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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Under My Thumb
Day 58: Tuesday, November 12

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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A few minutes later, the phone rang again. As Susan went to answer it, she grumbled, "What does Brenda want now? Do I have to walk her through ANOTHER fantasy blowjob? Good grief!"

But it turned out to be one of Susan's cousins, living in Chicago. That was a real cold slap of reality for her. That cousin, like almost everyone else in Susan's extended family, was very religious and uptight. Susan was grateful that for once she was actually fully dressed, more or less - she quickly buttoned up her blouse. She started blushing furiously, imagining what her cousin would think about her last call with Brenda.

After dinner, Susan was still so obviously spooked from her cousin's call that there was no further teasing or talk of penis stimulation. She needed to apologize to Alan for needing some time alone, since she'd all but promised more sexual fun after dinner, but in her new mood she was too embarrassed to keep her promise, or even to apologize. She did give him a very apologetic look as she left the room.

Alan had cooled down a bit himself after he saw her get upset. He figured a break wasn't so bad, especially since he'd lost his erection anyway.

Katherine and Alan went to their respective rooms and studied some more, finally finishing their homework. Then Alan went downstairs to watch TV. He'd recorded Sunday's San Diego Chargers football game. Even though he'd seen the highlights and knew the final score, he wanted to watch the whole game.

Katherine had developed a love of football from being with her brother when he was watching the Chargers games, which he had done every season, even when the team had been bad. So she joined him and watched too.

Susan had never learned the rules of football, so she had little interest in watching the game herself. She chose instead to be in the kitchen and make cookies for her kids. She would have made a snack anyway, because she loved being a caring mother, but she was especially keen to make some yummy snacks for Alan as an unspoken apology for not being in the mood to play around some more. She knew he really loved cookies, especially oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip ones.

Suzanne walked in the front door just a few minutes after Alan had started to watch the game. She'd just come from dinner at a fancy restaurant with her husband and a couple of his business associates, so she was still wearing a formal business suit.

Suzanne didn't have any love of football. She made a sour face when she peeked into the living room from the front foyer and saw what the kids were watching.

She was very anxious to finally fuck Alan, and knew that he felt the same. She had no understanding of the subdued, non-sexual mood that had settled over the house. Even though she knew this wasn't the moment for fucking, she thought she'd have some fun playing with his head to encourage the idea.

"How's your day going, Angel?" she asked Katherine from one room away, as she removed her panties from under her heavy clothes and deposited them in the underwear cabinet before walking further into the house.

"Good, I guess. For a Tuesday, if you know what I mean." Katherine rolled her eyes in frustration.

"I do." Suzanne could definitely relate to the lack of access to Alan's penis the last couple of Tuesdays.

Alan was sitting on the floor. He'd waved at Suzanne when she'd first came in, but then returned his attention to the game.

Suzanne moved between him and the television, standing so she towered over him. She smiled as she looked down at him. "And how has your day been, Sweetie?"

"Amazing and surreal, as usual," he answered honestly, while still trying to stare around her at the TV.


"But you look tired," she said consolingly in her slightly scratchy voice. "I'll bet you had a hairy day." She lifted up her dress as she said this, so her pussy was in plain sight right over his face. With a happy snicker, she added, "You look really bushed."

He finally looked up at her and nearly drooled at the sight of the pink pussy staring him in the face. He was genuinely surprised though at just how wet she was. Rivulets of her juices were flowing down her thighs.

Katherine could tell what kind of show Alan was getting. She quipped, "He's weary from the daily grind."

Suzanne giggled along with Katherine. "Exactly. He's knackered."

"Knickered," Katherine giggled some more. "Maybe that's because he's being knockered so often these days."

"I think he should relax and take a load off, don't you?"

"Definitely! Take a BIG load off! And I know just where he should put it!"

But while Katherine was all giggles, Alan asked seriously as he gazed up into Suzanne's dripping pussy lips, "Aunt Suzy, how did that happen? I mean your wetness. You're dripping, but you just walked into the house. You haven't even done anything yet."

Instead of answering, she looked around and asked, "Where's Susan?"

"In the kitchen," Katherine noted.

"Good." Suzanne looked down at Alan. "You still don't get it, do you? I'm so hot for you that just the idea of walking into this house gets me wet. Just the mention of your name gets me flowing like the Amazon. Do you know what you and I are going to do really soon? We're gonna..." - her voice dropped down to a barely audible but still hoarse and sexy whisper - "fuck."

Alan cleared his throat nervously. His dick was engorging rapidly, and his heart was starting to pound. He looked over to his sister sitting on the sofa and noticed that she'd heard Suzanne's whisper.

Katherine's only visible reaction was to giggle a bit at his obvious awkwardness. Inside, though, she was worried. If Brother could fuck her, why would he still want to fuck me? She's so gorgeous and talented and sex-mad that they'll never be able to pry those two apart. Damn! Between her and Mom, I never get a fair chance. But I love him so much! And her too.

Suzanne lazily rubbed her pussy lips through her dress. Knowing that Katherine had heard her whisper, she made no further attempt to keep her voice down. "That's right, stud. You're gonna get to know this part of me really well. Imagine lying on top of me right now, bouncing up and down like a pogo stick. My pussy can almost feel your fullness. God DAMN! When I think about you sitting on me, plowing me... Whoa! Your penis is gonna live in this hole most of the time if I have my way, which, to be brutally honest, I usually do. What do you think of that? Are you ready to fuck your Aunt Suzy?" She had lowered her voice to say the word "fuck," but this time she spat it out as sexily and naughtily as she could manage.

These words only confirmed Katherine's fears, especially the comment, "Your penis is gonna live in this hole most of the time if I have my way." But she knew there was no way to go directly against Suzanne and win.

Alan had almost missed her question, not because of the football game, which was totally forgotten, but because he was floored by everything else she'd said. His eyes were eagerly checking out her sleek long legs, all the way up to her still-visible pussy. He finally managed to stammered, "Y-y-yes." Somehow, he felt unusually nervous when faced so directly with Suzanne's overpowering sexual magnetism.

Suzanne smiled at the return of his bashfulness. "Good answer. That's right. You're going to fuck your Aunt Suzy silly, every day. She's going to show you what fucking is really all about. But in the meanwhile, you've gone and made her very, very wet. Maybe you could lick her boo-boo with your tongue, and make it all better?"

"I don't know," he answered as he looked all around. He knew that Katherine wouldn't say or do anything to interfere with what Suzanne wanted, but he worried about his mother and her current mood.

Suzanne decided she was pushing him too hard, and sat down on the sofa next to him.

Katherine, sitting on the adjacent sofa, spoke quietly but excitedly at Suzanne. "Aunt Suzy, guess what? All kinds of fun things happened today!" She proceeded to tell Suzanne a brief description of what Alan, Susan, and her had done in the afternoon. She included the part where she'd gotten Susan to agree to be spanked by either herself or Suzanne tomorrow. She concluded, "So, what do you think? Do you want to do the honors, or should I?"

Suzanne looked to Alan, who was listening carefully. She also spoke quietly, to be absolutely sure Susan couldn't hear from the kitchen. "Actually, I think Sweetie here should do it. And tonight is better than tomorrow."

Alan protested, "Whaaaat?! I can't do that. For one thing, she hasn't done anything wrong. She's been a living dream. And besides, she's my mom. I love her with all my heart. I could never hurt her."

Suzanne said, "That's not what I heard. You know that Susan and I share absolutely everything. She told me that you swatted her ass a few times yesterday, when you were having fun with her after coming home from your beach outing with Christine."

He blushed slightly as he remembered that. "Okay, that's true. But I was soooo horny at the time that I wasn't in my right mind. I was absolutely insanely horny! Being with Christine gave me the worst case of blue balls ever, and then Mom was so irresistible, and she basically begged me to spank her..."

Katherine added to Suzanne, "Besides, he doesn't want to do it, and I do. I think it would be a kick! I understand first hand from when Brother spanked me that it's not hurting her at all. In fact, she'll totally love it. So why don't I do it? Or you?"

Suzanne responded, "Don't worry, you'll get your turn soon enough. So will I. Susan is a very submissive type, and it will do her good to get frequently spanked. I'm sure you'll get your chance in the next day or two. You can even use the same excuse."

Seeing that satisfied Katherine, she turned back to Alan. "That said, Sweetie, it's important that you lead the way here." She lowered her voice some more to be extra careful. "You're the one man in our group. Susan wants to sexually submit to you, first and foremost. She likes to talk about how you're 'putting her in her place.' Well, you need to do just that. It's time to step up and get more aggressive. If you don't think you can do it unless you're 'absolutely insanely horny,' then get absolutely insanely horny first. That's not too hard to do around here, is it?" She looked to Katherine and smirked.

Katherine gave her brother a smoldering look. "Definitely not!"

He said, "I know it sounds good, but I don't think I can do it. I could spank anyone else but her. Even you two. But... she's... well, my mom!"

Suzanne quietly told him, "Listen. Your mother is at a very critical stage right now. Her attitude is shifting and her rules and boundaries are crumbling down. Her old belief system is falling apart and she needs a new one to grab hold of. I don't think you realize that she's ALWAYS been very submissive, and not just sexually. Before, she obeyed her parents, her husband, her church, and other authority figures. Including me, I must admit. That didn't make her very happy overall, since I was probably the only authority figure actually looking out for her best interests, but that's how she is."

She gesticulated to show how strongly she felt about this. "Sweetie, if we want to live in a free-wheeling sexual utopia, we need to redirect her submissiveness mainly to you. You need to step it up and be more domineering with her in general. But a spanking in particular is key to ensure that she sees you in a new way. There's a lot of talk about you becoming 'the man of the house.' Make it happen! Step up and be a man!"

That gave him a lot to think about. He was still uncertain. He asked, "Are you sure that's the right thing to do? It feels like we're taking advantage of her. Are we letting lust rule our thinking, or is that really what's best for her?"

Suzanne sighed impatiently. "I appreciate your concern for her, but that's a silly question and you know it. Do you really want to see her go back to how she used to be? Is she or is she not happier than she's ever been? Yes, you're enjoying more sexual pleasure than you ever thought possible, and frankly, more than you deserve. But so is she. She's flying over the moon every single day! A submissive needs a dominant, and vice versa. You both benefit, big time!"

Katherine added, "It's true, Bro. Mom needs a firm hand. And I can confidently say that, because it takes one to know one. I totally love that you gave me a hard spanking the other day, and I hope and expect you'll give me a lot more! Don't think of it as inflicting pain! It's just a different way of making someone feel good. When your sister cums at the end of the spanking you gave her, what does that mean? Did she love it or hate it? Duh!" She giggled.

Suzanne chimed in, "It's true. Even I've enjoyed getting spanked from time to time." She asked him, "Remember when I used an ice cube on your cock a few days ago?"

"Yeah?" He actually felt a shiver of pleasure as he recalled that very arousing experience.

"Well, I'm not expert on the science of how this works. But I think it's safe to say that all your nerves are connected together. When one type of nerve ending gets stimulated, that heightens the response in the others. Or maybe it's the contrast. But, either way, or both, extreme cold made your arousal than much more intense, didn't it?"

He nodded.

She went on, "And the same thing happened when I used breath mints on you. Lots of things can do it. It just so happens that spanking works really well. Plus, there's the whole mental aspect of it. Susan will lose her god-damned mind just from knowing that you're spanking her and really taking charge, like you should! You can't go wrong. She'll cum and cum, and cum some more! Plus, I know her rule against you touching her pussy must be driving you mad. If you've got her across your lap with your hand on her butt, think of the opportunity that gives you to bend that rule!"

Katherine started to say, "Speaking of which, Aunt Suzy, remember what I was saying about what the three of us got up to this afternoon? That particular rule was bent waaaay out of shape!"

Suzanne nodded. "Good, good. I forgot about that, but you're right. The time is ripe. Sweetie, that's even more reason for you to..." Her voice trailed off, because she'd been listening carefully for any sounds coming from Susan, and the sound of Susan walking towards the living room.

Sure enough, just as Susan left the kitchen, she shouted, "Cookies are ready! Here they come!" She walked in carrying a tray of hot, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Suzanne stood back up. Her goal was to get both Susan and Alan extremely aroused, so this new spanking plan could come to fruition, and she figured she might as well start right away. So she flaunted her pussy exposure above Alan for Susan to clearly see.

She briefly acknowledged Susan's presence with a "Hi, Susan." Then she spoke to Alan about the cookies with obviously intended innuendo as he stared at her lewd pose, "Hmmm. Hot and fresh, delivered to you on a platter. You're a lucky guy, Sweetie. How can you turn down an offer like that?"

Susan's face wrinkled with concern as she saw Suzanne standing above Alan so that he had a clear view of her pussy and bush. She mumbled, "Oh dear."

Suzanne ignored her reaction. Instead she commented to no one in particular, "Can you believe I'm still wearing all these clothes? We had a fancy dinner with some of my husband's business friends. What a bore. I'm actually still wearing a bra! Can you imagine that? I'd better fix it right away."

She began to remove her clothes in a slow striptease.

Alan turned off the recorder and TV with the remote, since by this time the game was only an annoying distraction. He lay back on a nearby sofa while Katherine and Susan took positions on each side of him. The three of them watched Suzanne while she swayed sexily to the music in her head.

Susan was torn. She was still feeling reluctant to do much after the excesses of her phone call, and she also was afraid of her increasingly lusty feelings for her best friend. On the other hand, the effect of the call had already mostly worn off, and she was easily aroused. She tried to maintain a veneer of normality, as if pretending there wasn't a centerfold-perfect woman slowly getting buck naked in the middle of her living room.

She told herself that she was just being a good hostess, so she got up and served the others drinks right in the middle of Suzanne's act. She didn't realize that in part her behavior was an attempt to take the attention away from Suzanne, but the rest of them realized what she was doing.


Suzanne understood Susan's psychological issues (even though she remained unaware of the phone call) and kept up a patter of talk to keep the mood light. As she stripped down to just her garter belt and stockings, she casually quizzed Susan about how Alan's penis had been earlier in the day.

That topic now qualified as a perfectly normal and proper one for Susan, so she had no problem discussing her son's throbbing erections in great detail and bemoaning to everyone in the room just how "terribly backed up with sperm" her son's penis and balls were.

Katherine could sense her mother's conflicted mood, so she stayed quiet for the most part, attempting to play it cool. She didn't even let her brother's increasingly-firm erection out of its confinement, figuring that her mother would do that when she was ready. However, since Katherine was wearing an extremely short skirt, she was able to have some fun flashing her pussy at Suzanne. She figured that her mother's attempts at normalcy would disappear soon enough, to be replaced by intense horniness, if she kept talking about Alan's dick while watching Suzanne's striptease.

Suzanne generally kept her eyes locked right on Alan's crotch. Her body moved so sensually and she talked so blatantly about the need to prevent his "sperm buildup" that she was sure Susan's composure would break at any moment, after which Susan would undoubtedly begin rubbing the big bulge that was visibly along her son's thigh.

However, Susan didn't become as immediately and totally horny as Suzanne and the others had hoped she would, because her recent phone call with her cousin Edith was still affecting her. The ostensible reason for Suzanne's stripping was so she could take off her bra, but she could only draw that process out so long. Eventually, with that Herculean task accomplished, she began putting some of her outfit back on. However, there wasn't much difference; she somehow made putting clothes back on nearly as arousing as taking them off.

Her dress was a very low-cut one that exposed just about everything, since she'd left her blouse off when she removed her bra. With her little show over, she arranged the dress so that the slightest tug would expose her nipples.


Once the striptease was over, Susan tried to take control in a non-sexual way by hyping her cookies and encouraging everyone to eat some more of them. She was frowning about Suzanne's impropriety, but she decided that she should wait until she and Suzanne were alone, rather than criticizing her before the kids.

Trying to help clue Suzanne in, Alan explained, "Mom got a call from her cousin Edith in Chicago a little while ago."

Susan expounded on that. "Yes. And that helped me put things in perspective. I mean, just what do I think I'm doing? Sure, I have to help Tiger reach his six-times-a-day goal; that's a medical necessity. But do I have to be so, well, obsessed about it? I mean, what would happen if Edith came by for a visit? Or, God forbid, my parents! I think things have gotten a bit out of control around here, and we all need to take a step back!" She defiantly folded her arms under her huge melons, pushing them up and out.

Suzanne, though, had other ideas. She knew that Susan's resistance needed to be further broken if any of them were going to have more sexual fun that evening. So after Susan passed the plate of cookies once again, the red-haired beauty sidled up to the teenagers and whispered to them, "Sweetie, Angel, don't miss this."

She took the cookie tray from Susan and put it down on a coffee table. Then she said, "Susan, we can talk about that later. I'm a bit insulted. Where's my friendly greeting? What was all that practicing for if you don't put it to use? Don't we want to show Sweetie what we learned earlier today?"

Now it was Susan's turn to get a bit nervous. She stammered, "But my cousin Edith in Chicago... And the kids... Not in front of them..." She looked over at Alan and Katherine anxiously.

But Suzanne ignored that, putting her hands on her friend's shoulders to direct Susan's attention back her way. She acted quickly before Susan could complain about privacy or raise any of her other prudish concerns. She simply took Susan in her arms and started to French kiss her.

Susan was very hesitant at first, particularly since she wasn't in a fully aroused mood.

That didn't stop Suzanne; she kept working with her magically talented and exceptionally long tongue. Soon the two Amazon mothers were going at it as if they'd been kissing in front of their kids for years. Suzanne's hands roamed freely over Susan's butt, eventually stopping to grasp her fleshy butt cheeks through her pants.

They broke off the kiss after a minute or two. Susan had intended to end things there, but Suzanne's beauty struck her so forcefully that she just couldn't help herself. Instead she found herself licking all over Suzanne's neck and ears. That resulting movement and squirming pulled Suzanne's low-cut dress off her tits, just as Suzanne had planned a few minutes earlier.


When she got behind Suzanne, Susan reached around and greedily grasped Suzanne's tits while nibbling and licking at her neck like a hungry vampire.

Suzanne moaned with pleasure, delighted at Susan's newfound aggressiveness. She hoist her breasts and pushed them forward to further arouse her eagerly watching audience.

Susan eventually realized that she was just supposed to be giving Suzanne a "greeting" kiss, and pulled away. But by now her earlier prudish mood was ancient history, though she did fret some over what a spectacle she'd shown. She'd never forgotten that she was being watched by her children, but somehow that hadn't slowed her, which both disturbed her and made her hotter.

Suzanne could see that Susan was on the verge of becoming upset about how the kiss had progressed, so instead she kept her on the defensive by whispering in her ear, "That was very good, Susan. Remember, we're here to help inspire your sexy son. Remember his visual stimulation. It's a never-ending duty! His balls are practically bursting with all that nasty sperm. Gallons and gallons of nasty sperm! We've got to draw it out and swallow it, continually. Six times a day, at least! Don't forget all the inspiration he needs for his six-times-a-day duties. He needs to see his hot centerfold mothers kiss and rub their exposed sexy bosoms all over each other, like we just did. That's just what we have to do these days to help him out."

Susan immediately went from feeling slightly miffed and tricked to being proud of her efforts. Just as Suzanne knew she would, Susan was practically salivating at the mention of having to swallow the impossibly voluminous "gallons and gallons of nasty sperm", that not even a herd of bulls could produce. She felt bad that she was still wearing her blouse. She thought, Big-titted mommies drain their son's balls dry! That's what I do. What was I thinking before?! Who cares about some stupid phone call?

Alan, though, couldn't hear what the two voluptuous mothers were whispering to each other, so he asked, "What was that all about, Mom?"

He'd been surprised at the kiss, though not really that surprised, given the intense kissing between Susan and Katherine that he'd witnessed earlier that day. He had a raging erection from watching it, plus everything else that had been happening since Suzanne arrived, but he kept it concealed in his pants for the moment. He was waiting for a sign from Suzanne on how to proceed, since she could read Susan's moods better than anyone else.

While he waited for his mother to answer his question, he thought, Aunt Suzy must have learned about the kissing between Mom and Sis this morning and decided to run with it. She rocks! That was a 'curl your toes, tongue duel' kind of kiss too. Mom's just so fucking sexy! It looks like she's in a good mood again, thanks to that kiss. Her boundaries are just falling away further by the hour!

Susan was leaning into Suzanne and cuddling up against her most contentedly, but she finally answered, "Like I think I told you earlier, Suzanne told me I needed to be warmer with my greetings and goodbyes. I'm just trying to improve on that. She told me that this kind of kiss is perfectly common in certain, hip social circles here in Orange County. So I'm trying to be hip. I figure it's all part of helping you with visual stimulation."

She looked down at her blouse and started unbuttoning it, just like she had at the dining table. "And Tiger, there's no reason you and I can't be friendlier in our greetings too. The ass is good, but don't limit yourself to just that, and with just a little bit of groping." She was trying to talk in a matter-of-fact tone, but her breath was far too ragged and her face too flushed for her to pull it off successfully.

Susan smiled, thinking nasty thoughts about the many ways she could be "properly greeted" by Alan. Ever since her morning talk with Suzanne she'd been thinking more about titfucks and assfucks, so now in her reverie she imagined her son casually greeting her with either, or preferably both, of those methods.

"Cool!" said Katherine. "Does that mean I can kiss you like that too?"

Susan found herself daydreaming so intently that she didn't even hear the question. She imagined Alan coming home from school. In the dream she was already naked and working in the kitchen. She was bent over the kitchen counter as Alan walked up to her, with her ass sticking out at a ninety degree angle. He just came in the room, dropped his shorts, and slid his dick into her asshole without comment. In the dream it was something he did to her many times a day, so there was no need for words or other preparation. "How was your day, dear?" she asked as he started pistoning into her rear, pounding harder and harder into her rear, showing no mercy at all.

Oh my! It occurred to her conscious mind as she observed the fantasy unfold, I'd better start lubing my ass just in case he gets in a buttfucking mood. There's no telling when I might get lucky. Bend over but don't break, right Suzanne? Hee-hee! Mommy has to bend over, a LOT! Tee-hee-hee! That's what good mommies do.

Katherine repeated, "Mom? Can I kiss you like that too?"

Susan broke free of her fantasy and also from Suzanne's luscious body to better focus on her daughter's question. She looked down and realized she'd completely unbuttoned her blouse without even consciously thinking about it. She frowned and managed to answer in a stern voice, "No. You're my daughter, so that would be inappropriate."

However, her tough motherly act wasn't fooling anyone. She was far too visibly aroused to play the part, especially given the way her bountiful chest was heaving. Her nipples were frequently peeking through the wide gap in her blouse. She ran her hands over her ass, occasionally pulling her ass cheeks apart when not fondling them through her clothes. She was still mostly lost in the thought of getting her son's pipe laid up her ass. She clenched and unclenched her ass cheeks, trying to imagine what a buttfuck would feel like.

"Awww, shucks," Katherine moped, thinking of the unpredictable and malleable 'standards' to which she was being subjected. Her mother's reluctance irked her, given that she'd just fingered her mother to orgasm a few hours earlier (even though, admittedly, that had been without Susan's prior approval).

But then a new thought struck her, and she asked, "But that means I can kiss Suzanne hello like that, can't I? I mean, if that's how women kiss in this area." She'd cleverly said "Suzanne" instead of "Aunt Suzy" to help avoid Susan's familial concerns.

Susan hadn't really considered that. She couldn't find any believable reason to object, so she reluctantly said, "I suppose..." She was still so intent on flexing her own ass cheeks that she'd been only paying partial attention to Katherine's questions. "Though really, it is a bit improper..."

Katherine bounded up to Suzanne, at which point the sexy neighbor instantly took her in her arms. They wanted to make kissing each other on the lips a done deal before Susan could think up more reasons to object. They kissed even longer than the two mothers had just done, acting as if it was a completely natural thing to do.

Susan watched with a mixture of alarm and desire. She didn't realize that their kiss was so passionate and natural because the two had already been getting a lot of kissing practice.

When Suzanne opened her arms wide to embrace Katherine, she deliberately let her dress fall further, leaving her completely bare-chested.

Katherine took full advantage of that, even more than Susan had with the previous kiss. She subtly pushed Suzanne's dress down even further until the only thing still holding it up was Suzanne's wide hips, and then only just barely. XX01

Katherine was wearing a dress held up by thin straps, but Suzanne made sure to push the straps over her shoulders, making Katherine's dress also fall to her hips. That let the two of them mash their exposed tits against each other. They went at it as if they were struggling for sheer survival, grinding and mashing their flesh together from head to toe.

Susan found herself fully approving of their tit rubbing. In fact, she bit her lip, feeling frustrated that she hadn't done that with Suzanne just a few minutes earlier. After all, she and Suzanne had extensively practiced their tit rubbing just that morning.

Eventually, Suzanne and Katherine broke apart, only to stand next to each other, smiling like naughty school children.

Alan marveled at their casual nakedness and the fact that his mother hardly seemed to mind any of what had just occurred, even though she herself was still mostly dressed, except for the way her blouse was unbuttoned. He guessed correctly that she was highly aroused again.

Clearly the kiss had been way more than just a "hip" greeting, but for once there were no cries of "So improper!" from Susan. Instead she seemed a bit preoccupied. She still stood with her hands on her own ass, still feeling herself flexing her ass cheeks open and closed, using her butt muscles to help. She was fantasizing that Alan had been so turned on by the kissing that he was standing behind her, ready to slip his hardness up her back door at any moment.

All this time, Alan remained sitting alone on the sofa. He looked down at his groin and said to the group, "You know, between those two kisses I think it's finally stirring." That was an understatement. His dick had been erect since Suzanne stood over him and showed him her pussy, and it had grown to complete inflexibility once Suzanne did her striptease. The prospect of spanking Susan later was inspiring him even more. The fact was, he simply couldn't contain his boner in his pants anymore. He pulled it out with the hopes that some woman would soon "take care" of it.

"All right!" said Susan enthusiastically, as she watched him unzip his fly and his boner bounce free. "That's what I was waiting for. That's what I like to see! If you two gals don't mind, since it's a Tuesday, Tiger, let's go to your room! Mommy has to help you unload some of that nasty sperm, right into her mouth, before you get a case of blue balls.!"

Suzanne picked up a cookie from the tray on the coffee table, just to be polite, and nibbled at it while she watched Susan with veiled amusement. She's so totally predictable and so easily aroused. I think she might even be as highly sexual as I am, amazingly enough. I love turning her on and turning her around, and making her happy like she is now. This is too much fun!

Alan felt extremely relaxed and on top of the situation now that his mother's excitement had increased. He nodded acceptance of her invitation, then casually waved a hand toward Katherine and Suzanne before pointing it at Susan's chest. He wanted her to be topless just like them, plus he was mindful of Suzanne's advice to be more aggressive with his mother. So he said matter-of-factly, "Mom. Your top."

She looked over at the other two, figured out what he meant, and then replied, "Oh. Right." She pulled her blouse all the way off without any complaint. She seemed abashed yet obedient about baring herself, which inadvertently made it that much more arousing for all to watch.

Alan decided to push his luck. He looked down at the rest of his mother's clothes and frowned, saying "Aaaaand?" with clear annoyance in his voice.

"Oops! Sorry." Susan immediately shucked the rest of her clothes, letting them drop to the floor. That left her completely naked. That wouldn't have been a big deal, since she'd come to love getting naked for him. But the fact that Suzanne and Katherine were there and watching as well made her so embarrassed that she immediately covered her bush with both hands.

Alan really liked that. He especially liked the fact that she actually apologized for not already being nude when he wanted her that way.


Suzanne and Katherine seemed impressed too, both at seeing Susan's statuesque body yet again and at Alan's casual control over her. They stared blatantly at her flawless nudity, causing her to blush.

She started to feel increasingly self-conscious, because she was the only one in the room who was buck naked. She found it strangely humiliating and arousing that, in contrast, Alan was the only one fully dressed, even though his erection was protruding through the fly of his pants.

Suzanne didn't want to ruin Susan's sexy mood, so she said, "Susan, I'm so proud of you. Look how far you went to help Sweetie in his time of need. You're such a wonderful mother."

Susan felt a bit mollified, which caused her to stand up straighter, even though she was still covering her pussy. "Well, I'm just doing what I can," she replied modestly.

Turning to Katherine, she added, "Sometimes a referee is good, but other times I need privacy. Understand? I'll behave myself. Cross my heart and hope to die. I was in a strange mood earlier, but I'm better now."

"Okay," said Katherine grudgingly, "but leave the door unlocked just in case. We just may have to come in and check on you."

Mother and son got up to go. Susan was incredibly turned on that her daughter was acting like her mother, though she couldn't quite figure out why that rang her chimes.

Alan stuffed another cookie in his mouth as he got up to leave with her. He was getting revved up too and needed action.


Suzanne was a bit puzzled by the turn in the conversation about refereeing, since Katherine hadn't explained that detail earlier when describing what happened in the afternoon. She figured that she would ask Katherine about it as soon as they were alone.

But before the others could leave the room, the red-headed vixen said to Alan, "Wait a second, Sweetie. Your sister and your mom just greeted me, but where's my greeting from you? Susan was telling me that you now have special signals for each of them to get their attention. That you grab Susan's butt and rub Katherine's bare pussy. But what's my special signal?" She walked towards him with her dress still barely clinging to her hips, and no clothing anywhere above that.

Alan closed the distance to her. His decision about what the "special signal" should be wasn't hard to make. He fondled her boobs and pinched her seemingly always-hard nipples. "How's this for a signal?" he said.

"Excellent!" she cried, writhing in ecstasy as his fingers on her nipples sent bolts of pleasure straight to her pussy and her brain. "Just what I thought you'd pick." She would have preferred to have had a signal that involved her pussy, but that body area had already been "taken" by Katherine's choice of signal. Although Suzanne's breasts weren't as sensitive as Susan's - few women's breasts were - it still felt really good to her when Alan played with them. He'd been learning his way around breasts in general, discovering with each of his lovers the type of fondling they liked the most. In the process he'd learned that Suzanne had sensitive nipples and how she liked them treated.


Alan mauled her so enthusiastically that she fell backwards and slid all the way to the floor. She was momentarily taken aback, but she wasn't hurt. One he saw she was okay, he kept kneading her boobs with his hands. His pants were still unzipped, so his turgid dick now dangled between her legs.

"Hey, you crazy lug, trying to get me killed?" she said playfully. "Lying on top of me like that, it's like you're planning on fucking me or something. Especially since your dick is hanging in the right area, rubbing against my thigh."

"That's not a bad idea..." he winked. "Thigh" was inaccurate - it was actually now resting right on top of her dark brown bush. His hips seemed to act of their own volition, thrusting with an up-and-down in-and-out fucking motion, though the only result was that his firm erection brushed back and forth over her clit in a most delightful manner.

"Alan!" Susan said in a menacing tone from across the room. "I think there's some improper contact going on underneath you. Remember the boundaries! And don't get too excited. I have dibs on that load that's building in your balls. Remember, this is a Tuesday."

But even after hearing that, he just kept sliding his dick right over Suzanne's pussy lips. Both of them were too aroused to stop, and in fact Suzanne started humping up at him in a way that looked almost exactly like fucking.

Susan added in a more pleading voice, "Son, please! Don't you want to fuck mommy's face or her big tits? Mommy's titties are waiting for you." She was frustrated because Suzanne's tits were just as big and Alan already held them in both hands. She stood closer, cupped her tits from below, and thrust her chest out, all but offering her rack on a platter. But Alan didn't even look her way.

She wondered, What can I offer him that that stupid Suzanne isn't already giving him? Grrr! Calling Suzanne "stupid" was as close as she came to cursing. Belatedly realizing that she was in the buff, she began bouncing about as if in great anticipation. She knew her son would have a hard time tearing his eyes away from all her jiggling, if only he would first look her way.

All her movement finally caught his eye. He was beside himself with pure joy. Just look at Mom - it's like she's playing jump rope, but there's no rope! Mom and Aunt Suzy are battling it out for my attention while poor Sis has to just sit by, waiting for her turn. All three are topless and panting, and totally gorgeous, longing to have fun with my dick. Does it get any better than this?!

Suzanne knew that, strategically, it was important for her to concede to Susan and let Alan go. If she didn't, Susan's jealousy would become immense, especially since it was a Tuesday. Unfortunately, with Alan's shaft continuing to slide all over her clit, she found it very difficult to stop what she was doing.

In fact, her body was completely helpless to resist anything he might do to her at that point, but she still had some conscious control over her mouth. That led her to say with a sigh, "Go to your mother, Sweetie. You'll just have to find where on me to put that thing some other time."

Luckily for the group dynamic, Alan wasn't well versed in reading a woman's non-verbal cues. Though Suzanne's body was all but screaming "Fuck me now!" he heeded her words and somehow pulled himself away.

He stood, stepping out of his pants in the process and leaving them behind. He felt a bit dazed so tried to recover his equilibrium. The smell of aroused pussy was so thick in the air that he found it hard to breathe.

Suzanne's body, though, did not accept losing to Susan that easily. She realized that she still hadn't been kissed by him, so she used that as an excuse to keep after him. She slowly got up off the sofa, leaving her clothes behind except for her high heels. "That was some signal you picked there, cutie. I love it!"

She turned to Susan, who was standing with her arms crossed under her exposed rack, in somewhat of a huff. "What about my kiss, Susan? Doesn't my Sweetie still get to kiss me because I entered the room?"

Susan had stopped jumping and was trying to regain some of her lost dignity. "Oh, all right. But please make it quick. My mouth is watering for some tasty cock." She attempted to look stern and motherly, but her words, plus the fact that she was naked with a blatantly dripping pussy, didn't exactly help strengthen that impression.

Alan made out with Suzanne for several more minutes while Susan and Katherine stood and watched, impatient and incredibly aroused. Since he and Suzanne were standing, they didn't go as far into almost fucking as when they'd been on the sofa. He continued his vigorous exploration of her big tits the whole time.

Suzanne was careful not to jack him off, for fear that Susan would complain and thus bring the kissing to an early end. While she managed to resist that temptation, her hands had a lot of fun exploring the rest of his body.

Both of the watching women found themselves playing with their bare breasts, unconsciously mimicking the way Alan was kneading Suzanne's heavy pale orbs.

Alan's hands eventually found their way to Suzanne's bubble butt and even some distance down her thighs. His hot cock was already burning into her skin as they continued to kiss and grope each other, but he pulled their bodies even closer together. Because she was wearing four-inch high heels, her hips were a few inches above his, so his boner pressed against her thigh instead of on top of her pussy.

She fantasized that it actually burned and left a brand right on her upper thigh. She found it strangely arousing to imagine having a brand with the outline of Alan's dick on her white skin right next to her pussy. But then she snapped out of it. What the hell was that thought all about? I'm beginning to sound like Angel with her "master" fixation. No thanks!

Then she began to think, His cock is at just the right height. Just a little bit of adjustment and it'll be sliding up my burning slit. And right in front of the others. Who cares? Let 'em all know! It's time for Sweetie to fuck me! It's time for Susan to see what she's missing!

Suzanne was so far gone with lust that she was ready to do it, letting the chips fall where they might. But just as she reached down to fit Alan's hardness into her slot, Susan walked up, bent over, and pointedly tapped her on the shoulder.

"Suzanne! You said I could play with him for a while. Can't I? Are you gonna keep him all evening? I let you kiss him and everything. If I can't suck him dry of all his seed, then, then... Well, I don't know what!"

Suzanne thought, Drat! Foiled again! She could see that Susan was so desperate for her cum fix that she had no choice but to let Alan go. She quickly backed off and waved him away because she knew she couldn't resist any further if he touched her again. "Go on, kid, run along to the twin milky towers over there before she gets mad at me."

Suzanne sighed as she felt his pulsing boner withdraw from her sweaty skin. She pondered her own strange thoughts about wanting to be branded. Damn. He's really getting under my skin. When am I ever going to get plowed by that magnificent piece of meat? I don't think I've ever been in lust so badly before. Maybe it's because I'm so deeply in love with him at the same time. How I can love someone only half my age like this is beyond me, but that's how it is. She sighed again.

She consoled herself that at least she'd have Katherine to play with once Susan was out of sight.


Alan was reluctant to withdraw his hands from Suzanne's bouncy melons, but he knew that his mother's jugs were just as perfectly formed and huge, yet even more sensitive. He loved to hear his mother's loud moans, which he could trigger at any time just by touching her nipples.

So he disengaged from Suzanne. He thought, Fuck! This is so fucking excellent! From Aunt Suzy to Mom! Life doesn't get any better than this. What if they had a cat fight over who could suck me off? Now, THAT would be cool! But then sanity hit when he realized that such an event could cause his whole fortunate situation to collapse.

Susan was so eager that she sprinted up the stairs ahead of him. She clutched her arms to keep her bouncing boobs under some semblance of control while running as best she could on her high heels.

But before he could walk away, Suzanne grabbed his shoulders and whispered in his ear. "Sweetie, remember what Angel and I were saying about spanking her? Have you made your mind up about that? Now is a good time!"

He considered that, and replied, "I'll try. I don't know if I can do it. I'll see if things get 'insanely horny' first." He pulled away, eager to rush upstairs.

But Suzanne whispered to him as he moved away, "Don't just try! Do it! She needs this for her psychological well-being! She's a very submissive woman!"

He nodded as he hurried to the stairs.


By the time he climbed the stairs and entered his room, he found his mother waiting impatiently on his bed. Since she'd already been without clothes, she had no trouble striking a sexy pose in time for his arrival, stretching out with her hands behind her head.

He saw a wet towel next to her and realized that she'd just wiped her pussy dry. But he knew it wouldn't stay that way for long.

Alan silently gasped at the overwhelmingly erotic beauty of his mother's body. But he quickly recovered and tried to strike a light, joking mood. "I was just feeling up Aunt Suzy's boobs," he said as he walked to her with arms outstretched, like Frankenstein. "Can I feel yours, to see if I can tell the difference?"

"Nice try, but you know that's not allowed," she said as she got off his bed and knelt next to it. "We have to stop all these rule violations and act like a normal family. Now come over here and let me suck your cock already."

That answer surprised him greatly. The way she'd been carrying on downstairs, he figured he could play with her body almost any way he pleased. He asked, "Well, can I fuck your tits any time I like? You said I could."

"That's different. Because I'm here to help you cum. We've been over this before."

He rolled his eyes at her strange, ever-changing boundaries. What he still didn't fully understand was that she was worried because she got too aroused too easily when he played with her breasts. She feared that she'd lose control completely and wake up in the morning with a well-fucked, cum-filled pussy.

He asked, "What if playing with them helps me cum? Like if I'm holding them to make a tight titfucking tunnel? A sort of tight-fucking tunnel, if you will."

She smiled at his lame humor. "Well, I suppose that's okay, but not right now please. My lips really need to slide up and down your sweet spot, and I've got all kinds of things I want to do with my tongue."

He pulled his T-shirt off and threw it aside. Then he walked steadily forward. She'd been expecting for him to sit on the edge of his bed, so she'd positioned herself that way, but he wanted to get blown standing up. He was reluctant to admit it to himself, but he got off on the symbolic power of standing while she was kneeling.

In truth, she got off on the very same thing even more than he did, so she happily repositioned where she knelt.

He simply stepped forward until his boner found itself in her mouth. The sight of her red lips eagerly awaiting his shaft was so sexy that he found himself squeezing his PC muscle to stop from cumming even before her lips made contact.

Susan closed her eyes and tightened her lip-lock around his shaft. She quickly got down to what had become her favorite task in the whole world, using her hands, lips, and tongue on him all at once. Aaaah! Now, THIS is what I've been waiting for all evening! Things were strange downstairs, having to strip naked in front of my own daughter and best friend. My heart is still thumping from the embarrassment, but now I can relax and let go! Mmmm! Just feeling my mouth craned wide open like this, with my lips sliding and my tongue lapping on his sweet spot, my fingers slipping and sliding up and down his long pole, and my bare breasts swaying freely, it feels like... home. Family. Love!

As she sucked and licked, she alternated between making little "hmmm" and "mmmm" noises of contentedness and louder grunts of intense arousal. One part of her decision to let herself go was that she was much less restrained about making such noises.

Lately, and with increasing frequency, once she got extremely aroused, her rules about not playing with her breasts flew out the window. That was the case again this time. After just a few minutes of contented cocksucking, she felt so good that her breasts took over from her brain. She momentarily stopped her rhythmic bobbing to say, "If you're a good, cum-filled boy and fill your mommy's mouth with a big load, then maybe, just maybe, she'll let you play with her Marilyn Monroe-sized globes. But only afterwards."

She giggled again with glee in recalling his earlier Marilyn Monroe comment. "Do you promise to fill my mouth all the way to the brim with your thick sperm?"

"Of course, Mom. Don't I always?"

She chuckled. "That you do." They both knew that he didn't literally fill her mouth that full, but it sure seemed like it to Susan when she was trying to swallow it all.

She bobbed on him for another couple of blissful minutes.

Alan was thinking about his "duty" to give his mother a spanking. He wasn't sure how to bring it up, or even what excuse he'd use. And with the way she was sucking him, he wasn't able to think much at all.

Then she changed her permissions once again, because she needed his hands on her nipples immediately. She pulled her lips off his boner to say, "Now, since you're such a good, praise-worthy, and cum-filled son, I suppose you can play with my tits while I suck you. But only if you say you like my tits better than hers."

He bent over and held onto her tits from above, but he quickly realized that was not an ideal position. He sat down on the edge of the bed after all. Once she repositioned too, his hands flew to her chest and pushed her heavy globes around in circles. "Who? Marilyn Monroe's? I think yours are much bigger and better."

She punched him playfully. "You know who I mean. I mean Jessica Rabbit. Suzanne." She licked his sweet spot while she waited to make sure he was fully settled in his new sitting position. Then, as an afterthought, she added, "Oh, and Brenda too."

Alan recoiled in dismay, even as he pulled on his mother's nipples. He thought, If there's one thing that could fuck my amazing world up completely, it's rampant jealousy. No way can I answer that question, period!

"Mom, you know I don't like making comparisons like that. That's why I'm going to tell you to stop making so many conditions. You're going to do what I say and suck me off already."

He chuckled, because she engulfed his cockhead even as he said that. Then he had to take an extended pause from speaking, as he felt a surge of pleasure from her hot mouth that actually made his toes curl. He finally resumed, "Not only that, but no more of these stupid restrictions on when I can play with your tits. I'll play with them when I want!"

She didn't reply at first, since she was busy bobbing on him. She trapped his cockhead between her teeth and inner cheek. She had some special moves to use on him like that, plus she loved creating a lewd bulge in her cheek. He's right. Who am I to place limitations on such a virile, cum-filled boy? He needs a lot of hot, stacked babes to help him with his condition. Mmmm!

After another minute or two, she switched back to regular bobbing, but with extra tight suction, and used her favorite corkscrew move on him. She was still thinking about what he'd said. He's so right, as usual. I need to see things from his point of view. Maintaining order over a bunch of tamed busty babes can't be easy. He can't have any of us arguing with each other or telling him what he can or can't do, or there will never be any peace. He has to be firm in ruling and controlling us all!

Oh God! So hot! MMMM! She briefly peeked up at him out of one eye. Look at him there up above me, so tall and strong! Gaaawwwd, it just makes me want to suck and lick and stroke! Which I happen to be doing already! She giggled to herself.

My role is to just lie back or drop to my knees and let him have his way with my curvy body, minus that one thing that God says mommies and sons should never do. Mmmm! And the fact is, I absolutely love it when he takes charge like that! My son is such a strong and POWERFUL young man!

He'd long given up on getting a verbal reply, since she looked totally blissed out with her eyes closed, and her lips locked around his thick shaft. She just kept "mmmm"-ing louder and louder while he tugged lightly on her nipples.

But then she opened her eyes and saluted him deferentially while giggling. "Yes, sir! Right away, sir! Sex Cow Mommy reporting for duty!" Her face dove back into his crotch and she gobbled on his dick with renewed vigor. Meanwhile she put her hands on his hands, making sure that he didn't move them away from her breasts as he pulled on her nipples like teats on a cow.

But that wasn't enough for Alan. He was upset at her attempt to get him to rank her above Suzanne, but he also was surging with a sense of power from her quickly caving to his demands. He could feel his "Bad Alan" side taking charge. He said, "Not good enough. Mom, give me your tits. All of them. Right now!"

Susan pondered how she could "give" him "all of her tits." She didn't know what that meant exactly, especially since he was already playing with her tits to his heart's content, but she definitely loved the general attitude behind it. She decided she needed to reward him for being so bold, but that was hard to do since she was in the middle of sucking him off already.

But then she came up with an idea that she hoped would satisfy him even more. She sat up straighter and spit into her cleavage. She had him sit down on the edge of the bed. Then she positioned his dick between her massive mammaries and began a spirited titfuck.

As she lifted her tits up and down on either side of his shaft, she looked up into his eyes and said, "I'm sorry, Son! You're right. It was wrong of me to deny you my tits. So wrong! Forgive me, please?"

He was already fighting the urge to cum, so all he could say in response was "Ungh!" But he thought, Mom's sexual passion is amaaaazing! Who would have believed that a prudish Bible thumper had a cock-loving slut inside her, waiting to come out? Man!

The titfuck was only the first part of her plan to outdo even her usual blowjob style. Her jaw was still tired from so much cocksucking earlier that afternoon, plus the many non-stop minutes of sucking since entering his room, but she didn't want to use the titfuck as an excuse for resting her jaw. Instead, she tilted her head downward and managed to suck on much of his cockhead even as she slid his prick through her wonderfully slippery cleavage. She figured a great combined titfuck and cocksucking beat just an "ordinary" cocksucking.

She thought, He's right. How dare I deny him anything?! My tits are here to SERVE him! To serve my incredible son! How DARE I put myself above Suzanne, or ask him to compare us?! Whichever big-titted cocksucker he asks for at any time, that's the one he should get! YES! That is soooo right! She was so overjoyed by this epiphany that she wanted to scream out loud.

However, her mouth was still sucking on his thick, throbbing cock. It wasn't at all easy to suck and titfuck him at the same time. In fact, it was a pain in the neck in a very literal sense. But she was determined, so she would slide her lips over as much of his cockhead as she could manage, and then lick all she could reach with her tongue while her lips sucked tightly and her tits moved around his trapped shaft. Then, after a minute or so, she would have to pull off to recover, during which she would "merely" titfuck him for another minute until she was ready to begin again, after which the process would repeat.

She loved the challenge of it. Her supreme challenge was to engulf all of his cockhead and then some, so she could work her lip-and-tongue magic on his sweet spot. But that was tough for any woman to do, and her immense breasts only added to the difficulty. Still, she wanted it so badly that from time to time she would succeed.


Time passed. Eventually he decided to make himself more comfortable. He reached for some pillows on the bed and placed them behind him. Then he changed position so that his head rested on the pillows, lying almost supine. He spread his legs as wide as he could. He figured, correctly, that the additional room would help her lips reach that much further down his shaft.

In recent weeks, Susan had truly become expert at pleasuring him. She'd learned the "moods" of his penis even better than he had. She could sense when he was getting dangerously close to cumming, and she knew just how much to ease off for a while, effectively giving him a mini-break while continuing to arouse him non-stop. When she got in a groove like that, she could keep him in a rapturous state near the edge almost indefinitely.

However, there were limits to what she could do. Eventually she thought, I love Tiger's stamina so very much, but at times like this I kind of hate it too. What do I have to do to get him to cum?! It's impossible! She loved hyping him up to herself so much that she had conveniently forgotten that she could make him climax any time she wanted, and it was just her careful effort to avoid that outcome that had kept him going so long. Still, I can't hold out much longer. We've been at it for half an hour, at least! Wow, that's pretty amazing. That makes me feel good! I wish I could just keep going and going, but this blowjob-titfuck combo is extremely taxing. I think it's time I get him off now, quickly, before I'm forced to stop from sheer exhaustion or cramped jaw muscles.

Son, are you ready to squirt your spermy love all over your mommy's face? Mmmm! I can almost taste the sweet cum bath already!

She rarely looked him in the eye because she was usually focusing all of her attention on his erection. However, the next time she went back to "merely" titfucking him, she looked up at him with a combination of wanton lust and motherly love.

She craned her head back down, but that time only to lick him. As her tongue worked around and around his sweet spot, she moaned between her licking and heavy breathing, "My son... My love... My man... MMMM! ... My body belongs to you, Son... Mmmm... No man, no man can... can touch it... Only you... Touch my tits, any time... Mmmm, yes! ... All of me... Anywhere... Belongs to you... To serve you... Slave for you... MMMM! Forever!"

That pushed him over the edge. He suddenly remembered the earlier phone call between Susan and Brenda, and especially the way Susan had talked in such loving and passionate terms about how her son would "forcibly fuck my face." He suddenly sat up on the bed and scooted forward. As he felt his balls tighten, he grabbed her head with both hands and shoved his dick deep into her mouth. He kept hold of her like that, with her barely able to breathe, as he unloaded his balls directly against her tonsils.

Susan had trouble with her gag reflex. She knew she hadn't yet figured out how to deep throat him, but she tried to make up for that with everything else she could do. She loved that she had him so deep in her mouth that she was making lewd choking and gagging noises, and hearing herself inspired her even more. She sucked him so hard that he felt less like he was shooting into her mouth than that there was a high-powered vacuum cleaner pulling every last bit of sperm from his balls. Even as that was happening, she continued to slide her soft globes all over the lower part of his shaft.

It seemed that every square inch of his erection was receiving as much loving attention and stimulation as was humanly possible. He felt so good that the room started to spin and he had to fight not to faint away. He was forced to lie back on the bed.

Susan was on the brink of climax herself. She merely touched her clit and then she was cumming along with him. In fact, she continued to cum in a long, wonderful multiple orgasm, that kept going long after he had shot his load. By the time she was done, her inner thighs were soaked.


Alan rested for a bit. Since he'd laid back on the bed, Susan crawled up on it too and laid between his legs with her face in his crotch. Then she got busy "cleaning" his penis and balls with her tongue.

He was getting used to this "cleaning" tradition of hers, so he didn't think much about it; instead he just closed his eyes and enjoyed her talented licking. This feels really good! It's almost as if each of her blowjobs is followed by a bonus blowjob, thanks to her follow-up cleaning efforts. It's crazy that I'm contemplating punishing Mom, after what she just did to me! Aunt Suzy has her extraordinarily long tongue and all kinds of talent and experience, and that's hard to beat. But when it comes to sheer cocksucking passion and dedication, Mom sets the gold standard!

When Susan finished her "cleaning" a few minutes later, he opened his eyes and took stock of his surroundings. He was surprised to discover that he was sweating like a pig. But still, sheer euphoria lifted him up and left him wanting more. His penis was done for a while, and his whole body felt like it had gone to Heaven and back, but he found he still had the energy to move his hands.

He thought, Bummer! I missed my big chance. I was definitely "insanely horny" before cumming, and Mom was too. That would have been the time to pull off and start a spanking instead. Now it's going to be a lot harder to get both of us in the mood. But still, I should try. Her talk is more submissive than ever before. She's definitely still in the right mindset, even if I'm not.

Her head was still in his crotch, so he reached out and stroked her hair. "Dang, you're so good to me, Mom. So amazingly good. Great, in fact. That was really incredibly great, wasn't it?"

"You said it, Son! You really showed me who's boss, didn't you? It was foolish of me to try and deny you my tits. You showed me; you just took control! I'm so sorry for forgetting my place. Please forgive me, won't you?" As if trying to make up for her misdeeds, she resumed licking his balls.

Her request for forgiveness struck him as so odd that at first he decided to ignore it. Then it occurred to him that it was an ideal opening and excuse to bring up the spanking idea. But he still felt reluctant about that, especially since he wasn't highly aroused. Instead, he asked, "Mom, why are you doing that? You just spent, like, five minutes cleaning me."

"I know, Son. It's not really about cleaning you; it's about showing my devotion to serving your cock. You make me so very happy, there's nothing I'd rather be doing. I love you so very much, and I love that I have this way of physically expressing that love every day."

He ran his hands through her hair. "I love you too. I can't believe how lucky I am to be here with you now."

She kept on licking for a few more moments, then added, "Speaking of loving things, I just love that you're taking charge and you've turned Suzanne, Amy, Angel, and me all into your exclusive, personal cocksuckers and all-around sex toys. Also, Brenda is coming along nicely, and you have your helpers at school." She looked up at him as she continued to lick, and her eyes twinkled with lust. "Do you have any idea how exciting all that is?!"

He laughed. "As a matter of fact, yeah I do!"

He closed his eyes and rested his hands on the pillow behind his head while luxuriating in the pleasure of her mellow tongue bath. Man! If she only knew that I've been having sexy fun with Glory, Heather, and Kim. That's a lot of helpers. I have no idea how the hell I lucked into this, but I'm going to take full advantage. And speaking of taking advantage, she couldn't be giving me a better opening to bring up the spanking, with her praise about how I'm taking charge. Aunt Suzy's right: I've gotta man up and just do it!

Eventually his energy revived, even though his penis didn't. So he sat up again and said to her, "Please sit up next to me."

She got out from between his legs and sat at his side.

He stayed in bed, but reached up and ran his hands up her sides, starting at her hips. He trailed his fingers along her fit tummy, circling her belly button a few times before continuing up to her jutting melons. Sheesh! What are the odds of winding up with a mom as hot as she is? Way less than one in a million, I'm sure!

She closed her eyes and shivered all over, repeatedly, when he brought his fingers across the sensitive undersides of her ample melons.

He was still reluctant to bring up the spanking idea, so he stalled for time. His gaze strayed to her feet, and he chuckled. "Mom, you're wearing high heels in bed. That's kind of silly."

She opened her eyes and grinned. "But it looks sexy, doesn't it?"

He nodded. He twisted her nipples a little, asking, "Mom, by the way, why did you call yourself a sex cow? That's a weird thing to say. It's not like you're fat at all. I hope that's not it. You're actually pretty dang muscular with all the daily workouts you and Aunt Suzy do, even though parts of both of you look soft as marshmallows from the outside."

She arched her back in enjoyment at what his hands were doing. "Oh really?" she asked gleefully. "Which parts in particular?" She thrust her chest forward even more, in case he wasn't getting her not-so-subtle hint.

"These parts, Mom." He cupped the undersides of her boobs and pushed them up. Then he sank his fingers deep into her tit-flesh.

That earned a great "MMMM!" of pleasure, as shivers ran up and down her spine. Then she said, "Son, I want you to touch them anytime you like! And if I say otherwise, don't listen!"

"Okay." He tentatively gave them an even harder squeeze, so much so that his fingers practically disappeared into her tit-pillows.

"Good! Like that, keep doing it like that! MMMM!" She pinned her arms behind her back, as if her hands were cuffed there. That thrust her big tits out towards him even more.

He was having great fun playing with her body, but he was still interested in an answer to his earlier question. He had to jog her memory. "So, what's this about the sex cow thing? Do you worry about being fat?"

"No. It's not that. It's just that I picture myself as a cow that really has to be milked. The cow's in pain from its dripping, milk-filled udders. I'm like that, and I need to be milked daily, but it's my pussy dripping cum instead of my udders dripping milk. And instead of getting milked, I'm the one who needs to milk you. I just have to milk your cock and empty it of its creamy loads every day, or I simply don't know what."

She paused to think, and then continued, "Like something bad will happen. I hate to even think about it. Maybe you'll get the most horrible case of blue balls, because your cock and balls will swell practically to bursting with too much sperm. I can't stand to see my little Tiger suffer! I just have to suck and suck and suck your cock some more, until you squirt your spermy goodness all over my face or down my throat!"

"Oh." He thought about that while one of his hands lightly brushed up against the tiny, nearly invisible hairs on her stomach. Another hand caressed the underside of one of her tits some more. She panted and her chest throbbed and heaved, but that seemed to be how her chest was almost all the time lately - unclothed, panting, and heaving.

It still never failed to arouse him though. He wondered if he should let her know that blue balls really weren't all that bad, so she won't worry so much, but decided against it. He'd also assumed that she knew that when penises got hard they filled up with blood, not cum, but just in case she didn't he saw no need to correct that error either.

"You know," he said, as both hands played with her great orbs, "I would have never thought you could get so highly aroused, and love it so much. Never in a million years. When we used to go to movies as a family, you used to close your eyes at all the sex scenes and make Sis and me close ours. You used to change the TV channel if even a particularly racy beer commercial would come on. Now, Aunt Suzy I could figure - she's so naturally sultry that it seems criminal that she's only a housewife and not a famous porn star or something. She has a natural nympho vibe. Even her scratchy voice is just so... fuckable. But you're different. So innocent, and yet so sexy, too."

His dick rested against her thighs, so he began to work his hips to make it drag up and down her skin. It felt like a hot coal burning into her leg, just inches from her pussy. It had re-engorged only halfway, to only a half-hard state, but she loved it just the same.

She managed to answer between excited pants, "I know what you mean. I keep wondering if this is all just a wonderful dream, and will I wake up? But it's really true. Your mother is a sex cow. She'll die without a daily injection of your tasty cock cream. Your cow needs your fuck stick in her mouth so bad!"

"Mom, since you're so keen on being called a sex cow, maybe I'm the one that should be milking you. Why are your tits so big? Is it because they're sloshing around on the inside with milk? I think they are! Maybe you are a milky sex cow! Maybe I should drain them of their milk with my lips every day." He concluded this by planting his mouth on one of her nipples and sucking vigorously.

This wasn't just something fun for him to do. He'd been thinking about how to get the spanking started. Even though he wasn't "insanely horny" at the moment, he wanted to be sure that at least she was. He'd noticed that her breasts were very sensitive, and her nipples were the most sensitive of all. She hadn't really let him suck her nipples much, but he figured that if he could, that would really get her going.


She squirmed beneath him. "No, Tiger! No! Don't say that. No!"

He immediately pulled away. There was nothing that hurt him more than hearing his mother cry "no." He was disappointed that his plan had been foiled.

But then she pushed his mouth back to her nipple. "That was one of those no's that mean 'yes, yes, yes!', you silly boy. I love it! Keep doing that!"

She felt for his penis, but it was still only half-hard at best. She kept holding it with one hand to help encourage it. She'd be ready to do more as soon as it revived.

He followed her command, and soon had her panting even more heavily. He listened intently to her words as he sucked on an erect nipple.

"I said 'no' because it's such a fantasy of mine, Son. It's too exciting for me. Don't feed my fantasy, well, not too much!" She laughed. "Maybe that's the real reason why I want to be called a sex cow, because I want you to suck my tits. I want to be milked every day, just like a cow!"

She opened her eyes and stared at him with complete seriousness. "I want to lactate for you, Tiger. Supposedly it can be induced with herbs and medicines. But that can't be; it's too impractical. You'd have to suck me dry every few hours, twenty-four hours a day. Forever. That's always been a fantasy of mine, to have my baby son sucking at my breast. And that's why I've been keeping my tits from your touch far too much until recently, because it arouses me so terribly much when you touch them."

She looked away shyly. "I have an awful secret. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I just can't say 'no' to such a potent, cum-filled, virile young man. The fact is, whenever you play with my big tits, I just about lose all control. I almost love it more than cocksucking, even!"

He chuckled, because he knew just how much she had to love it if she said that. He pulled away from her nipple just long enough to say, "I kind of figured that out already. It's so obvious from the way you moan, amongst other things. I think 'M' is my favorite letter now, after hearing your 'mmmm' sounds so often."

As if proving his point, her "mmmm" moans were getting louder and louder the more he suckled at her teat.

She said huskily, "I just hope you don't take advantage of my weakness to do the one thing sons should never do to their mommies. I couldn't forgive you if you did that."

He stared up at her with a poker face, even though he knew she was expecting a response. He didn't want to make promises that he couldn't keep. He felt in his heart that he'd be fucking her soon. It was just a matter of her coming to terms with it first. The fact that he was busy sucking her nipple gave him an excuse not to talk.

Her passion made her continue, "But oh! The other stuff is so good! Do you have any idea how many times I've cum today? And not just today, but every day lately! I cum so often it must be completely off the charts." She ran a hand down to her pussy and lightly rubbed her wet slit. "My pussy positively hurts, but it hurts in a good way, like, like having a good tired after a long run."

She brought both her hand to her breasts and lightly caressed their undersides. "When you suck on my tits like that I'm so crazy with desire I can barely breathe! I hyperventilate! My nipples - on fire! Oh! God! No! So good! Yes!"

That confirmed what he'd gathered about why she was so reluctant to let him suck on her nipples. He was very glad that she was letting him do it now, because he really wanted her as aroused as she could be. He kept sucking, first at one nipple and then the other, and then back again to the first, repeating the process until she reached yet another powerful climax. She came entirely from the breast play.

She'd let go of his dick during the frenzy of her orgasm. But after it was over, her hand immediately fumbled around until she found it. She sighed contentedly when she felt that he'd finally fully engorged once again.

Despite being weary from her orgasm, she started rubbing his sweet spot with two fingers to make sure he stayed erect. But she still needed to rest and recover, so they continued to just lie there.


He waited a couple of minutes, until he sensed she was feeling better. Then he said, "Mom, I have bad news. I'm kind of upset at you."

She frowned with dismay. "Why?! Don't I do all I can to help you out and keep you happy?!" She was still rubbing his sweet spot, but she brought her other hand over and cupped his balls to show what she meant.

"You do, you definitely do. You've been so great that I can't even put into words how much I love it, and how much I love you. Except for one thing. This rule of yours, where I'm not allowed to touch your tits. That changes every five minutes, it seems. It drives me crazy."

She let go of his erection, so she could place his hands back on her ample tits. She held his hands there and solemnly spoke. "Forget that rule! My nipples, my tits - they're yours. Yours to own. Don't even let me joke about denying them to you anymore, because it's not my place to deny them to you ever again! It'll mean that I'll be that much more perpetually horny and crazy for cock if you get me excited playing with my tits, but so be it. Please, you'll have to spank me if I ever push your hands away. Promise me you'll spank me good and then have your way with me - minus that one thing."

"I promise," he said as he chuckled some more. Man! She's making it so easy to bring up spanking! It's like she's practically begging me to do it. Aunt Suzy is right: it's something she needs from me, to confirm our new roles. I'm feeling a lot better about this.

She brought her hands back to his crotch and resumed fondling him, but with more vigor than before. "I'm sorry to deny you my pussy - I mean, my cunt - but take my offering of my tits instead. All I ask is that you go easy on me with sucking on my nipples, and try not to do that unless I'm ready for it. I truly worry that I'll lose all control, and you'll end up fucking me. Besides, I can't take too many orgasms like the one you just gave me!"

He laughed. "Okay Mom. I'll only pinch them now and then." He pinched both of her nipples at once.

She cried, "No! Don't! Too sensitive!" But she thrust her chest closer to him in delight. For once, even Alan could realize that a 'no' was a 'yes.'

He was having a lot of fun with her, but he knew he couldn't get distracted now. So he forced himself to frown, and then say, "I'm glad you're changing that rule. But, that said, I think it's only right that I punish you now for blowing hot and cold on letting me play with your tits for so long. You say you're my 'big-titted sex toy mommy,' and yet you often wouldn't even let me touch your tits! Including when we came into this room earlier!"

She dropped her head submissively. "I'm sorry. You're so right!"

He forced himself to act offended some more. "Furthermore, you promised me a blowjob right after dinner, but then you got a call from your cousin and got cold feet. I thought you were proud to be one of my personal cocksuckers?"

"I am, Son! I am, so much! I've never been so happy. But you're right. I let you down, twice in one day. I think I need to be spanked. Hard!"

He nodded gravely. "I think that would be best." Man! So easy! I couldn't ask for a better set-up. "There's no time like the present. I want you to lay across my lap. Right now."

She looked at him with amazement. "What, now now?"

"Yes. Now. I'm waiting. Don't give me a reason to spank you even more."

Her head reeled and she truly felt dizzy as the implication of what was happening sank in. She sat up in bed, feeling fully energized and alarmed. She loved the idea of getting spanked by her handsome son, but she also had serious concerns about it. She blurted out, "But... I'm your mother! I know I just said I deserve a spanking, but is it really right for a son to spank his own mother? What will happen to my authority over you?!"

He said, "Normally, no, it isn't right. But our situation is far from normal. I'm eighteen, which makes me legally an adult. Our relationship is shifting. I'm still your son, but I'm also the 'man of the house,' as you keep telling me. I'll continue to defer to your motherly wisdom most of the time, but I'm the one in charge now, for most things. If you're serious about being my 'personal cocksucker' and my 'sex pet' and so on, then you need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk."

She gulped, and nodded. Her heart was racing from the thrill of him taking charge like this. The implications of what he was saying were almost too exciting for her to comprehend.

Feeling emboldened, he said, "As the man of the house, I have the right to spank you, or anyone else in the house, any time I feel like it. And that starts now, here, with you!" He pointed to his lap, indicating she should lie across it.

She looked to where he pointed, and saw his stiff erection poking up. She reached out and resumed stroking it. "Can I... can I just suck on it for a while? Your words... they made me... so hot! I'm hungry for cock! Your cock!" Her chest swelled with pride as she exclaimed, "My SON! The man of the house!"

But he said, "Not now. There will be plenty of time for that later. I want you to lay down on my lap, just like a naughty little girl." He realized he could be more comfortable if he scooted back so his back was against the headboard, so he did just that. Then he propped up some pillows behind him to get even more comfortable. "Okay. I'm ready."

Susan was in awe as she got into position. This is... the most exciting thing ever! I know he swatted my ass a few times yesterday, but that was just kind of playing around. This... this... it feels official! This isn't just a spanking; he's taking control! He's TAMING me! Even more than before! I'm falling further into submission to my own son, and nothing has ever felt so good!

Both of them were very aware of the symbolic importance of her position, lying naked across his lap. He reached out and brushed her long hair off her back as best he could, so he could run his hands up and down her fair skin. He proceeded to do just that. He loved caressing her smooth and shapely back, and he enjoyed her firm thighs as well, but it wasn't surprising that he focused most of his attention on her ass.

As he did that, she reached underneath her body with one hand and found his erection. Her hand was trembling with excitement as she resumed stroking him. Oh God! He's gonna spank me, for real! I wonder if it's going to hurt? Actually, of course it's going to hurt, but how much?! I'm so glad that I at least have the reassurance of holding and stroking his great big cock! It's only right that a well-hung son spanks his big-titted mommy! Regularly!

Alan had to pause and rest for a minute, because things already were nearly too exciting for him. Okay. Time to take a big breath. He did so, and then did it again. That's better. Aaaah. Jesus H. Christ! This is crazy! I really need to chill out before I even start and not let this go to my head. All this talk about me being "the man of the house," I need to remember that it's mostly just talk. It's true that I'm taking charge when it comes to sex, but otherwise, in reality Mom is still the one who runs the house. She's still the one who I look up to for advice and guidance. Well, Mom and Aunt Suzy almost equally, to be honest. But that's still true for both of them.

We're entering a time where we're going to pretend otherwise. Mom gets off in a big way on the idea that I'm completely in charge, and there's no harm in letting her feel that way. But the important thing is that I have to stay grounded and remember that isn't really true. Except for sexual stuff. And, admittedly, that's a pretty big exception! Phew! That's a damn exciting exception, too!

Susan still had a hand underneath her body that was stroking his hard-on. He had to clench his PC muscle some, but he decided he could handle that level of stimulation for now. Then, with his fingers exploring Susan's pristine ass crack, he recalled Suzanne's advice that he could use the spanking situation to wear down Susan's rule against him touching her pussy.

So he said, "Okay, Mom, before we get started on the spanking, I'm going to have to check you for wetness."

Susan was alarmed. "What do you mean?!" She figured he was referring to her pussy, and she unthinkingly clenched her legs together.

Looking at her thighs locked together, he said, "Yep, that's what I mean, your pussy. Remember, this is a punishment. So you're not supposed to get any enjoyment out of it." (Actually, he knew that was not true, and the whole point was to give her pleasure. But he understood that the pretense had to be maintained.) "As a result, I need to check that you're dry before we start, and that you stay dry until the end. Open your thighs."

She whimpered shyly, "But I'm not dry! Far from it! How can I be, with you being so manly, handsome, and sexy, and putting me in my proper place like this?! Just feeling my body across your lap is keeping me constantly gushing. Plus, I've got your hot, stiff cock in my hand, and you know how horny that makes me. And things are bound to get wetter still down there, because the spanking hasn't even started yet!"

He used both hands and pried her thighs apart. She didn't try to fight it. "Well then, maybe you should let go of my dick. You'll need to do that when I start the spanking anyway. Try to stay dry, and whatever you do, don't cum! If you do, I'm gonna have to give you a punishment that'll make this upcoming spanking seem like small potatoes!"

She bit her lip and grimaced. She was already close to cumming as it was, and thoughts of a more severe punishment only excited her more. But she was determined to try her best. She even let go of his cock, in the hope that would help keep her calm.


But then Alan reached between her legs and ran a finger through her swampy pussy.

She squealed in alarm and squeezed her ass cheeks and thighs tight, trapping his hand. "What was that?! You know you're not allowed to touch me there! That still stands! I'm sorry, but I MUST keep that rule! I know I just changed the other rule, but if I let you touch me there, there's no telling what'll happen! You could end up really fucking me! Heck, I could even end up begging you to do it!"

His head swooned as he imagined that happening. With such thoughts on his mind, and her body to fondle, he didn't need for her to be actively jacking him off to be extremely aroused, as he was right now. He forced himself to calm down some, and then said, "I know, Mom, I know. And I'm not asking you to change that rule. But we need a partial exception for spankings. I have to check you there and clean you off. We really need a dry pussy for this to work."

Of course that was bullshit, and she probably knew that on some level. But it was a fig-leaf excuse that allowed her to let him break that rule without her having to feel bad about being weak.

He made a show of looking around the room. (He was so horny that it didn't occur to him that she couldn't see his face while lying face down over his lap.) "It's a shame I don't have some tissues or a towel or something. I guess I'll have to use my hand."

She clenched her ass cheeks in alarm again. "Don't you still have something like that near your bed, to help you masturbate with?"

He grinned. "Sorry, Mom. Not anymore, since I have you, Amy, Sis, and Aunt Suzy. Plus, I'm not about to commit the 'sin of Onan.'" He had trouble saying that with a straight face, since he found the whole Onan story ridiculous, but luckily she still couldn't see his face anyway. "Anyway, I can just use my hand, like this." He started wiping her pussy clean with the tips of his fingers. "Remember, stay calm. Think of unarousing things. And whatever you do, don't cum! Then we can get started on the spanking."

Susan whimpered helplessly. That's easy for you to say! You're not the big-titted mommy about to get spanked for the first time by her huge-cocked son! I can't even handle the THOUGHT of getting spanked. It's too exciting! Once it starts, I'm gonna cum in the first minute, for sure, if I even last that long! And then I'll need to be punished for that, and that'll probably be something even MORE arousing, making me cum without permission even more, and on and on, in an endless cycle! I'll end up totally and utterly TAMED! And even that thought is too arousing for me to handle! UGH! Dear Lord, please! Help me!

That passing thought about the Lord helped her a great deal. She was a genuine religious believer, and prayer was a big part of her life. So she closed her eyes and recited some well-known prayers in her mind. That diverted much of her attention.

And she was very grateful for that, because in fact, Alan's attempt to "clean" her pussy was merely a pretense for him to play with it and all around it. He refrained from sticking any fingers directly in her slit, since that didn't fit with the cleaning notion. But he made up for that by repeatedly running his fingers over her wet lips and brushing past her clitoris. Sometimes, he would "accidentally" push a finger in her soaking gash a little bit, but not too far or for too long.

He wasn't doing much with his other hand, so he brought that around her front and under her huge boobs and began fondling them.

Susan's prayers were helping her calm down some, but that went right out the window once he started fondling her super-sensitive breasts. She squirmed with lust and worry. "Ti-Ti-Tiger! What do you think you're doing?!"

He said with a smirk, "I just need to hold you there to keep you in place. Kind of as a counterbalance."

She thought, He IS keeping me in my place, in more ways than one! So HOT! But it's too hot! I can't take it! She panted, "But then, why, why... why are you fondling my nipples so much?!"

He pretended to be clueless. "Oh, am I? Oops. I guess that's how it goes. Remember, you changed the rules. I can fondle your tits as much as I like, anytime I want."

Just hearing that practically made her want to swoon, or scream in erotic ecstasy. OH NO! He can! He can! That's so like him. I change the rules and immediately he takes full advantage! There's no stopping him! And now he really DOES own my tits! I was just saying that earlier as something to arouse us, but now it's TRUE! Oh God! Lord, please, give me strength to endure his sexy, groping hands! I don't know which is worse, the way he's rolling my nipples between his fingers or how he keeps sliding his thumb back and forth over my cunt!

So far, he had restrained himself from probing inside her pussy, aside from the occasional minor "accident." He didn't have a valid reason to do so, as that didn't fit with the "cleaning" theme, and he rightfully worried about pushing her too far too fast. But she was so hot to trot, squirming and heaving in his lap, that he figured he could get away with it. So, pretending more cluelessness, he said, "I don't understand. You keep getting wetter and wetter, no matter what I do. Where's it all coming from? Maybe I should go straight to the source and try to plug the leak there."


With that, he plunged two fingers deep into her hot hole.

She was so surprised and aroused by that move that her entire body actually rose up and fell back down on him. She would have cum for sure, but she struggled with all her might not to, due to his prohibition against it. "AAAAAIIIIEEEE! NO! Tiger, no! Please, no! Too hot! So hot! Can't... can't take it! AAAAAH!"

He pumped his two fingers in and out several times, making her squirm and moan even more. Of course he wasn't actually trying to "plug a leak," but that provided another fig-leaf excuse.

She thought, And to think I didn't know which is worse! The cunt is way, way worse! This is why I don't let him touch me there! I'm gonna cum so, so, so HARD! And then... then... I'll probably beg to get fucked! I've never been so horny in my LIFE! He has total control and I'm helpless to stop him, because it feels so damn GOOD! I really AM just his big-titted plaything!

She clenched her teeth and shut her eyes tight. Her hips squirmed around as she struggled with all her might to delay her climax.

He realized how close she was, but he didn't want her to cum just yet. His plan was to keep her riding right at the brink of orgasm for as long as possible, in the same way she frequently did to him. So he pulled his fingers out of her and let her recover somewhat, until her frantic panting abated.

As he took a brief rest, he thought, This is awesome! I love how my "cleaning" just makes her wetter and wetter! I particularly love to see her this horny and happy. Man, life is good!

He'd mostly forgotten his qualms about spanking her; he was beginning to be anxious to get the spanking started. So he said, "Unfortunately, I'm not having much success here in getting you dry. I guess we'll have to leave your pussy like this, for now, and get the spanking started." He couldn't resist stroking his fingers back and forth over her sopping-wet pussy lips a few more times. "But, whatever you do, don't cum! Is that clear?"

"Yes, Son." Her pulse raced a bit faster and her body tingled all over as she sensed the spanking was about to begin. Too bad Brenda can't be here to see this! She seems to have a real special thing about getting spanked! At least I'll get to tell her about it later. She'll understand what a huge deal this is! It's mommy-taming in action!

Alan too, had to brace himself as he contemplated what was about to happen.

She broke the silence by asking, "How... how many times are you going to spank me?"

He thought, How many times should I spank her, I wonder? Twenty? Thirty? I'm so clueless. I have NO idea how much is too much! Maybe it's better not to announce a number first and just do as much as feels right. Yeah, that sounds good.

He said, "I have a number in mind, but I'm going to play it by ear. We'll see how well you do, and how much you can take. Remember that no matter what happens, I love you. It might hurt some; in fact I'm sure it will. But I'm not going to go too far. Most of all, remember that I'm doing this for your own good."

She replied meekly, "Yes, my love."

He thought, I can't believe I just got away with the "I'm doing this for your own good" line. How ironic. She used to tell me that all the time when I was a little kid. Man! The shoe is definitely on the other foot tonight! Wild!

Then it occurred to him they needed a kind of ritual. So he spoke off the top of his head as he continued to fondle her tits. "Okay, Mom. I'm going to swat your ass in a minute. When I'm done, I want you to say, 'Number one,' or whatever the number is. Then I want you to say... um..." He recalled from erotic stories that there was a tradition to maintain here, and it was good for her to repeat some kind of statement after each swat. But he was so very turned on that he couldn't come up with a good, appropriate statement right off the bat.

Luckily for him, Susan had been contemplating being spanked by her son a lot lately, especially in her daydreams. So she drew from previous fantasies when she suggested, "What if I say, 'Number one.' And then, 'Thank you, Son, for punishing your naughty mommy."

He grinned from ear to ear. "Very good! Let's do that. Okay, here we go. Brace yourself!"


Susan closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and clenched her ass cheeks.

Alan raised his hand up high and then brought it down onto her ass.


There was a loud "whap". But, in fact, he didn't really hit her that hard. He still had a hard time doing anything that seemed like hurting his mother, so he eased up at the last second, and without really intending to.

But Susan reacted just as if he'd swatted her as hard as he could. For her, the actual physical act was a smaller factor than the mental aspect. The fact that her son was giving her a real spanking was such a thrill that she was nearly delirious with lust. As soon as she felt the impact, she cried out, "Number one! Thank you, Son, for punishing your naughty mommy!"

She followed that with some husky, erotic moaning. Already, she was struggling hard not to cum. She knew exactly where her son's erection was, and that was too tempting to resist. She reached under her body, found his hot pole, and sighed blissfully as she resumed jacking him off.

Right as she did that, he went back to fingering on and around her pussy. He said, "Good job, Mom. But hang on a second. I've gotta check your pussy again before we continue."

That made her moan and "mmmm" even more. She reflexively clenched her ass cheeks again.

But he said, "Sorry, Mom. You can't clench like that. I can't check you properly if you do. In fact, no clenching at all during the spanking, and that's an order. If you do, I'm going to have to add more swats before I'm done."

She whimpered, "But I can't help myself! It's a natural reaction!"

"Well, try. Or we might not be done here for a very long time."

She tried hard, and mostly succeeded. But she felt the need to do something, and since she couldn't clench, she found herself squirming and writhing in place a great deal instead.

He didn't try to stop that since he didn't see any harm in it, and he found her movements very sexy.

She went back to praying in an attempt to distract herself from her son's pussy checking. But instead of standard, memorized prayers, she made up her own. Dear Lord, please, PLEASE! Please, help my pussy not gush so freely, so Tiger can finish his check fast! I feel like cumming so very much, and I can't cum at all! I must obey my studly boy. Please! Please! Help me not cum without permission! I don't want to be punished even more! It's unseemly! He's my son, but he's the man of the house now too, and he has total control over me! I'm just his big-titted mommy plaything, and I can't tell him no! Lord, please! Everything is so sexy! Too sexy! Too hot! Make it less hot, somehow! I'm begging you!

Her prayers continued in that vein. In fact, they were less prayers and more just her erotic stream of consciousness thoughts, with the occasional appeal for God's help thrown in. They didn't help her calm down much, if at all.

Then Alan announced, "Okay, here comes swat number two!"

Susan clenched her ass cheeks unthinkingly. She still held his cock in her hand, but she stopped stroking it as her entire body braced for impact.

He waited. "Nope. What did I say about ass clenching?"

"UGH! I can't help it! I'm too horny!"


She tried. She managed not to clench, but her ass was wiggling and writhing so much that it was a moving target.

Her fingers were sliding wildly all over his boner, obviously with very little conscious control on her part. It occurred to him that when he swatted her again, she was likely to squeeze his shaft painfully hard, just as she tended to clench up elsewhere. So he said, "Hang on. Mom, you gotta let go of my dick. I just remembered that part of the spanking tradition is that you need to pin your hands behind your back, just like they're handcuffed there."

"Oh." She was disappointed to let go of his erection, but the idea of having her hands behind her back like that was thrilling in its own way too. She loved feeling totally helpless and in his power. So she brought her hands behind her back as requested.

He announced, "Okay, get ready..."

A few seconds later, he raised his hand up high and swung it down. He slapped her other ass cheek this time.

Susan grunted. Then she cried out, "Number TWO! Thank you, Son, for punishing your naughty mommy!"

A strange voice said, "Brother, you call that a spank? Weak!"


it was only a strange voice for a few startling seconds, because both Alan and Susan quickly recognized the voice as Katherine's. Alan had the benefit of being able to easily look towards his door and see her standing there, smiling and waving at him. She was wearing a blouse that she'd just put on in her room, but she'd left it completely open in front, exposing most of her ample charms.

Susan couldn't see towards the door without twisting her body uncomfortably, but she considered that a small blessing, because she didn't want to look. She shut her eyes tight, and her cheeks turned red. "Angel?! What are you doing here?! Please! Don't look!" She let go of her son's erection and tried to cover her ass cheeks with both hands, as if that would help preserved her modesty at all.

Katherine said, "Mom, how could I NOT look? My room is right across the hall, you know. When I hear all kinds of spanking and shouting sounds, how can I not check to see what's happening?"

However, Katherine's statement was intentionally misleading. She'd actually been downstairs doing naughty things with Suzanne, which she didn't want to admit to her mother. At least it was true that she'd heard the sounds, since Susan's screams had carried that far.

Susan clenched her ass cheeks even more, as her entire body tensed up. "Okay, I can understand that. But now you know, so you can go. It's just a spanking, thank you very much!"

Katherine responded, "Just a spanking? I beg to differ! How often does one get to see a son spank his own mother?! Not very often, that's for sure. Although, I imagine that from now on we'll be seeing it a lot. Isn't that right, Bro?"

Alan certainly didn't mind the intrusion. He knew that Katherine's presence would humiliate Susan further, which in turn would arouse her even more. Besides, it was fun to talk to someone else, especially a gorgeous, naked sister. "Sure thing, Sis. From now on, any time Mom is bad, she's going to wind up with a cherry red ass and probably a mouth full of cum. Although, Sis, I should warn you that the same thing applies to you."

Susan nearly passed out because she found those words so arousing. She particularly loved the phrase that she was "going to wind up with a cherry-red ass and a mouth full of cum." (She immediately forgot about the "probably.") Her ass humped up and down in a desperate effort to delay her impending orgasm.

Katherine replied, "I know, Bro, I know. And I certainly don't have a problem with it, because that's your right! We're your obedient fuck toys, after all. We're all about dropping to our knees to suck and serve, and if we fail to please, then we get spanked! Hard! Isn't that right, Mom?"

Susan merely grunted in the affirmative. "UNH!" She thought, Shut up, Angel! Please! If you say anything more, I'm going to cum! I'm so close! I'm dying! UGH! But I can't! I can't!

In fact, Katherine had been watching the spanking from the very beginning without being noticed. She'd even taken a few photographs, figuring it was a moment they would all want recorded for posterity. So she knew exactly what was going on. But she pretended to be clueless when she nodded at the way Alan was diddling with Susan's clit, so she asked, "Why are you touching Mom in her naughty spot like that? Isn't that forbidden?"

Susan gasped out, "It IS! Please, Angel! Get him to stop! I'm... I can't... Gonna cum!" After an initial coherent outburst, she was unable to express herself because she was that horny. She wanted to say that she needed Katherine to enforce the rules since she found herself helpless to do so. But instead she ended up moaning and "mmmm"-ing quite loudly.

Alan managed to continue to diddle with her clit, as well as her slit, despite her constant writhing and gyrating. He looked up at his sister and said serenely, "Normally, that WOULD be forbidden, but there's a special spanking exception. You see, I need to check to make sure she's not too wet. Obviously, she's supposed to be punished, not aroused."

Katherine smirked knowingly as she said, "Obviously." She understood full well that this was an erotic spanking, and the punishment was only a thin pretense.

He brought a hand back to her breasts, which he'd been neglecting for a while. "And sometimes I have to hold her here or she might slip off my lap."

Katherine had a hard time not laughing at that. "That seems reasonable."

He pretended to be upset. "The problem is, I must be doing something wrong, because she's getting wetter and wetter." He pulled his hand from her crotch and held it up. "Here. Come look. See how wet my fingers are?"

Katherine eagerly pounced on the invitation to come closer. She walked right up to the edge of the bed and glanced at his hand. "Hmmm. Indeed." She was tickled pink, and couldn't stop smiling.

Susan brought her legs together and tried to cover her pussy and ass crack with her hands as best she could. "Don't look! Please! Don't look!"

Needless to say, Katherine was looking. "Mom's been a bad mommy, hasn't she?"

"She has," Alan replied.

Susan wailed, "Oh, God! This is totally humiliating!" She thought, This is like my every dream come true, but my nightmares are coming true too! Even though I'm losing their respect and authority, it's SO HOT! I'm so horny that I fear I'm going to literally lose my mind! Tiger is playing endlessly with my HOT CUNT! And Angel is standing right there watching!

Alan felt he had a good sense for just how much humiliation would make Susan hotter than an inferno, and how much was too much and would make her miserable. He sensed that Katherine's presence and comments was taking Susan to that tipping point. The spanking was mind-blowing enough to begin with, and he sensed his mother was extremely close to cumming, which she wouldn't want to do with her daughter there too.

So, knowing that Susan couldn't see his face, he nodded at Katherine and then nodded at the door. Mostly with his facial expressions, he was able to convey that he was worried about pushing Susan too hard.

Katherine was disappointed, but she got the message.

Once he saw that his sister understood, he spoke out loud, for Susan's sake. "Sis, sorry, but you should probably go. This is kind of a private thing between me and Mom."

Susan sighed heavily with relief. THANK YOU, LORD! Miracles can come true! Now, if I can just somehow not cum! Or at least hold out until Angel leaves the room! I'm not going to last much longer in any case!

Katherine nodded. Then, realizing Susan couldn't see that, she said, "Okay. No problem. But it's good that I saw this much, because, Mom, remember that I still owe you a spanking too, from what you did this afternoon. Remember? I'm definitely learning from what I see here. But we'll have to wait until tomorrow for that. Okay, see you guys later!" She walked to the door.

Susan's eyes had been shut tight, but they opened and bugged out wide when she heard Katherine say that she was going to get another spanking tomorrow. That was very nearly the last straw. OH NO! BOTH my children are going to spank me from now on?! Lord, have mercy! Pleeeeassse!

Alan had been "checking" her pussy all the while, with a particular emphasis on checking her clitoris. She felt she was hanging onto the very edge of a cliff, like a character in a Bugs Bunny styled cartoon, and her last hand-hold was slowly and inexorably slipping away.

She waited a few desperate seconds until she heard Katherine close the door. Then she shouted out, "Son, please! Permission to cum!"

Alan realized that he'd badly misjudged her arousal level. His plan had been to keep her near the cusp of orgasm for the entire spanking, and then he'd give her permission to cum at the end. But he'd gotten too excited and "checked" her pussy far too much. After just two swats, she had clearly gone beyond the point of no return, so he had mercy and said as he gave her nipple a hard pinch, "Permission granted!"

Susan let out a long, incoherent wail as her resistance collapsed and she came hard. In fact, she screamed like a furious berserker Viking warrior, her orgasmic cries echoing through the entire house. Her ass bounced up and down off the bed, and her legs and arms thrashed around uncontrollably.


Alan had to withdraw his hands from her slit and her boobs, due to how she was moving so much. Since she was still improbably wearing her high heels, he had to be particularly careful about her flailing legs. He used his hands to try to keep her from falling off his lap.

But, after about a minute, her multiple orgasm started to peter out, and her wiggling and writhing subsided too. Unexpectedly, he plunged two fingers into her burning hot slit.

Her eyes opened and bugged out, exactly like before. Her jaw dropped in near comic fashion too, because that took her by complete surprise. Another epic orgasm hit her, like a punch to the gut. She screamed and screamed, and tears poured down her cheeks. They weren't tears of joy or sorrow, but instead were a sign of her total emotional and physical overload.

When her orgasm ended after another minute or so, he decided to have mercy on her and just let her be for a while. She didn't quite pass out, but she was so out of it that she was effectively a dead weight on him. It took a minute or two before he managed to extricate his legs from under her. He got off the bed, stood up, and looked back down at her resting form. I've never seen anything so beautiful. Mom is totally orgasmed out!

The spanking ended in a strange way for him. Not only did he not cum himself, he didn't even come close. In fact, his penis quickly went flaccid once he was off the bed. In fact, he hadn't felt much direct stimulation at all, at least by his recent standards. Susan did jack him off some of the time, but she was so distracted that it was a far cry from her usual talented motions. But he didn't mind. This spanking was for his mother. And even though there was precious little actual spanking in it, he knew it had served its symbolic purpose. Plus, it had left her about as sexually satiated as she could possibly be.

As he stared at her gorgeous nude body, he thought, Good! I'm glad I didn't cum, or even get close. It's about damn time for some payback. Mom helps me out so much, every single day. She deserves more huge orgasms like that. And what's nice is that I didn't have a problem spanking her. The truth is, I adore seeing her cum like that! God, it's a thing of beauty! I made her like that. ME! Phew!

He left the room and quietly closed the door behind him. He decided to take a shower to revitalize himself. Then he figured he'd stop by Katherine's room to chat with her, and maybe check to see if Suzanne was still downstairs after that. He wasn't looking for any sexual help. Although he hadn't climaxed himself, he did earlier thanks to Susan's prolonged blowjob, and he felt sexually satiated from the spanking too.

He turned the light out as he left his room. He figured that if Susan wasn't asleep already she would be soon, and she would want to nap for a little while.

— — —

But he was wrong about that. Susan's body was absolutely wiped out, but her mind was still racing with excitement from being truly spanked by her son for the first time. She did rest for about five minutes, but she was thinking intently all the while. Then she turned on the lamp next to Alan's bed, and picked up the phone extension on his bed stand.

She dialed Brenda's number. She couldn't wait to share what happened with her new good friend. "Hello, Brenda? It's me, Susan!"

Brenda's pulse started to race. She'd learned over the last few days that virtually any phone call with Susan ended up making her extremely aroused. But she tried to keep her cool. "Oh, hi. What's up?"

"Guess what? You won't believe it! Tiger just SPANKED me! And I'm not talking about a little playful slapping of my ass cheek during a blowjob, like he did yesterday. I'm talking about an honest-to-God, official, naked mommy across the lap, proper spanking!"

Brenda's effort to keep cool was shattered. She practically fainted, because that was about the hottest thing she'd ever heard. She screamed incredulously, "NO!"



Susan chuckled, because this was the kind of reaction she'd been hoping for. "I'm telling you, yes! I'm calling you while lying buck naked in my son's bed. He's gone, probably to play with his sister or auntie, while I'm lying here completely and utterly DESTROYED from some of the biggest orgasms humanly possible! He really put me in my place!"

Brenda's eyes bugged out wider and wider. She was rendered speechless, and her heart pounded so hard it was downright dangerous. Getting spanked was her great secret fetish, due to her peculiar history of getting spanked frequently by her mother as she was growing up. She'd already heard from Susan that Alan had spanked Katherine a couple of days ago. The fact that he spanked Susan meant that he'd surely spank all of his women. Brenda realized that meant that as long as she continued to grow closer to him, he'd be spanking her soon as well.

She shouted even more emphatically. "NOOOO!" She fell into the nearest chair, because her legs gave way under her. She was huffing and puffing like a freight train with uncontrollable arousal.

Susan chuckled some more. "Yes, I'm telling you. Yes! Let me tell you all about it!"

Brenda thought, Oh God, dear God, NO! Susan you can't do that, or you'll kill me from an overdose of pure lust! Holy shit! The implications of this are staggering! If I had ANY doubt I want to be one of Alan's personal cocksuckers - and I don't! - this puts that issue to rest, for good! Alan, you've won me!

She exhaled several times, trying just to breathe. "Okay, Susan. Tell me! Tell me everything!"

Susan bubbled with excitement as she began her story from the moment she'd entered her son's room. Her post-orgasmic exhaustion was fading fast as she delighted in sharing her experience with Brenda.

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