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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Hey Jealousy
Day 58: Tuesday, November 12

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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While Alan and Susan were having fun in Alan's room, Suzanne and Katherine were busy "greeting" each other some more downstairs in the living room. They knew that Alan and Susan would be gone for a good while. They focused on each other's pussies and clits.

Lately, it wasn't unusual to take a half an hour or more of extremely vigorous and talented sucking and licking before Alan would finally give up a load (given that there'd be lots of kissing and groping and resting going on as well), so the two of them figured that they had at least that much time. They all knew about his PC muscle control now, and they both blessed it and cursed it. They truly enjoyed cocksucking for long periods of time, but it was downright exhausting on the jaw muscles sometimes.

Just seconds after Alan and Susan had gone upstairs, Katherine went upstairs herself to change her outfit. She returned quickly, naked but carrying a white shirt and a pair of green shorts that she had customized. Katherine explained that her new outfit was for "visual stimulation," showing off her shorts before throwing them and the shirt on a nearby chair, eliciting a thumbs-up sign of approval from Suzanne.

They sat on the sofa next to each other. Suzanne kept her dress bunched around her waist. It didn't block any vital access, but it allowed her to quickly cover up, just in case. She'd retrieved a sheet from the laundry and thrown it over the sofa while Katherine was changing, to catch most of their cum and sweat.

They figured that when Susan came back they'd have a few moments to hear Alan's door open and get decent, including hiding the sheet, before she could walk down the stairs to where she could see them. If they did get caught, they knew it wouldn't be the end of the world, but it still wasn't a good idea for Susan to see them making out naked just yet. That definitely would trigger a big setback in Susan's sexual progress.


Before long, they got into a sixty-nine and really went after each other. They munched each other to orgasm seemingly without ever tiring.

For nearly an hour, they hardly moved from their sixty-nine, because both of them had penis-starved pussies that needed pleasing, and satisfying any other sexual need was far down the list. Dildos or strap-ons would have been perfect to give both of them that "fucked by Alan" feeling they craved more than anything, but for once neither of them had any toys handy.

In the middle of their mutual licking, an important thought came to Katherine. "Oh! Aunt Suzy, I've been meaning to ask you. What's up with Mom?"

"What do you mean?" Suzanne asked.

"I mean, is she turning bisexual or something? You know that this morning she and I kissed, on the lips, and not just for a few seconds! It was TOTALLY HOT! And Gaawwwd, I was able to feel her up all over! And then, this afternoon, I was able to put my fingers in her pussy and her asshole, and she didn't complain!"

"Oh, really? Tell me more!"

"Later. Right now, I'd rather lick than talk. But I just want to know what the deal is!"

Suzanne sighed with frustration, because she knew she'd have to stop enjoying the taste of Katherine's pussy for a minute or two in order to give that a proper answer. She sat up, forcing Katherine to sit up too. "It's complicated. You really want me to explain?"

"YES! This is soooo key! I was actually gonna call or visit you earlier to find out, 'cos I'm so dying to know. But then I remembered how you don't like anything sexual going on at your house. And then, well, we got kinda distracted." She giggled, looking down at their bodies which smelled of sex. "But if she IS bisexual, do you realize how MASSIVE that is?!"

Suzanne chuckled. "As a matter of fact, I do! And I'm just like you: I think it's just about the best news ever, especially since it IS true, and she IS becoming bisexual!"


As soon as Suzanne nodded gleefully at that, Katherine attacked her with a searing kiss with such intensity that she pushed her back down. Then she pretty much went wild over her for the next few minutes, until her energy started to flag.

Once Suzanne was able to speak again, she said with amusement, "I take it you like that idea. It made you sprout at least eight extra arms, because your hands were all over me!"

Katherine giggled at that, and fondly caressed Suzanne's ample globes with both hands. "Hell, yeah! Aunt Suzy, I love you a whole hell of a lot. I'm unbelievably psyched that we can do what we're doing right now! But to be able to do that with MOM, well, it's even MORE exciting!" She frowned with worry. "I hope you don't take offense."

Suzanne quickly put her worries to rest. "Relax, I know exactly how you feel. There's something about her being so prudish and innocent that makes her new sexual awakening that much more exciting. But, to finally answer your question fully, your mom Susan is primarily all about Alan. That's become... well, I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that having sexual fun with him has become the most important thing in her life. But she also loves me and you about as much as one person can love another, and she's starting to realize that she can express that love physically. So, yeah, she's becoming bisexual. I'll bet that, before long, we'll see her getting intimate with other women she doesn't even know that well, like Brenda, as long as it can somehow be linked to sexually serving her son."

"Cool! Oh, Aunt Suzy, you have no idea how happy that makes me feel. On top of that, I'm here in your arms. Everything is so damn GREAT!"

Suzanne ran her hands down Katherine's back as she replied, "Tell me about it! I've been lusting after your mom since you were in diapers. But take it slow with her, okay? Give her time to get used to these big changes in her life."

"Okay. Drat. To quote the most squeezably lovable mom on Earth, 'Oh, poo!'"

Suzanne drew in close for another kiss. "Yeah, well, if it's any consolation, you can burn off some of your lusty energy on me."

Katherine replied with more passionate kissing. Before long, they were again in a sixty-nine position.

Eventually, they heard some loud female screams upstairs. Then they heard some more, and still more.

Katherine was dying of curiosity. She knew Alan had to be doing something to Susan that was making her cry out in ecstasy, but she wanted to know the exact cause. So she politely pulled away from Suzanne, explaining that she just had to peek in upstairs to see what was happening upstairs. That's why Katherine first listened at the door and then actually walked in on Alan spanking Susan.

Because Alan had shooed her away relatively quickly, Katherine came back downstairs, still naked, and resumed having sexy fun with Suzanne. But the mood had been broken by Katherine's departure, so they simply sat and French kissed for a while. Between kisses, Katherine told Suzanne about the spanking she'd witnessed.

Eventually, they heard a door upstairs open and shut. This alerted them to make themselves presentable. Luckily, they still had their clothes handy and had been acutely listening for any sound, since Alan and Susan had been gone longer than expected. Not having to wear bras or panties allowed them to get dressed in a hurry. They hid the remaining evidence by stuffing the wet sheet underneath the sofa.

As it turned out, Suzanne and Katherine had plenty of time to dress and make themselves presentable before anyone came down the stairs, because in fact neither Alan nor Susan came downstairs for a while.


Alan wound up taking an extra long shower. He didn't need it to get clean, but he enjoyed simply turning on his mind and escaping the world for a while. He certainly didn't have any complaints about his newly supercharged sex life, but so much emotionally intense activity wore him down. It was good for him to be alone for a while and think about nothing at all.

Susan's call to Brenda wasn't a short one, and she went to her bedroom to freshen up and change into new clothes afterwards. But still, due to Alan's long shower, she came downstairs before he did.

Katherine and Suzanne were focused at first on appearing normal so Susan wouldn't suspect anything. They wore semi-bored expressions in an attempt to look like they'd been watching TV the whole time, even though they couldn't completely hide their glee.

But then, once Susan walked to a nearby sofa and sat down on it, they noticed something odd about her. Katherine exclaimed, "Mom, what's with you? You looked like you've just been run over by a truck!"

"I do?" Outwardly, Susan seemed fresh as a daisy, with her hair combed, her face washed, new dabs of perfume subtly applied, and so on. She was surprised they'd caught on.

Suzanne nodded. "You do. Oh, wait! I know what it is: the spanking!"

Katherine slapped her forehead. "Oh yeah. Duh!"

Susan clutched at her chest, and asked with surprise, "You know about that already?! Both of you?!"

Katherine smiled and explained, "Remember how I peeked in? When I came back downstairs, I told Aunt Suzy what I saw. You don't mind, do you? I figure you're going to tell her all about it in far greater detail anyway."

Susan recovered from her initial shock. "That's true. And I don't mind the part about you telling her. But I do mind you just waltzing in without even knocking when Tiger and I were having a very private moment!"

Katherine replied, "Sorry. But come on. If he'd been spanking me, and you overheard it, wouldn't your curiosity have gotten to you?"

Susan admitted, "I suppose so."

Suzanne chuckled. "You know so. But never mind about that. Let's hear about the spanking!"

Susan smiled widely as she reveled in what had happened upstairs. But she asked, "Wait. What's this about me looking like I've been run over by a truck?"

Suzanne said, "Maybe that wasn't the best way to put it. Let's say instead that you look well fucked. If I didn't know better, thanks to Angel's peeking, I'd say you have that freshly fucked look. And not just any fuck either. You look like you've been royally fucked right out of your gourd!"

Susan replied, "Language please. If we're not trying to arouse my son, there's no need for vulgar words." But she was beaming. "That said, you're right! Tiger really put me in my place! I've never felt so owned and used! He proved to me over and over with his manly strength that he's the man of the house and I'm one of his busty sex pets. It was absolutely glorious!"

Suzanne was extremely pleased. Excellent! Sweetie meets and even exceeds my expectations yet again. I knew he had it in him! She asked, "That sounds great. Just how many times did he spank you?"

Susan looked away in embarrassment. "Um... Just two."

Katherine was so astounded by that, she stood up. "Just two?! TWO?! Mom, did you say 'two?!'"

Susan still couldn't make eye contact as her cheeks turned red. "I did, but you have to understand. It wasn't the number of whacks that mattered, it was the whole experience. By the mere fact that he spanked me at all, he proved that he's in total control, and my role is to serve and obey, and to suck and stroke. Gaawwwd! It was SO HOT! You wouldn't believe it! He had me hot as an oven even before we started, and then he just... fondled me all over! It would have gone on a lot longer, but I started cumming and then I couldn't stop! I came and came and came until I practically passed out!"

Suzanne glanced to the stairs and saw Alan walking into view, wearing his typical T-shirt and shorts combo. "Hey! Speak of the devil, look who's here. It's our spanking hero. Sweetie, I think you need to give each of us a great big kiss!"

He smiled as he reached the bottom of the stairs. "I can do that." Katherine came to him first, so he gave her a nice French kiss. Then it was Suzanne's turn. Finally, it was Susan's turn. Since he'd overheard them talking about the spanking as he came down the stairs, he gave the side of her ass a playful swat as they necked. That sent her into overdrive, and really wowed him with her passion.

But his penis had gone flaccid, and he was keen to hear what they'd been saying about the spanking, so he kept all the kisses relatively short. He found a spot on one of the sofas and sat down. "So... what's up?"

Katherine grinned impishly. "Well, Mr. Two Smacks, Mom was just telling us how you whacked her ass a grand total of TWO times! You really went all out, didn't you?" She giggled.

Even Suzanne got in on the teasing. "Susan, you must have done something truly awful to deserve that much punishment all at once!"

After the laughter died down, Susan said defensively, "Joke all you want. But like I was just saying a minute ago, the number doesn't matter. The point is, he got the job done. I'm going to have to redouble my efforts to please him with my mouth and in fact my entire body, after that!"

Katherine eagerly asked, "How does your ass feel? Is it glowing a nice red?"

"Unfortunately, no. I just checked in the mirror before I came downstairs, and you can't really see or feel anything at all. But that's okay; it'll give me something extra special to look forward to next time." She turned to her son and gave him a sultry look.

He thought, Whoa! Mom actually wants a red ass after a spanking?! That's pretty wild. But hey, if that's what she wants, that's what she's gonna get!

He felt overwhelmed by the entire spanking experience. He didn't want to discuss it anymore, because his mind was already blown, several times over, and he couldn't handle any more sexy surprises. So he changed the subject by asking Suzanne and Katherine about what they'd been watching.

The two of them were relieved that he didn't pursue the matter, and especially that they didn't have to fill the other two in on any TV plots, because although the television had been on, the volume had been completely muted and they hadn't paid any attention to the screen. The smell of sex filled the room, but that too wasn't very unusual anymore, so it didn't arouse any suspicion.

The four of them simply talked about non-sexual things for a while. Each of them had had their own intense sexual experience, so they all were glad to take a break.

After about ten minutes, Alan went to the stereo and put on Queen's greatest hits. He figured they'd be hanging out and talking for a while, and he simply liked the songs.


Suzanne had had so much time to dress that she'd put back on all of the fancy clothes she'd arrived in, including her jacket. But eventually she decided that she'd overdone it in her zeal to hide what she and Katherine had been doing. While the others were still making small talk, and without saying a word, she pulled her dress up past her hips and then opened up her top so her big globes came falling out.

Susan was perturbed, because Suzanne was pushing into new territory with this move. Everyone knew that there would be teasing and flashing of skin once Alan had some time to recover, but it was obvious from his attitude and the way he was sitting fully clothed that his penis wasn't hard and wasn't likely to get that way anytime soon. In turn, that implied that Suzanne was just getting naked because she wanted to.

Susan protested, "Suzanne, I love you dearly, but what on God's green Earth do you think you're doing? If you're trying to help with some visual stimulation, I appreciate that, but, well, I gave him a nice blowjob upstairs for a good half an hour, as a prelude to the spanking. We need to take our cues from him. We don't want to push him too hard. Tiger, correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no point in getting like that right now."

He just shrugged. He wanted to see how this would play out between the two MILFs and what their expectations would be.

Suzanne blithely replied, "I know. Not everything has to be about getting Sweetie hard, you know. I'm just getting more comfortable. Between the three of us women, we're naked more often than not in this house. Don't you agree? And it feels good, doesn't it? So why pretend? Why can't we just get as naked as we want to, wherever we want to?"

Suzanne deliberately kept her dress over her stomach to highlight the shocking white skin of her twin tit wonders. The dress also pushed her tits up, making them look even larger than usual.

"But it's... well, kind of embarrassing." Susan complained. "Especially with Tiger here!"

Suzanne responded, "So? All's the better, even if you did just suck him dry. We need to be more proactive so he can get hard and stay hard more often. Even when he's completely flaccid, we can still set a sexy atmosphere. That means we have to expose ourselves to him nearly constantly, and more when he's not around to stay in practice."

Susan was going to protest some more, but Alan spoke up first. "Mom, what's the problem? Aunt Suzy's right. She's just helping me out with visual stimulation. But even if she wasn't, then so what? Why should we have any rules about clothing at all?"

Katherine added, "And Mom, if exposing yourself like this in front of Alan makes you embarrassed, isn't that a good thing? After all, doesn't that remind you, and the rest of us, just who you belong to? Your body belongs to him all the time, not just whenever he might be close to getting erect."

Susan protested to the whole group, "I know, but if we listen to Suzanne, that means it would never stop. The three of us would spend nearly every waking moment trying to arouse Tiger here, then stroking and sucking him, and then draining him of his precious seed. Then it would start all over again in a never-ending vicious circle. There would be no down time whatsoever! Why, there'd be nothing but cocksucking, handjobs, and titfucks all day long!"

Suzanne smiled. "That's right. And you see this as some kind of problem?" She glanced at Alan and winked.

Susan gasped. The enormity of Suzanne's vision hit her and she found herself pleased beyond words. OH. MY. GOD! That's how it's going to be, isn't it?! I belong to my son now! I knew that already, and he just proved it all over again with the spanking he gave me upstairs. But that's not all! We're far beyond just helping him with his medical problem. Serving his cock, that's what I do! I'm no longer a homemaker; I'm a full time sex pet! And not just for a week or a month or even a year... It's going to be like this for YEARS to come!

Good Lord! Her pulse raced and her pussy got wet in a flash.

She momentarily envisioned other women busy at the office chained to their nine-to-five grind while she stayed at home getting her chest and face bathed by load after load of her son's sweet cum. She felt giddy and weak in the knees. Wow! I feel so sorry for all those women. The Lord has truly blessed me. I'm financially secure, so I don't need to sweat and slave like most people do. Instead of being enslaved by the rat race, I'm basically enslaved by my son's big, fat, thick, and continually stiff and throbbing COCK! Like I said, I'm blessed!

She found the idea of basically being enslaved to her son's desires to be particularly appealing. She knew that she was supposed to think of the word "enslaved" as a negative, but in this context it was nothing but thrilling and arousing.

After thinking all that, she finally managed to mutter, "Uh, no problem." Her eyes were still opened very wide as she continued to ponder that epiphany.


Suzanne sensed that Susan had just had a major sexual realization, so she pressed her advantage. "So, you see, more nudity is a good thing." Her legs had been pressed together, but she opened them wide so everyone could see the entirety of her pussy and her dark reddish-brown bush.

Susan's mouth opened wider but no words came out.

"This is sweet," Katherine said as she took off all her clothes. She was quick to establish and revel in her newfound freedom before her mother had a chance to change her mind. "No more of this 'Keep your clothes on, Angel,' and 'Angel, looks like your blouse has fallen open' stuff that I hear all the time. Yes!" She punched a fist into the air triumphantly.

However, Suzanne said to Katherine, "That may be true, but you have to think strategically. Sure, it's fun to undress and loosen up in front of him, but you'll still want to keep most of your clothes on most of the time to best tempt that big boy there." She accompanied that by a pointed glance at Alan's crotch. "Look at me and then look at you. You're already out of clothes. You've got nowhere to go from here. But I still have all kinds of possibilities, all kinds of ways to recapture his eye if it wanders. You should work your way to total nakedness slowly."

Suzanne continued, "Check out Sweetie's face and how he stares at my pussy. See how I have my legs open, but just a little bit. Watch how his attention keeps coming back to me as I move around, sometimes exposing my pussy and sometimes closing my legs again. It's the same with the way I keep things interesting with my breasts: covering, then stretching, then leaning forward, and so on. There's an art to teasing, and you need to learn it."

Katherine saw the logic in that, as did Susan. They both nodded, as if they were students taking stripping lessons from the experienced Suzanne.

Suzanne then said to Katherine, "Now, put your postage-stamp shorts back on, then that flimsy shirt that you've cleverly kept unbuttoned."

Katherine complied quickly. She noticed that both Alan and Susan were watching her closely to see what would happen.

While Katherine was buttoning her shirt, Alan shifted his attention to the peculiar green shorts that she was wearing. They were short enough to be an obscenity-law violation in some jurisdictions, but Katherine had modified them further by cutting inch-wide strips halfway up the legs. The result gave the initial impression of being a very short cheerleader skirt, but with half of the pleats missing. In fact, since they were actually shorts, she could claim modesty while showing off almost everything.

Susan's mouth remained open, but she was still at a loss for words. My God! I really am a sex toy for my son. We all are! This is what we do. I need to pay close attention. I'm going to be dressing sexily and tempting and teasing practically all the time from now on. All for my virile son! God, how I love it!

Then Suzanne continued, "Stand up and take your shirt off again, but do it slowly this time. And put some oomph into it. Remember, the whole point is 'visual stimulation.'"

As Katherine stood up, she realized that "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen was just starting on the CD player. Some oomph, huh, she thought. I can manage that.

She reached up and unbuttoned the topmost button of her shirt, revealing her cleavage. Then staring directly and lustily into Alan's eyes, she began to dance in place.

"Are you ready, Are you ready for this
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat

Her eyes never lost their lock on Alan's, even as her hips swayed while doing a bump and grind. Her hands glided across her shirt, caressing her breasts through the fabric before going in sequence to the bottom four buttons that were holding the shirt closed. As the song segued to the first chorus, she unbuttoned those four buttons one at a time in synch with the refrain:

"Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust

Once her blouse was completely unbuttoned, her hands reached up and slowly pulled it open in time to the last two lines of the refrain, so that it ended up hanging uselessly by her sides:

"Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust

By that point Katherine had bared her entire front. As she was about to remove the now-useless shirt, Suzanne said, "Freeze! Hold that position. Good. Now wait. Pull your shorts down further to where the top of your bush would be showing if you still had one. Good. Now go back to holding your shirt wide open."


With Katherine frozen in place like that, Suzanne turned to Alan and said, "Now, Sweetie, tell us. Which is more attractive: Katherine like this, or her totally naked?"

Alan pondered the delightful question.

While he was thinking, Katherine said, vamping it up, "Boy, it sure is hot in here. If you'll excuse me, I'll just have to take this off all the way!"

They all laughed.

Alan said, "If you put it that way, I like this better."

But Katherine made a nod towards Alan's short shorts and the lack of any visible bulge there. She asked Suzanne, "Look. If this teasing is so good then why is he still soft?"

Suzanne pointed out, "Your mom just spent nearly an hour draining our poor Sweetie here to within an inch of his life. If he could get erect yet again at this point it would be a miracle. But he's aroused up top, in his mind, and he'd be ready to go down below if possible. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Isn't that right, Sweetie?"

Alan nodded emphatically. Actually, his dick had gotten hard over the past few minutes, but he was hiding it by the way that he sat. He simply wanted to watch for a while.

The lesson learned, Katherine sat back down with her shirt still on, but wide open in the front. She kept her shorts slung low, dropping them even further until they just cover her slit. She imitated the way Suzanne sat topless on the sofa (as best she could) while trying to mimic Suzanne's always sexy gestures and movements.

Susan was nervous doing so in front of the others, but her competitive nature wouldn't allow her to stay dressed while the others slowly lost their clothes. Besides, she had a renewed resolve to be sexually tempting for her son. She asked shyly, "What can I do to grab his attention and hold it?"

Suzanne gently teased her, "I thought you said what we were doing isn't proper? Don't we all need some down time?"

Susan blushed and bowed her head. "I was wrong, okay?"

Suzanne teased her, "And with today being a Tuesday, no less! For SHAME!"

Susan dropped her head further.

Suzanne took pity on her. "Don't worry; I'm just having fun with you. Actually, you're right: everyone needs some down time. But let Sweetie be the judge of that. After all, isn't he the 'man of the house' now, as you like to say?"

Susan nodded in understanding. "Definitely! He certainly is that!" She stared into his eyes with a look of pure desire.

Satisfied, Suzanne walked her through a sexy style of taking her clothes off.

The Queen song playing was "You're My Best Friend," but since that wasn't highly danceable, she just grooved and gyrated her hips a little.

Soon Alan was staring at six bare tits at once. Being a tit man, he'd never seen a lovelier sight.

But that was just the beginning for him. The three women seemed to be competing to see who could arouse him the most. They once again followed his mood. Since they were under the impression that his penis still needed time to recover, they put their clothes back on and started their competition slowly.

Alan ended that process, at least for a time, by turning off the music and going back to watching TV. He tried to watch the same Chargers game that he'd started earlier. For a while, everyone just watched along with him.

But that was just a pretense. Nobody was really paying any attention to the game, not even Alan. Within a matter of minutes, skirts were again raised. Phallic objects were held, stroked, and licked. Tops came completely off.

Mostly though, the teasing was verbal. For instance, the women joked a lot about fruits. Alan was asked if he wanted just about every large, round fruit imaginable. But this was generally Katherine and Suzanne's game, since Susan wasn't adept at innuendo. However, she paid close attention and started to learn the lingo. Every now and then, Suzanne offered suggestions on what to do or say in what was a continuing lesson in seduction for mother and daughter.

Insofar as any of the women were paying attention to the football game, it was as an excuse to make comments by playing off double meanings, like "tight ends," "scoring," and "making passes."

The unspoken question hanging over all their activity was: who would get to take care of Alan's next erection? (He was still successfully hiding the fact that he was already erect.) There was the sense that whoever aroused him the best this time would get the privilege, but there was no telling, because it was ultimately up to his whim.

Normally Susan would have been out of the running, as she'd just had that honor, but since it was a Tuesday that was far from certain. In fact, the surprising thing was that she was magnanimous enough to allow the other two women to remain in the house and compete in this game at all. That happened because she was determined to work on being less possessive.

But at the same time, while she wasn't normally the competitive type, she was very competitive when it came to getting access to Alan's penis. It was clear from her mood and actions that she was determined to show the other two that Alan loved her blowjobs and titfucks the best and therefore would pick her.

Suzanne felt the same way. She expected her sexual talents to put her ahead of Susan.

Katherine also thought that she alone deserved to be picked. She hoped her status as his most willing and eager fuck toy would cause him to pick her. She also felt that she hadn't been getting her fair share of his cock of late.

Alan realized that, while the situation seemed wonderful on the surface, in reality he was in a serious pickle. No matter whom he picked, the other two would be offended. The situation was rapidly spinning out of control.

Before long, all three women had discarded the last of their clothes. Suzanne said, "So, big stud, you've got three big-titted Amazons naked and begging to suck your cock. I'll bet you're feeling pretty good about that."

"I am."

Suzanne joked, "But the big question is, how are you going to let the other two down when you pick me?" It was a joke and yet it wasn't.

The other two protested vocally and started listing the reasons why they should be chosen.


Because he was unwilling to choose, the situation soon descended to a new low. They all started reaching out to him, essentially begging.

Suzanne, looking uncharacteristically desperate, practically begged, "Sweetie, can I have the next turn? Please? Pick me!"

The other two made equally urgent pleas. The situation would have almost been comical, except that he was still stuck with a serious problem over choosing just one of them, since by making one very happy he would make the other two very disappointed.

Alan was highly aroused by their eagerness. Thanks to all their pleas of "Pick Me!", he finally shifted positions, which let the others see that his erection was at full strength. He knew that there was no way he could safely pick one because it would hurt the other two. He wanted to pick and please them all, but figured that his mother wouldn't take part in multi-person sex if he proposed it. That and pussy contact were the two boundaries she was actually remaining fairly firm about.

He was about to announce that he wouldn't take any help at all, when an idea came to him. I know! I'll let chance decide. Then no one can blame me for choosing.

He finally turned off the football game replay. Then he stood up dramatically, to better show off the bulge in his shorts. "Okay, it's true. You've all got me ready to be drained yet again. What a day! I want all three of you equally. You're all so great and sexy; there's no way I can pick just one. I'd like to pick all three of you at once, but Mom wouldn't agree to that. That's why you'll have to play 'rock, paper, scissors.'"

The three women grumbled but realized his quandary, so they went along with the idea. Katherine and Susan picked rock but Suzanne picked paper.

Realizing she'd won, Suzanne acted very cool and collected, as if she'd known all along that she was going to win. But, internally, she was surprised at just how happy her victory made her feel.

Alan was diplomatic. He shrugged his shoulders and said to the other two, "I'm really sorry. I'll make sure it evens out later. I'm especially sorry, Mom, that this happened on a Tuesday. I'll be yours for the rest of the evening, after Aunt Suzy and I are done. Okay?"

Susan was so upset that she didn't say anything at first, but she finally managed to nod her agreement, if only a tiny bit. She was doubtful that he'd be able to get it up again after Suzanne was through with him.

To be honest, Alan had doubts about that too.

He said to Katherine, "And remember the deal you made with Mom this morning? No fun today, but double the fun for the next three days. So nothing's changed there."

"Yeah. True," she admitted.

Suzanne stood up next to Alan and took his hand. She wagged her finger at the others like a lecturing mother and said, "We might be out late, you two, so don't wait up." She realized it was immature of her to rub in her victory, especially since it was due to pure chance, but she found she couldn't help herself. She sashayed her naked ass in a greatly exaggerated fashion as she walked upstairs with his hand in hers.

She thought as they silently made their way to his room, That was too close! It's time I establish myself more clearly as Sweetie's main lover. Otherwise we're going to have a lot more awkward, ugly scenes like that one.

The other two just have to accept that I'm in charge here. I'm madly in love with him and I NEED him close to me, every day. I've never felt such need, not even from my husband way back when we were in love. Somehow, all the competition makes me want him ten times more than before. Yes, we're all going to fuck in one big orgy, but he needs to think of me as his primary partner, almost as if I was his wife. That's right. It should be just like I was his wife. Me! Mrs. Alan Plummer! Hee-hee!

Okay, calm down. You're acting immature. Irrational even. You're supposed to be the cool, calm, collected femme fatale. Get your act together, girl!


Although Suzanne and Alan had reached the door to his room, she said, "Just a sec, Sweetie. Let me freshen up." As he went ahead into his room, she paused outside his door and continued pondering her situation. She realized that lately she'd been a bit like Susan, in that she'd been so busy just doing that she hadn't been thinking things through properly. She wanted to change that.

Pacing naked up and down the hallway in nothing but her high heels while holding her large breasts from bouncing too much, she thought, Okay, the problem here is how to counter the incest factor. I'm his "Aunt Suzy," but I'm not his real aunt, and in any case 'aunt' status wouldn't come close to competing with the mother and daughter status in terms of desire for forbidden fruit.

In his eyes the three of us women are all about equally attractive and personable, but I have two things that puts me ahead of the others: my scheming wiles, and my greater sexual skill and experience. Okay, and maybe my long tongue, but that's not as big a factor, really. In the short term, I have to wow and overwhelm him with my sexual prowess so in the long term I can reshape our relationship at a fundamental level to something more official and substantial. If he treats me as his wife then I'll have as close a relationship as a sister or his mother. At least from there I should be able to use my wits to stay one step ahead of them, though it won't be easy. Angel in particular is a quick learner.

The problem is, Susan is so into blowjobs that she's overcoming her lack of experience through sheer enthusiasm. I can't get a clear edge there. Ditto with Angel and all her "fuck toy" talk. But when it comes to fucking, I can gain ground while Susan continues to muck around with her indecision and moral qualms. Sweetie needs to fuck me, NOW! It's way overdue.

It's risky with the two of them waiting downstairs, but I have to solidify my position with him TODAY, not tomorrow. Things are too unsettled. There's no telling what one or both of those two might do at any moment. For all I know, he could announce tomorrow that he and Angel are secretly going to go steady. He might even start fucking her at home at any time, if he hasn't done so already.

I've got to fuck him tonight. Now is the time! I'm so very ready. To be honest, I don't know if this makes the most strategic sense or if it's just my pussy doing the thinking, picking the option that gets me fucked the soonest, but frankly I don't care. I need it! I need HIM in me right now!

She pushed open the door and saw the sight she'd hoped for: a ready Alan lying naked on his bed. Locking the door behind her, she practically dove at him, covering him completely with her nude body.

After they'd French kissed for a minute or so, they paused to both sit up. She asked, more as a statement than a question, "We're not just going to be giving you a blowjob today, are we?"

"Uh, no," he replied hesitantly, hoping his newfound "go with the flow" and "the less talking the safer you are" tactics would pay off once again.

"Do you remember what I promised you the last time we were together alone, on Sunday night?"

"How could I forget? You promised that I could get to know your pussy a little bit. Finally!"

She chuckled with pure glee. "A little bit? I want you to get VERY well acquainted with it. Tonight."


She lay back on the bed right below where he was sitting up. She spread her legs very wide, giving him a great view of her pussy.

His dick was already hard, mere inches away from that tempting target.

She pulled her pussy lips open.

He noticed just how thick and symmetrical those lips were. She had a luxuriantly thick dark brown bush. It seemed to him that when it came to Suzanne and sex, she always had more assets than most women. He even commented, "You know, your body is built for sex. And I really do mean that."

"Why thank you... I guess."

He bent forward to closely examine her nether lips and the gap that she was exposing between them.

She said, "Suzanne's pussy, meet Alan Plummer. Alan, say hello to Suzanne's pussy, your new best friend and, I hope, your home away from home!"

He bent closer, marveling at the delicate light pink of her pussy lips and inner membranes that he could see now that she was wide open. He figured her light color down there went with her ivory white skin.

Giggling gaily like Katherine often did, she asked, "Sweetie, don't be rude. If you meet someone new, don't you give them a handshake?"

He got the idea, so put three fingers into her slit. He was tempted to put in four to make it more like a hand reaching for a handshake, but that seemed like just too many fingers. He spoke into her crotch, "How do you do, Aunt Suzy's pussy? Do you come here often? What's your sign?"

Both of them laughed. Then she responded, "I do cum here often. I love this room - the cum room. I just love walking in here and filling my nostrils with the smell of your sweet cum. Mmmm. Good memories, and great expectations."

She was eager to fuck, but since his fingers were already there she wanted him to get her off manually first. So, suddenly all action, she said, "Sweetie, I know you know all about the G-spot. Katherine is a bit secretive about what you do and who you do, but she told me that much at least. Can you find mine?"

He had no trouble finding Suzanne's G-spot. Like everything else she had, including her clit, it was bigger and somehow more exceptional than others' he'd experienced. And unlike when he tried to figure out the mysteries of the G-spot with Katherine, Suzanne knew exactly what she wanted. She wasted no time in teaching him how she wanted him to stimulate it, after which he went to town doing exactly what she wanted.

But just as she was about to cum, she had him stop completely, which surprised him.

She pointed out, "Sweetie, I'm just doing the little trick that you're becoming so famous for. Go right up to the edge, then stop and get a second wind, like you always do with your strategic pauses. You should learn that's good for a woman too. It's not just how many times a woman cums, but the intensity of the cumming. After a few of these pauses I'll have the mother of all orgasms; just you wait and see."

So he worked on her G-spot some more, even as he fiddled with her clit and she jacked him off. She urged him to go faster and faster, which he did.

She was concerned that they wouldn't have much time, since Katherine and Susan were waiting downstairs, undoubtedly fidgeting more and more, and she desperately wanted to get to the fucking. She was especially concerned about Susan, knowing that this interlude was imposing on her best friend's Tuesday "tradition."

She built up toward that big climax, but before she got there she had him pause again and remove his hand completely. She decided to hold off, so that she would have her massive orgasm when they fucked.

She thought, I've got to build this up, just like Sweetie always does, so this will be the greatest fuck of my life. No ordinary "bam bam, thank you ma'am" fuck; with my Sweetie I've got to make it the most pleasurable fuck ever. I have to keep building and building with more foreplay.

But no sooner did she think this than she ruined her own plan. Her pussy was simply too needy. She sat on her heels on his bed and said, "In a better world I'd tease this out and make a big production of it, but I can't stand it another second. It's time for you to fuck me NOW! Hard! Give it all you've got. Do you have any problem with that?"

Alan's cock was visibly twitching, ready to go, so Suzanne was surprised that his face showed more concern that excitement. She was even more surprised when he said, rather loudly, "That's a good one. Funny joke. What should we really do?"

She was beside herself with disbelief.

But before she could demand an explanation, he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Just a second. I'd LOVE to do that! I can't even begin to tell you just how much I've dreamed about it. But we can't in this house. No way, no how. What do you think the odds are that my mom is pressing her ear to the door at this very moment? I'd say very high. Almost certain, in fact."

Suzanne frowned, suddenly feeling very worried about what she'd already said.

He continued quietly, "Come on, Aunt Suzy! We have to be careful. Strategic. Or she'll blow her lid. Especially after catching Sis on Saturday. Who knows what she'd do? We could lose all kinds of progress with her, and she'd probably slap a big punishment on you."

Suzanne was so raring to fuck that she'd forgotten all about the possibility of people listening through the door, even though she'd done it herself on several recent occasions. She'd thought that locking the door was good enough, but she recalled that holding an ear directly to the door was pretty effective, especially if one used a glass to improve sound conduction.

She still couldn't believe that they couldn't fuck right then. Hoping that she could prove that they were alone and then get on with their fucking, she said, loudly, "Let me think about that. All the delightful possibilities." Then she crept across the room to the door.

Suzanne put her ear on the door. Even though the room was fairly soundproof, an ear on the door did wonders from this side too, and as she listened carefully she was just able to make out the sound of heavy panting on the other side. She also saw that there was no light coming through the keyhole, implying that something like Susan's body was blocking it.

She stepped back and curled her hands into fists. She was so angry that she wanted to punch someone or something. She yelled, in her own mind, God fucking damn you, Susan! Fucking getting off listening to us in here! You had a full hour alone with him in this room just a short while ago. Give me some fucking privacy and some fucking time so I can finally fuck this wonderful boy in peace, the way he needs to be fucked! Not to mention MY need! I'm dying, waiting to do it! So is he! Go the hell away and let us do it already!

She paced back and forth, for once heedless of just how sexy her naked body looked while she was doing that. She was having a hard time not thinking very unkind and hurtful things about her best friend.

Alan had been hopeful that in fact they were alone and that his precautions were unnecessary, but by looking at Suzanne fuming he knew that she'd detected someone on the other side of the door. He thought, Look how pissed off she is! That means she's really serious about wanting to fuck, right now! Oh, man! This is killing me!

Suzanne momentarily considered just jumping on Alan and having her way with him, but she realized that would be damaging to her long term plans. Besides, there was no way to have a great first fuck in silence, with a rapt listener at the door and worrying what the fallout would be.

She shook her fist at the door. FUCK! That's it. The first chance I have with my Sweetie, he and I are going to rent a hotel room and fuck like insane bunnies on speed! Put that in the bank! I'm going to craft a cover story that'll give us hours and hours of prime fucking. The cover isn't so much the problem as the time. Between his school, his afternoon naps, breakfast and dinner, his tennis tournament, the S-Club, and God knows what else... Oh, there's a stupid fucking card game with Brenda tomorrow night too, so tomorrow is out. Damn! ... Oh no! God no! Even worse! He's got that fucking Boy Scout hiking trip this weekend too. FUUUUUCCCKK!

She shook her fist again, then thought, Compose yourself, Suzanne. You're losing it. Losing your edge. Don't lose your reason and your ability to scheme. It's the only thing that keeps you ahead of this pack. Relax. Breathe. Think. Just take a deep breath and think.

She breathed slowly several times, then thought, I'm in a quandary. My time with Sweetie right now is very limited. I'm going to enjoy this time with him, and then figure out when we can fuck later. Thursday, maybe. Gotta do it by Friday, before he leaves that evening for his scouting trip. Definitely before then. Damn.

Making sure to walk back to his bed before talking, she said, "Jacking you off is so much fun, but my hands are getting tired. Let's try something else." She said that to cover for the time she'd spent across the room, knowing now that Susan was probably able to hear everything that was said louder than a whisper.


Suzanne kicked off her heels and hopped back on the bed. In fact she did go back to jacking him off, but her face still wore a heavy frown.

Alan was much more composed. He was actually amused at the extent of her frustration, and so wore a stupid smile. It was amusing for him because, for once, the tables were turned and she felt intensely frustrated, the way he'd grown used to feeling nearly every day. Weeks of such constant frustration had given him some immunity to situations like this. Experiencing the excruciatingly frustrating inability to fuck the women he loved most, except for his occasional opportunities with Katherine, was now such a commonplace thing for him that, once the initial anger at being stymied once again wore off, he could deal with it.

He knew that Susan had looked far too antsy when they'd left her, so he'd assumed that she would snoop on them. He was surprised that Suzanne, who was normally extremely astute and observant, hadn't picked up on that as well.

He didn't realize that, in this case, Suzanne's senses and skills were dulled by her overwhelming need to fuck, which was getting more urgent every day. First there had been her "Elle" experience, and then her few precious seconds of fucking in the ocean on Sunday. Together they had brought her so close that she could taste it. Alan at least had other women to fuck, including his fantastic sister, which made the constant torment of being unable to fuck Suzanne and his mother and his teacher Glory somewhat bearable. But Suzanne had no other male sex partners but Alan. (She didn't even consider having sex with her husband, as they hadn't even shared a romantic kiss in years.) So, as her desire kept increasing, her actions were also becoming increasingly rash.

Back on the bed, with Alan's thick, wet erection sliding through her hands and giving her some consolation, she pondered what they could do to take the edge off her raging need. She went over the possibilities. Let's see. More blowjobs? Nah. Titfuck? Nah. Anal sex? ... Ah, that's a good one. But he's so resistant to that. Now's not the time to talk him into it, with Susan listening in and time running out. Besides, if I had time to get him into that hole, I'd have time to get him into the other one.

Cunnilingus? YES! That's what will do the trick. I've got this massive orgasm still welling up in me despite Susan's rude interruption, and he can release it with his tongue. Yes! Maybe that'll allow me to endure another day.

Alan leaned forward and whispered, "I'm really sorry, Aunt Suzy, I want to fuck you so terribly badly, but when it comes to doing stuff in the house, I have-"

She cut him off, whispering back, "Never mind. Let's talk about it later. Just shut up and lick me. Go down on me. Please! I beg you! I need release so bad. Right now!"


Sitting on her heels, she arched backwards until her head hit the bed. She was presenting her pussy to him as if on a platter. She joked, "Remember what I said about the cookies?"

He replied, "'Hot and fresh and served on a platter.' Just the way I like to see them."

He licked his lips and eagerly moved into position to accept her offering. He'd done this a couple of times and was getting to like it a little more each time.

He thought, I'm going to fuck Aunt Suzy soon. If she wants it, she makes it happen. But in the meantime, I've got to make do. I think going down is going to be a lot of fun, if I'm doing it with her. Knowing her, she's got some secret sex tricks that'll make it twice as orgasmic for both of us as doing it with anyone else.

As he moved his head between her legs, she spoke from her bent-back position in a voice low enough that she hoped Susan couldn't overhear. "Let's be really quiet so your mom doesn't know what we're doing. That'll drive her crazy."

He nodded, then placed his head right above her pussy. "Aunt Suzy, you're so very, very wet. I don't think I've ever seen you quite so wet, and that's saying something."

"Who always makes me that way? My cute, lovable Sweetie! For the love of God, please stop talking and do me already!"


He dove in with his tongue. She was radiating such an aching need that he felt he had to do his very best to give her the satisfaction she craved and deserved.

In fact his task was easy, because she was so worked up already. After only a minute or two after his tongue found its way into her inner lips and his fingers found her clit, she threw her upper body forward and, while still sitting on her heels, grabbed any parts of him she could reach and held on as if her life depended on it. Then she let out a piercing scream as the climax that had been building for the past half hour finally found its desperate release.

Her fingernails tore into his back as she continued to scream and cum.

He found his face drenched with her juices. Her fluids came out with such force that he wondered if she would have squirted them out like a man, if his tongue and face hadn't been in the way.

She collapsed as if dead, lying sprawled out on his bed.

He was in better shape though, and in fact he hadn't yet come close to cumming.

Curiosity got the best of him, so he hopped up and went to his door to see if he could hear the sounds of his mother panting. To his surprise, just as he put his ear to the door, he heard her talking. Her voice grew louder and he realized she was walking down the hallway towards his door.

He couldn't clearly hear her question, but he heard Katherine answer. "I don't know what happened. It sounds like Aunt Suzy just had a major, royal, first-rate climax. But I have no idea what they're doing. They said a few strange things. She said something a few minutes ago about wanting to be truly fucked, but Brother laughed it off as a joke. Then she asked him to quote 'do her' unquote. Then it was been pretty silent until her scream."

It occurred to him, Aunt Suzy screamed so loud that Mom must have heard it from downstairs and come to investigate. So it wasn't Mom listening, but Sis? Fuck. Too bad we didn't know, but the effect is still the same: no fucking tonight. Besides, there probably wasn't time anyway since Mom came upstairs so quickly.

He heard Susan say, "Fucked, eh? We'll see about that." Then he heard a colossally loud sound right by his head and realized that his mother was starting to pound on the door. He quickly pulled his ear away and backed off towards the bed.

Susan said through the door, "Suzanne? Are you okay in there? I just heard a scream. What's going on?" She pounded on the door some more.

Suzanne roused herself on the bed, answering loudly, "I'm fine. Never been better! Sweetie's taking great care of me."

Susan kept pounding on the door and repeatedly trying to turn the doorknob, even though it was locked. "Can you open the door? I want to make sure everything is okay. Please open the door."

By this time Alan was back near Suzanne's side, so she pulled him close and whispered the obvious. "She thinks we might be fucking and is trying to break it up. If only she were right. God DAMN."

Susan continued to knock. "Tiger? Can you open up? Please? Tiger?"

Alan went and opened the door. Susan and Katherine stood there, both dressed for once, both looking very concerned. As their gazes settled on his face, their eyes went wide, and he wondered if he'd done something wrong.

Susan pointed at his face and asked in wonder, "Is that cum? Suzanne's cum?"

He put a hand to his face, rather sheepishly realizing that it was dripping with Suzanne's juices. For once the shoe was on the other foot; he was on the receiving end of a facial, a very wet facial. "Uh, yeah. Sorry. Aunt Suzy was just teaching me how to better go down on a woman."

Susan said in shock, as well as relief, "So you didn't... That means you and she didn't..."

"No, of course we didn't, Mom," he replied, as if the very idea was silly. He protested a bit disingenuously, "Don't you know that I always obey your rules, your boundaries? Whatever gave you that idea that we would do something like that?"

Susan glared briefly at Katherine, who by that time was looking very sheepish. But the lusty mother was much more relieved than upset about be wrong. "Sorry. It's just that her scream was so loud. I trust you..." Yet it was obvious to everyone that she didn't trust him enough to not check.

Katherine said happily, "Yep! That was one loooouud scream. Bro, I'll bet you're just as good at cunnilingus as you are at everything else." She nudged Susan's shoulder. "Imagine that, Mom. Can you imagine your son feasting between your thighs, lapping his talented tongue up and down your very most naughty parts?"

Susan blushed and turned away. "Angel, please don't talk like that. That's terribly improper. Those ARE very naughty parts, and with good reason! If Tiger did that to me, how would that help him reach his daily target? Answer me that!"

Katherine appeared to think for a moment before replying, "Okay, true. But what if you two were to get in a sixty-nine? You know, where your mouth gets to make love to his cock while his tongue gets to make love to your 'naughty place.' I mean this incredible, powerful cock!" She reached down and briefly held his flaccid penis to better tempt Susan, even though it wasn't looking very "powerful" at that moment. "Can you just imagine what kind of insanely pleasurable joy that would be?!"

Suzanne spoke up, while stretching out in a sexy manner with a completely satisfied and satiated look on her face. "Susan, you don't have to imagine. Did you hear me screaming? That was the scream of a-"

Susan interrupted. "Okay, I get the point. Enough about that!" She looked back and forth between Suzanne and Alan. "Can't anyone put some clothes on, for once? Since you two look done, why don't you come downstairs and we can all do something non-sexual for a change? Amy just arrived."

Suzanne sat up in bed with a start. "Amy?" Her voice was so filled with amazement at the name that it was as if she had only just realized that she had a daughter. In fact, she had been rather out of it after her big climax, so that was almost how she felt.

It occurred to her that when she'd set new nakedness rules earlier in the evening, she'd completely failed to consider Amy. She ruefully realized that Amy was unlikely to wear anything at the Plummer house anymore, given the way she loved nakedness anyway. Thinking about her daughter made her remember that she herself was a married woman with children, at which point the "real world" came flooding back.

Suzanne had hoped to get much more of Alan's tongue on her hot box as soon as she'd recovered, but when she surveyed the scene she realized that wasn't going to happen, at least not that night. Alan's penis had gone flaccid again, probably from all the screaming and commotion, and the other two were looking at her expectantly and impatiently.

Suzanne had come into the room buck naked so she walked out of it the same way. As she passed Alan, who was standing near the other two by the door, she carefully grabbed him by his balls and whispered, "I'm sorry to leave you hanging like this. You're right. No privacy in this house, and too many interruptions. But I'm sure your mother will take care of this problem soon enough" - she squeezed his balls a bit tighter - "if she doesn't give me another chance first."

She walked off to the bathroom so she could slip into a bathrobe before greeting her daughter downstairs.

She thought, I just realized something that should have dawned on me before. My Sweetie has developed a nearly inhuman ability to delay gratification. That's the key to understanding everything: his respectfulness and that he just doesn't up and rape us all. He knows that he can just out-wait everyone.

I figured I could train him to be a better lover, but he's really surpassed all expectations with his little strategic pauses that allow him to barely fend off orgasm. By delaying so well, and so long, he ends up getting and giving far greater pleasure in the end. Things around here would be quite different if he gave into his urges with less delay. Everything has been so intense that he's slowly turning us all into his nymphomaniac servants, keeping us all on edge as our anticipation and desire just grows and grows. He probably doesn't even realize what he's doing or how rare that sexual skill is.

Look at me. Even I feel somewhat affected. Truth be told, I'm a complete wreck from the anticipation, but somehow he deals with it okay. He just keeps going and going like some kind of sex-mad Energizer bunny. If I don't watch out, he's going to end up in charge of everything and everyone! But I won't let that happen. My plan to be the queen bee of this bunch is still on track; I just need to make some adjustments.

Alan went back into his room to put on some clothes. He just shook his head in wonder at all the strange things that were happening to him on an almost hourly basis.


Alan walked down the stairs a few minutes later. Despite not having had a climax with Suzanne, he'd nonetheless shared a very emotionally exhausting experience, so he was looking forward to doing something mellow like watching TV. It seemed his plans to watch the rest of the Chargers game were doomed for the night. He'd been taping some episodes of the British sci-fi comedy 'Red Dwarf', and everyone had gotten into the show's wacky humor. He anticipated sitting down to watch a couple of episodes of that, expecting to be joined by the others. As it was already about 9:30 p.m., he figured when they were done with that the others would leave and his mother would give him a very intense "goodnight kiss" and blowjob.

But he was mistaken. Suzanne might have been deeply satisfied after her "mother of all climaxes," but Katherine and Susan were still sexually all worked up and raring to go.

As Susan had noted, Amy was there too. She gave Alan an endearingly cute little wave hello, which he returned with a smile. She wasn't particularly chomping at the bit at that moment, but she always seemed up for whatever the others wanted to do.

They all moved into the living room where Alan attempted to explain his "Red Dwarf" viewing plan.

Katherine spoke up. "That sounds fine, but before we watch that, now that you're here, I think it's time for us to welcome Amy into our home, since we haven't done that yet, what with the racket you were making upstairs and all."

Alan was confused about what this welcoming might entail, since Amy was like family already, but Katherine stood up and demonstrated her meaning. To everyone's surprise, including Amy's, she embraced Amy and then gave her a long, passionate kiss on the lips.

The kiss went on and on, with lots of tongue. When it was over, Katherine explained to Amy, "We have a new greeting custom around here. My mom has finally caught on to the California custom of women kissing each other on the lips. So now we're all doing it. Do you want to join us?"

"M'kay! Sounds super!" Katherine had presumed Amy's agreement, which is why Amy wasn't asked until after the kiss was over.

Then Katherine said to her mother, "Since I've greeted Amy, now it's your turn."

Susan sat silently. She was tense from a couple of hours of not being able to jack off or suck off her son. In fact, she'd been spacing out while imagining what it would be like to take part in a sixty-nine with Alan, thanks to Katherine's description of the act upstairs. She'd been so deep into that fantasy that she'd almost overlooked the kiss between Katherine and Amy.

But even as she fantasized about more cocksucking, kissing Amy was an entirely different matter. She told herself, I have to keep my eyes on the prize. Today is Tuesday, and all I want is to get back to my favorite position, with my head bobbing between my son's thighs. Anything else is an unnecessary distraction, and unseemly. So she said in a distracted voice, "No thanks. You go ahead."

Her daughter goaded her, "Come on, Mom; aren't you going to greet Amy already?"

Susan obviously had no plans to move from her seat. "Really, I shouldn't. She's just a young girl. She's so innocent. It's terribly improper!" She truly thought that kissing Amy would be going too far, though she didn't have as strong an objection to doing such things with Amy as Amy's mother Suzanne had.

"Awww, come on," prodded Katherine. "Chiiiickeeen! Bauwk, bauwk, bauwk! Chicken!" She clucked and flapped her arms like a chicken.

Suzanne was noticeably silent, resigning herself to the situation. She was only paying half attention, because she was still focused on her failure to get fucked, and her greater failure to control her desires in general. Her top priority at that moment was figuring out a time when she could be alone with Alan without being disturbed, but she doubted that could happen any time that night, since it was a Tuesday and Katherine, Susan, and now Amy were all around.

Alan smiled at his sister's "chicken" antics, but thought it would be diplomatic to stay clear of participating in the clucking. He did add though, "Come on, Mom. If you don't, you'll hurt Amy's feelings. She's always feeling left out. She's growing up now and should be treated like the rest of us, like an adult and not a baby. It's okay."

That persuaded Susan to go ahead with the kiss, though she remained very reluctant. She stood and said, "Very well."

The others, even Suzanne, watched closely as Amy and Susan drew their bodies into each other. Susan didn't want to get too erotic, but her tongue seemingly had a mind of its own as it played with Amy's tongue deep inside her mouth.

Susan disengaged after only half a minute, even though it was obvious that Amy wanted the kiss to go on for much longer.


Amy managed to keep licking and making small kisses all over Susan's face for another minute or so before Susan pulled away completely.

Susan didn't exactly mind the extra attention, and she even found herself moaning in delight. She thought, I really need to get a hold of myself. I get so hot thinking about my tasty, spermy son that I'm doing all these crazy things with other women! People who didn't know any better might look in and think I'm some kind of lesbian, when nothing could be further from the truth! I need to be on my knees, serving my son's wonderful cock!

Susan found it hard to think as Amy kept on kissing and licking her. Mmmm... But I do have to admit Amy tastes pretty good... Uh, what I mean to say... I don't exactly mind the... uh... The way that she's uh...

Suzanne was conflicted as she watched the kiss. I guess it's good and natural that they kiss. After all, I want an open-ended orgy in this house, and I don't have a problem, in theory, with Amy being with anyone else here, except me of course. I keep saying I need to be a cool mom when it comes to my Honey Pie and her blossoming sexuality.

But to see this in reality... She's my little baby! My sweet Honey Pie! ... I have to accept that she's become a woman, and has womanly needs. Given that she has my genes, she probably has really great sexual needs. I suppose if I had to choose I couldn't think of a better guy for her than Sweetie, but he's supposed to be mainly MY guy now. I can't out-and-out say that though, since he doesn't know yet that I'm going to be his top woman.

Susan said to everyone as she flopped back on the sofa, "There! You happy? Now we can watch some TV."

"I am," said Katherine.

"Me too!" said a very bubbly Amy.

"But there's one thing we're still missing," Katherine added.

"What's that?" asked Suzanne curiously, even though she suspected a trap. Usually she thought of every angle but she knew this wasn't her best day for thinking. Is she going to ask Alan and Amy to kiss? ... Oh no. Is she going to ask ME to kiss my own daughter? No way. Ain't gonna happen. Even in an orgy tangle of bodies I'm not gonna so much as touch her. She's my real flesh and blood!

But Katherine had anticipated Suzanne's reluctance to kiss Amy and was thinking of something else. "Alan has an attention-getting sign for each of us now, except for Amy."

Amy looked clueless. "A sign?"

Katherine explained, "Yes. You see, we kind of have a new tradition around here. Since Alan is the man of the house now, we all have special ways for him to get our attention. That's very important for him, that he can get our attention when he needs it." She quickly detailed what everyone's signals were.

Amy clapped her hands in glee. "Oooh! Oooh! I definitely want my own signal too!"

"What'll it be, Big Brother?" asked Katherine. "You've already picked some good spots. But you don't want to repeat yourself." She pulled up her shorts, spread her legs and rubbed her bald pussy, to remind him of his signal with her. It was the first "indecent" exposure since Amy had arrived, but Amy didn't even blink an eye.

"Hmmm. That's true," he realized. "What if I kiss Amy on the lips, since everyone else here has? But since that's a bit tame compared with the other greetings, at the same time I can run my hands all over her body while the kiss lasts."

Suzanne in particular wasn't too happy about that, even though his idea was rather tame in comparison to other possibilities, but before she or anyone else could voice a dissent, Alan leaned in and physically demonstrated his idea.

He and Amy locked their lips and kissed intently and ravenously.

Amy was beside herself with joy at getting unexpectedly kissed by three of her favorite people, one after another.

As the necking went on, Alan stuck one hand under the band of Amy's shorts so he could rub her butt, while his other hand reached inside her shirt and groped at her boobs. Naturally, there was no underwear in the way for him to get past. As he cupped her heavy globes from below, he thought, I love how these are nice and big. Soft and squeezy! Very nice. I think she's a keeper!

Relying on Amy to keep himself from falling, he even shoved his knee between her legs and repeatedly pushed and ground one of his thighs up into her crotch.

As their kiss went on, he pulled her shorts down to her thighs, completely exposing her ass. The hand on her butt soon migrated around to her shaved pussy. He was aggressively fingering it by the time they ran out of breath, forcing their kiss to come to an end.

Alan looked around. He wondered if he'd gone too far. Amy had been standing there fully clothed one minute, and by the end of the kiss she was virtually naked and all but being fucked standing up. Her top was wide open and her shorts had slid down to her feet.

Katherine looked jealous while Suzanne was in denial.

"I don't know..." said Susan doubtfully. "That's like you're getting a three-in-one deal, or maybe even four-in-one, because of the kiss." She tried to be a responsible parent and put some brakes on his behavior, but she was all hot and wet from watching such a passionate kiss and grope.

Upset that she was wearing fairly unrevealing clothes, Susan pulled her shirt up to her shoulders to fully expose her huge rack. Then she leaned forward and thrust her tits out, letting them sway forward enticingly. She thought to herself, Tiger, look over here. Not at Amy. Look at Mommy's tits. Don't you love them? Mommy's tits are bigger. They belong to you now!

She started pinching her sensitive nipples, not caring who else might look at her. She lost focus on the situation at hand as her mind drifted back to when he had earlier been sucking on her nipples. This is how my tits should always be: buck naked with my nipples erect and ready for fondling. By my son. Only by my son. Titfuck them, Tiger! Then suck all the milk gushing out of my nipples. Oh yes! Do it to me, my sweet baby! Milk Mommy's tits. They're so bursting with milk that they hurt.

She started singing "The Alan Song" in her head. ("I am Alan's whore / I'm going to suck him, more, more, more...")

A slightly more level-headed Suzanne said, "I agree with Susan. That goes too far." Suzanne still felt very protective when it came to Amy and sex.

She looked over at Susan and rolled her eyes, because Susan appeared to be zoned out, staring off into space. It looks like I won't be getting any more support from that direction. Sheesh. She's really crossed some kind of mental line today. I can't wait to find out what happened earlier in the afternoon and evening that made her like this.

Alan spoke up. "Well, I have an idea. But first, Amy, I have something important to ask you, so could you take the rest of your clothes off?"

"M'kay!" she said enthusiastically. She still had her shorts hanging around her feet and a loose shirt open down the front, but she took care of that in seconds. She didn't question the logic of why she had to be naked to hear and respond to something important.

Suzanne started to say, "Hey, wait a minute. What does that have to do-"

But Alan interrupted. "As I was going to say, would such a kiss be going too far if Amy was my official girlfriend?"


There was dead silence. It took some seconds for his words to sink in.

"WHAT?" all of the women suddenly said in near unison. Then all four women began talking to him at once and he couldn't understand any of it.

Everyone was shocked, but Amy seemed the most shocked of all. She squealed a high-pitched yell of pure joy.

Susan even stopped fondling her own breasts temporarily in surprise at all the noise.

Katherine frowned, feeling extremely upset and much more jealous than ever before.

"Wait, wait, wait. Just wait a minute, everybody," Alan said, taking advantage of the relative silence that followed Amy's squeal. He turned towards Amy. "I know we haven't discussed this, Amy, but would you want to be my official girlfriend, even as I continue to have sex with other women, including all the other women here in this room?"


"Why sure," said Amy, overcome with joy. "Anything you want, Beau!" She squealed in delight again, pumping her fist in the air. "YES! Woo-hoo!" Then she leaned up against him and said, "You know, you've been my beau all along. Haven't I been calling you Beau for years?"

Everyone's eyes rolled heavenward as they realized that her old nickname for him, which they'd just assumed was spelled 'Bo', derived from 'Bro', could also be spelled 'Beau', which was a given name found most often in the southeastern U.S. They all knew that the old term for boyfriend or male admirer, 'beau', was spelled exactly the same way.

Katherine began to really fume when she heard that, even though she assumed that it was just one of Amy's frequent spur-of-the-moment plays on words.

Alan really liked it. He embraced Amy tightly, very pleased at her response. He knew he was incredibly lucky that she was so easy-going about sharing.

Susan wanted to point out that Alan wasn't actually having sex with anyone in the room (so far as she knew, at least), but she didn't want to break the mood.

"We can try it out," Alan continued in a casual voice while possessively fondling Amy's bare butt, "but you'll have to remember that it would mean you're no more special to me than anyone else in this room. I love you a lot, and I'm not trying to be cruel, but I have to be brutally honest about how the situation is. Obviously, in some ways Sis and Mom are even more special to me than you are, and that includes sexually. Even though they're my relatives, they're also my fuck partners."

Susan again felt the need to correct his use of the phrase "fuck partners," but instead let him continue. For some reason the whole situation was arousing her greatly.

Katherine was going to start an angry outburst, but his last sentences had silenced her temporarily.

He went on, "And even your mom, while not my real family, has a longer and deeper tie to me than you do. Although I've known you forever, Aims, we had kind of drifted away from each other in recent years, until really recently. But your mom has always been my Aunt Suzy, ever since I can remember. Lately she and I have developed a sexual bond that I don't intend on ever breaking."

Amy nodded.

"So what this all means is that we would go on dates and do stuff together publicly, but in return, if your mom, my mom, or Sis want to do anything with me sexually like suck my dick or even get fucked, their wishes would oftentimes come first, over yours. It's a trade-off. You can do more in public, but they can do more in private."

He looked around and made eye contact with each woman in turn. "In reality, I feel like all of you are my favorite girlfriend. For instance, I'd love to have Sis as my girlfriend, but obviously that can't happen publicly. Amy is the only acceptable female for the public eye. If I was, say, fucking you, Amy, and my mom came up to me and wanted me to fuck her right then, I'd have to roll right off of you and pound her pussy into oblivion first. Then of course I'd come back and fuck you afterwards."

He said all this in a normal tone of voice, as if this was how boys often asked girls to be their girlfriends. All the while he continued to play with her bare ass cheeks like he owned them, and his big erection poked into her lower abdomen with only his shorts in the way.

Susan finally felt she couldn't stay quiet. "Alan! I'm your mother, not your fuck partner! Please stop talking about fucking me already! You know how I feel about servicing and even serving your cock, and how much I totally love it, but really fucking your mother is different. That's a mortal sin in the eyes of the Lord."

However, her shirt was still hanging uselessly up around her shoulders, and in her mind she was still singing "The Alan Song."

He just ignored her. She's deceiving herself again, but she'll understand in time. It's amazing how she denies her true feelings, even now. He brought one hand from Amy's ass to her chest and began fondling her there too. "What do you say, Aims?"

"I'll do anything you want, Beau. I'll gladly share you with anyone you want. I'm totally cool with that. Especially if it's these special people. These are my favorite people in the whole world. I love them, so I'd love to share you with them. Cool! I'm just so happy! First, I get to be one of your official helpers, and now this!" She bounced up and down excitedly.

He watched her boobs jiggle endlessly as she kept bouncing and bouncing and bouncing with happiness. He was soaring with joy too. Even though his heart was pounding wildly, he felt strangely calm and in control.

She leaned in and kissed him. All of his casual fondling in front of the others had gotten her hot and she was ready for a scorching kiss.

But he said, "Aims, let's not just kiss, but let me 'get your attention.'"

"Oh, right! M'kay! Sorry, Beau!" She unzipped and unbuttoned his shorts and took out his stiff prick, even though this wasn't part of her "attention" tradition, at least as practiced so far.

They kissed much more passionately and physically than the first time, which was already very intense. It was as if they merged at the mouth. Once again he let his hands roam all over her, while she tried her best to get him to shoot a load by pumping his boner with both hands. His shorts had fallen to the floor shortly after his fly was unzipped, but somehow Amy managed to get his T-shirt off in the middle of the kiss. That meant both of them were now completely nude.

Soon he switched to dry humping her, with his stiff hard-on thrusting between her thighs right along the outside of her pussy. He was all but fucking her standing up, even though they were standing in front of her mother and his mother and sister.


At one point she managed to jump up into his arms, so he wound up holding her off the ground by her ass while she ground her entire body into his.

Susan muttered quietly to Suzanne, "Look at how he's taking and taming your daughter right in front of us!" She couldn't hide the lust and excitement in her voice, but she was also concerned for her best friend, so she asked, "Are you okay with this?"

Suzanne stared at the two teens for a few moments before replying. "I'm torn, I must admit. I keep thinking of her as my little baby. But looking at that body, and the way they're fondling each other, it's clear she's very much a woman. I need to adjust."

Susan whispered back, "It gets me SO HOT to watch him tame another big-titted babe! It just feels so right to me. Amy belongs to him now, like we all do. You'll get used to it, don't worry."

Suzanne rolled her eyes at that. She certainly didn't feel that Alan had tamed her, and she had no interest in being tamed.

Katherine was still fuming at the idea of Amy being Alan's girlfriend. Watching the way the two of them were dry humping right in front of her steamed her even more. Yet it also aroused her greatly. She'd never realized a person could be both so turned on and so angry at the same time.

She at least felt somewhat mollified by the arrangement Alan had just explained, that the other three came first. If he hadn't qualified his statement with that, the whole house would have gone into an uproar, not just from Katherine, but from Susan and Suzanne too.

As it was, she managed to restrain herself to merely saying as snidely as she could, "You two, get a room."

Amy immediately responded, "M'kay!"

As usual, Amy had behaved so guilelessly that Alan found himself laughing. He had to put her back on the floor when his strength ran out after a while, but their "kiss" kept going.

He planned to talk to his sister about the girlfriend idea later in private, to calm her concerns some more. He'd thought this through already, and was confident how it would all play out. He would repeatedly soothe Katherine with the thought that he considered her more of his true girlfriend than Amy, which was true. He believed that Amy was pleasantly pliant and would agree to anything. He felt that he could even humiliate her in any way without her getting angry; he avoided doing so because he was a nice guy and he loved her.

He didn't know that Susan and Suzanne had already been discussing the idea of Amy as his girlfriend just that very morning, but had he known it, it wouldn't have surprised him too much, because the idea just made so much sense. He figured Katherine would come around soon enough. But that was later; at the moment he just wanted to enjoy Amy to the fullest.


To call what they were doing a kiss or even 'getting her attention' was an understatement. He began rhythmically sliding his boner through Amy's thighs, making it even more like they were really fucking than it had been before. The two of them went at it without much concern for time or their audience, doing whatever they liked.

He found Amy surprisingly active: she wasn't just the pliant, well-endowed, soft body he'd come to expect. Instead she groped at him with the same aggressiveness that her mother Suzanne usually showed.

She kept one hand grasping his erection, tightly squeezing and stroking it at all times, at least until he began dry fucking through her upper thighs. Then she used her thigh muscles to squeeze it in delightful ways as it slid between her thighs.

Her other hand ran through his hair, felt up his chest, explored the flexing biceps of his arms, and more. She even stuck her fingers into his mouth so he could suck on them.

She was more vocal than ever before. When she wasn't moaning or squealing, which was often, she said things like, "Oh yeah. Grab me there. That's good. Squeeze that boob! Tighter! Good! Yeah!"

Alan meanwhile spent a long time concentrating on his favorite part of her anatomy: her ass. He enjoyed the fact that it was so wide and big, yet so firm.

In the midst of all this "kissing," they did manage to actually kiss some too. He was a good number of inches taller and Amy wasn't wearing any shoes or heels, so she had to stand on her tiptoes or he had to bend down whenever their lips locked. Height difference was not a problem with any of the other Amazon-sized women in the house. In fact, Alan was often a bit shorter when the others wore their high heels. Amy was actually fairly tall for a girl her age, so she only seemed short compared to the other three women.

When their kiss (and thigh fucking) ended, Alan looked up and asked, "Is everyone else okay with that idea? The Amy girlfriend idea?"

The others had been watching intently. Susan was still fondling her own boobs. She was huffing and puffing like an old steam train, leaving her in no shape to object to anything. Insofar as any conscious thought crossed her sex-obsessed brain, it was pride that her son had added another gorgeous woman to his de-facto harem. She nodded her approval.

Suzanne was a bit shocked at seeing her daughter get so physical, but restrained herself from complaining. She realized that, abstractly, Amy and Alan together made sense; she'd even suggested it on her own. He does have to take someone his own age, for appearances with the outside world. I should welcome this, because it's much better than him doing the same with Angel, which would be a total social disaster and might even put us all in prison!

But will this derail my plans? Not if I'm smart. I need to turn this surprise around and use it to my advantage. I can use Amy to pull him away from the other Plummers a bit and more towards us Pestridges. My sweet Honey Pie will do anything I say. If I can embrace her sexual role, I may be able to get things done through her to keep the other two well fucked, sure, but not so either one is his number one sexual partner. That's gonna be MY position. I'll just have to embrace this. It sure isn't easy though.

Amy is still my darling little baby. But she's also a woman now. I have to face reality... Her mind kept racing round and round on such thoughts, which prevented her from getting aroused.

Katherine on the other hand wasn't thinking logically but was operating on a purely emotional level. She was practically ready to kill Alan out of jealousy, but she bottled it in until she could be alone with him. But unlike Suzanne she grew so aroused despite her unhappy thoughts that she almost couldn't control her desire to masturbate.

Thus, in the end, everyone nodded in response to Alan's question, including an enthusiastic nod from Amy. He found that cute. Katherine's nod was so brief it was almost indiscernible, but he optimistically took that as a 'yes'.

Somehow he'd managed to not cum yet, though it wasn't easy.

Amy didn't want to let go of his stiff boner or stop massaging it. She said, "Beau, I like to feel your thingy sliding all over my tummy. Can you put it back there?" She closed the distance between them again and rubbed her big boobs into his chest.

Unfortunately, Alan was too close to cumming to allow her to play with his erection at that moment. He finally had to pick up his shorts from the floor, put them back on, and stuff his erection back inside them in order to get her to stop. He purposely held off from cumming because he had special plans for that particular load and didn't know how much more stimulation he could take any time soon.

He looked around the room as he continued to hold and caress a naked Amy in his arms. He was fairly amazed to see the other females just sitting around patiently in various states of undress. Man! What a RUSH! I can't believe I'm getting away with all this, right in front of everybody. Our last "kiss" alone had taken at least five minutes, but no one's complained!

Susan especially seemed to have a "let the lovebirds enjoy their moment" attitude. Actually, it was more of a "let the lovebirds enjoy their moment while I enjoy fondling my own breasts" attitude.

Katherine's eyes shot daggers at him, but her hand was also frantically moving around underneath her shorts, since she'd finally given in to the urge to pleasure herself.

The fact was, all of them, even Suzanne, were too sexed up, too eager to please, and too spellbound with love and lust to object to his desires on this, even though he and they largely failed to fully realize it.

For instance, the main reason Katherine didn't have a public fit was because, through her anger, it occurred to her that a fuck toy doesn't make a public scene. So, perversely, not complaining and thus reveling in her subservient role actually aroused her powerfully.

After a long, silent pause, he said to his new girlfriend, "Okay, Amy, that's how it is."

She grabbed his hand, and they held hands tightly. "M'kay!" she repeated. "I'm psyched! Totally psyched! Super duper double wow-wonderifidousorifically fantastically psyched!"

He smiled at that; he loved the way she abused the English language. But he continued, "However, some bad news. Even though you're my girlfriend, I may not be able to be with you much for the next few days. There's the poker party tomorrow night, and then I go on my scouting trip this weekend. After that, I'll probably need a few days to catch up on homework, since I'm falling way behind. So the first time we can go on a date I guess is next weekend."

"M'kay! That's cool. I can't wait already!" she said joyfully. "Beau, you're the bestest, most amazingest boyfriend I could ever want! You've made me so very happy!"


She pulled away from him because she was so happy that she couldn't help but frolic. Thanks to all her cheerleading training, her frolicking was much like a cheerleading routine. The only difference was that she was now doing her routine moves in front of the people she cared about the most while utterly naked.

He watched her leg kicks with amusement. After she calmed down a minute or two later, he continued, "I hope I can make you happy. Very happy. Even though we may not go on an official date soon, we'll be doing lots of fun things before then. Like this. Come here."

She rushed to his side.

He put one of his hands back on her crotch and then stuffed three fingers right up her pussy. He wanted to see if he could go this far in front of everyone, but he needn't have worried, since the overall atmosphere was so sexual. He looked Katherine, Susan, and Suzanne in the eye, one by one. Even he felt surprised by how calm and confident he felt.

All three of them had various gripes about his action, but none of them said or did anything to stop him. In fact, they were all growing extremely aroused by the way he was so confidently and publicly fondling Amy. They could easily imagine that they would soon be getting a similar treatment from him in front of the whole group.

Katherine and Suzanne especially tried to keep poker faces, but their heaving chests gave their true feelings away. Susan meanwhile seemed lost in her self-fondling and her loud "mmmm"-ing and moaning.

Alan smiled a very happy smile. Yes. This is how it's going to be. I'm going to fuck them all, separately and together. Nothing will stop me now!

He'd never felt so elated in his life. A sense of power swept through him as he reveled in the knowledge that so many beautiful women were obedient to his sexual wishes.


Alan continued to explain things to Amy as she stood naked next to him, slowly running her hands up and down his erection through his shorts. Everyone else sat around in what little clothes they happened to still have on, watching the new couple.

Although three of his fingers were pumping inside her pussy as he talked to her, he tried to act as if that was nothing unusual. "One other thing you should know, Aims, is that Tuesday is a special day for Mom and me. Generally speaking, she's the only one that pleasures me on Tuesdays."

"I knew that already, silly. Everybody here knows that, Beau."

"Oh. Since today is Tuesday, I think it would be good if she does that right now in front of everyone, so you can understand how things work and see if you're really okay with it, and if she's okay with it." He wanted to be more confident that Amy wouldn't suddenly get jealous and possessive, now that she was his official girlfriend. He felt it necessary to test her attitude right away. He also thought that it sounded like a damn fun and arousing thing to do. "Mom, can you do the honors?"

Susan nodded shyly and stood up. She'd made huge strides in what she was willing to do in front of the others, most of it just in the previous two days.

Alan took his erection out of his shorts once again, even though it had been covered for only a few minutes. His effort to protect it had been largely pointless anyway, as Amy had kept it constantly stimulated even when it was covered. He took his fingers out of Amy's pussy so he could give his full attention to enjoying whatever Susan might do to him next.

He turned to Susan and reached out, smearing Amy's juices all over his mother's buxom chest. He deliberately brushed over her erect nipples, causing them to twitch.

Susan didn't seem to mind at all; in fact she groaned her approval. She liked it when her son sexually tagged or marked her, since it reaffirmed her subservient status to him.

He said, "I've been holding back my cum just for you, Mom. All this talk and kissing has me plenty hard. I sure blew past my required six-times-a-day today! ... Oh, that reminds me. The numbering is something we should finally explain to Amy. She's gotten the gist, but we've never fully told her the reasons for the six-times-a-day treatment."

Susan was quickly becoming accustomed to getting sexual with Alan while Katherine was watching, and she was willing to do what she was told to do, but she nonetheless felt very nervous doing that in front of the other two women.

She tried to psych herself up. I have to do this. I have to show them all who is number one in Tiger's heart. And show them who's the best cocksucker! I have to remember his words: "Thrust your chest out and proudly poke your big tits high in the air, because you have nothing to be ashamed of." I'm the boss in this house and his REAL girlfriend. Well, actually, he's probably the boss now, but still, I'm his mommy. Nobody can love him more than his mommy! It's only right if he makes me do this, because this is what I do now: I suck his cock and let him play with my body. I'm his busty sex toy. That's my rightful role in life. That's what good mommies do!

Her shirt still hung around her shoulders and her big melons wobbled freely. She arched her chest forward to emphasize and display her tits even better. She was still wearing a relatively long skirt, though as usual there was nothing underneath it except a dripping pussy.

Alan and Amy were standing next to each other while everyone else sat around on different sofas that faced the TV. He said, "Kneel, Mom."

Susan got off the sofa and fell to her knees before her son. Her entire body was trembling with humiliation and lust. "Kneel, Mom." My goodness! Hearing that sent such a shiver down my spine! It's like I really AM a sex pet!

Alan needed some moments to compose himself and calm himself, or he knew that he'd cum too soon. So he walked to the stereo to put on some music.

Before he could decide what to play, Amy spoke up. "Oooh! Oooh! Please, Beau! You know what I want!"

Alan said with amusement and chagrin, "Let me guess: the B-52's' 'Mesopotamia'."

He knew he'd guessed right by the way she squealed for joy and bounced around excitedly. He liked the B-52's a lot, but he almost regretted introducing Amy to them since she now played their songs so often. He put in the CD and started the song she wanted.

That only excited her even more. "Ooooh! My favoritest day ever, and now I get to hear the bestest, most number one-derfulest song too!"

Alan couldn't help but smile at Amy's enthusiasm. He walked between the sofas, towards the TV, and sat on the low coffee table where people often rested their feet while watching TV. From there, everyone could see him clearly.

He wagged a finger at Susan, indicating she had to come to him.

She was forced to crawl to him, and even though it was only a short distance. Having to do that doubled both her embarrassment and her lust.

Amy sat down. Then she and the others leaned forward in anticipation. The only obvious difference in their behavior was that Amy was bopping to the B-52's.


Susan didn't say a thing. She just leaned forward and began sucking on his thick erection. Doing such an act in front of just Suzanne, Katherine, or Amy alone would have been okay for her. But by doing it in front of all three, she felt like she was on stage in front of a crowd. Her whole body trembled with fear and excitement, yet she found the feeling strangely exhilarating.

She started licking her way around his bulbous cockhead, but after a few seconds that wasn't enough to satisfy her lusty need, so she engulfed his knob and began bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot. It wasn't the most original move, but she knew it was devastatingly effective.

After about a minute of enjoying her slurpy suction, he said, "Wait a minute, Mom. I think you're far too overdressed. Please get more comfortable."

Susan began pulling her shirt the rest of the way off her shoulders.

"Wait," he said again. "Stand up as you're taking everything off." It was true that he loved to see her naked, but he was also stalling for time, to give his boner a break.

So she put the shirt back in place, let go of his cock, and stood up. His command made her feel even more like a subservient object on display to an audience for his amusement, which drove her even more wild with lust. She stared at the ceiling, too embarrassed to make eye contact with anyone. She then started to take off both her shirt and dress at once. She was trying to get the humiliating experience over with as soon as possible, even though she was enjoying every second of it.

She took both items off in as seductive a manner as she could manage.

That still didn't satisfy him. "Wait," he said yet again, just after she was all done. "Start over. Can't you do it more sexily? Actually, I want you to put on a full-on strip show. Pretend you're the conservative Mom we all used to know. Go put on one of your old dress shirts and act like our old Mom even as you strip for us all."


Susan was wordless as she walked to the underwear cabinet by the front door to get an old blouse that covered her completely. The others could all still see and hear her from where they sat. She also put on a long skirt that she kept by the door when to go outside the house. She even put a white ribbon in her hair, which had been her practice nearly every day before her recent sexual liberation.

"Tiger, you think I'll do anything you say, don't you?" she said to him in mock exasperated tones as she picked out clothes to wear.

"Let's see... Yes!" he replied with deft comic timing.

Everyone laughed, even Susan.

She sashayed back into the living room. Her high heels firmed up her legs and butt, which made her walking look that much sexier.

She quickly put on the blouse, saying to him, "How is it that, after being turned into this sex ... addict, this predator, who wants to fuck his whole family and the neighbor's family as well, and even wants to fuck his own mother for crying out loud, how is it that you're still so cute and lovable?"

"It's all due to excellent mothering," he replied, both joking and serious at the same time.

Susan, now back in the living room, took that as a cue to begin her striptease. Pretending that no one else was in the room, she said, "So, you think having your buxom mother strip like some sleazy lap dancer constitutes excellent mothering? I'm shocked! Shocked!" Even as she said this, she began to unbutton her blouse and wiggle her butt.

"The very idea of nakedness - I find it appalling," she added, now really getting into parodying her old self. Her voice changed, sounding more terse and uptight. "It's almost as bad as sex, and we all know how bad that is." She completed unbuttoning all of her shirt buttons. "It's so IMPROPER!"

"But even worse than that are these two big things," she said as she briefly flashed her hefty boobs and then closed her blouse. "God, how I hate them. Maybe I should have them reduced. What do you think, Tiger? Are they too big?" She opened her blouse all the way, as if to get his feedback on having breast reduction surgery.

"Oh wait!" she said in mock horror, as she continued to wiggle her butt more enthusiastically, "You're not supposed to see those. Quick, look away!" She acted as if rebuttoning her blouse was not an option. Instead of trying to hide her tits, she cupped them from below with her hands and raised them toward him, making them look even bigger than they already were.


"You're not looking away, Tiger! If you stare at these too long, it will make you go blind, and you'll go to Hell, too, but as a blind man. Wait, I have an idea. If I raise my skirt, that will distract you and take your attention."

She pulled her skirt up and exposed her bush. She put on a very innocent but shocked face. "Oh no! I'm not supposed to be showing you that either! Whatever will I do?"

She considered what to do next to make her actions sexier. She wanted to make him forget all about Amy for a while and show everyone that she loved him the best in every way. In the meantime her wiggling turned into more of a dance, bouncing in time to the B-52's.

Alan's dick was still a little too excited. But he also realized that this was too good to watch without being pleasured at the same time.

So he snapped his fingers in Katherine's direction, beckoning her with his eyes.

She crawled over to him and started stroking his hard-on, even though her heart was still heavy over Alan choosing Amy to be his girlfriend. She tried to remind him of how much she loved him by pleasuring his cock as best she possibly could.

As he luxuriated in the sensations caused by his sister's fingers skillfully wandering up and down his hard-on, he thought, This evening is so perfect. Everything is going my way. And I'm learning that I can get any of these women to do anything I want, in front of anyone else. They don't want to fall behind in the competition. I'm in control now.

But just after he thought this, Katherine painfully pulled on and twisted his erection. He looked down and saw a partly angry yet partly apologetic expression on her face. He realized that was her way of saying, "You'd better believe we're going to talk about this Amy-as-girlfriend decision later." That point made, she continued stroking lovingly and sensually as she had been doing before.

Susan continued to sway as if dancing to a song only she could hear. She'd been stalling for time, trying to figure out where to take her striptease role-play when an idea popped into her head. She said out loud, "My unmentionables are totally exposed. Whatever will I do?! Oh, I know! I'll cup my hand over my most private part, so at least you won't be able to see all of that. I mean, really! Having my son look at me there, why the very thought is just so improper!" One hand continued to hold up the dress while the other cupped her bush.

As if realizing her hands were working at cross purposes, she went on, "But now he can see my tits and I don't have any hands free to cover them up! Oh excuse me, I mean my breasts. Tit: what a vulgar word! Yuck! I should wash my mouth out with soap just for saying such a foul thing. Oh wait, I just forgot I'm all out of soap. I guess I'll just have to put something else in my mouth that's long and hard and thick and slippery. I can't possibly think of what that could be, but later on I'll close my eyes, and Tiger, you can surprise me with something. You always know just the right thing to put in your mommy's mouth."

Susan stared hungrily at his crotch, watching her daughter's hand sliding up and down its slippery shaft, and she felt an uncontrollable need to crawl over to it and plunge it deep into her mouth. She didn't care about having to share it; in fact, in her current sexed-up mood she thought it would be all the better if she and Katherine could lick it, and each other, until they drowned in a delightful cum bath.

But she realized her blowjob fantasies were taking her out of the character she was supposed to be playing, so she resumed her striptease. She said, "But anyway, what to do about my, uh, breasts? I'd better take my skirt off all the way, so the hand that's holding that up can cover them instead."

She used both hands to pull her skirt all the way off, leaving her more naked than before. All that remained was her blouse, hanging wide open. One hand returned to cover her bush while the other cupped a tit from the underside, doing more to thrust it out than cover it up. "Ah, that's better," she said, as she continued to sway and gyrate to the music in her head. "Although one breast is still exposed, I suspect this is as good as I can do. Unfortunately, they're just too big to be covered up easily. Tiger, you're not looking at your mother's disturbingly erect nipples, are you? I don't know how that happened; it must be the cold air."

He just shook his head 'no'. He didn't want to interrupt her creative monologue. He couldn't help but chuckle at her "cold air" comment - the collective heat coming off everyone was bringing the room to a boil, and Susan especially was sweating profusely.

"No, you say," she said to him, ignoring his laughter. "And I guess it's true, but only because you're still looking between my legs. Why are you looking there? Is it because you think I'm masturbating myself?" She started vigorously frigging herself as she said that, while the hand on her tit moved to squeeze the nipple.

"Are you looking at my CUNT? Oops, I shouldn't say that naughty word. Your mommy has a pussy or a vagina, not a cunt. For instance, it's not proper to say, 'I want to stick my big cock in my mommy's hot cunt.' Instead, you need to say, 'I want to stick my huge, erect penis in my mother's heated, throbbing vagina.'"

She chuckled at that. "Besides, you wouldn't actually want to do that, would you? Why would you think such unseemly things of your mother? I barely even knew I had a vagina! Can women masturbate even? I didn't know that. Well, if you persist in staring there, I'd better do something else to hide myself. Let's see..."

He was on the brink of cumming, but luckily Katherine was so captivated watching Susan that her stroking had nearly ceased. However, just her occasional feathery brush-stroke near his cockhead kept him giddy with total arousal.

Susan said, "Maybe if I turn around then you won't be able to see all my naughty bits." She pivoted, now exposing her backside to Alan and the rest. Since she'd already lost her skirt, there was nothing to hide her fine, firm ass. As if there was any doubt of what a magnificent ass it was, she bent further over and proudly thrust it out toward the others.

She got more into the dance she was doing, swaying her hips from side to side. "Oh shit!" she finally said. "Pardon my vulgar language - Tiger, you'll just have to stuff my mouth even more with that lovely long soap bar of yours - but I just realized you can see my ass now! I mean, my rear end! Whatever will I do?"

She got even more into the dancing, so she stopped trying to carry on a dialogue. She still wore the open blouse, but as she danced she slowly pulled her arms free, sliding out of the blouse completely. Then she dramatically twirled the blouse around over her head a few times and let it fly across the room, just like a real stripper.


The CD Alan had put on had come to an end, but Susan just kept dancing, now completely nude. The utter silence from the lack of music was a bit disconcerting, but somehow it made her act all the more captivating.

Alan glanced at Amy to see if she was miffed at Susan for stealing the limelight. But Amy was smiling broadly, appearing as transfixed as everyone else.

Susan had started the striptease burning with embarrassment, but now that she was fully into it she didn't feel at all embarrassed. She was reveling in her sexuality and having the time of her life. She went from being ashamed of the crowd to almost wishing that there were even more people to see her wanton display (provided that they were all in-the-know women).

YES! This is how it should be! Look at Angel - it was bugging me that she was only stroking him, but she's finally started licking his sweet spot. Tiger is taming all four of us, and now we're learning to work as a team to serve his cock! The more I dance, the more his cock stays stiff and hot, and the more Angel can lick and stroke him! Heck, even Amy and Suzanne are getting in on things with the way they're looking so yummy playing with themselves! I love it!

She threw her arms up in the air and danced as she imagined an exotic belly dancer or gypsy would do, wiggling her stomach and repeatedly thrusting out her hips. Then, after a while, she began running her hands all over her ass and other parts of her body until finally she returned to openly masturbating herself. Soon her gyrations had less to do with the timing of the music in her head and more to do with the needs of her body.

She got so into it that she kicked her high heels off so she could dance freely, flinging them with high kicks just like a professional striptease artist might do.

But about a minute later, she suddenly came out of her masturbation stance and threw her arms into the air again, stretching her whole body as if in the grips of an ecstatic climax (which she was).

Alan had heard of people mentally taking a picture, but now he fully understood what that could mean: time seemed to freeze and the image of his mother's nude body stretching in complete rapture was etched into a memory he expected never to forget.


As he sat there, watching her exultation and hearing her scream of joy, it occurred to him, This is not just about me, or about sex. And this is way, way more than just about her striptease.

For Mom, this is about freedom. Liberation. She's throwing off the chains of convention and conformity that have kept her down her whole life. It's as if I can see the chains coming off at this very moment as the dancing frees her.

She's fully embracing her true self, and it turns out that deep down she's a very sexual person. To think that she might have gone through life without ever discovering this! Such a close call, and her opening up is all because of my weird medical condition. What a tragic waste life would have been without that, for all of us, but especially for her. Wow!

Even as he was having this intellectual epiphany, brought on by her dancing, his body was having a physical reaction to the same sexy sight. Somehow the notion that his mother was so wantonly letting go in the middle of the living room, the same room where they'd opened Christmas presents and watched Super Bowls every year, was more than he could take.

He was so insane with lust that his dick would have erupted even without Katherine licking him and jerking him off. Yet, luckily, at the same time, she could see that her mother's dance was coming to an end so she sped up her efforts to get him to cum. She could tell that it wouldn't be long now, so she sat back so she could aim his cum at her face and chest.

His erection started to explode with cum, with the first couple of ropes hitting her squarely in her cleavage. But then he simply said, "Aim for Mom!"

Katherine pointed his stiffness towards Susan as if pointing a gun. His next ropes flew a few feet forward, right onto his mother's lower legs.

Susan seemed lost in her own world, dancing away, but she wasn't so out of it to miss the feeling of warm cum splashing onto her skin. She was so delighted by this perfect cap to her dancing that her whole body began to buckle and shake. She fell to her knees, unable to stand.

She'd happened to fall forwards towards Alan and Katherine. That also allowed Katherine to aim Alan's still-spurting cock towards her chest.

Susan continued to writhe as she was overcome by one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Her son's cum seemed to be falling down on her like rain. She arched her back and thrust her chest out to catch all the flying cum on her skin.

Alan and Susan both groaned and moaned uncontrollably. The others were completely quiet, transfixed by the remarkable rain of cum.

Susan unexpectedly pierced the relative silence of the room with an incoherent, guttural cry that was probably one of the loudest noises she'd ever made. She collapsed on the floor, completely spent.

The group sat there in a stunned silence, broken only by Susan's heavy breathing.

Then Alan clapped and the rest joined in enthusiastically. "Wow, Mom! You were great!"

Susan seemed to "come to," feeling very self-conscious once again. She was blushing furiously, but was still relaxed enough to stand up and take a good-natured bow before her audience.

She was surprised to note that everyone else was now completely nude. It was as if her dance had been so hot that no one could stand to bear the burden of wearing any clothing at all.


Susan continued to stand in front of the others for a minute, reveling in the attention even as a part of her felt like fleeing from it, now that she'd had her hard-won climax.

Everyone complimented her performance.

Seeing the hungry looks in the other women's eyes, she wondered if the three of them were all keen on having sex with her. They were; that was obvious even to the relatively naïve Susan.

She thought, That would be wrong. So wrong. But I should do anything - ANYTHING - to help my Tiger. After all, he's forced me to kiss my own daughter just to help him get hard. Why should we stop there? Maybe he'll make me please them all, one after another.

Maybe he'll even fuck me right now in front of everybody, and then have me do all of them once he's through with me! Whenever I obey his commands I end up feeling so good. He's tamed me and controls me, so how can I deny him anything? My body is here just to serve him and his magnificent cock. I must obey his every wish, no matter what he tells me to do!

These thoughts made her tingle with electric excitement, even though some part of her knew that she was as high on sexual energy as if she were on a drug, and that, like a drug, when she "came down" later she'd regret fantasies such as this one.

She finally looked down and saw Alan's flaccid member dangling a few feet in front of her. That caused her to remember why she had been taking her clothes off in the first place. Her son's dick was still recovering from shooting off a couple of minutes earlier, so it was still very sensitive, but that didn't slow her down.

She crawled over to her usual spot between Alan's legs. The she asked her daughter, "Aren't you going to clean him?"

"What?" Katherine was so carried away by all she'd seen that she wasn't thinking.

Sighing, Susan gently but firmly pushed Katherine away. She wanted her son's dick to fill her mouth until she gagged on the sheer fullness of the cock stuffing her throat, so it frustrated her to no end that it had deflated and was now flaccid. She contented herself with at least being able to lick his penis and balls clean, as usual.

After a minute or two of contented licking, she said, "Tiger, I think it's time you wash my mouth out with soap for using such filthy language. I'll close my eyes and open my mouth and you put whatever you want into it, because I've been such a bad girl."

Alan thought there was simply no way for his dick to get hard again that evening. In fact, for the longest time it did not.

Many minutes passed while Susan kept his shrunken penis between her lips. The other women got up to stretch and get drinks and so forth.

Amy put on some more music. She picked the Talking Heads' album "Speaking in Tongues" partially because she loved that band's dance music, but mostly because it had a song entitled "Girlfriend Is Better." That was a private joke with Alan, since the song's title wasn't really obvious from listening to it. Only the two of them knew the band well enough to know all the real titles.

Susan was determined to get a load of cum from Alan, since she'd missed most of the last one. So she kept licking and teasing his privates, especially his balls, in hopes that if she kept at it he'd grow fully erect once again.

She thought, Look at me! Everybody else is going about their business, but I remain here kneeling and buck naked in this totally humiliating pose. But I can't move; it's like my tongue is glued to my son's cock, flaccid or not! I imagine this is how it's going to be from now on: I'm going to spend literally HOURS servicing my son while life goes on all around me. I'll be one of many competing for that honor. Is anything more hot and thrilling than that?! I think not! MMMM!

As a result of Susan's continued licking, Alan was trapped in his seat. He asked Amy as she was heading to the kitchen, "So, what did you think of all that?"

She stopped and looked his way. "Wow. It was way sexy! But it's gonna be hard to live up to that. I mean, Aunt Susan is all super centerfold-y. Her body is just so perfect and curvy."

Susan made some happy "Mmmm!" sounds in response to those compliments, even while she continued to hold her son's flaccid dick in her mouth, lightly suckling on it.

Alan said to Amy, "That's true. But you're 'all super centerfold-y' too, you know." He smiled, thinking about how only Amy could turn "centerfold" into a comparative adjective. "Every time I look at you, I get as aroused as I did watching Mom just now."

"You're just saying that! But I love it!" Grinning from ear to ear, Amy bent over and kissed him on the cheek, then skipped out of the room.

For a long time, Susan just kept on lapping at her son's penis and balls.

The others all drifted back into the room. Suzanne broke the silence by leading a spirited discussion with Amy about exactly what she thought being Alan's boyfriend would entail. Susan would have liked to join in, but she just kept on licking and licking and licking.

After at least five minutes, she could tell that her efforts were paying off when her son's penis began to revive. She wasn't too surprised; she figured the fact that she was sitting buck naked between her son's legs looking up into his eyes with longing was bound to affect him sooner or later.

Before long, she began to suck on his dick, and was rewarded as it gradually expanded inside her mouth. She'd initially had nearly his entire cock in her mouth, but she had to back off a bit as it grew longer because she hadn't yet learned to deep throat him.

The others noticed the progress she was making, and that caused the sexual energy in the room to rise.

Susan began play-acting a little bit once again. She opened her mouth around his cock with mock horror, pretending she was her old self and very puzzled by this large intrusion into the middle of her face. She continued to suck on it like it was sweet candy but somehow at the same time her overstuffed mouth managed to say, "Awwan, wha kinda thoap ith thith? Tho wery unpwoper!"

Alan could hardly believe his dick was fully hard again; he found that nearly as improbable as that he was also again completely aroused mentally. "Mom, don't worry about that. That's, uh, a new type of soap." He grabbed the back of her head and pretended to force her to continue sucking.

In reality she needed no encouragement at all. She attacked his erection with renewed vigor, using her favorite corkscrew-like moves. The sexual energy in the room continued to grow, thanks mainly to Susan's passion. However, none of the women were masturbating themselves, at least not yet.

Alan moved his hands to his mother's butt and kept them there. He reached down to her pussy and found that she was already dripping wet. He turned to Amy, who was sitting on a nearby sofa, and asked her, "Does this bother you, seeing us like this?"

Susan had eased up a bit on her oral assault, so at this point he didn't have to struggle just to speak.

Amy replied, "No. Well, actually it does make me jealous a little bit. You know; I'm wishing I wasn't just watching."

She understood that at the moment her place in Alan's heart was far below Susan's, though she was determined to change that in time. She knew there was nothing she could do about that immediately. She was also more than a little jealous about just how sexy and slutty Susan had acted. She knew that she couldn't put on a performance half that good, at least not yet, and suspected that, at this point, none of the others would permit her to do so even if she could.

"That's understandable," he said. "If it makes you feel better, you can masturbate yourself, or have Sis help you out."

"That's okay. Maybe next time. I want to concentrate on watching so I can learn to do better."

"Good," he said assuredly. "You'll have a lot of chances to watch and learn. As you know, around here, Mom pretty much calls the shots, particularly on Tuesdays. And lately, as I'm sure you've noticed, she's been in favor of giving me lots of blowjobs."

He started caressing his mother's tits, sometimes pulling her nipples with unusual aggression.

She feebly tried to swat his hands away, but that was only for show. The way Alan was aggressively taking charge and the whole Amy-as-girlfriend plan had left her simply too horny to resist. The way he was playing with her was leading to a kind of vicious circle where he was getting more aggressive and she was getting more aroused and willing.

He already needed another strategic break to delay his climax, so he pushed her mouth away and tried to devote all of his attention to pleasuring her for a change. "Here, Mom. Stand in front of me."

"Yes, Son!" She stood up quickly, but she was so insanely aroused that it looked like she was having a hard time just standing up straight.

When he saw that, he patted the sofa cushion next to him, indicating that she should sit there.

Then he began casually fingering her pussy, even though that was a violation of the 'boundaries'. That had been one rule that she'd been fairly consistent in actually keeping, because she saw that as a gateway to getting fucked. But he gambled that she was too aroused at the moment to complain or swat him away.

She thought, Good GOD! He's not supposed to do that! It's so WRONG! A sin! But he doesn't care; he just takes what he wants! In the exact same way that he just tamed Amy in front of all of us, taking her for his official girlfriend, he's showing everyone how much he's tamed his big-titted mommy too!

Even though I'm consumed with lust at the moment, I HAVE to say something! If I allow this, he's gonna start playing with my pussy all the time, like it's his God-given right! And then it's just a matter of days before he's not only playing with it, he's FUCKING it! It'll become his right to fuck me whenever he feels like it! Then I'll be a total incestuous mommy-slut! No, a mommy-SLAVE! With his cock forever in my mouth, my cleavage, or my PUSSY! My burning hot, throbbing, needy pussy!

These thoughts aroused her so much that she lost the willpower to object, as he had hoped. She began writhing in her seat almost uncontrollably. But then she looked over at Suzanne and noticed a pleased look on her face. Remembering that she was being watched, she forced herself to calm down and stay at least relatively still. She closed her eyes and slowly counted to ten, and that helped.

While pulling on Susan's clit as if it was something that he did all the time, Alan explained to Amy, "Remember, Mom is the de-facto head of this house. So if she orders any of us to do something, we all have to oblige. If she ordered me to fuck her pussy until she couldn't walk, I'd have no choice but to do it."

Susan answered between heavy breaths, "Don't worry, everybody; I'd never ask him to do that. He's a good boy. He stays away from my, uh, pussy." She sincerely believed it herself, generally speaking, but she would have been a lot more convincing to everyone else if he hadn't been busy petting her furry bush and fiddling with her clit at the very moment that she'd said that.


As soon as those words were out of her mouth, Alan seemed to deliberately mock her statement even more by pushing two fingers deep into her pussy. Although he'd licked her pussy earlier, in the afternoon, he'd never fingered it before. He appeared relatively calm, but his heart was pounding wildly as another one of Susan's boundaries was transgressed.

Her only response was a loud moan and more breathless heaving of her lungs. "Besides, I'm the, uh, female, oooh! ... The FEMALE head of this house. Uh! ... But Tiger... Tiger... Mmmm! As a boy, a man... He's the main head... Head of the... MMMM! We must... we must OBEY! UGH! God, it's so good!"

Both he and his mother acted as if his fingers weren't where they were, and neither of them said a word about it. Luckily, the Talking Heads album was still playing in the background, so the silence of the others wasn't quite so awkward.

Susan hoped against hope that the others wouldn't notice what he was doing, even as everyone closely watched. She decided to just not think about it, so she bent down over his lap and went back to cocksucking. Since she was sitting next to him, she could suck him off even as he kept fingerbanging her.

Alan thought to himself, I actually have my fingers in my mother's cunt! Yes! At least I've finally got something up there. Yeah! What a day of firsts. This feels so damn good. But what'll feel even better is when I replace it with something longer and thicker. I just KNOW I'm going to fuck her, and soon! She's so horny all the time now that one of these days she gonna break down completely and say the magic words. She's gonna get on her knees and beg me to fuck her. And I will!

Actually, I'm fucking her right now! My fingers are a stand-in for my dick and I'm fucking my mother! I'm a motherfucker! He liked this idea so much that he really let her have it, forcefully digging deeper and deeper into her pussy with each thrust.

She responded in kind by sucking and licking his erection with even more than her usual great enthusiasm. It was as if she was lost in an erotic frenzy.

Perhaps surprisingly, the other three behaved themselves. None of them had even masturbated since they took the break to get drinks and such. That was mostly because Suzanne didn't want things to get even more sexual with Amy there, and Katherine and Amy had followed her lead. But all three were on the edge of their seats, constantly fidgeting with barely suppressed lust.

The more excited Alan got from the way his mother was sucking his cock, the more passionately he fingered her pussy. This in turn excited her even more, which was channeled into even more passionate cocksucking. This resulting positive feedback loop raised the heat of the entire room. With both mother and son going at each other like jackhammers ripping through concrete, Alan knew he couldn't last long.

He figured his best bet was to make her cum before he did. He hoped she'd be so out of it that she'd have to give up on him for a while, allowing him to recover.

Luckily, Susan was so very aroused that she started cumming shortly after he had those thoughts. He didn't actually have to do much except keep on fingering her and clenching his own PC muscle.

Her climax was no ordinary one, in part due to Alan's fingers probing her pussy so intensely. But it was also due to her realization that he shouldn't be touching her there at all, and the realization that so many eyes were watching her shamelessly bobbing on her son's shaft while he was "violating" her in that manner.

She came hard, loud, and repeatedly. She actually screamed at the top of her lungs, finally forcing her to pull off, releasing her tight lip-seal around his shaft.

As her climax finally fizzled out, Amy nudged her own mother and said, "Wow! Mom, Aunt Susan really loves sucking Alan's cock, doesn't she?"

Suzanne replied, "She does."

"And she's really good at it, isn't she?"

"Yes, she is."

Amy raised a fist dramatically. "I'm gonna be that good! Now that I'm his official girlfriend, I've gotta be the best!"

Katherine blanched when she heard Amy repeating the words "official girlfriend." That really rankled her; she didn't like the added competition. But it was Amy, her best friend, so she couldn't get that upset.

When Susan was done, she lay down on the floor between one of the sofas and the table. She was a sweaty, dripping heap of naked, exhausted ecstasy. Just as Alan had hoped, she was too wiped out to continue the blowjob. He was glad for that, because he didn't want to be displaying a limp member in the middle of all this excitement. Even so, his erection did wane for a while as he rested.

Susan thought, once she was once again capable of coherent thinking, There's only one thing I know, and that's that I have to feel like that again, and soon! Mommy got a nice reward for all her hard licking and sucking. Not to mention her striptease. I didn't even get him to cum though. His cock is just too powerful! He defeated me, and it feels so fine. Mmmm! But that's okay. I'll be up to another pass shortly. Once he's had a brief break I'll be able to suck on him that much longer!

She looked up at him and said, "Thank you for teaching my mouth a lesson in using naughty words like 'tit.' Oh shit! I said 'tit' again! Oh shit! I said 'shit' too, and 'tit' even more! And again! Oh well. Looks like you're going to have to wash my mouth out with your cock, let's see, one, two, three, four, five, six more times tonight. Oh no, seven, because 'cock' is a dirty word too. Oops! I said it again! Make that eight!"

Everyone had a hearty laugh.

She went on, "You're going to have to fuck my mouth eight times. Oh wait. 'Fuck' is a dirty word too. Make it nine. Oh wait..." She finally stopped when her voice was drowned out by laughter.

She joined in the laughing and they all laughed until it hurt. Then they just sat around and smiled at each other. It might have seemed strange to an outsider, but there was a strong feeling of love in the air, as well as of lust. Events like this just seemed to tie everyone together even closer than before.

Alan eventually broke the silence by saying to Amy, with great understatement, "So anyway, that's how it works around here."


Alan would have liked to stay in the living room and play with all the naked women sitting around him. It seemed like a real breakthrough evening and he wanted to take advantage of the increasingly permissive attitude to shred more of Susan's boundaries. He especially wanted to get her more used to committing sexual acts in front of the others, and to having two women service him at once. But he realized that he had to take care of Katherine's feelings first.

He took his sister to her room so they could privately discuss Amy's new official girlfriend status. He put on his T-shirt and shorts, thinking that would help create the right mood for a serious discussion.

However, she didn't bother dressing. She collapsed onto her bed naked, in a very sour and frustrated mood.

She started crying even before he could talk. She complained through her tears, "I thought I was number one in your heart! I want to be your number one fuck toy! Why won't you let me? Am I not sexy enough? Are my tits not big enough? Even though my tits aren't the biggest, I'm still your sister and your fuck toy, and you should love me! Including carnally!"

"I do love you! It's not that! It's just that I'm spread thin between all the beautiful and eager-"

She didn't give him a chance to finish. They sat side by side on her bed, but she impulsively got up and literally pinned him to the bed, shoving her pussy into his face in a frustrated attempt to get him to forget Amy.

"I'm a great fuck! Aren't I? Don't you like to slide your big baby-maker into my hot hole? Don't you want to fuck me?" She cried even more intently while trying to sexily smother him with her pussy.

He was forced to push her off, frustrating her even more. He didn't want to do anything sexual with her when she was crying and angry like this. He held her for a while and caressed her until her tears came to an end.

Then he tried to talk to her calmly. He told her as he wiped away her tears, "You know I love you more than Amy, don't you? I hate to say that kind of stuff 'cos it always hurts someone's feelings to compare people like that, but you're my sister and, as great as she is, she's not. I love YOU about as much as it's possible to love someone. It's like you're a part of me!"


Katherine nodded weakly, her eyes still red. Her tears were still rolling down her cheeks, falling into her lap.

She said, "I know. I feel that way too. That's why I love being your fuck toy. But still, I have a hard time believing everything you're saying, especially the part that you love me more than Amy. She may not be your real sister, but she's close enough!"

"That's true. And I feel weird even trying to make comparisons like that, because it's not fair. But you have a very special place in my heart! Very, very special!"

She wailed, "Then make me your official girlfriend!"

Alan's heart nearly broke at the sight of her crying. Her wide, innocent eyes could look as sad as a forlorn puppy dog. He felt swayed by her heartfelt emotion but knew he couldn't have her as his official girlfriend, so he kept his resolve.

"We can do anything we want in private, but in private only. There are just certain things society won't let us do. You know that."

"I know. But fuck what other people think! True love conquers all. Fuck society!" She sniffed as a few new tears rolled down her face.

He shook his head no. "I wish! But you know we can't do that. For one thing, you have to realize that it's completely impossible for a brother and sister to be public about going out together romantically, even if we ARE both adopted from different families. I need a public girlfriend. My friends have been increasingly teasing me about not having one. It's more than just a little bit ironic that they still think I'm a virgin, but they do. Having Amy as a girlfriend will also protect her from the constant stream of boys who are only interested in getting a fuck from one of the school's most desirable girls. She's so clueless that she needs a lot of protection."

He continued, "And lately, more and more girls have been trying to go out with me. Honestly, some of the most beautiful girls in school have asked me out just in the last week. Of course I turned them down. But what if something strikes a perfect chord and I'm asked out by a girl who sweeps me away and makes me feel like I used to feel with Christine? Do you want me to be available like that, where anything can happen?"

She ground her teeth, fiercely possessive. "No! Of course not."

His line of reasoning was working. She was far more worried about someone else like Christine than she was about Amy. In particular, she was still very worried that Christine might change her mind about Alan and pursue him seriously. His "non-romantic" dates with Christine made her more jealous than all the sex he'd had with all his other women combined.

Alan saw her jealous reaction and tried to work with that to help convince her that Amy's new status was for the best for everyone. "Well then, look. I love Aims in a protective way like I'd feel towards a younger sister, and I love her in a physical way too. I like spending time with her, but I don't feel a deep, soul-to-soul connection the same way I do with you. I'm looking for a strong, independent woman who's smart and challenges me with strong, intelligent opinions. Amy's too passive and accepting to be like that. Christine is like what I want, but she lost her chance. I'm soooo over her."

"Are you really over her?" she asked while sniffling.

"Of course," Alan said, though he wasn't too sure about it himself. "You're like her in a lot of ways, you know, especially if you'd pay more attention to doing well in school. You're so smart, but you don't really apply yourself. The point is, I love talking to you and being with you, in addition to having sex with you. You're much more than just a sister. You're the one that I want, forever."

Her heart soared upon hearing that, and her face even burst into a smile.

He let that sink in, then continued, "Aims would make a good ... mistress. Maybe when we're done with high school, the three of us can go to college in the same town. We could change our last names, and you and I could be boyfriend and girlfriend, openly. Amy could be my mistress. OUR mistress. I think she'd accept that, and maybe even welcome it. I'll make sure to steer her in that direction. In fact, I won't even have to try. She'll love it."

"That sounds really good." Katherine momentarily daydreamed of being her brother's wife, with Amy as their mutual mistress. She imagined herself with a big pregnant belly and lots of little children running around. Most of them were birthed by her, but a few were birthed by Amy. She smiled wistfully as she unconsciously rubbed her stomach.

But then she returned to the current situation. "I'm still upset, but I guess I can live with it. I was so afraid you'd forget all about me when you said you'd go out with her." She felt her panic flooding back. "For one thing, you and Amy are one grade ahead of me. You'll be in another town for a whole year without me!"

"Don't worry; we'll work something out. Sis, we're rich enough. We can do whatever we want." He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

She forced another smile, but was still pensive.

He added, "I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal. For every time I fuck Amy, I'll fuck you at least twice. How does that sound?"

"Now you're talking!" She threw her arms around him and they kissed some more.

After several more minutes of making out, they took a break to catch their breath.

Katherine took the chance to say, "You know, speaking of being a mistress, I've taken to referring to you as 'master' when I'm with Aunt Suzy. It turns me on so much to imagine that I'm literally your slave, your sex slave, forced to obey your every whim. I know how much it turns you on too. I suspect the idea of being your sex slave even turns Aunt Suzy on, but she's won't admit it to herself and doesn't use that word. Yet! She's too proud. And of course Mom is a total goner, completely enthralled by your cock. She worships it and lives to serve you, just like I do. Anyway, the point is, I think Amy will love being your mistress. I know she will. It fits her personality so well. Since you've discovered your sexual side, women just can't say no to you. And you're such a good master. So kind and fair."

Alan was blown away by that, and more than a little aroused too. "Come on. I'm not your master; I'm your brother!"

"I know! Isn't it great? You're my brother AND my master! Two great tastes that go great together! Though funnily enough, both taste like cum." She giggled with pure delight while licking her lips.

He loved what she was saying, but he was also in denial about it. It was fun as a fantasy, though quite daunting in reality. "Sis, let's talk about this later, okay? I've had enough emotional upheavals for one evening. I'm happy with you just as my sister."

"Okay, Master. Whatever you say. Your sister-slave happily obeys her well-hung fuck-monster brother. I'm going to make you forget all about Amy by being the best, tightest, most talented and obedient fuck toy you've ever had. Let your fuck toy make you feel good! She wants you to fuck her right now!" She threw herself at him and held him again in a tight embrace.

"'Fuck toy'? 'Sister-slave'? Come on! I thought that was just sexy talk." He was disturbed, but also terribly aroused. He tried to hide his arousal by discretely shifting his erection, but the way her naked body writhed against his own made that very difficult.

She looked at him intently. "No. How many times do I have to tell you? Your fuck toy takes her responsibilities very seriously. And she needs to make you feel so good that you pass out with joy. Every day!"

"But what about my desire for a strong, independent, intelligent woman?"

"No prob, Big Brother. I'll be your strong, independent, intelligent fuck toy! Okay, scratch the independent part. That's good for other parts of my life, but when it comes to you, I'm an obedient cum slave with no free will except for an 'uppity' desire to be fucked! But two out of three ain't bad, right?" She giggled.

He just stared at her like she'd grown an extra head.

She continued more intently, "I know you as well as anyone, and I know what you like. Strong and intelligent is good, and I can do that too, but deep down you want a SLAVE. Don't you? Who doesn't? What kind of teenage boy doesn't secretly want to turn their sexy sister into a sex slave, but you get to actually do it! And the beautiful thing is, I WANT to be your slave. Isn't it wonderful how it works out?"

Alan was very surprised at all this, and he wanted time to discuss it further. She was right; the idea was a big turn-on for him and he couldn't deny that. But the responsible part of him was also concerned. However, he had no chance to speak.

She was already holding him in an embrace, but then she pushed him back down onto the bed and started to ravish him.

As she nearly tore off his shirt, she said, "If you're going to fuck me twice for every time you fuck Amy, you'd better get a head start right now! I think the way you were fingering her a few minutes ago counts as a fuck." With a quick tug, she brought his shorts down past his feet and then threw them across the room. Then she lay on top of him, grabbed his erect penis, and tried to put it in her pussy.

"Does not!" he happily protested as he tried to fight her off.

"Does too!"

"Does not!"

"Does too!" She was beginning to gain the upper hand in their struggle. Since the consequences of his losing were hardly a bad thing, he wasn't trying very hard to win.

Alan still wanted to keep his vow to not fuck at home, and he was still worried about getting caught. He'd already forgotten that vow once, the morning before, and it would be all too easy to slip up again. His mother was sliding further into a sexual fog with every passing day, but he knew that she still thought that vaginal sex with her son was incest and a terrible sin. Having her see her children fuck each other would also freak her out in a big way, especially since both of them were already grounded for violating her rules. So he still struggled with his sister and fought to keep his dick out of her slit.

Finally, he yelled "Does not!" once more and grabbed her roughly by the hair to guide her head down over his erection.

Realizing what he wanted, she stopped struggling. She fell to her knees at the foot of the bed and assumed a cocksucking stance with her head bowed low. She thought that would help show how serious she was about her fuck-toy subservience, plus it just plain turned her on to be an obedient, incestuous cocksucker. "Is that all you want? Very well. I'm here to serve." She saluted him and said, "Number One Fuck Toy reporting for cocksucking duty, sir."

"Cut that out. You're too damn arousing!" He worried about cumming before she even got started, just from her arousing words.

"Master, forgive me for my enthusiasm. Your sex slave sister loves you. She loves you the most. Amy barely knows you, not like how I know you. I'll show HER! ... Now your fuck toy is going to prove her love and suck you off better than Amy could ever even imagine!" Then, with a parting shot in the silly verbal battle with her brother, she yelled "Does too!" and began sucking contentedly on his fat erection.


It's just like giving a pacifier to a baby, he thought as he listened to her happy slurps. But it's a hell of a lot more fun! Obey your master, you sister slut slave! You cum-slut fuck toy!

He was too shy to say that out loud, however, and immediately felt bad for calling his sister a "cum-slut" even in his own thoughts. What the hell am I thinking? That's wrong. I'll have to talk to her about this later. It's not healthy for our long-term relationship for her to act like this. I mean, I can still remember how I taught her to ride a bike, almost like it was yesterday. This is all very disturbing. The way I just snapped my fingers earlier and she came crawling to my dick like an eager... well, like a sex slave! It's wrong! I'm being corrupted by power. We really need to talk ... and discuss how we-

Suddenly he felt his climax coming on. But oh! Oh my God! So good! Too arousing! How can I fight it? Just like that, Sis! ... Right on! Yeah! He had to struggle and fight with his PC muscle so much that he lost his train of thought. Somehow he managed to hold off the orgasmic urge for a while.

They cuddled, kissed, and told each other loving sweet nothings during his strategic break. Then they repeated what was by now their standard procedure: she sucked him off until he was on the verge of cumming, and then they rested, giving his boner a "second wind."

The two of them had much to discuss, so they talked some more during these breaks. Admittedly, she had her fingers or even her mouth wrapped around his erection through much of the discussion. But she kept the stimulation to a minimum during his breaks. Sometimes she just liked to rest his hard-on inside her mouth so she could feel its presence there. At other times, she switched to a titfuck position and did all the work of sliding her breasts up and down on either side of his stiffness.

But while he was unwilling to actually fuck her in the house, he was very willing to play with her pussy. He toyed with her pussy lips and clit as much as she toyed with his dick and balls.

Alan didn't criticize her 'fuck toy sex slave' ideas, as he thought that might ruin her cocksucking mood and get her thinking about the Amy situation again. He figured THAT discussion could wait until sometime when he wasn't feeling so aroused. In reality, his heart just wasn't in it when it came to discouraging her submissive ways.

Instead, he soothed her emotions about Amy as best he could. He repeatedly complimented her and professed his love. But that only made her want to suck him off even more enthusiastically.

His orgasmic need had been slowly building with each close call, and eventually he realized that he'd reached the point where just about any further stimulation was going to send him over the edge. He really didn't want to cum, because he knew it had happened a remarkable number of times already since he'd woken that day. But he also didn't want to end their sexual fun, so he decided his best defense was a good offense.

His boner was trapped in Katherine's cleavage. She was slipping and sliding her big tits all over it while nibbling and licking at its tip. But then he suddenly pulled away.

She reached out for his hot pole. "Hey! Bring that thing back here!"

He replied, "Nope! Now, before you get upset, here's the deal. I'm right on the verge, and I don't want to cum. I've cum, like, seven or eight times already today. It's totally nuts! If I cum again, I think my dick is gonna cry for mercy. Just repeatedly getting right up to the edge is really awesome for me now. Besides, I want to return the favor. Let me go down on you."

Katherine complained, "What? No. That's all backwards. I'm your personal... excuse me, one of your personal cocksuckers. AND your Number One Fuck Toy, of course! I'm all about serving you!"

"I know, I know," he nodded. "But going down on you right now is what would make me really happy." Seeing that she was still reluctant, he added, "That's an order."

She smiled widely and spread her legs. "Well, if it's an order, I guess I can't say 'No.'"

He crawled up on her legs, reaching up to tickle her sides along the way. "Come on. You know you love it."

She grinned impishly. "Well, maybe a little bit."

They both chuckled at that.

Alan spent the next few minutes trying to bring Katherine to a big orgasm through his oral work. He still wasn't very good at it. His skills were pitiful in comparison to how her oral skill with him had advanced in recent weeks, but she had the advantage of much practice, as well as receiving tips from the other women in the house. Still, he had one very useful trick up his sleeve: orgasm denial. He told her that she was not allowed to cum until he gave her permission. Just the thought of him controlling her in that way got her boiling hot before he even started.

Then he got busy. Since she claimed to be so obedient to him, he also ordered her to tell him exactly what he was doing wrong, what she liked most, and to make suggestions on how he could improve his technique. Thanks to the resulting uncensored feedback, his licking skills improved by the minute. She was already extremely hot to trot, from her earlier activities, so he didn't need any extra generalized foreplay or teasing to work her up. He was able to focus instead on her slit and clit. Due to all his practice in "checking for bumps" with her and Amy, he was able to find her G-spot with ease, and any contact there really set her off.

It wasn't long before she was clenching her teeth and buttocks, struggling with all her might to obey his order and not cum. She waited and waited, but still, he didn't give permission. Eventually she begged and pleaded, but even so he still wouldn't relent.

He finally sensed that she was maximally aroused, about as much as she could get, so he yelled, "CUM! Cum, cum, cum for me!"

She most certainly did! Her screams echoed through the house. He kept at it until she was totally worn out.

Alan was tired too. He lay next to her with his penis in a flaccid state.

Thanks entirely to his self-control, the two of them had successfully refrained from fucking, even though they both very much wanted to do so as another way to reaffirm their mutual affection. She'd earlier given him the best and most prolonged combined blowjob and titfuck of their relationship, and now he'd returned the favor.

When she'd recovered enough to open her eyes, she looked at him and said, "Wow, Bro! That was amaaaaazing! You continue to impress. Remember my old diary entries, about how I fantasized about wanting to be your fuck toy?"

He wearily grunted, "Un-huh?"

"Well, the reality blows my best fantasies away! I have to admit that I enjoy when you go down on me, especially when it's an orgasm like the you just gave me. But I love servicing your cock even more."


"Seriously. It's a submissive fuck-toy thing. I don't think you'd understand. For instance, I totally got off on that titfuck. A good ol' titfuck just seems like such a submissive thing to do, don't you think?"

Alan was wiped out, so he merely grunted an affirmative.

She cuddled up to him. "I love you, Brother. I really do. Please don't forget that, or even forget me altogether now that you have Amy."

"Are you kidding? I could never forget you. You're in my thoughts all the time. I love you too. So much!"

She threw her leg over his and seemingly tried to hug him to death. "Gaawwwd, why do you have to say things like that and then leave my pussy so horribly unfucked?!"

Despite the fact that he hadn't climaxed himself, Alan was left very sexually satisfied, in fact almost painfully so. He felt like his body had been squeezed through a wringer, thanks to the cumulative effect of so much sex in one day.

But he was also very aware that it was a Tuesday, and he realized that he likely hadn't seen or felt the last of his mother. He rested some more in his sister's room, cuddling with her, until he was ready to face more action in his own room from his double-decker mother.


While Katherine and Alan were spending time together upstairs, Suzanne and Susan were conferring with Amy in the living room.

Suzanne insisted that the three of them put their clothes back on, as she didn't want to further Amy's fondness for constant nudity. The two mothers explained the entire story of Alan's six-times-a-day medical treatment, now that Alan had indicated that Amy needed to be in the know. In actual fact, the lies Alan had told Amy, such as how his penis was "sad" and by making it "happy" he'd get more energy, were fairly compatible with his medical treatment requirements.

In any case, Amy took it all in stride, as she usually did most things. But the story took a long time to tell, especially since Susan kept getting sidetracked, usually to tell sizzling hot stories about the things her son did to her as part of his "treatment."

It was well over an hour later when Alan and Katherine returned to the living room. It was nearly eleven o'clock and everyone was getting tired. Alan walked back into the room wearing his T-shirt and shorts, though he figured his shorts wouldn't stay on, or at least zipped up, for long.

He went over to where Amy was sitting, sat down next to her and began to hug and French kiss her. But knowing that his mother would not be long denied, particularly on a Tuesday, and feeling that his penis had recovered enough since his most recent climax, he announced, "I'm horny again, believe it or not. I was thinking that Mom could help me out, since it's still her special day."

Susan's eyes lit up. She stood up immediately, ready for action. As she pulled her shirt off over her head, she proclaimed proudly, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!"

Alan smiled. He was once again struck by just how young she looked. But then he added, "However, Mom, today is a special day for me and Amy too. I know you and I haven't really had much time alone today, but how about we go back to your double bed with Amy? While you suck my cock, this time you can explain to her what you're doing and have her practice on the spot. She's really only sucked me off once, yesterday evening; other than that she's completely inexperienced."

Susan grudgingly agreed, "Well, all right. It is her special day too, it seems. But next Tuesday you're all mine. Okay?"

He nodded, and then the three of them headed upstairs. Alan and Amy held hands as they walked, which delighted Amy to no end.

That left just Katherine and Suzanne alone in the room.

Even though the evening's events were helping to progress Suzanne's overall scheme, the busty redhead felt a bit sad and marginalized. "Did you notice?" Suzanne said to Katherine ruefully, "We're left out once again. You'd think that any horny young man would want to fuck a body like mine, but I guess I can't compete with the taboo of motherfucking, and I'm too old to be his girlfriend."

"Oh, don't worry so much," Katherine sympathized. She was feeling a lot better and more optimistic after Alan's explanations, having just spent time with him. "The whole situation just ebbs and flows. Tonight Susan and Amy are getting all the attention, but tomorrow may be more your day. I know I've had my days. Our master does his best to make everyone happy. We just have to wait our turn, and then give him our best."

Suzanne wanted to say, But I'm the one who started this whole thing! I should be the one getting the most rewards! Jesus! A couple of weeks ago I had him running behind me like Pavlov's dog. But the whole thing has slipped away from me somehow. I think my pussy is betraying me again. I get too weak, just too damn needy for sex.

However, she knew she couldn't tell that to Katherine or anyone else, so she kept her mouth shut. And what's with this whole subservience craziness that seems to be infecting everyone to one degree or another? "Master?" Give me a break! He's just a kid. True, he's a lovable kid with incredible stamina, a great cock, and tasty cum, but he's just a kid all the same. He doesn't deserve to be called "Master" by anybody.

Maybe that's why I'm losing my touch. I don't understand the psychology of what's happening to the others. Or even what's happening to me, to be honest. We're in uncharted waters here. There's something about this competition for his time and attention that's bringing out strangely subservient feelings in everyone.

She thought for a few seconds and concluded, God, I want to him to fuck me so bad. Yes, if saying "Master" would get him to fuck me, then I'd do it. But not with any enthusiasm. Hell, I'd probably rob a bank to get fucked daily by that loving, lovely stud. I had no idea when this all started that he'd turn into a living sex machine. I have to admit that seeing what he did to my Honey Pie tonight has only increased my desire for him. I've got it so bad, and it gets worse every day!

But she didn't want to discuss those things with Katherine either. She didn't like to admit her weaknesses to anyone, and especially not any sexual weaknesses. Instead, the two of them just spent their time commiserating in general terms about Amy and Alan.

Back in Susan's master bedroom, Susan, Alan, and Amy got completely naked. Alan sat in the middle of the bed with one woman on each side.

Before they started, Susan said, "One thing I want to make absolutely clear, Amy, is that we can only take turns with his cock. We can't touch it at the same time!"

"Why not?" Amy asked. "Boy! Both of us licking his thingy all over? That sounds like super fun!"

Susan's heart raced as she imagined doing just that. Still, she said, "Well, actually, it probably would be, but that would also be terribly improper. Once we start down that road, who knows where it will end? Why, the four women in this house might all wind up in the middle of an Alan-centric orgy! We can't have that, okay?"

"M'kay," Amy said, although she didn't sound convinced at all. "Wouldn't an Alan-centric orgy be even MORE fun though?"

Susan gave her a withering look, putting an end to that topic, at least for the moment. Then she started explaining the finer points on jacking off and sucking a penis, and on pleasing a man generally (at least so far as she knew that subject).

The lessons quickly became "hands on." To Alan's great delight, Susan was a big believer in "teaching through experience," at least when it came to cocksucking. For a while the two beauties merely took turns lightly fondling his erection, as Susan pointed out and discussed all the different parts of his anatomy. In recent days, she'd read about and learned the medical names of every part of a penis, almost as well as most urologists.

She'd also developed names for some of her favorite cocksucking techniques - the Candy Cane Stripes, the Lollipop, the Ice Cream Cone, the Second Cunt, and so on.

She unselfishly taught most of them to Amy, though she kept a couple of her most effective ones to herself. First she'd show Amy the technique by practicing it on Alan. Then Amy would practice it a few times. They talked all the while, and everyone learned new things about the ins and outs of penis stimulation and what each of them liked best.

With each new lesson, there was less talking and more licking and sucking. Susan had been maintaining a firm boundary about not sharing her son's dick with another woman at the same time. But sheer lusty desire was winning out, so as the training went on Susan and Amy increasingly found that both of their tongues were on Alan's erection at the same time.

At one point, Susan complained as she licked her way up and down one side of his throbbing pole while Amy did the same on the other side, "I didn't want to do this. We really should stop. Sharing the same cock just seems so wanton and naughty. But it looks like Tiger's outsmarted me yet again - his cock is too thick and delicious! There's really no stopping him from taking any of his busty babes any way he wants!"

There was a not-so-subtle hint there for him to be aggressive about pushing through more boundaries, but it went over his head, as so many of her others had.

Amy replied while licking the other side, "Well, I like it! I love it, actually! Sharing is totally fun! Aunt Susan, I know this sounds funny, but it makes me feel closer to you."

Susan sighed, because she felt the same way, and she could feel her resolve to enforce her 'no sharing' rule slipping away. As she lapped on her side of Alan's sweet spot, with Amy's tongue less than an inch away, she thought, Tiger wins again! How can I resist this?! It's like a cocksucker's dream come true! I don't have two tongues, obviously, but if Amy and I work on him together, it's kind of like I do. Tiger is getting twice as much pleasure!

As Susan was thinking this, the tip of her tongue touched the tip of Amy's, right over the center of Alan's sweet spot. That gave her goose bumps and tingles all over. Oh my goodness! What was that?! I thought cocksucking couldn't be any more fun to do, but apparently I was wrong!

Susan and Amy licked his sweet spot together for about a minute, with their tongues frequently brushing against each other, before Susan finally replied to Amy's comment. "I know what you mean. I might as well get used to it, since I'm sure I'll be doing it a lot more of it from now on. Oh, I just remembered something. Be a dear, Amy, and play with his balls the way I showed you. A good cocksucker never forgets the balls."


Alan thought, Sweetness! It's finally happening! This is major! This is HUGE! And it feels so damn good! Sure, I've enjoyed double blowjobs with the school crowd, but to be able to do it at HOME! WOW! Between Mom, Sis, Aunt Suzy, and Aims, the possible combos blow my mind! And they blow my cock! He chuckled silently.

But seriously, this IS huge! Not only the awesome joy of double blowjobs, but that's just the foot in the door for even MORE! In a way, Mom was right to try to put her foot down on this, because it IS the slippery slope. But we've totally slid down that slope now, just like their tongues are slipping and sliding all over my shaft!

DAMN, this feels GREAT!


Before long, all notions of training were forgotten. Even further attempts at conversation eventually came to an end, as words merely got in the way of the two busty women's total devotion to pleasuring his thick pole.

Susan generally licked one side and Amy the other, but periodically they would bump their heads together or their tongues would find each other. Meanwhile their hands stayed quite active on his shaft and balls.

They would also French kiss each other from time to time. However, their kisses didn't go on too long because that would have left Alan momentarily neglected, and nothing was more important to either of them at the moment than pleasuring Alan and keeping waves of joy flowing through his body. Periodically they switched to taking turns sucking him in all the way, using long bobbing lunges as far down his shaft as they could go.

Alan's whole body was humming with arousal and excitement. Fuuuuuck, man! I can't believe this! This is the BOMB! Mom has always been adamantly against sharing, and now she's licking with Amy just as happy as you please. This is huge! I can easily see a day where this will happen all the time. And it feels so fucking GREAT! What could possibly feel better than one of Mom's blowjobs, but this literally feels more than twice as good!

Both Amy and Susan were very vocal.

As usual, Susan liked to say "mmmm," varying in intensity from one moment to another. But she was having a great time, so there were a lot of emphatic "MMMM!" sounds coming from her.

Amy also hummed and "mmmm"-ed, but she liked to let out little squeals and shrieks when something particularly delighted her (which was often).

Amy repeatedly tried out all the things she'd learned. At one point, she exclaimed, "Cocksucking is fun! This is super neato!" Though she didn't put it into words, she was feeling as much arousal as Alan and Susan were, which was quite a lot indeed.

Susan briefly paused in her licking to warn, like some kind of sexual training guru, "You like it now. Sure, it's a fun novelty. But do you think you can handle doing it every day, day after day? Even several times a day? Do you have what it takes - the tongue, the jaws, the lips - to be his official girlfriend?" She took her cocksucking extremely seriously.

Amy replied, "Sure. At least, I think so. For one thing, it's so yummy! Even this pre-cum stuff. And licking makes me all tingly down below. But if I get tired sometimes, that's just more cock for you, right?"

"Hmmm. Good point." Susan smiled mischievously. "Don't knock yourself out too much, then," she half-joked, before resuming her happy slurping.

Susan made sure that Alan's balls were being fondled by at least one of them at all times. She'd explained to Amy that a cocksucker always keeps her hands busy, if not on Alan, then on her own body.

Amy seemed to have a special knack for stimulating his anus. (Her near daily practice on Katherine's ass certainly hadn't hurt.) It seemed like his prostate got massaged quite a lot. That, which pretty much doubled his arousal, even though that was already off the charts.

Their joint attack was all so pleasurable that it nearly drove him insensible. He hoped and prayed this would just be the first of many such dual blowjobs at the Plummer home. Thinking about the future possibilities and combinations nearly made him cum from that alone.

Before too long, he was forced to cry out, "Mercy! Have mercy! Please! Need a break! Total... no touching! Uh! None!"


Susan and Amy let go of his shaft at the same time, and sat back. They giggled at how insanely aroused they'd made him. They high-fived, then shared another French kiss. While their kiss went on for a good minute or more, they eagerly rubbed their big racks together.

Unfortunately, Alan didn't get to enjoy that arousing sight, because he had his eyes tightly shut. He was trying to block out any sensory stimulation until he could get his ragged breathing under control.

But he could tell what they were doing, because after the kiss, Susan said, "Amy, I must confess, I really love that."

"The kissing? Me too! It's like double super-duper kissarific!"

Susan grinned. "It is, but I was actually referring to our tit rubbing. Your mom set me straight on a lot of things today, like kissing between women, and tit rubbing. We practiced both of those things a lot."

"Cool beans!"

"Yes, and we could do it a lot more right now, if Tiger would only open his eyes. Hint, hint." Susan bent over and made one long lick from the base of Alan's boner to its very tip. She dragged her nipples against his thighs while doing that.

He just moaned his disapproval. "Mom, please! No! I'm so close! If you so much as breathe on it, I'm gonna explode! That's why I can't open my eyes either."

In fact, Susan had just been inhaling a deep breath to blow right across his sweet spot, but she exhaled a safe distance from his crotch instead. "Oh, poo! You're no fun."

While still trying to maintain his sensory deprivation, he asked, "Do you have ANY IDEA just how incredibly arousing what you're doing to me is?! Nothing compares! Especially with that prostate massage stuff. Jesus H. Christ! I know this sounds weird, but it feels as good as if I have TWO dicks that are totally maxing out on pleasure at the same time!"

Susan and Amy high-fived each other once again.

But Susan chided him, "Son, don't take the Lord's name in vain. That's still a sin, even if you have ten tongues slathering their way all over your magnificent cock-meat."

"Sorry, Mom." He thought her complaint was beyond weird, but he wisely didn't complain about it.

Amy said to Susan excitedly, "Hey, Aunt Susan. Come on, be honest. You have to admit that a double cocksuck is totally awesome! Right? I mean, what's not to love about it?"

Susan replied with obvious lusty enthusiasm, "Well, to be honest, it is pretty great!" She was having a hard time remembering why she'd ever been opposed to the idea.

"Woo-hoo!" Amy high-fived her again. Then they shared another open-mouthed kiss.

Alan finally opened his eyes, wanting to enjoy their enthusiasm.

Susan was trying to keep a deadpan expression, but she couldn't help but break into a wide smile. "It's like watching your friend eat your favorite food for the first time, and seeing them enjoy it so much. Plus, I have to admit that we suck him off much better working as a pair, and that's the main point."

"Totally!" Amy agreed.

Susan's voice grew more emotional and husky. "Our goal is to serve and drain him of all that nasty sperm build up. Always! Nothing's more important than keeping his cock thoroughly and constantly stimulated, and a happy cock is a well-drained cock! It's such fun to see him moan in ecstasy like this. I feel so much pleasure and pride seeing my son have a great orgasm that I just don't know what! Oooh, it's so good!"

Amy raised her hand to high-five Susan again, but then she noticed that Alan's eyes were open. She said, "Look! He's watching us. Let's wow him with another kiss and tit rub!"

Susan giggled with pure glee as she repositioned herself to do just that.

Alan was tempted to close his eyes again, but he couldn't resist watching the sexy sight. As they pressed their bodies and lips together, he groaned. "Oh man! You two are gonna be the death of me! If you think my dick is ever gonna calm down enough for this break to end, think again."

Even so, a couple of minutes later he let them again attack his crotch.

Before they got started, Amy asked Susan, "What about titfucking? I've done that to him a couple of times recently."

"Oh really?" Susan responded with approval. "Good for you!" She leaned in and licked her son's cock from base to tip and back again, as kind of a way to refamiliarize herself with it.

"Yeah, well, but still, I'm pretty darn new to it. Maybe you could show me some tips about that too?"

Susan held Alan's cock towards Amy, inviting her to do the same.

Amy licked it from base to tip and back again, similar to what Susan had just done. When she finished, she exclaimed, "Cool beans!" Then she started licking freestyle on and around his sweet spot. That preoccupation distracted her as she asked, "So what do you, uh... think of, um, my titfucking idea?"

Susan was already busy licking too. "Good. Very good." Another slurpy minute passed before she added while she licked, "But, uh, right now I'm really enjoying this sharing, and once I get started, it's hard to stop. Titfucking... harder to share. Maybe later..."

They took turns bobbing for a while. Amy would hold and stroke Alan's dick while Susan bobbed on it a few times, then Susan would hold and stroke it while Amy bobbed on it a roughly equal number of times.

Amy was her usual enthusiastic self. She seemed completely unfazed about sharing Alan's cock with his mother, and was particularly generous about sharing access to the best parts. In fact, she often ended up sucking on his balls while letting Susan bob on his cockhead; she was grateful for Susan's sharing him on a Tuesday.

Alan was ecstatic about absolutely everything they did to him, and the longer they continued the better it got. Now that another of Mom's barriers is broken, I wanna have more of this tag-teaming all the time! This is so cool! And with this I can please two women at once, instead of having to choose to be with one or the other. It's getting hard to keep everyone satisfied. This dual blowjob setup is so good it's almost criminal! It's almost TOO good. I could seriously lose my mind if I get pleasured like this every day. I really mean it!

He marveled at the length of time his dick had been tongued that day, and the number of different tongues that had done that. Cumming so much in recent hours had given him great endurance by this time. But he was also weary, so his penis was increasingly ready to fade.

Between four busy hands, two tongues and two sets of lips, his self-restraint could only last so long. The urge to cum welled up within him, and he decided not to fight it by requesting another strategic break.

He decided to shoot into his mother's mouth, to further make clear Amy's position in things. He called out, "I'm ready to shoot off another cum load. Mom, suck my dick while my official girlfriend sucks my balls!"

That's exactly what happened when he started to shoot his cum. Amy was delighted to be called his "official girlfriend"; if anything, she seemed even more ecstatic than Susan. She teased, sucked, and pulled on his balls as if her life depended on making her boyfriend feel great.

But while Alan's climax felt amazing, very little cum emerged when he started to shoot.

Ironically, Susan actually felt happy about that. She remembered her new motto: "A happy cock is a well-drained cock." To her, Alan could do no wrong. If he shot a big load, then she luxuriated in tasting and swallowing all his yummy cum. If he shot a small load, then that was proof that she was keeping his balls well-drained, leaving her filled with pride and satisfaction at a job well done.

Even though every last drop ended up in Susan's mouth, making it impossible for Amy to see how big the load was, Alan knew, and he felt bad about it. He took a minute to explain his small load to Amy. "I only shot a few ropes there. That isn't very common, but after a busy day with lots of action like today, sometimes my dick just runs out of cum. That's a sign that it's time to stop."

She replied, partly confused, "M'kay. So we suck you off all day until you run out of cum. Then we stop. Right?"

"Not exactly. I'll explain it better later." He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Susan was nodding her head, eagerly agreeing with Amy's suggestion. Meanwhile Susan was busy "cleaning" his penis and balls, a duty that had become an integral part of her cocksucking experience.

Then Alan told Amy, "Thanks so much for making me feel so good. You were great! Did you like sharing my dick with my mom? I hope you did 'cos you're going to be doing a lot more of that soon." That was an unusually aggressive comment, but he was a little full of himself after such an incredible experience.

Amy merely replied, "'M'kay! That was fun! I really do like sharing!" Turning happily to Susan, she added, "We make a pretty good team, Aunt Susan!"

The limber girl hopped over Alan's legs and tackled his mother. She started kissing her again.

Susan relaxed and returned Amy's affectionate kisses. They shared what was left of Alan's cum through a French kiss. Amy always seemed as guileless and friendly as an eager puppy dog, so Susan responded very positively to her happy innocence.

As their kiss went on, Susan thought, I'm so bad. So shameless! But the truth is, we DO make a good team! I can't get over what a thrill it is to share Tiger's cock with one of his other lovers. Amy is so giving that it's just natural to share with her.

When the two beauties reached a pause, Alan asked his mother, "How about you, Mom? How did you like that sharing? I hope you did, because I expect you to do much more of that from now on. Don't be changing this boundary rule again, okay? I want to see you sharing my cock with Sis, and with Aunt Suzy too." Again he was unusually aggressive in giving her orders, but he really wanted to make sure she wouldn't backslide on this one.

Susan's pussy tingled at Alan's command and at the way he'd assumed she would obey. She loved it when he acted in such a dominant and controlling manner. "Of course, Son. Sign me up for any cocksucking duty. I'm helpless to resist how you use my body and my mouth as long as it isn't... you know. Though your mommy isn't ever allowed to get fucked by you, she's going to more than make up for it in the cocksucking department, even if that means sharing your big fat boner a lot. I'm sure a real man like you needs more than one tongue sometimes. It's only right."

Susan's pussy responded to the idea of being "forced" to share. It tingled even more at Amy's easy acceptance of those ideas and at Amy's general malleability. I know it's kind of a naughty thought, but I could really enjoy playing with Amy's body some more. No wonder Tiger wants her as his girlfriend. She's got very Alan-worthy tits, and has such a lovely bubble butt. I wouldn't even mind licking down there, between her legs. I'd like to get to know that butt a little better. Her cunt has a nice aroma too...

Oh dear! I really am becoming bisexual, aren't I? I'll have to talk this over with Suzanne. She'll set me straight. She always knows just how to handle things. Maybe if I fondle Suzanne's body a lot, then I won't desire Amy's... No, that's no better! These are just the kind of thoughts I have when my mind is all fogged up with sex, like it is now. Tomorrow I'll come to my senses. I've been in some kind of sexual wonderland just about the entire day long! It must be because it's Tuesday. Tomorrow we'll all have to do better and be more responsible.

Even though Susan had had a sexually exhausting day, she knew she'd still end up masturbating repeatedly throughout the night, reliving the day's experiences and dreaming of new ones. Then tomorrow she'd talk to Suzanne about everything once the kids had gone to school, when she'd relive all of it all over again.

Alan kissed Amy and Susan goodnight and went to bed, without even bothering to do such routine things as brushing his teeth. He was that wiped out.

Susan kissed him goodnight and tucked him in, but in a completely non-sexual, normal way. She felt that his nightly "tuck and kiss" had become one of her most important motherly duties, whether performed sexually or not.

Just before dozing off, it occurred to Alan, I've cum... a lot! Let's see... He quickly mentally reviewed the day. It started in the morning with Mom and Sis. I came into Mom's mouth, and then I did it again after she shared that super-sexy kiss with Sis. Sweet! Then I came twice at school, once with Heather and once with Joy. Then twice in the afternoon, again with Mom and Sis. Then, in the evening, it was once with Mom, once with Sis - and cumming onto Mom! - and finally once with Mom AND Amy. Double-blowjob! Sweet!

Let's see... That's nine orgasms in one day. Nine! That's unbelievably many. Yet, amazingly, it feels like even more. Maybe double that, at least. There was so much stimulation and so many close calls, but I was pretty careful in limiting my actual number of orgasms. Yet, even so... NINE!

I'm gonna have to do more of that to have any chance of surviving the repeated attacks of this naked Amazon army. It was only this morning when Mom was reluctant about kissing Sis, and now she's kissing and sucking everything that moves! I can't wait until tomorrow, especially tomorrow evening's card game with Brenda.

Today seems like an important turning point. By making Aims my official girlfriend, I seem to have seized the upper hand somehow. Suddenly ALL FOUR of these women are much more deferential. I'm not just reacting; I'm taking charge about things for once. For some strange reason that seems to turn them all on, making them even more eager to please me.

I just hope Mom doesn't go all moral again tomorrow. After a day like today she's bound to have at least some qualms, like a drunk waking up with a painful hangover after an all-out binge. By all rights, I should take a week off to recover from a day like today, especially with it coming on the heels of everything that happened yesterday. But I'm going to have to get Mom sucking cock first thing tomorrow morning and keep her that way, or otherwise she'll probably go seriously prudish on me.

He fell into a deep sleep right away without taking time to think any further about his incredible luck at having such a willing and sharing "girlfriend." He was treating his incredible, continuing good fortune as his natural right, so it was all too easy to take Amy for granted, particularly since she was so continually happy and easy going.

Mere weeks ago he'd never even kissed a girl, but that world was almost inconceivable to him now. He also didn't take time to ponder his growing concerns, such as his sister's sex-slave fetish or his feeling that all these activities were distorting and corrupting his personality.

Neither Susan nor Alan realized, then or later, that she had failed to "check his penis for abnormalities" even once that day, which was the supposed whole point of her need to give him "special attention" on Tuesdays.

However, it hardly mattered, since excuses like abnormality checks were no longer necessary. Susan knew every inch of Alan's penis so very intimately by this point that there was no need to make a special check, even if it had really served a valid purpose. She was content in her role as her son's cocksucker, even if she was just one of many.

But deep down she wanted to do more with him. That night she had another dream where Alan fucked her silly. It seemed incredibly real, but when she woke she was crushed to discover that her pussy was still achingly empty of his hot, throbbing boner.

Katherine eventually went to bed, leaving Suzanne all alone downstairs.


Suzanne was dressed in a robe, because she planned to take a shower to get rid of all the sex smells before returning home. (She'd been forced to do that a lot lately.) But first she just sat on the sofa and ruminated about the latest developments. She was very uncertain.

I just don't understand. What happened today - was that good or bad? Technically it's good: the complete free-for-all Plummer family orgy I've been dreaming about is almost here. Things become looser and more sexual here daily. Certainly this was a big, big day for Susan's progress, and that's been the main road block to total sexual freedom for us all.

She let out a heavy sigh.

But what am I going to do about Amy? She's my Achilles heel. I don't know what to do with her. I can't tell her to stop, but I don't want her to go any further. There has to be a way to turn this to my advantage, but I can't see it yet. And I couldn't oppose the idea of her being his girlfriend because it just makes too much sense, for him AND for her.

The problem is, I'm not in complete control here. Sweetie really took charge today with this Amy idea. That surprised me. I always forget to factor her into my sexual plans, and that's my main failing. I should have seen this coming! I have to get back on track and regain control of the speed and direction that things are going. I can't let my overwhelming urge to fuck my lover boy fog my brain so much. Starting tomorrow, I'll have to develop some new schemes, especially to solve this whole Amy problem.

And what am I going to do about Angel and Susan? They're so enthusiastic that they're starting to make me seem like the prudish one! Susan especially. She's become the cocksucking queen. Even though my technique is still better, no one can beat her enthusiasm. She's channeling all her repressed desires to get fucked into becoming a superhuman non-stop cocksucking machine! And both of them have the forbidden fruit of taboo relationships going for them. I can't compete with that.

I've gotta figure out how to jump ahead of them somehow, so I can be my Sweetie's favorite and the number one woman in what's becoming a new family of sorts. This is going to be tough!

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