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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
The Great Pretender
Day 59: Wednesday, November 13

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Brenda had had a rough night sleeping. Her submissive side had fully awakened and lately it seemed like she was thinking or daydreaming about sex with Alan all the time. In particular, she was always thinking about sex with a very dominating and controlling Alan, which she found disturbing, beguiling, and extremely arousing. She was so excited about the upcoming poker party that she couldn't get to sleep for a long time, and then once she did, she kept waking up after having powerfully erotic dreams.

When the morning rolled around she tried to call Susan to share stories, as had become their daily habit, but Susan didn't answer the phone. Brenda was disappointed, because those calls had come to mean a lot to her. She didn't get to see Alan much in the flesh, but at least she got to live vicariously through Susan. She especially wanted to get a "blow by blow" account of how Alan had spanked Susan the night before. That was quite possibly the most thrilling news for her from the Plummer house yet, which was saying a lot.

As a result of not getting enough sleep, she took a nap just after lunch. But while napping she soon found herself in another Alan-focused erotic dream.

Not surprisingly, it was grew out of her anticipation of the upcoming poker party. The dream started with her standing at the door to the Plummer house. She rang the doorbell, but no one answered. After ringing it several times, she was on the verge of giving up. But then she heard a distant male voice, coming from somewhere inside the Plummer house: "Come in!"

She reluctantly opened the door, walked in, and closed it behind her. She looked around and couldn't see anyone. She felt strange about being there, since she still didn't know any of the Plummers that well. But then she heard again, clearer this time: "Come in!" After a pause, the male voice added, "Over here!"

She walked from the foyer into the living room. From there, it was a straight visual shot into the dining room. She couldn't actually see anyone through the wide opening between the living room and dining room, but she could hear noises coming from there.

She tentatively walked closer to where the noises were coming from. She spoke loudly. "Hello? It's me, Brenda. Is it okay if I come in? Remember, you invited me to the party?"

This time it was a female voice who answered, "Come on in! You're just in time!"

Despite the friendly tone of voice, Brenda was increasingly nervous the deeper she went into the house. Her heart was pounding fast and hard. She looked down at herself and was relieved to see that she'd chosen a very sexy outfit to wear. In fact, it was so sexy that she'd also worn an overcoat, for fear of being seen by someone else while in transit. The overcoat was still on her shoulders, but it was wide open in front, revealing most of her dramatic red dress, including a plunging neckline in front that went nearly down to her navel. Needless to say, that presented her humongous tits for all to see.


She passed the threshold of the living room entrance, which let her look around the room. Her jaw literally dropped at what she saw. "Oh! ... God!"

Katherine and Amy were sitting at the dining room table, playing cards. They both were completely naked. That would have been shocking enough, but that wasn't what most surprised Brenda, because between where she stood and the table was a love seat. Alan was sitting in it in the nude, looking very relaxed. Susan and Suzanne were naked and on their knees before him, licking his cock together. They probably would have been holding and stroking it too, except that their arms were bound with rope behind their backs.

She could see that their pussies were leaking copiously and their rear ends had been spanked until red.

Even though Brenda had cried out in dismay when she entered, both Susan and Suzanne ignored her completely, as if they were unaware of her presence. The sound of their licking and slurping continued unabated. Alan glanced her way, but only briefly, as if she were of little importance. He seemed to take no special notice of her deeply-plunging neckline.

As a result, it was Amy who was the first to say, "Oh, hi Brenda! Glad you could make it. Cool beans!"

Brenda just stared at Susan and Suzanne and the way their tongues were steadily lapping around Alan's stiff cock. She'd never seen anything so simultaneously disturbing, and arousing in her life. Her heart pounded even harder, making her wonder whether she was going to pass out. "What's going on here?!"

Amy giggled, like that was a silly question. "It's kinda obvious, don'tcha think? Just a typical evening at the Plummer house!" She giggled some more.

Brenda thought, Why are they tied up like that?! It looks like they absolutely love what they're doing. Hell, their loud slurping and sucking sounds alone imply that. So why aren't they being allowed to use their hands?! And what did they do to deserve a spanking?! Is he going to spank ME too?!

Katherine twisted around in her seat to give Brenda a good look. "Oh dear. Woman, you're dreadfully overdressed. Take that off immediately!"

"B-b-but..." Brenda stammered. "I just came here to play cards. Not to... you know..." It seemed as if the sexual sounds Susan and Suzanne were making were somehow being conveyed straight to her pussy and nipples. It was so arousing that she wanted to fall to her knees, although she didn't understand why.

Katherine spoke in a very bossy tone. "Less talking, more stripping. I'd hurry, if you don't want your ass to look as red as theirs!"

Brenda felt strangely cowed. Despite her outrage at the double blowjob taking place just a few feet from her, and the realization that she could simply walk out of the house if she wanted to, she found herself slowly removing her overcoat.

That revealed all of her sexy red dress. Once she'd put the overcoat on a nearby stool, Amy said, "Nice! Hey, Master! Check out Brenda here!"

A thrill ran down Brenda's spine. The title "Master" played a large part in her fantasies and in the pornography she enjoyed. To hear it uttered in "reality" (since she didn't realize she was dreaming) shook her to her very core, making her legs tremble. She turned her gaze back to Alan, looking at him in an entirely new light. Master! Master Alan! Sitting there just like a lord and master! UNH! HNNNG!

Alan was slouched back against some pillows with his eyes closed, permitting him to luxuriate fully in the feeling of two tongues pleasuring his cock. But at Amy's request he opened his eyes and gave Brenda another glance. "Nice." He closed his eyes again, obviously savoring the double blowjob even more.

Brenda had spent nearly two hours making herself look perfect, just for him. Her dress was extremely expensive, showing off her huge tits right to the edge of her nipples. She'd even struck a sexy pose for him. She was miffed that she was only able to capture his attention for a few seconds.


Her temper flared. She folded her arms underneath her heavy rack, inadvertently (or maybe not so inadvertently) showing off even more of her peachy tit-flesh. She closed her eyes and grimaced as she griped, "'Nice?' Is that it?! Just nice?! And what's with this 'Master' shit, Amy? Did you really just call him that?!"

"Yep! I sure did!" Amy replied with her usual happy enthusiasm. "'Cos that's what he is. Right, Kat?"

Katherine replied, "Sure thing. Master Alan owns and controls all four of us, and some other women too." She spoke to Brenda. "But surely you guessed that already, didn't you? Otherwise, why did you come back to be initiated? Oh, and take off the rest."

Brenda was in a daze. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Master Alan owns and controls...?!" He's going to initiate ME?! Does that mean... he's going to make me not just one of his personal cocksuckers, but even one of his... one of his... slaves?! Oh GOD!

Saying the word "slaves," even in her own mind, sent an even bigger electric jolt through her body. Her arousal level shot to the stratosphere. She muttered, "The... the rest?"

Amy explained, "The rest of your clothes, silly! Our master likes his slaves completely naked. Everybody knows that!"

Brenda didn't understand why she didn't just up and flee the house. She didn't know why she was suddenly blushing cherry red and feeling extremely horny. Most of all, she didn't understand why she felt so compelled to take off the rest of her clothes. Just, just look! The four of them are just hanging around naked, looking seriously HOT. Susan and Suzanne are going to town on his cock, lovingly licking it like that's the most important thing in their world. Obviously, they ARE his slaves!

She slipped one shoulder strap off her shoulder, then did the same with the other. Both of her magnificent round breasts were slowly exposed as the straps slid down her arms. It's all so... crazy! Frightening! Intoxicating! I seem to be taking my dress off! If I don't do something, and fast... Soon, that'll be ME, with my wrists bound behind my back, sharing his cock with his other slaves, spending hours with them licking it! No matter how much I love slobbering and gagging on his great cock, he'll probably spank my ass anyway, just to show me who's the master here! Oh God! Too scary and exciting! What about my free will?!

She looked over to Alan and was both pleased and frightened that he was actually taking the time to watch her strip. She found it daunting that such a powerful man was focusing entirely on her - not counting the double blowjob he was enjoying, of course - and that filled her with a great desire to please him and live up to his undoubtedly high expectations. Although her hands were trembling, she tried her best to strip both quickly and sexily. By that time, her dress was down to her waist. She started shimmying in an enticing manner to get it past her wide hips.

He's just a ... kid! I have to be strong. Resist! I really shouldn't be putting on a sexy performance like this. If I don't stop, I'll end up... end up a slave too! Like them! With a master. Master Alan. My master! My lord! ... No! No! It's wrong. Those are just crazy fantasies. I don't want a real lord and master, do I?

But even those thoughts didn't slow her down. The more she pulled her red dress down her body, the more she warmed up to the idea of being one of his sexual servants, even if that meant forever. She hadn't been wearing any underwear when she'd arrived, so it wasn't long before she was down to just her high heels. She bent far over to take them off, while also showing off her big yet toned bare ass. Her face was even redder than Susan's and Suzanne's well-spanked asses.

She heard a particularly loud male groan. She couldn't see Alan because of the way she was bent over and showing off her bare ass and wet pussy to him, but she thought, That was him! Did he groan because of me?! Is my master pleased with my body? I hope my big tits help make his cock stiff. I hope he looks at my hot, tight cunt and wants to fuck it! Wait! No! I just called him "my master," but he's not! Not yet. There's still hope I can retain my freedom. I'm going to fight this!

But just as she reached down to remove the first of her high-heeled shoes, Katherine said, "No, keep those on. Look around. That's the only thing any of us get to wear most of the time. Well, not counting our collars."

Brenda stood back up and looked closer. Thanks to their long haircuts and the fact that they were mostly facing away from her, she hadn't seen much of their necks. But sure enough, she realized that all four women were wearing both red high heels and iron collars. She practically swooned, she found that so arousing.

Amy giggled and nudged Katherine. "Check it out! Did you see the way she just swooned? She's totally into it already. She needs a good collaring."

Katherine nodded. "And a good dicking! A serious deep spearing. Brenda, you certainly came to the right place for that. You're gonna get a lot of cock, and a lot of enslavement!"

Amy giggled. "Two great tastes that taste great together!"

Brenda suddenly found herself on the verge of tears, because the situation was rapidly progressing beyond her control. "But... but... I don't want that! What kind of woman do you think I am?!"


Alan opened his eyes again and stared right at her. "I know exactly what kind of woman you are: one who craves sex and is born to serve! Specifically, you were born to serve me! Don't try to deny it, either. Just look at you."

Brenda looked down at herself and realized to her deep shame that she was buck naked, not counting her heels. Worse, she'd unconsciously struck a submissive pose with her hands behind her back and her chest thrust out. Shifting positions, she defiantly put her hands on her hips. "I AM denying it! This is outrageous! You think you can just snap your fingers and I'll obey your every whim?"

Grinning wolfishly, Alan snapped his fingers. "Drop to your knees, slave. Bow to your new master."

"NO! NEVER! You can't make me!" But even as she said this, she felt her body starting to kneel. She tried to fight it, but somehow she found herself on her knees, bowing her head in Alan's direction. I can't... can't resist! Can't even breathe! It's just too hot! Serving... serving my lord and master! Master Alan! Just bowing to him while all this loud slurping is going on is too arousing to resist. No! Gotta fight! Gotta... Can't... can't let him win!

She muttered, "How... how are you doing this? It's like... I can't control my own body. It's magic! Black magic!"

Susan pulled back from Alan's dick to turn around and get a good look at Brenda while she was bowing. She spoke for the first time since Brenda had arrived. "No, it's not magic. It's you. You're a natural submissive, just like the rest of us. Your right and proper role in life is to serve a naturally superior kind of man, like our master here. You belong in chains, wearing his collar, fully enslaved to him and his big cock like the sex slave you were always meant to be. Look in your heart and you'll know it's true. Feel the lust and desire tingling between your legs when you're on your knees, and that'll tell you the truth as well!"


"No!" Brenda said. But her denial was spoken quietly, like an emphatic, disbelieving whisper. It's true! Oh God, it's so true! Why?! Dear God, why did you make me this way?!

"Yes!" Suzanne said, also turning to face Brenda and joining the conversation. "Don't bother to fight it; you're only going to embarrass yourself. Here, take a look at this magnificent, manly cock. This cock is going to be the center of your life from now on! Your one and only purpose will be to pleasure it, and please him!"

Susan and Suzanne repositioned themselves so Brenda could have a clear view of Alan's massive erection where it stood proudly between their voluptuous bodies. They held and stroked his shaft and balls with four hands, but they did it in a way that gave Brenda a good view. (Since this was Brenda's dream, the bindings that held the two mothers' hands behind their backs had somehow just disappeared, now that their hands were needed to stroke.)

Brenda raised her head while remaining on her knees so she could see Alan and his rampant cock. The sight of all those hands doing all that fondling took her breath away. This cock! My cock! My master's cock! I belong to it, to him! That's the cock that will own me and rule me! She whispered in awe, "It's so... beautiful!"

Katherine spoke from where she still sat at the table."Yes, it is. His cock is gorgeous enough, but what's really beautiful is seeing all those tender, sliding, feminine hands on it, working it! Am I right? Seeing two naked, collared, big-titted mommies living to serve a real man like my brother!"

YES! So... so beautiful! So right! Brenda mouthed the words without making a sound. That's where I belong! The sight in front of her was so inspirational, especially now that she was aware of the collars, that tears of joy leaked from her eyes. Her huge tits were bouncing on her chest because she was panting so heavily. She felt a great urge to work her clit and climax right there in front of everyone.

Katherine asked, with devastating calm and assurance, "You know where you belong, don't you?"

Brenda was still trying to resist, although it was obviously a losing battle. She tried her best to keep her mouth shut. Must... must hold out! But there's no escape! She frantically scanned the room. Everywhere I look, I see nothing but sexy submission! How can I fight it? Big-titted women like me need to SERVE!

Suzanne demanded in a commanding voice, "Say it!"

Brenda's face was still red from blushing and her body trembled all over, but at the same time she felt a deep, satisfying calm come over her. She spoke with new resolve, even as she found it hard to believe what she was saying. "I belong... on my knees... serving... serving my... my... Alan! Alan, my master!"

Her arousal had been building and building, so finally admitting that triggered a powerful orgasm deep within her, even though she wasn't touching herself. She was fortunate to be on her knees, because her body convulsed wildly. She tried desperately not to scream out loud, so the others wouldn't know that she was climaxing. She more or less succeeded, instead letting out a series of strangled yelps intermixed with her heavy panting. But the idea that the others wouldn't have noticed her orgasmic release was comical, given the way her entire body shuddered and shook.

Suzanne patiently waited until Brenda had more or less recovered and stilled herself, not counting her constantly bouncing and jiggling globes. Then she prodded, "What does that make you?"

"A... a... a slave! ... Yes, a slave! A SEX slave! Alan's sex slave! He... he... he owns me now, body and soul!" Brenda briefly made eye contact with Alan, but she felt embarrassed by that assertiveness, as she felt it wasn't her place to do that anymore, now that he owned her. Instead, she bowed her head low toward her new master. She was eager to show that she would be a good, obedient slave. But then again, she knew she had the rest of her life to make a good impression.

Suzanne smiled. "Very good. You deserve a reward for accepting the truth so quickly. Here, come closer. Susan and I want to get back to our licking and sucking, but it's kind of a pain since we can't use our hands." (Since this was a dream, Susan and Suzanne once again had their hands bound behind their backs, even though they'd just been stroking his cock a few moments before. Brenda in her dream logic didn't think to question that inconsistency.)

Susan added, "Yes, could you be a dear and hold his cock in place here for us, so we could really go to town on it?"

Brenda was painfully aware of just how much her pussy was gushing. She knew that everyone could see the glistening rivulets flowing down her thighs. She asked incredulously, "That's it? I've suddenly accepted my new life as a sex slave, and all I get to do is hold his shaft a little bit?"

Susan said, "Oh, heavens no! You'll be collared, and bound, and fucked! Lots of fucking! And spanked!"

Amy added from the table, "Oooh! Oh boy, are you going to get spanked. We all do, at least once a day. Watch out!" She lifted her ass off the chair, showing faint redness from a recent spanking.

Katherine shifted to show off her red ass. "At LEAST once a day. More if we're bad, and still more if we're very, very good!" She giggled.

Brenda felt like she was burning up from a high fever. "But wait! What have I done to deserve that? I've agreed to everything!"

Alan spoke up. "Brenda, I'm your master now. I OWN you. I'll spank you whenever I damn well feel like it, whether you did something right, or wrong, or nothing at all. But before we get to all that, you need to be put in your place. My mom and aunt want to finish their blowjob, and now you're going to help."

Brenda was so overwhelmed that she didn't even know where to begin. She found herself reaching back to her ass and caressing it. She could practically feel the heat and pain of a good spanking building up on her ass cheeks, and that was like pouring gasoline on her already raging inferno of lust. So good! So very good! Like a fire! I'm burning from head to toe, like a fire inside me! It's the burn of shame. But I don't give a flying fuck, because this is where I belong!

As if someone else was controlling her hands, she suddenly found herself reaching out and gripping Alan's stiff boner with both hands. It felt so good just to hold it that she let out a long, contented sigh. At the same time, she felt shivers run down her spine while yet more cum ran down her thighs.

My master! His cock! My hands are actually touching it! My master's cock is in my hands! It was a simple realization, but she knew this was a special moment she would never forget.

Susan put one of her hands on Brenda's to help guide it as it slid up and down his saliva- and cum-soaked shaft. "Mmmm! Brenda, I know exactly what you mean with a sigh like that. That's the pure joy of a slave getting to touch her master's cock. It gives me shivers every single time!"

Then both Susan and Suzanne bent over at the same time and resumed their licking.

Brenda soon had to revert to holding Alan's rod with just one hand, and that at the base, because both buxom women were so thorough and passionate with their licking that she had to give them room. Even so, she was still able to stroke a few inches of it, and that made her very happy.

She noticed that one or the other mother was usually bobbing on his cockhead. However they seemed to just be doing it whenever they felt like it, instead of taking turns in a more organized manner. She was impressed by their obvious experience and teamwork. She aspired to be that good when it came time for her to share in the cocksucking duties.

Now that one of her hands was unoccupied, Brenda was able to fondle her own body somewhat. She stared up longingly into Alan's face (even though his eyes were closed again) while she caressed one of her outrageously large breasts.

Master! Master! Yes! That's the word that's been missing in my life for far too long. For my entire life, in fact. How could I have been such a FOOL?! This is what I've needed all along: the missing piece! I've never felt such contentment, such peace and fulfillment, as knowing that I belong to HIM! To Alan, my master! What a GOOD master he is, too. Serving a thick, long, POWERFUL cock like this is going to be an endless joy. To live is to serve!

To live is to serve!

Yes, to live is to serve!


Brenda felt herself slowly waking. However, she was having such an arousing and enjoyable dream that she didn't want it to end. Unfortunately, that didn't stop it from ending. Before long, she opened her eyes and found herself mouthing the words "To live is to serve."

At first she didn't understand why she said that, but then her dream came flooding back into her awareness. Oh, GOD! What the hell?! "To live is to serve?!" Did I really just dream that, and say that?! SHIT!

She abruptly sat up in bed. She felt both shamed and horny as she recalled the details of her dream in surprisingly vivid detail. Shit, shit, shit! I did NOT just dream that, did I?

Of course I did. It was just like my dreams last night. Every time, Alan is my master! Except that this time I didn't even get to suck him or get fucked. All I got to do was hold his snake a little bit while Susan and Suzanne had all the fun.

No, wait. What am I saying? That's not the problem; it's all that submissive stuff. Crazy stuff! Why do I keep having these dreams?! I can't even take a nap anymore without my mind betraying me. That's wrong. Dead wrong! It's probably this goddamned poker party later tonight that's the cause. I just can't stop thinking about it! And hearing that Alan spanked Susan yesterday. Why did she have to tell me that?!

Brenda got up and hurried to the bathroom. She stepped right into the shower and made sure to turn the water to very cold. She hoped a really frigid shower would literally cool her burning hot libido. It felt like her pussy was on fire.

OW! SHIT! That's REALLY cold! But it's what I deserve. I'm so depraved. There's no other way around it. I have to admit that there's something seriously wrong with me. I've had some fantasies a bit like that before, some profoundly submissive fantasies. Okay, a LOT of fantasies about that over the years. So what? Fantasies are harmless. I'm still a modern, liberated, independent woman. I value my freedom. My fantasy life is this totally separate thing that has nothing to do with the real world.

And then. Oh God! And then... the damn Plummers had to come into my life! Suddenly, I feel there's this chance, even if it's just a remote possibility, that my fantasies could come true! And I like it! Hell, I love it! But it's wrong. So wrong!

For one thing, what about Adrian? Alan is just some guy. I barely even know him. He could turn out to be bad for me. Why am I so fixated on him? It's not like he really is a master with real sex slaves, so my dream can't come true anyway. Um, I mean, not that I want it to! It's just that he's sexually involved with so many beautiful women in his home that it seems like he has a harem, and how could I not get excited at that? Not to mention the way he sees right through me. Somehow he knows all my secret submissive desires!


Despite the coldness of the water, she found herself growing aroused. Not coincidentally, she somehow found herself extensively "cleaning" her pussy mound with her fingers, with a focus on her clitoris. It's not fair! Alan is an unstoppable, well-hung, sex stud AND he's a harem master! How can I NOT get totally horny at that? Gaawwwd, just to suck his cock would be the ultimate pleasure! And then, if he were to fuck me... SWEET JESUS!

The cold shower was having an effect though, and it helped her have second thoughts. She took her hand from her crotch in a burst of renewed resolve. Listen to me. I'm getting too worked up. These phone calls with Susan are affecting me in a bad way. Raising Adrian should be my focus. The most important thing in my life now is being the best mother to my son that I can be. Nothing else matters!

She picked up the soap and forced herself to scrub her back, since that wasn't a sensitive erogenous zone for her. Well, that's not ENTIRELY true. After all, he is at school or off doing other things a lot of the time, and I have plenty of spare time on my hands. Way too much time, to be honest. It's perfectly natural that I should want to find a man, a good man, now that my divorce is almost final. Someone to be my partner in life, to make me as happy as I make him happy. To get married again, even.

That's what I should be focusing on, helping Aidy and finding someone for a nice, normal relationship for myself. Not some sick, twisted, sex-slave thing! That's harmless enough as a fantasy, but not in real life! But tonight I'm really going to the Plummer house and I'm really going to see Alan and the rest of them again. That's the reality.

Or at least that's the plan. I should cancel. No, I HAVE to cancel. I'm letting some crazy obsession take over my life! I know I'm been looking forward to going all week, but that's the problem: I want it too much! It's unhealthy. At the very least, I should skip a week or two and get myself under control. It's one thing to dream about being one of his personal cocksuckers. But to dream about being his sex slave? That's a clear indicator that I've gotten too obsessed. If I go, I'm sure all kinds of exciting, sexy things will happen, and that will only fuel my Alan fixation. I have to cancel now, while I still have the resolve!

She stopped washing, quickly finishing her cold shower. It was very quick indeed, since the main reason she'd taken the shower was to cool off. She dried herself off even faster, then picked up a nearby phone and dialed the Plummer house.

As she waited for someone to answer, she looked down at herself. I should have put some clothes on first. And I should have taken a longer shower. I'm still too horny. But there's no time. I have to act fast! Already, I feel tempted to change my mind. I've gotta stay strong!


Susan picked up the phone after the fourth ring. "Hello? Plummer residence."

Brenda said, "Susan, it's you. Thank goodness. I have something important to tell you. I just had a really strange dream."

Susan's voice went from formal to confidential and even excited. "Oh, really? I want you to tell me all about it! Every last detail. I've had some great dreams lately too. But first, I had some really strange things happen to me for real that I just HAVE to tell you!"

"Oh really? What?" As soon as Brenda said that she regretted it, because she didn't want to get distracted from her goal of bowing out from that night's poker party. But curiosity got the best of her.

"Where to begin?! So many exciting things have happened since I spoke to you yesterday! For starters... oh, I don't know if I should tell you this, but I can't help myself! It's just too exciting! Alan fully tamed Amy last night!"

"What?!" Brenda felt extremely conflicted. I can't listen to this! I'm getting off track. But "taming!" There's nothing I love more than when Susan talks about taming!

"I know! Amazing, isn't it? Well, okay, maybe not fully tamed, but definitely at least partially tamed. He made her his official girlfriend!"

Brenda was a bit disappointed, because deep down she wanted something hard core, like in her dream, with collars and even chains. She griped, "That's hardly a proper taming. Big deal. She's already agreed to be one of his personal cocksuckers, which is much more of a commitment, in my book."

Susan responded, "True, but wait! That's just the start. For one thing, it happened in the living room, with all of us there: Suzanne, Katherine, Amy, and me. Amy wound up standing completely naked while he freely fondled her luscious body and the rest of us just watched. He pretty much flat-out announced who his girlfriend was going to be as he rubbed his fat cock all over her. He made clear that he can have as many women as he wants, in any way he wants, while she has to be completely loyal to him. Naturally, Amy agreed! Then, he had me get up and do a sexy striptease and suck his cock! I was so scared and humiliated, but I did it anyway and I loved every minute of it!"

Brenda could feel her arousal skyrocketing with each new comment Susan made. Her heart pumped wildly and her pussy started to gush. She asked, "Hold on. You sucked his cock right there in front of everybody, including his new girlfriend?"

"I KNOW! God, he really showed us all who's in charge!"

That kind of talk was a really powerful aphrodisiac for Brenda. She felt a head rush that made her momentarily dizzy. She asked breathlessly, "Why did he have YOU do that instead of Amy?"

"To put her in her place, and remind her that even though she's his official girlfriend now, she's still just one of many beautiful women who serve him sexually. And he put me in my place at the same time! I could actually FEEL myself getting tamed! Falling deeper and deeper under his spell! It's like... Oh, there's nothing else like it! But it's the best feeling in the world!"

Brenda found herself fondling one of her bare boobs. But she forced herself to stop. Her head was still spinning with lust, but she reminded herself that that was why she'd made the call. She really needed to cancel out of that night's poker party.

However, before she could say anything, Susan continued, "And things just got better and crazier from there! I wound up spending like an HOUR on my knees with Amy, teaching her how to best suck and lick and stroke his cock. And the whole time we were practicing TOGETHER on his very real, yummy thickness! Actually, it was less a lesson for her and more just a very prolonged double blowjob!"


The responsible part of Brenda was regretting making the call while naked, because she suddenly found herself so aroused that she couldn't stop from fingering her pussy. She asked as she started to play with her slit, "But I thought you had a strict rule against double blowjobs?"

"I know! I DID! But that was yesterday. You think Tiger cares about my rules? No! He knew it was time, time to tame me further! That was my very first double blowjob, but it sure as heck won't be my last!" She laughed.

Brenda had a hard time breathing. She was imagining herself sharing Alan with Susan, taking turns bobbing on his thickness. In real life, she had two fingers pumping in and out of her slit while her thumb diddled her clit.

Susan went on, "By the time Amy and I somehow finally managed to make him cum - ugh! Let me tell you, it was a struggle. But the BEST kind of struggle! My jaw hurts just thinking how long we sucked and sucked and licked and licked! Anyway, by the end, I found myself wondering why I had been so against that. You know, double blowjobs. And even now, I can't really remember. It just seems so RIGHT! A big, powerful cock like that needs at least two tongues on it to be serviced properly!"

Brenda exclaimed breathlessly, "Oh my God! That sounds exactly like my dream!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. What happened in your dream? Was it all about my cutie Tiger?"

"Of course! I meant, uh, yes. Yes, it was. I came to your house, and you and Suzanne were on your knees in the living room, licking his cock together!"

"OH. MY. GOD. Brenda, that's SO HOT! Tell me more! Were we naked?"

"Not only were you naked, you were both bound and collared! And your asses were spanked red!"

Susan gasped really loudly. "NO WAY! SO HOT! Brenda, that's just TOO HOT! I love it! Tell me more. What were you doing? Did you join in? Three tongues at once. Oh no! NO!"

"What?" Brenda asked with genuine concern, based on Susan's suddenly worried tone of voice.

Susan replied, "I'm just worried that my phone is going to burn up in my hands because what you're saying is so HOT!"

Brenda laughed, realizing Susan's "worry" was really just a joke. "Very funny." But at the same time, there was a lot of truth about just how very hot and bothered both of them were getting. And the "hot" part was true in a literal sense: she felt like her body was burning up from a fever. She put the phone on speaker mode, so she could use her other hand to play with her boobs. They needed attention as much as her pussy did.

Susan prodded, "So, what were you doing? What were you wearing? Tell me everything!"

Brenda's concerns about her dream came back as she tried to figure out how to respond to that. She even fleetingly remembered her goal of telling Susan that she couldn't attend the poker party. "Uh, I'd rather not say."

"Because it's embarrassing, right? Maybe even downright humiliating?"

"Um..." Brenda was glad she was merely talking on the phone so Susan couldn't see how red her face had become (let alone the way she was pulling on her long nipples).

Susan said reassuringly, "Well, don't worry about it. My life has changed SO much in just the last month or so, and a big part of that is being embarrassed constantly! I've gotten used to being humiliated on pretty much a daily basis. It used to bug me a lot, and it still does somewhat, but I've also kind of made my peace with it. I figure that when you spend as much time as I do slurping all over my son's cock, it comes with the territory. A clever, well-hung young man will always outsmart big-titted beauties like us, tricking us out of our clothes and onto our knees. So spill!"

Brenda was getting in the spirit of things, agreeing with every word. She giggled as she said teasingly, "Spill? You mean spill Alan's cum all over my chest, so that it covers my deep cleavage in creamy goo?"

"YES! That! Lots of that! Mmmm... Spermy goodness! Spill some on me too!"

They both laughed gaily.

Brenda was still too embarrassed to describe more of her dream, because if she was at all honest about it, sooner or later she'd have to discuss her fantasy of being Alan's collared sex slave. So instead she said, "Okay, but first I want to hear more about what happened last night with Amy and all. And did you have more fun this morning, before he went to school?"

Not surprisingly, Susan was easily distracted by that topic. "Did I ever! To be honest, I woke up second guessing what happened the night before. I even initially rejected the whole 'two tongues on his cock at once' idea. But Tiger, he's so clever, like I said. Before long, he had me naked, and Katherine naked too. And sure enough, I wound up licking his cock with my sweet Angel. Can you imagine? Taking turns bobbing on my son's cock with my very own daughter? Our tongues repeatedly meeting over his sweet spot? It's so DEPRAVED! But I loved it so much that I'm sure we'll be doing that every day from now on!"

"No!" Brenda was panting hard as she played with her pussy and tits.

"Yes! I'm telling you, there's just no resisting him! All we can do is drop to our knees, open our mouths wide, and SERVE!"

Brenda let out a loud erotic moan. She couldn't help but notice how similar Susan's words were to the way her dream had ended, with the line "To live is to serve" repeating in her head. She was getting close to a great climax.

Susan said, "Mmmm. Sounds like someone is having fun! I can hear all kinds of squishy sounds on your end. I wonder what those are!" She chuckled knowingly.

Brenda's embarrassment grew. But thinking about the "to live is to serve" line reminded her that her submissive tendencies needed to be curbed. She decided to confess. "It's true. I'm playing with myself. I'm so bad! But I'll bet you are too."

"Of course. Like I always seem to do when we talk on the phone. Except you probably can't hear it since I'm not on a speaker phone like you are. Things are getting really squishy over here as I imagine my mouth opened as wide as it can get, in a perfect 'O', with my son's great big log sliding in and out relentlessly!"

Brenda whimpered. She longingly opened her mouth in the 'O' shape Susan had just mentioned. God, that sounds so good! To think that I never even liked blowjobs all that much. Now I find myself actually drooling from just thinking about HER giving him one! If only that was MY mouth stretched out over my master's cock!

The fact that she'd just called Alan "Master" in her own mind was like a splash of cold water, suddenly waking her up. Shit! Did I really just think that? That just goes to show why I can't go to tonight's party. She continued her confession, "The problem is, I find this stuff TOO arousing! I hardly even know Alan, but I feel like I'm falling under his spell!"

Susan happily agreed. "Oh, you ARE! It's too late to fight now. Once he has you in his sights, it's just a matter of time before you're fully tamed!"

Brenda moaned both with distress and lust at the same time. Susan happened to be saying the things that pushed Brenda's submissive buttons the most. "But... but... what does that mean? Not just sexy talk, but for real? Susan, where is this going? I'm getting worried!"

Susan realized that Brenda was actually worried. Susan wanted to quell those worries, so she changed her emphasis. "I know. It's tough. To be honest, I've been having issues with this kind of thing myself. Why, just today, I made arrangements with Suzanne so I'd see an understanding psychologist. Not to end what's happening, mind you. No way! I'd never want to go back to how things used to be in a million years! But so I can better cope with this whole taming process. As I fall deeper and deeper in love and in lust with my son, I don't want to lose myself and lose my identity."

"Exactly!" Brenda was still masturbating, but she had her issues with the whole "master" idea, so she was gratified that Susan was having similar ones. "I've been having similar problems. In fact, I was thinking about maybe not coming to the party tonight." There! I said it!

"What? No! You HAVE to come! We're going to have so much fun!"

Brenda sighed sadly. "I know, I know. I'm sure you are. But I really need to get a grip."

"Horse pucky! The only grip you need to get is a tight grip around Tiger's cock as you open your mouth as wide as you can! Say 'aaah', because his thick pole is on its way in!"

Brenda gasped loudly. She was already on the verge of cumming.

"Brenda, trust me. We're going to have a sexy, fun time. But we're not going to let things get out of control. I'll admit I don't have the best self-control when I get all horny around my son, but Suzanne, she runs a tight ship. If you don't want things to go beyond a certain point, simply tell her where you want to draw the line. She'll make sure you won't get any further than that. But really, you'll have the time of your life tonight! Besides, now you and I have each other. Whenever you're feeling down or worried, you can talk to me. And I hope I can do the same with you."

"Really?" Brenda brightened. "That's so nice. Thank you. I've been feeling all alone in this."

"You're not. To be honest, I didn't like you that much at first, but I've warmed up to you in recent days as we've talked on the phone and I've realized just what kindred spirits we are."

"We are, aren't we?"

"Yes. Maybe it's our bodies - our curvy, busty bodies - that make us such highly sexual beings. At first I resented that you're so well endowed, and I must admit I still kind of resent it a little bit. But now I realize that only another woman with a shape like mine can really see things the way I do."

"That's so true. I've always felt like I'm a freak, a genetic freak. But around the likes of you and Suzanne, I feel like I'm just one of the girls - one of the gang."

Susan smiled. "Yes. Birds of a feather flock together, and with good reason. But in any case, when I talk to this psychologist I'll let you know what I find out. In fact, maybe you'd like to schedule an appointment with her too. I hear she's really great."

"It's a her?"

"Yeah, she's some old friend of Suzanne's. They've been out of contact for a long time, but they used to be good friends in college."

"That's nice. But... Susan. Please! Tell me the truth! Where do you see things going? Could you ever imagine being your son's... well... his slave? His full-on sex slave?"

Actually, when Susan got very aroused, like she still was at that moment, that was one of her most exciting fantasies. She tried not to think about whether she wanted it to happen in real life, but at the very least it appealed to her a lot. However, she could tell Brenda was having doubts on that subject, so she needed to be distanced from that idea, at least for the present.

So she said, "Brenda, please. Don't be ridiculous! Sure, you know how much I love to service my son's cock, and I could see how an outsider like you could misinterpret that. Slavery is NOT on the agenda! What we have right now is heaven on Earth, so there's no need to change a thing."

Brenda asked, "But I thought you just said you're having issues, so much so that you're going to see a psychologist? And what about taming? Isn't that the same as slavery?"

Susan realized she'd have to be careful not to contradict herself. "I did say I have issues, but I also said I don't want to alter things. I just want advice to help understand and deal with these big changes in my life. For instance, I still have issues with incest - meaning full vaginal sex between mother and son. But 'taming' isn't slavery. Think of it as letting go of your inhibitions. Completely letting go! In fact, in a way it's the exact opposite of slavery. It's freedom: total sexual freedom! The freedom to do whatever you want to your man and not feel bad or guilty about it, as well as the freedom to obey his every sexy command and not feel bad or guilty about that either."

That answer did a lot to put Brenda's worries to rest, at least for the moment. She sighed with relief.

However, Susan sensed the danger, so she was eager to change the topic. She knew on some level that her attitudes were all over the map, as evidenced by the emotional roller-coaster ride she'd been on earlier that day. When it came to things like "taming," she didn't want to think too much about what it all actually meant, or where things were really going. So she asked, "Anyway, do you want me to tell you some more about what happened last night? Or this morning?"

"Both!" Brenda said eagerly. She'd stopped masturbating, mostly, when the conversation had turned serious. She felt a lot better after confiding in Susan. Between being able to talk things over with Susan and maybe even seeing Suzanne's psychologist friend, she hoped that she'd be able to keep her more outrageously submissive tendencies under control. So, as Susan began relating her arousing adventures in even more explicit detail, Brenda resumed playing with her pussy and nipples.

The possibility of Brenda not coming to the poker party wasn't brought up again. Instead Susan just assumed she'd be there, and eventually so did Brenda. The fact was, Brenda's desire to go was simply too strong to resist. Each party had been twice as interesting as the one before. After what had happened at the previous party, she was certain that Susan was correct in predicting that she would have the time of her life. Deep down, she'd wanted to be talked into going to the party, because she simply couldn't wait to see Alan again.

Several orgasms after the phone call ended, she told herself, Look. Alan's a nice guy. A great guy even, probably. But he's JUST A GUY! A kid! In fact, he's not much older than Aidy. Of course, he is the most sexually impressive guy I've ever seen, and he's practically turned his immediate family AND the Pestridge women into his personal harem. Gaawwwd, the things Susan just told me are about the most arousing stories I've ever heard! But he is NOT my master, nor will he ever be! Obviously he loves having sex with lots of gorgeous, big-breasted women, but he's just not into all this domination and submission stuff. He's a tad too nice. I'm sure I can have fun with him, and even have sex with him if I want, but within reason. I'm going to turn all these disturbing fantasy thoughts OFF, right now!

There. I feel better already. What I need to be is like Susan. She's submissive like me, but she doesn't let it get too far. She's living a dream every day, a wonderful sexually submissive dream, and yet she has good friends like Suzanne to keep things in balance. She knows when to step back and seek help, so she doesn't lose herself along the way. I can do that too: I can have lots of fun with Alan, including tonight. I just need to keep my weirder fantasies to myself!


Alan hoped that his day at school would be very "Glory-ous," as he liked to put it.

By lunchtime he was feeling fully recovered from his morning exhaustion. He spent most of that period with Glory to make up for the fact that he hadn't been able to 'get it up' for her the day before. As they were doing pretty much every day when Alan had enough time, they had fun with role-playing.

They played a fantasy where Alan was a vampire. It started accidentally, with some simple making out. Alan had been kissing his way up Glory's neck when he got the idea to give her a few playful bites there.

She commented, "Be careful. Are you a vampire or something?"

He replied theatrically, "Actually, yes! And now that I have you in my grasp, you can't escape!"

She didn't seem too impressed. "Okay, Mr. Dracula, where are your fangs?"

He answered, "Well, truth be told, I'm of a special subspecies. Ve are pussy vampires. Ve live on pussy juice." He nibbled a bit on her long, shapely neck. He spoke in a bad accent, modeling his voice on the character The Count from Sesame Street.

Glory laughed. Pretending fear, she cried, "Oh dear! Whatever will I do?!" She pushed him away and tried to run away.

However, she didn't try that hard; she just began running in circles around the students' desks.

Alan tried to chase her. Sometimes he managed to catch up and grab her, but then she'd free herself. Sometimes she'd get far ahead of him, but when that happened she'd slow down to allow him to catch up.

At one point he grabbed her blouse and "accidentally on purpose" tore it open. (He felt free to do that because he knew that she kept spare clothes in her closet.) After another circle around the room, he got his hand on her bra, but that time she had to help unclasp it so he could "tear it off."

Then he grabbed her on the shoulders and said, "NOW I've got you! Vonce you are in the grasp of a vampire, there ist no escape!"

Glory laughed. "You said that already, but I escaped, didn't I?"

"True. However, now I use my special powers. Fool! You haf looked into the eyes of a vampire. I haf you mesmerized!"

She laughed again. "You're really hamming it up, aren't you?" Then she got back into her role and said "Vait!" in attempted mimicry. "That sounds scary, but I don't feel mesmerized."

He said sheepishly, "Hmmm. It doesn't alvays verk. I'm afraid I didn't quite pass all my classes back in vampire school. I was too busy chasing the teacher." But then, with dramatic flourish, he added confidently, "But never you mind! Ve go to plan B! Maybe dis vill mesmerize you!" He unzipped his shorts and pulled out his rampant erection. It extended out proudly through his fly.

Glory smiled. "Now we're talking! It's true. Looking at that, I do feel a bit... transfixed." She looked down at it with wide, eager eyes. "I suppose getting drained by a vampire wouldn't be so bad. Just so long as I can do a little draining of my own. Did I mention that I'm a vampire too? Except that my subspecies subsists on semen."

Alan laughed. "You are not!" He sucked on her nipples and played with her breasts for a few minutes. Then he had her bend over the table, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties.

In his bad Transylvanian accent, he said, "I vant to suck your pussy! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!" Then he got down to the business of pussy licking Glory from the behind. He said, "You vill rue the day you bent over your desk for the undead, you naughty teacher, you. I vill suck you dry!"


In fact, he had steered the fantasy in this direction because he wanted to practice his pussy licking. He tried to "suck her dry" for over ten minutes. He complained that as soon as he made any progress, she'd expel even more cum from her pussy lips.

Slowly the fantasy dissolved and they reverted to their natural roles of teacher and student.

Glory continued her lessons about the finer points of going down on a woman.

He still wasn't good at it, and really would have much preferred doing most anything else with her body, but he pushed himself. He figured it was the least he could do after how she'd deep-throated him.

She'd assured him that he would get better and more comfortable with it over time. He found that she was right.

By the end of their time together, he did begin to enjoy it. In particular, he found it was a lot of fun to do something arousing with his tongue and hear her moans of pleasure in response.

But he preferred to lie on top of her right on the table she used to teach his class. With both of them completely naked by now, he fell back into the vampire role and really got to know her neck during the times they didn't lock lips. He gave her enough hickies and small bites to last a long time.

She was happy to have her boobs mash into his strong chest, but she wasn't so comfortable with the fact that his boner was only inches from her pussy. So she clamped his cock between her thighs and kept it there to make sure "it didn't get into any mischief," as she put it.

Since she was so athletic from surfing and other sports, her thighs were quite muscular. Her squeezing of his erection with her impressive thigh muscles kept it hard and happy.

The grand finale was one of her extraordinary blowjobs. She took him deeper and deeper until it became a deep-throating. Again her tongue, mouth, lips, and hands all worked to drive him over the edge.

Nothing else made him feel as good. He suspected that even if he could fuck her, her deep-throating would probably feel better. But just the same, he still wanted badly to fuck her.

Yet, for all this activity, they only spent about twenty minutes together. Alan had been talked into another cheerleader painting job, this time for Janice. So everything he and Glory did felt a bit rushed. At least half their time had been spent on pussy licking, and she'd only deep-throated him for a minute or two. (Had it gone on much longer, he would have had to cum.)

Aside from their usual lack of time, which was even worse that day, their biggest problem was that they had no bed to lie in. Even though they still weren't fucking, they usually wanted to get more intimate than just mutual masturbation on uncomfortable desks and chairs.

Glory had taken to keeping sheets and pillows locked in the closet behind her desk. She would lay them out so the two of them wouldn't have to roll around on the cold, dirty tiles. But she could hardly go any further and bring a mattress into her classroom. Even the sheets presented their own danger. Despite their best efforts to keep things clean, on any day where she and Alan played, the sheet would get covered with sweat and cum. Then Glory would have to smuggle it out in her bag and replace it with a new one. They longed for a better and safer place to play.

Their problem was compounded by the fact that they both loved role-playing so much. So just before he left, she asked him, "So what are we going to play tomorrow?"

"Hmmm. So many excellent choices. You want to get really wild? Okay. I want to be Father Alan, a priest. And I want you to be Sister Glory. Or Gloria. That's better; Sister Gloria sounds more religious."

"Young man, you are one twisted fuck. I love it! Okay! But how? If we do that, we'd have to take it to a whole other level. We need costumes to really make it work. And that's just one fantasy. We're gonna need a lot of costumes."

"It was just an idea. I can pick something simpler."

"No. I'm into it. Except that I call dibs on me being Princess Leia and you being Han Solo the day after that."

"Okay. Cool. You don't want me to be Luke Skywalker?"

"No. I like my guys to be a little more rugged and complicated. Besides, she's Luke's sister. Duhhh!"

"Oh. Right. I forgot. Besides, they didn't know that at the time." He blushed, hoping his reaction wouldn't somehow give away what he was doing with his own sister.

She appeared not to notice anything unusual, and continued, "Anyhow, so I've got the problem of not having a bed. If I did, that would present its own set of problems, such as figuring out how to get rid of the cum smell. And I'd look all hot and bothered at the start of fifth-period class. And to top it all off, now I've got to smuggle in and out a nun's habit and a priest's outfit. What if I get caught? That'll be a little bit awkward, to say the least. A teacher bringing sheets and costumes into the classroom? How to explain that? Besides, all these props are gonna cost money."

Alan suggested, "I'll go halfsies with you on the props. I don't get a whole lot of spending money or I'd be more gallant and generous. But you'd pretty much have to buy them because I always have to ask before using the car... If it's too much trouble, we don't have to do this. I love being with you just the same, props or no props."

"No, I want to do this." Not only did she enjoy this role-playing tremendously, she also thought this might give her an edge over some of the other women Alan got sexual with. She didn't want him to come in every day with his penis too sore to use, or worse, see him spend his lunch period with someone else. So they made their plans.

With lunch halfway over, he was in a rush to leave, but as he headed to the door, Glory said to him, "Wait."

She paused, and Alan thought it would be something very important. "You know, young man, that we have a school assembly during the last period of class today, don't you?"

"Yeah? So what?"

"I don't expect you'll actually be going to that, will you?" Her emotions were a mix of mischievousness and apprehension.

Her meaning slowly dawned on him. "You mean, you want me to come back here? I could get in trouble for that."

"Ah. You're such a good kid. Don't worry. I'll give you a pass. I'm the one who's likely to get in trouble. The way we're meeting every day at lunch - we can't continue like that. It's just a matter of time until we get caught. And I'm corrupting you, encouraging delinquency, but I just love it too much. I want a full hour with you for once, instead of just part of a lunch period. I still want to know where you're going for the other half of your lunch period today, by the way."

He ignored that last sentence, instead replying, "Okay. See you in about an hour. Later!" He ran off.


When Alan reached the theater room, Heather let him in with the usual knock and password. But she looked cross.

He looked further into the room and saw Janice and Joy, but they looked upset, too. The three girls were dressed in their usual casual school clothes and they had all been waiting for him.


"You're late," Heather bitched at him.

"Sorry. Geez, what happened here? Did someone die or something?"

There was no answer. Since he needed every minute to paint, he got to work immediately, taking out his painting tools.

The truth was, the tension in the room was extremely high after what had happened the day before. Heather had been sexually cruel to Joy, and Janice had volunteered herself to save Joy from further humiliation.

But thanks to Heather's cruelty, Janice had inadvertently disclosed her sexual feelings for Joy, and had also discovered that Joy did not reciprocate them. Janice blamed everything on Heather and wanted revenge, but in her deal to save Joy from Heather by replacing her, she'd promised instead to obey Heather's commands and not seek revenge.

So the situation was complicated and Alan didn't have much of a clue about it. However, he saw the tension between Heather and Janice right away. Any idiot could see the hatred that radiated from Janice, and that Heather was glaring back just as angrily.

But before he could deal with that, Heather came up to him and said commandingly, "I did what you wanted. Also, Rock is well on the way out. So it's time for you to fuck me. Right now."

Heather was referring to a deal she'd made with Alan the week before. He'd refused to fuck her as long as she pretended not to know him in public. For one thing, he found it insulting, and felt like he was being used. Also, he had ethical problems with cuckolding some other guy, no matter who it was. The fact that the other guy happened to be strong and menacing increased his resolve that the situation had to change. So he told her that not only did she have to acknowledge him publicly, but she also had to dump her boyfriend publicly, and right away. Earlier in the day, knowing what was planned at lunch, she'd finally come up to him in the hallway between classes and spoken to him in a friendly manner. Her doing that had raised a lot of eyebrows.

Heather knew that her status would take a hit to be seen associating with a "lowly nerd" even if she did try to bring her friends around regarding Alan, as she had promised the previous week. However, her desire to get fucked by him had grown so strong, after too many days of him ignoring her need, that she felt like she had no choice in the matter. Now she was claiming her reward.

Alan merely replied, as if completely disinterested. "Oh. That. Good. Don't worry; we'll probably get around to that sometime later."

Heather nearly snapped in two. "What?! Don't worry?! Probably?! Sometime later?! Alan, I could kill you! I've done what you wanted and paid the price. The homecoming queen title is probably shot. The least you can do is fuck me this very instant! It's been a week since the last time already!" She had started out strong, with domineering anger, but her stance was quickly turning to submissive begging.

Alan, though, was having fun stringing her along. He asked, "What about the way I fucked your face yesterday?"

Janice and Joy snickered at that.

Heather shot them an extremely nasty look. Then she said, half-defiant and half-needy, "That was... good. But it's not the same as a real fucking."

He simply looked thoughtful and said, "Hmmm."

"'Hmmm?' Is that all you have to say?! I'm Heather fucking Morgan, dammit! What are you waiting for?"

He didn't say anything at all but just scrutinized her.

She wavered, uncertain about which tack to take. Finally she decided on a more pleading tone: "Please! Is that what you need to hear? Please, already!"

He tried to change the subject. "I'd like to, but not when you're all uptight and upset. There's obviously some kind of bee in your bonnet. We have to sort that out. And you too, Janice."

"GAH!" Heather shook her fist and looked like she wanted to punch him.

Alan turned from one of them to the other and then back again. "Janice, Heather, what's up between you two? If looks could kill, both of you would strike the other one dead instantly."

Standing with her arms crossed in a huff, Heather said in a bitter tone, "Ask Janice what her problem is. She's supposed to be nice to me."


"I don't have a problem," Janice answered. "No problem at all. Everything is fine." But her tone made it clear that everything was most definitely not fine. Her face burned slightly red, though nowhere near as red as her flaming hair.

Alan let it drop. He didn't have the time or energy to step between them at the moment to sort things out, not with more than half the lunch period already over. So he focused his attention on the painting.

When Janice saw that Alan had his painting tools out, she bent over and pulled off her shorts so he could start.

He removed her underwear and noticed with pleasure that she'd shaved the area clean since he'd last seen her, no doubt because it would make the painting job easier.

All of them knew the painting routine by now, so he started without any discussion or need for explanation. However, that meant the room remained deathly quiet, since no one was in a sexy mood.

He decided to fix that. To cover the awkward silence, he asked Heather to turn on a stereo system that was built into the wall behind the stage. When she did, he asked for something rocking and bouncy. Tom Petty came on, and that fit the bill nicely.

He turned Janice over to paint her front side, then asked Joy, "By the way, what are you doing here today? Aren't you all set with your paint job?"

Joy had two reasons for being there, but she didn't want to explain either of them. One was that she wanted to make sure Janice and Heather didn't get into a physical fight, because they'd been sniping in class all day long. The second was that she was hoping Alan would give her the kind of mind-blowing fuck that he'd given her the day before. But with the grim mood in the room, she didn't even try to flirt with him. So she just answered, "I'm all set. I just like sticking by my best friend, Janice."

Alan though, had other ideas. He said, "In a few minutes I'm going to need to paint Janice's pussy lips, and they're as dry as a bone. I need them nice and engorged. For that to happen, we have to sex up the mood around here. Why don't you do a little striptease for us? I know that would get me in the mood."

He thought about his mother's striptease the night before and definitely wanted a repeat performance, even though he knew no cheerleader could hold a candle to his mother's natural raw sexuality, not to mention her incredible figure.

Joy was the shy type, but she also desperately wanted to please Alan so she could get fucked again, even if the time and circumstances meant that would be some other day. So she surprised herself when she said, "Okay."

She wore underwear under her street clothes, since Heather no longer dictated what she had to wear and do. Tom Petty's "Yer So Bad" played in the background, and while it wasn't ideal music to strip to, it was inspiring enough to do the job.

Slowly, Joy started to sway and dance to the music. She wanted to get into the groove a bit before she started to take anything off.

Alan meanwhile pulled down his zipper and exposed his penis. It was flaccid from so much recent overuse, as well as the utter lack of any sexual mood in the room. He said to Janice, "Can you see if you can get this puppy going?"

Heather complained, "Don't waste your time, Janice. He's just going to get you all excited and then leave you high and dry." Obviously she was talking about herself more than Janice.


Janice was happy to give Alan's dick a handjob as a distraction, because the one thing she didn't want to do was see Joy strip. She realized now that she was deeply in love and lust with her best friend, and to see Joy get naked in such a sensual manner would only be torture, since Joy didn't return the feeling.

All she had to do was look up and she would see Joy swaying above her, so instead she tried to focus completely on the handjob.

The two girls had been friends since kindergarten. Janice began to think about all the good times she'd had with Joy over the years and found herself focused on the sleep-overs and other occasions where she'd seen Joy dressed only in underwear, as she was now.

Soon, Janice began to think more of the underwear and less of the fond memories. When she noticed a wet spot developing between Joy's legs, she thought she'd pass out with excitement, but at the same time she cursed herself for her own frustration.

Alan remained flaccid during all of this, mostly because of the continued strange mood in the room.

Janice tried reviving his penis, but she didn't seem to have much luck with the task. It was a bit difficult to do, given that she was facing the other direction and could barely get a hand on it. Furthermore, she had to try to keep her body perfectly still so he could paint, which took up more of her attention the more aroused she became.

Heather, meanwhile, stood back with arms crossed, staring daggers at anyone who dared look her way. Like Joy, she'd come to see if she could get fucked, and also to make sure that the other two, but especially Janice, did not. She was beyond upset that Alan had ignored her so far and had Janice doing the handjob. Normally she would never give a boy a handjob, but she had realized that she needed to throw her usual rules out the window when it came to Alan, especially since she'd gone almost a whole week without him actually fucking her.

She eyed every move of Janice's hands critically, always thinking about how much better she could be doing the job. Occasionally she even snorted in derision when she felt she could be doing something more arousing.

Joy had only managed to take off her shorts. The mood in the room was still very tense, mostly thanks to Heather just standing there and glaring. Alan had to concentrate on the painting instead of fully devoting himself to sexual pleasures.

After a couple of minutes, Heather couldn't take it anymore, so she walked up to where Alan was painting.

As she knelt down, she complained, "Janice, can't you do anything right? Obviously you're not very inspirational. Here. Let me take over." She rather forcibly took command of Alan's boner.

Joy, oblivious to anything but the music, while dancing in her own private world, removed her top. She'd already shed her shyness, so she was quite enjoying the striptease. When she broke into a big smile, the mood in the room lightened instantly.

Alan smiled back. His dick was already swelled to three-quarters of its full size. He hadn't commented on Heather's takeover, but now he just said, "Heather, suck it."


"I'm still not there. Suck on it and you'll make it fully hard." He acted like this was the most normal and natural request imaginable.

Heather had given Alan a blowjob before, and he'd fucked her face too. She grudgingly thought, I have to admit sucking him off wasn't so bad. For one thing, his cum tastes unusually sweet. And when he fucked my face so forcefully yesterday, that was seriously hot! But he's obviously not going to do just that to me today. Besides, it's a power issue: if I don't want to do something, I'm simply not going to do it. Nobody pushes Heather fucking Morgan around! I see no point in any sex act that doesn't give me an orgasm. Furthermore, if Alan's going to cum, he needs to cum in a pussy. A blowjob is just wasting time.

So she said, "Sorry, I don't do that. I'll get it big with my hands. You'll see."

"Sorry," Alan said in a dismissive, domineering tone, "but I seem to recall that last week when you were in my house, you promised that you'd suck me off whenever I wanted. Are you going to break your promise? Is that the kind of girl you are? Because if you are, I think I'd much rather fuck Janice here."

In Heather's current mindset there was nothing more motivating he could possibly have said to get her to do what he wanted. It wasn't that she was keen on keeping her promise, but she intended to deny Janice the pleasure of being fucked by him at all cost. "Okay. Fine," she muttered, wearing an obviously fake smile on her face.

She took his dick in her mouth and sucked on it, but without enthusiasm. She managed to keep it stiff, but that was about all she accomplished. Yet, slowly but surely, she was getting more turned on. She didn't like the current situation, especially with Alan just staying still and expecting her to do all the work. But she thought back fondly to when he'd vigorously fucked her face the day before, and that really got her motor running.

After a minute or two of that, Alan had Janice sit up. He told her he wanted to take her T-shirt off, so she just held her arms out and let him do it without asking why. (There was no real reason except he wanted to see her completely naked.) Then he motioned her back down and had her crouch on all fours.


Once again, Janice had a front row seat for Joy's striptease. Janice again tried to close her eyes, but curiosity got the best of her and they didn't stay closed for long.

With Heather sucking, Joy stripping, and Janice practically drooling at the sight of her best friend, Alan had managed to change the atmosphere in the room quite considerably.

Even though Heather couldn't see the other two girls, there was an erotic mood in the room that kept growing, and she picked up on it. She started to suck with greater vigor, despite herself.

All Alan had left to do with Janice's paint job was the "touch up" work around her pussy and asshole. He knew he had time to finish now, so he plunged his finger into Janice's asshole, as if to "prep" it.

Janice looked up and imagined Joy in front of her, fantasizing that she was about to lick her friend's pussy while Alan fucked her up the ass. Both ideas were so arousing that she came on the spot.

Alan noticed her climax but he continued to saw away with his finger.

Heather thought she was doing a good enough job with the blowjob. But still, she was annoyed and almost at her breaking point. She'd come there to get thoroughly fucked by Alan and instead he was making her perform the sex act she liked the least. The one thing keeping her going and inspiring her to do a good job was the hope that he would soon reward her with a serious pussy pummeling.

So she was shocked when Alan barked at her, "Heather, who said you could wear any clothes? I want to see your tits exposed. NOW!"

She growled, and thought to herself, Who does he think he is?! I could have any guy in this school with a wave of my hand. I'm the queen of this high school, dammit! What do I see in this guy, anyways? Doesn't he know I could completely destroy him socially? Does he have a death wish? Why am I actually listening to him?!

She found her hands pulling her T-shirt up over her boobs. Then she frantically fought with her bra until it came off and fell to the floor.

She shot more icy stares at Alan, even though she'd already engulfed his cockhead again. She didn't dare stop her cocksucking, even for a second.

He found the sight of Heather angrily glaring up at him while bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot to be a huge turn-on. He said grudgingly, "That's a little better. I have to play with your tits, though, because your blowjob is so pathetic. I can hardly even tell you're doing anything down there. Maybe I should get Janice to do it. She may not have tits like yours, but she's no dead fish. Plus, they're all real."

Alan had been astute enough to observe how his earlier comment that he'd rather fuck Janice had lit a fire within Heather, causing her to redouble her efforts. So he'd tried the exact same thing a second time.

It worked again. Heather cursed inwardly, "Dead fish!" Dead fish?! I'll show him a fucking dead fish! And how dare he insult my breasts! I'll show him!

She was so desperate to please him before he made good on his threat to have Janice take over that she tried cocksucking in an entirely different way. She tried to forget her contempt for what she was doing, instead focusing just on the hard cock that filled her mouth. She tried to treat it with tenderness and care. She was surprised by just how much she enjoyed it, mostly because she began to fantasize about all the compliments that Alan would soon be paying her about the great job that she was doing.

To hedge her bets and make sure he was really feeling good, she thoroughly wetted her middle finger in her pussy, then plunged it into his asshole to get to his prostate. She didn't even care if he was clean or dirty there; she had sex on the brain and was ready to do anything and everything to get what she needed.


Heather surprised herself at just how enthusiastically she bobbed her head up and down over his shaft. Her head was a near blur of action now, and one of her hands stroked near the base of his penis just as frantically. The finger probing his asshole found his prostate and massaged it expertly. Her body seemed to act on its own while her mind just looked on as if it were an observer.

Alan still made a pretense at painting, though he did a lot more sawing of his finger into Janice's ass than any painting. It was a tribute to the countless times he'd been sucked off in recent weeks that he could even keep up a pretense of painting, given the full-on attack that Heather was unleashing on his privates.

Playing Heather like a fiddle, he said in a calm voice, even though his insides were churning with erotic torment and excitement, "That's a little better, Heather. I'm beginning to feel you do something down there."

Heather mentally screamed with joy, YES! Take THAT, Janice, you ugly skank! At the same time, she was incredulous that he was only "beginning" to feel her ministrations, so she redoubled her cocksucking efforts yet again.

Alan only had Janice's pussy lips left to paint, but he was having too much fun to fully concentrate on that. He told the redhead, "You're not wet enough yet."

So, with Janice's ass high off the floor, he thrust two fingers into her pussy and began to grind them around.

Janice's eyes were now locked on Joy's naked figure.

Joy was very much enjoying herself. Since Janice was her most rapt observer, she mostly danced for the benefit of her best friend.

Janice was both loving and hating the situation.

When Joy ran out of clothes, she kept on dancing.

Janice thought her eyes would bug right out. With Alan's fingers pounding into her pussy, she felt like crying, because she felt so good and so tortured all at once.


Then Joy, now just a few feet in front of her friend, began to finger her own pussy.

Janice thought she would lose it altogether.

Joy would have been blind not to see the expression of pure lust and desire on her best friend, but that didn't stop her at all. Even though she didn't feel a reciprocal desire, she loved the attention she was getting and she was way too worked up to stop.


Alan decided that it was time for some serious fucking. He suddenly announced, "Okay, Heather, since your cocksucking needs work, I'm going to have to do something else to get off. Get your cunt over here. It needs some solid pounding."

Heather was upset at how he'd dissed her hard blowjob work, but that was more than made up for by what else he'd just said. She pulled her shirt all the way off, leaving her completely naked. Then she wordlessly turned around and raised her ass so he could slip it in doggy style as he continued to frig Janice's ass and pussy while watching Joy's continuing show. Heather's face was glowing with pride that he'd chosen her to fuck, rather than one of the other two cheerleaders.

He said to the blonde bombshell, "Do you know what happens when I put my cock in your mouth, cunt, or ass?"


"You stop being Heather the stuck-up bitch and you start being Heather the willing and submissive slut. Isn't that so?"

Her first inclination was to cut him down for calling her a slut. But his penis was so close... She mumbled something inaudible.

"I can't hear you," he prodded.

"Alan, cut the crap already."

He responded by rubbing his erection back and forth along her pussy lips.

She made a futile effort to thrust back and catch it with her pussy.

He just kept rubbing it around, over and over. In reality, less than a minute had passed, but to Heather it seemed like years because her need was so great.

"I can't hear you," he prodded again.

Finally she gave in. "Yes!"

But he just kept rubbing around the outside. "Yes what?"

She started to say "Alan" like she was making a threat. However, she couldn't go through with it; she needed his cock too much. So in a flat, defeated voice, she said, "Yes, I'm a slut. Happy?"

She gasped as his boner dove deep into her hole. Her eyes bugged out and she gasped for air. She couldn't believe how good it felt. (She didn't realize that it was the humiliation that was turning her on at least as much as the actual physical penetration.)

Alan said calmly as he pushed all the way in, "That's 'yes, sir' to you."

"Yes, sir."

He pulled back and then stroked back in. "Now, tell me, Heather, what am I fucking right now?"

"You're fucking a wanton slut, sir." Deep down she loved it when he called her names, so she no longer tried to fight the abusive language.

"Well, that certainly is true," he said sincerely, since if anyone in his high school qualified as a slut, it was Heather. But then, even more aggressively, he said, "I'm looking for a cum dump. Where can I find a cum dumpster around here?"

"Look down, sir," Heather answered breathlessly between gasps for air as Alan relentlessly speared her tight, blonde pussy with his cock. "Don't look at Joy. Your cum dumpster is down here. Sir."

As though to punctuate her point, she rotated her hips, which made Alan's invading monster barely tap her G-spot for a second. That caused them both to shiver excitedly.

"Oh," Alan replied as he quickly regained control. "Is that the thing I have my dick stuck in? I was wondering what this insignificant hole was. It seems to talk, funnily enough. Can you talk, or are you just a mindless fuck hole?"

Heather was puzzled as to how he wanted her to answer. She responded, "I'm just a mindless fuck hole, but somehow I'm able to talk. I guess I need to say a few words sometimes, so I can tell men how badly I need to get fucked. Sir."

Spurred on and inspired by the demeaning talk, the head cheerleader slammed her hips backwards and impaled herself deeper on the stiff boner, an action that caused her buttocks to slap loudly against his thighs.

He laughed. "Excellent answer, slut. You even remembered to say 'sir.' How is it that a blonde airhead like you can string together two sentences like that?"

"I don't know, sir. I'm not used to talking since my mouth is usually full of cock. Sir."

"Wow. You're really good at this talking thing, considering you're just a pussy life support system."

"Yes, sir!" she said with obvious enthusiasm.

But then she remembered that they weren't the only ones in the room. She looked over at Janice and Joy and saw them staring back with their mouths agape. "What the hell are you staring at?" she barked angrily.

"What are they staring at?" Alan prodded again.

Heather was torn between saying something to keep some dignity in front of her fellow cheerleaders or saying the kind of thing that she knew Alan wanted to hear and that turned her on. She grudgingly said, "Your personal cum dump, sir."

She closed her eyes and tried not to think about Janice and Joy being there, but the fact that they were just aroused her still further.


Alan continued this banter as he fucked the beautiful teen.

They swapped positions and Heather sat on top of him so the two of them could fully concentrate on their fucking as they rose towards mutual climaxes. But he explained the move by saying, "Prove to me that you're a worthy slut."

Alan took the time to congratulate himself. Mere minutes earlier, the room had been so chilly with ill feeling that it seemed to be well below freezing. Now everyone was naked and thoroughly enjoying themselves, though he didn't realize how much of Janice's enjoyment of Joy's striptease was painfully bittersweet.

Heather was in her element at least in one respect: she loved to fuck. Being on top, she relished the feeling of control it gave her. She was in charge of the pace and she knew exactly what she wanted. She repeatedly lifted her hips and then carefully brought her whole body crashing down, impaling herself deeply again and again on his stiffness. Her long blonde ponytail flew around like a whip and her large breasts wobbled in every direction. She loved every second of it.

Unfortunately, just as Heather and Alan began to assault each other with well-timed thrusts to build up to something great, the alarm clock went off that she'd set to make sure they wouldn't be late for their next classes.

Alan stopped his fucking and muttered, "Damn lunches. Never long enough." It had taken him ten minutes before he'd started fucking and he'd arrived in the room with only twenty minutes left of the lunch period, so he figured that he'd been ramming the bitchy blonde for less than ten minutes.

He had intended to keep going, class be damned, but the interruption made him think about where he would be cumming and he remembered that he wasn't wearing a condom. He mentally kicked himself for forgetting about condoms yet again. It was an especially foolish mistake with Heather, as he didn't trust that she was really clean.

To be on the safe side, he grabbed her roughly by the hair and said, "Get down, bitch. You're going to take it in the mouth."

She moaned, "NooooOOOOOO! You promised! What about our deal?! You have to fill my hole to the brim with your seed or it's just not the same. And you were really doing me bareback, too. You could have sprayed me real good."

But even as she was saying this, she dutifully lifted herself off his dick, scooted down his legs and put his thick erection, completely drenched with her own juices, back into her mouth.

Alan barked, "Are you questioning me, bitch?" But it wasn't really necessary.

She shook her head 'No' while sucking on his cock as if she needed to coax the cum out of him more than she'd ever needed anything in her life. She looked up into his eyes with an expression of complete adoration. For some reason, the more he ordered her around and denied her wishes, the more she lusted for him.

Within seconds of feeling her tongue dance on the sensitive underside of his hard-on, he let his load go. He grabbed her long blonde ponytail and started jerking his hips into her face.

Heather was inexperienced at cocksucking, but she seemed to try to swallow as much as she could. She was outraged and incredulous at her own behavior, but she couldn't seem to stop greedily drinking his thick seed. Alan had gotten her so worked up with his demeaning talking and talented fucking that by this point that she would have agreed to just about anything.

Alan looked down and saw Heather guzzling his ropes of cum as they blasted straight into the back of her mouth. He was very pleased, and let his "Bad Alan" feelings surge. He thought, She's tried it before but she's never admitted that she likes it. She has to like it, since everyone else does. Once I've got her hooked on my seed, I'll never hear her refusing to suck my cock again.

He was at least partially right. As the squirts of his cum finally trailed off, Heather took stock of what had just happened. I feel tricked. How did he get me to do that?! Cocksucking?! Ugh! But what's strange is that... Huh... Very strange.


She swirled some residual cum around her mouth as if tasting a fine wine. It doesn't taste too bad... In fact, it's damn delicious! I keep trying to deny that, but it's hopeless.

God, I love it! Hell, I'm almost upset that he forcefully pumped most of it straight down the back of my throat, 'cos there's not much left to savor. But I'm not going to let him turn me into a habitual cocksucker.

Real honest-to-God fucking is what it's all about. If I keep pretending not to like cocksucking, hopefully he'll get the message eventually and fuck me properly more often.

Alan looked around. Joy was sitting up on her knees, seemingly content to fuck herself endlessly. Furthermore, she was doing it only a couple of feet in front of a literally drooling and shaking Janice.

It occurred to him that he'd gotten so caught up in fucking that he'd forgotten to paint Janice's pussy lips. Now Janice was too wet and too aroused; to paint her would be like hitting a moving target. Oh well. That's what tomorrow is for. I'm sure I'll be wanted back for some more painting... and whatnot. Hopefully a lot of "whatnot." He grinned an evil grin.

The aftermath of Alan's climax was strange and awkward. A painful silence once again descended, though luckily a song from Tom Petty's greatest hits - "Mary Jane's Last Dance" - still played in the background. Janice and Heather once again avoided even looking at each other.

Heather generally avoided looking in Alan's direction, but when he caught her eye she appeared sullen. She wanted to hate him because of how he'd jerked her around and demeaned her, especially in front of the other two cheerleaders. But at the same time she was afraid that if she opened her mouth, she'd only beg for more.

More awkwardly, Janice now blushed profusely when Joy came near her and tried to be friendly. Eventually Joy pulled the still shaking Janice up and helped steady her. Janice thrilled at the touch, and she deliberately leaned all over her best friend as though too weak to stand, even as she wondered how she'd be able to interact platonically with Joy ever again. She at least managed to resist any overt groping of her friend.

Alan didn't get to find out how things developed after that, because he finished dressing first and rushed off to class.

Later, in the next period, Alan zoned out as his teacher droned on. He thought about his experience with the cheerleaders at lunch. His perspective on that had changed after the post-orgasmic come-down.

He thought, You know, I'm turning into a real asshole. I'm getting bossy and full of myself. Jesus H. Christ! Who was that arrogant jerk and when did he take over my body? How do I get him out? The way I treated Heather was ridiculous! True, it was just playing around, and she likes it that way, but really! "Cum dumpster"? "Pussy life support system"? Dang! Just a couple of weeks ago I never would have said that kind of thing to anyone. Is it really just sexy playing around, or is that the real me coming out?

If it is, I don't like me. I don't want to be an arrogant asshole, snapping my fingers and saying "Lick it, baby. You know you'll love it." I have to fight this! Heather seems to bring out the worst in me, but we have such great sex together. Most of these women are attracted to me because I'm a nice guy. But at the same time, they want me to act like an aggressive sexual brute when things get hot and heavy. I don't get it.

The way I keep thinking about how Heather will learn to love my cum seems typical of my arrogant attitude. But the problem is, it's true. There is something special about the taste of my cum. I'm sure that the other times she's given a blowjob she wanted to wash her mouth out right away, but I noticed she was in no hurry to do that today. Heck, it looked like she was savoring it this time.

In addition, it seems the way I fuck makes women melt. And when I act like all rude and aggressive with Heather, it's so cathartic. I can let all my pent-up frustrations out, especially my lack of fucking at home. And I'm always holding my tongue, not calling anyone things like slut or bitch, and that all comes tumbling out with Heather, too. She loves it. But that doesn't make the way I'm behaving right.

What am I supposed to do? I'm only fucking eighteen years old, for Christ's sake! No one prepared me for this. I have no idea what this all means or how to deal with it! Where's the after-school special class on how to treat your harem? Seriously! I'm sitting here in the middle of this fucking insanely boring class, and I look just like any other average student on the outside, but in reality I secretly have what amounts to a harem. And I'm turning into some kind of cruel sultan slave owner or something.

Not only that, but I'm losing touch with reality. This class just seems unreal; just an annoying diversion until I have my face buried in my mom's tits again. I was going to tell my friends that Amy is now my girlfriend, but my social life is such a disaster, I don't even know when I'll see them again outside of saying 'Hi' between classes? I'm going to be a complete failure in life unless I can get a job as a gigolo or something.

He thought with grim humor, I wonder if there are any paying jobs involving having your dick sucked all day long.

I really need some advice. Acting all bossy gets my dick hard. Hearing Heather say "Yes, sir!" so obediently gets me even harder. Just thinking that I have a harem is giving me a woody right now, especially when I think of the likes of Mom and Sis naked at my feet, waiting to serve me.

They're so willing. So busty. So big and tall. So flawless. So beautiful. Christ! We're talking about some of the most beautiful women on the planet! I'm only human. I think I'm doing pretty well, considering how some people might have acted in my shoes. Aren't I? I don't know.

This is like the story of Job, except in reverse, where everything is going right instead of wrong. But it's turning into a curse just the same. You know what? It's kind of like that Twilight Zone episode where the guy thinks he's died and gone to Heaven 'cos he gets everything he wants, but in the end it turns out he's in Hell.

Well, okay, it's not THAT bad, not even close. But I feel a touch of that curse of getting what you wish for.

I have to talk to Aunt Suzy soon. Luckily she's got lots of wisdom and experience. She'll be able to help, if anyone can. Thank God for her. As much as I love my mom and sister, they certainly can't help me with some things. I don't even think I could have a really long talk with them anymore unless I allow them to suck my cock at the same time. JESUS! This is so good, but so fucked up.


Before Alan could get home to talk to Suzanne, it was time for his secret meeting with Glory during the school assembly. While his attitudes about sex were changing drastically, he'd never ditched class before and felt surprisingly guilty about skipping out on the assembly, even though he knew it was a complete waste of time.

He thought ruefully, Odd how I'm more bothered by that than the fact that I'm fucking my sister. Things are so skewed. They should just lock me up in a small cage and tour me around as a circus freak. "Come see the teenage incest monster!"

When he arrived in Glory's room, after using his hall pass, he looked at her happy smile and considered telling her about his problem with the cheerleaders. Look at Glory. She's so smart and wise. She's probably as smart as Aunt Suzy. The problem is, she's so moral. She still thinks I'm a normal guy. She probably figures, yes, he's playing around with Suzanne Pestridge and Kim Fields and a couple of other girls, but that's the extent of it.

If she only knew the depths of my depravity! It would blow her mind if I told her what I was doing to my sister and mother. Incest. I love the deed but I hate the word. I don't really connect the act and the word together; I don't really think of it like that. But she certainly would.

Even if I merely tell her what I did with the cheerleaders during lunch, her opinion of me is going to go completely to hell. I can't even hint about it, because once she's on the case she'd tease the rest out of me. And I DEFINITELY can't let her know anything about what I'm doing with Heather. Dang. I really could use her advice, too... Or someone's.

While Alan felt introspective and glum, Glory was in a completely different mood. There was a very devilish twinkle in her eye.

After they kissed briefly, she grinned broadly and said, "I have something special planned today, since we have this extra, extended opportunity. Lately we've mostly been playing out your fantasies, which is fine. It's been loads of fun. But today I want you to act out my fantasy. Are you okay with that?"

Alan thought about it. That's fair. Everyone's been serving me, pleasing me, following my whim. I need to be more giving and sensitive to other people's needs. This is a perfect first step to turning over a new leaf, getting more humble. "Sure, Glory. That sounds like a great idea. I'm happy to do whatever you want."

She gave him a surprisingly naughty smile. "I'm very glad to hear that. Are you absolutely sure? Anything?"

Alan thought, Uh-oh. She's going to make me do something really weird; I can tell. But he concluded that he owed her the opportunity. "Yes. Absolutely. Anything."

"Good. We're going to role-play again, but I can't say what, exactly. Just follow my orders. And keep in mind that, for the purposes of this drama, you've been a very bad student."

"Yes, ma'am."

Alan sat in his usual front-row seat and thought, You don't need to add the "for the purposes of this drama" part. I totally failed my second-period test today. I didn't even study because I was so spaced out that I didn't even catch it when the test was announced. Duh.


Glory pretended to lead the class as she always did while ignoring the fact that Alan was the only student there. She started to ask him questions that in fact were from her real history lesson earlier in the day.

But while Alan knew some of the answers, he pretended total cluelessness and deliberately got them all wrong. He could tell from her subtle signals that this was the "bad student" response she wanted, even as outwardly she grew more and more annoyed at him.

After a few minutes of rapid-fire questions, she said, "Young man... Alan Plummer, I'm talking to you! Are you even paying attention? Come up here this instant! I've had it up to here with your attitude."

He walked up to her while acting blissfully arrogant.

She said to the imaginary class, "Now I'm sure all of you have heard about the new law that the state legislature just passed, reinstating some traditional, though controversial, punishment methods. Since this young man here is acting so incorrigible, he's going to be the first to experience our new disciplinary techniques." She pulled a ruler out of her drawer and started to slap it into her free hand.

Alan thought, Oh God. Here it comes. A spanking. I should have known. She seemed to get off on that the first time she spanked me. In fact, that's the only time I've ever been spanked. I gotta admit it was pretty arousing, and after what I did earlier at lunch I actually feel it's deserved. I feel so shitty and guilty that I want to be punished. So go ahead and spank me, Glory. Give it all you've got.

But he just stood there stupidly, as that was the role he figured she wanted him to play.

"Young man," she barked, "I want you to drop your shorts right now and bend over my desk. That's right. You're going to get a spanking. One slap for every wrong answer you gave, just as the new law stipulates for particularly troublesome students."

He pretended to be both embarrassed and frightened. "But Ms. Rhymer! You can't expect me to stand here in my underwear in front of all my classmates! That's worse than any spanking you could give!"

"I don't expect you to stand in your underwear. I expect you to drop it all. Strip from the waist down. NOW!" She struck her desk hard with the ruler. The sharp sound reverberated around the room.

"But teacher! Then everyone will see my... my everything! I'll be the laughing stock of the school!"

She smiled wickedly. "Yes. That's right. But that's excellent motivation for all of you to study harder next time, isn't it? Who here wants to be in Alan's shoes next time?"

Alan was surprised at this side of her; a side he'd never seen before except the first time she'd spanked him.

She looked out over the "class" very convincingly, even though the room was empty.

Alan could easily imagine a classroom full of students absolutely frightened out of their gourds.

Then she hit the desk again with the ruler while shouting menacingly, "Now, drop 'em!"

Alan closed his eyes and imagined the class staring at him as he slowly pulled his shorts and under-shorts down. Even though he knew there was no one else in the room, he had started to get into the role-play, so with his eyes closed it all seemed real. He felt relieved that at least his back was turned, so "they" could only see his butt.

What happened next, though, was a surprise. He felt Glory's hands in his hair.

She said, "Don't be alarmed. I'm putting a blindfold on you, just as the new law requires."

Sure enough, she covered his eyes with a cloth that completely blocked out all light. He found himself getting a bit scared as he adjusted to the loss of sight. I thought Glory was very moral and straight-laced, but does she also have a hidden depraved side? Just what is she going to do to me?!

His fears doubled when she next tied his hands behind his back with a rope and again explained that it was part of the imaginary new law. Then she put a gag in his mouth and yet again invoked the law.

He realized, Rope. Gag. Blindfold. This is not some spur of the moment thing. She's been planning this for some time. This must be some long-held teacher fantasy. Just how far is this going to go?!

With his blindfold on and his hands securely tied, she grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him to face the imaginary class.

Alan reflexively tried to cover his crotch with his hands. His fear level shot up still further when he realized that he couldn't cover up to save his life. He felt his ears and cheeks burn with embarrassment as he imagined the class staring at his genitals and laughing.

Glory was thinking along similar lines. She said to her imaginary crowd, "What are you all laughing and pointing at? Haven't you ever seen one of these before?" She reached down and cupped his balls with one hand while holding his dick with the other. He'd been flaccid, but he shot to full hardness within seconds.

In her fantasy she said to the class, "I wouldn't be laughing if I were you, especially you guys. Looks to me like his package is nothing to laugh at. Look at that thing grow. If I were Alan here, I'd be proud instead of ashamed. I wonder how many of you boys out there have a penis this long and thick?"

She went on, "That's right. You're not laughing now. Too bad you can't see, Alan, because I think you're going to get a lot of offers for dates from the ladies in this class after today. Look at the way Jody is licking her lips. That's very unseemly, young lady. And Andrea, stop salivating at the sight of Alan's huge hard cock or I'll have to hide it from view. Let's focus here."

Alan felt pride at Glory's compliments and imagined the school buzzing with talk and rumor about just how big his package was. His nervousness came down a couple of notches. Then Glory started to masturbate him, causing his arousal to spike. He could feel the eyes of all his classmates on him, as if they were really there and staring in shock.

She said to her imaginary audience as she stroked, "Now, don't get the wrong idea. I certainly don't want to be doing this, but it's what the new law requires. Some new thinking about associating pain and pleasure together for a more effective punishment. I don't understand it all, but this is what I'm supposed to do. ... Yes, Becky?"

Alan imagined his classmate Becky raising her hand and Glory calling on her. Becky was one of the most beautiful girls in the class, though she couldn't compare with a truly outstanding beauty such as Glory.

Glory continued, "What's that, Becky? You say that you'll volunteer to stroke it? Well, that's very thoughtful, but this is really my duty as teacher. Perhaps later, if my hands get tired. ... Yes, Andrea, I'll consider you too, though you'd have a better chance if you got more A's on your tests." She sighed as if annoyed at all the pestering girls.

"Now, let's see. Alan, I'm going to lead you over to this chair here. You're going to lay down on it, stomach down, ass high." So she helped Alan lay down.

He found he was stretched over two chairs. His butt made a 90-degree angle and his knees rested on the cold tile floor.

He heard the smack of the ruler against what he assumed to be her hand.

She started lecturing, "Now, I'm sorry, young man, but you have to realize that this is for your own good. I don't want to be doing this, but the new law is based on the latest research, and studies show-"

He didn't pay full attention; as she continued to talk his mind drifted. He thought, This is so strangely appropriate. I really deserve this. I've been a right bastard towards women lately and now a woman is giving me my comeuppance. Even though this is Glory's fantasy, maybe it will serve to correct my attitude. It would be more of a punishment though, if she wasn't fondling my dick so vigorously the whole time.

She continued to lecture (and fondle), but in mid-sentence, without any warning, Alan heard a whoosh through the air and then a loud smack on his upturned ass. He was somewhat surprised to realize just how hard she'd hit him with the ruler. Although they were pretending in this drama, this was no pretend spanking.

Glory brought the ruler down again and again. He truly was in pain, though the continued fondling of his full erection certainly compensated somewhat. He could hear her breathing quite heavily and imagined that she was getting aroused.

After the fifth swat he heard her say, "Now, class, unfortunately I'm not the one who made the new law. The law clearly states that after the fifth spanking the administrator of the punishment must take her dress off and fondle herself. I certainly don't want to expose myself to you all - this is really embarrassing - but I'm told I could be in serious trouble if I don't follow the regulations to the letter. ... That's right. Get your jollies out now looking at me, but it's really no big deal. You're going to be seeing me naked quite a lot now that this new punishment system is in place."


Alan didn't know he could get more aroused by a spanking, but the idea that she was naked and fondling herself took him to another level. When she brought down the ruler for the sixth and seventh times, he almost found himself ready to beg for more. Almost, but not really, because it did hurt intensely.

He recalled that the "new law" required one spanking for every question answered incorrectly and figured he'd gotten about ten questions wrong. So he figured his punishment would soon be over.

The situation was so strange that he thought he could handle anything she could dish out. But he could never have imagined what happened next. To his utter horror, he heard the sound of someone knocking on the door. It was a most insistent pounding.

Glory stepped out of her role and whispered into Alan's ear, "Oh shit! What the hell?! Don't worry, I'll take care of this. Sit tight. I don't have time to get you out of your get-up here. I've gotta put some clothes on. Just hang in there." She squeezed his dick the way lovers squeeze hands for assurance, and then let go of it.

Alan fidgeted nervously as he waited to hear who it was. Fuck. What if it's someone like the principal, or even some janitor? I'll be so royally fucked! Not only will Glory be fired, but it'll probably make the newspapers. I'll be the laughingstock of the whole school! The whole fucking town!

He heard the door open, which surprised the hell out of him. Did she open it just a crack? Otherwise, someone really is looking at my upturned butt!

Then he heard Glory say, "Yes? Can I help you?"

"Sorry to bother you, Ms. Rhymer, but I left my books in here. I was wondering if I could come in and pick them up?"

Alan tried to place the voice, but he couldn't. He guessed it was from a female student. That in and of itself was quite a relief.

Glory replied, "Oh, hi Michelle. I'm kind of involved in something right now and I'd rather you don't come in. You just tell me where you put them and I can get them for you. But in any case, shouldn't you be at the assembly?"

Michelle replied, "I should be, but I was so worried that someone would steal my books that I sneaked back here to get them. I have so many personal notes in there!"

"I understand. Just a second."

Alan heard a long pause and wondered what was happening. Then, to his surprise, he heard Glory say in a different tone of voice, "Just a minute. Michelle, I remember last month when you came to me and confessed that you had a deep crush on Alan Plummer and asked my advice. Isn't that right?"

"Oh, teach, why do you have to bring that up? That's so embarrassing."

"Did you ever ask him out?"

"Are you kidding? All the best-looking girls beat me to the punch. Everyone started asking him out once he began acting so confident and sexy, but he's turned them down left and right. I was too shy. Frankly, even though there are rumors of him, well, being with one or two of the cheerleaders, there are other rumors that he doesn't like girls at all."

Alan was shocked at that last comment, and very displeased. He also felt extremely helpless, realizing that if Glory opened the door wide, this girl would see him tied up, blindfolded, and with a red, exposed ass. He wasn't religious, but he fervently prayed she'd go away quickly.

Glory asked, "I can assure you he likes girls. Even though he turned those others down, you should still ask him out. You told me you had a thing for him even before his transformation from nerd to mystery man. You're one of the most beautiful girls in the whole school. I can't imagine any guy who wouldn't fall head over heels for you, if only for your buxom chest."

Alan frantically scanned his memories, trying to remember a buxom, beautiful Michelle. There were many Michelles in the school; in fact there were three in the class he had that was taught by Glory. But he knew it wasn't any of them, since he didn't recognize the voice. He ended up drawing a complete blank. Because he was a tit man he knew just about every buxom girl in the school by sight, but he realized he knew few names of any students in the other grades, even if they were pretty girls. It was a big high school.

"Oh, you're just saying that, Ms. Rhymer," he heard Michelle say. He could practically hear her blush.

"No, it's true. You know, I have to confess, Alan and I are very close. He confides in me. He told me that he quite fancies you."

"What?" Alan heard Michelle squeal happily. "Really? I don't believe it!"

Alan thought, Now I'm really puzzled. Certainly Glory knows that's not true. I don't know this Michelle from Eve, much less fancy her! Maybe she's just trying to boost this girl's ego? I hope she's still got the door opened only a crack!

Glory continued, "It's completely true. As a matter of fact, let me come completely clean. Michelle, since I've known you for years and you're one of my closest students, I have a confession to make. Alan and I are actually romantically involved."

Alan was so shocked that he felt like he was having a brain aneurysm. He wanted to scream, "NO! SHUT UP!" but he couldn't make a peep. Even if he hadn't been gagged, he wouldn't have made a sound for fear of being found out by Michelle.

Glory went on, "He's going to kill me for telling you that, but it seems like such a perfect opportunity that I just can't let it pass. You remember how you told me you have a thing for spanking people?"

"Ms. Rhymer! You're embarrassing me!"

"Sorry. It's just that it's all too perfect. You have a thing for Alan, and you have a thing for spanking, and he fancies you. That's why you have to promise to be calm with what I tell you next. ... Alan is in the room with me. In fact, I was spanking him right when you came in."

Alan heard another squeal. He truly thought he would faint, but he somehow managed not to. His heart pounded wildly as he feared what would happen next. He had a good idea of what was coming, which was almost scaring him shitless.

Glory said, "The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm thinking this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. Would you like to spank him?"

"Alan? Me? Ohmigod! Ohmigod! It would be like a dream come true! He's so handsome. Oh, and his cute but manly face and perfect ass! I could just eat him all up! You can't be serious. This is all some kind of joke, isn't it?"

"Why do you think I've been keeping this door opened only a crack? I'm very serious. If you promise to stay calm and keep this a complete secret, I'm prepared to open the door and show you Alan. But you have to SWEAR never to tell a soul!"

Alan squirmed. He wanted to get up and somehow get Glory to shut up, or at least close the door. He wished he could cry out, "Traitor!" But he couldn't get up or even speak. He was trembling so badly that he couldn't have stood up even if he hadn't been tied up and blindfolded.

"I promise! Oh, I promise! I can't believe it! Ohmigod!"

"Keep it down. Now, get ready for a shock. The reason you haven't heard from Alan is because he has a gag in his mouth. He's also tied up and wearing a blindfold. He's not wearing any underwear, either. When I open this door, you're going to see his butt. Do you think you can handle that?"

"Oh yes! This is so exciting! I still can't believe it!"

"Believe it."

Alan heard the sound of the door opening. The creaking of the door was the most frightening thing he had ever heard in his life.


"Oh. My. God." Michelle was obviously flabbergasted.

He heard the sound of the door closing. Then he heard Glory say, "Do you believe it now?"

"Ms. Rhymer! No way! Wait till I tell... Oh damn. I can't tell anyone. Shit!"

"Let's put it this way. If you tell anyone, you won't get a repeat performance. But if you're silent, who knows what might happen? Now let's go over to Alan and see how he's doing."

Glory walked over to Alan and removed his gag.

Alan was so stunned that he didn't know what to say, now that he could finally talk. After a long pause, he said, "Glory. What the HELL?!"

She giggled, then whispered in his ear, "I'm so sorry. I promise I'll make it up to you. But I felt like this was some kind of harmonic convergence. Her telling me she liked spanking - no one's ever told me that before. And you bent over like this. What are the odds? A million to one. It just had to be. Not only that, but she really has the hots for you and she's amazingly hot. Believe me, by the time this is over, you're going to be so glad I did this; you're going to be thanking me for a long time."

Alan whispered back, "But Glory, I just can't handle it. I know I'm only eighteen, but I swear to God I'm going to have a heart attack. If I don't, at the very least I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I'm scared shitless!"

To his surprise, she put the gag back in his mouth. He suddenly wanted to demand that she untie him and take the blindfold off, but it was too late.

Then she apparently went back to Michelle. He heard her say out loud, "Michelle, he's very frightened. Understandably so. Let me take charge here. Don't do anything unless I tell you to. Don't say anything except for 'yes' when you're spoken to. You think you can handle that?"


"Very good. Just like that. Now we need to calm him down. Like I said, I'm romantically involved with him. What I'm going to do next may seem shocking, but I'm afraid it's the only way to calm him down. I'm going to fondle his penis for a bit. Can you handle that?"


"Good. You just sit there."

The next thing Alan knew, he felt Glory's hands on his boner. Soon she began giving him a most enthusiastic handjob.

Alan had experienced more handjobs and blowjobs in recent weeks than he could possibly count, but this one was possibly the most emotionally intense. He felt like his whole body was literally on fire, and it seemed like his cock was well and truly burning. Not being able to see heightened his other senses to a surprising degree.

Yet Glory was right. He did find himself calming down, thanks to the movements of her hands. He tried to ignore the humiliation and forget completely that Michelle was there. He focused all his thoughts on Glory and how good she was making him feel.

Then, without warning, her hands disappeared and he felt her tongue on his shaft. That was strange, because he was lying face down with his cock hanging straight down. He realized she had to be underneath him, lying on the floor or perhaps with her head on some kind of stool, in order to get her mouth around his hard-on.

It felt so amazingly good that he nearly forgot completely about Michelle. But every now and then he would realize with a start that he was being watched by a total stranger. Those realizations would hit him like a jolt, causing his whole body to tense up, which prevented him from relaxing completely and losing his fear.

Glory gently massaged his balls with one hand. When she felt his scrotum tighten, she vacated her position. He assumed that she wouldn't want him to shoot cum all over the floor, so he used his PC muscle control to hold off an orgasm.

She stood up and said, "I hope you didn't mind that, Michelle. It seems he's doing much better. Once Alan gets to know you better, I'm sure he'd like you to do that too. Would you like to suck him off?"

"Yes, please."

"I knew you would. Even better, would you like to spank him right now?"

"Yes, please."

"Excellent. The only thing I ask is that you get naked first. Believe you me, I'm certainly not into girls. It's just that's how we do things around here. I was naked when I was spanking him before you came in. Do you want to get naked?"


"Good. I'll do that too."

Alan waited a while and listened to the sound of women's clothes as they fell to the floor, piece by piece.

He thought, This is truly unreal. Glory's right. The odds of this happening are a million to one. Actually, now that I think about it, there have been so many things happening to me recently that have a million to one odds. Billions to one, maybe. No one has this kind of luck. It's simply not possible. There must be some kind of magic.

Oh my God! I just had a thought. What if someone around here has magical powers and is toying with me? It has to be something like that. Except that I don't believe in magic. There's no God, either. Maybe more realistically, what if Glory is the one who set this whole spanking thing up? What if she and Michelle arranged all of this in advance? It has to be!

But just as he reached this conclusion, his thoughts were interrupted by a loud, painful swat. He figured that Michelle must be spanking him now. She spanked just as hard or harder than Glory. His shame burned anew. He squeezed his eyes closed beneath the blindfold while wishing he could just crawl into a hole and die.

After Michelle's second spank, Glory said, "Michelle, it's a bit tough on Alan to be spanked like that. We try to sweeten the pot a bit by stroking his penis between the spankings. Usually the spanker does it. Normally I wouldn't be so bold as to ask you, but since you're already fondling yourself, just like I am, I figured you'd be game. I could do it, or you could do it. Do you want to do it?"

"Yes, please."

Alan felt hands on his cock again. They were colder this time, but they still felt fantastic. Michelle apparently just wanted to fondle him for a while. Then one hand disappeared and he felt another spank come crashing down.

He felt like his brain was going to explode. He was on the verge of ejaculating and his ass was on fire. He couldn't take it anymore. He had to know what was going on. He yelled into his gag. Although he couldn't say anything coherent, he hoped Glory would hear his cries and remove the gag.

Thankfully, she did just that.

As soon as he could, he ordered, "Take the blindfold off! NOW!"

She took that off too and came around in front of him.

He was nearly blinded by the light after having his eyes in pitch darkness for so long. He saw a vague shape he guessed to be Glory and then he had to close his eyes again.

He asked urgently, "What the hell is going on? Just what is happening? This is all a scam, isn't it? This is some kind of trick!"

Glory chuckled and then said, "Damn. You found me out, after all."


Alan was so surprised by that that he opened his eyes again and tried to look at her face. He looked down and saw that, indeed, she was completely naked, except for her black stockings. As his eyes focused he realized she was also very happy and laughing.

She appeared to be oblivious to how much he'd suffered, but she started to get some sense from the anger and anguish in his face. It was extremely rare for him to be truly angry.

She said, "That was the most fun I ever had. I'm really sorry I tricked you. I promise I'll make it up to you, and I'm not lying about that. I'll do anything. I just hope you'll forgive me."

"Please untie my hands," he requested.

She quickly did so.

He was finally able to get up. As he stood and stretched his legs, he asked, "Where's Michelle? Michelle, I'm really sorry that-"

He looked around the room and did a double-take. Then a triple take. There was no one else in the room but him and Glory. He asked, dumbly, "Glory, where did Michelle go? Is she hiding somewhere? In the closet?"

He started to walk towards the closet.

But Glory stopped him. "Wait."

He froze.

She continued, with puzzlement in her voice, "I thought you knew. There is no Michelle. It was just me the whole time."

Alan again felt like his head would simply explode. He nearly fainted from sheer amazement. He had to sit down. He was still frantically scanning the room because he didn't know what to believe anymore. His eyes finally saw a small tape recorder on Glory's desk, with a notepad next to it.

Glory noticed where he was staring. She walked over to the tape recorder and hit play.

He heard Michelle's voice say "Yes, please."

She hit the stop button. Then she hit the play button and played Michelle saying "Yes, please" again. Then again. And again. Glory stopped the tape recorder and put it back on the desk. She looked mirthful, but also serious. She was worried that she'd gone too far with her practical joke.

Alan was slow on the uptake. "You mean, there's no Michelle? But the hands on my dick! The dialogue earlier! Who was that?"

"The hands? Those were my hands, but I put some cold cream on them first to give them a different feel and make you think otherwise. And the dialogue? I wrote that out earlier and read my lines from the notepad. The tape recorder played Michelle's voice up to the point where I allowed you to talk. Beyond that I didn't know for sure what would happen, so I arranged it that Michelle would only have to say 'Yes, please' after that."

"But, but, but it was so real! The creaking of the door! That scared the shit out of me!"

"I recorded that, too. Last night. I've been planning this awhile. I stood by the door at that point so it would sound just right."

"Holy fuck. No way." He sat, stunned.

Now Glory was confused. "But you said you realized it was a scam. What did you mean?"

"I meant that you must have planned this in advance with this Michelle. No way could it have all happened spontaneously."

"Hmmm. Good guess. But not right. Too bad, though. I was going to have Michelle come back for repeat visits, but now you'd see right through that."

Alan sighed with relief, his heart still pounding. "Crap. Thank God I figured it out, because you just took five years off my life. I wouldn't have survived repeat visits; I wouldn't even have lived long enough to graduate." He still just sat and pondered as his breath calmed down.

After a bit, Glory said, "Now comes the part where you kill me." She was very apprehensive about what he'd think of her at that point.

Alan thought things through, then said, "No, I'm not going to kill you. Yes, I am upset. Very upset. Please don't ever do that again! I mean, I know you were just trying to have fun and take our role-playing to another level, but do you have any idea how frightening that was? I was literally scared shitless. It's a good thing I didn't have anything in my bladder or I certainly would have peed my pants. Although I'm not actually wearing any pants, but whatever. Being in the dark and tied up was so fucking scary! I don't EVER want to feel that totally helpless again. There were parts of our role-play that were so intensely arousing, but there also were parts that were just outright scary."

"I'm sorry," Glory said, apologizing sincerely, "but the blindfold and the rest was the only way I could figure out how to do it without you seeing that Michelle wasn't there. Are you mad at me? I promise I'll do anything to make it up to you. Anything. Just don't leave angry!"


He sat and stared at her. She was still completely naked, while he still wore a T-shirt and nothing else. She looked very sad and regretful.

He thought, How can I stay mad at someone so beautiful and loving? She just thought it would be good fun. She didn't realize the sheer terror I went through. You can't imagine what it's like unless you've gone through it. I love these role-plays, but we have to have limits and that one went too far.

But I did kind of deserve it, especially after all the cruel things I called Heather earlier today. Now I can see how the other half lives. Talk about subservience; that is true subservience. Wow! Unreal.

He stood up and put his clothes on. Finally he said, "I'm not mad at you. Actually, I am, a bit, but I'll get over it soon enough. Don't worry. And believe me, when you say you'll do anything to make it up, you will. I don't know what I'm going to do to you, but it'll be something to remember!"

"That's the spirit!" Glory said joyfully. She knew that he still wanted to see her, but she was nonetheless relieved to hear him say it.

He got ready to walk out of the room, but Glory stood up and grabbed him by the arm. "Don't go. For one thing, you never did get off. I can give you an extra special deep-throating."

"Thanks, but I'm not in the mood. I'm in a really freaked-out mode."

"Oh... But wait. I'll bet you're thinking that she can't possibly know what that was like."

"Damn straight!"

"And you'd be right. That's why you need to show me. You've never even spanked me yet, and now I've spanked you twice. And Michelle's done it once." She couldn't help adding that, and laughed.

Alan laughed too, though not as happily.

She continued, "We still have the blindfold, gag, and rope here. A spanking setup all ready to go. I think you need to give me at least a taste of what you went through, so I can try to understand."

"I'm in a bad mood," he growled. "You don't want me to spank you now, because I'm not going to take it easy."


She bent over a student's desk and presented her ass to him. "I'm a teacher, and I can tell you that the best way to really find something out is by doing it. Will her star pupil spank her too hard? Or be timid and not spank hard enough? Inquiring minds want to know." She giggled and winked.

"Glory, you're a lot weirder than I thought. I thought you were totally straight-laced." He picked up the ruler. "Now get ready for the spanking of your life."

Glory smiled very happily. "Young man, if you keep this up, I think you just might pass my class with flying colors."

He let his hand clutching the ruler fly down. He felt greatly relieved as the tension flowed out of him. Now that he could think a bit more clearly, he recalled her promise to do anything. With the ruler raised to deliver another spanking, he said, "Anything? Glory do you really mean anything? Even... You know?"

"Yes. Especially... you know. But not today. I want the mood to be special. Let's not talk about it today. Just think about it and we'll make our plans. Oh, and by the way, don't get the wrong idea. I don't want to do it because I feel like I owe you for this; I want to do it because my feelings for you are so strong. But maybe today is a sign that we should do it sooner rather than later. And put the blindfold on me, so I can really understand what you felt."

Alan smiled. Maybe that was worth it, after all. If there isn't a God, then who is smiling down on me?

Alan was utterly exhausted, mentally and physically. He wasn't the kind of person to really hurt someone, but he was so worked up from what Glory had done to him that he gave her a thorough spanking, slapping her ass as hard as he could bear to do.

She clearly loved it, cumming more times than he could count. It appeared to become one continuous orgasm for her. He frigged her during the spanking, but surprisingly, he didn't get aroused himself. He was still too shocked from the whole "Michelle" experience. Even though she again offered every sexual act she could think up to please him, short of outright fucking, he turned them all down.

He walked home in a complete daze. He still didn't know what to think about what had just happened. Was it fiendishly brilliant fun? Or intolerably mean and cruel? Perhaps both? And what did it say about her personality? He wanted to sleep on it.

Halfway home, the thought struck him that "Michelle's" voice sounded too different to have been spoken by Glory. That greatly puzzled him the rest of the way home. He resolved to ask Glory about it the first chance he got. Further on, it occurred to him that he'd never checked the closet to see if someone really was there. That got him so curious that he wanted to call Glory right away, but he realized that despite all they'd been through he didn't even know her telephone number.

He staggered onwards to his home, almost fearing the possibility of more sexual action.


Alan's school day was over, but Amy's was not. As she was walking to the bike racks to go home, Christine came running after her, shouting, "Amy! Amy!"

Amy looked at Christine with apparent fear because Christine had an intensity that could easily be mistaken for anger. So she was on the defensive when Christine caught up with her and asked in an urgent voice, "Is it true?"


If looks could kill, Amy might have dropped dead right then from the intense stare that Christine was giving her.

Bewildered and worried, Amy replied defensively, "Is what true?"

Christine looked around. There were a few other people wandering down the same pathway, also heading to the bike racks, so Christine guided her onto a lawn away from everyone else. Then seeing the coast was clear, she asked in a still-breathless voice, "Is it true that you're going out with Alan now? I just heard that's what you were telling people at lunch."

Amy's face broke into a big smile. "It's true! I'm his official girlfriend!"

Christine was crushed, but she tried not to let it show. However, she couldn't help but frown and scowl in frustration. "Is that so. How did it happen?"

Amy knew that Alan had asked Christine out and she was uncertain what Christine's attitude might be, especially given her dour expression. So she answered vaguely, "Alan and I worked it out last night." Then she probed, "Are you okay with that? You're not mad at us, are you?"

Christine lied, "No, not at all. In fact, I'm glad. He's a great guy and you're a great girl, so I'm sure you'll make a great pair."

"M'kay. Cool. Thanks. But if you're all cool with it, then why are you all frowny?"

Christine realized that she wasn't hiding her strong emotions that well, so she struggled to come up with a plausible explanation. There was a pause before she lied, "Um, well, I'm not mad at you. It's just that I also heard that he's with someone else. So someone was lying to me."

It was a lame explanation, but apparently Amy bought it. Amy's body language eased as she said, "Oh, well, that's probably true, depending on who you mean by that."


Christine was taken aback. "What do you mean? Alan really does have multiple girlfriends? Who are they: you, and Kim, and maybe someone else? There've been a lot of rumors about him lately, and some about you, and I saw the way that Kim talked to him, but that just goes too far! Who does he think he is?"

Amy looked around to see if the coast was clear. It was, so she whispered, "Christine, can you keep a secret?"

This was unexpected. "Yeah?"

"Well, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell people this, but since you're Alan's friend and all, I'm sure you'll hear about it soon enough. You see, Alan and I have kind of an arrangement. I'm his girlfriend now, and it's all official and everything, but he's still free to play around with other women. And he does. Boy, he sure does!" She giggled a little, but it was a nervous giggle because she wasn't sure of Christine's reaction. The two girls didn't know each other that well.

Christine was floored. "Wait a minute. He can play around, but what about you?"

Amy looked a bit abashed. "Um, well, if I wanted to be with another woman that would be okay..." She was embarrassed to say that, but continued more forcefully, "But it's totally cool, 'cos I don't want to be with another guy anyway. I'm, like, totally super-duper happy with Alan. Really!"

Christine was now both floored and mortified. "Amy, my God! I'm so pissed at him. I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind! Do you realize he's taking advantage of you? You're so innocent and naïve, he thinks he can walk all over you. The outrage! What a jerk!"

Amy waved her hands frantically in the air. "No, no! It's not like that! Can you give me a chance to explain?"

Christine was working herself into an angry lather, but she held back from exploding, at least for the moment. She said testily, "Fine. But there's no excuse."

Amy said, "Yes, there is. See, first off, the truth is, I kind of tricked Alan into being my boyfriend." She paused, then asked with great worry, "You promise to keep all of this super secret?"

"Yes." Christine was bursting with impatience. She was practically ready to clobber Alan the next time she saw him.


"It's true. I kind of led him along about some stuff. It's a long story, but the point is: I knew exactly what I was getting into all along. If anything, you should be mad at me for taking advantage of him to grab the 'Official Girlfriend' prize." She cowered while awaiting Christine's reaction.

Christine didn't completely explode as Amy had half-expected her to. But she did exclaim hotly, "What?! That doesn't make any sense. He gets to play with anyone he wants and you don't, and he's the one who's been tricked? Amy, dear, I need to straighten some things out for you."

"Christine, please don't treat me like a kid." Amy looked around again as she considered what to say. She was frustrated. Making her decision, she continued, "I'm gonna be totally honest with you because I know how Alan feels about you. I hope he doesn't get mad at me, but that's better than you charging at him all angry, like a, well, like a meanie crazy girl. The thing is, lately, he's sort of become a super stud kind of guy. He has sex a LOT these days."

Christine, still pissed, said, "Yes, I've heard some of the rumors. And frankly, the details of his sex life or your sex life are probably none of my business. I don't care if he has sex five times a day; that's no excuse for the gross inequality-"

Amy cut her off. "Six, actually."


"Six times a day. At least. That's how often he, you know, shoots his stuff. Every single day. It's a lot! He's some kind of non-stop sex guy. There's just no way I could handle taking care of his needs that much. Why, even before I became his official girlfriend, I was helping out, helping him shoot his stuff, you know, stroking it and sucking on his thingy-"

Christine interrupted, "You don't need to be so graphic. Let's call it climaxing."

"M'kay. So he climaxes a lot. He's got some girls to help here at school and others like me come over to help him at home. It's nice for me 'cos I live right next door. So I already know how it is and it's a bigger job than I can handle alone. And speaking of big, you should see his thingy!" She giggled. "There's no way I could manage to swallow so many gallons of all that tasty cum, all by myself. I mean, my jaw gets downright tired, and my hands do too! True, I don't have as much practice doing it with him as some of the others, but still..."

Christine's head was reeling. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She'd heard some rumors about Alan's new sexual prowess, but this far exceeded anything she'd ever imagined. "Wait a minute. Hold on here. What are you saying? Does he have some kind of abnormality or something?"

Amy considered hinting at Alan's medical diagnosis and prescribed treatment, but knew that she'd been sworn to complete secrecy on that. So instead she said, "I don't know. Do you consider a giant, fat, constantly hard thingy an abnormality? Personally, I think it's pretty great!"

Christine's anger was giving way to complete confusion. "Hold on, hold on. Wait. You're telling me Alan has so much sex that it takes a whole team of girls to take care of him?!"

"Yep!" Amy giggled. "Pretty much. And we all practically have a big ol' cat-fight to see who gets to be the next one to take care of him, you know, to be the one to swallow his next big load. Gosh, his cum is so sweet and he just cums SOOO much! And his cock- Oops! I mean his thingy, it's just so big and smooth and throbby. It's like you just totally want to hold it and stroke it all the time. At least I do. I don't know if it's nine inches or ten inches or what - I should ask - but it's totally PUUURRfect! If it was any bigger it would be too much and I wouldn't be able to put it in my mouth."

Christine was still reeling and slow on the uptake. "You, you... put it in your mouth?!"

Amy smiled proudly. "Only all the time! But also, not nearly as much as I want. If you only knew how good it feels, you'd be lining up to do it too. Gosh, when he slides his big fat thingy between my lips I get so hot that I get all juicy down below, if you know what I mean. It's soooo big that it just barely fits in my straining mouth and it really can tire my jaws out. But running my tongue up and down and all around and around and around it is a real kick! It just makes me wetter and wetter. And then the big payoff, and I do mean big, that's when he shoots all his sweet stuff down my throat. That the best! It's the bestest thing ever, just about! And somehow, I think blowjobs are even more fun when you share them. Two tongues are better than one! Don't you think?"

Christine stammered, "Share?!" She was so overwhelmed that she felt dizzy. She looked around and found that they were still alone. "I have to sit down." She wandered over to a nearby bench in a complete daze. She was no longer looking at Amy; she was staring off into space.

Amy followed her, looking at her with concern, apparently wondering whether too much had been said. Everyone knew that Amy liked to practice total honesty and to share things unless she was specifically told not to. It was a habit that had gotten her in trouble before; she hoped that it hadn't caused problems this time.

"Please don't talk about his 'thingy' so much, okay?"

"M'kay. Sorry."

Christine recovered enough to look at Amy and say, "That can't be. I KNOW Alan. He's a nice guy. He's a smart guy, a kind guy, but no sex machine. I mean, I've been around him for a couple of years now; I think I would have noticed something."

Amy explained, "Oh, that's a simple mistake. You see, he only started getting like this recently. In fact, it started a few days after he asked you out, now that I think about it. Maybe that had something to do with it. Like, he was waiting for you for a long time and when that didn't work out he went whole hog with everyone else. That could be part of it."

Christine really hated to hear that.

Amy went on, "In any case, he doesn't like to boast. You know how modest he is. But believe me, he's great in bed. Every girl he plays with, they always have lots and lots of climaxes. So maybe now you can see why so many want to be his official girlfriend and why I kind of had to trick him to win out. Any girl he picked, and he has lots to choose from, they'd all agree to the same conditions in a heartbeat."

Christine stared blankly into the distance. "That's wrong. It's so wrong, so unfair!" On one level she was speaking about Alan's greater freedom in the relationship, but on a different level she was lamenting her decision to turn him down.

She thought, When he asked me out, how was I to know he was some kind of latent sex machine, just waiting for the chance to come out? In fact, he sounds so virile that it's almost scary. Maybe I was lucky to turn him down, because I don't think I could handle all that sexual energy. My goodness!

Amy watched Christine for a while. Finally, she asked, "So you're not still mad at him? I don't want you to be mad at him or at me."

Christine snapped back to reality. "Mad? Well... I don't know. Mad may not be the right word. I still think he's taking advantage of you in a very unfair, inequitable way. What kind of romance can last when there's so many... helpers? I just can't... I just can't understand. This is too strange. I'm gonna need some time to think about it."

Amy was a bit relieved to hear that, but said, "I took kind of a big risk telling you all that. I thought it would be important for you to understand how much things have changed since he asked you out and you turned him down. He's my official boyfriend now and I plan to keep him." Amy was easygoing, but not a complete pushover; she was telling Christine all this in part to mark her territory.

Christine, still shell-shocked, looked up at Amy. "Keep him? But what about all those helpers? How can you keep him when you don't even have him now?"

Amy just shook her head. "You don't understand. Alan loves me completely. The fact that he loves some other girls doesn't lessen his love for me one bit. It's like a parent loving their kids - if they have a second child that doesn't mean the first one is less loved all of a sudden, right?"

She added confidentially, "Just between you and me, I think Alan could be my 'Mr. Right.' I'm gonna stick with him as long as I can. Forever, hopefully, if everything works out like it should. Maybe you don't understand all that's happening, but don't try to undermine our relationship, m'kay? Please don't go to him and protest how unfair it all is and make him mad. It works for him AND it works for me, so if you can't understand that or don't like it, then sorry but tough tooties."

Christine looked at Amy with new-found surprise and respect. She'd never known Amy to take a defiant stand like that before. She said, "Okay, I promise not to undermine you. I do like you, Amy, and I wish you the best with him. On the other hand, I can't keep quiet about such an injustice. But I promise not to complain to anyone else about it and tone down what I do say to him. For instance, I won't rip his arms off the next time I see him."

"Thanks." Amy smiled. But then she frowned and asked, "Oh, and you're not going to tell anyone about this stuff I just told you, are you?"

"No. Definitely not, since you told me in confidence."

"Good. I mean, it's not really a big secret what a great lover he is or about how much help he gets, but I kinda wanna make sure people won't freak out before I go telling just anybody."

"Well, thanks for telling me about it now... Oh, and congratulations."


After some more small talk, Amy skipped off happily.

Christine remained brooding on the bench. She thought, That was just about the most painful and downright strange conversation I think I've ever had. I feel like such a heel. I thought he was mine! When I turned him down, I assumed that I could change my mind at any time and he'd be there, waiting for me.

Boy, I sure was wrong about THAT! It wasn't that I didn't want to go out with him ever; it's just that the time wasn't right and I wasn't ready. Now it sounds like I'd have to fight through a whole bevy of girls to get to him. He must really be something special to have so many after him like that.

She sighed deeply.

It's true that we still have our next non-romantic date coming up next week, but what good is that now? I was thinking I could use those to somehow ease into a romantic relationship with him, but now it seems like the non-romantic date will really have to be non-romantic after all.

She sighed again.

Maybe it's for the best. If Alan is anything like Amy and the rumors say he is, I don't think I could handle that. He sounds so sexually overwhelming that it frightens me a little. It's almost like Amy is trying to scare me away from him by giving me so much explicit detail, trying to break my hopes of romance. Could she be that clever? Nah, not little Amy...

I just wanted a normal boyfriend to do normal things together, not some guy who's climaxing every fifteen minutes or whatever it is. And I CERTAINLY couldn't handle his having a bunch of "helpers." That IS an outrage, no matter what Amy says.


Christine stood up and wandered home in a very depressed mood.

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