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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Day 57: Monday, November 11

(MF, FF, inc, slow, reluc, voy, rom)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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It took Alan five minutes before he could pee, because his erection wouldn't go down for anything. When he finally managed, his boner softened only slightly, and then got stiff again as soon as he was done. Thinking about what had happened with his two bombshell beauties downstairs was truly too arousing to even contemplate. He washed his hands and cleaned up, but he lingered in the bathroom, wondering if he was ready to go back downstairs.

Hot damn! I'll never think of the basement in the same way again. It's like an inferno of sweaty lust down there. I'm almost afraid to go back down! Aunt Suzy promised me she'd blow me next. Dear God! No one could possibly believe how lucky I am. If they don't kill me soon, that is! But seriously, I need to pace myself and take a long break, at least until my dick gets soft. And that could be a while!

He'd gone back to just sitting on the toilet seat, with the lid down, when he heard the front doorbell ring. He figured it was a door-to-door salesperson or religious proselytizer or someone annoying like that, but he went to check anyway. He was actually looking forward to some kind of distraction, even an annoying one, to help him calm down.

He peeked through the peephole first, as he habitually did, and saw it was Heather. Heather?! What the hell?!

He shouted, "Just a minute!" Then he raced back to the bathroom and checked himself in the mirror to make sure there was nothing suspicious or out of place. He also sniffed the air to check if he smelled of sex, but luckily, he'd washed his face, hands, and elsewhere just a few minutes ago. He decided that he looked presentable, so he went back to the front door.

He opened the door and tried to act surprised. (That wasn't hard to do, since he was very puzzled by her arrival.) "Heather?! What are you doing here?"

She was wearing a tight yellow top that didn't even come down to her belly button, and very tight, short jeans shorts. Her top was so revealing that it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, and in fact she wasn't wearing any panties either. She looked slightly peeved. She handed him an envelope and said, "Here's your stupid test."

Alan walked outside and closed the door behind him.

As he did that, she furtively peeked at his crotch. She was shocked to see how obviously aroused he was. Good grief! It's like he's got a caveman club in there!

He peeked at her chest and noticed the erect state of her nipples, clearly poking through her skin-tight shirt. He gulped, trying hard to outwardly keep his cool. He asked, "That's it? No, 'Hey Alan, how's it going?'"

She said snarkily, "Hey Alan, how's it going? And there's your stupid test."

"May I ask what test?"

Even though they were alone, she was deliberately being vague out of embarrassment. "You know. Remember, in the parking lot on Friday you said I needed to get tested? Those are the results. Of course it shows that there was never anything to worry about."

"Ah. Good. Um, thanks. By the way, I got tested on Friday too. I still haven't gotten the results back though. These came back really fast; they told me mine would take a few days, and I know they won't come today since it's a holiday so there's no mail."

She said aggressively, "Are you calling me a liar? Do you think I faked them?"

"No. Geez. Take a chill pill."

"It so happens I paid extra to have fast results, so I could get my reward sooner rather than later. I just picked these up at the clinic before coming here." She looked all around, causing him to do the same. That allowed her to sneak another peek at the lewd bulge in his shorts. She asked, "By the way, why are we standing on your front walkway? Can't we go in your house?"

"NO! We can't. Remember, I told you last time that you can never, ever, EVER come to my house. Period!" He didn't trust Heather any further than he could throw her, so while he was talking he was scanning the results she'd handed him.

"Why not? It's the logical and ideal place for me to get my reward."

"Reward? What are you talking about?"


"You know," she hissed urgently. "You said as soon as I proved to you I had good test results, you'd give me my reward." Her voice turned husky, and she stared at his tenting shorts again, but very overtly this time. "My long, thick, stiff reward." She held one of her breasts from below, lifting it enticingly.

"Ah. That reward." He looked down and saw what he was showing. He tried to tuck his erection away, without much success. Despite her attempt to act seductive, he was still reading the test results instead of looking at her. Suddenly, he noticed something significant. "Hey! Wait a minute! What's this?" He pointed to a spot on the paper. "It says right here: 'Warning: these are preliminary results only.' What's that mean?"

She sighed with exasperation. "Fine. You got me. As I said, I paid extra for fast results, but not even the fastest lab can get final results in less than 48 hours. Something about needing time for certain cultures to grow. I kind of got bitchy about it and managed to get them to give me this. I'm totally in the clear! It says right there, for real! But if you want the final 'official' results, that'll have to wait until tomorrow."

He gave her a chagrined look and handed the paper back to her. "Yeah, I want the REAL results. This isn't good enough."

She folded the paper up and stuffed it in the back pocket of her shorts. "Anyway, where were we? Oh, yes. We were talking about you giving me my reward."

"Reward?" He'd been distracted by his discovery that the test results were only preliminary, so he wasn't thinking about her husky demand for his "long, thick, stiff reward."

She purred lustily. "Here, let me refresh your memory. I'm talking about this one." She brazenly reached out and caressed the obvious lump in his shorts.

"HEY!" He forcefully pushed her hand away. "You can't do that here!"

"Why not?" She looked all around. As she examined the potential danger of being seen, she casually stated, "We're pretty much shielded from the street by bushes and such. There's no direct angle from the sidewalk to here. Besides, who would be out on a street like this in the middle of the day anyway? Nobody's going to notice a little fondle."

"Maybe not, but you forget about the people INSIDE the house! My mom, for starters. She's the main reason I said you should never, ever come here. She's a total prude and a hard core Bible thumper. Believe me, you do NOT want her to know we're fooling around. She wouldn't even understand the concept of casual sex."

Heather struck a sexy pose, cocking her hip and brushing her hair back with her hand. "Come on, she can't be all that bad. I've met her. She seemed nice and normal enough."

"She's nice, very nice. But she has some very wacko religious beliefs. Ask Katherine or Amy or anyone else if you don't believe me."

Heather frowned. "Then where am I going to get my reward? I have an itch that needs scratching." She deliberately ran her hand over her thinly covered pussy mound.

"Sorry, uh..." He was momentarily blown away by the fact that Heather was raring to have sex with him again. He was feeling so horny that it seemed like a very tempting idea. The thought occurred to him. Hey, if Heather's clean, that means I should be clean. So even though my results are taking a lot longer, I don't really have to worry. Sweet!

She impatiently prodded, "Hello...? Reward?"

He griped, "Heather, what do you want? Do you want me to up and do you right here, right now? On the front lawn, maybe?"

She grinned impishly. "Kinky! I like!"

He rolled his eyes. "Get real. That wasn't a suggestion. Besides, you twisted my words. I never said I would do you when you gave me your test results; I said that was a precondition. And that's when you get your FINAL results, not the preliminary ones!"

Heather in a brief, form-hugging yellow top, very short cutoff shorts, and bare midriff, leaning forward

"Preliminary is plenty good enough. They told me that was like ninety-nine plus percent accurate." She was lying. "Besides, we can have sex now, and then again when we get more results."

He folded his arms across his chest. "No."

"Oh, come on! Don't you think I deserve a reward, especially for getting the results back so fast?" She struck an enticing pose, leaning forward with her hand on her hip.

He waved his hands in frustration. "Even if I did, where? How? When? What happened on Friday was crazy," he said, alluding to the sex they'd had in the school parking lot. "That's not going to happen again."

"Well, duh! We don't have to use a parking lot this time, silly. We're standing right in front of your front door, hint hint."

"My house is off limits."

She broke her provocative pose to gesticulate with frustration. "Why?! It's right here."

He glared at her with annoyance. "Remember what I told you about my religious mother?"

"So? Let's just sneak up to your room. She won't be the wiser."

"It doesn't work like that. She knows everything that goes on in the house. She doesn't have a paying job, so taking care of the house is like, her thing. She knows every inch like the back of her hand. Besides, what are the odds we'd be able to stay quiet?"

Heather licked her lips and gave him a hungry "bedroom eyes" look. "Hmmm. Not very good." Clearly, she was thrilled by that prospect, because it meant a lot of passionate fucking. Then she switched to a frustrated pose. "But your mom can't be that much of a prude, can she? I mean, she's totally gorgeous. A woman like that must be getting regularly plowed by somebody, right? She'll know the deal. A girl's gotta have it. Am I right or what?"

He frowned. "Look. I'm not going to discuss my mother's sex life with you. Of course she's sexually experienced, but she's also very innocent and naive about many things. When you were here, you picked up on that right away and played verbal tricks on her for your own amusement. That totally pissed me off! No way am I letting you near her again."

He leaned towards her, nearly angry. "I cannot state this any more forcefully or clearly: you can't come here, ever! Just standing near the front door like this is dangerous. She might overhear and invite you in, and things'll go downhill from there. Trust me, don't even go there!"

Now it was Heather's turn to roll her eyes. "You're such a pussy. But fine. Whatever. What about my house then?"

Alan thought fast. "Your house... well, that might be okay, but I'm not keen on an encounter with your big Marine dad. Anyways, I'm a busy guy. I don't know how often I'd be able to get there. Besides, I'm not going to have sex with you right now, no matter what or where."

"WHAT?! Why not?!" She put her hands on her hips and gave him an indignant look.

"If I did, that would be rewarding you for showing up on my doorstep unannounced, and on a holiday no less. I'm not going to do anything at all to reward that behavior. Plus, I'm waiting for the FINAL test results." Knowing she was going to get in a huff about that, he quickly followed, "HOWEVER, there's always tomorrow."

Before he could say more, she cut in, "Today is better. Much better."

"Sorry, I'm not going to fall for your feminine wiles."

She raised an eyebrow, and reached out to cup his bulge again. "Oh, really? I see about eight inches of hard cock that says otherwise." She expertly caressed his shaft through his shorts. "And I noticed you were all stiff like this from the moment you opened the door." She muttered to herself, "It's pretty tough not to notice a bulge this big!"

He complained, "I'll admit I peeked to see who it was, and I got a quick chubby when I found out it was you." He figured that was a good way to cover up the dangerous truth. "I'm not dead! But I'm not like your other guys. I'm not ruled by my dick."

He realized that in fact he hadn't been doing anything to get her to remove her hand. Her fondling felt extremely good. But he couldn't let her keep doing that after saying "I'm not ruled by my dick," so he firmly removed her hand.

She pouted, "Aaah, you're no fun." She stared longingly at his bulge. She was feeling hot to trot, and was completely unaccustomed to getting turned down. But at the same time, his resolve and resistance greatly increased her desire for him.

He wagged his finger at her for emphasis. "I'm serious about my house being off limits. Forget about today. If you're that raring to go, think about tomorrow. What would be great is if we had some kind of place to be private in school. Really truly private. If we had that, hell, I could give you your reward during lunchtime, even. Assuming you have the test results by then, of course."

A new look of determination crossed her face as she gave that idea real consideration. Damn, he's right. I never really cared before, but after the way he's rocked my world three times, things have changed. It would be simply delicious to fuck like animals right in the middle of school! Maybe even everyday! I've got the pull with the staff. If there's a private spot that's not being used, I'm gonna grab it and take it for my own!

She said to him, "No worries. I'm on it. The next time you see me, I'll have a private spot where I can claim my reward. I don't know where it'll be, just yet, but I'm gonna find one. And I'll have your damn stupid piece of paper. Who knows? It might even be sooner than you think." She was already scheming for a way to have sex with him later in the day.

He'd been forced to stop for her, so he turned and looked at her closely. "You'd do that?"

She nodded. Then she looked around furtively. "Okay, I'm going to go now. I don't want your Bible thumping mother to give us trouble. But what about at least a good-bye kiss? You can do that much, right? Unless you really are a total pussy."

He carefully looked around too. The bushes and trees did shield them from the street. He decided a kiss would be the quickest way to get rid of her. Besides, he didn't want to be seen as a "total pussy." He groaned, "Okay, fine. But let's make it quick."


"Yessss!" With a great big smile on her face, Heather stepped forward and threw her arms around him. Before he knew what was happening, their lips were locked in a passionate smooch.

Alan had been extremely horny from before, and seeing Heather in her skimpy outfit while she expressed such a blatant desire to get fucked by him had kept his fires burning. So the kiss was a lot more prolonged and intense than he'd wanted or expected. In fact, before long, she had her hand inside his shorts and she was brazenly jacking him off.

Worse, considering his attempt to show some resolve, he soon had his hand inside her shorts and he found himself fingering her pussy! She was very wet down there before he even started.

All the while it was happening, he knew that he really needed to stop. He wasn't worried much at all about being seen. He'd be hard pressed to remember the last time he saw anyone walking down his street in the middle of the day, and the vegetation really did provide enough cover. But he was dead against giving in to Heather. However, he was very frustrated at never being allowed to so much as touch his mother's pussy, and here was a hot and eager pussy that he could freely fondle. He simply couldn't help himself.

Heather loved everything about this kiss, including the fact that they were doing it outside. Although even she could tell that the true odds of being seen were very, very low, she liked to hype up the danger in her mind. But mostly, she loved the "take charge" way Alan was treating her. He just seemed to have a natural knack for touching her in the right places and in the right ways. He had a confidence and aggressiveness with her that literally no one else ever had.

The truth was, his lust was quickly getting out of hand. Thanks to what had happened in the basement, his willpower was basically shot to hell before Heather even got started. While one of his hands steadily pumped two fingers in and out of her tight slit, his other hand went roaming all over her curvaceous figure. Mostly, he aggressively explored her tits and ass. He was so aggressive, and her clothes were so skimpy to begin with, that her shoulder straps soon slid down her shoulders, completely exposing her hefty tits to his hands. After a while, even her tight shorts slid down just below her butt cheeks.

He noticed this was happening, but he seemed unable to stop. Her tanned and fit body simply felt too good, and the way she was jacking him off practically shut off his rational brain. During a break between kisses, he growled at her, "You're such a SLUT! Where are your panties?! Where's your bra?!"

She was beside herself with delight as she replied, "I figured: why bother? It would just slow us down. Besides, where's YOUR underwear?" She looked down knowingly at his crotch. She'd just pulled his shorts down some for better access to his cock and balls. She was fondling and stroking him there with both hands now, and there certainly wasn't any sign of underwear to slow her down.

He knew that she got off on abusive sex talk, and again, he couldn't resist. He growled some more, "That's right, bitch! You love that cock, don't you? You love it! You're such a skanky cum bucket that you think you can just show up at my door and I'll fuck you within an inch of your life!"

She excitedly replied, "I do! I am! And you will! Won't you?"

It took him a few moments to figure out what each of her answers was referring to. I didn't help his thinking that he was going to town on fondling her pussy and left breast.

Before he could reply, she spoke with fire in her eyes. "Let's do it! Right here! Right now! Fuck your mother! Who cares what she thinks? Fuck me, you fucking STUD! I don't care if you are a nerd; you're the BEST! Bang me on your front door!"

The phrase "Fuck your mother" had unintended meanings. Those words were like a slap to Alan's face, because it reminded him of his incestuous love of his mother (and sister), as well as the danger of Heather finding out about it. With a surge of willpower, he pulled his fingers out of Heather's cunt and rather forcefully pushed her away. XX04

She staggered back a step or two, but quickly regained her balance. She stared at him in total confusion, without bothering to cover up. She loudly asked, "What the hell?!"

He hastily pulled his shorts up and tucked his privates away. "Sssh! Be quiet, you stupid slut! If my mother hears us now, we'll really be in a world of hurt!"

She got a dangerous look in her eyes. Her manner completely changed to seductive. She cooed, thankfully in a quieter voice, "Correction. YOU will be in a world of hurt. After all, I can just leave. It seems like I've got you by the balls."

She reached out again to literally get him by the balls, but he stepped back, until his back was against the front door.

He gave her the evil eye, and blocked his crotch with both hands. "Sorry. I'm not going to play that game. The world doesn't end tonight, you know. If you want to be on my good side tomorrow and beyond, you damn well better not play games with me! And if my mom does find out about us, it'll make it MUCH more difficult for us to have fun in the future."

She exhaled with frustration. She decided not to push her luck, at least not that much. "Fine. I suppose having you pound me on the door would be a bit much."

He couldn't help but smirk in amusement. "Yeah. A bit."

She continued to stand there with her top just below her breasts and her shorts just below her pussy and ass. She was still hoping he'd lose his resolve and give in to fucking her in the very, very near future. There was a brief silence as she contemplated her next move to make that happen.

He spoke before she had a chance. "That kiss wasn't supposed to happen like that. You caught me in a very horny mood, unfortunately. But now you REALLY have to go. If you do, right now, I promise we'll fuck tomorrow, if you can find a safe place for us and you have the right paperwork."

She stepped closer, still in seduction mode. She loved that she had him pinned to the door, with no easy escape route. She purred, "Oh, I'll find a place all right. You're going to fuck me good and hard, I know it." She seductively pulled her top off, and then, with an arm stiffly stuck out to the side, held it far from her body. "But first, you have to get me to leave. And the thing is, I ALWAYS get my way."

He hissed, "What the hell?! Heather, you can't do that!" He frantically looked all around. There were was practically a forest of vegetation protecting them, but much of it was a good ways away, across a lawn. It sure looked like she was standing topless, and effectively bottomless, in the middle of the great outdoors. His heart was thumping with both excitement and fear.


She snickered in delight at his distress, while poking her index finger into her mouth as if it was a stiff cock she very much wanted to suck. "Maybe I'll just toss this into the bushes."

"NO!" He stepped forward with his hands reaching out. He recalled the parking lot incident, where she had gotten him to fuck her in the school parking lot, and realized she was capable of anything. He was determined not to let her get her way again.

Even she decided tossing her top into the bushes was a bit much, so she simply let go of it, allowing it to fall to the ground at her feet. Then she suddenly dropped to her knees right in front of him, sliding her shorts the rest of the way down her legs in the process.

Now she truly was buck naked. But she didn't care. In fact, she was absolutely delighted, not to mention incredibly aroused. Even though she thrilled to the idea they might get caught, and hyped that danger to herself in her mind, she felt on some level that such an event almost certainly wasn't going to occur. Besides, she figured that if it did, Alan would be the one more likely to get in trouble.

She arched her back seductively, reveling in her nudity as well as her kneeling pose. She purred in a very sultry tone, "I just HAVE to take care of your horniness. It would be rude not to, don't you think?" She giggled at that.

He froze. He didn't know what to do. He felt that social rules rightly made it impossible for him to hit or otherwise hurt a woman. But short of that, he didn't know how to stop her. It he let her play with his dick, then she'd win. But if he ran away or rushed back into the house, she would still win, but in a different way. It didn't help him that lust was muddling his thinking (which of course was her intent).

She reached out and again caressed his bulge through his shorts. "I suppose I AM a slut. A naughty, shameless, cock-hungry SLUT! Just look at me: it's impossible for me to keep my clothes on around you!" She ran a hand from her tits to her pussy, before bringing that hand to his bulge as well. "And what kind of slut would I be if I left you with this great thick pillar of throbbing frustration? I promise: one blowjob and then I'll go." She licked her lips lasciviously. "Then we'll both be happy."

With one hand still stroking his boner through his shorts, she used her other hand to start pulling down his zipper. She salivated and stretched her jaw in anticipation. She was already practically tasting his sweet cum .

But he held that hand and stopped her from making any progress. He spoke quietly but forcefully. "Sorry. No can do. That would be rewarding you too much. Hell, the 'kiss' was way too much. Put your clothes on NOW, and get going NOW, or the fuck tomorrow or soon thereafter will be off too. If you think I'm bluffing, just try me. I've got a lot of other beauties who satisfy me. I don't need you!" XX05

She remained on her knees, but reluctantly removed her hands from his shorts. She stared up into his eyes, again testing his resolve.

She thought, He's just a nobody nerd! How could he have other "beauties?" Dammit, I really, really do want his cum! But then again, I've underestimated him a few times already. The truth is, I barely know him. There's gotta be a lot of secret sides to him. Besides, he did just resist me now, and nobody does that, ever. And he looks pretty damn determined. I need more information before I act rashly. I'll have him wrapped around my finger soon enough. Until then, I don't want to risk my reward fuck.

She reluctantly picked up her top, stood back up, and started to slowly pull her clothes back on. But she still tried to tempt him. "Your loss. I don't offer to give a guy a blowjob that often, you know. I came here by car. If you're so worried about your mom, we could do it in the backseat, right now."

He was very tempted indeed. Amongst other things, she was performing a sexy reverse striptease more than putting her clothes on in the ordinary way. She seemed completely heedless of any strangers who might be watching. In fact, that danger continued to thrill her and inspire her. She pretended to have great difficulty pulling her top down over her breasts, instead, they kept on bouncing and jiggling.

She soon managed to pull her shorts back up and into place. But, seeing his hungry gaze on her chest, she gave up all pretense of putting her top back on. Instead, she held her tits from their outsides and squeezed them together, dropping her top again in the process.

"I know you're a tit man, Alan. Perhaps a titfuck would be more your style?" She kept on rhythmically squeezing them, like she was in the middle of titfucking him already. That sounded like a very tempting idea to her as well, if he wouldn't cave on the blowjob. "Or, better yet, imagine a titfuck with a little bit of cocksucking action on top. I can do that, you know." She craned her head down and licked the imaginary cock she was pretending to titfuck too.

He gawked at her licking tongue with obvious lust. But he told himself, Thank God for Mom and Sis! Normally, I would have totally given in by now, but I know they're home and ready and eager to help me out. Heather is dangerous! I can't let her get the upper hand, ever. Sure, I'd love a blowjob or titfuck from her right now, but somehow that would mean she wins. I've gotta stay strong. Remember, Mom. And Sis!

He smiled thinly while continuing to keep his crotch covered with his hands. "Thanks, but no thanks. You are a hot, sexy slut, I'll give you that much, and that's tempting. But I have willpower. The answer is still NO! Talk to me once you get your REAL results back."

"Dammit!" She was so frustrated that she actually lost her cool for a moment and shook her fist in frustration. But she quickly recovered. She gave him another seductive smile and struck a flirty pose, but he stood there with a poker face. She could tell it was no use.

She finally, reluctantly, picked up her top and again pulled it down over her impressive rack. "Okay. Fine. Whatever. Your loss. Seriously, your loss! There's lots of other guys out there who would give their right arm for so much as a kiss from me. As for a titfuck or a blowjob; they'd die of a heart attack from the mere idea! I'm Heather fucking Morgan, the most beautiful girl in school!"

He grinned. "Then go cause some heart attacks. But remember that if you have any kind of sex with any other guy, then we'll have to wait that much longer for your real test results."

She stomped her foot and clenched her teeth. "Dammit! FUCK!" She knew she could fuck another guy later in the day without him finding out if she wanted to, but she didn't want just any guy, she wanted Alan. He was the best, in her opinion, and she wasn't willing to settle for anything less.

He looked around nervously. "Ssssh! Keep it down already. Don't have my mom find us now, when we're almost in the clear. We'll talk tomorrow. Okay?"

"Fine!" She shot him an annoyed look. Then she turned around and stomped off in frustration. Ironically, she hadn't blushed the entire time despite her brazen outdoor nudity, but now her face was reddening from the embarrassment of defeat.

As soon as she was sitting in her car, she dug out her cell phone and called her best friend Simone. Once Simone answered, Heather barked at her, "Girl, I need you now. I need your hot body under me NOW! This very minute! Okay, maybe not this very minute, but as soon as I get home, I want you there. I'm so hot and horny that I can't stand it!"

Simone just laughed. But she certainly was going to be there. She loved it when Heather got in this kind of super horny mood.

Alan opened the front door and went inside. He was careful to make sure it was locked, just in case Heather tried to get tricky. He leaned against the door, and slowly slid down it until his ass hit the floor. He sighed heavily.

Uh-oh. I have a sinking feeling about this. Heather's supposed to just be a flash-in-the-pan thing, right? That's what Aunt Suzy says. But she sounds like she's pretty determined to have sex with me a LOT! Not only did she actually get tested - probably, we'll see for sure tomorrow - which kind of surprises me, but she even paid extra to get the test results so fast! Could Aunt Suzy be wrong?

What if Heather does find a private place for us right in the school? Is it possible that I'd really end up having sex with her, regularly, right under everyone's nose?

I doubt it. That seems just plain nuts. She might claim to have found some good spot, but no spot is risk free. Every room is used for something or other, I'm sure. So whatever she finds, I can just tell her I'm not gonna risk it. I'm not going to do the parking lot thing all over again.

But it is kind of a hot fantasy, though, I must admit, boning the head cheerleader in school, in the middle of the school day. But... nah! There's no chance of that happening for real, is there?!


About a minute later, Katherine came up from the basement, walked down the hall to the front foyer, and saw Alan still sitting against the front door. She was still dressed in her one-piece bathing suit. She crossed her arms under her ample rack and stared at him hard. "Brother, what the heck happened to you?!"

Even though Alan was simply sitting with his back against the door, he was a strange sight. He was still breathing heavily, and he looked wide-eyed, bedraggled, and all-around frazzled. He looked up at his sister, and said, "I was... attacked!"

Katherine's heart leapt to her throat with concern.

After a carefully timed beat, he added with a grin, "By... sheer sexiness!"

She breathed a sigh of relief. Then she giggled. She knelt down next to him and lightly punched his shoulder. "Don't scare me like that! I love you too much. What happened? Seriously?"

He asked, "Before I do, how did you know to come up here?"

"Not long after you left our two red hot mamas, I went back downstairs to see what was happening. Apparently, I missed out, big time. They hinted that things were, like, surface-of-the-Sun hot for a while there!"

"They were," he noted. He felt a thrill race down his spine just thinking about it, especially the way Suzanne did her pretend fucking on the exercise machines while Susan blew him non-stop.

Katherine continued, sat down next to him, thinking she'd be there a while. "I'll bet, and I'm gonna get a full report on it from someone later, dammit! Anyway, things aren't as fun when you're not there. Us three ladies actually got to talking about exercising. They put their clothes back on and kind of resumed their routine, while showing me how it all worked. But after a while, when you didn't come back down, I came up to check on you. I peeked through one of the front windows and saw you talking to Heather. The bitch! I went back downstairs and told Mom and Aunt Suzy that it was just some political pollster asking you lots of questions. 'Cos Mom still doesn't know about you and Heather, right?"


Katherine continued, "But I was super curious why Heather was here. So I left the door down to the basement open, and I kept an ear out. When I faintly heard the front door open and close, I knew you had to be back. Then I told them I was going up to my room, and I carefully closed the basement door behind me."

"Clever, Sis. Very clever."

She lightly shook him. "So, are you going to tell me about this 'attack of sheer sexiness' already?! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?! If Heather hurt you in any way, I'm totally going to kill her!"

"Don't worry, she didn't hurt me. She just tempted me, big time. But I managed to fend her off... eventually. I'm so damn horny right now that it's crazy!"

Katherine leaned in over him. With the way he was sitting with his knees up, she hadn't been able to get a direct look at his crotch. But now she did. She smiled from ear to ear and licked her lips as she saw an extremely prominent tenting in his shorts. "Sheesh! I've got a doofus idiot for a brother, you know that? Why didn't you say something already?"

She rather forcefully lowered his nearest leg, to allow easy access. Then she started to reach for his crotch.

But he held a hand out in a stop gesture. "No, wait! Not here. Let's go upstairs."


Katherine playfully saluted. "Excellent idea. Fuck Toy Number One, reporting for duty!" She quickly ended her salute, but maintained a stiff posture, like a soldier on parade.

Alan thought, Okay, it's official: I have the sexiest sister ever! She's really into this whole "fuck toy" thing, and I'm sure as hell not complaining! Man, I'm so horny right now. I've GOT to do something about it. And I will! Sweet!

The two of them got up. Although Alan was out of sorts from his Heather encounter, he definitely wasn't out of energy. He raced up the stairs, and Katherine ran right after him.

He went straight into her bedroom instead of his, and laid down in the middle of her bed, propping the pillow under his head.

Katherine carefully closed and locked the door. Then she hastily took off her one-piece swimsuit. As she did so, she said, "So, tell me all about it."

"There's not much to tell," he responded. "Heather really wanted to fuck. And I mean, she was pretty much ready to do it right on the front step! She was wearing this totally skimpy and sexy outfit, and she did everything she could think of to tempt me."

Katherine hopped on her bed. She crawled up between Alan's legs to his crotch. Figuring they were going to have lots of fun, she pulled his shorts all the way off first so she could have easy access to his crotch. Then she laid down with her head in his crotch. She began stroking his shaft while licking his sweet spot. "And...?"

He laughed at the casualness of her actions. Although he didn't normally do it, he pulled his T-shirt off, for good measure. "Is that how it's going to be from now on? No talking about it first, just whip off my shorts and start working on my cock?"

She gave him an incredulous look, while at the same time saying, "But of course! Helloooo? You really are a doofus today, aren't you? Not only am I your fuck toy sister, I also happen to be one of your personal cocksuckers. Those are titles I take VERY seriously. In fact, you're going to have to do all the talking, due to the fact that my mouth is about to be crammed full of brother-cock! If I have a question, I'll just write it on your thigh or something."

He chuckled at that.

Sure enough, she slid her entire body forward a couple of inches, causing his cockhead to slide all the way into her mouth. But what he didn't realize was that after she'd taken her clothes off, she'd taken a breath mint from her desk and popped it into her mouth. As a result, he was hit by a blast of minty cold. He clutched at her bed sheets and moaned needfully.

Encouraged by his response, she pressed the mint directly against his sweet spot and swirled it around.

That caused such an intense sensation that his entire body squirmed around. His heart raced and his head felt dizzy. He was tempted to escape from the bed altogether, but he was determined to brave it out.

A couple of minutes passed. She kept on torturing him with the breath mint, and he kept on squirming and panting. But even though it was a kind of torture, it was an incredibly pleasurable one. The mint was just one part of her performance. She kept on sucking, stroking, and doing incredibly talented things with her tongue. He was actually frustrated when the mint mostly dissolved in her mouth.

She was too. But she had an idea. She pulled her lips off, sat up, and then hopped off the bed.

He asked in a lusty daze, "Where are you going?"

She went back to her desk and held up a box of Altoids. "I've got dozens of mints in here. Dozens! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

He chuckled. "You're evil, you know that? Evil!"

She popped two mints in her hands and held still more in her hand as she came back to bed. "Nope! Not evil, uppity. There's a big difference."

"Where'd you learn the breath mint trick?"

As she settled back down between his legs, she lightly punched him, on his hip this time. Then she began stroking his long shaft. "No thanks to you, Mr. I Don't Kiss and Tell. When one of your sex pets does something you really like, you have to tell the rest of us, so we can learn. Duuuuh!" She rolled her eyes at him while still giving him a playful grin. "Luckily, Aunt Suzy told me about Saturday's minty mouth-stuffing adventure. She said you really liked it."

"Hmmm. I don't know if 'like' is the right word. It was definitely interesting and intense though. I guess it's like eating a super spicy meal and suffering, but then wanting to do it again."

"Good enough for me!" She engulfed his cock again. Within seconds, she pressed one of the mints directly against his sweet spot.

He moaned even louder than last time. "Oh... MAN! Yep, that's pretty damn INTENSE! Damn, Sis! Take it easy with the two mints, please!"

Another couple of minutes passed, with a lot more squirming and moaning on Alan's part. Eventually, he commented, "I can't keep quiet. You're making me moan and groan so much! I'm worried Mom is gonna come check on us and hear me. You are only allowed one handjob today, right?"

She raised her middle finger at him while she kept on sucking with great suction.

He said, "Let me guess: you're saying, 'Fuck that.'"

She tried nodding. But that wasn't any different from the bobbing she was already doing on him, so she gave him a thumbs up for clarity.

He chuckled. "This is crazy. Anyway, the good thing is, thanks to your mints and your generally uppity ways, I've pretty much totally forgotten about Heather, but I'm still riding a super lusty wave of arousal, thanks to what she started, not to mention what happened in the basement."

Katherine kept right on sucking with lots of breath mint playfulness. She wasn't pressing them directly against his cock as much as before, so they were lasting longer. When one of them dissolved, she'd pop another one into her mouth. She kept her spare mints on the sheets so she could use both hands to constantly stroke and fondle his balls and lower shaft as well.

But in the middle of that, she briefly removed one hand and managed to draw the shape of a question mark on his upper thigh.

He spoke his thoughts out loud. "Hmmm. A question mark. I guess that's shorthand for a question. You're probably wanting me to say more about what happened to Heather."

"MMMM!" She gave him another thumbs up.

He looked down at her eager eyes staring up at him as her lips slid over his pole. He laughed out loud from sheer joy. Oh, man! This feels soooo good! Sis is the greatest. I'll never think of breath mints in the same way again, that's for sure. But I've had a ton of blowjobs lately. It's time for something more!

He said, "I could tell you all about that, but I've got another idea. The main reason I thought to come upstairs was so we could..." He dropped his voice down low. "You know..."

Her eyes had been closed tight so she could fully focus on her cocksucking, but now she opened them and glanced up at his face.

He mouthed the word: "FUCK!"

Her eyes went wide. She understood the reason he didn't speak the word. There was a slight chance Susan could be eavesdropping on them already. Certainly she would figure out they were taking part in some kind of hanky-panky, but that was okay, as long as she didn't get the idea they were fucking.

Katherine pulled her lips off him again and sat up in his lap so her face could be close to his. She kept right on jacking him off.

He liked her new position, because it allowed him to fondle her at the same time. He immediately started playing with her pussy lips and clitoris, while exploring her upper body in general. He whispered in her ear, "Sis, I totally love your oral action. Especially with the minty twist. But Mom's been giving me a lot of that lately, as you saw this morning. I love that too, but some variety is nice."

She jokingly (and quietly) acted shocked. "NO!"

He chuckled. "It's true." He whispered quietly, "This no pussy touching rule in particular is driving me crazy. I love that I can touch yours all I want." He gave a significant look at his fingers, which were already probing inside her slit, looking for her G-spot.

Katherine whispered back, "I love that too. Just like I love you all up, Bro."

"Mmmm. I love you too, Sis. So much. You're too good to me!" Overcome by passion, he kissed her lips.

They shared a nice kiss. It was more affirming than frantic, but it was very sexually satisfying just the same.

When it ended, Katherine playfully rubbed her nose against his. "I AM too good to you," she whispered. "Sucks to be you, I guess. You're just gonna have to grin and bear it."

He tilted his head back and stared at the ceiling with a dramatic, mournful look. "Life is suffering. And then we die."

She playfully slapped his cheek. "Doofus!"

"Hey! You haven't called me that in a while, and now you're calling me that a lot."

"That's 'cos you're extra doofy today." She pulled off him and scooted down the bed. She sat up on all fours, with her ass practically in his face. She reached back between her legs and spread her pussy lips open. "Luckily, when I call you names, there are ways you can punish me. Ways you can DRILL into me to be a good fuck toy for you."

He looked to the door anxiously, then back at his provocatively posed sister, ready to get fucked doggy style. "Ssssh!" He pointed to the door, and whispered, "Ixnay on the illdray."

Katherine knew that was Pig Latin for "Nix on the drill." She tilted her head until she made eye contact with him. Then she mouthed the words, "Just fuck me!"

He whispered back, "With pleasure!"

She had gotten in that lewd pose just to tempt him into getting the fucking started. But he figured that as long as she was in that position, he should take full advantage. He sat up on his knees and scooted forward. Then, with just a little guidance from his hand, he was able to slowly and steadily plow into her tight slit.

They both sighed blissfully as he filled her up. His cock was already soaked from her great oral attentions.


He thought, So fuckin' great! God, I really do have a fuck-toy sister! Whatever that means exactly, it's fucking AWESOME! And nothing beats getting to fuck her! Although... if Mom really is listening at the door, and that's certainly very possible, we must sound as suspicious as hell. All this whispering and sexy sighing and whatnot. I think I'll just stay like this and luxuriate in the joy. Meanwhile, I'll make some idle small talk, to throw Mom off. If she's there, that is.

He said, "Soooo... Like I was saying earlier, Heather seriously tempted me. Honest to God, she would have blown me or even fucked me right there if I'd let her. Hell, she probably would have done it on the middle of the front lawn. She truly is a shameless slut."

Katherine was surprised by the small talk and lack of fucking motion, but she had an idea. "Oh, really? What kind of fucking do you think she was up for? For instance, what if you kept perfectly still and she fucked her ass back and forth on your super thick fuckstick?"

She immediately showed what she meant. He actually had to bite down on his hand so as to not loudly scream or moan. But she was heedless of his noise problem, and expertly churned her ass this way and that while pumping back and forth at the same time.

He realized that he wouldn't be able to just stay still while fully sheathed inside her. Besides, he didn't want to. So, after a minute or two of that, he said, "Yeah, knowing her, she'd probably love that. I think I'd fuck back. In fact, I bet I'd grab her ass with both hands to keep her slutty ass still, and then I'd show her who's who and what's what!"

He did just that. With both hands on his sister's ass, he started vigorously thrusting.

She didn't keep entirely still. In fact, she was still doing a lot of sexy gyrating.

But at this point he was in the driver's seat. His eyes rolled back into his head as shivers of pure pleasure ran through his body.

Katherine giggled with glee. She asked, "Oh, rrrrreally?" She playfully rolled her R. "So who IS who and what IS what? That's what I'd like to know. And does one have to get thoroughly fucked to find out?"

He chuckled at that. He slowed his fucking some so he could still talk. "No, you don't have to, although it helps. In fact, I'll tell you. The 'who' is me and you, and the 'what' is that I love you more than words could possibly say. Sis, you don't have to play about being my 'fuck toy' just to get me to pay sexual attention to you. Yes, Mom and Aunt Suzy are totally busty and beautiful bombshells, and there's some other pretty stiff competition."

Katherine was very emotionally moved by what he'd said already. In fact, she was nearly teary eyed. But at the same time, she remained playful and horny. She teased, "Yes, there seems to be a lot of stiffness around here lately, in general." With that, she rotated her hips, causing a slow churn effect on Alan's cock that nearly made him lose his mind.

He didn't lose his mind, obviously, but he did lose his train of thought. Oh God! Oh God! So fuckin' INTENSE! Blowjobs are great, don't get me wrong, but fucking ROCKS! And with my sister, the sister I love so much!

It took over a minute of exquisite slow churning before he managed to get back on track. He lightly smacked her left ass cheek. "Stop that! Or I'll..." He was still out of it, and couldn't think how to finish the sentence.

She teased, "Or what? Or you'll spank me? I dare you to do it again!"

"What, like this?" He smacked her other ass cheek.

"Harder!" Now, it was her turn to feel especially powerful waves of pleasure rushing through her body. She thought for sure she'd cum right away, just from his smacks.


He spanked her left cheek again, but much harder this time.

"UGH! MORE!" She showed her wholehearted approval by resuming her slow churn fucking. HNNNG! Talk about fuck-toy bliss! Brother really IS showing me who's who and what's what! He's the big-cocked, hard-thrusting master, and I'm his fuck-toy sister slaaaaave!

Funnily enough, neither of them felt they had to keep quiet about spanking noises and related talk, since Susan would allow that, but at the same time, they remained careful about their fucking noises and related talk.

He loved her erotic fuck-motions, but they were highly distracting, making him worry he'd completely lose vocal control while Susan might be eavesdropping. So he complained, "Stop that!" He smacked her again, twice on each ass cheek this time.

She stayed still, hoping for more spanking fun. But when it became clear he'd stopped, she started quickly thrusting back and forth on his cock. She was extremely close to cumming, so she wanted to slide over the edge into erotic nirvana. "HNNNG! So fucking GOOD! Brother, I love it when you spank me! When you do, I see it as you showing me who's who and what's what!"

After some more frantic thrusting back and forth, she managed to continue to give him more of a somewhat toned-down version of her private thoughts. "And here's my answer: the who's who is that you're my... masterly brother... and... and I'm... I'm your submissive fuck toy sister!"

That gave him another powerful thrill. It also spurred his memory. "Oh yeah. I was saying, we all know how impressive Mom and Aunt Suzy are, not to mention some others, like, say, Brenda. But sex appeal is a lot more to me than just bust size or waist size or things like that. I love YOU, my adorable sister, whether you're my fuck toy or not! I'll always love you, to the ends of space and time! And I'll show you my love physically, every way I can!"

"Oh, Brother!" She was so moved that she pulled free from his cock and turned around to come to him. He says he loves me. If only he knew how much I love him! Bro, at times like this, I don't mind your other lovers. In fact, I revel in your sexual prowess! You're the BEST! You should fuck the very best! Sometimes I even secretly love knowing that you're fucking Heather too, 'cos your putting her in her place with your unstoppable cock!

She sat on his lap, but not before settling back down on his thickness. THIS COCK! Right now, it's all mine! She let out a long sigh as he slowly filled her up again. "Aaaaah!"


With her arms around him, and his arms around her, she gave him a scorching kiss. Then she said, "Brother, I'm SO glad to hear that. But here's the thing: I LOVE being your fuck toy! I know that kind of lingo is an attention getter, and that's a bonus, especially since the likes of Heather are after you these days. I'm sure the competition is only going to get more intense as the word of how much fun it is playing with you can be. But I love submitting to you, regardless. Hell, I was calling myself your fuck toy long before there even WAS a competition! I was writing that in my diary, like, well over a year ago. Do you want to see?"

He was taken aback by that. "No way! You promised to skewer and roast me if I so much as looked at the cover of that thing!"


She lifted herself almost all the way off him, then suddenly re-impaled herself. She knew he was dangerously close to cumming but she simply couldn't resist. Then she whispered in his ear, "I don't know about roasting, but there seems to be a lot of skewering going on today!" She giggled while impaling herself on him again.

Then, she resumed in her normal voice. "I know. But this is a special exception. In fact, I insist. Nay, I demand it!" She pulled off him to go get her diary. But she couldn't resist yet again, and impaled herself back on him one more time. Then she really did get off the bed.

He sighed with tremendous relief. He loved the fucking and didn't want it to ever end, so now that she was off him, he hoped he could get a real strategic break that would allow him to keep going much longer.

She realized she had a problem, because she didn't want him to know where she hid her diary. (She actually had several hiding places, just to be on the safe side.) So she said, "Close your eyes. And keep 'em closed, or there will be some serious skewering and roasting. Actually, put a pillow over your face for good measure."

He closed his eyes and put the pillow over his face. But he also said, "Sis, you don't need to do this. I trust you and believe you. If you say you wrote something, then you wrote it."

She went to her stereo and put the "With the Beatles" CD on. That was an easy choice, since she loved the Beatles as much as her brother did. She said, loudly, "I'm gonna play some music, so you can't hear where I'm digging." That was true, but she was also thinking that would help cover the sound of fucking once they resumed. If Susan was listening, it was a great excuse for music.

Then, as she went to her closet, she said, "Thanks for saying that. And I'm sure you mean it. But if you see with your own eyes, you'll believe it even more. That's just human nature."

To be honest, he didn't care at all where she hid her diary. He'd known she had a diary for a long time, and while he'd teased her from time to time about looking for it, he'd never actually done so. He loved her too much to violate her privacy like that. Besides, he was happy just to rest and let his heart calm down.

A minute later, she had her diary in hand. "Okay, you can take the pillow down and open your eyes now."

He gasped loudly when he saw the diary. Then he pretended to be injured. "Aaaah! It burns!" He closed his eyes again and covered them. "It's like staring into the Sun! The pain! The pain!"

She lightly slapped his shoulder. "Cut it out. I've removed the curses and hexes for the moment, so you can look at it... briefly." She held it out to him as he opened his eyes. "You don't know what a big deal this is, Bro. I'm trusting you in a big, big way."

"I'm honored. Believe me." He took the diary from her and gazed at the cover. He asked, "What should I do?"

She said, "Don't open it just yet. Pick a number between, oh, say... one and fifty."

"Okay. Twenty-two."


She took the diary back from him and flipped to page twenty-two. She quickly scanned it, looking for the phrase "Fuck toy." She didn't find it there, but she found it on page twenty-four. "A-ha! Just two pages off. That's 'cos I used that phrase a lot. Here, check out this entry."

She handed the diary back to him and pointed where to start reading. Now that her hands were freed, she gripped his still very erect cock with one hand and lightly rubbed his sweet spot.

He read aloud, "'Dear Diary, I had another one of THOSE dreams last night. You know the ones. I don't know what caused it. Actually, I do. Brother and I watched a movie together last night. It was so sweet. We cuddled together on the same sofa with our feet on the table in front. We even shared the same blanket. Mom, Aunt Suzy, and Aims were sitting all around, but I didn't care. It was like Brother and I were in our own world.'"

He looked up and gave her a surprised look. "Wow!"

"Keep reading." She kept on jacking him off, but gently, since she was mindful that he was trying to give his penis a break.

He resumed, "'He had his arm around me, and I had mine around him. We were like a married couple! It was awesome! I so badly wanted to do more than hug. So much more! So I'm sure that's what caused the dream. Because in the dream it was just the same, except I was his Fuck Toy! I DID reach out and slip my hand into his shorts! And even though it was under the blanket, I didn't really care who saw. God! And Diary, his cock was so thick and long! I could barely get my hand around it. Or my lips around it! Because just like so many other dreams, it wasn't long before I was sucking him off!'"

He stopped reading and asked, "Now, wait a minute. When did you write this?"

"Over a year ago." She asked, "Are you gonna ask a lot of questions?"

"Probably." He looked at her stroking fingers and wondered if he should ask her to stop, so he could get more of a break. But the way she was rubbing his sweet spot felt so good that he didn't want it to end.

"Do you need to read more?"

"Um, I kind of want to, but I get the gist."

"Goody!" She tossed the diary to the floor. Then she promptly sat back in his lap, face to face, and settled down onto his cock again. "MMMM! That hits the spot!" She wiggled around a little bit, and then started humping up and down.

He chuckled to himself. So much for a prolonged break! But at least I'm doing somewhat better now. He held her hips, helping her rise and fall on him. He stared lovingly into her eyes. "You certainly are a cheeky one."

"Uppity. The word you're looking for is 'uppity.' In fact, I'm so damn uppity, maybe you need to spank me some more."

"Maybe I do." He smacked her ass cheeks a few times. But it wasn't as hard as before, since she was in constant movement, and he didn't have a good angle.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head way back. "Good God! This is the life!" She was totally blissed out, even as she kept on rising and falling on his cock.

He resumed helping with her hips. "Okay, Sis, can you tell me what that diary entry was all about? That was, like, over a year ago! Why the hell were you lusting after me way back then? I didn't give you any reason to want me whatsoever. I was in major geek mode back then. My body hadn't filled out much either. I was a skinny, dorky, virginal, geek brother."

She still had her head tilted back, as she fully luxuriated in the fucking sensations. But she managed to say, "I know. But you were MY skinny, dorky, virginal geek brother. Can't you see?" She opened her eyes and stared intently at him. "You may not have been a hunk, but you were still my very best friend and the only guy I've ever had ANY interest in. I had to go through the motions of going on a few dates - where nothing happened by the way - just so people wouldn't think I was weird."

He stared at her in wide wonder. He'd never realized that before.

She kept on ably talking, despite her slow hip churning. "It's like what you were saying about breast sizes and waist sizes and whatnot. I'm sure it helps that Mom and Aunt Suzy have the bodies of perfect supermodels, and their tits and asses are ridiculous, but don't you think you'd still love to fuck them if they were more like normal women?"

"Totally!" he said without hesitation. "I'll admit the sex bomb thing helps a lot. I guess I'd have a certain threshold in the looks department, even with you or them. But I'd be willing to overlook a lot because of the love. That's what I was saying before, about how you don't need to be my fuck toy. And you don't need Brenda-sized boobs either. I mean, you're my Kat, my Sis. That turns me on more than the sun is hot."

The fucking had mostly come to a stop as they shared an emotional moment. He remained fully sheathed in her. "I mean... like the way we were cuddled together watching that movie a year ago. We've done so much stuff like that, ever since we were in diapers. Nothing could compare to that. Nothing! We're so much closer than most brothers and sisters. Even when we were off doing different stuff, we still had this... connection. You know?"

She beamed. "I know! And that's why I lusted after you even when you were skinny and extra doofy. And it turns out I'm the submissive type, so I've had Fuck Toy type fantasies for a long time now. Since I loved you, and lusted for you, you were the one I wanted to, well, tame me." She brightened even more. "And now, unbelievably enough, YOU HAVE! I can barely believe it, but look at us now!"

She triumphantly rose up and let herself back down. They both sighed lustily. Then she resumed her incredibly arousing slow churning. She whispered near his ear, "I'm your FUCK TOY! That means you fuck me at will! At YOUR will! And I live to serve YOU! My joy is pleasuring your cock! And that's the truth. I get so much joy out of it that it's not even funny. Not to mention the countless orgasms!"

"Really?" He reached out and started playing with her clit. Even with her continual churning and gyrating on his cock, he managed to keep diddling her there.

She whispered urgently, "if you keep that up, I'm gonna cum right now!"

"I know. That's the idea. But you're not allowed to."

"WHAT?!" XX08

"You heard what I said. That's an order. Or is this fuck toy stuff just talk?"

"Oh, FUCK!" She suddenly halted her churning, and just held him tight.

"Why did you stop?" he asked.

She pulled back and looked into his eyes. "You have to ask? Gaawwwd! If I keep going, even five seconds more, I'm totally gonna cum and cum, and cum so more! And you say I can't, you meanie! So I HAVE to stop!"

He said, "Okay, keep going, and that's an order. But don't cum! That's an order too!"

"You can't do that!" she wailed. But she resumed her sexy gyrations. In just a few seconds, she started panting hard. "Oh God! Oh God! I'm gonna cum! So hard!" XX12

Seeing that she was bouncing on his cock quite vigorously without any help, he took his hands off her hips and started playing with her breasts.

She quietly hissed, "Fuck me! Fucking fucker! Don't do that or I'm really gonna cum!"

He grinned impishly. "Sucks to be you."

"AAARGH!" She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes in a desperate attempt to delay her orgasm a little longer. But she could tell it was a losing battle. She was slowly slipping into orgasmic oblivion.

He was determined to get her to cum. He was curious how long she could hold out, and how she'd react once she'd climaxed without permission. Besides, he was getting close to cumming himself, and he didn't want to lose control before she did. He mostly alternated between playing with her nipples and clit, but his hands seemed to be everywhere at once.

After about another minute of desperately struggling not to cum, while churning on his cock with greater and greater speed and depth (her hips couldn't help it!), she asked him between clenched teeth, "What's... gonna... happen if... I... I cum... without..."

"Permission?" he helped out.

She nodded intently.

"Why, then I guess I'll have to spank you. And not some mild love tap either. I'm talking a serious wailing, with your naked body lying across my lap!"

That was the last straw. In her erotic delirium, that sounded like a wonderful reward, not a punishment. She started cumming hard. She was actually hopeful she'd get spanked like that soon thereafter.


Alan had worked himself up into a lather too, and all her non-stop gyrations had had their effect. Once she started cumming, he couldn't hold out and he started shooting his load into her. When she felt that, that sent her off into some kind of incredible super-orgasm.

The only problem was that they were still very concerned about Susan eavesdropping. Katherine was forced to bite down on her hand, to at least somewhat stifle her screaming. Alan saw that and decided to do the same.

The two of them were remarkably quiet as their orgasms went on and on and on. It was like they were silent, or anything near to it. In fact, they were rather loud. But at least they weren't "screaming their heads off" loud, which is what they would have been had they not been fighting it so hard.

Alan's climax ended first, naturally. Katherine kept on for another minute, or even more. But his cock stayed stiff most of that time, allowing her to continue to bounce on it, helping to keep her erotic euphoria in the stratosphere.


When she finally came down, she crashed hard. She went limp in his arms, just as his penis shriveled into its flaccid state.

He was staggered into total exhaustion too. He would have fallen asleep right away, except he had a naked, gorgeous sister on his lap, panting hard, with her big, heaving tits sliding up and down on the sweat on his chest. (He was glad he'd taken his T-shirt off.) That was distracting enough to at least keep him conscious.

She fell asleep, but not for long. After a few minutes, her eyes stayed closed, but she showed she was awake by saying, "Heaven!"

He'd been starting to drift off, but he asked, "Excuse me?"

"I said, 'Heaven.' This is Heaven."

"Is it?"

"Yes. If I die and there is a Heaven for real, it can't possibly beat this! I've never been so happy!"

He opened his eyes and tenderly ran his fingers across her cheeks.

She smiled at that and opened her eyes too. She similarly caressed his face. She said, "Tell me this is not a dream."

"It's not. Or, if it is, I'm having the same dream, and it's a great one."

She said, "You see from my diary that I'm not some Joanie-Come-Lately when it comes to this fuck-toy stuff. I've wanted this for so long! And now I have you!"

He winced as he asked, "You don't mind sharing me?"

She was reviving, and said with emotional intensity, "Hell no! I LOVE sharing you with Mom and Aunt Suzy. And sharing with Amy is gonna be awesome too, I can tell. She's my best friend. We're gonna have such fun licking and sucking your cock together, amongst lots of other things. I can't wait!"

But then her smile soured. "Of course, sharing with the likes of Heather is a different matter. I'm really glad you fended her off today. How did that end, by the way?" She wasn't so keen on Alan fucking Heather when she wasn't extremely aroused.

"Well, I fended her off for now, but I kinda promised her that I'd fuck her again soon. I guess I'm kind of weak."

Katherine tilted her head and considered that. She decided, "Kinda. I wouldn't call it 'weak' though. You've discovered this new sexual power. You have a special sex appeal, and you can't resist trying it out. I get it. Like I said, there's gonna be a lot of competition. But we've got our special connection. So I'm not TOO worried."

"But you are worried some?"

"Sure! Worried and jealous. You can see the fuck toy thing started a long time ago, way before I ever imagined you'd get it on with Mom or Aunt Suzy, much less both of them! But still, I'm glad it helps get me noticed some more. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that. But that's just the start. How long will it be before you're fucking Amy? Or Brenda? And what happens if you fully tame Heather? I know she's A bitch, but what if you make her YOUR bitch?"


"You know what I mean. She's impossible to deal with now, but what if she totally falls in love with serving your cock? I could happen. It's happened to me. It's happened to Mom. You'll be fucking her too, eventually, I'm sure. If it happens to Heather, that could change things in a big way. Can you imagine her collared and leashed, and you walking her around naked and on all fours, like a true bitch? A female dog? Then the rest of us will be stuck dealing with her bitchy ways. Grrr!"


"What are you talking about? That's really crazy!" He had a brief, freaky vision of Heather crawling on all fours down a school hallway. He was walking beside her, holding her leash. She glared in her intimidating way, challenging anyone passing by to laugh or complain about her nudity and position.

He assumed Katherine had to be playing with him, because that scenario was so impossible.

Katherine didn't even know if she meant it or not. But at the moment, she was so high on his fucking skills that she felt that practically anything was possible. She said, "No it's not. You don't know what it's like to get fucked like you just fucked me!" (In her post-orgasmic euphoria, she'd forgotten about the danger of their mother listening in.) "It's the BEST! Beyond the best! I'm sure there are all kinds of chemicals flooding my brain and my body right now, saying, 'Love and serve this man! Do whatever you can so we can get another hit of THAT!'"

"Are you serious?"

"Of course I'm serious! And I'm sure that's what happens too. I don't know much about it, but on some level love is a chemical and hormonal thing, isn't it? It's well known that fucking helps create and strengthen a love bond."

"So you're saying two people who hate each other can fuck themselves into loving each other?"

"I don't know. Maybe. Probably. Who knows? I'm talking out of my ass."

He reached around with both hands and gave her ass cheeks a playful squeeze. "You mean this ass?"

She giggled and smiled from ear to ear. "That's the one! But don't get started again, 'cos my body can't take it! By the way, what's up with this spanking you promised?"

"What do you mean?"

"When is it going to happen?"

He saw the fiery look in her eyes. "I don't know. Actually, I'm going to cancel it."

"What?! No!" She was crestfallen, and it showed. "Why?!"

"See? That's why. You're totally bummed, and it's supposed to be a punishment. Besides, I don't think I'm ready for it. You seem to be taking to this fuck toy role with gusto, but I'm having trouble with my role. I'm not a natural chest-beating, alpha male, he-man type. Spanking you? I love you, and my natural instinct it to protect you. How could I hurt you?"

"You were doing a pretty good job of it for a while there, when we were in the middle of... you-know-what." She looked suspiciously towards the door, because she remembered the danger of their mother Susan eavesdropping again.

Curiosity finally got the best of Alan. Now that the fucking was over and they were rested, he quietly disengaged from his sister and silently snuck to the door. Even though he was still buck naked, he suddenly opened it wide and peered into the hallway. To his surprise, there was no one there. He closed the door and went back to his sister.

As they resumed cuddling, he said, "Huh. I thought the odds were fairly good she'd be there. It seems to be happening a lot lately."

"True." She whispered, "Let's count ourselves lucky. If she WAS listening, she probably would have figured out we were fucking. We dropped a lot of clues along the way."

"Yeah. Especially the mutual orgasm at the end."

They both grinned madly at that.

She asked, "Not that I'm complaining, but I'm curious why you changed your mind about the 'no fucking my fuck-toy sister in the house, even though that's what she's there for' rule."

His body jerked with surprise as he realized that he had broken his own rule. Ignoring her teasing way of describing the rule, he exclaimed, "Shit! I DID forget! Dammit. But, in my defense, I was so damned horny that I couldn't think straight. After what happened in the basement, even though I had an orgasm there, and then what happened with Heather by the front door... damn! Man! My life has gotten so crazy." He sighed from mental exhaustion.

Katherine frowned. "So... does that mean the rule still stands?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

Katherine shook a fist in the air. "Shucks! Arrrgh! That's so frustrating! But you broke the rule, and with Mom in the house no less, and the world didn't come to an end. Why don't you at least..."

Her voice trailed off, because they heard someone coming up the stairs. They probably wouldn't have noticed, except that they were still thinking about eavesdropping.

Alan whispered, "Oh, shit! Speak of the devil. Now, THAT must be Mom!" He got up and quickly started putting his clothes back on.

Katherine did the same.

Sure enough, less than a minute later, there was a knock on a door. But, luckily, it was Alan's door across the hall. They heard Susan calling for Alan, and then opening his door. That gave them time to finish dressing and make themselves at least semi-presentable.

But both of them sniffed the air and realized there was no way Susan would miss the sex smell if she came into the room. While she'd probably assume they'd been doing something short of fucking, Katherine would likely get in some trouble, since she was technically limited to only a single handjob for the entire day.

So Alan quietly hissed to her, "Quick! Just walk out the door like you're going downstairs. Before she can come in!"

Katherine immediately saw the rationale for that. "Right!" She went to the door, but waited for Alan to stand out of view before she opened it. Then she casually strolled into the hallway.


Susan was just coming out of Alan's room, dressed in just a loose, very short, white bathrobe. She was slightly startled to see Katherine. The robe had been wide open in front, so she tried her best to quickly pull it closed. "Oh, hi there, Angel. Say, have you seen Tiger?"

Katherine was also trying to act casual. She kept on walking a few steps past Susan towards the top of the stairs before stopping and turning. She hoped the distance would help prevent Susan from noticing the sex smell that no doubt still clung to her. "Oh? He's not in his room?"


"Maybe he's downstairs with Aunt Suzy?"

"No, she just left."

Katherine wrinkled her brow, pretending to think intently. "Hmmm. Curious. I don't know then. But when I'm downstairs, I'll look."

Susan nodded while fidgeting at pulling her robe together. But it was so revealing that it only stayed closed in front when she continued to hold it. After a pause, she asked, "By the way... I don't know how to put it... but there's a kind of certain smell..."

Katherine kept her cool as she continued to increase the space between her and Susan, just to make sure that her mother wouldn't detect the rather obvious smell of sex. "Oh, that? Guess what I was just doing. I'll give you a clue: it begins with the letter 'M' and ends with 'asturbating.'"

Susan clutched at her chest in dismay. "Angel!"

Katherine put her hands on her hips. "What? It's wrong for a MAN to spill his seed on the ground, but it's no problem for a woman. A virile young man's cum belongs on a woman's face or chest, or in one of her orifices, wouldn't you agree?"

"But of course! Anything else would be, well... not just a shame and a waste, but a sin!" Clearly, Susan had fully bought into that idea.

Katherine looked over Susan's robe, which still revealed a tremendous amount of cleavage and thigh, despite her mother's continued efforts to keep it closed in front. "True. But there's no sin in a woman pleasuring herself. In fact, I'll bet dollars to donuts that you're off to take a shower, and while you're there, well, let's just say you might have a nice little orgasm or two."

Susan bowed her head and blushed. Realizing that her reaction had given her away, she said, "Well, there may be some truth to that, but in my defense, I'm having to deal with unreasonable, extreme temptation, every single day! You saw what Tiger did downstairs. It was just... so hot!"

Katherine grinned impishly. "Are you talking about the way he ran his hands all over your naked body like he owned you?"

Susan's eyes widened. Clearly, that phrase fired her lust. "Ummm..." She fidgeted, again tugging at her robe.

Katherine looked up and down Susan's body with amusement. "By the way, Mom, what's up with that robe? It's so short that it barely reaches down to your pussy, and even with the way you're tugging the sides together in front, there's still an obvious gap. Where did you get that? From a clothing store for kids?!"

Susan turned her head in embarrassment. "Er, it's uh... it's one of Suzanne's."

"But there's no way it would fit her either. The two of you are the exact same size, as everyone knows. I suspect that robe is less for covering up, and more for showing off. Why, if Brother had come to his door instead of me coming to mine, I'll bet that robe, and your amazing body underneath, would have given him a humungous erection within seconds! And seconds later, you would have been on your knees with that robe tossed on the floor, with your lips would be wrapped around his huge, hot shaft, your tongue lapping just under the crown of his bulbous knob, and your fingers dancing up and down his long, fat pole! Was that your plan?"

Katherine had obviously hit the nail on the head. Susan was fidgeting so much from that description that she was practically dancing in place. Her face turned even redder from arousal. "Um... he has big needs, Angel. You know that. Very, big, thick, er... needs! I have to be ready at any time!"

Katherine's gaze went all the way down to Susan's feet. "Is that why you're wearing high heels too? Does it give you an extra thrill while sucking and slurping and licking endlessly on your son's constantly hot, throbbing, erect cock, knowing that you're a big-titted, high-heeled, sex-toy mommy who lives to-"

Susan rudely interrupted, "I've gotta go take that shower now!" She was too hot and bothered, and simply couldn't take it anymore. She turned and hustled towards her bedroom. She spoke over her shoulder, "If you see him, let me know. Especially if he has, you know... his problem."

"Okay, Mom!" Katherine continued on down the stairs. She was tickled pink at how well that had worked out. Hee! She's soooo easy to wind up. And it's so fun! Things will never go back to "normal" around here, that's for sure, since she's completely hooked. Thank God for that!

With Susan taking a shower, Alan had no problem getting out of Katherine's room unnoticed.

As he was leaving, he noticed Katherine's diary was still on the floor where she'd tossed it. He was briefly tempted to pick it up and read more of it, but he thought, Nah. Things are so great between Sis and me lately. I don't want to ruin that. She'd probably find out I'd peeked. And even if she didn't, it's not right. It's one thing if she's there and she lets me, but this would be totally different. She's so great to me in every way, especially lately... I'm going to be great to her in return.

He left the diary where it was. But he went downstairs to warn Katherine that it was lying out in the open, so she could put it back in one of her hiding places. Then he took a shower of his own to get rid of any incriminating sights or smells.

Then he went back to his room and started reading a book. He was reading The Lord of the Rings (and not for the first time), but he hadn't been making much progress on it lately, due to so much sexual activity. After his intense orgasm with Katherine, not to mention all the other sexy fun earlier, he was content to just chill out and do something non-sexual for a while.

Susan came by after her shower. She was visibly disappointed to find out that he was flaccid and not up for any kind of sexual activity any time soon. But she told him that she understood, that sometimes he needed time to recharge and recover. She went out to the backyard to do some gardening.


Even though there was no school on Veteran's Day, head cheerleader Heather still had arranged for a cheerleading practice. This was unusual for Heather, since she generally tried to do as little school-related work as she could. But she had a clever intrigue she couldn't wait to put into motion, partly so she could hopefully fuck Alan before the day was done, but also partly so she could increase her control over the cheerleading squad. The extra practice was mostly just an excuse to get the cheerleaders together so she could do that.

After two weeks of utter normalcy in cheerleading, Katherine half-figured that the rest of the semester would be like that. But when she arrived at practice, the first surprise was that they would switch practice locations.

Instead of practicing outdoors as usual, Heather announced they would practice in a new indoor location. They went into an abandoned room in a remote part of the school that had once been a theater. It still had a stage, but all the audience seating had been removed. The school drama club had died out years before and no one put on plays at the school anymore. There was plenty of room for the cheerleaders to move about, but the room was dark and gloomy compared to being outside.

After they'd all relocated, Heather got up on the stage and gave them a speech. "I'm sure you're all wondering about why I called for a practice when we could be enjoying a three day weekend," she said in a loud, decisive voice. "It doesn't have much to do with the quality of our performances lately, although we could use some more practice. No, there's a far more disturbing reason."

She let that hang in the air - she had a flair for the dramatic. "You may also be wondering why we're practicing in a new location. I requested it, for the time being, and I think you'll soon understand why. You see, it's related to the disturbing thing I mentioned."

Again, she let the tension build with another dramatic pause. Then she continued, "I have some news to report that hurts me deeply, and troubles me a lot. I've been keeping my ears close to the ground these last two weeks and my worst fear has been confirmed. One of you has been talking and told someone else about the panty punishment I gave Katherine and Kim."

That wasn't actually true; she'd gotten the room late the prior week due to her recent determination to find a private place at school where she and Alan could fuck. But it was a space she figured she could use for multiple purposes, including increasing her power over the other cheerleaders. Besides, using the room for cheerleading practice would help provide cover from the school administration that she mainly wanted to room for sex.

There was a gasp from the other five cheerleaders who stood below the stage. They looked from one to another to see who it might be.

Heather, looking serious

"I happen to know the name of this person," Heather announced. There were more murmurs in response. "However, I am not ready to say who it is, at least not just yet. If she is going to win back my trust and our trust, it's important that she confess to us all what she did, take the punishment, and never do it again. Luckily, news hasn't traveled far. But to tell even one person is too many! I know who your friends are and who you might talk to. If you tell your pet dog even, I have ways of finding out! I'm serious. So someone here needs to confess."

Whenever Heather's eyes moved from one person to the next, all the other cheerleaders followed with their eyes, suspecting that person was the one, only to have Heather then look at someone else.

Heather made sure that she looked at each of the other cheerleaders an equal amount of time. Tension was thick in the air.

Heather went on, "You all know the punishment. The person who confesses has to go without panties for a week, including during the football game itself. If no one confesses, then everyone gets the full punishment. So either way the person who told is going to have the same punishment. But by confessing you'll save your fellow cheerleaders from being embarrassed and hating you for betraying our squad. Now you can see why we're in this room for the week. I thought I would be nice and at least give you some privacy in experiencing your punishment for the week before the game."

In actual fact, Heather had made up the entire story. She didn't know if anyone had said anything, although it was true that she'd snooped around intensely in the past week. She'd already had a lot of fun with Katherine and Kim, so she wanted "the punishment" to happen to someone else, to put more spice into her cheerleading practices.

Heather considered this a win-win situation, no matter who got "punished." If someone confessed, then great. If it was Joy or Janice, then so much the better, because Heather thought it would be a fun challenge to play around with their reluctant minds and bodies. Amy, Heather knew, would simply accept the punishment with little more than an "M'kay!", which would short-circuit her attempted fun, even though it would still be quite enjoyable to see the innocent sexpot prance around with black paint on her naked butt.

But best of all was if no one confessed. Then everyone would have to go bare-assed together and things would likely get way more sexual very fast. So far, Heather hadn't been able to get anything sexual going with the cheerleaders, other than the one time with Katherine and Amy in the shower. She hoped to change that. The year before, her arch-enemy Donna had been one of the cheerleaders, whose presence had blocked Heather from making any similar moves. Heather and Donna were the two main candidates to become head cheerleader this year. When Heather squeaked out a hard-fought victory, Donna declined to return as a cheerleader again. She couldn't stand having Heather as a boss, and she knew Heather would make Donna's time as a cheerleader utterly miserable.

With Donna gone, the opportunities for Heather to use the cheerleader squad to her personal advantage seemed wide open. She'd been biding her time the first few weeks of school since half the squad was new, but now she wanted to open things (and them) up.

The cheerleaders continued to look at each other as if they were playing the kids' game Murder. They were all extremely nervous.

"Does anyone have any questions?" Heather asked.

There were none.

"Does anyone have any problem with the punishment system?"

No one spoke.

"If you agree with this punishment, then raise your hand."

To not raise one's hand might be seen as a sign of guilt. Everyone raised a hand, though reluctantly.

"To the guilty one," Heather said dramatically as she looked above and past all the cheerleaders, "I will give you ten minutes to come to your senses and confess. I already know who you are, so you will be punished. It's just a matter of how you want to do it, and how great your punishment will be. The longer you wait, the harder I'm going to make it on you."

Heather looked down and walked off the stage. She was all ready to begin their practice when she realized that one of the cheerleaders had just stepped forward, with head tipped down and eyes filled with tears of shame and dread.

It was Joy, the one cheerleader who had expressed the most reservations about the punishment. "I-I-I did it," she muttered and began to cry.

Heather was taken aback. After a week of snooping she was almost certain that no one had talked. But the head cheerleader kept her cool and tried to act as if this was what she'd expected all along. She immediately rushed to Joy's side and began to comfort her. "There, there," she said and gave Joy a shoulder to cry on.

"Joy made a mistake," Heather said to the others. "But it's okay because she confessed. Let's not be angry with her. Joy, tell them who you told."

"My younger sister. I didn't think she would tell anyone else, I swear!" Joy was so overcome with guilt that she began to shudder from nervousness and fear. She genuinely liked the other girls in the cheerleading squad and didn't want them to feel upset with her or betrayed. She valued their trust.

"Don't worry; she didn't," Heather answered as she thought quickly about how to run with this unexpected "gift" that Joy had just laid at her feet. "I just knew that you'd told her by the way she looked at me not long afterward. Your secret is still safe." Heather surprised even herself at how logical it all sounded. Joy's sister Jenny was a year younger and also in the same high school. Heather did see her around from time to time, so the story was irrefutable. She could have seen Jenny and figured it out that way, even though she hadn't, and there was no way the sisters could confirm or deny that. She was secretly quite pleased at how this had all developed.

The other cheerleaders took their cue from Heather and for the next few minutes they gathered round Joy and did their best to make her feel better with a group hug. Heather made it clear that Joy would have to go through with the punishment, so all of them did their best to encourage her and get her to buck up.

Finally, Heather said, "Okay, enough of this. We still have to practice, you know. Kathy, can you call our painter and see if he can come help? We need to start Joy's punishment right away. Today. And have him bring a razor, too. She needs to be shaved first."

Katherine was irked to be called "Kathy" and incredulous that Heather had just pretty much given away to the other cheerleaders the identity of who had painted her and Kim. "What makes you think you can just summon him like that? It's a holiday. He's got things to do. And even if he isn't that busy, what makes you think he'd be willing to do your every whim at a moment's notice?"

Katherine's eyes flashed with anger, which was something to see, because she very rarely got angry. I knew that Heather could pull some pretty risky and underhanded stunts, but this takes the cake! she thought to herself as she crossed her arms expectantly and glared at the head cheerleader. She added, "Oh, and by the way, it's KATHERINE, as if you didn't know that already. Sheesh!"

Heather replied haughtily, "I don't know any of that for sure, but I know he's a pretty clever guy and he can manage. Maybe he's off playing Dungeons and Dragons or some stupid nerdy crap like that, but don't you think he'd rather spend time with a bunch of beautiful girls? And what else are we going to do? I don't know the first thing about how to do it myself. Anyway, it's just for a short time on one day. What's it take? Ten, fifteen minutes?"

Katherine didn't have any answer to that. She didn't see much point in fighting it, since it was obvious that Heather was referring to her brother, and she couldn't undo that now.

Heather went to her backpack and pulled out her cell phone. "Here. Give me his number and I'll give him a call. If he's not there, we'll go to plan B."

Katherine grumped, "He doesn't have his own phone. But I guess you can try him at home."

Heather called the Plummer house and Susan answered the phone. She went and got Alan. Heather then explained the problem to Alan.

Although Alan was having a lot of sexual fun at home, the prospect of painting panties on a cheerleader's nude ass sounded pretty good too. Besides, he was worried that if he didn't help, Heather could get someone else. He wanted to be the "go to" guy for this kind of thing. So he told Heather that he wasn't doing anything important and he'd be over right away, with a razor and painting material.


Heather gave Alan directions to the theater room, so he went right there on his bicycle and then locked his bike up nearby. Alan had never been in that room before, since it was in a little-used part of the campus and always locked. He had to knock to get in, because now that Heather had access, she was very careful to make sure the door stayed locked.

He was surprised that there was such a big, unused room in their overcrowded school. Apparently it couldn't be used as a classroom because the floor sloped slightly, providing stadium seating (where the back seats are higher than the front seats) before the seats had been removed. An un-level floor was hardly ideal for cheerleading practice, but Heather figured secrecy was more important. Besides, it was flat just in front of the stage and on the wooden stage, so they had plenty of space. It was a very big room indeed.

Practice stopped when Alan entered the room. The mood changed because everyone was curious about what he'd do. He was briefly introduced to the other cheerleaders, but in fact he knew them all by name already except for Janice and Joy. He looked around the room and thought, Dang! I'm sexually involved with ALL the cheerleaders except for Janice and Joy. That's pretty cool!

Heather looked at Alan and smirked. She walked up to him and spoke quietly near his ear, so only he could hear. "How do you like the room? I came up with the idea of using it earlier today, thanks to our conversation. I've got the only key, and official permission to use it. Soundproof walls, perfect privacy. It's the ideal place to give a naughty slut her well-deserved reward, don't you think?"

She stepped back and flashed him an even more knowing and seductive smirk. She loved the blindsided look on his face.

He thought, Dang! How the hell did she find a room like this, especially on a holiday? So much for my plan to say her private spot isn't private enough. Damn! This changes everything. He felt aroused by the prospect of fucking her in that room in the near future, but he also worried. He could never permit himself to forget that she was really dangerous to his family, and that he was supposed to be winding down his sexual relationship with her.

Speaking loudly again, she said to him, "See her? That's Joy. She's the one you have to paint." She was surprised at how difficult it was for her to act normally around Alan, but she was good at hiding her emotions. Even so, she found it surprisingly hard to suppress her desire to hug and kiss him.

Joy with eyes downcast, looking worried

Alan looked at where Heather pointed and briefly checked out Joy. She was rather short compared to the tall females Alan was used to, but she was not as short as Kim. She looked like the stereotypical brown-eyed, brown-haired, fair-skinned California cheerleader. Overall she had a nice body, but nothing really stood out. Her boobs were, if anything, average or less than average. But she had very big brown eyes and a really winning smile. She briefly flashed him her smile and acted as if everything was normal, but quickly went back to acting worried and nervous.

Alan decided the best way to handle this extremely odd situation was to be quick and business-like. "This is really awkward for everybody, I'm sure, so let's get this done as fast as possible. I'm going to be strictly professional about this. Joy, please take off your underwear, then turn around and tie this string around your waist to hold up your skirt. We need to keep that completely out of the way."

Joy reluctantly did as she was told, even though she trembled in fear. Her eyes were clenched closed, fiercely tight.

"There's nothing to worry about," Alan said as he tried to calm her while gathering his supplies. "Just imagine you're a marble statue and I'm a painter painting the marble. Like I said, even though I'm a guy, I'm going to be completely professional. I've painted both my sister and Kim in a completely nonsexual way, so I can do that to you too." His words had a definite calming effect. "This is already old hat for me. And you can be sure I won't snitch to anyone about anything."

That last comment seemed to strike a nerve, causing her to sob a bit.

Heather pointed out, "Joy is getting punished because she told someone about what happened to Katherine and Kim. But luckily that person didn't tell anyone else."

"Oh," said Alan as he realized what he'd said to set her off so abruptly. "Sorry. I'm going to start painting your rear end now. Are you okay with that, Joy?"

"I guess so. Please hurry and get it done."

"I'm hurrying. The first thing I'm going to do is draw the outlines with this small brush and then I'll fill in the rest with a bigger one." He began to paint quickly.

The rest of the cheerleaders gathered round and watched with great interest. Only Katherine and Kim had seen any panty painting before, and both of them had been too busy with each other or with Alan to really watch how he did it, so even they were interested.

Alan finished Joy's backside in record time and, after a few minutes for it to dry, had her turn around. She put her hand over her bush and squealed, "Please don't look at that!"

"Sorry, Joy, but I have to," he said reasonably, with a sympathetic look on his face. "How can I paint without looking?" He gently placed his hand on hers and moved it away.

"I'm just so embarrassed!" Her friend Janice took one of her hands and Kim on her other side took the other. Together they gently stroked her hands and comforted her.

Alan put the paint aside momentarily. "Okay, Joy, before I go on, you need to get shaved. I've never shaved, um, one of these before," he lied, in an effort to make her feel more comfortable. He hoped that if someone else could do it she might relax, so he asked, "Does anyone else want to do this part?"

There were no takers. Katherine and Heather, who normally were bold enough to have helped, wanted to see him shave Joy, so he could push things further along with her.

So Alan began to shave Joy's quivering mound. As he did, her aroma began to waft up to his nose, forcing him to fight valiantly with himself to ignore it. "I guess it's not that different from shaving my face. Could someone talk to Joy while I'm doing this, just to distract her a bit and help her relax?"

Kim and Katherine talked to her, telling of their own experiences of being a shaved cheerleader without underwear. But they stressed only the positives and, needless to say, omitted that Alan had shaved either of them (as well as all the sexual antics that had later occurred).

Joy made brief comments and asked a few nervous questions.

It took a while for Alan to shave Joy. He went to great lengths to avoid touching her private parts, but some contact couldn't be helped. He touched her clitoris a couple of times, and had to wipe off the last of the shaving cream from her skin with his hand. But he generally maintained as professional and dispassionate an attitude as anyone could have hoped for in such circumstances. It helped that Joy was too nervous and shy to get even slightly sexually excited, so her pussy wasn't wet and her pussy lips weren't engorged.

"We're all done with the shaving," he eventually announced. "Does anyone have a mirror, or even two?" It was no problem to find a couple of mirrors, since the room was filled with cheerleaders who obsessed over their looks. "Here, see how it looks," Alan said as he handed a mirror to Joy.

She held the small mirror away from herself, nervously positioning it until she got the angle right to see her own bare pussy. "OH ... MY ... GOD! I'm soooo embarrassed!" She closed her eyes again and put her hands over her face, as if that would make the naked privates go away.

Joy bent over, with painted-on panties on her rear side and her now-shaved pussy showing between her legs

Alan then got to work on touching up the paint on her butt, now that the primary painting had dried.

After a few more minutes of cajoling, Joy was convinced to look in the mirror again. This time they also positioned the second mirror behind Joy so she could look at her painted butt. That caused even more squeals of mortification.

The other cheerleaders watched all of this with rapt attention. Already a good fifteen minutes had elapsed.

Alan was finally able to move on to painting her front. He painted it all quickly, including most of her shaved pussy.

But after all this painting of private parts, Alan found his nobility slipping a bit. He decided to push things just a little, both out of selfish desire and because he simply had to in order to get the job done right. So before he was done with her pussy, he said, "Uh-oh, we have a problem."

"What is it?" Heather asked.

"When I painted Katherine and Kim, they were both ... sexually excited at the idea of not wearing underwear in front of a big crowd. That would excite anybody, I thought." It was true that they'd been excited, but much more by the fact that Alan was painting and touching them, but of course Alan didn't mention that part. "But Joy is so frightened, I guess, that she's not excited at all. So her, uh, nether lips aren't aroused. That means I can't paint very much of them. Which means that if the game comes and she gets excited, then a lot of pinkness will be exposed and it could be highly embarrassing."

"Hmmm. I see," Heather said. "Can you do something about that, Joy, and open up your pussy lips? Maybe hold them open?"

"What, right now?!" she asked in total amazement. "No way!"

"Well, do you want him to paint that part, or would you rather be pink for the game?"

"I-I-I-I guess, paint that part. But I just can't do it right now! I'm so embarrassed, I'm ready to die!"

"Okay, okay, relax," said Heather calmly. Turning to Alan, she asked him, "Katherine probably told you this would be a one-day thing, but could you come back tomorrow to touch up that part?"

"No way!" he protested. He was hoping by pressing the pussy lips issue he'd maybe get to see someone stimulate Joy, rather than him being forced to come back. Being with his sister in such a situation was too dangerous; secrets might come out. He said, "I'm pushing my luck doing this kind of thing. Do you realize the risk I'm taking? And for what? Just to be nice and do you all a favor. What if someone came in right now? Don't even make me think about it!"

Heather said assuredly, "No one is going to come in. You know the school is deserted on a holiday like this."

"Hey, anything is possible," he said. "Maybe the very fact that nobody is supposed to be here would cause the janitor to come investigate. I've got my bike parked out front, you know."

She replied, "Why would the janitor or anyone else be working today? You saw that the door is locked. Face it, we have perfect privacy."

She flashed him a knowing, sexual look, as if to say, I want my reward, and I want it now! This is where you're going to be fucking me soon!

Alan was rightfully dubious about her claim to have "perfect privacy." He knew that there were all kinds of practical problems and risks with having sex anywhere on school grounds. It seemed more likely that she was simply trying to put his concerns at rest so they could get down to some sexy fun. He decided not to challenge her on it, since he figured he had little to no chance of getting the truth out of her easily.

She asked, "Anyway, what about lunch time tomorrow?"

"Well... I guess. I'm busy at the start of lunch tomorrow, though." He tried to figure, How can I possibly juggle this with my sexual session with Glory tomorrow? Ah well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

He concluded, "Maybe ten or fifteen minutes into lunch I can come by for a few minutes, I guess. But, please, let's not make a habit of this!"

Heather looked around. She was bothered by the fact that the other cheerleaders were there and obviously listening. She grabbed Alan by his arm and started to pull him away. "If you're going to be the 'official painter' of this cheerleading squad, we need to talk. In private."

Alan was well aware of what might happen once Heather had him alone in private. It was clear she was raring to fuck him, and she didn't much care about getting caught. So he said, "Fine. Over here, on the other side of the room."

Heather didn't like that, because the other cheerleaders would still be able to see. But the truth was she didn't really have anywhere private to take him in the first place. She was hoping to get him outside and then see where her feminine charms could take her. But she realized she'd have to make do with this.

Once the two of them were standing well out of hearing range of the others, Heather spoke to him quietly. "So... I want my reward. Today."

"Heather, what are you talking about? There is no reward. That'll only happen once you get the FINAL lab results."

"Why are you being such a hard ass about that?" she griped. "Do I need to remind you that I'm the head cheerleader and the most beautiful girl in school?"

"Yeah, and you're also a self-admitted 'naughty, shameless, cock-hungry slut.' Those are the very words you called yourself earlier. Which means who knows who you've been with? I'm not sticking my dick in you until I get the all clear. Period."

She glared at him. "Alan, you're starting to really annoy me. It looks like I need to remind you that you're a social nobody. Harsh, but true. Most girls wouldn't even give you the time of day. And yet, here I am, practically begging-" She cut herself off, because she believed that she never begged anyone for anything. "Well, not begging. Let's say I'm strongly encouraging you to have sex with me. And yet you say no. Do I need to turn the screws on you?"

"I don't know what that means. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and act like you're not thinking of blackmailing me or some crap like that. That's not going to work with me. Look. It's clear that I'm not like the other guys you've been with. I'm not going to be pushed around. You're right that I'm a 'social nobody,' but that means I have nothing to lose. I don't give a shit about my reputation here. And I couldn't care less about girls not giving me the time of day. That's because I have other lovers outside of school, lovers who are even more beautiful than you are."

She snorted. "Yeah, right. As if that's even possible!"

He rolled his eyes at her hubris. He decided to hype up some mysterious intrigue about himself, to keep her at bay. "There's a lot of things about me you don't know. I keep a very low profile here at school, on purpose. The truth is, I'm quite a player, but I prefer older women, because they've got the voluptuous, busty bodies I like best, and they've got the sexual experience to tear up the bed sheets. A girl like you, well... you're just not all that, in my book." XX11

She pointed at him, practically poking his chest. "Hey! I'll have you know that I'm VERY sexually experienced!"

"Yeah, but not in a good way. Fucking a bunch of sexually clueless teenage boys doesn't help anything. And you're a selfish lover. For instance, your blowjob skills, frankly, are pathetic."

"I can learn! Give me a chance, right here, right now. I can dismiss these other losers no problem. Then you and I can use this room and I'll show you what I can do." She felt insulted and did want to prove her skills to him. But also, she figured that if she could get him to agree to that much, he'd end up fucking her as well before they were done.

He shook his head. "Not gonna happen. I'm not even tempted. You have very little hold over me. I'm not all wowed by the 'great' Heather Morgan." He gave her a dismissive look. "So don't play games. I'll fuck you tomorrow, if you have the right results, and a place to do it."

She was miffed, but her gut instinct made her think he was telling the truth. She decided to back off on pressuring him, at least for now. "Of course I have a place. You're standing in it. How about tomorrow at lunch?"

"We'll see. I highly doubt you'll get the final test results that fast."

"You'll see. Don't worry, I'm on it!"

Alan was able to leave a short time after that. Heather had to be careful not to talk to him too much, given that the other cheerleaders were watching and paying attention.

As Alan unlocked his bike outside the theater room, he thought, Man, I'm really pissed at Heather and her vague threats. If I look up "bitch" in the dictionary, I expect to see her face there! But, I must admit that I'm getting a kick out of "riding the tiger" with her. It's true that I don't have much invested in my social status here at school, so why not? I don't have much to lose if things went sour with her.

Besides, she IS a babe! Of course I had to be harsh with her. No way could I tell her how she thrills me. Maybe I get off on the danger. Man, I've got a major boner right now just from talking to her and seeing her practically beg to give me a blowjob! My life has changed in such a dramatic way that it's totally unreal. Heather wanting ME?! Heh!

He got on his bike and started to ride through open parts of the school grounds. I can't wait to get home. Sis still has her punishment, but Mom will be waiting with her eager mouth. Or even better, her cleavage and mouth! I could go for a titfuck-blowjob combo to take the edge off. Sweet!


But as Alan passed the main school building, he had another idea. Hmmm. I wonder if Glory is in her classroom right now. I know she likes to work there over the weekend sometimes so she can grade papers without any distractions. Hmmm. I can have fun with Mom all day long. But it would be great to further my new relationship with my sexy teach!

He stopped at one of the entrances to the main building and got off his bike. He tried the doors, but found they were locked. Damn! So close and yet so far. And I totally bet she's there too. It's times like this I wish I had a cell phone. Bummer!

He got back on his bike and continued through the school. He tried the main doors on the other side of the building, but they were locked as well.

However, while he was biking around and looking for a way to get in, he happened to notice Christine with some girls on the sports field. At first glance, it looked like a typical baseball practice. He thought he'd stop and say hello.

However, once he'd stopped his bike and got a closer look, he saw Christine seemed to be having an argument with the four other girls there. It was too far for him to hear what was being said, but the girls looked angry at Christine and appeared to be haranguing her. However, she was fiercely standing up for herself.

Uh-oh! Alan thought as he got off his bike. That looks serious. It might even come to blows! And Christine is outnumbered four to one! She needs my help!

There was a chain link fence between Alan and the field, but he quickly ran back to where he knew there was an entry and raced across the field to where the confrontation was taking place. He threw his backpack down, just in case he needed to use his body to defend Christine.

His rather dramatic appearance had caused a break in the argument. Everyone, including Christine, stopped and stared at him to see what he was doing there. Trying to take charge, he growled, "What's going on here?"

He didn't know the names of any of the girls confronting Christine, but he had a general idea that they were part of Heather's inner circle. (He didn't know it yet because he didn't stay up on school social politics, but this group was generally known as the "Blondies" because they were mostly blonde. And in fact, three of the four girls standing around Christine actually were blonde.) The tallest blonde glared at him and asked, "What's it to you?"

He replied, "Hey, I'm one of Christine's friends, and I don't like to see her getting pushed around."

Christine was irked at that. She said, "Thanks, Alan, but I'm not being pushed around, and I can handle it myself just fine. We're just having a... difference of opinion." She added sarcastically, "Apparently, it's some kind of crime around here for wanting to be good at something."

The one brunette confronting Christine looked at Alan as she complained, "Hardly! It's one thing just to be good. But she's mostly just trying to make the rest of us look bad!" She turned to Christine accusingly. "Haven't you done enough already?" Then she turned back to Alan. "If you're her friend, maybe you can get her to stop."

Alan held his hands up. "Hold on, hold on. I have no idea what's going on. Can someone please tell me what this is all about?"

The shortest blonde spoke up, nodding at Christine's body. "As you can see, we're all on the varsity team."

Alan hadn't been paying attention, but now he took a closer look at Christine and saw that she was still wearing her softball uniform, as well as holding a glove and ball. The four other girls were dressed in street clothes.

The short blonde continued, "In the last game we played, Christine kicked ass. As usual." She said this like it was highly annoying. "She hit not one but TWO home runs, and a double besides! And she made a spectacular catch." The words seemed like praise; however, the girl's tone of voice was accusatory. She went on, "So you'd think she'd be happy with that, right? But noooooOOOOoooo! It's a friggin' holiday, and she's STILL out here practicing!"

Alan asked, "But aren't the rest of you practicing too?"

The girl explained, "Well, yeah, but only because Christine pretty much dragged us here. We were the only ones who showed up. The reason we're arguing is because we've been here for an hour and we want to go home." She pointed accusingly at Christine. "But SHE says we need 'more work on the fundamentals.'"

Christine explained defensively, "Look, I'm not even into softball that much. I don't practice outside of these team practices. But if you're gonna do something, you might as well do it right. That game she was talking about? We LOST! I don't like losing! We all made simple mistakes. I let an easy ball go right past me. So, yeah, we DO need more work on the fundamentals. If we quit now, we're going to skip some important things."

One of the other girls griped, "Big deal."

"That's a nice winning attitude," Christine said sarcastically.

The tallest blonde rolled her eyes. "Some of us have social lives, and know how to have FUN." Her eyes narrowed and she asked Christine accusingly, "How are you so good, anyway, if you don't practice on your own?"

Christine shrugged. "I play other sports and I practice martial arts. If you develop quick reflexes in one thing, it carries over to other things. And martial arts weapons training teaches you how to make things into body extensions. I don't think of hitting the ball with the bat; for me it's as if I'm hitting it with my hand that just happens to be extended by the bat. Your reflexes would be a lot more accurate if you approached batting that way."

The tall blonde said with a scowl, "Gee, thanks for the tip, Miss Know-It-All."

"Hey, sorry for trying to be helpful. I'm not trying to make anyone look bad, really. I wouldn't play softball at all if it wasn't something our coach kind of pushed me into for fall P.E. class."

The other girls groaned at that. It was obvious to Alan that the others liked softball, wanted to win, and practiced it a lot. Even though they wanted to go home, they did show up when they didn't have to. The fact that Christine bested them so effortlessly only added to their frustration.

Christine added, "All I was saying was that we should field some grounders before we call it a day. Practice makes perfect. But we can stop now since you're annoyed, Why don't we just all go home?"

The most muscular blonde, the one who hadn't spoken yet, asked Alan, "Are you her boyfriend or something? Can you tell her to kind of lay off and take it easy? I wanna practice as much as anybody, but I'm TIRED. Enough is enough already, but I swear she never gets tired. And she never screws up. Everybody knows that she gets A's in everything. Sports is all I'm good at. But she's ruining the grading curve even in this!"

Before Alan could answer, the short blonde spoke in a cutting tone, "Boyfriend? Are you kidding me? Christine doesn't have a boyfriend. That's why she's so good at everything, because she's a prude. She has all kinds of free time to practice every damn thing she does because she has no social life at all. Hey you, what's your name? Alan? Are you sure you're her friend, because I thought she didn't have any friends."

He said defensively, "Hey! That's unfair. Sure she has friends, and I'm one of them."

The tall blonde said, "Yeah, you're just about the ONLY friend, from all I've seen. And hell, not only does she not have a boyfriend, everybody knows she's a virgin." She turned to Christine, asking with a sneer, "Have you ever even kissed a boy? No. I thought not. Pathetic!"

Christine had been standing defiant, but once her sex life became the focus she slumped and looked abashed.

Sensing weakness, the other girls piled on. The lone brunette said, "Who would want to kiss the Ice Queen anyway? Sure, she looks good, but she's so cold and nasty! Brrr! You'd need an Eskimo parka just to hug her!"

Before, Christine had looked ready to kick ass and take names. But now she was practically cowering, suddenly unable to even make eye contact. It was obvious to Alan that the other girls were envious and resentful, and they were probably just getting warmed up with their insults. So he shouted at them, "HEY! Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about! Do you think a girl as beautiful as Christine is a total virgin? Give me a break. I know for a fact that she's kissed guys. Heck, she's done a lot more than that."

The short blonde put her hands on her hips and challenged Alan, "Oh yeah? And how do you know that? And why hasn't she ever said one word about it?"

He said, "You don't know anything about her. Her martial arts code - that's an honor code. When she promises not to kiss and tell, she actually means it. You wouldn't be able to even torture it out of her."

The muscular blonde scowled. "That sounds like a whole helping heap of bullshit, if you ask me. We've all been in the same social circles for years, and nobody I know has ever heard of Christine having a boyfriend or even going out on a date."

Alan said, "That shows what you know. She's a very private person, and most guys here just don't interest her. But if you've known her for years, you also know that she's scrupulously honest, right?"

"Right," the muscular blonde conceded.

"Have you ever known her to totally lie about something?"


"Okay, then. It was a private thing, because I'm a private guy too, but I'll have you know that she and I have dated in the past. We're talking sexy dress, nice suit, fancy restaurant - the whole nine yards. With kissing and everything. You know, dating, the thing you say she's never done. Right, Christine? Have we or have we not done all that dating stuff?"

Christine grinned and stood up straight. "We have. I can say with total honesty that we have." She held out a fist in Alan's direction. "Thanks for letting me finally mention that. It drives me crazy - all this 'Ice Queen virgin' talk - and never being able to defend myself."

"No problem." He raised his fist and made a friendly fist bump against Christine's. They smiled at each other as they withdrew their hands. "If I'd known it was a problem, I wouldn't have held you to your silence."

"Damn," the tall blonde griped.

"Fuck," the short blonde complained. "She kicks ass in sports and in school, AND she has a real social life too? That's just... fuck me!"

That revelation took the wind out of the sails of the four "Blondie" girls. After a little more griping and small talk, they left as a group, leaving Alan and Christine standing in the middle of the field.

Once they were out of earshot, Christine said with a big grin, "Hey. Thanks."

He smiled from ear to ear. "Hey! No problemo!"

She added a bit shyly, "It's not like I needed your help. I wasn't worried they were going to beat me up or anything like that." Even that was being modest: thanks to her martial arts training, she knew she'd never been in any physical danger at all. "But it was nice for you to come up with... well, let's just say... some creative truths."

His smile widened. "Yeah, but it was all true, right? After all, we HAVE dated. It just so happens that we've only dated twice, and they were just practice dates. But we did technically do everything I said, including kissing."

She chuckled. "Yeah. One kiss on the cheek. Big whoop."

He chuckled too. "Hey, that counts as kissing. That's all I claimed. If they want to read more into that, that's up to them, right?" Actually, he knew that he had outright lied at least once, when he'd mentioned that Christine not only "kissed guys" but had "done a lot more than that." However, if Christine was overlooking that prevarication, he wasn't about to remind her of it. Instead, he said, "The main thing is, now they won't give you such a hard time on the whole 'virgin Ice Queen' thing. Let their imaginations run wild."

She nodded happily at that. Then she asked with renewed doubt, "You think they'll figure that we're still 'dating?' I mean real dating? I don't want to give you trouble with that, if you're dating someone else right now." She was fishing with that comment, hoping he'd confirm or deny if he was really dating and maybe even mention any girls he was involved with.

But he just said, "Nah. You took care of that with your comment about how you were grateful that you could 'finally' mention our dating history. That definitely left the impression that it happened a long time ago. So just keep the ambiguity going and if they ask you for more details, just say you don't kiss and tell."

She was all grins. "Hey, I didn't lie. I COULD 'finally' talk about it, after hours and hours."

He had a good laugh at that. "Yeah, a whole fifteen hours ago, maybe." But then he grew more serious. "Unfortunately, there's a problem. Obviously these girls are envious of your great abilities. I know you're not gonna deliberately suck at softball or anything else. Nor should you. Thinking that you had an Achilles heel with your love life probably cut down on their resentment. Now that we've misled them on that, I'll bet they'll be even more pissed off at you."

She shrugged. "Let them be. I don't care. I can't let what other people think about me slow me down. Besides, I know them. Some people are the kind who take action, but all they're gonna do is grumble and gripe some more."

He stepped closer to her and stared deeply into her eyes. "Good. I know you've faced this kind of envy thing for years, so you're probably used to it. But listen to me. You're special. For one thing, you're very beautiful, but that's just icing on the cake. What's really amazing is how talented you are. No matter what you do, you somehow end up being the best at it. That's talent plus drive. Amazing! I'm so in awe of you!"

"Hey, you're pretty talented too."

"Yeah, I have some smarts, but I don't have your drive. Plus, your talent is on a whole 'nother level. And I know what you're thinking: 'But those girls are right, because I don't really have a social life. We didn't lie, but we misled them. They were only practice dates, after all, not real dates. And I'm still a virgin. No matter how good I am at everything else, all four of those girls are still more experienced than me at that.'"

Christine's eyes widened in surprise. "How did you know all that?" XX12

He grinned impishly. "Hey, I may not be Christine smart, but I'm not a dummy either. That's what I'd be thinking if I were in your shoes. But here's the thing: it doesn't matter. Sure, you may not have all that experience NOW, but you're still not even friggin' eighteen. A few weeks ago, I was in the same situation. You don't have anything to be ashamed about. It's true that nowadays kids are getting sexually experienced younger and younger, but it wasn't that long ago when you would have been branded a slut if you were eighteen and NOT a virgin. Cultural standards change all the time. The important thing is that you've got plenty of time for all that. And thanks to our practice dates, once you do, you'll be able to come off like a pro from the get-go. So it's all gravy. Soon you'll be in Switzerland, dating Nobel Prize winners and stuff."

She smiled at that. "Why Switzerland?"

"I don't know. In my mind, that's where the special people like you end up, working in a cutting-edge research lab in Geneva, or something. But my point is, hold your head up high and keep on keeping on. Like I said, you have talent AND drive. A girl with looks like yours - there's no way the guys can ignore you. And once you get started on romance... Whoa! When you turn some of your talent and drive to that? Watch out! I actually pity the lucky guy who ends up being your boyfriend. He'll be lucky, but unlucky too, because you're gonna wear him out and leave him half-dead, like a wrung-out dishrag."

Acting on impulse, she gave him a big bear hug. "Thanks! You know just what to say to make me feel better."

"No worries. There's only one thing that bothers me."

She pulled back so she could make eye contact again. She asked with concern, "And what's that?"

"What's this I heard about you letting an easy ground ball go right past you? For shame! And you only hit TWO home runs in the whole game? I'll bet you had FOUR at bats, if not five. What happened there?"

Seeing that he was playfully teasing her, she punched his shoulder (forcefully, but not too forcefully). "Hey, I'm only human, you know."

"Hmmm. I'm not so sure about that. I did hear the news stories about a mysterious alien crash-landing in these parts the very month you were supposedly 'born.'" He made quote marks in the air with his fingers when he said "born."

She snickered at his joke. "Yeah. Right."

He coughed, and muttered under his breath, "Hatched!"

She had a good laugh at that.

Then he pretended to have an epiphany. "Hey! I just figured out how you can be so smart AND so blonde. Maybe it's different on your home planet."

She played along. "Actually, we don't have hair at all on my planet." She tugged at her hair. "This is a wig."

"A-HA! You admit you're a space alien!" He started jumping around in apparent glee. "Major scoop! Somebody call the newspapers!"

They joked around some more. Needless to say, Alan couldn't help continuing to tease her about her supposed space-alien origins. After a couple of minutes, she asked, "So, what are you up to anyway? What are you doing here?"

He wanted to dodge that question, since he didn't have a good reason. So he said brightly, "Hey! I just got an idea! You know what? You know what would be totally fitting to show those girls didn't get to you? You should practice fielding grounders, like you wanted to. With me."

"But you don't have a glove," she pointed out. "And we don't have a bat either."

"So what? I'll just bounce the ball somewhat near you, and then catch your return throw with my bare hands. After all, it's only a softball. It's not like you're playing with a REAL baseball."

She growled, but she knew he was just teasing, especially since he'd winked after he'd said that. She tossed the softball that was still in her hands up in the air and then caught it on the way down. "You say that now. Just wait until I whip this thing in your direction."

"That's the spirit." He walked towards home plate so they could start practicing.

Alan knew that he was probably going to have a hell of a lot of sexual fun once he got home, and he couldn't wait to get there. But he also wanted to be a good friend to Christine, and he knew there was still plenty of time in the day. So he was willing to help her practice whatever she wanted to practice until she was satisfied.

Christine in a red ball-player's cap and blouse, with white shorts, throwing a softball left-handed with a catcher's mitt on her right hand

In between fielding grounders and returning the ball, Christine pondered her relationship with Alan. You know, he's really a nice guy. Sure, he lusts after me, but then again so does every other guy. What's different is that he actually cares about me, the real me. And it's true that I'm smarter than him in many things, certainly as measured on test scores at least, but nonetheless we can engage as intellectual and emotional near-equals. He's not awed or afraid of me; he's just... a friend. That's so special for me! In fact, when it comes down to it, he's my only true friend who's not also a relative.

Damn, I really screwed up. Why did I turn him down when he asked me out? Was I really so shallow to worry that he wasn't "cool" enough? Hell, those Blondies who were bothering me are supposed to be some of the coolest girls in school, so that shows how much "cool" is worth. And our practice date last night... God, that was great!

Maybe it's not too late. I know there are rumors flying all over the place about him and other girls, but I also know that he has special feelings for me. I just need to be bold! Like a few minutes ago, when we were practically touching noses and he was telling me all that encouraging stuff, I should have just kissed him! On the lips! He told me I was "special" and "beautiful," which was the perfect opening, but I just stood there with a blank look on my face.

Dammit! Why am I so chicken?!

During their softball practice, Alan was busy thinking too. You see? This is how it's supposed to be with Christine. Just friends. Good friends. I talked to her for a good while, and for once I didn't even get a hard-on. I helped her out like good friends do, without my dick leading me around.

He thought with more amusement, I really do pity the first guy who gets to be her boyfriend. Poor guy, heh-heh! If there ever was anyone who's a raging sexual dynamo just waiting to be unleashed, it's her. If nothing else, she's so physically fit that she could fuck all night long. But, sadly, that guy can never be me. Just think about Mom and everyone else waiting for me back home. That's beyond awesome! I need to be content with that.


After about fifteen minutes, they decided to take a break. They sat down in the shade next to each other.

They made some more small talk. Alan managed to work in another dumb-blonde joke, except he changed it slightly in light of their earlier joking around: "So what did the freakily talented, sexy, space-alien babe wearing a blonde wig say when the pizza man asked if she wanted her pizza cut into six or twelve pieces?"

She laughed just from his description of her. "What? No, wait, I know this one. She said, 'Six, please. I could never eat twelve.' But I'll have you know that was a different 'freakily talented, sexy, space-alien babe wearing a blond wig.' She's a friend of a friend."

He chuckled at that.

After a while, Christine switched to a serious topic. She asked, "So, did you talk to the college counselor on Friday?"

Alan had a sinking feeling that he was in danger of getting caught in a lie, because he didn't remember anything about seeing a counselor. "Wait. What? When?"

Christine reminded him, "You know, fifth period on Friday. You were excused from class early with a note. Remember?"

He said, "Oh yeah, that." But while he pretended to understand, he scrambled to recall what the heck she was referring to. Then it hit him. Oh yeah! Heather! Fucking Heather in the parking lot! Literally fucking her! Fuck!

Luckily, they were sitting side by side, and Christine happened to be staring straight ahead into the distance. So she didn't see the brief look of panic on his face.

He quickly added, "It turned out it wasn't a college counselor thing, just a boring bureaucratic thing." Before she could poke a hole in that flimsy lie, he asked her a question to distract her. "So... have you started your college applications yet?"

"Started them? I've pretty much finished them. I'm just waiting for a few things. How 'bout you?"

He thought, She's finished them?! Shit! Man, I haven't even started yet, except for the essays I wrote last summer. But that's just another example of why Christine is so kick-ass. I'm sure most everyone else is procrastinating like me. Still, I need to get my act together and not just lose myself all the time in a haze of sexual pleasure. Damn!

He lied, "Um, yeah... I'm working on it. I haven't gotten very far yet though."

She nodded. "Do you have your three recommendations lined up yet?"

He thought, Shit! I forgot all about that, too. Oh no, what an ethical dilemma. If I weren't having sex with Glory, she'd be my first choice. She'd give me a glowing recommendation, for sure. But if I pick her now, it might seem like I'm fucking her for a good recommendation. Damn! Maybe I should just find three other teachers.

He answered, "Uh, no. I'm still thinking that over."

Christine chided him, "Well, don't put it off until the last minute."

He nodded. Wanting to get off that difficult topic, he asked, "So... ready for some more grounders?"

"Actually, I'm good. I did what I wanted to do. It wasn't that much longer, was it? I don't see why those girls got all in a huff. By the way, what's up with you? I noticed you kind of dodged my question earlier about where you were going."

Since then, Alan had been able to think up an excuse, since he obviously couldn't tell her about his panty-painting task. He said, "Well, it's just kinda stupid, 'cos it's like I'm my sister's personal go-fer. So I was hoping not to talk about it. It turns out the cheerleading squad is still having a practice today."

"Really? That's kind of unusual."

"Yeah, well, I didn't ask why. I guess maybe they need the extra practice, like you wanted with the ground balls. But anyway, Katherine forgot some stuff, since she forgot she couldn't get to her hall locker, so she called me and had me bring some spares from home."

Christine nodded with understanding. She had no reason to think he'd lie about this, and if she did get suspicious, she could easily find out whether there had been an extra practice, and even whether he stopped by.

Alan added, "So you can see it's not exactly something to boast about. But the plus-side is, I got to see you and we got to hang out."

Christine smiled at that. "Yeah. Cool." She wanted to hold his hand, but she chickened out. "Don't worry about not having much to boast about today. It's kind of silly that I'm here today too. I spend waaaay too much time at school, and doing school-related stuff. Those girls are basically right that I don't have much of a social life."

He put a hand on her shoulder in a comforting gesture. "Hey, you're changing, right? And I'm happy to help you change. Like our practice dates. And we don't have to stop there. We can practice other stuff."

Her face lit up hopefully. "Like what?"

He shrugged. "I don't know..." He looked around, trying to think of something. "It's a nice day. What about... going to the beach?"

She snickered. "We don't need to practice doing that."

"Not true. A good friend of mine once said, 'practice makes perfect.' In fact, those words are practically still ringing in my ears, for some reason."

She chuckled, because she remembered saying that not long after he'd showed up.

He went on, "There's a fine art to lying on the sand and hanging out. Most people flop down any old way without knowing the subtle nuances."

She laughed at his obvious bullshit. "Okay, funny guy. But I know what this is about: you just want to see me in a bikini."

"Well... yeah!" He opened his eyes wide to express surprise. "Actually, I'm totally pleasantly surprised to hear you're gonna wear a bikini! Cool!"

"Hey, I didn't say that. I didn't even say I'd go. I've got a lot of things to do."


He'd suggested going to the beach on a whim, not thinking she'd actually agree. But now he was starting to get really excited about the idea, especially at the prospect of seeing her in a bikini, or even just a one-piece bathing suit. He practically drooled as he pictured her in a shockingly revealing red bikini. Man, this could be totally historic! Christine, in a bikini?! "Pristine Christine?" The notorious "Ice Queen?" Nobody would believe me! I just KNOW that she's totally smoking hot, from head to toe! But to see it with my own eyes... Especially if she wears a really skimpy one... Oh MAN! Not like THAT is ever gonna happen, but still, a guy can dream!

He forced himself to remain outwardly calm as he replied. "I know you do, but you always have a lot of things to do. You need to make time to have fun. Remember how you were just bemoaning how you don't have a social life? Surely you could spare an hour or two at least."

She thought it over. He's got a good point. I do need to make time. Actually, I'd totally love to go, but I don't know about wearing a bikini in front of him! Did I really promise to do that? Heck, any kind of bathing suit would be daunting!

She said carefully, "Well... maybe. Although we get school off today, I have some things later in the afternoon, like my martial arts practice, that are still on my schedule. But... I suppose... between one and three today would be good."

"Excellent!" He held out his hand and clasped hers. "It's a plan, then."

She was still looking and feeling reluctant. "The only thing is... could we go somewhere other than White Sands Beach? That's where everybody from school goes. And on a beautiful day like this, with the holiday and all, practically everyone we know is gonna be there."

He nodded. "I get it. You'd be feeling self-conscious wearing a bikini in front of all those people you know. I must say, I'm really impressed that you're going to wear one. I know you're self-conscious about that kind of thing, but this shows you're making a serious effort to change and not let that stuff bother you."

She groaned quietly, because she felt locked into having to wear a bikini after he'd said that.

He patted himself on the back for cleverly making her bikini a fait accompli. But he softened the blow by saying, "Don't worry; we can go to another beach. I don't care. The main thing is that you and I can hang out together. It's not exactly a practice date, but it'll still be a lot of fun."

They made their plans, picking a different beach that was still nearby but not frequented much by kids from their school.

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XX01: Christine in her bathing suit, looking disappointed
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XX03: Christine sitting in a beach chair with sunglasses on
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XX04: Christine looking flushed
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XX06: Christine toweling off her hair, arms in the air, eyes closed

XX11: Heather pointing a finger with an angry look.
(Ecchi Spud) The current description doesn't really match the text, and is probably intended for somewhere in Part 21B [and now so moved --Sam.I.am]. However, the paragraph [prior to XX10 in 21A] DOES have the following description of Heather being turned in ALAN'S Bitch.
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Image suggestion: an imagine spot consisting of ... Heather. On all fours. Nearly naked, except for a spiked dog collar attached to a leash. Growling at the Reader.

XX12: Christine's face with wide eyes.

XX14: (from Ecchi Spud) Christine, in her one-piece bathing suit and sunglasses, leaning forward in her beach chair, as Alan (his hands coming from one side) rubbing/massaging suntan lotion on her back. (This differs from the prior solo images of Christine due to the addition of Alan to the scene.)

XX18: (from Ecchi Spud) Susan, still in the slingshot suit, but with the straps now pushed to the side of her G-cup breasts.
Alternative image suggestion: An imagined scene with Susan the same description as above. Only now, next to her, is Christine, in a slingshot suit of her own (maybe blue like the one-piece suit she wore earlier) in essentially a mirror image of Susan.

XX19: (from Ecchi Spud) This one might be a little tough, given the current positions. Image suggestion: a naked Susan, with Alan (wearing only his swim trunks) sitting on her, his cock sticking out of his swimsuit and between her tits, as she gives him a combined titfuck/cockhead lick

XX20: (from Ecchi Spud) A classroom setting, with a standing Alan getting a blowjob from a half-naked "Betsy Hunter," essentially a redheaded version of Brenda. Maybe you can't see her face, but you can recognize her from the hairstyle (the same as Brenda's, only red) and her immense tits. Maybe with a half-naked Glory watching from the side and maybe hoping to join in

XX21: (from Ecchi Spud) Just a simple frontal image of Susan, naked and pressing her tits together, her mouth wide open and her eyes rolled upwards as she experiences intense pleasure. The only problem with that image idea is that Alan's head would be in the way, as he is currently sucking on one of Susan's nipples.

XX22: (from Ecchi Spud) A totally naked Susan, cum all over her face, her tits shining w/ suntan lotion, lying on top of Alan, her lips in an obvious kissing position as she is just about to lay a smooch on his nose. (and a "b" image w/out the cum, and possibly w/out the suntan lotion)

XX23: (from Ecchi Spud)

XX24: (from Ecchi Spud)

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