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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
This Magic Moment
Day 58: Tuesday, November 12

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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The last school period of the day brought cheerleader practice. Before the practice started, Katherine took Kim aside when they were in the lockers changing and moved to a more private spot. She whispered quietly into Kim's ear, "I've got a secret, but you can't tell ANYBODY! Can you handle that?"

"Sure. And in fact I've got a juicy secret for you too."

"Cool! But I wanna go first." Katherine looked around to double-check that no one could hear, then she whispered quietly, "Guess what happened to me this morning? Susan kissed me right on the lips! Twice. With tongue! She's totally becoming bi."

Kim asked, "Susan? You mean your-"

"That's the one," Katherine interrupted. She didn't want anyone to say the word "mother" in case someone overheard, even though it seemed that no one was near. "You should see what she's doing to Alan. She was pumping his cock with one of her hands at the same time she kissed me! I just had to tell somebody, and you're the only one I can tell."


Kim was already worked up from lunch, but this ramped up her lust even more. "You can trust me to keep a secret. Damn, that's just too hot! Your... Susan... is just about the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! When I've seen her at school events, I swear, my heart practically stops!"

Katherine grinned wolfishly. "I know! That happens to me a lot lately, 'cos I see her ALL the time!"

Kim asked with growing excitement, "Can you get me a picture of her doing something like that?"

"No. Even I can see that would be too risky for all of us. Alan would rightfully have my hide for that. But who knows? If she keeps going like this, maybe one day we'll just have to invite you over."

Kim bit her lip in excitement at that thought. "Can you just get me a regular picture of her? Maybe in a bathing suit? That'll help me when I think about her while playing with myself."

Katherine nodded and smiled. "So... what's your big secret?"

Kim grabbed Katherine's shoulders in eagerness. "Your... Alan." She too was trying not to say revealing words like "brother." "He's such a STUD! He's steadily working his way through the entire squad!"

"What? What happened?! Tell me everything!"

"He completed Joy's painting job at lunch. I was there watching, and Heather was too. Things started off normally. I don't think any of us expected anything sexual to happen, especially with Heather there and all. I'd been trying to get Joy hot, but with no joy, if you know what I mean. Then Alan took over, and before you know it he was fucking her like crazy, right in front of us!"

"NO!" Katherine suddenly found it hard to breathe.

"Yes! And it wasn't just any kind of fucking - he really DRILLED her! He was some kind of human jackhammer, just drilling and drilling and drilling so fast and hard that he totally overwhelmed her!"

"NO!" Katherine said again, but this time more like an awed whisper. She was torn between lust and jealousy.

"I swear! I don't even know how it started. I'm sure Joy had no intention of letting him fuck her, especially since she has a boyfriend. But he started working on her pussy to get it ready for painting, and then she was suddenly begging him to do her! When he was done, you should have seen the way she stared at him adoringly. She all but told him he could fuck her again anytime he wanted!"



Katherine growled. "Dammit! I should be seriously pissed off, except that it's too damn arousing. Especially since I know EXACTLY how she feels!" Her pussy was actually pulsing with need just from hearing about it.

"I know!" Kim quickly agreed.

Heather walked over to them. "Hey. What are you two carrying on about?"

"Private stuff," Kim replied. "None of your business."

Heather barked, "If it happens to either of you, it's my business, since you're part of MY squad. But we'll deal with it later. Let's get organized."

Once cheerleader practice began, Heather took advantage of what she'd learned about Joy during lunch. Although Joy was acting all shy and embarrassed again, Heather now knew that there was a highly-sexual dynamo lurking within, waiting to come out.

Heather and Joy stood on the stage above all the others. Heather clapped her hands to get attention. "Joy has now been painted properly, thanks to Alan. Joy, why don't you show everyone your newly finished paint job?"

"Do I have to?" Joy whined. She looked like she would die of embarrassment, but she was still riding her post-fuck buzz from earlier, so she was pretty malleable.

"Yes you do," Heather said firmly.

Joy slowly, tentatively, raised her skirt, exposing her shaved pussy to the four other cheerleaders standing below them. Actually, they'd been able to see her pussy even before the skirt was lifted, because she was above them on the stage, causing them to look up at her from below.

Kim whistled in appreciation, causing the others to grin since they all knew that Kim was a lesbian.

"Show them what a nice job Alan did on your pussy lips."

Defending her friend, Janice complained, "Heather, you go too far!"

But Joy said, "No, it's okay. After all, I am getting punished." Reluctantly, she used a hand to pull her labia apart. The contrast between her black-painted skin and the pinkish interior of her pussy was startling.

"This is Joy's week to be punished," Heather said, "so I recommend that everyone punish her as much as possible." Turning to Joy, she said, "Hey, did I tell you you could put your hands down? Keep your pussy lips open."

Joy reluctantly obeyed.

Then Heather turned back to the others. "For instance, if you have an opportunity during practice to stick your finger up her cunt, please do so." Heather led by example, stuffing her fingers into Joy even as the tormented cheerleader continued to hold up her skirt and reluctantly spread her pussy lips wide in apparent invitation.

Joy's face turned beet red, but she didn't dare to stop Heather.

"That's outrageous!" Janice said, angry at the treatment of her best friend. Heather's use of the word "cunt" just made her angrier. "How can you do that? It's way too humiliating!"

"Janice, if you've got a problem with it, you can come up here and get the same treatment. After all, remember what she did. She almost got us all in trouble by tattling. There's a point to all of what I'm doing. We need to get her so that she's enjoying herself by the game on Friday, even though she'll be shaved and naked, so she can be the best cheerleader she can be. So try to arouse her at every turn. Janice, are you going to cooperate or not?"

"No way! I'm going to report you! You're gonna be in so much trouble it's not even funny!"

Heather took Janice aside and spoke to her quietly, so the others couldn't hear. "Janice, I appreciate you sticking up for your friend, but get real. You know who I am. You know my power. I've got most of this squad under my thumb now. If you complain, it'll just be a case of 'he said, she said,' and I've got a LOT of influence with the school officials. Anyway, if you do that, I'll go nuclear on you."

"Shit!" Janice mumbled.

Heather nodded. "I'm trying to run this squad the way it needs to be run. If you get in the way, believe me, I'll crush you." Seeing that her point was made, she stepped back and spoke up. "So, Janice, are you going to see things my way?"


Janice spoke through clenched teeth. "I, uh, I guess I will. But only because you're forcing me to." She glared back at Heather angrily. She cursed under her breath, Fucking bitch! One day she's gonna get what's coming to her. I'm not gonna let her lord it over me like that. I'm not a goddamned wallflower like some of these others!

Heather smiled when she saw Janice squirm with hate, then went on pleasantly, "At least you know who's boss. But since we're seeing such reluctance, I want to make sure everyone will obey this order. Katherine, can you come up here?"

Katherine reluctantly walked up to the stage.

Heather commanded, "And Joy, I want you to bend over the back of that couch, so we can see your ass."

Joy did so, though she was dying of shame.

"All right, Kath" - Katherine hated being called "Kath," which the insensitive Heather knew but sometimes either forgot or did intentionally - "stick your finger in there. That's an order."

Katherine lifted up Joy's skirt and put a finger in Joy's pussy. She pretended to be reluctant to preserve her goody-goody reputation, but actually she was quite enjoying it. She would have loved the situation if Heather hadn't been involved.

Heather had to finally tell her to stop. Then Heather made Kim, Amy, and Janice all do the same.

Kim and Amy were very amenable to the idea, but Janice was another matter.

Janice was the last one to go. She was still seething at Heather, but she obeyed. She said to her best friend, "Joy, please forgive me. I'm so sorry! I promise I'll make it up to you, but I don't want to be kicked off the squad."

"Oh, how touching," Heather said sarcastically. "But Janice, you fail to understand that she's being punished. You will not make it up to her or apologize to her. In fact, since you're being so stubborn, I'm going to make you put a finger up her ass as well."

"What? That's so gross! There's no way."

"There is a way. I swear, if you cross me, I'll make you regret the day you were born. Being kicked off the squad would be just the start of your troubles. Do it. NOW."


Janice sheepishly and reluctantly stuck her finger up Joy's anus. "I'm so sorry, Joy," she whispered.

"You still don't get it, do you?" said Heather testily. "No apologies. I want you to call Joy names. Nasty names. Call her a slut."

Janice closed her eyes, and whispered, "Slut."

"Let's have some more enthusiasm. Speak louder. And use it in a sentence. Let's see some pumping action with that finger while you're doing that."

"Joy, you're a slut," Janice said, louder but without conviction. She reluctantly pushed her finger deeper into Joy's butt, then slowly pulled it back out.

"Wow. Really creative use of the word there," Heather said sarcastically. "You can do better than that. Tell Joy how much she loves what you're doing to her."

Janice tried to drum up more enthusiasm for the task. "Joy, you really like this, don't you? You like how I'm sawing my finger in your butt?" There was silence as Heather waited until Janice penetrated Joy's butt a couple more times. Though she was burning with shame and anger, Janice kept looking at Heather to see whether that would be enough.

Heather nodded approvingly, feeling very smug and happy with the situation.

Janice thought to herself, I swear to God, I will get you for this, Heather! You're going to pay for your cruelty. I'm going to play some kind of horrible trick on you, and you won't even know who hit you or how.

Even so, she continued to abuse Joy as Heather was instructing. "Joy, you're just a slut who likes to take things up your ass, aren't you? In fact, a finger up the ass just isn't enough for you. You need big things in your asshole. Big, nasty things. You need both your holes filled, don't you? How does this feel?" She rammed a finger from her other hand into Joy's pussy even as she kept pistoning a finger in and out of her anus, going faster.

"Janice, no!" cried Joy. She thought, Ohmigod, what's happening to Janice? She's my best friend! What's come over her?

"Shut up, bitch!" Janice answered surprisingly fiercely. Unconsciously she was channeling her anger at Heather into her abuse of Joy. "You like it. Admit that you like it, and that you even love it!"

Janice rammed her fingers in and out of Joy, harder and harder. Janice had gotten quite aroused watching all the other cheerleaders frig Joy, but she'd kept it bottled up inside. She'd secretly lusted after Joy for a long time, but saw that her best friend didn't seem to feel the same way about her. Now her repressed feelings were coming out all at once.

She'd long wanted to be sexual with Joy, but not this way. Unknowingly, Heather was ruining her fantasies about her best friend.

"No, Janice, no! Don't!" Joy cried out.

"You love it! Admit it!" Janice yelled. She no longer needed Heather's encouragement, but was seriously getting into frigging her best friend. In fact, she'd almost forgotten about Heather, she was so lost in the pistoning and her yelling at Joy. She might have come to her senses except that she realized that Joy was actually starting to get into it, and that just drove her onward even more. She continued to abuse both of Joy's holes with complete abandon.

"Look how you thrust your hips back. SLUT! Fucking tramp! You want more, don't you? You're begging for it! You love it!"

Janice was right: Joy in fact was thrusting her hips as if she needed to be penetrated deeper and harder. A part of her was enjoying it, even as her conscious mind was screaming about the abuse. She was so confused that she could hardly think, so she just let waves of mixed feelings wash over her.

"You fucking whore!" Janice yelled. "Making me do this because you can't keep a secret! You did it just because you want us to all fuck you! Fucking cunt!"

Joy's knees buckled as she was hit by a massive orgasm. She fell to the floor.

But Janice collapsed with her, keeping her fingers going, ramming both pussy and butt holes almost violently.

Joy's face was bursting with excitement and lust and shame, even as she moaned and shrieked as if she were in her death throes.

Janice cried, "Slut! Bitch! You love it! Admit it, you lesbo! Lesbo slut! Cum dumpster! You belong on your knees!"

Heather had been watching intently, amazed at what Janice was saying and doing. But now she interrupted, "Okay, that's enough. Very good, Janice." The situation was rapidly slipping out of her control - within just a few minutes she'd gone from having to force Janice to having to stop her.

Janice removed her fingers from Joy and just stood there, dazed. She looked around at the other cheerleaders, who were staring at her in shock. Seeing the others snapped her out of her possessed state. She cringed and blushed at what she had done, then muttered, "Um, yeah. Uh, I'm sorry Joy. Heather made me do it. I'm really sorry."

She thought, What just happened to me there? I'm never gonna live this down! Joy is going to hate me. I just destroyed our friendship. She's my best friend in the whole wide world! May God curse that fucking bitch Heather; this is all her fault. She is soooo dead. I am going to get her for this no matter what, even if it's the last thing I do!

Heather commented, "Janice, you still don't understand about apologizing, but I'll let it slide this time since you executed the rest of my orders so well, not to mention I wouldn't want to have you do that again. Now Joy, get down off the stage and let's begin our practice."

Heather thought, I sure didn't see that coming with Janice. Is everyone on this team secretly repressing so much sexually, or what? How odd. I guess I picked a good team. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I picked them mostly not on skill but by how much they turned me on.

Joy hopped off the edge of the low stage. She kept her head down, refusing to make eye contact with anyone, especially Janice. Now that her humiliation was over, she was already starting to wonder how she could have enjoyed any of it.

She could see that Janice was shook up perhaps even more than she was. She walked up to Janice and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry. I forgive you. None of us can cross Heather." Then she nervously moved away, fearful of any more punishment from the head cheerleader.


Heather took control of the group. "Okay, everyone, let's focus. Today we're going to do some warm-up exercises, and then some running outside. But first, Amy, what are you doing wrong?"

Amy was the cheerleader now standing closest to Joy. She shrugged cluelessly.

Heather chided, "You're forgetting something. Since you're next to Joy, please continue with her punishment."

Amy casually reached under Joy's skirt and began frigging her as if it were no big deal.

Joy didn't say a word, but she didn't seem happy about it either.

A couple of them were amazed at how easily the supposedly innocent and naïve Amy took on the task. Even Heather exercised some degree of sexual restraint with the other cheerleaders when Amy was present, in an effort not to corrupt her too much. Only Katherine really understood, because she had first-hand experience of Amy's skill at fingering pussies.

Joy continued to acquiesce to the treatment, even as she squirmed and blushed.

Janice however, was only further shocked and appalled. She was shocked at Joy's apparent enjoyment, and appalled that Heather was corrupting Amy. They all followed an unwritten rule that Amy was to be protected from all things sexual, and Heather was violating it.

But no one else seemed to be concerned at all, not even Katherine.

Janice looked from face to face and thought for sure she'd entered the Twilight Zone, where no one was acting normally.

Joy with Kat's hand

Every moment of the practice, as long as they were in the theater room and not jumping about doing a routine, Heather made sure that one or another of the cheerleaders was keeping their fingers active in Joy's pussy. Even if they only stood around for a few seconds between routines, someone was required to plunge their fingers into Joy.

The fact was, everyone else in the squad was at least somewhat bisexual, so this activity was making them all horny. Even Joy was quite aroused.

Heather was triumphant. In addition to getting back at Joy for Alan's earlier fuck and blowjob, she sensed that she'd reached a turning point in getting the squad to go along with her sexual schemes. She looked forward to a lot of lesbian fun with all of them before the year ended.

Halfway through practice, during a longer break in their routines, Joy whispered, "Janice, please make it stop."

Janice could hardly believe her ears, since Joy's body certainly seemed to be reacting favorably. Joy was panting heavily, and her thighs were sticky with her juices. "What?" Janice asked, uncomprehendingly. She'd had a finger in her friend's vagina at the time, but quickly took it out.

"Yes, I'm wet," Joy grudgingly conceded, "'cos I'm really horny. But that doesn't mean I'm enjoying this. My body may be aroused, but I just don't swing this way. Not only that, but where's the love? I need romance and there's nothing romantic about this. Sex should be fun and loving, but with Heather there's none of that here. I know that I'm to blame for telling Jenny, but I just want it to stop."

Janice was very upset to hear that. It occurred to her, This means... This means that I... she... Oh no! I've been a willing participant in all of this! Worse, I've been enjoying it. How horrible. I'm totally getting into this lesbian stuff, and I just assumed that Joy was too. I thought that she and I... Oh no! Disaster! Is our friendship over? She doesn't seem that upset, but what if she realizes that I wasn't just acting before? I must really have a dark side. ... I've got to DO something!

Janice stood up, straightened out her cheerleading uniform, and went over to the head cheerleader. "Heather, this has to stop. This has gone too far! Don't you see that Joy isn't enjoying herself?"

Heather laughed, snorting, "What, we're all here for her enjoyment? She got her enjoyment earlier today, while I just had to sit by and watch. That was unnecessary, and now she has to pay."

Janice didn't know what that was all about, but needed to help her friend anyway. "Let me make you a deal, right here, right now, in front of everyone. Let me take over Joy's punishment. I'll do whatever you want her to do, and double. I'll do anything you want. Just leave Joy alone!"

Heather looked Janice over intently while she considered the idea. "But Joy was the one who blabbed about the painting," she pointed out. "She should be the one to pay."

"I'll take care of Joy. She'll never do something like that again, I promise." Janice was very insistent and pleading.

Heather pretended to waver, then finally concede. "Okay. Don't ever say that I have no heart. Fine. Go ahead." She wasn't really being kind though. Her real motive all along had been to maneuver the other cheerleaders into more and more sexual situations so she could take advantage of a completely sexually-uninhibited squad. Joy and Janice had been the last holdouts, so this was a chance to correct that.

Janice jumped up and down, saying "Thanks! I won't forget it."

Joy leapt up from where she was sitting, hugging and thanking Janice profusely as Janice hugged her back.

"Hey, hey," Heather eventually butted in. "It's not all wine and roses here. Don't get so excited."

The two paused and looked at Heather to see what she would say.

"First off, you two, what I say goes. And rule number one is that neither of you gets to fuck Alan. Period. The more you fuck him the less I can, and I don't like that."

Janice was puzzled, since she was behind on what had been happening with Alan. However, Heather's comment was quite telling, helping Janice to start to figure things out.

"But wait-" Joy began.

Heather cut her off. "No buts. That's the deal. Second, Janice, you'll take over Joy's spot. Shave your pussy tonight, and tomorrow we'll bring Alan back in here to paint you. But your punishment won't end on Friday, since you've missed some of the week already. I'll think of more to do with you later. Joy, you'll keep your paint job and go to the game like that, but nobody's going to touch you from now on if you don't want to be touched, okay? But you're not going to complain or say a word to anyone else when the rest of us are enjoying ourselves. Especially your sister! And we're going to be doing a lot of that from now on."

"Okay," Joy agreed. It isn't much of a deal, really. But the important thing is that Heather's gonna stop abusing me. I can live with painted panties at the game, as long as she quits trying to drag me into her weird sex games. But what about Janice? Now she's gonna have to pay, and for who knows how long! What have I done, agreeing to this? Maybe I should say no, before Janice has to...

Janice saw the look of concern come over her friend's face and could guess her thoughts. "Don't worry, Joy. Don't mind me. The thing is, I'm kind of getting into this. I think I might even enjoy some of Heather's punishments. I hope you don't think less of me, but that's how it is."

Heather spoke up, "We'll see. I'm not here for your amusement either; I'm here for my own. I see that look in your eye, Janice. If you agree to this, you have to swear that you're not going to try to get back at me in any way. You're agreeing here of your own free will. And you're not going to tell a soul about any of this. Especially not Alan!"

Kim, Katherine, and Amy were all watching intently from nearby.

Heather now spoke to them also. "That goes for the rest of you. None of you say anything to anyone. And Katherine, you are NOT going to tell your brother about this. Is that clear? You saw how I found out about Joy telling secrets. If you tell Alan, he's gonna start behaving differently, and I'll pick it up right away. Then it'll be YOUR ass."

"Okay, fine," Katherine agreed. "If that's what makes Joy and Janice happy."

Katherine turned to Joy and said, "I'm so sorry, Joy. I didn't realize. I thought you were enjoying it."

Heather glared at Amy. "And I know you're his next door neighbor and close friend. Mum's the word. Got it?"

"M'kay," Amy nearly whispered. She seemed really intimidated by Heather, especially when Heather was like this.

The others all joined in with profuse apologies to Joy. Amy seemed especially sad about the whole thing.

While that was going on, Janice quietly whispered to Joy, "What's all this about Alan? Did he fuck you?"

Joy muttered back, "Tell you later." Then she spoke to the whole group. "Listen. I'm not traumatized or anything. No need to apologize. It's just that everyone was assuming that I could be bisexual, but I'm can't. Sure, I get aroused physically if someone stimulates me, but I'm not REALLY aroused, if you know what I mean. So, no offense, but I'll just sit this kind of stuff out, if that's okay with all of you. And thanks again, Janice. You're a real friend."

Janice didn't feel much like a good friend though. She thought, If only you knew how much I was getting into calling you names and stuff, you wouldn't call me a friend! That fucking Heather really opened a Pandora's Box. I've had romantic feelings toward you, and now it turns out that you're not bisexual in the slightest! What a fucking horrible day, and it's all Heather's fault!

And now I'm under her thumb, the bitch, and I can't even get back at her for all of this. And I can't fuck Alan either. I was so looking forward to that after all I've heard. AND she'll humiliate me at the football game on Friday, and beyond. How can this get any worse?! At least I've redeemed myself a bit in Joy's eyes. But it's going to take a long time before I can redeem myself in my own eyes. What a fucking disaster!

Joy seemed happy that her humiliation had ended and didn't realize how troubled Janice was. She asked Heather, "About this no fucking Alan rule - doesn't that depend on Alan? What if he comes in here tomorrow and wants to fuck me or Janice? How are you going to stop him?" Joy was still thinking about her incredible earlier fuck with him, and she was determined to get a repeat performance.

"You're right that I can't stop him," Heather conceded. "But if he wants to do that, the two of you will politely turn him down. You both have boyfriends, so just tell him that you don't want to cheat on them. Alan is such a gentleman that he's not going to go against that. And he's not much of a liar either, so I'll know if you told him something behind my back. The mighty Heather sees all!"

She cackled dramatically, in a semi-parody of her bitchy image amongst the cheerleaders. Almost everyone else in the school knew her as elitist and aloof, but didn't realize just how self-serving she really was.

After more discussion, they all went back to cheerleading practice. Whatever sexual mood there had been was broken, so the rest of the practice passed without incident.

Janice and Joy furtively discussed the fact that Joy had had sex with Alan during lunch. Janice was not that upset to hear about it, but she was shocked to hear from Joy that Alan had also had sex with Heather.

Heather felt a bit bad about her treatment of Joy. She'd assumed from the way Joy was acting around Alan that she was randy as a goat, very sexual all around. But though that had been proven wrong and she felt apologetic about her mistake, she was just too proud to apologize.


Janice put on an untroubled face, but after all the other cheerleaders left she stayed behind. Sitting on the floor, she pondered her situation.

I don't regret that I made that deal with Heather. But I DO regret acting like such a fool earlier. What on Earth came over me? This is like the worst day of my life, and I can't even tell Joy all about it like I usually do. I have to keep my feelings a secret or I'll lose her for sure.

This is all Heather's fault. My feelings for Joy would never have come out in public if it hadn't been for Heather's cruelty. I don't know how or when, but some day I'm gonna give her her comeuppance. Unfortunately, at the moment I'm basically her bitch. What a bitch! That fucking she-devil! I don't know how I'm gonna stand it, but I'll have to be tough, for Joy's sake. I can take whatever Heather can dish out. I gotta keep my end of the deal or she'll take it out on Joy.


Alan had to walk home after school, because his mother had rushed Katherine and him to class that morning. After all the shenanigans with the cheerleaders, he actually enjoyed the respite provided by the walk, which gave him a rare chance to be alone and think.

It's amazing that I'm only halfway through Tuesday. How will my dick ever make it to Saturday? It's a good thing that the SA-Club meeting at Kim's was canceled this week, 'cos there's only so much it can take. He chuckled to himself. And I've got another appointment with Akami on Friday too. Phew! That'll be hot, for sure.

Akami, standing naked, seen from the back

His thoughts drifted to his last sexual encounter with Akami, and he clearly pictured in his mind one moment when Akami had been standing with her back to him. For some reason that particular image had stuck in his mind, as it showed what a terrific body she had. Man alive! Akami is soooo fine! Sure, she's not as ridiculously curvy as Mom is, but she still has a great, fit body. Plus, I can fuck her anytime I want. And I have! And it was GREAT!

Hot damn, life is good! I'm getting way worked up, just thinking about plunging my hot cock into her, over and over and over again! Phew! So tight, so intense! A total friction blast! If I could only do that to Mom... Or Aunt Suzy... Oh, Jesus! I just know my auntie would be the greatest fuck ever! Except fucking Mom would be even better! Hell, I can't compare. Both would be off the charts!

But dammit, what about balance? I need balance in my life! I can almost hear the sound of my grades in free fall, like a carton of a dozen eggs splattering on the ground. I've got a couple of big tests Friday, and I haven't even started to study for them. Then there's studying for the S.A.T.s and applying to colleges, which I haven't even started. Not to mention the Boy Scouts hiking trip coming up soon. How can I possibly juggle it all?

I sure as hell can't start getting responsible now. I've got a super stiff hard-on already thinking about what's gonna happen with Mom when I get home.

I mean, everything I'm doing and thinking is sexual in some way or another. Why, the sheer amount of juice I've been drinking lately so my dick won't run out of cum - it's insane. And now, whenever Mom says, "Tiger, would you like another glass of juice," it takes on a whole new meaning. I imagine her patiently waiting for it to run through my system so she can suck it out of me! And I get so aroused by that. I'm at the point that being handed a glass to drink is actually arousing. Every fucking single thing is arousing! I'm going to flunk out of everything in life, except getting aroused and enjoying sex.

He sighed, and thought with mixed emotions, There's no doubt I'm getting pretty good at that.

When he arrived at his house, his mother was waiting for him at the front foyer, tottering on five-inch heels and not much else. She'd just taken a shower, so she smelled and looked fresh.

Nudity was becoming so common in his house that he wasn't surprised that her outfit, an apron, left her impressive chest completely exposed. It wasn't the first time she'd worn an outfit like that. In fact, the nightie she'd worn that morning was even more revealing. But the fact that she'd spent pretty much the entire day naked and kissing and fondling Suzanne had affected her, though Suzanne's accompanying indoctrination and lecturing had affected her even more.

Before, whenever she would call herself her son's "cocksucking centerfold mommy slut," a part of her just considered it a joke, as if it was all simply a sexy game. But now she had started taking that completely seriously, and completely literally. The change made her look at Alan in an entirely new way: now he wasn't just her son; he was her de facto master. As a result, she looked and felt unusually embarrassed and incredibly nervous. She worried that she might not be worthy of him.

She'd spent the half hour before his arrival cooking one of his favorite desserts, dark chocolate brownies. Now she was carrying the tray of brownies like a shield, so that they covered much of her bare breasts. She looked approvingly at the bulge in his shorts, unthinkingly licking her lips several times in anticipation.


Alan had no clue about what she'd been thinking or doing all day. He noticed her nervousness and was going to gently tease her about it. But he realized that it had taken a big leap of courage for her to dress so scandalously just to please him. He decided to act as if there was nothing unusual in her attire, at least until she got more accustomed to wearing so little.

"Hi Tiger," she said, "how was your day?" She put the tray of brownies aside, walked up to him, and kissed him on the cheek as she usually did. But then she kissed him on the lips, even briefly giving him some tongue. She rubbed her body up against his, making sure to slide her hard nipples up against his T-shirt.

"Whoa," he said. He was used to his goodnight kisses, but a kiss during the day was a welcome surprise, even if it was brief. "It just got a whole lot better. What was that for?"

"Suzanne told me today that I need to be friendlier when greeting people, so I'm trying to change my ways, especially when it comes to kissing you. You like?"

"Do I like? I love it! Wow!"

Still feeling unusually nervous, she picked up the tray of brownies again. "I made some brownies for you. Your favorite kind."

He took the tray and set it aside. "Never mind about that. My 'favorite kind' is standing right in front of me."

She blushed and beamed with happiness. She lowered her head demurely. "You're just saying that."

"No I'm not. You're gorgeous. And so fuckin' stacked!" He reached out and squeezed her ample tit-flesh. "I love your eyes, your face, even your glasses. Everything! Turn around slowly so I can see all of you and the sexy apron you're wearing."

"Okay!" She stepped back a few feet and pirouetted completely around to show off her new apron. It was a specially designed erotic apron, which had cloth in some areas that highlighted the fact that there was no cloth covering her tits or ass.

She didn't mention Suzanne's advice that she could and should do just about anything with Alan short of straight intercourse, and that the more she did such things the healthier it would be for both of them. She was embarrassed about it, yet eager to begin. She wanted to break new barriers right away, before she lost her courage, but was a little bit skittish about how to do it. She'd never been fucked in the ass, or even had her pussy licked. Her husband was as bad a lover as he was an infrequent one (which would be easy to understand if he really was gay).

"I most definitely like," Alan enthused. "You look even sexier than you did this morning! I didn't believe that was possible, but it's true. I like how the apron exposes and hides at the same time."


Susan laughed. "Well it doesn't hide that much. It mostly exposes. About the only thing it tries to hide is this." She lifted up the front of the apron and proudly showed off her pussy.

"Mmmm, that's one spot I'd like to get to know a lot better." He was struck by how willing she was to show herself off like this, despite her nervousness. Since he knew nothing of Suzanne's day-long indoctrination effort, he figured the fashion show must have been responsible for getting her to enjoy showing herself off so much.

"Now, now, Tiger, remember that I'm your mother. We have to have limits." She still held the apron up, and even wiggled her hips a bit, which greatly diminishing her authority to talk seriously about limits.

"Do you remember what we did this morning?" They both knew that he was referring to their brief dry hump.

"Do I? How could I possibly forget it? But I'm serious about what I said about that. We can do many things, but we can't do that again. I just don't think I have the self-control to get that close to actual you-know-what. Sorry about that, Tiger."

He frowned. She seemed unusually determined to maintain that particular restriction, which was the one he most wanted to go.

She felt bad too, because she'd spent most of her day thinking and talking with Suzanne about breaking barriers, but when it actually came to doing so with Alan she was falling back onto her same slogans and restrictions. To compensate for his disappointment, she moved back to him and draped her arms around his shoulders, again poking her aroused nipples firmly into his chest.

He wished that his chest was bare so he could feel her directly against his skin.

She eyed his crotch again, even cupping his bulging package. "How's our not-so-little friend doing? Are you going to keep him locked up in those shorts forever? Mommy's hungry for a spermy snack."

"'Forever?' I've been home less than two minutes. He's doing fine now, thanks to you." He grinned as she slowly unzipped his shorts. She stared in anticipation as his boner emerged.

His erection suddenly sprang forth. Susan enveloped it with her hands even before it had stopped bouncing from being freed. She stayed standing and just bent over some, because his hand was stroking her mostly bare back and she didn't want him to stop.

He noted, "I still have four times to go to make eight today." He took his shorts off and removed his underwear.

Susan did some quick math and frowned, realizing he must have gotten off in school again during the day. She'd been noticing the last few days that the chart on his wall got one check a day that she couldn't account for, and sometimes even two.

She thought as she started to jack him off, I'm dying to know who's helping out at school, but I suppose it's none of my business. I don't want to come across like a jealous girlfriend.

God, that gets me so HOT, imagining I'm his girlfriend! In any case, eight times is a LOT, even for a virile, cum-filled boy like him. He's gotta need help at school to reach a big number like that, so I should be thanking whoever it is, especially since it must be pretty hard to have sex at school without getting caught. Heck, knowing my Tiger, he's probably getting blown and stroked by all kinds of girls at school, maybe even in a bathroom! That gets me even hotter!

Alan looked over her apron outfit and asked half-seriously, "Mom, how on earth do you expect me to concentrate in class, when I know I have someone so hot and sexy waiting to help me at home?"

Susan was fishing for more compliments as her fingers slid up and down his shaft. "Don't talk about your sister that way," she replied, knowing full-well that wasn't his meaning.

"Mom, I'm talking about YOU! Sis is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but you're like one of the all-time greats. One of the greatest beauties of all time. Like Marilyn Monroe or something. You're so beautiful and sexy that I can hardly stand it!" He ran his hands freely all over her body, causing her to shiver lustily.

As he hefted her big boobs, lifting them from below, he said, "One of these weeks I'm going to have to get sick so I can stay home with you all day. Maybe with a long illness, so I can be here every day. I'd spend the day just playing with your perfect body. Imagine if every day was Tuesday - that you had an entire week of Tuesdays."

Susan blushed and trembled with joy. "You say the nicest things! But your studies come first. Why don't we get your penis irregularity check done now so you can hit the books. Then we can enjoy some nice cocksuckings later this evening, without having to worry about your homework. You have such a silver tongue, but maybe I can show you that my tongue is good for a thing or two as well."

He looked down at her stroking hands. "Aren't you checking it now?"

"Not really. I'm just stroking your special place over and over, well, because I know how much you like it."

He leaned forward and kissed her neck. "Thanks, Mom!"

She dragged him by his erection up the stairs and down the hallway, towards his room, stroking it as best she could considering that they were trying to walk at the same time.

"Not so fast, Mom; I haven't gotten your attention yet." He reached forward and grabbed her ass. They made their way through the house laughing and joking, with him attached at her ass and her firmly gripping his hard-on somewhat like a two-person conga line.

Susan thought to herself, His hands on my ass! So natural. They belong there. What I really need is to have him FUCK me right up the ASS! Right now I should just tell him, "Excuse me Tiger, but your mother really needs it. Your mommy needs your big fat cock deep up her butt. Fuck my asshole, please! Do your mommy's butt deep! So deep!"

But I'm afraid it's gonna hurt. I know it's gonna hurt, because he's so unusually THICK! And he might hate me for being a weirdo. He's probably disgusted by the idea of anal sex. Why wouldn't he be? I wonder if there's a way to change that. He sure likes the outside of my butt, at least.

When they reached the door to Alan's room, he maneuvered her past it. "Let's use your room," he said. He found the idea of doing sexual things to his mother in her own bed even more exciting than doing the same things in his own. (It didn't occur to him that this was Oedipal.)

She stopped in the hall just before the door to her room. "We shouldn't," she said weakly, even as she kept jerking him off. She still felt some strange loyalty to her husband, so using the room she shared with him seemed like a violation of her marriage. She looked at her left hand, focusing on her wedding ring, even as her right hand slid up and down his shaft.

As he stood there with his hands roaming all over her ass, he said, "You know, Mom, there's something extra sexy about this apron. I hope you wear it a lot. It's so sexy, but at the same time it reminds me that you're my mother who cleans my clothes and cooks my food. It makes me really happy. And of course it shows off just how huge your luscious tits really are, not to mention your extra narrow waist." His hands went to her tits and waist as he talked about them.

She smiled a wide smile. "It makes me happy too. And I'm so proud that my tits can give you such joy. I used to almost hate them, because they were so much trouble and gave me backaches, but now I love them. I even disliked the word. 'Tits,' So vulgar. But these aren't breasts; they're tits!" She arched her back to thrust out her chest.

Her thoughts began to drift while she was enjoying the cock sliding in her fingers and her son was playing with her big melons. Son, don't just play with them with your hands; shove your fat cock in there! You need to do that immediately. Tiger, be a good boy and fuck your mommy's big tits. Do it now!

But she didn't share what she was thinking. She merely smiled benignly and said, "I must admit, I've been fighting it, but now I'm so glad about your treatment needs. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I've never felt so happy, so alive, as these last few weeks."

"Me too, Mom. Me too. I love you so much!"

As she kept on jacking off his thick boner while they stood at her doorway, she said, "Suzanne and I had a good talk today. She's helped me see that I'm a creature designed for pleasure - for YOUR pleasure. What good is it having a centerfold mommy if you can't play with her curvy, busty body? I need to be more lenient about some of my boundaries. For instance, some of the limits on you touching me."

There was all kinds of things she wanted to do with him, but naughty anal sex thoughts made her ass feel particularly needy. So she let go of his dick and turned her back on him. As she pinched one of her nipples, she said, "Please get my attention again, but this time, get ALL of it!"


He stood behind her and felt up her butt again. He wasn't quite sure what she was hinting for him to do. He figured he'd do anything he liked to her ass short of fucking it, and if she complained he could justify his actions as due to her vague comments. His fingers worked his way towards the center of her rear and within seconds he was sliding his index finger deep into her anus.

"Oooh!" She squealed in delight. But then she cried in apparent dismay. "Tiger, I'm your mother! If you respect and appreciate me, you'll do that more often!"

He was confused about her mixed signals, to say the least. It took a few seconds for him to register that she was saying just the opposite of what he'd expected, and that her dismay was feigned.

"That's a joke, Son," she continued. "I know I'm not very good at them, but I'm working on it."

He laughed. "Good one!" He kept on probing the depths of her ass crack.

She thought, Suzanne says it's okay if Tiger has my butt. It's okay! Son, take my ass and do crazy things to it. Get sexy all over your mommy's bubble butt! Take out your finger and put your big cock inside me instead! Fill me with thick COCK-MEAT! Mommy wants to be your butt slut! Take my butt and fill it with your beefy rod!

But outwardly, she again displayed only a contented, motherly smile. It was one thing to run wild in her own mind with anal sex fantasies, but she was a long way from being able to say any of that out loud, much less have him actually impale her there. The fact that the idea of him putting his dick inside her tight anus was physically frightening helped make it exciting, but it wasn't possible yet for her to consider that idea as more than just a fantasy.

Alan didn't have the slightest clue about the thoughts raging in her head. "You're the best, Mom," he replied as he started to gently push her through her doorway while still sawing his finger in and out of her ass. "Not a lot of moms would be willing to help out so much with a son's medical troubles... By the way, I like that your apron has this big bow on your back. What would happen if I undid it?"

She was horny beyond belief, so nearly jumped with joy that he'd finally mentioned the bow. Not only did she not resist his pushing her towards her bedroom, she started walking there on her own. "I don't know, since you've never undone it before. It holds the apron together. If you do that, who knows? Maybe my clothes will fall off completely. If that happens, I imagine I'll have to fall naked on the bed and suck your cock quite a lot!"

She turned back to make eye contact with him. Her smoldering look showed that she could hardly wait.

"I could think of worse things that could happen," he said jokingly as he undid the bow.


Sure enough, the apron fell to the floor when he undid the bow. There was no way undoing the bow could have caused that all by itself, since it was a French maid's apron with shoulder straps, so she'd helpfully pulled those straps off her shoulders at the same time.

He laughed with pure glee as he resumed fondling her awesome body. It's like every day is Christmas, except instead of the usual presents I find my mom and all kinds of other total babes under the Christmas tree!

As they entered her room, she said breathlessly, "You know, it feels almost as if you're my husband and I'm your wife, and now you're taking me to our bed to have your way with me. But of course I'm not; I'm just one of your many faithful cocksuckers!"

He was afraid to push his luck, since he wasn't sure what might fuel her fantasies and what might trigger a relapse. So he just smiled knowingly as if he knew what he was doing.

Susan walked ahead of him and lay down on her double bed, spread-eagled. She spread her knees wide apart, making sure to give him a good look at her pussy. "Just what do you plan to do to me here in your father's bed?"

He was reasonably excited already, but when he heard that his heart started to pound wildly.

She asked seductively, "Are you having unwholesome thoughts about your mommy? Your cocksucking-loving, penis-hungry mommy?"

He crawled close between her legs and had a good look at her pussy.

But she didn't want him to just look. She rolled over onto her stomach and stuck her ass up into the air, visually inviting him to "get her attention" yet again. "Your mommy is having some very naughty thoughts about you right now. I think you need a big reward for saying such nice things about her." She was particularly overjoyed that he'd compared her to the likes of Marilyn Monroe.

He said, "That's all I do all day: have unwholesome thoughts about you. But I love you. And I've kept my promise to respect your boundaries, haven't I?" He took off his last bits of clothing and hopped up behind her. He grabbed her butt with both hands and began kneading it.

She loved it. Sure, he'd played with her ass a lot recently, but it seemed like an entirely different thing when he did it while she was on all fours in the middle of her own bed, wearing nothing but her high heels. She moaned and "mmmm"-ed and repeatedly thrust her ass back into his hands.

Just look at me! I wish Suzanne was here to take a picture of me. I'm such a wanton SLUT! I know I'm supposed to feel bad about devoting myself to serving my son's cock. Society would never approve. But it feels SO DAMN GOOD! Society, eat your heart out!

Emboldened by her frisky ass thrusting, after a few minutes he slid a hand down and fully cupped her pussy.

She thought, Oh no, he's gonna fuck me for sure! My pussy is the one area he can't touch, not even under Suzanne's new rules. I'm going too far. No self control whatsoever. I have to pull back a bit or he'll really end up fucking me, and that'll plunge us both into the fires of Hell!

She told him reluctantly but sternly, "I love you too, Son. But boundaries - remember the boundaries. You were just saying how you respect them."

He was a bit surprised. He'd never seen her so eager, yet so firm in her resistance. He was extremely frustrated, so he didn't give up with his boundary-pushing move entirely. Instead he pretended that he had been obeying her boundaries all along. "I know, Mom. I am respecting them. I'm just getting some lubrication."

He picked up some of her pussy juices on his fingers and then plunged a slippery finger into her anus.

"UGH!" she groaned as his finger pushed all the way back in. "I guess that's ... UNH! ... Okay then. MMMM! YES! But don't go too far and force me to stop what we were doing. Mmmm! There's just one place you shouldn't- UGH! Shouldn't touch!"

He steadily moved his index finger in and out of her butt hole. Using the excuse of getting a good grip (like 'a bowling ball grip', he thought to himself), he arranged his fingers so that his thumb rested lightly on her slit most of the time.

"I wouldn't think of it, Mom," he finally said. He let his thumb "accidentally" run up and down her slit.

There was no way she couldn't notice what his thumb was doing, because its presence there was giving her an incredible thrill. But she tried her best to pretend that it was an accidental placement which she should simply ignore.

She began thrusting her ass up into the air in time with his finger prodding. Using the excuse of probing deeper into her ass, he tightened the grip of his other fingers, causing his thumb to slip slightly between her engorged pussy lips.

That was his undoing. To his disappointment, she finally said, "I think someone's ideas of boundaries are getting a little too blurry. If a certain neighbor were able to see us right now, she might get the mistaken impression that you and I were doing something incestuous." She said this with either great self-deception, ironic understatement, or both. Even she wasn't quite sure.


She raised her butt even higher, letting him concentrate on her anus for a while. She thought, You know, right now if I wanted to, I could tell him to fuck me in the ass. And it would happen! He'd probably get over his anal sex phobia immediately, and stick his thick cock deep into my ass!

Oh God! That's so HOT! It really, truly could happen, right now, if I only give in and tell him to do it!

But what would my mother think about that? She would just die of horror and shame. Or my father? He would kill me! What if they could see me now, with my naked ass up in the air, practically humping back on his fingers? ... Oh dear, why did my parents have to pop into my head? Besides, Tiger's cock is just too long and thick. If Dad didn't kill me, Tiger would literally split me in two!

Thoughts of her ass were now momentarily tainted for Susan by thoughts of her parents, so she decided to do something else, something less dangerous. "I'm going to roll over."

Alan removed his hands from her ass and let her turn over. His erection bobbed in the air; it had been neglected so far. He hoped it would get in on the action pretty soon.

"Your turn to lie down," she said. "Someone's willy is a little too overheated, so I'm going to see if I can't get it to relax."

He lay on his back with his head on his mother's pillow and watched as she crawled towards him on all fours across the big bed. He loved to see her giant melons swing and sway; he wondered how on earth that sexy sight was supposed to calm him down. He was blown away that she'd come to love high heels so much that she even wore them to bed.

She climbed up a little past his groin so her boobs were hanging down right over his erection. She held her tits and pressed them around his stiff, pulsing cock.

She was obviously in a teasing mood. She pulled back, leaving his hard-on untouched after only a few seconds deep in 'cleavage heaven'. She said, "Oopsies! How did that happen?" before scooting back a bit to where her mouth was over his tool. She spoke breathily, deliberately blowing air directly across his boner. "If you continue to be a good boy, I just might have to allow you to fuck Mommy's big tits again. Whenever you want! Would you like that?"

He panted, "Yes! God, yes!"


Susan said excitedly, "Good! But right now she wants your slippery hardness in her mouth too much to play around with it down there." She took his erection between her lips and began sucking hard on it.

He hefted her weighty, hanging tits, grasping them tightly as she furiously licked. He could just barely reach them with the way she was stretched out between his legs, so she readjusted her body a bit to give him better access.

That let him know she was fine with what he was doing, so he kneaded her tit-flesh with gusto.

He was rewarded with a series of sexy (though slightly muffled) "Mmmm!" noises coming from her bobbing mouth.

Between doing that and the way she was sucking his cock, he was soon totally overwhelmed by all the erotic pleasure. From the get-go it was all he could do not to shoot his load, so he had to let go of her tits before long. He was forced to close his eyes and focus his concentration on squeezing his PC muscle in order to prevent an immediate cum explosion.

A minute of total ecstasy passed for both of them, and then another, and then another. He realized that she was holding him right at the edge of a major climax with her talented tongue lashing, and that he could stay in that blissful state for quite a while if he was mindful not to trip over the edge.

After about ten minutes, she was forced to stop for a little while to rest her jaw. She slumped down on the bed. "God, son! Your stamina is incredible!" She panted for a minute, and then she realized, "Oops, I just took the Lord's name in vain. The things your big cock makes me do!"

"I'm sorry," he panted. She'd stopped just in time. He wouldn't have been able to last even half a minute more. In fact he continued to struggle with his orgasmic urge, so he wasn't able to talk much.

She sat up enough to look up at him from between his legs. His boner was sticking up nearly as straight as a flag-pole. "Don't be sorry. The truth is, I totally love it! I've been waiting ALL DAY to do this, and now that you're here it's just as good as I'd hoped! I'm so PROUD to be one of your cocksuckers!"

Inspired, she scooted forward to put her mouth back at his crotch.

He winced, and was about to ask her to hold off because he needed more time to recover. But she started lapping her way around his balls and he decided he could deal with that.

She purred in an extra sexy voice, "Now, just because I'm sucking your cock on the bed where your father and I conceived you, don't think this makes you a replacement for my husband. We may not be married for much longer, but we still are, so I feel weird having you here in my marriage bed."

She put her hand on his knee, and positioned it in such a way that he wouldn't be able to miss the sight of her glistening wedding ring.

He gasped, sucking in a big breath. He couldn't believe how aroused the sight of that made him.

She grinned widely, because she knew her little wedding ring ploy not only made him gasp, it caused his boner to twitch so much that it bounced back and forth as if she'd flicked her fingers against it. She continued with her sultry purr as she resumed licking his balls, "Now I'm not saying my bed is totally off limits. After all, I suppose you could make me do just about anything you want. Almost. You ARE the man of the house, and that gives you certain rights, including rights to most of your mommy's body. But we should only 'cum' here on special occasions, if you know what I mean. Boundaries, you know."

Even as she said this, she had the sense that that particular boundary was crumbling, that they'd be spending a lot of time on and in her bed from now on. She had a sudden vision of Alan spending all night with her, fucking her repeatedly. But although that alarmed her, it also made her pussy throb. "To call you a replacement for him would be an insult to you! I wonder if I should break it to him that I've become addicted to the taste of my son's sperm..."

She kept licking his balls, but proceeded to make long licks around the lower half of his boner as well. To do that, she had to hold his cock to keep it from moving, and that immediately led to her jacking it off as well.

Somehow, despite all the shivers of pleasure running down his spine, he thought back to her comment: "I'm sucking your cock on the bed where your father and I conceived you." Confused, he asked, "Um, Mom, are you forgetting that I was adopted?"

"Yes, I am, deliberately. Don't question what your mommy says to you. And don't make her talk; just make her suck your sweet meat. That's what big-titted centerfold mommies are best at."

She smiled to herself contentedly, lifted her head and then dropped it again, engulfing all of his cockhead and part of his shaft in one fell swoop. After creating a tight seal for powerful suction, she happily resumed her bobbing. Whenever she had his boner in her mouth, she felt that she had entered some kind of special twilight zone, a perfect utopia with no trouble or distractions. All that mattered was servicing his penis, which gave her seemingly endless waves of joy and love, overwhelming her as she did that. Her entire focus became the sexual feelings in her mouth, her tingly boobs, and her even more tingly pussy.

He was panting and gasping desperately already. He hadn't been expecting her to suddenly go to town on his cock like that after such a short break.

In addition, everything was just too arousing. He looked down towards his crotch and saw her still on all fours, her ample chest now pressed down on his thighs with her ass high in the air. He wanted to grope her ass, but it was beyond his knees and just too far away, so instead he stroked the silky smooth skin of her back and caressed her long hair.

She raised her body slightly above his, so she could roll her tongue in circles around the top of his bulbous cockhead. Her nipples were still touching the tops of his legs, but the rest of her boobs could now sway enticingly.

He knew he needed to tell her to give him another break or he'd be cumming in less than a minute. But he was so inspired seeing her on all fours and totally loving his cock that he suddenly felt inspired to say, "You know, Mom, I'm serious about what I said about your beauty." He gathered his breath, then continued, "Sometimes looking at you is so overwhelming that I think I'm gonna pass out. Really! I try not to think about you at all at school anymore, because I just can't pay attention to my classwork if I do."

She stopped what she was doing, then moved up his body, kissing him all the way. After she planted kisses on his neck and chin, she put her mouth right above his and then stopped. With her mouth an inch above his, she asked, "You're just saying that, aren't you? I know. I know you're a tit man, and you only love Mommy because of her big boobs."

He'd expected her to go wild on his cock until he had no choice but to cum. But instead she pulled back and sat up. That disappointed him greatly, but he didn't really mind because she put on a nice display for him, and her body felt great. Besides, he'd been about to ask her for a strategic break. Sitting above him, she clutched at her boobs with her hands and squeezed them together, raising them proudly toward her face.


Alan was going to protest her comments, but he was left breathless by her beauty (as well as from her latest cocksucking effort).

She smiled and closed her eyes, allowing him all the time he wanted to luxuriate in the sight of her bare chest.

He was lucky, kind of. He'd just been about to beg her to give his penis a strategic break. His compliment had unexpectedly triggered the break he'd needed. The problem was, she was so breathtakingly beautiful that he wasn't getting any sexual respite. He reached tentatively forward with a hand, transfixed and awed.

She sensed his motion, so she opened her eyes and saw what he was doing. Then she grabbed his hand and pulled it firmly to her chest. Then she grabbed his other one. He felt strangely passive, but still let her rub his hands all over her ample tit-mountains.

His hands didn't stay inert for long. "No, Mom, that's not true," he finally managed to say, as his hands rubbed her tits together while her hands still rested on his. "Yes, your tits are fantastic, and I fantasize about them, like, every minute or two, even at school. I swear, my IQ must have gone down ten points in the last week alone, just from my brain thinking about your tits all the time. Probably another ten points from thinking about Aunt Suzy's, too. But there's so much more to you. Every inch of you is perfect, inside and out."

She giggled with pure happiness. "Ten points, eh? Is that all? I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I need to let you play with them more often." She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, but only for a second before pulling back again.

She continued more excitedly, "Maybe I need to let you play with them whenever you want!" She leaned forward and kissed his lips again, a little longer this time.

Then she leaned back once more and said, more to herself than to him, "Maybe you need to suck them and milk them every single day. Yes. That's it! That's what you need to do."

She kissed him passionately on the lips, then gave him some tongue. Then, before he could react to that, she pulled away and scooted a couple of feet down his body. "That wasn't a real kiss just now," she giggled as she planted her face back in his crotch. "I'm only allowed to do that at our nightly tuck-and-suck."

She thought to herself, What's with me today? I just been feeling so playful and naughty, even before he came home. I just want to do everything with him, and now Suzanne says that I can! Well, almost everything. I'm going to make this a Tuesday neither of us will ever forget.

She spent the next minute just blowing air all over his boner. It was in a super sensitive state, so it felt like exquisite, and exquisitely pleasurable, torture.

Susan said in an authoritative tone, as she kept breathing on his most sensitive spots, "Now, Tiger, in all seriousness, you have to understand. Your mother has needs. And one very important one of those is that you need to love my tits a lot. They need to be groped and sucked and fucked every day. Seriously. They neeeeed it. They want your attention. Do you want to fuck your mommy's tits for a good long while? Do you think you can handle that?"

He gulped. "Um, okay." A combination of sudden nervousness and surprise made his voice crack on the word "okay." It was the first time that had happened to him in weeks. Both of them laughed at this reminder of his youth.

He was half-convinced he would start cumming as soon as she resumed doing anything at all with his dick, but he was too horny to really care anymore.

Then she changed positions again and slid his pole in between her heavy melons. She pressed them in tightly and started to slide them up and down, one after the other.

He was clutching the sheets like his life depended on it, while squeezing his PC muscle with all his might. Okay. A titfuck. I can handle this. I really can. Ugh! Uh! Great, but... Ugh! At least it's not as insanely arousing as a full-on blowjob. Gotta... hold out!

He was getting really, really good at holding out. Such stamina was the main reason women were increasingly thinking of him as a natural stud, but ironically he had selfish reasons. His main motivation was that he just didn't want his great pleasure to end. He always felt a big letdown after cumming, particularly if that meant that the sex session was over.

She led the titfuck for the next few minutes, which was a good thing since he was incapable of doing more than breathing heavily and clutching the sheets as if his life depended on it.

But eventually, even the titfuck wasn't enough for her. She repositioned herself so she could keep the titfuck going, but also bring her mouth within range. She licked his piss hole and said, "Now look what you did. You got me so excited with your powerful cock and sweet compliments that I completely forgot about the most important thing, which is sucking every last little spermie out of you! Speaking about fantasizing every second of the day, that's all I ever think about anymore. You think your IQ is going down? The only thing on my mind anymore is this juicy, yummy, fat spermsicle!"

She wrapped her mouth around his throbbing pole and took it as deep as she could. Before long, it was more like a blowjob with her nipples sliding against his erection than a titfuck. Her hands did delightful things to his balls as his bulbous cockhead tickled the back of her throat.

Oh man! he thought. Too much! Too much! Have mercy, please! Too good! But somehow he stayed quiet and held on.

As she sucked, she made up a little song in her head:

I am Alan's whore
I'm going to suck him, more, more, more
I am Alan's slut
He's going to fuck me up the butt
I am Alan's wench
He'll cum on me until I'm drenched
I am Alan's toy
Sucking him's the greatest joy
I am Alan's mom
Suckin' with clothes off or on
I am Alan's cow
Gonna suck his prick like I don't know how
I am Alan's bitch
His cum is thick, the taste is rich

She started wordlessly humming her song out loud, because she knew doing that would cause vibrations against his shaft and sweet spot that would arouse him even more. She made up verse after verse, repeating previous verses until she came up with a new word to rhyme, and then the new verse would get tacked on at the end. She also varied her humming technique, knowing that the constantly shifting variety of her vibrations would drive him wild.

Finally, she could tell from the intensity of his moaning that he was nearing his point of no return. She stopped making up rhymes and concentrated fully on pleasuring him. She moved a hand to the tight space between his ass and the bed.

He lifted up slightly, making her task easier.

Finding her target, she plunged her index finger, which she'd pre-wet with her own juices, deep into his anus. When she found his prostate, she began to massage it.

That was too much for him to endure. He screamed as if his life was on the line. "MOM! GONNA CUM!"

He gripped the sheets tightly as her head bobbed even faster, relentlessly stimulating his sweet spot. When his cum erupted like a volcano going off, she increased her suction to get every last drop. She sucked and sucked for precious seconds until she could tell he had almost run dry. Then she pulled back and let his last ropes splatter across her face.

Somehow he stayed conscious throughout it all. At the end he opened his eyes just in time to see his cum flying in a long arc, starting at her chin, then crossing her wide-open mouth, until it finally splattered on her glasses over her left eye. It was just too arousing to bear, causing him to actually pass out just from the ecstasy of it all.

She sighed contentedly. YES! This is the life! Today's been so great. If I were to die right now, I'd die so very, very happy. Tiger loves me, Angel loves me, Suzanne loves me and Amy loves me too, and now I've got a face full of spermy goodness, I swallowed some of it, but there's even more on my tongue! Does it get any better than that? Someone tell me how! She giggled, totally giddy.

She looked closely at his resting body. Oh my! I think that actually made him pass out! Am I a good cocksucking mommy or what? Tit slave power! Woo-hoo! She pumped a fist in the air in triumph.

Minutes passed for Susan as she rested and waited for her son to wake. She expected that she might be overcome by the post-orgasmic blues, like those that Alan dreaded. In her case, that let-down usually brought on great feelings of guilt. But for once she didn't feel that at all. Instead she went back to singing her new song, over and over, sometimes making up even more new lyrics.

She sat up and looked down at her son with eyes shining with love. She held the huge mouthful of his seed, letting the slick goo roll over and over her tongue. She rubbed her tits and pulled on her nipples, hoping she could make them swell even bigger for her son's benefit by the time he woke. I could die right now, pretty much as happy as I've ever been/ But I can't do that. Tiger needs me. Angel needs me. Tiger's balls keep producing more and more little spermies, and I'm always gonna need to be here to vacuum them out, from the tip of his fat cock down into my tummy! A tit slave's work is never done, hee-hee! Son, how would you like your mom to be your real sex slave? Think you could handle that? Would you like me to call you "Master?" Would that get you hot? 'Cos it sure as hell gets ME hot! MMMM!

But she could only say those thoughts in her own mind. They were much too scandalous for her to consider saying out loud, even when she thought he was sleeping. Thinking of herself as a "tit slave" or "sex slave" was beyond the pale, except as an arousing passing fancy. Her slavish fantasies were pretty much the one secret she was still holding back from Suzanne these days.

She tweaked her nipples while savoring the sweet, tangy cream that was still delighting her taste-buds.

After about five minutes, Alan drifted back into consciousness, but he kept his eyes closed. He was in no hurry, so he just savored the lingering euphoria from his mother's best blowjob ever. And he didn't need to resort to his memories, since she was busy "cleaning" his penis and balls when he came to.

She could sense him stirring, so she eventually finished her "cleaning" and scooted up his body. Resting on top of him, pressing her big boobs against him, she tenderly stroked his short, unruly hair. She whispered to him so quietly that only he could hear, "Your Mommy loves you so much!"

He kept his eyes closed but felt the two huge tit-mountains pressed into his chest, and the leg that was wrapped around one of his own. He remembered where he was, and could barely handle how good it made him feel to be there. I'm in my parents' bed! Naked, with my naked mom. No, not naked; she's wearing high heels, incredibly enough! Isn't that a hoot?

I'm Mom's new lover. She's so fucking into me sexually that it's crazy! Awesome crazy. She's never going to fuck Ron again. I'll be plowing her pussy before long, I can just tell. Someday soon I'll be spending all my nights in this bed, at least when I'm not with Sis in HER bed! Heh! This is so awesome. This even makes the excellent fuck I had with Joy today pale in comparison.

He opened his eyes, reached out, and caressed his mother's shoulder, mostly because it was within easy reach. She cooed happily in response, then repositioned herself better to snuggle up to him. He said, "Mom, you sucked so powerfully there I think you actually bent light."

She giggled happily and responded, "Your mommy is your cum junkie. She's addicted to your sperm."

"You mean semen, don't you?"

"No, I mean sperm. It sounds naughtier. Your mommy loves you so much that she wants to do very naughty things with you. Yes. Very, very naughty things."


That returned him to full awareness. He looked around the room as if for the first time and saw Katherine standing in the doorway. She was still dressed in her clothes from school, doing nothing more than staring at them both very intently. "Hi Sis," he said as calmly as he could.

Susan jerked her head up in surprise, briefly shocked and embarrassed. She'd been caressing her son's front lovingly, tracing the paths of his muscles along his stomach and upper chest, but seeing that it was only her daughter her fear quickly drained away. "Oh, it's you. How are you doing, Angel?"

Katherine laughed. "Pretty good, Mom. Glad to see you can still use your mouth for talking too."


Susan scooted down until her face was back in her son's crotch. Then she grabbed his penis and began rubbing it against her cheek dreamily. It was only semi-hard, if even that, but she didn't mind. She was flaunting her position with Alan in front of her daughter.

He gave his PC muscle a little squeeze, forcing a stream of pre-cum to ooze from his cockhead while Susan was rubbing it back and forth along her face.

She felt oddly proud that he would want to "mark" her in front of his sister. She used his hard cock as a paintbrush to smear the slick coating all over her lips, allowing the heavy aroma to carry her away. That's it! Let her know that I'm your big-titted mommy slut! Mark me with your sperm so everyone will know!

The only thing bringing her back to reality was that she was a bit miffed at Katherine's slight jibe about using her mouth for talking and not just sucking. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "Can't you see Mommy is very busy? This is a Tuesday!"

"I can see that," her daughter answered, giggling, apparently not showing any discomfort at Susan's possessiveness (although it was secretly bothering her). "I was just checking to see who was home. I thought you two would be in HIS room."

"We're doing just fine in here," Susan answered, licking his hardening penis from top to bottom. "Everything is as it should be. Tiger is the man of the house now. And Mommy's his obedient big-titted cocksucker; isn't that right, Tiger? I'm licking his cock and balls clean after his powerful orgasm, just like a good cocksucker should." She knew she'd "cleaned" him already, but she didn't see why she couldn't clean him again, especially since he was growing erect.

As she licked, she went on in a voice as if talking to a baby. "Big bad tiger. Aren't you a scary, big tiger, Tiger? The scary wary mean old tiger wants to eat Mommy all up. Lick and eat me up, down to my pussy!"

Katherine raised a curious eyebrow at that, knowing Susan's usual boundaries.

Susan turned back to her daughter. "Now if you could leave us in private. My son needs my hole... um, I mean, my whole attention," she said giggling, purposely making the mistake. She was surprised that she'd made that play on words.

"Okay," said Katherine. "But remember those boundaries you keep warning us about, Mom. When you said you want to do very naughty things, that sounds dangerously like you're going to violate your own rules. I think I'll check on you two periodically just to make sure you're both on the up and up."

"Why don't you do that, Angel. I assure you that my behavior will be perfectly exemplary." Susan giggled after saying that, looking at her daughter defiantly as she once again ran her tongue up and down Alan's shaft. It was just about fully hard again, thanks to her constant licking.

"Exemplary cocksucking," Alan joked, and the two of them had a hearty laugh.

Katherine left, a little bit peeved that she couldn't join in on the fun. She was acutely aware of the fact that it was a Tuesday. She'd been mostly cut out by Heather from playing with Joy earlier in the day, so she was a bit testy and unsatisfied. Her mother's flaunting of Alan's dick in such an immature way steamed her even more, in more ways than one, although she'd been careful not to show it.

Alan was spent, however, and felt that he needed a nap before he could get it up again. He asked her, "Mom, I love what you're doing, but I could really use a rest for a little while first. Would it be okay just this once if I could stay where I am and sleep in your bed? I'm so tired."

She responded playfully, "Hmmm. So you want to sleep in the same bed as your naked mommy. What would Freud think about that? Hmmm... I don't think I can let you do that."

"Oh. Shoot." He was genuinely disappointed.

She kept on licking. "Wait. Let me explain why. Your fat cock is all hard and tasty. So I think it needs to get sucked and titfucked a whole lot more, don't you?"

"Yeah, Mom. But even though my dick is up, the rest of my body is shutting down. This is my regular nap time, and passing out for a few minutes after a massive climax only made me even sleepier. I can hardly lift my hand, I'm so dead."

She kept on licking. "Well, okay then. I'll let you sleep here since this is a Tuesday, if you let me lick your balls clean first."

He chuckled. "Didn't you do that already?"

"Yes, but they just don't seem clean enough to me yet."

He chuckled some more. "Sure."

She started lapping at his balls while continuing to hold his stiff erection. "Mmmm. Deal. But don't make it a habit. And will you have a big, hard Spermsicle for me to suck on when you wake?"

"You know it." He continued to snicker and chuckle, because the hand that was supposed to just be holding his shaft was already stroking it.

"Mmmm." She decided to nap naked next to him in her big bed, once she finished her cleaning.

Alan took her happy response as a sure signal that they would soon be sleeping together on a regular basis. He thought "If only we could fuck."

She really didn't want him to make sleeping with her a habit though, because she worried that real fucking would soon follow. She honestly feared for her Christian soul, and his, if she were to commit "real incest."

He was as exhausted as he'd just claimed. In fact, incredibly enough, he started to drift off to sleep even while Susan was still licking his balls. He thought, It's gonna be so good when I wake up. Mom is totally ready for more sexual games. Not only that, but I'm in my parents' bed. Wild. Mom is certainly feeling more uninhibited than I've ever seen her before, and she seems to actually believe all the sexy stuff she's saying. Just how far will I be able to go with her? Is she ready to fuck? If only we could... Dang! Maybe I should just take things in hand and make her do it. I KNOW she'd love it, once she got over the shock. But she'd be crying, "No, no" at first, and I couldn't bear that... Do it, Alan! Get some balls. Just fuck her.

He was so tired that he fell asleep even though his mother was still licking his balls clean and slowly stroking his shaft. He dreamt of fucking her.

Once she realized he was sleeping, her enthusiasm waned and she quickly dropped off to sleep as well.


Alan woke up first. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he decided to pretend he was still asleep and roll into a more pleasing position. Susan had placed a light sheet over them both, but she was facing away from him. So he rolled over, draped his arm over her shoulder, and put his hand on her boobs.

He tried to play it cool and act as if his hand had just accidentally moved there as he slept. Before he'd gone to sleep, he knew that in the state she'd then been in it would have been fine. But now he wasn't sure if she'd consider that a boundary violation or not, since he figured she probably wouldn't be that aroused when she woke up.

With his hand on such a delightful orb of flesh, he couldn't restrain himself for long. Soon he was subtly squeezing and feeling the skin that lay against his hand.

That woke Susan up. However, since he had kept his eyes closed, pretending to sleep, he didn't realize that she was awake.


She opened one eye and saw what he was doing. She realized he was awake by the tone of his fingers as he moved his hand. She pretended to still be asleep, just as he was doing, and thought, Now that's more like it! This is the kind of Tiger I want to see more often - an aggressive, COCKY young son, taking sexual advantage of his innocent mommy while she sleeps, ravaging her big tits regardless of what she thinks about it. How delightfully naughty! I wonder what he'll do to me next? Whatever it is, I'll be helpless to resist!

He was wrong in guessing that she wouldn't be very aroused when she woke up!

She rolled over a bit to give him better access to her ass while still keeping her boobs in a very squeezable position.

Her movement frightened him at first, but after he'd waited another minute and concluded that she was still deep asleep, he figured that it was a golden opportunity to break her boundaries without any blame, since it would supposedly be happening while he was still asleep.

He waited another minute and then scooted his groin up to her butt. He carefully slid his stiff boner along her butt crack, wedging it in lengthwise. (He still had no real conception how much he might enjoy anal fucking, but this looked like it might be fun.) Had she faced the other way, he might have gone further and rubbed his hard-on across her pussy lips, but he figured this was the best he could do in their current circumstances. He knew how he sounded when he snored, thanks to a recording his sister had once had made to prove how loud he was, so he pretended to snore the whole time, just to be on the safe side.

Susan was getting so excited that she had a very hard time trying to keep her breathing even. She was very aware of the erection wedged in her butt, and thought, Damn! I should have rolled the other way. Then he could have "accidentally" stuck something into my pussy! Oh, Tiger, fuck your sleeping mommy! That way I won't have to feel guilty about it, because I won't 'know' it's happening until after it's a done deal. I need to feel your potent sperm fill my pussy!

But, although she fantasized about this, it really was just a fantasy. There was a reason she'd turned the other way, and that was that she was still very protective of her pussy. Her concern about the sinfulness of real incest remained extremely strong. However, thinking about it did cause her to start rubbing her thighs together a little, in an involuntary effort to increase the tingling down below.

She turned her attention to the hand that he still had resting on her tit. His pinky rested against her nipple, where he was moving it ever so slightly backward and forward, slightly stimulating her. Oooh, she thought. He's so clever. I could almost believe he's still asleep, even as he does that. He's going to take advantage of his helpless big-titted mommy, and all I can do is lie here while he freely gropes me! I wish I could wake up every morning with my Tiger fondling me like this!

Why don't you? the proverbial devil on her shoulder asked.

The angel on the other shoulder had been conspicuously absent lately and had nothing to say.

Her personal devil continued, The only person stopping that from happening is you. This bed is made for two to share, and God knows your husband is never in it. I think you need to serve your son in it every night!

Not exactly an angel, but a slightly less naughty voice in her head answered, Yeah, that would be nice - in bed with Tiger! But if that happened, he would be fucking me before long.

Her naughty voice pressed, And the downside of that is...? Aren't you his sex toy now? As a sex toy, you have responsibilities and obligations. Are you willing to suck and fuck him every minute of the day, or are you going to let Angel or Suzanne win out as his favorite cum receptacle?

Her less naughty voice responded, I'm trying. I'm trying! But it takes time. I was raised to consider sex sacred, just between man and wife!

The more wanton voice said, Think about all those juicy loads you're going to miss out on. Think of all that yummy sperm that rightfully should be sliding down your throat but will be sliding down someone else's. That's just wrong! Good mommies suck cock! Are you going to let him sleep alone each night? Will you let poor Tiger be lonely? So very lonely? Wouldn't you like to wake up every morning with the full feeling of his cock deep inside you, pounding, hammering, splitting your pussy in two? Or at least, what about the alarm clock? You're his special alarm clock, are you not? It's your duty to wake him up every day with a blowjob. Can't you just feel the hot cum splashing all over your face as your well deserved reward? And then a nice, solid fuck! Some people need a cup of coffee to get going in the morning. You need a good motherfucking!

The less naughty voice in her head replied, Don't go there. Please! Not now. Angel is checking on us today. Checking to make sure Mommy is being good and staying within her boundaries. I need to be responsible!

That silenced the completely naughty voice, at least for the moment.

Susan now needed to keep up the pretense that both she and Alan had still been asleep. So to "wake him up" she actively reached up, took his hand that was already on her chest, and started rubbing it against her boobs. But now he tried to just leave it hanging there, as if it was the arm of a lifeless puppet - now that he knew she was awake he was trying to pretend that he was still asleep.

She decided that it would be more fun to suck his cock, so she decided to "wake him up" that way. She considered giving him the "mommy alarm clock" treatment, but her devilish voice had scared her, leaving her concerned that she could get too aroused and go too far. Besides, she really liked the feeling of his hard cock where it was wedged between her ass cheeks. So instead she pulled his apparently limp arm to her face and began sucking on his fingers.

"Wake up, Tiger," she said between sucks.

He pretended to wake. "Where am I?" he asked in fake confusion.

"You're in your mommy's bed. And Mommy's all naked and hot and wet! And you have your dick up against her butt. Bad boy! You know that's not allowed." She was chiding him, but neither of them made any move to remove his 'offending' member. It wasn't much of a scolding, considering the way her words positively dripped with desire. She tried to squeeze his erection with her ass muscles to further emphasize what was not allowed.

She continued to suck his fingers one at a time, which he found much more arousing than he would have imagined.

"Do you like that, waking up in your mommy's bed, doing nasty things to Mommy?" She ground her crotch into the top of his thigh, slowly sliding her hairy pussy along his leg. "Do you like filling her holes with such dirty, filthy, hard, spermy body parts?"

"You see what I mean about bending the rules?" an unrecognized voice said.


Alan turned around and saw that his sister was the one who had spoken.

Katherine was now sitting on a sofa near the bed, dressed only in a see-through nightie and looking stern.

But Alan could see through her act. Between Susan and Katherine looking and acting so sexily, he thought he would pass out again, this time from sheer mental delight.

Susan looked up and around with a start. She relaxed a bit when she saw it was only her daughter. Then she said petulantly, "Angel, today is my special day with my special well-hung son. You know that. Can't we have some privacy?"

"Not if you're pushing your rules like that. Look where Alan Junior is right now, for instance, wedged way up your ass crack. Does it belong there? is that compatible with your boundaries?"

Susan had to suppress the urge to shout, "YES! I need my Tiger's cock deep in my ass!" Instead, she reluctantly pulled herself away from him and pouted, "Oh, poo! But Angel, try to understand. He's just so full of cum, and there's always more being made. I've got to squeeze all that juicy, tasty cum out of him every way I can."

Katherine, seeing that Alan was watching her, removed her nightie. "Fine. Then suck him off again. You've been acting all weird today. There's even a weird, wild look in your eye. I think I'll have to referee from now on."

"Whatever you like," said Susan, moving her head down to Alan's erection. "Just so long as you leave my Tiger all to me today."

As she said this, she rubbed her son's boner up and down her cheeks and then all over her face. She gave her a look that said, "Don't you wish you had this in your hands?" She realized it wasn't a very mature thing to do, but she was too horny and possessive to help herself. She liked to rub in the fact, visually and literally, that she had possession of Alan's stiff pole and Katherine didn't.

Susan really was in a strange mood. Not only was she being unusually selfish, but she was really letting go and discovering just how wild her wild side could be. It was thanks to Suzanne's "bend over but don't break" advice that she was pushing her own self-set limits so much.

Had she thought about it, the effect was not what Suzanne promised it would be. Susan found herself thinking about having vaginal sex with her son with more serious deliberation than ever before. She didn't realize it, but that had been Suzanne's unspoken intention all along.

Katherine watched everything attentively, silent but frowning.

After Susan had rubbed her son's stiff pole a bit longer, attempting to get a jealous reaction from her daughter, she sat up in bed and ran her hands over his body under the pretense of changing positions. She did that in a way to make sure Alan had a sexy show to watch. She even caressed herself from hips up to her shoulders and back, for no apparent reason, other than it would look good to him (and it felt good to her).


Once again she positioned her face over Alan's thickness, but feeling extra naughty, she reversed herself and straddled his body with hers instead of getting between his legs as she'd always done before. She bent down and began rubbing his erection with a free hand while using her other hand to help prop herself up. Her legs were on either side of his head, just above his shoulders. Her pussy hung a foot above his face and her hefty boobs hung down, touching his tummy, with her nipples lightly brushing against his skin.

Susan wouldn't previously have trusted either Alan or herself in this position, but she figured she'd be safe from getting fucked, since Katherine was present serving as their referee. Besides, she decided to keep the gloves off, thanks to Suzanne's recent advice. Maybe it's time Tiger learns how to lick my labia. He's gonna fill his face with Mommy's dripping hot cunt! Oh, I'm gonna love it! That's what I have - a cunt. Not a pussy, but a CUNT. Pussies are for pussies. She laughed inwardly at her little word play.

Then he's gonna fuck my tits! Yep, I have tits and a cunt, 'cos I'm a terribly naughty mommy. With Angel refereeing I don't have to worry that we'll go all the way. Besides, it's good if she sees just what's what. Bend me over, Tiger, but don't break me!

But she gave him contrary instructions to her thoughts. "You heard what your sister said, Tiger. Keep your hands still and make sure not to touch me in any way. Please don't disappoint me." She lowered her mouth and began licking his stiff erection once again.


Katherine was well prepared for such arousing sights - this time she'd brought a small bag of sexual accessories with her. She pulled her favorite dildo out of the bag and stuck it in her ready slit. It was Mr. Excitement - the big black one that Heather owned, but that had remained in her possession because Amy had taken it from their play in the school shower, and Heather hadn't had the nerve to ask Amy not to take it. Heather hadn't been asking for it back, and Katherine saw no reason to remind her of it. The big dildo hung out of her hole a few inches, but she didn't care. She knew it would take something like a massive earthquake for Susan to tear her attention away from licking her son's boner and notice it, particularly since Susan almost always worked on Alan's cock with her eyes closed.

Katherine began pistoning the big dildo in and out as she watched.

Alan turned his head to the side and saw his sister pleasuring herself. But as delightful a sight as that was, his attention soon returned to his mother's pussy hanging right above his face. He inhaled the heady, nearly overpowering smell of her sex, watching rivulets of her cum drip down her thighs. Susan periodically shook all over, and Alan realized those were small orgasms. When she did this, some of her cum would shake off of her skin, and a few drops flew onto his face.

Her timing was perfect. The closer he came to orgasm, thanks to the excited workings of her lips and tongue on his shaft, the closer her pussy came to his mouth, and that in turn drove him ever closer to the edge. He stuck his tongue up into the air, managing to just reach a few stray wisps of her pussy hair.

Susan was deliberately and slowly lowering her privates onto his face, waiting with electric anticipation for the moment when she finally made contact with his expected tongue. Her legs slowly spread wider and wider, even as her mouth continually slurped on his hard erection.

She thought to herself, Should I really do this? Should I put my pussy, I mean my cunt, right in his face? Even with Angel here as an umpire? Maybe I should do this when she isn't around? ... No. It's important they both know just what a big son-slut their Mommy is. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll want to punish me. Hopefully Tiger will even give me a spanking. Yes! He's going to spank his naughty mommy, HARD! Won't that be good? But not as good as getting his tongue up my cunt. Oh God, I can almost feel it! It's so close...

At least Susan could still think semi-coherent thoughts. Alan was so excited and overheated that his brain couldn't function even that well. He was running entirely on a primal sexual autopilot, completely incapable of considering whether what he was doing was wise or not. His eyes shut tightly as he struggled to survive the sheer anticipation of having his mother's pussy drop onto his face.

Susan lowered her body another inch or two.

Alan's tongue was still sticking up, and suddenly it reached his mother's pussy lips. This pushed him over the edge; he felt an ejaculation welling up within him. Pussy licking was still a relatively new experience for him. He still found it a bit gross, especially since Susan had a full bush. On the other hand, it was his mother's pussy and her bush, and that fact alone was extremely inspirational. But the real trigger was the pheromones from her vaginal lubricants; as with all straight males, the smell was intoxicating. The more aroused he got, the more feverishly he licked.

"Foul! Foul!" cried Katherine as she worked her dildo in and out of herself. "Mom, lift your butt up some more!"


But Susan's mouth was too occupied pleasuring her son's boner to talk. She could feel that it was on the verge of shooting hot cum, which she expected any second. She stopped merely licking and swallowed it deeper than she ever had before, trying to get it past her gag reflex. Unfortunately she couldn't quite do it. Still, she gulped and sucked, confident that her mouth would soon be flooded with her son's seed.

Katherine hopped up from where she sat, leaving the dildo still sticking out of her pussy. She waddled to the bed and tried to push her mother's butt up and away with both hands. "I said, get your butt up!"

But far from raising her butt, Susan instead ground it down onto Alan's face.

Alan could feel his mother's pussy shake and tremble; he knew she was peaking yet again.

As her pussy juice started to flow all over his face, he lost his last vestiges of control and began shooting cum forcefully into her eager mouth. His cum filled her waiting mouth while his tongue probed her gushing pussy lips.

Susan's whole body exploded in such a powerful orgasm that it was all she could do to stay conscious and keep tightly sucking on his erection. She was intent on capturing the last drop of his cum, even as it rocketed forcefully against the back of her throat.

For her, the importance of getting her son to fill her mouth with cum was more important than anything else. Focusing on that need is what kept her from passing out, but just barely. She felt her climax arrive with such force that her pussy juice simply poured from her hot hole, straight into Alan's mouth.

Taking more drastic measures, Katherine plunged two fingers into her mother's pussy right above Alan's tongue and then stuck a third into Susan's anus, grabbing her like a bowling ball.

That was supposed to deter Susan, but instead she just cried out in delight.

As if removing a bowling ball from the ball return, Katherine just pulled her mother's ass up into the air. The rest of Susan's body had no choice but to follow, forcing the wildly panting mother up and away from her son's tongue.

"NoooOOOoooo!" Susan cried, like a little child denied her favorite toy. She was particularly disturbed because the surprise movement had forced her mouth off her son's erection. That caused his semen to shoot directly at her face. She barely managed to close her eyes before more strands of his spend hit her there.

Since Katherine now had Susan's pussy free of Alan's tongue, she seemed content with that for the moment. Her other hand was busy fondling her mother's ass with gusto, but Susan seemed completely unaware of that.

Susan had something else co-opting all her attention: her son's dick. She dropped her mouth back on her son's stiff pole to capture his last few ropes of cum. The amount of cum in each rope was below his usual level, but still generous. She loved to feel his hot squirts hitting the back of her throat, and that's exactly what they did.

Katherine had been pistoning her fingers in and out of her mother's hot pussy and anus from the very first instant that those fingers entered her holes. She could hardly believe the unprecedented opportunity. Even though she'd kissed and groped her mother recently, this was a completely new level of physical intimacy.

She wasn't too worried that her mother would complain, or even notice, because she knew that when Susan was cocksucking she gave it all her attention. Katherine figured that if her mother did complain, she could use the excuse that she'd just been trying to separate the two of them. With that excuse ready if needed, she continued to saw and fondle away while Susan dealt with the last of Alan's load.

When Susan finally finished swallowing her son's load, she rested for a bit, then eventually raised herself so that she was firmly on her knees and elbows.

Of course, now that the blowjob was over, the way Katherine was "holding" her was much, much more obvious.

But Susan barely paid any attention to that, because her cocksucking hadn't quite ended, not the way she performed it. She was determined to thoroughly lick her son's penis and balls clean after each and every one of his orgasms. She went right to it, although most of her time was spent "cleaning" his balls. There was nothing to clean there and they both knew it, but she knew that he enjoyed that stimulation more than her licking his deflated penis.


Even so, Katherine still didn't remove her fingers from her mother's pussy or asshole. Keeping up the pretense of trying to move her, she complained as she probed more vigorously, "Mom! I said, get off him already! That's a clear boundary violation."

Susan, though, was too excited to think or respond. The pulsing fingers attacking both of her holes caused her to climax in yet another powerful orgasm. She was so overcome that she yelled, "Mmmff!" It came out muffled, because she had one of his balls in her mouth. She removed her mouth just long enough to shout more coherently, "Yesssss!"

Another gush of Susan's cum covered her daughter's pistoning fingers, providing more lubrication for Katherine to thrust in and out at an even faster pace.

Any pretense that Katherine was merely "lifting" her mother off Alan had passed about a minute or two earlier. But Susan didn't care, since being fingered in the anus and pussy at the same time felt too good, especially when her mouth was on her son's balls. It was as if Susan's body was completely abandoning itself to sex. Only a lingering hint of her strict upbringing held her back from screaming, "Tiger! Angel! Both of you, fuck me in every hole!" She felt that she was right on the verge of becoming an uncontrollable nymphomaniac, whose whole focus in life would be to serve as a sex toy for both of her children. She loved it.

Alan lay on the bed exhausted. His face was about six inches beneath his mother's pussy, which was still dripping on him, flooding his nostrils. His penis was now lifeless, but even so he was enjoying the front-row view of his sister's double finger-fucking of their mother. It seemed like it was raining pussy juice. Anyway, the way Susan was lapping at his balls felt pretty damn great.

Eventually, Susan's most shattering orgasm of the day (so far) finally came to an end. That left her too wiped out to keep licking, so she slumped down onto Alan, but off to one side so she wouldn't smother him.

Katherine's fingerfucking slowed down to a near stop. She couldn't quite get herself to take her fingers out of her mother's holes, because it seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She hated for her fun to end.

Susan finally said, with more than a touch of sarcasm, "Thanks for the help, Angel. I think you can safely remove your fingers now."

"Are you sure?" Katherine asked, still wiggling her fingers. "Do you promise to behave?" She was playing for time while trying to establish a precedent on what she could do in the future. She rubbed her pinky along her mother's clit while trying to dig her fingers deeper into Susan's dripping hole.

Her mind screamed, I can't believe that I have my finger up my mother's pussy! I've been pumping her like there's no tomorrow and she doesn't care! And her ass! It's like I'm in control and she's the child. This is so awesome!

Susan's body involuntarily writhed with the new wiggling that was overwhelming both holes. "Yes. Mommy has been very naughty, but she promises to be good now. Please let me go."

"Okay, this time. But if you're bad again, I'll have to do it again."

"I promise I'll be good."

That aroused Katherine to no end. But she could think of no more excuse for delay, so she finally removed her fingers with a loud pop.

Her fingers were soaked. She sucked her mother's pussy juices from her fingers, in full view of Alan while Susan was lying face down on him, angled the other way. She really played up the licking for her brother as he panted and recovered, then gave him a saucy wink.

Finally Susan rolled all the way off Alan and looked around, causing Katherine to stop the finger-licking that was taunting her brother. The sexy mother ended up lying face up in the bed next to Alan, resting and thinking about what had happened.


Katherine sat back down on the sofa. She commented, "You're acting really weird today, Mom. What would have happened to you two if I hadn't come in here? You were completely out of control. I shudder to think about it."

"I just shudder," Susan joked, making reference to her many loud, very visible, intense orgasms. "But Angel, thank you for your help. Having a referee isn't so bad, I guess."

"No problem." Katherine smirked, tickled pink that her mother considered what she had done as some kind of help, rather than a blatant, prolonged grope.

"Your presence allowed me to let go. I was too afraid to do it otherwise."

"I noticed."

Susan, however, wasn't completely unaware of how Katherine had been fondling her. She laughed and said, "But daughter, you know there are other ways to pick a person up. You don't have to pull Mommy away by lifting her like a bowling ball!"

They all laughed at that.

Susan had greatly enjoyed her daughter's touch. It was the first time she'd felt another woman's fingers inside her pussy, since Suzanne had only rubbed the outside of her pussy earlier that day, refraining from going inside. Deep down, Susan really wanted more penetration, but she couldn't consciously admit that yet. She'd had to ask Katherine to stop because otherwise she would have been forced to admit to herself that she was enjoying it too much, which meant that she was bisexual. After what she'd done with Suzanne earlier in the day, that was a place she didn't want her thoughts to go.

Susan also was pleased with the whole "referee" idea. She liked being free to let go, not having to control her own desires, instead relying on Katherine to intervene. She wished that could happen more often.

This is great. I can go right to the edge of fucking without having to worry about losing all control. I can't wait until Tiger fucks me up the butt! Angel would have to watch to make sure he doesn't slip it to me in the other hole. As long as she's watching, I should probably play with her clitoris just a little bit, you know, just to say thanks for keeping an eye out. Oops! I didn't say that. No clit play with another woman for you, Susan. Not legal. Boundaries. Lesbianism. Bad. Boy, when did I become such a naughty mommy?

Alan sat up on the bed and said, "By the way, Mom, I've hardly ever done that before. Put my mouth down there on a woman, I mean. It was all so sudden and overwhelming that I couldn't really figure out if I liked it. I don't think I've gotten the hang of it. Can we try that again sometime when we're both more aware of what we're doing?"

Susan was perturbed. "Tiger, don't ask me that. You've got me very confused. We'll talk about it later... Of course I enjoyed it, but your sister says we're not allowed to do that."

She looked across Alan to her daughter with a sour face, as if she thought her daughter was a jailer.

But Katherine rightly pointed out, "Mom, I'm just enforcing your rules. If you don't like them, why not change them?"


Katherine had flopped back on the sofa across from where Alan lay on the bed. The giant Mr. Excitement dildo was still sticking out of her cunt. She'd been too busy with Susan to get her own climax, but now she was making up for lost time. She slowly kneaded her breasts and occasionally played with her clit while using the dildo.

Susan was intensely curious about the big black object sticking out of her daughter's slit. She also didn't want to discuss her own hypocritical standards. So she asked, "What is that big black thing, Angel? That, that... Is that a dildo? a vibrator?"

"That's right, Mom; it's a vibrator, a pussy-pleaser. Don't you own one?"

"No. Don't you remember I'm the sexually conservative and frigid one in this house?"

All three of them had a hearty laugh at that.

As an aside, Susan noted, "Gosh, I don't know what's come over me. I think that's the fourth joke I've made today! I feel all loosey-goosy. It's great. I feel so ALIVE and unrestrained!"

"Why don't you ask Aunt Suzy for one?" suggested Katherine, still talking about dildos. "In fact, I think she's already got one with your name on it."

"Is it as good as a real penis?" Susan asked, very interested.

"No, nothing feels as..." Katherine answered, then stopped herself. She was going to say, "Nothing feels as good as Alan's cock filling my pussy," but luckily she caught herself in time. She reminded herself again that in her mother's eyes she was still supposed to be a virgin.

Instead, she completed her thought by saying, "...good as a real penis. At least I don't think so. Not like I would know, firsthand, you know. But how could something plastic compare with real, pulsing flesh and blood? The big size is just for show. The length doesn't actually help, though the wideness feels nice." She began pumping the plastic penis in and out of herself again, as if to help demonstrate her meaning.

"Okay, Angel, I think we get the point," her mother said in an annoyed voice. But at the same time she unconsciously licked her lips with lusty desire to feel and taste her daughter's sopping wet pussy.

She shook her mind clear of those thoughts. Whoa! What's wrong with me today? Maybe I need to rethink this whole "Bend over but don't break" idea. I need SOME boundaries! Besides, the only thing I want in my pussy is my own son's cock!

Oh dear. Did I just say that? I didn't mean it! Did I?!

She looked over to the clock beside the bed. "Tiger, I take it you're down for a while. Why don't you two run along? It's still an hour and a half until dinner, so you both can get a lot of homework done. But, Son, if you get erect while you're working, you know whose mouth is always waiting for a cock stuffing."

Alan reluctantly sat up in bed, somewhat surprised it was all over. Katherine was surprised too. They'd both been hoping that they were at the beginning stages of a full-on family orgy. But Susan's fear of having lesbian urges gave her enough willpower to stop.

Susan grabbed her son's hand and held onto it. "Tiger, today I'm feeling a little ... I don't know what. Naughty, I suppose. But don't expect this kind of thing all the time, okay?"

He replied with genuine feeling, "Mom, I feel so good in your bed, I just want to stay here forever."

She put a second hand on his hand and caressed it. "I know, I know. Me too. And believe me, I plan to suck your cock in this bed so many times that it'll be your new home away from home." She knew she was contradicting what she'd told him earlier about using her bed, but she didn't care anymore. "And if you want to kiss my pussy a little bit here and there, like you just did, that's okay too."

He was floored by that. Mom never lets me so much as TOUCH her pussy, and now she's saying it's okay if I KISS it?! Whoa! Wow! My life just got a LOT more exciting!

Susan's attitude changed somewhat as she remembered her need for self-control. She started to realize just what she'd been saying. "As long as we don't get carried away, that is. And you need to ask my permission first."

She kept trying to backtrack as she continued to consider the implications. She had an image in her mind of her son deeply skewering her pussy with his cock after extensively licking it. "But we have to do responsible things too, like homework. And, uh... I mean, when I say kiss my pussy, I think touching it is a lot more reasonable, don't you? For special occasions only."

He slumped with disappointment. Damn! I knew that was too good to be true. Still, her pussy was totally off limits before and now it's not. That's pretty huge, now that I think about it. That's a foot in the door, so to speak. Big time! He sat up straight again, feeling much better all of a sudden.

Susan playfully slapped his arm. "So get going before you make me all lightheaded and juicy with another one of your sweet compliments. And you too, daughter. Next time, if I'm standing by the kitchen cabinets and you want to get some breakfast cereal, you don't have to fill up my cunt and ass with your fingers to get me to move, you know. There are other ways. That was so improper."

But all three of them were smiling, because she didn't really mean her weak admonishments very much, and it was clear that for once her "so improper" comment was a deliberate joke.

Katherine thought to herself, I am SOOO going to be fully fucking Mom really soon. Kim is going to die of jealousy! Family orgy right around the corner. Yee-hah!


A few sex-free hours followed. Alan and Katherine actually managed to do some homework, which was a good thing because both of them were so far behind in their classes.

Katherine also spent time writing in her diary about what had happened. At one point, she wrote:

Diary, I know Aunt Suzy has been hinting to me lately that mom could end up being receptive to some lesbian fun. But before today I wondered if that could really be true. Just thinking about the possibility makes me too horny to think! I mean, we're talking about MOM here! That's just impossible. But I can't deny what happened today. First I got to kiss her - ON THE LIPS! - and play with her impossibly curvy body for-absofuckinlutely-ever. And then just now I got to stick my fingers in her pussy and up her butt and she's like 'That's okay'! What's with that?!?! It's like one of the Stepford Wives has replaced my mom.

Diary, talk to me here! Am I out of my friggin' mind?! I wish I could talk to Aunt Suzy about this. If it's true that Mom is becoming bisexual... Particularly if she'll also let Brother fuck her. I can't even put into words how great that would be! My life, our lives, everything, would be beyond incredible!

Alan had an upcoming test where he expected to do poorly. His problem was that, when it came to choosing between studying harder and playing more sexual games, he always ended up playing the sexual games. He consoled himself that at least he'd completed a bit of prep work for his test.

Dinner started relatively free of teasing. Katherine and Susan even wore fairly normal clothing, instead of their increasingly common sexy nighties. The reason for the tame mood was that Alan made clear that his penis had been overworked and still needed a rest - a point he emphasized by putting on long pants. The other two tried to match his mood, so they held off to let him get some space.

After the three of them had been eating for a while, Katherine said, "You know, Mom, since you were so naughty this afternoon, I think you should be punished. I think I should spank you, just like I was punished with a spanking by Aunt Suzy for breaking the rules."

"You're right, Angel."

Alan and Katherine were quite stunned to hear such a quick agreement.

Susan was all too willing to be spanked, not to mention poked, probed, kissed, fondled, and licked, as long as it was done by one of her loved ones. However, she added, "But let's wait until tomorrow. Maybe Suzanne can administer it, like she did to you, since she's so good at that kind of thing. Today is my special day with my special Tiger, so I don't want to do something with anyone else." She held his hand and looked into his eyes like the woman in love that she really was.

Even though she'd known him his entire life and had always loved him as a mother, she'd fallen head over heels in love with him as a woman with her man.

While the other two went back to eating and pondering what had just been agreed to, Susan resumed humming the rhyme she'd made up earlier that afternoon, which she was now calling "The Alan Song." She liked to vary the rhythm, tempo, and words, which came out slightly different each time:

I am Alan's cow
Gonna suck his prick like I don't know how
Son makes mom go "moo"
Rewards her mouth with a load of goo
Mommy's chest's a hit
She can't wait until he fucks her tits
I am Alan's rack
He owns my chest and that's a fact

She was too shy to sing or say the words out loud. But she thought, Wouldn't it be great if he could read my mind and hear his song? Maybe he'd get so excited that he'd throw me on the table and do all kinds of nasty things to me right in front of everyone. He'd show them all just how much he desires me and needs my body to temporarily satisfy his never-ending lust. Hey! That's a good idea for a new lyric:

I am Alan's hole
On the table here he'll take control

Susan wasn't very good with quick sexual wordplay, but for some reason she was better with rhymes and could turn just about any thought into a new lyric for her song, given time. (The fact that she was more than a little loose about the meter of the song certainly helped in that regard.)

They were interrupted by a phone call a few minutes later, just as they were finishing dinner. Susan answered it, and soon she was happily chatting away.

Alan thought, The outside world. What a trippy thought. It's like a cold slap of reality to recall that there are other people out there who live normal, boring lives. Even we occasionally have to deal with boring, non-sexual...

His thoughts trailed off as he started paying attention to her words.


Susan was speaking into the phone gaily, "Yes, it IS that big. No, I'm not kidding. You've seen it yourself, so why do you always ask me to describe it? ... Yes, it's about that thick. I can just barely get my fingers around it! Although you do have smaller hands, so I don't know about you... Imagine trying to stuff a giant cucumber into your mouth. Can you feel how great it is to have your mouth filled with THAT MUCH hot cock? ... Yeah, it can be tough and tiring, but boy oh boy, when you get that payoff... Yes... Yes. Tasty. Delicious! ... Sooooo good! MMMM! I'm getting too cock-hungry, just talking about it. Imagine having such a hot, throbbing, thick monster filling your whole mouth. You suck and lick, and lick and suck, until you're sure you can't take anymore, and then it just erupts! All that spermy goodness hitting the back of your throat! Mmmm... Girl, I'll tell you, it's the best feeling in the whole wide world!"

Katherine and Alan looked at each other in total confusion. It was obvious who and what she was talking about, but the question they both had was: who she was speaking to? At first, it seemed possible that she was speaking to Suzanne, but she was mentioning things that Suzanne knew just as well as Susan herself did. Another possibility was Amy, but that didn't seem likely, especially since Amy was more likely to just walk next door rather than call on the phone.

The other woman talked for a minute or more before Susan continued, "Don't worry. You'll get your chance... No, I don't mind a little bit of sharing. My son is a special, cum-filled boy with very special needs, and that includes having lots of sexy vixens constantly sucking and serving his cock. He deserves help from exactly the likes of you. Just thinking about him painting your cute face and huge tits with his milky sperm gets me so hot!"

Alan and Katherine looked at each other with "A-ha!" expressions. The mention of "cute face and huge tits" had clarified that Susan must be talking to Brenda.

Susan kept on talking. "Of course he likes you. Naturally he loves your big tits. I told you that yesterday AND the day before. Maybe he loves them a little too much, but I try not to get jealous... He's a tit man, that's for sure, and I'll bet he'd just love to give them a good fucking... Yes! You should have seen the way he fucked my tits a few hours ago. It was glorious! I bent down and sucked on the tip as best I could. Hey, can you do that too, or are your tits just too huge for you to reach? ... Really? ... Really? ... Oh, reeeeaally?! I'll bet he'd LOVE it if you do THAT!"

Alan's dick was not only erect again after listening to that much, it was like a springy steel bar.

Katherine was getting pretty horny too. She was disappointed that she was sitting across the table from him, but then she realized that offered its own opportunities. She started to play footsie with him under the table. Soon, she was caressing his bulge with her newly bare feet.

Susan kept on talking casually, almost like she had phone calls like that almost every day. (In fact, that was actually the case, thanks to the new phone call tradition that she and Brenda had established after their talk on Sunday night. This was actually their second phone call of the day.) "Yes. Maybe he'll do it to you tomorrow night... Of course you're Alan-worthy! How many times do I have to tell you that already? Where did your self-confidence go? ... Be patient. It's almost here. Just one more day..."

Alan was staggered at just how hot Brenda apparently was for him. The call made clear that Brenda would be participating in the next poker party. While that wasn't surprising of itself, he felt staggered as his mind filled with the possibilities. He imagined titfucking her as she lay on the dining room table, with the rest of the group sitting around watching.

Susan and Brenda started discussing various outfits they might wear to the event.

Katherine could see that the conversation was going to go on for quite a while longer. In her previous life Susan had cared about clothes about as much as she'd cared about her brand of toothpaste or dental floss, but since her sexual awakening, once she got started talking about sexy outfits, it was hard to get her to stop. Playing footsie with Alan's cock through his pants just didn't cut it for Katherine, so she quickly switched seats to sit right next to Alan.

Susan sensed her movement and looked over at the table while continuing to gab on the phone.

Katherine smiled at her, acting as if she had changed seats to get a better view of Susan talking on the phone. But even as she smiled, she surreptitiously brought her nearer hand into Alan's lap and started unzipping his fly. Since today was a Tuesday and she'd already made one deal with her mother, she knew that this was her only chance to have any further fun with Alan's boner.

Alan was too aroused to offer any resistance. He was listening closely to the phone call, trying to comprehend the extent of Brenda's desire for him.

Katherine immediately began to jack him off. She thought, Technically, I'm breaking my agreement with Mom, but that's okay, because Mom can't help him out while she's so busy talking on the phone. Anyway, I'm just "warming him up" for her. I'm sure she'll want to take over once the call ends.

Susan immediately figured out what Katherine was doing from the movement of her upper arm. Even though this was a violation of Katherine's punishment, she decided that she approved. After all, she was happiest when her son was erect and buzzing with arousal, and she knew that she herself was largely responsible for that current arousal, due to deliberately talking to Brenda in his presence. She figured that sometimes other women had to take the lead with helping him, particularly when she was unable to do so herself.

Brenda didn't realize that Alan was in the room where Susan was talking, overhearing her end of the conversation, so Susan took full advantage of his presence to increase his pleasure over what Katherine was doing to him. Susan looked straight at Alan and posed for him as she described in great detail all the sexy clothes she might wear to their next poker party. Her hands ran all over her body as she described to Brenda the cut of the clothing and the way it draped on her body, and especially what she planned to expose to Alan and how she expected that would affect him once his penis was fully engorged.

It wasn't long before Susan took off her blouse to play with her boobs with her one free hand. She was still wearing pants and heels. The pants were a choice that she now regretted, because they were tough to remove with one hand and they were limiting her access to her pussy, as well as preventing her from showing off her legs.

As Katherine subtly rubbed Alan's sweet spot with two fingers, over and over, he heard Susan say in an increasingly breathless voice, "Brenda, what you need is an outfit that'll get Tiger so worked up he'll be totally unable to control himself. Suzanne and I have some special clothes we like to call one-inchers, because they'll make his already fully erect, stiff cock grow another inch! ... No, not literally, although maybe just a little. Anyway, then we have some even SEXIER outfits we call our two-inchers, 'cos they'll make his cock a full extra TWO inches longer! Can you imagine that? ... No, we haven't found any three-inchers yet, but wouldn't it be so hot if we did? My goodness!"

Katherine and Alan hadn't heard the "one-incher" and "two-incher" lingo before, so they both made a mental note of it.

Alan realized that he was being a bit selfish about taking pleasure but not returning it. So he reached over to Katherine, moved her clothes aside, and started fingering her pussy lips. He knew this was much riskier than what Katherine was doing to him. If Katherine were caught, Susan would be miffed at Katherine violating the promise they'd agreed to in the morning, but the fact that she was keeping Alan erect with a handjob was no big deal. In fact, it might even be appreciated.

However, just as Susan's pussy was supposed to be off limits for Alan (not withstanding what had happened upstairs earlier), Katherine's pussy was supposed to be equally off limits to him, if not more so. If Susan was concerned about Alan fucking her, she was even more concerned about the possibility of him fucking her daughter, his sister. So he had to be extra careful. He figured the angles were such that Susan probably could figure out what Katherine was doing to him, but not what he was doing to Katherine. Besides, it helped a great deal that Susan tended to keep her eyes on him and his erection.

Susan continued on the phone, "What makes a two-incher? I'll tell you! You'd better buy TWO of that outfit, because he'll get so excited he'll end up ripping it right off your body, which'll probably tear it to shreds! Then he'll FORCE you to your KNEES! You'll know you're nothing more than another one of his big-titted sex toys when he unzips his shorts and shoves his THICK COCK right down your throat! ... Yes! ... No! You have NO choice in the matter! He'll hold your head in place with both hands and forcibly FUCK YOUR FACE! Mmmm! Your only choice is to suck, and suck, and suck some more! Your pleasure means nothing! His pleasure is all! Mmmm! MMMM! YES! So good! SO HOT!"

By this time, Susan had managed to undo her pants one-handed and slide them down to her knees. Since she was adhering to the house "no female underwear" rule, that left her free to play with her pussy and clit. She was doing just that so intently that she frequently almost dropped the receiver.

Alan and Katherine were both surprised by just how aggressively the fantasy Alan was behaving in the story that Susan was painting for Brenda. Everyone was getting more and more aroused.

Katherine had started jacking him off, uncertain whether Susan would notice or object. However, it was soon clear to the girl that her mother was aware she was giving Alan a handjob. The lack of any disapproving reaction meant that Susan tacitly approved. Katherine decided to take things a bit further, so she went from just rubbing Alan's sweet spot to sliding her hand up and down his slicked-up shaft, making sure to angle the action so Susan could see most of it.

Alan, by contrast, was still being careful in his response, mostly just playing with Katherine's clit to avoid big arm motions that might trigger Susan's jealousy.

Susan leaned further over the table to get a better look at Katherine's hand as it slid up and down Alan's boner. She repeatedly licked her lips as she stared with wanton desire.

Alan had never heard Susan talk so aggressively and passionately. Knowing that her children were listening, she was careful to speak to Brenda in a manner that made the gist of their conversation clear. "So you say you want to suck his cock. You've told me that a thousand times already. But just how badly do you really want it? ... Uh huh. That bad? Wow! ... But are you willing to strip off all your clothes, drop to your knees in front of him, and beg? For real? What if you were here right now, and Katherine was already busy giving him a handjob?"

She winked at her children after making that knowing comment.

Alan's mind was blown all over again. Man! Mom is naked and masturbating, and so fucking STACKED! I can't get enough of her bouncy boobs. And Sis is jacking me off in full view. Meanwhile, Mom is talking to Brenda, of all people. BRENDA! The woman Aunt Suzy promises is going to become my "sex pet," whatever the hell that means. I'm so friggin' HORNY! Ugh! Just another typical day in my new life!

After listening to what must have been a long answer from Brenda, Susan continued, "You would? Shamelessly, even, like a starving dog?! ... You WOULD?! My goodness! That's the spirit! What would you say, exactly?"

There was another prolonged pause, because Brenda had a lot to say. The gist of it was that she was willing to do anything and everything to be one of his official personal cocksuckers.

Susan continued, "Good! But don't forget, there's no love here. He's just using your mouth as a cum dump! You'd be nothing but one of his many, many, MANY personal cocksuckers!" Susan was getting carried away with her language, and both older women knew that, but they loved it just the same.

After another comment from Brenda, Susan asked, "What? You love it? You get off on having to share him? You even want to suck him off together with me? My goodness! You know that's a naughty, naughty idea. VERY forbidden! Unless... what do you suggest?" She stared at Katherine's fingers sliding up and down Alan's boner with pure lust in her eyes.

There was a long pause while Brenda explained how she'd share Alan's cock with Susan. She boldly claimed that a powerful cock's like Alan's should be denied nothing, and that it often might take at least two eager mouths to fully satisfy him. Then she described in very graphic detail how the two of them could team up, using both their mouths and all four hands, to give him the blowjob of a lifetime.

That left Susan so horny that she was nearly speechless. Her mouth was watering, and she was increasingly eager to get off the phone so she could get on her knees and inspect Alan's erection up close. "I see. Well... Alright then! ... And what would you do to tempt him into fucking your monstrously huge tits?"

Susan was breathing hard and writhing her mostly naked body in a sexual manner. But no matter how aroused she got, she still made sure to inspire her children with her language on the phone, even repeating some of the things that Brenda had said so they wouldn't miss the details.

For instance, after Brenda described a particular dress she might wear, Susan replied, "Are you sure the fabric is thick enough, or are your outrageously erect nipples going to poke right through it? And how will it look wet, when it's soaked through and through from your pussy juice and Alan's big cum loads? You'll look like you won a sticky wet-T-shirt contest by the end of tomorrow night, I guarantee you. Have you ever had your big chest entirely basted and bathed in hot, creamy sperm? You will soon!"


But while Brenda didn't know that Alan was in the room, Susan assumed from previous calls that Brenda had removed all her clothes while the call was going on. Susan's words were so hot that Brenda was very literally burning with lust, which led to her disrobing. Eventually she was buck naked, wildly frigging herself so much that she was no longer able to hold the phone. She put the receiver relatively near her ear so she could use both hands to play with herself.

By that point, neither she nor Susan were really talking. Instead, they just panted into the phone as they frigged themselves repeatedly to orgasm.

When Brenda heard Susan start to squeal with obvious orgasmic ecstasy, she had to end the call because she was too far gone to continue. She was so aroused that she was on the verge of hyperventilating. As soon as she put the phone down, she let out a piercing wail and let herself go, cumming in proverbial buckets.

Susan suddenly found herself with her pants around her knees, her fingers pressing her clit, holding a disconnected phone line. She looked over at Katherine and Alan and blushed. She knew she'd just cried out, but she'd kind of blanked out on what she'd said or how loud she'd been or how many times she'd climaxed.


Susan quickly pulled her pants back up, then moved to put the phone back where it belonged. Only then did she bend over and pick up her blouse.

She walked to the kitchen to finish dressing and compose herself. Her sexual hunger was sated, at least for the moment, by the big orgasm she'd just had. She asked in the most casual voice she could manage, "Tiger? Angel? How are you doing? Need anything from the kitchen?"

Katherine quipped, "We're doing okay, but not as great as you!"

Susan blushed a little more and turned her head away.

Alan stopped playing with his sister's pussy and clit because he expected that their mother would soon return to the table. He figured that now that Susan had her orgasm and appeared to calm down, she was liable to give him a lecture on their "improper" behavior.

Katherine, though, wasn't willing to stop stroking his shaft.

He gave her a look and even slapped her hand, but she just playfully stuck her tongue out at him and continued her stroking.

Alan didn't get a chance to discourage her any further, because at that point Susan came back into the room fully dressed. She sat back down at the dinner table, on the opposite side from Alan and Katherine. She could easily tell that Katherine was still jacking Alan off, but she didn't bring it up. Instead, she merely noted, "That was Brenda."

Her kids snickered and giggled. Alan said, "Yeah, we figured that out like fifteen minutes ago."

Susan grinned. "I know. I was trying to make a joke. Was that good or not?"

"Mom," Alan said, "that was very good. Great, actually. Keep it up. But what's up with that phone call? Obviously, that wasn't the first time you two have talked like that."

Susan said, "No. She's calling me all the time these days. It's like getting on the Jehovah's Witnesses' potential-converts list or something." She pretended to be annoyed, but in fact she'd come to love her daily phone calls with Brenda, which had become more frequent and much more explicitly erotic since their talk on Sunday night. She'd just cleaned her juices off her upper thighs while in the kitchen, or they would have been soaking wet. She would have loved to suck off her son yet again, but for once her jaw was too sore and tired to do it, and she was still recovering from her big orgasm.


Anyway, she knew full well that her daughter was already taking care of his boner. Katherine was making a renewed effort to at least be subtle about jacking him off under the table, but she wasn't doing a good job of it. Susan could see the telltale motion in the way that Katherine's upper arms went up and down repeatedly.

Surprisingly, Susan still didn't feel bothered about it, even though it was technically in violation of Katherine's punishment. It's a shame that Angel is violating my direct order, but I can't exactly blame her. Would I be able to keep my hands in my lap if Tiger had his raging erection right next to me, and while listening to a phone call like that? No way! Keeping his cock stiff and happy takes priority, after all. She is one of his personal cocksuckers, and that's what we do. Since I'm too wiped out do it at the moment, I'll just pretend not to notice. Besides, she knew she was being more than a bit greedy with the tradition that Tuesday was 'her day' and she felt somewhat guilty about it.

Alan asked his mother, "So you and Brenda have been having a lot of calls like that? I'm amazed!" His head was spinning from the sheer pleasure of Katherine's handjob, but he tried not to let on.

Susan admitted, "To be honest, yeah, kinda. It's been going on for a few days now. I actually hope we'll keep doing it a lot. It's fun talking to her, usually about you and all the various ways you end up dominating me with your wonderfully super-strength penis. But that call, well, things got... a little bit out of hand, with you two right there. I even kind of surprised myself at some of the things I said." She lowered her head and blushed in a very cute manner.

Katherine said, "Well, yeah! That was seriously out of hand!" But she added in a less critical tone, "What have your other calls with her been like?"

Susan said, "Well, we started talking on the phone some prior to the last poker night. Back then, Brenda was trying to be nice to me, but I must admit I wasn't too friendly in return."

Katherine went back to just subtly rubbing Alan's sweet spot as it slowly dawned on her how physically close Susan was sitting and how easy it would be for her to see what Katherine was doing, for instance if she suddenly stood up. "Why not?" she asked. "You're, like, the nicest person I know. You're nice to everybody."

Susan looked guilty and upset at that. "I know! I feel terrible." She looked away as she confessed, "It's just that, well... Tiger is a tit man, and Brenda's tits are soooo darn big! Way bigger than mine. And not only that, but they're perfect! I mean, how can they be that big and sag so little and still be all natural? And her nipples. I would KILL for nipples that long and that sensitive!"

Alan was in a bit of a fix. He knew Katherine was very conscious of her breast size, thinking that hers were too small, even though she had one of the biggest and nicest pairs of boobs in their school. But her main points of comparison were Susan and Suzanne. So if he praised his mother's boobs, he could offend his sister. But if he didn't, his mother might be sad and insecure.

Luckily for him, Susan continued to talk without pause. "But then that poker night happened last Wednesday, and you both know what happened. Things kind of got out of hand with that too, what with the way you measured Brenda's boobs and all, Son."

Katherine snickered. "He did a lot more than measure them, as I recall. In fact, he pretty much 'measured' every last inch of her naked body!" She giggled.

Susan smiled. "I know. It was so hot! But the main thing is, since I slipped up and talked about all the incestuous cocky fun we're having around here, we really have no choice but to bring her into Alan's harem."

Alan started to complain, "Mom, you know that-"

"Right. Sorry, you don't like that word. If I call it your 'stable of many beautiful, busty sluts,' is that better?"

"Um..." He was too aroused to think that through.

Susan just grinned slyly and continued, "Now, mind you, I certainly don't consider what we're doing REAL incest; it's not the truly sinful kind. But the outside world wouldn't understand that distinction. Anyway, both of you know most of what's happened with Brenda since. But what you may not know is that Suzanne recently put me in charge of bringing her in."

Alan asked, "'Bringing her in?' What does that mean?"

Susan explained in a matter-of-fact manner, "Well, obviously, you've got to fully tame her with your big cock."

If he'd been drinking something, it would have shot out of his nose at that moment. He lurched forward as his boner spasmed and twitched in Katherine's hand. "What did you say?!"

Susan smiled smugly at him. "You heard me. You need to turn her into another one of your personal sex pets, completely dedicated to serving your cock."

Katherine was aroused and inspired by that, despite her jealousy issues. In fact, her jealousy just inflamed her lust. She started stroking his throbbing erection faster, nearly heedless about being noticed.

He was still incredulous. "Mom, you sound just like Aunt Suzy. She keeps suggesting Brenda should be my 'sex pet' too. Why does everyone keep saying that about her?!"

Susan replied as if she was impatient with him being slow on the uptake. "Because it's perfectly fitting, that's why. The important thing is that SHE likes it. She's as submissive as I am, and maybe more so. She'd love nothing more than to help you with your special problem!"

He looked pointedly at Katherine's fingers playing over his sweet spot. "Why is everyone so keen on helping me?! I mean, I don't mean to complain, but..." He felt like he was a surfer riding an endless wave of pleasure. It was getting hard to continue talking.

Susan continued calmly, "Surely you can see there's no other way. Suzanne wanted you to have a pleasant surprise at tomorrow's poker party, and maybe present her to you wearing nothing but a bow wrapped around her waist or something like that. I should have taken that call in the other room, but I'm so proud of you that I wanted you to hear how much she craves serving your cock already. Whenever she talks to me, I can't get her to stop going on about how much she wants to be exclusively one of your sex pets and personal cocksuckers!"

Alan was stunned speechless. Brenda? Brenda?! Of course I've been looking forward to having some more sexy fun with her, like what happened with her and Aunt Suzy on Sunday. But... a "sex pet?!" I know that's been Aunt Suzy's plan all along, but I can't get over that it's actually happening! She's like... unreal! She's got the body and face of a movie star, plus tits the size of small cars! I mean, that's like talking about someone like Jayne Mansfield serving my cock. I'm sorry. No way! It can't be!

But Mom wasn't faking that call... She couldn't possibly be that tricky. And Brenda sounds ridiculously eager. That means that soon I'll be fucking those incredible tits of hers! Not to mention fucking her mouth! Hell, why not both at once?! Or, Jesus, why not think big? Mom's "no fucking" rule can't slow me down with Brenda. I could fuck her cunt to my heart's content too!


He was hit with a vision of a naked Brenda sitting on top of him, holding his erection and slowly skewering herself down on it. They were in an unfamiliar, fancy bedroom, which no doubt was meant to be Brenda's. As she settled down on him, she stared right at him and proclaimed, "This makes it official! I'm one of your fuck toys! I get to be another one of your sex pets! Fuck me! Fuck me HARD! Fuck me DEEP!"

Needless to say, this aroused him greatly, and for a few long moments, he teetered on the edge of orgasm. Fuck yeah! That's totally gonna happen! Why won't it? This is my life now! I don't know about terms like "fuck toy" and "sex pet," but if she wants me to fuck her, then, by God, I'm gonna fuck her! Yessss!

Meanwhile, Katherine kept right on stimulating his sweet spot. She was forced to take little pauses here and there, because she could sense he was getting dangerously close to cumming. But she giggled and snickered, "What's wrong, Bro? Cat got your tongue?" Then she stopped with the pauses and increased the speed and pressure as she felt him surging again, due to his thoughts of Brenda.

He leaned forward into the table, suddenly clenching his PC muscle as another great surge of pleasure rolled through him. Fuck, man! Brenda! He muttered, "No, I'm just, uh, thinking."

Susan grinned slyly, guessing well what he was reacting to. That's so fun, seeing him almost cum like that! Of course he's thinking about Brenda and all the things he's going to do to her luscious body. As he should! I still don't want her coming around here all the time, but if she wants to dedicate herself to serving his cock as one of his personal cocksuckers, who am I to say no? It's not my place anyway, since he's the man of the house and I'm just his big-titted mommy slut! It just goes to show what a total stud he is! My boy! Her heart soared with pride and joy.


Another minute passed while he still slowly came down from his close call. Katherine was taking it easy on his hard-on for the time being.

Finally, he asked, "What the heck is a 'sex pet' supposed to be, anyway? Could somebody actually define that for me?"

Knowing that he was sensitive about that sort of language, Susan tried to downplay it. "That's just one term we use. 'Sex pet,' 'fuck toy,' 'sex toy,' 'personal cocksucker...' they're all just colorful ways to express how much we love playing with you, and keeping your fat cock continually throbbing with pleasure. Don't read too much into it."

Katherine wasn't on board about downplaying that language. "'Don't read too much into it?!' Mom, don't you know that 'fuck toy' means everything to me?!" She looked into Alan's eyes as her fingers kept on sliding over his sweet spot. "For one thing, Brother, it means I'm EXCLUSIVELY yours!" She brought a second hand over to his crotch and started pumping up and down with both hands to show how strongly she felt, even though there was no way Susan could miss what she was doing.

Sensing that Katherine was going to launch into a prolonged and arousing declaration, not to mention a passionate two-handed cock pumping, Susan deliberately interrupted her. "He knows that already. Let's not beat a dead horse." When Katherine quickly turned her head before Alan did, Susan gave her a look indicating she needed to tone things down, and in more ways than one.

Katherine got the message. "Right. You know how I feel about you." She removed her second hand, then leaned forward and briefly kissed him. But it was more of a teasing kiss, with their tongues briefly playing with each other outside of their mouths.

Susan was relieved that she'd avoided a conflict over terms like "sex pet." Her attitude was that the practical reality was much more important than what it was called. She wasn't even consistent in what she called herself, since she loved a variety of sexual terms. But the important thing for her was that she'd end up as one of his favorites in his harem, even if it took him a while before he accepted terms like "harem."

She continued to explain, "Anyway, Suzanne convinced me to put aside my envy about Brenda's overly-large breasts and try to befriend her. So that's what I've done, ever since that day. Now it's an easy, fun task. All I really need to do is keep encouraging her and telling her sexy stories about you, since her interest in you has skyrocketed. Especially after what you did to her last Sunday morning while I was in church, she's so hot for you these days that it's not even funny! I'm not sure what you did exactly, except that Suzanne helped, but keep doing it to her!"

He thought back to when he'd fondled Brenda's huge tits while Suzanne sucked his cock. Then he looked down again at his sister, who was still giving him a furtive handjob. He had to laugh out loud at his absurdly lucky life. Trying to keep the conversation going, he asked, "So how often do you two talk?"

"Last week, she started calling me every day, sometimes more than once a day. At first she played it cool and we talked about all kinds of things. You'd be surprised how smart and well read she is. But with each call it seemed we talked a little more about you and about sex with you. That call you heard, compared to the previous ones, it was..." She struggled to find the right word.

"The climax," Katherine suggested, giggling.

Susan laughed, understanding the double meaning. "Yes, you could say that! However, the word I was looking for was 'typical.' I suppose you could say that, these days, each phone call I have with her always reaches a climax. In fact, several." She thought, I love my new life. Thinking and talking about sex, and even joking about it. How was I ever so... sexless before? I'm amazed I didn't die of boredom.

She continued, "Anyway, I'm warming up to her. A lot. As you can probably guess from hearing the call, she's got a good attitude. Son, she knows the proper role for a big-titted beauty when faced with a naturally superior male like you."

Susan had recovered from her orgasm by now, and between the Brenda talk and knowing what Katherine was doing with her hand, she was getting aroused all over again. So she paused in her comments and made a big production out of slowly unbuttoning the buttons running down the front of her blouse. As she did that, she purred huskily, "Don't forget that some people say your mommy is a big-titted beauty. So think about what MY proper role around here should be." She raised an eyebrow and flashed him a knowing smile.

Alan licked his lips and held his breath while he watched Susan unbutton more buttons. His enjoyment continued to be heightened by Katherine's talented fingers.


Susan didn't stop until she'd opened her blouse all the way. But, being a playful tease, she just held her blouse on both sides as if she was about to open it up wide, without actually doing so. "Aaaah. That's better. I'm not gonna say anything more about Brenda though, so you'll still have some fun surprises tomorrow night. Let's just say I'm confident you'll soon prove to her that her most cherished fantasies CAN come true, and her proper place is on her knees, wearing just her high heels and slurping on your fat cock!" She said this beaming with pride, as if describing her son's winning science fair project.

He was very turned on and interested by what she had to say about Brenda. But his immediate interest was seeing her open the front of her blouse all the way. Come on, Mom! Do it! Man, I just want to bury my face in those boobs and motorboat all around! Fuuuuuck! And Sis is jacking me off so great!

Katherine complained, "Hey, it's tough enough for me to get my fair share. You, me, Aunt Suzy, and Amy, we're the ones who belong on our knees, taking our turns slurping and sucking. There's no room for one more!" She would have crossed her arms under her ample rack except that she was steadily rubbing Alan's sweet spot and didn't want to stop.

Alan was blown away that his mother and sister were having this conversation, and not even seeing anything remarkable or unusual about it. He was completely speechless.

Susan didn't want to openly refer to the discussion that she, Brenda, and Katherine had had on Sunday night, since Alan didn't know about it and she didn't want to explain it all to him at that moment. "Angel, we've been over this. Suzanne's assured me that Brenda will only be coming here once a week for our Wednesday night poker games, plus occasional other visits. Surely you don't mind Tiger enjoying a special guest two or three times a week, do you?"

"No, that sounds okay," Katherine agreed. "We all had lots of fun with her last time. Besides, she seems to be a nice person, and we do have the whole issue of our secret incest. We all know that Brother is going to tame her, and I'm okay with that. I'm just concerned that a couple of times a week will turn into a few, and so on, until she's here almost all the time."

"I'm with you there," Susan agreed. She still had her hands on the front of her blouse. She'd widened the gap some more, just enough to show hints of her areolae. "After all, there is only so much yummy cock to go around, and I'm still not pleased about the size of her natural endowments. The key, Son, is that you have to 'get on top' of her, so to speak, and stay there. We can't let on that she's in a position of power due to what she knows about us. You need to dominate and control her so thoroughly that she'll obey you completely and protect our secrets, rather than saying something to someone that could harm our family."

Alan's mind boggled at that. So the pressure's on me. If I don't seduce her totally, all the sexy fun we've been having could be in danger? Oh great. As if a woman looking like Brenda isn't daunting enough. Thank God I heard this phone call though. That'll give me confidence that she's really hot to trot for me, to say the least! How can I go wrong, when she's got such a great submissive attitude!

Actually Susan didn't really believe that Brenda was still a threat - she was just too hooked. But Susan knew that Alan might be reluctant to act aggressively. She hoped that if he did "dominate and control [Brenda] thoroughly," he would enjoy it greatly and feel emboldened to treat his own mother the same way.

Susan looked at the dining table, and in particular the three plates of cold spring-vegetable fettuccine that still stood upon it. She continued to tease Alan with the sight of her exposed big breasts, while restraining herself from opening her blouse all the way. "My goodness. Whatever happened to eating dinner? That call was distracting, to say the least. Would you two like me to reheat your dinners?"

They both shook their heads 'No'. Cooled-off pasta was fine with them sometimes.

"Good. I must admit, that call really worked me up. I'm still all tingly. And Son, I know talk of Brenda arouses you, because she's a hottie, especially in the, uh, chesty region. But never forget that your mommy has a pretty nice pair of her own, okay?" With that, Susan finally and dramatically opened her blouse so her great globes were entirely exposed.

Alan was so thrilled that he forgot to breathe. He finally let out a gasp. He eagerly bobbed his head in approval and agreement. Man, ain't that the truth! Mom's so stacked that it's crazy! I swear, I'll never, ever get over it. If Sis wasn't here rubbing my cock so well, I'd praise those twin peaks to the high heavens!

Susan smirked at the lusty look on her son's face. She was secretly pleased that her teasing had worked so well. She picked up a fork and resumed eating. "Let's finish eating first, and then we can get down to some serious spermy fun." She ostentatiously licked her lips, then craned her mouth as wide open as she could get. "Okay?"

Katherine gave Alan's erection a final friendly squeeze. Then she bought her napkin into her lap to wipe her hand clean of all his pre-cum. She picked up her silverware with both hands and resumed eating.

Alan's penis immediately started to go flaccid. He stuffed it back into his pants, quietly zipped up, and resumed eating too.

Susan was surprised to discover she was quite disappointed when she saw her kid's hands all return to the table. Awww, the fun is over. I love it so much when his cock is hard and throbbing, even if I'm not the one who made it that way. But I'll get it back up to its happy state just as soon as dinner is over. Mmmm! More cocksucking fun. Or maybe I'll use my tits, to give my jaw a bit of a rest. Maybe it's time for a titfuck. Yes! A titfuck sounds like a great idea! With all this Brenda talk, it's good to remind him that Mommy has some huge knockers of her own!

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