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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Friend or Foe
Day 66: Wednesday, November 20

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan used to get up as late as he possibly could and then rush madly through breakfast and a shower, just barely making it to school in time. But for days, everyone in the house had been getting up as much as an hour earlier than in the past, just so they could have plenty of time to play with each other's bodies.

This morning Alan wanted to wake up at the same late time that he used to, but his body had other ideas and he woke up early with everyone else. Giving in to the inevitable, he stood up and put on a robe. He was actually a bit overwhelmed from all the sexual fun from yesterday, but he figured he might as well have some fun with the extra time, as long as he kept his resolve to generally stay dedicated to working.

Down in the kitchen, after brief but pleasant attention-getting groping rituals and welcome kissing, he announced to his sister and mother, "I'm sure you could see this coming, but I'm gonna have to take it easy on the sex again today. I need a total focus on work except for the card game tonight. I'm saving up all my fun time and energy for that. Okay?"

The other two agreed. Susan served Alan breakfast and then took off her erotic apron, leaving her completely nude.

Alan expected more hanky-panky from her, but surprisingly, he wasn't the target of his mother's insatiable lust. Susan said to Katherine, "Take off your robe, Angel. Come sit on my lap."

Katherine did so. Susan began stroking her daughter's body in a way that was a combination of motherly tenderness and all-out eroticism. With one hand tenderly stroking Katherine's hair and the other pinching Katherine's nipples, she said, "Angel, I really have to apologize."


She looked to Alan. "No offense, Tiger, but Angel, I've been spending so much time with your brother, paying so much attention to him."

She turned to her daughter. "Maybe you feel like I've been favoring him, and neglecting you."

Katherine thought about that. "Well, I guess it does kind of seem that way. But I understand. I've been doing the same. I'm focusing so much of my energy and attention on him too. We all are. Aunt Suzy and Amy too. After all, it's our shared duty to pleasure his cock at all times, and that's what we've been doing. So what's wrong with that?"

Susan ran her hands lightly over her daughter's naked body, mostly caressing her tummy. "I know. You're so right about that, and I'm so glad that you fully understand your duties. But I have two children, and I want you to know that I love you both so very much. It's just that, since Tiger is a male, the situation is different. I can do things with him that I can't with you, and we can love each other in special ways. It's like comparing apples and oranges."

Katherine said bluntly, "Basically, I don't have a cock." But she was mirthful about it.

Susan blushed. "Well, there is that. I can't compare my love for the two of you. But I still love you so much, my special Angel. That's why I'm so happy about what happened between you and me in my bed yesterday afternoon. I was thinking last night when I went to bed how great it is that I can love Tiger in a physical way, and now I can do that with you as well." She moved her fingers into Katherine's pussy to emphasize her point.

Katherine grasped Susan's huge melons, and gushed, "Oh, Mom, that makes me so happy. I love you!" She kissed Susan's lips for a minute or so.

After the kiss, Susan went on as she pumped her daughter's gash, "I'm Alan's toy to play with now, and since he's a man and I'm the woman of the house, that pretty much makes him the man of the house. It's as if he's my husband and your father-"

Katherine interrupted "Damn, Alan as my father? I love it!" She shot her brother a look so intense and scorching it nearly knocked him out of his chair. "Daddy Alan, are you going to come into your little girl's room tonight? Mommy says it's okay."

Alan's penis had been semi-hard from seeing Susan and Katherine in the nude, but it suddenly shot up to full attention. However, he kept quiet and kept his shorts zipped up. He figured the other two didn't need any encouragement, as his penis desperately needed the break.

Susan looked at Alan and smiled. "Yes, Mommy does say it's okay." She turned back to her daughter, and kept on fingering her pussy. "You might as well treat him like your father, because he IS the man of this house. I know that's a big shift of power, but he's earned it."

Katherine nodded.

"Remember, Angel darling, he IS young, but having a big fat cock and knowing exactly how to use it has its privileges. We have to treat him with the respect and adoration due the man who so thoroughly and sexually dominates us. But now I can be your toy too, and that will make things more equal. What do you think?"

"Mom, you don't have to be my toy, because I want to be yours too! I love being a sex toy. I think it's my calling. We can just make each other happy and not worry about what it all means, or who's helping who. We can be sex toys for each other."

They were fingering each other's pussies now as their excitement grew. "Good idea."



"You remember your spanking that Amy and I gave you the day before yesterday?"

"How could I forget, Angel? It was wonderful." She was licking her daughter's neck as she spoke.

"Well, doesn't that make Amy and me your natural mistresses? And of course it goes without saying that we all follow what Suzanne tells us to do." Katherine twisted one of Susan's nipples possessively.

"Oh, dear, I was hoping you wouldn't bring that spanking up. But you noticed. Next time I'm a bad girl you'll have to promise that you'll forget I'm your mommy and give me a good spanking, okay?"

"Okay, Mom, except that I'll give you a good spanking as I very much remember that you are my mommy." She felt up Susan's nearest ass cheek as she said this, and then ended her comment with a firm slap.

"Angel, you're making me so squishy! But since I'm always on my knees in front of Tiger, let me do the same for you." She looked over at Alan. "Son, you don't mind eating breakfast without getting stroked or blown?"

He laughed. "Mom, I think I'll live eating like a normal human being for once. You two have your special time and don't mind me. This is plenty arousing just to watch and listen. Believe me, PLENTY arousing!"

Katherine giggled. "I guess it's true what they say about guys enjoying lesbian sex."

"Oh, it's true!" he agreed.


Susan had Katherine get off of her, and then got down in front of her standing daughter and sucked on her clit. Then she tongued her pussy. Using her fingers and tongue, she stayed busy on both her daughter's clit and pussy.

Once they were busy with each other, Alan took his erection out to give it some air. But he was content just to watch. (Also, he didn't want to upset Susan with her "sins of Onan" worries by masturbating himself.)

Susan kept pleasuring Katherine until her daughter was too overwhelmed by orgasms to stay standing. They continued with Katherine sitting on the floor, her legs wide apart for easy access.

Once he finished eating his scrambled eggs and lentils, Alan was so turned on by the sight that he found himself masturbating. His penis was still sore, but he didn't care - there was no way to resist.

Katherine was the only one in a position to notice, and she was highly distracted. But after a while she said, "Uh-oh. Mom, don't panic, but Big Roman Candle Brother is masturbating."

This distressed Susan greatly. She brought herself and her daughter off with a nice climax and then disengaged. "Look, Angel," she complained while staring at her son's erection and his hand around it. She gathered her wits and wiped the pussy juice off of her face so she could take care of her son's needs.

She started crawling over to him. "Look what happens when we leave him alone for even a minute. He's so insatiable! Tiger, if there's one thing that upsets me, it's seeing you have to tend to your own penis when there are so many women you should be fucking or filling their mouths. Here, let me take care of that." Staying on her knees, she finished crawling across the dining room floor to his exposed hard-on. She made sure to bend over slightly as she went so her hefty breasts could sway enticingly.

"You DO need someone helping you all the time," she said huskily as she took his rock-hard pole in hand. "Every second of the day, someone has to suck you off."

"Well, maybe not every single second," Katherine said, trying to bring some realism back into the picture.

"Mfff! Wheh, juss abouth!"

Susan was already happily sucking away. The other two correctly interpreted her comment to mean, "Well, just about."

There still was a lot of time left, due to everyone rising early, and Susan looked forward to a nice long cocksucking of the warm meat throbbing in her hands and between her lips. Despite all her recent lesbian adventures, cocksucking was still what she lived for most. But Katherine spoke up. "Um, Mom? Before you get started there, could I ask a favor?"

Susan's head was bobbing back and forth already, so she merely replied, "Mmmm!"

Katherine correctly took that for a yes. "Well, I was just thinking how you and Alan had such a special morning yesterday. In fact, most mornings you and he do something really special while I just sit and watch. I was thinking, can I take care of that? Maybe while he and I shower together?"

Susan smiled and relented. She popped the cock out of her mouth."Sure, Angel. I guess that's part of loving you; making sure you get fair access to the family cock. It pains me to say it, but I've probably been something of a cock hog lately. If I fail to properly share, you must spank me. I tend to get a little carried away sometimes."

Katherine giggled. "You could say that again!"

However, Susan kept right on bobbing and licking.

Katherine tapped her on the shoulder. "Um, Mom..."

Susan pulled back a bit, but said, "Tell you what. I'll make you a deal. We've got a lot of time. What if you and I suck him off together for five minutes, and THEN you can have him?"

"Okay!" Katherine readily agreed, since that sounded like lots of fun too.

So the two of them sucked and licked while kneeling side by side.

Five minutes passed, and then another five. Slurpy sounds and moans filled the room while Alan just kicked back and enjoyed their combined efforts. Finally, he said, "Um, if we don't stop, like, right now, I'm gonna cum hard!"

The two horny bombshells finally relented.

Katherine and Alan retired to the bathroom and left Susan to clean up the kitchen. But since Susan had just cum a couple of times, she wasn't so upset about it.

Alan pointed out as he left, justifying to himself as much as talking to anyone else, "It's not like I was going to get any homework done before school. I might as well drain the snake."

Katherine walked hand in hand with her brother and leaned into him at the same time. "Mmmm. The snake. You know what this is like? It's like having a deep crush on the hottest guy in school and then finding out he lives right across the hall and has a massive SNAKE in his shorts. A king cobra! And all I have to do is wander ten feet from my room and I can have that snake slithering between my boobs or my lips or diving deep into my pussy. Does life get any better than that or what?"

Alan's hands wandered down her back, resting on her butt. He grasped her taut ass cheeks tightly. "Yes it does. Believe me, life can get pretty dang good."

The two of them laughed with joy as they fondled their way up the stairs. Alan's robe fell to the floor when they reached the top.


Once naked with Alan in the bathroom, Katherine cooed, "Big Supersized Soft Drink Brother, I believe you owe me an apology." She moved in for a hug.

"What, Little Velvet Vice Sister? What did I do this time?"

"It's not what you did, it's what you didn't do. You've buttfucked Suzanne and Mom and all kinds of other women, but not me! I'm hurt. I'm beginning to think you don't like your tiny-titted sister at all." She dramatically pushed away from their hug as if she was mortally wounded with grief.

"Look. Wait. First off, you're not tiny-titted. Your tits are great. Secondly, I don't know how everyone seems to have gotten the impression, but I don't judge women solely on breast size. For instance, look at your legs. You have incredible, muscular legs. God damn, what you did with your feet Monday night still gets my motor running. Third, the reason I haven't fucked your ass yet is just that the occasion hasn't..."


His voice trailed off as he noticed her crawl up onto the bathtub.

She put her knees on the edge of the tub closest to him and her hands on the other edge, so she was hanging over the empty tub. Then she wiggled her butt provocatively.

"Hey, Sis," he exclaimed, "what are you doing? That's dangerous. You could seriously slip."

She positioned herself better so her butt was high up towards her brother. "Bro, don't you like my butt? I know it's not the Intercontinentus Buttucks that Amy has" - that was a reference from a Monty Python movie they'd recently watched - "but it's got to at least compare favorably with the other cheerleaders' asses, right? I mean, between all the cheerleaders you fuck, who has the nicest ass? Asides from Amy, I mean?"

Alan normally ignored making comparisons, but this time he said, "Yours." He made the exception because he figured Katherine's ego needed a boost. Plus, it was true, at least in his mind. Heather had a nicer ass, if he'd been able to be completely objective about it, but it had the disadvantage of being connected to the rest of Heather's bitchy self.

Katherine was only slightly mollified as she continued to wiggle her butt. "I think you're ignoring me. Can't you at least fuck my cunt a little, if you're not going to take my virgin asshole?" With her legs spread out, both holes were in full view.

He stepped up to his sister's butt and put his hands on it. "Sis, you have a lovely ass. Much better than the other cheerleaders' asses. In fact, I like it so much that I'm going to give it some special attention, if you promise to be very quiet." He rubbed his hands more intently all over her ass cheeks.

She whispered, "I'll be so quiet, you won't even know I'm here."

"Oh, I think I realize you're here," he replied, suddenly whispering too. "Now, I'm going to do something to you I've never done to anyone before, just to show how much I adore you. I pray to God you're clean down there."

"I am. Squeaky clean. I lube myself up first thing each morning, just like Mom does. A fuck toy must be ready to be taken at any time."

"That gets me so turned on, just to hear that you and Mom do that."

"You know, it turns me on a lot too. The last few days, Mom and I have been doing it together before you even wake up. Why do you think we're so hot to trot before you come downstairs? We finger each other's asses with lube and talk about all the things you're going to do to us with your cock. Mom is soooo over having any qualms about you dicking me, in the mouth and chest, at least. In fact, I think she'd be mortally offended if I didn't suck you off at the drop of a hat. She practically thinks it's a religious duty! Good thing you have a fuck toy for a sister." She giggled.

"There's a lot more to me than just my dick, you know." He dropped down on his knees, and put his mouth to Katherine's ass. He held one of her ankles firmly with one hand, and felt more assured that she wouldn't fall into the tub. He led the way with the fingers of the other hand, poking a tiny bit into her anus, and then licking her all around her ass crack.

Katherine held her breath in surprise, then suddenly let all the air out.

He said, "I believe this is called rimming." He licked her anus, even sticking his tongue into it a small amount. He was relieved that her ass was pleasantly fragrant, probably due to some perfume applied there after her morning anal lubing.

Katherine had been licked there by Amy before - in fact, it was now a frequent part of their daily mutual pussy shavings. But it was something else entirely for her brother to do it. She shuddered with pleasure, even more pleased in realizing that he really didn't want to do that, but was doing it for her. But she also suddenly worried about how secure her position hanging over the bathtub was. She'd been up there for visual affect, not for serious sexual play.

"Just a minute, Bro. I love it, but let me do this." She scooted down the bathtub edges until she was on all fours inside it. Then she grasped some fixtures with both hands. "Now I'm ready," she announced. "You could even fuck me up the ass now. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink."

"Really?! You want me to fuck you there?"

She wiggled her ass seductively. "Sure! I'm your number one fuck toy. That means all of my holes are here for your pleasure."

"I'm glad to hear you say that," he whispered. "Very glad. But hold on a sec. This is going to take a little bit of prep work."

While she was changing positions, he got up and ran across the hall to his bedroom. He found a condom and quickly put it on. Then he ran back.

Katherine was eagerly looking at the door as he came in, so she immediately noticed the condom. "Awww! What's that? I thought we were way beyond using that."

"We are, for regular sex. But anal is a whole different story. If we mess this up, you could wind up in a hospital with anal tearing. Seriously!"

She protested, "But your dick was all sticky and soaked from the dual blowjob. Isn't that good enough?"

"Maybe, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Don't worry, it's just until we both get used to sex this way. Especially you. Once you learn to relax your anal sphincter muscles fully until I get inside, then we can toss the condoms away."

She made a big production of shaking her body to demonstrate how loose she was. "Hey, check it out. I'm totally relaxed already. I'm like a blob."

He chuckled. "No you're not. And you can't relax well in the pose you're in anyway. Trust me on this, okay?"

She sighed. "Okaaaaay."

He knelt right behind her and rubbed the tip of his boner all around her ass cheeks and crack.

She moaned with pleasure, and thrust her ass back at him, hoping for more.

Without warning, he suddenly grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and clenched tight. Then he pushed his erection towards her asshole. It seemed to open up for him, and the tip slid in with surprisingly little resistance.

Katherine gasped and blushed. She was pleasantly surprised that she didn't mind the condom. The thick anal invasion literally took her breath away, making her forget about everything else. "Oh. My. God. Brother!"

He asked, "So, who's going to be my little anal sister slave?"

She grunted lustily. "Oh, Big Brother! I am! You make me so happy!"

He pushed a little further inside her, and found more resistance. "Should I continue? It's gonna hurt."

"Brother, I'm insulted with your question," she snapped back. "If you stop now, I'm going to seriously beat you up. Fuck my ass!"

"Now that's not a very good attitude for a slave, which you so proudly claim to be."

"Just fuck me!"

"Okay, but you have to remember to keep it down. Don't scream your head off and wake up the whole neighborhood."

"Just fuck my ASS already!" she whispered as loudly as someone can whisper. She thought back to her morning ass lubing rituals with Susan and wished that Susan could be with her right now, witnessing what they'd talked about so much.

With one massive push, he pressed hard against her, driving her head into the tile wall before her and impaling his thick erection all the way deep into her butt. She opened up her mouth and cried out, but it was a silent scream. She suddenly felt faint and nearly passed out.


But Alan gave no quarter. He pulled backwards, then pressed forwards again. Like a locomotive picking up steam, his thrusts steadily quickened their pace. He was surprised that her ass wasn't nearly as tight as some others he'd been sampling lately, although she felt warmer inside than he'd been expecting. He found that he enjoyed both tight and loose, for variety's sake.

He could hear her very quietly whisper, "Yes... Brother... Fuck... Oh. Oh yes... My ass... Brother... taking... my ass... Pop my cherry ass..."

There was a tension in her voice though that betrayed the meager words slipping through her clenched teeth. He knew she was using all her willpower not to scream out at the top of her lungs. Certainly that would draw Susan's attention, and he wanted this to be a private experience, a special bonding time. Ironically, he used to worry about Susan overhearing such things for fear that she would catch them, but now he worried because he feared she would join them.

However, he knew his sister could only take so much before she'd scream. Besides, they didn't have that much time left, considering they both had to get ready for school. So he didn't try to prolong his orgasms for once, and just went with the flow.

When he finally let loose into her hotly throbbing asshole, it felt like his balls were churning out more than their usual amount of sperm. He felt rope after rope of thick cum pumping from his dick. Unfortunately for Katherine, all that cum wound up filling the condom instead of being forcefully injected into the deeper reaches of her trembling butt.

When they were all done, he disengaged and pulled her up and whispered closely to her face, "Now, who says I don't take care of my little sister? Still think I don't love you enough?"

She replied, "Yes!" But her mood was joyous and playful now, not jealous and insecure as before. She stood up out of the tub and twirled around and around, like Julie Andrews cavorting through mountain meadows in the Sound of Music.

When she came to a stop, she turned to him and said excitedly, "Now you've taken ALL my holes. My mouth, my cunt, and my ass were all virgin until they were opened by you, the only man who will EVER know them. I feel complete now, like NOW I can really say I'm a sister slut. I wish I could wear a little sign around my neck: 'Sister Slut and Number One Fuck Toy. Three holes open for Alan 24 hours a day. Closed on Christmas." She giggled and rubbed her butt.

He joked, "'Closed on Christmas'? I'm hurt." But seeing her rub her butt, he asked, "How did it feel?"

"It was... strange. It's like having a log shoved up your ass. It really is. Such a FULL feeling. I guess I didn't see stars, at least not like Mom did when you took her ass yesterday. She was telling me ALL about that, by the way. But it was good. Maybe I'll like it better once I get more used to it."

"Maybe." But he wasn't so sure. That was another reason why he'd finished quickly, because it was obvious she wasn't having an incredible time, just a good time. He noted that she seemed a lot happier about the idea of anal sex than with the actual act itself. But it was an extremely pleasant fuck for him, all the same.

As if confirming his thoughts, she said, "I can't wait to tell everyone that my brother's taken my ass! I feel so wonderfully naughty. I just LOVE that my ass has been taken. Maybe your cum will be dribbling out of my butt all through first period. A girl can hope! Katherine Anne Plummer: incestuous ass slut. Hee!"

He laughed. "Hey, we used a condom, remember?" That reminded him to remove the condom and toss it in a trash can.

"Of course I remember, but a girl can dream, can't she? And next time, NO CONDOM!" She stabbed a finger in the air in his direction. "And that's an order! I'm asserting my uppity privileges."

He laughed some more. "Maybe. We'll see."

She twirled around to look him in the eyes and said, "Oh, and maybe these legs'll be open, wide open, on Christmas. But only for you, my loving Santa Claus brother. And only if you're naughty AND nice." She giggled some more.

He teased while running a hand down the small of her back, "So, since I've taken your ass, does that mean I can take it again, at any time? Like say, what if I slip my hands down your dress during school today, like this?" One hand went down to fully cup one of her ass cheeks while he brought his other hand around her and fingered at the entrance to her asshole.

"Good GOD! Don't even joke about that, Brother! You're getting me so SEXED UP! If you could just take me right in the middle of school... God! You can't say sexy things like that when you're all flaccid and I don't have a cock to suck on. No fair!"

As he continued to caress her back, he said, "You know, this could be a good time for a kind of serious discussion, since we are sexually satiated. Mom was her usual overexcited self earlier, but she said some pretty important things. She said she wants me as the de facto 'man of the house.' She pointed out that's a pretty big power shift. Are you really okay with that?"

"Brother, did you hear me complain at all? No! And I'm not gonna stay silent if I've got issues. I know full well that things have changed in a big way. You'll never just be my brother anymore. You're kind of like my master, and Mom's too."

He started to protest that, but she stopped him. "Okay, okay, I know you don't like the 'M' word. Whatever you want to call it, you know what I mean. You're in charge. We're reduced to serving you, and keeping your cock hard and happy. I'm TOTALLY good with that! In fact, it's like a dream come true for me."

He asked, "But 'reduced.' That doesn't sound good."

She exhaled heavily in frustration. "Brother, you just don't get it. Mom and I are submissive, okay? We think differently about this kind of stuff than you do. We LIKE you lording your new power over us."

"I kind of get that. I'm trying. But look. You're still my sister. Whenever you want to step out of this role-play and kick my ass for saying or doing something stupid, I want you to do that. I'm worried about all this new power going to my head, and I need you to help keep me grounded."

She sighed. "Of course! I may be your fuck toy, but I'm an UPPITY fuck toy, and I'm damn proud of that fact. I will NEVER be a pushover. I've got your back. But the reason I'm sighing is 'cos you talk about 'stepping out of this role-play.' Hel-looo! This is not a role-play; this is our life! We ARE your fuck toys, your playthings, your sexual servants, willing slaves to your cock. Whatever you want to call it. The bottom line is, we love what's happening and we want it to keep going. Ditto with Aims and Aunt Suzy. So accept that and deal with it!" She forcefully poked him in the chest several times.

He held his hands up in surrender. "Okay, okay, okay! I'm dealing with it!"

She wrapped her arms around him. "Good. Now deal with this!" She planted a scorching kiss on his lips.

After some playful kissing, she left him alone.

He finally got around to brushing his teeth.


Susan and Suzanne didn't see each other much on Wednesday morning. Both of them had sore pussies, and furthermore Susan had begun her period, so they mutually decided to take some sexual rest. They only did their usual hour of working out together. Furthermore, they had other things to do, so they were efficient about it and really just exercised instead of masturbating all over the exercise machines.

Susan set about to fulfill her recent vow with Alan to be more responsible, and took care of some errands for a change.

Suzanne took care of errands too, but one "errand" was very sexual in nature.

Xania came down in the middle of the day to receive her "victory fuck" from Suzanne. The soft porn actress was between projects, so she had a lot of time on her hands and got there hours earlier than Suzanne expected.

Xania rang up Suzanne as she neared her house and asked where they should meet.

Suzanne was stumped. She obviously couldn't use her own home, as she had a ban on sexual scheming there, especially since Brad would be back from school in a couple of hours. She also couldn't use the Plummer house, since Susan still thought Xania was a real psychologist and not a lusty bisexual actress. Suzanne planned to reveal the truth about Xania eventually, but only after Susan had vaginal intercourse with her son.

Suzanne had an unusual idea, so she had Xania meet her at a local restaurant.

Xania met Suzanne at one of the restaurant's tables. After hello kisses and hugs, she asked while sitting down, "So. Why this restaurant, of all places? You have to admit it's pretty unusual. This restaurant is inside a day care center, of all places!"

Suzanne agreed. "That's true, but look around. I had two reasons for picking this spot. My logic is that I wanted a place where you and I could engage in a little public flirting with each other, to warm up. But when I was thinking about that, I found the idea of exposing myself to the eyes of men so revolting. I'm Alan's woman now. The idea of any other guy looking at my privates just seems wrong. It's strange, isn't it?"

"It is for you especially. You used to be the biggest flirt alive." Xania thought, "Alan's woman?" Wow, that kid has really gotten under her skin. I never thought I'd hear Suzanne call herself anyone's woman.

"Well, I'm in love now. I finally know what that really means. But anyway, I thought, 'Where could we go that would be completely free of men?' And this place popped into my mind. Check it out. Everyone here is female. Most of them are young, married, and pretty good looking. Even the employees are all female - there must be some unwritten rule. This would be the perfect pick up spot for a guy except for the fact that all the women are married with children."

"Wow, Suzanne, you really must love this kid. You know you're more than twice his age. Not to mention you're married. And there's the fact he's got a de facto harem going."

"Love conquers all," Suzanne said confidently.

Xania raised an eyebrow. "I've never heard of you going on like this. I mean, not even wanting to flirt with other guys. You were born to flirt."

"I still do, I'm just more selective about my audience these days. I figure I can channel whatever wandering energies I might have onto other women exclusively. Like you. Or the cuties all around us here."

Xania nodded as if she understood, though in fact she was still skeptical.

Suzanne had been carrying a bag, and now put it up on their table. "Here. I've brought a change of clothes. Something more risqué for both you and me. I figure we're the same sizes, just like Susan and I are." She teased, "Unless you've put on some pounds where you shouldn't have?"

"You wish!" Xania and Suzanne both had competitive streaks in them. "I work out everyday, instead of gorging on Ben and Jerry's ice cream, like SOME people here."

Suzanne rolled her eyes. While it was true that she liked ice cream a lot, she still wore the same dress size as when she was in college, and she knew Xania could see that. "Yeah, right. If you think you're so hot, try wearing this." She nodded at the bag.

Xania looked into the bag and pulled out a top. She held it up. "This? You want me to wear this? In public? We'll get arrested."

"No worries. That's the other reason we're here, because I have it on good authority that they're very tolerant here. Remember women come in here wearing all kinds of skimpy workout clothes." She taunted, "Or are you afraid you won't fit into my size anymore?"

Just then, an attractive blonde waitress came up to their table. "Good day. My name is Ginger. Can I take your order?"

Suzanne responded, "I'm Suzanne, and this is my friend Xania. We're not quite ready. Why don't you leave the menus?"

"Okay." Ginger walked off.

But Xania suspected something. Hmmm. It seems as if the waitress and Suzanne aren't complete strangers. It's just a vibe I get. I wouldn't be surprised if Suzanne's been here before and is up to one of her schemes. On the other hand, her schemes are always lots of fun so there's no harm in just seeing what happens.

The two of them retired to the ladies' room. Suzanne had Xania wear a miniskirt, without panties, and a revealing top that hung very loosely.

Xania tested her outfit out while still in the bathroom. Sitting back, all of Xania's considerable cleavage was exposed. If she leaned forward, one could see all of her ample tits and even clear down to her stomach. The two thin straps ostensibly holding up the top didn't provide any support at all.

Suzanne wore a similar outfit except hers was a one piece black leather dress. But it too completely failed to cover her crotch when she sat and exposed miles of cleavage and even some nipple when she bent forward. She wanted them to be on a level playing field for any flirtation games.


Xania considered herself equal in sexual bravado with Suzanne, but when she returned to her table, she couldn't help but blush. Her miniskirt was so short and tight that when she sat down, it was nearly as if she wasn't wearing any skirt at all. Her entire bush and then some was on display, no matter how much she tugged on the skirt. Her only hope at some decency was keeping her legs together.

Worse, their table could hardly be called a table. They both sat on stools with a small, round table between them. But the table was no impediment at all if she wanted to look at Suzanne's crotch and vice versa. The high stools put them even more easily on display for the other customers. She only had two consolations: one, she could keep her legs closed and keep some decency; and two, Suzanne was in the exact same predicament she was.

Suzanne, however, looked around without a care in the world. She even seemed to be smirking.

Xania wasn't so confident. She and Suzanne were so gorgeous that even when they first came in, both wearing as much clothing as anyone else, they were public spectacles for everyone else in the restaurant. It was as if two famous Hollywood starlets happened to come into an obscure, suburban restaurant and tried to act casual. The vast majority of the other women weren't at all sexually interested in the two buxom beauties (since, after all, virtually every single one was married with children), but few could resist sizing themselves up with the top competition.

But when the two women returned with their skimpy outfits, it was as if a record had been playing and someone jerkily pulled the needle away, leaving only dead silence. Conversations stopped, and then slowly restarted, but now everyone was discussing the two daring bombshell beauties in their midst. As if the table Suzanne and Xania sat at wasn't exposed enough already, it didn't help that it was right in the middle of the restaurant, open from every direction. There was nowhere to hide.

Xania was uncomfortable and blushing, but also terribly turned on. The public exposure thrilled her to the bone. But she was annoyed at how blasé Suzanne was. She groused, "Happy now, Thunder Thighs?"

Suzanne's eyes lit up with anger briefly as she remembered the name Xania used to tease her with back in college. But then she realized it was just more teasing, since the two of them were almost absurdly fit and sexy. She teased back with her own old nickname for Xania, "Actually, no, Hippo Hips. I've got one more thing in mind."

"Whatever it is, hurry it up," Xania said, looking around at all the gawkers. "Talk about a public spectacle." Lowering her voice, she added as she tried to tug on her far-too-short skirt, "Actually, make that a PUBIC spectacle. I mean, Jesus, everyone can see the pinkness of my slit, unless I lock my knees together. Let's get out of here already and have some fun in private!"

"Not so fast." Suzanne reached back into her bag and pulled out two vibrators and openly placed them on the table. They were shaped like life-sized penises, but with clit stimulators attached. She winked, and said, "Got cock?"

Xania's eyes bugged out. She was very grateful that the music in fact continued to play (a typical top forty radio station was, playing "Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow), and other conversations created a steady hum of noise, making it difficult for even those in adjacent tables to hear what Suzanne said. She said, "Suzanne, I thought I was wild, but come on. This is too much!" Her pussy was starting to leak in a very visible way, making her predicament all the worse. But she was so aroused she couldn't help herself. In fact, she wasn't trying all that hard to keep her knees together, because she got off on exposure, even if she was reluctant to consciously admit it.

Suzanne, in full-on competitive mode, said, "Should we get the waitress to come here and serve us?"

"NO!" I mean, "No. Shit. This is crazy!"

Suzanne crowed, "You don't need the waitress to serve you, 'cos you just got served!"

"I did not! Whatever you can do, I can do better." But Xania was still looking around the room frantically. She tried to make eye contact with people, painful as that was to do, to shame them into looking away. But she was so turned on that she was spending a lot of her brain power thinking about how sexy so many other women in the room were. It was a very fit crowd, perhaps because there was a fitness center right next door and a lot of the women used that while their kids were in the day care facility.

Trying to regain some position with Suzanne, she pushed her chair back about six inches for more public exposure of her privates, then removed her hands from her crotch, fully exposing her dark bush to public view. "There. Happy? I'm not chicken." Her whole body was trembling and she was in danger of soaking her chair. Glistening rivulets of cum could be seen rolling down her thighs, even by distant viewers.

Suzanne was impressed. Xania's daring inspired her to go even further, so she pushed her chair back and spread her legs wide. That caused Xania to gasp, as well as many other young women who were sitting nearby, who then began to murmur. Then Suzanne made a show of grabbing a double-ended vibrator and turning it on.

Xania whispered in near horror, "No! You wouldn't! You could get arrested!"

With a sultry smile, Suzanne brought the now quivering vibrator underneath the table.

With the way the two of them sat on stools around a high table, Xania had no trouble at all seeing what happened next. Neither did anyone else in the room, she noticed. She found her own legs opening up some more, as if anticipating the vibrator was about to go into her instead of her friend.


Suzanne's hips wiggled as she was trying to stuff the entire vibrator in, and then she let out a sigh of contentment. She gave Xania a direct, challenging look, and said, "You mean WE could get arrested. Your turn."

Xania again looked all around the room. At least half the mothers were staring intently at their table. She didn't see any children or babies, and she at least was grateful about that. But still, stalling for time, she asked Suzanne, "What about the kids? Aren't you corrupting them?"

Suzanne pointed out, "What kids? There are no kids. By some unspoken rule, this is the place to get away from the kids in the rest of the building. It's a kid free zone, probably 'cos they've got a snack bar for the kids who get hungry downstairs. So you've got no excuse. There's no one here but us and a lot of hot MILFs. Maybe you're afraid of them seeing your Hippo Hips?"

"I am NOT!" Xania hissed. She quit trying to furtively hold her skirt down as far as it could go and watched her entire bush come into view as she spread her legs still wider. "There! See?"

Xania grabbed the remaining vibrator off the table and brought it into her lap. But then she looked around the room again and saw all the prying eyes. She kept the dildo in her lap but couldn't bring herself to put it inside her drooling slit. Struggling between public humiliation and the desire never to be outdone by Suzanne, she muttered, "This is insanity!"


Just then, the waitress Ginger came back. She stood by the table and asked, "Are you two ready to order?"

Xania leaned forward and grabbed the menu with the hand not holding the dildo. Then she looked up at the waitress and saw Ginger's wide eyes. Xania realized that Ginger was clearly staring down her cleavage, and, just as clearly, was getting quite an eyeful. About the only thing Xania's top covered was her nipples, but that hardly mattered because they were so erect that their shape was clearly outlined through the loosely-hanging fabric.

Xania leaned back in an attempt to reduce her show of deep cleavage, but that just exposed her pussy all the more. There was no fabric anywhere below her belt. That embarrassed her even more than displaying her cleavage and nipples, so she leaned forward again, going so far forward that the fabric of her top came away, exposing her down to her belly button, nipples and all. Blushing more furiously than ever, she leaned back a bit, trying to find an unhappy medium between the two positions of exposure, but that only left her almost naked at both ends.

At that point Suzanne leaned forward, saying with an unabashed straight face to the waitress, "Nice view here today, isn't it?"

Ginger smiled and replied, "Nice view." Ginger was like a kid in a candy store - she wished she had more eyes so she could fully examine both of the incredibly voluptuous women at the same time. She had no shame in blatantly staring as she waited.

Suzanne reveled in the fact that miles and miles of her cleavage was on display. She found herself thinking, This is SOO much fun! The only thing that would be better is if Sweetie was here to watch and Alan Junior was sliding through all this sweaty tit-flesh! ... Hmmm. I wonder why I'm not more nervous, though. I'd never have the guts to do this on my own. Even though I'm psyching out Xania, at the same time I'm psyching out myself. By taunting her to go further, I go even further than I want to! It IS a bit scary, but it's too much fun to stop now.

One unstated reason Suzanne wasn't so nervous was because she knew Ginger was serving as their protector, by prearranged plan.

Xania didn't know that for sure, but she strongly suspected it because of Ginger's lack of surprise and easy-going manner (not to mention Suzanne's history of scheming). But suspecting that Ginger was involved somehow didn't help her nervousness much. Even if Ginger was in on it, there were a lot of ways they could get in trouble with so many strangers in the room. Anyone could call the police and get them arrested for public exposure.

Xania looked around and realized, with relief, that at least there weren't any windows. After all, they were in part of a large day care complex. She'd half-expected to see crowds forming and noses pressed up against the glass with the kind of show she and Suzanne were putting on. She noticed how brazenly Ginger stared down Suzanne's chest, not to mention her own, even with many of the other patrons continuing to stare at their table. She decided that Ginger had to be at least bisexual, if not completely lesbian.

Ginger indeed was brazen. Breaking a long silence, she asked, "So. Are you here for something to eat, or just social intercourse?"

Suzanne smiled with amusement. "Both, actually." Leering at Xania's exposed crotch, she said, "But what I want to eat isn't on the menu." Then she said to Ginger, "We haven't looked at the menu yet because my friend Xania here hasn't put her vibrator in yet. At least I don't think she has. Can you check?"


Ginger smiled back with an ordinary smile and said, "Certainly." She put down the tray she was holding on the table.

Then she bent down a bit and reached into Xania's lap. She looked at one of Xania's hands resting between her thighs and tightly clutching the vibrator. But acting as if she could only discover things through touch instead of sight, she felt all over Xania's hand and the vibrator. She was careful not to touch Xania's thighs or pussy - for now.

Pulling her hand back, she said to Suzanne, "Unfortunately, it's still not in." She said this with the same neutral tone as if she'd said, "Unfortunately, we're all out of ketchup."

Suzanne replied with equal aplomb, "I think it must be because she's dry. Can you check?"

Xania was already quite shocked, but she was doubly shocked when Ginger bent even lower and reached under the table again, this time aiming directly for Xania's pussy.

Xania had been so taken aback by recent events that she'd forgotten to keep her legs tightly closed, so two of Ginger's fingers easily found their way directly inside her soaking slit.

Ginger frowned and said as her fingers pumped, "Hmmm. No, it seems she's quite wet. Very wet indeed."

Xania couldn't take it anymore. She looked around at the couple dozen surprised faces looking back at her, and then tightly shut her eyes as if she could will herself away from the scene. She was so freaked out that she was practically having an out of body experience. She simply couldn't believe in the reality of what was happening. But at the same time she was so aroused that she could feel her heart pounding like a hammer, even down in her pussy.

Suddenly, she nearly jumped out of her chair, because through a thick erotic fog it finally dawned on her that Ginger hadn't pulled her fingers away and in fact she was actually stroking them in and out. Even if Ginger is in on some kind of scheme, we're still in a very public place!

She hissed, "This is unreal! I mean, I consider myself a very experienced woman of the world, but, but..." Her voice trailed off as she was at a loss for words.

With her eyes closed, her mind focused on the intense pleasure of Ginger's fingerfucking all the more. She was so aroused that she feared she'd pass out altogether. Though she couldn't see, she could clearly picture all the sexy MILFs in the room staring at her pussy being fondled. She felt she still needed to hold back from cumming, because she worried that if she came she'd scream in ecstasy at the top of her lungs.

She needed to do something and fast. She exclaimed in a frantic but quiet voice, "What's going on here?! Who are you, Ginger, and what are you and Suzanne up to?!"

Suzanne laughed while she watched the finger bang. "I guess I couldn't keep it a secret forever. I met Ginger a couple of weeks ago at a sex shop. She works there. We had a bit of fun after the shop closed. Last time I went back, Ginger told me that she works here too. She's bi, and finds it a good place to pick up hot, lonely, neglected housewives. And, as you can see, she's in with the owners and so doesn't have to worry about getting fired. On top of that, with two jobs she's paying off those student loans faster than you can say 'spread your legs.'"

Xania heard the command and inadvertently spread her legs wider again. But then she recalled all the strangers staring, and closed them up again, or at least tried to. She couldn't close all the way because Ginger was now on one knee between Xania's knees, and still had three fingers busily working up inside Xania's pussy.

Xania's face was very red and her eyes were shut tight, but she was a daring woman and a hard one to shock. Relieved that at least they weren't going to be thrown out, she let out a good laugh.

Ginger and Suzanne laughed too. It greatly eased the tension. For some reason, that caused some of the strangers staring to lose interest, as if it had been announced the show was over. Also, with Ginger between Xania's knees the view was blocked, though there was absolutely no doubt in anyone's minds what she was doing there. However, while some of the crowd turned away, at least half did not.

Xania immediately fought back. Even though she was shaking like a leaf, she was determined not to be outdone. She opened her eyes and, staring intently into Suzanne's green eyes, she said to Ginger, "Waitress, I'm not sure if Suzanne's vibrator is properly inserted. And without it in, how can we order anything? Can you check? Thoroughly? ... And you, Suzanne. Spread your Thunder Thighs so this woman can make a proper inspection."

Suzanne accepted the challenge and spread her legs. All the while, she returned Xania's challenging stare with one of her own. Ironically, while Xania was coming to grips with the situation, Suzanne was getting more nervous, uncertain of what Xania would now try to make her do in revenge.

Now it was her turn to look around the room nervously at all the people staring. One way she'd been so calm before was because she didn't allow herself to do that. As soon as she did she regretted it, because there were plenty of women still interested. But she was a good judge of character and she could quickly discern at least that there wasn't an angry face in the crowd. In fact, most all of the ladies were tremendously turned on by their blatant display. There was no shortage of fidgety legs, nipples poking through fabric, and cheeks glowing crimson from blushes and arousal. It seemed like a giant lesbian orgy was about to break out at any second, especially in the circle of tables immediately around their own.

Ginger now got down on both knees and inserted the fingers of one hand into Suzanne's groin while keeping the fingers of the other hand in Xania's pussy. She encountered a large vibrator blocking access to Suzanne's pussy, so she couldn't put her fingers in. But she grabbed hold of the vibrator and pushed it in and out.

Ginger said, "Xania, looks like the vibrator is very much in. Though I'm taking my time to handle it to be absolutely sure. That's more than I can say for your vibrator."


Xania would not be outdone. She pulled Ginger's fingers away and put her vibrator deep inside her. It felt so good that she nearly screamed. As it was, the situation was driving her to a climax to end all climaxes. With the big vibrator filling her all the way up, she finally let herself go and was hit with a powerful orgasm.

She slumped down in her seat and inadvertently spread her legs wide yet again. She was amazed at how sweaty and out of breath she was, especially considering it was an air-conditioned room. She was so emotionally and physically drained that she could barely lift a finger.

Ginger took advantage and brought her hand back to Xania's defenseless pussy. She worked on Xania's clit.

That caused Xania to only spread her legs even further, as wide as they could go. She gave up all attempts to be discreet and sat back in her chair, moaning in extreme lust. At this point, she wouldn't have minded in the least to tear off whatever few clothes that still barely covered parts of her. As it was, her loose and flimsy top did nothing to support her big breasts and they bounced around wildly just as if she was bare breasted anyway.

Finally, after a minute or two of sitting in a very exposed position, Xania came to her senses enough to look around and see that there were still at least two dozen mothers staring intently at their table. She was too frazzled to realize just how many of them were panting.

She adjusted her top because one of her shoulder straps had slid down, causing a boob to spring completely free during her orgasmic overload. But now she felt too good to stop the fun altogether. And seeing Suzanne's knees still wide, she realized that the two of them were filling up the room with the smell of pussy, but she refused to even close her legs up and lose the game of face Suzanne was playing.

Xania was barely holding on. Between looking at Suzanne's wet inner thighs, all the women staring at them, and Ginger panting between her legs, not to mention feeling what Ginger was doing to her clit, she felt like she was completely losing her free will to uncontrollable lust.

But she couldn't take it anymore - she needed more contact, more arousal. She suddenly hissed, "Suzanne, if this was your idea of getting me warmed up, it worked! Good GOD did it ever work! Let's go fuck! Take me somewhere and do me with a strap-on. Now!"


Suzanne didn't really have a private place away from home, but she hoped Ginger would provide one. She stood up and asked, "Ginger, do you have like a storage closet or something we can use?"

Suzanne was so excited she couldn't even keep her hands off of herself as she impatiently waited for a place to go. She found herself sensually caressing her buxom chest.

Ginger pulled her fingers away from Xania's crotch and pointed with a juiced up index finger towards a door. "We certainly have just the thing. A storage closet. I'll lead the way."

Xania suggested, "Great! You should join us!"

Suzanne gave Xania a disapproving look.

Ginger didn't see that, and replied, "I'd love to join you! But unfortunately I can't partake, because I am at my job after all, and all these people want to eat. I can't just leave the register and everything unattended. Next time let's do this when I'm at the end of my shift. Okay?"

Suzanne said guardedly, "Perhaps. To be honest, we're not usually this bold." She was wary about Ginger because she knew so little about her. She didn't want to make rash promises.

Ginger nodded. She was disappointed, but still hopeful that something might happen with them in the future.

Xania and Suzanne didn't stick around to chat. Both were so worked up that they practically flew to the private room Ginger pointed out. However, when they got to the door, they stopped because the rest of the women in the room started clapping.

The two of them turned around to see that they were now being given a standing ovation by nearly everyone in the room.

One woman who was close to them walked even closer. As the clapping died down, she said, "Wow. I'm not a lesbian, but wow. As just a sheer display of sexually brazen, lusty... Wow. I'm speechless. Bravo." She clapped, and the others started clapping again.

Blushing still more, and with a mixture of pride and shame, the two of them opened the closet door, took a slight bow, rushed inside, and closed it behind them. They were instantly plunged into complete darkness, but they didn't care. They both burst into hysterical laughter.

As they frantically undressed, Xania deadpanned, "You think anyone out there doesn't know what we're about to do?"

"What's that, Hippo Hips?"

"Shut up, Thunder Thighs!"

They shut each other up with an electrifying mouth to mouth kiss.

Then they fucked each other absolutely silly in the complete darkness of the small closet. The vibrators came in handy. They tried to keep their voices down so the mothers outside wouldn't pay them any mind anymore, but that only added to the intensity of their illicit fuck. Both of them half expected the police to come and open the door at any moment, but it never happened.

When they were all done, they waited a very long time in the darkness. They just talked, hoping most of the customers who'd seen them run off together would be gone. They were mostly successful, but not everyone had left.

In fact, one attractive woman had apparently waited for their return. She walked up to them and handed them a piece of paper with a name and phone number on it, and then walked off without saying anything.

Suzanne walked out of the restaurant and into the parking lot. She examined the piece of paper and tried to remember the face and body of the woman who handed it to her.

Xania asked her, "So, you think we should introduce her to Alan?"

Suzanne replied, "What you mean in the lingo of our little group is, is she Alan-worthy? I say... nah. Technically, yes she'd qualify except maybe a bit lacking in the breast department, but he's got his hands full enough now. And anyway, you can't just say yes. One has to look into her background first. We don't want any problems. I have a whole system for checking people out."

Xania belatedly remembered some of their earlier conversation, when she'd invited Ginger to join them and Suzanne showed more reluctance. "Sorry for jumping the gun back there, by the way. I guess that's that with her, then."

"Not necessarily. It's just that I have to check her out first. It's different than you being a solo flyer in L.A. If there's a screw-up and, say, a disease gets passed on, that could adversely affect a whole bunch of people."

"I see what you mean. Maybe later then," Xania suggested, "when things calm down and, most importantly, when I'm back in town, we could revisit such opportunities. Nudge, nudge."

"Maybe. I'll keep her number." That resolved, Suzanne said to Xania, "So, welcome to my world. This is a fairly typical event since things began with Alan. Now can you see why I'm slowly losing my self-control?"

"You come to this restaurant often?"

"No. It was a bit of a trial run to see if I could bring Alan, Katherine, or Susan here. I don't really know Ginger that well, as I've only seen her at the other store a few times, and I don't think we'd get along that great sexually since she's a dom and I'm a dom. Unlike me though, she's way into S and M. She uses this job and her other job to find subs she can use. She's a great multitasker in that respect. It's not really a job for employment's sake so much as a way for her to prowl."

Suzanne added, "By the way, that's why we didn't have to worry about being caught. The owner of this whole complex is a woman about our age who's one of her subs. Ginger told me all this so I could take advantage of this spot sometime. Ginger's really the one in charge despite her low position, in the same way that Alan is in charge of his entire family now despite just being the son."

"I wish you would have told me earlier! I wouldn't have been so nervous."

"But the nervousness is part of the fun. By the way, you notice how wholesome she looks? All Miss America midwestern coffee-shop waitress?"


"Don't believe it. From the very limited experience I've had with her, I'd say she's about the wildest and most insatiable sexaholic I've ever seen. I could hardly recognize her today. You should see her over at the sex shop, all dressed up like a dominatrix. Alan still doesn't know about her. I'm afraid to get her near him for fear that she'll whip him black and blue or something. And she can go the other way and beg to be whipped and spanked too. That's the last thing he needs right now, more weirdness and exhausting sex with someone other than me. I really need to have her investigated, but other things keep coming up."

"So, have you done this public sex kind of thing lately? Maybe with your Sweetie?"

"Oh. Sorry I didn't really answer your question. No, all the fun takes place at the Plummer house so far, but it's of that kind of intensity that we experienced today. With Alan there's always something new and exciting, and highly orgasmic. You'll find out tonight at the card game." She clutched the air in front of her, as if pretending to be Alan grabbing her breasts.

"I can't wait. Wow. You've got an amazing thing going on down here, Suzanne. But the game isn't until this evening. We've got hours and hours before I have to don my "professional psychologist" glasses. Why don't we do a little shopping and catch up on old times? I'm so glad we're back in touch. It's been too long."

"It has. As you know, I pretty much gave up lesbian lovemaking years ago. I started working my way up the social hierarchy and I guess I was afraid of what other people would think if I got found out. Cheating on husbands was okay, in the sense that it was expected, but a lesbian relationship was somehow beyond the pale in the gossipy circles I hung out with. Mostly, I worried that word would get back to Susan, and then she'd be appalled, and maybe even afraid that I would try to seduce her. I didn't want to lose that friendship for anything, and I still don't. Remember that this was back in her prudish days, when I was doing my best NOT to seduce her. Even though God knows how much I wanted to."

"But now, everything's changed," Xania noted.

"Yep. I couldn't give a flying fuck what anyone else thinks anymore, as you can see. Besides, I lost most of my local friends over the years anyway. It's just all out sex and fun every single day of the week, and I'm loving it."

"Damn." Xania pondered the situation in silence while they walked across the parking lot together. The sky was sunny and cars honked in busy traffic somewhere in the distance. She could still barely comprehend what they just did in front of dozens of witnesses at the restaurant. She had a feeling that as intense as that experience was, the card game would be even better.


Alan made it a point to get to school ten minutes early. He figured his friend Sean usually got to school with time to spare, so that would be a good time to catch him and talk about a proposal he'd come up with the night before.

Alan found his Korean-American friend locking up his bike at the bicycle racks. He immediately guided him away to a remote corner where Heather wasn't likely to find them. He was still doing his best to avoid talking to Heather whenever possible.

Finally alone, Alan asked, "So, Sean. What are you up to?"

"I'm on my way to contact the Weekly World News." That was the infamous over the top tabloid newspaper.


"So I can give them their next headline: 'Rare Alan Sighting in Orange County, California. His friends Bat Boy and Elvis are believed to have stayed behind in their secret Bermuda Triangle underwater base.'"

Alan found that amusing, but played it straight. "I'll have you know that while Elvis and I are casual acquaintances, I have NEVER met Bat Boy. We only talk on the phone sometimes."

They both laughed. Sean commented, "Very funny."

"Not too bad yourself. But I need to be serious with you for a moment." He pondered how to begin, and then started with, "Sean, have you heard any strange rumors about me lately?"

"Actually, now that you mention it, I haven't really heard anything but people have been asking me strange questions. Just yesterday this big football linebacker type came up to me - you know I never talk to anyone like that - and he asks all gruff-like, 'Hey, you're a friend of Alan's, right?' I told him yeah and he starts asking me a couple of questions about your sex life, of all things! Isn't that bizarre? And then another guy did nearly the same thing. Peter said it happened to him, too. I was going to tell you about it, but finding you lately is like trying to find the Loch Ness Monster or something."

"What did they ask?"

"Mostly who you were sleeping with. I told them Amy, of course. Since she's your girlfriend. I mean, it's none of my business, but I guessed that maybe you and her, were, you know... That if you did it with anyone, it would have to be..."

Alan smiled at his friend's awkwardness in discussing anything sexual. Although Sean was good looking and was in great shape thanks to his love of tennis and other sports, he was an even bigger nerd than Alan used to be. Worse for Alan's purposes, Sean was below zero in sexual experience. His family was about as prudish as Alan's used to be, which was saying something. Like Alan, he focused all of his sexual and romantic longing on someone unobtainable. Just as many boys in the school did, Sean worshipped the ground Heather walked on.

Alan thought, Man, Sean, your whole world is about to change. Get ready to hold on to your hat! Or maybe I should say hold on to your pants.

He said, "Look, I know I haven't been the best of friends lately. These last couple months you've hardly even seen me - none of my friends have. I want to make it up to you. Can you keep a secret? Absolute secrecy? You especially won't tell those guys snooping around?"

Sean nodded.

"The truth is, I've discovered sex in a big way. And Amy being my girlfriend is just the latest chapter in a wild ride. I've been living a bit of a double life and having loads of sex without anyone knowing. Some of the women in this school are really wild. Heather, for instance."

"Heather? You mean head cheerleader and goddess sent to Earth Heather? That Heather? You expect me to believe that you've been having sex with her? No way!"

"I do, and I have. Have you noticed how she actually says hello and even talks to me? Why do you think that is? That's why those guys are snooping around. They're worried that I'm sleeping with their girlfriends."

"Wait a minute. Back up. I'm still getting my head wrapped around this Heather thing. You're saying that YOU have had sex with HEATHER?!"

Alan belatedly realized that trying to get Sean to believe that could be dangerous. After all, Sean thought of Heather as his dream object, so it would be a big blow for him to know that Alan had slept with her. Instead, he said, "Never mind about Heather. The point is-"

"Whoa, not so fast." Using a classic "I Love Lucy" line, he said in a Cuban accent, "You've got a lotta 'splainin' to do, Lucy."

"Okay, let's put it this way. Have I flirted with her? Yes. Have I kissed her on the lips? Yes. I've done all kinds of things with all kinds of women lately. I'm getting to be a regular Don Juan."

"Noooo... No shit. Wow. But wait a minute. If you kissed Heather on the lips, what about her boyfriend? He'd kill you."

"So don't tell anyone, for God's sake! Can we get off the Heather topic already? In some social circles pretty far removed from the ones you know, I'm getting notorious. Some guy practically attacked me in the hallway yesterday."

"I know. I thought maybe that's what you wanted to talk about."

"You heard about that already? ... Gossip spreads fast, I guess. So you see? The snooping? The bullying? It's happening because they think I'm this sexual stud. And I don't mean to toot my own horn, but there's a certain truth to that!"

Sean was extremely skeptical. "Alan, two months ago we had a major D&D Lord of the Rings simulation. It lasted all weekend. You were acting, like, king of the geeks."

Actually, Sean was king of the geeks much more than Alan was, and had for instance been the one to think up and arrange the game he referred to, but Alan let that point slide.

"And now you're telling me that this same guy, namely you, is having sex with all kinds of women? And even kissing Heather on the lips?! And you expect me to believe that?"

Alan was amused that kissing Heather was a bigger deal to Sean than all the rest, but he hid his smile. "It's true! I swear to God. Things have changed. Why, speaking of Tolkien, a couple of weeks ago I was rereading the Lord of the Rings and just fizzled out in the middle of the Two Towers. Can you believe that? Me! Without getting too graphic, as much as I love Tolkien, I'd rather be caressing a young lady's thigh than read about Frodo climbing Mt. Doom yet again. I'd even take it over the movies."

Sean gasped as if Alan had uttered a heresy. "Look, man, I know you're not a lying kind of guy, but..."

Alan couldn't help smiling at his friend's pre-sexual priorities, but he stifled a smile again and pressed on. "It's true. Reserve judgment for the moment and let me explain why I'm telling you all this. First off, I've had to be extremely secretive, and it's been driving me crazy, living a double life. I need to tell someone. Frankly - and I know you're gonna choke with laughter on this, but it's true - frankly, I'm having sex with too many girls. Too many! Isn't that bizarre? I've set expectations I can't meet, and I need to cut back. And there's where you come in. You're a reasonably attractive guy, probably the same as me in the looks department. That's good. You've got some nerdy glasses that are a big turn-off, but we'll take care of that. I basically want to hand off some of the girls to you."

Sean's mouth gaped wide open and he replied, "What? Did I hear that correctly? There's just enough evidence to make me think you're serious. Some kind of weird talk around school. You've changed, man. Changed. You've been acting so different lately and of course you're never around; there must be something going on with you. Are you serious?!"

"I am, already. Geez. I'm hoping you can kind of be my apprentice. I talked to a girl on the phone yesterday. Her name is Kim. She's on the cheerleading squad. She's-"

"Kim?" Sean exclaimed. "The cheerleader Kim? She's definitely doable. I'd TOTALLY do her. You're fucking HER? But what about Amy? Amy is awesome. I would never cheat on her if she was my girl! Man, that's fucked up. I thought you're Mister Moral Guy."

"I know she's great, but she'll let me sleep with other girls, and variety is the spice of life."

"Dude! Get real. Is this whole thing some kind of joke?"

"Believe me, man. You couldn't imagine how active my sex life is, which is why I need your help with Kim. And others, but she'll be a good start."

"Others? This IS some kind of joke, right? Where's Candid Camera?"

"It's no joke. My ultimate goal is to get you and Heather together."

"HEATHER?! All right, you had me going there for a while. I was totally falling for it. But you crossed the line with that one. Come on, man, the joke is over."

"Look, I'm not asking you to believe me. In fact, the truth is so amazing that I wouldn't believe it if you told it to me. I mean, I'm sleeping with women that practically make Heather look ugly. You know that woman on Star Trek: Voyager with the big tits and funny name?" Alan knew that she was another unobtainable lust object for Sean.

"You mean Jeri Ryan? The Seven of Nine character?" Sean was a huge Star Trek fan and had no trouble recalling the name.

"Yeah. I'm fucking women who look hotter and are even more stacked than she is. I know that sounds impossible, but you don't have to believe that right now. All you have to do is, when Kim asks you back to her place for help with homework after school today, just say 'Yes.' There's no risk to you. Worst case scenario, you hang out with a cute cheerleader. Best case scenario, she takes your virginity and teaches you all about fucking."

"But wait. I thought she was a lesbian. Everybody knows that."

"She is, kind of. Not so much anymore, actually. The thing is, she doesn't like men, and doesn't want to be with them or have a boyfriend; she just likes having sex with them. That's why I thought of her. She wants sex without any attachments, and so do you. Don't fall in love with her or anything. I know you're mad for Heather, and it's good that you stay that way."

Alan had been eyeing Kim standing a ways away for the last minute or so. Done with his talk, he made a nudge in her direction and said to Sean, "Don't look now, but look who's over there."

Sean looked over, and his face registered in complete fear as if he saw a freight train barreling down on him and not a teenager walking his way. But there was no doubt about it. Kim was getting nearer. Curiosity had gotten the better of her, and she wanted to see what Sean was like right away, instead of after school as she and Alan had discussed.


She walked up to Alan and said, "Hey, Alan. You gonna introduce me to your cute friend here?" Knowing that Sean would be shy, she made sure to put on a friendly, smiling face.

"Sure. Kim, this is Sean. Sean, Kim."

The two of them shook hands.

Sean appeared to be recovering from his initial shock, though he was still tongue-tied. He actually suffered from a new wave of shock as it dawned on him that merely having Kim here speaking with him greatly increased the odds that his friend wasn't completely full of hot air.

Alan said to the cute cheerleader, "Kim, I was just telling Sean here my secret that I've been involved with quite a few girls. He finds that hard to believe."

Kim looked around. They were in a remote alcove and no one was looking their way. With a devilish grin, she grabbed Alan's crotch. "Whatever are you talking about?" she asked facetiously.

Then, as if that wasn't bold enough, she reached into his shorts and started ostentatiously jacking his penis up and down.

Sean couldn't see Alan's penis still trapped in his shorts, but there was no doubt what Kim's hands were doing. His totally stunned facial expression was back with a vengeance.

Kim leaned towards him and whispered conspiratorially, "Alan's penis is quite popular right now, I'll have to admit. Usually, I practically have to stand in line for a chance to do this."

Sean had a chance to respond, but he merely stammered and finally gave up on attempting to form any words. His eyes remained glued on what Kim's hands were doing, even though he couldn't actually see much.

Kim, still as casual as ever, said to Sean, "I hear you're really smart. Would you like to come over to my house after school today and help me out with my homework ... and stuff? Alan suggested it would be good if we could work together for a little while." Her hand still flew wildly up and down Alan's boner. She was careful though to keep all the action inside his shorts as she figured Sean would have a hang-up about seeing his friend's penis, especially when it was erect.

Sean remained quiet and completely stunned until Alan gave him a little kick. Then he squeaked out, "Um. Yeah. Homework. And stuff." There was no doubt that the "and stuff" was the main thing on his mind, as he imagined Kim doing to him what she was in the middle of doing to Alan.

Sean was particularly blown away by the fact that a steady stream of students walked by not ten feet away. Had Kim and Alan been facing opposite directions so the front side of Alan's shorts could be seen, all hell would have broken loose.

But apparently that wasn't enough for Kim. Her resolve not to allow Sean to see Alan's penis broke down almost instantly.

Sean held his breath as he saw Kim reach for Alan's zipper.

With an assenting nod from a very aroused Alan, Kim pulled the zipper down. Alan no longer wore underwear anywhere, so she faced no obstruction as she pulled his stiff erection out.

She winked at Sean and said, "I like to help Alan out with 'stuff' as much as he'll let me." She jacked Alan off in full view of Sean. She found herself strangely proud to show his penis off to another man. She spoke only in her mind to his crotch, Alan, you can loan me to your friend, and I'll have sex with him for you, but you're the cock that I really adore.

Alan seemed to take the blatant handjob in stride, almost as if he didn't notice.

But Sean was still trying to breathe and get his heart going again. He gasped, "There are people everywhere! Right behind you!" He tore his eyes away from Kim's hand on Alan's stiffness long enough to stare at two boys who appeared to be coming particularly close. But they passed less than ten feet behind Alan and Kim and kept walking without suspecting a thing. If they would have noticed something, probably the only reason would have been if they'd seen Sean's flabbergasted face and stopped to see what was causing the look.

Kim said huskily, "He's right. Maybe if I get down on my knees and stuff it in my mouth things won't be so obvious." But she moved a little so she stood slightly behind him and blocked things a little bit, now reaching around to stroke.

Alan replied, "Are you kidding? As much as I'd love that, that would give everything away instantly. No way."

Kim frowned. "Awww, shucks. Maybe we could go somewhere more private?"


Alan didn't reply, but winked at Sean. "Still don't believe me now?" He felt strange to have his erection shown off in front of a male friend, but he figured the drastic action would help Sean understand just how crazy the situation had become for him.

He twisted around to look towards Kim's face. "That feels great, as usual, but class is about to begin. There's no time. You two have fun later."

Kim smiled. "Oh, we will. And I think you and I need to meet more often like this. Whenever you get a stiffy, just ask any of us girls to lend a hand. We can do a lot in a five-minute break. Imagine two or three of us cheerleaders sucking your cock at the same time in the stinky bathroom. Wouldn't that be fun?"

She winked and finally withdrew her hand from his shorts. She zipped him up then hurried off.

Sean was still too stunned to talk. But then a light bulb went off. "Wait a minute. 'We'? More than one cheerleader?! Is that for real? You're, like, doing it with more than one girl at a time? More than one fucking CHEERLEADER?! They're all so hot. They're just about the hottest girls in school!"

"Hey man. You're the one who said I'm honest. I wouldn't lie to you. But keep it under your hat, okay?"

Another light bulb went off in Sean's head. He nearly shouted, "Wait! If this is for real, then maybe you really did sleep with Heather! She's a cheerleader too!"

"Shhhh! Not so loud." Alan could detect Sean would be jealous about Heather as soon as he got over the shock. "Yes, I did. I hate to break it to you like this because I know how highly you think of her, but she sleeps with lots of guys. Lots. That's the bad news. The good news is that soon you'll likely be one of them. If we play this right, maybe you can even become her special guy. Her boyfriend."

That silenced Sean and seemed to return him to a completely shocked state. "But, but, Heather... She's not that kind of girl... She..." He seemed on the verge of tears.

Alan tried to divert Sean's attention. "Don't worry about that right now. We'll talk about that later. Think about Kim. You're going to meet her after school. You're gonna do 'stuff.' Believe me, 'stuff' will definitely involve her putting your dick in her mouth. She loves doing that, as you just saw. Think about THAT!"

"Hooooly crapola..." Sean was still completely floored, and looked it.

As Alan started to walk off, he emphasized again, "Remember: mum's the word. Seriously."

Sean managed a nod.

Alan looked back and saw Sean still standing there staring off into space in dull incomprehension. Sean has such a long way to go. But then again I was exactly like him not two months ago. He's a smart guy. I trust he'll keep quiet and figure this sex stuff out by and by. The problem is there's no time to wait. I've got to bring him up to speed even quicker than the process I went through so he can help immediately with Heather. I'm still reeling from the shock. He's gonna need more help than just Kim before he graduates to Heather. No way am I going to let him touch any of my family four or Glory, so who does that leave? Brenda, maybe? Janice or Joy? Hmmm. I'll have to think about that.

I like what Kim did with her hands. It said to him, "Get ready to fuck, Sean, and by the way, I'm first and foremost one of Alan's girls. This is the cock I love and don't you forget it." Very clever of her.

He let out a big sigh of relief. There's something about unburdening this secret sexual life of mine to another male. I don't know what it is, but it makes it that much more real. It's not so much an ego thing - the last thing I need is more ego stroking!

He joked to himself as he thought of what Kim did to his penis, Cock stroking good; ego stroking bad. Though she had to leave me with a big unsatisfied woody for class. Grrr.

But getting back to Sean, it's the sharing of the burden, having a compadre, an amigo, in all this craziness. And my friendship with him was slipping away. I mean, I don't care about sitting around and discussing Red Dwarf or The Prisoner anymore. Maybe now it can roar back with a vengeance. Awesome! I should have started this apprentice idea weeks ago.

I just hope it works out with Sean and Heather. That's going to be a real challenge, getting her to wanna be with him. The ace in the hole is that I've stumbled onto what excites her, and that's degradation. And I know Sean has a dark side because I've seen glimpses of it. But can he be trained to treat Heather like I treat her, and quickly? As it is, he's the exact kind of pushover guy that Heather hates the most. The last time I was with Sean and Heather at the beach, he couldn't even get up the nerve to say "Boo" to her. We've got a loooong way to go with him.


Alan walked out of his first-period class feeling wary. He worried about Heather ambushing him; he felt certain she'd have some new demands.

But he hadn't gone far when he was ambushed by someone else: Heather's old boyfriend, Rockwell. Just like the unnamed football player who harassed him yesterday, the star quarterback Rockwell was surrounded by several flunkies. And just like yesterday, Alan was pushed back into a locker before he even knew what was happening. Except Rockwell seemed far angrier than Alan's tormentors had been yesterday.

"Hey, you little fuck," Rockwell started. He looked around to see if others in the busy hallway were watching, but his friends created a tight seal around Alan. No one could see past the big football players.

"What?" Alan asked dumbly. "What are you doing?"

"This!" Rockwell punched Alan in the chest, hard.

Alan fell to his knees, clutching at the blow.

"Get him up!" Rockwell ordered, and a couple of his flunkies roughly pulled Alan back to his feet and then held him with his arms behind his back.

Alan was now helpless to do anything. "What the hell?" he said in great confusion. He looked around frantically for a way out, and briefly noticed that his chief tormentor from the day before was now leering at him, a couple of bodies away from Rockwell.

"You shit, acting all innocent; I know what you've been doing! You've been fucking my girlfriend Heather! And don't play stupid. Everybody's been talking about it since yesterday afternoon. Apparently you were doing her again, and treating her like shit, I might add!" As if to emphasize that point, Rockwell pulled a fist back and swung into Alan's face, hitting him on the chin.

Alan reeled, but was only able to squirm. He futilely tried to break free from the two flunkies holding his arms behind his back. "What are you talking about?" he cried with great indignation. "Anyway, Heather isn't your girlfriend anymore! I heard you broke up over the weekend. The word has been all over the school."

"Yeah, thanks to you, you fuck! You played me for a fool, but who's laughing now?"

Rockwell was accurate in a way he didn't realize. Heather had broke up with him because Alan had asked her to. She'd done it right as Alan's deadline for her to do so ran out. It was ironic that Alan was being attacked after the breakup, because Alan wanted her to break up with Rock precisely because he was afraid of being attacked by the quarterback for cheating with Heather behind his back.

Rockwell swung again, and his muscular fist connected with Alan's nose (although Alan luckily turned his head at the last minute and managed to deflect much of the force). Then he hit his face with two more short jabs.

The only reason Alan still stood was because he was being held up by the goons. He cried out, "You don't know what you're talking about! Heather must be telling lies about me, framing me! She does that! Find out. Ask around. She's the one playing you for a fool, not me!" Alan thought that was pretty good thinking on his feet, considering everything.

But Rockwell wasn't impressed. "How would you know? Why would she even talk to some loser nerd like you, unless the rumors about you fucking everybody are true? Well, here's what I think about your prick!" He looked both ways, but even though the hallway was full of students, no one could see what was happening inside the circle of seven or eight big football players. Seeing that it was safe, he kicked Alan right in the nuts.

Alan cried out a gut-wrenching scream. It went on and on, filling the hallway like a police siren. He saw Rockwell looking about nervously, and he got some minor satisfaction from that. But that was the last thing he saw as he fell to the floor and passed out.

When Alan woke up, he found himself in what appeared to be a hospital bed. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Mrs. Haggerty, the old school nurse, and Mr. Mifflin, the vice principal. He realized he was still in school, in the infirmary. The nurse was looking at him with kind concern, while Mr. Mifflin sat farther back, more detached from the scene.

"How are you feeling, Alan?" the kindly, white-haired, bespectacled nurse asked him.

"Ugh," Alan groaned. He rubbed his head and felt a pounding headache.


He heard some sounds coming from the other direction and turned. To his delight, he saw Katherine and Amy getting up from where they'd been sitting. They moved to his side.

Katherine grasped his hand tightly.

He felt greatly reassured to have them there, and almost cried for joy to see their friendly faces. Amy's hand joined Katherine's, so now his hand nearest to them was shared with both girls.

Their reactions were telling. Katherine looked despondent, as if Alan was on a life-support system, hovering between life and death. Amy, on the other hand, was maintaining a positive attitude. While not actually smiling, she had a hopeful look on her face. Their difference in clothing was telling as well. Katherine wore a plain and heavy T-shirt, typical of the clothing she wore outside the house and designed to prevent attention from other males. Amy wore a shirt that showed off her shoulders and a bit more of her chest, almost reaching down to her cleavage. She just couldn't bear to go about so fully covered as Katherine.

Mr. Mifflin coughed, and Alan turned back in that direction. "You feeling all right?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess. Nothing broken, if that's what you mean."

"Good. Strictly speaking I shouldn't have let your sister and girlfriend in here and have them miss class, but they were very insistent."

Alan turned back to the two girls briefly, and was warmed by their loving smiles.

Mr. Mifflin continued. "Alan, before the nurse takes over, let me be brief. You obviously were beaten up in the hallway by that gang of football players who were yelling rude things at you. That much we know from witnesses, according to the teacher first on the scene. I won't stand for that kind of behavior here at this school. I want to know who's responsible right now and get to work on them. Can you tell me who they were now, or do you want me to come back later?" The vice-principal was obviously antsy to do something right away.

Alan replied, "Well, the main guy is named Rockwell. He usually goes by 'Rock.' He's the one who did all the punching. He even kicked me in the nuts! God, that still hurts. Oops, pardon my language. How long have I been out?"

The nurse looked at her watch and answered, "Oh, about fifteen minutes."

"Is that all? Anyways, I don't know Rockwell's last name, but I'm sure you know him. He's the star quarterback and all. He really did everything and the other guys just stood around and blocked my way. I don't know the other guys at all, but if you show me some pictures, maybe I could recognize a few of them."

"I'll do that," Mr. Mifflin said firmly. "I'll go get some pictures and be back shortly. And rest assured that this Rockwell is going to be expelled. I don't care if he is the star of the team, and I don't care what he or his friends have to say. Your wounds speak for themselves, and this school has a zero-tolerance policy for violence. This is not the first time we've seen this kind of behavior from Rock, so he's definitely gone. We've covered up some of his transgressions in the past, I must admit, but no more free passes. May I ask though what this is about?"

"He accused me of sleeping with his girlfriend. Only they already broke up over the weekend! She can do whatever she wants now and he should just butt out." Alan figured that was basically true, even if he was sleeping with Heather before she and Rockwell broke up.

In actual fact, Rockwell had good reason to complain. Heather had broken up with him just hours after Alan fucked her in the ass on Friday, and she did it as a direct result of Alan's disdain over her going out with the obviously lumberheaded, sexually inadequate, self-centered boy. Alan hadn't talked to Heather about it, but he'd noticed the timing and suspected a connection.

The vice-principal patted Alan on the knee. "Typical jock. Those guys think they own the school and unfortunately too often we've let things slide. I've never agreed with that but sometimes my hands are tied. Don't worry though, I'll get this all sorted out. You just get better."

Mr. Mifflin left, after which Mrs. Haggerty tended to Alan's wounds. Alan's groin surprisingly wasn't too bad once the effects of the kick wore off. But his face looked horrible. His left eye was threatening to turn into a black eye, and his cheeks and nose were red and swollen. The nurse kept an ice pack on him while Katherine and Amy commiserated and held his hands as if holding on for dear life.

After a while the nurse left, and Alan was free to voice his thoughts to the two girls. He said, "I'll be okay. My biggest wound is gonna be on my butt where I'll be kicking myself. That and the wound to my ego. I kind of feel like I deserve this."

"No!" Amy gasped. "Totally not! Don't say that."

"No, it's true. I've been too cocky. This was pretty much inevitable, because I wasn't keeping my ear to the ground and listening to what people were saying. And my security standards grew lax. Amy, I should never have let you speak so freely about sexual stuff."

Amy was going to say something.

But Alan preempted. "Don't worry, Aims. It's all right. If not for you, it would have come out anyways. Heather and a couple of other cheerleaders were talking too, I'm sure. You know how it is: you tell just one best friend in top secrecy, but then that person tells just one, and so on. It gets around if it's interesting enough, and my case is too interesting."

That was true, but he also felt Amy exacerbated things by talking so freely. He didn't want her to feel bad about it though. He also suspected Simone of starting a whole new round of rumors about his sexual prowess after he fucked her yesterday. He cursed himself as well for getting drawn in to Simone and the others the afternoon before.

He continued, "The question is, what am I going to do now? They may expel Rock - I imagine he'll get bounced to some other high school - but the other guys will still be around after whatever punishments they get, and madder than ever. Plus, now I'm considered a rat for naming names. AND, if the football team loses, everyone's gonna blame me for the loss of the school's best quarterback. I have enemies, and I'll be getting more." He sighed.

Katherine caressed his upper arm lovingly. "Don't worry, Bro. It'll be all right. I have one idea, though you're not gonna like it. I even don't like it."


"Get Heather to help. Have her do the tricky, backstabbing stuff she does so well. She knows and fucks most of those football players. I'm sure she can do something to keep them in line and away from you. They act like they own the school, especially since the football jocks are generally the basketball jocks in winter and the baseball jocks in the spring. If they back off, everyone else will."

Alan thought about it and sighed some more. "Maybe. But then I'll be beholden to Heather. And that sucks."

Amy and Katherine both nodded in agreement to that thought.

He thought to himself, Besides, I don't like the idea of her fucking random jocks. Not only is there a huge sexual disease risk there, but I feel like I own her ass!


Alan continued to lie in bed in the nurse's office. He was basically left alone and forgotten, so he tried to get some sleep. However, even though he was tired, between the pain and the excitement of the confrontation with Rock he couldn't get to sleep. He laid there with his eyes closed since he had nothing else to do, not even a magazine to read, but he just tossed and turned.

After a while, the nurse let in another visitor and then returned to the adjacent room. To Alan's surprise, his visitor was Simone. Even though he hardly knew her, he was so bored he was thrilled to have any visitor at all. "Hey! Simone! What's up?"

"What's up with you?" Simone looked back and confirmed the door was closed, so she could speak freely. "Sorry about what happened. I just came by to see if you had a branding iron."

He tried to figure out what she meant by that. Finally, he grinned. "Ah. I get it. A branding iron so we can brand Heather's ass."

"Exactly." Simone sat down on the edge of his bed.

"Don't arouse me with that kind of talk. Unfortunately, my body's not too happy right now."

"Yeah. I can see that. Again, sorry. Rock is such a loser. I told Heather time and time again not to have anything to do with that guy. But did she listen? NooooOOOooooo! All she could think of was that having him as boyfriend would make her a shoo-in for Homecoming Queen. I swear, she'd crawl over broken glass to get that damn title."

That got a smirk out of Alan. "Thanks for coming. But I must admit I'm surprised to see you. We never really spoke to each other before yesterday."

She grinned. "And yesterday we did a lot more than just speak, didn't we?"

"That's true."

She continued, "But I know what you mean. Actually, I'm not here for me so much as to give you a message from Heather. She wants to arrange a meeting with you after school."

"I can do that, I guess. But why couldn't she just ask me herself?"

"Ah. You see, she sent me to pave the way. She fears you might be mad at her, since Rock wouldn't have done what he did if it wasn't for her."

Alan waved a hand dismissively. "Nah. I get mad at her for a lot of things, but not that. It's something I kind of brought upon myself. I was trying to do the right thing by having her break up with him, since I didn't want to be a cheater. But it didn't look so noble from his point of view, obviously. And to make matters worse, I wasn't careful of the rumors swirling around about me. I kinda feel something like this was bound to happen sooner or later."

Simone said, "Yeah, I can see that. And Heather will be glad to hear that." Her eyes widened with self-induced surprise. "She's so friggin' moony about you! It's crazy. I've never seen her like that. What's your secret?"

He wasn't keen to talk about that. So he asked, "Wait a minute. How is it that you can sit here and chat? Don't you have to run back to class?"

"Nah. Heather has a whole stack of blank hall passes, and she gave me one. I was reluctant, but nothing was happening in class anyway. I've got time. So don't dodge the question."

"Sorry. I honestly don't know what my 'secret' is. I mean, look at me. I'm not mouth-wateringly handsome."


"Kkklllggghh..." Simone hung her tongue out and made a funny noise while pretending to drool.

He laughed. "I said I'm NOT that way."

She smirked and pulled her tongue back in. "Oh. Sorry."

"No, really, I don't get it. Maybe you can tell me. You were there yesterday."

"I was?" Playing dumb, she reached down to her pussy mound and briefly rubbed herself through her clothes. "Is THAT why I'm still feeling so sore down here?"

He laughed again. "Seriously, I'd like to get your take."

She shrugged. "I honestly don't know. I especially don't get Heather's feelings for you. But, and I'm not joking here for once, I think part of it is almost like an infectious disease. Looking back, if it had just been you and me having sex, it would have been nice. Well, okay, a lot better than nice. But still just nice, you know what I mean? Not make me cum so hard that I was in danger of passing out, you know what I mean? But with the other three there, and especially seeing how you treated Heather, I got so horny that it was almost scary. At one point, with all that talk about you enslaving Heather, I seriously worried you'd end up enslaving me too!"

He said, modestly, "You know how silly that sounds?"

"I know. NOW it seems silly. But at the time, I was honestly scared. That's how intense it all was. It was like some kind of collective mood swept through us all, multiplying the effect of everything. And what's weird is that I've been in threesomes and moresomes before, and it was never like that! In fact, I'd thought that the more people were there the more awkward and unsexy the situation gets. You get this sex as sport attitude that kind of turns things to farce. Yet it wasn't like that yesterday at all. True, there was no romance going on whatsoever, but the emotions were powerful and real."

He nodded. "I can see that. Maybe that's part of my appeal. I do tend to get emotionally involved. Even if I try for sex as sport, I tend to get emotionally bonded fast. But anyway, speaking of infectious diseases, I need to talk to you about Heather."

Simone laughed heartily. "I love that segue!"

He chuckled. "I didn't mean it like that. But there is a connection, because I'm worried about STDs. I must admit, I've gone from being a complete virgin at the start of the school year to having quite a few sex partners now. Again, I don't get it, but for some reason it's all happening to me. It's been a blast, but I worry that I'm flirting with disaster when it comes to STDs. I mean, let's look at you and me. I was so careless that I almost forgot to use a condom with you. And it wasn't until AFTER we'd fucked that I found out you have a boyfriend."

"A non-steady boyfriend," she pointed out.

"True, but a boyfriend just the same. And since he's not exclusive with you, who knows who else he could be fucking? It's like I'm casting an ever-widening net, trawling for STDs. I'm not happy about it."

Simone nodded. "I must admit, I haven't been that smart either. I think it's because I'm around Heather so much. I swear, she's the luckiest fucker on the planet. She could walk down Main Street stark naked and she wouldn't get in trouble, as stupid as that sounds. She just has that kind of luck. So it rubs off and I start to think that I'm invulnerable too."

He thought, I'm the one who's the luckiest motherfucker on the planet. Soon, hopefully, that'll be true in a very literal sense! If Simone only knew half the things I get up to at home! But that's why I need to be serious about this, because of all my loves at home. I can't keep sticking my dick in any available hole, at least not as long as there's no plan about preventing STDs!

He said, "I can definitely relate to the invulnerability thing. Other smarter people have had to hit me on the head to make me even get serious about wearing a condom."

Simone couldn't help but joke, "Some of your friends have bad aim." She pointed at his crotch, knowing Rock had kicked him there.

He tried to joke back, "Actually, that was a good shot, because that's the head I've been thinking with lately. But seriously, I'm really glad you came by, 'cos I'm hoping you can help me out. For one thing, did you enjoy having sex with me? Would you want to do it some more in the future?"

"Yes, yes, and yes! Even though you only asked two questions, that deserves three yeses." She grinned impishly.

"Good. I feel the same way. But before that happens, could you get tested for STDs? I know that's kind of a weird thing to say, but better safe than sorry. I was just tested recently and was clean. But I can be tested again if you want."

"Yeah, I suppose I can do that. Heather has griped to me about how you made her get tested, so it's only fair if I do too. What about the others, like Joy and Janice?"

"Actually, I've been remiss there. But after what happened yesterday, it just kind of hit me: I'm the luckiest son of a bitch in the universe to have sex with four beautiful girls at once. But four! That's just asking for trouble when it comes to STDs. So I'm going to talk to ALL of my sex partners. I know it's a big downer, but there's going to be testing a go-go."

Simone nodded. "Fair enough. And to put your worries to rest, I was pretty wild a while back, but lately I've been settling down some. In these last few weeks, I haven't had sex with anyone but my boyfriend, Heather, and you, and I don't see that changing anytime soon."


Simone added, "Heather's been a bad influence." She chuckled.

"What do you mean?"

"In the past, we'd kind of goad each other on. You know, go to a party together, get drunk or get high, and have a good ol' fuck fest. But even before Heather met you, she'd been getting bored of that lifestyle. 'Been there, done that.' It had be a very spectacular or socially important party for her to want to go, lately. And if she didn't go, I generally didn't go. I think that's a big reason why she's so interested in you, by the way. Because you're different."

"Yeah, I kind of figured that," he said. "It's not just that I'm a different kind of guy, being a 'nerd' out of her social circle and all. It's that I treat her totally differently. The fact that she's not going to parties so much anymore, does that mean she doesn't have as many sex partners?"

Simone replied, "Oh, that's gone WAY down. In fact, now that I think about it, since she's started having sex with you these last two weeks, she's hardly had sex with anybody at all. Just you, me, and the other cheerleaders." She stared off into space, thinking hard. "You know, I don't think she's had sex with any other guy at all! For two whole weeks!"

Alan said sarcastically, "Oh wow. Only a handful of sex partners for two whole weeks." Even though he had many sex partners, he knew just having a few sex partners was still way above the norm.

Simone said, "I know. That may sound stupid, but you have to remember that this is Heather we're talking about here. She has a big sex drive. No, make that a HUGE sex drive. She needs it every day or she gets, uh... cranky."

Before he could make a quip about that, she grinned widely. "I know, I know. You're gonna say something like, 'Then she must not have had sex for a couple of years.' Everything is relative. Believe me, if you think she's bitchy now, just wait until you see her go a few days without sex! As it happens, she still gets her daily dose. But now I'm the one who's been the target for most of her ardor. However, I can tell that half the time, at least, she's thinking of you."

"Really? How do you know that?"


Simone laughed. "She's not exactly subtle. The other day, when she fucked me with a strap-on, she got all angry and cursed under her breath, 'Fuckin' Alan! Thinks he's so fuckin' great! Well, fuck you!' That kind of thing. By the way, you don't mind me talking frankly about sex, do you? I figure, given what we did yesterday..."

"Please, go ahead. Just don't get too graphic, given that I'm a guy who was kicked in the balls earlier today."

"Ah. Good point. Just so you don't get the wrong idea, I don't mind the anger sex. That's fun. But what's annoying is when she has me fuck her with a strap-on, and she wants me to do it to her 'Alan-style.' She doesn't come straight out and say that, of course, but I could read between the lines when she started asking me to do new things like call her names. Then she'd complain that I wasn't doing it right. I must admit, it made me pretty keen to be with you yesterday, so I could finally find out what the hype was all about."

He sighed. "Man, I'm really not all that. Really. I'm mostly a guy in the right place at the right time, like her being bored out of her mind and then stumbling across me as something new and different. But anyway, you're seriously telling me I don't have to worry about her fucking half the football team?"

Simone pondered that. "Hard to say. She's done some wild things in the past, including literally fucking half the football team. But right now she's totally stuck on you. She's still capable of sleeping around with other girls, 'cos that's a totally different thing. But when it comes to guys, she thinks about sex with you and the others fall so short of the mark that being with them is just depressing. About two weeks ago, when she'd had sex with you once or twice, she did fuck a couple other guys, and all she did after that was bitch to me about how 'pathetic' and 'lame' and 'boring' they were."

He thought that over. "Hmmm. What I'm aiming for here is to reduce my risk. I just don't know if it's worth it to have sex with her at all. Risk vs. reward, it might not pan out. I've been thinking of giving her an ultimatum: 'if you want to have sex with me, don't have sex with anyone else.'"

Simone said flatly, "That's not going to fly, I can tell you that. For one thing, Heather is Heather. If you tell her not to do something, she's going to go out and do that thing ten times over just to rub in your face that you can't tell her what she can and can't do. But even putting that aside, her sex drive is just too damn strong. Not unless you were willing to have sex with her AT LEAST once a day. AT LEAST. But she complains to me over and over about how unavailable you are, so I doubt you could manage that."

"Nope. To be honest, not even close."

"Well, there you go. But I don't think you have too much to worry about, when it comes to diseases. Right now, the vast majority of the time she has sex, it's with me. We've been doing it pretty much every day after school. I spend half my free time hanging out in her room, it seems. And yeah, she has sex with some other girls, but it's basically a closed circle. Being Heather's best friend, I'm basically sitting in the control room of Gossip Central. I get to hear everything that's going on. And since I've been her best friend forever, I pretty much know the entire sexual history of everybody who's anybody. In a way, her awesome gossip network is the best protection against STDs. If some girl so much as gets a yeast infection, Heather finds out. To be honest, you're the first 'new blood' to come along in a while. And since you fuck around so much, if I were to worry about diseases, I'd worry about getting something from you!"

"Good point," he warily agreed. "Luckily, I did get tested and I can say I'm clean. And even though I have been sleeping around a lot, it's within a closed circle too. And the two circles have a big overlap area with the whole cheerleading squad, including Heather, so that's the concern. But still, like I said, I'm taking a 'better safe than sorry' approach from now on."

After she nodded to that, he asked, "Can I ask you a favor?"

"What's that?"

"Can you kind of be the 'Spy in the House of Heather' for me? I don't mean in a bad way, like betraying her or something. I'm just talking about helping with the whole STD issue. The problem is, I don't trust her. It's kind of pointless asking her about her other lovers, 'cos she'll lie or get pissed off if I even bring it up."

Simone grinned. "Yes, she's very good at getting pissed off. In fact, it's kind of her specialty."

He was keen to ask Simone why she was best friends with such a bitch, but this was not the moment for it, not while he was explaining the favor. "Exactly. So that's why I'm hoping you can give me the straight dope on who else she's having sex with, as well as who else you're having sex with. And if you could find out about the others on the cheerleading squad, that would be even better. I don't care about the details, so long as it's within that closed circle you talk about. But if there's someone new outside of that, I'd like to know so I can possibly protect myself from danger."

Simone considered that. "Fair enough. But in return, I assume you'll tell me about your other sexual partners and any dangers that might arise there."

He thought, Uh-oh! Here I go with the hypocrisy again! I can't do that. There's no way! Even if I don't mention the incest, I can't tell her about Aunt Suzy. That would a scandal in and of itself, fucking my girlfriend's mom. And I can't tell her about Glory. Bangin' the teacher! HUGE scandal! Hell, I wouldn't even feel comfortable telling her about Brenda. Brenda is just... Brenda. No.

He said, "I can kind of meet you part way there. The thing is, the people I'm talking about with you are guys and girls at school. We both know them, so names matter. But the other people I'm having sex with, they're not at school. You don't know 'em and you're never gonna meet 'em. They've sworn me to secrecy, so what would be the point of me betraying that by telling you some names that mean nothing to you anyway?"

Simone pondered that with a hand on her chin. "Hmmm... It doesn't seem exactly fair, but... I guess I can understand that. You do seem to be getting serious about taking precautions, so I suppose I'll have to trust you. But if you're having sex with any girls at school, you'll tell me that, right?"

"Sure. That's easy. I can tell you right now that I'm having sex with everyone on the cheerleading squad, minus Katherine, plus you. And frankly, I don't see that changing. I've been propositioned by some other pretty girls lately, and I've turned them all down."

Simone grinned. "Yeah, I can see that. You went straight for the cream of the crop, so why settle for second best? Poor you, banging the entire cheerleader squad, minus your sister."

He quipped, "Yeah, well, it's a rough job, but someone's gotta do it."

Simone thought out loud, "To be honest, the only other girl I could see you having sex with is Christine. Hell, she's such a stone cold fox that you'd be a fool not to! And since everyone knows she's a virgin, there's no STD risk there. Besides, she's such a prude that it's highly unlikely she's gonna get it on with anybody. Okay, so we have a deal. We'll both keep our eyes out and watch for incoming STD dangers."

He happily shook her hand. When they were done with that, he said, "Oh, and one other thing. When it comes to Heather, can you kind of encourage her not to sleep around? Outside of yourself and the usual bunch of girls, of course."

A look of shrewd realization came across Simone's face. "Aaaah! You're the possessive type, aren't you? You don't mind if she's having sex with girls, but you don't want her to have sex with other guys! And yet you're having sex with lots of other girls. Sounds like a double standard to me. Hey, here's an idea. What if you don't have sex with any other girls but Heather - and me, of course - but have sex with all the guys you want?" She smirked.

He rolled his eyes. "Some deal. No thanks." He continued, "Look. It's not a jealousy thing. Okay, maybe there's a little bit of that in there, but just a little. I don't mind if she has sex with other guys. Really. In fact, I'm trying to get a male friend of mine to up his sex skills so he can have sex with Heather too. It's kind of still on the drawing board at this point, so I don't want to mention his name just yet, but the idea is to get him to do the same kind of stuff I do, so if she can't have sex with me, she can get the same satisfaction with him."

"Ah," Simone said knowingly. "Alan and Alan Lite. The low calorie diet version. Or should I say, tastes great versus less filling?"

He just rolled his eyes and groaned. "Something like that. But I guess there's a difference between that and having her sleep around with lots of guys. Not only is there the STD danger, but it's kind of a turn-off to think of her slutting around in gangbangs and all that jazz."

Simone smirked again. "How deliciously ironic. Yum! You find it a turn off to think of her as a major slut, and yet in the heat of passion you love calling her all kinds of slutty names. And she eats it up."

He admitted, "Yeah, well, I guess that is ironic. But it is what it is. I hardly know you, but I'm being honest with you about this."

"I can see that, and I thank you for it. I know she's a bitch, but she's still my best friend. Not to get all possessive on you, but she's MY bitch, if you know what I mean. I'm trying to look out for her best interests, and mine too. I think she's been far, far too cavalier about STDs, so that's why I'm so willing to help you out there. I'm even willing to use all my feminine wiles and charms to limit her partners. And I benefit from that directly too, since lately she and I have been fucking each other half to death!"

She paused, looked around conspiratorially, even though she knew they were alone in the room, and then she whispered theatrically, "You see, it turns out I have a pretty high sex drive too!"

He chuckled. "Color me surprised."

Grinning, she continued, "I see this as a win-win thing all around. If you limit your partners, and she and I limit our partners, that's just smart. Plus, hopefully that'll mean there will be more chances for you to have sex with me, either with Heather there or not. I'm over my fear that you'll turn me into some kind of mindless sex slave. Turns out you're just a normal guy after all. But you're a guy who makes fucking fun and damn entertaining! In fact, I'd especially like to have sex with you with Heather there, since half the fun for me is seeing how you treat her. That's a total LSD trip."

He was all smiles. "Yeah, that is kinda fun."

That concluded their discussion about STDs. But Alan knew that if she left he'd just lie there bored out of his mind. And Simone wasn't in any hurry to leave, at least not until the bell rang and it was time for her next class. So the two of them hung out and got to know each other a little better.

Due to Alan's recent injuries, Simone was careful not to tempt or tease him in any way. Or at least she tried. She was such a joker that she couldn't turn her joking off, and since she knew Alan in a sexual way, a lot of her joking with him was of a sexual nature.

But Alan didn't mind, and in fact he encouraged it. He had no problem with it just so long as he didn't get an erection, because he feared that could increase the pain. But Simone's sexual joking was just playful, rather than being arousing.

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