about breaking the boundaries. But we've done this before. So, uh, what exactly is the boundary violation here?" His brain was slow in catching up to the fact that Susan and Katherine were talking publicly about titfucking.

His unintended incredulity caused Susan to have new doubts about what she was planning. She froze in place, uncertain about what to do. "I know. What I was thinking... or more accurately talked into... It's probably a bad idea... Maybe we should stop and just have a nice cocksucking?"

Katherine came quickly to the rescue. "Mom, what are you talking about? Tonight's a very special occasion. I know that. Brother touched both of us with his gifts. Don't you think an extra special boy like that deserves extra special cums? Don't you think he should explode his hot cum all over your face?"

Susan's tits weren't moving, but the smell of cum so close to her nose was too much for her, triggering her tongue to snake out and lick the tip of his dick. "Well, yes, of course, but the boundaries..."

Katherine pressed on, "Fuck the boundaries! This is a special occasion!"

"That's so true," Susan conceded, as she licked around his piss hole. "But look. He's put his hands on my boobs. If he keeps that up, there's no telling what I'll agree to."

Sure enough, he was playing with her nipples. He'd come to realize that her nipples were extremely sensitive, and he'd hoped to get her so horny that she'd ignore all her concerns.

Katherine replied, "He's just steadying himself. You don't want him to fall over, do you? Besides, you ARE playing Christine in a role-play. And even though she's a frigid bitch, she's still going to be a slut for Alan's cock, just like all the rest of us. So if you're trying to be Christine, you need to make a fuck tunnel out of your tits. NOW, Mom."

Susan was so far gone that she'd forgotten that Christine was not a confirmed "slut for Alan's cock," and in fact had turned him down for a date not that long before. Susan started sliding her giant boobs all over his erection. She purred, "How does that feel, Son? Remember that I'm Christine, not Mommy. You're not allowed to do this with Mommy."

"Wow. Thanks, uh, Christine." He didn't understand what was such a boundary violation, since he'd fucked Susan's tits before and they'd both loved it. But he decided it was best not to ask too many questions. He seized on the chance to get the role-play back on track once again, even though it seemed to be a losing battle. He was also happy to say anything she liked if it served to keep his dick lodged in her moving cleavage.

Susan had already lubed her chest with some kind of oil while she was changing her clothes, since she'd expected to end up like this. So his erection slid around with magnificent ease between her two large, pale orbs. She lifted one tit up and then the other in a repeating pattern, knowing how much he liked that.

As Alan hit a good stroking rhythm, she thought, Tiger's cock and my tits - they're a match made in heaven! Angel is so right: why should I fight this? My tits are so sensitive all over that this might even feel better than real fucking. Hard to know for sure though, since I've never been truly fucked by a REAL man like my son. But since I can never allow my sweet Tiger to fuck me like that, I'm gonna have to settle for this. Son, fuck my tit-cunt! You're gonna be doing it every day from now on, if I have any say in the matter! Hee-hee!

He was enjoying the feeling of the titfuck experience so much, not to mention the sight of it, that he didn't speak for a while. He concentrated on his breathing while trying not to cum. He'd been so primed after three hours of blue balls with Christine that he was surprised that he could still hold off his impending orgasm.

After a minute or two, his mother said to him in a soothing tone, "Yes, this really is Christine here. Alan, why don't you close your eyes? That way, I really can become Christine. Imagine that your date took a different turn and this is how it ended up. That she's seen the light and surrendered to the power of your unstoppable cock! Just like your mommy has. Just like your sister has. Just like Suzanne has. Just like those other girls at school have. You're ending the date by filling her up and covering her everywhere with your powerful sperm, starting with her tits! Think about that for a while."

He thought that was a great idea, so he closed his eyes. In his mind he explored all kinds of wonderful fantasies. After a minute or two, he began to feel that he really was titfucking Christine.

Katherine was annoyed. As usual, I'm left out. I swear, my "punishment" is just an excuse for Mom to have Brother all to herself! I don't think she's doing that consciously, because she doesn't have a mean bone in her body; she's just a little crazy and jealous with cock lust. But the result for me is the same. When is she going to give me MY turn?!

She sighed. Well, at least I get to get fucked for real, so there! ... As long as I'm just sitting here, I might as well play D.J. for a little while. She went to the stereo and put on "Fever" by Peggy Lee. The jazzy tune captured the sexy yet lazy and mellow mood perfectly. Susan was going easy on Alan at that moment, in the hope she could prolong their joy.

Katherine liked the song so much that she played it a second time. She closed her eyes and mouthed the words as she fingered her clit:

Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever that's so hard to bear

She added to herself, That's so true! I'm totally in love with my brother. She opened her eyes. But, as usual, I can only watch. Well, watch and masturbate. That's not so bad, given that Mom looks so hot!

A kneeling Susan titfucking a standing Alan, who is dressed in long-sleeve shirt, slacks and tie

Susan also drifted into a blissful reverie, grooving to the song. I love how Tiger looks so sharp and handsome dressed up in a tie and everything. It's like he's a powerful businessman come home from work to me, his wife! "Honey, I'm home!" Hee-hee! And here I am performing my nightly wifely duties, giving him his 'welcome home' titfuck. I could greet him at the door on my knees, dressed in just a see-through nightie and heels. Or nothing at all! Well, except for the heels, of course. I'd have his fly unzipped and that big log down my throat before he even stepped all the way through the door!

At least that's how I'd behave if I had a potent, virile man like my son for my husband. Then we'd have dinner and lie around the fire, fucking and sucking all through the night. And if I were really his wife, he'd be able to fuck my pussy! All the time, too! God, that makes me SO HOT! Oh, yes... Oooh! Ah! ... He just made me cream again. Thank you, hubby, hee-hee!

When Susan had recovered from her orgasm, she spoke again with an almost hypnotic soothing tone to her voice. "Christine here. I'm in love with you. I'm so sorry for turning you down. All I can think about is becoming your girlfriend. Well, at least one of them. A sexy man like you needs a bunch at once! I had my chance to be your only one, but I lost it."

She looked over at Katherine to see if she was saying and doing the right things.

Katherine was a bit startled and tried to act like she wasn't masturbating. She gave Susan a big thumbs-up and motioned for her to continue.

Susan spoke to Alan's erection as she said, "Now one of my punishments for being so mean is that I'll have to share you with my sexy younger sister Katherine and so many other busty girls. You may have sex with two or more of us at once and want me to have sex with other girls. I'll do even that, because I love you so much and because I can't say no to your cock!"

She paused her thrusting for a bit so she could lick his dick and show just how much she loved it. Then the thrusting continued, but she kept trying to lick his cock-head whenever it came within reach of her tongue.

Kat and Christine kissing with dueling tongues

Alan was happy just drifting along in an orgasmic nirvana. He hoped that Susan really meant every word (except for calling Katherine a sister and not a daughter) but suspected that she didn't. When he pictured the real Christine kissing Katherine his arousal went up yet another notch. But then he heard a smooching sound, so he opened his eyes to find out what it was.

He was amazed to see his fantasy made real: Katherine really was sitting next to Susan on the floor, and they were each kissing the other's face (but not on the lips, which would have been crossing the line into unacceptable behavior for Susan).

Susan saw out of the corner of her eye that he was watching, so she pulled away from the kiss and said, "You see? I want you so much that you even make me act like a lesbian, just to get you hot. I don't want to be a virgin anymore."

Then she bent her neck forward to resume licking the tip of his dick each time it passed close enough. "Tonight, after you've creamed all over my face and chest a few times, I want you to make me a woman. Then I want you to make Katherine a woman. I want your cock to live in our cunts! We want to be your favorites. We want to be the cunts you think of first, ahead of all your other cunts!"

He was floored at Susan's creative imagination and her crude language. It was as if she had become an entirely new person. He looked over to Katherine.

She was nodding in agreement with Susan's words. Seeing that Susan couldn't see her face but that Alan could, she mouthed the words, "Number one fuck toy."

All of the naughty language, plus the great titfuck, was simply too much for him to take. He shouted, "Uh-oh! I'm losing it! Losing it!"

Susan said, "Angel, this one's for you! Take his cum!"

Alan's dick continued to slide though Susan's cleavage, but Katherine bent down over her mother's chest and took the top of Alan's erection into her mouth.

"Ahhh..." He relaxed and let the semen fly. It felt great to just let go, like taking a long piss after holding the urge in for hours.

Katherine bobbed up and down on it urgently, making the most of her opportunity as his boner spasmed and fired more and more cum into her mouth.

He fell back onto the sofa with a great big grin on his face. He surveyed the room as he recovered.

Katherine was as happy as a clam, enjoying a mouthful of cum. She felt she'd made out pretty well, considering that she was grounded and not supposed to touch Alan's dick. She also liked getting her mother to bend the rules and follow her orders. Susan wouldn't agree to just anything at any time, but she was remarkably pliant when Katherine "forced" her to play with Alan's erection.

Susan got only the few drops of cum that landed on her breasts, but she didn't seem to mind. She was still blissed out over everything, especially his gesture of buying her flowers. She thought, Okay, I went a little overboard. Again. I broke the boundaries that I'd set. Again. Tomorrow I'll probably rue my lack of self-control. Again.

But this shows that Tiger really loves me, not just as a mother but as a woman! How could I resist? When was the last time I got flowers from my husband? Years and years ago. I feel so alive and appreciated and LOVED!

Alan thought, Dang! I really need to buy flowers more often! No joke. I've heard that women like flowers, but this reaction was just out-of-control crazy great. Maybe it's just a reflection of how strong our love is. I have a feeling that if I went and picked a dandelion from the front yard, both of them would still be over the moon. I don't know if I really deserve that kind of love, but clearly we've become a passionate family.

Ah well. My "non-romantic date" with Christine wasn't at all what I expected but it was still great, and the role-play afterwards wasn't what I expected but was also really great. Mom just gets too excitable to stick to a role-play, unless maybe it's one that involves a lot of cocksucking. Not that I mind too much! Add the trip to the nude beach - especially what almost happened in the water with Aunt Suzy - and add the real Christine date to that and it's been yet another fantastic day in paradise. One of my best days ever!

Susan was sitting next to Katherine, running a hand tenderly through her daughter's hair. "I'm sorry, Angel. I'm sorry I was such a cock hog."

"Cock hog? Where did that come from?"

"I don't know. It just kind of came to me. I feel like a greedy little cock hog, fat and pink and honking 'oink, oink, oink.' I don't like it! I know you're being punished and all, but it occurred to me near the end there that it must have been frustrating, sitting nearby and only being able to watch."

"Yeah, it was," Katherine admitted. "But you made up for it by letting me finish him off. Thanks! You want some?" She opened her mouth, showing off a tongue full of cum.

"What? How would I...? Angel, no! I can't kiss you, not even for his yummy sperm. That would be wrong, not to mention terribly improper." She looked back up at her son. "Do you think you'll be able to get erect again? Right now, maybe?"

"Definitely not. I'm only human."

"Oh, poo! Sorry, Angel."

He asked, "Why did you say sorry to her?"

Susan explained, "Well, I promised her that she'd get a turn at titfucking you too, since this was such a special occasion, with you giving both of us flowers and all. But I got carried away, and now it's too late."

Katherine sighed. "Story of my life."

"That's why I let her take your load." Susan suggested to her, "Why don't you at least go finish him off?"

Katherine looked to where Alan was slumped down in his seat. She quipped, "He looks pretty finished off to me."

Susan explained, "I'm talking about his penis. You can't just finish up like that. If you're serious about serving his cock - and I don't just mean servicing, I mean serving, like a serf or slave serves her lord - then you can't leave his penis all messy like that."

"No?" She was playing dumb on purpose, since it turned her on to hear Susan explain.

"You lick it clean, completely clean! I usually spend a good five to ten minutes licking it clean, especially his balls."

Katherine moved into position, but asked, "Why his balls? They don't even look wet. I'll actually get them more wet and messy if I lick them now."

Susan was frustrated, because she didn't want to have to explain such things right in front of Alan. She drew closer to Katherine and spoke quietly, but he could still hear her. "Because it makes him feel good, that's why! It's a necessary part of giving him not just any old blowjob or titfuck, but top-notch service. Plus, it's not just about getting him clean, but showing proper respect, and giving thanks. It makes clear just who's in charge around here."

She dropped her voice even lower. "And, if you're lucky and you do it long enough, he just might get hard again, and then you can start all over again with a new erection!"

"Ah, so that's it." Katherine commenced licking.

But Alan really was overcome with exhaustion. Only after cumming did he realize just how late it had become, and remember that he still had to go to school the next morning. He had a hard time even staying awake for Katherine's cleaning job.

He staggered off to bed after a few goodnight kisses and fell right to sleep. He never did have a chance to discuss Katherine's "issues" about his going out with Christine; he figured he could deal with that problem after he awoke.

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