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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Brown Sugar
Day 65: Tuesday, November 19

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Susan was about to fix herself a sandwich when she heard the phone by the kitchen counter ring. "Hello?"

"Hi, Susan. It's me." It was Brenda. "Is this a bad time to call?"

"No, not at all. I was about to make lunch, but that can wait a little while. What's up?"

"This may sound odd... I'm embarrassed to even tell you..."

"Brenda, have we not shared a lot lately? Feel free to talk to me about anything."

"Okay, but you'll laugh. The thing is, I've been fretting all morning about... well... the state of Alan's penis." She waited for derisive laughter, but none came. "I know it's silly. He's at school, after all. How could you or I know how his penis is doing? But still, I wonder. Is it flaccid? Or erect? Is someone taking good care of it?"

When there was still no response from Susan, Brenda added bitterly, "You can laugh now."

Susan replied with obvious sincerity, "Why would I laugh? I feel the same way."


"Really. After all, remember that he's tamed me, just like he's taming you. I have a lot of thoughts like that almost all day long, especially when he's at school. I fret about his blue balls when he's sitting in class. It really worries me."

Brenda was on speakerphone, so she actually clutched her head with both hands in dismay. "Oh God! Don't even talk to me about his blue balls. I can't bear the thought. His cock could be nice and stiff, just perfect for a long, intensive cocksucking, and there's nothing you or I can do about it!"

"Tell me about it," Susan emphatically agreed. She felt her nipples stiffen in her loose summer dress. "He could have a perfectly good boner for HOURS, without any help! But luckily, I wouldn't worry too much about it right now. It's about noon, which means it's his lunch period. I'm sure some beautiful big-titted cheerleader is taking good care of him. Maybe more than one! I still don't know all the details, but as I've told you, he's basically made all the cheerleaders his personal fuck toys."

Brenda sighed happily. "Aaaah. What a relief! That's so hot. God, I hope he's fucking some beautiful, busty, blonde cheerleader even as we speak!"

"I'm sure he is," Susan said proudly. "I'm not sure about the blonde part, but busty and beautiful? You bet!" She chuckled at that. "That's my boy!"

Brenda sighed with relief again. "That's such good news. I feel like you just lifted a weight off my shoulders." She'd started the phone call fully dressed, but now she was regretting that. She stuck a hand inside her blouse and started rubbing one of her erect nipples. "I just can't stop thinking about him, especially his cock. That was happening last week, but it's gotten even worse since Sunday's fashion show. Do all of his women obsess like this?"

"No, I don't think so. I suspect it's just you and me so far, at least to this extent."

Brenda wasn't deterred by that at all. "What's funny is that with my soon-to-be ex-husband, I didn't like it when he got horny, because that meant I'd have to have sex with him. It was good the first years, but it eventually became a chore. He did it the same way every time, and he thought that was good enough because it got HIM off. I certainly wasn't keen to see his penis stiff all the time. Whereas with Alan, geez, it feels like I just met him, and that's not too far off the mark, but the state of his cock is becoming a kind of obsession for me. Do you think that's a bad thing? Am I bothering you with all this?"

Before Susan could answer, an anxious Brenda continued, "I'm trying hard not to bother you too much. I wanted to call you all morning, but I told myself, 'No, stop pestering her.' I forced myself to wait until this afternoon."

Susan glanced at the kitchen clock. "It's 12:02."

"Well I call that afternoon. After all, technically it is AFTER noon." Brenda laughed at her own eagerness, since it was obvious she'd called as soon as her clock reached noon.

Susan spoke encouragingly. "Don't worry about it. Don't be shy about calling me at any reasonable hour. I know we haven't been friends for long, but we've become close in such a short time. For instance, when we read that incest story together yesterday. Wasn't that great?"

"Oh, that was definitely great! It was almost as good as the real thing." Brenda paused. She had something she wanted to say, but she wasn't sure if she should. "There's just one thing about that, though. I had some pretty weird dreams last night. Of course, I dreamed about getting fucked by Alan. But, in some of my other dreams I had sex with Adrian too."

"Adrian?! Really!"

"Yes. I think because you were going on about how great mother-son sex is. Like with that story. Although, to be honest, I've had the occasional sexual dream about Adrian before. As you know, I've kind of had a thing about incest for a while."

"I see." Susan didn't know what to say. On the one hand, she had come to love mother-son incest, so she could relate. But on the other hand, she felt loyalty to Alan was all important.

She decided it would be best to change the subject and consider that conflict later. "By the way, speaking of dreams last night, I didn't have to dream about Alan, because he came into my room in the middle of the night!"




"Yes!" Susan giggled at another one of their "yes" and "no" back-and-forth series. She proceeded to tell Brenda all about the things she, Alan, and Katherine had done that morning, including Alan's early visit to Susan's room, and how he'd fucked both her ass and Katherine's.

Brenda especially loved the fact that Susan had worn a French maid's outfit, so she got her to describe the outfit in detail.

Before long, both women were masturbating, although they tried to conceal that fact from each other. Brenda gradually took her clothes off, piece by piece, so she could have better access to her privates. Susan didn't have to, since she was wearing a loose, short summer dress that allowed her to reach and fondle her huge breasts and wet pussy.

When Susan had finished her rather lengthy description, Brenda sighed longingly. "Aaaah... Susan, I've said this before, and I'll say it again: you're the luckiest woman in the world. But, you know, it's funny. I'm kind of jealous of you getting to spend so much time working his stiff cock every day, and not being able to slide my lips tightly around his shaft is a kind of slow torture. But in a way, it doesn't actually bother me as much if you give me updates like that. Even more than jealousy, I feel this tremendous relief that his cock is being well taken care of. I mean, fucking both your ass and Katherine's ass before school? How can I not love that? That's what I call a good morning!"

"I know!" Susan giggled giddily. "I'd call it a GREAT morning." She was keeping two fingers in her pussy, pumping slowly. Unfortunately, she needed her other hand to hold the phone.

Brenda also was frigging her pussy with two fingers, but she was able to caress her round melons with the other hand. "I don't like to bring up my soon-to-be ex-husband, but if I'd ever caught him sleeping with another woman I would have ripped his throat out. But with Alan, every time he has sex with any woman, it feels like a victory for all of us. Don't you think so?"

"Oh, definitely. That's because we share the task of making sure he cums at least six times a day, so it IS a victory for us all. Speaking of the joy of sharing, just before you called, I was fantasizing about all of the things he could be doing with the cheerleader squad right now. I have this image of the six cheerleaders all lined up, naked and kneeling, with him standing in front of them, sternly inspecting them. He walks up to one you know about named Heather and pops his cock into her mouth while generally running his hands all over her body. Since she's the squad leader, he wants to make an example of her first. Once he withdraws after fucking her face for a minute or two, she pledges her eternal loyalty to him. She says, 'I've told my boyfriend to take a hike. I don't care how many other girls I have to share you with. My cunt, my cocksucking lips, my busty body - they all belongs to you and only to you!'"

Brenda groaned lustily. "Oh. Hot! Hot, hot, hot!"

"He's so pleased that he rubs his stiff erection across her face and even slips it back into her mouth for a little reward. But she can only bob on it for a few seconds because he's got the others to take care of. He goes down the line, doing the same to each of them. He's a naughty tease, fucking their faces just long enough for them to desperately crave more. Each one in turn pledges her total loyalty to him."

Brenda's hands were going wild on her tits and cunt. "Yes! I love it! What happens next?"


"That's as far as my daydream has gotten. But who knows? Maybe he'll fuck one of their asses or cunts while the others are only allowed to watch." Susan vividly imagined him doing just that, fucking them one after another.

Brenda added eagerly, "He should tie her up first! Tie them all up! And give 'em a good spanking!"

Susan gently teased, "It sounds like someone is imagining herself as one of his busty cheerleader cunts."

Brenda laughed. "True. Too true. But you should talk. All that face fucking, and pledges of eternal loyalty? Who could that be?"

Susan laughed too. "Okay, you got me. But I love the idea of him doing it to all the cheerleaders too."

Brenda let out a husky purr. "Mmmm! Me too! Do you really think he's done something like that?"

"I don't know. Probably not. He doesn't tell us much, saying he shouldn't 'kiss and tell.' But it's possible."

"Yeah, it is. Very possible! And that excites me." Brenda was still riding a great erotic buzz while playing with her slit, but she asked more seriously, "Why is that? I would ask 'Why don't we get jealous,' but I do get jealous. Yet it 'hurts so good.' It's odd. I get the feeling that if I were his only lover, I wouldn't be nearly as obsessed and aroused by him all the time. It would be more of a typical, boring relationship. The fact that we have to share him helps make things wonderfully crazy, kind of fostering a sense of friendly competition."

"Yeah, that's true," Susan agreed. "I can't say I understand how it works, but it does. Emphasis on 'friendly' though. Like you said, whenever he cums, it's a victory for all of us."

"I wish someone could explain the psychology of it," Brenda mused, even as she kept on idly playing with herself. "It goes against everything that's supposed to happen with sexual relationships."

Susan replied, while also continuing to finger her pussy, "I'm no psychologist, that's for sure. But I'd guess it has something to do with the wildness of it all. It's like we're living in an over-the-top erotic story, like that 'Built for One Thing' story we read together yesterday. Tiger is wonderful, of course, but I think what we're feeling isn't all just because of what he does. It's because he's, like, a vessel. We have all these powerful sexual feelings and fantasies that we keep buried deep inside us, and with him somehow it's okay for them to come out."

"That's so true!" Brenda heartily agreed. "I feel like I've been some kind of sex bomb, waiting to go off."

Susan said in a husky voice, "You are a sex bomb. Rrrawrrr!"

Brenda giggled. "Thanks. But I don't mean it like that. I mean I've had all these repressed sexual feelings, especially submissive feelings. It was like I was ready to explode. And now that I'm giving in to those urges, it's the best feeling in the world!"

"Boy, do I know what you mean! We have such similar histories of our years of sexual frustration."

Brenda cut in, "And the more I give in to these sexual urges, the better I feel! I honestly can't get enough. It's got me thinking that maybe there are powerful societal pressures keeping people from going wild sexually, because if everyone did it, then who would keep the economy going? But you and I, we're basically the idle rich. We can indulge ourselves to the fullest."

"That's true. Between that and our years of sexual drought, maybe that's why we two seem to be even more into keeping Tiger's cock happy all the time than the others?"

Brenda nodded to herself. "It's possible. Speaking of which, do you think I could, uh... I don't mean to be pushy, but would it be at all possible for me to come over and help you help Alan later?" She quickly went from shy to enthusiastic. "Just think if he were to come home today and find you and me kneeling in nothing but matching high heels, ready to spend the rest of the afternoon jointly worshipping his mighty cock!"

Susan sped up the pace of her masturbation upon hearing that. "That sounds like a really great idea. I love that we got to lick his cock together at the fashion show, but it was for a frustratingly short time. It would be heavenly to do it non-stop for a couple of hours. Taking turns getting our mouths impaled by his shaft, then holding him deep and sucking him with all our might! Or going to town with both our tongues on his sweet spot, while our hands slip and slide all over his great fat pole! We could do that for ages. Mmmm! Or have him fuck our tits-"

Brenda excitedly interrupted, "There's so much we could do with our tits! He could suck your nipples while he fucks my tits, or vice versa! He could even fuck both pairs of our girls at once by squeezing between all four of them!" She hefted her massive boobs as if they were half encasing Alan's cock.

Susan sighed longingly, while also briefly groping her only slightly smaller G-cup boobs with both hands. "That sounds wonderful. I love my big girls. I love that he loves them. I wanna rub them all over his face! Mmmm... As for this afternoon, I'd be delighted to have your help keeping his cock hard and throbbing with arousal from the minute he gets home all the way until dinner. But unfortunately, that can't be."

Brenda's fondling hands suddenly froze. "Oh no! Why not?"

"It turns out that he's got a big backlog of homework to do. He's falling so far behind in his classes that he's seriously worried. This morning he told me to sexually wear myself out all day long, so I'd be able to leave him alone when he comes home. I've been meaning to tell you that your phone call has been a big help with that. To be honest, I've been playing with myself for most of the call!" She'd stopped masturbating to give Brenda the bad news, but now she resumed.

"Really? To be honest, so have I!" Brenda also resumed her self-fondling. "I must admit that my fingers are soaked."

They both chuckled at their identical confessions. Susan playfully chided, "You naughty girl, you."

Brenda let out a sign of frustration as she considered her rejected plans. "That's too bad. We could have had such great fun. But don't tell me he'll be so busy with homework that he's not going to cum all afternoon?!"

"Oh, heavens no! I'll try to tempt him to at least have a quick blowjob or titfuck or two when he comes through the door. But if he's not game, or even if he is, we'll probably try some 'stealth stroking' afterwards. I forget if I've told you about that already, but that's where he sits and reads a book or something relaxing like that, or even does homework, while one of us jacks him off under the table. The key is to do it in a mellow sort of way so his boner can be kept aroused for hours without him losing his concentration."

"What a GREAT idea!" Brenda wanted to invite herself to help with that too, but she forced herself not to, for fear of being too pushy. "I sure hope it works out. Would you mind if I call you later to kind of check in, to find out if his cock is being well tended?"

"Sure. Call as much as you like. These phone calls are great fun. They help inspire me to be the best big-titted cocksucking mommy I can be. And by the way, if I ever don't answer your call right away, don't worry. That almost certainly means that my mouth is occupied with a very important task, if you know what I mean."

"I do! I do!" Brenda made a lewd slurpy noise.

They shared another laugh.

The phone call ended a short time later after some more sex-related small talk. Neither of them had a climax during the call, but they had both maintained a lot of sexual pleasuring for a prolonged time. Susan reminded Brenda that, if nothing else, she had Wednesday's poker party to look forward to, and that ended the call on a hopeful note.

Susan went right back to making her sandwich. As she chopped the lettuce, she thought, Brenda's great. I love that she gets it. She's serious about being an excellent sex toy. Sometimes I think I'm going too far with the way I pamper my son, especially sexually, but then I think about Brenda and realize I'm probably not going far enough!

I've been insisting that she shouldn't be here very much, lest she take precious time away from the rest of us, but I think it's time to rethink that. Tiger has such great needs. Two or even three women working together to keep his ten thick inches stiff and coated in saliva and cum is going to become the new normal, I imagine. I love the idea of having her spend the entire afternoon helping me lick and stroke his big cock. That doesn't take any sexy fun time away from me. Too bad about all his homework or I would have invited her over today. But I'm sure there will be plenty of other days she can help.

She hummed a happy tune as she worked. All seemed well in her world.


Alan bombed his test in Mr. Jackson's third-period art class, just as he figured he would. That put him in a very bad mood when he got to Glory's fourth-period history class. It wasn't just the one test; he felt he'd gone from being one of the top students to slowly failing out of school due to a non-stop sex obsession. He also felt the added weight of all the homework he hadn't done.

During lunch, he wasn't in the mood for sex, even though Glory most certainly was. He told her about his failed test, and asked to just get naked and cuddle.

Glory got out her blanket, sheets, and pillows, and they swaddled up together and cuddled on the floor. They were mostly quiet and motionless, but both of them found the experience to be surprisingly emotional, just the same. He loved her and she loved him, and they simply basked in their mutual love.

By the end of lunch, Alan felt much more optimistic and energetic. He started to get frisky just as they had to put the bedding away and get dressed.

Glory complained in a playful way, "Now that I've got your motor running, who's going to drive your car?"

"We don't discuss the other women, right, Glory?"

"Oh. Right." But it was clear Glory was very curious about the other women. In fact, her curiosity concerning just exactly who he was sleeping with was nearly killing her. Her interest was especially piqued due to a confrontation with Heather during a class break earlier in the morning. She reran the conversation in her mind while thinking over the "other women" idea.

Heather had her bathroom ultimatum with Alan just before attending one of Glory's classes, and she felt flushed with success. She was also increasingly certain that Alan was committing incest with his sister, due to the way he brushed off her "Would you rather sleep with someone even closer to home?" question.

Glory held Heather back during the next break between classes to ask her a couple of probing questions about homework and to chide her for being late to class before sending her on her way. She was frustrated that Heather always seemed to do very well on her essays but poorly in class and on her tests, strongly suggesting that she was somehow cheating on the essays. But Glory couldn't prove it, despite constant efforts to do so.

Before Glory could get started into Heather's work, the haughty teen said, completely out of the blue, "Looks like Alan is really sleeping around with everybody these days. Don't you think, Ms. Rhymer?"

This was the first time Alan had ever come up in conversation between Heather and Glory. It was hardly the sort of thing a student normally discussed with a teacher, but Heather was not easily deterred. She hoped to steer the conversation so she could drop insinuations about Alan committing incest, and see if that could be a fruitful path to shock Glory into breaking up with him.


But Heather didn't get a chance to do that, because she underestimated Glory's reaction.

Glory took the comment to be a not-so subtle form of blackmail, showing that Heather knew about her relationship with Alan. Furthermore, she felt it was meant to be a direct insult that she would involve herself with a boy who was sleeping with so many others. She attacked back, saying testily, "I don't think it's appropriate to speak of a fellow student that way, Heather. But in any case, I don't think one could compare how much he sleeps around with how much someone like you does. I'm not one to solicit or pass along rumors, but just the same, if half of what I hear about you is correct, you're sleeping with just about every boy in school and half the girls as well."

Heather was taken aback. "I'll have you know, Ms. Rhymer, I have a very good reputation!"

Glory laughed spitefully. "So, I see you tacitly confirm the rumors and only try to argue that not many people know about what you really do. Interesting. I must say it's awful nice of you as head cheerleader to give the school such team spirit by spreading your legs for anyone who asks for it." She spoke in a low tone so the other students coming and going from her class during the break wouldn't hear, but her biting, near whispering tone somehow made her seem more menacing than if she'd been shouting.

Heather had no idea Glory had this side to her, or would dare say such a thing to a student, but she came back gamely. "At least what I'm doing is legal, Ms. Rhymer. Yes, I have a little bit of fun, but when I have my fun I don't do something foolish that could threaten my career." She strongly emphasized "threaten my career" in a low growl.

Glory didn't have a good comeback for that, as she knew that issue was her Achilles' heel. She looked around the room and noticed with some relief that no one had noticed or heard anything out of the ordinary; apparently they just assumed she was speaking to a student about class work. Dismissing Heather with a disdainful glance and shrug, she said, "We'll discuss this later. Remember to do your homework."

She looked at Heather's shoulders and noticed bra straps just beside her shirt's shoulder straps. But she was puzzled, because from the way Heather's tight, white T-shirt clung to her, it was as if she wasn't wearing a bra at all. She added, "And be mindful of the school's dress code. That must be the thinnest bra in the history of the world, if you really are wearing a bra at all." She was embarrassed to say it out loud, but she could clearly see the outlines of Heather's nipples.

She scoffed, "And what's with this slogan written across your chest?" She read it out loud. "'Make me wet.'" She suspected the size of the letters were adjusted to make Heather's curves seem even more pronounced.

Heather stood challenging and unrepentant. She smirked. "Hey, I live near the ocean and I like to go swimming. What's wrong with that?"

"Yeah, right. That's not exactly subtle innuendo. You're right on the border line. I'll have to speak to the administration and find out why you're able to flaunt our standards day after day. I wonder what form of persuasion you used on someone to get your way." She let the insinuation that Heather would fuck anyone for favors hang in the air. Her condemning tone of voice carried much more of an insult than her words did.


Heather retorted, "I understand. Someone of YOUR age naturally can't compete, so you hide behind the rules to level the playing field."

"Are you calling me old?" Glory was getting increasingly hot under the collar, and almost said that far too loudly. She was outraged, considering that she was only 27 years old. She considered launching into an angry tirade, but held back. The short time provided by the breaks was a big factor in her decision to cut things short. She also worried that Heather could be setting her up, perhaps recording the conversation. With another dismissive gesture, she said, "Heather, get to class. And remember that I'm your teacher and I deserve some respect. That is all."

Heather walked out. As she reached the door to the classroom, she muttered "Bitch" just loud enough for Glory to hear. She was happy that she'd begun the fight against Glory and looked forward to an eventual sweet and hard-fought victory by taking Alan for her own, but she was also a bit scared as she'd never come out so openly against one of her own teachers. Furthermore, in the opening trade of insults, she forgot to drop the hints about Alan and incest that could start to split him and his teacher apart.

Glory overheard the muttered "bitch" comment and silently fumed, "Bitch"?! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! I swear to God, sometimes I wish I wasn't a teacher. I wish I could really speak my mind and tear that insufferable baby a new asshole. Heather, don't even try to mess with me! You can lord over all the other students all you want, but if you mess with a teacher you're gonna find yourself kicked out of this school so fast it'll make your head spin! And by trying to get between me and Alan, you're really asking for it. BITCH!

Back with Alan in her arms during lunch later in the day, Glory finished replaying this exchange in her mind, and considered telling Alan all about it. She wanted to know what he saw in the bitchy Heather and wanted even more to convince him to have nothing further to do with the girl. But she considered Alan's sullen and quiet mood, and decided it wasn't the right time. He was stressed about failing his third-period test and plummeting in his studies in general. She went back to just stroking his hair and enjoying his embrace.

Had Alan known everything about Glory's encounter with Heather, he would have been very disturbed. He would have been most disturbed by Heather's intention to use her suspicions of his incestuous behavior with Glory. For all of Glory's sexual talents and enthusiasm, she had a proper and conservative aspect to her personality, and he knew that it would be extremely bad if she discovered that in fact he was sleeping with his sister, much less his mother too. If she found out about that, he wondered if she would even speak to him again, or worse, if she'd consider it her duty to inform the authorities.

But at the same time, had he been a fly on the wall, he would also have been perturbed by the emotional intensity of Glory's attacks on Heather. Glory was letting her emotions get the better of her and she'd acted quite recklessly in speaking so directly and harshly to the conniving head cheerleader. She could have gotten in trouble merely from others overhearing her far too personal conversation.

Alan felt much better after he left Glory. She'd given him some words of encouragement about his academic woes, and all the cuddling didn't hurt.

But on his way to his fifth-period calculus class, he ran into trouble. Several large boys surrounded him and backed him into a locker. They looked menacing and appeared to be the size of football linemen. The ringleader, a stereotypically burly guy with square jaw and crew cut, spoke for the group. "There you are. The famous Alan. This is the guy, right?" He looked to one of his flunkies, who nodded.

Alan kept up a brave front. "What do you guys want? I've got to hurry to class."

"What do we want? We've been hearing rumors. You look mild-mannered enough, but people are saying that you're fucking all the best girls in school. What do you have to say to that?" The unnamed bully stepped forward.

Alan reflexively stepped back, which pressed him harder into the locker. "I don't know what you're talking about. Look at me! Do I look like the kind of guy women would be after?" But he could see his words weren't having much of an effect. So he made up what he hoped would be a convincing lie. "Okay, so I have a bigger than average dick. Some girls saw it and I guess people talked and every time the story was told, I somehow grew more manly and fucked more girls and my endowment grew longer. But that's it! Just rumors. I've never fucked anybody but my girlfriend!"

"That's not what I hear," the leader growled. But luckily the hallway crowds were thinning out as there was just or minute or so to get to the next class before the bell. The only cluster still left were the burly guys around Alan. A couple of them started to drift off too.

"I swear! Look at me. I'm a nerd!"

"We'll see. You got off easy this time, but if I find you were sleeping with my Judy..." The big teen smacked his fist into his hand. The blow looked very convincing. He walked off.

Alan was scared shitless on the inside, but he was proud of the way he appeared incredulous and bravely innocent on the outside. He thought, Dang! What the hell? I don't even know this guy's name or who Judy is. I don't know any of them and don't want to know them! This is all Amy's fault. I should have never let her run around and freely tell people what a good fucker I was. So I guess that makes it my fault too. Hopefully this will blow over because I'm stopping with the cheerleaders and I'm not gonna get near any Judy or anyone like her. That's for sure!


Alan considered whether or not to cancel his after school meeting with Heather given what had happened. He decided he didn't want a boiling mad Heather on his case, so he obligingly went to the theater room after school, as planned. Besides, he figured that since he'd gone the whole school day without a single orgasm, it would be good to get a little relief before heading home and diving into the books. Between the encounter with Heather in the stinky bathroom and the cuddling with Glory at lunch, he was raring to go.

However, he was annoyed at Heather and wanted to give her a good dressing down first. He correctly figured she was a "give an inch, take a mile" type, and he had to show her that she couldn't push him around. He especially had to make her not want to go any further with her strong hint that he was fucking his sister.

When he walked in, he was very surprised to find not only Heather there, but Joy, Janice, and Heather's best friend Simone. He blurted out incredulously, "Heather, what's going on here?! I thought you wanted to see me alone."

"Hi to you too, Alan. Obviously we're all here to fuck. And if I'm going to prove to you that fucking me is worthwhile, I figure I could use a little bit of help. I'm not above getting some assistance, you know." She pointed to Simone. "You're probably wondering who this is."

"Yes," he said testily. In fact, he was lying because he'd already met her, while the two of them stood right next to Heather no less. But at the time, Alan had meant so little to Heather that she didn't think much of the encounter and had completely forgotten that Simone was there. He decided it was just easier to play along than to explain the whole situation.


"This is my best friend, Simone," Heather said significantly.

Alan looked Simone over carefully. He stared first at the juncture between her thighs and thought, If I want, I could be plowing that pussy in a few minutes. Wow, that's wild. His eyes drifted up to her chest. Or I could be sliding between those round beauties. She's a beauty, and she's stacked! Just the way I like 'em. It's good to be the king, heh-heh!

Simone similarly stared at Alan's crotch with more than a little bit of curiosity. She'd heard a lot about his sexual prowess from Heather, and also from things Amy supposedly told others. She raised an eyebrow as she watched the bulge in his short grow in a matter of seconds.

Alan and Simone shook hands with a formality that was a bit funny given they both knew they were about to do very sexually intimate things with each other. It was even stranger because both of them recalled the time when they had met before.

Simone was playing dumb with Heather just like Alan was. She rolled her eyes for Alan's benefit when Heather wasn't looking.

That left Alan feeling as if they shared a bond, a conspiratorial secret about their attitude toward Heather. He'd assumed that since Simone was Heather's best friend, she was almost exactly like her: stuck up, self-centered, and bitchy. He was very pleasantly surprised that the vibes he was getting off her were almost nothing like Heather's.

Heather continued, "You've probably seen her with me, walking around school or eating or whatever. She's not only my best friend, but one of my fuck buddies too. She's got the hots for you, as do just about all the girls around here after what Amy's been telling everybody. I assume she's fuck-worthy?"

Alan was chagrined, especially by the mention of his growing reputation, particularly in light of what the bully had said earlier. He replied directly to Simone, trying to be more polite and diplomatic than Heather was. "Nice to meet you. I do recognize you from around school, now that I think about it. Why, I think I've seen you at the White Sands Beach before, no?"

"That could be." Simone grinned knowingly at his veiled reference to the first time they'd met.

"I don't usually say this to people I barely know, but you're definitely fuck-worthy. In fact, Simone, I dare say you're even more beautiful than Heather." He didn't actually feel that way, although it was a close call. He just said it to get in a dig at Heather.

"Why, thank you," Simone replied, seemingly unfazed by the unusual situation. "Heather, he's so charming." She joked, "And he speaks deep truths."

But Heather wasn't amused. She replied, "Nice try, Alan. I know no one's more beautiful than me and that you're just trying to get a rise out of me. It won't work. Now, shall we get started?"

He thought, Dang, Heather needs some serious attitude adjustment. Talk about stuck on yourself! Geez.

He took another look at Simone. Wow. She really is fuck-worthy. As if I wouldn't know her! Everybody at school at least knows of her. Of course, all of Heather's girlfriends are hot, but with so few black people at our school, Simone really stands out. She looks so exotic with that short, choppy hair that doesn't look like the typical black person's kinky hair. She looks really tropical, like she's from some tropical island; the Solomon Islands or Trinidad or something, maybe. And she seems surprisingly cool for being Heather's best friend. Not at all what I expected. True, I don't know her, so I could be wrong, but at least she's not walking around like she's got a stick up her butt.

Simone came closer to Alan and whispered in his ear, "I hope you don't think that just because I'm ready to fuck someone I hardly know that I'm some kind of wanton hussy." She paused, then said jokingly, "Hell, who am I kidding? I AM a wanton hussy! But still, it takes a special man to interest me." She backed away, laughing.


Heather, who had been leaning in to hear Simone's whispers, looked at Alan a little closer. "Something wrong, big man? Don't you like my friends?" Jealous of his attention on Simone, she started undressing - the only one to do so.

He looked around. "Hi Joy. Hi Janice." He felt a bit embarrassed he hadn't said anything to them already, but he had been totally taken by Simone's presence.

They replied in kind with hellos and friendly waves.

He continued, "No, I'm happy to see you all. It's just that this raises the performance bar. I was expecting a simple, quick fuck, and now I've got a big production. It's not easy to please four girls at once. It takes a lot of energy."


Heather smiled. She'd hurriedly removed all her clothes, then stood in a sexy pose with her hands behind her head. She wasn't acting at all bashful due her to extremely high opinion of herself and her beauty.

She said to Alan in an extra sultry tone, "Don't worry. Your only goal here is to fuck me. The others are just here to assist with that, unless you want to give Simone or any of the others a quick warm up fuck first. It's up to you. Don't worry about their pleasure. Just worry about yours and mine. They all owe me, and this is some payback time for them. Come on. You got me so worked up earlier today; let's get this show on the road!"

Alan again looked around and said to the others. "Are all of you okay with that? Or did Heather put you up to his? I don't want anyone to do something they don't want to do."

Janice replied, "Heather didn't need to talk us into this. Yeah, she was trying to push us, but that was as necessary as trying to force a boy to open up his Christmas presents. Given what you said yesterday about not wanting to fuck us anymore, Joy and I figure we should take any opportunity with you we can get."

In actual fact, Heather had a hard time getting Janice to participate due to their mutual feud. Janice had been dead against it despite really wanting to fuck Alan, because she was even more set against doing anything to help Heather. Then Heather had subtly pointed out that it would be an opportunity for Janice to see Joy naked, and even be with and touch a naked Joy. That had clinched it for Janice.

Simone said to Alan, "I don't want to put any pressure on you or anything, but I'm pretty much in the same boat. You've become quite well-known in certain circles in the girls' locker rooms. Heather and I have gotten into a lot of mischief together. I remember when Heather first talked about you uncertainly, the mysterious 'nerd' she couldn't quite place. Then when she first told me about how the two of you had sex, she tried to pass it off as a joke. But you've come a long way in a short time. Lately she's always talking about you, gushing about what a dreamboat you are. I just had to see for myself what this special guy is made of. So here I am."

Alan was surprised to see Heather profusely blushing. He had a hard time imagining her gushing or calling anyone a dreamboat, let alone him.

Heather clapped her hands to help quickly change the topic. "Okay, everyone. Enough chatting. No doubt Alan's in a hurry. He always is. So let's do it! Why are you all standing around with your clothes on?"

Although Heather already had her clothes off, the others were weirded out by this unusual situation. They stalled for time and only took off unimportant things like their shoes and socks. Alan didn't bother taking anything off at all.

An idea to teach Heather a lesson of sorts was forming in Alan's mind. He asked, "So. I'm the king of the hill here, right? Heather, you want me to do whatever I want so I'll be happy and do this again, right?"

"Right." Heather started to get worried with where his train of thought was going. She didn't like the fact that she was the only one naked, and she was about to angrily launch into the other girls, ordering them to get with the program.

But before she could do that, Alan snapped his fingers while pulling his shorts down until they dropped below his knees, completely exposing his stiff erection. "Okay. Heather, on your knees and crawl over here in front of me. You're going to blow me to warm me up, since you love that so much." He was sarcastic with this last point, since he knew the one sexual act she enjoyed the least was giving blowjobs. (That was because blowjobs weren't focused on her and giving her pleasure, and for Heather everything needed to be about her.)

Yet Heather obeyed immediately. She had it bad for him, and she was extremely horny. She got down on her knees, grumbling to herself as if talking to Alan, Fucking dipshit! Making me do this in front of these girls; you really fucking take the cake! I'm gonna make you pay for this later, that's for sure. Consider yourself lucky that I'm too horny to help myself!

Alan found it nearly eerie the way she eagerly crawled over to him and began licking, but outwardly he avoided expressing any surprise.

However, Janice, Joy, and Simone practically passed out from shock, they were so surprised to see Heather behave that way. Even as the other four of them stood there fully clothed, Heather licked Alan's cockhead while naked and on her hands and knees.

Simone stared. Holy shit! Look at the way Heather is staring adoringly at his long trouser snake while her cheeks suck in! The only times I've ever seen her suck some guy off is if she's forced to quickly get him to full hardness so he would be ready for fucking. But she seems to be really into it, as a sex act in and of itself. My God, she's got a look of fucking WONDER on her face as she strokes it and licks the damn thing!

I'm getting really, seriously aroused by all this!

As Alan enjoyed Heather's tongue and lip work, he trained his eyes on Simone, since she was new, unusual, and alluring. His perception of her was based on the many times he'd scoped her out, usually from a distance. But as she slowly took off her top and revealed her bare breasts, he realized that she was even hotter and more fit than he'd assumed. She was downright muscular, no doubt due to her love of playing sports. Even Alan knew that Simone was a sort of sports hero for some of the female varsity teams.

Her body was a lot like Heather's - they both had hard bodies with classic hourglass figures. Alan contemplated that that wasn't so surprising, since the two of them were such good friends. Heather wasn't going to associate with someone ugly, or even unremarkable looking. He was well aware of Simone's lovely bubble butt, but he'd never realized just how stacked she was up top. He was surprised enough to ask, "Holy cow, where have you been hiding those things?"

Simone giggled. "Let's just say they were an early Christmas present from my dad. You're one of the first to take them for a test drive." She briefly bent over and pulled her shorts all the way down her legs for good measure, leaving her wearing just her white panties.

"Impressive. Give his plastic surgeon my compliments." He thought, I guess that explains that. I remember her being a cup or so smaller a couple of months ago, and it looks like I was right.

He looked down and saw Heather eagerly taking more and more of his erection in her mouth. You can't say she doesn't enjoy this. Actually, I kind of hope she doesn't. Somehow it makes it more fun to see her doing something against her will.

Simone stepped forward so Alan could inspect her breasts with his hands, which is exactly what he did. He was even more impressed with their feel. Nice! So firm and round! They don't feel artificial. They're firm, but they have a lot of give.


As if Simone could read his mind, she said, "They feel real because it's mostly real tit flesh in there - I just boosted them a little to get my bra size a tad bit bigger than Heather's, after she got a boob job to surpass me. We're awfully competitive with each other."

Heather muttered as she bobbed, "You cah sah thah aganh."

Alan quipped, "That's the kind of war of escalation the world needs more of." Then, pretending confusion, he asked Simone, "Did you hear someone say something?"

Simone chuckled, and happily replied, "No, I didn't hear anyone at all." She thought, Damn, there does seem to be something special to this guy! He's standing here having a nice conversation with me and caressing my breasts with a knowing touch. Not a lot of guys could be so cool and collected about that. But on top of that, he doesn't seem to be reacting to Heather's cocksucking at all! Hell, he won't even acknowledge her existence. That must be driving her crazy!

In fact, it really was driving Heather crazy. She thought, God dammit! Look at him just standing there with that stupid happy-go-lucky look on his face. La de fuckin' da! I'm using so much suction on his cock that he's lucky I don't just suck it clear off his body! But he just stands around fondling Simone's breasts! Maybe it was a mistake bringing her here. But no; nobody can outshine me. I'm just gonna have to up my game until he won't even be able to stay standing! Ha! That'll show him!

The problem was, she was already doing a very good job, at least by her standards. She'd never worried much before about giving good blowjobs, but she searched her mind and tried to think how other girls did it. Luckily, she'd seen a lot of porn videos over the years, and she drew upon what she had seen. Her moves improved.

However, they were still a pale reflection of the kinds of moves Susan or Suzanne could do. Alan didn't fully realize it, but in a mere matter of weeks he had developed a tremendous "arousal tolerance." Almost any other male would have cum already, but thanks to all the incredible stimulation he received so many times a day, day after day, not only was he not in danger of cumming, his breathing wasn't even labored.

Heather noticed that his breathing wasn't quickening, and that aggravated her to no end. She briefly considered whether to bite his boner, not enough to actually hurt him but enough to force him to admit that she was there. However, she was more than a bit scared of him getting angry. She vowed to keep on giving him a really great cocksucking for as long as it took, until he reacted to her efforts like he was "supposed to."

Alan could see that Janice and Joy were feeling awkward and neglected, so he tried to draw them in, both physically and emotionally. He said, "Hey Joy, when's the last time we shared a kiss? You too, Janice." He waved them over.

They might have been offended by his kissing suggestion, giving that he was still fondling Simone's big tits while Heather sucked him off, but he flashed such a happy, sincere smile that they couldn't resist.

They walked up and took turns necking with him, but they were careful to come at him from each side so they wouldn't interfere with what was happening between him, Simone, and Heather.

Simone thought, Okay, this is getting pretty bizarre. Now he's got four girls around him, taking turns with him, and he's acting like this is normal and even expected. Somehow, that's making me really horny! Plus he really knows how to use his finger on my nipples!

Heather kept looking up at Alan to see if he was paying attention to all of her (unusually for her) active oral effort, but since he was standing and she was on all fours, she had trouble seeing any of his face. And when she did, he appeared to be fully preoccupied with kissing Joy or Janice.

Then he started in on French kissing Simone too, as well as roaming his hands all over her body instead of just focusing on her impressive dark-brown globes. She helped him by lowering her white panties, which let him finger her pussy directly while kissing Joy.

As the minutes passed, the girls took their clothes off when it wasn't their turn to be kissed. Before long, the only clothes remaining was Alan's T-shirt up around his shoulders and his shorts down around his knees. But the three girls kissing him got annoyed at that and worked together until he was just as naked as they were.

As yet more minutes slipped by, Heather grew increasingly annoyed. She was giving her all to her cocksucking efforts, but it seemed there was nothing she could do to capture his attention. She'd been trying hard to make him cum, hoping that would shake things up, but her jaw and tongue was getting too tired to go on and she suspected he still wasn't even close to his limit. She fondled his balls and even ran fingers up his ass crack, and her lips and tongues steadily focused on his sweet spot, but apparently to no avail.

She thought, Fuckin' A! What the hell am I supposed to do here?! Why can't he be like normal guys? He should have cum five minutes ago at least, especially with the way he's getting kissed up there. DAMMIT! And I don't think the fuckhead has taken his hands off Simone yet. If he's not playing with her tits, he's playing with her cunt, and he's usually got a hand on her ass cheeks too. If I were Joy or Janice, I'd be annoyed at the way I'm being ignored, since he's kissing Simone a lot too.

What the hell am I thinking? I'm being ignored even more than they are! This is why I hate blowjobs - lots of work, and little reward. Well, except for the fact his thick cock feels so good sliding between my lips, but still. It's time he gives me a damn good fucking!

Heather decided to get his attention by taking credit for what everyone was doing, since she'd brought the others here. She stopped her cocksucking long enough to say, "You see, Alan? You see what I can do for you if you play ball with me? I can bring you girls. Lots of girls. Orgies. Orgies filled with sizzling hot teen pussy. Simone has a great pussy. I fuck all my girlfriends, and she's one of the best. We can have a-"

Alan interrupted her by pushing his hard-on back into her mouth. He said flippantly, "Enough talking, more head, cocksucker." He knew that she got turned on by being degraded.

On the one hand, he wanted to punish her by giving her a bad time, but on the other hand, he enjoyed giving her the treatment she craved, and criticizing and ignoring her was actually a reward (although she certainly wouldn't see it as such!). The latter urge won out, since he was in a bit of a bad mood and it was fun, if immature, to let it out on Heather. Thinking about her hinting at blackmail regarding him and Katherine made him feel mean.

Talking more to himself than anyone, he muttered, "I don't need anyone new. This is probably a really bad idea."

But his libido was in control now. He looked over at Janice. "Hey Janice, you know how to stimulate a prostate? Good. Take my ass." (He didn't want the enemies Heather and Janice close together.)

Then he looked at Joy. "Joy, help Heather with the cocksucking. She's clearly such a bad lover that she needs at least three other girls to help her please a man."

Heather was going to protest that, but Alan kept his hands firmly on her head and his boner deep in her mouth, preventing her from talking. On a whim, he forcibly prevented Heather from pulling away, even though she struggled to do so.

Finally, it appeared that she was running out of breath. She looked at him venomously and scraped his shaft with her teeth, just enough to warn him.

He finally backed off, but not before noticing how much Heather got off on being forced. He saw that one of her hands was at her pussy, and while he couldn't see the details of her self-stimulation, he certainly felt it when she peaked and shuddered in orgasm.

Janice and Joy both got busy with their new tasks. (Janice actually had never stimulated a prostate, and sticking her finger up his ass seemed way too gross. So she started licking his ass instead. Before long, she found herself licking his ass crack, and she didn't have any problem with that.)

Heather went from full on deep cocksucking to long licks up and down Alan's pole, so she could accommodate Joy kneeling next to her. But Heather was extremely hot to trot and determined to outdo Joy in every way. In addition to giving the dual blowjob her all, she sat up on her heels and used more of her body to rub him everywhere she could touch him. In particular, she rubbed her nipples against his shaft and then moved in for a full titfuck near the root of his shaft while Joy licked her way in circles around his cockhead.

Heather was surprised at how much she was enjoying the dual blowjob, especially since Alan had forced her to do it. She was determined to get him to cum, and was having trouble doing that by herself. She practically cackled with glee because she was sure the four of them working together would get him to cum soon. Then she planned to push Joy away so she could be the target for all of his cum.

Simone now was about to make out with Alan exclusively, since the other girls were busy down below. She'd had big doubts about taking part in this, but he'd worked her up to such a lather that her doubts were long gone. It seemed that he knew all of her erogenous zones already, and he played her body like a fiddle while also proving to be a very talented kisser.


After a few more minutes, Alan said, "Hey everyone, I'm getting tired. I need to lie down for a while."

It was true that he was getting tired standing there, but he also wanted to impress them all with his staying power, and the way Janice was licking his ass crack in particular was driving him over the edge. By lying down, she'd have no choice but to stop that, and he figured the kissing and fondling of Simone would stop for a while too.

He was right: Janice and Simone just sat or knelt nearby watching the dual blowjob for a couple of minutes.

Then Janice asked, "Alan? Can I sit on your face?"

He chuckled. "Sure."

So she did.

Simone just watched a little longer. She was fascinated in particular by Heather's utter devotion and determination with her cocksucking efforts. She could scarcely believe what she was seeing, since she'd known Heather to be the most selfish of lovers. But it was hard not to conclude that Heather was genuinely enjoying pleasuring Alan. The bitchy blonde even cooed happily when she heard him moan erotically in response to her efforts.

As Simone sat there watching, she spoke to Heather, although Heather was so consumed with her licking and rubbing that Simone was doubtful she was listening. "Fucking unreal, girl. Okay, I'm starting to believe the hype. I've never seen three girls on one guy before, and in this case I wasn't even one of them. And I don't know any guy who wouldn't have busted his nut already from that much stimulation. Wow."

Heather surprisingly replied while still licking, "Fucking unreal is right! What did I tell you? I figured he'd have all four of us on him before long - that's why I didn't just bring you. Just wait until you feel the things he does with his hip thrusts when he's deep inside you. Or the way his cum tastes. You know how I HATE to swallow, but this is different. I'm working this hard in hopes that I'll get his cum. Mmmm. Remember Alan, you promised me this load! And the next one. I wanna suck and lick that one out of you too! Mmmm..."

Simone was used to a deeply cynical Heather, so she was surprised at the unbridled enthusiasm in her best friend's voice.

Joy had begun bobbing up and down over Alan's cockhead while Heather was talking, but once Heather finished she growled testily and nudged Joy's shoulder until Joy went back to just licking on "her" side of Alan's long, fat erection.


Alan had been enjoying himself so much that he'd temporarily forgotten Simone, but now Janice got up off his face for a minute (apparently to go to the bathroom), allowing him to look up and admire Simone's dangling orbs as she leaned forward to get a better view.

He said to her, "My apologies for Heather's interruption. She keeps thinking there are people who want to hear her talking, when naturally the only thing she should do with her mouth is suck cock and lick pussy. I don't know how you can stand her as a friend. Although I suppose it's nice to have a human cunt for a pet, always ready to stop, drop, and eat you whenever she's ordered to."

Heather moaned lustily upon hearing those words and greedily engulfed his cockhead.

Joy was annoyed, but she made do licking his balls for a while.

Simone laughed as she continued to watch in disbelief. "She lets you treat her like this? I can't believe it! She never told me about THIS! Needless to say, she's hardly my cunt pet. Or are you, Heather?" She laughed some more, obviously fantasizing for a moment that what Alan was saying was true.

Alan tsk-tsked. "Has Heather been talking again? I warned her not to do that anymore. She'll say the craziest things when her tongue isn't busy with a cunt or a cock. She even makes some people feel intimidated. Can you imagine that - a pet cunt acting all haughty? Simone, do you keep her on a leash? I assume you do. In the future I recommend you keep her on a shorter leash."

Heather had been happily bobbing on Alan's cockhead, but she still managed to let out a loud moan of pure arousal upon hearing that.

Alan went on, "And in the future, don't let her walk on two feet, like people do. That just gives her ideas. She belongs on her back getting fucked, but failing that, she should crawl."

Simone was more than a little surprised. "Heather? Are you just going to take that? Aren't you going to kick him in the nuts?"

Heather moaned again with undisguised lust. Instead of kicking his nuts, she would have loved to suck on them, except that Joy was doing that already. Heather was working hard to get him to cum by slathering his sweet spot with her tongue, even as her lips were sliding less than an inch further down his shaft.

Alan was pleased to see that Heather was getting quite excited. Even he was starting to get quite winded. He reached out and held onto her blonde hair, right where her ponytail started. He yanked her head up, forcing her lips off his cock. He asked her, "So, cunt, what do you have to say to Simone?"

Heather gasped for breath for a few moments, now that her mouth was free. She watched with jealousy as Joy took over bobbing while she spoke to Simone somewhere behind her. "Sorry, Simone. I've been bad. I haven't been sucking enough of Alan's cock lately. When I'm without cock, it makes me start to think and stuff. And that just hurts my head." She rubbed her head as if saying that many words was painful. "I need to be a good girl and just suck and fuck."

Simone was beyond shocked. She could see that Heather was just acting an outlandish role, but she was obviously really getting into it, joyfully hamming it up.

Janice had just come back, and she was wondering how to get involved again. Alan saw that, but rather than welcoming her back in, he said to Joy, "Hey Joy, sorry, but could you pull off me for a minute? Everyone needs to let my dick be for a few minutes or else I'm gonna cum."

Joy disengaged and sat up on the heels of her feet.

Janice sat next to her.

Even Heather finally pulled back and sat up, although she seemed highly miffed about it. Clearly, she craved to get back to more cocksucking, despite the exhaustion of her tongue and lips and jaw.

Alan said, "Simone, by the way, my hands are free. Bring your lovely rack over here."

Simone was puzzled what he meant, then boggled at his suggestion. Whoa. Apparently three cheerleaders aren't enough for him?! She walked to his side where he lay, knelt right next to his head, and leaned forward over him so he could have easy access to her chest.

Alan began idly fondling Simone's boobs again. He figured he could enjoy that much stimulation while giving his boner a rest. He asked Heather, "So, cunt, what about all that walking?"

Heather grinned wolfishly; she was really enjoying this pretense. She bewailed theatrically, "It's horrible! Simone not only won't let me crawl to my classes, but she doesn't even let me wear my leash to school. And I have to wear clothes, like, everywhere!" She giggled with a surprisingly uninhibited girlishness.

She knew she wasn't allowed to touch his stiff cock, and that was driving her crazy, especially when he said these kinds of things to her. She leaned over him and rubbed her big tits up and down his tummy while kissing him around his nipples.

Simone boggled as she watched that. I don't fucking believe my lying eyes! Heather's, like, fawning over him!

Alan looked up at Simone. He tsk-tsked again, even while he continued to fondle her very dark-skinned tits. Her nipples were even darker. "Simone, I thought you were a good friend. Owning a slave is a great responsibility. Surely you of all people in our school, with the history of black slavery in this country, should know how important it is to properly handle a slave. You make her wear clothes? Like she's some kind of normal person?"

Simone grinned. "I'm afraid I do." She was warming up to Alan despite all the weirdness, and found herself running her hands around his face, caressing him like a passionate lover. She even fed a couple of her fingers into his mouth and let him suckle on them. She couldn't believe she was being so intimate with him, especially with Janice and Joy watching.

He asked her, "And what about branding? I don't see any branding or even a tattoo. If you own this cunt, I expect to see a big 'S' on one of her ass cheeks, at the very least. Where's the tattoo?"

Heather groaned quite loudly in extreme arousal. Her whole body started to buckle over Alan's leg as if she was being soundly fucked. I don't want to be owned by Simone; I want to be owned by Alan! Yes! Oh God! UGH!

Simone shook her head in amazement while she watched Heather cum. She replied, "I'm afraid I haven't gotten around to that just yet."

Alan said in a severe voice, "If you don't brand your toy, then anyone can claim her. In fact, I think I'll put my own mark on her in a little while. A big 'A' brand on her left ass cheek, which I'll douse with a fresh load of cum."

Heather moaned even louder. Even though she'd just climaxed again, she was still as energized and aroused as before. Suddenly, she couldn't take it anymore and she quickly shifted positions. She had his cockhead in her mouth a few seconds later.

Janice and Joy saw this as a sign that Alan's rest period was over, and they closed in on his crotch and got busy licking his dick and balls too.

Alan acted like nothing at all had changed, continuing to talk to Simone in a level tone. Even he was secretly amazed that he was able to do this, thanks to all the wild sex with multiple partners that he was now enjoying on a daily basis. He told Simone, "I'm afraid you're going to have to be punished for your lax Heather ownership."

Simone muttered slowly and uncomprehendingly, "Lax? ... Slave? ... Heather?" She was still visibly stunned to see the proud Heather willingly act like this. I thought I knew her better than anyone else. If other guys are at all forward or aggressive with her, she stomps on their balls and eats them for lunch. What's going on here?!


Alan said to the three girls slurping and bobbing on his privates, "Okay, enough of that. I really do need a break." He could tell Heather needed extra motivation, so he added to her, "Pull off now, my blonde cunt bitch, or I'm not gonna fuck you at all today."

So Alan's dick was left alone. But Simone figured his order didn't apply to her since she hadn't been touching him there. She rolled on top of him and made out with him some more. But she was careful not to do anything with his dick since she knew he was trying to give it a rest.

The other three girls sat together and watched Alan and Simone neck. Strangely, even though Joy disliked Heather and Janice outright hated her, the three of them were at least temporarily bonded together. Janice and Joy even put their arms around Heather since she happened to be sitting in the middle.

Joy said to the other two, "She's one lucky fucker." She didn't have to clarify she was speaking of Simone, since the three girls were watching Simone's every move as she kissed and fondled Alan while lying on top of him.

Heather just sighed longingly. "Yeah." She was unusually aroused, which was saying a lot given her powerful sex drive. She pinched her own nipples in imitation of the way Alan was pinching Simone's.

No more words were said between the three resting girls, for fear the wrong thing might be said, which would end their temporary truce. But for now, there was a lot of friendly body language between them, mostly because they were all so helplessly horny.

Once Alan felt able to go on, he ordered Simone, "Get on that table over there, please. I'm afraid I'm going to have to give you a good fucking before I do anything else. I'm curious to see what fucking a black woman is like... Joy, please get her a pillow and put it over there."

Simone got up off him, allowing him to sit up.

Heather complained to him, "Hey, you're here to fuck ME! That's the deal. These girls are my fluffers!"

But Alan just said, "Heather, you don't understand your place in life yet, do you? I think I'll not only brand you with a great big 'A' on one cheek, but I'll put a big 'P' on the other."

Joy asked Janice, "A. P.? Does that stand for Alan Plummer?"

Janice smirked. "Maybe. Personally, I think it stands for Alan's Pussy."

Alan was smirking too. "Actually, Joy was right at first, but I like Janice's idea better. Don't you, Heather?"

Even though everyone was taking a break and no one was intimately touching anyone else, it was clear that Heather was still close to cumming. She bit her lip in an attempt to control her arousal, which prevented her from talking. She also forced herself not to vigorously nod in agreement, as she feared that doing so would push her over the edge in a very embarrassing way.

Alan stood up and turned his attention back to Simone. "Hey, are you going to get on that table or what?"

Simone staggered back onto the table and found herself crawling up onto it. She looked up at Alan with a bit of fear. She found herself highly aroused by his confident manner, but she wasn't sure how much of his domineering persona was an act. She was so flabbergasted that she didn't know what to think. She even half-expected him to really pull out a brand and start branding asses, she was so awed and confused.

He commanded her, "Face away from me like you're ready to get fucked doggy-style. Or are you here to play chess? Get to it!" His aggressive role-play with Heather was accidentally rubbing off in the way he treated others. "Bad Alan" was coming to the fore.

Simone followed his command, then muttered, "It's true."

"What's true?" Alan walked over to the table. He positioned himself over Simone to mount her from behind.

Simone repeated, "It's true! What people are whispering about you. How you're the greatest fuck in school. Look what you've done to Heather! I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my own eyes. Please don't do that to me? I like my freedom! Don't make me your slave?"

Joy grinned like a brainwashed cult member. "If you think that's something, just wait until he fucks you."

Janice added, "He makes the boys of this school look like the premature ejaculators they are. Emphasis on 'boy.' But Alan's a MAN."

"Okay, you all," Alan chided. He got embarrassed at such praise and actually didn't like it. "That's enough. Heather, come here and feed my dick into Simone. You're one of the fluffers now. I want you to jack or lick it as much as you can until I get going at a good pace. Joy and Janice, do whatever you want to both me and Simone and yourselves to liven things up. After all, this is an orgy."

Heather chose to crawl under Simone so she could lie face up with her head directly under Simone's crotch.

Simone liked that and lowered herself some so her cunt was in range of Heather's tongue.

Janice got excited at the prospect of touching Joy, but she tried to hide it from her voice. With alarm in her voice but hope in her heart, she asked, "Wait. Alan, you're saying the rest of us should, like, do lesbian things to each other? You want me to get physical with Joy, even?"

He looked at Janice's face and saw how she was trying to hide her eagerness.

He thought, I don't know what this is about, but it looks like I can make Janice really happy.

He said commandingly, "Yes. Of course. You two get physical with each other, and Heather, and Simone too. Joy, you suck on Simone's tits while Janice eats you out. If you do a really good job, I might fuck you first next time."

Janice rushed behind Joy so she could pump her fist into the air in triumph without Joy seeing.

Alan couldn't help but laugh in sympathy at Janice's happiness. But then he turned back to his main task of the moment, fucking Simone.

He stood poised with his throbbing erection a mere inch or two from Simone's pussy lips while Heather lay underneath, both licking and jacking him off. He could hear her repeatedly mumbling, "Cum, dammit! Cum!"

The wait was excruciating for Simone, but she endured it. The fact that Heather was also occasionally licking her pussy lips as she focused on where Alan was almost entering her just built up her lust and made waiting that much harder to do.

Heather was reluctant to give up the dick she was both stroking and licking, but some loud coughs from Alan finally got her to act. She finally started to push Alan's dick into Simone's steamy hole.

Simone let out a great breath of relief. She let out a deeper sigh of pleasure as the thick intrusion pushed a couple of inches deeper into her.


But then it stopped. Heather was unwilling to give up any more of the thick erection that she was still holding and licking. The cockhead was completely consumed by Simone's tight slit, but that still left Heather a lot of inches to play with.

Heather had been laboring for many long minutes at getting Alan to climax and yet he still hadn't climaxed (although she certainly had, more than once). She was absolutely possessed with determination to get him to cum, even though she knew that would mean he would shoot into Simone. In fact, in a surprisingly unselfish way, she truly wanted Simone to share in the joy of feeling Alan's hot cum spurting into her.

Simone, in her own desperate need, began wiggling her hips and squeezing her pussy muscles to get at least a little fucking action going. She could have just started thrusting back and forth but she was worried about trapping Heather's face between Alan's thighs and herself.

Another thing that kept her from pushing Heather away was the simple shock of feeling Heather in such a subservient position. Simone had been in orgies with Heather before, but she'd never seen or imagined Heather actually feeding a penis into someone else. The orgies (usually all girl "slumber parties") inevitably centered around Heather. Simone wanted to prolong the experience to better remember it later.

But then Alan started to get antsy. Although Simone didn't know what she was doing with her pussy squeezing, her moves were having a big effect, especially combined with Heather's worshipful licking and stroking. Further, he'd been building up the need to cum ever since running into Heather in the stinky bathroom, and his need for release was intense. He didn't want to lose his load before he could really get started with Simone because he knew that it was important to make a good first impression.

He nodded to Janice, getting her attention. Then, by a combination of hand gestures and speaking without making a sound so his lips could be read, he indicated that he wanted Janice to make Heather cum by playing with her pussy.

It didn't take much. Pretty much as soon as Janice's fingers began tugging Heather's clit, Heather came hard.

Simone heard and even felt that, and came too.


At the same time, and without saying anything, he slowly pushed his erection all the way into Simone until Heather had to let go. As his tuft of pubic hair came into contact with Simone's back, Heather was forced to withdraw her head out of the way. Then he gradually pulled back out.

Even though Heather was dizzy and giddy from her climax, she was hardly deterred in her cock lust. She eagerly grabbed Alan's now pussy-soaked stick and licked and squeezed it while she could, until it disappeared back into Simone again. She flicked her tongue all over it, even more turned on to know it was now coated with Simone's juices.

Suddenly Heather exclaimed, "GOD, it's so GOOD!" She sucked and licked and stroked Alan's thick pole so ardently that he couldn't help but pause for a while before pushing back into Simone, so Heather could have more time to lavish her attention on his cum-soaked boner.

As Alan paused, he said to Simone, "Don't be alarmed. I'm not going to fuck you into a slave or something. I don't have that power. Heather is like this because she wants to be, and only for a time. At other times, she acts like her usual bitch-self with me. Believe me. You should have seen the way she was pushing me around this morning with all her demands. This is just an ordinary fuck, so relax and enjoy it." He wanted to diminish the sky-high expectations everyone was creating.

Joy looked up from Simone's tit that she'd been licking. She seemed content enough with all the lesbian activity going on around her, even though she wasn't naturally inclined that way. Things were just so hot and arousing that she couldn't help but get swept up in it.

Alan forgot about Joy's inclinations, since he was so used to every female he came across being bisexual.

Joy stared seriously at Simone and said half-jokingly, "Don't believe him. He'll turn you into his sex slave. Look at the three of us and what we're doing. Enjoy your last few minutes of freedom - once you climax, it's all over!"

Simone pointed out, "I came already!"

Joy said, "Then it's too late!"

Simone was worried, since she didn't know what to think anymore.

Alan slowly slid into Simone and then back out. The stroke took over a minute. Then he paused again, with just the very tip of his cockhead still in Simone's hot sheath.

That greatly pleased Heather, because it gave her many more long moments to work on his shaft with her fingers, lips, and tongue. She thought, God, I love this cock! So big, so thick, so powerful! Alan's gonna fuck the shit out of Simone, and then she'll see! She'll know! She'll get why I've been raving about him so much lately. This cock... Oh God! It needs to be worshipped! It needs to be loved!

She lavished her attention on it with her steadily lapping tongue.

Alan had been distracted by Heather's latest outburst of cock licking energy. But he focused his concentration, looked at Joy, and said, "Joy, please. No joking. Tell Simone that you're just joking."

Joy was back at Simone's nipple and wasn't intent on stopping again.

But Alan tapped on her head until she finally relented. He said again, "Come on. Don't freak her out. Tell her you're joking already."

Joy looked at Simone. "Okay. I'm joking. Kind of. The fact is, Alan is a great fuck. Janice is right. He makes the other guys look like the inexperienced boys they are. Look at him: he's drowning in female flesh and he's hardly fazed. He may not literally blow your mind, but it's a mind-blowing experience all the same."

"Okay, Joy. That's enough," Alan griped, since she wasn't exactly putting Simone's worries to rest.

Heather said, "You tell 'em, Joy. Tell how he's gonna turn us all into his hopelessly addicted personal SLUTS!" She was so horny at the moment that she really did feel that way, at least on one level. But she also said that to keep the conversation going, since she'd noticed that Alan had paused in his thrusting while listening to Joy speak. Heather had been very busy with those precious seconds, running ten fingers up and down his shaft while lapping against his barely exposed sweet spot.

But her efforts to prolong Alan's current position didn't work. Alan said, "Come on! Simone, don't listen to her." Then he pushed all the way back inside Simone's hot furnace, forcing Heather to let go of his pole yet again.

Everyone went back to what they were doing for a couple of minutes. Alan was still making extremely slow strokes into Simone so Heather would have a chance to stay involved and back away when need be.

After a while Alan looked again over at Joy and Janice. He saw that Joy had given up on licking Simone's tit and was leaning back, completely absorbed by the pussy licking Janice was giving her. He remembered now that Joy said she didn't go for lesbian sex, and just from her facial expression he couldn't tell if she was in agony or ecstasy. So he asked, "Joy, how's it going over there?"


"Well, you want Janice to do this," was all Joy said. Her tone was neutral as well.

Alan decided that he'd talk to Joy alone some time later. He thought, I feel bad. I'm getting so haughty and insensitive. Am I just using Janice and Joy for my own pleasure or am I helping push them together? Do I really care what happens to them? I feel the temptation of just letting go and giving in to my darker urges. Especially when my libido is in control, like it is right now. I have to fight it!

Simone suddenly cried out, "Alan, I can't take it anymore! Heather, quit with all your damn cock licking and let him really fuck me! This slow shit is great to a point, but now I need a solid nailing. That cock is MINE, girl! Fuck me now, Alan! Really go at it!"

Alan complied, especially since he was feeling the same way. He began pushing in and out at a normal fucking pace. There was no room for Heather anymore, so he said to her, "You heard your mistress, Cunt Girl. Twiddle her clit and poke your finger up my asshole while you watch me fuck."

Heather, surprisingly, put up resistance and refused. But it was only because her fuck need was so great. "No! Fuck me instead! Please! I've been waiting for this! I'm so keyed up. If you don't fuck me now I'm gonna die! Pleeeeassseee!"

Alan paused in his thrusting and all action stopped. He said to Simone, "See what happens when you're lax with your slave? This kind of annoying shit. Well, Heather, if you're going to be so difficult. I'll tell you what. Lie down and have Simone lie on top of you. That way, I'll have a choice of fucks. You've been sucking my cock so long now, I suppose you do deserve a bit of a reward."


"Yes!" Heather was happy and gladly did what he commanded. Finally, I get some fucking credit for loving his cock that long! My damn tongue is so tired it's fucking ridiculous!

She lay on her back and Simone lay face down on top of her, so their pussies and tits could rub against each other.

Alan stood behind and probed with his cock at the two pussies lined up on top of each other. He commented, "You two are easily the darkest fucks I've ever had. But Heather, even though your skin is so tanned, your pussy is nice and pink and creamy. Simone's on the other hand is a lovely chocolate brown, just like the rest of her. Which one should I go for? Chocolate or cream?"

Both Simone and Heather were annoyed at his talking. Each of them thought, JUST DO IT!

He probed with his erection, slightly entering one pussy only to pull out after going in an inch. Then he'd do the same to the other. He felt like he was having to hit moving targets, because their entire bodies were swaying up and down, they were panting so hard.

Both girls were insane with anticipation and held their breath, hoping to be the first one chosen.

But he wasn't just being a tease - this was another strategic break for his boner. He figured if he could cool down for just a minute, he could last through about another five minutes of fucking.

Stalling for more time, he looked to Janice and Joy, and saw them sitting next to each other and watching. He said, "Hey you two, keep your mouths and pussies warm for me."

The two of them got busy kissing and fingering each other. He knew Janice would love that, and he hoped Joy would too. She certainly didn't show any hesitation or lack of enthusiasm in what she did to Janice.

Yet Alan felt that his dick still needed to rest a little longer, if he was going to last long enough to live up to his reputation. He tried to think of another good excuse to stall, and then a very good one came to him. "Hey! I almost forgot a condom. Does anyone have a condom?"

Simone and Heather groaned in agony.

He looked at Janice and Joy and saw they were deeply engaged in a steamy lip-lock. He decided not to disturb them, and muttered, "Hold on, I'll get one myself." He walked off to where his shorts lay on the floor, since he had some condoms in his wallet.

Heather thought, Lord, please Lord! Please let him choose me! I need it so bad! She prayed with all her might even though she wasn't religious in the slightest.

Finally Alan came back with the condom over his erection. Again, he rested his hands on their legs and poked back and forth, as if he still couldn't decide who to fuck first.

Simone's patience broke. She screamed wildly, "Fucking DO IT! Just fucking FUCK one of us! Fuck ME!"

Heather also cried out, "YES! DO IT! You fucking STUD! But fuck ME!"

He chose Simone, as he knew he would all along. He just wanted to torture Heather a bit more. As he pushed in all the way to Simone's succulent depths, he said, "Sorry, Heather. Looks like Simone wins. Problem is, I prefer chocolate. Especially dark chocolate. Mmmm. Yum."

Heather cried out, "Alan! Noooooo! Why are you doing this to me? Please! God, that was so close! Pleeeeaaaase!"

"Heather, you need a good de-bitching. You're too stuck up. Now shut up, because you're ruining my fuck!"

Simone pressed closer onto Heather, so their lips met. She kissed the head cheerleader and really gave the deep kiss her all. At the same time, she worked hard to keep her tits rubbing into Heather's.

This was a bit of a diplomatic move, because with all the kissing and rubbing, Heather was unable to talk or respond to Alan. She was trapped beneath Simone, and eventually resigned herself to that fact. She felt tamed, tricked, and defeated, but she kind of liked it. In fact, she more than just liked it, she loved it, even though she hated it at the same time. The more Alan denied her and defeated her, the more she desired him.

However, after a couple of minutes steadily fucking Simone, he had mercy on Heather. He pulled out of Simone and fucked Heather for about a minute.

Heather let out a sigh of supreme satisfaction. It was like her body was on fire from head to toe and she'd jumped into a pool of cool water. But even though she felt relief, her lust grew and grew.

She moaned with need when he pulled out and started fucking Simone again, and then soared with joy when he resumed fucking her another minute later.

He went back and forth between them for quite a while, but each time he was in Simone more and Heather less. He was glad that he'd taken the extra time to rest, so he had the stamina to keep going, because it felt absolutely fantastic.

Simone and Heather were so horny they were practically delirious. They kissed and fondled each other as their bodies were wracked and rocked with several nice climaxes.

But eventually Alan could tell he was starting up the path to an inevitable climax and he wouldn't be able to last much longer. He already was primarily fucking Simone, but now he thrust himself back into Simone and stayed with just her.

Heather could only writhe under Simone helplessly, waiting for her next turn which never came.

Alan slowly built up a head of steam with Simone, plunging into her faster and faster. After all the praise he felt the need to live up to his reputation, and took his time building up the pace until they were speeding along at a fast fuck.

Alan had Simone cumming long before he got near his own peak. Eventually he reached a frantic slamming mode.

Heather bounced up and down below them like a human pillow, absorbing every single thrust. She found it maddening yet arousing. It was a kind of exquisite torture to feel Simone getting seriously fucked like this.

Alan finally reached his peak and aggressively pumped his seed into Simone - actually, into his condom inside Simone - as she cried out incoherently.

Finally taking some pity on Heather, he went at her clit aggressively even while he was climaxing, causing Heather to cum at the same time as Alan and Simone.


When it was over, Alan looked around and saw Joy and Janice on the floor next to them. Janice now had a dildo in her hand and was using it on Joy's pussy most vigorously. Joy seemed to be having climaxes of her own, though she wasn't returning the attentions at the moment.

Finally all was still. Everyone climaxed (except for Janice, apparently), and had to recover.


Heather, gratefully able to roll out from under Simone, asked her, "So. How was it? Did I tell you, or what? Isn't he the bomb?"

Simone was still trying to catch her breath. But she opened her eyes wide in a frustrated attempt to convey some of her tangled emotions. Finally, between breaths she managed to gasp out, "Damn!"

Alan looked up at Heather. "Oh, it's you, Cunt Girl. What did I tell you about talking? It's likely to fry your tiny brain. Get back to licking something. I'm wiped out and Janice and Joy look content, so get busy on the mess between your mistress's legs."

Simone protested, "No, really, you don't have to do that. I'm so sensitive and sore down there right now..."

But Alan insisted. "Get to it. If you do a good job, I might fuck you next." He didn't fully understand how sensitive women could get after cumming.

"'Might?'" Heather cried in dismay. She gave Simone a minute or two to recover, then got licking.

Simone immediately found herself wriggling again, especially since Heather was really working her clit. They knew each other's bodies quite well and Heather knew just what to do to get her friend off. But Simone still tried to answer Heather's "Isn't he the bomb?" question. "God, Alan, that was fantastic. That WAS the bomb. A fucking nuclear bomb. As far as I'm concerned, you can fuck me anytime. I don't care if I'm in the middle of getting fucked by my boyfriend. If Heather gives me the call, I'll be there."

Alan groaned with dismay. He hadn't even thought to ask about that. "Boyfriend? Don't tell me you have one too?"

"Yeah. You probably know him. He's the tall tight end who catches all the touchdowns."

Alan groaned even louder. He thought, She could have called him the extremely tall and LARGE tight end who could kick my ass with both hands tied behind his back. Big, scary black guy. Just my luck. He probably knows the guy who harassed me and accused me of stealing girlfriends. Well, he's right. I didn't even bother to ask if Simone had a boyfriend BEFORE fucking her. Duh!

He griped, "Oh man. Simone, I like you and all, but I never meant to get between you and your boyfriend. Now I feel bad. If Amy slept around on me, I don't know what I'd do."

That got a few derisive snorts.

Janice, who never shirked from speaking her mind, said, "Let me see if I get this straight, Alan. You're lazing in between four naked women, all of whom you've fucked recently, and you're bemoaning the possibility that Amy might one day sleep with another guy." Her voice dripped with sarcasm. "Uh huh."

"Okay, I'm a hypocrite," he replied. "I know that. The thing is, Amy really IS cool with me doing this, for whatever reason. Call me blessed. But Simone, I highly doubt your boyfriend is cool with this. Is he?"

"No. But he's not like my 'boyfriend' boyfriend. He's just a guy I've been dating for a few weeks. We're not officially exclusive. I doubt I'll be dating him much longer, especially after you opened my eyes today that I don't have to settle for yet another selfish fucker. We don't have some kind of going steady commitment, so don't feel bad."

"Oh. Good. 'Cos I'd like to do it with you again sometime." He got up and began putting on his clothes. He announced, "Okay, that's it. I'm out of here. Thanks for all the fun."

Heather stopped her licking of Simone's pussy and protested. "Wait a minute! You didn't fuck me properly yet! This is all about you fucking me. That's why I called us all together. That's the whole fucking point!"

Alan gave her a mischievous smile. "Thanks for that, but you must admit it's a much higher priority for me to fuck your mistress than it is to fuck a lowly Cunt Girl."

"No it's not! NO! That's BULLSHIT!" Heather protested. "You have to fuck meeeee! My tongue is ready to fall off from all the licking you made me do. You owe me!"

"So you implicitly admit that Simone is your mistress. That's a good first step."

The buxom blonde complained, "I admit no such thing! Dammit, I ORDER you to fuck me. NOW!"

He chuckled. "As if you could order ME around. I'll be generous and assume that was a joke. Besides, how can you complain? I fucked you pretty good for a while back there."

She put her hands on her hips and complained defiantly, "Not hardly. You only fucked me HALF the time, and then at the end it was ALL Simone! That SUCKED!"

He shrugged. "Sorry. If you don't like it, next time I'll just leave you out of it altogether, Cunt Girl."

She wanted to scream, but she calmed herself. She ultimately couldn't get that mad because he did fuck her pretty good, and most importantly, she'd had a series of great orgasms ending with a really powerful one.

So she tried a different tack in an attempt to retain a shred of dignity in front of the other three. "Okay, fine. Alan, unfortunately, it sounds like the sex is over for now. So stop the playing around and get back to our normal roles with each other."

"Cunt Girl, don't be difficult, or we'll have to get your leash out and take you for a walk around the school. I hope everyone's gone home, but you never can tell. I imagine the football team is out practicing. I wonder what they'll think. Really, Simone. You need to train her better."

Simone was all smiles. "Sorry. I'll remember what you said. Shorter leash. No clothes. More crawling. A big 'S' tattoo." She joked, "Maybe a doggy bowl too for her to eat her meals with?"

Heather gave her best friend the evil eye.

"I like the doggy bowl. Now you've got the spirit." Alan added, "Tell you what, Simone. You put a big 'S' on one ass cheek and I'll put a big 'A' on her other ass cheek. How would you like that, Heather?"

Heather complained, "I said the playing is over." But her voice lacked conviction. Even now, it was clear such thoughts excited her greatly.

Joy noted with glee, "A. S. Hmmm. That spells 'Alan's Slut.'"

Janice noted with even more glee, "Or 'Alan's Slave.'"

Joy further suggested, "Or 'Anal Servant,' maybe?"

"Hey, you two!" Heather barked. "Shut UP!" But her cheeks were turning red from blushing and arousal. Secretly, she liked all three suggestions.

Simone joked, "It could also mean 'Assigned to Simone.'"

Alan chuckled at that. "True." He pretended to ponder, "I wonder, where can one go these days to get one's slut branded? I mean, there are tattoo parlors all over the place, but no branding parlors. Such a shame."

Simone caught up to the spirit of things, and said, "I guess it's a just a D.I.Y. thing. Do it yourself. Buy your own brand. From a nearby ranch, maybe. If they're not busy branding the cows."

"Wow, that would be pretty intense," Alan mused. "The burning smell, the red hot poker... Hey! Maybe I could do it with a barbecue grill. You know, invite over all my friends to witness my slut branding. We could make it a big party. Heather would be the only one bound and naked, of course."


Heather walked right up to Alan and stared into his eyes from just inches away with the most intimidating look she could muster. "Alan, if you don't fuck me right now, you're going to DIE! I swear, I'm going to kill you! I'll turn you into a social nobody! I'll make you so hated at school that you'll wish that I killed you for real!" Her whole body was trembling with desire from the conversation.

Alan turned back to Simone. "Did you hear something? I thought I heard someone talking."

Simone was all grins. "What? No."

"Me neither. Sluts who want to get fucked know better than to make threats, so it must be my imagination."

Heather let out a great big groan of frustration. "Arrrggh!" Her fists were clenched at her sides, and her teeth were clenched too. The fact that Alan completely ignored her aroused her even more. She was torn between punching him hard in the face and dropping to her knees to suck his cock some more. She might have done the latter except that she knew he was totally flaccid at the moment. She stomped away in an effort to compose herself.

Alan continued with Simone, "Don't tell anyone about this, okay? Some guys are getting jealous and it could get ugly. Okay?"

Simone nodded, realizing he was being serious for once. "Okay."

He said to Janice and Joy, "And that goes for you two as well, right? Nobody here should say a word about this to anyone else. What goes on in here stays in here. Is that clear?"

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Alan quickly dressed and left before Heather realized he was really going. He wished he could stay and see the fallout from what Janice did to Joy, but he figured he should leave on a high note, before Heather's usual bitchy personality completely reasserted itself.

Heather turned her head around at the sound of the door slamming, and then pounded a fist into her open hand. She'd been moping, and had no idea he'd go so soon.

The other three girls were all smirking at her. Simone was starting to joke, "So. Fido, do you-"

Heather shot such an intensely hateful look at Simone that Simone completely froze. "Shut up! Don't even THINK it!"

Simone meekly nodded. She knew it was extremely unwise to cross Heather when she was mad. The erotic mood rapidly faded, even though all four girls were still completely nude.

Heather pointed to each girl in turn and said, "Okay, you all. That's enough! I don't have to remind you how I can destroy any or all of you at my slightest whim." She let out a shrill scream, "DO NOT CROSS ME!"

They all bowed their heads in the face of her withering stare. The situation was suddenly very uncomfortable, because Heather had reasserted her authority but ideas of branding and doggy bowls were still on everyone's minds. Soon all the girls put their clothes on, cleaned themselves up, and made to leave.

Simone thought as she pulled her T-shirt over her head, I thought that was too good to last. I guess Bizarro World only lasts as long as Alan's in the room. Looks like I'll have to put off that 'S' branding for another day... As if that'll ever happen. Ha! But it's fun to dream after all the shit Heather puts me through...

Man alive, that Alan is fun though. I can't wait to do this again and carry on where we left off. Maybe I should bring a doggy bowl, just in case we could put it to good use. Hee-hee!

She didn't feel afraid towards him anymore, although she was extremely impressed. He was good at sex but it wasn't like he could steal her soul with his prowess. She still didn't understand why Heather was affected so strongly, but she had some theories that were Heather-specific.

Alan thought that he'd won a victory of sorts, in that he'd given Heather the message not to force him into anything. But he was half right and all wrong. He only had a partial understanding about her: he knew how to turn her on, but not how to turn her off. If he wanted to get rid of her he needed to act fawning and always say yes, like all the other guys around her did. Because of the way he treated her and repeatedly bested her, she desired him all the more.

And yet she wasn't simply submissive about it, because at the same time she seriously vowed to get revenge.

Heather consoled herself as she shimmied into her tight clothes, Okay, that was a bit embarrassing. Okay, MORE than a bit embarrassing - that was completely humiliating! But I still hold all the cards. Actually, more cards now. By getting Janice to attend, and using the lure of Joy, I've shown that I can get Janice to do what I want as long as I keep the Joy lure dangling. And where Janice goes, Joy follows. I can force those two closer together physically, and then Janice is going to permanently owe me, big time. That'll be extra delicious because she wants to get back at me so bad but she can't because I'm the one who can put her together with Joy naked. It'll be fun to watch her squirm, having all this shit on me but unable to use it. Ha!

Then there's Simone. Screw all this "mistress" shit. The fact is, she'll do what I say, especially now that I've got her googly about Alan. She's been far too rebellious with me lately, but I can use the Alan lure to keep her better under my thumb. If I tell her to jump to have sex with him, she'll ask how high. I just have to get Kim on my side, too, and I'll have most of my cheerleading squad at my disposal. They're all my natural allies, and will want to see Amy put down into her place so Alan will look to us and not to her for his fucking pleasures. We can work as a team against Ms. Rhymer too. They're just timid at the moment because Amy's so nice and Ms. Rhymer's a teacher.

Then there's Katherine. She's the key. I've got to prove what she's really doing with her brother and then I'll be able to control Alan like a puppet. I just KNOW there's something going on there. Won't it be delicious? Alan thinks he's so funny calling me "Cunt Girl." Well, I think I'll call my new boyfriend "Cock Boy." "Come here, Cock Boy. Lick my feet. You're going to stay in and fuck me all night long. Just me. Come here, Simone. Stick his fat impaler in me and lick it if you get a chance whenever he pulls out. That's all you get. And no back talking, slave girl!"

Ha! HA! That'll show them. Alan looks like he's in the driver's seat now, but soon I'll have total control over everyone who was here today. Maybe I'll brand HIM!

She found herself growing aroused again as she thought about the earlier talk about branding. That reminded her of how he treated her in general, and made her even more horny. Dammit!


Back at the Plummer house, Suzanne let herself in the front door and shouted, "Susan? It's me!"

As Susan walked through the living room to the front foyer, she said, "Oh, hey. What's up? You were just here a little while ago."

Suzanne kissed her before explaining, "I know, but I wanted to eat lunch with my favorite person in the entire world... who doesn't have a penis, that is."

Susan giggled happily at that. "Well, good. In that case, I'd also like to eat lunch with my favorite person in the entire world, who doesn't have a great big fat penis or the nickname 'Tiger.' Hmmm, I wonder who that could be?" She winked. "Come on in. I just made something. Luckily, Brenda interrupted me with a long phone call, or I would have eaten already."

A few minutes later, they sat down to eat lunch.

Suzanne had carried a book into the house, but Susan hadn't gotten a good look at it. Once they were sitting down at the dining room table, with salads and a bowl of fruit, Suzanne brought the book out and put it on the table.

Susan was startled. "Hey! That's a Bible!"

Suzanne smirked knowingly. "It is. I thought that while we ate, we could have kind of a Bible study."

Susan was even more startled. "I'd love nothing better. But I'm surprised to hear that, coming from you. Why, getting you to even go to church on Sunday is like pulling teeth."

Suzanne said, "I know. But this isn't just any kind of Bible study. This is about sex in the Bible, and you know that I'm interested in that." She smirked again.

Susan held a hand over her chest. "Sex? In the Bible? What are you talking about? There might be a few 'begats,' but there's not much more than that."

"Oh, but there is." She opened the Bible to one of several pages she had bookmarked. "How familiar are you with the Old Testament book called 'The Song of Songs'? It's also known as 'The Song of Solomon'."

"Oh my goodness," Susan replied in surprise. "It's funny you mention that, because that's the one book in the Bible I'm the least familiar with. When I was growing up, my parents told me not to bother with that one. They said it shouldn't have made it into the Bible in the first place, since it doesn't even mention God once. And they said it had some disagreeable ideas, although... now that I think about it, they never did tell me just what those were."

Suzanne said, "Your parents were half right and all wrong. It's true that it doesn't mention God or even religion at all, but it's a great book, because it celebrates sex. It's basically one long poem about sex and the love between a man and a woman."

Susan said, "And they put THAT in the Bible?!"

"Of course! God wants us to enjoy sex, and as often as possible! Haven't you noticed that when you're with your Tiger? Can't you just tell down in your soul that something that great has to be a gift from God?"

Susan replied hesitantly, "Well... yes... but... I guess I kind of thought that was just my own personal interpretation. I find it hard to believe that they allowed praise of sex in the Bible."

"Sure they did," Suzanne said confidently. "It's just that a lot of very religious people have a phobia about sex, so they've tried to pass that misguided attitude on. The apostle Peter and lots of the other early apostles and church leaders were married. The Roman Catholics don't allow their priests to marry at all, but it wasn't until three hundred years after Jesus that some Church official came up with the celibacy rule so that priests wouldn't try to leave the church's wealth to their kids. You can see how if a priest or preacher is never allowed to enjoy sex, he has to suppress all sexual urges. Then he naturally gives off the attitude that the truly religious don't enjoy sex."

The facts that Suzanne mentioned were accurate, although the opinion was all her own. She'd done her research in order to better dislodge Susan's existing point of view and shift it to that which Suzanne wanted.

"I can see that," Susan said with a worried frown. Even at that point, she considered herself a very devout Christian, so hearing apparently contradictory ideas that were supposedly in the Bible shook her up.


Suzanne smiled encouragingly. "But we know better, because it's right in the Bible, in The Song of Songs, that sex is a great thing and we should love it! Let me give you an example." She read from the Bible, 'I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.' And here's another one: 'Come, blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.' As you can see, the Bible is celebrating oral sex - both ways!"

Susan grabbed the Bible in disbelief. "Let me see that!" She turned the Bible so that it faced her way and read the two passages that Suzanne had highlighted. She was so surprised that she actually picked the Bible up and looked at the cover, to check if it was some kind of bizarre translation. But it was the standard King James version. She exclaimed, "How can this be?! Why have I never seen this before?!"

Suzanne said, "Probably because some prudish people didn't want you to know. A lot of people are afraid of sex. They worry that it's a powerful force that they cannot control. But think again about that first quote: 'I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.' The Bible is praising blowjobs! There's no doubt about it!"

Susan stared off into space, flabbergasted. "Oh... my... goodness! It certainly seems that way, doesn't it? Why, it even praises the sweet, fruity taste of his cum. It's like that was written for ME! About my Tiger!"

Suzanne was secretly delighted at how well her plan was going. "In a way, it is. These are wise words that speak to us across the ages. Let's read some more." She turned the Bible back around and flipped to another bookmark. 'We have a little sister, and she hath no breasts: what shall we do for our sister in the day when she shall be spoken for? If she be a wall, we will build upon her a palace of silver: and if she be a door, we will inclose her with boards of cedar. I am a wall, and my breasts like towers: then was I in his eyes as one that found favour.' As you can clearly see, this is Biblical praise for a woman's big breasts."

Susan was even more staggered. She reflexively clutched at her own breasts. She whispered in awe while looking down at her chest, "Oh my GOD! 'Breasts like towers?!' 'Breasts like towers!' That's ME!"

Suzanne chuckled, and then cast a significant glance down at her own sizable rack. "That's both of us. The Bible praises big breasts because they help men and women enjoy sex more, and the Bible teaches us that sex is good. Don't believe me? Here's a verse from the book of Proverbs." She flipped to another bookmarked page. "'Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. Let her be as the loving deer and pleasant doe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love. And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger? For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he pondereth all his goings.'"

Again, Susan simply couldn't believe it. She grabbed the Bible, turned it around, and read the words for herself. When she was done, she exclaimed, "But... but... this not only praises sex... and breasts... Oh my! How wonderful is that?! But it praises incest too! This woman author asks her son why go to the bosom of a strange woman when the bosom of your mommy is right at hand?!"

Suzanne smiled widely. "Exactly! You see? Why indeed? There's a lot more in the Bible than people realize."

Susan sat back and stared wide-eyed. "Why oh why didn't you tell me about this before?! This... this... this changes everything!"

Suzanne chuckled gleefully. The truth was that she would have shown Susan those quotes much earlier, except that she'd only recently found them herself while trying to find more religious justification for incestuous intercourse. "Hold on. There's more! Listen to this, from The Song of Songs again: 'It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go, until I had brought him into my mother's house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me.' I don't think I have to point out that the 'chamber' is a delicate way of saying 'vagina.'"


Susan raised her hands. Her entire body jerked in surprise. She had a sudden vision of her son on top of her, fucking her hard. She had her legs wrapped around his backside and she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Oh my God! It's going to happen! It's really going to happen! How can I stop it?! I have no excuse to stop it! None! He's going to fuck me so hard that it'll be beyond belief! Compared to what I did with Ron, I'm almost a virgin. Oh God! I can't breathe!

Suzanne was very curious what was going on in Susan's head, because Susan seemed staggered by that. But Suzanne stayed quiet. She had a good idea what Susan was thinking, but realized it would be best if Susan reached those conclusions on her own.

After a long pause, lasting nearly half a minute, Susan exclaimed, "But that means that if my son fucks me... it's okay! God approves!"

"But of course He does! Why would He not want you and your son to love each other in such a beautiful way? It's a complicated issue, so the Bible can't just state it plainly as one of the Ten Commandments or something. But the truth is there for those who seek it."

"Amen!" Susan cried in relief.

Suzanne turned the Bible back towards herself. "Now, that's all well and good, but I want to get to my main point."

"You mean there's MORE?!" Susan clutched at her chest again.

"There is. Earlier today, you gave the approval for Alan to fuck me. And I thank you for that; I'm very grateful. He's already fucked Amy, and you're still warming up to the idea of him fucking you, so you know who's being left out."

Susan slumped back in her chair and frowned. "Angel."

"That's right. After your talk with Xania, where she showed you that there's no reason why your Tiger shouldn't fuck you, doesn't that same logic apply to him and Angel?"

Susan sat there silent. She was trying to think of a good excuse to explain why that was different, but she couldn't come up with much. Finally she said, "But she's so young."

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "Is she that much younger than Amy or some of the other girls he's fucking? He's fucking the cheerleader Kim, and she's younger than our Angel, and you never complained about that."

Susan sighed. "It's different when it's my daughter. I know I'm being hypocritical. I know I don't have a leg to stand on. But... it's just HARD when you're a parent. You know how it is with Amy. Think about how much you protected her from the Jack Johnsons of the world."

"True. But Sweetie isn't Jack Johnson, obviously. It was tough, but I got over my motherly protective urges enough to let Alan and Amy fuck. You should do the same."

Suzanne added quickly, "Now, before you say more about that, I have another Biblical quote, from The Song of Songs again." She read, "'Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck. How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! How much better is thy love than wine! And the smell of thine ointments than all spices! A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.'" She asked, "What do you think that means?"

Susan furrowed her brow. "I must not be hearing things right. Because... it, it... sounds to me as if he's speaking of a woman who is both his sister AND his wife! He says it three times, even! And clearly, there's a lot of ravishing going on. Of her 'garden,' even!"

Suzanne nodded like a patient teacher. "That's what I think it means too. But if you have any doubt that the Bible approves of sister incest, and incest in general, try this one: 'O that thou were as my brother, that sucked the breasts of my mother! When I should find thee without, I would kiss thee; yea, I should not be despised. I would lead thee, and bring thee into my mother's house, who would instruct me: I would cause thee to drink of spiced wine of the juice of my pomegranate.'"

Susan's eyes bugged out, and she clutched at her breasts again. "Suzanne, that's just all kinds of incest on top of incest! Here's a woman who wants her boyfriend to be her brother! And furthermore, she wants him to have sex with her mother! I can picture the three of them, with the mother instructing the daughter, and the... the pomegranate juice!"

Suzanne prodded, "You do know what that stands for, don't you?"

"Of course I do! Oh my goodness! Suzanne!" She grabbed the Bible again, turned it around again, and read the words for herself as she had before. Then she read the previous quotation for good measure. Finally she sat back and exclaimed, "Suzanne, no wonder my parents wouldn't let me read The Song of Songs! This is like pornography! And not just any pornography; it's filled with all kinds of naughty, naughty ideas!"

Suzanne said, "Read all of The Song of Songs for yourself. In fact, reread the entire Bible with a new eye. There's all kinds of naughty things in there. But naughty or sexy is not the same as sinful. Remember, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. His life must have been a non-stop orgy! God approves of that kind of lifestyle!"

She added, "Or remember how Lot fucked his two daughters until they both got pregnant. There's no doubt about that one at all. And if Adam and Eve were the first two people on Earth, who did their children Cain and Abel have sex with to have more children? Why, Eve, of course! There's no reason not to let your Tiger ravish Angel's garden!"

Susan just sat there staring into space. Finally she said, "You've given me so much to think about. I feel like the scales have fallen from my eyes." After another long pause she said with an angry scowl, "You know what? I feel cheated! I've been deliberately misled! Between my parents, our priest, and heck, everyone else back in my home town, it's like there was a conspiracy to make me think sex was wrong. I nearly let them ruin my entire life!"

She suddenly reached out and grasped Suzanne's hand. "Thank God for you! Literally. It's like you're an angel sent from the Lord to steer me from darkness and lies. What would I ever do without you?"

Suzanne was a bit bashful. "I don't know about all that. I'm just looking out for my best friend."

"Oh, thank you! So much!" Susan leaned across the table and hugged Suzanne as best she could. They probably would have gotten more intimate, but the table got in the way.

Suzanne felt a bit guilty. She knew that she was deliberately misreading some Bible verses and taking others out of context. But still, she hadn't fabricated anything; the Bible verses she mentioned were completely accurate. She figured that in this case the end justified the means. For instance, these quotes meant that Susan would inevitably come to accept that Alan and Katherine could and should fuck. It was just a matter of days, if even that long. She wanted Susan to welcome their fucking without turmoil or doubt, and the easiest way to do that was to reinterpret and refashion Susan's Christian beliefs.


Suzanne's impromptu "Bible study" was so arresting for Susan that the two of them had completely ignored the Greek salads Susan had prepared for lunch. So they just ate for a while in silence. Susan nibbled distractedly on a pomegranate from the bowl of fruit.

Suzanne knew silence was best, so Susan would have time to cogitate about those selected Biblical quotes and let them sink in. She was glad that she'd bookmarked and highlighted those passages, because Susan kept flipping from one page to another, rereading and pondering their meanings.

When they finished their salads, Suzanne asked with a grin, "So... how does it feel to have 'breasts like towers?'"

Susan smiled widely. "Great!" She sat up straight and briefly thrust her chest out proudly. "To think that I used to think of my breasts as nothing but a burden. Little did I know they were a blessing from God!"

"They are," Suzanne nodded. "So few women have breasts as large as yours, or as round and perfectly formed. It's as if God has a special purpose for you, a very sexy purpose. It's almost like it's your calling to tempt your son with your big tits and your beautiful face, so you can continually assist him in keeping his balls drained dry."

Susan nodded somberly. "It really does look that way, doesn't it? Far from me to try to divine God's Plan, but the evidence keeps piling up. Thanks again for taking the time to share those Biblical verses with me. To be honest, I feel kind of embarrassed that I didn't already know that part of the Bible."

Suzanne shrugged. "Don't feel bad. Like you said, you were deliberately misled. And please don't be upset at your parents; I'm sure they were misled too. I think it's better you don't mention this to them, or any of the other sexual changes going on here. At their age, they probably wouldn't understand."

Susan nodded. "Sad but true. The older they get, the more set in their ways they become."

Suzanne didn't like talking about Susan's parents because she really didn't like them very much. She was keen to change the topic. Since she was always on the lookout for more "intel" to help her stay on top of everything, she asked, "By the way, you said Brenda called you a little while ago. How are things between you and her lately?"

"Oh, great. Couldn't be better. I must admit that I've become hooked on our daily phone calls. Plus, we've been telling erotic stories to each other. It's so naughty! And you wouldn't believe how excited she is about the upcoming party."


"Why do you say 'but?'"

"There's a look on your face that tells me something's bothering you. Remember, I can read you like a book."

"Well, there is one thing..."

"Which is...? Don't make me tickle it out of you."

That made Susan smile. "That sounds like fun, actually. It's just that... well, when we talked on the phone just a short while ago, Brenda confessed to me that she's been having dreams about her son. Adrian. Sexual dreams."

"And? Is that a bad thing?"

"Of course it is! Where's her loyalty to Alan?!"

Suzanne said, "Susan, let me tell you something. Nobody can be 100 percent loyal, for instance, not in their dreams. Studies show that EVERYBODY has dreams about others, be it the mailman or a movie star or whomever. That's how the brain works. We're always comparing. It doesn't mean anything, and it doesn't matter."

Susan said, offended, "Well, I only dream about my Tiger! Period! If I dreamt about anyone else, I... well, I don't know what I'd do! But I would be horrified."

Suzanne put her hand over Susan's on the table. "That's now, in the first flush of excitement. What about five years from now?"

Susan stared at her disapprovingly.

Suzanne suddenly changed her mind. "You know what? Don't worry about it. I'm obviously not going to convince you about it today. Instead, I'd like to hear exactly what Brenda said about these dreams."

"She feels bad about it too. But she also kind of blamed me, so now I feel bad."

"What? Why you?"

"Well, I must admit, she does have a point. You see, as you know, my feelings about incest have undergone quite a shift, especially since I got such great advice from Xania. Far from thinking that it's wrong, I've come to feel that nothing is more right!"

She stared off into space, fondly reminiscing. "Oh, Suzanne! When I have Tiger's great fat cock in my mouth, filling it up completely... Holding his sperm-filled balls in my hand, maybe sliding my other hand up and down his shaft, all soaked and slippery with pre-cum... And then, lapping my tongue on his sweet spot, his oh-so-sweet sweet spot! And hot! And thick! Mmmm! Spermy! And sliding my lips up and down at the same time, doing everything I can to give him maximum pleasure! Tell me: is there any better way for a mother to show her love for her son? I think not!"

Suzanne replied, "Well, there's doing much the same with your pussy..."

Susan winced. "That's true. But I'm not quite there yet. Almost, but not quite. It's still almost too wonderful and amazing for me to contemplate! God, to have Tiger take me and possess me that way... Wow! But you're right. That's the ultimate way for a mother to show her love, by letting him spear her very most private spot, and then churning on it!"

Her arousal level suddenly shot off the charts. "Churning my hips! Rising up and down! Squeezing it tightly, repeatedly! Rhythmically squeezing and churning Tiger's fat erection, over and over! MMMM! Until he cums! Mmmm! Hot spermy cream, pouring into me, flooding my deepest depths, my very womb, with his spermy love!"

Suzanne smirked with amusement. What had started with a lazy, wistful daydream had suddenly gotten very intense, very fast. Susan's big breasts were heaving up and down inside her blouse in an extremely distracting way.

However, Suzanne was here just to eat lunch. She had lots to do, include catch up on the financial markets before Wall Street closed at 2 p.m. Pacific Coast time. So she tried to calm Susan down by staying focused on the topic at hand. "Hang on, Susan. Please don't get carried away. Let's focus on what you and Brenda talked about. Can we do that?"

Susan nodded. She visibly struggled to calm her breathing.

"Good. Now, let's talk about her son Adrian. How did what you said encourage her to dream about him?" Suzanne knew that shifting the focus to Adrian would cool Susan's ardor fast.

Indeed, Susan almost went back to normal, practically in a flash. "Oh yes, Adrian. Well, uh, you see, it's like I said about how my attitude about incest has changed. The more I've come to realize that it's a very good thing instead of a bad thing, the more I've tended to hype it up to Brenda. I fear I've been putting thoughts into her head about how wonderful incestuous sex is."

"No!" Suzanne's voice was slightly sarcastic, although Susan didn't pick up on it at all. Suzanne found the idea of Susan putting thoughts into Brenda's head secretly amusing, given how much Suzanne had indoctrinated Susan, including remolding her thoughts on incest.

"It's true! I can't help myself. I know you love Tiger dearly. And you are his aunt in just about every way. But you're not his mother. There's an extra special bond there that's unique. I can't explain it."

Susan suddenly started to tear up. "My love for my cutie Tiger... it's, it's without limits! I would do anything for him! Just like I would do anything for my sweet Angel. I would die for either or both of them. Throw myself across a train track if need be. My whole life! It's all about raising them, teaching them to be good people, preparing them for the wider world."

The tears were flowing fast as she continued, "At first, I was very concerned that helping Tiger sexually would interfere with that. I resisted. But the logic of his six-times-a-day diagnosis was relentless. With him needing to cum so much every day, I really had no choice. And then... something wonderful happened! I realized that he was still growing up to be a fine man, and Angel is still growing up to be a lovely lady, and we can express our love for each other in new ways! And that includes you and Amy too, since you're both de facto members of this family. It's all so wonderful!"

Suzanne handed her a napkin to cry into. "So why are you crying?"

"I don't know! I'm just so overcome. God, if I were to ever lose either of them, or you, or Amy... It's funny, but I never even think of Brad or Eric."

"Let's not talk about them," Suzanne said hastily. "Let's stay on track. I love Brad dearly, but he's not part of what we have here. Bring this back 'round to Brenda's dreams, please."

"Oh. Yes." Susan wiped her eyes, now that her crying spell was subsiding. "I guess I was just overwhelmed for a moment there thinking about the special bond between a mother and a child. I know you know exactly what that's like since you're a mother too. And then, when you add the sexual love on top of it... Wow! It just makes me want to suck Tiger's cock all day long!"


Suzanne said with secretly amused understatement, "I've noticed."

"Yes. Well, the thing is, I've talked to Brenda at length about the special joy of mother-son incest. And it's like trying to talk a young boy into eating candy. It isn't hard to do, because she was there already. In fact, it turns out that she's been reading mother-son incest stories on the Internet for YEARS! But she says she never really thought of her own son that way, except maybe in an occasional dream. She just enjoyed the idea in the abstract. He was too young, for starters. Plus, his personality just doesn't jibe with what she wants in a man. He's too timid. I've yet to meet him, but from what she tells me, it sounds like he's submissive too."

"That's what I've gathered as well," Suzanne pointed out.

Susan nodded. "It's clear that Adrian is no Alan. He certainly doesn't go around collecting beautiful busty women and turning them into his personal sex toys. And that's a very good thing, in my opinion. If I came across another Alan-type, I wouldn't want to get near him, or even people close to him, because I wouldn't want to be tempted. Like I was saying just a few minutes ago, my loyalty to my son is total!"

Suzanne nodded too. "Go on." She didn't want to admit it to herself, much less to Susan, but she was jealous of Susan's special bond with both Alan and Katherine, and she didn't like hearing Susan talk about it so much. She loved being "Aunt Suzy' to them both, but in a perfect world she would have much preferred to be their second mother. Deep down, she hoped that all of her sexual scheming would help that come to pass. But even if it did, and even considering just how close she was to Alan and Katherine already, she knew it would be very tough to match the special love Susan shared with her children.

Susan wiped her red eyes with the napkin. "Anyway, I guess I've been so enthusiastic with all my incest talk that I've got Brenda thinking about such things so much that she's started to have these Adrian dreams. I feel bad."


For the last couple of minutes, an idea had been forming in Suzanne's head. She'd already considered the possibility of having Brenda get sexually intimate with Adrian, but she'd dismissed it as unworkable for a variety of reasons. But now, she was starting to give it serious consideration.

She asked, "Here's an important question for you. What would you think if Brenda were to have sex with Adrian? As well as continuing to get more and more sexually involved with Alan at the same time? Oh, and with Alan's full approval."

Susan sat back in her chair to ponder that. After a long pause, she said, "Wow. That's quite a thought. For real?"

"For real."

"Oh my goodness! Just thinking about it makes me feel terribly conflicted. On one hand, it makes me extremely upset. My son is a very special boy! He deserves the very best big-titted babes for his sexual pleasure, and he does NOT share! The very idea, why, it's almost treasonous!"

"But doesn't that depend on how well the woman knows him?"

"That's why I said 'almost'. For you or me, or Angel or Amy, it would definitely be treasonous. Nothing could make me more upset! But, admittedly, Brenda is a different situation. She's only just starting to get to know him. And, on the other hand, she is a big-titted mommy, and her son is reaching the right age where normally any good big-titted mommy would start sexually servicing him."

Suzanne asked, "Do you feel strongly about that?"

"Oh, VERY strongly! Admittedly, it's not for everyone. Most mothers are just that, mothers. But I've come to realize that some women, like you and me, and Brenda, were born for sex. Born to serve! That's why I say 'big-titted mommies.' Mind you, it's not just the size of one's breasts. That's a kind of short hand for a woman with a flawless, curvaceous body, one who is highly sexually responsive. You just brush her nipples, for instance, and it sends chills and thrills throughout her body. From what I understand, there are women out there who have trouble having any orgasms at all. Is that really true?"

"I'm afraid it is," Suzanne replied. "Although I think that can be greatly improved with effort, it can't be denied that some women are much more sexually responsive than others."

"Exactly! And some women, well, to put it bluntly, we're just built to get fucked. Look at you. Look at me. Look at Brenda. We're three classic cases. Our bodies are NOT NORMAL! Heck, I doubt Playboy would even print our pictures. They'd say we're TOO busty, TOO curvy. So, clearly, God must have given us our special bodies for a reason. And, if we have a son, it almost would be cruel to have a mother like us and not have incestuous sex!"

Suzanne asked, "What about Brad? You wouldn't want me to start having sex with him, would you?"

"No! Of course not! If you were to ever think about it, well, I wouldn't even know what to do. You belong to Alan now, don't you agree?"

"Of course. I'm just asking hypothetically."

"Oh. That's a relief. Well, with Brad, a good part of that is his fault. It's like throwing pearls before swine. Maybe... do you think he's secretly gay?"

Suzanne rolled her eyes. "No, he's not gay. He's had girlfriends, you know. But we're a family divided, as you know. And it's complicated, as you also know. Anyway, back to Adrian."

Susan said, "The thing is, Brenda told me that Adrian lusts after her. And not just a little bit. He's obsessed! So, in a way, it seems like a natural to me. You have a big-titted mommy on one side, the kind with a body that's built for sex, built to serve. And you have a horny teen on the other, who lusts for his busty mommy. Normally, I'd say it's a match made in Heaven. It's meant to be!"

She frowned. "But then, on the other hand, you have Brenda and Alan. That's a match that's meant to be too. Tiger's a naturally sexually superior young man, with a big long cock that demands service from the very most busty and beautiful of women. And Brenda certainly qualifies as busty and beautiful. Plus, she's probably even more submissive than I am. She NEEDS to serve someone like Alan. It's in her DNA, I just know it. And Adrian, he's just not that kind of boy. His personality type is all wrong. So the situation is very confusing. I don't know what to think!"

Now it was Suzanne turn to be silent as she pondered that situation. Finally she said, "I don't know what to think either. I'm just kind of throwing the idea out there, brainstorming. You see, the way I look at it, we've got a growing problem with Brenda."

"How so?"

"If you remember, you didn't like her at first. You grudgingly agreed she could be sexually involved with Sweetie, if only because she learned all our incestuous secrets, and that was the easiest and most reliable way to keep those secrets safe. So you said she should only come here about once a week. Twice at the most. You remember?"

"Of course."

"And how do you feel about that now? I've noticed that she's been coming here more often. And with you and her getting along like long-lost sisters, I'm sure she's only going to be coming around even more frequently."

Susan nodded slowly. "Yes... That's true. And you're right that my feelings have changed. I do feel like I have a new best friend in her. I STILL get envious about her larger breasts, but we just have so much in common. It's like we're two peas in a pod. What I said before, about being a certain kind of woman, a big-titted mommy, meant to serve, seeing her validates all of my feelings about that that I find in me."

"So you're okay with her coming here more often?"

"Yes! Why, earlier, she suggested that she and I could spend the entire afternoon slurping, sucking, licking, stroking, and generally all-around loving Alan's cock. I would have agreed immediately, except that he has that homework backlog. But I'd certainly be happy to have her here if she wants to do that kind of thing in the future. Certainly not every day, mind you, but now and then."

Suzanne said, "That's good for you, and I guess for her. But you weren't the only one wanting to see her come here only once in a while. I feel that way to some extent, and I know Katherine and Amy do too. The brutal truth is there's only one Alan, and there's only so much of his love and attention to go around."

Susan protested, "I know, but I've changed my mind about two or more women servicing him at once. In a way, I actually prefer sharing his cock, at least some of the time, so that it can get all the loving it deserves. So I figure that realization kind of changes things with Brenda."

Suzanne replied, "You say that now, but I'm sure you'll want to have plenty of solo time too. Personally, I know he does his best, and he loves all of us to his utmost, but I don't want to just feel his love from a distance, in a group. I want to be with him up close. A lot! Right now, I'm happy. Very happy. I enjoy sharing too. But, ultimately, the more women who make demands on his time, the less of him there is for you or me, or Angel, or Amy. So I don't mind Brenda coming her more often, but I don't want her underfoot all the time. I can easily see that happening. Don't you feel the same?"

"Yes." Susan was fine with Brenda coming over more often, but she had limits.

Suzanne continued, "In fact, taking a longer view, the only thing I see preventing her from eventually moving in with us permanently is that she has to raise Adrian for a few more years."

"You think?!" Susan was conflicted, and it showed. "Let me play devil's advocate here for a minute. She's richer than you and me combined, and she's got her great big mansion. Why would she give up that lifestyle to live with us as some kind of boarder in a spare bedroom? Besides, her sexual connection with Tiger is still in its infancy. He hasn't even fucked her yet, and she's hardly sucked or titfucked him at all, relatively speaking."

"True, all true. But trust me, Susan; I'm good at the big picture stuff. We can extrapolate. After she sucks and titfucks him a lot more, do you think she'll get bored of it?"

"She might."

Suzanne rolled her eyes dismissively.

Susan quickly caved. "Okay, you're right. That's not gonna happen. She already feels like he's tamed her, and we know there's no going back from that. She's going to fall deeper and deeper in lust and love with him, just like the rest of us."

"Exactly. And she'll want to spend more and more time with him. Which I wouldn't mind at all if she were family, but she's not family. That's why I foresee a continual tug of war with her over access to Alan Junior. On top of that, her sexual side has now been unleashed, just like yours has. Before, when she was in unhappy marriages, she could barely tolerate having sex once or twice a week. Not now; she'll want to get off all the time, multiple times a day. So, perhaps, just maybe, if she were to have Adrian as another sexual outlet, that might become the primary focus of her sexual energy and attention, leaving her as the occasional 'guest star' here like we'd originally envisioned."

Susan gasped. "But... The disloyalty! I can't tolerate her having two lovers. It's wrong! It's just wrong! A slave can't have two masters, for one thing. And Tiger would never go for it. Never!"

"But what if he would? Sure, he'd never share any of the women he loves. But he doesn't love Brenda, not really. Even if he grows a lot closer to her over time, his feelings for her can't begin to compare with how he feels about, say, you or me. Let's be frank: the only reason she's in the equation at all is because of her remarkable body and especially her extraordinary big boobs. His relationship with her is 99 percent sexual."

"That may be true, but still, it feels wrong."

"But what about big-titted mommies sexually serving their sons? Isn't that the natural way of things?"

"Well, yes... but..."

"And Adrian, the fact that he's such a cream puff, that's a good thing. You can't have two alpha males fighting each other. That's asking for trouble. But with Adrian being so submissive, that means he could never be a threat."

"True. But I see nothing but friction and trouble coming from this."

"I agree that there would be trouble. It's a tough situation. But I also see nothing but friction and trouble if we DON'T do this. As I've noted already, Brenda is wiggling her way into our lives at a remarkable rate. Some good things will come of that, but also conflict. Look at it from, say, Angel's point of view. And I am trying to think of everyone's best interest. I fear for Adrian. I already understand that he's deeply unhappy. How much worse will he be if his mother is suddenly never around because she's become sexually obsessed with some kid barely older than him? Throw in his own sexual obsession towards her, and he might flip out. It would be good to give her a reason to stay at home most of the time he's there."

Susan furrowed her brows. "Oh dear. It is complicated, isn't it?"

"It is. The fact that she has Adrian complicates matters, no matter how you look at it. And I'm afraid this is mostly my fault. When I saw her at a party a few weeks ago, I can't explain it, but something clicked for me. I just felt like she belonged in our new life. Already then I could sense how things were changing and we were becoming a sexual family, thanks to the demands of Sweetie's six-times-a-day regimen. And I don't buy all you say about some women being 'big-titted mommies' who are somehow special and different from all the rest. And yet... Brenda just felt like she was one of us, you know what I mean? Looking at her, looking at her outrageously curvy body, it's like I had this epiphany that she had some role to play in whatever was happening to us."

Susan said enthusiastically, "I know exactly what you mean! I must admit that I don't have your talent for long term vision and insight. When she first started coming to our card games, I didn't feel any special affinity. But now? Now, it's like, how could I do without her? She's become like my sister in bondage. Suzanne, I love you so much. You're actually closer and dearer to me than any of my real sisters. I feel ashamed to say that, but it's true. But you and I just don't see eye to eye on the submissiveness issue. You can go halfway there, but not all the way. Brenda, she goes all the way. She fully understands the joy of sweet, sweet submission! And it's such a joy! So when I call her my sister in bondage, I mean that in the very best way, if you know what I mean."

"Not exactly, but I get the general idea."

Susan added, "Having Brenda by my side as we take this journey deeper into submission has been a real Godsend. I know you've done your best helping me mentally in adjusting to my new role as one of Tiger's personal cocksuckers, and so much more..."

She closed her eyes and drifted into an erotic happy place. "Let's face it: I live to serve him! That's what gets me excited to jump out of bed in the morning, the prospect that I'll soon have my lips sliding up and down his huge cock, or that he'll be caressing my tits and squeezing my nipples..."


Getting excited, Susan reached up and started squeezing her hefty globes, focusing on her nipples. "Mmmm! Yes, just like that! Or that Angel and I will share the licking of his cock under the dining room table while he eats some fruit and his Honey Nut Cheerios, and when he's finally done, after so many joyous minutes of shared licking and sucking and bobbing, he'll squirt his spermy seed all over our tits and faces, marking us, claiming us, leaving us dripping in his sticky love!"

Suzanne chided her, "Susan, please don't go off on a tangent."

Susan forced herself to open her eyes. "Sorry. I could go on. And on. But I won't. Yet that's just one possible scenario out of countless wonderful scenarios that could take place before he leaves for school, never mind the rest of the day! The mere joy of dressing up in a skimpy nightie or erotic apron and sashaying my hips in his direction, pulling my big tits free, watching his eager eyes feast on the sight-"

"Susan, you're doing it again."

"Oh. Sorry. Boy, I sure get distracted easily when it comes to thinking about all the fun things I could do with my cutie's cock, don't I?"

Suzanne chuckled. "You do." She added with an amused smirk, "I've kind of noticed that, over time."

"Sorry again. Let me stay on track now. What I was trying to say is, I love all you've done to help me adjust to my new role as one of my son's sexual servants, but Brenda serves just as vital a role in the way she's walking down the same path as I am. You and I, we're in similar boats, but not the same boat. You're just so in charge, confidently understanding your own mind and the minds of all around you. Even though you too have become one of Tiger's personal cocksuckers, it's a very different thing for you. You don't revel in being one of his sex toys in the same way Brenda and I do."

"No, I don't," Suzanne said.

"Not even Angel fully relates to my submissive mindset like Brenda does. So I would be crushed, absolutely crushed, if she were to suddenly disappear from all this. I must admit selfish motives on top of everything else in fearing her getting sexually involved with Adrian. Maybe I wouldn't be able to relate to her as closely as before, two women bonded by our total devotion to serving Alan's cock."

"Maybe not," Suzanne conceded. "But maybe also she could better relate to your mother-son incest experience if she's gone through it herself."

"Perhaps." Susan was lost in thought, considering the possible outcomes.

After a while, Suzanne said, "Keep in mind, I'm kind of playing devil's advocate here. I'm just toying with the idea. The whole thing will be moot in any case if Sweetie doesn't approve. But I think I'll propose the idea to him, just as a hypothetical."

"I don't suppose there would be harm in that," Susan grudgingly conceded. "And although I'm his mother, on sexual matters I'm his big-titted mommy, which is a very different thing. So if that's what he wants, then I must obey. But if you let me play devil's advocate again, what if she's too far gone?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, Tiger tamed her at Sunday's fashion show. I know you don't believe in taming, but you saw it as well as I did. Something changed in her, especially after he spanked her ass good and hard."

"Yeah, I'll admit I saw a shift in her demeanor," Suzanne conceded.

"That was the moment of taming! Trust me, it happens. I know, because it's happened to me many times, and each time I go deeper than the last. It's the moment when you realize that he is your... well, I hate to use the word 'master' because you don't like that either, but that's what it is. It's the moment when you realize you'd like nothing more than to serve him and keep him flying high on the cusp of orgasm all day long. For Brenda, that's happened to her. So I fear it's too late for her to get involved with Adrian or anyone else."

Suzanne shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not. We'll see. Maybe this idea is a total non-starter. If that's the case, then so be it. We'll come up with a new strategy from there. But I say let's try it first."

"Fine." Susan had a bad feeling about the whole Adrian-as-second-lover idea, but she was very reluctant to go against Suzanne. In her experience, Suzanne's plans and schemes had always worked out for the best.

Suzanne said, "Oh. One last thing. Don't mention a word of this to Brenda just yet, okay?"

"Okay. I get it. We don't want to raise her hopes up, only to have them crash down if Tiger hates the idea."


The two of them had gotten so caught up in the important conversation that they'd forgotten about lunch. But they resumed eating their salads and shared a pot of chamomile tea while chatting over less consequential matters.

Suzanne also decided that in addition to feeling out Alan's feelings on the matter, she also needed to learn more about Adrian. When I brought Brenda into our world, I didn't give the fact that she had a teenage son much consideration. Big mistake! With Brenda becoming more important to us, Adrian is becoming more important too. Even if she doesn't get sexually involved with him at all, her motherly duties are a huge part of her life. So it's time to do a little professional investigation about Adrian, and find out what makes him tick.


Alan had to walk home since he'd been driven to school in the morning and Susan wasn't there to pick him up. He didn't mind that much though. He walked slowly to allow his body and penis to recover from all the wild sex. As he walked, his mind filled with regrets over what he'd done with Heather and the others.

He thought, Just yesterday I'd made a vow to steer clear of those exact people so I could spend more quality time with the ones I really love. So what do I do? I go and fuck Kim yesterday, and the rest of the other cheerleaders today. What's worse, I've added a gorgeous new girl. Simone seems as affected as the others by my fucking. What gives with that? Are all the other guys in school really that pathetic at sex? The way everyone is fawning over me lately is absolutely nuts! Whatever. I guess I can't understand it.

The relevant point is, I've dug myself into an even deeper hole. The problem is, now I have to go home and pay the piper. At least I can take my time walking there. That'll give me a chance to recover.

I know exactly what's gonna happen when I get home from school. Mom vowed that she would take it easy and resort to nothing but stealth stroking for the rest of the day, but that's soooo not gonna happen. She's gonna be in serious cock withdrawal by the time I get there. It's a Tuesday, for crying out loud. And the anal sex this morning only partially sated her, because that means she hasn't sucked my dick since yesterday. That's bad. Well, in a relative sense anyway. She'll be needy, despite her desire to give me a break.

He figured his mother would be all over him. However, he thought Katherine would also be home by then. Since he still wanted to take things easy, he hoped to get his sister to deflect their mother's attention and considerable sexual energy.

He also thought about how Susan was singing the Monty Python song "Every Sperm Is Sacred" off and on for much of the morning before he left for school. With that in mind, he walked a little bit out of his way, stopped by a music store, and bought a CD with that song on it.


When he got home, Susan was in the kitchen wearing one of her erotic aprons while cooking up some banana fritters for her children. She seemed pretty mellow and motherly, even though she looked more like a porn star playing a mother role. Not surprisingly, she was again wearing high heels.

Despite not wanting to trigger her lust, he couldn't help but joke, "Nice shirt!" The joke was that although her apron covered up a bit of skin here and there, her huge rack was completely exposed.

She immediately raised her perfectly shaped globes and caressed them in a very sensual and titillating manner. "You approve? I'm being kind of naughty wearing this, since you told me to behave."

"That's okay. I can still look, can't I?" He gave her a hug and a friendly peck on the cheek before asking, "What are you making?"

His hand lingered on her bare ass cheeks, since he couldn't completely suppress his response. He told himself that as long as he didn't get an erection, it would be okay.

She answered, "Cookies. They're almost done, and I know you like them. Oatmeal-raisin. But is that how you're going to greet me, with a timid little kiss like your father would have given me? I'm hurt. I've been waiting for you all day, and you're so late from school... No doubt you were fucking a whole bevy of cheerleaders while keeping your ugly mommy waiting." She pouted with dramatic flair while striking a very sexy pose.

He thought, Little does she know just how true that is! Minus the ugly mommy part, of course. He kissed her on the cheek again and fondled her ass some more, but that was it. He stepped back out of range. "Please don't call yourself that. And I'm in homework mode. Remember?"

She looked at him and her eyes went wide. "You DID, didn't you?! Don't lie to your mother; mommies always know when their children lie."

Stalling for time, he asked, "What?"

"Don't play dumb! I can still smell your cum. I'd recognize that mouth-watering scent anywhere." She sniffed the air carefully, her nostrils flaring. "And I smell freshly fucked pussy. More than one." But she wasn't angry at all. "Mmmm! How many were there?"

He admitted with some embarrassment, "Um, four." That led to the realization, Geez, I must really need a shower.

"Four?! Gaawwwd! FOUR?! That gets me SO HOT!" Her mellow mood was gone and she was starting to pant, just from hearing that one fact. There was a wild look in her eyes, and her bare tits started heaving. "All cheerleaders?"

"Uh, three of them were."

"Damn!" She bit her lip as she tried not to get too excited. It reminded Alan of how Heather had done the same thing a short time before.

"By the way, Mom, maybe you should go put some more clothes on. Would you do that for me?"

"But you just said this is okay." She put both hands behind her head and struck another sexy pose.

He moaned quietly to himself. Jesus! Have mercy! He pointed out, "I know what I said, but now I feel an erection coming on, and we can't have that. Not with all the homework I've gotta do."

She leaned way over, as if checking his crotch for any sign of engorgement there. But really she just wanted her boobs to dangle down and come together, forming a vast cleavage. She wanted him to get fully erect so he would need her 'help.' "Hmmm. I don't see anything."

"Trust me, it's happening. Especially if you stay bent over like that. Can you please stand up straight?"

She suddenly stood up ramrod straight, as if in a military attention posture with her arms at her sides, but she arched her back slightly to thrust her hefty melons up and out. "Whatever you say. My pleasure comes from obeying your every word, and satisfying your every desire."

He put a hand on his forehead in resignation and sighed.

She pouted even more, "When you say you want me to put on some more clothes, you don't actually mean covering up my tits too, do you? That's just cruel." She broke from her stiff posture and alternately raised each boob, as if weighing them up for the first time. "My tits are so big that they practically DEMAND to be released from their cruel confinement. It's bad enough that you go pounding cheerleader cunt all afternoon, but don't make me put my tits in a cloth prison too!"

He asked with exasperation, "Can't you put something on them? Maybe something loose?" He could feel his dick getting stiffer by the second.

"No. Loose is bad. When the fabric occasionally rubs across my nipples, it gets them erect but you're not here for me to suck!" She put on a sad face that she knew he couldn't resist.

He actually had to look away, because she was getting to him that much. "What about something tight then?"

She pretended distress, clutching her hands to her chest, but in a way that only drew more attention to her bare breasts instead of covering them. "On no! That's even worse! Then the rubbing on my nipples is constant and I go out of my mind dreaming of sliding my lips all over your cock!"

He looked doubtful. He really didn't want to get too carried away sexually when he had dozens of hours of homework to make up. His dick had become completely erect, thanks to Susan's incredible body and her shameless posing, but he tried to hide it by casually draping his hands over his groin.

She saw his doubt, and reassured him, "Look, I'm good. I can behave. See how this apron covers my pussy?" She flipped up the apron so he could have a good, long look at the pussy in question. "And check out how it covers my ass." She turned and gave him a long flash of her fantastic ass, while she seductively rubbed it. "Two out of three ain't bad, right?"

Alan laughed. "What are you talking about?! It doesn't cover your ass at all! There's nothing but a big bow back there over bare skin."

"Oopsies! My bad." She ran her hands all over her bare ass cheeks, as if checking to see whether they were really covered or not. Finally she turned back around to face him.


He rolled his eyes. "Okay. You win. Stay dressed in that for now, if you must, but nothing more, okay? Or I guess I should say nothing less. And I suppose I would be remiss in my duties as a dutiful son not to 'get your attention' a little better." Giving in, he reached out and caressed her nearest bare ass cheek.

She purred with sheer delight at that.

He grinned. "But give my dick a break, okay?"

"Okay, so long as you give me a proper 'welcome home' kiss." She turned his way and held her arms out for him. She was well aware that he was attempting to hide his erection, and failing badly. She hoped she'd have her lips sliding back and forth over his sweet spot in a few minutes, if she could just push him a little further past his breaking point.

He fondled her ass and tits and wherever else he liked for the next couple of minutes. Somehow the straps of her apron fell down her shoulders and the bow at her back was untied, leaving her in nothing but her black high heels.

They engaged in a healthy dose of French kissing. Susan moaned and mmmm'd appreciatively the whole time. She gave his erection a break in the sense that she didn't drop to her knees and suck on it, and she didn't even stroke it with her hands, but she continually rubbed against it with whatever parts of her body were closest. More often than not, that meant bare hips while they were kissing, or bare ass when he was behind her.

She thought, Mmmm! He hasn't been home for ten minutes, and somehow he has me completely naked and shamelessly rubbing my body all over him, just like a cat in heat! In truth, she'd been responsible for nearly all of that, including making sure that her apron "accidentally" fell off, but she preferred to interpret it as his doing. He's completely unstoppable. I'll bet that before long, he'll be balls-deep in my cunt, cumming in me mere minutes after coming home! This is my fate, to be my son's sex-toy mommy!

At one point between kisses, he looked to the apron, now crumpled on the floor, and said, "By the way, Mom, I noticed you really like to wear erotic aprons, don't you? Is there a special reason for that?"

She replied, "Well, it's functional, since I do so much cooking and cleaning, and it's sexy too. The main thing though is that I know it turns you on."

As he caressed the undersides of her immense globes, he asked, "But that's not all there is to it, is there? Don't you have a special thing for them too?"

She was abashed with embarrassment, but nonetheless replied, "It's true. I love 'em! Lord help me, I love 'em so much! Whenever I wear one, it reminds me that I'm one of your sex pets AND I'm your mother too. It's kind of a tie between the old prudish me, who raised you, and the new me, who raises your cock, and keeps it that way!" She reached a hand inside his shorts and firmly held his boner.

But he held her wrist and pulled her hand out. "Now, Mom, you promised to behave."

"Oh, poo! You horse-cocked meanie!" Despite that "insult," she clearly wasn't upset, if the scorching kiss she then gave him was anything to go by. She grasped his ass with both hands, making sure he was tightly pressed against her, so she could at least still rub his cock with her body.

He thought she'd finished answering his question, but after that kiss ended, she added, "There's another thing too. I love the symbolism of it. An apron is the kind of thing a maid wears. Someone who serves you. And the erotic part makes clear than any woman who wears this is a sexy slut who lives to sexually satisfy her man! If you really want to surprise me with a nice present one day, give me a French maid outfit that leaves my tits and ass exposed! Mmmm! I could spend the whole afternoon slurping and bobbing on my knees in one of those!"

Her own words got her so worked up that she French kissed him again, and with even more passion.

Once he was able to get a word in edgewise, he said, "You have a French maid outfit. You wore it this morning, and it was great!"

"True, but they come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. And that one covers up a bit too much for my tastes."

He had to laugh, because he thought back to how very little that outfit covered. Man, I love how Mom has changed. She's so awesome!

After a while, as she kept on grinding her body against him, and in particular against his boner, she moaned, "Tiger, I'm so PROUD of you! You really showed those cheerleaders their place, didn't you? Which ones were they?"

"Um, Mom, I can't kiss and tell." He was hoping that things wouldn't go too far if he mostly just stood there, with the exception of his roaming hands. But she was more than making up for his lack of movement by gyrating wildly against him.

At the moment, she had her back to him and seemed to be trying to massage his cock by trapping his bulge in between her ass cheeks and sliding her ass up and down it. Remarkably, it was working. She panted, "You mean you can't FUCK and tell! I just think of you flipping up those short little cheerleader skirts and taking on the whole team, one by one, while the others wait for their turn, and it makes me, well, SO HOT!"

She giggled, knowing full well that she said "so hot" a lot, but that was exactly how she felt. After churning her ass a bit too much from side to side, his thinly-covered boner slipped out of her ass crack. She turned around so she could rub her big breasts on his chest some more, while feeling his hot erection pulsing against her lower abdomen near her cunt.

She panted, "Tell me the names of the cheerleaders who had to wait their turn to get fucked! Did they kiss and finger each other while they waited, watching and drooling, talking about their love for your big cock? Have they sworn off all other men yet?"

He chuckled. "Mom, it's not like that. And I can't tell you who they are."

She kissed him hotly yet again, thrusting her tongue down his throat. But just as suddenly, she switched to licking his face instead. "Okay, you don't have to name names. I know you're fucking the entire cheerleading squad, so I can guess well enough anyway. But you know I live vicariously through your sexual exploits. Can you give me some hints as to what you did to them?"

"Yeah, I suppose there's no harm in that. I met this beautiful black girl. She looks really exotic, really sexy. Stacked, too. She's got D-cups at least, probably more. I fondled her tits while Heather sucked my cock. Er, I mean one of the cheerleaders did." He realized that last comment was useless, since Susan already knew from Katherine and Amy that the head cheerleader, Heather, had a close girlfriend who was black.

"WOW!" Although Susan was still wildly rubbing her entire body against him, she was actually showing great restraint in that she hadn't made another attempt to stick her hand in his shorts. But now her eyebrows went up because she suddenly could feel his cockhead burning directly against her skin. All her sliding and rubbing had managed to slowly slide his shorts down his legs.

She tried hard to not react to that, lest he decide that things were going too far. She just kept right on rubbing all over him, with even greater success, due to the skin-to-skin contact. "Tell me more! A stacked black girl! So exciting! I want you to tame a busty babe from every race. What were the other two doing?"

"Well, I took turns kissing them while still fondling the big tits of the new girl, and sometimes kissing her too. Before long, we were all naked, and I pretty much did whatever I wanted with all three girls. But I mostly concentrated on the new girl."

"SO HOT!" Susan panted excitedly. She thought about how she and Brenda had shared a cheerleader fantasy about him earlier in the day. It wasn't a perfect match, but it was the same general idea. She wanted to tell him all about it, but that could wait - she sensed his resistance was crumbling and her mouth would be stuffed with his cock-meat before long. She asked, "And what about Heather?"

"She just kept on sucking my dick. I tried to act like she wasn't even there, but that somehow inspired her to suck me even better than before."

Susan wanted to scream for joy, she loved that news so much. "I can imagine! Because you were showing you were in total control!" I hope he gets in the habit of acting like I'm not there when I suck his cock sometimes. Like if he's watching a good TV show or movie while I kneel naked between his legs, like a good big-titted mommy should. That would really put me in my place and keep me there, gagging and slobbering on his fat knob for hours!

He'd been feeling a growing amount of stimulation of his hard-on, but he hadn't been thinking about it closely, probably because he didn't want to have to stop the fun. However, he couldn't fail to notice when his shorts reached his knees. He looked down and snorted with amusement when he saw Susan's fingers curled around his shaft, sliding all over it.

He knew he had to stop her and get started with his homework. But that was easier said than done. He tried to at least discourage her some. "Um, Mom? Remember about taking it easy?"

She looked down at her hand with an apologetic expression, yet made no attempt to even slow down the way she was pumping on his hot pole. "Sorry. I want to stop, really, but I'm only human. Your story is just TOO HOT! Anyway, what happened next?!"

"Well, the four of us stood there like that for a long time, with Heather on all fours sucking my cock."

"She was on all fours?! Naked too, I hope?!"

He nodded.

"Oh Gaawwwd! YES!" She practically had an orgasm, and would have if there had been a hand on her pussy mound.

He chuckled at her enthusiasm, as well as the way her other hand began fondling his balls. "And then I laid down and the girls started sharing my dick. At one point, three of the cheerleaders had their lips and tongues on it."

"OH YEEEESSSS!" Susan did cum this time, although Alan was only fondling her tits at the time. It wasn't a big one, but it was very nice just the same. Even as she kept on stroking his boner, she started sliding down his body so she could get started on a blowjob. She hadn't intended to do that, but hearing about three cheerleaders orally servicing him at once made it all but impossible for her not to try to suck him off.

Alan was extremely turned on, but unfortunately for Susan, her attempt to get to her sucking reminded him not to get too carried away. As she fell to her knees, he abruptly took a couple of steps backward. That forced her to let go of his hard-on.

His heart was pounding hard, and he was flying high with an erotic buzz. Nevertheless, he strengthened his resolve not to spend all his time on sex. "Sorry, Mom. Things are getting a bit out of control here. I've really gotta go upstairs and work. But we can play later, okay?"

She stayed on her knees in a submissive pose with her hands pinned behind her back, still hoping to sway him. "Wait! It looks like you're kind of worked up. You can't study in that condition. Why don't you let me blow you for a while? Then you can study with a clear head." She opened her mouth in a perfect 'O' shape and wiggled her tongue out at him.

He was breathing heavily. "How long is a while?"

She looked away, because she wasn't being completely honest. "Oh, whatever. It doesn't have to be that long, if you want..."

"Yeah, right. Knowing you, you'll keep me on the edge for an hour or more. Sorry, not today. I REALLY have to do my homework. Later! Please!"

"Oh, POO!" She was in full-on pout mode as she picked up her apron and then stood up and put it back on. "I'm going to hold you to that promise that you'll play with my naked body later though, and I do literally mean I'm going to hold you to it." She winked and mimicked jacking him off with a hand pumping in the air. "But when can I hear the rest of your cheerleader-taming story?"

"That'll have to be later too. Okay?"

"Okay. I'm gonna hold you to that too! There's going to be a lot of holding of things." She licked her lips knowingly at his erection, which was poking straight at her, since his shorts were still way down his legs. "But tell me, how many of them did you fuck in the end?"

He quipped, "In the end? None. but in the pussy? Two. Heather and the busty new girl."

"OH GOD! WOOOO! WOOO HOOO!" Susan was so excited that she spun around in a complete circle. That caused her big globes to fly around and nearly hit her in the face.

He just grinned and shook his head a little bit. Man, Mom is a total nympho!

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A special thanks goes to YamiBoy for colorizing existing illustrations. And finally, an extra special thanks to Sam.I.am for coordinating and processing all of the proofreading input.

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