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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
The Girl Can't Help It
Day 60: Thursday, November 14

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan made it out of Glory's class at the end of fifth period without anyone suspecting.

By the end of the class, Glory had fully regained her wits. She rushed her students out the door, pretending that she wanted to be alone to call her "pregnant best friend" again. She checked to see if the coast was clear in the hallway and then hustled Alan out at the right moment.

They only spoke briefly, as both knew they'd have plenty of time to talk later. She just whispered to him as she guided him to the door, "And to think, I protested when you started fucking me! I think you'll need to spank me soon to punish me for my bad attitude. See ya!" She winked playfully at him.

He found himself outside the door, in the busy hallway. It took a while for his eyes to adjust to the light.

He staggered down the hall in a daze, amazed at how surreal it all was. As if holding my breath for an hour in a closet and trying not to fall asleep wasn't weird enough, she has to leave me with that arousing spanking thought. I should spank her just for that! Now I'm going to have to go to my tennis class with another boner. But I guess there's nothing unusual about that. I think if the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for most constantly sexually aroused kid of all time, my picture would be in there.

He sighed with both glee and frustration and kept walking to his next class.

He hadn't gone more than a few steps when Amy bounded up to him. "Alan!" she said joyfully, as she practically jumped into his arms and covered his face with a series of quick pecks. She was the epitome of happiness, even more so than usual. She'd been walking on air all through the school day ever since word had gotten out at school the day before that she and Alan were boyfriend and girlfriend. She particularly loved telling people that the rumors were true. To unexpectedly run into Alan made life just that much sweeter for her.

But, just as quickly, she pulled away and said more quietly, "Beau, I'm meeting some friends just around the corner. Check it out!" Then she skipped off.

Alan stood for a minute to ponder the issue of P.D.A. - public displays of affection. It occurred to him that it was something he and Amy would have to discuss. No doubt she was eager to all but fuck him in the school hallways when she saw him, so it was up to him to set the boundaries. Just like with Sis, I've got to be the responsible one.

He belatedly made his way around the corner and saw Amy some distance away, standing in the middle of a cluster of girls. She was the most attractive, but the others were quite pretty, too. She talked with great animation and glee, as usual, and he wondered why she wanted him to see this discussion in particular. It was too far for him to hear what she was saying to the others, but then she started to gesture with her hands.

Alan's eyes nearly popped out of his head. Amy's hands flew back and forth in front of her in what could only be a demonstration of her handjob techniques. Clearly she was showing the others just what she did to her new boyfriend, and just how she did it.


Then, as if that wasn't enough, she held a hand in front of her face, as if to grip an invisible penis, and began to mime her cocksucking technique. Her face was one of near rapture. The other girls all looked on with excitement and envy.

Alan peeked around the hall corner like a bad spy, not hiding himself that well.

Amy suddenly turned his way, and smiled and waved with the hand not holding the imaginary penis.

He instantly turned red as a beet.

The girls saw him and broke into very embarrassed giggles.

He awkwardly waved to the crowd of girls, and then fled down the hallway where he'd just come from, even though his class was in the other direction.

As he walked a longer route to his tennis class, he thought, Dang. There's been this rising interest in me from the girls at this school, as I've become this increasingly sexy and mature guy in recent weeks but no one knew why. I've become the "mystery guy." People are asking, "Who is he going with, and what are they doing?" But now Amy is touting my sexual skills like some kind of carnival barker. I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the attention is only going to increase, and I already have more great women in my life than I can possibly handle. This is crazy! I know Amy means well, but I've got a very bad feeling about this.

Reality intruded on Alan's life as he had to play tennis for an hour.

But then he had his "appointment" with the cheerleaders after school. He was almost afraid to go into the theater room when school ended. He wondered just what kind of bizarreness he'd face next.

The only thing he knew was that he had to finish off Janice's painting job, as he'd never gotten around to painting her most private places the day before. He didn't know who would be there, though he expected to see Janice, Joy, and Heather, just like last time.

But to his surprise, when he arrived Joy wasn't there and Amy was. (Katherine, of course, was missing, as she wanted to avoid any sexual situation with the other cheerleaders where her incestuous relationship with Alan might get accidentally exposed.)

Alan was let in by Heather.

She seemed to be in a surly mood, as was Janice, no doubt from their continuing feud with each other. It appeared the two of them had reached some kind of truce so they could (barely) tolerate each other, in order to get through their cheerleading practices. But both of them radiated hatred for each other.

It occurred to Alan that his arrival probably greatly inflamed the situation, as the two of them would be competing for his attention.

Amy, on the other hand, was living on a different planet - a very happy planet. She seemed to be totally oblivious to the ill feelings that filled the room. Heather had opened the door for Alan, but it was Amy he greeted as she tackled him with a big hug the second the door was opened.

"My love!" she cried with joy, like she'd been separated from him for months.

Heather grudgingly closed the door, which allowed Amy to throw off whatever restraints she might have and kiss Alan in an all-out body grope.

As Alan French kissed his new girlfriend, he briefly pondered her words. "My love." There's that phrase again. This can't be good, if both Glory and Amy see me as their one true love. And then, of course, Sis feels the same way. And let's not even talk about Mom. Or Aunt Suzy. Holy fuck! Too many women, and I love them all. This keeps building and building, and it's bound to explode sooner or later. He sighed, even as he continued to kiss and caress.

He gave in and let himself enjoy the French kissing for a bit, until Heather said in a nasty tone, "My, my. The two little lovebirds sure do love each other. But I didn't come here to watch you two make out."


Alan broke away from Amy and regarded Heather. Heather was dressed in her street clothes, as was Amy and Janice.

Heather glared at him icily and stiffly, while Janice was in a similar stance, except she glared at Heather instead.

"Nice to see you too, Heather," Alan said with a touch of sarcasm.

He'd managed to open Amy's top and take off her bra during the grope, and now he idly fondled her bare tits, making her squirm and moan. He knew that it was easier to deal with Heather when she was aroused, and he also knew the bisexual Heather would enjoy his fondling of Amy's ample rack. For some reason, he had no lack of confidence when doing this kind of thing around the imposing Heather.

In a kinder tone, he turned to Janice and greeted her.

Janice said hello and smiled back, but it looked forced. She obviously was trying her best, but she was in a sour mood already.

Although it was the end of school, Alan felt rushed because, frankly, he couldn't wait to go home and have fun with Susan and whoever else happened to be there. Now that he'd had double blowjobs twice the day before, he was eager to see what other new combinations and surprises there were. He also felt bad about Susan waiting for him. He knew she pretty much counted the minutes after school let out.

He thought, Wow, what does it say that I'd rather be at home alone with Mom than play around with literally half the cheerleading squad? Yes, Mom is that beautiful and sexy. Not to mention an awesome cocksucker! And if Aunt Suzy is there and they want to "help me" at the same time... Wow! But still, I've got a job to do here, and it should be pretty fun. Besides, Mom is so generally good-natured and tolerant that I have a little bit of time to play with before she starts to get too antsy.

Staring at both Heather and Janice, he said, "Before we get started, we need to straighten something out here. Just what the hell is the burr up your butts, you two? I'm not going to do anything until we get this out in the open and resolved."

He paused, but neither said a word. So he crossed his arms and goaded, "Well? I'm waiting."

The two remained silent and looked everywhere but at him.

Finally, Janice said, "I'd like to talk to you about it, but not here. Not with Heather here." She practically spat out the word "Heather."

Heather was more stubborn and didn't say anything at all, but just stood with her arms crossed and a deep frown on her face.

Alan thought to himself, Aggressiveness works. I've got to be really "balls out" here.

Inside, he was uncertain about what to do, but outwardly, he appeared in command. He said with a shrug, "Okay, if that's the way it's going to be, then we have two options. One, I can leave right now. I see no reason to help either of you as long as you're acting like complete bitches. Two, the two of you kiss and make up. And I do mean that literally. If the two of you can bring each other off, then and only then will I do the painting. And to give you some incentive, I'll fuck the first one to make the other one cum."

Worried that might make them too aggressive, he added, "Or the one who makes the other one cum more tenderly and lovingly. I'll decide which when it's done."

Heather and Janice stared at him in astonishment. They both could hardly believe what he had demanded, yet both of them knew that they would do it if it meant a chance to get fucked by him. He was that good.

Heather was chagrined with appreciation at the twisted brilliance of his plan. It was something she wished she'd been able to do with her lovers, but she never had.

Amy, meanwhile, pouted because Alan had stopped massaging her tits. She'd taken the rest of her blouse off already. She thrust her chest out at him and arched her back backwards at an almost improbable angle to gain his attention.

He took notice and resumed his fondling.

She cooed in reply, seemingly unconcerned with the feud in front of her.

He imagined that if it were up to her to resolve the conflict, she would say something simple like, "Hey, you two, be nice. Don't fight."

"I'm in a hurry," Alan barked. "Get naked before I get mad and decide to leave. You too, Amy."


Amy threw him a playful salute, and said, "Yes, sir!" in a giggly, chirpy tone. She actually made a peace sign with her fingers as she made her salute - she was very big on the peace sign. Even though she wasn't a "hippy chick," the phrase "make love, not war" fit her perfectly.

Heather also said "Yes, sir," but in a mocking, sarcastic tone. Yet she didn't hesitate to quickly take her clothes off, as if she was a private responding to a military command.

Janice didn't say anything at all, but just stripped at a slower pace. She continued to seethe at Heather all the while.

Alan was very pleased with himself. The group seemed to be chilling out a bit and coming under his command. He said, "I'm not horny enough. Do something to get me going."

Heather shot him an angry look, but she walked over to Amy and whispered in her ear. Alan didn't hear it, but she said, "You heard him. Kiss me and touch me to get him horny. You're his girlfriend now; you've got to do that kind of shit."

Janice, meanwhile, continued to slowly undress. She was stalling for time because she didn't want to have to touch Heather if she didn't have to.

Heather and Amy kissed on the lips, and then Amy began slowly working her way down Heather's body, kissing along the way. She quickly got down to Heather's pussy and started kissing and licking there.

Heather just remained standing imperiously, not doing anything in return to Amy. She was pleased with herself for thinking of a way to turn this situation to her advantage.

Alan was enjoying the sight but then it came to him that this was another one of Heather's power plays. She was taking his official girlfriend and having her service Heather's pleasure. So it became all about Heather's enjoyment instead of about his or Amy's.

He rolled his eyes and said, "Okay, enough of that. Heather, I see your little game."


"What?" Heather asked with mock innocence. Her face was triumphant.

"Here's something that'll wipe away that sneer," he said. "I want you and Janice to get it on. Right here, right now."

Janice and Heather both started to protest at the same time.

But Alan cut in with a sharp, "Shut up! I'm in charge here. Janice, lie on top of Heather. Use that couch in the back of the stage."

There were a lot of dirty looks all around, but the two of them migrated there and left the last of their clothes behind.

Alan was still dressed, but he didn't stay that way for long. He dropped his shorts to the floor. With Amy standing next to him, he turned to her, gave her a happy wink and said, "You know what to do."

Amy again replied with a cheery "Yes, sir," and went to work on his cock with both hands. "Should I suck it?" she asked enthusiastically.

Alan noticed Heather derisively mouthing the words "Should I suck it?" while rolling her eyes and non-verbally mocking Amy's cheerfulness. He pretended not to notice, instead answering Amy, "Up to you. Maybe you want to alternate, because I don't think you're gonna want to miss Heather and Janice. Check those two out. It should be veeeery interesting."

Amy muttered a quick "M'kay." But apparently she was more interested in his erection than the show, because she immediately dropped to her knees and began to suck on his bulbous knob.

Alan smiled widely. As he reflected many times a day, he couldn't believe how great everything in his life was.


Heather eyed Janice warily as Janice tried to figure out how to set herself down on the head cheerleader. "Don't you dare scratch me, or I'll claw your eyeballs out," Heather warned menacingly.

"The same," Janice spat back. "Don't try anything or I'll pop the silicone sacks in your fake tits with MY nails!"

Alan looked at the two girls' hands from where he stood and realized with relief that, in fact, neither girl had long fingernails.

"Fake?" Heather countered. "Who says they're fake? You WISH you had tits half as big as mine!" They were fake, but Heather wasn't willing to easily concede that fact.

Janice lay down on Heather just after hearing that, which inspired Heather to add snidely, "And don't crush my face with your fat ass."

"Fat?! I have a perfect ass, you lard butt. Alan, don't you like my ass? Whose do you like? My ass, or Ms. Silicone Wide Load here?"


With that, all lingering remnants of civility completely broke down. They both began attacking each other in an unrestrained cat fight. Janice got behind Heather and tried to pin her to the floor.

But Alan quickly shouted out, "Hey! Hey, hey, hey, HEY! Stop that!" That only slowed them down a bit, so he yelled even more forcefully, "Stop moving! FREEZE! Freeze altogether!"

That finally brought them to a halt. But they still seemed raring to go at each other at the slightest provocation.

Heather said between gritted teeth, "What? We're just settling our differences."

"Hey, you two," Alan complained. "I'm in charge, and you'll do what I say. Your goal is to get each other off, not kill each other. And no talking, since you two are unlikely to say anything nice. Just do it. Get each other off."

Amy still had her face between his thighs, happily sucking him off as he talked.

His new commands caused the two angry girls to redirect their attention to the assigned task at hand.

As indicated by Heather's mocking concern at having her face crushed, Janice positioned herself in a sixty-nine position over Heather, figuring that pussy licking was the fastest way to get the job done for both of them.

Their tongues got to work quickly and easily enough, but the problem for each was where to put their hands. Grasps quickly turned to scratches. Heather, not surprisingly, was particularly aggressive, and scratched at Janice's lower back like a cat with bared claws.

Alan was again relieved that neither had long fingernails, but long, red marks were made just the same. Had there been any blood, he would have stopped things immediately, but he figured that a certain amount of abuse was inevitable given their mutual hatred for each other.

Amy looked over her shoulder from time to time to see how the other two girls were doing, but generally she was fully content to focus on the cock in her mouth. After a couple of minutes, she alternated from sucking to licking, and whispered to him, "Beau, can I ask you something?"


"Is there some reason why you're not fucking me already? Don't you want to fuck? We could do it right now."

"I know. But when we do it, I want it to be something really special. This scene is way too seedy. It should be just you and me, after a really special night."


"M'kay." Her voice was sad.

He quietly added, "Maybe tonight, even. I'll see if my little guy is up for it." He mused at the irony that earlier in the day it was Glory who had said that they should wait to fuck until they could have a more romantic setting, and now he was the one using the same line on Amy. But it was true. He wanted it to be a memory that would last her a lifetime.

"M'kay!" She said this with much more enthusiasm. She took his cock as deep into her mouth as she could manage and sucked with greater vigor.

Alan could hardly concentrate on the hot lesbian scene in front of him, given the way Amy was going at it. She'd gotten a lot better at cocksucking lately. He figured he knew why, because he detected her performing some of Suzanne's special moves. He wished he could have been a fly on the wall as Suzanne gave cocksucking lessons to her daughter.

But he did his best to watch the others despite Amy's arousing distractions. Janice and Heather had settled down into a pattern that was part cat fight, part sex. As an observer, it was a very hot thing for him to watch, especially since he knew their emotions were completely real. It was as if they each were two different people: one represented by the tongue, which lapped with great fervor, and the other represented by the hands, attacking and grasping aggressively. Both of them scratched all over and left fingernail marks everywhere, even as they passionately licked pussies and clits.

Alan came close to a climax. However he was able to put his hands on Amy's head and pull her away so he could rest and then keep going. He pulled her just out of range of his boner, but she playfully stuck her tongue out as far as it could go and just barely managed to reach the tip of his erection from time to time. It was a fun game, even if it didn't help him calm down very much.

While her mouth was temporarily unoccupied, he quietly asked her, "Aims, why were you telling all your friends today about your handjob and cocksucking technique?"

"Two reasons. One, I want to be very frank with them so they'll want to share their experiences and I can learn from them too and get that much better at it. It's hard to compete with mymm- many others." She was going to say "my mom and Aunt Susan and Kat," but luckily she realized Janice and Heather might hear, even though they were increasingly self-involved and she and Alan were being carefully to talk quietly. Still, one couldn't be too careful.

She continued, "Two, and the main reason, is I want them to all know what a great lover you are and how totally super-amazing it is to even suck your thingy. The more beautiful the girl is, the more I hype you up. That way, you'll never have to go without. If you're in class, and you get hard, hopefully some cute girl sitting next to you will take notice, which isn't hard the way your thingy always boings up in your tight shorts. Then maybe she can reach over and lend you a hand."

Alan practically swooned with delight. He was blown away at her giving and sharing sprit. He was also blown away by her very sexy classroom idea. "What? Right in the middle of class? Do you realize how impossible that is? Even for me, in my surreal, unbelievable world, that could never, ever happen."

She conceded the point, though she commented, "Well, it might happen if I was sitting next to you. Too bad we don't have any classes like that. But, in any case, that's what the breaks between classes are for. So we cheerleaders and others can all take turns sucking you off."

As if to illustrate, she lunged forward, pushing against the hands on her head. She succeeded in swallowing his entire cockhead before he pushed her back. But he didn't push back hard, and the tip of her tongue danced around his piss hole.

Alan shook his head in amazement. As he stared ahead at the lesbian fight-fuck, he marveled, "Aims, do you have any idea about the limitations of the male body? I can only cum so many times a day. With all the great girls I can choose from, I'm not going to waste an opportunity on some girl at school I hardly even know. So please don't spread rumors. If I did want a quick blowjob between classes, if there was even time, which there isn't, I'd want to do it with you." He stroked her hair lovingly and smiled down at her.

That made Amy very happy. "M'kay! Cool! But don't you want to try some others out, just once? All my friends are way super eager to help. You should see how much they adore you now! I think it would be just the wowest thing if every cute girl in school had a chance to get a mouthful of your cum. I don't mind as long as you never forget who your official girlfriend is."

Deciding she'd gone long enough without that mouth-full-of-cock feeling, she pressed forward even more forcefully and took his erection in again. Her lips resumed their happy sliding.

But Alan wasn't ready yet. He was still on a hair trigger. "Wait! Wait, Aims! Just hold it there for a minute."

So she held it there until he gave her a sign that she could keep going.

Meanwhile, Alan kept watching Heather and Janice, which didn't help him recover any. He eventually decided that it would be rude to keep Amy waiting any longer.

Finally allowed to keep going, she mumbled, "Today I already learned some stuff from one girl that I can do with my teeth. Here. Let me try." She put his cock between her cheek and teeth, as if she was brushing her teeth with his dick. That was something she'd never done before. She scraped across it with her teeth, again rather like brushing.

No one had done that to him before, not even Suzanne. Most of Suzanne's cocksucking tricks involved her tongue, since hers was so unusually long and dexterous. But he liked Amy's new technique too.

He looked past Amy and saw Janice and Heather attacking each other even more aggressively. To his great surprise, he realized that both of them had already cum, yet they were still at it. It looked like they had no intention of stopping anytime soon.

He grunted through clenched teeth to Amy's bobbing head below, "Maybe you shouldn't stop telling your friends what you're doing, as long as you keep learning tricks like that."

"M'kay!" she mumbled through her cock-filled mouth.

He thought, Thank God for good ol' Aims. When everyone else is getting more and more jealous, she only wants to share me even more. What a perfect girlfriend. Am I charmed with amazing luck or what?

Then a disturbing thought occurred to him. "Aims, scratch that. Do you realize, the way you've been talking in the last day or two, no doubt everyone is going to think that you're a total slut. You should stop talking before you ruin your reputation."

She laughed, and sat up some more so she could titfuck him while she talked. "But why should they say that? I'm so totally NOT a slut. The only guy I've ever been with is you, except for that stupid Jack Johnson, and he just touched me a little bit. I've made it clear that I'm only having sex with you. The only way I'm a slut is if I'm an Alan slut. I'll spread my legs for you anytime, anywhere, Beau."

She giggled, "Right here is good." She adjusted her position to place his dick in her cleavage. It was time for a titfuck.

Her tongue flickered at the tip of his boner again as she slid his cock up and down her cleavage. She didn't prepare with any lubrication, but she didn't need to because his pole was soaked with his pre-cum and her saliva.

It dawned on him that his titfucks of Amy had been far too few and far between. Then it further dawned on him that he wouldn't be able to fully appreciate it because there was no way he could hold out another minute.


He looked at Janice and Heather. They both were now sitting up on the couch. They rubbed their pussies against each other while kissing passionately.

He was stunned yet again at the turn of events, because they were really getting into each other. Sometimes it even appeared like they were looking into each others' eyes with love. Heather's face was even slightly flushed.

Yet at the same time, the anger was still there. They continued to scratch at each other. Both bodies were covered with dozens of tiny red scratch lines, mostly on their hips and lower back.

He further realized that they occasionally whispered to each other quietly, hopeful that he wouldn't hear. Between passionate kisses, they would mutter things like, "Bitch," or "Hussy," or "Carpet Muncher," before attacking another body part with their mouths. Neither paid the slightest bit of attention to him or Amy.

It was all too exciting for Alan. His PC muscle had been battling all this stimulation for a long time now, but it finally lost the fight. He pushed Amy's head deeper into his crotch so there was more cocksucking and less titfucking. He then let loose and deposited a load in her mouth.

Amy slurped it down as quickly as it came out. It was a disappointingly small amount by his usual standards, but she didn't seem to mind.

He staggered away from Amy and tried to get some air.

Amy immediately followed, on her knees, and said, "I want that precious last drop." She was remembering Katherine's semi-joking advice that the last drop was the sweetest. When she got in front of him again, she started to lick his entire crotch clean, even though his penis was fully flaccid. She was following Susan's advice on that one.

Alan braced himself against the couch Janice and Heather were using, and tried to remain upright on wobbly knees.

That finally reminded them of his presence, but they still didn't stop. Slowly but surely, they worked themselves up to climax. With one final orgasm for each of them in what no doubt had been a long series, they clawed and scratched and cussed themselves to completion.

Finally, they disengaged and flopped down into the couch, facing away from each other.

Heather was the first to speak. "I have to admit, Janice, that was surprisingly good. You're not too bad. Thanks." Her tone was one of grudging respect.

Janice replied, "Thanks, Joy." She quickly threw a hand over her mouth and blushed as she realized she'd said "Joy," not "Heather."

Heather might have teased her about that, but she was too tired. But both she and Alan took note of the verbal slip.

Alan thought, Huh. I guess Janice must have a thing for Joy, and somehow imagined Heather as a substitute. I wonder what the ramifications of that are. What does Joy think? Have they done it with each other? In fact, has Janice ever done it with another girl before at all?

He asked, "Hey Janice, was that your first time with a girl?"

"Mmmm hmmm," she said, wiping the girl-cum from her face. She looked very glum and slunk further into the couch, perhaps regretting the fact that her first time with another girl was with her nemesis.

Heather was more lively, no doubt due to her greater sexual experience. She said brightly as she sat up, "So, Alan, I made Janice cum first. Do I get to claim my prize?"

Janice sat up, now peeved. She turned to Heather. "You LIAR! You did not! I totally made you cum first!"

Heather turned to her as well, and replied, "Did not, you tiny-titted albino. As IF you could beat me on your first time." Her grudging words of semi-kindness to Janice were already forgotten.

But rather than reply, Janice sank back into the couch glumly. It looked like she would cry. She muttered, "Bitch! I should have known better than to feel..." Her voice faded away.

Alan thought, I don't know what's going on, but I have a feeling it sucks to be Janice right now. It seems like Janice was reaching out to Heather with her love-making somehow, and now feels betrayed.

He announced, while Amy still lapped at his balls, doing much more than cleaning them, "I declare Janice the winner. However, I'm in no position to hand out the victory prize. Amy kind of overwhelmed me here with the intensity of her sucking. Tomorrow at lunch, Janice."

Heather looked like she would have attacked him with a weapon if there was one in range, so he added, "And as for you, Heather, I'm not forgetting about you. Sorry it's been a while. There will be a nice consolation prize for you tomorrow as well."

That seemed to temporarily appease the vindictive blonde, even though she complained, "Consolation prize? Hrmph! It had better be damn good, Romeo."

"It will be." He wasn't even sure what it would be, but he figured he'd think up something when the time came. He continued to the whole group, "Once we're all recovered a bit, let me take care of the rest of that paint job, Janice. Then I really should get home. I'm way overdue."

He imagined Susan waiting impatiently with an open and eager mouth. He further imagined frustrating Glory at lunch tomorrow by these new plans with Janice, but he decided that Janice needed a positive experience more than Glory did, Plus, Heather needed to be appeased.

He wondered, Will I be able to make it to the Boy Scout trip tomorrow before I utterly collapse? At least maybe I made some headway in fixing things between Heather and Janice. Or maybe not. I can't really tell.

After Alan had all that fun and excitement, painting Janice's privates went relatively uneventfully for him.

When Heather saw that she wasn't going to get in any more sexual action from anyone, she immediately left.

Amy waited outside so Alan could be alone with Janice.

Alan wanted the privacy so he could hear from Janice just what was going on with her and Heather, and also her and Joy, given her mysterious "Thanks, Joy," comment.

Now that they were alone and fully dressed, he said, "Okay, Janice, I'm no genius about relationships, but it's pretty obvious that you're attracted to Joy, but there's a problem. What is it?"


The passion of her denial convinced him that he was right. "Janice, look. I'm not going to tell anybody, just as I'm not going to say anything about what we all did here today. Haven't I shown I keep my mouth shut about this kind of stuff? You've been bottling this all up, and now it's hurting you. You need someone to talk to, I can tell. I'm safe. Don't hold it in."

Janice sighed heavily. But with a little more coaxing, she told him everything. She was extremely gratified to have someone she could safely confess to. She ended up crying quite profusely.

Alan tried to comfort her with kind words and a hug, and that made her feel better, but he had no idea how to fix her problem. Janice loved Joy, but Joy had shown no lesbian leanings. It was a tough problem. Janice's other problem of blaming Heather for bringing out these frustrated feelings inside her seemed relatively minor in comparison.

Janice thanked Alan profusely for listening to her. She was amazed at how good it felt to share her bottled up emotions. They both hadn't known each other well before, but now they had a special bond.


Alan had to hurry home - he kept thinking of Susan eagerly waiting for him. Further, he'd cum three times already: once in the morning with Katherine, once with the Glory lunch fuck, and then once with Amy's blowjob and titfuck. While that wasn't exceptional by his recent standards, his body had had its fill for a while. As much as he looked forward to a welcome home titfuck or blowjob from his mother, he knew it was asking too much of his penis and of his energy level. Shockingly, a nap actually appeared more tempting. He knew that would frustrate his mother some more, but it couldn't be helped if his body wouldn't respond.

He met Amy waiting outside the theater room door as he left.

She sidled up to him and said, "Hey, official boyfriend, my beau, how would you like to have an official bike ride home with your official girlfriend?" The sweet smile on her face and the way she coyly played with her hair captivated him.

He couldn't help but smile in return. "Officially speaking, I give that idea the official thumbs up. So it's officially official."

She laughed with glee and hugged him tightly. Down below, her crotch rubbed against his. She took full advantage of the fact that she was the only woman in his life who could get away with such a bold move in public. Even though he was flaccid at the moment, she still liked grinding crotches.

Alan froze up momentarily, but relaxed as he realized they were nearly alone and no one was likely to notice the way their legs intimately entwined. He happily hugged back and kissed her lightly on the forehead. He asked, "But could you do me a favor? You have a cell phone, right?"

"Yep!" She pulled it out and proudly showed it off.

Alan didn't have one as he didn't call that many people. "Can you call Kat? I'm hoping that you and she can run some interference for me, 'cos I'm too tired to face a certain big-titted MILF waiting at home."

Katherine answered the phone and happily agreed to help, so his scheme came off easily.

Amy came to the Plummer house through the front door without knocking, just as if she were Alan. She was the decoy.

Alan, meanwhile, snuck in through the back door so he could go straight to his room and take a much-needed nap. He was worried that if he even so much as saw his mother his penis would respond. And while that would have been fun in the short term, he could drive himself to collapse enjoying short term pleasures. He desperately needed some rest.

Susan holding a white, patterned robe open with both hands to show off her perfect figure

Susan was dressed in a loose bathrobe, ready for quick action. When she heard the front door open, she stood up, opened the front of her robe expectantly, and started to say, "Tiger, would you..." But her voice trailed off and she stood in quiet surprise.

After an awkward pause, she blinked her eyes repeatedly and asked, "Amy?! What are you doing here?" She closed her robe in embarrassment. "Where's Alan?"

Right on cue, Katherine walked up to Susan from behind, put her hands on her mother's shoulders in an affectionate way, and said, "Double bummer for you, Mom."

Susan twirled around. "Double? Why double?"

"First off, you'll have to miss your after-school sperm snack. Brother is already upstairs sleeping." Katherine hugged her mother around her waist, just below her rack. Her hands ended below each tit, so she lightly rested them there, allowing her to "inadvertently" lightly caress them.

"He is? How did I miss that? I've been waiting for him!" Susan shuddered because she felt her daughter's hands move up and reach her (unsurprisingly) hard nipples. She nervously brushed her daughter's hands away, mindful of Amy's presence.

Amy had continued on her way into the house. Since her main role in the diversion was over, she thought she should give the other two some room. She sat down in the living room and started to watch television.

Katherine placed her hands on Susan's shoulders, looking for another way to get physical, and replied, "I don't know. But second, it's a bummer because you won't get to have him watch when you have your spanking. We should do it while he's napping so we don't overstimulate the poor guy's brain. He looks really wiped out. He fell asleep in like three seconds."

Susan clutched her robe tightly and turned to Katherine in surprise. "Spanking? What spanking?!"

"Mom, don't you remember? How you were bad and broke your own rules? I reminded you about it this morning. We delayed the punishment a bit, but we can't put it off forever. What's happened to your memory?"

Susan sighed. "Oh no. That spanking. I forgot all about that. These days I sometimes don't even know whether I'm coming or going."

Katherine walked around to face Susan and placed her hands on her mother's shoulders, from the front this time. She pushed Susan's robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Looking into her eyes, she said, very seriously, "Mom, let's get this straight. The answer is easy. I think it's safe to say that most of the time, you're cumming." Then she giggled.

Susan laughed along with her, then said "Very funny!" in a peeved manner and tried to hide her amusement. Getting more serious, she asked, "Angel, you're not really going to go through with that spanking, are you?"

"You know I am. It's for your own good. And besides, you agreed already."

Susan frowned in defeat, and covered her pussy with her hands. "I did, didn't I?"

"You did. There's no backing out now. When you don't obey authority, you get punished. End of story."

Susan found it strangely arousing to have to obey her daughter and get punished by her. She thought, This is so wrong. This is why I need professional help. Why does hearing my daughter tell me to "obey authority" make my pussy get all wet and gushy?

Stalling for time, Susan asked, "But what about Suzanne? Someone needs to be the referee. Otherwise things might get out of hand. I was hoping she'd do the spanking and you would referee. I don't seem to have any restraint on myself lately, but then I regret things later. And I want to have a clear head for the psychologist meeting tomorrow morning. But Suzanne probably won't be over until dinner. We're supposed to have a special dinner with all the Pestridges, you know."

"We could have Amy referee," Katherine suggested. "She's not doing anything right now." She hadn't told Amy about the spanking part of the diversion plan, but she figured it would be easy enough to include her.

Susan pondered that and concluded, "Nah. She's too innocent."

Katherine was disappointed, and thought, If she only knew. But she let it pass, and said, "Then it's up to me. Don't worry, I'll be good. I mean, one of us has to be, since you're been so very, very baaaaaad." Her voice was quite naughty.

Susan unconsciously rubbed her thighs together, excited at the way her daughter was coming on to her. She asked nervously, "Do you promise? Promise to do nothing more than a spanking? You won't touch me in any inappropriate places?"

Inwardly Katherine cursed. Like Alan, she hated to go directly against the word of her mother. So she was disappointed when she had to say, "I promise I won't touch you in any inappropriate places during this spanking." Like Alan, she was very specific in her promises with her mother so as to not limit her options later. The key words were: "during this spanking."


Katherine suggested to her mother, "Now, let's go downstairs. I think the basement would be the best. We can lay you down on some of the exercise equipment." She slipped out of her dress and beckoned Susan from the top of the stairs.


Susan complained as she walked down the stairs naked, "I really shouldn't be allowing you to do this, Angel. It's not right for a daughter to punish her mother. It's like the children are taking over around here. But we do have to think about Tiger." She had to hold her big tits as she walked to keep their bouncing under control.

Katherine said encouragingly, "Yes. Obeying Alan is important."

That wasn't what Susan meant. She was thinking that it was important for her to follow her own boundaries and rules so she could pleasure Alan without conflict. But in her sex-mad state, she liked Katherine's interpretation better. "Yes. Tiger is the man of the house now, isn't he? If we disagree with him, why, that would be chaos."

"Yes," Katherine agreed. "We can't have chaos. Brother belongs in charge, doesn't he? His sexual virility proves that. Those who disobey him get spanked." She hoped that if Susan completely obeyed Alan, then Susan wouldn't be able to prevent her from openly having sex in the house with her brother.

Susan replied, "Yes." She wasn't really thinking deeply, but it all made sense to her. "It's probably best if we get this out of the way right away. I think that you're right that we're possibly in danger of overstimulating him. He must be weary. Poor boy!"

Alan had hoped that Katherine would be able to distract Susan with some sexual kissing; he didn't know about her preexisting spanking plan, but when she told him about it on the phone he'd agreed that it fit the bill perfectly. He was a bit bummed he wouldn't be awake to watch it, but that couldn't be helped.

Susan was so excited to be spanked that it nearly made up for Alan's failure to appear and feed her a nice load of warm cum.

As they entered the basement, Katherine said, "Funny how we're both walking around in our birthday suits, isn't it?"

"Yes," Susan answered in a spaced-out tone. She was thinking of her son and hoping his balls were sufficiently drained for him to have a nice nap. But she was afraid of mentioning that out loud for fear that Katherine would think she had an unhealthy obsession.

Katherine had her mother lie down on a flat surface of one of her exercise machines. She planned to essentially repeat what Suzanne did to Katherine a few days before: some spanking, but not too hard, and then more caressing of the ass to "make it all better" than actual spanking. She would have done lots of pussy fingering between spanks, but she'd already promised Susan not to do that. She looked forward to extensively exploring her mother's ass in any case.

But only one spanking into it, they ran into difficulties. After one slap, Susan cried out loud. "Ow! That hurt!" She could actually feel the imprint of Katherine's hand on her newly-reddened butt cheek.

Katherine soothingly rubbed where she just spanked, and said, "It's for your own good. To remember what you did and repent."

"Um, Angel, what did I do to deserve this, again? I can't even remember. Things have been so confusing lately and I haven't been thinking too clearly. It's like I'm in a permanent sexual fog."

Katherine put her hand on her chin and tried to think. "For the life of me, I can't remember either. I think the same Alan-induced fog bank covers us both. It had something to do with... Oh, I remember! You were acting naughty on Tuesday afternoon, so I had to referee. But then, with Brother in your bed, you deliberately lowered your cunt down onto his..."

Her voice trailed off because she heard the sound of someone walking down the steps.


Amy came into the room. She didn't find anything good on TV, and correctly figured something more fun would be happening down in the basement. "Hi guys! What'cha doing? Can I play too?"

Amy had just changed into nothing but pink, frilly underwear. The notion of dressing had changed so drastically in the Plummer house that nobody thought her attire odd or meriting special comment. In fact, it was a bit surprising that she as wearing any clothes at all.

Susan was very embarrassed to be caught naked, bent over, and getting spanked by her own daughter. She wanted to cover herself up, but she wasn't really in a position to do so, since she was bent over face down on the workout bench with her ass and pussy very clearly exposed. Her embarrassment doubled because she realized that everyone could see how profusely her pussy was leaking already.

She futilely tried to cover her ass cheeks with both hands. "Oh, hi Amy. We were just, uh, Angel was giving me a massage. That's right." Susan was a bad liar; almost comically so.

"Oh, goody! That looks like fun! Can I join in? Then Katherine and I can get massages too. Everybody can do everyone else!"

Susan had visions of running her hands all over the naked flesh of Katherine and Amy. She imagined their skin fragrant and slippery with massage oil. To imagine the naked part wasn't hard since Amy dropped her clothes nearly as soon as she entered the room, which left the three of them totally nude. Susan wondered if she would be able to resist breaking her own boundaries with such tempting nubile teenage flesh easily available for the fondling.

Susan drew up all the willpower she could muster and said a firm "No."

Amy pouted. "Awww. How come everyone always leaves me out of everything? It's just a massage. Don't you love me anymore, Aunt Susan? I'm hurt."

Katherine butted in, "I don't understand why we have to stop what we were doing before. Amy's a big girl. She can help out with your punishment. Either that, or the massages. She'll be hurt if you leave her out altogether."

Susan protested while wiggling and writhing, "No. I'm in a sensitive state. I can't! Not with Amy. Amy, you know I love you dearly, but you're so innocent. I think maybe you should go."

Even as Susan said this, her hands seemed to act on their own. Since her hands were clutching each ass cheek, they started to subtly caress and squeeze the flesh they held. Susan's pussy leaked like a river and she was randy, as usual, as she anticipated the rest of her spanking. She greatly resented the delay Amy was causing, because she at least had the self-control not to get really wild with Amy present.

Just then, Amy sniffed the air, making audible sniffing sounds. "It smells funny in here."

"Um, that's the uh..." Susan couldn't think of a good excuse.

"I know! It smells like pussy!" Amy exclaimed. "It smells like WET pussy!"

Susan's pussy seemed to leak on command, as fresh new rivulets drooled down her inner thighs in response to Amy's blunt words.

Katherine said firmly, "Look, Mom, you're being punished. It's not for you to say no and to wiggle out of your punishment. Amy is nice enough to help. We're going to do this, and that's final. Uncover your ass cheeks already and get ready for some helpful hurting."

Susan gripped her ass cheeks tightly, which served only to spread them and expose her puckered asshole to the light. "Please? Angel? Is that any way to talk to your mother? Really!"

"This for your own good," Katherine said with assurance. "The more you learn to obey, the better an incestuous cocksucker mommy you'll be."

Susan looked over her shoulder and saw that Katherine looked determined. With Amy standing happily naked behind her naked daughter (both of them preferred to stand with a good view of Susan's ass and dripping pussy instead of her face), she thought it was possible a lesbian orgy could break out, and she was afraid of that. She knew Katherine had promised to behave and knew that Katherine would try to honor that, but wasn't sure if her daughter could control herself. She looked to her own behavior for many examples of broken resolve.

Susan suggested, "That's true. Okay. Here's an idea. A plea bargain. We cancel the ... what we were doing, and in return... Hmmm. What will I do in return? ... Oh, I know. You seemed to like that kiss this morning. We cancel this, and I won't object to kissing like that in the future. That'll be my punishment."

Katherine liked it. Huh. Interesting. In some ways this is better than the spanking, since I promised to behave myself with that. However, she pretty much gave in on the kissing this morning. But then again, she's always two steps forward and one step back. I'd like to make an official deal so she has no wiggle room in the future. Plus, I can push a "no limits" kiss to do just about anything with her. That's a great deal for me! Here we come, slippery slope, hee-hee!

She said, "Mom, I don't know if that's a deal. Seems that you liked the kiss as much as I did."

Susan frowned again, but then she tried to look determined. "Well, I'm not sure about that. Anyway, that's my offer. Take it or leave it."

Katherine smiled wickedly and said, "Mom, you don't seem to be in a good position to issue ultimatums." She slapped her mother hard on the butt to emphasize that she meant that in a very literal sense.

Susan whimpered in pain and muttered, "Angel, please have mercy." But she secretly loved the rough treatment. Her pussy convulsed slightly and her body shuddered. Deep down, she hoped Katherine would go ahead with the spanking too.

Katherine walked around the table Susan was on and stood before her mother. She stood very close, so close that her pussy was mere inches from her mother's nose.

Susan took a deep sniff of the air, wondering what Katherine was smelling. The musky aroma filling the room was nearly overwhelming. Her ability to concentrate almost completely evaporated. She had not yet tasted another woman's sex, but the temptation to do so grew with each pussy-scented breath she took.

Katherine knew the smell might help influence Susan's decisions. She budged another inch or two forward. "So I can kiss you like that at any time? Just like Suzanne does?"

"Not ANY time. But as a goodbye or hello greeting yes, I suppose." The smell of Katherine's sex, plus her own, so overwhelmed Susan that she was afraid she might pass out. She felt helpless laying on the table and started to hope that someone would ravage her. She began to think that an orgy with Amy would be a pretty good thing, after all.

Katherine thought, No problem. That just means I have to leave the room for a minute whenever I want a kiss. In fact, I should see if that works. She asked, "Okay. But no limits to this kind of kissing, right?"

"Um, what do you mean?"

"Just that, no limits. None of this half-assed kiss on the cheeks kind of stuff. No limits."

"Hmmm. Okay."

Katherine suggested, "Why don't we practice right now? I'll leave the room for a sec and then you can kiss me. Actually, you can kiss me goodbye right now. On the lips." She edged her pussy even closer to her mother's face. If she'd had any pubic hair it would have touched her mother's nose. She hoped Susan would get the hint on which set of lips she wanted to be kissed.

Susan felt the temptation to kiss what was offered, but she closed her eyes and managed to eke out, "Angel, you don't mean... uh..."

Katherine giggled good-naturedly. "Don't worry, Mom, I was just teasing." She bent down, French kissed her briefly, and then walked out. While she was frustrated that Susan was resisting, she knew she'd have another chance to push boundaries in a minute.

Meanwhile, Amy asked Susan, "So what were you doing earlier? This punishment?"

Susan reluctantly sat up and said, "Um, I'd rather not say, Amy. It's kind of embarrassing. That's why I'm making this deal." She shyly held her hands over her big tits, but that left her bush and soaked pussy uncovered.

Amy stepped forward. "So can I kiss you too? I'd be far less curious about this punishment thingy if I'm all busy kissing."

Amy's eyes fixed on Susan's still somewhat luxuriant bush.

Susan dropped a hand down there, but that left most of her boobs uncovered. The horny mother relented, "Oh, all right. God, I'm so bad with boundaries. It's seems as if everyone is taking advantage of me like I'm some sexual object built to please just anybody, not only Tiger. As if my only purpose every single hour of the day is sex, sex, and even more sex. And now you're doing it too. But it looks like Angel is going first, because this kind of kissing is only for leaving or entering the room." She stood up.

Katherine sauntered into the room, still naked and exaggeratedly swishing her hips. She walked straight to her mother and held her in a tight embrace. Then their lips came together. Somehow the kiss had even more intensity than any ones they'd shared before.

Susan realized that this wasn't just some temporary thing. She would be kissing her daughter like this every day from now on, whether she liked it or not. It was an official house rule now. That excited her terribly, especially knowing that a naked Amy waited to kiss her next.

Susan was horny, pure and simple. She was even hornier than usual, and that was saying a lot. If she wasn't actually cocksucking, titfucking, kissing, or masturbating, she was probably thinking about her next opportunity to. She could hardly contain her hands as she kissed her daughter. It took all of what remained of her willpower not to throw Katherine down to the table and go completely crazy all over her.

The main thing that held her back was the thought of the psychologist visit. I just have to hold out until morning. I have to straighten out my feelings about lesbianism. It's one thing to feel that way about Suzanne or even Amy; it's another to feel that way about my own daughter! Isn't that as bad as sex with my son? It's worse! Two taboos at once. The doctor will be able to tell me if I'm ill. Maybe she'll have an explanation. Or a cure. Some kind of pill...

But she did allow herself to play with Katherine's tits, and Katherine played with hers.

Encouraged, when the kiss broke, Katherine said, "Now kiss my nipples, Mom."

"Hold on-"

"No, you hold on. You just agreed to a no-limits kiss, did you not?"


Without even knowing how it happened, Susan found herself kissing and then suckling at one of her daughter's nipples. But she was so insanely aroused that she wasn't thinking straight.

Most of Susan's body was out of reach for Katherine's hands now, but Katherine still had no difficulty in grasping Susan's nipples and pulling on them.

Amy was standing nearby, and everyone heard her as she exclaimed, "Cool! I can't wait for my turn!"

They went on like that for a bit until Katherine grew bold, bent her knees to lower herself, and grabbed at Susan's pussy. She placed her hand very deliberately on her mother's bush, and then went straight for her clitoris.

But that made Susan realize they'd moved far from a kiss. She pulled her head back, dropped a hand down protectively, and said, "Please, Angel, don't."

Katherine could have continued to order her mother around, and she knew Susan would be unable to resist. But like Alan, she was unable to resist Susan's emotional pleas and pleading looks. So she removed her hand from below, but at the same time she grabbed her mother's head and pushed it back onto her own tit. "No you don't. Where are you going? Keep doing that. That's great. Oh, Mom! I'm loving it!"

Susan suckled at Katherine's nipple for a few more moments and got lost in her thoughts. She thought, This is wrong. I shouldn't be suckling at my daughter's tit. If anything, she should be suckling on mine! After all, I'm the mother. That's what mommies do: they offer their big tits to their babies. Like Tiger. Suckling my tits. So good! Oh God! Just imagine if Angel suckled on my right nipple while Tiger suckled my left. Both of them at the same time, squeezing all my creamy mommy's milk right out of me! Dear God! I would be in seventh heaven!

But the mention of Heaven suddenly made her think of God and the fires of Hell. She had a nightmarish vision of burning in Hell for corrupting both her children. She pulled away from Katherine as if hit with an electric shock.

She fled the room, not even bothering to pick up her robe on the way up to her bedroom.

Katherine cried out, "Hey! Come back! What's this about?"

Amy also yelled, "Aunt Susan, my kiss! Aren't you going to give me a kiss too?" She casually frigged herself where she stood. She'd been doing that for the past several minutes as she watched the hot incestuous kiss take place a few feet in front of her.

"Sorry, Amy," Susan yelled back as she reached to top of the stairs. "Later. Not now! Later! I promise!" She disappeared out of sight.

Amy pouted to Katherine, "Boy. I must have done something to upset her. Is she mad at me?"

"No, that's not it," Katherine answered. She wasn't sure what caused it, but she guessed, incorrectly, that it had something to do with the spanking that almost took place. "It's about something else from before you came in. I think."

"Oh." Amy continued to feed her fingers in and out of her own pussy as nonchalantly as if she was just scratching her head.

Katherine stared at Amy's nakedness and decided the sight was too tempting to ignore. She suggested, "But since we're both here and naked, what say we do a little bit of pussy shaving?"

Amy withdrew her slick fingers and licked off her own juices as she looked at her friend appreciatively. "M'kay! But what about the razor? Should I go get it?"

Katherine sat down on the workout bench where Susan had just been. She made sure to spread her legs wide, and said, "The kind of pussy shaving I'm thinking about doesn't need a razor. Just two tongues and a lot of bump checking. Close the door, and then we'll get busy on this table."

"M'kay! I like that kind of pussy shaving best, too! I think I've already started. I've already found my favorite bump!"

They both laughed at that reference to her G-spot.

Katherine hugged Amy as she came back from closing the door. "I love you, Amy. I don't think I've ever said that before in so many words, but I do." She kissed her friend and their lips locked for a while as their hands began to leisurely wander.

When they finally came up for air, Amy replied, "I know. But it feels good to hear you say it. I love you too. You're my bestest friend!"

"And you're mine. You're so much fun and such a good, loving person. Let's never, ever fight over Alan, okay. There's more than enough of him to go around, don't you think?"

"M'kay!" The double-jointed Amy spread her legs much wider than Katherine ever could. She asked, "How do you want me this time?"


Alan woke up from his nap long after all the events in the basement ended. He figured he needed to recover for the rest of the day. His penis was nearly out of cum, judging from his last couple of climaxes. But he figured that didn't mean that he couldn't go without some stimulation, thanks to the stealth stroking idea.

Not only was he tired, but he also had a lot of homework due on Friday.

So he dressed, went downstairs, and found Susan watering the plants in the backyard. He was relieved to find her there, because that meant she had to wear clothes.

He was almost upon her when she saw him, dropped the hose, and rushed to meet him. "Oh Tiger!" She hugged him and kissed him all over his face.

He chuckled. "Mom, you know we saw plenty of each other this morning."

"I know. But I can't help myself. I miss you when you're away. And sneaking upstairs without even saying hello was a mean trick!" Her face turned angry and she punched him in the chest. But it was a light punch and she quickly broke into an impish smile.

"Sorry Mom, but I really had no choice. My body was crashing. I knew if I saw you I'd probably get all hard and horny again, and I just couldn't take it right then. I had to trick you because you're too sexy and irresistible."

She beamed, tickling his sides a little bit. "Well then, I forgive you. Almost. Now that you're up and feeling better" - her hand squeezed his boner through his shorts, letting him know she knew just how stiff he was - "you can make it up to me by letting me suck your cock!"

He scratched the back of his neck nervously and looked away. "Um, yeah, well... There's a problem. Lately, my life has been sex, sex, and more sex, which is great. In fact, it's totally awesome, don't get me wrong. But I realized that I'm falling so far behind on my homework that it's not even funny. I was thinking I should spend the rest of the afternoon actually getting some homework done."

Susan considered that, and spoke her sincere thoughts. "Son, there's nothing more important for you to do than your homework. That certainly takes precedent over more sexual fun."

He was relieved to hear that. He was a bit surprised she was being so rational, especially since her hold on his shaft was already turning into more of a stroking.

She added with a bright smile, "But there's no reason we can't have you do both! Don't you remember the whole stealth stroking idea? Besides, I'll bet you've hardly had a thing to eat for hours. I've already fixed you a nice focaccia for a snack. You go and eat that, and I'll suck you off while you do. After all, you can't study on an empty stomach, and trying to study with an untended penis is worse?"

He thought, I should have known! That sounds more like the cock-hungry mom I love. But is it really feasible? To be honest, I don't know if I'll actually get anything done. But it should be a hell of a lot of fun finding out!

He grinned. "I suppose it's true a guy can't study on an empty stomach."

"Oh goody!" She started to drop to her knees.

"Whoa! Hold on! Not out here. And you have to promise NOT to make me cum. My dick is seriously completely out of cum."

"That's okay. I don't mind." She started to drop down again.

"But I do. I think that's my body saying I need to take it easy. I don't want to cum at all at least until dinner, okay?"

"Oh, poo! You're no fun. I've been waiting literally all day to guzzle a sweet, creamy load of your sperm, but I'll take what I can get. You go sit over there, and I'll bring your snack out." She disengaged and hurried inside to get the foccacia she'd made while he was napping. She'd filled it with cooked champignon mushrooms, pumpkin slices, and salad, and had also cut up some pineapple chunks. She served it with a glass of orange juice to wash it all down.

He was surprised, because she pointed to the patio table located just outside. It was well shaded by the roof, and it was impossible for any neighbor to see into it. It wasn't even visible from any of the windows of the Pestridge house, which was the only one that was close. Still, it was technically outside.

Susan was so distracted that she had left the water running. As Alan went to turn it off, he thought, Wow! Mom is seriously kinky! To think this was the same woman who just lectured me a month or two ago about how improper it was to watch R-rated movies showing nudity. Dang! It fuckin' blows my mind! AND my cock, hee-hee!

Alan contentedly ate his focaccia and pineapple while Susan sat between his knees, happily slurping away and bobbing on his erection. She wore nothing more than her glasses and red high heels.

As if that wasn't strange enough compared to his previous lifestyle, Katherine came out before long and sat down next to him. She remained dressed in normal clothes, and so did he (minus the fact that his shorts had been pulled off by an eager Susan), which made their mother's total nudity that much more outrageous. She'd wanted to join in when she saw what had happened, but Alan said no and explained how he was hoping not to cum until dinner at the earliest.

Katherine understood that, so they had a nice chat while Susan bobbed and licked beneath the table without pausing, as if what Susan were doing were no more worthy of comment than dusting the house. Alan explained about how he could have 'stealth stroking' while he was working on homework. Katherine agreed to take part, and agreed on Amy's behalf as well. Then she told him all about her plan to spank Susan during his nap, and how it had turned into a deal about kissing instead.

Susan was extremely embarrassed to hear this conversation, especially since there was no way for her to mistake the cause of the renewed hardness in Alan's erection in her mouth while he listened to this news, but it only aroused her even more than she already was.

Mmmm! This is the life! Both my children are putting me in my place! Mmmm! And I get to feel Tiger's hot cock sliding between my lips and savor it on my tongue! This is what a big-titted mommy does, and does gladly. Suzanne was so right. My whole marriage, my entire upbringing, it was all part of my fate, my destiny! It was all meant to be, just so I could wind up here, serving my son's cock! MMMM! So thick and yummy!


Eventually, Katherine couldn't contain the pretense of being unaffected. She took off all her clothes, pulled her chair up close to Alan's (to better watch all the cocksucking action), and began blatantly masturbating.

Alan was still feeling relatively relaxed. Had he been "normal," he would have climaxed a long time ago. But his body had built up such a tolerance to extreme pleasure through cocksucking that even though he was flying high with erotic arousal, his breathing wasn't that labored.

So he was in a mood to tease his sister a little bit, and in situations like this, both of them understood that to be a way to tease their bombshell mother. He said, "I don't know about getting naked, Sis. It seems terribly improper to me."

She giggled at that. "What are you talking about?! What about you, sitting there with your big cock hanging out, and with Mom totally starkers, sitting on her ass, and bobbing on your cock?"

"First of all, I'm wearing a T-shirt, so I'm okay. Plus, Mom is wearing her high heels AND her glasses, so she's doubly okay. That makes us low profile. We're totally incognito."

Katherine snickered and giggled some more. "Yeah, right! ".

Not too surprisingly, Alan had some difficulty getting Susan to stop her blowjob after he had finished eating and drinking. She sincerely wanted to stop, but it was like her lips and tongue wouldn't obey her brain.

Luckily, Katherine was there, and she knew just what to do. She ordered Susan to play with herself until she came, After Susan's orgasm, it was like her bones turned to jelly, allowing Alan to disengage during her exhaustion without much trouble.


Alan went back to his room and studied for the remaining two hours before dinner.

First Katherine, then Amy, and then Susan again jacked him off from underneath his computer table while he kept working.

The stealth strokings had become surprisingly clinical and passion-free affairs. After they had dressed so provocatively for so many days, the females all dressed as blandly as they could, so that he wouldn't be distracted and lose his focus on his work. They remained silent and often out of view beneath the table as they worked to prolong his erections. In fact, this comparatively low-level stimulation had become so commonplace that it could be said that no-one ever missed a beat.

Katherine had lazily stroked his dick for nearly an hour. Her main worry had been that her hand would get tired, so she had switched between hands from time to time. Although she wasn't allowed to touch his cock with her mouth unless he started cumming, and then only to avoid a big mess, she blew air on the tip of his cockhead whenever both of her hands needed a rest.

He read a textbook for the whole hour, while his sister sat next to him reading hers. But all the while she held her book with one hand while the other stayed in constant contact with his erection.

For him it was somewhat akin to doing homework while being tipsy on alcohol. It felt great, but it wasn't at all similar to the intense, all-consuming and emotionally draining sexual experiences he'd been having so often lately. (In fact, he felt like a part of him was still recovering from the intense fuck he'd had with Glory in lieu of lunch.)

For Katherine, the stroking was just an automatic thing most of the time, like dribbling a basketball is to an experienced basketball player. She was engrossed in her book and hardly thought about it at all. That enabled her to keep a steady, mellow stroking pace. It was only when her hand got tired and she had to switch to the other hand, or to the blowing without touching, or to the moment that his cum finally erupted, that she temporarily gave her efforts more focus. Yet, like him, the constant contact with his boner kept her riding a pleasant erotic buzz.

She decided, This is much more fun than if I'd just been sitting alone reading a book by myself. Sure, it's "unfair," but fuck fairness! If he's happy and I'm happy, isn't that all that matters? This is what being a fuck toy sister is all about!

After all of Katherine's stroking he still hadn't cum, or even come close to cumming, so she handed him off to Amy when her hands finally got too tired.

The thing which surprised him most was that he actually managed to get a decent amount of studying done. He couldn't remember the last time he'd done any homework. He certainly hadn't done anything substantial since a week earlier.

If you have to study, this is definitely the way to do it! Alan thought, as Amy jerked him off at the same mellow pace that Katherine had used. I'm actually remembering what I'm reading even while Amy's pleasuring me. If I'm going to keep up this six-times-a-day treatment for the long term, this is the only way to do it. Everybody seems to be having fun, and yet we're reading books too. There's just no way I can go on like I have been these past few days. As great as they've been, my dick is just plain going to fall off if the pace keeps up like that. A couple of weeks ago it seemed great, but now it consumes just about every free moment I have. My dick can handle this. Heck, compared to everything else that's been so intense, I think it hardly notices! Heh!

If I change my ways I might actually recover some kind of social life before my friends totally abandon me. And I might also be able to get back on track with my studies. This kind of mellow stroking is very relaxing, and doesn't tax me at all. What a great discovery!

Not surprisingly, the only one who wasn't restrained in her stimulation was Susan.

Katherine and Amy at least had books to read while they stroked. But by the time Amy's hands got too tired of stroking and she called for Susan to come in and take over, Alan had moved to his bed to read while lying there.

Susan didn't read a book on her own, but instead concentrated all her attention on stroking her son's cock. Instead of sitting next to him, she knelt on the floor right by his crotch. Her dress was far from bland, as she had chosen another see-through outfit. She jacked him off so fervently that there was really no pretense at "stealth" at all.


A few minutes of that was all she could take. She said, "Tiger, can we try an experiment? Let's see if a stealth blowjob works as well. After all, isn't that more fun for us both? Besides, we're leaving for a restaurant in less than half an hour and we won't be able to do this there. We don't want you to suffer blue balls while you're eating. I think you deserve a really nice, powerful cum."

Alan could hardly resist that logic, so he just said, "Knock yourself out, Mom."

"Mmmm," she cooed as she started to lick the tip, "Wash me clean with a warm bath of your sperm! I want you to cum hard all over your mommy!"

He replied, "Mom, you're supposed to keep it hard, not make it blow and get soft."

She had no reply to that, so she just kept up her happy licking. After a few minutes, she stopped to remove her see-through top.

He asked her, "Hey, why'd you do that?"

She stroked his boner while she sat up and explained, "Son, sucking your cock is very important to me. As far as I'm concerned, there's a right way and a wrong way. There are traditions to uphold, if you will. Sure, it's fun to wear something sexy to start out, but to me it just feels improper to bob or lick very long without my tits swinging freely." She leaned forward and set her rack swaying to emphasize her point. "A quality cocksucking involves practically the whole body. It's not just a matter of your visual stimulation; for me it's also my being able to feel my tits moving freely in response to whatever my mouth and head are doing. So please let me do this my way."

He grinned, amused by how seriously she was treating the task. "Sure, Mom. Knock yourself out."

She beamed with happiness, then again leaned down to resume her task. However, after less than a minute of licking and "Mmmm!"-ing, she suddenly engulfed his entire cockhead and then some.

He braced himself for the pleasure onslaught. Oh man! Here we go again! Such a RUSH of pleasure, and that's just from her lips sliding down tightly over my sweet spot on her first descent!

Oh God! And now she's starting to bob on me. This is INSANE! How on Earth am I expected to keep studying through this?! It's a challenge to even breathe! The fact that she's topless now does make it all so much better, but also so much more difficult. I'm gonna have to close my eyes or else I'm gonna blow too soon!

Indeed, it was too intensely pleasurable for him to even attempt to read the book. He tried a few times to read a paragraph or two, but it was hopeless. He decided that, as wonderful as the concept seemed, "stealth blowing" didn't really work well in practice (or at least not the way that his lusty mother practiced it). Still, he felt like he deserved such an intensely pleasurable reward for tackling a lot of homework.

She managed to blow him for a very long time before he finally hit the limit of his endurance and erupted like Vesuvius.

She was extremely gratified to take his load in her mouth. She'd gone without a sperm infusion the entire day, so the lake of cum on her tongue made her feel like she'd just had a delicious meal after days of fasting.

As usual, she was so happy that she didn't stop when he finished climaxing, but continued to lick his penis under the guise of cleaning it, hoping that she could get him hard and repeat the process all over again.

"Son, you have no idea what a delicious feast of sperm that was! Mmmm! I wish I could- mmmm! I wish I could just slather your penis and love it with my tongue all night long! Mmmm. Would you like that? Do you like how your- MMMM! Yum. Do you like how your big-titted mommy is cleaning you so thoroughly?"

"I love it. Even though I'm really sensitive down there right now, it feels good. But you don't really have to clean it like that each time."

"On the contrary! In my opinion, a cocksucking just isn't a proper cocksucking without a thorough cleaning afterwards. It's another vital part of the tradition. Mmmm. It's the least I can do for my well-hung and oh-so-virile boy."

Somehow, eventually, Susan was able to tear herself away from Alan's crotch. She kissed all over his face and then left his room. She was still topless and dripping with so much arousal that she idly wondered whether she should bother with covering her chest at all.

However, once she'd left Alan's cum-scented room, her guilt returned in spades. She hastily cleaned herself off and changed to less provocative clothing.

After she left, he thought, This is too good to be true. Stealth stroking. Ha! What a hoot! I am SOOO spoiled. It's like the ultimate sexual flattery for them to do that without complaint. But how long can this last? I have a feeling that someday I'll look back on this day and remember, "Oh yeah. That day that I fucked Glory, I got stealth stroked too. What a great day! Those were the best days of my life. That was right before the shit hit the fan and everything came crashing down."

I feel like I'm doing a high-wire balancing act. I don't know how long I can keep it up, both literally and figuratively. And then there's all this "my love" stuff with Glory today - I see broken hearts in the near future. I love Glory so much, but I can't stick with just her and be monogamous and vanilla straight like she wants. She would be one safe way out: I could marry my teacher. She's not that much older than me. But given the choice between that and a family orgy, I'm going to choose the family orgy every time. Sorry, Glory. I don't know how I can break that to her. Hell, I can't even tell her anything about what's happening at home.

He lay on his bed for a while, pondering what to do to keep all his women happy. No solutions magically appeared. He knew that he was just stretched too thin.


Susan knocked on the back door of the Pestridge house.

Suzanne was puzzled to hear the knocking at her back door, because no-one ever came in that way who would have needed to knock. She was dressed in a bikini, prepared to get in her hot tub for a relaxing soak, so she peeked through a window in an adjacent room to see who was at the door.

When she saw that it was Susan, she smiled and went to let her in.

Susan was fully dressed. She wore a very worried expression, but said inanely, "Howdy. I was watering the plants in the front yard and I saw you come home."

That actually was the case, since Suzanne had returned from Los Angeles just minutes before. Suzanne explained, "Yeah, you know how I needed to get back in time for some special dinner plans. Turns out I got lucky with the traffic, giving me some extra free time to unwind." (That was true, but mostly she was home early because Xania had unexpectedly been so well prepared.)

Susan replied, "Oh, goody! Suzanne, I have something extremely important to talk to you about. Can we take a little walk?"


This alarmed Suzanne, who tried to figure out what had made Susan so visibly upset. Her best guess was that Susan was having second thoughts about the passionate kissing they'd engaged in earlier in the day. She also wondered why Susan was meeting her in this unusual location, particularly at this time - it was after six o'clock, and quickly growing dark.

She nodded. "Sure. But what's going on with Sweetie? He's home now, right? What if he needs your... special attention?"

Susan looked abashed as she quietly admitted, "I just finished my turn a few minutes ago. With, uh, you know... his uh... stealth... help..." She found it difficult to discuss such sexual matters outside of her own house, even if it was just next door in Suzanne's doorway.

"Ah. I see. What's on your mind?"

The Pestridge backyard was very big, with a tennis court at the downhill end of the property. There was a lot of green lawn surrounded by trees, so they started to walk to the lawn.

Susan waited until they were clear of the house before she explained, "Suzanne, I just realized something extremely important! We talked a lot this morning, but we got so involved with, well... kissing and everything... and then Brenda showed up... so you didn't say one word about your..." - and now Susan looked very embarrassed - "... time with Tiger last night!"

Suzanne paused, waiting to hear the rest. Then it dawned on her that that was Susan's concern. She probed, "That's the big important thing that you're so keen to talk about? My anal sex with Sweetie last night? That's why you look so worried, to the point of being distraught?"

"Well, yes! I mean, that's huge! What could be more important than that?! Well, except if one of us had vaginal sex with him, of course." She blushed a little, obviously imagining that was happening to her. "How could I have forgotten to ask you about it?! I must be getting senile. Last night I was so excited to hear all the details that I had great trouble getting to sleep, so I wanted to bring it up as soon as I saw you. You have to tell me all about it. Everything!"

Suzanne was secretly amused, relieved, and pleased that her plan to entice Susan into having anal sex with Alan was working so well. And to think, I thought it was something really serious and worrisome. But with Susan's new sexual focus, what could be more important than that? I need to indulge her on this and talk to her about it until she's fully satisfied. If I can get her to open up about and get interested in anal sex, that'll be HUGE! I'm sure that once Sweetie starts sticking that big rod up her ass, it'll just be a matter of days before he's fucking her pussy, and then the last of her barriers will fall. Sexual utopia here we come! Hee-hee!

Trying to conceal her excitement, Suzanne said, "Of course, I'll be happy to tell you all about it." She dropped her voice into a loud stage whisper, as if she were passing on a tremendous secret. "For starters, it was GREAT!"

Susan's eyes got really big as she contemplated that answer. Breathlessly, she asked, "Really?!"

Suzanne smiled knowingly. "Really. Tell you what... why don't we put on something sexy and hang out on your back patio, and I'll tell you all about it. I'll detail every last sweaty grunt and sweetly piercing deep thrust, if you want."

"Okay, but... Can we talk about it by your hot tub instead?"

Suzanne frowned. "You know my rule about no sexual anything at my house," she pointed out. "Brad and Eric will be coming home soon."

Susan nodded. "Yeah, but that's why I want to talk about it there. You see..." - she looked away shyly, staring down towards the tennis court - "I kind of really enjoyed our kissing earlier, and I'm concerned that we'll... do it some more."

"Wait. I'm confused." Susan's statements seemed contradictory.

Susan squirmed, uncomfortably. "What I mean is, I'm dying to hear all about... what you did... and I don't want any... distractions. I figure that if we stay on your property with the threat of Brad and Eric returning, that'll help enforce the rules. Especially about kissing and touching. If we were back at my house, we'd probably be kissing already."

Suzanne had to admit to herself that that was true.

Susan made eye contact again as she went on. "Besides, we already violated your house rules once to talk about... you know... in the hot tub once before, so it won't be so bad if we do it again."

Suzanne smiled widely. "Sure." Susan was so earnest and cute that Suzanne couldn't say no. Besides, she knew that Brad and Eric were out together and she'd be able to hear the garage door open when they returned. And anyway, even if they did come home unnoticed, there was no way they'd be able to hear what was being said by the hot tub.

Also, Suzanne liked the idea of using their location to keep things tame, since they didn't have time to get frisky (and she was satiated from all the lesbian fun she'd just had with Xania). So she suggested, "Why don't we go inside and I'll get you a bathing suit to wear?"

"Yes, please," Susan eagerly agreed. She had no problem wearing Suzanne's bathing suits, since they wore the exact same sizes.


A couple of minutes later, the two bikini-clad bombshells got into the bubbly water of Suzanne's hot tub.


As soon as Susan was submerged to her waist, she said eagerly, "So... spill the beans already!"

Suzanne chuckled. "I have to say, your attitude on this subject seems to have changed quite a lot. When we discussed it here just a couple of days ago, the entire topic was almost too embarrassing for you to mention. What changed?"

Susan smiled, but uncomfortably. "You're right. I even asked you if... anal sex... 'was a thing.' But since then, I've thought about it, and... I've decided that my body belongs to my son. My ENTIRE body... so that includes my ASS! Now, if he actually fucks me, you know, full intercourse, that's a sin and a crime, but I can't say the same about taking him in my ass now, can I? That's not really incest, is it?"

"Of course not," Suzanne said firmly, as if there was no question about the matter. Actually, she was a bit surprised that Susan felt that way, and chalked it up to Susan's near-total lack of knowledge about anal sex.

Susan sat back with a great exhaling breath. "Phew! What a relief! That's what I thought. I talked about it some with Brenda this morning, when she came over but after you left. She hasn't done it yet herself, but she's all in favor. She's really smart, you know. I had some religious objections, but she shot them all down."

Suzanne mulled that over. "Did she? Hmmm. That's interesting. What else did she say about it?"

"Her main point was that if my body belongs to my Tiger, and if I've dedicated myself to serving him sexually, then how can I deny him my ass? What kind of fuck toy am I if I don't let him fuck me there too? Furthermore, not only should I let him do it, but I need to change my attitude so I'll crave it and even demand it."

Suzanne grinned. "Sounds to me like she makes some good points."

"I know! But that's the problem. That's all well and good in theory, but reality is another matter." She didn't want to admit that she'd spied on pretty much the entire anal sex session between Alan and Suzanne yesterday, so she lied, "I looked it up on-line the other day, and I saw some pictures and whatnot. It LOOKS really yucky, and it's a terribly wanton and taboo thing to do. I just don't know."

Suzanne knew about Susan's spying, but she pretended not to. She suspected Susan wasn't just lying about what she saw, but also how she felt, so she pressed, "You say it looks 'really yucky,' but didn't it also look strangely appealing? I'm assuming you could see the woman's face in some of these pictures. Didn't it look like she was experiencing great pleasure?"

"Yes. It looked like you were quite carried away. Er, I mean, uh, she was."

Suzanne had to stifle a snicker. She found it very endearing that Susan was such a terrible liar. It wasn't that Susan was stupid; she was such a good and moral person that she was almost physically incapable of lying. "Well then, what's yucky about that?"

"Everything!" Susan sighed heavily. "Oh dear me. I don't know. Am I way off base here? You've told me time and time again that incest is only putting the penis in the vagina. So, if Tiger wants to bugger my ass, how can I tell him no?"

Oh, this is going to be such fun! Suzanne had to resist the urge to rub her hands together and cackle with glee.

"You can't," Suzanne replied in her same confident tone. "You have no say in the matter. Brenda was right when she said that your entire body belongs to him. So you'd better get up to speed, because he might want to plow your ass at any time." She struggled to keep a straight face as she lowered the boom on her best friend. "It's only proper."

"I KNOW!" Susan said, her eyes bulging to show how emphatic her emotions were. "It's scary! Very scary! That hole is just so gross to me. I mean, poo! Need I say more?!"

Suzanne smiled indulgently at that. "I know what you mean. But really, it's not so bad. Look at it this way: just because that hole can be dirty some of the time doesn't mean that it has to be dirty all of the time. You can keep yourself so thoroughly clean back there that it could literally smell like a rose. Of course, some perfume would help with that. You could make it so clean, fragrant, and tempting that you'd be willing to lick it."

Susan made a face. "Ewww! No thank you! Never! I have my limits, even with Tiger. But enough of this talk. What happened yesterday?! How did you feel? Was it good as it looked?" She lamely lied to cover her mistake, "Er, compared to the pictures I saw, I mean." But she finished with a heartfelt, "I'm dying to know!"

"Okay, but what else did Brenda have to say?"

"She strongly suggested that I talk to you and learn about all the practical details, so I don't worry so much."

Suzanne grinned widely. "Turns out she is quite a clever one then." She chuckled at that self-flattering joke. "So what questions do you have for me then?"

"We can talk about practicalities later. First, I want the full story about last night!"

Suzanne teased, "Don't you want to know what I did for most of the day?"

"No! Later, maybe. Please, don't torture me!" Susan didn't care about Suzanne's day since Suzanne had told her in the morning that she had a bunch of "boring business stuff" to do.

Suzanne finally got around to telling Susan about her first anal sex experience with Alan from the night before. She surmised that Susan had seen and heard most or all of it, but she wanted to tell such an engaging account that Susan would be able to get a sense of how good it felt too. So she focused on describing just how much she loved it and how pleasurable it felt. Because she really did have a great time and had some intense orgasms, she wasn't tempted to lie, although she did exaggerate at times with the details.

Since Suzanne knew just how to push Susan's buttons, Susan was reduced to a quivering mass of unbridled lust and desire before too long.

Not surprisingly, Susan's bikini-clad globes floating in the water were a focus of her pleasure, since they were so super sensitive. However, Susan didn't feel free to fondle herself there since Suzanne could see her, and besides she was still trying to adhere to the "no sex at the Pestridge house" rule (not counting the temporary exception for the topic of their discussion).

The natural thing for Susan to do would have been to play with her pussy, since that was far enough underwater that Suzanne couldn't easily see what was happening there. And she did furtively rub her clit through her bikini bottoms, at first. But the more Suzanne raved about anal sex, the more Susan got to thinking about her ass. She grew extremely curious as to just how sensitive she was back there. Then it occurred to her that one of the jets shooting more water into the tub was right behind her. As Suzanne kept on talking, Susan furtively shifted her position until the jet was blasting directly against her ass crack.

That certainly felt good, but it wasn't enough to satisfy her sudden anal fixation. So, a couple of minutes later, Susan surreptitiously reached back and pulled her bikini bottoms to the side so the jet of water was firing directly at her ass crack.

That felt much better, and increased her anal desire. Soon thereafter, she casually shifted her arm positions so she could hold her ass cheeks apart and fully expose her tightly clenching anus to the blast of bubbly water.


"What?" Suzanne asked.

Susan was startled, and then realized that Suzanne was looking at her funny in response to her unexpected yelp. Susan got very nervous, and frantically tried to remember the last thing Suzanne was talking about. Luckily for her, she had been paying partial attention, and the talk was arousing. (That was no surprise, since everything Suzanne said was pretty much specifically designed to further arouse Susan.)

"Um," Susan said, stalling for time. "I was just, uh, reacting to what you were saying. It's so hot! You know, how you were, uh, squeezing his big cock with such force and strength. Wow, you must have really been driving him delirious with all your talented moves." She was proud of herself, because that was something Suzanne had just been talking about.

"Yeah," Suzanne smirked. And I'm sure your weird little yelp had nothing to do with the way you're sitting right on top of one of the jets and holding your ass cheeks open wide. Riiiight! Susan wasn't nearly as successful at being sneaky as she thought she was, especially with Suzanne. Even Susan's body was a terrible liar, since Suzanne could read her face (and even her body movements) like a book. Plus, Suzanne knew all about the jets. When she'd purchased the hot tub, she'd even made sure to buy one with the jets that were placed for the best masturbation potential. In fact, she was secretly using the jets on her own ass as she talked.

Thinking that she'd dodged a bullet, Susan went back to experimenting with the jet on her ass while listening to the rest of Suzanne's anal sex story. Between the words and the direct stimulation, Susan had never been so anally aroused in her life. It was all so exciting for her that she began to put all her worries aside and focus on how enjoyable anal sex could be.

Suzanne spent more time describing the anal sex with Alan than the time the sex act had actually taken in the first place. The more aroused Susan got, the more Suzanne waxed grandiosely about the "power" and "domination" of Alan's "massive cock" on (and in!) Suzanne's "defenseless, helpless ass."

Susan loved every word, and since she'd seen what Suzanne was describing with her own eyes, she could put precise images to the words, heightening her arousal even more. So she was very sad when Suzanne finally came to the end of her account. The only frustration Susan had was that she felt like her entire body was aflame with lust and arousal, but she hadn't climaxed yet and she wasn't even close to climaxing.

This led her to ask questions about anal pleasure. From there, she peppered Suzanne with all kinds of anal sex questions, just as Brenda had suggested her to do.

Suzanne gently clued her in, with a focus on the kind of practical information and precautions Susan would need if she were really to have anal sex. However, there was one question that Suzanne couldn't easily answer: just how much pleasure would Susan really get from anal sex?

Finally, Suzanne decided that she'd answered all of Susan's other important questions. Plus, Susan was still extremely aroused, but she might not stay at that erotic plateau much longer. So she commented, "You know, you keep asking in different ways if you're built for anal sex or not. Sure, you might get a vague idea by blasting a jet of water on your asshole or something like that. But to really know, you need to probe... deeper. I recommend first trying a small dildo... or someone else's finger or two."

Suzanne was having a little fun by "innocently" mentioning the jet of water, and sure enough, Susan blanched in just about the most guilty and revealing way possible. But Suzanne played dumb, although the whole thing secretly amused her.

Suzanne had set the hook, and soon enough, Susan shyly asked for her help in finding out how anally sensitive she was. Of course, Suzanne was only too happy to help.

They had to get out of the hot tub waters for sanitary reasons, but they were both so excited that they took up their positions right next to the tub, with their naked bodies glistening with dripping water. (Suzanne had been secretly playing with herself just as much as Susan had, and she'd aroused herself with her own story as well, so they were both nearly equally hot and bothered.)

Susan lay face down on a big white towel placed on the redwood deck, with another one folded up into a pillow under her hips. Her face and tummy were on the towel, but her ass was up in the air so Suzanne could have easy access to it. Suzanne also had Susan close her eyes, and before long, Susan completely forgot that she was outside.

Suzanne considered going inside to get some anal dildos, but she didn't want to risk losing the mood due to any sort of delay. Besides, she figured the next step Susan would be most at ease with was if she used her fingers, so that's what she did. After all, she knew Susan had fingered Alan's anus, so Susan at least had experienced that from the reverse perspective.

Since Suzanne knew how to push Susan's buttons, she told her to imagine that it was Alan behind her, playing with her ass. Then she kept talking to her like she really was Alan. Not surprisingly, that kept Susan at a fever pitch of excitement, even when Suzanne slowly and carefully inserted a single finger into Susan's anus.

It became clear soon enough, to both of them, that Susan had the capacity for a lot of anal pleasure, because just the finger insertion sent shivers and tingles all throughout her body. This immediately improved Susan's "anal confidence," and greatly increased her willingness to try out anal sex with Alan.


However, Susan also immediately and reflexively tensed up from feeling this unfamiliar anal invasion, and her muscles clamped down tightly around Suzanne's finger, making it difficult for Suzanne to do much.

But Suzanne didn't worry. She just kept role playing that she was Alan, while also repeatedly using her most soothing voice to urge Susan to relax. At the same time, she took the opportunity to stress that the relaxation of the woman, and her acceptance and sweet surrender to the probing intruder, was the key to any successful anal play for both partners.

Susan was already extremely horny, but in a mellow, blissful kind of way, so more relaxation came easily to her. She just needed a few minutes to grow accustomed to the totally new anal sensations. Even the jet of water on her ass, as nice as it had been, was an entirely different sensation than having a finger in there.

After a few minutes, Suzanne deemed it was time to insert a second finger. That one went in a little bit more easily and with less involuntary muscle clenching, because it was like Susan's entire body had turned to Jell-O already. Susan trusted and loved Suzanne so much that she couldn't have possibly felt any more relaxed, trusting, and safe. She was confident she'd feel the same way when the time came with Alan too.

After several more minutes of Suzanne anally probing her and cooing sweet nothings, Susan was frustrated that she still didn't seem close to an anal orgasm.

Suzanne had to explain, "Look, it's very rare for a woman to experience an orgasm from anal stimulation alone. With us women, orgasms are nearly all about the clitoris. The vast majority of the time when you cum, it's a clitoral orgasm. Some women, I hear about 20 percent, climax during fucking due to stimulation of the G-spot, and that's called a vaginal orgasm. But the G-spot is really kind of the backside of the clit, so again it boils down to the clit. Now, about another 20 percent of women can also climax strictly from breast play alone, and you're obviously one of those. The odds aren't good that you'll be orgasmically blessed there and in the ass too."

"Then how do I cum? I need to cum really bad right now!"

Suzanne continued to plunge two fingers in and out as she explained, "Think of it kind of like vaginal sex: with all the thrusting and rubbing during fucking, the clit gets stimulated and you cum that way. In this case, the anal sex builds you up to a peak of arousal, and then this... pushes you over." Right as Suzanne said "this," she reached around with her other hand and squeezed Susan's clit.

Sure enough, Susan exploded with orgasmic pleasure. Since they were outside and on Suzanne's property to boot, she managed to restrain herself from screaming, but from the way her body trembled all over it was obvious that it had been a good one.

Afterwards, with both of them sitting facing each other on the towel, Susan said, "That was... something! Thank you. Now I won't be so afraid if and when Tiger tries something... there."

"Really? Wow, I'm impressed with your attitude," Suzanne said sincerely. She thought about the countless hours she'd spent talking to Susan before Susan was primed to perform handjobs or blowjobs. She'd been worried she'd have to make a similar effort for anal sex.

"Well, it is still scary and gross. I mean, if there's any kind of icky stuff back there, forget it! I'll clean up with an enema first, thank you very much. And it's kind of wrong and perverted! I mean, that's not what God made that hole for. But on the other hand, if I can't have normal sex with my Tiger, this may be the next best thing. I have to give it a try, I just have to! Perhaps we'll both love it enough, we won't be tempted to use that other hole."

Susan nervously looked down and hunched her shoulders. "It's a risk, but I'm willing to take it for my lover."

Suzanne thought about it. The last thing she wanted was for Susan to use anal sex as a complete substitute for vaginal sex. But she felt pretty confident the opposite would happen, if she kept pushing things along. It seemed that the more comfortable Susan got with sex, the more sex she wanted, and the more sexual variety she enjoyed.

Before Suzanne could respond to that, Susan continued, "But in any case, I don't know if I buy your theory about anal orgasms. Sure, I came right when you touched my clit, but I felt all this tingly excitement in my ass! Like, deep inside! And that was just with your fingers. Imagine if Tiger's big cock was in there instead! I'll bet I could cum that way too."

"Perhaps," Suzanne said reluctantly. "The fact is, both men and women can even cum without any tactile stimulation at all. It's very rare, but it happens. Anything's possible. And our privates are kind of connected down there, sometimes in mysterious ways. For instance, maybe you think it's all the ass, but your G-spot or clit ends up being stimulated in some way too. Heck, there are times when my nipples are touched and it's like my pussy is being touched too. I feel a powerful tingle down there."

"Oooh! Me too!" Susan raised her hand and waved it around, like an overeager student. "In fact, that happens to me ALL the time!"

Suzanne chuckled at Susan's earnest eagerness. "Look, the fact is, when women have anal sex, the vast majority of the time, they end up having a really good, strong climax. I certainly did last night! Maybe how it works varies. But if you're ever close in the middle of anal sex and you want to go over the edge, try the clit. That's what works with me."

"Yeah, but maybe that's just because you're so clitorally minded? You always say that you're extra sensitive down there."

Suzanne grinned lasciviously. "Well, I am a very 'cunt' minded woman, when it comes to sex. But trust me, the clit'll work for any woman."

The two gorgeous mothers continued to hang out by the hot tub and talk about anal sex. By the time they were done, Susan's knowledge on the subject had multiplied many times over. And the more she knew, the less she was afraid. However, she still felt a deep seated taboo for anal sex that could not be easily changed.


Suzanne came over to the Plummer house a few minutes before seven o'clock. She could have taken Alan aside and told him (and Katherine) not to worry about the psychologist, but she decided not to. She thought it would be immensely more entertaining for them otherwise, especially given the sexy plans she'd worked up with Xania already. Furthermore, genuine reactions would help convince Susan that the appointment was for real. After all, the entire scheme was for Susan's sake, and anything else was just a bonus.

Suzanne had rushed back from her second day-trip to make arrangements in L.A. so she could join the others for dinner. The idea was that all the Pestridges and all the Plummers would have a fancy dinner at a restaurant to celebrate Alan's and Amy's new status as boyfriend and girlfriend. And "all" for once actually meant "all" - even Amy's brother Brad and her father Eric would attend.

The unusual presence of Brad and Eric colored the event and removed any possibility of even subtle flirtation. The last thing Suzanne wanted was her son or husband to suspect that something sexual was happening at the Plummer house, so she made a personal, special plea to everyone, and in particular to Katherine, not to try any under-the-table hanky-panky or the like.

Everyone was dutifully respectful of those wishes during the meal, and absolutely nothing sexual happened at the restaurant, not even between Alan and Amy, which technically would have been allowed.


All women were thoroughly covered as well, with Suzanne as the only one to show off any cleavage (since she was the only one who could do that in such a public situation and have it seem in character). Alan was even forced to wear a jacket and tie, which made him feel like a total stuffed shirt.

In fact, the entire dinner was so normal that it seemed to Alan to be just about the most surreal thing he'd experienced in ages. It was as if the clock was turned back a couple of months and nothing sexual had ever happened between any of them. What made it even stranger was that they ate at a Chinese restaurant. Alan couldn't forget Susan's shared fantasy of stripping and jacking him off in the middle of an imaginary Chinese restaurant just days earlier.

Alan was lost in a mental fog for most of the dinner. He mostly pondered the mysteries of Eric and Brad. He thought, What the hell is wrong with Eric? He has frigging Suzanne for a frigging wife and he never has sex with her anymore? How is that even POSSIBLE?! Is he totally loony? But they seem so formal and restrained here, sitting next to each other, as if they were two strangers who just happen to be sitting at the same table. Anyone could see that all the love has gone out of their marriage. How did it happen? There must be a tangled tale there somewhere, but Suzanne gets very mysterious about it.

At least I can see why she wouldn't want to have sex with him anymore. He used to be handsome, I suppose, but man, he's really ballooned out and let himself go. If you've got a wife like her who exercises fanatically every day, there's no way you can get a big beer belly like that and expect to keep her, let alone get her hot for you.

And what's up with Brad? How does he deal with having a mother as sexy as Suzanne and a sister as sexy as Amy? Hmmm. I should think about how I was up until a short while ago. I repressed my feelings and tried my damnedest to avoid thinking of them that way, or else I would have gone slowly insane. Maybe he's doing the same thing I was. Is he a raging inferno of barely-controlled lust, or does he just not care and truly focuses his energies on fishing and cars and football and all that "manly" stuff he likes so much? Does he have any clue about what's going on in this house? Amy and Suzanne must come home with that just-had-a-big-orgasm fresh, glowing face, like, ALL the time. And they don't always shower before going home. Sometimes they must come in smelling like a whorehouse. Hasn't Eric or Brad noticed?

If either of them finds out, everything will be totally ruined. Dang. My whole life hangs on their continued cluelessness. Luckily, they both seem pretty clueless. Just looking at them eating their fois gras and drinking their Sauvignon, I'm not getting any subtle hints or vibes that they know or suspect anything. Thank God!

After many toasts to the "happy couple," the dinner mercifully ended. Alan was relieved that both Brad and Eric seemed to heartily approve of him and Amy being together. The last thing Alan wanted was either of them snooping around just to see what the "happy couple" really did.

As they left the restaurant, Brad walked up to Alan when the others weren't near and said to him, "Hey man, please treat her right. She's my sister, y'know. I don't want to see her unhappy."

Alan replied, "Don't worry, I'm with you there. She deserves a lot of happy."

"She does." Brad patted Alan on the shoulder and walked away.

Alan thought, Wow. Mr. Talkative. That's what, three whole sentences from him? But while he may be a man of few words, I can see from his eyes that he really loves Amy and only wants the best for her. I've got a feeling that if I screw up he'd be more than happy to kick my ass.

Alan was so cooled off from the uneventful dinner that once they got back home, he gladly went back to his homework without any stealth stroking assistance.

In fact, everyone seemed to have cooled off. Earlier in the day, he thought that he'd end up fucking Amy by the end of the evening, but everyone was so unaroused, not to mention stuffed with food, that the idea didn't even come up. The dinner seemed to shake everyone up a little bit, since it was a powerful reminder of how their lives used to be just a short time ago, not to mention the dangers of getting caught.

He was concerned that the dinner experience might have knocked Susan back into some kind of guilty mode, but that wasn't exactly the case. True, she was feeling very anxious now, but mostly because of the psychologist's appointment scheduled for tomorrow. She'd never been to a psychologist before and had no idea what would happen. Despite Suzanne's assurances about Xania's character, Susan had visions of being put into a straightjacket and sent off to a mental institution because of her newfound incestuous and lesbian urges.

She had a bit of a "my last night before they hang me in the morning" feeling. So rather than go without her usual goodnight kiss and tuck-in tradition, she was more determined to do it than ever, as if this would be her last one.

She came into Alan's room after ten o'clock while he was still working on his computer.

Although he wasn't aroused in the slightest, that changed in a flash as soon as he looked at his mother at the door. She wore one of her frilly, see-through nighties.

She whispered nervously, "Tiger, do you still want me to kiss you goodnight?"

He leapt up, crossed the room, and embraced her. "Of course, I do, Mom! I don't know how I could ever live without your tuck-ins. In fact, if the doctor has you stop tomorrow, I don't know how I'm going to go on with anything. I love you and need your love so very much." His hands roamed up and down her back gently, before slowly coming to a stop at the top of her ass. He very slowly and deliberately grabbed two handfuls of flesh and squeezed softly.

That response made her very happy. "Oh, my darling son!" she gasped. "I love you too!" Her anxiousness seemed to melt away as their lips met.

Alan deftly pulled off Susan's nightie, leaving it pooled on the floor. They French kissed for many minutes while their hands groped, gripped, and caressed each other sensuously. They moved to his bed to get more comfortable.

Susan found Alan's erection under the blankets, and played with it lovingly. By now, she was more than ready to give her son another blowjob.

However, he didn't want it just then. He carefully pried her hands away from his overworked organ.

He held her hand, kissed it tenderly, and said, "Mom, don't be so anxious. This is NOT going to be our last chance to do this, okay? I won't let that happen. You have no idea how at the end of my rope I am today. Although I only came four times, that's still an incredible number for most guys. The dinner and homework was actually a very good thing for me, because it gave my dick a chance to recover. Let's wait till tomorrow. We'll have a big send-off before my scouting trip. It'll be after your appointment is over, so you won't have to worry. How's that sound?"

He searchingly looked up from her hands to her eyes and gave her a warm smile.

She whined, "But Tiger, I only had one load today. Just one! And earlier I had it in my mouth and then Angel cruelly stole it away! That's even worse than going completely without. And then the way you sneaked home without greeting me; that was so mean. And outside, on the patio? I was foiled again!"

"Sorry," he said, feeling kind of bad for her.

"Don't you love your big-titted mommy? Don't you want to bury your face in her tits and then fuck them with your big, thick, hot tube of tasty cock-meat? Mommy needs it like a drug, baby. Or she can't get a good night's sleep. Please!" She furtively tried to reclaim her hold on her son's half-hard dick.

Alan was resolute, carefully pulling her hands away from his crotch once again.


So Susan upped her advances. She suddenly leaned forward, clutched her tits in her hands, and moaned, "Oh no! Son, I'm in pain."

He was up in a flash, ready to help. "What's wrong, Mom?" he said as urgently as if she was having a heart attack.

In fact, she was just fine. She held her ample tits as if they were made of lead, and complained, "Oh dear. Mommy's tits hurt really bad. They're so full of milk! My hooters are so big and heavy that I'm afraid I'm going to fall over. Tiger, can't you help? Can you suck my nipples until my tits feel better? Please bathe them with your warm tongue."

Alan of course belatedly realized that there was no medical emergency, but her ruse still worked. There was no way he could keep his hands (or mouth) off her after that.

He laughed good-naturedly, and said, "All right, all right. The milkman is here to take your bottles of milk away, but only if you promise to keep your hands from that certain spot between my legs. Little Alan Junior desperately needs a rest. Deal?"

Susan was gleeful at the milkman idea, and happily agreed as she laughed with joy. "Tiger, you're my big, strong milkman. Come to my house in the middle of the day while my husband is gone and give me a special delivery!"

Although he decided the idea of burying his face in her tits and then fucking them was too good to pass up, he at least kept his resolve not to cum.

Despite her agreement to behave, she couldn't really control herself, so as he sucked her engorged nipples, he had to repeatedly swat her insistent hands away from his groin. But it was all fun for both of them. It was like a tickling game, except it involved a lot of stroking of his erection, since he let her "win" most of the time.

When the playing around got too intense and he felt his resolve weakening to the breaking point, he gingerly disengaged himself from her eager hands. He left the room to take a cold shower so he could cool down his libido.

When he got back to his room, Susan was still sitting there, with his bed sheet partly wrapped around her. She'd cooled down too, and they just chatted a while. He offered to give her back massage and she gladly accepted. But he made sure to keep it really just a massage of her back and nowhere else, even though he sat on her naked butt while he did it.

Alan greatly enjoyed these moments of intimacy, and he helped calm her fears about the upcoming appointment. It was also a good way for him to decompress from the events of the day and work through his own fears. He pointed out that if Suzanne trusted Xania, they should trust her too.

Susan agreed - she placed her complete trust in Suzanne, much more than any other person besides her own children.

They had a parting kiss, though it was brief so Alan wouldn't have to take another cold shower. When their lips parted, he said, "We all have to trust Suzanne on this. She may scheme sometimes, but she always has our best interests at heart, and she certainly wouldn't fool around with something as important as this. You know I love you, right?"

Susan nearly swooned at her son's endearing words. "Yes," she answered quietly. "I know. And I love you too."

"And Suzanne loves us all, so let's hope love will get us through this. Okay? As for me, I think I'm pretty thoroughly 'tucked-in.'"

Susan laughed. "Your old mother can take a hint. I'm just going to have to go back to my room and play with you in my dreams." She kissed him lightly on the nose, picked up her nightie and left with a friendly wave.

He watched her swish and sway her naked ass until she was finally out the door and closed it behind her.

He laid in his bed and marveled over his great luck yet again. I've gotten fucked by Glory, Akami and all six cheerleaders, including Amy and my own sister. Okay, technically, not Janice yet, but I will. And not Amy yet either, but I can do her any time. I could do her tomorrow in the living room and the others would probably watch and clap. I just need to have a talk with Suzanne about it first, is all. I'm getting awful close with some others. Of course, my mom and Aunt Suzy are at the top of the list. And now there's Brenda. I think she'll be a pretty good and easy fuck. That's a total of eleven totally gorgeous women!

The thing is, I feel so confident and experienced now that I'll bet I could walk down the beach tomorrow, find the most gorgeous woman there, and immediately take her to bed. I KNOW I could! And I'd fuck her silly and leave her begging for my cum, which everyone seems to think is the bee's knees, for some reason. Well, okay, if she's married or has a serious boyfriend, maybe not. But still. Sometimes, maybe even then!

Having this kind of power is pretty cool. This aggressive and confident attitude works wonders. I'm just radiating sex now, after all these experiences, and women are picking up on it. All the girls in class are after me now, 'cos I radiate a different vibe than before. Shit, lately even some guys are giving me the eye. Yuck! It's all about attitude and confidence. Maybe I'm giving off some kind of sex smell... What do they call it? Pheromones, I think. If my level of pheromones has gone up like the rest of my sexual abilities, then that could explain why women are getting so excited over me.

Like Brenda. What the fuck is up with that woman? I gather she's not that easy with most guys. Yet, at the start of school this fall I would have been in heaven just to be kissed by Christine.

Screw Christine! I could totally get her in bed now with my newfound talents, but I'm not going to, just to say 'fuck you very much' for turning me down. I think I'd rather fuck the whole fucking cheerleading squad in one go, my sister included! Plus, I have too many women to handle as it is, and she could be dangerous if she found out about the incest.

But I need to be careful not to turn into a jerk. Confidence is good, but it's way too easy to become an arrogant asshole for someone in my lucky position. I feel so sorry for the other six billion people on Earth. How I got picked to be the one guy in these shoes, I'll never understand. If someone made a story about all this, nobody, fucking NOBODY would believe it.

It seems all too good to be true, and maybe it is. Maybe tomorrow the psychologist will put an end to it all, even though I don't really believe that'll happen. Aunt Suzy picked a good and understanding psychologist, I'm sure. She said this Xania is an old college friend of hers, so she can't be wrong about her, right? But, in a way I'd feel relief to put an end to this high-wire act. I can just barely handle getting erect so many times a day and it's all I can do to make it to the Boy Scout trip starting tomorrow night. If it weren't for the variety of women doing so many different and completely sexy things to me, I never would have made it this far and kept up my "fuck monster" reputation, not to mention my daily quota.

But no matter what happens, the psychologist can't really do much, can she? She lives in L.A., so it's not like she'll be able to check up on what we do afterwards, and she doesn't have any legal power over us. Things with the cheerleaders and Glory and Aunt Suzy are bound to keep going, at the very least. My sister, my 'number one fuck toy,' certainly won't stop fucking me just because some psychologist we don't even know might recommend we cool it. And of course Amy is completely dependable. And no matter what, I won't let things stop with Mom. No way. So I'll just have to take whatever comes.


Alan closed his eyes and started to drift off to sleep. But his night wasn't over as soon as he'd thought it would be.

Katherine hoped to start her own goodnight kiss tradition with him, and this night, for once, there was nothing and no one to stop her.

She quietly knocked on his door, but there was no response. She let herself in anyway. "Alan? Brother? Big Hat Rack Brother? You awake?" She walked to his bed and lightly shook his shoulder.

He rolled over and rubbed his eyes. Before him, in the dim light that came through his window, he saw his naked sister. "I am now. What is it?"

"I was thinking. You and Mom have such fun with your nightly kisses. Couldn't you and I start our own goodnight kiss tradition? It's not like she could complain about that, now." She sat down at the foot of his bed and began to gently caress his upper thigh absent-mindedly through the covers.

"I'd like that, Supremely Suckable Smaller Sister, except for one thing. You always want to go further. I don't want to be sister-raped every night before I go to bed."

She rolled her eyes. "Brother, Brother, Brother. And I used to think you were so smart. You act like having your sister rape you is some kind of bad thing." She giggled. "But okay, I promise I'll be mellow. Just kissing." After a pause, she added significantly, "This time." She winked.

He smiled at that, and said, "Tell that to Mom. I'm sure she thought a goodnight kiss was actually just a goodnight kiss at some point. Maybe the first or second time. You should have seen the way she was aggressively all over me just now."

Katherine inched forward and smiled seductively. "Oooh! Is that an invitation to watch next time? Or are you just referring to setting up video cameras for later viewing?" She giggled.

He rolled his eyes. "Neither, my beautiful sister. This is what I mean. You've got to keep it cool."

"I promise I'll let you lead the way. Imagine my hands are made of lead. They won't leave my side."

He realized, Once this tradition gets started, it's gonna be expected every night without fail, just like with Mom now. Most nights, by the time I'm ready to go to bed, I am soooo totally dead. My dick is usually so sore that it's about to fall off. Then Mom wrings whatever little sexual energy I have left out of me with her "goodnight kiss," and I zonk out like a dead man. Of course, it's all so pleasurable that I can't really complain. Dang, Mom has become a total expert on sucking cock, that's for sure!

But, on the other hand, I really owe it to Sis. I've been so focused on Mom and neglecting my sister, like with these goodnight kisses and tuck ins, which really should be called goodnight tuck and sucks. I love Sis, so very, very much! Of course I'd love a goodnight kiss from her every night. But I just can't deal with the energy of so many women. Let's do this, but in a way so it doesn't get locked in as a tradition already.


He sat up in bed and held her face with his hands. He drew her in close, as if to kiss her.

Katherine smiled in anticipation with her large puppy dog eyes. Despite all they'd done to each other, her heart was pounding hard simply from the prospect of sharing an intimate kiss.

He was eager to kiss her too. But first, he said, "Okay, Sis. Let's face facts and be realistic. I predict that regardless of what happens with this psychologist visit tomorrow, I'm gonna be fucking Mom sooner or later. Probably sooner. Mom may not realize it yet, but it's obvious that her resistance to that is weakening by the day. When that happens, there won't be any need to keep the fact that you and I are fucking a secret any longer. So I imagine that some nights, I'll be sleeping with you, and some nights I'll be sleeping with her. Who knows? Maybe we'll all be sleeping together sometimes."

Katherine briefly raised a fist in triumph. "Yes! Excellent! God I've been waiting soooo long for that, Bro. So friggin' long. Do you know how many damn nights I've waited for you to come into my bedroom and fuck me? Let's just call it A LOT!" She giggled. "Even though I know you're not going to be with Mom down the hall, or me, the idea that you COULD makes it hard to sleep. You could!"

He said, "Wait. You mentioned me sneaking into your room or Mom's room. Do both those things arouse you?"

"Of course! I'm sure it's hard for you to understand the fuck toy mentality. When I think of you with someone like Mom, I get super jealous, but super turned on too! I love that we're both totally helpless, sleeping so close to your room. You could sneak in any time and wake me after slipping your cock deep inside my pussy! And you could do the same to Mom! Isn't that HOT?"

He chuckled. "Well, yeah. For me."

"For me too! I want to hold you at night. All night. So bad! It's been so incredibly long since we've really been together. I miss the feeling of having you inside me so much!"

He continued to hold and caress her face. "Me too. But the point is, the whole idea of the goodnight kiss is probably gonna change. So let's not fix any tradition in stone just yet, okay? Let's just enjoy a casual goodnight kiss now and see how this all shakes out, tomorrow with this Xania woman, and beyond."

"Yeay! Goodnight kiss! Goodnight kiss! Kiss me, Big Boinking Buxom Bouncing Birds Brother!" She hugged him tight, her joy infectiously spreading to him. She pulled back and puckered her lips expectantly.

Alan couldn't help but smile. "You're really into the B alliteration thing lately, aren't you, Little Svelte Sexy Siren Succubus Sister?" He rubbed his nose against hers adoringly.

She giggled at that and then grabbed him. They went at it.

He tried to keep up with his sister's enthusiasm, but that was hard to do.

She was a great kisser and let him know that fact over and over again. But she kept her promise and kept her arms by her sides.

Alan went to bed very satisfied, feeling profoundly loved by his sister and mother in equal measure.


Alan woke up in the middle of the night, around midnight. As he lay there in deep thought, he felt bad about refusing his mother a cum load during her goodnight kiss.

He thought, A lot of people are counting on me. I know it's tough, constantly pushing what I can do physically, but Mom really needs me. I didn't cum for her at all today except for the one time. And sneaking past her to take a nap was childish. She was so bummed. She's so worried, I wonder whether she'll even be able to sleep tonight. I not only have all these rewards, I also have a responsibility to keep the women who love me pleased. I should really go in there and give her what she needs. With a few hours of sleep under my belt, I've recovered enough to handle it and enjoy it.

Still flushed with his recent sexual successes, he got up and walked into his mother's bedroom. The last time he'd done this, he wore pajamas and knocked politely on her door. But this time he came in nude and just let himself in. She lay asleep with the covers off of the top half of her body.

Alan was tempted to grab her big boobs and wake her up in some aggressive way. Maybe I should wake her up sitting on her face with my dick in her mouth. That would feel good! But at heart he was very well mannered, so he pushed such thoughts out of his head. Who am I kidding? How could I think that, when she looks so beautiful and peaceful, just lying there?

He leaned down and tapped her on the shoulder. "Mom, wake up."

Susan's eyes fluttered open with surprise as she came out of her slumber. "What is it? Who's there?" she said groggily as she rolled over in bed.

"It's me - Alan."


Her eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness. She saw him standing there, naked and with a hard-on. She immediately sat up in bed and looked at him with blurred vision, since her glasses weren't within reach. "Alan, we can't," she said firmly, though sadly.

Alan could tell that, for some reason, she thought he'd come to fuck her. "Mom, I'm not here about that. I'm just here because I have a raging hard-on and I know how much you hate it if I masturbate myself. You told me I should wake you up at any time, so here I am."

It took her a bit to register that, and then wake up more fully. She looked worried and felt vulnerable, still uncertain if he had finally gotten aggressive enough to come and have sex with her.

But he just stood there and politely waited for her.

She looked down at his stiff erection, which twitched and poked towards her, and finally said, "Oh. I see... Hmmm. Well, I guess I'd better take care of it then. Why don't you kneel over by the side of the bed here and I'll suck it for you."

"Thanks, Mom, you're the best." He thought, She said that just like when I was a little kid and I'd come home with a bloody cut and she'd offer to put a band-aid on it. I don't know why, but her motherly, helpful tone is such a turn-on!

He also thought, As beautiful as Mom is, she's even more beautiful with her glasses off. Dang, she is something else.

Susan rubbed the bleariness out of her eyes and grabbed a hold of his erection as he knelt down by the edge of the bed where she sat up. A big, contented smile crossed her face as she began to rub it. She said, "You're such a thoughtful son. I went to bed dissatisfied, but now you're making up for it. What a nice little surprise midnight snack you've given me... Or should I say, a nice big snack! Soooo big..."

Alan noticed she wore a nightie that hung halfway down her stomach, and asked, "By the way, Mom, why aren't you sleeping naked? I thought you love being naked these days."

"Yes, that's true, but I'm naked so often nowadays that I'm afraid over time my boobs will lose support and start to sag. I'm not a teenager anymore, you know. So Suzanne and I have both started to wear these types of tops to bed. They keep my boobs firm and high for you, and the rest of me gets to stay naked."

This latest turn of conversation put her more at ease, and she thought, What was I thinking? Tiger would never take advantage of me; he's not that kind of guy. He's a good boy!

She also began to feel more frisky, as the delightful prospect of more cocksucking fully registered with her brain. She pulled down her blankets with her free hand and said, "See? I only wear this little top. That way there's nothing down below to stop me from masturbating. And believe me, I masturbate all the time, thinking only of you. A couple of times every day, at the very least."

Her hand caressed the top as she mentioned it, and then her hand drifted down her stomach. She petted her bush briefly and licked her lips seductively as she looked directly into his eyes. But then she focused on the cocksucking request.

She turned around in bed to face him and kicked her covers all the way off. She put her face down by the edge of the bed and stuck her ass high up in the air. She knew that he loved to see her naked ass wiggle while she sucked him off.

After a few minutes, he reached across her back and inserted a finger into her anus. (He'd thoroughly licked the finger first, to make sure it at least had some lubrication.) He'd done this many times before, but for the past few days she'd been terribly excited by anal sex fantasies, so his fingering really set her off this time.

She thought, Tiger is getting my ass ready! He's probing and widening my tightest hole so he can eventually insert that monster tree trunk of his into my ass! Shove it in, Tiger! Not just one finger, but two! Ream your mommy! Yes!

She got so aroused by the anal intrusion that her whole ass shook as if it was a blender on a high setting.

That was too exciting for Alan, and he gave up his load without much struggle. He filled her mouth with a healthy helping of cum, though it still wasn't up to his usual number of ropes.

Susan was fully into it now, and she eagerly drank down each new squirt as he came in her mouth.


After she got him off (and got off herself), she remained lying face down on her bed with her ass up in the air.

He walked around the bed to get a direct view of her rear side.

Seeing his attention focused there, she pushed her ass up even higher, hoping that he might take the hint that her ass was his for the taking, even if her pussy wasn't. To goad him on (and arouse herself in the process), she said, "How is it I always find myself in these kinds of humiliating positions? It seems like you're going to have your way with your helpless mommy yet again!"

Alan, however, was only human, and knew he'd be unable to get erect again anytime soon. He stared at her ass, and thought, It is completely unreal that I am not fucking this woman already. But I've sworn that I'm not going to do it until she agrees first. I am not going to force myself on my own loving mother!

She remained perched up like that for a minute or two, but with no better reaction than a hand of his that softly caressed her ass, with a pouty "Oh, poo!" she gave up and sat up to face him.

He said, "Mom, do you think it would be all right if I just spent the rest of the night here with you? It's such a big bed. And if I have my particular problem again, you can be right here."

She wiped away a small droplet of her son's cream dribbling down her chin, and considered the tempting idea. She remembered her concerns and her desire to see a psychologist. With a start she realized that the meeting would be in the morning, just hours away. She knew that if they slept together, odds were good they would almost certainly end up fucking before the night was over.

So she reluctantly said, "No Tiger. I'd like that, but we can't. Not tonight. For one thing, I've been tossing and turning most of the night and I need to sleep. Secondly, I might just roll on top of you in my sleep and who knows what might happen? Since your pole is almost always erect, I could easily get my pussy impaled on your cock and you might accidentally pump a hot load of sticky cum into mommy's cunt before either of us are fully aware. Or what if, in your sleep, you roll on top and sleep-fuck me, pumping in and out, and in and out, in and out, right into your dear old mother?"

Alan was so sexually frustrated that he felt ready to crack his head open with a hammer, but he stayed quiet. It didn't help that she appeared utterly delighted by the idea that she nonetheless dismissed. She killed him with mixed signals.

She continued, in a calmer tone, "Now I can rest easy, with the wonderful taste of your cum in my mouth. Today's been a good day after all, thanks to you. So please go back to bed. If you get another hard-on, just come to mommy and I'll make it all better. But you can't sleep here. Not yet, at least."

Alan nodded glumly.

He thought they were done and it was time for him to return to his room, but he wasn't quite right.

Susan's face lit up as she thought of something. "Wait! Don't go. Not yet. I almost forgot to give you a good cleaning."

"Mom, you don't have to do that," he protested, but his protest was feeble.

"Nonsense." She was determined to leave him with a clean penis and balls, just as she was determined to make sure he went to school with clean clothes each morning. But she made quick work of it, because they were both sleepy.

Finally, Alan went back to his room. For just the briefest of moments, he'd half expected to have his deepest fantasy finally fulfilled, but to no avail. He wasn't terribly worried about turning back the clock through the psychologist's visit or anything else; he knew he'd always have a very active sex life from now on. The thing that most worried him was that his mother would remain resolute about not wanting to fuck. A family friend once told him that his father did everything short of fucking his mother for literally years before they finally got married.

He thought, There's no way I could handle that. True, it's only been a few weeks of this "so close but still so far" denial, but I can't live on the edge like this for much longer. I'm gonna have to do to my mother what I did to Glory today, sooner or later. Okay, sooner. But I have to hold out long enough at least to respect her wishes on this psychologist visit thing.

He consoled himself with her "You can't sleep here. Not yet, at least," comment. She knows it's going to happen eventually. She just wants to feel completely good about it. She's got a few remaining hang-ups she has to get rid of first, that's all. Maybe the psychologist could actually help with that. I just hope something happens soon!

Susan went to sleep, proud that she hadn't given in to the ultimate temptation. Before she drifted off, she had a very hot masturbatory session and imagined her son raping her in the middle of the night. In the dream, he was the opposite of how he was in real life. He was rude, aggressive, cold hearted, and wicked. He tied her to the bed and cackled gleefully as he fucked her.

When she woke in the middle of the night, she wondered why she liked him more that way and if her constant teasing behavior was slowly bringing that side out of him. If she'd known how he treated Glory earlier in the day, or that the dreams he had that night were very similar to her own fantasies, it would have fueled many masturbatory sessions that could have quite possibly broken down her will to resist temptation completely.

She was true to her word though: despite her anxiousness, she had no trouble getting back to sleep, content with the knowledge that Alan loved her and took care of her.

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