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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Young Lust
Day 61: Friday, November 15

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Xania took in the sight of Alan and Katherine sitting on the couch next to each other. With Katherine there, she couldn't be sexually free with Alan or take off any clothes. But she resolved to change that soon enough.

So Xania said, "In case it isn't obvious enough by now, both of you may be glad to hear that Susan is feeling very positive about the incest idea. Including... full-on intercourse!"

"Woo-hoo!" the siblings said at once while they high-fived each other.

"Great!" Alan added. "I certainly wasn't expecting THIS today! This is like, getting into my favorite college, only better!"

Katherine pointed out to him, "And if you're laying your pipe into Mom on a daily basis, then she can't complain if you stuff your little sister too! She may be hypocritical at times, but she can't deny that!"

That led to another high-five between them.

Xania continued before the two teenagers got too excited, "There's a lot to celebrate, but there are some problems as well. Katherine, the chief problem I see with you is the issue of jealousy. Alan is sleeping with many different women, and you feel that you should be number one with him, and have sole possession of him. Isn't that correct?"

Katherine looked down shyly. "Um, not sole possession exactly. I don't feel jealous when he's with other women at all."

Alan coughed significantly as she finished that sentence. Obviously he disagreed.

Katherine pretended not to notice, and kept talking. "But I want to have a special place in his heart."

Alan said, "She calls herself my number one fuck toy. Obviously, I love it." He didn't realize that Xania had discussed that very phrase at length already with both Susan and Katherine. "How could I not? I mean, I'm a horny guy and she's a walking wet dream." He looked at her with a loving smile.

She smiled back, and reached out and squeezed his hand.

But then he frowned. "Although, there are times when I wonder if she might go overboard a little bit."

Xania looked deadly serious. "Interesting. Katherine, there's no shame in that nickname, and I don't see a problem with it. Alan, she and I actually discussed this some earlier. Some people might think 'fuck toy' is demeaning. But the way I figure, what she means is that she wants to completely open herself sexually to you, no limits. And she wants you to lead the way. There's nothing wrong with that at all."


"Exactly!" Katherine nodded, At the same time she was participating in the discussion, she was sizing up Xania's beauty. Good God. Not only does her body look fantastic, from what I can see of it, but she has a truly stunning face. That's a face to launch a thousand ships. I wish I looked half that good!

Xania spoke directly to Katherine again. "But number one implies exclusivity. I think you do feel jealous when he's with other women."

Katherine shook her head emphatically in denial. "No, I don't. I let him fuck whomever he wants."

"I think you do," Xania insisted. "It's only natural. Anyone would."

"I said I don't!" Deep down, Katherine knew she was jealous, but she wasn't about to admit it to Xania. "In fact, I'm open to helping him find 'fresh fuckmeat', as we say in our house. I totally helped him get in Kim's pants, and others. She's another cheerleader, by the way."

Xania nodded. "Yes, and that sounds good. But you don't find someone like Kim a threat, do you?"

Katherine wave a dismissive hand. "Nah. She's nice. She wouldn't hurt a fly. Besides, she's pretty but not drop dead gorgeous."

"I don't mean her specifically. What if there's a drop-dead gorgeous woman who directly threatens your position, or takes time away that he could be spending filling you up with fresh semen?"

Katherine immediately thought of Amy and her resentment of Amy's "Official Girlfriend" status. She'd started out helping Alan with Amy, thinking the two of them could have some innocent fun with her, but Amy had leapfrogged her to a special place in Alan's heart. Then she thought of Christine, and her muscles tightened even more. She didn't even allow herself to think of Heather, since she knew that would be nothing but upsetting. But she said defiantly, "Ain't going to happen. Brother loves me."

"You ARE jealous," Xania insisted. "I'm sure of it now, thanks to all your non-verbal body language. In fact, I'll prove it to you. We can't solve your problem until you admit you have one. Why don't we do a little role-playing? This will definitely be very unorthodox, but I'm willing to improvise in whatever way it takes to achieve results. Are both of you okay with that?"

The siblings nodded.

Xania continued, asking Katherine, "What do you think about the fact that, during my earlier session with Alan, I stroked his erection? Does that make you jealous?"

Katherine fired a quick glance at her brother and saw him looking uncharacteristically smug. "You did?! Wow! I thought that was illegal for psychologists to get it on with their patients or something... But no, it doesn't."

"Not even a little bit?"

"No." She straightened her back imperially, as if the very idea was an affront to her dignity.

"So you wouldn't mind if I sexually pleasure him right now, in front of you?"

Katherine was shocked, but she felt a surge of arousal rush through her, not jealousy. She couldn't help but long to see Alan get it on with such a beautiful woman. "No. Knock yourself out. I've watched enough times. It's like water off a duck's back. God knows he needs all the help he can get. Brother, how many times have you cum today?"

"Not enough," he said.

"See? Go for it." Katherine defiantly folded her arms across her chest.

Xania said, "Okay, then. We'll see if you're right. Alan, please take off your jeans. I assume a well-hung boy like you will have no trouble getting aroused? ... Ah, I see I'm not disappointed."

Alan's penis had gone flaccid for a while, which was a much-needed respite considering how worked up Susan's handjob had made him. But thanks to the direction the conversation had just taken, he was sporting a newly-engorged woody that already had a few droplets of pre-cum at its tip.

Still fully dressed in her business suit, Xania knelt in front of Alan and took his newly exposed boner in her hands. She looked over at Katherine, who refused to look back.

Katherine did her best to look away, even once she heard the tell-tale squishy sounds of fingers sliding up and down her brother's cock. This is soooo unethical! This is an outrage! The whole thing doesn't make any sense, unless... Dammit! I'll bet Brother seduced her while they were talking earlier. That's so like him. Sometimes, having a brother this studly is a bit of a curse. And now she's trying to get my goat. Well, I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction! The joke is on her, because I'm actually getting really horny seeing this.

Xania said to Alan seductively, "Hmmm. I'm feeling a little... overheated. Alan, do you mind if I unbutton my blouse a little?"

Alan was all grins. "Please do!"

Taking her time, Xania would stroke Alan's hard-on a little bit, then unbutton a button on her blouse. Then she'd stroke him some more, and then unbutton another button. She continued doing this until she was out of buttons. Building anticipation, she sucked in her breath while thrusting her tits out. Then she slowly opened her blouse in front enough to expose her nipples, yet she still kept her jacket on.

Alan had a sense where Xania was going with this, and he was more than willing to play along. So, once Xania's blouse was wide open and she was stroking him with both hands, he pretended like he hadn't seen (or felt) Xania's rack yet. "My God, Xania. You're seriously stacked! Just like Mom!"

Katherine couldn't help herself. She growled out loud, and then she griped, "'Just like Mom.' That's not even true. Hers are clearly smaller than Mom's, if you ask me."

Xania leaned forward and playfully licked the tip of Alan's cockhead. Then she leaned back to better display her fantastic 38Gs and kept on stroking his thick pole. "Katherine, I sense some jealousy. Perhaps issues over breast size?"

Katherine crossed her arms defiantly and closed her eyes. "Hrmph! NOT! I couldn't care less!"

Because Katherine's eyes were closed, she could only hear and not see when Xania asked Alan, "What do you think? Are they smaller than your mother's? Maybe you should feel them, to get a better sense..."

Many long moments passed. Katherine's agitation grew while she was only able to hear the familiar squishy sounds of her brother's cock being stroked. Finally, her curiosity got the best of her. She opened her eyes and saw Alan happily fondling Xania's exceptionally large tits with both hands. It was a struggle for her to not let out an annoyed growl.

Xania immediately noticed that Katherine was watching. She asked, "Does this make you jealous?"

"No," Katherine said. She was trying to look disinterested, but the only person she was fooling was herself. Dammit, no real psychologist would do something like that. Look at her hand slide up and down, up and down. I can totally tell she's loving it. This is way fishy - she's too good! How did she get to be some kind of cock-stroking expert?! The damn bitch is playing with his balls too, and I know how much he loves that. And what's with Bro and big tits? He keeps moving hers up and down and all around, like he could do that all day long. And he probably will, dammit!

Alan could see that Xania was trying to make Katherine jealous. He hadn't thought through her reasoning, but given the sexual fun he'd had with Xania earlier, he knew it could only lead to more fun. So he helped out by asking, "Xania, could I play with your pussy?"

Xania sounded like the voice of reason as she replied, "I don't see why not. After all, we're all adults here. Unless, Katherine, you have a problem with that?"

"Why would I care?" Katherine huffed, with resentment obvious to everyone but her. Her arousal was still there, but it was quickly getting overwhelmed by jealousy. "I told you that I'm into sharing him."

"Good." Xania took off her panties. However, rather perversely, she kept her jacket, blouse and skirt on. As before, she liked her psychologist outfit and felt that continuing to wear some of it helped her stay in character.

Katherine closed her eyes again, but that didn't stop her from hearing the sound of Xania's fingers slipping and sliding up and down Alan's already wet shaft. She winced when she heard Xania's erotic moan as Alan stuck two fingers into her slit. She winced again when she heard Xania say to him, "I must say, this started out as just an exercise to see if your sister was jealous. But you're getting me really hot! I love stroking your big cock! It's no wonder your mother and sister and many more are so crazy about you. And you know just what to do with your fingers."

"Thanks," he replied.

Katherine peeked with one eye to see what he was doing with his fingers. Seeing what Xania and Alan were doing to each other practically made her blood boil.

Then Xania said in an even sexier voice, "Alan, I'd love to suck your cock. It looks so inviting, like it needs to be sucked. Do you mind if I suck on it a little?"

"Please do!" he replied, not surprisingly.

"Okay, stand up so I can really get into it."

He stood up, which of course meant he had to stop playing with her pussy.

Xania just licked her way around his cockhead a little bit, for starters. Clearly, she was an expert at building up anticipation.


Katherine couldn't sense what was happening, so she took a peek. Her first reaction was shock at the sheer length of Xania's tongue. Fuck me! Is that for real?! I'd think she's some sort of succubus from Hell, except that I know Aunt Suzy has one just like that. Dammit, what are the odds of TWO tongues like that, and Brother gets to enjoy the oral attentions of both?! So UNFAIR!

As she kept on peeking, she was also miffed to notice that Xania was positioned with her body directly facing Katherine instead of Alan. And what's up with her pose? It's like she was putting on a show just for me. ... Oh, I get it. She's trying to make me jealous. But it won't work! Why does she have to be kneeling like that though, with Brother standing up? She couldn't possibly know that's my favorite position in the whole wide world, could she? Nothing makes me feel more like an owned fuck toy than that, and now she's ruining it! But I'm not gonna let it bother me. She closed her eyes again, especially to avoid having to look at Xania's freakishly long tongue lapping at the tip of Alan's cockhead.

But as soon as Katherine tried to tune out, Xania announced to her, "Okay, now I'm going to suck his cock."

"Go ahead." As Katherine sulked, she couldn't help but peek once more at Xania's mostly exposed bosom. Fuck! Xania really does have humongous tits! And she's got gorgeous long legs too. Not to mention a hot, wet cunt - I can tell by the way she's smelling up the room! It's bad enough I have to compete with the likes of Mom and Aunt Suzy. Now this?! I guess it figures that birds of a feather flock together and she was close to Aunt Suzy, but still. It's way unfair!

"You sure?" Xania asked Katherine. Alan had been holding his shaft, but now Xania took over, so she could stroke as well as suck and lick. She made sure her slicked-up hand sloshed up and down Alan's pole in an extra noisy manner. Her mouth was already so close that she was alternately blowing on his dick and licking it some more.

"Knock yourself out," Katherine answered bitterly. She was forced to open her eyes again, since Xania was looking at her. "But what's with you getting all physical like this, not to mention using words like 'cock?' Isn't that unethical?"

Xania brushed that off by saying, "This isn't a formal therapy session. I'm just seeing you all in my free time as a favor to Suzanne."

Before Katherine could argue that point, Xania purred, "Mmmm! Katherine, I can understand why you've fallen for your own brother. I'm not sure why, but seeing him way up there while I have to stay down here with my tongue on his cock really turns me on. He's a take-charge kind of guy, isn't he?" She kept on licking, mostly focusing on his super-sensitive frenulum - his sweet spot.

Katherine clenched her teeth and her fists. Dammit, I should be the one kneeling with my brother towering above me! That should be MY tongue bathing his cockhead in saliva! GRRR!

However, she controlled herself, and said, "Yes he is. But answer my question, please! Just because this isn't an 'official session,' it still doesn't seem right that you're doing that."

"Sorry. As you can see, I'm pretty distracted." Xania giggled before spending more long moments lapping and fondling his balls. Then she added, "Getting to your question some more, technically, yes, this is highly unusual. But I'm a sex therapist, and my ways are unconventional. As I told Alan earlier, my motto is: 'Do whatever works.' Besides, I can stop if it bothers you. Just say the word."

"Don't let me stop you," Katherine said, but in an annoyed tone.

Xania moved from kneeling to squatting in front of the still-standing Alan. She wanted to strike a different sexy pose to further drive Katherine to distraction. As she flicked her tongue at the tip of his cockhead, she asked, "This doesn't make you jealous? You really don't mind if I swallow his cock and bob on it?"

"No, already! Geez."


"Okay, if you're sure..." Xania finally engulfed Alan's cockhead, plus another inch or two of his shaft. She was getting off big time on having an audience, and she was performing for Katherine as much as she was for Alan.

She started sucking him off, bobbing at a steady rhythm, but with a corkscrew twist. Squatting up on her heels, she was actually able to bounce her entire body up and down instead of just bobbing with her head. All the while, she looked over her shoulder as much as she could to gauge Katherine's reaction.

"I'm sure," Katherine said huffily after watching the cocksucking for about a minute.

But at the same time, she thought, Jesus H. Christ! Look at her go! She's a cocksucking natural. She's as good as Aunt Suzy! Look at the way she's totally loving it with her sliding lips. She's putting her entire body into it too. And- holy shit! Did my eyes deceive me, or did her tongue just snake out and wrap its way practically all the way around his shaft just then?! It's like she stole Aunt Suzy's move AND her tongue!

Katherine was burning with jealousy, but she was also burning with lust. She couldn't deny that Xania was a talented cocksucker, not to mention an extraordinarily beautiful, voluptuous woman, and it was impossible to watch her suck without feeling extremely aroused. Katherine was increasingly eager for this to end before she either screamed in agony or started blatantly masturbating, or maybe both. Hoping to conclude Xania's jealousy test, she spoke out of the blue. "I told you this doesn't bother me. Do you believe me now?"

But Xania didn't reply at all for a while. She just kept on sucking and sucking.

Katherine was on the verge of cracking. If she wasn't watching Xania's sliding lips, she was transfixed by Xania's bare ass bouncing up and down, over and over. She grew increasingly fidgety. More than once, her hand drifted to her crotch and she had to consciously pull it away.

A couple of minutes later, Xania finally took Alan's cock out of her mouth and replied with a simple, "No."

So much time had passed that Katherine had to think back to remember what Xania was replying to. When she recalled her question, she rolled her eyes again, unwilling to admit to herself that her jealousy was rising just as steadily as her arousal.


After a while, Xania could tell that Alan was getting close to cumming. But unlike before, she was keen to work with him to make the fun last. She pulled her lips off his prick and sat back on her heels.

She said in a sultry purr, "I think it's time I got completely naked. Don't you agree?"

Alan's heart was pounding hard, and he was fighting not to cum, so all he could do was nod.

With eyes only for him, she seductively finished removing her jacket, followed by her blouse and skirt, leaving her wearing nothing more than her glasses and high heels.

As she stripped, she said in a sultry tone, "Alan, you have a magnificent cock!" She hefted up her big boobs. "I think your cock needs to meet my tits. What do you think?"

Alan was all smiles. "Definitely!" Then he looked to Katherine. He panted and gasped, "That is... unless that bothers you, ah... Sis, or... makes you jealous... or something?" He said that fairly innocently. He was so overcome by pleasure that he hadn't been paying close attention to how much Xania had been goading his sister.

Katherine determinedly folded her arms under her rack again. "Me? Jealous? Ha! If anything, I'm getting all horny. Go for it, Big Bro." Steam was practically rising from her ears, she was so annoyed. But at the same time, she truly was getting extremely horny. However, she didn't want to give Xania the satisfaction of showing that either.

Xania got up and walked her sexy, bare ass to her desk to get some baby oil. Both siblings watched with awe as she sashayed her nude body across the room and back. Seeing Xania walk around completely naked only increased Katherine's aggravation that she was fully dressed.

Xania put extra oomph in swaying her hips and swinging and bouncing her big tits, mindful that all eyes were on her.

What neither Alan nor Katherine realized was that in her years as an aspiring actress in Hollywood, Xania had perfected a variety of different sexy walking styles. She was every bit as good at strutting and sashaying as Suzanne was when she put her mind to it. The effect was devastating. Alan thought he was already as aroused as he could be, but just seeing Xania sashay for a fraction of a minute set his heart racing to a nearly dangerous degree.

Katherine noticed Alan's jaw gape open as he continued to stare at Xania in wide wonder. She was suddenly filled with a powerful longing to learn to sashay like Xania or Suzanne (or Susan, for that matter, now that Susan had mastered the technique). Not for the first time, she was extremely frustrated that she had to compete for attention against such experienced and beautiful older women.

Then Xania got back on her knees in front of Alan, poured a copious amount of the baby oil into her deep cleavage, squeezed her tits together with her hands, held Alan's cock, and slipped it in between her tits for a titfuck.

Katherine thought, Fuuuuuck! She looks so sexy that it honestly makes me want to cry. Just look at her! She's soooo Alan-worthy! A body like that is built for just one thing, and that's fucking! What the hell is she doing being some kind of psychologist, even a sex therapist? She should be a fuck toy, serving my brother!

Shit. Did I really just say that?! I take it back. I don't want this long-tongued, big-titted competition on a regular basis!

By this time, Xania had begun a vigorous titfuck. When raising one round tit, she was lowering the other one, and vice versa, steadily repeating the motion over and over again.

Katherine thought, No fucking way! I know what this looks like with Mom's chest, or Aunt Suzy's chest, but here's a THIRD perfect rack that he's plowing through! He's such a fucking lucky fucker! That makes me seriously wish I had a penis. Okay, maybe not - that's too weird - but I sure do wish I could be feeling what he's feeling right now. Look at him, all blissed out with his eyes half closed and that silly grin on his face. Damn! I wish I had a rack like that. Hell, I can barely see any of his cock except for a little bit on the end. It's like he's drowning in boob!

Again, Alan tried to help Xania stimulate Katherine's jealousy, even if he didn't understand why. As he slid his rampant erection though her cleavage, he gasped, "God, Xania, that feels so good! I just love fucking every inch of you. But especially your huge hooters! These big babies are meant for fucking!"

Xania gave Katherine a significant look.

Katherine still insisted, "I don't mind and I don't care. So there!" She definitely wanted to take off her own clothes and join in, or at the very least pleasure herself, but she felt that would somehow mean she was approving and giving in.

Xania took it easy with the titfucking for a while, since she knew Alan was close to the edge. But after a bit, with her tits relatively still, she tilted her head down and stuck out her tongue.


"FUCK ME!" Katherine suddenly cried out in renewed agitation over just how long Xania's tongue was.

As she stared in disbelief, she thought, Crap! That's not a tongue; that's some kind of inhuman SNAKE coming out of her mouth! You know what? I think it's even LONGER than Aunt Suzy's! What the hell?! Were they bound together as college students by their freakishly long tongues? Actually, they probably were, but that doesn't help me now. Damn! That extra inch or two is crucial. More like two! She can slather his cockhead with ease even as she keeps sliding his cock around in a snug tit tunnel. I can't compete with that! Hell, nobody can!

Okay. I'm starting to get a bit jealous. (That was a dramatic understatement, since she was still in denial.) But I'm not gonna give her the satisfaction of knowing she got to me. Soon, this'll be over and we can go back home and everything'll get back to normal. Brother, please, just CUM already! You're killing me here! I don't know if I'm more horny or upset. But knowing his stamina, we're probably gonna be here for hours. Grrr!

Alan knew only that Xania had a long tongue, but he still had no clue as to just how remarkably long it was. He was so busy keeping his eyes shut to avoid being overwhelmed by all the stimulation that he missed seeing her tongue sometimes stretching all the way to his sweet spot. He just assumed she was really good at bending her neck forward.

He hadn't cum yet, although he was practically out of his mind from the constant stimulation. It was a bit cruel, but knowing that Katherine was steaming with jealousy yet pretending not to mind as he slid his stiffness through Xania's big rack somehow made his sexual pleasure that much more intense.

Xania was no unfeeling automaton through all of this. Her arousal was spiking, especially since she had a thing about being watched. Furthermore, trying to get a rise out of Katherine made the situation extra naughty. She was enjoying the titfuck, but what she really craved was to get royally fucked. She was close to the orgasmic edge and knew that would tip her over, probably multiple times.

So without asking Alan, Xania suddenly pulled him down to the floor, rolled over on top of him, and guided his cock deep into her pussy. She deftly accomplished all that in a matter of seconds. Alan was in such a euphoric erotic fog that not even he really knew what was happening until he was balls deep in her. (She wanted the fucking to be a done deal before anyone had a chance to object.)

Xania was so far gone into her fuck lust that she didn't even think about using a condom. That was highly unusual, because normally she was very careful about that kind of thing.

Nobody had really said anything in a while, except for Katherine's "FUCK ME!" outburst, but now Alan couldn't help but exclaim, "Oh man! Dang! Look, Sis! My cock just BOTTOMED OUT all the way inside Xania's hot twat! And man, is it hot! And tight! So tight! So good!"

Xania thought, Ditto! Phew! His thick shaft fits me so perfectly! Even better than the first time. I can already tell this is gonna be a fuck to remember!


With Alan's boner fully sheathed inside Xania's pussy, she churned her hips around in unexpected ways, mostly to show off to Katherine what she could do. She kept her hands behind her head, both to show off her physique and because the pose somehow made the fucking that much more enjoyable. Then she pulled back up until the tip of his dick was all that was still inside her. She kept the pose for a long moment, and then, as she stared right at Katherine, she squatted back down, impaling herself all over again with a desperate, erotic groan.

Katherine whimpered in frustration; she knew deep in her pussy just how fantastic that felt. She clutched her hands into tight fists and clenched her teeth. Give me strength, God! I will NOT give her the satisfaction of showing how much this is getting to me! But why does she have to keep her arms up like that?! It's cruel and unusual punishment! It's like she's having the time of her life, riding a bucking bronco, except she's riding my brother!

Xania shuddered and shivered all over as an intense orgasm ripped through her body. But she tried hard not to show it, and she was extra careful not to scream out. Hiding the climax actually went against her plan to rile Katherine, but she wasn't thinking clearly.

It didn't matter though, because Katherine definitely noticed. Shit, just look at that. God, she came so hard! I can tell! You'd think she'd stop and rest a minute, but no. Oh no! She's impaling herself on him AGAIN! Arrrgh! Kill me now! I'm so wet and horny wishing that was me, but there's NO WAY I'm gonna let her know that!

Somehow Xania still had the breath to ask, "What do you think now, Katherine? Does this make you jealous?" As she rode steadily atop Alan's engorged member, she luxuriated in the sensation of feeling his erection deep inside her warm, wanting pussy. She thought, I could definitely get used to this kid. Definitely! To think that Suzanne lives next door to this fucking machine. Lucky bitch! No wonder she's pulling this scam!

"No! I tell you, it doesn't!" Katherine almost yelled, with an angry face that was positively burning with envy. Then she had a disturbing realization. "And you're not wearing a condom, Brother! What's up with that?"

Xania responded, "He's not? You're right; he's not! Bareback fucking feels soooo good. But what's really incredible is that, Alan, you could knock me up today! Imagine that!" She figured mentioning that risk, while untrue, might spur him to even greater heights. She really was surprised and disturbed that she'd forgotten about the condom. Normally, she would have stopped to put one on immediately after being reminded, but she was so carried away by the fucking that she just told herself she'd do better next time.

Alan would have freaked out about the lack of the condom, but Xania surreptitiously winked at him, implying that she was just playing along to get a reaction from his sister. He decided she had to have some pregnancy protection of her own (which in fact was true, although she normally insisted on protection from STDs as well).

However, Xania didn't know about Katherine's enormous desire to have her brother impregnate her. That comment about getting knocked up was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. Suddenly, Katherine was so jealous that she couldn't deny it to herself anymore. She also was so upset that she was about to burst. She shouted angrily, "Stop, you two! Brother, don't cum inside her! Okay, I admit it! I'm jealous! VERY fucking jealous! If he's gonna knock anyone up with his potent baby-makers - and he will - it's gonna be ME! I wanna be the first to carry his children, dammit!"

She looked at Alan and wondered why he wasn't saying anything at all. He was trying to keep his face as neutral as he could, though it was hard for him not to let slip how much fun he was having.

Huffing and puffing, Xania said while she bounced up and down, "Don't be so stubborn. It's okay to admit some jealousy. Alan won't love you any less for it. By the way, you'll be glad to know that I've got my own protection and won't get pregnant. Also, feel free to take your clothes off if it makes you feel more comfortable." She kept on riding Alan's engorged pole in a most distracting manner, with her huge melons bouncing obscenely. She drove Alan's cock in and out while doing all the work herself, still twisting her hips in the same impressive way as before.

Katherine couldn't stop staring at where Xania and her brother were joined. It annoyed her immensely that Xania was making hip-grinding moves that she hadn't even known were physically possible. "Oh, okay, dammit! Not only am I jealous, I'll admit that I was feeling that way the whole time. But did you really have to go through all this just to get me to admit it?!"

"I suppose not," Xania admitted with a sly smile. She winked at Katherine, which only annoyed her even more.

Since Xania was riding Alan cowgirl style, she was doing all the work, not only rising up and down, but gyrating her hips in every direction. So far, Alan had just been lying there, reveling in the extreme pleasure. But after a while he decided to be more active. He reached up and grasped Xania's big tits with both hands, while simultaneously using his hips to help with the thrusting. As he enthusiastically kneaded her tit flesh he cried, "I'm in heaven! Total heaven!"

Even as their pounding continued, he enjoying running his hands all over Xania's incredible naked body. He especially liked alternating between grasping her bouncing tits and grasping her ass cheeks, sometimes helping her a bit with her hip gyrations. In between he would run his hands over her taut tummy. But mostly he just couldn't get enough of playing with her fantastic tits. Fuck me, man! I love this body! I must admit, my perfect body ideal is based on the very similar voluptuous shapes of Mom and Aunt Suzy. But Xania, she's like a fucking CLONE! She could be their lost identical triplet from the neck down! Too awesome! And I can tell she's loving it, so hopefully we'll be doing this more in the future!

Addressing Alan, Xania asked, "Do you have another one of those condoms? Unless you really are planning on making me pregnant, because my protection can only do so much to reduce the risk, and I am in my fertile phase." That last part wasn't true, but she wanted to tweak Katherine a little more. She winked at Alan, and then teased, "If you want to knock me up, I don't mind, but I think we should discuss it first."

"ANOTHER?" Katherine said hotly, in more ways than one. She finally began loosening her clothes and scooting ever closer. Hearing Xania talk about getting knocked up drove her over the edge of unabashed arousal.

Those comments also got Alan aroused beyond belief. He closed his eyes and concentrated all his energy on delaying his climax.

Xania thought to herself, Oops! But to Katherine she said, "I said that to see if it would get a rise out of you. It did. But it's also true. In my earlier session with Alan, I hadn't been talking to him for five minutes when I somehow found his cock in my hand. Such a clever kid! Of course, he just kept on taking advantage from there until he wound up fucking me in the cunt."

Katherine was pulling her clothes off frantically, eager to join in. "Very clever. I figured something like that must have happened. Brother is just insatiable, and unstoppable. That's one reason why I love being his fuck-toy sister. But now that you've gotten me to admit some jealousy, why do you have to continue having sex with him?"

"I'm also trying to help him reach his six-times-a-day quota."

"You're really the altruistic Mother Teresa of psychiatry!" Katherine said sarcastically. Then she added huffily, "But I can help him as much as you can, and do it much better, I'll have you know!" She tossed her shirt across the room.

"Fine then. Join in if you feel like it. I don't care. My point's been made. You're jealous and you go to absurd lengths to deny it."


Katherine immediately stripped off the rest of her clothes and sat right next to Xania and Alan. At first she didn't know how to join in or what Xania would allow her to do.


But then Xania said to her, "Here, if you want to get knocked up so bad, then let him cum in you." She raised her soaked and quivering pussy from Alan's ever-ready cock, then used both hands to position it for Katherine to climb aboard.

The good "doctor" repositioned herself so Alan could suck on her nipples while he pumped up into his sister. Xania refrained from touching Katherine sexually, though she very much wanted to. Suzanne had given her strict orders to not get sexually involved with either Susan or Katherine, so she didn't let on that she was bisexual. She'd already gone pretty far with Susan with all the "California kissing," but she didn't want to push her luck any further with Katherine. Besides, she was having plenty of fun with Alan.

Alan fucked his sister for a few minutes before taking a "strategic break" to rest his overheated erection. They used the pause to change positions.

Xania said, "Enough kidding around. Now's the time to put a condom on for real."

Katherine said in a sad voice, "I'm on the Pill and I'm wearing a diaphragm. He makes me. So unfortunately he won't be knocking me up today, condom or no condom." She added with hope and desire, "Although there's always a small chance I'll get lucky..." She got up on the couch so her ass would be positioned high in the air.

Alan got behind her so he could fuck her doggy-style.

Xania asked Katherine, "So you're gonna let him do you bareback?"

Katherine smiled from ear to ear. "Yeah. It feels soooo much better!"

"Do you mind if I help guide him in?"

"Please! Be my guest!" Katherine thought, Boy, this day is sure turning around in a hurry. Xania is way cool!

Feeling devilish, Xania positioned Alan's cock so the tip was resting against his sister's labia. However, she said, "Hold on. Let me make sure he's good and lubed up first." She bent over and licked his pole from top to bottom. She came within a fraction of an inch of putting her tongue against Katherine's wet slit.

Katherine was finally in a charitable mood, knowing that she was about to get a great fuck. She giggled. "That's hardly necessary."

"Still, it's best to be sure."

There were laughs all around while Xania slathered Alan's cock with her tongue, because all three knew how very unnecessary that was. Alan's boner was thoroughly coated in a mixture of saliva, pussy juice and pre-cum.

Xania jacked him off and licked him, then slowly inserted him into Katherine. As if she wasn't busy enough, now that she was more calm (because she wasn't in the middle of getting fucked) she took the opportunity to lecture Katherine, "Did you notice how unselfishly I'm handing Alan over to you? I'm doing that to make a point. Given that he has sex with so many women, you need to be similarly unselfish or you'll eventually become consumed with jealousy."

"UNRNGH!" Katherine wasn't disagreeing, she was just grunting loudly as the widest part of Alan's cockhead pushed into her.

Xania kept on with her licking, stroking, and talking. "As his sister, you'll always have a special place at the top of his list, along with his mother. The incest taboo alone is a great lure he'll never tire of, and your bonds of love are deep."

Katherine spoke loudly. "I'm listening, but push it in deeper! Faster!"

Xania did push Alan further into Katherine, but she also said, "Hold on. Can't I have at least a couple of inches to play with? Your brother has a very remarkable cock."

"Don't I know it! But push! Puuuush! Then lick his balls if you must."

"Ah. Good idea." She pushed another inch or two of Alan's great thickness into Katherine.


"Ssssh!" Xania chided. "We don't want your mother to hear, do we?"

"Drat!" Katherine resolved to stay quiet, but it was almost torture to do so, especially when Xania pushed him in the last inch or two, causing him to completely fill her up. The horny sister sighed with supreme satisfaction.

Xania got right to licking Alan's balls. She figured she wouldn't have much time to do that, before their fucking rhythm made keeping her face that close too dangerous. However, at that moment, Katherine was still adjusting to Alan's girth. Despite all the arousing distractions, Xania kept on with her advice. "Maybe if your looks were average you'd have a problem, but you're stunning! You're a sexy fox, and you have the big breasts he loves. So don't worry. And by being unselfish, you yourself can reap the rewards, as this threesome illustrates."

"Wow! That's a pretty cool lesson, I gotta admit," Katherine said casually as she pushed herself backwards onto her brother's stiff member. "Maybe coming to a psychologist wasn't such a bad thing after all."

"Coming IN a psychologist isn't such a bad thing after all, either," Alan blurted out loud.

Everyone laughed, helping to lighten the mood.

Xania was pretty impressed with herself as well. The entire session with Katherine and Alan together was something she'd made up on the spot, not something Suzanne had coached her to do. As she watched the siblings thrust back and forth in a good rhythm, she thought, Hot sex and a good lesson on jealousy for Katherine to think about! What a fun day this has been. If there was ever such a thing as a sex psychologist, I think I'd be pretty damned good at it.

Katherine and Alan soon reached a good fucking rhythm. Xania sat back and just watched for a while, since she didn't want an ass or crotch slammed into her head.

A few minutes passed. Alan continued to fuck Katherine doggy-style. Xania reengaged, draping herself all over him, generally kissing and fondling him while he did the same back to her. She was careful not to touch Katherine too much though, since she didn't know how the girl would react if she did.

Eventually, Alan and Xania had to stop necking because the intensity of the fucking was increasing and he was having great difficulty breathing. Xania kept right on kissing him elsewhere on his face, as well as kissing and licking his neck. She also made sure to keep her big globes within easy reach so he could play with them.

After a while, she got around to licking one of his ears, and that gave her the idea to whisper in his ear. "You know, when Suzanne asked me to see you all as a personal favor, she warned me. She said you were a nice guy, but between my looks and your needy cock, odds were good I'd wind up on my back with your fat boner balls-deep in my cunt! I thought she was just joking, but it turned out she was spot on."

As she playfully nibbled on his ear, she asked teasingly, "Are you going to add me to your harem? Do you want me to be one of your fuck toys? Where do I sign up?"

Had he thought that she was at all serious, he would have jumped eagerly on that suggestion. But it was clear from her tone of voice and general demeanor that she was just trying to arouse him with provocative teasing.

With all the fucking and fondling going on around him, not to mention the way Xania was licking and nibbling at his ear, he wasn't expected to give a serious answer, so he didn't. He just muttered, "I wish!" and concentrated on slamming in and out of Katherine.

Katherine thought, She is just joking, right? She'd better be joking! But even if she is, I'm sure she'll be back for more at some point. Everyone he fucks wants another round.

After another minute or so, Xania said, "I can see that your fucking is speeding up. Soon one or both of you are gonna cum. But Katherine, I understand you have a football game to cheer for. If you leave soon, after you have a nice cum, I think you'll be able to catch some of it."

"Oh, right. Thanks!" Katherine was rather hoping for more "lessons" from Xania, especially if they involved more sex with her brother. But then she thought of her commitments; the other cheerleaders were counting on her. She looked over her shoulder, then asked, "Big Psychologist-slaying Brother, could you cum quickly for me? I've gotta run, and I want to feel your baby juice sloshing around inside my cunny during the long drive home."

"No prob, Sis. I'm totally ready to blow anyways." He fucked her at an even harder and faster pace.


Xania had just changed positions, opening up new fondling opportunities. So, at the same time, he stuck fingers in Xania's pussy and asshole, sawing her holes in time to the overall fucking pace. He wanted her to have a good final orgasm too.

Within another minute, all three of them were on the verge of cumming. Alan usually felt the need to prolong his climax as long as possible; he saw having to cum as a sign of defeat, as it usually meant the sex session was over. But he'd had so much sex over the course of the day already that he was looking forward to some rest and recovery time.

He thrust into his sister's pussy a few more times before he let himself go with an exceptionally loud grunt. After having used a condom so many times that day, it felt especially great for him when he shot his seed bareback straight into his sister's pussy.

As soon as Xania and Katherine realized that Alan was cumming, they let their climaxes overtake them too. Katherine's climax caused her pussy to tighten and clench so much and so unpredictably around Alan's erection that it seemed to double his pleasure and squeeze even more cum out of him.

The three of them each let out fairly loud screams as their passion overtook them. It occurred to Alan that Susan was still sitting in the waiting room next door. He figured she'd have to have heard the screaming, and he wondered what she'd think about it. In any case, it was too late now to try to remain quiet.


When it was all over, he pulled his dick from his sister's slick mound, causing a river of his cum to flow obscenely out of her. He guessed that it had been over a week since he'd last fucked her, which seemed far too long. He shared her hopeful vision that if he could just get permission to fuck their mother, they wouldn't have to sneak around anymore.

Katherine sighed happily. "Aaaah. Good times! Xania, look! Look what he did to me." She spread her pussy lips open wide with her fingers, causing even more white goo to flow out. "Brother has been having sex off and on all day, including recently with you, and he STILL has this much cum to give."

She suddenly removed her fingers and switched positions. "Oops! I don't want to leak too much. I want to have that sperm-sloshing-around-inside-me feeling for the drive home." She soon stood up and started to dress.

Alan and Xania were still recovering from their post-orgasmic lethargy, and they had nowhere to hurry off to, so they just lay there and watched her. As they did, Xania said to him, "You know, you have quite a sister there. I think that "number one fuck toy" stuff isn't just talk. She has the makings of an excellent fuck toy. She really goes all out for you."

That made Katherine so happy she tingled all over, because in her mind it validated her fuck-toy fantasies. "Yes! Listen to this wise woman, Brother."

Everyone laughed at that.

While dressing, Katherine said, "You know, Xania, at first, when we talked this morning, I thought you were super cool. But then you teased me so much with this whole jealousy-testing thing that I was starting to hate you. But then I realized you were just playing a game, and you let me and Bro fuck, so now I think you're super cool again."

Xania laughed. "Thanks!"

Once Katherine was dressed and ready to go, she bent over nearly to the floor, kissed her brother appreciatively, and then made to rush out the door. "We'll talk later, Bro! You have NO idea how I've been counting the days and the hours, waiting for the feeling of you inside me again, Big French Loaf Brother! Thank you! Mom is so gonna be styling when you fuck her too, I just know it."

Her eyes went wide as she realized what she'd just said. "Wow! You're gonna fuck Mom! For real! Isn't that cool? Then we'll all be one big, happy, fucky family! And with Aunt Suzy and Aims in there too... Wow!"

He nodded. "You're telling me!"

She teased playfully, "You'd better start buying Viagra in bulk!" As she reached the door, she looked back and added, "Oh, and Xania, I really appreciate all the good advice you gave, especially the encouraging stuff you said to Mom. As far as Alan seducing you and fucking you, do you feel any regrets about that?"

Xania responded, "Are you kidding me? That was the best thing to happen to me in a long time." She was kind of lying by omission, since she was the one who'd seduced Alan, but she was being honest in saying that it was the best thing to happen to her recently. Although she had a very active sex life, that particular day had been special for her.

Katherine grinned. "Good. Then it all worked out. Oh! Will we get to see you again? I hope so!"

Xania said, "Maybe not in an office setting, but look at me!" She waved a hand over her sprawled-out nude body. Even though Alan hadn't cum in her, her crotch was quite swampy, and she had sweat and streaks of cum all over her. Standing up, she said wryly, "I would say that the ice has been broken between us, no? I hope we can meet from time to time as friends. And did I mention that I'm bi?"

Katherine's mouth hung open. "You ARE?! Oh shoot! Damn! Why didn't you say something about that earlier? I was being really careful not to touch you too much."

Xania put on her business suit jacket as she replied, "Same here. But that just means we'll have more fun things to explore the next time we meet."


She followed Katherine to the door while wearing nothing but her jacket and high heels. In part, she was being polite in seeing Katherine out. But mostly she was having a fun time teasing Alan with her sexy body, and she knew that walking away with her jacket on would draw all of his attention to her fantastic ass.

Alan was suitably impressed, especially since he could see his cum glistening on Xania's inner thighs. However, it still wasn't nearly enough to revive his overtaxed penis.

When Xania reached Katherine, she whispered in her ear, "Don't ever think that having sex with your brother is wrong. Not with the way you two clearly love each other. And don't think that being his fuck toy is wrong either. If that's what works for you and makes you happy, then go for it, all the way! More power to you!"

Katherine replied, also in a near whisper. "Cool! You give the best advice EVER! Thanks!"

"No problem."

"See ya!" Katherine gave a final friendly wave at the door before letting herself out. She was careful to not open the door too much, so Susan wouldn't have a chance to look in.

Once the door was closed, Xania wiggled her bare ass at Alan before turning around. Then she raised an eyebrow while also displaying her hefty rack through her wide open jacket. "'Big French Loaf Brother?'" She suppressed a chuckle.

"It's a long story. Think phallic-shaped objects." Alan felt a tang of sadness, realizing from Katherine's description of counting the hours how much more sex between them meant to her than it now did to him. He had too many other targets to get that excited.

Xania went back to cuddle with Alan for a while. As she lay there, enjoying the afterglow of a very satisfying sex session with her head resting against his body, she found herself speculating about what Katherine and Susan were saying to each other in the waiting room. With a start, she remembered that not only was Susan still out in the waiting room, but she most likely was still practicing her "mental exercises." She didn't want Katherine to see her mother in that condition, lest the daughter think that Susan wasn't actually treated properly by a real psychologist.

Xania worried it was too late - that the horse was already out of the barn - but nevertheless she quickly got up and put on the rest of her clothes. (Alan also roused himself and started to dress, but he went slower since Xania hadn't explained her reason for rushing.)

Even with her hurry, it took Xania several minutes to make herself look presentable, rather than just totally fucked out. By the time she made it to the waiting room, she discovered that Katherine was gone. Susan was sleeping slumped in her chair, totally naked. She looked to be asleep and had an expression of complete exhaustion, like she'd just run a marathon. She sat in a very large puddle of cum; her thighs and butt were covered with her sticky goo.

Xania frowned. Shit! Not good. Susan looks like she's just been gang-banged. Will Katherine be understanding? I hope so. Luckily, Susan is so readily aroused, all the time, that there's no need to blame me for her looking like this. Probably, Katherine just thought, "There goes my horny mom again," and decided to walk on by without waking her.

Xania shook Susan by the shoulder.

"What?" Susan said, suddenly sitting up. She'd fallen asleep with one hand on one of her tits and the other on her bush. Both hands were sticky with her juices, which had formed the puddle on the chair. Her hair was a mess, and she generally looked bedraggled and sweaty.

Xania tried to keep a smirk off her face. "Looks like you've been following my suggestion a bit too enthusiastically. Can you get yourself in order? If you could at least clean up the puddle a bit, and get your dress off the floor in my office..."

Susan blushed and tried to cover up. Every movement she made seemed to create more obscene squishy sounds. "Oh! Sorry! This is so embarrassing!"

"You know, there's a bathroom. You could clean up there," Xania suggested.

"Thank you. I'll go do that!" She left to get her dress.

A few minutes later, Xania was back in her office with Alan. They were both waiting for Susan to return after making herself presentable again.

He had put his clothes back on, but he was still feeling lazy, resting on the sofa. He asked, "What's the plan now? Are you going to bring my mother back in here to talk to her some more?"

"Yes I am."

She thought to herself, After quite a bit more "hello and goodbye" kissing, hee-hee. And I think I'll watch her cum a bit more, if she still has any energy left. Behind this big desk, she won't be able to see what my hands are doing in my own lap. Too bad I can't touch her, but it's the least I can do to follow Suzanne's rules after being given the treat of this really fun day. I can't thank Suzanne enough for arranging the whole thing! I swear to God, I haven't had this much sexual fun in years, and I've only been with this bunch for a couple of hours. I can't imagine how they can keep up this pace all the time. It's like a fiery tornado of lust blowing past me!

He asked, "Why? I mean, didn't you work out her incest issues about as much as you could in one day?"

"True. But repetition is key. It's like the advice people give about speeches: 'Tell 'em what you're gonna talk about, talk about it, and then tell 'em what you just talked about.' Frankly, she's been kind of brainwashed with all that fundamentalist Christian stuff she grew up with, so she needs a... countering indoctrination."

That made good sense to him. "Sounds good. While you're doing that, I think I'll take a little cat nap out here."

She nodded, and then asked, "By the way, what you and I did here physically should stay a secret from her, okay?"

"Why?" he asked again.

Xania decided to be partially truthful. "The main reason you're all here is so Susan can put her worries about incest to rest. Suzanne knew I didn't have any moral issues with incest, under the right conditions at least, so she asked me to help and be encouraging with her. But if Susan finds out I'm quote unquote easy or quote unquote slutty, she's not going to value my advice on this nearly as much."

He nodded, since that made sense to him too.

She added, "She might have some jealousy issues too, but she wouldn't be ready for such a role-play today. Same thing goes for what you did with your sister. Let Susan discover that in her own time, when she's ready. I have a feeling you're a good judge of that. You strike me as unusually mature for your age."

"Yeah, okay. Some people say I am, but I don't think so."

"You're modest, too. How cute." Xania stared at him with an amused smile for so long that he had to turn away.

Then she said, "I must admit the sex with you wasn't strictly professional. Your mother and your sister kept raving about how sexually fantastic you are, and hell, even Suzanne couldn't help but brag about you some, so I just had to see for myself what the hype was all about. It was great, but they really raved about the taste of your cum in particular, and even after I sucked until my jaws are sore all I've gotten so far is some of your pre-cum. I'd like to swallow a whole creamy load. After I talk to your mother some more, would you be up for a final fuck and blow session to see just how much I can swallow? Do you think you could get it up again?"

He smiled, but shook his head. He joked, "I think I should start charging a couple hundred dollars an hour for my services. I wish I could. I wish I could stay here all day with you, but unfortunately my body has hit its limit. You would not believe all the crazy sexual things that've already happened to me today."

"Shucks. Maybe next time."

He thought, "Next time"? Sweet! Xania is pretty cool. And what a freakishly long tongue, and all-around smokin' hot body! I can see she's a lot like Aunt Suzy in another way: once you get her going, she's sexually insatiable. And to think how much I worried last night about going to see a psychologist!


Alan was so caught up in thinking about and then going to his appointment with the psychologist Xania that he'd completely forgotten about the football game. He knew that both Janice and Joy were supposed to perform with only painted-on panties, since he was the one who'd painted them on. But he didn't think much about either of them.

Even Katherine didn't pay the game much mind, though she did drive back to Orange County as quickly as possible to participate in as much of the game as she could.

Normally, the cheerleaders wore their uniforms in school all day before the football game, to help inspire "school spirit" for the game.

Heather would have liked to take advantage of the lack of underwear to mercilessly tease her victims all throughout the school day, putting them in dangerous situations and keeping them all stimulated. But this week the two "victims" were Janice and Joy.

Heather and Janice were barely speaking to each other because of their feud, and after what had happened at lunch they weren't speaking at all, so Janice was free to do what she wanted.

Joy meanwhile had thrown Heather for a loop by genuinely refusing any female advances, so Heather wasn't sure what to do with her or how to treat her. Thus they were both free from Heather's usual games as well, at least for the moment.

Furthermore, Heather's tyranny over the other cheerleaders was greatly reduced because of her lunchtime anal sex session with Alan. Partly, it was a physical thing. She came to cheerleader practice in sixth period moving very carefully, as if someone had stuck a two-by-four up her butt. She walked stiffer than a primitive robot doing a Frankenstein imitation. Her only hope of being able to cheerlead for the game was if she got an extensive massage or two before the game started, and the only people who could realistically help her with that were the other cheerleaders.

She got her massage, but at the expense of having to confess that Alan had fucked her in the ass. It was practically impossible for her to deny what had happened, since it was her ass that needed the massage. Even though Janice was prudently keeping quiet, the other cheerleaders knew that Janice and Heather had been together with Alan during lunch, and they all knew what Alan was really like behind closed doors.

Kim ended up massaging Heather's ass while the others continued their cheerleading practice as usual.

Now that the secret was out, Heather went on and on about how great the anal sex had been. At first she was determined not to talk about it for fear of getting Kim interested in having anal sex with Alan too, but she figured she was probably pretty safe since Kim claimed to be a lesbian. So she raved about it, though being careful not to mention any of the humiliating sex talk like Alan's "cum dumpster" comments. However, Kim had been discovering that she was less of a pure lesbian than she'd believed, so Heather's words got Kim quite damp between her thighs.


But despite Heather's weakened state, the punishment for Janice and Joy, once given, had to be carried out. She still insisted that both of them perform their cheerleading routines for the entire football game with only painted-on underwear, and that's exactly what they did.

The situation was stranger still because Katherine wasn't there when the game began, since she was still up in Los Angeles. Katherine was one of the team's peacemakers, and a bridge between Heather and Janice.

Heather still wasn't quite ready to cheerlead during the game. Despite a very long massage, she was still extremely stiff and sore. She did take part in some routines, but failed to join in the more complicated ones. She knew there would be raised eyebrows, but she'd already worked out a cover story about being slightly ill. She hoped that her ass eventually would get used to the anal invasion, as she had big plans for how often Alan would be fucking her up the butt, and she didn't want to be so incapacitated again.

Neither Heather's stiffness nor the Heather-Janice rivalry were big issues for the cheerleaders during the game, because they were all too busy focusing on the fact that Janice and Joy weren't wearing any real panties.

Janice was fairly good at rolling with the punches, and didn't terribly mind having to expose herself. It helped tremendously that the game was an away game, so very few familiar faces were in the stands.

Joy, on the other hand, was a different story. She was quite conservative and shy when it came to such things. She started the game trembling something awful. Only the encouragement of Amy, Kim, and especially Janice gave her the strength to go on.

But a funny thing happened once she started dancing. She found that she loved it. In fact, she had a fantastic time.

At first, after she regained her confidence, she performed her routines fairly normally. But during a break in their routines at the end of the first quarter she confided in Janice, "Girl, I have to admit, this is great! I've never been so hot! I don't know what it is, but the idea of all those guys in the stands over there looking at me and seeing my most intimate places - it's so wild! I'm gushing all over the place, and the fact that I'm so wet is making me even more excited!"

Janice could hardly believe it. As much as she desired Joy already, she wanted her even more after hearing that. But she was too shocked and careful to say much more than, "That's great, Joy."

That inspired Joy to continue, "What do you think? Do you think people can see the glistening juices shining on my thighs?" She pulled up her skirt and exposed her butt and pussy lips to Janice.

All Janice could do was bite her lips in frustration.

Joy went on even more excitedly, "Should I get myself cleaned off, or should I just leave it like this? Wait! Don't tell me. I'm going to leave it like this! Oh, it's so good! It's like I'm getting fucked by all their eyes even as we speak!"

Janice was surprised, because she'd considered the lack of panties to be a humiliation and so was merely trying to get the experience over with. The fact that Heather had forced her to do it had particularly soured her on the experience. But with Joy's attitude, she began to think of it in a whole new way, which led her to loosen up and enjoy things as the game went on.

Joy continued to get more and more into it. She knew that Kim had a variety of dildos in her possession, so at the end of the first half the two of them disappeared for a long time. When they reappeared just as the game resumed, Joy again proudly flashed her pussy to Janice, showing that it was now plugged with a large vibrator that was completely contained within her vagina, so there really wasn't anything to see unless one looked very closely.

Janice again could barely contain her sexual frustration at being so close to a horny Joy, and yet so far. She threw herself into her routines with greater abandon and tried not to think about her romantic and lustful feelings for her best friend.

Joy rode a sexual high for the rest of the game as the vibrator buzzed away inside her. She barely managed to do her routines, succeeding only because she knew them by heart. She just copied whatever the other cheerleaders were doing, without question. If they had asked her to take off all her clothes and run across the football field, she would have done so gladly.

Between her arousal and Heather's stiffness, they were a pretty sorry squad that week.

The vibrator kept Joy close to orgasm, but that wasn't enough by itself. Pretty soon she was willing to do anything to get off. As the game continued, she wanted more - something even more arousing to push her over the edge.

The game had quite a few breaks for the cheerleaders, at times when the crowd was intent on the game and didn't need any extra entertainment. During those pauses the other cheerleaders (except Heather) crowded around Joy, to block the audience's sight of her even as they did two contradictory things. On the one hand, one cheerleader would wipe Joy's crotch and thighs clean, because she was constantly leaking. On the other hand, another cheerleader would pump the vibrator in and out to bring Joy to another orgasm. It usually only took a few strokes, especially if her clit was stimulated at the same time. She came over and over again, despite the fact that her stimulation was coming from a female. It wasn't that she had discovered lesbianism; she was just desperate for relief.

Janice tortured herself even further by usually being the one to provide this "service" for her friend.

As the game headed into the fourth quarter, Joy pushed even further. During breaks between routines, she pulled up the back of her skirt and rubbed her naked, painted ass for a minute or more at a time. While Janice was also just as naked underneath, she wasn't willing to do similar stunts, so mostly she just eyed what Joy did with complete amazement.


Towards the very end of the game, Joy started to moon the crowd even more blatantly. The crowd was on the other side of the field, so it was doubtful anyone noticed. If they did, they might have momentarily speculated that one of the other team's cheerleaders was rubbing a sore butt.

However, there was one football player, a wide receiver on the other team, who ran a route down the sidelines towards where the cheerleaders stood. He slowed down as he ran past Joy, his eyes transfixed on her mooning butt. He stopped his route altogether some yards past her, turning around to stare at her. His face showed him clearly confused about whether what he was seeing was real, with the game totally forgotten. However, he had to run quickly back to the huddle when the play ended.

The cheerleaders all laughed when they saw the quarterback slap him on the helmet, obviously chiding him for a total loss of concentration.

As the game ended, Joy seemed almost disappointed no one had found her out. She actually got down on her knees and spread her legs to moon the crowd as obviously and blatantly as she could.

The other cheerleaders had to stop her from taking the next step and openly masturbating herself right there in public, because she was ready to move the vibrator in and out herself in a very obvious way.

By this point everyone was leaving their seats, and still no one appeared to notice. If anyone did notice, they probably assumed it was a typical rude gesture to complain about the game result, instead of the flashing of a naked pussy by a horny, sex-obsessed cheerleader.

Joy actually moaned in frustration as she witnessed the crowd leave.

The whole experience made all the cheerleaders quite hot and bothered. Joy was rendered nearly completely senseless by the time it was over. The others finally, mercifully, pulled the vibrator out of her and she immediately fell asleep on the ground, right there on the field. She was that emotionally worn out.

Janice looked at Joy lying there, nearly drowning in her own juices, and thought to herself, This certainly changes things. I don't know what it means exactly, but this is a new Joy we're looking at. Is there some way I can use her love of exposing herself to get her for my own? There must be. I mean, I was pushing the vibrator in and out of her goddamn pussy! It was so close! But it's not the female hands on her that she loves; it's the visual exposure to strange men. Damn! Fuckin' A! This is killing me! And it's all Heather's fault.


Alan and Susan drove back from the psychologist's office in a great hurry. Normally Susan liked to watch the school's football games to support her daughter's cheerleading, but there was no time for that today. Susan weaved in and out of rush hour traffic so they'd have enough time to get Alan fully ready and fed before the Boy Scout van came to pick him up at 7 p.m.

Alan was completely wiped out from a long and tiring week, and fucking Xania had drained the last of his energy. Even though he'd slept in the waiting room all during Susan's last counseling session with Xania, he slept soundly all the way home in the car as well.

It was a little after four o'clock when they got home. Susan and Alan had barely said anything to each other since leaving the appointment, since Alan had slept the whole time.

But now Susan was quite animated. As soon as they got inside the house, she said, "Tiger, wasn't Xania just the best? I feel so happy! She's made me so very, very happy! Ecstatic! Giddy! Let's celebrate." She began to take her clothes off as she said this. As she ripped her bra off, she enthused, "I know! How about a victory blowjob? To us! To getting the official stamp of approval that being your daily cocksucker - and more - is okay!"

Alan was torn. He could hardly turn down his bosomy mother's excellent idea, but he hadn't really woken up from his nap, and all he wanted to do was sleep some more. Getting ready for and then going on his hiking trip seemed like a physical impossibility in his current state.

In fact, he was too tired to even think up a verbal response at first, so Susan continued, "No? What about a glorious, triumphant titfuck? Don't you want to rub your hard fuck rod all over Mommy's hooters?" She reached down and grabbed his penis through his jeans, and joked, "I know you just slept like a log, but that's not the only thing around here like a log all the time."

He laughed, but otherwise didn't respond, though she was happy to feel that his dick was already hard.


She took his continued silence and generally weary face as a no, and got a very strange and worried look on her face. She sat on all fours on the sofa with her ass pointing at Alan, then said, "Oh no! Tiger, don't tell me you want to fuck me in the ass? Oh, that's so very naughty! However, Xania did tell me that I shouldn't hold back. And Suzanne said I should 'bend over, but don't break.' It seems everyone thinks you should fuck me up the ass."

She wiggled her naked ass back and forth ostentatiously. "Do you want to own my butt? Is that what you want? Just like you already own my big tits? You're slowly conquering and owning every part of my body. Is my ass next? Are you going to take Mommy's butt cheeks and spread them with your hands, then plunge your baby maker deep into my very private place? Normally, I would say no, but because you've been so-"

Alan interrupted her. He clutched his head as if he had an intense migraine. "Mom, hold on! When you say things like 'baby maker' I get so turned on that I don't know if I'm coming or going. But I'm so tired I can hardly stand up. I have to get some more sleep so I'll be able to stagger out of this house when the scoutmaster's van comes to pick me up. And we both have a lot to do to get ready before then, even if my stuff is pretty much all packed. Let me take my nap first, okay? We can still celebrate later. Right?"

Susan had changed positions and was sitting up now. She'd been pushing her chest out, cupping her ample tits from underneath in the hopes that he'd suck on a nipple. But she slumped down into the sofa, chagrined. "Oh, poo! Oh well. I was so excited. You have no idea how elated I am after talking to Xania."

He walked over and hugged her. "I'm excited too. Really excited. Xania has given us the green light. But I'm only human. A penis definitely has some physical limits, and we have to be respectful of that. Please let me sleep for a little while?"

She kissed him on the forehead in a very affectionate way. "Of course. Sorry for getting carried away. You take your rest, but only one hour, okay? You're right that we have a lot of work to do."

He promised, "If we're quick and efficient, we'll have some fun time later, okay?"

She nodded. That obviously got her very motivated.

As he walked away, he marveled at how backwards things were. Mom wants sex even more than I do. I practically have to fight her off now, and I'm the one to hold out the promise of more sexual games as a reward. I would never have imagined that I would live to see the day. Hell, who would'a thunk I'd be doing anything sexual with her at all?!

He made his way to his room and fell onto his bed. But before he'd fallen asleep his mother came rushing in. "Tiger! Wake up! I have important news!"

He opened his eyes, unable to do more, and did his best to squelch the annoyance he felt at the sudden intrusion. "What is it, Mom?" he muttered testily.

Seeing that he was awake and aware, she rushed to his bed and said excitedly, "I was just playing back the phone messages. Your scoutmaster called a few minutes before we got back home. It seems that your hiking trip has been canceled! He's having some kind of trouble with his van, and he can't find a replacement at this late hour. So they're going to try to do it next week instead. I'm so sorry."

Alan sat up and came fully awake as the news sank in. His eyes blinked and he was silent for a few moments. Then he spoke. "Sorry? Don't be sorry. That's great news. I am SO relieved! I was kind of looking forward to getting away from it all, but I wasn't looking forward to hiking all day. No energy. YES! This is great! The more I think about it, this is awesome! I can finally get some time to myself, and time just to vegetate. Cool."

Susan didn't know how he'd take the news, and she was pleasantly surprised. "You're not mad? I thought you'd be upset that you've been averaging nearly eight climaxes a day, and all that work was for nothing."

He hadn't thought about that. "Dang. Good point... But you know what? That's okay. Because this means I can take a massive sexual break this weekend, too."

She appeared crestfallen to hear that.

So he immediately added, "Don't get me wrong. Just because I wanted to nap instead of experience your lovely help, I'm not tired of you or anything. I could never get tired of any of this, and I especially could never get tired of your beautiful and amazingly stacked Marilyn Monroe body."

She broke into a big smile when she heard that.

"But the excitement is in my mind. My body is another matter. I still have this weakness where I have to nap every day, and I never have all the energy I want. I've been running on full steam for weeks now, and I'm right on the verge of collapse. My dick is dying. It's practically numb most of the time, and some of my loads have been little more than a trickle for the past couple of days. I was holding out for the hiking trip to give my dick a couple of days to recover, and it still needs to recover. Let's just take it easy for a couple of days, okay? Hiking trip or no, I need a sexual holiday."

She frowned. "Oh dear. Is your penis in that bad a shape?"

"Yes. I know this sounds a bit disturbing, but I'm amazed sometimes that I haven't injured it somehow. It can hurt like hell!"

"Oh my!" She clasped her hands over her mouth in surprise. "Don't worry. I'll give you some space. Sleep some more. I see you need it. Meanwhile, I'll take care of everything."

He fell asleep immediately. He was so tired that he didn't give the cancellation news much thought. He didn't give her "I'll take care of everything" comment another thought.

So he was surprised when he woke up about an hour later and, from the top of the stairs, looked down into the living room to see Susan sitting next to Akami, quietly talking to her.

He was only dressed in his dark blue robe, but he nonetheless hurried downstairs to eagerly greet his beloved nurse. He felt much better now that he'd napped in the car and then again in his bed. "Akami!" he said in a delighted voice as he quickly closed the distance to her.

She stood and embraced her favorite patient with a warm hug.

Alan pulled back a bit and admired Akami, who was still dressed in her usual lab jacket. "It's so good to see you," he said sincerely. "How long has it been?"

"One week almost to the hour since our last appointment. And it's great to see you, too." She smiled widely and stared at him intently with her smoldering eyes.

He loved her narrow, intense eyes. In fact, it was his favorite feature of hers.

To Alan it seemed much longer than a week, but he knew that things had been so eventful lately that everything seemed like ancient history to him. He recalled that he only had appointments with Akami every other week. "Wait. We're not scheduled to meet until NEXT Friday, right? So what are you doing meeting me? And in my house, no less?"

She answered, "I got a call from your mother just as my work day was ending. She said that your situation was dire and needed immediate attention. I'm only a nurse and I don't do house calls, but I thought I could come over just as a friend and see how you're doing and if there was some way I could help."

She looked down at his crotch to see if there was a bulge that needed her "help," but found only disappointment.


Alan looked her body over more closely. She looked as great and sexy as ever. "So why are you still in your nurse outfit?" (Actually it was a bit misleading to say she was in a nurse outfit - she'd dressed to impress in a low-cut blouse, black leather miniskirt, and high heels. But knowing that Alan was turned on by her medical garb, she wore a lab jacket and stethoscope as well.)

She answered, "I came straight from work. Your mom and I have been discussing the state of your penis and your energy level while you've been sleeping."

Susan interrupted. "How is he, nurse? Is it as bad as I feared?"

Akami examined Alan's face carefully. "Hmmm. He has some bags under his eyes, like you said. He's exhausted, for sure. The six-times-a-day regimen must be tough to do day in and day out. I have to agree with what he was suggesting to you earlier. He does need a break."

Alan was relieved. "You see what I mean, Mom? This weekend I'm just going to play video games and watch TV and sleep. Mostly sleep. It'll be great!"

"But what about the state of his penis?" Susan asked Akami anxiously from her position on a nearby sofa.

"Let's take a look, shall we?" Akami motioned to Alan's robe.

He dutifully opened it. Given everything sexual that had happened between Akami and him, and especially the things the two of them did in Dr. Fredrickson's office while Susan watched, he didn't bat an eye about doing something sexual with her in front of his mother.

Susan similarly considered blowjobs and handjobs a part of Akami's "treatment" even if she still didn't realize that Alan had already gone all the way with Akami.

Akami sat below a kneeling Alan and cupped his balls while she fondled his flaccid penis. She figured it was a good position to be in for the blowjob that would almost certainly follow soon. She could hardly wait, but she kept her professional detached demeanor. "Hmmm. He isn't erect yet. Is this unusual, Susan?"

"Most unusual, nurse. It seems that his penis always stands very straight and tall. He has a wonderfully stiff and proud boner much more often than not. Whenever I look between his legs, I expect to see a big pulsing tree trunk there, especially if his shorts or pants are off, which they are most of the time, at least when he's not at school."

Alan explained, "But Mom, that's just 'cos whenever you're around, well, you're around. Just one look at you is an instant erection."

"I'm flattered, Son." She turned to Akami. "But still, it's true. He's got an insatiable sex drive, so this is most unusual! I'm worried. Do you think it'll be okay?"

"Let's see. Susan, why don't we both take off our clothes and see if we can't get him fully erect so I can examine him properly? Normally, I wouldn't ask you, but he says you cause an instant erection and that's just what we need."

Susan didn't need to be told that twice. The two women were naked within moments, and Akami pulled Alan's robe to the floor as well.

Alan's penis instantly responded. In truth, just thinking about his mother naked was guaranteed to get him hard, and having seen Akami naked for the first time in a long while, his dick grew even harder than usual.

"Ah, that feels much better," Akami cooed as she sensually fondled his ramrod tool. She felt the need to keep at least a veneer of professionalism, given the fact that Susan was there, so she said, "Alan, your mother tells me that your penis is in great pain. Is that true?"

He considered that and then answered truthfully, "Well, not GREAT pain. Painful sometimes lately, yeah, but it doesn't feel so bad at the moment. It's amazing what a nap or two can do. I feel so much better than I did before my nap."

"That's good. There's nothing like the virility of an eighteen-year-old male. But still, you're having problems. With Susan's permission, I propose that I get to the bottom of your overstimulation problem, in a very hands-on way."

Susan asked, a bit concerned, "Hands-on? What do you mean, exactly?" If there was any hands-on handling of his erection, she hoped she could do it.

Akami explained, "Well, we have to determine how different forms of stimulation affect his penis. That way, you can adjust how to arouse him until he gets better. For instance, handjobs. How does this feel, on a scale of one to ten, Alan? One being easy on the penis, and ten being the most grinding, painful, and chafing."

Akami had in fact already started to stroke his dick more or less since it had gotten hard, but now she did it more vigorously.

Susan looked on with an agonized expression. She was still quite naïve, despite all her recent sexual experiences, and she remained under the impression that Akami would conduct some kind of real medical test. So she thought it very unseemly to touch herself as she watched. But the sight of Akami pistoning her closed fist up and down Alan's hard, thick shaft was nearly too much for her to take. The fact that Susan was now buck naked only added to her temptation, but she somehow resisted the urge to openly masturbate.

Alan enjoyed the handjob for a minute or two and acted as if he was having a hard time making up his mind on what score to give it. In fact, his penis felt fine since his nap - multiple naps, actually - and he loved having his naked mother watch whatever devilry Akami was up to. Finally, he replied, "Oh, I guess about a six. You're going at it pretty vigorously."

"Yes I am, but only in the pursuit of knowledge." It was very difficult for Akami to say that with a straight face, and in fact she giggled a little bit. But she looked over at Susan to see if the busty mother was buying it.

Susan seemed to take everything very seriously. The mother had a look of worry; a fear that Alan's penis might be damaged in some way.

Akami quickly switched gears. "Alan, let's compare that with a blowjob. Again, please rate this."


She licked the tip of his knob, but then paused, and said, "While you're enjoying this, why don't you tell me about all the naughty things you've been doing to the females in your life? I need to make sure everything is going well in that area and that there isn't too much, um, chafing." She engulfed his boner without any further ado.

He was pleasantly surprised with her boldness, and grabbed her head with both hands to brace himself against a sudden rush of intense arousal.

Susan licked her lips repeatedly, and salivated copiously. She felt like her pussy was on fire. It was nearly torture for her to be only able to watch her favorite activity without pleasuring her son or herself.

Alan considered how to answer Akami's question of who he'd been having sex with, given that his mother was listening. He was keen to turn Susan on. He didn't know if it was wise to "out" the likes of some of the cheerleaders or even Glory, so he started vaguely, while using the kind of lingo he knew Susan would respond to. "Akami, I'm fucking quite a few girls in school. I'm never lacking sexy big-titted teen sluts who want to suck on a meaty cock."

Susan was quick to interrupt. She beamed with pride as she gushed, "Did you hear that, Akami? 'Big-titted teen sluts!' Oh, TIGER! You're such a total STUD!" She nudged Akami's shoulder a little bit, but still careful not to interfere with her cocksucking. "Isn't that the most exciting thing you ever heard?"

Before Akami could respond to that, Alan continued, "Why, if I didn't know better, I might mistake my nurse right now for one of those sluts, given the way she's sucking me so enthusiastically. However, this is an entirely professional, medically necessary cocksucking, as we all know." He couldn't help but snicker a bit at that.

He went on, "But those busty teen hussies who spread their legs for me during lunch are nothing compared to the women I can choose from around my own house. Between Amy, Suzanne, my sister, and my mom, I have no end of pleasure. I want to fuck them all, of course. And I do mean ALL of them. When I fuck someone for the first time, I want to be in peak form. It has to be perfect; something we'll remember forever."

Susan gasped. She knew exactly who the "someone" he referred to was, especially since he was staring right at her nude body when he said it. Her hands flew to her tits, but somehow those same hands slapped themselves, one slapping the other. Looking warily at Akami, she withdrew from overt masturbation and crossed her arms to keep her hands out of trouble. But her chest began to heave quite heavily. She sat on the edge of the sofa, quiet but eager to replace Akami on her knees between her son's legs if the opportunity presented itself.

Ironically, Akami would have had no problem at all if Susan were to masturbate, but Susan didn't know that.

Alan made some idle conversation with his mother. "Akami's the best nurse, don't you think, Mom? She's so much more than a nurse. She helps squeeze out so many loads of all that dangerous sperm, for one thing. She's so selfless and giving. It's like she's my sexologist too."

Susan sighed with longing. Then she responded breathlessly, "Yes, she is, but is she doing a good enough job? A good nurse should be a good cocksucker too. Does she know how to do some of Mommy's favorite moves, like the candy cane or the tooth tickle? Maybe I should take over. More tongue, Akami! It looks like you're all lips and no tongue. My Tiger loves the tongue on his special spot just under his cockhead. Sometimes, I like to think of it as the penis neck. More neck! Make him blow his naughty cum all over your face!"

Susan sat so close to the edge of the sofa that she fell off of it altogether and wound up on her knees. She inched herself forward towards Alan's crotch bit by bit. As she got closer, she couldn't take it anymore and shoved a hand into her mouth. She fucked her mouth with her fingers and imagined that they were Alan's thick boner instead.

Akami eventually pulled Alan's rod out of her mouth to respond to what both Alan and Susan had said. "Yes, Alan. Think of me as your sexologist too. I understand the situation here requires unusual measures, so we just have to accept that certain sexual things can and will happen during his treatment. But rest assured, Mrs. Plummer, I know how to pleasure his cock with my mouth as well as anybody. How is that, Alan? On the penis hurting scale, I mean?" She popped his erection back in and resumed her contented yet talented sucking.

"Oh, that's more like a four," he said casually. "Definitely easier than the hands. But my mom does do it quite differently. Since she practically lives with my dick in her mouth, I think it may be important to see where her technique stands on the scale."

Susan quickly agreed. "Oh yes! Please! Akami, please let me taste it just a little? I've been waiting ALL DAY to wrap my lips around it! What's a mother to do to get her cocksucking satisfaction?"


Akami knew that Alan's dick had incredible endurance, and she didn't mind some sharing with Susan if that would help calm down and satisfy the overly horny mother. So she took his erection out again, and said, "Sure. Susan, why don't you try it for a while? Start with a handjob and then try both licking and sucking so we can do a full comparison."

Susan eagerly obeyed, but Akami didn't give her much time. Susan was given about a minute each with a handjob (which rated a five), deep suck blowjob (a four), and a light tonguing (a two).

Then an impatient Akami took over again.

But Susan literally wouldn't let go of her son's boner. She couldn't or wouldn't take her mouth off of it either.

So Akami suggested, "Alan, I imagine that more and more you'll be experiencing dual blowjobs, given all the wonderfully giving women in your life, so why don't you rate one of those?"

Akami was a bit behind the curve, since she didn't see Alan very often. She figured that Alan had never had a double blowjob before.

Alan responded, "Good idea. I think you're right. In fact, Mom has helped me out with a couple of those lately."

Susan was going to complain that sharing a blowjob with someone outside the family was "too improper," but she was too horny to care. She stuck out her tongue and got ready to lick.


Within seconds, Susan and Akami began to share his boner. The two of them exchanged great big licks from the top of his cock all the way to the bottom. They squatted side by side, causing their bodies to come in contact as they worked on him.

Alan took the opportunity to grab and probe their butts simultaneously. With all the excitement of the double blowjob, he felt his "Bad Alan" side gaining in strength.

Susan thought, YES! FINALLY! This is so good! MMMM! I know this is wrong, but I just can't help myself. I told myself that I'd draw the line and forbid all double blowjobs, because that's the start of the slippery slope. Next thing you know, I'll be taking part in orgies. Heck, look at me now. I hardly even know Akami, really, and we're both slathering our tongues all over his cockhead!

But I have to admit that it's pointless to fight it. Tiger's got me sharing his cock a lot, and loving it! It's especially embarrassing to have to share with Akami, of all people, but such is my lot in life. Tiger outsmarts me, and I wind up with my clothes on the floor and his cock down my throat!

And look, she's doing a kind of interesting thing with her lips. Kind of like she's giving him a hickey, sucking on the SIDE of his cock. Oooh! I'll have to give that a try!

A minute or two passed while she gave that technique a try. Alan clearly liked it, based on his happy moans, so Susan added it to her bag of cocksucking tricks.

She took control of the top of his dick and started bobbing directly over his sweet spot. YES! Sweet Lord, YES! This is IT! As kids these days say, this is "the bomb!" Hee-hee! There's nothing I love more than using my lips and tongue to go wild all over his sweet spot, because I know how good that makes him feel. Mmmm! He's moaning, loudly! I love the sound of him moaning like that!

As she kept on bobbing, she felt such a great surge of lust and excitement that her lingering reservations about dual blowjobs disappeared. It seems like just yesterday when I had issues with sharing blowjobs like this. My, how things can change, hee-hee! Now, I quite like it. In fact, I may even PREFER it to going solo! Strange, but quite possibly true. For one thing, he's getting double the pleasure, and that's the main thing. My role as a good big-titted mommy is to SERVE! Plus, it feels even more naughty! I love how Akami and I are brushing our bodies against each other, and that she even feels comfortable enough with me to rest her hand on my back. Even though we're both buck naked! MMMM! So HOT!

As she happily bobbed and licked, she kept feeling Akami's head brushing against hers, since Akami was trying to lick all the remaining inches of Alan's shaft that weren't covered by Susan's lips. Oh dear! I'm being a cock hog again. That's the downside of sharing - I have to give up my favorite parts half the time. Oh well. I'll just suck his balls for a while. I love that too! Hee-hee!

Akami had been growing miffed at how Susan was monopolizing the most sensitive parts, but that turned to pleasant surprise when Susan switched to ball sucking. Akami immediately took over, bobbing down to Alan's sweet spot. But she had her own distinct style. She was really great at providing constant and intense suction to her steady bobbing, and she also did more corkscrew-like twisting movements.

Akami considered herself a talented cocksucker, but after seeing Susan going at it, she felt inspired to up her game. Akami considered a blowjob just another sex act, but it was clear that for Susan it was much more. What's with this woman? It's like she's having some kind of religious experience. She's just soooo into it! All her erotic moaning and passionate looks... I have to admit that she's making me look at this in a whole new way. I'm not gonna be shown up by her! Take THIS, Alan!

Alan gasped and clenched his PC muscle tightly, because Akami suddenly seemed to go into cocksucking overdrive. It wasn't so much what she did, but how she did it, with more passion, tongue work, and a lot more suction.

Susan in turn sensed Akami's renewed efforts, and she also stepped up her game in response. Although she was "only" working on his balls and lower shaft, she did all she could, using both hands, plus her tongue and lips.

He thought, Oh man! Here we go again! This is fuckin' great. My god, these two are just going at it with everything they've got! Every trick in the book! Shit, I could cum just from the things Mom is doing to my balls, never mind Akami's Hoover vacuum impression. Fuck! She's gonna suck my dick straight off my body at the rate she's going, but it feels soooo good! Dang!

He was a bit overwhelmed, but he reached down and ran his hand through Akami's hair, and then Susan's. Since he was lying down, he couldn't reach much more than that. He liked caressing Susan's long, silky, dark-brown hair more, but only because Akami's almost-black hair was tied up in its usual bun.

He continued to think, but the raging lust flowing through him affected his thoughts. And Mom. Wow. She blows my mind, just as much as she blows my cock. My mom IS just like a sex cow, on all fours just like an animal! And with both of them next to each other like that, it's like they're my personal sex toys. Like animal slaves in my stable, eating out of a trough. I wonder, if I asked them to bark like a dog, what would they do? Especially Akami. How would she react? She's more independent than most of my women. I haven't seen her much; I think she still needs to be fully broken in. Should I hold my dick back and make her beg for it? It's time to break her in!

No. I can't think like that. I have to control my darker urges. It's so tempting, but I have to learn to be aggressive and still be the same nice me I always was. Anyways, Akami has things progressing quite nicely. I'm just going to sit back and see what she comes up with next.

Akami had come up with her "scoring" system as an exceedingly thin excuse to allow her to get fucked by Alan, even with Susan right there. So she was enjoying the double blowjob, but she was eager to move things along. With Susan distracted making love to Alan's balls with her lips and tongue, she figured this was a good time to make her next move.

Coming up for air with both hands pumping on Alan's erection to help keep Susan at bay, Akami asked Alan, "So, how was that?"

"Great! Awesome! Thank you so much! You two make, like, a really good cocksucking team!"

Akami rolled her eyes, even as she was slightly amused. "No, what I mean is, how would you score that?"

"Oh yeah. The scoring. Let me think." He rubbed his chin in contemplation.

Susan pulled her face away from his balls, and complained, "No, wait! Tiger, don't answer that question!"

He was confused. "What? Why not?"

Susan continued more bashfully, "Well, it's just... that was awful quick, wasn't it? Oh, I know! I think the data was corrupted. We need to try that again!"

Akami asked with some wry amusement, "Corrupted? How?"

Susan was stumped. In truth, she just wanted to suck cock a lot longer. But then a good idea came to her, even as she lapped against her son's newly unoccupied sweet spot. "Well, not corrupted, exactly. It's more like the sample size was too small. Yeah, that's it! Think about it. With all the previous tests, things were pretty straightforward. But with double blowjobs, all kinds of things are going on. You need to let it pay out a lot longer. For instance, it was mostly just me bobbing on him, and then you bobbing on him. But what if we both lick his sweet spot at the same time? I mean..."

She paused in her speaking because she was distracted by licking the very sweet spot she was talking about. "This is such an important part of my son's body! It needs soooo very much love and attention! Mmmm... You like that, Son? You like it when Mommy licks your special spot for you?"

He just moaned lustily.

Slightly annoyed, Akami said, "Susan, do you have a point, or are you getting distracted?"

"Oh, sorry." She tried to focus on what she needed to say while also pleasuring her son's cock as best she could. "It's just that... When you think about it... Taking turns bobbing and licking him together at the same time... They're two very different things. Mmmm... Very yummy things, right Tiger? Mmmm... That might result in a totally different score! We need to let this play out for, uh, scientific accuracy. Besides, what's the rush?"

Akami rolled her eyes again. "'For scientific accuracy.' Right. And I suppose this has nothing to do with how much fun you're having?"

Susan blushed. She was suddenly too shy to try to answer that. She closed her eyes and focused on her licking and stroking.

Akami thought that Susan was so endearing and enthusiastic in her cock lust that she didn't want to disappoint her. The fucking could wait a little, assuming Alan could hold out from cumming that long in the face of all this talented and non-stop tongue and lip work. "Very well. I suppose we could go at it a little longer."

Susan's face lit up and she clapped her hands. As soon as Akami moved in closer, Susan moved back a bit. This time, she was more careful to leave plenty of room at the cockhead for Akami.

And sure enough, Akami got busy licking on one side of his bulbous head, while Susan licked on the other.

Susan sighed happily. Aaaaah! I'm kind of new to double blowjobs, but I think this is my favorite part, the sharing of the cockhead. Mmmm! This is where it really counts, what drives Tiger wild! It makes me so HAPPY, knowing his powerful cock is being well tended. Two tongues are better!

Akami had gone straight for Alan's sweet spot, but Susan found there was room for her tongue there too. Before long, their tongues were literally side by side as they jointly licked his very most sensitive area.

Susan loved it almost as much as Alan did. Oooh, we're both tonguing his sweet spot at the same time! Just listen to him moaning and groaning. This is the BEST! Hee-hee!

Akami shared Alan's erection with Susan for the next few minutes, but she mostly let Susan take charge. She was concerned Alan would blow his load too soon if they both went all out with their sucking and licking, and she still wanted him to have some energy left for fucking. Plus, she was more or less conceding defeat. She just didn't have the stamina and determination to go all out on his cock for so long the way Susan did.

As a result, Akami generally let Susan bob on or lick his cockhead plus the top inch of his shaft while she took care of all of his less sensitive inches.

Alan loved it just the same. At one point, he thought, I just realized something: drugs are for people who don't get enough double blowjobs! Heck, or even just single ones. I've never had heroin or any heavy drug like that, but how could that possibly feel any better than this? It can't. There's no way. God, this is SO FUCKING GOOD! If Mom is feeling even half the pleasure I'm feeling right now, she has to be totally loving life too. We should just do this 24 hours a day! Why the hell not?

But Akami had been waiting for the right moment to move on, and when Susan went back to licking Alan's balls for a while, Akami literally seized Alan's erection with both hands. She quickly pointed out, "Alan, I imagine you experience a fair number of titfucks on a daily basis, given all the well-endowed women around here." She winked at Susan, who was feeling deprived already, and looking for an opening to recapture access to at least some of her son's cock. "I think it's probably best if we test out some titfucks a bit."

"Oh, poo!" Susan griped.

But Alan agreed wholeheartedly. "Great idea!" He spent the next couple of minutes fucking the nurse's tits. His body seemed to revive more with each passing minute and he put a lot of energy into it. His dick didn't bother him at all. They all forgot to ask about his "chafing" rating for the dual blowjob.


Susan, though, felt miffed. To go from having her son's cock in her mouth to having to endure watching another woman enjoy a titfuck was almost too much. She hovered all around Akami.

She pouted to herself as she groped her own boobs, Akami's tits are a joke. A joke! You call those tits? Tiger, fuck MY big tits! Or I should say fuck YOUR big tits, because they belong to you. You own my body, so use it any way you want! Take me! Take my tits! Assert your power and domination over them! And over me! Now! Please, let Mommy serve you with her big bouncy tits!

Susan was so frustrated that she couldn't stay silent. After a few minutes she tapped Akami on the back. "Akami? Don't you think that, uh, that my tits... er, I mean my breasts..." She was so naturally modest that she had trouble figuring out how to tactfully phrase that her tits were far superior and in much greater need of a solid titfucking.

Luckily, Alan sensed Susan's impatience, and stepped in. "Akami, I rate that titfuck a four on the scale, given all the helpful pre-cum lubrication. But I think I need to compare that with my mom's. I mean, no offense, but given that her mammaries are so, well, just damn massive, a titfuck with her might lead to a different score. So, could you, um, let go?"

Akami sighed. She increasingly resented Susan's interruptions, not to mention the annoyingly huge size of Susan's tits compared to her own, but she ceded control. "Okay. I guess you have a point. But quickly, now. We have more important tests to conduct."

He liked the sound of that, but concentrated on getting into position to fuck his mother's chest. He thought, You know, it's funny how similar this is to what happened with Xania earlier. Under some thin medical excuse, I end up doing all kinds of sexual stuff. The only difference is that I tricked Xania and now Akami is the one tricking Mom.

Alan still didn't realize that Xania was in on all their games earlier and that Suzanne had been the chief instigator.

Susan let out a long sigh of relief and even ecstasy as her massive melons enveloped Alan's erection. She immediately got to work sliding her tits up and down and all around his throbbing pole. She was beside herself with joy and was so aroused that she no longer worried about propriety. She frigged her pussy with abandon while her son did his part in sliding his dick in and out of her cleavage, even as she kept her globes tightly pressed around it and in constant motion, rising one tit up and the other one down, and then back again.

Alan thought, I hate to say this, but size does matter. Definitely not in all things sexual, but when it comes to titfucks, size matters! Akami's titfuck was great, but this is like in a whole other league. Mom's tits are the perfect size to fuck, and they feel so soft and inviting. Hell, they even smell nice. If they were any bigger, she wouldn't be able to bend her head down and lick- Oh! Yeah! There she goes! She must be reading my mind. Oh, yeah, she's licking her way around my cockhead! Sweet! It's like a blowjob and titfuck in one! Akami didn't do that either.

Soon, Susan stopped with her added licking so she could go back to a more vigorous titfucking style. As she squeezed her melons tightly around his happy boner, she sighed blissfully. "Oh, Tiger! You're fucking Mommy, even if only in the chest. Xania would approve. Yes! She knows this is so good! It's what you MUST do to Mommy, whenever you feel like it. You MUST fuck her big, white, milky tits because she needs it so bad. She needs it!"

She started to slide her tits around even faster as she worked herself up into an unstoppable erotic titfuck frenzy. "God, I love it so! This is the BEST! Your mommy MUST get FUCKED by her good son!"

By this time, Susan had completely forgotten that Akami was there (although Akami most definitely was watching every move she made). The horny mother came in such an intense orgasm as she cried "Your mommy must get fucked by her good son" that her whole body buckled backwards. Her back arched more and more until her tits lost contact with his pulsing boner. Yet she kept falling backwards until her head hit the floor. She writhed around as if in an epileptic fit while jolts and shocks of erotic arousal continued to hit her and pass through every part of her body. She finally passed out altogether.


When Susan came back to her senses, she saw that Alan still hadn't climaxed. His dick poked out as straight and true as a ruler (for better or worse, he didn't have much bend in his penis). Her natural instinct was to get up and use her lips and tongue to make sure he got his satisfaction and then some, but she was too late.

"MY GOD!" Susan exclaimed, as soon as she realized what was happening. "Tiger, are you starting to fuck Akami's ASS?!"

Indeed, that was exactly what was happening. Akami was again on all fours with her face pointed right at Susan, and Alan was lined up behind the nurse's toned and firm butt. They'd spent about five minutes getting past the difficult insertion of the bulbous cockhead phase while Susan was passed out. He still hadn't pushed in beyond that, but he knew the rest would be easily in comparison.

Akami smiled smugly at Susan and said to her, "Now that you're back with us, you'll be glad to know that Alan rated your titfuck a three."

"Only a three?" Susan said in a crestfallen tone. "But Tiger! I put so much effort and love into it."

Alan pointed out, "Don't worry, Mom. Remember, we're not measuring enjoyment; we're measuring chafing. Personally, I loved it. Thanks, Mom!"

She closed her eyes and smiled widely. "My pleasure! And I do mean that in a very literal way." Then she looked again at what was going on and frowned. "But what in tarnation is going on here?! Tiger, your powerful cock is IN her ass! Her ASS!"

He chuckled. "I know that."

"But it's just so... improper. Unholy, even!"

Akami was greatly amused by the "unholy" comment, but tried not to show it. She said in the best academic tone she could manage, "Susan, we're on to our next test. We're about to try the much more chafing assfuck. Alan just told me that you've never done this before, so you should leave this to us professionals. You have to know what you're doing here or you could get hurt."

That wasn't really true, but Akami felt like Susan had been stealing her thunder a bit due to her sheer enthusiasm, cocksucking skill, and her outrageous curves, and she didn't want Susan to outdo her by getting her ass fucked too. She didn't care if Susan did it any other time, but not right after she did it.

Susan was so surprised that all she could do was open and close her mouth, unable to find any more words to say about what she was seeing. On the one hand, she desperately wanted to be on the receiving end of Alan's anal fuck. But on the other hand, her use of the word "unholy" was a reflection of her true feelings. Her family and her parents had raised her to think that anal sex was a grave sin and even some kind of unnatural abomination. Recently, she'd started to fantasize about getting fucked in the ass, and talking to Suzanne about it had helped her attitude, but that had been dealing with it in the abstract. To see it happening right before her eyes positively frightened her, as well as greatly aroused her.

Akami turned her head around to Alan, and said, "Now that you've had a little rest, and we have an eager viewer, I think it's time. Oh, do you have a condom?"

"Oh, right." He wanted to kick himself, because he'd forgotten to use a condom yet again. He had a lot of trouble with that.

There was a delay while she got a condom for him from her purse and he put it on. But soon, Alan was lined up behind her again and she said, "I'm definitely ready. Just push that big monster in slowly."


He did so. Akami's butt was very tight, even with all the anal lube they were using. He complained, "Dang. That's an eight on the chafing scale at least. Tight!" But he continued to thrust in and out of her asshole.

Before Akami could reply to his words, Susan complained to Akami about something Akami had said a minute or so again. "'Leave this to us professionals?' What does that mean? If I may be frank, you're not exactly acting like a normal nurse."

Akami shot back, "And Susan, you're not exactly acting like a normal mother. However, we're both doing all we can to help him out with his problem, aren't we? And I won't beat around the bush. I'll admit that I'm enjoying- ehhh!"

She was interrupted because Alan abruptly pushed in deeper. "Christ! Susan, your son's cock is positively HUGE!"

Susan beamed, and for a moment forgot about her anal sex worries. "Don't I know it?"

Akami said, "You think it feels thick sliding between your lips? Just wait until it reams out your asshole!"

Susan's worries came flooding back. She stared at the last couple visible inches of Alan's shaft with great dismay. How IS that going to fit into my ass? Now that I'm committed to giving my entire body to him, that means it's just a matter of time before he's shoving his baseball bat of a cock in there. It's just SO BIG! And Akami's ass is so tiny!

The voluptuous mother sat up and clutched at her ass cheeks. She swiped an index finger through her copious pussy juices and then pushed the finger into her anus. Oh my! That does feel... interesting, and I like it when Tiger pokes me back there, but that's just with a finger. I'm not ready to do even two fingers, but to simulate Alan's fat cock I'd have to put all five in! There's just no way! But look what he's doing to Akami. I see it with my own eyes, but I can't believe it!

Akami huffed and puffed, "Phew. Boy. Let's stop there for a minute. Are you all the way in yet?"

"No, I don't think so."

Akami resumed, "Damn. Where was I? Oh yes. Susan, I'll admit I'm having fun in the process, but is that a crime? Of course not. Those who are helping and generous also receive much in return. Don't you agree? ... Alan, I think I'm ready. Try pushing in another inch."

He did so.

"UNGH! Fucking hell! That hurts! So damn tight. I thought we got over the hard part when your cockhead got in."

"There's just a little more to go," he said encouragingly. It was true too.

Susan gasped and held her breath. Dear Lord! Lord, please give Akami the strength and fortitude to handle my son's huge cock! Help her anal muscles relax. I remember Suzanne saying that relaxation is the key. Tiger, please! Take it easy on her! Don't hurt her! She continued to poke a lubricated finger in and out of her own asshole, while playing with her clit with her other hand.

As Akami recovered and adjusted to his girth deep within her, Susan also calmed down a little bit. But still, after Akami grunted when Alan pushed in a little more, the sex bomb mother exclaimed, "Stop! It's too much! Tiger, your cock is just too thick and long!"

Akami said with chagrin, "Susan, I can handle it. And remember, we're conducting an important scientific test. Do you really want me to stop? Or do you want to see Alan suffer from brutal chafing?"

Susan moped, "Well, no. We can't have his cock in pain. Of course I want what's best for him." She paused and gazed in wide-eyed wonder all over again at the sight of Alan's erection sticking so deeply in Akami's butt. Then she snapped back to the conversation. "I'm, uh, sorry, Akami. I apologize."

At that moment, Alan gave another push, and his thick pole finally bottomed out. Both he and Akami sighed with relief.

Akami confirmed what he'd done by shouting, "That's it! It's all the way in! God! So FULL!"

Again, Susan got lost momentarily while she watched that happen, and it didn't help that she was busy playing with her own pussy and ass. But then she asked, "Son, how does that feel? Do you like it?"

He replied, "Mom, it's seriously INTENSE! So tight! So fuckin' tight! Right now, I can't really say it feels good, 'cos it kinda hurts too. But I know from fucking Aunt Suzy's ass that it's gonna get a lot better soon, once I start thrusting in and out. Oh my God! Then the pleasure... it's just INSANE!"

Susan bit her lip. She was more than a little envious of Akami right now. Son, what about your big-titted mommy? Maybe you should fuck her ass too? I know it's your right and even your duty to fuck the hell out of your nurse's tiny little ass, but please don't forget me. I want to feel insane pleasure with you too!


For the moment, not much was happening, because Akami was still adjusting to the fact that Alan was all the way inside her ass. Akami was trying to act unaffected and calm, but there was sweat running down her face from the strain and she was breathing very heavily.

While everyone was waiting, Susan said, "Akami? I've been thinking... It's just that, well, my ass is a little different. It's much bigger and wider than yours since I'm so much taller than you. It's probably best if he gives it a test too. A very thorough test! Son, do you want to test your mommy's ass? Is that what you want? Do you want to bend her over and fuck her up the butt like a maniac? Do you want to grab her by the hair and then throw her to the ground as you roughly take control of her ass? Because I'm-"

Akami interrupted, huffing between labored breaths, "Thank you for your generosity, Susan, but given the tender condition of his penis, I think one assfuck is more than enough right now. It's pretty remarkable he's made it this far without cumming, and we still haven't made it to the ultimate test."

Susan was disappointed, but she felt quite relieved too. Her fear of anal sex was still great, even more than her lust for it. She realized she needed time to adjust to the whole anal sex concept as a real sex act she'd take part in and not just a fantasy. She was much more comfortable just playing with her ass and pussy while watching than directly participating, for now.

Alan momentarily wondered, Could my mother actually WANT me to fuck her up the ass? But he could be a bit thick when it came to seeing changes in his mother, and dismissed the idea. She had protested the idea of anal sex quite vocally not that long ago, and even now he could see her relief when Akami told her to cool her heels.

He didn't have much chance to consider the issue because he started to thrust slowly and gingerly in and out of Akami's ass. With each stroke it seemed to get a little bit easier, but he still took it conservatively. In fact, they were taking it so slowly that they were still able to hold a casual conversation. He asked the nurse quizzically, "The ultimate test?"

"Yes. Why don't we do that right now, because I can't wait. Is that still an eight? You know, with the chafing?"

"No, it's dropped to more like a seven."

"Good. By the way, what was our score on the double blowjob?"

"Hard to say in terms of chafing," he replied, even as he kept slowly thrusting. "It was so great when it came to pleasure that I can't really remember anything else. But I guess it was a three or four. But it also depends on the licking versus the sucking. I'd say your intense suction sucking style was particularly chafing. I hate to say that, 'cos it felt so good."

Akami said pointedly, "Keep that in mind, Susan. I think you need to focus on licking-focused blowjobs and well-lubricated titfucks for the time being. Double blowjobs are fine. But take it easy on the assfucks and the aggressive handjobs if you can, okay? His penis needs a chance to recover."

Susan nodded obediently. She was still too wiped out from her recent orgasm to do much physically, but the sight of Alan plowing into Akami's ass inspired her to keep fingering her own asshole. She was steadily poking in and out to the exact same pace she was seeing her son thrust in and out.

Alan started to plow Akami's ass at a faster pace. The conversation fell away as both he and Akami had to focus on what they were doing.

Susan whimpered with lust and fear as she watched the thrusting from close up. My goodness! Someday soon, maybe real soon, Tiger is going to do that to me! He will own and use my ass for his pleasure. I'd better get used to the idea and start liking it soon, because I have no say in the matter! True, I could say no, but Xania says I need to rise to the occasion and be the best big-titted mommy-slut I can be! I must be a good slut and obey my son completely. If he wants to fuck my ass, he will! A good cum slut does what she's told and gets rewarded for her patience with a big load of yummy son-sperm.

She drew even closer, until her face was less than a foot from the action, while she kept on playing with her pussy and asshole. Look at all that delicious thick cock sliding in and out. How could I NOT love having him do that to me? Look at Akami. Her whole body is bucking and trembling, and her face is contorted with lust. Tiger is taming her, that's what he's doing! It makes me proud, and it makes me HOT! He's gonna tame MY ass soon, and there's nothing I can do about it! I'm gonna be his very own butt slut mommy, ready to serve his powerful cock with even my most dirty and naughty hole!

And when he does, I'm not gonna let him use a condom either! Never! I want to feel his hot cum splashing deep in my bowels!

These thoughts turned her on even more than she already was. Her deep-seated fears about anal sex were fading as she realized from very close up that it was just like regular fucking, only in a different hole. Finally, pulling her finger out of her asshole, she clutched her huge globes tightly with one hand and poked her fingers into her slit with her other. She was totally entranced watching Alan's eight inches slide in and out.

Alan kept on steadily fucking Akami's ass with a regular, deep rhythm. It wasn't as tight as Suzanne's ass, and definitely wasn't as tight as Heather's great ass, but it was still quite tight, and sliding his thickness in and out of her hot and narrow hole was giving him as much or more pleasure than the earlier double blowjob. That meant he was having a hell of a great time. He never wanted it to end, and he didn't feel as if he'd need to cum anytime soon. The condom dulled the sensations a bit, helping him to hold out.

Akami loved it too. She'd had anal sex before, but only very rarely. She saved it only for significant dates with her significant others, like anniversaries, and even then, she'd done it no more than a handful of times. Previously, it had seemed more like a chore, because the pleasure didn't easily overcome the pain for her. But somehow it was all different with Alan, even though his dick was easily the thickest she'd ever allowed back there. She suspected that actually it was the presence of Susan with her mix of enthusiasm, envy, and fear that helped make it seem extra naughty and extra fun.

Akami's "chafing tests" were a laughably weak excuse for sexual fun. But even so, Akami did have some genuine concerns that Alan could be overtaxing his penis. Besides, she just wasn't that anally inclined. As much fun as she was having, she knew regular intercourse would be even better.

All of a sudden, Akami reached back and pulled Alan's erection out of her ass, disengaging completely from him. She sat on the floor and rested. "Phew! That was great, you handsome teenage stud. But now I want you to fuck my pussy! Hold your horses for a minute, okay? You need to take the condom off and throw it away; then we both need to wash up. You need to clean your cock very thoroughly. Otherwise, if you go directly from anal to vaginal, you're going to give the girl a hell of a urinary tract infection, and probably a vaginal infection as well, and she'll be out of commission for quite a while. Intestinal bacteria belong in the intestines, not elsewhere."

She stood up and went to the nearest bathroom.

Surprisingly, Alan and Susan didn't say anything to each other. They were both lost in their own thoughts, needing a mental break as well as a physical one.

Akami came back quite quickly, for fear that Susan might take possession of her son's dick during her absence. She'd brought a wet towel to make sure he cleaned his dick.

Susan saw the towel and quickly said, "Oh! Can I clean him up? Please? Pretty, pretty please?"

Akami chuckled at Susan's boundless enthusiasm. "Sure. But ONLY use the towel. No mouth, and no direct hand-to-cock contact. Okay?"

"Okay." Susan took full advantage of the opportunity while still keeping to the rules. Akami hadn't said anything about direct hand-to-balls contact, so she "held" Alan's package from there, and that immediately turned into a fondling, with her lightly tugging his balls and rolling them between her fingers. Meanwhile, her other hand jacked him off using the wet towel.

The rough terry cloth towel was a novel sensation for Alan. But, mindful of the chafing issue, especially since the condom had been removed, Susan didn't really slide it around that much. Instead, she carefully rubbed a couple of fingers against his sweet spot, over and over again. Meanwhile, she cooed, "There you go, Tiger. Mommy is making your cock all shiny and clean. Soon, you'll be ready to fuck your sexy nurse and her hot, tight cunt! Are you looking forward to that? Akami, why don't you give him a nice kiss? Show him how eager you are for a thorough fucking!"

It was true that Akami was eager, but she decided some kissing sounded good too. So she necked with Alan while Susan continued to "clean" his privates with the towel.

However, Akami knew that Susan was just stalling for time, and after a couple of minutes she decided to move things along. Breaking the kiss, she lay down on the floor in front of him. (It was hardly the most comfortable spot - she didn't even had a pillow for her head, but she wanted to get started immediately.) "Okay, Alan, you big stud, it's time for the ultimate 'chafing' test. Fuck my pussy like the relentless pussy pounder that you are!"

Akami had pretty much dropped all pretense at medical professionalism, and was cooing and moaning like the woman in heat that she truly was at that moment. She wanted to get seriously fucked.

He asked, "Should I get another condom? Or can I fuck you bareback?"

She replied in a teasing voice, "That depends. Are you ready for the responsibilities of being a father?"

"Oh Gaawwwd!" That was Susan. She found the idea of Alan knocking up Akami unbelievably arousing. She was still holding and stroking his erection, but that wasn't enough for her. She knew she had to be careful about his cock after it had been in Akami's ass, but she figured that since he'd been using a condom and then thoroughly washed afterwards it would be okay. She kissed his crown and, from there, soon got busy lapping at his sweet spot.

Alan didn't know how to answer Akami's question. He assumed she wasn't serious, but he wasn't completely sure.

Akami asked teasingly, "Also, where has that cock been? Has he been naughty? Has he been poking in a lot of naughty holes of a lot of naughty, sexy ladies?"

He could tell from her playful tone that she didn't expect a serious answer. He teased back, "He's been a VERY naughty boy. That slurping sound might give you some idea."

Akami couldn't see his cock since he was directly behind her, with it lined up against her pussy lips, and she hadn't been paying attention to what Susan was doing. But now that she heard the tell-tale slurping, she had a good laugh.

She could have joked around some more, but she was dying to get fucked. She had mercy on them both by saying, "Yes, you can fuck me bareback! Do it already!"

Susan groaned lustily as she continued her licking and stroking frenzy. YES! Tiger fucks bareback! He fucks all his sluts bareback! It's his RIGHT!

As Akami waited for Susan to stop her licking and guide him in, she said breathily, "Alan was telling me while you were passed out that you unfortunately haven't been fucked by this sexy beast yet. Your loss." She chuckled with pure glee, knowing what she was about to experience. She somehow felt involved in a very incestuous act, given that Susan was watching, and that made it all the better for her. It seemed to her as if Alan would be fucking his mother through her, and that could only intensify the experience for everyone.

Susan sat up, since she realized she'd never stop licking and stroking unless she let go of his cock altogether. Additionally, she was keen to switch to masturbating mode, with one hand on her clit and most of the fingers of the other deep in her snatch. She asked with serious doubt, "What do you think, Akami? Is it wrong if I want Alan to fuck me?"

The mere asking of that question got Alan extremely excited. In fact, he was so tremendously turned on that he pushed his erection deep into Akami with one long and firm thrust. Akami's hope that Alan would be extra energized by thinking he was fucking Susan through her was already partly coming true.

Akami responded to his powerful thrust with a great erotic moan. Then she cried out, "Oh God! Fuck yeah! Fuck me like a crazy banshee, you depraved devil! Go all the fucking way and fucking break my cervix in two!"

He replied by pulling back and then driving forward with a second, even more powerful thrust. Then he continued to sit on her and drive her into the carpet with repeated deep spearings.

"Oh yeah! Like that!" Akami cried. She turned to see what Susan was doing and then remembered that she'd been asked some sort of question. "What were you saying Susan? ... God! Do it again, Alan! You damned young fuck beast! Fuck me, stud! I'm the virgin sacrifice being offered to you. Slay me with your fuck-sword! Again! Again! Deeper! Deeper! Hurry! "


"What?" Propelled by such enthusiasm, Alan attacked Akami more intently with his stiff cock. He was greatly amused, yet aroused, by her colorful language. It was a dramatic contrast to the official nurse facade that she'd more or less been maintaining until recently.

Susan thought, My GOD! My sweet Lord! Today has been an unforgettable day. First I get to see Tiger fuck her ass from close up, and now THIS! True, I've seen him having anal sex with Suzanne, but this is REAL sex! He's fucking Akami's vagina! This is too exciting! I can't get enough of it! Especially after what I decided when talking to Xania today!

It's like some sign from God, if I put it all together. Xania says I need to be a totally dedicated big-titted mommy slut. I need to freely give my son my entire body, including ALL my holes! It's not just helping out, it's my destiny and my calling!

And then, THIS! So hot! So very, very hot! Look at him nail her! Pound her! Drill her! Mmmm! Mmmm, yes! But it has meaning. It's like God was saying, "Listen to Xania. THIS is your fate! THIS is your meaning. You were meant to get FUCKED by your son in your cunt and in your ass! Watch and learn. And then spread your legs and receive his love and his seed!" And his COCK! His great big pounding COCK! Yes! Yes! Yes!


Susan was playing with her pussy, but not in her usual way, with one or two fingers poking in and out of her slit. She was using a full four fingers, moving them in and out with unusual vigor, in obvious imitation of witnessing her son brutally ravage Akami's pussy.

But even this wasn't enough for her. She wanted to get involved. So she slid forward and naggingly tapped Akami on a shoulder. "Akami? Can I join in somehow?"

Akami was so distracted by the fucking that it took her some time to process that question. "What? ... Fuck me Alan! Deeper! Harder! More! More! More! ... Oh, yeah. Susan. Uh, take the ass... God, it's good! I'm the virgin being ravaged by the fuck god! A fuck demon! Lord God Alan, King of the Fuckers, fuck this pussy!"

Alan laughed. Man, I've heard some outrageously arousing and ego-stroking things while having sex lately, but Akami really takes the cake!

Susan wasn't sure what Akami meant by "take the ass," and she could tell that Akami was too busy getting royally fucked for follow up questions. Does she mean her ass, or Tiger's ass? Well, my sweet son has a very cute firm butt, so I think I'll take that one, thank you very much! Tee-hee!

She came around Alan to face his bouncing butt. She tentatively grabbed hold of his ass cheeks as they flew and shuddered with each thrust. She still wasn't quite sure what to do with it though. Alan and Akami were pushing back and forth with such a vigorous fuck rhythm that doing anything more than just holding on to his pumping ass would be a challenge.

Alan sensed his mother's problem as she tentatively squeezed his ass cheeks. He fell onto Akami to give his mother a more accessible and somewhat more stable rear target.

Akami cried out, "Susan! Be the dirty mommy slut that you are! Stick your tongue up his asshole! Do it! And Alan, don't stop! Don't stop! DON'T STOP!" As if that wasn't emphatic enough, she screamed at the top of her lungs, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T STOP!"

Alan had been relatively quiet, uncertain if encouraging words to Akami might offend his mother somehow. But he replied both defensively and amused, "I'm not stopping already! This is as hard as I go. OH! WOW!"

Those last words were his surprise to feel his mother's tongue probe the edge of his asshole. No one had ever done that to him before. He momentarily wondered how clean he was back there, but it didn't matter.

Susan was terribly excited to be doing this. It's like what Suzanne tells me every day: Tiger is the man of the house now, and I'm only his big-titted mommy. He's in charge! I have to sexually serve him in every possible way, even this most foul of tasks, licking his very asshole! And Xania has the same message: I have to be ready to fuck, suck, or lick anything my son has to offer. Thank goodness that I teach good hygiene, and his asshole is relatively clean.

There is a slightly unpleasant smell, but instead of thinking about that, I should think about all the exciting things happening! Alan's turning Akami into one of his sluts, right before my eyes! And not only can I see it and hear it, I can actually feel it! Mmmm! Licking his ass, I can feel his body moving back and forth as he FUCKS her! I can feel his muscles moving inside his powerful buttocks. That's all part of the motion of his pounding COCK taming her helpless CUNT! Just like he'll be taming MINE! Mmmm! Yes!

His incessant jack-hammering was everything Susan had hoped it would be and more. She was so excited that she didn't just lap at his anus, she licked his entire ass crack and down to his perineum like she just couldn't get enough of its delicious taste. As her head flew up and down his ass crack, she made the pleasant discovery that her nipples could scrape along the carpet, thanks to the way her huge melons were dangling down. She made sure to keep that friction going.

Akami grabbed hold of Alan by his hips and paused for a moment. She just breathed heavily for some time while as she recovered the ability to speak. "Okay, Alan! Just a sec! Hold on! I'm going to, going to... start rotating my hips a lot. Let's see if... if this adds to the grinding score for your penis!" Somehow, she was still keeping the "chafing test" premise going, but she didn't really care much about that. It was just that she was impressed with his fucking moves, and she wanted to give back as good as she got.

Alan started again at a slower pace, and let Akami "drive" the action for a while. He was surprised by the excellent things her hips did. Xania in particular had some great hip moves, but it seemed that Akami had some clever moves that no one had done with him before. He was pleasantly surprised how different fucking different women felt. While he slowly plowed in and out, she went from side to side and somehow around in circles at the same time. It felt like she had four-way hips. It felt fantastic.

He shouted, "Akami! Awesome! Much more taxing on the penis, but good! Fantastic!"


Susan, meanwhile, somehow managed to keep her face and tongue buried in what was now the very mobile target of Alan's ass. She was focusing more on his anus now, trying to stiffen her tongue and jam it in deeper.

It was hard for her to tell if she was giving him pleasure though. Her usual guides were watching the expressions of ecstasy on his face and hearing the intensity of his moaning and groaning. However, she couldn't see his face from this angle, and he was moaning so much from the fucking that she didn't know if any of that was from her efforts.

An idea came to her: she reached between his legs and held and lightly fondled his balls in a way she knew he liked. She even reached up and held the root of his cock until Akami's pussy lips slammed against her hand and she was forced to let go. She thrilled to be that close to her son fucking.

But even that didn't change his moaning in any way, and she needed validation to know her efforts were having a positive effect. So she pulled her tongue from his anus and asked, "Tiger, do you like the way Mommy is poking her tongue in your asshole?"

He replied with ragged breath, "Oh yeah, Mom! Feels good! The deeper, the better! And please keep up what you're doing to my testicles. Maybe you can lick them some too!"

Susan squealed with glee at his approval. "Oooh! What a good idea!" She could hardly wait to cover his slapping balls with her saliva, but first she went back to spearing his anus with her tongue (with her usual constant happy "Mmmm!" noises), because she was keen to see just how deep she could reach. Besides, there were some physical dangers with licking his balls when he was in the middle of an active fucking.

Mmmm! she thought. I'm holding his balls, these churning balls, that are full of the very spermies that he's going to shoot into Akami's little pussy! One of them could impregnate her egg and make her pregnant! It's all so exciting that I could pass out! These are the very same balls that are gonna be pumping his fertile spermies into ME!

Akami kept on grinding and churning on Alan's stiff boner. She had no doubt he was happy, thanks to his moans, and she was very pleased that Alan was impressed. They hit a perfect rhythm, and their mutual joy increased that much more.

Akami normally wasn't the submissive type, but taking part in such an uninhibited threesome caused her fantasies to run wild, and in strange directions. Without warning, she suddenly cried out, "Alan, you big strong, strapping white man, take this tiny native Japanese woman and rape her virgin cunt! On the sacrificial altar! Fuck God, fuck me good! You're a fuck god!"

That comment led everyone to pause, breaking Alan's perfect fuck rhythm. Alan had realized that Akami could say some pretty wild things when she was in heat, but nevertheless that seemed way over the top. It rankled his sensibilities about what was appropriate speech.

Not surprisingly, Susan was tickled pink, not even slightly bothered. She happily went back to her ass-licking and scrotum-fondling. Yes! My son is a fuck god! Akami gets it. She's gonna be fully tamed in no time!

Alan was torn between saying something in response or just plunging his dick back balls deep into Akami's steaming hot cunt. He had no idea what to say, and more fucking was very tempting, so he resumed doing that.

But then an unexpected voice cut in. "Alan, are you raping the Japanese again? Haven't I told you to cut back on that habit?" A happy giggle followed.

Alan looked up, and to his surprise, saw Katherine as she stood across the living room in her cheerleader uniform with a backpack over her shoulder. She winked at him, and then examined the scene approvingly.

Susan stopped licking the crack of Alan's butt, pulled back from him, and ridiculously covered up her tits with her arms. "Angel, what are you doing here?" She blushed profusely.

"Mom, I live here, remember?" Katherine put her hands on her hips, pretended to be upset, and protested, "I just got home from some very tiring cheerleading at the football game, and I'm very upset to see an orgy happening without me." She giggled some more.

Susan protested while still lamely attempting to cover her nude body, "This isn't an orgy! We were just, uh, giving Tiger a medical test."

Alan had paused in frozen fear when he first heard Katherine's voice, but realizing it was only his sister, he resumed fucking Akami, though at a slower pace. He winked at his sister, but remained silent.

Katherine pulled her cheerleader top up over her boobs, and then kept them that way since she knew Alan liked reminders of her cheerleader status (plus, she found the bright red uniform quite sexy). She kept her arms up high, pretending to be fiddling with her top, but it was just so she could strike a particularly sexy pose. At the same time, she said, "I think I need to take that test too. Can you all perform it on me? By the way, Akami, nice to meet you. I've heard so much about you. I wonder if you taste as good as you look."

Akami was even more frightened by the arrival, at least initially. She knew how Alan and Katherine were sexually involved with each other, but she still didn't know Alan that well, or Katherine at all, and she was in a strange house. At first, she worried Katherine might be somehow offended at the way Alan was obviously vigorously fucking her. But seeing and hearing Katherine put her at ease, especially once she saw the foxy daughter starting to strip.

She managed to stretch out a hand towards Katherine and hoped the fit and horny daughter would shake it. She joked, "Nice to meet you too. Are you going to save me from this crazy white man, ravishing my entire home village?"

Katherine briefly touched Akami's outstretched hand. She was amused that she was meeting Akami for the first time while Alan actually had his boner buried in her pussy. Then she bent way over to pull her cheerleader skirt off, but she just stayed frozen in that position. "On the contrary. As another big, bad white person, I think I need to help with the ravishing and raping. Historically, our race is pretty good with that whole raping and pillaging thing. I think we Plummers in particular have Viking blood. The only problem is, Alan's got you so well covered. Big Colonial Exploiting Brother, can you reposition so I could have some Asian lands of my own to conquer?" She giggled some more at their strange but somehow fun extended metaphor.

Katherine flipped her skirt up, revealing her bare ass. She could see Susan was quite busy both licking and fondling Alan's balls (Susan had moved to that once she realized the relative pause in the action meant less ball slapping). She was momentarily stunned as she watched Susan lick right to the edge of where Alan's cock and Akami's widely-spread pussy lips met. She thrilled to see her mother coming within a fraction of an inch of licking a woman's pussy.

When Katherine recovered from that surprise, she asked, "Mom, can you help me take my skirt off?"

Susan pulled back a little bit, and started to protest, "I don't see why..." But then she realized Katherine didn't actually need the help, she just wanted to put on a sexy mother-daughter show for her brother. Besides, she knew she couldn't keep up her licking once Alan resumed his thrusting. So she changed her tone and smiled. "Yes, Angel." She got up and knelt her naked body behind her daughter.


Alan had gone from being offended at that kind of talk to being terribly aroused. He was too politically correct to speak his thoughts, but in his mind he said, So, Akami, you want me to plunder your lands? I'll do some plundering! Take this! He pushed back in all the way.

Even as he found a good fuck rhythm again, he looked over at his mother and sister. Susan had Katherine's cheerleader skirt pulled all the way off, and only the top remained, hanging uselessly around her shoulders. Katherine had her straight legs spread widely, and Susan was busy fondling her daughter's thighs and licking her ass crack.

Seeing Alan looking her way, Susan looked back at him while managing to keep licking. She said for his benefit, "My goodness! I seem to be quite the incestuous ass-licking mommy slut today! I'm sorry Angel, but I just can't get enough of my children's tasty ass cracks! MMMM!"

Alan gasped, stumbling in his fucking rhythm due to what he was seeing and hearing. Fuuuuuck! Mom has turned into such a shameless SLUT! She's doing that in front of Akami even, and she obviously doesn't care. I love it! Dang! If she's trying to inspire me, it's working! He resumed his thrusting, but kept his head turned towards his mother and sister.

While Alan was staring and drilling, Akami's hips had resumed their exquisite rotation. Suddenly, all the visual and physical stimulation was more than he could deal with.

He shouted, "Mom, get back to my ass!" He could feel his balls tightening as his cum welled up, ready for release, so he decided to go with it instead of continuing to fight the inevitable. He resumed his pummeling of Akami's pussy and shouted some more, "Akami, hold on! I'm cumming!"

Susan immediately obeyed and moved with lightning speed. She planted her mouth back on his asshole. In an effort to make his climax as enjoyable as possible, she thrust her tongue into it as far as it could go. She also held his balls again (but carefully, since they were swinging in time to his aggressive thrusting).

His dick was practically a blur by now, it was ramming into Akami so hard and so quickly. The nurse cried out, "Alan, you're a god! A fuck god!"

Needless to say, Susan loved Akami's "fuck god" idea. She went at his asshole, licking even more intently. She somehow managed to bring her tits up to the bottom of his ass, and pushed her nipples into his butt cheeks while she continued to deeply tongue his asshole. One hand guided her tits while her other one still grasped at his dangling balls to give him more unexpected pleasure there.

Katherine would have felt like the odd one out except that Alan kept staring at her naked body, since she was standing in front of him and a little to the side. She urged like the cheerleader that she was, "Do it, Brother! Fuck her good! Slay her pussy! Make her a slaaaave to your cock!" She even made up some cheerleader moves on the spot that were far more vulgar than any her squad could do in public.

An orgasmic wave washed over Alan as he felt his climax begin. He cried incoherently as he continued to stroke into Akami.

Akami cried incoherently too, even as she managed to keep her hips rotating in exciting ways.

Katherine wanted to get in the action, but she didn't see a good way in since his cock, balls, and ass were all being taken care of. She dropped to the floor, tilted Alan's head to the side, and then kissed him passionately on the mouth. She held on to him as she felt his entire body buckle with each rope that shot off into Akami's vagina (unfortunately, the number of ropes were few, as he was nearly out of cum, but his penis kept spasming as if it had more to give).

Just as Susan had been overwhelmed earlier, now it was Alan's turn. He completely passed out.

His dick took longer to deflate and give up the fight. Once it finally popped out of the well-fucked nurse's pussy, both mother and daughter stared at the gooey mess on and all around Akami's thighs with a mixture of longing, jealousy, and admiration.


Akami came close to losing consciousness as well, but somehow she managed to stave it off. She thought, Sweet Jesus! I have NEVER been fucked like that. Never! He practically killed me!

Katherine rolled Alan off of Akami, allowing the wiped out nurse to lay on the floor for many minutes trying to catch her breath.

Susan lay on the floor for a few minutes as well, but then she flopped herself over Alan's crotch, with her big tits molding themselves around the shape of his thighs, and she started to lick his penis and balls clean.

Katherine however, was put out. She sat on the floor next to her brother for a few minutes, waiting for the others to revive. But the only sign of life was Susan's "cleaning" job. Most crucially, Alan remained still and kept his eyes closed. While she passed the time, she took her top all the way off, because it was kind of annoying keeping it up around her shoulders.

Finally, she ran out of patience and sat up on her knees. Hands on her hips, she complained, "I suppose you all are wiped out now, huh? Just my luck. If I only could have gotten here ten minutes earlier. Fuck!"

She stared at Akami, and not anywhere near her face. "Excuse me, nurse? Can I at least suck my brother's cum from your pussy? I've never really eaten a cream pie before."

A bleary Akami opened her eyes for the first time since she'd nearly passed out. She weakly held her hands up to ward the nympho teen away. "No. Please! Normally I'd say okay, but I'm too sensitive right now. Don't even touch me down there or I'll go off like a cork, and not in a good way, either. Your brother really did a number on me."

Katherine groused, "Sure. Relax. Everyone else is having all kinds of orgiastic fun, and I get to watch the cum drip. Whoopee."

Susan replied defensively as she lapped at Alan's balls, "Really, Angel, it wasn't an orgy. Akami here was just testing how best to stimulate Tiger without grinding on his penis too much, and I guess things got out of hand a little bit."

Katherine had a hard time refraining from laughing, but she managed.

Akami figured she should placate Susan, now that Susan wasn't so out of her mind horny. "I'm sorry, Susan. Things did get out of hand there a little bit. But holding Alan's hot erection in my hand and then in my mouth, and seeing your huge swaying tits and smoke practically rising from your steaming pussy... well, I guess I lost my professional demeanor at some point. Hormones took over. I didn't mean to go all the way with him, at least not right in front of you like that. That must have been tough on you."

"Yes, it was," Susan agreed as she sighed. "You have no idea how much. But I understand how you feel. I mean, it's like he IS a fuck god, and we're just the helpless cunts in his relentless path. Have you ever seen or heard of any man who could put up with that much stimulation and still keep going that long? It's incredible!"

"It is," Akami sincerely agreed.

"Besides," Susan enthusiastically added, "It was really exciting. At the end there, I was holding his balls when he pumped his cum into you. I could actually FEEL his sperm churning around in there and pumping up into his squirting cock! Near the very end, when he stopped pounding into you so much, I actually held the base of his powerful shaft too, and I could feel his sperm as it coursed from his balls right on up into you!"

Alan knew that while sperm was created in the testicles, it went up into the body near the prostate gland where it was augmented by a lot of non-spermy cum before shooting out of his penis. But he saw no harm in letting Susan have her fantasy, so he kept his mouth shut.

Akami revived enough to tilt her head up a bit to see what was making the insistent lapping sound she'd been hearing for the past few minutes. "Susan, you're still licking his balls?! Why on Earth are you doing that?"

Katherine explained, so Susan wouldn't have to slow down with her cleaning. "It's kind of a tradition Mom started. Each and every time Alan cums, Mom licks his penis and balls clean. Lately, most of the rest of us have started doing it too."

"But why?" Akami asked. "I can see from here that his penis is flaccid. Not only that, but I know Susan was licking his balls even before he came, so they must be plenty clean by now. I couldn't see it, but I felt Susan's long hair brush against me a few times, so I could guess well enough her head was between his legs."

Katherine said, "The point isn't really to clean them, although that does happen sometimes. It's just a fun thing to do. Brother likes it, especially the balls when his penis is too sensitive just after he cums. And I like it. And Mom obviously likes it a lot. So why not? It somehow seems the right way to end things, like putting a period at the end of a sentence."

Susan stopped licking and spoke up. "Angel, that's not all of it, or even the main part. For me, it's mostly about showing Tiger deference, respect, and most of all, thanks. When I lick him clean, I'm giving thanks to him in my mind, thanks for letting me suck or stroke or titfuck him as the case may be, and thanks for him giving me another load of his precious, sweet sperm. But most of all, I'm giving thanks for him letting me service his cock again." She gave his penis one final kiss, and then sat up.

"But that's all backwards," Akami complained. "If anything, he should be thanking you."

"I do, I do, I do," Alan said. "I give thanks in my mind to my lovely ladies and my great fortune only about a thousand times a day."

Susan spoke to Akami with a slightly miffed tone, "You obviously don't understand how things work around here. Tiger gives me so much joy and pleasure every day that I can scarcely believe it. How could I not be eternally thankful about that?"

"Well, that's a good point, I guess," Akami conceded. She was starting to revive some more, so she sat up like the others (except for Alan, who still remained lying on the floor). When she sat up, a mixture of his cum and her juices rolled out of her vagina.

Katherine, still miffed at missing out on everything, looked hopefully at that cream pie. She scooted closer to Akami to try again. "Here, let me clean that up for you. With my tongue."

But Susan butted in. "Hold on, young lady. I'm sure Tiger has had enough sex for a while. Look at him, the poor baby. Such an overworked penis, but he does it to make us happy. He works so hard to keep us all well fucked until he drops from exhaustion. Let's not get all worked up again or he'll once again find himself fucking us practically against his will, because he just can't resist such a sexy sight. Don't you think, Akami?"

"I think you're right. Not only that, but I want to clean this mess up myself." She ran a finger through the combined juices that dripped down her thigh. "Mmmm, mmmm, good. I swear, if there's manna from Heaven, it tastes just like Alan's cum."

She scooped up even more. "Sorry, Katherine." As a peace offering, she held her fingers up for Katherine to lick off. They were quite soaked in Alan's cum and Akami's juices.

Katherine lapped up all of the cum until Akami's fingers were completely clean, and gave her an appreciative nod. Then she sat down on a sofa, still naked and frustratingly horny.

Remembering that Susan still didn't know that Alan had fucked her already, Katherine thought of something to help pave that way to her acceptance of that. "Mom, I don't know how I can resist if my sexy brother wants to have sex with me. How can I say no? As you so eloquently put it once, we are just helpless cunts. There's no way to stop his jackhammer cock from grinding down on us."

Susan sighed again; she was thinking of herself, not Katherine. "I know. It's so true. What do you think, Akami? Do you think incest is really okay? Do you think that even, well... should I fuck him?" Seeing him actually having intercourse from mere feet away had been a body blow to what little remained of Susan's resistance to the idea. She still had her religious issues, but they were fading in importance the more she accepted it as a done deal.

Akami answered, "Susan, you're looking at it the wrong way. It's not 'should I fuck him.' Admit that it's a fact that HE will fuck YOU. Hard. Until you beg for mercy. My God, he rocked my world! First fucking my ass, and then my pussy."

Katherine spoke up. "He fucked your ass too? And I missed it? Awww..."

"He did." Akami said with genuine awe, "God, did he! In fact, we did just about everything today. Before that, we sucked and licked him a good long time. Before that there were solo titfucks, handjobs, and blowjobs. I tell you, his stamina is simply incredible!"

Katherine rolled her eyes. "You're telling US that? Believe me, we know. But I'm majorly bummed out that I missed all that!"

Akami continued, "Anyway, Susan, you're living under the same roof as a top-notch sex stud. Between his insatiable cock and your ridiculously curvy, beautiful body, it's a given that he WILL fuck you. In fact, I'm beyond amazed that it hasn't happened already. Incest issues be damned! Trying to stop it is like trying to stop the sun from setting each evening. Accept the fact that it'll happen and enjoy it to its fullest. You're just about the luckiest woman I know, to be living in the same house as him. You too, Katherine."

All three ladies let out a little collective happy sigh and looked down on the resting lucky boy.

Alan had a slight grin, no doubt dreaming of sex in one way or another. His buxom mother, nympho sister, and sperm-sampling nurse all admired his good looks, strong physique, and most of all, his hyperactive penis. True, it was still flaccid, but all three women were certain it could leap into action at any moment if they made an effort to entice him.

Susan tore herself away from the sight long enough to say, "You're right. Xania, my psychologist, said pretty much the same thing today. Now that's two medical professionals who agree. How can I argue with that?"

Akami was puzzled by what Susan meant when she said that she'd talked with her psychologist. Since no real psychologist would say what Susan said, she correctly guessed that the psychologist visit was another one of Suzanne's wild schemes. For that reason, she decided not to ask any questions about it.

Susan continued, "And deep in my heart I've already long accepted that fact." She braced herself, thrust her chest out proudly, and then announced, "I'm ready. I'm ready for my son to fuck me."

Katherine rushed over and kissed Susan on the lips. "Mom! I'm so happy for you! I'm ready for him to fuck me too!" She pushed her tits into her mother's, and her mother eagerly pushed back. They ran their nipples in circles around each other's, and then they kissed some more.

After a minute, Susan stopped the kissing, and said, "Angel, what if he woke up right now and saw us like this? We don't want to overstimulate him." She said this teasingly, knowing full well that he was already awake, but just resting with his eyes closed.


Katherine giggled, and said, "I imagine he'd get so excited that he'd have to fuck your juicy pussy, right now! Then he'd fuck mine!" She was so excited by this prospect that she started mauling her own tits.

Akami added a touch of reality. "Unfortunately you two, he only gave me a couple of ropes of cum. I think he's had it for the day."

Susan pulled away from her daughter in disappointment. "Yeah. I keep forgetting. This whole test must have been very tiring for my cute baby. We should probably wait a bit, don't you think? He was saying he really needs this weekend to recover. If he fucks me, I want him to be at full strength."

"Yes," Akami nodded, "give him some time to recover. And especially avoid anal sex. I can see you're very curious about that, but as you may have noticed, he gave that the highest score on the chafing and grinding scale, by far. As I think I said before, focus on soft titfucks and lots of tongue action on his cock. Maybe you and Katherine could blow him together. I'm sure he'd love that, and two tongues didn't add to the chafing. But give him a couple days to just take it slow. Then, my prescription is, fuck like mad!" She flashed a wicked grin.

Susan felt her pussy twitching and throbbing as she thought about that. She didn't feel too bad about not getting fucked right away, since to be honest she still had lingering religious issues to resolve. She was counting on additional talks with Suzanne to put her worries to rest about that. In the meantime, she'd be very happy to help him out with lots of titfucks and blowjobs.

Katherine eagerly asked, "So Mom, if you're ready for him to fuck you, can't he fuck me too? Isn't that okay? That's what Akami pretty much just said." Even though she was already having sex with him, she wanted to get it out in the open. She knew the way to her brother's dick was through her mother's pussy, and furthermore, she knew that the hornier her mother got, the more likely she was to be agreeable. Susan was still fairly horny at that moment, so it was a good time to bring up the idea.

"Yes, I suppose," Susan admitted grudgingly. "But only when I say so. When he's ready for more fucking, on Monday or Tuesday, he and I are probably going to fuck non-stop for hours. Imagine that... We're gonna fuck! For hours!" She stared off into space, vividly fantasizing about that. "Only after that, when he's fully recovered, will it be your turn."

Susan let her own words sink into her brain and noticed that the mere thought of such prolonged fucking had actually given her a mini-climax. Her inner thighs were soaked.

Suddenly, she remembered that Katherine was still supposed to be grounded. But she couldn't even remember what it was supposed to be for, and she realized the punishment had probably fallen by the wayside due to her frequent sexual distractions. She felt utterly defeated by the potency of her son's penis, and thinking about that made her even more aroused.

Katherine pumped a fist triumphantly. "Okay, Mom! Rock on! So you're saying he can only fuck me if he's fully recovered." She prodded teasingly, "Now that that's clear, where's my welcome home kiss?"

"You just had your welcome home kiss," Susan pointed out.

"No, that was my 'congratulations on the good news' kiss, Mom. I need another." She grinned. "This can be our 'congratulations on the fact that Big Brother's gonna fuck us both' kiss."

Susan faked a sigh. "You're too much. But that is cause for celebration."


The two of them went at it with much playful tonguing deep in their mouths. As usual, their bountiful tits repeatedly and pleasantly crashed into each other.

Susan thought, I'm so terrible! I can't help myself. I plead Not Guilty By Reason of Everything's Too Arousing. Look at Tiger over there, his cock just lying on his thigh, looking all flaccid and innocent. But no! It's just lying in wait, like a long, thick cobra, waiting to strike. Soon, he'll be pounding our pussies just like he slides deep in our mouths, and there's nothing we can do about it! Be strong, Angel! Be strong!

Katherine reached down and ran her hands all over her mother's thighs, including her extremely wet inner thighs. She slapped her now juicy hands over Susan's ass and tightly grabbed her ass cheeks while her tongue sought out her mother's tonsils.

Susan responded by aggressively rubbing her tits against her daughter's.

Alan was pretending to sleep so he could hear what the others had to say. He sensed something sexual was going on and opened his eyes to narrow slits so he could check it out. He was glad that he did.

Katherine thought, Cool beans! Mom is totally giving in! She's so horny that she's agreed to let Brother fuck me. Hell, she's so horny she'll agree to anything! She'll DO anything too. I need to take full advantage while I-

A cough alerted them to stop. They found Akami standing above them, once again fully dressed. She said, "Sorry to interrupt, but it looks like that could go on a long time. And as fun as it is to watch, unfortunately I have to get going. I have dinner with Dr. Fredrickson, of all people."

Katherine and Susan stood up but remained in a loose embrace.

Akami looked at Alan, still lying on the floor. "Alan?"

He made sure to fully close his eyes, now attention was on him.

Susan said, "Oh dear. It looks like he's not just resting anymore, but he's gone back to sleep. All this sex has really taken a lot out of him. Poor thing. And that's after he slept all the way in the car ride from L.A., and then took another long nap after that."

Akami said, "Well, that's a sign of his energy problem. That's why we all work so hard to help him cum so often. No healthy teen boy should sleep that much."

"Yes," Susan muttered as she idly caressed her daughter's rack. Truth be told, she so rarely gave any thought to his energy problem lately that at first she didn't quite get what Akami was talking about.

Katherine said to Akami, "It's too bad that you've gotta go already. We never had a chance to get properly introduced, if you know what I mean. But we have a friendly kiss policy around here. Can I give you a Plummer family send off?"

Akami grinned. "Yes, please!" She found herself kissing and groping the endlessly horny and still very naked daughter. Then she did the same to Susan. But the kissing sessions were frustratingly brief and she didn't explore their exposed bodies nearly as much as she would have liked. The clock told her that she was running very late to her dinner date. She reluctantly cleaned up in the bathroom and put her clothes back in place (they'd partly come off during all the goodbye kissing).

As Akami walked to the front door, trailed by the two shamelessly nude Plummer women, she leaned into Katherine's ear, and whispered, "I look forward to getting to know you better. Much better. I think we need to schedule a full body examination at the office. What do you think?" She gave Katherine's ass cheek a squeeze.

Katherine whispered back, "Definitely!"

Then, more formally and in a normal voice, Akami said to Susan, "And I'll be seeing you on Monday."

"You will?" Susan replied, surprised.

Akami stepped closer and blatantly fondled Susan's tits, knowing the still horny mother wouldn't resist. "Yes. Didn't Suzanne tell you? She called me earlier today and scheduled an appointment for you. I assumed you'd asked her to do it. Didn't you?"

"No, but if Suzanne says I should go in then I will. She knows me better than I do myself. I'll see you on Monday then."

Akami turned to go, and then turned back. "Oh yes. One last thing. When Alan wakes up, ask him how he rated that fuck. On the penis grinding scale, of course."

As Akami walked down the path leading from the Plummer's front door, she thought to herself, What have I just done? What am I doing? I should have told Suzanne or Susan no, Susan shouldn't come in for an appointment on Monday. But I went one worse and invited Katherine in for an appointment too!

Dr. Fredrickson is going to watch them all on video for his own filthy purposes. What a letch! I have to do something about it, or I'm not a real friend to this very nice family. But what can I do? The doctor has me in a bind. Not only could he fire me, but he could put me in prison for the unprofessional things I've done with Alan.

And that was pretty bizarre with Alan back there. I WAS a bit out of control. I mean, yeah, I knew that I was going to have sex with him somehow before I left the house, but it wasn't supposed to be like that, in front of Susan and everything. The way I was carrying on, with the whole "fuck god" thing - talk about over the top! But the way he fucked felt amazingly good. And it felt even better to cry out that kind of stuff.

Even the "white man rape my helpless Japanese ass" stuff was a hoot. I could have never been so free with my thoughts with Dr. Fredrickson. It was like I was free to just let my Freudian id run wild, despite Susan being there. In fact, she totally encouraged me to be like that, the way she vocalizes her own over the top fantasies too.

God, I think I'm falling for this kid, and he hasn't even called me once all week. No wonder he's too busy, with a mother and sister shaped the way they are. Not to mention his neighbor Suzanne. He's probably fucking a whole bunch of perfect ten women. I don't stand a chance with my medium-sized tits and more normally-shaped body.

I should just enjoy the good fucks with the Plummers whenever they come along, and stick with Dr. Fredrickson for the long term. The "good doctor" may not be as good a lover, but he's dependable daily sex and I don't really have any serious competition with him. Including his wife. But he's such a fucking letch with this videotaping crap, and he IS fucking married. Crap.

She sighed heavily and got into her car.

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