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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Good Morning, Good Morning
Day 57: Monday, November 11

(MF, inc, slow, reluc, voy, rom)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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As Alan woke up the next morning, he lay in bed with his eyes closed, just thinking. Ugh. Monday. Another week of school. Not like I can complain though. Yesterday was like a dream come true. I can't even begin to count the highlights. Man! The date with Christine and everything after I came home was pretty cool, but probably the best news of all was how close I came to fucking Aunt Suzy in the ocean. Christ, my dick actually went in her a few inches! Schwing!

That memory gave him an instant erection. Too bad I didn't get a chance to be with her alone later on. I'm dying to hear what she has to say about what we did. I'm even more curious to see how far she's willing to go now. If she was willing to do that much, why stop there? Gaawwwd! If I could fuck Aunt Suzy every day, that would be beyond the beyond! Wow! Plus, it would make not being able to fuck Mom yet a lot more bearable. 'Cos even though Mom is really getting into cocksucking, she seems pretty damn firm on the 'no fucking' rule.

Yep. Yesterday was a total dream. But then so was the day before. Dang! Every single day, it's like I'm a little kid on Christmas morning. Seriously! Heaven can only be a comedown from this.

And now I've gotta slog through seven hours of school to get to the good stuff back home. But come on; even that's not that bad. Especially with Glory there. She's so great: that talented tongue, the Surfer Girl, queen of the deep throats! I'm so fucking blessed all around! I just know today is going to be another mind-blowing day. I can't even wait to see how Mom and Sis are dressed for breakfast. I've got so much to look forward to!

Those thoughts led him to hop out of bed, instead of dragging himself out as he usually did. Once he was standing, he turned to his alarm. He sometimes woke up a few minutes before it went off and he assumed that's what had happened that day, so he was going to turn it off. However, he did a double take as he looked and saw that the clock said that it was already after eight.

Eight?! What the fuck?! Hell, it's nearly eight-thirty! School's already started! Oh no, what a disaster! Why didn't Mom wake me?!

He immediately threw on some clothes and rushed downstairs. But he heard Susan and Katherine talking in the kitchen / dining room area, and that gave him pause. He stopped before coming into view, instead just listening from the living room. After a few moments, he realized that the two of them were having a normal conversation, like any other morning. There was no sign that anything was wrong.

He thought, What's going on?! And what the hell is Sis doing home too?! This doesn't make any sense! I must be missing something. I don't want to go in there and expose myself as a total idiot. I need to figure out what's going on first.

He went back upstairs and checked his calendar. He discovered that it was Veterans Day, which meant it was a school holiday. Whoa! Good thing I didn't wander into the kitchen and ask why nobody woke me up for school. Sis would have never stopped giving me a hard time about it. Phew!

But, beyond that, what does this mean?! Man, I have a whole extra day of no school! How cool is that?! And with my sexual good fortune lately... phew! I'm going to have such a great day! The possibilities are endless! Wow, what to do first? Well, for starters, I sure as hell won't masturbate. With Mom and Sis downstairs, and no rush to get to school... my god! I'm getting all stiff and horny from just thinking about it!

He took a quick shower, got dressed, and went downstairs for breakfast. He wore a loose jumpsuit instead of his usual shorts, and without any underwear. He figured this would be even more effective in showing off his erection to help get some sexy fun started.

Katherine was sitting at the kitchen counter eating her oatmeal, while Susan was in the kitchen cooking.

Alan could hardly wait for the sexy fun to begin. His dick was already fully erect in his jumpsuit, and his heart was beating fast. However, as he walked through the living room to the dining room, he heard the two of them arguing. He stopped to listen without being seen, just like he did before his shower. Except this time he couldn't help but peek a little bit as well.

Susan was facing away from Katherine (and Alan) as she said, "No! And that's final. I don't know how you got me to do all those naughty things last night, but that was then and this is now. I've had some time to think and clear my head. Things are spinning out of control, and the boundaries are falling completely apart. We need a moratorium. At least for a few days, Tiger will have to make do with masturbation."

"But Mom!" Katherine complained. She was looking at Susan in the kitchen and thus also facing away from Alan. "That's downright cruel. Not to mention sinful. You know what the Bible says about Onan spilling his seed on the ground. Can't you just picture those billions of spermatozoa building-"

Susan put her hands over her ears. "Aaaaah! Please stop. I'm well aware, and it breaks my heart. However, sacrifices have to be made. Maybe Suzanne can help him some. I just need some time to think and clear my head without the sound and smell of cocksucking everywhere. What with today being a holiday and all, if I don't do that, the temptation will be never-ending."

"But Mom! The Bible doesn't say there's anything wrong about Onan spilling his seed all over a woman. Even a sexy big-titted woman such as yourself. ESPECIALLY a sexy big-titted woman such as yourself. Don't you think your tits look good with all that shining cum on them, just like glaze on a donut?"

Susan looked a little spaced-out and giddy as she thought about that. "Maybe," she conceded.

"Maybe?!" Katherine was incredulous.

Susan couldn't help but briefly grin. "Okay, so they do."

"And doesn't his sweet cum taste even better than a donut?"

Susan fidgeted and frowned as she licked her lips with great longing. "You know it does! But that's not the point." She was unhappy that she was starting to feel a strong tingling sensation in her pussy and her nipples.

Katherine drove on, "And it especially doesn't say there's anything wrong with you stretching your lips around his cock, so wide that you can barely fit it all in, and twirling your tongue all over it until it gives up its creamy seed. And tell me where in the Bible it specifically prohibits you from bobbing madly all over his powerful, thick cock, over and over and over. It doesn't! As Aunt Suzy has pointed out, that's not incest; that's just motherly love!"

Susan sighed and clutched her hands over her ample chest, while still facing away. "I know, that's so true. But watch your language. I will not allow the 'C' word in this house."

Katherine blew on past Susan's half-hearted protest as if she hadn't heard it. "You know why that is? Because God isn't cruel. He knows that certain well hung and extremely virile boys just have to cum six times a day - or more - and having all that sperm spill on the ground and get wasted is just wrong. Especially when he has a big-titted mommy and a fuck-toy sister ready and willing to guzzle down his sweet seed!"

"Angel, now you listen to me. It may be true that..." Her voice trailed off as she heard someone approaching.

Alan walked into view. "Hi Mom. Hi Sis. What's up?"

Susan in a see-through nightie

Although he had been peeking, he hadn't gotten a good glimpse of Susan yet, since she'd been facing away the whole time. But now she turned around to look at him.

She was wearing a sexy pale blue nightie. She'd always limited what she did sexually when Katherine was nearby, but after the events of the weekend, that constraint appeared to have gone right out the window. However, the nightgown was still a big surprise for Alan, given the verbal protesting that he'd overheard.

Furthermore, it wasn't just any sexy nightie; it was one that he could practically see through. It was almost as if she were naked, except that somehow it was even more alluring. She'd told herself that since she couldn't aid him physically with his orgasms that morning, she'd have to make up for it by providing him with better visual stimulation.

Eventually, after a very long gaze at her lightly bouncing tits, he managed to look far down enough to notice that she was wearing bright red high heels as well. Hot damn! She's complaining about needing to take a break today, but her nightie and heels give the truth away! Wow!

Given what Susan was wearing, Alan was surprised that Katherine was dressed in ordinary "hanging around the house" clothes and bare feet, so she wasn't such a tantalizing sight. (Katherine's thinking was she wanted to put Susan at ease with her presence enough for Susan to get sexual with Alan. Her own clothes could come off later.)

Susan greeted him with a happy "Good morning, Tiger," and a kiss on the cheek. But that was all. She went back to work in the kitchen, as usual. The conversation he'd walked in on simply ceased, and there was an awkward silence. She'd noticed his erection throbbing in his jumpsuit right away, and that made her feel reluctant and almost afraid (as well as increasingly aroused).

However, Alan wasn't deterred. Thanks to Susan's nightie and heels, plus the conversation he'd overheard, he'd decided to push the envelope. When Katherine smiled at him and said, "Hey, sleepyhead finally awakes," he turned his attention to her. He French-kissed his sexy sister a little bit while rubbing his hand over her pussy, since that was now her approved 'attention getting' signal. But he only rubbed her through her clothes; he didn't try to get inside them.

He chose to sit at the counter that divided the kitchen from the dining room, which gave him a good view of his mother's body through her semi-transparent nightie. He considered how to get her to change her mind before she could bring up her latest change of heart.

He came up with an idea, and said, "Mom, you know what? You're always serving Sis and me; this morning I'd like to serve you for a change. Why don't you just sit down and I'll get you a big glass of orange juice. Sis can look after the kitchen for a little while."

Susan smiled, and lowered her guard a little bit. "Why, thank you, Tiger. What a thoughtful gesture."

Katherine looked at her brother quizzically, but she did as he suggested. She assumed, correctly, that there must be a method to his madness.

Alan got the glass of orange juice and brought it to Susan where she now sat at the dining room table.

"Thanks!" she said as she took a sip. "What a nice son."

Height was essential to Alan's plan. He made sure to stand right next to where Susan was sitting. That put his erection just inches from her face. He was wearing a loose jumpsuit to help hide his erection, but now it came in handy to expose it. He kept both hands in his pockets and surreptitiously pulled the fabric away from his crotch, causing the entire outline of his erection to stand out against the suddenly tight fabric.

Susan was too shocked by what she was seeing to think; she just mumbled, "Oh my!" She unconsciously licked her lips and drew her head closer. Her heart immediately began pounding hard, and her pussy and nipples tingled even more than before.

Alan presenting Susan with the tantalizing outline of his turgid member pressing against his pants

He stepped forward, bringing the outline of his erection to within two inches of her nose. "By the way, Mom, I wanted to thank you for last night. You're such a cool Mom. The way you sucked me off and then let me titfuck you... well, it just made me realize all over again how much I love you."

Susan was speechless. She fumbled to remember whatever it was that she'd planned to say to him, something about reestablishing boundaries. "Well... I..."

Katherine began to see what Alan was doing, and she fully approved. Susan had some shakshuka (a Middle Eastern breakfast made up of diced tomato and cucumber, egg and spices) simmering in a pan on the stove. Katherine turned the heat to its lowest setting, then went back to the dining room.

Standing next to Alan, she said, "Yeah, Mom. I totally agree. That was rad. I mean, it's sad how few mothers realize the importance of sucking off their sons' powerful, demanding cocks every day. Multiple times a day, in fact. But you've seen the light. You've realized that a good mommy knows that her place is naked and on her knees, servicing her son's unstoppable, irresistible, big, fat, tasty cock."

Katherine had recently noticed that Susan really got off on talk about her getting on her knees, so made sure to use that description.

Susan was wavering as she kept staring at his bulge. "It is? ... I mean, it is. Right?" She had to lick her lips some more, and she was constantly salivating. She clutched her chest defensively with both hands, but somehow that quickly turned into furtive tit caressing through her thin nightie.

Alan said, "Gosh, Sis, I get really hot when I hear you talk like that. I hope you don't mind, but I've just gotta take my dick out and give it some air." Even before he finished saying that, he slowly slid his jump suit down to let his erection come into view. Had he done it quickly, it would have slapped Susan in the face; that's how close she was. But instead he guided it with his hand and let it rest against her cheek.

Katherine had a wide grin. "No, I don't mind at all, Big Brother. By the way, how was Mom's goodnight kiss last night?"

Alan started slowly rubbing the whole side of his erection against Susan's cheek.

Clearly, it was driving her insane with desire. NO! This can't be happening! Dear Lord, give me strength!

He replied, "Funny you should ask. Mom is such a great mom, but would you believe she didn't give me a goodnight kiss and tuck-in last night?"

"No!" Katherine exclaimed in exaggerated shock. Then she had to stifle her giggling.

Susan seemed to be in a deep trance, hypnotized by the stiff cock slowly rubbing in circles against her face. But she was listening all the while, and she stirred enough to speak up. "Oh dear! I'm so sorry, Son. I thought that after everything that had happened, you wouldn't be up for it." She remembered him being so weary after all their sexual fun that he could barely walk upstairs to his bedroom before falling asleep.

It was true that he had been way too tired for any more sexual play, but now was not the time to admit it. He lied, "Oh no, Mom. I lay in bed with my stiffy poking straight up, hoping you'd come in and help it go down. I just lay there for a while, feeling so sad. I had all that hot sticky goo to share, but no one to share it with. But I was pretty tired and finally I just fell asleep, still waiting for you, Mom."

Susan moaned with lust and need, "Amazing! Oh! Forgive me, please. I didn't know. My son is so virile! How can I deny him anything? He needs SO MUCH help!" She reached up to his boner and caressed it lightly with the tips of her fingers. She smiled contentedly as she rubbed it against her cheek. "Mmmm!"

She glanced at Katherine, and thought, Darn it! If only Angel weren't here! I'd have this glorious cock in my mouth and I'd be fervently bobbing on it, like a good mommy should! As it is, I don't know how I'm going to resist! Mmmm! Oh God! Mmmm! It's just too delicious! Her free hand fondled her big tits even more blatantly while they heaved up and down in time to her heavy breathing. Even her hips were gyrating, because she couldn't keep still in her seat. She had a strangely compelling desire to slide off her chair and drop to her knees.

Katherine grinned down at Susan while she said to Alan, "How tragic. If that ever happens again and Mom is neglectful of her duties like that, just knock on my door, okay?"

Susan spoke hotly, "It won't happen again! I'm not about to let my poor Tiger suffer like that." Her fingers closed around his shaft, and she gave it a few long, loving strokes. But then she glanced up at Katherine, and that gave her the resolve to withdraw her hand back down. However, that wasn't much better, because that hand immediately joined the other one in fondling her tits through her nightie.

Alan smirked. He could sense his mother's willpower was weakening by the second. He tilted his boner up to her forehead and slowly dragged it across it, leaving a trail of pre-cum along the way. "Thanks, Mom. And thanks, Sis, for the offer. I'm sure I'll take you up on that sometime very soon. Did you both know I even thought about masturbating?"

Just a few minutes earlier, Susan had been suggesting that Alan needed to go back to masturbating, but now she gasped, "Oh no! That's so wrong! Terrible!" She nearly went cross-eyed as she watched his firm cock slide ever-so-slowly alongside her nose.

"I was thinking of you, Mom. You know how much I love your lips." He began rubbing his erection right on her lips, going all the way around her mouth.

Susan's willpower broke completely. She moaned, "Oh God!" She closed her eyes and began flicking her tongue at the cockhead that was so maddeningly close. But occasional tongue-touching wasn't enough for her, so she grabbed his shaft with both hands and fed it into her mouth.

She moaned loudly as his thickness stretched her lips wide. "MMMM!" God help me, but I love it! I love it too much! And hearing about Tiger lying there in bed last night, wishing I'd come in and give him a good cocksucking, oh, it breaks my heart! I'm going to make it up to him right now. I can't help it if Angel is here. In fact, it's only right that I'm humiliated a little bit. That's my punishment for neglecting him so badly.

She began sliding her lips back and forth with tight suction, and using a lot of talented tongue work at the same time. Oh God! Mmmm, YES! Oh, so delicious! Her cheeks turned red as she thought of Katherine staring at her, but her humiliation only heightened her arousal even more. She had both hands on her son's cock and balls, and tried to thoroughly cover them so Katherine couldn't see much. But that didn't stop her from fondling with her talented fingers.

Over Susan's closed eyes, Alan and Katherine silently high-fived each other. They both knew that the more Susan's willpower broke down, the more sexual fun the three of them could share in general.

But Katherine wasn't done. She said, "Boy, Mom, you're really naughty today, aren't you? Brother, before you came in, did you know she was kidding me about not sucking you off for the whole day? You were just kidding about that, right Mom?"

Susan's mouth was completely stuffed with cock, but she managed to moan, "Mmmm. MMMM!" It was halfway between agreement and ecstasy. She realized with a start, Oh Dear Lord! Tiger doesn't have to go to school today! Now that I've lost my resolve, I could spend the entire day naked and kneeling, with a great big cock shoved down my throat! Oh God! That thought was so exciting that she very nearly climaxed, without touching herself at all (since she had both hands on Alan's privates).

Katherine said, "What a relief. However, she's cocksucking while sitting, like a lazybones. Mom, why aren't you on your knees like a good, big-titted mommy should be?"

So Susan got on her knees without ever letting Alan's erection slip from her mouth.

That was so thrilling to her that she came very close to cumming yet again. As her lips slid and her tongue wiggled against her son's shaft, she thought, Dear Lord, please forgive me, but I can't help myself! How can I resist the siren call to drop to my knees?! It's like I belong here, with my son's cock pounding into my mouth! If only I could take my nightie off, but my hands have better things to do. Thank goodness I'm wearing high heels, at least!

While wild electric shocks of pleasure shot from his groin through the rest of his body, Alan thought, Boy, I never realized how domineering Sis could get with Mom sometimes. First last night, now this. This must be a new thing. I wonder how much the pressure from Sis is helping to break Mom's willpower. It looks like we just dodged another bullet. Mom could have been reluctant for days.

He clutched at the sides of Susan's head as another great surge of lust thrilled through his body. Oh man, this feels good! And with Sis watching, no less!

Indeed, Katherine just watched attentively as Susan made love to her son's erection with her tongue and lips. It was such an arousing sight that she wanted to frig herself, but she decided not to push her mother's limits even further.

The three of them continued like that for another couple of minutes until the unmistakable smell of something burning filled the air.

"Oh, poo! God, I was enjoying that." Susan abruptly popped the hard-on out of her mouth and looked to the kitchen with worry. "Angel, didn't you say you were gonna tend to the kitchen?"

"Uh-oh." Katherine had put the heat on low, but that only slowed the cooking. She'd forgotten all about it after that.

Alan groaned to himself, Dang! Why does that always seem to happen? Some distraction right as I'm about to blow. UGH! That was so close!

Susan stood up and sniffed the air. "The breakfast! It's ruined." She rushed out to the kitchen with Alan and Katherine trailing behind her. Alan pulled his jumpsuit pants all the way off. Then he held his erection to keep it from bobbing as he walked.

"It IS ruined," Susan complained. "Now I'm gonna have to start breakfast all over again. And we lost a lot of time. Valuable cocksucking time, I might add." She looked over at her son's hard-on with blatant desire.

Katherine pointed out, "Mom, remember, no school."

"Oh, that's right." She tried not to show it outwardly, but her thoughts were triumphant. More cocksucking time for me!


Katherine and Alan sat down on the high chairs at the counter that looked into the kitchen. They winked at each other, glad that Susan hadn't reverted back to her reluctant ways as soon as Alan's dick was out of her mouth.

She looked back and forth between her children. If only Angel wasn't here. I wish I was clever like Tiger, so I could find a way for us to have some special private time. Special and prolonged private time! I could get completely naked - except for my glasses and high heels of course - and suck and stroke and titfuck him until his balls are well and truly drained empty! After neglecting his suck-in time last night, er, I mean his tuck-in time, it's the least I can do.

Alan's dick was still as erect as ever, and completely exposed.

Katherine looked over, noticed, gave him a questioning look, and began stroking him.

Susan, suspecting something like that was going to happen given how aroused everyone now was, paused in her cooking. She walked around the counter to confirm that the squishy sounds she was hearing were what she suspected they were.

Although Katherine could see that Susan was now watching her, she made no attempt to hide what she was doing. In fact, she stroked him even more blatantly, using both hands.

Susan shook her head with disapproval as she headed back to the stove. "Angel, is this going to be your one time for today? Are you going to use it up so early?"

"I guess not," Katherine replied, bummed.

"Well then, stop playing with your brother's penis and eat your oatmeal. Leave that stiff thing for me." She tried to say this in a stern, motherly tone, as if this was the kind of thing mothers usually said to their children.

Katherine immediately complied with the order and let go, so it wouldn't count against her limited quota. She put her hands on the counter so her mother would see.

Susan quickly prepared a new batch of shakshuka and set it cooking, then said to Katherine, "Now keep an eye on the stove from there, and don't mess up or we're all going to go hungry. Okay?"

Katherine nodded. Still, even though she could guess the answer, she asked, "Sure, but what are you going to be doing?"

"What do you think?" Susan rounded the counter and made a beeline toward Alan's crotch. "Mommy sees that her cum-filled boy has a big, long, thick emergency. Do you need my help, Son?" She teased, "Is there something I can do with my lips?" She presented her heavy, nightie-clad breasts to ensure his answer, hefting them up slightly from below.

He laughed from sheer happiness. "Most definitely!"

She knelt down in front of him, looking approvingly at his crotch. She felt a thrill race down her spine just from the act of getting on her knees. Then she felt another, even stronger thrill from holding her son's stiff pole.

She said a little prayer out loud. "Dear Lord, thank You for giving me such a handsome, well-endowed son. Bless this blowjob, and may it not be interrupted this time" - she shot a quick, dirty look in Katherine's direction - "and may it contribute to his health and well-being. Amen." She appeared very serious about her prayer.

She belatedly realized that Katherine was watching from just one counter stool away and considered telling her not to watch. But then she realized that Katherine had been watching a few minutes earlier, not to mention the night before, and at other times. She sighed as her fingers started to stroke, like they had a mind of their own. Who am I trying to kid? She's going to see me suck him. A lot! If I have my way, I'll be sucking him not just daily... well, hourly is a bit much. But several times a day, I should hope. And not just five minutes or so, here and there. No way! We're talking prolonged suck-fests! Tiger has incredible stamina. It might make me a bad mother, but Angel is just going to have to get used to the sight of her mother kneeling and feasting on son-cock!

Her fingers were slipping and sliding up and down her son's shaft as she continued to think. And I'm going to have to get used to being watched, and quite often. By Angel, Suzanne, and even Amy. Maybe even all three of them at once, sometimes! I'm one of Tiger's personal cocksuckers now. That's an honor and a responsibility, not to mention a never-ending jaw-busting challenge. Being frequently embarrassed, if not downright humiliated, comes with the territory. I have to buck up and rise to the occasion. Tiger deserves nothing less than the best big-titted cocksucking mommy in town!

Having psyched herself up, Susan leaned in and opened her mouth wide.

But before she could swallow his cockhead, Katherine asked, "Mom, don't you think you're overdressed? A good mommy sucks cock topless, at the very least. Everybody knows that."

Susan would have protested that except that she liked the idea too much. As if she wasn't already naked enough, she slipped her nightgown off her shoulders and pulled it down to her waist. Even though she'd just let go of his boner, she thought, Aaaah. That feels good! Refreshing. Bracing! I love to be naked for my son. Especially if I can show him my big, round, bare tits, then all is well with the world. I don't know what I was thinking earlier, imagining I could go the whole day without this.

Then she firmly gripped his throbbing pole. She loved that it was wet with pre-cum, and her fingers started sliding like it was too slippery for them to keep still. She gave her son a devastating "come hither" look. "How's that, Son?" She subtly rolled her shoulders, causing her great globes to bounce and sway.

His eyes widened to an almost comic degree. He gulped and clutched at his chest, as if that could calm his racing heart.

She smirked in delight at his reaction. Then, instead of ravenously swallowing all of his cockhead, as usual, she teased him by simply placing the tip of her tongue on the tip of his erection.

That alone sent shivers through Alan's body like bolts of electricity. He simply could not get over how hot and sexy his mother was looking and acting lately, never mind his sister as well.

Susan, too, couldn't get over her son. Just touching his cockhead with her tongue nearly sent her over the edge. She started just swirling her tongue over his cockhead, but she was too cock-hungry to tease him for long. In less than a minute, all of his cockhead and then some was inside her mouth. He stood there, unmoving. But she made up for that by sucking his boner with a hungry passion, not to mention very powerful suction.

Susan topless, sucking Alan's cock, while Katherine smiles over her shoulder from behind

She felt more boundaries of decorum start to crumble. Being topless is liberating! I feel so free! It's like I'm putting my whole body into it, now. I don't really care if my daughter sits watching only a few feet away, as long as I get more of this cock! I don't mind if she notices the way my big tits are constantly swaying and jiggling. She needs to learn how to be a good sucking sister. In fact, I have to admit that it makes me downright hot that she's here. So hot! She swiveled his stool and moved with him so that she'd be able to occasionally watch Katherine as Katherine watched her.

Not surprisingly, Katherine made no bones about staring very blatantly. In fact, she spent as much time staring at Susan's bouncy chest as at the blowjob. She actually walked all the way around Susan, staring at her from every angle.

That just made Susan's lust for her son burn even stronger. She slid her lips along his shaft with greater vigor, until she was occasionally gagging on his cock as it went a bit too deep. Hearing her own gagging noises drove her absolutely wild, causing her to suck ever harder and faster.

Alan had been doing pretty well holding out in the face of such great stimulation, but he was forced to start clenching his PC muscle. Soon, he was locked in a desperate battle not to cum. The pleasure was simply too intense!

Sensing that Susan's willpower was gone, at least for now, Katherine stripped down until she was topless too. She also felt great relief upon being able to do that. She was tempted to go further, but since Susan still had her nightie bunched up around her waist, she decided to wait.

Alan's PC muscle clenching was helping him endure the lust onslaught much better. But still, he was forced to close his eyes to cut down on the visual stimulation. Then, after another minute or two, he had to hold Susan's head in place to get her to slow down. Once she did, he thought, Aaaah! That's perfect! I swear, I could go like this all day long. And since it's a holiday, maybe I can. Man! The mind boggles!

A couple more minutes passed, and he hadn't heard a peep from Katherine. So he dared to take a quick peek. He regretted that immediately. She was sitting in a spot where she had a great view of the blowjob, but Susan couldn't easily see her. As a result, she'd dared to pull her shorts down, and she was busy fingerfucking herself.

Alan immediately shut his eyes tight and told himself to keep them that way. He was dangerously close to the edge.

After a while, Katherine had a quiet orgasm of her own. Once she recovered, she stood up and said, "Wow, this is so cool that I get to watch to my heart's content. Better than any porn! In fact, we should totally record this. Mom, do you mind if I go get the camera? Or, better yet, the video camera!"

Susan found herself unable to stop her sucking long enough to respond. She tried to bob her head sideways instead of up and down to indicate her rejection of that idea, and she attempted to make some disapproving noises. But she was so aroused that they just came out like her usual lusty "Mmmm!" moans.

Katherine could tell that Susan was embarrassed by the camera idea, but she pretended that she didn't realize that. "Hey, just imagine. We could take some home movies along to the next family reunion in Nebraska." Standing in front of Susan now, Katherine motioned as if she were pushing a videocassette into a VCR. "Folks, this next one is entitled 'Susan Shows Her Special Love for Her Son.'" She giggled. "Boy, Mom, can you picture the looks on your sisters' faces?" She giggled some more.

Susan moaned even louder. "MMMM! MMMM-MMMM!" But somehow the idea drove her wild, even when Katherine added, "Just kidding."

By this point, they all were so aroused that it was impossible for Alan to last much longer. In the end, his hips betrayed him. He'd been standing still for a long time, but he started pumping his hips forward and back some, because he was too horny to stop himself. It wasn't quite enough to be called a face fucking, but it was close enough to excite Susan tremendously, causing her to take her efforts up yet another notch. Between the two of them, they lost all control until he started to shoot his load straight down her throat.

While he blasted his cum out, Susan kept right on sucking and sucking. She was so thrilled when she tasted the sweet cream filling her mouth that she used a hand to play with her nipples until she had a very powerful and excellent orgasm as well. Her entire body actually trembled and shook for nearly a minute!

But that didn't slow her down at all. She kept on sucking with great suction, hoping to give him a climax for the ages. There was so much cum that she simply couldn't swallow it completely. Some of that cum wound up on her face, even dribbling down to her chest. She kept on sucking even after his climax was obviously over. She hoped she could inspire him to stay hard, for another round.

But eventually Alan's penis grew flaccid, causing Susan to finally pull away.

Katherine noticed all the cum that had spilled free, and joked, "Mom, you know what we should call your breasts? Cum catchers!"

"Now, Angel, that's rather improper, although today it's totally true." Susan looked down at her bare, cummy melons and smiled. In her mind, all that cum on her skin was a sign of a job well done. "Cum catchers." I like the sound of that! I'll bet it's another reason God blessed me with these big tits. I can't even begin to understand His ways, but somehow my purpose in this life has something to do with keeping my son's cock well drained. I know that now.

But then she looked back at her daughter and tried to act stern. "Please don't make fun of your old mother."

"I'm not making fun of you, Mom; it's just a joke. I think it's great what you're doing."

Susan didn't have an answer to that. Now that she'd cum down from her erotic high, she felt very embarrassed to have Katherine see her like this. But she still felt a lovely orgasmic afterglow, and she was proud about what she'd done. She wore the "personal cocksucker" label like a badge of pride.

Alan slumped dangerously in his stool. He felt like his bones had turned to Jell-O, now that he'd climaxed.

Susan continued to kneel between his legs. She sat silently and brazenly topless for a few minutes, swiping or licking up the cum that had dribbled down her chin while simply recovering. She wasn't resting so much from the exertion of the cocksucking, but from the Earth-shattering orgasm she'd had at the end.

Then, after sending Katherine to check on cooking breakfast, she got to work cleaning Alan's penis and balls.

As she sucked on one of his balls inside her mouth, she thought, I wish I would have known years ago just how much pleasure a woman can get from giving a real man a blowjob. I thought it was all about pleasing the man, and in a way it is, but this morning's blowjob alone was better for me than any real intercourse I ever had with my husband!

She lovingly kissed up and down Alan's flaccid penis. My son. Aaaaah! What bliss. He's so kind, yet so confident. So manly. If only he were more aggressive - more confident, and just a little less considerate. He thrust his hips a little bit at the end there, but that wasn't nearly enough.

I want him to tell me, "Excuse me, Mommy, but right now I'm going to fuck your face." And then he'd just do it without asking, and I'd LOVE it! I always do. After all, I am one of his top personal cocksuckers. I don't mean to be immodest, but I think I'm getting pretty good at this. It's what I do, and I'm only going to get better and better. He should take full advantage!

She switched to sucking on his other ball sack. Mmmm. I even love doing this, when he's fully flaccid. But he needs to treat me like a virile young son naturally treats his big-titted mommy slut. What if I asked him, "Is there anything else you want with that breakfast?" and he replied, "Yes, Mommy. I want to fuck your buttslut ass." Mmmm! Then he'd roughly throw me down and fuck my dirty hole all over the floor, like he was pushing a vacuum cleaner around. Wow!

More time passed. Knowing that Katherine was taking care of the food, Susan continued to kneel there, licking his flaccid penis and/or balls, occasionally gazing up at him with a nearly feral look in her eyes. She was trying to will him to get hard again right away. Her tongue and jaw were worn out from all her licking and sucking, but she didn't care. She craved more of his cum.

He thought, She's just begging for me to fuck her, with that look. Damn! How can I resist? But then later she'd be so regretful, and she'd never forgive me for taking advantage of her in a moment of weakness.

He sighed quietly, What a drag. I hate how Mom keeps blowing hot and cold. You never know when she's gonna go through another one of her guilty phases. How many times will we have to keep pulling her back from the brink?

Susan rarely thought about intercourse with her son. Lately, Suzanne had started getting her thinking about anal sex some, as Suzanne considered that another barrier to be worn down soon. But mostly Susan just hoped for more cocksucking as an end in itself, since she enjoyed it so much.

Alan's penis stayed flaccid, despite all her efforts. So she finally pulled her nightie back up and returned to the kitchen to take over cooking the shakshuka, as if nothing had happened.


Alan sat up straight in his counter stool so he could watch his sexy mother while he fully recovered from his epic orgasm.

Susan was still feeling very randy, and knowing that Alan's lusty gaze was on her only inflamed her desire even more. She felt obliged to take over the cooking (enabling Katherine to sit at the counter as well), but she tried to work in a highly inspirational manner. For instance, she bent forward over the stove far more than the cooking required. Her display was half that of a suburban mother cooking breakfast and half that of a sex show starring a physically perfect hottie dressed in a see-through nightie.


For many minutes, both Alan and Katherine sat transfixed, watching Susan's fantastic body from a few feet behind her. Mostly, Susan liked to show off her ass, since she did have to cook most of the time. If she wasn't bent over something, she would find some excuse to walk around the kitchen on some task. Often, she was just pretending to have an excuse to walk here or there, just so her giant jugs would sway obscenely for her son.

Not surprisingly, Alan got very aroused mentally, even though his penis wasn't quite up yet. He loved that Katherine was allowed to sit next to him in just her shorts, and that Susan hadn't said anything about her daughter's toplessness. That was a great sign for days to come.

Katherine got extremely hot and bothered from watching Susan too. After a while, she felt an unusually powerful desire to stick her tongue in her own mother's pussy. But she knew that would be a big mistake. It was strange that Susan loved to suck Alan's dick at the drop of a hat, but even a kiss on the lips from Katherine was considered out of bounds, yet that's how it was.

After a while, Alan's energy was restored. His penis remained flaccid, but he was ready for more fun, figuring it wouldn't take that much more visual stimulation to get him fully erect. So he came up with an idea for something new. He went to the nearby stereo in the living room and put on the song "Oh, Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison. Then he went back to his stool and looked expectantly at his mother.

Susan knew the song and really got into it. She especially liked the opening line "Pretty woman, walking down the street," because it gave her an excuse to show off her new strutting skills. Soon, she was more dancing and grooving than even pretending to be cooking.

Alan thought, I'm a glutton for punishment or something. I need to come up with ideas like this when my dick is able to handle it! He'd hoped this would be enough to get his dick stiff, but it only engorged a little bit.

Katherine saw the state of his penis, and asked him, "Big Shampoo Bottle Brother, how are you enjoying the show? I noticed Alan Junior still hasn't rejoined the fun. What's up with that?"

Susan was surprised to hear Katherine refer to his penis as "Alan Junior," since she herself had come up with that term just the previous Saturday night. She wondered if Katherine might have overheard her. But in fact Katherine had come up with the name independently, since it was such a logical thing to nickname Alan's penis.

Although Alan enjoyed watching his mother dancing and grooving in just her sexy nightie, he longed to see her completely naked. He said, "I don't know. I'm loving the show, of course. Mom, I love the way you're learning to move with rhythm and grace. But maybe Alan Junior would love it more if I could see every inch of my mommy's flawless body."

That caused Susan to freeze. Her eyes went wide, and she clutched at her chest defensively. She had delightful visions of cocksucking while naked and on her knees, but she'd calmed down some, and she was self-conscious again about Katherine being there too.

Katherine said, "Yeah, Mom. You know what Confucius says: 'A good mommy is a naked mommy. Not counting high heels, of course.'" She giggled.

Alan joined the joking. "Did Confucius really say that? I missed that somehow."

"That's what you get for sleeping through class."

Susan stood there for some long moments. She thought, A good mommy IS a naked mommy. I can't let Angel's presence bother me so much. Think about all the delicious cocksucking I'll miss out on. Besides, she's one of his personal cocksuckers too. I'll probably be watching her bob and slurp a great deal as well. That's just the way things are around here. It's God's will!

She slowly stripped out of her nightie, making sure to dance her way to the love seat in the dining room so that Alan would have a completely unobstructed view of her. She was blushing and embarrassed, but that didn't stop her. Once the sheer fabric was lying on the floor, she let herself go, letting the rhythm of the music take control of her body.

Susan standing naked and preening, in red high heels before a sofa with her back to the viewer

Katherine gasped in awe at the stunning sight of her nude mother. "Wow! Would you look at that?" she breathed disbelievingly. "Look at that... that... ASS! Just look at it!"

She grabbed Alan by the arm, but couldn't bring herself to tear her eyes away from her mother's backside. "Mom's ass looks good enough to eat! How am I supposed to compete with that?" she complained.

Alan, just as mesmerized by the sight of Susan flaunting herself for him, remembered the importance of always making sure no one felt slighted. So he murmured back to her, without taking his eyes away, "There's no competition here. You're my super sexy sister, and your ass is world-class too." Realizing he was being slightly rude, he looked her way and smiled warmly.

Katherine tightened her grip on his arm before replying hotly, "Yeah, well, let's just say that right now I so totally wish I had a penis for a day, just so I could stick it in Mom's hot ass!"

Alan suddenly felt absurdly giddy as he realized, Hey, I DO have a penis that I could stick in Mom's hot ass! Am I lucky, or what? Heh! Well, at least if she'd ever let me do something that improper to her. And with the way things are going, I've got a very good feeling about that! He was so mesmerized by Susan's luscious butt cheeks that he temporarily forgot about his usual aversion to how "gay" and "disgusting" anal sex seemed.

Susan was shocked to realize that her wanton display was enticing her daughter enough to admit to a desire to do THAT with her as a result of seeing her naked ass. As she grooved in place, she kept her back to her children and enticingly gyrated her hips. No, Angel, your mommy's ass is for your brother to fill, to fuck with his hard cock and his hot cum. It's not for you! You can hold and lick his balls while he fucks his cum into Mommy's ass, where it belongs, and where he belongs, and where I belong!

While still facing away from her children, she suddenly spread her legs widely, and then bent down to touch the floor. Mommy's got a hot ass that needs Tiger's cock and cum. Son, give it to me! Then, driven by the music, she got back up and resumed grooving around.

Alan, in awe of his mother's dancing, but unaware of her turn of thought, tried to joke, "Hey, it's not all that great having a penis. You know what Confucius says about that: 'Man with hand in pocket feels cocky all day.'"

Katherine laughed hard at that. "You silly! That's not even logical!"

"Hey, it made you laugh," he pointed out gleefully.

When the song ended, Susan seemed to wake up, as if from a trance. She sensuously ran her hands over her ass cheeks, imagining those hands belonged to her son. But her bliss was fading, so she finally turned back around and asked her daughter, "How 'bout now?"

Katherine replied glumly while checking out the state of Alan's penis, "No. Still down for the count."

Alan said, "Sorry, Mom. This has nothing to do with how sexy you are. I'm so mentally horny that it's not even funny. But you know there's a refractory period that sometimes just can't be avoided."

The rest of the album happened to be Roy Orbison's more typical sad ballad material, so the dancing ended along with the song.

Susan went back to the kitchen and resumed chatting like she did most school mornings when she was preparing their breakfast. However, Alan and Katherine were too distracted by her still very sexy (and still very naked) movements to talk, so they mostly replied monosyllabically.

Susan repeatedly reminded Alan to drink lots of fruit juice, saying things like, "Drink up. You want to have lots of big, tasty cum loads, don't you?"

It made him feel a little like she thought of him as a cum factory, but if that was her price for all the blowjobs, he didn't mind.

They finally all sat down at the dining room table to eat the rest of their meal. Alan was still naked from the waist down, and eventually his boner began to engorge again. He ate almost without looking at his plate.

Katherine was at a disadvantage in getting his attention. Although she was topless too, Susan sat at the end of the table, adjacent to her son, so he could easily see into her lap. She even kept her chair well away from the table, to help make sure he had a great view.

So Alan gawked at his mother's incredible body, as if he'd never seen it before. He particularly loved the unobstructed view of her pussy, which was still sopping wet from earlier. It was so close that he could have reached out and touched it. But he sensed that was one rule he couldn't break without making her upset.

Out of the blue, Susan asked him, "Tiger, are you okay with this? I'm just thinking that if we're going to get you to at least seven climaxes today we have to start early. Two loads in the morning would be a big help. At least. I'm thinking three might be better." She swirled her tongue all the way around her lips, and winked at him.

He smiled contentedly, like a Cheshire cat. "You know I love it. You're such a great cocksucker, and you cook a great breakfast too!"

"Thanks. You're too kind." She blushed with pride. "Looks like someone enjoyed my dancing, after all." She chuckled as she reached for and grabbed his newly-erect penis. She looked over at Katherine and nearly lost her resolve.

"I sure did," he agreed enthusiastically.

She held his exposed hard-on. Her heart was starting to race again. "Would you like me to suck you some more, you big, cum-filled boy? Will we ever be able to drain this thing of cum, even with all of us combined?" Again, she looked anxiously at her daughter. She felt sinful doing that with Katherine present, but she just couldn't help herself.

He replied, "Thanks, Mom, but that would make it really hard for me to eat breakfast. I can't even think while you do that, much less eat. Why don't you just stroke it a little while I finish my food?"

She flashed a toothy smile. "It would be my pleasure."

He thought, It's so true! She loves it! Does she have any idea how much I love it too?! Talk about a win-win!

Seeing how eager Susan was, he suggested, "You know, they say that even stroking a stiff dick feels better when you're on your knees."

She nodded with a very serious look on her face. Then she silently got on her knees below the table and tenderly stroked his boner. She knew what he wanted at the moment, which was something low key, so she kept the pace light and slow while he continued to eat. Dear Lord, what have I become? He commands it and I do it, no matter how humiliating. Angel, please don't look! But it's true. It DOES feel better on my knees. Drat. If I don't watch out, I'm going to spend all day like this!

That thought gave her a powerful, lusty shiver. She suspected there was a lot of truth to that.

After a minute or two, she started licking his cockhead, since it was right there, only a couple of inches from her mouth. A minute after that she had all of his cockhead and then some in her mouth. I'm so bad! I'm supposed to just stroke. But how can I help myself? Still, I need to pace myself. This is probably going to be a very long, cocksucky day, not to mention a wonderfully titfucky day. Suzanne isn't here, so it's up to me and Angel, and Angel has her punishment, so it's really all up to me. If I play my cards right, I can keep the joy going for a long, long time!

She truly was determined to keep things mellow, at least relatively speaking, so she generally kept her tongue inactive and just slowly slid her lips back and forth over his sweet spot. She absolutely loved doing that.

Alan rode the pleasant wave of a light buzz. Now this is what I call service. An excellent breakfast made even better by some mellow stroking and sucking. What more could a kid want in life?

He suddenly became very frustrated, almost angry. Aside from wanting to FUCK my MOM! Arrgh! Why did that have to pop into my head again? I can't think about that or I'll go crazy. If she's content to just suck my cock till the end of time I think I'll slowly go insane, from not getting to do the ultimate deed. Fuck. I just can't have these thoughts or it becomes ten times worse to bear.

Out of the blue, Susan stopped her slow bobbing long enough to ask, "Angel, could you do me a favor? Could you put that 'Pretty Woman' song back on again? These other songs are nice, but they don't rock; they don't put me in a cocksucky mood."

Katherine got up and dutifully changed the song. However, once again she felt neglected. I think Mom's snapped or something in the past two days. She's normally so afraid to do anything in public, yet now she's jacking and sucking Brother off in front of others without shame. This morning proves it - she couldn't care less that I'm here, as long as she gets that cock. She's even happy I'm here so I can change the CD's. Grrr. I literally can't even remember how she used to be just weeks ago. Now she just seems so eager to please. Too eager!

With the way things are going, he's gonna be fucking her within days, and then my big brother is gonna totally forget all about fucking his little sister! Fuck that shit! I'm not gonna just sit here and take it lying down. So he's into lingerie and I don't have any. Damn again! I can't go to Victoria's Secret and buy the entire store out, like she did the other day. But at least I can put on a robe and hopefully get some attention. You'd think Brother would treat his Number One Fuck Toy just a little bit better. Grrr!


Katherine hurried to her room, slipped out of her shorts, and put on nothing but a bathrobe instead.

When she came back, she stopped by the stereo and put on Nick Lowe's greatest hits. The song "So It Goes" blasted out, immediately upping the energy level.

She walked into the dining room area and saw that Alan was still eating his breakfast at the dining room table, and Susan was still on her knees beneath the table and happily bobbing on his rod.

Susan looked so sexy sucking cock in just her glasses and her red high heels that Katherine practically wanted to scream.

Katherine hodling her robe open

When Alan saw his sister, holding her robe open in front, he raised his hands in the air in astonishment. "Sis, look at this! Just look! Mom is on her knees sucking me off! I know, I know, that's not 'new' news, but still. I've been thinking about it. It's just... I mean, think about what she was like a month ago. You know? It's... just... Wow!" He slumped back in his chair, too overwhelmed from all the pleasure to be very articulate.

Katherine wanted to be annoyed, but she couldn't help but agree. It IS pretty amazing. I need to be joyful for Mom. She's never been this happy before in her entire life, and now she's walking on air every day. Plus, the more sexual she gets with him, the more I could openly do with him too.

Susan thought, That's right: I'm bare naked under the table, acting like a total, shameless slut. And I'm loving it! She reached to her pussy and ran her fingers up and down her wet lips. Squish, squish, squish. She pushed two fingers in her slit. My pussy is so juicy. Always so juicy and wet. I can't wait to tell Suzanne about this later, especially if I can keep him hard and throbbing in my mouth or cleavage most of the morning. She'll be soooo jealous! Every time I cum, it's like I get to cum twice: once while pleasuring my cutie Tiger, and then a second time hours later telling Suzanne about it. Life is so damn good!

She pulled her lips off her son's shaft again, looked up from under the table, and immediately said to her daughter, "Isn't that robe a little bit revealing, Angel?" The "problem" was that Katherine had deliberately left her robe wide open in front.

"Yeah, I guess it is. I was just inspired by your nightgown. Or lack thereof." Katherine giggled.

That last comment was a bit cheeky, but Susan let it slide. She was having too much fun playing with her son's privates. Sensing her son's eyes on her, she knelt very far forward so that her own exposed heavy tits hung nearly to the floor. Then she moved back into position and resumed her licking. She longed to suck, but she sensed she'd probably have to speak some more in the next couple of minutes.

In fact, Susan steeled her resolve, and as she slurped in a circle around Alan's cockhead, she said, "I want you to put on something to at least cover your... you know what. Down below. Please."

Katherine griped, "How can you say that, when you're, well... just look at you!"

Susan thought about her pose and blushed. She even stopped her licking for the moment, although her hand kept on jacking off her son's shaft as if it was on auto-pilot.

Sensing that she had the upper hand, Katherine added, "Look. You say I have this stupid punishment where I can only give him one handjob today. But I want to help out somehow, just the same. It occurred to me that I could help him out with more visual stimulation. We have to keep him hard at all times so there's more cock to suck. Can't you let me do that much?"

Susan grumbled, "Well..." Clearly, she was weakening. She realized that if Katherine helped keep Alan's cock stiff, that would mean more cocky fun for herself. She was too embarrassed to overtly give permission, but she tacitly agreed by not saying any more. She closed her eyes and resumed her cock licking.

Katherine smirked, sensing victory. She turned to Alan. "You don't mind, do you, Bro?"

He had his eyes fixated on Katherine now, especially since he couldn't really see much of his mother under the table. "Mind? Of course not. You look great."

Katherine in a robe gaping open in the front

Addressing Susan again, Katherine said, "As for this being revealing, it all depends on how you wear it. If I keep the sash closed, then the best I can probably do is expose my tits." She did so. "But if I open the sash" - she did so as she said the words - "then he can pretty much see full frontal nudity. Especially if I walk over to him and lean over like this." Again her actions followed her words. "Brother, it's like you can practically reach out and touch my cunt, can't you?"

He started to do so.

But Susan changed her focus from lapping his erection long enough to say, "Hold your horses! Katherine, that's quite enough! Visual stimulation is one thing. I'll grant you that. But no touching forbidden places! Please close your robe and finish your breakfast."

Katherine stood back up, but she defiantly kept her robe wide open in front. "Mom, okay, fine. No touching there. But you're contradicting yourself. You say visual stimulation is okay, and then you say close my robe. May I point out again that even as I'm standing here you're busy slurping on your son's fat cock! And at least I'm wearing a robe. What if Brother decides to lean down and run his hands all over your naked body? Are you really going to stop him?"

It took some long moments before Alan got a clue. He gleefully bent down and ran his hands over as much of Susan's curvaceous body as he could reach. He avoided touching her pussy, but only just barely. He even ran his fingers through her dark brown bush. But, not surprisingly, he mostly focused on her massive boobs. He paid special attention to caressing their undersides, knowing she was extra sensitive there.

Susan was so turned on by this that she quickly went from simply licking his cock to deeply sucking on it. She wasn't able to deep throat him, but she gagged on it a little before she settled down and found a good bobbing rhythm. She thought feverishly, God help me, it's true! I can't stop him! I don't want to stop him! I'm gagging and choking on this cock because it's overwhelming me and defeating me by being so sweet and suckable! MMMM! HRRRNG! God, it's so good! Can't stop! Can't stop! Thank the Lord he's got the impression that he's not allowed to touch my pussy, because I'm so horny right now that I wouldn't even stop him from doing that!

He focused on playing with her nipples for a while, causing her to think, OH NO! Tiger, please, I'm begging you, not the nipples! I told you you're not allowed to play with my tits without permission. Don't you know I love it too much? It makes me helplessly horny! BAD boy! Son, isn't it enough- Mmmm! Isn't it enough that I... MMMM! Son, isn't it enough that you have your own mother shamelessly bobbing on your cock like it's the world's most delicious, largest lollipop?! UNGH!

Her suction increased, along with her groaning. Oh dear! I need to say this out loud to get him to stop, but I can't take his cock out of my mouth to save my life! It's just too thick and delicious! And if he doesn't stop playing with my tits soon, he's gonna make me cum! And I'll need to scream, but I can't, because he's fucking my face!

In fact, there was no way he could fuck her face, since he was still sitting in his chair, albeit scooted all the way up to the edge. But she was so very worked up that it seemed that way to her.

Katherine smirked with glee. She sensed that her mother was far too aroused and distracted to complain about her robe anymore. "So, Mom, I think we're in agreement that it's okay if I keep my robe open if I want. If you're cool with that, show your approval by lustily sucking on his fat knob!"

Susan moaned helplessly. She wasn't about to pull off for anything at this point, especially since her son was still fondling her tits. She just blushed and kept on noisily slurping and sucking, as well as stroking.

Katherine snickered. Knowing that Susan had her eyes closed and wasn't in an appropriate position to see, she lovingly ran her hand over her brother's back, since he was still bent way over. On a playful whim, she added, "Oh, and Mom, if you feel like giving me a hundred bucks later today, indicate that by moaning in an erotic, breathless, 'my mouth is too stuffed with cock to speak clearly' fashion."

Susan couldn't help but moan erotically, any more than she could completely pull off his cock. But she briefly opened her eyes and gave Katherine a sharp look to let her know that she wasn't going to be giving out any money later that day.

Katherine giggled. "Just kidding! Although you do sound super sexy, and you look even sexier. I love seeing his cockhead bulging through your cheek. Are you doing the Cheeky Surprise right now?"

Susan somehow managed to combine an affirmative nod with her continued bobbing motions. She'd given names to her favorite cocksucking moves, and she'd shared those moves with Katherine, discussing them at length, to help her daughter better serve her brother Alan. The "Cheeky Surprise" involved rubbing his cockhead against her inner cheek while at the same time lapping against his sweet spot and bobbing rhythmically.

Katherine was all smiles. "Cool! I've gotta try that one again, judging from the blissed-out look on his face. As far as the touching goes, I was just hinting that he should get my attention at times, if you know what I mean. You did allow him to do that, you know."

She leaned down and briefly nibbled on his earlobe, and then licked that ear for good measure. "Anyway, the important thing is what Big Brother thinks about how I'm dressed. Will it arouse and inspire him? Will it help keep him stiff and throbbing with extreme pleasure for a long time? And, Mom, will it eventually help him drain all of that nasty cum into your mouth?"

Alan finally managed to rouse himself from his euphoric stupor to speak. "I like it! A lot! Thanks for the help and inspiration, Sis. And by the way, Mom, I'm done with breakfast. Thanks again for the food. Not to mention your, uh, very special loving attention. You're really great at that." He stroked his mother's long, straight hair in a way that indicated he was in need of a strategic break.

Susan was tickled pink by the praise. She pulled off to say, "No, thank YOU for your, uh... well, for being such a studly and impressive young man. I'm so very proud of you!" Sensing she might need to talk more, and knowing he wanted a break, she switched temporarily to just licking on and around his sweet spot.

Katherine sat down at the table across from Alan, happy to win at least a small victory in being recognized. She kept her tits uncovered by the robe. But her victory was short-lived.

Susan said between licks, "Angel, we'll talk about this later. I'm a bit busy, as I have to help Tiger out right now. Tiger, I've been holding back, and it's been killing me. Since you're done eating, are you ready for your mother's lips to lick and suck every inch of your manhood some more, without having to go slow or take it easy or any of that bullshit? Pardon my language, but I feel strongly about this!"

He laughed. He was tickled pink at how passionate she'd become about her cocksucking, but he also was amused at how incredible it was that what she'd just done hadn't already been her best. "You mean you've been holding back?! Seriously?! Wow!"

She turned her head in slight embarrassment, causing her to even stop the licking for the moment (but not her sliding fingers). "Well, yes. I didn't want you to cum right in the middle of eating. Plus, the way you've been running your hands all over me is highly distracting."

"Stand up," he said point blank.


"You heard me. Stand up. Oh, and put your hands on your head."

She shivered lustily upon being given a clear command like that. She gave his cockhead a loving "good-bye for now" kiss. Then she quickly stood up and put her hands on her head. She was blushing with embarrassment, but she stood very stiffly and proudly, like a soldier on parade.

He immediately resumed fondling her amazing, voluptuous body. Except this was better than before, because he didn't have to bend down awkwardly to do so. Also, he figured this would help him have a real strategic break, since her "mere" licking was still far too arousing. He asked, "You mean, like this?"

She shivered with arousal, and whispered huskily, "Yes! Just like that!" She thought, I wish there were two of me, so I could get fondled standing like this while sucking him on my knees at the same time. It's like I'm nothing more than his personal plaything. And that's SO HOT!

But then she remembered her occasional rule about breast touching. "Wait a minute. Son, what's the rule about playing with my breasts?"

He knew that he wasn't supposed to touch them without permission. But he kept right on fondling them as he said, "Oh yeah. I need to focus more on the sensitive undersides." He started doing just that, with both hands. "You really love this, don't you?"

She panted and moaned helplessly. "I do! I do!" Oh God, help me! Give me strength! Hrrrng! Too hot! But she tried to gather her wits and put her foot down. "That's not what I meant!"

He still played dumb. "Oh, I know: more nipple play! Aunt Suzy has been giving me some tips on how to improve my breast play technique. How's this?" He caressed and squeezed her breasts with just the right amount of pressure while also stimulating her nipples.

Susan clenched her teeth and gasped for air, because what he was doing felt so fantastic. NO! Please, God, no! He's getting BETTER?! The whole reason I have that rule is because I love his tit-play too much, and it makes me lose all control! I suppose it's useless trying to stop him, even though he's getting ever more dangerous. At least he hasn't sucked on my nipples much. I swear, that would make me completely lose my mind!

Katherine was so inspired by her lusty mother that she couldn't resist reaching out and fondling Susan's nearest leg and ass cheek. "Wow, Mom. You're so firm and fit." She gave that ass cheek a light slap. "Look at that! Those are, like, buns of steel! How do you do it?"

Susan was so pleased at the compliment that she overlooked the intimate way Katherine was still examining her with her hand. And she shivered lustily at the provocative smack, but tried hard to also pretend that it hadn't just happened. Instead, she spoke like a lecturing mother. "Two words: hard work. I cannot emphasize that enough. Angel, if you want a perfect 'fuck toy' body for your brother, you've got to exercise religiously. Suzanne has been a big help to me, bless her soul. She's the one who forced me to start exercising daily, all those years ago, and even now she never lets me skip a day."

As Alan reached up to fondle Susan's tits some more, Katherine asked, "Speaking of Aunt Suzy and exercising, where is she? You two are usually finishing up by now."

"Oh, she called to say she had some things to do. Personally, I think she was just being considerate, knowing it would be a while before you two would be up and ready for breakfast." While her son played with her nipples, she thought, Hmmm. I don't mean to be a cock hog, but I kind of hope she's in no hurry to come over. I'm on such a roll!

I don't mean to sound blasphemous, but I hope Heaven is as much fun as this! It's downright wicked the way that Tiger is fondling my shamefully naked body absolutely everywhere, even while his cock takes a much-deserved rest. But it feels oh-so-right! This is the kind of indignity us big-titted mommies have to get used to if we want to spend more time on our knees, slurping and sucking on our well-hung sons!

Time passed. After a minute or so, Alan had Susan turn around so he could fondle her backside, and especially her ass. Not only was he having great fun with the fondling, but it also had the strategic purpose of giving his penis a break. Given that she'd said that she'd been taking it easy on him until now, he was certain that he'd need it.

Katherine also took advantage of the situation. She fondled Susan a good deal too, under the guise of examining just how fit she was. She made sure to pepper her with relevant compliments and questions to keep her distracted.


Eventually, Alan indicated that his cock was ready for more.

Susan happily dropped down to her knees and resumed licking and stroking. The only difference was she sat in a different spot so she wasn't under the table. She wanted her son to be able to see all of her.

Alan sighed and moaned with pure pleasure as he felt her tongue and lips on his boner again. "Wow! So great! I wish every morning could be like this."

Susan thought, Me too, Son! Me too! I don't even mind so much that Angel is watching, because it's good that she's learning!

He glanced over at Katherine, with her open robe. "Feeling your sexy, talented tongue on me, Mom, even as I look at your sexy and stacked body, Sis. And good food, and good music playing too. This is living the life of Riley!"

Before Susan launched another all-out oral attack on his cock, she pointed out while lapping at his sweet spot, "This may be a bit improper and unorthodox for most families, but we have a special situation here. There's no reason why we can't have more mornings like this, as long as we all respect the boundaries."

He responded, "Good idea, Mom. But would I be pushing my luck if I asked for a titfuck? You know how we arranged it before so you could suck on me at the same time."

"Very well." Susan tried to say that reluctantly as she got into titfucking position, like she was doing him a big favor, but her face showed her attempted deception, since she absolutely loved the idea.

Katherine griped, "'Very well?' Come on, Mom. Who are you trying to kid? You know you love the feeling of his big, fat log sliding through your cleavage. Why deny it? Remember that Aunt Suzy says it's okay for you to feel pleasure."

"I know," Susan conceded, even as her face beamed brightly while she tightly squeezed his boner with her hefty globes. "But I still feel ashamed about it sometimes. I mean, look at me. I'm kneeling on the dining room floor with my son's thick cock between my tits, wearing nothing but high heels. Knowing how relentlessly horny he is, I wouldn't be surprised if he made me lick the tip of his delicious knob at the same time. Mmmm..."

She decided that was a very good idea. She paused to just lick as much of his cockhead as she could reach, while titfucking the rest. Needless to say, he hadn't forced her to do that at all.

Then she continued, while expertly working his cock, "It's just all so terribly improper! I can't even begin to imagine what my parents would think. Or my siblings, for that matter. Heck, anyone back home would have a heart attack if they saw me like this! Is this any way for a God-fearing, married woman to behave? Could this possibly get any MORE embarrassing?!"

As soon as she said that, he immediately started to think what he could do to make the situation more embarrassing. He wasn't cruel, and he loved his mother dearly, but he knew that she got off on a certain level of humiliation, and he sensed the situation was ripe to up the ante a little bit.

He playfully rubbed his hands together, and cackled like a mad scientist. "Let's see. What CAN we do to make this more embarrassing? Oh, I know: why don't we take this out back?"

Susan sat back from his privates and gaped in shock. "What, are you crazy?! You mean by the pool?!"

"Of course. The three of us. And naturally, you'll still wear what you're wearing now."

She squealed, "But I'm not wearing anything!" She instinctively covered her pussy and nipples with her hands.

Katherine loved the idea of moving the fun times to the backyard. She chided, "Mom, what do you think you're doing with your hands? What kind of big-titted mommy are you, covering up like that?"

Susan dropped her head in defeat. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. I was just... But... The backyard? We can't go back there!"

Alan started to say, "But yesterday we went to a nude beach and..." His voice trailed off because he looked up and saw Suzanne standing there. He spoke loudly and gladly, "Aunt Suzy! Hey! Welcome. What's up?"

Suzanne had quietly snuck into the room, wearing her exercise outfit. She was standing surprisingly close already. She walked closer still, until she could reach out and touch Susan if she wanted. She wore a smirky smile a mile wide. "Oh, not much. Anything going on here?" She casually looked around the room, as if seeing Susan kneeling between Alan's legs in just her high heels was nothing out of the ordinary.


Susan was far too humiliated to speak. She scooted back a couple of feet and angled her body away, as if trying to flee the scene of a crime. Her face burned red, and she started to cover her privates with her hands. But she remembered how Katherine had just chastised her for doing that, and she didn't want to be chastised again by her own daughter in front of Suzanne. So she fidgeted and squirmed around while remaining kneeling with her hands more or less at her sides.

Alan was as delighted by the interruption as Suzanne and Katherine were. He thought, Well, we were talking about going out back to take things up a notch, but this works just as well! He casually replied, "Oh, you know, the same ol', same ol'." He smiled down warmly at his mother, and ran a hand through her hair.

Katherine gleefully added, "Yep! A little of this, a little of that." She giggled. She was still in just her robe, but she was so unfazed by Suzanne's arrival that she didn't even bother to pull it closed in front.

Suzanne finally looked directly down at her blushing best friend. "Susan, what are you doing there?"

Susan was glad that as least she hadn't been actively stroking or sucking Alan's cock when Suzanne came in. In her highly ashamed mood, she didn't want to admit what she'd really been doing. So she lamely said, "Oh, I'm just, uh... I was looking for something."

Suzanne raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Oh, really? And what would that be?"


"Would that have anything to do with the copious saliva on your son's cock? Or the way that it's extra red and throbbing from lots of stimulation? How 'bout the drool down your chin? And what about the way the inner slopes of your breasts are wet, just as if a hot, soaked cock had been there recently?"

Susan could tell she'd been busted. But she was far too embarrassed now to simply resume having fun with her son. So she stood up and turned to face Suzanne. But she couldn't bear to make eye contact, and she just looked down at the floor. She crossed her arms under her tits and squeezed them tightly from the sides and below, hoping to hide how wet their inner slopes were even though Suzanne had obviously already seen their condition.

She thought, Why does having Suzanne see me like this make me so darn horny?! I mean, I was extremely aroused already, kneeling naked so close to my son's wonderful cock. But now, it's like my pussy and nipples are on FIRE! Lord, please! Give me strength!

Alan was starting to feel bad for his mother. He liked pushing her buttons to get her super horny, and a certain amount of embarrassment or humiliation worked wonders for that. But he thought they might be going too far at the moment, because Suzanne's arrival had really rattled her. So he tried to take some of the heat off her, allowing her to avoid replying to Suzanne's question. He asked, "So, Aunt Suzy, what brings you here?"

Suzanne ran a hand down her curvaceous body, showing off her skin-tight exercise outfit. "Isn't it obvious? I'm here for our usual daily exercises. As you know, there's no rest for the slurpy." She winked, and ostentatiously licked her lips. "Although... if I came at a bad time, I could come back. Susan, I can see Sweetie's cock is quite thick and stiff, and wet with your saliva. He must be aching to bust a load all over you or in you. Since you obviously did all the hard work, you should get the creamy, spermy reward. I can just sit and wait until you two are done..." She headed towards the nearest chair to do just that.

While Suzanne was talking, Katherine glared at the way Susan was clutching her breasts with her arms.

Susan dropped her hands to her sides. She felt even more ashamed about being "forced" to do that, but it also aroused her even more. She was so horny that she was nearly woozy with lust.

Alan still worried he'd pushed Susan a little too far this time. He figured that she was still getting used to performing sexually in front of Katherine or Suzanne, but to do it in front of both of them at once might really freak her out to the point where she wouldn't enjoy herself. So he said to Suzanne, "Actually, I'm good. I've cum once already, but the day's just started. Since there's no school, I want to draw things out as much as possible. And since we've started a break here, I might as well make it a big break and chill out for an hour or two."

Susan in fact was freaking out over the possibility of blowing or stroking him in front of both Katherine and Suzanne. She didn't want to do that. But even so, she was very disappointed to hear him say that. While still standing there buck naked with her arms at her sides, she turned Alan's way and asked, "Really? An HOUR or two?! Son, are you sure?"

He nodded. "If I keep going at this rate, I'm going to have six or seven orgasms by the early afternoon. I need to pace myself. Why don't you two go exercise? I'll probably be raring to go when you're done."

Suzanne looked to Susan.

Susan considered that. Just look at Tiger's big fat cock! He's so close to a really nice cum; I can tell. But he does need his rest. I've been a cock hog lately, and we'll have lots of time today. Would I really enjoy it if he blasted a yummy load all over me while Suzanne AND Angel watched and waited for me?! No! Besides, I can't skip my daily workout.

She nodded. "Sure. Let's do it. I'll go put some clothes on."

Suzanne nodded back. "Good. Let's go. I love getting physical and stretching out. I could really use a long, hard... workout right now." She suddenly stretched out a leg, grasping it with one hand and pointing it nearly straight up to the ceiling. It was a very impressive physical feat. As she did that, she stared right at Alan with bedroom eyes, while the sultry purr in her scratchy voice indicated what else she clearly wanted that was long and hard.

Her skimpy spandex top didn't cover much in the first place, but with the way she stretched, she made sure that it exposed a tremendous amount of under-boob. In fact, it would have slipped up even higher except that it the bottom edge had hung up on her erect nipples.


Even with so many other highly-arousing sights and sensations, that sight nearly knocked him over. Hot mama! Damn! Aunt Suzy is so flexible that it's nuts! I'll bet she's the best fuck in the world! And she's hot for ME! That's the crazy thing. When the hell am I going to get to fuck her?!

Susan gave Suzanne an unhappy glare, but mostly because she didn't like Suzanne completely stealing the spotlight. She also was frustrated that she wasn't able to strike the identical pose. She didn't know what to say though, so she just started to walk out of the room. She hoped that the undulations of her bare ass cheeks would recapture some of her son's attention.

Suzanne lowered her leg and followed Susan. Her point had been made. She could hardly wait to demonstrate her flexible fucking skills to her "nephew."

But before they got far, Alan said, "Oh, wait!" Once they stopped, he went on, "There's just one thing. I don't have much to do. Do you mind if I come down to the basement and watch you two for a while? I know you do your daily workouts, but it's been a long time since I've seen you in action. I kind of kept away on purpose so you could have your privacy, but lately, well... things have changed." He couldn't help but stare at his stacked and naked mother in particular.

She started to cover her privates again, but she forced herself not to.

Suzanne also looked at Susan, and said wryly, "I see what you mean. There's certainly no need for modesty or privacy anymore around here, is there? It's okay with me if it's okay with you, Susan."

Susan shyly nodded. She was still blushing profusely.

Katherine stepped into the middle of the room, with her robe still wide open in front. She eagerly asked, "Oh! Can I watch too?! I'd also like to know more about what goes on down there every morning. Maybe that can help me with my own exercise routine."

Susan and Suzanne agreed to that too. Then they walked through the living room and up the stairs. Presumably Susan was going to put her workout clothes on, and Suzanne was going to accompany her.

Once the two sex bomb mothers were gone, Katherine asked Alan, "So, what was that all about? You totally should have had Mom blow you while Aunt Suzy and I could watch! Why didn't you?"

His tired penis started to deflate quickly. He said, "Believe me, I was tempted. But there's kind of a fine line. I'm trying to get a sense of when to push and when not to push. She's my mom, and I totally love her. I want her to really, truly love doing this. I'm sure you've caught on she gets off on being embarrassed, but I just got a sense the vibe wasn't right."

She asked, "So, it would have been okay for her to blow or titfuck you out by the pool, with me watching, but not to do the same inside, and with Aunt Suzy and me watching?"

"Yep. I know that seems like a weird distinction, but that's how I saw it. I think I was already pushing things with the outside idea, and then when Suzanne came in, it was too much at once. At least that's how I read her body language."

"That's cool that you're being careful about her feelings. I really appreciate that, because she's simply the greatest mom ever, in the history of the world."

He chuckled. "Indeed!"

"So what's gonna happen downstairs?"

He shrugged. "Heck if I know. I'm totally winging it. I don't even want to think about it, because part of the fun is not knowing what's gonna happen next. You know what I mean? But somehow, I get the feeling that more than just watching is gonna take place."

Katherine clapped her hands together. "Oh, sweet! I'm so there!"


Alan waited about ten minutes before he went downstairs to the basement with Katherine. He knew that Susan and Suzanne had to know that he'd end up doing more than just watching, and he wanted to build up the anticipation. He also wanted to give his penis a genuine strategic break. Plus, he figured, correctly, that Suzanne had a rough idea of what he was hoping to have happen, and she could use the time to psych Susan up. Susan had already been very hot and bothered, but things would naturally cool down some once Susan was clothed and away from her son, so Suzanne had to try to keep Susan as hot as possible.

Alan was dressed in his usual T-shirt and shorts and Katherine had put on a one-piece bathing suit. That was the closest she had to the kind of workout outfits Susan and Suzanne typically wore, and in addition to having sexy fun, she thought she might actually learn some of their workout routine to help stay in shape too.

As he opened the door to the basement (in the hallway between the bathroom and den), he whispered to Katherine, "By the way, since there's no telling what'll happen, things may get pretty hot. I don't want Mom to suffer too much, so if I give you a certain look, like this, then can you make yourself scarce for a while?"

"Okay, sure. No problem. I'm all on board with her... sexification. I guess that means that sometimes we have to make sacrifices for the bigger picture."

"Right. It's all about curing her of her remaining prudishness. Once that happens... well, I don't know what, exactly. But it'll be awesome for all of us!"

Katherine nodded. "Totally!"

They didn't have to worry much about being overheard because they'd been whispering very quietly and the basement area was quite large. Alan reached the bottom of the stairs and walked into the large basement area with Katherine right behind him.

He could tell right away that Suzanne succeeded in spades in keeping Susan very hot and bothered. For starters, there were the exercise outfits. Suzanne was wearing a very revealing one, which he assumed wasn't one of her usual ones, since it didn't provide much support or cover. But Susan's outfit was like a pornographic parody of real exercise clothes! It actually covered less skin than a typical bikini. And while her top was about the size of a bra, it hung loosely on her, and didn't even reach to the bottom of her round melons, which meant that her boobs were bouncing and swaying with every move she made.

Suzanne had heard the kids come in, but Susan was so far gone into lust that she hadn't noticed yet. It looked like Suzanne had thought through the implications of their arrival, because she was angled to look at the door while Susan was not. She briefly turned and winked.


She didn't do more because she had her hands full - literally. To the teenagers' surprise, the two mothers were lifting free weights, and very heavy ones. They were holding round weights on either end of a pole, and repeatedly lifting them over their heads, just like the old-fashioned weight-lifter style. Alan didn't know how heavy the weights were, but he seriously doubted that he could lift that much. He was flabbergasted that both his feminine mother and auntie could lift so much!

He glanced at Katherine and saw that she was similarly astounded and impressed.

He was already quite horny, since he was still riding an erotic buzz from before. In fact, his penis was fully erect even before he'd gone down to the basement. But he realized the free weights were potentially dangerous, and it wouldn't be wise to interfere in any way until they were done with them.

So he and Katherine just stood there and watched for about five minutes until the two beautiful MILFs put the weights down and took a short rest. They were already sweaty, so they bent down to pick up hand towels to wipe their face.

Out of the blue, Suzanne said to Susan, "Brenda."

Susan still didn't realize her children were watching, because they were keeping still as statues in the shadows. She turned to Suzanne, and asked, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me. Brenda. You're just not with it today; you seem highly distracted."

As Susan wiped her sweaty face, she said with a touch of sarcasm, "I wonder why."

"What does that mean?" Suzanne asked.

"You saw what was happening when you came in. Oh, Suzanne, it was glorious! I'm loving this holiday. It's been non-stop fun from the minute Tiger came downstairs until when you showed up. It seems that most of the time I was nude and kneeling, and practically choking on Tiger's fat cock! But what's even better is that I have the whole rest of the day to look forward to!" She stared off into space longingly, and clutched at her breasts. "I can't wait for him to fuck my tits next. That's what he was hinting at right when you arrived."

Suzanne said, "Well, that's why I say 'Brenda.'"

Susan frowned. "I don't get it. What does she have to do with anything?"

"Think about how big her tits are. When Tiger gets all horny, who do you want him to think about if he has to choose only one: you or her?"

"Me, obviously!"

"But her tits are bigger. You've got to make up for that, especially when it comes to titfucks. But you've got a big advantage over her: she's soft. She's pleasantly plump. Whereas you've got the hard body of a twenty-year old athlete. Tiger loves sexy hard bodies. But what if you don't exercise?"

A fierce look crossed Susan's face, showing her renewed determination to exercise. "I see where you're going with this. Let's do it! What's next?"

Suzanne glanced back at the teens, and said, "I think some more stretching exercises before we hit the machines." She waited a minute until she and Susan were in the middle of stretching, and then pretended to notice the others for the first time. "Oh, hi there. Look, Susan, our visitors have arrived."

Susan was startled, even though she knew they'd be coming. She stopped her stretching and stood up stiffly. Gasping, she asked, "How long have you been standing there?!"

Alan walked further into the room, directly towards Suzanne. He said to both of them, "Long enough to see you hefting those weights over your head. I'm seriously impressed!"

Susan clutched her face. "Oh no! That means you heard all that Brenda stuff! I'm so embarrassed!"

Katherine walked forward too. "That's okay, Mom. That's kind of the new normal for you."

Susan wailed, "But I don't want it to be the new normal!" However, she stopped and turned when she noticed Alan was up to something.

Alan stood next to Suzanne and immediately brazenly reached out and ran one hand up her nearest bare thigh and another hand down her taut exposed tummy. He said, "Aunt Suzy, you're totally sexy pretty much all the time, but seeing you lift those heavy weights turns me on even more than normal! May I?"

Suzanne said with a knowing smile, "I'm not sure what you're even asking exactly, but the answer is yes anyway."

"Thanks." He leaned forward and started French kissing her. But his hands stayed busy. Suzanne was wearing tight lycra, and at first he started fondling her tits over that tantalizing fabric. But even before the first kiss ended he slipped his hands under her outfit and kept on fondling.

Katherine sidled up to where Susan stood gawking, and whispered to her, "Guess what?" XX11

There was a long pause before the stunned mother asked, "What?"

"That's going to be you next! Look! He doesn't waste time, does he? He just pulled Aunt Suzy's top up over her breasts so he can fondle them that much better. And look. Whoop! There go her shorts. She's just standing there while he pulls them all the way down to her knees! Isn't that hot? He just takes control. He doesn't even know the meaning of the word 'no.' He's so super horny right now. I wonder what he's going to do to you."

Susan's ogling eyes widened even more as she considered that. She clutched at her breasts defensively, like she was already trying to fend him off. Her pussy was already moist, and she sensed it was getting downright soaked in a hurry. She looked down to see if a wet spot was showing. It was. She gulped.

Katherine put a hand on her mother's back, and asked, "What's wrong? I thought you love it when he treats you like his personal property and strips you naked and fondles you all over."

"Do you have to put it like that?" Susan hissed nervously.

"I do."

"Well... it's true. I do love it so. So very much, God help me! Look at what he's doing!" She nodded to the way Alan was making out with Suzanne while brazenly cupping and caressing her big tits from below. "I know you were watching as he and I did naughty things upstairs, but to have both you AND Suzanne watch? I can't handle that. Where's the dignity?!"

Katherine ran her hand up and down Susan's bare and slightly sweaty back, but in a friendly way. "There's no dignity, Mom. None. We're officially a couple of his personal cocksuckers now. That's what we do now. We stroke it. We lick it. We suck it. We titfuck it. We pleasure it in every possible way." Making an obvious reference to Susan's rule against fucking, she clarified, "Well, most every possible way, if you know what I mean."

Susan's heart thumped even harder as she thought about her fingers slipping and sliding up and down her son's long shaft, and what it might be like to then hold it and guide it in as it slowly slid into her hot, tight cunt. She whispered breathlessly, "I do!"

Katherine resumed, "Anyway, Mom, if you had a choice between dignity and servicing-" She cut herself off to point out, "Ooooh, look! He's coming for you!"

Susan quietly muttered, "God, give me strength!" She hastily stopped staring and bent down to resume her stretches. She hoped against hope that Alan might see that she was preoccupied doing that, and he'd go back to playing with Suzanne.

He did stop for a minute or so, to watch her. But that only fired his lust up higher and higher, with every move she made.

Seeing her bend over to touch her toes was the final straw. He stepped forward and put his hands on her ass cheeks. Because her "workout outfit" was little more than a G-string down below, he encountered nothing but warm, sweaty skin.

"Hey, Mom," he said casually, as he slid his hands over her ass, which was even firmer than usual due to her flexing muscles. One of his hands kept right on sliding under her thin panties, freely exploring her ass crack.

Susan was so taken aback by that that she reflexively stood up and turned to face him.

But before she could say a word, his arms were around her and his lips were on hers. She started to mutter "Tig-" but then she was blissfully carried away with a passionate lip-lock.

As his tongue explored inside her mouth, and her tongue did the same to his, she thought, Oh God! Oh no! He's such a good kisser! How did he get to be so good at this? It's unfair! How am I supposed to resist?! But I HAVE to resist! I'm too hot already! If I get any hotter, I'm literally going to burst into flames!

She felt his hands running all over her. He'd quickly gone from simply holding her to fondling her ass. And even though the bottoms of her outfit was little more than a G-string, that was an impediment to him, and he pulled them halfway down her thighs.

She thought, Okay, I'm just going to stand here like a statue. Well, with my hands around his back, admittedly - it feels so good to hold him! - but I'm not going to encourage him in any way. I just know he's going to go for my tits next... oops, there he goes! And my nipples are throbbing with need, just like my pussy is! If he starts playing with them, I'm a goner! It won't be long before I'm on my knees and breathing through my nose as all that delicious cock-meat slides deeper and deeper in my mouth! But I can't do that this time, I just can't! Not with both Angel and Suzanne watching!

Oh no! Now he's pulled up my top, and... NO! Please, Son. No! He's playing with my nipples! He didn't waste time! Oh, it's too great! Gosh darn it, I can't help it! She took her hands from behind his back and slid a hand into his shorts. She started jacking him off with one hand and playing with his ass with her other.

Her red face was burning with shame, due to the other two women in the same room. She thought, If I keep my eyes closed, then it's like the others can't see me. Right? Oh, I know that's not true, but how I wish that it was! But with his body pinned against mine, at least I hope they can't see what my hand is doing to his cock. Oh! But that's a lie too, isn't it? They're his personal cocksuckers too. They must know that resistance is useless! He's kissing me and touching me and controlling me everywhere! I give up! Tiger, you win! Mommy's just a big-titted, horny slut who needs your cock down her throat way too much!

Sensing what was coming, Alan spotted Katherine and gave her that significant look he'd indicated earlier when they'd been about to enter the basement.

Katherine understood, and gave him the okay sign with her hand. Then she cleared her throat, and said, "It looks like my Big Brother is in good hands. I've got some things to do upstairs, but I'll be back in a little while. Okay?"

Suzanne was slightly puzzled at that, and gave Katherine a curious look.

Katherine responded with an "I'll explain later" sort of look, and then headed to the door.

Susan was necking with her son so intently that she was incapable of speech, or pulling away. But she moaned into his mouth in a way that she hoped Katherine would interpret as a friendly send off.

Then Katherine loudly closed the door behind her to make sure Susan heard she was gone.


Susan thought, Thank You, Lord! Thank You! What a lucky break. Maybe miracles do exist! She suddenly broke the lip-lock with her son and dropped to her knees, pulling his shorts down his thighs along the way. In what seemed like a millisecond later, she had his entire cockhead in her mouth!

She moved so quickly that she stretched her G-string-esque bottoms so much that they ripped in two and fell to the floor. That left her with just her loose bra-like top hanging uselessly up above her massive breasts. But she didn't care one whit about any of that. In fact, a wave of profound bliss washed over her. She felt like she was where she belonged, doing what she was best at.

She moaned with pure pleasure as she immediately started to bob and suck. MMMM! Yes! MMMM, AAAAH! Oh, I need it! I need it so much! Tiger, don't just stand there, fuck me! Fuck my face!

Alan was still far too gentle with his mother to initiate a face fuck. But she forcefully grabbed his ass cheek on one side and the front of that same leg on the other side, and started moving his hips back and forth to give him the idea.

He quickly caught on. It wasn't an all-out face fuck, but he held her head and moved his hips forward and back a fair amount.

Susan thought she was ecstatic before, when she'd started to suck, but now she was positively over the moon and off into the stars.

Just then, Suzanne walked up and put a hand on Alan's shoulder. "Hey, kid. So how do you like our... workout regimen?" she smirked.

Susan had her eyes closed to fully concentrate on her oral task, as usual. But she had to open her eyes and look to see what Suzanne was doing. She was distraught to see that her best friend was still completely naked. She was even more distressed to see Alan take his hands off her head, hold Suzanne's firm, pale ass cheeks, and pull the redheaded bombshell in for a quick French kiss.

She was still watching (and sucking) as Alan broke the kiss and replied, "I like! It's funny, but I kind of feel like I'm having a bit of a workout of my own, somehow."

Suzanne looked down at Susan and smiled, but in an affirming and loving way. She knew her best friend was highly embarrassed, but also deliriously happy, and that made her very happy too. "It does seem to be that way, doesn't it?"

"It does." He sounded relatively cool and collected, but his entire body was energized and his heart was pounding wildly.

Suzanne reached down toward Susan as she said, "Here, let me help you with that."

Susan was briefly frightened that Suzanne was going to help her with Alan's cock. But she was relieved, and even pleased, when Suzanne instead pulled her top the rest of the way over her head. She had to pull her lips off her son's hard-on for a brief moment to let it clear, but then she was passionately sucking again in a flash.

Susan Suzanne

Suzanne looked down at her totally-naked best friend as she leaned in to Alan. "There. That's better, Susan, don't you think? A big-titted mommy should always try to suck topless, unless there's some special reason not to."

Susan was in the middle of a complicated tooth-scraping corkscrew move. She simply thought, That's so true! She scooted forward slightly so her erect nipples would poke against her son's thighs.

Suzanne took one of Alan's hands from her ass and brought it to her hefty rack. Then she asked him, "So... how are you enjoying your day off?"

"It's... good." He was trying to act calm, but he was breathing hard and his heart was racing wildly.

She couldn't help but chuckle at that ridiculously bland understatement. She looked at his hand caressing the underside of her left breast, and then looked down at Susan's bobbing head. "Just 'good,' huh?"

He put a hand back on Susan's head to try to slow her down some, because the pleasure was so intense he was worried about cumming already. He clenched his teeth and nearly went cross-eyed as Susan hit him with one of his favorite techniques - the one she called the Reverse Candy Cane Stripes. When he recovered from that, he replied, this time with deliberate understatement, trying to indicate that he was still coherent enough to joke around. "It's getting better all the time."

Suzanne put a hand to her ear. "What's that? I can't hear you over all the slurping."

Alan practically swooned, because Susan really was slurping loudly. He'd just closed his eyes in an attempt to prevent sensory overload, but there was no escaping the sound of his mother's sexy slurping, not to mention her continual and distinctive passionate "Mmmm!" noises. He had to clench his PC muscle almost continuously to prevent climaxing too soon.

As usual during her blowjobs, Susan had her eyes closed so that she could fully concentrate on and savor the experience. But she briefly opened her eyes and peered up at Suzanne. Oh dear! She's still there, still clinging to Tiger. This is not good. We're right on the border of breaking the 'no two women on him at the same time' rule. Plus, she's staring right down at me! I wish there was something I could do about it, especially if they kiss or fondle some more. But it's not like I can pull my lips off this sweet, fat cock to complain; Tiger is far too yummy! MMMM! So good! Luckily, if I can just keep him right on the cusp of cumming, he'll be too distracted to do much else!

She went all out, fervently licking his sweet spot even as her lips slid back and forth with tremendous suction. She used her hands on his shaft and balls while at the same time rubbing her nipples against his legs.

It was all too much for him to take, especially with Suzanne running her hand over his chest. He knew he'd have to take a break or cum, so he decided to take the break. He put both hands on Susan's head and gently pushed her back. "Mom! Please! Gotta, gotta... rest!"

Susan reluctantly pulled off, mostly because of his insistent pushing.

Alan spent the next minute or two just recovering. But he was still dangerously close to the edge, and he knew he wasn't likely to last long with the two of them stimulating him at the same time. So he came up with an idea to distract Suzanne while also satisfying his curiosity. "Hey, Aunt Suzy. I almost never come down here. Can you tell me the names of all these machines and what they're used for?"

"Certainly." She had an idea. "In fact, I won't just tell you, I'll show you." She proceeded to walk to each machine and physically demonstrate how it worked. And all the while, she posed, stretched, and flirted outrageously with her nude body. It was about as pornographic a display as one could imagine.

Susan had been raring to suck and she didn't have the patience to wait until he deemed his break was over. She'd never let go of his shaft, so she went from holding it to stroking it. Then, with his attention mostly on Suzanne, she resumed licking him. It wasn't long after that before she was back to sucking on his thickness. However, she was careful at first to take it easy and slow. She wanted this to last a long time, just like he did, and she realized she'd earlier gotten a little carried away with her enthusiasm.


Suzanne took advantage of the fact that many of the machines utilized some kind of pistoning motion to pretend like she was getting fucked. In fact, she spent most of her time on those kinds of machines, and she said things like, "As you can see, this is another one of the fucky machines. See how I put my ass here and then I thrust my hips back and forth, just like I'm bouncing on your cock? In fact, imagine that your cock is right here on this seat, and I'm slowing impaling myself down on it... noowwwww... Aaaaah! Susan, are you watching?"

Indeed, Susan was. Of course, she was continually bobbing on her son, using her favorite corkscrew move, but she was managing to watch Suzanne out of the corner of her eye as well. She didn't fully understand her feelings, but in truth she was far from immune to Suzanne's ample physical charms.

Suzanne continued, as she all but fucked the machine, "You really should watch this, and learn. I have a feeling it's going to come in handy someday soon, if you know what I mean. Watch me rise up... up and up and up... on Tiger's cock! So thick and long! UNGH! But now, OH! I'm skewering myself back down on it! HNNNRRG!"

Suzanne paused, pretending to be recovering from the pretend impaling. But she soon continued her fucking motions. "So FAT! Jesus Christ, it's too fucking FAT! It's filling me up! Susan, do you know how thick he feels in your mouth right now? Just imagine your tight, small cunt, stretching impossibly wide to accommodate his fucking baseball bat! Forget Ron's penis. That's like a pencil in comparison! Tiger has a damn redwood tree between his legs, and he's going to make you scream for mercy and joy, all night long!" She worked herself up so much that she wound up brazenly fingerfucking herself with three fingers by the time she finished saying that.

But then, she abruptly got off of the machine and walked to the next one. Her demeanor went back to calm and cool in a flash. Acting like a (buck naked) fashion model showing off a new product, she gracefully ran her hand over the next machine, and said, "Moving on, this one works the biceps and the triceps." She continued to describe the machine in clinical terms.

Alan laughed out loud at the ridiculous contrast to what she'd just been saying and doing.

Susan was so deliriously aroused and ecstatic that she scarcely knew up from down. For the past several weeks, during her daily workouts, she'd had fantasies about Alan coming to the basement and doing pretty much exactly what he was doing right now. The reality was so close to the fantasy that she couldn't really tell them apart, and she felt like she was truly living out an incredible dream.

Susan usually used a two-handed technique during her blowjobs, stroking his shaft and/or playing with his balls, for maximum effect. But she'd stopped doing that not long after Suzanne began demonstrating the machines, because she was continually fingering her pussy. She was so very hot that she had an orgasm early on, and then they kept on coming and coming! She quickly lost count. It became one seemingly endless orgasm for her. She truly felt that fantastic.

Unfortunately, between Suzanne's pornographic talk and displays, and the face fucking of his mother, Alan couldn't handle the incredible arousal. He knew that he would have to pull his pole out of Susan's sweet lips and then disengage completely for a second time, and fast, or he'd cum for sure.

He started to do so, but Susan craved his cum and wasn't about to easily let him go. Sensing that he was very close indeed, she grabbed one of his ass cheeks and held it firmly.

Even so, he still could have easily disengaged if he really wanted to, but the pleasure was so great that his heart wasn't in it. Instead, he thought, Oh God! Fucking Aunt Suzy! Fucking Mom! Fuck, fuck, fuck! The next thing he knew, he felt his balls tightening. He screamed, "Cumming!"


Susan stopped masturbating and braced herself with her hands on her legs. But she pulled him in even deeper, to make absolutely sure he wasn't going to get away from her. She was gagging and choking slightly as he started to shoot his cum.

She didn't like how that caused most of his cum to go down her throat before she could savor the sweet taste. So, after just a second or two, she pulled her lips all the way off him, firmly held his cock since he wasn't doing so, and then aimed it so the latter half of his load splattered all over her face.

Once that was done, and with a few last feeble squirts still coming out, she engulfed his cockhead all over again. Aaaah! Mmmm, yes! What a feeling! What a rush! A happy big-titted mommy slut is one with a very spermy face! Plus, I'm naked and kneeling, and Suzanne is watching me. Does it get any more humiliating, arousing, or better than this?! Mmmm... I feel like his cum bucket, and that makes me feel so good. Plus, his cock is still nicely stiff! With any luck, I'll help him stay stiff, and keep going for another round. If not, then I'll just transition into giving him a thorough "cleaning." Either way, I win!

Suzanne walked over and put a hand on Alan's shoulder. Smirking, she reached down and ran a finger through Susan's cummy left cheek. She playfully teased her, "Look at you. You naughty, naughty mommy! You let your son douse your face with his cum, and yet you STILL can't get enough. I think a naughty big-titted mommy like that deserves to get spanked! What do you think, Sweetie?" She made a big show of licking her cummy finger into her mouth and purring with delight at the taste.

Alan practically swooned. He silently mouthed the words, "Fuck me!" My mom is so friggin' beautiful, and sexy! He looked down at her steadily bobbing head, and felt more shivers run down his spine. Not to mention cock hungry! And Aunt Suzy too! Jesus! I'm gonna fuck both of them, over and over again! Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but soon, and forever! Once I start, I'll never be able to stop!

He sensed that his dick simply wasn't going to go flaccid this time. Already it had been more than a minute since the end of his climax, and he only seemed to be getting more stiff and aroused. But he was mentally destroyed from his last orgasm, and even though his dick couldn't help but stay erect thanks to Susan's talented mouth, it was crying out for a break.

So he said, "I have to go upstairs. Uh, gotta pee. I'll be back downstairs if and when I can handle it. This is just... way too hot! Good God!" It's true that he was starting to get the urge to pee, especially now that he was thinking about it. His shorts had been down by his knees, so he yanked them back up and staggered out of the room.

Just as he reached the stairs, Suzanne called out to him, "Don't be long! When you come back, I say your mom and I should trade places! Or maybe we can both suck and lick you together!"

That very nearly made him stumble and cum on the spot. He groaned like he'd been shot. But he somehow made it up the stairs.

Suzanne chuckled. She went to her favorite seat and wiped her sweaty face with a hand towel. She looked at Susan, still just kneeling there, and said, "I think that went pretty well, don't you?" She chuckled some more.

Susan was emotionally exhausted from all the orgasms. But she finally managed to at least turn enough to look at Suzanne. She complained, "You shouldn't have talked about fucking. That's completely improper and you know it!"

Suzanne waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, come on. It's just talk. Besides, these machines practically cry out for that kind of thing. Anything to arouse him, right?"

Susan looked around the room and had a daunting thought. Oh no! I was watching Suzanne pretty much through her entire lewd display. She simulated fucking on a whole bunch of these machines. Now, whenever I use any of those, all I'll be able to think about is fucking, and my Tiger, and fucking my Tiger! Oh dear God! That's so HOT! I mean, so WRONG! Wrong, definitely wrong!

She swiped a big cum gob from her cheek into her mouth, and smiled.

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