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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Surf's Up
Day 57: Monday, November 11

(MF, FF, inc, slow, reluc, voy, rom)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan had to hurry home, because he only had his bike at school and he needed a car. The beach Christine wanted to go to was farther away than the White Sands Beach, so it was much quicker to get there by car.

Susan and Suzanne were there when he got home, although Katherine was out. However, Alan made clear that there was no time for hanky-panky, since he didn't have much time until his scheduled rendezvous with Christine at the beach. He still hadn't eaten lunch, so Susan quickly prepared him a veggie-burger sandwich and pineapple juice.

Although he kept to a strict no-touching policy while eating his lunch, he took the time to get the two loving women caught up on recent events of which they were unaware. He told them about the panty painting with the cheerleaders (without naming specific names), and about his discussion with Christine and the plans they'd made to go together to the beach. However, he held back about his encounter with Heather just outside their front door. Susan still didn't know he'd gotten sexually intimate with Heather, and he was reluctant to tell her, mostly because Heather was well known by all the cheerleaders and their mothers as being a total bitch.

Nonetheless, Susan had to struggle to keep her clothes on just from hearing about the panty painting and his plans to go to the beach with Christine. She was half-convinced already that he would have both Christine and the entire cheerleading squad completely tamed before long. But she didn't say that to him, and she generally kept her cool, because she knew that he had to eat quickly and go. Suzanne's presence was also a help at keeping her in check.

Alan and Christine arrived at the beach in different cars. It was a short beach that was more like a cove, only about 100 yards long. As a result, there usually weren't many people there, and it certainly wasn't a hip place to see and be seen, like the nearby popular White Sands Beach. This particular beach segment was surrounded by rocky cliffs, which gave it a lot of privacy.

There was only one stairway down the cliffs to the sand, so Alan and Christine had agreed to meet on the sand near the bottom of the stairs. Christine had gotten there just before Alan. As a result, Alan was able to see her from the top of the stairs, and he noticed that she was wearing a one-piece bathing suit instead of a bikini. He was disappointed, especially since he thought he'd cleverly talked her into wearing a bikini. But because he had first seen her from a distance, he was able to conceal his disappointment by the time they were face-to-face.

Christine got up and stood as she saw him coming down the stairs. He was holding a bag and wearing just his swimsuit. When he reached her, just after they'd briefly greeted each other, he gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek. That was no different than what they'd done on their date the night before, but it was still a special thrill for each of them. Even though Alan kept the hug brief so he wouldn't come across as too insensitive, he thrilled at getting to feel her huge breasts pressing against his chest, especially since this time he was bare-chested. Despite the fact that he was practically drowning in big tits lately, Christine's remarkable rack continued to have a unique hold on him. XX01

When they parted after their hug, Christine looked down at herself with a disappointed expression. "As you can see, I didn't go with the bikini after all. Sorry about that. It's not you. After all, remember what I wore on our practice date last night? But I don't like the idea of just anybody seeing me walk around showing that much skin." She looked around the beach unhappily.

Alan looked around too. He was glad to notice that there were only about a dozen people scattered along the short beach. Crucially, it looked like none of them were near their age. That was very important to Christine, because she didn't want any gossip getting back to her schoolmates. Just having people know she'd been seen in a bathing suit on a beach with a male friend was more gossip than she wanted.


In truth, now that Alan was looking at Christine from close up, he realized that her dark blue one-piece bathing suit was very nearly as titillating for him as a typical bikini would have been. Since he was such a tit man, the key thing for him was that she was showing off a very impressive amount of cleavage. The fact that her taut tummy was covered with fabric wasn't so important. Besides, he'd noticed from the top of the cliff that her back was mostly bare. She looked fantastic!

He teased her playfully: "No worries. I seriously don't mind at all."


"Sure. It's a moot point anyway, because you'll be taking it all off later when I perform your official breast inspection."

"What?!" It took her a moment or two to realize that he was pulling her leg. She pushed him back playfully. "You cad! Like that's gonna happen."

He pretended to hold up a pocket tape recorder. "Direct quote from Christine: 'that's gonna happen.' Sweet! And it's a good thing too. I'm working on getting my Boy Scout breast-inspection merit badge. I need it to reach Eagle Scout."

"You goof!" But she was smiling, because she enjoyed this kind of banter with him. She looked around. "Where do you want to sit? I brought chairs."

"Oh, cool." Sure enough, she'd brought two folding chairs specifically designed for beach use.

The two of them found a spot far from the other beach-goers and sat side by side in their chairs. They each put on their sunglasses, since it was a bright sunny day. And almost immediately Christine took out some suntan lotion and began applying it all over herself.

Alan was still trying not to come across as too obsessed with sex, but even so he couldn't help but say, "Need any help with that? This could actually help me with my merit badge, if I can assist with the, er, chesty area."

She rolled her eyes. "No thanks." But then she added, "However, I suppose you can help with my back, once I finish with my front. But behave!" Actually, she didn't want him to behave that much. She'd loved their date the night before, which she wished had ended with a proper French kiss. She'd noticed that despite his teasing, there was no overt bulge in his swimsuit, even though his swimsuit was quite tight and revealing. Obviously she didn't mention it, but she almost took it as a personal insult about her sex appeal being inadequate.

In fact, there were two reasons his penis remained flaccid. The first was that his penis was quite simply worn out from so much sexual activity! Even though he hadn't actually cum that many times that day, it had already enjoyed a number of thrilling sexual situations. But also, he was deliberately trying not to get aroused. Sure, he loved the sight of her flawless, voluptuous body, but he remained determined to stay just friends and not get sexually involved with her. He hoped to use this beach hangout as a chance to get to know her better as a person, to take their friendship to a new level. He wasn't above some sexy teasing, but he generally wanted to keep things serious.

However, his resolve was being severely tested. Christine got off her chair and sat on her towel with her back to him so he could put suntan lotion on her back. There was nothing surprising about that, but within seconds his dick responded and he was fully engorged.

He looked at the long, straight, blonde hair that covered nearly all of her back, and for a moment wondered why she even needed suntan lotion on her back in the first place. But he wasn't about to pass up this opportunity to get his hands on her. Besides, her skin was very fair, so the sun could sometimes get through the gaps between her long strands of hair. He asked, "Um, can you please do something about your hair? Because otherwise it's going to get in the way."


She reached back with her hands and swept her hair to the side, which uncovered most of her back for the moment. Then, peering back at him while her hands lingered on top of her head, she asked, "How's that look?"

He thought, You have no idea! So friggin' HOT! Why does Christine arouse me so much?! You'd think after getting blown a couple of times by my mom, fucking my sister, watching my auntie writhe all over the basement exercise machines, and being propositioned by our school's head cheerleader, I'd be a bit jaded. And that all happened just this morning! But with Christine, I'm as nervous and excited as if I've never touched a girl before!

He finally scooted forward into position and started to run his hands up and down and all over her back.

Although her one-piece suit covered much of her front, it left nearly her entire back bare, to within just a few inches of her ass crack. Not only was his cock soon throbbing with need, but he found himself breathing hard as well. And that was just from getting to touch her back. This kind of contact would have had almost no impact on him had it been with Susan, Katherine, Suzanne, or any of the other sexy women in his life. But he was correct in thinking that everything felt different with Christine.

Somehow, he managed to get his act together and make interesting small talk with her as he applied the lotion. He didn't realize it, but her body was actually slightly trembling from feeling his hands on her. Yet she was able to hide her own excitement as they chatted. In theory, she wanted him to know she was interested in him, but at times like this she got scared about being too obvious.

From time to time, he had to sweep her hair to the side when it would return to its usual place on her back, or when it just got in the way as he worked on different areas. He liked that a lot, so much that he had to restrain himself from simply stroking and petting her gorgeous hair.

When he was finally done, they both returned to sitting normally in their chairs.


Alan decided it was time to get serious and cut out all the joking and teasing for a while so he wouldn't get sidetracked. He said, "So... Christine, it's weird. I mean, I've known you a long time. But our friendship has developed in an unusual way, slowly morphing from classmates to acquaintances, and then slowly to friends. And so far it's happened pretty much entirely at school, at least until very recently. I feel like we skipped some stuff as a result. There's still a lot of basic things I don't know about you, and things that you don't know about me. So I was thinking that today we could work on that."

"Like what?" she asked.

"Like, talk about deeper stuff. At school, we talk a lot, but it's mostly about day-to-day stuff, the surface stuff, like homework, our teachers, your blonde hair disability-"

She cut him off in protest, "Disability?!"

"Sorry. I know it's totally un-PC, but I'm addicted to telling you dumb-blonde jokes. I get such a kick out of your amused-yet-indignant reaction every time that I just can't help myself. I need help."

She smirked. "That's the most accurate thing you've ever said. You do need help!" She playfully stuck her tongue out at him. "But anyway, you were saying?"

He thought, Okay, no more jokes! Then he said, "Yeah, so, let's go beyond the surface. For instance, what are your plans? I mean, I know you want to go to Stanford next year, but have you thought about what you actually want to do with your life in the long term? A career and all that?"

Christine raised an eyebrow at him. "Wow. That IS a deep question. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I have thought about that. Not surprisingly, I want to do something I really enjoy. But doing something that helps others is very important to me too. I feel like I've been given a lot of advantages in my life, and it's only fair that I pay it forward to help those who can't get any breaks. I really like being challenged, both physically and mentally. I don't think there are great jobs where I can do both, so I figure I'll use my brain at work and then keep up with my martial arts and other athletic stuff to satisfy my need for getting physical."

He thought, Man! I could definitely think of other ways she could get physical and burn off all that energy. She would be a total tigress in bed! Phew! But he kept that to himself, trying to keep his libido in check. He merely asked, "Have you thought of anything more specific than that?"

"I have," she replied. "I despise bullshit. All that political stuff of people smiling at you and stabbing you in the back. I hear it's just as bad in corporations as in governments. So I'm thinking I'd like to do pure research, where I can work on finding solutions to real problems without having to play games and waste time. Medical research seems like a logical choice to me. I could have my own lab and work on curing diseases and help save lives. I think that would be pretty satisfying."

Alan was genuinely impressed. "Wow! That's cool. It seems like you've got it all figured out already!"

"Nah. That's just one option. I've got others. I figure that when I get to college I'll dabble in different things and see if something really inspires me. But, if nothing stands out, I think I could be pretty happy being a medical researcher or a physician, or both. What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Do you have any idea what you want to do, besides going to a good college?"

He sighed. "Unfortunately, no. I'm not as on the ball as you are. I agree with you that it would be great to do something that helps people. But also, I do feel like I have a passion, and that's history. Well, history and related things, like archeology and anthropology. But it's hard to see how I can turn that into a viable career, unless it's to be a professor or an author, probably both. I don't see that as a career that helps the less fortunate."

He added, "On top of that, I have to admit that I'm kind of spoiled. I mean, I have everything. I'm a well-off guy, living in one of the most beautiful and prosperous places on Earth."

He thought, And she doesn't know the half of it. Heck, even a tenth of it. If you count the way I've been so sexually spoiled at home lately, it's totally nuts! I need to never stop being grateful for my incredible good luck.

He gestured to the beautiful beach. "I want to pay it forward too. But I'm also kind of used to a certain standard of living, you know what I mean? So how can I pick a job that lets me do good and lets me buy nice stuff? It seems the altruistic people usually end up practically working for free, and the cruel, greedy bastards usually end up driving Ferraris or being chauffeured around in limousines. And what could I do with a history or archeology degree that's truly useful?"

She said, "I think understanding history is extremely valuable."

"I couldn't agree more. But in an indirect way, like giving wisdom to the next generation. Meanwhile, the world is facing so many pressing, immediate problems. Millions are starving every year, under the radar, and we're destroying the Earth. How does a history degree help with that?"

She didn't have a good answer.

He went on, "I think my parents raised me well. My mom especially, since my dad isn't around much. I'm not totally spoiled. For instance, I've had to work crappy summer jobs since I was sixteen 'to learn the meaning of work.' And heck, I don't have a car or even a cell phone, 'cos she says I have to earn that with my own money. But at the same time, I don't have the fire in my belly that a lot of people who come from tough circumstances have."

He looked at her curiously. "You're an interesting case. You've got the whole elite Orange County lifestyle thing going on, like I do, with nice parents who never let you suffer. And yet you DO have a fire in your belly. You're more driven and work harder than anyone else I know! Why do you think that is?"

Christine pondered that carefully. Then she said, "To be honest, I don't know. I've always been this way. I know what you mean, that people who have a chip on their shoulder of some kind are often really driven, but I don't feel I have any axe to grind. I just like being productive! I hate wasting time. Hell for me would be watching Jerry Springer or Oprah or some other vapid TV show like that. Life's too short for that crap! I guess I've got a lot of energy, especially mental energy, and it's more fun to do stuff than just sit around." XX03

He responded, "Interesting. So what do you think about us right now?" He waved at the beach again, and then at themselves. "Technically, you are just sitting around doing nothing."

"Not true. I'm having an interesting conversation with you. But still, I see what you mean. And, to be honest, it is kind of weird for me. There's a part of my brain that I'm trying to ignore, that's reminding me about all the other things I could be doing with my time. But I'm having fun! It's good, being with you." She smiled warmly. "If I were here alone, I'd probably leave after ten minutes. Well, that, or swim."

He smiled back. "Being with you is pretty cool too. I must say, you're kind of... daunting. I can see why you don't have many friends, because just being with you kind of makes me feel guilty."


"Yeah. It makes me think I should be doing more with my life. You're out there kicking ass and taking names, every day. If you can get that much done, why can't I? And then I realize, hey, maybe I'm just not as talented as you are. And I'm definitely not as driven. And that easily makes a person jealous and resentful. Thus, things happen like those girls giving you a hard time at the baseball field today. When somebody is up on a pedestal, everyone wants to tear them down, find a flaw."

She asked, "What about you? Do you feel jealous and resentful about me?"

He thought that over. "Well, kinda. Sometimes. Like, when you win award after award. But, to be honest, I think it helps a lot that I've got some things going for me too. We can talk as intellectual equals, or at least near equals. I know you're not talking down to me. I've gotten past your 'Ice Queen' exterior and found a very nice person underneath, who is a lot of fun to hang out with. And I think the way I deal with your beauty is key."

She leaned forward, because she found that topic potentially very illuminating and important. "Explain, please!"

"Well, it's like this. Not only do you totally kick butt in class and sports, but you're, like, ridiculously beautiful too! So that's triple daunting. But the beauty thing doesn't faze me that much, because I just happen to live with a lot of extraordinarily beautiful women. You've seen my mom and my sister. And then, Amy and her mother Suzanne next door, they're like family too. And you know how they look."

Christine nodded. She hadn't seen Susan or Suzanne very often, but she had seen them at various school events. Their voluptuous beauty was undeniable, no matter what clothes they wore.

He went on, "So, most guys, they can't even manage to talk to you. Heck, even a lot of girls are seriously intimidated. It's like trying to talk to a famous actor or pop star or something. People usually stammer and freak out. But for me, while I totally appreciate your beauty, I've been around other beautiful women so much that I don't freak out over it."

She nodded. "That is definitely true. And I can't say how much I appreciate that. You're practically the only person who treats me like a normal human being. Even though you do stare at my breasts more than look at my face-"

"Ouch! I do?!"

"It seems like it, anyway. But, with you, for some reason, it doesn't bother me. In fact, I kind of like it." She looked away shyly, worried that she might have revealed too much there. But then she boldly resumed eye contact. "Well, sometimes, anyway. I know you're naturally a very horny guy. In fact, pretty much since I learned your name, I've come to believe you're... well... let's say you're in a state of 'interest'... basically twenty-four seven!"

He clenched his teeth and grimaced. "Ouch! Again! But in my defense, that's not true. It just seems that way to you because, well, when I'm near you... I'm near you."

A sudden awkward silence ensued as they both considered the implications of that statement.

He thought, Shit! Trying to be totally platonic with Christine is damn difficult! And it doesn't help that she's in a sexy bathing suit! My damn dick is betraying me again. In truth, he'd already had an erection for several minutes, but he was sitting strategically to hide it.

Eager to break the silence, he asked, "So, you were saying? About me being a horny guy?"

"Oh yeah. When you look at me with lust in your eyes-"

He cut in, "Which is most of the time..." That was a joke, but it was also true.

"Yes." She smiled awkwardly at that, because she wasn't used to talking so frankly about such topics. "When you look at me in that way, it's more like an artistic appreciation than some kind of vibe that you'd want to do perverted things with me right on the spot. Which is what I feel when other guys stare at me. And you have this calm confidence, instead of being all nervous and scheming, like the other guys."

He nodded. "Like I said, that's from being around so many other beauties in my life. Some of whom are sexually off limits to me, of course. So I've learned to appreciate beauty without constantly thinking and scheming about doing those 'perverted' things." He thought, The irony! If she only knew the truth. Yikes! But still, there's a lot of truth to that. That's how it used to be until recently. And that experience is the key that allows me to interact with her relatively normally. So at least it's not a total lie.

She looked at him curiously, then said, "Speaking of calm confidence... can I ask you something kind of... strange?"

"Try me."

"I've noticed this big change in you lately. Over this past month or so, I'd say. In one way, you're the same Alan as ever, but in another way, it's like you're a totally different person. It's hard to explain... I thought we had a good rapport before, and it's not like you were ever a shrinking violet, but lately you have way more confidence! It's almost like a swagger. And you're always smiling like you have this awesome secret that only you know. And you have this... this... well... never mind!" She got extremely flustered, and even blushed a little bit. XX04

She suddenly stopped, took her sunglasses off, and stood up. "Hey, why don't we go swimming?"

He stood up with her and removed his sunglasses as well, but still tried to keep a hand strategically placed to hide the erection in his tight swimsuit. "Hey, why don't we NOT? At least, not until you finish your sentence! You can't just start to say something like that and then stop."


She folded her arms under her huge breasts and stared at him defiantly. "Well, I just did."

He was exasperated by her non-answer. But he was also staggered by what her arm gesture did to her breasts, pressing them up and out and making them appear even larger. Fuuuuuuuck! How am I supposed to think or breathe when she does that?! That's just SO MUCH BOOB! But I've gotta stay focused. Focus! Focus! Look at her face!

Quickly recovering his cool, at least outwardly, he said, "Come on! Do you want to drive me crazy? What could it be that's so bad? We've been talking about things pretty frankly, haven't we?"

She looked away, but managed to say, "Fine. You have this animal magnetism, okay? I can't explain it, but, when you look at me..." She completed the thought in her mind: My panties start to get wet! But she wasn't about to say that out loud. Instead, while still looking away, she continued after a pause, "...it's different than before, somehow."

Since she was looking away, he allowed himself another look at her chest. Man, how am I supposed to carry on a conversation when I'm staring into a mile of cleavage?! And her nipples are so obviously erect. It's unfair! Heck, how can she play sports at all, carrying around two bowling balls like that?!

She freed her arms and gesticulated, "It's like you woke up one morning and you suddenly had this, this... charm. I can't explain it. Argh! Like the way you were so suave and interesting on our practice date last night. My point is, you're the same, but different." She crossed her arms again and stared at him challengingly. "Explain!"

He chuckled, resolutely struggling to maintain eye contact while he wondered how to respond to that. "Hmmm. I don't know what to say, because I can't see that. It's hard for me to know how I appear to others. But I'll be frank with you. I was pretty sexually inexperienced until about a month ago, and now I'm not. In fact, there's been a lot of things happening to me. Things I can't explain, because I won't kiss and tell."

She stared at him hard, almost accusingly. "But that means it involves kissing."

"Definitely. And more. That's all I'll say about that. But it gives a guy confidence. And it puts a smile on his face."

She made a funny expression that he couldn't read. "Then you must be having a hell of a lot of 'more,' because your smile never leaves your face! For weeks now!"

He shrugged. "I don't know what to say to that, except, yeah, I'm a happy guy. Sex is a great thing. And love. And when the two are intertwined, there's nothing better in the world, I think. I really mean that!"

Her gaze narrowed and she leaned forward. "So wait. Now you're saying you're in love with some girl?!"

He held his hands up defensively, inadvertently exposing a very prominent bulge in his tight swimsuit. "Hold on! Don't put words in my mouth! Last night I told you, quote, 'I'm involved with some very beautiful girls,' unquote. That's true. I'm having fun. But I'm not going steady with anyone. That's all I will say on that subject."

She growled at him and clenched her fists. "Grrr! Do you realize how annoying that is?!"


"That whole quote. Every word of it! Especially the 'some' part. Who are these 'some beautiful girls?!'"

He looked to the sky, as if she was trying his patience. "You know I can't tell you that. No way! Don't even ask for a hint. I'm not going to betray any confidences. Period!"

He didn't realize it, but not only did he fully expose his lewd bulge, but by looking at the sky he'd given Christine a chance to gawk unobserved at that bulge for some long moments. She bit her lips in lusty frustration. She was becoming increasingly interested in the mysterious world of sex, and most especially in having sex with Alan.


Christine abruptly started walking forward. "Let's swim! I'm getting too hot, ... er, from the Sun, I mean." She blushed slightly, as she realized how true that was with the other meaning of 'hot' as well.

He scampered across the sand to catch up with her. When he did, he asked, "So that's the end of that conversation?"

"It is." Realizing that wasn't enough, she explained as she walked, "You say I'm driven. That's true. Part of that is I have an insatiable curiosity. So of course I'm dying of curiosity about these other girls now. But I know myself, and if I do something else, like swimming, that'll divert my attention and get me thinking about other things."

"Ah." Seeing the logic of that, Alan ran ahead. The ocean in Southern California was colder than most people expected when they thought of sunny California. He'd found that he preferred quickly getting over the cold shock of getting into the water. He kept running through the shallow water until he was able to duck down in deeper water and get totally wet.

Christine preferred doing it the slow way. But since he'd gotten wet already, she forced herself to at least keep walking deeper into the water.

Alan watched her continuing to come towards him. Hot damn! It's like seeing Aphrodite rising out of the sea on a scallop shell, except she's going into the water. Wow! I know Mom and Aunt Suzy are even more busty and curvy, though just slightly, but I guess forbidden fruit really is the sweetest. Oh man! What I wouldn't give to be able to kiss her lips and hold her, and run my hands all over her!

His erection hadn't gone down at all, despite the chilly water.


She knew full well that he was gawking at her, but she didn't mind at all. In fact, she closed her eyes so he wouldn't have to worry about getting caught. Then she exclaimed about the slightly cold water, "Oooh! Bracing!" She stretched out, reaching both arms way up to the sky. She knew he'd love that.

Alan's jaw actually dropped. He thought, No fucking way! God, kill me now, 'cos it doesn't get any better than this! She's soooo tempting! Arrrgh! It's killing me! Every inch of her is flawless feminine beauty!

But then he thought, It's such a shame. I can't get involved with her. I can't! I just can't! Look but don't touch. Or at least don't touch much. A hug or two would be okay, right? I'm living a totally depraved and debauched lifestyle. It's true. Hell, I had breakfast this morning while my naked, busty bombshell of a mother knelt between my legs and sucked me off! And my basically naked sister watched and goaded her on. And that was just breakfast! Lately, half my waking hours are filled with totally crazy stuff like that. Christine would NEVER understand. Never! And if I get involved with her, it's inevitable that she would find out eventually. That's a disaster waiting to happen.

I've gotta remain resolute. I'm digging just being her friend. She's such an incredible person in so many ways. I'm honored that she considers me a friend. I love that we're starting to talk about more important stuff. I can't get all horny-pervy on her!

That was his resolution. But when she got a lot closer, where the water was nearly up to her navel, he couldn't resist playing around. There wasn't much wave action, so her upper torso was still dry. But he swam close and then yelled, "Oh no! Here comes a big wave!", then splashed her with water.

Christine's face turned angry for a brief moment, and he thought he'd really screwed up. But then her mood changed to devious and playful. She was all smiles as she yelled, "Oh, no you don't!" She splashed him back.

Water did hit his face, causing him to briefly turn his head. But he quickly recovered and pointed out, "You can't get me like that, because I'm already wet! And I'm deeper in the water. So there!"

"Oh, I'll get you all right!" She quickly moved through the water towards him, partly swimming and partly charging. When she was right upon him she tried to create a big wave that would break over his head.

But he deduced her intent when she pulled her arm back to make the wave. He'd already been backpedaling frantically, putting him in deeper water. He quickly ducked his head down before her wave could reach him. Then he turned and started swimming away.

Christine wasn't going to be so easily defeated. Without thinking things through, she dove towards him and grabbed at his legs, since they were the only part of him still within reach.

Somehow, that turned into a kind of game. It was part wrestling in the water, and part chasing. One of them would start to swim away, but typically they wouldn't get far due to the difficulty of moving through deep water. Then the other one would catch up and tackle and wrestle.

Both of them were well aware that their friendship wasn't intimate, so they were very careful to avoid touching each other's private parts. Christine in particular was daunted (and yet highly fascinated) by the male penis, and would have been reluctant to touch one even if the social situation somehow allowed it. Alan was trying his hardest to keep things platonic, so he also was refraining from deliberately pushing his luck.

Christine was so curvy and endowed that it was difficult not to come into contact with her tits or ass at least incidentally. But Alan was super careful, as if he was playing a sport where any contact there would get him ejected from the game. Christine was similarly careful not to touch anywhere near his swimsuit. Because they were so careful about "no go" areas, they couldn't actually wrestle that much: when one of them got a good grip, they usually had to let go before long, for fear of a hand slipping up or down into a forbidden zone. But that made the game more of an enjoyable challenge, because the situation was constantly changing and it was easy for either of them to get away.

Even so, their wrestling was highly erotically charged. The two of them had been friends for a long time, but they'd hardly ever touched, except for a few hugs in recent days. Alan was thrilled just to touch Christine's knee, much less her waist, and she felt the same about him.

At one point, Alan tried to carefully grab her around the waist. The waves were generally only a foot or two high, so they could be ignored for the most part. But just as he did that an unusually large wave came by, causing both of them to nearly lose their balance, so that they had to hold each other to remain standing.

They wound up face to face, with their arms tightly wrapped around each other. Christine's bathing-suit-clad massive globes were heaving with excitement against Alan's bare chest. They stared into each other's eyes and felt a powerful urge to bring their heads together for a really passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

But instead, they quickly pulled apart as if they'd each just touched a hot stove. Afterwards, each was even more careful to limit even their most incidental contact with the other's private body parts. That resulted in a lot more chasing and swimming and a lot less wrestling. But still, they had a lot of fun.

Eventually, they both got tired from all the swimming, so they walked back to their chairs and started to towel themselves dry.


Alan was still determined to keep things platonic. Their near kiss in the water had given him a scare and strengthened his resolve. But at the same time, he'd given up all hope of trying to have a flaccid dick, so he instead focused on trying to hide his obvious bulge from Christine. As he watched her towel off, he thought, As Mom would say, "SO HOT!" God damn! A sultry, experienced woman like Aunt Suzy knows she's hot and knows what she's showing. It's great to watch her even simply walk around, but it's also kind of a mindful performance. Whereas I truly don't think Christine realizes how hot she is, or how every move she makes is totally orgasm-inducing! XX06

He tried not to gawk as she brought her towel to her long blonde mane of hair and rubbed it vigorously. Oh God! Friggin' UNREAL! First off, that pose with her arms up like that is super sexy. But then you add the skin-tight wet bathing suit, and the rivulets of water dripping into her deep cleavage, and the jiggling... Good God, the jiggling! And she's got her eyes closed, so I can stare to my heart's content!

He was correct that Christine was much more oblivious about her physical charms than other girls her age. But she wasn't completely unaware of them. Her desire for Alan was growing steadily, and while she was still reluctant to act, she wanted him to want her too. So she was fully aware of what the impact on him would be when she dried her hair like that.

However, she felt very self-conscious about the fact that he was obviously checking her out, even though he was trying to be subtle about it. He'd put his sunglasses back on, and she hadn't yet, and that emboldened him to look more often. So, before long, she stopped and turned around, and then continued to dry herself with her back turned to him.

This disappointed him at first, but the view from behind was very nearly as tantalizing as the view from her front.

Turning her back had an unexpected effect. She'd felt awkward while facing him. But with her back turned, she felt more uninhibited. She felt more excited and less scared about posing and moving in an overtly sexual manner. After another minute or two, she surprised even herself by stiffly spreading her legs. Then she bent over and began vigorously toweling off her legs.

Alan was so horny he wanted to scream or maybe cry! He was seriously tempted to masturbate covertly while she had her back turned, but he knew that would be extremely foolish so he resisted.

Had he been thinking clearly, he would have realized that she was up to something. Not only was she taking an inordinately long time to towel herself off, but on a nice sunny day like this, one didn't really need to towel off at all. In fact, Alan had hardly bothered with toweling himself much, especially since he was so busy watching her instead.

Christine generally disliked flirting, because she knew there was a fine art to being a good flirter and she'd never developed that skill. However, she was having a blast "getting dry." She didn't really have to do anything that required flirty experience. The mere act of toweling her body was quite a visual performance (even if she kept her back turned to Alan most of the time).

Although he was too distracted to notice, she peeked at him from time to time, to confirm that she still had his attention. She couldn't see his eyes clearly due to his sunglasses, but he had an obvious rapt, lusty, and even stunned look on his face just the same. She loved the effect she was having on him.

She was bummed when she ran out of any plausible excuse to keep going, so she finally had to sit back in her chair and put her sunglasses back on.

Then another idea came to her: the suntan lotion! She asked Alan, "That was fun, wasn't it?"

He thought she was referring to toweling off, and he had to heartily agree. But he asked, "You mean the swimming around?"

"Yeah." As they talked, she brought out the suntan lotion again and started applying it to her fair skin.

Trying to make small talk, and trying even harder not to ogle, he asked, "You ever do much of that kind of thing? You know, horse around in the water?"

"Unfortunately, no. I guess that's part of being an only child. My parents are great, and very loving in their own way, but they're not very touchy-feely, especially in a public place like a beach. Maybe that's why I got to be so studious so early, because I never played much like the other kids did."


Alan couldn't help but unthinkingly ogle her chest as he commented, "It's never too late to be a kid. We're all big kids at heart, right?" He was glad they were both framing what they'd done in the ocean as mere childlike play. In fact, he was still reeling from how erotic the entire "wrestling match" had been. Even though they'd avoided touching any intimate parts, there had been an electricity in the air. And, in fact, the sparks were still flying.

"Yep," she said. "By the way, as you can see, I'm putting on some more suntan lotion, due to my fair skin." She gestured down her hourglass figure.

He mentally groaned, because he felt like he was suffering from too much visual stimulation. UGH! How am I supposed to look at anything other than her fully erect nipples?! They're STILL visibly poking through her bathing suit. I swear, they've been erect non-stop since we arrived at the beach. Actually, watching her fingers slip and slide over the upper slopes of her great melons is an even more captivating sight. It's crazy that a woman this stacked and shapely has such a beautiful face too. AND she's twice as smart as I am!

She continued, "That's partly because we were in the water. Did you know there's no such thing as waterproof suntan lotion? The F.D.A. doesn't regulate that, so any company can print 'waterproof' on the bottle, even though it's basically a lie."

"Uh-huh." He felt like his heart would simply stop beating as he watched her reach into her cleavage with a big gob of lotion on her fingers and spread it around. Lord, have mercy! I think I'm gonna cum in my swimsuit!

Christine surprised herself by doing that. She knew that would be like blood in the water for a hungry shark. But she'd been riding an erotic high for a while now, and events like the water wrestling and the toweling off had further excited and emboldened her. She told herself, I need to apply suntan lotion to that spot anyway, so what harm is there in having Alan see me do it? Let him have a little fun. I don't even mind the way he's staring. He's so incorrigible, but it's kinda cute! It's fun to be desired so much.

As he watched her fingers slowly slide down into the dark depths of her cleavage again, he thought, Man oh man! When I get home, I'm gonna titfuck Mom so hard and long that it's not even funny! Then I'm gonna cum on her face and tits, and have her spread my cum gobs deep down into her cleavage, just like Christine is doing right now! Mom's tits are even BIGGER, incredibly enough!

But that's another example of why I can't get intimate with Christine. I'm thinking about titfucking my MOM! And I'm not just thinking; I'm totally going to do it. Our incestuous love is NOT messed up. It's a beautiful thing! But Christine would never, ever understand.

Time seemed to slow for Alan. It looked to him like Christine was making love to the upper slopes of her round breasts with her caressing fingers. In a strange way, and on a purely mental level at least, merely watching that was just as arousing to him as one of Susan's incredible blowjobs or titfucks.

She removed her hand from her chest to get more lotion. She spoke in a casual tone, "I noticed that you haven't put on any suntan lotion at all since we arrived."

He rallied his lust-fried brain to say, "Yeah, well, I'm a bit more naturally tanned than you are, to say the least. I don't really need it."

"Don't you think you need it now?" She really wanted to see him do it.

Even though her question didn't actually offer a reason why he should change his mind, he answered, "I suppose. But I didn't bring any."

"No problem. You can use mine when I'm done." She switched to applying lotion to the exposed outer portion of her left breast. As she did so, it caused her entire rack to sway back and forth in a very delightful way.

Alan knew he was staring too obviously, and that she must have noticed. He tried to look elsewhere at times, but much of the time he simply couldn't help himself. He was glad that at least he was still sitting in a way that hid his erection. After a long pause, he remembered to say, "Uh, thanks."

"My pleasure."

She took her time applying lotion to the outer portion of her other breast as well. She was secretly thrilled at the lusty look on his face. She still hadn't put her sunglasses back on, because she wanted him to know where she was looking, so he wouldn't worry that she was looking at his eyes. Most of the time she managed to look elsewhere, just to let him stare to his heart's content.

By this time he had a painful case of blue balls, but he was exhilarated just the same.

Then she finally switched to putting lotion on her shoulders and arms, and it was like Alan had been freed from some kind of magical paralysis. He was still watching too obviously, but at least he felt that he could think and breathe again.

He attempted to start another, more meaningful conversation. Because Christine had mentioned her parents not being very touchy-feely, he asked her more about them. By so doing he learned many interesting things he'd never known before about her and her family.

In return, she naturally asked him about his family. He had to be careful, due to the looming secret of their incest. In answering, he thought back to how things at the Plummer house were until very recently, before his six-times-a-day diagnosis, and based his replies on that.

Since he'd mentioned that his father wasn't around much, she asked him about that. She already knew how rarely Ron was home, but for the first time Alan opened up in expressing his feelings and frustrations about that. He explained that he'd effectively given up on even considering Ron his father, particularly since Alan was adopted so there was no biological relationship. He also talked about how the great love he got from his mother helped replace the de facto lack of a father. Needless to say, he didn't hint at anything sexual when talking about his mother's love.

Although their conversation was helpful, the sexy temptation didn't stop. Once Christine finished putting lotion all over her front side, it was up to Alan to apply the lotion to her backside, since he'd done it earlier. Once again, she got out of her chair and knelt on her towel with her back to him.


However, this time there were some crucial differences. For one thing, he pointed out the problem of putting the lotion on her back while she was kneeling like that. They'd learned from his earlier attempts that her hair tended to fall back into place. So instead, she lay face down on her towel while Alan sat at her side. This allowed him an even better view of her entire backside, without any worry that she'd turn to see where he was looking. He could have put his nose a couple of inches from her firm bubble butt if he'd wanted to. He didn't go that far, but he definitely enjoyed the view.

The second major difference was that he was much more aroused than the earlier time. There was no chance of his cock going flaccid anytime soon! It wasn't deliberate on his part, but he focused less on applying the suntan lotion and more on giving her a sensual back massage. Like her "toweling off," it lasted much longer than necessary, but both of them were having such a great time that they didn't want it to ever end.

Christine had literally never before been touched sensuously by a man, let alone one in whom she was developing a romantic interest. Thus this experience was extremely thrilling for her. She was belatedly wishing that she'd worn a bikini. She even fantasized about letting him thoroughly cover her entire nude body with the suntan lotion, his touch felt so good.

Alan was extremely grateful that Christine couldn't see any of him, because his erection tented so obviously from his crotch that it was almost comical. He even nervously scanned the beach from time to time to check that the few other people didn't walk by and notice. His boner ached with lusty need so much that he was tempted to let it get some air. But he was trying his damnedest to keep things platonic, so he obviously couldn't do that. He was also extremely conscientious not to move so close to her that she'd feel his bulge directly.

Somehow, the two of them managed to continue their conversation through it all. There were many things relating to Christine that Alan had been curious about, but with them usually only having short conversations at school, often with others around, it had never seemed the right time to ask. Now, he was free to ask. For instance, he asked about her parents' life back in Norway, and why and when they had moved to the States. He also asked how and when, and why, she'd gotten started practicing martial arts. She had lots of probing questions for him as well.


The time eventually came when it was Alan's turn to apply suntan lotion to himself. She told him it was okay to use her tube of lotion.

As it was, Christine was just about as interested in watching him apply the lotion to himself as he had been in watching her apply the lotion to herself. He didn't have the kind of buff figure that would allow him to work as a professional male dancer, but he was relatively fit and muscular. His body had filled out quite a bit in recent months, making him much more attractive than he realized. Plus, Christine had simply never seen anything like it. Not only had she virtually never gone to places like the beach in recent years, she'd even scrupulously avoided all pornography (mainly getting aroused from her own dreams and fantasies instead).

Alan was surprisingly unaware that she was subtly watching him apply the lotion while he looked towards the ocean. He continued to foolishly think she wasn't attracted to him, despite recent evidence to the contrary. He still was very mindful of how she'd turned him down when he'd asked her out, and he didn't realize just how much things had changed since then. Also, despite his incredible sexual success in certain areas, he still remained tremendously naive in others, such as at reading subtle signs of interest and knowing when to ask a girl out on a date. Lately, he'd been so very successful with some women that there were early courtship skills that he still hadn't learned.

So, although Alan didn't try to "put on a show" in any way, she loved watching his every move. This was practically like a pornographic movie for her, especially since he wasn't as successful at hiding the bulge in his tight swimsuit as he thought he was. While he didn't consciously pose for her, on an unconscious level he sensed her interest, so he took much longer with the lotion than might normally have been the case.

He was sorely tempted to ask her to help him with his back, but he didn't. He was still trying hard to keep their relationship platonic.

However, to his surprise, she volunteered for that task anyway.

He couldn't turn her down, so he got on his knees, turned his back to her, and let her work on it.


Christine was so thrilled to do this that her hands were slightly trembling. They continued to chat. Luckily for her, she was a talented multi-tasker, because her mind was focused on his skin.

On the surface, there wasn't anything unusual about the way she put the lotion on his back, but, in her mind, it was a very big deal. She'd had almost no prior physical contact with any man, outside of family hugs, her martial arts, and other athletics. None of those activities had ever allowed her to explore a man's bare skin to any significant extent. She particularly loved feeling the muscles in his back flexing and moving under her fingers. (She didn't realize how much his male pheromones, exuded continuously by his skin during this prolonged contact, were affecting her.)

Unfortunately, she still tended to lack courage about this sort of thing. The experience ended all too soon for her, when she ran out of bare skin needing lotion. She would have kept going a lot longer if she'd felt bolder.

Ironically, only about five minutes after she finished helping him with the lotion, she looked into her bag at the digital display on her cell phone and said, "Uh-oh! Our time is up. I've gotta get moving or I'm going to be late to my martial arts practice."

"That's a drag," Alan said, sadly. "This has been nice. Did you enjoy coming to the beach?"

"Oh, definitely!" She was surprised at just how enthusiastically she meant that.

"What about wasting your time basically doing nothing?"

She grinned knowingly. "Yeah, well, I guess kicking ass and taking names is overrated. At least, you can't do that ALL the time. I'm assigning you the job of teaching me how to just relax and enjoy my spare time."

"Okay!" He joked, "Hey, cool. It turns out I AM better at you than something: I'm an expert in wasting time."

She kept on grinning madly, but said sarcastically, "That's something to be proud of."

The two of them packed up their chairs and other items and began walking.

He was pleased they'd been able to talk about serious and meaningful things for most of the time. He decided he could ease up and joke around a little bit more. So, while Christine started towards the stairs that led to their cars, he began walking a different way, down the beach.

Christine stopped and turned to him after just a couple of steps. She lifted her sunglasses up to her forehead. "Hey! Where are you going?"

"Oh, don't you remember? The official breast inspection! I thought we could find somewhere more private to do it, maybe close to those cliffs over there. But this works for me too." He stepped forward with a silly grin, and clutched his hands in front of him, like he was ready to honk her giant boobs.

She just smiled and rolled her eyes. She knew for all his joking he wouldn't actually touch her inappropriately without permission. "Get real."

He acted confused. "Get real? Is that code? Oh, I get it: that's short for 'get really aggressive.' Okay, if you say so! But can you take your bathing suit off first, so I can get started?"

She briefly toyed with the idea of starting to pull the straps of her bathing suit off her shoulders. She wanted to shock him before revealing it was a ruse. But she chickened out at the last second. Instead, she just said, "Okay! ... Well, nah."

It didn't have the same effect. She was flustered, and her comic timing was off. But he chuckled appreciatively just the same.

She suddenly turned and resumed walking to the stairs. She said over her shoulder, "Come on, bozo-brain. I'm sure you're trying to think up some boob joke or dumb-blonde joke. But you've gotta be quicker than that."


She was spot on; that's exactly what he was starting to do. He resumed walking to the stairs too. But instead of hustling up to her and telling her a few jokes, he realized he had a fantastic view of her ass since he was just a few feet behind her.

As he watched her ass cheeks undulate up and down in the most delightful way, he thought, Wow! Now, there's a walk that rivals even the way Aunt Suzy walks around. Except the difference is, my sexy auntie has deliberately perfected her walk over the years, whereas I'm sure Christine is just going from Point A to Point B without even trying to sex it up! Imagine if Suzanne taught her how to sway and strut! Whoa!

Again, he was only partially correct. It was true that Christine had no real practice at walking in a sexy manner. But she was very mindful of the fact that Alan was walking just behind her. She was fairly certain he'd be ogling her ass, so she attempted to put extra oomph and swish into her walk without being overly obvious about it. Her heart was racing over such a bold move.

Seeing her slowly sway her ass cheeks up the stairs was even more jaw-dropping!

Once they reached the street and Alan caught up with her, they found out that Alan's car was in one direction and Christine's car was in another. So they said their good-byes and shared another hug and kiss.

The kissing was just simple pecks on cheeks again, although it was one on each cheek instead of just one this time. But the hug was more prolonged. After all their wrestling around in the water, it didn't seem so strange for them to hold each other for a while. They both found it very enjoyable and comforting. Furthermore, Alan secretly thrilled to the way Christine's hard nipples still poked through her bathing suit into his bare chest.

But eventually they pulled back to make eye contact, and switched to simply holding hands. As she had done a while ago, he lifted his sunglasses to his forehead, for that much more eye-to-eye intimacy.

He loved the hug, but he also breathed a huge, secret sigh of relief when it ended. It had been a close thing that his hands didn't slip down and cup her ass cheeks. He was so used to doing that with his other women that he had to constantly remind himself to keep his hands still and on the middle of her back during their long hug. He'd also needed to be careful to lean into the hug so there was a gap between their lower bodies, preventing him from pressing his erection up against her.

He asked her, "So. What's next?"

"More school tomorrow, I suppose."

"True. But when the weekend comes... another practice date, perhaps?" (In the heat of the moment, he was forgetting about his Boy Scout trip next weekend.)

She winked at him, and said, "Perhaps." But her wide smile said, "Most definitely!" She added, "And, if you were to invite me to another 'practice beach hang-out,' I wouldn't exactly say no."

His grin grew wider. "A 'practice' one, huh? 'Cos it's gonna be a while before we're ready for a REAL beach hang-out."

She joked back, "Yeah, it's like rock climbing or scuba diving. Without proper training, people are gonna get hurt."

"True, so true. The official breast inspection is a particularly important safety precaution. Those things could poke an eye out! That's why we should practice that, say, for several hours every day after school." He wiggled his eyebrows hopefully and playfully.

She shot him an exasperated look, but she grinned too. "In your dreams, boob boy. In your dreams!"

He joked, "So, wait. No merit badge for me?"


They finally waved good-bye and walked off in different directions.

Boy oh boy, Alan thought as he walked to the car. I'm playing with fire. I think eventually we'll get used to each other, and to things like friendly hugs. But right now, there are some sexual sparks flying, at least on my end of things. I need to be careful! I was already thinking I should invite her to the beach again, or maybe some other fun after school thing, but on second thought, it's better I don't. At least not for a while. Let things cool down. The practice dates with her are enough temptation for me to handle right now. I mean, what if she wore a skimpy bikini to the beach next time?! Good God! The mind boggles!

Meanwhile, Christine was both excited and frustrated as she walked to her car. Stupid me! I blew it again! I had so much fun that it's unbelievable! THIS is what my life has been missing. THIS! And teasing him was the most fun of all! I don't know which was better, the wrestling in the water or the "toweling off." I should have done MORE! Just like last night, I'm a total chicken. I didn't even wear a damn bikini. Dammit!

I was just enjoying myself instead of thinking. Just now, when we parted, I should have held him longer, and pulled him in closer. I could have even kissed his lips instead of those cheek pecks. Not necessarily a big open mouthed kiss, but at least lip to lip contact. To give him some kind of a hint. Or I could have made specific plans for another beach outing with him. Or "accidentally" pressed up against that raging erection he was trying to shield from me so carefully. Or I could have seductively joked that we should go ahead with his 'official breast inspection' plan. Or something! I'm so LAME! ARGH!

He's got all these other girlfriends right now. "'I'm involved with some very beautiful girls," he says. DAMMIT! I HATE that! He's gonna get serious with one of them, and then I'll be left in the dust before he even realizes I'm even interested in him!


Alan realized that the situation at home had changed dramatically in the past few days. He felt like a dam of sexual energy had burst in his happy abode. Susan had given up the pretense that she was "forced" to sexually assist Alan due to his six-times-a-day treatment, and she'd fully embraced helping him for the sheer mutual joy of it.

Susan's increasingly enthusiastic attitude meant the others could get more sexually active, even out in the open. The only question was how eager the women there would be to please him.

After Alan left home to help with the pussy painting and such, Susan had spent some more time with Suzanne. Together they verbally relived their sexual encounters with Alan over the weekend (except for Suzanne's almost-fuck at the beach), plus Susan's morning blowjob and titfuck fun. They even reviewed Alan "watching" them exercising in the basement. After Alan came and went for his quick lunch, they made up a prolonged pornographic fantasy together about what he'd do to Christine on the beach.

It was a near thing that they didn't resort to masturbation in front of each other, especially when they talked while they sunbathed in the nude. (Of course Suzanne would have been happy to do so, but she had to be mindful of what remained of Susan's reticence about such things.) There was a lot of talk about just how "squishy" they were, though. That became the operative word: "squish." For instance, if Suzanne asked Susan for feedback from a story, Susan might reply, "Oh, so arousing! That was a three-squisher. Squish! Squish! Squish!"

Meanwhile both of them would furtively rub their legs together and rub their pussies against almost any object that presented itself.

Susan frequently sat up in her lounge chair as if she were leaning towards Suzanne in rapt interest, but she really sat that way so she could sit with a particular metal bar of the lounge chair between her legs. Then she would slide up and down it as unobtrusively as she could. The bar helped, but wasn't quite enough to get her off. Susan grew to think of it as a game and tried to get away with as much as she could without Suzanne noticing.

Suzanne actually did notice it all, but she pretended not to, instead subtly trying to encourage Susan to do such things and more.

The end result was that Susan was kept almost constantly horny, but rarely was given any opportunity for real relief. She was antsy for Suzanne to leave, so she could she run to her room and bring herself off. But Suzanne didn't leave in the late morning like she usually did. She wanted to leave Susan extremely horny and unsatiated for when Alan returned, in the hopes that would spur Susan to override yet even more of her self-set boundaries.

In fact, Suzanne only left out the front door once she heard the garage door indicating Alan was parking the car there. She purposely just missed him, so all the focus would be on a very horny Susan.

Thus, when Alan got home, still wearing his swimsuit and T-shirt from the beach, Susan was bursting with energy, lust, and anticipation. She met him as he walked through the front door, and said, "How ya doing, Tiger? Need any help with your problem?"

She glanced at his crotch, and smiled to see a prominent bulge. As was happening more and more, Alan would get erect before even getting home, just from thinking about the reception that was awaiting him.

Alan was checking her out too, from head to toe. She was dressed in nothing but a towel, and held a bottle of liquid soap in her hand. Suzanne had talked her into wearing this, to greet Alan with a sexy surprise that could be removed in a flash.

He asked, "Did you just take a shower?"

"Yes. Funny coincidence, that." She couldn't stop smiling. She was slightly bouncing on her high heels, causing her tits to jiggle too.

"Mom, you never take a shower at this time of day." He reached out and touched her forehead where some hair was peeking out below the towel. "Not only that, but your hair isn't even wet. Not even slightly." He looked down to her feet. "Besides, who showers in high heels?"

She was a bit embarrassed, but that was blunted by her enthusiasm. "Oopsies. You got me. Sorry, Son. But sometimes your mommy gets so horny for cock that she can't even think straight."

He smiled wolfishly at his mother and stepped closer to her so that their bodies were mere inches from each other. "Is this one of those times?" he asked in a low whisper in her ear.

"All the time is 'horny for cock time' with your new-and-improved mother, Tiger," she answered with a slight blush. She'd been practicing with Suzanne on how to sound sexy, and she said that in a very sultry voice indeed.

He stepped away again, enabling him to better appreciate the view. If his dick hadn't been stiff before he walked in the house, the sight of her voluptuous body in just a towel would have immediately taken care of that. And if not that, her "new" sexy voice would have. She didn't realize that he was so horny from what happened with Christine at the beach that he didn't need any sexy inspiration at all.

A blushing Susan wrapped in a towel from bust to upper thighs, with another towel wrapping her hair

Susan mock-complained, "Not only that, but this stupid towel is far too short, don't you think?" She wiggled in distress and tried to pull the towel down a bit further, seemingly to make sure it covered her pussy. But that caused it to slide farther down her boobs. Even a fraction of an inch more would start to expose her nipples.

She deliberately writhed her hips in a provocative manner while still slightly rocking on her heels. "Oh dear! Look what's happening. Son, this towel just isn't big enough for me!" The towel had been precariously clinging to her breasts due to her very erect nipples. But she gave it another tug, causing it to slide down to the bottom of her great globes. Only her arm under her rack prevented the towel from falling off her body altogether.

Alan was smiling from ear to ear. "You're right. It's not a good towel for you. Here, let me help you with that." He gave the towel a yank and pulled it clean away from her. He threw it across the room.

She squealed and pretended distress. "Oh, Tiger, now I'm all naked! Whatever will I do?" Even as she said this, she held the bottle of liquid soap with both hands. One hand was to keep it still while her other hand stroked up and down it in an obvious demonstration of what she wanted to do to him. She was already so aroused that the smell of her wet pussy filled the room.

"I'm sure you'll think of something," he quipped. He was in a very relaxed mood indeed. His calm sense of control and security had given him the courage to yank away the towel, something he normally wouldn't have done. Plus, he was just really damn horny.

They stood right next to the underwear cabinet where Susan had lots of clothes to wear, but that's not what she really wanted. Her heart was beating wildly as she tossed the bottle of liquid soap aside and tugged his swimsuit down below his erection. "Tiger. I lied to you about the shower. I'm so naughty. I'm so bad!"

With his swimsuit down to his thighs, she grasped his stiff cock like she'd discovered an ancient, priceless treasure. "I just wanted to greet you in a towel so it could fall off and you could see me completely naked like this. Isn't that too naughty?" She began to stroke his needy pole. "What kind of sinful, shameless, cock-hungry, big-titted mommy willfully flaunts her naked body for her son? Don't you think I deserve to be punished?"

"I do," he said, smiling with an agreeable nod. Knowing what was about to come, he guided her a few steps so she could kneel more comfortably on the living room carpet.

She kept a hand slipping and sliding on his cock all the while. She loved how it was already throbbing and hot. She noted, "Your cock is raring to go. I love it! Can I thank Christine for this? How did your beach trip go? Did you start the process of taming her? Did you get your hands on her perfect tits?"

"We'll talk later. But yeah, it was a great time. Why don't you drop to your knees and suck my cock? Worship it with your tongue. I think that will start to show you the error of your ways."

She giggled with glee as she fell to her knees. He said "Worship it!" I can't believe it! I ADORE that kind of language! He's really starting to take control. This has gone so far beyond just helping him with his orgasm problem. I love being one of his personal cocksuckers! My mouth belongs to my son now!

"I'm way ahead of you there, Son." She briefly held his cock so she could lovingly rub it against her cheek. But then she let go in order to quickly yank his swimsuit the rest of the way down his legs and off him. She desired full access to his cock and balls.

With her hands latched back on to his throbbing rod, she spoke with excitement, "I don't know if I can learn my lesson in just one day, though. It might take me YEARS of daily cocksucking to even BEGIN to see the error of my ways!"

With one hand pumping up and down his shaft, she licked the tip of his cockhead. She closed her eyes and said a quick prayer. Dear Lord, please give me the talent and passion to suck this cock like it needs to be sucked! Help me "worship it" like he demands. That's no disrespect to You, Lord. This is a very different kind of worship. Amen!

She was starting to cover more and more of his cockhead with her eager tongue. "If that's gonna be my punishment, then I guess I'll just have to suck it up, so to speak, and submit!" She craned her mouth open wide and began to slowly feed his erection into her mouth.

Alan grabbed the top of her head and pulled the towel she'd wrapped her hair in clean off for good measure, causing her beautiful, long, dark brown hair to cascade down her back. He grasped her hair tightly and held on to the back of her head as her mouth tried to mate with his cock.

"Mmmm. Now this is a nice welcome home," he mumbled, with shivers racing down his spine. He thought, Fuck me, man! It's so great to come home! Chills all over! Even my toes are curling! Look at her. She's already starting to do her corkscrew move. Hot damn! That one gets me every time!

And then, when I think about Christine's big tits in her tight blue bathing suit... WHOA! It blows my mind! I really should be fucking Mom's tits right now. If I can't even touch Christine's amazing cleavage, I can titfuck Mom's even MORE amazing and slightly larger tits! But this feels so good, I don't want it to stop!

With big tits on his mind, he asked, "Hey, Mom, rub your tits up against my legs while you're doing that, okay?"

"Mmmm hmmm!" Her boobs mashed up against his skin, conforming to the shape of his thighs.

That only added to his overall pleasure, feeling her soft melons slide all over his skin. It seemed like her massive hooters completely enveloped his legs. He loved the feeling of her hard nipples as they pressed insistently into his skin, especially since he was imagining they belonged to Christine.

He further suggested, "Speaking of rubbing, if you're still keeping to that dumb rule that I can't touch your pussy, then I hope you'll take care of that area yourself. It really turns me on to see a woman masturbate, and get off with a big orgasm."

She stopped sucking momentarily to talk. He thought she'd say something like, "Are you sure? That's so improper." But instead, she muttered as she reverted to licking for a while, "Cock! Mmmm. Big cock in Mommy's mouth. Fills me up. Hot load. So delish. So naughty. MMMM! Yummy, yummy cock! Mmmm..." She fingered her clit, and as she grew more excited she slurped even louder than before.

With the mention of punishing her, he felt inspired to playfully slap her on the butt, so he bent down and did so. It was far too mild a slap to count as a spanking, but it still seemed to drive her into a frenzy.

She nearly came on the spot when she felt that smack. That spurred her to suck on his erection like it was the most important task in her entire life. She frigged her slit faster and faster as she thought, Dear Lord, have mercy on me! This is so wrong! So debauched! I should be doing this just for him and his medical benefit, 'cos when I play with my pussy, it shows that I'm doing it for me too! But I can't stop. Can't stop! He told me to "worship" his cock with my tongue, and that's exactly what I'm doing!

And if I do, he'll SPANK ME! Oh no! That's the ultimate disrespect of parental authority! SO HOT! But that's 'cos I'm less his parent now, and more his personal sex toy! UNGH! HRRNG!

A couple of minutes passed. It was impossible to tell which of them was enjoying this experience more, because they were both flying so high.

Her head repeatedly tilted this way and that while sliding forward and back. She was going all out to give him maximum pleasure. Son, I love you so much! Can you feel it? Can you feel it with my tongue? Or with my lips sliding tightly over your incredible cock? Or with my fingers jacking all these thick inches of naughty son-cock? MMMM! Talking with Suzanne about serving this cock is too much fun, but actually doing it is ten times better!

And the spanking! Jesus, oh Jesus up in Heaven, please don't judge me harshly. How can I resist him when he talks about spanking me like that?! So hot! Too hot! Mmmm! Mmmm! Cock! In my mouth! I need to reward him! To worship this! I neeeed it!

She didn't want to pull off long enough to speak, so she mumbled around his shaft, "Thun, arr you gonnn thpanne me moah?"

She'd said, "Son, are you gonna spank me more?" but it was too muffled for him to understand.

So she reached back and slapped her own hip, to give him a better idea. Her tightly-suctioned lips continued their relentless sliding all the while. She wanted his cum now!

He finally got the hint. He bent down again and slapped her ass a few more times while saying, "Bad Mom! Bad Mommy! Bad mommies get spanked!"

Even though he could barely reach her ass, much less really whack it, those slaps, plus his inadvertent use of the word "Mommy," pushed her over the edge, giving her a great orgasm. She completely let go of his boner and played with both her slit and clit while her body shivered and shook.

Susan naked on her knees, sucking Alan's cock

For a minute or more, she gave him an excellent "hummer," because her lips hummed and trembled around his shaft. At times, she even screamed despite the fact her mouth was still crammed full.

Though it all, she was determined to never take his pole out of her mouth, and she succeeded in that. Soon enough, she was happily slurping, stroking, and licking it again. I am a bad mommy! Bad, bad mommy! When I cum like that, it shows my motives are all wrong. I have to be selfless. It's not about my pleasure; it's all about servicing his powerful cock!

She brought the hand that had been fingering her slit up to his balls, and she lovingly fondled them. Remember, my never-ending goal is to coax the billions of spermies out of these lovely things. Tiger suffers so much if they start to fill up. It really is a full time job for me helping him drain these dry over and over again, every single day. That's what I need to focus on doing from now on. Mmmm! Such is my yummy fate! Although, I can't forget Akami said it's not only about helping him cum many times a day, but keeping him riding on the edge of orgasmic nirvana for as long as possible too. My own possible orgasms don't even figure into it.

She was still playing with his balls, on top of her busy cock stroking and sucking. But... that said... I suppose there's no harm if I accidentally have one or two from time to time, is there? I get so worked up that it kind of can't be avoided.

Somehow, he sensed that she was stepping her efforts up yet another notch. He hadn't thought it was possible that she could do more to make him feel total sexual euphoria than she already was. Hot damn! Such a constant, intense, erotic buzz. Would fucking Mom feel even BETTER than this? The mind boggles!

She spent a long time sucking him. Suzanne had also told her a lot about deep throating earlier in the day and she tried her best to do it, but she couldn't get the hang of it at all. She had to give up again, although from time to time she experimented with swallowing enough of his shaft to begin choking and gagging on it. She certainly didn't want to get sick, but she thrilled to the idea that he was "forcing" her to choke on his thickness (when in fact he had no such intention, and couldn't understand why she kept doing that).

She also loved the mere sound of the choking and struggling. It made her feel like she was being totally dominated by his cock, and that she had no choice but to suck and serve.


Times like this served as training sessions for Alan to improve his PC muscle control. He kept rhythmically squeezing that muscle so often that he didn't even have to consciously think about it after a while.

But doing that was tiring, and he knew that he was rapidly reaching a point where he would either have to take a serious break or give up his cum load. He figured it was a holiday and he had a lot of free time to enjoy, so he pulled off. He went to a nearby sofa and sat down.

Susan was thinking along similar lines. Nobody else is here. Not Angel, not Suzanne, not even Amy. This is my chance to shine! I can love and worship his cock for an hour or more. Maybe even two or three hours, non-stop! Who knows?! I can practice all my moves and really impress him. And there are so many moves to practice: the Candy Cane Stripes, the Reverse Candy Cane, the Lollipop, the Mommy Choker, the Ice Cream Cone, the Teeth Scraper, the Second Snatch - oh my goodness! And that's just for starters. So many! And it seems I love each one more than the last, because they all make my darling boy throb and moan with pleasure!

She understood he needed a break, so she made sure not to touch his privates. But she sat on the sofa next to him and cuddled up to him with her great tits pressing into his chest. Actually, it was more like she was sitting on him. She kissed his cheek and nibbled his earlobe.

"So, Tiger, tell me... How did it go with you and Christine?"

"Good. Very good. But Mom, you asked me if I'd started 'taming' her. You need to understand there's no such thing as 'taming' a person. At least not someone like her. Besides, I don't even want to get sexually intimate with her."

Susan frowned. "So why did you go to the beach with her?"

"Because we're good friends, and we're getting to be better friends. We had a really good talk about meaningful things. I'm glad how it went. It kind of took our friendship to the next level. But, that said, she does look like she does. I can't deny that she's a total goddess! And, if we're at the beach and she's wearing a nice bathing suit, I certainly can appreciate that, can't I?"

Susan grinned knowingly. "You can!" She thought, He says he wants to be 'just friends.' And maybe he even thinks he means it. But I can see the fire in his eyes whenever she's so much as mentioned. He's got a special sexual talent, there's no denying it. Once he realizes his power, he'll seduce her and add her to his stable of big-titted beauties. I don't mind, since he obviously has strong feelings for her and she sounds like a lovely girl. Until then, I'll try not to push him on it.

She asked, "So what did she wear?"

His penis had actually just gone flaccid, despite his curvy mother being all over him, due to its sheer exhaustion. But as he pictured Christine in her bathing suit while forming a response, his penis immediately shot up to a fully erect state.

She pointedly stared at that, and said, "It must have been something nice!" She giggled.

Knowing he was busted, he just grinned impishly. "Yeah, well... like I said, there's no harm in looking, is there?" He couldn't stop thinking of the way Christine had applied the suntan lotion to her deep cleavage.

"Definitely not!" Susan ran her fingers up his newly revived shaft, but then she let go when she remembered his need to take a break. "Anyway, so how did she look already?"

He sighed in fond memory. "She wore a one-piece bathing suit, which was a bummer. I was hoping she'd wear a bikini. But she still looking totally smoking, and it showed off a ton of cleavage. I even got to put suntan lotion all over her back, twice, which was really nice. I have to admit that I fantasized about fucking her tits there at the beach, kind of a lot. Driving home, all I could think about was fucking YOUR tits as soon as I got through the door. But you surprised me with that towel, and then you sucked me so good that it was too amazing to stop."

Susan had an idea. She kissed and licked his face a little bit, and then got up. "Stay right there, okay? I'll be back in a minute."

"I'm not going anywhere." He turned and watched her bare ass cheeks undulate as she walked out of the room and then up the stairs. That reminded him of getting to watch Christine's ass swishing and swaying from right behind her. Needless to say, that didn't help his erection go down.

But Susan was gone for several minutes. He managed to close his eyes and let his mind go blank, allowing him and his penis to have a true rest.

Susan came back downstairs holding a bag, with a bathrobe covering her body. She even had the robe tightly closed. She wore prescription sunglasses instead of her usual glasses too. She walked right through the living room where her son was resting. As she went by, click-clacking in her high heels, she said to him, "I'll meet you in the backyard. You might want to wear some sunglasses. Oh, and put your bathing suit back on, please."

He was confused but intrigued. He sat up and watched her walk on by. But he asked, "Should I shower first? I forgot about that when I came in, but I'm still sandy from the beach."

"Definitely don't shower! Time's a-wasting!"

Alan walked to the backyard with his T-shirt, swimsuit, and sunglasses on a couple of minutes later. His penis was starting to engorge again because he had a good feeling his mother Susan had something very fun planned.

He found her lying on a towel on the ground near the pool, with her robe put aside. There was another towel laid out next to her that was obviously for him. This was curious and unusual, since there were comfortable lounge chairs scattered all around.

But what really took his breath away was the bright blue bathing suit she wore. There were just two thin strips of fabric that rose from her pussy mouth, covered her nipples and not more, went over her shoulders, and then turned into a single strap of fabric going down the middle of her ass right between her butt cheeks. She still wore high heels and sunglasses too.


She stood up and posed for him. She slowly turned around, and then struck another sexy pose. "You like? It's on loan from Suzanne, though I've never seen her wear it. I remember she said it's a slingshot-style bathing suit, because the fabric curves from my hip up over my breasts in a slingshot shape. Then there's just a little bit of fabric connecting from the top of my hips down to my... well, my you-know-what."

"Your pussy," he pointed out. He loved that his mother had turned into a cocksucking fiend, yet she still got embarrassed over saying words like "vagina" or "pussy." Somehow she retained her fundamental innocence and goodness no matter how sexually enthusiastic she got.

She nodded. She was blushing slightly, not because of any words, but because of her outrageously erotic bathing suit. Once she'd made another 360, she sat down and said, "Come. Sit. And remember that I'm no longer Susan Plummer. I'm Christine Andersen! We're sitting at the beach together. Right?"

Alan shook his head in amazement at that idea. "Wow! Mom, you're too cool! You just gave me an amazing, amazing blowjob. That must have tired you out. You spoil me. It's too much!"

She stared defiantly and pointed at the unoccupied towel until he sat his ass on it. Then she said, "Let ME be the judge of that, please." She looked away shyly. "The truth is, I'm not doing this simply to help you out. I enjoy it a lot too. Okay? In fact, I totally love it. So don't question it. Please?"

He smiled from ear to ear. "How can I say no to you? You're the greatest!"

She smiled back. "No, Susan is the greatest." She giggled at that self-reference. "I'm Christine, remember?"

She suddenly took his hand and held it. Her demeanor changed and she got serious, attempting to become 'Christine.' "Alan. I have something to confess."

He tried to get in a serious mood to fit the role-play, but he was too happy to stop smiling. "Yes?"

"I know... I know you want to be just friends. We've talked about some important stuff today, and I feel like I've really gotten to know you better. Our friendship is stronger than ever, don't you think?"

He nodded. His cock was practically ready to bust through his tight swimsuit, because he knew this was going to get good, very good.

She continued, "That said, I... Well... I have feelings for you! I want to be more than just a friend!"

He was even more amazed. He'd had no idea she could act this well. She didn't sound like Christine, per se, since she didn't know much about her beyond the basic facts. But she came across so earnest and emotional that it was totally convincing that she was confessing her love.

She let go of her hand and gestured at her chest. "Look at this bathing suit, this slingshot suit. It's embarrassing, if not downright humiliating. Nobody would get caught dead in public in one. But I'm wearing it to the beach for you. Because I want you to want me. I know that God blessed me with these..."

She clutched at her big breasts from below with both hands, and hefted them up and down slightly. "And I know that you're a 'tit man.' Don't I tempt you, at least a little bit?"

He replied, "You do. You definitely do! You're gorgeous all over! But that's not the problem. It's that I really enjoy our friendship, and I don't want to risk that. What if we tried dating and it didn't work out? Could we stay friends? Besides, you know that I have some other girls that I'm involved with, and I'm not willing to give them up. I don't think you'd put up with that for long."

That wasn't exactly what he would have said to the real Christine, since he wanted to keep things short and simple with Susan. But his words hit some of the genuine issues he had.

She continued to hold and even slightly fondle her breasts with both hands, "I don't mind those other girls." She stared wantonly at the bulge in his swimsuit. "I understand you're a very handsome and virile young man. All the girls want you, because you give them just what they want. What they need! It's all over school, what you do to them, how you make them scream." She licked her lips hungrily as she kept on clutching her tits and staring at his crotch.


She finally looked back up at his face. "A guy like you can't be satisfied with just one girl. I get it." She looked away with convincing embarrassment. "I want you to do to me what you're doing to them!"

"But Christine! That would ruin our friendship."

Susan gave him a mysterious look. "Well, we'll see about that." Then she suddenly switched her demeanor. "Think about my offer. Now, on a totally different note, my skin is very fair, and the sun is hot. Can you help me put some sunscreen on?"

"Sure." He noticed that she'd brought out some coconut-scented sunscreen. He picked up the bottle and waited for her to turn her back to him.

But she laid face up on her towel instead. She stretched her hands up above her head, which did wonderful things to her round melons. "You can get to my back later. I need help with my front side first." She brought her hands back to her chest and pushed her tits tightly together, creating a line between them. "Especially here."

Alan was staggered. He knew both Susan and Christine far too well to confuse one for the other. But he was suspending disbelief and getting into the idea that he really was sitting with Christine. Susan didn't talk like Christine did, but she was taking the few tidbits she knew about his beach visit today and was turning them into an irresistible fantasy.

Seeing that he was just sitting there dumbly, she brought a hand to her tummy and patted herself. "Why don't you sit here? Get comfy. This could take a while." She spoke in an erotic moan as she pressed her tits together some more. "My breasts are so fair! They really need a lot of attention!"

He mumbled as he straddled her midsection, "Like... like an official breast inspection."

"Exactly! Please give them a good inspection as you cover them thoroughly. I don't mind. You're not like other guys. I trust that you'll take good care of me." She was still speaking in a remarkably sensual tone of voice.

Alan was so exhilarated that his hands were shaking. He squirted some lotion into his hands, rubbed them together, and then placed them on her massive globes. Oh God! What if Christine really let me do this?! Oh man! Too much! My heart is going to burst!

Susan moaned like she'd just had an orgasm. "Oh! YES! Like that!"

He started spreading the lotion out and massaging it into her skin. Strangely, he found himself relaxing as he did that, and his hands soon stopped shaking. It was like he felt his hands belonged there somehow.

The straps to Susan's slingshot suit were barely clinging to her breasts in the first place, and in less than a minute they were pushed to the side, all the way off her huge peaks.

He happily squeezed more lotion onto his hands, and worked on covering every inch of her incredible G-cups. Mom is so cool! This is the best role-play ever! If only this could happen with the real Christine, but it's happening now, and that's still pretty great! Mom may actually be even more beautiful than Christine, if such a thing is possible, and she definitely is more stacked! They're both so gorgeous that you can't compare. But still, I love this! XX18

Susan said, "Tig-, er, I mean, Alan, I love what you're doing to me! I know you say you want to stay just friends, but what if we become 'breast friends?'"

"Best friends?" With her help, he pulled the straps off her slingshot suit all the way off her arms so they wouldn't get in the way. Then he went back to adoring her nipples with his fingers.

"No, BREAST friends. And sure, why not, best friends too." She giggled at that.

"What does that mean?" he asked while applying still more lotion to her tits. He loved that they were getting delightfully slippery with so much lotion.

"It means, I know you love playing with my boobs, and I love it when you do. So, whenever we're hanging out, you can do whatever you want to me. Pinch and pull my nipples. Caress and fondle and knead my tit-flesh! Take my clothes off and run your hands all over them to your heart's content. All over me! Don't stop!" She grunted lustily as he played with her nipples.

She realized that the slingshot suit was still covering her pussy (and pretty much nothing else). In fact, it was stuck there due to her copious pussy juices. She briefly reached around Alan and yanked it down her thighs. With her son sitting on her, it was too hard to take it all off at the moment. But at least she could feel completely naked.

"That doesn't sound very platonic," he noted. His voice sounded surprisingly calm, but his blood was practically boiling with lust.

"No, it doesn't. But so what? In return, I want you to be my 'cocky friend.' Can you do that?" She suddenly reached into his swimsuit and whipped out his erection. Using her very practiced skills, she began jacking him off with both hands.

He knew this was getting farther and farther from what the real Christine would ever possibly do or say, but it felt so good that he ran with it. He pretended to ignore her stroking hands while he kept caressing and even kneading her tits. "What would that mean?" he asked blandly.

"Here. Scoot up and I'll show you what it means."

His entire body was pulsing with energy and lust as he scooted forward, until his cock was resting between her perfect orbs.

She kept on jacking him off, with a continual emphasis on his sweet spot. It seemed like she couldn't let go in order to get the titfuck started. But after a minute or so, she moved her hands to the outside of her tits instead and pushed them together, trapping his cock between them.

"It means this!" she said triumphantly. "You see, I love it when you play with my tits, and I can't wait to play with your cock a heck of a lot. This way, we can do both at once! I'm not an A plus student for nothing, you know. I've got good ideas. Besides, scoot forward a little more, because I can do this too."

He pressed forward a couple more inches, driving his cock closer to her face.

She craned her head down and unleashed her talented tongue on his cockhead. Suddenly, it was like she was licking it everywhere at once. At roughly the same time, she started moving her tits, sliding them tightly back and forth over his urgent boner. XX19

All he could do was groan needfully. Since her hands had her tits pretty well covered at the moment, he switched to exploring other parts of her flawless upper torso.

Between licks, she said, "See? Isn't this nice? Even though we're on a public beach, I don't care who sees! I don't care who talks either! Let 'em talk. Let 'em know I'm one of your girls now. I know you have a whole stable of big-titted babes. Rumor has it that it even includes your mother and your sister!"

"Well, that's not true," he complained, playing his role.

"Even so, it could be true, because you're unstoppable! Look at me: straight A student, reduced to doing this. But I love it! No more beating about the bush, okay? If you're feeling horny, do what you want to me, like I'm your personal plaything! If you're feeling bored in class, slip your hands under my shirt and play with my tits!"

"In class?!" He was panting hard, and clutching his PC muscle. Between her lapping tongue and her sliding tits, he was rapidly losing control. He knew Susan's role-play was getting out of hand, and Christine would never express her desire to be his "personal plaything," much less the rest. But he was totally loving the fantasy anyway.

"Mmmm-hmmm!" Susan couldn't say more, because she'd started sucking on most of his cockhead while the tip of her tongue flicked at it inside her mouth. She managed to get all of it in her mouth, but only for a few seconds, because the effort to keep that position was too difficult.

After catching her breath, and with her lotion-covered tits sliding around his tightly trapped hot boner, she said, "I won't be wearing a bra anymore, obviously, or panties either. My body belongs to you now! Like your other sexy, seriously-stacked babes. I've seen what you've done to them, how you've bent them to your will and turned them into your personal sex toys. That's what I want too!"

"You do?!" He thought, Would Christine ever say that? Fuck no! But, dammit, this is a great fantasy, no matter how un-PC it is!

Susan panted, "Of course! You're the best! The best at sex. I always want the best, and I get what I want. Those girls know they're your sex toys now, and they're very humiliated about it, but they've never been happier or more sexually satisfied. I know, because I've talked to them. I want to be your very favorite sex toy!" She really meant that last comment as herself, not Christine.

She just licked and titfucked his cock for a while as she thought of what else to say. "They're creaming all day long in their miniskirts, thinking about your fat cock! I've seen how you kiss and fondle them in the halls, and in class. You're so shameless, the way you feel them up in front of everybody like you own them. I think you broke my will when I saw you fingerbang Betsy in history class yesterday!"

He laughed at that made-up name. "Who's Betsy?"

Susan laughed too. But then she ran with the idea. "You know, Betsy! Brenda Hunter's daughter. The totally fit redheaded fox with the G-cup tits! We know she's one of your sex toys. She boasts to all the girls about how good she is at serving your cock. The way you pulled her shirt up and suckled on her nipples yesterday got all the girls wet, including me! Even Ms. Rhymer! I saw how she called you behind the podium for another 'private discussion' and then dropped to her knees. Everyone knew she was sucking your cock yet again!" XX20

He thought, Fuck me! Glory too?! And if only Brenda did have a daughter like that. Wow! Mom has a freakin' genius mind when it comes to sexy fantasies! Hot damn! Fuck! I really need to take a break, a long break, or I'm gonna cum. But Mom is on a roll!

Susan continued, "Even though all your classes with Ms. Rhymer end that way, I stood up and peeked behind the podium just to check. I couldn't believe how deep she'd taken you down her throat! I want to learn how to do that too. I can be your..." Her voice trailed off.


Susan's mention of Alan pulling "Betsy's" shirt up and suckling on her nipples gave him an idea. He hadn't even been touching his mother's big tits for a while now, since she was using them to titfuck him so vigorously. But she'd slowed down considerably for the past couple of minutes, so she could lick his cockhead and describe her increasingly outlandish fantasy without losing her breath. He took advantage of that by pulling his dick away, scooting his ass back, and bending his head down. He held her erect left nipple in place and started sucking on it. That was why Susan stopped talking.

For a few long moments, Susan's mind raced with alarm and extreme arousal as she realized what he was doing. The pleasure was so intense that her body seized up and her eyes rolled back in her head. She started panting hard, causing her great knockers to heave some, despite the fact that she was still pressing them tightly together. XX21

When she sensed he wasn't going to stop his nipple sucking anytime soon, she stepped out of role-play mode and cried out, "Tiger, no! Time out! Time out! Son, please, not that!"

He lifted his head back up in confusion. "Why not?"

She stopped her licking and tit sliding to deal with what she saw as a crisis. "You KNOW that you're not allowed to play with my tits. But you do it all the time."

"Come on! You totally invited it! Isn't that what this role-play is about?" He bent back down and started sucking on her other nipple.

She was momentarily speechless as she realized how right he was. She let go of her breasts and clutched at his head, but she couldn't get herself to actually push him away. Then, between heavy, gasping breaths, she said, "Okay, point taken. I am pretty slack on that rule, and I guess that's okay. I'll admit that my whole purpose was to get you to play with and fuck my tits! I just wanted you to live out your Christine urges. But sucking on my nipples is different! You can't do that, ever!"

He pulled again and sat back up. "Why the hell not?! I was getting a big reaction there. I could see you really love it. Your whole body was on fire!"

"That's exactly why! I love it too much! You'll make me go crazy!" She changed tone, and resumed licking on his cockhead, hoping that would help appease and distract him. "Tiger, look at me. I'm already one of your de facto sex toys."

He protested, "Mom, come on. That's ridiculous! You mean so much more to me than that! I love you with all my heart!"

"I know, and I love you just as much. I'm not saying I'm JUST that, but that's part of it. Not just in a role-play, but for real. But that's okay! You know that I've come to love it. I've never been so happy in my life!"

She suddenly craned her head down even more, swallowing all of his cockhead. She bobbed on it a few times before the effort got too much and she had to pull off.

Alan was taken by surprise. He groaned with lusty need. He very nearly shot his load, but he clenched his PC muscle frantically and just barely staved off defeat.

"See?!" She went back to licking around his piss hole. "That's what it's all about. Your cock needs to be continually pleasured, nearly all day long. Nurse Akami said as much. It's practically a medical necessity! But if you suck my nipples, I'll pretty much lose my mind! I can't think, I can't breathe, I can't suck you, I can't do anything! I just start cumming and cumming until I go crazy!"

"How do you know this, if you don't let me do it?"

"I know, baby, I know. Believe me! Like when you were doing it just then, it was too much for me to take. I'm just super sensitive there. You have NO IDEA what your tit play alone does to me, or how much I love it when you fuck my tits!"

The discussion came to an unexpected halt, because she somehow managed to swallow all of his cockhead again. With even more straining effort than ever before, she managed to slide her tightly puckered lips as far down as his sweet spot. She slid her sweet lips rapidly back and forth right where it counted most, and slathered his cockhead in her mouth for good measure. At the same time, she squeezed his shaft in a constantly-moving and thoroughly-oiled-up tit-tunnel.

She was going all out with all her might. For one, she wanted to show her passion and love for serving his cock. Two, she did love a good titfuck, and she'd reminded herself that she really wanted one now. But three, she craved to get him to cum, and right away, for strategic reasons in addition to erotic ones. She hoped that he'd be too distracted by all this pleasure to try sucking her nipples again. Then, once he came, he'd been too wiped out to do anything at all, further removing the nipple sucking "threat."

She truly didn't want him to suck or even lick her nipples, ever, because she feared that if he did, he'd wind up fucking her cunt before long. Not only were her nipples super sensitive, but it was as if she could feel a direct connection between them and her cunt, igniting both areas. She feared, and with good reason, that if he sucked her nipples for a good while, her pussy would grow so tingly and needy that she would loudly demand that he give her a good hard fucking. And she still feared that motherfucking was true incest, and a grave sin.


So instead she worked her oral and titfucking magic on him with great enthusiasm. She got him to assist by holding her tits in place, which let her perform another amazing titfuck-blowjob combo. But it was such a strain to maintain the position that tears leaked from her eyes.

Alan was over the moon. In fact, he was completely blown out into the stars. After just a couple of minutes of her new effort, he gave up his orgasmic struggle and let go with a loud cry. Hot ropes of his cum rocketed to the back of her throat.

She'd been leaning and craning so far forward that when she suddenly pulled back, his cockhead popped out of her mouth. She quickly grabbed his shaft and shut her eyes tight. She proceeded to paint herself a facial. She got a kick out of being both the targeter and the target.

Then, when his cum was all gone but his cock was still stiff, she resumed licking and sucking him until he was completely flaccid.

Finally, she pulled off. She kissed his shriveled penis with love. "Aaaah! Now, THAT'S how it's done! See, Tiger, that's what you've done to me. You've made me love doing this. So much! So let me keep doing that to you every day, and no more nipple sucking or suckling, okay?"

"Okay. If you insist. Geez!" He was puzzled by how strongly she felt about that.

"I do. That and 'no pussy touching' are the two rules I have to be strict with."

He slid off her tummy and wound up lying next to her. He was wiped out, just as she thought he'd be.

She'd been so preoccupied with his cock that she hadn't had a chance to have an orgasm of her own. But now she closed her eyes and quietly fingerfucked herself to a nice one while he laid next to her with his eyes closed, oblivious.

But all of her cock-pleasuring activity plus her own orgasm didn't tire her out. In fact, she was still wired with energy and passion. She finally pulled the straps of the slingshot suit all the way off her legs, so she could revel in her total nudity (not counting her high heels, of course). She rolled her luscious body onto him.

He opened his eyes when he felt her weight on his chest. He looked up into her smiling face from mere inches away, and chuckled at her seemingly endless enthusiasm. He couldn't fail to notice that her face was soaked and dripping with his cum. He also loved the feel of her massive boobs on his bare chest, since they were still slicked up from all the suntan lotion. XX22

She playfully kissed the tip of his nose. "God, I love this. All of it. This is what I call a fun way to spend an afternoon. Each time we do this sort of thing, I love it more. Look what you've turned me into. I'm hopelessly addicted to your cock."

"Phew! God, that was amaaaazing!"

"Son, please don't use the Lord's name in vain. You know that's improper. But in any case, wasn't that fun?" She swiped up a cum gob that fell from her face to his, and slurped it into her mouth.

He nodded. "Mom, you have no idea! But you spoil me far too much." He wiped the tears that lay between the many streaks of cum on her cheeks. "Look. You actually shed tears from the strain of managing to blow me along with the titfuck. That's too much! You're making me feel guilty. Especially since you won't let me reciprocate by going down on you."

"Hush your mouth! Don't even speak of that! That's even worse than if you suck on my nipples. But Son, don't worry. I LIKE it when I have to struggle so much that I cry a little. In fact, I love it! I've come to love cocksucking so very, very much lately. Don't question it, okay? Just enjoy it. Although a compliment or two along the way wouldn't hurt." She winked.

He chuckled at that. "Man, I could compliment you all day long. That was friggin' crazy! For starters, your whole Christine role-play was brilliant. That was exactly what the doctor ordered. It's like you could read my mind, because I was having all kinds of fantasies along those lines, especially on the car ride home. What inspired you to come up with that idea?"

"It was a no-brainer. Remember last night, how I helped you with a role-play after your practice date with her? I figured why not do the same here. Clearly, she has a knack for getting your cum boiling, but then she foolishly fails to follow through and give you proper relief. But I'm not too upset, because that means more tasty spermies for me!" She winked at him and licked her lips.

He asked, "How did you do that so well?! I mean, you barely even know her. And, let's face it, you're not known for your acting skills, because you're so honest and open."

Her cummy face continued to stare down into his clean one. "Son, it's true, I didn't have much to work on. But I didn't need to act, because I wasn't really acting. I just put myself in her shoes for real. What if I was your classmate, and a smart, busty beauty to boot?"

She shifted around, just so she could drag her oiled up tits across his chest. "Of course I'd want the best of the best. She's going to fall for you soon enough, mark my words."

He sighed. "Look. You don't know Christine at all. It's not like that. True, I lust after her, okay? I have these fantasies, as we've obviously seen here. But, at the end of the day, I know it's not right for her and me to get together, for lots of reasons I'm too tired to go into right now. Plus, she's not into me. So she makes good eye candy and role-play material. That's it! We're just FRIENDS."

Susan shook her head in disagreement, and slid her slick tits on him some more. "I beg to differ. Time will prove me right, you'll see. You've developed this sort of sexual magnetism lately. Women can't resist you! I know I can't, and I had to overcome the incest taboo, so why should she?"

"Mom, trust me. She turned me down, remember?"

"Maybe she feels that way now, but she'll come around. I have endless faith in you."

He was intrigued and even shocked by what she said, especially her use of the words "sexual magnetism." Christine just told me today that I have "animal magnetism." That's almost the same. There must be some truth to it if they're both saying it independently. How can I deny it when my cum-covered mom is lying naked on top of me? But what the hell does that mean?! What am I doing that's "magnetic?!" How did that happen?! I sure don't feel "magnetic."

He put that issue aside and said, "Mom, that's just the thing. You DO have endless faith in me. That's why Sis and I do so well in many things, because we know you're standing behind us a thousand percent. Encouragement is great, but there's the harsh real world too. Things don't always work out like we want them to."

Susan took his hands, which were limp at his sides, and brought them to her ass cheeks. She smiled as he started to caress her there (although without much vigor, since he was so tired). "Son, you may think that role-play was wildly unrealistic, but it wasn't."

"Oh, come on! It was TOTALLY unrealistic!"

She repeatedly clenched and unclenched her ass cheeks in his hands, hoping to inspire him for another round. "No. Not really. You DO have a stable of beautiful, busty women who are learning the joys of serving you."

He pointed out, "You're basically talking three, four if you count Amy. That's not a 'stable.'" But in his own count he left out Glory, Heather, and others he was involved with at school, either because Susan didn't know about their involvement or because he doubted his relationships with them would last very long.

"I do count Amy; she's coming along nicely as one of your official personal cocksuckers, even if she's not allowed to suck yet. And four is a lot! Success breeds success. We DO proudly call ourselves your sex toys and personal cocksuckers. Some of us, anyway. I'm sure our numbers will grow until you have a full-on harem. It's true there is no 'Betsy,' but there are others like her, incredible sexy women you'll fuck and control someday, probably by the dozen."

"'By the dozen?!' Now you're way off in la-la land."

But Susan was defiant. "I don't mean all at the same time! But over the years, sure. And why shouldn't you tame Gloria Rhymer and Christine too?! I know how long you've desired them, no matter what you say."

He asked incredulously, "Wouldn't you mind?!"

She continued to slide her lotion-soaked tits over his chest while he fondled her clenching ass cheeks. "Why should I mind? You're a superior kind of man. Your sexual talents and stamina will grow and grow, I just know it. Yet, no matter how many lovers you'll take, fuck, and tame, I'll always be your big-titted mommy who loves you all up. I'm not immodest, but I'm confident that I have the kind of face and figure that you like best. Plus, I get to live with you, which gives me the inside track. I know you'll always save a lot of those cum-filled inches of throbbing hot son-cock for me, won't you?"

He smiled and nodded. He ran one hand all the way up her shapely bare back while his other hand idly explored her ass crack. He couldn't imagine ever neglecting her. His love for her was truly immeasurable, and that was even before the great sex began.

She smiled back warmly. "See?" She wiped a finger through her cummy left cheek, then sucked the finger clean. "I had you cum on my face on purpose, because you make me proud to wear your cum. And I know you won't forget your sister, or your auntie, or cousin Amy, because of the love we share. So, as long as that's true, why shouldn't you go out and take what you want, and who you want? Don't be shy. Don't be afraid to use your special talents. You're going to make a LOT of women very, very happy!"

He said, "Wow, Mom, you're kind of scaring me with all that. I mean, I'm just a guy. I don't understand what's happening to me. But I still believe you're way off. There's just no way your fantasy vision will come true. If nothing else, there are physical limits. I'm close to the limit of what's even physically possible, right now."

She chuckled knowingly. "You'll see."

With that, she scooted on down his body until her face was in his crotch. As had become her tradition, she rallied her energies yet again and thoroughly licked his penis and balls clean.

He reacted to feeling one of his balls slide into her warm mouth by saying, "Wow, Mom! Thanks, again! You're too good to me. Seriously. I feel undeserving." His mood soured as he thought that over. "What have I done to deserve all this royal treatment? Nothing, absolutely nothing, that's what."

As she continued to "clean" his balls with her tongue, she looked up at him and said, "Son, you take that back! Never say you're undeserving. Never! This isn't some unpleasant duty I feel obliged to do. This is an expression of my love for you! And I love doing it! Maybe that'll damn me to Hell, I don't know, but it's too late for me to stop now. I have to admit I love it too much."

"Well Mom, I love that you love it. And it can't be wrong or a sin if it feels this right. But I want to reciprocate. Let me finger or lick you down there. Please! It's only fair. I feel guilty."

She gave him a stern, disapproving look, even as her chin rested on his balls. "You know that whole area is off limits, and for good reason. So you just hush and let me finish cleaning you."

She finished her "cleaning" a couple minutes later.

Feeling deeply satisfied, he kissed her on the cheek in appreciation. A short time later, he went up to his room to take a nap.

Susan was very satisfied too. She felt like such prolonged sessions were helping her to take her cock pleasuring skills to a new level. With each new time with him, her lingering prudish worries and reservations were falling away, and more and more, she was truly loving the sexual action with all her heart.

She didn't want the fun with him to end, especially since she had him all to herself, but also didn't want to interfere with his nap. So she walked around naked and with his cum still on her face. She mentally reviewed and relived what had just happened. From time to time, she ate up some of the cum.

Now, THIS is what I call a good day! And to think: this is a glimpse of the future! Being a personal cocksucker isn't a temporary thing. A large part of my daily routine from now on is going to be like this, for years and years to come! In fact, wouldn't it be great if I regularly spent more time sucking Tiger's great big cock than cleaning house? I had a lot of free time on my hands that I was just wasting anyway. Why, just a month or two ago, I used to religiously watch some of the soap operas on TV! Hah! Now, I can better spend that time naked and kneeling and gagging on son-cock!

She walked to a mirror and looked at the cum on her face. She smiled without a hint of shame. She saw a big cum gob above her upper lip that she'd missed, so she licked it into her mouth. Mmmm. Yummy! I just hope I'm right with what I said about him. I don't think he can see it yet, but I can sense the sexual power he has. I know it's true because of how he makes me feel. He's going to fuck and tame so very, very many women! Maybe I should be more jealous, but it's so HOT! But will he neglect me, in face of all the new? I honestly don't think so. He loves me so much! Just so long as he doesn't live far away, everything will be okay. I do worry about his college plans sometimes though.


Fifteen minutes later, Susan heard the sound of Katherine driving the car into the garage. That snapped her back to reality. She finally washed her face clean of the remaining cum. (It was starting to get gross anyway.) Even though Katherine went straight to her room, Susan took off her high heels and resumed doing her daily chores in typical around-the-house clothes.

However, her attempt to give herself a sexual break didn't last that long, because Brenda gave her a call. Actually, Brenda had tried calling several times, but Susan had been too busy to answer. After the customary greetings, Susan asked Brenda why she was calling.

Brenda replied dreamily, "I think you know why. I've been thinking about Alan and his cock all day long! Please tell me nasty, naughty true stories of what you've been doing to him today!"

Susan's face brightened. "I'd be delighted to! It's been quite a day, since he doesn't have school. I think my skin must smell of sperm all over!" She brought a hand to her face and inhaled. Sure enough, it did smell of her son's cum.

Brenda squealed. "YES!"

Susan sat down and made herself comfortable on the dining room love seat, knowing this was likely to be a long, intimate conversation. "Let's see... Have you been practicing cocksucking with your Alan-sized dildo, like I suggested?"



"And I, uh... I don't have any trouble getting into the spirit of things anymore. All I have to do is think about him and I get so horny that I just HAVE to suck and suck and suck!"

"Good. Are you practicing so that you'll get better at it?"

"Of course. I've been reading up on it, and I even watched an instructional video. I know that sucking cock is going to be a VERY big part of my future life as one of Alan's busty sluts, so I'm working hard to be one of the very best, one of his favorites! But it's much more fun to practice while listening to your hot stories, especially the latest real things that have happened to you."

Susan giggled with glee. "I've got more of those. I'll make you a deal. I'll tell you my latest experiences, if you'll share some of your latest Alan fantasies."

'Deal!" Brenda was smiling from ear to ear. She'd started the call fully clothed, but she was already so hot and bothered that she began removing her clothes. She made a mental note to always just get naked before even calling Susan. "I've had some good ones. Since you told me that he was going on a date with that hot, stacked girl Christine last night, I had a great dream where he took ME out to a fancy restaurant."

"Oh? Tell me more!"

"Okay! First, he made me suck him through the entire dinner, during which he flirted with the sexy waitress. Of course all the other customers were outraged, especially since he'd had me strip to just my high heels and the tablecloth really didn't cover me very much, but what could I do? Once I started to suck him though, I simply couldn't stop! Then he had the waitress - who bore more than a passing resemblance to that photo of Christine you showed me, by the way - join me under the table for our dessert while he was fully enjoying eating his!"

Susan started to take off her clothes. She could tell that this call in particular was going to be a scorcher. "That's so him! Leave it to him to seduce the waitress too." She chuckled with pleasure. "I can totally picture Christine and you sucking him off together, right there in the middle of the restaurant! Did that happen?"

Christine Brenda

"Oh, did it ever! SO MUCH! I can practically still taste his sweet cum on my tongue - and that's just from a dream!"

"Wow! That sounds fantastic. You're going to have to tell me the whole story in great detail. But give me a sneak preview: how did it end?"

"How do you think? He finally took the two of us home, where we met up with you and he fucked all three of us all night long!"

Susan whispered in shock, "You mean... he fucked me too?!"

"Of course!"

"All night?"

"So many times! You screamed and screamed until your voice was hoarse. We all did!"

Susan whispered even quieter, "But that's not allowed!"

"Not in reality, at least according to your current rules. But anything goes in dreams and fantasies, right? And good God, did he fuck you hard and long in this one! He left the three of us with sore pussies and tired jaws, passed out from exhaustion in a tangle of arms and legs, covered in sperm and sweat!"

Susan was still whispering, but now in awe. "Woooow!" She thought, This is why I love listening to Brenda's fantasies so much. She goes places I won't let myself go, or she thinks of things that hadn't occurred to me. Isn't it simply a matter of time before he fucks me like that? Ooooh! Shivers all over! But I CAN'T let myself think like that! I can't!

Brenda asked, "By the way, how did Alan's real date with Christine go last night?"

"Oh, that? Gee, that seems like ages ago already. So much has happened since then. He was rather tight-lipped about it, even when I gave him a nice long titfucking when he came home. Katherine helped with visual stimulation, by the way. Unfortunately, I'm sure it didn't work out like your dream version did, but it must have gone very well, because he took her to the beach today. When he got home, I role-played her in a skimpy bathing suit. Naturally, he fucked my face pretty good, and my big tits too!"

Brenda was ecstatic. She pushed her bare breasts together, imagining that Alan was fucking her tits. "Good God! Too hot! It sounds like he's well on his way to taming her and turning her into one of his many busty sluts!"

"That's my hope. Knock on wood."

Brenda joked, "Suck on wood!"

Susan chuckled. "That too. Do you have your Alan dildo with you now?"


"Then let's get to it." Susan already had her clothes off and was caressing the undersides of her huge globes. She was eager.

Brenda was too, but worried about being caught once she started making a lot of noise. She asked shyly, "You don't mind if I freely masturbate and slurp and suck on Alan's cock, er, I mean the dildo, while you talk, do you?"

Susan replied, "We're way past the point of worrying about that kind of thing. Ever since the phone call where you told me that great story of Alan molesting you on a train in Japan, well, let's just say it's pretty obvious what we're both doing when we're huffing and puffing, and it's not emulating a steam locomotive."

Brenda quipped, "As the phone company's old slogan used to say, we let our fingers do the walking... all over our naughty places!"

Susan giggled. "Exactly! Now, where to begin? There's so much to tell If you'd called just a little earlier, you would have caught me with Tiger's cum all over my face!"

"Tell me! Tell me! Tell me everything!"

Susan chuckled. She started her story from the moment Alan had come downstairs for breakfast.

Half an hour later, Susan had Brenda caught up through the events of the previous night. Then she had Brenda take the story-telling lead for a while, starting with a detailed description of her fantasy dream date with Alan and the Christine-like waitress.

Because it didn't take much for either Susan or Brenda to climax, it was surprising that they'd each "only" had three orgasms. Certainly there would have been more, especially since Susan still hadn't gotten to detailing her adventures with Alan earlier that day. However, the call had gone on for nearly an hour by the time Brenda finished sharing her vivid fantasies, and Susan worried that Alan would soon be waking from his nap. Furthermore, it was likely that Katherine, Amy or Suzanne would see her before long and she figured she needed to be presentable when that happened. So, reluctantly, she ended the call.

However, by that time she was already looking forward to enjoying another long call with Brenda. Such discussions weren't just helping with Brenda's indoctrination and her blowjob practice on the dildo; they were also bonding Susan and Brenda as close friends, united in their submissive mindsets and lust for Alan. Susan's jealousy of Brenda's breast size was also fading by the day.


After Alan woke from his nap, he tried but failed to actually do some homework. There were too many beautiful women and exciting recent events on his mind.

Things have gone mad, barking at the stars mad. My life has gotten so very... eventful. Staying just friends with Christine has gotten more difficult, for one. The situation at school has just gotten a lot more complicated too. Heather's like a relentless barracuda. I wonder what my new painting duties will lead to. So many things to think about. And everything is coming up sex, sex, sex!

And then what about the mystery of Mom? She's so eager for cocksucking that it's almost scary. I mean, I totally love it and I can't get enough of it, but I have to admit that it must be completely off the charts for a woman to be THAT into it. Yet here's the kicker: she's still completely opposed to the mere thought of actual fucking! God, that alone is enough to drive me mad. I get to run my hands all over her perfect body with increasing frequency, but I still can't so much as touch her pussy.

Has there ever been a situation where a guy was so sexually satiated and yet so sexually frustrated by the exact same woman?! Dammit, I should just up and fuck her one of these days, but I can't! She's my mom! Even if she got into it eventually, I'd hate myself for forcing it that way. She has to want it a lot too. Man, that would be so epic, fucking her when she is fully passionate and into it! I can wait for that. Besides, it's not like I really have a choice: I have to wait.

He continued to hang out in his room and think. He didn't let anyone know he was awake because he just wanted to spend some time alone in his room and chill out. His sexual encounters lately were more emotionally draining than physically tiring.

Meanwhile, Suzanne came over again and took Katherine out by the pool for some nude sunbathing. It was actually fairly absurd for Suzanne to sunbathe, as she'd already done the same thing with Susan for about two hours earlier in the day. But sunbathing was just a thin excuse for Suzanne to get naked. Katherine certainly didn't have a problem with that.

In Suzanne's case, it wasn't even real sunbathing. She generally sat on a lounge chair under the shade of some nearby trees or an umbrella. If any sun actually hit her fair skin, she had already applied some powerfully strong suntan lotion, so she couldn't really tan at all.

Katherine's tan, on the other hand, had developed nicely to a rich light bronze that she thought contrasted with her areolae quite well. She was eager to finally get rid of the tan lines, but they were slow to go away.

She and Suzanne spent a long time putting suntan lotion on each other with they chatted, but they had to behave themselves because Susan could see them clearly from where she worked in the kitchen.

The fact that Susan could watch Suzanne and Katherine both buck naked and rubbing suntan lotion all over each other in a very sensuous manner and not complain about it showed how much her attitude had changed. In fact, as she looked at them through the window, she thought, They're both Tiger's sex toys too. It's amazing that he's tamed Suzanne, but he has! And his own sister. Such a stud! So it's only right that they act a little slutty with each other. That kind of attitude will help make them better sex pets for my son!

Katherine standing naked, seen from the rear, with her long, dark, straight hair hanging almost down to her butt

Suzanne and Katherine moved inside the house when it began to grow dark, after which they talked to Susan as she continued to prepare dinner, even though they were both still naked from the sunbathing. They were trying to push the envelope with her.

Susan actually was wearing a fair amount of clothing to cook in, including blue jeans. She had come down from her sexual high some time earlier. So she eventually insisted that they put on some clothes. But they delayed doing so as long as possible by distracting her with more chit-chat.

Alan finally came downstairs, where he greeted both naked women with an affectionate, but not too passionate, kiss and hug. He knew that his mother was watching from the kitchen, and given how she was fully dressed, he had to be careful what he said and did.

Susan complained, "Angel! Suzanne! PLEASE! Please put some clothes on already. What, with Tiger being here and all..."

But she didn't get to finish her thought, because Alan walked up to her and gave her a kiss too. However, unlike the other kisses he'd just given, he kissed her right on her lips.

That surprised and displeased her at first; she even made a feeble effort to push him away. But, after a few seconds of tongue dueling, she got into it and simply melted into his arms.

Then suddenly she broke free from their necking, because he'd just pulled her blue jeans down her thighs. Naturally, she wasn't wearing any underwear, so she tried to cover her pussy and ass with her hands. Concerned mainly about the other two watching women, she complained to him, "What are you doing?"

"Just getting your attention, Mom." He pulled her in close for a hug, wrapping his arms around her. She unthinking wrapped her arms around him in return.

That left her ass uncovered, as he had cleverly anticipated. He slipped both hands down and brazenly kneaded her ass cheeks.

She was facing the counter, so she could see Suzanne and Katherine sitting at their stools, staring and smirking. She blushed and looked away in humiliation. But she didn't try to remove her son's hands.

He told her, "You know I'm allowed to touch your ass for that. But how can I get your attention when you're wearing those tight jeans?"

She protested, "You have my attention already!"

But he just kissed her lips again. Within a matter of seconds, she was kissing back passionately and rubbing her busty body against his. She tried her hardest to forget that Katherine and Suzanne were right there and watching, although she couldn't forget completely.

After another minute, he had her loose sweatshirt and shirt pulled up to her shoulders. He broke the kiss and said, "Mom, the only clothes problem I see here is that you're not naked enough."

"But I have to cook," she pointed out. "Oh my gosh! My cooking!" She broke away from him, pulled her clothes back down over her breasts, and went to check on the seitan (wheat gluten) sizzling merrily on the stove. She had to waddle though, since her jeans were down her thighs and she was in such a rush to look at the food that she didn't have time to pull them up first.

Now that her back was turned, Alan looked at Suzanne and Katherine, giving them a smile and a wink.

They smiled and winked back. Suzanne gave him the thumbs-up gesture for good measure. Both of them understood that Susan needed the extra attention to get loosened up.

Alan walked back to Susan and caressed her bare ass cheeks from behind as she tended the food.

She let him, but complained, "Okay, Son. You've definitely got my attention by now. That's enough. Any more would be terribly improper."

He relented with her ass, for the moment, but also he said, "Remember, Mom, I have authority over what you can and can't wear. And I think you'd look best cooking in just one of your erotic aprons."

She sighed. "What am I going to do with you?" But she was smiling from ear to ear, basking in his attention.

Susan actually had recently stored a selection of aprons in a kitchen cabinet, now that she knew that Alan liked the "erotic apron" look so much. So she decided to change into one right there while everyone watched.


Her libido had kicked into gear after his fondling, so she didn't just undress, she made a mini-striptease out of it. As she did so, she mock-complained, "This is so outrageous! Look at me, Tiger!" She wiggled her blue jeans down her legs. "I'm starting to wonder why I should ever wear any clothes at all. Is that any way to treat your loving mother, telling me what I can and can't wear?"

Katherine jokingly answered for him, "Yes. Yes, it is." She giggled.

Susan huffed at that, even as she bent way over to make a production out of pulling her blue jeans down her lower legs. She said, "Angel, you don't even know the half of it. Would you believe that, earlier this afternoon, while I was busy sucking his fat stiff pole, he threatened to spank me! He even gave my bare ass a few hard swats! Is that gratitude? I tell you, it's an outrage!"

Her face was so obviously happy and lusty that no one worried at all about the supposed "outrage."

Suzanne saw Susan's obviously strong submissive tendencies as key to getting her to sexually open up. So she said, "It sounds to me that you'd better watch yourself and be good to him, then, if you don't want to get a hard spanking for real."

Susan was torn. On one hand, hearing that was too hot to be believed. But she also took her mothering duties seriously, and she worried about her authority being undermined. So she complained, "But I'm his mother! Don't I have to stay in charge? I mean, I'm not naked ALL the time."

Suzanne replied enigmatically, "There are times for you to be a good, responsible mother, and there are also times for you to be a naked and horny big-titted mommy. And big-titted mommies tend to be naughty and get spanked by their hunky, well-hung sons. A lot!"

Susan clutched at her bare breasts and gasped. Her entire body shivered at that.

She calmed down enough to resume changing clothes. She wanted to complain about Suzanne and Katherine still being naked, but her own near total nudity pretty much undercut any credibility she might have had in telling them to put on some clothes. The apron she chose covered her pussy up to her belly button, but left her tits and ass completely exposed.

She sighed, and thought, I guess this is how it's going to be, for better or worse. We're all his sluts now, and our nudity pleases him. I just wish he wouldn't embarrass me so much in front of the others. And I don't see a bulge. No bulge! That's really distressing.

Suzanne, Katherine and Alan just stood and sat around the kitchen counter area, talking casually, while Susan kept cooking, joining in the conversation when she could. Nothing overtly sexual happened, even though all the women remained naked (aside from Susan's apron). But the very normalcy of the situation chipped away even further at Susan's boundaries, by getting her more accustomed to casual nudity.

Just before Suzanne had to leave for her own home to prepare her own family's dinner, Katherine asked her, "Aunt Suzy, can I ask you a big favor?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"You should have seen the way Brother went wild for Mom's nightie this morning. I'm so jealous of my mother!" She didn't care who heard. In fact, she wanted her mother to hear in hopes that she'd give her more time with her brother.

Susan, still standing close by in the kitchen, blushed with pleasure at remembrance of the morning.

Alan also listened from across the dining room while his eyes went back and forth between the naked bodies of Katherine and Suzanne.

"He's so into that nightie and lingerie stuff, and I never knew it. Could you please, please, PLEASE go shopping tonight and pick up some sexy lingerie stuff for me? I want to look really good for him tomorrow morning."

"Sure. I know just the place. In fact, since your mom doesn't like us just standing around naked, let me show you an item I got there and haven't worn for him yet." Suzanne walked up to the underwear cabinet in the front foyer and picked out a top. She walked back to the kitchen counter to put it on, since she knew Alan could see them well enough from there, and he would appreciate the show.

Suzanne in a close-fitting armless dominatrix leather blouse with two circular cutouts for her boobs and a diamond cutout over her stomach

It was a red and black leather top that left Suzanne's shoulders, tits and stomach uncovered. "Check this out," as she pirouetted for them. "This is pretty typical of the stuff they have. They've got a lot of S-and-M-themed stuff."

Alan grinned with delight, and the others saw his reaction. He loved the fact that Suzanne was blushing slightly, because she didn't blush readily.

Katherine clapped her hands together in glee and thought, This is exactly the kind of thing I need to compete with Mom.

She raised her voice and said to Alan, "What do you think, Big Stick Shift Brother? Do you like this kinky stuff?"

He had been watching intently even as he still made a pretense to be reading. But he gave up the pretense and looked up at his sister. "Definitely. Though, I like my little sister's outfit just as much."

Katherine was still buck naked, standing just a few feet away from him. She pirouetted around for him in response.

Suzanne turned to Katherine. "Why have me pick the stuff out? Why can't you go yourself?"

"Remember, Mom won't let me leave to go anywhere 'cos I'm grounded." Katherine exaggerated her pout as she said this. Being grounded, she knew, was both a blessing and a curse. While she could stay home and tease her brother mercilessly, she couldn't do much else with him except once a day. And even though she thoroughly enjoyed prancing around the house naked or semi-naked with her mother and brother, she did have an outside social life and she missed it, if only just a little.

"Oh, yeah," Suzanne remembered. "But weren't you gone earlier in the day? I'm sure you were."

"I was. But that's because I had to go to cheerleading practice. School events don't count." She didn't mention the fact that she'd taken a couple of hours after the practice before she came home. Susan hadn't minded or asked about it at all, since that had given her so much one-on-one time with Alan and his cock.

Suzanne said to Susan in the kitchen, "Susan, that's really mean. How can I pick out the best clothes for Angel if she's not there? It's not like you and me, where we're the same size. I don't even know her measurements at all."

Susan answered, "Hmmm. I can sympathize, Angel, but you really should stay home and take your punishment. What kind of grounding is it if I let you go shopping? And I don't want to have to ask you again: please put some clothes on already! Don't be so disrespectful of your mother."

Katherine, now standing right next to the kitchen counter, stretched and wiggled her naked body as she pleaded, "Please? Please, Mom?" She looked at Susan earnestly, but in fact she was more focused on wiggling her ass for her brother's benefit, since he was sitting behind her.

Suzanne had an idea on how to manage Susan. She suggested to her, "I know. If you let Angel go, just this one time, I'll make sure to pick up some extra nice things for you to help you tempt and titillate your son. Don't you think he'd like it if you wore an even sexier nightie tomorrow for breakfast?"

"I dunno," Susan replied skeptically. "I have some pretty sexy nighties these days."

"Thanks to me," Suzanne pointed out. "Practically everything you're wearing lately is borrowed from me."

Susan bit her lip. "That's true. I would like to have more of my own. Are there even sexier ones out there?"

Suzanne grinned, knowing Susan was hooked. "There are! Guaranteed cock stiffeners, virtually every time you get that certain craving. And I can get them for you. You know we wear the exact same sizes, so if it looks good on me, it'll look good on you. Not only that, but we'll be gone for a long time after dinner, leaving you all alone with him. To spell it out, you'd be all alone with your hunky son and his always-erect and tasty treat."

"Darn you, Suzanne!" Susan said in frustration at her friend, and at her own lack of self control. "How can I turn down that offer?"

Her mouth salivated as she thought back to the time alone she'd had with Alan in the afternoon. Our time together this afternoon was the BEST! I can't even imagine having that much fun again so soon. My jaw is still sore from all the sucking, but in a good sore kind of way. And more nighties and erotic aprons and such means more cum loads blasting on my face and down my throat!

She said, "I could really use some sexier clothes, especially some see-through nighties of my own. I'm going to Hell, and Suzanne is the devil who stole my soul." She wagged a finger at her daughter. "Okay, Angel, you can go just this one time, but you have to give something up in return. You have to give up your one time stimulating Tiger today."

"Argh! I should have done that earlier!" Katherine cursed in frustration. However, she remembered that Alan had secretly fucked her in the morning, and she felt kind of guilty about it, so she didn't feel so bad to lose her "allowed" time with him. "Oh well. It'll be worth it. Aunt Suzy, this is going to be fun!" She pumped her fist into the air.

"Don't worry about money," Susan said to Suzanne. "The more stuff you can get for Angel and me the better, and I'll cover all our stuff, whatever it costs. If it's sexy and you like it, don't hesitate. If you think it'll help Tiger get and keep a big fat boner, just buy it. Especially if it's for me. I'd like to start to return some of the clothes I borrowed from you."

Suzanne nodded. "Will do. I've got some ideas. And I'll remember to get more see-through nighties. Soon, we're be so good at tempting Tiger that it'll seem like his cock will never go flaccid again!"

Susan licked her lips at that thought.

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XX01: Christine in her bathing suit, looking disappointed
(Ecchi Spud) Can't really add anything to this, other than to ensure that it's a one-piece. Maybe something similar to what she wears in Part 67 (w/ Katherine and Amy); not necessarily the same color, but perhaps the same style? Of course, the next few Christine images should be consistent with her having the same suit

XX03: Christine sitting in a beach chair with sunglasses on
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XX04: Christine looking flushed
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XX06: Christine toweling off her hair, arms in the air, eyes closed

XX11: Heather pointing a finger with an angry look.
(Ecchi Spud) The current description doesn't really match the text, and is probably intended for somewhere in Part 21B [and now so moved --Sam.I.am]. However, the paragraph [prior to XX10 in 21A] DOES have the following description of Heather being turned in ALAN'S Bitch.
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So with that, cue THIS Evil Thought (BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!)
Image suggestion: an imagine spot consisting of ... Heather. On all fours. Nearly naked, except for a spiked dog collar attached to a leash. Growling at the Reader.

XX12: Christine's face with wide eyes.

XX14: (from Ecchi Spud) Christine, in her one-piece bathing suit and sunglasses, leaning forward in her beach chair, as Alan (his hands coming from one side) rubbing/massaging suntan lotion on her back. (This differs from the prior solo images of Christine due to the addition of Alan to the scene.)

XX18: (from Ecchi Spud) Susan, still in the slingshot suit, but with the straps now pushed to the side of her G-cup breasts.
Alternative image suggestion: An imagined scene with Susan the same description as above. Only now, next to her, is Christine, in a slingshot suit of her own (maybe blue like the one-piece suit she wore earlier) in essentially a mirror image of Susan.

XX19: (from Ecchi Spud) This one might be a little tough, given the current positions. Image suggestion: a naked Susan, with Alan (wearing only his swim trunks) sitting on her, his cock sticking out of his swimsuit and between her tits, as she gives him a combined titfuck/cockhead lick

XX20: (from Ecchi Spud) A classroom setting, with a standing Alan getting a blowjob from a half-naked "Betsy Hunter," essentially a redheaded version of Brenda. Maybe you can't see her face, but you can recognize her from the hairstyle (the same as Brenda's, only red) and her immense tits. Maybe with a half-naked Glory watching from the side and maybe hoping to join in

XX21: (from Ecchi Spud) Just a simple frontal image of Susan, naked and pressing her tits together, her mouth wide open and her eyes rolled upwards as she experiences intense pleasure. The only problem with that image idea is that Alan's head would be in the way, as he is currently sucking on one of Susan's nipples.

XX22: (from Ecchi Spud) A totally naked Susan, cum all over her face, her tits shining w/ suntan lotion, lying on top of Alan, her lips in an obvious kissing position as she is just about to lay a smooch on his nose. (and a "b" image w/out the cum, and possibly w/out the suntan lotion)

XX23: (from Ecchi Spud)

XX24: (from Ecchi Spud)

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