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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Sexual Healing
Day 61: Friday, November 15

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan could see he wasn't going to get any more grief from Heather for a while. He turned to Janice.

She sat in her chair with her fingers still in her crotch. She looked up at him with trepidation. "You're not going to be like that with me, are you?"

He laughed. Then he realized he must look like a wild-eyed, overexcited, arrogant, sex maniac. He was still riding erotic and egoistical highs, but he forced himself to calm down some and speak in kind tones. "Don't worry. Not unless you want that kind of treatment."

"No thanks!" She was so distraught by that idea that she stopped playing with herself.

"I thought not. I only fuck like that with Heather. It's kind of a special thing I've got going with her. I'll be as nice with you as you want me to be."

Janice muttered, "Thank God." She was beside herself with delight and relief, both to hear that and to know that she had a good fucking to look forward to. She was even happier to see Heather was still awake and slowly recovering. It would make the sex all the sweeter if her enemy was forced to watch her get what she'd been denied.

Alan remembered Suzanne's advice that one should never go from fucking an asshole to a pussy. He took his condom off and walked to the back of the stage where there was a sink. He used his hands to splash water all over his groin, and then he washed himself thoroughly with soap. When he was all cleaned up, he got a new condom from his discarded clothes and put it on.

He was too tired to talk while doing all this. Heather and Janice refrained from talking too.

Heather had recovered some more and was able to sit up. She was still completely silent though. She was trying to digest what had just happened. She instinctively knew that this was a pivotal event in her life, because she'd enjoyed the anal sex so much. She felt like someone who had just shot heroin for the first time and knew in that instant that they would be a heroin junkie for the rest of their life.

Anal sex felt so great that she knew it was something she absolutely had to have from that point forward. She also felt instinctively that she had to have it specifically from Alan. He knew exactly how to push all her buttons. Even if she could find some other guy willing to do it - a big if - she knew it would pale in comparison. She couldn't admit it consciously, but the name calling and being forced to beg and wait was a big part of why she had loved the experience so much.

But now she had a problem. She needed Alan like she needed food to eat, but she was determined not to let him know that. She couldn't stand not being in complete control. He already had a strangely powerful grip on her, and she didn't want that to get any worse. She thought, He's a NERD! I keep forgetting, but he's just a nerd! Phew, that's a reassuring thought. But... damn! How could a mere nerd rock my world like that?!

Alan, meanwhile, was thinking about Heather as he admired her sweaty, disheveled, and exhausted naked body. She's a bitch in more ways than one. I just want to treat her like a bitch; like an animal. I want to slap her around and spank her. But that's not right! What am I saying?! Even Heather has a heart and has feelings. If I can train her and bring her to heel... Damn! A dog metaphor again.

A malicious mood filled his head like a thick fog. He sat still for some long moments until the fog lifted a little bit. I have to get a hold of myself! But my point is, if I can fuck the evil out of her and correct her arrogant ways, there might be a nice person inside, waiting to come out. I'm gonna fuck Janice nicely now, and show Heather that she can be fucked nice and gentle when she deserves it.

Little did he realize, but the last way that Heather wanted to be fucked by him was nice and gentle.

He walked to the couch where Janice was sitting. "Finally. I'm all set now. Sorry to keep you waiting so long. But hopefully you found the show somewhat entertaining." He sat next to her and caressed her arms and cheek.

Janice relaxed further as she realized he really wasn't going to treat her like he'd treated Heather, even though his eyes still looked a little bit crazy. She replied as she ran her hands across his chest, "Definitely. It's funny, but I don't hate Heather so much anymore now that I see how she's so pathetically desperate for your cock."

Heather had been about to complain very vocally that Alan needed to finish what he started, but if she did that now it would only confirm what Janice had just said. Instead, she flailed around for a comeback. "Who's pathetically desperate? Looks like you are, Janice."

Janice laughed derisively. "Yeah. Right. Like I would EVER willingly call myself a 'cum dumpster.'" She mimicked Alan's voice, "'Who's nothing more than a pussy life support system, good for nothing but being fucked?'" Then she mimicked Heather's gaspingly horny reply in a mocking tone, "'I am!'"

Heather instantly blushed and was furious. She realized she had a massive problem on her hands. Her enemy Janice had heard her say the most humiliating things imaginable. She instinctively trusted that Alan wouldn't repeat them anywhere, even though they'd never discussed it. She knew he was prudent and smart, and that was the prudent and smart thing to do, if he wanted to fuck her again. But she knew just as certainly that Janice could have the entire school talking about Heather's shame within an hour. Of course some people might think Janice was just making it up, but there would be sincerity in Janice's tone and an unavoidable embarrassment in Heather's denials that would fan the gossip flames.


She rushed over to Janice and stared into Janice's eyes from inches away. "Listen to me and listen to me good. If you breathe ONE WORD about what happened in here to ANYONE, I will KILL YOU. KILL YOU! You're dead! Do you understand me?!"

Janice shrank backwards in terror. "Kill me?!"

"Not literally, you fool, but I will make you WISH you were dead. Not only that, but I can tell how lovey-dovey you are for Joy. You can deny it till you're blue in the face, but I can see how you look at her with googly eyes. Before I utterly crush your will to live, I'll first turn on Joy and ruin her. If I hear ONE WORD about the things Alan called me here today, Joy will be expelled and in prison within a week. And that's just for starters!"

Janice had quite pale skin to begin with, but she was completely white with fear now. "You wouldn't!" Notably, she didn't deny that she was in love with Joy.

"I would. And I can. Don't test me!"

Alan also blanched. For the first time, he began to realize just how powerful and vindictive Heather could be. He had no idea how Heather could frame Joy and put her in prison, but looking at the determination and hatred on her face, there was no way to deny that she could do it.

But he also realized that the one thing he had going with Heather was an impression of superiority and invulnerability. If she sensed any weakness from him, he was finished. Thinking, In for a penny, in for a pound, he started speaking without knowing what he was going to say. "Listen. Hey, you two, listen to me."

Heather and Janice turned in his direction. Heather still clutched Janice's hair and her face was twisted with hate, but Alan sat there practically in Janice's lap.

Alan continued, stalling for time, "Hey. No fighting. What am I - a bump on a log? I'm here too, you know. I'm not going to allow you to fight. Janice, don't worry, I won't allow Heather to do that to you or to Joy."

Heather now turned her anger at him. "Oh yeah? Says who? Don't even THINK-"

"HEY! Hey! Hey! Hey! HEY!" Alan shouted over Heather until she let him speak. "Listen! Heather, I won't allow your secrets out of this room. Don't worry! Like I said earlier, what happened here stays here. I certainly am not going to tell a soul. I don't kiss and tell. It's not my way."

That calmed Heather down a lot. It confirmed her instincts that he could be trusted. She turned her angry face back at Janice.

But Alan kept talking. "Janice, I'll try to stop Heather from doing anything crazy. It's pretty obvious that she loves anal sex. If she retaliates on you, she won't be getting any more sex from me. Period. But on the other hand, if I were you, I wouldn't even think about crossing her on this. She obviously has a lot of ways of getting even. It's better for all three of us if we just stay quiet about this. Janice, may I also remind you that if you go blabbing to everyone about Heather, then I can't trust you either. There's no way I'm going to have sex with you now or ever again if you can't be discreet."

Janice looked back and forth between Alan and Heather. Alan looked sincere and determined while Heather just looked plain evil. After a long pause, she said, "Fine. Who said I was going to say anything, anyway? I'm not."

Heather pointed right in Janice's face. "Not even to Joy!"

"Fine. Not even to her. But you and I aren't done, Heather. Now I know how you REALLY are. You're the most pathetic girl I've ever seen. I'll never be able to look at you in the same way again. You bring disgrace to the entire female gender. 'Oh! Alan! Please let me be your cum dumpster! Please?!'"

Alan immediately spoke up before Heather could go ballistic. "Listen! Janice, being quiet means not mentioning these kinds of comments in the future to me OR to Heather. Really, you shouldn't have been here. That was a mistake. But you were. The things Heather and I say to each other are just between her and me. If I say something sexual to you, then I expect the same discretion from Heather. I know you two hate each other, but I don't want to get caught in the middle of your little feud. If that's how it's going to be, I'm going to wash my hands of both of you, and good riddance."

Heather and Janice both shouted at once, "NO!"

Heather could hardly wait to get fucked by Alan again, especially in the ass. In fact, she was surprised to find her own hands wandering back to defensively clutch and massage her own ass cheeks, as if to soothe and reassure her rear end that Alan would soon be back for more.

Janice, meanwhile, had just seen that Heather had been overwhelmed by a revelatory sexual experience and she wanted something similar (though not in the ass). If what Heather had was the "consolation prize" then she could hardly imagine what the first prize would be like.

He said, "So, if either of you want to take part in more erotic adventures like this, the most basic thing is that nobody talks. Can both of you be mature and cool enough to do that?"

Both girls nodded, rather sheepishly.

Alan was pleased that he seemed to have some control of the situation. The truth was, if Janice did spread word of what had happened to the gossip networks, it would not only devastate Heather but also seriously complicate his own life. Calling Heather a "cum dumpster" would hardly endear him to anyone, especially the female half of the school. He could already imagine Christine hitting him with a barrage of withering insults, if not her open hand. Worse, his best friend Sean was so moony over Heather that Sean would hate him. In fact, if Sean merely found out that he'd had sex with Heather, Sean would probably be devastated.

He turned to Heather. "I think it's best if you go. NOW! Janice is NOT going to talk; I'll make sure of that. Calm down and take a chill pill. There's no problem here. One of these days I'll finish what I started with you here today, and cum in your ass."

Heather could see the wisdom of leaving. She realized that she was way too upset to think clearly and she didn't want to say anything in the heat of the moment that could ruin her chances with Alan. She got up and went to wash up and put her clothes back on.

But still she stewed. "'One of these days?' What does that mean? Alan, you can't leave me hanging like this! I really want you to cum in my ass. It somehow feels incomplete if you don't." She was going to plead some more, but then she remembered Janice's comment about being "pathetically desperate" and that shut her up.

"Heather, we'll talk later. Don't worry; everything's good. That was fun. I definitely want to cram your butt again - you have a really tight ass." He ran a hand over her nearest ass cheek. At first he just fondled her over her skirt, but then he slipped a hand inside her skirt and panties and gave her ass flesh a good squeeze.

Heather was somewhat mollified by his words. His promise was something she could work with and build on, as she hopefully molded him into her anal-sex boy toy. She was already scheming on how to find a way to get her newly-discovered anal-sex fix from him every day. She continued to clean up and dress while Alan and Janice waited silently for her to finish and leave.

Alan's penis had gone flaccid during Heather's big angry outburst. But halfway through her getting dressed, Janice knelt down in front of him and started bobbing on his erection, obviously trying to bring him back to full hardness.

Heather had already put her panties and skirt back on, but she pulled her panties right back off again while keeping the skirt (because she'd deduced correctly that Alan enjoyed the cheerleader look). Knowing that he was watching her, she slowly put her tennis shoes on, a process that provided a reason for her to do a lot of bending over with plenty of ass wiggling. Then she turned around to face him.


It was her intention to perform a semi-naked dance for him, but when it actually came time to deliver she realized that she just didn't have the energy. She was literally all fucked out. So she just did a mellow striptease of sorts, pulling her cheerleader skirt down in a sexy manner, before pulling it slightly back up again. Doing this gave her confidence. God, I have such a fucking hot body! I really am the most beautiful girl in this school, by far! Not even Christine looks THIS scorching! A total nobody like Alan should count his lucky stars that I deign to spend any time with him at all.

She pulled her skirt just below her pussy. Hey, stud, you want this? You wanna tap this sweet pussy? You wanna drill me with that big fuckin' cock of yours?

She pulled her skirt back up, but then turned around and pulled it just below her ass cheeks once again. Or do you wanna take me like this? Are you gonna make me bark like a dog when you take me doggy-style, you motherfuckin' beast? She smirked, smiling as she considered the possibilities.

Then, facing him again, she said, "Alan, don't worry. I'm definitely cool and mature enough to understand the need for total discretion. I know how to give you a good time, and you know how to give me a good time. Together we can have a very good time together."

When she was done, she turned yet again and bent over. She made sure her skirt rode up enough to expose all of her bare and very tanned ass cheeks.

Alan just nodded in agreement. Janice's busy lips and tongue had his dick fully hard again, so he was somewhat preoccupied.

Heather considered saying more but realized that doing so would just prolong Janice's blowjob and Alan's enjoyment of Janice, and that bugged her. So instead she just straightened up and nodded in return. But even then she wasn't quite done teasing, as she took her sexy time putting her panties and bra back on.

Finally, when she was fully dressed, she went to the door to let herself out. She ignored Janice, but didn't know what to say to Alan. She suddenly felt strange feelings of affection for him, even as her asshole throbbed with a dull burning soreness from his recent violation back there. To her complete amazement, she sincerely found herself wanting to say intimate things or blow him a kiss in a very girly way. But she didn't, primarily because Janice was there. In the end she just waved awkwardly and left.

She had a very funny gait as she walked away.


Heather was so weary and her ass was so sore that she went outside to a bench where she could be alone and sit down. She quickly realized though that her ass didn't like that, and she stood back up. As she thought about everything that had just happened, she felt a great anger welling up within her, and at first, she directed some of her hate at Alan.

I'm gonna get you for this, Alan Plummer! God dammit, I can't even sit down now, thanks to you. Just how am I supposed to get through my next class, not to mention cheerleading practice? "Sorry girls, someone else is going to have to lead the practice today 'cos Alan fucked my butt way too hard." As if! And Janice is going to be snickering to herself at every visible sign of my anal discomfort, even if she does miraculously keep her big mouth shut.

Oh God! Today's game day! What a nightmare! That's ten times worse. How on Earth am I going to be able to cheerlead in front of so many people when I can barely walk? Damn you, Alan! I'll bet you fucked my ass on game day on purpose, just to rub in your supposed superiority.

Who does he think he is, anyways? He's got some kind of gall. He thinks he's all Mr. Hot Stuff, calling me all those mean things and treating me like a piece of meat. Making me beg and say all those humiliating things. Ha! We'll see who's begging soon, nerd boy! I can't wait until the tables are turned and I'm slapping his butt and getting him to cry for mercy. Hell, I could fuck HIS ass with a strap-on! Wouldn't that be the best?! You're going to be sorry you ever crossed me. You and Janice. I'll get you both. That's gonna be sweet! I can taste victory already.

She paced in circles around the bench. The other students milling about were going inside because lunch was nearly over. She repeatedly rubbed her ass cheeks, trying to ease the burning sensation she felt between them. The problem was, that burning was slowly turning into an itchy hot feeling, one that she knew couldn't be scratched, except by Alan. Damn. I feel like I'm gonna be walking funny for weeks. Why does that fucker have to fucking fuck so damn fucking good?! It's annoying.

The problem is that Alan is seriously the only real man in this school. He's got what I want. The whole thing was humiliating, but shit, it's so fucking intense. I honestly loved it! I even loved all the names, though if Janice breathes ONE WORD...

Shit. Even I can't believe that I loved being called a "cum dumpster." He really has some balls, especially considering he's basically a nerd. He's completely fearless! The truth is, I have to admire how he played me like a fiddle, playing me against Janice and against my own lust. He thinks he's some kind of nice guy, but the truth is he's a Machiavellian manipulator just like I am. That's a man after my own heart. What's amazing is how he gets just what he wants and still keeps that nice guy nerdy image. Impressive. God, that just makes me want to fuck him even more!

I wonder if I could actually be falling in love. Finally, a real challenge, someone WORTHY of my attention! I'm going to get my revenge and prove that I'm at least his equal. Wait. What am I saying? I'm his superior in every way! He'll soon see that all the other girls he fucks are just pathetic wallflowers. Amy? Hah! Nice big butt, cute face, and decent mams, sure, but that's hardly reason enough to pick her for a girlfriend. What's she got that I don't have, and then some? It can't be her personality since she's a fucking airhead. What's the challenge in HER?

She pounded a fist into an open palm with determination. I'm going to make him see that I'm the only one in this school worthy of being his girlfriend. Anyone who stands between him and me is going to feel my wrath. Amy is too sweet and innocent to take on directly. There's no sport in it; it would be like taking candy from a baby. But I'll elbow her and the likes of Janice aside soon enough. And then he will be mine. All mine! She felt her asshole throb hotly, as if in endorsement of that idea.

Meanwhile, as Heather mulled over her options, Alan and Janice still had unfinished business back in the theater room.

As Alan heard Heather close the door, he was reminded to look up at the clock. Oh no. I've got to make this a fast fuck, because I'm going to be late to the psychologist's appointment if I don't hustle. I wonder what's going to happen there? This could be really pivotal.

He turned his attention back to Janice. He put his hands on her bobbing head, and said, "Um, I think you can stop now. I'm definitely as hard as I'll ever get."

She sat back up and wiped her chin and lips clean.

He asked her, "Are you okay?"

She stared off into space. "Thanks for asking. I'm still pissed off at that bitch. To think that she would do all kinds of dreadful things to Joy. I don't care about me, I can defend myself. But attacking Joy to get at me? That's hitting below the belt."

Alan decided that Janice needed a hug. He was right; she held on to him like a life preserver. They remained hugging like that for a couple of minutes. Finally, the bell rang, indicating that there was only one minute until the start of fifth period.

He pulled away. "Uh oh. Time's up. The bell's not a problem for me 'cos I'm actually not going back to class today. I have a doctor's appointment. But I imagine you're gonna be late. Sorry the time slipped away."

Janice asked, "What, you don't want to fuck? I'm still up for it. I'm hardly ever late, so I can be massively late just this once. The truth is, I'm so stressed out. Heather really upset me. Disturbed me. She talked about killing me, even if it was just a figure of speech. I found out with my old boyfriend that fucking can be a great stress reliever. I NEED this."

"Okay. That's cool. The truth is I need it for the same reason. Of course, the fact that you're in my arms and we're both naked and you're such a hottie and a cutie doesn't hurt."

Janice giggled, happy with his compliments.

He held her tighter and leaned in to her conspiratorially. "Here's another thing you should never tell anyone else. I act all tough around Heather, but the truth is I'm scared of her too. She's one scary bitch, that's for sure!"

Janice sighed with relief. "Really? I'm glad to hear that. I was beginning to think you were superhuman or something. I say that I can defend myself, but that's just a front. I'm soooo not going to talk! I may hate her guts, but I'm not stupid."


The two of them slowly transitioned from comforting each other to making out, and then to fucking. It was a relatively quick transition, spurred on by the awareness that she had to get back to class and he had to get to his appointment.

But Alan wasn't in such a hurry that he would overly rush a nice cheerleader fuck. So they had good, gentle sex, more like making love than simple fucking. He again made sure to use another condom for protection from STDs, even though he knew that Janice, like all the cheerleaders, was on the pill.

Alan found it a relief after what he did to Heather to make tender, caring love, with sweet words of affection instead of name-calling.

They both knew that this wasn't meant to be some kind of virtuoso, athletic sexual performance, but just a low key stress reliever. Still, it turned out to be very satisfying for both of them.

As Alan fucked, he again pondered the issue of aggressiveness. It seemed to him that with some females, such as Heather, he went too far, and with others, such as his mother, he didn't go far enough. He wondered how he was changing overall, and if he could strike the right balance with everyone.


Back on the Orange County street where the Pestridges lived, Suzanne sat alone in her car. She was about to drive off to do some shopping when she found herself overcome with worry. She was somewhat nervous about how things were going between Susan and Xania, but not too nervous. If there had been a major problem, Xania would have called her already. The issue that caused her to worry was imagining what Xania and Alan might do together.

Sweetie's sexually involved with a LOT of women these days, far too many for him to think of me enough. Xania is a damned good lover, and she's got an incredible, stacked body - just the kind he loves. By the time she's done with him, I'll probably be in the back of his mind: "Suzanne? Sure. I remember my Aunt Suzy. She's nice to have around for a good laugh and a blowjob. She's starting to understand her place in things. She does just what I say."

No! That's not how he's going to see me. He has to realize that I love him more than anyone else does and that I'm not just another good fuck. This is not just about sex for me; I LOVE him. I really do! He's my cute little Sweetie! He needs to realize that I love him just as much as Susan does! I don't want to take anything away from her, but in my mind he's my son as much or even more than Brad is. If he doesn't love me back the way I love him, I don't know what I'll do!

Suzanne started to feel the tears flow, but she steeled herself and cut off the urge the cry. She was too proud for that.

It was a mistake to allow Xania to fuck him as part of her reward for doing this. We had a bit of a rivalry back in our college days, always stealing boyfriends from each other. If she tries to steal him away from me, there's going to be hell to pay, that's for sure! I've risked everything to be with him. I could go to prison with my schemes, but I'd do it all over again and then some if we could become the lovers we are in my dreams. If it weren't for the fact that she lives in L.A., I'd rush up there and put a stop to things. But she obviously can't steal him away if she lives that far off, right?

Why did I set it up for them to fuck? What was I thinking?! It sounded good at the time - that getting the two of them together would help draw Xania back into my life so we could be close friends again. But God knows he's fucking enough other women already. Why do I want to compete with yet another incredibly sexy woman for his attention? Thank God she lives far off, at least.

It's too late to stop them from fucking now. But I have to reassert my control over this whole situation, just the same. It keeps slipping away. I've gone far too long without fucking him. Maybe that's my problem. I can't wait any longer. Once I fuck him, he'll realize that the others are just fun diversions, but I'm the real deal. I can prove my love with my sexual talents and desire. Not only that, but all schemes aside, I need some satisfaction, dammit! I NEED that deep satisfaction only a profoundly prolonged and filling fucking can provide. I know from the way he plowed my ass that he'll be able to deliver and then some. But this stupid weekend hiking trip of his is ruining everything. There's no way I can wait till Monday.

She pondered that problem for quite a few minutes, then came to a conclusion. Or, maybe ... should I say, this stupid hiking trip of his WAS ruining everything. I think I just figured out a way to get that trip canceled. And with Alan home all weekend, without anything on his schedule, there will be time for the kind of first-fuck extravaganza that I've been waiting for. Yes! God, I've been waiting for this SOOOO LONG!

As she began to plot out her plans, something suddenly occurred to Suzanne. Wait a second. The whole point of Susan's visit with Xania is to finally break down the last remaining barriers between mother and son. But what if the visit is TOO successful in that regard? What if they're ready to immediately fuck like bunnies? I'll be completely forgotten! I have to get him to fuck me first. Only after I've secured my place as his number one woman, only then should they fuck.

Suzanne sighed. What a web I've weaved. I've promised not to do any harm to anyone with my schemes, but if Susan is well and truly ready to fuck her son and I try to delay that, then I'm hurting her. And she's my best friend and places her complete trust in me - I can't betray that trust. I just have to hope to God that she leaves Xania with some lingering reservations so I have more time to play with.

Yes. I'm probably worrying too much. At the very least, Susan is going to ask me for my advice when she comes home, and if I suggest she should wait a few more days to get her head together, is that really so bad? Isn't that the kind of prudent advice I'd give her in any case?


She avoided answering that last question, because she knew the answer would be 'No'. She bit her lip in worry. Well, I know one thing. I hope Sweetie is rested enough and mentally ready for a roller coaster, because I'm going to fuck him like he's never been fucked! I'm going to fuck him eighteen different ways before Monday, and give him the sexual trip of his life so he'll never forget who the best fucker around here is. This is going to be the best weekend ever!

Feeling better now, Suzanne started her car and pulled out into the road. There was a big smile on her face. Her desire to fuck had dulled her scheming skills and she knew it. But it didn't bother her terribly at the moment because she knew that Alan's penis would be flooding her vagina with cum by tomorrow at the latest. Her face looked content and relaxed, but her hands on the steering wheel trembled in anticipation.


As Alan drove up Highway 5 to Los Angeles, he thought, Phew! What a day already. I don't know if I'm more sexually exhausted or more hungry. Fucking Heather's ass totally wiped me out. The "recovery" sex with Janice was good, but it also kinda wiped me out even more.

Think about it: I spent my lunch time getting a blowjob from Glory, another blowjob from Heather (with Janice chipping in), fucking Heather's ass, and finally fucking Janice. I could have done all that, or I could have ate lunch. Dang! I think I prefer going hungry, heh-heh! Few guys ever get a chance to have sex with three women in one day, and yet that was just one part of my sexual day. Am I beyond lucky or what?

So he didn't mind the hunger pangs as he busted the speed limit driving up to Los Angeles. He hoped that if he hurried he wouldn't be too late to his appointment with the psychologist Xania Goodleigh.

Even while speeding, he was able to have some rare contemplation time. He spent most of it analyzing what had just happened with Heather and Janice, and most especially Heather, since she was such a curious and complicated case. He made sure to look at the recent events in a dispassionate and logical manner, so he could figure out how to outsmart Heather in the future.

On top of everything else, I'm damn lucky that Heather didn't just up and kill me! Talk about pushing my luck. I pushed it off the cliff, repeatedly! And yet it worked. In fact, I suspect that with her the ONLY viable defense is a good offense.

It's weird. Once I'm with her and things get rolling, I seem to get into some kind of zone where I can do no wrong. I wonder why that is. Maybe it's partially because of Mom. She's the queen of saying one thing while really wanting another, so I'm starting to get how women can be like that. She'll say something like, "Oh no, Son, please don't spank me!" when it's totally obvious that she'd love nothing better than be spanked. It's way less obvious what Heather wants, but it's the same kind of weird thinking where her mind wants one thing and her body wants the opposite.

Even so, with Heather, I'm walking on the high wire. One bad move and I'm toast. The spell I have over her will be broken. She's obviously way into the anal sex we had. That's good, very good. I have to use that to my advantage, like a dangling carrot.

He grew more thoughtful. But I need to ask, ultimately, what is my goal? Yes, having lots of great sex with Heather is a damn fine goal in and of itself, but I also have this strange feeling that I can somehow help her out. It's like, she's so powerful and arrogant that she needs someone to put her in her place to make her more human, and I'm probably the only one in a position to do that.

But I have to keep my priorities straight. If it comes down to being with Glory or Heather, Glory's gonna win every time. She's not just my teacher and a hot fuck, but also a great deep throater and a true friend. I can honestly say I love her in every way. Whereas I don't even like Heather as a person. I just like fucking her. So it's only fair I make an effort to spend my lunch time with Glory whenever I can.

Walking into Xania's office, he was pleased to look at a clock and see that he'd almost made it on time. Susan and Katherine sat in the waiting room, as they had just returned from lunch. He looked at his mother and sister and noticed how happy and relaxed they appeared, while they read magazines that had been left in the waiting room. Obviously the psychologist session had been going very well.

Susan in particular looked like she would slide off her chair and collapse into a puddle if she got any more relaxed.

He noticed that she seemed to absent-mindedly rub her own nipples through her dress, which was a common enough sight at home, but an extremely unusual thing for her, or anyone, to be doing in such a semi-public place. (At least, he thought it was a semi-public place, not knowing that they were the only 'patients' that Xania had ever had.)


Then Susan looked up and saw him. Normally, her eyes lit up when she saw either of her children, but her eyes stayed half-lidded, like she was on some kind of drug trip. She was coherent enough to say, "Oh, Tiger! I'm so glad to see you. I think Xania is ready to see you shortly. She's so perceptive! It's incredible. I'm sure you'll find this VERY useful."

He made some small talk with his mother and sister. He wanted very much to greet them with big kisses but realized this wasn't the time or place for that. In fact, both of them were so relaxed that they didn't even get out of their chairs.

He sat down in a free chair and asked, "So, how's it going?"

Katherine responded first. "Great! Xania's totally understanding. She's really, really great! She GETS the whole thing. You know, the incest thing. She hasn't tried to talk us out of that at all. In fact, she's made me feel even BETTER about being your fuck toy!" She gave him a sexy wink.

Susan had been a bit spaced out, but she roused herself to say, "Angel! Please. Your language."

"What? 'Fuck toy?' What's wrong with that? I told you, Xania's totally cool with that."

Susan frowned. "I know, but it still seems somehow terribly... improper. After all, Tiger is your brother."

Katherine replied, "I know that. But that's part of what makes it so great, and so hot! Instead of complaining, you should proudly admit that you're one of his fuck toys too."

Susan said in her chiding mother voice, "Katherine! Katherine Plummer!" She even wagged a finger at her.

But Katherine was defiant. "What? You say that, but you know it gets you hot. Your DUTY is to help get his cock hard and keep it hard six times a day, every single day, possibly for the rest of his life! That makes you his fuck toy. You even said so yourself on the ride up. Or, if you prefer, his sex toy. Your busty, sexy body exists to serve him sexually. Same with mine. What's wrong with me just speaking the truth?"

Susan was trying to maintain her stern mother look, but it was obvious to anyone with eyes that she was getting extremely aroused.

Alan had been somewhat amused, not to mention flattered, hearing them talk like that. His penis had had a good rest on the long ride up, and now he quickly grew erect. But he was in a big rush, so he said, "Sorry to cut in, but I drove like a madman to get here in time. It is my turn, right?"

"Definitely," Katherine said. "You're only a few minutes late, so don't stress."

"Oh, good," he replied. "So Mom, what do you think? About Xania, and what she has to say?"

Susan had been spacing out again (and for once she hadn't even noticed her son's prominent bulge). "What? Did you ask me something?"

Katherine giggled. "Don't mind her. She's been like that all through lunch. Mom told me in general, vague terms what she and Xania talked about, but I'd love to know what was said exactly, because Mom's been totally spacing out ever since."

Susan knew the answer: she couldn't get her mind off the mental exercise Xania had made her go through, where Susan had fantasized at length about being fucked by her son. That was the one thing she never allowed herself to think about, even in fantasies. (Her mind did wander in that direction from time to time, but she would quickly divert her thoughts to blowjobs and titfucks and the like instead.) Now, she'd been given official approval to think such thoughts, and suddenly she was hardly capable of thinking about anything else. Even now, with Alan standing in front of her, she finally noticed the bulge in his crotch. But instead of thinking of blowjobs as usual, she was wondering about how his thickness would feel as it stretched her pussy lips open wide.

However, Alan repeated his question: "What do you think about Xania?"

Susan gathered her wits and forced herself to answer. "She's nice."

"That's it?" he asked. "She's nice?"

"Very nice. And beaaaaautiful. So beautiful, inside and out." She added in her own mind. She's Alan-worthy, if anyone is! He's gonna love her big tits! He really should tame her. That would be divine.

He looked with mild concern at how out of it Susan seemed to be. "Um, Mom?"

Susan elaborated with a blissful smile, "It's like Angel said, she's totally understanding. Especially about the all-important incest question. To be honest, I feel great! Better than I've felt in years. Maybe that's why I seem distracted. I feel like a great weight has been lifted."

She suddenly reached out and grabbed Alan's hands. She held them tightly in her grasp. "It's okay! Everything is okay! Everything we've been doing - the daily blowjobs and handjobs and all the rest - it's okay! You have no idea what that means to me, to hear that it's okay to do all that."

Katherine added, "To be Alan's fuck toys, you mean."

Susan shot Katherine a withering look, but Katherine just giggled impishly.

Alan grinned widely. He felt a great sense of relief just hearing that everything indeed seemed to be okay. He hadn't been worried Xania would totally disapprove, because he couldn't see Suzanne allowing that to happen, but he had been worried Susan would suffer another one of her prudish setbacks. It was great news that, if anything, the opposite had happened.

He was still standing while his mother and sister were still sitting. He said, "So, should I just knock on the door and go on in then?"

Katherine replied, "Yep. That's what she told us to tell you to do."

"Any last words of wisdom, to prepare me?"

Katherine started to say something, and then stopped.


She was going to tell him of Xania's great beauty to better prepare him than Susan's vague "she's beautiful, inside and out" comment, but she decided to let him be pleasantly surprised. Instead, she said, "Nah, it's nothing. You'll do great, I'm sure. It's like talking to some wise, knowledgeable friend, not some inquisition."

Alan grinned as he said, "I wasn't expecting some kind of Spanish Inquisition."

He and his sister were both Monty Python fans, and he'd set her up perfectly. She was all smiles as she replied, "NOOOOOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

He was about to turn to the inner door when Susan put her hand directly on the bulge in his jeans. "Tiger! You're stiff!"

Katherine giggled. "And that's a surprise, Mom... how?" She giggled some more.

Susan gripped his shaft through the fabric and slowly stroked it up and down. "But for once, it's a problem. Son, you can't go in there like that."

He rolled his eyes. "Then Mom, um, maybe you should stop holding it like that."

"Oh." After a long pause, she added, "Sorry." It took even longer, but she finally pulled her hand off.

He reached into his jeans and did some readjusting. "Don't worry, it'll be fine. See? You can hardly tell."

Susan stared longingly at his bulge. True, his readjustment had hidden his erection, but she still knew it was there.

He looked at Katherine just in time for her to ostentatiously lick her lips and wink at him.

He shook his head, but he grinned too.


Alan turned and knocked on Xania's door.

Xania yelled, "Come on in!"

Alan stepped in and closed the door behind him. Then he took a look at Xania and felt his heart skip a beat. He was totally flabbergasted by Xania's beauty, in the same way Katherine and Susan had been when they'd first met her a few hours earlier. Wow! She's just... WOW! Holy shit! She's like some kind of clone of Mom and Aunt Suzy! Her body and even her hair are just like Mom's. She's wearing glasses too. And she's tall, like Mom. But she has the same sort of sultry, commanding presence that Aunt Suzy has. I thought there could only be two six-foot-tall, big-titted Amazon sex goddesses on Earth, but it looks like there are three. WOW!

He'd figured his erection would go down once he was with the psychologist, but he knew that wasn't going to happen any time soon. In fact, his boner only stiffened up even more, and the way he'd tucked it away was ruined as it struggled to burst through his jeans.

Oh my God! She's got such high heels on too. That alone gets me so horny. It's like an invitation saying, "Look at my legs. Don't you want to fuck me?" Jesus, that's a very tight, revealing business suit. What legs! What an ass! How will I be able to concentrate at all, looking at her?

Xania looked at him with a knowing smile. "Welcome, Alan. Nice to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you."

"Um, yeah."

Xania loved it. She'd heard that Alan had become quite silver-tongued with women, yet he obviously was in such awe of her beauty that he was almost speechless. She looked down and noticed the obvious bulge in his jeans. Hmmm. Suzanne said he was packing heat, and it looks like she was right in a BIG way! Ooooh! This is gonna be so much fun!

She asked a bit teasingly, "Cat got your tongue?"

That forced him to snap to and think harder. "Uh, sorry. I was just, uh... Nice to meet you, Dr. Goodleigh."

She waved a hand dismissively. "Oh, please. Just call me Xania; your mother and sister do. They told me that's how my friend Suzanne referred to me, so I'm sure that's how you already think of me."

"Um, yeah. Okay. Nice to meet you, Xania." He stepped forward and shook her hand.


"The same. Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable." She couldn't resist "accidentally" modeling her body for Alan. She knew he'd already noticed what extraordinarily large breasts she had, but she made sure to bend over her desk and fiddle with some papers so he could really get to know what a nice ass she had too.

He thought, Damn! Look at that ass too! My God, she's just as hot as Mom and Aunt Suzy, all over! This sucks. I'm getting used to being able to play with all the sexy women I know. Really, Christine is the only one that's off limits, and that's partly my decision for not actively pursuing her. But here's a woman who's as smokin' hot as women possibly get, and there's no way I can touch her. She'd probably sue me or something. What a drag! Dang, I can't get over those legs too!

Little did Alan know how soon those words would be proven wrong.

Xania was fairly certain that he would fuck her before the day was done. After all, why would he turn her down? It made her smug to know what was going to happen while he remained unaware. She looked at his crotch and was pleased to get a better view of the bulge in his jeans.

Xania licked her lips in anticipation of feeling the thick rod, now trapped underneath strained fabric, pistoning in and out of her pussy. But soon she took her chair behind her desk so they could get down to talking.

Alan was relieved that the patient couch was facing the opposite direction from Xania so he wouldn't have to look at her all the time; there was no way he could think clearly while staring at a body as voluptuous as hers. He found himself busy imagining what was hidden beneath her clothing. Her suit was so tight that he didn't need much of an imagination.

He thought, God, what a rack! And what an ass! And her face! Jesus... just... everything! What on Earth is she doing with a doctorate? She should be a porn star or movie star or something. I can understand why she's so hot, because she was Aunt Suzy's college roommate, and good looking women flock together. They were probably drawn together like two Peace Corps volunteers in some remote Third World village, because their extraordinary beauty made them so different from even the usual sexy college girls. But why'd she become a psychologist, of all things, when she could be on easy street with her looks? She must be really repressed like Mom used to be.

Sitting behind her desk, Xania picked up a pen and began idly fiddling with it. "Alan, I know a lot about you already from the sessions earlier today, plus everything Suzanne told me, so let's cut to the chase. I've heard your sister and mother talk at great length about you, and you'll be glad to know that it was all positive. They think the world of you. I'm very eager to hear what you have to say. Please tell me about your feelings for your mother and sister."

Dang, how do I make my cock go down? I can't think! He gulped nervously. "Doctor, what I say doesn't leave this room, right?" Even with the reassurances he'd just heard in the other room about Xania's attitude towards incest, he was trying to be careful.

"Not without your permission," she said. "If, for instance, I think there's something I'd like you to share with the others later, I'll ask you first."

"Then I'll be completely honest. Okay... I love them both dearly. And that includes strong sexual feelings for both of them. I didn't let my feelings flow until my medical condition was diagnosed and certain things started to happen. But now that it has, I want to have sex with them. All the way, all the time. A lot of sex. Does that make me pretty messed up?"

Xania replied, "You already ARE having lots of sex with them. From what Susan tells me, she's in love with sucking your penis. Katherine has all kinds of fun with you too. Ditto with Suzanne, and even her daughter. You're one lucky boy, that's for sure!" She chuckled.

He was put at ease that she didn't seem to have any problem at all with what she'd just said. He pointed out, "True. But I'm talking about, you know... intercourse. Is that wrong? To go that far with a family member?"

Xania gave the same explanation she'd given twice before, that incest being right or wrong depended on the situation and feelings of those involved.

When she was finally done with her rather detailed reasoning, he said, "Then what's the problem? I'm fine with it, and so is Katherine. My mom is too; she just has some lingering feelings of guilt from her overly conservative upbringing. But she'll get over them. She's loosening up daily."

"You may be right," Xania said. "Hopefully we can set some guidelines of where to go from here, since this is likely our only session. I'm really here just to give Susan reassurances that her new lifestyle isn't some horrible sin. In talking to her and your sister, I haven't come across anything to make me recommend frequent therapy sessions. So think of this as a 'once in a blue moon' tune-up for your well-running car, rather than a needed overhaul of the car's engine."

He understood, and nodded. He also gulped, because he couldn't help but notice that she was sliding her fingers up and down the pen she was holding, almost as if it were a stiff erection that she was jacking off. He assumed he was reading too much into the movement, but in fact that was precisely what she wanted it to look like.

She continued, while stroking the pen even more blatantly, "Now, I understand that you need sexual relief six times a day, and that you pretty much have to get relief every time you get aroused. That's a big reason why you're so active with no fewer than four women in your house. Is that true?"

Reminded of his arousal, he readjusted his package to a more comfortable position. He couldn't stop staring at Xania's tightly covered chest. "Yes, it is. You have no idea how difficult it is for a guy to have an orgasm six times a day, every day of his life! I'll tell you! It's a lot worse than it sounds."

He stretched the truth a little - he didn't have to get relieved every time he got a hard-on. In fact, half his school day he typically suffered with a painful and unrelieved boner that came and went depending on his thoughts and the sights around him. He felt like his penis was erect 24 hours a day, because when he wasn't actually playing with a gorgeous woman, he was probably thinking about one or more of them.

Xania said, "As an aside, I couldn't help but notice even through your thick jeans that my explanation just now has made you very aroused. Why is that?" She nodded at his crotch. She too was stretching the truth a little, since she'd noticed he'd been aroused since he'd walked into her "office."

Alan looked down. To his consternation, he could see his entire erection clearly outlined, straining against the fabric of his jeans. He blushed and made another quick adjustment to cover it. Then, acting like that didn't happen, he replied, "It's because as you talked, I realized that I'm likely to still be able to have sex with Katherine and Susan in the future. And that makes me very relieved, and excited. By the way, do you mind if I unbuckle my belt? Things are really tight down here."

She waved her hand airily, as if he was asking nothing out of the ordinary. "Please do. From the looks of things, you'll need to unzip a bit as well."

"Are you serious?! You want me to just... whip my dick out?!"

She chuckled. "Not exactly. But you should know I'm very unorthodox. My attitude is: do whatever works. When Susan came in here, she was tense and nervous, and she mentioned that going topless helped her relax. So I let her conduct her session while topless. And you know what? It worked! She was so serene and happy that it was adorable. Similarly, I understand you have some kind of serious medical issue. If 'whipping your penis out' helps you, then by all means, do it. I assume you're wearing boxers, not briefs. Right?"

He nodded eagerly. "Wow. You're pretty cool. As a matter of fact, now that you mention it, I think I will get, uh, a little more comfortable."

After he got over his initial embarrassment to be showing his bulge so prominently, he got to thinking. Why NOT let it all hang out? Xania is so scorching hot that if I have even the slightest chance to get her interested in me, I should go for it. If there's one thing I've been learning lately, it's that being sexually aggressive pays off. SHE'S the one who asked me, so I can't get in trouble, right?

So he both unbuckled and unzipped. Taking advantage of her lax attitude, he even slid his jeans down some so the entire length of his erection was now straining hard against his boxer shorts (which he was wearing specially for the appointment). Instead of trying to hide his bulge, he subtly flexed it, putting it on display.


Xania licked her lips again without thinking. Mmmm. Yummy!

But since he was trying to burn a hole through her top with his eyes, he didn't notice. His heart was pounding hard. Despite all the wild and crazy sexual things that had happened to him lately, he couldn't believe this was actually happening.

Although he missed her lip licking, when she brought her pen up to her mouth and started sucking on the tip, he couldn't help but notice that. Oh, man! Look at those full ruby red lips! Is it just me, or is it outrageously erotic, the way that she's sucking on that pen cap? What I wouldn't give to be that pen right now!

Xania started to say, "Now, I would like for you-" But as she was saying that, she took her pen and, while transferring it from one hand to the other, "accidentally" let it slip free. It rolled across her desk and landed on the carpet part way toward Alan.

Xania quickly got up and walked around her desk. "Clumsy me. Here, let me get that." She was so pleased that the pen had stopped rolling exactly where she wanted that she had trouble not smirking with glee.

She knelt right in front of Alan, showing off her entire panty-covered pussy mound in the process. Then she slowly picked up the pen, but she still didn't get up. She paused in that pose for a few long moments, as if she was trying to think of something important before returning to her desk.

Alan couldn't believe his luck in getting such a clear "panty shot." Holy fuck, man! Just look at her! She's so sexy that I can't even breathe! Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is that a wet spot right over her pussy? I think it is! Hot damn!


Sure enough, Xania did have a noticeable wet spot on her panties. It was mostly due to how aroused she'd gotten talking to Susan earlier, but she was getting wet all over again imagining the kind of fun she could have with Alan. From her kneeling position she had a very up-close view of his tool straining through his boxers, and she took full advantage of the opportunity, making no attempt to hide her prolonged assessing gaze.

He thought, No way! She's totally checking me out! And with my boxers being so thin, she can practically see every last vein. I'll bet Mom especially went on and on about how thick and long my dick is. Is her checking from professional interest to see if that was an exaggeration, or is it just a personal interest? Man, I sure hope it's personal! I'm getting so horny that it's crazy. I sure could use one of Mom's awesome blowjobs right about now to calm me down so I can be a good patient.

Finally, Xania stood up and walked back to her desk. She considered doing something else to provoke him, such as dropping her pen again to show off her ass, but she decided that she had already pushed the limits of plausible behavior. So she just sat with the pen still in her hand and prodded him, "You were saying? Your thoughts about having sex with your sister and your mother?"

Trying to act nonchalant despite his wildly pounding heart, he continued, "So yeah. Those are very exciting thoughts for me. Also, as a side effect of my medical treatment, I get aroused and stay aroused very easily these days."

"May I ask: Is that the only reason you're aroused?" Xania knew that her body turned him on, and she was fishing for a way to get him to admit it.

"Well, no. I was already aroused just from looking at you as soon as I walked in, actually. I must admit, that's why I was lost for words. I have to be honest and say that you're an extremely beautiful woman."

"Why thank you." She stared directly at the bulge in his boxers rather than at his face. She was pleased to see that he was recovering from his initial shock and was proving to be the silver-tongued smoothie Suzanne had told her about.

He commented, "I can't believe how similar you look to Suzanne Pestridge. I mean, obviously, your hair and face are totally different, but the rest of you..."

She grinned knowingly, and said in a slightly teasing tone, "Are you undressing me with your eyes?"

He grinned back boldly. "I suppose I am, at least a little bit. Sorry about that. Is it true that you were her college roommate?"

Xania smiled in fond remembrance. "Yes, it's true. We were very close friends back then. People called us 'the dueling tongues.'"

"Um, why?"

Now it was Xania's turn to blush, though it was partly feigned. "Uh, as I said, we were very close. We shared meals, shared clothes, shared the same bed, even." She paused and let the implications of that sink in. "We even shared the same boyfriends at times. You could just imagine some poor guy's shock to walk into our bedroom and find the two of us already in bed, buck naked, breasts grinding into each other as we made out together while waiting for him. Aaaah. Good times. Crazy times."

She lied, "My sex life has been poor in comparison ever since."


Alan could imagine the scene very well. From old photos, he knew Suzanne wore a slightly different hairstyle then and her breasts were a bit smaller before she gave birth, but in other ways she was even sexier than now, with her body more fresh and perfect, like a teenager's. His erection, now pointing up towards his stomach, was already extremely hard, but now it actually strained so much to escape from its confines that it pushed the waistband of his boxers up about two inches.

He thought, So much for my theory that Xania's some kind of prude! Jesus! Her and Aunt Suzy?! Are you kidding me? My blood is boiling already! The sheer tit power involved there... Geez, it would be just like Mom and Aunt Suzy rubbing their racks together!

Xania looked at the dramatic rise in Alan's boxers. His erection was pulling the fabric up towards his belly button; it wouldn't take much more for his boner to spring free. She pretended obliviousness that her own words and sultry sex bomb body had caused his problem.

However, she needn't have bothered pretending, since he was burning a hole through her top with his intense stare, trying to imagine her huge rack rubbing against Suzanne's. He asked, "Um, so does that mean that, uh, you're not into men?"

She chuckled again. "Hardly. Like most women, I'm bisexual. Believe you me, I enjoy a good cock, and a man who knows what to do with it!"

He gaped in surprise. "Wow, you really are... frank."

Xania said, "I'm glad that you and I are already talking freely and frankly about sexual matters, because as you may well guess, sex is the main topic of the day. By talking like this, I'm trying to show you that you don't need to censor yourself with me. I've been talking for hours to your mother and sister about how they're adjusting to the new sexual lifestyle that has been thrust upon them."

"So to speak," he quipped.

She grinned. "Indeed. I can see you and I are going to get along well. A lot of people in my position are quite skittish about sex, but not me. I figure it's as natural as eating or sleeping, so why can't we talk about it just as easily?"

"Indeed." He playfully responded with the same word she'd just used. He was suddenly feeling very positive about Xania. He remembered Katherine's advice that talking to her was like talking to a friend, and he felt that way already.

He loved her attitude, but he still found it hard to believe. "Are you really that, uh, cool? I mean, I can get as explicit as I want?"

She flashed him a sultry smile. "Knock yourself out! What do I need to convince you? Would you like for me to describe in detail the way Suzanne and I used to lick and kiss each other until the wee hours of the morning most every night? Or would you prefer if I tell you a story about how we seduced the same guy, brought him back to our bed, and took turns fucking him all night long?"

He gulped. "Um, yes please!"

She laughed.

"Which one? Oh, and what do we have here?" She stared knowingly at his crotch.

Alan looked down and saw that his erection grew so insistent that it had sprung completely free of his boxers. He was so transfixed by Xania's sexual comments that he hadn't even noticed, but he could tell it had happened only a couple of seconds earlier, since his boner was still bouncing around.

He immediately covered up. "Dang! Sorry! I'm so sorry!"


Xania nodded towards his hard-on. "Relax! Don't worry about it. Remember, I'm a sex therapist. I've seen everything, and of course I'm very aware of your special medical condition. I understand from your mother that you could be in severe pain when this happens. She'd discussed at length with me the severity of what she calls your 'blue balls' condition. I don't have an objection if you uncover yourself, or even if you relieve yourself right here. Let me know if you need a towel or tissues or something."

He asked incredulously, "What?! Right here? In the middle of our session?!" He was hoping to draw some interest from her, eventually, but he couldn't believe what was actually happening at such a fast pace.

She replied nonchalantly, "I'm just trying to be understanding of your medical needs. Isn't that how it's supposed to work, with your special situation? We've got a lot to discuss, and we can't do that if you're suffering and distracted."

She eyed his crotch from across the room, trying to be subtle about it. She again licked her lips as she watched his erection buck up and down like a bucking bronco, causing the waistband on his boxers to stretch further down with each new throb, exposing more and more of his long and thick shaft. She could hardly wait to touch it.

He thought, God damn! This is too good to be true! If there's one thing I've learned lately, it's that aggressiveness and confidence pays off, big time. Just think what happened with Glory at lunch, or with Heather a little later. I'm gonna go for it! At worst, she'll chide me, and I can blame my rashness on my "special condition."

He boldly stopped covering his erection, causing it to bounce around again. "Yeah, but I'm not supposed to pleasure myself. Doctor's orders. That's why we're in this fix with Katherine and Susan helping in the first place." He was definitely pushing the truth about not being able to pleasure himself, because he wanted to see what she would do. He hoped against hope that she would end up with her hands around his boner before long.

"Oh dear," Xania replied, pretending to be disturbed. "So you have to get relief, and you can't do it yourself. I suppose we could bring Susan or Katherine in from the waiting room to help out, but this is a very delicate time as we're discussing issues relating to them... And I couldn't talk in confidence to you with someone else in the room..."

There was a dramatic pause while Alan waited to see if his remarkable luck would hold and Xania would pleasure him. Meanwhile, he slid his boxers and jeans down below his balls, hoping the sight of his stiffness in all its naked glory could help sway her. He didn't touch it for the moment, but flexed his PC muscle, causing it to point straight up. The glistening pre-cum could be seen from across the room.

Xania stared intently at his pulsing erection.

He stared at her staring at it. His hopes soared, especially when he noticed the lusty look in her eyes.

Finally, she coughed nervously, and said, "I'm a woman of the world, and I suppose I could give you relief. However, you realize that a psychologist is not supposed to get physically involved with a patient in any way? That leads to all kinds of problems and could even cause me to lose my license. But the rules never considered something like this, what with your urgent medical need for relief, and all. Hmmm. Besides, none of you are REALLY my patients. I'm not charging for this, I'm just doing a one-time special favor for my old friend. So the normal therapist-patient rules may not apply. Hmmm..."

She paused and rubbed her chin, appearing to be deeply pondering the ethics of the situation. In fact, she was just pretending to be reluctant, so he wouldn't be too suspicious that she wasn't a real therapist.

Alan, trying to help her make up his mind, said, "I promise I'd never tell a soul. I swear!"

She hmmmed some more over that. At the same time, she ostentatiously licked her lips while staring with laser-like intensity at his bouncy erection.

His heart was pounding wildly; he was so eager that he wanted to jump up and run around the room. He thought she wasn't quite convinced though, so he added, "Besides, despite the office locale, you're just a friend of a friend giving advice, right?"

"That is true..." she said slowly, slowly licking her lips some more. Finally she got up out of the chair behind her desk and walked towards him on the couch. "Since yours is a one-time-only appointment and we won't be seeing each other ever again, I guess it's okay. But keep this under your hat, okay? Even though this is not really an official consultation, I could still get in a lot of trouble!"

"Okay!" he said with delight. It was a bit late now that she'd agreed to do the deed, but he felt greatly emboldened because now that she was standing much closer, he could smell her aroused and wet pussy.

He not only enjoyed what she was going to do, but he doubly enjoyed the forbidden aspect. And thinking about that reminded him that they might be overheard. "What about Katherine and Susan in the next room?" He watched her kneel in front of him, and made room for her between his legs.


"The walls are quite well soundproofed, which ensures confidentiality." That was true. Suzanne had picked such an office, anticipating this very type of circumstance. "Now, what do you want me to do?" She reached out towards his crotch.

Alan was like a kid in a candy store. "Let's see. You could use your hand, or your mouth, or let me titfuck your obviously quite large breasts, or whatever. I'm flexible." He emphasized the whatever, hoping she might want to go for straight intercourse, but he wasn't too hopeful.

"I suppose using my hand would be least disruptive to continuing our conversation." She scooted in closer and wrapped her hand around his stiff pole. "Now, please continue with your thoughts."

Her fingers began to slide up and down. She appeared to be extremely reluctant to jack Alan off and did a very average job, as if she didn't know what she was doing at all.

In actual fact, Suzanne had helped plan this with Xania. Part of Suzanne's scheme was for Xania to pretend to be bad at handjobs so she'd have an excuse to do other things later.

Alan spaced out trying to remember where he'd left off, but eventually continued, "Like I was saying, I'm happy to have sex with Mom and Sis. I don't see any problem with it. I hope it keeps going on forever and ever."

"Won't it interfere with your normal relationships with women?" Xania asked as her hands got slicked up from all the pre-cum at the tip of Alan's throbbing cock.

"Hell no! It'll add to them. In fact I've got a new girlfriend named Amy."

To his surprise, Xania said, "Oh, yes, Amy. She's Suzanne's daughter, right?"

"Right. The very night we started officially going out, mere minutes after I asked her out, as a matter of fact, I had her watch my mom suck my dick. She was learning from Mom, because my mom is such an excellent cocksucker. Amy was totally fine with it, and later that evening they both sucked me off at the same time. In fact, I know she wants a piece of my mom herself. Ditto with her and my sister. They're already going at it intently, licking each other's love boxes every day. Together with Suzanne, we make a happy ménage à five, or whatever you call it. Ménage à trois plus two."

"That's truly extraordinary," Xania said sincerely as her hand pumped up and down on his erection. She was getting so excited that it was hard to remember to keep doing a bad job. "You're having sex with two mother-daughter pairs!" She fondled his balls in wonder, lifting and lowering them. "How do you keep up?"

"You don't know the half of it. I'm having sexual relations with a gorgeous female teacher, and the entire cheerleader squad to boot - including my sister."

"Wait a minute. You're telling me you're having sex with the entire cheerleading squad?! I find that hard to believe. Don't some of them have boyfriends?"

He thought about Heather and Rock. "Yes, a few, but that doesn't seem to be a problem. Everybody is happy to help me with my condition. In fact, a lot of the time when I have a conversation with a beautiful woman, they end up jacking or sucking me off, just like you are now. My medical problem has been SUCH a blessing in disguise! And so far there've been no big problems I can't handle, like jealousy, or broken hearts, or anything like that. Generally speaking, it's just sex for sex's sake, without implied emotional commitments. And why not? Is there anything wrong with that?" He deliberately downplayed some of his recent problems, but he wasn't completely off the mark. He had a remarkable life by any measure.

"I don't know of anything wrong with that," Xania replied as she continued to play with his balls with one hand and stroke his long shaft with her other hand. "Frankly I've never heard of such a case as yours. Let me think about it for a minute."

Xania thought, with the squishy sounds of her hands sliding up and down his prick the only sounds in the room. Suzanne told me this guy was a stud, but I had no idea. She didn't tell me about the entire friggin' cheerleading squad! I thought it was just his family and hers. But if this guy is coating the whole female population of Orange County with his seed, I just HAVE to try him out for myself!

Without consciously realizing it, her hand started to pump him faster as she grew even more excited about him, and specifically about getting fucked by him.

That encouraged him to say, "Okay, but while you're thinking, can you suck on my dick for a bit? All this talking about fucking everybody is making me ready to shoot my load."

Xania was so excited she was having a hard time pretending to be reluctant. She replied, "Well... All right. We wouldn't want you to make a mess in my office. And I suppose I've always been better at blowjobs than handjobs. But while I do that, feel free to continue to express your thoughts about your situation."


She pretended to be bashful, so he had to feed his erection into her mouth. She again tried to hide or at least downplay her considerable sexual skill. Even though she'd already admitted her sexual adventures with Suzanne, she still was playing the role of the prim, professional therapist. She acted shocked, as if she couldn't believe that such a big dick could fit inside her mouth. But of course it did.

She had an amazingly long tongue, even longer than Suzanne's, but she didn't want him to notice that just yet. She refrained from performing her most famous trick, where she could wrap her tongue around a penis like a hand and jack it off inside her mouth.

She'd been amused by Susan's ardent desire to go topless, but now she was the one chafing at all the layers of clothing she wore.

But Alan didn't shoot his load just yet. True, having Xania blow him was incredibly exciting and arousing, but he'd learned how to endure even in such heart pounding situations. Now that he had Xania agree to suck him, he wanted it to go on a very long time. "Oh wait, something I forgot to mention. Just reaching orgasm isn't enough. In order for it to count as one of my daily six times, I need to be stimulated constantly for a minimum of twenty minutes. If I shoot off now, it won't be nearly long enough."

So Xania stopped sucking and went back to jacking him off as they continued to talk. She would periodically lick or suck him and then back off to make sure he'd last long enough. She had a hard time remembering to be untalented, and as time went on more of her talent showed through.

Alan did most of the talking, while Xania not only kept steadily stroking his boner, but also continually licked it or at least blew on it from very close up. He found himself confessing his sexual history, detailing all the women he'd been with and some of the more memorable moments he'd had. While technically there might have been some therapeutic value in imparting all this information, the main result was that they both grew more and more turned on with each new episode he recounted.

After a while, she said to him, "It's been quite fascinating hearing more about your extraordinary recent sexual history. But before we continue, there's something I've been meaning to say." She lapped against his sweet spot as she went on, "Your mom and Katherine gave me permission to tell you anything that happened in their earlier sessions with me. I wouldn't be comfortable to go into that in great detail, despite their permission, but suffice to say that I did my best to reassure them that helping you out with your penis problem is neither immoral nor sinful. Obviously I don't have a problem with it, since I'm doing it myself!"

They both chuckled at that, and then she swirled her tongue around his cockhead a bit. (The longer she was at it, the less she was remembering to try to disguise the length of her extraordinary tongue. Alan already had a good idea that her tongue was quite long, although he still didn't know just how long.)

She continued, as she resumed gently lapping against his sweet spot, "What that means is, the situation in your house is very likely to continue, and probably get even more sexual. Doing this is extremely unusual for me, to say the least, but I'm trying to roll with the punches and understand your world. I imagine this is typical for you."

"Well, yeah, kind of. I mean, I get blown a lot. Several times a day, at least. But to have a woman like you do it totally blows my mind. Frankly, you're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. And I mean on TV and in the movies as well as in real life. I'm not just saying that either. I really truly mean it."

Xania felt tingles of excitement all over, thanks to those compliments. She knew he was clever with his words, but there was an honesty and sincerity in what he said that simply couldn't be faked. It's just like Suzanne said: "He's got a really nice, thick cock, and he knows how to use it." I can already tell that she wasn't lying about his incredible stamina. I've never had a guy who lasted this long their first time with me. Sure, I'm pulling my punches some, but not that much. And he gives off a nice-guy vibe. This is a guy I'd like to talk to and hang out with as well as fuck!

She thought, Okay, enough spacing out with my private thoughts. It's time to get this kid to blow his load! Then the sticky mess that results will give me an excuse to take my clothes off and take this to an even funner level. First, I'll go with some sexy yet professional-sounding talk to get his rocks off!

She said, "Thank you for the compliment. But you can't really mean that. After all, I've seen your sister and your mother with my own eyes."

He replied, "Yeah, once we get to a certain level of beauty, comparisons are kind of pointless. It's like trying to argue which Wonder of the World was most wondrous. My point is, you're definitely up there at that level. And... no."

"What?" Naturally, she was curious about what he was too shy to say.

"It's just that... can I speak very frankly?"

"Please!" She chuckled, and said with amusement, "Look at me. I'm on my knees and licking your dick; I think we can talk frankly."

He chuckled too. "I just wanted to say that your body is soooo much like my mom's and Aunt Suzy's, I mean Suzanne's, that it's uncanny. I can't really tell with all the clothes you're wearing, but I suspect you're totally stacked, just like them too!"

She smirked, secretly amused at his obvious ploy to get her to undress. "I'll have you know I AM 'totally stacked.'" She sat up and let go of his boner, so she could unbutton her blouse. While he practically drooled with eager anticipation, she slowly undid each button down to her belly button. Then she somehow pulled out her bra and tossed it aside.

"See what I mean?" She thrust her chest out, showing off her deep cleavage while leaving her nipples tantalizingly just out of view.

"Oh my God, yes! You are sooooo damn HOT! It's unreal!"

She loved the compliment, because again she could tell he really meant it. "Why, thank you."

She bent back down and returned her focus to his cock.

He was actually a bit disappointed, because he was hoping she'd take her blouse all the way off first. But at least now her massive tits were swinging free and he had a great view of the valley between them.

With one hand slowly stroking his shaft and her tongue flitting around his sweet spot, she resumed their earlier conversation. "One reason I'm telling you about what Susan and Katherine said to me is that it'll affect what we discuss. By the way, you should hear them go on and on about how much they love to suck and stroke your unusually thick dick. You're a very, very lucky boy." She emphasized that point by briefly engulfing his cock and dragging her lips repeatedly over his most sensitive sweet spot.

He laughed, even as he felt tingles and goose bumps all over from her talented lip work. "That I am! To say the least! I mean, just look at you, licking and stroking me. I have to be honest: my medical ailment has to be the best thing that's ever happened to me, by far."

She pulled off his shaft to say, "I can well imagine. But let's go beyond the ego boost and your sexual excitement and look at some of the long-term issues."

She lapped and slurped her way up and down his boner as she gathered her thoughts, trying to think of what to say that would really arouse him and make him cum. For a minute or so, she did nothing but lick and stroke.

Then she continued, "We have to face facts. Your mother and sister are both sexually submissive in nature, and they love you very, very much. For better or worse, I think they're hooked on serving you sexually."

He snorted with laughter. "That's definitely 'for better!'"

"Yes, well, obviously you would feel that way. And I understand Suzanne and Amy also love you a great deal. So, the bottom line is, you're going to have four remarkably gorgeous, unbelievably endowed women pleasuring your cock pretty much every single day. And that's not even counting those cheerleaders and others you say you're getting involved with."

She paused to give his entire cockhead an especially thorough licking, swirling around and around and around. She did that for another minute at least, letting him ponder his promising sexual horizons.

Then she continued, "In the future, the not too distant future, you may find yourself waking up with your naked, busty mother on one side, and your naked, busty sister on the other side. They'll both cuddle and kiss you good morning, but you'll feel two tongues on your already extremely hard and happy cock. You won't even have to look down - you'll know from their licking and sucking style that it's Suzanne and Amy, sharing the wake-up blowjob duties!"

Then she chuckled. "Four women in bed with you! FOUR! You have so many gorgeous women looking after you, who sincerely love and adore you. I have to admit, it makes me hot!"

She could tell from his breathing that her scenario was having the desired effect. She couldn't lick any faster and still talk so much, but she sped up her fingers as they slid up and down his slicked-up shaft, and she brought in her other hand to play with his balls some more. "You have a truly incredible sexual future ahead of you. It almost defies belief! I'll bet the double blowjob will just be the warm-up. Certainly Susan and Katherine won't want to go long without giving your cock a good morning kiss and suck. Can you imagine all four of them licking your cock at the same time?"

"Oh my God!" Between that thought and the way Xania was working his cock, he very nearly blew his load.

She went on, "I could easily see at least two of your helpers joining in your morning shower, with, say, Amy soaping you up with her sizable boobs while the shower water drenches your mother Susan as she gives you a nice titfuck on her knees!"

"Oh God!" He was getting very close to the edge. He was visibly bucking his hips, trying to hold back.

Sensing that he was getting close, she finally unleashed the full potential of her tongue. She wrapped it partly around his shaft and started sliding it back and forth over his sweet spot, just like a long finger.

He looked down. "Holy crap! You've got a long tongue! Why, it's nearly as long as Aunt Suzy's!"

That pissed her off, since she and Suzanne had always been very competitive with each other, and their tongue lengths were a point of contention. "Nearly as long?! Nearly as long?!" Why, I'll have you know that mine is even LONGER! I'm not gonna boast, but I'll prove it with my tongue work! That'll make my point and get you to cum at the same time.

So she stopped talking and devoted her full attention to licking and stroking him. There was no pretense any more at "being bad," and in fact she went out of her way to show off the many wondrous things her extraordinary tongue could do to a stiff cock.

But to her great surprise, her all-out sexual attack seemed to have no special effect on him. He just kept on lying there, breathing heavily.

In fact, he was flexing his PC muscle and struggling not to cum as if his life hung in the balance. In doing so, he'd learned to keep his breathing steady, so he didn't sound nearly as aroused as he really felt. As usual, he wanted to prolong the joy, but he was trying extra hard because he was very keen to impress Xania with his sexual stamina. Ironically, it was the very fact that she was so successful in making him feel an irresistible need to cum that forced him to use his most desperate tricks not to.


He willed himself to get flaccid by thinking about fat, ugly men having sex with each other, his favorite trick. He didn't actually get flaccid - her hands and lips and tongue were just too talented - but at least he was managing to hold out. "Oh no!" he exclaimed with false surprise. He lied, "I think I'm growing flaccid, at least a little. It's too bad. I'm losing it, just as we were reaching twenty minutes. We can't stop now, can we?"

Xania was quite impressed, especially since he was talking normally instead of panting wildly. (She didn't realize how hard he was trying to hide how winded he was.) She wasn't fooled with his talk of going flaccid - her tongue and fingers remained acutely aware of just how stiff, hot, and throbbing his cock was. But she was willing to play along, to see where he was going with this. She looked up at him as her hands kept on stroking and stroking. "Oh dear, what do you want me to do, suck you some more?" she asked, also pretending, with false naïveté.

"It would be better if you could take your clothes off. I mean, if you don't mind. That'll revive me for sure."

She was grateful he'd finally thought to suggest that. She was dying to get fully naked and seriously nasty. But still she pretended restraint, since she was supposed to be a psychologist and not some easily seduced nympho.

He'd asked her in a casual tone like he wanted to borrow a pen, and so she replied in the same tone. She found that secretly amusing. "Well... Okay. Maybe if I just take my blouse and jacket off. It is already unbuttoned, after all. You seem fascinated by my breasts. Hopefully that'll be enough. Any more than that wouldn't be proper for a psychologist to show to a patient."

Alan thought with a snicker, As if showing off her boobs or sucking my dick is proper! Amazing how easy this is. Everywhere I go it's like this. I am one lucky fucker. She's starting to sound a lot like Mom did when this all started: "Oh no! Itsh sho impwoper!"

He chuckled at that fond memory of Susan complaining with her mouth full of cock. He didn't see Suzanne's behind-the-scenes hands, manipulating events like this. The odds of even a handsome, virile teenage boy like Alan having a real lady psychologist give him a blowjob was next to zero, but he was too aroused to think things through.


Xania stood up and hefted her large tits in her hands, fully exposing them in the process. "Do these arouse you? I'll bet they do. People tell me they're big. Good thing the door is locked. At least I think it's locked. I'd hate for Susan to see me like this. She might find it unprofessional, but I'm just trying to help you out."

He snickered as he pointed out, "I think she might find the things you've been doing to my dick even more unprofessional."

Xania nodded. "I think she would understand, though, because she told me some about how she spends so much time each day with your erection in her mouth, trying to get you to cum. You should hear her describe the joy she gets when you shoot one of your thick loads all over her face and chest. She sounds like a very caring mother."

Alan could hardly believe it - Xania didn't seem bothered by incestuous sex in the least. Her matter-of-fact tone blew his mind. It was exactly like she was giving Susan kudos for helping him with his homework. But he tried to play it cool and just replied, excitedly, "Yes! That she is!"

"You know," he said, "I seriously think your breasts are, like, exact duplicates of hers. Are they G-cups?"

Xania nodded as she got back on her knees and started licking his balls. She jacked off his shaft too. She'd neglected to take her blouse and jacket off, but at least her big melons were swinging free instead of remaining mostly covered.

"I thought so. They are the same! And just like Suzanne's. You could be, like, triplets from the neck down. Did Mom tell you how much she loves to show hers off and let me fuck them?"

"She did mention that. She made clear that her breasts are very, very sexually sensitive."

"Man oh man! You could say that again. Would you mind if I, uh, touched yours a little bit? I want to see if they feel the same too."

She had a hard time not snickering at that excuse. But she kept a straight face and level tone as she replied while still lapping all over his balls, "I suppose, if you think that'll help you relieve your blue balls."

"Oh, it definitely will."

She sat up and pulled her shoulders back to make it easy for him to fondle her rack. But at the same time, she kept on holding and stroking his boner. She was determined to get him to cum after so long, and she hoped this combination of tit fondling and cock stroking would push him over the edge.

He reached out and grasped her boobs as an exploratory gesture. It was like he just needed to make sure they were really real, and really there. But after only a couple of seconds, he pulled his hands away and pulled her blouse and jacket open wider so they wouldn't get in the way. Then his fingers sank deep into her tit-flesh and he started to knead and explore her tremendous rack in earnest.

Oh man! So awesome! She's built JUST like Mom and Aunt Suzy! I honestly didn't know there were other real women with tits as big and firm and high as theirs, and all around perfect! These are GREAT TITS!

He said to Xania, "I know I'm not supposed to say this. Women like to get complimented about a lot of things, but not their boobs. But your boobs are just so GREAT! They're awesome! When you and Suzanne were roommates, they must have paired you for boob awesomeness!"

She laughed. "No, we chose each other, actually." However, his guess wasn't far off, since they became friends because of their similar hourglass builds and especially their freakishly long tongues.

Again, she was surprised at how much his words pleased her. Living on the edges of the Hollywood movie world, she was used to charismatic yet insincere people. But Alan won her over with his unbridled enthusiasm. Clearly, he was someone who truly loved a superior rack.

She was so flattered and inspired that she engulfed his cockhead and started bobbing on it. She'd refrained from doing that for very long since they'd been more or less continually talking. After all, the whole point of the visit was to talk. She thought, Too much talking, not enough cock! I'm gonna get this motherfucker to cum if it kills me! Let's see if he can handle THIS!

He groaned like he'd been stabbed in the gut. It wasn't that he was in pain; it was because her cocksucking technique was so good. She'd immediately resorted to her best move, which was bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot and then using her exceedingly long tongue to slather it at the same time. At any given moment, her lips were moving on it as her dexterous tongue was sliding all over it. The key was the sheer amount of tongue in constant motion; it felt as if every last pleasure nerve in his dick was being stimulated at the same time.

Not only was it extremely arousing in and of itself, but it also was a move that Suzanne had perfected and used on him. He realized they must both have honed the technique back in college and then shared it with each other. The idea of them sucking cocks and then talking about it with each other turned him on even more than he already was (which was a hell of a lot).

He thought, Fuck! I'm gonna cum! Can't take it! He was squeezing his PC muscle and generally clenching his entire body as if he were bracing himself to face a firing squad, but none of that was helping much.

Then an idea came to him. Somehow, he managed to pant out a question. "Um, Xania? You know what you were saying about how I have this amazing sex life?"

"Mmmm-hmmm?" She kept right on licking, and sucking with tremendous suction.

"How should I deal with that so I don't get a big head?"

Puzzled, she pulled off long enough to ask, "Do you really want me to answer, or do you want me to suck your cock?" She was downright antsy to get him to shoot his load.

"We've got lots of time. Can you answer, and then suck my cock?"

She sighed, because she'd been getting into the cocksucking in a big way. But she didn't want to just pretend to be a psychologist; she really did enjoy giving advice, and she wanted to give good advice. So she resorted to merely jacking him off while she gave some suggestions on how he could remain humble (such as regularly doing his chores, keeping up with non-sexual friends and hobbies, and so on).

Her sliding fingers were still stimulating him, of course, but that was something he could handle. In fact, he was even able to come back from the edge of his climax a little bit.

Then she finished her answer and went back to sucking him off.

When it got to be too much for him again, he resorted to asking a follow-up question.

Things continued in that vein for a while. She'd suck him for a minute or two, until he couldn't take any more of the extreme pleasure. Then he'd somehow manage to gasp out a relevant question and she'd be forced to stop and answer it.

Unfortunately, he rarely was able to enjoy playing with her breasts, even though he loved them so much, because that was simply too stimulating. Often he was forced to close his eyes for the same reason.


After a while, Xania grew honestly impressed at Alan's staying power, not to mention his ability to keep the semblance of a discussion going under such circumstances. She quickly figured out how he was using the questions to cut back on the stimulation level at just the right times, but that impressed her with his cleverness more than if it had been an accident. Besides, his questions followed up on her previous comments, which showed that he was actually listening and giving her answers serious consideration. That was very impressive indeed, given her constant efforts to get him to cum.

Finally, she reached a point where her hands and jaw were too tired to go on. She stopped and said, "I'm trying to do my best to assist you, but what I'm doing with my hands and mouth is highly distracting to our discussion. Not to mention tiring. It's been well over twenty minutes. WELL over. I don't even know how long, since I've lost all track of time. What does it take to make you orgasm, for God's sake?!"

He replied, "I hate to sound unappreciative, but your handjobs and blowjobs don't compare with the others I've been getting lately. My mom really knows how to get me off with all the little things she does with her tongue. Actually, Suzanne is even better. But you don't know what I like, so it's not like you could have done better. Plus, all my recent sexual experience has given me a ton of staying power."

That was all true, but it was also a bit of a lie, because he'd been going to nearly Herculean efforts to delay his climax. At first, he mainly wanted to impress her, but at some point he'd gotten the idea that if he held off long enough, he could talk her into fucking as the only way to get him off. He sensed this was the time to go for the gold. "If you don't mind, I have some condoms on me. After a bit of real sex, I'm sure we can finish this up pretty quickly."

"This is unbelievable!" Xania said in mock dismay. In actual fact, Suzanne had assured her that all she had to do was get Alan started and he would quickly find a way into her pants. She was delighted to discover that her friend was so right.

She continued to pretend some distress. "I'm a professional psychologist, not some kind of hussy! ... On the other hand, if that's the only thing that will finally cure you of your current condition, then I guess I have no choice. This could actually be a good thing, because it helps me better understand how Susan arrived at her unusual situation. Everyone says you're an incredible lover, and that could be an important factor for me to fully understand. Experiential learning. Already, I'm beginning to understand why you have so many women helping out. You're simply incredible!"

Xania impressed herself with her ability to keep a level tone and not give her arousal away too much by heavy breathing. But her exposed erect nipples, at least, gave away how she felt.

She took off her panties and raised her dress. She'd been on the verge of taking off her blouse and jacket earlier, but she decided to keep them on, in case she needed to make herself decent in a hurry with Susan just one locked door away. Plus, she got a kick out of getting fucked while dressed like a professional psychologist. She even buttoned up her blouse a bit more, but made sure that her ample globes were still hanging out.

She trusted her birth control pills implicitly, having taken them without any problems for over two decades. Nevertheless she helped him put on a condom, as was her practice whenever she could, just to be on the safe side for STDs.

While they fumbled with the condom, Alan thought, This is really happening?! I was going for the Hail Mary pass, but I didn't think it would really work. Hell, I still can't believe she fell for all that handjob and blowjob stuff. But look at her! We're about to do it!

Xania straddled Alan's crotch and placed his cockhead inside her slit. She tried to act unaffected, but couldn't help letting out a long moan of pure erotic satisfaction, which she quickly tried to cover by speaking in a professional tone. "Now, just because we're having intercourse, don't let that stop you from explaining your feelings. Please continue."

"Well, doctor, I have one big problem in particular," he said in an equally serious tone.

"I see. Please go on." Xania maintained her officious demeanor even as she lowered herself further onto Alan's spear. She took her time descending, sliding his stiff pole up into her vagina in one long, slow, exquisitely pleasurable stroke.


That slow impalement also felt fantastic to Alan, so much so that he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. But he felt as if they were in some kind of contest to see who could be the best at pretending that nothing unusual was happening. As soon as he could talk again, he said, "Um, it's really embarrassing, but I have this strong urge to fuck my psychologist, even though I've only known her for less than one full session. She's that hot! Seriously!" He reached behind her and aggressively grabbed her ass cheeks.

"Ha-ha. Very funny," Xania said with a poker face as she started steadily riding his boner, bouncing up and down on it. She was secretly amused, not to mention ecstatic at the way he continued to fill her hole with so much cock even as they maintained a casual conversation. She also was quite impressed at how good he was at keeping up a pretense and talking coherently, even while fucking.

She replied, "And I must confess I've fallen in lust with my latest patient. I understand he practically has his own harem of big-breasted beautiful women back in Orange County, and I'm beginning to see why. Damn kid, you fuck like a motherfucker!"

She laughed at that, since he WAS a motherfucker in a very literal sense.

Once the two of them found a rhythm, the tempo started to increase until his cock seemed to be a blur as it flew in and out of her pussy.

Xania was very good at sex, possibly even more experienced at it than Suzanne. She long ago given up on holding back. In fact, she wanted to rock his world and show that she could even outdo her former college roommate. She had a way of rotating her hips that made it seem like she was quadruple-jointed. She churned her body around on his shaft in delightful ways that Alan had never felt before.

Pretending much more sexual innocence than she had, she said, "Ah, it's all coming back to me now. You like what I'm doing with my hips? Even Suzanne can't do this, or at least she couldn't back in the day. People say I should be a belly dancer."

"Xania! I love it!" He tried with all his might to clench his PC muscle and hold back because he wanted to further impress her with his staying power. Unfortunately for him, there seemed to be no defense against her hip grinding, particularly since he was already physically and mentally tired from holding out for so long. In addition, the pressure in his balls had been building for a long time due to her handjob and blowjob and now they demanded release. He knew that his mother and sister were in the adjacent room, but he couldn't stop himself from shouting loudly, "Sweet Jesus! I'm gonna cum! Oh god, I'm cuuuuumming!"

He reached up and grabbed Xania's breasts like they were hand-holds as he grunted and pumped his seed into the condom. He came, and came, and came.

That caused Xania to lose her composure. Feeling him starting to shoot, she shouted, "Fuck, yeah! Fuck me like a motherfucker!" She had a very satisfying climax of her own as he continued to thrust up into her.

It was a good thing that he was lying down while she was sitting on top of him, because otherwise he would have dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes once he was done. He ended up utterly wiped out, lying stretched out on the sofa he'd previously been sitting on.

In a sense Xania was disappointed at how quickly he came once they started fucking, but she realized that their coupling was only the end of an incredibly long session of handjobs and blowjobs. Besides, she knew that no man could resist her hip-grinding technique once she began.

He was disappointed at his quick timing, and bummed that he'd only experienced a minute or two of her hip grinding. "Sorry. I usually last a lot longer than that."

"Don't sweat it. Frankly, I'm surprised you lasted that long."

She put on the rest of her clothes while maintained her professional demeanor, as if nothing unusual had happened (although she did leave much more cleavage showing than before). It was like a game to her, to see if she could keep acting blasé.

Her post-fuck diagnosis was something Suzanne wanted her to deliver, but she really felt it. "Alan, I'm no virgin. I've slept around, especially in my wild college days. But you are a great fuck. Given that you fuck so well, I fully sympathize with your sister's and mother's positions. I'm not only going to tell them that fucking you is okay; I'm going to strongly recommend that you do it to them hard and often. I get the sense that a lot of Susan's moral dilemmas will melt away after you've ridden her all night long."

"Really?" He still couldn't believe his luck. He'd never met a psychologist before, but he had trouble believing that they were allowed to recommend "riding" one's mother all night long.

Xania could read his incredulity. "Alan, as I may have told you, I'm an unorthodox psychologist, with a specialty as sex therapist. Suzanne arranged this meeting, so everything is off the books and I'm technically here as just a private citizen speaking my mind. I'm not afraid of sex and I understand it can be healing. Do you doubt that I'm right, that Susan needs to be thoroughly impaled by you, her son, for her to get her head straight? The woman is totally hooked on you. In my opinion, she would be seriously traumatized if she STOPPED having sex with you! Do you disagree?"

"No," he answered while still lying on the sofa, recovering. "I'm just amazed that you're so blunt and honest. I thought you'd recommend anti-depressive pills or something. I mean, Jesus. We're talking about real motherfucking."

"I know we are. But I call 'em as I see 'em. Technically, incest is against the law, and while that doesn't quite apply in your situation, because you're not blood relatives, officially you didn't hear it from me, you understand? Give it to her good, and your sister too. Don't let it go to your head though, because part of your charm is your politeness and modest manner. Remember the tips I gave about staying modest."

He thought somewhat ruefully as he reviewed his behavior earlier in the day, Tell that to Heather. Me? Polite? Ha! I was a total asshole. And she ate it up, weirdly enough.

But he was very pleased overall. In fact, as he thought about it, he grew positively elated. Today has been a great day. Not only was I given awesome advice by a very cool lady, but I was able to fuck a near-Suzanne clone with a Suzanne-esque freak tongue, huge tits, and demonic hip control. I wouldn't believe this wasn't all a dream except for the fact that she was Aunt Suzy's college roommate. THIS is exactly the kind of woman I can picture a young Suzanne hanging out with!

Once Alan had dressed and recovered fully, he was sent back out to the waiting room, where he was under strict orders not to describe or relate anything that had happened. He had no problems with that instruction, since he didn't want to confess to the sex anyway.

Katherine appeared to be bored, reading some old magazine.

Susan, on the other hand, was staring intently out the window. It didn't show, but she was still pondering Xania's approval for her to have sex with her son. Everything seemed different in light of that. She kept trying to imagine the implications, but she had a hard time doing more than fantasizing about the act itself.

Alan had to snap his fingers several times to bring Susan back to the present so he could tell her that it was her turn to talk to Xania again. Finally, he got her attention, "Hey, Mom!"

She suddenly came alive. Standing up, she gave him a big hug. "Son! How did it go?"

Instead of answering with words, he kissed her passionately on the lips.

Susan kissed back just as passionately, until she somehow sensed that someone (other than Katherine) was staring. Sure enough, she looked to the door to the inner office and saw Xania standing and watching. She immediately frowned and froze up.

Xania just smiled encouragingly, and said, "It's okay. It really is okay. Go for it!"

Susan looked to Alan with worry still on her face. "Is it okay?"

Alan smiled widely. "Mom, everything is VERY okay. Xania told me she's okay with everything, just like she told you."

"Oh, baby!" Susan was overcome with joy. She channeled that energy into an even more passionate kiss.

Alan knew that Katherine was in danger of feeling left out so, when the kiss ended and Susan still in his arms, he grabbed his sister and pulled her in for an equally hot, intense kiss.

Soon, the two smoking hot women were taking turns kissing him. Both of them checked his crotch to see if he was erect or getting erect. He wasn't (thanks to just fucking Xania), but they didn't mind since they figured he'd just come from a very serious conversation.

After a couple of minutes, Xania spoke up, causing the others to remember she was still there. "Isn't this nice? Some people might be offended by this kind of sight, but all I see is a loving family."

Susan beamed from ear to ear. "Me too! Xania, you're the best! Tiger, Angel, don't you think Xania is the best?"

Xania chuckled. "I'm glad you feel that way, 'cos it's time for you and I to talk some more. But I can wait if you want some more family bonding first..."

"No, we're good." Susan kissed the tip of Alan's nose, and then the tip of Katherine's nose. After a little more small talk, she walked back into the inner office with Xania.

Once the door the Xania's inner office was closed, Alan sat down next to his sister and spoke to her like he was ticked off. "You rat. You dirty rat."

"What did I do?!"

"You sent me in there like a lamb to the slaughter. You could have told me that she was totally gorgeous and seriously stacked, but no. It took me five minutes before I picked my jaw up from the floor."

Katherine brightened, realizing that he was only teasing her. She cackled and rubbed her hands together. "I'm evil! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! I'm pure evil!" After she giggled quite a lot, she dropped the mad scientist act and asked, "So, Big Bro, did you have a fun time?"

"Phew! Man. You don't know the half of it!"


Xania watched Susan come in from the waiting room and then closed the door behind her. Xania was still on an erotic high from her time with Alan and was ready for more sex. She turned to Susan and said expectantly, "Well, aren't you going to give me a hello kiss too?"

Susan was very hot and bothered from just necking with her son. She fully welcomed more kissing. "Oh. Right."

The two of them locked lips. Xania couldn't help but play with the buxom woman's tits a little bit, though she tried not to be obvious about it. Both of them were so endowed that it was impossible for them to kiss without rubbing their racks together, so Xania had an excuse to bring her hands up in an attempt to somehow attempt to "manage" their "girls".

As she furtively cupped Susan's melons from below, she thought, If I really were a psychologist, this is definitely the way to conduct counseling sessions! I'd just have to make sure all my clients looked as attractive as the Plummer family does. Hee-hee.

Midway through the kiss, she pulled back a bit and noted, "Susan, now that you're back here in the office, don't you want to make yourself more comfortable?"

Susan still wasn't thinking too sharply, so she just stared dumbly at Xania. She could smell the odor of sex in the office, but she wrongly attributed it to her own earlier activities there. She could smell Alan's essence like a shark detecting blood in the water from miles away, but she assumed this time that it was her obsessive imagination since she couldn't stop thinking about getting fucked by him. She was so distracted by the pheromones in her son's cum that she merely blinked and asked, "Beg your pardon?"

Xania prodded, "You know, get comfortable. In your chest area."


Susan smiled in happy understanding and unbuttoned her blouse so her ample jugs could spring free.

While Susan was undressing, Xania buttered her up by honestly commenting, "I'm not supposed to say what one patient tells me to another, but I don't see any problem in pointing out that Alan told me that he really truly loves your breasts."

Before Xania could say more, Susan excitedly asked, "REALLY?!"

"Really. He says he loves their shape and feel, as well as their size." Xania's hands immediately started to grope, exploring the fullness of Susan's magnificent globes. "He said he loves to do this to you." Again, Xania cupped Susan's globes from below, but this felt much, much better, skin on skin.

Susan purred, "Mmmm! Yes... I love it when he does that. He knows I'm extra sensitive on the undersides..."

Xania continued, "Yes. And he loves your extra sensitive nipples too." One of her hands went up to give a nipple a tweak. "He loves everything about them. He said you are, and I quote, 'his big-titted mommy.'"

Susan loved that, moaning with near-orgasmic joy, "Yesss... Yessss! I am his big-titted mommy! I belong to my handsome, sperm-filled son!"

Xania was angling to resume necking with Susan, so she said, "And he says he especially loves to kiss you while playing with your voluptuous body..." Naturally, as soon as she said that, she initiated another scorching hot kiss. Then she resumed their French kissing while continuing to fondle Susan's bare chest.

Susan seemed not to mind in the slightest, and in fact it seemed she expected it and welcomed it. To a large extent, she was imagining it was Alan caressing, kissing, and complimenting her, and that drove her arousal level sky high. Soon she was so aroused that she found herself grinding her rack into Xania's equally large one, as Xania's hands continuing to fondle her.

When she realized what she was doing, she still didn't stop. Instead, she commented between kisses, "You know, you have a pretty impressive chest yourself. I'll bet you my son noticed, and he liked what he saw!"

Xania chuckled, while twisting both of Susan's erect nipples. "He probably did."

Susan chuckled too. "Oh, he did, I'm sure. You'd better watch out. If you're not careful, or even if you are, you're liable to wind up naked and on your knees, with a big fat cock down your throat!"

Susan had a vision of Xania sucking Alan's boner in that exact manner, and it excited her so much that she attacked Xania's lips with yet another fevered kiss.

Xania was glad that she did, because Susan's fantasy was so close to what had just happened that Xania was worried her face would give away the truth somehow. That, in turn, could cause Susan to doubt Xania's credentials or at least her motives. But with the way Susan kissed and kissed, eye contact wasn't a problem for another couple of minutes.

It took all of Xania's strength to (eventually) pull away and sit down. Had she not just climaxed repeatedly from fucking Alan, she would have been helpless to stop herself from exploring every inch of Susan's marvelous body.

She actually had the chutzpah to ask, as if she were doing Susan a big favor by kissing and playing with her body, "There, now don't you feel better - more relaxed?"

"Definitely." Susan lay down on the couch again, her breasts still fully exposed (although she kept her blouse on loosely over her shoulders). She remained extremely relaxed and open to Xania's suggestions. "I have to admit, I was very worried about coming here. But Xania, you've just been soooo helpful and wonderful. I already can't thank you enough."

Her eyes lit up as a new thought hit her. "Ooooh! How did things go with Alan? Can you tell me any more about that?"

Xania decided to have a little fun with the answer, since she'd been told by Suzanne that Susan was generally clueless about sexual innuendo. "Alan and I just had a very penetrating discussion. Extremely penetrating and probing. I think I understand the position you're often in much better now. In fact, both Alan and Katherine were very frank with me, and they've given me permission to tell you all the ins and outs of what they told me. Both say they have no problem having sex with each other or with you, and I believe them. In particular, Alan really pounded his sexual position into me most emphatically. I think I have his position well in hand now."

Xania had a hard time not snickering. She was greatly amused by her double meanings, even though she knew she was being a bit childish. She was beyond pleased at how the day had gone so far; she truly hadn't had this much fun in years.

Susan asked, "I know we discussed this earlier, but is it REALLY okay if my son has sex with me?"

Xania stared at her intently, as if trying through force of will to make Susan understand how emphatically she felt about this. "In a word, yes!"

But Susan still had trouble believing it. "So what you're saying is that it's okay to commit incest? With my son? With my daughter? With both of them, even?!"

Xania replied casually, "Let's not use the word incest, since that's such a loaded term. Plus, they're not related to you or each other genetically. I'm just saying that it's up to you. If you want to, you can. I don't see any insurmountable moral dilemmas. And I don't see any serious psychological problems on their side, if they continue to handle this in a mature fashion."

"Oh doctor! That's so wonderful!" Susan grabbed both of her bare breasts and clutched them tightly. She closed her eyes and imagined it was Alan holding them as he straddled himself over her for his daily motherfucking.

But Xania said, "Hold on. I do see some things that need fixing, however. Most importantly, you need to resolve your lingering religious issues, and I'm not the person for that."

"True," Susan said a bit sadly.

"That said, there are more things we need to discuss and work on. For instance, your sense of losing control of the situation, of helplessly falling down a slippery slope of desire. We need to discuss how you can assert greater control in your life. Someone needs to drill some discipline into you. You definitely need a good drilling."

She decided to have more fun with the obviously verbally naïve Susan. "Or, instead of a slippery slope, we can picture it as a tunnel. You were going down a tunnel of despair, weren't you?"

"Oh yes." Susan nodded her head emphatically, which caused the usual jiggles and wobbles. Xania found herself talking to Susan's constantly enticing chest.

"You went deeper and deeper down that tunnel. No relief from the daily grind. But then you pulled out, right? You would change your attitude and pull out."


"But then you'd find yourself plunging in again. And then out. In and out of the slippery-sloped tunnel. That especially typifies your relationship with Alan, correct? In and out of the slippery tunnel, over and over?"

"Oh yes!" Susan suddenly found the room getting hotter, though she couldn't figure out why. It seemed that being merely topless wasn't enough. Her skirt and undies chafed at her skin, so she pulled on them nervously.

Xania thought, Damn, this is fun! I can't believe she hasn't seen through my double meanings! How can a woman be so sexually innocent yet such a raging, incestuous nymphomaniac? I will not be able to thank Suzanne enough for this day. This woman is such a sex bomb. It's a good thing Alan totally wiped me out with an excellent fucking. As tired as I am, I'm still sorely tempted to get up and DO this gorgeous nympho, who's just sitting there tormenting me with her naked tits. I'd love to go wild all over her!

I should talk to Suzanne about having a follow-up session. Yes. A follow-up with no limits on what I can do to the whole family. Yes! That's a most excellent idea! I'll hold off now if I can really go to town later. Who knows, I might even be able to give them some good advice along the way.

She dropped her covert word play and tried to turn the discussion into something serious and meaningful. "It's time to stop with your uncertainty and mood swings. I say: accept that it is your fate to get fucked by your son! We already know that it's your fate to sexually serve him in every way short of that, so why not that too? Be honest, truly honest: is it not inevitable? Is it not your destiny?"

Susan whispered, "Perhaps. Perhaps!" She was still struggling with the enormity of this way of thinking.

"I believe it is," Xania said confidently. "You're not just helping him with his medical problem, are you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you've already gone far beyond just trying to help him cum six times a day. You told me earlier that you're proud to be one of his personal cocksuckers. This has become a passion for you, a calling even. Perhaps you could even call serving your son's cock your true vocation."

Susan pondered that. Hmmm. Yes. I know it seems extreme, but it seems so right! Help me, Lord! Is serving Tiger's cock my true calling? If not, give me a sign!

Xania asked, "What would you do if he was declared cured and he didn't need help to reach that six-times-a-day goal anymore?"

Susan's eyes widened in alarm. "I... I'd be devastated!"

"You see? This is your calling and your destiny. So don't be halfway about it. No more wishy-washy waffling. Your pussy properly belongs to your son, along with the rest of you. You know in your heart that it's true, so stop trying to fight it! Embrace it! Be the best big-titted, well-fucked mommy slut that you can possibly be!"

Susan was floored by the force of that argument. She loved Xania's advice more than ever.


Xania talked to Susan for another half hour. They agreed that it was a given Alan would fuck her, and soon. They mostly discussed how Susan could overcome her mental barriers to being fucked by her son so she could fully enjoy her new life of sexually serving him in every way.

Xania kept Susan sexually aroused all the while by using increasingly blatant sexual language. For instance, she'd ask, "How will you feel when your son drills your hot cunt with his thick, powerful cock every single day?" instead of "How would you feel if your son had sexual intercourse with you daily?" She found that the more aroused Susan was the more impressionable she was, and she used that to her advantage.

They spent a lot of time discussing Susan's religious qualms, even though that topic had come up several times already and Xania had even said that topic was out of her area of expertise. It was impossible to avoid since it was the one issue Susan just couldn't get over, so Xania finally decided to do her best reassuring Susan on that as well. As before, Xania carefully framed the discussion to take it as a given that those qualms were wrong and the problem to be solved was how to get rid of them.

Susan admitted, "Suzanne keeps reminding me about all these quotes from the Bible that prove God thinks incest is okay. You know, there's the story of Lot and how he impregnated both of his daughters. And of course who could Adam and Eve's children have sex with except each other and their parents? But still, it's explicitly prohibited in the Book of Leviticus, and of course every church and denomination bans it now. I just can't believe that it's really okay!"

Xania didn't know a lick about the Bible and had no familiarity with the Bible references Susan mentioned, except of course for the story of Adam and Eve. So she focused on that. "Of course the Bible bans incest because of the danger of inbreeding. But in this modern era that's not an issue anymore. Besides, even back in the Bible days God made exceptions. Like Adam and Eve's children. They had to commit incest because there was no other choice. How else would the world be populated? Right?"


"Think about your situation. With Alan and his dire medical condition, there's really no choice, is there?"

"No," Susan said glumly. "I suppose not. But then I think that he could always have sex with Suzanne or someone else in his growing stable of big-titted hotties. He doesn't really NEED me for that."

"Not true! But first, you agree that there are times when incest can be religiously acceptable, right?"

"I suppose."

"Good. Now, let's look at this long term. There are going to be many times you're alone with him and his rampant, insatiable cock. When there's no one else nearby to help. What then?"

Susan asked, "What if I just suck him off? Or give him a nice titfuck? Or both at once? Mmmm... I love doing that... So yummy..." She smiled blissfully and licked her lips.

Xania smirked. She'd discovered that it was ridiculously easy for Susan to get sidetracked with sexual thoughts, now that she was fully aroused. "True, but variety is the spice of life. He's been so very polite avoiding your pussy as much as he can, but how long do you think that can go on? You admitted to Katherine today that you think of yourself as one of his fuck toys. What kind of fuck toy is unwilling to actually get fucked?!"

Susan closed her eyes and turned her head in shame.

"Well?" Xania prodded.

Susan quietly admitted, "A bad... a bad fuck toy." Somehow, saying that made her pussy throb even more than before. She knew she had to be a good fuck toy, which meant her son's thick cock would soon be spearing her deeply.

"Besides, your children are adopted so technically it's not even incest in the first place. Susan, you need to get a grip. It's time that you admit that you MUST let your son fuck you."

"I must?"

"You MUST." Suzanne had told Xania that Susan was naturally submissive and liked to be ordered about, so Xania now took advantage of that fact. Plus, she was getting tired of her constant dithering on the issue. "You're being selfish keeping your pussy all to yourself, when you can be helping your son with his dire needs. As a medical and psychological professional, I'm ordering you to obey your son in all things!"

"Including even...?"

"Yes! Especially that! It's not something I'd recommend for just anybody, but in your case, yes! Spread your legs for your son and let him fuck you!"

Susan gasped. She was writhing in her chair with a gushing pussy. She ached to finger herself to completion.

"I know the religious issue still bothers you, but how can anything that feels this right be wrong? If God is at all loving and merciful, He WILL forgive you!"

Susan opened her eyes and stared into the distance as if in a trance. "He will...? He will! Yes, He will!"

Sensing she was making a breakthrough, Xania passionately continued, "Of course He will! I don't know about incest in general, but your situation is so unusual and extraordinary that certainly He would give you a special exception! Throw aside your hang-ups and let your son fuck you already!" That was much more direct than what she and Suzanne had agreed she would say, but she was getting swept up in the moment.

Susan's eyes were bug-eyed. "Really? ... Wow." She let that sink in. After a minute or so, she broke her deep thought and said, "Thank you, doctor. I feel somehow, a cloud has been lifted. Coming from you, with your professional experience, that means so much. You're right, I've been selfish, clinging on to a shred of my prudish ways. I feel so... so... It's all so clear to me now! Thank you!"

Xania felt a little guilty manipulating Susan so forcefully. She knew no real psychologist would ever say anything like that, especially regarding religious issues. But she didn't really feel that bad about it. Given Susan's intense feelings for her son, she truly felt it was a shame they weren't doing the deed already. Plus, she felt like she was doing Susan a favor by speeding up the inevitable.

Xania decided to "seal the deal." She said, "Now, it's time for another visualization exercise. Close your eyes and relax."

Susan did so.

"There, lay back and relax. Oh, and please take your heels off so you don't mark up the couch."

Susan reluctantly shucked her high heels off and laid all the way down on the couch.

Xania smirked a bit as she said, "Your 'cutie Tiger,' your well-hung son, he's sitting in the waiting room right now. Imagine that he comes into the room, ready and eager to fuck. To fuck you! As usual, he's too nice and respectful of your wishes to say how he truly feels, but seeing you lie there with your impressive breasts bared for him, it takes all his willpower not to climb up on you, rip your clothes off, and slide his gigantic cock right into your tight little pussy!"

Susan gasped erotically. "Oh! TIGER!"

Xania decided to push things even further. "Don't hold back! He's not going to actually come into the room, but pretend that he's here. Without opening your eyes, I want you to take off your clothes. All your clothes! Then, play with yourself while you imagine him taking his rightful position in the household! You told me earlier that he's the 'man of the house.' The man of the house gets to fuck all of the women in the house, doesn't he? Including YOU!"

"Oh my goodness!" Susan shrieked with excitement. "You're so right!" She immediately got to work on taking the rest of her clothes off.

Before long, Xania found herself somewhat chagrined that she'd come up with this latest "visualization exercise." Susan had no trouble getting deeply into it, and she wantonly fondled her pussy, nipples, and the rest of her body. But she did so wordlessly (except for her frequent "mmmms" and moans), leaving Xania frustrated in trying to imagine exactly what Susan was thinking about. What frustrated Xania even more though was just how incredibly tempting Susan looked lying there and masturbating.


Xania at least was grateful that she was sitting behind a large desk, since that allowed her to furtively masturbate while watching. But she knew it wasn't nearly as good as if she'd been lying on top of Susan. She had fantasies of her own in which she more directly helped Susan's incestuous "visualization" by fucking her with a strap-on. It took all her willpower to stay behind her desk.

Eventually, Susan had a loud and satisfying climax. As soon as it was done, she opened her eyes and exclaimed, "Wow! Just... Wow! Xania, THANK YOU! That was so very therapeutic!"

Again, Xania was chagrined. She'd been happily masturbating while watching Susan's perfect nude body writhing on the couch when Susan's climax arrived unexpectedly. Xania still hadn't worked herself up to the big climax she'd been expecting, and she had to stop playing with herself once Susan looked her way.

Startled, Xania frantically wiped her fingers clean of pussy juice below the edge of her desk. She smiled and said, "You're welcome. Again, that was a very unorthodox technique, but I'm all about doing whatever it takes to get results."

"Again, I can't thank you enough," Susan said while she sat up. "I feel like a new woman! I didn't even know I'd been carrying a big burden around on my shoulders, but I do now, because it's gone!"

Xania finally concluded the session with another big, long, juicy kiss, not to mention some more fondling. Then she sent her back to the waiting room.

Susan started putting her clothes back on.

But Xania asked, "Wait, what are you doing?"

"Making myself presentable, of course, so I can go out there."

Xania froze her in place by holding her hand out in a stop gesture. "Think about it? What's out there?"

Susan frowned, because she didn't understand where Xania was going with this. "My two children, of course."

"I didn't ask you WHO is out there, I asked you WHAT is out there."

"Um... my Tiger's... penis?"

"Exactly. And what's going to inspire his penis most: you walking out there in a business suit like you work in an office building, or you walking out there stark naked like you're a sexy stacked mother who loves to serve?"

A great big smile broke across Susan's face. She thought, Mommy doesn't just love to serve, she lives to serve! "Xania, you're so right!" Looking down at herself and seeing that she'd already put her high heels on, she asked shyly, "Can I keep my heels on though?"

"Come here."

Susan walked to Xania.

Xania stood behind her, pressing her fully-clothed body all over Susan's completely naked one. Then she reached around and wantonly played with Susan's tits, focusing on pulling at her nipples. "Again, ask yourself, what's going to make your son's cock stiff and throbbing with pleasure?"

The big smile returned. "Heels it is!"


"Good. Now, let's do another brief visualization exercise to reinforce the things we've been discussing. I don't want you backsliding. Are your eyes closed already?"


"Good. Now, who do you belong to?"

"My... my son." She opened her eyes, briefly trying to turn around and look at the 'psychologist'. "Isn't that wrong though? How can a mother belong to her own son? That's backwards!"

"Maybe for other mommies, but you're a special sex-toy mommy. Aren't you?"

Susan relaxed, and began purring, "Yesss..."

"So the normal rules don't apply to you, do they?"

"No, I guess they don't."

"Again. Who do you belong to?"

Susan spoke in a confident, happy voice this time. "My son!"

Xania let go of one of Susan's nipples to bring a hand down to Susan's pussy. She briefly ran a finger over Susan's clit and right down her gushing pussy lips. "Who does this belong to?"

"My son!" She shivered lustily at the intimate contact.

"So when he wants to fuck you, anytime, anywhere, for any reason, what will you do?"

"Spread my legs and let him jam his big fat cock all the way into me! And then... then... I'm gonna churn my hips, and squeeze my pussy, and bounce and writhe and grind... MMMM, Son, oh, yes! Drill me deep, and deposit your spermy load inside me! YES! I'm going to be the perfect fuck-toy mommy! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yesssss!"

Xania had run her finger across Susan's pussy lips for just a moment, then she'd brought her hand back to play some more with Susan's nipples. She worried that if she let herself get started on Susan's pussy, she'd never stop.

However, the cessation of such brief contact really frustrated Susan, leaving a much-needed climax just out of her reach. She longed for Xania to touch her clit again, triggering her into orgasmic nirvana. Since Xania wasn't helping, she finally touched it herself, triggering a quiet but powerful climax while visions of Alan drilling her like a jackhammer filled her head.

Xania smirked with glee. Even though Susan had been surprisingly quiet, she knew what had just happened from the way Susan's body trembled. Susan, you're so fucked! Literally! Your son's cock is going to live in your pussy, pretty much every day for the rest of your life!


Susan was so happy that she was practically walking on air. She also was about as hot and horny as she could possibly get, and the fact that she'd just had a particularly big climax after a whole series of smaller ones didn't cool her ardor one bit. Images of getting royally fucked by her son dominated her thoughts.

When Susan walked out of the inner office and into the waiting room where her two children sat, her eyes went straight to her son. She gave him a "come hither and fuck me" look that nearly knocked him out of his chair.

"Son! Come here!" she barked with atypical urgency.

Alan stood up, not quite sure what was going on. He was completely floored that his mother was wearing nothing but her high heels and her glasses in such a location. He was further flabbergasted when he saw Xania standing in the doorway behind Susan, staring at him with a triumphant smirk.

Susan crossed the room and kissed her son on the lips for a long time. Almost immediately, one of her hands went to his crotch and she started stroking his dick to full hardness through his blue jeans.

But she didn't like the impediment of his jeans, so she quickly managed to unbutton them, reach a hand inside his fly, and directly stroke his newly stiff erection. A part of her was aware that Xania was standing there watching, but she didn't care much, since she was just that aroused.

As their necking went on, Alan glanced at Katherine. He worried this might bother her in some way, but she just flashed a big smile and gave him the thumbs-up sign.

When the French kiss ended, Susan cooed in his ear while lovingly jacking him off, "Son, this talk with Xania has been the best thing for me ever! Everything is so much CLEARER to me now. I don't have to feel guilty or ashamed about servicing your cock, and yes, even serving it! Serving it!"

She looked down at her sliding fingers. Mindful that Xania was watching, at first she'd tried to at least maintain some decorum by stroking his hard-on inside his jeans, but now it was poking out through the fly. She pondered trying to cover it up, but she was proud of her son's cock and she liked the idea of Xania seeing just how big and impressive it was. Instead, she pulled his jeans down some to completely expose his shaft plus his balls too. She got busy stroking his boner with one hand and fondling his balls with her other hand.


She licked his jawline to his ear as she purred, "Son, I want to serve your cock! Forever! I'm not just saying that as something to arouse; I well and truly mean it. THIS is what I was born to do!" The "THIS" she referred to was the way her fingers were rubbing his sweet spot. "It's not just my duty, it's my calling and my destiny!"

Normally, Alan would have had his hands fondling Susan's bare ass cheeks by now, and/or maybe he would have been playing with the fulsome globes pressing into his shirt. He wouldn't have been deterred by the fact that Katherine was undoubtedly watching everything. But he could see out of the corner of his eye that Xania was still standing in the doorway and obviously watching too, and that left him uncertain. He kept his hands in the air while he tried to figure out what the hell was going on.

Xania coughed loudly. She was pleased at what she was seeing, but she felt obliged to break it up before it got too hot and heavy. She had her own hot and heavy fun planned.

Seeing that she had everyone's attention, Xania said, "Susan, as the saying goes, you go, girl! Good for you, showing your feelings like that!"

Before she could say more to get Susan to stop her fevered stroking, Alan asked incredulously, "Xania, are you really okay with this?! I mean, really?!"

Xania folded her arms under her massive rack. "Alan, don't you remember what we talked about before?"

"Well... yeah! But it's one thing to, you know, talk about it in the abstract. It's another thing to actually see it, and in your own waiting room, no less!" His heart was pounding wildly as he looked down at Susan's fingers pumping up and down his shaft, and pleasuring his balls too. But he seemed helpless to stop her because it was all too arousing to be believed.

Xania looked at him a bit peevishly, like she was annoyed at his lack of comprehension. She pretended to be completely unfazed by the two-handed handjob she was witnessing. "Why would I say something I didn't mean?"

"Um..." He was having a hard time thinking. And then coming up with a response became kind of a moot point, because Susan had been licking and kissing her way all over his face, but then her lips wound up touching his and she couldn't resist giving him another passionate French kiss.

Katherine fully approved of anything that furthered her mother's sexual liberation, but she was feeling increasingly left out. She stood up and asked, "Hey, Mom, can I help out?"

There was a long pause, since Susan was consumed with her kiss. But she finally broke away long enough to say, "I have this urge to say no, but maybe... maybe that's not such a bad idea. What do you think, Xania?" The sound of Susan's hands sliding through sticky cum and the smell of that cum filled the air.

Xania replied, "I think that's an excellent idea! From what I understand, Alan's penis sometimes requires great amounts of stimulation, and even then it can take practically FOREVER before he cums!"

Alan's arousal level surged even higher as he recalled the fact that Xania knew that through first-hand experience earlier in the day. The way she emphasized the word "forever" made him remember just how long she's stroked and sucked him before they even got down to fucking.

"That is soooo true!" Susan exclaimed.

Xania continued, "It's up to you all, of course, but I think having two sets of hands, or even two mouths, working on his thick erection at once... I don't see a problem with that. It might even be the best way to go about things on a regular basis."

Katherine was all in favor of lots of joint blowjobs, so she helpfully suggested, "It's kind of like, if you have a really heavy box, it's better to use two people to lift it."

"Exactly," Xania replied.

"MMMM!" Susan moaned into her son's mouth. But she broke the kissing again to say, "Did you hear that, Tiger? Who knows? Before long, Angel and I might be sucking you off together, every single day!"

Katherine was still miffed to be left out of the action. But hearing that cheered her up. "YES!" She pumped a fist in the air. "That's what I'm talking about!" She raised her hands, intending to undress and get started on a double blowjob right away.

However, Xania held both hands out. "Whoa! Hold on there! It's a good idea, but not right here, right now. My time is limited. Susan, I'm going to need you to sit and wait on your own for a while because I'd like to speak to Katherine and Alan at the same time. Is that okay?"

Susan wore a blissed-out smile on her face, while she kept on stroking her son's boner. She'd brought her other hand up from his balls so she could double-pump him. "That's okay. Everything is very, very okay. I'll manage." She muttered under her breath, "Dear God! So much cock!"

Xania coughed even more obviously.

However, Susan either didn't hear or she pretended not to hear. She kept on with her relentless fondling while she looked into her son's eyes and said, "Tiger, you know what Xania told me a little while ago? 'How can anything that feels this right be wrong?' Those were her exact words! And it's so true! Sliding my bare tits over your chest, feeling my hard nipples press in... Humping my ass up and down... Squeezing your cute ass... Which I haven't actually done yet, because I can't let go of your cock!"

Somehow, she upped her enthusiasm even more. "Because that's the BEST! Just HOLDING your stiff meat in my hands makes me shiver and tingle all over! But then, when I get to stroke it, it's like an endless orgasm for me! Son, I love it so much!" As her passion rose, her fingers pumped up and down faster and faster.

Alan's face was straining and his heart was racing. He was fighting hard not to cum too quickly, especially since he wanted to impress Xania with his staying power.

Susan was building up to another climax of her own. "So thick! So long! So perfect! So RIGHT! And when I drop to my knees and take you in my mouth-"

Xania had been so fascinated watching Susan's heartfelt declaration that she forgot to put a stop to the action. But when she heard Susan start to talk about blowjobs, she could tell what was coming next, and she knew she had to act fast. She practically shouted, "Susan! Please!"

Susan was in such an ecstatic sex fog that it took her some long moments to respond. And then, all she could say was, "Um... Yes?"

"You should probably let go of that. NOW!"

"Oh. Sorry." Susan very reluctantly let go. Xania's "NOW!" sounded serious, and Susan's submissive side needed to obey.

But even then, she didn't completely stop. Although her hands withdrew, she went back to kissing her son's face as she said, "Son, don't worry! Everything is going to be all right. If nothing else, you'll always have your big-titted mommy to serve you. Always! I'd been so very worried about today, but everything is going to be just fine!"

While she was talking and planting small kisses here and there, she rubbed her naked body against his clothed one. And since she was no longer jacking him off, she tried to make up for that by grinding directly against his boner. She had it trapped up against his belly and she was stimulating it in this manner almost as well as if she was using both hands.

Alan had to say, "Um, Mom, good! But... please! Go, now! Or I'm gonna make a big mess!" Then he remembered, "Wait, actually, I have to go." He took a step back, causing them to disengage.

Looking down, he saw his hard-on pulsing and twitching so much that it was almost comical. He had to count to ten and take some deep breaths before he could even begin to calm down. He was still on a hair trigger. But finally he managed to tuck his boner back into his jeans and zip up.

He looked up at Xania and saw her smirking at him. Clearly, she was having a ball.

Katherine walked up to him and held her hand out. "Need a hand, Big Bro? That thing looks dangerous!" Her eyes motioned towards the obvious bulge in his jeans. "It's like a throbbing wild beast. Let me stick my hand down your front so I can pet it and keep it warm."

He looked at his sister and rolled his eyes. "Thanks, but no thanks. As it is, it's a close thing I don't make a big mess." He took his hand in hers. "Here, I'm going to hold your hand just to make sure it behaves."

Katherine giggled. "Well, okay, but who knows what kind of mischief the other one will get into!" She giggled even more.

Once the two siblings walked into the inner office hand in hand, Xania went back out to the waiting room to briefly talk to Susan.

Xania stood there as a trembling and excited Susan settled down into a chair. She realized she needed to figure out a way for Susan to expend her sexual energy. Plus, she didn't want her to be alert as to what was happening inside her inner office. "Susan, I'm going to need you to stay relaxed for another session later."

"Okay. I guess I'll just..." She looked around and saw the same magazines she'd been perusing earlier. "I'll read, I suppose." Then a thought hit her, and she clutched in embarrassment at her bare chest. She also crossed her legs to hide her pussy. "But I'll need my clothes! Oh dear!" She started to get up.

Xania motioned for her to stay in her seat. "Remember what you were saying earlier, how being topless helps you relax? That goes doubly for being topless and bottomless too, doesn't it? I can assure you no one else is going to come here to this waiting room today."

Susan looked around furtively. Her mood was rapidly changing, and cooling down, now that Alan was out of the room. "Are you sure? Anyone could come in. I think I'd feel better wearing at least something."

Xania looked at the naked mother, and thought, If this woman ever wanted to make it in Hollywood, she could go so damn far. I've always been held back by my naturally sinful and slutty looks. At least that's what they say. And they say my breasts are so big that they're intimidating and I'm only good for porn films or wanna-be porn films. But Susan has such a naturally wholesome look, and at the same time she's so sexy! She would have the town eating out of her hand, even with her boobs being as big as mine.

Inspired, Xania decided to push her luck a bit. She took away a "Good Housekeeping" magazine that Susan had glanced at, and said to the buxom mother, "You must be bored with those old magazines. Remember what I said earlier about how you should envision your Alan fantasy as much as possible? Now's a good time."

Susan looked up in surprise. "Again?!"

"Yes, again."

"But... I just did that."

"I know, but repetition is important. You have years of conditioning that incest is bad to overcome. The way to do that is with frequent visualization exercises. I want you stay naked, completely naked, and do exactly what you did before: masturbate to thoughts of getting fucked by your son!"

Susan's eyes widened as she reflexively clutched at her exposed rack. "But... but, once I start, I won't be able to control myself! Especially after everything we said and did already."

"Do it! Losing control is good. Why do you need to control your urges at all? Here: imagine that he's coming home from school. You're ready to greet him with a nice welcome home cocksuck. And sure, you can do that for starters. But his cock is so POWERFUL, and THICK, and DEMANDING! It needs more! Much more! It needs to plunge deep into your hot cunt!"

Susan's mouth hung open in shock and her bare chest started heaving wildly as she vividly imagined that scenario. "My goodness! Xania, do you realize what your words are doing to me?! I can practically feel him sliding in and out of me as it is." She whispered shamefully, "My pussy is hot!"

She looked around the room for some kind of excuse or escape. Thinking about how she could feel her pussy lubricating, she pointed out, "I'll make a big mess all over your nice chair. And my children will see it when they return. It'll be so embarrassing!"

"Don't worry. We have plastic seating. And I'll cover for you. They won't know. Besides, so what if they do? You were just jacking your son off as you kissed him. The time for modesty is over. You are a fuck toy for your son! Doesn't that make you feel good?"

Susan admitted, "You don't even begin to know how good."

"So, stop holding back. Fully embrace your role!"

Susan still seemed doubtful. She looked around as if expecting to find a secret camera watching her. "But... I'm in the waiting room. It's not just my children who could see me. Anyone could walk in!"

Xania spoke with supreme confidence. "The door is locked, and nobody else is coming here today in any case."

"Even so, I don't know..." Susan was mindful of how carried away she got with her last visualization, and she was afraid of that happening again in what she still felt like was a more public location.

Xania tried a different tack. "Aren't you a sex cow? Sex cows have to make a lot of pussy juice, all day long, don't they? That way, Alan can drink up your pussy juice when he isn't filling his mouth with all the milk gushing from your nipples. Isn't that right, my little sex cow?"

That definitely made an impression on the sex-addled mother. Her eyes brightened in a flash. "Oh yes! You're right. It's my duty to cum hard all over this chair for my cattle prod. Uh, I meant, for my son, and his, uh, prod. Gosh! You're so UNDERSTANDING! You even understand my sex cow fetish. I could just kiss you!"

Xania quipped, "Please do."

Susan was so excited with these sex cow ideas that she immediately laid back on the couch, closed her eyes, and began fingering her pussy, even while Xania still stood there.

Xania was a bit disappointed that she didn't get another kiss, but she let it slide since she was eager to return to her inner office for further fun with Katherine and Alan. She admonished, "Don't forget: visualization exercises. You and Alan fucking. Think of him as a big strong bull mounting his favorite cow. Remember, he's just come home from school and his balls are about ready to burst, they're so full of sperm. Think about that long, hard cock you've just been stroking. Think about stuffing it in your mouth and wrapping your lips around it."

"HNNNGG!" Susan groaned erotically.

"But don't stop there. When you finish giving him a long, sloppy blowjob that lasts until he squirts all over your face, remember that he controls every inch of your body. And he also wants to fuck your CUNT!"


"He looks at your cum-covered face and he gets so horny that he just has to have you again! Right away!"


"Have fun!" Xania bent over, playfully pinched one of Susan's exposed nipples, and winked at her. The wink went unnoticed though, because Susan's eyes were shut tight and she was already slipping into fantasy land.

Susan plunged two fingers into her pussy.

Xania shook her head, sad once again that she felt she couldn't participate. She opened the door to the inner office, stepped inside, and closed the door behind her.

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