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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Sex Machine
Day 64: Monday, November 18

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Susan and Suzanne managed to share quick a meal of jasmine rice pilaf, and then went right back to playing with each other and their vibrators. But they'd only started their after-lunch fun when the doorbell rang repeatedly.

The two beautiful mothers were naked and lying together in the living room, listening to a Debussy nocturne (Suzanne's choice). They were in no mood to be interrupted, and they let the doorbell ring a few times. But after it rang a few more times, Suzanne stopped suckling on Susan's nipple, and asked her, "Who could that be?"

"I have no idea. I can't imagine it being a repairman or Fed Ex or something like that. They're never THAT insistent."

"Hmmm. Well, I think you'd better go answer it then. Throw on a robe or something and get rid of the persistent bastard. I'll take our toys and hide out in the kitchen until you give the all clear."

So Susan went and put on a robe. She was nervous that it could be some horny man who could get the wrong idea if he saw her wearing just a robe, but she figured that if worse came to worst, she could call to Suzanne for help. The doorbell rang again as she closed her robe tightly and peeked through the spy hole to see who it was.

"Oh, Brenda!" she exclaimed in relief. She shouted for Suzanne's sake, "You can come out! It's just Brenda!" Then she opened the door.

Brenda was standing there in a typical blouse and skirt, looking a bit worried and abashed.

Susan said, "Quick, come on in." (She didn't like standing before the open door in just her robe.) "What brings you here? You scared me, since I wasn't expecting guests and I'm not exactly dressed for just anyone to see me."

With Brenda inside the house and the front door closed, Susan flashed open her robe to show what she meant. Then she undid the sash and took the robe off altogether.

About the same time, Suzanne came walking through the house, also bare naked.

Brenda couldn't help but grin as she said, "It looks like I'm overdressed."

"You are," Susan said. "Heck, I can see bra strap lines, and undies are strictly forbidden in this house, so please get nude with us. But why are you here?"

"Don't you remember?" Brenda asked. "Last night, you talked about getting together today, since you'd canceled on me yesterday. I tried calling and calling this morning..."

"We had fun at the fashion show, didn't we?" Susan asked in fond memory as she watched Brenda strip.

"Yes, but you promised some one-on-one time, and I was so looking forward to that. Don't you remember our fun at the neighborhood party the night before that, talking about-"

Susan cut in, "Yes, I do." She didn't want Brenda to mention their Alan wedding fantasy in front of Suzanne, since she figured Suzanne would scoff and think it silly. "And I'm sorry. I've been with Suzanne pretty much all day. We were exercising in the basement, and then hanging out in the backyard, and whatnot. So I must have missed your calls." (Actually, she'd heard the phone ring a few times, but she was having such fun with Suzanne that she didn't bother to answer).

Brenda got a bit nervous as she said, "I wanted to visit so much that I'm embarrassed about it. Last night was one of the most thrilling times in my life! No, make that THE most! I hope I didn't come at a bad time, but I happened to be driving by, and, well, I thought maybe you left your phone off the hook or something..."

Suzanne spoke up as she stood right in front of Brenda with her hands on her hips. She asked harshly, "Brenda, do you make a habit of lying to your natural superiors?"

Brenda, now fully naked, reacted as if she'd been slapped. "What? Me?! No! I would never do that!"

"There, that's a third lie." Suzanne crossed her arms under her massive tits to show increased annoyance. "Brenda, if you 'just happened' to be in the neighborhood, then I'm a monkey's uncle. And if the phone was off the hook, then you'd get a busy signal when you called back. I'll bet from your messages on Susan's answering machine that we can prove you're lying about that."

Brenda looked this way and that, as if searching for a way to escape. She covered up her pussy and boobs in her nervousness (or at least she tried to - she had too much tit-flesh to even begin to cover her bosom using just one hand and an arm).

Susan saw how Brenda was squirming under the intense glare from Suzanne, and said, "Come on, Suzanne, cut her some slack. So she really wanted to visit me, and told a white lie or two to cover her embarrassment. I think it's kind of cute."

Suzanne glowered, "You may be a big softie, Susan, but I'm not. Brenda lied to me, and she needs to understand that is NEVER acceptable! Besides, where are our 'hello' kisses?"

Brenda's face turned red as she recalled just how intimate her 'goodbye kisses' had been the night before. What started with kissing had soon turned into prolonged all-out whole-body fondling. Her heart raced as she imagined being "kissed" like that again.

"I think a spanking is in order. Just how much and how harsh it is will depend on how much love and effort you put into our 'hello' greeting kisses."

"Oh!" Brenda was very surprised by that. She certainly didn't want to upset Suzanne any further. Besides, she secretly (or even not-so-secretly) relished the idea of getting spanked by her Amazonian friend. She closed her eyes, puckered her lips, and stepped forward.

Suzanne began making out with Brenda, freely fondling her naked body.

Brenda had trouble getting in the mood, since she was still frightened, but that changed once Suzanne started repeatedly pulling on her long nipples.

While Suzanne did that, she nodded to Susan, who was just standing there, waiting for her turn.

Susan understood Suzanne's nonverbal gestures, and joined in, hugging Brenda from behind. Once she began poking around the edges of Brenda's anus, Brenda started panting so hard with extreme arousal that Suzanne had trouble continuing to kiss her.

In the end the three of them all but fucked standing up, trading kisses, fingering pussies, and rubbing their impressive racks together.

Brenda felt as if she were on cloud nine. Yesterday, Alan tamed me thoroughly. Now it seems like Suzanne and Susan are taming me too! Although, they don't have a big fat cock to suck on, between the two of them it feels almost as good. It kind of puts things in perspective. I've been fretting all day about the implications of last night, but they're reminding me that I'm only a busty sex pet. It's not my job to fret, just to serve and obey!

Shortly after Brenda had a nice cum, Suzanne said to her, "Okay, enough of that. It's time for your spanking."


Without further ado, Suzanne bent Brenda over the backside of the nearest sofa and started walloping on Brenda's ass. This was no sexy spanking meant to arouse; this was a painful spanking meant to punish.

Susan was so shocked that she said to Suzanne, "Stop! Stop! Why are you doing this?!"

Suzanne stopped, and said to Brenda, "You stay right there. Don't move an inch." Then she walked Susan into the kitchen so they could talk in private.

Once there, Susan launched into Suzanne with a quiet yet urgent hiss. "What's gotten into you?! You're being so harsh! Sure, she told a couple of little white lies, but that's no big deal. Everyone tells lies like that all the time, including you."

Suzanne held up her hands defensively. "Whoa! Hold your horses. Give me a chance to explain. Yes, I'm fully aware she didn't really do anything wrong. I was just looking for some excuse to spank her, and that fell into my lap quite nicely."

"But why?! That's not a nice, sexy spanking; it looks like it really hurts! You left her there on the brink of tears."

"Let me explain. Look, we've learned that Brenda is very submissive, and she's pretty much fallen under Sweetie's spell. She needs to understand that I'm a boss around here too. A couple of harsh spankings will make that clear, and then we can carry on like normal. And it's not just that I want to be some bossy bitch; she needs this. She needs to submit. That's what's been missing in her life, and that's what makes her horny and happy. If you think about it, the way he spanked her last night is what really, well... I don't know. Changed her, somehow."

Susan nodded. That was the moment he fully tamed her. I guess Suzanne isn't big on that lingo, but that's exactly what happened. Spanking showed her that Tiger is her superior who needs to be obeyed and pleasured at all times.

Actually, now that I think about it, I wish he'd give me a really harsh spanking! That would be so hot! He did give me one, and it was very arousing, but it wasn't that harsh. He really needs to put me in my place and remind me exactly who's the boss!

Suzanne added, "Actually, you should join in. She should understand that this is your house, and your rules are how things are done around here."

Susan thought about that, and then decided, "Well, I suppose that's okay. You spanking her and all. But I don't think it's for me. I'm not that different from her, actually."

Suzanne replied, "I beg to differ. Sure, you love Sweetie dominating you, and even Angel doing the same sometimes, but you also have a spine of steel and you can put your foot down in a forceful way when it's needed. I think it would do you some good to see things from the other side sometimes."

Susan said fretfully, "Maybe, but I wouldn't know where to begin. It's just not me!"

"Watch what I do, and learn. Don't ask her what she wants, give her orders. It'll come to you."

The two nude mothers walked back to where Brenda was still bent over the sofa. As they had ordered, it looked like she hadn't moved an inch. However, the smell of wet pussy was noticeably more pungent than when they'd left.

Suzanne whacked Brenda's ass about ten more times, just as mercilessly as before, and then said to her, "Well, it looks like you're gonna get a bit of a break. I was going to do a lot more, but I got to talking to Susan for so long that I kind of lost my spanking mood. You can get up."

Brenda immediately rose. However, she kept her head down, and fumbled for what to say. "Thank you, uh, er..."

"Mistress," Suzanne said firmly. "You may call me 'Mistress,' or 'Mistress Suzanne.'"

"Yes, Mistress." A visible wave of relief and happiness passed through Brenda, as that issue got resolved. She's tamed me too! True, it's not as intense a feeling as what I feel with Master Alan, but just looking at her now, I feel a powerful craving to serve and obey. Bliss! And to call her Mistress Suzanne... Oh! Perfection!

She glanced at Susan. That's curious. I kind of feel it with her as well. It's not as strong, but it's there. I guess if nothing else, the fact that she's the mother of Alan means she deserves to be treated with great respect. And of course, she's the best friend of Mistress Suzanne.

Hmmm. I wonder if she'd let me call her Mistress Susan?

Suzanne raised her head imperially, and said to Brenda, "You may kiss my feet. Then you can kiss my pussy."

Susan looked at Suzanne in total shock. She gave her an upset "You've gone too far!" look.

But Brenda didn't even hesitate. She kissed both of Suzanne's feet quite thoroughly, kissing each toe, and then she got up on her knees and lapped at Suzanne's pussy lips and clit.

Susan didn't know what to think. But she watched Brenda lick and kiss Suzanne's pussy for a couple of minutes, and it was hard to deny just how content Brenda was. Brenda even kept her arms pinned behind her back, despite the fact that no one had told her to do so. She was obviously working hard to give Suzanne a nice orgasm, and she eventually succeeded, although it was hard to tell, since Suzanne's body shuddered and she suddenly grasped Brenda's head with both hands, but she didn't cry out or speak.

Finally, Suzanne stepped back and said to her, "Very good. You may stand. Now, what were you hoping to do with Susan today?"

Brenda was out of sorts. Obviously, everything that had just happened, from the spanking through to her kissing and licking of Suzanne's feet and pussy, had had a big effect on her. But Suzanne was expecting her to make small talk and carry on like it was no big deal. She stumbled around for something to say. "Um, I, er... Suzanne, I mean, uh, Mistress Suzanne, I..."

Suzanne reached out and tenderly stroked the side of Brenda's face, and then slid her hand down until she cupped one of Brenda's huge globes from underneath. "Calm down, take a deep breath, and start over. It's a simple question. What would you like to do with Susan today?"

Brenda closed her eyes, exhaled, and then opened them again. She looked to Susan hopefully. "Well, as you know, Susan and I have been talking a lot lately, and it's been great. Of course, we've mostly been talking about Alan, and how good it is to be with him and serve his cock. We've been practicing with a dildo so I can improve my sucking."

Suzanne nodded. "Good. I take it you'd like to talk about all that some more."

Brenda nodded back shyly. She looked over to Susan and they shared a knowing smile. Susan even licked all around her lips, as if cleaning her face of some cum. That nearly made Brenda giggle.

"I've got some things to do, so I'll leave you two to it." Suzanne felt it was extremely important to keep Susan cumming all day long, so that Susan would be too sexually satiated to be up for a big sex-fest with Alan when he came home. Suzanne had been planning to stay with Susan until Alan came home, but it looked like Brenda could do that, thus freeing Suzanne up to do other things. Suzanne spent so much time keeping Susan perpetually horny as part of her long term plan to turn the Plummer family into her sexual utopia that her other errands and responsibilities were piling up.

She reviewed her thinking as she idly fondled Brenda's great orbs. Then she added, "I'll probably stop by in an hour or two to say 'hi' and see how you're coming along." She wasn't entirely sure how things would go between Susan and Brenda, so she figured it would be prudent to check.

Suzanne exchanged goodbye French kisses with Susan and Brenda, and then went to the underwear cabinet, put her clothes on, and left.


Brenda was left breathless, in more ways than one. She stared at the front door after Suzanne had gone, seemingly trying to will Suzanne to come back. She sighed happily, and said to Susan, "Mistress Suzanne sure is something, isn't she?"

"She is," Susan agreed. "You... uh, you didn't mind the spanking? It was pretty harsh."

Brenda rubbed her bare bubble butt, after that reminder. "Yeah, I guess my ass will be red and sore for a while. But mind it? No way. I deserved it! I lied to her, and to you. It was unforgivable!"

Susan was going to point out that those were just harmless white lies, but she remembered Suzanne's advice to have a take charge attitude with Brenda. So instead, she asked, "What about all that pussy licking and kissing with her? Don't you still insist that you don't like that kind of thing?"

"Yes, but she gave me a direct order. What choice did I have? Besides, she's my mistress. How could I not enjoy pleasuring her, at least a little?" She turned her head away, because she'd enjoyed it more than just a little and she was embarrassed that it might show in her face.

Susan thought, Interesting. As usual, Suzanne knows what she's doing. Brenda is taking to this like a duck to water. I should probably stay out of this and not question Suzanne's moves in front of Brenda.

Brenda spoke up. "Let's talk! I've got so much to say, especially about last night. Oh my God! Wasn't that exciting? I could talk about that for hours and hours. Ever since I woke up this morning, it's like I've had a ghost cock in my mouth!"

"What do you mean? Oh, by the way, I'm tired of standing here. Let's go upstairs and get comfy."

As Susan led her up the stairs, Brenda explained, "It's like I can still feel and taste Alan's cock. Sometimes, I just open my jaw wide and recall the thrill of feeling his incredibly thick cock-meat completely filling my mouth. I practice sucking and licking, although there's nothing there. I was even doing that a few times while I was driving here. Is that weird?" She giggled a bit nervously. "I guess that's pretty weird."

Susan took Brenda's hand as they walked, squeezing it reassuringly. "As a matter of fact, it's not weird at all. I do it ALL the time!"


"Sure. In fact, sometimes I do that and then I take a big whiff, and it's like I can smell Tiger's sperm! Luckily, it isn't always just my imagination, since I usually have a residue of his spermy love on my face and my tits - I'm careful not to wash those areas if he gives me a creamy facial in the morning." She sniffed the air. "MMMM! And of course most of the rooms smell like his potent seed. I can smell it right now."

They'd made it to the upstairs hallway. Brenda stopped, and said, "Really? Where? Can I have a sniff?"

"Sure thing. I took half his load in my mouth this morning, so unfortunately there isn't as much on my skin as usual. But you can still smell some on my chin and cheeks, I'll bet. And then most of it dripped down into my cleavage."

Brenda sighed with a near orgasmic intensity as she sniffed Susan repeatedly in all the places just mentioned. She wasn't shy about it at all, and placed her nose directly on Susan's skin. "Aaaaah! Mmmm! Yes! I can definitely smell him. Oh, yes! It's making me so thirsty!"

Susan chuckled knowingly. "Yeah, that's the problem. I try not to sniff myself too much, because it only makes me thirsty, and the only source to quench that thirst is sitting in school right now." She sighed longingly. But then she added helpfully, "Take a deep whiff in my cleavage. His flavor seems to linger deep in there especially well. Maybe because it's always flowing and pooling into there."

"Oh, YES!" Brenda exclaimed. In a flash, she had her face completely buried between Susan's twin globes. "It IS really strong in here!"

"Go ahead and lick it."

"Can I? Really?"


"Aaaaah!" Brenda sighed as she licked. "So good. I love the mixture of aromas. It seems manly, like him, yet feminine, like you. It's almost MORE delicious than just Alan alone!" She kept on licking and sniffing, almost like she was "motorboating" there.

Susan held her breasts together so Brenda's face would be totally enveloped in tit-flesh. At the same time, she said, "Brenda, I have bad news. I've been talking about Alan with Suzanne all day now. In particular, we went over what happened last night in great detail, for like, two hours. I'm kind of all talked out about that for a while."

Brenda exclaimed impatiently, "But I just have to talk to you about Alan taming me last night! I know that he tamed you already, so now you've been tamed and I've been tamed, and it's all so wonderful! We have SO much more in common now, so much to talk about!"

Susan grinned widely. "I know. Remember, I was there. I saw your taming with my own eyes, and it was simply priceless. I love your enthusiasm, and of course I love that he tamed you. I've had my issues with you, and I guess I still do" - she looked pointedly at Brenda's enormous bare breasts - "but there's no denying that you're very Alan-worthy. I adore your general enthusiasm, and your passion for serving his cock. I think you'll make a fine sex toy."

"You think so?!" Brenda was so far gone into her new lifestyle that she only felt a small twinge of doubt about whether being a "sex toy" or "sex pet" might not be her best option. But in the blink of an eye that doubt vanished.

"I think so. Time will tell if you're really in it for the long haul, like I am. But can we please talk about all that later? Like I said, I've already JUST talked to Suzanne about last night, to the point that it seems like it happened to me twice."

"Lucky you!" Brenda grinned impishly.

"I know. But seriously, let's wait. Besides, waiting will be good for you. You've gotta try to take this kind of thing in stride."

"In stride?! What could be more important? My entire life has changed!"

"I know, I know. But now that you're tamed, you don't have to be jumping up and down all the time like you can't believe it's happened to you. Accept it as the new normal. Drink it in, savor it, sure. Let it put an extra spring in your step all the time. Never, ever forget that pleasuring Tiger's cock is the most important thing you can do."

Brenda interrupted, "I won't! I can't! How can I? Before, I thought sex was just sex. Sure, sex could be fun, but it was just another part of life, like watching a good movie or eating an excellent meal. But it's so much MORE! I mean, when I have his cock in my hands, or my mouth, or my cleavage, I feel so good, so satisfied, so fulfilled, that I almost want to cry!"

Susan gave Brenda a supportive hug. "I know. Me too." She stepped back. "Look at our bodies. These are uncommon bodies. We're his personal cocksuckers. His sex toys. We're fuck pets. Sex slaves, even! Whatever you want to call it, the point is, we obviously were born and bred for sex!"

Brenda asked shyly, "Do you think... well... I know it's presumptuous of me, but do you think any of those terms could officially apply to me?"

Susan considered that carefully. She knew that Suzanne still wanted to bring Brenda along slowly. So she said, "Keep in mind that most of those terms are just things us ladies call ourselves. Tiger wouldn't approve."

Brenda pointed out, "But doesn't he let Katherine call herself his fuck toy?"

"That's true. It's complicated. I guess sometimes he approves and other times he doesn't, depending on his mood and especially on how aroused he is. We need to be patient about that. Remember, these are uncharted waters for him. He needs time to adjust to the fact that he has a harem of women dedicated to serving him sexually."

Brenda nodded.

Susan continued, "The one title there that's more or less official is 'personal cocksucker.' If it were up to me, I'd say you earned that title last night. But then again, I'm not the man of the house with a thick horse cock. You need to ask him. Next time he's splattered his load all over your face and you're cleaning his crotch, ask him then. He'll be in a particularly receptive mood, I'm sure."

Brenda nodded again. Her heart was beating fast as she contemplated doing just that.

Susan resumed, "Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I was saying that we're obviously born and bred for sex. And just as obviously, these special bodies are meant for special men. Like Alan. I haven't figured it all out yet, but somehow it's all part of God's plan."

Brenda nodded at that too, since she was in complete agreement.

Susan continued, "So, naturally, when you or I do the regular things in life, like washing the dishes or going to the D.M.V., that's a waste of our bodies. But when we're doing something like sucking off our man, it clicks! THIS is what we're made for. That's why it feels so right to you, because it IS so right. But don't jump up and down like you somehow lucked into it and can't believe it. Be cool. Act like you deserve it, because you do deserve it."

Brenda suddenly embraced Susan, holding her tightly. She sighed heavily, but from relief, not sadness. Finally she said, "That was beautiful. Thank you. I want to talk to you a lot more today, about the tamed life, but that'll hold me for a while."

Susan smiled and playfully kissed her friend's nose. "Good!" She let go and stepped back. "But I have another suggestion. Remember, the life of a sex pet is not a walk in the park. If we're not busy serving Alan and his insatiable cock, then it's good to be preparing, bettering ourselves. And I have just the thing."

Brenda cocked her head, looking curious.

"Katherine printed out a big stack of erotic stories for me that she found on the Internet. They're so hot! And informative. I was thinking we could read them to each other."

"Okay," Brenda said agreeably enough. She was no stranger to pornography, especially since she hadn't even had sex with her husband for the last three years. "That sounds like fun. What kind of stories are they, exactly?"

Susan pulled away and walked to her bed. She opened a drawer in her end table and held up a large stack of papers. "Look how many!" she pointed out. "Angel's been collecting them for YEARS! Which is interesting, because they're ALL incest stories! Specifically, mother-son stories." She sat down on her bed.

Brenda sat down next to her and took a closer look at the stack. "She's into mother-son stories? I would think she's more into the brother-sister kind."

"I asked her about that, actually. Turns out she's got an even BIGGER stack of those! Although I should point out, most of these stories involve sisters too. The focus is on well-hung sons and big-titted mommies. But the sons are so studly that they often end up fucking their sisters, aunts, cousins, and pretty much any other beautiful women around. Does that sound like anyone else we know?" She giggled gleefully.

Brenda giggled too.

Susan continued, "I'm so FASCINATED by these stories! Not only are they EXTREMELY arousing, but they're pretty much a primer on how big-titted mommies like you and I should behave. I'm learning SO MUCH! It turns out the entire world is filled with naturally dominant sons and submissive mothers who are inevitably very beautiful and busty, and natural incestuous sex toy types! It's so exciting to know I'm part of a secret movement!"

Brenda looked at Susan and said dryly, "You do realize than 99.9% of these stories are fictional, don't you?"

"Are they?" Susan was surprised. But she quickly recovered. "Maybe they are, maybe they're not. How can you say for sure? Look at Tiger, and you, and me, for starters. Maybe this kind of thing goes on behind closed doors more than you'd expect. After all, it is the ultimate."

Brenda couldn't deny any of that, although she had big doubts. "The 'ultimate' what, exactly?"

"I mean, if you're a beautiful, stacked mother, is there anything in life more thrilling to your own son? It's the ultimate taboo!"

Brenda felt a shiver run down her spine as she thought of her own son Adrian. She knew he could never be a dominating master type like Alan, and besides, she had already committed herself to Alan. But still, the thrill of incest with the son that she loved dearly had a powerful appeal to her.

Susan failed to notice Brenda's shiver, so she continued, "But don't just listen to silly ol' me, let's read the stories and learn."

She went through her stack of papers and came up with one story that was neatly stapled together. "This looks like a really good one. It's called 'Built for One Thing,' by G. H. Lawrence. Come on, let's get comfy in the middle of the bed. I'll go get us some drinks and vibrators so we can enjoy it that much more. Don't be afraid to cum to your heart's content because I'll be changing the sheets when we're done anyway."

Susan soon returned with a bottle of Riesling white wine and glasses on a bed tray, and two egg sized vibrators (she didn't want to be tempted to put any of the penis-sized ones in her pussy).

Brenda was already lying on the bed, skimming the story.

Susan asked, "So do you want to do the reading first, or should I?"

"Can I? I'm already familiar with this one, and I can skip or summarize some of the less arousing parts."

"You ARE?! But how?!"

Brenda laughed. "Stories like this are on the Internet for anyone to see."

"Well, I know that, but..." Susan chuckled. "Sorry, forgive me. To be honest, I didn't even know stories like this existed until very recently. I've been very sheltered. I'm still getting used to the idea that not only are they out there, but lots of people read them."

Brenda said, "I have a hard time relating to that, because I've been reading these stories for years and years. My husband was ignoring me more and more, and I had a high sex drive and didn't want to cheat, so this was the natural answer."

Susan sighed sadly. "I know all too well about husbands ignoring their sexual duties, but let's not go there. Please, start reading!" She had already found her place lying against the headboard and pillows right next to Brenda.

Brenda began, "'I had wanted to fuck my gorgeous mother since the moment I learned what fucking was all about. Then, one summer night in high school, I finally got my wish.'"


Susan said, "Stop! Stop right there. That says so much right there. Since you know the story already, is she busty?"

"Oh yes. Very. She's got absolutely humongous knockers. And he's extremely well-hung."

"You see? It's all so perfect! He's in high school, and everything. It's like I'm reading about Tiger and me! Oh! Can I ask you a favor? Whoever the mother is, can you try to call her 'Susan' or 'Mommy?' And the son - can you call him 'Alan' or 'Tiger?'"

Brenda chuckled. "Sure. I wonder why you like those names, out of all the possible names in the world." She rolled her eyes, but it was all in good fun.

Susan just smiled from ear to ear.

Brenda smiled too. Even though she already knew the story fairly well, she knew she'd have a great time reading it, because Susan was so excited, horny, and happy, she couldn't help but get excited too.

Brenda looked back at the text. "I'm going to read this with one hand, if you know what I mean." She smiled a little sheepishly as she started fingering her clit. "Anyway, let's continue. 'At a very young age, I had become aware of my mother Susan's ravishing looks..."

About an hour later, Suzanne let herself into the Plummer house. Keeping all her clothes on, at least for now, she went to go find what Susan and Brenda were up to.

It didn't take long for her to find out they were in Susan's bedroom, since they were moaning and panting quite loudly, and the door wasn't closed all the way.

Suzanne didn't want to disturb them if they were in the middle of something good, so she crept up quietly and then peered through the gap in the door.

Brenda and Susan were lying side by side. They were both naked, sweaty, and busy fingering their own pussies. Susan had her eyes closed, appearing to be off in some other world. But Brenda had some papers in her hand, and she was reading: "'Oh, God, Alan, get your pants down, Tiger. Holy Christ, get your pants down so I can start sucking your dick.'"

Susan cut in. "Yes, Tiger, hurry! Mommy wants you to fuck her mouth!"

Brenda seemed to be used to interruptions like that, because she took it in stride, and continued, "'Her panic was contagious. I unzipped my fly, lifted my hips, and tore my jeans and shorts down onto my thighs. My cock sprang out and stood straight up, bigger than I have ever seen it-'"

Susan cried out, "Oh GOD! It's so BIG!"

Brenda closed her eyes and sighed happily. "Yes, it is. So big and tasty! I love the difficulty of stretching my lips around it. That reminds me... Mistress Susan, remember last night, when we were licking it together?"

"MMMM! Do I ever! We were a great team, lapping and slurping and slathering our tongues all over his great big super fat COCK! MMMM! Remember how everyone else wanted to get back to the dancing, but he kept stalling for time, so he could revel in what we were doing?"

"Aaaaah, yeah!" Brenda purred. "He's so clever. How can women like us ever resist a clever boy like that?"

"We can't! We have no chance. All we can do is SERVE! But please, continue the story! I'm about to cum again!"

Brenda opened her eyes and tried to find her previous spot on the page. "Listen to this: 'I felt the warm leather seat under my ass. I looked at her with a nasty sneer of pride.' The story Alan is just like the real Alan. He's utterly dominating his busty mommy! He's showing no mercy! He's turning her into his personal sex pet!"

"I know! SO HOT! Please continue!"

"'"Oooh, Alan," she said, gaping at his huge dick. Then she leaned across the seats toward it, her great big tits hanging down against each other. "Suck it," I said.'"

Susan's mouth went wide and made a perfect 'O' shape, In her mind, she was ready to engulf his thickness.

Brenda continued, "'Her mouth engulfed my rigid dick before I even got those words out. She stretched her jaw open and slid her full lips down the top half of it, and the car filled with slurping and smacking noises.'"

Susan cried out, "MMMM! Gonna cum! Again!"

Brenda cried back, as she peeked at the contents on the next page, "Wait! Not yet! It gets even better! She's gonna deep throat him, and then he's gonna fuck her HOT CUNT!"

Susan yelled, "Oh God! Too hot! Too hot! I can't take it!" Her fingers were madly pumping in and out of her tight slit.

Suzanne smiled widely. This is just too precious! To think that I worried they might be doing something non-sexual. Brenda definitely has things well in hand. I'd better go before I get sucked into the story and start cumming just as much as them. I've got things to do.

She quietly backed away, and then walked downstairs and out of the house.


Ironically, given Alan's new resolution to distance himself from the cheerleaders, the first thing he did after school was go and fuck three of them.

Monday afternoon normally meant another "S-Club" meeting (or "S-A-Club meeting" as everyone but Alan now called them), now that Katherine and Alan were no longer grounded.

Alan was going to cancel it due to his huge homework load, but then Kim announced at the end of school that Amy would be joining them as well. He realized what a good and fun idea that was, so he couldn't resist the invitation. He figured it didn't really go against his new cheerleader stance, since two of the cheerleaders in question were Amy and Katherine. Plus, he liked Kim a lot.

Alan, Katherine, and Amy drove together. When they got to Kim's house, Alan was surprised to see that the girls all went to Kim's room and sat down, fully clothed, and started acting as if they really were in a normal club.

Kim sat in a chair facing the other three sitting on her bed and appeared to lead the meeting. She pounded on her arm rest and said with an amused smirk on her face, "The meeting of the Service Alan Club will come to order."

Katherine immediately raised her hand.

Kim called on her. "Yes, Katherine?"

Alan's sister spoke in a mock officious and nerdy tone. "I suggest we all get naked and immediately start servicing Alan. It is, after all, the core mission of our organization."

Kim smiled and nodded in agreement. "Indeed. If I may quote the mission statement of our organization, which I've memorized, 'Service Alan with our cunts, asses, tits, and mouths. Drain him dry.' It's pretty simple, really. Does anyone second the motion?"

Amy raised her hand. "I do. But I want to make clear that we're all united in determination to make Alan feel so horny and so good that he doesn't know up from down. Maybe we can put that in the official record or something. I propose we start by having one girl strip the clothes off another while the third begins cocksucking him without further ado."

Kim replied, "I agree. Katherine what do you think of that suggestion? Oooh. Looks like Amy has already nominated herself for the cocksucking part. You go, girl. That's what our organization needs: take charge go-getters!"

Amy had dropped between Alan's legs and had his penis far inside her mouth in a near deep throating.

Kim said to Katherine, "That leaves you and me to get started with the visual stimulation. All in favor say 'aye' or wrap your tongue around a cock and pump it between your lips."


Alan, Kim, and Katherine said "aye."

Alan then announced gleefully, "I can safely say that Amy voted yes as well."

"Good." Kim stood up, then reached out a hand and helped Katherine up. "Katherine, we at the Service Alan Club have to acknowledge that since you're his sister, he gets most aroused by you and fucks you the most. Not to mention, you have a damn fine body which we all adore. So it's only appropriate that you strip first. All in favor of that motion say 'aye' or stick your finger up Alan's ass."

Alan gasped. "Oh! I can again confirm that Amy joined in with the ayes." It hadn't been easy, but Amy had managed to pull his shorts down and push a finger up his asshole, despite the fact that he was sitting down. He also realized that Amy somehow was managing to take off her own clothes even while mostly keeping her hands on his privates. She enjoyed rubbing her nipples across the skin of his legs at every opportunity.

Kim put on a collection of James Brown's greatest hits.

Katherine stood before Alan and began dancing to the funky beat while Kim, also dancing, worked on removing her friend's clothes. There was a lot of licking and kissing and fondling. Before long, a good deal of Kim's clothing came off too.

Alan bounced around a bit while remaining seated, enjoying the music.

Even Amy bounced and sucked cock to the beat.

Before long, Kim and Katherine were naked and sexually exploring each other with abandon right in front of Alan.

Then the song "Sex Machine" came on. Kim paused in her sucking of one of Katherine's tits (though her fingers in Katherine's pussy didn't cease moving). She said, "All those in favor of declaring Alan the official number one sex machine of our high school, say aye or deep throat him."

That was a challenge for Amy, since she'd never deep throated before. But she'd been reading up on it, and more importantly getting tips from Suzanne in recent days. They'd even discussed deep throating. As a result, she was able to take him all the way with only a little bit of gagging. She couldn't hold it long, and it was a far cry from one of Glory's expert jobs, but it was a good start.

He patted Amy on the head encouragingly.

Katherine joked in a deadpan voice, "It looks like the measure passes. Which frankly astounds me. Great job, Aims! I resolve that Alan stays on the scene like a, like a, sex machine."

Alan, also quoting from the James Brown song, replied equally seriously, "Fellas, I'm ready to get up and do MY thang. Movin', doin' it, you know."

Everyone laughed.

Then he continued in a more normal voice, "I also have a proposal. I propose that we get down to some serious fucking already. Amy is such a naturally talented cocksucker and now upcoming deep throater, and this mutual striptease and grope session is so arousing that I don't think I can last much longer. And I get to unload in women's mouths all the time. I want to deposit this load in a nice, warm pussy."

Kim disengaged from Katherine and clapped her hands to get attention. "You heard him, girls. We Service Alan Club members must act like a well-oiled machine to give him maximum pleasure."

Katherine suggested, "More like a well-lubed, dripping, and juicy pussy sex machine."

Kim replied officiously. "I stand corrected. Please make the proper correction in the minutes for the meeting. Quick. Let's assume our positions and bust out the condoms. Oh, wait. First we must vote on his proposal. All in favor say 'aye' or put one of his balls in your mouth and suck on it."

To Kim's surprise, she was the only one who had to say "aye." Katherine dropped down and joined Amy as each of them took one of his balls in their mouths.

He hadn't even known that was physically possible, but the two girls managed to find room cheek to cheek. He was too overwhelmed by the resulting sensation to remember to vote.

Kim joked, "I take it that's an abstention from Alan, but the motion carries by three votes to none."

Kim then roused everyone up. She clapped her hands to get attention and repeated, "Let's assume our positions. Katherine, as Alan's sister and the possessor of one of the finest tasting pussies in the known universe, a fact I can personally attest to, it's only right that you get fucked first and often. So assume the position on the bed and spread your sopping and incestuous thighs real wide."

Katherine saluted and did so.

Then Kim turned to Alan. "You fuck your sister sitting up. That way, Amy and I have more of you and her to play with. Amy, since you have arguably the biggest tits of us all, your main job is to satisfy your boyfriend's tit craving. Keep them buried in his face until he's drowning in tit flesh. Alan, reward her by sucking and nibbling on her nipples as much as you can. Also, Amy, you can sit on Katherine's face and still lean forward for your tit duties. Sound good?"

"M'kay! Sounds super! It's like two for one fun!" Amy naturally reacted with great enthusiasm.

They all started to assume their positions.

Kim spoke mostly to herself now. "That leaves me, little Kim, in charge of Alan's backside. This mostly means I get to lick and finger his asshole, though I'm going to keep my hard little nips digging in his manly back at every opportunity. That's it, Alan, plow your sister's fertile fields deep and fill her with your incestuous brother-cum..."

Kim's orchestration of events and her taking the least desirable spot had a purpose. Given Alan's earlier announcement to the cheerleaders that he'd be devoting all his school lunches to "working" with Glory, not to mention his near cancellation of today's Service Alan Club meeting, she knew she was very lucky to have him there at all. So she went out of her way to please him in every possible way, hoping that would encourage him to come back to use her house to fuck again and again.

She was very successful. Alan had a great time, and her organization of events helped. For instance, after he'd fucked Katherine for a while, he seemed to run out of energy. When his penis grew flaccid, he begged off and said he'd need to take a long strategic break. He considered taking a nap or a shower to get a second wind. But Kim had another idea. She got her cheerleader uniform out of a drawer without Alan noticing, and then ushered Amy and Katherine out of the room.

A minute or two, she came back in, with Amy and Katherine following behind. She announced, "Alan, it has come to my attention that you have a sister who is also a cheerleader, and yet you've never fucked her in her cheerleader uniform. I think that's just wrong! Every good American boy deserves a busty bombshell cheerleader slave sister."

She stepped aside, and Amy and Katherine stepped into the room. Katherine led the way, but her head was bowed down and Amy held her hands behind her back, as if Katherine were somehow enslaved.

Alan loved the idea of fucking his cheerleader sister, and the whole slave idea had an even more curiously powerful appeal. Within seconds, his dick engorged to full size, and he felt he had enough energy to run up a mountain.

It seemed it was only seconds later when he was pounding his cock into Katherine like it was an Olympic event and he was going for the gold. All the while, Kim and Amy helped "restrain" Katherine, as if she was enslaved and being fucked against her will (although of course she was loving every second).


When he finally came into her, he thought he was done for sure. But then Kim came to the rescue again. She arranged for Amy to lick his cum out of Katherine's cunt, while Kim kept up the slavery pretense and restrained Katherine in a variety of sexy ways.

That caused Alan's penis to stir back to life, but it still wasn't fully hard.

So Kim had another idea. She sat up in the bed and announced, "Okay Alan, to get you fully warmed up for your next fucking, I say we give you a triple blowjob. Have you ever had one of those before?"

"Nope." He grinned. "I can't say it sounds like a bad idea, though."

"Today's your first then. We're going to have to work this out so we can fit three heads around it. Let's see. Alan, you go sit on the edge of the bed..."

They got it all arranged, and sure enough, three tongues were soon busy licking his rod at the same time. They got it hard in seconds, and then kept going on it. One tongue and mouth typically sucked on his cockhead, but made sure not to go too far down so the others could have room. Another tongue generally focused just on his sensitive spot below the head, and the third went roaming at the base, with a hand or two usually assisting by rubbing. And that's not to mention the hands and tongues that worked on his balls and anus.

They'd do that for a while, and then switch positions, with the cockhead sucking spot being the most coveted one.

Alan closed his eyes and let his hands roam freely, not looking where they were going. There was always a tit, or ass, or pussy to fondle. It seemed that whomever he touched would soon respond with an orgasm. He felt a bit like Santa Claus, except he was handing out climaxes wherever he went instead of wrapped presents. He felt that it was nice, too, to just take directions for once (from Kim the conductor) and not have to be the one leading events.


He was struck, though not for the first time, at just how wet and sticky most sexual acts were. With three tongues lapping frantically on his penis, it became positively drenched in saliva and pre-cum. The girls' faces grew increasingly sticky too, even before he came on them. He found that the more he took part in sex, the less he thought of all the bodily fluids as gross and actually came to love seeing the look of wet skin, drenched in sweaty, juicy sex.

He was thinking about calling for a break so he could last longer, but all those busy tongues were just too much for him. He came hard, and sprayed his cum equally across all three faces.

He was so aroused that his penis never really went flaccid afterwards. Still, he took some time to recover. As he sat back on the bed and idly pulled on the two clits nearest his reach, he commented, "Wow. Thank you all. A triple blow is so great. I mean, not only does it feel fantastic, but it's such a power trip to have three girls all so eager to get a piece of my boner. The way you three all subtly jostled and fought to take control of a bigger piece of cock - I actually like that."

Amy answered, "We're in the Service Alan Club. That's our job. I'm soooo all over that duty. It's so funtastic! The only bummer is when there's not enough official boyfriend Alan cock to service."

He swung over her. "Good answer. I'll show you something else that's fun. I'm going to fuck you for a while, and then Kim. Meanwhile, Kim and Katherine, let me take Amy solo and you two have fun with each other lying right next to us."

Amy objected, though not very forcefully, "Don't you want to fuck Kat some more? If that's what you want to do the most..."

He replied, "Now Aims, I know you're pretty selfless, but you can't possibly be that selfless. I know you want it, and you're gonna get it."

Kim added, "Sorry, Amy. I may be the president of the Service Alan Club, but Alan is the emperor of the club, and what he says goes. The votes are just for show, because he's in complete charge and we just have to lie there and take it. I'm afraid you're going to be fucked down to the marrow of your bones. You are nothing but a big-titted, wide-assed cum receptacle at this point, honey."

Amy pretended anguish. "Oh dear." She squirmed around on the bed, flaunting all her charms in the process. "Whatever will I do? I'm just a helpless cunt!"

Kim joked, "Everyone in favor of Alan's motion to fuck that helpless but tasty cunt, signify by deep throating him. No 'ayes' this time."

That led to a lot of frustrated groans, since all the girls were bad at deep throating. In fact, Amy was the only one who could do it at all, so far.

Alan groaned too, since he wanted to get on with the fucking, but he realized it would be good practice for the girls, which would benefit him later.

Kim and Katherine were hopelessly out to sea at deep throating, but Amy soon had them practicing the basics, even though it was mostly a case of the blind leading the blind.

Eventually they tired of their practice. Since it was mostly an exercise in frustration and gagging, Alan still hadn't cum.


As a result, Alan was chomping at the bit to fuck Amy. He raised a hand. "Good job, girls. Now, I'd like to make a motion that Amy lie down to get royally rammed. Kim and Kat, you two can help maximize her fun by playing with her as we fuck. All in favor, raise your hand."

Kim complained, "Alan, you're the dictator here. No need for a vote. Lie down and get ready for a massive dick invasion, Amy."

But Alan said, "That may be true, but from my reading of history, the most successful dictators are benevolent dictators using a thin veneer of democracy for political cover."

"Fine," Kim mock-huffed. "But vote by raising hands? Boooor-ring. Let's amend that to vote aye by licking Alan's cock from base to tip, then back again."

An awful lot of "voting" ensued. Alan finally had to put his foot down and stop what was rapidly becoming another triple blowjob lest he cum before he could stick his dick in Amy. He pointed out, accurately but jokingly, "Okay, okay. The vote's at least 20 to nothing by now."

"I still haven't voted... much," Katherine teased as she licked up and down her side.

"Me too," said Kim as she worked her side. "I think my votes had a hanging chad problem or something... Here. Let me vote again... And again!" She lapped her tongue against his sweet spot.

Katherine joked, "Like the saying goes, 'Vote early and vote often.'" She also lapped his sweet spot, causing her tongue to meet Kim's. That led to them sharing a cummy kiss right at the tip of his boner.

Amy, slathering his balls in her saliva, said, "Hey! I wanna vote some more too. Democracy rocks!"

But eventually he was able to get Amy to lie down. He slipped a condom on, then lay on top of her and started to thrust in and out of her hot and sloppy wet but still extremely tight tunnel.

Kim and Katherine did have fun with Amy at the same time, while continuing to maintain the format of a formal meeting. While Alan plugged away in Amy, Kim said things like, "I would like to suggest a non-binding resolution that Alan fuck Amy harder."

Katherine replied, "While I don't oppose the fine suggestion from our esteemed Alan-slut, Kim Fields, I would alternately propose that Alan fuck Amy deeper."

"That indeed is a meritorious suggestion, and I have nothing but the deepest respect for my colleague and fellow Alan-slut Katherine Plummer. Might I suggest some political log rolling? Let's us jointly sponsor a resolution for Alan to fuck Amy both harder AND deeper."

"Why, what a brilliant idea!" Katherine giggled. "He needs to roll his log into her some more in any case."

Alan was balls-deep in Amy, but he couldn't help but laugh. "You two! Cut it out! How can I concentrate on fucking when you're carrying on like that?"

"Quick Katherine, let's conclude this log rolling before we distract Alan any further."

"Log rolling? How about log pounding? Give it to her good, Brother! Dammit, fill her full of cum so you can do me next! God, how I wish you could fuck all of us at once."

Alan continued to fuck Amy while the other two played with Amy's body and hammed it up with more voting jokes.

Finally he came. Kim and Katherine had been jilling themselves at the same time, and it so happened that all four of them were able to climax at once.

He wondered if the resulting mutual scream might lead the neighbors to call the police, but Kim assured him that they would be okay. He took the condom off and was prepared to throw it away, but discovered that both Kim and Katherine wanted it.

Kim ended up winning a rock-paper-scissors contest for it, and then sucked all the cum out of it.

Alan thought that was extremely strange and slightly gross, but he kept his mouth shut.

The four of them went downstairs for a snack break. None of them bothered with any clothes.

About fifteen minutes later, they were back in bed and ready for more.

Kim pulled out a condom and held it up. "How 'bout it, Alan? This is the Service Alan Club after all, and I feel like I've been remiss in my servicing duties."

Katherine, though, also pulled out a condom and held it up. But then she deliberately let it drop. "Big Railroad Spike Brother, I think that between my pills and diaphragm you can do me bareback, don't you? You know how much I like it that way."

He replied, half seriously, "You just like it that way 'cos you're hoping I'll get you pregnant."

She grinned. "No comment."

He looked back and forth between the two eager girls and then said, "Sorry, Kim. Bareback with my sister sounds pretty good."

"Shoot." Kim didn't have a diaphragm, so she couldn't equal Katherine's double protection without using a condom. She turned to Amy and consoled herself by playing with her fellow cheerleader.

In fact, Alan took full advantage of Kim's selfless attitude. His main goal was to fuck Amy and Katherine, and everyone knew that. That's pretty much what he did.


Alan did fuck Kim some after he was done with Katherine. However, he only fucked her until she had a nice climax, and then he pulled out.

Mindful of his promise to fuck Katherine twice for every time he fucked Amy, he then pulled off the condom he'd been using and went back to Katherine. He stuck his soaking wet dick back inside her and did her bareback. He proceeded to fuck her good and hard until the two siblings came together.

After that, he didn't have any more cum or energy left.

Although Kim didn't get fucked much at all, she nonetheless had a very excellent time. To her, regular intercourse wasn't a big deal; she much preferred lesbian sex and blowjobs. So she was in heaven the whole time. Furthermore, not only did she get to suck Alan's condom dry, but Katherine allowed her to lick up the two cream pies Alan had left running down Katherine's bare pussy.

Kim loved that. She pointed out that it was like the best of both worlds: licking a pussy and eating Alan's sweet cum.

At one point near the end, Alan found himself cradling Amy in his arms. He asked her, "So Aims, what do you think of this foursome and our little club? Jealous? I know now that you do get jealous sometimes."

"It's great! That was totally funtastic! What do YOU think, Mr. Official Boyfriend? Did we do a good job?" She cleverly avoided the jealousy issue.

But he pushed, "What about the jealousy?"

"Well, there is one thing. You always seem to fuck Kat bareback, from what she tells me. But you used a condom on me." She pouted.

"If you can get double protection like Sis has, then I'll do you bareback. Ditto for you, Kim."

"M'kay!" Amy bounced up and down in his embrace.

There followed a mini-conference with Kim, Katherine, and Amy putting their heads together, no doubt discussing practicalities to make that happen. When they pulled away, they all had cat-that-ate-the-canary smiles and smirks.

Amy asked again anxiously, "So, did we do a good job?"

He replied, "Good job? It was awesome. I'm probably the luckiest guy on earth. My only concern is that after another month or two of the fawning attitude you all have I'll be hopelessly spoiled and an insufferable jerk. Like, you know the whole 'sex machine' award you guys gave me earlier? I've got to pretend I didn't hear that, even though I love it. But the whole multiple partner orgy thing is awesome. Thanks, Kim, for inviting Amy and the rest of us."

"Yeah!" Amy agreed. "I second that motion!"

Everyone laughed.

She continued, "Can I stay in the club? Please? Please?" She looked back and forth at Kim and Katherine anxiously.

Kim and Katherine looked at each other and reached non-verbal agreement. After all, it was a no-brainer decision.

Then Kim said, "Of course, especially since Alan obviously wants it. After all, this is the Service Alan Club. But the question is, who should we add in the future?"

Katherine answered, "If Brother and I are both here, then we can't have anyone else. But if it's just one of us, then we could go for one of the other cheerleaders. We can't let anyone else know about our incest."

Kim retorted, "Oh, come on! That secret can't be so secret amongst the cheerleaders. Heather at least totally has to suspect it by now. Don't you think we could invite her, and she wouldn't tell anyone?"

Katherine replied, "If she knows, that's one thing, but I'm not going to tell her if she doesn't. She's dangerous."

Alan agreed. "She's WAY dangerous. I don't trust her further than I can throw her. So don't even think about that."

"Fine," Kim harrumphed.

He added, "And please don't clue her or any of the others in, in any way!"

"I wouldn't think of it. So what about someone like Amy's mom Suzanne? She's totally hot and bisexual. She's helping Alan in every way."

Katherine complained, "Hey! Let's not talk about the mother like this when the daughter's around, okay?" She looked significantly at Amy.

But Amy said, "It's okay. I don't mind. In fact, I'd love to do sexual stuff with her. That would be, like, totally awesome!"

"Whoa, Amy," Kim responded. "Do you realize what you're saying? That's real incest. She gave birth to you."

Amy bowed her head, looking bummed. "Well, if you say it's so wrong, then I guess maybe it's not such a good idea. But I don't see what's so bad about it. Why is that wrong, but all the stuff at the Plummer house is okay? It's not like she could get me pregnant. Wouldn't we all have a lot of fun?" Getting more animated, she continued, "I mean, isn't having fun what it's all about? I think everybody should fuck everybody, and then we'd all be happy."

No one responded to that. The other three all just stared at the ceiling, lost in their own thoughts. They all knew that, unfortunately, in the real world it wasn't that simple.


Back at the Plummer house, Susan anxiously waited for Alan to come home.

Brenda had left a short time earlier. Susan had let her stay until the time she thought Alan's meeting would be over, and then some. The bombshell mothers had talked about spending the afternoon endlessly pleasuring Alan with titfucks and double blowjobs. They could hardly wait to greet him with their planned surprises. But time passed, and he still didn't show up, and so they kept reading the erotic story. Eventually, guilt got the best of Brenda, since she knew her son Adrian had come home, and she decided to go.

Susan was exhausted from having such a day of non-stop sexual delights with Akami, and then with Suzanne, and then with Brenda, and her pussy was downright sore from cumming so many times. But she and Brenda had taken turns reading the erotic story up until just before Alan came home, and even though they only made it through a few sections by the time Brenda left, it had made Susan so hot and bothered that she was ready and eager to suck cock for hours and hours. She didn't care how tired she was, because she was never too tired for her son's dick.

She assumed that Alan would be eager after coming home from what wrongly she thought was a legitimate, college application-enhancing S-Club meeting.

But Alan disappointed her.

She waited for him in the kitchen, again wearing the apron she'd taken to usually wearing when doing kitchen duties. When he walked in, she said, "Hello, Tiger. How'd the meeting go? Would you like a snack?"


Then sitting up on the kitchen sink, she spread her legs and said seductively, "Do you see anything you'd like to eat? Pie, perhaps? My muffin? I have a hot muffin for you."

She brought her hand towards her crotch, but at the last second pointed her finger in a completely different direction, indicating a plate on the counter containing both a slice of apple pie and a blueberry muffin. She laughed at her joke, and Alan laughed too.

But Alan was so tired, oversexed, and suddenly guilty about continuing to blow off his homework, that he barely even batted an eye at behavior that would have given him a heart attack had it happened some weeks earlier. "Wow, Mom, you look soooo sexy. But please don't tease me like that. I said this morning we've got to take it easy on the sexual stuff. I really should hit the books."

Susan was so horny after waiting hours for Alan to come home that she certainly wasn't going to let any of her perceived rules stop her. She tried a compromise. "I know you said that, but you have no idea how horny I am. Brenda came over, and we were reading stories about you-"


"Well, okay, technically, it wasn't a story about you. It was an incest story from the Internet, and we changed the name of the guy to 'Alan.' But it was so HOT! It's all about how he dominates and FUCKS his beautiful and buxom mother. Brenda and I-"

He held up a hand in a "stop" gesture. "Sorry, Mom. Please don't tell me any more. Between that, and the way you're dressed, and your sexy pose, I'm gonna get all horny. But I can't. I really can't. My body needs a break."

She looked and felt very sad.

Alan wanted to explain that he was this exhausted because he'd just spent a couple of hours fucking three cheerleaders. But he didn't have the heart to disappoint her like that, and also didn't want to give away the secret true nature of the S-Club. If he did, then he wouldn't be able to use it as a means to fuck Katherine.

But she saw how tired he was, and finally just nodded. She said, "I actually am in the middle of making dinner. Why don't you stick around for a few minutes, and I'll get you something to eat."

He nodded, but said, "Sounds good. But can you please change into something else before we sit down? My dick needs some down time, and I'm sure I'll get a raging boner just from seeing your massive tits rolling around on your chest."

She nodded, trying to put on a happy face.

Dinner was served a few minutes later, just as promised.

Katherine had also come home about the same time Alan did (even though they drove home together, they didn't come in together since Katherine was supposed to be elsewhere), and the three of them enjoyed a fairly normal, non-erotic dinner. Even the meal itself seemed subdued, consisting of cold vegetables and jasmine rice pilaf, which was reheated from Susan's and Suzanne's earlier meal.

Alan soon wolfed down the meal (and some of the apple pie) quickly so he could go to bed and get some rest. After he gave Susan and Katherine some goodbye French kisses (complete with tit groping), he went straight to his bed to collapse. But seeing Susan's disappointed mood, as he left, he promised her he wasn't done for the evening, but would rebound in a big way after a post-dinner nap.

Katherine wasn't nearly as wiped out as Alan was after dinner, so she helped Susan to clean up after the meal.

The two women were doing the dishes in the kitchen when Suzanne came over after finishing her own dinner next door. There were more prolonged sexual greetings all around (even though they all remained fully dressed).

Suzanne was also looking forward to some sexual fun with Alan, and was rather disappointed to find that he was sleeping.

Amy also came over after dinner a little while later, with the exact same intentions. She was disappointed too.

The four of them ended up sitting in the living room and talking.

Susan said gravely, "I know we're all disappointed. It seems everyone here was looking forward to some fun time with our number one man, and no one was more eager than me. But look at us! There's four of us, and only one of him. He's tired, and falling behind in his work. We need to be patient, and let him have his rest."

Suzanne said, "I agree. That's quite a mature and responsible attitude, Susan. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you. It helps me get through down times like these. After all, pleasuring his cock is just one of many different things we all do in a day, right?"

Katherine said, "Wow, Mom! That really is a mature attitude, coming from you!"

Susan smiled. "Thanks. Let's not all overwhelm him when he wakes up, okay? The poor boy needs his rest. Maybe we can draw straws, or something. I'm sure his balls are filling up and churning with lots of tasty sperm. After all, between that meeting he had, dinner, and then this nap, it'll have been many hours since his last orgasm. But if he's tired, maybe we can take turns stealth stroking him until he cums in a very relaxed and mellow way. If that's what he wants."

Katherine felt bad. She knew Susan's worries were overblown since the "meeting" was actually an Alan-centric cheerleader fuck fest, but she didn't say anything.

Before long, the discussion turned to all the sexual things Susan had learned that day. Susan explained in great detail how she learned to go down on a woman and use a small vibrator. She was tempted to try her new skills out immediately, and the others would have naturally loved that. But they all remained clothed in deference to Alan's request to stay calm so he could do his homework in peace.

Still, the atmosphere grew more heated the longer Susan went on with her stories. She described the story she and Brenda had read in such detail that all four women began fidgeting with tingling pussies.

Finally, Suzanne could take it no more. She thought, Homework or no homework, I absolutely have to get fucked by Sweetie at least once a day, now that we've started. His penis is probably all backed up with cum from not having had sex for many long hours. Dammit, I sound just like Susan with her "nasty sperm" and blue balls talk that I put into her head in the first place, but I think there's some truth to it this time. Far from hindering his homework, I would actually be doing him a favor if I got up there and help him deposit a load in my cunt. Then he'll be able to study without distraction.

Somewhere deep down, she knew this was just a pathetic self-justification. She felt really bad in keeping him from his homework, but she needed to be fucked so badly that she couldn't help herself.

The problem was, Suzanne had a hard time figuring out how she could get upstairs to see Alan without causing a commotion. She normally would have been pleased with the way Susan was being so level-headed and fair about things for once, but her fuck-need was so great that it only frustrated her this time.

But luckily, Suzanne came prepared. She had brought over a DVD of the Monty Python movie "The Meaning of Life." She talked them into watching it, and then she turned off the lights and made sure to sit in the back of the room. Once the others were fully absorbed in the film, she slipped away. She'd also brought some sexy clothes along, so she stopped by the underwear cabinet and changed into them.

By the time Suzanne got upstairs, it had been over an hour since Alan started his nap. That also meant it had been an hour of hearing Susan and her sexy adventures. Even though he was still sleeping, she was so worked up that she couldn't even hold out for a little while longer. Besides, she knew time was running against her, since the others could notice she was gone at any time.


She walked into his room and admired his sleeping form or a minute or so. Look at my love resting. My Sweetie. My cutie. Awww. I'm probably gonna get in trouble for being with him tonight since that movie ruse won't last very long, but it'll be soooo worth it!

Then, locking the door behind her, she went to him and gently shook him awake.

Alan looked a bit perturbed to be woken up.

But Suzanne pointed out, "You really should get up, Sweetie. Did you know you've been napping for over an hour? If you don't wake up now, you'll sleep all night, and then you'll get your sleep schedule all messed up."

That was sound advice (luckily!), so Alan roused himself and sat up in bed. Seeing Suzanne dressed in a blazing formal red top exposing all of her cleavage and a leather black miniskirt, he asked, "What's up? You off to a hot night in town or something?"

"Could be. Depends if you define this room as part of 'town.'" She winked as she started to unbutton her top.

But before he could answer, a word play came to her mind. "Actually, I AM going to town. I'm going to go to town all over your fresh, young, sexy body. I'm especially going to go to town on Alan Junior. Speaking of which, how is he doing today?"

She reached under his sheets and had her hands wrapped around his penis before she even finished that sentence. She was pleased to see that he'd woken up with a woody. She thought, That's my sweetie. I swear to God, this boy just doesn't know the meaning of the word "flaccid." I don't even mind having to share him with so many other lovers that much, 'cos he's always 'up' for me!

But he pushed her hand away. He was still waking up and not really in the mood, even if his penis couldn't help but react to her sex bomb body.

She didn't take this well. She threw her top across the room so it landed on a chair. Then she leaned forward and began rubbing her tits into his chest.

But he said, "Sorry, Aunt Suzy, you know I love it, and I love you. But I really, really, REALLY have to do some homework. I haven't done a lick all day." He tried to push her away, but with the entire weight of her body over his, he wasn't successful, and she continued her exquisite body rub.

Suzanne made her voice even more sultry and gravelly than it usually was. "But Sweetie. I need it so bad. Don't you want to park your throbbing Alan Junior in my hot cunt for a while? Don't you want to feel those velvet sugar walls squeezing the entire length and breadth of your cock in the most delightful ways?"

He didn't reply. He was gritting his teeth, trying to hold to his resolve.

She purred, "You see? This is why I held off on fucking you so long, because I knew that once we started I'd never be able to stop. I locked the door, and I promise we'll be really fast. Once you drain that giant fire hose of yours into my squeezy cunt, your mind will be so much clearer to think about your studies."

She looked up at Alan's face and saw he wasn't falling for it. So she continued to rub her pillowy tits up and down his body, and kept on making her case. More complaining now, she said, "You KNOW you want it! Don't you? Aren't you a real man? Show me you are!"

He refused to answer.

Meanwhile, her hands playfully but insistently battled with Alan's beneath the sheets for control of his erection. She didn't push that too hard though, since she didn't want it if he really didn't want it. Susan's advice about giving Alan some space rang in her head, making her feel guilty.

Still, she pressed, "Sweetie, what do I have to do to get you to fuck me? God, I've never had to say those words to any man, and somehow it makes me want you that much more. What do I have to do? Do you want me to do a striptease? Do you want me to walk across the floor on all fours like a sex slave? I have my pride, but I'll do it!"

Suzanne was confused, because she found her lust growing with every passing second, as if some inexorable tidal wave was washing over her, taking control. Her own vocalization of her extreme fuck-need only served to excite her that much more. She held her hands on his hands over his boner, even as she managed to slip her miniskirt off.

She thought, This is so absurd! This is me talking. Suzanne Pestridge! How could I end up desperately begging to get fucked, and still get turned down? I've had over 100 lovers and I never had to do this even once. It's outrageous! My Sweetie's willpower is simply inhuman.

He gave up the penis battle of sorts and let Suzanne begin to eagerly jack him off with both hands while her wonderfully soft rack continued to rub all over his chest.

But his move was just a tactical diversion. With his hands free and Suzanne's engaged, he was finally able to push her completely away from his body. Eventually he pushed her so far down the bed that she had to let go of his stiff pole.

She simply couldn't believe it. She thought he was a goner when her hands had started their slippery slide up and down his erection.

Victorious, he said, "Sorry, Aunt Suzy. But I really, seriously have to get to work. I have a big test tomorrow and a twenty page paper due by the end of the week. I have tests every day this week! It's already eight o'clock, and sex with you is never fast. It gloriously goes on forever and ever. You could milk my cock with your talented pussy walls for an hour or more."

"I promise I won't! I'll make it fast! Just a quickie!"

He shook his head. "That's not good either. With all the stimulation and needy women around here, a three minute quickie would be waste. If I'm gonna do it, I should do it right." He kept shaking his head. "It totally kills me, but with my mom's goodnight kiss tradition and all, when am I going to have the time to even open a book if I don't do it now? I'm at the end of my rope!"

Suzanne burst out impulsively, "Don't talk about ropes!" But then she managed to calm herself somewhat. Dammit! I've never wanted to get fucked so damn bad in my life! But on the other hand, I'm taking advantage. I'm putting my needs over his and mine are frivolous while his are serious. Homework. He has to do his homework. I have to give him a chance to do the right thing. Dammit!

Not only that, but if Susan finds out I'm here, I'll lose all moral authority over her the next time I tell her to take it easy on him. And I'm living on borrowed time, since they could realize I'm gone at any time. This is crazy!

She was so aroused that her whole body was trembling, but she somehow got up to leave. "Shit. This sucks, big time. But I understand. What if you really kick ass on your homework, and I come back here in an hour to check on how you're doing?"

"That's an idea. Though I don't see how I can kick ass. I'm going to have images of you stuck in my head now. But I have to try. I really have to try. I'm really in trouble."

Suzanne made it to the door and put her hand on the handle. But then she stayed to watched Alan walk to the dresser and slip on a T-shirt and sweat pants, and then sit down in front of his computer and turn it on. His penis made a tremendously large lump in the gray sweat pants.

She found herself imagining that lump pushing in and out of her pussy so clearly that she feared she was losing her mind. What little self-control she had left flew right out the window.


Alan turned around, and to his great surprise, he saw Suzanne crawling naked across the floor. It wasn't just what she was doing, but how she was doing it. Her face was contorted with a look of pure, wanton lust and desperation.

He looked all around his room, and then back at her. He could scarcely imagine that his ordinary room, a typically nerdy high school student's room filled with books, CDs, computer stuff, the usual posters, and not much else, should contain a centerfold-worthy woman like Suzanne crawling across the floor, begging to get fucked. His mind reeled at the incongruity of it all.

She looked up and shot him an angry look. She complained as she continued to sexily shake her big tits dangling down and exaggeratedly wiggle her ass, "Are you happy now? I can't BELIEVE I'm doing this! Look what you've done to my dignity. I feel so ashamed, but I can't stop myself. I MUST have your cock in me! Not an hour from now, but NOW!"

He was aroused beyond all reason as he saw Suzanne nearly crying with need. But he closed his eyes and steeled his nerves. He said, "I swear to God, I'll fuck you tonight. How can I not, after seeing this, coming from you of all people? But it has to be AFTER I do my homework, or I know I'll never get started. I'm going to keep my eyes closed and take a very cold shower. Please don't interrupt me unless you want to see my future fail. I HAVE to show resolve, and if it isn't you doing this, Amy or someone else will be here in a minute. You have to keep them and yourself from my room. I beg of you!"

Suzanne was miffed, but also somewhat gratified that he had to close his eyes and beg her to stop. She said, "Okay. One hour. Max!" Then she fled the room.


Suzanne staggered down the hallway, drunk with lust. Her high heels didn't make her walking any easier. She looked back and saw Alan flee across the hall and into the bathroom. Then she heard the sound of a shower starting. That gave her a little smile, that he had to take a cold shower because of her.

With Alan gone, she snuck back into his room and put on her clothes. She thought, My strategy is all messed up! I should be tactically thinking about what to do next to whom and why, but all I want to do is get fucked! I've made a complete fool of myself, took a big risk in getting caught by the others, and I didn't even get fucked for all the bother.

How could he even resist?! It's simply unbelievable. And it makes me want him that much more. I swear, if anyone so much as touches me, I'm going to explode with a massive multiple orgasm.


She stood at the top of the stairs for a few minutes to somewhat compose herself, yet even after the waiting, she found herself nearly incapable of thought beyond more fantasies of Alan fucking her. That wasn't helping. With nothing else to do, she went downstairs to rejoin the others in watching the Monty Python movie "The Meaning of Life." She hoped the others would be so distracted watching it that they wouldn't notice she'd been gone for a while.

But when she got there, the others saw her coming.

Susan picked up the remote and hit pause. She stood up and said with great excitement, "Suzanne, I absolutely LOVE this movie! Well, maybe not all of it, in fact I don't really understand the humor in most of it, but that early scene with the 'Every Sperm Is Sacred' song was just the BEST!" Her whole body swayed as she sang enthusiastically,

"Every sperm is sacred,
every sperm is great,
if a sperm is wasted,
God gets quite irate."

Suzanne just chuckled. She didn't think the movie was that great, but she'd rented it just to see Susan's reaction to that one scene.

Susan continued, even more earnestly, "I know the scene was supposed to be funny, but it's so much more than a joke. It's just so... true! 'Every sperm IS sacred.' Those are words to live by. Just watching that helps bring me religious clarity to my recent actions. I feel as if God must be looking down and giving me an approving smile over my efforts to prevent Tiger's seed from spilling on the ground by catching it all in my mouth instead. Not only that, but the scene got me SO HOT!"

Suzanne smiled at Susan's predictability. She asked to the others, "How are the rest of you enjoying the film? Where are we at right now?"

Susan said, "We fast forwarded over some bits that Angel thought were too yucky for me to see."

Knowing the film, and Susan's conservative tastes (except for sexual things now), Suzanne smiled and said, "Wise move."

Katherine explained, "They've just shown the scene of the dozen topless girls chasing the guy on roller skates. That's one of my favorite bits. I wish we could do something like that for Big Brother."

Susan cut in, bursting with enthusiasm at the idea. "That was one of my favorite bits too! We SHOULD do something like that for him. Definitely! Except we can ditch the roller skates, and Tiger should be chasing the girls, not the other way around. Then he should catch up to them and nail each and every one with his big cock! We should find some sports team of a dozen girls for him to spear and cream, like a professional volleyball team or something. God, I'm getting so hot, just thinking about it!"

Suzanne chuckled some more. She loved it whenever Susan got really excited about something.

Amy said to Katherine, "Gosh! Can you picture our school's volleyball team, ALL of them lying in a pile in a super big bed, with their faces and thighs all super spermy and creamy? Wow!" She giggled.

Katherine giggled too.

Susan was enjoying that as well, when her eyes suddenly narrowed and the smile left her face. Thinking about Alan's erection caused her to think about Alan resting upstairs, which reminded her that Suzanne had just come from up there. "Suzanne, what are you doing? Coming downstairs?" Her gaze sharpened suspiciously. "There's only one reason you'd be up there. And those weren't the clothes you were wearing a little while ago. You're all dressed up now."

Suzanne admitted, "Yeah, I was checking up on him. I was worried he would sleep too long, so I woke him up."

Katherine asked, "Is that ALL you did?"

Even Amy chimed in, "Yeah! Why'd you have to dress up for that?"

Seeing that she had no good excuse, she admitted, "Okay, if he wanted to play around after he woke up, I wasn't exactly against that. As it so happens, he didn't... Hey! Don't everybody look at me like that! Susan, didn't you just say that every sperm is sacred? Isn't it a sin to let his seed fall to the ground, like the story of Onan?"

"Yes," Susan agreed, partly falling for Suzanne's excuses. "That's probably the biggest sin there is, in my book. But you were kind of tricky, sneaking up there while leaving us to watch the movie."

Suzanne sighed. "I know. I'm sorry. It's just that I was so hungry for him. To my great frustration, he's awake but actually keen on doing his homework. We didn't do ANYthing! Can you imagine that? I feel like, well, snubbed. And hurt. This just doesn't happen to me." She considered that, and then added, "Except with my husband Eric, of course."

She flopped herself down on a sofa and let out another big sigh.

Susan was a bit miffed at Suzanne for sneaking upstairs, but it didn't bother her that much since Suzanne obviously hadn't been successful. She knew that was the case not just from Suzanne's words and demeanor but also from the short time Suzanne was gone. She figured it took a goodly amount of time to squeeze a load out of Alan, half an hour at least, and she didn't think Suzanne had been missing that long.

With the movie interrupted and everyone with their minds on sex anyway, Susan stopped the movie for good.

Instead, Susan asked the others if she thought it was possible for Alan to cum in fifteen minutes or less, and that got all of them talking about and debating his stamina. She also lectured Amy and Katherine on the "every sperm is sacred" idea, encouraging them to redouble their efforts to swallow every last drop of every load he shot out.

All of them talked about these things except for Suzanne. She closed her eyes and tuned them out. She began to ruminate on her schemes and strategize on how to get another crack at Alan later. She knew she'd lost a lot of points with the other women by sneaking upstairs, which made any effort to spend more time with him that much more problematic.

When she opened her eyes about five minutes later, she began listening to Susan detailing one of her recent intense sexual experiences. Susan was already so aroused that she had her top down around her middle and was roughly squeezing her own tits with both hands.

Katherine and Amy were sitting on the sofa across from her, with their hands busy beneath their see-through nighties. The fact that Amy and Katherine had spent the whole afternoon fucking had tired them somewhat, but they were no less ready than Susan to fuck some more if given the chance.

As Suzanne paid more attention, she heard Susan say, "So then, while Tiger, I meant Suzanne, kept pushing her little vibrator in and out of me, I got so confused. On one hand, I was so busy thinking about my cutie. I imagined his throbbing monster splitting me in two while his tanned and muscular chest pressed down onto my boobs. He was telling me how much he loved me, and was promising me that he would make up for lost time and fuck me every single day for the rest of time."

She paused melodramatically, then bemoaned, "But it wasn't him! The damn thing was too small. And even with my eyes closed, there was no way I could ignore Suzanne's massive jugs pressing back up into mine. Damn that woman, she was playing the mutual nipple rubbing game that she knows drives me crazy! My hands were on her ass, and that was no muscular male ass. God, her pale white ass is so supple and squeezable! And the smell! Since we were outside by the pool, I couldn't smell the familiar Tiger sperm smell that now completely permeates our house and keeps us all in permanent heat. Instead, it was pussy, pussy, everywhere. Suzanne pussy! It was filling my senses and driving me mad. It was like I was getting fucked by both Suzanne AND Tiger at once!"

That brought a new round of excited groans from everyone, including Suzanne. It was especially arousing for Suzanne, since she could recall the smells, tastes, and feels from the incident in the morning quite clearly. She held up her hand and said in a loud voice, "Wait! Susan, you have to stop this minute!"

Attention gained, Suzanne staggered forward and collapsed on another sofa closer to where Susan was sitting.

Susan momentarily stopped the fondling of her own tits, and said, "What? Did I do something wrong?"

In fact, the only reason Suzanne demanded the halt was because she was too aroused and couldn't take any more. The smell of sex filled the air and seemed to be suffocating her. The smell was like a siren song calling out to her pussy to get fucked, but she only wanted Alan and he was cruelly unavailable. It wasn't really what Susan was saying - Suzanne was already at her limit due to her great need to get fucked, and Susan's comments were like the straw that broke the camel's back.

However, Katherine saw an opportunity, so she answered first. "Yes, Mom. You DID do something wrong. Aunt Suzy's suffering. She's having cum withdrawal. Look how you're adding to her suffering with your sexy stories. You've been terribly naughty. I think you need a good spanking!"

Susan bowed her head guiltily. "I have been naughty, haven't I? I'm sorry."

Suzanne wanted to put the spanking to a halt before it began so she could properly recover, but the sight of Susan's face looking contrite, not to mention Susan's heavy and perfectly shaped tits hanging down and lightly bouncing, was too much. The fact that Susan had so quickly caved in to the spanking idea despite not really being guilty of anything was somehow even more arousing to her.

Besides, she figured a spanking could help distract her attention for a while. She was counting the minutes until Alan's hour was up.

So Suzanne said, "Yes. Angel is right! You need a good spanking, and now. God, yes!"

Susan meekly nodded and resumed groping her tits. She said in a very small voice, "I'm sorry. It seems my tits have taken control again. I can't stop my hands."

Suzanne announced, "You need discipline. We're going to have to spank it into you. Okay, everybody get naked." She felt good to be taking command of the scene. It boosted her confidence after having desperately crawled across the floor in Alan's room a short time earlier.

"Everybody?" queried Susan. "Why do Angel and Amy need to get naked too? They're just watching."

Good point, thought Suzanne. But then an excuse of sorts came to her mind. "Of course an observer doesn't need to get naked, but I thought they could administer some of the spankings too, so I could teach them how to do it. I may not always be around when you do something naughty with Sweetie."

Susan groaned lustily, "Oh no! EVERYONE is going to spank me? No! I can't take it. It's too embarrassing to have even my own daughter spank me. I'll be good, trust me. Please?"

But in fact there was nothing Susan wanted more at that moment than be heartily spanked, especially by her daughter, and everyone knew it.

There was very little clothing being worn in the first place, but now anything that remained came off. Almost all, that is: the four of them all kept their high heels on. That was becoming a no-brainer tradition when anything sexual was happening.

Suzanne thought to herself, Why does Susan accept that both the spanker and spankee have to be naked? I think her brain has now completely migrated to her pussy! Not that there's anything wrong with that, hee- hee.

As she stood over Susan with the others, she found herself absentmindedly fondling a nearby ass, which was wiggling in appreciation. But then she looked around and saw with surprise that it was Amy's. She immediately pulled her hand away.

Amy was drowning in lust like everyone else. She complained, "Awww, Mom, why did you stop? That felt sooooo good." She began fondling Suzanne's ass in return.

But Suzanne moved out of range, appalled to be touching her daughter in a sexual way. "No, Honey Pie. We can't do that."

Amy simply redirected her attention. She walked a few steps in the other direction and she rubbed her ass up against Katherine's thigh.

Katherine immediately got the picture and began rubbing Amy's ass in the same way Suzanne had been.

Suzanne was in no mood to ponder that, but merely groaned with lust. She had half a mind to throw herself at her daughter, but then she remembered Susan's spank-craving ass, and her lust found a new target.

Everyone was standing around, waiting for Suzanne to take charge. Suzanne quickly surveyed the room, and then said, "Okay. Susan, lie down on that coffee table and get ready for an ass whooping."

Susan complained, "But the coffee table is low and cold."

"Hey. You're getting spanked, not taking a bubble bath. Now spread your legs wide so we all can see that delicious cunt of yours."

Susan immediately spread her legs as wide as they could go, and whimpered, "Yes, ma'am." She recalled the spanking Suzanne had given to Brenda earlier in the day and she prayed that this one wouldn't be anywhere as harsh as that one.

Suzanne considered the logistics of the situation and said, "Angel, could you please go get a silk sheet to put over the coffee table? Thanks." She remembered the nice effects silk had on Alan, and she also wanted to heighten Susan's anticipation with a dramatic delay.


Plus, as she explained out loud as she raised her arm, "Susan, I'm not getting sheets for your mercy, but for the mercy of the table. This is going to be one sticky and juicy spanking."

Susan shuddered and nearly came from those words alone.

Once the sheet was in place, Suzanne announced, "Okay, that's good. Here it comes, Susan. This is going to hurt."

She swung her hand down onto her best friend's ass without any further ado. The sound of a loud crack echoed throughout the whole house.

"Ow! Frickin' hell! That really hurt!" Susan exclaimed. Her head and hands jerked up in automatic response, as if she could ward off the blow.

Suzanne wasn't going easy with this spanking (although she wasn't being as brutal as she was with Brenda earlier in the day). Partly it was because she was so sexually frustrated and she let her frustration out on Susan's butt. But she wouldn't have done it this way if she'd hadn't known that Susan would like it more that way.

Susan did, although she hadn't realized it yet.

Suzanne said, "I told you it would. There wouldn't be any point if it didn't hurt. Get ready, here comes number two. If you yell too much, then the spanking won't count."

Again she brought her hand down from high above, and slapped Susan's butt with a resoundingly loud whack.

This time, Susan grimaced and almost cried out, but she did a better job of keeping quiet. She didn't want to get any more spankings than necessary.


However, at the same time, her entire body lifted completely off the coffee table and then slammed back down. She panted so heavily that she was nearly hyperventilating.

"What do you think, Angel?" Suzanne asked, sounding calm despite her intense arousal. "How many spankings should we give her? How bad was she? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? What do you think?"

"Oh, I think about 10 would be good," Katherine said, smiling wickedly. "Plus another five for monopolizing Brother's meaty cock too much lately and never giving me a piece."

"Fifteen?" Susan said with horror. "I thought it would only be ten! And I didn't know it would hurt half this bad."

"A spanking is a spanking. Nothing we can do to change that," Suzanne said in a resigned tone, as if she was helpless to change anything. "But wait - there's no reason we can't give you something to distract yourself from the pain, like people having a shot of alcohol before doing something painful. What if we put a vibrator inside you so you can concentrate on that? Would you like that?"

"God, anything to get my mind off the pain!" Susan said in a tortured voice.

"Katherine, why don't you go get some vibrators? You can check my purse. We'll wait until you're back. Meanwhile I'll get your mom's cunt wet and ready with my fingers. Oh, and please pick small ones only, like the egg type. She's saving her pussy for her son."

Getting her pussy ready with fingers was merely a thin excuse to play, since Susan's pussy was already wet from the spanking. In fact, she'd spent most of the day naked and dripping wet between her legs.

Suzanne made a signal to Katherine of her fingers walking really slowly as if it was a person. It was meant to indicate that Katherine should take her time getting back, and the excited girl understood immediately.

Susan couldn't see the signal or in fact see Katherine or Suzanne at all from the position her head was in.

Amy just sat on a sofa watching everything. She hadn't made her mind up about spankings and didn't know what to think.

Katherine went looking for Suzanne's purse, which was in its usual place by the underwear cabinet. When she finally came back, she saw everyone staring up the stairs in great surprise.


Katherine's eyes followed all the other eyes, and she saw Alan standing at the top of the stairs. He was still in T-shirt and sweat pants, and his sweat pants were enticingly tented out, just as they were when Suzanne last saw him. He walked down the stairs and continued on into the living room.

The others were still quiet and frozen in place, all waiting to see what he'd say or do.

Alan sat down on a sofa and said, "Couldn't study. Sex on the brain. I heard the spanking sounds when I was taking a bathroom break and finally gave up. I figure I'll just sit here and have some entertainment while I take a short snack break. Then I'll get back to work. No harm in that, is there?"

The others all looked at him with trepidation, knowing how clearly he'd emphasized that he shouldn't be disturbed by sexual shenanigans while studying.

Susan said nervously while still bent over lewdly, "Tiger, dear? You aren't mad at us? For distracting you from your important work?"

"Of course I'm mad, what with all those spanking sounds. Somebody needs to be punished. Looks like that someone is you. I think it's important for Mom to be shown her place." He wasn't really mad, but he figured, correctly, that those comments would excite her even more. He sat back to enjoy the show.

Susan thought, Yes! I DO need to be shown my place! And my place is being a totally obedient big-titted mommy slut for my son!

Amy went to the kitchen and thoughtfully brought back an ice cream bar for him, since he said he wanted to have a snack.

He also had Amy put on some music (she put on an Aretha Franklin box set CD, mostly because she knew it would play a long time, and she really liked the song "Think"). He blew her a kiss of thanks and began sucking on the bar.

Suzanne resumed her work, which mostly involved working her fingers in and out of Susan's pussy. She explained, "We're preparing Susan for her next spanking. She was too stressed out from the first two."

Susan's experience with vibrators only went as far back as earlier that morning, and Suzanne deliberately misled her that one had to extensively prepare a pussy before sticking one in it, supposedly just as one usually needed Vaseline and the like before sticking a penis or vibrator in the ass.

So everyone watched while Suzanne continued to finger Susan's privates.

Susan just whimpered in humiliation and arousal.

After a couple of minutes, Suzanne stuck her thumb in Susan's asshole, and the rest of her fingers on that hand kept working her pussy.

Eventually Susan cried in exasperation, "Isn't it time already? My pussy can't get any more drenched and ready than this!" She moved her ass down to the edge of the coffee table, then stuck it high in the air, and generally moved it every which way as if she was trying to shake Suzanne's hand out of her.

But Suzanne held on for the ride. She stifled an amused chuckle. "Oh. You're ready? I've been waiting for you to say something."

"Thank God! Am I ready? Have mercy! YES! I seriously can't take it if you make me cum anymore. Please finish these spankings before my sopping wet pussy makes me die of dehydration!"

"Okay," said Suzanne. "While I administer the spankings, Amy, why don't you put in the vibrator and administer that?"

"'M'kay!" Amy sat between Susan's legs, right where Suzanne had just been sitting.

Suzanne moved off to the side a bit.

Katherine meanwhile sat on one sofa and frigged herself while Alan sat on another sofa.

He took his sweat pants off as soon as he was done with the ice cream bar, and his boner shot straight up. But he didn't seem to want any assistance with his usual "problem" just yet.

Amy took a vibrator - in fact the same bullet-styled one that Susan had used earlier in the day - and started pushing it into Susan's unsuspecting pussy.

Although the vibrator was small, between the way it was buzzing and the way Amy thrust it in and out it certainly did its job of keeping Susan extremely wet. She couldn't suppress her moans and whimpers.

Suzanne selected another vibrator, a medium sized one, and stuck it in herself. She said, "Angel, us spankers and vibrator operators get tired, too. Can you come here and keep our vibrators pumping in and out?" She saved Katherine for this job so Amy wouldn't be the one getting intimate with her pussy.

Katherine gladly got up and did what Suzanne wanted, since Alan's body language indicated that he still didn't want his erection touched.

"Ouch! Oooooh..." Susan groaned. "What the hell?! That's so big! It's too big. That hurts! I'm so sore down there!"

Amy kept pushing the vibrator in and out of Susan's hole with long, slow strokes. She played with Susan's clit with her other hand too.

"Let's see if that's better now. Here comes another spanking," said Suzanne. Her hand rained down onto Susan's ass cheeks.

A really loud groan escaped Susan's mouth. She mumbled dreamily, "I'm getting fucked! I'm getting fucked!" As if to prove her point, her hips were gently rocking in counterpoint to Amy's slow thrusting.

"Does the vibrator make it more bearable?" Suzanne asked, as if she didn't already know the answer.

"Well, it certainly is distracting, but does it have to be so damn, hnnnngg! Uh... long? I feel like I'm cheating on my son. Can't you use a, ha, oooh, dif-ferent one? What about using one of those eggy ones?"

An egg-sized one was actually being used, but Susan didn't realize that since she couldn't see. But Suzanne saw this as a good excuse to play around some more, so she said, "Oh, I suppose. Honey Pie, keep working that vibrator while I go get one of 'those eggy ones' so we don't lose any progress. I'll be back in a sec."

Suzanne disengaged. Although her ostensible purpose was to find a different vibrator, she really just wanted to stall for time so Amy could ram the current vibrator into Susan over and over, and repeatedly push Susan over the orgasmic edge.

Alan continued to silently watch everything that was happening.

Katherine meanwhile was focusing on pushing a vibrator in and out of Amy while Amy reached back and did the same to Katherine.

"I don't think that's necessary, I think I'm already well lubricated," Susan said to Amy.

But Amy kept on.

Significantly, Susan's hips didn't slow down or stop pushing back onto the dildo in Amy's hand. Then Susan pushed herself over the edge and fell into a massive orgasm, which made her moan even louder than before while making torturous, gasping cries of joy.

Now that Susan had had her big climax, Suzanne went and got another one of the egg-shaped vibrators. She came back quickly and handed it to her daughter.

Amy switched the cum-drenched vibrator with a clean one with hardly a pause for the sexually overwhelmed mother to recover.

Alan finally spoke. He motioned to Suzanne, saying, "Come over here and sit on my lap. I want you to be my dick tender. Let Amy and Katherine take care of the rest of the spankings. They need the practice more."

Then he spoke to Katherine. "Little Fat-pussy-lipped Sis, do you think you can handle the spanking part?"

"Sure can, Big Saturn V Rocket Brother." She was happy he reminded her to use his big nicknames. She was particularly proud of her Saturn V mention - the rocket that sent the first men to the moon - because the rocket was both so massive and so phallic-shaped.


Susan complained, "Wait! Things are getting out of control. We can't have an orgiiieee-eeeeeek!"

Amy swapped positions with Katherine so as to give her arm a rest. As Katherine rubbed the vibrating egg right on Susan's clit, the sexy mother's butt shook and writhed in every direction. Her boobs swung wildly and occasionally rubbed deliciously against the silky bed sheets. She was surprised at how much that would set her off even more.

Susan was suffering such pleasure that she had her eyes firmly closed as if she couldn't take any more sensory input.

That was a good thing, because as Suzanne got near Alan, he meant what he said and had her sit right on his lap.

Suzanne smiled a mile wide smile, because with his penis pointing up into the air like a totem pole, she knew that sitting there could mean only one thing. She was so extremely grateful that she wanted to cry.

Alan guided her hips down as she slowly impaled herself on his erection. She was amazed at Alan's boldness, considering that Susan was in the same room and merely temporarily unable to look in their direction. He worried that she would have been very frustrated if she saw what they were doing.

But he had been recalling his promise to fuck Suzanne within the hour, and he thought, Why not now? He gambled that Susan would be so distracted by the spanking that she wouldn't notice. It was a good guess, because she was extremely distracted. And if she did notice, he figured that she would just have to deal with it.

Amy and Katherine on the other hand, had no problem seeing what Suzanne and Alan were doing. Katherine smiled and Amy gave a cum-covered thumbs up, as both her hands were now sticky with Susan's pussy juices.

Suzanne said as she started subtly bouncing up and down on Alan's dick, "Orgy? I don't know what you're talking about, Susan. Things are very respectable here. Just because Honey Pie, Angel, and you are all fervently pounding vibrators into each other and I'm squeezing Sweetie's cock with the crack of my ass, that doesn't mean we're having an orgy. We're just having a friendly, corrective spanking."

Suzanne figured that she needed a lie that would be at least remotely anatomically possible, in case Susan glanced over.

That was a wise thing, because Susan immediately opened her eyes and glanced over. But she only was able to get a brief glance as she squealed, "You're squeezing his cock with YOUR WHAT?! AAAAIIIEEE!"

Susan cried out because Katherine's hand suddenly came crashing down as she was speaking.

Katherine thought on her feet and spanked Susan earlier than she'd been planning to in order to distract her before she could get a good look at how Suzanne and Alan were really positioned.

The idea worked, as Susan closed her eyes tight while her whole body buckled. She kept her eyes closed while she recovered from the pain. She was grateful that Katherine sped up her fingering and vibrator work while Amy comfortingly rubbed Susan's ass as soon as the spanking stopped.

"That was number four," Katherine announced.

"Four?" Susan exclaimed. "Only four?! How will I make it to fifteen?"

"I don't know," Katherine answered nonchalantly, as if she couldn't care less about her mother's suffering. In fact, she wanted to make sure her mother got just the right mix of pleasure and pain that would give her the greatest erotic high.

Amy's ass-rubbing hand withdrew while Katherine's vibrator-pumping hand worked even more frantically, indicating to Susan that another spanking was about to occur.

Meanwhile, Suzanne found herself getting even more aroused, she was so ecstatic that she was lucky enough to be actively fucking Alan. Her feelings grew so intense as she neared climax that she discovered she was actually crying with joy. She moaned like she had never moaned before, and there was a desperation in her voice she'd never voiced before.

A hand came crashing down on Susan once more. Slaps five, six and seven followed, with big pauses between each. Each slap was a little bit weaker than the previous one. Susan found the pain decreasing and the pleasure of the experience constantly increasing.

Soon, Susan began looking forward to another swat of Katherine's hand with great anticipation. Her pussy was already leaking a constant stream of cum, and it seemed as if the entire experience was a non-stop series of orgasms for her.

Katherine and Amy played with each other between spankings, even as they kept the vibrator going in Susan, and they were climaxing repeatedly as well.

Susan also moaned quite loudly, which was a good thing, because those moans, plus Amy's and Katherine's, and the Aretha Franklin music, helped cover up Suzanne's increasingly loud cries.

Suzanne was now bouncing wildly up and down in Alan's lap. At first, she had tried to subtly bounce on Alan's shaft, counting on her remarkable pussy squeezing ability to do most of the work. She was such a good squeezer that normally she could completely satisfy her partner without either of them moving their hips in the slightest, if that's what she wanted to do.

But this was not a normal situation. She succeeded in being subtle for a short while, but she'd been nearly incoherently horny before Alan started fucking her, and the excitement of tricking Susan right in front of her was too much for her to be subtle about anything. Now her body had taken control as a stream of happy tears freely continually flowed down her face.

She couldn't stop fucking now even if Susan walked up to her to see what she was doing. She could barely even control her moans and her desire to yell, "Sweetie! Fuck me harder!"


The fact that Alan was reaching around and firmly probing her tits with both of his hands drove her that much closer to practically losing her sanity. She was amazed at how much more sensitive her nipples felt than she could ever recall them feeling before. It was as if this fucking was a completely new experience for her.

Amy took over the spanking duties. The switching of positions again led to a lot of fingerfucking and switching of vibrators by all involved. She administered slaps eight, nine and ten.

Katherine, now with the job of keeping Susan's pussy happy once more, changed positions so she could stick her foot into Susan's crotch. Still wearing her high heels, she took a heel and rubbed it against Susan's clit, and then all around her crotch.

It was hard to tell what Susan's reaction to this was, since she was constantly moaning, whimpering, and gasping for breath, and hadn't been capable of coherent speech since about the seventh slap on her ass.

Katherine pushed the heel into Susan's pussy a bit, and was rewarded with an exceptionally loud shriek before Susan resumed her usual cries of passion.

As she ground her heel into Susan's pussy lips, she casually said to Amy, "I'm so glad to see that you're finally wearing high heels. What caused the change? You know it's the only item of clothing Brother wants us to wear most of the time?"

"I know that now," Amy replied. "I wish you'd have told me sooner. I mean, I kinda noticed everybody wearing them all the time, but Mom didn't mention anything about it to me until yesterday. But it's cool. She and I are totally helping each other out lately. It's like we're a team!" She looked towards her mother and smiled. Then she added, "I only wish they were more comfy. I have trouble walking in them, to be honest. But that's okay, since it's for Alan."

Alan meanwhile had paused in his fucking to get yet another "second wind." He was listening in to the high heel discussion and found it amusing, since he was pretty sure that he'd never overtly made any suggestions about wearing heels. But somehow they'd picked up on the fact that he liked them, and wearing them had become some kind of house rule. He thought that was pretty neat.

Suzanne also was listening to Amy and Katherine talk, and the pause enabled her to be calm enough to comment naughtily, "You don't need to walk... to walk around in them... my Honey Pie. Just crawl on all fours! I know that... Sweetie... likes that!"

She gave Alan's erection a knowing squeeze with her strong pussy muscles, successfully reminding him of her own shameless naked crawl in his room just a short time earlier. But the reminder aroused her even more than it aroused him, which was saying quite a lot.

Amy replied cluelessly, "What, should I do that now? Beau, would you like me to crawl over there and lick something, or something else?"

Alan groaned. He shook his head no, but he was so excited by Amy's willingness to do anything to please him that he picked Suzanne up about six inches and dropped her back down onto his stiff boner, thereby indicating to her that it was time to resume fucking.

Suzanne complied, and her pussy squeezing resumed with a vengeance.

He was so pleased with the effect of picking her up and dropping her back down that he periodically repeated it, expertly timing it with his usual thrusts.

While all this fucking was going on, he had the sense of mind to think, Fucking amazing! Mom may not realize it, but we are having an orgy! It's all so incredible that I'm practically seeing stars. Aims! Mom! Sis! Aunt Suzy! Each one is more amazing than the last, and they're all mine!

Amy found swatting Susan's butt great fun.

Katherine had Amy stop at ten slaps because Susan's butt was getting really red, particularly since Amy was spanking with great gusto. It was the first time Amy had been a spanker, and she didn't realize the damage she was doing. Not only that, but Katherine was eager to move onto the next part, which was "healing" Susan's sore butt (and pussy).

Before long, both Katherine and Amy began rubbing hand cream all over Susan's butt. Four soft hands were on her at once. But funnily enough, most of the cream seemed to end up in Susan's pussy and up her anus, and somehow even found its way to her tits. The two girls were having so much fun playing with Susan's helpless body that they mostly forgot the vibrators still hanging out of both their pussies. However, the vibrators were still turned on, and continued to pleasantly shake and whir.

After a couple of minutes, Katherine had an idea and pulled Susan until her butt hung completely over the edge of the coffee table. That allowed Katherine to get underneath the table and lick her mother's pussy while Amy continued to work on Susan's butt.

Amy picked up the vibrator that had just vacated Susan's pussy and shoved it up Susan's asshole.

Susan was so far gone by this point that she was barely able to manage a whimper in reply. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she climaxed again.

Eventually, everyone had so many climaxes that they simply couldn't go on.

Katherine and Amy collapsed on the floor. Katherine fell asleep right away.

For better or worse, the two girls forgot to take the small vibrator out of Susan's butt, so Susan continued to lay with her butt hanging of the edge of the table, still quietly whimpering as the vibrator kept on doing strange and delightful things to her well-warmed ass.

Alan ended up cumming into Suzanne around the same time Katherine and Amy collapsed.


Suzanne crashed right where she was, still sitting in Alan's lap. That meant her body was flopped all over Alan's and his dick remained lodged in her pussy.

He was too tired to do more, even though it was slowly getting flaccid.

Suzanne had long lost the ability to think coherently, but pure luck prevented her from crying out any telltale words that might have given away her illicit fucking with Alan.

Also luckily, Susan was too occupied to ever cast another glance in their direction. Even after it was all over, Susan's eyes remained closed with her face plastered into the silken sheets of the coffee table.

Amy was the first one to somewhat recover. She got on her knees and crawled back to Susan and began experimentally poking her ass cheeks with an index finger. She commented, "Wow. Beau, your mom is amazing. Look. Every time I touch her, it sets off an orgasmic moan. It's like her entire body is wired to do nothing but climax. see? It even does it when I touch the back of the knee... Or the front... Wow. Too cool for school! It's like a cool toy. Such cool sound effects, too."

He didn't respond, but he finally pulled his penis out of Suzanne's slit. Then he lifted her off his lap and sat her on the sofa to his side, wanting to get her off him before he grew aroused again.

Suzanne had a most unusual dreamy look in her eye. It looked like she was seriously out of it.

But after a couple minutes Suzanne's eyes managed to focus on Amy's poking and Susan's resulting little yelps of joy. She smiled widely. She turned to Alan, and, recalling his earlier "I'm at the end of my rope" frustrated comment, she chuckled and said, "NOW you're at the end of your ropes!"


Susan too, slowly started to come around. She finally stood up, bent over, and pulled the vibrator out of her ass. Despite her exhaustion, she was aware that Alan was watching her, so she managed to remove it in the most sexy manner possible. She even stood on her tip toes to duplicate the effect on her legs that high heels normally had.

Everyone heard the faint but lewdly suggestive pop as the vibrator was pulled free before Susan turned it off and weakly tossed it aside.

Amy returned to the floor since she no longer had an orgasmic body to poke.

Susan stretched and yawned. She was wiped out. Then she looked over at Suzanne and Alan and exclaimed, "Fuck. My cunt is sooooooo sore!" She reached down and started rubbing her sore spot.

Suzanne replied, "Sorry. It's probably my fault. I think I may have overdone it with the vibrators and all our fun during the day." But inside a light clicked on in Suzanne's sex-addled head, and she thought. Wait. That was the plan! Keep Susan's pussy too sore for Alan to fuck her. It worked! Excellent! Wow, Suzanne. You're smart. She giggled in delight.

Susan muttered, "Don't worry about it. I'm sure I came more times today than ever! I just came and came and came. And I wasn't even with Tiger that much. Wow."

Suzanne's plan to keep Alan and Susan from fucking was succeeding, at least for now, but she was thinking and acting more like the dumbest stereotypical dumb blonde than her usual razor-sharp self. Her brain still hadn't fully recovered from her overwhelming fuck-lust. She continued to giggle for far too long.

Alan turned to her and asked, "What's so funny, Aunt Suzy?"

Suzanne pondered for a while, aware that Amy, Susan, and Alan were all waiting for her to say something. She eventually came up with, "I was just thinking. God, it's a good thing we didn't get in an orgy." She laughed heartily at that.

He laughed too. "Yeah. Good thing. It was reaaaal close, but we managed to stave it off."

Susan looked at him confused. "We did? That's good." Then she shuddered. "If that wasn't an orgy, I'd hate to think how arousing an orgy can get."

She walked up to Alan and said, "It's probably still early, but I'm going to have to give you your goodnight kiss now and go to bed. If I can make it that far, that is. I'm so totally destroyed! I don't think my cunt will recover for a week!"

He quipped, "That's okay, I have to go do my homework now anyways."

It was a joke and everyone laughed at it, because it was blatantly clear that he would be in no shape to do any homework any time soon. Pretty much all of them qualified as "destroyed."

Susan bent down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. She said, "I never did get to suck your cock much today. That makes me so sad. Oh well. I guess maybe that's part of my spanking punishment. What was the reason for that in the first place? I forget. Suzanne, what did I learn with my spanking?"

Suzanne thought for a while. Or at least she tried to think - it seemed as if her brain had stopped working.

Amy helpfully stood up and whispered in Suzanne's ear.

Then Suzanne answered, repeating what Amy told her, "You learned not to torture Suzanne with sexy stories. And not to be distracting when Alan is trying to study."

"Oh. Right." Susan looked at Alan's crotch, and said, "Oh dear! Tiger, you came, and you're all sticky and messy." She started to get down on her knees.

But Alan stopped her. "Mom, I really appreciate the thought, but just this once it's cool if you don't lick me clean. I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?" She looked worried.

"I'm sure."

Katherine said, "Don't worry, Mom. We'll take care of it." She said that just so Susan wouldn't fret about it.

"Okay then. Thanks." Susan kissed Suzanne and Amy on the lips, but those were just brief close-mouthed pecks. Amy was now cuddled up around Alan. Susan looked at Katherine and blew her a kiss, then dragged herself up the stairs.

Alan found himself drifting off to sleep. When he woke up, Katherine and Suzanne were both gone.

Suzanne had managed to pull herself together enough to take a shower before heading home.

Amy was still in his arms, sleeping. He disengaged from Amy without waking her and found the clock. It was past nine thirty. He didn't have the heart to wake Amy, but instead set an alarm to go off in thirty minutes to make sure she wouldn't spend the entire night on the sofa. He was too tired to deal with the problem at that moment.

As he walked up the stairs, he thought, Good fucking really takes a lot out of you. So much for getting any homework done. I aaaaalllmost managed to put my foot down and resist Aunt Suzy. And I thought I was damn near heroic with the willpower that showed, but it was all for nothing. I'll do better tomorrow. Tuesday. Oh shit. Tomorrow's a Tuesday!


Alan brushed his teeth and did the rest of his going to bed ritual. When he turned his light off, he thought for sure that he was all done for the day. But just as he was about to drift off to sleep, he was surprised to hear a knock on his door.

It was Katherine. She'd stayed up for a chance to have a goodnight kiss.

She came in and stood in the doorway in a sexy nightie, striking an aggressive pose. Before he could talk, she said, "Brother, I noticed Mom didn't give you a goodnight kiss."

Alan laughed. Thinking of all that Susan had gone through that evening, he said, "Yeah, I could see how she's, uh, shall we say... indisposed. What about you?"

"Me? Tired? Not really. Don't you want your goodnight kiss? Or don't you love me anymore?" She was naked by the time she finished saying that.

He stared at the nightgown puddled around his sister's feet because he feared that if he looked at her sexy body he'd get aroused yet again. "Oh course I love you, and of course I'm glad to get a goodnight kiss. But I'm weary. And I'm highly suspicious that you only want to kiss. These things have a tendency of turning into blowjobs or handjobs."

She sat down on his bed and affectionately rubbed his arm. "Of course a goodnight kiss wouldn't be complete without making you cum, but I don't want to give you a blowjob or handjob."

"Uh-oh. You swear? Neither of those things, and no fucking either?" He was still trying not to look at her, but his eyes were gazing at her long legs and slowly moving up.

"I swear." She reached back behind him a bit and massaged his neck and shoulders.

"You promise not to touch me with your hands or mouth?"


"No tits or pussy? Or ass, even?" His eyes drifted up to her deliciously bare pussy right as he said the word "pussy."

"Yep, yep, and yep. But I'm still going to make you cum."

"This I gotta see. You know, your nipples are lightly grazing my shoulder blades right now."

"Oh, really?" She giggled. "I had no idea those count as part of the breasts." She lied, but in good fun. She pulled back just a bit and concentrated on the massage.

"Hmmm. So you're saying you can make me cum without any of those things touching me? Just from the kiss alone?"

"No. From what I'll be wearing. Just a sec. Let me change into something so sexy that it'll make you cum all by itself. Can you wait?"

"For that, I can wait. No outfit alone..." His voice faded because she was gone in an instant, leaving him talking to himself.

She returned about five minutes later.

Alan was relieved as his eyes wandered all over her body, because she was dressed sexily, but nowhere near sexily enough to make him cum from appearances alone.


She wore a black dress pulled down to reveal her boobs and elbow length black gloves. She wore the usual high heels (black as well), but not so typically, she wore dark stockings as well.

She pulled up her dress with great eagerness and demonstrated that the stockings connected to a garter belt, but that was all. No panties got in the way of her pussy or ass.

He said, "Nice, Little Squishy Tunnel Sis, but I see the likes of that sort of thing just about every day around here now. You have to admit it's pretty tough competition lately. How is that going to make me cum?"

She seemed very confident. "Elementary, my dear Big Monorail Train Brother. The stockings. The secret key is the stockings."

"How?" He was a bit impatient, as he was so tired. He did feel his erection growing against his will, though. Curse that thing! he thought. Will it never be satisfied?

"Close your eyes and you'll see." She kicked her high heels off.

He closed his eyes, and then he felt his sheets pull down. Seconds later, he felt a sensation on his growing penis. Something was coming at it from both sides, and rubbing, but it wasn't a hand or mouth. It didn't even feel like skin. It felt fantastic, and better, smoother, and silkier than any skin could ever feel.

He was so surprised that he opened his eyes and looked down to his groin. He saw Katherine's silk stocking covered feet rubbing up and down both sides of his penis. He looked up at Katherine's face, and saw her laughing mirthfully.

She said, "Told ya! Look Ma, no hands, because I'm using my feet! How does it feel?"

Alan paused and considered the question. The feeling of the silky fabric rubbing against his erection was far too good to be denied. Further, he was amazed at just how dexterous his sister's feet were. They were in total control of his penis, and played against it nearly as expertly as if she was using her hands. For instance, she had the toes of one foot working on his sweet spot just below the cockhead, while the other foot pressed on the other side to give more traction and yet rub and stimulate some on its own as well.

He exclaimed, "God, Sis, that feels great! I love it. You're getting better at that. What do you call it?"

Katherine smiled a knowing smile, as if she knew all along exactly what he'd say. She replied languidly, "It's called a footjob. Blowjob, handjob, titfuck, assfuck, straight fuck, and now a footjob, and those aren't even all the ways to pleasure a penis. I learned a lot today."

"From who?"

"Who'd you think? Aunt Suzy. She caught me crying the other day, and cheered me up by telling me one of her secrets."

"Crying? Arrgh!" He shouted out because of the arousing things she was doing with her feet.

She didn't really know what she was doing when she started, but she was getting better by the second.

He struggled to finish his thought, "Why were you crying?" He groaned loudly, as his penis was attacked from all sides by wonderfully arousing silky sensations.

"Because you haven't been paying me enough attention, you meanie. She was planning to surprise you with this, but saw that it would mean a lot to me to do something special for you. She's really all right." She giggled, adding, "For a giant-breasted, long-tongued, cocksucking, next door neighbor who constantly needs to fuck my brother, that is."

"Oh God! Stop! Slow down. UGH! The feeling of that fabric is too much. What is it?"

"Glad you asked. These are fully fashioned nylons, but they feel smoother than silk, don't they? Aunt Suzy showed me just what to do. We even practiced with a dildo. The feet are highly erogenous zones, though usually tragically neglected. That's what she told me. Women love it when you pay attention to their feet, too."

"Really? What should I do? We should switch roles because otherwise I'm not going to last long."


Katherine told him, "Don't worry about it. You're tired and you've had a rough day, so I'm going to pamper and please you." She was smiling even more than before, glad that she could provide so much erotic joy to someone she loved so much.

He sighed wearily. "If you insist."

"I do. And don't worry about cumming. I'm one of your fuck toys AND one of your personal cocksuckers, so I have a double reason to keep your dick throbbing with pleasure right at the edge of a big spermy explosion. Just tell me if you're getting too close, and I'll take care of the rest."

He muttered, "I wish you wouldn't call yourself those things."

"Sorry, bub. I may be your fuck toy, but I'm an uppity one, which means I get to call myself whatever I want!" She giggled.

He just rolled his eyes, but then grinned at her.

"But on a different note, this is the first time we've had a chance to talk one-on-one for a while. I've been meaning to ask you... have you given any more thought about the news about 'Ron, the gay adulterer?'"


He looked at her feet, which were still sliding pleasurably around his stiff shaft, and then up at her face. "Seriously?! You're asking me that now, in the middle of a footjob?"

She smirked triumphantly. "Yep! Get used to it. It'll be rare if I'm with you and not pleasuring your cock one way or another. So get used to talking while your entire body is shivering from intense erotic joy!"

"A guy can only handle so much of that, you know. Besides, why ask me about Ron of all things? Why not what I thought about the party last night? Or how I enjoyed the triple blowjob you, Amy, and Kim gave me this afternoon? Or a myriad of other more enjoyable things?"

She replied, while rubbing one of her big toes directly against his sweet spot, "Because I know what you're going to say about that stuff: 'awesome, awesome, and more awesome.' As it should be. But I don't know what you're going to say about Ron."

He sighed. "Okay. Fair enough. To be honest, I haven't thought about it much. No doubt that's in large part because there's so many great sexual things happening to me that I hardly get a minute to think, period. But Aunt Suzy and I had a good talk about it yesterday. That helped. What about you? Have you given it much thought?"

"Of course. Probably more than you, since I'm not boinking a gaggle of busty beauties all the time. I still have this weird emotional flatness about it, coupled with feeling good about it sometimes. That's 'cos the main thing I think about is how it frees us to live out our dreams. Also, although what he did to Mom was absolutely horrible, if things hadn't happened exactly as they did, we wouldn't be where we are right now."

Alan brightened. "I'm so glad you feel that way, because I've had that exact same thought. I say we just forget about the past and focus on our amazing future. You know, Aunt Suzy told me something interesting. She said she'd delayed this revelation for years because Mom wouldn't have been able to handle losing Ron without having me to take his place. That's... weird. Pretty damn Oedipal. But I can see her point. She said that Mom belongs to me now. That's been weighing on my mind ever since. What do you think?"

"Oh, I totally agree! Mom does belong to you. She's a very capable person, but she's not a leader-type. She needs you to take charge. And I do too. I'm going to keep on bludgeoning you with the news that you're the master of your very own harem until you come to accept your lot in life!"

He chuckled. "Fat chance!"

She giggled in response. "Speaking of fat things, how's your fat cock coming along?"

Despite all the serious talk, she'd never stopped her footjob. In fact, she'd been trying out a variety of different moves, since she was still new to that sex act.

He replied, "I hardly have to tell you that it feels damn great! I especially love the thing you're doing right now." She'd been working on holding his cockhead in place with one foot so she could rub his sweet spot with the big toe of her other foot. He added, "In fact, it feels so good that I'm going to have to call for a strategic break pretty soon."

"Don't do that. Let's do this instead." From her position sitting on the edge of his bed, she swung her feet up over his chest and then planted them gently down around his shoulders.

To Alan's surprise, her feet began massaging his chest and shoulders. It felt nearly as good as the footjob. He found himself groaning even louder. Boy, I thought I knew pleasure, but I never knew pleasure until I discovered sexy fun!

She curled her toes and kneaded his muscles with just her feet as she worked her way down his body. She took extra care to tease and play with his nipples using the soles of her feet.

Katherine was surprised at how aroused this made her as well. Her feet loved the contact. She realized that Suzanne was right about feet being an erogenous zone, and she resolved that she'd get Alan to play with her feet at the first opportunity.

Alan had always known his sister had great muscular and toned legs due to her participation in athletic events like cheerleading, but now he had a new respect for her feet. He had always liked a good pair of toned legs, and that was the main reason he subtly encouraged all his women to wear high heels. He liked how the heels accentuated the curves of a woman's legs and even made their tits stick out further, not to mention the constant devotion wearing the heels symbolized. But now he seemed absolutely mesmerized by her feet and legs.

He reached out to touch the silky smooth fabric with his own hands and started a massage of his own on Katherine's calves.

In return, her toes danced about his upper body as if they had a life of their own, moving from his shoulders to his chest, down to his rib cage, caressing the sides of his body, and then down to his stomach and back again.

The smooth fabric was really what made it feel so good; Alan wanted to drown himself in silk, satin, and nylon.

They went on silently for several minutes with her feet dancing up and down his torso while his hands massaged her calves.

Katherine had discovered that part of her feet seemed to be directly connected to her clit, and when Alan touched her in certain ways, it sent spasms of joy right between her legs. She soon realized that she was moving closer and closer to orgasm.

He looked up to see a lovely sight. Looking between her long shapely legs, he could see her leaking and glistening pussy lewdly presented to him, framed by the garter belt and the tops of her stockings. He thought, Another bonus to playing with feet is the excellent view from down here! He chuckled silently.

Pussy juice slowly dripped down onto him like rain. This only caused his excitement to increase, and he had to stop for a while.

That left her right on the brink of a big climax, but she patiently waited rather than finish herself off alone.

Once he had more or less gotten his second wind, her feet returned to his boner. She commented as her toes tickled his cockhead, "Brother, you'll be glad to know that I have high arches."

"Why does that matter?"

"Because it means I can do this!" With dramatic flair, she suddenly caught his erection between the arches of both of her feet. His stiffness was now trapped in a tunnel just as sure as if it was a titfuck. She brought both feet up together and then back down.

He immediately caught on, and he exclaimed, "Now your feet are really fucking me! How wild!"

That just made her even more gleeful. She began to stoke and caress her brother's rampant erection with a renewed enthusiasm.

The feelings she caused were so good that Alan couldn't last long. He just wasn't ready for what nylon on soft, smooth feet could do to him, and it was all he could do to shout out a warning.

Luckily, she was anticipating such a situation, and she immediately took action. She jumped up and landed her groin right on his. Right as he began to shoot off, she stuffed his stiff rod into her vagina and started grinding her hips.

They fucked for less than half a minute before they both had to climax, but it was wonderful for both sides.

He had enough presence of mind to joke as he felt his balls tightening, "I think this counts as your pussy touching me!"

She laughed hard, causing his squeezed shaft to quiver and shake inside of her. She had enough presence of mind to practice the vaginal muscle squeezing that Suzanne had taught earlier in the day. His dick inside of her was more than enough to send her over the edge. One part of her mind noted how wonderful it was that she and her brother always seemed to climax together.

When it was over, he found his sister lying in his bed next to him. He smiled contentedly.

She cuddled up to him and caressed his chest. She was even happier than he was.

He asked, "What did you do that for? Having me cum in there. I know you're on the pill, but still. I didn't use a condom and you didn't have your diaphragm in. There's always a chance you could get, you know..."

Katherine's eyes were closed, and she seemed lost in a reverie. "Mmmm. A chance. Wouldn't that be... interesting? Imagine your hot seed, your powerful sperm, wiggling their way up my vagina, looking for that egg. Even as we speak, right now, you could be making me pregnant! That would be the ultimate demonstration of your love, and cement your total domination of your helpless little sister. She needs your hot sperm to fill her cunt and overflow out into a yummy cream pie. Mmmm. Wouldn't that be lovely? I'd go to school and tell all my friends, 'See my growing belly? That's 'cos my brother knocked me up. Yep, my brother! His seed is so fertile that he'll knock you up too just by looking at you!'"

She seemed to be talking to herself more than to her brother. She was completely exhausted but so excited by these thoughts that her body started squirming around on the bed.

"Sis, don't talk like that. Pregnancy stuff. Promise me you won't get pregnant, okay? I'm only eighteen, for crying out loud, and that's no age to have a kid. I don't want to get you pregnant for years! Got that?"

She suddenly opened her eyes and stared directly into his with great anticipation. "Did I hear you right? You want me to have your baby? Oh, Alan! Brother! How happy can you make a sister?!"

She kissed him hotly on the mouth over and over. This in fact was the first kiss they'd shared in their so-called "goodnight kiss."

Alan could hardly breathe, his sister was kissing him so intensely. Her hands wandered all over his body as well, as if she wanted to touch him everywhere at once. But his penis was finally and obviously down for the count, so she refrained from touching him there.

When her ravishing kisses slowed down and he had a chance to speak, he said, "Sis, hold your horses. Maybe! Maybe! If anyone were to have my kids, I would want it to be you and Amy."

But that didn't dampen her enthusiasm at all. She immediately cut in, "God, that would be so cool! I could definitely get into that. Imagine BOTH of us waddling down the halls at school hand in hand. The other girls would be soooo jealous! Hee!"

"No, no school halls. I'm talking about years away. Years! I'm so overwhelmed right now that I don't know what the future holds even next week. If I have a kid at this point, I'm going to totally flip out. So please be easy on me. Even this footjob, I really shouldn't be doing this kind of thing. But how can I say no to things that feel so fantastic? Oh! And don't say anything about this to Amy, okay?"

Katherine seemed little bothered or deterred by that. She nodded while frowning, "Brother. I AM going to have your baby. I don't care if it's ten years from now. I just know that deep in my heart - and deep in my womb! Oh yes! I can feel it in my womb. I know we're going to have children. I can almost feel the sperm slithering around inside me now, potent and fertile, marking me. Claiming me. Taking me. Filling me. Deeply. Completely!" She hugged him tightly, and French kissed him again.

When the kiss broke, he said, "Hold on, Sis. I'm not making any promises. I'm just talking about 'what if' scenarios. Don't get too excited. We're talking years away. Years! How many times do I have to say that?" He meant it too. He couldn't even imagine being a father before finishing high school.

She kissed him again on the lips, but it was more loving than passionate this time. "I know. Don't worry, I'll be careful. Waiting is smart. But it makes me so happy to know that you love me so much that you'd stuff your hot, creamy cum up my steaming twat and give me a baby. I dream of the days when you'll keep me filled up with your baby-making seed each and every day. I promise I won't mention it in the future because I know it freaks you out, but inside the thought will warm me. Goodnight, Big Steel Girder Brother. Your number one fuck-toy loves you."

She slid down his body and started to lick his groin clean. The long day of fucking insured that his dick was still down for the night despite the renewed attentions. But it was wet, covered with their combined juices, and she didn't want all that cum to go to waste. She said only half-jokingly, "If I don't do this, Mom'll kill me."

She didn't so much lick him as she smeared his seed all over her face. But it managed to get his penis mostly clean, and then she licked his flaccidness until it was completely cum-free.

Then she got started on his balls. She didn't just clean them, but suckled them and rolled them around in her mouth from time to time, maintaining a nice erotic buzz for him.

He closed his eyes and started to drift into a dreamy half sleep state. But he was still awake enough to ask, "Why do you do this to me? This is so far beyond cleaning."

She tried to speak with his left nut in her mouth. "Doesth id nod feel good?"

"You know it does! It feels great. But that doesn't answer my question. I'm not worthy."

"Led usth be de judge of daad."

She kept on gently licking and suckling his balls until she thought he was asleep. She thought with glee as she finished, Those are some well tended privates! Hee!

But as she got up, he said, "Mmmm. Thanks, Sis." That showed he was still awake (even though he kept his eyes closed and didn't move).

She kissed him again on the nose, got up, and turned to leave. "I just wanted to end the night with the two of my holes you enjoy using the most leaking your love juice. Tomorrow, I want to proudly prance about the house with your potent cum spilling from every hole!" She walked out as if she was walking on cloud nine.

Finally alone in the dark, he pondered his day. Wow. That was weird. Footjobs and pregnancy. Who'd believe that all this stuff is happening to little old me? And as for tomorrow... Another Tuesday. Oh my God, brace yourself, "young man." Oh boy.

He drifted off to sleep with erotic visions filling his head.

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