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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
California Girls
Day 58: Tuesday, November 12

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan knew that Heather was going to be trouble pretty much from the minute he arrived at school. As he was walking alone across a field to get to his locker and then his first-period class, she swung into step alongside him and asked point blank, "So, where's my reward? Am I going to get my reward today?"

He knew exactly what she meant: she felt like he needed to fuck her right away as a reward for her passing her STD test and giving him the results so quickly. But he played dumb, asking, "What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. My reward. My fucking reward. Literally!" She stopped, forcing him to stop too. "Look around. There's no one within 50 yards of us, so I'm going to talk frankly. You gave me three demands. I fulfilled them all, right away. I even went to great lengths to secure a private room right here at school. So are we gonna use it today, or what?"

"Lunch? I'm busy." While he thought about adding to his response, he gave her a good looking over. She was wearing a black miniskirt and a short, tight top that showed off her belly button and lots of cleavage. It was just shy of being scandalous, and not for the first time he wondered how she got away with wearing such outfits at school.

He said, "I've gotta speak to Ms. Rhymer about a few things, and I've got to do more of that special painting task."

"Pussy painting."

He slapped his forehead. "Could you be a little more discreet? Sheesh. You never know who could be listening in a place like this." He resumed walking. "Anyway, lunch is out. I'm busy after school too. Maybe tomorrow."

She hurried to catch up to him. "'Maybe tomorrow?' What kind of fucking ingrate are you? I did all that for you, and I even paid extra to get the test results back immediately, and you blow me off like that? Who do you think I am? And even more to the point, who the fuck do you think you are?"

"Sorry." He again was distracted by her sexy clothes. Is she wearing a bra? Hard to tell. But dang, her boobs sure are bouncing around freely when she walks! He attempted to focus and follow Suzanne's advice about playing hard to get with Heather. "Look. It's cool, the things you did. And getting the room. Cool. But the whole world doesn't stop rotating on its axis just so you can get what you want right away. Things take time. Lots of other things are going on. I said tomorrow, maybe."


He shrugged. He wondered if he was overdoing it by acting so indifferent. The prospect of fucking her sounded really, really good, and he had to admit that she did deserve some kind of reward.

Heather stopped and huffed, letting him walk ahead. Fucking... fucker! I hate him! Who does he think he is, treating ME like that? I oughta crush him like a grape, just to remind him who he's dealing with. I'm so fucking MAD!

She stomped her foot in the grass several times, venting her frustration. But then she told herself, No. Don't get mad; get even. Which in this case means I'm gonna get royally fucked! Where there's a will, there's a way. That's what I always say.

She put on her thinking cap and started to scheme on how to get what she wanted, today - none of this "tomorrow" crap.


When Alan sat down in his first-period class, in his regular seat at the front of the room, Christine was standing by the desk next to his, as usual. There were still a few minutes before the bell rang.

His first thought upon seeing her was, The fates or the gods must really like me. Dang! Today must be my lucky day, again! It's a Wonder Woman T-shirt day!

Sure enough, Christine was wearing her Wonder Woman T-shirt. Alan liked it because it was the most revealing thing she wore at school. She had worn and washed it so frequently that he could see the outline of her bra when the lighting was just right. It also fit her really snugly, unlike most of her clothing which was far more concealing, allowing him to appreciate the size and shape of her fantastic breasts.

What he didn't realize was that she had long noticed his extra interest whenever she wore that particular T-shirt. After their beach trip the day before and their most recent practice date, her desire to capture his interest had escalated markedly. Thus her wearing that shirt the next day was hardly a coincidence.

He didn't comment about the shirt, since he didn't want to deter her from wearing it often. Instead, they just made small talk as they waited for the other students to file in.

Naturally, their beach trip of the day before was on both their minds. Alan started things off by saying, "Hey, I just wanted to say I had a really nice time with you at the beach yesterday."

"Me too," she replied happily. "Since then, I've been thinking about what you said: about how I'm too driven."

"Hold on. I never said that. I think it's great that you're so driven. You seriously inspire me to try harder myself. I was just making the point that it's good to sometimes take the time to 'waste time' as well. Happiness is a good thing in and of itself, and it prevents you from burning out."

She nodded. "I agree completely. I need to spend more time on my social life. Luckily, I have you to help me out."

He made a playful little bow in his seat. "At your service, my lady."

She smiled widely at that. "So... when are we going to go to the beach again?"

"Again?" That surprised him.

"Sure. After all, I did kind of promise you I'd wear a bikini, and I chickened out on that. So I'm definitely going to have to wear one next time. I guess I'll have to go out and buy a new one, to be fashionable. Or maybe something more exotic. Any suggestions?"


He was temporarily speechless as he pictured Christine in a sexy, revealing bikini. Then her "something more exotic" comment registered fully and his imagination went into overdrive. He thought back to Susan's slingshot-styled bathing suit when she'd role-played being Christine a day earlier, and then he pictured the real Christine in that same suit. Since it was his fantasy, he inflated her breasts to an even larger, Brenda-esque size. He stared into space with wide eyes.

Christine was so delighted by his wowed expression that she had to suppress the urge to chuckle out loud. She teased, "Someone seems to like the bikini idea!"

"Too much!" he exclaimed quietly.

That was actually more accurate than she realized. He had resolved to keep their relationship platonic, and seeing her at the beach in a bikini would be a severe test of his willpower, especially after the way they'd gotten so touchy-feely applying suntan lotion on each other their prior time at the beach. He made a snap decision to avoid another beach trip with her, at least for the time being, so as to not put himself in such a risky situation.

Sensing that their limited time before the bell was running out, she abruptly switched topics so she could discuss something that was nagging at her. "So. I saw you talking to Heather in the hall recently. And then today, just a few minutes ago, I saw you talking to her again. Are you becoming friends with her or something?"

He scoffed, "Hardly."

He sighed inwardly. Jesus H. Christ. Christine is like a bloodhound. She sniffs out everything. What am I gonna tell her?

Christine asked, "She seemed kind of upset about something. What was that all about?"

He thought quickly. "Yeah. I know this isn't exactly going to shock you, but she can be a real bitch sometimes. All of a sudden she wants my help to do a bunch of volunteer stuff for the cheerleading squad. She acts like it's my responsibility just because my sister's on the squad. She's just looking for suckers. I told her 'No', and she's not too happy about that."

That satisfied Christine, since it fit in so well with her understanding of Heather's personality. She even smiled to hear that he was standing up to Heather. Then the bell rang, cutting off any further questions she might have had, giving her only time to say, "Good luck dealing with her."


Alan thought he might be out of the woods with Heather, at least for a while. But as soon as he reached his second-period classroom, Heather was there to intercept him, before he could even get through the door.

Christine happened to be with him, since they walked to most of their classes together. Alan just sighed and gave her a look, as if to say, "Heather won't stop or leave me alone."

Christine gave him a sympathetic nod of understanding and walked on into the classroom. Yet she lingered by the door so she could still hear him when he asked Heather in an exasperated tone, "What now?"

Heather was no fool; she certainly didn't want Christine snooping around and eavesdropping on her business. Once Christine was out of hearing range and out of sight, Heather said quietly, "Come with me."

Alan stood his ground. "I'm not just coming with you. Tell me what this is about first."

"Come with me," she insisted. "Trust me."

Sighing, he started to follow her through the hallway crowd. He muttered to himself, "Trust me." Yeah, right. I'd trust her as far as I can throw her. She's up to something, for sure. I'll bet it has to do with her so-called "reward." Which I never promised, even if she seems to think I somehow did.

It soon became clear to him that they were heading to the theater room. It was out of the way, in a little-used part of the school, so there was no other reason to be headed in that direction.

Heather walked ahead with a purpose. Her very revealing miniskirt showed more leg than even the skirt of the cheerleader uniform. She was determined to get Alan to fuck her today, and her clothes were a part of that plan. She walked in front of him, swaying from side to side, knowing full well that his eyes would be glued to her undulating ass and smartly stepping legs.

She was right about that. He was annoyed at his response. He didn't want to get aroused, but his dick couldn't help but rise in response to the sight of Heather's fantastic, firm ass, and her tanned, muscular legs strutting right in front of him. Despite himself, and as she'd planned, he couldn't stop thinking about how good it would feel to spread her fantastic tanned legs and drill her hard.

Alan didn't wear a watch, but he had a good sense of the time between classes from having lived with that five-minute inter-class interval for so many years. As they walked further from the main school building, he said, "We might as well stop here. I've got like a minute at best before I have to head back to class. So say your spiel and fast, since this is private enough for whatever it is you've got to say to me."

She just kept on walking. "Trust me. I'm not going to make you late. Trust me."

He groused, "Would you stop saying that? I know you're taking me to the theater room, but I don't have time to go in there."

But Heather still kept walking. They were almost to the theater room, and her first goal was simply to get him inside by any means necessary. Once he was alone in there with her, she was sure she'd get the vigorous fucking she so craved.

Alan was just as determined not to go into that room. Although it was hard to resist the chance to fuck her luscious, hard body, he didn't want her to conclude that she could manipulate him so easily. So when they reached the door to the theater room, he stopped and said, "Don't bother opening the door. I'm not going in. Not until you tell me what this is all about. Actually, there's no time. I need to turn around right now if I'm going to get to class on time." He started to turn back.

Heather put a hand on his shoulder to restrain him. "Wait! That's not an issue. I got you a pass." She pulled a scrap of paper out of a hidden pocket that her clothing had concealed and handed it to him.

He looked at it. Sure enough, it was a pass excusing him for the entire second period. He held it up and complained, "How did you get this?"

She gloated, "It's all about who you know and making a good impression. I can get as many of these as I like. Blanks."

He started to turn around again. "That's nice. But I've got a class to go to. I'm probably already gonna be late."

"Don't bother. I spoke to your teacher; that's why I was coming out of your classroom when you were heading in. Everything's arranged, and if you try to mess it up, you'll open up a can of worms for yourself."

Alan was steamed by that. He crumpled the pass in his hand and shook his fist. "Heather! You're such a fucking BITCH! I didn't want you to do that!" XX01

"Why not? You're telling me that you'd rather sit in some boring class than have some of this?" She raised the hem of her miniskirt, exposing her pussy to his gaze.

He was astounded that she wasn't wearing any panties. Despite his anger, his dick was suddenly ramrod stiff. No matter how he felt about her personally, his sudden erection wasn't about to go down anytime soon after that little display. But he tried to ignore that part of his body. "Yes! Yes, I would. For one thing, I LIKE school. I like learning. I wanna be somebody someday, and that means I have to do well at school. Even if I could get a bunch of blank passes, like you have, I wouldn't use them."

He continued, building a full head of steam. "Furthermore, I really resent YOU pushing me around! Who gave you the right to decide I wasn't going to that class today? You think you're so great, but you're just a... a pile of dog shit, as far as I'm concerned! That was a rotten move. You think I'm gonna give you your reward today? HA! I wouldn't fuck your skanky cunt today if you were the last girl on Earth, not after that stunt!"

She appeared contrite. "Look. I'm sorry. But I checked with your teacher, Mister What's-His-Name, and you're not doing anything important today anyway." She put a hand on the door handle. "But we don't want to make a scene out here. Come inside and we'll talk about it."

"Yeah, right! You'd like that, wouldn't you? You're like a spider trying to lead me into your web. There's no way in Hell you're gonna get me in there! And just look at you!"

He took a step closer, so he was in her personal space. "Good grief, look at your slutty clothes. How do you get away with dressing like this?" He ran a hand over her top and her miniskirt. He was trying not to touch her privates, but it was difficult because her clothes didn't cover much else.

"And look at this slutty body. You think you can get anyone to do what you want just because you're a stone fox. Well, I have news for you. You're not all that. You're not so great."

He ran his hand up to her rack and gave her left tit an aggressive squeeze. "Like these tits. Fake! All fake. Just like the rest of you!"

She protested, "Now, hold on. For one thing, my breasts are only slightly augmented."

Before she could say more, he shouted, "Shut up! Slut, I'm really pissed at you. Don't you get that?! How could anyone who looks this good on the outside be so mean and ugly on the inside?" He was just as horny as he was mad, so even as he talked his hand continued to wander all over her body.


In fact, he brought his other hand into play, using it to flip up her skirt, briefly exposing her pussy again before the skirt fell back into place. He ran his fingers up and down her wet labia. "And look at you. No panties. Are you even wearing a bra?"

She didn't answer, but just stood there stone-faced.

So he pulled her top up, all the way to her underarms, leaving her tits completely exposed. "A-ha! You're not! I should have known! You're such a fucking slut!"

She could sense that his lust was getting the better of him, even though he didn't seem to realize it himself just yet. His examination of her body was turning increasingly sexual, and she wanted to further that along. So she took the hand that had checked her labia and brought it back to her pussy. Her tight miniskirt remained hiked up a few inches above her clit, so she pulled his fingers to her slit.

She purred, "I am! I'm a slut; I admit it! Feel how wet I am for you."

He poked two fingers into her gash, probing around inside. Meanwhile, his other hand migrated from her boobs down to her ass. He kneaded her ass cheeks, causing her miniskirt to raise up in back as well.

She knew better than he did how his lust was ramping out of control, and she knew she'd have him if she could distract him from coming to his senses for just a little longer. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him in close. But she was careful not to do anything too startling, such as grabbing his boner, which might make him realize fully where his "examination" was going.

He continued to complain loudly, "You're soaked! And you smell like raw sex. Don't you have any shame? Any self-respect? Look at you. I've got you half-naked out in public, in school, and you're not even blushing!"

She spoke in a sexy purr while running her hands all over his chest. "That's because you've got me so horny. How can I even think, when you're digging into my cunt like that? Alan, I was wrong! Thinking of you as a mere nerd. You're a stud!"

She took a step back, but she was careful not to disengage from the hands that were still fondling her ass and pussy. "I have no shame being half-naked. In fact, the problem is that I'm not completely naked!" She unzipped her miniskirt and let it fall to the ground. Then she did the same to her top.

"SLUT!" Alan roared. "Fucking slut bitch!" Wrapping an arm around her backside, he pulled her in close for a nuclear kiss. His other hand kept on aggressively pumping her cunt.

As their tongues dueled for the first time that day, he started to think about where things were headed. What am I doing?! She's hoodwinked me again. I'm seriously pissed, but somehow I'm overwhelmingly horny too. I just can't help myself. Good God, she's got such a fucking hot body!

Look what we're doing, standing out here in plain sight. It's like I can't stop fingering her tight cunt! This is exactly like what happened in the parking lot last time! Although I've gotta admit it's not nearly so dangerous, because nobody ever comes around here, especially during classes. Maybe some janitor might stumble by...

Wait. Classes... Oh my God! Classes?! I should be in class right now. She tricked me, again! Motherfucking BITCH!

As if it wasn't obvious enough that things had spun out of control, he suddenly realized that she had a hand inside his shorts that was vigorously jacking him off.

He thought, Fuck me! I can't help myself! I should get her to stop, but it's like my body is on autopilot. I just can't stop squeezing this juicy ass or pumping her hot cunt! But I'm not gonna let her win. I'm not gonna go into that damn theater room, or fuck her, 'cos that what she wants.

He knew his resolve on that was rather weak, since she clearly was already manipulating him successfully. Her erotic moaning not only showed how pleased she was; it also helped raise the fire of his lust until it was a raging inferno. He was already out of control, and he finally realized it.

He stood by helplessly as she pulled his shorts down his thighs to get better access to his cock and balls. Now that she knew she had him where she wanted him, she no longer kept an arm around his backside to hold him in place. Instead, her hands went straight for his cock. She pumped and teased with all ten digits to make sure he stayed too horny to resist her advances. She was almost certain that in just a matter of seconds she would be lying on a prop couch in the theater room getting royally fucked.

She thought, So fucking hot! Alan is a moron. He'd rather be in class than doing this? I love how he's pumping my cunt! I love it! Doing it out here in the open, it's almost as good as getting seriously fucked! Which is just about to happen, incidentally. HA! And he can't resist my ass, my perfect ass. Nobody can! Even a tit-fiend like him can't let go long enough to play with my tits!

I love it that he's got me buck naked. He doesn't care! He's nothing like limp-dicked Rock. Rock would never allow this, the chicken-shit loser! I'm with a REAL man now, so go suck your own balls, Rock!

Alan's heart was pounding unbelievably hard. He felt like he was Dr. Bruce Banner turning into the Incredible Hulk, but Alan was becoming super horny rather than super strong. He wasn't simply kissing Heather's lips; he was so passionate that she was forgetting to breathe. That left her gasping for oxygen, but his kissing felt so awesome that she couldn't stop to catch her breath. And he was no longer just fingering her pussy: her hips were gyrating around while she was bouncing up and down on her heels, basically fucking herself on his hand. By this time her cum was flowing down his wrist and dripping onto the floor.

After another minute or two, Heather knew that if they kept it up much longer, she'd cum hard. There was no problem with that except that she wanted him in the theater room. Cumming could complicate that, because she doubted she'd be able to remain standing afterwards, much less capable of dragging him along. So even though it was very difficult to pause, she managed to disengage. Then she reached for her discarded clothes to retrieve the theater room's key.

Alan was so far gone that he was seeing the world through a pulsing red haze. He felt virile enough to punch his fist through a wall or even lift a car, or so he thought. Needless to say, he wanted more - a lot more - but he found himself simply standing there. He asked, bewildered, "What are you doing?"

She said while wiggling her bare ass at him, "Just a sec. I've gotta open the door."

That reignited his anger. "Oh, no you don't! I am NOT going in that room!"

She just chuckled at that as she fumbled for the key.

That only infuriated him more. He suddenly grabbed her bare hips with both hands and yanked her backward to the ground, letting go of her as she fell.

She landed hard on her ass. "Owww! That hurt! Why'd you do that?" She sat up with a hurt, offended expression.

He made fists in the air. He found it hard to talk, he was panting so hard. "Listen! I'm... I'm not gonna... Not gonna fall for that. I told you, no fucking today! Won't... let you... win!"

"Oh, really?" She loved a good challenge. She hadn't really been hurt by the fall, so she flashed him a sultry look while spreading her legs wide. Then she pulled her pussy lips open with her fingers, causing yet more of her juices to gush forth. Her voice was husky and almost feral. "Want some of this?"

The pheromones in her copious lube were overwhelming. He raged, "You know I do, but I'm gonna fuck your face instead!" He held his erection straight out. "Open your mouth and say 'Aaaah."

They were in a standoff. She wanted to get fucked. If not in the theater room, she was willing to get pounded right where she sat. She didn't care about the exposed location because she felt she was invulnerable. Besides, she never got caught. Although the hard floor would be more than a little uncomfortable, her fuck need drove her on.

However, Alan just stood there above her, glowering and offering his hard-on expectantly. Clearly, he wasn't about to move. His unusually engorged cock, pulsing red with his anger and need, was calling to her like a siren song. She reminded herself that she hated blowjobs, but she found his defiant pose strangely irresistible.


The moment dragged on. All was silent but for the sound of distant activity. Neither of them seemed willing to budge. Then, in a flash, Heather was up on her knees with his cock in her hand. She looked up and said with spitting resentment, "Fucking BASTARD!" Then she opened her jaw widely and engulfed his erection as deep as she could manage.


He didn't waste time, not even to briefly savor the moment. He had a need to fuck her face like he had a need to breathe, and he wasn't going to be delicate or considerate about it. He held the sides of her head and immediately started fucking her mouth just like it was a cunt.

Happily for him, she seemed to be as into it as he was. She didn't just sit there and let him use her; she did her best to suck tightly on his rod even though that was no easy task, due to how fast his shaft was sliding past her lips.

Thanks mostly to Suzanne's advice, Alan understood that when it came to Heather, the best defense was a good offense. But what he still didn't fully realize was how strongly she reacted on a sexual level to aggressiveness. Something snapped inside her when she saw him towering above her, presenting his cock and demanding that she suck it. She forgot all about luring him into the theater room to get fucked, instead devoting all her energy to sucking his cock as best she could.

As it happened, there wasn't much she could do other than hold on for dear life. The minutes passed, but his anger at her presumption didn't lessen, so his energy didn't fade either. He just kept on fucking her face like he was pounding quickly into a tight cunt.

He was so vigorous that she had to be careful not to choke or gag. In his lust-frenzy, he wasn't paying attention to how deeply he was penetrating her mouth. And with his hands tightly holding the sides of her head, she had little ability to control what he was doing. He repeatedly thrust so deeply that he triggered her gag reflex. She had no deep throating ability, let alone any meaningful previous experience with cocksucking, so she had to concentrate with all her might on breathing and not gagging.

But the more she struggled, the more she loved it. This was a man who just didn't give a fuck, who was using her like the "cum dump" he'd called her in their past encounters. That turned her on so much that even as she was barely coping with gagging and breathing, she wished she could swallow him down to the root because she loved his cock so very much.

Merely getting enough air was a problem for him too. He felt like he was running a race, even though in reality he was standing still. As a result, he wasn't able to say much. But his anger was such that every now and then he would shout out short phrases like "Take it!" or "Fuckin' bitch!", or mean things like "You cunt!" or "Slut trash!" But he wasn't doing those things because he knew she liked it; it was because his conscious control over his thoughts and his mouth had disappeared so completely that he was just spouting whatever happened to pop into his head.

Even so, Heather responded just as enthusiastically as she had previously. She found herself thinking, I am a cunt! His cunt! Two, actually, 'cos he's fucking my mouth-cunt! FUCK ME!

But, like Alan, she was so far gone that she was focused on the moment, unable to think much. And, like him, even though all the action seemed to be concentrated in one spot, she felt like her entire body was on fire. She wouldn't have been surprised to find that her skin was red as if from a bad sunburn, because that's how hot she felt all over. She tingled so much everywhere that it seemed her entire body was one huge erogenous zone.

After a few minutes of such frantic thrusting, Alan began to run out of steam. He was still fully engaged mentally, but he simply couldn't maintain that pace for long, just as one couldn't sprint for an entire mile.

However, Heather didn't mind his slowing down, because that allowed her to speed up her effort. Up to that point, her head had been held in place by his hands. But as his fucking flagged, she started lunging her head back and forth, carrying his hands along with her head. As a result, his pole slid back and forth in her lips just as fast as before, but now her blonde ponytail was flying around wildly from her own movements.

As time passed, he was forced to focus more and more on his struggle not to cum. He had to rhythmically flex his PC muscle continuously, which wasn't easy. It was much like fighting a desperate urge to pee. He was so close to the edge that sometimes he squirted out a little real cum and not just pre-cum. Although his struggle wasn't pleasant, the pleasure he was feeling from Heather's sliding lips more than made up for it. He absolutely hated to cum, especially during a great time like this, because he knew that would cause all the pleasure to suddenly end.

As a result, his back-and-forth thrusting finally came to a stop. But Heather had been making up the difference for quite a while, so when he stopped she went all out, picking up the slack, bobbing frantically to keep her "face fuck" feeling going. She too was getting tired, but she felt compelled to pleasure Alan's cock the best she could.

Although she had always hated giving blowjobs to other guys, with Alan she felt like she couldn't get enough of sucking him off. She loved how thick he was. Heather was the kind of person who bored easily, who was always looking for the next challenge. If cocksucking him had been comfortable and easy, she would have grown bored of that too. Instead it was a constant struggle, like flailing in deep water while barely being able to swim. Even though she was the one now setting the pace, along with the depth of his penetration, she continued to take him in so deep that she was right on the edge of gagging and choking. Taking a break simply wasn't an option, not with the challenge of all that delicious cock-meat in her mouth. She wanted to triumph, so for her the only way out was to get him to cum; all her efforts were focused on that goal. Her tongue didn't really get involved much, but there was little it could do while his cockhead was pounding in and out between her lips so rapidly and relentlessly.

Alan was only human. Since neither of them considered taking a break, his demise was certain. That end came unexpectedly. He had continued to work his PC muscle as best he could, but suddenly that wasn't good enough and he began to squirt his load.

Heather was so focused on her fast head bobbing and everything else that she hadn't even touched herself since their face fuck began. But when she felt his spermy cream coat the back of her throat, she reached down and squeezed her clit. That set her off with an orgasmic explosion that literally curled her toes. She opened her eyes wide in surprise, but the rush was so intense that she briefly saw nothing at all. However, she most definitely felt his cock in her mouth, with an excruciatingly hypersensitive level of detail that was almost mind-blowing in and of itself.

She held herself frozen in place, trembling with euphoria as rope after rope of his hot, sweet cum blasted into her mouth. But after a few seconds, she managed to recover enough to resume her bobbing on his cock. Once again her ponytail flew in every direction as she attempted to suck every last drop of his tasty cum from his rod.

Moments later it was clear that he had run dry. But she was in denial; she was enjoying it too much to stop immediately. So she kept on bobbing as his dick slowly went flaccid. Finally she could deny reality no more, so she pulled her lips off his now limp pussy-pleaser.

She sat back on the ground and muttered, "DAMN!"

He had been standing the entire time, but there was no need for him to still do so. As his legs gave way, he practically collapsed beside her. That put his bare butt on the floor, since his shorts had slipped down around his knees. That didn't bother him much, so he raised himself enough to scoot back and rest against the wall.

While he sat there panting, he took another good look at Heather. She'd gone from sitting to lying down, because she was exhausted also, now that their coupling had ended. Her long blonde hair was splayed out on the floor, on which she was lying, but she was too weak to care.

He thought, Dang! She looks too good, especially with such a great post-orgasmic glow. Fucking hell! Heather always looks hotter than ever right after she's cum, especially when she cums really hard. I think there's some kind of threshold where a girl looks simply too hot to resist. I don't care what her personality is like; no straight male has a chance! So I'm not gonna beat myself up for giving in to my lust once again, because... fuck it. No, better yet, fuck her!

And what's up with the release of sexual tension? Jeeeesus, this feels great! I had no idea it could be so good. I'm still buzzing. That was like the total exhilaration at the peak of an exciting roller coaster ride, but stretched out for, what, five minutes? Ten? Who knows? Time has no meaning when I'm feeling like that. There's nothing to compare. Nothing!

I know she tried to beat me and trick me, but I can't get worked up about it. What we just did felt too damn good!

At least I maintained the upper hand, sorta, by refusing to go into the theater room, and by fucking her face instead of her cunt. But I'm kind of scared of myself too. This seems to happen every time something sexual happens with her. It's like I become Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; I turn into a sadistic beast! "Bad Alan" takes over. I don't like that guy. For one thing, he's a real asshole... But I've gotta admit he sure as hell has a lot of fun!

He calmed his breathing enough to speak without panting. "Heather, that was your reward. Okay? You got a problem with that?"

"No." She still felt weak as a baby kitten as the echoes of her powerful orgasm continued to course through her body. She didn't have the energy to put up her usual spirited resistance.

"Good. Now, I'm gonna go."

"What?!" That announcement roused her, even getting her to sit up. "You can't!"

"Why not?" He was talking of leaving, but he was still too wiped out to actually move.

"We've got the full hour. Think of how much more we can do. For one thing, you still have to fuck me." She considered making a sexy pose, but then she realized that she was doing about as well as she could manage just to be sitting up.

"No I don't. I'm not gonna, not today, because I don't like the way you tricked me. I don't care how many blank passes you have; you can't take me out of class like that. Ever! Just like you can't show up at my house unannounced. In fact, no blindsiding me in any way, period. I have a lot of other really tempting sexual partners. I'm going to cut you some slack here because we're still getting to know each other, and maybe I didn't make things perfectly clear before. But no more of this bullshit!"

Her feisty spirit was starting to return along with her energy. She managed to stumble to her feet in the hopes of striking a sexy pose that would inspire him to keep going. "Okay, fine. But if I'm dropping my boyfriend because of you, I expect something major in return. In case you hadn't noticed yet, I have a powerful sex drive. I need sex! Especially since I'm booting Rock at your request. I expect you to fuck me on a regular basis; you owe me that."

Alan had no idea how to follow that sort of female logic. "What?! Sorry, but you shouldn't expect any such thing. I'm not your boyfriend or anything close to it, nor do I want to be. I'm just a guy. A guy you've had a few hook-ups with. That's it. If something happens, it happens. If it doesn't it doesn't. I don't owe you anything!"

"But what about your three demands that I fulfilled?" She turned around and bent over, leaning against the wall.

"That was just the bare minimum, if I am going to have sex with you at all in the future. And it's not like I was making some kind of outrageous demands, since those were just basic things. Like, say, not passing on some hideous sexual disease. Is that really too much to ask? You expect some kind of great reward because of that? Give me a break! That's for your protection too. IF we have sex again, it'll be because the time is right, the mood is right, and we both feel like it. If you start making demands, I'm just gonna walk away."

She sensed that if she kept pushing him at that moment it would be counter-productive. She had enjoyed the face fuck, which astonished her. That made her even more determined to have more, and more varied, sexual encounters with him. She knew her own attractiveness, so his repeatedly turning her down implied that he probably really did have other tempting women for sexual partners. Any guy who could make a face fuck that arousing for the woman certainly could win a lot of girls. So she figured that his threat was believable, in that if she started making too many sexual demands, he really might just walk away.


She said contritely, "Okay. I get it. My bad. I guess I was overeager. I figured any normal guy would want to play hooky with the school's head cheerleader who is also its most beautiful girl. Apparently, you've got your nerdy priorities. Fine. Next time, we'll talk it over first." She thrust out her ass.

He nodded, letting her snarky "nerdy priorities" comment slide. "Thank you. And that's IF there is a next time." He pulled his shorts back up and looked around. "Good grief. It's crazy that I'm sitting here all sprawled out, and you're like... that! You're not wearing any clothes! Don't you want to put something on?"

"What's the hurry?"

He'd been too out of it to pay close attention, but now he realized just what a sexy stance she was making, bent over lewdly with her ass high in the air. He exclaimed as he stared at her leaky cunt, "Look at you! You're soaking wet!"

She chuckled. "Big surprise there. Wonder why? I'll give you one guess, and it has something to do with what you just did to me."

Despite his exhaustion, he couldn't help but groan lustily.

Encouraged by that groan, she wiggled her ass at him. "Just look at this juicy cunt! Can you imagine how good it would feel to slide your big, thick cock in here? You won, okay? You made your point and you've won. Now, claim your reward! Put me in my place! Put IT in MY place." She churned her ass in a circular motion. "I know you're tired, but I'll do all the work. Let me grind my pussy all over your cock!"

He was tempted, sorely tempted. He could feel his lust returning and his heart starting to pound. However, his penis showed no signs of rebounding so soon after cumming. So, making the best of the situation, he pretended indifference. "No. I told you I'm not gonna fuck you here, and I mean it. I don't reward bad behavior."

She spoke in an extra sultry voice. "Come on. Sometimes, it's good to be bad."

"Nope. Come on; let's go."

She cursed to herself, Dammit! What is WITH this guy?! He drives me crazy! She concluded that she really wasn't going to be able to change his mind before next period, so she turned back around and bent down to pick up her miniskirt. "I guess I will go, if you're really leaving."

"I am."

He left a short time later, after a bit more small talk. Ironically, he did need to have her let him into the theater room after all, but only so he could wash up at the sink that was in the dressing room. He was tempted to spend the entire hour with her, but he knew that if he did that she would conclude that she'd succeeded. He still found it hard to believe that he'd done as much with her as he had, including this latest brazen escapade.


Alan took some time to recover before heading back to his second-period English class. He needed to get over what had happened, as well as to let his body recover enough that he could get back into his regular school mindset. So he went into a restroom where he would not seem out of place, then sat in a stall with the door closed until he had recovered.

Man. Bizarre! I can't believe I'm doing all kinds of sexual stuff right here at school. I mean, not only did this wild thing just happen with Heather, but I'm still gonna see Glory, and then there's the panty painting job too. That's three sexual things in one day - three more than most guys experience ever!

How did this happen to me? I can count the days since I was a virgin, and now everything is coming up sex. God knows I love it, but I can't let it control my life. I especially can't afford to skip class again; that way lies disaster. I'd have great fun and end up dropping out of school. No thanks! In fact, I shouldn't even be dawdling here. Who knows what I'm missing out on in class?

He returned to his second-period class a few minutes later. It was a real come-down. Despite his interest in his studies, the class couldn't hold a candle to the intense sexual adventure that he'd just had with Heather.

Lunchtime finally arrived. That meant two unusual appointments for any student: an orgasm administered by his teacher Glory, and the task of painting the pussy lips of the cheerleader Joy. If my friends only knew he thought, for what seemed to be the millionth time in recent days.

Once the other fourth-period students had all filed out of Glory's classroom, Alan said to her as she sat on the edge of her desk, "Sorry Glory, but I'm sure I can't get it up today. My dick is reaaaally hurting. There's just no way." He was trying to come up with an excuse, so he could get away to help Joy without hurting Glory's feelings.

"I like a good challenge," Glory responded. "Let me see what I can do with it." She grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close until his legs interlocked with hers.

"No, please, really. It's not that I can't get it up; it's just that it hurts too much." Actually he probably could have gotten it up, and it didn't hurt that much, but he was still trying to juggle his sexual "responsibilities." It had also occurred to him that his mother was likely to give his dick a good workout once he got home, since it was a Tuesday, and he didn't want to miss out on that.

"Oh. Bummer." Glory was disappointed. "We've been doing some fun role-plays lately. I was hoping we could do something like that today. And to be completely honest, I've been hoping and longing that I could be with you more than just during these lunches. You say you can't see me after school this week, and your penis is all worn out, probably from overwork. Tell me, young man, am I competing against a whole battalion of women or something?"

"No," he replied, stretching the truth. "It's not like that at all. For one thing, you know I've been grounded. And, okay, obviously you're not the only one. You know that. I do want to spend more time with you too. But it's taboo for you and me to meet outside of school even when I'm not grounded, so our options are really limited."

"Now wait just a minute. Who says we can't meet outside of school? That's a social rule, but rules are meant to be broken." She rubbed her hands against his chest as she talked.

"But if you and I were caught in an intimate position couldn't you lose your job? And what about your boyfriend Garth?"

"Well, there is that. Damn. Don't remind me. I honestly don't care much about him anymore. The thrill is gone. My thrill now, frankly, is with you. He and I are going through a slow process of breaking up. It's a bit messy and slow because we share some sizable possessions."

She added, "However, I don't want to lose my job. Realistically though, we're in more danger of getting caught here at school than somewhere else. If we were elsewhere, someone would have to recognize both of us, and I look pretty different when I'm not all dressed up in as a high-school teacher. Then they still would have to prove it to someone in authority, which they may not want to or be able to do. Whereas anybody in the school administration could walk in here this minute and catch us. You know there are master keys that work every door."

"There are? Oh shit! And that doesn't bother you?"

"It does. But the odds of someone like that coming in here during lunch are pretty small; teachers are generally given their privacy during lunchtime. Unless rumors start spreading, that is. That's one reason I keep my ears to the ground, more than almost anyone. But it probably would be safer to meet outside of school, at least sometimes. What do you think? You could go to the beach, and I could just happen to wind up at the same beach. Wouldn't you like to meet the real 'Surfer Girl' in the flesh?"

"Would I ever! What a great idea. But beaches are crowded and full of people my age."

"Not all beaches are crowded. Besides, everyone at this school just goes to nearby beaches. If you travel a few miles north or south you never see anyone from here. Believe me, I do that all the time, and I know. I could chart it on a graph, the odds of running into someone from here. I'm thinking in particular of a nice nude beach that's quite a ways from here. I surf there a lot and I've never seen even a single soul from this school there. There are big cliff walls which make it really hard to reach from land, and it's really beautiful."

"Sounds great," he said, delighted. "I think I might just 'happen' to go there soon. I can borrow a family car almost any time."

Glory couldn't resist pointing out, "You must be the only kid in a family as wealthy as yours to not have your own car. Why is that, anyway? I forget."

He rolled his eyes. "You know how my mother is deathly afraid of spoiling me. She keeps me on a very tight budget, with very little fancy stuff, to kinda keep me grounded. I can't believe she hasn't even let me get a cell phone yet." He thought how ironic Susan's stance was, given how she was spoiling him lately with the way she was constantly pleasuring his dick.

"I think that's a good attitude for her to take, and it shows. You aren't spoiled rotten, except maybe sexually. But in any case, when can we do it? How about this weekend, or even sooner?"

"Shucks. Can't. I've got a Boy Scouts hiking trip all weekend long where I'm serving as a counselor, cause I'm already an Eagle Scout. And I've also got a ton of homework this week, like I told you already." It was true that he was really falling behind in his homework, but only because he was spending so much time being pleasured at home and elsewhere.


"Young man, I'm starting to think you're trying to avoid me. And don't think I'm not mad at you anyway, no matter what you're doing to my boobs."

As a kind of consolation prize to make up for the fact that he couldn't (or wouldn't) get hard during lunchtime that day, he had started fondling her tits under her blouse.

"No, really. You know how into the Scouts I am. Or at least have been. I'm kind of losing interest now that I'm an Eagle Scout and have discovered women. But what about next weekend?"

"That's too far from now!" she whined.

"But this weekend I have the scouting thing, and we can't really do it after school on a school day, particularly this time of year. It would be really rushed, and probably get pretty cold after sundown. How about we do it the Saturday after next and spend the whole day together on the beach."

"I'd like that," she said, thinking. "Okay. What a busy young man you are. Nearly two weeks from now. I guess I'll have to hold out that long. But I'll have a special surprise for you, so don't come all pooped out like you are today."

"Cool. But just 'cos my dick is pooped out doesn't mean we can't do anything at all today. We can still kiss and stuff. And I'd like to make you happy."

"Young man, you're such a thoughtful lover! I can't believe you're only a high school senior. But don't just kiss me and play with my breasts. Not that I want you to stop, mind you, but there's so much more. You've got a lot more erogenous zones than just your penis. Let me show you a few things."

He replied, "I know some of that already. I've learned a woman has seventeen erogenous zones, so I try to work on them all. When I first started getting blown and stroked, I would just lean back and enjoy it. But now I try to give as good as I get, letting my hands and mouth roam all over those zones."

"You do. That's one reason why I love to suck your cock so much. And I'm sure that helps explain your sudden superstar popularity with the girls. But you're missing out on some of the very best zones! Most importantly, you have yet to lick me down there. Since your penis isn't up for much today, I think it's time for you to work on that, for me."

"But Glory... I'm kind of, I dunno, kind of grossed out. I did it once before a couple of days ago, on Friday in fact, with an Asian woman. She had very sparse hair down there, but ugh! Even so. Pubic hair. Gross." (He didn't want to mention his experience with Katherine and Kim, due to the incest factor.)

"Hey. How many times do you think I've gotten your pubic hair in my nose in the last week alone? You get used to it, and then you learn to love it. As your teacher, it's my obligation to teach you what to do. The female population of this town will love me for it if I do," she said half jokingly. "And if you refuse, then I'm just going to have to spank you instead." She said that part completely seriously. She enjoyed giving and receiving spankings, but especially giving them, and he really did need to learn how to pleasure a woman orally.

He decided that this was as good a day to learn as any. He really didn't want to be a selfish lover, so he determined to 'suck it up'. "Okay. But let's take it slowly, all right? Tell me what to do."

So Glory sat on the table and instructed him on how to please a woman with his tongue. She was an excellent teacher, so learning with her was fun.

Alan wasn't too comfortable with his face down there in her juices and hair, but she cracked a lot of jokes, putting him at ease. He kept telling himself that with all the countless blowjobs and handjobs he'd benefited from, it was the least he could do to perfect this new skill. He said to himself, Come on, man, if there's anyone with a moral obligation to learn how to do this, it's me. It's payback time for all the pleasure I've been given. Come on! So he kept at it.


Because he was so reluctant, he wasn't good at it at all, unlike how he was with some other sexual things. He enjoyed stimulating clits, but he considered them to be in a dangerously hairy zone so didn't do even that as much as his partners would have wished.

It took about five minutes, but he finally did get Glory off. He was greatly aided by the fact that she was already quite aroused before he started. She came mightily, and her pussy juice dripped down his chin as a result. He didn't particularly like all the fluid on himself, but he didn't complain. He did like the musky smell of her pussy though; the vaginal secretions of an aroused female really were the most effective pheromones for a human male. He looked forward to inhaling the stimulating smell of her pussy more in the near future.

Having recovered from her orgasm, Glory said, "Now it's time for your reward, for a lesson learned and job well done. Normally I would have loved to suck you or even deep throat you, but you say you're not up for it. So I'm going to show you just how much pleasure I can give you without touching your overworked penis. Take your shorts off, because I consider your balls and ass fair play. If there are seventeen erogenous zones on a woman, then there must be an equal number on a man, and I'm going to show you all of them right now."

Glory did find virtually all of his sensitive spots. She focused on his nipples, armpits, ears, toes, testicles, perineum, and more, devouring all of him with her mouth like a hungry beast. Her hands were very active as well. Alan felt like she was a giant spider working on him, because it seemed more like she had six arms rather than just two.

Although his penis grew very erect (almost instantly), she kept to her promise not to touch it. At least she didn't touch it with her hands or mouth, but she did let her body rub all over it as she constantly repositioned herself over and around him. She seemed to delight in running her pussy hair over his boner while sliding up and down over him. Probably because she was a natural blonde, she had a soft furry bush, not at all bristly. He decided that, licking or not, he wanted to spend a lot more time in and around her crotch. Petting her furry mound alone felt great.

When she was done, he quipped, "Glory, that was glorious." He was having fun trying to play with her name lately. When he was around her he like to say things like glorified, gloriously, glorification, blaze of glory, crowning glory, and so on at every opportunity.

He was even using these words and phrases in public comments during her class. For instance, he'd answered one of her questions about Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo by saying, "Apparently, Napoleon thought that, win, lose, or draw, he wanted to go out in a blaze of glory."

Whenever he said something like that, she would feel a shocking jolt that reminded her of their lunchtime trysts, which always aroused her greatly.

However, since everyone in class knew her first name quite well, he had to be extremely subtle about such plays on words.

As he left her classroom, he thought to himself, Dang, I wish I wasn't grounded so I could be with Glory after school too. Not only have I had a crush on her forever, but if I'd ever known about all the things she could do to a body I would have failed out of school just fantasizing about her. Hot damn! And now she's a dream come true. But it's all too risky. We can't be together as long as we were today every lunch period, or even any lunch period. It's just too dangerous. But it's oh so addictive.

Although they'd done a lot of things, they didn't spend much time on any one of them, so he still had about twenty minutes left in the lunch period.

He'd left her, excusing himself to get something to eat, but in fact he still had his appointment for painting Joy. He hurried out, calculating that it would be better to show up late in the new cheerleader practice room - the old theater room - rather than never.


While Alan was playing with his history teacher, Kim, Heather, and Joy went to the unused theater room a few minutes into the lunch period.

Katherine wanted to be there also, but she'd decided that more people might just make Joy more nervous, and furthermore she needed to steer clear of any potentially sexual situation that involved both Alan and someone who was not already aware of their incestuous secret. So she was forced to just eat lunch in the cafeteria as usual.

Most of Joy's private parts had already been painted black; only her pussy lips still needed to be done. The plan was that Kim and Heather would use the first ten minutes to get Joy aroused so her pussy lips would engorge and spread wide, which would make it easier for Alan to paint them thoroughly.

When Kim entered the theater room, using a knock and password that Heather had given her, Heather already had Joy naked from the waist down. Joy's cheerleader skirt was up around her waist, tied up by a string.

"You're just the person I was looking for," Heather said to Kim as the two of them undressed. "Joy doesn't find this situation at all arousing, so she's going to need some help. As our resident dyke, do you mind letting your fingers do the walking?"

"Not at all," Kim said, delighted. She put her lunch bag down and got on her knees before Joy, who was sitting on the edge of the stage. "Joy, may I?"

"I know we agreed it might come to this, but..." Joy said reluctantly.

"But what?" Heather replied testily. "How else are you going to get aroused, if you're unwilling to put your own fingers in there?"

"It's just that I've never had a woman touch me there before," said Joy, red faced and embarrassed. She was truly frightened, and she didn't like the fact that a lesbian was going to touch her privates.

"I think you'll find it's as good as or better than the touch of a man," Kim volunteered. "And it's much better than your own fingers, because you never know what they'll do next. Here, let me show you."

Kim began working her fingers in and out of Joy's pussy. But after more than five minutes not much had happened. Kim was having a really tough time getting Joy turned on.

It didn't help that Heather just stood there, arms folded like a disapproving teacher. Heather was annoyed and continued to make unhelpful suggestions.

Finally they heard the sound of Alan's knock on the door. He was quite late, but they still had about twenty minutes.


Heather let him in after hearing the special knock and secret passphrase, which was "score highly," an in joke between them from one of their beach encounters.

Alan continued to be impressed with her daring because she opened the door wide for him while standing in the buff. True, it opened into a little-used hallway, but there was always the chance that someone else could come by. She obviously had little fear of getting caught.

Alan was panting because he'd run from Glory's classroom to the theater room. He had a bit less than twenty minutes left in the lunch period, and he was determined to make good use of all of it. "You're looking fine, Heather," he commented while walking in. "Don't you ever worry about getting caught?"

She closed the door without even hurrying to do so. She was flaunting her daring. "A, don't I always look fine? And B, no; I never get caught. Besides, I know you're not a fool and you're not gonna have me open the door with someone else close by. Duh."

He thought, Dang. She DOES always look fine. Especially today, for some reason. She's practically at the Susan-Suzanne level. And what a tan! I didn't realize a good, all-over tan and such flawless skin could be such a turn-on. But I don't want to feed her swollen ego even further.

While he was thinking of a reply to her remarks, his attention was diverted by seeing Kim working on Joy's pussy on the other side of the room.

Joy looked up in horror at the sight of Alan. She tried to cover her naked pussy, but could hardly do a good job of it with Kim probing its depths. She thought, Oh God! I can't let him see me like this! But there was nothing she could do, so she cried out, "Please! Don't look at me!"

"What's going on here?" he asked. He politely covered his eyes with his hand from her by looking elsewhere, but knew that couldn't last for long if he was to paint her pussy.

Heather explained, "Kim is trying to get Joy's pussy lips engorged, but she's not having much luck. She's been at it for at least five minutes."

"Oh," he said without much emotion, drawing nearer. He glanced for a moment at Joy. He was momentarily struck by how odd she looked, wearing a cheerleader top but only painted-on panties below. "Joy, what seems to be the problem? I would think anyone would react naturally to that kind of stimulation after a while."

"It's just that I'm so nervous and scared," she said shyly. "And, to be honest, it takes something romantic to get me excited, not just mechanical stimulation."

"Hey, I resent that," Kim complained.

Alan answered, "Well, it may have come out wrong, but she has a point, Kim. It would be different I'm sure if you were kissing her and caressing her, but since it's lacking that, it seems so impersonal. ... Joy, do you think it would help if she kissed you too?"

"Maybe, but I really don't want to be kissed by a girl. I think that would just freak me out even more." she was actually trembling in fear and embarrassment.

"Hmmm," he thought out loud, now looking at her. "I know: what if I kissed you?"

Joy practically leapt at the idea. "Yeah! That would be much better. I'm so much more aroused by a man. This lesbian stuff - I just don't go for that. Would you be willing to help me?"

"Any sacrifice for art," he joked. "Sorry Kim," he said, taking her place.

Alan got down on his knees, since Joy was in a semi-sitting position at the edge of the stage. He began kissing her tenderly on the face. He spoke between kisses to get her in a romantic mood. "Joy, you're very beautiful. Any man would be really lucky to have you as a girlfriend. I've always admired you from afar, even though I didn't know your name."

"Really?" she said, surprised and pleased. Her nervousness was rapidly fading, although the fact that Kim and Heather were watching her every move still bothered her.

"Really." It was true; like most guys in the school he had scoped out and lusted after all the cheerleaders. He kissed her on her mouth once, and then again. Soon they were necking passionately.

Joy thought, Now THIS is a guy who knows how to kiss! I thought my boyfriend Dean was good, but Alan... Oh God! So good! ... Oh, but I'm naked from the waist down! And Kim and Heather - I wish they'd stop staring at me like that!

Alan continued making out with her. After a minute or two he took advantage of her partial nudity and began caressing her pussy and her butt. Realizing that time was short, he didn't hesitate to put two of his fingers into her slit. Her pussy lips were definitely engorged, and getting more so all the time.


"Girls, I think we're getting somewhere," he said, pausing after more kisses. "Heather? Kim? I'm ready to paint." He finally turned his head around to see why the other two weren't responding. He discovered that Heather was lying on the floor, with Kim between Heather's knees and her mouth plastered on Heather's bush.

Joy looked over at them finally and exclaimed, "Oh ... my ... God!"

"You didn't expect us to just sit around and twiddle our thumbs, did you?" said Heather, as she had the only unoccupied mouth. "There are much better things to twiddle, you know. Anyway, it's your fault. You got me all aroused." Heather was thrilled by any opportunity to have sex with any of 'her' cheerleaders. She had visions of making the whole squad her personal harem.

Kim indicated her agreement, saying "uh huh" while in direct contact with Heather's clit, which sent shivers through the head cheerleader.

"Don't mind them," Alan said to Joy, still kissing her every instant he didn't have to speak. "We can get down to painting now."

"Screw painting!" said Joy. "We have time to do that later." She gazed at Alan's crotch longingly and licked her lips very ostentatiously. I don't care about my boyfriend! Kim's gossip is so dead on! Alan is some kind of damn Don Juan! I love this. Fuck! I need to get fucked right now; that's all there is to it.

She took off her cheerleader top and bra as quickly as she could, leaving her completely naked. "Why don't you finish what you started and go all the way? Do you have a problem with fucking me?"

"Um, no. But I thought, I thought you were really shy and nervous," he said, genuinely confused.

"That was then, and with women. Take your clothes off already! Please don't leave me like this, I beg you!" She leaned back onto the stage and spread her legs. Her knees went wide to each side, while her lower legs dangled off the edge of the stage.

He didn't need to be asked twice. Forgetting about his desire to "save himself" for his mother later that Tuesday, he whipped off his clothes in record time.

She grabbed his erection once it was exposed, immediately pulling it towards her pussy.

He barely had time to slip on a condom while she tugged at his stiffness in anticipation.

It seemed she didn't care about protection - she just wanted to be fucked. She moaned like a cat in heat until he finished with the condom.

Without any further ado, she guided his boner straight into her hole.

He pumped into her, even as the whole situation was still slowly dawning upon him. I'm actually fucking somebody for once. I get so God damned much cock teasing, but not enough of this. I mean, even after weeks of blowjobs, I still can barely fuck anybody. But Jesus - I've been on speaking terms with Joy for all of four minutes, and I'm fucking her already! No way! But I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, or the pussy - that's for sure. This is a VERY hot pussy. So warm and inviting. She's so eager!


Aware of the time, he pumped rapidly, trying to climax as soon as he could. Joy moaned loudly, seemingly not caring at all what Kim or Heather thought, or if anyone else could hear.

"Fuck me! Fuck! Fill me up!" She unleashed a non-stop torrent of sexual encouragement. Joy was also a very loud panter and grunter, making a lot of noise with every thrust.

Not that Alan needed much encouragement; he was ready for any chance to fuck after what seemed like weeks of being denied a warm pussy. He didn't particularly feel anything for Joy, as she meant little more to him than a fine piece of ass that he'd scoped out while walking in the school hallways from time to time. So, to take things to a new level, he thought, Since she's a cheerleader, why don't I imagine she's my sister?

As soon as he thought that, his excitement level doubled. After some more thrusts, he thought, Oh, fucking you Sis, it's so good. So good! We don't do this nearly often enough. Here's your Big ICBM Brother!

After another minute or two, he thought, But as good as this is, God, what if you were Aunt Suzy? Now there's a woman who truly needs fucking! Yeah! Take that, Aunt Suzy! You've been fucking driving me crazy and now you're gonna get what's coming to you! Fucking devil in disguise! Take this! ... And this! ... And this! He let out his frustration in each thrust.

Joy could hardly believe the pile-driver that was assaulting her cunt, overwhelming her completely. There was no point in crying out to be fucked harder or deeper, because it seemed like Alan was truly a human jackhammer. She panted louder and louder, wordlessly, until she cried out, "Oh God, I'm melting! Melting! My brain! My brain is melting! Too much! Too good! Slow down!"

Heather had been preoccupied with Kim, so she was surprised to discover Alan starting to fuck Joy. At first she tried to ignore it and continue with Kim, but as Alan's fucking grew more intense and Joy's panting grew louder, she found herself increasingly distracted. What the fuck is this shit?! If he fucks anybody here, it should be ME!

She'd forgotten all about Kim, so she was about to demand that Alan fuck her instead. But Kim pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "He's so good! So, so good!"

"I know," Heather muttered while staring at Alan's thrusting. She was practically green with jealousy AND envy.

Kim was surprised to realize that Alan had apparently already fucked Heather, since Heather had never said or hinted anything about that. But she rolled with the punches and cooed, "So he's fucked you too, huh? Then you know just how it feels. Imagine that's you. Look at him thrusting so hard and deep! Do you know how it feels when he does that?"

Heather whispered breathlessly, "Yes!" Kim was fingering her pussy while whispering sexy things, leaving Heather aroused enough from just watching to not directly interfere.

Alan could have kept going like that for much longer, especially since he was aware that Heather and Kim were watching and judging him. But Joy seemed genuinely overwhelmed. In fact, it appeared likely that she would hyperventilate at any moment. Furthermore, he remembered their lack of time, so he let his control go and filled up the condom with his cum. Then he fell backwards, leaving Joy lying as if dead.


"Holy cow," Kim said to Heather. The two horny cheerleaders finally made eye contact with each other, now that Alan had finished screwing Joy. "Has Alan ever fucked you like that?"

"No," Heather admitted. "I mean, it was good with him. Great, even. But I want me some of THAT!"

Alan and Joy rested with their eyes closed, both catching their breath.

Once Alan opened his eyes and looked around, Kim noted wryly, "Sounds like your painting job has some nice fringe benefits."

"Um, yeah. I must say though, I wasn't expecting that - at all." He seemed a bit sheepish. He thought, Wow, just thinking of fucking Sis or Aunt Suzy is such a turn-on. Imagine if I'd thought of fucking Mom? That's, like, beyond the pale. I probably would have literally killed Joy with my enthusiasm!

Getting back to business, he said to Joy, "Can you rouse yourself? We have to hurry."

She opened her eyes slowly. She had an extremely well-fucked expression that made Kim and Heather very jealous. She looked at him serenely and contentedly. "Oh, Alan..." She breathed the words lovingly, as if they'd been married for years.

"Quick, let's get you painted while you're still aroused," he insisted, trying to avoid her intimacy.

She didn't feel like moving for anything. But then she realized that once the painting started, Alan's hands would be all over her pussy. That inspired her to action. "I don't think that'll be a problem, now that you're here," she said huskily.

He leaned over her impatiently.

She sat up and began running her hands through his tousled dark brown hair.

"Joy, we really should paint you quickly, so you can dry before your fifth-period class. In fact, we've got the opposite problem of what we just had. We need you to stop gushing quite so much, so I can paint."

Joy hardly seemed concerned about the problem at hand. "Screw fifth period," she said. "You did that so much better than my boyfriend Dean. So fucking much better! I mean, he's a great guy and I love him, but now I know that he has no idea how to fuck. Good God! I didn't know it could be so good. Kim was right. You're such an incredible fucker! I thought Dean was pretty studly, but he can't make me cum like that in five minutes flat."

Alan was unhappy to be reminded that she had a boyfriend; he'd assumed that she had one, but he'd forgotten that in the heat of sex. He said sarcastically, "I'm sure he would very much appreciate what I did." He rued, "I imagine he's going to find out and beat me up." He pushed Joy's excited hands away and got his paintbrush and paint.

"No, he's not like that. He's very understanding and cool. We've both played around with other partners. Anyway, he wouldn't hurt a fly."

Alan thought, Even so, I'm only finding that out after the fact. Aunt Suzy gave me all kinds of advice on not just sticking my dick anywhere, and I keep disregarding it whenever I get a momentary surge of lust. I should have known she had a boyfriend; what cheerleader doesn't? At least I used a condom. That's something.

Heather disengaged from her muff diving to speak. "Joy, I thought you were all prudish! And you were so disapproving of my punishment idea."

"I admit, I'm slow to get started, but once I get going, I really get going."

"I noticed," said Alan. "I'm starting to paint you, so please slow down that engine just a bit."

"Okay," Joy replied, "but only if we have some more fun after you're done. Promise me you'll fuck me again. And again and again and again! Any time you want. Please! Fuck me!"

Alan contemplated fucking her a second time. So much for saving myself until after school for mom, he thought. If Glory knew what I just did here, she'd go ballistic. But one fuck right now is all I should do, or I'll be all wiped out again and disappoint mom.

Now that he had more time to think, he realized, I'm really working my way through the cheerleading squad. Sis, Kim, Heather, Joy. Amy's in the bag for sure. That just leaves Janice. I like her. Sexy face. Nice body. She'd be a good fuck too.

"Sorry, Joy; I can't make any promises 'cos we don't have the time. Besides, I don't feel good, now that you've reminded me about the fact that you have a boyfriend. I forgot to ask about that."

"Like I said, don't worry about it," she insisted.

"I'm worrying about it. I don't want to disrespect someone in that way."

"You're not. I tell you, he wouldn't mind if he knew."

"But he doesn't know!"

They went back and forth on that issue awhile without coming to any resolution.

Meanwhile, Alan wasted no time painting Joy's pussy lips. There wasn't much painting to do, now that her lips were fully engorged and visible. "Okay, that's it," he said after only a minute or two. "But you'll have to keep them dry."

"I guess that means more fucking is out, at least right now," Joy realized. "But would you like to stick your thing in my mouth?" She made a big inviting "O" with her lips.

"No, we can't do anything more right now, or you'll get too excited and ruin the paint job."

"Don't say that! I want more! Oh come on; just a little bit. I just want to taste it."

Heather was busy with Kim's body again, but she overheard that and commented, "Alan, I hope you're not planning on leaving here without giving me what you just gave her." If the others hadn't realized that something sexual was happening between Heather and Alan, they did after that.

Kim piped up, "Me too! You haven't been fucking me nearly enough lately." She wanted the other girls to know that Alan had fucked her too, especially now that he was coveted so highly.

But Joy had the advantage of location. She grabbed his penis with both hands. It was flaccid for the moment, but she intended to correct that as quickly as she could. "Please? Fuck me! Please?"

He looked Joy in the eye and answered, "Sorry. Maybe some other time." Are all women such nymphos? Or are cheerleaders a special breed? Well, cheerleaders and busty moms. And history teachers. He grinned.

Joy got upset, almost angry. "Some other time? Some other time?! No guy ever tells me 'some other time!' And what are you grinning about?" She decided begging might be a more successful strategy. "Please, please, please?"

Alan wavered. "Well, it is quick-drying paint. If the paint gets dry enough and I'm still here, and there's still time."

The paint did dry somewhat, and Alan had a little bit of time. He looked over at Kim and Heather and saw them looking back at him. He'd gotten blowjobs from both of them before, but not from Joy, so he said, "I suppose the paint is dry enough to stand a little wetness down there. But if I put my dick back in, it'll ruin the paint job for sure. Anyways, there's not enough time. But if you want to suck on it for a couple of minutes, I guess that would be okay."


Joy didn't bother with words. She replied by swallowing as much of his penis as she could. She'd gotten to be a pretty good cocksucker practicing on her boyfriend Dean .She was determined to give Alan the best blowjob she possibly could, so she'd rise in his books and he'd want to fuck her much more often. He really did blow Dean out of the water when it came to fucking.

Heather growled at Alan menacingly, "Hey! If anyone is going to suck your dick, it's me! You don't want to get on my bad side. I could make life really very miserable for you, very quickly."

He found it secretly amusing that she was now insisting on giving him a blowjob, considering how much she'd initially resisted blowing him earlier in the day. He'd realized that calling her names and treating her mean had worked in the past, but would it work with others around? He decided to give it a try. "Heather, get over yourself. You think you're God's gift to everyone, but you're not. The problem is: you're selfish. When it comes to fucking, you're okay, but blowjobs? Forget it. Kim's better for sure, and I figure the odds are good that Joy is better too."

Heather wanted to destroy him with scathing put-downs, but for once she was unable to think of what to say. It didn't help that she was extremely horny from watching him earlier with Joy, and having to watch Joy suck him off made it even worse. Anyway, she knew he had a point. She'd always been a selfish lover, especially when it came to pleasuring her partner when she didn't get much in return.

But she was also mindful that Joy and Kim were listening, so she replied with her usual bravado, "Well, fuck you, asshole! What do you know? You're nothing but a nerd and a loser!"

He sighed loudly, shaking his head. "Too bad. Your loss. I was thinking about fucking you like I just fucked Joy. Maybe later today, after school. But you obviously wouldn't want to be fucked by a loser nerd, so I'll just leave you alone from now on."

Heather realized she'd been rash. "Hold on! I didn't mean that. You just insulted me, saying I'm a selfish lover. Of course I'm gonna lash out for that."

He replied, "Yeah, whatever. Tell it to someone who cares. You and I are done."

"Done?!" Heather was incredulous. "You can't say that!"

"I just did. First you threaten me, then you insult me. You're ruining Joy's perfectly good blowjob with all your sniping."

Heather felt surprisingly panicky. Not having sex with him again simply wasn't an option, since he'd excited her sexually in a way that no one else ever had. She never apologized for anything, ever, but she found herself saying, "Hey. I'm sorry, okay? You're not a loser; you're a real stud. I know that. And you may be kind of nerdy, but that's your choice and there's nothing wrong with it. Okay?"

He didn't say anything. His eyes were closed so that he could luxuriate in Joy's cocksucking.

Heather was concerned that he hadn't even paid attention to what she'd said. "Could you say something, please? I don't exactly apologize every day. I said I'm sorry!"

He grunted.

Heather was left on edge, as she wasn't sure what that meant. It sounded vaguely positive, but she was afraid to ask for confirmation and possibly piss him off even more. She just didn't know how to deal with someone like Alan, since no one had ever treated her like that before.

Meanwhile, his blowjob continued. In a way, he was glad that their time was severely limited, because he didn't want Joy to have enough time to get him to cum again. He figured that he needed to save himself for more action later in the day, particularly since this was one of his mother's special Tuesdays. He repeatedly had to urge Joy to slow down and take it easy.

She was actually pretty good, but he'd developed ridiculously high standards when it came to blowjobs. For him to think it was pretty good at this point meant that Joy really knew what she was doing, and that she was trying her best.

Heather had set an alarm at the start of lunch, to monitor the time, and it finally went off.

Alan pulled his boner from Joy's mouth, to her dismay. But she accepted the intrusion of reality and quickly moved to get dressed for afternoon classes.

As she dressed, she felt so good that she said gratefully, "Thank you so much for letting me do that. It was such a pleasure, and I mean that. Your pre-cum tastes really good. Kim wasn't joking about that either. I can't wait to get a whole load."

Alan was puzzled by why she would be thanking him when she was the one making him feel good. I don't understand what's going on. Period. You fuck a girl once, and it's like she wants to be surgically attached to you for the rest of your life. Geez. What the hell did I do that was so special? Doesn't her boyfriend know how to satisfy her?

He had no idea how incompetent most of the guys in school were when it came to sex. Joy had fucked more than a few of them. Alan had given her a truly amazing fucking, and that's what excited her and made her eager to return the favor and please him with the blowjob. In truth, his fucking seemed even better than it actually was, because she was comparing him with all the clumsy and inexperienced lovers she'd been with, including Dean.

As was usually the case for men, Alan was able to put his clothes back on faster than the women. As he got ready to leave, Joy asked him, "Can we do this again tomorrow at lunch? I'm sure I'll need another touch up job, and I wouldn't exactly mind another fucking!" She winked.

He didn't really know what the next day would bring, so he just said, "We'll see." Both Kim and Heather eyed him so hungrily that he thought, If I'm not careful, I'm going to end up getting raped by this bunch. Seriously.

Heather asked him tentatively, "Are we good now?"

He replied, "I don't know about good. You've got an attitude, and I don't like it. But I'll let it slide... this time."

Heather nodded. She wasn't happy with that, but she could live with it. She would have to be extra careful about what she said to him in the future, because it seemed like he had zero tolerance about being insulted and she most definitely wanted him to fuck her again, and often.

While going to his next class, Alan had some second thoughts. That fuck was great, but I really shouldn't have agreed to the blowjob 'cos we didn't have time to finish. Now it's all excited, and I can't get it down while I'm thinking about those three cheerleaders all acting so hot for me. I really am gonna have blue balls, and have to suffer all through class.

I'm beginning to sound like Mom, with her "Okay, just this one time" non-logic. That's 'cos I'm thinking with my dick too much, becoming a slave to my impulses. Just like Mom, I'm unthinking during the act itself, and only afterwards do I wonder why I did it. That was really dumb. I was right on the edge of orgasm with no relief in sight. Heck, fucking her in the first place was totally unwise. Aunt Suzy would kill me if she knew just how little thought I put into that decision. Make that NO thought. I was thinking with my dick. Well, at least I remembered to use a condom.

Letting out my sexual frustration about Heather was great, but I'm not going to be truly satisfied until I can fuck Aunt Suzy and mom on a regular basis. Especially Mom! I still can't get over how close we were this morning with that dry hump. It probably was that close call that made me give in so easily to Joy. It's too much to ask a guy to turn down such an obvious invitation twice in one morning. After all, I'm only human.

Christ. I probably could fuck Mom for real today if I really wanted to, but it wouldn't be right. I shouldn't take advantage of her "just this one time" thinking. At the time it would feel great, but later she'd hate me for it. Maybe not hate, but she'd feel guilty and disappointed in me, and conflicted, and all around bad, particularly since she'd think that I'd broken my promise to her.

I don't want her to be regretful or feel tricked or pushed into the things she does with me. I do like pushing her boundaries, but ultimately she needs to take that big step of her own free will or she might regret it forever. If she pushes back I'm just gonna have to stop, because she needs to be totally okay with it and fully into it. But it's so hard to limit my play with her luscious body. She's just so endowed everywhere! Dammit, it's making me too horny, just thinking about her. I guess I'll have to just tide myself over with girls like Joy until Mom is ready to go all the way.

He also thought about Joy's change in attitude from when he'd entered the old theater room. Was this whole thing a setup? Was she acting all coy with Kim just so she could fuck me? Maybe. Hard to tell. I'm glad she has a boyfriend already, 'cos I wouldn't want some kind of "Fatal Attraction" thing with her chasing after me, attractive as she is. She seemed really aggressive. Geez!


With the kids still in school, Suzanne continued to break down Susan's resistance to kissing other women. Susan needed a breather after sharing one very steamy kiss with Suzanne, so Suzanne gave her some space and they resumed their interrupted morning exercises.

Suzanne thought that she'd figured out Susan's pattern of sexual liberation and prudish backsliding. She'd known Susan about as well as she'd ever known another person, but Susan's sexual liberation had no precedent, so it had taken her some time to understand all the nuances of Susan's moods.

Right now, she knew that she had to keep Susan continually horny until Susan's remaining regrets and worries faded away.

They were both still topless, and Suzanne racked her brain for some kind of plausible, or even semi-plausible, excuse for them to take their spandex shorts off too. But she couldn't think of any.

However, she had no trouble keeping Susan extremely aroused, even without any physical contact. She just had Susan describe in intimate detail her first blowjob that morning. Suzanne picked the first one because that way she avoided all the "lesbianism" issues Susan had with her later kissing of Katherine. Actually, the first blowjob hadn't lasted more than a minute; it was all the events that led up to it that Susan got hot and bothered talking about, especially the dry humping.

The only problem Suzanne had with her scheming, if one could call it a problem, was that when she manipulated Susan into getting extremely aroused, she usually ended up getting similarly excited herself.

More disturbing for Suzanne, her attempt to indoctrinate Susan with specific lingo and ideas was wildly successful, but she sensed that she was at least partially indoctrinating herself at the same time. For instance, even though she'd never thought of Alan as "powerful" before, and certainly never thought of his penis as a "powerful" thing, she and Susan had used that term so much lately that she couldn't help but be affected. Before, when she'd heard Susan use that kind of language she'd had to try not to snicker, but now she didn't even bat an eye.

In any case, Suzanne got so carried away hearing all the details about the dry humping that it took her a while before she remembered her goal to push Susan's boundaries about woman-to-woman kissing. The fact that Susan was telling her story while they were both ostensibly still exercising made it even easier to be distracted. Both of them pretty much sexually humped every exercise machine they sat on, thanks to all Susan's talk about dry humping.

But eventually the story reached its cummy climax when Susan finally started describing the actual blowjob itself.

Knowing that Susan's lusty mood was climaxing along with the story, Suzanne announced it was a good time for them to end their exercises (such as they were). Suzanne wanted to get her kissing scheme back on track.

Susan had agreed that they should practice greeting each other with French kisses whenever one of them entered a room where the other one was. So when they finished resting and toweling off after the exercises, Suzanne walked out of the basement, rushed up to the underwear cabinet, picked up a pair of high heels for Susan and another pair for herself, then returned to the basement exercise area and walked back in.

"Hi girlfriend! How's it going?" She walked forward.

"Hi Suzanne!" Susan said in mock surprise as Suzanne entered the room. She knew Suzanne had created a ridiculously thin pretense for another kiss, but she didn't care. She was still so aroused that she could hardly wait for it.

Suzanne smiled, held up the two pair of high heels, and waggled them enticingly.

Susan smiled too. She'd recently begun to associate high heels with sexual fun with Alan, so a kind of Pavlovian association had developed where even the sight of high heels made her horny. She was rather surprised that Suzanne had brought them, though. The women almost never wore heels when Alan wasn't home, because they had to limit their time in them so their feet wouldn't hurt all the time. Besides, there was no way to wear them while exercising.

She decided to reply to Suzanne's question: "Okay. How's it going with you?"


Suzanne put the shoes down on a table so she could have her hands free. She kept walking forward, then suddenly and boldly encircled Susan in a tight embrace and planted her lips on her friend's mouth. She immediately began tonguing her, even bending Susan backward a bit during their kiss.

Susan responded with her own tongue, more actively and passionately this time than before.

After another minute, Suzanne stopped the kiss and pulled back.

"It's going well," she said, answering Susan's nearly forgotten question. "How are things on your side?"

"Good. Really good. I was just helping Tiger reach his daily target..."

Then Susan broke from her acting role. "Do women really truly kiss like that? It just seems so passionate. What if Ron saw us kissing like that?" Her brain was fogged, especially because Suzanne still held her in an embrace, and Suzanne's big, bare melons actively rubbed against her own in distractingly delightful ways.

Suzanne answered, "If he saw a kiss like that, he'd probably get horny and give you a good fucking later that evening. Oh wait, I forgot, I'm talking about Ron. Women don't turn him on, so that wouldn't work."

They chuckled, although with a tinge of sadness.

Suzanne went on, "Most guys would get horny, anyway. That's probably why guys encourage women to do this kind of thing. You have to admit it's a lot more fun than just saying 'hi.'"

Susan ran a hand down Suzanne's shapely back as she responded, "Yes it is. But it was just so emotional. And passionate. I just can't imagine that women normally kiss like this. I mean, like you and Brenda. I can't even picture how your two faces can meet in the first place with your big tits getting in the way. When you kiss her, do you feel shivers down your spine? Do you feel tingling down in your... Well, tingling all over your skin? Doesn't it make it hard to even think when she's got her beach-ball-size breasts pressing into your chest, rubbing her remarkably long nipples all over your own soft, white mountains? I mean, how can you just casually greet someone like that?"

Susan was getting herself quite worked up visualizing Brenda and Suzanne together, greeting one another so intensely.

Suzanne had been lying when she said that she regularly kissed Brenda on the mouth like that. She replied, "Kissing Brenda isn't that different from kissing you. Your tits are nearly as humongous as hers, and they're the same as mine. You and I are both prime centerfold material, and you know it. You may deny it because you're so modest, but that's just a fact. Bodies like yours and mine, and I'm sure Brenda's, are designed to give and receive pleasure."

Suzanne reached out and cupped Susan's boobs from underneath. "Our tits, our lips" - she glided a finger up Susan's neck and chin until it reached her lips - "our hands" - she ran a finger of her other hand down Susan's arm until it reached her hand - "our asses" - the finger on Susan's lip suddenly found itself sliding down Susan's thinly covered ass crack - "and our pussies" - Suzanne knew Susan's pussy was a no-go area for now, even with shorts on, so she trailed a finger down to the top of where Susan's bush was and stopped there - "every inch of us has more nerve endings than the typical female."

Susan shivered and tingled everywhere Suzanne had touched her. She felt particularly powerful tingles in her pussy and nipples, even though Suzanne hadn't quite touched her in either of those places.

Suzanne continued, "It's not just our large breasts; we're exceptionally sensitive all over. Maybe that's one reason that we've become such good friends, because we're kindred spirits. You know, when Sweetie puts his hand on my ass cheek and strokes it, that's enough to make me want to cum, right there."

Susan thought, Me too, sometimes! So what she's saying is that big-titted women are born to please naturally superior males like my cutie Tiger. That makes sense. It stands to reason that the bigger the tits a woman has, the more they were made by the Lord to serve! Yes! To be a sexual SLAVE to my son's cock... Gaawwwd, that makes me SO HOT!

But she merely said, "Me too! I love it when he touches my ass. That's my favorite." However, then she salivated as she thought about sucking his cock. "Well, my second favorite." Then she thought about his tit play. "Okay, third favorite, probably. But that's partially 'cos I'm afraid to let him get near my tits and especially my nipples because they're just too sensitive. I can get off just by pinching my own nipple."

Susan attempted to demonstrate this by pinching one of her nipples. While it didn't get her to climax, that was only because she'd climaxed so recently.

Without thinking, Suzanne unconsciously reached over and pinched Susan's other nipple, then pinched one of her own as well. She watched Susan's whole body shudder and tremble, although again it didn't quite lead to a full orgasm. "Yes. See what I mean? So that's part of it. There's going to be more electricity just because of our bodies. Call it a blessing or a curse. But more than that, this is a new and scary experience for you, so you're excited and tense about it. That'll pass."

Suzanne continued to hold Susan's nipple, gently rolling it between her fingers. "Think about how you would kiss your husband when he came home from work, when he is here in the States. Even if you were to kiss him on the lips, it'd be no big deal anymore, right?"

"Yuck. Don't remind me about him." The unpleasant thought caused Susan to put her hands down, removing them from fondling herself.

"Sorry, but the point is, that's how it'll be with other women when you get used to kissing them. You and I need to practice more so that the next time Sweetie asks you to kiss another woman you won't be all frazzled and troubled by it. It's like learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels. The first time, you're really nervous, but eventually you can do it without even thinking about how it's done."

"You're right. My nerves will go away too, just like that. I couldn't handle the intensity if every kiss was like this, thank God. It's almost better than kissing my Tiger! This will pass. Yes. You're always right. What a good friend you are."

Suzanne said, as she casually brought her other hand up to play with Susan's other nipple at the same time, "Note also that I said 'Hi, girlfriend'? I'm sure you've noticed how women call each other 'girlfriend' but guys never call each other 'boyfriend'? That's another example of how our society likes a certain amount of low-level woman-woman interaction. It's titillating. All of Sweetie's women call each other 'girlfriend' but, needless to say, he doesn't call anyone 'boyfriend.' I know it's unfair."

"It is!" But Susan was much more aroused than upset by the idea. It's like he has a harem! A stable! A stable of big-titted beauties. And we all have to kiss each other and rub our tits against each other to keep his cock stiff and long! He needs all that visual stimulation because he has such a big, thick, and oh-so suckable cock!

Suzanne added, while still idly playing with Susan's nipples, "Boy, Sweetie will be really turned on when he sees us kiss each other!"

"He sure will!" Susan paused, and then asked shyly, "Can we... maybe... practice some more?"

Suzanne's heart soared. She was totally in love with Susan. Her friendship with Susan came first, and she didn't want to do anything to jeopardize that. But to keep that friendship and have a physically intimate relationship was such an exciting idea that Suzanne actually swooned. Unbelievable! It's really happening! My impossible dream to be with Susan in every way is coming true after all these years. Her lust for Sweetie was the key to breaking down her defenses. Even if she's against making love with me and just wants to kiss and fondle, I'll still be over the moon! That's like winning the lottery, right there! No, I'm winning it three times, once with her, once with Sweetie, and once with Angel!

Suzanne had to turn away, because she didn't want to scare Susan off by revealing just how excited and downright giddy she was. She needed an excuse to stay facing another direction for a while, so a naughty idea came to her: she pulled her shorts down her legs.

Susan was still waiting anxiously for an answer to her request to practice some more, so she was quite puzzled. "Suzanne? What are you doing?" Very quietly, almost in a whisper, she added, "Does that mean you don't want to kiss me again?"

Suzanne's shorts were only down to her knees when she suddenly turned around and beamed with joy. "Susan, of COURSE I'd love to kiss you some more!" She's just so cute and lovable! This is true love! She added, "But let's take our shorts off first, okay?"

However, Suzanne saw Susan looking confused, and realized that her friend needed at least some thin excuse. So she added, "If we're gonna practice kissing and imagine that Tiger is watching us, you know he's gonna want us naked. Completely naked. So we should practice that." She pulled her shorts the rest of the way off as she explained this, then draped them over one of the exercise machines.

Susan giggled. "You called him 'Tiger.'"

Suzanne reviewed her words and smiled. "So I did. Heck, I hear 'Tiger this' and 'Tiger that' so much every day that I think of him as a Tiger almost as much as a Sweetie."

"Ditto for me and 'Sweetie,'" Susan said. "He's a sweet tiger." She giggled at that happy thought. "But is it really necessary for us to get totally nude just to kiss? It's not like we're ALWAYS completely naked around him."

"True, but we ARE naked for him quite a lot lately. Don't you think naked and kneeling is the very best way to suck his cock? Not counting wearing high heels, of course."

Susan bit her lip and nodded. That's so true! Just thinking about it is making me salivate. Tiger, where are you and your big thick cock when I need it most?!

Suzanne added, "Besides, those exercise shorts were just too tight and confining anyway. Try taking yours off. Do it for your son. Imagine he's here right now, staring at you. You'll feel much better."

Susan immediately followed that advice. The magic words were "Do it for your son." She didn't need to think about it after Suzanne said that, at least not while in her current horny state. And she was relieved to take them off anyway, since they'd gotten quite wet with all her pussy juices.


Suzanne and Susan practiced kissing three more times, with Suzanne pretending to leave and reenter the room each time. Rubbing their bare tits and especially their erect nipples together was as much or more important for them than the kissing. But Suzanne avoided grinding her pussy against Susan's leg since she didn't want to push her too far too soon.

After the second kiss, Susan nodded to the table where their high heels were sitting. "Can we try a kiss with those on?"

Suzanne went and got the shoes. "Sure." She was euphoric. She had no idea when she'd woken up that morning that she'd be kissing her best friend on the lips just hours later. She'd thought Susan wasn't ready for this, so she was delighted to be proven wrong.

She wiggled the shoes in her hands as she walked back, sashaying her hips as if parading for Alan. "Heels like these really get your blood pumping, don't they?"

Susan blushed a little bit as she took her pair. She bent over to put them on, causing her huge tits to dangle dramatically. "Well, yeah. I mean, Tiger never says anything about them, but I can just tell he gets extra excited and stiff when I'm wearing them. I feel naked without them these days, and I don't mean the good kind of naked. It almost doesn't seem right to suck his big cock unless I'm wearing them. Four or five inch heels are best!"

Suzanne had been putting her own heels on, while also enjoying the sight of Susan bending over. She stood back up at the same time Susan did, and took her again in her arms. "Let's see if heels make a better kiss." She wasn't willing to admit it, but even she was developing a fetish for high heels.

They kissed again. By this point they had gotten quite comfortable with kissing each other, so they were able to let themselves go. Susan had already gotten used to Alan running his hands all over her naked body while kissing her, and she especially liked the way he kneaded her bare ass cheeks while pressing his stiffy against her. So it seemed natural when Suzanne kneaded her bare ass cheeks too while kissing.

There were two major differences than if she'd been with Alan: there was no hot boner pressing into her lower abdomen, and her big melons were pushing into Suzanne's equally big and impressive melons instead of Alan's flat, muscular chest. Susan missed feeling Alan's hard-on, but since her breasts were so excitable, their rubbing racks together almost made up for it.

Suzanne had a good idea just how sensitive Susan's boobs were - unfortunately, much more sensitive than her own - so she let her hands roam over them quite a lot. Even though Suzanne's boobs weren't as sensitive as she would have liked, now that she knew how much pleasure Susan derived from her own, Suzanne's nipples were quite responsive, which led the two busty mothers to have "nipple battles," rubbing their nipples against the other's while they were also dueling with their tongues.

Susan realized that Suzanne was a much more talented kisser than she was. When that kiss ended, she bemoaned her own lack of skill. "I'm sorry I'm such a bad kisser. Kissing Ron was like kissing a dead fish. I just never got into it. I need to learn to do better for my Tiger."

"No worries," Suzanne said reassuringly as she rolled Susan's left nipple. She liked how Susan referred to kissing Ron in the past tense. "We'll practice this until you get really good. Sweetie won't know what hit him when you kiss him goodnight tonight. Then he'll learn from you and become a better kisser too, and then both of you will be better kissers. If it helps you, just imagine that my tongue is actually his fat erection, deeply penetrating your mouth. Treat it gently with your own tongue. Put your growing cocksucking skills to use. Then switch roles and imagine that your tongue is his cock, and my mouth is one of your wet, dripping holes."

"Oooh!" Susan bounced and squealed with delight, rubbing her nude body all over Suzanne's in the process. "That might help. Let's try again!"

They necked some more, and this time Susan was much, much better. Suzanne could hardly believe how good it felt, or how happy this kissing made her. In fact, she was so ecstatic that she repeatedly had to use all her willpower not to cry tears of joy. (She would have had a real problem coming up with a plausible explanation for her tears.)

They broke apart after a few minutes. Susan bent down to take her high heels off.

Suzanne asked, "What are you doing?"

"Oh, you know how it goes. As a general rule, I only wear high heels for my Tiger. Otherwise, my feet hurt too much."

"Well, hold your horses for now though," Suzanne advised. "Soon, I think it's time for us to get serious about your sashaying practice."

Susan immediately stopped talking off her heels and stood up straight. "Oh, goody! I'm more than ready. You've had me practicing walking in heels in weird ways for over a week now, and I don't quite understand what's it all about. What's so great about sashaying, anyway, and why do I need so much practice for it?"

Suzanne lectured, "Sashaying isn't just another way of walking; it's an art form! If you do it right, you'll literally see Sweetie's tongue hanging out of his mouth. And his cock will get so hard and stiff in seconds that he'll have no choice but to ask you for a nice long cocksucking!"

That perked Susan up. She licked her lips hungrily. "Let's do it! Not 'soon,' but now!"

Suzanne chuckled at Susan's eagerness. "I've already taught you how to strut, and you've doing well with that, but sashaying is much more difficult. Especially if you want to do it in high heels."

"I do, I do! I can already sense that to do it any other way would be downright improper. But what's so hard about it? I've been walking in high heels for many years now."

Suzanne walked away, showing off her sashaying style as she talked. "Yes, but strutting is a very different thing. You have to rethink how you place your feet, how you move your hips, how you hold your head, what you do with your arms - everything. Frankly, I wouldn't even let you try it in anything more than low heels except for your experience wearing high heels to all those parties you used to go to. Angel and Amy for instance, they'd need a lot of training even to do it in low heels. And just as important is your attitude. You need to walk with confidence and feminine grace, yet with a touch of aggression, like you're a panther stalking its prey."

Suzanne spun around on her heels as if turning on a dime. "And you see that little move? I have so many moves and tricks to teach you." She resumed sashaying, but back to Susan this time. "If you can do it all correctly - and in high heels, no less - the effect on a horny guy like Alan is simply devastating. Coming or going, it makes no difference." She winked as she added, "Soon, you'll have HIM cumming, if you know what I mean."

Susan clutched at her bare chest. Had she not done that, her huge tits would have moved up and down in time to her pounding heart.


Suzanne turned back around and bent over slightly. "Now I know you pride yourself on being Tiger's big-titted mommy, and rightfully so. But let's not forget how effective a lure the ass can be. Look at my ass right now. Imagine you just came home from a hard day at school and you saw me standing bare-assed like this. Wouldn't you just want to run your hands all over my backside?"

Susan whispered lustily, "Oh, yes! Oh yes!"

Suzanne prodded, "Wouldn't you want to walk up close, unzip your fly, whip out your massive cock, and rub it up and down my ass crack? And then reach around and fondle my big tits from behind until you've got me so hot and bothered that I'll have no choice but to drop to my knees and suck and suck and suck, just like a good mommy should?"

Susan gasped, "Oh yes! Yes, yes, YES! A thousand times yes!"

Suzanne turned back and smirked. She loved playing with Susan like that.

Susan waved her arms in impatient exasperation. "Let's get started already!"

Suzanne laughed. "Okay, but what about our kissing practice?"

"We can do that too. My goodness. Between the kissing practice and all this talk about sashaying, you've got me so horny that, well... I don't know what! I feel like I'm going to burst!"

They decided to take their kissing and sashaying practicing upstairs. For the rest of the morning, whenever one or the other would leave the room to go to the bathroom, answer the phone, get a drink, or whatever, they would greet each other again with a passionate kiss on their return.

They spent the rest of the day doing their usual things, with Susan working on household chores and Suzanne helping out just to be friendly and stay near. But pretty much the whole time they discussed Alan, and sex, and sex with Alan, which kept them horny while Suzanne found more reasons to keep them naked. As a consequence, each kiss grew only more passionate.

At one point, while they were folding laundry together, Susan looked around and said, "Look at us. This feels weird. I mean, we're doing this simple chore wearing nothing but sexy heels. I can't get used to it."

Suzanne said, "Don't! Never get used to nudity. Never forget your shame and embarrassment. You're not naked because it's comfy; you're naked because you're your son's big-titted slut! You're in training to be the best cocksucking centerfold mommy slut you can possibly be! That includes providing him with incredible visual stimulation. Imagine that he has a magic telescope that allows him to see you right now!"

Susan immediately straightened and stiffened her posture.

Suzanne continued, "Imagine him sitting in his class but somehow able to see his busty mom and busty aunt! He's listening to us too, watching and listening at all times, getting a big fat boner as he sees us training to serve him!" Suzanne got off on the idea of Susan training to serve Alan, but she put herself in an entirely different category. She figured that if anyone was going to be the leader of the family harem, it was going to be her.

But she certainly knew how to push Susan's buttons. Susan stood up, causing the laundry in her lap to fall to the floor. "My goodness! Suzanne, that's SO HOT! Quickly, kiss me!"


Suzanne stood up to join her and they necked yet again.

As they did, Susan found herself thinking, Uh-oh! I think I'm starting to really love this. And as a thing in and of itself, not just as something to titillate my hunky son. Suzanne is such a wonderful person. I love her so much. And she's so very, very beautiful. How can I not react to her in a physical way?

Is it wrong to kiss like this? Especially when we're naked and our big tits are pressing together so delightfully? Lord, please grant me wisdom here. I'm turning into such a naughty, wanton woman! Where will it end?!


Suzanne and Susan sunbathed in the nude in the back yard for the second day in a row. By that time both of them had been nude or nearly so most of the day. They'd spent over a hour in Susan's bedroom practicing naked sashaying, with Susan making a lot of progress.

Suzanne constantly made up excuses for them to "greet" each other while both of them were in the buff. They did so for many minutes, often continuing to rub their chests into each other even while pausing between kisses.

Suzanne used Alan as a lever to get Susan to do more intimate things without really realizing it was lesbian activity. She could justify just about anything by pretending that Alan was involved or watching.

For instance, as they were about to start another kiss, she said to Susan, "Kissing is even better if you really fondle your partner's ass. You know, like in slow dances."

"But we've already been doing that," Susan pointed out. "Practically all morning, in fact."

"True," Suzanne acknowledged. "But that's just surface stuff, clutching and caressing the fleshy part. Now imagine that my hand is your Tiger's hand, and that he wants to aggressively 'get your attention.'"

"Okay." Susan had such a vivid imagination that her heart started to beat faster, imagining she really was being groped by her son.

Suzanne gave Susan's ass cheeks a couple of tight squeezes before saying, "Okay, now I'm a horny Alan and I want to get nasty on your ass. What do I do?"

"Well, when he's a really naughty boy, he slips his hand into my ass crack."

Suzanne did so with one of her hands.

"Yeah, like that. Then he lets his hands roam all over my ass like he owns it, even deep into my ass crack, and he goes almost to my pussy lips. Mmmm! I love it when he does that! But he doesn't stop there! He even... this is so terribly embarrassing, but... sometimes he even puts a finger right into my, my... dirty hole. You know, back there!"

"You mean like this?" Suzanne brought her index finger to her mouth and licked it in a very sexy manner. Then she inserted it into Susan's anus.

Susan moaned quite loudly. "MMMM! Yeah!" She attacked Suzanne's lips with renewed vigor.

Suzanne said, "Why don't you try that on me at the same time, so that you'll know what it feels like for Tiger?"

Susan thought that was a great idea. So for a while the two of them sawed their fingers in and out of each other's assholes while they kissed, until they both exploded in massive orgasms that hit at nearly the same moment.

Suzanne was sorely tempted to stick her fingers into Susan's pussy and go all the way. But she thought, I've been fantasizing about Susan's body for years, even though I was in denial about just how much I wanted her for most of that time. I can wait a few more days. We've made so much progress today; I shouldn't push my luck, especially since she's so protective of her pussy. Sweetie will vouch for that! No, I've gotta keep the eye on the bigger prize. It's better if she buys this "friendly greeting" bull until she's kissing everybody in the house with abandon.

I'm going to have to let Tiger fuck her first, to get her over her pussy penetration phobia. Then I'll go for the kill. I have to make her a total sex slut not just with me, but with everyone here.

Suzanne also really wanted to rub their bushes together, but she thought that too would go too far for one day. She knew that Susan's boundaries tended to crumble pretty easily, except when it came to her pussy. Just as Suzanne had managed to redefine Susan's concept of "real incest" until it only covered vaginal sex, she was now redefining lesbian sex to only be female pussy contact. Such redefinitions made breaking boundaries easier in the short run, but made eventually crossing that final barrier even more difficult. Suzanne knew that, but she couldn't think of a better way. Susan's aversion to things like incest and lesbianism, based in part on her conservative Christian upbringing, was so strong that even Suzanne with all her clever arguments couldn't completely explain or redefine them away completely.

After that kiss and mutual orgasm, they needed to take a break to recover, so they went back to folding laundry.

Susan started to cool down after her orgasm and began to have second thoughts. "Aren't things getting a little too... well... lesbian, what with you and me running around naked and kissing and rubbing our bodies all over each other all day long? I don't know. I know it's good practice to help Tiger, but it just seems improper to do it so much."

Suzanne replied, "Just ask yourself: would he approve? Would he want to watch? Wouldn't that be exceptional visual stimulation for him? Can't you see him watching us kiss and rub our big racks when he comes home, and popping an instant boner? The kind of thick, hot, throbbing boner that needs immediate attention from your lips. Why, I'll bet in less than a minute you'd be on your knees, bobbing on his sweet meat!"

That quieted Susan's doubts. She even licked her lips hungrily.

Suzanne continued, "Let's face it: our lives will never be the same. We're no longer ordinary housewives; we've become Sweetie's big-titted personal cocksuckers. Our job is to service and serve his cock. Period! If we have to practice kissing and rubbing our bodies against each other every day for a week or more to get really good at it, then that's what we need to do. Tell me: if his energy problem was solved tomorrow and he didn't need to cum six times a day anymore, would you want to stop?"

Susan considered that. She dropped her head and blushed. "God help me, but... no! No way! If that happened, God forbid, there would be such a big void in my life... I wouldn't know what to do! Or even where to start."

Seeing that Susan was about to burst into tears, Suzanne scooted up to her and threw an arm around her. "Hold on! That's not going to happen. I won't let it."

Susan looked up at her beseechingly. "I love him so much! So much more than a mother should! And I love... God help me. I really love serving his cock so very, very much! It's brought more joy into my life than I ever could have imagined! A... a real purpose! A reason to not only get up in the morning, but to practically leap out of bed! I haven't had that since he and Angel were little kids."

Suzanne ran a hand through Susan's long, dark brown hair. "That's not bad; it's good! Think of all the good you're able to do for him."

But Susan asked hesitantly, "But... don't you wonder sometimes if we might be getting too carried away?"

Actually, Suzanne did worry about that, but she just replied, "Are you kidding me? There's no such thing as a mother loving her son too much. We ARE his personal big-titted cocksuckers. Revel in it. Doesn't it feel good?"

"Mmmm..." Susan decided to put her worries aside and just give in. Too hard to fight... Can't think while Suzanne is playing with my nipples like that... Gonna succumb completely... Mmmm... Succumb... Suck semen! It all makes sense... succumbing sucking semen! My son's sweet, fat cock!

Suzanne could sense she was making progress in breaking down Susan's barriers. She kept on fondling her friend's breasts as she continued, "I'm just saying that if that's what we are, his personal cocksuckers, then we should be the best! It's not just about sucking cock; it's about sexually serving him to the best of our abilities in every way."

Susan's eyes were closed and she muttered blissfully, "Yesssss... Serving him... Tit slave!"

Suzanne wondered what that "tit slave" comment was about, since Susan had been too ashamed to use those words with her before. She pressed on, "Let's kiss again, and practice rubbing our breasts some more while we're at it. Imagine he's watching! And don't worry about enjoying the kissing too much. Passion shows through. The more we love it, the more he'll love it and the more it will turn him on."

Susan kissed her best friend again and found herself transported away into an erotic nirvana. She resolved to put all her "lesbian" concerns about kissing other women aside once and for all. It made perfect sense to her now that it was all part of serving Alan and his powerful, needy cock.

By the time Suzanne was ready to leave the house to run some errands a couple hours later, Susan's attitude about kissing and even fondling other women had been totally transformed. Or at least her attitude about kissing and fondling Suzanne had been transformed. Suzanne knew Susan would need more conditioning and practice before she could kiss Katherine and Amy and Brenda as easily. But the major breakthrough had been made.

Of course, when Suzanne was finally ready to leave they had to kiss once again, even though they'd necked at least two dozen times already during the day.

Standing next to the underwear cabinet in the front entryway, Suzanne kissed Susan for five minutes non-stop while freely playing with her body. That time, since she was leaving, she even fingered Susan's clit and pussy lips.

Even though both of them were dripping in their secretions, they pretended they weren't. They also each pretended that they didn't climax, even though they both did. That was because Suzanne was intent on supporting Susan's self-deception that they were merely kissing and not engaging in near all-out standing-up sex.


When their kissing finally ended, Susan leaned against the wall, panting, with Suzanne still pressing her tits into her. As she caught her breath, she said to her friend, "Now don't tell me women regularly kiss goodbye like that!" But even so, she was deliriously happy rather than accusing.

Suzanne finally disengaged, even though she felt tempted to play with Susan's luscious body forever. While reaching into the underwear cabinet she said, "No, but I figure you need all the practice you can get. Your husband is, or should I say was, as poor a kisser as he was a lover, it seems. Remember, this isn't some lesbian thing; we're doing this for your cutie Tiger. Besides, this will leave you more ready for him, especially since this is a Tuesday." She put on her bra first and then a blouse. But then she stopped, still naked below that.

Susan slumped down along the wall, ending up sitting on the floor too overwhelmed to move.

The two of them just looked at each other happily from across the foyer for a moment or two. There was a deep love as well as lust in the way they gazed at each other.

Finally Suzanne finished dressing. "I'll see you later. I can't wait to see his face - and his erection - when he sees us kiss!"

"I can't either!" Susan said happily, still sitting naked on the floor.

"And just think about practicing your new kissing skills on him, too."

"Yeah..." Susan said, staring out into space, imagining the scene. The electricity of their first kiss had hardly faded, even with all their later kisses. Susan was delighted to bring that kind of firepower to bear on her son, thanks to all she'd learned. But then the thought came, "Hey, wait. Technically, that's against the rules."

"Technically, but according to who? According to you. You can change that rule at any time. I think that rule is headed for the trash heap."

Susan scrunched her face, considering that. It wasn't that she minded revising that one rule, but she didn't like how all her rules seemed to get discarded sooner or later. She feared it was inevitable that she'd end up getting fucked by her son unless she actually put her foot down and held to the rules at some point.

Suzanne figured she'd pushed Susan as far as she could in one day, so she didn't press the issue any further. "Anyway, it's not totally against your rules. It just depends on the situation. For instance, what about your goodnight kiss and tuck-in? You can show him what you learned then."

"Oh yeah. You're right." Susan was delighted. "I can hardly wait until tonight!"

Suzanne changed her mind, deciding to push the issue a little more. "And remember that the rules are up to you. You should think twice about this 'no kissing' silliness. Are you saying you can kiss me more than you can kiss him? That doesn't make any sense, especially when your number one goal is to give him prolonged stimulation and big orgasms, is it not? The more you do with him in other ways, the less you'll feel the need to have intercourse. 'Bend over but don't break,' as you so colorfully put it." Suzanne smiled as she recalled Susan saying that, and that made Suzanne also happily recall earlier that day when Susan had stuffed her fingers into Suzanne's mouth.

Susan said, "You're right. I'll have to think about that." She frowned. A big reason that she'd at least tried to maintain the 'no kissing' rule was because she got so horny during such kisses that she feared she'd lose all control. She pictured herself kissing Alan one minute, then finding herself bent over with his thick dick fully impaled in her cunt a few minutes later. She decided, Maybe if I keep kissing Suzanne a lot, I'll get more used to it and then I'll be able to control myself better when kissing my hunky son. Yes, that's what I need to do.

Suzanne finally put on her panties, making sure to give Susan a nice show of her pussy as she slowly lifted her legs, and then a pair of pants. She opened the front door, blew Susan a kiss, and walked out of the house.

Suzanne was content to pretend for Susan's momentary benefit that they were merely practicing kissing, but it was obvious to anyone who could see (except for Susan in her self-denial) that the two of them had begun a torrid lesbian relationship. That made Suzanne very happy, to say the least. Her friendship with Susan had always been partially based on physical attraction due somewhat to the similarity of their unusually tall and curvy bodies, so she could hardly believe it was finally happening after nearly twenty years of being friends.

As she walked home she thought, Damn! If I only would have known, I would have started this kissing YEARS ago! Of course it wouldn't have worked back then, since her love and lust for Sweetie is what's changing her sexuality, but still I can dream. But heck, why dream? Forget those lost years; I'm living the dream right now! It's perfect because I can claim our kissing is so innocent, even when it's so passionate. I just love seeing her prudish barriers collapsing. Soon we'll all be one happy orgy family, living in total lust and total love!

Susan still sat in her front hallway, completely naked and more than a little cummy and sweaty. Her earlier worry that she was going too far sexually was long gone. Several hours of erotic talk about Alan certainly helped drive her worries away, but the frequent kisses with her best friend had erased her doubts even more. Her fears that she would go too far with Alan or her daughter were replaced with a newfound conviction that it was her utmost responsibility to go further with both of them, short of "real incest," as a means of better serving her son.

On a related topic, they'd talked about anal sex some more, as a possible alternative to "real" intercourse. That got Susan even more interested in the idea, so she decided to read more about it in the books she'd bought.

Suzanne's kisses were so distracting that for once the idea of sucking or fucking Alan wasn't constantly in the forefront of Susan's mind. Instead she pondered what it would be like to "do it" with a woman. For the first time ever, thinking about Suzanne's remarkable body made her feel warm and cuddly, and almost dizzy.

Eventually she came back around to thoughts of Alan and what might happen when he came home from school, particularly since it was a Tuesday. She went into the kitchen to get something to eat, since she'd been so involved with her kissing lessons that she and Suzanne had skipped lunch. She looked at the clock above the oven. Oh my goodness! It's after two already. That means Tiger will be home soon. I can't wait. This is turning out to be the best Tuesday yet!

She went to her room to masturbate, to pass the time until he arrived. But this time, instead of just dreaming of Alan, she fantasized about herself and Suzanne being "forced" to kiss and fondle each other right in front of her son and his rampant cock. But in her fantasy he wasn't happy with just that. Soon he joined in a three-way kiss-and-grope. Before long, Susan and Suzanne wound up on their knees taking turns licking his cock and kissing each other. She didn't feel bad about breaking yet more rules, because in her dream Alan was very aggressive and "forced" her and Suzanne to do all those things.

She was in heaven, cumming repeatedly while savoring that fantasy.

Then she went to her answering machine and found two new messages from Brenda. She returned Brenda's call and they had another long, arousing conversation about Alan and his penis. Clearly, they had developed a new rapport in recent days.

They shared their hottest, most recent Alan-related stories and dreams. Susan stayed naked and played with herself throughout the call, and she knew that Brenda was doing the same. Additionally, when it was Susan's turn to talk, Brenda generally listened while practicing her blowjob and titfuck moves on her dildo. Since Susan usually was describing either cocksucking or titfucking Alan in great detail, Brenda usually attempted to imitate whatever Susan recounted.

Their call went on so long that Susan was able to get Brenda all caught up with her current Alan-related adventures, while Brenda got to share some of her bet recent fantasies about Alan. They both climaxed so many times that it was almost as pleasurable for them as having actual sexy fun with Alan.

Indeed, Susan truly was in heaven.

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