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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
I Kissed a Girl
Day 58: Tuesday, November 12

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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When Alan awoke on Tuesday morning, his first thoughts went to wondering about his mother and her shifting moods. Yesterday was great! Especially last night. That fashion show was fuckin' fantastic! Who would believe me, that four total babes like that would take turns showing off in sexy outfits while Mom steadily jacked me off? And Aims! Sweet, sweet Aims. As she would put it, awesomtastariffic! He snickered happily.

But today! It sucks that I have to go back to school. But on the plus side, today's a friggin' Tuesday! I hope Mom still has her special thing about Tuesdays, 'cos I'm definitely much more psyched about this day of the week than ever before, thanks to her. Maybe that'll stop her from sliding back into one of her prudish moods. And what about my dick? Will it be able to handle today's stimulation? Or did I push it too far last night? Hmmm, I'm not getting a boner right now, despite so many arousing and very vivid memories. Not good.

However, he realized that he'd woken up before his alarm clock was due to go off, no doubt due to his anticipation of sexy morning fun. But even so, he was feeling tired and wanted to rest a little longer.

A few minutes later, Susan knocked on his door. After hearing him grunt out a "Come in," she poked her head in the door. "Tiiiiger! Good morning!"

Susan in a diaphanous plum-colored floor-length négligée, leaning forward

He opened his eyes and was rewarded with such an inspirational sight of his mother bending forward that his penis immediately engorged to full size.

Not messing with success, Susan was wearing a sexy nightie again. The only difference was that this recently-purchased nightie was even more revealing than the one she'd worn the previous morning. It actually covered her thoroughly from head to toe (if 'covered' was the correct word), except for her hands and feet, but that was fine with Alan because the fabric was almost completely transparent. The only fabric that actually visibly covered anything was a thin strip of extra fabric trim that went around her waist, and another strip that went straight down the middle of her front, covering its front closure.

Not surprisingly, she also wore high heels.

She let him get a good long look at her all-but-totally-nude body, and then said playfully, "Tiger, the way I look at it, you have two choices. You can stay in bed and catch some more Z's until your alarm rings, or you can come downstairs now and maybe we can have some special time together." She stayed leaning over for no reason at all other than to give him a great look at her dangling, slightly swinging melons.

Alan sat up suddenly in a very dramatic manner. Since he'd lately been sleeping in the nude, that put his newly-erect boner on display. With a big smile on his face, he sat on the edge of his bed and asked, "Does that answer your question?"

She stepped forward. "Oh my!" She licked her lips, and looked back to the door. It was clear that she was considering blowing him right then and there, but she was also mindful that Katherine's room was right across the hall. She took another step closer and said, "Do you realize that today is a Tuesday?"

"I'm well aware of it. I love Tuesdays."

She licked her lips again while staring so intently at his lightly swaying hard-on that it seemed she hadn't heard his reply. Then she apparently came to a decision because she suddenly rushed out of the room. As she closed the door behind her, she said, "See you downstairs!"

As he sat there, he thought, Man oh man! Mom gets me so fuckin' horny! That's like zero to sixty in two seconds. And to think I was worried I'd have trouble getting erect today. Phew! He hopped up and started putting on his clothes with a hurried purpose.

A minute later, he literally skipped and jogged his way downstairs, through the house, until he got to his mother, who was standing in the kitchen still wearing her high heels and long see-through nightie. Wow! She's lookin' so fuckin' good! I can't believe I've got a centerfold mom!

Susan stood in front of the sink, looking like she was busy washing the dishes. But the water wasn't turned on, because she was really just standing there waiting for her son. She gave no indication that she was aware he'd entered the room, but she was aware of little else.

He decided to do something he'd forgotten to do the morning before. He stealthily crept up behind her, lifted her nightie, and fondled her ass. By her rules, that was the only touching he was technically permitted, under the absurd fiction that it helped him "get her attention." He was pretty sure that rule would go by the wayside, as it usually did, once she got hot and bothered enough.

No words were said, but soon she was breathing heavily and moaning loudly with her usual "Mmmm!" noises. Neil Diamond's song "Forever in Blue Jeans" was playing on the stereo. Susan had long been a Neil Diamond fan, but in the past she'd rarely played music by him or anyone else. Alan was pleased that she was listening to music more often these days.

She was bent over the sink, so the movement of his hands pressed her up against it. His heart was pounding hard due to his excitement. He rubbed his hands over every inch of her bare ass, including playing with her anus, but although he came right up to it, he was careful to avoid touching her pussy. He thought that the region between her vagina and asshole was a boundary zone that he could slowly redefine over time.

Her nightie was proving to be a bit troublesome for him. It was much longer than the other ones she'd been wearing lately, and it kept falling down over her ass. Luckily, her ass was thrust out at a perfect ninety-degree angle, so once he hoist the nightie up over her lower back, it stayed there.

But as great as playing with her ass was, it wasn't enough. He knew she tended to be inconsistent about allowing him to play with her hefty tits, mostly depending on how horny she was. He knew she appeared to be pretty horny at the moment, but just to be on the safe side he distracted her with compliments as he pulled her nightie down her arms. "Mom, it's true. You really ARE a centerfold mom. That's not just some hype. Your body is so sexy and perfect that it defies description!"

Her face flushed, but with pride and happiness instead of embarrassment. "You're just saying that." She obligingly helped him remove the nightie by moving her arms at just the right times.

"No I'm not," he said with conviction. "If anything, I'm understating it." He rubbed his thinly covered erection against her thighs, making her shiver and shake.

"Wh-what are you doing to my nightie?" she asked, as she felt it being slowly pulled all the way off her body. "You're not taking it off, are you?"

"Well, I kind of am. I'm sorry. I love your new nightie, but I just have to see your body in all its naked glory. Besides, I have the right to choose what you wear at any time, and now I want you wearing nothing at all." He tossed the nightie on the counter and pressed his body against hers from behind. That pushed his boner back into her thigh, only inches from her hot pussy, as he leaned over her and held both her huge breasts in his hands.

"Well, okay," she said uncertainly. "You do have that right. But don't forget the boundaries." She winced, because she knew she was already violating them herself by letting him do this much, but it felt too good for her to muster up the words to tell him to stop.

She thought, I'm so naughty, but I just can't help it! It feels so right that I should be completely naked for my son. I just wish he was allowed to touch me everywhere! I wish he could rub his BIG COCK right against my pussy lips! Oh! Oh no! Can't! Too hot! She felt on the verge of an impending cum, but then it passed and she was able to control her emotions again (well, mostly).

As he freely groped her mammaries and fiddled with her nipples, he said, "You know, Mom, it's pretty incredible how big your jugs are. How did that happen?"

She took the question seriously, and answered, "Well, genetics, I guess. After all, you've seen my mother, and my many sisters, and some of the other females in my family. They're all pretty well endowed in that area. Heck, some of my sisters have daughters coming into bloom, and they're just as endowed as their mothers, or even more so! Mom even joked that there must be something special in the Nebraska corn. All the men in the family seem to have some kind of boob fetish, because they pick very busty wives. Plus, we were all well fed and we exercised a lot. It was practically a sin to leave any food on our plates."

As he fondled her soft tit-flesh, he said, "Thank God for Nebraska corn. There is something special from Nebraska: YOU! Your mother and sisters are pretty, but you're totally gorgeous! But what I really love is your kind, loving heart." He rubbed his thinly-covered cock against her ass crack.

She blushed. "Pshaw! Stop with all the compliments, or I'm gonna cum all over the place!"

He snickered, "That would be terrible!" Knowing that she liked to be controlled, he said, "Don't worry, that won't happen. Starting right now, you're not allowed to cum until I say so."

She pouted, "Oh, son! Oh, poo! You're such a meanie." But that made her even more horny, so she started humping her ass back into his boner.

After a minute or two he announced, "I'm taking off my shorts to give my dick some air."

"Okay," she said uncertainly, "if you must, but please remember the boundaries. Remember your promise."

He thought, Damn, why did she have to bring that up? Torture! She's soooo fuckable!

He removed his shorts and tossed them aside, then held his stiff rod and immediately resumed rubbing it against her thigh. I'm probably the only guy on Earth to endure such pleasurable torture. I could just stick it in her right now! I'm so close! But she seems to think this is okay while real fucking is incest. I just have to live with that boundary and get used to it, at least until she changes. I have to be the good, obedient son. But damn. Fuck! So fucking close! Well, I might as well enjoy what I've got.

Up to that point, he'd been careful not to hump into her too much so she wouldn't complain, but now he began to press into her rhythmically. He liked not having to wear his shorts, so he pulled his T-shirt off and tossed it away for good measure. He leaned back over her and resumed kneading her massive tits.

In the midst of their heavy petting, she said, "Tiger, I'm so sorry about last night. I was so tired. I didn't plan to fall asleep but the next thing I knew it was morning."

He said, "That's okay. Why are you apologizing?"

She answered, "Because I failed to tuck you in and give you a goodnight kiss. It's mommy's duty to make sure you fall asleep deeply satisfied, with your cock completely drained dry. Please forgive me!"

She nearly shouted this last part as she felt his hard-on slide up into her ass crack. He was eager to take advantage of her nudity. She thought for a moment that he would stick it in somewhere much deeper, but he was content to keep the length of it trapped between her ass cheeks.

He was so involved with that that he didn't respond to her plea for forgiveness.

She wailed, Oh my goodness! He won't forgive me! I have to do better serving his cock! He's so right. I failed him; I don't deserve to be forgiven! I have to redouble my efforts to be his favorite cocksucking, big-titted, centerfold mommy!

He slid his body down hers, rubbing his throbbing cock all the way down one of her legs until he reached the back of her knee. Then he repeated the process on her other side. Wherever his cock went, it left a trail of pre-cum like the slimy path of a snail.

She was moaning like an animal. She worried that Katherine would hear her from upstairs, but she was too hot to stop or even quiet down.

She asked in a near whisper, "Can I cum yet?"


"Mmmm! MMMM! Oh God!" Her entire body wiggled and writhed as she struggled to control her urges. He said that so decisively! SO HOT! His control over my naughty body is growing!

But still he wasn't satisfied. He drew his standing body up closer to his mother's bent-over figure, imagining his cock going only the few extra inches forward it would need to enter her pussy.

She could sense from the way his legs rubbed up against hers and his hand braced on her ass that he had his erection poised as if to enter her pussy. Her legs slowly spread apart, causing her to slide a little way down from the sink. She wiggled her ass seductively. Her body, especially her pussy, really wanted his big prong.

Her lower body seemed to act on its own, but her mind wasn't so sure. She thought, This could be it! My son is going to fuck me! Should I let it happen? I could. All I need to do is say the right word! I need it so bad, but it's so wrong. I'd be on the express train to Hell, but my body has needs! I need it! Besides, I failed him last night, not tucking him in. I have to make up for it by giving him my HOT CUNT!

She was torn between logic and lust. She didn't know what to say or quite how she felt, so in the end she didn't say anything at all. It was up to Alan to make a move. However, she kept wiggling her ass around enticingly, hoping he'd choose to take the plunge, completely filling her. That way she'd get all the joy without having the guilt of having asked or permitted him to do it.

Alan thrust his hips forward. He felt like this could be his big moment, his chance to finally fuck his own mother.

But in the end he chickened out. His cock drove between her legs, but he purposely went too low. He slid it between her legs rather than entering her. He was so frustrated he thought he would cry, but, by a matter of a couple inches, he managed not to break his real promise to her, which was to never disobey her direct commands.

He consoled himself by slowly dry humping her, sliding his slick dick back and forth between her legs. His cock was a bit low, so it was actually squeezed between her thighs.

She squeezed her legs tight so that her thigh flesh folded around his thick erection, somewhat like a titfuck. She moaned her usual, "Mmmm. Mmmm! MMMM!"

Susan bent over a kitchen counter with Alan near-fucking her with his dick thrusting between her legs from behind, just below her pussy.

He just grunted his agreement. Her thighs and his cock were both so wet that he slid back and forth almost effortlessly. It felt amazingly good - he almost could close his eyes and imagine he was really fucking. He idly wondered why he'd never heard of thigh fucking before. Then it occurred to him that if two people got this intimate, they normally wouldn't stop there but would really fuck instead.

He thought to himself, Okay, come on, you're inches away. Just put it in! What's the problem? You know she totally wants it; so what if she'll feel bad later? Don't be a chicken. She'll get over it. Just DO IT, you idiot!

But he had visions of her crying and feeling guilty and greatly distressed afterwards. Deep down, he didn't want to do it unless she had completely made peace with the idea, rather than just being carried away by a temporary surge of lust. Unfortunately, his body was calling out for satisfaction and his throbbing boner needed release. As he thrust his shaft back and forth between her thighs, he could feel the urge for a proper fucking slowly take over. The temptation was just too much to resist.

Susan, too, was beside herself with lust. She was thinking much the same things he was thinking. She knew that if she gave in now, she'd feel awful later. But she was beyond the point of caring; she was ready to cry out for him to stick it in.

Susan had been panting and moaning so loudly that Katherine had heard her from the top of the stairs. So Katherine came strolling into the kitchen and dining room area fully expecting to see a blowjob or titfuck, based on the lusty sounds she'd been hearing, but what she actually saw took her breath away.

"HOOOLY...! Holy FUCK!" Her heart leapt to her throat. As she cried out, she looked closer and saw that although Alan and Susan were both totally naked and making humping motions, they weren't actually having intercourse (though she'd thought at first that they were). It was an easy mistake for someone to make.

Susan heard her daughter's voice and her body immediately seized up. She stood up and moved suddenly, leaving Alan's rampant boner thrusting into nothingness. She tried to cover her ample chest with both arms as she turned to her daughter with a horrified look. "Angel! It's not what you think!"

That made Alan really want to cry. He'd been so close, he could almost taste it (and he certainly could smell her aroused pussy!). But he too had been momentarily panicked by the unexpected voice, which had served to cool his ardor as well. When he saw that it was just his sister, his instinct was simply to go back to what he'd been doing and damn the consequences. However, he couldn't, since his mother had pulled away from him and their mood had been broken. It was obvious that Susan had been really spooked.

"That looks like a fun way to say good morning," Katherine finally said. "How's breakfast coming, Mom?"

Susan stood there panting for some moments. She was terribly frustrated too, since at Alan's command she'd been holding back from cumming for so long. Now that urge too had passed, thanks to the interruption.

Attempting to regain some dignity, she tried to wipe her thighs clean of the pussy juices that had run down them. But that only made her feel more ashamed, because now her hands were wet with her own intimate fluids. Still naked, she went over to the stove, where she had some oatmeal ready to be heated.


"Good morning, Angel," Susan said. She tried to sound normal, like preparing breakfast in only her high heels and glasses was not out of the ordinary, but her voice was quivery. She grasped the countertop near the stove to keep her shaky legs from collapsing. "How are you doing? Tiger was just, uh..."

Katherine in a very revealing leotard, pulled below her breasts and tight across her pronounced camel toe

"I'm not doing as well as you, I see," Katherine replied, giggling. She had her hands on her hips, and was wearing a leotard, but pulled down so all of her big breasts were hanging out.

Susan frowned at her daughter's outfit and busied herself with cooking, still trying to maintain some reputation and decorum. Then she remembered that she needed to do something about her own nudity, and especially her swampy pussy and inner thighs. With trembling hands, she found her nightie in a heap on the counter and started to put it back on. "It's really not what you think. Really! Tiger was just, um..."

Katherine could have teased Susan some more, but decided her mother needed sympathy at the moment. She didn't want her to have another prudish freak-out. "I know, Mom. He was just slipping it between your legs. I saw."

"Oh, thank goodness!" Susan sighed with great relief. "Because, you know, the other thing is wrong. Completely wrong! Not between mothers and sons!" She looked at the scandalous way Katherine was dressed and wagged a chiding finger at her. "Or between brothers and sisters. Never forget that!"

Katherine rolled her eyes, but again she held her tongue.

Alan was frustrated, mostly because he'd reached a wonderful plateau right on the edge of orgasm that seemed to last forever. But now that had been lost. He found his T-shirt on the floor and put it back on, but he deliberately neglected to put his shorts back on as well.

Susan realized after the fact that it had been a mistake to put her nightie back on so quickly. Her crotch was still totally soaked. In fact, there were rivulets dripping down nearly to her knees. Yet she couldn't clean herself without messing up her nightie or having to bend over and lift it way up. She decided to just ignore her wet condition for the moment, and try to stay facing the stove.

Then she turned her head toward Alan, looking at him with mournful eyes. It seemed like she would cry. "Tiger, I want to thank you for being strong and not... taking advantage of the situation. But we shouldn't have gotten into that position in the first place!" She explained to Katherine, "He started getting my attention, and well, somehow things just got out of hand. It's a good thing you came in when you did."

Susan looked back to her son. "Could you please not do that again? You know, getting your penis that close to my... you know. With all that rubbing up against me like that, it's more than I can take! If we keep doing that, something might happen! We really, really can't do anything like that again. Absolutely."

"Okay, Mom, okay. Sorry." He sat on a stool by the kitchen counter, buried his head in his hands for a minute, and tried to get a grip on himself. He wasn't sad; he just needed to control his horny urges. Fuck. I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown if I don't get to fuck Mom soon. Fuck! What awful timing! If only Sis had waited a minute or two more...

Susan in her diaphanous plum-colored floor-length négligée with hands on hips

He sighed, and then looked up at his mother. Now she's just cooking breakfast as happy as you please. Technically she's "dressed," but she looks even more obscene and fuckable in that outrageous see-through nightie than if she was still buck naked! I don't believe it. How am I supposed to cope with all this round-the-clock temptation? Well, I gotta fuck something. I need to put my dick in some hole right now or I'm going to burst!

He looked at his sister, now standing above him.

Katherine said lustily to her brother, "Big Brother, aren't you going to say hello to me too? I don't think you've fully 'captured my attention.' This outfit is especially suited for just that very thing; that's why I wore it."

"I'm sorry, Little Sis. Niiiice outfit, by the way." He took a better look at his sister standing in front of the refrigerator just a few feet away, wearing something she and Suzanne had bought the night before. At first glance it looked like a shiny silver one-piece leotard or bathing suit, until he realized that her boobs and pussy were uncovered.

She came closer, allowing him to rub against the smooth skin of her crotch. She even put her hands behind her head, striking a sexy, submissive pose while making clear that she wasn't going to do anything to stop him.

He was careful not to go inside her pussy with his fingers (because of the latest rule on touching that his mother had imposed). But her clit was fair game, so he paid it a lot of attention. His other hand ran up and down her legs. He thought, Maybe I'll be able to fuck her somehow before school. At least fuck her mouth. Something. Anything! I'm so horny right now, it's almost not a joke to say it's a good thing there aren't any sheep around here! Sheesh!

Susan turned from her cooking and watched her two children. After only another minute or two, she said, "Okay. I think you've got her attention by now." Normally she would have had a hissy-fit at seeing her daughter in such an outfit, but as happened so frequently these days, she couldn't really complain given what she herself had been wearing and doing.

Besides, she was getting hotter and hotter just watching, imagining that the nearby pussy that Alan was playing with was her own. She felt completely naked because the silky nightie draped on her very loosely. The feel of the cloth as it brushed against her skin was a constant turn-on, and the smell of her pungent, wet pussy only aroused her even more. The previous night's fashion show was the unspoken thought on everyone's mind, in part because virtually all the outfits they had worn were just like what she and Katherine were wearing at that moment.

"Hey, no fair, Mom!" Katherine complained as she reluctantly pulled away and sat down on a stool next to her brother. "Talk about double standards. You said he could touch my pussy just like he could touch your ass. And you've just been at it for way longer!"

Alan had taken his hand away, but said, "Okay, fine. But Mom, I'm soooo aroused from what we just did that I think I'm going to pop a gasket. If I can't get off with Sis, then you have to help me. Somebody. Anybody!"

Susan tried to sound like a reasonable mother, as she fought her own lusty urges. "Well, Tiger, I think things got a little out of hand just now. Thankfully, Angel came along in time. What we all need to do is cool down a little."

Alan griped, "That's easy for you to say, Mom, but that's not how guys' plumbing works. I'm so hard and throbbing that I just gotta get off!"

Katherine looked over at her brother's boner, poking out below the edge of his shirt (since he hadn't put his shorts back on). She said, "Mom, have some mercy on the poor guy. His cock is stiff and needy. Are we not his personal cocksuckers? This is our duty, to take care of it. After all, aren't we trying to get him to cum as much as possible?"

Susan frowned. She wasn't worried about Alan cooling down so much as she wanted herself to cool down. She was frightened by what she had almost allowed to happen. But the fact that she was still terribly horny made her susceptible to suggestions. "Well... I don't know..."

Alan begged, "Oh, come on Mom, please!"

Katherine continued to press his case for him. "Mom, look at you. You're wearing that totally see-through, totally sexy nightgown, and high heels to boot! You can't take a step without showing off your gigantic bouncing boobies, your firm bubble butt, and your sopping wet pussy. Have mercy on the guy. Your outfit screams 'I live to suck my son's fat knob.' So if you won't let me do it, do it yourself!"

Susan turned quickly, fully exposing her front, causing her big breasts to sway wildly, moving around like extremely full and firm water balloons.

Alan growled with lusty frustration.

Susan suggested, "Angel, you do have one time you're allowed a day, you know. You could use that now."

Katherine replied, "I'm tempted, but no. I'm not gonna use up my time when he's gonna blow in like two seconds. You do it."

Smiling, Susan walked around the counter, knelt in front of him, and began jacking him off. "Well, if you insist."

She breathed sexily directly on his cockhead. "Mmmm! It's wet and sticky already, just the way I like it. Tiger is such a good boy. Such a big, good, smart, understanding, and terribly cum-filled boy. Mommy's so proud of her sex-stud son. What do you think? Is Angel right? Does my outfit scream 'I live to suck my son's fat knob?' Because if it does, maybe I should do just that."

"Yes! Yes!" he groaned. "Please! Please!" Normally, he tried to retain control of sexual situations, or at least the appearance of control. He'd noticed women found that sexy and appealing. But at that moment he'd so lost his cool that he was on the verge of begging.

Katherine urgently pointed out, "Mom, he could blow at any time, and look at you!"

Susan looked down at herself in confusion, even as she stroked Alan's boner. "What?"

"You're seriously overdressed. You're the one who always says that we have to be topless when serving his cock."

"But I'm effectively completely nude wearing this," Susan said while steadily pumping her son's shaft.

"True, but that's a nice, expensive outfit, and you just know he's gonna shoot all of his hot, sticky cum all over you."

Katherine was going to say more, but Susan quickly agreed. "Good point!" However, instead of undressing, she started licking Alan's sweet spot. At the same time, she mumbled through her licks, "Angel, could you please... pull this off my shoulders?"

"Certainly!" Katherine got very touchy-feely with her mother as she pulled the nightie down. She loved running her hand over Susan's silky smooth back. She was tempted to do more, but she didn't want to push her luck, at least without some excuse. So, once the nightie was pulled down around Susan's waist, she asked, "Should I take it all the way off?"

"Nmmm-nmmm." Susan was so intent on licking that she didn't speak very clearly, but it was enough for Katherine to understand. The horny girl reluctantly let go and went back to sitting on her stool.

Even though Susan felt like she was just getting into the blowjob, Alan felt his balls tightening up after only a minute or two. He'd really meant it when he'd said that he wanted to get off right away, because he was still so worked up from nearly fucking his mother. As a result, he made little attempt to prolong the action.

Susan down in front of a standing Alan, sucking his cock

Susan had been manipulating his balls, so she felt his orgasmic surge coming and quickly positioned her mouth. She wrapped her luscious lips around his shaft in time to get the first rope of cum in the back of her throat. The feel of his cum striking her throat was like heaven on Earth to her.

Alan closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He was in ecstasy, so gave in totally to the experience. He yelled out loud, much more than he'd been doing for most of his recent orgasms. The pleasure was so intense that he nearly passed out.

Knowing that no one would pay any attention to her during his climax, Katherine furtively fingered her own pussy and clit. She was glad that she'd chosen an outfit that made such fingering easy to do.

When Alan came back to Earth, he looked at his mother. Her facial expression was an incredible turn-on. She had been as overcome with bliss as he. Cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth, flowed down her chin, and dripped down onto her chest. He was pleased at how good he'd apparently made her feel. With each new blowjob she gave, her nervousness and doubt grew less and less, while her skills got better and better. She was more than fully comfortable in her cocksucker role now, even with Katherine sitting right next to her, watching closely. Her face was one of pure contentment, like a crying baby instantly turned happy when it was given a bottle or nipple to suck on.

She inhaled slowly and deeply before letting out a sigh of supreme satisfaction. "Aaaaaaah!"

Katherine grumbled, "Mom, I'm so envious. I can smell his sweet cum, but I can't taste it! And you, you look beautiful, with long spermy strands dangling from your chin!"

Susan inhaled again, sighing happily. "I feel beautiful!" She swiped a finger over her cummy chin and then sucked the finger clean.

Katherine groaned in frustration. "Mom, I'm dying here. Can I at least lick him clean?"

Susan started licking Alan's balls, as if worried that Katherine would beat her to it. "Sorry. This is part of how I show my appreciation for his spermy reward. Don't worry; your punishment will be over soon, and then you'll be able to spend countless hours cleaning him with your tongue."

Katherine huffed, "I know. But that doesn't help me now. Grrr!" Giving up, she stood up and walked around the counter to the kitchen. "Bro, I'm gonna have some Honey Nut Cheerios. Want some?"


Susan continued licking his penis and balls, cleaning them completely, even as her two children ate their cereal.

Then Susan pulled her nightie back up and resumed cooking, as if nothing more unusual had happened than, say, someone having to answer the phone.

Soon, the rest of their breakfast was ready. Susan set out plates filled with steaming yam frittata, then licked up the cum still on her face and sat on the third stool on the other side of Alan to eat.

Alan felt a wave of relief to finally get release. His desire to fuck his mother abated temporarily, so for a while he felt ashamed that he'd had thoughts of raping her. But within minutes he was already getting horny again.

This is the disadvantage of sitting on stools instead of at the dining table, he thought. These two beautiful women aren't on display as much since we're all staring forward, and I can't play with Katherine under the table with my toes. Oh well, it's not like I can complain after all that's happened this morning already.


To Alan's disappointment, despite having a nearly-naked gorgeous woman on each side of him who loved nothing better than sucking him off at the drop of a hat, and despite feeling very horny mentally, his penis hadn't recovered by the time that breakfast ended. Occasionally he'd reach out to stroke Susan's or Katherine's sexy outfits, but he did so in more of an affectionate way than a sexual one. Cumming so many times yesterday must have worn me out, he realized. I didn't actually reach my record of ten times in one day, but thanks to getting to skip school, it seems I spent the whole day playing with bombshell beauties! He chuckled to himself. Yep, it's definitely a tough life!

Although the near-constant stimulation and daily PC muscle exercise of recent weeks had given him impressive powers of endurance, he still had his limits. That morning he found that his penis was weary and sore after so many intense orgasms in past few days. His body was literally almost entirely drained of cum. He considered putting his shorts back on as a signal that he was done for a while, but he kind of liked the extra attention he got when half-naked.

Alan's orgasm hadn't been up to his usual gusher standards. That was obviously on his mother's mind when she placed a bottle of fruit juice in front of him and said, "Drink a lot, Tiger. Replenish your body with lots of fluids." Ever since she'd realized that the high fruit content of his diet helped make his cum taste sweet, she encouraged him to drink fruit juice, especially orange or pineapple juice (since their acidity countered the naturally alkaline taste of cum).

All three of them were mindful of the fact that they actually had to complete some tasks BEFORE school started, the biggest of which was eating breakfast. They ate as quickly as they could and without any talking, so they could have more time for their now-usual sexual play.

Katherine and Susan kept glancing at his penis whenever his T-shirt wasn't covering it. However, it remained flaccid, although by the end of breakfast it had started to twitch with a little life.

Feeling frisky again, he placed one hand on his mother's thigh and the other on his sister's. His mother's legs were covered with the nightie while his sister's were bare, but his mother's nightie was so thin that he disregarded it. Within seconds, he was sliding his hands to within an inch or two of their slits.

Susan gasped, and said, "Tiger! What do you think you're doing?!"

"Sorry, I just wanted to check out who's wetter. Both of you are so... gushy." He stroked their inner thighs in the same way at the same time.

But Susan was unhappy. She was embarrassed over just how wet she was, and concerned about getting too aroused with Katherine right there. She was always leery of him touching her pussy, and doubly so after she'd just come so close to begging to be fucked.

Katherine said, "Mom, don't you just love it? Bro's not just touching us, he's showing that he effectively owns us! Our bodies are here for his enjoyment, and he's putting us in our place."

Susan griped, "Yes, that's all well and good, but there are rules just the same."

Katherine asked, "What rules? He can do whatever he wants to us!"

"No, there are rules. For one, he shouldn't touch both of us at once. That could lead to orgies." Even as she was explaining this, his hand strayed closer to her slit. That caused her to give it a light slap and say, "Okay, enough of that! That's the second thing he shouldn't do. Touching in that area is terribly improper!"

He withdrew his hands from both their crotches, but being able to explore those areas had stimulated him enough to get his tired penis half-hard.

That was hard enough for Katherine to curl her fingers around his shaft and ask, "Big Bro, would you like me to help you with that?" She was horny enough to want to use her one allowed time with him already.

"That's okay, Angel," Susan said to her daughter, "I can handle it."

Katherine reacted to that grumpily. "Hey, I can help too! What am I, a potted plant?" She was furtively squeezing his penis back to full size.

"No," Susan answered, "but you said you didn't want to use up your one time just yet."

"Yeah, but that was then and this is now," Katherine explained. "I knew then that he was gonna blow quickly. Whereas he's just getting hard now, and he came once only a few minutes ago, so that means he'll have extra stamina! I'm hoping I can spend every last remaining minute until we have to go to school stroking and pleasuring his big fat cock!" She started openly jacking him off.

But Susan wasn't happy. She wanted this turn, for much the same reasons Katherine did. She said, "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that."

"Why not?" Katherine asked as she rubbed her thumb hard against his sweet spot.

"Tiger needs a tremendous amount of stimulation, and simply jacking him off isn't gonna do it. A powerful cock like that one needs a lot of loving sucking! Besides, I failed to tuck him in last night, and I feel terrible. I'd like to make it up to him with a long, slurpy, sloppy blowjob until you two have to leave." She licked her lips as she watched Katherine's hand slide around in his pre-cum.

"Sucks to be you then," Katherine said smugly. "I get my one time, and I'm gonna take it now."

Alan finally decided to speak up. "Mom, don't stress about last night. It was no big deal."

But the two women ignored him.

He added, "Besides, Aunt Suzy knew you were zonked out, so she took care of me."

Susan glared at him unhappily. "She did, did she? What did she do, exactly?"

Sensing that Susan was possessive about this new tuck-in tradition, he was careful with his words. He also decided this wasn't the time to bring up what Amy had done to him last night. "Well, Mom, she's not you. You're my nightly, uh, tucker-in-er. But my dick was still stiff when I went to bed, and she knew it, so she took care of it. With, uh, her mouth."

Susan thought, So hot! She conceded, "I suppose that was the thing to do." She continued to stare at Katherine's stroking fingers. "But Angel, if you keep doing that, that's going to count for your one time."

"I'm okay with that," Katherine replied happily. "I'm gonna service this great big cock until the minute we have to go. Then he's gonna splooge all over my face!"

"Wait!" Susan pleaded, her desire increasing steadily. "Today is Tuesday, and you know that means a lot to me. That's, uh, that's the day the nurse says I need to pay special attention to his cock. You know, check it for abnormalities and so forth." She knew she was blatantly lying, using that rationale to provide a "medical need" for her to pleasure Alan all day long on that day each week, but she did it anyway to maintain the pretense (mostly to herself).

Katherine's fingers were sliding much faster over his sweet spot, because she was getting the sinking feeling that she'd soon be forced to stop.

Susan continued, "I'd really like if you don't take your turn at all today." She knew Katherine was going to blow up, so she quickly added, "However, in order to make it up to you, you can do him twice each day through to Friday to make up for it. How's that for a deal? Three for one."

"Well... okay, but only if I get to blow him those times. As you just pointed out, handjobs just aren't enough for his demanding cock."

Susan licked her lips again. Angel is so right! His powerful cock DEMANDS more! "Well, one handjob and one blowjob for the next four days. That's a GREAT deal, and you know it."

"I guess," Katherine admitted grudgingly, even while she continued jacking him off. She was trying to act nonchalant, but she was secretly excited because she knew it really was a great deal. It just about negated her punishment, except for the fact that she was still limited in where she could go while she was being grounded.

"Take your hand off him now," Susan commanded, "or this will count as one of your times for tomorrow."

Katherine immediately removed her hand. She noted, "You must really have a thing for Tuesdays."

"I do!" Susan replied with gusto.

And, in fact, she did. After all that had happened in recent weeks, just thinking about Tuesday in the abstract made her hot. If someone even mentioned the word "Tuesday" in a conversation, it usually started a whole series of sexy fantasies for her. She was trying (and succeeding) to build on past Tuesday successes to create a Tuesday "tradition" within their family.

She'd already made clear to Suzanne that she wanted to be alone with Alan every Tuesday, and that Amy should stay clear as well. In return, she hinted that she would step back and pretty much leave Wednesdays to Suzanne and anyone else who wanted them.

With so many women now openly competing to "help" Alan, if he actually masturbated it would make a number of women very unhappy. Increasingly, there just wasn't enough of him to go around.

Susan eagerly knelt down before her son, intent on slurping on his cock.

But a devious plan was forming in his mind. His penis was already starting to grow flaccid now that Katherine had stopped stroking it, and he thought that if he could fake having trouble getting it fully erect, he might be able to use that 'problem' to push Susan's boundaries a little further. So just as she was reaching out for her prize, he said, "Wait!"

Her hand froze in the air.

"Could you take your nightie off first? I love the way it looks, but I've got a good feeling that I'm gonna blow a sticky load all over you. Sis had it right before: we don't want to ruin your beautiful new outfit."

"Okay, Son." She loved it when he told her what to wear, or, more often, what not to wear. She pulled the nightie off her shoulders, baring her chest.

"No," he said firmly. "I want it all off. All the way off."

Katherine giggled with glee. "Way to go, Bro! That's how to handle your big-titted cocksucking mommy!"

Susan in her plum-colored négligée, opening it to show off her big tits

Susan blushed at that, and at having to strip completely, but at the same time, both things increased her lusty need. As she got up and took her nightie off, she thought, That IS how you handle your big-titted cocksucking mommy! Angel is so right! I'm totally humiliated, as usual, but so what? Serving your spermy needs comes first, over my dignity!

He'd decided to try to stay flaccid, in hopes of breaking more rules. He kept his eyes closed, rubbing them and acting like he had some minor irritant in one eye, because he knew she'd make a sexy show of disrobing if he was watching and that wasn't going to help him go flaccid.

Finally he couldn't stall any longer without making her suspicious, so he opened his eyes.

Once again she was totally nude but for her high heels, and immediately knelt back down between his legs.

Just the sight of her like that nearly knocked him out of his chair. "Wait," he said, trying not to pant too hard. "We should probably move over to the dining room table, where we can be more comfy." So the three of them changed locations.

Susan once again knelt between his legs. She was still hot to trot, despite the delays. However, she was dismayed to see his penis had shrunk to a half-hard state at best. She cooed, "Here Tiger, if you're going to reach eight times today, it would be good if you could do it twice before school. This is a good opportunity to practice the stealth stroking I was talking about as well. Let's get this thing back to its magnificent ten-inch length!"

"Um, actually, it's more like eight," he said, closing his eyes again to cut down on the stimulation.

"So you say, Son, but I know its real size. You just like to be modest." She started stroking it. Then she turned to Katherine sitting next to them and asked, "Don't you need to take a shower or something?"

"Yeah. I might as well get it done now." Katherine quickly rushed out of the room, planning to take her shower in record time.

With Katherine gone, Susan turned her full focus to stimulating her son's penis. But she frowned at its semi-hard state, and kept on frowning, because it didn't pop up to full hardness in a few seconds as it usually did. She tried everything she could for about five minutes, rubbing and sucking him every which way, but nothing seemed to help - no matter what she did, she couldn't manage to get it more than partly erect.

She didn't know that he was trying to think of the most vile, disgusting, non-sexual things possible. He was also either keeping his eyes closed or looking away from her as much as he could get away with. Even so, he wouldn't have been able to fend off her sheer sexiness and stimulating efforts except for the fact that his penis was still worn out from nine climaxes the day before.

Katherine returned quickly after taking a very quick shower. She hadn't bothered to put on any clothes at all, because she knew there was still lots of time for more sexual fun before school.

She took a look at her mother's grim frown and the flaccid state of her brother's penis as it was being licked and stroked before making some disapproving "tsk-tsk" sounds. "Mom, what's going on? Don't tell me it's been five minutes and he still hasn't gotten hard?"

"I know!" Susan said with great worry. "I'm working on it."

Katherine noted, "It was hard enough when I was stroking it, before you told me to stop."

Susan looked up at her and said, "I'm more than aware of that. Unfortunately, there was a few minutes of no stimulation between when you let go and I took over, and apparently that was a few minutes too long."

There was silence for a few moments, before Katherine said saucily, "Maybe that's the reason, or maybe it just takes a sister's touch."

Susan had just started suckling on his cockhead, but that prodded her to pop his dick out of her mouth and complain in a huff, "I think a mother's touch is just fine, thank you very much!"

Turning to look up towards Alan's face, Susan asked, "What seems to be the problem, Tiger? It usually takes more than one orgasm to cause you to give up, and even then you usually eventually rebound, and keep doing so until it's just too painful for you to continue."

"Believe you me, I want to get hard so bad. But I think yesterday wore me out. It's like if you don't sleep enough night after night, one day it all catches up to you and you crash. That's how my dick feels today." That was true enough; however, he failed to mention his deliberate effort to stay flaccid.

Susan was visibly concerned. "And on a Tuesday, no less. Isn't there anything I can do? We still have fifteen minutes or so before you have to leave for school. I want those to be minutes of pure joy for you, Son. You deserve nothing less." She sighed, temporarily giving up stroking him.

He sensed it was time for him to move his scheme to the next phase. "Well, perhaps if we try something new, that could raise my excitement level. You know, earlier, when I was running my hands over your inner thighs, and Katherine's too, my dick was so hard that-"

Susan stood up, and started pacing around. "No! You're probably right that that would work, and I'm so desperate to suck on your cock and provide your medical treatment that I'd agree to just about anything, but not THAT! Sorry, but that's one boundary that we can never cross." She was adamant on the subject mainly because she felt, and with good reason, that if she let him play with her pussy he'd be fucking her before long.

"Well..." He pondered that for a few moments. He was bummed that he couldn't push the envelope on that rule, but there were other rules he was eager to break as well. Addressing both Susan and Katherine, he suggested, "Since both of you are here, what if you kissed each other on the lips? That would be really sexy. In fact, just thinking about it is already starting to help out." He looked at them, which was plenty of inspiration, and let his penis engorge.

"Hmmm." Susan thought out loud while checking out his new boner. "Maybe that would be okay..." But then she changed her mind. "No, on second thought, that goes too far. I've been far too lax. I have to put my foot down." She sighed and sat down in a chair.

Katherine immediately came over and sat in her lap. "Oh Mom, don't be such a square! Please? Pretty please? I feel like you're always helping Alan out, and I never get to help. Here's my chance to contribute to his medical treatment. He needs constant visual stimulation. We have to keep that big dick of his hard and squirting cum. Won't you let me help just a little?"

Alan was trying hard to get his penis to go back down. Now that he'd let his resistance go, it just kept getting stiffer. That could take away the justification for a hot lesbian kiss, and he certainly didn't want that. The mere fact that his fully nude sister was sitting on the lap of his equally nude mother was making him far too horny. He carefully tucked his erection between his legs so it couldn't be seen.

Luckily, Susan was disconcerted and distracted by all the nudity, and especially by the way her daughter was now sitting in her lap. She had her hands full with that situation, so to speak, so for once her eyes hadn't been glued to her son's penis. "We shouldn't be doing this. It's improper."

But her protests were feeble, and Alan knew it. He said confidently, "Mom, DO it!"

Katherine scooted up closer and put her hands on her mother's shoulders.

"Can't we at least put some clothes on first?" Susan asked.

"No," Alan said with surprisingly strong conviction. He really, really wanted to see them kiss.

A naked Susan sitting in a straight-backed chair with a naked Katherine straddling her hips, facing her, where each is holding the other by their hands, Susan on Kat's hips and Kat on Susan's shoulders

Susan thought, Dear Lord! How can I say no to him when he talks like that? Well, if we're gonna do this, we'd better get it over with soon, because there's too much naughty touching going on!

She didn't know what to do with her hands. At first she held them away from touching any part of her daughter's body, but realized that to keep doing so would be very awkward, so she put them on Katherine's hips.

Meanwhile, the way Katherine was sitting, Susan couldn't help but press her heaving, huge tits into Katherine's stomach. She could feel the heat radiating from her daughter's pussy, just as she knew Katherine could feel her pussy heat, but she tried to ignore that.

Katherine leaned even further down to look in her mother's eyes from inches away, which also caused her own ample boobs to press into the tops of her mother's even more massive orbs. She said, "Mom, think how important it is that Brother gives up another big, spermy squirt before school. Don't you think it's extremely critical that you slip and slide your lips all up and down and around his thick, tasty pole for as long as you can before we go to school?"

"Well, of course! That goes without saying."

Katherine kept talking, giving Susan no time to think about how they were positioned against each other. "Just imagine him sitting in school with blue balls for hours and hours, with that painfully aroused huge log of his just trapped there in his shorts, untended. When instead he could be shooting all that gooey goodness down your throat in a matter of minutes. All we have to do is kiss. That's no biggie."

Just as Katherine was hoping, Susan's brain was fogged by their closeness and touching, not to mention the talk of pleasuring her son's "huge log." Her eyes and mouth were so close to her daughter's that Susan felt a strong desire to move her head slightly forward and kiss the girl on the lips. But still she said, "That does sound pretty dire... I don't know... It seems so improper..."

"Mom, if you aspire to be one of Brother's very best personal cocksuckers, sometimes you have to be willing to go the extra mile."

"I don't know. The Bible says-"

"Oh please?" Katherine started bouncing up and down as if she were five years old and asking for a new toy. "Please, please, please?"

The bouncing stimulated Susan's body and fogged her brain even more. "But isn't that kind of lesbian, to kiss another-"

"Of course not, Mom! It's just a kiss. It's not like we're doing something sexual." Katherine slid forward and shifted her weight so she was more on top of her mother's right leg than her left. She made sure that Susan could feel her shaved pussy riding against the skin of that leg. "Besides, just think of that thick meat sliding between your lips. Think of that cum explosion just waiting to pour down your throat!"

Susan couldn't take any more of that temptation. She looked over to her son but was disappointed to see his legs blocking her view of his penis. (He was still hiding the fact that he already had a full erection.) "Since we're in a bit of a hurry, I guess it's okay. But just this once." As an afterthought, she asked, "Are you sure about this, Angel?" Without thinking about it, she moved her hands forward and down from Katherine's hips until they were firmly grasping both of her daughter's ass cheeks.

"Very sure. Anything to help our guy," Katherine answered, secretly much more delighted than she was letting on. All of Susan's teasing that morning had gotten to her, so she was having to restrain herself to not just hump her pussy wildly on her mother's thigh.


They both stood up to make it easier to kiss. It was easy for their lips to meet that way, because Katherine was as tall as her mother.

Susan leaned forward and quickly kissed Katherine on the lips. Since they were both so endowed up top, it was impossible for their lips to meet without their racks pressing together as well. Katherine held her arms tightly around her mother to make sure their front sides were touching all over.

Susan turned towards Alan. "How was that?"

His hand was between his legs. He'd been stroking his erection while still trying to hide the fact that he had one from Susan's eyes. He complained, "That's not what I meant. I meant a full, passionate kiss on the lips."

Before Susan fully processed his words, she said, "Don't do that." She was referring to his masturbating. She'd realized what he was doing, despite his attempt to hide it, from the way his entire arm was moving. "You should never have to do that, particularly if one of us is nearby. Remember how it can distort your cock, and don't get me started on The Sin of Onan. Come here."

Alan thought he'd been busted - if she knew he had a full erection already, then what was the excuse for their mother-daughter kissing? But lacking any alternative, he stood up and walked right up to her while holding one hand over his crotch.

She moved his hand away from his cock and replaced it with one of her own. She didn't even have to think about stroking it; her hands did that automatically as if she had spent her life at that task. Stroking his boner made her deeply content, somehow putting her at ease about the kissing problem.

She again considered what he'd just requested, about kissing her Katherine on the lips. With her hand going to town on his stiff pole, she was amenable to almost anything and easily deceived herself. By this point she wasn't thinking logically, so she didn't realize that if his cock was already nearly erect there was no need to continue with the kiss. Instead, her lust just took over.

She justified it to herself by, I have no desire to kiss my daughter, and in fact I have no interest or experience in women at all. Since it doesn't affect me, then there's nothing wrong with doing this to help him out with more visual stimulation.

In thinking that she had no lesbian desires, she conveniently ignored thinking about all the recent times that she'd been staring lustfully at other women's bodies. In particular, the fashion show the night before had been a real watershed for her. Her juices would have flowed repeatedly while looking at Suzanne, Katherine, and Amy strut their stuff, even if she hadn't had Alan's thickness sliding in her hand most of the evening to propel her along.

Katherine wisely stayed quiet, but made sure to keep a tight embrace on her mother.

Finally, Susan said to Alan, "All right, since today is a Tuesday, I'll go the extra mile for you and try a real kiss on the lips. But just this one time, and I really mean that. Are you ready, Angel?" She temporarily took her hand off her son's dick to give the kiss more of her attention.

Susan about to kiss a surprised Katherine on or near the lips

She leaned forward and drew Katherine in with both of her hands. Then she kissed Katherine tentatively on the lips, but refrained from using her tongue.

At first Katherine was shocked. In theory she was big on the idea of kissing her mother like this, but in practice it took some getting used to. She grew more enthusiastic as their kiss continued, pulling her mother into an even close embrace and eventually probing her mother's mouth with her tongue.

Since Susan and Katherine had never broken their embrace, their big tits had remained pressed tightly together, although not really moving. But as the kiss went on, Katherine made sure to move her upper torso back and forth and up and down, so their boobs would slide against each other. With Alan standing just a foot or so away, she knew he'd appreciate the view.

Not only did he appreciate the view, he had to restrain himself from reaching out and caressing all that sliding tit-flesh.

Susan had not intended to kiss Katherine for very long - a few seconds at most. But she was extremely horny, and once she had closed her eyes, kissing Katherine didn't seem that much different from kissing Alan. She quickly got carried away with the tongue dueling and lost all track of time.

Alan stood right next to them for a minute or two without doing anything. Then he gently took one of his mother's hands and brought it down to his erection.

She didn't break the kiss or make any noise. In fact, stroking Alan's boner had become so easy and natural (and commonplace) for her that she didn't even really think about what she was doing. She just held it while rubbing two fingers back and forth over his sweet spot.

"Is that enough already?" she asked Alan when she finally ended the kiss. Her fingers kept on relentlessly stroking his sweet spot.

"Wow, that was perfect!" he cried ecstatically. "But I'm still not all the way up. Just keep going like that!"

Susan had come to know Alan's penis well, and she knew that it didn't get any harder. In fact, it finally dawned on her that since his cock was already so hard, the whole reason for their kiss was gone. But Katherine's luscious lips were only an inch or two from hers, and between feeling Alan's hot boner sliding in her hand and the way Katherine's nipples were rubbing against her own, she was so hot she was just about ready to spontaneously burst into flame.

Oh Dear Jesus! Sweet Jesus! This is so wrong. God in Heaven, please forgive me! Not about the cock stroking; Suzanne has helped me see that that is all part of your divine plan. But kissing my own daughter in such a sexual manner! And, and... enjoying it! That's the worst part. This has to be a sin; it just has to!

She kissed her daughter again anyway. Stroking her son's dick was so relaxing for her that, before long, she didn't even really think about what she was doing anymore. She was living in the moment, fully giving in to her lusty feelings.

As a result, Katherine was beyond delighted at just how passionate her mother's kissing became. Neither of them had ever really touched the other since Katherine was small, except for the usual familial hugs and pecks, so this was a new and strange experience for both of them. Their tongues now battled each other delightfully as they both deliberately slid their tits together.

Susan's entire breasts were quite sensitive, not just her nipples, so all this tit rubbing was about as arousing to her as if she were getting constantly fingerfucked. She was on such an erotic high, she hardly knew up from down. She might have stopped for fear that she was getting too aroused by her own daughter, but the fact that she was jacking off her son at the same time somehow made it okay in her mind, somehow just normal heterosexual pleasure with a little extra activity going on.

Susan explored Katherine's back with her free hand while Katherine's hands ran freely all over her mother. Susan was too shy to rub Katherine's pussy, even though she'd been eyeballing the outfit that Katherine was wearing that morning, including repeatedly wondering what it would feel like to touch the outfit, and Katherine's bare pussy.

Alan was tempted to get in on the action. It would have been easy for him to step forward and join them in a three-way hug and grope. In fact, he was already standing so close to them that he had needed to take a little step back once or twice, or their action would have come to him. It was a struggle not to at least reach out and caress one or both of them on their flanks. But he didn't want Susan to freak out, break away, or complain about him trying to "start an orgy." Besides, she was using one hand to keep his pulsing pole very happy.

As mother and daughter continued to explore each other's mouths, Susan realized that somehow one of her legs had found itself between Katherine's legs. She had to fight the urge to make the usual "mmmm" noises that she usually made when she got aroused, because she wasn't supposed to be aroused in these circumstances (or at least, to be showing just how insanely aroused she really was).

Katherine was bouncing up and down a bit and thus rubbing her moist crotch on the skin of Susan's thigh.

Alan was delighted at everything that was happening. He realized they were having a big boundary-busting moment. Not only was Susan sharing her first intimate kiss with another woman, she was doing it with her own daughter, and clearly loving it. In addition, by jacking him off at the same time, she was unintentionally opening the door to future threesome fun.

However, the situation was problematic in that it was all too arousing and inspiring for him to handle for very long. After another minute, he finally gave in to the temptation of putting his hands on their firm, bare asses, but he did so under the guise of getting their attention. "Whoa, thanks for helping out so much. I don't think I can last much longer!"

Susan immediately pulled away from her daughter and knelt down in front of her son. Frankly, she'd loved the kissing and would have been happy to keep on necking with her daughter, but pleasuring her son's erection came before anything else. She took his hardness into her mouth, closed her eyes, and lovingly milked him with her tongue and lips.

She sighed with utter contentment. "Mmmm! Mmmm! MMMM!"

Katherine remained close, making sure he kept his hand on her bare ass.

Susan's bobbing felt so good that he never wanted the ecstasy to end, but he knew he'd be cumming in less than a minute, the way things were going. He tried frantically to think of some way to distract her so he could get a second wind, but his brain was too frazzled from the extreme pleasure to come up with anything.

In desperation, he tried being totally honest. "Mom! Hold on! Please! Stop!"

Thinking there was some kind of emergency, she pulled her lips off his shaft, opened her eyes and looked up.

He had to wait some moments until he could talk a little better. "Uh, Mom, don't worry. I'm not... I'm not in pain or anything, but..."

"But what?" she asked anxiously, still holding onto his cock and even squeezing it a little.

He looked around the room, looking for a clock, but there was none in view. He didn't have any idea what time it was, but he said, "We still have lots of time. ... Can you... let me get a second wind?"

Her face lit up. "Sure thing, Tiger. Whatever you like." She bent forward, closed her eyes, and resumed licking his cockhead.

Katherine was still standing there, watching closely with a hand on his back. She giggled. "Um, Mom, I think that doesn't count as stopping."

Susan looked around, startled. "Oh, right. I'd better get away from this tempting thing then." She gave his shaft a friendly squeeze, but within seconds that turned into a steady stroking.

Katherine coughed loudly.

Sighing, Susan let go and stood up. "I think I'd better get away for a, uh, a minute." She practically staggered away, she was so overwhelmed with lust. She looked around. "What time is it? We can't forget school."

Katherine had just walked close enough to the kitchen to look at the clock there, and she knew that time wasn't on their side. But she didn't want Susan to know just how little time they had left. So she intercepted her before she could get to the kitchen, giving her another tight hug.

"Don't worry, Mom," she said. "It's under control." She kissed her mother on the lips again.

Susan immediately forgot about everything except making out with her daughter. They resumed their tit rubbing, ass fondling, and all the rest, as if their earlier kissing had never been interrupted.

The only difference was that Alan was standing a ways away. He went to the love-seat in the dining room that faced the counter and the large table and sat down. Fuck! Look at them kiss! This is friggin' unreal. Of course Sis is totally into it, but MOM is totally into it too! That's huge. I'd never imagined there was a bisexual bone in her body, but I'm happy to be wrong on that. Wow!

He closed his eyes. Man, I can't watch that or I'll never get my second wind. As it is, my dick would shoot off like a fire hose if I were even to touch it at all. Damn! Not good.

He sighed heavily and counted to ten. That didn't help much though, especially since he could still hear the sound of kissing, not to mention his mother's constant "mmmm"-ing. That sound had come to be a trigger to his arousal in and of itself.

He decided to focus on football. He hadn't seen his home team, the San Diego Chargers, play the previous Sunday, and in fact he'd missed a lot of their games the last few weeks due to all his sexual fun. Even so, he still followed them closely and often watched game highlights on the Internet. The Chargers had lost to the St. Louis Rams 28-24 that previous Sunday, and he mentally reviewed what he knew of the game and the season.

That helped him clear his head of all the other things that were going on in the room. He had an ability to totally focus on one thing if he really put his mind to it.


In fact, it took Susan lightly brushing his leg for him to snap out of it. He was so far off in his football thoughts that he was taken by complete surprise to see his mother totally naked and smiling and kneeling in front of him. "How are you doing, baby? Ready for more?"

He looked down at his dick and saw it was growing flaccid. "Um, yeah. Ready as I'll ever be."

She didn't waste time. She opened her mouth wide and engulfed his cockhead.

He put his hands on her head, but he didn't need to guide her since she'd already started bobbing with a steady rhythm.

A naked Susan with her hands folded as if in prayer around her son's cock, with her tongue extended to his sweet spot, as her naked daughter Katherine stands behind her with an arm draped over Susan's shoulder, encouraging her on

He was still a bit confused, much like walking out of a movie theater matinee into the bright sun. He looked around for Katherine and saw her kneeling right behind Susan.

Katherine had an arm around Susan's back. She wasn't doing anything special except for watching the blowjob up close while reveling in the physical intimacy she'd never been allowed before with her mother. Seeing Alan's eyes on her, she gave him a big smile. Then she brought her fingers down to almost touch Susan's shoulder, then suddenly jerked her fingers away and shook her hand, acting as if she'd been singed from touching her burning hot mother.

Alan saw her non-verbal display and flashed her a knowing grin. He wanted to ask what time it really was, or how long they'd kissed while he'd zoned out, but he didn't want to say or do anything to possibly cause their mother to break off her passionate cocksucking.

His strategic break had worked wonders, because he didn't feel himself to be in any danger of cumming, even though his mother was giving it her all.

Susan just kept sucking and licking, and licking and sucking, and sucking and licking even more. She stroked the base of his shaft and played with his balls. She sensed it was time for her kids to go to school, so she was trying to get him to cum as soon as possible.

This was heaven on Earth for her. If she had an arousal meter and a happiness meter, both needles would have been pinned at maximum. Mmmm! Tiger's cock is the BEST! It's so hot and hard and tasty! I swear, just licking the skin of his cock makes me drool, because it reminds me of all the sweet, creamy, spermy goodness on the inside! It's so POWERFUL and demanding too! I'm so glad he took that break, because I just love it when he's like this. Mmmm! He's in some kind of zone where he can stay hard literally forever! MMMM! I have to redouble my efforts to even have a CHANCE to get him to blow a load on my face! MMMM!

And Angel! Right now she's got her fingers in my ass crack, and she really shouldn't do that. I wish I could tell her just how terribly improper that is, but I'm not about to stop my cocksucking, not even for one second! I could lose all the progress I've made, and it's just too much fun and too yummy! Mmmm! Mmmm! But in any case, I have to admit I kind of like that she's here and I can even feel her breath on my shoulder. It just reinforces the fact that we're two of his busty, naked, personal cocksucking sluts! MMMM! Yeah!

And only two! He's got more! First, the mighty Suzanne has finally fallen under the power of his cock, and that makes me SO HOT! And Amy. She's one of his personal cocksuckers now, and she's going to be a very good one! I can see it in her eyes - she wants to know what all this cocksucking joy is all about and revel in it. Once she has her face painted with his spermy goo a few times, there'll be no going back for her. Amy, it's the greatest joy there is! To drown in his thick, creamy love. Mmmm! MMMM! But not today, Amy, not right now. His mommy's in charge and she's not gonna stop until she wins her spermy prize!

Katherine watched jealously. She had trailed one hand down to Susan's ass and fondled it for a while. She was extremely pleased that her mother hadn't complained in any way, no doubt because she was so single-mindedly focused on the blowjob. She eventually let go, but only so she could frig her own pussy. Since she remained kneeling right behind her mother, she could do that without worrying much about getting caught.

Still, she was anxious for the blowjob to end soon. She alone knew just how little time they had, and she didn't want either of them to be flagrantly late to school.

But by this point Alan was really holding out well. Susan was right that he was in some sort of endurance zone. It helped that he'd cum not long before, so the decreased sensitivity of his penis as it recovered allowed him to better endure her oral activity.

Katherine was impressed. Eventually she broke the silence by saying, "My God, Bro. Wasn't the kissing enough for you?"

Alan just responded with a passionate grunt. Even though he wasn't ready to cum yet, he was getting close enough that he had to concentrate of squeezing his PC muscle to keep from losing it.

Katherine said, "Mom, I'm getting concerned about school. We don't have much time. You need to step it up a notch."

Susan didn't intend to stop her heavenly bobbing for any reason. She shrugged her shoulders as if to ask "What more can I do?"

Katherine responded as if Susan had said those exact words. "I know. I can see that you're using every trick in the book already. But still, we've got to hurry things along. What if... Now, don't get mad, but... what if we work on him together? I'm just sitting here, and two mouths are bound to be better than one. He'll blow in no time!"

Susan still didn't pull off to speak, but she raised a hand up to the shoulder Katherine was peering over to give her a thumbs-down sign. That was one boundary Susan was determined not to cross. She knew she would enjoy it, but she was too afraid of where that slippery slope would lead.

Katherine exhaled in frustration. Such is life. Mom's always giving me the cock block. Grrr! Still, it's pretty damn fun just watching them and playing with myself. I'm gonna get a big "O" before long, so I can't get that upset.

Painfully aware that her children should be at school on time, Susan began bobbing up and down with even greater speed right over Alan's most sensitive spot. Her goal seemed to be to create as much friction and suction on that one spot as humanly possible.

But Susan had already been bobbing for a long time, and she soon tired too much to keep up that pace.

Seeing her mother slow down, Katherine placed a hand on her hair and began caressing it (while her other hand kept working on her own pussy). She asked, "How's it going, Mom? Is he close to finishing?"

Susan bobbed her head up and down even more than usual in an attempt to indicate 'yes', even though she wasn't sure if that was the case.

Katherine continued to caress her mother's long, silky hair. She ran her hand all the way down Susan's naked back repeatedly, cupping her fabulous butt and then caressing her way back up. At the same time, she started giving advice. "More tongue, Mom, more tongue. Are you hitting his special spot, right under that big mushroom head? 'Cos he loves that."

Susan mmmm-hmmed a reply. She thought, That's ALL I've been doing! That's my favorite spot. If I stimulate it any more, I'm likely to wear a hole right through it. What more can I do?! I wish I could finger his prostate; he'd blow his load for sure. But I can't do that the way he's sitting. Arrgh! The clock is ticking, and Tiger's powerful cock is besting me with its strength and stamina! Again!

Katherine continued with more advice, even though she was no better at blowjobs than her mother. In fact, Susan was better, due to more recent practice and more advice from Suzanne and the sex books she'd bought.

Susan was on the verge of switching to a titfuck for a while, if only to rest her tired tongue and jaw. But then Katherine said, "Mom, maybe you need longer stroking. Bob your head more. You gotta go all the way in and all the way back. Like this." Both of Katherine's hands were already on her mother's head, but now she pushed Susan forward and then pulled her back. "Come on, Mom; bob your head more. More! I know you can't deep throat him, but make longer, deeper passes!" Katherine pushed and pulled Susan's head back and forth over the full length of Alan's shaft.

Katherine pushing Susan's head down as Susan blows Alan

Susan initially resented her daughter's advice, and she especially resented being pushed. She thought she knew what she was doing perfectly well. But as Katherine continued to force her head into Alan's crotch, Susan found herself loving being handled so roughly. She stopped moving her head at all on her own, forcing Katherine to provide all the motion, so it was really almost as if Katherine was fucking Alan's cock herself, using Susan's mouth as her surrogate.

The idea of being used that way made Susan so hot that she reached down and launched into a great climax just from her first light touch on her clit. When she climaxed, her whole body shook in a special way.

Alan could tell what was happening just by the way her mouth quivered around his hot shaft. That finally brought him over the edge. It was as if the flood gates that were holding back his pent-up emission opened up, releasing a torrent of his cum that overwhelmed his mother's mouth.

Even so, Susan somehow managed to catch almost all of it, mostly because she now prided herself on being able to swallow his entire load, no matter how big. Actually, she could have taken it all, but one thing Suzanne had taught her was to always leave at least a little dribble running down her chin, as a visual reminder to Alan of the blowjob, so she made sure to do that.

Katherine also realized that this was 'now or never' time for her. She took her hand off her mother's back and went to town with both hands on her own clit and pussy until she had her "big 'O'" as well.

As Alan finished his orgasm, and while his mother's lips were still wrapped around his deflating organ, he exclaimed, "That was great! Thanks so much! I can't believe how horny that made me. I don't know what it is, but for guys there's nothing more exciting than seeing two women together. I swear, that could have raised the penis of a dead man!"

Susan kept right on licking his dick, even though it was already becoming flaccid. "Anything to help, Tiger. Mmmm. But look at your great big cock. Maybe it's not so big right now, but it sure is messy. Mmmm. Mommy's just gonna have to give it a good cleaning."

Katherine watched for a moment and then asked, "Um, Mom? What are you doing? We're out of time. School."

Susan said as she licked his balls, "I'm aware of it. But Angel, if you're serious about being one of his personal cocksuckers, you can't ever let him leave with a sticky crotch. Any ol' cocksucker will stop after the guy ejaculates, but only the special ones, the ones who really love him, are going to lick him completely clean. Mmmm. And besides, it's lots of fun! Tiger, you're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Oh God yes! At times my dick is so super sensitive I want to push you away, but somehow even then it still feels good. It's like getting a head freeze eating really cold ice cream. You think 'No! Too much!' but after only a few seconds you're into the ice cream again."

"See?" Susan pointed out as she licked, "Besides, Angel, the key is to focus on his scrotum. Admittedly, his balls may not need as much cleaning, but he'll get a ton of pleasure when you lick 'em no matter what the condition of his cock."

"Can I try?" Katherine asked.

"Not now," Susan chided. "That would be improper. We have to take our turns with him, or there's no telling where things might go. Which reminds me. That kind of kissing we shared is a one-time-only thing. Alright? Are we in agreement on that? That is NOT going to happen again around here. Kissing my daughter - I mean, really! I have my limits!"

The remarkable thing was that Susan sincerely believed those words, but Katherine and Alan both knew that another of her barriers had just been crossed. They both stayed silent so they wouldn't have to agree to anything.

Susan suddenly pulled away and stood up. Then she acted like a typical mother, despite her nude and bedraggled condition, "Okay, we're running a few minutes late. I would've liked to clean your crotch for a bit more, just to be sure, but Angel is right that time's a-wasting. Get ready A.S.A.P. and I'll drive you both to school."

Alan asked himself, "Just to be sure" of what? I mean, I'm not complaining, but there's no actual reason to do all that "cleaning," is there? It's weird. I'm falling into her mental warp space.

Katherine rushed to her room to dress. But while there, she took a moment to record her thoughts in her diary.

Dear Diary,

Big news: Mom and I totally made out! I mean, serious lip-lock, and with major tongue! Damn, it was too hot to BELIEVE! I'll tell you more about it later, but I'm in a rush right now and I only have time to jot down some quick impressions.

I gotta tell Bro to keep asking for Mom to do that kissing kind of stuff. In no time she's gonna break down even further and we can turn her into a real bisexual.

Wow! Mom? Bisexual? Wow! That is toooooo cool! Hee-hee! I still think of her as super prudish, so that thought pretty much breaks my brain in two. Wow!

Oh shoot! Mom's calling for me. And just when my pussy got all hot and itchy. Damn! We're gonna be majorly late for school, but it's oh so worth it!

Everyone had rushed around, dressing and washing up to clear away the pervasive smell of sex.

Susan was still holding some of Alan's cum in her mouth. She kept it in there as long as she could, sloshing it around inside with her tongue even as she drove them to school, as if it was a fine wine to be savored. That wasn't exactly the behavior of a typical suburban soccer mom and she knew it, but she couldn't help it.

They tried to act like a perfectly normal family on the drive over, even to the point that all three were fully clothed with underwear. No matter what happened inside the house, Katherine and Susan still tried to maintain unchanged personas outside the house (except for rare exceptions for Katherine, such as being at Kim's house with Alan). While they kept up a surface gloss of meaningless small talk, inside all three were thinking about the kiss between Katherine and Susan.

Susan was surprised at how much she'd liked the kiss. In some ways it's nicer than kissing a man. A woman's skin feels so soft and nice. She smells and tastes good, too. But she's my own daughter! No way is that going to happen again. I really have to mean it this time.

But let's face it: I keep saying 'no' about things and then breaking my own rules. What if Tiger needs help getting erect again? Surely it would be okay to help him out again by kissing my lovely Angel, wouldn't it? Maybe it's okay in situations like that, but only when my Tiger asks for help... After all, there's nothing more important that helping him with his treatment. If he commands me to kiss her again so that he can get hard, how can I turn him down?

Or what if he asks me to kiss Suzanne like that? Oh my gosh! That would be so HOT! Er, I mean, for him, not for me. Yes, that would definitely be very hot... for him. I really couldn't say no to something like that, if it was for a really good cause, like giving him an extra stiff boner.

But kissing Angel? No. Absolutely not. Not unless it's a special situation, like what happened today. Luckily, he has such a strong, ever-ready cock that this kind of situation is extremely rare.

At the same time, Alan was thinking, That was so totally hot! First Sis is doing Aunt Suzy, and now she's starting in on Mom. Soon the three of them and Amy will be all over each other. This is going to rock! All-out Plummer house orgy, coming soon! And what's really great is that I can do no wrong. If my dick gets hard then I get pleasured, and if it doesn't then I get a free show and THEN I get pleasured. In fact, it's better if I can start out flaccid and "force" Mom to do new things.

Fuck! Is there any limit to how amazing this can get? If only someone like Sean or Peter could see this and believe it, without getting us into a heap of trouble. I'd just love to watch their jaws drop all the way to the floor!

Meanwhile, Katherine kept looking at her mother, with much more lust than ever before. She thought, That kiss was so great! I simply can't get over it. I just hope she can fully get into doing women! The way she kissed me, I think she could definitely get into it. Heck, what am I thinking? The way she was looking at me and the others at the fashion show last night, she's liable to up and jump my bones when she gets into one of her horny mental zones. Fuck, I can just imagine Brother fucking my pussy while Aunt Suzy is doing my ass with a dildo and Mom is sitting on my face! Wouldn't that be great? How am I going to get through school while thinking stuff like that?! I need someone to fuck me right now!

Susan finally arrived at their school and dropped them off. They ran to their first classes with backpacks over their shoulders, waving to their mother as they went.

The only problem was that, after a morning like that, school was an almost unbearably boring let-down for them both.

Alan had grown somewhat used to the rapid flip-flop between his porno world and his mundane world, so was able to concentrate somewhat on classes. He was helped by the fact that his penis was once again dead to the world.

But there was one thing bothering him, preventing him from focusing more completely. He couldn't stop thinking about his dry hump earlier in the morning. It haunted all his thoughts, making him nearly forget about the kiss between his mother and sister.

He thought, over and over, That was so much like real fucking. I was so close. So close! So fucking close! Why did I chicken out? I'm too nice, too passive. Dang!


Suzanne came over when she saw Susan's car return home.

As soon as she walked in, Susan rushed up to her and cried.

Suzanne held her in a comforting hug. "What's wrong?" the buxom neighbor asked.

"Suzanne, I'm so awful. I did all kinds of unmentionable things this morning. Tiger and I, we... And my precious Angel! Oh! It was terrible!" She sobbed and sobbed.

Suzanne immediately found herself getting aroused, as she imagined the kinds of things Alan, Katherine, and Susan might have done together. But she just held Susan, lovingly stroking her hair. "Don't worry. It'll be okay. Whatever happened, we'll make it okay."

After another minute or two of loving hugging, Suzanne said, "So tell me what happened. Start from the beginning."

Susan wasn't actually crying so much by that time, although she remained terribly depressed. She said, "Well, I'll just be blunt about it. He was getting my attention, which you know involves fondling my ass, when that somehow turned into him dry humping me between my legs. We were practically, well, you know... Fucking! There, I said it. I don't even know how he restrained himself. It was so much like he was having sex with me doggy style that I can hardly believe it. It was terrible!"

"Was it really?" Suzanne asked as she comfortingly stroked Susan's cheek. "Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Enjoy it? Dear God! I can't even describe how good it made me feel. That's what's so horrible. I have no control! And it's so wrong, but every time I only realize that after the fact."

"Did you cum?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I did! Buckets and buckets, it seemed like. The whole morning practically felt like one non-stop orgasm. It was terrible!"

Suzanne chuckled as she kept hugging her. "That doesn't sound so terrible to me. Susan, remember, this is for his medical benefit. You're not just doing this willy nilly; it's for his medical benefit. Always. Repeat after me: medical benefit."

Susan was hesitant, but Suzanne nudged her until she grudgingly said, "Medical benefit."

However, Susan added, "Okay, I understand how we need to stroke and suck him many times a day for his medical benefit, but do things have to get so... weird? I haven't even started to tell you about all the terrible things I ended up doing this morning. And that was all in just one morning! What'll happen next week, or the month after that? Will I really be able to keep him from truly fucking me?"

"You will," Suzanne said confidently. "Think about this morning. He had a perfect chance to fuck you, from what little I gather. Yet he didn't. If he can resist that temptation today, he'll be able to resist it a month from now just as easily, right?"

"I guess," Susan said, still depressed at the thought. But at least she was slightly encouraged.

Suzanne realized that Susan needed more support, so she launched into a long lecture about the importance of helping Alan. She stressed that he needed a wide variety of "weird" stimulation with many different women in order to climax so many times a day, day after day after day after day. Her not-so-subtle bottom-line message was that anything was okay - no limits and no boundaries - as long as it didn't involve "actual incest." And she narrowly defined that to be only penis-in-vagina direct vaginal sex.

By the time Suzanne was done, Susan was convinced that she was performing a sacred and noble duty. But Susan still felt worried because of what had happened between her and her daughter. She wasn't comfortable talking about it with Suzanne because she was also feeling similar strange feelings toward her best friend, so she didn't mention it.

With the first crisis of the day seemingly averted, Suzanne led Susan down to the basement gym for their daily exercises. They remained focused on their exercises while they were working out but, as usual, they talked and gossiped during their breaks.

Suzanne had been hoping to finally convince Susan to take off her wedding ring. Frankly, seeing Susan wear that ring grated on her like fingernails on a chalkboard. She saw it as a symbol of all that had been wrong in both of their lives up until recently. But given how she'd had to talk Susan down from another prudish backlash, she could tell that it wasn't the right time.

Instead, she focused on sexy talk about Alan, to help hold Susan's prudish worries at bay. That was easy, since their morning talks had been growing increasingly arousing and detailed anyway.

For instance, the day before, they'd talked extensively about Sunday's beach trip. Suzanne still kept a few secrets, such as how she'd put Alan's dick in her vagina while away from shore, hoping that he would fuck her for real, but even without such details their remembered experiences got them both hot and bothered as they discussed them together. When she explained to Susan how Alan had fingered her AND Amy's anuses under their bikini bottoms at the beach, in front of hundreds of people, Susan got so out-of-control horny that Suzanne was half-convinced that Susan was going to rip off all her own clothes and just masturbate to total exhaustion.

Their exercising always got them quite sweaty, so they always took showers afterwards. But lately those showers had turned into very prolonged masturbation sessions. With two upstairs showers, Susan would get in the one in her bedroom and Suzanne would use the other one, then they'd each take twenty or thirty minutes masturbating while mentally relishing all the arousing things they'd talked about. That was now as much a part of their daily ritual as the exercising itself, even though those solitary activities went unshared.

Suzanne of course knew exactly what Susan must be doing, but didn't want to embarrass her further by discussing it. In fact, there were times she could hear Susan screaming out in orgasmic ecstasy from the other bathroom down the hall.

Suzanne could get just as worked up, but she never let herself lose control to the point of screaming out in total abandon. Consequently, Susan didn't realize that her own screaming carried so well through the walls of the house. Suzanne realized that must be the case, so she avoided ever saying or doing anything that would indicate that she was aware of Susan's shower masturbation sessions.

Since the two women didn't need to work for a living, they had a lot of free time on their hands. Previously they'd spent a lot of it going out and socializing and playing tennis or bridge with other women, but lately they'd been spending more time at their own homes. For both of them, they were spending more and more of that time with their fingers in their pussies, or Alan's erection in a hand or mouth, and often both.

Suzanne in a green outfit with a skimpy greed halter top, working out with dumbbells

So this had become the "exercise routine" that they followed that day. The only difference was that Suzanne was wearing a cut-off T-shirt instead of her usual spandex top. And cut off it certainly was: it was cut almost like a bikini top, with most of her boobs hanging out below the fabric, which barely covered her nipples. She'd never worn anything like it before while exercising, and it was terrible for providing support for her large bust, but she figured that the sight of her heaving breasts would help keep Susan extra horny.

As always, their topic was Alan. Susan was still feeling too embarrassed about what had happened at breakfast that morning, so instead they discussed the previous night's fashion show seemingly forever. Taking a break from working out on their exercise equipment, they reclined back on adjacent machines.

Susan eventually found herself talking about her exhilaration in taking her clothes off during the fashion show. "Suzanne, call me weird, but there's something magical there. Every time I take off any clothes in front of my cutie Tiger, I feel a tingle. A powerful tingle! Sure, I feel especially tingly in my pussy and my nipples, but I honestly feel it all over my body, even way down to my toes. And whenever I bare my big tits for him... Oh my gosh! It's soooo good! It's like a mental orgasm. All I can think about is how my busty body is there to serve him! To serve... Mmmm! Serve his every sexual need!"

Suzanne chuckled. "Calm down, or we'll have to hose you down. And I mean with water, not with his creamy cum."

"Oh, poo! You're no fun!" Susan laughed.

Suzanne was glad to see Susan increasingly able to joke about that kind of thing, or just joke at all. In her earlier life before Alan began his treatment, she'd never had a sense of humor. But Suzanne also felt very envious. I wish everything was so new and exciting to me that simply taking off a sock would make me almost cum, like it does for her. I think she really is that excitable!

Suzanne decided to use their discussion to get Susan more used to being naked. "Susan, when that happens to you, is it a passing feeling that fades as soon as you take your clothes off?"

"Oh no! Definitely not. As long as his eyes are on me, it's a constant tingly thrill. It's like his hands are hefting my super sensitive tits up and down, even when they're not. You know what I mean?"

"I suppose. But does it only work when he's around, or would it work, say, now?"

"Now?" Susan asked, puzzled. "Why now? Tiger's not even in the house."

"I know. But just humor me. I'd like to try an experiment. Can you take your top off? I want to see if you feel tingly at all doing that even when he's not around."

Susan started to pull her top off, but then said, "Very well, but I'll only do it to show you it won't work."

Once Susan was standing there with bare breasts, she said, "See? No tingles at all."

"Hmmm. Well, exercise like that for a little while, and let me know if you feel a change," Suzanne said.

"Why should it be any different?"

"Well, I'm thinking you also get off on being naked when others aren't. Doesn't it excite you a little extra when you're on your knees and totally naked, or maybe just wearing high heels, and he's standing before you fully dressed, with just his big boner poking through his fly?"

Susan's eyes went wide. "My goodness! Suzanne, you've got a point there, that's for sure. Oh God! How could I not suck on his manly shaft, for hours and hours, when he towers over me like that? I just feel so, well..."

"Helpless?" Suzanne suggested.

"Definitely! But not only that. Shamed. Controlled. Tamed and obedient, like a... like a... trained dog! Oh God! I can't believe I just said that! Forget you heard that, okay?"

Suzanne grinned. "Sure." But she was delighted at Susan's attitude. She's more submissive than I ever dared to hope. The only obstacle is her boundaries, especially her deep-seated aversion to incest. I've defined it down as narrowly as I can, but I can't simply define it out of existence. I don't want her to be a totally horny slut half the time and miserably guilty the rest of the time. All I can keep doing is pushing and pushing and hope that her prudish side finally withers and dies.

As the two of them exercised, Suzanne kept the topless Susan hot, bothered, and easily distracted by bringing up all the special things Alan and Susan could do together now that it was a Tuesday.

Susan spoke at great length about the fantasies she had involving Alan coming home from school and doing things to her. She got so carried away that she frequently forgot to keep exercising. Eventually, she realized just how long she'd been dominating the discussion, so she asked, "Suzanne, you don't mind me hogging all the Tuesday fun, do you?"

Suzanne replied, "I don't mind it so much. I know it means a lot to you to have that special day, but between that and Amy now getting in on the picture, which I'm not exactly thrilled about, sometimes I feel like I'll be lucky to get even a couple licks in a day, so to speak."

"Amy getting in on the picture?" Susan asked quizzically. "She did get pretty involved with the fashion show, but she's not THAT in on the picture when it comes to his cock. You've forbidden her from joining in the cocksucking joy. I certainly hope you change your stance on that, and soon."

Suzanne replied, "I did forbid her, but she was surprisingly disobedient last night. Do you know what I saw when I came downstairs to leave your house? Amy and Sweetie were in the living room alone, and she was sucking on his thick erection!"

"NOOOO!" Susan hadn't heard that news yet. She was thrilled.

"Yes! I think it was the first time she'd sucked him to orgasm, and it happened right in front of my eyes. I don't know what to do about that girl."

"Oh God! Suzanne! Do you realize what this means? Tiger has just added another beautiful girl to his stable! That's so HOT!"

Suzanne knew just what to say to push Susan over the edge. She spoke matter-of-factly, as if she were saying something expected. "Yes, Amy is already talking about how she'll be proud to be one of his personal cocksuckers. So now he'll have four of those at home and who knows how many more at school."

A topless Susan in black cutoff workout shorts, carressing her left breast while playing with her pussy

"Oh! Dear Lord! TOO HOT!" Susan climaxed as she imagined Amy naked and bobbing on her son's thick erection. She forgot about decorum and brazenly fingered her clit though her exercise shorts, even though Suzanne was right next to her. Midway through her climax, her fantasy shifted and she imagined that it was herself instead of Amy doing the sucking.

As she came down a bit from her erotic high, she mumbled, "Amy is a good kid..." She closed her eyes and unthinkingly ran her hands over her own now bared breasts. But mindful again that Suzanne might well be watching, she tried to keep her movements really subtle.

Suzanne found Susan's orgasm quite arousing. Once Susan closed her eyes, Suzanne was free to masturbate as well, though through her clothes.

But then Susan unexpectedly opened her eyes and looked directly at Suzanne.

Suzanne was caught with a hand inside her loose T-shirt, but she quickly acted as if she was just scratching an itch next to her left nipple.

Susan said more seriously, "Suzanne, do you think maybe we're corrupting our children? I completely agree with what you said about the supreme importance of stroking and sucking him every day, but there are side effects. I mean, what happens to us old broads doesn't really matter if we focus so much of our time and energy on being his personal cocksuckers. After all, his medical needs are immense, and we have no choice but to help. Right?"

"Of course." Suzanne had kept scratching her boob to make it clear that she was scratching, but now she finally withdrew her hand from inside her shirt.

Susan went on, "But having the girls help him out might be warping their normal sex lives, as well as interfering with their homework. Shouldn't the kids be dating like normal people their age? All three could graduate from high school without dating at all anymore, the way things are going."

Suzanne said reassuringly, "I think they're just going through a phase. At first I was upset last night at seeing Amy getting physical with my Sweetie, but the more I've thought about it, the more I realize it's a good thing for her. She has to discover sex sooner or later, and who safer and better to teach her than him?"

She added, "Unlike most other guys, we know he'll go slow and be gentle and understanding. He certainly won't rape her like Jack Johnson almost did."

Susan asked, "That's true, but are you mad at her? I remember you specifically forbade her from sucking on his cock."

"I was upset about that, but I decided to let it go. I guess trying to stop her from becoming one of his cocksucking helpers was like trying to stop the tide. I can't really blame her for disobeying, after all the things she's seen in this house. And as for dating, I'm thinking: what if he dates Amy publicly and officially? If you think about it, it could be a pretty good match."

"Hmmm." Susan pondered the idea. "You know, you're right. They're clearly attracted to each other, and there would be nothing 'funny' about it. But what about Tiger and Angel? They have totally unnatural, deep feelings for each other! What am I going to do about that? If Tiger goes out with Amy, that might create big jealousy problems with Angel. I think she wants him in a very unsisterly way! He feels the same way too, I think."

Suzanne interjected, "You think? What gives you that impression?" She sounded serious, but she rolled her eyes at the realization that this was only now dawning on Susan.

Susan didn't notice the sarcasm, and continued, "It's true! Just think for instance how he was rubbing his hands all over Angel at the fashion show. I really shouldn't have allowed that. I mean, I have no problem with her stroking and sucking his cock; she's just helping him with his problem. But if he starts to touch her pussy, who knows where that could lead? And did you see that bunny routine she did? Was that just an act? It's like she actually wants her brother to have real intercourse with her!"

Suzanne was incredulous that Susan would have any doubts about her children wanting to fuck each other, but she kept a straight face.

Susan continued, "But when I try to keep the two of them apart in some situation like that, Angel just thinks it's because I want to monopolize him for myself. And sometimes she has a point. I can get a little... well, carried away. So I have trouble being strict, 'cos I don't like being a hypocrite."

Suzanne didn't have any quick answer to that, so she let Susan keep talking.

Despite the problems being discussed, Susan felt increasingly horny. She cupped her bare boobs with both hands and even tweaked her nipples a little bit, hoping Suzanne wouldn't see. "And it gets even worse! I suppose I should tell you what else happened this morning, even though it's really embarrassing for me. Tiger couldn't get a hard-on at breakfast today. For the second time, that is! Hee-hee. Lordy. The first time was great since I got to swallow his load."

Suzanne said, "Tell me all the juicy details. Was that before or after he dry humped you? Relive it for me. Make me feel like I can taste his cock on my tongue."

"That's not important now. ... Maybe later." Susan broke her serious mood to smile briefly as she added with conviction, "Definitely later." She knew that she and Suzanne would relive every moment in great detail before the school day was over, and she momentarily lost her concentration as she stared off into space thinking about doing just that.

Seeing Susan cupping her big tits, Suzanne asked, "By the way, how's exercising topless working out for you? Are you feeling extra tingly?"

"Yes," she admitted, taking her hands off her breasts thanks to that reminder. "But don't let me lose my focus. I want to discuss this problem, about how he couldn't get hard."

"I thought you said he did? Didn't he gloriously empty his nuts down your throat?"

She smiled blissfully. "He sure did. And it WAS glorious! You can say that again! But it was just the one time." Her face morphed into sadness. "We've talked before about how crucial it is for him to climax twice before school, so he can spread his orgasms throughout the day and give his penis time to recover in between. So I tried everything, even though Angel was sitting there only a few feet away! I'm so shameless. I wore that nightie you just bought me, the long see-through one-"

Suzanne interrupted, "How did that go over?"

"Oh, it was wonderful! It was like his big hard cock grew an extra inch. But that was the first time. After he climaxed, nothing seemed to work to get him stiff again. I bent and twisted my body every which way. I remembered all the moves you taught me. I stroked and stroked, and sucked and sucked. But nothing."


Susan paused. Should I go ahead and tell her about everything I did with my daughter? It's so shameful and sinful. But Suzanne is my best friend. We don't keep a single secret from each other. I have to tell her. She can help me with her usual good advice. I really need to know what to do.

She closed her eyes in embarrassment of what she was about to say. "Finally, my cutie Tiger suggested that if I kissed Angel on the lips, that would make him hard. He was quite insistent about it. So I reluctantly did so, and it worked. Especially since we were both naked by then, and well, our bodies kind of rubbed together all over. But at what price? I was shocked - Angel really got into it! She was running her tongue all inside my mouth even as she ran her hands all over my naked body. What kind of respectable mother lets her daughter do that? And I figured it was okay for me to kiss back since I don't have any desire to kiss women, and it was for a good cause, to get Tiger's cock hard... but I'm afraid she may be bisexual. I never considered she might be before, but lately I don't know..."

Suzanne was very pleasantly surprised at this new revelation. In fact, she could hardly contain her excitement as the implications sank in. Score a home run for the Suzanne plan! Susan's falling into my hands through her daughter, and the brilliant thing is I didn't even set this one up. My plan has its own momentum now. I'm going to have to thank Angel in a big, up close and personal way for this later. Susan is well on her way to becoming an all-out bisexual. I can tell. She's a natural nymphomaniac, just like me.

Good God, she's a passionate woman! What if she licks my pussy with even half the enthusiasm she always uses on Sweetie's cock? Just the thought of it has me ready to cream!

But even as Suzanne was trembling with excitement on the inside, she kept a level facade on the outside. She advised Susan, "Don't be so hard on yourself. It's true that things have gotten very sexual in your house, but that's only to be expected when you have such a virile, handsome, and sexually needy young man living with you. A powerful cock like his demands top service, and what can a busty, beautiful woman like you do but kneel and serve and suck?"

Susan had been developing her own lingo of sexual phrases and words. Suzanne had been paying close attention to such word choices, and now was repeating Susan's favorite phrases back to her, reinforcing her beliefs in the process.

"That's true," Susan said, as if Suzanne had stated some indisputable truth.

Suzanne couldn't help but grin a bit when her propaganda efforts worked so well. She asked, "By the way, did you put your cocksucking skills to use after the kiss? I hope so, after all that effort."

"Hmmm. Oh yes. I did. Mmmm." She closed her eyes and was transported in her mind back to the experience. "Now that I think about it, I even stroked him DURING the kiss! Can you believe that?" She added in a whispery voice, "God, it was good! But I'm so bad. Awful! Such an incorrigible sinner. I feel terrible. I almost was too ashamed to tell you about it. What should I do?"

"So you stroked him for a few seconds. Big deal."

"A few seconds?! Suzanne, the kiss went on for minutes! All the while I was jacking him off. And there was more than one kiss. I should have stopped, but my nipples were so erect and tingly, and feeling my boobs pressing against... Oh, I'm such a terrible sinner!"

Suzanne thought, Shoot! I miss out on so much morning fun. I swear, I should install concealed video cameras so I could at least watch. But no; I'm deceiving my very best friend too much already. Still, that sounds too hot to be believed: Mrs. Naïve and Innocent jacking off her son while French kissing her daughter with them both naked, breasts to breasts?! Wow! Have mercy!

But Suzanne kept those thoughts to herself. She advised, "Remember what I told you to say earlier: 'medical benefit.' This is for Sweetie's medical benefit. You yourself said the kiss was essential for him to get hard... and it worked. Think how painfully he would have suffered during school if you hadn't thoroughly drained his cock first. Just imagine the poor boy walking the halls of the school all day with that stiff erection of his and those painful blue balls - is that what you want to see happen?"

"Of course not. But still, even though the kiss was for a good cause, it was practically a lesbian act. And kind of incestuous too!"

Suzanne chided, "I don't think you're focusing on the importance of pleasuring his demanding cock nearly enough, if you're still having these doubts. Look. He has to cum six times a day! Six times! Every single day! Do you think a plain ol' vanilla blowjob or handjob or even titfuck will work every single time?"

"Well, no, but-"

Suzanne cut her off. "I want you to stick your fingers in your mouth and suck on them as if it was his hot, meaty shaft filling your mouth. That'll put you in the right state of mind to think about this issue."

So Susan obediently stuck three fingers in her mouth and sucked. The task came easily to her, as she had her fingers in her mouth a lot lately, while constantly fantasizing about sucking off her son. She did this a lot in her lonely moments, but she'd never done it in front of another person.

All the practice on her fingers was greatly increasing her sucking endurance. It seemed lately that she was either sucking Alan off, masturbating while thinking about sucking him off, talking with Suzanne about sucking him off, or working on her sucking endurance with her fingers or various phallic objects. That seemed to take up a majority of her day.

Suzanne wasn't sure how well Susan was listening at the moment, but she continued over the sound of slurping, "How many families have a son with a problem like his? Very few, because he's a very special son. But if they did, they'd be facing the same issues. I don't think we realized all the implications of his treatment when this started. But now that I understand the situation a little better, I have to say I'm impressed with the resolve you've shown."

Susan with three fingers in her mouth, simulating sucking on a big prick

Susan wasn't exactly showing a lot of resolve at the moment - she'd taken to sucking her fingers like a fish to water, and was barely able to comprehend Suzanne's words as she thrust the fingers into her mouth as if Alan was straddled over her and vigorously fucking her face.

Further, her other hand was busy twisting and tweaking one of her nipples again. It embarrassed her that Suzanne could see her doing that, but she was just too horny to stop herself.

But still Suzanne pressed on. "I think a lot of mothers, maybe most mothers, would have completely given in and begun fucking their sons immediately. But your 'bend but don't break' strategy appears to be working. I have a friend who's Armenian, and she says that when she was growing up all the women like her did everything and anything except straight sex with guys, including blowjobs and anal sex, so they could preserve their virginity for marriage. It's a system that works, 'cos it's part of their culture and those guys respect that. The further they allow guys to go, the easier it is for the man and woman to keep their virginity, because both sides are getting pleasure without that one forbidden act."

A muffled "Mmmm!" was Susan's only reply.

Suzanne concluded, "So I think it's the same with you and your cutie Tiger. As long as you don't actually have straight intercourse with him, the rest is okay, and in fact it's great in helping his problem. Remember that: the further you go with him, the less you'll need to have real, full vaginal intercourse to be satisfied."

Susan apparently had been listening enough to understand, and took her fingers out of her mouth to speak. "Thanks," she said. "Your words always make me feel better. You mentioned anal sex. You're saying I should actually let him fuck me in the ass?!"

Suzanne opened her eyes wide, as if her own suggestion was startling even to herself. "Yes! Shocking, I know. The more you let him have his way with your body, the less he'll need to fuck your pussy. Paradoxical, isn't it? Those are the kinds of sacrifices responsible and caring big-titted mothers make, just like the women in those countries."

Suzanne didn't fully realize it, but she was opening up the floodgates. Susan had never even allowed herself to fantasize about anal sex, because she considered it that much beyond the pale. In recent days, she'd been thinking about it more and more, in part because of what she'd read in her books, but it was still a very forbidden and even strange fantasy idea for her. But with Suzanne's stamp of approval, it suddenly became a very real and tremendously scary yet thrilling possibility.

Susan put her fingers back in her mouth and nodded as she thought, Oh yes! He NEEDS to have his way with my body. It's only right! But anal sex? I don't know. That's too extreme. To have him put that big, thick thing up my ass? That seems so very improper. I mean, one has to have limits. Imagine if he could just grab me at any moment and throw me down on the table. He'd bend me over and shove his big jackhammer monster up my teeny tiny asshole. I don't know... That could really hurt. And then he'd start thrusting! Drilling into my poor ass, deeper and deeper! I'd be writhing around, naked and helpless, my big boobs mashed into the table, his complete shameless slut. His butt slut! And even though that's an extremely HOT idea, it's so wrong! Terribly, terribly wrong!

Is there anything more low and depraved than a good Christian mother becoming a willing, wanton butt slut for her own son? Eagerly begging for him to stuff his fat cock down the wrong hole? I don't think so!

But Suzanne says I have to do it. I HAVE to! I have to give him my tits and my ass. I must give myself over to him completely! Well, except for that one forbidden thing which we won't even consider. I'm just a sex cow. It's not my place to think or say no. My place is just to get FUCKED! Yes! Fuck me, Tiger! Even fuck me, yes, THERE! In the ASS!

Suzanne watched with amusement as Susan pumped her fingers in and out of her mouth with greater and greater speed. The idea of being allowed to get fucked in the ass was so exciting that Susan lost all sense of propriety and completely forgot about her best friend until she reached climax yet again.

Susan cried out, "Oh!" and in seconds realized that she wasn't alone but that she was still with Suzanne, and that she had three saliva-covered fingers deep in her mouth. She shamefully pulled them out and hid them behind her back (as if that somehow hid what she'd just done!), but her mind was still fogged with the excitement of new possibilities.

She tried to push her many naughty thoughts from her mind, even as she struggled not to slip her hands underneath her spandex shorts. She desperately needed to touch her clit. Somehow, she managed to make an attempt to resume the conversation. "Uh. Where were we? What was that you said? Something about, uh, bend over but don't break?"

Suzanne grinned at Susan's slip of the tongue. But she acted as if nothing had happened and pretended that she'd been looking away the whole time. She turned her head towards Susan and asked, "What was that?"

"You were saying 'bend over but don't break', or something like that?"

Suzanne loved that phrase, so ran with it. "Yes. Bend over but don't break. Pretend like your son owns your ass, your big tits, and in fact every part of your body but the insides of your pussy. You may have to take it up your butt on a daily basis to save your pussy while keeping Tiger's medical treatment going. Basically, take one for the team."

Susan didn't have to stretch much to imagine her son owning her body, as that was already one of her most popular fantasies. She confessed, "I could do that. Yes, I think I could. If it's for the good of the, uh, team, that is. I mean, not like I would want to, just because... well, without any good reason. Or because it feels so good." She blushed.

Before she could think too much about how unintentionally honest that comment had been, she quickly added, "But what about Katherine, my sweet Angel? I worry about her."

Susan let herself believe that Suzanne had failed to notice her climax yet again.

Suzanne turned back and said calmly, "Same deal. As long as she and Sweetie don't have actual intercourse, then the rest is okay. Can't you see how their physical intimacy brings them closer together? Can you even remember the last time they were sniping at each other? I can't. They're so close and loving now. You can see how her eyes light up whenever she sees him?"

"Yeah, but... The image of the two of them together, it just seems so..."

"And it's not like she's missing out on some great guy. All her dates before were with bozos anyway. She's not going to meet a serious guy until college. Sweetie will be moving on to college in less than a year, so both of them will be dating others soon enough, no matter what happens in the short term."

"But, uh, what if he wants to, uh, take her ass, too?"

"Well, the more involved she is with helping his medical treatment, the less likely she'll be to want to date some local bozo. You want to save her for the higher-quality college material. Besides, it's NOT incest. You know that incest requires vaginal intercourse. So, if and when she's willing to help that way, and you're okay with it, then why not?"

"That sounds reasonable, I guess..." Susan imagined Katherine naked and bent over the dinner table with Alan behind her, feeding inch after inch of his long, thick erection into her butt hole. In the vision, Katherine screamed out in both agony and ecstasy as Susan herself stood in the kitchen wearing just her apron, looking on like a proud mother.

That image drove her crazy with desire. She further imagined kneeling on the kitchen floor in front of both of them, sticking her ass up in the air, spreading her ass cheeks, and saying, "Now, you two, don't forget to tend to your mother!" Her eyes glazed over; she was far away in fantasy land.

Suzanne snapped her fingers, bringing Susan back to Earth.


Susan tried to review everything they'd been discussing. "This whole anal sex idea... bend over and don't break... Well, I'll need to think about that, and sleep on it. But what about Angel and me and the kissing? Is that really okay? Or are you just trying to make me feel better since it already happened?"

Suzanne wanted Susan bad. She'd been holding back on making any moves on her best friend, but she couldn't hold back anymore. Her mind schemed how she could at least get some action with Susan without scaring her away and ruining weeks of progress. So she came up with a plan: she would answer with questions. "When she kissed you, did you enjoy it? For instance, did you put your tongue in her mouth?"

Susan was silent for a while. She thought back to the kiss, unconsciously roaming her hands over her topless figure in imitation of what Katherine had done to her just an hour or two earlier. Finally, she bowed her head and admitted, "Yes. Yes I did. Am I totally awful or what?"

Suzanne was very pleased at the revelation that Susan enjoyed French kissing her daughter. She said, "Don't be shocked, but I think that's perfectly okay. I've kissed many women on the lips, and I've found it lots of fun. It's not a lesbian thing; it's just a friendliness thing. Of course normally you don't want to do it with your own daughter, but you have to remember you're in a special situation, doing it for your son's medical treatment and visual stimulation and all. I think that if he's flaccid again and asks you to kiss Katherine to help him get hard, you should agree."

Susan lifted her head with hope. "Really?"

"Really. Guys really get turned on when they see women kissing each other. You should use that fact to help him out. The fact that she's your daughter is irrelevant, since that doesn't come close to counting as incest. In fact, that's an advantage, since it'll get him even more aroused. You're both dedicated to serving and servicing his cock, and this is just one more way to do that."

"I was thinking that too, but hearing you say it makes me feel much better. You're such a great help. But you don't think it'll warp Angel's sexual development?"

"Hell no! Women kiss each other on the lips all the time when they're really good friends or family. I would kiss you on the lips every day just as a greeting, except that you've been so conservative. Think about some of our friends, like Juliana or Brenda. They kiss me and each other on the lips sometimes to say hello or good-bye. Everyone just avoids kissing you like that because it's obvious that would make you uncomfortable. But it's extremely common among women; it's just being friendly."

Suzanne had picked two women that Susan knew who were particularly busty and beautiful. Somehow, she knew those attributes would help.

Susan asked, "Really? I kind of thought so, but I wasn't sure. Do Juliana and Brenda even have prolonged kisses and roll their tongues around inside each other's mouths when you kiss them?"

"Sure. Why wouldn't they? That's how women usually do it."

"If that's so, then why didn't you kiss Brenda like that when she came over to play cards the other day?"

"Friends like Brenda avoid doing those longer kisses when you're around, 'cos they know how frigid, um, I mean, uh, conservative you are. Or have been, anyway."

Susan was getting increasingly horny again, which led her to say, "But Brenda has such big boobs!" even though that had nothing to do with kissing. She imagined feeling up Brenda's boobs as she gave her a welcoming kiss on the lips with a lot of tongue action. She rubbed her own bare boobs more overtly, just as if she was feeling up Brenda.

"Yes she does," Suzanne replied, a bit confused that there was any connection. "But the point is, just because women, even big-boobed women, kiss like that, that doesn't mean they're lesbian. It just means social norms are different for women, depending on their upbringing. Just like if you go to a Muslim country like Turkey, you'll see guys hugging each other and holding each other's hands as they walk down the street. That doesn't mean they're gay; they just have different ways of expressing friendliness."

While Suzanne was being factual about Turkish guys holding hands from having been there on vacation and seeing it, she was making up the part about their friends doing any more than lightly kissing each other on the mouth. But she was ready to say just about anything in the hopes that it would get Susan to kiss her deeply, and soon.

Susan asked, "But am I really that frigid? I'm sorry about that. It's funny how someone like Brenda would be so shocked at what I'm doing with Tiger even while she thinks I'm frigid for not French kissing her."

"I'm the one who should be sorry for calling you frigid," Suzanne said apologetically (although in her mind that came out as "accidentally on purpose"). "You're far from frigid these days, obviously. You've been a real trooper helping out with your son's needs lately. But there still are consequences from your small-town upbringing, even after all these years. Like the fact that you don't even know how women kiss here in Southern California."

The idea of Susan being frigid seemed positively ridiculous, given the way she was fondling her bare chest at that moment, not to mention her wholehearted recent devotion to cocksucking. But Suzanne realized that there was still a part of Susan that was very moralistic and highly religious. Susan really did consider any lesbian activity as something beyond the pale and expressly forbidden by God. Suzanne knew that what she planned next was a very big, pivotal step. She took her hand away from her own crotch to take another swig from a bottle of water.

She said, "You know, you've made a lot of progress, and I think you'd agree that your life is much the better for it. But you could stand to loosen up a bit more. You still have a phobia about physical contact. Relax. Try kissing another woman. We're in the very open minded, very liberal California, even if this is suburban Orange County. Everybody does it; it's no big deal."

She paused, and then added significantly, "You know, it's just a matter of time before a situation arises just like what happened to you and Angel this morning, except that you and I will be the only ones there to help Tiger in his time of real need. In fact, I'll bet it'll be only a matter of days before he has us French kissing each other. So we should get used to it so we can wow him when the time comes."

Susan clutched at her chest, as she often did in nervous situations. "My goodness! Knowing him, he might even insist on seeing that when he comes home from school today!"

"You're probably right. We should be ready to handle it."

Susan was thoughtful now, and nervous. Her heart was pounding wildly because she knew what was coming next. She said, "Thanks for your patience. I know I've been tough on you, like when I've gone to the beach all covered up and with an umbrella to boot. But I'm trying to change; really I am. Let me... Let us... try kissing. On the lips. If that's what the others do, I want to be one of the gang too."

Susan was already sitting close to Suzanne, but she brought her face even closer. They stared right into each other's eyes. Susan's nervousness doubled. Even the normally cool Suzanne found her heart pounding with nervous anticipation.

Suzanne was also understandably delighted. We're going to really kiss? Damn, why didn't I try this line of argument years ago? I've desired her for YEARS.

Actually, upon reflection, had it not been for these weeks of her sexual awakening with Sweetie, she would never have agreed to this. She's mostly straight, so he's gotta take the lead and I still have to bring her along bit by bit. Gotta keep my cool and not go too far. I don't want another reversion to prudesville.

On the outside, the wily redhead remained calm. "Okay, that would be great. Like I said, it's just a sign of affection, especially when women greet. Just stand up and I'll kiss you, like you did with Angel earlier."

Suzanne kissed Susan once on one cheek. Then she kissed her on the other one. "See? It's easy. I rarely see you doing even this much with another woman. Give it a try."

Susan kissed Suzanne's cheeks, several times. That went well, after which she felt less nervous. However, she looked down at her chest and said, "Um, maybe I should put my top back on?"

"Are you kidding me? If we're in a sexy situation with your son where he's making us kiss each other to give him visual stimulation, what are the odds you'll be wearing much - or anything - in the way of clothes?"

Susan giggled nervously. "Good point."

Susan and Suzanne face to face, as if about to kiss

But then they paused for a painfully long time. Each again stared into the other's eyes with trepidation. Suzanne was well aware that what would happen next was a big step that would permanently change their relationship. Even Susan in her erotic fog had a sense that this might be the case.

"I don't know..." Susan said doubtfully. "Is this really ... proper?" Her mouth was no more than two inches from Suzanne's and getting closer.

Suzanne answered encouragingly, "Sure it is. There's nothing to it." Their mouths continued to draw nearer ever so slowly, but the movement was unstoppable, like two magnets being pulled together. Their kisses so far hadn't been much, but in getting in position for a full kiss on the lips, Suzanne embraced Susan front to front, and that drove their remarkable racks together.

Susan felt her breasts pressing against Suzanne's, which made her suddenly pull away. She blushed deeper and said, "I feel awkward... I mean, I'm not even wearing a top, but you are..."

"Oh, you're right!" Suzanne said with apparent dismay, and then whipped off her own top. "There - that's better. Now we're even."

That wasn't what Susan had been thinking, but it just served to arouse her even more. She leaned forward and let her breasts mash against Suzanne's once again, this time with no clothing between them.

Still wanting to delay the big kiss, Susan asked, "Um, when you're kissing a buxom woman like Brenda or Juliana, I mean..." She looked down at all their tit-flesh pressing together.

Suzanne joked, "How do we kiss with so much boob in the way?"

Susan laughed nervously again. "Yes. I mean, what's the protocol there?"

"Susan, stop being so prudish. Delight in your ample endowment. Remember who will be watching, and imagine how hot and stiff his cock will be in your hands and mouth after he sees our big tits pressing together. Here, try rubbing yours around in circles against mine, and make it look sexy. Instead of worrying 'Is this proper?' you should be worrying 'What will this do to my son's powerful cock?'"

Both of them began gyrating against each other.

Susan's breasts were so sensitive that all the rubbing practically felt as great to her as a titfuck, and that was very great indeed. Suddenly her arousal level soared off the charts, which gave her the courage to go through with the kiss.

Their lips finally met. Suzanne initiated the kiss, kissing Susan on the lips while both of them kept their mouths closed.

Susan and Suzanne in a deep 'soul' kiss, rack to rack naked

That much contact seemed to overwhelm Susan a bit, causing her to pull back.

Again, for a minute, they both just stared into the other's eyes, as if in disbelief of what they were doing.

Susan was passive, letting Suzanne do what she wanted but making no active movements herself. She acted like someone in a complete daze. Deep down, she'd always been secretly somewhat in lust with Suzanne, if only because Suzanne was so gorgeous that no one of either sex could resist her sexual appeal. So this kiss was even more momentous and exciting for her than the kisses with her daughter had been earlier that morning.

Eventually, Suzanne couldn't take the tension anymore. She planted her mouth decisively over Susan's and held on. With her hands on the back of Susan's head, she held her friend's head in place and kissed her firmly on the lips. She should have been more gradual but she just couldn't wait any longer, so she impatiently stuck her tongue into Susan's mouth and began exploring.

Their French kiss gradually heated up. Slowly but surely Susan responded in kind, after which Suzanne dropped her hands to her friend's shoulders. Their kiss went on for about a minute. Suzanne made sure to keep subtly rubbing her tits against Susan's, positioned herself for direct nipple-to-nipple contact. She knew that direct breast stimulation did wonders for Susan, and that the more aroused Susan was, the quicker her reservations would fade.

When the kiss finally ended, Suzanne pulled her head back a bit but kept her rack mashed against Susan's. "There. That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Susan was even more stunned than before. She was amazed by just how much she'd liked kissing her best friend so intimately.

Seeing a positive response, Suzanne suggested, "That's a good start. But to be ready for our man, we need to practice some more." She initiated another kiss.

This kiss made Susan's earlier one with Katherine feel like child's play, because on some deep level Susan had been desirous of her best friend's incredible body for ages, and of course Suzanne had been longing for Susan. Now both of their long-held, long-forbidden desires were being realized through the kiss. It was much more than electric. Both of them had to stop and catch their breath.

Finally after recovering a bit (but remaining in a tight embrace), Susan asked, "Women really greet each other like that? Isn't that kind of... sexual?" That was a gross understatement, but she was still in a heavy sexual fog. She had been so constantly aroused lately that she had a hard time sorting out the causes.

Suzanne chose to answer only her first question. "Sure. All the time. You know, maybe there is a little bit of passion in it, but the fact is we live in a society where the men make the rules. And a man, especially a powerful man with a powerful cock like your son, prefers a little bit of a sexual charge between his women. So this is considered very acceptable even while men in our society are too chicken to hold each other's hands. Imagine two guys French kissing each other just to say hello! Totally absurd. But that's how our American society is. Double standards."

"Yeah. I guess. Funny how that works." Susan was still reeling. The lightness of their conversation didn't match the heartfelt intensity of the kisses, or even the exciting way their bodies were still touching.

But Suzanne knew exactly how to press Susan's buttons. Playing on her friend's naturally submissive nature, she added, "Yeah, it's funny. But if a dominant man like Alan wants to see his big-titted women kiss and rub their chests together, what can we do but obey and play it up to get his dick extra stiff and hard? Don't you agree?"

"Oh YES!" Suddenly, Susan was so hot to trot that she didn't know whether she was coming or going. She imagined Alan was watching them, so she wanted to give him the best show imaginable.

It didn't help her concentration that Suzanne's face was still inches from hers own and their boobs were still pressed into each other.

"In fact, given how much he loves big tits, we should probably spend some time just practicing rubbing our racks together so we can get really good at it." Suzanne surreptitiously rubbed her own boobs in slow circles against Susan's, as if she was constantly adjusting her posture, trying to find the best grip for her hug. She purred, "Imagine he's watching us right now, staring at our heaving racks..."

"Yes! His eyes are on me... on us..." Susan's rock-hard nipples frequently brushed against Suzanne's. Because Susan's nipples were so very sensitive, she could hardly cope with the deliciously delightful feeling this caused. She loved it and all their soft flesh-on-flesh contact, possibly even more than she did the kiss.

Suzanne suggested, "Next time we meet, let's greet with a kiss like other California women do. It'll feel more normal the more we do it."

"Yeah!" Susan agreed. "And when my Tiger sees that, he'll get so hard that he'll shoot big loads down BOTH our throats!"

Suzanne chuckled. "Yep. Why don't we practice it again?"

But Susan was worried about her raging desire, feeling that she might spin out of control. "Maybe later. I'm still recovering from that one."

Suzanne decided not to push it. After all, they had all day together, since she wasn't planning on going anywhere until the kids got home. "Okay, but next time one of us comes into the room, we'll practice our greeting kisses. Just like Brenda and I really do it. Okay?"

"Okay." Susan was so sexually overheated that she was just relieved to have Suzanne's body pull away from her own momentarily. It was like stepping away from an open furnace.

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