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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby?
Day 65: Tuesday, November 19

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan went upstairs to get his sister. That naturally led to another attention-getting session in her bedroom.

Katherine was much less reserved. As soon as he'd walked into her room, she'd noticed a big wet spot on his shorts and a long stiff hard-on straining against it. When he started to kiss her, she pulled his shorts way down and got busy stroking.

Between their kisses she purred, "Oh, Brother! I can feel from your slickness that Mommy has been working on you. But you're not neglecting your fuck-toy sister!" She kissed him hotly on the lips, then added, "I've been missing this so much! All day!"

After another scorching kiss, he said, "Don't get too friendly with it, please, because I just came upstairs to get you to come downstairs. For cookies."

To his surprise, she exclaimed, "Well, fuck that!" She pushed him backwards, causing him to fall backward onto her bed. She wound up on top of him, with her hands still sliding up and down his boner. "Now that I've got you, I've got to do my duty as a fuck toy. Remember, I'm an UPPITY fuck toy!"

He could tell that she wasn't just jacking him off, she was trying to slide his cock into her slit. And he knew once that happened, what remained of his willpower would disappear and he'd spend a good portion of the afternoon fucking her instead of studying.

He reacted rapidly, sliding two fingers deep into her pussy. With his hand blocking the way, she couldn't impale herself on his erection. He fingered her at a rapid pace. After some moments, she gave up on her attempt at insertion and went back to stroking him while necking with him.

He knew they were in a race of sorts to see who could get the other to cum first. But he also knew that he had the advantage, because it would be much easier for him to make her orgasm.

Sure enough, after about five minutes, she had a big climax. He was able to roll off her, leaving her lying on the bed. When his hard-on pulled out of reach, she immediately protested, "No fair! You got me too horny. Come back here!"

"Nope!" He stood a few feet from her. He knew he was "safe" because her orgasm had wiped her out, leaving her temporarily unable to get up from the bed.

"Meanie!" She was struggling to sit up, but she felt like all her bones had turned to mush.

He pointed out, "Hey, the plan was just to give you a back-home-from-school kiss. You were very naughty and things got out of hand."

She finally sat up, but that was all she could manage. She smirked. "What do you expect when you have a sister who is your real fuck toy? Those aren't just words. I take that VERY seriously."

"Okay. Since you'll apparently obey my every command, I'm ordering you to go downstairs with me and eat some yummy cookies that are fresh out of the oven."

She managed to stand, though only because he helped pull her up. "Grrr!" She poked a finger against his chest. She playfully teased, "You annoy me. Using my fuck-toy status against me. Sneaky!"

He was all grins. Actually, he didn't mind the playing around with her at all. He figured that it hadn't taken that long, and he still had hours left for study before dinner.

A few minutes later, he brought her downstairs so they could all partake in the cookies. He made sure she was adequately dressed though, so he wouldn't feel too tempted. Because his shorts had a big wet spot on them, he'd put on some recently washed blue jeans instead.

When he and Katherine walked into the kitchen, they discovered that Susan was on the phone. At first it looked like she was totally naked, but that was because she happened to have her back turned to them. Upon closer inspection, the big bow just above her bare ass showed that she was still wearing the erotic apron she'd had on earlier when Alan had left.

They heard her say, "I'm telling you, he had all FOUR of them all over him, serving him and servicing him, just like good cheerleader sluts should! And Heather, HEATHER, the bitchy head cheerleader with the biggest tits of the bunch, she was absolutely WORSHIPPING his big fat cock! And the whole time he played with the tits of the other three, she slavishly served him like the totally BROKEN and TAMED big-titted blonde slut that she is!"

There was a pause while the person at the other end of the line was speaking. Susan was so absorbed in her exciting conversation that she still hadn't noticed the arrival of her children.

Then they heard her reply, "I know! I know! Me too! I mean, sucking his cock is reward enough in and of itself, but to do it while he's playing with SIX tits of other cheerleaders? Goose bumps! I get tingles all over!"

As the other person on the phone replied, Katherine whispered to Alan, "What's she talking about?"

"Um, just some after-school fun I had today," he whispered back. "I'll tell you later."

"You'd better! It sounds pretty hot!" His sister gave him a bit of a shove to express her irritation.

Susan finally heard the whispering, so she spun around to find her two kids standing there. She urgently interrupted her call, "Um, Brenda, hold your horses. Speak of the devil, he's standing right here! I'll tell you the rest later."

There was another pause while Susan was obviously waiting for Brenda to finish a question. "Yes, of course, it's nice and stiff. Although it's trapped inside his blue jeans. Mmmm. It looks absolutely delicious! Sorry, gotta go!" She hung up the phone, then tried to make herself look somewhat presentable.

Alan sat on one of the counter stools. "Hey, Mom. What's up? What was that all about?"

Susan was trying to act innocent. She pinned her hands behind her back like she was a soldier standing at attention, but that only caused her big, bare tits to thrust forward even more. She confessed, bashfully, "Um, that was Brenda. We were just catching up on this and that."

He repeated with a smirk, "'This and that.'" He'd overheard several calls to Brenda already, and he always found them amusing.

Trying to divert his attention, her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "Oh! I just remembered: the cookies are done. They're hot and ready to eat!"

Katherine was sitting on the counter stool next to Alan, obviously looking at his crotch. She joked, "That's not the only thing around here looking hot and ready to eat."

Susan put on an oven mitt and pulled a tray of cookies out of the oven. "Now, Angel, please don't. I'm too horny already as it is. I'd love nothing more than to fall to my knees and feast on a spermy snack, but he doesn't seem to want that." She stuck her tongue out at him and grinned.

Then she turned her attention back to Katherine. Her eyes went wide with delight. "By the way, did you hear about how Tiger fucked FOUR cheerleaders today? FOUR!"

"I did just now," Katherine said wryly. She got off the stool and walked around the counter. Once she saw her mother had the cookie tray on the counter and the oven mitt off, she moved in for a kiss.

Mother and daughter necked and groped as if they'd been separated for ages. Then their attention went back to the cookies, which smelled delicious since they were just hot out of the oven.

Susan said teasingly to her son, "Don't think I'll just give you these cookies for free. But I'm open to alternative payment ideas. For instance, a cookie for cum swap." She smiled and winked.

Alan winked back. Then he picked up a cookie and bit into it. "I think that can be arranged. But in stealth stroking fashion."

Susan harrumphed, but accepted that.

"Mom, how am I going to pay for my cookies?" Katherine asked, hoping to get into the action. She pulled the straps off her top while she asked her question, hoping that would help give her mother some ideas.

Susan was eager to work on those ideas. "Angel, if you'll work with me to provide some visual stimulation for Tiger, that'll be worth a couple of cookies. Why don't you come over here and rub your tits against mine? It's not like Mommy is really into other women, well not exactly, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made in order to get all of our family sex stud's nasty sperm out of his balls and safely onto our tits and faces."

"Where it belongs!" Katherine added happily, before doing as she'd been told. Perhaps surprisingly, rather than kissing as they brought their racks together, mother and daughter both pushed their chests as far out as they could while holding their heads high and back, trying to highlight their tit mashing as much as possible. XX01

"How do you like this, Tiger?" Susan asked while rubbing her nipples and areolae against her daughter's.

His response was to unzip his pants and let his stiff pole fall out. "It's great, Mom. Look, it even made my wee-wee accidentally pop out of my pants." He pretended to be innocent and confused, as if he was only three or four years old. He was in a playful mood, but he also had a plan that would allow him to take a nap and then do some homework: get Katherine and Susan in bed together and then slip away from them.

However, before that could happen, Susan had a cocksucking need to fill. She disengaged from Katherine and walked around the counter to see his exposed hard-on. "Don't worry, Son, Mommy knows how to take care of your wee-wee."

She assumed her usual position: on her knees in front of her son's hard erection. But mindful of his attitude that day, she asked, "May I?"

He nodded. "Might as well."

While Katherine took the rest of her clothes off, Susan took his dick in her hands and cradled it like it was a precious artifact. Oh God. Yes! This is the life! What I've been waiting for all day long... Stroking it is great, but sucking it is really what I was born to do! Thank you, Lord, for this cocky, spermy bounty that I am about to receive.

She lovingly kissed the tip, then inhaled deeply to smell any lingering traces of cheerleader cum. "Mmmm. I wonder how many strange pussies have been riding this thing today!" Then she started licking, excited at the prospect that she might also be able to taste other pussy juice on it.

"Mom, I'm afraid Katherine is going to need to provide a lot more help like that today," Alan spoke as his mother wrapped her tongue around his shaft. He was eating another delicious cookie. "My dick is pretty worn out, so much so that I'm afraid only a lot of hot lesbian action between mother and daughter can help revive it."


Susan would have liked to respond to his comment, but her mouth was busy with other things. She repeatedly made her favorite "Mmmm mmmm MMMM!" sounds as her lips slid back and forth over his sweet spot. Her tongue got busy flicking against it too.

So Katherine spoke instead. "Don't worry, I'd be more than happy to help you out with that, Big Whale Bone Brother. After all, our number one goal is to help with your stimulation. Don't you agree, Mom?"

Susan emphatically mumbled an affirmative "Mmmm-hmmm" between more erotic sounding slurps and moans.

"Great," said Alan. "Let's all grab some cookies and go to your bedroom, Mom. I like lying on top of you in your bed, the way a true husband of yours should."

Susan popped his boner out of her mouth to say, "Tiger, you fucking STUD! I want you in my bed on top of me. That's where you belong! God that is soooo true! That's one of the perks of being the man of the house. Angel, did you hear what he just said? Oh my! This is just too exciting!"

In Susan's excitement to get to her bed, she didn't even mind relinquishing his erection from her mouth.

Alan was glad about that, as he resolved to save his cum and work his way to his books.

As the three of them walked up the stairs together, Alan asked, "Hey Mom, you know that phone call just now to Brenda?"

"Yes, my cutie?"

"Do you tell Brenda literally EVERYthing? Every last sexual detail?"

"Pretty much," she admitted. "At least I have recently. Of course, I've been telling every last detail of what I do to you with Suzanne for weeks now. So lately, I get to have fun with you, and then relive it again with Suzanne, and then relive it again with Brenda! It's like triple the joy!"

He asked, "As you sure you can trust her with all this private stuff?"

"Definitely!" She seemed very confident.

Alan, however, wasn't so sure.


Once they were all in Susan's bedroom, Alan didn't get on her bed as promised. Instead, he said, "My dick is still all tired out, and I'm in a take it easy mode. You two get started. I'll just stay here and watch for a while." He intended to watch until mother and daughter were fully into each other, and then sneak off to his room to study.

Katherine went to the phone by the bed first. She dialed, and then spoke into the phone, "Amy? What'cha doin'? ... Wanna come over here? Alan's got a problem, and I think you'd be well suited to take it in hand, if you know what I mean." Her words were a bit vague in case Brad or Eric overheard on another line, but her meaning was clear enough to Amy.

She put down the phone and explained to her brother, "I'm concerned you might get too excited and touch yourself. I thought that just in case that happens, it's best to have Amy's fingers and mouth in reserve."


Susan smiled up at Katherine, who was in the process of lying down on her. "Good thinking, Angel. Tiger, hold out until Amy's soft hands get over here, and that's an order." She added in a really silly baby voice, "Otherwise I'll be forced to go over there and suck your boo-boo until you pee your sweet gooey goo all over the back of my throat."

But Alan responded, "Hey. I'm doing just fine watching. Amy won't be needed. Just think of me as an official United Nations peacekeeping observer or something."

Katherine moved to lie down reversed on top of Susan. The two of them had played around a good deal while kissing on a number of occasions, but they hadn't really explored each other's pussies yet. There was no doubt that was going to happen now.

Alan sat in a chair with a hand on his erection, and said, "Okay you two, I'm ready to see something really hot. Have fun." He reluctantly took his hand away from his crotch and resolved to not get caught up in the sex. His books beckoned, true, but he wasn't thinking about that too much anymore. Mostly he was mindful that his body could only handle so much stimulation. His dick was dangerously sore at the moment.

"Angel dear," Susan said to Katherine, "are you sure you want this?" She winked up at her daughter as she pinched an erect nipple above her. "If Tiger forces me to go down on you and lick your juicy, tight twat, do you want to force your poor mother to do that? Should we give him what he wants?"

"I'm very sure, Mom! Totally sure! Let's just do it. Plus, I still need to earn some more cum points for those yummy cookies."

Susan giggled. "All right. I suppose it's inevitable. You know, you two, you're turning your mother all lesbo. It's cruel the things you force me to do. But I've learned that resistance is useless. I have no choice but to submit!" She tried to sound distraught, but she was far too excited to do a convincing job of it, or even to sound playfully distraught. She was simply ecstatic.

The two Plummer women proceeded to go after each other in a no holds barred fashion. They were already sufficiently intimate with each other, so they could be very relaxed and just enjoy themselves. However, knowing her mother's vagina and anus were sore and sensitive from cumming too much lately, Katherine tried to avoid direct stimulation of those areas (though her clit was fair game).

Amy rushed over to the Plummer house immediately. It only took her a couple of minutes to get next door, let herself in the back, and find the others upstairs.

She looked at Katherine and Susan meshing their bodies together on the big bed, and then saw Alan sitting to the side with his unattended erection sticking straight up in the air. She quickly appraised what was needed. She sat down next to Alan, and said, "Hi, everybody!" even as she began stroking his shaft.

Alan protested a little, quietly muttering to her, "Take it easy, Aims. Don't get too into it because I'm going to be leaving in a minute once these two get really going. I've gotta take a nap. You know how I am with naps." But he was lying to himself. He was a goner already, as the stroking felt too good despite the overworked state of his penis.

"M'kay," she replied, but she had no intention of letting him leave the room before he gave up a load, not if she could help it.


Because Alan was watching, Susan and Katherine frequently chose highly visual positions for his benefit. For instance, they rubbed their pussies together in a variety of different ways, including mashing their asses together high in the air.

In a short time, they seemingly ran through every possible position two women could make with each other. First one was on the top, then the other, and then they were pussy to pussy, then face to pussy, and so on.

Considering that Susan had never done this with anyone before, she was startlingly good at it already.

At one point, Katherine asked, "Mom, should I get some dildos so we can have even more fun?"

"No! I don't want 'em unless they're really small, and even then I don't need 'em. Tiger's cock is all I need." She looked to her son as she said that and gave him a sultry smile. "Amy, please coax a big load out of my boy. Get his spermy cream boiling and churning while we work on the visual stimulation!"

"M'kay!" Amy sat naked with both of her hands sliding up and down his slicked-up shaft.

"Then I want to see it explode all over your face and chest. Warn me when that's gonna happen. I know Tiger loves that, and now I love it too. He's marking his conquests!"

Amy didn't seem to mind being called a conquest, simply saying "M'kay!" a second time, as happily as ever.

As the mother-daughter show continued, Amy helpfully provided colorful commentary to Alan while happily stroking him. She said things like, "Boyfriend, how does it feel to see your mother and sister making love for you? Does that make you feel all incestuous-y?"

"'Incestuous-y'? Aims, I'm positive that isn't a word." He was a bit distracted because he was fingering Amy's pussy in return.

"Hrm. Incestu-riffic?" She giggled, knowing that wasn't correct either.



"No." But even Alan was giggling now.

"Let's see. Incest-alicious?"

That made him laugh out loud, and in case that wasn't enough, Amy started tickling his sides too, using one hand while pumping his erection with the other.

But he complained, "Don't! I can't control my PC muscle when you tickle."

"Bummer." Amy stopped the tickling, but not her sticky stroking. "Let me put it this way. Does it make your cock fill up with hot brother seed, or burning son cum, as the case may be, knowing that you're going to be pumping their pussies full of your white goo, and they'll love it?" Her hands still slipped and slid up and down his slick rod, making lewd slurpy noises.

Two of Alan's fingers probed in and out Amy's labia. "As a matter of fact, it does inspire. Very much. And I like how you put it. Tell me more." He was forgetting his resolve to leave the room before cumming. He looked up and saw his mother and sister grinding their pussies together again.

"Your official girlfriend loves to see you get all worked up over mommy and sissy because they're so busy with each other that you're going to give all your cum to me! Can you do that? Can you give it up for Amy, your official girlfriend? She's working soooo hard to squeeze it out of you. Mmmm. It tastes soooo good. Can I lick your lollipop? Just a couple of licks?" Her hands stroked up and down, up and down, over and over. The tips of her fingers concentrated on his most sensitive spot, just under his cockhead.

"Okay, just a couple. But hold on! I'm almost...! ... No. Phew. That was close. Let's calm down a minute first."

Katherine shouted out encouragingly, "Squeeze it out, Amy! Squeeze it! Suck it dry!" But she mostly focused on her mother. They were rubbing asses against each other now, and both were too worked up to talk much.

The minutes passed rapidly, with everyone having a delightful time.

Alan of course had no trouble staying hard and happy, and he would have remained so just from the visual stimulation of Susan and Katherine going at each other, never mind Amy's help. As it was, he was loving life.


After a while, Amy asked the group out loud, "Since Alan's gotta give up his load soon, is there any reason why he can't cum in my cunnie?"

Susan spoke for everyone when she shouted out, "No! Alan's the man of the house and gets what he wants. And WHO he wants! Fuck her, Tiger! Fuck her good! Good and hard and long and deep! Just like you'd do me and your sister!" She drove her tongue back into Katherine's pussy.


Alan was going to have Amy sit in his lap, but that reminded him too much of what Suzanne did just the night before, so instead he had Amy lie down on the carpet next to the bed. He sat up over her and fucked her that way. As he pushed in her burning hot gash, he exclaimed, "Dammit! You're so fucking tight! I can't even get it in there. Urrgh! Uh!"

He had to fight for every inch, even though Amy was already well-lubricated. But after he'd bottomed out and started to stroke, the pressure eased off just enough for the fucking to feel incredibly delightful.

He thought, As if fucking Amy isn't great enough, what a charge seeing Mom and Sis fucking each other into a squishy lesbian frenzy while they cheer me on to dump a load into my girlfriend! Mom may not be Sister's biological mother, but they sure are cut from the same nympho cloth!

Knowing that Susan was very curious about what it would be like to have sex with Alan, Amy helpfully explained, "Aunt Susan, look! I can't even believe it myself, but he's in all the way! Balls-deep! How does it feel so wondertastically good? And big! He's gigantonormous!"

Susan cried back, nearly panicky with excitement, "That's so HOT! I can see everything! Squeeze it! Don't just lie there; move your hips! Squeeze your cunt around it! Clench!"

"I'm trying, I really am, but he's splitting me in two!"

Susan yelled as another climax hit her, "Tiger, you're gonna fuck me next! Fuck your mommy, just like that!"

With everything so arousing, Alan couldn't last long. For one thing, Amy was very vocal and enthusiastically loud while he fucked her, driving up his enthusiasm too. And as if that wasn't enough, her pussy squeezed him like a giant fist pressuring every inch of his penis, but the intensity of the squeeze was just right. The "visual stimulation" in front of him didn't help his endurance much, either. He struggled with his PC muscle to hold off at least another minute or two.

The sex-fest had Alan revved up so high that he thought, I wish I had enough cum and endurance, like some of the praise I get claims I have, so I could pump a quart into my girlfriend here, then lumber over and dump just as much cum into my horny sister, and finally pull my still squirting member out and firmly lodge it into Mom's cunt with a final giant blast of loving son semen! I wish, but at least I can give it to Amy. Yes! Take this, Aims! He grunted loudly with each thrust. He'd grown to love the feeling of each jet of cum squirting out of him.

He was tremendously aroused, yet he felt he could fuck forever. Even his climax didn't seem to slow him down. But as his cum finished shooting into Amy, reality ruled and he realized his always-erect rod was beginning to soften.

However, Susan and Katherine kept going. They'd both taken the time out to watch Alan's balls and dick while he obviously came and filled Amy's vagina. But once he'd shot his last rope they turned their attention back to each other's pussies.

Amy was left, as she gleefully put it to Alan, "all fucked out." She added in a low voice, "Miss Pussy says thanks."

Katherine wished that Amy would think to slide over so she could suck her brother's seed straight out of Amy's pussy. She was too busy with her mother to disengage and move to Amy's pussy herself.

Susan was so carried away with the way Katherine's pussy was grinding into hers that she was barely able to focus. She stared at Amy's slit, which was still leaking her son's precious seed, and wished he'd walked over and pumped his load into her instead.

She thought, Mmmm! That was seriously great, seeing Tiger fuck Amy. Soon, that'll be me! Perhaps Amy might have won the battle in the sense that she did an excellent job of draining him and thus rose in his "rankings" a little bit, but I'm confident I'll win the war of being his favorite cum target. My pussy will soon belong to him, I swear it!

Amy went back home very happy. She loved the feeling of his jism running down her legs so much that when she dressed back up a few minutes later to return home, she left Alan's cum right where it was on her skin. Mostly, that meant some rivulets right around her pussy lips and running a bit down her inner thighs. Luckily, she was wearing long shorts, so none of it would be visible. She felt a great erotic thrill walking through her own house with his cum on and in her.

Had Alan known about this, he would have been extremely upset. The last thing he wanted to happen was have Brad or Eric find out about what was happening at his house, and such antics could easily lead to a slippery slope of suspicious behavior ending with disaster. Suzanne would have been pissed too. Amy, however, didn't fully understand his security concerns.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Susan lingered together in a post-orgasmic lazy embrace.

Susan said, "Angel, I'm sorry if I've been neglecting you lately. It's just that Tiger has helped me discover my sexual side and I get so excited about that."

"It's okay, Mom. I have the same obsessions."

"No, it's not okay. A mother should be equal with her affections. It's just that my son has such a big, lickable cock and he constantly tames me with it. But maybe now things can be a bit more equal because you're taming me too. You've got me so hot for your tasty pussy. Can I be a slave for your cunt just like I'm a slave for Tiger's cock?"

"Of course you can, Mom. Except that I get hot thinking about being ordered around by you too." She took on Susan's voice. "'Angel, I expect you to clean your room right this minute, until it shines. And then come back down here and suck your brother's sperm out of my cunt. I want you to clean my pussy until it shines too.'" She giggled.

Susan giggled too. "Oh, Angel. That's a fun fantasy, but you know I don't talk like that. I'm not the bossy type." She purposely didn't deny that she would want her son's sperm in her pussy, or to have Katherine suck it out of her pussy.

Katherine found that interesting, but she let it pass. She replied, "I'll tell you what. Why don't you order me around and I'll order you around? Neither of us can say no if it's about something sexual."

"You've got yourself a deal. Looks like I'm going to be the sexual plaything of both my children." Susan pretended to be upset. "I swear. The way everyone takes advantage of me!" But she was obviously delighted. She turned to Alan and winked.

Katherine and Susan snuggled up together in each others' arms, leaving Alan alone.

He looked at the time and saw that it actually wasn't as late as he thought. He still had time for a nap and then a chance to crack open the books before dinner.

He went to his room and thought to himself, Spoi-iled. Spoi-iled. I am so damn spoi-iled. I guess I have a gift, a talent at fucking. Simone seems to think so anyways, and she should know. She's probably fucked nearly as many guys as Heather has. More than that, maybe I have some weird talent for making women really want me. I don't even know what I'm doing. Some unusual mixture of confidence bordering on arrogance, and niceness? But my ego is running out of control.

And my homework! Oh yeah. Shit! What happened to that? This is the crunch time to get into a good college. The crunch time!

But he wasn't too perturbed about the time he'd just wasted, simply because he'd had so much fun that he knew he would have done the exact same thing if given a chance to do it all over again. He and his penis would have to pay the price later. He slept a long time.


Alan woke up with a new determination to actually, finally, get some homework done. He went back to Susan's bedroom and peeked in. To his pleasant surprise, Katherine and Susan both appeared to be all fucked out.

They were still sleeping, lying entwined in each other's arms in Susan's bed.

He figured they probably dropped on the spot once they ran out of energy. Had he known, he would have been glad to learn that Suzanne and Amy were also both exhausted and sleeping in their bedrooms back in their house. Suzanne wasn't that tired, but all the sex with Susan in the last two days had gotten to her a bit.

So that just left Alan and his books. He felt so guilty for fucking away so much of the afternoon that he actually focused on his tasks for a while and accomplished something.

Alan, Katherine, and Susan ate dinner together, as usual. And, as usual, dinner had become something of a respite from all the sexual craziness. Alan had put his foot down and insisted that there should be no outrageous flirting or overt nudity during the meal. Thus it had become a time to discuss "normal" non-sexual matters.

However, events were not entirely under his control. One thing in particular he didn't control was the nightly prayer of thanks just before they ate. As always, the three of them held hands, closed their eyes, and bowed their heads while Susan led the prayer. But lately, sexual matters had become a large part of her prayers, since sex had become such a large part of their lives.

This night Susan's prayer went like this: "Dear Lord, thank You once again for another lovely day. Thank You for allowing us to enjoy the fruits of your generous bounty. And once again, we thank You for keeping Alan's penis stiff and full of cum for most of the day. We thank You for the frequent chances to drain him dry, which helps him with his medical treatment and provides spermy joy for the rest of us. May tomorrow prove to be as great a day as today - or better! Lord, thanks to Your generosity and magnificence, ALL of our dreams are coming true! Amen!"

Neither Alan nor Katherine were the least surprised, since that was in keeping with her other dinner prayers for the last couple of weeks. But what she said next was a shocker. "Tiger, you know what? Speaking of dreams coming true, there's one thing that's been bothering me. I've been meaning to speak to you about it."

"What's that?" he asked.

Susan bubbled with eagerness. "What about Gloria Rhymer?! Why is she missing out?! It seems like such a shame. Here you are, a man with great sexual talents and great success. It seems all your dreams really are coming true, with two notable exceptions. The first is Christine. Obviously that's tricky, but at least you're working on it and making progress. The second is Ms. Rhymer. Everybody knows you've had a crush on her for more than two years now! With your new sexual confidence and amazing skills, you should DO something about it!"

Since Katherine knew the secret of Alan's intimate relationship with Glory, she tried to cover for him to help keep it a secret. "Mom, don't be ridiculous. She's a teacher. That means hands off!"

Susan cut in before Katherine could say more. "Oh, fiddlesticks! That's NOTHING!" She swept a hand dramatically across her body, as if wiping away the very suggestion from the room. "Think about it, Angel. You're his sister. I'm his mother. You can't get any more 'hands off' than that. In fact, almost all the women he's getting involved with lately are taboo for one reason or another. For instance, Brenda is married and hugely wealthy to boot. Do you really think Ms. Rhymer's job title is going to stop him?"

She turned to him with fire in her eyes. "Son, I say GO FOR IT! You have a special talent, a special ability to bring great pleasure to women. It would be a crime if you don't at least TRY to seduce her! Or... have you started? Perhaps you've just been modest about your progress with her so far?"

Alan winced and clenched his teeth like he was experiencing an ice cream freeze. He was highly conflicted. On the one hand, he'd promised himself that he wouldn't reveal the real nature of his relationship with Glory to anyone, not even immediate family. He knew the great professional risk she was taking by being with him, so he was trying to treat that secret in the same way he'd treat his own incest secret. But while it was relatively easy to lie by omission to Susan, it was much harder to lie out loud when asked point blank about it.

Furthermore, he was well aware that Amy, Katherine, and Suzanne all knew his secret. Given that fact, it was just a matter of time before Susan found out, one way or another. Someone was bound to slip up. If Susan found out she was the only one not in the know, and that he had outright lied to her, she would feel both hurt and disappointed in him. Furthermore, her discovering such a lie would lessen her trust in him.

He sighed wearily. "Mom, I've got something to say on that. But before I do, you have to promise that what I tell you will remain a total secret. You can't tell ANYONE about it! Not even Brenda, even though you told me you've been telling her everything. Nobody!"

Susan looked over at Katherine, and then back at him. "Okay... But what about Suzanne? I don't keep any secrets from her. I don't think I could if I wanted to. And what about Angel? How come you're not including her?"

"To be honest, Sis knows. Aunt Suzy and Amy do too. But don't feel bad; this is all a very recent development. So let's put it this way: it's a secret that can't go outside of our little group here at home. Okay?"

Susan nodded eagerly, then exclaimed, "You're fucking her already! I just know it! You ARE, aren't you? Aren't you?! Oh my goodness! YOU ARE!" She squealed for joy and clutched at her chest.

He was somewhat chagrined, because she'd stolen his thunder. He just nodded.


Susan saw that, stood up, and pumped both fists in the air. "YESSSS! ALRIGHT!"

Katherine giggled. "Mom, you're so funny. Talk about inordinately pleased!"

Susan turned to Katherine with her fists still raised, stuck her tongue out petulantly, and said, "Oh, poo! Don't be such a spoilsport. This is BIG news! It's a cause for celebration!" Her eyes brightened even more as she came up with an idea. "Now, I know that we try to keep our dinner a quiet time relative to sex, but Tiger, I say I bob on your cock all through the meal while you tell me all about the seduction of your teacher!"

He chuckled. "Mom. Really. Is that necessary?" He was somewhat tempted, but his penis was too sore for him to consider it seriously.

"YES! I'm too excited not to!"

He eventually got her to calm down. But then he started relating a few details about what he'd done with Glory and that got her even more worked up than before.

In the end that caused him to ask, "Mom, why are you getting so excited about me having sex with someone else? There's only so much of me to go around, you know."

"I know. And normally that would at least give me some pause. But not in this case. Think about it: you're going to see her almost entirely at school, probably so she can regularly polish your knob during lunch! I doubt it'll cut into your time with me at all. This finally explains so many of those mysterious checkmarks on your orgasm chart! Besides, how can I not be all worked up over this? I'm filled with such contentment and satisfaction, knowing that your cock is being well taken care of at school by your sexy teacher! It just proves yet again what an unstoppable, insatiable STUD you are!"

Katherine giggled again. "Gee, I didn't see that one coming."

The three of them got through the rest of dinner without any hanky-panky or clothes coming off, which was quite a feat considering Susan's jubilation.

Susan noted, "See? I CAN control myself if need be. Even when presented with an erotic provocation as great as this news. I just want to make sure that gets duly noted."

Katherine rolled her eyes. "Will the miracles never cease?" But she flashed a loving smile at her mother.

Before the meal ended, Alan emphasized again how important it was to keep this information a secret. He stressed the danger of Glory losing her job in what would become a shameful scandal if word got out. He didn't even want it discussed within their family unless absolutely necessary, for fear that someone might overhear or become complacent and slip up elsewhere.

Susan swore up and down that she could be trusted, and that she would stay silent.

Alan had his doubts, since she had a habit of letting her enthusiasm carry her away at times. But he figured that he had no choice but to trust her, since she was bound to find out sooner or later in any event. He reminded himself that she too was at risk from disclosing their incest secret, so everything hinged on her managing to keep quiet on more matters than just his sexual relationship with Glory.


After dinner, he managed to complete more of his homework. He didn't even get stealth stroked, because his penis was still too sore and sensitive.

But he felt restless. He was thinking more about sex with so many women and all his problems than he was about his homework. He decided that he needed help with "taking care" of the cheerleaders' fucking desires, otherwise he would be stretched too thin.

A plan formed in his mind involving his friend Sean. He gave Sean a call but got a busy signal. He resolved to get to school early the next day to talk about his ideas with Sean as soon as possible. The situation with Heather especially gnawed at him and required immediate action. He knew of Sean's crush on Heather and he thought he could use that.

By this time it was nine o'clock, which meant there was still a lot of time for studying. He figured he'd have to study late into the night for the rest of the week, if not even pull all-nighters to get back on track. He had a big paper in particular that would require a lot of time.

In the meantime, some of the women had started to revive. Susan and Katherine were both up and watching TV in the living room. Both were dressed in ordinary clothes.

But Susan in particular looked weary. She commented to Alan as he came in, "Tiger, I'm sitting on a bag of ice here on the sofa. Can you believe it? That's how much my pussy and ass hurt. I'm sorry I can't take care of you properly on a Tuesday, but I've been poked and licked so much, and all of a sudden it caught up with me. Sorry we let you down with our stealth stroking duties. Angel and I were sleeping for so long, and didn't even realize..."

"Mom, Sis, no worries. As much as I love the stealth stroking, I can study better without it. My dick has needed the break. I really should go upstairs and do some more work. All by myself. You two just relax and recover. But we should have a talk first."

"You're not going anywhere just yet, my Sweetie." Suzanne spoke from inside the kitchen behind him. She walked to the opening between the living room and kitchen/dining room area so she could be seen. "I'm more than a little sore myself, but that doesn't mean I won't be sad if you don't properly 'get my attention.'" She put on a girlish, pouty look while keeping a knowing smile.

Suzanne had been fully dressed (minus the underwear, of course), but seeing Alan come to her, she stood back and took off her dark red silk top. She struck a sexy pose as she let her big melons bounce free. "Sweetie, I think you know how to 'get my attention,'" she said seductively as she thrust her tits out towards him.

Alan took one look at Suzanne's sultry face and then her out-thrust bare chest, and all thoughts of having a sex-free evening went out the window. He walked up behind her without speaking and began mauling her tits from behind as he also kissed her and nuzzled the back of her neck.


She muttered, "I've gotten so horny this last hour feeling the tight silk blouse rubbing against my nipples. Sweetie, it's positively cruel to make your women cover their tits!"

Alan was surprised by that sort of language, especially by Suzanne referring to herself merely as one of his women. That increased his excitement and he went after her tits even more aggressively. He experimented with pushing her nipples in as far as they could go, then pulling them out. Before long, his penis was fully hard.

Meanwhile, she yanked down her flimsy blue silk skirt, hoping that would inspire him to get active down below as well. That left her in nothing but high heels.

He obligingly dropped his shorts and rubbed his stiff pole up against her ass. He let it roam where it wanted to go, which was mostly in between her thighs.

She managed to dry fuck him by exaggeratedly shifting her weight from one leg to another, which caused a great amount of friction for his trapped boner.

Katherine and Susan just sat there watching jealously, the television show in the other direction completely forgotten. But they were too exhausted to join in on what was obviously much more than a typical greeting.

At one point, Susan leaned in towards Katherine and whispered, 'Look at that, Angel! Look at the way he handles her body like he owns it! She's just standing there, letting him take total control!"

Katherine subtly teased her mother, "I'm trying to figure out just how hot that is..."

Susan took the bait. "It's SO HOT! Especially because that could be you or me! Look at the way he's fingering her cunt! And do you see his big fat cock poking between her thighs, and how she's rhythmically squeezing it with her powerful thigh muscles? Is that not inspirational?"

Katherine was genuinely impressed, not to mention highly aroused. "It's very inspirational!"

After a few minutes, Alan disengaged and sat back down on the sofa he'd been sitting on.

Suzanne sat on his lap, with her back against his chest. "Now this is what I call a proper greeting, Sweetie," she said happily, almost deliriously so. "Have I told any of you how much I love this kid?"

Alan's erection slid up and around Suzanne's ass crack, but to prevent himself from anally penetrating her right then, he adjusted his position so his hard-on poked out right in front of Suzanne's pussy. She squeezed it in a vise between her two thighs and it rubbed against her vulva.

Susan and Katherine continued to sit on nearby sofas and silently watch it all. Arousal was slowly overtaking their weariness.

Alan had started out just expecting to give Suzanne a kiss or two and feel her up some, but things had obviously gone way beyond that by now, and it was like he couldn't stop himself. He didn't know where it would end, and wondered if he would end up fucking Suzanne right in front of his sister and mother. Then he thought, Why shouldn't I? If Mom has problems with that, it's time for her to get over them. Let's try it and see what happens!

He announced, "Now, as I was saying, I wanted to have a meeting and discuss a few things. Mom, Sis, I want both of you to lift your skirts and start playing with yourselves to get in the right frame of mind. Mom, since your cunt is so sore, diddle your clit or play with your nipples."

They immediately began following his command without questioning it, or even thinking much about it.

He nodded. "That's good." But he decided to push his luck to see how far they'd go. "Now, put your feet up on the coffee table, both of you, and spread your legs wide so I can see you play with yourselves."

Susan protested, "Tiger! That's so lewd!" But even as she was complaining, she was doing it.

Katherine did it too, proudly and gleefully.

He announced, "Most urgent for me at the moment is the matter of fucking Aunt Suzy. Mom, you seem to have some kind of issue with that, is that correct?"

"Well, I, uh..." Her eyes were wide at the sight of Suzanne in Alan's lap, rocking back and forth on his erection. Katherine and Susan sat very close to Alan and Suzanne, so they could clearly see his cockhead poking in and out of view right below Suzanne's pussy lips. A steady dribble of pre-cum flowed.

"Let me ask this," he said to Susan between ragged breaths. "Mom, should I be denied fucking anyone I want to fuck, even if it's you? Especially if it's you? Are you going to deny me if I want your cunt?"

"NO!" Susan said excitedly. "Mommy has to give her son her cunt! He can put it in his collection with his other possessions like her tits and ass! Tiger owns every inch of his hot mommy's body!" She was breathing even more raggedly than he was now, and she pulled and twisted her clit with abandon.

Katherine was even more excited, after hearing Susan say that. She thought it was long overdue that she and her brother shouldn't have to fuck in secret anymore, but she was reluctant to push her mother about it. Now, it sounded like Susan was starting to come around.

Alan was thinking the exact same thing. He decided to explicitly ask about both Suzanne and Katherine. "Well then, doesn't that go for Aunt Suzy as well? Isn't it my right to take her in any way I want, at any time? Or Sis, for that matter?"

"YES!" Susan cried out. "YES! Fuck them all!" Her heart was pounding wildly as she pulled on a nipple and diddled her clit.

Alan wanted to scream, he was so thrilled to hear that. He aggressively kneaded Suzanne's tits, since they were within easy reach, but he looked to Katherine. "What do you think, Sis?"

Katherine was wildly fingerbanging herself, imagining that it was Alan's cock fucking her in front of the whole family. "Fuck her, Bro! Take her! Right here! And then do me!"

"I think I will! Auntie, please lift yourself up for me."

Suzanne obediently rose six inches. She was breathing so hard she was practically hyperventilating. It was wonderful enough to get fucked by Alan again, but to do it openly in front of both Susan and Katherine was almost more than she could take. It looked like she wouldn't have to sneak around anymore, and she was very glad about that.

Plus, she'd caught the implication about what Susan said regarding Katherine too, and that thrilled her even more. She thought, This is it! We're so close to achieving my ultimate dream! Everybody's gonna fuck everybody! There's no turning back now!

Alan grabbed his stiff erection and held it up towards his stomach, then lowered Suzanne down on it.

The pale-skinned goddess still didn't say a word, but she let out a big sigh of relief and joy.

Katherine and Susan intently watched the slow descent of Suzanne's tight and talented pussy as it completely engulfed Alan's insatiable rod.

Katherine thought as if she was speaking to her brother, You go, you big inseminator! You get all the fucking out in the open so you can come over here and ram your big prick up in me right in front of Mom too. Knock me up! Knock us all up! I can't wait until you can fuck me in every room, in every inch of this house, while Mom, Amy, and Aunt Suzy cheer us on! I have the fucking coolest family on the planet!

Susan likewise was lost in thought. Yeah, Baby, fuck her, fuck her good! By fucking Amy and then Suzanne right in front of me, you're showing all of us who's the real boss around here. And you're especially showing me just what I can look forward to! All of us, we're your big-titted sluts, your personal fuck toys! You love us all so much, but you own and control us too. It's the best combination ever! Of course it's your right to fuck us all!

I can't wait until you fuck me properly! But not just me; maybe next you should show me what fucking Angel looks like! That's right, all the mommies and horny sisters should be keeping that big meat log warm and sticky wet, all the time! I want you to be constantly pumping sperm into our squeezy cunts!

It was kind of too late, now that he was fully impaled in Suzanne's hot cunt, but Alan looked to Susan to make completely sure that she was okay with this.

Susan realized that all eyes were upon her. She said aloud, more hesitantly, "I really shouldn't be allowing this if I'm a good mother. But there's just no resisting Tiger's meaty cock, is there? He takes who he wants, when he wants. All we can do is bend over and spread our legs!"

Seeing that Susan fully approved, Alan started to thrust in and out of Suzanne. Susan's lusty facial expression and busy hands on herself said even more than her words.

But Susan continued to talk anyway. "Am I wrong here, or is that just an undeniable fact? I mean, you can't fault a real tiger for hunting antelopes; God made it that way. In the same way, God made MY Tiger to hunt pussies. So how can that be a sin?"

While Susan talked, her eyes went up and down, following every move Alan's erection made as it slid in and out of Suzanne's tight slit. Good God! SO HOT! Soon, that's going to be ME! So thick! So hot! So full! It's so true that this is what Tiger is meant to do. He's made to fuck us, and we're made to be FUCKED!

Katherine consoled Susan while pulling Susan's shirt all the way off, "Mom, you're not a bad mother; you're a very good one. You give ALL of yourself, just like Aunt Suzy does. She's giving everything to keep Brother's cock well serviced! Look at the smile on her face. Look at her pussy lips spread wide open and so deeply penetrated by your son. Look at his hands taking charge of her tits. Look at that and tell me that it's wrong. It's not!" Her hands drifted down Susan's shoulders towards her breasts.

"I hope so, Angel," Susan said with a renewed bout of worry, seemingly not noticing that her daughter was undressing her. "It does seem so right, and yet society would frown on..."

But then Katherine's hands reached her mother's stiff nipples, and the last shreds of Susan's resistance vanished. She began to loudly "Mmmm!" with contentment. Funnily enough, Susan had a sudden change of opinion as her hesitations completely vanished. "Good God! It's so right! So right! Tiger, fuck her hard! Harder! Harder! HARDER! Do it to her GOOD!"

But ironically, Alan had just paused to relax and recover, happy now that his stiffness was in a wet, tight, and warm place. Oh, man! Feels great! I've been fucking or getting blown so often lately that it almost seemed strange not to have my dick in a warm and wet hole. Seriously! Ugh! I don't even have to move, 'cos Aunt Suzy is squeezing me so good and tight!

Susan was right in suspecting that he was fucking directly in front of her in order to excite her. Although exciting Katherine as well was a nice bonus, his main goal was to break down Susan's last remaining resistance to fucking.

After several big sighs, Suzanne rose up and down and back and forth on Alan just a little, as if settling into the perfect spot on a comfortable love seat.

He completely stilled his erection all the way inside her, and said, "Okay, item one of the agenda taken care of. We're in agreement that Aunt Suzy's cunt is mine to fuck, right?"

Katherine would have given him a thumbs-up sign, but both her hands were busy fondling Susan's chest. So she just nodded.

Susan nodded too, although she continued to frown. She well and truly felt, As man of the house, Tiger has earned the right to fuck Suzanne, and then some! He gets to fuck whoever he wants, whenever he wants, including me!

But she frowned mostly out of worry when she thought, The only problem is, Suzanne is so talented at sex that he might not want me as much. And then there's Amy and Angel, and that's only in this house. Good big-titted mommies get fucked a lot, Son! Never forget that! She plunged two fingers in and out of her pussy as she stared at her son's boner deeply penetrating in her best friend. Don't forget Mommy's needy cunt!

For her part, Suzanne just shuddered and moaned sexily as her pussy squeezed and sucked on Alan's throbbing boner in emphatic affirmation. She was doing all the work so he wouldn't have to.


Alan said, while still fully impaled in Suzanne, "It's funny how I was just doing this with Amy in front of this same audience a couple of hours ago... Now, item two is a bit ironic, because I wasn't expecting item one. I was going to say that we need to keep things cool, so I can get some homework done. But since I'm balls-deep in Aunt Suzy, maybe I should push off keeping cool until tomorrow. Is Brenda still coming by tomorrow night?"

"Yes," Susan panted. Her eyes were glued at the meeting of Suzanne and Alan's groins more than ever. She was focusing on the dribbles of pre-cum and Suzanne's cum flowing down. She wanted to clean that up with her tongue.

He replied, "Let's cancel that, then. I don't know how much more work I'll get done today, the way Aunt Suzy and all of you are tempting me, so I should clear the decks for tomorrow."

Suzanne finally spoke, somewhat haltingly. "Do we have to? Xania is coming to the card game tomorrow too." She rose up a bit and fell back down onto Alan's hard meat, eager to get the fucking to a faster and harder level.

He grunted with arousal at that news. Oh, man! Xania?! No, make that Brenda and Xania, together? I can't pass that up!

There were some hoots and hollers from the others. Katherine and Susan high-fived each other, then Katherine said, "I know one buxom visitor who'll be leaving with a sore, cum-filled pussy!"

Susan said, "That's so true! God, it's making me hot! Just imagine Alan Junior sliding through her deep cleavage. I'd love to see that."

"Maybe you will!" Katherine added hopefully. She was still playing with her mother's breasts, but also fingering her own pussy with one hand from time to time.

Alan tried to be calmer about the news. "Xania? Dang! Aunt Suzy, you're so evil that I'm just gonna start calling you 'Pure Evil' from now on. I guess the card game is back on, then. Does she know what the game is like?"

Suzanne was still rhythmically squeezing Alan's erection with her talented pussy walls since he wasn't moving much. "No. She's just passing through town and wants to be sociable. But I figure you'll teach her. And then you'll teach her how to spread her legs and beg for cock before the night is over!"

"Good Lord!" he huffed. "You too?" He recalled how much fun it had been to fuck Xania in her office. He further recalled how smooth and firm her skin felt and the way she smelled. Man oh man on man! I swear, her tall, broad, and extremely voluptuous body is exactly the same as Mom's and Aunt Suzy's. The three of them are practically identical in every way, from the neck down. How hot is that?!


He briefly envisioned Susan, Suzanne, and Xania kneeling naked side by side, waiting to see who he would pick to "tend" to his dick with her mouth. Whoa! The amazing thing is, that could totally happen tomorrow. In fact, it probably WILL happen! I've fucked Xania already, so she's bound to get into the spirit of things, right? Plus, Brenda, Amy, and Sis would be there to watch. Fuckin' EPIC!

A minute or more quietly passed while everyone had their own fantasies about the upcoming party. Meanwhile, Suzanne continued to fuck Alan with her Kegel moves, sometimes altering that with some mind-bendingly pleasurable hip gyration.

Susan was the only one in the room unaware that Alan had fucked Xania already, but she finally broke the silence by saying, like a chiding mother, "Son, if you don't fill Xania's cunt to the brim before the party's over, I'm going to be very disappointed in you. She's a very nice and helpful lady. She's really opened my eyes as to my true nature and motherly responsibilities. She deserves a great, big, spermy thanks. I want to see her face and chest plastered in your sperm! I wanna see more sperm drooling out of the corners of her dazed and awed mouth. I wanna see a big sperm puddle between her legs, and even more sperm leaking out of her pussy and ass all the time. Give her the full Alan treatment!"

Alan was blown away by how enthusiastic the others were for him to have sex with their psychologist. With Suzanne continuing to use her pussy squeezing tricks on him, he was practically ready to blow already. As if that wasn't enough stimulation, he was vividly imagining exactly what Susan was suggesting. Between ragged breaths he muttered, "That much cum... Just not possible..."

Katherine, still happily fondling Susan's giant orbs, said, "Oh dear. What about Brenda? Doesn't she deserve the full-on Alan treatment too? Mom, I think she needs to be spermed. How can he do both in one night?"

Susan was getting increasingly aroused by the whole situation. Despite her distaste and jealousy for Brenda, she cried out, "Fuck her too, my baby! Sperm her good! Give Brenda's monster tits a monster titfuck! And then do mine! Tame us and own us all!"

Alan was so aroused by all of this that he began fucking Suzanne much more aggressively.

As soon as Suzanne began to feel his hips move with vigor, she gave up her squeezing style and started bouncing up and down to encourage him. Since she was sitting on him, most of the thrusting was up to her. All talking came to a halt as she bounced up and down on his lap, over and over and over.

Katherine and Susan watched every last detail. Katherine had stopped playing with Susan's rack because both she and Susan were very busy playing with their own clits.

Out of the blue, Susan asked, "Suzanne, can I... can I take a close look?"

"Please do!" Suzanne adored that idea.


Susan was already sitting just down the sofa, but now she leaned her head in so her eyes were less than a foot away from the thrusting and bouncing. Oh my GOODNESS! That looks even better close up! It's funny, but I can barely even remember what it felt like when Ron fucked me. With Tiger, it's going to be an entirely new thing anyway. He's going to split me in two!

God, just look at Suzanne bounce with such vim and vigor! She's totally loving it! And look at all that delicious cum flowing down to his balls. I wish I would have leaned in sooner, back when they were mostly still. Maybe I could have helped with some licking!

She sat back up and stared off into space, struck by a minor epiphany. That's going to be my fate. I AM going to lick his cock clean, even while he's balls-deep in Suzanne. And not just Suzanne, but everybody! I'm going to taste every flavor of pussy juice there is, straight off his delicious stiff cock! That's what busty mommy slaves do: we serve his cock! In every way possible, no matter how demeaning or tiring!

This didn't bother her whatsoever. In fact, she drew new strength and energy from that realization. She looked back at the vigorous bouncing with even greater enthusiasm.

Suddenly, she cried out, "How can you two just fuck like that? Suzanne, you've hardly said a word. This is a momentous occasion. Aren't you going to comment on the fact that your Sweetie is finally fucking you?!"

"What can I say? I love it! Alan owns me!" But inside her head, Suzanne thought, What am I saying? "Alan owns me?!" Have I gone mental? My brainwashing of Susan is boomeranging back on me. I need to stay in control. Stay in control. I'm not just another bitch in his harem, no matter how good this kid can fuck. I'm Suzanne, dammit! I love him all up, and he is great in so many things, but he's just a kid!

But she felt her control rapidly slipping away, washed away in a flood of unimaginable pleasure. She greatly feared losing mental control over anything, so this scared her. But it also thrilled her.

Had Alan kept right on fucking at an intense pace, Suzanne would have practically lost her mind to endless pleasure. But he couldn't sustain that pace without cumming quickly. Besides, he wanted to talk.

He slowed his thrusts to a near standstill. He figured this was a perfect time to confess something to Susan, since she so mindlessly horny. After resting a minute or so he said, "Mom, truth be told, this isn't the first time we've fucked. We started a couple of days ago. Sorry I didn't mention it."

"Oh." Susan looked sad for a moment, but she didn't stop diddling with her clit. She seemed to take the news remarkably well, no doubt because she was too aroused to really think.

"Yeah," he added, still breathing hard. "The computer shopping over the weekend kind of got out of control. Sorry. It just happened."

Suzanne butted in, gasping to Susan, "I was going to tell you! Really! But I wanted to break it to you slowly." Her friendship with Susan was very important to her, and she felt bad about all her recent lying and trickery.

Susan believed that, and didn't mind. In her current mindset, it was only right and good if Alan had fucked Suzanne a lot already. The fact that she hadn't been told actually aroused her even more. She waved her hand dismissively. "Never you mind. I understand. If my son wants some hot, tight pussy, he takes it. You didn't stand a chance."

Alan, like Suzanne, felt no need to correct that slight misunderstanding that he wasn't the one who had planned and initiated it. Instead, he said, "But getting back to the agenda, I need to figure out how to get some homework done. All I can seem to do is fuck my women all day long!" He lifted Suzanne up and dropped her back down onto his erection to emphasize the point.

"Oh Sweetie," Suzanne breathed, "show your mother and sister what a great fucker you are! Fuck me just like that! Hard! HARD! Fuck me more! Hurry!" She wasn't in the mood to tolerate his strategic breaks.

But Alan was forced to take even stronger measures not to cum. He'd only been really seriously fucking Suzanne for a couple of minutes and he had an endurance reputation to maintain. "Wait a sec, wait a sec! I'm about to lose it. Hold on!" He pulled Suzanne up and off his wet erection.

He sat back on the sofa next to her and recovered his breath. Then he sat her up on the sofa and knelt directly behind her ass. "Sorry, Aunt Suzy. I know you were close to a really good climax. Let me get back here and finish you off while my dick gets a second wind. Then we can talk a bit more rationally. We can talk about how this stealth stroking thing is gonna work."

He licked Suzanne's pussy from behind, driven by the sounds of three females moaning.


They were still going like that a minute or two later when Amy let herself in the back patio as she usually did and walked right in on the group. "Hi guys," she giggled. "Hey Mom, looks like I'm missing out on something good!"


Suzanne looked up at her daughter with concern, because this wasn't how she wanted her daughter to see her: naked, flushed, bent over with Alan's face in her ass, and loving it. She cried out, "Amy! Don't look!"

Amy just stood there with a silly grin on her face.

Suzanne was so aroused and close to climax that she didn't make a move to disengage. If anything, she pressed her ass harder back into Alan's face, encouraging his tongue.

Amy kept staring while smiling happily. "Don't worry, Mom, I've seen that kind of thing before." She giggled, "In fact, I've seen a lot of that kind of thing around here lately. Right around here in this very room in fact!"

Suzanne rather lamely said to her daughter, "Amy, what are you doing here? Please don't look at me like this. I'm so embarrassed. It's not what you think!" She wiggled her ass in a half-hearted effort to break free.

That got a good laugh from everyone but Alan, as his mouth was busy. Obviously, the situation was exactly what Amy thought it was.

"Don't worry, Mom, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Boy, I feel so overdressed!" Within seconds, Amy went from fully dressed to naked. She had a knack for taking her clothes off with record speed. She kept a garter belt on because she'd heard Alan found such things sexy.

"NO!" Suzanne moaned. "Don't! So... shameful!"

"I'm not embarrassed. What's the big deal?" Amy stood proudly with her hands on her hips.

"Well, it's just that you're my daughter, and, uh, uhhh! Oh yes! Ugggghh! ... Um, it's just that, this is rather private, and you're my daughter, and we're not having sex, UH! Yes! We're just... Sweetie may look like he has his face up my butt, but, uh, well..."


As if trying to make an even bigger fool out of the uncharacteristically abashed Suzanne, Alan picked her up and moved her over his lap as if she was a blow-up doll. He then pushed her down onto his erection as he'd done a couple of times before Amy arrived.

Suzanne was upset at this and blushed furiously, but at the same time she did her best to bounce up and down on his rigid hard-on. She admitted, "Okay, so maybe it's what it looks like." She broke out into near hysterical laughter at the absurdity of the situation.

Amy and the others laughed too.

Suzanne then said more seriously, "I know how traumatic it must be to see one of your parents have sex... Especially with someone who's practically your brother..."

Amy giggled. "Traumatic?" She found that very funny. "Not really, Mom. It's sexy!"

Susan and Katherine, still playing with each other, couldn't help but giggle, agreeing with Suzanne's comment about the absurdity of the situation.

Suzanne tried again to explain to Amy, "Um, we're having sex, now, technically, but it's not really... Hnnnngg! YES! Oh, like that! ... It's technically not really... YES! Do me! Aaaarrrggh! Yes! Again! Harder! Hurry! ... You might say, technically speaking, that he's fucking me, but... God, I feel like such a slut! Anyway, the point is ... dammit Amy, it's rude to stare!"

"Oh, sorry!" Amy said, blissfully. "I won't stare; I'll just look at you two normally in a non-stare-y kind of way. I'm going to get a drink first though. Does anyone want anything?"

"YES! YES!" Suzanne screamed. "Um, Amy, I'm talking to Alan and my need to have him POUND ME HARD, not about the DRINK! Unnh! YES! More, Sweetie! Fill my cunt!"

He continued to impale Suzanne onto his thick, hard tool.

Amy asked her mother, "So you don't want a drink then?"

"YES! I mean, no! Fuck it! Who cares! Sweetie, my love, cum already! Nail me! Nail me so hard and good!"

Amy got herself a glass of lemonade from the refrigerator, came back, and pulled up a chair. She sat less than two feet away from Alan and Suzanne. She watched them raptly, as if she were watching an exciting sporting event.

Katherine, still sitting on a nearby sofa with Susan, complained, "Amy, you're in the way. Could you scoot to the side? We're enjoying the show too, you know."

"Oh, sorry." She scooted. Amy and Katherine sat next to each other with their eyes practically boring into Suzanne's bush.

This just embarrassed Suzanne that much more.

With an elbow nudge, Katherine added as an aside to her best friend, "By the way, Xania's coming to the poker game."

"No way!" Amy high-fived Katherine. "Coolness! I hear she's all big breast-y and curvy and stuff. I know someone who's gonna get the full Alan treatment tomorrow night! I hope she's on the pill so he can do her bareback like he's doing Mom." She went back to staring at the sex act in front of her.

"Everybody's looking at me! Amy? AMY!" Suzanne couldn't help shouting because of what Alan was doing to her. "What are you doing?! God yes!"

"What? Am I forgetting something?" Amy asked, momentarily confused. "Oh. I know! I'm making you uncomfortable 'cos I'm the only one with an untended pussy. Sorry!" She squished two fingers into her tight slit and started stroking.

"No!" Suzanne yelled. "No! ... Wait, don't stop, Alan, I'm talking to Amy." Alan had taken his penis out of her pussy, but immediately pushed it back in. "Yes! YES! More! But Amy, no. YES! What I mean is, Alan yes, but Amy, oh God, yes!"

Suzanne was having a hard time saying yes to Alan and no to Amy. She finally gave up the attempt to tell Amy not to jill herself and exclaimed, "I can't control myself in front of my daughter! I'm so ashamed!"

Alan and Suzanne were headed for a shuddering climax.

Soon Suzanne lost all hopes at coherence, and just screamed at the top of her lungs. She kept her eyes closed and pretended Amy wasn't there.

When they finally came down from their mutual high, and became aware of their surroundings, Suzanne looked around and to her horror discovered Amy anew and remembered that she'd been there all the time. Her shame came flooding back even stronger than before. She had a good idea now of the mixture of shame and arousal that Susan had been feeling so often in recent weeks.


Amy stood just a couple feet away from them, still frigging herself to the sight of her mother and her boyfriend resting in each other's arms. She wore her usual simple and happy face, as if she didn't have a trouble in the world. In fact, her happy-go-lucky look was a disguise this time, to make her mother feel more comfortable so their sexual relationship could grow.

"Amy! What are you doing?" Suzanne yelped in dismay. She looked past and saw Katherine and Susan both frigging themselves too. She nearly fainted with embarrassment.

"I have my fingers in my-"

Suzanne interrupted, mustering a stern voice. "Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question. I want you to stop that right away, and put your clothes on. Now."

"But MooooOOOOoooom! ..."

"Don't 'but Mom' me, Honey Pie. Do as you're told." Having cum temporarily diminished Suzanne's strong fuck need, enabling her to get tougher with Amy.

"But Mom, it seems like you and Alan are having much more fun than when he and I have sex. It's more intense. Why is that? Is it that you're a better lover than me, or does he like you more than me?" Amy appeared to be just innocently asking a question, but in fact she was stalling for time so she could keep frigging herself until Suzanne got used to it.

Like everybody, Suzanne was a sucker for a good compliment, and the suggestion that she might be Alan's best lover was something she really liked to hear. Pleased, she blushed in embarrassment. She was too out of it to realize how cleverly she was being manipulated.

Alan finally spoke. "Amy, I love you very dearly, so don't worry about that. Remember that you're my girlfriend."

"Official girlfriend," Amy corrected. She loved that "official" status dearly.

"Yes. Official. But your mom has had decades of experience with sex, and you've only had a few days' worth. So of course she's better at some things."


Alan sat with Suzanne impaled on his lap. His dick was still inside her, but it was starting to wilt. However, he was so aroused by an unusually ashamed Suzanne, not to mention the other three hotties all masturbating themselves just a few feet away that his penis reversed itself and started to firm up again.

Suzanne could immediately feel the change. "Oh good Lord! Not now! Not here, with her!" She groaned.

Alan played for time while his dick continued to engorge by complimenting Suzanne some more. He pinched her nipples aggressively as he talked in Amy's direction. "Indeed, your mother is extremely talented in bed. You wouldn't believe the things she can do with her pussy. The way she squeezes..."

With an almost involuntary reaction, Suzanne began squeezing her pussy walls around his hardening prick. She whispered in disbelief, "No! It's full again! It's filling me up. It can't be!"

Susan smirked, extremely proud of her son and his recovery abilities. "Look, everybody. Tiger's big cock is hard again! It's like I always say: resistance is useless!"

Suzanne was finally realizing exactly what Susan meant when she said that, because her resistance was completely gone. She wanted to lift Alan up and off her and she had the physical strength to do it, but at the moment it seemed as impossible as reaching out and touching the moon. Her pussy was in control now, and it demanded more fucking. Far from moving or protesting, she found herself squeezing her pussy around his shaft even more intently.

But she didn't keep up her squeezing for long because Alan renewed his thrusting while he said to Amy, "But don't worry; you'll get good very quickly. You're so naturally tight that you don't need all those tricks anyway. But why don't you stick around to watch and learn?"

"M'kay!" Amy enthused, though it was clear that she was going to do that anyway. "Mom, did you hear that? Maybe I can get as good at being royally fucked by him as you are!"

Suzanne just moaned, "No..." Somehow, the idea of Alan fucking both her and her daughter bothered her more than ever before.

Alan said, "Aunt Suzy, stop trying to discourage her! As her mother you should do all you can to help her. Show her how to do this right."

"No. That's not right..." Suzanne said half-heartedly. She was too lost in her fuck lust to say more. She knew her words would be ineffectual anyway.

Alan moved from the sofa to the floor, taking Suzanne with him. "You don't want to teach your daughter how to be a better fuck for her boyfriend?"

"No, it's not that; it's just that..." She began bouncing her whole body up and down on his meaty pole even as she still complained about Amy.

She was momentarily distracted from her worries about Amy as she felt just how stiff and thick Alan's penis had grown already. "Sweetie, you can't possibly get hard again, can you? How is that possible? Not with Amy watching! She shouldn't see. She's my daughter! It's not right..."

He whispered in Suzanne's ear, "Don't you want Amy to be a great lover? Isn't that more important than being prudish and worrying? I know of some great positions I'd like to show Amy, if you're willing."

"I don't know. It's not right..." In the back of her mind she felt as if she was being manipulated the way she manipulated others, but she was helpless to stop her urges. She caught herself. "Dammit, I hate it when I sound just like Susan. No offense, Susan - I mean the old Susan."

"None taken," Susan said. She and Katherine were having a lot of fun just watching and felt no need to be more involved. She thought that watching Alan fuck Suzanne was one of the most erotic sights she'd ever seen.

Alan pressed Suzanne, "You're fucking your daughter's boyfriend right in front of her. Don't you think you owe her some consideration? Can't you show her a thing or two? Don't you want her to be a good, tight little fuck bunny?" His stiffness continued to slide into her slow and deep with each stroke.

Amy appreciated that Alan was trying to get Suzanne to share her talents. But she was also glad that he was pushing Suzanne to break down her own barriers and be a more willing fuck bunny herself. Despite Suzanne's great talents, she'd always held back from complete emotional commitment, due to her urge to remain in control. People like Amy who knew her well saw that as a character flaw and hoped it could be fixed someday.

But everyone could see in the last few days that a change had come over Suzanne. She often appeared lost in thought and somehow even more wanton and sexy than before, if such a thing was humanly possible. People often found her sitting alone, idly stroking her tits. On such occasions her hands were usually inside her clothes, if she happened to be wearing clothes at all, which had become an increasingly rare occurrence for her inside the Plummer home.

Lately, it seemed that she was nearly as distracted by the constant thought of getting fucked by Alan as Susan was. It seemed that the more she got fucked, the more she wanted it. (She had foreseen that consequence of having a really long, intense fuck with him, which is why she had been willing to put it off for so many weeks.)

Amy had been subtly planting the idea in Suzanne's mind that she and Suzanne should team up to mutually please Alan. Amy dreamt of a bed filled with just her, her mother and Alan, all covered in cum and pussy juice. She loved her mother and Alan more than any other people in the world, so she could hardly imagine anything better than that threesome. Of course if Katherine and Susan wanted to join in on their big bed from time to time, so much the better, especially since she dearly loved both of them too, but her favorite fantasy was just with her mother and Alan.

Unfortunately, she hadn't been very successful so far in convincing her mother of this, because Suzanne was very resistant to the idea of true incest. But Amy knew that events were slowly but surely moving in her direction, and now Alan was inadvertently helping.

Suzanne seemed too far gone into fuck lust to answer Alan's suggestion to teach Amy. The mention of teaching her technique made Suzanne think more about her grinding methods, and she unconsciously rotated her hips from side to side even as she kept bouncing way high up and then far back down onto his pole. Inside, her vaginal muscles clenched on every up stroke, creating a multiple-attack sensation so exquisite that it was a near miracle Alan didn't shoot off at once. She appeared too breathless to talk, but she suddenly shouted out, "So improper!"

Suzanne listened to her own words and fell down onto Alan for a moment, pausing in the fucking while she had a good laugh over what she had just said. She recalled all the silly moments when Susan said the same thing and realized that on some unconscious level she was imitating her friend.

She calmed down a bit, and then spoke again as she slowly resumed all her fucking moves. "Oh God, now I sound EXACTLY like Susan when she's tricking herself. Oh, what the hell. Fine. It's a losing battle with you two anyway."


Amy clapped her hands together. "Woo-hoo! Super cool!"

Alan yelled, "Excellent! First things first: show Amy the things you do with your pussy muscles." He lay back down to fully enjoy Suzanne's talented bump and grind.

"Wait. Wait you all," Katherine said as she stood up and walked over on shaky legs. "I don't want to miss this either."

Susan nodded too, though she was too sensitive from all her recent masturbation to get off the sofa and come closer.

"Hey, that's a special secret," Suzanne complained, "I can't do that. Please, anything but that one." She considered her special pussy grind to be a unique calling card of sorts and was determined not to share it. She knew the way she could squeeze and grind easily doubled Alan's fuck pleasure, and that wasn't something to give up so readily. A lot of women knew how to squeeze with their pussies, but she could work that in time to her hip thrusts to create a very unique sensation.

As soon as she finished speaking, Alan stopped fucking her and pulled his erection out of her completely. He rubbed his sticky pole all around her pussy lips, tracing their shape and leaving a trail of cum wherever his penis went. He said, "Pure Evil. You're not only evil; you're naughty. Naughty mothers don't get to fuck until they help their daughters by teaching them to be good fucks too."

Suzanne reached back towards her ass and tried to forcibly grab Alan's rod and shove it back into her vagina, but Alan fended her off. She moaned in defeat, "I'm losing control!" But what really worried her was how much the idea of losing control and submitting to Alan excited her. Normally she didn't feel that way, but she was in a rare mood somehow brought on by being embarrassed in front of Amy.


She relived in her mind her experience of abject desperation when she crawled across the floor of Alan's room, begging him to fuck her. God dammit! That was the worst moment of my life - and practically the best! So fucking HOT! Me, crawling on my hands and knees, for him! Hell, I practically touched my forehead to the ground, I was begging so abjectly. I'm NOT like Susan, so why does even thinking about it make me so damn horny?!

Hell, if I didn't have Sweetie's cock in my hands already, I could be talked into doing it again, right now!

Her hands and Alan's hands battled for control of his erection for another minute, but Suzanne liked the idea of losing to Alan, especially with others watching. She gave up the struggle even as she thought, What's come over me? I hate to lose. Furthermore, I NEED that cock in me! God dammit! I knew this would happen. I should have never let Sweetie fuck me. This is why I held off for so long. In the same way that Susan is controlled by her tits, I'm controlled by my cunt. I can't let anyone know that great secret. Now that my cunt knows firsthand how good he fucks, it's taken control of me and is making me do crazy and humiliating things to get its daily filling.

She whimpered, "Alan? Sweetie? Please. I beg of you..." She continued to lie on top of him with her eyes closed and his stiffness now resting against her ass crack. She tried to wedge it in and squeeze it with her buttocks, and got some small satisfaction at succeeding in doing that, even though her pussy continued to complain desperately that it needed to be filled.

Amy walked up and took hold of Alan's erection while leaving it in her mother's ass crack. She said matter-of-factly, "Mom, is there something wrong with you? Why are you denying my boyfriend what he needs?" It was slicked up with sex juices, and she tantalizingly ran her fingers all over it.

Suzanne cried out, "I have needs too! I need to get FUCKED! NOW!" Her husky, raspy voice dropped to a whisper. "Please, Sweetie. Please. I'm begging!"

Then she whispered to Amy, "Honey Pie, I can't give Alan what he wants because that would inevitably put you and me in a compromising situation. It's better if he just fucks me hard, now. Much, much better."

"Mom," Amy said sweetly, talking into Suzanne's ass now because her face was right over Alan's dick. "What's the big deal? We're already in that situation. You're squeezing his thingy with your ass, and I'm licking and stroking it. Would it really be that much worse if..."

Suzanne interrupted, "Wait! That's YOUR hand on my ass?! I thought that was Angel's! Amy, get away! If you keep doing that, you'll wind up licking my ass!"

Amy giggled as she licked her way up and down the exposed part of her boyfriend's cockhead. "M'kay! I don't mind that."

"No! That's bad! Please don't!" Suzanne whimpered. It seemed all her skills for persuasion and scheming had left her, as her rational mind was overwhelmed by her extreme fuck need. She'd lost track of how many times she'd climaxed in the last ten minutes alone. She trembled with desire, knowing that Amy was licking Alan's dick even as it rested over her ass crack. That was dangerously close to Amy licking her private places.

Amy suggested, "M'kay, Mom, how about this: I'll let go if you show us your secret."

Suzanne had to agree, because she absolutely had to get fucked some more, immediately. She knew that no dildo or vibrator or even any other man could satisfy her now, or ever again. Only Alan had what she needed. That knowledge was humbling and even frightening. What would happen if he left her?

She showed her pussy muscle techniques as best she could, demonstrating on Alan while the other three gathered round and watched from a very close distance. It was less of a lesson and more just a chance for the others to closely watch a nearly incoherent Suzanne grind her hips over Alan's pelvis in every way imaginable, over and over and over again.

The problem was, one couldn't really see what her vaginal muscles were doing, since they did their work on the inside. With the other females distracted with dildos and their own fingers, nobody appeared to be learning anything at all, although they were all extremely aroused from watching, none more so than Susan. She was nearly deliriously horny.

Then Amy suggested, "You know, Mom, it's totally fun watching your pussy get seriously nailed all up close and everything, but I really want to learn this muscle-ly thingy. Maybe if Katherine put her fingers in there, she could feel exactly what your muscles are doing. She could put four fingers in and you could just keep on going like it was Alan's thingy. Then she could explain it to the rest of us."

"Four fingers?" Suzanne panted. She knew there was something wrong with the idea, but she couldn't put her own finger on it. She could hardly think. She had that feeling again that the air was so thick with sex that she couldn't breathe.

Before she knew what was happening, Alan's hard-on had somehow disappeared and Katherine's fingers were inside her instead (though just three of them instead of four). She tried her best to squeeze her vaginal muscles, showing off all her techniques. However, Katherine still didn't learn much, except to find out that Suzanne could REALLY squeeze her pussy walls tightly and also that three fingers could bring Suzanne to climax quite nicely. In fact, Suzanne had forgotten to do her hip moves at the same time.

Then Alan's erection was back inside her, and Suzanne returned to a blissful land of intense joy. Fingers felt nice, but they couldn't compare to his real live cock.

Alan plowed her for a few minutes, with the other three still standing around buck naked, watching intently. Then he decided he needed another strategic break and pulled out again.

But Suzanne didn't get any break. She squealed with distress and pleasure because mere seconds after Alan's dick pulled out, Susan's fingers went up her hole. She was getting no break at all and was really far gone.

In fact, she was so far gone that she was unable to even coherently complain when Susan's fingers disappeared and Amy's took their place. Now she realized what was nagging her about Amy's suggestion. She thought, My own daughter practically has her entire hand up my pussy! Three fingers at least! And all I can do is squeeze it while it tickles my insides! This is wrong! So wrong! My own daughter! But I can't stop! I can't even breathe! I think I'm going to die!

Amy commented, "Mom, this is totally cool! So neato. Look, Kat, look! My fingers are in my mom. This is where I was born!"

Suzanne wanted to cry out in despair as she heard Amy say that, but instead she found herself cumming hard. She was experiencing what seemed like one humiliation after another, although the others didn't seem to notice. She was too far gone to raise the subject and get them to understand. Whenever she opened her mouth to speak, she ended up screaming in pleasure instead. She found it all extremely aggravating.

She was relieved when Amy's fingers disappeared after a while and Alan's hard erection returned. She continued to fuck back at whatever was in her pussy, but she felt all kinds of female hands roaming all over her body as well. At one point she heard Susan exclaim, "Let's give her the climax of her life!"

She closed her eyes and kept them closed because she didn't want to know if Amy's hands were there or what they were doing. She was so far gone that she couldn't even tell what the hands or Alan's penis were doing or what was happening to her - it was a blur of immense sensory overload that completely overwhelmed her. She was so far gone that she didn't even know her name. Anyone could do anything to her body at that point and she wouldn't have cared. It all just felt too good.

Alan eventually climaxed deep inside Suzanne at the same time she had one of the most powerful orgasms of her life, which was just the last of a long series of similar orgasms.

She was utterly sated and decimated by the hammering she'd been given. She fell asleep at once. Sleeping also eliminated the need for some embarrassing discussions, especially if Amy was still there.

When she awoke and regained her senses, she discovered that the others had carried her to a sofa and covered her with bed sheets. She was alone, and was grateful for that because she was still embarrassed at how her pussy had completely short-circuited her brain. She resolved never to speak to anyone about the incident, and most definitely not to Amy.

She thought, I did it again. I completely lost myself in fucking. I just don't have the liberty to let go like that. Amy! My sweet Honey Pie. I have to stay on guard to protect my daughter from true incest because she obviously doesn't want to protect herself from it. I need a plan to deal with her. She has to learn that that kind of touching and even watching is just plain wrong. Today has not been one of my prouder days, and I gave up my best vaginal dick-stimulating secrets to boot. How can I stay Sweetie's best fuck and catch up to Susan in his heart when I'm giving away all my best techniques?

In actual fact, she hadn't really given up any special secrets, though the other three women all resolved to practice and improve their own pussy-squeezing abilities.

As she lay there, she mentally reviewed how her body was doing. My nipples feel like they were nearly pulled off. I don't even want to know how many hands were on them, or whose they were. But that's not so bad; it's my poor pussy! That damn big-cocked kid nearly split me in two! Honestly, it's not that he's so big; it's that he goes on so long until I'm totally worn out and exhausted. I can almost still feel him there. So sensitive! If anyone touches me down there, I'm gonna scream. Ouch!


With Alan's urges finally sated, he went back to his room to work on his homework.

Figuring that the fun and excitement was all over, Amy returned home.

Suzanne also decided to go home, but after getting fucked so very thoroughly, she was sweaty and bedraggled. She decided to take a shower downstairs in the Plummer house before leaving.

That left Susan and Katherine. They continued to sit there holding hands for another minute or so. Both of them were feeling very happy and satisfied.

Then Susan looked down at herself. "You know what? I think Suzanne had a good idea about taking a shower. Why don't we take one... together?"

Katherine beamed. "Okay! Let's go upstairs! Unless... you think we should join Suzanne?"

"Nah. There will be plenty of other times for that. Besides, I want some special mother-daughter time."

"Sounds cool!"

Katherine and Susan walked upstairs together, still hand in hand. They went all the way down the upstairs hall to Susan's bedroom, so they could use her bathroom. That way, they were less likely to distract Alan, since his room was right across the hall from the other upstairs bathroom.


Because the two of them were already completely naked, they went straight in to the shower and got wet fast. Both of them were tired from all the masturbating and other sexual fun, but it was also clear that they weren't going to completely miss the chance to take advantage of sharing a shower together. Susan started washing up Katherine, and Katherine did the same to her.

There was something very important on Katherine's mind, and after about a minute of soapy fun, she brought it up. "Hey, Mom?"

"What is it, my sweet Angel?" Susan turned around to face Katherine, starting immediately to play with her boobs.

"You know how, earlier, you were saying that Brother can fuck anyone he wants, even me?"


"Did you really mean that, or was that just another super sexy thing to say when we're all high on lust?"

Susan stopped running her hands over Katherine and stared off into space as she pondered that. Finally, she said, "Good question. You know, my first reaction is to say it was just sexy talk. But I have to stop thinking that way. Tiger's going to fuck me, and he's going to fuck you. Actually, it's surprising it hasn't happened already."

Katherine broke eye contact and pretended to be fascinated by the water streaming down her mother's curvy body. While that was a very arresting sight, she was embarrassed by the fact that she and Alan had been fucking already. She hated being dishonest with her mother, so she hoped Susan would officially give permission to allow them to finally start doing it openly.

Susan put both hands on Katherine's shoulders and looked at her intently, forcing Katherine to resume eye contact again. "Let's stop soaping each other for a minute, because, now that you brought it up, we need to seriously discuss this. The short answer is, yes, you and him have my permission to fuck as much as you want."

"YEAY!" Katherine cut Susan's planned comments short by giving her a big hug and a kiss on the lips.

Susan was surprised at first, but she gladly gave in and kissed back. Soon, the two of them were necking and fondling, and especially rubbing their wet racks together.

However, Susan still had important things she wanted to say. So, while they continued to embrace and even fondle each other some, she broke the kissing and resumed talking. "I'm glad that you're so happy about that, my darling. Frankly, it's great to see you so eager to serve your brother with your entire body, including your cunt."

Katherine replied proudly, "Mom, I AM his fuck toy. I know everybody seems to think that's just more sexy talk, but it's not to me. I take that VERY seriously! And I really am determined to be his number one fuck toy. That may never truly happen, especially since he tries so hard not to play favorites, but that's my goal. I figure as long as I keep that in mind, I'll always strive to serve him better and better, just like a good fuck-toy sister should."

Susan beamed upon hearing that. She reached down and squeezed Katherine's ass cheeks, pulling her in closer. "That makes me very glad to hear too. It sounds like you're truly ready to be his fuck toy in every possible way. I've been holding back giving permission on this because I still tend to think of you as my little girl. I guess it's like how Suzanne gets so protective of Amy. But you're all woman now. You truly have the voluptuous, busty body of a top-notch fuck toy."

The horny mother ran a finger up and down Katherine's pussy lips. "And you have a tight, hot cunt that's perfect for brother-fucking!" She briefly slipped a finger inside her daughter's slit. "So of course it's only right and proper that Tiger fucks you a lot!"

Even though they were already hugging, Katherine squeezed Susan even tighter. "Thanks, Mom!" She planted another big kiss on her lips.

When that kiss ended, Susan keep right on smiling widely. "You're welcome. But don't just thank me; thank Suzanne. Earlier, she talked to me about this very issue. She found some passages in the Bible that helped convince me that it's time. You'd be amazed. There are passages in there that indicate brother-sister incest is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of God."

"Really?!" Katherine tried to sound interested, but secretly she was highly doubtful. She figured Suzanne was manipulating Biblical passages to get Susan to believe what she wanted her to believe.

Susan replied, "Really! I'll tell you more about it later. But more importantly was what I saw downstairs tonight. Even the idea of Tiger and Suzanne fucking made me worried."


Susan looked away shyly, "Oh, you know. Suzanne is just so sexy and seductive. I worry he'll enjoy fucking her so much that I'll come in a distant second, if I even rank that high. I mean, when it comes to fucking I'm basically a virgin compared to her. But never mind about that, because when I saw Tiger actually fuck her all those worries went away. I could see the love, as well as the lust, flowing between them. It was just so right! How could I not cheer them on? Tiger needs to fuck her a lot!"

Katherine was still running her hands over Susan's wet body as they talked. She brought a hand to her mother's pussy and plunged two fingers into it. "Just like he's going to fuck YOU all the time! And me! We're going to need to wear special diapers whenever we leave the house, because our pussies will be leaking hot sperm constantly!"

Susan giggled at that. "I hope that's true! Sadly, I suppose that's a wild exaggeration, but still, it's a fun idea. And he WILL be fucking all of us a lot. That's a fact! And why feel possessive or jealous, because there's so much cock to go around."

Katherine asked, "So, now that you've agreed to the idea, do you want to see us fuck... for the first time?" She added that last after remembering that and her brother had supposedly not yet fucked.

Susan gave that serious consideration, then answered, "No, I shouldn't. I'm tempted, but I'm probably not ready to see that yet. Especially not before he fucks me too. It would probably drive me wild with frustration, if nothing else. But you two should go ahead. Your first time with him should be extra special, without witnesses, like it was between him and Amy."

Katherine smiled and gave Susan a heartfelt squeeze. "Thanks! You're the best! The best mom in the world!"

But that comment actually bothered Susan some, because she didn't feel that way. She put her hands back on Katherine's shoulders, and grew more serious. "Angel, sometimes I feel bad. So much of my life now is focused on serving Tiger and his wonderful cock. It must seem terribly unfair to you, that I'm not treating my two children the same."

Katherine replied, "Ha! No way! Don't worry about that at all. Look, Mom, I know that you love me as much as it's possible to love another person. You've shown that over and over again, for my entire life. I couldn't feel any more loved or cared for by you. I don't even miss having a real father in my life these past years, because you've had enough love for two parents, and then some."

Susan got a bit misty-eyed hearing those words. "I'm so glad to hear you say that! The truth is, the two of you, plus Suzanne and Amy... that's pretty much the whole world to me! Family is everything! I love you so much!" She French kissed Katherine in a way that was both motherly and sexual. Their hands resumed roaming over each other too, while the shower water continued to spray on them.

When their necking ended, Katherine said, "I know you'd throw yourself in front of a bus to save me or Brother, and you wouldn't even hesitate. So don't feel bad. You couldn't be a better mom. But with Alan, he's not just your son now, he's your master too! So of course you're going to have a special focus on sexually serving him. How could you not?"

Susan was emotionally swept away. She was beyond delighted to hear Katherine say this.

Katherine continued, "I know that everything is still up in the air as far as labels or names go. Brother doesn't even like us to use the word 'Master.' But that's what he is, and we all know it. He'll come around soon enough on that, I'm sure. As for you and me, are we his personal cocksuckers? His fuck toys? His sex pets? His sex slaves, even? I say 'yes' to all the above! He's so much more than just my brother, or your son. Let's call ourselves his 'fuck toys' for now. I think that's fitting, since we're talking about fucking."

Susan smiled, and lovingly brushed Katherine's hair back to clear her front side. "I like that a lot. 'Fuck toy.' I love the sound of that. Obviously, I never imagined in a million years that I would be anyone's fuck toy, much less one of my very own son's MANY fuck toys! But it's so right, so perfect! How could I ever be anything else? I feel like I was born to serve him."

Katherine grinned in return. "I know exactly how you feel." She stepped back, then ran a hand down her body as if advertising herself like a new product. "Look at me. Look at you." She waved her hand near Susan as if advertising her too. "Let's face it: we're hot! We basically won the genetic lottery. With bodies like these, it's like we WERE born to serve him!"

Susan sighed blissfully. "The Lord has truly blessed us. I thank Him every day for giving me these, to better coax that much more cum from my son's balls." She looked down at her huge tits, hefting them alternately.

Katherine stepped close, again wrapping her arms around her mother and then clutching at her ass cheeks. "You'd be amazed by what I wrote in my diary, since way back. I was calling myself his 'fuck toy' in my dreams and fantasies long before all of this started. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had his six-times-a-day diagnosis not come up."

Susan frowned. "Please, don't go there. That's too scary to even mention!" She smiled again. "Let's focus on the joy of what is, and what will be. Are you SURE you don't have any problems with essentially being sexually enslaved to your brother? Possibly forever? To never have a 'real' boyfriend or husband? A lot of sisters would find that completely intolerable."

"I know, but I'm not most sisters. It's like you said: it feels so right, so perfect. How COULD I ever be anything else? Who cares about a boyfriend or husband when I can be fully enslaved to the only man I'll ever love? Mom, you and I, we're almost the same. We're both very submissive. True, I'm more of the 'uppity' submissive type, but the bottom line is that we both love to serve. And we live to serve! Sometimes I DO feel jealous or upset about the unfairness of the whole situation, but that just arouses me even more. It's really true. Does that make any sense?" She bit her lip with uncertainty.

But Susan replied enthusiastically, "That makes TOTAL sense! To be honest, I feel that way pretty much all the time! For instance, I think about how he's become the man of the house and taken away so much of my parental authority, and it frustrates me to no end. But it makes me SO HOT! It's just like when I burn with jealousy seeing him with other women. I actually LIKE that painful, burning feeling!"

Katherine's eyes lit up. "Me too! I mean, I hate it, but I love it too! You and I, we really are very similar. We should talk about this kind of stuff more often."

Susan lovingly ran a hand along Katherine's wet jaw. "We should. You're such an excellent daughter, and a great fuck toy! You make me so proud. The Lord has truly blessed us all. I wish I could teach you how to get better at serving Tiger's cock, but I hardly need to since you're doing so well already. In fact, maybe I should be taking lessons from YOU."

Katherine looked away shyly, secretly delighted by the compliment. "That's not true. I've got tons to learn from you. The truth is, we should share more, and learn from each other."

"Good idea! A good fuck toy is a sharing fuck toy. We should have regular meetings to trade tips and 'talk shop.' Why, I could talk about cocksucking for hours and hours, and that's just for starters!"

Katherine giggled. "I know you could. But I'd love to hear it. The way I figure, every single time his fat cock squirts out another creamy load, we're all winners. Speaking of which, how do you think Alan Junior is hanging?"

Susan stared off into space, pondering that. She actually deeply whiffed the air, trying to find out if she could smell his arousal from across the hall and through two closed doors. Unfortunately, she couldn't. "I don't know. It's only been a short time since he was having fun downstairs. And he says he wants to be serious about his studies, with no distractions."

Katherine replied with an impish grin. "That's true. But couldn't he study better with some stealth stroking or even stealth sucking? Maybe, maybe not, but I think you should find out!" She giggled.

Susan defensively brought a hand to her bare breast. "Me? Why me?"

"He'll freak if we go in there together. He'd be onto us and kick us out straight away. But you could go in there under one concerned mother pretext or another. And if his cock is hard, or you get it hard, well... you know what to do!" Katherine opened her mouth and made a full circle licking her lips.

Susan spaced out and licked her lips too. "Mmmm... I do... Mmmm... I do!" Then she snapped back to the here and now. "But what about you? You could go in there on some sisterly pretext too."

"True, but you're such an awesome mom. Giving me permission to get fucked by him? How cool is that?! You deserve a big, spermy reward for being the best mom ever!" She giggled.

Susan giggled in return. "Well, if you put it that way, how can I refuse? Now, let's both get serious about washing up. But not too serious. His cock can wait another five minutes, or ten." She wrapped her arms around Katherine again.

As Katherine leaned into for another kiss, she said, "I like the way you think!"


Alan had only been working on his homework for about ten minutes when Suzanne came in.

Before he could even get a good look at her, she held up her hands defensively. "Don't worry, Sweetie. I'm totally fucked out and I've just had a shower. This is purely a short and wholly platonic visit before I go home."

He swiveled his desk chair around. Sure enough, her clothes showed she wasn't there to titillate. He was secretly relieved, because his body was literally fucked out. "Oh, hey. What's up?"

"I just want to chat with you for a minute. About Heather."

"Sure." He pulled up his other chair for her, then waited until she was seated.

She said, "I heard all about your famous exploit today. One guy, four girls. Including Heather."

He smiled in fond memory. "How'd you hear about that already?"

Suzanne grinned. "You told Susan, and she can't stop talking about it." Her grin faded. "But that's not the point. Sure, that's a nice feather in your cap, and a boost to your ego, I'm sure. But I'm concerned. You're spreading your seed around too much. I told you recently I'd be patient regarding your relationship with Heather, due to the psychological benefit you say you get. Stress relief and all that. But I'm already beginning to doubt the wisdom of that."

She continued, "My main concern is sexual diseases. Heather is bad enough as a threat. But then you throw in three more girls? Including this new black girl, what's her name? How promiscuous is she?"

He replied, "Her name is Simone, Simone Hendrix. She's Heather's best friend. But she's nice, much nicer than Heather."

"I don't care much about that; how promiscuous is she? If she's Heather's best friend, that doesn't bode well."

"No, well, probably not," he admitted. "They're frequent lovers as well as friends, from what I understand. And Simone's got a boyfriend, but they're not going steady, so it's okay."

Suzanne glared at him. "No, it's not okay! If you're having sex with her, you're effectively having sex with all her sexual partners too. And all of THEIR sexual partners! Ditto with the two other cheerleader bimbos you were with, and whoever else they're having sex with, and so on. What are their names?"

"Janice and Joy. And they're not bimbos; they're nice."

"I don't care how nice they are. Will niceness stop you from getting mono? Or gonorrhea? Or syphilis or HIV? Did you know that about one in four teen girls has some kind of sexual disease? On average, that's one of the four you boinked today."

He looked down, feeling chastened. "Um, no." He didn't know that fact, and hearing it concerned him greatly.

"What are you doing about it? We've got a great thing going here, for all of us. Please don't ruin it! I've got a touch of Susan in me, in that I find it arousing when you bed someone new. But you can't just do that willy-nilly. I need to have them checked out first, especially for diseases. You need to cut back to just a few sexual partners outside of us here at home, and stick to those who aren't sleeping around. Try someone new only every once in a while, and only after they've been properly vetted. Is that too much to ask?"

"No," he admitted.

"So, what are you going to do about it?"

Over the next ten minutes or so, he and Suzanne worked on a plan to try to cut down on the risk of STDs. He wasn't happy about it, but he knew he had to do his best. The last thing he wanted to do was infect his loved ones. He would start tomorrow by having a discussion with Heather. Also, he told Suzanne everything he knew about all the girls he was having sex with so she could discreetly investigate them (or, in Heather's case, investigate some more).

With that issue taken care of, at least for the moment, Alan went back to working on his homework.

Susan came in almost immediately after Suzanne left. In fact, she'd waited impatiently for Suzanne to leave. After her talk with Katherine, not to mention their frisky shower, she was raring for action.

One glance her way let Alan know what she was up to, since she was dressed in a light maroon see-through nightie and high heels. She walked into the room and gave him her best sultry look. "Son, I'm glad to see you're studying. But don't you think you could concentrate better if your mommy is sucking on your cock?" Worried that she was coming on too strong, she added, "In kind of a stealthy way?"

He chuckled. "Concentrate better?! How is that possible?"

Susan had said that without thinking, and now she tried to justify it. "Well, you know, if it's nice and stiff and throbbing with pleasure inside my mouth, you don't have to worry about will it get hard, or maybe it won't, and if it does should I get help, or what about committing the sin of Onan, and so many other issues. Instead, you know it's being properly taken care of by my swirling tongue and tightly sliding lips, so you don't have to think about it at all. Just enjoy!"

He chuckled some more. "You actually made that sound semi-plausible. But it's a moot point because my dick is totally dead to the world. Remember what happened downstairs a short while ago?"

Susan spoke as she seductively ran her hands over her semi-nude body. "Yes, of course I do. But I have great confidence in you. You have an endless ability to make more cum. And of course that all needs to be sucked and stroked and even fucked out of you, also nearly endlessly! So why not start now?"

He laughed. "As if! There's no way I'm up for that. My dick is totally dead at the moment."


She raised her nightie to bring a hand near her pussy. She whispered in an extra sultry voice, "I have to admit, my pussy is kind of hot and throbbing right now. Would you like to finger it, or even lick it? Would that help get you hard?"

"Unfortunately, Mom, nothing is going to get me hard right now. Nothing. I've got the same limitations as every other guy. Give me at least an hour, please? More like two. And, to be honest, a blowjob or even a handjob is extremely distracting. Let me get some good studying time in while my dick is down, and then we'll see. Okay?"

She pouted. "Oh, poo!"

He grinned. "Mom, you're so adorable. I love everything about you. I love your enthusiasm, and of course I love your unbelievable body. I even love it when you say 'oh, poo.' Most of all, I love that you're just so... well, lovable! But later. Please?"

She sighed. "Oh, very well. Sorry if I'm being too pushy. It's just that Angel and I took a shower together a short time ago, and I got so excited."

He asked, "You took a shower together?! Oh, man!" He started to imagine how they looked, dripping wet and kissing and touching each other. He closed his eyes tightly. "No! I can't allow myself to think about that. Too sexy! I have to focus here. Please, don't tempt me!"

"Sorry. I'll go now. But I'll see you later, okay? And if you need any help, any special big-titted mommy help, well, you know I'll be right down the hall."

He nodded. He held his breath as he watched her sexy ass sway on out of the room. Oh, mercy! I swear, she's gonna kill me with too much pleasure! But if I'm gonna die, that's gotta be the best way to go!


Alan made good progress with his homework for the next hour and a half. It seemed completely surreal to go from such a devastating sexual experience to reading boring chapters out of a history book, but he was getting used to the surreal. He was finding that he was getting better at switching gears all the time.

It was nearly midnight when Susan came in again, dressed in just a robe and high heels. She'd used a lot of willpower to hold off as long as she had. She wore the robe so she could get completely naked in a flash.

"Hi Mom, I'm burning the midnight oil."

"Yes. I can see you are. Mommy just took another long hot bath, and she's feeling much better."

"That's good." He definitely noticed that she was calling herself "mommy." That inevitably meant that she was quite horny. "I'm really jamming on my homework, here."

"Glad to hear it, Son. I'm so proud of you. But you still haven't utilized our stealth stroking help today. Is there a reason for that?"

"Well, as you could see earlier with Aunt Suzy in the living room, sometimes when I get started on having sexy fun, I get a bit carried away."

Susan put on a very innocent and confused expression. "And this is some kind of bad thing?" Then she laughed heartily.

"Yes, Mom. A bad thing. That's not really good for getting work done. Frankly, I don't trust myself with the stealth stroking."

She walked closer and pulled on the sash of her robe, opening it completely in the front. A light tug could pull it off her shoulders, but she kept it on for the moment. "That depends on what kind of work you're doing though, doesn't it? I mean, if you're just doing some light reading then it's no big deal to have a soft female hand or two yanking on Alan Junior, is it? Or even a mouth?"

He rolled his eyes. "Come on, Mom. Let's be realistic. I'm not going to get anything done that way. At some point I have to do some actual homework. This is getting to be a serious problem!"

She replied, "Even so, let's not forget your medical needs. You have to work to keep your balls empty so you can reach your six-times-a-day goal, don't you? Is it not just as important to drain Alan Junior there first, so you can fully concentrate? I mean, it's been a few hours since you blew your load into Suzanne."

"Well, maybe nearly two," he admitted.

She slinked closer. "And by the way, I'm very proud of you there, Son. Suzanne's my best friend, but she can be so stubborn. You really put her in her place tonight. And that place is on her back, naked and with her legs wrapped around your back!"


He felt his penis threatening to grow erect. He looked over to her and saw her robe opening up all the way in the front. He gulped in anticipation. "Mom, wait! Don't take off that robe. I'm cruising here on my homework. Really cruising. I want to have fun with you, but maybe you could come back when I'm done."

"Oh, poo." She seemed to give up seducing him for the moment (although she left the robe wide open), but then looked down and saw a bulge rising in Alan's shorts. That inspired her to keep pressing.

She sauntered closer. "But Tiger, you've been working so HARD today. Everything about you is so HARD lately." She reached out and stroked his engorging penis through his shorts. "It was so inspirational the way you completely TAMED Suzanne's pussy!"

He asked with genuine curiosity, "Did my fucking her bother you at all?"

"Are you kidding me? God, it made me SO HOT! I just can't get over it. All I could do for the last hour is sit in my bathtub thinking about what you did to her. The way you had her squealing like a stuck pig in front of us all! The way you made the proud and mighty Suzanne crawl on her knees!"

She continued to stroke his now fully-erect dick through his shorts. "Of course I played with myself some. I just love lying there naked in the tub, thinking about how you've turned me into one of your many personal fuck toys. But then, the more I thought about your FAT COCK sliding deep into Suzanne's tight cunt, the more I thought about how you could and SHOULD be painting my face with your yummy sperm! I'm sorry for bothering your important work, but that's why I finally had to come in here."

"But don't you feel jealousy or something?"

"Well, sure, but the burning pain of jealousy just turns me on all the more. It reminds me of my complete helplessness and your total domination over me, and that-"

He cut in. "Wait. Let me guess: it gets you 'so hot.'" He smiled, despite himself.

She smiled too. "You know me too well. I'm sorry I'm not more expressive with my words, but 'so hot' just says it so well, don't you think? I get this burning sensation in my pussy and up in my nipples. My whole body literally heats up. It gets to the point where I have to rip my clothes off if they're not off me already!"

While still standing next to where he sat, she reached under the band of his loose shorts to directly grab and stroke his erection. "Son, I think we really need to seriously give this whole stealth idea a try. I'll admit that it's as much or more for me as it is for you. The thing is, I just... I love playing with your cock so very, very much! Lord, help me, but it's true!"

Alan was silent, but slowly weakening. Of course he was aware of her fingers closing around his erection inside his shorts and resuming her stroking, but he didn't say or do anything about it.

He thought, Oh, man! Mom is just too orgasmically arousing to resist. I swear, she has one of those classic movie-star bodies, like Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield, back when actresses had serious curves. Huh. I wonder if Marilyn Monroe had any sons. If so, how did those boys deal with their mother's tempting body?!

Susan stood even closer to him, so that if he were to look up his face would be just inches from her bare tits and pointy nipples. Or if he looked straight ahead, her exposed pussy would be right there. If he somehow managed to avoid looking at that tempting sight, she was also exuding a delicious aroused-pussy smell, with all the pungency of a pizza fresh from the oven.

Her hand busily jacked him off as she said, "I know I made a promise earlier that I would take it easy on you, even though it's a Tuesday. And I've been so good most of the day, haven't I? But it is a Tuesday, after all. I was going to wait longer before disturbing you, I really was, but I realized it's minutes to midnight and I haven't sucked your cock AT ALL today! And that's just plain wrong on a Tuesday, don't you agree? I mean, what kind of tradition would that set?"

He pointed out, "That's not true. For instance, remember this afternoon, when you sucked me on your knees while wearing just an apron?"

"Oh yeah." She smiled from ear to ear as she recalled that. "Mmmm. That was fun! Especially with Angel watching and making me burn in humiliation. You really put me in my place! Big-titted mommy, forced to serve! AGAIN! But still, that didn't last long, so it hardly counts. I say that if it's not at least half an hour of keeping you right on the edge of climax, it's not a REAL cocksucking."

He chuckled at that absurdly high standard.

She added, "Besides, do you realize I had to watch you fuck Amy and then fuck Suzanne twice? Have a little mercy!"

She thought she was done, but since he didn't respond to that, she went on, "I think the stealth stroking idea is good, but stealth sucking is even better. Please? Just let me suck it a little bit?" She unzipped his fly with her free hand, so his stiffness pointed up and out. She never stopped stroking with her other hand, focusing like usual on his super sensitive sweet spot.

He still didn't reply. However, his failure to verbally protest was a reply in and of itself. Plus, his face showed that his resolve was weakening by the second.

She finally got on her knees, causing her robe to finally slide off and fall to the floor. All the while, she never let go of his hardness or stopped stroking it. "Tiger, let's look at this cock of yours. It's so long and hard and stiff and hot! How can you concentrate on your homework when it's all angry and red like this?"

He laughed. "That's because you made it that way!"

She giggled with guilty glee. "Maybe so. But if you're really cruising on your work, just let me do a little bit of stealth sucking. You just keep studying. You won't even notice I'm here." She pulled his shorts down his legs for better access, again without meeting any resistance. He even lifted his ass up a little bit to help her. Then she brought her hand back and resumed stroking his erect rod.

He was about to agree, when it fully dawned on him that she was talking about "stealth sucking" and not "stealth stroking." He complained, "Mom, there may be stealth stroking, but you know there's no such thing as stealth sucking. Especially considering the way you suck my cock. You're getting so dang good at it! It takes all my willpower and focus just to squeeze my PC muscle constantly to keep from cumming. There's no way I can work on anything else through that! Anyhow, I thought you were all tired and sore."

"Son, your mommy's cunt is very sore, mostly thanks to Suzanne and her dildos. Plus a couple hours of diddling myself as you had your way with my best friend's pussy, and then Angel fingering me in the shower, and more fingering of myself in the bathtub. Not to mention the fact that my period has started and the cramps are killing me. And Mommy's asshole is very sore, thanks to your wonderful, glorious assfuck this morning. But Mommy's mouth is never too sore for her son's big cock. I've been practicing, so very, very much! Working on my endurance with phallic objects. I think I could suck non-stop for hours. I'd like to try right now on you."

He was about to suggest that she just stick with the stealth stroking.

But she could read his face, and as her hand slid up and down his shaft, she added even more urgently, "Please, Son. Please don't make me beg." Her words were ironic because she was already begging. "A handjob is nice, but you know what I really want." She licked all the way around her lips, slowly and seductively.

He was fairly helpless to resist, but he still kept his legs closed enough that she wouldn't be able to get her head in between them. He thought, The irony! Mom's begging me to suck my cock and I'm actually resisting? Who'da ever thunk it?

She continued to talk and stroke while she wore down his resolve, while slowing drawing her face ever closer to his cockhead. "I must say, Tiger, it turned me on earlier to see you fuck Suzanne right in front of everyone. It wasn't enough for you to fuck her, but you did it in public! I can't wait until you do that to me! Show the whole family that you're a real motherfucker! It was so clever for you to break the news that you two had been fucking the way you did right then. Who could object right then? Not me, that's for sure."

By the time she finished saying that, she was blowing warm air on his sweet spot. "Clearly it goes to show that you're much too clever for me, and resistance is futile. It's probably not right for you to fuck your own mother, but you're going to do it anyway, aren't you? You're just too clever and well-hung, and I'm far too busty to resist. Look at me!"

She pulled back some, so he could get a good look at her, but she kept on stroking his boner with one hand. "Look at how you made me kneel before you in just my high heels! If it weren't for my period and my soreness, I might just give up and spread my legs right now!"

He groaned. Mentally, he snapped. Her comment "I'm far too busty to resist" particularly got to him. Fuuucck! I don't care how much sex I've had already, there's no man on Earth who can turn down this woman! Fuck homework. I got a couple of good hours in, and that's better than usual these days. I was going to finish soon anyway. Close enough for horseshoes!

But Susan didn't realize his change in attitude yet. She began to nibble and lick the tip of his boner, while still breathing on it. She cooed, "I especially loved to see you play with Suzanne's big hooters. Us big-titted women, we need our tits groped every day, just like you need your cock sucked or fucked all day long. Thankfully you know my daily tit milking needs now, but you should understand Suzanne's tits are just as needy. She hides her tit-need well, but in fact I'm learning firsthand that her tits are quite sensitive, nearly as much as mine."

She alternately breathed heavily on his cockhead and licked it while stroking the rest of his shaft. "Do you understand what I'm trying to say? You should fuck her tits a lot! And suck on her nipples!"

He groaned with lusty need. He was getting close to cumming.

She started licking his sweet spot nearly non-stop, while still managing to talk. "I'm so glad that you've put her and me in our proper place, because that's what should happen to all us big-titted women. Big-titted women need to be controlled by naturally superior men such as yourself! Milk our big tits every day, Tiger, just like you'd drain a cow! It doesn't matter if there's milk in them or not; they need your hands and lips!"

She suddenly pulled back, sat up, and thrust out her chest. "Here, play with mine right now. Please!"


Taking advantage of Susan's briefly disengaging from him, Alan spun around in his desk chair. He turned to his computer and hit "save" for the document he was working on. As he spun back to face her again, he thought, Dang! "Resistance is futile" indeed. His mind briefly flashed to 'Seven of Nine' and her impressive chest, but he proudly considered that even that actress couldn't match Susan's rack. Heh! Mom is way hotter! Just look at her kneeling there, with her big tits heaving with excitement. Unfuckingbelievable!

Then he obliged her request by placing both hands on her mighty jugs. Aaaah! So awesome! So soft, so welcoming. This is like going home!

Susan similarly felt a wave of contentment wash over her as she felt him caress and fondle her 38G breasts. That's it, Tiger! God gave me these big things just so you could enjoy them, my love!

One of her hands closed around his dick again, causing her to sigh blissfully. "Mmmm! Milk me, Tiger! Drink the milk right out of my nipples, or my tits will just swell bigger and bigger. So full of milk! Suck me every day, just like I suck you." She got on one knee so her tits would be level with his mouth.


He pressed forward and sucked at her nipples. Of course, no milk came out.

For once, Susan was able to talk while Alan wasn't, so she continued describing her fantasies as she stroked his throbbing hard-on, once again with both hands. "Tiger, don't you agree that we big-titted women are meant to be fucked? The bigger the tits, the more she needs to be fucked and sucked and licked by a naturally dominant man like you. Fucked and CONTROLLED! That's God's way. That's why I'm so glad you and Brenda have found each other. You need to fuck her at the party tomorrow night. She wants and needs you so much that you wouldn't believe it! Heck, her tits are so big that she deserves to be fucked all day long. Us women are going to have to give you a lot of help kneading her tit-flesh, because you can only do so much as just one man. Don't you agree?"

"Mmmm," he mumbled. He was too intent on sucking Susan's left nipple to stop and talk. At the same time, he was caressing the underside of her other boob to increase her stimulation.

She brought one hand down to play with his balls while continuing to stroke his shaft relentlessly with the other. "I can't understand you, Love. If you agree with what I'm saying, make one 'mmmm,' and if you disagree, make two."


"Oh goody! So you finally agree that I'm a big-titted slut made for nothing but cocksucking, fucking, and being groped? I can't believe it that you finally understand me!" She giggled, knowing she was trying to verbally trick him while he couldn't speak.

"Mmmm mmmm." He strongly disagreed with that, even though he found it highly arousing. He didn't want to disrespect his mother and think of her in such a shallow manner. He well and truly loved her heart and mind as well as her body.

She giggled some more as her fingers kept sliding up and down, up and down. "You can't believe it either? I know. Isn't it so amazing?" She whispered, as if confessing a deep, thrilling secret, "God, I love this cock! I could run my fingers over it all day long. And your balls! So full of yummy sperm! MMMM!" She fondled both his cock and balls in a way that was highly arousing, yet also somehow loving and motherly.

Then she resumed in her usual voice, "You've put me in my place with your monster cock, and now I feel so happy there. Continually naked, except for my high heels. I really should buy kneepads, since I practically live down here!" She giggled. (In fact, she truly had intended to buy kneepads for some time now, but she hadn't yet had a chance to get to a sporting goods store.)

She continued, "As one of your personal cocksuckers, my prime task is sucking cock, like a good buxom mommy-slut should. Your cock! Mmmm... Except when it's buried in my cow tits, or up my ass, or-"

Alan had to stop suckling because he was being misunderstood, even though he knew she was doing it deliberately and playfully. "You're not a slut, okay? Don't say that already! And don't say 'whore' either, like you did this morning. I LOVE you. I can't love a whore. And there's so much more to you than your sexual side. You're the kindest person I know, and not just because you're my mom."

Since he'd stopped suckling, she said, "Time out. Let's get on the bed, okay? We can have even more fun there."

He nodded in eager agreement. He loved her big smile and her endless enthusiasm.

She waited until he sat up in bed with his back against the headboard. Then she kicked off her high heels and climbed up after him.


She assumed the position between his knees, flicking her tongue at the tip of his cockhead. "Tiger, look who's talking. Every time you say something kind like that, I get weak in the knees. Although that's not a really big problem, since I'm usually already on my knees, between your legs like this!" She giggled with glee.

She resumed aggressively stroking his shaft, then continued, "I'm so in love with you. And it's not just motherly love, no siree! It's also that nasty, physical, erotic love that mommies aren't supposed to have for their sons. But they just don't know what they're missing!"

He groaned, because she slipped her lips halfway down his cockhead and gave it a powerful suck. He thought for sure she would start bobbing further down, but she just swirled her tongue all over the rest of his cockhead.

He grasped the top of her head and held on tight. Even that much tongue work felt like total ecstasy.

Then she continued, "What if my own son turns out to be my dreamboat one-in-a-million? Is such a thing possible?! Oh! Oh! Let this tit-woman make you feel so good!" She began sucking his cockhead in earnest, slipping her lips all the way down to his sweet spot.

He groaned particularly loudly. "Oh, man! So good! UGH!" He clenched his teeth as a wave of incredible pleasure raced through his body for at least sixty seconds, if not more.

She just kept on bobbing and licking and slurping and stroking, like her life depended on it.

That lusty surge finally passed, somehow without him blowing his load. Although she kept right on steadily bobbing while performing dexterous feats with her tongue, he was able to calm down slightly. He thought about what she'd said, feeling that he had to respond. He brought his hands to her breasts and caressed them lovingly. "Mom, I practically worship you. So don't call yourself a tit-woman, okay?"

She stopped sucking and pulled away long enough to say, "Well, if I can't say that, then you have to stop groping me. But please don't stop! If you really worship me then worship my tits in particular."

He grunted and groaned while he went from caressing her huge tits to aggressively kneading them. "With pleasure! As if I could stop even if I wanted to. I'm way too excited to stop!"

"A-ha!" she cackled gleefully. "That's how to treat your mommy. See? You're beginning to see the light. Just imagine: all these years as I was feeding you and raising you, I was raising my future master! If only I'd known!"

"Mom!" he complained, but not very well. The truth was, those words aroused him greatly.

She blew right past his rather feeble objections. "It's all the will of God. That's why God gave me this beautiful body and these big tits especially. Because I exist to serve you. That's what mommies are for. Mommy tongues are meant to slurp on son-sicles! Cock-sicles! Mommy lips are meant to wrap around... UGH! I can't hold back! Let me show you more of what this slutty mommy can do!" She slathered her tongue all over his sweet spot, in anticipation of sucking him some more.

Before she could get back to that, he asked, "But what about your talk earlier, about responsibilities?"

She lapped and lapped on his sweet spot, until he thought she wasn't going to remember to answer. But finally she replied, in between even more licking and slurping, "True, responsibilities are important, and your responsibilities include getting your homework done. But MY greatest responsibility is keeping you sexually satisfied. MMMM! Keeping this big, fat, long, yummy cock THROBBING with delight! It's actually my religious duty. As that cute song put it the other day, 'every sperm is sacred.'" She swirled her tongue around and around.

With that, he remembered the CD he'd bought coming home from school. He'd meant to give it to Susan as a gift at some point, but he'd been so exhausted all day that it had slipped his mind. Luckily, the CD sat on his desk practically within Susan's reach. Just as she was about to dive forward and fill her mouth with his erection, he stopped her and said, "Wait! Mom, I have a gift for you. On the desk. Right there."

Trying to prevent Susan's mouth from reaching his cock was a difficult task, but the mention of the word "gift" piqued her curiosity just enough. She reached out and grabbed at the CD he was pointing at. She looked at it curiously. "What's this? 'Monty Python Sings'?"

Alan explained, "It's a collection of songs by the comedy group Monty Python. You know, from the movie the other night? You probably won't like most of it, but it's got the song you like so much, 'Every Sperm Is Sacred.'"

Her face suddenly lit up. "Oh! Tiger! You're so thoughtful!" Her eyes turned to his crotch. "So thoughtful and delicious! Oh, what a wonderful, loving, cum-filled boy! How can I ever thank you?" She looked at his stiff erection, now drooling with pre-cum. "If only I could think of some way..." She giggled. "Somehow, something involving your cock... Your cock and my mouth... What could it be...?" She giggled gleefully some more.

She finally lurched forward, swallowing nearly a third of his erection in one go. She wanted to show her love for him and appreciation for the gift in her favorite way. MMMM! Master cock! That's the very best kind! And the only kind for me!

She licked and licked and sucked and nibbled. Somehow, her cocksucking was better and more skilled than ever before. She was determined to show her thanks by giving him the best cocksucking he ever had. All the while, the words in the catchy Monty Python song ran through her head: "Every sperm is sacred, every sperm is good. Every sperm is needed, in your neighborhood." That is just soooo true! Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was some way that every single last sperm in his balls right now ended up in my stomach? Millions and billions of them! Or on my face and tits. Then I'd be such a happy mommy. But I'm such a happy mommy already!

He grasped her head with both hands and attempted to hold on to her, as if riding a wild roller coaster and clinging to the railings of the car for dear life. Damn, even Glory and Aunt Suzy can't touch this intensity of cocksucking. It's like she's learned how to channel all her love through her lips and her tongue. And she knows my dick so damn well. She's figured out exactly what pleases me most, and can time my reactions so she knows just when to stop or change. And just when I get complacent, she does something totally unexpected, like how she's just switched to sucking my balls right now. Damn this woman! So damn good!

He clenched his teeth and shut his eyes tight as wave after wave of indescribable erotic joy washed over him. He couldn't hold out for long, despite all his PC muscle control. Just as he was about to give up and blast his load into Susan's mouth, he cried out, 'Oh, FUCK ME!"



Alan opened his eyes and looked around in surprise, because that loud voice didn't sound like it came from Susan. Besides, Susan's mouth was completely stuffed with cock, so she couldn't speak loudly and clearly anyway.

Susan also pulled her lips off his boner, momentarily frightened by someone else being in the room. Like Alan, she soon looked towards the door.

But there was no worry, because it was only Katherine. The naughty daughter giggled and waved her hand. "Hi!"

Alan was still in shock. Since he was right on the edge of climax, he was out of sorts. "Sis?! What are you doing here?"


Katherine was wearing a sexy see-through nightie, mirroring how Susan had worn one in Alan's room earlier that evening. She boldly walked to the bed. "What am I doing here? You should be asking, 'What took you so long to get here?' Think about my plight. I'm right across the hallway, tossing and turning in bed, when I keep hearing all these sexy, slurpy 'mmmm!' sounds. You know, that distinctive Mom 'mmmm' sound."

She looked towards Susan, who was still turned around and looking at her. "Sorry, Mom. I know when we were in the shower earlier I said you should have some special one-on-one time with him, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Hearing all that moaning and 'mmmm'-ing was driving me crazy!"

Susan smiled widely. "Don't worry about it. There's PLENTY of cock to go around." While still looking Katherine's way, she slid her fingers from the base of Alan's shaft to the tip and then back down again to emphasize her point. "The more, the merrier. Besides, I'm starting to really get into sharing his cock, especially with you."

"Awww, Mom, that's so sweet. Thanks!" Katherine had been waiting to get on the bed, so she crawled up on it.

Alan took a longer look at Katherine's nightie, then said, "Nice outfit!"

Susan also took a longer look at it and commented, "Hear, hear! Now, that screams 'fuck toy.' I especially love how your cunt is peeking out down below."

Katherine quipped, "The damn fabric shrunk in the wash." She giggled gaily.

Susan turned back to Alan's crotch and resumed her stroking and licking. She said to Katherine behind her, "Lose the nightie. It looks very nice, but it's expensive. You don't want to ruin it with cum, and believe me, a lot of cum is going to be flying pretty soon!"

"Cool!" Katherine immediately took her nightie off. It only took a few seconds, since it was such an insubstantial thing to begin with. Then she got down on all fours and crawled across the bed in the most tantalizing manner she could manage.

However, Alan reacted by disengaging from Susan and quickly standing up by the bed. "Whoa! Hold on! Hold on!"

Susan asked, "What's wrong, dear?"

He was breathing hard. "Nothing's really wrong. It's just that... I was THIS CLOSE to cumming when you came in, Sis. This close!" He brought his index finger and thumb together so they were very nearly touching.

Susan and Katherine sat naked on the bed, waiting for him to recover his breath and explain himself some more.

He bent over slightly and waited about a minute. Then he said, "Sorry. Like I was saying, I really was about to cum. I mean, Sis, if you would have come in, like, ten seconds later, you would have seen and heard a big cum explosion." He waited for a few more heavy breaths, and then continued, "Which is fine. But if you want to have more than a minute of fun too, I'm going to have to cool down in a big way."

He suddenly had a Eureka moment. "I know! A normal strategic break isn't going to cut it this time. Not with the way I'm feeling now, and what you two can do when you combine your sexy forces! So hang tight. I'm going to take a very quick cold shower - very quick and very cold. That'll revive me in more ways than one." He walked briskly to the door, holding his still extremely erect cock to prevent it from bouncing lewdly. "Take it easy, okay? I'll be back in a few minutes."

Susan protested, "But Tiger..."

However, he was determined. He left the room and closed the door without saying any more.

Katherine turned to Susan. "Sorry 'bout that. I didn't know you were that close to getting a great big cum bath."

Susan shrugged. "Actually, it's probably for the best. I was really craving that creamy load of his, and a great spermy shower, but now, if he gets fully 'recharged,' I'll be able to enjoy so much more sucking and licking! And with you. Then, of course, we'll have our cum bath anyway! Together!"

She put a hand on Katherine's shoulder and smiled. "That really makes me happy, to share his cock with you. It's like what I was telling you in the shower earlier. Seeing you blossom into such a beautiful, dedicated, and talented fuck toy for your brother makes me so proud!"

Katherine smiled in return, but also bashfully looked away. "Thanks, Mom. But I'm not all that."

"No, you ARE! You're all that and more! Look at you." She brought her hands to the undersides of Katherine's tits. "Look at the beautiful, full-bodied woman you've turned into. You keep thinking that your breasts are small, but that's only because you compare yourself to Suzanne and me. You're one of the most stacked girls in school! In years to come, you'll grow into the perfect big-titted, cock-hungry, fuck-toy sister."

Again, Katherine looked bashful. "You think?"

"I know! You'll spend so many countless hours on your knees or on your back, serving your master, OUR master. Believe in yourself! Believe in his love and lust for you!"

"Oh, Mom!" The two of them kissed with great passion.

Alan did take a quick and very cold shower. He came back to his room about five minutes later, after thoroughly drying himself off. He felt like a million bucks, and his cock was primed and ready for action again. It had gone flaccid in the shower, but it had already fully engorged in anticipation of what he'd find in his bedroom.

He closed his bedroom door behind him and laughed, because he was greeted by the sight of Katherine and Susan entwined in a scorching kiss and rolling around on his bed. XX02

Susan happened to be on top. When she heard Alan close the door, she sat up and looked at him. "Oh, look, Angel! Alan is back, and so is Alan Junior!"

Katherine licked her lips as her mouth watered in anticipation. "Cool! Hey Bro, bring that fat red pole over here. Have you ever heard of dual stealth sucking?"

He had a good laugh at that. "No. And you know that's impossible! The stealth part, that is. But hey, I was thinking in the shower. I don't want to just enjoy a dual blowjob. I mean, I love it, but I feel guilty, getting all this lavish attention. What if we try some kind of three-way, so I can go down on one of you while you two go down on me?"

Katherine and Susan looked at each other and reached a non-verbal understanding. Susan looked back at him and said, "That could work, so long as Angel and I get to suck your cock together."

Alan considered the situation and came up with a position to try out. He laid face up on the bed, but with his ass near the bed's bottom edge and his feet on the floor. He had Susan kneel between his legs, since he knew she loved that pose so much. Then Katherine sat on top of him, with her pussy in his face. But she also leaned forward towards his legs so her mouth could reach his crotch.


This arrangement worked out great. Since Susan was scooted up so much, his cock was practically in her cleavage, so she squeezed her massive tits around his shaft and started a titfuck. But she was still able to tilt her head down and lick all over his cockhead. Katherine leaned in at different angles and helped with the licking. She could reach his sweet spot more easily, so she concentrated most of her efforts on that.

After a few minutes of joyous licking and titfucking, Susan said, "You know what? This is brilliant! There are just so many sexual positions to learn and enjoy. I feel like a kid in a candy store who just discovered what candy even is!"

Katherine replied, "That's so true. Mom, just think about all the thousands of different ways you and I will serve and pleasure his cock together. It'll never, ever get boring."

Susan replied with wide-eyed delight, "I know! And that's just the two of us! Imagine if we include one, two, three, or even more of his fuck toys! The possible combinations and sex positions grow exponentially, I'll bet! Thinking of so many tongues on his cock makes me too happy and horny to even breathe! By the way, Angel, speaking of tongues, how are things on your end?"

"Very, very excellent, Mom! Thanks for asking! Brother is lapping my cunt like he really enjoys doing it."

Despite the fact that he was busy licking his sister's wet slit, he replied, "I do! I really do! The smell alone is intoxicating!" He really meant that. He was growing to love the sweet ambrosia of his sister's pussy juices.

Susan smiled widely. "Mmmm. That's so true!" She still had her head craned down and she was busy licking around the top of his cockhead. But she paused long enough to take a big whiff. "MMMM! I love the aroma as well! Angel, you should have seen how wet his cock was when you came in. Then, Tiger, you had to go and wash off all that yummy goodness in the shower. You meanie!" She giggled. "But now we've got it soaked in pre-cum and saliva again. As it always should be! I'm so happy, spending this quality time together!" She actually shuddered with delight.

Katherine licked along the top of Susan's tits, where a few dribbles of Alan's cum had landed. "Aaaah. Even your tits are starting to flood with his cum, Mom. More yummy midnight snack for me!" She giggled. "But you think you're happy? Brother is licking me good. I'm right on the edge of cumming! Do you want to swap positions, Mom?"

Susan considered that idea. "I don't know about that. I mean, when you think about it, this whole thing seems so very improper."

Katherine had gone back to licking Alan's sweet spot, but when she heard that she pulled her head back to see from Susan's face if she was serious.

To her great relief, she discovered Susan was just teasing. In fact, Susan smiled from ear to ear, and said, "Since you asked, okay! Let's switch!"

About a minute later, Katherine was the one kneeling between Alan's legs with his cock buried in her cleavage, while Susan got her cunt licked by him while she leaned over and focused mainly on his sweet spot. As she did so, she said, "You know what I really love about this, Angel?"

"What's that?"

"Well, everything! But one thing I'm particularly loving is that we all sleep so close to each other. Just think how many nights we'll wind up on our knees, side by side, worshipping our master's cock! Sometimes maybe for hours and hours!" XX03

Alan was too preoccupied licking Susan's cunt to speak, but he groaned unhappily.

Susan corrected herself, "Sorry. I suppose 'hours and hours' is a bit unrealistic. Especially since we all need our sleep."

He was forced to speak to clarify the meaning of his groan. "Not that. I mean using words like 'worship' or 'master.' I'm just a guy. We're all family, so we're all equal."

Susan replied, "Whatever you say."

He couldn't see her smirking, but he could tell that she was.

Then she said, "Excuse me, Angel, but here's what I think of that!" She suddenly swallowed all of his cockhead, and then some. She vigorously bobbed and licked down to his sweet spot, and tried to use all of her most effective moves, one after another, to really wow him. The reason she said "Excuse me, Angel" was because she felt bad that she was selfishly monopolizing all the most sensitive parts of his cock.

But Katherine didn't mind much. She knew it was just temporary, so Susan could physically express her love of cocksucking. Besides, most of Alan's shaft was still trapped in her tight tit-tunnel, so she concentrated her efforts on sliding her tits up and down on either side of his long pole.

"AAAAAH!" Alan cried out, because their combined efforts were pushing him dangerously close to the orgasmic edge. He couldn't even begin to think about doing a good job licking his mother's slit when the two vixens were "ganging up" on him like that.

Katherine giggled. "Uh-oh! Mom, we'd better take it down a notch, if we want the fun to last. Actually, I have an idea for an entirely different position."

Susan pulled her lips off his cockhead and went back to mere licking. "Okay! What's that?"

Katherine said, "Actually, I'd like for it to be a surprise. Do you trust me?"

"Of course! With my life. You lead the way."

Katherine waited while everyone disengaged. She started feeling secretly nervous, because she didn't know how her plan would go over. But she was determined to give it a try.

Alan was dangerously over-aroused. He didn't really need to use the bathroom, but he pretended he did, to give himself a short break. He figured there was no way he could calm down as long as he was in the same room as Katherine and Susan, at least not when they were like this.


When Alan came back after a suspiciously long bathroom break, Katherine took charge. "Okay, Bro. I want you to just lie back on the bed. Like you were before, except you don't need to hang your legs over the side. Get comfy."

He laid in the middle of his bed, with his head on his pillow.

Katherine looked at Susan anxiously. "Okay, Mom. This is going to start out with just Brother and me at first. So hold onto your hat, okay?"

Susan sat on the edge of the bed. She nodded.

Acting quickly, Katherine took Alan's cock in hand and then straddled herself right over his privates. Then, in just a matter of seconds, she suddenly impaled herself all the way onto Alan's cock until he was fully sheathed in her!


Susan screamed in shock and surprise. "ANGEL!"

Alan was equally shocked, if not even more so. Nobody had informed him yet that Susan had agreed that Katherine and he were allowed to fuck. He'd heard Susan say something to that effect earlier in the day, but he'd thought that was just sexy talk, since Susan had been insanely aroused at the time. So he didn't understand why Katherine would be so disrespectful in front of their loving mother.

He cried out, "Sis! What the hell are you doing?!"

But Katherine yelled back, "It's okay! Mom and I talked in the shower! That sexy talk earlier? It wasn't just sexy talk! She totally agrees! We're allowed to fuck! We have permission! So let's do it!"

Susan had somewhat recovered by this point, although she clutched at her chest defensively like she often did when she felt threatened. She pointed out, "But Angel! I also told you that I wasn't ready to see you two do it yet! It's one thing to agree in theory; it's another to actually watch, for real!"

Katherine was still just sitting with Alan's cock buried deep inside her, waiting until this got sorted out. If Susan was truly upset, Katherine could always back out on her plan, and back up off her brother's cock, thus at least minimizing the damage. But she wasn't ready to give up just yet. She pointed out, "That's true, but consider this as 'tough love.' If I don't push you, it might take you a week or more before you feel ready. And I can't wait that long! I want you to be here and see our very first time together!"

Of course, that last comment was a lie, since Alan and Katherine had already fucked several times. But Katherine knew that Susan didn't know that, so it was important to maintain the fiction. Besides, she figured this could be a second first time, in a way. It would be an extra special thing to have Susan watch for the first time, at least.

Luckily, that comment melted Susan's reservations. The loving mother cried out, "Oh, Angel!" She scooted close and wrapped her arms around her daughter. They would have kissed except that she hadn't gotten quite close enough for that.

Katherine hugged her mother tightly. "Mom, remember how much you loved watching Brother and Aunt Suzy fuck today? Why not enjoy that again, except with him and me instead?"

Susan laughed heartily as she realized the reason for her reluctance. She explained, "The problem isn't that I'll hate it; it's that I'll love it too much! Seeing you with his wonderfully thick cock all the way in you... Oh Angel! Do you know what that does to me? If he's fucking his own sister, then it's just a matter of time before he fucks his own mother too. I know that on some level, but this makes it really hit home! It's gonna drive me crazy! Oh God! All that hot, sweaty, incestuous thrusting! I think I might just DIE of envy and fuck lust!"

Katherine giggled, then pulled her mother in still closer, and up higher, so they could kiss each other. "Don't die, please. At least not before you and Bro do what he and I are doing now!" She grew serious, and looked Susan right in her eyes. She spoke quietly. "Mom, is this okay? I decided to just go for it and see what happens. I guess I'm kind of uppity that way. But if you're really bothered by this, I can stop right now."

Susan looked at Katherine intently, and realized that she really meant it. As she pondered the situation, she looked down at where the crotches of Alan and Katherine met. With the way Katherine was sitting on him while he was balls-deep inside her, she couldn't see much direct visual evidence of any fucking; Katherine could just as easily have been sitting on his flaccid penis.

She felt greatly relieved by that, because she was having a very difficult and emotional time with this scenario. The three of them were all extremely excited, with their hearts racing, but hers was racing the fastest of all. She seriously doubted whether she could handle seeing Alan's cock inside Katherine - she might pass out altogether!

She finally tenderly spoke. "This is your first time. With your brother! Your master! Of course I don't want to stop you now. This is a beautiful moment I hope you'll treasure forever. I'm just so touched that you... that you decided to share it with me!"

Susan suddenly teared up. It came out of the blue. One moment she was smiling, and the next moment she was crying her eyes out. Somehow, saying "you decided to share it with me" made her extremely emotional.

As soon as Susan started crying, Katherine couldn't help but cry too. Within moments, the two of them were bawling like they'd just been told a close mutual friend had died. Except their tears were those of joy, love, and general emotional intensity, not sadness.

Somehow, Susan managed to choke out the words, "Angel, you're all grown up now!"

That only made the two of them cry twice as hard.

Katherine was conflicted. She was well aware that she was lying about this being her first time, and she felt very guilty about that. But at the same time, the emotion of the moment had a life of its own and it felt to her as if it really was her first time! Somehow, those earlier times didn't seem to count the same, not if Susan didn't know about them or wasn't there to approve and hold her. She felt this so strongly that soon her guilt was nearly forgotten, and it really did seem to be her first time.

She even shifted around on her brother's stiff cock inside her as if experimentally testing her feeling of exquisite fullness. That truly felt brand new, somehow. Logically, she knew his boner was the same size as always when it was completely stiff, but it felt like it was filling her twice as much as ever before, and it felt incredible.

So it was completely sincere when she surprised even herself by crying out, "Mom! Brother's cock is all the way in me! So thick! So full! We're joined together! Forever!" At the same time, her tears continued to stream down her face.

Susan was crying her heart out as she replied, "You are! You are! Oh, Angel! It's so beautiful!" After gathering herself together a bit, she managed to briefly wipe her eyes clear, exclaiming, "Thank you for sharing this magical moment with me! My two children, joined together! Brother and sister! Master and slave! I'm so... so... HAPPY!" She burst into a fresh round of sobbing.


Katherine did too. Their faces were touching as they cried and cried.

Alan felt very strange through all of this. Since Katherine was facing towards his feet, he couldn't make eye contact with either one of them at the moment. Susan might have looked over Katherine's shoulder and down at him, but tears were flooding her eyes so much that she couldn't really see him even if she tried. So he felt like he was forgotten.

But at the same time, his cock was fully sheathed in Katherine's tight cunt! And even though his sexy sister wasn't paying much attention to that, she was inadvertently bouncing lightly on it and sometimes clenching at it as her entire body shook from sobbing, as well as from clutching Susan in slightly different poses.

So, while the other two were having an intense and moving emotional experience with each other, he was enjoying a very pleasurable fuck, almost by accident! Indeed, it was an odd experience.

He also felt extremely emotionally moved. Although he felt guilty as well by the fact that this wasn't really his first time with Katherine and they'd kept that fact a secret from their trusting mother, he knew this was still a very pivotal moment in the lives of all three of them. This perfectly symbolized how they were now all joined together sexually, in addition to being a very loving family in other ways.

He would have bawled like a baby too, except that he'd deeply internalized the idea that men weren't supposed to cry. Even so, tears came to his eyes. He repeatedly tried to wipe away the evidence, but it seemed to be a losing battle, due to all the fresh tears.

Susan suddenly seemed to realize that he was being left out. She let go of Katherine and moved slightly to the side of her daughter's torso. Then she dropped down, squashing her gigantic tits on her son's chest. That brought her face right up to his. She tried to hug him as best she could, considering that he was lying in bed. "Son! You're fucking your sister! How does that make you feel?"

It was a simple question, but he choked up and his tears really started to flow. "Oh, Mom! It's so good! I love her so much! I love you so much! I love this whole family." He exclaimed in a louder voice, "Sister, I love you!"

She cried out while sobbing, "I love you too! Brother! You're in me!" With Susan on one side of her, Katherine managed to turn around, spinning in a half circle with Alan's stiff cock still balls-deep in her. Now she could make eye contact with him, in theory. In reality it didn't work out that way, because Susan's face was over his and Katherine was too teary to see clearly anyway. But still, she felt more of a connection with him facing this way. XX04

With tears gushing down her face, Susan kissed up Alan's neck, jaw line, and chin, until her lips came to his mouth. But before she kissed him there, she whispered, but still loud enough for her daughter to hear, "Son, you've taken your sister's virginity! She belongs to you now! No other man will ever fuck her. EVER! You've tamed her; now you own her!"

Susan followed up by planting a scorching kiss on his lips.

Since Katherine heard all that, she cried out between heartfelt sobbing, "Forever! I'm yours forever!" Remembering that she was in fact fully impaled in him, she started bouncing up and down on him in an intentional and highly mutually-pleasurable manner. "I'm your fuck toy, your slut, your bitch, your slave! Your sister! Your lover! Whatever it is you want me to be, I am! I'm yours and yours alone, because I love you so much!"

Alan was sobbing as much as the other two were now. He broke his kiss with Susan to complain, "Awww, Sis, why do you have to say all that? Now you've got me crying like a baby too! It's damn embarrassing!"

Katherine giggled through her tears. She said proudly, "That's because you love me! As much as I love you! And now I've got a brand new way to show it and share it. Like THIS!" She'd already started bouncing rhythmically on him, and it felt fantastic for both of them. But when she said "Like THIS," she lifted herself up until she'd actually pulled all the way off his pulsing, hot pole. But she still held it with a hand, and she ably and almost violently sat back down on it, skewering herself in the process.

She screamed with all her might as a massive orgasm smacked her like a freight train. "AAAAIIIIEEEE!" She brought her hands to the sides of her head because she felt like her brain was splitting from the intensity of it all.

Susan tried to turn her head around, startled by the shrill scream. "What's that?!"

Alan held his mother's chin and had her turn back. He knew she wouldn't be able to see any of the action in her current position anyway. He explained, "She just impaled herself on me again. All the way! Oh God, Mom! You wouldn't believe it. It feels so fucking good!"

Susan's flowing tears dripped down onto Alan's equally wet face. "Son! Fuck her good! Fuck her so good! Fuck her into the next century! Fuck her and love her with all your might!" Then she planted another scorching kiss on his lips.

So far, Alan had been lying there, nearly entirely immobile. Because Katherine was riding him cowgirl-style, it hadn't occurred that there was anything he could do to make things even more pleasurable for her. Besides, there'd had been a lot of crying but not much actual fucking. But after hearing Susan's inspirational words, he decided he needed to at least try to do all he could. He began thrusting his hips up as much as possible.

Katherine was still shaking and crying her way through her Earth-shattering and very prolonged orgasm. Partly way through, she'd slapped her hands down onto Susan's back to remain sitting up, and it was a near thing that she didn't collapse onto her (and Alan underneath) altogether. But, feeling Alan's thrusts, she was just as inspired and determined to make the most of the moment. Despite feeling like her bones had just turned to jelly, she resumed bouncing up and down in perfect time with his upward thrusts.

That felt so very fantastic that she discovered a new surge of energy. That in turn allowed her to bounce on him with greater passion and vigor. Once she got going with a steady rhythm, she yelled, "Mom! Look! We're fucking! We're really fucking!"

In that moment, at least, Katherine was completely convinced that this was the very first fuck of her life. It certainly had all of the emotional intensity of that. In fact, it was even more emotional than their real first time. Having Susan there and approving made a big difference. It wasn't just two of them fucking, it was the three of them bonding as a family.

Alan's energy level was rising and rising. He felt trapped between both Susan and Katherine, because he wanted to do much more than his relatively ineffectual upwards thrusts. So, after necking with his mother for another minute or two, he said, "Um, Sis? Mom? Could we switch positions again? I'm ready for some serious thrusting!"

Susan sat up on him, but only just enough so her great tits were dangling down and lightly resting on his bare chest in an extremely visually tempting manner. She said, "Son, don't ask, take! You're the man of the house now. You're spermed us into submission! If you want to fuck your sister, fuck her good and hard! Show me what you've got, and what you're going to do to me. Angel, you were so right, making me witness this! I'll never forget this!"

Her tears had finally stopped because she was so delightfully distracted by kissing her son. But she still spoke with great emotion as she said, "Son, I only hope that when you fuck me - and SOON! - it'll be half as special as this. I love BOTH of you more than life itself!" She sat up and then moved to the side. "Now, Son, give it to her! Hard and fast and deep! Just like you're going to fuck your mommy!"

He certainly didn't need any more inspiration. He was about as aroused as any man could possibly be. But Susan's "fuck your mommy" comments raised his energy level even higher. He felt like some kind of rapid and insane animal, totally given over to carnal desire.


Katherine quickly pulled off him and then laid down right next to him, with her head next to his. It would have been easy for them to kiss like that, but he wanted to fuck, and right away! He sat up and straddled himself over her crotch, in the exact same way she'd just been over him. He growled, "Cowgirl time is over! Now, it's time to ride 'em cowboy!"

Not only did Katherine spread her legs for him, she raised them high up, so her feet were up above either side of his head. She figured, correctly, that he could penetrate her even deeper than way.


He clutched at her legs with his hands to keep her in that obscene pose. Then he thrust his hips forward and drove into her with one mighty push.

Katherine screamed out, "MOM! HELP ME!" with her eyes still closed, she reached for Susan, knowing where she was. Their hands quickly clasped together.

Susan squeezed Katherine's hand tightly. She leaned in over her, and said with total love, "Angel, I'm here for you! Hang on tight!"

Katherine looked up to her mother and nodded with grim determination. She'd stopped crying new tears, but her cheeks were still wet.

Alan had paused with his thrusting. He was still raring to go, but he figured he should give her a chance to recover and adjust after that initial thrust. He'd noticed that he was able to go even deeper in this position, with her legs elevated, but he wanted to be sure she was physically ready.

Katherine was panting hard, trying to cope with the enormity of what was about to happen. Even though she'd just been riding him cowgirl style, and it was been beyond amazing, right now that felt merely like the appetizer for the "real" power fuck she was about to experience.

Susan asked her tenderly, "How does it feel?"

Katherine was bug-eyed from sheer disbelief. "So deep! So FULL! Ohmigod! It's like I've truly been skewered on a stake! But SO FUCKING GOOD! Oh GOD! Mom! Help me!"

Susan leaned in closer. "What can I do? What can I do?! I'm here for you!"

"I don't know!" Katherine admitted. She certainly didn't want the fucking to stop, but it was almost more sexual pleasure than her body could handle. "Just... be here! Give me strength!"

Susan closed her eyes to pray. "Dear Lord, give my sweet darling daughter strength! The strength to get TRULY FUCKED by her brother, and to love it! And to fuck back with all her heart and soul, showing now and forever that she IS his number one fuck toy! Amen!"

Alan quietly snickered to himself. I'll bet there aren't a lot of prayers like that one! I love it! But enough already. It's time to fucking DO IT!

He'd been holding back and holding back for what seemed like forever. His entire body was vibrating with anticipation and lusty energy. True, he'd fucked his sister before, but he already knew this time would blow those other great times away in comparison. And, although his arousal level was sky high, and he'd enjoyed a double blowjob and much more even before it began, the urge to cum wasn't even an issue for him at this point. It was like his body was locked into some kind of super turbo fucking mode. Cumming part way through and then quitting early wasn't even an option.

Just a couple of seconds after Susan finished her erotic prayer, he pulled back, until most of his cockhead was out, and then he steadily and forcefully thrust back forward.

Katherine shrieked, and squeezed Susan's hand painfully hard. She looked at her, and said, "Good God, Mom! So fucking GREAT! It's even better than blowjobs!"

That hit Susan like several sharp slaps to the face. It was almost inconceivable to her that anything could be better than a blowjob. But clearly, Katherine was sincere about it. Her desire to get fucked by her son soared higher than ever before.

Like a powerful construction worker raising an axe up high to swing it down, Alan pulled his erection very nearly all the way out of his sister again. Then, again, he plowed forward, just like that axe crashing down with tremendous force. Once again, Katherine cried out with a piercing scream because the physical and mental sensations were so very intense. It was all too much to bear, so much so that she resumed crying, this time partly from a feeling of sheer helplessness.

But Alan was just getting started. He pulled back and slammed forward again. And again. And again. Like a locomotive train leaving a station, he steadily gathered speed. Again and again and again he thrust forward.

And each time, Katherine screamed with all her might. She still had her legs way up high, held in place by his hands. She had never felt so vulnerable, exposed, and deeply penetrated. She loved this position more than any other she'd tried yet. She was extremely grateful that Susan was there for her. She was practically squeezing Susan's hand right off.

Yet Susan was not about to let go. In fact, she was willing her daughter strength and energy with all her might, trying to channel that through their grip. She continued to pray to God to help Katherine with these things, fully convinced that He was hearing and responding to her loving prayers.

In truth, Katherine couldn't do much except "endure" this powerful fucking. Before long, Alan was rhythmically pounding into her so deep and so hard that her entire body was actually slowly slipping away from him towards the headboard. She kept right on screaming and crying. At some point, and she was too far gone to even tell when, she started cumming. Once she started, she never really stopped.

Alan was determined. He instinctively knew this wasn't the time for a lot of pauses and strategic breaks. This was an all-out power fuck. He just kept on fucking his sister harder and faster and deeper, like he couldn't slow down even if he'd wanted to. The sweat was flying off his face and his heart pounded like a drum, but he hardly noticed. Frankly, he was surprised by his own stamina and relentless determination.

As he pistoned in and out, he thought, I'm gonna show her! I'm gonna give Sis the fuck to end all fucks! This isn't our real first fuck, but it kind of is! I'm fucking her like it's our first, and our last, and everything in between! I'm gonna fucking slay her with my cock, until the cum shoots out of her nose and ears! This is gonna be God damned fucking EPIC!

And not just for Sis, but for Sis and Mom! Fuck! It's like I'm fucking them both! And I will! I will! Mom, you're next! Coming soon! But not before I make Sis cum like a motherfucker, until she sees stars! Here it comes!

Sure enough, it wasn't long before he sensed it was time to cum. He could have gone on longer, actually. He felt absolutely invincible and unstoppable. But he sensed that his sister was reaching a physical peak that couldn't be topped, and he'd built up such a frantic pace that if he kept going, he could only go slower before long. It was time. He let go, unleashing his cum load deep in his sister's cunt!

He let out something like a war cry, a scream of triumph and total abandon.

As previously mentioned, Katherine was cumming non-stop by this time. But when she felt him blast into her, it was like she had an even greater orgasm on top of her ongoing orgasms. She simply couldn't believe how intense and joyous it all felt. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she screamed wordlessly, her wail merging with her brother's. She actually did see stars!

Susan still sat there, still getting her hand crushed into pulp by her daughter's tight grip. She was simply watching the rapturous expressions on her daughter's face, and she wasn't touching herself at all. But she had a significant orgasm too, in sympathy with her children climaxing together. It wasn't one for the ages, like Katherine's had been, but it helped her feel like she was an intimate part of the moment.

Alan had felt like a rampaging, dinosaur-sized beast. But suddenly it seemed like he'd been turned into a hand puppet and someone had cut the strings. He collapsed onto his sister. As his orgasm petered out, all of his energy and drive seemed to depart at the same time, leaving him totally limp.

He remained on top of her, lying like a dead man for at least five minutes. Just breathing. Plus, he was basking in the glory of his love for his sister and mother, and their love for him.


Katherine hadn't quite passed out, but it was close. She lay underneath him as if she were in a deep sleep, with her eyes closed and a beatific smile on her face. Her face was soaked with sweat and tears, and her hair was bedraggled since even her hair band had fallen off, but all that just made her look even more beautiful.

Susan was in much better shape than either of her children. But she rested on top of them with her arms around both of them so she could share in the afterglow of this priceless time together.

By now it was well past midnight. Alan's sexual drive had energized him to a surprising degree, but now that it was all over, his body seemed to realize that it was way past his bedtime. He could tell that it was going to take him until the next morning, at least, to recover from the experience. The only reason he hadn't already fallen asleep was because he had Katherine beneath him and Susan partly on top of him. Still, he was so out of it that he maintained consciousness only by the thinnest thread.

As a result, he didn't notice when Susan finally shifted off him. He also didn't notice at first when she put her head between his legs and started to lick his penis and balls. His penis had slipped out of Katherine right after their mutual climax, so Susan was taking full advantage of its availability.

Finally, the tingles of pleasure coming from his groin felt too good to be ignored, and his body stirred some more to figure out what was going on. Oh, man! It's Mom! She's doing her "cleaning" thing again. Fuck me, I'm so damn lucky! Mom and Sis; I could cry all over again!

Susan systematically licked every inch of his privates while making her happy "mmmm" noises. She was loving this cleaning even more than usual, since Alan's penis and even his balls were thoroughly soaked with Katherine's pussy juices. She couldn't get enough of the delicious taste.

As a result, when she finished "cleaning" him, she decided she wanted more of that sweet nectar, and she realized she could get it by "cleaning" Katherine's pussy too, only a short distance away.

The feel of a tongue lapping at her soaked pussy eventually brought Katherine back from her semi-comatose state. She muttered sleepily, "Mom? What are you doing to me?"

Susan brought her hand to Katherine's crotch and playfully tweaked her clit while she continued to lick her wet slit. "Just doing what good mommies do. Big-titted mommies aren't just about serving well-hung son-cock, you know. We also take care of tight, wet, daughter-cunt! How do you like that?"

Katherine moaned, "Oh Mom, I love the idea, but it's too much for my pussy to take. Really. It's in a super, super-sensitive state, after that all-out cunt pillaging. I can't take any more right now! Sorry." To make her point clear, she rolled on her side and out from under Alan, bringing Susan's licking to an end.

But Susan wasn't entirely done. Now that Katherine had moved, Alan wound up lying face up in the middle of his bed. Susan immediately scooted up his body and looked down on his face from a few inches above it. She smiled at him and said, "Time for your goodnight kiss."

She tongued him deeply. Her mouth tasted like Katherine's pussy juices, but at this point Alan didn't mind that at all. In fact, he liked the taste quite a lot. (He didn't realize it, but because Katherine ate much the same fruity and non-bitter diet that he did, her cum was unusually sweet, just like his.)

However, knowing that Alan was nearly dead to the world, she kept the kiss brief.

Then she rested her head on his chest, delighted beyond words to cuddle her naked body against his. She gushed, "Tiger, my life is so wonderful. So joyous, every single minute of the day. The more I let myself go, the more I give myself to serving you, the better it gets. You're such an endless joy, yet still such a gentleman and respectful of my wishes. I just want to lie around naked all day, getting fucked by you and the rest of this wonderful family. It feels great to place all my trust in a big, strong man like you, and know that you'll always protect me and control me. Mmmm..."

She added, "Sorry I interrupted your homework, by the way, but I just couldn't help myself. I had to have you in my mouth. I needed to suck your cock so bad! It was selfish of me."

"No, that's okay. It was a nice break, to say the least."

Susan had been speaking just to Alan, because she thought Katherine was totally out of it. But Katherine managed to say, "Mom, thank the Lord that you started this, and then you let me join you. I can't tell you how much this means to me!"

Susan slid off Alan and slid on top of Katherine, since she was lying right next to him. She looked into her eyes from above, just like she'd done to her son, and said to her, "Angel, my love, you're a woman now! Plus, you literally are his fuck toy! How does it feel to serve your brother-master with your cunt?"

Katherine's eyes had been closed since her last great orgasm, but that comment caused her to open them and smile. "Mom, it's unbelievable! A dream come true! That's all I want to do, get fucked by my brother every day, until he fucks a whole bunch of babies into me!"

She giggled as something occurred to her. "By the way, Mom, what was that you said in the middle of that pussy pounding? 'Fuck her into the next century.' How the heck does that work?" She giggled again.

Susan giggled too. "I don't know. It sounded good at the time."

Katherine said, "Somebody check the calendar. After that fuck, it must be the year 2102!" She giggled some more, and Susan did too.

However, the mention of time caused her smile to morph into a frown. "I can't believe I have to go to school tomorrow. Crap! I wish I could lie here all day and all night, getting endlessly fucked into oblivion!"

Susan said, "That sounds nice, but we know you can't. In fact, I think it's time everyone goes to sleep."

Alan didn't mind that, since he was barely alive.

Katherine, however, groaned unhappily. She wanted to cuddle with her brother for a long time, at the very least. Or, better yet, spend the night in his bed.

Susan said to her, "Sorry. Time for some tough love. Here, let me help you up."

Katherine mumbled, "One last brother kiss."

Susan let Katherine French kiss Alan. Both kids were so tired that it wasn't much of a kiss, but it was a loving affirmation just the same.

Susan managed to get Katherine to stand up. Katherine was still out of it, so all she could do was mutter some good-byes to her brother while Susan helped her out of her room and across the hallway to her bed.

Alan had been about to drop off to sleep, but when Susan returned he opened his eyes and smiled at seeing his ridiculously stacked and beautiful mother standing naked next to his bed.

She pulled his sheets up so it covered his chest. "There. Now, I've tucked you in. That's a very important mommy duty, as part of our kiss-and-tuck tradition. But I have one more mommy duty." She pulled his sheets completely off him again, then again placed herself on top of him.

She sighed with contentment as she snuggled up to him. "I know, I know. You're exhausted. I am too. But I want to give you one more kiss, to remind you that your sister isn't your only willing and eager fuck toy living in this house."

She pecked and licked her way across his face towards one of his ears. Then, licking in and around that ear, she whispered into it, "I love how you fucked your sister tonight! It was so right, so perfect! You'll never hear me object to that again. A fuck-toy sister is there to be fucked. I can't wait until you fuck ME like that! Soon! So soon! Then I'll be your fuck toy too, in every possible way. Your mommy sex pet. Your mommy slave!"

She knew he'd object to that kind of language, so she quickly brought her mouth back to his and French kissed him until he forgot to complain.

She finally left, after both of them had their longest "goodnight kiss" session yet. She made sure to take the Monty Python CD with her.

Finally alone in his bed with the lights off and his eyes closed, he thought, Phew! What a day! Today's definitely going to go down as the day I fucked Mom up the ass for the first time, long after this homework drag is forgotten. Holy cow, that was great. I gotta find a way to do that again tomorrow, if her ass is up for it. And fucking Aunt Suzy in front of everybody was pretty epic. And then, fucking Sis tonight with Mom there was just as great.

Wow, man. Three totally epic fucks in a single day! What a great day! This is one for the record books, if anyone is keeping track of the best days ever in the friggin' history of the world! And the attitude Mom and Sis have about "serving" my dick... I can't even think about it or my brain will explode, 'cos it's literally mind-blowing. Damn!

Speaking of my dick... Jesus H. Christ! It almost feels numb. And I feel a weird kind of pain in my ass even though no one's really touched it. I wonder what's up with that? It's like my body is finally crying "uncle."

But the ironic thing is that today, even though I came a good number of times, often in a very intense manner, I actually got some homework done, and I had a big nap too. I haven't made any progress on school work in ages, but I did today! AND I had quite a fuck-fest. Now that's what I call a productive day!

If I could do a little better than this tomorrow on the homework front, I just might muddle through the week. Except for that twenty-page paper. Ugh! What am I going to do about that? I really should cancel the poker game for tomorrow, but how can I do that? With Xania AND Brenda there, it's going to be the most impressive collection of tits and firm bodies I've ever seen in my life. I'd rather fail all my classes than miss out on that unique chance. Dang!

Mere seconds later, he dropped off in a deep and very contented sleep.

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