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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Day 63: Sunday, November 17

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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The fashion show resumed when the snack break ended.

Alan had had such a prolonged, teasing-free break that his penis had become flaccid. Since Brenda had been the last one to win the job of penis tender, she was given permission to suck him back to full size.

Brenda felt like she'd won a national lottery twice in one night. First, she got to give him a brief titfuck, and now she was being allowed to suck him off for the second time in her life. Sucking Alan's cock while kneeling between his legs and wearing only high heels had become practically the ultimate sex act in her mind, after hearing Susan repeatedly praise it with genuine passion. So she didn't hesitate to choose that position.


Alan's penis quickly re-engorged in her mouth. She covered his shaft with both hands, hoping the others wouldn't notice and declare that her time was up. She'd learned from her first blowjob with him the day before, so she was determined to do much better this time. From the very start, her busy tongue lavished attention on his sweet spot while her tightly sealed lips slid back and forth over his cockhead.

She was highly cognizant of the fact that four other women were watching. Their critical observation greatly embarrassed her, but that humiliation fired her lust. She knew each of the four were talented cocksuckers, which spurred her to try to match whatever high standards they had set.

The others all realized that Brenda got off on a certain level of sexual humiliation, so they started talking to themselves in a way designed to push her buttons.

Suzanne began the process by saying, "Wow! Look at Brenda go! She's going at it like she was born to be a big-titted cocksucking slut."

Susan said, "Indeed. I've been training her every day, on the phone and in person, having her cocksuck on a dildo. I hope she uses the advice I gave her."

Brenda replied mentally, I am, I am! His cock is so damn thick that it's a struggle just to breathe through my nose, but I'm hanging in there, thanks to you preparing me. In fact, I'm even using one of your favorite corkscrew moves as we speak!

Katherine was trying not to let her jealousy get the best of her, which wasn't easy. She griped, "If you ask me, Brother's cock has gotta be fully erect by now. Shouldn't we resume the fashion show?"

Amy said, "Yeah. I'm sure Alan is having fun, but I totally want to get back to the fashion-y stuff."

Suzanne said, "Fair enough. Why don't we resume the fashion show right away? Sweetie, how are you doing? Are you fully erect yet?"

He grunted lustily. Then he replied, "Um, ah... it's getting there."

That got a good laugh from all the others, since it was obvious that he was fully erect and loving it, despite Brenda's hands continuing to try to conceal that fact.

Suzanne said good-naturedly, "Okay. Hang in there, and try not to paint her tonsils. The show must go on. If you ever do manage to get 'fully erect'" - she made mocking air quotes - "give out a strangled cry or raise a hand or something."

He chuckled. "Okay."

Brenda was thrilled that she'd be able to keep going. She gave up attempting to cover his boner with her hands, and instead began stroking his shaft while also fondling his balls. That gave her a great deal of satisfaction. Aaaah! Now, THIS is how it's properly done. As Susan always tells me, a big-titted slut needs to use her tongue, lips, and both hands at once. Aaaaah! Naked, kneeling, slobbering my saliva all over his hot snake, lips and jaw stretched nearly to the breaking point, my nipples tingling, my cunt throbbing and leaking copiously, my cheeks burning with shame - does it get any better than this? I think not!

Brenda kept on bobbing for well over twenty minutes. Alan wouldn't have lasted nearly so long, except that she was required to stop whenever the "stage" was empty, between one woman's performance and the next. Also, she tried to switch to a slower and more relaxed style befitting a prolonged situation like this. However, her excitement was such that it wasn't much different than going all out.

Alan was in a bit of a fix. He was enjoying what Brenda was doing so much that he didn't want her to stop. Primarily that was because she was doing much, much better than the first time she'd blown him just the day before. She wasn't nearly as nervous this time, so she could put all of Susan's training into practice. Secondarily, he just loved the fact that Brenda was the one blowing him. It was the thrill of the new, as well as the thrill of an apparently successful conquest.

His main problem was that he was heedful of Suzanne's advice that he needed to continue to impress her with his dominant manner and sexual stamina. It wouldn't do for him to cum too soon. That led him to go all out, frantically squeezing his PC muscle non-stop, to stave off his growing extreme need for release.

Eventually, Brenda had to stop when Katherine won the penis-tender title. (Susan's and Katherine's no-touching ban had finally been forgotten.) Actually, all of the outfits and performances were wonderful and there was nothing particularly extraordinary about Katherine's that time, but he seized upon the opportunity as a valid excuse to end Brenda's efforts just when he was about to blow.

Brenda was extremely impressed. With her eyes closed and her total focus on learning what techniques worked best on him, she had no idea how close she'd gotten to making him cum. She also didn't realize the importance of all the well-timed, frequent breaks. She was left with the impression that he could last just as long as he wanted, even when she was doing her best.

She sat up on the sofa next to him. It had been very physically taxing on her mouth and hands, so she needed to just close her eyes and recover for a while.

Luckily for Alan, Katherine understood the need to impress Brenda with Alan's stamina. Despite her issues with Brenda, she figured protecting their family incest secret came first, so she was sticking to Suzanne's overall plan. She sensed that Alan was about as close to cumming as he could get without actually going over the edge. So at first she merely held his shaft, letting him have an undeclared strategic break. She knew that Brenda was resting with her eyes closed and not paying attention.

That was a real life-saver for Alan. He needed a mental break from all the intense arousal just as much as his penis needed a break from the stimulation.

But Brenda didn't have much time to recover, because at the next break between fashion performances, Susan sat next to her and wrapped her arms around her. Then she whispered in Brenda's ear, "So, how was it?"

Brenda's eyes opened wide to express her wonder. She whispered back, "Oh my God! I thought my first time yesterday was great, and it was, but this was a whole different level!"

Susan needled her playfully, "Yesterday was hardly your first time. You've been married twice, for starters. Remember how you doubted blowjobs could even be enjoyable?"

"Good Lord! I was SO wrong! I've never been so glad to be wrong. But in a way I wasn't wrong, because what I did before, that WASN'T cocksucking. Not like... this. I don't know what it was, but it wasn't the epic struggle, the all-out intense effort, the, the... I don't know what to call it, but what I just did was so INTENSE!"

Susan giggled knowingly. "How many times did you cum?"

Brenda was coy. "What makes you think I came?"

"Come on. This is me you're talking to. Besides, I heard all your non-stop loud, sexy moans. There were times you pretty much screamed, even as you kept right on sucking with a nice, tight lip-lock. Good job with that, by the way."

"Thanks! I figured even though I was cumming, I shouldn't stop. The pleasure of his cock comes first!"

"Right you are! So how many times did you actually cum?"

Brenda frowned thoughtfully. "Huh. You know, I have no idea. It basically felt like one endless orgasm for me. From time to time I'd play with my clit a little bit; I guess that's when I was screaming and cumming most obviously. But I don't know. It was just one endless high. Even when he was taking his breaks between performances, that's when I'd play with myself a lot more, so there were no breaks for me."

She suddenly spoke with great exasperation. "You know what's really frustrating?"

"What's that?"

"That I only have two hands! I need three, at least! One for his shaft, one for his balls, and one to play with myself. Actually, two more would be good, so I could play with myself all over."

Susan laughed. "Sorry. I know just how you feel, but having three or four hands isn't an option."

Brenda let out a blissful sigh. She turned from looking at Susan's face on one side to watching Katherine's hand sliding up and down Alan's erection on her other side. (Katherine had just resumed jacking him off for real, now that she sensed Brenda was more alert.) Still whispering, even though she knew Alan had to be able to hear, she said to Susan, "Just look at that. So damn hot! Does that damn thing EVER go down?"

Susan smiled with pride. "You know the answer to that. Pretty much no. We'll be sucking and stroking it all night! Then tomorrow morning, I'll wake up, limber up my jaw muscles, and maybe wake him with my lips already sliding all over his hot cock-meat!"

"Mmmm," Brenda murmured lustily. "That would be fitting. You should definitely do that! Gaawwwd, it's so exciting for me to be a part of this!"

She suddenly eyed Susan like a hungry dog staring at a raw steak. She put her hands on Susan's bare breasts and started caressing them from below. "Look at you! You really are his big-titted mommy slut. We talk about that on the phone all the time, but watching everything this evening has really brought home just what that means."

"Mmmm," Susan moaned blissfully, enjoying Brenda's fondling. She reached out and did the exact same thing with Brenda's even larger globes.

Brenda leaned forward and whispered in Susan's ear. "Do you think... Is it really possible... that I could suck him some more tonight?!"

Susan whispered back, "You know that's what it's all about. We're his personal cocksuckers, and this whole fashion show is just a fun way to keep his cock throbbing with joy for hours and hours! But what happens is up to you. If you put on a great performance, you could win the penis-tending job again. Maybe more than once!"

Brenda couldn't believe how exciting that sounded. Woooowww! I wasted so many years of my life. Even after being married twice, I had no idea how great sexual pleasure could be! This is the most fun I've EVER had, and the night is young! I'm gonna suck him so fucking long that my jaw will ache for days!

The two of them continued to talk in this fashion until the short break was over. They also caressed each other in a very familiar manner, even to sharing another French kiss.

Alan did hear every word, despite their whispering, since he was as close to Brenda as Brenda was to Susan. Not surprisingly, his mind was blown all over again. Hot damn! Brenda is as into having fun with my dick as Mom is! Well, just about, anyway. I can't even look at them, much less listen, especially with Sis jacking me off, or I'm gonna blow for sure.

Am I spoiled from too much attention? YES! Hell, yeah! How could somebody be more spoiled? I fucking love it!


Susan's third-round fashion display resulted in Alan's favorite outfit of the evening, at least up to that point. Ironically, it wasn't a new purchase at all: Susan had dressed in Katherine's cheerleader outfit. Since both mother and daughter were nearly six feet tall, the uniform fit Susan almost perfectly, except for the bust where it was much too tight.

Susan charged into the room, leaping about and waving her pom-poms in a great parody of the moves she'd often seen Katherine do.

The others all burst out laughing. Susan had pulled the top up over her chest, though, so her huge tits bounced wildly because she also wasn't wearing any underwear. In addition, it seemed that just about every move she made caused her skirt to rise up, exposing her privates.

Susan focused some of her improvised cheers on Katherine's penis tending. "Go, Angel, go!" She jumped and shook her pom-poms. "Who's going to suck that cock? Angel! Suck, suck, suck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Stroke, stroke, stroke!" She thrust both pom-poms in a different direction with each repetitive word.

"Stroke that penis, Angel, stroke it good! Stroke that cum-filled boy, stroke his wood! Gooooooo Angel! Gooooooo Angel! Suck his cock, suck your brother! Suck his cock or let your mother! Gooooooo Angel! Gooooooo Angel!"


Susan crouched down low, and with one last, especially prolonged, "Gooooooooooo Angel!" jumped high into the air.

She came crashing down onto the table she was standing on, and from there she moved into a splits position that placed her wide open pussy right before Alan's eyes. This final flourish wasn't done nearly as deftly as a real cheerleader would have done it - she even had to adjust her skirt when she was all done to give him a clear shot of her beaver - but she made up for that with her obvious enthusiasm and effort.

Everyone clapped except for Katherine, who took Susan's encouragement literally and switched to simultaneously sucking the top of her brother's erection while jacking off the rest. She correctly figured that Susan wouldn't object, as that would only heighten Alan's enjoyment of her performance.

Alan was very aroused, and also quite amused. He never imagined he would see his mother prancing around like a sixteen year old high school student, and he laughed out loud during her entire routine, especially at the absurdity of cheering on a cocksucking.

Man, I thought things were surreal before, but this takes the cake. The complete cake. There's no way this is real. It's so completely bizarre! We've definitely crossed into the Twilight Zone tonight with this whole fashion show thing.

Mom is growing more hip and funny every day. She's developed such a sense of humor. I feel like I'm going to wake up from a very long dream at any moment and find the old mom covered from head to toe with her long sleeves and bows and thick blouses... Nah!

Susan came over to stand before him for the newly-traditional outfit inspection, with her cheerleader top pulled up over her breasts. Katherine kept on bobbing with great suction.

Alan commented to the group in general, "You're diabolical, do you realize that? Evil and diabolical. I love it. Whose brilliant idea was this costume?"

Brenda was in seventh heaven. The more pampered and stimulated Alan was, the more aroused she got, because it seemed like her wildest, most submissive fantasies were happening right there before her eyes. She never got over her embarrassment at being naked and acting slutty in front of the others, but she freely fondled herself because she was far too worked up to have any restraint.

Alan initially caressed Susan's ass through the skirt, but he didn't stick with the rule to touch only the outfit and not direct skin. Since it was his mother, he knew she wouldn't exactly complain when he groped her exposed tits and explored underneath the skirt.

Susan proudly replied as her son ran a hand through her bush, "It was my idea. I know how much you love putting all your big-titted cheerleaders in their place. Which, naturally enough, is on their knees, between your legs." Interrupting herself, she looked down at her daughter's head where it was bobbing on Alan's cock, then playfully hit it with a pom-pom.

Susan mock-complained, "Angel! Stop that right now. Just because you happen to be a cheerleader, it's like you're trying to make my words come true. You ARE on your knees between his legs, and that's SO HOT!" Her eyes glazed over as she momentarily forgot the point she was trying to make.

But then she remembered, so she continued with a more serious admonition. "A little bit of that is okay, Angel, even if it is against the rules. But I can see from your indrawn cheeks that you're using a lot of suction. If you keep going like that, you're going to make him cum much too soon tonight. This is his day of rest, remember?"

Suzanne chimed in, "Seriously, Angel, even Sweetie has his limits. Give him a breather, okay?"

Alan snickered, "Day of rest?" Are you friggin' kidding me?! This is the exact opposite of that. But hey, I'm not complaining!

Katherine sat up and returned to merely stroking her brother's rampant hard-on. But she complained, "Mom, no fair. You stole my cheerleader look. It's hard enough to compete with you as it is, and now he totally loves this, too."

Alan interjected, even as his fingers under Susan's cheerleader skirt found their way into her slit. "Sis, I love you in a cheerleader outfit too. It's just that a reversal of roles can be especially arousing. If you try acting and looking like Mom it'll have the same effect. For instance, some morning you could surprise me by cooking breakfast in one of Mom's erotic aprons. If you did that, I just might have to give you the fucking of your life."

That made Katherine feel much better. She resolved to follow his exact suggestion in the near future.

Then he commented to Susan, "And I gotta say, Mom, impressive vertical clearance too! Michael Jordan's got nothing on you."

Everyone laughed good-naturedly at that, as they had throughout Susan's entire faux-cheerleading performance.

Alan's fingers in Susan's pussy caused Susan to buckle over and fall to her knees a minute later as she had yet another climax.

She didn't have time to lie around and recover though, because Alan said, "Sorry, Sis, again, this isn't taking anything from you, but I think Mom won both the penis tending and blowjob prizes with that performance."

Katherine sighed. "Yeah, Big Stalactite Brother, I have to admit it was pretty good."

Susan was already shucking off her skirt and moving into position. She still kept the top on, pulled up over her immense breasts to present a visual reminder of her cheerleader role-play. As soon as Katherine's hand let go of Alan's dick, Susan's mouth engulfed it. She wasted no time in reaching and bobbing over his sweet spot.

Brenda gasped lustily. She still preferred sitting next to him. In fact, she was cuddled up to him so close that she could have easily lent a hand, or stroked Susan's bobbing head. Seeing the others' pleasure Alan was very arousing for her, but seeing Susan do it shot her arousal level clear off the charts, because she was constantly aware of the fact that Susan was Alan's mother.

Brenda was even more turned on by what Susan was doing because it reminded her of the "big-titted cheerleaders" that she and Susan loved to frequently fantasize about. Brenda didn't even know the names or other details of the real cheerleaders, except for Katherine and Amy and a bit about Heather. However, Susan had shown her photos of Heather and Christine, so while Brenda knew that Christine wasn't a cheerleader, she imagined all the other cheerleaders were as gorgeous and busty as those two.

As she watched Susan while rolling her nipples between her fingers, she thought, I was gagging on his incredibly thick cock just a little while ago, and then Katherine was, and now it's Susan's turn! Before the evening's over, probably all five of us will have sucked until our jaws are sore, maybe multiple times! And he just kicks back and enjoys the extreme pleasure, like the lord and master that he is!

As if that isn't fucking, lava-boiling-hot enough, this is just his HOME harem! He's got a second harem at school! Sadly, I don't know the details, but I'll bet the buxom cheerleaders there take turns gobbling on his knob all through his classes! Yes, right through each and every class! The other students and even the teachers can only watch in envy! Gaawwwd, he's such a FUCKING STUD! HNNNRG! He's gonna make me cum again!

Sure enough, Brenda soon had another orgasm. She'd been cumming so frequently ever since the titfuck earlier in the evening that each climax wasn't that powerful, so she didn't have to scream and flail about. But while the orgasms weren't so intense, the fact that there were so many more than made up for that. It was just like what she'd told Susan earlier: she felt like she was experiencing one continual climax nearly all evening long.

Suzanne liked to keep order and liked to keep activities going once they got started. So she shooed all the women except Susan, Alan's current penis tender, out of the room so that they could help each other change into new outfits.

Susan learned from Katherine's mistake of sucking Alan too effectively. She bobbed on him at a slow, contented pace, which allowed her to keep going during the performances.


As the third round came to an end, Brenda's turn came up again. She walked onto the stage in an outfit that a dominatrix would wear. Although she realized that her plan to play hard-to-get had been a flop, she still believed that it was important to be mysterious and a challenge to seduce. She thought that perhaps a dominating look would intrigue Alan.

Her outfit was even more over-the-top than the first two outfits she'd worn. Her black leather left her vital parts exposed, especially her huge tits. She rakishly wore long gloves and boots on just one side of her body. But what was really outrageous was that she wore handcuffs on one wrist, and a chain between her ankles, limiting how widely she could stride. None of the others had ever seen real handcuffs and chains being worn before.

Brenda's face and tits still hadn't been wiped clean of cum, mostly because Susan had insisted she kept her pearly glaze look.

As Brenda got up on the table, Suzanne asked, "Before you start, I'm curious. Are you supposed to be the dominant one or the submissive one? We don't know much about this S-and-M stuff."

"Technically, I imagine this could be a good dominatrix outfit," Brenda cautiously replied.

But Amy asked, "If you're supposed to be all dominate-y, how does that work with your face all soaked with Alan's cum?"

Brenda didn't answer because she had no good answer. She thought, Uh-oh! They can see right through me. I'm afraid to admit what this outfit really means to me, because that'll only increase Alan's power over me. But what difference does it make? It's pretty obvious that he's going to be my master no matter what I do! I have a feeling that soon he's gonna be plowing my ass while I beg for more, and there's nothing I can do to stop it! Look at his big dick and how everyone takes turns serving it. God, the way Susan loves it with her mouth - it's just too much! I just want to fall to my knees and take turns sharing with her!

Gathering her courage, she decided to drop a major hint about what she really wanted. "Good point, Amy. I said it could be a dominatrix outfit, but in fact I don't swing that way. In my mind, this is the outfit of a sex slave. See the chains between my ankles?" She reached down and touched the chain, setting her big jugs swaying and dangling. "That's to remind me that I'm not allowed to go far without my master's permission. And the handcuffs around one wrist?" She brought her hands to the handcuffs and caressed them. "That's for when Alan, er, I mean my master, ties me to the bedpost and fucks me and spanks me!"

Letting go of the handcuffs, she ran her hands up and down her body, as if lost in the throes of passion. "And while this outfit covers a lot of non-essential areas, my pussy and tits remain fully exposed." She firmly grasped her tits and squeezed them, causing them to bulge forward. "That's at his orders, so he never has any obstacle whenever he wants to show me who's the boss!"

That answer resulted in murmurs of approval all around. Susan moaned her special "MMMM!" sound around her son's thick shaft to show particular approval, even though she couldn't see what Brenda was wearing.

Suzanne said to Susan, "By the way, your blowjob time is definitely over. Switch just to cock tending, please."

Susan nodded as if in agreement, but she kept right on licking and sucking. In fact, fearing that she wouldn't have much more time, she actually went from a lazy pace to a rather intense one.

Suzanne saw that and rolled her eyes in frustration. "Okay, that's enough. You have to stop now. Tell her, Sweetie."

Alan spoke up. "Mom, please. I can only handle so much! I really need a strategic break." He hated having to admit that in front of Brenda, but he felt he had no choice; his situation was getting desperate.

Susan pulled her lips off with a satisfying smacking sound. "If you put it that way, then okay." She looked around and finally got to appreciate Brenda's latest outfit. As she wiped the cum and drool from her chin, she asked Brenda, "So why the collar? What does that mean?"

Brenda tenderly fingered her collar and smiled as if in fond remembrance. "I think that's pretty obvious. It's probably the best known, most universal symbol of submission, even ownership. Think of the collar on a pet, like a dog or a cat. A collared woman belongs to her master. Her duty is to serve, and obey!"

"I see. Very interesting." Susan was all smiles since she'd asked a leading question in hopes of getting an answer nearly exactly like the one Brenda gave. She further hoped this would plant a seed in Alan's brain that collars would be a great gift for all of his women.


Katherine asked, "I don't really understand the ankle chain. If you're totally willing and eager to serve your man, and it sure looks that way, then why is the chain needed?"

"That's just how these things work. A sex slave needs to be constantly reminded of her place. For instance, she needs to be spanked regularly, maybe even daily, even when she hasn't done anything wrong."

Brenda turned around and sat on her knees with her ass high up. Her skirt could have only covered the top half of her ass even if she was standing up straight, but she pulled the fabric up to make sure her ass was completely exposed. Then she sensuously ran a hand over her ass cheeks while staring with laser-like intensity into Alan's eyes, as if inviting him to spank her right that moment, in front of everyone.

All this spanking talk was driving Susan wild, as it reminded her of the time Alan had spanked her recently. Seeing that the others were looking only at Brenda's ass, she engulfed Alan's cockhead again and immediately began working her favorite corkscrew and reverse corkscrew moves.

Alan was still dangerously close to cumming, but he couldn't resist flirting with danger. He put his hands on Susan's head to at least slow her down a bit.

Katherine was so interested in what Brenda was saying that she temporarily put her jealousy issues aside. She asked, "You seem to be really into the whole spanking thing. Have you ever been spanked, for real?"

Brenda shyly shook her head 'No.' (In reality, she had been spanked many times before. That had actually lasted for most of her childhood and into her teenage years. However, she'd never been spanked as an adult, which is how she chose to interpret the question.)

Suzanne suggested playfully, "I think our 'dominatrix' here needs some practical training. What if we gave you a spanking, Brenda? It looks like Alan is busy..." She glanced Alan's way, and frowned to see Susan bobbing on him again. "But maybe one of us can help. Would you like Mommy to give you a spanking for being so naughty?"

Suzanne was just kidding, as by that point everyone was making running commentary on everyone else's performance, but the effect on Brenda was something extraordinary. Her body staggered about as if she'd been hit by a jolt of electricity. When Suzanne had said "Mommy" it had been like a second, even more powerful shock had hit Brenda. Her eyes went wide. She had just stood back up to face the group again, which was perhaps unfortunate because she nearly fell down. As it was, she had to drop to her knees because her legs failed to hold her up.

"Whoa!" Suzanne said in surprise. "It looks like someone here really likes the idea of a spanking. What if one of us gives you a spanking? Would you like that?"

"No! I've never... Not since I was a kid... It would be so..." Brenda collapsed even more onto the stage, apparently overwhelmed by the idea. "Anyways, I have to do my act. For Alan. I have to..."

Curiously, without any prompting, she thrust her rear up into the air and pulled back her tiny leather skirt to fully expose her ass again. Her wiggling, bare butt looked like it was dying for a good spanking.

Alan idly ran his hand through Susan's hair as she bobbed on his cock. God, I'm flying so high! I'm half-tempted to get up and seriously spank Brenda's awesome ass right now. But I'm hooked on Mom's cocksucking. UH! Oh, man!

Katherine commented, "I think it would be more entertaining for us all if your act consisted of a spanking this time. Alan could give it to you. What do you think, Big 18-Wheeler Brother?"

"Hmmm. I'm not really into that kind of thing," Alan replied, while he mused if an 18-wheel truck could qualify as a phallic object. Again, Susan's lips and tongue were working such wonders that he didn't want to leave his seat. "But Brenda looks like she really wants it. Needs it, even."

"No! No, you're wrong," Brenda said adamantly, but even as she said this, she spread her legs wider until the ankle chain stopped her, making her ass that much more of a tempting target. The fact was, the fashion show had slowly worn down her defenses, and she was on the verge of completely losing all self-control. She was sorely tempted to loudly beg Alan to give her an extremely thorough spanking, and then fuck her in any and every hole.

"I think that's a yes," Amy giggled. Clearly, she was paying more attention to Brenda's body language than her words.

While her bare ass continued to wiggle needfully, Brenda thought, Good God! I'm a goner! Alan's discovered my secret fetish, thanks to my big mouth! They all have! Forget my fantasies of being one of Alan's favorite sex pets. If he spanks me just once, I'm going to be a true slave to his cock, forever and ever! Oh why did I come here tonight?! I can feel my freedom slipping away!

God, to have a master! To have HIM as my master, a firm master, with a firm hand and a stiff cock! Mmmm! AH! Oh God! Oh God! Deep down, I knew this could happen! It's so humiliating! Oh, please, please, please! Master, spank me! Take total control!

Alan looked at Susan. Since she was focusing so much on sucking his erection, she was the only one who hadn't been paying much attention to Brenda and her needy ass. He said to her, "Sorry, Mom, but I've gotta get up for a minute."

Susan let the boner slide out of her mouth with a crestfallen face. "Okay, Tiger, but please come back quickly. Mommy's not happy unless she has Tiger's stiffy in her hands or mouth." She gave it a "goodbye" kiss and lick from the root to the tip before completely letting go of it.

Suzanne muttered, "Thank God." She'd gotten distracted by the Brenda spanking issue, and had forgotten about chiding Susan again for sucking him too long. Susan was well meaning, but all too often her cock lust got the best of her.

Alan turned his attention to Brenda. Just one casually uttered word turned her world upside down again. "Strip."

"YES!" Brenda yelled far too loudly. She shed her dominatrix outfit as fast as her hands could manage.

Alan thought, Phew! That was a close call. He'd decided to get off the sofa in large part because he knew that if he stayed there any longer, he'd blow his wad down Susan's throat. He wasn't ready for the fun to end so soon.

As Brenda stripped down, she shyly asked, "Should I take off the handcuffs and ankle cuffs too? They're not really locked."

He replied, "I like the idea of having you chained and bound, but that could get in the way of the spanking. We'll save that for another day."

Those words hit Brenda like a lightning bolt. Oh God! He's going to spank me! ME! NOW! That prospect sounded so exciting that she practically started to hyperventilate. She continued stripping until she was buck naked. Almost naked, that is. She kept her high heels on since she knew how much he liked high heels, plus she'd recently developed a sexual pleasure from the mere act of wearing them. In addition, she continued to "wear" his cum on her face.

She climbed down off the table and stood in front of him with her hands behind her back and her chest thrust forward. She struck that pose unthinkingly, but it helped show how strongly her submissive desires ran.

Alan had been dimly aware that Brenda thought she was in some kind of competition with him all evening, though he couldn't quite figure out what she was trying to do with that. He figured that this spanking might put an end to her antics if he could play it well enough. Also, a spanking was right in line with Suzanne's plan for him to act dominant towards Brenda. Furthermore, it sounded like a very enjoyable way to take another strategic break from Susan's insatiable cocksucking lips.

His sweatpants had been off since before the snack break, but now he took the time to get a proper pair of pants from the underwear cabinet and put them back on and even zip up his fly. This seemed strange to Brenda, but there was method to his madness. By this time, all the women were completely or mostly nude and only put on clothes for their turns to show off on the "stage." He didn't fully understand it, but he felt more powerful when he was clothed and the woman he was with was naked. He changed pants because he realized (correctly) that drawing out the process would increase Brenda's humiliation and anticipation. It also helped to ensure that his penis would get a real rest.

To further maximize her humiliation, he patted his lap and said, "Come here, Brenda. Over my lap. You're been a bad little girl."

Brenda was so aroused by his actions that she actually felt woozy and stumbled around a bit as she headed towards him. She was seriously concerned that she might pass out altogether, and miss the spanking. Her face was burning with embarrassment as she submissively bent over his lap, but she loved every second of it.

He said, "Now, what's this about you saying you're a dominatrix?" (She hadn't actually said that at all, but it served his purposes to pretend that she had.) "You? A dominant? That's a laugh, isn't it? You're a submissive through and through, aren't you?"

"I am," she admitted while wriggling her naked body over his legs. Oh God, oh God, oh God! It's about to happen! Say goodbye to free will! This must be exactly what Susan talks about when she goes on and on about being tamed!

Alan hadn't been too sure about the whole spanking idea at first, but seeing Brenda so excited, he started to get quite excited as well. The "Bad Alan" started to surge up within him. "I'm going to give you a thorough spanking now, girl. You've been very bad. Very naughty. You've been forgetting your place around here."

Tears poured down Brenda's face, tears of shame and sheer emotional intensity. It wasn't possible for her to be any more aroused than she was, and she trembled from head to toe. Her whole body stiffened as she braced herself for a hard smack. "Yes, I've been very naughty," she agreed, with abject humiliation clear in her voice. "I was so terribly wrong!"

Alan couldn't understand why she was suddenly crying when he hadn't even started. Nor did he fathom why she had so readily agreed that she deserved to be punished, especially since everyone knew she'd never claimed to be a dominatrix in the first place. He stopped thinking about it and just gave her a solid smack on the butt.


"Ow!" She wailed, then cried out triumphantly, "YES!"

Alan had to hold her and pull her up from falling the rest of the way to the floor, as an incredibly intense orgasm coursed through her. Her body was suddenly a moving target as she writhed around, but Alan was nonetheless able to thrust two fingers into her pussy.

That drove her even wilder. She let out a high pitched squeal. Her legs kicked in every direction as she remained lying helpless across Alan's lap.

She'd never felt so totally humiliated, being spanked like a child in such a ridiculous position with people watching. But her humiliation worsened when she heard some clicking sounds, and looked up to see Katherine snapping some photos.

Katherine was all grins as she explained, "Trust me, you'll thank me later. These will make precious mementos."

Brenda just whimpered helplessly. The exact moment I was tamed, captured for posterity! Shit! The scary thing is, I probably WILL want those photos at some later date!

She thought her heart had stopped completely when she heard the sound of a zipper and realized that he was opening his pants. He still wanted to keep his boner out of the action, but he figured it would be more comfortable to give it some air.

Even though he'd been lacking pants for most of the fashion show, the unzipping had a great effect on her - and everyone else in the suddenly silent room. That was doubly so when she felt his wet cockhead pressing up against her belly. It took some long moments before she realized with relief that her heart was still beating and she was breathing again. Dear Lord! He owns me! He's tamed me! Something clicked when he smacked me; there's no going back now! And now, he's going to fuck me, to seal the deal! I just know it!

With one hand playing with her pussy, he raised his other hand up high and brought it crashing down for an even harder slap on her bare ass cheeks.

Brenda screamed even louder, if such a thing was possible. Then, suddenly, the scream stopped because she passed out. Her body continued to twitch and throb.

A few awkward moments passed as Alan tried to figure out what to do.

Katherine giggled and joked, "I think you killed her, Bro."

But the moment she said that, Brenda started to revive.

It appeared that as soon as Brenda awoke and recalled her situation, the thoughts were too exciting for her to take, because her body immediately resumed flailing about on Alan as if she was being electrocuted. Then she broke into yet another round of orgasms.

Alan just left her alone this time, thinking out loud, "This is ooooone sensitive woman!" He was almost afraid to touch her any further. He was disappointed because he found he was really getting off on giving her the spanking, but he felt obliged to let her cool down some.

When the five minute buzzer went off, signaling the end of Brenda's performance time, she was still bucking wildly in the throes of orgasm. No one was trying to stimulate her or even touch her, but she was lost in her own little world of ecstatic happiness.

Two of the other women had to lift her off Alan's lap. They deposited her on a nearby sofa.


Alan muttered, "Too bad. I'd like to give Brenda the blowjob award for such a unique and inspired performance, but clearly she's too far gone to receive it."

Somewhat surprisingly, Brenda managed to say, "That's not true!" But although she sounded lusty and determined, she didn't sound fully convinced that she was up for it just yet.

It was decided this would be a good time for another snack break. So the fashion show came to a halt for ten minutes, mostly so Brenda could recover. It took her a few minutes just to sit up.

Actually, everyone needed the time to rest, recover, and clean up. All the women took turns using the bathroom to wash up, comb their hair, change clothes, and so on.

Brenda was allowed to wash Alan's cum off her face, since it was starting to dry on her skin. She had mixed feelings about that. Had the cum been able to stay wet and fresh, she would gladly have worn it for hours. It seemed the perfect symbol for her new lifestyle. She even had Katherine take a few close-up photos of her face before she washed the cum away. She knew those pictures would provide great masturbation material later.

Alan didn't wash up, since keeping the slobber from a variety of women on his penis somehow seemed like the thing to do. But he did walk around and stretch. His penis even had a chance to go flaccid for a while.

Susan helped Brenda to the bathroom. She did everything she could to help, including lightly slapping her ass cheeks a couple of times to revive her as they walked there.

"Thanks," Brenda muttered as she exited the bathroom. She was feeling much better. But then she stopped and her eyes went wide when she suddenly remembered everything that had happened to her.

She turned to Susan and looked at her as if for the first time. I've just been tamed! Now I fully understand what Susan is talking about. I'll never be the same again. Never! My old life is over. Dead and gone forever! I've read so many erotic stories, wishing I could experience something like that, and now I can! My life is going to be part of a hot, endless porn scene! Of course I still have to take care of Adrian for the next few years. But other than that, I have a new purpose: endlessly serving Alan's great cock! He'd better take responsibility soon and be my master, or I'm in big trouble. Damn!

There was a request for everyone to get fully dressed again. The idea was that if things cooled down somewhat, the fashion show could last longer. Alan simply remained in his shirt and pants. The women all dressed up again except for Brenda. It seemed that there was some unspoken rule forbidding her to wear any clothes all evening long.

When Alan returned to his seat in the middle of the sofa, Susan sat on one side of him and Brenda sat on the other. Susan kissed the side of his face a couple of times and unbuttoned her blouse until her massive melons spilled free. As she pulled his pants down, she cooed in his ear, "Uh-oh! Alan Junior looks very sad and flaccid. He's gonna need a lot of special Mommy loving to get perked up again, isn't he?"

But while Susan was kissing and cooing, Brenda bent down to Alan's lap and started licking the tip of his dick. She hadn't intended to do that, but she was so emotional after her spanking that she couldn't help herself. His penis was only half-erect when she began, but she quickly licked it back to full size.

Susan knew that Alan had said Brenda deserved to be the next penis tender after her spanking performance, so she couldn't tell Brenda to stop. She didn't want to miss out, so she quickly took her blouse off and then bent over too and found room to lick alongside Brenda.

Brenda couldn't have been more euphoric. She had built Alan up in her mind to such a degree that she assumed double blowjobs were typical - that a mere single mouth on his cock would be unusual. YESSSS! Just when I thought the evening couldn't get any better, it does! What could top being spanked by my future lord and master? Sharing his cock with his big-titted mommy! Aaaah! Chills and goose bumps everywhere! This is how it should be... tonight, tomorrow, and forever!


Brenda had a powerful vision of herself in an Ottoman-styled sultan's palace. She was naked but for a gold headpiece and a few gold bracelets and anklets. Alan was lying underneath her and she was bouncing up and down on his hard-on for all she was worth. She closed her eyes as she climaxed again and again and again.

In reality, she was nearly ready to cum. She thought, Fuck false modesty! I'm one of the elite of the elite. We all are. I've basically won the genetic lottery, and my prize is near endless sexual ecstasy! It seems counterintuitive, but the pathway to such divine bliss lies through servicing and serving Alan's cock with all my heart and soul!

I'm feeling it right now. Who'da thunk that simply licking him with Susan would feel so fantastic? And I'm not even lapping at his sweet spot, since Susan took that first. But I'm creaming and buzzing more than I thought possible. My entire body is ON FIRE!

As good as this feels, I know it's just the tip of the iceberg. What'll happen when he really DOES fuck me?! And I know now that he will! Someday soon, I WILL be bouncing on his cock, just like my fantasy! Gaawwwd! I can almost feel being impaled that deep! Maybe by then he'll own me in some official sense. Anything is possible in this sexual wonderland!

With both women going at it full blast, Alan kicked back and ran his hands down their bare backs. Naturally, this only encouraged them, so they kept right on licking and stroking.

He thought, Holy crap! Mom and Brenda are both licking me! With the others watching, no less. This is awesome! I swear, the sheer tit acreage involved staggers the mind! In fact, why am I not getting in on all that busty goodness? He started playing with Susan's and Brenda's giant tits, sometimes together and sometimes alternately.

As Susan lovingly lapped against Alan's sweet spot, her competitive instincts came to the fore. I'll be damned if I'm gonna give an inch to Mrs. Freak Tits! For starters, she's still married, so she shouldn't be doing this at all. Of course, technically I am too, but that's different.

She tried to think how that was different, but she was stumped. She was avidly lapping against his shaft, so she wasn't thinking sharply. But then she decided, I'm his mother. A-ha! Mommies have special responsibilities to make sure their son's cocks are always stiff and coated with mommy saliva. So there! But in any case, I'm not giving an inch, literally. Brenda thinks she can just take over because she has tits the size of watermelons. Not on MY watch!

Susan wasn't really that upset at Brenda. Their growing friendship was trumping her jealousy issues. But she was having fun more or less deliberately bringing out her own competitive nature, because it inspired her to suck and lick with that much more passion.

Since Susan was licking all over Alan's sweet spot, and acting hyper-possessive in general, Brenda had to content herself with licking down towards Alan's balls (and sometimes all over his balls).


This gave Susan a measure of satisfaction. Sure, lick down below where he can hardly feel it, while I'm the one who really makes him feel good! Brenda, watch and learn! She stretched her lips over his cockhead so she could totally engulf it and bob on it.

Suzanne had been in the bathroom while all this was happening. She walked into the room, took one look, and said, "Oh no. Hey ladies, both of you can't do that. I'm sure Sweetie loves it, but he'll be cumming like a fountain in no time, and our fashion show will end far too soon."

There was no reply, since neither Susan nor Brenda were willing to stop long enough to speak. In fact, they were almost defiant with their loud, slurpy moaning.

Suzanne stared at them for a few moments. Seeing how much they were enjoying themselves, she said, "Susan, I want you to merely lick him instead of sucking so hard. We do not - I repeat, we DO NOT- want him to cum anytime soon! And as for you, Brenda, I suppose you can keep licking his balls, at least. You do deserve a prize after your last performance. But don't get carried away."

Both busty mothers did their best to nod in grateful understanding. Susan took her mouth off his cockhead and switched to contentedly licking right on his sweet spot. Brenda got busy bathing his balls in her saliva again.

Even so, Brenda was beginning to feel guilty. When Suzanne came back and registered disapproval, Brenda became very worried that Suzanne would feel she was too greedy and not a good guest.

Brenda liked Alan's balls but she loved his cock. In less than a minute, she found herself slurping all over the base of his shaft, since Susan was still busy with the rest. I have to stop. I have to stop now! Can't I at least just content myself with his balls for a while? That'll show that I can obey Suzanne's wishes and be a considerate sex pet. But... this is Alan! Jesus, this magnificent cock of his is calling me! Mmmm! Yummy. It just NEEDS more licking! How can I stop?! His cock is so thick and long and powerful! It demands lavish, loving service, from tip to base! He gave me such a good spanking that I just HAVE to reward him and show him how good I can be!

But I have to stop! But... arrrrgh! I can't! I love it too much! Oh, God! Someone help me here! My master needs two tongues at once!

Alan had no clue that Brenda was feeling so conflicted. She kept fervently licking without pause, a few inches below where Susan's tongue was working, with occasional swoops down to his balls to make sure they weren't feeling neglected. She also tenderly fondled whatever Susan wasn't busy with.

Katherine and Amy had been getting bored, waiting for the fashion show to resume.

Finally Amy suggested, "Beau, maybe you should just pick one penis tender. Look at them go. Geez Louise! At this rate, you're gonna cum in, like, minutes."

Katherine said, "Come on, Big Submarine Sandwich Brother, pick one or the other. I'm eager to get this show back on the road, so I can dance some more!" She was the best dancer of the bunch, and she enjoyed dancing a lot.

Alan scratched his chin as if in contemplation. He still had tits from both women pressing their way into his hands, and he idly compared the size of their nipples with his fingers while he blatantly stalled for time. "Hmmm. This is a tough call. I may just have to ponder this for a good long while." He couldn't help but grin at that.

Suzanne said with chagrin, "Yeah, I'll bet. We could wait twenty minutes at least while you decide, since I'm sure you're having a grand time. Meanwhile, you're holding up the whole show."

He sighed. He could have stalled some more, but he didn't want to face Suzanne's withering look. "Very well. Mom, you were the last penis tender, so you should just carry on."

Brenda immediately sat up, and complained to him, "But wait! You said you wanted to give me the blowjob reward for the whole spanking thing. I distinctly heard you say that."

He was surprised, since he'd muttered that at a time when he'd assumed Brenda was out of it.

Susan took advantage of Brenda's departure and engulfed his cockhead and then some.

He winced, because he felt a sudden surge of arousal, thanks to Susan suddenly applying tremendous suction, just as if she'd turned on a vacuum cleaner. He put his hands on her head and tried to prevent her from moving too much, for fear that she'd make him cum with her intense long bobs.

With that settled, sort of, he replied to Brenda, "Yeah, but you were too out of it at the time to take advantage. You snooze, you lose." He winced from the intense pleasure.

Amy spoke up. "Awww. That sounds kinda mean. She can't help it if she got too horny. Besides, you did say she deserved a prize, and my mom said as much too."

Hoping that Amy would argue her side for her, Brenda dove back down to Alan's crotch. She had to resort to licking Alan's balls, since Susan wasn't about to give up bobbing over his sweet spot.

"Hmmm." Alan still scratched his chin, and appeared lost in thought.

After a very long pause, Suzanne said, "Oh, come ON, already! You're just stalling for more time. You've got a whole bevy of women who are keen to strip and pose and dance for you. Don't keep us all waiting."

He appeared to ponder that. "Hmmm. Profound, profound observation." But he couldn't help but break into a grin from the way Suzanne was impatiently frowning at him. "Sorry, Aunt Suzy. I'm just having too much fun here yanking your chain while they yank my, well, you know. Anyway, Mom and Brenda, please sit up."


He waited until they both sat up and disengaged from his crotch. Both their chins were dripping with drool and cum, and he waited until they wiped up. Then he said to Brenda, "Amy made a good point. I'll let you be the penis tender for a while, if you show you really want it."

"Oh, I do. I do!" she replied with great sincerity.

"Well then, I want you to stand up."

She quickly did so.

"Put your hands on top of your head, kneel in front of me, thrust your tits out, and say, 'I am Alan's big-titted sex pet.'"

The other women were surprised, since Alan wasn't usually this aggressive. However, he didn't think he was being harsh; in fact he thought that he was doing Brenda a favor. It was obvious that she was very submissive, just like Susan, so he figured this was how she needed to be treated for her "true self" to emerge.

Brenda was both ecstatic and horrified. The term "sex pet" struck her like an arrow shot straight to her heart. That term had invaded many of her daydreams and fantasies in recent weeks, after first hearing it from Susan. But she thought, WHOA! Hold on! I'm horny beyond belief, sure. Those are like the magic words for me. "Sex pet!" Aaaaah! But thinking about that in my fantasies is very different from stating it out loud as fact in front of Alan and the others. That's scary! Truly, there will be no turning back if I speak those words. It's not too late to pull back from the brink!

She just sort of stood there. It would have been one thing to obey those commands with just Alan there, but she was intimidated by all the eyes watching her. She looked to Susan for support.

Susan disengaged from Alan's boner, stood up in front of Brenda, and kissed her on the lips.

Brenda was so surprised by this that she didn't react much at first, and just let Susan's tongue explore inside her mouth. But as the seconds passed, she revived and kissed back.

Susan had been feeling jealous towards Brenda and her larger boobs, but her attitude shifted after Alan made his demand. Frankly, what Alan wanted Brenda to do was just so exciting for Susan that she fully approved. She even wanted to do her best to encourage Brenda, just to make sure she could watch it happen. In Susan's new way of looking at things, this was how the world was meant to be.

When Susan broke the kiss, she quietly purred to Brenda, "All your talk earlier about playing hard to get and whatever, that was a lie. That's not you. THIS is you. You ARE Tiger's big-titted sex pet. Well, one of them, at any rate, and the biggest-titted of us all. Admit it, accept it, and learn to love it! Devote yourself to becoming the best big-titted sex pet you can be!"

Brenda bit her lip with indecision. "I don't know..." God damn! That sounds so intoxicating! So inviting! But maybe I'm not yet fully tamed. Maybe there's still hope for me. I need to show my willpower while I still have some! Is this what I really want?! Well, YES! Fuck yes! But I'm afraid! To lose my freedom... To dedicate my life to serving the cock of this young man... I still barely know him!

"Here, you need some help." Susan knelt next to Brenda and started kissing and caressing her all over. For instance, she lavished kisses on each of Brenda's long and erect nipples as they came into view. She even planted a series of kisses down Brenda's clit and pussy lips when they came into view a little later.

A red-faced Brenda feebly protested to the others, and especially Alan, "I'm not that way. Really." But nobody paid much attention.

Katherine and Amy were still chomping at the bit. Katherine whispered to Amy, "Get on with it, already. This is taking for-EVER!"

Amy whispered back, "Chillax. I've got a feeling that this is really super important for Brenda somehow, so let her have her moment. M'kay?"

"Okay," Katherine grumbled.

Once Brenda seemed ready, Susan left her and went back to tending Alan's cock with her hands, tongue and lips. She was humming with happiness, and actually hummed a recognizable tune as her lips slid up and down his sweet spot.

Brenda's face was lined with worry when she put her hands on her head as ordered. She didn't kneel so much as collapse to her knees. She was overcome emotionally.

Alan thought this was just sexy teasing. He wanted to both arouse her and humiliate her by getting her to say such a provocative thing. He didn't take it seriously at all, so he assumed she felt the same.

But Brenda took it very seriously and literally. She stared up at Alan from her new position. She couldn't see much of his crotch because of Susan's head bobbing up and down.

He was holding a peach smoothie that had been made during the snack break, occasionally stopping to sip it. He was staring at Brenda, but his face was deliberately unreadable because he was trying to act as if he didn't care what she did.

She thought, Oh God! Look at him! Sitting there like some kind of proud Greek God. So powerful and invincible. What was I thinking, acting like I could play hard to get? Oh God, look at the way Susan lovingly sucks and sucks his huge cock, and he hardly even notices! There's just no resisting that incredible cock! That could be me, right there with her, and not just tonight but countless nights to come, if I can just get through this! If I can freely and publicly admit what I know I really am!

She bent her head down and started to say, "I am-"

But Suzanne cut her off. "Excuse me, but it's better if you stand up. Remember, that's the last thing he told you to do."

Brenda felt another jolt of arousal as she recalled his exact words after telling her to stand: "Put your hands on top of your head, kneel in front of me, thrust your tits out, and say, 'I am Alan's big-titted sex pet.'" Dammit, how can I resist that siren call?! I can't! She somehow managed to get back up. She put her hands behind her head without being told a second time, since she was eager to obey his every word.

"Good," Suzanne said. "But you're not done. Alan clearly stated you need to thrust your tits out." She didn't mind this interruption in the game, because she could see it was helping Brenda find her place in the emerging harem. "And look him in the eyes."


"Oh. Sorry." God, this is so utterly humiliating! Look at the girls and Suzanne, just staring! Brenda stiffened her back and even bent it back, and then tried again. She bravely made eye contact, and said with trembling intensity, "I am... Alan's... sex pet!"

Now, it was Alan's turn to feel a great surge of arousal. He had to grab Susan's head and rather forcefully still her bobbing motion, because he could only take so much.

Brenda breathed a huge sigh of relief, having gotten through that. Now that I've said it, it's true! There's no going back!

With the most daunting part of her confession over, she continued with much more enthusiasm, "YOUR sex pet! One of your many sex pets! And I would very much love to tend to your cock with my lips. May I please... M-, uh, sir?" She almost said "Master," but caught herself. She worried he wouldn't be receptive to that, at least not yet.

Alan nodded gravely, not showing much reaction. But inside he was reeling. WHOA! She says that like she means it. Heck, I think she really does mean it! Oh God, fuck me! I'm drowning in erotic ecstasy here. Just look at Brenda's perfect body! She's mine now! And Mom is sucking my dick!

He patted Susan's head, indicating that she should give way.

For once, Susan actually gave way without protest, because she felt like Brenda had made an important breakthrough and fully deserved her reward. Susan absolutely adored hearing Brenda proclaim herself one of Alan's sex pets, and she wanted to encourage more of that kind of behavior.

Brenda somehow found herself on all fours, which only deepened her shame. She knew that all eyes were on her. She breathed a great big sigh of relief when she found her place between his legs and engulfed his cockhead in her mouth.

Susan patted Brenda's head. "That's a good girl. Now, doesn't that feel better? Stop trying to be someone who you're not. Accept who and what you are."

Brenda nodded, although it was hard to tell since her head was bobbing up and down so vigorously already. She thought, It's true! I have to accept my role. Alan has broken my will. Again! My primary role is to serve his cock! Nothing else is more important!

But Brenda soon faced frustration, because just as soon as she got a good bobbing rhythm going, Alan held her head tightly with both hands and pretty much forced her to completely stop her movements. All she could really do was lick his sweet spot. He didn't actually say anything to her, since he wanted to maintain an aura of invincibility with her, but he held her head until she got the message that she had to take it easy on his boner. Then he let go.

In truth, things were way too exciting for him. Between all the attention lavished on his cock and seeing her beg and crawl, he was furtively clenching his PC muscle to the utmost.

Ironically, Brenda saw his need for a break of sorts as yet more evidence of his superiority. Alan wants me to suck his cock all night long! He realized I was on an unsustainable pace. I was gonna tire out after a few minutes if I couldn't get him to cum first. And in his case, that's an impossible dream! This way, I actually CAN go on all night! Oh, it's so exciting, serving him with my lips and tongue!

She kept his cockhead in her mouth, but she was very careful just to suckle and continually tickle his sweet spot with her tongue instead of going all out with bobbing and lots of suction.

Katherine stood up. "Fiiiinally! Can I go next? I'm all ready to dance." When Suzanne nodded, she added, "Aims, can you put on 'Crazy on You' by Heart? We've got Heart's greatest hits over there, filed with the H's."


Brenda thought, Yeah! What a great song for cocksucking! "Crazy on you, crazy on you. Let me go crazy, crazy on you..." I'm going to go crazy all over your great big COCK! Mmmm! Tastes so good! Here comes a crazy tongue attack while my lips keep sliding. Her tongue flitted like the wings of a hummingbird right over Alan's sweet spot.

She was already forgetting her vow to take it easy and slow on him, because she found the entire situation too exciting.

Alan was slightly amused. But as long as he didn't reach the point where his cum was imminent, he was okay with it. Still, he put his hands back on her head to remind her to be careful.

Over the next few minutes, she was rewarded with some groans of obvious surprise. Her hands lightly fondling his balls could even feel it when he tightened up and resumed clenching his PC muscle. Yes! Take that! Aaaah, so good! Forget the fashion show. Why do we even need an excuse? I'll be happy just to slide my lips and tongue all over Alan's glorious cock, all night long! I've been brought low. I've been TAMED! Hell, Katherine is starting to dance and I can't even see what's happening. But I don't care. Defeat has never tasted so sweet. I'm right where I belong, serving my master and his magnificent cock!


The fashion show went on through another round. Alan called for Brenda to take her turn right after Katherine's (mostly because he was going to blow his load if he didn't find a way to get her to stop her excellent sucking before long).

Brenda had been barely able to stand the last time the group took their snack break, but all of her cocksucking since then had actually greatly revitalized her. She hopped up and energetically danced around to "Venus" by Shocking Blue.

She didn't even bother putting on clothes, because she was so keen to get going (and also get back to sucking Alan's cock). That meant she had to dance with a rather unusual style, generally keeping her upper arms pinned tightly to her sides as a subtle way to press against her gigantic tits and stop them from bouncing around too much while keeping them totally exposed.


Sometimes, Brenda mouthed the song lyrics, such as the lines "I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire." At other times, she riffed off the lyrics like some kind of talking DJ, saying things like, "Let me be your Venus, your Aphrodite, your sex goddess! Let me serve you, pleasure you with these big tits of mine! Slide your great cock in between them and let me squeeze it and rub it until you blast your cum on my face!"

Katherine was the one tending Alan's cock during Brenda's routine, and since most of Brenda's talking focused on titfucking and blowjobs, she got between his knees and gave him a combined blowjob and titfuck. Although her tongue couldn't reach any lower than the crown of his cockhead, she made the best of what she could reach.

Again, Alan was feeling more arousal than he'd ever thought possible before his six-times-a-day treatment had begun. His one lucky break was that, by this point, Katherine could read the signs of his approaching climax like an open book, so she knew to take it relatively easy on him.

When the song ended and Brenda was done, Alan clapped and said, "Great job, Brenda! You definitely win the blowjob award with that one. And good job, Sis. It's like you and her were working as a team somehow." He patted her head.

Katherine didn't find that insulting in the slightest. She happily slathered her way all around his crown in a clockwise motion, even while she kept his shaft tightly sheathed in her tit-tunnel.

Suzanne cut in. "Hold on. That's all well and good, and I agree Brenda did a good job. Nice song selection too."

"Thanks," Brenda said proudly as she stood there waiting for Katherine to stop so she could claim her reward.

Suzanne continued, "But Sweetie, you're handing out blowjob awards like candy. Your cock is getting sucked and licked constantly, during dance routines and between them too. Even as we speak, Angel shows no sign of letting up." She coughed significantly.

Katherine got the hint and took her mouth off his cockhead. However, she continued with the titfuck.

Suzanne rolled her eyes at Katherine's continued "uppity" defiance. She told Alan, "I know you've got great stamina, but even that has to have its limits."

"That's true," he pointed out. In fact, he was so close to cumming that he was suffering from his constant struggle to delay his cum. He was growing tired of the fight. Katherine actually was trying to ease up on him, since Suzanne was staring at her disapprovingly, but all the accumulated stimulation had him near his breaking point pretty much no matter what.

Suzanne asked, "How can you get your needed strategic breaks?"

He came up with an idea. "We could cut back on all the excitement... or... we could ramp it up! I'm gonna cum soon, so I might as well go out with a bang! You know what I'd really love to do?"

"What's that?" Suzanne asked, trying to speed things along and get back to the show.

"Mom and Aunt Suzy, I've never had the pleasure of having both of you suck my cock at the same time. And in recent days, I've enjoyed some great cocksucking combos. Including Mom and Brenda just now. That line has obviously been crossed, so why not you two?"

Susan said, "Let me answer that. Son, you know I'd love to do just that. I've been thinking a lot lately about how Suzanne and I could deepen our friendship by frequently sharing your cock. But unfortunately we can't do that right now because it's against the rules for this show."

"What?! You've got to be kidding me! Who cares about the stupid rules? Mom, you were happily lapping all over my cock with Brenda just a little while ago, and you loved it so much that I had trouble getting you to stop! How would you and Aunt Suzy be any different?"

"Well, for one thing, I was too excited to think straight. You know how I get. Once I get the smell of your cock in my nostrils, and the sweet taste of your meat on my tongue, nothing can stop me. I was happily enjoying a perfectly respectable and legitimate single blowjob when Brenda butted in and turned it into a double blowjob without asking. We both had legitimate claims to being your official tender at that point. I still had the title from before, and you'd mentioned that Brenda deserved the title too. So it was all within the rules."

She added with a sly grin, "Besides, you couldn't expect me to simply stop at that point, could you?! Not when I'm lapping up your sweet pre-cum drooling down all over your sweet spot. Please, be reasonable!"

Alan shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Okay, fine. Set that aside for a minute. What about how you've sucked my cock in recent days with Sis? And Amy? And even Akami! So why not you and Aunt Suzy? You two are kind of like my two moms. You both raised me and loved me; I've always thought of you two as a team, kind of like how Amy and Sis are a team. It would mean a lot to me. It's something I've fantasized about for years, actually."

Susan folded her arms defiantly under her huge globes. "I'm sorry, but no. For one thing, we're in the middle of a party and a fashion show. It would be highly embarrassing for me, for us, if not downright humiliating! You want us to get down on our knees and lavishly love your big fat cock with our tongues and lips while everyone else just sits around and watches?!"

He replied, "In a word, yes! It would be like, the ultimate! Think about it: you two do everything together. Isn't it about time you start sucking my cock together? Think how much fun you could have with all the bonding and teamwork. I'm aaaalmost ready to cum anyways. Probably in less than a minute, I'll be blasting my hot cum all over your faces!"

Susan bit her lip. She obviously was sorely tempted. She remembered how she'd discussed this very possibility with Suzanne earlier in the day. But she felt self-conscious about being judged by Katherine, Amy, and especially Brenda. Brenda had shown such heartfelt passion for serving Alan's cock all evening long that even Susan felt daunted. She wanted the first time she shared with Suzanne to be in private, without all the extra pressure and expectations of an audience.

Suzanne meanwhile was keen on continuing the fashion show. "Sweetie, that's a very interesting idea, but let's save it for another time and place. What if you cum and then you can't get it up again? That would kind of kill off the whole party. Amy's about to pop off to the next room to get dressed. We need to go back to the earlier rules."

Alan was disappointed, but he decided to let the issue slide for now. He figured he was enjoying such an incredible run of non-stop pleasure that he shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. But it was one of his greatest fantasies, and he was going to push until it happened, soon.

Suzanne further explained, "Brenda, you can suck him some more as your reward, but only until Amy starts her song."

Brenda had yet another "pinch me, I'm dreaming" moment. This evening had already exceeded her wildest fantasies, and it was far from over. She just hoped her mouth could handle it.

Suzanne added, "Do it while sitting next to him, not on your knees, so you don't get too carried away. Don't think I haven't heard Susan carry on about the special magic of sucking on your knees while wearing only high heels. By this time, she's probably infected you with that idea too."

Brenda looked away in embarrassment, because it was true.

"Make sure he does NOT cum! After that, handjobs only! I'm not gonna start the music until after you stop sucking him."

Brenda nodded. As soon as Katherine got out of the way, she moved like lightning. Within seconds, she had the top third of Alan's erection in her mouth. Far from being careful that he didn't cum, she sucked and licked his boner as if her life depended on getting him off in the next minute, since she knew her time was very limited.

Somehow, Alan "survived" that. He actually breathed a great sigh of relief when Brenda was forced to switch to just a handjob.


Amy was the next one up. She wore a cat costume. A leopard skin design covered what little cloth there was. There was some fabric around the waist, but it failed to cover either her ass or pussy, and didn't cover much of her tits. A pair of cat ears made her look cute and sexy at the same time.


But what all the women really loved about the outfit was the cat tail. It came straight out of Amy's ass crack. There was in fact an anal dildo attached to one end of the tail, and the dildo was the only way the tail stayed on.

By this point in the evening, Amy was so sexually aroused (plus a little bit tipsy) that she had no problem getting into the cat role. She naturally crawled around on all fours before she even got up on the "stage," and referred to herself as "the pussy."

As the evening went on, the performances were becoming more interactive, so she didn't end up going on the "stage" (i.e., the table) at all. Instead, she crawled from female to female, asking them to "pet the pussy." They generally reached between her legs and did just that, as well as petting her ass, tits, and everywhere else.

Brenda in particular was fascinated by Amy's smooth and bare crotch, and stroked it whenever Amy was near (while stroking Alan's erection with her other hand).

Amy took turns licking all of their toes while many hands ran all over her.

Suzanne, however, restrained herself from touching Amy, because of her incest concerns. Yet she found it tough not to. Only her strong willpower kept her from having a Brenda-like orgasmic breakdown.

Amy eventually reached Alan. She'd passed him by earlier because she wanted to save him for last. When she did get to him she found that Brenda was cuddled up to him as if he was her life preserver. And of course Brenda was still stroking his dick.

Susan was cuddled up against his other side. Like Brenda and all the other women except for Amy, she was nude but for her high heels. She'd been refraining from touching his cock; instead she'd been whispering into his ear with arousing commentary on what the others were doing. She'd also been running her hands under his shirt and kissing him, but had soon got annoyed with the shirt, so she simply took it off, after which she also began to accost his chest with her big tits.

"Your pet is here, Beau," Amy said as she started in on licking his toes. She knew her big ass was one of her best assets, so she stuck it as high up towards him as she could. "I'm a pussy for you. Your pet. Meeeeeeow! I'm a human pussy! What are you going to do with this pussy in front of you? Are you going to stroke it? It loves to be stroked. Meow, meow. Or are you going to fuck it?! It looooooves to be fucked! But you're the only master of this pet. Only you can fuck her. So fuck her! Fuck her good. Pleeeeaaassseee!"

Amy looked up at him with hungry eyes, but then bent back down towards his toes.

Alan was surprised and impressed, since Amy didn't normally use that kind of language. Since she said "please" so imploringly and desperately, he felt the need to respond. "Sorry, I can't. You know the rules. But don't worry. Master loves his pet. I'll fuck you again soon."

Susan nibbled on and kissed Alan's ear, and purred, "Did you hear that? She called you 'Master!' Isn't that exciting? Look around the room. Look at all the hot and horny women, playing with their pussies. You should be 'Master' to us all!"

Alan groaned lustily and kept clenching his PC muscle. He felt like there was a vast conspiracy against him - all the women were doing all they could to make him cum before he wanted to.

Amy continued to lick his toes for some more moments, something he found surprisingly arousing. Finally she looked up with a sparkle in her eyes, and said, "Oh, Beau! This pet loves her master too. She'll remember your promise, because she loves to be fucked. She's going to be fucked soon. By her master!"

Brenda was being powerfully affected by Amy's performance, and particularly by her language. "Master!" That's the word. "Master!" Yes! He just admitted that he is one! Look at Amy. That's what I need to be doing, licking his feet, begging to be fucked! I've fallen through the rabbit hole tonight and I'll never be the same because I have a master now! I need a man, a powerful man, a man who knows how to take control! Clearly Alan knows exactly what I need.

He's the one for me! And not just temporarily either, like Suzanne suggested. Fuck that! If I've got the best, why should I ever settle for anything less?!

Just look at everyone, cumming and cumming, over and over! There's no pretense at equality. There's none of the bullshit you see when people are dating and trying to act cool. When I attempted to play hard to get earlier, that was serious bullshit! It's so wonderfully simple: all that matters is serving his cock. Giving is truly better than receiving, because the more I do it, the more I cum and enjoy it! Everyone is centered around him, keen on entertaining him and serving him. So beautiful! Everyone is so beautiful!

She was so excited that her hand was like a blurred fist, it slid up and down Alan's shaft so quickly.

Again, Alan had to physically restrain Brenda before she pushed him over the edge. He blocked her hand with his until she got the message.

Amy raised her head up so it was near Alan's crotch. She ostentatiously licked her lips with her tongue at the sight of his erection being serviced. "Oh yes, Master, stroke me! Just like Brenda is stroking you now. Touch me. Feel this pussy's pussy. Yes! I've gotta have your touch. Yes!"

Alan put one hand on her ass and the other on her shaved pussy. After further pleading from Amy, he shoved his fingers into her cunt. Most of the time when she wasn't purring or pleading she was licking her way up his legs.

It was all too much for him. He said, "Quick Amy, come get your reward. You win the blowjob award again. That's a good pet. Get your prize." He thought that might actually reduce his stimulation by forcing Brenda out of the picture for a while.

Amy was having a sexual breakthrough evening, winning the blowjob award more than anyone else.

Alan stood up. It helped to make his dick accessible to Amy's mouth, but he mostly did it to shake his crotch free of Brenda's hands, as well as to pry Susan off his chest.

Brenda groaned loudly with her newfound insatiable desire for the teenage boy who had rather unwittingly but totally rocked her world. Phrases like "That's a good pet" nearly made her hyperventilate. She looked pleadingly at Susan.

Susan scooted closer to where Alan had been sitting and reached out to clutch Brenda's hand. She whispered, "Pretty intense, isn't it?"

Brenda nodded vigorously. She whispered back, "I'm cumming so much! I'm sorry, but I think I've ruined your sofa." She shifted in her seat, feeling that she was sitting in a lake of her own pussy juice.

Susan chuckled. "Don't worry about that. We use this sofa the most 'cos it's pretty much cum-proof." She squeezed Brenda's hand reassuringly.

Brenda whispered to her, "This is so much more than just giving a man a blowjob or a titfuck. It's like... an epic adventure! It's so thrilling to be here that I can't even describe it. I feel like I'm on a wild roller coaster ride that never stops!"

Susan squeezed Brenda's hand again. "I know exactly what you mean."

Brenda asked, "Is it always this intense and arousing?"

Susan smiled knowingly. "Yep, pretty much. But don't worry; you'll get used to it."


Amy looked up at Alan and briefly panted with her tongue hanging out, more like a dog than a cat. But she was certainly playing the role of a faithful pet in any case. Then she stretched her mouth over his hot pole and went down on him as deeply as she could.

Almost immediately, Alan shot his load far into her mouth and down her throat. He hadn't meant to, but he'd been riding along the edge of climax for so long that he couldn't handle yet one more wonderful stimulus.

Amy was nearly deep throating him, but not quite. She swallowed it all, without any gagging.

Brenda burned with envy. She wanted the creamy cum currently sliding down Amy's throat, and she felt like she deserved at least some of it since she'd put so much work into pleasuring Alan's cock. But the fact that she didn't get any of it somehow only increased her desire for Alan and his cum.

Brenda had to make do with what she could. She wanted to at least be part of the action in some way, and since she was sitting near where Alan stood, she was able to reach forward and fondle Amy's ass while lovingly stroking Alan's arm with her other hand. She thought, That's it, Amy! Swallow it all! Swallow your master's cum! You're a good, obedient, big-titted sex pet, just like me! Just like me! Oh GOD! So many of us! That's so fuckin' HOT! I think I'm gonna cum again!

Oh Amy, if I could be in your shoes, and feel his pearly goo sliding down to my tummy! To taste his seed on my tongue! HNGGG! Oh, it's too much!

Between the cock squirting in her mouth and Brenda's fervent caresses, Amy had an amazing orgasm.

Alan too was so overwhelmed that he nearly lost consciousness. His orgasm was so intense that he saw a great white flash, even though his eyes were closed. He collapsed back to the sofa, but since Susan was sitting in his spot, he wound up sitting in her lap.

Brenda squeezed Susan's hand. She whispered, "Lucky you!"

Susan happily wrapped her arms around Alan and kissed the back of his neck. She whispered back, "I am lucky. So very, very lucky to have this sweet boy. And he came! Isn't that exciting?"

Brenda replied, "It IS! Oh, Jesus! Too exciting for words! It seems like we've been working up toward this all evening and it finally happened. I felt chills run down my spine when I saw the gulping motions on Amy's neck!"

"Me too! So hot! Just think of the millions of wiggling spermies in her stomach right now!" Despite Alan being on her lap, Susan was able to briefly wrap an arm around Brenda, pull her in close, and French kiss her.

This time, Brenda kissed back with a torrid passion. She felt like she was part of a great victory with all the other women in the room, since they'd worked together to make Alan have a powerful climax.

After blanking for a few seconds, Alan slowly came to, and eventually looked around. He was surprised to find himself on Susan's lap with her arms wrapped around his mid-torso, but it felt comfy so he saw no need to move. Everyone's orgasms were done by now. Amy was still kneeling in front of him, looking up at his face. She was panting with her tongue hanging out and a silly expression on her face, just like a dumb but loyal dog (though he knew now that she was anything but dumb). She'd taken his boner so deep that there was no cum on her face.

He was suddenly struck by her remarkable body. Man, that outfit really pushes her boobs out. That puts her in the Suzanne-Susan zone, and maybe even Brenda-esque. Has she been having a growth spurt lately? That must be what it is, and just in the past few weeks. It would be just my luck - everything is going my way lately. And that ass. What a wonderful big ass! I can't see it from here, but I know it's there! He snickered silently.

Brenda eventually finished necking with Susan. She reached out, patted Amy's head and stroked her long hair, again just as if she were a pet. Even doing that sent chills down her spine, because it made her feel as if she too was a pet.

She even said to Amy, "Good pet. Good pet. You get an extra biscuit for making our master so happy. Do you like that, getting an extra biscuit?" Her eyes were wild and she looked as if she'd partially lost her mind.

Amy wagged her tongue and nodded her head like a housebroken, trained pet. She made more meowing noises. It was a fun game for her, being a sexy cat. But for Brenda it was much more than a game.

Katherine was sitting in a nearby chair, recovering after frigging herself to a nice climax. She looked at Alan gawking in amazement and tried to wow him a little bit further. She said to Amy, "Look. Our lover is awake again. How do you thank him for all of that wonderful cum he just gave you?"

She happened to glance at Brenda, and saw her with a similar dazed gaze. So she said, "Wait. Just a sec. Brenda, why don't you field that question? How should Amy thank Alan for allowing her to suck out all that sweet cum?"

Brenda was confused as to what to say. But she thought on her feet. What does Alan want? Master, I mean. What does MASTER want? Why, I'm sure he wants complete obedience from his women. From US! Can I be so bold as to include myself in that group? God, the thought's making me gush and tingle all over again!

She said, "Amy, show him how excited serving his cock gets you. Show him how ready ALL of your holes are to be filled, anytime. And then clean him up properly."


Amy considered that for some moments. Then she got up and bent over at an obscene angle, putting her ass on display. That was a good choice, because Alan liked her big, wide ass a lot. It also showed how much pussy juice dripped down onto her striped stockings.

She spoke teasingly as she wiggled her ass back and forth. "Gosh, I don't know. Is this what you mean?"

From Amy's high heels to her "tail" still sticking out of her asshole, the sight was simply too much for Alan to handle. He was newly flaccid, but somehow he felt he would accidentally shoot his load just the same.

He felt literally dizzy from the vision of Amy's big naked butt, not to mention the way Brenda and Susan were on either side of him and clinging to him like he was a superstar. The sheer sexuality and power of the situation was putting him on the verge of passing out again. He needed to drink something or close his eyes. Knowing that Amy waited for a response, it was all he could do to mutter, "Good, Aims. Very good."

After that, Amy got back down on her knees and got busy licking Alan's penis and balls clean.

Susan was very impressed that Amy was doing that. She'd worked hard to institute the post-orgasmic cleaning tradition, and she was pleased to see the others were picking up on it. She proudly noted to Brenda, "See what Amy is doing? We never leave Tiger's cock or balls a cummy mess. That would be rude. No, we lovingly lick them clean."

Brenda knew that already, of course. She'd even cleaned him earlier in the evening. But hearing it stated excited her so much that the room seemed to sway and spin. She loved the level of dedication and obedience that it symbolized. She asked, "How do you do it?"

"Oh, it's easy," Susan replied. "First, you start with his balls. When Tiger is flaccid, I like to concentrate on his balls, since he can still feel a lot of pleasure there. I gently hold them in my hands and then carefully lap every last inch-"

Brenda interrupted, "No, I know that, of course. You told me all about it, more than once. I mean, how do you do it? You know, living here, dealing with all this arousal and joy every single day? I think it would kill me!"

Susan chuckled. "Oh, that. Don't worry. You'll feel a certain constant soreness in your pussy from always cumming so much, and my jaw is usually sore too, for obvious reasons." She winked knowingly. "But, like I said, you'll get used to it."

Brenda could relate. She felt a strange feeling in her pussy that she'd never felt before. She correctly guessed it was that "cumming so much" slight soreness. Her jaw was hurting too. But she enjoyed the discomfort because it symbolized her becoming accepted as one of his helpers.

Alan was as relieved as anyone when Susan, who had waited until Amy was finished with her "cleaning," announced that the fashion show had come to its end. He felt grateful, because he simply couldn't take any more stimulation. He was already at his limit, both mentally and physically.

There were groans of frustration from the other ladies, but those didn't last long because everyone was so thoroughly satiated.

He kissed Amy, Suzanne, Katherine, Susan, and Brenda long good-byes. All of them were nude, or nearly so, and he was able to get in a lot of fun fondling too. Since they were all standing around him, he often fondled one woman while kissing another. Had everyone not been tired and sexually satiated, he probably would have been there a long time. However, the fact that he was flaccid and again wearing his shirt and pants helped bring the party to an end.

After he broke away and took a few steps towards the stairs, he turned around and bowed. "Thank you, ladies. You were wonderful. I'm not worthy of all this love and attention. This was a truly great evening that I think I'll probably remember forever."

Amy said happily, "Our second official fashion show!"

Grinning from ear to ear, he nodded. "Let's hope it won't be our last. Perhaps we should make it a Sunday night tradition, although it's going to be surreal going from this paradise tonight to blah old school tomorrow. And Brenda, consider yourself invited to the next fashion show."

Brenda beamed. YES! My "hard to get" plan failed, but I must have done something right. At the moment there's nothing more important to me than becoming a member of this group. My master's harem, if you will! I may not be one of his sex pets yet. Unfortunately, I don't think he took that as seriously as I did. Besides, I don't deserve it yet. Proving that I'm worthy of that title won't be easy, I'm sure. But I know what I want, and I'm determined to get it! Master!

She was right that he was largely oblivious to how she really felt. In his defense, he'd felt such prolonged and intense pleasure all evening long that he hadn't thought much about anything else at all.

He started to stagger off to take a cold shower.

Susan called out, "Tiger, I'll be up there in a minute to give you your goodnight kiss and tuck-in."

He stopped on the stairs and looked down. "Sorry, Mom. I have a feeling I'm gonna be out like a light as soon as my head hits the pillow. I'm crashing, big time."

"Oh, poo! Well, let me tuck you in now then." She hurried up the stairs after him, still wearing just her high heels.

As he made his way up the stairs, he thought, That was great, but tomorrow I'm going to pay. I didn't do a lick of homework all weekend, and I've got important tests tomorrow! I'm fucked. I was supposed to study right when the fashion show started, but how could I possibly turn that down? It's like there's some kind of magic in this house that keeps the sex on a constant boil setting. But this school week is going to be brutal with work. Dang.

Things kind of got out of control today, between the way everyone is practically worshipping the ground I walk on and the way they're all calling themselves bitches and whores and God knows what else. That's not right. It's fun to play games for a little while, like when Amy was pretending that she was a pet and I was her master, but I wouldn't want her to act like that all the time. No way! I should have said something to make my feelings clear to everyone, but I'm such a wimp.

Tomorrow. I'll have more resolve tomorrow. Today is all over. What a weekend!

Susan caught up with him. When he slid an arm around her and fondled her bare ass cheeks, she purred with pleasure. She thought, Brenda may have the biggest boobs, and it turns out she's pretty good at cocksucking and titfucking. It's clear that she belongs with us. But I'm still Tiger's favorite big-titted mommy! She'll never be able to touch that.

He was lost in his own thoughts. Today was supposed to be my "recovery weekend." What a joke that turned out to be. Still, I did get a ton of sleep, so I'm caught up on that at least.

Susan managed to mold her naked body into his side as they walked. She cooed, "Tiger, you were magnificent tonight, just magnificent!"

He muttered, "Why? All I did was sit there and get my dick stroked and sucked while I enjoyed all the sexy dancing and sashaying around and whatnot."

"Yes, but you do that so very, very well!"

He laughed.


Even though Alan figured he was done for the night, the other women weren't quite finished. Getting a group like this break up and go home was no easy task, now that there were so many "farewell" rituals to observe. The other women were all especially keen to make sure Brenda had her proper good-byes.

Suzanne watched with amusement as Brenda put on her clothes to leave, including her overcoat. Then she said, "Brenda, strip naked. It's time for the rest of your goodbye kisses, and personally, I want to kiss you in the nude."

Brenda reluctantly took her clothes off again, even as she sputtered, "You know, I don't like this lesbian stuff." She thought back to a matter of minutes before, when she was happily petting Amy's pussy. She also remembered the kisses she'd shared with Susan earlier, as well as the way she'd fondled her boobs. She hoped the others had forgotten about those things.

"You don't have to enjoy the kiss then," Suzanne replied. "I know I will, though." She leaned in and aggressively kissed Brenda on the mouth.

Suzanne loved that she had unlimited and unimpeded access to Brenda's naked body, and she made full use of that fact. She groped at Brenda's tits with both hands for many long minutes while they kissed. If she wasn't fondling them, she liked to rub her own bare rack into them.

Although Brenda made some protesting moans at first, in fact she was still so horny that she kissed back with a passion. Over the course of the evening, all of her willpower was obliterated. She was ready for just about anything.

Their kissing and petting went on so long that they were still at it when Susan came back downstairs. (She'd placed her naked body on top of Alan's while he was in his bed and made out with him for a few minutes before he'd fallen asleep.)

Amy and Katherine had grown bored watching the two curvy MILFs kiss, so they were busy having their own goodbye kiss with each other.

When Suzanne was finally done with Brenda, she pulled away, still groping her tits, and said to her, "Amy may have been the pet tonight, but you're the one who's been broken. That one spanking Alan gave you broke your resistance, and now you'll do anything we say, won't you?"

Brenda mutely nodded in shameful admission of the truth. Then she blurted out, "Shit, is it that obvious?"

Suzanne replied, "It is. It doesn't take an expert judge of character to see that something snapped inside of you tonight. But don't worry, you're in good hands with us."

Brenda made a loud moan that was a combination of defeat and great lust.

Susan said happily to her, "Tiger broke you and tamed you with his big cock!"

Brenda moaned again. He did, and she knows it! I was trying to hide my taming but she knows! What a relief. Now I don't have to keep it a secret from her! There's so much we can discuss about living our lives dedicated to serving his cock! Although, sadly, I suppose the time isn't ripe yet to reveal all that to my master.

Katherine giggled. Then she had to explain to Brenda, "Mom always goes on and on about Alan taming busty women with his cock, and tonight she was actually right. You made her whole week. She's gonna crow about this for days."

Amy was now hugging Brenda from behind, because she'd been impressed with Brenda's incredible curvy body just like everyone else, and wanted to explore it some more. Soon she had a wetted finger plunging in and out of Brenda's anus while Suzanne continued to pull at Brenda's tits.

Brenda was floating on some never-ending nirvana of sexual ecstasy. She was dazed and dreamy, and just let all the others play with her any way they wanted. Oh God! Oh Lord! I'm helpless! Just a helpless sex toy, born and bred to serve my master and all of his lovers!

Seeing how pliable Brenda was, Katherine poked into her slit with two probing fingers, and asked, "You're Alan's big-titted sex pet, aren't you? You're already hopelessly addicted to his cock, aren't you, you shameless little fuck slut."

"I am," Brenda whispered in awe. She wasn't just saying that as some kind of sexually arousing game; she really meant it. It's like she's reading my mind. That just proves that it's true! I'm Alan's big-titted sex pet! The dream has become real!

Admitting her subservience seemed to excite Brenda further, and she had yet another orgasm as she stood. She loved everything that happened so much that she was already dreading having to leave shortly.


Suzanne then passed Brenda off to Katherine, and Katherine played with her remarkable body for a little while.

Then Suzanne was replaced by Susan, so Suzanne went to find someone else to kiss.

And so it went round and round, a standing lesbian orgy in all but name. Brenda was passed around like a living sex doll, with some of the women kissing and handling her multiple times.

Brenda repeatedly protested her treatment, saying things like, "For the last time, I am NOT a lesbian!" and "Quit playing with my tits!" and "Please don't treat me like a slut. It feels too good!" But the wide smile on her face betrayed her true feelings.

Susan said to her as she hugged her while lightly fondling her clit, "Don't worry, Brenda. I've been where you are right now. You think you're in a hothouse of sex. The smell of cum and wet pussy is so thick that you can't breathe. All you can think about is Tiger's big fat cock. The temptation to stroke and suck it is just too much to take, even when he's not around. You don't really want to make out with other women; you want to be solely focused on your all-important task of keeping his cock hot and throbbing with pleasure. But you're so aroused that you'll kiss anyone. And then you're bothered by how good all that kissing feels."

"Exactly! It's like EVERYONE here can read my mind."

Susan smiled in sympathy, even as she had two fingers in Brenda's slit stimulating her G-spot. "Hey, I've been there. But don't worry, everything's gonna be all right. The pleasure you had tonight? That's just the beginning. It gets even better."

"No way! That's completely impossible."

Suzanne happened to be groping Brenda from behind. She chimed in, "It's true. I've been there too, and I know you're thinking it's simply not humanly possible to feel MORE pleasure. But it is! You'll see."

"Oh God! Lord have mercy!"

Susan thought she was literally referring to the Lord. "Don't worry; God fully approves." She kept rubbing Brenda's G-spot. "Can you feel what I'm doing to you there?"

"Are you kidding me?! I feel like I'm gonna simply DIE from too much pleasure, all over again!"

Susan calmly continued, "That's a special part of a woman's body that makes you feel really good. We all have one. God wouldn't have made our bodies this way if he didn't want us to feel this much pleasure. He even approves of our lifestyle. Suzanne was just telling me earlier that King Solomon alone had 300 concubines, and Solomon had the favor of the Lord. How would you like to be one of Alan's many, many, MANY concubines?"

Brenda shrieked as another orgasm hit her like a truck. Susan's probing fingers had brought her close, but it was the "many, many, MANY concubines" that pushed her over the edge.

Amy was feeling sleepy, so she went home early while the others were still busy with their "goodbye kisses."

Brenda had every orifice thoroughly explored and had many more orgasms before she was finally allowed to put her overcoat on again a full half hour after the good-byes had begun.

As Brenda sat in her car, still trying to come down off her prolonged emotional, erotic high, she tried to take stock of what just happened.

I've been having these submissive fantasies for years, but now it's finally happened. I've crossed over to the other side. Whatever happened in there tonight, I want more. A LOT more!

The problem is, it's not up to me. Alan is my master whether he admits it or not. He decides everything! I don't know what I am or what I'll become. What am I to him? Some mindless fuck toy he'll quickly tire of? I'm not even one of his official personal cocksuckers yet, as far as I know. Dare I dream of becoming one of his sex pets too, for real? His highest-prized sex slave, even?! Shit, that's so fucking HOT!

I'll do whatever it takes to be accepted into this magical house of sex and love. I've never felt so alive! I've never cum so hard or so often! To think that he broke me and tamed me completely with just a spanking and some cocksucking. Well, admittedly, a LOT of cocksucking and some fantastic titfucking too! I can't even begin to imagine the heights of pleasure I'll reach when he penetrates my pussy - nay, my very soul! - with that big throbbing monster snake of his! Good God!

It took a very long time before Brenda could calm down enough to drive home.


Katherine went upstairs to go to bed immediately after Brenda departed. That left just Susan and Suzanne standing near the front door, since Amy had gone home a little early.

But Suzanne didn't want to go home just yet. She was still energized from all the fun, so she looked at Susan and asked, "Need any help cleaning up?"

Susan smiled widely. "Sure! You're such a great friend." She nodded towards the underwear cabinet. "Clothes?"

"Nah. Who needs 'em? Your house is still warm enough, and it's not like we haven't seen each other nude enough lately."

Susan chuckled at that. "True. I'm beginning to come around to Amy's point of view - nudity is the best. To think how I used to dress: I got worried about showing even a little bit of cleavage."

Suzanne ran a hand down Susan's hair, enjoying its silky smooth feel. "Those days are long gone and they're never coming back. I guarantee it."

"You're such a good friend." Susan kicked off her high heels, now that Alan was gone, and dropped them near the front door. Then, as she headed back through the house, she said, "Let's corral all the dirty dishes and stuff towards the kitchen."

Suzanne also kicked her high heels off and left them with the other shoes by the door. Then she followed Susan. She'd helped her with household chores many times, so she knew the routine.

As if reading Suzanne's mind, Susan said, "You may think you know the routine, but lately there's one big new wrinkle: cleaning up all the cum leaked everywhere, and generally trying to get rid of the sex smell. Lately, that's become my biggest cleaning task. Seriously!"

She took a couple of steps, and then paused. "My goodness! Even that fact is hot!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes, amused.

Walking through the living room, Susan pointed to where Brenda had sat most of the evening. "Look at the size of that wet spot, for instance. Thank goodness that this sofa doesn't have a cloth upholstery, or we'd never get that out. And look! Her cum even dripped down to the carpet. I'd better get some cleaning material and old rags. Do you mind doing some rubbing?"

"Not at all," Suzanne replied.


So, a minute or two later, Suzanne found herself rubbing the carpet with a rag, while Susan stood nearby and used more rags to wipe the furniture clean. As she rubbed, Suzanne complained, "You know, we really spoil our Sweetie."

"We do," Susan agreed.

Suzanne clarified, "No, I don't just mean we spoil him a little bit. I mean, we're spoiling him rotten! Take this party tonight. It was no ordinary party; the entire thing was basically a fashion show designed to make his cock stiff and keep it that way. That would have been outrageous enough. But we actually spent more time and energy on stroking and sucking his cock than the fashion show part."

Susan said in confusion, "You say that like it's a bad thing."

Suzanne sighed in frustration. "It IS a bad thing! I mean, sure, tonight was great, overall. We all had lots of fun. And everyone had plenty of orgasms." She looked at the wet carpet she was rubbing. "Heck, Brenda seems to have been single-handedly trying to turn this room into a cum flood zone, so she obviously had a very good time."

Susan grinned. "I think that's the understatement of the year. I think tonight changed her life. Tiger totally tamed her!"

Suzanne frowned. "Yeah, I suppose. I think he really did, although she didn't need much persuasion. But that just strengthens my point about how much we're spoiling him. I mean, it's fine for now, but what if this kind of thing continues for literally years to come?"

"Oooh!" Susan stared into space with a blissful, dreamy expression. "That would be so great!"

Suzanne shook her head. "You're not listening to me. Yeah, sure, it's great on one level, but it could turn him into some kind of arrogant monster we really won't want to know. Do you really want him to have 'many, many, MANY concubines,' like you were telling Brenda earlier? When would he have time for you, or me?"

"I suppose," Susan conceded. "It's just fun to think like that."

"I know. But all that sexy talk and action adds up to something that I worry is more than anyone can handle. How could all this royal treatment not go to his head?"

Susan frowned too. "I suppose you have a point." She spaced out, while staring at Suzanne, who continued to rub the spot on the carpet.

Finally, Suzanne said, "Hello? Earth calling Susan. Come in Susan."

Susan snapped back to reality. "Oops. Sorry. It's just that you're so sexy."

Suzanne exhaled in frustration.

"I'm sorry, but you're on all fours and rubbing a spot, which causes your big ripe melons to continually swing underneath you. I mean, come on! I'm only human! Can you turn off the sexy for a few minutes?"

Suzanne grinned proudly. "Sorry. No can do."

Susan deliberately looked away, and then replied, "Well, I'll press on as best I can. Anyway, let's agree that you have a point. We probably got a little carried away tonight. And, I'll admit, at other times. Heck, pretty much every day lately. But what do you think we should do about it?"

Suzanne said, "We have to be careful. Sure, he has his medical need, and we all love licking and stroking his cock anyway, but we need perspective. When his dick isn't hard, we need to treat him just like we always did. For instance, he could have helped clean up afterwards."

"You're so right," Susan agreed. But then she added, "Although... how often is it when his cock is NOT stiff? Not that often."

"True," Suzanne agreed.

"If he had stayed and cleaned up with us, what do you think would have happened? I can make a good guess. Things would have been 'normal' for a while, especially if you and I set the example by wearing clothes. But soon he would have gotten erect again, and so very horny... His big, thick, delicious cock would have been tenting through his pants, and one thing would have led to another, and, well... You get the picture."

Suzanne nodded ruefully. She could easily visualize that scenario.

The two of them kept on cleaning, and all the while, they talked about the need to be responsible and do things in moderation so Alan wouldn't get too spoiled. They were in a serious and sober mood (relatively speaking, at any rate).

Eventually, they finished cleaning and they sat at the kitchen counter drinking coffee (decaffeinated, since it was so late). Susan had turned up the heat so they could stay naked, but even so, Suzanne had a light blanket around her because it was getting a bit chilly.


They were chatting some more about their impressions of Brenda when Alan walked into the dining room area. "Hey Mom, Aunt Suzy. How goes it?" Like the two busty MILFs sitting there, he didn't feel any need for clothes. His flaccid penis dangled as he walked, since he didn't bother to cover it up.

Susan exclaimed in surprise, "Tiger! What are you doing here?!"

He walked to the refrigerator. "I live here, remember?" He grinned at that, and opened up the freezer door on the fridge.

"I know that," Susan said, exasperated. "It's just that I assumed you were asleep." She looked down at her bare feet, suddenly dismayed that she wasn't wearing high heels.

He responded, "I was. In fact, I think I zonked out the very second my head hit the pillow, I was totally wiped out. But then I woke up, saw that an hour had passed, and felt peckish for a midnight snack." He looked at the kitchen clock on the wall. "And look at that, how close it is to midnight."

He pulled out a pint of ice cream. "I haven't had any ice cream in a week or so, and I figured I could treat myself to a little..." - he held up the pint and read the label - "'Amaretto!' Mmmm! Do either of you want any?"

Suzanne replied, "No. Gotta watch my figure."

"Me too," Susan said.

"Suit yourself," he said with a shrug. "Whatever you're doing to keep your perfect figures is working, that's for sure. But do you mind if I have some, even if you don't? If you're on a diet I don't want to tempt you or anything."

He didn't realize the double meaning in his words, but although he hadn't noticed it yet, his penis was starting to engorge. Even after everything that had happened that evening, his body was reacting to the sight of two absolutely stunning women sitting there in the nude. He had come downstairs simply to get a snack, but now he had other things in mind.

The two mothers were greatly tempted, but not by the ice cream. They watched avidly as his dick sprang back to life.

He picked up the pint of ice cream, a spoon, and a bowl and brought all three items to the love seat in the dining room. He sat down in the seat and scooped some ice cream into the bowl. He had the pint with him too in case he wanted a second helping, which he often did.

The two mothers were still adjusting to the fact that he was there alone with them. They both gawked shamelessly at the boner now on view between his legs. They were at a loss over what to say or do.

Susan stood up and walked to the center of the living room, mainly so she could get a full view of his erection, unimpeded by his legs.

Suzanne did too, standing right next to Susan. Interestingly, she realized that she too was feeling naked without her high heels. Both women contemplated making a quick rush to the front of the house to get them.

By this time, there was no way Alan could fail to notice that they were staring with lust at his hard-on. Nevertheless, he pretended to be ignorant of their focus. As he savored another bite of his amaretto ice cream, he asked, "What? You're both staring at me. Do I have some ice cream on my face or something?"

Both women knew what they wanted - a chance to lick and suck his newly stiff dick. However, the situation was awkward because someone would be the loser. Although they could have shared, they'd never done that before, so there were issues to work out first. Furthermore, they had talked at length about the need for moderation and not spoiling him, so neither woman wanted to look hypocritical in front of the other.

Susan's cock lust drove her on, but it had to compete with her shyness. "Um, Tiger? Do you need some help there?" She nodded towards his lap.

Again he chose to misunderstand, because it was more fun that way. He pretended not to know what she was referring to with her nodding. "What do you mean? I'm just eating ice cream. It's not like I need help with that."

Suzanne, being much more astute about such things than Susan, saw right through Alan's act. She wasn't in the mood to play games or talk things out. She was well aware that Alan had his legs spread wide just to make sure they'd have an unobstructed view of his now fully erect cock. Taking advantage of that, she stepped forward and dropped to her knees right in front of his crotch. But she left plenty of room for Susan to assume the same position right next to her.

In short, Suzanne decided to save the "act in moderation" and "don't spoil him" stuff for another day, because she suddenly had an intense craving for his cock. And since he'd mentioned his desire earlier to have Susan and Suzanne give him a dual blowjob, Suzanne thought this was a perfect opportunity for that to happen. She told herself that breaking down Susan's barriers was urgent, while preventing Alan from being spoiled was more of a long term thing she could work on later.

She was sure that Susan would be willing, because earlier in the day they'd talked about sharing his cock. It was true that Susan had turned down the chance during the fashion show, but Suzanne was confident that was because Susan didn't want to be judged by Brenda and the others. So their situation now was ideal.

Susan didn't know what was happening exactly, but she certainly didn't want to miss out. She quickly took her place on her knees next to Suzanne. She too was ready to put aside all the moderation talk for now if she got a chance to lick and suck her son's cock some more. She didn't even recall her earlier hesitation in doing this.

As Alan slowly ate his ice cream, Suzanne looked up at him from between his legs, and said, "Sweetie, your mom and I were just talking about how it's important that we don't spoil you from overindulging you. Don't you agree that's an important thing?"

"Certainly." He was starting to get confused.

"Good! We'll talk more about that some other time. Now, just before you came downstairs, your mom and I were having a discussion about your desire to see both of us suck your cock at the same time. We agreed that is a reasonable request."

Susan looked at Suzanne in confusion. "We were? We did?"

Suzanne's body was pressed right next to Susan's, so she was able to nudge her lower leg into Susan's without Alan noticing. She turned to her, and said in a voice that brooked no dispute, "We were!" She considered whispering a quickly formulated argument into Susan's ear to make sure that she was willing, but she was feeling antsy and she didn't want to waste time, especially with Alan's ice cream melting. So she took the direct approach, and simply put her hand on the back of Susan's head and guided her friend's mouth to Alan's erection.

As soon as Susan's lips made contact with Alan's cockhead, whatever puzzlement or concerns she had pretty much flew out the window. It was like some switch was flipped, and she went into her blissful cocksucking mode. Nothing else in the world mattered but pleasuring her son's big cock and making him cum (eventually, after a nice long buildup).

Suzanne smiled knowingly at how predictable Susan was. She guided Susan's head until Susan crammed his entire cockhead in her mouth and started steadily bobbing down it. She loved how Susan managed to do that and yet also somehow looked like she was smiling, despite the way her mouth was being stretched wide open.

Then Suzanne looked up at Alan and smiled knowingly at him too. "Like I said, your mom and I have been talking. Why haven't the two of us sucked your cock at the same time yet? We both agree that's just wrong. Unjust, even. We're the two women who raised you. We have the joint duty of looking after you. And of course that means we have the joint duty of making sure your cock is thoroughly serviced and pleasured six times a day, at least. It naturally follows that we should jointly suck and lick and slobber our way all over your thick fuckmeat on a fairly regular basis. Daily, hopefully. Anything else is just wrong!"

Alan beamed upon hearing such great news. He joked, "I dare say it's a crime!"

Suzanne grinned. She marveled at the way he could maintain his cool despite Susan feverishly bobbing and licking on his most responsive areas.

Susan thought, I remember talking briefly with her about the sharing idea before the fashion show, but I don't remember us discussing all that! Strange... But still, who cares? The important thing is that she's got some GREAT ideas! Mmmm... I definitely agree with the part about needing to share his thick cock-meat daily!

If I could only stop licking his sweet spot and sliding my lips in a tight ring long enough to talk, I'd say just how much I agree. But hopefully I can show my approval with the quality of my sucking, and the loudness of my moaning. Mmmm... MMMM... God, it's so good! MMMM! Nothing beats a mouth crammed full of son-cock. When I think about all the various ways the five of us stimulated this magnificent fuck pole all evening long, it fills me with such joy! I just wish that Suzanne would stop talking and join in already!

Suzanne was tucked between Alan's legs so close to his privates that she barely needed to tilt her head forward to get her mouth involved too. But instead, she casually asked him, "Can I borrow your bowl for a minute?"

Alan wasn't as calm as he appeared. He was still holding the bowl of ice cream and the spoon, but he was so excited by what he hoped was about to happen that he'd pretty much forgotten all about the ice cream. Since Susan had full possession of his boner, at least for now, she'd taken advantage and was doing her most favorite thing: sliding her lips back and forth over his sweet spot while also licking it with her tongue. It actually was a big struggle for him to think or do anything other than luxuriate in total ecstasy, so it took him some long moments before he recovered enough to silently hand Suzanne his bowl.

"Thank you," she said. She was in her element now, teasing and having sexy fun. The ice cream in the bowl was rapidly melting, and most of it was already quite syrupy. She brought the bowl close to her chin and then stuck her long tongue out towards it. She angled the bowl at an ideal angle so Alan could see everything, and she licked a dollop of the melted ice cream with the very tip of her tongue.

Finally, she brought her tongue back to her mouth, swallowed the tiny taste of ice cream, and smiled. "Mmmm! Yummy." But she wasn't quite done - she slowly and ostentatiously licked all the way around her lips.

Alan was floored. True, Susan was busy sucking his cock, and the pleasure that was giving him simply defied description (as usual), but he found Suzanne's stunt with her tongue somehow even MORE arousing. Partly, it was the fact that she displayed even more reach with it than he'd thought possible, and partly it was the way she was giving him the most sultry "come hither and fuck the shit out of me" look all the while. And partly, it was the sight of Suzanne's huge bare tits also in his vision, not to mention the rest of her perfect body pressed up tightly against Susan's. But mostly, it was that he was reeling from the implications.

Oh. My. God. That tongue! That impossibly long tongue! I'll bet even giraffes would be impressed at how she scooped that ice cream up! But more than that, imagine adding that tongue and all it can do to Mom's tongue and what it's already doing! Oh my fucking GOD! I'm not certain I can handle it, but I'm damn sure gonna try. This is gonna be the best blowjob ever, and that's saying a lot!

Suzanne could guess well enough what he was thinking, and she loved it. She was having so much fun teasing him with her tongue that it was almost less fun to actually use it on him. But finally, she tapped Susan's shoulder. "Can I join in?"

Susan pulled her lips all the way off his cockhead to make way. But a shiver ran through her as she also pondered the implications. This is huge! No, this is massive! True, I've shared Tiger's cock with Angel and Amy and others in recent days, including Brenda only an hour or two ago, but Tiger is right: Suzanne and I are a team. I was silly trying to stop this from happening, because it was meant to be.

She kept on stroking his cock while she waited for Suzanne to join in. Both of us were put here on this Earth by God to serve and pleasure this one cock, my son's cock!

With that, she lovingly licked it from base to tip before again making way. Mmmm... I'm sure Suzanne and I will be sucking this glorious cock together literally thousands of times in the years to come. Oh my goodness! That is SO HOT!

Suzanne was also considering the implications. This is it! My dream, my vision, my plan. It's all coming true. This is a key piece! Susan's barriers are crumbling. Soon, she and I will be doing this together all the time. It's funny, but the thought of doing this with her is just about the most exciting thing I can think of right now. This is gonna make us even better friends! And it's proof that my sex family future vision is already happening, here and now!

Susan and Suzanne handled Alan's shaft almost reverently as they stared at each other intently right above it. They both realized that this was a moment to treasure and remember, since they'd be doing this with each other so very often in the future.

Suzanne took a tentative lick while still gazing at Susan, and then Susan did the same while gazing at Suzanne. They both started to lick around the top of his cockhead.


Soon their tongues repeatedly brushed against each other at the top of his dick. They closed their eyes to fully concentrate on and savor what they were doing.

Oh God! Alan thought. Oh shit! Too much! I'm gonna cum already! He wasn't thinking much about long term implications because he was totally consumed with the pleasures of the moment.

The two stunning MILFs continued to lick the very top of Alan's bulbous cockhead. Then Susan was suddenly overcome with emotion, and she lunged forward, kissing Suzanne on her lips.

Alan's erection was temporarily forgotten, but he didn't mind. He figured everything that was happening was absolutely fantastic. He could actually feel the kiss, because the tip of his cockhead slid back and forth along their cheeks.

Susan and Suzanne broke their kiss briefly so they could have a chance to readjust their bodies and wrap their arms around each other. In between kisses, Susan gasped, "Suzanne! I love you so much!"

Suzanne didn't verbally reply to that, because she and Susan were already kissing again as if their lives depended on it.

Alan was a bit amused that he was kind of forgotten for the moment, but he was more than okay with that. He figured his dick needed a break in any case. Plus, he remembered his ice cream. He was still holding the spoon and bowl, even though the ice cream in the bowl was completely melted by this time. But he had the pint of ice cream on the arm of the love seat next to him, and that had hardly melted at all, mostly because he'd kept it closed. He opened the lid and spooned another bite of amaretto ice cream directly into his mouth while enjoying a front row seat at the hottest, most passionate kiss he'd ever seen.

Suzanne broke the kiss early, because she noticed tears rolling down Susan's face. Worried, she asked her, "Why are you crying?"

Susan wiped her tears, but more kept coming. "Because I'm so happy! And not just that; I'm just so overcome with emotion that I feel like I'm going to burst! I'm bursting with love! Love for you, love for Tiger, love for sucking his cock! Love for sharing it with you. It's like I can see into the future and I see many, many years of joy with you, Suzanne! We'll be kneeling together just like this, loving his cock together for countless hours without end!"

She looked up at him and saw the spoon in his mouth. She wryly added, "Heck, if we go ten years ahead in a time machine, I hope it'll be exactly like this. We'll be sitting in the nude, between his knees, lapping and loving this great big shaft that tamed us both. I know we will!"

Suzanne felt a thrill run down her spine, because she loved that vision just as much as Susan did.

Susan slowly licked his erection from tip to base and then back again, while staring up into his eyes with even more love and adoration. When she finished that move, she playfully added, "He'll probably even be eating another bowl of ice cream."

All three of them had a good laugh at that.

Suzanne realized there were tears rolling down her cheeks too, because she also was overcome with emotion, and in the very same way.

Even Alan started to choke up a little bit as he watched the touching scene.


But Suzanne had trouble with "mushy moments" and even more trouble verbally expressing her emotions. So she took Alan's still very erect dick and pinned it against his tummy, at her mouth level. Staring intently at Susan, she snaked her long tongue out and lapped the side of his cockhead and purred, "Come on, Sister, what are we waiting for? We've got a lot of inches of cock to take care of, and only two tongues to do it with."

Susan was still more overjoyed that she could possibly put in words. She too stuck her tongue out as far as it could go, and lapped at her side of Alan's cockhead while staring deeply into Suzanne's eyes.

She felt such a great joy in sharing Alan's cock with her very best friend that it almost physically staggered her. She was very glad that this first dual cocksucking was taking place now and not during the fashion show, because it was a powerful, private moment that only belonged to the three of them.

Susan took some of the great love and joy she was feeling, and channeled it towards Alan and his erection. With tears of joy still rolling down her face, she bought her mouth close to "her" side of his cockhead, and gently kissed it. Then she also stuck her tongue out and licked it a whole lot more.

Since Susan and Suzanne continued staring into each other's eyes, they were in perfect position for another French kiss except that Alan's cockhead was pinned between their mouths. As they both got busy licking it, it was like they were also kissing and even making love to each other, because there was so much love and emotion flowing between their eyes. Also, mostly thanks to Suzanne's long tongue, their tongues could reach around his cockhead, and they spent almost as much time touching the tips of their tongues together as jointly licking the spongy head.

Suzanne thought, This! This! If I've ever had any doubts about the wisdom or morality of my six-times-a-day plan, this silences all those doubts! This is so perfect and so right that I dare even some fundamentalist preacher to see this and really FEEL the love, and then still say it's wrong! Susan and I are in love, in our own way, and Sweetie's cock is literally like the tie that binds us together!


Suzanne realized that she was still crying, and she hated getting so "mushy," so she closed her eyes and concentrated on cock licking for a while.

Susan did the same. The strong bond with Suzanne was still there, like a physical thing, but they didn't need to continually stare into each others' eyes to feel it.

For Susan, sucking her son's cock was like a job, in the sense that it was serious business. But unlike many people who hate their job or only tolerate it, Susan felt it was like the greatest, most enjoyable task in the world. Saying it was a job meant that she brought an intense level of focus and dedication to it. While she sucked him, nothing else mattered. Her tears ran dry as she concentrated on lapping against his sweet spot, but her joyous feeling surged within her as strongly as ever.

Naturally, the sweet spot was the spot Suzanne was most interested in pleasuring too, but rather than battle over it, they simply both licked it at the same time. This meant their tongues were almost constantly touching, but they considered that intimacy a plus.

At one point, Susan paused in her fevered licking just long enough to breathlessly exclaim, "Suzanne, every single time our tongues touch on his cock... electricity!"

Suzanne nodded. "I know! Goose bumps too!" She considered herself jaded and cynical in general, but at least for this moment, she felt wide-eyed and innocent, and it felt incredible.

Alan had been silent, because he figured that the two beautiful women were sharing such a special moment between each other that he could only ruin it by trying to say something. However, now he was forced to speak, since he was so close to cumming. He gently placed his hands on the tops of their heads so as to not surprise them, and then he said, "Um, if both you lovely ladies don't stop, like, now, I'm gonna cum! Big time!"

Suzanne pulled back, and chuckled. "We wouldn't want that, would we, Susan?"

Susan pulled back too, but before she could answer, Suzanne was already kissing her.

Alan just shook his head in wonder as he watched the two of them make out some more. At times, he could actually see a glimmer of the tongue action by the tongue bulges in their cheeks.

He shook his head some more. Man! Am I the friggin' luckiest guy in the entire world, or what? What a night! First, that totally mind-blowing (and cock-blowing) fashion show. And Brenda! Friggin' Brenda! Spanking her and seeing her go wild. And now this! Mom and Aunt Suzy are going on about sharing my cock like it's some kind of religious experience or something. Talk about good vibes! Forget about the dual cocksucking altogether, actually. I'm flying on air just because they're both so happy to be somehow bonding even closer together! I swear, my heart flies to see them this overjoyed.

More time passed, and he simply enjoyed the show before him. And a show it was. Both women were having a grand time kissing each other, but it was obvious they were conscious of him watching, because each of them occasionally stole glances in his direction to see where he was looking exactly. They positioned themselves and moved with a mind to keeping him erect and horny. In particular, they made a great show of constantly pressing and rubbing their huge racks together while they kissed.

Alan was thinking things couldn't possibly get any better, but then he remembered the pint of Amaretto ice cream. Dang! Bonus! He opened up the container and was pleasantly surprised to see that it still hadn't melted that much. He plunged his spoon into the less-melted middle, and enjoyed another bite. Aaaaah! Sweetness. Literally. Yum!

"Let me see that, Sweetie."

He was so blissed out, even with his boner being temporarily untouched, that it took him a moment to figure out that Suzanne was talking to him and that she wanted something. It took him another moment to realize she wanted the ice cream. The bowl was on the floor, forgotten, but he handed her the spoon and pint.

Suzanne grinned wickedly at Susan as she took the ice cream and spoon in her hands. "Let me show you something fun. Take his cock and bring it right up to my mouth so I'm in position to bob on it, please."

As Susan did that, she bubbled, "Sounds fun already!"

With Alan's cockhead right under Suzanne's nose, Suzanne spooned some of the ice cream into her mouth, and savored the amaretto taste. "Mmmm! That IS good!" Then she stretched her lips around Alan's bulbous cockhead and engulfed him down to his sweet spot.

Alan knew that particular pleasure quite well. But this time was different, because Suzanne hadn't swallowed any of the ice cream, and it was still on her tongue. He yelped in shock, because it was just like she'd stuck a frozen Popsicle against his stiff dick.

However, his initial shock passed. Suzanne started bobbing on him with her cold mouth, and his discomfort turned to extreme pleasure.

Nearly a minute passed, and then he exclaimed, "Daaang! That feels so good! My heart almost can't take it. Seriously intense!"

Suzanne pulled off, and matter-of-factly explained, "It is intense, Sweetie. You see - and Susan, take note - everything in the body is connected together. Your skin has nerve endings that fire in response to heat, cold, pressure, pleasure, pain, and the like. With the cold, a lot more nerve endings are getting excited, and that practically doubles the pleasure you feel. This is what a lot of S&M is about: the pain actually heightens the pleasure. But it works with other things, like cold or heat."

"Oooh! Let me try!" Susan said excitedly.

Suzanne obliged her, and fed her a spoonful of the amaretto. Then she held Alan's cock in position.

Susan immediately engulfed all of his cockhead with the ice cream still on her tongue.

He yelped just as loudly as last time. Even though he knew what was coming, that didn't help him much since the ice cream felt so very cold. However, within seconds, Susan was happily bobbing, and the pleasure was suddenly so great for Alan that it was almost too much to bear. He nearly crawled up the love seat because he couldn't handle it.

"Wow!" he exclaimed when Susan's minute was up, her ice cream was all gone, and she pulled off his slicked-up shaft.

"Wow is right!" Susan also exclaimed. "Not only do I get to enjoy my very favorite thing, sucking on Tiger's fat cock, but I get to eat a yummy bite of ice cream too. Suzanne, you're the best!" She kissed her best friend on the lips again.

Suzanne beamed with pleasure and pride. "I try." But then she added to Susan, "Now, are we just gonna sit around here yapping and kissing while this ice cream melts, or are we gonna give him some more cold cocksucking?"

"I vote more cold cocksucking!" Susan said with her usual enthusiasm. But she seriously added, "I just worry about the calories."

Suzanne replied, "Well, you do eat ice cream from time to time; I know it's your secret weakness. That and chocolate. But in the future, don't eat it by yourself. Eat it when you have a big, fat Tiger cock at hand."

Susan's eyes went wide as she pictured the possibilities. "Suzanne, you're the best!"

The two women spent the next ten minutes or so exploring the possibilities with the ice cream and Alan. Mostly, that meant more bobbing with ice cream on their tongues, and they repeatedly traded turns doing that. But they also took turns kissing him, and each other, with yet more ice cream in the mouths. That was a lot of fun too.

Alan felt such a continuous peak of arousal that it was pretty incredible, even by his recent standards. Strangely, he grew increasingly relaxed (and melted deeper into the love seat) rather than tensing up and struggling hard with his PC muscle not to cum. Both women knew his penis so extremely well that they had a great sense when they had to ease up, as well as when they could step their efforts up a notch. Although they'd never done this together before, it truly seemed as if they'd shared his cock for years, since they were so comfortable with his erection and with each other.

Eventually, they were down to just a creamy amaretto puddle at the bottom of the pint, and that didn't hold much appeal, so they put that aside and turned all their attention to yet more dual cocksucking.

With the ice cream gone, they went back to jointly licking, since that was a sharing activity in a way bobbing could not be.

The only snag was that Alan's boner had just spent over twenty minutes enjoying just about the most intense pleasure imaginable, and once they resumed licking together, it was like they were determined to take him to a yet higher level. It was just too much for his overtaxed (but very, very lucky) cock. He finally tried his hardest to delay matters with his PC muscle, but all the PC muscle moves in the world couldn't stop him from cumming.

For years, Alan had tried not to masturbate while thinking about either Susan or Suzanne because of the incest taboo, but he had been only partially successful. Plus, he had no control over his dreams. One common theme in all his dreams and fantasies featuring both of them was that he shot his cum all over their faces. Now, finally, he was able to do that for real!


It was such a joy that he actually saw stars. His cum rocketed out and splattered all over Suzanne's face. Then he "re-aimed his cannon" at Susan and shot more of his sticky load at her. But he was so inspired that he still wasn't done, so he "fired at will" at both of them, plastering their faces with yet more cum, and targeting some at their big tits as well.

When he was finally all done, he asked incredulously, "Where did all THAT come from?! When I went to bed, I would have sworn that there wasn't any cum left in me. Not after that crazy fashion show. But that was like... a big load! Whoa!"

Suzanne grinned, and said proudly and boastfully, "What can I say? We inspire you. Don't we, Susan?"

"Mmmm!" Susan was already rubbing her nose against Suzanne's. She specifically wanted to do that because both their noses had been nailed with copious cum gobs, and she just loved to rub all that cum together. She was even more eager to start licking Suzanne's face clean.

But before she could do that, Suzanne reached for the discarded pint of melted ice cream. "You know what goes well with Sweetie's sweet sperm? Amaretto!" She used the spoon and playfully smeared a few melted streaks on her face, and some more on Susan's face.

"Ugh!" Susan grunted. "Tonight, you're totally destroying my diet, you know that?" But she gleefully licked all of Suzanne's face, consuming the ice cream as well as the cum.

Suzanne naturally licked Susan's face clean at the same time.

"Oh man!" Alan groaned. "I can't bear to look. Too sexy! I swear, if Alan Junior gets erect one more time today, he's gonna say 'I quit!' and up and run away, claiming abuse. I'm soooo sore!"

Suzanne somehow smirked as she licked. "But it was soooo worth it, wasn't it, Sweetie?"

"Oh yeah! Hell yeah! You two are the best! I've literally masturbated gallons of sperm away dreaming of this very thing, for years! And I say that knowing full well that the average cum load is only a couple of ounces. Although I find that impossible to believe as I see just how delightfully creamy and cummy you two look right now. But my point is, none of my fantasies came anywhere CLOSE to how great the reality was! And still is!" He blatantly ogled their naked, cummy bodies.

Suzanne was delighted to hear that, but Susan looked surprisingly sad. So Suzanne held Susan's chin up and gently asked her, "Is something wrong, love?"

Susan said in a disappointed voice, "No. I'm happy. So very happy. But it's just that... I think about all that seed needlessly spilled upon the ground... Years of wasted, sinful seed, angering God... when it could have ended up on me, or you, or in our mouths..."

Suzanne had a hard time not guffawing. For crying out loud! That stupid 'sin of Onan' thing again. She really believes it. Sheesh! But she kept a straight face, and said tenderly, "That's in the past now. Forget about that. From now on, all of his seed will end up on or in us. Or one of his other lovers, of course. No more seed spilled upon the ground, ever."

Susan gave Suzanne a tight hug, heedless of the cum still on their faces and racks. "Oh, Suzanne! You're just so good to me! What would I ever do without you?! But is such a dream really possible?"

Suzanne kissed Susan's face, and managed to lick up some more cum along the way. "Our man has so many lovers, that I promise you, there won't be a single drop of cum that lands on the ground. Really."

If anyone could die of pure joy, Susan looked like she was in serious danger. She radiated so much love and happiness at Suzanne that Suzanne almost had to pull back, because she couldn't handle the emotional intensity.

Alan cut in. "Yeah, that reminds me. I wanted to say that was so beautiful, when you two cried. I could literally feel the love between you, it was so strong."

Susan pulled back and gazed into Suzanne's eyes again. It looked like she was on the verge of tears again. "It was, wasn't it?" she asked in an awed whisper.

But then she broke the magical spell that had just been cast by looking down at herself and giggling. "Look at me. Look at us! Look at our tits! We're a great big spermy mess!"

Sure enough, the cum on their fulsome globes has been smeared around as they'd hugged, leaving a generally shiny sheen with lots of pearly smears.


Suzanne giggled too, feeling strangely overjoyed by this. "We are, aren't we?" She tilted her head down and licked a particularly large cum gob off the top slope of one of Susan's round breasts.

Susan turned back to Alan. "Look at me! I wish someone could take a picture. This is pure joy for me! Covered in my son's sperm, holding my best friend in my arms, feeling more sperm on my face and on my tongue... It's all just so... great! Suzanne, Alan, I love you both so much! I only wish Amy and Angel were here to share in all the love and all the cum as well."

"Maybe next time," Alan said, suggestively wiggling his eyebrows.

Both Susan and Suzanne laughed heartily. Suzanne commented, "You wish! As if you could be any more of a lucky spoiled bastard!"

Unfortunately, that comment brought a twinge of regret to both mothers, because it reminded them of their earlier conversation about spoiling him too much. They both privately rued that rather than doing anything about that, they were only spoiling him even more. The thing was, they were having way too much fun to stop.

But the overall mood was still so joyous that that worry was merely like one sour note in an otherwise glorious symphony.

Alan remembered that Katherine had been taking pictures of Brenda earlier in the evening. He discovered the camera was still in the living room, so he managed to take a few photos of Susan and Suzanne licking cum off each other.

He thought that was the end of the fun, especially since he was growing sleepy, but Susan nonetheless insisted on thoroughly "cleaning" his penis and balls.

While she did that, he said, "You know, that felt so good that... well, I can't even begin to describe it! Sure, I've had a few double blowjobs before, but with you two, there was the pleasure, and so much love, that... geez! It defies description. It's like, beyond the beyond. I mean, how can I want to do anything else, ever, but bask in the pure pleasure of you two sucking me off like that?"

Suzanne snickered, then mimicked his voice. "'Sure, I've had a few double blowjobs before...'"

He immediately blushed. "Oops! I'm taking my lucky position for granted, aren't I? I mean, how many guys get to experience that even once in their lives? And yet, in recent days, well, let's just say I've had a lot of luck." He was about to list the double blowjobs he'd had but changed his mind. He didn't like to kiss and tell, or invite the making of comparisons.

Susan was still busy "cleaning" his privates, and Suzanne was busy watching her, so he continued, "I feel guilty. You two do so much for me; I want to do something for you. Did either of you even have any orgasms?"

Both of them shook their heads 'No'. They were both quite surprised about that, since each of them had really felt so aroused and overjoyed that it had seemed like one continuous orgasm.

Susan paused with her cleaning, looked up at his face, and said, "You know what? That doesn't matter. I swear, I had more fun here than other times when I've had orgasms beyond counting."

She went back to lapping her tongue against his balls. But another thought came to her, so she said as she licked, "Besides, sometimes, joy can't be measured by an orgasm count. I mean, the EMOTIONAL joy I just shared was so great that I'd take that over a thousand plain ol' orgasms." She looked up at Suzanne and shared a knowing look at her. They even clenched hands together.

Suzanne turned her gaze back to Alan, and added, "Sweetie, I feel the same. Don't worry about fairness. We LOVE sucking your cock, in case you haven't noticed already. Sheesh, are you blind? We get as much pleasure out of it as you do, or nearly so. The only unfair thing that pisses me off is that you get to eat lots of ice cream, and you don't get fat! Your mom and I are gonna have to step up our exercises tomorrow just to burn off all these extra calories we swallowed while doing that cold sucking technique."

Susan chuckled at that, even though it was true.

All three of them hated to break up the group and go to bed, but it was late and their thoughts started to turn to the morrow.

When Alan was back in bed, he thought to himself, Best. Midnight. Snack. EVER! Ha!

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