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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Baby Got Back
Day 61: Friday, November 15

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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The mood at Friday morning's breakfast was extremely tense. When Susan woke up, she'd vowed to herself that she would let Katherine do all the pleasuring of Alan before school, since her appointment with Xania the therapist was in a matter of hours. She'd made the same pledge the day before though, and only had mixed success in following through on it.

Both Susan and Alan were aware that Katherine felt she wasn't getting enough attention from Alan lately, and the constantly horny daughter was getting increasingly disgruntled about it. So Susan wore a heavy and conservative top and a dress that went all the way down to her ankles. She hoped that would be enough to redirect Alan's attention to her daughter and, if it wasn't, she planned to explicitly point him that way.

Alan, however, had different ideas. He woke up extra early just to make sure he'd have some fun time with his mother, in case the psychologist visit put her back in another prudish mood for who knows how many days afterwards.

When he came downstairs, Katherine wasn't there yet, since he'd gotten up early, but Susan already was. As soon as he walked into the kitchen, he said hello to her, and gave her a rather chaste peck on the cheek. He then did the very last thing Susan expected: he very deliberately started pulling up the back of her dress.

"Ti-Ti-Tiger! What are you doing?!" She was honestly surprised that he wasn't deterred in the slightest by her dress.

He purred warmly, "What's it look like? I'm 'getting your attention,' just like I'm supposed to." He started fondling her ass cheeks, delighting in the sensual feel of filling his palms with her bare butt. He was relieved and quite pleased to see that she wore no panties despite her long dress.

"But Tiger! You don't need to this morning. You already 'got my attention' with your kiss. Besides, today is the day for the appointment with the psychologist. I... I don't feel comfortable doing these kinds of things!"

But while her words said one thing, her body said another. The horny mother found herself spreading her legs until it seemed like her ankles must be far apart, even as she kept her knees locked to remain standing upright. She felt her buttocks separate ever so slightly with her change in posture, which allowed the cooler air of the kitchen to steal its way into the crack of her ass, stimulating the sensitive flesh there and causing her arousal levels to surge even higher.

But Alan wasn't deterred by her half-hearted protests in the slightest. As if this sort of thing happened every day, he unzipped his fly and let his erection bounce free.

Susan heard his zipper coming down, and it sounded as loud and scary to her as if thunder and lightning was hitting the house. Just the thought of what it meant had her shivering with lustful anticipation, both fearing and craving the touch of his erection on her defenseless rear end.

He murmured hotly by her ear, "That's probably because you're not wet yet, Mom. Here, let me help you with that." He then shifted his hands and focused his attention on toying with her meaty pussy lips from behind with his thumb and index finger.

She really wanted to say something forceful to get him to stop, but she found herself just moaning in ecstasy as her son's fingers made her wetter and wetter. God, I'm so hopeless! Please, Lord, give me strength! No, on second thought, don't. I'm such a wanton son-loving slut. He's just too well-hung and manly to resist. And he hasn't even touched me with his great big cock yet!


He kept on fondling her pussy lips, making her wetter and wetter. She even salivated, anticipating blowjob action in her near future.

She thought, I shouldn't allow him to touch me there! That area is forbidden, or at least it should be! It's terribly improper... but it's SO HOT! When he acts all dominant like this, how can I hope to resist?!

After a minute or two, Alan found himself annoyed by the dress that kept falling down over his hands and obscuring his view of his mother's fine ass. So he said, "Mom, I think you're wearing too many clothes. Lose the dress."

"But Son!"

He pointed out, as if it were perfectly reasonable, "I have complete say over what you wear or don't wear, don't I?"

Damn! Why does he have to mention that fact? It gets me too horny! She protested, "But... today's the psychologist appointment!"

There was a certain pleading in Susan's voice that could get Alan to do what she wanted. But he was determined to try being more aggressive. Plus, a "Bad Alan" urge was welling up inside of him. So he simply pulled the zipper on her back and then yanked her dress off her shoulders and all the way down to the floor.

She squealed, "Son! Please!" She twisted and squirmed in his grip, but made no real effort to get away.

He reached up her body, pulled her shirt up to her armpits, and squeezed her ample tit-flesh. He knew that would help her resolve weaken in a hurry. "Sorry, Mom. Rules are rules. What are you supposed to wear when cooking breakfast?"

Susan loved how he overruled her so authoritatively. She said in an orgasmically strained voice, "Whatever you tell me to wear! You're the boss." She stepped back into him until her ass found his crotch. Then she shamelessly ground her hips against his unleashed boner.

Sensing whatever resistance she'd had was shattered, he went back to fondling her ass cheeks and her pussy poking between them. He particularly focused on fingering her pussy lips mercilessly. "But if I don't say anything specifically?"

"Good mommies wear aprons!" she gasped, as she humped back against his hand.

"And?" He was expecting her to add something like, "And that's all."

But she answered, "And high heeled shoes." She was instantly regretful that she wasn't wearing them at the moment, since she hadn't expected him to come down early. Plus, she really hadn't expected him to start anything. She was starting to realize how hopelessly naïve she was on that point.


"My glasses."


"Oh, and a smile." She smiled as she thought of that. She arched her back and thrust her ass out even further to give him improved access to her pussy lips.

That answer pleased Alan too. "Very good." Up till now, his exposed hard-on was just bouncing in the air. But now he held it with one hand and began rubbing it right over Susan's asshole and up and down on the sensitive skin between there and her pussy lips.

What if I take her pussy right now? Why the hell not? Or at least her ass. I gotta do her ass! Fuck! What would my Mom's ass look like with my cock fucked into it? What would her face look like, contorted in total ecstasy?!

Susan whimpered in complaint. However, she did have enough resistance to say, "Tiger, really! Please! Please don't stick that in anything? This appointment is important for me. I can't spend all morning dreaming about and worshipping your well-hung cock like I usually do. I need a clear head. Promise me that when Angel comes downstairs, you'll play with her."

Alan could feel his resolution to be more aggressive wavering. Those seemed like very good reasons to take it easy, especially about the psychiatrist visit. So he relented and just rubbed the head of his erection across her ass cheeks. However, he decided he could tease her some more, at the very least. "Okay, Mom. So you want us to play something like Monopoly? I don't think there will be nearly enough time for that before school."

"No, not Monopoly. You know. Mmmm." She was already having a difficult time talking because she was panting so much.

He relentlessly worked his fingers in and out of her hot box. "No, I don't know. Cards? Maybe we should play cards. That'll go quicker."

"No, not cards! Tiger, I want you to... to... play with her body. Ugh! Mmmm! Your sister's body! God, I'm such a horrible mother, but it's true. I want you to play with her sexy body! MMMM!"

He knew he had her really hot to trot when she started making her usual "MMMM!" noise. That noise was music to his ears. He goaded her, "What parts?"

"Do I have to say?" Realizing that she was only delaying the inevitable, she said, "Her tits, Son. Your sister has very nice tits. I want you to squeeze them and lick them. And her ass! God, you sure know how to play with asses!"

She giggled, feeling his erection drag across her left buttock even as she said that. "And kiss her on the lips! Give her the most unbrotherly and sinful kiss you can! MMMM! Rip her top off and shove your tongue down her throat! Uh! Ugh! MMMM! Yes! Tame her and own her, just like you do me!"

"Okay, but why? Is it because of the appointment or because it makes you hot to watch?" He pressed down repeatedly on her clit as he asked this.

"Both! Dear God, it's so wrong, but I love it! Do all- ugh! Do all kinds of nasty and naughty things with her. Mmmm! ... Oooh! That tickles! ... Do anything and everything with her, except for that one thing. Uh! Show her who's the man of the house!"

By this point, Susan was hotter than a burning stove. She was right on the verge of a massive climax.

But he wanted to keep her as horny as humanly possible. So he withdrew his probing hand and said, "Okay. However, if you're not gonna play with Alan Junior, I expect to at least see more visual stimulation from you. Do you realize you're not even wearing high heels?"

She gasped with heartfelt dismay. "I'm so sorry!"

"Bad mommy!" He smacked her hard across both ass cheeks.

That turned out to be a mistake to his plans to keep her on the edge, because that and the "bad mommy" comment aroused her so much that she lost control and fell to her knees, convulsing and shuddering as an orgasmic wave nearly rendered her mindless from pleasure.

He realized he'd need to keep her hot or she'd likely have post-orgasmic regrets. Her mood swings had been very volatile leading up to the psychologist appointment. So as soon as her orgasmic overload began to subside, he said, "You've been a very bad girl. Not only are you not wearing high heels, but you've got a shirt on under that apron too. How am I supposed to enjoy your big tits when they're all bundled up like that? Take it all off, right now!"

Her massive melons were hardly "bundled up" since he'd pulled her shirt up a little while ago and her apron didn't cover them either. But any clothes were too many clothes for her in her current erotic mood. She stood up and immediately began removing what little she still had on. He's right. I am such a very bad and naughty mommy. How dare I hide my tits like this? I just hope he'll spank me some to better show me my place around here. As she finished disrobing, she muttered to herself, "A good mommy is a naked mommy."

She remembered the words Alan had told her two weeks ago and which she repeated multiple times a day like a mantra to improve her self-confidence: "Thrust your chest out and proudly poke your big tits high in the air, because you have nothing to be ashamed of." With her hands behind her back, she arched her back and thrust her bare chest forward.

He had been holding his erection already, and he started to stroke himself while he watched her get fully naked and present herself for his enjoyment. When she was all done, he said, "Good. Maybe there's hope for you yet. Now, present your ass for inspection."

She bent over the counter and thrust her ass up and out. She didn't know much about other submissive people and how they lived their lives, but she did know that she felt an incredible natural high being ordered about like this.

As he ran his fingers up and down her ass crack, she told him in a sultry voice, "You know, yesterday, Suzanne stuck a finger up my asshole. It was... interesting! Oh, and I'm totally clean in there right now." She'd had an enema after waking in the hopes that something like this would happen, but she was too shy to tell him about that.


"Oh really? You mean like this?" He thoroughly licked his index finger to get some lubrication on it. Then he immediately began "inspecting" her asshole with his finger.

Just as has happened with Suzanne yesterday, Susan's anal muscles immediately tightened up, because she wasn't used to such intrusions. It was a completely involuntary reaction, but Susan still was a bit startled how her body responded.

Alan was also surprised at just how tightly she clamped down against his finger, but he persevered. It took a while, but eventually she loosened up a little bit, and he had her panting and moaning again.

While he was doing that, she thought, How do I get myself in these situations? I promised myself this morning that I'd be tough and keep my clothes on. Well, at least most of them. But look: he's got my naked hooters mashed up into the counter again, as he completely has his way with my buck naked body - again! Mmmm! YES! God, it's a miracle he hasn't fucked my pussy raw already. I suppose it's only because he's so considerate for my needs. What a good son! MMMM!

Another minute or so passed, and his finger started to slide in and out quite deeply, now that Susan's ass was relaxing more.

This excited her no end. As she lewdly wiggled back on his finger, she thought, Tiger is fucking my ass! True, it's only his finger now, but tomorrow it might be his HUGE COCK! He's going to have his wicked way with me, spearing me in my wrong hole, and there's nothing I can do about it! Thank goodness that I've been talking with Suzanne about anal sex lately, because it looks like he's about to have his perverted way with my naughty ass! Mmmm!

(She forgot that the reason he was fingering her ass now was because she'd just explicitly told him that Suzanne had done the same to her yesterday.)

What can I do to stop him?! Nothing! That means that from now on, I've gotta have an enema every morning, because he could bend me over any piece of furniture at any time, and RAM HIS COCK UP MY ASS! Mmmm! Yes! Just like he's doing with his finger now, only MORE! Bigger! Fuller! Even better! Oh, son! Please! Take my ass!

He stopped his anal probing when he had her extremely hot to trot again. He could tell that she was responding positively to his anal probing by the way she was breathing, "mmmm"-ing, and wiggling her ass, but he had no idea just how excited and fevered her thoughts were. He carefully pulled his finger out before casually saying, "Okay, you can put your apron back on now. I don't want us to get too excited too soon."

Susan forced herself to calm down, so he wouldn't realize just how excited she was (since he said he didn't want her too excited). After a long pause, she managed to bring her wild breathing under control. Then she turned around and smiled at him. She said, "Hold on, Son. I just don't feel right without my high heels, now that you've pointed it out. I feel naked without them."

He chuckled and pointed out, "Mom, you ARE naked right now."

"I know, but that's totally different. That's the good kind of naked that makes my heart race and my nipples tingle. Whereas having you see me without my heels on makes me feel unhappy and incomplete. Why don't you eat something while I get my sexy shoes? I'll also check on Angel to see what's taking her so long."


So Alan was left alone, but not for long. A couple of minutes later, as he was eating a bowl of cereal, he watched while Susan and Katherine walked into the dining room together.

Susan looked great wearing nothing but heels, glasses, and an apron (a different one this time - her other one was still crumpled up on the kitchen floor). She'd even tied her hair into a ponytail for extra unusual "visual stimulation."

But for this moment at least, Katherine was in another league of sexy appeal altogether. She stood buck naked, licking her lips, looking like the personification of sexual desire.

Alan looked at her and thought, Whoa! Hot damn! God, Sis is so smokin' this morning! I really should kick myself for overlooking her sometimes, thanks to Mom and Aunt Suzy always being around. But she's got the ideal Baywatch babe body!


Katherine sauntered towards him, swaying her hips widely from side to side. She had a hungry look like a lioness closing in for the kill. She thought, This is MY time! I'm gonna blow him away! Burn down the town, and take no prisoners. I'm sexy and I know it!

She said, "Hey, Bro. Big Rolling Pin Brother, Mom tells me that I'm yours to play with this morning. Is it true? Do I get to be your breakfast plaything?"

Her voice grew increasingly husky and sensual as she licked her lips. "Your breakfast fuck toy plaything? Do you want to play with your Number One Fuck Toy?"

She closed the distance as she finished saying this. She bent down and licked him on one of his ears.

He found it surprisingly pleasurable. In fact, his body tingled all over as she did it.

Then she grabbed his hands by the wrist and brought it up to her chest.

He thought, Damn, these breasts feel great! I'm the luckiest guy alive... Okay, that's it! I need to fuck these puppies and right away!

Susan found her big bare tits heaving already because she was so excited from just watching and listening. But she was disturbed as well as aroused, so she protested, "Angel, really! I must object. Referring to yourself as your brother's 'fuck toy'? Isn't that a little much?" She'd heard Katherine use that language before, but she'd noticed a pattern now, which made her worry that her daughter was serious.

However, Alan totally ignored that. He said, "Mom, since we may not be able to do this after today, I want to do one thing while I still can. I'd really like to fuck Sis's tits. The nurse even said that titfucks are especially good for my treatment, as it's very easy on the penis."

This was a blatant lie, since he'd already fucked his sister's tits and knew in his heart that he'd be fucking them many times more. Still, Susan had just said he could do practically anything with his sister, and he wanted to take advantage of that offer to expand what was acceptable in front of her.

While he was waiting for his mother's response, he ran a hand up and down Katherine's ass and thighs, and said, "Sis, you're a wet dream come to life."

Susan wasn't as completely malleable as she'd been a few minutes earlier, since she'd climaxed, plus her standards were different when the sex acts didn't directly involve her. She knew this was something that had never been done in front of her before. But she still fell for it, and pointed out, "Well, I suppose I can't really stop that. Tiger, I did say you could play with her body in any way you liked. It looks like you outsmarted me... AGAIN!" There were few things she loved more than being outsmarted by her son. That helped ensure she'd stay at least somewhat horny.

She opened up a kitchen cabinet as she talked. "Here, Angel. Here's some olive oil to lather up so you can give his big fat dick an extra-pleasurable, extra-slippery ride."

She walked over and handed off the olive oil. Then she stood back and mumbled, "How come Mommy isn't a walking wet dream?"

Alan just barely managed to hear that. "Mom, you know you're a wet dream too. Both of you are. I love you both so much. Mom, you know I'd fuck your tits any day of the week. They're totally titfuckable."

That apparently was the right thing to say. Susan shyly turned around, but not before Alan saw the big smile on her face.

Alan not only titfucked his sister, but he boldly did it while straddling her right in the middle of the dining room floor.

Susan stood just a few feet away and watched most of the time. She occasionally had to go take care of things in the kitchen. However, she always quickly rushed back, and usually pulled and twisted her nipples while her arousal soared.


Katherine, strangely enough, was thinking about Christine as her brother's dick slid in and out of her cleavage. She was enjoying the moment, but at the same time, she couldn't shake the worry that her boobs weren't big enough for a really great titfuck compared to someone like Christine.

Out of the blue, she asked, "So Brother. Is it true? Are you still planning on dating Christine again next week?" She said the word "dating" very sarcastically, as if she was putting quotes around it.

He groaned. "Yeah. Geez. Do we have to talk about that now, of all times?"

But she acted as if she hadn't heard that. "What's the matter? Aren't the rest of us enough for you?"

He groaned again. The titfucking felt fantastic and the last thing he wanted to do was talk about Christine. Still, he managed to reply, "Everyone here is great. More than enough for anyone. But we're only having a non-romantic date, like the other times. How many times do I have to explain that to you?"

"There's no such thing as a non-romantic date," Katherine complained. "Admit it. You want her. You want her carnally. Biblically. She's totally hot! God, even I get horny looking at her. You wish it was her giant tits you were sliding between instead of my tiny ones."

Susan, watching while her hands were wandering down to her crotch, said, "Angel, don't keep putting yourself down like that. Your tits are very Alan-worthy, and sizable too. If they weren't, don't you think he'd be sliding his thick thing between mine instead?"

He grunted in arousal and agreement. "Thanks, Mom. My thoughts exactly. Sis, you're seriously stacked! Sure, they're a bit smaller than Mom's or Christine's, but compared to practically anybody else, they're friggin' massive!" He lovingly ran his hands all over them while he talked. "These are awesome tits to fuck." He punctuated that by bending over and kissing her upper tit slopes.

Susan added, "Angel, you're the one who's gonna be getting a hot cum bath all over your face or chest soon, so you shouldn't complain. So what if he lusts after Christine? She's so sexy and stacked, who wouldn't be? And she's so uppity and self-righteous from what I hear, she really should be taken down a notch. Tiger, I think you need to warm up that Ice Queen with a nice titfuck and a hot spermy facial!"

"Hey! I'm uppity," Katherine complained. "Brother can always take me down a notch."

"That's nice, dear. But it's not only that. For instance, she had the gall to turn him down. I still see that as a terrible wrong that needs to be righted. Tiger needs to repeatedly drown her in fresh doses of sperm until she admits the error of her ways and is fully tamed."

Katherine felt jealous. "Hey Mom, what if Christine doesn't want to be tamed by Brother's cock? Did you ever think of that? Let her be!"

"MooooOOOOoooom!" Alan also griped. "I am NOT interested in her already! She had her chance and I've moved on. We're just friends. Friends!"

But Susan was getting increasingly aroused and wasn't listening to his objections. One of her hands had slipped under her apron and was busy rubbing up and down her pussy lips. She was a bit embarrassed about doing that and hoped the others were too busy with their titfucking to notice, but she was too aroused to not do it. She felt like even wearing the apron was too much, although it admittedly didn't get in the way of anything.

She said, "Friends are good, but now's a turbulent time, what with this upcoming psychologist visit and whatnot. You can't necessarily count on your sister and mother to always be there topless and panting between your knees with their tongues sticking out. If you make Christine one of your girlfriends, that could help ensure that you don't suffer from those horrible blue balls."

Katherine objected to that strongly, even as Alan continued to steadily titfuck her. "MOM! What are you talking about?! Brother is getting plenty of attention, thank you very much! There's no room for Christine in our lives, none! And what about Amy? If she heard your idea, she'd get downright upset, I'll bet."

Susan backed off a bit. "Hey, I just said one of his girlfriends. One of. Amy makes a fine official girlfriend, I'm sure. But Tiger has great needs. Are you so sure that one official girlfriend is enough? And what if he is sitting in class and gets a hankering to play with some G-cups? What's he going to do? Suzanne and I can't always be there."

Katherine again objected. "Hey! You were just saying that my tits are perfectly fine."

"They are, Angel. But your brother's such a terribly cum-filled boy. He needs a lot of variety. And everything's so up in the air at the moment. I'd just feel a lot better if he's nailing Christine real good on a regular basis. You know, keeping her breath nice and spermy. Then some of the pressure will be off the rest of us, especially if the psychologist doesn't fully approve of our incestuous relations."

She directed her words at Alan while her eyes remained riveted at the action on Katherine's chest. "Tiger, I hope you give Christine a good stuffing soon. Drill her hard and long! Don't take no for an answer. Don't be intimidated. Start the date off right. When you pick her up, compliment her outfit, escort her to your car, and then open the door for her. That'll show her that you're a gentleman. Then unzip your slacks, whip out your great big Alan Junior, pull her head to your lap, and tell her to suck on it! That'll show her you're a gentleman, but one with needs. Plus, that'll help set the tone. She needs to understand that from now on, when she's around you she's gonna be spending most of her time naked on her knees with your cock thrusting down her throat or sliding through her cleavage, just like the rest of us!"


Alan was so carried away with the ongoing titfuck that he didn't have much resistance to Susan's wild ideas. He mumbled, "It's not like that..." But in his head he was visualizing her fantasy and running with it. In his mind, it was Christine he was titfucking now, not Katherine. He especially loved Susan's vision of Christine being naked on her knees.

Katherine moaned unhappily. She very much regretted bringing up the Christine topic. It was ruining her enjoyment of the titfuck.

Susan continued to Alan, "Oh. That reminds me. Knowing you, on your date, you're gonna need to take her top off before too long. She needs to understand that, as one of your sex slaves, she's not allowed to wear a bra or panties. Never! I don't care what her G.P.A. is, those tits she's got are made for just one thing, and that's to get you inspired so you'll want to slide your big log between them, and splatter her with your sperm on her face and everywhere else! Mmmm! Gosh, this is so exciting! Now I can hardly wait until you make your new conquest! When is your date going to be?"

Between thinking about Alan taming Christine and watching Alan titfucking his sister, Susan lost all control. She hiked her apron up to her waist and openly frigged herself. By this point, not only did she not care if her children were watching her masturbate, she was rather hoping they would be.

Katherine now was the one to groan. "MooooOOOOoooom! Help me out here! Brother's already ignoring me as it is - if he starts in on Christine, I'm never gonna see the inside of his shorts. It's not fair!"

Alan had a long list of reasons why Susan's imaginings were completely unrealistic. For starters, even if Christine did want him, she would want him as her monogamous romantic boyfriend, not simply where she was just a member of his harem. He was absolutely sure of that. However, he was getting so worked up by the titfuck that he was in no condition to have a discussion, and his objections and reality checks faded away. He fantasized her behaving just as Susan falsely assumed she would.

Katherine also was too aroused to object, although it was entirely because of the on-going titfuck. She ruefully thought, Note to self: when talking about Christine, make sure not to do it around Mom. Sheesh! She's encouraging him to do the exact opposite of everything I want. This is a disaster!

Susan was so keyed up that she had a hard time continuing the conversation. But as she frigged herself, she managed to say, "It's not a matter of fair, Angel. We have to learn to share. Remember the saying: 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.' You should work on seducing Christine to ease her way into the harem. Then we can all play together."

Alan wouldn't admit it out loud, but he loved Susan's talk of Christine being a sex slave in a harem. In fact, the casual way she spoke as if Christine was already in his harem was so exciting that he lost his mental focus and forgot to use his PC muscle control. By the time he realized what was happening, he'd passed the point of no return. Even squeezing the base of his dick couldn't stave off his impending orgasm.

All he could do was shout, "I'm cumming!"

When Susan saw Alan scoot up and shoot his seed all over his sister's face, she felt almost as good as if he was doing it to her. All three of them came at the same time.


But when they were done, Katherine didn't make matters any easier for her mother. She sat up and purposely let Alan's cum drip slowly down her face and chest. She periodically scooped up a gob or two to eat.

She thought, Take that, Mom! Serves you right for sabotaging the conversation I'd planned to have about Christine. Look at all that yummy cum and you can't have any of it. Nyah! Nyah! She giggled despite her frustration.

As she calmed down, she thought, This is bad. If Mom keeps pushing Christine on Brother like this, I think he's gonna cave. And I see the way Christine's looking at him at school lately. She's obviously got the hots for him, probably after hearing all the stories of his sexual prowess. If I'm gonna stop her from taking my place in his heart, I'm gonna need to resort to drastic measures. But what? Hmmm...

Susan served breakfast in just her erotic apron and high heels. She was still flustered and in an obviously horny mood, but using great self-control she avoided touching her son in the slightest. She was rightly afraid that once she got started, she wouldn't be able to stop.

Within minutes, Katherine started a stealth stroke on her brother, and she soon began to get him hard again. That gave her an excuse to delay eating up the rest of her pearl necklace and cum-splattered face, since she knew Susan wouldn't want her to leave Alan's erection untended.

The sight of fresh cum on her daughter's face drove Susan insane with lust all over again, even more than the sight of Katherine's fingers sliding up and down Alan's thick shaft. It was all she could do not to throw herself at Katherine and lick the cum off of her daughter's tanned skin herself. She couldn't stop running her hands all over her nearly naked body.

Alan looked at Susan and saw a woman who was worried and not feeling good about herself, no doubt mostly due to the upcoming appointment with the psychologist. He also remembered her earlier comment where she pouted that he'd only called Katherine a wet dream and not her as well.

So, to lift her spirits and increase his own pleasure, he said, "Mom, I know you said you don't want to touch Alan Junior, but I could really use some special visual stimulation right now. He's growing, thanks to Sis, but he's not all the way there yet." (That wasn't true, but he figured it would provide the fig leaf excuse that Susan wanted.) "I can't think of a more sexy or busty mommy I'd like to ask for help." Normally, he never used the word "mommy," deriding it as what a three-year-old boy would say, but he made a special exception this time.

Susan was surprised to hear him call her "mommy." Her ears pricked up and her heart started pounding. "Mommy!" Yes! I'm your big-titted mommy! Now and forever, ready to serve your big cock! She turned to him, overjoyed. "Tiger! Of course Mommy can help! What should I do?"

He suggested, "Why don't you lie down on the floor right in front of me, and then writhe around and say sexy stuff?"

Susan lying on the floor, wearing just an apron and high heels

Susan immediately dropped to the floor, wearing just her apron and high heels. She spoke her honest thoughts, knowing that would also help arouse them all. "This is so humiliating! Angel, you have to help me. Whatever it is Tiger asks me to do, I can't say no. He has a naughty habit of sticking his big dick inside of my orifices whenever he likes. He can have any part of me except for that one hole though, 'cos he's a considerate and loving son. But he's got me addicted. Completely addicted!"

She stretched and writhed in sexual heat as she continued, "But the problem is his dick. His cock, if you will."

Katherine interrupted to joke, "Oh, I will! I definitely will!" She bent down and lovingly kissed his cockhead while continuing to stroke his meaty shaft. She was tempted to keep on licking it, but she sat back up to see what her mother would say and do.

Susan smiled and went on, "It's just that his cock is so long and round. As a mother I find it so embarrassing trying to stuff all that hot and throbbing meat in my mouth. My lips can barely stretch around it! But when he's gone that's all I can think about: when is he going to put it back in me, and where is he gonna put it exactly? What can I do to pleasure it better, and longer, than last time? I find myself practicing various tongue and jaw exercises, practicing to get better. I'm too obsessed. All I want to do is masturbate all day long, fantasizing about how my son is going to use my body next. That's why I need a psychologist. I need help! Not that I want to stop, God no! But, I'll admit, I need to chill out a little bit."

Alan had gotten used to sexual multitasking in recent days. Remarkably, as he watched Susan's sexy writhing and luxuriated in his sister's handjob, he somehow also managed to continue to eat his sweet potato dumplings. Susan had a great big bow on the back of her apron. She was so close to him that halfway through her performance he bent down and undid the bow, allowing the apron to come loose.

Susan continued on in this vein, while her apron slowly slid all the way off her curvy body. She was so sexually overheated that she didn't care at all about rubbing her bare skin all over the cold tile floor. Meanwhile, she continued to talk. On one hand, she was presenting her real need for psychological guidance. But on the other hand it was all too sexy, especially when combined with her needy writhing.

"Son, what can I do to better pleasure your cock? That's my biggest problem, in more ways than one. A big, THICK, long, and throbbing problem! You had five cheerleaders stroking and licking you at the same time yesterday. FIVE! How can I compete with that? Mmmm... five! I love thinking about that. But you see? It makes me too horny and hot for you! Mmmm... All those hands... serving the school's most superior cock... MMMM! God, YES! Look at me! I'm humping the floor like some kind of wild animal!"

Her children were too busy enjoying their sex play to listen seriously to her complaint of being too aroused too often. Nor did they want to disabuse her of her enhanced view of Alan's conquests at school.

As Alan was nearly finished eating, Susan calmed down somewhat after having a nice orgasm. She remained lying on the floor, staring up admiringly at Katherine's non-stop handjob. He decided that he wanted to reward Susan for her great performance. He suggested, "Mom, seeing how things might change at this appointment, maybe to be on the safe side I should fuck your tits now too. Who knows what this Xania woman will say." (He was extremely confident he would get many more chances, given that Suzanne told him not to worry about the psychologist too much, but it made a good excuse to get her to give in.)

Susan was so worked up that she didn't need any excuses to give in. A titfuck sounded fantastic to her and she was about to say so. But she looked at the clock and pointed out, "Never mind about that. You two have been playing with each other so long that you're going to be late. And you haven't taken your showers yet!"

Alan was surprised by the time. He realized there was no time left to finish their orgasmic buildup and take a shower. So he suggested, "Mom, we could save time if Sis and I hopped in the shower together. It's not like we haven't seen each other naked!"

Katherine giggled at Alan's obvious statement, especially since his cum was still rolling down her face and bare chest.

Susan again relented, "Okay, but hurry up and be sure to spend some time actually soaping down and not just playing all the time." She lifted herself up from the floor. "And Angel, be quick about squeezing another load from your brother's cum-filled balls. We don't want him to suffer blue balls through his classes. You're practically late already, so hurry!"

The two kids hurried off to take a shower together. That led to more sexual fun, though very rushed fun since Susan kept yelling that they were running late.

Susan even came in the bathroom, supposedly "to check on them," though her desire to see her children naked was the main reason.

However, Susan mostly left them alone since she was trying extra hard to control herself before her psychologist appointment. It helped a lot that she was still recovering from her latest climax.

And once she'd left, Katherine naturally tried to get Alan to fuck her then and there, since she usually left all the restraint up to him.

He resisted her repeated efforts to guide his erection into her slit, but he made up for it by whispering, "Sis, we can't now, but I'm thinking: when your grounding is over at the end of Saturday, maybe it's time to stop the ban on you and me fucking in the house too. We can try to push Mom on that. I'm sorry that I haven't been spending enough time with you. I'll make it up to you next week. But if we do that, we have to be really careful not to get caught."

Katherine was extremely happy to hear that and she no longer felt neglected. She got so excited that Alan had to redouble his efforts to fend her off and get at least some soap on their bodies. He playfully used the showerhead to deliver strong water pressure on her most sensitive erogenous zones.


She kept trying to lick his erection, but he fended her off by shooting water from the shower hose right in her face. They battled like this for a few minutes; she kept her eyes shut and managed to get in more than a few good licks.

Unfortunately, they had to stop before he could cum. There just wasn't time to do it right (since he could hold out so long now, it seemed a waste to give it up after only five minutes of shower fun).

Furthermore, Alan knew that his dick really needed a break from cumming so often. He was left with a bad case of blue balls, but decided it was for the best to just deal with it. However, he gave a lot of attention to Katherine so at least she was able to finish off with a nice climax.

They both agreed to keep the fact that he didn't cum a secret from Susan, since they knew it would make her upset.

Alan rushed off to school in Ron's BMW, while Susan used her minivan to drive herself and Katherine to Los Angeles.


As Susan and Katherine made the hour drive to their appointment, they talked about the usual things while Susan drove. For instance, Susan asked her daughter how things were going at school. But at one point, Susan asked, "Angel, what's this about you calling yourself Tiger's 'number one fuck toy?' I heard you use those words earlier - more than once, in fact - and it concerns me."

"It does? Mom, what's the problem? They're just words. You say some things like that, don't you?"

Susan thought that through. "Well, maybe. I can't think of anything like that that I say, offhand. Although I'll have to concede that when I get excited there's no telling. But the way you said that, it makes me think you take it quite seriously."

"I do!" Katherine replied proudly. "I don't see any reason to be apologetic about it. I mean, think about the titfuck this morning. If I'm gonna do a really good job, I need to put my heart and soul into it. I've gotta have the attitude that I AM his number one fuck toy and there are no limits, no restraints, in my willingness to please him. Isn't that the kind of attitude you want me to have?"

Susan frowned. She was staring forward into the stop-and-go traffic. "Well, yes. But we need to have some kind of perspective. I mean, at the moment, with his penis in your hands, sure, it's good to think of yourself as his number one fuck toy. But this isn't the first time I heard you say that phrase, and it's struck me that you probably think of yourself like that even when you're not in the heat of the moment."

"That's true," Katherine conceded. "You're not upset because you think that YOU are his real number one fuck toy, are you? Is that what this is all about?"

Susan blushed a little. She was glad that she was driving so she had an excuse to look forward and not make eye contact. She tried to dodge the issue. "Look. We both know that playing with Tiger's cock and helping him cum is tremendous fun, but that doesn't mean we should start thinking of ourselves as his fuck toys."

Katherine cocked an eyebrow and said half-jokingly, half-skeptically, "Who are you, and what did you do to the real Susan? Talk about 'Stepford' moms."

Susan replied, "Very funny. Seriously though, we need to have some perspective. That's why we're taking this trip today, because things are getting out of hand. When we meet with this woman, I want you to tell her about your 'number one fuck toy' comment and see what she thinks about it."

"MooooOOOOoooom!" Katherine whined with disappointment. She sat there thinking, then came up with a new approach. "Okay, I'll do that, but only if you honestly answer me one question: do you think of yourself as one of his fuck toys? Yes or no?"

Susan carefully replied, "Angel, in the heat of the moment, sometimes-"

Katherine cut her off. "I'm not talking about the heat of the moment, I'm talking about now. Are you or are you not one of his fuck toys?"

Susan said even more carefully, "I'd have to say no, because he's not allowed to stick his penis in my, well... in my you-know-what." Her language was more circumspect since she wasn't aroused at all.

Katherine shot her an annoyed look. "Never mind that. Being a fuck toy isn't narrowly defined as being fucked in that hole. It's an overall attitude. A commitment. A desire to serve. Totally devoting yourself to one man, one cock, and doing all you can to bring him constant, incredible pleasure. That's what I'M all about!" She added in a challenging, almost taunting voice, "Can you say the same?"

Susan sat quietly contemplating her answer as she drove down the highway. Finally, she quietly replied, "You know that I am."

"That you're what?" Katherine prodded. "Say it!"

Susan answered peevishly, "I'm one of his fuck toys! There. I said it. Are you happy? Do you know how humiliating it is to admit that when I'm not hot for cock? Er, I mean, uh, aroused for his penis?" Her face started to turn red. "I'm his mother, and he's my son! And I'm not just saying I'm his fuck toy; I'm saying that I'm ONE of his fuck toys! And you, my daughter, you're another one! And Suzanne! And Amy! We practically live to serve his cock. It's gone so far from just helping him six times a day. Every day, things are getting more and more debauched!"

Her eyes widened. She added in a subdued hush, "We have to stop talking about this now. Right now! Or I'm gonna be driving all over the road!"

Katherine smirked; she'd made her point. But she didn't want to get into an accident any more than Susan did, so she dropped the discussion, for now.

Calming down some, Susan said, "Can't you see why I so desperately need to see a psychologist, and right away? Just because I love all these sexual moments doesn't mean what we're doing is right. We need some balance. Some perspective. Some moderation, for crying out loud."

The rest of the ride was uneventful, and the two Plummer women arrived at the psychologist's office in time for their eleven o'clock appointment.

The plan was that the "psychologist" Xania would see Susan for an hour, then Katherine for an hour, and then there would be a break for lunch. Meanwhile, Alan would attend his first four classes of the day and then drive up to make it around the time the others were finished eating a late lunch. Alan would have a session alone with Xania, and then any needed follow-up sessions would occur later in the day, based on issues that came up in the earlier conversations.

The matter of payment had supposedly been handled by Suzanne, as a "special gift" to the entire Plummer family.

Susan made a mental note to show her appreciation as soon as she saw Suzanne again.

Of course the psychologist, Xania "Goodleigh," wasn't a real psychologist at all, but just a friend of Suzanne's put up to impersonate one. Even her last name was fabricated, created for the occasion. (Xania had wanted a sexually punny name, since her real last name, Tsakicheretakis, was a mouthful. "Goodleigh" was tame compared to some of the other inneundo-filled choices Suzanne had vetoed.) It took hours of practice and study before Xania had the basics down enough to carry off the role of being a psychologist.

The office that Suzanne had set up on the spur of the moment looked extremely convincing. Xania greeted them in the waiting room, alone. She said she'd given the receptionist the rest of the day off and claimed that one wasn't needed since all the other appointments for the day had been rescheduled for this special, urgent session.

Susan was shocked to see that Xania was a drop-dead gorgeous woman. She'd imagined someone old, like the famous, elderly media psychologist Dr. Ruth Westheimer. But then she realized that it wasn't so surprising that Xania was young, busty, and attractive, since she was a close college mate of Suzanne's, and beautiful women tend to stick together. Furthermore, extremely buxom women tended to stick together, as Susan and Suzanne's own friendship showed.

In fact, Xania was nearly as stacked as the two mothers she closely resembled - they all had 38G breasts. She had long brown hair, piercing dark brown eyes, and wore stylish black-rimmed glasses. She also had an Amazon body type, being slightly taller than even the already quite tall Susan and Suzanne. She didn't actually need to wear glasses, but she wore them for the occasion to make her look more academic. Luckily, she had the perfect face for the role - she could look stern and authoritative. (In fact, her ability to look that way helped her land one of her biggest B-movie roles, that of the headmistress at a very mischievious all-girls' school in "Naughty Slumber Party." She'd even worn the same style of glasses in the movie.)


Susan was the first to go in to see Xania, while Katherine waited in the lobby for her turn. The nervous mother said, "Dr. Goodleigh. Nice to meet you." They shook hands.

Xania smiled back primly, and held the mother's hand a little longer than was really necessary. "The same. But please call me Xania. May I call you Susan?" Then she let go of Susan's hand and closed the door behind them.

"Of course." Susan nervously walked further into the room and lay down on the psychologist's couch. She'd never been to see a psychologist before, but the place looked just as she'd expected it to, from what she'd seen in movies. Funnily enough, Suzanne pretty much used her memories of roughly the same movies as inspiration to decorate it.

"Please. Feel free to talk without censoring yourself," said Xania. "This is meant to be a totally open discussion, and anything said here stays here, so just say whatever comes to your mind."

Suzanne had strongly recommended to Xania that the best way to pass herself off as a psychologist was to simply let the patient do all the talking. When asked a question, respond with, "What do YOU think the answer is?" and other similar tricks to avoid exposing the fact that you don't know anything yourself.

"Thanks, doctor. I feel really weird being here." Susan shifted nervously on the couch. "Suzanne filled you in on Alan's medical need for stimulation?"

Xania nodded understandingly and answered, "She did, though I hope to hear more about it as the day goes on. And please call me Xania."

"Well, Xania, the problem is, that was kind of the foot in the door for me doing things to him that a mother would never do, and we just kind of kept on going down the slippery slope."

After a pause, Xania said, "Yes? Please go on."

Suddenly, Susan's emotional floodgate flew open. "And, well, the thing is... The things we're doing must be wrong, but I still want to do them. And more! Doctor, I want to have sex with him. There! I said it. I want it so badly. I want to have sex with my son! That's my biggest problem."

Xania pointed out, "From what Suzanne told me, you're having sex with him every day."

Susan's eyes went wide, and then she realized what was meant by that. "Well, yes, you know... but not like SEX sex. You know what I mean?"

Xania pretended to be clueless. "I'm not sure. You do give him blowjobs, handjobs, titfucks, and the like, don't you?"

Susan blushed. "Well, yes, but... I don't... There's one place... What I'm trying to say is... Darn it, I'm just going to spit it out: he's not allowed to fuck me. My vagina, I mean. And I want him to! Dear Lord, I want him to so very, very much! I try not to think about it, but sometimes I just can't help it! And, at night, I dream about it. Pretty much every night!"

She closed her eyes in embarrassment and heaved a deep sigh of exasperation and helplessness. "What the hell is wrong with me? How do I stop this from happening?" She felt sad and nervous, but even so, she found that just to say this out loud made her very horny, as she began to imagine having sex with her son in vivid detail.

Xania replied calmly and soothingly, "We will be discussing this situation a lot today, but let's not assume from the outset that what you're doing is naturally wrong and should be changed. I imagine you're aware of Freud's theories about the Oedipal complex and so forth?"


"That is one heuristic and it has some value, but Freud has largely been discredited these days. I'm certainly not from his school of thought. What's important is not what society thinks, but how you and your other loved ones think about this. Consider an interracial marriage. In some parts of the U.S., nearly everyone in early 20th-century white society would have thought that was very wrong, but now we know differently, don't we?"

Susan nodded.

Xania continued, "The main historical reason for so many taboos about incest is to prevent defective offspring, but in these modern days, with contraceptives, that's less of an issue, and Suzanne tells me you're infertile in any case, so that's not an issue here at all. Furthermore, Alan and Katherine are both adopted, so, to be brutally honest, you're not actually their mother, just in the social role of their mother. Had this happened when they were younger, that also would have been an issue. But their upbringing is just about over now. So incest in your case is as much or as little as you make of it."

Even though Suzanne had said Xania was open-minded on such things, Susan was nonetheless shocked, and also pleasantly surprised. "So doctor, you're telling me there's nothing wrong with any of this?!" She took a deep breath and said, "I can scarcely believe a woman of your stature could take such a position."

Xania smiled reproachfully. "Now, I didn't say that. What I said was, what matters is how YOU feel about it. You make your own world. If you're being tortured by guilt, and you can't overcome that guilt, then it would be wise to let go of it. Could YOU and your loved ones deal with the risks of social disapproval and illegality? If it will ruin your children's lives, then it will be wise to stop. If it will ruin a good marriage, then stop. And so on. And, of course, what they think about it is equally important. These are the kinds of things we'll need to find out today."

Susan and Xania continued to talk for the next hour.

Xania subtly encouraged the notion that incest was okay, as long as all the participants were okay with it.

Susan had bottled up a lot of guilt, sure that she was an irresponsible mother, a slave to her sex drive, and so on. She explained how she felt her mind was split in two.

Suzanne knew about and had anticipated all of these issues, so Xania was prepared with notes from Suzanne on what to say about each concern.

At one point, Susan said, "Xania, everything you're telling me is wonderful and reassuring. I really appreciate it. However, I must admit that my main concern is a spiritual and religious one. I'm a good Christian woman! Or at least I used to be. Isn't incest a sin?"

Xania had a reply Suzanne had helped her craft. "Susan, as you know, I'm a psychologist, not a theologian. I can't give you expert advice on religious matters."

Susan pleaded, "I know, but can you give me your personal advice?"

"Well, I understand your concern. But keep in mind that there are many, many different ways to interpret the Bible. Think of how many wars have been fought over different religious interpretations. Religious rules are often made to help people have successful lives. For instance, way back when, it was extremely dangerous to eat pork, because of poor sanitation and issues like that. So the Old Testament specifically prohibited the eating of pork. Now, thanks to modern technology, eating pork isn't dangerous at all, so why worry about an outdated rule? In the same way, incest was mainly about preventing genetic defects, and now that there's condoms and other birth control isn't that rule outdated too?"

"I suppose." Susan wasn't totally convinced. Suzanne had already made a similar argument to her, although the fact that Xania said it carried more weight.

Xania added, "Frankly, I think a lot of your current unhappiness in life stems from your overly restrictive and traditional upbringing. It's not my role to get too religious or political, but it's clear to me that you were raised in an extreme form of Christianity. A lot of things you were taught were way out of whack from mainstream beliefs. So try to put your religious concerns to the side for a while, because I think your gut instincts based on your upbringing will often lead you astray."

Susan nodded. "I'm trying to do that already, since Suzanne tells me that a lot too. It's hard though. I know now that much of what I was taught is wrong, But my beliefs are so deeply ingrained. I can't just snap my fingers and feel differently."

Xania smiled with understanding. "That's one thing we can work on, learning how to overcome some of the detrimental beliefs you learned back then that are still giving you grief."

As time passed, Susan felt like a great weight was slowly lifting from her shoulders. What Xania was saying wasn't much different from what Suzanne frequently told Susan, but the fact that a supposed psychologist was saying these things made a world of difference. Thanks to Susan's ultra-traditional upbringing, she was very deferential to authority figures.


Susan next brought up her lesbianism issue. "Xania, I have other problems. In fact, incest isn't the half of it! I have to admit, I'm having all kinds of strange feelings lately about women. About Suzanne especially. You know what she looks like, how perfectly formed her body is. She's gorgeous! I've started kissing her on the lips and... Okay, I'll be totally honest. I'm even hot for my own daughter! How's that for messed up?! Incestuous and lesbian feelings rolled up in one. It's a sin! A double sin!"

Her eyes began to tear up with confusion and fear of what Xania might say to that, certain that Xania would, then and there, officially declare Susan to be totally insane.

But Xania remained unperturbed. She had been forewarned about this too. She calmly gave an explanation about how lesbianism wasn't immoral, and said this was an example of a detrimental belief she'd learned from her conservative church that was out of line with modern thinking. She pointed out that Susan was clearly bisexual, not lesbian, and that bisexuality amongst women was surprisingly common. She got a little carried away and made up the comment, "In fact, the latest studies show that bisexuality is the norm for women. It's just that our society frowns on it, so many women don't explore those desires."



"Wow! Suddenly I feel so much better."

"Besides, I am a long-time friend of Suzanne, as you know. I'm aware that whatever measure of beauty there is, she busts the scale. She's so exceptionally beautiful that perfectly straight women are going to be very attracted to her, and aroused by her. That's only natural."

"It is?"

"Sure. Think of it as the 'Suzanne exception.'"

"Thank goodness! But what about my daughter?"

"From what Suzanne told me, she's just as stunning. It's not your fault to be surrounded by perfect-ten beauties. Why should you feel bad about that?"

"But I've kissed her! And Suzanne too. On the lips!"

Xania had been coached about what to say about the kissing: "What's wrong with that? That's like saying shaking hands is wrong. I've been kissing women on the lips just to say hello or goodbye for years. That's just how we do it here in L.A."

"With... uh, with tongue?"

"Sure. Of course, not with every woman you meet, but if it's someone you're very close to, then yes. Some fondling and intimate hugging during the kiss is perfectly acceptable too."

Susan was totally surprised by this revelation. "Really? So Suzanne wasn't shitting me after all? I mean, she wasn't, uh, joshing me?" (Susan found herself using curse words for the first time in her life lately, but she still wasn't fully comfortable doing so, especially around strangers.) "I have to admit that I was wondering if she was being sincere on that. Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure!" Xania laughed (Suzanne, in fact, had coached Xania to say this about kissing). "Where were you raised? In a Catholic church mission?"

Again, Susan blushed, but this time she wasn't exactly sure of why. "A farm in the Midwest, actually."

Xania shrugged and said, "That's just about the same thing. You must have lived a sheltered life to not French kiss women all the time. Why, in the circles of friends I have, it's nearly impolite not to kiss a woman for minutes at a time just to say hello." This was largely true, but only because Xania mixed with fellow porn stars and B-movie actresses, most of them very sexually active, and many of them bisexual or lesbian. "In fact, I'd be rather hurt if you don't kiss me on the lips before this day is done. It would be good for your therapy to loosen up some, unless you don't find me at all attractive."

Susan was flushed with relief. "Oh, but I do. I find you very attractive. In fact, to be completely honest, I find you downright hot. Is that wrong? Do you mind me saying that?"

"Not at all. I'm flattered."

"You kind of remind me of Suzanne, and that makes me very hot. I mean, you have no idea the kind of feelings I have for my best friend. I've known her so long, and I think there's years of suppressed feelings coming out now."

"Well if that's the case, why don't we practice a little bit of kissing right now? It'll help you relax. Holding it in is very unhealthy. You need to release all those pent-up feelings."

"Well, okay," Susan said uncertainly. "But I feel like such a slut. Everyone is having me do things to them lately. Sexual things."

"Susan," Xania said as she stood up from behind her desk and approached the distraught mother, "a kiss is just a kiss."

"But... what about tongue?!"

Xania chuckled. "A tongue is just a tongue. It's not like we'd be having sex, and going down on each other. A psychologist shouldn't do those kinds of things with their patients, no matter how badly she might want to. But I think a kiss could be very therapeutic. You're so tense. Anyway, is there anything WRONG with people doing sexual things to you? Is that bad? Especially when they're your loved ones and everyone feels good about it?"

"Well, no, I guess..."

"Then maybe," Xania said sagely, "what would help you would be to think of it a bit differently. Let's look at your use of language. You say that people are doing things TO you, but in fact you greatly enjoy these things, don't you? Maybe it would be better if you say that people are doing sexual things WITH you. You won't feel so out of control if you admit that you've been a very willing and active participant already. Empower yourself by admitting that you want to do these things with the people you love."

Susan brightened. She felt like another weight had been lifted from her shoulders. "Wow. I never thought of it that way. You're right. Let's kiss. I want to kiss you. Can we try kissing now?"


So the two of them stood up and walked to each other. Xania was a good kisser, and she laid into Susan with a very active tongue.

Suzanne had told Xania that a little bit of kissing was okay, but not to push Susan too far too fast, so Xania tried to take it easy. Their racks rubbed together, since both women were so busty that it was nearly impossible for them to kiss without that happening. But Xania pretended like that was incidental, and she didn't actively grope or fondle beyond holding Susan in a friendly embrace.

Susan also tried to restrain herself. However, more and more, her body had its own ideas once she got seriously hot to trot. She also forced herself not to fondle, but she was very receptive to tongue-dueling.

Xania backed off after only a minute, causing their lips to part.

Xania smiled to see Susan now aglow with self-confidence instead of the worry that had dominated her face since she first walked in the office. "You see? That's what I call a 'California kiss.' How does that compare to what they do in the Midwest?"

Susan snorted with derision. "Are you kidding me? Where I come from, even hugging is practically taboo."

"Isn't this better?"


They reluctantly returned to their previous positions.

And, strangely enough, Susan did feel a lot better and more relaxed. She said, "I'm so glad to hear that this kind of kissing is okay. But the fact is, I want to do more than just kiss. Just yesterday morning, I was talking to Suzanne about this. Expressing ... feelings."

She unconsciously rubbed her thighs together like a pair of wet, fleshy scissors. She kicked her left foot up into the air as she imagined her and Xania passionately entwined on the office floor.

Xania held her hand up. "Wait. Let me guess. You told Suzanne that you have the hots for her."

Susan blushed. "How did you know? It happened just yesterday. How can you read me so well?"

Xania laughed. "If any creature on Earth has eyes and sees Suzanne, it's gonna have the hots for her. Now that you're freeing yourself from your sexual repressions and discovering your true self, it makes sense that you're opening up to her. I can only assume she feels the same way about you, because you're equally gorgeous, and a very kind and lovely person to boot."

Susan blushed more, but she was gleeful now. "Well, she did kinda say she liked me yesterday." She had her hands folded and fidgeted shyly like a girl confessing her first crush. Her pussy throbbed due to thoughts of both Suzanne and Xania. She desperately wished she could be rid of her constrictive clothes so she could scratch her itch down below.

Xania gave a benign laugh. "I've known Suzanne even longer than you have. She's a great person. Stick with her. Never doubt her judgment. And never doubt her love."

Susan recalled Alan saying nearly the exact same thing the night before. "You're so right," she said with a happy sigh.

"I have high hopes that the love between the two of you will continue to unfold and grow. If you have a physical relationship with her, I think that would be great. And very healthy for you. She's a strong anchor in your life and she'll never let you down."

Of course Xania had been coached to say all these things to Susan. It was unfair for Suzanne to put words in another person's mouth, but at least these were Suzanne's honest feelings on the subject - she truly did believe she would never let her best friend down.

Xania added, "Furthermore, as we discussed earlier, Alan's task of climaxing six times a day every day is a very difficult challenge indeed. The more you kiss and even fondle other beautiful women in front of him, the more that will help him, right?"

"Yes, but how does that justify me doing naughty things with Suzanne when he's not around?"

Xania said soothingly, "You need to be convincing. You need to have a real sexual relationship. If you have genuine sexual passion for her, and her for you, it'll show, and it'll help him have some great climaxes. Just picture you and Suzanne, both of you naked and lying on the bed, with Suzanne on top and kissing and touching you all over. Then picture Katherine and Alan sitting in chairs next to the bed, with Alan watching the hot mother-on-mother action while Katherine keeps her face in his crotch, expertly licking and sucking him. What teenage boy could possibly resist such an arousing scenario? That'll get him to squirt every time, no doubt!"

"Yes! Yes! Definitely!" Susan loved Xania's vision. She struggled mightily not to show how hot it made her. She noted, "I'm glad you're so understanding of how things can sometimes go in my house."

Xania smiled benignly. "Yes, well, it certainly is a very special situation with his medical needs and whatnot, so I try my best to be understanding. By the way, confessing that you have special feelings for Suzanne has tensed you up, I can tell. Why don't we practice kissing again to help you relax?"

Susan was startled by that. "Oh! Uh, thank you."

The two bombshells stood up and resumed necking in the middle of the room. That went on for a couple of minutes, until Susan reluctantly decided she was sufficiently "relaxed."

Xania had been briefed on Susan's new attitude towards clothing by Suzanne. So, once she returned to her seat, she said, "Now, on a different note, I see you've been pulling on your clothes ever since you've gotten in here. It's as if you're very uncomfortable wearing them. How do you feel about nudity?"

"Oh, I love it! I'm very pro-nudity. You're so perceptive, Xania. I'm amazed. I just hate being all confined when I go out. This is the worst, being all bound up in fancy clothes like this, and wearing a bra and panties, even. Not being able to go topless is just the absolute worst!"

"How do you feel being naked around your son?"

"Do you really want to know?"

Xania chuckled patiently. "Of course."

"Oh my goodness! I love it! It's the BEST! When I'm wearing clothes around him, it just feels so wrong! Unless I'm wearing something sexy and I know it's helping to keep him erect, you know, down there. Like, if I wear some kind of loose dress that lets my big breasts hang free. Then it's okay. Is that wrong? Am I crazy?"

"No. Absolutely not. Susan, I need you to be completely relaxed so you can open up to me. For different people that means different things. Despite what you might have learned in your small town upbringing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with nudity. Just ask any European and look at their nude beaches. If going topless puts you at ease, then by all means, I strongly encourage you to take your blouse and bra off right now. And with those huge breasts of yours, I can understand why you find that top so constricting. After all, I'm here to help, not to judge. I want you to feel confident enough to open up and get in touch with the real you."

"Oh really? Thanks! Don't mind if I do. This is fantastic. I was so worried about this appointment, but I feel so much better already. Suzanne is an incredible friend, calling you up to help me. I love her so much." Susan took off the layers of clothing above her waist until only her blouse loosely hung open.

Xania would have been blind to miss just how far Susan's nipples stood out, and she wasn't blind.

Xania continued to field all of Susan's questions and concerns. She drew no attention whatsoever to the fact that Susan was essentially topless.

Everything went swimmingly. By the end of the session, Susan thought Xania could practically read her mind. Thanks to Suzanne's helpful coaching, Xania very nearly could.

Xania found it curious to be talking to a buxom, essentially topless woman in such a formal setting. She knew that hardly anyone would have gone along with such a ploy, but for Susan, being topless had become normal, and wearing clothes was the oddity.

Xania was sorely tempted to "help" Susan with some more "California kissing" now that Susan was topless, but she worried she might not be able to control herself once she got her hands on Susan's large, bare melons.

However, she was too horny not to have some fun with the situation. So on a whim and for her own amusement, she decided to veer even further from Suzanne's approved script. She said, "Now Susan, let's do a little mental exercise. I want you to lie back on the couch and we're going to do some visualizations."

Susan lay back and luxuriated in the feeling of the leather couch as her massive breasts fell against her body.

"Good. Now let yourself get completely relaxed. Breathe in deep... Good. Close your eyes and let yourself go limp. Like a wet noodle... Good. Now, I want you to mentally explore your feelings for your son. I want you to take a few minutes and just imagine what it would be like to have your son inside you, bringing you to ecstasy. Keep your eyes closed and your body relaxed. Imagine that his penis is pushing in and out of your body while you receive him with your legs locked around his waist. I want to see what kind of feelings that inspires in you, to determine if we have a problem."

Susan warned, "But doctor, that's going to inspire some very horny feelings." Even as she said this, the pace of her breathing increased. Her eyes nearly glazed over.

"Well sure, that'll be part of it, but just go with it and let's see what all comes out." Xania watched Susan like a hungry wolf eyeing defenseless prey. She could tell that Susan was a ticking time-bomb of sex already on a very short fuse.


So Susan lay on the couch with her eyes closed and silently thought about having full intercourse with her son. Within a minute, her breathing started to become very labored.

Tiger, no! You can't! I'm your mommy! Oh, but you ARE! You're sliding your big fat cock into my helpless pussy! I can feel it splitting me wide open. So wide! So thick! MMMM! Ron's penis was like a toothpick compared to yours. OH! GOD! SO GOOD! SO HOT! MMMM!

After another minute, one of her hands drifted to her exposed boobs. Another minute passed and her legs started to writhe around involuntarily. Although she groped her tit-flesh, she tried her hardest not to plunge a hand under her panties.

OH NO! It's going DEEPER! So DEEP! I can't help myself - I totally LOVE IT! YES! You're not just starting to thrust your huge cock in me, you're taking control! You're proving that your cock BELONGS in me! It feels so good! TOO good! How can I possibly resist?! MMMM! MMMM! YES! Dear God, help me! I'm turning into one of Tiger's fuck toys, just like Angel! A total fuck toy, in every way!

After another minute, her dress rode up and her legs spread wide as if she was ready any second to have Alan impale her with his erection.

Xania herself was getting very aroused at the sight, but she said calmly, "All right, Susan, so tell me what you're thinking right now. Calmly."

Xania figured that Susan wouldn't be able to see if she took advantage of herself behind her desk. Since she held a pen in her hands as if she was taking notes, she dropped that hand down to her crotch. Her tight skirt naturally bunched up, and she began to lightly trace the outline of her clit with the pen.

"Yes, doctor," Susan gasped. "I'm on a beach. The beach we were at over the weekend. My Tiger is lying on top of me. Such a big, strong tiger, and I'm so helpless. He's fucking me! He's fucking me like a madman! So good! It's going in and out and he's ramming me up and down, up and down, driving me into the sand! MMMM! God! The ocean waves are crashing over my body! He's fucking his mommy out in the open, but I don't care! I just want it in me, more! Mmmm, yeah! More! Harder! Fuck me, Son! Nail me! Fuck your mommy good! Fuck-"

"Excuse me," Xania interrupted.

Susan had started relatively calmly but within seconds she was panting and heaving and nearly shouting. It took a while for her to react to Xania's comment.

Xania said, "Try to calm down, please. Freeze the image there and calm your breathing." Xania was better able to control herself to outside appearances, but her own hand was attacking her own clit more fervently with the pen even as she said this.

Susan slowly brought her breathing under control, relatively speaking, but she continued to grope her heaving chest. Her voice trembled as she mumbled, "Oh Lord God, he's in me! So deep!"

Xania could see a very big wet patch on Susan's panties. She unthinkingly licked her lips as she wondered how Susan's drenched pussy might taste. She didn't have to guess too hard though, because she could smell pussy from across the room. "That's better," she soothed. "Now, tell me about your feelings. What feelings are going through your head?"

"Heat. Extreme heat. I'm burning up. Horniness. Complete and absolute, utter arousal. It's like he's really fucking me! It's good! So good! Mmmm! It's like I can feel his thickness filling me!" Her hips started to involuntarily buck and thrust up into the air again as she described her feelings.


"Now hold on," Xania urged. "Stay calm. What about negative emotions? Are you feeling any of those?" she spread her legs wider to better attack her clit with the pen.

Had Susan looked up, she might have wondered why Xania's knees were so high above the desk, but she didn't. Xania's pantyhose still stood between her and direct contact with her privates, or she would have been plunging the pen in and out of her slit already.

Susan pondered her answer, trying to think coherently. "Uhhh, let's see. Frustration. Some part of me realizes this isn't real and that my son isn't actually fucking me now and hasn't actually fucked me yet. Not even once! That's really frustrating. GOD, that's so frustrating!"

Xania waited for more. Finally she asked, "Is that it?"


"What? Excuse me?" Xania thought Susan was being hit by guilt and complaining about the wrongness of incest.

But Susan explained, "It's wrong that he hasn't fucked me yet! I see it so clearly now. My body belongs to him! I can deny nothing to him, not even my pussy! ESPECIALLY not my pussy! Oh God! This exercise is so illuminating. My pussy NEEEEDS his cock!"

Xania was relieved, not to mention secretly amused. "So that's it? No guilt? Fear? Worry? And please try to control yourself and your breathing before you answer." She added that because Susan was panting so hard, it seemed like she was on the verge of hyperventilating. The way Susan's huge tits heaved up and down was enticing, to say the least.

One of Xania's knees banged loudly against the desk as her body writhed involuntarily. She brought a second hand around and slipped it under the panties and pantyhose. Two fingers of that hand found their way into her vagina while the other hand still worked on her clit with the pen. She hoped Susan was too far gone to notice.

Susan counted to ten in her mind, trying to calm down. Then she continued, "No. That comes before and after. But during, like when I masturbate, I just let myself go! It feels so good! But I'm a good girl. I am not going to put my hand down there. NO! Bad! Bad girl! Mommy has to be a good girl for Tiger. This sex cow has to save her needy pussy for his big prick!" Susan's chest was heaving again, and her legs kicked wildly up in the air.

Xania said, "Okay, calm down! Calm down."

Then there was a silence, because Xania was starting to quietly cum. She found the intense incestuous emotions Susan was expressing just too arousing to control herself, and she was getting a great feeling from the way she ran her pen up and down over her clit and pussy lips.

She waited until she got her own immense relief with a nice clitoral orgasm, and then tidied up a bit.

With her hands once again safely above the desk, she said, "Open your eyes and just relax. The exercise is over."


Susan looked crestfallen. She definitely enjoyed the exercise, even though she hadn't been able to cum.

Xania felt bad for cumming when she hadn't let Susan reach her own orgasm, and hoped she could make it up to her later. She thought, Fuuuuuuuck. This woman really needs to be fucked! I have never seen anyone in such dire need of some serious fucking. If it weren't for the hands-off promise I made to Suzanne and the lack of a strap-on, I would get up right now and do her myself. There's just so much tasty flesh to explore on her. Talk about curves. Damn!

I think even if I were a real psychologist, my prescription would be some hardcore son-fucking. She just needs it like she needs air to breathe. "Fuck your son three times a day, before meals, and call me in the morning." Ha! She's got MY panties totally soaked! Unfortunately, I still have to pretend to be a professional, or I'm gonna fuck it up for everyone in the family. Fuck. Fuckedy fuckedy fuck fuck!

Xania was curious about one thing. "Now, did I hear you call yourself a sex cow?"

"Oh, shoot. Did I really say that out loud?" Susan answered bashfully, feeling guilty and nervous again. She closed her eyes. "It's shameful. I say that all the time, but only in my own mind. Isn't that sick? Twisted? The thing is, I want Alan to milk me. My udders. Uh, I mean, my tits. And he'll squeeze my udders dry. And then he'll poke me with his cattle prod!"

She started to get sexually worked up again, but caught herself, and said with concern, "So, you see what's wrong with me? Tell me I'm sick! I have these constant fantasies about lactating for him."

Xania pretended to take copious notes of the "visualization exercise" while Susan watched nervously. Meanwhile, Xania merely said, "Very good. Instructive." Suzanne hadn't warned Xania about Susan's cow fantasy because Susan had hid it from Suzanne so far.

Xania didn't know what she should say, so she just winged it. After a pause, she said, "Susan, you have nothing to worry about. Such cow fantasies are actually quite common, though rarely discussed. To have fantasies is very healthy and a sign of strong mental health. I strongly encourage you to pursue your lactation dreams... Now that I think about it, this might also be somehow connected to the fact that you were unable to bear children of your own. I think that not only should you further explore these fantasies, but you should get Alan and others to help stimulate your breasts much more often. With any luck, and with constant daily tactile stimulation, you might be able to lactate and thus satisfy an unfulfilled maternal urge."

Xania was completely making this up, but figured that advice that led to further tit fondling could only be good for everyone involved. She had no idea what kind of big impact she was making.


"Oh, really?!" Susan nearly leaped up out of her seat with joy. "Thank you so much, doctor! That's one thing that's been worrying me, that I've been having these strange fantasies."

Xania muttered, "Like I said, fantasies are healthy. Now, Suzanne left some notes for me, and she mentioned that the main reason you're holding back from allowing your son to fuck you is your religious beliefs. Is that correct?"

"Yes it is, doctor. I wasn't going to dwell on that because, like you said earlier, you're not a theologian. And your comments earlier did help some. But I must admit that still is my main issue. I worry about going to Hell for my sinful ways."

"But Suzanne says she's explained that what you're not doing is not a sin?"

"She has, and she's helped me to see the light on most things. But it's like what we talked about before: I can agree on a rational level, but emotional, down in the gut, I still stubbornly cling to the idea that vaginal penetration is incest, even if all the other stuff isn't. And it's adultery, too! I'm still married you know, even if it looks like I'm headed for a divorce."

Xania nodded while pretending to still consult her notes. "I see. Well, we'll work on some of those issues as the day goes on, if that's okay with you. It's true that I'm not a religious expert, but I understand that you agree with Suzanne on a rational level that vaginal fucking is not a sin, it's just that you can't accept this truth on an emotional level. Would you agree with that?"

"Yes, I suppose."

"Good. If we look at it as a bad attitude you're trying to fix instead of a theological issue, I can definitely help with that." Xania wrote some more on her pad (or at least pretended to), finally looked up, and said, "Okay, that's it for now. We've been at this quite a while, and I think we could use a break. What do you think?"

Susan nodded. "I'm a bit blown away. Like I've been through the wringer. That visualization exercise was intense. I don't normally allow myself to indulge those thoughts about him. At least, not so blatantly. I try to just fantasize about things like sucking his cock, or taking it in the ass. Someday soon, he's going to fuck me up the ass. I can almost feel it. Mmmm... The fullness of having a pine tree shoved up my butt. Hurts so good! Mommy's butt is so ready for Tiger's big pine tree to come knocking on her back door..."

Xania cut Susan off before she could drift completely into her anal fantasy. "It's good to just let it all out. That's part of therapy. Try to have these kinds of fantasies as much as possible, to bring out your repressed feelings. Get in touch with your inner sex cow, okay?"

Xania thought she might have gone over the top with that last comment, but Susan seemed to take it seriously and in good faith.

Susan nodded obediently. But she thought to herself, Xania, you don't know what you're saying there. If I do that, I'm either gonna run out of cum or I'm gonna get some kind of carpal tunnel syndrome injury from too much pussy fingering. But maybe I have to work it out of my system. Maybe that's the solution. I need to fantasize about having Tiger fuck me. Frequently! Wow, life is good!

Xania continued, "Good. Now, we're going to take a break-"

"Wait! Before we stop, I have an important question. It just came to me while I was having my anal fantasy. What do you think about anal sex?"

Xania asked guardedly, "What do you mean?"

"Is it wrong? I talked to a friend about it, and she assured me that it's not a sin, but I'm still not sure. It just SEEMS wrong, you know what I mean? That hole wasn't meant for that. Just because you can physically do something doesn't mean that you should."

Xania decided to strongly argue her position, to help Susan overcome her doubts. "Of course there's nothing wrong with anal sex. We're coming out of a sexual dark ages where lots of people thought virtually any kind of sex was wrong, unless you did it in the dark with your spouse, wearing your clothes, strictly for the purpose of bearing a child. But since then we've been going through what they call the 'Sexual Revolution,' and there's a revolution going on about anal sex."

She continued, "Yes, some people don't enjoy it that much, and yes, it's more difficult to do and requires more prep work than regular intercourse. But you're wrong that it's unnatural. The body has pleasure nerves INSIDE the anus. Think about that. What good is that for, if the anus is only meant for defecating? Chances are humans have been having anal sex long before there was civilization. So I understand your reluctance, but if you have an enlightened attitude on this, I'm almost certain you'll be rewarded with great pleasure and joy."

Susan thought that over, and then said, "Wow. You make quite a strong case. But can I ask you a personal question."

"That depends on the question. But give it a try, and we'll see."

"Do you, uh... What I mean to say is... Have you, erm, ever... had anal sex?"

"I'm willing to answer that. And yes, I have. And yes, I've enjoyed it. Just as I'm sure you will. From what I understand, Alan is considerate and kind. Trust him with your ass and you won't regret it, believe me."

"But, uh, couldn't he be, er, a little too big for that? I mean, he has a tremendously thick, long, and all-around impressively large penis. Sometimes, I can barely fit it in my mouth. And even though the Lord knows just how much I love to suck on it, at times my jaw can get really sore from having to stay wide open for so long, especially considering his great stamina. That's not to say that I regret one second of slurping and licking and sucking and generally loving his penis with my tongue and lips, but-"

Xania cut her off. "I get what you're saying. You're worried that he's too thick for your ass."

"In a word, yes."

"Don't be. The human body is incredibly flexible. For instance, think about how much the vagina stretches when a woman gives birth. If there's trouble, that just means you need more prep work to fit it in. You might even use butt plugs to prepare the way. Ask Suzanne about them if you want. But the great thing about having a caring lover like Alan is that he's going to take the time necessary to do it right and make it enjoyable for you."

"Okay. Thanks." Susan thought, Well, that's interesting, to say the least. She certainly feels strongly that anal sex isn't bad. In fact, she's done it herself and she makes no bones about the fact that she really likes it! First Brenda tells me it's great, then Suzanne, and now Xania. And I trust all of them. But still... I can't get over all those years of thinking sodomy was nearly as bad as murder or rape.

After giving Susan some moments to mull that over, Xania said, "Okay, like I was starting to say, it's time to take a break. We're going to do a round-robin of sorts. I'm going to talk to your children for a while and then you and I will get back to some of these issues later. By the end of the day we should make a plan on what to do and where to go from here. But that will depend greatly on what Alan and Katherine have to say later in their sessions. Okay?"

Susan stood up. "Thanks." She stepped forward to kiss Xania just as Xania was standing up too. But right before she got to her, she looked down and remembered her topless state. "Oops! Hold on a second."

Xania was secretly crushed as she watched Susan go back to her chair and put her blouse on. But she reminded herself that it was probably a fortunate thing, since she had to keep her cover and not get too amorous.

Susan left the room after she shared another deep goodbye kiss with Xania.

Susan was still fully aroused, but she had no choice but to wait in the outer waiting room. Left alone, her guilt kicked in and slowly overtook her lust. She ruminated about saying shameful things to an almost complete stranger, such as "wanting a pine tree shoved up her ass." Strangely enough, she did not dwell at all on her time kissing Xania while braless with an open blouse. Those actions had become perfectly normal. In fact, keeping her top on while in the waiting room had felt strange to her.


Then Katherine entered, ready for her session. Feeling a little cavalier due to her recent success, Xania stood up and bowed to Katherine when she walked in, saying, "Welcome! Xania Goodleigh, at your service."

Like Susan, Katherine was blown away by Xania's exceptional beauty. But she tried to ignore that reaction and concentrate on being a good patient so she could hopefully get something out of the visit.

Right off the bat, Katherine freely admitted to her sexual desire for her brother and to already having had sex with him.

Xania gave her much the same talk about incest that she had given Susan. In this case her task was much easier, because she didn't need to change Katherine's mind since Katherine was already fully convinced that sex with her foster brother was okay.

Xania took the opportunity to plant some of Suzanne's suggestions. She pointed out that Susan's body needed "seriously special attention" and that Katherine could be a good daughter by helping Alan out in this regard. That advice made Katherine resolve to be even more aggressive with her mother in the future.

More crucially to Suzanne's plan, Xania suggested that Katherine follow Suzanne's guidance and leadership in such things. Katherine readily agreed.

The session went quickly and easily. Although Katherine was already set in her ways, she was pleased and emboldened that she was getting a professional stamp of approval for her incestuous behavior.

As they were winding down, Katherine spoke up. "Oh, by the way, lately, I've been thinking of myself as my brother's 'number one fuck toy.' Mom, er, Susan, said I should bring up that issue after she got upset with me using those words earlier today." She scrunched up her face with some worry. "Do you think, uh, that's going too far?"

Xania didn't know how to respond to that, since Suzanne hadn't mentioned it. She wasn't even sure how she felt about it. So she kicked the issue back by asking, "What do YOU think?"

Katherine pondered that, and then replied honestly, "I don't know. Maybe it is a bit much. I know it's not really true, at least literally, since I have to compete with the likes of Mom and Aunt Suzy. But it makes me feel good to say it, and I know Brother grins when he hears it, so what's the harm?"

Xania replied, "One could argue that it shows you're being too submissive and deferential to your brother. After all, he is only a year older than you." She didn't really feel a need to say that, but curiosity drove her.

"Yeah, I suppose. But it's not like that. I mean, I know he's still my same old brother, you know? He's still the same guy who farts and picks his nose. I don't walk around the house bowing at his feet. Our relationship is still good. It's the sexual stuff that I go ga-ga over. When I see his hard cock, I have this overwhelming urge to suck it or stick it in me. But at other times, we're the same brother and sister joking and teasing each other like we always were."

Xania wasn't just Suzanne's puppet - she didn't want to knowingly give bad advice. That answer reassured her, so she said, "Well then, that sounds fine with me. But just remember that Alan puts his pants on one leg at a time, like everyone else."

Katherine quipped, "Yeah, but he has three legs!"

Xania chuckled. "Very funny. Seriously though, he may seem like some kind of super stud lately, but he's basically the same guy as before, and you don't want to ruin the good sibling bond you have with him by acting too fawning. That gets old fast."

Katherine nodded. She'd been reluctant to bring up the topic, but she was glad she had because she liked Xania's feedback on it.

After that, they all broke for lunch. Susan and Katherine went to eat at a nearby restaurant while Xania ate something she'd brought to her 'office'. (Xania had done that deliberately so they all could have a genuine break from each other.)

Xania was pleased with her performance. The two females had clearly bought her role as a psychologist lock, stock, and barrel.


But she was more excited knowing that Alan would show up from school soon for his session. She stood staring towards the waiting room and thought, I have plans for Alan. Big plans. Suzanne forbade me from going too far with Susan, but I'm free to do what I want with him. I can't wait to see what happens when he arrives. I keep hearing so much hype about this guy. I'm dying to see if he'll try to seduce me, and how good he'll be. And how good he'll taste. Mmmm!

Unlike Susan, I sure as hell ain't gonna hold back from fucking the young stud, even if I have to be the one to seduce him!


Meanwhile, back at school, Alan took two midterm tests. He was lucky that he'd managed to study some hours the night before, because they were difficult tests. He figured that, as a result, he probably got C's on them instead of F's. Last night was the first time he'd seriously studied in a week, and he wasn't concentrating very well in class, either.

He had another test in his fourth-period history class taught by Glory. He was so distraught about how the other two tests went that he made it a point to not even glance in Glory's direction so he wouldn't be cursed with the mentally distracting hard-on he usually had in her class.

He was reasonably successful at avoiding thoughts about his teacher and having sex with her. He did a good job on the test, since it was his favorite subject and he knew the material pretty well even without studying (thanks to the inspiration Glory had given him over the past couple of years).

When the class was over, he stayed after, as usual. He wasn't supposed to leave for the psychologist's office in L.A. until after he had something to eat. He'd decided to use the lunch period to be with Glory and then the cheerleaders, and then grab a sandwich from Subway to eat in the car.

Glory sat behind her desk and Alan remained at his desk while the two of them patiently waited until all the other students filed out. Then Glory found his paper in the stack of tests, took it out, winked at him, and wrote "A+" in big letters on the top of it.

"Hey, you can't do that!" Alan genuinely protested as he got up to stop her. "You haven't graded it yet!"

"I know," Glory replied professionally even as she gave him a subtle smile, "but that's what you get for fooling around with your teacher. I'm counting fucking your teacher senseless as extra credit on this test, and that's worth a LOT of extra credit!"

"But seriously, you can't do that," he still complained. "You know I'm not messing around with you to get a good grade. That would really disturb me if you graded me unfairly."


Glory looked at him with a deadpan face and said, "Glarg van wogga bluga snorf dats."

Alan blinked in confusion. "Huh?"

"You fucked me senseless. So of course you can't understand me."

She laughed at her own kidding around, and so did he.

Then she said, "Young man, I didn't know HOW I could manage teaching class today, thinking about all the ways you were going to fuck me, much less how I got through fifth period yesterday, knowing you were hiding in the closet the whole time. It occurred to me it was dusty in there, and I was scared shitless that you would sneeze."

She stood up and started to take off her clothes.

He put a hand on her shoulder to prevent her from taking anything off. "Wait a sec. I'm still concerned about this A plus. We have to be on the level. I can't allow that; it cheapens this special thing we have. Plus, what about my A.P. test? That's a standardized test, administered by someone else. If I really don't know my history, do you think I can just go in there and say, 'Do you count teacher-fucking as extra credit on this A.P. History test?' I don't think that's gonna work!"

"Don't be so sure," she said. "Those tests are often administered by teachers. If it's being run by an attractive female, you just might want to try that out!"

Glory was only half joking when she said that. She only had glimmers of his other sexual escapades, but she could tell by the way he was improving as a lover on almost a daily basis that he was getting lots of other practice. When she consulted her own heart, she didn't doubt his ability now to seduce women and get them to do really outrageous things for him, but she wasn't happy about it.

"I'm being serious!" he complained.

"I know," she said more contritely. "And that's one thing that endears you to me, that you have a good conscience. But I practically don't have to grade your test, in any case. You're an excellent student, and history is your best subject. If you studied at all, I'm sure you got an A. Did you study?" She studied his face closely to see if he told the truth.

"Yeah. I actually studied a lot yesterday. Too much for this class, because I like the material, and not enough for the sucky subjects."

"See?" She waved her hands wide, like it was no longer an issue. "There you go. Easy A. I'm glad to hear it too, 'cos you have been slacking off in my class more than a little bit lately. I almost need to spank you again for that. In fact, I think you need a spanking, regardless." She winked.

He complained, "Don't bring up spankings." He was still smarting from what he now called the "Michelle incident."

"Sorry. I'll grade it just to be sure, though. As for that A.P. test, I'm sure you'll ace that too. But if you don't think you will, I'd be more than happy to give you private tutoring. Seriously. I have an idea for a reward system that I think would be most effective."

She began to run her hands over his arms and chest. "We could study a little, play around a little, study some more, fuck, study, fuck some more, then fuck some more after that..."

"Oh yeah, right," he said, both delighted and derisive. "I like the idea, but do you expect to be able to do that at my house, with my mom and sister nearly always there? And even after your boyfriend moves out now, what would your neighbors think of you coming home a lot with a teenager who might be your student?"

"That is a problem," she conceded. "If all else fails, we could get a hotel room. I could even tutor you on some of your other subjects. Including Sex Ed, of course," she added seductively.

"You're crazy," he said as he shook his head in disbelief at how single-mindedly focused on sex she had become, especially since she'd been the one against having sex for so long. But he kissed her anyway.

The conversation came to an abrupt end and Glory's serious proposal was left unresolved, because after the kiss ended, she enthused, "Let's fuck!" She opened her blouse and yanked her bra up over her boobs.

But Alan once again disappointed her. "I wish I could, but I've only got a few minutes. I really shouldn't even climax right now."

She stopped her advance and put her hands on her hips in frustration. "Young man, just what is going on here? You can't just give me the fuck of my life one day and then say, 'Oh, by the way, I can only stay five minutes' the next. You said that time with me would come first. Do you have any idea what you've done to me? I was so excited last night that I could hardly sleep, thinking of what we'd do today. I damn near dehydrated myself from the masturbation!"

She added in a dejected tone, "I'll bet you didn't even think about me."

He scanned his mind. In fact, he did think about the sex they'd had many times the rest of that day, and that night as well. He'd even dreamt about it. But it also competed with other thoughts about other women. And he'd given very little thought to this lunch, as he knew he'd already promised to spend the bulk of it with the cheerleaders. It wasn't that he preferred their company, but he had painting responsibilities to finish before he headed up to L.A.

So he felt he spoke honestly when he said, "Glory, that's not true. I've been thinking about you a lot ever since we did the deed. I loved it. But that caused me to miss an appointment yesterday at lunch, and now I have to make it up."

"An 'appointment'?" she repeated as she narrowed her eyes in a sign of jealousy. "Do you mean, a chance to fuck a cheerleader? Come ON! Aren't I a better fuck?"

"Of course you are, but I made a promise and I can't let them down." As soon as he said the word "them" he knew he'd made a big mistake and inwardly groaned at his own stupidity. She had a knack for getting him to accidentally confess things.

"THEM!" Glory cried hotly. "THEM?! Just how many girls are we talking about here?! What, are you fucking the whole cheerleading squad or something?!"

He blushed. He decided this was not the time for total honesty on that score. He replied meekly, "No, not exactly..."

She stood up and clenched her hands into fists. "NOT EXACTLY?! Young man! Come clean with me! Just who all is my competition around here?! I just had sex with you for the first time yesterday while, technically, I'm still dating Garth! Do you realize what a huge leap of faith that was for me?!"

Alan realized that he was getting into deep trouble. Once she had a lead, she had a way of ferreting out much more than he wanted to tell. So he aimed for a distraction and unzipped his blue jeans. His semi-hard thick penis flopped out like a flesh-colored garden hose.

Her eyes locked onto the new target, but it was obvious she still expected an answer.

He hemmed and hawed. "Ummm... Uh, well, you see, it's like this. I am involved with a couple of cheerleaders, but they don't mean anything to me. Not like you. But I feel obliged. It's like when you start something you have to keep up with it. I actually am helping them out with a thing, a favor, and... well, yes, some sexual stuff happens along the way, but mostly I'm obliged to finish this favor. I wish I could explain better, but they're assuming that what we're doing is all in strict confidence."

She homed in on one point he'd made. "A couple? As in two, or two-ish, possibly three or four?"

"Um, the latter," he replied, almost inaudibly. His ears burned with embarrassment. And despite everything, his penis was steadily growing stiffer. It started to poke up, like a drawbridge slowly rising.

"I figured." Luckily, she was heavily distracted by the sight of his now fully turgid erection, and in fact one of her hands slowly inched forward towards it, as if there was an internal battle going on inside her to jack him off or stay mad. The staying mad side was losing.

She added, "I already knew about Kim. And then there's your new girlfriend Amy. She's a cheerleader too. That's two. For all I know, you could be fucking the whole cheerleading team, except for your sister!"

He coughed. He had a very guilty look on his face. He was deathly worried that the longer this conversation went on, the more likely Glory would squeeze out of him the fact that his sister was on the list of those he'd fucked.

"You ARE!" Glory realized with frustration. "Fuck!" Her hand flew the rest of the distance to his erection and she started to stroke it madly. "I don't know why, but I'm not only mad, I'm horny as hell. Fucking the whole cheerleading squad. Fuck! Shit! I thought that kind of shit only happened in the movies. In really corny, hard-to-believe porno flicks. But you're actually doing it."

Her fingers flew up and down his rigid pole in a near blur. "If I were smart, I'd tell you to get out of my sight, but your confession just makes me want you even more. What's wrong with me?!"

Her hands paused, and in fact her whole body froze for a second, while she decided something. "Fuck you, Alan Plummer," she said with resignation as she dropped to a squatting position and swallowed his cockhead.


He stood with his legs slightly spread and relaxed while she did her thing. He was amazed at this development, and decided not to say anything for fear of upsetting her.

All of her frustrations at his multiple partners were channeled into her blowjob as frantic energy, so she sucked his erection like there was no tomorrow. She twirled and licked and blew and scraped with her teeth. It felt as if she had three tongues inside her mouth. Since he wore heavy blue jeans she couldn't attack his ass, but she more than made up for it with a two-handed assault on his balls.

It was all he could do not to just shoot his wad in the first minute. Somehow, she managed to take the rest of her clothes off while this was going on, except for her panties.

She thought, God dammit! Fuckin' fuckhead! He's fucking pretty much the entire cheerleader squad?! No wonder getting him to stay with me during lunch is like pulling teeth. So what am I doing on my knees with his fuckin' cock down my throat? He's just too fucking irresistible! It fucking ANNOYS me how much I'm loving this! What am I doing? Slathering his cockhead with my tongue, crouching half-naked, when I already had a serious boyfriend who was my own age! It's wrong, but it feels so RIGHT! I hate to admit it, but the fact that he's fucking all those sexy cheerleaders seriously arouses me! He's the most sexually unstoppable boy in school!

It wasn't long before he had to push her head away with his hands, because she had no intention of stopping her relentless tongue and lip assault. He, on the other hand, worried that if he came just then, he would be embarrassingly flaccid with the cheerleaders. He could practically hear Heather's voice mercilessly taunting him for failing to give her any "consolation prize" like he'd promised.

They struggled a bit, with him barely able to keep her at bay, and her trying to get her lips back around his prick.

She cursed, "Fuck you again, young man! I'm going to fucking get that load, if it's the last thing I do! Those fucking cheerleader sluts don't deserve your sweet cum. It's mine, dammit! Mine!"

They struggled for a while longer. Alan had gentlemanly limitations, so Glory was able to quickly resume a steady bobbing down his shaft. However, he held her head firmly enough to prevent her from going for a deep throating. He knew that if she did that, he'd be a goner.


Suddenly, Alan thought of a way to satisfy Glory and keep his load so he wouldn't disappoint Janice and Heather. He said in a strong voice, "Glory, I love you very much. But I'll decide who gets my cum and when. You need to be punished for your attitude. Present me your ass. NOW!"

She pulled her lips off his boner to say something in protest.

That enabled him to get much more aggressive. He pushed her back much harder, so she actually fell backwards and had to drop her hands to the floor as her ass was knocked from her crouching position a few inches to the floor.

Surprised by the sudden reemergence of his aggressive side, she did as she was told and turned over on all fours. "Alan? What's gotten into you?" she asked meekly.

He yanked her panties down to expose her butt. To his surprise, the fabric tore in his hands, and he ended up with a chunk of her panties in his palm. The rest of her ripped underwear fell to the floor. That accidental tearing seemed to surprise and impress her even more. He noticed that her pussy was dripping almost as excessively as Brenda's often did.

Then he said, "Hey. You're making me like this, with your 'It's mine, dammit' comments. So I have sex with some cheerleaders. They mean nothing to me emotionally. Not like you. You have a big piece of my heart. Do you have a problem with that?" He raised his hand up to strike her butt.

As she looked over her shoulder in fear and arousal, she replied, "N-n-n-no. G-g-g-go ahead. Fuck 'em all."

He slammed his hand down, hard. Then he said, "Good! I think I will. Glory, I still love you dearly, but variety is the spice of life. I admit it, I'm selfish and I'm spoiled when it comes to sex these days. But I'm still really just a kid. If a bunch of sexy cheerleaders throw themselves at an eighteen-year-old guy, how many guys would turn them down? I'm weak, but I love you. I don't care about them. You have to understand that. Neither of us can make exclusive long term commitments because who knows where college will take me in a year? Let's just enjoy each other while we can. Okay?"


"O-o-o-o-okay." She felt that his voice was so sincere, she couldn't argue with him. His tone made it seem like the cheerleaders were less than nothing but she was everything to him. Plus, the fact that she was on all fours presenting her naked ass to him for a spanking made it hard to have a rational argument.

He spanked her again. But as soon as the slap ended, he thrust his fingers into her vagina. She was so wet that they slid in deep, like a body sliding down a water slide. She didn't cry out at the spanking or the invasion.

Then he slapped her ass a few more times, but never stopped rapidly frigging her pussy.

She panted heavily and obviously loved it. She didn't consider herself a submissive type, but he was so sexually overwhelming that she couldn't help but react. It was like being carried away by a huge ocean wave.

After only about six or seven slaps, he stopped and devoted all his energies to pleasuring her ass and her pussy with his hands. After all, the slaps were really sex slaps, not true anger slaps, and both of them knew it.

She came hard with an all-over body tremble.

He felt good too, because he could tell she was shaken to her very core by the experience.

She turned around when it was over, and to his surprise she was crying. What puzzled him more was that he could tell that they were simultaneously tears of sadness and tears of joy.

She said to him, "Alan, when I first started getting involved with you, I knew it was a risky and unknown path. But I never, EVER thought something like this could happen! I LOVE YOU! I really do. I've never loved any boyfriend so much. And you're just a kid. But you're more of a man than any of them. If one of my boyfriends so much as heavily flirted with another woman, that was it. He was toast. And yet you're telling me you're fucking all these cheerleaders, and I'm okay with it! Well, not really, but I'm hating it and yet I'm kinda loving it at the same time. This is so fucked up!"

Suddenly, she pulled him down to her level.

Taken by surprise, he collapsed right on top of her.

She kissed him passionately, and he recovered enough of his wits to kiss back. He wound up lying on top of her, with an arm wrapped around her. She wound up with an arm around him too, and a hand holding his still insistently erect dick.

When it was done, she looked him in the eye, and said, "Alan, I'm having a hard time adjusting to your other women. Will you do me a favor? Please don't get mad when I call you 'my love.' And don't tell me about those others anymore. I won't ask where you're going or try to stop you. Just let me pretend that I'm your only one. I already hate all the cheerleaders, your sister excepted of course, just because they might be having sex with you. If I knew which ones they were for sure, then I'd REALLY hate them. As a teacher, I have to try to remain impartial. This jealousy isn't good."

She mentally checked what she was doing, and realized, Shit! Even now, I'm jacking him off! I'm just too horny! She redoubled her stroking efforts, hoping to get him to blow his load before he had to go.

Even as she did that, she thought some more, and then added, "Well, now that I think about it, you did mention Heather by name yesterday. She's a cheerleader. Shit. When you broke it to me yesterday that you're having sex with her, for some reason that didn't bother me that much because I was sure I could convince you of the error of your ways. I know enough school gossip to know she'll fuck just about anything that moves, male or female. She's probably a walking cauldron of sexual diseases by now, so you'd better be taking precautions when you're having sex with her!"

"I've got it covered. Completely covered. She's been tested, and she's clean."

"I should hope so! Shit, shit, shit! Heather. If this problem is more than just her, it's going to be a lot harder to get you to change. I love you so much. And after what we did yesterday, it's tough for me to accept this. Tough." Even as she grimaced while thinking about Heather, her hand kept sliding up and down Alan's thick shaft.

Alan was all tenderness now. He chose to ignore what she was talking about, figuring it would be good to let it sink in for a while first. As he spoke, he planted kisses around her face. "Okay, Glory. You know that I deeply love you too. In a lot of ways, you'll always be my first love. If I could call you something like 'lover' too sometimes, I'd be honored."

"Oh, Alan!" She hugged him tightly with both hands and kissed him again. "Of course you can. My lover. My love!"

They kissed some more. She had to let go of his dick to hug him that way, but it didn't matter since they were sharing an important emotional moment.

But then he suddenly got up. He looked at the classroom clock. "Would you look at that? You're sneaky. You made me more than five minutes late."

She came back with the comment, "You're the sneaky one. I noticed that you saved your climax for those cheerleader bitches. Fucking sluts!"

"Hey," he admonished. "Remember? We won't talk about them. Certainly not like that, or more spankings for you."

She giggled. "And that's supposed to be a deterrent? You might want to rethink your punishments, young man. That's like punishing me by making me cum even more."

He zipped up his jeans and made to leave. "All right, Teach. We'll see about that later. Don't make me any later than I already am."

She winked. "Okay. I'll be good. I promise. I think between that fuck yesterday and what you did today, you've left me too wiped out to fight. My love." She winked again just as he opened the door to leave.

As soon as Alan left, Glory sat up and thought, What the hell just happened?! Talk about embarrassing. I'm his teacher, for crying out loud. That's every boy's fantasy, to have sex with his teacher, and I'm letting him fuck those cheerleaders too? I must be mental!

Not only that, but I've been dating Garth for a year! Poor Garth. HE just can't compete with Alan, in bed or out of it. Now that I think about it, a few minutes ago, I mentioned that I'm still "technically" going out with Garth. I might as well face it: I have to break it to him that we're well and truly through. Poor guy. He's going to be crushed.

Once Alan was alone in the hallway, he just stood there for a minute to ponder what happened. God. I didn't plan ANY of that. Phew, that was intense. "I hate it and yet I'm kinda loving it at the same time." What the fuck? I thought when she found out about the others there would be a big blow-up for sure. But how to square her "kinda loving it" comment with her distress about the idea a few minutes later? I guess maybe people have some crazy feelings at the height of passion.

His mind pondered the situation for some time. If push comes to shove and I'm forced to make a choice, I'd give up the other cheerleaders for Glory. But not the home situation, and that includes Amy and my sister. I want to be completely honest with Glory, but the whole home thing is going to have to stay a deep, deep secret. But who knows? Maybe she'll come around and I'll be able to keep boning the cheerleaders too. I have to build on her "kinda loving it" feelings by giving her such great loving so often that she just doesn't care about the others and has no reason to be jealous.

Finally, he looked around and realized he'd been standing there lost in thought. Phew. Intense. But as if that wasn't enough, now I've got to go find Heather and Janice, and please them. Then I've got to go to L.A. and have some kind of intense psychiatric session. Then God knows what kind of fun when I get home with Susan and who knows whom else. At least hopefully I'll be able to get a nap in there somewhere. This is just too fucking intense, and the wild ride never stops!

The Boy Scout trip is starting in less than eight hours too. Jeeeesus! I just have to make it till then without suffering a total nervous breakdown. Ugh!


Alan rushed into the theater room where Janice and Heather were waiting. He was relieved to see that no one else was there this time. He said to Janice, who held the door open for him, "Quick, Janice, I'm running late. We don't have much time to fuck."

Janice pumped a fist into the air as she closed and locked the door. "Sweet!" As she followed Alan to the stage, she started leaving a trail of clothing in her wake. Like Heather, she was wearing her cheerleader uniform, since today was game day.

But Heather protested, as Alan knew she would. "Hey! Wait a second! You promised me a consolation prize. I didn't come here for nothing. Where's my prize?" She kept her clothes on until the issue of what exactly was going to happen could be sorted out.

He said dismissively, "Sorry, Heather, but I don't have time. Next time. I'll make it up to you. I promise." He was more yanking her chain than anything, just to see what her reaction would be.

Heather's eyes narrowed angrily. "Next time?! It's always next time with you. NO! Do you have any idea WHO I AM?! I'm the queen of this school! I could CRUSH you like a bug if it tickles my fancy! You said I'd get my prize TODAY and I want it TODAY! Is that clear?"

He stopped undressing long enough to fix her with a withering gaze. "Heather, who's in charge here? You or me? Who makes that decision? You or me? You want to get on my bad side?"

He knew he was taking a very risky path, as no one wanted to get on Heather's bad side. No one but him had ever challenged her like this. Ever. She was right, she was the social queen of the school and she did have the power to crush him into a complete social pariah.

But he instinctively felt that the only way to successfully deal with her was to act from a position of strength. The aggressive approach was working well for him lately in general, and flush with the relative success of his interaction with Glory, he was in a mood to throw caution to the wind. He knew that he'd end up doing something physical with Heather, if only because it was so much fun, but he wanted to set the terms.

It appeared to work. Heather, for once, was silent, though she looked like she was on the edge of saying a few choice words.

His penis hung out of his now-unzipped jeans and he caught both girls staring hungrily at it. Using the same ploy that had just worked with Glory, he willed himself to full hardness in a matter of seconds.

Whoa! Heather thought, as she saw his penis engorge into a stiff pole. Is that... lipstick?! It is! What a fucking cad, coming here with a ring of fresh lipstick around his dick. But seeing the lipstick secretly impressed her and increased her desire for him.

Looking up, he noticed Heather licking her lips, causing him to conclude her fuck-lust was taking over. Obviously her lust was very strong. Since that was her main weakness, he had to try and exploit her sexual desires in order to gain the upper hand with her.

But she appeared ready to redouble her efforts to take charge of the situation. A storm of anger seemed to be brewing within her, judging by the look on her face.

However, before she could gather up her hateful energy and throw it at him, he parried her with a preemptive proposal. "I'll fuck you, if you beg for it."

Heather's eyes shot daggers at him while her mouth dropped open at the sheer audacity of his demand. She had never known any male to treat her like this. No one even came close to trying, except him. And he was getting more outrageous with the way he treated her every time he saw her.

She thought, Dammit! I'm so keen on ripping him a new asshole! But then he has to go and say THAT. I'm so fucking eager for a serious fucking. The other guys just don't do it for me anymore, for some reason. Maybe I should let him fuck me and then I'll go postal all over his ass? Nah, he'll get all huffy about that, and then what'll I do tomorrow? But there's no fuckin' way in Hell I'm gonna beg anyone for anything, much less a snot-nosed nerd like him! But if I don't beg, I don't get to feel his fat cock slide all the way inside me...

While she mulled over his offer, Alan was thinking, Talk about a win-win. If she agrees, I get to fuck a humbled Heather. If she says no, I can blame not fucking her on her bitchy attitude, which will blunt her counterattacks. And then I'll be able to enjoy Janice without rushing and probably still get around to fucking Heather sometime later. I think she's too aroused to go totally nuclear on me right now since you don't bite the hand that feeds you. Or should I say the cock that fucks you? He chuckled inaudibly.

"All right," Heather finally conceded with a roll of her eyes. "I'll go along with your little game. I beg you. Please fuck me, Alan. I'm begging you." She raised her hands to make mocking quote marks in the air when she said "I beg you" and "I'm begging you." She finally took her clothes off, which didn't take long since she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Alan was almost disappointed to see her undress, because when she wore her cheerleader outfit it reminded him that he was fucking the school's head cheerleader. He raised an eyebrow in slight surprise that she'd actually said what he wanted her to, even sarcastically. But he immediately pushed her to do better. "Hrm. Very uninspired."

Heather snorted derisively, clearly unimpressed. She had recovered from her earlier shock and appeared more amused by him than anything. "Fuck me please, I beg you," she repeated, with a little more effort.

"Obviously not sincere. But I'll fix your snotty attitude soon enough."

She griped, "Come on, already! I did what you said."

"Bend over, Heather. No, I have an even better idea: let's see you get on all fours and sincerely beg from there."

Janice asked, "Hey wait! What about me?"

"Don't worry," Alan said to Janice with more confidence than he really had. "I'll get to you too. Trust me."

Janice was miffed, but she didn't push the issue because she was quite eager to see if Heather would actually go through with Alan's demands. If she did, that might be even more satisfying than to get fucked, since her hatred for Heather was so strong.

Heather thought, What the hell?! He's pushing his luck! He's crazy if he thinks I'm going to do that, especially with Janice here. Wait a minute. Why am I even considering it? No way!

He turned his attention back to Heather as he finished taking all his clothes off. Partly inspired by his anal sex with Suzanne on Wednesday night and partly inspired by Glory's warning that Heather's pussy could be a "cauldron" of sexually transmitted diseases, he felt inspired to fuck Heather up the ass. "Because your cunt is too dirty for me to defile my dick in any longer, I'm going to fill you up in your other hole."

Heather's eyes nearly popped from their sockets. "You mean you're going to fuck me up the ass?!" She was completely incredulous. "You can't be serious."

She'd been on the verge of telling him off, but his anal sex suggestion intrigued her and threw her off her game. All her boyfriends, without exception, had thought the idea of anal sex too disgusting and "gay." So despite her vast sexual experience, it was something she'd never done before. The closest she'd come was with some very limited and tentative anal dildo play with her best friend Simone. She guessed by the way she'd enjoyed that experience that she might enjoy this.


She tried to compromise. She got down on all fours, but she said to Alan in a firm voice, "Okay, here's how it's going to be. I'll let you fuck my ass, since I must admit that I'm curious what that's like. But I'm NOT going to beg for anything, and Janice is NOT going to watch! In fact, Janice, what the hell are you still doing here? Leave! NOW!"

Alan walked behind Heather and started fingering her pussy. He knew that the more aroused she got, the less defiant she'd be. "Heather, you crack me up, acting like you're anything more than my personal cum dump. But first, we have a practical problem. This idea just came to me on a whim, and I don't have any anal lube. That's a big problem. Would either of you have any?"

"Um, I think I have some Vaseline," Janice suggested.

He actually had something better, but he didn't want them to know that yet, so he merely said, "From what I understand, that's not good enough. But sexual juices work, I think. If I can get my dick wet, and Heather's pussy wet, we just might be able to swing this. Heather, let's get into a sixty-nine."

Heather sighed heavily. "You really are a case." But that was quite a mild rebuke, and she did let Alan lie down on top of her in a sixty-nine position.

Alan had been improving his pussy licking skills, and he did his best to arouse her. True, he couldn't do as well as some of Heather's female partners, like Simone, but he was good enough to stop her from complaining.

However, Heather's efforts were half-hearted at best. She didn't even attempt to blow him, but just licked around his cockhead a little bit. She was trying to punish him for being so demanding, although even a relatively uninspired cock-licking was hardly a punishment for any male!

The fact that there was still a fresh ring of lipstick halfway down his shaft was off-putting for her. While she'd found the idea impressive in the abstract a few minutes earlier, she didn't like licking where she knew some strange woman's saliva had just been. Finally, she asked, "Whose lipstick is this?"

Alan merely responded with, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

She was annoyed, but she didn't stop licking.

In less than a minute, he paused licking her pussy to complain, "Heather, you call yourself a slut? No self-respecting slut sucks cock that badly. Janice, help her out please."

"What?!" Heather was horrified. "Janice, NO! What are you still doing here in the first place? I told you to go, so go!"

Before Janice could reply, Alan said, "Janice, don't listen to her. Time is ridiculously short! We only have PART of lunch period to get Heather's ass and your pussy fucked. The only way that'll happen is if my dick gets soaking wet in the next minute or two."

Heather quickly said, "Wait! Wait! I can do better!" She immediately engulfed his cockhead and started rapidly bobbing on it.

Alan loved the rush of extreme arousal her renewed efforts caused, but he pretended to be unaffected. After stifling the urge to loudly grunt, he said, "I know you can do better, much better. Sadly, you're coasting on your above-average looks."

"Above average?!" That incensed Heather, since she considered herself extraordinarily beautiful. What a fucking piece of shit! I'll show him! Trying to prove that she wasn't "coasting," she redoubled her efforts on his cock. Since she was already frantically bobbing him, about all she could do was get her tongue involved too, while increasing her overall suction.

The results actually felt spectacular. In particular, she sucked with remarkable power once she created a tight seal and put all her effort into it. Alan was unable to speak for nearly a minute, and he struggled mightily not to let out any erotic moans to give away how much he was enjoying it. He also had no chance to lick her at the same time, although he tried to make up for that by fingering her pussy some.

Thanks to all the sexual pleasure he was experiencing on a daily basis, he managed to calm down some, even though Heather kept up the frantic pace and the waves of incredible pleasure kept on washing through his body. Finally, he was able to speak. "That's... better. But still, you're a disobedient bitch who doesn't know her place. You deserve a solid, painful spanking."

Heather moaned loudly, although it was muffled since her lips were tightly sliding back and forth over his sweet spot. FUCK! What an outrage! Who does he think he is? Does he really dare to even claim he has the right to spank ME? If I wasn't so busy sucking his cock, I'd give him a piece of my mind!

She truly felt outraged, but the fact that he was threatening to spank her publicly also aroused her greatly.

He continued, "Unfortunately, there's no time today. Heather, I appreciate you're actually trying, but you're not getting the job done fast enough. Make room for Janice to help or forget the whole anal sex idea. I'll just fuck Janice instead."

Heather couldn't believe it. She was incredulous that he hadn't climaxed already, and his claim that she wasn't getting the job done fast enough sounded downright insulting. Still, she was eager to get fucked. So she pulled her lips off with a loud smacking sound, and grumbled, "Sheesh! Okay, already. But Janice, if you say ONE WORD about any of this, I swear, I'll torture and kill you with my own bare hands!" She was wildly exaggerating about the physical violence part, but not about getting revenge, and everyone knew it.

Alan licked Heather's juicy pussy a little more while he saw Janice move into position, lying down with her face in his crotch. Janice was careful to touch Heather as little as possible.

Then he said, "Heather, you like to say you're a top-notch slut, but you sure don't act like it. I'll bet you that Janice can suck my cock much better than you can."

Heather complained, "HA! That's a joke! Watch this!" She swallowed Alan's cockhead and then some, and resumed intently bobbing over his sweet spot. But once she started doing that, she wondered, When did I ever call myself a "top notch slut," or even a slut at all? However, she was determined to beat Janice, so she didn't really think about it.

The bitchy blonde was frustrated though, because she was already giving the blowjob her all, and yet that didn't seem good enough. She wanted to do more to make sure she left Janice in the dust, but she didn't know what else she could do. As a result, she did what she'd already been doing before, except faster and with even more suction.

He knew it was hopeless to expect Heather and Janice to share his erection without some kind of verbal or even physical fight breaking out. Janice was gamely attempting to lick his balls, but he knew that was all Heather was going to let her do unless he stepped in. Plus, he also knew that he had to get Heather to stop before she either made him cum or sucked his cock right off his body. So after only about twenty seconds, he said, "Okay, Heather, let Janice take her turn bobbing on it."

Some moments passed, but when Heather showed no sign of stopping he added, "That is, if you want me to fuck your ass today."

Heather reluctantly pulled off and let Janice take over.

Janice was pleased as punch by this competition. She was determined to outdo Heather. She immediately started bobbing in the same manner Heather had been doing, but while Heather had just held his shaft, Janice vigorously stroked it as well.

However, her efforts weren't nearly as arousing for Alan as Heather's industrial strength suction. That allowed him to recover a little and even get back to licking Heather's pussy (which was still right under his face).

Heather was careful not to touch him in any sexual way during Janice's turn, because she didn't want to help Janice in any way. But she watched Janice's efforts from just inches away, though not by choice, since she was still in a sixty-nine with Alan on top of her.

She simmered with impatience and arousal while awaiting her turn. This is really pissing me off! Why the hell is watching Janice suck and stroke his bone getting me so fuckin' horny? I know he's still licking my pussy, but to be honest, it's a lot more than that. I want that cock! Janice, you pathetic piece of shit; you don't know what you're doing! Come on! Suck it! Harder! Deeper! Give it all your love!

She realized with a start that that last thought was an odd thing for her to think. So she tried hard not to think at all, but just watch Janice's sliding lips.

After less than half a minute, Alan called for the girls to switch again. Heather took over, and made sure to do everything she'd seen Janice do, include the stroking, and then some. She'd never put this much effort and energy into a blowjob before, not even when she'd been with Alan.

Janice just watched during Heather's turn this time, since Heather hadn't been helping during Janice's earlier turn. Then Janice took another turn, as did Heather. It all felt so good for Alan that he was losing his focus on licking Heather, and doing a pretty poor job when he managed to do anything at all.

Then a surprising thing happened. Janice was so carried away by cock-lust that she found herself licking Alan's balls during Heather's turn. Heather didn't mind, since she figured Janice was helping her win. But when Alan called for a switch again, Heather couldn't manage to pull away, and she found herself licking his balls instead, since Janice's hands and mouth were occupying all of his long boner.

Heather felt like she was having an out-of-body experience. She knew she was licking his balls, but it was as if she was watching someone else doing it, because she had no intention of helping Janice win. Yet, there she was. What the fuck?! I don't even wanna be doing this, but it's like I can't stop! I totally hate sucking cock, but I have to admit that I'm really getting into sucking Alan's right now. Licking balls is majorly lame, but it's the best I can do while that pig-beast Janice gets all the best parts!

Alan is gonna fuck my ass! These very balls are gonna be pumping hot cum into my ass in a matter of minutes! How can I not be excited about that? And if Janice says ONE WORD about how he made me crawl and beg, I'm gonna rip her head clean off her shoulders!

Alan thought he'd already been feeling really great, but when the two girls started working together it was all he could do not to blow his load. FUUUUUCK! This is so insanely pleasurable! Janice is getting better by the minute, and the mere fact that Heather is deigning to lick my balls is rocking my world. Too exciting! Their lust is actually making them work together! UGH! God, I love it!

If we keep this up, I'll bet they'll eventually get so horny they'll freely share and I won't have to call turns anymore. But the problem is, I'm gonna cum long before that partnership occurs. Shit! This is too much fun, but we have to stop now or I'm gonna blow. Literally!

He abruptly cried out, "Stop! Stop! STOP!" All the while he was clenching his PC muscle as if his life depended on it.

Luckily, the two cheerleaders were so surprised by the urgency in his voice that they did stop and look up.


Alan quickly scrambled to his feet. He was so close to climaxing that he feared either of them touching his hard-on in any way, or even breathing near it.

He stood back, panting hard. He looked at the two girls and realized that his goal to get Heather excited and wet had succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. She had a near feral look in her eyes, and Janice did too. He was actually a bit worried the two hot and beautiful girls would advance on him and suck his cock dry. He held his hand out with a stop gesture while he doubled over and panted some more.

He realized, Dang. I'm in a bit of a fix. On the plus side, I have Heather right where I want her, as part of this never-ending battle to stay one step ahead of her. But on the minus side, I'm hardly in any shape to talk, much less start fucking her ass. My boner is still on a hair trigger. And besides, we're running out of time. Shit! What should I do?!

He decided that he had no choice but to push forward with his plans (and his penis), especially given the limited time problem. Still doubled over and breathing hard, he said, "Okay, Heather, it's time. Get back on all fours and beg. Show me how much you want my cock up your ass!"

Heather was so far gone with her arousal that she forgot about her earlier objections. Or at least she forgot until she was back on all fours. Even as she started wiggling her ass enticingly in Alan's direction, the thought hit her, What the fuck am I doing?! He's making me beg again. ME! Heather fucking Morgan! And with Janice watching, of all people!

But it was too late for her to stop. By this time her needy body was in control, with her mind just along for the ride.


To her surprise, she found herself saying, without any reluctance or sarcastic tone, "Alan, I need you to fuck my ass! No, I'm BEGGING you, I'm actually down on all fours, begging you to fuck my ass! Please! Please! I need it!"

Alan was so aroused by that sight that he was very nearly forced to close his eyes. It was all too stimulating, especially given the way Heather was erotically wiggling her ass. In fact, her entire body was writhing with abandon.

He was standing behind her, so he stepped forward and caressed her ass cheeks. "That's a good slut."

She burned with shame. "A good slut?!" And he's petting me encouragingly like I'm nothing more than his pet! His pet slut! Whom he's about to fuck in the ass! But... God... I can't help myself! Fuck your slut! Shove that big cock up my butt! Somehow, her anger was reinforcing her unbridled lust.

He knew he still had to stall for time, to give him a chance to back off the orgasmic edge. He looked over at Janice and was pleased to see her grinning from ear to ear. He was also happy to note that she was frigging her pussy, working up to quite a climax on her own.

Janice looked up at him and smiled wickedly. He smiled back and they traded knowing winks.

He decided to push his luck, because "Bad Alan" was in control. As he ran his hands all over Heather's tanned, muscular ass, he asked her, "Are you my slut, you sexy little cum dump?"

There was a long pause. Heather didn't want to admit to anything, especially with Janice there. She could feel her ears and face burning in embarrassment.

He contemplated smacking her firm ass cheeks, but instead suddenly jammed two fingers deep into her hot cunt.

She cried out for dear life and reared her head up like a wildly bucking bronco. Suddenly, her body was totally out of control as a massive orgasm tore through her. She found herself screaming, "YES! I'm your slut! Cum dump! Yes! Use me! Abuse me! God, YES!"

Janice thought she'd died and gone to Heaven. Even as Heather's body continued to shake and writhe orgasmically, Janice reached over and gave Heather's nearest ass cheek a slap. "There, there, such a good little cum dump."

Although Heather had her eyes tightly shut and had little to no control over most of her body, she roared angrily, "Janice! Gonna kill you!"

Alan laughed at that. But he also knew he had to do some damage control. He resumed fondling Heather's muscular ass cheeks, even as they were a moving target from all of her writhing. "Don't worry, Heather. Sure, Janice knows you're my slut - one of my sluts, that is - but she knows not to tell a soul. Not even her best friend Joy. If she does, I'm gonna make sure she gets in big trouble, even before you do the same for her. Nothing said or done here leaves this room, period! Isn't that right, Janice?"

Janice remembered the danger of pissing Heather off, and she didn't want to upset Alan either. She replied, "That's right. We're just having some sexy fun. Right, Heather?"

Heather growled menacingly.

Alan still needed to play for time, so he could have a proper strategic break before starting any ass fucking. He walked around to Heather's front side in order to check out the expression on her face.

He wasn't disappointed. Heather's face was contorted into a mask of anger and wild lust. His throbbing erection was bobbing freely in the air, and now seeing her like that caused it to twitch and rise up as surely as someone lifting it. He stepped closer so the tip of his dick practically bumped against her nose.

Heather looked up and felt a surge of anger when she saw his slightly smug face. "I'll bet you think you're pretty hot stuff!" she complained angrily, even as she stared longingly at his stiff boner. "Well, fuck you! Fuck you for being such a total stud! Fuck you for making me beg! Fuck you for making me love doing it!"

She thought, Shit! I'm trying to tell him off, but somehow it's coming out all wrong! I'm too horny to think straight!

Knowing that he had her right where he wanted her, he said, "Hey, Janice, come here and check this out. Heather's facial expression is priceless."

"NO!" Heather screamed desperately. "Janice, don't look! Don't look at me!" Heather had never felt so naked in her life. She wanted to cover her tits and ass with her hands, but her hands were helping hold her up, and for some reason she seemed incapable of standing on her feet to get out of her humiliating pose.

Alan said, "Janice, as usual, don't listen to her. I'm in charge here, Heather; aren't I?"

Heather didn't answer. In part, it was because she was nearly breathless. Hearing him say that literally took her breath away. She knew that if anyone so much as lightly grazed her clit, she would cum buckets.

"I can't hear you," he prodded. "Who's in charge?" When she didn't answer right away, he stepped a little closer and rubbed the side of his raging erection against one of her facial cheeks. His boner was soaked with a mixture of saliva and cum from all three of them, and he gleefully rubbed it into her skin.

Heather grumbled unhappily, "You are."

He dragged his dick across her face, going directly over her mouth.

Heather was still out of her mind with arousal despite her recent climax, which made her helpless to resist the urge to lick his cockhead when it came within range.

He kept it there for a few precious seconds, causing her to moan erotically while she passionately licked as much of it as she could reach. But then he kept on dragging it across her face until he was smearing the wetness of his pole on her other cheek too. He finally pulled back slightly.


Heather stuck her tongue out as far as she could, but his cock was just out of reach. Dammit! What the fuck?! Why is he being such an asshole?! Why won't he just let me suck on it? I'm Heather fucking Morgan, God dammit! Nobody treats me like this, especially in front of some loser like Janice.

She lurched forward, but he moved back just as much. Ugh! It's just... out of reach! ARGH! So fucking frustrating! I need that cock! I need to suck on it, NOW!

She lurched forward again, hoping to catch him by surprise. Her tongue managed to make contact with his cockhead for a few thrilling seconds, and she strained with all her might to reach it, eager to lick it, only to have him pull away just out of reach again. FUUUUCK! Why is Alan totally humiliating me like this?! I'm the fucking head cheerleader, for fuck's sake! I'm the most motherfuckingly beautiful girl in the whole God damn school! Son of a BITCH! If I can only get my lips and tongue on it, I'm gonna show him! He thinks it's amusing to keep me naked and on all fours? Well, I'll fucking show him, with the blowjob of his LIFE!

Janice walked around to where Alan stood. She smirked and started to say, "Well, well, well. Look who-"

However, Alan acted quickly. He was worried that he could be pushing Heather too far. It was one thing when he pushed her buttons - that usually just aroused her all the more. But having Janice look at her smugly and say rude things was an entirely different matter. So he pulled Janice in close and kissed her on the lips. Janice was still able to look down at Heather from time to time, and that delighted her to no end, but her mouth was most definitely occupied, so she couldn't say the rude things that she had intended.

At the same time, Alan pinned his erection up against his lower abdomen and cupped it with his hand so Janice couldn't touch it or even rub against it. His dick wasn't getting much of a break, since everything was so incredibly arousing, but at least it wasn't being actively stimulated in any way. With time running out, that was the best he could hope for.

Heather continued to writhe and moan as she waited for Alan to direct his attention back her way. She was so eager that she even would have welcomed his rubbing his cock on her face some more. This SUCKS! If I wasn't so keen on finding out about anal sex, I would never put up with this shit. If it was just him here, that would be one thing, but Janice? I hate her! She's like acid burning my skin. Especially since SHE gets to kiss him! Dammit!

With an eye to the clock, Alan broke the kissing. The idea had been simply to tease Heather a bit to prime her for the anal sex, but he'd gotten carried away. He knew he'd be lucky to have time to fuck Heather's ass properly, much less fuck Janice too. He knew in the back of his mind that he was acting quite recklessly in terms of time, location, and provoking Heather, not to mention the dangerously excited state of his penis. But things had a momentum of their own.

He whispered in Janice's ear, "Don't say anything to Heather at all, okay? She's right on the edge of turning into a vengeful bitch. Let me handle her mood, and watch all you want, but only speak if I ask you something, okay?"

She nodded.

He rewarded her by kissing her on the lips again, while reaching down and playing with her nether lips at the same time.

Heather's patience was at a breaking point. When she saw them start to kiss again, she griped, "Come ON! For fuck's sake, don't leave me hanging here! I've done everything you asked. Please!"

Alan broke the kiss and nodded. Heather was within easy reach, so he patted her head. "You have. That's a good slut. Now I'm gonna fuck your ass."

Janice couldn't help but snicker as she watched and listened to that.

Heather bristled, shooting Janice a look meant to kill.


Alan finally walked back behind Heather and lewdly wagged his engorged dick at her ass. She couldn't see what he was doing, but he made sure to brush his boner against her firm bare butt. "Pull your cheeks apart nice and wide, you little cum-guzzling slut!"

Heather was growing increasingly excited by the prospect of finally having anal sex. When her mother Helen had sat her down to give her the "birds and bees" talk years ago, anal sex was the one and only sexual act that her mother had specifically forbidden. Helen had spoken of it in hushed tones of distaste and revulsion, as if it was one step shy of murdering someone.

Heather had been deeply intrigued by thoughts of doing it ever since. Her contrary attitude reveled in the opportunity to defy her mother's wishes. Yet at the same time, much of her mother's attitude had sunk in. Only in recent months had she finally dared to consider that act, trying some limited anal dildo play with Simone and hinting to some of her male lovers that she wanted to try out anal. It remained the ultimate irresistible sexual taboo for her.

Alan was also getting psyched up. He thought to himself, You know, there's something especially satisfying about fucking Heather's butt. Not only is she generally acknowledged as the most beautiful girl in school - although I personally think that Christine, Aims and Sis are all more beautiful - but just the idea of fucking her in the ass gives me the feeling of taking this far-too-bitchy and arrogant slut down a notch. In addition, our jousting matches are doing wonders at building up my confidence and aggressiveness.

He began rubbing his erection all over her pussy lips and also up and down her ass crack. In so doing, he used his hard-on like an artist's paintbrush to lubricate her asshole somewhat with her pussy juices. The tickling feeling of rubbing his bare cock through the valley between her quivering buttocks was also intensely erotic for him, and even more so for her.

However, he realized that probably wasn't enough lubrication. Luckily, he had an "ace in the hole" he'd refrained from revealing unless he needed to, and now seemed like the time. So he said, "You know, when it comes to anal sex, one can't use too much lube. And it's good to use a condom too. It so happens that I have both a small tube of lube and a condom in my pockets. Janice, would you please get those for me?"

Janice immediately went to where his pants had been tossed aside. "Sure thing."

But Heather complained, "Hold on. I don't mind the extra lubrication, 'cos I don't want that big dick of yours tearing up my insides back there. But a condom? That's bullshit! I wanna feel you cum in my ass! That's a big part of the experience!"

He replied, "In the future, we can try that out. But did you have an enema in the last hour or so? Are you completely sure that you're totally cleaned out in there?"

There was a long pause. Obviously, Heather was trying to figure out what to say so he wouldn't wear a condom. But finally she just huffed, "Fine. Whatever. Get on with it already, then!"

Since Heather wasn't resisting about that, he looked to Janice and said, "Could you please do me another favor and help with the condom and the lube?"

"With pleasure!" Janice immediately knelt down and stuck her head between Alan's body and Heather's ass. Although she had just handed him the lube and condom, she did not retrieve them. Instead, she started stroking and licking her way all over Alan's stiff erection.

Heather could feel Janice's hair brushing against her ass at different angles. She heard slurping sounds and soon contented feminine moaning sounds. She barked, "What the fuck is going on back there? I'm dying! Janice, if you're fucking around and wasting time, I swear-"

Alan interrupted, "Janice, you probably should speed things up. We don't have all day."

"Darn." She retrieved the condom and lube from his hand and started preparing his dick. She said, "Since YOU asked me so NICELY, then of course." Stated that way, it was an obvious rebuke of Heather and her rude behavior.

More long moments passed. Heather wiggled her ass impatiently. "Come ON, people! Jesus Christ. What is taking so fucking long?!"

Janice replied a bit snarkily, "I've got the condom on, and now I'm applying the lube and rubbing it in very carefully."

Heather exhaled loudly, in great frustration. "Yeah, I know what you're doing; you're jacking him off! God knows it's exciting to stroke his big, thick cock. If I were in your shoes, I'd take it in my hands and run my fingers up and down it, and breathe heavily on it, and bend over so I could..."

She realized with a start that she was getting carried away with her fantasy. "Wait a minute. Never mind that. Get on with it already, or heads are going to roll!"

Alan again sensed that Janice was pushing Heather too far, so he said, "Thanks a lot, Janice. That was great."

She reluctantly let go of his cock and sat back on her heels. "Any time."

Alan scooted up a few inches until his condom-covered dick was resting against Heather's ass crack. But instead of sticking it in, he rubbed it up and down her crack while also reaching under and fingering her pussy lips and clit.

Heather was practically delirious, mostly because she felt like she was on the verge of a great climax, due to the anticipation and build-up. The fact that he was fingering and teasing her like that made her worry that she'd cum so intensely that she'd be too wrecked to stay on all fours and get her ass fucked. She was trying her best to hold back from cumming, and the way he was fingering her was driving her crazy.

So Alan had to speed things up a bit. He began rubbing his cock around her anus more specifically.

She panted hard as she repeatedly thrust her ass back into his cock. She was literally trying to impale herself on it, but without success. His cockhead always seemed to be a fraction of an inch out of reach. "Stick it... stick it IN! God dammit! ... DO IT!"

He replied, "Not until you beg."

She complained, "I already did!"

"I know. And it was music to my ears. I want you to beg some more."

"Ha! Fat chance," she taunted.

Alan pushed his hard-on into her anus just a little bit, stretching it open ever so slightly, leading Heather to think that he'd given in. He knew that's what she'd expect from him since high school boys were not exactly renowned for their patience. But he kept his throbbing rod there and didn't go in any further. "Okay Janice, I told you this wouldn't take long. Get ready; it's your turn now."

Heather was so focused on getting Alan's dick in her ass that she'd completely forgotten Janice was there. The reminder caused her to explode in anger. "Janice, fuck off! What are you STILL doing here?! If you don't fucking clear out of this room this very instant, I will fucking DESTROY you! I'm not going to let Alan play you against me. Janice, do you hear me? Leave!"

Janice looked with worry to Alan.

Alan continued to toy around with pressing his dick into Heather's anus, but only a tiny little bit so as to give her a taste of what might be coming. He certainly wasn't anywhere close to pushing his bulbous cockhead past her angrily pulsating sphincter. "Heather, how rude. If I'm going to fuck your ass, first you're going to have to apologize to Janice. Then you're going to promise never to get revenge on her in any way. If you even try, you can forget this ever happening again. I have lots of other women to fuck, not just Janice. Heck, I could very easily go get someone else to replace her right now. So, first apologize, then beg. Beg me to fill your ass with my cock."

"You're mental! No way!"

He sighed as if he'd given up. "Sad. Your loss. Okay, Janice, I'm serious this time. It's your turn now." He pushed into and stretched open Heather's clenching anus so that his cockhead almost passed into her.

Heather assisted, pulsing her anal muscles and pushing her hips back to help draw him in, but he pulled away from her at the last second. Then he withdrew from her completely, placing his hard-on on top of her ass crack again. The sensation of the fine softness of her skin contrasted deliciously with the resistant firmness of the hard muscles of her ass, especially with her trembling under his touch in lustful anticipation of being impaled back there.


"Aaaargh!" Heather screamed. The loss of his dick was like a physical blow to her. She badly wanted to be fucked in the ass and knew that somehow Alan sensed this. I fucking HATE him! I can tell he's gonna keep torturing me until I do what he says. Why doesn't he think with his dick, like every other fucking boy his age?!

Her extreme need pushed all other considerations out of her mind. "Okay, fine," she said huffily. "Janice, I'm sorry. Forget the revenge over this, but if you dare cross me over anything else, your ass is grass. Alan, I'm begging you. For real this time. Now let's get on with this, shall we?"

Alan paused. He didn't like the way Heather was speaking. She'd said her words hurriedly and without sincere emotion, in much the same way a spoiled brat says the word "please" only because some adult forced them to do so. But he also figured that he could only push her so far. He was playing a dangerous game with her and could easily push his luck too far if he insisted on total surrender.

So he said, "That's better. That's not so hard, is it?" He began rubbing his erection up and down Heather's ass crack again.

Heather complained, "Fucking GET ON WITH IT already! Damn! You're so fucking aggravating."

"Okay, fine." Alan turned to Janice and winked at her. "Just one more sincere pleading should do it, my cute little cum dump."

"Arrgh! Alan, FUCK MY ASS! I'm begging you! I really am!" Her voice was angry, but there was no doubt she meant it.

Janice was looking on with great amusement. She was miffed at having to wait, and she didn't see how Alan would have time to fuck her too in what remained of the lunch period, but watching Heather get taken down a peg or two was almost worth it. Besides, she was having fun playing with her nipples and pussy.

Alan suddenly pushed his dick forward into Heather's ass, but the resistance was fierce. Now that he wanted to get his wide cockhead past her taut sphincter, he found he couldn't do it that easily. He tried pushing a couple of times while loudly grunting.

Heather tried to assist his attempts to penetrate her, opening her ass as wide as she could by pulling her ass cheeks apart with both hands. She grunted even louder than he did when she started pushing back in time with his thrusting to get into her.

But Alan's cock still wasn't going in. Her asshole simply wasn't dilating widely enough to permit him entry. He paused to rest for a minute, and said, "I've done this before and it wasn't nearly this tough. Heather, I think you're too stressed and tense. You need to relax your asshole before I can get in. But instead you're yelling at everyone and working yourself into a lather. That'll never work."

Heather was suffering. She knew that this might be her only chance to have anal sex while still in high school, since she had yet to find any other guy who was receptive to the idea. Besides, she was still right on the edge of an enormous climax, and desperately wanted the release. She complained derisively, "So what am I supposed to do, Einstein?"

He could feel how badly she wanted it. For one thing, the frustration and desire in her groaning was very obvious. "Quit struggling. You need to quit fighting and resisting me or we'll never get anywhere." He paused for dramatic effect, to make sure his next words sunk in. "You need to be sincere in your begging. That'll show that you've stopped resisting." His tone made it clear that he was being completely serious.

Heather's need had grown to such a fever pitch that she actually tried his suggestion. Arrgh! With the fucking begging again! Her pleading ended up sounding like a plaintive wail of desperation. "Alan. Please. Pleeease. Fuck me! Pleeeeeasse! Fuck me in the ass! God, I need it SO BAD! I'm begging you. PLEASE!"

"That's better," he said warmly as he smiled in triumph.

He tried pushing forward, but he still faced too much resistance. Heather had the most impressively firm and muscular ass he'd ever had the pleasure to touch, but the downside was that when those muscles were tensed up, they were like steel bars. So he said, "Now you've said it to me, think it to yourself. Think it, and mean it. You're my personal slut. My private cum dump. Your one and only goal is to pleasure my cock. Just... give in. Give in to the joy of serving my cock!"

He immediately wondered if he'd gone too far.

But Heather was so desperate to get assfucked that she was ready to try anything. She sincerely thought, Give in! Give in! Relax... I'm a good slut. Alan's slut. Nothing to fear. He's gonna fuck me, and I'm gonna love it! Give in... Serve his cock... Like a good slut...


Alan could sense her muscles relaxing. He suddenly grabbed her ass with both hands, spread her cheeks widely apart, and thrust strongly forward. He had been afraid of doing that before for fear of hurting her, but now he went for broke. To his great pleasure, his bulbous head pushed on through the powerful grip of her clenching anus. With surprising suddenness, he was in her.


Heather was ecstatic, but also in pain. She threw her head back and howled. "URGGHH! YES! Oh! Jesus! JEEESUS! Fuck, that hurt! ... Finally! Fuck me, you prick! Fuck me hard! Give it to me!"

She came hard. However, she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing she'd cum already, so she did her best to hide it. She also managed to stay on all fours, even though it seemed for a while that her limbs had turned to Jell-o.

Alan was extremely pleased with himself, even though he wasn't aware that she'd climaxed. He hadn't really intended to make her beg so much, but it had worked out better than he'd expected. He also knew from talking to Suzanne about anal that it would be prudent to give Heather's ass a chance to adjust to his large size before going in any deeper.

Besides, the crushingly strong grip she was exerting on his shaft meant that any additional penetration was, for the moment at least, quite impossible. So he figured it was a good chance to mess with her head some more, since he had to wait for her strong asshole to relax before she could take any more of him in any case.

"Heather, did you call me a prick? I guess I'll have to pull out. And after all that effort, too. What a shame." He sighed in disappointment and pulled back gently. It wasn't enough to pop out of her, but it was enough to make her feel that he could.

"Alan, you are a prick!" She clamped down with her powerful anal muscles in an attempt to prevent his penis from escaping her ass.

He was surprised by her outburst. He thought he had her over a barrel at the moment, in a very literal sense.

She continued, "But I mean that as a compliment. Believe me, I'm a prick too, so I can recognize one when I see one. God, you're so fucking evil, making me beg. But I love it! Don't you have any kind of fear? Don't you know what I could do to you?"

He gave that some thought. Frankly, I'm surprising myself too. Why DON'T I have more fear of her? Just last week I was too afraid to even talk to her, and now I'm acting like this... I guess it's because I don't really have much to be afraid about. What's the worst she could do? She could make me a complete social outcast at school, but so what? I'm headed in that direction anyway. I'm losing all my friends to my sex mania.

But on the plus side, I have four wonderful, loving, and incredibly beautiful women at home. They've caused my confidence to double and then triple again just in these last few weeks alone. My entire school life could be a complete social disaster and who cares, 'cos I'm just marking time until I can be home and playing with all those round tits and asses again anyway. Except for Glory, of course. She's the shining bright spot in my school day.

And if Heather tries to destroy me, that'll make Glory stand by me all the more. I've got so much amazing love and sex going on everywhere else that Heather's worst doesn't seem that bad. It's possible she could get some football players to beat me up if she was really pissed, but that doesn't seem her style. She's all about psychological power. She wants to control your mind, not just your body.

But the bottom line is that she needs me too much. I haven't had that much sex with her yet, but I can already tell that she needs me much more than I need her. So I can throw caution to the wind because her threats are mostly empty. Ha! This is fun!

He replied, "Heather, to be honest, I don't care. The thing is, I'm fucking too many women who are more enjoyable in and out of bed than you'll ever be. I'm fucking you mainly out of pity because your other male lovers appear to be such a pathetic bunch. You basically said so yourself."

That wasn't true, that he was fucking her only out of pity. No one could deny that Heather was one of the most beautiful girls at the school, along with Amy, Katherine, Heather's best friend Simone, Christine, Donna (a brunette social queen and Heather's main rival), and maybe one or two others. Heather was also very sexually skilled and enthusiastic, thanks to her long-standing love of fucking, and Alan did greatly enjoy fucking her. Plus, he got a great kick out of mentally fucking with her. But he wasn't about to admit any of that to her face, especially since she would take it as a sign of weakness.

One nice thing he discovered about having his dick in her ass was that she was so overwhelmed by the feeling of being stretched open and stuffed that she was slow on the uptake. He knew that if he gave her the chance, she'd soon be complaining about how she was the best and most beautiful girl in the school. So before she could recover her wits, he pressed deeper into her ass.


With one long and agonizingly slow thrust, he pushed his condom-covered shaft through Heather's tightly stretched anus and deep into her spasming, rhythmically contracting rectum. He kept cramming more and more of his meaty pole between her quivering buttocks until, at last, he found himself buried balls-deep in her ass.

He let out a heavy sigh of relief and satisfaction.

While penetration had actually been reasonably quick for Alan, given that he was going where no one had gone before, for Heather it had seemed as if time had slowed to a crawl. Her whole world had contracted to just the sensation of being filled agonizingly slowly by the invading beefy monster that was sinking further into her butt.

There had been feelings of pain as his cockhead had stretched her wide while traveling deeper and deeper into her. Yet behind the head she felt a delicious friction from the shaft sliding through her tightly clenching anus and along her rectal walls. The way his erection pulsed and throbbed as he had continued to push it deeper had felt so good that she'd thought she was likely to pass out from the sheer pleasure of it.

As his rigid boner was penetrating her, she'd reached back and pulled her ass cheeks further apart, arching her back to slightly improve the angle of penetration.

All along, she'd kept telling herself, Okay, that's all the cock he's got to give. There can't be any more than that! And yet, somehow, still more of his meaty thickness violated the as-yet-unfucked virgin depths of her ass. If, during that time, she'd been asked the length of Alan's dick, she would have said it must have been at least fifteen inches long. She had even half-expected to feel a large bulge in her abdomen from the tip of his invasive log.

She'd whimpered and shivered as his thick cock had continued to plow through territory that had never before been reached, by anal dildos or anything else. By the time he'd finally bottomed out, she was on the verge of tears of both pain and joy. She'd kept her eyes tightly shut, and at the end she'd thought, I hope Janice isn't looking! But of course she is, dammit! The fucking shame and humiliation. First he made me beg; now he's splitting me in two! She must think I'm the ultimate slut, taking twenty inches of cock in my ass! Okay, maybe it's not really twenty, but it sure as hell feels like it!

Alan had also been moved, but not by how deep he'd gone. Just like he'd felt during his first experience of anal sex, with Suzanne the day before, what really struck him was how tight Heather's ass was. His cock was being squeezed all over in the most delightful way just by virtue of being inside her there. He could hardly conceive how good it would be when she learned to loosen up enough for him to thrust in and out without great difficulty.

He didn't have much to compare the feeling with, since he'd only had anal sex once before, so he had no idea how unusually strong Heather's ass was. But he did notice that the pressure she could exert on him was far greater than anything he'd experienced with Suzanne, and that was when Heather wasn't really trying to crush his cock by flexing her muscles deep inside.

Heather, though, apparently didn't realize that it was a good idea to wait a bit for her ass to adjust to his deeper penetration. She thought, I want more fucking and I want it NOW! His comments about fucking her out of pity were completely forgotten, at least for the moment. She squirmed and wiggled and goaded him on, saying, "Please, for the love of God, don't stop! It's just getting good! Push! Push it in and out!"

Alan still just rested his rigid erection all the way inside her and tried not to say anything. This was difficult to do because every time her asshole throbbed mightily around him, it felt like her anus was trying to bite off his dick and swallow it whole. Yet even though the intense pressure hurt some, it was also extremely pleasurable for him. It was an orgasmic struggle just to keep his cock in there and deal with her powerful clenching as she pulsed around him; so much so that thrusting almost seemed unnecessary.

Heather clearly didn't feel the same, though. She continued, "Alan, I'm begging you! Fuck my ass! Fuck it good! I'm your dirty slutty anal whore and I NEED your cock! That's right; I said I'm your dirty slutty anal whore! I love it! I neeeeed more! Please! Pleeeasse! I'm begging you!" As she said this, she reached around and tried to push him back while rocking her hips forward. She hoped to push him almost all the way out and then pull him back in.

But he could tell what she was trying to do. His firm hands on her ass cheeks kept her from gaining any leverage, and since she was on all fours there was nothing on the other side she could push against. He said with surprising calm, "Relax, Heather. Chill. This takes a couple of minutes. I can't do it right if you don't let your ass relax some more."

She was still trying to thrust on her own, but to no avail. "Come on! Do it! DO IT! Don't be a wuss. Fuck my ass already!"

"Hmmm. I don't know," he replied uncertainly after a long pause. "I don't know if I like that attitude."

Janice had been keeping quiet, hoping Heather would forget she was there. But she couldn't resist saying, "Yeah, I don't like that attitude either. She's pretty demanding for a 'dirty slutty anal whore.'" She snickered with glee.

Heather cursed, "Fuck you, Janice! Fuck off and DIE!" But she immediately turned her attention back to Alan. "Pleeeease! ALAN! For the love of God! Please! I'm not calling you a wuss; I'm just saying get on with it! What do you want me to say? You're great! You're the greatest. WhatEVER! Just fuck my AAAASSSSSS!"

Alan looked at Heather's ass cheeks right in front of him. They were exceptionally muscular and firm. Heather couldn't care less about her school homework, but she treated her body like a temple, eating right and working out religiously, and of course she had an incredible all-over tan. Acting on a whim, he raised his hand up and slapped Heather's right ass cheek hard. "Bad Heather!" Then he did the same to her left ass cheek. "Bad Heather!"

She whimpered, "Please, Alan, please! I'm really begging you now. This is so real. Real begging! I'm your... I'm your slut! I am, and I mean it! Make your slut happy. Please do it!"

Alan was surprised at how little reaction she'd shown to those slaps. It seemed that getting fucked was the only thing that mattered, so even the ass-slapping was just a little-noticed distraction.

He turned to Janice, who still sat nearby watching and masturbating. Anal sex was something completely new to the feisty redhead. "What do you think, Janice? Should I do it?"

Heather groaned with frustration. She expected no sympathy from her nemesis. She listened closely, and was disturbed to hear the obviously sounds of Janice playing with her juicy pussy.

But to everyone's surprise, Janice said, "Put the bitch out of her misery already. I can't stand to see her beg. It's pathetic."

Alan was quite disappointed. He was having a lot of fun toying with Heather. Dang. I was gonna keep stringing Heather along. What the heck is wrong with me? It looks like even Janice thinks I've gone too far. Is this just an issue I have with the bitchy Heather, or am I slowly becoming truly nasty? I really should control myself. I shouldn't call her hurtful names. It's not right. But it's so much fun to have this perfectly formed tanned cheerleader goddess whimpering and begging me to fuck her up the butt!

Even as he thought this, he pulled out a bit and then pushed in some. He felt an almost evil glee as he heard Heather moan and literally scream in a combination of satisfaction and frustration. She loved the little motion, but she wanted him to go all the way with deep penetrating thrusts.

She panted, "Alan, no! That's the wrong way! I'm your anal slut! I'm your bitch! I'm your whore! I'm your slave! I'm your anything! Just put it in! No one has EVER fucked my ass before and I just HAVE to have it! Please!" She appeared to be on the verge of tears as her ass cheeks quaked and unsuccessfully tried to squeeze and suck his shaft further into her.

He thought, "I'm your slave"? Wow. I like the sound of that! She must really need it, especially to say that right in front of her enemy Janice. He snickered as he watched Heather's perfectly tanned ass ripple and quake with the need for his penis. "Well, since you asked so nicely, my lovely blonde slut. Please IS the magic word."


Thinking, I guess I AM a prick, he finally began to slowly thrust in and out of her with the kind of deep strokes that Heather wanted so badly. One good result from the last minute or so of his teasing was that it had allowed her ass to loosen up a little bit more. That meant the fucking was extremely pleasurable for both of them, instead of being a frustrating struggle. It was somewhat like fucking an extremely tight, muscular, and very strong pussy. Any tighter and it would have been too painful, but this felt just great.

He was also quite surprised that he didn't feel an overwhelming need to cum. He'd been on the brink from well before he started, but somehow, once he was deep in her ass, his urge to cum lessened quite a lot. He wondered if it had to do with the fact that she was so tight that it was almost painful. He decided not to worry about it too much, and just enjoy riding this seemingly endless erotic high.

With his steady thrusting, Alan quickly reduced Heather to a quivering mass of subservient Jell-O. He could tell she was loving it by the way she shrieked incoherently as his strokes started to move faster and bring both of them even more pleasure. That only caused his ego to swell even further. His bad side was definitely in full control now. He got a great kick out of yelling rude things to her as he plowed her butt from behind.

"Who's a rude cunt bitch?" he growled as he slapped her left butt cheek gleefully.

"I am!" Heather gasped happily while getting rammed on a deep stroke.

"Who's nothing more than a pussy life support system, good for nothing but being fucked?"

"I am!" A thin line of drool dripped from the corner of her mouth and then was flung away by all the rhythmic shaking of her entire body.

"Are you my personal cunt?"


"Are you my cum dumpster?"

Heather didn't even hesitate to answer. "Yes!" At that moment, at least, she was fiercely proud of it and willing to shout it to the whole world. She was well aware that Janice was listening, but she didn't even care that much. She was that horny.

Alan straightened his back, withdrew his stiff rod out of her nearly completely, and then shoved it back in with all of his might. The pain was excruciating for him as his wide cockhead forced its way in past her still very tight sphincter muscles, but it hurt in a good way.

She clenched her teeth to keep from losing all control. Then she let out a piercing scream.

Janice, still watching intently, had to temporarily stop playing with herself so she could plug her ears.

"Who's your daddy, you common whore?" he yelled.

"You are!" Heather mewled helplessly as she rocked under his onslaught. Her entire body was literally rocking on all fours.

He gripped her ass cheeks to stop her from rocking back and forth too much, especially since the rocking left his boner in the middle of a tug of war. "And who's an arrogant bitch who needs to be put in her place?"

"I am!" Tingles of excitement shot up and down her spine.

"Hey, sperm breath! What's your only purpose in life?"

Heather shouted out her answer so loud that it sounded almost as if she'd been split in two. "To fuck! And get fucked! By you!"

Alan loved her "by you" comment. Little additions like that showed she was really into it and not just parroting the bare minimum of what she thought he wanted her to say. His ego swelled even more.

And so it went. Not only did Heather not mind the names, she loved them. The worse he treated her, the more she loved it. She couldn't figure out why, because with all her previous lovers she'd brooked no insults or sassy attitude at all.

She actually felt high from the whole experience, like she'd just taken some powerful and wonderful drug. She already realized that she would have to have her ass filled regularly from now on, and that only Alan was man enough for the job of keeping her butt properly and thoroughly fucked the way she wanted and needed it.

Neither Alan nor Heather realized it just yet, but Heather happened to be one of the small minority of women with an overabundance of pleasure receptors in the ass that enabled her to absolutely love anal penetration from a purely physical point of view. The fact that she considered it naughty, depraved, and deviant made her love doing it even more. That her mother had expressly forbidden her from doing it was like the icing on the cake.

He mercilessly fucked Heather while she crouched on all fours. He didn't care about the limited time left, or Janice, or the fact he was actually in school, or anything else but his fucking task.


At least, he forgot about those things most of the time. But as time passed, he heard Janice huffing and puffing increasingly loudly, even louder that Heather's constant desperate, sexy moans. Right at the same time, Heather came hard, and flopped to the floor. He suddenly picked her up and carried her limp body about five feet to a spot right in front of where Janice was seated masturbating. He hoped this sight would help Janice have an especially great climax. He forced Heather's big, tanned tits down onto the cold floor. With every thrust, he pushed her whole body into the hard ground.

But Heather seemed to actually prefer the rough treatment. Feeling her erect nipples rub on the cold hard floor aroused her even more. Knowing Janice was staring down at her from only a few feet away somehow turned her on still more. Heather's screams were of a woman at the absolute peak of ecstasy. She didn't even know if she was having an orgasm at any given moment or how many she was having overall. It seemed to her as if every single second Alan thrust in and out of her ass was yet another great orgasm.

Alan briefly looked at Janice as he repositioned himself. Her naked body was so close, he felt like he could reach out and touch her knee.

Janice appeared both terribly aroused and yet a bit afraid. She seemed to think that she would be getting the "Heather treatment" next. She had no desire to be bullied and insulted by Alan like that. But on the other hand, she longed for the ecstasy that Heather was obviously feeling. And the way Alan had put Heather in her place really turned Janice on. She was busy frigging herself to an orgasm, and it was far from her first; one could easily tell by how wet her hands and thighs were.

Alan was finally ready to cum, but he knew that if he did that he'd have nothing left for Janice. So he waited until Heather had a particularly intense series of rippling convulsions. It felt like her strong asshole was trying to pulp his dick. He guessed that meant she was having another orgasm, though it was hard to tell for sure. For a second or two he was certain the erotic pressure had pushed him past the point of no return and that his cum would shoot out of him, but a fervent squeezing of his PC muscle just managed to save the day.

Then he suddenly pulled out, and he took his hands off Heather altogether. He looked down and saw her well-fucked and hungrily pulsating asshole gaping back at him, still molded to the shape of his rigid penis. A thin film of sweat and her pussy juice covered her crotch and sparkled in the fluorescent lights overhead. Her ass cheeks had big red marks from where he'd slammed or clawed at her.

"Hey, what are you doing?" moaned an annoyed Heather. She shoved her ass backwards as if her anus could find his dick and gobble it back inside.

"Patience, Heather, patience. Who here has the cock?"

"You do," she answered glumly.

"And who's in charge here, slut?" At first she didn't answer, but he poked and rubbed his boner against her ass. The tip slithered in the space between her pussy and anus, but failed to enter either.

"You are." Saying that really rankled her, but at this point there was no way to deny the obvious. Besides, she knew it was an established "fact" already, based on what had been said before.

"Damn straight," he said as he stood up on shaky legs and took his soaked erection far from her crotch. He desperately needed to cum, but he wasn't going to do it in Heather. Not only did he still have Janice waiting, but he thought about how the aloof, arrogant Heather had cockteased countless boys at the high school and felt a sense of satisfaction to be giving her a taste of her own medicine.

"No! Wait!" cried Heather. She still felt boneless from her climaxes, so she made no attempt to get up or even move. But she said very emotionally, "You're gonna leave me unsatisfied. Please don't go!"

"Oh come on. You came lots of times. I could tell."

"Yeah, but you haven't cum in my ass! I'm gonna have the mother of all orgasms when you cum in me there, I just know it!"

He was cocky. "Hmmm. You seem to be right about that. But I only promised you a consolation prize. Janice gets the main reward." He had no choice but to leave her like that. There was no way he could do them both right then.

Heather looked upset, but in fact she wasn't that upset. She'd been fucked to oblivion and she was feeling the friction burn from insufficient lubrication already. Her ass really couldn't take much more right now, even if her libido had wanted to keep going. She had yet to learn how good it could feel to have a big load of hot cum erupt inside her, flooding the steaming hot depths of her ass, so she didn't know what she was missing.

With every passing second though, she felt the fight going out of her. She slumped to the floor and just panted heavily. It was all she could do to resist the urge to pass out.

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