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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Let's Work Together
Day 59: Wednesday, November 13

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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The next morning, Alan woke up somewhat refreshed but still weary to his bones. Man! I was up too late getting my dick sucked by both Mom and Aims. I generally had too much sexual fun all day yesterday.

Geez, I can't believe I just said that in my mind, like that's a normal thing. "Oh no! I got my cock sucked far too much. Woe is me!" Ha! What an AWESOME life!

Still, it can't be denied that all that intense sexual fun is taxing. My goal today should be just to make it through school so that I can take a long nap in the afternoon.

He shook his head in wonder at just how amazing the previous days had been. I would say last night was especially great, but then I'd have to say that pretty much every morning. It just keeps getting better and better. So many adventures! A week ago feels more like a year ago.

He quickly hurried downstairs to see what new delights might be awaiting him. Double blowjobs! Woo-hoo! I'm almost getting a hard-on just from remembering that I got a double blowjob with MOM and Aims! Is it too much to hope that Mom will want to share with Sis this morning? Please, please, please tell me she won't be all regretful and prudish!

In the kitchen, things were like they had been for the past two days, only slightly toned down in response to his more subdued mood. His mother and sister were standing next to each other, obviously anxiously awaiting his arrival. The fact that Susan was wearing an "erotic apron" that made no effort to cover her big globes, plus sexy high heels, told him that he was going to have a very good morning indeed.

Katherine was wearing even less. She wore an outfit that was little more than straps barely covering her pussy and nipples. He was psyched that his mother seemed to be okay with such an "outfit" for her daughter.

He walked into the kitchen without saying a word. Standing strategically between the two curvy, nearly naked foxes, he "got their attention" by rubbing his hands all over his mother's ass and his sister's pussy at the same time. All he said as he did that was, "Morning, Mom. Morning, Sis."

Susan let out a very satisfied erotic "Mmmm!" Soooo good! I love how he didn't ask permission or even say a single word. He treats us like his personal playthings! God help me, but I've got a feeling that I'm going to be on my knees with a certain oh-so-delicious cock crammed down my throat before too long!

Katherine teased jokingly, "What can that be? Mom, I'm getting the vague sense that someone is wanting my attention, but I can't be sure."

Susan got into the spirit of that, saying, "You're right! I think. I can't be sure either. Maybe he needs to get my attention a little... harder. And deeper!" She spread her legs wider.

Katherine giggled, also spreading her legs wider. "Definitely deeper over here, Big Brother!"

He slid his fingers into Susan's ass crack and Katherine's slit. But he was so exhausted from the night before that not even doing that and the sight of their amazing bodies was enough to get his dick fully hard. Frustrated, he let go of them and went to the refrigerator to get some fruit juice. Then he sat down on a stool at the kitchen counter.


Seeing that Alan's penis wasn't erect yet, Susan took it upon herself to fix that problem. She struck a sexy pose with her big, bare tits thrusting forward, framed by her erotic apron. She faked a pained expression and said in an even more pained voice, "Tiger! Something TERRIBLE has just happened!"

He took the bait, asking in alarm, "What? What is it?"

She replied with dramatic distress, "I woke up this morning at 6 a.m., drooling already at the thought of sucking my son's deliciously thick cock! But then, after an hour of waiting, he finally woke up and came downstairs... flaccid! What a tragedy!" She brought the back of her hand to her forehead, like a damsel in distress.

Alan and Katherine had a good laugh at her antics.

The three of them continued to joke and play around, but Alan's penis still remained frustratingly flaccid while he and Katherine ate their bowls of pan-seared oatmeal covered with berries.

Susan continued to put herself on display for Alan, using all the skills of a practiced stripper who had been told to work in a kitchen rather than on a stage. She contorted her body so much in attempts to please her son that at times it almost seemed like she was playing a game of Twister with herself. Her high heels definitely showed off her ass and legs to great effect.

Even though she didn't have the gift for saying flirty, sexy things like Suzanne had, her words were extremely arousing for Alan because they reflected her sincere lust. For instance, when Katherine said, "Hey Mom, you're always feeding us. But don't you want something to eat or drink?" Susan had replied (while staring intently at Alan), "I'm good, at least for now. I expect to be guzzling down something sweet and creamy before too long." As if that wasn't obvious enough, she'd then licked her lips hungrily.

Katherine again sat on the stool next to her brother, so he could secretly finger her pussy while they enjoyed their mother's show. This was technically against Susan's rules, since it went beyond Alan's "getting attention" rituals, but Susan didn't notice.

Katherine started fondling his flaccid penis; before long it wasn't flaccid anymore. Far from hiding her activity, as she had been doing, she announced, "Hey, Mom! We have lift-off! It's growing in my hands. Fast!"

Susan smiled while simultaneously giving her son an intense "come hither and get your cock sucked" stare. "Well, thank goodness for that!"

He celebrated his erection by singing, parodying the lyrics to the Beatles' song "I am the Walrus:" "I've got the dick, man; they've got the tits, man; I've got a boner! Boob, boob, ba-boob!"

Susan laughed along with Katherine, even though she had no clue about the source or words of the original song.

He had a great time eating his oatmeal with one hand while fingering Katherine with the other. As he was doing that, his sister was jacking him off and his mother was tempting him from across the counter with her fabulous body. As a result, he was in no rush to change the situation. The two kids had intentionally used the counter to conceal what they were doing below Susan's line of sight, so she had no cause to get jealous.

Meanwhile, Susan kept saying and doing arousing things. "Tiger, did you have a nice night last night?"

"I sure did."

"I hope you're not going to forget your sister and me, now that you have an official girlfriend, are you?" As she said this, she spread her feet wider apart and bent so far down that she could reach the toes of her high-heeled shoes. Her ostensible purpose was to get a bottle of maple syrup from a lower shelf - everything in the kitchen seemed to be on the highest and lowest shelves lately - but her real purpose was to help ensure a suitably good answer to her question.

He thought, Fuck, man! Look at that hot cunt, nestled next to that gorgeous bubble butt! I wanna fuck her so bad! He responded, "Are you joking? You must be. As if I could ever stop loving you and Sis!"

Katherine gave his dick a very pleasurable extra-tight squeeze while whispering in his ear, "Good answer!"

Susan smiled while staying in her absurdly lewd bent-over position. "I, for one, am glad about what happened last night. With you and Amy, I mean. I'll admit that I'm having some trouble with it, because there's a part of me that wants to make love to your cock with my mouth and hands all night and all day." She started wiggling her ass back and forth. "But your needs are so great that sharing is the only option, and having a hot girlfriend like her is only right and proper for such a studly, virile, cum-filled boy as you. If only you didn't have to keep your incestuous relations with us a secret from the public..."

She had her dreams of being his girlfriend in public, maybe even his wife, but she was too embarrassed to tell anyone about them. She sighed and paused, then continued, "Besides, things like that striptease and shared blowjob are so much fun."

Both Alan and Katherine were startled to hear that comment about shared blowjobs. Katherine asked her, "What did you say?!"

Susan stood back up and turned around. "Angel, after everything that happened last night, I suppose it's inevitable that Tiger's gonna make us suck his cock together, so we might as well give in and concede defeat to his powerful member. As usual." She seemed far more excited than sad about her "defeat."

Katherine hurriedly followed up on that: "Whoa! Mom! You mean you'd be up for a double blowjob this morning? Really?!"

Alan complained to his sister, "Hey! Don't give her a chance to change her mind!"

Susan smiled at that. "Angel, I know when I'm beaten. Tiger not only somehow tricked me into sharing his cock with Amy last night, he lasted so long that I couldn't help but begin to really like it after a while. Besides, if I try to fight it, he's just gonna trick me again, until I'm taking turns bobbing on his great big pole with any other busty beauty he wants!"

She was trying to act at least somewhat reluctant about dual blowjobs, but that was just a pose. In truth, she'd been thinking about it ever since she'd woken up, and she could hardly wait to get started. She'd even had dreams last night where she shared Alan's cock with a variety of his other lovers, both real and imagined.

The enthusiasm in her voice was obvious when she said to her daughter, "Let's face facts: big-titted women like you and me are always outsmarted by clever hunks like him. So I suppose I have no choice but to accept the fact that we're going to be slurping and choking and gagging on his great thickness together a lot from now on." She smiled at him adoringly.

Katherine was psyched. "All right! I say let's get started right now!" However, she added uncertainly, "But would that count as the one blowjob I'm allowed today?"

Susan replied with a sly grin, "Well, we'll call it half of one, since you'll only be pleasuring your half of his shaft. What do you think, Son? Would you like that?"

He was extremely excited by that prospect, but he just mumbled "Mmmm-hmmm" and continued eating. Given all the hanky-panky going on under the counter edge, he wasn't in a very talkative mood. Katherine was rubbing his sweet spot in a way that drove him wild, but he was trying hard not to show how much it was affecting him.

Susan went on, "But on the other hand, Son, all this cocksucking is well and good, but I'll bet you're dying to finally fuck a woman properly, aren't you? I can only imagine how much you long to really stick that big boner in a warm, throbbing cunt."

As she said this, she leaned against the counter and spread her legs even wider than before. She rubbed her hands all over her groin area, which caused her apron to ride up and her pussy to become more exposed than it already had been.

Alan was very surprised, because any mention of fucking, even in teasing or joking, usually got a "so improper" from her. He happily rolled with that question.

He recalled that he'd told her that he'd fucked "Elle" at the party, so he said, "Well Mom, I have gotten lucky a few times already. Remember that mysterious woman, Elle, at the Halloween party? I've also fucked a couple of girls from school." He thought, Needless to say, I'm not gonna mention to Mom that one of them is Sis!

Susan was already hotter than the stove she was standing next to ever got. She panted while fingering her pussy, imagining her son fucking her. "Oh. That's right. I'd forgotten about Elle. Good! I think it's only right that you get to fuck lots of women. I'm glad to see that you're starting to spread your seed all over town. That's as it should be! It should be the duty, no, the HONOR, of all the best girls in your school to spread their legs for you so you can fill their wombs with your deliciously tasty, potent, fertile sperm!"

He thought, WOW! Mom is REALLY hot and horny today! But modest kid that he was, he complained, "Mom, that's a bit over the top."

Susan ignored him and continued, "Nonsense! When I think about you fucking all those hot, busty girls at school, I get SO HOT that I can hardly stand it!"

Alan looked down at his sister's hand sliding up and down his erection, and then over to her sizable breasts. Then he looked at his mother's even bigger ones, bouncing free while being framed wonderfully by the erotic apron. Amused, he asked, "What makes you think they'd be busty?"

Susan stopped rubbing her clit long enough to shoot him an impatient look. "Alan 'Tit Man' Plummer, I'm not going to dignify that with an answer. But I'm talking about something else. I'm talking about fucking your loved ones. Amy is practically family, but technically she's not, so it's okay if you are her first. Won't that be great, fucking someone who's almost your sister? I mean really truly sliding your big dick into her wet, tight slit! Does it make you feel naughty? Would that satisfy all your 'fucking at home' needs? Or is there someone else even closer to home you'd like to fuck instead?"

As she said this last sentence she put a high-heeled foot up on a chair, let her apron fall to the side, and exposed her pussy even more clearly, in case Alan had any doubt who she was talking about. He could actually look into her open pussy lips as she rubbed her nub.

Alan's mind was spinning, God, Mom isn't just horny; she's totally out of control! I need to take advantage of this somehow. Should I tell her I want to fuck her and Sis so bad I can barely stand it, not to mention nailing Aunt Suzy? But he thought better of it and remained silent. Despite his growing confidence with other women, he was afraid of trespassing on his mother's oft-stated belief that vaginal intercourse was "true" incest, as well as a grave sin.

Susan ran her hands down her belly and stopped at her furry mound. The straps to her apron had slid down her shoulders, which struck Alan as extra sexy. She held her pussy lips open with her left hand and started to dig into her hot hole with the other. When she got her fingers all covered with a slick sheen, she proceeded to flick and rub her clit. She held back the hood of her clit and pulled and twisted the fleshy nub.

She thought, Uh-oh! I really shouldn't be talking about this kind of thing, but it's like my body is on FIRE! I can't help myself! All these thoughts about sharing his cock with Suzanne, Angel, Amy... and more! So many more! It just makes me wanna get... HNNNG! ... UNGH! ... FUCKED! That's what I said: fucked! Seriously, deeply, royally! Plow me, Son! Take me in every possible way! I am one of your fuck toys, which means I need to get fucked!

Her excitement was starting to boil. Her pussy was so wide open that the pink folds inside could be seen glistening like morning dew.


All this took place in complete silence, except for Susan's heavy breathing. But the horny mother finally asked, "Well? Any ideas?"

Katherine was increasingly excited by her mother's display and talk as well. She was even more delighted that Alan was playing with her pussy in imitation of what he was seeing their mother doing to herself. She frantically pumped on his dick.

The only problem was that Alan and Katherine had never finished their breakfast, so their oatmeal was getting cold and soggy.

Alan was so aroused yet frustrated by Susan's comments that he said, "Mom, you can't talk like that! Are you trying to get me to fuck you? Because if you are, you're doing a pretty good job. I could almost pound a nail into concrete with my dick, it's so hard! But you're really just teasing me, aren't you? Tormenting me!"

"Sorry, Tiger; sometimes I get a little carried away," Susan said, genuinely apologetic. She straightened up and forced herself to look him in the eye. "Of course we can't really fuck, so I'll tone it down. Teasing is just so much fun for me now that I've discovered how to really do it. Sometimes I forget how frustrated it can make you. Let's not tease or talk about THAT subject; we'll just stick to blowjobs and titfucks and the like." She looked at Katherine's arm jerking up and down, remembering what her daughter was doing. "And handjobs," she added pointedly.

"Yeah, thanks," he said in an exasperated tone. "But you don't have to go so far in getting me aroused. Just knowing you're near usually does it to me. Thank God I'm not a virgin anymore or you would have torn my heart with your teasing. It's pounding now anyways, thanks to your little pussy show. Damn!"

Susan said apologetically, "Oh dear. I don't know what's with me today. How 'bout if I turn around and stop, um... touching myself?" She turned her back to her kids.

Katherine felt irked, especially that Alan had chosen Amy to be his girlfriend rather than her. Even though she loved Amy like a sister and wanted the best for her, and even though she understood the practical reasons for his decision, she'd still had trouble sleeping last night because she was so upset at not being chosen.


She couldn't help also getting greatly aroused at her mother's display, even though she knew that the show wasn't meant for her. The fact that Susan had turned around didn't help much, since she was pretty much just as drop-dead gorgeous from that angle as from any other.

Alan could sense his sister's growing arousal, so he really went to town on her pussy lips and clit. He furtively pumped two fingers deeply in her slit, even working her G-spot.

Katherine bit down on her lip to keep silent as she started to cum right there on her stool. She worried that if she screamed out in ecstasy, Susan would come over and interrupt them in disapproval. After all, they were supposed to be helping Alan, not getting their own jollies.

Despite Susan not being able to see directly what was happening, she could sense Katherine's cumming, since the strangled attempt not to climax loudly was something she'd personally recently experienced quite often. She pretended not to notice. She could have made a big deal out of all the rules violations going on a few feet away from her, but she felt that Katherine deserved some slack since her daughter had good reason to feel that she hadn't been getting enough attention lately, especially after what had happened the night before with Amy.

"Well, let's talk about something else then," Susan said, still panting, still openly playing with herself. "Who are these other girls at school anyway?"

Alan didn't want to say; he prided himself on not kissing and telling. Besides, he was concerned that she might keep prying and eventually figure out that his sister was one of them. So instead he changed the subject. "Hey, Mom. You're driving me crazy. I mean, not only does your ass look friggin' fantastic, but the fact that you're totally playing with yourself, it's just... Jesus! Oh God! The way your bare ass is gyrating around... your long, sleek legs..."

His voice was ragged and his heart was pumping hard because Katherine had only paused for a few moments to recover from her own climax before her hand was back, sliding up and down his boner. He felt like his orgasm was imminent.

Susan chided him, "Son! What have I told you about taking the Lord's name in vain?" But that was just an excuse not to address his point that she was still fingering her pussy. She was so extremely horny that she felt like she couldn't stop, even after it was pointed out explicitly. However, gathering her willpower, she finally managed to stop and turn around. She hoped that the fact she was facing them would force her to keep her hands otherwise occupied.

Katherine responded by quickly taking her own hand off Alan's erection. In the heat of the moment, she couldn't remember what their mother was permitting that day, so she decided to play it safe. However, she soon realized that her mother was too horny to care.

Unfortunately for Katherine, Alan desperately needed a break. So when she brought her hand back to his crotch, he politely yet firmly fended her off.

Hoping to redirect the conversation before her own blatant masturbation again became the subject of discussion, Susan asked her son, "What was that you were saying about the other girls at school?"

He just responded vaguely, "I can't share any names - a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. But I can say that it's mostly been a couple of the cheerleaders at school." Technically that's correct, he thought. He hoped Susan wouldn't recall at that moment that Katherine was one of just five varsity cheerleaders other than Amy, since he'd made clear the other night that he hadn't fucked Amy yet.

Susan was filled with pride. Oh God! Too hot! I knew it! I just knew it! Cheerleaders! They're the sexiest, most desirable girls in the school! But of course. Tiger will settle for nothing less than the very BEST!

This news was simply too arousing; her resolve not to masturbate in front of her children vanished in that instant. She wantonly ran both hands all over her bare breasts before sending one hand back to fingering her pussy. "That's my son! Nothing but the best and hottest cunts in the school for you. Of COURSE you should fuck the cheerleaders! Big-titted cheerleaders, I hope?"

"Well, of course." That wasn't true, since Kim wasn't very well endowed, at least compared to Susan, but he knew what would make his mother most happy and horny.

"GOOD! As it should be. So hot! I hope you give that bitch Heather a good hard pounding to melt her brains and show her that she belongs beneath you, impaled on your sperm-filled manhood!"

Alan was amused at her enthusiasm, although he tried to act nonchalant. "Actually, I already have." He was only human, and his pride was surging so much that he couldn't help but reveal that tidbit. Besides, he knew Katherine was aware of that already.

Susan was so excited to hear that that she reached across the counter and gave him a big hug. "Oh, Son! That makes me so happy to hear! I have to say I'm impressed. She's definitely Alan-worthy. Spear that blonde bombshell's cunt real good for me, won't you?"

Alan just nodded in reply. He didn't know which was more surprising: his mother's newly dirty mouth, or her genuine pride and enthusiasm in hearing that he had fucked some of the cheerleaders. Like almost everything else, it was all too mind-blowing for him to contemplate in detail, so he just accepted it as part of his new bizarro world.

What he didn't know was that everyone else, even his mother, was having a lot of jealousy issues over the fact that he'd made Amy his official girlfriend. It was one thing to hear about his new conquests; that always excited her because it reaffirmed his studliness in her eyes. But she was particularly worried that he'd spend so much time with Amy that he'd have less time to spend with her. She realized that was selfish, so she consciously tried not to think about Amy, instead just focusing on the image of a naked Heather screaming bloody murder as Alan's thick erection drove deeper and deeper into her (presumably) tight, tiny slit.

Katherine, meanwhile, was still refraining from jacking off Alan, since he had indicated that he still needed his break. Instead she went to the kitchen to get something more to eat. After all, she and Alan were supposed to be eating breakfast.


Susan was disappointed to realize that Alan's dick was no longer being tended to, but she could hardly order her daughter to resume her stroking when their need to eat breakfast took precedence. She walked around the counter to take care of it herself.

But before she could get there, Alan saw her intention and said, "Hey, Mom, thanks, but I'm taking a strategic break right about now, which is why Sis stopped."

"Oh, poo! Those darn strategic breaks. I love 'em and hate 'em at the same time." She walked back to the kitchen. Unintentionally, she let out her frustration by criticizing her daughter's clothes.

She complained as she leaned against the counter right across from where Alan sat. "Angel, I hope you're not planning on wearing that around the house all day."

Katherine was wearing another item that she and Suzanne had bought at the sex store a few days earlier. It was hard to call it a 'dress'; it was really just a few thin straps of cloth. There was one strap around her waist, two shoulder straps about an inch wide that barely covered her nipples, and one in her ass crack that also barely covered her vulva.

Katherine stopped and stared at her mother. "Why not? It's no more revealing than what you've got on, if you think about it. I mean, you couldn't even cover your boobs if you wanted to. There's just no fabric there."

"Yes, Angel, but this is an apron. I have to wear it for cooking," Susan said, having conveniently forgotten that she owned other less blatantly erotic aprons, or that she could wear clothes underneath the apron. She also conveniently ignored the fact that the straps of her apron had slid down to her elbows, causing the rest to slide so far down that it was barely on her at all. She pulled the apron back into place and then complained, "But your outfit - it just seems so absurd."

"But Mom, last night you said we could wear just as much or as little as we wanted, any time we wanted."

Susan sighed. "Sometimes I say things in the heat of the moment that I may not agree with later. Today is different. Besides, I don't really have any say in the matter. If I don't wear something super sexy, Tiger will just force me to change my clothes, or wear no clothes at all! It's so unfair!" But the mere thought of being "forced" to do naughty things by her son got her motor running again, causing her to visibly squirm about even while standing.

Katherine pointed out, "Well, why is it that Alan has the right to tell you what to wear, but not me? Aren't I just as much a member of the family?"

"Of course you are, my sweet Angel," Susan replied.

"And he is the new man of the house, right?"

"Certainly." Susan loved this kind of talk.

"And you and I, we're his personal cocksuckers, fully dedicated to keeping his cock stiff and throbbing with pleasure as much as possible, aren't we?"

"Of course!"

"Well then, what he says goes, and our duty is to obey. And serve! Right, Mom?"

Susan's chest was heaving, she was suddenly so excited by those words. "Right!"

Katherine turned to her brother. "So, Bro, that means you now have total control over my wardrobe. Toooootal controoool..." She said those two words extra slowly, loving the sound of them.

Susan gazed off in the distance, silently mouthing those same two words as her lust increased. "Total control." His control over us is total! It's absolute! What's happening this morning is how it's going to be around here from now on. It's less about eating and getting ready for school and more about lovingly serving his dominating cock! Together!

But her train of thought was interrupted when she heard her daughter ask, "BIG Brother, what do you want me to wear today?"

"What you've got on," he replied.

Katherine smirked and giggled.

Somehow, that just turned Susan on even more. She loved to be sexually "outsmarted" these days. "Darn it! You've got me there, both of you. It just goes to show - yet again! - that there's no resisting Tiger or his fat cock. But Angel, since I can't get you to change, I'm curious. Doesn't that tiny strap of fabric ride up into your pussy and ass?"


Katherine's mood improved when she stood up and showed off her outfit. "It sure does! Just about any move I make causes it to go up there. I can practically get myself off just by shrugging my shoulders repeatedly. And it's so tight that if I sit down it nearly cuts me in two." She shuddered momentarily as she drew a deep breath. "It's great!"

Her pussy was overly sensitive at the moment, but she helpfully demonstrated what she meant anyway. She used a hand to lift a shoulder strap up and down, causing her to moan in delight as the fabric pressed and moved against her pussy lips and clit.

Susan complained, "Really, Angel, that's too much. It's so improper. Whatever will I do with you and your crazy outfit? And in front of your own brother!"

Susan realized as she said this that in fact she was really trying to stimulate Alan with the things she was saying, rather than actually discouraging Katherine from wearing such an outfit.

By this point, everyone recognized her charade in saying things like "And in front of your own brother!" But it was still fun for everyone, helping to make their actions seem naughtier and more arousing.

"Mom, you really should try it. The fabric would be even more deliciously tight all over if it crossed over your even bigger hooters."

"I don't know. Maybe I'll try it just once or twice. Just to see what kind of mischief you've been getting into, mind you. And by the way, let's not use vulgar language like 'hooters' - the proper term is 'jugs.'"

Everyone laughed at that. Susan had always been up tight on sexual topics, but her recent practice of letting loose sexually had changed her demeanor. Now she was making jokes about sex and sexuality for practically the first time in her life.

Katherine happily agreed. "Try it anytime, Mom. Or, even better, should I ask Aunt Suzy to pick one up for you next time she's at the store?"

"I can ask her myself, thank you very much," Susan said in an authoritative tone, indicating that her somewhat hypocritical chastisement of Katherine's outfit just a minute or two before had already been forgotten. Susan definitely wanted one of those bathing suits - she allowed her pussy to do her thinking about it, and her pussy very much liked the idea of having the strap ride up and rub around all day.

"The only problem with them is that the straps are so hard to keep in place," Katherine added with mock dismay. She then ostentatiously slipped one strap off a nipple, then slipped the other strap off her breast altogether.

Alan's penis had started becoming flaccid after Katherine stopped stroking it, to give him a strategic break, but it surged back to full size when he saw that.

With Alan and Susan raptly attentive, Katherine moved the strap that vainly attempted to cover her pussy to the side. Still on her feet, she moved back from the counter as she did this so that Susan could better see what she was doing. She knew that she was making her mother horny, even if Susan wouldn't admit her lesbian desires to herself.

Katherine thought to herself, Aunt Suzy was so right last night when she said it's more arousing to be partially dressed. Look at me; I'm the center of attention because of this bathing suit!


"Look, Big Boner Brother!" she said with even more anguish in her voice. "All my straps are coming undone! Woe is me!"

Alan joked, "You know, you really should cover your tits and your pussy with your hands, before you catch a cold from the draft." His erection was poking straight up in his lap, but he wasn't asking for help with it just yet since he sensed he still needed his strategic break.

Katherine smiled. "Good idea." She stuck a finger into her pussy while using her other hand to fondle a tit.

Susan said to her, "Katherine, I think Tiger sees your vulgar display well enough. Please take your hand out of your private place and try to control yourself for at least a few minutes."

However, this was said without much conviction, as she was growing more aroused with each passing moment. She was also being extremely hypocritical, since she'd been masturbating herself in open view mere minutes before. But she wasn't thinking clearly; instead she was reacting without real thought to how hot and bothered Katherine was making her.

She pretended not to see the fluids dripping from her daughter's pussy and running down her leg. (If she had, she would have felt obliged to ask Katherine to clean up.)

"I'm just trying to put the straps back into place," Katherine falsely claimed.

"Sure you are," her mother replied in a tsk-tsk voice. "The way you're acting, you might as well not bother with clothes at all. Then you could just keep your finger permanently in your pussy."

"Oh goody! Is that a request or just a suggestion?" Katherine joked.


Everyone laughed at that exchange, even Susan. Then she went on more seriously, "As fun as it all is, Angel, we can't just sit around and masturbate for each other all day, or we'll never get you two to school. Don't you think you should go sit back down and tend, er, I mean, keep your brother company?"

Susan's problem was that she was bothered greatly because her son's erection wasn't being attended. In her book that was now the most important duty of whatever women happened to be present. In addition, she was eager to share licking his cock with her daughter for the very first time.

Katherine sat back down and immediately took Alan's dick in hand. "Mom, I think you did mean 'tend.' And look: he's still erect!"

Susan came around the counter to take a look. She smiled approvingly when she saw Katherine resume jacking him off. She muttered quietly to herself, "That's better. That darn strategic break was really bugging me." Then she said out loud, "Very good, Angel. Remember what Nurse Akami said."

Before she could continue, Katherine said, "I know: it's not just quantity of his orgasms; it's the quality. He needs prolonged, highly satisfying stimulation for each and every one of his six daily cums."

"Well put," Susan said. "Let me finish up here in the kitchen and then I'll be able to help. Tiger, what do you think about having two mouths on your cock? Would you call that 'prolonged, highly satisfying stimulation?'"

"You know it, Mom! I can't wait!"

Susan obviously had no problem with Katherine fondling Alan, but the same couldn't be said about Alan fondling Katherine. So he waited until Susan was back in the kitchen and busy working there before he resumed fingering his sister's slit.

Between jacking off her brother and getting secretly fingered, Katherine couldn't have been happier. Watching Susan puttering around in the kitchen in her useless erotic 'apron' was the icing on the cake. After a while, she quietly moaned to Alan, teasing him, "Mmmm, I know something I'd rather have in my pussy than your finger." While Alan continued to frig her, she snickered and added, "Not that there's a finger in there now."

"What's that, dear?" Susan asked from the kitchen. She was only able to hear them muttering.

Katherine now teased her mother. "Hmmm. I'm talking about something near and dear to me. I'll give you a clue. It's long and hard and throbbing. My hand is slowly pumping up and down it, and I totally love it! Right now it looks like it's aching to fill a hole."

"Oh, does it?" Susan replied happily, glad to get confirmation that Alan's cock was being well tended. She picked up a bottle of maple syrup with a narrow neck and began unconsciously stroking the neck like she was jacking it off.

Then she remembered that they weren't supposed to tease each other about fucking. "I meant, uh, Angel, it's not right to think of such things. Besides, I'm sure Tiger wouldn't want to stick his red hot poker in his sister's or his mother's hungry hole, so you must be speaking of something else."

Susan bent over forward as she said this, spreading her legs widely so Alan could see clearly the hole that she was referring to.

Katherine moaned, "Mmmm. 'Red hot poker'. I like that. What do you think of that, Big Red Hot Poker Brother?"

Most other guys would have lost it, jumping up and fucking someone by this point, but Alan had grown used to this level of teasing so he just enjoyed the scene. However, he did complain, "Mom, you said no teasing about my fucking you."

"Oh, sorry baby. I was actually trying to discourage Angel from that kind of talk, but it came out the wrong way. I don't know what's gotten into me today. I must still be excited from last night. I get so hot when I think about how you tamed Amy and added her to your stable of big-titted hotties."

She reluctantly went back to working in the kitchen. She was mostly marking time until breakfast was over, so they could start the dual blowjob. Even so, she was more intent on flashing her bare breasts and ass than getting anything done, so once again her apron ended up hanging in a very precarious position because the straps had slid down her arms.

Katherine giggled as she stroked, "I know what I'd LIKE to get into me today, Mom. Do you know what I mean when I say INTO me?"

Susan spun around, trying to be more take-charge. "Katherine Plummer! You stop that kind of talk this instant!"

Katherine pretended innocence. "What? I was talking about sucking his cock, not fucking."

"Oh. I suppose that's okay." Susan went back to the sink even though she suspected (correctly) that Katherine had really meant another hole.

Katherine decided to run with her new meaning. "Yes, it's true that I have a big, fat brother-cock in my hand right now, but what it really needs is a warm, wet mouth. A sexy sister's sweet sliding lips! Her needy tongue flitting around someone's super-sensitive sweet spot while her lips relentlessly slide up and down, up and down, up and down! Kind of like how my hand is pumping up and down, up and down, up and down right now!"

Susan had started washing the dishes, but upon hearing Katherine talk like that, she fell into a kind of fugue. Staring blankly into space, she began stroking the long cleaning brush she was holding.

Emboldened by what she saw her mother doing to the brush, Katherine went on, "But I'm being too selfish, aren't I? I'm my brother's fuck toy, and fuck toys share. Mom, I think he needs your warm, wet mouth too! But do you think just one mouth is enough? I think not! I can't wait until we're both slurping and sucking and loving and licking it at the same time!"

Susan was slowly bringing the cleaning brush up to her mouth, but at the last second she realized what she actually held in her hand. Even that didn't totally deter her as she moaned erotically, "Oh! YES!"

Katherine's words were having an effect on herself as well. One hand pumped faster and faster over the top half of her brother's boner, while she reached between his legs with the other, moving towards his anus. She didn't insert a finger into it, but instead just caressed his perineum, the area between his anus and his balls, which was highly stimulating.

Alan complained, "Mom, make her stop. I have to eat some food every now and then or I'll die of starvation, but I can't do anything but clench my PC muscle while she's doing that. Death by sexy teasing!"


Susan snapped out of her sexual fugue. She turned to her children. "Angel, please, control yourself. I can see by the way that your arm is moving that you're going too fast. Remember, our goal is PROLONGED stimulation. Do you want him to cum before we can even suck him off together?"

That last question in particular struck home, because Katherine was very eager to set that precedent with her mother. So she reduced her stimulation, allowing Alan to relax while still enjoying the steady buzz of the continued handjob. Once he wasn't frantically fighting the urge to climax, he was able to occasionally play with his sister's pussy, rewarding her for the reduced level of stimulation.

Alan and Katherine ate breakfast while sitting at the counter. This was unusual, but they both wanted to continue to enjoy a close-up view of their bare-breasted mother walking around in high heels.

Susan made a show of finally putting the pancakes on plates and passing them around the table, along with sliced banana and starfruit. All the while she surreptitiously peeked over the counter to gauge the state of Alan's erection. She smiled when she saw that Katherine was fondling his cock with a slow, steady rhythm.

Unfortunately, somewhere between eating breakfast and getting stroked, Alan forgot that he wasn't supposed to be fingerbanging his sister.

Susan couldn't help but notice that this time, as she leaned even farther over the counter to get a better look. With her huge orbs practically pressed to the countertop, she reproachfully chided her son, "Don't think I don't know what you're doing to your sister, buster. Besides, I've been suspecting that the whole time."

"You have?!" Alan asked with genuine surprise while quickly removing his fingers from his sister's hot snatch. "How?!" He thought he'd been very careful and clever.

Susan smirked and mimicked the subtle rhythmic arm motions that Alan had been making.

Suddenly a thought occurred to Katherine, who stopped her handjob. "Oh, shoot! Mom, I love that you're cool with what I'm doing to Brother, but is this going to count as one of the times I'm allowed today?"

Susan replied, "Well, that depends. I suppose not, since you're being a good fuck-toy sister and doing it for him. I think if it's just some stealth stroking to keep him happy while he's eating, reading a book, watching TV, or something like that, it shouldn't count. After all, I want to encourage that kind of sisterly attention as much as possible. After all, the battle to fight his dreadful sperm buildup never ends. But if you stroke him until you get a big spermy reward, that's gonna count as one of your allowed times. Is that clear?"

Katherine giggled with glee, because that was such a lenient easing of Susan's rules. "Yes, Mom." She brought her hand back and resumed sliding her fingers up and down his cum-soaked shaft.

Susan turned to her son while still leaning over the counter in a very enticing way. "Tiger, I'm much more upset by what you've been doing. It's a serious violation of the rules to fingerfuck your sister, you know."

"Sorry, Mom," he said abashedly. He had no idea what 'the rules' were anymore. They seemed to be more or less whatever their mother felt like at the moment, mostly depending on how aroused she was. He couldn't tell if she was serious or not, after her false chiding of Katherine's behavior. Besides, he remembered that he'd fingered Susan's own pussy the night before without her complaining about it, then or afterwards. But he didn't ask for any clarification, since it was to his advantage to use the times when she was so aroused to have her ease the vague rules that she had set.

She said to him, "We may tease you a little bit here and there about our pussies, but we really shouldn't. Please remind us to behave when either of us get carried away. And let's just forget all about certain incidents yesterday." She looked away in embarrassment as she thought about how Alan had both fingered and licked her pussy at various times the day before.

She stood back up straight but stayed close to the counter edge so she could furtively touch her clit. The apron was easily pushed aside, while thoughts of Alan licking and fingering her aroused her even more than they shamed her. She added, "My point is, Angel and I are your family, so our pussies have to remain totally off limits. Enjoy the rest of our buxom bodies, but don't get too close to the REAL incest danger zone!"

"Sorry," he said glumly, despite the fact that Katherine was still steadily jacking him off. "I'll try to do better."

Susan replied in a happier tone, "That's okay. I'll forgive it since you obviously need a lot of help getting and staying hard this morning. You can make it up to me by shooting a big load in my mouth before you go to school." Then she smiled widely and licked her lips. "You think you're ready for that now, or do you want more time to eat first?"

"I think I'll go with 'Death by Cocksucking'."

"Good choice." Susan's smile got even wider.

He got off his stool and moved to the love seat in the dining room, because he knew the counter stool placed his crotch too high for her to suck him in comfort.

Susan watched him reposition, then turned to Katherine. "And as for you, young lady, no sneaking around my back to help him, is that clear? I'm still your mother, and you have to take my punishments seriously!"

"Yes, Mom." She had her head bowed. "So can we practice our first double blowjob, like you promised earlier?"

Susan grumbled as she continued to covertly play with herself under the counter edge. "I guess I did kind of strongly imply that. But I'm still going to assert mother's privileges right now. Give me a couple of minutes making love to my son's cock with my tongue and lips first. I really, really need it! After all, you've been stroking and stroking and stroking his big fat sperm gun all morning, and all I could do was watch. It was torture! So do you mind?"

Katherine reluctantly nodded her agreement, then moved to the love seat too, to sit alongside him and watch their mother in action.

Susan undid her apron and tossed it aside, because she preferred cocksucking completely naked whenever possible (not counting her high heels and glasses, of course). Then she crossed the room and got on her knees by her son's legs.


Susan knelt on the floor between Alan's legs as he sat on the love seat. She "mmmm"-ed loudly as she felt his thickness slide into her gaping mouth. As always, she loved how it was so fat and thick that she had to strain to get her lips around it.

She loved being naked on her knees in front of her son, but to have her daughter sitting above her, looking down at her, watching, was an added humiliating thrill. She felt delightfully sinful, especially given the way she was making lewd slurpy noises as her son's big dick slid back and forth between her lips. The fact that she was wearing high heels made it all that much better; she felt more like a porn star and less like a typical suburban soccer mom.

As she thought about this, she was hit with an epiphany. She briefly took his cock out of her mouth to exclaim, "I'm a porn mom!"

Alan and Katherine had a good laugh over that as Susan resumed sucking. They found it particularly amusing that she offered no further explanation.

Katherine said, "'Porn mom.' I like the sound of that. What do you think, Big Fence-post Brother?"

Alan was still laughing. "'Porn mom' sounds great to me. It's perfect, 'cos Mom is such a mom, you know? Yet she's got a body and libido that a porn star would kill for." He patted Susan on the top of her head. "You're my porn-star mommy."

Susan absolutely loved being patted like a pet while in such a subservient position, but she was even more thrilled by his rare use of the affectionate term "mommy." She redoubled her cocksucking efforts, adding the corkscrew twist that she knew he particularly liked, as a way to indicate that he should call her that more often.

Her erotic "mmmm" sounds grew louder as Alan reached down to play with her very sensitive nipples. She moaned through a stuffed mouth as she idly wondered if he was right, and also whether one might die of sheer pleasure.

Katherine pleasured herself to orgasm yet again as she watched her mother suck. Now that everything seemed to be out in the open, she didn't try to disguise her own loud moaning as a nice climax wracked her body.

Time passed. After Katherine's orgasm, the only sounds heard were Susan's slurping and "mmmm"-ing, plus Alan's occasional panting and moaning.

Katherine got off the love seat and moved behind Susan, ready to help with the promised double blowjob. They were both jammed in tightly between Alan's legs, with Katherine mostly behind Susan. As a result, their naked bodies were touching all over. Katherine had her leg pressing against Susan's backside, and that pose happened to put her knee against Susan's ass. Eventually, she couldn't help herself but to rub her knee up against her mother's naked butt. Susan's mouth was too full of cock to say anything in protest.

Katherine was getting a kick out of doing this, but she quickly decided that a knee was far too blunt an instrument. So she reached back and brazenly started to explore her mother's ass crack with her fingers.

Susan could have ignored the knee contact, presuming it was accidental, but there was no doubt that the fingering had been deliberate. She tried to reach around and slap Katherine's hand away, but she couldn't reach it. Of course she could have done so easily if she had simply pulled her mouth away from Alan's hard-on, but she couldn't muster the willpower to do that for even a few seconds, she was so intent on sucking his thick erection.

Eventually, Katherine placed her index finger right at the entrance to Susan's anus and pressed against it, but after playing around a bit, Katherine chickened out. She figured that if she were to make penetration, Susan would be forced to respond, and that would put an end to her 'stretching the boundaries'. So she just kept on exploring around that area, mostly running her fingers up and down Susan's ass crack.

Katherine finally grew tired of waiting for the sharing to start. She brought her hands to her hips and said indignantly, "Okay, Mom, that's been more than enough time. Mother's privilege? What the heck is that? I'm going to assert sister's privilege!" She tried to move in closer, but Susan wasn't giving her room.

Katherine complained, "MooooOOOOoooom! Come on! You promised we could share!"

Susan was so focused on her cocksucking that she paid almost no attention to Katherine's complaint. She was working on a tricky combined technique that involved "humming" while pulsing her lips to one rhythm and flitting her tongue over his sweet spot with a different rhythm. It took all her concentration to get it right.

However, Katherine was nothing if not persistent. "Mom, you think you're the only one who loves doing that? Do you know what kind of torture it is for me to sit here this close and watch all those thick inches of brother-cock sliding past your lips? Imagine if our positions were reversed!"

Susan muttered something that sounded a bit like "Sorry," but her mouth was so stuffed full that it was hard to make any sense of her mumble.

Increasingly annoyed, Katherine started to yank on and twist Susan's nearest nipple. "Mom! Come ON! What does it take to get your attention?! Do I need to finger your pussy too?"

That finally worked. Susan pulled off and gasped, "Not that!"

Alan quickly covered his erection and balls with both hands. "Hold on, you two!" After some heavy breathing he recovered enough to continue. "Share, you two! Be nice!"

Susan shifted positions, finally making room for her buxom daughter to scoot in up close, next to her. She smiled apologetically. "Sorry, Angel. Once I have Tiger's cock in my mouth, I lose all sense of everything else. I just can't stop for anything. I'm really, really sorry for being such a cock hog. The Bible tells us, 'Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.' It may seem sacreligious, but I think that applies in this situation, don't you?"

Katherine empathically stated, "Definitely!"

Then Susan added brightly, "Let's share! It's high time, don't you think? It'll be fun!"

Katherine's face brightened. That was a big moment for her, since she anticipated that this would become a daily activity from that point on. Her heart was thumping with anticipation.

Both mother and daughter bent forward and eagerly stuck out their tongues. However, Alan still had his privates covered. "Whoa! Hold on! Are you nuts?! I'm so close to cumming that just a feather touch will push me over."

Katherine joked, "Good idea! Mom, where did you put those feathers?" She giggled.

He groaned needfully. "Can you just... let me take a strategic break for a few minutes?"

"Oh, POO!" Susan huffed. "I HATE those strategic breaks!"

Katherine also let out a heavy sigh. "Grrr! So close, yet so far!"

Alan waved his hand through the air, indicating he was trying to speak. Finally, he was able to say, "Please! I'm sorry, but... too arousing! Also, I need to... to brace myself for your double tongue onslaught." He was still having a hard time just breathing.

Susan's eyes lit up. Her face was practically in Alan's crotch, but she managed to turn her head to Katherine's equally close face. "Oh yes, the double blowjob! Angel, it's probably good that we have a bit of a break now, because we should talk about that. I suppose there's no denying that now that Tiger has turned both of us into his sexual playthings, he's going to force us to suck him off together quite a lot. I've been trying to deny or delay the inevitable when it comes to sharing, but who was I trying to kid?"

Katherine cut in, "Mom, you make it sound like he's being selfish in forcing us. We can't forget that he has needs. Big needs! Do you think he can cum six times a day, for years to come, with just one tongue at a time? I don't think so! I'm not just saying that to arouse us all; I really mean it."

Susan replied eagerly, "Angel, you are SO right! I keep thinking from my own selfish point of view, trying to balance my shame and guilt with my overwhelming desire to feel my son's big, thick cock sliding more often between my hungry lips. My feelings don't matter. Heck, even my needs don't matter. It's all about TIGER's needs! And his dire medical condition. Angel, it's our responsibility... No, it's our DUTY! That's it: it's our duty to suck him off together whenever necessary, as a last resort."

Katherine spoke with her lips still just inches from Alan's erection. She would have started licking it already except for the fact that his covering hands were still preventing their access. "Mom, you're making me seriously hot! But what do you mean by 'last resort?' I don't like the sound of that."

Susan lips were even closer; she was practically licking his hand. "It's simple. We need some kind of ace in the hole for when he has great difficulty reaching his daily target. If we blow him together all the time, or you and Amy do, or Suzanne and I do, and so on, that'll get to become his new normal and we'll have nowhere to go from there. So we need to save it only for major emergencies when nothing else works, like this one."

Katherine had been totally unaware that they were in the middle of any kind of emergency. She considered this to be just typical fun-in-the-Plummer-house-before-school behavior, at least now that things had changed so much. She strongly suspected that the only "emergency" was Susan's impatience to get her tongue and lips back on her son's turgid erection, but she wisely did not voice that suspicion.

Both siblings were quite disappointed to hear Susan's argument that a dual blowjob should be saved only for use when all else failed, but they both stayed mum on that as well. They each had similar reasoning: let their mother get used to doing it and her boundaries would shift once again. Besides, Alan realized, he could probably manufacture some "urgent emergency" almost every day if that was what it took.

Susan was raring to go, clutching her huge, heaving boobs as she panted heavily.

But seeing that he still needed time to recover, Katherine said, "Mom, let's do it! But we can't go at this all willy-nilly. A good double blowjob requires planning!"

"It does?" Susan turned slightly towards her daughter's face, only inches from her own.

"It does. I mean, it's not like I'm some expert, but think about it. We can't have our heads bouncing together as we both fight over the right to pleasure his sweet spot."

Susan pointed out, "Amy and I licked that spot together quite a lot last night, and we didn't have much trouble."

Katherine replied, "I'm not surprised, but I'll bet that's because Amy is so nice that she usually cedes the prime real estate to you. However, I'm more aggressive. We need to work as a team!"

Susan frowned at that, but decided, "You're right. What if we take turns? I'll bob on it for a minute, and then you, and then me, and so on."

Katherine shook her head no. "Sorry. That's not going to work. I know you and your love of his cock. Once you start bobbing, not even a herd of wild animals could get you to stop."

"Hmmm. True. I could try to be better though. I mean, it's different if I know I'll be bobbing on it again in another minute."

"Maybe, but I still don't trust you on that. Let's try a different approach first."

To Alan's great relief, the two women turned to face each other and spent the next few minutes discussing sharing strategies and techniques. He forced himself to tune out, because just hearing them go on revealed so much passion for the act that their discussion kept his dick on edge. Only by closing his eyes and tuning them out did he manage to get any sort of a break at all.


Their time to play was limited because both teens needed to get to school. Alan opened his eyes before he was fully ready, in part due to that concern, but also because he was mindful that both women were chomping at the bit. He smiled benignly as he said, "Okay, I'm probably as ready as I'll ever be. You have no idea how stimulating this sharing idea is for me, so there's no way I can really take a break. What have you two planned?"

Neither woman spoke a word, waiting for him to remove the hands that were covering his genitals. Then they leaned forward, eyes twinkling with excitement and tongues outstretched. Their hearts were pounding, and their entire bodies practically burned with desire.


Within a matter of seconds, Alan found his cock and balls enveloped by a bewildering array of hands, tongues and lips. It was all so overwhelmingly pleasurable that he very nearly came on the spot. It was only his practiced PC muscle control that saved him - that, and the fact that he immediately decided to reduce his sensory input by closing his eyes again. He knew that just the sight of his mother and sister slathering their way up and down his shaft would probably take him over the edge.

His grunts immediately took on an urgent and perhaps even desperate tone.

Luckily, Katherine noticed. She said forcefully, "Mom! Mom! Wait! Take it easy! Can't you tell that he's about to blow?"

"Mmmm! Sounds yummy!" Susan purred as she contentedly licked her way around his cockhead, the tip of her tongue less than an inch from Katherine's.

Katherine growled, "Mom, we don't want him to blow in less than a minute. Remember, his climaxes need to be prolonged or they won't count!" But even as she said this, she was busy licking his balls and stroking his shaft with both hands, which kind of undercut her message. She didn't want to miss out in case Susan didn't stop.

Fortunately, Susan got the message. "Oh, poo! Poop-de-doo. Okay, I'll try. But Angel, once I get started, it's so hard to slow down." Indeed, she was still licking up a storm as she spoke, while continuing to slide her lips along the side of his shaft.

Katherine suggested, "Then why don't you work on his balls for a while?"

Jealousy surged in Susan. She felt like saying, "Ha! You're just saying that so you can have his sweet spot to yourself. You don't fool me!" But she caught herself, and thought instead, What am I thinking? This is my sweet baby Angel we're talking about here! If anything, she's being selfless and I'm being the greedy one. My cock-lust is too strong for my own good! What matters is Tiger's COCK! His great big, needy cock! Pleasuring his cock without getting caught up on who is doing what when. Of course I'll do as she says; it serves me right to have to make do with his balls for a while.

She switched positions and started lapping at his balls (although she did keep one hand jacking off near the root of his shaft). Mmmm! This is pretty yummy and fun too! I could lick and suck on his big spermy balls all day! Especially when I'm confident my beautiful Angel is taking care of his long pole. They're so smooth and hairless, not like other scrotums I've seen in pictures. Those all look disgusting and hairy, and they're probably smelly too. Tiger's are magnificent! I love how his balls are so FULL of all that yummy spermy cream. These are balls that DEMAND to be serviced frequently!

But as much fun as Susan was having, Katherine was having an even better time. There was no denying the fact that the girl was getting all the best "real estate" at the moment. She thought, Finally! So many damn prohibitions and punishments, not to mention sneaking around, but for once I get free reign! AND, I have a hand resting on Mom's back as I bob on Brother's cockhead! How cool is THAT?! This is totally gonna become a common thing before long; I can just tell. Sharing with Mom and Aunt Suzy and Aims - heck, maybe even three or more at a time! That'll be so righteous! Mmmm!

After less than a minute, she was forced to heed her own warnings and slow down some more, because Alan's moaning and gasping again took on a desperate tone.

The three of them soon got in a groove. It wasn't the all-out tongue-lashing attack that they expected, but they willingly gave up some of the intensity to achieve a much longer duration. Susan even calmed down enough for Katherine to share the top of Alan's boner some more.

He found himself thinking, This fuckin' ROCKS! Mom and Sis, together! I can't get enough of this. Look at their faces. So much passion, so much love... So much determination to make my cock feel awesome! I don't know why, but somehow the fact that their faces are so gorgeous makes what they're doing feel even better. Hell, I can't even see their big tits or the rest of their flawless bodies from this angle, but knowing they're centerfold-worthy bombshells makes my dick throb that much more!

The two horny women found themselves now needing to actually implement their earlier strategizing. They didn't strictly take exclusive sides of his erection, but they did spend most of their efforts on the side they were closest to, while still retaining the right to "explore" the other side from time to time.

In order to pace and coordinate their efforts, mother and daughter talked to each other a lot. But with so much talking, they had to pause frequently in their licking, and then sometimes they got so involved in their discussion that they forgot to lick for a while.

Unfortunately for Alan, that didn't help much at all, because he was so aroused by the things they were saying. Katherine had started it, once she was sharing Alan's cockhead with her mother, by saying, "Mom, this is soooo much fun. I just looooove licking Brother's cock!"

"Mmmm!" Susan replied, more or less. (It was hard to tell if that was in response, since she was making her usual "mmmm" noises nearly constantly, but that one had been extra loud and pointed.)

Katherine continued, "No, Mom, you don't get it. I really, really, REALLY love it. So much that it scares me sometimes. And sharing with you is even BETTER!"

Susan agreed so strongly that she pulled her lips and tongue all the way off his cock for a moment to exclaim, "That is SO spot on! I completely agree! Angel, cocksucking Tiger with you is like... heaven! Heaven on Earth! Just hearing him moan in such constant arousal... Mmmm! It makes me so happy!"

She resumed licking over his sweet spot as she continued, "It makes my nipples all tingly and my pussy so wet! But there are so many intangibles too! The taste! The smell! The heat! The throbbing! Mmmm! His sexy grunts that let me know when I'm doing something he loves. The way he stares at me! His steady stream of cum and pre-cum! Feeling my big tits sway in time to my bobbing, and knowing he's watching them! His hand on my head, stroking my hair or petting me like he owns me. MMMM! I could go on ALL DAY! Oh, and feeling him dominate me as he towers over me with his huge phallic manhood! MMMM, YES!"

That inspired Susan so much that she engulfed his cockhead all over again. She couldn't help but start bobbing all the way down to his sweet spot and then further.

Katherine could tell that once her mother really got going with that, she wasn't going to stop until he came. So she quickly asked, "And the sharing? Don't you like the sharing too?"

Susan was forced to pull off to answer. "Oh yes! Thanks for the reminder. This sharing is great too! It's a whole new thing to love! Just look at his face. Look at how valiantly he's trying not to cum. Listen to his urgent panting and moaning! See the sweat pouring off his forehead. Look at him sitting up there, while the two of us are naked and on our knees between his legs. What stamina, to last through all this. This is a boy, no, a MAN, who deserves lots of double blowjobs from now on! With you here next to me, I feel even MORE dominated by my powerful and MANLY son! MMMM! And that gets me SO HOT!"

Knowing what was coming next, Katherine acted quickly to engulf Alan's cockhead just before Susan could get her mouth back on it.

Susan was a bit miffed at first, but she happily licked at everything that was left while continuing to rave about how much fun she was having. "He's putting BOTH of us in our place at the same time! It's like he's saying, 'Mother, daughter, aunt, or whatever, it doesn't matter to me. You're all just here to SERVE my COCK! Worship it! Adore it! Love it with your tongues, together! Take turns on me all day long!'"

She would have said much more in this vein, but once again she got herself so worked up that she couldn't contain herself. But since the top third of Alan's boner was occupied at the moment, she popped one of his balls in her mouth and sucked on that.

It may have felt like an eternity of endless pleasure to Alan, but in reality it had only been a little more than five minutes since the two women had gotten in their dual blowjob groove. Katherine tried to calm things down some more, trying to make his pleasure last a little longer. She stopped her bobbing and went back to sharing his sweet spot with Susan, using dueling tongues, while the two women continued to wax ecstatically about blowjobs and sharing.

Katherine panted, "Mom... I agree! Sharing... Need to share a LOT! Ugh! God! Two tongues... not enough! Need three! Aunt Suzy!"

Susan was panting hard too. "Goodness gracious! The three of us, at once? So wrong! But so... so right! So HOT!"

Katherine gasped even more desperately, "Four! Four tongues! Amy too!"

Susan was channeling her passion with even more fevered licking. "UGH! MMMM!"

Alan cried out, "UH! Too much! Ease off! Ease off!"

But his desperate pleas were a case of too little, too late. Everyone was simply too aroused; even when mother and daughter were doing their best to be mellow and restrained, their hand, tongue, and lip work was simply too talented.

Another minute passed. By that time Alan was beyond speaking coherently, so he tried his best to indicate how desperately close he was through his frantic panting and moaning.

Both women knew all his cues quite well, but they were too far gone to have any restraint anymore. In fact, Susan resumed her bobbing and Katherine made no attempt to stop her this time. Instead, she'd been the one licking on his sweet spot, and she refused to give up that position, forcing Susan to just slide her lips and tongue all over Alan's cockhead but no further down.

And after hearing one particularly impassioned grunt from her brother, Katherine ran her index finger through her wet pussy lips, making sure it was totally soaked. Then she reached underneath him and unexpectedly jammed that finger up his anus, bending it to touch his prostate.

His resulting cry was so loud that it seemed like it should have been heard for miles around. That was the final straw; he started to climax immediately.

Susan and Katherine had been fingering their pussies off and on, but holding off their own climaxes. However, once he let go, they did too. The resulting cacophony resembled a screaming contest, although Susan's cries were muffled by the fat boner still sliding between her lips.

Susan took advantage of Katherine's distracted screaming to slide further down Alan's pole and really go to town on his sweet spot. She didn't have to worry about making him cum too soon anymore, so she went all out to help make his orgasm as intense and mind-blowing as it could possibly be.

She swallowed his jizz eagerly. Her own climax, combined with the joyous sensation of the squirting, pulsing erection filling her mouth, almost made her black out for a moment. The rockets that were exploding in her head seemed timed to the beat of Alan's squirting he fired deep into her throat.

For the last few minutes, Alan had been doing little more than reacting and enduring, and of course enjoying. His hands had usually been clenched in fists when they weren't gripping the sofa for dear life. But halfway through his climax, he suddenly reached out and twisted both of his mother's nipples at once, because it just seemed to him like the thing to do at the time.

Susan's nipples were in such an ultra-sensitive state that she feared she would bite down on his erection. So she pulled back until his dick was out of her mouth and then let out an impassioned roar that would have impressed the fiercest lion.

That left his cum shooting at her face instead of within her mouth. This turned out to be fortuitous, since she was in a mood to get a cum facial. But she didn't want to be greedy, so after a couple of ropes she redirected the rest to Katherine's face.


When it was all over, Susan was left with a deep sense of satisfaction. That was... divine! Once again I've helped save my son from the evils of sperm buildup and blue balls. In her mind there was nothing more important than that. Besides, between this experience and what happened with Amy last night, I've discovered that double blowjobs can be one of the greatest joys! I could easily see getting in the habit of doing this daily. Several times a day, even!

Katherine and Alan were just as satisfied. Katherine was delighted that her mother hadn't forgotten her, leaving her at the last minute with something of a pearly facial.

Alan simply felt that he was lucky to be alive. After a couple of minutes, when he'd recovered enough to say something, he panted, "Fuck! You two fucking KILLED me!"


Susan was still on her knees next to Katherine. She was busy licking his flaccid penis clean, but she paused to ask, "I take it that's a good thing?" She giggled.

"I don't know," Alan answered, a bit over-dramatically. "I mean, how can I go on after that? Oh FUCK! Now I have to go to school! No way! There's no fuckin' way! Not unless I can go in a wheelchair. Christ!" He swiped a hand across his forehead, wiping away the perspiration.

Susan brushed the hair out of her face and said, "Don't worry; I left plenty of time for playtime. Hmmm, it looks like you've built up quite a sweat, although I can't see why, since you just sat there like the lord of the manor while Angel and I did all the hard work."

He said, "I know it's weird that I'm the sweatiest one now, but that was just so damn intense!"

She went back to licking his flaccidness as part of her recently-created "cleaning" tradition. "I'm glad to hear that. Angel, do you think Akami will figure that counted as a good, long orgasm for him?"

Katherine giggled. "Mom, I think that was a grand slam home run!" She giggled some more. Lacking anything better to do as she knelt there, she got to work on "cleaning" his balls.

Susan said, "I don't know how baseball works, but I know that's really good. That makes me so happy! Anyway, Son, you have time for another shower, to get clean again, but you need to get started right away." She bent down and joined in "cleaning" his balls.

"UGH!" It seemed like a great ordeal, but he somehow managed to stand up on his own. He really did feel utterly wiped out.

Seeing him more stagger than walk, Susan turned to Katherine and said, "Angel, please help get him upstairs and washed up. But no funny business, okay? We really are in a hurry now and don't have the time."

No problemo!" Katherine replied. "Besides, I think another climax right now would probably kill him, and for once I'm not joking. Look at him; he can barely stand!" She got up and rushed to help him.

Alan slowly revived during the shower, although he continued to feel a deep sense of exhaustion. He knew it wasn't from any overexertion or lack of sleep, but simply going through such an intense climax took a lot out of a person. The French call an orgasm "petite mort," meaning "little death," and with good reason.

Katherine was true to her promise not to start any "funny business" during the shower. However, she held him and kissed him, not in an overtly erotic manner but in more of a tender and loving way.

In a way, he liked that even more than an all-out sex attack. It certainly was what he needed at the time. He purred to her, "Sis, I meant what I said last night. You're very special to me. All sex aside, it's like... you complete me."

To his surprise, she growled, "Shut up!" But then she added, "Don't say that kind of thing, or I'll never let you out of my arms. I love you, Brother!" She kissed him on the lips again, and this time it was both very erotic and very loving.

— — —

Since Katherine had actually showered earlier that morning, she got out while he was still showering and rushed back to her room. She quickly retrieved her diary from its secret hiding place.

Dear Diary,

I have to be fast, very fast! I only have a minute or two before I have to go to school, but I want to write down my impressions while they're still fresh, as fresh as the cum that was splattered all over my face (and MOM's!) just a few minutes ago! I'm sitting here naked, still slightly wet from the shower, and I've never felt so ALIVE!!!!

I'm gonna tell you more about it later, in great detail, but the big headline news is that Mom and I shared Brother's cock!!!! That's right, we sucked and licked him together! It was like everything I'd dreamed, only better! I mean, I thought sharing his cock was awesome already, like when I've shared it with Kim. But with Mom? No comparison! Just feeling my hand on her naked body while the smell of Brother's manly cock filled my nostrils made me so horny that I thought I was gonna die! I was totally getting into caressing her under the guise of trying to get a better hold, and she let me! And then when our tongues touched while we both licked his sweet spot at the same time, I thought I really WAS going to die! Goose bumps and tingles all over, like, the whole time!

Diary, how am I supposed to go to school and pretend to be normal when all I can think of is the fact that this isn't going to be a one-time thing? Oh no! Now that the barrier has been broken, we're gonna be doing this ALL THE TIME!!!! Heck, we might even spend later today or tonight just slurping and sliding away! Oh God, how can I sit through class?! Can you just imagine, doing it with Mom literally for hours at a time? Of course, it won't be all cocksucking. We could take turns getting titfucked, or maybe even titfuck him together! Mmmm! And sixty-nines! And when our tongues and hands get tired, he could spank us both, just because he feels like it! Oh, Diary, this is fuck-toy paradise!

God knows I love it when Brother fucks me. That's the very best! But unfortunately, it's not something that can be shared with Mom. Or Aunt Suzy. Or Aims. Ohmigod, the double blowjob combos! My head is reeling with possibilities!

Oh shit! Mom is calling for me to get in the car and I'm still naked and wet. Gotta go! Oh, and TRIPLE blowjobs! Or quadruple ones! Damn, I've really gotta run. More later!

A few minutes later, Susan drove her kids to school because they were so late. Alan sat in the back, closed his eyes, and tuned out, still trying to recover from his earlier experience.

Seeing it was effectively just the two of them, Susan said to Katherine as she drove, "By the way, please, watch where your feet go. You may not have noticed it, but you were, um, kicking me earlier."

"Sorry, Mom, I didn't see you there," Katherine replied. She knew that her foot caresses were not even close to "kicking," and the contact had certainly not been accidental, but she knew better than to point that out.

"That's okay," Susan said. "But you're not allowed to get excited looking at me, okay? Are you going to force me to be your sexual plaything as well? That would be very wrong. If we kiss each other or put on sexy little shows, it's just meant to help Tiger's problem."

Had Katherine been better able to read Susan's sexual language, she would have realized that Susan was practically screaming: Dominate me! But that was just too mind-blowing for Katherine to contemplate. She merely asked, "But Mom, can't I just appreciate another woman's beauty? Most women love to be complimented."

"Yeah, and most daughters say things to their mothers like 'nice hairdo' instead of poking their fingers in their mommy's butts. I don't know why I spoil you two. It's always 'give an inch and take a mile' around here."

Katherine finally agreed not to get horny looking at her mother, but with the display Susan put on each morning, that was like dropping a rock and asking gravity not to make it fall. Eager to change the conversation, she said, "By the way, thanks so much for aiming some of his cum at my face at the end there. I really appreciate it."

"Sure thing, my love," Susan said happily. "I know you'd do the same for me. Maybe not every time, since his orgasms are just so exciting and distracting, but most of the time. We sure were a sight, weren't we?" She giggled happily.

"We sure were!" Katherine found the conversation bizarre, to say the least. It was one thing to talk about such things while naked and horny, but everyone was fully dressed and about as "normal" as anyone got in the Plummer family anymore. Susan looked like the epitome of the perfect soccer mom driving their family minivan.

However, Katherine didn't see any harm in their conversation. In fact, it helped solidify the new sexual aspects to their relationships, so she said, "He cums so much! Even though half his load went straight into your mouth, and then more on your face, there was still some left over for me."

Susan beamed with happiness. "Yes, he certainly is a very, very virile and potent young man! The only comparison I have is with Ron, but that's like comparing a trickle to a flood. No, I mean a flood to a trickle. Your brother makes me so proud! I wish we didn't have to wipe our faces clean, so everyone could see the way he marked and claimed us with his spermy seed."

Katherine just shook her head in amazement at how much her formerly prudish mother had transformed. But the interesting thing was that Susan somehow retained her innocent and matronly qualities, even while showing such an unabashed passion for her son's penis.

Alan had to be roused from slumber when they arrived at school. He thought, Man! That was some kind of super orgasm. And a fuckin' double blowjob with Mom and Sis! But still, I suppose it doesn't count any more than any other orgasm in terms of reaching my daily target. And given my general sexual exhaustion, it'll be pretty tough to get to eight orgasms a day again. I should aim for six or seven instead. That is, if I can make it through school without collapsing from total sexual exhaustion! Phew!


Suzanne didn't go over to the Plummer house immediately after Susan returned from driving Alan and Katherine to school, as she so often did.


She was still puzzling out what to do about the events of the night before that involved Amy. She sat back in a chair in her home office and thought, My grand scheme is still progressing, but it's slipping out of my control. How to get it back on track?

There is one idea. It would be a bit of a nuclear bomb. I don't know if I have the duplicity to use it. The problem? Susan and Angel have the incest taboo going for them, making sex between Sweetie and them that much hotter, which could make them possibly more important to him than I am.

The solution? I have to become family too. True, I'm family in all but name, but that official labeling can make a huge mental difference. Neither Susan nor her kids have the slightest clue about his genetic parents, except for some kind of vague guess that he comes from a Mediterranean ethnic background, and that's only due to his naturally dark skin and general appearance. If they only knew the truth!

I can't tell them the truth because I'm bound by that vow, and besides it wouldn't help me here. But I could drop a bombshell and claim that I am his real birth mother. Wow. Suddenly, I'd be more of his mother than Susan is.

Sweetie was born about the same time Brad was, right before I met Susan. What if I said that I actually had twins, but Eric and I only wanted one so I put the second twin up for adoption? Of course I would have wanted him close by and treated him like my own son, so I made a secret arrangement with the adoption agency to put him into Susan's hands. Okay, there would be some holes in that story, but the whole Plummer family is so nice and trusts me so much that they'd certainly fall for it. Right?

The only problem is that it would be a complete lie. Well, an exaggeration at least. I did make a secret arrangement for their adoptions, so in a way I do feel like their mother. But it's so dastardly. Not to mention, the truth about who their real parents are is shocking enough, and I don't think any of them would appreciate my lie if they ever found out. Am I so desperate and conniving to actually use that story?

No. The answer is NO! The problem is, it's not a harmless lie, like most of the lies that I use in my schemes. It would hurt Susan very much. She has just about convinced herself that her adopted children are really her own flesh and blood. It would be devastating for her. I would be so torn apart by guilt that I would be unable to enjoy my victory. I can't do it.

I have to find another way to be number one in his heart and in his shorts. But how? I could find a lot of cruel ways to push Angel or Susan down and thus rise above them, but they're just about my favorite people in the whole world. I couldn't hurt them that much.

No, I have to make Sweetie love me more without him loving them any less. It's great if we all love each other more and more; it's just that I have to be number one in his heart. I have to! I know it's an immature feeling, but that's love for you. I want to possess him. Being his favorite would mean more to me than anything has in my life before. But how? How? HOW?! I'm already doing everything I can! How much more sultry and loving can I be? Jesus Christ, people say my body is unreal and my sex appeal is off the charts, but I've got some serious competition here. It's so damn frustrating!

She put a hand on her chin as she tried a different approach. The other way to become family is to become his wife. That's been my secret fantasy for over a year now. To be his wife: Mrs. Alan Plummer. Mmmm. Sounds nice! She smiled wistfully.

But it's so pie in the sky. I rarely allow myself to think about it. He wasn't even considering me when he chose an official girlfriend yesterday. That really hurt, but it's no wonder since I'm twice his age. And of course there's the very unpleasant fact that I'm already married. I could change that with a quick divorce, but then I wouldn't still be living next door. Also, that would cause trauma to Amy and Brad just as they're finishing high school. I might even have to get a job... Lots of problems. But it's a moot point, because Sweetie would never consider marrying me in the first place.

Furthermore, SHOULD he even marry me? I should think about what's best for him and not just what works for me and what my pussy wants. Why saddle him with an old broad when he's just starting out in life?

Oh no! What if he actually marries AMY?! He doesn't love her as much as he does his sister or mother, but that could change with time. I hadn't even thought about that possibility last night when I was dumbly agreeing to the "official girlfriend" idea. I'm just not sharp lately. Too much time fantasizing about getting fucked and not enough time strategizing. I want to be related to him, but not as his mother-in-law!

Woe is me! I never thought I would use that phrase in all seriousness, but that's how I feel. Woe is me. Think of something, Suzanne! You always think of something and get out of every pickle, so think of something and get out of this one!

Suzanne brooded for over an hour, but she still could see no solution to her problems. She decided to go over to Susan's house and do their usual morning exercising and retelling of the previous day's events. Between their new kissing and nude sunbathing habits, not to mention just how arousing the previous day had been, she knew she'd be in for an exciting time. She figured that after a couple hours of such fun she'd be able to be alone and focus on her problem some more.

The hour plus that Suzanne spent alone in deep thought gave Susan a rare opportunity to also be alone and think for herself.

In the past week or two, Suzanne had kept a close eye on Susan and made doubly sure that her best friend stayed in at least some kind of erotic mood nearly every single hour of the day. Suzanne took care of most of Susan's mundane chores like shopping so Susan would hardly ever have to leave the house. When Susan did leave it for long periods of time, that usually led to a big setback in her subversion, so Suzanne always tried to prevent that.

But now Susan had a long chance to think, and the more she thought, the unhappier she became. While she cleaned up everyone's cum from the kitchen floor, and then still more from near the love seat, she had a dramatic change of heart. I remember when my kids were small. Some food would always fall to the floor and I'd have to clean it up. Now, instead of peas and spilled juice, it's crusted cum hosed all over my face and the floor by my precious little boy. Not that I don't appreciate his big spermy loads, but things are getting out of hand. He's starting to play with my pussy, and we all know where that leads! True incest!

The reality of how things had changed hit her like a ton of bricks, and it frightened her a lot.


Suzanne walked in the door of the Plummer house thrilled to see another day. As she took off her shirt and put it in the underwear cabinet, she thought, We're going to have LOTS of fun even before Sweetie gets home. What'll I do with Susan first? Just how far will we go in lesbian loving this time? One big fat kiss on the lips, coming up!


But then she walked further into the house and saw Susan. Her best friend looked like she was in mourning, fully clothed in black. On closer inspection, it was more like how a high-priced call girl might dress for a funeral - the shiny, black number was cut to show a deep valley of cleavage.

Suzanne thought with amusement that this was now Susan's outer limit of the least arousing outfit she'd wear; it was ridiculously conservative by her new standards, but she never would have been caught dead in it in her old life.

As Suzanne drew near, Susan flinched a bit, then requested, "Please don't kiss me. Please. Today's not a good day."

"What's the problem?" Suzanne asked. She privately thought, Uh-oh. Here comes trouble. Another prudish episode. Another bump in the road.

Passionate words poured out of Susan. "I don't know why all of a sudden I'm filled with doubt and regret about how things are going with Tiger. Actually, I do know why: I feel things are spiraling out of control. I mean, this all started out because of his medical condition, and I just wanted to help him out. But I'm too weak! I've let it all go too far, and not just with him, but with you, and Angel, and Amy too. This has gone way beyond his medical problem and having to keep his cum-filled balls properly drained. I've been in such a sexual fog that I can barely even remember what his medical problem was in the first place. I don't need any excuse anymore; now I love cocksucking so much that I can never get enough! And more! I want to do so much more with him! I have to stop this while I still have some willpower left."

She sighed. "You know what happened last night. I was so docile, just letting Tiger do anything to anybody, including me. The way he forced me to do that striptease, and then suck him off together with Amy... It was humiliating!"

Suzanne cut in. "Oh come on. He didn't force you. You loved it, and you know it."

Susan paused in thought, then conceded the point. "I know. But that's the problem: I love it too much! You should have seen how I acted this morning. I woke up thinking that I would act more responsibly, but that lasted all of about five seconds. As soon as he walked into the kitchen and put his hands on my bare butt, I was a goner. Within minutes I was all but begging to get fucked. Somehow, he talked Angel and me into sucking him off at the same time, if you can believe that!"

Suzanne tried to look scandalized, but she thought, YES! Brilliant!

Susan continued despondently, "It was like an orgy instead of a breakfast. I mean, really! The entire morning seemed to be about nothing but pleasuring his penis. I acted like the most shameful, wanton hussy! And you wouldn't believe some of the things I said. Sometimes I wonder why he doesn't just up and fuck me, because I put up no resistance whatsoever. Before too long, everybody here is going to end up having sex with everybody else!"

Suzanne thought to herself, And an orgy would be considered a bad thing?! That's my whole plan!


Suzanne stood there, topless, at a total mental loss. She had been in the process of changing, as she always did nowadays immediately after entering the Plummer house. Now her nakedness was quite awkward. She was still coming to grips with the conclusion that she wouldn't get to play with Susan's body that day. She had trouble relating to Susan's new mood so she tried to buy some time. "And you have a problem with that?"

Susan answered, "Of course I have a problem with that! Suzanne, you have to back me up here! I mean ... it's not that I'm not enjoying things. The problem is, I can't maintain any boundaries, and all I can think about is sex, sex, sex. I even like it when people force me to do things. I've got Tiger's hunky body or his firm erection on my mind all the time. I think I'm going mad!"

She continued, "Just this morning, I scolded him mildly for fingerfucking Angel in front of me. That's not what normal families do! Especially because my main problem with his action was that he was doing it to her and not to me. I don't consider myself the jealous type, normally. Sometimes I even enjoy hearing about his other sexual conquests. But I'm slowly changing; now I want him to be with nobody but me, all day long."

She dropped her head in total defeat. "To be more specific, I want to spend the entire day with my face in his crotch, sucking and stroking his gorgeous cock! And titfucking it! And that's not normal. It's not right! I've lost all perspective."

Suzanne asked, "Does this have anything to do with Amy being made his official girlfriend?"

Susan replied with a near whisper. "No."

"Come on. You can tell me."

"No, really." But her guilt and unhappiness made it clear that she was lying.

"Cooooome on..."

"Darn it, you know me too well! Okay, I admit it: I've been burning up with jealousy ever since he made Amy his official girlfriend, mainly because I'm hopping mad that it was her instead of me! Is that sick or what?! I know that would be impossible for lots of reasons, but sometimes my emotional feelings overwhelm any rationality. It pains me terribly when he has to go to school for seven long hours. That's so horribly long! If I didn't have you to keep me company during the day, I couldn't bear it."

She sighed. "And yet, strangely, feeling jealous that he's loving others instead of me arouses me somehow. Maybe because it shows what a total stud he is. But heck, everything arouses me somehow! Obviously I can't keep on like this. But I'm not blaming anybody but myself. I haven't provided the leadership and discipline my children need. I just keep giving in to my urges, over and over. Suzanne, you're my best friend. You have to help me!"

Suzanne confessed honestly, "If it makes you feel any better, I fantasize about being his official girlfriend too. Though, you know, I'm obviously too old for that."

"You do? That does make me feel better. But I'm his mother!" She thought to herself some more, then continued, "I mean, my problem is that I'm mentally split in two. There's a part of me that really, really, REALLY wants Tiger to fuck me, and sometimes I even want to do, do..." She whispered quietly, "Do things to women too!"

She continued in a normal voice before Suzanne could respond to that. "That's how depraved I am. The things I've been thinking about doing to you... You don't even want to know. I can't say! But there's another part that finds it all morally reprehensible and spiritually wrong. I realize now that I've been clueless lately, not thinking things through and in fact not really thinking at all. That's because my mind is at war with itself. So I've just been turning my mind off rather than opening up this can of worms."

"So-" Suzanne started to say.

But Susan was on a roll. "Now bear in mind that I don't want to go back to how things were before this all started. No way! I was so unhappy then and I didn't even know it. If I don't get to suck Tiger's cock every day, I think I'll just die. I can't go on without loving him, physically. Deeply. In every way. But I really can't go on like this either. I'm too obsessed! And if something doesn't change, things are going to keep escalating until he winds up... you know."

"No, I don't know."

"You know. His, his stiffness. In me. And I don't mean my mouth! I mean lower!"

"A titfuck?" Suzanne was being deliberately obtuse. "Aren't those wonderful?"

"Yes, but... I mean even lower than that!"

"Oh!" Suzanne pretended to be scandalized, when in fact nothing would have made her happier than to see Alan fuck her friend, since that would have meant that he could fuck her openly too.

Susan sighed again. "I have to strike a balance somehow, with some level of daily sexual interaction while still having a life free of sex for some hours of the day. But my boundaries aren't working. It's not his fault. He's been heroic in his restraint, I know. He's such a wonderful, loving, cum-filled boy. I feel like it's all MY fault. I think I always let things slide because inwardly I just want to get fucked. I need my son to nail me good and hard! Gaaawwwwd, that would be GREAT! But I can't allow it. I shouldn't. Should I? I'm so torn! And what would I do without him?! What if he were to move away? My life would be destroyed. But he needs to live his own life and not have me hanging around his neck. Oh Suzanne! This is just killing me!"

Suzanne's heart went out to Susan's plight. She thought, I had no idea that Susan was still so conflicted deep inside. That's probably because she's riding an erotic buzz most of the day and suppresses it all.

She's a pretty smart woman normally, in her own way. But these past few weeks, most of the time she's so sexed up she has the intellect of a potted plant. But her childhood strictures against incest still haunt her, so it all comes out whenever the action stops for long enough. I've managed to narrow the definition of incest in her mind to just vaginal fucking, and that worked wonders for a while. But I haven't really gotten rid of her objections; I've just delayed her day of reckoning. Now that she's starting to think of fucking him as a real possibility, even an inevitability, she's freaking out!

There's really only one solution. She has to get over the hump by humping, so to speak. She has to get used to fucking her son, and then over time all her doubts will ebb away. I've got to continue to condition her, but with a new focus on how fucking her son isn't really sinful. To be honest, I didn't think she'd reach this point so quickly, so I haven't laid the groundwork.

Susan sighed deeply yet again. "I think I need professional help. I have to see a psychologist, immediately, before things get even crazier!"

"Hmmm. A psychologist, you say?" Suzanne spoke while her mind schemed frantically. How am I going to spin THAT? With no outsiders interfering, my plan to turn the Plummer house into a giant, non-stop orgy party has been slowly but surely succeeding. But if she talks to someone like a real psychologist, fuck knows what the result from that will be.

Wait - I know what'll happen. The psychologist won't buy Sweetie's medical condition story because, let's face it, it sounds absurd unless you want to believe it in the first place. They'll ask a few other doctors about it and the entire thing will unravel. Dr. Fredrickson and Nurse Akami may do prison time, for starters. My role in it will come out. No way can I let that happen. I have to convince her not to see anybody. That's the-

As if Susan had read Suzanne's last thought, she said, "Don't try to make me change my mind. I've got my mind made up. I know what you're going to say: that no outsider should learn of Tiger's medical problem. Who knows if even a trained professional will tell, and so on? And it's true; I don't know a good doctor that can be trusted. But I think the situation demands taking the risk."


Suzanne failed to answer that directly. To stall for time, she changed the subject, saying, "By the way, I feel frightfully underdressed. How embarrassing." She covered her nipples but barely anything else. She knew that striking such a "modest" pose would actually make her body even more tantalizing.

Susan unconsciously licked her lips. She seemed transfixed. But then she realized she was staring at her best friend's chest and she muttered, "Um, that would probably be a good idea."

Suzanne went to the underwear cabinet to retrieve her shirt, but she still remained in view of Susan.

Susan watched her move about with great interest. "Oh. Sorry about that. Actually, it's fine if you leave it off, but if you put it back on that could help me think. That's one or my problems: my arousal when I see... when I see..."

Susan didn't want to discuss her recent lesbian urges with her friend, since Suzanne was the main focus of those urges. So instead she covered up her verbal stumble. "It's not like we suddenly can't go nude. After all, the task of helping Tiger with his six-times-a-day target never ends. We have to develop the properly slutty attitude twenty-four hours a day if we're going to be the best cocksuckers and penis pleasers we can possibly be."

She caught herself after saying that, bemoaning, "See? That's not normal. But that's how I think these days. All I can think of is that big fat cock drooling cum, deep in my mouth, sliding in and out, in and out, in and out... That delicious cum splattering on the back of my throat... More sperm on my face, and dripping down into my cleavage... So much yummy, spermy joy! And when he's gone off to school, it's pure torture!"

Suzanne replied, "I agree with your attitude on nudity. But I think I'll just put my top back on, if you don't mind."

Dressing allowed Suzanne to stall for more time while she thought of new ideas. I don't think this would be the appropriate moment to take the egg vibrator out of my pussy, since she'll notice it was there in the first place. But it's so hard to think with it in there! Damn. Focus, Suzanne!

Okay, how about this? If she doesn't know a good doctor, what if I get a faux doctor to tell her lies? It worked well once before to get this whole ball rolling. Akami really grew into her role. But whom can I pick for this? I don't know any psychologists at all, so I can't get one to lie like I did with Dr. Fredrickson. What if I get someone to impersonate one?

Wait! I know the perfect person: my old college pal Xania. Oh my gosh! That could work in so many different ways.

"Susan," Suzanne finally said once she'd slipped her shirt back over her shoulders, "as you can tell, I'm thinking deeply about this situation. I think you have a good point about seeing a psychologist. Personally, I think pleasure is nothing to be ashamed of, and these last few weeks have been the best and most pleasurable of my life."

"Me too," Susan agreed. "By such a huge amount that it's not even funny."

Suzanne nodded and went on, "But we don't know the long-term psychological effects, either for you or for your children. I didn't realize you'd become so conflicted, or that you get that obsessed."

Susan explained, "That's because I've been turning my brain off, more or less, so I could just be in denial about everything and enjoy the moment. And God, do I enjoy the moment! But the slippery slope! Where is this leading? Are we all going to burn in Hell? I can't control it at all."

Suzanne continued, "You should see someone about this. True, it is a big risk. If this gets out, you could destroy everyone's lives, for sure. I know you said that Sweetie still needs his help, but do you personally really want to stop altogether? Do you really want to give up your daily dose of your son's sweet cum?"

"Of course not. No way! I was thinking maybe I wouldn't be fully honest with the psychologist..."

"That's not good. Instead, you need someone who has some sympathy for his medical needs, and for your vital role in helping him out. That would let you really lay the whole story bare."

"Yes, if there's anyone out there who's sympathetic. Do you think there is? We have to keep helping him with his medical treatment, no matter what. He can't do it alone. When I think of all that nasty sperm building up in his balls... Why, it makes me anxious just to think about it!"

Suzanne pointed out, "Not many professionals are going to have any sympathy for this whole situation, even though it's all very justified medically. But I think I have the solution. I have a friend who's a psychologist. She's someone we can trust. She's also very open-minded and has a really healthy attitude about sexual things. It would be an almost perfect fit. I just hope she's around. She and I were close in college, until just before I met you, but I haven't spoken to her in a number of years."

"Oh, Suzanne, that's great!" Susan had been keeping her physical distance from Suzanne, afraid they might end up kissing or more, but now she excitedly walked up to her friend and gave her a big hug. "Who is she? Tell me more!"

Suzanne smiled as she hugged her best friend back. "Well, I don't want to get your hopes up and then have them crash. For one thing, she doesn't even live in this county. She lives up in Los Angeles, last I heard. But she could be in Timbuktu now for all I know. Let me go back home, make some calls, and try to track her down. But I'd trust her with my life. No worries about the security aspect, if she can do it."


Suzanne left not long afterward, so she could track down her old friend.

As Suzanne walked back to her house, she thought, I haven't spoken to Xania in years. What has it been, five years, maybe? But things have been difficult between us for a lot longer than that. Still, time heals all wounds. I think she'd definitely be into helping because I know she loves a challenge, just as long as she hasn't died or turned into a Jesus freak or something. No way would "The Snake" get all prudish on me. She's so wild that she makes ME look tame. Or at least she was. I hope she'll let bygones be bygones. Xania, please be home!

Suzanne called Xania "The Snake" because Xania had a nearly inhumanly long tongue. That had been her nickname in certain circles back when she and Suzanne had been college roommates, as well as "friends with benefits" lovers. Suzanne was always a bit jealous of Xania's tongue and her nickname, since Suzanne's tongue was also remarkably long, yet it was constantly overlooked in favor of Xania's because Xania's was just a little bit longer.

The "bygones be bygones" aspect was a reference to an incident where Suzanne had stolen Xania's serious boyfriend. Their friendship had fallen apart after that, and although they had eventually made up things between them were never the same.

Suzanne rushed into her house and found her phone book. She located Xania's number and dialed it.

"Xania? ... You're home! Great! It's me, Suzanne... Uh huh. Look, I need to know urgently: no big changes in your life lately - married, kids, new job, something like that? ... No, same old you, living life to the fullest, having fun? Great! ... Are you still knocking the socks off the hunks around town? ... You are? But of course you are, hee-hee-hee... This may sound weird, but I have a huuuuge favor to ask..."

Suzanne briefly but vaguely outlined the incestuous situation with Susan and the need for her friend Xania to play the role of a psychologist for a day or so.

Xania proved to be game, especially when she was told, "Listen. Things have changed around here, big time. Susan's son Alan isn't a little kid anymore. He's turned into a serious sex stud! Something you can and should find out for yourself."

Xania pointed out, "I know some very studly guys around here that I'm sure blow a mere boy away. How old is he, anyway? Is he legal?"

"Yes. He's eighteen. And I know you can easily find muscle-bound hunks who are physically superior to Alan in every way. But this is different. He makes sex FUN! I know I'm biased because I'm hopelessly in love with him, but there's some kind of special spark with him. Try him; you'll see what I mean."

"Wait a minute. Hold everything. YOU, Suzanne, the supremely jaded, are 'hopelessly in love' with your neighbor boy?!"

"I am, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. You'd better watch out, or he just might hook you too! He already practically has his own little harem here. He's not just sexually involved with his mother Susan; he's getting it on with his sister Katherine, me, my daughter Amy, and some other serious hotties!"

"You're kidding me! His mother, his sister, YOUR daughter... Are you okay with all that?! I thought you just said you're in love with him?"

"I am. And I'm very okay with all that. We're basically turning into one big sex-mad family, and it's the best thing that's ever happened to any of us. You just HAVE to come here and check it out."

"Well, you certainly have tempted me. But pretending to be a psychologist for a whole day? I don't know if I can do that."

"Sure you can! I'll pay all your expenses and give you a fee. I know you got your undergrad degree in psychology, so together with your acting skills it should be easy. Besides, when was the last time you and I have had some one-on-one time?"

Xania's arousal level shot up dramatically, because she knew what that meant. Although both of them preferred sex with men, they used to sex each other up on a daily basis back when they were college roommates. "Are you serious?! You and me!"

"Dead serious. It's been way too long."

"It has! But you told me a long time ago that you couldn't do that anymore. Something about needing to 'go straight' because if Susan found out about your bisexual ways, well... I don't remember why that was so bad, but you seemed really worried about it."

"I was. But things have changed completely, like I told you. Susan not only sucks her son's cock on a daily basis, as if it's the greatest treat in the world, but she and I have started French kissing, and more. So, needless to say, I'm not worried anymore about what she might think about us getting it on."

"Okay! If that's the case, I'll be there will bells on! Besides, as you can probably guess, I'm not exactly that busy here lately."

Xania lived for the party life. Like Suzanne, she was in her late thirties, but she had remained unmarried. She was addicted to L.A.'s swinging club scene. Over the years she'd had plenty of boyfriends and experienced orgies, drugs, rock n' roll, and every type of hedonistic fun she could find. But she still looked great and kept going strong. In fact, she had a very similar physique to Suzanne and Susan - tall and buxom - although she was just a bit taller.

Suzanne truly did trust Xania because she knew her so well, even though they had drifted apart after the incident of the stolen boyfriend. So she wasn't worried that Xania would try to blackmail her afterward; that just wasn't in Xania's nature.


The one problem Suzanne had was that she couldn't really imagine Xania as a doctor. Because she knew that Xania had once had a bit part in a borderline-pornographic movie, the best Suzanne could do was conjure up the ridiculous image of Xania nearly naked while carrying some books. But luckily, Xania really was an experienced Hollywood actress (although mostly in minor roles in soft-core porn movies) so Suzanne was pretty sure that she could at least play a role convincingly.

After Suzanne got the initial thumbs-up from Xania and they had outlined a brief plan, she hung up and called Susan.

"Hi, Susan? Guess what? Xania is still around, and she's still a psychologist! That's the name of the friend I was talking about... Not only that, but I briefly outlined your problem and your urgent need, and she's agreed to make room in her schedule to see you the day after tomorrow! Isn't that great? ... Of course, you'll have to drive up to Los Angeles, but her office is only about an hour and a half from here, so that's not too bad. She also wants to see Alan and Katherine, so that she can understand the problem from all angles. ... Uh huh, on the same day. They'll obviously have to miss school. Figure on at least half a day, with the driving... Just call in sick for them. After all, this is important and urgent for you and them."

After she'd talked to Susan some more, Suzanne called Xania back and they made their plans.

Xania really did live in L.A., an adversity that Suzanne now turned into an advantage. If the "doctor" had been nearby in Orange County, Susan might want to have weekly appointments, but that would be a difficult deception to maintain, even though Xania actually had taken psychology courses when she and Suzanne had been in school together.

Suzanne drove to L.A. that same day to discuss the situation in person; she and Xania spent hours so Xania would be very thoroughly coached on what to say. While in L.A., Suzanne also arranged a short-term rental of a furnished office, so Xania could hold her meeting in what might hopefully pass as a real psychologist's office.

Suzanne wasn't happy that Susan had insisted on seeing a psychologist, but she looked at the situation from the positive side. If I can pull this off, I can use this to drive Susan and the others even deeper into sexual abandon. Get the doctor to tell her that everything is okay as is, and she'll no longer have any excuse to hold back. This could actually get rid of what remains of her moral qualms, maybe even healing the mental split that's been troubling her. True, we'll all benefit, but really it's for her own good. God, I'm brilliant sometimes!


Sean caught up with Alan as he left his first-period class. "Hey, dude. What's up with you?"

"What do you mean?" Alan responded as the two of them walked to their second-period English class.

"Lately, you've been the king of the space cases, but today you really took the cake. If I didn't know you so well, I'd figure you're totally high on something."

Alan realized he had a growing problem trying to explain his increasingly erratic behavior in school. He thought to himself, as if he were talking out loud to Sean. How would YOU behave if you just had the kind of morning I did, with your mother and sister pleasuring your cock nearly every single minute until we had to leave for school? No, wait, that couldn't happen with YOUR sister; she's too young. What if you woke up with my mom and my... No! Yuck. Okay, A mom and a sister. Imagine that!

Sean snapped his fingers in front of Alan's face as they walked. "Dude! You're still doing it."

"Sorry. I'm just trying to think about how to explain. Let's put it this way. I've learned how to imagine that I have a totally sexy foreign exchange student living with me. She's a Scandinavian blonde, really stacked, with a bubble butt and a sultry face. She's totally amazing in every way! And she's totally into me; all she wants to do is go to town between my legs ALL the time, if you know what I mean."

"I do! I do!" Sean was enjoying this.

"You've probably even had similar fantasies yourself, though maybe about a different blonde."

Sean replied, "That's true. I have." He smiled broadly as he thought about Heather doing that to him.

Alan continued, "I dream about her all the time. Sometimes she even gives me a goodnight BJ before I go to sleep, then gives me a 'human alarm clock' one in the morning to wake me up."

Sean nodded eagerly. He figured Alan's dream girl had to be Christine, and he loved the mental image of such a sexy yet prudish girl giving a blowjob.

"But here's where it gets really weird: she can turn invisible whenever she wants. So when I'm eating a meal, I may find her on her knees under the table, blowing me the whole time! Sometimes she even does it during class here at school. Suppose that you could imagine that really happening to you, and do it all the time. I'd like to see YOU act normal during a boring first-period physics class while you're imagining that."

"Okay, point taken," Sean replied. "But I hate to say this, but your imaginary hottie sounds a lot like my current girlfriend: imaginary. In other words, she's not real. So what's REALLY spacing you out?"

Alan replied, "I'm telling you the truth! That's what I'm imagining. I'm getting, like, REALLY good at daydreaming about it. I totally imagine that happening to me all the time, whenever I get in the right zone. Today I was doing it all morning in class. What would you rather do: enjoy the hot exchange student, or listen to our teacher drone on and on?"

"Hmmm. Point taken again. But how did you get so good at daydreaming all of a sudden? And isn't that going to kill you when we have our next test?"

Just then Christine caught up to them. "Hey guys, what's up? What's this I heard you saying, something about our next test?"

Alan had seen Christine coming and he didn't mind her overhearing a little bit. He would have shut up if he'd still been talking about something too overtly sexual. He replied, "Oh, hey Christine. We were just talking about the greatest problem plaguing our school: blondes!"

Sean snickered, because he knew Alan loved to tell dumb-blonde jokes to Christine, and it was also true in a way that they'd been talking about blondes since Alan had been talking about his imaginary Scandinavian blonde exchange student.


Christine turned to Sean and stared at him with her usual intense gaze. "What's so funny?"

"Um, nothing. Gotta run!" The three of them were all headed to the same class, and in fact they were already almost there, but Sean suddenly rushed ahead because he was very intimidated by Christine's beauty and intensity. Even though they shared Alan as a friend, and also shared most of their classes, he rarely spoke directly to her. Additionally, he felt ashamed, since when Alan had talked about his imaginary Scandinavian hottie, Sean had been picturing Christine.

As Sean scurried off Christine said to Alan, "Sheesh. What's with him?" She turned her intent gaze on Alan. "And what's with you? You were soooo out of it today."

"We were just talking about that," Alan said. He slowed his walking greatly so they could finish talking before reaching the classroom. "You see, I'm not just joking about the blonde thing. I've caught blonde-itis! I have a malignant case of stage-four blondeness. Sean ran off 'cos he's afraid of catching it from you. Sure, my hair still looks dark brown now, but the roots! Oh, dear God, my roots are corn yellow! So I was just gazing off into space for the whole hour, thinking about going to the mall and buying some shoes."

Christine snorted derisively. She was secretly amused by his over-the-top bullshit, but she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of laughing. "I could almost believe it, the way you were staring into nothingness for a solid hour."

"A-ha! So you admit that blonde-ness is a disease! That's a big step. You know, you have to admit you have a problem before we can work on the cure."

She rolled her eyes. "The problem I have is that I have a moronic brown-haired friend who seems to have lost what little was left of his marbles. Why were you really- oh, darn." She had to stop because they'd reached the classroom door. If they said any more, some of their classmates would probably overhear. She headed to her seat, but pointed at him as she spoke quietly. "This isn't over! You're acting really weird lately, even by your recent standards of already exceptional weirdness."

Alan took his seat, which was next to hers. He thought, Uh-oh. That whole daydream excuse worked with Sean, but I can't exactly tell that to Christine; she'd see right through it. What cover story am I gonna tell her? I have to do a better job switching gears and getting into school mode. But damn! What happened to me this morning - how could anybody think or function after that? Double blowjob! Sweet! Mom AND Sis together! What an epic morning!

Christine glanced over at him. There he goes again. That same stupid grin. What on Earth is he thinking about? Or more likely, WHO is he thinking about? Is it Amy? Or Kim? Or Kim AND Amy? How many guys have two girlfriends? I could see him getting giddy about that. But he's been with those two for a while now, I think. Maybe he has a THIRD girlfriend? Or is he doing new things with one or both of them? Dammit, I really wanna know!

In any case, I'm sure it has something to do with sex. Because I sit next to him in most classes, I'm probably one of the few who've noticed that he has an erection most of the time when he's spacing out. Which means that lately he has an erection practically all the time!

I would think that would hurt or something after a while, no? Normally, she couldn't see his crotch in class due to his desk being in the way, so she bent down, using the pretense of getting something from her backpack. She blushed after briefly glimpsing the tenting in his shorts. Oh no! It's happening again!

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