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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Feels like the First Time
Day 62: Saturday, November 16

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Because it was a Saturday and he was exhausted, Alan was sleeping in. Susan and Suzanne had a good long talk in the kitchen as they waited for him to awaken. They'd only been alone together a short time the night before, and most of that had been filled with Susan's description of Akami's visit.

Suzanne had learned of most that had happened at the psychologist's office by talking to Xania by phone the night before, but she also wanted to hear Susan's version of events. After a healthy and prolonged good-morning French kiss with her best friend, she asked, "So, Susan, how was the visit with Xania? Good, I assume?"

"Good. Excellent actually, but exhausting! You mentioned that she was a sex therapist, but I had no idea there's so much actual sex in a therapy session! She made me masturbate so much that I could barely walk out of there. My legs were wobbly and dripping with juices, as usual. Actually, now that I think about it, it wasn't that different from just staying at home, in that respect. Non-stop masturbation!" She giggled. "But her advice was really good."

Susan stopped and asked, "By the way... Is that... unusual? Masturbating during a therapy session? It seems rather improper to me."

Suzanne replied, "Well, yes, it is rather unusual. Xania is very progressive. She uses the latest methods that most other therapists are too set in their ways to touch. For her, it's all about results. And it was effective, wasn't it?"

"It sure was." Susan was placated by Suzanne's clever answer. She proceeded to further describe the session.

Suzanne was very proud of her scheming. Susan talked extensively, and Suzanne learned that almost everything with the psychologist visit had gone exactly according to plan, and in some cases even better than expected. Xania had shown a natural talent for improvising, perhaps due to her acting experience.

In Suzanne's opinion, Xania had let things get far too sexual, especially with the improvised "visualization exercises" she'd made Susan do. Suzanne was fairly amazed that Susan didn't find it very odd that she'd spent most of the appointment topless and masturbating.

It goes to show how far removed Susan's become from the real world. When she has to go out shopping or something, it must be like Rip Van Winkle waking up, because nowadays she's in this hypersexual world, fucking herself and sucking Sweetie's cock all day. Just like Akami's visit yesterday, for instance. Susan probably didn't even blink when Akami started to suck his cock; she's gotten to the point where she finds it perfectly natural and right that beautiful women suck her son's cock when they get near him.

She's totally sexed up. I may be creating a monster of sorts, but I've got to keep her like that until she gives in completely to him. I've got to keep doing everything I can to keep her in that non-stop sex world; I'll even keep doing all her grocery shopping. It's a never-ending task to keep her from something jarring that will snap her out of her erotic fog, at least until these changes become permanent. But it'll be so worth it. If things do go too far, I may have to scale her back a little bit, later.

Actually, now that I put it that way, those "visualization exercises" were perfect. I should have come up with that myself, although it's hard to believe that she'd have fallen for it. Sometimes I forget just how naïve she is. I'm going to have to remind her to practice those "exercises" very regularly.

The only significant problem was that the counseling sessions with Xania had gone so well that Susan wanted to have additional sessions with her, despite the long drive to Xania's "office." In Xania's phone call to Suzanne after Susan had left, Xania was very insistent and enthusiastic about that idea too (no doubt in large part because she wanted an opportunity to have sex with Susan). But having another appointment would be hard to do. For instance, everything in the office was already packed up and soon to be returned to the rental company.

Suzanne figured that issue was something she could deal with later. Her immediate interest was to find out what Susan's new attitude towards sex would be. For the time being, Suzanne was resisting doing much more than French-kiss greetings, to give Susan some needed space.

Once Susan had finished her long story of the session with the psychologist, Suzanne asked, "So Susan, here's the big question. Now that an official psychologist condones your activities, what are you going to do with your cutie son, physically?"

"Yes, that's the big question. Now we finally come to it. That's the exciting part, Suzanne! I've been holding it in, waiting for you to ask! I still wasn't 100 percent sure after I left Xania, but then I talked it over briefly with Akami and she confirmed it for me. They both said that I HAVE TO have sex with my son! It's not even up to me to decide; my body belongs to him. Tiger is in complete control of my body and it's obviously what he wants, so I want it too. My entire purpose in life now is to please him sexually." She spoke with complete acceptance.

Ironically, Suzanne was now worried that Susan was too eager. "But what about your religious concerns?" She was ready for a prolonged discussion, and she'd done some Biblical research to help make her case.

Susan said excitedly, "I'm like Saul on the road to Damascus! I've seen the light! You kept trying to tell me, but I wouldn't listen. Even Xania couldn't really address my religious concerns, and that was the one thing still niggling at me. But now it's all clicked into place. All my prudish and absurd childhood teachings have fallen away and I'm totally free. I'm free! It's so great. It didn't really dawn on me until I went to bed last night. It was like a wave of peace swept over me. I've felt so mentally torn, for weeks. But now I feel a sense of wholeness."

Suzanne was more than a little surprised. She was almost disappointed that her latest religious research appeared to have been time wasted.

Susan sighed happily. "I've realized that there has to be a reason why God made my tits so big and my body so curvy and generally sensitive. I'm built for sex! And not sex for just anyone, but for my son alone! My pussy is as sensitive as the rest of me, so God must want my Tiger to pound my pussy too. And don't tell me his ailment and his completely weird treatment were all just coincidence! That was planned!"

Suzanne gasped, thinking she'd been found out.

But Susan continued happily, "God must have planned that too. Big-titted babes like you and me are meant to serve naturally superior males like Tiger. Why else would we have these annoying big masses of flesh that just make our backs hurt? His whole diagnosis must have been God's way of getting me off my duff and on my knees sucking his cock! If God wants it, then how can I object? I don't have any guilt anymore. In fact, sucking and fucking is practically a religious DUTY! Isn't it great?"

She clutched both of Suzanne's hands tightly, and then the two of them hugged for a very long time.

Suzanne pretended to be happy for her friend, but inwardly she worried. Suzanne, you've been far too successful this time. Damn! What am I going to do now? Susan's like the perfect believer. It's next to impossible to get her to change her beliefs, but once she does, she commits completely in every way. How it is that I scheme so much and still don't wind up on top?

At least she feels whole and at peace again. I can feel good about that, at least. Actually, this is great news if only I can get Sweetie to realize that I'm the one that loves him the most and that he has to love me the most. Everything else is still on track, except for that one thing.

The hug ended. Suzanne faked some of her enthusiasm and said, "That's great. When are the two of you going to do the deed?"

Susan had been bursting with joy, but that cooled her a little bit. "Shucks. That's the one snag. Akami made it clear that I should agree to Tiger's request and let him take it easy all weekend. And of course, if that's what he wants, then I have to obey. I feel so happy now that I realize that my life - and my body - are entirely in his hands!"

Suzanne was disturbed to hear that, not least because she considered herself to be the one with considerable influence over Susan. She didn't want Alan running everything. "But you're his mother. Certainly you have to remain in charge?"

"Well, yeah. With non-sexual things, certainly. My favorite thing Xania said was when she talked about the need for me to assert more control. I need to be in control of the situation. After all, this is my house, and I'm the mother. That's one thing that's really been bothering me, the feeling of constantly sliding down a slippery slope and losing control. In recent weeks I've been slowly getting over my concerns about the morality of our incest, but I've still been worried that I would lose my dignity and become a total slut. Tiger wants to be proud of his mother, and I want him to be proud of me. I don't want to let him down. But then I realized I just have to make a sharp division between the sexual and the non-sexual. When it comes to something like telling him to clean his room or do his homework, I have to stand firm. But when it comes to something like sucking his cock, I have to stand firm, but in a different way. Like this." She brought her hands behind her back and thrust her chest out. "You know what I mean?" She giggled and laughed mirthfully.

Suzanne queried, "So, in other words, you want him to take over completely, sexually?"

Susan's face lit up, even as she relaxed her pose. "Yes! I NEED him to dominate me sexually. I absolutely MUST serve him. I realized that's just the type of person I am; that's how God made me. I think that's all part of God's plan too. It makes me SO HOT just to think about my son controlling me. You know what turns me on most of all? When he orders me around and says something like 'assume the position.' I cream right then and there!" She looked like she was nearly ready to demonstrate that just from talking about it.

"I'm so proud of my body. So proud of my tits." She grasped her massive globes and held them up. Then she looked down at her crotch. "Soon, I'll be proud of my pussy, when it learns that its purpose in life is to be there for Tiger to fill with his sweet, creamy goo at any time."

Suzanne was disturbed, if only because she found it a bit daunting that Susan was so submissive. She didn't mind if Alan lusted after them equally, but she didn't want him to be lusting after Susan more. But she couldn't help getting turned on at the same time. She asked, "But certainly being so subservient in that, don't you think that will carry over into other things? How can you force him to clean his room when you're begging to suck his cock?"

"Well, that's my challenge. And that's the solution. Tiger can still respect me as a mother, and enjoy me as always as one of his favorite hot-for-cock helpers, as long as I remain resolute in maintaining my non-sexual motherly duties. You see? It's the best of both worlds. I can slide down the sexual slippery slope as far as I want. I don't have to have boundaries or resist anymore! We can fuck like frenzied bunnies all night long, as long as I'm there to prepare his breakfast and lunch bag in the morning. I can and will serve his cock AND be a good mother as well."

Suzanne had a hard time believing that Susan's balancing act could work. She thought, Susan is deceiving herself yet again. Her sexual enthusiasm means that she's going to gladly give up total control to him in everything. He's going to be spanking her right and left, and she's going to love it.

Darn. It looks like I went too far in indoctrinating her about certain things. This is why it's so important that I assume an increasingly dominant role in his life, and in her life too. I need to step in and be the one to say "no" when Susan is too blissed out on sex. Otherwise, Sweetie is going to be completely spoiled in very short order. In fact, I really need to be the matriarch of this whole bunch.

She looked up at Susan and was surprised to see that she had gone from a face of total euphoria to a serious frown (even though she continued to clutch her rack). Susan was even biting her lip in worry.

"What is it?" Suzanne asked.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just wondering when I'll be able to do the deed. My period should start around Tuesday or Wednesday, so I may only have Monday, if it takes him all weekend to recover. Then there's his rescheduled hiking trip next weekend. I'm just afraid I won't get enough fucking in anytime soon. Because now that's all I want to do, to get fucked by my son! What did you say, 'Bend over but don't break'? Now it's bend over and break!" She giggled like a little girl.

Suzanne was delighted by this latest information. A-ha! All I have to do is stop them from fucking on Monday, and maybe Tuesday too, and I'll have over a whole week to have him all to myself! Well, at least a good chunk of him, given all the beautiful babes he's probably plowing through these days. I need to establish myself here in the new shape of things. I may not have the whole mother-taboo thing going for me, like she does, but I'm clearly the most sexually talented of this bunch. After that, Susan can fuck him all she wants - once Sweetie makes me his first choice. But how to stop them from fucking until then? It's like trying to stop a meteor from plowing through the air.

Suzanne kept these thoughts to herself, instead saying reassuringly, "Don't worry, I'm sure it'll all work out. It sounds like Monday will be divine for you. But I'm curious who will be in charge, sexually, if you're so happily subservient. Suppose that next time when all five of us are hanging out one night, our man gets a hard-on and needs immediate relief. We'll all want to be the one to suck him off, naturally, so who gets to do it?"

"Hmmm... Oh, I know! That's easy. Tiger will choose. After all, his pleasure comes first. It's a medical fact, what with his condition and all."

Suzanne wasn't so sure about his dominance when it came to herself. Pleasing herself was an extremely high priority. But she kept that thought to herself too, and asked, "But suppose that, for whatever reason, he can't make up his mind? Then what?"

Susan pondered that like it was a complicated algebra problem. She finally let go of her boobs as she rubbed her chin in contemplation. "Huh. Tough one. But it's still my house and I'm still his mother. So it should be up to me. Don't you think? ... I'd try to be fair of course, and spread the joy around so everyone could have their turn. After all, he has so much potent seed to give us all. Unless it was a Tuesday. You know what happens on my special day." She flashed a big smile and got even more tingly thinking about Tuesdays.

Suzanne thought briefly, It's odd how similar Susan and Angel are about this subservience thing, although I think Angel is more just playing at it while Susan is dead serious. Amy's so willing in everything too. I guess I'm the only female around here with any real backbone. That makes it all the more important that I stay in charge. And I can't fall for all this master crap or the whole group will fall apart.

She got up. "I have to go do a few things. Now would be a good time to practice those visualization exercises Xania was recommending, don't you think?"

"Oh, those? Okay. But if I sit around masturbating while thinking about my son fucking me, won't that just make me more frustrated that we can't have sex already?"

"No. It'll sate those urges for a while. Just like, if you want to cure someone from being afraid of snakes, you have to slowly get them closer and closer to real snakes. Gradually they become used to it, until they can hold a snake in their hand. In the same way, if he fucks you in your mind today, you won't actually want him to fuck you so much in reality. At least, until it's time."

Susan joked, "And I'll be happy to hold his snake in my hand!"

They laughed.

But Suzanne thought, It's actually getting a bit frightening just how pliable Susan is becoming. She didn't question that reach of a snake analogy at all. She's not thinking logically anymore. She is so NOT in control in any aspect of her life. Sex has completely overtaken everything else; it's amazing she doesn't see it.

I guess a lot of it is my fault. Maybe I went too far in keeping her in a constant sexual fog. I figured it was all a necessary process for overcoming in mere weeks a couple decades of her prudish social conditioning.

Once she and Alan are fucking, I'm gonna have to ease her back into the real world. Right now, she's almost completely nonfunctional, except as a pure sex object. There's no way in hell right now she could ever get it together enough to, say, do her taxes. That'll need to be done sooner or later. And I'll have to work on giving her a bit more backbone, too. Some unscrupulous person might take advantage of her.

Suzanne didn't see any hypocrisy in that last statement, as she failed to see how much she herself was taking advantage of her best friend.

She gave Susan another long goodbye kiss on the lips and then walked away. Mostly, she just wanted to be alone to have time to think.


When she left the house, Suzanne peeked through the window into the den where Susan had gone. Sure enough, Susan was already practicing her "visualization exercises." She was sitting up in a chair, naked, with her eyes closed. Her hands were all over her tits, ass, and pussy, as if she needed to touch all three areas at once but was stymied because she had only two hands.

Suzanne thought, Now that's a sight to see! She does so much with her hands. I can't wait until I teach her all about dildos and strap-ons. She's got a lot to learn. As sexual as everything is these days for her, her sex education is still just beginning. That sight looks so enticing, I think I might just go back to my place and do some playing myself.

Relative to moving her own physical relationship with Susan forward, Suzanne thought it best to bide her time. Maybe I've been pushing Susan too much. It's getting to be like she's so blissed out on sex that she doesn't know if she's cumming or going, hee-hee. She smirked at her own pun. Literally. I think it's a good idea that Sweetie has a break. Susan could probably use a couple of semi-normal days as well.

Then, Monday morning, she has the appointment with Akami that I scheduled for her. Akami can help take her to the next level of lesbian lovemaking. I think it's time she learns about dildos and strap-ons. When she comes home, she'll want to practice her new toys with me, and she won't think of me as the one responsible for corrupting her. Once she and I are fully fucking, it's an easy step to get her and Angel fucking. They're half way there already. Then, with her fucking Sweetie, everybody will be fucking everybody else. My Plummer orgy vision will be a reality.

Remarkably, Suzanne completely forgot about her own daughter, since Amy had never figured in her sexual plans or fantasies. It remained a huge blind spot for her.

She continued thinking, Of course, I feel bad that I'm constantly tricking my best friend. It may seem that I've gone a bit too far in the past day or two, what with the van sabotage and all, but ultimately it's for her own good. Someday, when we're all sitting around naked, making love in one big family orgy as I hope we'll be doing most every day, I'll remind her about all the little tricks I used, that got all the pieces to fall into place just so. All of us will have a big laugh. She'll thank me. They all will. Really.


Alan woke up around eleven in the morning after sleeping nearly twelve hours. He was extremely grateful that it was the weekend, and even more grateful that his hiking trip had been delayed. Combined with his two naps, he'd finally caught up on what felt like a sleep debt that had been building for weeks. If anything, he'd had too much sleep, and felt groggy. He was in the perfect kind of lazy mood for spending the day doing nothing of importance.

He considered going downstairs in his robe, but decided that might prove too tempting for the others. For once, he didn't want sex; he just wanted to relax. As he put on a shirt and shorts, he thought, Let's see. Yesterday I came ... eight or nine times, depending on whether I count my time with Mom during the night. Considering how much I slept, it seems I was either sleeping or cumming all day long. But today I'm gonna cum only once or maybe twice. Two is the max, definitely. I can't go cold turkey with all this sexy ripe flesh around here, that's for sure, but today will be my big vacation day.

Alan's plan to have a sex-free day was put to the test almost immediately. When he came down for breakfast, he found himself alone; it appeared that everyone else had already eaten. He didn't know where his mother was - in fact, she was nearby in the den reading incest stories and playing with herself - so he helped himself to a bowl of cereal.

However, he didn't stay alone for long. Katherine had heard him come downstairs, and appeared to keep him company while he was still halfway through his bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Despite the relatively early hour, she was looking for some sexual fun. "Hey, Big Bro. What's up?"

"Not much. Just chillin'."

"That's cool."

But it didn't take long for her to make her intentions clear. She sat across from Alan, goading and tempting him with her body. The clothes she was wearing were too risqué for general use. She would never be caught in public in them, because she characterized them to herself as "fuck toy clothes."

Any clothes could be "fuck toy clothes," provided they were worn properly. For instance, she had put on pantyhose, but only so she could pull them down. As the pantyhose were already see-through, they allowed her to be effectively naked to start with, yet allowed her to undress to give the appearance of becoming even more naked. She wore a tight leather miniskirt, which was soon bunched up around her flat tummy. Above that she had a fancy yellow blouse, the better to expose herself when she tore it open in front to thrust out her tits.

Alan made an intentional play on words: "I thought it was cool that I was just chilling out."

She smirked and giggled. "Yeah, well, what can you do?" She giggled some more as she ran her hands all over her body. "I'd really be happy to chill out too, but then I think about all those inches of thick brother cock sitting right across the table from me, so many inches of hot cock that could be sliding down my throat, or filling up my hot box... I'm sorry, but I just can't help myself!"

She made sure to show herself off by sitting directly across the dining table from him, so that, sitting where he was, close to the table, he couldn't see what was happening to her lower half.


Curiosity got the better of him, so he pulled his chair back and moved his head down to level with the table, enabling him to simultaneously check out the action both above and below the table.

Katherine responded to his increased attention by moaning and fondling her body all over, and especially by rubbing her clit.

Needless to say, that got him very erect very fast. It was all he could do to take another spoonful of cereal every so often. But since he was determined to have a more or less sex-free day, he kept his erection in his shorts.

He half-griped, "Is this how it's going to be every day?"

"Probably. Can't you hear Mom in the den?"

"No. Where's Mom?"

"Shhhh! Listen. I'll stop poking my pussy for a minute so you can hear that not all the sexy moaning sounds are coming from me." ... "You hear that?"


Katherine resumed writhing in her chair as she stroked herself, trying to get Alan inspired enough to act. "I'll bet you a million dollars she's getting all horny thinking about you. I wonder if she's in there all alone, or if she's in there with Aunt Suzy. They're probably rubbing their bare chests against each other right now, saying, 'If only we had a big Alan to stick between all these tits for a nice double titfuck!"

"Grrr! Don't say that!" His hand reflexively dropped to his lap. However, he resisted grasping the bulge that was already there.

But Katherine was just getting warmed up with her teasing. She liked to stroke her bald pussy while quietly whispering sexy things to him. She said things like, "Get my attention, Big Battering Ram Brother. Come over here and get my attention. Stroke me. Lick me. Touch me. Everywhere. Do me. Do nasty things. Get nasty on your sister, your fuck toy. Fill me! Fill me up with your nasty spunk. I neeeeed it. It itches. Make it better with your hard thing."

Even though Susan was only one room away, Katherine wasn't terribly worried about her mother hearing her. She was keeping her voice down primarily out of fear that Susan would come in and preempt Alan's attention. So she was careful not to get too excited, or talk too loud, or use any key words or phrases like "fuck me" that would get her mother's attention. For her the situation was great, because she had the excitement of possibly getting caught without any serious consequences to worry about if she were.

Alan complained half-heartedly while debating whether to give his erection some air, "Sis, you know that today is supposed to be my take-it-easy day, right? So can't you take it easy too?"

She answered, "I could, but you can't go completely cold turkey, without ANY orgasms ALL DAY, for crying out loud. That's just crazy talk! So if you're gonna have one or two, or maybe more, why not get one out of the way first thing, here with me?"

However, Alan really was determined to give his penis a rest, so he said, "Sis, I hate to do this, but I'm going to go up to my room right now and play video games. I'm sorry, and I appreciate your effort, but no one is going to touch my dick today. You'll be happy to know that you did wear me down a bit, but not enough."

"Shoot," Katherine complained. "No doubt someone else is going to build on my work and win your first creamy load. But I'll forgive you on one condition: tomorrow morning you wake me up with a good, solid fucking."

He dropped his voice. "Sis, are you crazy? Mom's in the next room! And anyways, there's my 'no fucking you in the house' rule."

She muttered quietly, "Yeah, but remember what happened Monday, when you fucked me in my room while Mom was in the basement with Aunt Suzy?"

He groaned unhappily at that reminder. "Yes, but that's because I was so horny at the time that I just plain forgot. Besides, we both totally love Mom. We have to respect her at least that much."

"Yeah, but yesterday you promised that that would end when my grounding ends, and it ends at midnight today. Hell, Mom's pretty much forgotten about it already. You promised! So, tomorrow morning, we celebrate with a great fuck."

"Keep your voice down. Okay, okay. I did say that, didn't I? But a super secret fuck, okay? We don't want Mom to find out. And one condition: you can't tease me any more today."

Katherine nodded enthusiastically and got down to jilling herself, since Alan wasn't going to help her get off. The "problem" with trying to get him all aroused was that she inevitably got herself uncontrollably worked up as well.

Alan walked off thinking, It's going to be REALLY hard to keep this weekend sex-free. Why do I get the feeling that everybody is going to lay traps for me? These women just gotta have it! They don't know the meaning of letting up. Well, at least I've defused Sis ... for now.


Alan was proud of his determination to stick to his sex-free plan. His vision of wasting the day in idle fun was realized, at least for the next hour or so; he just played one mindless video game after another.

As the morning turned into afternoon, Susan again practiced her assigned "visualization exercise," of imagining Alan fucking her. She loved letting herself go in wild fantasy. But it only whetted her appetite for his cum.

She stopped by his room a number of times as he played his computer games (which were American McGee's Alice and Diablo II), bringing him pineapple juice, water, ryebread rolls, cantaloupe, pumpkin seeds, and granola bars. Each time, she asked him if he "needed relief." He kept saying no. He was truly determined to have a restful day. Each visit she dressed a little sexier than the prior time, but nothing seemed to faze him.


After two hours of being mostly ignored, Susan thought, It's time to bring out the big guns, so to speak. She came to his room again, this time not even bothering with an excuse for her to be there.

She wore the T-shirt that had a large hole cut out for her boobs to protrude through. She knew he loved it, so she'd been saving it for an occasion when it was really needed. This one seemed appropriate. To make absolutely sure that her mission wouldn't fail, she put on a new underwired shelf half-bra, to force her assets to thrust up and stick out even further than ever before. Just in case his eyes managed to dislodge themselves from her chest, she also wore a skirt that was far too short to even cover her pussy.

Alan was sitting down at his desk, so when she walked right up to him she was able to practically put her tits right in his face. "Tiger, are there any THINGS you need?" she asked, stressing the plural. "I know you're trying to have a restful day, but sometimes a mother's sensitive tits are just begging for attention."

Alan stared up into her massive mammaries. "Holy shit! You know I love that T-shirt." His penis grew hard about as quickly as he could say, "Boing!" He didn't realize it, but after cumming so many times per day, day after day, his body had come to expect a certain level of sexual activity. After hours of just playing video games, his penis was definitely eager.

She took another step forward, enveloping his face with her soft tits. "What do you love about it, Tiger?"

"I like how it makes you seem like a typical soccer mom at first glance. It almost looks like a sports jersey. But at the same time it's totally obscene with your tits sticking out so far in front of you. Imagine picking me up at soccer practice, dressed like that!" He had a hard time talking with her flesh pressing ever more insistently against his face, causing her nipples to poke into his cheeks.

She replied, "What a great thought! Can you just imagine if I pulled up to the parking lot dressed like this? Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the other mothers when I step out of the car with these two exposed torpedoes? I'd just say with pride, 'What are you looking at? These tits belong to my son. They're to serve HIS pleasure. If he says that I have to keep them uncovered, who am I to disagree? I'm just a mommy slut. HIS mommy slut!'"

Alan added to the fantasy. "Then I'd run up, all hot and sweaty from practice. We'd kiss on the lips while the other mothers stare in amazement. Then I'd lower my head so I could cradle my face in your cleavage-"

Susan interrupted, "Hold on, Tiger. If you're hot and sweaty, what better way to quench your thirst than drinking some mommy milk? My nipples would be leaking and my tits nearly bursting with milk in anticipation of your feasting on them, and soon you'd give them relief! The other mommies would get so excited watching you suckle while sticking your hand down my sweat pants that they'd absolutely lose it when their own sons came in from the tennis courts. And if it's such a hot, sunny day, I'd need to quench my thirst too - with your delicious spunk! Before long, the other tennis moms would all be topless and cocksucking and jacking off all their own sons' young, incestuous pricks. It would be fantastic!"

Alan laughed. His cock throbbed in delight, thanks to her description. "So now you see why I like that shirt. It's inspirational."

Susan winked. "I may not be lactating in reality, but if I were, this would be a great shirt for it. Did you notice how it's almost designed for someone to come up and suckle at my nipples? Hint, hint."

"If you insist," he joked, then began to work on her nipples in a relaxed way, just like a baby happily suckling on them. He'd been adopted when he was only about six months old, and Susan had deeply regretted not being able to breastfeed him at the time. He knew the idea of lactating was one of her favorite sexual fantasies, and he was only too happy to explore that fantasy with her. He knew that her breasts were unusually sensitive, especially given how big they were, and making her happy also made him happy.

"My baby. My sweet baby," she cooed as she patted him on the head.

He slipped his hand down into her shorts, just like in their mutual fantasy.

But she didn't want that at the moment, so she stopped him by saying, "Tiger, let's save that for another time. I think you'll find very soon that there are a lot of fun things you can do to my pussy. But today I want you to focus on my tits, just loving them to their fullest."


So Alan happily did as instructed and played with Susan's tits for many long minutes. He loved it so much he felt he could just suck and fondle them forever. He didn't mind that his dick was untouched because it allowed him to concentrate entirely on just her breasts.

Susan obviously loved it too. She got an orgasm just from what his mouth and hands were doing to her tits.

When it was over, she said, "Oh God! That was great. You make Mommy so helplessly happy. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Mom!"

Her orgasm seemed to have just pushed her further, because then she whispered into his ear, "The only problem is that my cleavage isn't being stuffed full with your fuck rod. Don't you think you could do something about that? Don't you want to make your mommy happy? Mommy needs cock. Son cock!"

Alan again did what he was told, titfucking his mother. As he slipped his boner into her cleavage, he commented, "This is like a dream come true for me, Mom. A total dream. Every day."

"Me too, Tiger, me too!" Her hands ran hungrily all over his chest.

"Do you remember, Mom, how you were just a couple of months ago? If I'd even caught a glimpse of your tits in one of your heavy bras, you would have totally freaked out. Now I basically own those same tits."

"Don't remind me, Son. OH!" She cried out in pleasure as his big dick slid back and forth through her deep tit valley. "'Basically?' Not basically. You do own them! It's so embarrassing, recalling that frumpy fuddy-duddy. Don't make me think of her. Oh! Don't make me think at all! Just make me slide my tits all around your powerful cock!"

He slammed hard into her chest over and over, his balls slapping wildly each time.

She entered a truly mindless zone where nothing but pleasure mattered, while happily singing her "Alan Song" in her head:

I am Alan's mom
I suck with my clothes off or on
I am Alan's bitch
His cum is thick, the taste is rich
I am Alan's slave...

She stopped at that line, luxuriating in it. I am Alan's SLAVE. Yes! That's what I am. It feels so good to give myself to him completely and serve him in every way... But I can't admit my complete submission to him. Not yet. If he learns that I'm ready and dripping with desire to get fucked by him, he'll want to do it right away, and not stop until he drops from exhaustion. Good Nurse Akami warned me about letting it get to that. We've gotta wait till Monday so he can fully recover first. I want him ready to fuck me royally, with an endless number of big, cunt-filling loads of his virile cum. We'll fuck so hard and long - mmmm, that's him, so hard and long - that he'll need another full week to recover, hee-hee!

But the fact is, whether he knows it or not, I've given up all control. Tiger OWNS me! He can do ANYTHING he wants to me! But I get so much too. He's going to reward his loyal mommy right now with a big load. Oh yes! Give it up, Son! Give it up for me!

Alan was already past the verge of climax, so he began to shoot his seed. It was a bigger load than his small ones from the day before, though still not up to his usual standards.

Susan thought, That's it! Give it up for Mommy! She's going to let herself gooooooooooo. Oooohh, YES! She shrieked, "Mmmm! God, I'm so juicy!"

He had planned to shoot into his mother's mouth, but his cum came sooner than expected, so he ended up shooting mostly into her neck. As his ropes of cum spewed forth, he managed to recover somewhat, so he moved over her face and aimed his last ropes directly into her mouth.

She mewed with pleasure like a contented cat. "Mmmm. Mmmm. MMMM!"

Best titfuck yet! he thought once he was done. Though I just might be partial, since she's my mom...

Nah! He chuckled to himself.

The only problem is, Mom's tits are nearly too big to titfuck and have her blow me at the same time. My dick practically gets lost when it's inside her cleavage, sandwiched between her fluffy pale pillows. Just like Aunt Suzy. Too many big tits around here. Am I fucking blessed, or what? I love that kind of "problem."

He got off her face.

Susan recovered quickly from her own orgasm, then devoted all her attention to scooping up and swallowing the cum that was dripping down her neck.

She did it with such complete devotion, as if his cum were a precious commodity that couldn't be wasted, that he felt flush with power.

When she was finished with that task, he pointed to his now flaccid penis and commanded, "Lick me off."

She obeyed wordlessly, but Alan could tell that she loved his command. Her facial expression was one of pure joy. She was completely unquestioning, living just in the moment, cleaning him with her tongue.

He was so entranced that he continued to watch long after she'd finished. No matter what she did, it was arousing, especially when she wore that shirt with the cutout for her boobs.


She was exhausted from all her sexual exertion, so she sat with her back against a wall to rest. Then she scooted away from the wall slightly to let her put her arms behind her back, as he'd commanded her to do the first time she'd worn the shirt. She figured that would help better convey her unspoken message that she was now his sexual plaything (as if he hadn't gotten that message already).

Once again he took in the breathtaking sight of her tits, pointing upwards, looking like two rockets ready to launch into the sky. Only now did he notice just how short her skirt was, since his gaze hadn't gone down that far before.

Seeing where he was looking, she spread her legs as wide as she could, as if she badly wanted him to fuck her. That put her pussy on full display. She whispered, "Look at your naughty mommy."

But even that couldn't get another rise out of his limp penis. Even her very extensive tongue-cleaning had failed to revive it, so he knew it wasn't likely to bounce back for some time.

That didn't stop him from studying her pussy up close, watching her juices continuing to leak out. He scooted closer and asked, "Can I touch it? Can I finger it?"

She smiled a bit, but wearily answered, "No."

He was confused. "Mom, your mouth says no, but your body says yes, doesn't it? You're leaking so much it's like you're about to have another orgasm. Isn't that right? Or am I misreading your signals?"

She thought to herself, What's wrong with my son? What does it take for him to figure out that sometimes, when a woman says no, she means yes? How can I teach him to take me against my will? He just has to learn how to take charge of his big-titted babes. He has to learn how to take a woman forcefully, even when she appears reluctant.

She finally answered, in as sexy a voice as she could manage in her wiped-out state, "What do you think, Tiger?"

He scratched his head and answered honestly, "I don't know, Mom. I'm getting conflicting signals."

She dropped her head down in frustration and sighed. Finally, she explained, "Tiger, when you see a woman sitting naked in front of you with her tits bursting out of her shirt and her legs spread as wide as a gymnast, and her juices dripping all over the floor, and with her arms held behind her back as if she wants to be tied up, do you know what? It doesn't matter what her mouth has to say! Her body is screaming 'yes'! Don't take no for an answer! Just do whatever you like!"

He answered, "I know. And with anyone else I would, but with you I think about you crying afterwards, and that makes me so sad that I can't go on. I never want to see you cry or get sad."

"Who's talking about crying?" she replied in exasperation. "If I'm crying, it'll only be tears of joy."

"Okay. I guess I should try to act more like I do around Heather, though I don't want to go that far."

That was a mistake, because it piqued her curiosity. Alan had to take a few minutes explaining what he'd been doing with Heather, and by the time he was finished the erotic mood had been lost. It wasn't too great a loss for him, however, as his body had had enough for the time being. The tempting sight before him contrasted too dramatically with his own flaccid penis, and it was only making him uselessly horny - the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak.

So after he had recounted a few of the things he'd done with Heather, making sure not to involve the other cheerleaders or his painting duties for fear of somehow exposing his involvement with his sister, he left to take a shower.

Susan left the room as well, but decided to remain dressed just as she was for the rest of the day. Even though she knew he wanted a mellow day, she couldn't resist the opportunity to continue teasing him. There was nothing she wanted to do more than please and tease him all day long. She proudly wore the gobs of cum that were staining her shirt near the collar to further show anyone and everyone who saw her that she was Alan's sex toy.

However, she also wanted to respect his wish to have a restful day, at least to some extent, so she decided not to pressure him into any more orgasms, and to go without more physical contact the rest of the day unless he was the initiator.

I'm soooo naughty! I talk with the psychologist about being in control, but wouldn't it be even more fun if Tiger completely controlled me? He needs to know how to punish his naughty mother, and keep her in line. Like he does with Heather, the head cheerleader! I deserve a good spanking! Wouldn't that be the best? If she gets spanked, then why can't I? I'm a naughty, naughty slut, and I need his firm hand. And his firm cock! Firm, firm, firm. Firm is good! Life is so good right now, but it'll be that much better once he's regularly fucking me.

He sure gave it to Akami! Darn it, I can't stop thinking about that, and watching it over and over again in my mind. Soon, that's going to be me!

I'm glad he likes this shirt so much. Wouldn't it be delicious to wear it out in public? It certainly would make a shopping trip more interesting. "What's that officer? I'm causing a riot? But this isn't public indecency - didn't you know this is the latest fashion?"

Oh, that sounds like such fun! But I shouldn't even think about that. My body is for his eyes only. It's only for his eyes, and his hands, and his mouth, and his great big, giant, fantastically wonderful cock...

Susan sat on the bed in her room in the exact same position she'd used in front of him mere minutes before. She started to masturbate herself with another "visualization exercise" session. Now that she'd actually seen Alan fucking Akami right in front of her, her fantasies were that much more exciting and realistic. She left the door to her bedroom wide open, but was disappointed no one came in.


Shortly after lunch, Brenda came over. Susan and Suzanne were in the kitchen cleaning up together, while Amy and Katherine were out.

Suzanne was surprised when she peeked through a front window and saw Brenda standing there. She asked Susan just before Susan opened the door, "What's she doing here? Don't tell me that she's invited herself over again."

Susan replied, "Oh no, not at all. In fact, this was your idea."

"My idea?"

"Don't you remember? On Thursday, you ordered me to start training her in person, to help turn her into an even more ripe and willing fuck toy for Tiger. In particular, you wanted her to be hot to trot in time for the next poker game."

"Oh yeah... I did, didn't I?" Suzanne recalled. She nodded, indicating Susan should open the door.

When the door was opened to reveal Brenda standing there, even Suzanne couldn't help but be impressed all over again. As if she isn't hot to trot enough already! I swear, sometimes I feel like I'm spoiling Sweetie by presenting him with total stunners like Brenda on a silver platter, but other times I worry I'm sending him to an early grave. Death by over-fucking!

After the usual friendly hugs and French kisses all around, Suzanne assumed a stern demeanor. "Okay, enough with the niceties. Brenda, that's a lovely outfit you're wearing. I want you to take it off and hand it to me right now."

Brenda stared at Suzanne in disbelief as her heart started to thump wildly. "What?! Right here? Right now?!"

"You heard me." Suzanne imperiously snapped her fingers.

Brenda looked to Susan, who gave her a "there's no opposing Suzanne"-type shrug. Brenda shuddered lustily and started to blush as she began to strip.

Suzanne stared at Brenda with critical disdain until Brenda was buck naked and had handed over all her clothes. She knew enough from her many talks with Susan to keep her high heels on.

Suzanne then instructed Brenda and Susan, "You two should go down to the basement for your training session. That way, you won't disturb Alan during his 'lazing around the house' time."

Brenda's heart practically thumped right out of her chest when she heard that. "You mean... Alan is home?! Right now?!"

"He is."

Brenda felt an overwhelming urge to cover her nude body. But she bravely kept her hands at her sides. She had to clench her hands into fists to keep them restrained though.

Suzanne added, "That said, chances are you won't get to see him today. So don't get your hopes up."

Surprisingly, that didn't disappoint Brenda much. At least there was some chance.

At the last minute, Suzanne decided out loud, "I'd better go there too, at least for a little while. I'd like to make sure you two are actually productive."

As they walked to the basement, Brenda asked, "How would you define productive?"

Suzanne replied, "Well, most of all, I'd like to see you get really good at sucking cock. I seem to recall when we talked on Thursday that I suggested you practice on a dildo some more and swap tips with us. But also, I define productive by what DOESN'T happen. I don't want to see you two just sitting around and trading stories and fantasies, getting yourselves all hot and bothered. I know that's fun, but Brenda, how is that going to make you better able to serve and submit to the young man you like to think of as your future master? You can't just THINK about it; you also have to DO it."

Brenda just nodded at that.

Suzanne was surprised at the rather muted response. Taking a closer look, she realized Brenda was glum, although she was trying to hide it.

Susan noticed that too. "What's wrong? Suzanne just used the big 'M' word. Doesn't that send thrills all through your body? I know it does for me."

Brenda said as she stared off into space, "Yeah."

"And don't you both love and hate the way Suzanne just made you take all your clothes off in such a humiliating fashion? Isn't your heart racing?"

"Yes, of course. But... my strong reaction; that's the problem. I'm still bothered by the same issues we talked about last time. A part of me gets so excited that my heart skips a beat and I have to gasp for air. But at the same time, I feel this heavy gloom. A sense of foreboding. What if I'm making the wrong choice? Should I turn back and live a normal life? Is it even too late to turn back? Am I some kind of submissive freak? What about my son? Could I balance my responsibility to raise him right with whatever might happen if I fully give in to my sexual desires?"

She sat nakedly on a sofa in the largest room in the basement, then continued, "But then again, what's holding me back? Most of the time Adrian is off doing his own thing with homework and school and whatever, and I have my maid Anika practically raising him without me in any case. I have no need to work and I'm practically bored out of my mind. Why NOT have some 'me time' and find out what I'm missing?"

Sitting next to her, Susan patted her knee encouragingly. "That's the spirit!"

But Brenda continued to look away, as if she was talking to herself. "This... this great craving to serve... it's irresistible, it seems. But then again... what if I'm not good enough? I know I'm beautiful and busty, but the competition is sky high. You all have that too, plus he really knows you and loves you. What if I give my heart to Alan and he's just... 'Enh. Brenda, she's okay.' I would be crushed! Yet, I don't want to push my way into the middle of things, and try to force myself on him."

Wringing her hands, she concluded, "I just don't know. Everything seems up in the air. So many things can go wrong. I'm afraid to make a leap into the unknown. There's no going back, is there?!"

Again, Susan patted her. "Don't worry! It's going to all work out. I know it is. Tiger has plenty of personal cocksuckers, and he has distinct, great relationships with each of us. I'm sure he can handle one more. Besides, that's why we're here today. We're going to train you to be such a perfect cock pleaser that Tiger will have no choice but to want you back slurping all over his crotch again and again!"

"Thanks," Brenda replied. "I'm sure you're right. I just worry too much." But her expression didn't match her words.

Suzanne sat with them for a little while. She kept her clothes on, and made sure that Susan did too, to help heighten Brenda's submissive feelings. She encouraged Brenda to be optimistic as she shared some of her most effective cocksucking techniques. After that, she went upstairs and picked out an Alan-sized dildo, then handed it to Brenda and left for her own home.

Susan didn't directly participate much, but she did give occasional suggestions and lots of encouragement while a naked Brenda practiced on the dildo.

A half hour later, Suzanne came back to see how things were going. She soon discovered the results were both good and bad. The good was that Brenda was smarter than she looked and she learned fast. In just a half an hour, there was obvious improvement in how well she licked and sucked the dildo she'd been given. But the bad was that Brenda still seemed sad and uncertain. And even with the usual jubilant non-stop talk from Susan about pleasuring Alan's erection, Brenda was only partially aroused at best.

Suzanne thought while she watched, This sucks. The thing is, if I were in Brenda's shoes, I'd probably be feeling the same way. She's taking a huge leap into the unknown with people she's only just beginning to really be close friends with. And the kid she's put on a pedestal and is risking everything for is someone she knows even less. To be honest, she's hardly done anything with him sexually yet, so he's a huge unknown she's putting all of her hopes, dreams, and fantasies into. Outside of a few get-togethers, all she ever does is talk on the phone with Susan and hear about all the fun things Susan is doing. If I were her, I'd probably be at the end of my rope too.

It's command decision time. I need to do something to fix this. It's time to get rid of her wavering. She knows all about our incestuous secrets, so we have no choice but to lock her into a life of sexually serving and submitting to my studly lovable Sweetie. And I know just the thing to get to her to commit and feel a whole lot better about everything!

The two MILFs hadn't noticed Suzanne come in, but now she announced herself by coughing. Then she said, "Hey there. How's it going?"

Susan said, "Okay, I guess. Brenda's getting better. I've been teaching her lots of my tricks. But she's just not putting her heart and soul into it, you know?"

"Yeah, I noticed," Suzanne said. "Brenda, we have extremely high standards around here when it comes to cocksucking. Attitude is at least half of it."

Brenda had still been sucking on the dildo, but she pulled it out and said sadly, "I know, I know! But the pressure is getting to me, and so I doubt myself, and that creates a vicious cycle. I still haven't EVER sucked him, and when I get my big chance, I just know I'm going to blow it!"

Suzanne couldn't help but say with a smirk, "So to speak." Seeing that Brenda wasn't in the mood to laugh, she quickly walked up to her, grabbed her chin rather firmly, and stared intently into her eyes. "Brenda, listen to me."

Brenda was suddenly wide-eyed and all ears.

"Do you trust me?"

Brenda nodded as much as she could, considering the way her chin was being held.

"Then believe me when I say that you'll be sucking Alan's cock SOON. When you've got his cock inside you, whether it be in your mouth and down your throat, nestled in your massive tits, or between your wide-open thighs, he is everything in the world to you. That's how it is for Susan and how it is for me, and if you want him to be your master, that's how it's going to have to be for you."

Brenda nodded with determination.

"I don't know how long it will be before that happens, but it could happen as soon as a few hours from now! The one thing that I can promise you is that it's going to happen soon, very soon. And when it does, you need to be ready. Ready to suck, ready to serve, and most importantly, ready to submit to your lord and master with everything you've got. Can you handle that?"

"I... I'll try!" Brenda tingled at Suzanne's use of the phrase "lord and master." That never failed to get a big reaction from her.

"Trying isn't good enough. Close your eyes." As soon as Brenda did so, Suzanne let go of her chin and said, "Now, imagine I'm Alan." She snatched the dildo from Brenda's hand and began teasingly rubbing it around Brenda's lips without giving her a chance to cram it into her mouth. Since Brenda was kneeling, Suzanne held the dildo right in front of her crotch, just like it was a strap-on.

Suzanne glanced over at Susan and tried to think. She wanted to get Brenda really hot and bothered so she'd be able to overcome her insecurities, but when Suzanne walked into the room, Susan had already been saying very encouraging things without much success. Suzanne knew she had to come up with something different, and fast.

She decided that the problem was that Susan had been treating the dildo like a dildo, and not like Alan was actually in the room and that it was his erect dick. So she spoke in her best imitation of Alan's voice. "Brenda, this is Alan. Suzanne and Susan are gone, and it's just you and me. Do you understand?"

Brenda briefly opened her eyes. The voice sounded so much like Alan's that she rather irrationally felt the urge to check to make sure that it really was Suzanne and not Alan. Only a slight scratchiness gave away that it was Suzanne.

Suzanne growled in her normal voice, "Don't look at me! That'll ruin the effect. Close your damn eyes."

"Sorry." Brenda shut her eyes tightly and vowed to herself to do better.

Suzanne continued in her imitation of Alan's voice, "Like I was saying, it's just you and me." She resumed running the dildo around Brenda's lips. "Brenda, I'll admit, I'm nervous. I mean, the time has finally come where I get to stick my dick in your mouth. But you're so beautiful and busty! What if I blow it and cum too soon? I don't know if I can handle it, so I'm just gonna start slow, okay?"

Brenda nodded. She hadn't even thought of the possibility that he could be nervous too, and even though she didn't really believe that was possible (since she put him on such a high pedestal), it helped her nerves. She also liked the idea of going slowly.

Over the next few minutes, Suzanne had Brenda merely lick the dildo. Brenda did such a good job at that task that Suzanne eventually allowed her to take it all the way into her mouth. Suzanne also had Brenda finger her own pussy, something that she hadn't been doing previously. At the same time, the clever redhead cooed sweet nothings and encouragements in her best mimicry of Alan's voice.

The change in Brenda's attitude was remarkable. By the time she got busy bobbing on the shaft, not only did she really feel it was Alan talking to her, she was practically convinced that the plastic dildo was his fleshy erection. With her doubts gone, she sucked and licked with gusto.

However, Suzanne had other things to do, so her goal was to get Susan to take over. She looked over to her best friend and saw that Susan had her eyes closed and was busy masturbating too. She snickered. Typical. She's listening to all my words and pretending she's the one sucking Sweetie. Cute. I almost hate having to interrupt her.

Suzanne said out loud, still mimicking Alan's voice, "Hey! Look who's here. It's Mom! Hi, Mom!"


Both Susan and Brenda opened their eyes upon hearing that. Brenda looked down and was surprised to see that she was holding and sucking a mere plastic dildo. But she was so into it that she didn't even slow down with her vigorous bobbing.

Susan was a bit slow to come out of her reverie enough to respond. She was still fully clothed, since Suzanne had explicitly told her to keep her clothes on, but she'd been playing with her nipples through the fabric. Eventually, she muttered "Hi, Son."

Suzanne asked Susan while still pretending to be Alan, "So what do you think of this one? I'm thinking of making her one of my personal cocksuckers. Do you think she's worthy?"

Susan didn't have to fake her feelings. "Oh, VERY worthy! Son, just look at her go! She's bobbing and slurping and sucking on your fat cock like her life depends on it! Is she using lots of tongue?"


Getting more into it, Susan said, "Tiger, would you like to fuck her tits? I'm not happy that they're even bigger than mine, but you're the man of the house now. Even though I'm your mommy, I'm also just one of your many sex pets, so it's not like I can tell you what to do."

Suzanne responded again in her Alan voice, "Definitely!"

Susan panted, "Well then, what are you waiting for? Feel 'em up like you own them, because you DO! From now on, Brenda belongs to you!"

"Oh, so that's what her name is." Suzanne had to hold the dildo with one hand, but she used her other hand to lightly brush here and there all over Brenda's heaving globes.

The feather-like touch was even more tantalizing for Brenda than if Suzanne had been more grabby, and she got off on the pretense that Alan hadn't bothered to learn her name yet. She responded by sucking on the dildo like her life really did depend on it.

They continued in that vein for some time. Eventually, Suzanne was able to hand over to Susan the role of playing Alan. Suzanne knew that Susan couldn't vocally imitate him as well, but by this point Brenda was so far gone into her lust that it didn't matter.

Suzanne mentally patted herself on the back as she left the room. And that, folks, is how you do it! Hee-hee-hee! She went upstairs to do some financial research on Susan's computer in the den, leaving the rest of the training session in Susan's capable hands.


Suzanne worked on Susan's computer for a short while, but she was too hot and bothered from what had happened in the basement and what she knew was still happening down there. So after only ten minutes or so, she went upstairs to find Alan.

To her surprise, he wasn't in his room surfing the Internet or in the living room playing video games. Instead, she spied him from Katherine's bedroom window; he was swimming in the backyard pool. Perfect! Heh! Poor kid, he has no clue what's about to hit him.

Suzanne was thinking about building Brenda's desire for Alan to even greater heights by keeping her progress with Alan frustratingly slow. She was thinking that she'd let Brenda touch his erection for the first time, but not more than that. Mainly, Brenda would get to watch while Susan and Suzanne took turns sucking and stroking him.

However, when Suzanne went downstairs to the basement, Susan took her aside to speak to her confidentially away from Brenda. Susan whispered, "Did you find Tiger? What's he doing?"

Suzanne whispered, "He's out swimming in the pool. I was thinking you and I can have some sexy fun with him while Brenda watches."

Susan frowned at that. She responded, "I understand your grand plan and your 'play hard to get' tactic, but I say it's high time we let her actually get to suck him. Today! Right now!"

Suzanne raised a curious eyebrow. "Oh, really? That's interesting, coming from you. What about your jealousy issues?"

"There are still a couple of things that mildly irk me, such as her breast size. But that pales in comparison to how our relationship has evolved. She's becoming not just a friend, but a very good friend. I told you about the great talk we had when she came over the day before yesterday, and we've talked more on the phone since, of course. She says all the right things, and she seems to mean it. She wants him so very badly! She's practically desperate to suck his cock! To keep delaying her at this point just seems unnecessarily cruel to me."

Suzanne grunted, "Hmmm." She was tempted to agree, but asked, "What about our plan to have her only come around to see him a couple of times a week?"

"A couple doesn't have to literally mean two. It could be three, or maybe four. We should be flexible. The last poker party was on Wednesday, and it's Saturday already. She gets the point that she can't be with him nearly as much as she wants. Keep the 'playing hard to get' plan going with fucking and other stuff, but please, let's let her experience the joy of cocksucking!"

Suzanne rubbed her chin and considered that. "I suppose I can go along with that. Maybe you're right that I'm taking this 'go slow' approach a little too far. She's so far along with her passion and dedication to him that, sure, let's do it."

"Yeay!" Susan gave her best friend a big hug.

— — —

A few minutes later, Suzanne came back up from the basement with Susan and Brenda in tow. Her goal was to keep things rolling before Brenda could fall out of her horny mood and lose her confidence. The three of them had just changed into sexy bikinis and four-inch high heels. They walked straight out to the pool.

Alan looked up and did a double-take. He'd just gotten out of the pool and was so busy drying himself with a towel that he didn't notice he had company until they were halfway to him. He'd just sat down in a chair so that he could dry his feet, but stood up immediately to be polite. "Whoa! Be still my beating heart. Just look at you all! And Brenda! Hey, how's it going?"

Brenda smiled. "Good." Her mood had radically transformed. True, she was so nervous that she was shaking all over. But she was too preoccupied by what was about to happen to think about her doubts and worries. And her arousal level was sky high, thanks mostly to Suzanne's manipulation.

Alan thought, Fuck me, man! This is too wild. I'm almost afraid to find out what the three of them have on their minds. So much tit power! I swear, between the three of them, you have enough tit weight for an entire extra person. And the extra-high high heels, particularly on such a short woman. I'm getting a Pavlovian reaction. Just seeing heels like that makes my dick as hard as steel!

Trying to calm his racing heart, he casually asked, "So, what are you lovely ladies up to?"

Suzanne answered coquettishly for all three of them. "Oh, you know... A little bit of this, a little bit of that..." While she was talking, she and Susan took off their bikini tops and tossed them aside. Then, in an obviously planned move, they moved into a line. Brenda was in the middle, since the point was to have Alan's focus on her. She wrapped her arms around the other two so they'd all be so close that their tremendous racks would press together, but she was so nervous that she was also glad the others were helping her stand up.


Of course Alan loved the sexy vision that they presented. But he was also curious. Susan and Suzanne were smiling and looking relaxed, while Brenda was blushing and looking away. She was trying to smile, but it seemed forced. Furthermore, he correctly suspected that Brenda was supposed to have taken off her bikini top at the same time as the other two, but she'd been too distracted, shy, or nervous to do it.

He tried to keep the conversation going. He had a vague idea something sexual was about to happen, and he was dying to know what, exactly. "So, um, are you gonna take a swim in the pool?"

Suzanne looked to Brenda. Suzanne's plan was to spend a good while having herself, Brenda, and Susan flirt and tease Alan until everyone was practically out of their minds with arousal. Their topless lineup was just the first in a series of erotic and increasingly outrageous poses she'd planned out in her head. However, she saw that Brenda was practically dying of anticipation, and truly seemed about ready to faint, so she mercifully decided to cut to the chase.

She replied, "We could... But we actually had a different idea in mind. Brenda feels like she's got a lot to learn when it comes to pleasuring a cock. To be frank, she coasted through two marriages mostly on her looks and especially the size of her remarkable rack." She brought a hand to Brenda's nearest boob, lifted it, then let go. Brenda's boob bounced and jiggled most impressively, despite the bikini top.

She continued, "So Susan's been giving her cocksucking lessons, using a dildo in the basement. But then it hit me: why use a dildo when we've got a flesh and blood cock she can practice on instead?"

Alan's jaw dropped. "You mean...?"

Suzanne nodded with a smirky smile. She thought, That's one thing I love so much about my boy. He goes through an incredible number of wild sexual encounters on a daily basis. But still, you put him in another situation like this one and he couldn't possibly be more excited about it. That kind of joy is infectious!

Susan could see that Brenda was shaking all over. So, like Suzanne, she did her best to speed things up. She figured that once Brenda got her mouth on Alan's cock, her mood would rapidly improve and her doubts would disappear. After all, that's what always happened to her. So she dropped to her knees in front of her standing son and pulled Brenda down with her. "Tiger, if you don't mind, I'm gonna... WHOOSH!" As she said that, she yanked his bathing suit down his legs.

Brenda's face lit up when she saw Alan's dick bounce free. She loved that he was already completely erect. My GOD! This is IT! This is the big moment! FUCK! I'm about to have a heart attack!

Susan stilled the bouncing of Alan's erection by taking it in hand. Within seconds, she was licking it. But mere seconds later, she pulled back and then pushed Brenda's head forward.

Before Brenda even knew what was happening, she found her lips literally pressed up against Alan's cockhead. She tentatively stuck her tongue out at it. Then it was like something clicked inside her. She let out a heavy sigh of relief and began licking in earnest. YESSSS! Finally! I'm not just dreaming this time!

Susan still had a hand on the back of Brenda's head. She cooed directly into her ear, "That's it. Feels good, doesn't it? It just feels... right... to be down on your knees, with my son's cock touching your lips, doesn't it? Like you've found your proper place!"

Brenda moaned affirmatively.

"Nothing makes me happier than licking and sucking the cock that has tamed and claimed me! It provides a deep sense of contentment, don't you think? It makes me feel happy to be alive to have his cock part my lips, rest on my tongue, and enter my mouth. And the smell! Mmmm! Such a heavenly smell. Take a big whiff."

Brenda paused in her licking to really smell Alan's boner. She was flying so high that she was nearly delirious with excitement. Her head was spinning, and she had to close her eyes and take a few slow breaths to stop herself from swooning. Come ON! I can do this! I've been waiting for this opportunity for WEEKS! I can't blow it! This could be my one and only big chance if I have any hope of becoming one of his personal cocksuckers!

Susan continued doing the talking for her, while taking a close sniff as well. "Smells good! That's the smell of a dominant man! His pheromones are going in your nose and straight down to your pussy. Making you obey! Making you serve! A big, thick, long cock like this, it needs to be properly serviced, don't you think?"

Brenda thought, That's SO TRUE! Gaawwwd, I just want to pleasure this cock so damn much! To SERVE it! Yes, to serve it!

As Susan spoke, she undid the tie on the back of Brenda's bikini and let it fall to the ground. "That's better. A big-titted beauty like you, you need to show what you've got! Shake your tits for your man!" Then she stood back so Brenda could have all the attention.


Brenda's attitude shifted decisively. She was still extremely nervous and excited, but she had a new determination to let it all hang out and do her best. She shook her newly bared melons while keeping her tongue on his hard-on. There was no hesitation or self-consciousness this time; she was fully living in the moment, and she was loving it. She loved what Susan had said about the smell of Alan's cock, so she kept on sniffing it while licking his sweet spot and stroking his long shaft.

In fact, it didn't really have much smell at all, especially since he'd just gotten out of the pool and his pre-cum hadn't really started to flow. Additionally, the odor of perfume from the three busty beauties standing or kneeling close by tended to mask all other smells. But for Brenda the psychology was what mattered, and she thought he smelled divine.

Susan stood back up and took a few steps back so she would be fully within Alan's vision, and Brenda's too. "Look at me, Son! Look at how I'm shaking my tits. Do you like to watch your busty mommy pose naked for you while another busty babe slurps all over your big, fat cock?"

Brenda was too absorbed with her licking task to do any more than briefly glance Susan's way. However, she was very appreciative of Susan's efforts. She had built Alan up to such an extent that she considered more than one raving beauty helping him at a time to be the new normal. Thus she felt less pressure when Susan was also playing a role in keeping Alan's cock throbbing.

Alan definitely looked at his mother, and he loved what he saw. He let out an extra-loud groan of approval.

Susan continued, "Brenda, see how I'm rolling my shoulders to keep my big tits in constant motion? It's a subtle thing. I don't want to bounce 'em around like rubber balls. Just enough motion to catch his eye and titillate."

Brenda still didn't notice, because she was in love with licking Alan's cock and didn't want any distractions. But she knew what Susan was talking about, and she started rolling her shoulders too.

Susan was pleased. "That's it! Shake 'em for the man who's going to own you and control you. The man who's going to fuck you! Oh yes, he's going to fuck you within an inch of your life! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon! And once he does, he'll OWN your cunt! So lick that cock! Because that's the cock that's going to ruin all other men for you!"

Brenda redoubled her passionate attack. But she wasn't just uncontrolled emotion; she knew to focus on his sweet spot with an ever-changing arrays of techniques. He's gonna fuck me! Yes! He's gonna fuck my juicy cunt! Oh, Alan, please! Control me! Own me! Every inch of my body! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!

MMMM! It's every bit as great as I'd hoped it would be! To think that I used to scoff at blowjobs. Even lately, I sometimes wondered if they could be all that Susan said they are. Well, they ARE! Aaaah! Mmmm! Gaawwwd! I love holding and licking his cock so very, very much! But more than that, I love the symbolism of it. It's like... Alan IS my lord and master! And I'm one of his sex pets!

OH YES! OH GOD! I swear, I'm going to start cumming any second now, and I'll never, ever stop! MMMM! "Sex pet!" What a RUSH! But it's TRUE! Look at me, look at him, look at each one of us! It's all TRUE!

She didn't need to be reminded anymore to keep her boobs moving, because her entire body was writhing with uncontrollable lust. Thanks especially to the talk of getting fucked, her hips seemed to have a mind of their own. Her ass rose up and down and churned around in circles as if she was fully impaled on Alan's hard-on.

Unthinkingly, Alan grabbed her head and moaned loudly. He'd been having a great time from the start, but suddenly he was desperately fighting the urge not to cum, even though she hadn't even started properly sucking him off yet.

Suzanne had just been standing back and watching. About the only thing she'd done was take her bikini bottoms off and toss them aside. She thought, This is my doing. I caused all of this. All the thoughts and words they use, that's because I put them into Susan's head and she's put them into Brenda's head with their frequent phone calls. I know a lot of it is bullshit. Sure, Sweetie has become a studly guy with great stamina, but he doesn't have magical taming powers. And big-titted women aren't somehow all fated to sexually serve him.

And yet... when I hear this kind of talk, I get just as excited as they do! It may be bullshit, but it's hot! Maybe that's why I keep pushing this stuff on Susan. I mean, just look at Brenda go! She's so damn inspired! Just watching her lovingly lick his cock from the bottom to top and back again, and especially the way she's swirling her tongue all over his sweet spot, I swear, it's almost as good as doing it myself! And seeing Susan standing by, cheering her on, eager for her own turn... Fuck! My pussy is really starting to cream! I feel shivers race down my spine!

And yet I'm the relatively calm and reasonable one! I can't imagine how much more excited Brenda must be feeling right now.

Indeed, Susan was eager to get more involved. She fell to her knees so she was kneeling shoulder to shoulder with Brenda. She thought, WOW! This is such an inspirational moment. I feel goose bumps and tingles all over! I've had my issues with Brenda in the past, but look at the inspired way she's working his cock. How can I argue with that? It's meant to be! I swear, there's nothing more beautiful than watching a busty babe worshipping my son's cock! That's how I must look. UNNH! HNNNG! Chills! Such tingly chills!

My goodness! He's TAMING her! She's succumbing to the might of his cock right before my eyes! It makes me so happy that I almost want to cry!

Susan grabbed both of Brenda's unusually long nipples and pulled on them, making Brenda let out a lusty cry. "That's it! That's it! You've got him on the ropes! But you need to do more. More! You think you have a ghost of a chance against a powerful cock like his with just a little licking and stroking? No way! Swallow it! Swallow the whole damn thing! Show him how much pleasuring his cock means to you! Show him that you live to serve! SUCK! Suck his cock!"


Brenda would have been plenty excited merely from licking Alan's cock, but Susan's words had put her into some kind of animalistic frenzy of cock need. Taking a huge gulp of air, she stretched her mouth wide open and took in all of Alan's cockhead, and then some, in one extended motion.

She knew this was a pivotal moment in her life. She didn't want Alan to merely be some transitional figure in her exploration of her submissive nature, as Suzanne had suggested. In her mind he already was her de facto master, and she couldn't imagine anyone she wanted to dominate her more than him. So, if all went according to her most hopeful plans and dreams, this would be just the first of countless thousands of times she got down on her knees and submissively sucked his cock in the many years to come. It was more than a mere physical act; it was a symbol of what her new lifestyle and submissive role was all about.

Even so, she didn't stop to truly ponder the moment, because her need to suck was so great.


She began frantically bobbing up and down on his hot pole like her life depended on it. There was no finesse or practiced technique in her movements, just relentless and very tight bobbing up and down. She'd been craving to do this for weeks now, so it seemed like she was trying to get in a month's worth of sucking in a matter of minutes.

Even though Alan was simply standing there, it was such an incredible, pleasurable experience that his heart was racing like he was running at full speed. He even felt sweat dripping down his face.

She thought, GOD DAMN! I'm really doing it! Licking him was great, but this is even better! I'm so euphoric that I think I'm going to float away! He's stretching my lips open wide and completely filling my mouth, just like Susan said he would! It takes such an effort just to keep my lips stretched around him, but I wouldn't have it any other way! So HOT, and THICK, and ALIVE! Everything's so great that I think I'm going to pass out!

But I can't! I'm reeling and dizzy, but I can't! I can't even stop sucking or slow down, because this is such a big moment! This could even prove to be bigger than either of my wedding ceremonies, if he ends up becoming my master! Somehow I feel that this cock is going to completely tame me and own me, and to be permanently owned by a real man is WAY more important than a mere marriage! But for that to happen I have to PROVE to him that I'm worthy by using my entire body to arouse him!

Alan's legs trembled due to the intensity of her suction. He'd had to clench his PC muscle rhythmically, pretty much from the moment she started bobbing on him. He wished that he'd thought to sit down before she really got going, because she had her hands tightly clenching his ass cheeks, as if she were trying to pull him even closer so she could deep throat every last inch. She'd been fantasizing about doing this to him for weeks, and nothing was going to stop her now, not even a quick repositioning to get more comfortable.

Besides, like Susan, she actually preferred to kneel before him as he stood. Knowing that he towered above her subservient pose thrilled her down to her tingling toes. Everything about this situation was ideal, from her big tits swinging freely to the high heels on her feet. She loved that her very first blowjob for him was an extremely humiliating experience. The fact that she was blowing him outdoors with two of his other lovers watching closely added an extra degree of delightful humiliation.

A few tears actually leaked from her eyes, due to the sheer difficulty of continuing to suck him while breathing through her nose. But she loved that. She couldn't believe how copiously she was salivating all over his shaft, and she loved that too. The smell of him, the taste of his cock, the touch of Susan's hand on her shoulder, the drops of sweat tickling down her forehead, the breeze blowing over her nude body, the sounds of Alan's aroused grunts coming from up above - there was nothing about the experience she didn't love.

As one minute passed into another, Brenda as least calmed down enough to start thinking about what she was doing. She also started varying up her movements and unexpectedly changing her rhythms, but she didn't slow down in the slightest. God, it's so thick! So thick! Thicker than the dildo. Thicker than either of my husbands'. THIS is a superior cock! Susan is right: a super fat cock like this one DEMANDS to be serviced! I... must... submit!

Alan clutched the sides of Brenda's head, trying to control his lust. "Bren-! Uh! Ah! Fuck! Not so... fast!" He was squeezing his PC muscle with just as much urgency as she was bobbing and sucking.

Somehow he held on, but it was like a crazy roller coaster ride in pitch darkness. He felt his head spinning, and then it was like the whole world was spinning around him. His legs gave way and he stumbled backwards, inadvertently pulling his cock out of Brenda's mouth in the process.

That was what saved him from cumming only a few minutes after she truly got started cocksucking. That would have been embarrassing for him, especially considering how much she'd built him up in her mind. Many other men would have considered themselves lucky to last even that long, given the intensity of her suction and her passion. But his stamina reputation was a double-edge sword, because he felt he had to do a lot better than that. Somehow, he staggered back to a lounge chair and plopped his ass in it.

Brenda immediately crawled forward to hungrily resume her sucking. It was as if she was starving and he was her only meal.

Alan had to close his eyes because the sight of her crawling with her huge tits swaying underneath was just too much. He held both hands out, gesturing that she had to stop.

Reluctantly, she stopped, although she was already so close that she had her hands on his knees.

Susan clapped her hands and giggled with glee. "Good job, Brenda. No, make that a great job!" Susan was truly emotionally moved by what she had just seen. To her, she was witnessing much more than just a blowjob; it was a validation of her entire newly-chosen lifestyle.

Suzanne was pleased and smiling too. She was particularly pleased how Susan had put her jealousy aside to help Brenda so much. She considered asking her about that, but decided it was better not to remind her of the jealousy issues, particularly in front of Brenda, for fear that would only bring those feelings back to the fore.

Instead, Suzanne went to where Brenda was kneeling. Since Suzanne already had taken her bikini bottoms off, she decided it was high time for Brenda to get completely naked too. So she pulled Brenda's bikini bottoms all the way down her legs and tossed them aside.

Susan saw that and quickly got rid of her own bikini bottoms. Now, everyone was completely naked, not counting Susan's glasses or the high heels the women were wearing.

Once Suzanne had Brenda naked, her hands went back to Brenda's ass. Her fingers started rooting around, exploring from her anus to her sopping wet pussy, and everywhere in between.

Brenda, though, hardly noticed. She was already so aroused that the intimate contact was like merely tossing another branch or two onto a raging bonfire. She remained with her hands on Alan's knees, panting hard and eager to get the sign she could move forward, since Alan was just sitting there panting hard with his eyes closed, obviously trying his best to recover.

Brenda felt triumphant due to the very fact that she'd failed to get him to blow his load. He didn't cum! He didn't cum! That's so incredible! I gave it all I've got, and he STILL held out! That proves to me all over again that he's the natural master type. Neither of my husbands could have lasted through that. No way!

God DAMN! Susan has talked to me at length about the eternal struggle of trying to conquer this great cock, only to get repeatedly conquered by it. Now I'm part of that never-ending battle! Just think of the countless hours I'll be spending on my knees, trying every trick in the book to get him to cum, choking and gagging and suffering and struggling with all my might! DAMN! I'd be sold on this lifestyle if cocksucking was all there was to it. But that's just a PART of it! Wait until he FUCKS me! Holy SHIT!

Susan had been left behind when Alan staggered back to the lounge chair, but now she too scooted forward until she was kneeling next to Brenda, but on the other side of one of Alan's legs this time. She gently caressed Brenda's face to get her attention.

Once Brenda looked her way, Susan smiled and said, "Feels good, doesn't it?"

Brenda's face lit up like a searchlight. She nodded eagerly. She knew that it went without saying that Susan was referring to the joy of cocksucking and not what Suzanne was currently doing to her ass and pussy.

"Remember your doubts from before?"

Brenda nodded again.

"Do they still bother you?"

Brenda shook her head. She almost laughed at how absurd it seemed to have had those doubts, now that she knew what it was really like.

Susan reached under Brenda and resumed playing with her still heaving tits. "No, of course they don't. Nothing matters now except pleasing him. This is so much more than just practicing on a live cock; this is an initiation! Look at your body, your incredible body."

Brenda briefly glanced down at her body. But since she was leaning forward towards Alan, she didn't see much except for her huge globes dangling down, and Susan's fingers pulling on her nipples.

Susan continued, "This is why God gave you your special body. It's why He gave me mine and Suzanne hers. We're very special. We're built for sex. We're built to serve. We're meant to suck!"

Suzanne found herself getting caught up in the lust while she watched. She had to remind herself, That's not true! At least not for me. I'm not like them. But then why is that talk making me so fucking horny?!

Alan finally recovered enough to open his eyes. He looked around and saw the three most gorgeous naked women he could possibly imagine. He also saw his mother's fingers practically enveloped in Brenda's tit-flesh, and while he couldn't quite tell what Suzanne was doing to Brenda behind her, he knew it had to be extremely arousing for all of them.

He was forced to close his eyes again. He defiantly thrust his hands into the air and gave them the middle finger with both hands. "Fuck you! Fuck you all!"

Brenda was shocked, and gasped. She looked wide-eyed at Susan. "Oh no! Did we do something wrong?!"

Suzanne chuckled while fingering Brenda's pussy. "Not hardly. Don't worry about it. He's just freaking out because he's so overwhelmed by all the sexy stimulation. Am I right, Sweetie?"

He nodded, but grunted with exasperation too. After a long pause, he complained, "Jeeeesus! Jesus fucking Christ!"

Susan chided him, "Son, please. Don't take the Lord's name in vain."

He had a hard time not laughing at that, given all the "sinful" things they were busy doing. But he didn't want to upset his still very religious mother, so he just nodded.

Suzanne stopped playing with Brenda and scooted forward until she was in the same position as Susan, except she was leaning on his right leg and Susan was leaning on his left. She said tenderly, "Sweetie, I know that sometimes we tend to overwhelm you. Did we go too far? Do you want us to stop? Do you want to talk about it?"

He opened his eyes. But then he immediately shielded them with his hands. "Gah! Good grief! I can't even look at you all. It's like staring into the sun. Too much female perfection! And speaking of the sun, doesn't it bother you that we're outside, where the neighbors could see?"

Brenda had been so completely absorbed in what she was doing that she'd hardly paid any attention to their exposed location. Besides, Susan had previously told her that she'd played around with Alan by the pool and there was no chance of being seen by strangers. But now that he'd mentioned it, she couldn't help but look all around. Suddenly, she was very worried. However, her sudden fear only inflamed her lust.

She thought, That house over there is the Pestridge house - Suzanne's house! You CAN see in here from some of the rooms over there! But I don't care! That's how much of a slut I am for Alan's cock. I just don't care! Let the whole world see that I love sucking his fat knob!

Alan continued to gripe, "How am I supposed to take a break here? Even now, all I'd have to do is mentally let go a little bit and I'd be squirting like a fountain."

Brenda clapped her hands like a little girl being given a new toy. "Oh! Squirt at me! Please!" So far, she'd been at arm's length, but now she scooted in closer in the hopes that he would soon unleash a cum shower.

He just sighed. "Ugh. You see what I mean? You're too sexy. Too arousing. It's unreasonable. All I wanted to do was take a break. Have a nice swim. Clear my head. And then, this!" He opened his eyes just long enough to glance at his dick. It was stiff and twitching, and covered with saliva and pre-cum. He knew there was no way it would go flaccid, not until he emptied his balls.

Susan asked with concern, "Do you want us to go? Because we can go."

"No! That's the thing - I don't want you to go! Good God Almighty, the pleasure is simply out of this world! It feels so good that it's ridiculous." He opened his eyes again. "Look at you. All three of you. The way you look is friggin' absurd! You're, like, HOTTER than the top porn stars. I want more! More, more, more, more, more! I think it's like one of you said a little while ago. You ARE built for sex! But give me a chance to fucking rest first, okay? A real rest! Why don't you three, I dunno, go get a drink or something? Actually, I could definitely use a drink; it's hot out here. And what about suntan lotion? Aunt Suzy, with your fair skin you're gonna burn up."

Suzanne looked down at her voluptuous and very pale naked body. "Oooh. Good point. We were just kind of... eager."

He chuckled. "Yeah. I noticed."


The three sex-bomb mothers got up and retreated back to the kitchen for drinks. Each of them took full advantage of the fact they were wearing high heels to undulate and sway their bare ass cheeks to maximum effect. There was little doubt among them that the effect on Alan was quite dramatic.

Once they walked out of range, Brenda grabbed Susan's hand and eagerly whispered, "Did you hear that? He said we're built for sex! It's true! It's all true! So true! That means we're built to serve and suck him too, just like you said!"

Susan was just as eager. "I know! It's so hot! And look at you." She grazed her hand up Brenda's tummy, and brushed the undersides of Brenda's mountainous tits. "You're just the perfect little big-titted cocksucker all of a sudden. How does it feel?"

Brenda's face lit up, shining with joy even more than it already was. "Like a dream come true! I love it! Even just WALKING to the house is so thrilling and arousing that I can't stand it! Because HE could be watching us!" She enveloped Susan in a tight bear hug.

Susan laughed. "Whoa, there! You're gonna squeeze me to death!"

Brenda loosened her grip. "Sorry. It's like I'm too happy to control myself! I already knew how much I desired Alan in general, but I can't believe how much I love his cock specifically! He's just so... UGH! So THICK! I never had one that thick before, and... oh my God... do I love it! It fits my mouth perfectly, like I was made for it."

"You were," Susan affirmed with absolute conviction.

"I know, and that's what gets me! The thing is, it's a constant challenge simply to hold it in my mouth. Just breathing is a never ending battle."

She yawned several times while she talked, in order to stretch her jaw muscles and limber them up. "But I love how hard I have to work, even just to get a good, tight suction going. It's a continual reminder that he's the dominant one and we're his sex pets!"

Susan nodded emphatically. "We're his sex pets, sent by God to serve!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes at that. By this time, the three of them were in the kitchen. She went to the refrigerator and looked inside it. "Okay, you two. Calm down. And Brenda, please wipe your chin." She was somewhat chagrined, because she knew she was the one who had introduced the "sex pet" term to Alan to excite him about Brenda. Now it was taking on a life of its own for both Brenda and Susan.

Brenda let go of Susan, went to a small mirror near the sink, and looked at her face. She squealed in delight at how wet it was. But she had a strong compulsion to obey Suzanne, so she dutifully washed it off.

Suzanne asked the others, "What do you want to drink? Oh, and what should we get him? I forgot to ask."

Susan and Brenda said simultaneously, "Pineapple juice!" Then they both had a good laugh.

Even Suzanne laughed. She knew that pretty much everyone in the Plummer house except Alan was aware how pineapple juice improved the taste of cum. Needless to say, he'd been served a lot of pineapple juice lately.

Brenda wasn't too good at calming down, and she continued talking to Susan right where she left off. "But what I love best is that it's Alan's cock!"

She suddenly took Susan's hands in hers and spoke to her with heartfelt emotion. "For so many days now, I've been with you every step of the way, thanks to our daily phone calls. I've gotten a detailed blow-by-blow account of pretty much everything you or the other gorgeous women you know do to his cock. And then, this last poker party, I was so ready! Ready to SUCK! He played with my tits and my ass, but that was it. I was crushed. I've been so very eager to serve, and today I CAN! It's such a rush! Such a release! I was so wound up, so tense, so needy! But now... now! I'm floating on a sea of bliss!"

"Thank you!" She suddenly kissed Susan's lips. Her hands went straight to Susan's ass, pulling her in close. Their nude bodies rubbed together all over.

But nearly as suddenly, Brenda pulled back, went to Suzanne, and kissed her instead. That kiss went on much longer, and was hot as hell. Brenda wanted to give her an extra special thank you, because she sensed that none of this would have happened had it not been for Suzanne.

Suzanne had been relatively restrained so far. She knew this was a special time for Brenda, so she'd been content to generally stand back and silently watch. She hadn't even given in to the temptation to masturbate.

But Brenda didn't let Suzanne stay aloof. She knew Suzanne was hot and bothered, and she wanted to give back some of the great pleasure she'd just been given. So she was all over her like an octopus during the kiss. In particular, one hand went straight to Suzanne's pussy and vigorously fingered her.

Susan was standing there watching, and she could see what Brenda was trying to do. So she joined in from Suzanne's backside.


Suzanne squealed in what sounded like distress but actually was delight. "What are you two doing to me?! Help, I'm trapped in a sex-bomb sandwich!"

The other two just laughed and kept right on, focusing on her nipples and clit.

Brenda was nearly delirious with joy. This is exactly where I belong! With other naked, beautiful women, all working together to please our man! There's the sexual pleasure, but it's so much more than that. It's like... a sisterhood. A new family!

Finally, after another minute or so, Suzanne felt the tell-tale shiver and gush of an orgasm. The highly orgasmic Brenda had one of her own at the same time.

Only then did Brenda break their lip-lock. As they both basked in the afterglow, she said, "And thank you! You're the one who got things started for me, so I'm especially thankful to you."

Suzanne was tickled pink that her plan was working so well, but she just shrugged and pretended like her climax didn't happen. "Hey, that's what friends do for each other. By the way, you said earlier that you were feeling a 'heavy gloom' and a 'sense of foreboding.' Is that gone?"

"Totally! When you came back down to the basement a little while ago and announced that we were going to practice right now on Alan's very real cock, I thought I'd have a nervous breakdown. Not only was there a great pressure to perform well, but I could tell it was a do or die moment in terms of which way my future would go. I told myself this was my last chance to back out and live a normal life. Now, there is no going back. But I don't care! This has confirmed that I'm a true sexual submissive and Alan is my natural master."

Susan was getting some glasses from a shelf, but she stopped to listen closely.

Brenda spoke with newfound resolve. "This is who I am. This is what I do. I serve superior, special men like Alan. It feels so good and so right! He might not be 'mine' exactly, and that's kind of the understatement of the year, but I know that I'm definitely HIS!"

Suzanne cheered, "You go, girl!"

Brenda continued, "I still don't know what the future will bring. So much is still up in the air. I have such passion and desire for him; I sure hope I can continue to serve him exclusively for as long as he wants me. But I know this path is my destiny. I know that in my heart. I don't even have to worry about how I'm going to perform when we go back outside in a few minutes, because I'm loving every last lick, and I'm sure that passion shines through."

Suzanne grinned. "All that from just a couple minutes sucking a cock, huh?"

"YES!" Brenda gripped Suzanne's shoulders. Their massive racks were rubbing together because they were both so stacked that it was hard for them not to be when standing close, but she was so caught up in the emotion of the moment that she hardly noticed. "Not just sucking any cock, but HIS cock! Maybe half of it is in my mind - okay probably more than half of it is mental - but it's completely different from everything else before. I remember how my husband used to shower me with gifts in order to get a little oral action. I did it, rarely, and I pretty much hated it. But with Alan, I could gobble his knob all day long!" She asked with genuine puzzlement, "Why is that?"

Suzanne replied, "It's about how you feel for the person. Maybe you even loved your husband at some point, but your feelings for Alan are very different, I'm sure." As she talked, she got some suntan lotion out of a drawer and began applying it to her exceedingly fair skin.

Brenda nodded emphatically.

"Your husband never treated you the way you needed to be treated, for starters. He never fully understood you. But Alan, he's understood you and your submissive ways from the very start. He affects you in a deep, primal way that you probably never felt from anyone else. For instance, I'll bet he could get your pussy gushing with just a certain look."

"That's so true!" Brenda agreed, amazed at Suzanne's insight. "In fact, my pussy gets wet from pretty much any look he gives me. And my heart races and I get butterflies in my stomach. I'm feeling all of that, and more, right now!"

Suzanne said dismissively, "Let's not speak any more about it. I have more ideas on the matter, but I think it's better to keep some things mysterious as long as we can. It's more fun that way. The main thing is that you're feeling better. And he's happy and horny. It's win-win."

"I'm feeling SO much better!" Brenda threw her arms around Suzanne and gave her a tight hug.

Susan had been busy preparing glasses of pineapple juice for everyone. But she paused to pat Brenda's bare back, symbolically giving her support.

That wasn't enough for Brenda, so she changed positions to envelop Susan in the hug too. She was nearly in tears as she said, "Thank you both! I feel so much love in this house. Today alone, the way you two helped with the cocksucking lessons, and then how you tried to cheer me up, plus giving me good advice, and letting me be with Alan and his great cock for the first time... It's all so wonderful that I could cry!"

Suzanne detested crying. So before things got any more maudlin, she pulled back and said, "Speaking of cocksucking lessons, I think it's time for you to put some of what we taught you into practice, don't you think? I was watching closely, and you were mostly just bobbing. Nothing special or particularly tricky, despite all the tricks we were teaching you. Did you even get your tongue busy inside your mouth?"

Brenda looked down, abashed. "Not really. I was too excited about the whole thing. Plus, he's just so very thick! I was still adjusting to that."

Suzanne patted her bare shoulder. "Don't worry about it. It's a process. Take it step by step."

Susan enthusiastically cut in, "It's an art form! It really is! It's all about being creative, letting the spirit flow through you and perfecting your skills. Each time I suck him, I feel like I'm trying to create a blowjob masterpiece!"

"Wow!" Brenda was clearly impressed.

Suzanne grinned tolerantly at that. "Hey, we've got plenty of time and a very stiff, young cock waiting for us outside. It's a beautiful day. Once we put enough suntan lotion on, I say we go back out there and practice a lot more until he gives up his creamy load. Not just Brenda, but all of us."

Susan pumped a fist into the air. "Right on!"

Brenda pumped a fist into the air as well. "Oh boy! I can't wait to go back out there. First, I'm gonna suck him until he cums. And then, the titfucking can begin! I want him to fuck my tits for hours! Meanwhile, you-"

Suzanne cut her off. "Um, that's nice that you're so keen. But I think it's better if we wait on the titfucks for another day. He's got a lot of things going on today. A lot. So after he cums, we should just let him be." Already, she was thinking of some special plans to do with him later in the day, and she didn't want him too worn out.

Brenda was hardly fazed, because she figured a lot more cocksucking still beckoned. "Okay! Let's go!"


A few minutes later, Alan and the ladies were all relaxing on lounge chairs after enjoying their drinks. Alan had had such a long strategic break that his dick felt fully rested. He'd wound up lying all the way back on a lounge chair so Susan, Suzanne, and Brenda could be within easy reach of his crotch. Brenda lay between his legs while Susan sat on one side of his chair and Suzanne sat on the other. Nobody wore anything aside from the usual glasses and high heels, plus Alan wore sunglasses because of the bright sun.

Suzanne said, "Okay, now here's what we're going to do. Let's get organized here." She looked to Brenda. "Instead of you just sucking on him willy nilly, I'm going to show you some moves and then I want you to practice them. But don't feel like you have to slavishly imitate me. Instead, do what feels good, and what you think will make him feel good, but also incorporate some of the things that you see I'm doing, okay?"

Brenda nodded.

Suzanne looked up at Alan with a knowing smirk. "Any objections?" She winked.

He laughed. "Definitely not!" It was all he could do not to rub his hands together with glee. Fuck me, man! Talk about a perfect plan on a perfect day. Once upon a time, I was scared shitless that I couldn't seduce Brenda. Just look at us now! Un-friggin'-believable!

He slouched back in his chair, ready for more erotic nirvana. His dick was already hard, pointing upward at a forty-five degree angle.


Suzanne leaned over, engulfed Alan's cockhead, and began bobbing on it. She was focusing on her tongue work, centered on his sweet spot, while also using irregular rhythms and making unexpected directional changes with her air-tight lip movements.

Brenda clutched at her tits and idly pulled on her long nipples while she watched. Wow! So hot! I thought I was doing pretty well there, but I can instantly tell that Suzanne is in an entirely different league. I have so much to learn!

She commented to Susan, "Good grief! Look at her go! Did you see the ease with which she swallowed his cock?"

Susan proudly replied, "Believe me, it's not any easier for her, it's just a matter of practice. I never get over just how thick my son's cock is, and how it completely fills my mouth. Every time I feel his fat log initially sliding between my lips, I get chills as it hits me all over again just how well endowed he is, and I'm daunted by how much HARD WORK it's gonna take to get him to cum. Every single time! But you learn to really stretch your jaw as wide open as it can get, and mentally prepare yourself to get completely stuffed with throbbing cock-meat all the way back to your tonsils! You'll get the hang of it, with practice, practice, practice."

Brenda said, "Oh, Susan! Between your words and seeing Suzanne's sliding lips, I'm just about ready to pass out! If I could practice that much on his cock... UGH! That would be ANOTHER dream come true! Everything today is like my perfect fantasy happening in real life. Just watching her and thinking about it is making my cunt throb!" She reached for her wet pussy.

But Susan said, "Hold on there, girl. If you play with yourself, how will you be able to pay attention? Is pleasuring his cock important to you?"

Brenda reluctantly withdrew her hand. "Oh! So much!"

"Do you wish to become one of his official personal cocksuckers?"

Brenda practically screamed in delight. "OH GOD! I can't even begin to say!"

"Then watch and learn! Cocksucking is an art, like I said. Nay, it's a calling! See how she's tilting her head and all the movement there in her left cheek? I can tell she's doing a move we call 'Licking the Ice Cream Cone'. That's a good one."

Brenda watched carefully. An electric jolt shot down her spine as she considered Susan's words. "A calling." So true! What if pleasuring Alan's cock is MY calling? Wow! What a heady thought that is! Shit. I'd better get my act together so I can somehow hope to approach the abilities of these two impressive women!

After about another minute, she noted, "Um, Suzanne? There's a problem. I can't really tell what you're doing, because it's all happening inside your mouth. All I can see is that you're doing wonderful things with your tongue."

Suzanne pulled off his shaft with a satisfying smack. "Hmmm. That's true. But you know what? I'm pretty damn horny now. I'm not in a mood for a lot of explaining; I just want to do it! Why don't we save the lesson part for some other time and just take turns sucking? I'm sure Sweetie won't mind." She looked up at him and winked again.

He pointed his finger at his temple like it was a gun, then pretended to shoot. Even Susan understood what he meant: 'You just blew my mind.'

Suzanne kept a hand around Alan's shaft, but tilted it towards Brenda. "Here. Your turn." She planted one more sloppy, loving kiss on the crown of his glans before pulling back.

"Oh! Goody!" Brenda immediately stretched her mouth open and dove down his shaft until she hit Suzanne's fingers. She started bobbing so deep that she choked and gagged some. However, that didn't last long, because she wanted to concentrate on his sweet spot. Even though she wasn't explicitly following Suzanne's moves, she remembered Suzanne's advice in the kitchen to get her tongue involved, and she worked hard to do that.

Alan immediately noticed the improvement from what she was doing prior to the drink break. He had to tense up his ass muscles in response. "Oh, man!"

Brenda felt another orgasmic surge race through her body just from hearing him say that with obvious lusty satisfaction.

Suzanne was tenderly stroking the hair on Brenda's bobbing head while also stroking all the inches of cock that remained outside Brenda's greedy mouth. She grinned at Alan. "You're enjoying that, are you?"

"Hell, yeah! God, it's just... Wow!" He thought, Fuck me! Somebody just fuck me! Brenda! If she keeps this up, I'm gonna go cross-eyed. And she's so into it. Just listen to her slurping like she's inhaling an entire smoothie with a single suck. She's really, really into me. I'm gonna fuck her before long!

Dang! And with Aunt Suzy literally lending a helping hand too! It's like they're both my sex pets now! And Mom too! It's INSANE! I can't even think about ANYTHING, or I'm gonna overheat. I'm just gonna turn off my mind and enjoy. He closed his eyes and attempted to slowly count to ten.

Brenda switched styles again. She attempted to engulf a little further down Alan's shaft with each pass. Soon, she was triggering her gag reflex, causing her to choke and gag some more. She did it deliberately and repeatedly, as loudly as possible, because those sounds and sensations were like manna from Heaven for her. Good God, I'm choking on Alan's fat cock! If I have to die, what a wonderfully slutty way to go! I'm gonna keep at it until I deep throat him! My throat will be my second cunt!

Susan also loved those choking and gagging sounds. To her, they symbolized complete submission.

But Suzanne didn't like those sounds at all, because from her point of view they sounded like a failed attempt at deep throating. Plus, with Brenda covering that much of Alan's cock, she'd been forced to withdraw her stroking hand for lack of room. She said, "Brenda, ease up, okay? You can't expect to hit a home run your first time at bat. Besides, remember than most of your effort should be to stimulate his frenulum, his sweet spot."

Duly chastened, Brenda switched back to shorter bobs and lots of tongue work, all of it focused on his sweet spot. Deep throating was a dream that would have to wait for another day.

Suzanne looked at Susan, sitting across from her. "What's up with you? You've been unusually quiet. See how Brenda's fingers are sliding up and down his shaft? That's good, but it's leaving his balls untended. Why don't you take care of his scrotum until it's your turn next?"

Susan clutched her hands to her chest uncertainly. "My turn? Next? I don't know..."

Suzanne spoke over Brenda's increasingly noisy slurping and lip smacking. "You don't know?! Susan, you live for this kind of thing. What's the problem this time?"

"Well, it's just... I fear I'm sliding down the slippery slope some more. I know I sucked Tiger's cock with Amy a few days ago, but that was kind of a heat-of-the-moment thing. And then I did it again with Akami yesterday, but that was kind of... for scientific purposes."

Suzanne shot her a skeptical and amused look. "Scientific. I'm sure."

"It was! But never you mind that. The point is, I've been trying to draw a line in the sand about not allowing two mouths on his cock at once."

"What about when you did it with Angel a few days ago?"

Susan winced. "There is that."

"What was your excuse that time?"

"It's just so very thick and tasty!" She licked her lips as she watched Brenda suck. "Okay, I'll admit I've had a few slip-ups lately. But since then, I've been trying to do better. Don't we spoil him enough already? What's happening here right now could easily turn into a three-tongues-on-one-cock situation. It just seems so improper. Where is it going to end? With out-and-out orgies?"

Suzanne was annoyed at Susan's backsliding. She'd thought Susan had already fully embraced double blowjobs, at least. She sensed that Susan's resistance was paper-thin, so she stated firmly, "Frankly, yes. With orgies. That's probably going to happen pretty soon. Why try to fight it?"

Brenda could hear the beginnings of an argument. After all the ways Susan and Suzanne had helped her, she wanted to help them some in return. So even though sucking Alan's cock felt like heaven on Earth to her, she pulled her lips off and resorted to merely stroking him for a while.

That freed her mouth so she could talk. "Hey, you two, I have something to say here. Susan, two mouths at once isn't just a good idea, it's medically necessary!"

Susan frowned. She started to say, "I know it takes a lot to get him to cum, but-"

Brenda cut in, "Listen to me. This is important! Have you ever heard of something called the Coolidge Effect?"

Susan shook her head.

Alan also shook his head, despite the fact that no one was looking at him above his crotch.

Even Suzanne shook her head, because that was genuinely new to her.

Brenda was pleasantly surprised. She lapped on Alan's sweet spot intermittently as she explained, "Oh wow, I know something about sex that even the great sex goddess Suzanne doesn't. The Coolidge Effect is a scientific fact, backed by studies on both animals and humans. Basically, when a man has sex with a woman, eventually he gets tired and he can't perform for a while. They call it the refractory period, when his penis is recovering until it can get hard again. But these studies show that if you bring in a new woman, bingo! The refractory period is shortened. Often, it's completely eliminated! In short, a man will cum more often, and with less waiting, the more women who are involved."

An excited Susan asked, "Is that for real? Like, really real?"

"It is!" Brenda said definitively.

Susan asked, "Then why haven't you heard about it, Suzanne?"

Suzanne shrugged. "Hey, I don't know everything about everything. But it sounds fascinating. Susan, think of the potential for helping with Sweetie's six-times-a-day target!"

In truth, Suzanne was right and Susan's resistance to double blowjobs and the like was paper-thin. This new information was an ideal excuse for her to ditch that resistance for good. She exclaimed, "I know! This changes everything! Goodness gracious! In theory, we could keep Tiger hard for hours and hours non-stop, simply by rotating in different women whenever he goes flaccid!"

"You could!" Brenda happily agreed.

Alan whimpered helplessly when he heard that. I swear, they're gonna kill me with too much joy!

Susan pondered that delightful prospect; her mood was improving already. "It practically PROVES that Tiger needs a whole harem of beautiful women helping him out! By the way, why is it called the Coolidge Effect?"

Brenda resumed licking all around Alan's cockhead in swirling patterns as she explained. "That's literally a funny story. It's named after a joke about President Calvin Coolidge. Way back when, in the 1920s, he and his wife were being shown around an experimental chicken farm. At one point, Mrs. Coolidge noticed that a particular rooster was mating with great vigor. So she asked a farmer, 'How often does he mate like that?' The farmer replied, 'Dozens of times a day.' She said, 'Tell that to the President.' But the President was listening in, and he asked the farmer, 'Is it with the same hen every time?' The farmer replied, 'No, it's with a different hen each time.' The President said, 'Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge.'"

After the others laughed, Brenda commented, "Apparently, that was either a popular made-up joke or maybe even a joke based on a real incident. But either way, when the researchers discovered the effect in rats, they named it after the joke. Later, researchers found there was a strong effect in people too. So there you are."

Susan sat back, trying to take that in. "Woooowww... That's amazing. I'm definitely going to have to rethink my opposition to double blowjobs. No, I think I'll have to withdraw my opposition entirely!"

Suzanne smirked. Finally! Now the fun can move up to an even higher level!

Brenda spoke as she kept on licking, "If you think about it, it makes sense. Doesn't it just seem right to have two tongues on it at once? Two sets of lips? Double the pleasure! Or even three hot, sexy mouths. Or four! A powerful cock like his needs a lot of tongues. No one woman can completely satisfy him. That's a scientific fact!"

Susan was stunned. "My goodness! Why... That's so... so... HOT!"

Sensing the moment was right, Suzanne tapped Brenda's shoulder. "Move over, please. There's a certain big-titted mommy here who needs to slurp and slobber all over her son's cock."

Susan stared at Alan's saliva-covered pole. "Oh my God! I do! I do!" The instant Brenda pulled back and let go, Susan bent over and engulfed it. As soon as her lips started bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot, she let out a loud "MMMM!" of pure satisfaction.

Brenda sat up between Alan's legs because she knew Susan would be a while. Smiling, she wiped the cum and slobber that had drooled down her chin. She didn't mind at all having to wait for her next turn. She loved being treated as "one of the gals."

Suzanne patted Brenda's leg while remaining kneeling against the lounge chair. "Good thinking. Thanks for remembering that. Sometimes, Susan drives me crazy. Here she is, back from visiting a psychologist who told her that getting fucked by Alan is A-okay. And she says she's fine with it. But she still has this fear of 'orgies' and even sometimes resists double blowjobs." She rolled her eyes with amusement.

Brenda said, while watching Susan's head bob, "It's understandable. I can relate because I'm in a similar situation where my sexual attitudes are dramatically changing. Everything I thought about sex, and practically everything about my life in general, turns out to be wrong for me, if I want to be myself and be happy. It takes time to adjust to my new lifestyle. I'm still only beginning to understand the implications."

Alan was curious what she meant by that. While he knew that Brenda was discovering her submissive tendencies, he was still largely in the dark about how strong those tendencies were turning out to be, or all that Susan and Suzanne were doing to help bring her submissive side to the fore. However, given the way Susan was sucking on his cock, complete with her trademark corkscrew turns and busy tongue work, he was in no position to ask questions or start a discussion. He just lay there with his eyes closed, fully enjoying the experience.

After a couple of minutes, Suzanne tapped on Susan's shoulder, letting her know her turn was over. She knew that if she didn't do that, Susan was liable to go on sucking until Alan had cum. It wasn't that Susan was selfish; it was just that she got so into it that the act became her entire world.

That made it Suzanne's turn again. Since they weren't conducting lessons for Brenda's sake anymore, she decided to give it her all to show Alan - and the others - that she was the best cocksucker around. She knew her long tongue was her greatest asset when it came to oral sex, so she used it to devastating effect.

Meanwhile, Susan and Brenda talked while waiting their turns. (They didn't bother including Alan in their conversation because they knew he was in no shape to speak.)

Brenda said, "Boy, this could be the greatest day of my life! And it's not just the cocksucking. I love absolutely everything that's happening in this house. I feel my days of worry are behind me. I mean, look at us."

Susan looked first at Suzanne's bobbing head. Then she looked up to Alan's face, with his eyes closed but sporting a very satisfied smile. Then she looked over at Brenda sitting there naked. She asked, "What? What about us?"

Brenda waved her hands in the air, trying to express herself. "It's just... It's... everything! Just look. Three big-titted beauties, wearing nothing but sexy high heels. One dominant boy with a powerful, insatiable, huge cock. And we sit around taking turns sucking on it like we're nothing more than his obedient sex pets! Plus we're outside, but we don't care, because that's where his cock is and that's what he wants. Is that not the greatest thing ever, or what?"

Susan said with a startled expression, "You know what? It is! It really is! I only wish Angel and Amy could be here to see this. Better yet, they could join in!"

Brenda was floored by that. "Good God! Then we'd have FIVE busty babes all taking turns on his cock. FIVE!"

"I know! Oh God! So hot! Too hot! Brenda, please, let's kiss. I'm burning up!"

Alan had been listening to every word. He was regretting it, because it was all too arousing. Dammit, man! I definitely can't open my eyes now or I'd see Mom and Brenda making out. Not to mention, the sight of Aunt Suzy bobbing on me with her freakishly long and talented tongue, slurping all over like her life depends on it, would pretty much push me over the edge all by itself. And if three isn't crazy enough, they talk of five?! God have mercy!


Mercifully for him, he could tell the lesbian kiss ended quickly, because he heard Brenda say, "Hey! I've got an idea. Katherine and Amy aren't here, so what if we take some pictures for them? Susan, where's your digital camera? I can go get it."

Susan stood up. "No, you don't know where it is. Besides, your turn is next." She ran off to the house, holding her giant melons to reduce their sway.

The fact that Susan was temporarily absent didn't lessen Alan's urge to cum. Normally, Suzanne would have sensed how close he was and eased up or even stopped for a rest. But she'd been listening too, and she was as worked up as anybody. She particularly loved learning about the Coolidge Effect. She didn't know whether Brenda was telling the truth (she was); she was just happy that it would help speed up the removal of one of Susan's last barriers. Once those were all gone, her intended Plummer-house sexual utopia would become a reality.

As a result, if anything, she started bobbing even faster, and with more suction. She wanted Alan's cum and she wanted it now.

He could feel his resistance slowly crumbling. Flexing his PC muscle non-stop was tiring. He cried out, "Gonna... gonna cum soon!"

Suzanne knew it wouldn't be long. But she remembered Brenda was there, and she didn't want to leave her out in the cold when the cum started flying. After all, this was Brenda's special time. So she pulled her lips off, and shouted, "Join me!" Then she switched to just licking one side of his erection.

Brenda understood the invitation. She laid back down between Alan's legs and got busy licking on the side of his cock that Suzanne had left free.

She was overjoyed. Oh boy! I'm licking Alan's cock with Suzanne, the mighty Suzanne! Such an honor. Such a pleasure! Such a head rush! Chills! Chills all over! But I can't just coast; I have to rise to the occasion. Obviously, Alan is on the verge of cumming. Let's make this his best orgasm ever!

Somehow, Alan held on. However, he felt like he was hanging off the edge of a skyscraper with only a few fingers holding him up. The pleasure was so great that he didn't want it to end, ever. But he knew that the best he could do if he used all his willpower was make it last just a little bit longer. His goal was to hold out until Susan returned. He contracted his PC muscle so urgently that at times his hips actually lifted off the lounge chair.

A minute or two later, Susan came running back, still gloriously nude but with a camera in hand. She took a look at Brenda and Suzanne happily lapping away together and squealed, "Oh my goodness! Too hot! Too hot!" Then she bent over and started snapping pictures.

By now, Alan needed to cum so bad that he was whimpering as much as panting and gasping. He knew it was a matter of seconds. However, when he heard the clicking of the camera, he valiantly struggled to hold on just a little longer so his mother could get some good pictures.

Finally, he could take it no more. He sat up and shouted, "Cum! Gonna cum! Cumming now!"

Susan cried, "Cum, Son! Cum hard! Cum on Brenda! Give it to her good!" Since she had a digital camera, she didn't have to worry about running out of film. She kept on clicking while zooming in for close-ups.

Suzanne had been so busy licking and licking and licking that she hadn't given any thought on what would happen when Alan finally came. Who would get his cum? But after hearing Susan's "Cum on Brenda!" comment, she decided that it was only fair for Brenda to get it. After all, Alan had cum on Suzanne many times but never on Brenda. So she abruptly pulled back.

Brenda also sat up, in hopes that he'd cum on her big tits as well as her face. She was left remaining right in the middle, his only obvious target.

Alan also raised himself so his crotch was level with Brenda's face. Then he started to shoot his load. Normally, he wasn't that vocal during his orgasms, but this was such a great one that he growled and groaned like he was wrestling with a bear. So far, he'd had to keep his eyes closed most of the time for fear of getting overstimulated. But now that he was cumming he figured there was no downside anymore, so he watched intently while his cum rocketed out of his pisshole.

Brenda was so feverish with the need to lick his cock that she hadn't noticed the sound of Susan taking pictures or even what Alan or Susan were saying when she yelled. She sensed the end was near by the urgency and increasing volume of Alan's moans, and that's why she'd sat up. But she nonetheless was emotionally overwhelmed when he started to blast his cum right at her face.

She just barely had enough time and sense to close her eyes. Then it fully hit her mentally what was actually hitting her physically. A facial! I'm getting a FACIAL! She'd heard Susan describe the joys of facials in so many phone conversations that she'd developed a fetish for facials without ever having experienced one in person. She'd never let either of her husbands do that or cum on her chest, complaining that it was too demeaning. But now her attitude had totally changed. She felt it was the perfect symbolic act of a man asserting his dominance and even his ownership over his women.

So when she felt the cum splattering all over her face, she felt a surge of pleasure that seemed to literally stimulate every last nerve in her body. She opened her mouth wide and screamed like a wild beast. That resulted in some of his cum flying directly into her gaping maw, and that excited her even more. A massive climax started in her toes and rushed up her body, washing over her like a tidal wave. But it almost didn't matter because she was flying high in the sky already.

She blissfully held her open-mouthed pose, luxuriating in the cum shower. She'd never been so happy or so aroused in her life. Time seemed to slow to a crawl. She felt she could sense every last detail as he painted her chin, her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, and even her closed eyes.

Then, just when it seemed like the euphoric, magical moment was coming to an end, Suzanne came back into the picture. She leaned in until she was literally cheek to cheek with Brenda, because she wanted to enjoy at least some of Alan's cum.


Not only did Brenda not mind, she absolutely adored it. She was thrilled to be bound a little closer together through sharing this sperm blast. It also reinforced her image of Alan as an incredible stud, that he would spread his cum load around like this.

Finally, the last of his ropes were expended, too weak to even make it to Brenda's or Suzanne's face. He collapsed back to the lounge chair like a dead man. He'd loved every second watching his pearly seed blast all over Brenda's and Suzanne's faces. But now that it was over, he had no choice but to close his eyes and mentally shut down for a while. In fact, he very nearly lost consciousness, his body was so overwhelmed and exhausted.

As a result, he wasn't really paying attention when Brenda suddenly sat up. She pulled Suzanne up too, and then she looked at Susan, who was still holding the camera. She plastered her cummy cheek against Suzanne's again, and said, "Hey, Suzanne. Say cheeeeese!"

Suzanne laughed at that, but she obligingly said "cheese" while Susan snapped yet more photos.

Susan was holding the camera with one hand and frigging her pussy with her other. She moaned, "So hot! So hot! These pictures are great! The girls'll love 'em!"

Satisfied that the moment would be saved for posterity, Brenda turned to face Suzanne. Since their cummy cheeks had just been pressed together, a long strand of cum still hung between their faces. Brenda saw that, and said, "Oh, look! We're joined by his sticky sperm! Susan, please! Take a picture of this too!"

"I'm on it!" More clicking followed.

Then Brenda kissed Suzanne fully on her lips. She normally wasn't this aggressive, but her great lust made her bold. She practically left Suzanne breathless with the fiery desire in her necking. She snowballed some of Alan's cum into Suzanne's mouth, and then back into her own. Her only slight disappointment was that Alan hadn't cum on her big tits as well. Their racks were rubbing together and she would have loved to have that rubbing lubricated by his cum. However, there had only been so much cum to go around, and her tits hadn't been a good target because of the way she had been lying between his legs.

Susan took a few pictures of the kissing, then put the camera down. She noticed that Brenda and Suzanne were so busy with their cummy lip-lock that Alan's penis had been totally forgotten. True, it was flaccid now, but Susan had a desire to see it cleaned post-orgasm that bordered on need. She especially loved the fact that it was covered with the saliva from the other two buxom hotties.

After a few minutes, Brenda came back to Earth from the kissing and noticed what Susan was doing. "Hey," she complained.

Susan said without pausing in her "cleaning," "Hey, yourself. You snooze, you lose." She giggled.

Suzanne explained, "That's Susan's cleaning tradition. For some reason, she feels it's necessary to clean every last inch of his cock and balls each and every time he cums. Especially his balls, since he enjoys that a lot."

"I know," Brenda said. "Believe me, I know. Susan tells me absolutely everything in great detail. I'm sad I missed my chance."

Suzanne said, "Don't worry, you'll have fun with it next time, I'm sure."

That excited Brenda to no end. "'Next time!' Oh, how I love the sound of that. 'Next time!'"

Suzanne chuckled. "Yeah. And not just one next time. There will be so many times to come. It won't be long before you're one of his personal cocksuckers. I'm sure of it."

Brenda was emotionally overcome when she heard that, especially because Suzanne was the one who had said it. She hugged her tightly while a few tears of joy actually leaked from her eyes. Since their faces were touching, that inadvertently smeared the cum between them even further.

Suzanne looked down at Susan lapping away at Alan's balls. She thought, Mission accomplished! Brenda was feeling anxious and uncertain. So much for that! She's hooked on Sweetie now, for sure. I knew she would be all along, but it's better now than later, so she doesn't have to suffer any longer. Some people may think I'm selfish with my scheming, but what I really love are schemes that make other people happy. This is a classic win-win for all of us.

Brenda had an idea. She picked up the camera and took some pictures of Susan doing her cleaning thing.

Susan really appreciated that. She hammed it up for the camera, including taking pictures with Alan's flaccid cock in her mouth that made it look like she was completely deep throating a stiff erection.

Not much happened after that, because Alan was so wiped out. He tried to stay awake because he didn't want to miss out, but after Susan finished licking his balls he decided not much else was going to happen, so he drifted off to sleep.

When he awoke, he found himself alone. He noticed umbrellas had been strategically placed so he wouldn't get too much sun. His bathing suit was gone.

Walking into the house, he discovered Susan working in the kitchen. To his surprise, everything seemed normal again, except for the fact that he was buck naked and Susan was wearing nothing but an erotic apron.

She told him that both Suzanne and Brenda had gone home.

Alan was fine with that. He felt somewhat better physically after napping a little while, but he was still utterly exhausted mentally from the intense sexual experience. He went straight to his room just to vegetate for a while.


Alan was able to simply laze around in his room for a whole hour. He was happy to just surf the Internet and answer e-mails from friends for a while. He figured he could do that for most of the rest of the afternoon.

Little did he realize, but he wasn't going to get much more relaxing done, because Suzanne had plans for him.

Suzanne thought as she walked a short stretch of sidewalk from her house to the Plummer house, I can't wipe the smile off my face. What happened with Brenda today was absolutely fantastic. And not just for Brenda and Sweetie; all of us are going to benefit in a big way, thanks to the mention of the Coolidge Effect. What I love is that, at least if what I found on the Internet is right, it's a real thing! Soon, Susan and I will be sharing Sweetie's cock like nothing could be more natural. We'll be sucking him off together on a daily basis! And not just that. So many fun combinations to look forward to. Orgy city, here we come!

The only thing that would have been better was if he could have held out longer. Then we could have passed his cock around some more. I especially would have loved to share it with Susan, or the three of us busty mommies at once. But, to be honest, it would have been inhuman to expect him to last any longer. In fact, it's a miracle he held on as long as he did. He continues to exceed my expectations.

Now that Susan's boundaries are crumbling apart, it's high time I get seriously fucked! YES! I may have gone too far with the sabotage of the scoutmaster's van, but the fact is, what's done is done, and there's no turning back. Everything is in place for me to finally fuck my Sweetie, and come hell or high water, I'm going to do it today!

Not only that, but there's no doubt in my mind that I deserve it. I'm damn proud of myself for engineering the whole faux psychologist thing. I put in a lot of hard work and staved off the potential disaster of Susan causing trouble with a real psychologist. And what happened with Brenda today is another well-deserved victory. I think I deserve a great, big reward. Practically everyone else has fucked him already. He and Amy may do it tonight, and I'll be damned if I let my daughter fuck him before I do!

The only question is how to arrange the secrecy. Even though Susan has reached the point of no return, in large part thanks to Xania's "counseling" at my behest, it still would be better if she doesn't know what I'm doing with my Sweetie, especially if I'm going to try to keep them apart a little bit longer. Well, keep his dick out of her pussy, I mean. There's no choice but to do it somewhere else.

Suzanne went to Alan's room around 2:30 p.m. She was wearing rather conservative clothing, since she expected to leave the house in a few minutes.

She asked Alan as he typed on his computer, "Sweetie, I'm planning on buying a new computer. I don't know much about computers, and you know so much more. Would you like to help me go shop for one this afternoon?"

"Well, I was going to take a nap in a little while." He was so focused on the screen that he only glanced quickly at her to see what she was wearing. Since it wasn't revealing, his attention went back to the screen.

"Another nap?! Come on. Sweetie, according to your mother, you've slept a good sixteen hours since you were in L.A. yesterday afternoon. That's not even counting the half hour or so you dozed outside after Brenda left. I could really use your help."

There was no denying he was feeling pretty good after that much sleep. "I guess you're right. I'm not doing a whole lot anyways. Just let me finish this thing I'm working on."

"Okay. Thanks. By the way, as a completely unrelated aside, how is your penis doing? Is it fully recovered yet?"

"Thanks for asking. It's much better than yesterday. I'd just about reached the end of the line, but today, to be honest, I feel like I'm almost at 100 percent, dick and otherwise. What happened with you and Brenda and Mom was ridiculously awesome, but surprisingly, my dick seems no worse for wear." Suddenly the way she emphasized "completely unrelated aside" hit home with him. He turned and made eye contact. "Waaaiiit a minute. You're not planning on me and you..."

She grinned wickedly. "Hey, who says we have to limit ourselves to strictly buying a computer? Are you game for something new?" She wasn't too discreet because no one else was within hearing distance.

"You know I always am when it comes to you," he said.

She gave him a loving smile. "I hope you are, 'cos I've got a very special surprise for you today."

That sounded very good to him. He figured, As long as I'm gonna have a little more sexual fun today, what would be better than trying something new with Aunt Suzy? God, she's so hot! What am I doing wasting my time dorking around on the computer when she's in the house? Christ, I could spend all day just looking at her! He quickly readied himself to leave.

Suzanne drove, and took the two of them clear out of Orange County, towards Los Angeles. She explained that there was a used computer for sale she wanted to check out first.

She glanced over at him with a smirky grin. "Soooo... how does it feel to be the cock of the walk, you studly kid, you?"

"Are you referring to what happened today with you, Brenda, and Mom?"

"Um, hello? Of course! Wasn't that a blast? And I do mean that literally. When you blasted your cum all over Brenda's face and mine, I came so hard I think I almost squirted. Almost. I've never done that yet, but maybe next time." She chuckled.

He slumped in his seat and frowned. "Oh man! Don't even talk about that. Please!"

She glanced at him again, but with concern this time. "Why? What's wrong? You didn't enjoy all that?"

"Are you kidding? It was beyond the beyond. But if you say one more word about it, I'm gonna get a serious boner. It's just too damn arousing to even think about. And my dick could really, really use the rest, especially if we're just driving in the car."

"Okay. Gotcha. Still, you have to admit it was a pretty amazing development. Have you noticed how hot Brenda is for you? And what a stunner she is! Did you take a good look at her body today?"

He growled in frustration, "Believe me, I saw her body, with her face splattered with my cum like some kind of Jackson Pollack painting, no less! Yes, I'm more excited that you can imagine, but please don't talk about that kind of thing right now."

"Sorry. I guess I'm sounding a bit like your mom, but I get excited too, you know. I'm patting myself on the back for bringing Brenda into our lives. But anyway, let's talk about, oh, I dunno. Music. That's safe, right?"

He nodded. "Thanks. And sorry if I'm sounding grouchy, but the only way I can deal with something that intense is to put it out of my mind for a little while."

She nodded too, while keeping an eye on the road. "Music it is then. Although, I just have to say I can't wait to see the pictures Susan took."

"UGH!" He moaned in distress. Already, his penis was threatening to revive. He had to force himself not to visualize the pictures.

"Okay, so which is better, house or techno?"

He whined, "SuzzaaaAAAaaane!" He knew she knew he disliked both types of music, since he was mostly a classic rock kind of guy.

"Sorry. How 'bout this, then. Who's the better songwriter, John Lennon or Paul McCartney?"

"Now, THAT is a good question." He sat up in his seat, eager to expound on his answer.

From that point on, Suzanne kept the conversation on music and other safe topics, being very careful to avoid anything sexual. She wanted him and his penis well rested for what was about to happen.

As they got near her destination, Alan asked, "Aunt Suzy, I've been meaning to bring something up. You've all but promised that we could go all the way, like, days ago. Yet we still haven't. Why is that? I think it's time."

She replied, "The reason we haven't is because of the secrecy problem. Once we start I'm going to want to do it every day, and how could we do that without getting caught? It's not like you and I could sneak off to a hotel whenever we'd want to fuck. Not only that, but we'd have to go to a far-off hotel to make sure no one would recognize us. If we truly wanted to fuck for hours on end, we'd have to go to some anonymous hotel near a busy highway. Some place like, oh, I don't know, this hotel right here."

Suzanne was really delighted with herself, because she'd managed to drag out her answer to time her last sentence perfectly with their arrival in the parking lot of a Motel 6. She couldn't help but giggle with glee.

It took a few seconds for everything to fully dawn on him. "Hey! THIS is just that kind of hotel! ... HEY!"

Suzanne laughed out loud. "You're so cute when you're naïve," she said, bursting with pleasure. "The fact is, I don't have any computer to buy, so we have all afternoon to fuck like bunnies. Are you okay with that?"

"Oh... Wow..." he said as realization slowly dawned on him. "We're finally going to fuck?! You and me?!" His erection was suddenly painful, threatening to rip a hole in his shorts.

"Yes. Even with the secrecy problem, I just can't hold back anymore. You just sit here while I check in. Sorry to ruin your plans for a sexually mellow weekend, ha-ha!" Suzanne crowed. She kissed him on the cheek and then rushed off to check in to the hotel.

Within minutes, Alan and Suzanne were running hand in hand to their allotted hotel room. They wasted no time on foreplay. Alan didn't need to put on a condom since Suzanne had had her tubes tied. She'd had two children and didn't want any more. Even though they both knew that already, she panted excitedly, "I want you to do me bareback! Fill me with your sweet cum!"

"I will! I will!" he replied even more excitedly.

Alan closed the door as Suzanne whipped off her skirt. She didn't have the patience to unbutton her blouse, but just ripped it open. As usual when she was around her "Sweetie," she was unhindered by underwear.

He still had his T-shirt on, but he didn't care. He came up behind her and pushed her face down onto the bed - he wanted to fuck her doggy style, for starters, so he could get deep penetration. He positioned his cockhead just a little bit into Suzanne's pussy lips. His heart was pounding wildly as he said, "Before we do this, Aunt Suzy, I just want you to know how much I love you."

"Oh, Sweetie! I love you too. So much! Now show me your love by making love. Fuck me!" She spread her legs as wide as she could and urgently yelled, "Hurry up and push it in!" Her heart was wildly pounding too.

Alan loved the sight of Suzanne with her legs spread, topped by her ivory white bubble butt. He took a mental picture to remember this pivotal moment forever. This is it! Those other chances didn't really count, but there's nothing stopping us now! ... It's so unbelievable that it's about to really happen. My heart's pounding so hard, I think I'm gonna pass out! I need to calm down so I can do a good job and at least try to live up to my overblown reputation.


He slowly rode his erection down into Suzanne. Inch by inch it went in until he was in as deep as he could go. "I'm in! I'm in! FUCK!"

She laughed. "I know! Believe me, I know! Oh, Sweetie! It's like a dream come true!"

"You're telling me?! Good God! This feels... Jesus H. Christ! What the fuck was that?!"

Since he was impaled all the way in but not moving yet, she took advantage of the moment to wow him with one of her special pussy squeezing moves. She considered herself sexually talented in all ways, but the two things that she felt stood out the most were what she could do with her extra-long tongue and what she could do with her pussy.

She squeezed him again.

"Holy crap! How do you do that?! Don't make me cum already, please!"

She snickered with glee, happy to be pleasantly surprising him.

He grasped her ass tightly. "Please don't! I really, really want to be good for you, but you're gonna make me cum in, like, three seconds!"

She was touched that he was trying so hard for her, and she relented. She said teasingly, "Well, if you can't take that little squeeze of mine, start thrusting already!"

He got the message. He pulled back until his cockhead was nearly out, and then pushed all the way back in. "Yes!" he cried. "I'm fucking you, Aunt Suzy! For real! It feels soooo good!" He wiped his brow because he was sweating already, more from excitement than actual exertion.


"Do it!" she yelled. "Give it to me! Don't mess around - give me a fast fuck!"

He pumped in and out, over and over. "Oh Jesus! Jesus! Aunt Suzy!"


"Aunt Suzy!"

"Sweetie!" It was corny, but they were desperately crying each other's names with as much passion as they could possibly muster.

The two went at it like dogs in heat, thrusting and grinding. Even though the hotel room was air-conditioned and quite cool, within minutes they were sweating like they'd run a marathon. Before long, they took off the last of their clothes because they were so uncomfortably hot.

"I've wanted this for so long!" he panted as he continued drilling her.

She cried out, "You're fucking telling me?! I've been dying! Dying to do this for ever! Now that you've started, you've got to give it to me every day!"

The pace built up relentlessly. Alan was so excited that he couldn't manage his usual PC muscle control and pausing techniques for long. He just wanted to fill Suzanne's vagina to the brim with his cum. He yelled back, "I will! I'll give it to you! It's coming right now! I can't hold it - I'm gonna cum now! Get ready!"

He felt the head of his penis expand with intense pleasure somewhere deep inside Suzanne. They both yelled at the top of their lungs. The explosion of his semen coated the walls of her vagina until he felt completely drained not only of all his cum but also all of his life force.

The fuck was over in less than five minutes, but it had been a really great five minutes that both of them would remember for the rest of their lives.


As soon as they were done, Suzanne said, "That was great! You fucked me good, and gave me a lovely climax. It was just what I've been craving for ages. But we're just getting warmed up, right? We have hours and hours before Susan expects us back home. Today you're gonna do me in every conceivable position, okay?"

He rested on top of her, panting hard. "I'll try. The spirit is willing. I'm not so sure about how many times the flesh can handle it."

"I hate to say this Sweetie, but today is the day your penis is going to fall off from too much fucking, so enjoy it while you've still got one."

"Hey, this is supposed to be my recovery weekend," he said with a combination of frustration and anticipation.

"Okay then, I'll take it easy on you and we won't fuck quite so much as I'd planned - tomorrow. But today I'm gonna drain your balls dry! That first time was good, but that was just the appetizer. Now, we're really going to get into it. I'm going to show you how an experienced woman makes love."

She grabbed him by both shoulders and said more insistently, "Alan, Sweetie, before we continue, understand one thing. A lot of women are fucking you these days, but nobody can fuck as well as I can. Be honest and tell me when we're done that I'm not the best fuck you ever had."

Alan looked her over as if seeing her for the first time. Scanning her from head to toe, he said, "Aunt Suzy, I don't care how many times I look at you; I'm still amazed at how incredible you look. It's like I'm making love to Paulina Porizkova or Anna Nicole Smith or something. You're so sexy that I can barely stand it! I know you're a great lover; I just hope I can hold up my end. Let's do it."

Suzanne smiled, full of satisfaction and confidence in herself. "Sweetie, I'm all for that and I know you'll do as great as you always do. But let's-"

Alan interrupted her. "Hold on. That's only the outside. On the inside, you're even better! I feel so privileged to have you in my life, where I can see your inner beauty every day."

As he sat there looking deep into her brilliant green eyes, he realized with a start, "Hey! Is that a tear? Are you crying?"

Suzanne wiped her face and indeed cleared off several tears that she didn't even know were there. She replied unconvincingly, "No, that's just sweat." But even as she said this, more tears continued to flow.

His heart had finally calmed down, but now it resumed beating fast as he was overcome with worry. "You are! You're crying! Did I upset you? Tell me how I can make it better!"

Seeing the concerned look on his face made her want to cry even more. "Sweetie, you're so sweet. I guess you got me. I am crying. But these are tears of joy. You have no idea how happy I am. I can't even begin to tell you what a journey it's been to reach this point."

She added to herself, Ain't that the truth! If he only knew how I got this started with his six-times-a-day diagnosis, or even the car sabotage yesterday, I don't know what he'd think of me. But I just love him so much! My husband means nothing to me anymore. Alan is my life, my love, my happiness! This is the moment I've dreamt about for over a year, ever since his body got mature enough for me to allow myself those kinds of thoughts. All the rest, the blowjobs and titfucks and whatnot, those are great, but they can't cause two souls to merge like great fucking can. Sweetie, I want to merge with you!

Alan reached out and wiped away her new tears. He was very touched, but said, "Aunt Suzy, don't cry. I'm not good at this 'tears of joy' thing. I don't like to see anyone cry. Let me kiss your tears away."

She loved that, and basked in his loving attentions for a couple of minutes. Eventually she was inspired to say, "Sweetie, I love you so much! I honestly think I love you more than I even ever loved my husband. The thrill I felt as we rushed in here and started fucking, it was even better than my honeymoon!"

He replied as he kissed her wet cheeks, "That's great to hear, but it also kind of weirds me out. You know, here I am with my hands running all over your incredible nude body, and then you remind me that you are a married woman."

She flashed a naughty grin, and reached down to his penis. "Yes, I can see that it upsets you so much that you're getting hard again. You nasty boy!" She giggled with delight. But then she mentally switched gears, stopped crying, and said, "The problem is, you make me so happy kissing my tears away that I keep crying more tears of joy. I'm not good at this corny stuff. Let me start with something to show you what I'm capable of. Put your cock right at the entrance of my slit."

He quickly did so, resting on top of her face to face this time.

She further commanded, "Now, don't move. Don't touch anything. Leave it up to me."

So Alan waited to see what would happen. To his surprise, her pussy lips slowly but surely started to grab the knobby head of his penis. It was almost imperceptible, but her vaginal muscles were pulling his erection in.

When his cockhead had been gobbled all up, he exclaimed in admiration, "Holy cow! Dang, Aunt Suzy, I didn't know that was possible! This is like the tractor beam scene in Star Wars. Can you take the whole thing?"

She replied in a mock chiding voice, "Sweetie, didn't I tell you never to doubt me? I may not be able to draw the entire Millennium Falcon into my hole, but I can and will fuck you by only moving my vaginal muscles. What I did to you earlier was nothing. Watch."

She performed a curious hip wiggle until his dick was drawn in all the way to its base. Then her vaginal muscles began rippling in the most delightful ways. With hardly any movement by either of them, and certainly no big in-and-out thrusts, he was getting thoroughly fucked. His shaft was getting milked in every sense of the word.

They came to a break just before he would have climaxed. She said triumphantly, "Now, do you think your mother can do that? I think not. Fuck your mom and all your other busty vixens as much as you want, but when you want the most amazing fuck you can possibly imagine, come to me."

"Holy cow! I will! I didn't even know vaginas could DO that!"

"They can. Men aren't the only ones with PC muscles. But it takes a lot of skill and practice, just like how you've been strengthening your PC muscle."

She was so excited that she wanted to resume again after waiting less than a minute, but he suggested, "Let's make this last or we'll be done in here before we even start to get comfortable."

"Okay, slowpoke, play with my boobs some more then. By the way, did you know this technically isn't the first time we've fucked?" She squeezed his erection with her pussy walls as if trying to get his attention, like tapping his shoulder.

"What do you mean? Do you count the buttfucking we did? I don't think that really counts. Or do you mean the time at the beach?"

"No. Do you remember the Halloween party and Elle? That was me." She squeezed his dick even harder, just for fun.

"Elle? No shit! Wow. Damn, I can barely remember that."

"Don't worry. It wasn't that great. Even I was pretty drunk and sloppy, and you were worse. This is our first time, as far as I'm concerned." Her vaginal muscles rippled up and down his boner, creating yet more amazing sensations he'd never felt before.

He was having a hard time thinking, so this revelation was only slowly sinking in. "Wow. So you were Elle. I remember thinking she looked a lot like you. No wonder."

"No wonder." Suzanne laughed. "Let's make up for lost time!"

"I'm so in agreement with that idea, especially since you don't seem to know the meaning of 'taking a break.'"

He said that because Suzanne started to bounce up and down on him before he finished speaking. She was so eager and full of life that she felt ten years younger.

She was all smiles as she calculated, "Let's see... I should have started fucking you about a month ago, so that's about 30 fucks. We're working on number two, so you've got about 28 eight more to go before we can leave this room."

"Aunt Suzy!" Alan cried in amused dismay. "You know that's impossible." He joked, "You know I get tired after about the twentieth time."

She chuckled at that. "Don't I wish?! But that's how you're gonna be by the time I'm through with you. Your powers of endurance are already better than any other man I've ever known carnally, and I've known close to a hundred. Let me just bounce up and down a little bit, and see just how long you can hold out."


The two of them had just shifted positions. They were sitting up, with Alan nuzzling Suzanne's back and his erection still fully sheathed in her. He continued to fondle her nipples. He let Suzanne rise and fall on his erection even as her vaginal muscles continued to repeatedly clasp his cock like a vise. It was a most impressive performance on her part.

Things got heated very quickly. She would nearly rise completely off of his hard-on but then slam herself down hard to the base of his tool. Then she'd squeeze it strongly in unexpected ways for a few moments before rising again. She repeated this over and over. She threw her arms up in the air and yelled, "Ride 'em cowboy!"

Alan did his best to hold out, but couldn't last long, by his usual recent standards, in the face of such enthusiasm and talent. He protested breathlessly, "Too much! Gonna... CUM!"

Right as he was about to blow, Suzanne pulled off of him all the way. "Not so fast, lover boy," she chided him. "Let's cool off and save your precious climaxes. I want to see if we can set a record on how much fun we can have with just one of your orgasms. Meanwhile, as a woman I'm not so limited in my number of orgasms. So when you're ready, lick me. Lick me anywhere. Your touch is so special to me; just about anything you do will set me off."

So Alan pleasured Suzanne's pussy until his impending climax receded. (It took a while, as his new activities didn't exactly cool him down.) He worked hard on her clit especially, and had Suzanne freely creaming so much that eventually she begged off so she could recover from a long multiple orgasm.

With his nose nearly brushing against her pussy lips, he said, "I love this. I have to admit that I don't enjoy giving cunnilingus as much as getting a blowjob, but everything with you is pretty damn great. I especially love your smell."

"Don't say that!" she complained in dismay, although she was delighted too. "You're embarrassing me."

"But why? You smell great. You smell like sex, but more than that, you smell like my Aunt Suzy." He inhaled deeply, and let out a happy sigh.

"Okay, you motherfucker," she said with mock-anger. "Or, more accurately, you aunt-fucker. Just for that, I'm gonna have to crush your cock with my cunt some more. So get in position and take your punishment!"

However, before he got into a fucking position, he simply hugged her from behind. He said, "I love this. Even without the fucking, I just love being with you. You're such fun! I can't stop smiling or laughing, until my face almost hurts."

She replied with even more mock-anger. "Shut up! Stop being so fucking wonderful, or you're gonna make me cry more tears of joy!"

They went back to more fucking right after that, mostly because Suzanne felt herself getting "mushy" again, and she had a hard time dealing with those kinds of emotions. She absolutely hated crying, even if it was for joy.

Alan was amazed at the things Suzanne's pussy could do as her vaginal muscles clenched and relaxed around his cock in a variety of ways. He'd assumed that there were only a limited number of things such muscles could do, either squeezing or not squeezing like an on/off switch, but he was wrong. He was so amazed that he asked only half-jokingly, "Suzanne, can that thing do party tricks with Coke bottles and stuff?"

To his surprise, she answered as she gasped for air, "There's some things like that I can show you, but I'm not going to because it wouldn't be dignified. But here's a trick you'll like. Stop holding back with your PC muscle and just let go and see what happens."

"I thought you said you wanted to see how long we could last on just-"

"Trust me."

"Okay," he said in warning. "But know that I'm gonna cum, like, eight seconds later, 'cos your pussy is that hot!" With great relief he got that feeling welling up in his balls of an imminent climax, and readied himself to spend his seed deep inside her.

But she grasped his cock at the base with one hand, and then used her other hand to press down on another spot between his penis and anus. She continued to push down on both places.

To his surprise, the ecstatic feeling of climax washed over him, but no cum actually came out. "Holy fuck! What the hell was that?!" He paused his fucking for a while because the sensation was still overwhelming and left him dazed.

"Men don't actually have to ejaculate when they climax, you know," she said calmly as she lay down on the bed next to him.

He wrapped an arm around her as they lay side by side. "They don't? How is that possible? And why didn't you show me that before?"

"Don't ask me the how's, I just know what works. And a clever woman always holds back some of her cards. For instance, I know another way to get you to climax without ejaculating that involves your prostate gland. I'll teach you that later. I've got many other tricks that I learned from over a decade of cheating on my husband. Not to mention my time with Xania in college. You should have seen what we did together."

"I can only imagine." His eyes went wide as he imagined two absurdly long tongues wrapping themselves around the same long, hard penis.

Suzanne said in a contemplative mood, "Now that I think about it, sex has been the closest thing I've had to a full-time job for quite a long time, and I'm always good at any job I do. But you're not going to learn all my tricks today. For instance, one of these days I'm going to have to teach you all about a book called the Kama Sutra. But today I'm just going to show you enough to fuck you within an inch of your life."

"Whoa, Aunt Suzy. That's almost scary. Your vagina needs to be classified as a potential murder weapon. But I'm not going to get fucked to death without a fight. I won't take this lying down!"

They both laughed because Suzanne had just rolled over and was lying on top of him.

He added, "I've got to go on the counterattack. I can always tickle you, you know." He playfully tickled her underarms, and when she clenched her arms to her sides, he kept on tickling her sides.

She laughed with glee. She thought, Yes, this is it! This is my dream coming true! I have a good man who really loves me! I swear, my heart wants to burst, just like in one of those cheesy Harlequin romance novels.

He gave up on the tickling, mostly because she was lovingly staring into his eyes from just inches away. He said, "I may not know all the tricks you do, but I know that if I fuck you long and hard and deep enough, you're going to turn to putty in my hands."

"Oh, am I?" she replied with delight while she licked his face. "We'll just have to see about that. Let's see who cries for mercy first!"


Soon they were back to some good old fashioned fucking, with Suzanne lying on top. They just kept fucking and fucking as if the human body could fuck forever. Their earlier fucking was like a single bite of an appetizer compared to the five course meal of this one. When Alan added his thrusting to Suzanne's hip grinding and pushing, it was like they had the combined power of a jackhammer drilling a hole right through Suzanne.

They repeatedly goaded each other to cry "mercy," but neither would give in. While they were competitive, it never became too intense or mean-spirited. Eventually, Alan suggested a truce: they would work up to another peak, and they would both cry mercy at the same time while he finally unloaded into her.

That's exactly what they did. The two of them exuberantly shouted the word "mercy" over and over and over again. Even Alan's climax seemed to go on forever, and Suzanne shuddered in utter ecstasy below him the whole time as she had one of the best multiple orgasms of her life.

The two of them were so wiped out after that they both slept for a while.

But after only a few minutes, Suzanne awoke and shook Alan awake, since she knew their time was limited and she was determined to make the most of it. She asked him with justifiable pride in her voice, "So how do those silly little teenagers compare to this old grandma?"

"'Old grandma'? Maybe you will be an old grandma after I fuck your daughter some and pop a baby into her."

She playfully smacked him. She was genuinely irritated by the mention of Amy, but she tried not to let it show. She didn't want to get into any argument that could ruin this perfect day.

He continued, "I thought I knew what fucking was, but this is so much better! Please, could I ask you a favor? Teach Sis, Aims, and Mom all your tricks. Especially that 'climax without ejaculation' one. I can't even explain what you're doing or how you're doing it, but we're so in synch, and it's all thanks to your skill. Damn!"

Suzanne giggled. She grabbed his erection and momentarily stopped him from fucking. "So, wait. Let me get this straight. Even as you're fucking one woman, you actually ask her to help the competition. That takes some cheek!"

"Maybe. I'm feeling very cheeky. Or maybe it's you who's very cheeky." He grasped both of her buttocks and kneaded them vigorously.

She giggled with delight. She felt a sense of oneness and closeness when their bodies were joined like that.

He proclaimed boldly, "I'm going to fuck your sexy ass, whether you like it or not. Then I'm going to fuck your daughter. Tonight, even. And you're going to fucking like it. In fact, I'm going to tie you up and make you watch. And then you're going to clean off her juices from my dick after I'm done with her."

He dove down and invaded her ass crack with his tongue. He aimed straight for her anus and didn't hesitate to lick there. He alternated between that spot and her pussy. It was one fun thing he could do while his penis remained flaccid.

She was both alarmed and aroused by his comment, not to mention his tongue work. "Sweetie!" she said with complete surprise. "You're not really going to do all that you just said, are you?" She hated to think about being in sexual competition with her own daughter.

He replied as he kept on licking, "I don't know. YOU don't know. I could do it. You're not going to resist me if I do, are you?" In actual fact, he was just speaking stream-of-consciousness thoughts and didn't necessarily mean any of it.

"What's gotten into you?"

"You have, you sexy mother! You're the perfect Venus. Incredible... Technique... Fuck!" His tongue dives into her holes grew too intense to keep talking.

She thought, It's a good thing I dodged having to answer that question about resisting, because if I answered honestly, I'd have to say no! No, I'm not going to resist him, even if he ties me up and makes me watch. In fact, ESPECIALLY if he does that. That sounds hot! God, I'd even clean my daughter's pussy juices right off of his cock, that's how much I love him. Actually, resisting would be even better, and lead to MORE sexy fun! Now I know how Susan feels, the joy of giving in and letting go. It's so wrong, but so right!

Suzanne was so caught up in the heat of the moment that she was eager to agree to almost anything that involved further sex with Alan. She subconsciously willfully ignored thinking about Amy in his idea and more just reveled in the naughtiness of the concept. If she wasn't so aroused she would have felt very differently about his idea.

Even as it was, she almost immediately began to get second thoughts. Jesus Christ. I'm beginning to sound like Angel and Susan. I WILL NOT submit to him. It's just that I love sex in all its form. I LIVE for sex. It's God's greatest gift to humanity. And I live for love, God's other and equally great gift. It just doesn't get any better than fucking the man I love!

I have no problem with him tying me up and playing sexy games with me as long I can tie him up too. I've finally found my sexual equal, especially since the aggressive Alan has shown up. Let's see if we can outdo ourselves with our next round!


Suzanne had been lying face down in the bed with her eyes closed while she let Alan lick her ass. She abruptly opened her eyes wide as if a light bulb went off over her head. "Hey! Let's do it with you sitting on me! Impale me with your fuck pole!" She turned over, and pulled him up so they could sit up in the bed next to each other.

"What, you think it's that easy?" he asked with amazement, as he tried to fend off her hands grabbing at his flaccid penis from every direction. "It's not like I can just get hard that fast." Yet even as he said that, he started to get hard again.

With Suzanne's alabaster skin, green eyes, and dark red hair filling his vision, he couldn't help but get hard. He gave up his half-hearted effort to block her from stroking him, so she began jacking him off back to full size. But apparently that wasn't enough for her, even though it was having rapid success, because she bent over and started licking his cockhead too.

Crap! he thought. She could seriously raise the dead. Forget the way her super long tongue is practically wrapping all the way around my dick, or what her pumping hands are doing. Even putting aside how much I love this woman for a minute, just look at the beauty in her eyes, or her gorgeous full and curly reddish hair. I'm never going to fuck another woman this beautiful. Never. Not Sis, not Heather... Susan popped into his head. Okay, Mom is her equal. But aside from that...

"I knew you could do it," Suzanne said in delight as she sat back and let go of his erection. She pointed at his rising penis and clapped her hands like a little girl joyous at seeing an impressive trick. "Come on! Split me in two!" She sat down on his dick. It went in all the way even as it was still getting hard.

He suggested mischievously, "Remember what I was saying about you teaching your tricks to the others? I have a suggestion. Let's bet. We can fuck for it."


"If you cum first, you have to tell them, but if I cum first, then I'll have to spank it out of you."

"Hey! That's not fair!" she protested with a very pouty and sexy voice. "You win either way. Plus, you know I'll be cumming in less than five minutes with the way you skewer me with that thing of yours!"

"Them's the breaks," he chortled. But no one was unhappy as they resumed fucking in earnest.

She thought to herself, I'll let him win this one, since I'm obliged to tell them what I know sooner or later. I just won't be in any big rush about it, and I'll save my best tricks for last. She chuckled, Not like I have any choice in the matter, the way he rigged the bet!

Their pace slowed down even more than their second time, and Alan lasted longer still. Suzanne had given him so many handjobs, titfucks, and blowjobs in recent weeks that they didn't want to waste any of his limited seed on that. Even assfucking seemed a waste now that they could fuck in the most pleasurable way for them. He simply fucked her pussy as they tried every position imaginable.

In the rare moments they were both coherent and calm enough to carry on a conversation, he liked to tease her, saying things like, "Nice position. I can't wait to show Sis this one," or "You fuck so good. Too bad I'm going to teach all your tricks to your daughter."


But these comments weren't meant to be mean-spirited, even if there was some truth in them. The fact that Alan had so many sex partners could not be denied, and it aroused them both.

She gamely came back with her own playful jibes, mostly taunting him with how quickly she'd make him cum. She also liked to tease him about fucking Susan, which made him blush every time but also drove him to greater sexual arousal.

Suzanne and Alan fucked and fucked and fucked. It seemed to Alan that his cock never left Suzanne's pussy, which was pretty much true.

He also had several more climaxes without ejaculations. But she warned him that the technique wasn't foolproof, and eventually he came.

Suzanne meanwhile had more orgasms in that time period than she ever thought possible. So much cum dripped out of her pussy, both his fluid and hers, that she didn't understand where it was all coming from. She didn't like to compare him to her past lovers too often, but she noted to herself that no previous lover had filled her pussy up with cum so thoroughly.

He did everything he knew to keep her happy and cumming. He kissed her everywhere, licked her tits, probed her asshole, pulled on her clit, and much more. About the only thing he didn't do very much was lick her pussy, because his dick so rarely left it.

After a while, he ran low on energy, but Suzanne proved to have more endurance. She got on top and rode him, doing all the work, until he thought he'd die from pleasure. Her vaginal muscles seemed to never get tired, and she showed truly impressive gymnastic skills in getting into just about any position the Kama Sutra could conjure.


Her contortions were one more thing that left him thoroughly impressed and even blown away. He just tried his best to follow her instructions and go along for the wild ride.

At one point, while he crouched on top of Suzanne's ass, driving his cock straight down into her, he commented, "Now I understand where Amy gets her cheerleader flexibility. I can't wait until I get to have a fuck session with you two sexual acrobats at the same time."

Suzanne was peeved at that. "Could you stop mentioning Amy already? Okay, so you're fucking mother and daughter. Whoop de do. Do you want some kind of medal? You're going to be waiting a long time for that combo to happen 'cos it ain't gonna happen."

He highly doubted that, the way barriers were coming down, but he diplomatically replied, "Sorry. I'll try not to mention her again at times like this. It's just that I get so excited by both of you. I love you and I love your wonderful daughter."

Suzanne grew more contemplative. "She is wonderful, isn't she? Sweetie, I don't begrudge you for fucking us both. After all, you need a big-titted beauty to slip your cock-bat into at school and other social occasions. I know the two of you are good for each other. Just don't try to get us into a threesome, okay? I find that idea... disturbing."

"Okay. Forget I mentioned it." But he thought to himself, I'll drop it for now. It's bound to happen sooner or later, though. Aunt Suzy's in denial. But what's really amazing is that we're having this casual conversation while I rest up between torrid fucks! She's beneath me with her feet kicking in the air and my dick holding in the depths of her steamy hole, and she's telling me how she understands that I fuck her big-titted daughter too, whenever I want. That's what I call living the life of Riley!

They changed positions again. Then they changed again. He never knew there were so many possible ways to have sex.

In a restful moment, he looked at Suzanne and was amazed all over again. She is soooo beautiful. Perfect body. Huge tits. Perfect face. Flawless pale white skin. The real-life Jessica Rabbit. But that's not all. She's smart. Kind. Great personality. And she fucks so well! So fucking well! Is there any chink in her armor? I still can't believe I'm with this woman! What the hell is she doing with me? Why is she even in this town or this county? She should be in Hollywood or on a big yacht somewhere. She should be wherever all the perfect people go.

He felt so overwhelmed with feeling that he just had to say something. As they lay in each others' arms, with his hard cock still in her vagina but resting, he blurted out, "Aunt Suzy, I love you."

She replied blissfully, "I love you too."

But he insisted, "No, you don't understand. I really, really love you. I've told you I love you before, lots of times, but the way I feel right now make those feelings before look small. I can't put it into words. You mean so much to me. It's almost like you're a second Susan."

Suzanne understood how deeply Alan loved his mother Susan. Even before the sexual attraction between them started, he loved his mother with an intensity very few children ever feel. So Suzanne wasn't offended by the comparison, but was deeply touched, and took it as the highest compliment.

She thought, To think how guilty I was feeling about sabotaging that scoutmaster's van to force him to stay home. That was soooo worth it! Not only was that the best fuck of my life, even if Sweetie isn't at his energy peak, but we've bonded so deeply. He says he really, really loves me!

She kissed him like it was the last kiss she would ever experience. Their thrusting resumed as they continued to hold a kiss for many minutes. Alan's expression of love drove Suzanne to even higher levels of enthusiasm and energy. But eventually their burst of energy ran out and they ended up with him resting his erection inside her again.

She was lost in thoughts about love when he interrupted her. "Aunt Suzy? You're crying again."

She hadn't realized it, so she felt her cheeks with her fingers and was surprised to find them quite wet. She muttered, "I am?" in a quivery voice, then broke down all together. She fell into his arms and cried and bawled like she hadn't cried in years.

He held her tight and caressed her back and shoulders tenderly until she was cried out. (Amazingly, his dick was still fully impaled in her vagina, and it stayed hard inside her.) Then, with the flood of tears now a trickle, he asked, "Was that all tears of joy again? You seemed happy but distraught too."


She wiped her face and tried to be presentable, but the tears kept coming as she spoke. "You're right. I'm happy and sad. Sad, because it hit me that no man has ever truly loved me. Guys have always been drawn to me because of my voluptuous body and my obviously sexual nature. Any love I've been given is more of an afterthought to lust than anything. Even by my husband... Well, let's not get into that now. He loved me, once, but never as deeply as you love me now. I've used sex as a substitute for love, I think. But I love both and want both. So this realization of how hollow everything has been for me makes me so profoundly sad."

She continued, "But on the other hand, there's you. You loved me deeply before you even knew what sex was. I can tell that until recently my body and sexy ways meant nothing to you. You even made a point of averting your eyes when you had chances to sneak peeks."

"God, what I stupid dork I was!" he joked.

Suzanne playfully hit him, and gave his dick another one of her intense pussy squeezes. "But you still loved me for what I had on the inside. And now we have both! It's almost too amazing for me to believe. I've never been so happy! You're the only one for me, and probably the only man I could ever trust to truly love me." She broke down and began to cry profusely once more.

He just gently caressed her and kissed her face while she had a good cry. He felt almost embarrassed that his dick was still hard inside her, but he felt it would be rude to pull out now.

When Alan finally had a chance to speak, he said seriously, "You're right. As a growing teenage boy I noticed your body these last couple years, but you were off limits. You were my 'Aunt Suzy' and married and everything. I consciously avoided even thinking those thoughts about you, as much as I could. But now it's all changed. We can have everything. Love AND making love."

They kissed, and kept kissing. She'd been mostly forgetting about his erection deep inside her, but she gave it a few more loving squeezes.

Up until now, the fucking had been great, and unbelievably prolonged. But it had lacked a deep emotional intensity, due to Suzanne always mentally remaining somewhat in reserve so she could remain in control of herself and of the situation.

But Alan's declaration of love changed that. Suzanne was overcome with affection, like some actress being swept off her feet in an old-time movie. She wasn't good with this kind of open discussion of emotions since she was always scheming and dealing in layers of motives. So she let out her profound outpouring of emotion by putting everything she had into their seemingly endless kiss, and started squeezing his boner more frequently.

He gave as good as he received, kissing and fondling her to drive her to the heights of passion.

When the kiss ended, she was determined to fuck him even more intently and passionately than before.

Alan had had some amazing fucks in recent weeks, but Suzanne outdid them all. He had recently been called a "sex machine" and even a "fuck god," but it was Suzanne in her frenzy of love and lust that afternoon who really deserved such high praises. She became a virtual fucking machine. Every move she made seem to further arouse him somehow. She especially worked hard to churn her hips in delightful ways.

Alan, after all, was supposed to have a recovery weekend. He was still tired; he considered it a wonder that his penis was able to function at all, given how active it had been lately.

So Suzanne took over. She'd already spent much of the afternoon riding on top of Alan, and now she stayed there. She continued thrusting him in and out of herself long after he gave up all exertion except the ability to stay erect. Her arms and legs roamed all over him like a many-tentacled octopus. Her hips undulated one way, and her vaginal muscles gripped him in another way.

He'd never known a penis could feel such pleasure.


They fucked until it seemed the two of them would simply drown in a lake of cum. They were slick, wet, sticky, and sweaty everywhere. But it felt great. Alan lost all track of time and was rendered nearly as senseless as he'd rendered Glory during their first fuck.

Suzanne kept a close watch on the state of his penis to prevent him from cumming again. When it came time to pause, she fell onto him and drowned his face in kisses even as she tried to recover her ragged breathing.

His fourth climax with her turned out to be something of an emotional disappointment instead of a great peak, because both of them knew it meant the afternoon's fun was over. They both tried to extend every last second as he deposited his seed inside her, but there was no way to stop him from bringing the fucking to the end, despite all of Suzanne's tricks.


They just lay there for a while. Alan had nearly drifted off. When he opened his eyes he saw Suzanne's green eyes mere inches from him. It struck him that she looked at him in the way he thought newlyweds might look at each other in bed on their honeymoon. He returned the look and found himself lost in the beauty of her eyes (even though they were still a bit red from crying). All the corny poetry about eyes being shimmering pools of moonlight and the like now struck him as very real and true.

But all good things have to come to an end. Alan broke the silence by saying, "Aunt Suzy, I love you. I just have to say it again. You're right. Just about everyone else I'm with seems like a kid compared to you. As amazing as I realize you are, I nonetheless underestimate you. You have such a great capacity for love. And unfortunately you channel that into some serious fucking."

"'Unfortunately?'" Suzanne was hurt.


She closed her eyes and turned away, but he held her chin and turned her face back.

Then, stroking her cheek, he said gently, "It's only unfortunate because you're going to kill me before I turn twenty. I was right: not only should your pussy be classified as a murder weapon, your entire body is one big murder weapon. You're too beautiful to be believed. Death by fucking is going to be the way I go before too long."

She laughed and looked at him straight in the eyes, no longer offended. "You're probably right. I've been holding off on fucking you despite some close calls like the Elle deception or our time standing in the ocean on that nude beach trip, because I knew that once I got started I couldn't stop. Now that we're fucking for real, I just absolutely have to do it every single day... Because I want to be one with my lovey-dovey little Sweetie baby Alan."

She nuzzled his face with her nose as she said this last sentence, then they kissed again.

The kiss was so searing that Alan was nearly inspired to go for a fifth climax. Unfortunately, his penis wouldn't cooperate with his desires.

When their lips parted, he said only half-jokingly, "You see? That's the problem. With kisses like that, how can I function? All I'll be able to do now is think about fucking you. You're turning me into a hopeless case. It feels like we fucked all afternoon."

She smiled a wry smile and pulled a watch from out of her clothes lying near the bed. "We have. Did you know it's past six o'clock already?"

He looked out the window blinds and noticed with great surprise that it was almost dark. "No way! We've been fucking for, like, three hours! That's just not possible. I mean, an overwhelming majority of that was total, full on, scream at the top of my lungs, right at the edge of total euphoria, intense, deep fucking. Delirious, incoherent babble, can't-remember-my-name fucking. No friggin' way!"

"Yes way, Sweetie. You know how to make a woman happy. I can already tell you I'll never forget this day. And to think that we can do better tomorrow, because you were pretty tired coming in here. Just wait until your penis and your body has had another very long, very restful night. You'll be the one on top of me while I'm crying 'Ride 'em, cowboy.'"

He frowned.

She asked, "What is it, Sweetie?"

"Well, I don't know if I'll ever get a chance to recover, because something always comes up. I certainly won't recover tonight to be in good shape for that tomorrow. You see, well, I'm not sure if you want to hear this..."

"What is it?"

"Well, I know you get upset when I mention sex and Amy, but the truth is I've already promised Amy that we'd fuck tonight. I've never fucked her before, and it just wouldn't be fair to her to wait another day."

Suzanne sat back, a little miffed. "My, my. Innocent Amy. My sweet honey pie. She's finally going to lose her virginity properly." Then, with a start, she realized, "And you're going to fuck me and her for the first time on the same day! Mother and daughter, back to back! You are such a sexy devil!"

"I thought you were upset by that kind of thing."

"Well, I am, but mostly by thoughts of her and me together. As long as you keep us apart and don't make me watch, I'm okay with it. In fact, I have to admit that I'm more than a little impressed. How many guys ever get the chance to fuck a mother and daughter? And soon you'll be doing TWO mother-daughter pairs."

He couldn't help but grin in triumph. "I know. It's kind of cool, but kind of not. I mean, how can I keep up with Amy tonight? What'll I have left after the fucking of a lifetime that you just gave me? How will I be able to get myself up for a worthy performance, or even a single cum? Also, I hate to be blunt, but she's never had sex before. You're like a battle-hardened crack fuck veteran, and I mean that in only a good way. I wonder if I might not be as enthusiastic with Amy as I would have been if I'd fucked her before you."

She playfully ran a finger around his belly button. "Hmmm. I see what you mean. But I'm sure you'll rise to the occasion in more ways than one. You always do. Look at it a different way. Treat her like a student instead of a teacher. And you're such a gentleman. I'm sure she'll come away very happy."

"Perhaps, but this is why I wasn't just kidding about sharing your skills. You need to share, especially with Amy and Sis, so things can be a little more balanced out. Sis in particular is feeling neglected. If she knew all the things you could do, she would burn with envy." He grinned as he added, "Plus, you have to. I made you cum in five minutes, so I won the bet."

Suzanne replied, chagrined, "Hrm. What's your next bet? If you correctly guess my favorite musician then you get a fuck sandwich with Katherine on the top and me on the bottom, but if you guess incorrectly then it's a fuck sandwich with me on the top and Katherine on the bottom?"

He was all smiles. "Hmmm. Not a bad idea. I'm afraid you're on the bottom, though, 'cos I already know your favorite musician is Mozart."

"Drat." But as Suzanne lay there, she seriously considered the idea of sharing her skills, and not just a few tricks. He's right. I've proved myself here today. Sweetie said that all the others are like kids compared to me. Hearing that was such a hard-won, sweet victory. I just have to secure my spot here on top of the pecking order, and then all will be perfect.

Now that I'm up here, I can lend a hand and raise my Honey Pie and Angel higher too. The better they are at sex, the more that benefits me, as the situation evolves into one big, constant Plummer family orgy. I just have to make sure to stay one step ahead and not give everything away. At the very least, it'll take them years of Kegel exercises before they have the pussy control I do.

Susan, on the other hand... Of course I have to teach her all I know, eventually, but I'm not going to be in such a big hurry about it. After all, he did say the girls take top priority. I'm still deathly afraid that he's going to forget all about me when he starts to fuck his "mommy." If she somehow magically gained all my years of sexual experience overnight, I'd be in big trouble.


After all this thought, she answered smiling, "Of course, Sweetie, you're so right. Since you beat me in our little contest and made me cum first, I'll have to teach them. But it'll take a while. That climax without ejaculation thing especially is more of an art than anything. It requires a special touch."

That's true enough, she thought. I don't want any more lies with my lover, my man. "But in any case, let's get our act together here. Susan will be expecting you for dinner."

Once they dressed and got in the car, Suzanne called her husband Eric on her cell phone and told him she'd be late and they should get some take-out food without her.

Alan similarly called up Susan and told her the computer shopping was taking longer than expected.

Now that they were done, Suzanne's energy level finally crashed. As wiped out as Alan was, he was forced to drive the car back because Suzanne was in no shape to get behind the wheel. She could barely walk.

But she could still tease. She gleefully pointed out that after being gone so many hours, they of course didn't have any computer or other purchases to show for it. "I guess we'll just have to go shopping again tomorrow then, to make sure we get that computer."

"Do you mean we'll actually buy a computer, or come back here?" he asked.

She rolled her eyes. "And I thought you were a smart kid. Screw computers! I know as much about them as you do. I'll buy one on Monday while you're at school so I don't miss out on any opportunities involving your penis. This sharing of you is a real drag. To think, you're going to fuck my daughter tonight and I'm hoping that you'll have something left for me tomorrow. But I love you and what you do to me so much that I don't care that much." She stared out the window unhappily.

He replied, trying to change the topic with something more cheery, "I'm so happy to have finally fucked you that I can't even express it in words. And like you, now that we've started I don't ever wanna stop." He reached out and held her hand briefly while driving with just his other one.

She came out of her funk and smiled lovingly at him. She patted and stroked his hand with her other one, and then let it go so he could drive with both.

He asked, "But how are we going to keep fucking and not get caught after our 'shopping' tomorrow? We can't suddenly be shopping every day of the week."

"True," she conceded. "I want to fuck every single day, but that may not be realistic in the short term. We may have to do without some days, until everything is out in the open."

He nodded and pointed out, "Sis and I don't get to do it very often either, which is a drag. Wouldn't it be great to have no secrets? Keep working on Mom's resistance."

"Okay. Sounds like you could use more rest, so a day off here and there won't kill me. But you still owe me 26 more times to make up for lost time, and the count goes up one more every day. As for your mother, believe me, I'm trying!"

She considered proving how much she was working on Susan by telling him about how the psychologist session with Xania was faked, but she just didn't have the energy for it. She knew he'd have to learn the truth about that sooner or later, though. It was dangerous to keep too many secrets, and that one wasn't a very important one for him to know.

She began to drift off as he drove the car down the highway, but then she opened her eyes and came alert with a sudden start. "Sweetie? Can you promise me one thing?"

"What's that?"

"You know what you were saying earlier about tying me up while you fuck my daughter tonight. You were just fantasizing, right? You're not going to actually do that."

He looked over at her and considered. He'd already forgotten about it and hadn't been planning on it, but on the other hand the idea did have a strong appeal. "Of course I won't. Don't worry. Not unless you want to."

"Well, I don't. You know my feelings on that so I won't belabor the point. And please. Treat her gently tonight. I'm counting on you to be the loving gentleman Alan with her and not this new aggressive Alan. She's so innocent and impressionable."

"Don't worry. You can count on me."

Reassured, Suzanne smiled and drifted off to sleep.

That left Alan alone with his thoughts as he struggled to stay awake long enough to make the drive home. Just think. As soon as I get home, I'm going to have a late supper, and then it's on to a date with Amy. More fucking to follow! With the bountiful and loving Amy, no less. Then I've promised Sis we can fuck again as soon as Saturday is over and our grounding punishment is done. I wouldn't be surprised if she attacks me the instant the clock strikes midnight. Then Aunt Suzy wants another session just like this one tomorrow, which in and of itself will totally destroy my dick and energy. And Mom clearly wants her ass fucked so bad that I would be a bad son if I were to neglect that any longer. At least I think she does. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding my "new" mom.

And then there's Glory! If she knows I've stayed home all weekend and didn't call her, she's going to be pissed. And she will learn the hiking trip was canceled soon, and I don't want to lie to her about it anyways. If I'm a good guy, I should go to the beach with her tomorrow or something.

And that's just for starters. There are always surprises, like the surprise Akami visit. For all I know, Heather could crawl into my window at three in the morning and demand that I stop neglecting her and fuck her there and then. I'm literally drowning in beautiful, naked female bodies. It's really not fair for me to have so many beauties if I can't put in the time and emotion they deserve. I have to focus on just the ones who mean the most to me.

How can I manage it all? Aunt Suzy alone is more than just about any guy can handle. She's a human dynamo, a sex tornado.

He looked over at Suzanne. He was driving down a straight stretch of highway, so he was able to take a good long look at her sleeping form. Christ, man! Look at her. She's like a friggin' supermodel, and I just spent all afternoon repeatedly pumping my cum into her. Life doesn't get any better than that! Hell, just looking at her, even though she's all dressed up, I'm almost inspired to get hard yet AGAIN!

He returned his focus to the road. I've got to figure out some kind of system to deal with all of these women without literally getting fucked to death! I'm loving it too much to stop or even slow down, that's for sure. I mean, fucking Aunt Suzy turned into a totally transcendent bonding experience there at the end. Nothing else matters, compared to doing something like that.

The ironic thing is, this is the weekend I'm supposed to be resting!

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