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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Wild Night
Day 61: Friday, November 15

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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At the very same time Akami drove away from the Plummer house, Suzanne was also in a car, driving around aimlessly just a couple of miles away. Her head was so full of worry that she finally pulled over by the side of the road in the middle of a suburban neighborhood and just sat behind the steering wheel.

She sat with her eyes wide open, staring at nothing. Then she closed them fiercely and pounded her head on the steering wheel several times. Suzanne, what have you DONE, you crazy fool! You call this scheming? This is desperation.


She sighed, and then tried to pull her thoughts together. Okay. So I've just slashed the tires of some scoutmaster's car. And why? So I could get my chance to have sex with Sweetie this weekend. True, I did leave eight hundred dollars, which is more than enough to cover the expenses and hopefully the inconvenience for him, but still; I've crossed some kind of line here. My schemes used to be so elegant. I prided myself in never hurting anyone who didn't deserve it, and this scoutmaster guy certainly didn't deserve it.

Why? WHY?! Why couldn't I just wait a few more days? I could have been thrown in prison. Is it really that important that I fuck him now?

The thing is, it is. It's not only that I'm about to burst from holding off all this time. I just have to settle my position in his heart before Susan permanently lodges herself there and locks me out.

It's soooo ironic that I'm going to these extremes to prevent Susan from having sex with him before me, when just a couple of days ago I was crazily scheming to get her to have sex with him as soon as possible. I must really be losing it to work against my own schemes like this.

She mused, I should have listened to what Xania advised yesterday and canceled that set-up appointment. I would have had Xania's tongue between my legs and Susan still waffling over what to do with Sweetie. And the way we rubbed our tits together - does that bring back good memories, or what?! The two legendary tongues meet again! Aside from Susan, Xania's the only one I can really go toe to toe with in a tit smashing contest. Well, there's Brenda, but she would probably suffocate me with those enormous monsters. I guess there's only one way to find out, hee-hee!

Wait a second, Suzanne. Focus now. Don't let your libido make your decisions. That's your big problem lately. Think.

Am I just saying I should have acted differently because that's what would benefit me most, given my current worries that the relationship between mother and son is pushing me to the side? I have to forget my own interests and do what's best for Susan. But what is really best for her? This family needs me as the matriarch.

Susan has always been too much of a softy. It's a miracle her kids aren't more spoiled, and a good part of that is due to my mostly hidden hand in helping to raise them. Now that she has nothing but sex on the brain, she's lost all willpower to discipline them. While she and Angel are going on about being sex slaves, someone needs to actually run things. That very incident yesterday with Xania shows that I can overcome severe temptation when discipline is needed.

It's imperative that I secure my spot as at least Susan's equal with Sweetie's heart and his penis. What I'm doing is RIGHT. Sabotaging the van was necessary because having sex with him before Susan does is necessary. It's for her own good. It's for the whole family's good. I'm being completely honest with myself here.

Or am I?

She lightly pounded her head against the steering wheel several times, and sighed heavily again, no more certain of where she stood on things now than an hour ago.


Back at the Plummer house, Amy came over a few minutes after Akami left. Susan and Katherine were still so worked up that they were busy standing and necking with each other in the living room while Alan still lay asleep on the floor. (He'd been pretending, but now he was really drifting off.)

Amy saw that both women were buck naked, and took her clothes off in a flash.

As Amy stepped out of her shorts, she said, "Whoa! This isn't what I was expecting to see, like, at all!"

Katherine and Susan were a bit startled at first, but not that much since they realized it was only Amy. Still, Susan felt obliged to pull her lips free. Actually, she tried to disengage from Katherine altogether, but Katherine had a good grip on her ass cheeks and wouldn't let her go.

Susan asked, "Amy! What are you doing here?!"

"I'm here to see my official boyfriend off, of course. He IS going on his hiking trip, isn't he? He doesn't exactly look ready." She frowned at his splayed out body.

"Actually, he's not," Susan replied. "The trip has been postponed until next week."

"Oh," Amy said. She was poker-faced at first, but then she brightened up. "Hey! That means we'll be able to have all kinds of fun together!"

Katherine was fingering Susan's pussy, but Susan felt self-conscious about that with Amy watching. She slapped her daughter's hand, and chided her, "Stop that!"

Katherine didn't stop though. She whispered in Susan's ear, "Mom, I'm Brother's fuck toy, and you're MY fuck toy." Then she licked her way all over Susan's ear.

Susan just whimpered helplessly as Katherine steadily fingerbanged her.

Amy walked closer to Alan and squatted next to him. "Um, should I wake him up?"

"No," Susan said while still feebly and half-heartedly trying to fend off Katherine's probing fingers. "He really needs his rest. Just think how worn out he'd be if he had to go hiking, poor thing. Oh, and you know Akami, his nurse? She said he needs to have some space to recover for the duration of the weekend."

Amy stood back up and looked to Susan with dismay. "What? You mean we can't play with him ALL weekend? That's like, a super-pooper."

Susan replied, even as Katherine kissed all over her face, "Well, luckily, it's not that bad. We can still have fun, but we have to be careful not to chafe his penis too much."

"'Chafe?'" Amy asked. "What's that mean?"

"It means we can't rub his dick too aggressively."

"Awww. But that's the funnest and bestest thing!" Amy walked closer to where mother and daughter were fondling each other.

Katherine finally spoke up. "Don't I know it! But Akami said we could still do lots of fun stuff, like titfucks, blowjobs, and even double blowjobs."

Amy's face lit up. "Cool beans!" She ran her hands up Susan's thighs, and caressed her bare ass cheeks in particular.

"W-wh-what are you doing?" Susan stammered. Before Amy could answer, Susan had a burst of willpower and suddenly pulled away from both sexy girls. She covered her pussy and nipples. "Hold on, you two, or an orgy is liable to break out!"

They looked at her in confusion, since they didn't see that as a bad thing.

Susan looked down at Alan. "Look at the poor boy. His penis is completely wiped out. It still needs to rest. It won't be good for him to wake up and see ANY of us making out. In fact, we should put on some clothes, just to be on the safe side."

Katherine and Amy sighed heavily in response to that. After Amy asked for and got 'hello' French kisses from the other two, the three of them did dress. At first, they just put the clothes they'd been wearing back on, but things quickly escalated into a "sexy war" to outdo each other. All three hotties wound up going upstairs to pick out particularly sexy outfits and high heels, and even put on jewelry and make-up. (Suzanne wore make-up regularly, but the other three almost never did - Susan due to her inexperience, and Amy and Katherine as was typical for their age.)

Alan finally woke up. Though he was still naked, he sat down on the sofa and casually asked, "So, what's up? What did I miss? And why do you all look so extra sexy?"

That last question got big smiles from all three women, and more than a little sexy preening as they showed off their outfits.

Katherine and Amy sat in chairs near where he was. They both wanted to cuddle with him on his sofa, but they restrained themselves since it was clear he was still bleary-eyed and recovering.

Susan fetched drinks and snacks for everyone. The four of them were content to talk and enjoy their edamame and iced tea.

Eventually, Susan brought up what their plans for the evening should be. She said, "Tiger, I know you're tired and all, but given that you're home for the weekend, well, I hope you're not mad at me, but I looked up Christine's phone number and gave her a call."

Alan was more than a little surprised to hear that. "You did WHAT?!"

"I know, I should have asked you first, but I got to thinking about what happened this morning. Remember when Katherine brought up your upcoming date with Christine?"

He smiled fondly. "How could I forget? I was getting an incredible titfuck from her at the time."

"Yes, well, I've been thinking about that and I thought it would be good for you to seduce Christine sooner rather than later. So I suggested to her that you move up your date with her to later tonight and she liked that idea."

"MOM! Is everyone around here deaf or something? How many times do I have to explain that I have no plans to seduce her? But whether I do or not, I'm mighty irked that you would call her on my behalf. I'm not a baby anymore. Sheesh!"

"I know, I'm sorry. But I just got so excited, and you were sleeping, and plans needed to be made... The way she turned you down when you asked her out last month still bothers me. I kind of see this as a chance to undo that wrong. If you're really serious about not getting physically involved, at least you can get her all hopeful, and then leave her panting with desire in frustration."

"Mom, that's mean. That's not like you."

"I know, but she hurt you so bad. You were sadder than I've ever seen you for a whole week. She needs some payback. I don't like it when anyone hurts my babies." Susan's eyes took on a steely and determined look. She added with less resolve and more lust, "Plus, I've seen her huge milk bags every now and then. She's definitely Alan-worthy. Those tits need some serious taming!"

Alan looked around the room. Amy and Katherine were listening intently but staying silent so far. Amy was her usual smiling self, but Katherine looked a bit irritable now that Christine had been mentioned.

He said, "Mom, not only was that idea rude to me, but what about Amy and Sis? Sis apparently has jealousy issues with me being with Christine, and you're just fanning the flames. And Amy, she's my brand new girlfriend for crying out loud, and you want me to go date someone else! It's crazy!"


Amy spoke up. "Hey, it's cool. I know I don't have a monopoly on you. This is good practice for me to get used to sharing. Besides, I know how wiped out you are today. Even if you wanted to seduce Christine there's no way you'd be up for any sexual fun anyway. I'll bet you just have a short dinner and go home to sleep. No biggie."

Alan sighed with exhaustion. "I sure am tired, you got that right." He looked at Amy, sitting topless in a nice black dress, and was filled with desire for her. He didn't even necessarily want to be with her sexually at the moment, given his tiredness, but he just wanted to spend time with her. She was like a ray of sunshine and a guaranteed inspiration to lift his spirits.

He said, "But Amy. I can't believe how amenable you are. We should be having some special time together."

Amy responded, "I know, but don't worry, you and I will be having some special time soon. Aunt Susan was talking about making some special preparations for tomorrow night when you'll be back to full strength. Then we can have an unforgettable time. I'd rather be with you tomorrow night than tonight, 'cos you look all super tired-y." She nodded towards his crotch. "And look: even though we're all dressed up like this, you're not even a teeny weeny bit hard."

"Ah. Well, if you say so. That does sound good. And I am pretty damn 'super tired-y.' Christine's gonna be disappointed as I plant my face on my dinner plate and fall asleep in the middle of our date. But okay. Even though I'm not thrilled about being forced into this, I guess it's pretty much a done deal."

After a pause, he asked, "By the way, what's up with all the sexy outfits? All three of you look really great."

Susan proudly struck a pose, with a hand behind her head. "No reason. No reason at all!"

Katherine saw confusion on his face, so she elaborated, "What Mom means is that we like to dress up for you any ol' time. There doesn't need to be a special reason."

"Ah. Cool. Uh, thanks." He got up to shower and get ready for his "practice date" with Christine.

Katherine remained silent for the most part, since she didn't want to be seen as the jealous and complaining type in front of Alan. She hadn't been aware that Susan had called Christine, and now she was frantically thinking and strategizing in light of this new development.

Later, in her room, she took out her diary.

Dear Diary,

Bad. Bad, bad, bad. I've got some seriously bad news to tell you: Brother and Christine are starting to date! Well, technically they're only "practice dating," but still. This is partly my fault for putting Christine on Mom's radar screen this morning. Now she's trying to hook them up when that's a totally crazy thing to do. As if he doesn't have enough big-titted beautiful women under his thumb already. Sheesh!

I can sense that Amy is not happy about this either, but she's too nice to do something about it. I've got to get between Brother and Christine somehow, but how? If they really do just have a non-romantic date, then fine. But if sparks start to fly then before you know it he'll have TWO amazing serious girlfriends, and I'll just be an also-ran. Sure, he'll kick back and watch TV and let me blow him for an hour or two most any old time, but I want more, a lot more! I love him with all my heart and soul. I want to be one of his wives. I want to have some of his babies!

Sharing with Amy is one thing; Amy's so fun and easy-going and my best friend to boot. Not to mention that I know just what great fun she is in bed, thanks to all of our pussy shaving adventures together, and she's just about as willing and wanton a sex partner as you're ever going to find. I love her, and I love sharing Brother with her. But sharing with the prickly and competitive Ice Queen, a complete stranger? No thanks! I'm gonna have to stop the sparks if I have to physically stand between the two of them.

Hmmm. That's not a bad idea.


Alan was in his room getting dressed for his date with Christine when Amy knocked on the door. "Hey, Bo, can I come in?"


Amy walked in and closed the door behind her. She whistled in appreciation, because Alan was wearing a dark blue three-piece suit. He was holding a red tie in his hand and said, "You're just in time. Do you know how to tie a tie?"

"Sorry. No. But wow! You look grrrreat! You're, like, all formal and dapper and stuff. It's pretty neat!" She beamed at him.


"Thanks. You look pretty good too." She was still wearing her surprisingly formal black dress. Putting the tie down for the moment, he said, "I can't believe how understanding you're being about all this. I'm dressing up like this for my practice date with Christine, you know. We're going to a really fancy restaurant."

"I know." She sat down in his computer chair.

He sat down on the edge of his bed, facing her. "Don't you ever feel jealous? You're my official girlfriend now, and I'm going on a date with another girl, even if it is only a practice date, and yet you smile and compliment me without a hint of bitterness. With that nice dress you have on, complete with a pearl necklace and everything, it looks like I should be going on a date with you. Heck, I feel bad about it. I'm sure Sis is annoyed, and maybe jealous. It would be weird if you don't feel something."

After a considerable, thoughtful pause, Amy conceded, "M'kay, I'll admit that I am a little bit bummed that it's not me going with you, but just a little bit."

He said, "Just a little bit? I'm not trying to stoke your jealousy, but aren't you concerned these practice dates could turn into something more serious eventually?"

"Could they?" she asked pointedly.

"Well... no. Definitely not. I simply will not allow that to happen." He sounded firm, but deep down he felt more doubtful. "But still, I have to admit that it's possible. Heck, anything is possible, since the future is unknowable. The thing is, I've been enjoying these dates with Christine, but also, I love you and don't want to do anything to hurt you. If you want me to call it off, then I'll cancel it."

"Awwww. That's sweet!" Amy got up from her chair, sat next to him, and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Thanks. No wonder Mom calls you 'Sweetie.' But seriously, don't cancel it on my account."

"Really? Are you sure?"

She broke the hug so she could sit back for better eye contact. "Sure I'm sure! You see, I'm all about taking the bigger view. I haven't quite figured out the whole Christine situation yet, but the way I figure, we're moving in a harem-y direction in general. So there's no place for jealousy."

He furrowed his brow. "Excuse me, what do you mean by 'harem-y?'"

"You know. You, me, Kat, your mom, and my mom... for starters. Whether you use the 'H' word or not, it's a group-y kind of situation. Sure, you're smack dab in the middle of it, but it's not just about you. It's, like, a new family - a fun, loving, super-sexual family. That's where I see things going. I think it's great, and way better than how things used to be! It'll be the five of us at first, and then it'll keep growing until we're at a place where everything feels just right. Now that I'm your official girlfriend and all, I can kinda admit to you how I'd like to see things go. Isn't that how you see it too?"

He squirmed a bit uncomfortably. "Um, not exactly."

That seemed to puzzle her. "Well then, how DO you see it?"

He sighed. "Truth be told, I try not to think about it much. I'm kind of just living day by day without some kind of grand strategic plan."

Amy huffed in frustration. "I was worried you'd say something like that."

He said defensively, "It seems weird for me to plan like that. I mean, I'm way over my head already. How greedy and presumptuous would it be for me to say that four women aren't enough, and I'm going to aim to have any more? Good things keep happening to me, so I figure I'll just keep going down this path and let more good things happen."

Amy groaned in disappointment. "You're a case, Bo! Good things don't just happen all on their own, one after another like that. You're lucky that you have the likes of my mom looking after you. You really should figure things out and set goals. Certainly you must have SOME plans, right? For instance, what about Glory?"

He winced, and then spoke in a quieter tone. "We're not supposed to talk about her. That's a BIG, big secret!"

She lowered her voice too. "I know, but just this once, m'kay? Just between you and me, with my lips zipped shut forever, what would you like to see happen with her? In a long term, future-y kind of way, I mean?"

There was a long pause as he considered that. Then he moved his hands up and down helplessly. "I don't know! I know I love her and want to be with her. Forever, if at all possible. If that's what she wants too. But I don't feel it's fair for me to push anything on her. I mean, I'm involved with all these other women, and I could never give that up, not even for her. I'm lucky that she's with me at all. It's not fair to make big demands on her."

Amy tilted her head back and symbolically slapped her forehead. "Ugh! Bo, your efforts to be considerate are nice, but sometimes you've just gotta go for it, ya know?"

"I know. But I worry that if I push too hard, I'm going to jinx things. Plus, that could lead me down the path of being an arrogant asshole. Like smugly looking at a new woman and thinking 'I'm going to make her mine,' as if it's a done deal and what she wants doesn't matter at all. I'm deathly afraid of turning into that kind of a guy."

"Good point. Nobody wants that. But if you're going to be the master of your own harem, you've gotta be more take-charge-y."

He groaned unhappily. "Who says I'm the master of any harem? I'm just a guy who's in love with several women, and lucky enough to have them love me back."

Amy eyed him critically. "Do you really believe that? Is that all?"

He hesitated, clearly conflicted. "Well... yeah."

She gave him a chagrined look. "You know, you don't have to worry about being politically correct and all that. We - and I mean me, Kat, my mom, and your mom - we still love you, even with all the sharing. That actually makes everything better, since we get to share the love between all of us. We'd even kinda like you to be MORE aggressive taking what you want. Don't you think having a harem of lovely, beautiful ladies would be a pretty great thing? And not just for you, but for all of us too. For instance, if someone like Glory were to join our group, it would be like I maybe could gain a new sister AND a new lover."

He sat back, amazed. "Whaaat?! You'd actually approve of something like that?"

She spoke guardedly, "Well, maybe. It all depends on who we're talking about, and how things go down exactly. Besides, it's not for little ol' me to say. I'm not a super clever schemer like my mom, and I'm not mowing down the ladies with a big fat thingy like you are. But if I were in your shoes... Sometimes you gotta dream big, ya know? I've never been shy about the fact that I'm cool with sharing you. It's exciting that we're in uncharted territory, and we're all having the time of our lives! And that's partly 'cos you've gotten involved with some pretty darn great women - Heather aside." She frowned at that name.

But then she brightened again. "Like Glory Rhymer. I've never really gotten to know her like you have, but I've always gotten good vibes from her, and she's a total cutie too. Or Brenda. She's just too sexy and curvy to be denied! You know what I mean? Heck, I haven't even met this new therapist Xania yet, but I've been hearing reports that she's absolutely amaaazing! A total stunner, smart, and a great personality too. Plus, she has a special relationship with my mom that goes way back. If you get more involved with women like that, then I'm all for it, just so long as you always remember to spend lots of time with me as well." She gave him a playful wink.

He shook his head in wonder. "Aims, you're incredible. I still can't get over how accepting and encouraging you are. But there are only so many hours in the day, you know."

She waved a hand dismissively. "You'll work it out." She grinned and giggled at that.

"As if it's that easy. I don't want to let any of you down by spreading myself too thin."

She sat up straight and proud. "I have great confidence in you. Besides, my mom has a knack for making everything work out great, so trust in her. If I ever get to thinking you're in over your head, I'll let you know. M'kay?"

"Okay. What do you think about Christine then? What if I did get intimate with her? Completely honestly?"

Amy tilted her head in a quizzical fashion. "Hmmm. She's kind of a puzzle. Things could turn out super great, but on the other hand it could be a disaster. I think you should keep getting to know her better and let us know how it goes. That's one case where it's good to just go with the flow and see what evolves."

He nodded, but then said, "Well, nothing sexual is going to happen with her, in any case, so it's a moot point. I must admit that I'm sorely tempted by her sometimes, but it's far too dangerous to even consider. I shudder to think what she'd do if she found out about the incest! Aims, maybe it seems to you that I'm being too passive, but the truth is, just having five lovers at the same time is totally nuts! It's like juggling five balls at once. With each new ball added, it becomes exponentially harder."

She responded, "Maybe so, but I don't see it that way. Not if us 'balls' get along and come together as a group instead of fighting each other. If that's the case, more may be better, and a more stable kind of thing, to a certain point. Ya know, we really should get to know Glory a lot better, to see if she could fit into our special group."

He said, "That's easier said than done. Right now my relationship with her is at a very fragile, early stage. She knows I have some other lovers, and she's really uneasy with that. If she were to find out that I'm involved with Mom or Sis, that would be the end, I'm sure! Even with you, she would find it VERY awkward talking to you, now that she knows you're one of my other lovers. I know you mean well, but please don't try to push for anything with her, okay?"

Amy seemed disappointed, but she nodded "M'kay."

He chuckled. "You're weird. It's like you're actually rooting for me to have more lovers!"

She stood up. "Yeah, well, I kind of am, if they're the right kind of lovers. But what I want doesn't matter much. I'm just sitting in the front row of the movie theater eating my popcorn and watching you and my mom do all this clever stuff. It's a fun show to watch. I'll always be happy to give you my two cents though. Anyhoo, we don't want you to be late for your big almost-date. Let's go find Susan. I'm sure she knows how to tie a tie, from helping Ron with his."

"Good idea." The two of them left the room.


Susan did help with the tie, but she seemed unusually quiet, distracted, and subdued.

Once Alan was all ready to go, Susan called Katherine and Amy to her bedroom, where she and Alan were. She had them all sit down on the black sofa in her room and stood in front of them, like she was going to make a speech. She was dressed in a long, fancy maroon outfit, due to the "sexiness battle" earlier where she, Katherine, and Amy had tried to outdo each other with ever more impressive and arousing clothes.

"Kids... I have some... news. Shocking, disturbing news... about Ron."

Katherine sat up straight in alarm. "Is he okay?!"


"He's fine, he's fine. But... As I already told you recently, Suzanne found out that he's been cheating on me for years." (Susan had told that first to Alan two days earlier, but it had been discussed some more with Katherine and Amy as well the next day.) "It turns out that's not the full story. She's suspected for some time that he may be... homosexual. Recently, she shared her suspicions with me."

She waited for a reaction from the teens. They were alert but silent, so she continued, "I've come to believe that's almost certainly true. So, I thought I should let you know, so you could come to your own conclusions."

There was a prolonged silence. Obviously, this was shocking and disturbing news indeed, but nobody knew what to say just yet.

Finally, Katherine asked, "How do you know?! What makes you and Aunt Suzy believe that?"

Susan spent the next few minutes giving a brief summary of what Suzanne had discussed with her earlier, including Suzanne's claim that she had proof that Ron currently had a long-term male lover in Thailand.

That was followed by another long silence. She asked, "Well? What do you think?"

Katherine said, "I'm reeling for sure. But at the same time, it's not such a big blow because the really big blow was finding out he's been cheating on you for years. That was the death knell to your marriage, wasn't it? This is like kicking an already dead body."

Alan nodded at that. "Yeah, it just proves your marriage was even more of a sham. But why are you telling us this now?! I mean, I practically have a foot out the door for my practice date with Christine. I'm going to be a mess after learning this!"

Susan replied, "I was trying to decide when it would be a good time to break it to all of you. Suzanne hit me with her claim to have proof the day before yesterday. I'll been mulling it over ever since.

She paced back and forth in front of the sofa. "However, I decided the full truth needs to be told. Today has been a day of introspection, what with our discussions with that therapist in L.A., and after that I couldn't hold it in anymore. Son, I decided I had to say something before you left for your date, so I'd only have to explain it once to all three of you. But I'm hopeful the timing actually could be fortuitous. Perhaps you'll be so distracted by Christine that you'll be able to put this out of your mind for a couple of hours."

Amy spoke up. "Oh, totally! All you have to do is mention her name, and it's like WHAMMO! Boner city! In fact, I'm kinda surprised that there's not a super bulge-y shape in his slacks right now, since her name just came up."

An annoyed Alan asked, "Amy, how can you say that at a time like this? How could I possibly be aroused after what Mom's been talking about? Sis and I are clearly shocked by this news. But Aims, you seem hardly surprised at all. Why is that?"

Amy hemmed and hawed in her seat. "Well..."

Alan asked her, "Don't tell me you suspected this already?"

Amy replied, "Well, kinda. It's not like I was thinking about it a lot, but it does make sense to me. I mean, sure, Ron is a good guy-"

Susan cut in, "Good point! I might not have emphasized that enough. Tiger, Angel, no matter what his sexual orientation may be, never forget that Ron will always be your father. He's a good man and was an excellent father for the first dozen or so years of your childhood. Keep in mind that, although Suzanne says she has proof, I haven't seen any of it yet. This might all be a big misunderstanding. And regardless, I'm not trying to turn you away from him or anything like that. This is mostly an issue between him and me."

Amy nodded. "Like I was saying, he is a good guy. But, Aunt Susan, don't count on this being a misunderstanding, because it makes perfect sense to me. I mean, think about it. Susan, you're, like, a total babe! Any straight guy would be drooling over you, like, 24-7. There'd be all kinds of flirting and lusty gazes and bouncy-bouncy noises from your bedroom, if you know what I mean. But I've practically spent more time in this house than in my own home since before I can even remember, and I don't recall ANY of that."

Katherine spoke with awe. "Damn! She's right! That's like the dog that didn't bark. Why didn't I ever put two and two together?!"

Alan pointed out, "I'm feeling the same - why didn't I suspect?! But maybe it's 'cos we assumed since Mom was so prudish, that kind of thing only went on behind closed doors. Mom... did it?"

Susan grimaced. "No, not really. In fact, there was hardly any of that at all. It was like we were roommates most of the time. That's what makes me think it must be true."

Alan shook his head. "Wow. I don't know what to think. A part of me says that now that you laid it all out, of course it must be true and I was blind for not figuring it out already. But another part of me says 'NOOOO!' It's not that I have a problem with homosexuality; it's the deception! I mean... if this is true, it means our entire childhood was based on a lie!"

Amy said to him, "Come on, you kinda do."

"Do what?"

"Have a problem with homosexuality. I've heard you say don't do this or that 'cos it's 'so gay.'"

He groaned unhappily. He searched his feelings. She's got a point. Right now I'm so damn friggin' happy that I'm adopted, because that means I can't possibly have inherited his "gay genes." But that's not a mature or tolerant way to look at it. I have to do better!

He said, "Okay, maybe I'm not totally tolerant, but I'm working on it. I'm only a teenager, for crying out loud. I've said stuff like that because nearly all the other guys at school talk like that. But I truly believe that if this was a different situation and a good friend like Sean or Peter came out as gay, I'd be shocked at first, sure, but I'd get over it and I'd continue to be their friend."

Amy nodded. "Yeah, I can see that. But it's different when it's your dad. I probably saw the signs better because he's not MY dad. I can put more emotional distance on it."

Katherine said, "To be honest, I should be all teary-eyed and broken-up over this, mostly over the deception. It probably means that Mom and Ron will get a divorce, because how can Mom's marriage survive if it's true? Except that I'm not broken-up over it, because I feel emotionally distant. For one thing, we were already gobsmacked with the cheating news, but that didn't hit me as hard as it should have. He's been gone so much of the time, for years and years now, that he doesn't really feel like a dad anymore. He's more like an uncle you only see at Christmas."

Alan nodded. "I feel the same. I'm emotionally detached, like Mom is talking about someone I used to know well many years ago, who used to visit our family a lot but doesn't do so anymore. Even when he came home recently, it was like he was hardly here. He didn't seek me out to have any meaningful discussions with me or really ask me how I was doing or anything. In fact, it almost felt like he was avoiding me the whole time, what with him going in to work for most of his so-called vacation home. And it's been like that for years. It's weird!"

Susan said, "Suzanne and I have talked about it. Perhaps the reason that he comes home so rarely and doesn't really engage with us when he does is because he kind of left this family emotionally a long time ago. He may well have a richly-fulfilling emotional life in Thailand, and merely maintains the pretence of being one of us because he's not ready to come out. That's just speculation, but it would seem to fit."

The teens all nodded at that.

Then, after a pause, Katherine said, "On top of all that, I have to confess... total brutal honesty now... there's a part of me that's actually happy to hear this. Because things have changed in a big way here lately, as we all know. Brother, you've got the makings of a little harem here, with me, Mom, Aims, Aunt Suzy, and others to come."

He rolled his eyes. "Please don't use the 'H' word."

"Whatever you want to call it, you know it's true. But how would Ron fit into that? Clearly he doesn't, and couldn't. What would happen if he were to come back for a month, or more? Heck, what if his work in Thailand ended and he lived with us full-time again? How could we deal with that, given the new sexual reality we're all loving? If it's true that he's gay and Mom's marriage is done for, we could be spared all that. Maybe everyone can get their happy ending. He can stop living a lie and totally focus on his gay lover in Thailand, or whatever makes him truly happy. And we can focus on our new way of life without having to worry about explaining things to him. What he doesn't know won't hurt him, and in fact it'll spare him a lot of pain."

Susan said, "I'm glad you said that, Angel, because I've been feeling much the same. The truth is, not only do I not love him now, I doubt that I ever really loved him. At least not with the passionate, sexual, all-powerful kind of love that I feel these days for my son." She flashed a loving smile at Alan.

He smiled right back.

She continued, "So, you're right, this could actually be a graceful way out of a marriage that had been dying anyway. Ron might never need to know about our new lifestyle. Of course we'll still keep in contact with him, at least somewhat, because we'll all always be tied together due to our shared history. But, if he's not actually living with us anymore, it should be relatively easy to keep our incest secret and all the rest from him."

She went on, "In fact, I believe that's why this is coming up now. In retrospect, I'm sure Suzanne must have had a strong suspicion about him for years, maybe since she first met him. But she never said anything to me about it. She probably sensed that the time wasn't right, realizing that I'd fall apart if my marriage crumbled without having anything to replace it. But now she's brought the issue to the fore and hired a private investigator, no doubt because she feels that this is the time for a big change for all of us."

The teens nodded at that. Amy commented, "Gee, my mom is really smart. Aunt Susan, she's totally looking out for you. I'm sure she waited until she felt you'd be able to handle it."

Susan nodded. "It's like she's my Earth-bound guardian angel."

The four of them continued to talk about the issue for another ten minutes or so. The initial shock had quickly faded, eventually being replaced by a sad resignation. Both Alan and Katherine felt guilty that they weren't more emotionally upset about it, since Ron had been a good father to them for many years before his extended work in Thailand had begun.

Eventually, Alan grew concerned that he would be late for his date with Christine. So he said good-bye, leaving the other three to continue to talk things over without him.


Alan pondered the news about Ron while he drove to Christine's house. It's a good thing that Sis spoke up about how she wasn't so broken up about it, or I'd feel like a cad. I've got this whole Oedipal issue that complicates matters. She doesn't, but even she kind of admits that this revelation is good news from a certain perspective. The bitter truth is that I'd given up on thinking of him as my father long before all this sexual wildness began.

Now that the shock of finding out has worn off, it almost feels like the logical conclusion to a separation process that began seven or eight years ago, at least. And he was the one who was pulling away from us the whole time, so why should I feel guilty! I didn't steal Mom from him; he let her go. Heck, he's left her twisting in the wind for years!

Hmmm. I never understood why he withdrew from the family, not just physically but emotionally too. Maybe that started around the time he got his secret long-term lover. Maybe he loved Susan to some degree, but when his new lover came along, he felt like anything he did with Susan or us kids was like cheating on his "true love." Heck, he might even have a full family over there, for all we know! Not likely, but it's possible anyway. Amazing. It's like I never really knew him.

At least I'm grateful that I found out about this after I had anal sex with Heather today. What fortunate timing! Amy is right that I've had a kind of anti-gay bias, but I hope I'm getting better. I think a lot of that was because I thought of anal sex as unnatural and disgusting. But it turns out it's friggin' awesome! At least if I'm the one doing the fucking, that is. Although I have no interest in doing that with a man, I have a new perspective on it. With all the lesbian and bisexual activity I've been lucky to be a part of lately, my attitudes are changing fast.

But still, I'm very resentful about Ron. Like I said back there, the real issue I have with this is the deception. I've got a sinking feeling that their entire marriage was a sham. He's probably known he was gay since he was a teen, and married Mom as cover for his business and family. What a rotten thing to do to her! But then again, if he hadn't done that, then they never would have adopted Kat and me and I wouldn't be in the incredibly lucky situation I'm in today.

Dang! I could go round and round with this forever. But right now I need to focus on Christine; I don't want to be a space case the entire evening.

He picked up Christine in front of her house, just as he had done for their two previous dates. For such special events he was allowed to drive Ron's Beemer, which normally just sat in the garage.

Christine seemed intent on outdoing her previous outfits. The outfit she'd worn on her last practice date had been borrowed from her aunt Kirsten. That had worked out so well that she'd visited Kirsten again, who lived about half an hour closer to the heart of Los Angeles, and borrowed yet more clothes. In fact, she'd spent hours talking with Kirsten about fashion and flirting, and they mutually decided upon just the right outfit for the occasion. Luckily, Kirsten was a stunning, busty beauty who owned her own fashion-related business despite being only 24-years old. They were close enough in size for Christine to fit into most of Kirsten's clothes, and Kirsten was kind enough to loan her pretty much whatever she wanted. It really was an ideal situation, especially since it saved Christine from having to buy all her own outfits.

Christine had ended up borrowing a number of outfits, so she'd have something to wear not only for this date, but for future dates too. Each one was sexier than the last.

All of this had built up her anticipation of this event. She'd wanted something that looked stylish and high class yet would still force Alan to take notice of her body. She had finally decided upon a dramatic dark blue evening gown. It had only one shoulder strap and a high cut up one leg, exposing flesh practically up to her muscular ass. Furthermore, she had applied tasteful make-up and wore what were for her extremely high heels, over three inches.

Susan turned out to be right that Alan would put the news about Ron out of his mind for the duration of his date with Christine. In fact, he was completely blown away from the moment he laid eyes on her. He actually contemplated not getting out of the car to greet her because he was afraid that there would be no way to hide his suddenly raging erection. Realizing that would be rude, he was forced to walk around the car and open the door for her, but he wasn't entirely successful in hiding his arousal.


"Wow. That's all I can say. Wow." His eyes were practically bugging out. "If people at school saw you dressed like that, well, I don't know what. There would be a lot of mayhem and gnashing of teeth."

Christine laughed with delight. "'Mayhem and gnashing of teeth.' I don't know what that means exactly, but I like it. And you're not looking too bad yourself, mister. With that outfit, you might get the role for the new James Bond movie."

She thought about her outfit. This had damn well better work. On a rational level I know there will be other women at the restaurant showing as much skin or more than I am, but I can't help but feel like a complete hussy dressed like this! I'm not even wearing a bra! If Alan doesn't get the hint this time, what can I do? Go naked next time? Maybe this'll be the night for a breakthrough between us!

As she was eyeing him she spied the large bulge threatening the fabric of his pants. Oooh! Looks like there's a little fellow here saying 'wow' as well. Looks like Aunt Kirsten's help is paying off. It's kind of exciting to feel exposed and know that I made him get aroused like that.

She discreetly took a second glance and then started to feel her insecurities take hold again. Okay, maybe it's not such a little fellow. I always have a plan carefully thought out in advance, but what's my plan here? I feel myself getting aroused just looking at his ample, er, endowment, but what would I do with that if I actually succeed in seducing him?

They got in the car and made it to the restaurant. It was a fine French restaurant called the Petite Auberge.

He asked, "Maybe this is being nosy, but I've just gotta ask: how did you get a dress like that?! It's... awesome! I wish I could put into words the perfect compliment to express just how beautiful you look right now, especially when you're dressed in that."

Her face reddened because she was so bashful about compliments like that. She looked away in embarrassment. "Thanks. But don't thank me. You should really thank my Aunt Kirsten. Just like last time, this is actually one of hers."

"Wow! Please, please give my compliments to your amazing aunt!"

Alan was extremely aroused. His entire body seemed to be constantly buzzing with energy. Christine definitely does do something to me. Just an hour ago I was lazing around the house with Amy, Sis, and Mom. All three of them were in various states of undress, doing their best to get me going, but nothing. Nada. Alan Junior was dead as a doornail, and that's saying a lot since all three of them are like runway models, and they were dressed in fancy clothes to boot. But one look at Christine in that evening gown and - schwing!

Not only that, but I was so tired I could hardly drive over here, yet now my heart is pounding and I'm so jumpy that I feel like I just drank a whole pitcher of coffee. I'm all nervous 'cos it seems like she must want something to happen. For her to dress like that, that's a huuuuge signal. But what does she want from me exactly? She knows Amy is my girlfriend now.

As soon as they sat down, he launched into some comments designed to dissuade Christine from getting the wrong idea, but doing it in a subtle way. "Christine, this looks like it's gonna be another great evening. You know what I like best about our dates?"


"Well, aside from the fact that I get to eat in the nicest restaurant in town with the most beautiful woman in town" - he couldn't resist giving her that compliment, especially since it was heartfelt - "I like how the pressure is off. That means no worries and nothing but fun. If this was a real date I'd be all nervous and tense. But when I'm with you I can be 100 percent certain that nothing romantic could even be seriously imagined, since we put all that behind us."

"Yes," Christine said tersely, secretly upset to hear that he was closing off any romantic options. She'd grown increasingly determined to win him, or at least be with him in some way, since he now had Amy. But she just played along. "Me too. I think I'd be even more nervous than you, at least since you've turned into such a Don Juan."

"Who, me?"

She practically growled, "Don't play coy with me. You know I'm a straight shooter. I've heard all the rumors and stories at school. I heard straight from your new girlfriend that she doesn't mind when you sleep with other women. I have a hard time putting this new you together with the old Alan that I'm so fond of."

Alan, still determined to make his non-romantic intentions clear, thought, This could be a chance to scare her from romantic aspirations for good. I'll just play up the whole harem thing. If that doesn't get her into a snit, nothing will. She may even go into one of her high horse lectures about the whole inequality and hypocrisy aspect, and not without reason since there is a lot of unfairness when you look at things objectively.

He said, "Yeah, well, it's still the same old me, just doing some new stuff. I don't know what happened; a whole lot of luck has a big part to do with it I'm sure, but somehow I've found all kinds of success with the opposite sex. I mean, having an amazing and beautiful girlfriend like Amy who doesn't mind me being with other women and even encourages it? How often does that happen? Every day I keep pinching myself, thinking I'm going to wake up from a dream."

"So it's true then. All the rumors are true?"

"Well, I don't know about that. I haven't heard all the rumors, and some of them are pretty crazy, I'm sure. But I do have a pretty amazing sex life all of a sudden, I must admit."

She was crushed, but she tried not to show it. Instead, she said in a semi-joking manner, "Get this. I heard one story that you had sex in the teacher's parking lot in the middle of class, completely naked, right there out in the open, on the hood of a car no less, with some other busty blonde!"

He chuckled, trying to laugh along with her. "Heh-heh. Yeah. Some wild stories going around." Of course he'd really done that with Heather, but felt it would be unwise to admit to that fact. However, he did privately amuse himself imagining the array of shocked and angry expressions that would cross Christine's face if he actually did tell her, since she hated Heather so much.

Christine was suddenly much more serious. She felt very uncomfortable talking about sex with anyone, much less Alan, but she forced herself to in order to clarify things. "So... who are you, uh, seeing, besides Amy?"

Alan was pleasantly surprised. "Is that all you're going to ask? I thought for sure you'd rip me a new asshole about the shocking immorality of my new sex life."

She laughed a touch too cheerfully before replying, "I would. It IS grossly unfair, for starters. But I promised Amy I wouldn't give you a hard time about it. Besides, I love good gossip and I want to know the dirt more than I want to lecture."

"I can't kiss and tell. Sorry."

Christine groaned in frustration. "Arrgh! You can do better than that. Come on. Give me a hint or two, at least."

He thought carefully while fiddling with his cutlery, and then lied, "It's true that I've been having sex with a number of beautiful girls. It's kind of a mixed bag, though. The only girls interested in me when I already have a girlfriend are those who either have no self-respect or are big sluts, or both. You know the types."

He'd lied because he hoped to put Christine in a bind so she wouldn't be able to position herself as a prospective casual sex partner after he'd just knocked those kinds of women.

She cut in, "The Heathers of the world, in other words. She seems to fit the bill exactly. I've heard a lot of rumors about you and her. Any truth in those?"

He poked at his napkin for some time. But when he looked up he saw her trademark implacable intense stare and knew she wasn't about to back down. He sighed, then nonetheless did his best to divert the conversation. "I'm really not at liberty to say one way or another about her or anyone else. But I know you're in the know about what she's really like, and that's the kind of girl I'm talking about. You're so much better than those types. To be honest, I really admire your standards and moral positions. For instance, the way you tore into Sheila to her face the other day about how she's ruining her reputation."

Sheila was one of their mutual classmates. Neither Alan nor Christine knew her very well, but that didn't stop Christine from speaking her mind about her, in front of witnesses.

Christine responded aggressively. "Alan, I'm surprised at you. I thought you were a better person than to have double standards like that. Why is it that you apparently can sleep all over town but if a girl does it she's a slut?"

"Hey, you were the one laying into Sheila."

Christine seemed a bit flustered, but replied, "I wasn't knocking that she has sex, because if she does, that's her business. I was criticizing her for being so indiscreet about it. Unfortunately, society does have this double standard, where most guys can and do brag about all their conquests but if we girls don't protect our reputations we get all kinds of grief. That's another reason I warned Amy about your arrangement with her. She's a nice girl with a reputation worth protecting."

He held up a hand and said, "Wait. You said you'd promised to go easy on me about that. And you should know I'm not the type to brag; you're the one who brought it up."

She laughed. "I guess I can't help myself sometimes. The truth is, I promised not to go overboard. But I still hold the right to speak my mind about what I see as a gross injustice."

Despite her criticism, he thought, Huh. By Christine standards, she's letting me off pretty easy. She's even joking a little bit instead of attacking me with that laser-intense killer stare she has. I guess she's not THAT upset about things, which is strange.

I wonder if she'd loosen up enough about it so I could eventually ask her if she was open to playing around a little bit? What would be so wrong with that? Come to think of it, why AM I so resistant to having sex with this complete knockout who's super-intelligent to boot?

I have to remember that I'm holding back, not just for my sake but mainly for hers. God knows I'd love to jump her bones this very minute. Just staring at all that glorious sweater meat in front of me, straining against the fabric, practically begging to be set free from confinement - damn!

Calm down, boy. She's too good to be treated like a fuck toy. It would be like getting a Rhodes scholar addicted to crack. It's just wrong, and a waste. She is too fine and amazing a girl just to be one of my crowd. Okay, my harem, if I can really call it that. If she's gonna be pining after me, then she won't be able to open her heart for some real "Mr. Right" who might come along.

Not only that, but if she were to find out about everyone I'm having sex with, she'd probably call me some pretty choice names and then lop my head off altogether. That's not even much of an exaggeration - she scares me sometimes! And some of us have loose lips, especially Mom who seems to be in some kind of sexual fog half the time these days and isn't that aware of what she's saying or doing.

Or what if Christine simply got close enough to feel like she could drop by my house unannounced? What a disaster that would be! All she would have to do is step inside and the overwhelming smell of pussy would probably give everything away, especially with her ability to piece bits of evidence together. And forget it if she starts talking to Mom! I could just see Mom making small talk: "I'm so proud of my Tiger. He's such a well-hung, cum-filled boy. Has he tamed your pussy yet?" Ugh!

So if she gets too close to everyone then I'm ultimately doomed. I don't know what Christine would really do if she found out, but the disparaging and disappointing looks she'd give me would be devastating. It would be as bad as Glory finding out. No, worse! I have to protect my harem above all else, even if it means missing out on things sometimes.

With new resolve, he increased his efforts to make clear once and for all that any kind of physical relationship between them was out of the question. "That's true; there is an inequality. But you should know that I'm not completely free to play around with just anyone. I do consider Amy's feelings, you know. I wouldn't do anything to hurt her. To give you just one example, she would be upset if I got involved with you because obviously you wouldn't be just a mindless fling, given the strong feelings I used to have for you in, you know, that way."

She thought out loud. "So she'd see me as a threat. That I'd replace her as your girlfriend."

"Something like that. Luckily, it's a moot point since we don't feel that way about each other. That's why she trusts me to go on these practice dates with you. That's also why I can feel completely at ease with you, because with you and you alone I could never do anything even if I wanted to, since I wouldn't betray Amy or her trust in me."

He thought to himself, That's not exactly true, but it's close enough for horseshoes. Amy did seem displeased at me for going on this date, despite her trying to put on a good face. If this is what it takes to firmly move my relationship with Christine into a safe zone, then so be it. I'll just have to get the story straight with Amy later.

"I see," Christine said while thinking intently. Curses! He's really trying to slam the door shut. What am I supposed to do about that? I can't betray Amy, since she's such a nice girl, even if I had it in me to do something like that, which I don't. Then there's the promise to not interfere with their relationship that I made to her too. I have to live up to my own ethics, not to mention that I'm hopelessly at sea at this seduction thing. Damn. It just seems so right that Alan be the one to introduce me to intimacy and love. I'm so frustrated that it doesn't seem like that can happen now.

But maybe there's a loophole. What if I got Amy's permission for him to have a second real girlfriend, and not just another 'helper'? It would be a bitter pill for me to swallow, but if Amy agrees, how can he say no to that? Amy is pretty amenable and I can be clever. I'll bet I can work out some kind of arrangement with her, once I get a chance to talk to her about it. That leaves me SOME hope.

In the meantime, I need to work on this whole flirting thing, just for the experience. Who knows, maybe I can get Alan to see me in more of a sexual light. But I don't really have a clue about how to flirt, except by dressing scandalously. Maybe I can use that to my advantage, though...


Sitting alone at her desk, Katherine added a second diary entry for the day:

Dear Diary,

I swear, I'm slowly losing my mind! Sometimes it seems as if this is Alan's world and the rest of us are just living in it. Take today, for instance - it's crazy! Even as I write this, he's on a "practice date" with Christine, who is as sexy and stacked as she is smart. She pisses me off so damn much. What's the difference between a "practice date" and a real one, anyway? Does it involve "practice kissing?" Or maybe "practice" full-on fondling, or even "practice" handjobs and blowjobs? Damn! I wish I could practice my blowjob technique on Brother right now! Or better yet, some of my sweet Kegel squeezing. He knows that Mom and I could spend the whole evening taking VERY good care of his cock. But noooooOOOOOoooo! Apparently, he'd rather hang out with Christine. Grrr!

But when I say I'm slowly losing my mind, that's only a part of it. Diary, you know how I wrote about my concern that Mom was having us see a psychologist? Well, forget it! We went to see her today, and it was AWESOME! Her name is Xania Goodleigh, if you can believe it. Talk about a fitting last name. In fact, you might as well call her Xania Excellent Fuck. I'm sure Brother would agree with that, because he wound up fucking her! Is that wild or what?! I mean, he just met her that same day, for crying out loud.

Xania as Katherine imagines her as a sexy librarian

And what makes that even wilder is how she looks. I've honestly only seen about a handful of women in my life who are completely off the charts when it comes to beauty, and she's one of them. It's like her, Mom, and Aunt Suzy could be identical triplets from the neck on down. They're all tall and busty, and all-around fit and curvaceous. And even though Xania's face is totally different from the other two, it's super hot in a serious but secretly-sultry-librarian sort of way. And yet Brother wound up fucking her, just like that!

What are the odds?! I would say no way, except for the fact that it turns out Xania was Suzanne's roommate and best pal back in college. I could totally see those two hotties hooking up, because they're like twins separated at birth or something, in a bunch of different ways. So it makes perfect sense that Xania has a powerful sex drive to fit her looks, just like Aunt Suzy does.

But still... I mean, come ON! How am I supposed to compete with these super busty Amazon beauties?! I tried to tell myself that I wasn't jealous, but Xania got me to admit that I was by having Brother fuck her right in front of me! I would have been super pissed off, except that he proceeded to give me a good fucking too, with Xania forced to just sit and watch! But still, the whole thing kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. All I can say is, thank God Xania lives in L.A. If she lived nearby, I'll bet she'd fall under the spell of Brother's cock in no time, and that would mean a lot less special Brother time for me. As it is, I won't be surprised at all if she starts visiting here a lot. Once Brother gives you a really good fucking, there's no going back. You're hooked for life!

OH! I'm obsessing about Brother getting it on with Xania so much that I almost forgot something REALLY important! I was expecting to have some moralistic prude of a psychologist attempt to quash all the fun I've been having with my one and only soulmate, but instead Xania told us that he can fuck me as often as I like! She gave us a big thumbs up! Of course, I hardly needed her approval, especially since he was boning me good already, but what's key is the effect those words will have on Mom. In fact, Xania's totally approving that Brother fuck Mom too!

That's major, because I know deep in my heart that once that happens all the remaining barriers will fall. It'll be a non-stop fuck-fest in this house! Soon, every night, Brother will go to sleep with Mom's naked body cuddling him on one side and my naked body cuddling his other side. Hell, I'll bet that on most nights, Amy or Aunt Suzy or other special beauties will be lying with us too. Diary, it'll be totally righteous and AWESOME! I'll be fucked so hard and so often that I'll need a wheelchair just to get around school most days! Hee-hee! I can't wait!

So much other stuff happened today too. For instance, in yet another chapter of "This Is Alan's World and the Rest of Us Are Just Living in It," you should have seen what was going on when I finally got home this afternoon. Bro fucked Akami so good (with Mom watching!) that I wouldn't be surprised if she gets hopelessly hooked on his sweet cum too. And there's the wild events of the football game, and more about what Xania had to say to us, and lots more besides. But sorry, Diary, that'll have to wait for later, because I just decided that I'm feeling too antsy. How am I supposed to just sit here when Brother is doing God knows what with Christine at this very moment?! GRRRR!

Katherine decided that she'd go downstairs and talk to her mother. She hoped Susan would have some words of wisdom to help her cope with her jealousy about Alan's "practice date." She also figured that if she was lucky, she and Susan might even help each other pass the time with some fun necking and fondling.

Katherine found a fully-dressed Susan standing in the kitchen, going through some of the many cookbooks that were kept there. This was somewhat surprising, since she and Katherine had finished eating dinner a short time ago. Katherine sat down on one of the counter stools and said, "Hey, Mom. What's cookin'?"

Susan looked up and smiled. "Oh, hi Angel. Check this out. Suzanne found this WONDERFUL article for me yesterday, and I'm finally getting to put it to good use." With that, she handed Katherine a computer printout.

Katherine exclaimed in surprise, "Wow! 'Ten Foods that Increase Your Sperm Count.' Is this for real?"

Susan was pleased as punch as she said, "Of course it's for real. And just look at some of the foods listed there. No wonder Tiger cums so copiously; he already eats a ton of this stuff."

Katherine scanned the headings on the article. "Yep, he eats lot of bananas, and garlic, and he likes ginseng too. And dark chocolate? Are you kidding me? That's his favorite sweet thing, maybe even more than ice cream."

Susan beamed. "I know! Isn't it wonderful? He's such a delightfully spermy young man. But I'm working on some recipes to add even MORE of these ingredients to his diet. Suzanne found another article on good foods to increase the libido in general. And she'd already told me some about foods to make cum sweeter, but she found more on that too. Apparently, you can find all kinds of useful things on the Internet."

Katherine chuckled. "Yeah, you can say that again." As she kept scanning the article, she asked, "By the way, what are goji berries?"

Susan frowned. "I don't know. I was hoping you could help me with that. Find out on the Internet where they sell them, and what to do with them. They're number one on the list! Just think: Tiger cums copiously already, but once I improve his diet... my goodness! Our faces and tits will be sticky with his pearly seed pretty much all the time! Can you picture it, just slurping and bobbing and licking and loving every inch of his thick pole for what seems like hours and hours, and then, when he finally can't hold back any more, he blasts a TORRENT of his fertile seed all over your face! You'll wipe your hands across your chin, but all that'll do is leave your hands covered in his sticky goo too!"

Susan was staring dreamily off into space by the time she finished that description.

Katherine was just as transported. She could practically feel and smell her brother's hot cum sliding down her face and dripping down to her big breasts. She whispered in awe, "Yeah..."

But her reverie was interrupted when she found herself thinking about Alan depositing all that cum on Christine's face instead of her own. As a result, she said, "Sure, Mom, I'll help. But... later. I wanted to talk to you, 'cos I'm feeling bummed."

Susan was already reading her cookbooks again, but she lifted her gaze and asked with concern, "Oh? What about?"

Katherine sighed. "It's this 'practice date' Brother is on right now. I hate to admit it, but I get really jealous. Tonight I can't sit still, thinking about how he's probably slowly seducing Christine. Doesn't that bother you too?"

"Certainly not!" Susan said with a touch of defiance. "I have no doubt that he's seducing her. But I know how he feels about her, and how she looks. She's certainly worthy of serving his cock, so I'm rooting for him and urging him on. To be honest, I've been slightly aroused all evening, thinking about how inevitable it is that he'll tame her and turn her into one of his personal cocksuckers."

Katherine frowned, since that was exactly the opposite of what she wanted to hear. "But don't you worry about him having so many lovers? There's only so much of him to go around, you know. For instance, if he wasn't on a 'practice date' with Christine right now, the odds are fairly good your mouth could be full of hot cock at this very moment, or maybe you'd be giving him a nice titfuck."

Susan pondered that. "True. And there are times I do get terribly antsy, especially when I'm waiting for him to come home from school. But the way I look at it, that's a big part of what makes it all so exciting. Because I'm up against some top-notch competition, every moment that I'm pleasuring his cock I have to do my very best! A part of me would love to be with him twenty-four hours a day, but another part of me prefers it this way. In fact, I must admit, sometimes I kind of get off on being denied and knowing that he's with someone else. Weird, huh?"

Katherine paused to examine her own feelings, then said, "Actually, maybe not. To be honest, I kind of feel the same way. It's like, if you don't have to fight for something, then getting it doesn't feel so good. But it's different in your case, 'cos you get more personal and up-close cock time than anybody else! Pardon the expression, but you get to have your cock and eat it too."

Susan smiled from ear to ear at that wordplay. "I sure do. And what a delicious, jaw-busting feast it is! But if you want some advice, consider this. I think your problem is that you lack confidence in yourself, so you just sit there while others grab him. You know what they say: 'The squeaky wheel gets the grease.' I know you don't want to be seen as too pushy, but I think he's made clear that he likes you to be more aggressive. That's why he keeps telling you that he likes you when you're 'uppity.' That's just another way of him saying, 'Sis, be pushy!'"

Katherine sat back on her stool. She asked uncertainly, "You think so?"

"I know so! Look, I have the same problem as you: I don't have a lot of self-confidence. For instance, I don't really think of myself as that beautiful, and I don't like all the attention my looks bring - unless it's from Tiger, of course. But my desire for his cock and his love is so strong that it pushes me to just go for it. In fact, I go for it to the point where I worry about being seen as a cock hog. But do I have any regrets? No! None!"

Katherine found that very helpful and encouraging. But still she fretted. "I don't know..."

Susan said emphatically, "What are you waiting for? Do you doubt your looks? DON'T! Angel, you are truly gorgeous! You really are. God blessed you with a curvy body, a stunning face, and a VERY impressive bust. Sure, Suzanne and I might be a little more endowed in that area, but we're older. You're still in the top one percent when it comes to breasts. Besides, you're his sister! Do you realize how big that is? That trumps everything! I know you worry about the likes of Christine, but if he had to choose between her and you, he'd chose you in a heartbeat."

"No way."

"Yes way! Looks-wise, you're in the same league as her, even though I know you doubt that, due to your self-confidence issues. But the kicker is that he loves you so very, very much. She'll never be able to match all the years you've spent with him, practically joined at the hip. No wonder you love him so much. Well, I have news for you: he loves you just as much!"

Katherine said, startled, "He does?" But then she added with growing confidence, "He does. He does!" Although she doubted herself, she didn't doubt his love for her.

She thought to herself, Mom is right! I need to be more uppity. One thing I've heard both Aunt Suzy and Brother say recently is that "fortune favors the bold." That's so true. I'm gonna do something dramatic and bold right now! She smiled wickedly as she thought about how she could surprise him during his date with Christine. She rushed around the counter and gave Susan a heartfelt hug. "Thanks, Mom! You're the best!"

Susan smiled as she hugged her back. "You're welcome. Now, can you help me figure out this goji berry thing? Not to mention the maca plant. That article says maca dramatically increases sperm count AND overall sexual desire, but I don't even know what it is."

Katherine broke the hug. As she rushed out of the room, she said, "Later, Mom, later. I've got things to do, right away. Uppity things!" She laughed out loud with unrestrained glee as she practically ran back to her room.


Back at the restaurant, Alan and Christine turned to safer topics for a while. But some time later, Christine redirected their discussion back to flirting, hoping to use her inexperience as an excuse to practice flirting with Alan. During a lull in the conversation she said, "Since we're so safely platonic with each other, I have a big favor to ask you."

"What's that?"

"Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but I won't beat around the bush. I'm hopelessly out to sea when it comes to flirting. Can you teach me how to flirt?"

He was surprised. Christine and flirting? Those are two words that do NOT go together. But on the other hand I never would have imagined seeing her dress like this, so maybe anything is possible. He replied, "I dunno, the last date we were on you said some pretty flirty things. I was pleasantly surprised."

She replied, "God, this is even more embarrassing. The truth is, I had some lines I'd thought out in advance. Even some things I said earlier tonight, like saying you could be the new James Bond, were already in my mind before you showed up. I knew you'd look sharp so I was thinking about what I could say. Isn't that dumb? Ugh! But I don't know how to be truly spontaneous. I just feel so awkward all the time. I'm hopeless!"

He fidgeted nervously. "Ah. Well, first of all, I'm no big expert. But I've learned a few things these last couple of months so I'd be glad to share what little I know. Having some thoughts already in your head is no sin, for one thing. To create a sexy, flirtatious situation, sometimes it helps to force the issue. Like maybe you have a good line in your head and you find a way to bring the conversation around so you can use it."

"Can you give me an example?"

"Well, a great way to flirt is with word play. I'm sure you've seen it in the movies and whatnot. You're so smart that I'm sure you'll pick up on it in no time. For instance, pick some common expression or idiom. Go ahead and pick something."

"Okay. Knock on wood."

"That works. So you have to think: how can I make something sexual out of that? Since 'wood' is also slang for an erection, there are lots of possibilities. For instance, if you told me, 'knock on wood,' I might joke that I'm not going to let you tap on my crotch." He paused, then added, "You can do a lot of things to my crotch, but I hope knocking or tapping on it isn't one of your first choices." He winked.

She blushed slightly as she thought about that suggestion. "Huh. I get the idea, and I've seen enough examples from others flirting, but the problem is I tend to overanalyze things and think too much. And I'm shy about this stuff. Sometimes I have a really naughty, funny thought in response to something, but I'd never share it, even with a close friend. It would ruin my reputation, for starters."

He said, "Well, that's what these practice dates are for, to try things out and not worry about reputations or consequences."

He didn't realize it, but there was one problem with him teaching her about flirting - he didn't really understand it himself. In recent weeks, his life had turned so sexual that "subtle" wasn't exactly in his sexual vocabulary. What he considered subtle flirting would be outrageous innuendo to almost everyone else.

Christine also was so inexperienced that she had no idea when a come-on would be seen as too overt. However, she was determined to do whatever it took to begin to overcome her Ice Queen reputation. Hopefully, in the process she could lay the groundwork to somehow snag Alan as her boyfriend someday.

"And that's what this is for." He lifted up the half-full glass of wine that sat at his place at the table. He'd used a fake ID to order some wine for himself, but hadn't had any way to do that for his date. "Drink some more. It definitely loosens the tongue."

She looked at him with worry. "What if we get caught?"

"You can just say you don't have any ID on you. After all, I've looked at your dress very closely, and I didn't see any pockets." He winked.

She squirmed a bit in her seat, getting excited as she thought about him closely examining her body. She was acutely aware of the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, and she wondered how obvious her erect nipples looked to him.

He asked, "What's the worst they could do? Throw us out? Come on, live a little."

She thought about it, concluding, He's right. I need to live a little. She leaned forward and said in a husky voice, "Alan, are you trying to get me drunk so you can have your way with me?"

His eyes went wide with genuine surprise and arousal. "Whoa! Sexy! See? That's big-time flirting."

She snickered happily. "You mean that got a rise out of you? Wait! That phrase has potential, getting a rise. I know I got a rise out of you, but did I really get a rise out of you, if you know what I mean? Stand up and show me the evidence!" She giggled.

However, a part of her was shocked at her own words. I can't BELIEVE I just said that! What's happening to me? I feel kind of slutty for saying that, but I like it!

He laughed. "Good. You're such a smart person; you'll be a natural once you put your head to it."

"Perhaps. But I'd rather put YOUR head up to it, if you know what I mean." She giggled again.

Her arousal was growing. Her thighs tingled as she rubbed them together. This is NOT me! Or is it? Why does just saying a few words make me so horny all of a sudden? They're only words, right? It's not like he's really going to take his penis and actually put it... Oh God! Seeing the glass of wine he was offering to share placed in front of her, she picked it up and took a big sip.

He thought, Uh-oh. Instant boner. Her voice has turned so sexy there's no doubt about THAT double meaning. Now all I can imagine is taking that gown off and lining my "head" up with her hot, juicy pussy. Shit! Now I can't get that image out of my head. Actually, I wouldn't mind putting my big head there either and smelling and tasting her down there, teasing her clit with my tongue until she cried out like a desperate, rutting animal. Oh man. Down, Alan Junior, down! This is not good.

He said to her, "Uh-oh. I think I've created a monster. I have a feeling you're not just going to best me in flirting, I'm gonna get totally creamed."

Christine's eyes lit up. "Oh! That's an easy one. I'm hoping that before the night is over, I'm the one who's going to get totally creamed. How's that?" She added in a voice absolutely dripping with sex, "Alan, will you please cream me?"

He groaned inwardly again. "Good. Almost too good. You're too arousing already."

She clapped her hands together, causing her braless boobs to bobble around inside her dress. "Oh goody! Of course, I never would say anything like that in 'real life.' I doubt even Heather would be that bold with her words. But here, we can do whatever we want."

He nodded. "True. But there is one real-life effect to all this practicing. My body seems to be practicing getting aroused."


She grinned. "Ah. So you're raising the ante, eh? Two can play at that game. I'll bet you're just saying that. Stand up so I can see the proof! I'll show you mine if you show me yours." She laughed some more and took another gulp of his wine.

She thought, I can't believe I'm acting like this. It's like I'm looking down at a different me. But I do feel at ease. Well, kind of. I feel so nervous at the same time, too. I think Alan is the only boy I could say things like this to. Actually, I know that's the case. What is he doing to me? I've never been this horny in my life!

He laughed along, but thought, Definite uh-oh. If she gets into a flirting groove, this is going to be a very long evening. Long and hard. And painfully throbbing. She's sexy enough when she just sits there acting like a pure intellectual but if she starts acting all sexy like Suzanne? The mind boggles. Ay-yi-yi!

Christine, though, couldn't help but rub her thighs together some more. Is that what I think it is? I'm getting all squishy down there, and my panties are hardly helping. How gross. But if feels so good to rub it, and he can't see what I'm doing...


As the evening wore on, Alan and Christine ate their meals and drank a lot of wine. While Christine couldn't order alcohol, Alan ordered enough wine in his name for both of them. No-one else seemed concerned. Trying to hide Christine's drinking only made the evening even more naughty and fun.

All the while, their conversation grew looser and more salacious. Christine took to flirting like a duck to water. She had the ideal situation to let go of her inhibitions, especially since this was the first time she'd ever gotten tipsy. The alcohol silenced her small internal critical voice and introduced a brassy exuberant new one that pushed her to "Go for it!"

Alan's erection just seemed to get harder and harder as the evening went on, with no let up. But things got even worse when Christine asked for help with physical flirting in addition to verbal flirting. She practiced licking her lips, leaning forward to put her breasts on better display, chewing her filet mignon slowly in a salaciously sensual manner, and so on.

What made the situation strange was that oftentimes Alan would give her a flirty suggestion and then she'd act it out. For instance, he would encourage her to place her fingers suggestively at her lips as she acted ever more provocatively. As the evening wore on, her actions toward him became more and more enticing. Supposedly, it was all part of her flirtation practice.


After a while, she even made excuses to stand up so she could flirt with her whole body and especially show off her long legs, one of her best assets. When she did, not only did Alan gawk, but so did just about everyone else in the restaurant. Her overall appearance could only be described as stunning. Normally she tried to hide her blonde bombshell looks, but tonight she was eager to flaunt herself.

However, she was well aware that Alan was a "tit man" since he'd been gawking at her chest for nearly three years now, ever since they'd been in the same classes together. She told him things like, "It's strange. This gown is cut so low on one side that there was no way I could wear a bra. I'm not used to the feeling. I feel so naked I might as well go all the way and just BE naked. All I'd have to do is let this one shoulder strap slide down..." She even put her hand on the strap before she burst into giggles, pretending her tease was just a big joke.

But what really caused Alan's dick to turn harder than diamond was when she said during a break, "This is soooo much fun." Then she leaned forward and whispered. "It's a good thing I didn't wear panties 'cos they'd be ruined by now. Oh, and you know I'm not wearing a bra either, so it's like I'm totally naked except for this dress." Then she sat back and winked.

He wasn't sure whether that was more practice flirting or if it was really true. (In fact, she was wet and braless, but she still had her panties on.) Regardless, the mere fact that someone so obviously sexually repressed as Christine would say that in such an easy going way, in a public place no less, was terribly arousing for him. He began to long for the meal to come to an end just so he could rush home and get some relief.

He said, "You've mentioned about being braless enough times already. Not that I'm complaining, mind you! But if you suggest pulling your gown down one more time, I think I'm going to die of frustration. Please, have mercy!"

She clapped her hands. "So, looks like my flirting is working?"

"Oh, it's working all right." He was so aroused that he was nearly miserable.

But she didn't stop. "Are you really SURE I'm not wearing a bra? I could be wearing a strapless one, you know." She sat back, winked and wiggled her rack, then added, "Perhaps you should check... Or maybe I should." She brought a hand up to her chest and cupped her breast in a very inviting and sexual manner. All the while, as she had been doing on and off for some time now, she rubbed her thighs together to further inflame her own lust.

He felt he was going to break into tears, he wanted to touch those boobs so badly. He was trying to think of a good verbal comeback but was so overwhelmed with lust that he was having a hard time thinking.

Then he got a call on his cell phone. This was a big surprise since he didn't even own a cell phone or realize that he had one in his pocket.

Hearing the ringing, Christine asked, "What's that you have in your pocket?"

Her voice was so sexy that she didn't need to say more. It was like she was staring at the outline of his long erection as she said it, even though his crotch was hidden under the table.

He pulled the phone out, fumbled with the buttons, and then brought it to his ear. He was so horny that his hands were actually shaking.

"Hi, Big Brother!" Katherine said into the phone. Before her brother could respond, she added, "There's a bit of a family emergency. Please find a private place to talk and don't tell your date who's calling, okay? This is going to take a good while to sort out."

He was a bit shocked and in fact was still catching up to the fact that he even had a phone to answer. He said "Okay" into his phone. Then he looked at Christine and said to her, "Uh, it looks like some kind of emergency. If you don't mind, I need to go somewhere quiet to take this."

Hearing him talk about an emergency snapped her out of her sexual fog somewhat. She said, "No problem. Take your time."

He stood up, and asked, "You sure? This might take some time. I'm guessing a few minutes, at least."

Her eyes bugged out a bit as she saw the large bulge in his slacks. She wasn't sure, because his slacks were a very dark blue, but she thought she saw a wet spot there too. She quickly recovered, and said, "Uhhh - I think I had too much wine. The effect can really sneak up on you. This is a good opportunity to clear my head. So go ahead and take your time."

She meant it too. She needed time to sober up and get her sexual urges back under control. She thought, So this is what it's like to be tipsy. It really CAN sneak up on you. Oh my God, what have I been saying to him? I've been just as naughty as he has with my filthy mouth. Did I really just invite him to fondle my boobs?! Just about! This is craziness!

Alan walked about twenty feet away from their dining table to a quiet, secluded part of the restaurant where large bay windows gave a wide view of the ocean. As soon as he was situated, he said into the phone, "Okay, Sis. No one can hear me. What's going on?"

Katherine replied, "Like I said, an important emergency. Mom sent me! Don't worry, no one is dying or anything like that, but I'm afraid that I can only tell you what's going on in person. It's that serious."

"What the heck? This is bizarre. For one thing, how am I even taking this call? Did someone slip Mom's cell phone into my pocket? If so, why?!"

"Yep. We did. You see, while you were taking a nap the rest of us were already discussing the possibility of this emergency arising and we wanted to be able to contact you if it did happen tonight."

"What on Earth are you going on about? Does it have something to do with Ron? I'll bet it does. Did he come back unexpectedly? But if he did, why couldn't you tell me over the phone. I'm confused. Get over here right away."

Katherine giggled. "Don't worry. I'm on top of that. In fact, don't make a big deal out of it and definitely don't tell your date, but I'm already here. Look across the restaurant towards the entrance. That's me talking into my phone."

Alan looked around and found his sister. He could barely see her on the opposite end of a very busy and large restaurant, but she was there. He never would have noticed her if he hadn't been tipped off. He did see just enough of her to recognize the top she was wearing; it was a fancy item she only wore on special occasions.

He looked away so Christine wouldn't follow his gaze. He said into the phone, "You've really got me confused now. I don't know what this emergency is, but I'll bet it's some kind of trick or something. For one thing, you're dressed up far too nice for an emergency."

"I swear," she said, "there really is an emergency. But we should be able to sort it out quickly. Tell your date that something's come up and you'll be back in about fifteen minutes."

So Alan walked back to Christine and told her that he needed to take a fifteen-minute break to deal with an emergency and went to go find his sister.

Christine nodded. She was trying to look him in the face, but wound up staring at his crotch. Luckily for her, he was too distracted by the emergency to notice, or even realize just what an obvious bulge he was showing.

When he got to the front of the restaurant, he discovered that Katherine had retreated closer to the front door, making it visually impossible for Christine to see who he was meeting, just in case she'd thought to watch him leave.

Alan walked up to his sister in a huff. "This had better be good."

Katherine giggled. Even though she'd seen him off when he'd left for his date, she pretended to be surprised to find him wearing a three-piece suit. She looked at him with approval and more than a little hunger. "Oooh! Who's this sharply-dressed man?"

He just growled impatiently.

He didn't realize it, but she was standing right in front of the men's room. She'd put a "Do not enter - temporarily out of order" sign on the door about five minutes earlier and had waited to make sure the bathroom had emptied out before calling. She said, "Oh, don't worry. It'll be good. Very good. But not here. This requires the utmost secrecy."

She grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into the men's room, leaving the sign on the door.

He was so eager to get to the bottom of the mystery that he let her pull him in and even let her drag him to the farthest toilet stall. When she closed the stall door, he impatiently whispered, "Okay, what the hell is so important and secret that you interrupt my date and drag me here..."

His voice trailed off because he watched in amazement as Katherine unbuttoned her white blouse. As her breasts bounced into view he looked around and realized he was trapped. She was standing between him and the stall door, and these particular bathroom stalls happened to go all but six inches to the ground, so there was no space for him to crawl out if he wanted to.

Oh shit! he thought. He knew he was in a weakened, vulnerable state, since he still needed relief for his raging boner so badly that he could hardly stand it.

Seeing that he'd fallen into a trap, he attempted to slip past her before her womanly charms and enthusiasm caused him to lose all control. They struggled a bit as he tried to reach the stall door, but it was too late for him because he was too worked up, not to mention tipsy.

He wound up with his hands on her breasts. Once that happened, it was like they were magnets and his hands couldn't pull away. Within seconds, his dick was humping her ass crack too, despite all of his and her clothes. Just as quickly, he had her bra pushed down below the bottom slopes of her ample melons.


Katherine giggled with pure delight as she enjoyed his roaming hands and his insistent erection. She said in an obviously factitious and not very loud voice, "Help! I'm being mauled by some kind of horny elderly businessman!"

Giving in to the inevitable, he laughed. "Elderly? If that's the case I'll have you know I've taken plenty of Viagra."

She just mmmm'ed contentedly as she let him play with her rack. Then she felt his erection pressing up against her ass even more insistently, and said, "Oh yeah, I believe it 'cos I can feel it. Is that a monster pussy pounder in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" She giggled some more.

He said, "Both. I have to admit I'm happy to see you even though you tricked me. For one thing, you're just too sexy to resist. I love the way your outfit looks on you, but I love the way it feels on you even more."

Katherine was wearing a white blouse with a black lacy bra underneath. She also wore black stockings and garters and a dark blue miniskirt. The miniskirt was nearly the exact same color as Christine's gown, a coincidence Alan liked a lot. His hands had wandered down to her stockings and leather skirt, which was why he said he loved the way her outfit felt so much.

She turned around so they could be face to face, and then she reached for his zipper. "Finally! It's time to deal with your emergency. I was watching you and Christine from across the restaurant. Even from more than 100 feet away I could see the way you two have been flirting with each other. She's always got one of her hands on yours or vice versa. You're like two little lovebirds, you know that? You're both aroused, big time."

"So what if we are?" he grumped, irritated at the reminder that she'd interrupted his date. But he let her fish out his pulsing and extremely needy erection.

She added, "I have to admit, it made me all hot. She was practically molesting her breasts right as I called. Christine the Ice Queen, no less! Looks like Alan the super stud strikes again. Big breasted bombshells the world over, beware! Because the bigger they are, the harder he pounds. Or something like that." She giggled some more.

"It's not like that," he feebly protested.

As she was talking, she managed to remove her bra and blouse altogether. Now she handed them to her brother. "Here, put these somewhere clean."

He looked incredulously at the clothes he held in his hand. "What? Why?"

She looked up at him with pretend irritation. "Because I'm your number one fuck toy. Of COURSE I'm gonna bare my tits for you." She dropped to her knees and held his hard-on with both hands. "Ah. Here we are. The emergency."

He looked around and noticed a bar for hanging things. He hastily hung her top and bra there.


She began to stroke his thickness. "Haven't you heard anything Mom's been telling you lately? You're a terribly cum-filled boy, as she keeps saying. And when you get blue balls it's only slightly less bad than another Chernobyl, in her eyes. Did you think we'd let you suffer with all that sperm build-up for your whole torturously flirty, yet still 'totally platonic' date?"

She said the word "platonic" with disbelieving sarcasm. "That would be cruel! I've been sent here to help." She giggled some more as she poked light fun at how carried away Susan could get about Alan's orgasm needs.

The only person who had sent Katherine though was herself. She was suspicious about these "non-romantic dates" Alan and Christine had been having, and since she considered Christine a serious rival threatening her own position with Alan, she wanted to see things for herself. Watching them flirt with each other, even from across the room, had confirmed her worst fears. She felt forced to follow through on a contingency plan that would prevent the date from going too far.

Alan's slight drunkenness made him slow on the uptake. Further, he was suffering from very painful blue balls. So while he'd enjoyed the fondling, only now did he realize where their playing was going to lead. Thinking of the risk, he said, "We shouldn't do this..."

Katherine just laughed and dismissed his feeble resistance. "Oh, please," she said mockingly as she scraped her fingernails along his balls in a not at all unpleasant manner. "You know you want it."

He couldn't deny that, but nonetheless he protested, "You've got to be kidding me. You get me all worked up with worries and interrupt my date just so you can give me a handjob?!"

She giggled, pleasantly surprised at how well her scheme was working so far. "No, I did all that so I could give you a blowjob. For starters." With that, she brought her face to her brother's crotch and began licking.

But to his simultaneous pleasure and frustration, she went for his testicles instead of his erection. She buried her nose in his balls and slathered all around with her tongue. She popped his balls into her mouth one at a time and sucked on them with a passion.

He loved it, but he felt that now wasn't the time. His balls needed release. He grabbed her head with both hands and redirected her tongue to his raging erection.

She got the message and immediately began sucking with a steady bobbing motion. She licked it inside her mouth as well. At the same time, she kept a hand cupped under his churning balls. She held them softly, massaging them gently, even as she attacked his dick with her lips like an out-of-control vacuum cleaner.

He was so overcome that all he could do was hold her head with both hands and assist moving her back and forth over his shaft. He thought, I can't believe I'm going along with this! This is so wrong. So wrong! And with my sister, no less! The danger... This is almost as bad as when Heather made me fuck her in the parking lot. True, this stall is pretty secure, but what if Christine finds out where I've been? My life will be ruined!

The cocksucking made him think of his mother, since she'd been doing that to him so much lately. He mumbled, "Did Susan really send you to do this?"

Katherine mumbled as she sucked, "Im a maanna ashpeegeeg." She slurred as she sucked because she didn't really want to be understood.

But Alan asked "What?"

She said it clearly this time, even though she kept on bobbing. "In a manner of speaking."

However, he was too worked up to talk anymore, so he didn't follow up that deliberately elusive answer. In less than a minute, his urge to cum had built up so much that it was all but impossible to stop.


Release didn't take long in coming. He'd been getting quite good at holding back and extending his sex sessions, but this time he hardly fought it. He was so worked up and anxious to get the dangerous sex over with that he decided to just let go. He began shooting into her mouth less than two minutes since she'd started sucking him off.


Christine sat at her dinner table, nervously tapping her fingers on their shared wine glass. She was all worked up and didn't know what to do. Although Alan had left, she was still extremely horny. She had a very vivid imagination, and she kept fantasizing about him doing things to her right in the middle of the restaurant.

She also continually flirted with the idea of masturbating herself right there. She was unwilling to give in and lose control, so it only remained an idea. But it was such a powerfully arousing one that it kept her nearly as hot as if she had been really frigging herself under the table. And even with her great willpower, her hands kept wandering to her crotch or her breasts. She kept having to mentally fight her own body, forcing her hands away before they could do anything unseemly in such a public place.

Alan said he'd be gone fifteen minutes. At least. That's a long time. What am I supposed to do? I'm bouncing off the walls. God, if I could just get some RELIEF! Phew! Man alive, I don't know if I've ever felt like this before.

Things were getting a little bit out of hand there. It's a good thing that phone call happened or I might have done something to make a fool out of myself. What's happening to me? Is it the wine? Is it that I'm really flirting for the first time? Or maybe there's something special about Alan? Whatever it is, I like it! If just flirting makes me feel like this, what will REAL sex be like? I can hardly wait.

She tapped and tapped the wine glass. Maybe I'll just go for a short while and burn off this energy. Or I could go to the bathroom and freshen up. Either way, I can't just sit here.

She stood up and began walking to the front of the restaurant, looking all over for Alan. She saw the door to the ladies' room and went in it without thinking. Once inside, her feet led her straight to one of the toilet stalls instead of to the sink and mirror as planned. What am I doing?! I don't have to take a pee; I did that just a little while ago.

Suddenly, a different perspective came to the fore in her consciousness. Oh come on. Who are you kidding? You know what you need and you need it now!

Her arousal was so high that there was no part of her brain that tried to dispute that. She pulled down her panties. Geez! I don't get wet that easily, but there's a little tsunami of lust down here. Oooh. Gross. Yuck!

She pulled her panties completely off and hung them on a hook on the stall door. Then she sat down on the closed toilet lid. In her excitement, she forgot that the only place she'd ever masturbated before was in her own bed or in the shower.

What a night! I think Alan really likes me. It's like we can't keep our hands off each other, even though we're sitting across the table. What if we played footsie below the table? Wouldn't that be fun? I could still try that when he gets back from his phone call, but I know I don't have the guts to start something like that. I'm so afraid to cross the line from officially platonic to something more, and that's not even mentioning the whole situation with Amy. It's funny - just a few minutes ago, he asked me if I wanted to order dessert and I told him that what I want to nibble on is already right in front of me. I can say outrageous stuff like that, and yet I'm still too chicken to even put my hand or foot on his knee.

She sighed heavily. Then she perked up. But what if HE were to start it? He's supposed to have turned into such a stud-muffin these days. Yeah! He would start touching me below the table, a little bit here, a little bit there, and the next thing you know, he'd have his toe in my pussy! Hell, why stop with a toe, a couple of fingers would feel a whole lot better!

She had been holding back from masturbating herself, even though she knew she would inevitably give in. It didn't take long for her resistance to crumble. Once she began thinking of Alan fingering her, she lost all control and began fingering herself with closed eyes so she could dream that he was doing it.

I can't believe I'm doing this! Thank God the stalls are so secure. I'll have to be extra quiet though. If anyone found out Christine the Ice Queen was jilling herself in a public place... But I don't wanna be the Ice Queen. Why can't I be Christine the Hot Tamale? Or Christine the Fire Tiger? Why do I have to come across in such a cold and unforgiving way? Why do I always have to play it safe?

Wait, I'm masturbating in a restaurant. For the first time in my life, I'm not playing it safe when it comes to sex! But what good does it do me now? I need to take risks with him, not by myself!


She began to frig herself more intently as her thoughts went back to Alan. Well, I guess I did a little, with all that practice flirting. Tonight he's seen my other side. Maybe it's all the wine, but I CAN loosen up!

Just then, someone in the stall next to hers flushed the toilet. The sudden burst of sound took her out of her thoughts and reminded her of where she was. Good God! What am I doing?! But it feels so good that I just can't stop! What if someone were to find me here?!

She momentarily freaked out until she looked at the door lock and confirmed again that it was securely locked. I know that no one can get in, but still I feel so...

Oh God! What if Alan found me here? Wouldn't that be deliciously awful? At first I'd be so mortified, so terrified, as he slammed the door open and stared at my slutty fingers... My probing, naughty fingers that just can't stop! But he's not the kind of guy who would just stare. Maybe the old Alan was, but the new Alan would take the situation in his firm and strong hands. He'd take one look at me and know what I need. A good hard fucking, that's what!

That's right, a fucking! It's my dream and I can use whatever fucking words I fucking want! He would say something like, "What do we have here?" as he smirked in complete triumph. 'Cos he knows I'm gonna get a massive beef injection and I know it too. Oooh! "Beef injection!" I love it. Why do I always pull back and run away from even saying things like that, even in my own thoughts? Tonight I found when talking like that out loud that it can be fun to be a little naughty. I'll bet sex is ten times better. A thousand times better! It's probably the best feeling in the whole wide world!

He wouldn't waste time. He'd say, "It's time I show you what sex is all about." Then he'd take my clothes off and take his off too. I'd be helpless in his strong arms and just let him turn me into a naked slut. In fact, he wouldn't even close the door! All the women coming and going would stop in front of this stall and peer in as he sat me in his lap and bounced me up and down, holding me and tossing me about like I was some kind of blow-up fucking doll! His hands would be on my breasts, for sure! I'd scream for joy and for shame but there would be nothing to do but GET FUCKED! Gaawwwd that would feel good!

Christine very rarely masturbated because she would rarely allow herself to get sexually worked up. But when she did she would always use one or two fingers only, and no additional aids. She was very careful about keeping her hymen intact, and mostly got off from fiddling with her clitoris. However, now she was overcome by the desire to imagine what it would feel like to be filled to the limit with a fat erection, so she tried to add a third finger. She discovered that that didn't work: the twinges of discomfort from the additional girth kept her from taking all three fingers comfortably. Even so, simply even trying made her feel incredibly worldly and wanton.

Oh, yeah! That's it, Alan, fill me! Fuck me! Split me in two! After a few more thrusts like that she felt that she absolutely had to have three fingers. She made another effort and managed to get all three in, though it hurt some and they couldn't go very deep at all due to her hymen. Still, it was enough for her to better fantasize that the fingers represented Alan's erection. Ooooh! God-it's-so-big! Ugh! Alan, no! I can't take all that cock! It's my first time. Please have mercy on me! Not so much fat COCK! Not so deep! Oh, soooo deep! Yes, deep! Deeper!

She moaned loudly in frustration as her hymen prevented the kind of penetration she deeply craved. No! I need more. I need his thick eight inches! I wanna go deep!

Suddenly she froze as she realized how loudly she'd just moaned. She paused in her thrusting. Shit! If there's anyone here, they must have heard that. She remained completely still and strained to hear any sound. As she heard some shuffling of feet, her heart sank and her heartbeat pounded even faster than it was already hammering.

She reached out and flushed the toilet. She sighed, but quietly. Shit, shit, shit! Well, hopefully if anyone was paying attention they'll just think I was having a difficult bowel movement.

She waited a while, nearly a minute, until she heard the sound of a door opening and closing. Then she waited a little longer until she was fairly confident that she was alone. She thought, Shoot. I was having such a good time, but that ruined my groove.

However, that wasn't true. The close call only increased her excitement. As she resumed jilling herself she was instantly transported back into her fantasy. That's it, Alan, give it to me! Give it all to me! Don't hold back!

She imagined that he was lifting her up and slamming her back down onto his steel erection over and over. In an attempt to mimic that, she began bouncing up and down on the toilet seat. At first she did it a little, but soon she used a hand to support herself and actually lifted completely off of the seat repeatedly as she really got into it.

That's right, Alan! Fuck me hard! Take me! Make me yours! Use me! Use my cunt! Use me any way you want! Use my tits too!


She'd been so intent on playing with her clit and pussy that she'd temporarily forgotten about her breasts. But she brought the hand that had been helped to accentuate her bouncing to her chest and practically mauled herself in her frenzied excitement. Since her dress slipped down on one side, nearly exposing a nipple, she was able to reach in from that side and play with one breast directly.

She continued like that, working her pussy with three fingers, while frantically grasping at her breasts through her outfit, for a couple more minutes. She had to be careful due to her hymen. Luckily, hymens vary greatly from person to person and hers was deeper than most, but still she could do little more than push the three fingers in right at her pussy lips and keep them there.

She would start to moan loudly and then catch herself and quiet down, then repeat the process. She considered adding a fourth finger, but decided it was too risky for her hymen.

One reason why Christine rarely masturbated was because she wasn't the type to climax easily. In fact, she climaxed so rarely that each one was an event. But the plus side was that when she did reach climax it was always a big one, and this one was the biggest climax she'd ever had yet.

It took all of her concentration not to scream at the top of her lungs as her body was completely overcome by lust and the greatest of pleasures. She knew she was making some noise bouncing around, not to mention all of her huffing and puffing, but it couldn't be helped.

Then, all of a sudden, it was over. She came crashing down from her great high and found herself sitting on a toilet in a public place, with one hand on a boob and the other on her pussy. The awareness of the situation hit her hard, like she'd just been transported into her body from somewhere else. A depressed feeling suddenly overwhelmed her.

She slumped down and sighed. She flushed the toilet again, hoping once more that that would mask what she had really done. Damn! What's gotten into me? Alan's not all that. I think I'm building up all my years of erotic frustration and projecting all my fantasies and dreams onto him. But what's with my fantasy, what's that all about? Why is it that I'M the one telling HIM to use me? Did I really say that? Did I tell him to make me his? That's fucked up. Why is it the girl has to belong to the guy? Why can't it be the other way around? Why can't I use HIM? Why is it that he gets to sleep with any girl he wants while Amy waits patiently for him to come home from his fooling around?

Her mood suddenly flipped from righteous indignation to pure lust. Because he's such a powerful fucking machine, that's why! You can't stop a total stud like that. If even a fraction of the stories about him are true, he's a literal big-dicked non-stop fucking MACHINE! And to think I turned him down when he asked me out. What an idiot!

Just as suddenly, her mood flipped again. What's gotten into me? Suddenly, a completely inequitable situation is okay just because he's a "total stud"? I think not! So what if he's got a huge penis and knows what to do with it? The entire situation is- oh shit!

The sound of a nearby toilet flushing again roused her to reality a bit more. It hit her that she'd been in the ladies' room a lot longer than she'd meant to be and that she had to get back to her table. On the other hand, she was wiped out from her masturbation session. She tidied up, picked up her panties (they were so wet she had no intention to put them back on), and staggered out of the toilet stall. To her great relief, no one saw her come out, although a couple of the other stalls appeared to be in use.

She went to the sink, tossed her panties in the trash, and looked in the mirror as she tried to make herself presentable again.

Crap! How am I gonna go on without panties? I'd better just not get aroused anymore. Yeah, like that's gonna happen! She let out yet another heavy sigh as she lamented her lack of willpower.


As Christine was busy in the ladies' room, Alan and Katherine were still a short distance away in the men's room.

When Katherine's blowjob ended, Alan felt so light headed that he had to sit down on the toilet. He put his head in his hands and tried to recover. "Oh God. That was intense. I hate to admit it, but I really needed that."

Katherine giggled. "Hee-hee! See? Susan and I know you better than you know yourself." She was careful to say "Susan" and not "Mom" on the off chance that someone had quietly entered the bathroom while she was busy sucking him. "Aren't you glad?"

"No," he said. "This is craziness. I'll admit that I was dying for release. But if I had a lick of sense I would have just come here and jerked off."

Katherine gasped in mock horror. "Masturbation? If Mom heard you say that, she'd wash your mouth out with soap. Or, more likely, she'd get so excited picturing that that she'd make you wash her mouth out with your sperm. But either way, mouths would get washed." She giggled.

She sat down on the floor and leaned back on the stall door, because she needed to rest for a minute. She wasn't wearing anything but her blue miniskirt and high heels, but her long dark brown hair flared out and covered all of her back, so she wasn't too concerned about getting dirty. She spread her legs some, showing him that she wasn't wearing any panties. She saw her new position would allow her to comfortably play with herself, so she started frigging her pussy. She asked him, "So. How's your date going?"

He answered, "Fine. But what do you think you're doing?"

"Duh! All these constant orgasms seem to be affecting your brain. What does it look like? In any case, what were you two talking about? You two were getting pretty hot and heavy, from the little I could see. What happened to the non-romantic dating idea?"

He replied defensively, "I don't appreciate you spying on me and my date. And I'll have you know we're still very much platonic, thank you very much. It's just that she needs practice with flirting, so that's what we're practicing."

Katherine snorted with derision.

Alan ignored that, and continued, "And I gotta say that I've had so many incredible sexual experiences lately that I'm not used to so much teasing and so little action. She and I have been teasing each other for the last hour or more. I've been very clear with her tonight that things are just platonic, but in spite of that the sexual tension has been growing. You came along just in time."

She smirked. She was very happy with the outcome of her intervention so far.

He saw her look, and said, "Don't get so smug. A lot of lucky things have fallen together, so I'm not that mad at you. For instance, I don't know how no one's come into this room for the last five minutes or whatever it's been."

She snorted. "Luck? Not hardly. Didn't you see the 'DO NOT DISTURB' sign I put up outside the door?"

"Huh. Clever. But how long will it take before some employee notices that, especially if some customer who really has to pee complains? We need to get out of here, and quick. But before we do, I want to make it completely clear: what you did here is totally insane. There's no way you can do this again. Our luck is only gonna last so long. I want you to promise me right now you won't pull any stunt like this again. Especially on any date with Christine. She's dangerous. You know that, right? If she were to find out what you were doing a few minutes ago, well, I don't think she'd go public with it, but she'd find some private way to put a stop to our relationship. She's not the kind to turn a blind eye to something she finds offensive. Is that what you want? To put an end to all our fun?"

"No, of course not."

"Well then, promise me. Promise not to interfere." He stared intently at her face, doing his best not to look at her fingers working on her clit.

After she gave that serious thought, she replied, "Okay, but only on one condition. I promise not to do it again, so long as I get to make the most out of this one time. I want you to fill me down below." With a big grin, she nodded down towards her pussy.

"What, you seriously expect me to get hard again? No way. That's a ridiculously dangerous idea. How long do you think that 'do not disturb' sign will work? We're gonna get in serious trouble when they find the sign and figure out that someone inside must have put it there. And besides, even though you're looking pretty tempting diddling yourself like that, it's not enough. Frankly, I have no idea how I managed to get aroused even the first time, considering everything else I've been through today. By all rights I should be completely collapsed and dead asleep by now. Emphasis on 'dead.'"

"I know how to do it," Katherine said in a husky voice. "Just pretend I'm Christine. You two practicing all that flirting. That's what gets you going. What if she needs more practice than that? What if she wants to come into this room and practice a little titfucking? What then? Just imagine your cock in the middle of a GIGANTIC tit sandwich! She's so busty she's practically Brenda-esque!"

He gulped at that comparison. He could feel his penis stirring again.

She went on, "You should practice playing with those fun bags. Not only that, but she's probably gonna need a lot of cocksucking practice, and as a 'platonic' friend I'm sure you'll be more than happy to help her out with that."

She snorted and giggled. Even though she was jealous of Christine, those feelings were largely forgotten for the moment. She knew this kind of talk would increase his lust until he'd be putty in her hands, and that's what mattered to her at the moment, because she really wanted to get fucked.

Alan was instantly reminded of Christine's earlier busty teasing, which made him that much more aroused. Still he protested, "It's not like that. Really. I'd turn her down if she came on to me; it would be too dangerous."

Katherine snorted again. "That's a laugh. IF she came on to you? Where were you earlier tonight when she was about to launch herself at you? She was so horny, I could see it and smell it from the other side of the restaurant! Protest all you want, but I know you get off on danger. You say you hate it but you love it. Here you are..."

He replied, "I guess I can't help myself. You're too sexy. But if we're gonna keep going, could you please put your blouse back on? Loosely, at least?"

She looked at him indignantly. "Certainly not! In fact, I'm way overdressed as it is." Smirking with glee, she stood up and took off her short skirt. As she hung it on the same bar with the rest of her clothes, she said mirthfully, "As the famous saying goes, 'The best kind of fuck toy is a naked fuck toy.'"

He snorted with amusement, "Famous saying, huh?"

She tried hard not to giggle. She was trying to sound serious and academic, but failing miserably. "Certainly! Who said that? I forget. Winston Churchill? Mark Twain? Homer? One of those famous often-quoted guys, at any rate."

She suddenly stood up and sat down on Alan's lap so she could put her lips near his ear. She whispered quietly, "Here you are, in a public restroom having sex with your silly little sister while your absolutely gorgeous date is waiting patiently for you. Is that not naughty? Is that not truly dangerous? But you love it, don't you?"

As she talked she took his dick in her hand and stroked it as it steadily inflated between her legs. Giving up on frigging herself, she brought her other hand to his balls and began lightly scratching on the bottom of his nut sack.

He wanted to deny it, but the truth was in Katherine's hands, and in more ways than one. He just looked around as if he was able to see through the stall walls to see if someone was listening.

Katherine picked up on that and whispered as she stroked his penis back to life, "That's right. For all we know, there could be someone standing right outside this stall with their ear to the door. There's no way to know, is there? At any moment someone could stand up on the toilet seat in the stall next door and look over the wall down at us, couldn't they?"

He couldn't resist - he looked up towards the top of the stall, half expecting to see a face peering down. But no one was there.

Katherine was no fool. She knew that, at the moment, there was nothing more arousing to him than thoughts of Christine. If she was to get what she wanted and go all the way, she had to make him even more aroused first. She took a risk and whispered, "Heck, it could even be Christine watching."

He got even more visibly nervous at that. He also started panting hard.

But she quickly pressed on, saying, "Of course, Christine is very inquisitive. She'd want to learn what we're doing, just like she's 'learning' about flirting. We'd have to open the door and let her in. Then we'd strip her and teach her a thing or two about sex. Wouldn't that be fun? Just imagine a fully naked Christine standing here, watching you fuck your own sister! Her huge tits just wobbling and jiggling around as she bent over to get a really good look. Sure she'd be upset, but only because she'd have to wait her turn to get fucked!"


Seeing that Alan was panting and quite excited by her words, not to mention her stroking, Katherine turned around, held his erection in place, and slowly sat down on it. She let out a great big "Aaaaah" as it filled her up.

She was so tight that he couldn't enter her with one great thrust. Instead, they worked together to move her up and down, allowing her to take a little more of his erection with each down thrust.

Eventually, he bottomed out. He thought, Man, what a sister! She's so smooth and warm and wet. And so very, very naughty. How can I get mad at her when she makes me feel this good?

The two of them grunted with exertion as Katherine fucked her way onto her brother's shaft. After another minute or two, she relaxed and loosened up enough to make further thrusts a lot easier.

Even though both of them guessed no one else was in the men's room, they tried to stay as quiet as they could, just to be sure. In their nervousness the sounds of his wet dick surging and squishing its way in and out, together with the smacking of flesh on flesh, sounded like they were being picked up by a microphone and broadcast loudly throughout the room.

He felt excitement coursing through his body like an electric current. His mind boggled at the situation he was in, and his heart pounded wildly. He moaned, "Dammit, Kat, this is bad. Coming here, doing this. Jesus! I can't believe what a slut you are."

"Not a slut," she happily corrected him. "A fuck toy. Your number one fuck toy. A very naughty and uppity fuck toy, but one who knows just what you need sometimes even better than you do. And what you need right now is to nail some serious sister ass!"

There were both so carried away, they forgot about the danger of using words like "sister."

As she bounced up and down on him, going higher and higher with each new impaling, he complained, "I know what this is all about. You're jealous of Christine, aren't you? You're worried that she'll take your place somehow. Don't deny it, I've been getting those vibes from you for some time now. You always frown when her name comes up. You even admitted your jealousies to Xania this afternoon in her office. You've got to quit being so jealous."

Katherine didn't answer, all but confirming what he said with her silence.

So he continued even as he got more into the fucking, "Don't worry about it! I love you. YOU! NO one will ever take your place. Is that clear?" He possessively ran his hands all over her heaving breasts.

"No," she surprisingly said. "I mean, I know you love me in a non-romantic way and that you always will, but how can I compete when it comes to sex? I'm not as curvy or as stunning as all your other women. I have to try to make up for that by going all out."

He suddenly turned tender and the pace of the fucking changed too, slowing down. "Awww, Sis. You really don't have to do that. I'll love you and lust after you no matter what you do. Can't you see that? What do I have to do to prove it to you?"

"Fuck me!" she whispered in the most sexy voice imaginable. "Prove your love with your dick!"

So he fucked her some more, but now it really became more like making love. Instead of pounding her, he went slowly. He showered the back of her neck with kisses, reached around and slowly circled her nipples and clit, and nuzzled her ears. He wanted to prove the intensity of his feelings and tried to do everything he could physically to increase her pleasure. Before, his thoughts of Christine had increased his arousal, but now Christine was completely forgotten. He was so overcome with feeling for his sister that he practically cried, not from joy or sorrow, but just overall emotional intensity.

At the same time, he was going mad with arousal because Katherine was doing her utmost to fuck him to death, despite the slow pace. She put her heart and soul into it, moving her hips in ways that would make even a belly dancer jealous. She coaxed every last bit of pleasure possible out of her brother, gently and insistently grinding down onto him.

But while the slow fucking was intense and helped them reconnect, they were both too aroused and too worried about getting caught to go on like that for very long. Alan began picking up the pace.

He cursed the suit he was still wearing. He had been so distracted that he forgot to even take his jacket off and now it was both limiting his mobility and making him sweat. He feared going back to Christine looking suspiciously rumpled and sweaty. But he was still able to clutch Katherine's ass and knead her soft but firm ass cheeks. At the same time, he began bucking and thrusting his hips upwards with more urgency.

The slap of skin on skin seemed to loudly echo around the otherwise dead silent room.

Within minutes, he really started slamming into her. This was another way of proving his love, by overwhelming her with physical strength, fucking her harder and deeper than he'd ever fucked her before. Soon they switched positions and he began doing her doggy style so he could penetrate as deep as he could go. His erection banged past her cervix before sliding alongside and deeper into her with each thrust.


The two of them loved it. Both wanted to cry out, but had to restrain themselves because of where they were. Somehow, that made the fuck even better as the need to stay quiet constantly reminded them of the excitement and danger.

Alan waited until Katherine was overcome by a continuous, prolonged orgasm. Then he let loose, starting to fill her vagina with his seed. He could have gone on longer, but he kept thinking about that "do not disturb" sign and an employee coming in to see what it was about. He also remembered Christine, and imagined her impatiently waiting at the table. Thinking of that in particular really brought out his "Bad Alan" side. He reveled in how wrong it was to fuck his sister in the middle of a date with another girl.

Jet after jet of hot semen fired into Katherine's equally hot and needy pussy. For a brief moment, he enjoyed how great it felt when he didn't have to wear a condom. He thought of all his sperm swimming and struggling deeper and deeper into his sister, and was reminded that there was always a chance the protection would fail and they would make a baby. In his overheated and lust-addled brain, that thought just aroused him all the more.

She was thinking along the same lines. Gaawwwd! Wouldn't it be sweet poetic justice if he banged a baby into me while on a date with Christine? I don't know why that would be so perfect, but it really would! For one thing, it just goes to show what a total fucking tamed sister slut I am! Hee!

Don't stop! Don't stop now! Keep filling me with your precious baby batter! Bang your sperm straight into my womb! ... Oh dammit, he's slowing down... Shoot, we're down to the last squirt. But still, what a RIDE that was!

The two of them ended up in an embrace. They were a sweaty, disheveled, and panting mess. Even now, he kept his jacket on, since he didn't have any good place to put it (the bar holding his sister's clothes wouldn't work for his stiff jacket).

Between the need for speed and his great excitement, he had cum in a matter of minutes since they started the hard and fast thrusting. That was a poor performance compared to his recent standards, but at least he knew that he'd been completely satisfied and his sister was completely satisfied too.

Katherine couldn't help but gloat a bit. She was the first to speak as she sat on him sitting on the toilet and they both recovered. She crowed, "So. Still thinking my coming here was a bad idea?"

"Okay, you got me. It was fun. A lot of fun. And I feel good that we reconnected in a primal way. I'm sorry if I haven't spent enough time with you lately. But I still think this was a bad idea overall. We risk everything for a few minutes of fun. Promise me you'll keep to your promise and not do this kind of thing in public again. Especially not when Christine is at all involved."

Katherine pouted. "As Mo- as Susan would say, 'Oh poo.' But I suppose you're right. Okay, I promise."

But inwardly, she was far from regretful about what she did. She knew that she had accomplished her main mission. When she'd come to the restaurant, she'd been able to detect sparks flying between Alan and Christine even from across the large room. True, Alan seemed surprisingly determined to keep things platonic with his bombshell date, but when he got that aroused lately his little head usually overrode his big head. Now, after two climaxes to top off an extremely sexually busy day, she knew it would be a near miracle if he could even achieve another erection. Just as importantly, the momentum of his date had been lost. Katherine felt confident that the Christine "threat" had been neutralized, at least until their next date.

Alan had stood guard and successfully made sure that Katherine could escape the men's room without notice. The only curious thing was that he couldn't take the "do not disturb" sign down because someone had removed it already. That led both him and Katherine to wonder if anyone had come in to check if anyone was there, but if someone did they had no way of knowing. They also did not know they had just missed Christine's exit from the ladies' room by a couple of minutes.

In retrospect, he realized that both he and Katherine had used words like "Sis" and "Sister" a couple of times. That worried him more than anything. He doubled his resolve not to let his lust overwhelm his common sense ever again, because the risk of losing everything was too great.

He went to great lengths to wash and clean himself before he left the bathroom. Luckily, his hair was unruly most of the time anyway, so his slightly bedraggled appearance wasn't so noticeable.


It turned out Katherine was correct in her analysis - she had spoiled the erotic build-up. Nearly twenty minutes had passed by the time that Alan finally returned to the table where Christine was waiting. Christine didn't seem to have minded his long absence nor did she pry about the nature of his "emergency," but the sexual and flirtatious mood from earlier was gone. And as Katherine had intended, Alan was physically incapable of managing another erection.

Christine was still slightly horny, but she was mostly sated sexually. She looked a bit flustered and embarrassed after what had occurred in the ladies' room, but Alan was too busy trying to act casual and cover up his own sexual escapades to notice. Although she had lost her panties, that now only made her feel more embarrassed, rather than empowered and brazen. In fact, for a while after she came back she felt strong resentment towards Alan that she had to fight to suppress. On some level, she blamed him for her getting too aroused and losing control in the restroom.

Eventually, though, they both fell back into a fun mood. But while the two of them continued to talk up a storm and joke around, there wasn't any further "flirtation practice." There was still a certain sexual tension between them, but it wasn't at the "rip each other's clothes off" level of intensity that had been there earlier.

Christine in particular remained quite horny, mostly because she felt wickedly naked and exposed from not wearing a bra or panties. She avoided prying about his phone call, because from his changed mood she guessed that it had to have been about some serious, unpleasant matter. She mostly restrained herself.

The two of them could have stayed out much longer, but there was a certain rhythm to eating at an American restaurant, where it was expected one would leave not long after finishing the meal and paying the check. As they left the restaurant, Christine toyed with the idea of asking Alan to take her dancing, but she chickened out.

Alan dropped her off at her house, giving her a quick goodnight kiss on the cheek. In an attempt to stay a gentleman, he rather awkwardly kept his hands at his sides, and she did the same. However, she was so stacked that they were forced to touch in another way: he did his best to ignore the way her hard nipples and huge globes pressed into his chest during their kiss.


As he kissed her he thought, I must be the biggest fool in the history of mankind to not really go for it right here. I hope someone somewhere is recording some major good-guy points for me right now. Why does she have to look so drop-dead gorgeous? Thank God my dick is flaccid or I might not be able to stop with just this innocent kiss.

Christine seemed happy enough with the minimal kiss, and happy with the date overall.

The two of them agreed to have another date soon, although no specific date was set. With the kiss over, he lightly hugged her for another minute or two as they wrapped things up with some small talk. Once he had her in his arms, and his hands on her bare back, she felt so good that it was hard to let go. But he finally managed after one more brief kiss, on her other cheek.

After he left, he wondered how different the goodnight kiss might have been if their earlier sexy mood had continued to escalate. Even after all the heavy flirting he'd done, he still didn't realize how much Christine desired him. That flirting was very tame, at least compared to all his other recent sexual activity. He suspected that Katherine's interruption may have prevented him from crossing a line with Christine, but he didn't realize how close Christine had been to crossing the line on her own (only to be "saved" by her own bathroom interruption).

Now that he'd gotten his rocks off, he realized that he was probably lucky to have avoided another serious sexual entanglement. He resolved not to let himself get in such a tempting situation with Christine again.

He thought, I love these dates with Christine. They're a lot of fun because she's such fun to be with. Once she lets her hair down you get all the smarts without the prickly attitude. And it's nice for a change of pace to be with a great girl without needing to rise to the sexual occasion again and again. But on the next date I have to take an even firmer stance that things have to be completely platonic between us. Sadly, it's the only way. If only she were completely open-minded sexually, like Amy - but she's not. The situation with Glory is painful enough already; I don't need another duplicate of that unsolvable kind of problem.

As he drove home afterward, he suddenly realized that he was extremely tired. He'd been able to sustain a kind of high as long as Christine was around, but that disappeared as soon as she left and he had nothing else to keep him going. It was all he could do to get home without falling asleep at the wheel. A whole week of incredibly exciting adventures was finally catching up with him. He thanked his lucky stars that his scouting trip had been postponed, because he just didn't have the energy for it. His stamina was all tapped out.

Susan was waiting up for him when he arrived. Katherine had been home for a while and had gotten Susan excited talking about her big bathroom stall adventure. Susan had hoped to talk to Alan about it and maybe have some more sexy fun with him, but just one look at him let her know that even talking was out of the question.

She reverted to "mother" mode and quickly got him to bed. She tucked him in with nothing more than a kiss on the cheek.

Alan fell asleep just about as soon as his head hit the pillow. He slept for a very, very, long time.


Back at home, Christine was still energized and horny from her date with Alan. She was glad that her parents had already gone to bed, because she knew that they'd want to question her about her date and she didn't want to deal with that just yet. She rushed to her room and removed her clothes, in preparation for going to bed.

Although Christine was buzzing from the excitement of her date, and especially the final good-bye kiss, she was a very self-critical type of person, and she was already starting to fret about what had just happened. Once she had taken off all her clothes, she sat on the edge of her bed and sighed heavily.

Phew! What an evening! That was such fun. I loved it! But does Alan know what kind of a totally pathetic freak he was having dinner with tonight? I mean, I actually masturbated in a public restroom! I've never done anything so shameful and scandalous in my life! He just got me too aroused. And I'm still far too aroused now, thanks to that good-bye kiss.

For supposedly being so smart, I sure am an idiot! What kind of game am I trying to play here?! What if I really had lost control? Or if he'd lost control? Or worse, both of us lost control?! We could have wound up doing all kinds of things! Sexual things! With... with, his penis, even! Or with my... OH GOD!

She winced, and closed her eyes. Shit! I was feeling so good there that I totally forgot... my deformity! Hell, now that I think about it, even while I was masturbating in the bathroom, I forgot all about my secret shame. My clit! My huge, freakish, ugly clitoris! Oh God, why me?! Why me?!

Indeed, Christine's secret shame was the size of her clitoris. In her opinion, it was freakishly large. In actual fact, while it was much larger than usual, very few people would have considered it objectionably large. Christine didn't know it, but there were even some women in the U.S. who were having plastic surgery to increase the size of their clitoris, often to a size similar to Christine's.

However, Christine wasn't thinking rationally about this. She had seen in locker rooms in P.E. class that her clit was larger than anyone else's, and she'd been teased about this, since teens tend to make fun of anything that's different. Furthermore, she was in the curious position of having very little confidence about her looks even though she had a body that was perfect and the cultural ideal in nearly every possible way. As a result, she seized on the one perceived imperfection that she'd been teased about - her clitoris - and blew that worry all out of proportion.

Her greatest fear about her body was that her clit wouldn't be seen as a clit at all, but as a miniature penis, and she would be seen as some kind of transsexual. She tried not to shower at school anymore. When she had no choice, she used a special soap that lathered up and allowed her to completely cover her clitoris for most of the time. It had been a couple of years since other girls had seen her clitoris and teased her about it, and she lived in fear that they would notice and tease her again. Her fear had even played a part in why she never dated.

Let's say, for argument's sake, that this wasn't just a practice date, or it started as one and then turned into a REAL date. Then what?! Maybe not on the first real date, or even for a few dates after that, but eventually Alan would see my clitoris, and even touch it! What would he do?! Would he throw up in disgust?! Thank God at least I feel confident that he wouldn't share my terrible secret with everyone in school, but he'd know, and I would know that he knows! I could never look him in the eye again! And he's involved with some pretty impressive girls. I'm sure Amy has a normal clit. Hell, everyone has a normal one but me! Why would he want to be with me, once he finds out I have this... little penis?! Oh God!

She was so distraught that she was on the verge of crying. She would have broken into tears except that she considered it a sign of weakness to cry, and she never allowed herself to give in to weakness. She stood up and walked to a full length mirror she had on her wall.

No. I can't let myself think like that. What if he's okay with it? He is a nice, considerate guy, after all. Maybe, if things ever got to that point, we could just put some tape over it or something. Or at least we could always have fun under the covers only, and he'd know not to touch me in that area? I don't know! There's gotta be some solution, right? I mean, most people have things they don't like about their bodies, but they still have sex. Why can't I? Why do I have to stay a virgin forever? I have to be strong! Forget about my damn clit, for once!


She stared at her clit in the mirror. Like tonight. I was so carried away with my lust that I forgot all about it. I had a great time, without any worries. Being with Alan is great! He makes me feel good, just to be me. Even when he tells me all those dumb-blonde jokes, we both know that he does that in part because he's so wowed by my intelligence. It's just fun, not mean. He never insults anybody. The truth is, if he were to see my freakish clit, I'm sure he'd try hard to say something polite, even though he'd be horrified on the inside.

I am who I am, and it is what it is. I can't avoid all physical contact forever. If there's anyone who I could dare let see me and touch me down there, it's Alan. Even though he does have high standards, what with Amy and everything, his niceness shines through. Even when we argue, we argue about the facts and he never resorts to personal insults. I trust him more than anyone else.

And, dammit, I want him! If only these weren't just practice dates! He actually kissed me tonight! I should be over the moon. I would be masturbating myself silly right now, except that I've gotten myself all worked up about my damn clitoris. Look at me! I have a pretty nice body. Everybody says so. Plus, he's such a tit man. Can't he overlook my manly clit and focus on the rest of my body?

She sighed heavily. Then she put a robe on and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, so she could get some sleep.

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