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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Please Please Me
Day 63: Sunday, November 17

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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By the time Alan got home from his surprisingly normal few hours of video gaming, it was nearly five o'clock.

Suzanne met him at his own front door. Her arms were on her cocked hips and she was clearly pissed off.

He took one look at her, and deadpanned, "I see you can't wait for your hello kiss."

That got a chuckle, and more importantly, a French kiss from Suzanne that went a long way to erasing her mood. When the kiss ended, she remained clinging to him, and said, "How can I stay mad at you?"

"What did I do?" he asked in honest confusion.

"Remember yesterday, when I said we had more computer shopping to do today? When did you think we'd do it? Remember about stores closing?"

He thought back. He did remember that comment. He didn't need to be reminded that "computer shopping" was code for "going to a hotel and fucking like bunnies." He wasn't sure who else might be in hearing range so he volunteered, "I'm ready when you are. Let's just head out that door."

Suzanne smiled. "You're reading my mind. If I let you any deeper into the house, it'll be another twenty minutes before you finish the rest of your hello kisses. Let's go."

They got into Suzanne's car and drove off. But to Alan's surprise, they only drove one block, and then she parked the car down a little used one way street. "We're walking from here," she said as she got out of the car.

He followed, confused. He joked, "I don't see any 'computer shops' around here."

"No, you don't," she said with a nearly grim face. "We're going back to my house." She walked briskly and he kept up. "Unfortunately, you came back so late that if we drive anywhere and back, we won't have any time to 'shop' because of dinner. I can't keep you massively late for dinner two nights in a row without your mother getting seriously suspicious."

He watched her walk and said, "I didn't really expect we'd do this again so soon. Look at the way you walk. It's like you have a stick up your butt. Won't anyone notice?"

She laughed. "I will have a stick up a hole very NEAR my butt soon. Actually, you're right. Some anal sex would help spare my pussy a bit. I am walking a bit funny, but I'm not too concerned. My husband and son barely notice me, as long as dinner's on the table."

They already arrived at the front of Suzanne's house by the time she finished saying that.

He gulped as he looked up at it. He'd been in it so rarely that it seemed to him more like a haunted, spooky mansion than anything. It had become completely off limits in his mind. All he could think when looking at it was Brad and Eric, and getting caught.

She seemed to read his mind as she walked to the door and unlocked it. "As you know, I have a very strict policy about no hanky-panky in here. Ever. But you fuck so good that I'm going to make an exception. You see what you do to me? I told you that as soon as I started I would have to have it every day. I'm already doing crazy things to get my fix."

Her mind flashed back to Friday and sabotaging the scoutmaster's car. She quickly banished the unpleasant thought.

"What about them?" he asked as she nearly dragged him up the stairs to her bedroom. There was no need to clarify that he was talking about her husband Eric and her son Brad; her daughter Amy was much less of a concern since, presumably, she wouldn't mind if she observed them.

"They're off fishing and won't be back till late. I made damn sure of that. In fact, they just told me on the phone a short while ago to hold off on cooking dinner, or I wouldn't be taking this risk. All the same, we shouldn't dilly-dally, because this is extremely dangerous. In all my years of fooling around, I never once even considered bringing a man in here. And in the future we're going to plan this better so this is a one-time thing. Okay?"

"And Amy?" he asked this while both of them stripped.

"I pretty much ordered her to stay at your place. That was another reason why I met you right at the door, to stop you two lovebirds before you got started. By the way, speaking of walking funny, you should see how she's walking today! What did you do to her exactly?"

"Sorry, can't kiss and tell."

"Grrr. Let's make this a really fast fuck, okay? I'm nervous. Really nervous."

They fucked quickly at first, but soon the pace slowed down. Suzanne was antsy, which fueled her lovemaking, but Alan was in the mood for lazy sex, despite the danger. She was willing to go along with his pace, knowing that he would give her fast and furious fucks on other occasions. Their mood settled down into one of deep contentment and bonding, instead of the pure excitement of the day before.

Suzanne had a stereo system in her bedroom and she made a point of filling the CD changer with a selection of classical CDs.

If there was one thing Alan didn't like about Suzanne's tastes, it was her love of classical music. But he had to admit that Schubert's Serenade, which she'd picked out to start them off, helped set the proper mood for making love at a relaxed pace. She knew he was running low on energy and so she was trying to be accommodating to that.


But despite the languor, they still had plenty of quality sex. Before the day was over, Alan gave it to Suzanne every way he knew how. He fucked her sitting, standing, lying down, on top, on bottom, and on and on. Their slow pace allowed them to keep going and going, like two Energizer bunnies in heat, without breaking into a serious sweat.

He was again extremely impressed with her vagina. It's so muscularly aggressive, all the time! Who's fucking who? I feel like she's fucking me with the way her vagina constantly assaults my dick and squeezes it. I don't really know what Kegel exercises are, but I'm all in favor of them if she says that's what gives her such great control. In fact, I'll bet that she's the best fuck I'll ever have. And don't even get me started on her long tongue or everything else she's got. What a woman!

Suzanne was already quite spoiled, because she expected him to be hard nearly constantly. Luckily, he was able to rise to the occasion. He pumped her pussy full of copious amounts of semen, happy that he didn't have to use a condom with her.

He came after about half an hour. Suzanne soon found she had a difficult task getting him erect again. Even after a prolonged break, complete with going to the kitchen for some fruity snacks, his penis still remained stubbornly flaccid.

They returned to Suzanne's bed, and she used her long tongue and skilled hands to try to revive him. But he was only able to get half-hard at best.

Remembering that sex was at least half mental, she started speaking more than licking. "It's strange, isn't it, having sex in this room, of all places. I don't know about you, but it makes me think about how I'm a married woman, and yet I'm cheating on my rich and powerful husband with a teenage boy. Somehow, it seems that even married woman can't resist the lure of your amazing cock!"

His penis twitched with life just a little bit.

She went on, "You know that Eric and I have separate bedrooms. Sometimes, when I lie in bed, I think about what would happen if you snuck in here in the middle of the night. I'd be stretched out, naked and probably dreaming about you, when I wake up to find a very real cock in my mouth! Of course, I'd be outraged, thinking that my husband is trying to take liberties with me. But then when I realize that it's you after all, I'd have to reward you with a really good cocksucking. Like this."

Her story was having an effect, and he was nearly hard already. But she bobbed on it for a few more minutes, to finish the job of getting it engorged. Then she kept on a little more, just to be sure. But she was into her own story, so she continued, "Naturally, you'd stay all night and fuck the shit out of me! Amy would overhear, and she'd come in so you could fuck her too. Imagine the shock on Eric's face the next morning when he peeks in and sees both his wife and daughter taking turns bouncing on your cock!"

Alan was getting really aroused by this, but he asked, "You wouldn't really let that happen, would you? And what about Brad?"

She rolled her eyes. "It's a fantasy. Just put reality aside and let me run with this, okay?"


Sensing he was hard enough, she stopped her licking and positioned herself over his erection, cowgirl style. Then she sat down, impaling herself on it.

"Aaaaah," she sighed happily. "That's better. Picture Eric finding me like this while Amy sits on your face. As he stood there, his mouth gaping open like a fish, I'd say, 'Sorry, Eric. You reap what you sow. This is your payback!'" Her voice suddenly turned harsh and angry.

Alan asked, "Whoa! What's that all about?"

Her pained expression was wiped away, replaced by a blank mask. She said curtly, "Never you mind. Forget it! Just fuck me!"

He was extremely curious what that was all about, but he realized she wasn't in the mood for questions or conversation about it. Her little verbal fantasy had come to a screeching halt, but he kept on fucking her in silence.

Happily, the fucking was extremely distracting, and her black mood quickly passed.

They fucked for nearly an hour in all. Suzanne came more times than she could count. Between his stamina and her skill, it was like they were trying for the Olympic gold medal in fucking. While the sex was slow, it was emotionally intense and nearly non-stop, with the exception of Alan's occasional strategic breaks.

They stretched out Alan's orgasms as much as they possibly could, but their fucking fun finally ended after Alan came a second time. He unloaded deep inside her vagina again.

Suzanne cried uncle, claiming that her pussy simply couldn't handle any more thrusting. It wasn't really true; it was a white lie so he wouldn't feel bad for not being able to go on.

Alan was glad that for once someone was more overtaxed than he was. (At least, that's what he thought.) But he'd also reached his absolute limit. Susan always talked about draining his balls dry, but he felt as if this time Suzanne had really done so.

They took a shower together, something Alan realized he still didn't do with women nearly enough. The idea was to get cleaned up from all the sweat and cum, but they enjoyed each other's bodies in a mostly non-erotic way, simply admiring and exploring each other.

Then they went back to bed, but Alan wasn't up for any more orgasms. However, Suzanne had done so much for him and made him feel so good lately that he wanted to give back to her more than he had so far. He spent his time just pleasuring her, mostly licking her down below.

Frankly, he was very glad to give instead of receive for a change. He enjoyed making Suzanne happy by eating her out; it was fun to hear her small screams of joy.


When he'd pleasured her to her complete satisfaction, they just lay on the bed in each other's arms. Both were very exhausted. They whispered sweet nothings to each other for many minutes.

Suzanne was struck anew by Alan's maturity in the conversations they had between fucking. He certainly doesn't act like a typical eighteen year old. He acts like he's been having these kinds of trysts for years. Such calmness, charm, and wit.

She was also staggered by just how much she loved him. I've known I wanted my Sweetie for some time, but this is just ridiculous. I totally feel like I want to marry him! That's completely irrational. I'm twice his age, and married. I wish I could still get pregnant, so I could have his baby! God, I feel like I'm going to cry. Cry for happiness at being in his arms, but also sadness in knowing he's ultimately gonna end up with some young lady - or more likely, ladies! - and not me. Fuck. I didn't know I could get all mushy and needy like this. Get yourself together, woman!

When they were all done, she made completely sure that all traces of their activity had been removed. Then she went with him to her car a mere block away so they could "drive back" from their "computer shopping."

He noted that she walked even more awkwardly now, just like she had a stick up her butt. He was secretly proud of that.

She commented to him, "Don't worry. I plan things out. In fact, knowing what you do to me, I've booked a masseuse to come and relax my muscles. She'll be arriving in a matter of minutes. And don't get any ideas of hot lesbian sex - she's an old crone. If my body moves in funny ways, they'll assume it's from the massage. Then I'm going to take a long, hot bath and go to bed early. I'll be right as rain tomorrow."

"Can't I fantasize about hot lesbian sex with a young masseuse?"

"No. No fantasizing for you!" She said this only half-jokingly. "You know darn well that if you were to wank yourself without some female help, all hell would break loose. Your mom, especially, would weep at the tragic waste of cum. Plus, keep in mind that you're going to have to pace yourself even more carefully now that you have my very demanding pussy to please. If I don't get at least one fuck a day now that we've started fucking, I'm going to be one unhappy camper."

He asked, "By the way, what was that all about earlier, when you got angry at Eric and were talking about 'payback?'"

She grimaced. "Let's not talk about that and ruin a great day, okay? I'll tell you all about it someday. I don't want there to be secrets between us. Just be patient with me."


Alan made it back to the Plummer house in time for a seven o'clock dinner. To his surprise, not only did Susan not mind his tardiness, but she herself appeared to have come home just minutes before, and hurried to prepare a quick meal. She seemed to be holding back some delightful secret. But Katherine, who also got home late, appeared to be as equally clueless as Alan was about her mother's mood.

True to Alan's earlier no-penis-touching vow, he only French kissed his mother and sister briefly upon greeting them, and kept their hands clear from his shorts.

Amy was also over for dinner (presumably so Suzanne could recover instead of cook) and so there was even more hello kissing.

Alan had a hard time reading Amy, especially now that he knew she was much more intelligent than he'd previously believed. He couldn't tell for sure whether Amy knew what was up with Susan's mood or not.

Surprisingly, the topic of Alan and Amy's sex the night before and Amy's loud screaming didn't come up at all. The women all dressed conservatively, and there was no monkeying around. They did make a few jokes though.

Alan asked Susan how her day had been.

She winked as she replied, "Oh, the usual. Just another hard day at the penis."

Katherine laughed, and came back with, "Typical. Is the boss riding your ass again?"

Susan looked at Alan and very slowly and deliberately replied, "Unfortunately, no." Her sexy look right at him could melt steel.

Katherine continued, "Boy, he's a HARD boss. Does he have a stick up his butt?"

Amy joked, "I don't know, but sadly I don't have one up mine."

The giggling turned into outright guffawing. Katherine laughed so hard that her shoulder strap accidentally fell down one shoulder.

Alan doubted just how accidental that was. He figured it was a test to see if he'd react and show his readiness for more sexual games. But he was all stimulated out. He said, "Okay, enough, you guys."

That put an end to the teasing.

He noted to himself, These women. Jesus. They're simply insatiable, Aunt Suzy, if anything, is even worse. That statement that she needs to be fucked every single day seemed a bit menacing, even. Amy's a wild card, but for all I know she could end up the neediest of them all. This is a problem. However, if I've got to have a problem, being surrounded by perfect women with insatiable sex drives is one of the very best kinds of problems to have.

He went back to his room to relax after dinner. He lay on his bed, thinking. Who'da thunk it, but today is working out to be a restful day, after all. Only four climaxes today. Not bad, considering how things started out. The "punishment" to have Mom and Sis stay clear was key. I need to have more punishments like that. The Suzanne fuck was a surprise, but even though it lasted a good while it was generally so mellow that it didn't physically wipe me out. I like that slow and easy stuff. If only my dick gets over this lingering soreness, I could be up for some more mischief later tonight.

This week at school is going to be really tough, though, with all the tests and papers coming up. I'm going to have to be really firm in limiting the hanky-panky for a few days. In fact, I've had plenty of fun this weekend. A hell of a lot of fun. I should really hit the books tonight.

Although I wouldn't be averse to fucking Mom in the ass just before I go to bed. She seems really into the idea. Five climaxes would still be a good number for the day. Maybe I can use that as my homework reward, assuming that my dick has fully recovered by then. Although, anal sex isn't that easy on my Johnson.


Little did Alan realize it, but his plan to get a lot of homework done that evening was doomed to failure. Certain plans were already in motion.

When he left to go play video games with his friend, he left a very disappointed Susan behind. Katherine figured he would be gone all afternoon, so she took off for the beach, leaving Susan all alone.

At first, Susan had been rescued by Suzanne, when they'd talked and shared erotic stories in the nude. But Suzanne also had to leave all too soon.

Susan milled about the house trying to do some chores, but the more time that passed without Alan showing up, the more anxious she got. She worried intensely about his "blue balls," and she fretted about her inability to help. The sound of the clock ticking in the kitchen rang loudly in her ears.

Brenda had called in the morning, wanting to get together to share more Alan-centric stories and fantasies. Susan checked her phone messages after Alan left, and called her back, but she begged off any plans, saying she wasn't in the mood. Even though she'd had fun sharing sexy stories with Suzanne a little while earlier, she'd reached a point where she felt only the "real thing" would do. So she made tentative plans to meet Brenda the following day instead.

Amy had stopped by a few times, looking for Alan. She'd missed him during his nap and then again just after he left to go to his friend's house. The next time she came by, she saw that Susan needed cheering up, so she stayed to help with that. Amy was her usual, unflappably cheery self.

But rather than being cheered up, Susan ended up bringing Amy down, because Amy also greatly missed Alan after finally having made love to him the night before. Susan talked at length about missing him, but that only saddened Amy.

But what really disappointed both of them the most was when Alan came home and then left again with Suzanne before either Susan or Amy even had a chance to say hello. (Amy had briefly seen them on the front lawn through a window, or they might not have even known that he'd made it home at all.)

When Susan found out that Alan had come and gone, she looked like she wanted to cry.

So Amy suggested, "Let's not just sit here and be all mopey. Let's do something fun! Let's go somewhere!"

Susan brightened a bit. "You could talk me into that. I've hardly been leaving the house lately, and I do need to do something to get Tiger's terrible blue balls off my mind. But where could we go?"

"I know!" Amy said brightly. "Why don't we go to that store Mom and Kat went to with all the sexy stuff? I'm still majorly bummed Mom didn't buy anything for me last time, and I have some money saved up."

Susan was both excited and frightened by that prospect. "I don't know. I'd love to get some more clothing to look good for Tiger, but I'm a bit of a scaredy cat out in public."

"That's why we should go together!" Amy answered. "I'm scared to go into a place like that too, so going together would be good for both of us. Too bad Katherine's not here, or we could make a team... Hey, what if we invite Brenda to go too? With her around, that could take the attention off of us."

There was no doubt about that - Brenda's tits were always the center of attention and could even draw eyes away from the likes of Susan.

Amy continued, "And gosh! I have another idea! We could surprise everyone with another fashion show this evening! The three of us could get some clothes for my mom and Kat too, and make everyone really happy!"

Amy's enthusiasm was infectious, but Susan was still doubtful. "I don't know. The fashion show might be going too far. We promised to take it easy on Tiger today."

She suddenly remembered the 'no penis touching' punishment she and Katherine still shared. Uh oh! I'd forgotten all about that. As if things couldn't get any worse - even if he does come home, I won't be able to love him with my tongue and lips. I just hope Suzanne is taking good care of him, or I'm going to be VERY upset with her!

Susan mulled over Amy's suggestion. "I have issues with Brenda and her oversized tits. We made an agreement that she should only see Tiger a couple of times a week, and she just saw him yesterday."

Amy was amused. "She did more than see him. I'll bet she still has the taste of his sperm in her mouth!" She giggled.

Susan grinned at that. Then she continued her rumination. "However, she's becoming a good friend too. I had a great time with her last night, and I backed out on some plans with her today, which wasn't very nice. So I suppose we could give her a call..."

"Sure!" Amy bubbled. "It'll be totally cool! We totally gotta do it!"

A short time later, Susan, Amy, and Brenda found themselves at Stephanie's, the lingerie and sex shop that Suzanne and Katherine had recently visited.

The employee Ginger, who helped Suzanne and Katherine with much more than their purchases, happened not to be working there that day.

Susan in particular barely had the guts to even go into the store - the idea of even flirting in such a public place was completely beyond the pale for her. But, with frequent encouragement from Brenda and Amy, she managed to buy quite a lot of sexy, revealing clothes.

Brenda was ecstatic at the selection of clothes, and seemed keen on buying the whole store. In truth, she was giddy just from being invited.

At one point, Brenda called Amy into her dressing room. "Amy, could you come here for a sec?"

"M'kay." Amy walked in and closed the curtains behind her, because Brenda was wearing nothing but an erotic apron. It covered her nipples and crotch, but not much else. It left nearly all of her backside bare, including her bubble butt.

Brenda looked uncertainly at Amy. "Um, I'm thinking of getting this. What do you think? Would Susan be mad at me?"

"Mad? Why?"

"Well, the thing is, I really want to wear this because Susan's told me all kinds of exciting stories about how she wears nothing but an erotic apron in the morning, and then lots of fun things happen."

Amy giggled. "I've heard about that. By fun things, I think you mean that Alan gets so aroused that before long Susan's mouth is stuffed to the brim with his fat thingy. And then she sucks and sucks, and slurps and slurps, and strokes and strokes, for, like, EVER, until she finally gets rewarded with a face full of creamy cum!"

Brenda blushed a little. "Yeah. Exactly. The thing is, I don't want to step on her toes, if she considers that kind of her thing. She's been so great to me. And is it sexy enough?"

Amy replied, "It's definitely something to get Alan's thingy long and stiff, but you might want to wait, 'cos of that whole stepping-on-toes thing. But hold on. I've got something that would look killer on you." She walked away, but soon came back with an extremely skimpy red bikini. She held it up and said, "Just think: going to the beach with Alan wearing this!"


Brenda blushed even more. "Going to the... beach?! In public?! With that?!"

"Sure thing. Why not?"

"It's just... it's so revealing! Especially with my nipples. And you'd pretty much need to be shaved down below to even think... My God!"

Amy said, "Yeah, but just think about the big stiff boner Alan's gonna get. And what better way to show that you belong to him than by walking around practically naked with your big boobies bouncing all over the place?"

Brenda stared at the bikini like it was a box full of snakes. Jesus, this is ridiculous. I HATE getting attention in public. But then again, wouldn't it be totally different if Alan were there? I need to be brave for my master! Wait, I can't get ahead of myself. He's not my master yet. I have to prove myself worthy of being one of his big-titted sex slaves, by doing things exactly like this.

She finally gulped and said, "Okay. I'll do it. This looks like it'll fit." She took the bikini from Amy. "Thanks."

"No problemo!"

Brenda's nipples suddenly stiffened as she imagined wearing the scandalous bikini in front of Alan. That suddenly made her painfully aware of the fact that her entire backside was exposed, not counting a couple of thin straps. God, this is scary. But... who cares? My inevitable humiliation is irrelevant. What matters is Alan's pleasure! Susan says constant humiliation is part of the life of a personal cocksucker anyway.

But just as Amy was about to turn and walk away, Brenda asked, "Amy, can I ask you a rather direct question?"

"M'kay! What's up?"

Brenda looked away and asked shyly, "What do you think of me?"

Amy shrugged. "You seem pretty cool."

Brenda looked back her way. "No, I mean, about everything. Please be frank. After all, here I am, this outsider, and all of a sudden I'm getting involved in your lives, like coming here today. You must feel some resentment. 'Who is this woman and why is she taking some of my time with Alan?'"

Amy considered that carefully. "Yeah, there's some of that, I must admit. You weren't part of my plan. But there's not, like, anything I can do about it in any case, since you know so much about our family."

"Aaah," Brenda said, immediately understanding Amy's indirect reference to the Plummers' incest secret.

Amy added, "Besides, you seem pretty cool, like I said. You obviously have strong feelings for Alan, and they appear pretty sincere, and that means a lot in my book. Like the bikini I just showed you. You were totally freaking out thinking about wearing that on a busy beach, but then you were all like, 'Hey, if it makes Alan happy, I'll give it a try.' So how can I not smile at that?" Sure enough, Amy smiled broadly.

Brenda smiled too. "Thanks for being understanding. By the way, what's this about not being part of your plan?"

Amy stared at her in apparent confusion. "Huh? What plan? Anyway, you should probably tread carefully for a while, since you are new to our bunch. That's why I'm thinking you shouldn't buy that today." She nodded at the erotic apron Brenda was still wearing. "I know you and Susan are getting to be good pals, but she gets kinda funny about certain things, and that could be one of them. I know she treasures her mornings with Alan and Katherine as a special time, so I try not to interfere. Oh, and Tuesdays are another thing. Phew! Watch out for Tuesdays!"

"Thanks. Amy, you really are the best. I'm really pushing my luck here, but can I ask you if you think Katherine feels more or less the same about me as you do? I mean, she doesn't hate me or resent me or anything like that, does she?"

Amy grinned in a friendly way. "Nah. She's like me in that. My mom kind of took the lead on bringing you into our group and figuring out how you could fit, so we're trusting her to do the same on this as well."

"Oh, good. Suzanne is great, isn't she?"

"Yep! She's a great mom!" Amy flashed a big smile as she walked out of the dressing room.

Once Brenda was alone, she took the apron off and started to try on the other clothes that she'd brought into the dressing room with her. Interesting. Amy's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and she let slip that they're all concerned that I know so much about their incest. I hope they don't feel obliged to treat me with kid gloves because of that. I don't want them to feel like I have them over a barrel. But then again, what if they wouldn't involve me in their lives so deeply if it weren't for that? Being left out in the cold at this point would break my heart!

No, I'm just going to forget I ever heard that. I'd already considered that factor; I've been trying to act as if it doesn't matter at all. I'll just keep on doing that. I really do know that Susan and I HAVE already become seriously good friends; she's not just trying to appease me. After all, we have so much in common! And how can Alan resist my ample charms? I mean, what teen boy wouldn't want a potential willing sex slave who looks the way I do? If I just keep on doing what I'm doing, everything will work out fine.

I hope!

In the end, Brenda bought the bikini, but left the erotic apron for another day. She found herself buying lots of clothing with BDSM (bondage, domination/submission, and sadomasochism) themes, in the hopes that she could symbolically show Alan just how submissive she was willing to be. But she bought many other items as well. Money was not an issue for her; her only real requirement was that her new purchases made her look sexy.

Amy bought far less than the other two because she had less to spend, but she was very pleased with her purchases. She actually spent most of her time encouraging Susan to buy revealing items, since she knew that Susan's shyness would come to the fore in such a public place.

Brenda went back to her home when they were done shopping, while Amy stayed over at the Plummers. Brenda intended to have dinner with her son Adrian, but she hoped to return to the Plummers' house if the tentative fashion show for that evening actually materialized.

— — —

Susan cooked and ate dinner with an extra spring in her step and twinkle in her eye, which is what made Alan suspect that something was afoot.

When he met Amy at the table, he affectionately rubbed his hand through her hair and said, "Hey Aims, how's it going?"

Amy replied with a clueless voice and a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "Okay, but it seems I have really bad breath. Do you have any idea what to do about that?"

He thought back to their "bad breath" history and immediately became erect. He leaned over to her and whispered, "Damn you. Look at the bulge you just caused in my shorts. I think you're as evil as Heather."

She just clapped her hands and cackled with glee.

But before she or anyone else could get any ideas, he said, "I'm still in recovery mode. Sorry. Aunt Suzy took good care of me." He looked down at his spoon, because the food he had just put in his mouth was unfamiliar. "By the way, Mom, what is this?"

Susan said a bit nervously, "It's called maca porridge. I hope you like it!"

He frowned and eyed the bowl of porridge skeptically. "'Maca?' What the heck is that? I've never even heard of it."

Susan said, "It's kind of a root vegetable medicinal herb thing from South America. It's VERY hard to get, but Suzanne helped me find it. Isn't she the best?"

He tried another bite. "I hate to say this, but it's kind of yucky."

Susan fretted. "Please! Please try some more. You might not like it at first; it's kind of an acquired taste. But it's REALLY good for you."

"Oh yeah? How so?"

Susan was rather reluctant to divulge the truth, but she felt she had to give him a reason to eat the rather unappetizing dish. "If you must know, it's said to increase sperm production. Plus, it's supposed to be a natural aphrodisiac. And that's not just some hype; there are actual scientific studies backing those claims!"

Alan eyed the porridge again. "Hmmm. Well, I feel like a cow being fattened for the slaughterhouse, but the truth is, I could really use more cum and more sexual energy. So I'll try to finish it off. By the way, is this also the reason you served that weird dried goji berries thing yesterday?"

Susan blushed a bit. "Guilty as charged."

Amy asked Susan, "Hey, does this stuff boost lust in ladies too?"

"As a matter of fact, it does."

Amy brightened. "Then serve me a big bowl!"

"Me too!" Katherine said with equal vigor.

Alan chuckled and shook his head. "Dear God, please, give me strength! But wait, if you two and Mom are all eating this too-"

"And Suzanne," Susan interrupted. "She gave me a list the other day about the top ten foods to increase sperm production, and another on increasing libido in general. At first she didn't think much of the lists, but she looked up some of the foods in more detail, and now she's a big convert. People still tend to think that there's no such a thing as real aphrodisiacs, but Viagra has shown that there are. It turns out there are all kinds of natural foods and herbs that work, but people don't know about most of them because they're obscure, foreign, and expensive."

He said, rather chagrined, "Great. And Aunt Suzy is teaming up on me too. If all of you are eating this stuff and boosting your libido, and I boost mine, won't that kind of cancel out the effect?"

Katherine wagged her eyebrows. "In a way, maybe so, if you look at it as some kind of competition. But we'll all end up having even more sex with you, so that's an all-around win! Plus, the sperm count thing only affects you."

He sighed wearily. "Great. I'm going to become 'Alan, the Human Cum Firehose.' I'd better eat even more of this stuff, 'cos I'm gonna need every last bit of sexual energy just to keep up with you all." He ate another spoonful of the maca porridge.

"Yeay!" the three women all yelled with glee.


Alan was kicking back and reading a book in the living room around eight o'clock when the doorbell rang. Amy, Katherine, and Susan were all hanging out in the room together, but Susan insisted that Alan get the door.

When Alan opened the door he saw Brenda standing there, looking bashful and a little shy, wearing an overcoat and carrying two big bags. "Hi, Alan. It's me, Brenda. Remember me?"

Alan was incredulous. "Remember you? Are you kidding?! How could I ever possibly forget you? Don't you remember what we did yesterday?"

She blushed and lowered her eyes. "Of course." In truth, she hadn't meant to ask "remember me," but she was so nervous about seeing him again that her brain had slipped a gear.

Seeing that she appeared to be at a loss for words, he gave her a hearty welcome. "Please come in!"

As she walked further into the house, she tried a different approach. Her face became stern, almost as if she were pissed off about something.

Alan couldn't figure out what had triggered that reaction.

However, it was all because she was steeling her nerve. She said to herself, Okay, girl, don't lose it like you did last time. He's just a kid. Just because he has such a big, tasty dick that you can't resist him. He thinks he's hot stuff. But this time we're going to show him who's who. I'm going to have HIM eating out of MY hands! By the time the night is over, he'll be forced to DEMAND that I become one of his sexual servants!


She took off her overcoat, revealing some kind of transparent nightie. It was so clingy that it seemed like she was wearing Saran wrap. Both shoulder straps immediately fell down her arms, but the nightie was so tight that it didn't slip down even a bit.

She looked at Alan with a seemingly menacing face, like she was meeting a sworn enemy. "So, Alan, we meet again. Now I can let you know that we're all going to have another fashion show tonight. We'll see this time just who can keep their cool, and who is going to lose it!"

Brenda was half a foot shorter than the over-six-foot-tall Alan; even the high fuck-me pumps she was wearing couldn't overcome that height difference. But she stepped on the shelf of the underwear cabinet, next to the front door, and raised herself enough so a protruding nipple nearly poked him in the eye.

She could only keep her balance there for a few seconds, but Alan correctly interpreted the move, her expression, and her words as a sexy challenge. Even though she wasn't usually this aggressive around him, he decided he liked what she was doing.

He looked back towards the living room, where the other women in his life were waiting. They were all smiling at him.

He asked, "So, is it true? Another fashion show?"

Katherine replied with a deadpan expression, "No, we just said that so Brenda would come over dressed like that. We actually plan for you to fuck her right in front of us in the living room while we all watch."

Alan looked back at Brenda. Her mouth was hanging open wide and the composure and confidence she'd shown mere seconds earlier were completely gone. She stammered, but no words came out.

"Naaahhh, just kidding!" That was Katherine again. "Of course we're just having a fashion show. Isn't it cool? I just found out myself a few minutes ago. Brenda, get your bags and come over here. Let's get started." She turned to walk away, but then turned back to Brenda and said casually, "Don't worry. He'll fuck you in front of all of us later." She winked to imply that she might be joking.

Brenda was still shaken, but recovered her composure somewhat. She gave Alan a saucy wink and then sauntered further into the house, strutting her amazing body with exaggerated moves, making her giant breasts sway and jiggle in a way that she knew would attract and keep his attention. She joined the other women, who all turned to face Alan together now that everyone was standing in the living room.

Alan's eyes rarely left Brenda, since she was wearing transparent clothing and the other women were fully dressed.

Brenda felt strange to be the only one wearing something so revealing as to leave her essentially naked. But it was a good strange. She felt as if she was the submissive one and all the others were her superiors. It was as if she didn't have the right to wear properly concealing clothes, while they could each give her orders that she had to follow to the letter. This brief fantasy soon faded, but she found herself powerfully aroused by it nevertheless.

Susan asked for Brenda's help in the kitchen. But that was just an excuse to get her alone. Once they were in the kitchen, she muttered quietly, "What's with your attitude? You're acting weird. Very different from how you were talking last night. I don't like it."

Brenda replied honestly. "Don't worry, I haven't had a change of heart. I'm still fully dedicated to serving Alan's cock with everything that I have, just like always. But I decided that I need to approach this from a position of strength, to get the best deal for myself that I can."

"'Deal?' What are you talking about, deal? That smacks of trying to manipulate my Tiger, and I don't like it! Busty women like us are here to obey his orders and serve his cock, period."

"I know," Brenda sincerely replied. "Look at what I'm wearing. Is this outfit designed to get the sperm in his balls churning, or what? But I figure if I play hard to get, he'll want me more."

Susan gritted her teeth. She knew Alan had been effective at playing hard to get with Brenda, and worried that Brenda might also be effective in manipulating Alan if she did the same in return. "I don't know. I don't like it. Besides, I don't know your plan exactly, but whatever you're planning isn't gonna work, I can guarantee that. Beautiful, big-titted women like us don't stand a chance against naturally superior men like my son."

Brenda tried to take a firm stand. "I understand all that. But I want him to notice me more. To want me, desire me, need me. My goal is to get him to want me as much as I want him. More, even!"

A peeved Susan folded her arms under her tremendous rack. "What the heck are you talking about? Did you get hit on the head by a rock or something?" She stepped into Brenda's personal space and poked a finger into one of Brenda's huge boobs. "It's not up to YOU to decide where or when to drop to your kn-"

She was cut off, because she heard Alan yelling, "Hey, ladies? Need any help in there?"

She yelled back, "No, we're coming!" Then she muttered sourly to Brenda, "You've got it all wrong. I don't have time to explain, but I'll show you. Come on." She led Brenda back to the living room.

Once they returned, Alan asked, "Where's Aunt Suzy?"

Susan replied, "She's a bit busy, but she told me to call her once things got started. I'll give her a ring right now. No, wait. Amy, could you please give your mother a call and have her come over ASAP?"

"M'kay!" Amy bounded out of the room, going to the phone by the kitchen counter.

Everyone had taken a seat except for Susan, who stood with a sour face while holding her hands on her hips. She said, "It'll be a few minutes until Suzanne gets here, I imagine. In the meantime, we should keep Alan AND Alan Junior entertained. Brenda, that's a nice outfit, but I want you to take it off. Now!"

Brenda was gobsmacked. "What?! You want me to do what?!"

"You heard me. Take it off!" Susan sat down next to Alan. He happened to be wearing loose sweatpants, so she stuck her hand inside. Within seconds she had her fingers wrapped around his erection and got busy stroking it. She said to Brenda, "Look at what we have here. Tiger's cock is nice and stiff, not surprisingly. As a beautiful, big-titted woman, you need to play your part in keeping it throbbing with pleasure. So I want you to stand naked in front of him. And that's just for starters!"

Brenda unthinkingly stood up right in front of where Alan was sitting. But she kept her hands over her bust and pussy while complaining, "But I... I can't! I mean, I'm not in the mood. I just got here! I know I'll get more aroused later, but give me a chance to adjust. Please!" She looked at the others with embarrassment.

Susan said firmly, "Nope. Sorry. Let this be a lesson to you. You need to learn your place! Besides, you're practically naked already, thanks to that outfit."

Brenda protested, "I know, but there's a big mental difference between 'almost' and 'completely.' It's huge!" She stood there squirming, her heart pounding wildly.

Katherine was sitting on the other side of Alan. She reached over and stuck her hand in his sweatpants too. As her fingers closed around his few inches that weren't already occupied by Susan's hand, she exclaimed with pretend surprise, "Oooh, you're right! It IS! It really is!" She giggled.


Brenda wasn't even slightly amused, because she was beside herself with fear over her situation. It was true that she wasn't yet that aroused, at least compared to the level of arousal that she'd reached during previous visits. However, between Susan ordering her to get naked and seeing Susan's and Katherine's hands jointly stroking the obvious bulge in Alan's sweatpants, Brenda was getting horny in a hurry. She started to strip.

She was so stunned and frightened that she forgot to make a sexy striptease out of it. Since she had been nearly naked to begin with, she had her clingy outfit on the floor in a matter of moments. Her face was red as a tomato and her eyes were closed as she covered her pussy and nipples as best she could.

She told herself, This is Susan's revenge for my "playing hard to get" plans. Damn! I shouldn't have said anything. I have to be strong and keep my focus!

But Susan wasn't done with her. "What do you think you're doing?! Covering your tits and pussy like that. For shame!"

Brenda quickly dropped her hands to her sides. But she still couldn't bear to open her eyes. Jesus! I'm totally exposed. What a nightmare! Yet this was exactly the kind of thing that she subconsciously craved.

"Do you aspire to be one of my son's personal cocksuckers?"

Brenda was in a spot. If she answered that question honestly, it would severely undercut her "hard to get" pose. But she whispered, "You know I do."

"What was that?" Susan asked insistently.

There was a long pause. The only sound in the room was the sloshing of Susan's and Katherine's fingers sliding together all over Alan's cock. It was hard for them to jack him off jointly, especially when they couldn't see inside his sweatpants, so they'd quickly resorted to stroking him up and down in a synchronized rhythm almost as if it was being done with a single ten-fingered hand.

Just then, Amy walked back in from the kitchen. She started to say, "Mother says that... Oh. Cool!" Clearly, she was taken aback by the scene in front of her.

Brenda winced. She still didn't dare to open her eyes, but knowing that one more person was checking out her totally nude body caused her to burn with humiliation. There was no doubt that Brenda was extremely aroused, which only added to her humiliation, because she could feel rivulets of cum running down her thighs.


She moved to cover her wetness with her hands, only to remember that such covering wasn't permitted. She ended up with her hands pinned behind her back in an even more submissive pose.

Amy walked further into the room. "So, Mom will be here in a couple of minutes. But it looks like the fun has started already. What's going on?"

Susan said, "Amy dear, please take a seat. Brenda's about to entertain us with a sexy little dance."

Brenda's eyes opened wide in fear upon hearing that. She thought her heart would thump right out of her chest.

"Cool beans!" Amy sat next to Katherine on the long sofa where Alan and Susan also sat. She looked to Alan's crotch and asked half-jokingly, "Hey, got room for one more hand in there?"

But Susan answered, "We've got it covered, literally. And keep your clothes on."

"Awww..." Amy had already started to undress, but she reluctantly stopped. "Why?!"

Susan said, "Trust me on this." The truth was, she had learned some about the "delight" of sexual humiliation through her own recent experiences with Alan, so she was forming a good idea of what Brenda really craved. She wanted to increase Brenda's humiliation by having her be the only naked one. "Just kick back and watch the show."

With Brenda's eyes open again, her gaze was locked on Alan's crotch. She couldn't see his erection but, in a way, seeing the motion under his sweatpants of two hands jacking him off was even more arousing. Holy shit! Hands from different hotties! So many hot and needy fingers sliding up and down his powerful snake, like it's no big deal. UGH! God! I think I'm gonna faint!

She asked nervously, "What show?! Nobody said anything about any show!" Without realizing it, her body started twitching and writhing. The smell of her pungent pussy soon filled the large living room.

Susan said, "The show you're about to perform. Amy, could you put on some danceable music?"

"Sure thing!" Amy bounced up and skipped to the stereo.

Brenda gulped. It was all she could do to keep her hands at her sides. "'Danceable?' I don't know how to dance! Not except for slow dances. Thanks to my big breasts, I can't bounce all over the dance floor even when I'm clothed. And naked? Forget it!"

Not surprisingly, Alan was having a great time. But he couldn't help but roll his eyes when the B-52's song "Mesopotamia" started to play. He did still like the song, but it also drove him crazy that Amy kept playing her same favorite songs over and over, especially this one.

Susan showed no mercy about Brenda's pleas. "I don't care. Figure out how to make it work. Taking proper care of Tiger's cock is a team effort, and you need to play your part. You don't need to be a dancing queen. Why don't you start by putting your hands on your head and swaying a little bit? And by the way, remember that you don't have breasts. Normal women have breasts. You have tits! BIG tits! GIGANTIC tits!"

Brenda didn't want to strike the pose Susan suggested, because it was an especially submissive one. But, staring at the hands of two different women slithering around in Alan's sweatpants, she simply couldn't resist. She struck the sexy pose and started to sway slightly.

A minute or so passed, but Brenda seemed to move like a shambling zombie, not even keeping time to the very danceable beat. It was true that she was swaying enough to keep her massive melons jiggling in enticing ways, but her blushing red face looked profoundly unhappy.

Amy grew frustrated and stood up. She said to Susan, "You said tending Alan's cock is a team effort, but I'm not doing anything. Can I help Brenda dance?"

Susan's pissy mood was passing, now that she was seeing Brenda put in her place. She smiled and said, "Good idea. Just make sure to keep all your clothes on. For now."

"M'kay." Amy zoomed over to Brenda's side and immediately wrapped an arm around her. This made it even more difficult for Brenda to dance, but Amy had a plan. She said to her as she grooved in place, "Brenda, I think the problem is that you're just not horny enough. Let's get you in the mood!"

Suddenly her hands were on Brenda's massive tits, and her fingers sank in. She pushed the two orbs together and said, "Brenda, do you know what we're doing tonight?"

Brenda mumbled, "Uh... a fashion show." She wanted to swat Amy's hands away, but her own hands were still on her head and she felt obliged to keep them there until she was given permission to move them. She was also trying, and mostly failing, to remember to dance in a sexy manner.

Amy enthused, "Yes, but it's so much more. It's a celebration of COCK! Specifically, Alan's cock. I heard you sucked him off yesterday, but he hasn't titfucked you. Not until tonight, that is! Soon his big ol' cocky cock-log is gonna be right here!" Amy's hands were occupied holding Brenda's tits up and together, so she leaned down and literally poked her nose into Brenda' cleavage to indicate the region she was talking about, taking a big whiff in the process.

Brenda's eyes bugged out as she considered that. She looked over again at Alan's crotch, wishing she could see more than just the shapes of moving hands under his sweatpants.

Amy belatedly realized she might have overstepped her bounds. So she asked Susan about the titfuck idea. "Right?"

Susan wasn't at all happy about the idea, due to her boob size jealousy. Although she didn't want to give it her stamp of approval, she guessed it was inevitable. She said vaguely, "He'll certainly be sliding his cock through some big tits tonight. Maybe a few pairs." Warming to the idea, she added, "In fact, maybe he'll fuck ALL our tits!"

That only enflamed Brenda's lust even more. She stared at Alan's crotch with a desperate hunger.

Katherine seemed to read Brenda's eyes. She whispered in her brother's ear (after licking it a little) and got him to lift his ass just long enough for her to pull his sweatpants down along his thighs.

Brenda gasped when she saw the extent of his stiff erection when it was uncovered. She was so stunned that she froze in place, completely forgetting to dance. She gasped again when Katherine's and Susan's hands went back to their shared stroking. In fact, now that his privates were uncovered, both Katherine and Susan took advantage and got their other hands involved as well.

Brenda thought, I can't believe it! FOUR hands! Four hands on one cock! Well, technically, one cock and one set of balls. But still, too hot! I can't breathe! I can hardly see anything at all, thanks to all those hands in the way. But I've never seen anything hotter in my life! Every single square inch of his privates are getting pleasured, and plenty thoroughly!

Amy continued to hold and fondle Brenda's enormous tits while talking to her. "Let's face it. You're a beautiful woman all over, but what really sets you apart is your humongous enormotastic rack! I'll bet dollars to donuts that Alan's fat cock is gonna be sliding between these bouncy babies before the night is over. What do you think of that?" Amy was repeating herself a bit about titfucking, because fondling Brenda's rack was putting her in a very "titty" mood.

Brenda was speechless at such an exciting prospect. She just stood there gawking while Amy's hands explored her upper torso. Fuuuuuck! It's true! He IS going to fuck my tits tonight! I just know it!

Amy prodded, "Look over there! Look at all those hands. Tonight, it'll be your tits helping out. Covered in some kind of slippery oil plus your own sweat. With a great big stiff boner trapped inside! Does that make you horny? Does it make you want to dance?"

Brenda had totally forgotten about the dancing, but thanks to that mention she started swaying again, ever so slightly. However, even though she wasn't actually moving much, there was a rhythm and enthusiasm that had been lacking before, which actually made her a very sexy dancer.

Amy took Brenda's hands from the top of her head and brought them down so Brenda was the one keeping her big tits tightly squeezed together.

That freed up Amy's hands. Amy was grooving to the B-52's, moving more than Brenda was, but at the same time she remained stationary enough to slide a hand between Brenda's tit-mountains. "How do you like that? Imagine that's not my hand; that's Alan's cock! Does that feel good?"

Brenda panted breathlessly, "Oh, yes!" His cock... In my cleavage! Oh, YES! Now, I really AM going to faint!

"Are you gonna squeeze it and slide your big ol' boobies all over it until it squirts in your face?"

"Oh, yes! YES!" Jesus! Sweet Jesus! Master! My master is going to bathe me in his cum! It was a good thing that Brenda was pressing her bare boobs together, because they were heaving so much while she struggled for breath. She could feel a powerful orgasm coming on.


A minute or two later, Suzanne walked in from the foyer and took a look at the scene. My, my, my! Isn't this just delicious? I love it!

The first thing Suzanne noticed was the way that Amy and Brenda were dancing. Actually, it was more accurate to say that Amy was dancing while Brenda was mostly just standing there. It wasn't that Brenda didn't want to dance, but she was so stunned and turned on by the entire situation that she was in a daze. Furthermore, she was in a habit of not moving in certain ways when her gigantic tits weren't sequestered in a heavy bra, and those habits were both subconscious and hard to break.

Amy was dancing next to her, touching her and trying to involve her, and thanks to that Brenda finally struck a sexy pose with her hands behind her head and started to wiggle her hips a little. But her efforts still paled in comparison to Amy's naturally sexy gyrations.

Suzanne enjoyed watching the blushing, nervous, horny, and completely humiliated Brenda so much that it took her about a minute before she finally looked to the spot where Brenda (and to a lesser extent Amy) were frequently staring. That's when she saw Alan and his exposed boner, and Susan and Katherine working together to expertly jack him off. She'd had a vague general awareness that the three of them were sitting together on a sofa, due to her peripheral vision, but it was only now that she had paid enough attention to realize that there was a dual handjob underway.

Suzanne actually did a double-take, and then a thrill of pure excitement ran down her spine. Seeing Katherine and Susan work together to stroke Alan's erection wouldn't have caused surprise, at least for the last few days. But Suzanne knew that Brenda had arrived mere minutes before, and she was floored that something this arousing had started this soon.

Good grief! she thought. And I thought the dancing was great! This is almost too much. She chuckled, not really caring if the others heard and realized that she was there. I'm kind of tempted to break it up, for fear that Sweetie's gonna blow a load before the fun and games even begin. But then again, I'm also tempted just to stand here and watch and see what happens next.


Look at poor blushing Brenda! She looks like she's been hit by a truck! My sweet Honey Pie is dancing all around her, touching her everywhere, but it's like Brenda doesn't notice, even when Amy is cupping one of her tits or her pussy. A very, VERY soaked pussy mound, I should add! Hee-hee! No, Brenda only has eyes for Sweetie's cock and balls, and the four hands slipping and sliding all over it!

I'll bet that if I let this go on much longer, she's gonna drop to her knees, crawl over to him, and beg permission to pleasure that big slab of cock-meat with her lips and her tongue!

Dammit, I'd love to see that, but later. Later tonight, I'm sure. Frankly, I don't know how Sweetie is hanging on with all that relentless stroking from so many hands at once. I can tell from the way he's gasping for air that it won't be long before there's a cummy explosion, unless I sweep in and rescue him.

She finally decided to speak up in order to give Alan his much-needed strategic break. "So what's all this then?"

That startled everyone. Suzanne's arrival had been expected, but it hadn't been expected that she'd quietly enter the house and walk into the living room without being noticed. In fact, it was Amy's loud music that had provided her cover; she hadn't even tried to be sneaky.

Although Alan was going out of his mind with orgasmic euphoria, he was the one who answered. "We're, uh... We've been waiting for you, and, uh... In the meantime, Brenda is doing a sexy dance. And, uh, Amy too." He sighed and closed his eyes, trying hard not to cum.

Suzanne smirked. "I can see that. And it looks like we need to turn up the thermostat, Sweetie, because you must be cold; you've got three, no, make that four, hands keeping your privates warm. How very considerate."

Katherine smirked too. "You've got it backwards. His hot, hot cock is what's keeping our hands warm." She giggled.

Suzanne smirked. "I'm sure. Either way, let's wrap this up and move to the dining room, shall we? Things are getting pretty heated and we don't want a premature... eruption." She raised an amused eyebrow as she stared at all the hands on Alan's crotch. Those hands had frozen in place at the shock of Suzanne's voice, but then Katherine and Susan had resumed their sexy stroking.

Seeing no response, Suzanne stared with laser-like focus right at Susan's face.

"Oh, poo!" Susan complained, withering in response to Suzanne's intense stare. She finally withdrew her hands.

After hearing Alan gasp desperately for air, Katherine reluctantly withdrew her hands as well.

Both mother and daughter immediately started licking their fingers clean of his pre-cum, making loud, satisfied smacking noises as they did so.

Alan's boner kept twitching wildly, and he even looked to be humping air with his hips in constant motion. But that was just because of his frantic PC muscle squeezing efforts. Finally, the danger of imminent climax passed and he was able to slump back and recover. Holy shit! That was intense. And to think: the night is still young. I've got another fashion show to look forward to!

Brenda just stood there while all the others got up and left the room. She was particularly crushed to see Alan pull his sweatpants back up. Finally, she bent over to pick up what little clothing she had.

Just then Suzanne popped her head around the corner from the dining room and said, "Leave that there. You won't be needing it anymore."

Brenda stood back up. Dear God! What have I gotten myself into?! I knew there was going to be sex and fun here tonight, but I didn't know things would get this wild this soon! Already it's almost more than I can take. And the humiliation! How could I forget about being so humiliated whenever I visit here? It's too emotionally intense. I swear, I'm about to have a heart attack! I should NEVER have told Susan about my plans.

That reminded her of her "playing hard to get" plans. Shit. My scheme is in tatters already. I don't know what exactly happened just now - I feel like I've been run over by a bulldozer! But whatever it was, I was the exact opposite of hard to get. But I still have a chance. Suzanne's here, and she's a taskmaster. She'll get the fashion show started, and that'll give me an opportunity to turn things around.

No more being helpless. I'm determined not to just be some kind of 'flavor of the month'. I deserve to have a permanent place in his life.

She looked down at her nakedness, trying to psyche herself up. Just look at this physique. I'm special! I feel like I was born and bred to be one of his sex pets; I just have to prove it to him. I'll be assertive and wow him with my voluptuous body! I'll be sucking his cock again in no time.

Alan watched Suzanne cross the room and sit at the table. He realized with some private amusement that she still walked funny despite the massage and hot bath she must have had since he'd last seen her. Secretly, that made him feel proud of himself.

She sat down immediately at the dining room table, then stayed sitting to hide the evidence that she'd been so thoroughly fucked quite recently. As the others sat too, she announced from her chair, "All right, now that we're all here, we can begin. Alan, as you can see, we're having another surprise fashion show for your benefit. Lucky bastard." But she said this with love, not malice.

Susan spoke up. "However, there's one fly in the ointment. The last fashion show went too far and almost spun out of control. So this time, no touching."

"No touching?!" Alan asked incredulously. "But that... Wait. Not even my dick? You mean, Mom, that you're not even going to stroke my... Aaah. I nearly forgot. Good for you for remembering. Now I know the real reason for the no-touching rule."

Susan blushed. The others looked disappointed and confused.

Alan explained, "I told Mom and Kat that they weren't allowed to touch my dick at all for the rest of the day, due to some naughtiness they did this morning."

Amy, surprisingly, spoke up. "Hey! If that's the case, why were they the very ones jacking him off just now, while I just sat there?"

Susan looked away, embarrassed. "I kind of forgot. Sorry."

Amy said, "Don't worry about that. It's cool." She looked beseechingly at Suzanne. "But why should the rest of us continue to suffer for their transgressions?"

Brenda seconded that with a "Yeah!" She was surprised and embarrassed as soon as she said that. She reminded herself that she came here to play hard to get, and had to keep her self-control.

Suzanne attacked the problem more logically. "Susan, don't tell me you expect him to watch the entire fashion show without someone stroking or sucking his cock the whole time? Think how terribly the poor boy will suffer. I for one couldn't bear it." Going for the jugular, she added theatrically, "Think of all that horrible sperm buildup. Why, his balls will be positively bursting by the end of the evening!"

Susan hadn't thought that through. She replied defensively, "Well, of course I don't mean THAT. It goes without saying that his iron-hard cock needs to be stroked any time he wants it, by anyone he wants. That's what this show is all about after all, to help expel all that nasty but oh-so-delicious sperm - but only after very prolonged stimulation."

She conceded extremely reluctantly, "I guess just this once, someone other than Katherine and me will have to be put in charge of those duties. What I meant was, no touching the women on display, or things will get out of hand for sure. This is supposed to be a rest day for my Tiger, after all."

Alan protested, "But... But the touching is the best part! Don't you like it when I run my hands all over you?"

"Well, okay," Susan quickly conceded. Her willpower completely crumbled when she imagined her son fondling her voluptuous body in front of the others. "But only touch the fabric of the costumes if you want to see what they're made of. No skin! You're supposed to be taking it easy, and in any case I don't want an orgy to break out. Suzanne has agreed to be a strict enforcer of the rules, since I seem to have a track record of getting a little bit lax. This is a case in point: not even one minute has passed and I'm already easing the restrictions."


Suzanne stood up. "Brenda, I'm leaving you in charge of entertaining Alan while the rest of us change clothes. You're dressed for the occasion." She smirked, since Brenda wasn't wearing anything at all, aside from her high heels. Suzanne and the others walked away.

Alan felt a bit awkward sitting there alone with Brenda, whom he certainly lusted after but still didn't know very well. He decided to strike a take charge pose, since he'd gathered that worked well with her, from the little he'd seen. "Stand up right next to me, Brenda. I want to inspect the goods."

"'The goods'? she spluttered, indignantly. "I'm a human being you know, a real live woman! I'm not some kind of toy to play with!" But even as she said this, she stood and moved right next to him.

He acted completely undeterred by her complaint. "Is that so? You're a feisty little nude sexpot, aren't you?" He brought a hand up towards her pussy while his other hand groped at whatever was in reach.

She just stood there, trembling with lust, as he ran his fingers up through her rivulets of cum straight to their source. "Sexpot?" More like sex pet! YOUR sex pet! But despite the fact that she was surging with lust, she still felt nervous and shy. Not knowing what to do with her hands, she put them on top of her head. But then she decided that was too suggestive, so she pinned them behind her back instead. In fact, that didn't change the effect very much. She was feeling so submissive that it just seemed the natural thing to do.

Encouraged by her deferential pose, red face, and compliant attitude, he ran his index finger along her pussy lips and up to her clit. He touched it repeatedly as he said, "I think you ARE a toy to play with. My toy!"

She could feel her heartbeat pulsing in her pussy. She was a hair's breadth from a great orgasm. Oh please! Have mercy, please! I AM his toy! His sex toy! He IS my natural lord and master! But I can't just give in. I have to at least be 'uppity', or he'll find me boring. But the urge to serve - and suck - is too strong!

She steeled her willpower and tried to get back to her "hard to get" stance. "What do you think you're doing?!" She complained as two of his fingers found their way inside her slit. "That's against Susan's rules!" However, she made no moves to prevent him from doing what he was doing to her.

"Are you going to complain? The rules are for the fashion show, and that hasn't started yet. Besides, I can stop at any time, if you like." His fingers began a pumping motion inside her slit.

Brenda tried to maintain a stern, uncaring attitude, but found her resolve melting almost immediately when he started to touch her. There was no hiding how incredibly wet she already was.


Brenda was determined to give as good as she got and then some, so she grabbed at his erection though his loose jump-suit and said, "Two can play that game!"

She quickly found herself essentially holding his entire erection and balls in her hands, with only a thin layer of cloth in between.

She was a little bit taken aback by this, but again issued a bold challenge. As she started to stroke his erection through the fabric, she said, "Yesterday, I was too overwhelmed by everything. I nearly lost my mind, I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed while sucking your cock. But this time I'm gonna show you! So you'd better take care, buster. If I'm the one put in charge of tending to this baby, you'd better watch out!"

"Show me?" he asked. "Are you going to show me your tit-mountains? Because I can already see them. And feel them." He reached up and pulled on her nipples, stretching her tits forward. "Or will you show me your ass? I think I've got that pretty well covered too." His hands dropped behind her and grabbed the globes of her cheeks firmly. Then he brought one hand back to her front side so he could maul her tits and ass at the same time.

Brenda had to stifle a gasp. God, what is it about this kid?! Most other guys are intimidated by me, and the ones who aren't are arrogant jerks with clumsy hands. But Alan! He's just grabbing me like he owns me and it's an established fact! His touch, it's driving me crazy! It's like I'm a slave at a slave auction, and he's sizing up the merchandise. I'm nothing but a piece of meat! Why do I love it so?!

More lusty shivers ran through her as she pumped up and down his shaft. He's my natural master! If he doesn't accept that fact soon, and start using me sexually, I'm simply going to die!

But then she remembered her own hard-to-get approach, and tried to fight back. "Be careful what you ask for. I'll show you," she responded confidently, though it was mostly false confidence by this point. She pulled his drawstring loose and pushed his sweatpants down.

She wound up with both hands wrapped directly around Alan's engorged cock. Oh God, YES! We meet again! She actually had a small orgasm just from the thrill of being able to touch and hold it.

He could tell that she had been momentarily distracted by a climax, even though she successfully managed not to cry out. While she was still recovering, he taunted her, "Are you just going to hold it or do you know what to do with one of those?"

She began to jack him off in earnest. Shit! I can't blow it. I'm all alone here - just me and his magnificent snake. This could be my biggest, best chance tonight, if I want to wind up with a face full of cum later!

Even though she was still reeling from her orgasmic high, she tried her best to employ some skilled moves on his pole while subtly jiggling her tits. Ha! My secret weapon. Even Susan and Suzanne can't compete with me in the chest department.

"Let's see," he said, as he brought a hand back to her slit and slid two fingers into it. "The others have been gone for about a minute, and I'm fingerfucking your cunt while you're double-pumping my dick. It seems to me that I was pretty spot-on with my 'sex toy' comment. You're nothing but a big-titted sex toy."

"Shut your mouth. I am not!" She was getting increasingly flustered and aroused.

"You are too. You don't have any control at all. You're a sex toy slut."

"Am not!" Her hands continued to fly up and down his erection while his fingers drove deeper and deeper into her gash. She could feel yet another orgasm coming on already.

"Well then, why are you jacking me off?"

I AM very much a sex toy - HIS sex toy! His sex PET! And it feels soooo good! But mindful of her "play hard to get" plan, she wouldn't admit that. She said lamely, "Um, I'm just... It's to help you with your, uh, medical problem."

"Thanks but I'm good. You can let go now." He gently but firmly took her hands away while leaving his erection completely exposed. However, his hands went back to vigorously fondling her curves.

She was rendered speechless. She couldn't believe he could have that level of self-control to turn down a handjob and probably more. She thought he was taunting her, but in fact he was worried that he was getting too close to cumming.

She wanted to prove that she had self-control too, so she kept her hands away from his throbbing hot cock. She closed her eyes and tried not to get too excited while he continued exploring seemingly every inch of her body.

However, the plan didn't go too well for her. She opened her eyes only a couple of moments later. She could sense that she was already losing the battle of wills as his erection swayed and bobbed temptingly in front of her. Oh Jesus, sweet Jesus! I need that cock! In my mouth! In my cleavage! In my CUNT! Oh my god, I need to feel his cock boring its way balls deep into my needy ASS! Master, if you're trying to prove your control over me, it's working!

But what made the situation ten times worse for her resolve was the fact that she was extremely close to cumming again and he knew it.

She was finding it hard to think; she was in a la la land of pure arousal. Her entire body was squirming, evidence that she was about to explode. She only had a dim remembrance that she was trying to get the best of him. She prayed for the others to hurry up before she climaxed all over his probing fingers.

She gritted her teeth, and thought, I have to be strong! Remember my "position of strength" plan! I can't allow myself to think about his tower of cock, jutting out, calling to my lips and tongue! And I can't cum, even though I need to so damn bad! If I cum, that'll just prove that I'm nothing but his big-titted sex toy, just like he said. Which is exactly what I am, of course, but I can't let him know that yet. One of his busty playthings! He has so many! Oh God, I'm gonna cum just from thinking about it!

Meanwhile, the other women were still putting on their outfits. Because of the rule change prohibiting skin-on-skin contract, there was a flurry of last-minute changes to the planned outfits as well. The women all tried to wear items that technically covered their privates so Alan would be allowed to grope at them, but at the same time they tried to expose enough skin to entice him. See-through items like the one Brenda had arrived in were suddenly very popular, which they all noticed but didn't feel a need to mention to each other.

Alan could see that Brenda was like putty in his hands, and he decided to press his advantage some more. He avoided pumping her pussy or touching her clit for the moment, because he knew that would push her over the edge. Instead, he reached up and started playing with her huge tits.

Since he was leaning back comfortably on the sofa, she was forced to bend over to better accommodate him. The mere fact that she was doing that made her feel as much arousal as if she was getting royally fucked.


As he sank his fingers possessively deep into her tit-flesh, he said, "What was I saying? Oh yes. How you're a big-titted sex toy. But you're right, you're not just any big-titted sex toy, you're MY big-titted sex toy, aren't you?"

"NO! No, I'm not!" Brenda practically screamed with desperation. But in her mind, she thought, Who is this boy?! He's playing me like a fiddle! It's like he can see inside my soul! How does he know my forbidden fantasies? And his hands! His hands! They're so powerful! In control!

"I'll tell you what, Brenda. 'Cos I'm a nice guy, I'll let you cum if you just admit what you really are." He let go of her completely.

"NoooOOOOoooo!" she whined. She brought her hands down to play with herself and get her much needed relief.

But he grabbed her hands by the wrists before she could reach her clit. He growled, "Hey! Did I give you permission to touch yourself there?"

She replied hotly, "Hey! You don't own me!"

He crooned suggestively, "Maybe not yet, but I will. Do you want me to spank you?"

Her resolve crumbled, because that sounded so arousing to her. She gave up trying to touch her pussy without his permission, and whined, "NOOO! Please! Let me touch it!"

"You're not a very good big-titted slut, Brenda. I want you to assume the position. Spread your legs wide." He waited until she did that.

Her face was practically cherry red as she assumed the position.

"Good. Chest thrust out, and hands laced together behind your back. Then I'll decide what to do with you."

Whimpering with need, she followed the rest of his instructions. Although her heart was pounding, her pulse seemed strongest in her cunt. God dammit! This is the worst! So much for playing hard to get. What a joke that was. He's got me acting just like one of his sex toys. No, I AM one of his sex toys! And that makes me so damn horny that I can't stand it! Look at me! This is total humiliation!

To be a toy, a pet, a possession... for a mere boy! The shame! I'm a fully grown woman, but he's acting like he owns me!

"Cool beans!" That sounded like Amy, and it was.

Brenda's head whipped around to find where the new voice was coming from. To her horror, she saw Katherine and Amy standing and watching from across the room. She didn't know how long they'd been there, and didn't want to know.

"What'cha doin'?" Amy asked Alan casually.

He replied just as casually. "Oh, just playing with my latest sex toy. Problem is, she won't admit that's what she is. Brenda, I want you to spread your legs a little wider, thrust your chest out some more, and tell me, 'I'm Alan's latest big-titted sex toy slut.' Not only will I let you cum, but I'll even let you play with my cock some more."

Brenda struck the pose he wanted, even though it made her look ridiculous in front of the others. She was writhing and wiggling about, dying to cum. She would have screamed her agreement to any and all of his demands but for the presence of the two teen girls.

Then he said, "Okay, nice. Now, put one foot on the coffee table and strike a sexy pose."


Suzanne had advised that he still needed to act dominant with her, and with his lust rising and his "Bad Alan" side coming to the fore, he found that easy and fun to do. He firmly proclaimed, "There is no why, except because I want it. Do it!"


Brenda hastily struck the new position. Her entire body was trembling with lust, especially due to his commanding demeanor.

However, she still hadn't said the line he wanted her to say. He pressed, "Well, I'm waiting. Don't you have something to say?"

Blushing practically from head to toe, she whispered, "Um, I'm uh... I'm... I can't say it!"

Walking closer, Katherine goaded her, "Oh come on already! You know you want it. Just admit it. Say it!"

Brenda felt completely defeated and humiliated as she began to speak the words. "Um, I'm Alan's latest big-tit-"

Katherine interrupted with an "Oh shit!" She paused. "Listen! Can you hear that? Clomping down the stairs! Mom and Suzanne are coming. Quick, Brenda, lower your hands and sit down. We don't wanna be caught breaking the rules already or Mom's gonna freak!"

"B-but..." Brenda stammered.

Actually, it wouldn't have been a big deal had Susan and Suzanne come in right then and seen what was happening. If anything, Susan probably would have been beside herself with lust watching Alan handle Brenda so assertively. But Katherine was feeling devilish and more than a little envious of Brenda, so she was yanking Brenda's chain.

Alan was feeling a little devilish too. The timing of the others coming down was such that it just seemed like the thing to do and delay Brenda's climax still further. He was a bit disappointed she didn't finish saying her pledge, but he knew he had her right where he wanted her in any case.

Brenda frantically sat down and tried to make herself presentable, but she was still practically out of her mind with the need to climax. She tried to show calm as Susan and Suzanne walked into view, but she was still panting heavily, and of course there was no hiding the fact that she was the only one naked.

Katherine quietly hissed to her, "Quick, get back to your penis-tending duties, or Mom is gonna get mad!"

Unthinkingly, Brenda resumed stroking Alan's cock. But she was so out of it that she did little more than spasmodically jerk it from time to time.

Suzanne cocked an eyebrow at Brenda's heaving chest, but otherwise no one paid any special attention to her flushed, excited state. Everyone was too busy getting ready for the "show" to begin, and that level of obvious arousal had become par for the course.

Alan and the girls carried the dining room table into the living room; the heavy wooden table was sturdy enough for someone to stand on, so that would be the "stage." Someone put on a CD of KC and the Sunshine Band's greatest hits, and the song "That's the Way (I like It)" began.

Brenda was crushed to suddenly be left alone like that, especially since she'd just resumed her handjob when Alan had to get up to help with the heavy lifting. But the lack of contact while he helped with the table also allowed her to slowly regain her senses.

Within a minute or two, she remembered her goal of besting or at least equaling Alan sexually, and she renewed her vows to be strong. I don't know what got into me there, but I'm not gonna let it happen again, that's for sure! And to think that he almost got me to say that pledge. That was too close! Sure, I long to be one of his sex toys, but I can't let him know that! People are attracted to those who are mysterious and a challenge. I've got to play hard to get. I can't let myself get all hopelessly horny like that, or he'll think that I'm easy.

Brenda was so far gone into lust that she didn't realize how ironic her words were. Her effort to play hard to get was failing utterly.

Finally, everything seemed ready. Amy ran off because she was the first to go on stage and wanted to make a big appearance. Suzanne announced, "Before we start, we have to resolve who gets to stroke the famous Plummer family penis. I have a novel suggestion to up the stakes. If Alan finds an outfit particularly appealing, the person who wore it gets to stroke him. If he REALLY likes the outfit, that person gets to blow him. But only until the next winner comes along." Suzanne was wearing a see-through nightgown. It was tempting, but nothing that could be counted as one of the official costumes.

"What if Katherine or Susan win?" Brenda asked. Alan had just returned to his seat next to her, but she was leaving his erection alone since the penis-tending responsibilities were still being sorted out. Besides, she needed the break to get her body to calm down somewhat.

Suzanne replied, "Since Alan made the punishment, he can choose to break it. If he wants to be a real hardass, he could just never pick them."

Susan practically clapped her hands with glee, while Katherine smiled from ear to ear.

Brenda asked, "And who gets to hold him now, until the first winner?"

Suzanne replied, "Because Katherine and Susan are being punished, Amy's getting ready, and Brenda's already had some fun with him, I suppose it falls to me." She grinned an impish grin. "Sound good, Sweetie?"

"Sounds very good," he agreed.


With a whistle from her mother, Amy was given the signal that it was time to be the first act. The lights were dimmed and then brought back to full brightness with Amy already on the stage in the middle of the living room.

Suzanne sat next to Alan, happily stroking up and down his erection with fingers coated with K-Y Jelly.

Brenda grabbed the other prized spot on the sofa next to Alan. Although she was no longer on the edge of a great climax, she was still close, and she longed to be the one to replace Suzanne next. She thought to herself, If I'm going to get the best of this cocky boy, I've got to make him cum! I've got to have him eating out of MY hands, instead of the other way around.

But in fact, she didn't care much about her resolve anymore and mostly just wanted to hold and stroke his dick. She was much more interested in watching and learning from Suzanne's ever-changing fondling methods than whatever was happening on the "stage."


Amy wore a neck-hugging black latex dominatrix outfit. This particular outfit left her ass and pussy bare, but her tits (barely) covered. She wore black boots that went up to mid-thigh, and black gloves that went halfway up her upper arm.

Like the other women that evening, Amy got up on the dining-room-table "stage" to perform. Masturbating, fondling, and contorting one's body into dramatic positions was highly encouraged. Amy did all that, timing her movements to the disco music playing on the stereo.

Alan was impressed by her performance. Amy is really learning how to flaunt herself. She's a quick learner. Her face looks so much more sultry and experienced than it ever did before. Is that just because I fucked her last night? Or is it because she's being more honest now and not pretending to be so clueless?

Picking up from where the last fashion show left off, talking was highly encouraged too. Amy gave a running dialogue of just how she was feeling, as all the women would do when it was their turn on the stage.

Amy's vocals were much more sultry and serious than the "gosh" and "wow" dialogue she normally spoke in. She sat up on her knees and ran her hands all over her body. "Beau, I feel soooo horny. You made me into a woman last night. A real woman. You popped my cherry. Now I want to thank you. I want to make you feel good. So good."

She brought her hands down and focused on her open, shaved pussy. "I want you to fuck me again. Fuck me hard! Stuff your fat thing right up my tight hole and make me scream. Beau, I just love to scream your name, especially when your thingy is pounding deep inside me. My boyfriend! My beau! Let Mom and me suck you off together. Or, better yet, fuck your official girlfriend first and then fuck my mom! Then fuck us both together! You can be in the middle of a super yummy Pestridge sandwich! I know you'd like that."

Amy winked at Suzanne knowingly.

Suzanne's mouth dropped open in surprise. She wasn't used to seeing Amy like this, but she didn't say or do anything. She thought as she pumped on Alan's prick, I have to have that talk with Amy soon. I need to straighten her out on some things. I have my limits, even when it comes to pleasing my Sweetie. I am NOT going to writhe around all over my own daughter while the two of us suck and fuck him at the same time. No way. That is such a slippery slope to real incest, especially with my cutie Honey Pie looking so fuckable and me feeling so horny for women lately. Too dangerous! I can't even believe I just called her fuckable!

Amy turned around and bent over, presenting her ass high in the air. "Fuck me up the ass, boyfriend! You think my cunt is tight? Try my ass. It's even tighter! I don't even know if you can fit your fat monster cock in there. But I'm ready. It's quivering, just waiting to be poked by you."

There was a collective gasp of shock and surprise from everyone in the room except Alan. And he was so stunned he momentarily forgot how to breathe.

She wiggled her butt at him enticingly. "You think my mother's hands on your thingy feel good right now? That's nothing compared to how good you'll feel when you give it to me up my back door! You're a sex machine, Beau. I know it. I want it. I've got to have it. You're the only one I ever want, so give it to me. Up the ass!" Using both hands, she temptingly teased her buttocks apart. "In here. I want your cock right in here!"

Suddenly she turned back around and pulled the black latex top off her breasts. "Or fuck my tits. Do you want them? I give them to you. I give my whole body to you. My body is yours now."

Those words got Brenda's full attention. Brenda imagined that she was the one saying them instead of Amy. Yes, Master! I belong to you, body and soul!

Amy contorted her body in sexy poses, showing off the athletic flexibility that made her a talented cheerleader. "Do anything you want to me, anytime. Anywhere. Fuck me in class! Fuck me right in the middle of school, up the ass. I'll take every inch and beg for your creamy cum to completely fill me up! I'll dress like this to school tomorrow, and so will Kat. Everyone needs to know that all our holes are open for you, any time! Then you can fuck us both in front of the whole school."

She sat down and spread her legs as widely as humanly possible, showing off her needy, swollen pussy lips. "And don't stop there! Fuck the whole cheerleader team, one after another, right in front of everybody! Everyone in school needs to know that you control the whole cheerleading squad with your excellent fucking. Everyone has to know what a great fucker you are! Fuck the team one by one in front of a school assembly!"

Each woman imagined that Amy was offering her body exclusively to her. Each of them, including Suzanne, imagined having sex with Amy, though Suzanne was unwilling to admit what was making her so aroused. Brenda and Susan had big issues with lesbianism in theory, but in the heat of the moment those reservations were forgotten. Amy was carrying the day and blowing everyone away with her raw sexuality.

Amy, still on her knees, suddenly leaned far back, arching her back until her head touched the table behind her. "Or you can fuck my mouth. Sit on my face and fuck my mouth just like it's another pussy. Do it here, do it in school, do it anywhere! Do it in me. Do it on me. Do it all over me! Let me deep throat you. Make the back of my throat a second cunt..."

Amy had no intention of stopping once she got started. Nor did any of the other women during their turns. Amy was working herself up into a lather, along with her audience.

So Suzanne took on the additional responsibility of keeping time and limiting each woman to five minutes on stage. Actually, sometimes it turned out to be less than five minutes, because sometimes whoever the "cock tender" was would call time out if Alan got too close to a climax. But that would rarely happen because the five minutes spent changing would usually leave him alone long enough to calm down so he could get excited all over again.

When time was finally called on Amy, she got down off the stage and went a few feet forward until she rubbed right up against Alan's lower legs.

Now was his time to "inspect the uniform." Since her uniform covered part of her tits, it was "legal" for him to touch her there, and he spent most of his attention on her twin peaks. But from the very beginning, the no-touching rule was very loosely enforced, and he did cup her pussy and ass a little bit when Susan wasn't paying close attention.

All the while, Suzanne continued to stroke and stroke his turgid erection.

Alan said with genuine awe, "Wow, Amy, you really surprised me. I could hardly even recognize your voice. It's so low and sensual."

She was back in her usual voice now. "Cool! I've been practicing that voice, like they do on TV. I want to sound more husky and sensual like Mom does, not all high and squeaky. And the past couple hours I've been thinking of what I would say. I just hope I have something else to say in the next rounds, 'cos I kind of said all the super sexy stuff I could think of already. It's scary! But it's fun."

"Don't worry, you did great. And I'm sure you'll do even better as the evening goes on. Amy, you did so good, I think you win the full blowjob award."

"Goody!" She got on her knees before him in a flash and threw off the rest of her costume.

Susan stared at Suzanne's sliding, cummy fingers and the long pole they were curled around. She looked up at Alan's strained and panting face. "I don't know, Son. You're probably almost ready to blow after that performance."

In truth, he was near the cusp of orgasm already, but he was trying hard to hide it. He was willing to run that risk in order to feel even greater pleasure. "No, I'm still good, Mom. Don't worry. And you have to admit Aims deserves a special reward for increasing her fuckability so much. Hasn't she transformed from Miss Innocent to a total sexpot?"

Susan nodded while glancing again at Alan's cock. "Well, okay, that's a good point. But let's keep it to a minute before the break. Very good job, Amy. You do deserve a big, thick, cocky reward for that."

Amy tried to hold Alan's erection with both hands. However, most of the skin she was touching was her mother's, because Suzanne had yet to let go.

Amy bent down and waited patiently for a few moments for her mother to finally release Alan's cock. "Actually, it's not half as tough as I thought to say sexy stuff, 'cos it's all so true. I really, really want Alan to fuck me so bad. All I have to do is speak my mind." She began to lick the tip of his boner. "Gosh, it's so good! I really like the cherry flavor left by the KY Jelly." Then she swallowed his cockhead and attacked it like she absolutely had to get him off before her one allotted minute ended.

Alan thought to himself, I've always considered Aims passive. Always ready to go with the flow, but not an initiator. But now I'm learning she has very strong desires. There's a lot more to her than I've ever figured. XX04

Brenda already found herself ruing that she was sitting next to Alan. She felt so close, yet still so far. It didn't help that Amy kept looking right at her as she slid Alan's shaft in and out of her mouth.

Good God! Brenda thought. It's too hot in here. It's like a thousand degrees! How can anyone stand it? Too sexy! God, that cock in her mouth! She must be slobbering all over it, burning her tongue against its intense heat! Look, I can see it poke right through her cheek! Somebody help me!

There's no shame in this family - none! Amy is nude and kneeling, sucking on that fat snake as if her life depends on it! Apparently she doesn't care who's watching; all that matters is serving that cock to the best of her ability. When she said, "I give my whole body to you. My body is yours now," I can believe she meant it. My god! She's not just sucking with her mouth; she's using her entire body, down to her churning ass and even her wiggling toes!

Dammit, I'm burning up! This is THE LIFE! Non-stop humiliation and arousal for us ladies, while Alan rules over us like the lord and master that he is! I can't wait until it's MY turn! If I do a good job, that could be ME choking and gagging and slurping on all that cocky perfection!


Technically, someone was supposed to call time after one minute of Amy's cocksucking, but everyone was so keen on watching Amy's bobbing head that that idea was forgotten. Susan had become the undisputed "queen" of sucking Alan's cock. She knew when he was on the brink of cumming as well or better than anybody. So when she called time after a few minutes, Amy pulled her lips off.

Amy looked up and gave Alan her 1000-watt smile. She kissed the tip of his cockhead and whispered, "I love you."

He smiled and whispered back, "I love you too." He ran his hand tenderly through her hair as she snuggled up against his legs.

Suzanne announced, "Okay, Angel. You're up next."

Amy remained kneeling between Alan's legs because she was comfy there. She'd won the position of penis tender for the time being. But she still had to switch from sucking to stroking so that his boner wouldn't get too overheated. (Besides, those were the rules.)


Katherine had picked an outfit that projected her boobs up and forward, since she was always worried that her boobs were too small compared to all the others. She held her arms underneath her rack to push them out even further. The outfit also showed her ass to nice effect. The skirt was a wiry, transparent thing that stood stiffly away from her body, concealing next to nothing.

She put on a very spirited performance. In a way, it was a bit like an exercise video, because she stretched and preened in every direction. She put heer natural dancing skills to good use. Her banter was similar to Amy's except that she tended to get even more carried away with her "fuck toy" fantasies and role-playing.

After Alan had heard Amy beg to be fucked for five minutes and then Katherine beg the same for five more minutes, he was ready to fuck anything that moved. The fact that Amy jacked him off all during Katherine's display brought his sexual heat even closer to a boil. But he held back from cumming because he wanted the evening to go on for as long as possible.

He noted in passing that his earlier penis soreness troubles seemed to have been banished. And there was no way he could fail to get hard and stay hard with so many sexy women all around him doing their best to tease and tempt him. He was truly riding high on what seemed to be an endless wave of erotic euphoria.

Susan was up next. The only difference between her and the two previous performances was that her talk focused entirely on cocksucking instead of fucking. She also focused much of her dialogue at their new guest. She didn't like Brenda's strangely defiant attitude earlier, and she was trying to "cure" her of that. So she said things like, "Brenda. Oh Brenda! If you only knew how good it feels to have that fat log of man meat sliding between your lips!"

But Susan was preaching to the converted, especially since Brenda finally did know what that felt like. Brenda's big problem was just trying to keep a semblance of sanity going. She'd never wanted anything as much in her life as she wanted Alan's cock right now, especially since she was sitting right next to him. It was all she could do to keep her hands off him, let alone not drop her head to his lap and start bobbing. She kept licking her lips and swallowing the saliva that built up in her mouth.

Mindful of Brenda's presence, Susan also was keen on proclaiming her devotion to her son and describing her joy and dedication to serving his cock. But again, that was like throwing more catnip to a cat in heat.

Brenda squirmed in her seat like someone who really had to pee, but in her case it was a need to cum. She furtively fingered her clit, hoping no one else would notice. Just look at Susan preening and posing for her son up there. I envy her so much. She's got it made. She's found her place in life, and that's between her son's legs, bobbing on his cock!

She looked over at Amy and chuckled to herself. Well, when someone else hasn't beaten her to it. That's where I belong too. There's room for all of us. Every night could be like this! Clearly he needs a lot of sex pets. I wish I could proclaim my true feelings to the world, and especially to him, but I'm terrified of scaring him away. "Master!" That word means so much to me!

Neither Susan nor Katherine won the right to stroke Alan's boner, since he felt he needed at least a token enforcement of their earlier ban.

So Amy kept going with her handjob, though she took a break at the end of each performance so he could cool off. Kneeling between his legs, she couldn't really see the "stage" aside from occasional glances, but that was okay with her because her focus was on giving him an expert handjob. With her face just inches from the tip of his cock, she was breathing on it quite a lot. At times, she even impermissibly licked and kissed his sweet spot. She kept a close watch on his face and body for signs that he was getting close to climax. She was careful not to overstimulate him.

Then it was Suzanne's turn. She got everyone's hearts pounding harder even before she got to the "stage"by the way she sashayed while moving into position to get started.

Brenda whimpered helplessly as she watched Suzanne move her sexy ass. In her opinion, Suzanne radiated power and confidence, as well as sizzling sensuality. Suddenly she found herself lusting for Suzanne nearly as much as she lusted for Alan. She was in a very impressionable state due to her great arousal, and she didn't even remember that she was opposed to lesbian loving.

Susan was frustrated that she hadn't put her newly learned sashaying skills to use, and vowed to make up for that the next time her turn came around.

For the previous fashion show, Katherine and Amy had successfully pleaded with Suzanne not to sashay, since they both felt that they couldn't compete if she did that. But they didn't say anything this time, possibly because Suzanne had started teaching them how to do it too.

Once Suzanne reached the "stage" she didn't have to say or do anything special; the mere fact that she was her usual Suzanne self seemed to raise the heat in the room a couple of notches. She could make reading names from a phone book seem like irresistible foreplay. In fact, she was so sexy on stage that she actually felt the need to temper down her performance so Alan wouldn't cum too soon.

She easily won the penis tender prize. However, she chose to sit next to Alan instead of between his legs as Amy had done, so she could have a good view of the stage while she stroked him.

Then Brenda went up. She'd taken extra long getting ready just to get her act together somewhat. She was so drunk on lust that she felt like it was an effort just to walk. She was very nervous, knowing that a successful performance could put her hands or mouth on the erection she'd been sitting next to and practically salivating over. Because she was a relative stranger to the group, she felt too shy to articulate her thoughts. She didn't know where she stood with them. So she was mostly quiet and just let her extraordinary body do all the talking. She danced to "I just Want to Make Love to You" by Foghat.

It was a sexy dance to an erotically themed song. But that wasn't enough by the Plummer house's high standards. Alan passed her over for the "penis tender" position.

She was incredulous and annoyed. She was so used to men falling all over themselves from the size of her boobs alone that she had trouble adjusting when her boobs weren't all that extraordinary compared to the likes of Susan's and Suzanne's. She resolved, I've gotta do better next time, if I want to be the one bobbing on his thick snake, or at least stroke it. Dammit, I was denied even that! I can't just coast on the size of my breasts. I have to keep a closer eye on what the other women are doing so I can learn from their moves and their sexy banter, instead of spending most of my time watching their fingers slipping and sliding all over his erection.

I must admit that my plan to play hard to get isn't exactly working out. I'll have to win his attention by showing just how sexy I can be. I'm confident that I'm worthy of being one of his very favorite fuck pets; I just have to prove it to him!

And then the second round began, with Amy returning to the "stage." Everyone got increasingly horny. Lots of alcohol helped drive all the women into even higher levels of arousal as the evening went on. It seemed that lust hung in the air so thickly that one could cut it with a knife.

Alan abstained from drinking though. He figured nothing could make him feel better than he already was, with a selection of just about the five most beautiful females he'd ever seen to pleasure him whenever he wanted.

Amy, Katherine, Susan, and Suzanne went on stage one after another, each one about as arousing as could be. All of them were fantastic. Alan was particularly wowed by the way Susan sashayed around the room before and during her turn.

But again he denied Katherine and Susan any reward because of their ban, though his resolve was most definitely weakening. Thus Amy and Suzanne won the cock-tending duties after their performances.

Then came Brenda's second turn. She was determined to take Alan's hard-on from Suzanne and Amy. She'd decided the key to success was to talk sexily, and she knew one thing that turned Alan on just as much as it turned her on: mother-son incest.

So, first she sashayed her way to the stage. She clearly didn't have the expert ability at that which Susan had recently developed, or which Suzanne had had for years, but it was still very titillating. Besides, the previous time she'd started in a daze. This time she had a "take no prisoners" attitude from the very start.

Then she began telling in exquisite detail all the things she wanted to do with her own son, Adrian. She figured that Alan would make the easy leap to imagining of her and Adrian as Susan and himself. That worked, and in fact, it had the accidental side effect of making Susan horny beyond all comprehension.

Brenda said things like, "And to think, I used to think that incest was all wrong. Now I know that mommy love is the very best kind. I'm going to have to go home tonight and show Adrian all the things I want to do with you. Tonight I'm going to have my son push his hard cock into my defenseless, needy vagina for the very first time! The only thing is, Adrian isn't a sex stud like you are, Alan. I'm just going to have to fuck him and pretend that I'm your mommy instead. I need to fuck a real man! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy!" XX05

Suzanne found Brenda's incestuous talk quite interesting. Hrm. Curious. I wonder if that's all just talk, or if she really means it. I think she really does mean it! That could be very useful indeed. Already, she's coming to the house too often for my taste. She and Susan are bonding so much that she's gonna be practically living here before long, and that'll cut into my time with my Sweetie even more. I hadn't counted on the extent of her submissiveness or her sheer enthusiasm; that kind of throws a wrench in the works.

But what if she were to have sex with Adrian too? From what she's said, he's a totally harmless submissive, so there's no threat there. That would split her sexual energies and attentions, maybe by half. Hrm... But there could be all kinds of complications. I'll have to think it through...

Actually, Brenda didn't mean much with her Adrian talk. Although she loved the idea of mother-son incest in the abstract, she hadn't actually been looking at her actual son in a sexual way. Instead, she was channeling her feelings for what she'd seen between Susan and Alan. Nothing aroused her more than those two, except for having Alan for herself.

Susan had already been writhing around on the sofa, seemingly in the throes of an epileptic seizure. Brenda's final words were so exciting for her that she screamed and climaxed on the spot. She wasn't even touching her labia or clit at the time, although she was stimulating her breasts by tugging on her nipples.

The others chuckled at Susan's efforts afterwards to act casual. She didn't want Alan to know just how much she had come to long to have her pussy pummeled by his massive rod, but she wasn't fooling anyone. As a consequence of Brenda's talk, she felt even closer to Brenda than ever before.


It was a testament to Alan's self-control that he managed not to cum at the same time Susan did, but he knew he couldn't last much longer. He called Brenda over and said, "Great job! Come here and take my cum."

YES! She couldn't resist pumping a triumphant fist in the air. Not only do I win the job of penis tender, but I'm gonna get a load of his cum too! Are you kidding me?!

But rather than a handjob or even a blowjob, it seemed only appropriate to have a titfuck, since this was Brenda with her 34J breasts. So he said, "Kneel before me."

Brenda practically passed out just from hearing that. "Kneel before me?!" Oh sweet Jesus! Her hands trembled as she rapidly removed the rest of her latest outfit. She was glad that she was still wearing her high heels. Thanks to her many phone calls with Susan, she'd come to believe that there was something almost magical about cocksucking him in nothing but heels.

Her body was buzzing with desire as she knelt in front of him. Pinch me; I'm dreaming! Susan and I have talked about this very pose so much, and now it's really happening to me!

She scooted closer and felt his legs clench in on either side of her. That caused another electric jolt of arousal down to her toes. He's so strong! So confident! So demanding! He sounds like some kind of lord or king about to knight one of his subjects. And he's going to anoint me, but he'll be anointing me with his SPERM!

Without saying another word, he slipped his erection into her deep valley.


Brenda stared adoringly into his eyes. Master! Master! Someday, I'm going to call him that out loud. I swear it! He's using my tits without even asking. It makes me feel slutty and used... and I love it!

MMMM! I used to think my tits were too big, but now I can see their size is just right. They need to be this big to fully envelop every inch of my lord and master! If all goes like I hope and pray it will, I'm gonna spend countless hours in this very position, taking proper care of his huge fuck stick!

She started sliding her gigantic globes around his dick, raising one while lowering the other and then vice versa. All the while, she made sure to keep a tight "tit-tunnel" going, so it might feel as good for him as a real vaginal fucking.

His erection was pulsing and straining so hard, and everything was so extremely arousing, that he lost it in about a minute.

Brenda couldn't believe her luck: his cock was actually trapped in her cleavage. But what blew her away, in more ways than one, was when he shot his cum on her face. Again, she was flabbergasted that he just went ahead and did it without warning or asking. All he did was grunt loudly. She didn't know why, but somehow being treated like that caused her to have a great orgasm of her own, the orgasm that she'd been building up to all evening.

Even as Alan's semen continued to spurt onto her nose and cheeks, she found herself wailing and jiggling and heaving with pure lust. All of her talk about incestuous sex took her to an even higher level. She was nearly delirious.

No one was immune to the surge of arousal, especially since all the other women were inspired to finger themselves. Everyone in the room seemed to climax nearly at the same time, resulting in one extremely loud scream-fest. It was almost like a chain reaction.

But just when Alan ran out of cum and Brenda thought it was over, Susan panted, "Clean... clean him up!"

Brenda felt foolish for not remembering Susan's cleaning tradition, since it was something Susan always talked about. Brenda adored the idea so much that she'd had daydreams about nothing more than lavishly cleaning up Alan's cummy crotch. She immediately engulfed his entire cockhead. She was delighted beyond measure that he was still erect, and she bobbed on him with a fierce determination to keep him that way.

She was successful for about a minute or so. But, unfortunately, Alan's body had its limits, and his dick finally started to deflate.

Brenda was somewhat discouraged by this, but she knew just what to do (thanks again to her talks with Susan). She switched over to extensively licking his penis and balls, with an emphasis on his balls.

She moved to a more comfortable position between his legs. She was content to lick him as long as the others would let her. This is crazy! It's such a struggle to get him to even look my way. And then he uses my tits and face like some kind of cum dump. Why do I let him? Why do I find it so exciting to merely clean him up?! Especially with my face splattered with his virile seed! UGH! HRRNG!

True, I've had some wild fantasies about being spanked and used, but this is real life! I can't even look at him anymore; it's like he's radiating power and control. I feel weak in the knees simply from being near him, much less being allowed to lick his balls like this. Even now, I should be feeling some kind of post-orgasmic letdown. But I still want to crawl right up his body, kiss him, and say, "Thank you, kind sir. Thank you for choosing my big tits and face to blast your cum on."

What's wrong with me?! This isn't right. HE'S supposed to be the one to stammer and flutter when he's near me! I know I'm not thinking rationally. I know I've built him up to be even more of a super stud than he really is. In some ways, he's still just a kid. But, dammit, serving him feels so GOOD!

She sucked one of his balls into her mouth and did her best to give it a thorough tongue bath. Aaaah... If I keep this up long enough, he's gonna get erect again. Then maybe they'll let me keep on sucking him until he paints my face with another fruity load!

Alan slouched back on the sofa and joked, "That's what I call a moving performance. Not a dry seat in the house. But I'm going to need a longer rest before Alan Junior here can enjoy the rest of the show. Let's take a ten minute break. Mom, can you get some snacks and more drinks?"

"Sure thing, Son."

So the group took a much-needed snack break.

Susan got up and motioned for Brenda to stand up too. "Come on. You've been sucking on his balls for quite a while now."

Brenda still had one of his balls in her mouth, but she obediently, if reluctantly, pulled her lips away. She gave his penis a kiss, imitating the way Amy had kissed it earlier, but that soon turned into a series of kisses and licks.

Susan chuckled and took Brenda's hand. "I know the feeling. It's intoxicating and addictive, isn't it?"

Brenda finally disengaged and stood up. She nodded gleefully while licking some of the cum from her chin.

Susan gave her a big hug. Not surprisingly, Susan was topless and Brenda was nude, so there was a sizable amount of tit flesh rubbing together. "Brenda! Goodness gracious, I absolutely LOVED your second performance there! What you said about the importance of mommy fucking - genius! Pure genius!"

"Um, thanks." Brenda felt like she was being crushed to death by Susan's firm hug, but she was glad nonetheless for the support. "I'm just speaking my mind."

"Right on, sister! Speak the truth! It was just... SO TRUE!" She squeezed Brenda even tighter with her great enthusiasm, deliberately rubbing their massive racks together a lot more. She was careful not to touch Brenda's face though, so as to not mess up her cummy look.

Alan looked up. His jaw dropped when he saw all the tit mashing and sliding. He had to quickly look away. Fuuuuck! Too arousing! So much friggin' BOOB! I can't forget that women as slim and stacked as she is are one in a million. And yet, all of these incredible ladies are MINE! Brenda's already mine by now, for sure. Oh, fuck me. I can't even think like this or my dick is going to get erect again before I can even fully catch my breath!

Susan whispered in Brenda's ear, "So you had a minute or two of titfucking heaven. Can you imagine doing that for half an hour or more, freely sucking, licking, stroking, and titfucking to your heart's content?"

Brenda whispered back, "Oh, STOP it! I'm too horny already. You're going to make me pass out! I don't know how you can stand it. That much cocky fun? Every day?! Sometimes multiple times a day! Just thinking about it makes it hard for me to breathe!"

Susan smirked. "Here, let me help you." She brought both hands up to Brenda's giant globes and freely fondled them while continuing the tit-rubbing, nipple to nipple.

Brenda was so erotically overcome that she kissed Susan passionately on the lips.

Susan could taste the flavor of Alan's cum in Brenda's kiss. That inspired her to kiss back very passionately and thoroughly.

Despite the fact that they had whispered, Alan had heard everything, because he was sitting just a few feet away. That blew his mind all over again.

After the hug and kiss, Brenda started to walk towards the front foyer, because that was on the way to the nearest bathroom.

Susan asked her, "Where are you going?"

"To clean my face off, of course."

Susan had a good chuckle at that. "No, I don't think so."

Brenda stopped and turned around. "What? You're kidding. Sure, I loved the act of being squirted on, but this stuff turns sticky and gross pretty quickly."

Susan said with some irritation, "That 'stuff' is none other than Tiger's precious sperm! You should consider it an HONOR that he's marked your face and tits with some of it. Wear it with pride! Or are you not serious about sexually serving him?"

Brenda replied hesitantly, "I am... Of course! It's just..."

"What?" Susan barked impatiently. "Are you still trying to hold on to your foolish notions about playing hard to get or some kind of crap like that?"

Actually, Brenda had pretty much given up on that, since it had been a complete flop. But at that moment she felt much more emboldened because Alan was in the other room. She tried to put up a brave front with Susan. "Yes, I am, and it's not a foolish notion." She stiffened with pride and said boastfully, "I know I've got 'it.' No man can resist my charms. I like Alan being in charge, but I still should be the one to determine the nature of-"

Susan cut in. "You will determine nothing! Yes, you've got 'it.' But I've got 'it,' the girls have 'it,' and Suzanne has buckets of 'it.' Your big tits and all-around sexy body is your foot in the door. That may be how you got Tiger's cum on your face in the first place, but that's as far as it goes. Look at the rest of us, and remember that he's got other gorgeous women he's fucking as well. He can take you or leave you. You talk about having some special, sexual 'it' but he's got more 'it' than the rest of us combined!"

Brenda was a bit overwhelmed by Susan's passionate speech. She just stared wide-eyed, nodding.

Susan continued, "Don't coast on your looks. What matters is your attitude. Do you really have what it takes to properly serve his cock? With all the passion you can muster, for hours on end if need be?"

Brenda's pride and determination returned. "I do! We've talked about this a lot on the phone, almost every day. You know I do!"

Susan was strangely defiant. "You talk a good talk. But is it all talk?"

Frustrated at Susan's attitude, Brenda turned and headed towards the bathroom again.

Susan growled, "Where do you think you're going?"

"I have to pee."

"But you're not going to wipe off your face or chest. Are you?"

Brenda dropped her head in defeat. "No. I suppose not." In theory she loved the idea of having her face painted, but in practice she found the feeling of cum dripping down her face rather icky.

Susan abruptly changed her demeanor. She wrapped an arm around Brenda's back and spoke closely to her face, like a friendly confidante. "Consider it an honor to be painted with his sperm. I really mean it. It's like a sign of his love and attention. Sure it's kind of gross, if you look at it that way. But when you come back from the bathroom, see how us other women look at your spattered and sticky face. You'll see nothing but envious looks. We all want to be in your shoes, with OUR faces that messy."


"Really." Susan kissed Brenda's nose fondly. It was one of the few spots on her face free of cum.

Brenda smiled.


Elsewhere in the room, Suzanne immediately grabbed Amy. "Honey Pie, can we talk alone for a minute?"

Amy naturally replied, "M'kay."

The two of them went to the back patio and closed the sliding door behind them. The fact that they were both dressed scandalously in half-naked outfits while standing outside barely even registered with either of them.


Standing next to the pool, Suzanne looked into her daughter's face intently and struggled for something to say. Finally she started with, "Honey Pie, you realize that you and I are being put into some pretty sexual situations together lately."

"Yep! Isn't it great?"

"Well, yeah, of course. But I'm specifically speaking of you and me together, not one of us with Sweetie. It's just a matter of time until you and I are going to be put into some kind of compromising situation. For instance, he might ask the two of us to blow him at the same time. Or maybe he'll even want to fuck us together."

"Oooh! Good idea! Why don't we ask him if he wants to do that tomorrow?"

"Aaaaamy! You're not getting it! My point is we should NOT do that. You're my daughter. My REAL daughter. Since both of us are obviously into women as well as men, I'm afraid that if we get together, we'll end up doing... things... with each other. Sexual things."

Amy blinked several times in apparent confusion. "And that would be bad?"

"YES! Very bad! Incest! Remember that he and Angel are adopted. We're the only ones in this group who potentially have to deal with real incest. I want you to promise me that you'll agree not to get into any potentially incestuous situation with me."

"Like what could be so bad?"

"News travels fast in our little group. I'm sure you've heard how Angel and Susan shared a blowjob earlier today, and not for the first time."

Amy wiggled her eyebrows enthusiastically. "That's awesome! Double blowjobs ROCK!"

"But Honey Pie. It's not so great. Well, it is for them, or you and Angel, or really almost any combination. Of course Sweetie loves that. But... you and I, naked together, our tongues nearly touching... That's bad. Trust me on this. Promise me you'll make sure that kind of thing won't happen."

Amy's answer was unusually serious. "Mom, I can't promise that. That would ruin all the fun. I mean, don't you want there to be a big group orgy? How can we do that if you're all uptight about this? Anyway, there's plenty of incest going on here. You keep encouraging Susan to fuck Alan, and we know it's just a matter of time until that happens. I know he's adopted, but you can't tell me you'd be suggesting otherwise if they were related genetically. So how can that be bad?"

"Honey Pie, I'm shocked. You always agree to whatever I ask of you. What's gotten into you?"

"Alan's thingy last night, for one thing." Amy giggled. "Come on, Mom; I'm an adult now. It's not like you and I can have babies by having sex with each other. I love you and want to love you in a physical way too. Are you saying you're not attracted to me? I'm hurt." She pouted.

Suzanne was very flustered. "No. That's not it. Of course I'm attracted to you. I'm so proud of what a beautiful, wonderful woman you've become. But sometimes we can't act on our feelings."

Her eyes started to tear up as she thought about her love for Amy and how quickly her daughter had grown up. She mourned the loss of the little girl she once knew. But she wasn't the crying type, and she fought off the feeling before it gained hold.

Amy spoke confidently. "You know, Mom. I'm not a little girl. I may not be all super-scheme-y like you, but I can still see things. I can see how you're trying to find a place by Alan's side. And so you're having some uncomfortable competition with Susan. You don't mean to hurt her, but you also don't want to lose him to her."

Suzanne just blinked. She was surprised. She knew Amy extremely well, and she objectively knew what her daughter was capable of, but nonetheless her overall image of her was slow to change. She quietly said, "Yes?"

Amy started chewing on a celery stick that came from a snack bowl in the living room. "The way I see it, Alan and Susan have the incest thing, which is really powerful. Look what happened when Brenda started going off about it a couple of minutes ago. Instant super climax for everybody! We're not family with him, like Kat and Aunt Susan, not REALLY anyways, even though we're almost like family. But you and I, we're family with each other. We could use that to our advantage to even things up a bit. Like, have him fuck a mother and daughter at the same time. It would totally turn him on. Totally! You need every advantage." She kept chewing on the celery.

Suzanne smiled. "Amy! You sneaky... Pestridge." She chuckled. "You're just like me, aren't you? You're having the same issues with Angel as I'm having with Susan, aren't you? Trying to one up her? I thought you were completely accepting of everything."

"I am, and you know I love her like a sister. But that doesn't mean I don't want to get more attention sometimes. As long as Alan keeps me in the inner group, I'm cool. I had to be clever to get where I am. But I kind of feel on the edge of the group, still."

Suzanne stroked Amy's hair adoringly. "Don't worry, Honey Pie. You're definitely in the inner group. Don't forget you're his official girlfriend now. I'll try to look out for you, too, okay? You're right that we should work together. But I can't be with you physically in any kind of amorous way. Can you understand that? And accept it?"

Amy pondered. "Hmmm. I'll try. But I really think you should change your mind. We'll both miss out on such fun stuff! Not to mention, we'll fall behind the Plummer mother-daughter team too. For instance, they're getting all busy with these double blowjobs. What's so bad about us doing that too? It's all about pleasuring his thingy. You and I barely even have to touch. I mean, wouldn't that be awesome, taking turns bobbing on his thickness? Can you think about that too?"

Suzanne agreed. "Okay, I will. I suppose I could consider taking part in something like a double blowjob with you, if it's done in the right way, without any tongue touching. But you need to think about what I want too. Incest with an adopted family member or step-relative is one thing, but real incest is something else."

Amy replied, "M'kay. But shouldn't everyone be able to love everyone else? Isn't that the best? Don't we all love each other? Doesn't it feel right it we all love each other unconditionally?"

Suzanne didn't answer those questions; she just waved Amy away so she could think. My daughter is so frustratingly incorrigible. But her ideas about love are so endearing, too. I don't really want to change that. And she can be sneaky. She made some good points. I need every edge I can get, and trying to stop her and me from doing anything physical will always be an uphill fight. But it's just not right!

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XX03: Brenda, nude and in the exact pose in the previous paragraph (XX02), with a wide-ranging blush (as mentioned in the NEXT paragraph). Maybe w/ Amy and Katherine (in whatever their first outfits for the fashion show are - maybe amy038c and kath073c for reference - or in robes to conceal said outfits until the show actually begins) looking at Brenda from the side.

XX04: Amy, nude (her latex dominatrix outfit already off), going to town on Alan Junior. Maybe with Suzanne and Brenda, sitting next to Alan, staring right at Amy and her blowjob action.

XX05: This could be an image of Brenda getting royally fucked by Adrian (a preview of Things to Cum). More likely it's an image of Brenda getting royally fucked by Alan and hoping that Adrian can be one-tenth as good.

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