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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
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Day 57: Monday, November 11

(MF, FF, inc, slow, reluc, voy, rom)

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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After Suzanne left to make dinner at her own house, Katherine, Susan, and Alan continued to hang out. Once again, Alan was driven to distraction by the clothing, or lack thereof, on Katherine and Susan.

Eventually, Susan insisted to Katherine, "With dinner coming up, I must insist you at least wear something to cover up your privates."

Katherine griped, "And are you gonna keep on wearing that erotic apron?"

Susan sounded indignant. "No, I'm going to change into something else too. This is dinner!" But she was already thinking about outfits that would arouse even more than the apron, if that was possible.

Katherine changed clothes, but she wore the sexiest thing she could think of that technically complied with that order. She was keen on seeing her brother's dick get stiff again, even if she wasn't allowed to personally benefit from it.

She didn't know where Suzanne had bought the extremely tiny bikini that had proven so popular with Alan recently, so she'd decided to devise something of her own. She took scissors to her skimpiest bikini and trimmed the fabric even more, so that there was nearly nothing there at all. It made Suzanne's bikini seem conservative by comparison. She made the cuts look very professional-looking so that her mother would think some women actually wore such things in public.

Again, she decided that short skirts were the best way to go for showing off her butt and pussy. She used the same scissors to cut her shortest skirt even shorter. It was now so short that even when she stood erect and perfectly still, one could see the bottom of her pussy. It was almost a misnomer to still call it a skirt. Her bikini top and skirt were a matching dark green.

Katherine in a super-short bikini top and skirt, each of which has been cut to the bare minimum (and perhaps a little more)

Additionally, she wore high heels as she usually did these days when Alan was home. Only Amy was slow to catch on to that, having so far failed to join the other women in wearing high heels constantly when around him. Like Susan, Katherine was starting to connect high heels to sex so much that just looking at a pair of them could make her nipples erect and her pussy moist.

So Katherine outdid her mother for the time being, since Susan was forced to remain cooking in her erotic apron.

Susan realized that she was being temporarily outdone and was very eager for the new clothes Suzanne would hopefully bring back for her later that evening.

While Susan kept cooking, Katherine stood next to Alan in the dining room and let him "get her attention."

Susan complained from the kitchen, "Children, is that really appropriate?"

Katherine replied, "You want him to get erect again, don't you? He's been on the verge for a while now. This might just push him over the edge."

That quieted Susan right up.

Katherine's nearly nonexistent skirt was just the perfect thing to provide Alan access to her pussy. He spent many long minutes rubbing her clit, kissing her here and there, and whispering sweet nothings in her ear until she cried out in climax. He was glad he was able to give back and totally focus on someone else's sexual needs, for once.

Susan, able to see them from the kitchen, was driven to distraction with jealousy, but there was nothing she could do except to try and hurry the cooking.

Alan actually had deliberately willed himself from getting erect until Katherine came, so he could completely focus on her. Once she did, he stopped fighting it and a bulge grew in his shorts.

Katherine announced, "A-ha! Mom, check it out! I told you that would help."

Susan was pleased, especially since she planned to spend a lot of intimate time with him after dinner. But her hands were still tied, since she needed to finish cooking. She said, "Tiger, hang in there! Don't let it go flaccid again, please?"

Katherine suggested, "Mom, I'm know I'm being punished and all, but what if I just stick my hand in his shorts and keep it warm for you for a little while?"

Susan wasn't happy, but she reluctantly said, "Well, I suppose. I'm such a softie. But just keep it nice and stiff. Nothing fancy! And NO oral!"

"Okay, Mom." Katherine jacked him off inside his shorts. She actually preferred it that way, because Susan couldn't see what she was doing exactly, so she couldn't complain.

Meanwhile, Alan initiated a wide-ranging conversation about sexual matters. The two of them discussed the merits of shaved versus unshaved pussies, the various ways to stimulate clits, the merits of using vibrators, and so on.

Katherine quickly recognized that his purpose of all this talking was to get their mother hot and bothered without saying anything "over the line," so she eagerly played the role Alan had hoped she would.

Susan heard every word, and had a hard time cooking as a result. She found herself rubbing her crotch up against sharp corners, like a cat desperately in heat. And since her erotic apron didn't even cover any of her bouncy breasts, she constantly fondled them any moment her hands weren't needed for some cooking task. From time to time she would peer over the counter and see Katherine's hand slipping and sliding inside Alan's shorts, and that practically made her scream with frustration.

She was extremely relieved when the food was finally ready. She rushed up to her bedroom and changed to the sexiest and most revealing thing she could think of. She chose a see-through nightie, open to her belly button. And of course she kept her high heels on.

When dinner began, Susan led the family in prayer, as she always did. But more and more, her sexual mindset was creeping in her prayers too. Several weeks ago, she still had prayed out loud that Alan's energy problem could be cured. But now she prayed that he'd have frequent and prolonged orgasms.

Alan deliberately put more of his attention on Katherine during dinner. He sat right next to her and out of reach of Susan. This allowed Katherine to periodically stick her hand in his shorts and "check" if his penis was still erect. Her vigorous checks lasted for minutes at a time.

Normally, Susan would have chided Katherine about her outfit and made her wear something else for dinner. But she couldn't this time, because she was wearing something scandalously revealing too. Her eagerness for cocky fun after dinner was affecting all of her thinking.

On top of that, Susan was so horny that she even got a thrill from looking at her daughter's nice body. At the same time, she learned through her daughter's moves and poses some different ways to flash her own body.

Katherine felt like she was on a roll. When she wasn't "checking" on Alan's penis, she made every excuse she could think of to stand up and walk around. It was a wonder she ate anything at all. She especially enjoyed dropping things on the floor right next to where he sat and then picking them up without bending her knees, nearly shoving her ass and pussy into his face. At the same time, she'd rub a hand all over her ass and make innocent small talk by saying things like, "Oh, no! Can you believe I dropped the salt shaker AGAIN? I'm so clumsy. I hope you're not looking between my legs right now, Bro, 'cos you'd be able to see EVERYTHING!"

Susan finally complained about Katherine's outfit, asking, "Where on Earth did you get those postage-stamp clothes?" But her real agenda was to try and find out where Katherine got them so she could get something similar.

Katherine didn't let on that she'd made her outfit herself.

Katherine bending over in her super-short skirt, with her pussy juice glistening on her legs

A few minutes later, after Katherine bent over lewdly for Alan yet again, Susan leaned forward and caught a good view of her daughter's crotch. She realized that Katherine's pussy was absolutely soaked. She said, "Angel, your cunt... Uh, I mean, your pussy... Um, uh. Let me start again. Your nether regions. They're very wet. It's just a ... big, gooey mess. Why?"

"Mom, do you have to ask? Isn't it the hugest turn-on, exposing yourself to him? Doesn't it just make you wet all the time, or is something else causing that?" She pointed at Susan's obviously erect nipples poking against her see-through nightie, and giggled.

Susan was flustered by that. "That's not really... That's a private matter. Please! Let's settle down here. I run a respectable family. I suppose I'm just curious why you're SO wet. I mean, we all get wet around him, but, well, not like that."

"Come on, Mom," Katherine insisted. "Answer my question first."

"Never you mind about that," Susan replied as she started to blush. "Okay, fine. So I kind of like exposing myself for my son. Heck, I love it! I especially love the hungry way he looks at my big breasts. There! Are you satisfied?" She proudly arched her back and thrust her tits forward, but at the same time, her face turned red.

"I am, actually," Katherine replied. "As to answer your question, remember when he fingered me a little while ago? He got me soooo wet when I came! And it's been nothing but sexy fun ever since."

But Susan got a revenge of sorts soon enough. She had been eating with unusual speed while Katherine posed and played around and hardly had a bite. So when Susan was done, she scooted her chair next to where Alan sat. Without even asking him, she reached her hand under the table and stroked his boner while he continued to eat, much like she'd done for him during breakfast.

She said, "Angel, thank you for keeping him warm, but I've got it under control now." She looked down at Alan's crotch and unzipped his fly, freeing his boner. She licked her lips and smiled. My mouth is going to make love to this glorious pole tonight, that's for sure! Mmmm...

Katherine was frustrated that she couldn't be the one doing the stroking, but she couldn't complain. She was being punished, and Susan had been extremely lenient in letting her help, even if it was for selfish reasons.

As Susan's fingers expertly rubbed Alan's sweet spot, she said matter-of-factly, "By the way, Son, I really do have to apologize."

"You do?" He couldn't imagine for what. He was loving life. With her hand doing amazing things to him at that very moment while he ate her delicious curried grilled kebabs, he couldn't possibly imagine how she could be a better mother.

"I just feel so bad about all the dinners you've been eating lately. We dress so skimpily, and it gets you nice and hard, but then you suffer there until you finish eating. Take last night. We got you so hard that you had to whip out your lovely tool halfway through your meal. But then it just sat there on your thigh, completely unattended until after you'd finished eating. That's just cruel. Don't you agree, Angel?"

"Definitely," Katherine replied, staring at her brother's lap while Susan continued to stroke his boner. She thought, It seems the entire Plummer house revolves around Brother and keeping his cock throbbing with pleasure. COOL! I'm living the fuck toy dream!

Susan went on to say, "Son, I think it's more important that you get instant relief than it is that we all put food in our mouths at the same time. The needs of your cock come first. To cum six times a day or more is just such a difficult task; we all have to try harder to help. Next time, if you get stiff, I'll try not to keep you waiting."

"And what, suck me while I'm eating dinner?" he asked incredulously.

"Okay, if that's what you need," Susan grinned, glad to see that he had suggested exactly what she'd hoped he would. "I promise I'll try harder to please you. Like what I did this morning during breakfast. Do you think it's unseemly if your big-titted mommy sits naked between your legs and gobbles on your thick knob during a meal?"

"Um, no! Not at all!"

Katherine joked, "Somehow, I knew he'd say that."

Susan asked, "Do you like it when your mommy gives you visual stimulation?" With one hand, she pulled down on the straps of her see-through nightie, leaving her totally topless. Her other hand kept on steadily jacking him off.

He just nodded. Dang, Mom is one horny mama today. And it's a frigging Monday. Tomorrow's a Tuesday. I'm going to be literally and actually killed by her horniness before I can live to see another Wednesday! Not to mention, Sis is a totally sexy vixen tonight. If I can make it to Friday, I'll deserve an Olympic gold medal for sheer endurance.

Susan stated as she stroked, "Tiger, I've been thinking that sometimes you're so busy trying to reach your six times a day that you don't have enough time for things like homework. But I'm thinking if we just lightly stroke your big fat boner for long periods of time, you'll be able to reach your target and get things done too. Think of it as a stealth stroking - you won't even know I'm here. We can start practicing during dinner, right now, to see if it bothers your concentration."

She looked at her sliding fingers. "In fact, it seems we've kind of started already. If that works, then we can try doing it when you're doing your homework. Sort of like when Suzanne jacked you off while you read the newspaper yesterday. Does that sound good?"

"You know it does. But what about Sis?" He cast a concerned glance at Katherine, who looked increasingly annoyed at Susan's blatant behavior and wanton display. It was obvious that she dearly wanted to get her hands back on her brother's erection and do all kinds of wild things to it.

"Yeah, what about me?" Katherine seconded. Her postage-stamp bikini top had ridden up her chest, since Susan had pulled her nightie down. She placed her arms underneath her tits to thrust them out even further.

Susan suggested, "Don't worry, Angel. I didn't forget about you. I'm thinking this is a two-woman job. One of us can stroke while the other one eats. And then we'll switch. That way our hands won't get so tired from all the rubbing, and we can all finish eating at around the same time."

Katherine's eyes brightened at that. "Mom, that is a GREAT idea. I don't mind missing dinner completely if I have to, as long as I can have my brother's hot stick in my hand. I mean, he has his condition, and we all need to help out. In fact, when can I take over what you're doing now?"

"Remember that you're still grounded and you gave up your penis privileges for the rest of the day." Susan looked down at Alan's boner and smiled at it. "So this bad boy is all mine tonight." She bent down and briefly kissed the tip of his cockhead while her fingers continually worked on his sweet spot.

Katherine griped, "MooooOOOOoooom! That's not fair!"

"Did you or did you not make a deal about the shopping? So there. But you know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that if we, as a family, practice this a lot, then eventually Tiger will become accustomed to being jacked or sucked off while he's doing just about anything, kind of like dribbling a basketball without thinking about it. You and I and Suzanne can keep him hard and leaking tasty pre-cum practically every minute of the day!"

The horny mother was working herself up so much that she reached over with a second hand and started vigorously double pumping. "It doesn't matter what he does - studying, showering, eating, reading, sleeping. One of us will be ready with hands or mouth to take care of his needs at all times. Then he'll never have a problem reaching his six-times-a-day target."

Her eyes looked wild and she panted hard, she was so inspired by this new idea. Her massive globes were bouncing in time to her sliding hands. She thought, I love this "stealth" idea of mine! I'm going to be permanently attached to my son's cock! Morning till night! I'm going to show him my love with my mouth, tits, or hands every minute of the day! Literally every minute!

Alan was simply amused. He thought she was simply expressing a wild and completely impractical fantasy. He asked with a cocked eyebrow, "Sleeping?"

Susan was nearly hyperventilating with excitement. She took a moment to breathe slowly and calm down a bit. She slowed her pumping fingers too, and tried to get back to just rubbing his sweet spot with one hand. "Well, okay, maybe not sleeping. I guess I got a little bit carried away with the whole thing. But that's to better explain the general concept of stealth stroking."

He thought, Jesus! Mom is getting seriously out of control. She's getting soooo into the cocksucking concept that it's not even funny. Maybe she's diverting all her pent-up desire to fuck me into cocksucking? I mean, the way she's going on, she HAS to want to fuck me bad. Just hearing her talk, even I get so excited that I want to fuck me! The sexual feeling in the air here is so thick I can cut it with a knife.

Look at Sis. She's got her own heaving-tits thing going on just from hearing Mom talk about this new ridiculous idea of hers. And Sis has pretty ample tits of her own! I'm such a lucky dog. It's a miracle I don't just spontaneously ejaculate prematurely every time I see one of these beauties.

He said, "Mom, let me see if I get this straight. So stealth stroking isn't just a regular handjob, right? It's a totally different thing?"

"Exactly. It's not REALLY a handjob. It's just, well, think of it as one of us keeping your penis comfy and happy. Like what I'm doing to you now." She said this despite the fact that she was giving him a fairly "real" handjob. The only difference was she was back to using only one hand again, and it was rubbing more than making big stroking movements.

He said triumphantly, "So that means stealth stroking doesn't count against Sis's punishment! After all, you just said it doesn't count as a handjob."

Susan sat there, stroking, trying to figure out a way out of that trap. But she quickly gave up. "Oh, poo! I guess you're right."

"Woo-hoo!" Katherine reached across the table and high-fived Alan. "Thanks, Bro!"

Susan secretly liked losing to her son. Every time it happened, it reinforced her belief that he was her natural superior and even her master. She chided Katherine, "Okay, you can help tonight some more without it counting against your limit. Stealth stroking only! But you have to do your best helping with the visual stimulation, to keep him hard and humming with arousal."

"Deal!" Katherine was all smiles.


For the next ten minutes, Alan finished eating dinner while his mother lightly stroked his hard-on. He never ran out of inspiration as he alternated between staring at his mother's and sister's mostly bare breasts. He didn't actually have much food left to eat, but he was having so much fun that he ate extremely slowly, just to see how long he could prolong the experience.

Then Katherine got ten minutes of stealth stroking time.

Susan was too worked up to just sit there and watch, so she went to the kitchen and tried to keep busy by doing the dishes. But she kept a close eye on the clock, so as soon as ten minutes had passed she returned to the dining table and took over from Katherine.

With dinner finished, there was no non-sexual excuse for them to stay at the table, but they did anyway.

Susan tried to make small talk. In an attempt to discuss something non-sexual and help validate the stealth-stroking concept, she asked Katherine about how things had been going in school lately.

Katherine found that extremely odd, but she attempted to answer that kind of question as she always did.

As time went on, Susan's cock lust took over. The discussion petered out. Then the stealth stroking idea went out the window as she began to jack him off faster and with more skilled moves. Luckily for her, the table blocked most of what she was doing from Katherine's eyes, so she could keep up the pretense (at least to herself).

Then, sensing that he was nearing climax, she focused her entire being on pleasuring his boner. She was terribly frustrated that she couldn't just take his erection in her mouth, but that would have been too blatant a violation of the stealth stroking concept, especially with Katherine there.

Katherine could tell what was happening, but she didn't mind that much as long as the sexy fun continued. With Susan completely distracted, Katherine was able to openly pinch and tease her nipples, make lewd faces with her tongue, and eat phallic-shaped food in amusing and obscene ways.

She even said sexy things, knowing that her mother was too horny to complain.

Alan's penis control was in fine form. Susan was right that he was close to ejaculation, but didn't quite go over the edge. In fact, thanks to his growing ability to stave off climax with his PC muscle techniques, he knew it would take a lot more before he actually gave in.

So Susan switched to stronger measures.

In the on-going battle between Susan's desire to get him to cum and his desire to prolong the joy, he had an ace card, and he decided to use it. He asked his mother for some dessert. He figured that would give his hard-on a strategic break.

But Susan had an ace card of her own. She disengaged to stand up, and said, "Certainly. I know just the thing, and it's not too unhealthy. But Angel, while I'm getting that, please keep him warm some more."

Katherine clapped her hands. "Sweetness! But that doesn't count as my next turn, right?"

"I suppose not." Susan went to the kitchen and got Alan and Katherine their plates of crème brûlet coated with dark chocolate flakes for dessert.

She went back to rubbing his sweet spot while her children ate.

But Alan was feeling so cocky in this orgasm battle that when he finished eating, he stretched his arms above his head and said, "Aaaah! That hit the spot. Thanks, Mom. And thanks for the stealth work. You have such a fine, subtle touch that I can easily last for hours like this."

Frustrated to hear that, Susan took her nightie all the way off and sat directly on one of his blue-jeans-clad legs. Her face lit up brightly as she held his dick again and resumed stimulating his sweet spot.

Alan had to pull his chair back a bit to make room for his mother. He asked, "Comfy, Mom?"

"Very!" She bounced gleefully up and down on his leg, sliding her wet pussy over it a bit to show just how comfy she was.

Katherine acted annoyed, even though she was having a blast from watching. "Hey, Mom, what's up with your 'outfit?' I thought you said we can't get nude at the dinner table."

Susan naked, straddling Alan's knee as she strokes him while he's sitting at the dinner table, fully dressed

An embarrassed Susan replied, "Um, you heard what he said. I thought I had to resort to more drastic measures. Plus, dinner and dessert is over."

Susan was more than happy, because she'd figured out a nice way to rub her pussy directly on the rough fabric of his blue jeans right at a bony spot on his knee. It provided excellent friction, more than enough to cause her to create a wet spot on his jeans. She started to have small, secret orgasms from time to time, mostly thanks to that contact.

Katherine couldn't help but needle her a little bit. She sensed the humiliation would help arouse her. "Hey, Mom, do you have any idea how completely lewd and outrageous you look right now? Imagine if one of your sisters came to visit, such as Jane in Sacramento? Or what about the married ones who'd bring their whole families! Like Mary in Idaho!"

Susan froze and her blush deepened. She muttered, "That would be bad." Then she recovered and resumed her fingers slipping and sliding on Alan's cum-soaked pole.

Katherine asked, "Is that all you have to say? 'That would be bad?'"

"First off, I obviously wouldn't behave like this if they were here, so the question doesn't alarm me much. I think you're just trying to provoke me. Besides, things have changed. Angel, we're two of Tiger's personal cocksuckers now. Sometimes, that means taking extreme measures like this. If you can't handle this kind of thing, then maybe you aren't ready for that kind of title."

Katherine said defensively, "I'm ready already. Sheesh! You know that." She decided to stop her needling for now, since it boomeranged against her.

Alan figured that they were supposed to be testing the stealth-stroking concept, so he tried his best to ignore the naked, mostly-silent bombshell lightly bouncing on his lap. He carried on talking to his sister, and asked her more about the cheerleaders, especially Janice and Joy, since he knew very little about them.

Katherine found it fun carrying on another semi-normal conversation while watching her mother.

Although Alan tried to make it look like he was ignoring Susan, in reality he wasn't. It was as impossible as trying to ignore an attacking 800-pound gorilla. He barely managed to keep the conversation with Katherine going, even though she was doing most of the talking.

After a while, Katherine sensed that it had been ten minutes since her last turn, at least. But she hadn't been watching the time. She asked Susan, "When is it gonna be my turn again?"

"Soon, Angel, soon. Why don't you put on some music?"

Katherine got up. "Okay, but I'm keeping a close eye on the clock from now on. Ten minutes, and bam! It's my turn again." She put on the song "Doing It to Death" by James Brown. It was a fun, funky song, but she also got some satisfaction from the title, since she felt like Susan was taking too long. More funky James Brown tunes played after that.

The rousing James Brown music kept Susan happily bouncing up and down on her son's leg even more than before. In fact, she rhythmically bounced nearly non-stop.

She was having such a good, lusty time that she forgot to object when Alan started fondling her tits. In fact, he freely ran his hands all over her totally naked body, although he did avoid her pussy. He couldn't get over how fit and curvy she was. He never got tired of playing with her ample charms, especially when he was able to keep her making her happy "Mmmm!" moans while doing so.

Alan had developed many tricks to delay orgasm and prolong the pleasure for himself and others. He had a remarkable ability to defer short-term pleasure for greater, more delayed pleasures, and he showed that ability yet again. Just as she really had him on the verge of climax, he said, "Mom, I'm thirsty. Could you get me some milk? You always say I need to drink lots of fluids so I'll never run out of cum."

"Now? But, Tiger, we're so close!" She looked over at Katherine and indicated with her eyes that Alan should have Katherine do it.

"Now, Mom. Please. I love to see you walk around."

So Susan got up and hurriedly got the milk. When she came back she found that he'd taken off his blue jeans and wore nothing but his T-shirt. She was somewhat disappointed at that, because she'd loved rubbing her pussy over the rough denim.

But Alan wanted to feel her rubbing her pussy right on his skin. At least that would be a minor victory against her "no pussy touching" rule. He figured she wouldn't be able to resist, now that she'd been occasionally cumming while bouncing and rubbing on his knee.

She worriedly looked over at Katherine, who was trying to be poker-faced and appear uninterested. Reluctantly, Susan sat back down over his leg and it was like her horny body took charge. She immediately started sliding her wet pussy lips over and around the bony parts of his knee. Even as she did that, she complained, "Angel, don't look! This is so improper! I can't believe this is happening to me! It's one thing if I'm completely naked. But I can't rut like some animal on my son's leg! This kind of pussy contact is forbidden!"

Katherine justifiably asked her, "Why are you telling me that?"

"I don't know!" Then, after thinking it over while she continued to slide and bounce, she added, "Make it stop!"

Katherine giggled. "Sorry, Mom. Only you can stop yourself."

Susan whimpered helplessly. This is why I have these rules! Look at me. Out of control!

Soon, she was sliding her pussy over her son's knee with even more gusto than before. She found that she loved the feel of flesh beneath her nether lips even better than she had the jeans, and she grooved to the funky music more than before. Meanwhile, she continued to stroke her son's pole.

She looked to Katherine, who had taken off the rest of her clothes, no doubt because Susan had. Katherine had one hand on a nipple and the other hand below the edge of the table, undoubtedly to play with her pussy. Susan commented as her whole body slid back and forth over her son's knee and her hands pumped up and down on his long erection, "Things sure have changed in this house lately, haven't they?"

Everyone broke into laughter at the great understatement. But all of them were too worked up for sustained conversation.

Soon she was so far gone that Alan tried to push her a little bit more. "Hey, Mom, you know what you're doing to my knee? Pretend that's not my knee. Pretend that's my dick. You're sliding your pussy all over my dick, Mom!"

"Oh, Tiger! Oh! What an idea!" Both her hands and her pussy moved faster. "But that can't be your dick, because I'm holding it in my hand! Mommy is holding your big poker. She's going to get off all over you!"

"Imagine that I have two dicks," he suggested. "Imagine I have a clone twin. A second me. One is sitting behind you and you're sitting on his dick. In a minute we're going to double up on you and fuck your mouth and pussy at the same time!"

"Oh no! Dear God! Two Alans! Fuck! Mmmm! Yes! MMMM!" Susan was overwhelmed by an enormous multiple orgasm. The forbidden notion of getting fucked by her son carried her completely away.

She simply drenched his knee in her pussy juice. It dripped all down his leg as she continued to explode and her series of orgasms went on and on and on.

But still she kept on jacking him off the whole time. She'd never thought of two Alans before. She knew already that she would fantasize about it later and for a long time to come. She never thought of other men because she wanted to be 100 percent loyal to her son, but the idea of two Alans was something she could accept and get excited about.

He survived her erotic eruption without cumming, but he was using up the last shreds of his resistance. When his climax finally came it arrived so suddenly that it was a surprise even to him: one second he thought he was doing fine, and the next he was shooting his ropes straight up into the air.

Susan was not in a good position to get her mouth over his hard-on, especially since she was fairly out of it from her big orgasms. It happened to be pointed up when he started, so the first rope went high in the air and landed on the floor. The next two hit his shirt and then the floor some more before Susan finally managed to turn his cock around and aim it at her chest.

The rest of his ropes landed on her legs, stomach, and tits as she tried to direct his erupting pecker so that his cum covered her thoroughly. By the time she managed to get her mouth over his cockhead, there was no cum left, to her immense frustration.

The two of them ended up with a bigger mess than usual, since it was rare for any of his seed not to be directly aimed at a mouth, face, or chest. Both Susan and Katherine were disappointed by this, though Katherine acted quickly and scooped up some of the gobs from the table before Susan could think to do that for herself.

Susan, lying on her back on the floor during an intense orgasm, covered in cum

Susan had been holding out long enough to make sure her son came too. Once that was accomplished, she fell to her knees, and then slid the rest of the way to the floor. She laid down with her eyes wide, since she was still in a kind of orgasmic shock. Huffing and puffing like an old steam engine, she was spontaneously struck by yet another intense orgasm, even though she wasn't touching herself.

Her legs continued to twitch long afterwards as she lay helplessly on the floor. The cum seemed scattered everywhere.

She didn't give much thought to the mess, or to the increasingly public way in which Alan had been pleasured, or to the outrageous way that they all had behaved. She just reveled in her pleasurable feelings. And though she wouldn't admit it to herself, to have Katherine or someone else watch increased her excitement, and thus her arousal, even more. I'm just a nasty, naughty mommy slut! I'm so shameless! What a time that was! THIS is how our dinners should go around here, every night!

Katherine had had her own quiet orgasm as she watched Susan have her loud and bigger one. But she wasn't done. She walked over to Alan and sat on his knee shortly after Susan had vacated it.

Katherine gave her brother a hug. "How was that, Big Salami Brother? Did Mom jack you off as well as I can? Watching all that made your fuck toy sister soooo very horny." She slid her pussy lips all over Alan's knee even more ostentatiously than Susan had been doing, which was saying quite a lot. Susan's juices mixed with her own. She found she could slide around extremely easily, like a skater on ice.

Alan's entire knee couldn't have been more wet if someone had poured a pitcher of water on it. Katherine slid many inches forwards and back as he tried to focus on her face and words. Even with his flaccid penis, he was still so aroused that he had a hard time thinking or even focusing his eyes on her moving face. "Ummm... It was good. Very good."

Katherine pouted, "The only bummer is that it was almost my turn again. Do you think you could get it up for a repeat performance?"

He looked over at Susan. "Nah. Sorry, not right now. You were really good, Mom."

She grinned at that, but she was too tired to reply.

His mental faculties returned as he saw an opportunity to tease his mother a bit. He pointed at his knee and stuck a finger in some cum which he found there. "Look, Mom. You shouldn't have created such a big mess. Sis is having a hard time sitting on me; she's practically drowning in your cum. Look at all our juices mixing together. Why, it's so slippery that she might just slide off me altogether."

Susan thought, Forget my other reasons. I can't have Tiger fuck me. Because if he did he would kill me. I would simply die of sheer delight. He almost killed me just now from across the room. It's just too much! Or two Tigers! Dear Lord, that's too sexy to even contemplate!

She began eating the cum that still remained on her heaving chest. What kind of mother am I? So irresponsible! But I just can't help it. Can't stop...

She was totally blissed out. She reaffirmed to herself that this new lifestyle was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

As Susan lay on the floor, still catching her breath, Katherine removed herself from her brother's knee. She walked over and stood above her mother, examining the sight. There were still uneaten gobs of cum all over. "Yummy, Mom. You've got a very yummy mess covering you. Do you want me to help clean it up?" She licked her lips suggestively.

Susan thought back to how she'd cleaned Suzanne's "mess" up at the beach yesterday, and how she almost couldn't control herself from diving into Suzanne's pussy with her tongue. "NO!" she cried out, filled with fear that the same temptation could happen to Katherine.

Susan was starting to feel some regret about going too far as the post-orgasmic blues hit her. She added, "Really, Angel, this is too much. We have to have some kind of decorum around here. We can't just sit around sucking Alan's big fat boner and eating his cum all day."

"We can't?"

"Well, not ALL day. Can we get up and do something else for a change? I have things to do. So I'll take care of this mess myself, thank you very much!"

She picked herself up off the floor and went upstairs to have a reinvigorating hot shower.

But before she turned on the water, she finished gathering and eating all the remaining gobs of cum on her skin so they wouldn't be wasted down the drain. I'm such a hopeless case. Where's the leadership? The moral authority? The firm boundaries? It all crumbles the instant I get horny. She sighed a very heavy sigh as she savored another cum gob on her tongue.

Despite her attempt to restore some normalcy to the house, she knew the evening's sexual games were far from over. She looked forward to being all alone with Alan and his penis while Katherine and Suzanne went shopping.

The thing was, she didn't really have many other things to do in her life. Since there was no need for her to work for a living, and she hadn't pursued a highly active social life or hobbies and such, she'd had lots of time to spare.

As she showered, she idly wondered, What did I used to do with all my time before I became one of Tiger's personal cocksuckers? That seems like ancient history already. I think I spent far too much time watching TV, shopping, cleaning, and socializing with friends I didn't really like that much in the first place. The house is a bit messier these days, but nobody seems to mind.

But in all seriousness, this feels like my calling in life! I love it! Too much, probably, but I can't help that. I know I'm just gonna sit around and fidget and watch the clock until I can blow him again after the others go shopping.

I just have to focus on the cocksucking so I won't cross the line into full-out fucking. There's no moral ambiguity or excuse for that. That's just plain immoral and wrong.

Even though it would be so, so good! If cocksucking is this great, imagine how fucking a real man like my studly son would feel. Ungh! SO HOT! But I can't think about that!

The stealth stroking hadn't exactly been stealthy, and certainly hadn't been even remotely low-key near the end. But it was successful in that everyone had a very fun time, and Susan's boundaries receded a little more.

Alan hit the books shortly after going to his room. Remarkably, he was able to get some work done for a change. He purposely didn't shower so that he could smell like sex, for later. His room was nearly the same.

Then, around seven o'clock, Suzanne finally came over to get Katherine and go buy some sexy clothes.


Suzanne drove Katherine to a store called "Stephanie's" that was located in a nearby business district. Suzanne had never been there herself, but she'd heard of it. Her regular store to buy lingerie and other sexy items was already closed. "Stephanie's" was open until 8:00 p.m., so they had less than an hour to make their purchases.

There were a couple other customers milling about when they came in. Suzanne immediately grabbed a few items she found promising, and said to Katherine, "Let's go try these on." They hurried to the changing rooms.

The changing room was reasonably big, and had a large mirror on one wall. There was a bench on the opposite side, but there was no door - just a curtain that parted in the middle. The two females quickly got naked and put on some lingerie they'd picked out.

As she undressed, Katherine complained, "God, I'm so friggin' hot! You wouldn't believe all the stuff I got to watch today, but couldn't take part in. I swear, Mom's tongue is surgically attached to Alan's dick these days. I want some action!"

Suzanne whispered, "Be careful with the 'M' word. We're in a public place." But she thought to herself, You want some action? That can be arranged. Hee-hee!

"What do you think?" asked Katherine, as she pirouetted around in a one-piece nightie.

"It's hard to tell just by looking," replied Suzanne. "An important factor with this kind of clothing is, how easy is the access to your best assets? If I'm Alan, for instance, will I be impeded in reaching your tits?" Suzanne grabbed one of Katherine's tits, but pretended that having the thin fabric between her hand and Katherine's nipple greatly bothered her. "You see? I want your nipple, and all I get is the nightie."

"But why don't you just slip your hand underneath?" Katherine guided Suzanne's hand with her own, until Suzanne found Katherine's hard nipple and began properly pinching and twisting it.

"Yeah, but what if he has to do that when Susan is bare chested? As she almost always is these days. Don't put yourself at a disadvantage. Get something that says 'Fuck me now' a little more."

While her hand continued to grope at Katherine's tit, her other hand reached for the girl's pussy. "And what about down here? Again I'm impeded. I want your pussy now, not next week!" In truth it was no bother for Suzanne to push aside some fabric and begin fingerfucking her young neighbor, which is what she did.

"Now see how the access is on mine," Suzanne said as she pulled her top all the way off.

Suzanne on Katherine, the two sixty-nining each other

Soon the two of them were naked on the carpeted floor, busy licking and sucking each other. Luckily, it was a big changing room.

A pretty employee named Ginger came by the changing rooms after about ten minutes to see what was taking them so long. She could hear their moaning easily enough and guessed what was happening, but to better satisfy her curiosity she knelt down and looked under the curtain, since it didn't go all the way to the floor.

Since Katherine and Suzanne were now rolling on the floor, completely naked in a sixty-nine position, they didn't leave much to Ginger's imagination. Such customer activity happened every now and then at sex shops such as this, especially since this particular shop catered more to women than to men because of its large women's clothing collection (as well as the usual offering of sex items). So Ginger just smiled to herself and went to check on other customers.

After Katherine and Suzanne both climaxed, gushing all over each other, Katherine said, "I give our current clothing choices the thumbs up. Not that we're actually wearing them!" She giggled. "But if we're going to try every item out with a practice fuck, we'll never get enough shopping done before this store closes."

"You're right," Suzanne agreed. Then she said with an amused smile, "We should have come in here a couple hours earlier so we could practice-fuck with every single item. Instead, let's go out there and find something even more fuckable." She pulled some tissues from her purse so that they could wipe their faces free of cum.

Suzanne put on the lingerie she'd just 'tested' instead of her street clothes, then shamelessly went out into the store with her tits and pussy faintly visible through the semi-transparent fabric. A few of the other women customers eyed her strangely.

The employee who'd spied on them earlier walked up to Suzanne and said with a friendly smile, "Hi, my name is Ginger. How are you finding everything? I was afraid you and your young friend had gotten lost in the changing room."

"No, I think we're finding everything we're looking for. We believe in giving products like these a full test run before buying them." Suzanne said this in a knowing manner. From the way Ginger was looking at her, she had no doubt that Ginger was aware of what had happened in the changing room, and that she was apparently more than OK with it. Suzanne was feeling wanton, wanting to flaunt her sexuality even more than usual.

"That's commendable," Ginger said. "I see you like one of our latest models," she added as she began caressing the shoulder straps of Suzanne's lingerie.

"Yes, I will take this one. However, I was just saying to my friend Katherine..."

Katherine walked out of the changing room as she said this, also dressed in lingerie, though it didn't show as much. "Katherine, can you come over here?" Turning towards Ginger, Suzanne added, "My name is Suzanne, by the way. Katherine is my next door neighbor's daughter."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Ginger replied. She wondered if Katherine might not be Suzanne's own daughter, judging by the age difference and their similar, unusually tall, dark-haired busty bodies. But she was far from certain, especially since Suzanne was so pale while Katherine was quite tanned.

Katherine walked up to them while Ginger was speculating about this.

Suzanne gave the brief introduction, "Katherine, Ginger. Ginger, Katherine. Ginger is going to help us shop, aren't you?"

"I'd be delighted to," said Ginger. "What in particular are you looking for?"

"Well, as I was just saying to Katherine, we need items that are even more sexy and revealing than the ones we're wearing. In particular, we need some that leave our private places exposed instead of covered. Do you have anything like that?"

"Of course. Let me show you to the back of our store."

Ginger, wearing a beret-like cap and a form-hugging leather-like outfit suitable for selling S&M gear in a sex shop

Ginger reminded Katherine of Heather, mostly because they had the same shade of long blonde hair (perhaps from using the same hair dye). But Ginger was shorter, somewhat less stacked, and far less tanned. She also appeared to be a lot nicer, with a very kind, gentle face.

The back of the store consisted of another large room that was entered from the front via an open doorway with a curtain. It had no windows, so people on the street couldn't peer within. it contained a whole range of extremely revealing lingerie, together with a large assortment of sex toys and accessories in display racks and on the walls. Suzanne soon found something that she particularly liked.

"Ah, Katherine, you see? This is what I was talking about." Suzanne held up a négligée like the one she herself was wearing, except that the new one had holes for boobs and pussy. "Just my size. I think I'll try it on."

Ginger started to say, "The changing rooms are located..." but stopped because she realized that Suzanne was already stripping right there in full view.

Katherine gasped, quickly putting her hands over her shocked, gaping mouth. She thought, Oh My God! I'm feeling playful, but I wasn't exactly expecting public nudity!

Suzanne put on the new outfit. "What do you two think?" she asked, as she proudly displayed her bare tits and pussy to any and all in the area who would look, strutting up and down an aisle as she modeled the outfit. Aside from Ginger and Katherine, there was one older lady in the back part of the store, who immediately looked at Suzanne very disapprovingly. (All of the store's other customers were on the other side of the curtain, in the front part of the store.)

"You look great, Suzanne," Ginger said with a professional demeanor. Privately, she was amazed at how gorgeous and voluptuous this older woman was, but she didn't want to be too obvious about it. She wondered if Suzanne might be a porn star, actress, or fashion model who had come down from L.A. to shop anonymously. It wouldn't have been the first time something like that had happened in her shop.

"I think it looks waaay hot!" Katherine said, surprising herself by just how excited she was. "But I can't believe you'd just put it on right here!" Suzanne's public nudity was getting Katherine very hot and wet, not to mention what it was doing to Suzanne herself and even to Ginger.

"Why don't you try one on?" Suzanne encouraged Katherine.

Katherine soon found a similar item that she liked. She started walking to the changing room, but Suzanne grabbed her arm and asked, "Where are you going?"

Shaking nervously, and blushing more than she had in weeks, Katherine hastily changed clothes right in the middle of the room. Suzanne thoughtfully blocked the aisle in the direction of where the one other customer stood, but Katherine wasn't so worried about that. She was more attuned to the fact that Ginger was standing just a few feet behind her, watching her every move.

Katherine somehow thought the ordeal would be over when she finished changing, forgetting that she was putting on an outfit that exposed her tits and pussy. Then she suddenly realized that she was still on display. She attempted to cover her exposed privates with her hands, then nearly died of shame when she looked at the one older lady still in the back, who now was giving her the evil eye. She was so flustered and embarrassed that she didn't notice that the old lady was holding two dildos in her hand, sizing them up for purchase (or she would have stared at the dildos in return until the woman looked away). XX01

"That outfit's very nice too," Ginger said encouragingly, even as she continued to check out Katherine's bare pussy and impressive boobs.

"I come from the 'show me' state," Suzanne said as she reached out, pushed Katherine's protective arm away before cupping Katherine's exposed tits. She groped them in a blatantly sexual manner right in front of Ginger.

Katherine closed her eyes in both delight and embarrassment. She was amazed that both Ginger and Suzanne were acting as if public nudity was completely normal, so she tried her best to act cool about things too. By closing her eyes, she unfortunately missed seeing when Suzanne turned deliberately towards the older woman in the store and gave her a sexy wink.

The unknown woman opened her mouth in shock.

"What do you think, Ginger?" Suzanne asked. "Try them out for yourself and see if this is the best choice for her."

Ginger wouldn't have been working in a lingerie store if she didn't enjoy seeing and touching beautiful women. Without much hesitation, she reached out and cupped one of Katherine's tits while Suzanne worked on fondling the other. "Katherine's boobs are impressive," Ginger said dispassionately, as if she was discussing the hem of a dress, though she couldn't completely hide her excitement. "We should find clothes that draw special attention to them."

Turning to Suzanne, she said, "You, on the other hand, have such big breasts that I'm at a bit of a loss on what would suit you best." Turning around, she grabbed Suzanne's rack with both hands.

"I'm sure you could think of something to do with them," Suzanne said in a provocative voice.

"I'm sure I could as well," Ginger replied, "but that might not help you find any more clothes."

The other lady in the back room finally left, apparently disgusted at the shamelessness of 'the younger generation'. However, she was still carrying the two dildos that she had decided to purchase.

Suzanne fingering Katherine from behind while Kat is wearing a négligée that is open at the crotch

"I know what you mean," said Suzanne. "For instance, I could find a lot of things to do with this," she reached out and rubbed her hand along Katherine's shaved pussy lips. "That's why I need her pussy unburdened by any covering at all times."

"That's why we're here to help," Ginger said, following Suzanne's hands with her own, now fully devoting her attention and both hands to Katherine's crotch.

There were now three hands down there, all enjoying the tactile sensation of a bare and slippery wet pussy. One of Suzanne's hands expertly worked Katherine's clit.

Ginger asked, "I assume it's important that a finger be unimpeded if it were to ... say ... enter a certain hole?"

Suzanne replied, "Why don't you find out for yourself?"

Ginger rammed a finger into Katherine's already wet pussy, causing Katherine to cry out. Then the helpful employee began rubbing Katherine's G-spot.

Ginger was trying to remain cool as a cucumber but her body was betraying her, as she was now panting as loudly as the other two.

Katherine was delirious with excitement, well aware that at any moment someone she knew might walk through the curtains and see her. She reached out and held on tightly to a clothes rack; her knees were so shaky it was all she could do not to fall to the floor.

"Yes, that is of supreme importance." Suzanne agreed. "But don't forget that we also need access to the anus."

As if on cue, Ginger deployed her other hand and stuck a finger up there too.

Suzanne was pleasantly surprised to see that Ginger was so bold. "And also let's not limit ourselves to just fingers. Dicks and dildos too."

Ginger apologized, "Sorry, we at Stephanie's can't help you with dicks today, but as you can see, we have a wide variety of dildos for sale." She pulled a hand out of Katherine momentarily and pointed at the wall where dozens of dildos were hanging.

"So I see," Suzanne said. "Why don't we try one of those out on Katherine, to make sure that it will fit in the hole of this négligée?"

Ginger smiled deliciously at that suggestion while Katherine shuddered, afraid she couldn't take much more.

Suzanne then suggested, "But before we do that, Katherine, why don't we pick out some more of these sexy clothes. And Ginger, would you also be so kind as to model some of the more revealing items? Look how embarrassed this girl is. Her whole face is tomato red. I think she might be more at ease if you got naked too."

"I'd be only too delighted," said Ginger. She walked to the open doorway between the front and back rooms of the store, then made eye contact with the other female employee there, who was helping a customer near the front door. Winking, she pulled the doorway curtains all the way closed, isolating the back room from the front of the store.

Katherine meanwhile whispered to Suzanne, "Have you no fear?"

"Nope," Suzanne answered happily. She whispered back, with Ginger still out of range, "Do you mind if we share Ginger?"

"I was kind of hoping to be with just you a bit more. But I guess opportunities like this don't come along very often. And I'm so fucking hot that if I touched a red hot poker it would probably cool me down."

Suzanne smiled a grand smile, pleased at everything that was happening.


Suzanne and Katherine spent the next twenty minutes or so picking out a large number of items for potential purchase. Their sexual fun was largely postponed until after they were sure they'd have enough stuff to bring home. There was some danceable music playing on the radio, so they all swayed and grooved as they shopped to songs like "Elvis vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation" and "By the Way" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

They both continued to wear outfits that exposed their pussies and tits. Suzanne concentrated much of her attention on fingering her own pussy, but Katherine was too shy to follow suit. At one point, Katherine whispered to Suzanne, "How can you be so calm about doing this in public?"

"Pshaw. I haven't done this kind of thing in years, but you should have seen the way I was in college before I got married. I had this friend - we called her 'The Snake' because of her tongue."

"She was a great pussy licker?"

"That too, but no, mostly because her tongue was even longer than mine, if you can imagine that." Suzanne stuck her tongue out proudly. "She and I, well... I'll have to tell you some stories sometime when we're both naked and squishy."

"As opposed to now," Katherine said, causing both of them to giggle. Katherine was slowly loosening up some more, especially since no other customers had seen them since the one older lady had left, and it was nearing closing time.

Suzanne in black hose and garter belt and a bikini-like top that covers her areolae with diagonal straps to her waist

They tried out clothes with the excitement of little kids on Christmas morning. Suzanne put on a black leather outfit that covered her arms from mid-forearm down and her legs from mid-thigh down but left most of her torso bare, including her pussy, stomach, and cleavage. "What do you think?" she asked Ginger and Katherine. She pretended to swing a whip through the air.

"I like," Katherine responded. "Definitely sexy! Hit me, mistress, hit me!"

Ginger pretended to be more doubtful, even though she actually loved it. She walked over to where Suzanne was posing, then thrust two fingers up Suzanne's pussy with a loud squish. "I like this part," she said as she yanked on Suzanne's clit with her other hand.

Suzanne laughed heartily. "And to think I've been shopping at your competitors' all these years!"

Ginger kissed Suzanne square on the mouth, then the two necked and fingered each other for a couple of minutes. Finally they snapped out of it, thanks to some loud coughing by Katherine, who was feeling left out.

Ginger now stood back and gave a more honest assessment of the dress. "Katherine is right. Lots of pussy and ass..." - Suzanne twirled around to show her ass - "but it covers your nipples. With assets like yours, I'm not sure you should ever hide your nipples."

"Good point," Suzanne said, "but I think it'll turn him on anyway. Put this in the 'buy' pile." She wiggled out of what clothes she wore and then changed into something else, even as she grooved to the music and frigged herself at every opportunity.

In a whirlwind of activity, they set aside for purchase just about anything they liked at all, throwing the rest into a pile. They were so excited that they were leaving their fluids on just about every item they touched, but Ginger didn't see that as a problem, since they were buying almost everything they tried on and the few remaining items could be cleaned later.

Much of the clothes they selected had an S&M theme to them. Katherine found herself drawn to items that made her look submissive, like dog collars and handcuffs. Suzanne found herself drawn to many of the same things, to her own great surprise. But there were many other styles that they liked. Their only criterion was whether they thought it would turn Alan on. However, they were careful not to refer to him by name.

It seemed that each new item was more revealing than the last. Most were specifically designed to show off and expose boobs, asses or pussies, and many were designed to show off all of them at once.

Ginger in an outfit that circles but exposes her boobs and covers her vulva with a truly minimal triangle of cloth

Ginger ended up modeling the most revealing outfit of all, consisting of little more than rope, dildos, and her favorite cap.

Katherine was gratified to note that Ginger also had a noticeable bikini-bottom tan line, because Ginger was just about the only other female that she'd seen naked who shared her problem with tan lines.

"What do you think? Would he like this?" Katherine asked Suzanne as she modeled yet another S&M-themed outfit.

"I don't know," Suzanne said with indecision. "What do you think he thinks about the whole S&M thing, anyway?"

"Not sure. I do know he likes spankings. You should hear what he told me about... uh... well, I'll tell you later." Katherine realized naming names in Ginger's presence wasn't wise, despite Ginger's friendliness.

"Well, if he's totally into it, would you want to be whipped and beaten by him?" Suzanne asked.

Ginger intruded on the question, walking up between Katherine and Suzanne and cupping tits on both of them at the same time. She breathed, "Getting whipped is sexy and fun. You have to try it. I could show you."

Katherine tried hard to ignore that, instead considering the question for a moment. "I'm not crazy about the idea, but then I never thought I'd enjoy a finger up the butt or a spanking either. Or being with women, period, for that matter. So I try to keep an open mind. The important thing is, if he wants me to do it, then I have to obey."

"Same here," Suzanne said, surprising herself with what she'd be willing to do for Alan. "But still, let's not encourage him too much in that direction, okay?" She bent forward and licked one of Ginger's nipples.

Ginger was intensely interested in finding out who this mysterious man was, and his relationship to these two gorgeous women, but neither of them let slip any clues. Ginger suggested to Katherine, "That's a nice one you're wearing. Why don't you show it to Cindy, the woman who's working in the front part of the store?"

"What? You want me to walk to the front of the store in this, and model myself in front of who knows how many strange people?" Katherine immediately became bashful again, covering her exposed tits.

"Uh-huh," said Ginger. "Sounds exciting, doesn't it?"

Katherine in boots, V-shaped panties, and a blouse that closes via straps across the midriff

"Maybe, but I'm not into dressing scantily in public. There might be guys up there! My only goal in dressing this way is to please... my master." Katherine said "master" at the last second to avoid saying Alan's name, but she liked the sound of it.

"Not just our master," Suzanne pointed out, though she wasn't happy to use that term. "For instance, you also please me." She stepped forward and kissed Katherine on the lips. The idea of walking to the front part of the store, or even trying on more clothes, was forgotten as Katherine and Suzanne once more got into exploring each other's bodies. This new concept of Alan being their designated master made Katherine and, to her growing surprise, Suzanne very hot.

"And just what do you think you're doing without me?" Ginger asked, pouting that she was missing out on the action.

"Oh, sorry," said Katherine, as she and Suzanne turned their attention to the store assistant. "By the way, what does it take to get a preferred customer discount around here?" The two of them reached out to Ginger and ran their hands all over her.

"Um, I'm not really entitled ... That is..." said a flustered Ginger as the two overwhelmed her and brought her to the floor.

"What about a Ginger sandwich?" Suzanne suggested. "That should be worth a ten percent discount, at least!" Ginger was unable to answer because Katherine lowered her pussy onto the assistant's face while Suzanne buried her tongue deep in Ginger's pussy.

There was no pretense at any more shopping after that. Suzanne and Katherine stayed well past closing, after the other, older sales attendant Cindy left to go home to her family.

After everyone had gotten off several times, Ginger said, "Speaking of S&M, there's nothing to worry about. Why don't I show you how it works?"

"Um, thanks but no thanks," Suzanne said.

"No, really. It's no problem. I know it seems weird to think of being whipped, but how about being the person who does the whipping? Why don't you give it a try? You can practice on me." Katherine and Suzanne could see that Ginger's offer to be whipped was hardly an altruistic act - the cute employee was clearly trembling with excitement at the prospect.

"What do you think, Katherine?" Suzanne asked doubtfully.

"Oh, I guess trying out a few cracks of the whip wouldn't do any harm. As long as no one tries it on me, that is."

Ginger squatting with hands tied behind her back, waiting to be whipped in a demonstration of S&M

So they went ahead and tied up Ginger, then whipped her repeatedly on the butt. Neither Katherine nor Suzanne really got off on expressing dominance over Ginger, but Ginger got off on being submissive well enough. Before too long they dropped the whip and went back to using their hands and mouths on her. They kept her tied up, just for fun, giving her an occasional spanking or hole poke as they went through a final selection of their clothing.

Suzanne was amused at the situation: two total strangers were in a locked store after hours, and the only employee had been tied up with a rope. Suzanne pointed out, "I wonder what a policeman would think if he happened to wander in here right now."

They all laughed at that delicious thought.

Katherine immediately grabbed a strap-on dildo and role-played being such a policeman discovering the other two.

Ginger loved the treatment. She said, still tied up and bent over with her head on the floor, "You two are seriously the most fun customers I've ever served. Not to mention being the best looking."

"I'll tell you what's being served," Katherine said in a naughty mood as she fingered the helpless woman. "Something spicy. A big steaming plate of Ginger-flavored pussy."

Suzanne walked over and sawed into Ginger's asshole. "You're forgetting the side serving of Ginger ass. And a nice glass of Ginger pussy juice completes the wholesome meal."

Ginger cried out in ecstasy at their double assault. Her only real gripe was that her two customers were too timid. As she lay on the floor with her face in the carpet and her ass up in the air, she said, "Toe me."

"What?" said a confused Suzanne. "Tow you? To where?"

"No, toe me. Stick your toes in my cunt. Do what you want. Go wild. You have me naked, tied up and helpless. Get medieval on my ass! I love it when my ass gets seriously abused. We've got the toys around here to do anything."

But neither Suzanne nor Katherine really wanted to put their toes in someone else. They were getting tired of the whole S&M thing. They were also well aware that there was a lot of fun waiting for them at home and that they needed to save their energy for that, so they reluctantly untied Ginger and went to the front of the store to make their purchases.

When all was said and done, Suzanne ended up paying for over three thousand dollars in clothing and sexual paraphernalia. A majority of her purchases were for Susan.

To their surprise, Ginger did end up giving them a ten percent discount. She joked, "I forgot about the corporate rule that a Ginger sandwich IS good for ten percent off. I wish more customers knew about it! After all, we want to encourage repeat customers. Our goal is to have you cum again and again."

Katherine smiled wryly and corrected, "You mean come back again and again."

"That too," Ginger replied, barely able to keep a straight face. "I seriously wish I could give an even bigger discount, but I don't own the place. Maybe you could get an even bigger discount if you bring your master in and have him help try on some clothes. I wouldn't mind getting in some trouble for that. And if you introduce his penis to Stephanie, the owner, you just might end up getting everything for free. Who knows? But call first and make sure I'm working that day."


As Suzanne drove back home, she said to Katherine, "Angel, I liked Ginger. Do you think we should introduce her to our Sweetie? Not to mention that other woman? That was quite an offer she made."

"Hmmm. Brother would definitely like her; she's beautiful enough. And she's apparently single and has the right 'can do me' spirit. But frankly I've got too much competition for his time as it is. I don't want one more. Or two, for that matter. And to be honest, we don't know enough about her yet. Maybe later on."

"I'm with you on that," said Suzanne. "Especially the part about finding out more about her. We acted too rashly today, I suppose. I'll put that on my 'to-do' list. But if Sweetie says he wants more women to fuck, what do you think about that? In general, I mean."

Katherine carefully replied, "Well, I think that, first and foremost, we need to take such good care of him and his cock that he won't need many other women."


"True. I couldn't agree more. But I noticed you said 'many' instead of 'any.'"

"I'm just trying to be realistic," Katherine said unhappily. "It's obvious he has some kind of special sexual talent. He's a natural! And his stamina is, like, ten times more than I'd ever imagined! He's already working his way through the cheerleading squad. It probably won't be long before he's fucking every single one of us, including Amy and me."

Suzanne thought that was a very interesting tidbit indeed, although the mention of Amy in that context made her frown.

Katherine continued, "So, yeah, of course he's going to fuck other women. I'm not thrilled about it, to say the least, but what can I do? I'm just one of his fuck toys."

Suzanne said, "Given that he's going to be playing the field, don't you think we should help him find other women to fuck? That would have several advantages. For one, that'll allow us some quality control. We can make sure they're cleared of sexual diseases and so forth, first, and also make sure they aren't psycho or other kind of troublemakers. And we can also make sure they aren't TOO good!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, he's going to want some variety, especially starting out. He's like a kid in a candy store, discovering his new sexual talents. I'm sure he'll feel like fucking most any beautiful and busty babe he sees. That's okay, assuming we check for the diseases and such. But what we want is to have him spend most of his time with us, and ultimately focus nearly all of his sexual energies on us. So the occasional 'piece of strange' is fine. But what if he finds some really impressive girl, like Christine?"

"She had her chance and turned him down," Katherine pointed out. "Thank God!"

"I know. Although... who knows what might happen there, eventually. But I mean someone like her. Someone he can fall in love with. We have to steer him clear of those types, because there just isn't enough of him to go around."

"Amen, sister! Aunt Suzy, I like the way you think! To be honest, I kind of get off on him fucking random bombshells, and the sexier the better, because that validates all over again what a total stud he is! It makes me burn with jealousy, but it makes me totally wet too! But I worry about Christine and types like her, the ones who are stunning AND smart. So your plan is perfect!"

Suzanne was pleased Katherine agreed. "I think it makes the most sense. How would you see Ginger possibly fitting into that? Is she a threat to us?"

Katherine replied, "A girl like Ginger is nice enough, but really no competition for his affections compared to the likes of you and me. She's fuck-worthy, sure, but she's not a perfect ten like, say, you are. And she's not that stacked, and we know how much he loves that. Plus, I can't see her clicking with him personality-wise, and she seems to be into some freaky stuff. I see him fucking her a few times, at most."

"Agreed. Admittedly, we don't know much about her yet, but I can't see Sweetie falling in love with her."

Katherine nodded. "So let's keep her in mind, in case he asks for a new fuck partner. She seemed very keen on meeting our mystery man, and like I said she has a good 'can do me' slutty spirit. So I'm sure she'd be game. But our main goal should be to keep our master so well fucked that he won't want anyone else."

"Do you really have to call him 'master?'" Suzanne asked. "Isn't that a bit much?"

Katherine hadn't meant to say that out loud, but now that she had, she shyly asked, "Can I just say it around you? It turns me on."

Suzanne raised an eyebrow and looked at Katherine questioningly. Finally, she said, "He IS just your brother, you know. I know he's very sexually exciting to be with, but we have to keep things in perspective. When all is said and done, he's just an eighteen-year-old high school student, not some all-powerful master type."

Katherine frowned. "I know. But I'm enjoying this fantasy, okay? I guess I must be the naturally submissive type, because in my dreams, I like to think of him as my master."

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Whatever. You know, by calling him 'Master,' that implies you're his slave."

"I'm aware of that. I'm my brother's fuck-toy sister. I take that title pretty seriously. It's basically the same as 'slave.' He's still my brother, of course, and he always will be. I love that. But my role is to sexually serve him, no matter what. No limits! And, of course, I belong to him and him alone. I wouldn't think of so much as kissing any other guy."

As Suzanne drove, she glanced over at Katherine with concern. "I know you're a very passionate girl, and your love for him runs deep. You're siblings, best friends, lovers, and more. But are you sure you know what you're getting into when you say that?"

"Nope! I don't! But that's okay. I'm diving off into the great unknown. I'm sure there will be problems and adjustments, but we'll overcome. His fuck toy is exactly what I want to be. I've had that fantasy for a couple of years now. And look at Mom. She doesn't say 'fuck toy' much due to her rule against incestuous fucking, but she basically wants the same thing."

Suzanne said, "I don't know if you really know what you're saying. Sure, it's all fun and games now, but what if he tells you to do something you'd truly hate to do?"

Katherine smiled fondly as she thought of him. "That'll never happen, because he loves me. If he knows I hate it, he's not going to force me to do it."

Suzanne shook her head. "I have a feeling I'm not going to make a dent in your ideas right now, so I'll drop it... for now. I guess that's why they have the saying, 'Whatever turns you on.'"

"Hey, you were getting off on calling him 'Master' too. I saw you."

"I did not! I never called him that."

"Okay, maybe not, but you were getting off on it when I did."

"I was not!"

"Was too!"

Suzanne finally rolled her eyes. "Whatever." But she was disturbed that there was some truth in what Katherine had said. She vowed to be careful about letting herself go in that regard. She finally added, "You know how much I care for you. We're family, close family. I'm just concerned for you, that's all. I don't want to see you get hurt by going overboard with your enthusiasm."

"Thank you. I appreciate that. But I can handle myself."

After a pause, Katherine asked, "By the way, what about Susan? Why aren't you getting on her case when she calls herself Brother's 'personal cocksucker' and 'sex toy' and the like?"

Suzanne replied carefully, "Her situation is... complicated. I'm needing to resort to extreme indoctrination methods to get her to shed her prudish persona for good and to completely embrace her sexual side. We'll all benefit greatly once all the walls come down and everybody can fuck everybody else. It'll be like we'll have our own little sexual and loving utopia!"

Katherine nodded. "That's what I'm totally rooting for, every single day. I'm not criticizing; I think what's happening to her is fantastic. But she's getting really into a submissive attitude, and it just makes everyone that much more aroused. It's got the whole house hopping with non-stop fun! So if it's good for her, why can't it be good for me?"

Suzanne said, "Look. If you want to call yourself his 'fuck toy,' fine. I'm not going to stop you. I'm just saying be careful, and don't box yourself into any corners. You may get tired of him calling all the shots pretty quickly. After all, it's not like you're a wallflower type. You've always been very outspoken about what you want."

"And I still will be. I'm an uppity fuck toy, and he gets that. I know it's weird, but it works for us."

"If you say so."

"I do."

There was a lull in the conversation for a while.

As Suzanne continued to drive home, she started to have big second thoughts about what they'd done, now that her arousal level was returning to normal. She said, "I suppose what happened with Ginger tonight worked out okay, but we really can't do that kind of thing again, together or alone."

Katherine nodded.

Suzanne added, "You know I've had many affairs."

"Sure. I don't know the details of course, just that you went through a long phase of that after you and Eric were all but divorced."

Suzanne sighed, as that brought up a lot of bad memories that she didn't want to think about or discuss. "Yeah, well, over time I developed some security protocols. I didn't just jump into bed with anybody; I had the person carefully checked out first. There are too many things that can go wrong. Like I was saying before, the person could turn out to be psycho, or careless about STDs, or whatever. But obviously, I didn't do that with Ginger. I don't know what came over me."

Katherine said, "I do. Obviously, you just wanted to be a little risqué and show off, but things kind of spiraled out of control. The Plummer house has been like a sex inferno lately, and we've all gone a little bit sex mad. We were too horny to say no."

Suzanne sighed again. "Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I don't know what's wrong with me; I'm letting my pussy rule my brain. In any case, please don't let me do that again. I know being spontaneous is fun, but it pays to be careful."


They didn't mention Ginger at all back at home, but both Katherine and Suzanne now had a new favorite store for buying lingerie.

Katherine also started referring to Alan as "master," but only when she and Suzanne were alone together. Suzanne found the term both repugnant and strangely exciting at the same time, but she made a point of never using it herself. She wanted to be the one in charge.

The night was still young when they arrived home, and Suzanne had an idea on how they could best show off their new purchases for Alan. She was very confident that he would love it.


Alan had continued to study while Suzanne and Katherine were shopping. XX02

Amy came over and worked on her homework with Alan, sitting next to him. She wore short shorts and a white T-shirt with a low-cut collar that she made sure usually hung open for him to peek inside.

Susan was extremely frustrated. She'd been looking forward to a long, satisfying cocksucking while Katherine and Suzanne were gone. But if there was one valid reason not to do that, it was to let him do his homework. Obviously, that had a higher priority.

Even so, Susan had her new "stealth stroking" idea, and she wanted to at least try that out, if he insisted on doing his homework now. She was now more than willing to suck or stroke his penis in front of Suzanne or Katherine, Amy's presence still gave her pause. She didn't understand how far he had gone with Amy in private, so she continued to think of Amy as a sexual innocent who would be safe with her son, and she worried Amy would be "corrupted" by seeing her "stealth" help.

But most importantly, she thought it would be highly irresponsible to stop the two teenagers from doing homework just to meet her own cocksucking desires. She understood that she was even more excited about the idea tonight than he was, and she felt guilty about that.

Rather remarkably, Alan and Amy actually did focus on their homework, although they chatted a lot during their breaks.

So Susan unhappily worked on things around the house to keep herself busy. This continued until about nine-thirty, when Katherine and Suzanne finally returned with their arms full of shopping bags. They'd been gone about two and a half hours.

Susan had cooled off considerably by that time, and she was thoroughly bummed that she had been denied Alan's cock while they were out. She was forlorn that now they were back, it seemed her big opportunity had been lost. The night was getting late, and there was school tomorrow.

However, it turned out the fun was just starting.

The two happy shoppers snuck off to Katherine's room and hid many of their purchases, including much that they had bought for Susan. Some of their purchases for her, like the regular and strap-on dildos, they didn't want to show yet. But most of their items they wanted to show off right away.

Finally they were ready. They moved to the living room and then called Susan, Alan, and Amy to come and join them. Suzanne suggested, "Katherine and I just bought a mountain of sexy clothes. I'm thinking it would be fun that us ladies could put on an impromptu fashion show to display the new clothing we've bought! Of course, the focus will be getting a good, cocky reaction out of our young man here." She smiled at Alan.

Susan had cooled down considerably. She complained, "That seems terribly improper. What happens if Tiger, well, if he gets engorged and aroused?"

Suzanne shrugged. "I imagine we'll help him out right there. That'll certainly allow him to enjoy our little impromptu fashion show all the more."

Susan frowned. "Do you realize what you're suggesting? I mean, sure, if it was one or two of us. But there are FOUR of us and him! Including AMY!" She glanced Amy's way.

Alan pointed out, "Mom, didn't you say more than once that nothing should be denied me? Certainly there's no rule-breaking planned here, just lots of nudity. That's lots of good inspiration for my daily needs."

"Well, that's true... I suppose." Susan's lust was starting to rise as she imagined stripping all her clothes off in front of her hunky son.

"Not only that, but aren't you supposed to wear what I tell you to? What if I order you to change into those outfits?"

"You could," Susan conceded. "But what about Amy?"

Suzanne said, "I understand that you're worried. And believe me, I worry about her too. But she's got a role to play in helping our Sweetie out. She certainly can help out with some sexy visual stimulation."

"Yeay!" Amy bounced on her feet excitedly. "But what'll I wear?!"

Katherine replied, "Don't worry, Amy, you can model some of my outfits." Nothing had been explicitly bought for Amy, mostly because Suzanne still wasn't very comfortable with Amy getting into the "sexing things up." On top of that, Amy hadn't been present to make any clothing requests.

"Oh goody!" Amy replied, shucking off her T-shirt right there, knowing that Alan liked to see her topless. "Let's go get changed."

"That's not what I meant," Susan complained. Her concern was primarily about protecting Amy's innocence, but she was clearly behind the curve on that point.

Suzanne commented, "Oh, come on - if I can handle including Amy, then you can. I'm not crazy about the idea of including her, but they're right. It's just a little visual stimulation, and Amy has done that much for him many times lately. Remember what she saw at the beach yesterday, for instance. I'll bet you're just worried everyone will be showing off clothes but you. Don't worry; we've got lots of very sexy stuff you can model for your cutie Tiger."

The happy prospect of Susan strutting her naked or nearly naked body in front of her hunky son broke the last of her resistance. "Well, I suppose..."

Suzanne spoke confidently, "Trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong? You're gonna love this."

All the females went to an adjacent room to change. Susan was delighted at the purchases they'd made on her behalf, which caused her mood to improve rapidly.

Katherine promised Amy that the two of them would go back to the same store and pick up some more things soon, making Amy feel much better. Katherine mentioned something about how Amy would really like the "ten percent sandwich discount" there, but Amy didn't understand what that phrase meant.

Susan continued to make her usual "It's so improper" complaints, but Suzanne knew just what to do to silence her. She had Susan go first, while everyone else gathered on sofas to watch. Alan got pride of place, right in the middle of the centrally located sofa, with the others gathered around him.

Initially, things were very awkward. Susan stood before Alan and the other women dumbly, burning with embarrassment. Her outfit had a Western theme. She wore a cowboy hat, Lara Croft-styled utility top that showed off her ample cleavage, blue-jean-styled bikini briefs, and cowboy boots. It was a fairly conservative outfit in comparison to some she could have worn, since it didn't directly expose her pussy, nipples, or ass crack. But Suzanne thought they should start slowly and build gradually, turning up the heat on Alan gradually until the situation reached some sort of boiling point.

Susan was burning with embarrassment and hid her eyes. She rarely thought of her husband Ron anymore, but for some strange reason the idea popped into her head of her husband looking from afar into their house and seeing her dressed like an erotic cowgirl. Oh my goodness! What if he could see me prancing around in front of all these other people, like some kind of shameless strumpet?! He still is my husband, technically speaking. I can't imagine what his reaction would be, unless it was an actual heart attack!

The mental image of this confrontation bothered and shamed her. She also was painfully reminded of the fact that she was still wearing his wedding ring.

"How do you like the outfit?" Suzanne asked her best friend. "Does it get two thumbs up?"

Susan, without glasses, in a cowgirl-themed outfit that could barely be worn in public, more likely on stage in a Western revue

"It gets one finger up," she answered in an exasperated voice, giving Suzanne her middle finger. She didn't even realize she'd made a joke of sorts. It was the first time she'd ever flipped the bird at anyone, and it felt good. "You know, this is all your fault, Suzanne. Why the heck did you have to pick this outfit out for me? I look... dorky!"

"What do you think, Alan?" Suzanne asked. "'Dorky?'" She didn't know what he'd say to describe his mother, but she was sure it wouldn't be "dorky."

Alan answered, "Mom, you look totally hot! I think I'm gonna faint from the heat radiating from you. It's like standing near the sun. God, that outfit makes me soooo horny."

Susan was very pleased, especially since she could clearly see a bulge in his shorts. She blushed even more and pushed her arms against her sides like a shy little girl, but in doing so she also caused her tits to push forward even more. "You think so?" she asked coquettishly.

"Definitely, Mom! Check it out!" He ran his fingers over his bulge, causing it to tent the fabric even more. "My dick is just about to explode with hot cum just from looking at you!"

She grinned. "Well, why on Earth did you make me wear this without my glasses? I want to see all that hard, throbbing, cocky goodness. You know I can hardly see a thing without them."

"Sorry, Mom. Just for this one time, I thought it would make you look even more exotic and different. And it sure does. I seriously can't even believe this is the same mother who drove me to soccer practice all those years and made such great birthday cakes ever since I was a baby."

Susan smiled. "That's me!" But she still seemed nervous and uncertain.

So he said, "I've got an idea. Since your vision isn't so good, why don't you come over here and feel my package. That way you'll know for sure how much I love your outfit."

"Well, if you insist." Betraying her supposed reluctance, she rushed forward. Her vision without glasses wasn't bad enough to prevent her from immediately finding the big lump in his crotch.

Suzanne prodded her, "Don't stop there! His cock is stiff and needs your help! Whip it out!"

Susan looked around nervously. She began unthinkingly stroking his bulge. "What, you want me to unzip him and just start stroking him, in front of everybody?!"

"Sure." Suzanne smirked at Alan. "It's not like you're against that idea, are you?"

He chuckled. "Definitely not! Go for it, Mom!"

Susan was extremely embarrassed about all the others watching. But she was so cock-hungry after the last several hours while he did his homework with Amy that she couldn't help herself. "Well, if you insist..." She unzipped his fly and wrapped both hands around his bare erection.

"Aaaaah..." she sighed contentedly. She closed her eyes and tried to forget the others, or her ridiculous outfit. Her worries flew out the window as she began to stroke. Mmmm!

For a full minute or two, the room was dead silent except for the sound of Susan's heavy breathing and her sliding fingers. They started to make squishy noises as his pre-cum began to flow and lubricate.

However, Suzanne eventually said, "Enough of that. Sweetie, please make her stop or this fashion show will never get off the ground. Susan, when you're done, you can go back to helping him feel nice and stiff. But first, you need to strut your stuff."

"Oh, POO!" Susan was mightily upset to be pulled away from her son's erection (which remained exposed but untouched), but now her mood was completely different than before. Whereas before she had seemed reluctant, now she radiated pure desire. But still she stood there awkwardly, because she didn't know what she was supposed to do next.

"I know!" Katherine exclaimed suddenly. "Brother, you know what Mom totally reminds me of? A porn star! She looks totally like some kind of porn star in a cowboy-themed movie. Some corny porn flick like 'Fuck-off at the O. K. Corral' or something like that."

Alan laughed, but he had to agree. "You're right. She is SUCH a total porn star! She needs a name like Darlin' Debbie or Janet Juggs or something. Oh, I know. Suckin' Susan."

Everyone guffawed at the appropriateness of that.

Susan blushed a bit, but grinned too. She kind of liked it, now that she was horny at least, but she was too embarrassed to admit that to the others.

Then Alan commented, "You know, Sis, I'm amazed at just how similar you and Mom look when she has her glasses off. It's hard to believe you were adopted. So, if Mom looks like a porn star, do you know what that makes you look like?"

Katherine giggled, while eyeing his erection poking through his fly. "An upstanding, prudish, God-fearing, church-going fuddy-duddy?"

"No!" Alan said, and since Katherine was in reach, he leaned over and started tickling her.

Everyone laughed at the good fun, but Susan still seemed nervous and reluctant. So Alan said to her, as the tickling of his sister let up, "Mom, sorry if it seems like we're laughing at you, but this is so much fun. And the idea of you being a cowgirl porn star makes me soooo friggin' horny. Geez. This is my mom we're looking at here! Everyone should stay away from me because I'm a serious fire hazard. I'm about ready to burst into flames. The only thing that could make me any hotter, Mom, is if you dance around a bit."

"Hrm." Susan stood there looking doubtful. She was torn between arousing her son and further embarrassment. If only one of the others would have been watching, she would have had no hesitation, but three other pairs of eyes felt like a crowd to her. The thought came to her, I've come this far. A little dancing is nothing compared to some of the things I've done lately. After all, this is for my son. Let's face it: I'm basically one of his personal, big-titted sex toys now. This is what we do. I love him, and it's my job to please him sexually!

Finally, she smiled, and said with a playful accent, "Well, partner, I reckon I could do just a little bit of dancin'."

"That's the spirit!" he said. But the disco hit "Le Freak" by Chic was playing, and Alan thought that seemed very inappropriate for his mother's outfit. He jumped up and went to the CD player, holding his erection against his stomach as he went. "Just a sec. Ah. Here." He put on the Blues Brothers' version of "Rawhide," the theme song from the old cowboy TV series.

Susan wasn't gifted like Suzanne at doing accents or improvisational dialogues, so she just tipped her hat, said, "Thanks, partner," and started moving her hips. She strutted and posed to the music, hesitantly at first, but more boldly with every passing second.

After only a couple of minutes the song ended and the music changed styles, but she was on too much of a roll to stop. Alan switched the music to "Knock on Wood" by Eddie Floyd, and that beat worked just fine for Susan. She galloped around and whooped it up as if she were at a hoe-down. She completely abandoned herself to her dance.

Suzanne called time at the end of that song, so Susan ended her dancing, to great applause.

By then, Alan's mother was a solid convert to the whole fashion show idea. She rushed back to the changing room like a kid who'd just discovered an exciting amusement park ride and was hurrying back to the line to ride it over and over again.

Each of the four women took turns modeling. One would stand in front of the other three and Alan and sexily model an outfit for a few minutes. Then all four women would disappear into the adjacent room, pick out another item, and help the next person up to put it on. There would be a lot of discussion amongst the women over which item to wear, and how best to accessorize it. That left Alan alone a lot of the time, but he didn't mind, considering the show he would get each time if he only had a little patience.

Suzanne was next to model.

While she walked to the makeshift stage area, the other women sat down on the sofas to watch.

Susan sat next to Alan and began stroking his still erect and exposed rod. She muttered quietly, "Suzanne says it's okay, but I'm only allowed to do this while someone's on stage. Is that okay with you?"

"Mom, you know I love it! You're the best."

Sure enough, Susan kept at it, sliding her hands all over his erection every chance she had until Suzanne would call time again.

Alan was amazed at her stamina in being able to jack him off for long periods of time without getting tired. She rubbed his sweet spot nearly non-stop, keeping him buzzing with great pleasure.

When it was Susan's turn to model an outfit, Katherine would temporarily take over the cock stroking. But when no one was on the stage, Alan was left alone while the women all worked as a team in the next room to quickly dress whoever had the next turn. This start and stop stroking kept bringing him to the edge and letting him fall back, so he could last even longer than usual.

Amy was particularly excited to be included. She realized that it was another important step toward her full acceptance in the sexual "gang." She modeled her first item, which consisted of long black gloves, long black boots, a top hat, a small, rigid mask, a cane, a small leather piece barely covering her tits, and another one barely covering her pussy.

"Hey, I'm on stage!" she cried out.

"How is it over there?" Alan asked while Susan jacked him off. Katherine was sitting on the other side of him, cuddled into him and occasionally nibbling or licking his ear. He felt like a king.

Amy beamed. "I love it! It's, like, super incredonourmouslywondertastic! Gosh, this is just like Halloween all over again, except more fun and way more sexy!"

She held her cane in her hand, expertly twirling it around in the air.

"But you know what's really cool?" she asked. "I can act totally all stripper-y. Like I can just take this off..." she pulled her leather panties off and flung them across the room.

Suzanne stood up, alarmed. "Honey Pie!"

Alan joked as he stared at Amy's bare, shaved pussy, "That is one name for it." But seeing Suzanne's distress he said, "Aunt Suzy, she's a woman now. You can't stop that. Let her be free."

Katherine chimed in, "Yeah! She's like the last virgin in school, just about. What's the harm of a little striptease?"

Suzanne sat back down, not very happy. She sighed sadly, "My little baby. My Honey Pie."

Amy in a cabaret-styled outfit with top hat, tall boots, gloves that extend above her elbows, bow tie, angulated top that covers her nipples but exposes her cleavage and a diaphanous skirt that extends like wings from her waist, completely exposing her pussy

Amy removed her mask, but wisely decided to keep her top on, what little fabric there was of it. She also tried to keep a hand over her pussy for her mother's sake. But the stereo was blaring out "Turn Off the Light" by Nelly Furtado - Katherine had put it on, knowing it was one of Amy's most favorite songs - and Amy couldn't resist dancing to it.

Keeping her pussy covered soon fell by the wayside as she got more and more into it, especially during the more lively choruses. In fact, she put a lot of her recently learned cheerleader moves to use. She ended with her legs lewdly spread in front of Alan, just like she sometimes ended a cheerleader routine with the splits.

Alan and the others gave her a big round of applause.

Everyone clapped, that is, except for Suzanne, who complained, "That's enough, dear. As Susan no doubt would put it, that's a little improper."

Amy said, "What? I thought Alan loves pussies. Bo, don't you like my pussy? I'm keeping it shaved just for you." She remained splayed out on the floor right in front of him. That enabled him to see every detail of her invitingly open and very wet pussy lips.

Susan protested, "Enough, Amy. Please. Listen to your mother. Don't push your luck." Naturally, she was still rubbing her son's sweet spot.

"M'kay." Amy got up very slowly, and obviously very reluctantly. She didn't want the fun to end.

Suzanne simply announced, "Next!"

Katherine stood up and said, "Hey, why don't we break out the wine?"

Alan nodded. "Good idea."

As Katherine went to get the wine, Alan thought, Sis is smart. Aunt Suzy is too uptight about Aims. She needs to loosen up, and what better way to do that than to get her tipsy? I should have thought of that myself, but with all the sexy sights and the way Mom keeps stroking, I'm lucky if I can remember my own name.

The bottle of wine was polished off in no time at all, since the women wanted a little "liquid courage" to loosen their inhibitions on stage.

Susan kept on jacking off her son during the drink break. The times his penis was left untended were getting shorter and fewer, since she sat with him as much as possible.

The show went on and everyone was feeling better and better. After Amy's stunt, stripping soon became the norm. Many outfits covered up private parts at first, but those parts were almost always uncovered by the time that turn on stage was over.

After a few outfits, Suzanne wore one made out of an unusual, fuzzy material.

Alan asked her, "What's it made out of?"

Suzanne answered by striking an inviting pose and saying saucily, "You should try feeling it yourself."

"Come here!" he commanded. Lust was making him bold.

Suzanne stood right between his legs with her hands on the top of her head.

With Susan's fingers constantly sliding all over his cum-soaked hard-on, he brazenly explored Suzanne's fuzzy outfit, and even under her outfit. The only thing he avoided was Suzanne's pussy, since Susan would have objected.

Susan looked up at Suzanne with awe, and muttered, "So hot!" She leaned her topless body against her son's side, and asked him, "Are you going to do that to me, when it's my turn?"

"Of course." Susan happened to be partly dressed. With a hand still on Suzanne's bare ass in front of him, he pulled the straps off Susan's shoulders and playfully rolled her nearest erect nipple in his fingers. "I'm probably going to do something like this."

Susan bit her lip. "Oh GOD! Dear Lord, give me strength!" She wanted to drop her head down and engulf his cockhead, but she contented herself with stroking with both hands.

From that point on, no modeling of an item was over until Alan got to feel the outfit, which quickly turned into a feeling up of the wearer's entire body. He would make various comments, like, "Look, Aunt Suzy; this doesn't cover your bush at all," and would proceed to feel up her bush to prove his point. While his comments were stating the obvious, they were all part of the game.


When Suzanne's next turn came up, she hadn't even reached the area they'd designated as the stage when Katherine yelled, "Time out!"

"What?" An annoyed Suzanne froze and turned around to see what the problem was.

Katherine folded her arms defiantly, causing her rack to thrust up and out. "I don't think you should be able to walk like that."

Suzanne raised an eyebrow in slight amusement. "Like what?"

Katherine pointed accusingly at Suzanne's long legs. "Like that! You know what I mean. The super sexy way you walk."

"Sashaying?" Suzanne suggested.

"Yeah. That. It's not fair. It's far too sexy! None of the rest of us know how to do that. Why, it's barely even anatomically possible! First, your hips sway so far to one side that it seems like you're bound to fall over, but somehow you don't, and then the same thing happens on the other side, but you don't fall over that way either. It's crazy! How do you even do that?!"

Suzanne grinned knowingly. "Practice. Lots of practice." She showed off by slowly sashaying across the room, right in front of Alan.

Amy said, "She has a good point. I mean, Mom, it's super duper intimidating to the rest of us. The way you put one foot directly in front of the other, and make your boobies bounce all around, it's just too hot. How are we supposed to compete with that? Look what it's doing to Alan's boner!"

All eyes went to Alan's crotch. Susan's hands were slipping and sliding up and down it, as usual. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Susan even happened to be employing her most commonly used corkscrew move, which she liked to do with her hands as well as her lips.

But still, Katherine seized on the support from Amy to say, "Yeah! And the outfit you're wearing isn't fair either. The top is okay, but your ass is only 'covered' by a string wedged so deeply in your ass crack that it might as well not be there. If I were Alan, I'd be totally jizzing right now, just from you standing there!"

"Yeah!" Amy emphatically agreed. She and Katherine were sitting apart, so they made high-five motions toward each other.


To quell the dispute, Susan suggested, "Suzanne, the girls have a good point - you're miles ahead of the rest of us with your fancy sashaying and all the other sexy ways you move your body, pretty much all the time. For instance, look at how you're standing with your back turned, cocking your hip in an enticing way, and subtly tugging on your G-string like you're liable to pull it all the way down at any moment. And you haven't even reached the stage yet! Look what you're doing to my poor Tiger!"

Again all eyes went to Alan, and specifically to his erection. As before, his dick didn't seem different in any meaningful way. Although Susan was expertly stroking it with both hands, using different rhythms and motions with each hand, and although the pre-cum was flowing freely, he didn't seem particularly close to cumming.

Suzanne had been keeping her full ass in view, but now she turned around and put a hand on a hip, striking another sexy pose in the process. "Look. That's just how I am. I've moved in a sensual manner for so long that it occurs without any thought. Besides, I don't see a problem here. After all, isn't the entire point of our little fashion show to keep his cock stiff and throbbing with pleasure?"

The room went silent, except for the squishy sound of Susan's fingers sliding through Alan's pre-cum, because no one could disagree with that. In fact, Susan thought, This is such a thrill! The four of us really have become his sex toys! I'm so pleased to see that Amy's totally into it too. Soon, she'll be one of his official personal cocksuckers. How can I keep still when so many momentous things are happening?!

Suzanne asked in her scratchy yet sultry purr, "Sweetie, does the way I walk bother you?"

He replied, a little out of breath, "Bother me? Are you kidding?! The way you, uh, sashay, um... swaying your hips, your ass cheeks bouncing and swaying from side to side... UGH!" He lost his train of thought and had to close his eyes, because Suzanne seemed to want to act out what he was saying. She resumed sashaying around the room in her ultra-arousing style.

Katherine triumphantly pointed out, "See? See what I mean? If you keep that up, you're gonna make him give up all his cum, and much too soon. He's gonna squirt a big creamy load all over Mom, and then he'll be dry for the rest of us. I'll bet all he can think about now is your ass, and touching your smooth silky skin, and what it would feel like to rub his stiff cock against it."

At that, Suzanne turned back around so he could have another very good look at the ass they were discussing. She didn't realize his eyes were closed.

Susan leaned in towards Alan and licked his ear. She purred in a sultry voice right into it, "Son, is that true? Are you thinking right now of rubbing your hard cock against Suzanne's ass?" He didn't answer immediately, so she just kept on expertly stroking his boner with both hands. "Are you thinking about what it would be like if you could stick your cock deep in her ass crack, so her firm ass cheeks could massage it for you? Would you like it if your big-titted mommy held it and fondled it while you dry-humped your big-titted auntie's ass?"

Even as she kept on licking the ridge of his ear, she said with unusual force, "Son, look at me when I'm talking to you!"

At that, he unthinkingly opened his eyes. However, he couldn't look at Susan's face since her lips were nibbling his earlobe. Instead, he was startled to see Suzanne's effectively bare ass up close, directly in front of him. She was standing between his legs, putting her ass so close that he could have leaned forward and rubbed his face against it. Not only that, but it was swaying both side to side and forward and back, as if she was getting slowly fucked (and greatly enjoying it!).

"HOT DAMN!" he exclaimed in surprise. He was so overcome with sheer arousal that he was on his way to climaxing in a matter of seconds.

Susan had seen Suzanne carefully moving between his legs without touching him, and she had wanted him to get that erotic surprise when he opened his eyes. She stopped her stroking and just lovingly cradled his erection until his wave of arousal passed. She couldn't resist kissing and licking along his jaw line a little too, even though she knew she was pushing her luck. This is such fun! Tiger is using Suzanne and me as his personal sex toys - at the same time! I know things are getting too arousing for him, but how can I stop when his cock is so thick and strong in my hands?

With all the sexy walking lessons Suzanne's been giving me, soon that will be ME getting him rock hard and ready to cum just from walking around! I'm not ready yet - I still stumble a bit - but when I AM ready my cutie Tiger won't be able to resist; he'll have his big-titted sex cow mommy kneeling and slurping and sucking up an explosion of spermy goodness! I can't wait!

Katherine objected, "I think we somehow went from talking about Aunt Suzy needing to tone things down to teasing him and getting him even MORE horny. Can we get back to the topic at hand?"

Susan had been just as transfixed as Alan by Suzanne's slowly undulating, dancing ass. She asked with a start, "What? Oh. Yes. Back on track. Um... We were talking about Tiger rubbing his cock all over Suzanne's perfect ass, smearing trails of cum across her silky skin, running his hands down her-"

Katherine huffed in exasperation, "Before that. Remember, I was suggesting that Aunt Suzy tone things down a bit with her sashaying tonight, so that Amy and I don't feel so outclassed? She's hogging the spotlight, even when it's not her turn."

Susan said, "Oh, yes. Sorry." She resumed sensuously licking Alan's jaw, almost like she was somehow licking his dick by proxy. "Suzanne, maybe you could take it a bit easy tonight? Especially with the sashaying. I must admit that I also find that very daunting." She didn't mention that she herself was taking sashaying lessons from Suzanne, because she wasn't ready to unveil her new skills to Alan until she was fully ready.

Suzanne sighed. "Very well. Susan, I promise not to sashay for the rest of the evening. I'll try to walk more or less normally. But, in return, thanks to all this talk about Sweetie rubbing his cock against my bum, I'd like to sit down on his lap right now so that he can do just that." She quickly pulled the rest of her outfit off, leaving her in just her high heels.

Susan started to say, "I don't know about that. That sounds very improp-UGH!" She grunted in mid-word, because Suzanne didn't wait but plopped herself into Alan's lap, with her back to him so her ass could be the focus of attention.

Susan was quick to adjust and reposition. She was careful to keep both her hands wrapped around Alan's hard-on, no matter what, trying to hold it away from Suzanne's wiggling ass.

Once Suzanne settled in, Susan complained, "Oh dear. I still don't know. This is borderline unacceptable, at the very least." She had a policy of not allowing more than one woman to touch Alan in a sexual way at a time, for fear that things would "descend into debauchery." But at the same moment that she was speaking those words, she was sliding Alan's cockhead across Suzanne's ass cheeks, even as all her fingers kept on fondling and stroking its long length.

Suzanne spoke confidently, "Nonsense. Susan. Let me teach you about something called a 'lap dance.' Do you know what that is?"

Susan shook her head 'No.'

"Then watch. This is something good big-titted mommies do for their sons." She shifted her rear a bit, causing the tip of Alan's cockhead to slide up into her ass crack. She smiled widely at that.

Amy said to Suzanne in a concerned voice, "Um, I don't mean to cut into the fun, but Mom, I think this is the official start of your turn. We'll give you five minutes, max." Although Amy was less up front about it than Katherine, she also worried sometimes about being outshone by Susan and Suzanne, so she wanted to make sure that her mother's next turn in the spotlight didn't last too long.

Suzanne grunted, "Fine." She was already focused on her lap dance. Thanks to Susan's earlier comments, she wanted to see if she could really trap Alan's cock with her ass cheeks and massage it.

Susan seemed to be of the same mind, rather obviously letting her lust get the best of her because she began to slide Alan's cockhead deeper into Suzanne's "ass cleavage."

Alan clutched at Suzanne's ass cheeks, marveling at how good they felt. Shit! Five minutes?! Between Mom's sliding hands and Aunt Suzy's rotating ass, how am I supposed to not cum for all that time?! Lord have mercy! Oh no! Why did I just reach around and grab Aunt Suzy's tits with both hands? I'm just making things more difficult for myself!

This wasn't a typical lap dance by any means, especially since Suzanne was facing away from him. She actually kept her ass relatively still, to goad Susan to take charge.

Sure enough, Susan couldn't resist rubbing Alan's cock against Suzanne's ass, even though that violated her rules. It was just too tempting. As she did so, she purred quietly to him, "Tiger, your auntie has a great ass, don't you think? Have you squirted your cum on it yet?"

He had to think before answering, "Um... no."

"Well, you should! Look how you're leaving a cummy trail wherever I move it." Her fingers were flying up and down his shaft even as she rubbed his cockhead against Suzanne. "I think you should cum on her right now! Let Mommy help you. Cum for Mommy!"

When it became obvious that he wasn't going to cum that soon, Suzanne spun around in place. As she plastered her big bare tits against Alan's T-shirt covered chest, she looked to Susan sitting to the side and said, "Now, this is a more typical lap dance. The general rule at strip clubs is that the guy is not allowed to use his hands, and no fucking is allowed. The woman uses her body and feminine wiles to rub him all over until he cums."

Susan wasn't happy about this new position. It even more overtly violated her rule about not letting two women work on Alan at once. She worried orgies and total debauchery would follow if that was permitted. She stubbornly kept a tight hold of his cock, and griped, "I don't know about this. It seems somewhat improper. Can't we just get back to the fashion show?"

"We will in a minute," Suzanne said, just before she started to French kiss him.

Alan thought for sure he was going to cum at any moment. Susan kept right on stroking and rubbing his cock, even though her hand was pinned between his body and Suzanne's. And Suzanne bounced and gyrated all over him while he firmly clasped her ass cheeks.

But Katherine and Amy were keeping a close eye on the clock, and they called time at five minutes. Suzanne finally got off him.

He thought, WOW! I can't believe I somehow "survived" that! That was incredible! Between Mom and Aunt Suzy, it felt just as good as if I'd been orgasming the entire time, except I didn't actually shoot a load. I'm so psyched Mom allowed that. I hope we'll be doing a lot more of that from now on!

The only problem was, he was so overheated that when Suzanne finally got off his lap he wanted to take a long break so his heart and body could recover.

He did so, but his five minute break ended all too soon. He was still breathing heavily when Katherine sprung out of her seat and proclaimed, "Time's up! Let the show resume! My turn!"

Susan had been letting him rest. But her fingers wrapped around his shaft and went back to rubbing his sweet spot before Katherine even finished saying that.

He sighed quietly, I swear, they're gonna kill me tonight. But what a way to go!


The game continued, and for a while the women made sure the breaks between performances were extra-lengthy so Alan really could recover some more. He was panting hard and clenching his PC muscle non-stop, even during the breaks.

The next time it was Susan's turn, Alan asked her, "Since there have been some fun costume-oriented themes, do you think you could dress up as a telephone operator?"

Susan considered that. "Well, I don't know. I mean, I can't really think of anything a telephone operator would wear that would be distinctive OR sexy. Why?"

"Well, it's this song." He got up and put a new CD in the CD player. (His erection bounced around freely as he did.) The song "Switchboard Susan" by Nick Lowe started to play.

Susan immediately decided she had a new favorite song. It had a good beat and melody, and it had telephone-themed lyrics about a sexy woman, but best of all, it had "Susan" in the lyrics. She especially loved the couplet: "When I'm near you girl, I get an extension / And I don't mean Alexander Graham Bell's invention."

She rushed off and quickly came back dressed "business hot," in the kind of formal but fancy business suit that Suzanne often wore. It wasn't exactly what a telephone operator would wear, but it looked sexy as hell on her. Then she proceeded to strip as the song played again.

Alan clapped and cheered as Katherine jacked him off. He particularly loved the line near the end of the song: "Hey babe, your number's great, 38-27-38."

She brought her hands to her now bare tits, waist, and hips as each body dimension was sung, as if she'd heard the song many times before and not just that once.

Susan was so excited that when the song ended she wanted to immediately put on the same clothes just so she could strip to the same tune again. Not only were her reservations about the fashion show obliterated, she was already hoping they could make this a regular event.

However, she still tried to maintain some boundaries, mostly because of Amy. For instance, each time they went to the other room to change, she could barely stop from fingering herself to relieve the tension, but she knew that as soon as she did, Katherine and Suzanne would eagerly do the same, and she worried what Amy would think of that.

Little did she know that Amy was only holding herself back from such frigging for fear of what her mother Suzanne would think. So all of the women got more and more aroused, but none of them could manage to get off.

As they continued to show off various outfits, Suzanne and Katherine especially began putting on spontaneous one-person mini-dramas.

Katherine lying on the floor in a bunny outfit with ears and leggings, that exposes her breasts, pussy and butt

Katherine went the furthest when she displayed a bunny outfit, which left her pussy, ass, and tits all uncovered from the very start.

As she modeled it (while Susan continued to "tend" to Alan's erection), she made up a dialogue that resembled a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood. "Oh no!" she cried out in mock anguish. "I'm a helpless bunny, lying here on the floor. Oh dear! Here comes Alan, the big bad wolf! What is he going to do with me? Is he going to eat me? I hear wolves love to eat us cute bunnies. Oh no! It looks like he wants to eat my pussy, even though I'm hiding it right between my legs!"

She spread her legs wide at this point, exposing her pussy for all to see. "Big Bad Brother Wolf, what a big tongue you have!"

Susan frowned with displeasure at the "illegal" focus on the pussy. But she didn't want to interrupt.

Katherine put her hands on an imaginary head of someone licking her pussy, then shook all over with pleasure. "Mmmm! I guess it IS all the better for you to eat me with!" Then she frigged herself some more, thrusting in and out in time to the pounding beat of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive."

But she went on, "Oh no, Big Bad Wolf, what a big penis you have!" She turned over and kicked her legs up in the air, bending them at the knees. "Oh, Alan, my sexy, well-hung brother, are you going to fuck me in the ass with your big bad cock?"

"Okay, that's enough, Angel," said Susan, while her hand still rhythmically slid up and down her son's stiff pole. "You went too far, with all that pussy and intercourse stuff. No feelies for you. Next!"

Susan was enjoying the show as much as anyone else, but realized they were right on the verge of losing all restraint. She was disturbed that Katherine would talk so openly about fucking her brother, and she made a mental note to lecture her about it later.

Katherine pouted, "No feelies? Mom, you're so mean!" "Feelies" was a term that had spontaneously coined during the show to refer to Alan's groping of their outfits. She complained some more, "I did an extra sexy display; I should get extra feelies!"

Susan made herself the arbiter of making sure such things didn't go too far. "Nope. Sorry. You crossed the line."

But Alan said, "Come on, Mom. Sis did a really good job and I want to check out her outfit."

"Well, okay. But remember, no touching her pussy this time. Which you shouldn't be doing anyway."

Inspired by Suzanne's lap dance, Katherine sat in his lap. She started sliding and grinding on him just like Suzanne did.

All the while, Susan's hand kept on pumping up and down his shaft. She was irked at her daughter for pushing her luck with the rules, so she tried to keep Alan's cock from her until the lap dance was over.

As time went on, things got more sexual, more wine was drunk, and Susan grew more lax about enforcing her boundaries. Good music continued to play, with people frequently changing CDs to choose favorite songs.

Alan's "groping of the outfits" grew more blatant, but still there were some boundaries that Susan demanded be observed. For instance, the "no pussy touching" rule was strictly maintained. And she remained insistent that Alan could only touch one woman at a time. The air was so thick with sexual excitement and frustration that one could cut it with a knife, and she was worried that a full-on orgy would break out.

She didn't count her own penis tending in this, however. So, in practice, Alan seemed to be in sexual contact with two women more often than not.

Rather incredibly, no one had climaxed yet, not even Alan. Everyone was right on the brink. Susan's handjob action was usually slow and delicate in order to make sure he didn't lose it too fast, which would have put a big damper on the show, possibly ending it completely. Katherine was similarly careful when she took over during Susan's turns "on the stage."

He was also still left alone during each change of clothing, giving him about five minutes each time to cool down somewhat. But he could only take so much physical and visual stimulation.

His endurance came to an end when Suzanne walked out in a "dress" that in fact was nothing but lines of chain links all over her body. Like the other women, at this point her pussy was already flowing like a faucet. One of the chains split her vulva and bush, and that was a big part of the reason she was leaking so much. With every step she took, with every movement of her lower body, the chain pulled tightly against her pussy, massaging her clit.

Suzanne in connected lines of small chain links following the outlines of a dress

Appearing like that was more than she could take, and the rubbing of the clinking chains helped push her over the edge. She closed her eyes, stomped her feet a couple of times, and had an obvious orgasm while simply standing there in front of everyone.

As if that wasn't enough for Alan, Susan had been making sexy comments to him on each outfit to augment the handjob she was giving. This time, she whispered, "Look at Suzanne, Doesn't she look just like a slave at a slave auction? But don't worry; you already own her. She's your sex toy! Your sex slave, even! We all are!"

He cried out, "NO!" and frantically tried to push Susan's hands away from his rock-hard boner. He was desperate not to cum, since he didn't think he'd be able to get erect again tonight.

But Susan could sense that he'd already crossed the point of no return. She happened to be playing with his balls as well, and she felt them tightening up. She jerked him off even more vigorously.

Within seconds, he lost it completely. His body thrashed around in one of the most intense orgasms he'd ever had.

But Susan wasn't deterred by his spasmodic movements. She bent over, locked her lips around his cockhead, and swallowed all his powerful squirts.

With Suzanne and Alan cumming, Katherine and Amy threw caution to the wind and blatantly fingered themselves. They had relatively quiet but very satisfying orgasms too. Only Susan didn't cum, since she was so intently sucking, but she was having a blast in more ways than one.

Katherine happened to be sitting on Alan's other side. With her one orgasm done, and while Susan continued to suck him while his penis slowly deflated, Katherine cuddled close and playfully ran her hands across his chest. She was still dressed in the last thing she'd modeled, which was a stethoscope, nurse's hat, sterilized gloves, and not much else. "I hear Mom whispering, and you know what finally set you off? It was when Mom called Aunt Suzy a sex slave!"

"No, you're wrong," he complained, but his face practically turned purple with embarrassment.

Katherine knew that she had found one of his hot buttons, that the "sex slave" comment was at least a big part of it, although admittedly by that point just about anything could have sent him over the edge, including what Suzanne did. "A-ha!" she cried triumphantly to the other women. "Look at his face! I'm totally right. Alan Plummer, Mr. Politically Correct himself, gets off on the idea of sex slavery! Is that fucked-up or what?" She giggled gleefully.

He protested, "No I don't! It was just that Aunt Suzy looks so gorgeous cumming with her blushing face like that. And Mom's slip-sliding fingers. And all the outfits. Christ, the outfits! Plus, the long, long build up. I mean, what Mom said, that was just... It was one tiny part of it..."

Suzanne was still standing there in chains. She'd recovered from her orgasm, and she was smiling at him. Just the renewed sight of her and the thought of what she'd done a mere minute ago were likely to make him horny again. She purposely put her hands behind her back as if she were tied up, to emphasize the slave idea.

But his penis had begun to hurt, thanks to it being stroked for so very long, so he purposely turned away and tried to think unsexy thoughts. The fact that Susan was now licking his crotch completely clean didn't help matters any.

Suzanne thought to herself, That's odd. I really enjoyed the chain outfit. Really, really enjoyed it. Yet I've always been a dom. Just the other day I got off on spanking Katherine, so it's not like things have changed recently, have they? But maybe I can go both ways, dom and sub. I think maybe I just like sex in all its forms: any and every way to do it.

But I am NOT going to get all "I'm your submissive little fuck toy, Sweetie; I'll do your every whim like a mindless slut," the way Angel does with him. Not to mention what Susan says. That's just not dignified, and it's not necessary to have fun. I'm the one secretly directing things here, and I'm not going to run around calling someone else "Master," thank you very much!

Susan had gotten what she most wanted: a drink at Alan's fountain of cum. Furthermore, she sensed he was tired and wasn't going to get erect again soon. So, once she finished "cleaning" his cock and balls, she broke up the show. The show would have had to end soon anyway, as they'd modeled about fifteen outfits, new and old, and were beginning to run out of new things to display.

Everyone had a good time, and Susan noted approvingly to herself that although some boundaries were pushed, things hadn't gotten completely out of hand. Alan, for instance, had managed to keep his fingers actually out of any vaginas except for a few furtive pokes with the last few outfits when Susan wasn't paying attention, even though she'd seen him petting many bushes.

They all agreed that they should have another show soon, as this one seemed to have ended too quickly. Everyone secretly hoped that the mini-dramas would be more physically interactive with Alan the next time around.

Katherine, Suzanne, and Susan ran off to Susan's bedroom to look at the rest of the clothes and toys that had been bought, especially the ones that Alan wasn't supposed to see yet. Amy wasn't interested, since she knew it would only frustrate her that none of the new clothes were hers.

The bathroom was also heavily used as each female found the opportunity to relieve herself and get herself off.

What disturbed Susan when it was her turn was that, for once, it wasn't just the thought of Alan that occupied her when she was masturbating. She also thought about all the naked female bodies she'd seen. She couldn't get them out of her mind. But she told herself it was doubtless a one-time thing brought on by the fashion show, and all the sexy outfits, and the even more sexy poses.


Alan and Amy were left alone in the living room.

By this time it was very late, but Amy wanted to wait for Suzanne so they could walk back home together. Amy was a bit disappointed that she didn't get to keep any of the outfits, and she tried to hide her sadness by suggesting that Alan play checkers with her.

They started to play, but his mind wasn't on the game. After seeing and feeling up four beautiful women, he was incredibly frustrated that he didn't actually get to end up fucking anybody.

Since Amy was sitting in front of him, with her big boobs nearly hanging out of her shirt as she leaned over the checkerboard on her elbows, he set his sights on her. In fact, she was such an inspiring sight that his penis unexpectedly fully engorged after only about ten minutes of checkers.

He'd noticed lately how simply taking his penis out of his shorts usually led to a good result, so he figured he'd try that again. "Sorry, Aims, but if you don't mind, can I take my dick out? I'm getting excited all over again from thinking about the show, and it's hurting being all cooped up in my shorts."

"Oh sure, Bo," she replied. "Do you need any help with it?"

"Actually, yeah." Too easy! he thought gleefully.

She clapped her hands. "Goody!" With one hand she took off her shirt, and with the other she took off her shorts. She wound up buck naked from head to toe, since she hadn't gotten into wearing high heels like Susan and Suzanne.

"I think it's time you start your cocksucking training. Would you like that? To be one of my regular cocksuckers?"

"M'kay! Totally! I thought you'd never ask." She added with pride, "I am one of your official personal cocksuckers already, you know." But then she got worried, and looked around carefully. "But... what about my mom's rule against that?"

"Yeah, that is a problem," he conceded. "But that's an out-of-date rule that's meant to be broken. I'm willing to risk it, if you are. I think, with all the stuff that's happened lately, if she sees us, she'll grudgingly concede that the rule has to go. Besides, we can just say that you started with a handjob and things kind of got carried away."

Amy showed no hesitation. "I'm totally game. I can't wait to get rid of that stupid rule!" She quickly knelt between his legs. She looked up at him with a twinkle in her eyes. "Check it out! I'm in the Susan position!"

He chuckled at that.

"So, Bo, now what? What do I do?" Despite all the sexual play she'd been involved in lately, she'd never actually sucked his cock before, except for a half a minute with him a few days earlier.

"Just hold it and rub it like you've done to it so well already," he suggested, while holding it himself.

"I know about all THAT, since I've done it to you a few times," she said impatiently. "I wanna get to the sucking and licking part! Everyone else is doing it, and I feel like I'm way behind."

"Okay, cool. Definitely put your mouth on it and suck it. It's good to run your tongue around it. Generally, just treat it like a lollipop. After a while, when the white stuff, the cum, starts coming out, you may want to try to drink it up. Otherwise, let it splash on your chest or stomach so it doesn't get on the carpet."

"M'kay! But let me just do some rubbing first, and then work up to the more complicated stuff." She began rubbing his hard-on. Of all the women pleasing Alan, she was the least experienced by far, and it showed. But she still had a lot of infectious enthusiasm.

"Feels great!" He was genuinely surprised how well she was doing. He would have told her to focus on his sweet spot, but she was doing that already. The pleasure was intense.

She was silent for several minutes, as she just stared intently at his cock and her fingers. It looked like she'd learned some techniques somewhere and she was trying hard to remember everything. She was trying out different moves and carefully gauging his reactions.

When she finally spoke again, she exclaimed, "This is great!" Her sliding fingers were soaked with pre-cum. "You know, I think... I think I'm getting all tingly myself! And nobody is touching me, even."

"Yeah, you're getting good at stroking it," he said encouragingly. He lovingly caressed her hair.

She looked around with worry. "What about my Mom? She's right upstairs. I'm worried she'll walk in on us when I'm sucking on you. It kind of makes things extra exciting, but I'm scared too!"

"Hmmm. Yeah, I don't know about trouble, per se, but we might want to kind of speed things up here," he noted.

"M'kay! I'm ready to try with my mouth! Bo, are you ready for me?"

"Definitely, my beautiful Aims. Go for it!"

Amy sucking on the end of Alan's cock

Amy abruptly stopped stroking and put her mouth around his erection instead. While it was true she'd done this with him once before, she was twice as excited this time, since she would be allowed more than just a brief taste.

After fitting the whole of his cockhead in her mouth, she quickly pulled it back out and exclaimed, "Gosh! It's so big! It's like, I can hardly fit it in there!"

Alan said quietly, "You might want to keep it down 'cos of your mom. But don't worry about the size. I'm told that's not a big problem after you get used to it."

"M'kay. You mean, you want me to do this to you a lot?"

"Oh, definitely! I'd love that."

"Cool beans! I'll try again. Here goes..." She opened her mouth as wide as it could go, but then she stopped. "Wait. Bo, if I'm gonna be doing this to you a lot, like the others are, and I'm gonna be an official helper and everything, then I want you to give me lots of tips on how I can get better, m'kay? Totally tell me what you like and what you don't. I wanna get super duper good at it, as good as my mom, even!"

He nodded. He was getting pretty excited, and didn't want to encourage more talk.

He watched as she crammed all of his thick knob in between her wide-open lips again. At first she looked distressed, like she'd been forced to fit a baseball in her mouth. But she quickly started getting the hang of it.

He thought, Sweetness! I'm such a lucky fuck! According to Mom, I've got three "official personal cocksuckers," and now Aims is gonna be my fourth, in name and in deed! She must have gotten some tips on how to do this too, because she's already doing a good job!

She sucked him for two or three minutes non-stop before pulling off. She wiped saliva off her chin and beamed at him. "How's that?"

"GREAT! Truly! More importantly, how are YOU liking it?"

"It's fun! It's kinda weird, but I dig it. Let me try some more!" She immediately engulfed him again.

He talked her through the experience, giving encouragement and suggestions. For instance, he said, "You seem like a natural. Your bobbing is great, and I love how you're always doing something to my most sensitive spot. But don't try to take it so deep. Even your mom spends over 90 percent of the time with her tongue around or just below my cockhead. If you want to do something to the rest, just stroke it."

She started stroking as she kept on bobbing. She looked up at him questioningly.

He grunted erotically in approval. "Like that! Perfect!"

Pleased, she closed her eyes again and concentrated intensely on bobbing, licking, and stroking, usually all at once.

Alan was used to such a high standard of oral skill that he didn't realize how odd it was that she was ably doing all three things at once, pretty much from the very start. He'd come to think of that triple combo as a "typical" blowjob, but it wasn't. He had no idea how far above the norm Glory, Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine in particular were with their cocksucking talents.

He loved watching Amy's whole head slide back and forth, causing many inches of his erection to disappear and reappear.

This rocks! he thought. This has been a long time coming. But I've got a feeling that this is just the start of a really great thing with Aims. It's true that we don't have a lot of the same interests, but she's just so lovable. I kinda feel bad, like I'm corrupting an innocent, but with her sexy body she's gonna get corrupted soon enough. It's better to keep her "in the family," where she belongs. Besides, she's so great. Maybe it's just the awesome blowjob making me feel this way, but I think I love her, and not just as my de facto cousin!

Jesus! She's really getting into this, too! That feels soooo good!

"Bo," she said, taking a short break after a few more minutes elapsed, "I'm getting even more tingly, and all leaky!" She squealed quite loudly, bringing a hand to her pussy. "Oh! Oh my God! Oh!"

"You're having orgasms, Aims. Don't you know that? Does it feel good?" He was impressed that she was climaxing just from giving him a blowjob.

"Woooooowww. Gosh, that was good! I totally know that tingly feeling, and in fact I had a nice special tingle during the fashion show, but I didn't know it would hit me now!" She giggled. "Let's make that happen some more."

She rubbed her pussy lips. "Can you touch me up my special hole, like you did earlier with your thumb?"

"I'd love to, but it's kind of risky. Think how your mom would freak. Even my mom might get mad if she walked in. Ironically, blowjobs are okay for her, but she's strict about her 'no pussy touching' rule, like she was during the fashion show."

"M'kay. Bummer. Let me do some more of this then." She opened her mouth wide and leaned her head forward.

He was truly concerned about Suzanne getting angry if she caught them doing this. But he didn't want to only take without giving, so he suggested, "Hey, what if I play with your ass crack and your asshole? I was doing that to you during the fashion show, and you seemed to like it."

She giggled, a lot. "I did! M'kay! I'd totally love it if you do that some more. And play with my boobies too! And everywhere else!" She giggled some more at that.

He immediately got more adventurous in running his hands all over her. But he focused on her ass for the most part, even toying with her anus.

She contemplated his thick cock from very close up, trying to psych herself up to cram it into her mouth again. "Does this feel good?" She blew air right onto his sweet spot.

He groaned, and squirmed in his seat in response. "Really good!"

She giggled. "Cool beans! It's so neat to get you to react like that." She blew air on his shaft some more, keeping him squirming. Then she commented, "Boy, your thingy is too darn big. I can barely put it in my mouth, and my face has to get all stretchy. But I love it."

She went back to just lightly licking his cockhead for a minute, because she wanted to talk to him some more. "Am I doing okay enough?"

He chuckled. "You're doing great! I'm not just saying that either. The only reason I'm laughing is because the answer is so obvious to me. I love this!"

Her face lit up with a 1000-watt smile, even as she kept licking. "Really? So, can I be one of your personal cocksuckers, like, all the time?"

He nodded. "Of course! I thought we already agreed to that?"

"I know! But that was more in theory. Now, it's really happening!" Somehow her smile grew even larger. "I promise to try my best, my super duper best! All the time! And you know you're the only guy I care about, so I wouldn't even think about touching another guy's thingy. I know that's part of the rules."

"What rules."

"The 'official personal cocksucker rules,' silly! Kat explained it all to me, so don't worry."

He wondered what those rules were. He certainly had never heard about it. But he decided not to ask, for fear that knowing too much would ruin some of the magic and mystery of what they were doing to him.

She lapped intently against his sweet spot, driving him wild with desire. "And I promise I'll suck it, like, a way super duper lot, if you want, but I won't be a cock hog. I'm totally into sharing! I promise that-"

He cut her off, laughing again. "Aims, stop! You don't need to convince me! Like I said, it's a done deal. Besides, you're acting like I'm doing you a big favor letting you do this, but it's the other way around. I'm honored and delighted - really delighted."

She sat up eagerly, just holding and stroking his dick, so she could look him in the eye. "Really? Cool beans! So I get to be one of your personal cocksuckers? For real?"

He nodded emphatically. Man, everything is backwards. It's like she thinks that's an honor. I should be thanking her a thousand times over!

"Woo-hoo! Super double duper awesomemegatasticilicious!" She opened her mouth wide and swallowed her way down to his sweet spot. Then she started bobbing frantically all over it.

He laughed some more, totally loving life. "Aims, that's good, but too good! Ugh! Lighten up, or I'll cum too soon and then you'll have to stop."

She changed her pace immediately. Over the next few minutes she did some unusual things with her tongue, experimenting more with what worked and what didn't.

At one point, Alan suggested, "Try more suction. Don't worry; I can handle it."

She immediately complied, creating a tight seal and sucking and bobbing intently. That practically made his eyes roll back in his head, it felt so fantastic. Her eagerness to please was remarkable.

Another minute later, he cried out, "NO teeth! Not the teeth!" She'd been experimenting with gentle teeth scraping against his skin, but had gotten too aggressive with it. Nevertheless, some of her experimental ways felt quite good and unique.

He was increasingly convinced that she must have gotten training. She was trying out advanced techniques on her very first time. He was fairly sure that one of the others had taught her, probably Katherine, but he didn't ask about it. By this time he was panting hard and he wasn't exactly in a talking mood.

He was getting near a climax and Amy's naked body was writhing around. He wanted her to enjoy a nice orgasm too, but with the way she was kneeling between his legs, there wasn't much he could do to help with that. So, even though he was too winded to talk much, he managed to tell her to touch herself down below.

She did, mostly diddling her clit. Before long, she was just as ready to explode as he was.

But just as they spiraled up to mutual erotic peak, Suzanne came walking down the stairs. She was heading back home from being in Katherine's room. She was alone because Katherine was too busy with her new dildo toys to see Suzanne out. She was naked because she was planning on wearing some clothes from the underwear cabinet back home - she kept a lot of "normal" clothes in there suitable for wearing outside.

She was shocked at what she saw, but not that surprised. In truth, on some level she'd been expecting something like this to happen sooner or later, despite her specifically prohibiting it. Amy was obviously getting more and more involved in all the sexual hijinks around Alan, and Suzanne's attempts to stop it had been surprisingly halfhearted and ineffectual.

But even though she'd been expecting it soon, it was still shocking and disappointing for her to actually see her daughter sucking Alan's cock. Realizing it could happen in theory was one thing, but to watch it with one's own eyes was another altogether. Besides, it meant more competition for Alan's attention and cum, without even providing an extra pleasure partner for herself, since she wanted to stay away from her own daughter and actual incest. She could never forget that, unlike the adopted Alan and Katherine, Amy was her real genetic offspring.

She also was frustrated that Amy had obviously disobeyed her, deliberately breaking the stricture she had specifically and clearly placed on Amy forbidding her from sucking Alan's cock. Even though she knew that rule had been likely short-lived, particularly given sexual events like the fashion show, Amy's unusual direct disobedience still felt painful to her.

Suzanne suppressed the urge to barge into the room and yell. She remained at the top of the stairs, just watching, until she had calmed down some. She quietly sighed. Fuck! My Honey Pie is growing up. I just have to grin and bear it. She's part of this family, and we're all sex friends now. How could I expect she wouldn't become one of his cocksuckers? If not today or tomorrow, it would happen within days, no matter what. But still, it seems like just yesterday when she had her first period. Ugh. I have to remember that she's not a kid anymore!

She clomped down the stairs loudly to make sure the others heard.

Alan noticed, and urgently tapped Amy's head. He quietly hissed, "Aims! Your mom!" He was seized with fear, because he didn't know how Suzanne would react.

"Come on, Amy dear. Time to go home," Suzanne said as calmly as she could manage. "It's past eleven and past your bedtime." She wanted to scold Amy and punish her, but she figured she could hardly do so given the wide variety of sexual things she herself had already repeatedly done with Alan in Amy's presence.

Amy didn't seem that alarmed. She briefly pulled her mouth off Alan's cock, then replaced it with busy hands because she sensed he was just seconds from cumming. "You're not upset?!"

Suzanne sighed. "I am, but... well... I suppose this was bound to happen sooner or later."

"COOL!" Amy resumed licking around Alan's sweet spot.

Suzanne said impatiently, "Come on. Let's go."

Amy continued to lick as she said, "Oh, Mom, can't I just finish him off here?"

Alan decided to make the argument moot. He'd been holding back by sheer willpower, so he just gave in. "Too late! I'm starting to cum! Hi Aunt Suzy! Quick, Aims, your mouth!"

Amy locked her mouth around Alan's thickness yet again. He began spasming into it, but she was completely unprepared for the experience. She had gotten secret training to help with her technique, but there was no way to prepare for this part except to experience it.

She seemed to be choking, so she quickly pulled her lips off and tilted her head back. With her eyes closed, she held on to his boner but just let the cum fly wherever it would. Nearly all of it ended up on her face, while some hit her neck down to her heavy tits.

"Oh no!" she exclaimed in frustration when it was all done. Seeming to forget about Suzanne's presence altogether, she apologized to Alan, "I'm so sorry! I totally wasn't expecting all that. It just came out all of a sudden, so much. I wanted to swallow it all, but I couldn't keep up. That's hard!"

"It's okay, Aims. Don't worry about it." He caressed her neck and gave her a hug, though he was careful to do it in a way so that he wouldn't cover himself with his own cum. "You'll get better; I guarantee it. And you did a great job up until then. Did you enjoy it?"

She brightened suddenly. "Did I ever! Gosh! It was awesome! Can we do that again right now? I promise I'll do better this time! There's all kinds of stuff I was just starting to figure out."

Alan looked up at Suzanne as he said to Amy, "Thanks, but penises take some time to revive. I think you know that, don't you? And I think your mom is waiting for you."

Suzanne stood naked by the underwear cabinet near the front door, looking very cross and annoyed, not least for being almost completely ignored ever since she'd made her presence known. But she still kept her composure. She tried to look sympathetically at Amy, saying, "Come on, Honey Pie; it's time to go."

"You're so mean," Amy pouted.

"I'm not being mean, I just love you and am looking after you."

"Awww, Mom. Don't get all gushy." Amy was suddenly happy, and she smiled up at her mother.

But Suzanne grew annoyed again. "Would you rather I get upset? I'm mad at you, you know. I explicitly told you NOT to suck Alan's cock. I've reminded you of that several times, so I'm sure you didn't forget. You deliberately disobeyed me."

A naked Suzanne berating a naked Amy, who has cum dripping from her face

Amy instantly went from happy to sad. "I'm so sorry, Mom, but everyone else was doing it, and it seemed like so much fun. I just had to try it. And it is! Fun, I mean. It's soooo super cool!"

But she stifled her enthusiasm and continued in a chastised tone, "I'm, like, really, really, REALLY sorry. Super duper sorry."

Alan spoke up from where he sat. "Aunt Suzy, please. Don't get mad at her. I'm to blame. I talked her into doing it."

Suzanne sighed heavily, "I'm deliberately trying hard not to get mad at anybody because this was bound to happen. Amy's seen the rest of us doing it to you, and then leaving you two alone after something like the fashion show..."

He nodded. "Yeah. It's kind of like being upset at a ball for rolling downhill. Please don't be mad at her."

Suzanne again stroked Amy's hair consolingly. It seemed to be just about the only place she could touch her without getting her hand cummy. "That's all right. I understand. You have raging teenage hormones. I guess there's no stopping some things."

She hugged her daughter as a sign of not being really too upset, but in doing so she wasn't able to completely avoid Alan's cum. A few strands of his semen connected her and Amy like cobweb strands hanging between them, before breaking and falling back against their skin.

Amy changed moods again, brightening somewhat. "You mean that? You're not going to punish me? You'll let me do that again?"

Her mother grudgingly nodded, sighing. "I can't keep fighting the inevitable. You just continue to grow up."

Amy bounced excitedly on her toes. "What about your rule?!"

"I think you just killed it." However, Suzanne wagged a finger at her, "But no actual sex for you though! I don't want him to even touch your pussy!"


Amy was so excited to hear those words that she gave her mother a big bear hug, yelling "YEAH!"

That would have been relatively innocuous, except for all of the cum on Amy's chest.

Suzanne couldn't help herself - she "readjusted her position" several times, which meant she slid her big tits against Amy's, further smearing the cum between them.

Alan had been watching the interaction closely. After all, how could he not be interested in two beautiful, naked women who were rubbing their big racks together and spreading his cum all over each other? He stood up and walked closer to them so he could have an even better look. He tucked his flaccid penis away as he did so, then zipped up his fly.

He found that the spectacle was becoming even more entertaining, because Amy was so excited that she kissed Suzanne on the face as well. True, it was a series of pecks across her face, not a lip-to-lip kiss, but her facial cheeks kept rubbing against her mother's, smearing his cum between their faces.

Suzanne shivered, repeatedly. She was trying very hard not to get aroused, but she'd developed a Pavlovian reaction to the mere smell of Alan's cum. And feeling it smearing onto her skin was even more of a thrill. Plus, Amy's naked body was soft and tempting.

Amy turned to Alan while still hugging Suzanne tightly. "Hey Bo? Do you mind if I try that some more tomorrow?"

"Do I mind? Of course not, Aims! It's my great pleasure if you want to suck it any time."

"Oh goody!" She bounced up and down on her feet, causing her tits to slide even more against Suzanne's. "I promise I'll be better next time. Tomorrow! Definitely! Can I really suck it some more tomorrow?!"

Alan nodded, smiling at her happiness.

Suzanne winced and clenched her teeth. She was attempting to simply hug her daughter, but all the cum-slicked bouncing and tit-mashing was filling her with a strong desire to kiss and fondle.

"COOL! That's so awesome!" Amy bounced up and down even more vigorously while still hugging her mother. That set off a massive tit-quake between them, as their cummy boobs bounced around while they remained more or less pressed together.

Suzanne began to reach for her clothes in the underwear cabinet. The cabinet was almost within reach, but Amy was so excited and happy that she wouldn't let go of her.

Then it occurred to Suzanne that even if she was freed to dress, she and Amy couldn't exactly return home with Amy's face and chest dripping with Alan's cum, not to mention her own increasingly cummy condition. She had a strong desire to lick the cum right off her daughter's face, and she stuck her tongue out. But she stopped before she started when the incestuous implications hit her.

She turned to Alan and complained, "Look at us!" She pulled slightly back, exposing how both full racks were smeared all over. She wiped a finger across her cummy left cheek, drawing attention to the condition of her face as well. "Why did you have to give her such a big load? Jesus H. Christ! And after a full day of sexual fun, no doubt. Amy, what are we going to do with all this cum?"

"I guess I'll go wash my face," Amy replied. She finally broke the hug as she started for the bathroom.

But Suzanne's pussy was throbbing, and in fact her entire body was on fire with arousal. That affected her thinking when she countered, "If you do that, we'll never hear the end of it from Susan. One important thing you have to realize, Honey Pie, is that Alan can only produce a certain amount of cum per day. So you don't want to waste a drop if you can help it. Why don't you lick up and eat what remains here. That's your reward for giving him an orgasm. Here. Let me show you."

Suzanne encouragingly ate some streaks of cum that had ended up on her skin after hugging her daughter.

She did it with such enthusiasm that Amy eagerly followed suit with the much more copious amounts dripping all over herself. "Yummy! Mmmm. Mom, why is Alan's cum so delicious?"

Suzanne explained as she scooped more cum into her mouth, "It's his diet: lots of sweet fruit, and not much that's bitter."

Amy's tits were still pressed against her mother's, with their nipples sometimes touching. She had a hand on Suzanne's ass helping to keep them together. She swiped up some cum from Suzanne's chin and ate it. "Mmmm! Mom, I'll bet he tastes even better when you've sucked and sucked for a super long time and he finally blows right into your mouth! Is that true?"

"It is. People value things more when they have to work hard for it. That's human nature." She paused to swipe a cum gob from Amy's nose. It was a lot easier to get cum off of Amy's face than her own, since she could see where the cum was on Amy so clearly. "Sweetie has really great stamina; that's undeniable. Did you see how long Susan stroked him during the fashion show before he finally came?"

Suzanne Amy

"Mmmm hmmm." Amy was eating more cum off Suzanne's face while their cummy tits continued to slide against each other. "That was cool. I don't know much about sex, but even I can tell that's, like, really unusual."

"It is," Suzanne said, goggling down more cum. "Sucking his cock is almost like a prolonged ordeal. Your jaw will hurt. Your tongue will hurt. You'll run out of energy and despair that he's never gonna cum. But if you keep at it, when he does, it feels like the greatest victory!" She stuck a cummy finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. "Then, like you said, when that cum blasts in your throat, or on your skin, it tastes even MORE delicious! It's easy to get addicted."

Amy swiped more cum from Suzanne's cheeks. "Mmmm. I think I'm addicted already!" She giggled.

Then, after a pause, Amy added shyly, "Mom, Alan's kind of agreed that I can be one of his personal cocksuckers. Can I?! Is that okay with you?!"

Suzanne sighed heavily. Hearing that disturbed her, but she was so aroused that it dulled how upset she felt. After a long pause, she said, "I'm not thrilled about it. But I suppose it's pointless to fight it, especially since I qualify as one of his helpers too."

"YEAY!" Amy gave her mother another big hug, and then a closed-mouth kiss on her lips. When that was over, she looked to Alan and said, "Did you hear that?! It's really truly official now, and everything!"

Alan chuckled and nodded. He didn't want to say anything, because he was trying to stay modest.

Suzanne and Amy had been furtively enjoying all their "accidental" tit rubbing. But it wasn't long until all the large cum deposits were cleaned from their faces. They pulled farther apart and started cleaning up the cum from their own tits instead.

Alan was having a great time watching all this, even though his penis was too wiped out from all the recent activity to have any possibility of a quick revival.

Suzanne was in big-time denial, pretending there wasn't anything sexual going on with her daughter. She couldn't completely ignore how very aroused her body was, but she told herself that was entirely due to eating Alan's cum.

Eventually, the cum on their tits was all eaten up too. There was still plenty of cum on both of their faces and chests, but it was smeared into the skin too much to easily consume. Licking might have helped, but Suzanne wasn't so far gone to let herself lick Amy's tits, or allow Amy to lick her own.

Amy complained, "Bummer. I think the cum is all gone."

Suzanne pointed out, "True. But there's almost always more where that came from." Her irritation with Amy was mostly forgotten due to lust, and she smiled as she pointed in the general direction of Alan's crotch.

Amy smiled too. "I totally get it now! I was kind of wondering what the big deal was, but I'm totally ready for some more sperm dessert."

Suzanne chuckled at that. "Welcome to the club."

"Thanks!" Amy gave Suzanne another hug, which resulted in still more tit rubbing.

The two sexy ladies finally broke apart.

Alan found it interesting that he had gotten fully dressed while Suzanne and Amy were still completely naked. He liked that a lot. But then Amy and Suzanne started to dress. Amy just put on the clothes she'd been wearing originally, while Suzanne went to the underwear cabinet.

As Suzanne bent over to get some clothes out of a lower drawer, Alan couldn't resist. He stepped closer to her and ran a hand over her bare ass cheeks.

Suzanne sighed quietly, as if she were really put out by that, but she didn't pull away from his hand. In fact, she spread her legs some more, pretending that she was having trouble finding what she was looking for.

Taking advantage of her wider stance, he ran his fingers between her ass cheeks and down to her pussy lips. They were moist and getting a lot wetter by the second.

Shivers of delight ran up and down her spine. But she quietly muttered, "Please! Not in front of Amy!"

He looked over at Amy. She'd stopped dressing and was staring intently at his fondling.

He reluctantly removed his hand. But then he "helped" Suzanne dress, which mostly involved fondling her body a whole lot more. Then he French kissed her for a while.

Amy watched all that intently too.

Suzanne kissed back eagerly, but between kisses she whispered, "You're so bad! Don't you ever get enough? You're a naughty boy even when you're totally flaccid."

He whispered back, "What can I say? You inspire me."

Amy had been feeling left out, but then he took his turn kissing her. In fact, they necked so passionately it was a close thing that she kept her clothes on.

When he finally let her go, she let out a heavy, pouty sigh. "Bummer! I'm soooo not done with you, buster!" She wiggled a finger at him playfully. "Tomorrow I'm gonna suck your cock for hours and hours and hours! And that's just for starters."

She turned to her mother. "Hey Mom! I'm one of his official personal cocksuckers now, and you are too! Isn't that the coolest?!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes and quietly muttered just to herself, "Oh, great. Thanks for reminding me." She thought, So much for the days when it was just me, and then me and Angel. Pretty soon we're going to have to take turns and get in line.

Amy was too busy smiling back at Alan to pay attention to her mother's sad demeanor. She gave her mother another bear hug. "Thanks, Mom, for being so cool and understanding and everything. You're the best mom ever!"

Suzanne felt conflicted, though she was happy to see her daughter so joyful.

"Thanks a lot, Aims," Alan said as the two women went to the front door to leave. He playfully added, "Aunt Suzy, your daughter is a natural cocksucker!"

Suzanne turned back and gave Alan the middle finger, partly in jest and partly in sincere frustration at seeing her daughter introduced to such sexual behavior. She really did still see Amy as "her baby" much of the time. "Kiddo, you really know how to push your luck - you know that?"

Alan didn't know how to respond to the finger. He knew that, more than anyone else, he was to blame for "corrupting" Amy, but he didn't feel particularly bad about it.

He simply shrugged and waved goodbye as the two of them opened the door and walked away.


Alan went back to his bedroom and undressed. He was ready to go to sleep. That was climax number six. No need to pleasure myself tonight, since I reached my daily target. Boy, what a way to get there too! So much help in one day, and I didn't even need to touch myself. In fact, with the way things are going, I may never need to masturbate again! And things were nicely paced all throughout the day too.

Fuck, what a fashion show that was! It seems like half the day, someone was doing something great to my dick. Yet it's still in one piece, it's not too sore, and I even got some homework done with Aims. Even though Sis and I didn't get to go to Kim's house today, what happened at home more than made up for it! Mom is just totally breaking down lately and letting herself go. Good-bye boundaries, hopefully! Good riddance!

He lay back on his bed but left the light on, since he was too excited to go to sleep right away. And Aims - today was like her coming out and full initiation into the cocksucking club. This whole "personal cocksucker" thing is kind of bizarre, and I don't know what to say when they mention that, but I sure am reaping the benefits!

Hopefully, Aims can help to open things up around the house even more. I know Mom and Aunt Suzy in particular have been holding back whenever she was around. I hope that before long they won't be doing that anymore. Seeing Aims and Aunt Suzy hug like that gives me hope.

Every day it all gets better and better. How good can it get? If every day could just be like today, or even yesterday for that matter, not to mention the day before... or the day before that!

He chuckled. It's okay if I haven't fucked Aunt Suzy or Mom yet. Yeah, it's frustrating, but how can I really complain about anything? I've died and gone to heaven already! Heck, every day is a total dream.

Susan and Katherine had gone to sleep already.

But, remarkably, the day still wasn't over for Alan.

A minute or so later, Suzanne knocked on his door. She'd returned after making sure that Amy had gone to bed at a reasonable time, since she had school the next day. "Sweetie?"

Alan had been hoping Susan might pay him a visit, but Suzanne's voice was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. He got up, walked to the door, and let her in. He was naked, but he didn't bother to cover his privates.

The sultry redhead immediately took off a loose, conservative dress that he'd often seen her wear to cover up when walking between their houses. That revealed her real outfit: a see-through top and extremely low-cut, cut-off jean shorts. Her feet were bare, since that went with her country girl look.

He stood back and whistled in appreciation.

She carefully closed the door behind her and stepped further into the room. "Sweetie, I know you must be tired, but I'm hoping you still have some life in you. I was going to go to bed, but I realized I'd be haunted by all that cum on Amy's face and wouldn't be able to get to sleep unless I got some of my own. Not only that, but tomorrow is Tuesday, and we know a certain cock hog will demand you for herself all day. You can't have me go without getting your cum for two whole days!" She made an exaggerated pout.

He sat down on the edge of his bed, feeling bummed. "Aunt Suzy, I just can't do it. For one thing, Mom still hasn't given me my goodnight kiss. I expect her here any minute."

"That's another reason I came back. Your Mom is asleep for the evening. She was so exhausted that Katherine and I literally had to drag her to bed. This was right before I came downstairs and found Amy slurping between your legs. All this sexual activity is very tiring, you know, and she's not used to all the wine. So I figured if she can't tuck you in, I'd better do it."

Her eyes widened with mock alarm. "We can't have you go to sleep not tucked in!" She put her hands on her cheeks to express her concern while holding her mouth in an open "O" shape.

He grinned at that, but said, "I don't know, Mom. Er, I mean, Aunt Suzy. I wish we could, but I've done it six times already today. It really wouldn't make sense for me to do it any more." He thought it was curious that he was confusing the two mothers with each other.

Suzanne noted it too. It was something he'd only started doing lately. She saw it as a very good sign, since she knew just how much he loved and lusted after his own mother. Somehow, it made her horny as hell. (Not that she wasn't hot and bothered already!)

Suzanne in a see-through top and extremely low cut, cut-off jean shorts

She slipped into her extra sultry mode and grinned knowingly. "Oh, that's okay, Son. You know, these stupid shorts." She caught the waistband of her shorts with her thumbs and began slowly pulling them down. "They must be too big on me, 'cos they keep falling off my hips all the time!"

She kept pulling until her bush came into view, and still they kept sliding further down.

Alan's worry that he wouldn't be able to get erect again flew right out the window. Yet, he wasn't too surprised, even after cumming six times over the course of the day.

In fact, it had pretty much come to the point that just looking at Suzanne or any of the other three women at home would almost automatically make him hard, no matter what they were wearing (unless his penis was already in a hopeless state). He'd seen them all naked so much lately that he could literally undress them mentally. He knew their every mole and every blemish, which wasn't difficult since all four of them had such flawless skin.

Suzanne kept sliding her shorts slowly down until they were around her knees. Then she leaned forward, with the very pleasant side effect of her top hanging forward and loose.

He finally replied, jokingly, "Aunt Suzy, you need some new shorts. You're right; those are far too big on you."

She ignored his comment. "Sweetie, the fashion show was great, but it left me soooo horny! You don't expect me to put on such a great performance without a little reward, do you? Just one teeny weeny blowjob?"

Suzanne had actually hoped to have some actual intercourse. After her role as Elle at the party and then their almost fuck at the nude beach, she was ready to have her first "official" fuck with the man she loved. But given his current tired condition, she decided she'd better content herself with just a blowjob.

One thing she'd learned from the Elle incident was that it was no good forcing intercourse in a less than ideal situation. It was a bit of a miracle he was able to get hard at all, and his willpower was so worn down that he probably wouldn't be able to hold out for very long. Plus, with Susan and Katherine asleep nearby, they wouldn't be able to make much noise.

He remained reluctant despite his erection, made obvious because of his nudity. Man! How can I turn down the sex goddess Suzanne, especially when she looks like that?! But I'd be asking for trouble by cumming too many times in one day. I might even damage my dick before long if I keep on pushing my luck in situations like this. And what the heck is the deal with her acting like a blowjob is a reward for herself? Amy was going on about that too. That's so not normal!

He said, "I'd really love to, but I really, really can't. I mean, six times today! That's such an absurd number for most people."

"You're not most people. I know six is your daily target, but I'll bet it has become slightly below average for you. I don't think you realize the total sexual stud you've turned into. I think you can handle one more time. And I'll bet Daisy would agree with me."

As Suzanne said this last sentence, she slid her shorts up and down a couple inches around her knees, as if she normally wore them way down there. She changed her voice and assumed her Daisy Duke southern accent. "I only hope you can do it again, 'cos I's got a powerful fixin' for a good cocksuckin'. Mammy says I's been a-suckin' and a-fuckin' my pappy's cock far too many times a day lately, and that I gotta help my brothers out more often. You needin' any help there, Bro?"

She had deliberately used Katherine's term for him, hoping the allusion to incest would make him hard. (She'd also called him "Son" a minute ago, but she decided that "Daisy" was too young to be a mother.) She let her shorts drop all the way to the floor. Then she shifted her weight from one leg to another in an exaggerated manner, keeping his eyes glued to her crotch.

"Oh no!" he groaned. "You're evil! Pure evil, Daisy Duke! How can any sane guy possibly ever resist you? You're so impossibly beautiful. Come on over here, Daisy; your brother needs your body in a big way."

"Yee-haw!" Suzanne yelled. She pulled her thin top over her head, and tossed it aside. Then she leapt onto his bed.

He was taken by surprise at first, but he quickly buried his face between her huge tits. She grabbed his dick and pumped it with her hand. "Daisy's never met a cock she'd didn't love to suck, but yours is my favorite, Jim Bob, 'ceptin' daddy's of course. Oh, by the by, mammy said I's gotta remind you you'd best be doin' your chores or she's gonna tan your hide with one of them erotic spankin's. If you do do them, you get to be spankin' her, so I 'spose it's a spankin' either way."

He laughed. "Chores? You mean I gotta feed the goats and milk the cows?"

"No, I mean your fuckin' chores. Don't tell me you plumb forgot. Have you been drinkin' too much moonshine? I's touched you like me best, but you gotta feed all your other sisters your big fat cock too. Fill 'em up till their holes and mouths are overflowin' with seed, just like you do every day. Then you've gotta milk your mammy's big, creamy tits. Bless her heart, if she don't get her milkin' and fuckin' every three hours, her nips hurt somethin' terrible with leakin' milk. Downright criminal not to fuck her regular, it is. Ain't you rememberin' nuthin'? Ain't you gonna help out your milky mommy Susan with a good ol' daily fuck n' suck?"

"Susan?! Oh God!" He groaned as he succumbed to Suzanne's titillation and pleasuring.


"Daisy" decided that was enough talking. She engulfed his cockhead and started bobbing.

Suzanne didn't really care whether her husband Eric was concerned about where she was and when she might come home. They hardly ever spoke anymore, anyway. She knew that it wasn't really fair to have Alan perform again, but she couldn't help herself. She had her pride, but in fact she wasn't that different from what Susan had become. Suzanne had to guzzle Alan's addictive cum down her throat at least once a day or it was a total loss from her point of view. Nothing else mattered as much.

Suzanne with mouth open at the tip of Alan's cock, with one hand lightly touching it near the root

Alan stayed hard seemingly forever. Ten minutes passed, and then another ten. For most of that time, Suzanne ended up kneeling on the floor while he sat on the edge of the bed. That was most convenient, because she switched between cocksucking and titfucking when one or the other got too tiring for her. Oftentimes, thanks in large part to her extraordinarily long tongue, she managed to do both at once.

She thought back to what she'd told Amy downstairs. I told my Honey Pie that pleasuring this cock takes a lot of hard work. Ain't that the truth! I've been at this for nearly half an hour and he STILL hasn't cum yet! But it's like I told her: the harder the struggle, the sweeter the reward!

As she bobbed with tight suction, she thought, I can't believe my innocent Amy had her lips stretched around this fat pole a little while ago. From now on, choking and slobbering on this monster is going to be a big part of her life! She's gonna learn to love it, I'm sure! She'll come to adore tickling his sweet spot with the tip of her tongue while her mouth is completely jam packed with cock, just like mine is right now! Aaaah! So good! And he'll fuck her tits, her cunt, and probably even her ass eventually. She may never know another man!

That excited Suzanne tremendously, and she fingerfucked herself for a while, until she had a nice little climax.

Indeed, Amy remained on Suzanne's mind. She had mixed feelings about her daughter becoming one of Alan's personal cocksuckers. But Suzanne considered herself the most talented and experienced at that. She thought that she'd give him a "mellow" blowjob, since he was tired and worn out. But in actual practice, she went through all of her moves to prove to herself that she would still be his number one, despite Amy helping now too.

It's true that Alan was running on fumes. Before long, he closed his eyes, and eventually he laid back on the bed because it was too much trouble to sit up. He certainly didn't have the energy for lots of PC muscle squeezing. But his penis had become so accustomed to enduring great amounts of stimulation that he didn't cum anyway.

There wasn't much talking. But at one point, she suddenly stopped, sat up straight, and looked into his face. Using her normal voice, she asked, "So, the idea of me being your sex slave really turns you on, does it?" She licked around his piss hole while waiting for an answer.

"No!" he protested. "You know that can't be. That's not right. I love independent, emancipated, intellectual women, not mindless slaves."

She continued to slurp up his pre-cum, repeatedly making an X pattern over his sweet spot. After a pause, she said, "That's your answer? Sweetie, if you're not completely honest, I'm going to stop doing what I'm doing." It was a bluff; she didn't even have the discipline to pause in her licking while making the threat.

But he believed her enough to confess, "Okay. Okay, you got me. I'll admit it excites me a bit. But Holy Christ - who wouldn't be aroused by that, plus the way you looked when you just stood there and climaxed? And what Mom was doing to me and everything. Good grief! I'm only human!"

"Mmmm," she said contentedly. "Honesty gets rewarded!" She took his cockhead back into her mouth and bobbed on it some more.

After another minute or two, she popped it out long enough to ask, "Would it turn you on if we all called you 'Master?'" She was thinking back to her discussion with Katherine on the ride back from the sex shop earlier that evening.

He cried "NO!" far too loudly. But his cock twitched in her hands, and he couldn't hold back. She found it interesting that the word "master" obviously turned him on so much, and was helping to trigger another climax. But she didn't have time to contemplate or comment on it. She lurched forward, and her lips locked around his thick knob just as he began to shoot his cum out.

She kept on sucking and sucking, helping to prolong his orgasm. She proudly thought, Take THAT! I'm sure Amy will learn to be a very talented cocksucker. She's my daughter, after all. But I highly doubt she'll be able to do all the things to you that my tongue and lips can!

But she was in for a disappointment. In comparison to his usual gushers, he didn't cum much, and at the end he ran dry, with nothing coming out at all even though his cock continued to twitch for a while, like it was a gun shooting blanks.

He was disturbed. "Oh shit, What's happening? Where's the cum?"

Suzanne continued to suck him until he went flaccid. She was able to savor a little on her tongue, and she loved his sweet taste, as always. But it wasn't the copious, creamy reward she'd been anticipating.

She finally gave up, and commented, "I've heard of this happening. It's nothing to worry about. In fact, I'm surprised it hasn't happened to you before, given how active you are. It's amazing that you have anything left at all after that load you left on my daughter's face. Don't worry; just drink lots of juice and get a good night's sleep and your body will make lots of cum for all of us to enjoy tomorrow. Actually, scratch that. Lots of cum for Susan to enjoy. I keep forgetting that tomorrow is a Tuesday and she's already been working to make the rest of us femmes scarce. Grrr."

He was so tired that he crawled up onto his bed and laid down. His privates remained a little messy, since she didn't see the need for extensive "cleaning" like Susan did.

Suzanne remained resting on her knees a little longer. She thought, So he gets off on the word "master." And earlier this evening we found out that "sex slave" is an orgasm trigger for him too. That's pretty kinky, but then again, most any guy his age probably would have similar fantasies. It's good to know, though, if I ever want him to cum in a hurry.

She got in bed next to him and cuddled up with her head on his chest. She said, "The thought of this whole Tuesday thing, you know, I must admit, it makes me a little jealous. Sometimes, I'm afraid you're more attracted to your mom than me. Aren't you?"

"Aunt Suzy, please! Don't make me make those kinds of comparisons; it's not fair. You know I love you very much. You're like a second mother to me."

"I know you love me. And you're right that it isn't fair. But I'd feel a whole lot better if you could just name three things that you like better about me than you do your mom."

"Well, I guess I can do that this time, but only if you promise never to have me compare you to Mom or anyone else again."

"Okay. So flatter me. And I'm talking about sex appeal, not cooking skills or something like that."

"Three things? Hmmm. That's tough, because both of you are so incredible, and your bodies are so similar. But your voice. I definitely love your voice. Your voice sounds the way you look. Soooo sexy. No wonder everyone compares you to Jessica Rabbit, because you sound so sultry. You could make a fortune as a phone sex operator."

Suzanne laughed, delighted. "I'll keep that in mind," she joked.

"But seriously. I don't even have to see you to get aroused. You've got this kind of slight raspiness, too, as if you've been up all night screaming and fucking, causing your voice to be a little sore."

"What an excellent idea!" she joked again. "Sneak into my bedroom a couple hours after midnight. Odds are good we won't wake up my husband; he's a sound sleeper, and he sleeps in the next room anyway. Just don't bounce on the bed too much. Let's see just how sore my voice can get."

Alan rolled his eyes and ignored her comment. "And your accent. Mom has this Midwestern, kind of normal-sounding accent. But you have this sophisticated accent, with almost a hint of a foreign accent."

"I suppose I still might have a bit of a French lilt..." Suzanne then played up a very heavy French accent. "You know that I lived in France with my husband a couple of years after college, mon amour. Even though we'd had the babies already, I hung out in Parisian cafes, smoking like a chimney, and acted like a character from some art nouveau film."

"I can imagine. Dark glasses and scarf, right?"

She laughed, because he was right. "Oui."

He reached out and combed his fingers deeply through her hair. "Then there's your hair. My mom's hair is great, don't get me wrong. Perfect like some shampoo commercial model, cascading all over the place. But I love how yours curls in unexpected directions. It's like, every time you look at it, you never know what you're gonna get. Even the color changes, depending on how much the light brings out its reddish tinge. Sometimes your hair is dark brown, sometimes you look like a redhead. I could look at it forever."

He began playing with her curls. "And, still on the hair, I love that one long zig-zag strand that hangs down. It draws the eye to your chest. You've had that ever since I can remember, but don't know if I ever got the story behind it? What IS the story there?"

"I don't think your eyes need much help finding my chest," she said playfully. "You mean this strand?" She pulled at her strand of teased hair that zigged and zagged several times before stopping above one of her nipples. "I've had that since college. There's no big story. I thought it would make me look more sophisticated. Now maybe it just makes me look older."

"No way! Please keep it. It's definitely you. I can't imagine you without it. And the third thing is your legs. Again, Mom has awesome legs - don't get me wrong. But you're so flexible with yours."

"I'm double-jointed."

He thought, Ah. Just like Aims. I guess it runs in the family. "Well, that explains things. You could seriously scratch your nose with your toes. And your muscle tone! Both you and Amy are so soft and pillowy, yet so muscular. When you're at rest, it's like you're a human marshmallow. But when you tense up, I can feel all the muscles in there, and it turns out you're not fat at all. It's like ... soft muscles. Is there such a thing?"

Suzanne laughed gleefully. She was pleased with all the compliments. Even as he was speaking, she flexed her legs in one direction and then another, to show just how flexible she was. "I don't know about fluffy muscles, but at least it looks like my daily exercising is paying off. I feel a lot better now. I was beginning to wonder if I'd created a monster in getting Susan to help you so much, but I think it's gonna be okay. So are those all my good points?"

"Not by a long shot. But I actually gave you more than three there. And I didn't even mention your extra long tongue, or get started on your great personality. Or what about the way you sashay? You're the definition of 'walking orgasm.' Or your emerald green eyes? Or even your feminine smell? I don't know what it is exactly, but I love your smell. And your extra fair skin. So many things!"

She smiled from ear to ear. "I'll give you an hour to stop."

He smiled too, while still caressing her hair. "How 'bout a little kiss as a reward?"

They kissed for many minutes. He made a point to grasp at her thighs, and she playfully flexed her muscles every now and then, since he'd talked about that. Both of them would have loved to go further, but his weariness was painfully obvious; he desperately needed to sleep.

Suzanne got a kick out of giving him a last kiss and tucking him in.

Once she left him, she thought, Tuesday means another day without a chance to finally fuck that lovely boy. God dammit, I never should have pulled that Halloween party stunt. However, that seems like a hazy dream compared to the better memory of him slipping his big cock into me yesterday at the beach. Now I've got this itch and I just gotta scratch it. Not smart. Not smart at all. Not prudent. But I've gotta have it! And when I want something, I always get it.

Alan also was busy with his thoughts while he laid there in the dark. That was such a great fantasy. Good ol' Daisy! I used to have fantasies like that, but I don't anymore. Huh. Now that I think about it, I used to be a complete daydreamer, but I hardly ever have any fantasies at all. I guess it's because real life is honestly much better than any fantasy. It's so much more solid and real. Now all I think about is reliving what happened earlier in the day and on previous days, and imagining what's gonna happen tomorrow. I mean, I came seven times today. That's a lot of times!

Shit. If Mom wakes up and comes in for a goodnight tuck-and-suck, I'm gonna have to cry uncle. Who needs fantasies to escape from reality when reality is this good?

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