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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
It's My Party
Day 66: Wednesday, November 20

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Brenda crawled out from under the table so her whole naked body could be seen, but she remained submissively on her knees. "Yes, Mistress Suzanne," she said with a bow, as if she was born to her role as sex pet. "Thank you so much! And you too, Mistress Susan. Thank you for letting me please you both!"

Suzanne patted Brenda on her head just like a real pet animal, and said, "That's a good pet."

Brenda purred in response like she was a contented cat. Somehow, she felt surprisingly relaxed, even though her heart was still pounding hard from all of the recent developments.


Suzanne commanded Brenda, "Give us a kiss."

They necked for quite some time, while Suzanne sat and Brenda knelt. Brenda was so full of passion that she kissed Suzanne like she'd never kissed anyone before. At the same time, she rubbed her whole nude body up against Suzanne's as if she was trying to meld into her.

Susan thought, Boy, look at how Suzanne is treating her. It's almost cruel, treating her like a real sex pet. Personally, I could never initiate something like petting Brenda all by myself, but I'm glad that Suzanne is here to take charge and do what's needed. Brenda's a deeply submissive woman, and Suzanne seems to know just what she really wants. I'm okay with Brenda having permission to fuck Adrian, but mostly I love that she's being groomed to serve Tiger as one of his sex pets!

To me, that seems the right and natural way of things. I'm sure the Lord approves. In fact, if Brenda becomes Tiger's sex pet for real, and not just in a sexy-thing-to-say kind of way, doesn't that set a precedent? Why should he stop at having just one big-titted beautiful woman who lives to serve him? Why not have his very own sexy and buxom mommy too? Oooh! So hot! And Suzanne! And Angel and Amy! Plus, if things go right with Xania tonight, who knows where that could lead? She's got the ideal body. It's so exciting! He could be like the sultan of his own harem, leading all of his naked busty sex pets around on leashes!

Susan found this line of thought so exciting that she fingered her soaked pussy and pulled on her nipples while she enjoyed the erotic show of Suzanne and Brenda kissing.

Suzanne was more than a little impressed by the extent of Brenda's submissive attitude. When the necking ended, she asked, "You'll do anything we say, won't you?"

"Yes, Mistress." She clutched at both of Suzanne's breasts, and that gave her strength and confidence, somehow.

"Good." Brenda's attitude made Suzanne feel very good indeed. Suzanne felt like she was back on track, and back in control of the overall situation with the whole group. "You'll also obey Katherine and Amy unquestioningly. They're your mistresses too. I know they're still young and maybe not into dominating you just yet, but they are Sweetie's sister and official girlfriend, respectively, so that makes them your superiors."

Brenda nodded. "I understand." She felt another thrill run down her spine. Perfect! Just perfect! It's true that Katherine and Amy are just teens and they don't seem to be the commanding type, but they ARE Alan's sisters! Well, in Amy's case, she's practically his sister. It's only fitting that I subject myself to everyone in this house, so my humiliation and domination is complete!

Suzanne grinned as she watched a range of emotions cross Brenda's face, from shock to arousal to doubt to blissful acceptance. "Now, go to Sweetie's room and give your master some great head. You and Susan have been talking a lot about how best to pleasure his cock, right?"

Brenda shivered all over, just from hearing Alan referred to as her "master." It took her some moments to remember to nod. She was still holding Suzanne's pale globes, so she leaned her head against them as if she was just too overcome to hold her head up.

Suzanne spoke firmly. "Good. Put that knowledge to use. I expect you to do better than the last time you blew him. Remember, it's not just about quality; there's also quantity. Alan's nurse told us that very thing. Put on some sexy clothes first so you can seductively take them off. Always remember that. It's almost always more arousing for your master if you take off clothes instead of starting naked."

Brenda shivered again, after hearing the "M" word repeated. She wanted to leap to her feet and scream, she was so excited to go upstairs and get started sucking. But all she did was lift her head up to resume eye contact.

Suzanne stared sternly down at her. "That's an informal rule around here. Also, you're allowed just one of his ejaculations right now, or you'll be severely punished. Oh, and by the way, he got punched a bit today at school, so don't mind the bruises you see on his face."

"What?! Alan got punched? How did it happen?!" Brenda already had him on such a high pedestal that she could barely conceive of such a thing happening.

"Don't worry about it. In short, some of the boys at school are mad at him because he's fucking all their girlfriends." That was far from true, but Suzanne figured it was what Brenda wanted to hear.

Brenda heaved a sigh of relief. That answer reaffirmed her new view of the world. You didn't dedicate yourself to a master who got regularly beat up, but you did to one who was able to fuck any girl he fancied. It made sense to her that he would face a backlash from other guys due to his sexual prowess. She was convinced that he'd take care of it soon enough.

Suzanne continued, "When you're done, find Katherine in her bedroom, across the hall from his, and have her come down to the living room. I'll ring up Amy next door and all of us will play another game of strip poker. Oh, and another woman, a psychologist named Xania, will be arriving too. She's gorgeous and seriously stacked. I imagine we'll all take turns pleasuring his big cock, except for Xania. But who knows; maybe even she might join in as well. She's kind of new to the situation."

Brenda was so excited by that prospect that she just had to clarify, "So you mean every single one of us will take turns all evening, stroking and licking Alan's big, beautiful cock? Including me? Maybe even more than one of us at a time?"

Suzanne nodded. "Pretty much, except maybe for Xania, as I said. She may look great, or as we call it around here, 'Alan-worthy,' but she's just a psychologist and a friend of mine and not part of this, at least not yet. She's here to observe and give us advice, although we're hoping that Sweetie will tame her before long."

Susan nodded emphatically at that taming comment. She really liked Xania, and practically the highest compliment she could give was that she considered her worthy of being tamed by her son.

Brenda stood up. Then she nodded to Suzanne submissively, her head bowed way down. She had a nearly overwhelming desire to sexually service Suzanne some more for telling her what to do, and she was seemingly hypnotized by her voice. But that urge was exceeded by her need to go upstairs and suck Alan's cock.

She clutched her chest tightly, as if she was afraid she would literally burst from anticipation. Good God! Right now, as we speak, Alan's cock is upstairs, waiting for my lips to slide all over it! That's not just any cock; that's my master's cock! Alan is my master now! It's all too much for my heart to take. I had a feeling, from the first time we played cards together, that this was going to happen, and now it is! I MUST go and pleasure him. I'm so excited I can hardly walk or talk, or even stand still!

The reluctant and logical voice within her had nothing to say. Perhaps later it would come back, but right now Brenda was so high on lust and life that even the high one gets from a powerful drug couldn't come close.

Just as Brenda started to walk away, Susan said to her, "Wait! I want you to think carefully about what you're gonna do up there, so you can be at your best. I know you've sucked Tiger's cock some, and titfucked him too, but that's been with other people around and usually taking part. Now you're going to have the special pleasure of serving him just one on one. It's a great honor, but also a great responsibility. I've talked to you on our many phone calls about all the different ways he likes his cock licked and sucked and stroked, and that's a LOT to remember. Are you ready for your solo debut?"

Brenda nodded gravely. "I am. I'm so nervous, I'm shaking like a leaf. But I'm ready! In fact, I'm so excited that it's all I can do to not just run up the stairs like my hair is on fire!"

Susan frowned. "That's what I'm worried about. Sheer enthusiasm is not good enough. That's how I started out, just bobbing frantically, doing the same thing over and over. When I look back now, I'm almost embarrassed about what a poor job I did. Things have changed a lot since then. Tiger expects and deserves better. Think of all the other hotties who could be sucking his fat cock instead. Then use every trick and technique you have to try to outdo them all! That's how I always look at it."

Brenda nodded gravely.

"And remember what Suzanne just told you: you need quality AND quantity! I know you're eager for your creamy, spermy reward, but if you don't suck him for at least twenty minutes first, it hardly even counts."

Brenda bowed. "I understand. But don't worry; I'll do my best. His pleasure is my pleasure."

Susan nodded with approval at that attitude; she could tell that Brenda sincerely meant it. "Good."


Brenda knocked on Alan's door a couple of minutes later. "Hi Alan, it's me, Brenda. Are you busy?" She suppressed her desire to call him "Master Alan." She reminded herself that Suzanne said the time wasn't right for that yet. Her heart was already thumping hard and fast.

Alan turned his head and looked towards the door with great expectation. "Busy? Not anymore. Please come in." He had no clue whatsoever just how worshipful Brenda was feeling towards him right now. From his point of view, he was still needing to continually impress her with a domineering persona and great sexual prowess.


She opened the door and walked in, modeling a sexy see-through nightie Susan had loaned her so she could make a big impression. It went without saying that she still wore high heels too.

"Holy fucking cow," he exclaimed in wonder. He was particularly blown away by her long and very obviously erect nipples. "I swear, every day it's something new around here. Brenda, you're a very gorgeous woman, for sure."

"You really think so?" A thrill ran down Brenda's spine due to the unexpected compliment. That boosted her confidence and eagerness. She was so close to her target - a mouthful of cum from her master - that she didn't want to waste time. She rapidly closed the distance to him sitting in his chair at his desk.

He sniffed the air and enjoyed her perfumed, feminine smell. She'd taken a couple of minutes to calm down and dress into the nightie. But even so, he could smell that her pussy was already wet, and he noticed that her hands were shaking.

She saw that he was wearing nothing but a completely unbuttoned white dress shirt and a towel around his neck (which was from when he had taken a shower not long ago). That greatly excited her because it meant his dick had to be exposed below the desk.

Then her heart skipped a beat when she noticed the naked female ass sticking out from under the desk. The ass belonged to Katherine, and her skirt was flipped back just like Amy's was earlier. That seemed to have quickly become part of the stealth stroking tradition.

Since she'd heard Brenda enter the room, Katherine started to suck much louder, making lewd slurpy noises. She also went from a relaxed "stealth" mode to her most effective blowjob techniques. She was staking her claim, proclaiming that she wasn't ashamed and in fact was loving what she was doing.

"Who's this?!" Brenda exclaimed in regards to the mystery butt.

Brenda was greatly aroused, especially by the slurpy suction sounds. Her awe for Alan only grew from seeing him getting casually blown in such a fashion, especially as it slowly dawned on her from the distinctive tan lines that it had to be his own sister doing the loving sucking. She was taken aback, worried that she wouldn't get her promised cum load after all, because she mistakenly thought that he'd been sucked that loudly and intently for a long while before she arrived.

Then, before he could answer, she saw his bruises and nearly shrieked. "And what happened to your face?!" Even though Suzanne had warned her, seeing the damage in the flesh was still a shock.

He chuckled. "Oh, that? I got beat up at school today, thanks to some jealous guys. But it's nothing. The wounds will heal in a couple of days. I even got kicked pretty hard in the nuts, but luckily the pain there passed fairly quickly, kinda like it does when you stub your toe."

Brenda quickly dismissed his wounds, thinking, That's just a minor consequence of fucking the most beautiful girls at school. Which of course he does! He's my master! That's what masters do, especially particularly virile and powerful masters like Alan. I'll bet he has a dozen busty sex pets at school. He takes all the best looking girls, whether they have boyfriends or not. If you go to his school and you're a stacked and sexy girl, he's gonna fill your cunt with his sperm to his heart's content! That's just a fact! No wonder the other boys are jealous.

In Brenda's mind, with her arousal and anticipation already off the charts, the "a dozen busty sex pets at school" really was a fact, though in reality not even Alan could come close to making that claim. So many busty beauties vie to serve him, including another new one coming to the party tonight! But of all his pets, I'm the one to have the honor to suck his cock right now! I even get to replace his sister. I get his cock all to myself for as long as it takes to get him to cum. I'm so excited I don't know if I can stand it!

Alan saw Brenda continuing to stare at Katherine's ass. He couldn't help but grin with pride.

Katherine paid no mind to the interruption, continuing to fondle and stroke her brother's erection with gusto. In fact, sensing that Brenda was likely to soon take over, she upped her efforts even more. In addition to her loud slurping, she added some erotic moaning for Brenda's sake.

Brenda was so staggered by what she heard and saw that the room practically seemed to be spinning. She licked her lips hungrily and felt the saliva building up in her mouth.

Not knowing that Brenda already recognized Katherine, he finally remembered to say, "Oh yeah. Excuse my manners. That's my wonderful sister Katherine down there. I've got a lot of homework to do this week, so all the women are taking turns jacking me and blowing me to help inspire me while I study. Little Vacuum Mouth Sis, you can come out now."

He pulled his chair back, forcing Katherine to disengage.

But Katherine was having too much fun playing with Alan's dick to stop until he really insisted. She immediately scooted forward and resumed what she'd been doing, giving Brenda a view of her tight sucking technique.

Katherine knew full well that Brenda was watching, so she was determined to put on a good show. She wanted to make it clear to this newcomer that she was fully dedicated to serving her brother's cock. So, after bobbing on him a few times, she lovingly slathered her way up and down his stiff pole from his balls to the tip and back again.

As she did that, she looked Brenda in the eyes, and said, "Hi, Brenda." It was like she was saying without words, "Every inch of this, from top to bottom, belongs to me! He may let you borrow it from time to time, but I own it."

Brenda was rattled by that, and extremely aroused. She just stared as Katherine possessively licked from the tip to base yet again. She had to clutch at her pussy mound for fear that cum would start to trickle down her leg. Finally, she replied to her, "Um, hi." Then she looked to Alan and asked him, "How long has this been going on?"

"Oh, today it's been pretty much all afternoon," he replied casually. He had a slightly pained look on his face, but it was from all the pleasure his sister was giving him. "They've been taking turns stroking my dick while I do my homework."

Katherine added boastfully, while switching to lapping against his sweet spot, "Yeah, Amy was just in here a few minutes ago, until her jaw got tired."

Brenda was so impressed that she nearly came just from hearing and seeing the way he was continually served. Oh, fuck me! FUCK ME! What a great master! I think I'm gonna pass out!

Her pussy was already leaking like a faucet even before she came into the room. She exclaimed, "Alan! You're such a MAN! It's going to be such a pleasure to serve you. This is what I've been waiting for all my life, but I never knew what I wanted. If Katherine doesn't mind, can I suck your big cock for a while?"

He didn't reply, because Katherine distracted him by suddenly engulfing his cockhead again and bobbing with great suction. She could sense that Brenda was going to have a turn soon. So, while she still could, she was even more determined to show Brenda how much she loved her brother, by pleasuring him orally.

Brenda's jaw hung open. She very nearly fell to her knees in awe at the sexy sight. But she gathered her wits and took some deep breaths. She looked at Katherine apologetically, and explained, "I hate to interrupt, but Susan and Suzanne said I could have some special one-on-one time with Alan's cock until he came in my mouth. Is that okay? I didn't know you were here already."

"Why are you asking for her permission?" Alan said forcefully. "It's MY dick."

Brenda nearly swooned at that answer.

Katherine was impressed too, even though she knew for sure now that her time was almost over. She let out a muffled moan, since her mouth was stuffed full of cock.

Brenda continued to gawk at Katherine's sliding lips as if it was the first time she'd seen that being done to Alan. She actually forgot to breathe. It took some long moments to recover before she asked, "Oh! So sorry, Mas- ... Uh. Alan, would you let me suck it? Please?"

He tried to act blasé. "Very well, if you insist. But take off that nightie so I can play with your big tits while you do it. In fact, I want you to get completely naked." He disengaged from Katherine and stood up. "Thanks, Sis! You're the best!"

He sat up on the edge of his bed instead so he could have better access to Brenda's tits.

Katherine sat up on her knees. Her skirt fell back over her ass, leaving her fully dressed. She had to content herself with just watching.

"Okay!" Brenda loved his order to get naked, since Susan had taught her that the best and "most proper" way of sucking his dick was while naked (except for heels) and on one's knees.

She removed her panties as rapidly as she could, then knelt between his legs. Just doing that was nearly enough to make her giddy and dizzy. She licked her lips some more as she stared at his cum- and saliva-covered erection. It looked red and angry, and seemed to be calling to her, ordering her to suck and serve.

Brenda had to take another moment to try to calm herself down some. Susan and I have talked about this very thing, this very pose, so much, and now it's happening to me again!

She shot a frustrated glance at Katherine, who was now kneeling with her arms impatiently crossed below her bust. I thought I'd get him totally alone. But of course I have an audience, and a judgmental one at that. That's only right; a sex pet lives a life of constant sexy humiliation!

She greedily grasped Alan's erection and forced herself to calm her ragged breathing. She caressed it like it was a priceless porcelain antique. "Oh Alan, it's everything I could ever want!" She whispered in awe, "So big! So thick!" Then she spoke louder, to be sure he could hear. "Let me help you out."


But it was just too exciting, and her attempts to stay calm failed. She began shaking all over. She grasped one of her nipples with a free hand and let out a piercing scream.

When her obvious orgasm finally ended, he asked, "What was that all about?"

Brenda gushed, "Sorry, I'm just so excited! I got all tingly getting to touch it and everything. And now it's going to go in my mouth! Dear God!"

She had to pause and compose herself yet again.

While she was doing that, he thought, Jesus H. Christ! Talk about an excitable woman. She just had a climax from merely touching my dick? Wow, that must be some kind of new record. And look at her! It's less like she has breasts and more like there are two fleshy bowling balls attached to the front of her chest. But what wonderful soft, wobbly, lightly tanned bowling balls they are!

While Brenda was still gathering her wits, Alan looked at Katherine, who was still kneeling a couple of feet away. "Hey, Sis, sorry to kind of having Brenda take over and all. You know I totally love you and what you were doing to me, but it's hard to resist the thrill of the new..."

Katherine held up a hand and stopped him before he could say more. "Don't worry, it's cool. I know, it's the Coolidge Effect and all that. I'd do the same if I was in your shoes. I mean, look at her!"

Finally, Brenda recovered and grasped his erection again. As she held its warmth, sticky with pre-cum and saliva, she started to stroke it. Oh no! This is my moment. Suzanne said I need to do better than last time. What if I'm not good enough? What if I just don't measure up to his official personal cocksuckers? I may not even be allowed to have him for a master! Look at all of Katherine's slobber dripping all over it. Even his balls are wet, which shows she's given them a lot of love too. And Amy was in here a little while ago. I'll probably taste her on him too. That's so fucking hot! But how can I compete, and even rise above all that tough competition?!

She thought about what Susan might do, and then bowed her head and said a little prayer. Dear God, please grant me the talent to give my master a wonderful cocksucking, one that he will truly enjoy. Please inspire me to make it so good and prolonged that he'll want me to suck him again and again and again. Lord, please! I implore You, help me out here! The competition is tough and I don't have the extensive practice they've had. Please help me give him the kind of oral loving that a great master like him truly deserves! In Your holy name, Amen.

Then she engulfed his cockhead. Even as she adjusted to swallowing his thickness, she kept her hands at the base and pumped excitedly.

Almost immediately, a great sense of relief washed through her. Yeeessss! So good! Such a big, long, and THICK cock! This is a cock I could not only love, but worship and adore! She began flicking the tip of her tongue against his sweet spot while her lips slid up and down his shaft.

Alan was still flying high from Katherine's oral attentions even before Brenda started. Now, his pleasure rose yet higher. MAN! I cannot believe how friggin' great life is! What did I do to deserve all this?! Nothing! But who cares? I'm here and loving it!

Brenda had to force herself to calm down again. Although her worry was suddenly gone, she was so overjoyed that she was practically on the verge of hyperventilating. With her mouth completely stuffed with cock, she needed to consciously breathe through her nose to get enough oxygen. She thought, I have to remember Susan's advice. Calm! Stay calm! Mere bobbing over his incredibly, gloriously thick pole is not enough! I have to use all my oral talents, starting right now!

She resumed her licking and sucking, but with more focus on what she was doing. Soon she was in seventh heaven. Aaaah! This is what it's all about. A busty, beautiful, and totally naked sex pet pleasuring her master's cock! Hnnnggg! Her lord and master! All this hot throbbing cock-meat in my mouth! Yes, yes, YES!

She briefly glanced at Katherine, but she no longer fretted about Katherine's critical stare, since she was convinced that she was giving him her best effort. As Susan would say, "Mmmm!" Yes, mmmm! That's so true! MMMM! I wish I could lick him everywhere at once because it's so tasty!

At the same time, Alan was quite ecstatic too. Even as she kept the top third of his dick in her trembling mouth, he reached down and cupped her massive mammaries with both hands. He sighed with pleasure as his fingers sunk into her soft tit-flesh.

Katherine saw that and rolled her eyes. But she was grinning too. For once her jealousy wasn't dominant. That was partly because she'd been stealth stroking and sucking him so long that she was ready for someone else to take over anyway. (While she'd said that Amy had ended her turn a few minutes earlier, that was really just an exaggeration to emphasize the variety of stimulation that he was getting.) But also, she couldn't help but appreciate the sight of a busty bombshell like Brenda suck with such obvious enthusiasm. She particularly appreciated the way Brenda's huge globes were jiggling and even swinging in Alan's hands in time to the bobbing.

Brenda hadn't been a particularly talented cocksucker, since she rarely did it during her years of marriage. Like many "trophy wives," she withheld sexual favors for other benefits. However, she had learned much recently from Susan and Suzanne, and she'd been practicing on various phallic-shaped objects quite often. Determined not to disappoint, she tried every trick she knew. She used both hands to fondle his balls and the lower half of his shaft. Meanwhile, she used her lips and tongue like her life depended on it.

She was particularly talented with her lips. They seemed to stay in constant motion, with great suction, even when she was focusing on tonguing his sweet spot. And concentrating on his sweet spot was what she did the vast majority of the time.

Soon, the workings of her mouth nearly made Alan forget about her giant orbs. But he didn't actually forget, and he stayed a very happy camper playing with them. He particularly liked to toy with her long nipples.

For her, the touch of Alan's hands on her skin was completely electric. She was a highly sensual and sensitive woman, and her orgasms began nearly as soon as he started pulling on her nipples. Oh God! Yes! It's just like Susan says: the more you give, the more you receive! If he keeps doing that I won't even be able to think or suck. I'm gonna cum and cum and cum until I pass out!

Watching Brenda cum continuously was making Katherine jealous. She stood up and started to head to the door.

But Alan motioned with his eyes that his sister stay and watch.


So Katherine remained standing right behind Brenda with her hands on her hips. Although she was more aroused than jealous, she was somewhat annoyed at being replaced. However, she kept quiet about it.


She thought, Brenda's tough competition. Dammit, just look at the way she's slathering his sweet spot with such intense dedication. But I'm not going to be outdone by her. Whatever Brother wants me to do, I'm going to do it and I'm going to be the best! She may have those mammoth tits and that cute baby face, but she's far too soft. Soft-willed and soft-bodied. She's practically chubby. I'm firm and strong, and he loves ME. I'll just have to do better. The more I please him, the more I'm rewarded with mind-blowing orgasms.

But despite her confident mental claims, a part of her remained doubtful and insecure.

After another minute or two of watching Brenda's boobs bouncing in time to her rhythmic bobbing, Katherine thought, I do have to admit it's pretty damn hot, being forced to watch this. I'm tempted to strip and masturbate, but would that be a sign that I approve? Ah, hell, it's time to admit Brenda's a part of our lives. Part of being a good fuck toy is NOT getting too jealous. Sharing his cock is a big part of serving him. I need to at least TRY to have a better attitude.

With that in mind, she coughed to get Alan's attention, then asked, "So, Bro, how does your cock feel right now?"

He looked up with some surprise. "You want to know how my cock feels right now?"

She forced herself to smile. "Sure. From the look on your face and your sexy moans, it seems you're having a lot of fun."

He relaxed, deciding her question was not some kind of jealousy trap. He smiled back, "That's true, so true! Phew! It feels sooooo good! But you know, you're a big part of that. I was already tripping on total erotic joy before Brenda showed up, thanks to you. She's continued your good work and even stepped it up a notch, by being active non-stop instead of stealthy."

Katherine nodded. She wasn't upset with that, since she appreciated his diplomatic response, and she knew Brenda had to be doing "better" since she wasn't working under the stealth limitation. She asked him, "Tell me... Being a woman, I don't get to see how this feels from your side of things. What are you feeling RIGHT NOW?"

He was happy to explain, even though he had to frequently pause for heavy breaths. "Oh... man! Brenda, as you can see, she's got my cockhead in her mouth, bulging in her cheek, attacking it with her tongue! So good! And her teeth! UGH! She's scraping the skin with her teeth. Feels great! And even the way she's fondling my balls too... Dang!"

He suddenly jerked his entire body. "Oh, Jesus! Did you see what she did there?" He was referring to the way she tickled up his shaft while scraping his sweet spot with her teeth in an unexpected way. "Oh God she's good! Shivers! Shivers everywhere! It's like I'm on a rocket ship blasting into space, going Mach Five, and the journey never ends!"

Katherine thought, Scraping with her teeth, huh? See, I learned something by trying to be nice. I've been afraid to get my teeth involved, but not anymore! She was proud of her effort to be friendly and understanding; it had already rewarded her with a positive result.

Brenda was over the moon, thanks to his praise. He thinks I'm good! He really likes what I'm doing. Boy, that sure takes the pressure off. Now, I can relax and enjoy it. Enjoy it even more, that is! His cock is the greatest! Nothing beats serving my master with my mouth and hands!

Katherine commented, "You think you're enjoying yourself now, Big Guitar Neck Brother? Just wait until the card game gets started. So many women want to make you feel good. It's like you have a harem of personal cocksuckers. It's exactly like that, in fact." She giggled. "Look how you're taming Brenda with your big cock. I bet it won't be long before you have Xania fully tamed too!"

Brenda had to pause in her sucking because she felt a particularly massive orgasm rip through her body. She was riding high already, but she hit a peak over the mention of the phrase "harem of personal cocksuckers." And then when Katherine mentioned, "Look how you're taming Brenda with your big cock," it was like she was poked with a cattle prod that delivered a jolt of pure arousal instead of electricity.

Time passed, with Katherine continuing to stand and watch.

Brenda sensed that Alan was getting very close to cumming. But, mindful of the advice from Susan and Suzanne that quality was at least as important as quantity, she was careful to ease up her efforts just enough to keep him riding right on the edge of a powerful orgasm.

Luckily, Alan had become experienced with just this kind of thing. He slipped into some kind of mental mode that allowed him to ably "ride" the wave, and enjoy the experience to its fullest. He couldn't explain quite how he did it, but he managed to keep his body in a relaxed state, so he could even manage to talk without much trouble.

Katherine eventually gave in to the temptation to masturbate. She lifted up her skirt and played with her pussy some, but mostly she concentrated on watching.

After a few minutes, Alan asked his sister to put on some "appropriate" music, since he generally had a better time when music was playing.

Katherine was stumped as to what that would be. She finally decided on the song "Super Freak" by Rick James as a not-so-subtle critique of Brenda's freakishly large boobs. She stayed at the stereo and continued to pick "message" songs (while also watching and playing with herself). For instance, when "Super Freak" ended, she put on "I Want You Back" by the Hoodoo Gurus, trying to signal that she wanted to take over what Brenda was doing. Then she played "Join Together" by the Who to indicate that she'd at least like to join in.

But Alan was so preoccupied experiencing a great, non-stop sexual high that he missed her meanings entirely and just enjoyed the classic songs and rhythmic beats.

Brenda also enjoyed the music, especially since she also was far too preoccupied to catch Katherine's intended meanings. She licked, sucked, and stroked in time to the beat, even swaying her entire body back and forth while remaining on her knees.

More minutes passed. Brenda already had a big leg up, since Susan had told her in great detail which techniques he liked the best, plus her two prior experiences sucking his cock. But now she had a seemingly unlimited amount of time to experiment, allowing her to know and understand the moods and sensitivities of his erection firsthand. As a result, her effectiveness increased by the minute.

That meant that Alan was increasingly eager to shoot his wad, but he also wanted to impress Brenda with his staying power, so he periodically pushed her head away to get a second wind. Sometimes he practically had to force her to remove her mouth from his erection, because she was so eager to suck. He also avoided playing much with her tits, since he was already on sensory overload.

Brenda thought, I wish Susan could see me right now. Mistress Susan. She'd be so proud. Or Mistress Suzanne. Even she would approve, I'll bet! I feel like I'm in "the zone," like some talented athlete doing everything just right, effortlessly! This is so much FUN! I don't even have to worry about getting tired, because I love doing it so much!

Katherine stopped her song selection "protest," especially since she realized it was too subtle for anyone to understand anyway. She kept personally selecting songs, but now she just picked the ones she liked (and she knew her brother liked), such as "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne. At the same time, she was busy masturbating while she watched, because her lust was stronger than her jealousy.


Brenda was doing such a great job that Alan was forced to take another break.

Brenda didn't like that at all. She continued to hold his boner, and she leaned in close enough to blow on it. But even that wasn't enough for her, especially since she wasn't allowed to stroke him. She moaned needfully, "Please Alan, let me suck it! Just let me suck it a little more. Please?!"

Katherine felt obliged to explain to her, "My brother isn't like other guys - he can last through what you're doing for an hour or more! But the only way he can do that is through what we all call his 'strategic breaks.' If he says stop, then you need to stop. The goal is not JUST to make him cum, but first to keep him peaking with as much erotic stimulation as possible for as long as possible."

Brenda of course knew all that from her talks with Susan, but she appreciated the reminder. Yes, it's quality AND quantity. And it's not about MY pleasure; it's about pleasing my master. I want him to mark me by splattering my face with his hot cum so very badly. But I have to calm down and make this last! I have to!

Besides, wouldn't it be wonderful to suck him for an hour or more? I'd just love to report that back to Susan, just to see the look on her face! Plus, I'll get my pearly facial in the end. However, the truth was that her jaw and tongue were getting tired. She actually needed the breaks as much as he did.

She was so horny that she went from holding his boner to stroking it, even though she knew she wasn't supposed to.

Alan was forced to say, "Um, Brenda, it's better if you just let go of me altogether. Otherwise, this break will never end."

She reluctantly let go, and sat up a little higher. She was tempted to titfuck him for a while to give her mouth a rest, but she was determined to make this a "pure" cocksucking experience. She wanted to show that she didn't need to rely on the "crutch" of her immense breasts to please him.

But she wasn't completely resistant to using her rack to arouse him. Now that she was waiting with her hands free, she hefted her big tits with both hands and stared adoringly up into his eyes. "Ma- m, my my!" She narrowly avoided using the forbidden "M" word. "Alan, I just LOVE sucking your cock! I hope this body of mine pleases you."

She sensuously rubbed her globes together, using the sweat that had trickled into her cleavage for lubrication. As she repeatedly did that, she thought about what she might be allowed to say, given Suzanne's order that she keep her submission to him a secret for now. She spoke in generalities. "I love how you have so many official personal cocksuckers. I can't wait until you officially declare that I've joined their ranks. I'd like to do this for you a LOT more in the future! A LOT more!"

Katherine said in a jaded voice, "Take a number and get in line."

Alan said, "Come on, Sis, don't be like that."

"Sorry," Katherine grumbled. "It's just hard to watch and not join in, you know? I was kinda tired out earlier, but I'm not anymore. I'm so ready to join in that it's not even funny. However, Brenda says she's been given a special one-on-one time with you, and I guess she deserves it."

He thought, Brenda and Sis blowing me at the same time? Awesome! But that's the problem - it would be too awesome. I'm in a great groove right now. I could keep going like this for a really long time. But with Sis too? Man, I wouldn't last a minute!

Although he was still recovering and panting hard, he tried to speak - a task made more difficult by the fact that Brenda had resumed holding and fingering his shaft even though they were supposedly still in the middle of a strategic break. He told his sister, "Please, give her some latitude. After all, she doesn't come here that often, and you live right across the hall. I don't know why she's so eager to help me like this, but if she is, then please let her do it."

Katherine chuckled. "You don't know why? Seriously? As if you left her any choice! As if you didn't totally dominate her and get her pussy all wet with just one look, the first time you saw her. How can she look at that hot, throbbing cock in her hands and want to do anything else except serve it, constantly?" She got a little carried away with her words, because even though she was slightly peeved, she was still masturbating and very horny.

Brenda reacted as if every nerve in her body had been set on fire. Yes! How CAN I do anything but serve it constantly?! God! Although the strategic break wasn't supposed to end just yet, she couldn't help herself. She let out a loud, erotic wail as she opened her mouth wide and engulfed his entire thick cockhead. Then she resumed her bobbing even more energetically than before.

She didn't know how to deep throat (although she was determined to change that soon), but she kept taking him so deep that she repeatedly gagged. She actually relished choking and gagging on his cock, because that figured so prominently in her fantasies of being physically overpowered by his boner. Not only were the idea and sounds great, but it felt incredible for her too.

Katherine was puzzled by Brenda's loud and repeated choking and gagging noises. Normally, Katherine tried hard not to trigger her gag reflex when sucking him, but it seemed that Brenda was deliberately flirting with doing that. She didn't know how it felt for either Brenda or Alan, but it sounded fantastic to her ears. Holy shit! It sounds like he's vigorously fucking her face, but she's the one doing everything! It's like music to my ears. So debauched, so slutty! You go, girl! She masturbated with renewed enthusiasm.

Alan loved the sensation of Brenda's choking and gagging style, as well as the sounds of it. He wasn't so surprised, since Susan sometimes liked to do that to him too.

Brenda put her heart and soul into bobbing, licking, sucking, fondling and stroking him until her hands and jaws were tired. Her eyes leaked tears as she kept gagging and choking on his cock, or nearly doing so.

Eventually, she stopped and just sat there with her eyes closed, panting.


Katherine frowned disapprovingly when Brenda had to pause briefly to rest, even when Alan wasn't calling for another strategic break.

Brenda had been working so intently that she couldn't keep it up for long. She hadn't built up her cocksucking endurance in the way that Susan and the others had. On top of that, her gagging and choking technique was especially difficult. It was only sheer determination and total dedication that had enabled her to last as long as she had.

In fact, Alan had been only seconds from calling for another break. He sighed with relief and frustration as he slowly came down from dizzying erotic heights a little bit while Brenda took her rest. He knew that if she'd continued for another minute or so, he certainly would have blown his load. Plus, he'd been clenching his PC muscle for so long that he wanted a break from that.

The grumpy (yet still horny) sister complained to the super busty newcomer during the break, "You're tired after only that? Brenda, you were doing okay until then, but now you're blowing it. Big Guitar Neck Brother, would you like someone who actually knows how to suck cock take over for a while?"

He knew her complaint was completely unjustified, because Brenda was doing a fantastic job. He diplomatically let it slide. "Thanks, Sis, but that's okay. Let her get the hang of it."

Then he patted Brenda's head. "You're doing great, Brenda. You almost had me squirting there. You were doing some weird and wild stuff with that gagging thing. I like it! There's no rush though. Just keep going when you're ready."

Alan's didn't realize what a powerful effect his hand gesture had. Brenda was thrilled by having her head patted because it made her feel like she really was a "sex pet." That term had come to mean a great deal to her, especially since Alan had used it on her several times.

Her jaw still needed to rest, but she was inspired to immediately resume licking his sweet spot. She soon engulfed his cockhead again and concentrated on her tongue work, since her tongue was still doing okay. She laid off on more of the difficult gagging style for now, though. God DAMN! I'm living my greatest, wildest fantasy! My life has become one of those harem stories I love reading about, except that it's happening in the flesh, to me, right now! He just patted me like a pet, because I AM his pet! His busty, human SEX pet! And now I've got my lips stretched around his impossibly thick, incredible cock! I don't care how tired and sore I am; this is a cock that MUST be properly serviced!

But Katherine still complained, even as she kept on masturbating, "Brenda, who taught you how to suck cock? Don't you ever practice? Geez."

In fact, the better a job Brenda did, the more Katherine grew jealous and worried. She could see that Alan was really enjoying Brenda's repeated corkscrew movements in particular. Brenda was very good at twisting her mouth around his stiff pole at the same time she went up and down on it. It was true that it was the same as Susan's favorite move, but that wasn't a surprise since she'd learned so much from Susan.

Brenda pulled off to answer. But she kept on licking as she explained, "Um, I've been married a long time, but I haven't done something like this for my husband in years. We've been on the outs with each other, and now we're getting divorced; it's all but finalized. Lately, I've been learning from Susan, but practicing on a dildo doesn't compare with the real thing. I'm sorry if I'm unworthy."

Katherine had all but forgotten that Brenda was still married (even if that was mostly just a technicality at this point). She gasped silently and pulled on her clit. Good God! Nothing stops Brother! Married or not, it doesn't matter! If he wants a woman, he takes her! Dammit, it's hard to be pissed off at her when everything is this arousing.

"You're fine," Alan said encouragingly, running his hands through Brenda's short hair. "Really. Sis isn't on the receiving end, so she can't judge. It's taken her a lot of practice to get her hands and mouth where it is today. You're doing just great. You have a natural talent at this, I can tell."

That thrilled Brenda so much that she engulfed his cockhead again and resumed licking and sucking enthusiastically, despite her exhaustion. Since her corkscrew move had caused the most erotic groans from Alan, she went back to doing that a lot more.

As she sucked, she thought, He said I have "natural talent"! How great is that?! What a wonderful master! I'm not his official sex pet yet; hell, nobody is. Not officially, at least. That's a high mountain to climb. But maybe at least he'll make me one of his official personal cocksuckers soon!

She lunged down until she gagged on his thickness a little bit more. She loved the sound and the feeling. I'm not worthy even of that title, though! To think, I've been spending too much time fantasizing and masturbating when I should have been practicing more licking and sucking on dildos to build up my endurance. Forgive me, Master!

There was a time when Brenda was arrogant and distant. Everyone was so envious and lustful of her natural attributes that she seemingly only knew how to reject and avoid men. She'd gotten into the habit of rejecting everyone, thinking that everyone loved her only for her looks. But that Brenda was long gone. The new Brenda lived to serve her master. She was like a person who was normal until their first shot of heroin and then forever after a junkie, except that she was now a sex junkie.

After another five minutes of sheer bliss, Alan could take no more. He motioned to Katherine, who was so busy frigging herself that she'd stopped playing DJ and just let the last CD play. Then he pointed towards Brenda's ass.

Understanding the message, Katherine got up and attacked Brenda's pussy from behind. She went after Brenda's clit with one hand and stuffed fingers up Brenda's pussy with the other, causing the monster-titted woman to scream incredibly loudly. Somehow, though, she kept on sucking. Her screaming made her lips vibrate in a way that was even more arousing than what she was doing.

Katherine wasn't thrilled about making Brenda feel good, but she'd gotten so worked up from watching that she couldn't stop herself from obeying Alan's wordless command.


Brenda unintentionally pulled her mouth off Alan's pulsing cock so she could scream her pleasure without any restraint.

Alan had just started to shoot his load, but since she pulled back most of it blasted all over her face. He aimed rope after rope in the general direction of her nose while he let out a loud, incoherent cry.

"Cover me!" she cried in ecstasy. "Cover me in your cum! Drench me all over!" Her whole body trembled. She'd lost track of all the fantastic orgasms she'd had since she'd started her blowjob, but all of those paled in comparison to the seemingly endless one she was enjoying now.

For the past few minutes, he had been holding back from fondling her huge rack for fear of getting overexcited. But since he was cumming already, he figured he didn't have anything to lose. He groped at her giant tits with abandon.

That caused Brenda to scream without restraint as she climaxed over and over. She was very multi-orgasmic, and she proved it, loudly. It seemed that each time his hands squeezed deeply into her tit-flesh she had another climax, and that wasn't too far from the truth.

Katherine was at a fever pitch too, just from watching. She used one hand on herself, while continuing to play with Brenda's gushing pussy with her other one, and she came hard too.

Recovering somewhat after a minute or so, Brenda thought, WOW! My first facial! I never let either of my husbands do that to me; I told them it was too degrading. I'm so glad I did, because it's only fitting that my master is the first to paint me. And it IS degrading, but in the best possible way. This is the life of a personal cocksucker. Of a sex pet, even! She dove back to Alan's cock and resumed licking it.

He asked her, "What are you doing? Can't you tell I'm growing flaccid now? There's no way you'll revive me anytime soon, I can guarantee that."

She replied as she licked, "I know that, but Susan says it's the tradition to lick your balls and dick clean after each orgasm. I completely agree!"

He rolled his eyes. "Oh, that. Look, that's not really necessary. It's not some overall tradition, it's more like just a special Susan tradition."

In fact, Brenda felt like her entire body had turned to jelly. She'd licked him so long that she felt like she couldn't lick so much as a postage stamp. But she felt this was an essential part of the entire experience, so she kept right on licking. Susan had rhapsodized at great length about the "cleaning" tradition, and how satisfying it was for her. Brenda wasn't going to miss out on it for anything, if she could help it.

Alan fell back on his bed, closed his eyes, and relaxed about as much as humanly possible. Aaaaah! That was beyond great. To think that a woman like Brenda would be so willing and eager to do that. I can kind of understand everyone else, because we had these loving bonds, and now we have a new way to love each other. But Brenda's way into it, and I'm just getting to know her! Wild. The truth is, until I met her, I didn't even know women with a body like hers actually existed! Outside of erotic comic books, that is. He chuckled to himself.

And, hell, she's still licking my balls! Geez. I'll bet most kings never had it this good.

After a few minutes, he sat back up.

Brenda rightly took that as a signal to end her "cleaning" effort, so she did. She had to agree with Susan that a prolonged cleaning was a highly satisfying way to finish.

Brenda also sat up straight, even though she wasn't done. Her focus immediately turned to "cleaning" his cum from her own face. She eagerly licked up all the cum she could reach with her tongue, and then stuffed more in her mouth with greedy fingers. She'd never cum so hard or so often in one evening, and her pussy was already sore before the big party she was looking forward to had even started. But at the same time, she was wired with excitement and ready for more.

However, before she could do much, Alan said, "Leave the rest on, and that's an order. Some of the others may enjoy licking that off later."

In fact, Katherine couldn't resist scooping up and swallowing a particularly large gob that was about to fall from Brenda's chin. That still left quite a lot, as Alan had given Brenda an unusually heavy load.

Brenda obeyed Alan's desire. His command to wear his cum, like everything else this evening, was like her ultimate fantasy come true, and then some. She gushed, "Oh, Alan! It's so good. That was... UGH! Too much! Susan and Suzanne were so right - you're not a normal man. I'll admit that I was having some doubts about some crazy plans they were making for me earlier, but I was so wrong to even think. It's all so worth it. So worth it!"

He wondered what she was thinking, especially her comment about "crazy plans." He still didn't have a clue how far she'd already gone in her submission to him.

She panted, "I'm too untrusting. I'll never doubt them, or you, again. This is the most delicious nectar on Earth! More! Give me more! I want to swim in it!"


Katherine frowned at Brenda's comments. Now that her own orgasm had passed, her jealousy grew much greater. "You wish. You're a one-trick pony, Mrs. Big Tits. You're the flavor of the week. You may give good head - after all your enthusiastic choking and gagging, I'll grudgingly grant you that. But my brother doesn't love you. Hell, he doesn't even KNOW you. Next week he'll be playing with some other big-titted freak of nature and you'll be yesterday's news. But I'll still be here, living right across the hall. So take THAT! Ha! He loves ME, his one and only sister! I'M going to be the one swimming in his cum long after he's completely forgotten your name."

"That's enough, Sis," Alan complained. "That was so rude."

Katherine covered her mouth with her hands. "Oh my God! Did I just say all that out loud? Shit. I thought I was just thinking." She truly didn't know she was voicing her thoughts out loud, but now that it was done she didn't mind terribly. Dumb, dumb, dumb! But at least it's good for Brenda to understand her place before she gets her hopes up too high. The stupid chubby cow.

Brenda appeared crushed. Her body withered, perhaps in sympathy with Alan's flaccid penis.

However, Alan tried to repair the damage. "Don't mind my sister. She's just jealous. She's all wrong. You won't be forgotten next week, not at all. In fact, we all want you to be a regular at our weekly card games and fashion shows from now on, plus who knows what else, don't we?" He stared intently at Katherine as he prodded again, "Don't we?"

Katherine got the message. "Yes, we do." She managed a smile, but her voice was flat and forced.

Alan explained, "Brenda, you're a late comer to a very tight group. So there's bound to be some resentment. It's true that I don't know you that well yet - none of us do - but I have a good feeling about you. Yes, you've got the biggest rack I've ever seen, but you're not just a pair of tits in my eyes. For one thing, you seem like a fundamentally nice person, and I like your enthusiasm." He winked, "Not to mention your ass."

Brenda thought, A-ha! He does like my ass! She actually wasn't that upset about Katherine's comments. She figured that jealousy and in-fighting amongst women was part of being in a harem. Plus, the intensity of Katherine's feelings was a sign that Brenda was making progress becoming a part of Alan's life. S

Continuing more seriously, he said, "If you like our group, just hang in there and don't mind the slings and arrows. In time, Katherine and some of the others with jealousy issues will warm up to you."

Brenda blurted out, "Like your group? Like?! Alan, you have no idea!" She ardently wished Suzanne hadn't forbidden her from explaining everything that had happened downstairs earlier. "This is the most amazing, wonderful group of people I've ever met! I don't mind Katherine's comments because I'm sure I'm not worthy. I tried my best to fondle and suck, but how can I compare with the likes of Susan, Suzanne, Amy, and Katherine?"

As she said this last sentence, she looked at Katherine with complete adoration. While Brenda didn't know her that well, her high opinion of her was nonetheless set if only because of who Katherine was related to. Anyone who was the sister of Alan and the daughter of Susan was to be adored in Brenda's mind.

Katherine was completely taken aback, mostly because Brenda was obviously sincere in adoring her, even right after she'd insulted her. She didn't understand the intensity of Brenda's submissive feelings yet, just as Alan did not. So she decided not to say anything for the moment.

Alan turned to Katherine. "Sis, look, I understand you're just a teen so I can't really blame you for being immature. But that was soooo juvenile! I mean, come on. I'm a teenager too but I don't blurt out that kind of stuff, ever, even to people I don't like. That was downright mean."

The more Katherine thought about it, the more regretful she felt. "Brother, I'm reaaaally sorry. I thought I was just talking to myself. Imagine how much it would suck for you if all your thoughts about people were spoken out loud."

"Good point. But I have the sense to never say them out loud. I think you need to be punished. And since you offended Brenda, I think she's the one to punish you. Brenda, how would you like to give Katherine a spanking? Say... twenty-five swats on her ass?"

"Ummm..." Brenda looked worried. She stared at the floor nervously.

"What? I'm sorry, you don't like the idea of spankings? I didn't realize."

"No, it's not that. In fact, I love the idea of spankings. I adore it. It's just, uh, really it was my fault. Can you spank me instead?" She turned around and bent over, presenting her ripe target. (She also deliberately showed off how her inner thighs were soaked.)

He asked, "Huh? How's that? What did you do wrong? You come in here and passionately blow me for over half an hour like it was your last act on Earth, and then you feel like you did something wrong? No, you did great. Like I said, you're not some sexual flash in the pan. We want you in our group."

Brenda worried, That's great. But... how much does he want me? He has no idea, does he? He just thinks he's going to see me a couple of times a week for these parties. He doesn't realize how much I need him! I need him to rule and control me! He needs to fill my holes every single day! Isn't that what masters do? I have to trust that Suzanne is going to make everything work out, because right now he probably doesn't want me for a sex slave at all! How CAN I compete with the loving ties the others share? I'll just have to try harder. More busty thrusting, more willing, more submissive!

She turned back around and stood stiffly, as if an obedient soldier in a sex army. That immediately made her feel better. She arched her back and thrust her tits out, and that made her feel even better. She reveled in the fact that she was wearing nothing but high heels. Susan's earlier words about heels came back to her and thrilled her: "Wearing them is a sign that you're trying to please and arouse Alan with your entire body, even down to your toes. Think of them as bonds of love."

But as she stood there proudly showing off her voluptuous, nude body, she continued to think about her aggressive attitude. Maybe I'm being unfair to him. Look at me - I'm not just proudly thrusting my big tits forward for his inspection; I'm thrusting myself into his life. Am I being too clingy? I can't be clingy! I'm here to please him, not cause trouble. He should set the pace. The last thing I want is to get between him and his sister. I'll just have to suffer silently in my need to have him, for now at least.

Just then, a gob of cum slid off her chin and landed on the upper slope of her left tit. That sent yet another shiver of pure pleasure down her spine.

Alan had been distracted too, first by her bent-over pose and then by her soldier-on-parade pose. Again he marveled at her exceptional physical perfection. But finally he prodded her about the spanking idea. "So...?"

Brenda was in a fix. She felt she couldn't even spank Katherine, not after Suzanne had declared Katherine to be one of her mistresses. So she tried to reply in a way that wasn't a blatant lie. "Well, uh, it's just that you want a spanking and I don't have the energy to give one. I came so hard and so good. And I already had some WONDERFUL orgasms downstairs before I came up here. I can hardly stand up, to be honest. And my hands and my mouth... My tongue... Phew, this is hard work!" She looked at Katherine. "I'm so impressed! I have no idea how you do it, day after day after day."

Katherine replied proudly, "It is hard work. But hearing his moans of pleasure keeps me going. And then, in the end, you get your spermy reward - as you obviously are aware right now..." She giggled, looking all over Brenda's cummy face.

Brenda smiled broadly. She was humiliated by the pearly seed all over her skin, but she was proud of it too. She felt like it was her reward for a difficult job well done.

Katherine continued, "And usually some nice cums along the way." She giggled some more and swiped a finger through the cum on Brenda's face, licking it up. Her earlier jealous outburst was already practically forgotten, especially because Brenda was being so nice to her.

Brenda continued, "Anyway, I thought I'd volunteer to receive the spanking. Actually, I insist. Won't you please spank me?" As tired as she was, she got up, turned around, and bent over again so she could visually offer Alan her wide ass. To further entice him, she spread her legs wide while keeping them ramrod straight.

Alan was startled by the sheer quantity of cum dripping down Brenda's thighs. But he shook his head. "That's not how it works. The idea's not to just randomly spank people. You're supposed to punish Katherine for the awful things she said to you. Would you like me to give the spanking to her in your place?"

"NO!" Brenda was appalled by the idea. In her mind already, Katherine was one of the special people, one of her natural superiors. The idea of her presence causing such a person to be spanked was beyond the pale. She stood up and turned around to give Alan a pleading look. "Whatever happened, I'm sure it's my fault. I'm the one who got her upset. If anyone should get spanked, it should be me."


She hopped up on the bed so she could thrust her ass in Alan's direction more blatantly. Despite the harsh words from Katherine, Brenda was still very aroused. Not only was she hoping for a repeat performance of how Alan had spanked her the previous time she'd been there, but she got off on the shameful feeling of being on all fours while wearing nothing but cum and high heels.

"Nonsense," he said firmly. "Anyways, I've kind of lost the spanking urge with all this talking. Sis, please, promise me you won't get jealous about Brenda again. I just want everyone to get along and be friends."

Brenda reluctantly crawled off the bed. She stood right in front of him, as if expecting orders.

Katherine privately fumed, "Get along and be friends." Right. And have us all smile mindlessly as we take turns sucking your cock. Right. Sorry, Bro, but I have feelings too. You can't just push me aside for this walking pair of tits. I won't go quietly!

But, changing her mood a bit, she continued thinking, However, we do have to all try to get along. If I make a big scene I'll just fall down in his book. The truth is, we DO take turns sucking his cock, and it is key that we all get along. Plus, Brenda does know all our incestuous secrets. And I guess she's kind of nice. Yeah, she'll keep coming by a couple of times a week for who knows how long. Forever, maybe. I can handle that. Even then, she won't be a serious threat to me.

The bottom line is, she's an occasional visitor, but I LIVE HERE! Ha, take that! Right now he's going a bit hog wild, taming random bombshells like her, but soon enough he'll realize how sexually overcommitted he is and that it's best to stick with family most of the time. He LOVES me! He'll never love her. So I'll just wait it out and do my best to get along for now.

She forced a smile. "I'm sorry, Big Bro. Brenda, I'm especially sorry to you. You know how the mind works. People think all kinds of crazy things in passing but they don't mean most of it. I am kinda jealous about your curvy body compared to my flat one, but I'm sure that'll pass. Let's try again to be friends, okay?"

Brenda smiled. "Okay. Thanks. I do appreciate it. And I'm sorry again about butting in. I mean, here you were, happily slurping away on your brother's stiff meat and I come along and force you aside. Then, to add insult to injury, I take his big load on my face. A load that you'd worked hard to coax out, I'm sure. Even now, you have to watch all that tasty cum slowly dripping down my cheeks and nose. I feel horrible. It's just that Suzanne and Susan ordered me to come up here and do that. They probably didn't realize you were already going at it."

"Good point, Brenda," Alan said. "I hadn't thought of all that. These miscommunication things happen. Let's go downstairs and turn over a new leaf for the party. Okay? And I so much appreciate all the kindness and pleasure both of you have given me. Thank you. I'm such a lucky guy."

Katherine and Brenda left not long after that. Katherine went to her bedroom to change clothes and freshen up.

Brenda rushed downstairs to give a full report of her blowjob success to Susan and Suzanne. She merely carried the discarded nightie with her, handing it to Susan to take care of.

Both mothers were busy getting the house ready for Xania's arrival. But in fact the house was clean and ready to go already, and the two sexy mothers were fully dressed, so Susan turned to her with arms open wide and asked, "How was it?"

Brenda rushed into Susan's arms and gave her a big hug (while being careful not to smear the cum that was all over her against anything). She laughed with glee. "Do you have to ask? THE BEST! Just look at me! Look at my face!" She pulled back just enough from the hug to show off her cummy face.

Susan was happy for her friend. "Look at you! Naked and spermed! Look at her, Suzanne!" She swiped a cum gob off Brenda's forehead and licked it up.

Suzanne chuckled. "I know. I can see. Congratulations, Brenda. That's what, your third time sucking him off?"

"Yes, but the very first time he painted my face. And each time is way better than the last! I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of it. I sucked him for so long that my jaw hurts and my tongue is all tired out, but already I can't wait to do it again!"

Suzanne said, "Well, I have a feeling you'll get your chance later tonight. But first, sit down and tell us all about what happened."

Brenda continued to hug Susan a little longer, and said, "I get it now. I fully get it. It's so much more than just a sex act or two. It's a lifestyle! An entire way of life, dedicated to serving our man, serving his cock!"

Susan beamed, like a proud teacher with a star pupil. "Exactly! Did he mention anything about making you one of his personal cocksuckers."

"Unfortunately, no." Brenda finally broke the hug.

"Don't worry; that'll come soon, I'm sure. Now, let's hear the full story!"

Brenda happily gave them a passionate and triumphant description of what she'd done. She was still at it when the doorbell rang, signaling Xania's arrival. At that point, Suzanne had Brenda put on only the extremely revealing clothes she'd arrived in, plus her high heels. They had her leave the cum on her face.

Meanwhile, Alan stayed upstairs to finish a few things. He also wanted to wait for his penis to revive so he could make a big impression on entry.

He shook his head with wonder as he thought of Brenda. That is one wild woman. I have a feeling I'm going to be seeing a whole lot more of her. She seemed as fanatically loyal as a puppy dog to me, and yet I still don't know her. How did that happen? Was Suzanne's scheme that effective? Was she just that much of a ripe fruit ready to be plucked?

Weird. I mean, this isn't just any woman. Brenda has an incredible body, and a great face too! This is so unreal I just want to hit myself and wake up. Maybe it's actually a good thing I got beat up at school today, because it painfully reminds me that I'm human after all and not invincible. This could all disappear in a heartbeat if word somehow gets out as to what we're doing.

Speaking of trouble, I can see more trouble brewing, thanks to Brenda's looks and attitude. Sis was practically seething at one point. I've never seen her bitch and complain like that, even if it was an accident that she spoke the words out loud. But on the other hand, it kinda turns me on to have them get all catty over me.

Ah well. Now it's downstairs to the party to see what other bizarro turns my life can take. I hope my dick rebounds quickly, 'cos I can hardly wait to get down there. This is going to be a classic get-together. Amy, Katherine, Susan, Suzanne, Brenda, AND Xania, all in one room at one time? Oh yeah! That's one for the all-time beauty record books.

Oh shit! Xania! I shouldn't have sent Brenda downstairs naked with a face full of cum. I wonder if Xania's here yet.


Xania arrived, which meant it was time for the poker party to really begin.

Alan and Katherine came downstairs together, after taking about ten minutes to recover and freshen up. (Alan was dressed in nothing but a long-sleeved white buttoned-up dress shirt and shorts, while Katherine wore a nice formal outfit.)

When Alan noticed Xania, he thought, SWEET! What a great day! Xania is such a hottie. Surely something sexual is going to happen with her and me tonight, no? I mean, we've secretly fucked. How can good things not happen?

Xania was dressed up the way a professional psychologist should be, and in fact was dressed only slightly more casually than she'd been during their appointment. She wore a white blouse and a matching red jacket and skirt. The others standing around her in the entry foyer were dressed as if for a formal dinner.

In extreme contrast, Brenda was dressed in nothing but her sliver of an excuse for a top, her G-string-like bikini bottoms, and high heels. That was tremendously embarrassing for her, especially considering that Xania was a complete stranger.


Worse, Brenda still had Alan's cum hanging all over her face. Not only that, but she interpreted Suzanne's earlier comment that she should keep her nipples uncovered whenever possible as a command from her mistress, and so she now wore her black top in a lopsided fashion that kept both nipples exposed. It was almost worse than wearing no top at all, since it seemed such a crazy thing to do.

No one mentioned the cum or the top, not even Xania.

In fact, it was so odd that Xania hadn't said a word about Brenda's appearance that soon everyone was antsy, as if waiting for another shoe to drop. Since none of them except Suzanne knew Xania's real identity and true persona, they half expected her to leave their house or burst into anger at any moment. Had she really been the person she was pretending to be, that probably would have occurred.

Alan considered telling Brenda to make herself presentable, but the situation had a lot of sexual potential. He didn't know the full truth about Xania, but he realized that she wasn't anywhere near the innocent she was pretending to be. He decided to roll with the punches and act like this situation was normal.

Brenda found the lack of reaction to her appearance most odd. She was well aware of how strange she looked, and her face burned red with shame and humiliation. Nonetheless she did her best, with her head held high and a smile upon her face.

Once she saw Alan approach, she thrust her chest out and kept her arms behind her back to further push her tits forward. That doubled her already great humiliation, but now that she considered herself one of Alan's sex pets, she was determined to show that she was a good one.

When Alan and Katherine had arrived, Suzanne had made some welcoming small talk. But that quickly died out, and the ensuing silence only heightened the tension about Brenda's appearance.

Finally, Amy spoke up. "Xania, aren't you going to ask about Brenda? Geez! If I were you, I sure would."

"No, I'm not," Xania said calmly.

But Amy wasn't satisfied. She asked, "Why not? Don't you have any curiosity?"

"Sure, but I figure I'm here this evening like an anthropologist living with a foreign culture. I'd like to just be a fly on the wall and observe your fascinating sexual traditions firsthand. If you want me to know something, I figure you'll tell me. I'm sure there's a good reason why this beautiful lady has some interesting, er, stuff... all over her face, not to mention her... unusual attire."

Brenda gasped in embarrassment, but forced herself not to cower or cover up. Oh Jesus God! I knew when I came here tonight that there would be times like this, but I didn't think it would be THIS bad. I have to be strong! This is like a test of my loyalty to my master!

Amy nodded in slight confusion at Xania's response, and surprisingly didn't tell her any more about Brenda. Neither did anyone else. It seemed that everyone was waiting for Alan's lead, and he still hadn't said a word.

The group resumed making casual small talk, which mostly consisted of introductions to people who hadn't previously met. Then Suzanne said to Xania as an aside, "By the way, don't blame Brenda for her attire, or, er... lack thereof. She was in the middle of telling Susan and me a VERY interesting story about what she was doing to Alan upstairs, and then you rang the doorbell, so there was no time for her to change."

Xania knew from years of experience when Suzanne was playing some kind of game, so she happily played right along, pretending to be clueless. "Oh, really? What kind of story?"

Suzanne smirked a little. "It's all about what she was doing not long before you got here. She put on some sexy see-through lingerie, walked into Alan's room, dropped to her knees between his legs, and then... Wait. Maybe it's better if you tell the story?" She looked right at Brenda.

Brenda felt like her heart had stopped altogether. She was already blushing profusely, but somehow her face turned twice as red.

Xania could guess easily enough that Suzanne was alluding to Brenda giving Alan a blowjob. Furthermore, she could tell by the way people were acting that Brenda was a person who got off on being sexually humiliated, which everyone in the room understood except Brenda. So Xania continued to play her clueless role by asking, "Yes, Brenda, what were you doing to Alan upstairs? And in see-through lingerie, no less?"

Brenda clenched her hands together nervously and stammered, "Um... You see... I was just, uh... Alan had big needs, and I... Oh God!" She looked like she was about to faint from sheer embarrassment.

Susan was such a lovable softie that she couldn't bear to see Brenda squirm and blush so much. She said, "Before we tell any stories, what are we doing just standing here in the foyer? Let's get properly settled, shall we?"

Thanks to that prodding, Brenda was off the hook while the group moved to the living room for the poker game.

Brenda sat on a sofa and tried to recover. She was so horny and embarrassed that she felt like she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She was relieved to just close her eyes and be ignored for a little while. She would have loved to masturbate to further blow off her stress and arousal, but she didn't dare do so with Xania so nearby.

Xania had brought some luggage because she was staying the night. Alan picked it up to take it upstairs to the guest bedroom, which would allow him to be the last one into the living room when he returned. To a certain extent all the weeks of constant sexual adventures had made him a bit jaded, but now he practically pranced with glee as he lugged her bags along.

He thought, Great things are about to happen! Looking at those ladies in the foyer all dressed up so fancily, you'd think a Tupperware party was about to begin or something. You'd never figure what raging sexual creatures they are. I'll bet that within the hour - no, make that half an hour - they'll all be naked and begging me to fuck them. Including Xania, I hope! I'm glad Brenda looks the way she does, or else I wouldn't believe what's about to happen. Everything else seems far too normal.

And Xania! God DAMN! She's cool as a cucumber now, but I know she's really a hot firecracker! It's like Mom and Aunt Suzy have a body double, and how cool is that?! I've fucked her once, so don't tell me nothing's gonna happen tonight. But judging from her clothes and demeanor, I have a sense she's going to play hard to get, which is gonna be fun as hell! I have such a raging boner already that it's not funny. Oh my, buckets of cum are going to flow tonight!

Finally entering the living room, he took a look at the six women before him, who informally stood in a line for his benefit. Even Brenda managed to stand up and strike a pose. She still looked comically out of place with her cum-soaked blushing face and her nipples bared. XX05

Alan whistled in appreciation at them all. "Hot damn! Pinch me; I'm dreaming! Looking at the six of you there, it's like I'm looking at some kind of fantasy Amazon army. Valkyries maybe. With the exception of Brenda and Amy, all of you are just so damned tall. Right around six feet - I hear that's the height of all the supermodels. That alone is so amazing. But all of you look great. You know what this is like? This is like some 'Sexiest Women of the World' all-star team." He again conspicuously failed to mention or take special notice of Brenda's cum-drenched appearance.

He was just speaking his mind, but his words buttered up all the females and helped get them in the mood for the game. Most of them preened and posed, thrusting out their tits like Brenda had been doing.

Only Xania played it cool with her detached demeanor. She kept a poker face as she looked all around, as if she were a scientist studying her lab subjects.

Susan brought out the wine and liquor. She considered it part of her motherly duties to make sure Brenda and especially Xania got drunk or at least tipsy, to help Alan have his way with them. As she served Alan, she whispered in his ear while obviously referring to Xania, "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. Go get her, Tiger! I want to see you do her on the table in front of everybody!"

He chuckled to himself and shook his head in amused disbelief at how his mother had changed.

There was a tension in the room thanks to Xania's presence. Everyone was wondering how she would react once things started to get overtly sexual. Alan, Katherine and Suzanne were each well aware of the fact that Alan had had sex with her already. But Amy, Susan and Brenda were not.

Furthermore, Xania still wasn't blinking an eye at Brenda's strange appearance. Despite being in the same room as Brenda, she hadn't asked her any questions, not even to follow up on the story Brenda was supposedly about to tell.


With everyone standing around and drinking wine, Alan pulled Xania aside and said, "Before we start, can I speak to you in private for a minute?"

She readily agreed, and the two of them walked into another room. Alan closed the door so they could speak in complete privacy.

Immediately he said, "Hi, Dr. Goodleigh. It's good to see you, but I'm confused. Are you here as a psychologist, or is this just a social visit, or what? What's this anthropologist angle?"

She gave a wry smile. "I'll let you guess what I'm doing." She was having fun deliberately cultivating an enigmatic persona.

Alan replied, "Now we can't have that. It's too weird and no one will know how to act. Let me be bold with a proposal. I want to fuck you again, and I think you want to be fucked again or you wouldn't be here. Am I right?"

Xania didn't speak, but her eyes sparkled with mischief.

He knew he was right, so he assumed her agreement. "Good. Here's my plan. Things are going to get sexual with the card game. Veeeery sexual. But I want you to pretend that you're disturbed by it all. Quite disturbed, but not so much as to actually leave or force anyone to stop. And I'll slowly make more advances until I fuck you silly. How does that sound?"

She liked the plan, because it sounded like sexy fun. However, she couldn't help but tease, "Kiddo, you sure are full of yourself."

He quickly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a serious kiss.

She was surprised at first, but relaxed and joined in a delightful tongue duel. Thanks to her exceptionally long tongue, she was a natural expert kisser. Plus, she'd honed her skill from years of practice.

Meanwhile, his hands were busy. Despite her formal attire, he quickly had one hand inside her blouse and bra, pinching a nipple, and the other inside her panties, working her clit even before they came up for breath.

Two of his fingers were squishing in her wet pussy lips as the kiss came to an end. "Come on, Xania. Tell me you're not hot to trot."

She snickered to herself, Hot damn! He doesn't waste time. This is gonna be a fun evening! But outwardly, she kept up her pretense. "How dare you!"

He continued to fondle her body, because it was clear to him that her words were saying one thing and her body was saying another. Noticing that she wasn't making a serious effort to push him away, he pumped even deeper into her already very wet slit. He prodded, "Come on. You know you're liking it."

She laughed. She spoke quietly, just in case someone like Susan was eavesdropping. "Okay, you got me. Kiddo, you've got yourself a deal. Sounds like fun, and I figured I'd have to do something along that line anyway to be consistent with my role as a psychologist. The truth is, I'm just here to have fun. Even psychologists have fun sometimes." She nibbled at his earlobe as she spoke in a husky purr. "Looks like you're going to show me a really good time tonight."

He continued to finger her pussy. "I am. You and Brenda, since you're our special guests. She's a real character. You may find it hard to take her seriously, but she's for real."

Just then, Susan walked in and immediately broke into a big smile. Her eyes zoomed in on the way Alan's fingers were pumping between Xania's legs. Wow! That's my boy! He's working fast. The taming begins!

She hid her joy and calmly said, "Hey, you two, we're all waiting for you."


Xania turned in shock and pushed Alan away. She immediately began readjusting her clothes to make herself more presentable. However, she didn't do too much adjusting - she wanted her lacy underwear to be noticed. She pretended shame for Susan's sake. "I can explain! It's not what you think!"

Susan had an amused smirk on her face. Xania had pulled up her panties, but she hadn't had a chance to pull her skirt down too, so Susan could see a wet spot in her dark panties. She liked that. "Oh really? Then what is it then?" She put her hands on her hips expectantly.

Xania stammered shyly, "I'm just, uh, trying to fit in. And, uh, do what the other guests do."

Susan was in an unusually naughty mood as she reveled in her son's sexual prowess. She pretended to be slow on the uptake, even though she was smirking. "So you're letting him pump your pussy and knead your breasts?"

"Um, well, if you put it that way, it does sound a bit lewd, but, um, er..."

Susan was obviously filled with pride. With a beaming smile, she said, "That's my son! Xania, you don't stand a chance. You'll be fitting in, all right. Or I should say Alan will be fitting into you. Here, give me your bra and panties." She held her hands out expectantly.

"What?" Xania was genuinely confused by that.

Susan explained, "The house rule is 'no female underwear allowed'. No exceptions. Didn't you say something about wanting to observe our customs?"

"Yes, I'm trying to take a 'When in Rome, do as the Romans' attitude. But... do I really have to?"

Susan just put a hand on her hip and gave Xania a withering, impatient look.

Xania was finding that she didn't really need to act much to maintain her role. She was truly blushing as she asked, "Can I at least change in the bathroom? Otherwise he'll see me naked!"

Susan asked, "Did you not notice that he's already got his hand in your panties again?"

Xania looked down and saw that indeed he did. She reluctantly stepped back from him and began to undress. She could have just unhooked her bra without first removing her blouse, but she wanted to make a show of it. She feebly protested, "I can't believe I'm doing this," even as she made sure to give Alan a good show.

Susan, standing behind Xania, gave Alan the thumbs-up sign with both hands while silently mouthing the phrase "Alan-worthy." She was all smiles.

Alan really liked that, which his erection showed as well.

As Xania slowly undressed, she asked, "Why is it 'no female underwear allowed?' That sounds unfair to me. What about Alan and his underwear?"

Susan spoke proudly. "It IS unfair, on purpose. My son Alan here is the man of the house. He never wears underwear anymore, but the point is, he could. Such rules are one of the many ways he asserts his dominance over us."


Reaching behind herself, Xania deftly unhooked her bra, exposing her bounteous breasts as her boulder-holder fell away and she removed it. Then she asked with feigned annoyance, "Is this enough?"

"Definitely not!" Susan said with a smirk. "Although, I must say, you have a remarkable body. Truly impressive breasts."

Alan thought, You can say that again, Mom! And her body is friggin' EXACTLY like Mom's! I may not be allowed to fuck my mother yet, but I sure as hell can fuck Xania. I don't know precisely how it's going to happen, but I'm definitely going to be fucking her tonight!

Xania grumbled, "Thanks, I guess."

Funnily enough, Susan had thoughts very similar to Alan's. Xania is a total BABE! She's exactly the kind of busty beauty who needs to discover the joys of serving Tiger's cock. And while he can't fuck me, maybe he can fuck her and think of me. I hope he gives he a nice long dicking tonight!

Susan stared at Xania in a surprisingly intimidating manner. "Now, take off the rest."

Xania glared unhappily at Alan. "Does he have to watch?"

"Yes, yes he does." Susan replied.

A blushing Xania continued to glare at Alan while she pulled her skirt down her legs and stepped away from it.

He looked a bit sheepish in response, but he was too horny not to ogle her.

As a finishing move, the seemingly highly-embarrassed (yet loving every moment) Xania spun around as she grasped the sides of her panties. Then she bent straight down, removing the panties in a single motion, providing both Alan and Susan with a wondrous view of her rear.

Susan took Xania's underwear and hosiery, leaving Xania at least temporarily dressed in nothing but her glasses and high heels.

Alan had been standing close to Xania the whole time. Now he kissed her on the lips while exploring her naked body with his hands.

Xania quickly broke the kiss, although she didn't attempt to get out of his grasp. She pretended to be distressed as she looked at Susan. "What am I supposed to do now?! This is so embarrassing! Susan, would you hand me my clothes?"

"In a minute," Susan said. "This is part of our tradition too."

"What, that he can just fondle my naked body as much as he wants?!"

Susan was all smiles. "Yep! You got it!"


He went back to kissing and fondling Xania, preventing her from saying more. He stood behind her so that Susan would have an ideal view of Xania's incredible naked body and the way he was reaching around it to play with her pussy and breasts.

Susan clutched her hands over her own chest. Oh my goodness! I'm so overjoyed that it almost brings tears to my eyes. He's taming Xania so fast that it's surprising, even to me! I'm getting really WET! I'm tempted to rip off all my clothes, fall to my knees, and SLURP! Mmmm!

After offering Susan that exciting view, Alan moved around to Xania's front side so his erection could get more involved. Although he kept his clothes on, he rubbed his bulge just above her pussy while fingering her slit. She was definitely wet down there.

Xania knew she had to pretend reluctance, at least while Susan was watching, so she flailed her arms around as if she were overwhelmed and unsure of what to do or where to touch him. Yet she was genuinely blushing, because the overall situation was embarrassing despite her acting.

She thought, This kid is pretty outrageous! Suzanne told me I'd have a lot of fun tonight, but I didn't expect THIS already! I've hardly stepped foot in the house and I'm stripped naked and getting the fingerbanging of a lifetime! He's so fucking confident for a teenager. And he sure knows what to do with his hands; he's driving me wild! Instead of focusing on my breasts, like most guys, he's working hard to make me cum. And Susan! I can't believe she's just standing there watching with a smirky smile on her face. I hate being exposed publicly like this!

In fact, few things aroused Xania more than public exposure, but that was one area where she wasn't honest with herself. As a result, she was actually greatly enjoying Alan's actions. However, she felt obliged to say something, since Susan was right there. "This is outrageous! I thought I was supposed to simply take my underwear off, but Alan's dry humping me like a horny dog!"

Susan smirked with glee. "Hey, 'When in Rome.' The question is, were you serious about that, or are you going to get cold feet?"

Xania acted reluctant. "When I said that, I wasn't expecting THIS! But... I'm not a quitter!"

"Good." Susan's smile grew. She walked around Alan so she could make eye contact with Xania over Alan's shoulder. "Don't worry; it's a ton of fun. I can see your breathing is getting pretty heavy already. I promise you, by the time the night is over, you'll have lots of really great orgasms."

"I thought this was supposed to be a poker game!" Xania complained.

"There'll be some of that too." Susan winked playfully.

Xania groaned loudly. She was trying to sound frustrated, but she was surprisingly close to a climax already, and the resulting sound ended up highly erotic.

Alan relentlessly ground his thinly-clothed boner against Xania's bare skin. But mostly, he focused on playing with her pussy and clit until she was right on the verge of cumming. Then he stepped back.

Xania groaned again, with obvious lust in her voice. She tried to make it seem like she was upset about how he was taking advantage of her, rather than because he was delaying her cum.

Susan stepped to the side, relative to Alan and Xania, so she could make eye contact with both of them if they looked her way. She winked at Alan and said, "Son, I'm so proud. I'm sure that if I hadn't come in to impose house rules, you would have had her bent over the sofa and been pounding her doggy-style within five minutes of greeting her. Don't worry, Xania; there's time for that later, but right now the game calls."

Xania begged, "Please, Susan, please! Can't I put my clothes back on?"

Susan looked to her son with her smirky smile. She tilted her head quizzically.

He pretended to consider the idea, then nodded his agreement.

"Very well." Susan finally stepped forward and handed Xania her clothes - minus her underwear, of course.

As Xania took her clothes, she stammered, "Um, Susan, could you not tell-"

Susan gestured as if zipping her mouth shut. "Mum's the word on what happened here." She walked off, still carrying Xania's underwear.

Xania thought, She's right. Damn this kid works fast! That was strangely humiliating, but fun too. I can sense that there are some things I'm going to have to fake tonight to keep up appearances, and some things I won't. My heart is pounding fast and my face must be cherry red. There's no faking that!

But Xania elected not to say anything about that to Alan. Instead, as she slowly gave him a reverse strip tease, she asked, "Do you care to explain why Brenda's face is dripping with cum? I assume it's some kind of punishment?"

Now Alan was being mischievous. "No. It's not. But I like how you took that in stride. Xania, I think you're my kind of woman."

She was chagrined, because now she was even more curious about it, but couldn't inquire further since he'd said that she took it in stride. But then another thought occurred to her. She suddenly grabbed his arm and whispered, "As long as we're dropping all pretense for a minute, I have a request. Susan conducted her entire counseling session with me topless. She said it made her feel more at ease. I've been thinking a lot about those lovely orbs of hers ever since. Do you think you could hook me up with them tonight?"

"Sure. No problem. And I know what you mean. They're always on my mind too." He slipped a hand inside her jacket. "Although I must say yours are just as nice. And just as huge!"

She lightly slapped his hand a couple of times until he got the hint. "Hey! Behave! Or we'll never get out of this room."

He kissed his way across her face. "That sounds nice. I wouldn't mind spending the entire evening with you. On top of you... In you..." He'd been kissing his way to her mouth, so he finished with a scorching lip-lock.

She thought, Shit! This kid is GOOD! I'm half tempted to blow off the card game and just get fucked for hours. I can't believe he's this smooth and this young too. I can see why Suzanne has the hots for him.

A minute or two later, they reentered the living room where the others were.

Xania announced to everyone with great seriousness, "I should tell you all what Alan and I just discussed."

Alan was very confused by that, but didn't try to stop her.

But instead of saying anything about what had really happened, she said, "I was just explaining to him why I'm here. I'm passing through town and hoped to visit my good friend Suzanne..." - she smiled and nodded in Suzanne's direction - "...and see all my new friends. I'm happy to unwind and play some cards. But at the same time, Suzanne tells me that you've developed some interesting traditions. As a psychologist, I'm fascinated by the Plummer family and would like to 'go native' as it were, and experience and observe one of your typical evenings. That's what I was attempting to explain earlier. I'm already fully aware of the incest that goes on in this house, and I have no moral qualms with that, since it's taking place between loving adults. So the bottom line is: Don't mind me; just act as you normally do."

Amy asked with some concern, "Um, Xania, this game gets kind of sexual. Well, to be honest, it gets VERY sexual. Are you okay with that?"

Xania laughed that off. "Amy, believe you me, I've played a few harmless games of strip poker in my time. I don't mind a little bit of nudity if that allows me to see you all interact in your natural environment."

Katherine coughed loudly. She was obviously amused by Xania's claim that there would only be a "little bit of nudity."

Susan proudly held up Xania's bra and panties, waving them around. "Look! She's already agreed to obey one of the most important Plummer house rules."

Xania looked away in apparent embarrassment.

Amy still looked concerned. "But there's more than just a little bit of nudity. Look at Brenda. Don't you wonder what that white stuff on her face is?"

Xania walked up to Brenda and examined her closely. She pretended to be uncertain, even though she'd all but identified it as cum earlier. "Yes. I was wondering. Just what IS that stuff on your face? If I didn't know better, I would think it's... But it can't be, can it?"

Amy looked to Alan for direction. She didn't want to say something that she shouldn't.

Feeling playful, he expressed shock and tried to pass the non-verbal message to Amy behind Xania's back not to reveal what the substance was.

Amy suddenly got much more nervous and defensive. "Uh, never you mind. I guess she spilled something, maybe. Brenda, I'll take you to the bathroom and help you lick that off. Um, I mean, wipe that off. Mom, are you ready to start the game?"

Xania was confused by Alan's gambit, because she really wanted to understand why Brenda was looking like that. Obviously, that's his cum on her face. I could even smell it, and I remember his unusually sweet smell. But why is she the only one nearly naked, and why the heck isn't she cleaning off her face?! Nevertheless, Xania continued to play along and let the issue slide, at least for the moment.

Suzanne took charge and addressed the whole group as they sat on sofas around the coffee table in the living room. "As you all know, we're playing another game of strip poker. I've taken the liberty of coming up with some changes in the rules this time. First off, it's not fair that most of us wear so much while Brenda wears so little. Everyone pick out and wear four items: no more, no less. Of course that doesn't count your high heels, which are not part of the game and should be worn at all times." Looking at Alan, she quipped, "Except for you, Sweetie."

Xania raised her hand. "In that case, can I have at least my panties back? Right now I only have three items."

Suzanne did a quick count of what Xania was currently wearing. "I don't see a problem with that, if Alan approves."

Alan simply shrugged. "Sounds fine by me. For the purposes of the game, I don't have a problem making an exception to the 'house rule.'"

Susan nodded in approval. She, Suzanne, and Amy decided to put panties on as well, as one of their four items, since that would allow them to get thoroughly exposed faster. Nobody chose to wear a bra.

As Xania walked over to the underwear cabinet to retrieve her panties, Suzanne continued, "Xania, I'm glad to see you've got some seriously spiky heels on. Are those stilettos? And Brenda, I approve of your heels too. But that still leaves you with two items less than everyone else, so we'll count the cum on your face as another item."

Amy shot Suzanne a look that gave the non-verbal message, "Mom, you blew it! You weren't supposed to say that!"

Xania, still pretending not to know more than that which had been discussed or was otherwise obvious, asked with feigned alarm, "Did you say 'cum'? Brenda, why are you wearing cum on your face? That's shocking! Not to mention your attire, or lack of it. And just what WERE you doing upstairs, wearing see-through lingerie while you were with Alan?"

Brenda blushed down to her chest. "Ah, I was, uh..." She didn't know what to say, so she looked to Alan, who gave a little nod. She closed her eyes in shame and finally admitted, "I was, um, ur, you see, just before you arrived, I was up in Alan's room sucking his, uh, his sweet... cock and... uh, he blew a big load all over my face. He told me to keep his cum on so someone could lick it off later. So I did."

"I see," Xania said, deliberately poker-faced to increase Brenda's discomfort. "And if Alan told you to go shopping at the supermarket looking like that, would you?"

Brenda's blush deepened. "Yes," she whispered. The humiliation was turning her on incredibly. On top of that, the supermarket idea got her gasping with wanton desire. That set her immense tits heaving, particularly since the askew bra wasn't providing any support.

Xania asked, "Just how long were you... performing fellatio on him?"

Brenda brightened at that and opened her eyes. "Over half an hour, for sure! And that's not counting his strategic breaks." She rubbed her jawbones, while being careful not to disturb the cum. "My jaw still hurts, but it's a good kind of hurt, if you know what I mean."

Xania asked, "And do you do this to him a lot?"

Brenda looked to Alan, then answered shyly, "Not yet... but I definitely want to! I want to get really good at it! I want to be one of his favorites!" Her humiliation gave way to her enthusiasm. "I want to be one of his most dedicated and talented personal cocksuckers!" Then she looked away and blushed some more as she realized how that must have sounded to Xania. Still, she felt relieved at having confessed that to everyone, and especially to Alan.

Amy asked Xania in a concerned voice, "What do you think? Aren't you weirded out?"

Xania, still appearing regal and detached, said, "Not really. When in Rome, do as the Romans. I'm not here to judge." However, she was actually very surprised by Brenda's answers, in particular because she'd been told that Brenda had only recently met the others.


Suzanne started to say, "Now, as I was about-"

But Susan raised her hand.

An exasperated Suzanne sighed. "Yes, what is it?"

"Can we go change into something sexier, instead of just having to take off some of these frumpy clothes?" She clearly was referring to her own outfit, which was the kind of clothing she now wore only when going outside. She had put it on to be respectful of Xania. But she figured that since Xania didn't mind the way Brenda looked, not to mention that Alan had practically fucked her in the other room already, the sky was the limit.

Suzanne indicated her agreement with a slight head nod.

Susan and Katherine immediately bolted off to their upstairs bedrooms.

Even Suzanne and Amy got up and rummaged through their collection of clothes left in the underwear cabinet by the front door, and then changed as well.

That left just Alan, Xania, and Brenda sitting there for a few minutes. They made some rather awkward small talk that mostly involved Xania and Brenda getting introduced to each other a little better.

Alan found himself thinking, Man, this is going to ROCK! Xania proved in the other room that she's game. I can hardly wait to get my dick in her mouth, or even deep in her pussy. I have such a raging boner. I'm half tempted to tell her about the penis-tending tradition and get her started on it right away! And then there's Brenda. Jesus, is she ready to go or what?! And there's everyone else. Whoa! This is like the Olympics of beautiful, sexual women!

When the group reassembled in the living room, the place resembled a porn film shoot - except for Alan in his white dress shirt and shorts, and Xania still in her formal attire.


But out of all the outrageous outfits, Susan clearly was the star of the show. She wasn't wearing any ordinary outfit, but was decked out as a sexy cow. Her outfit consisted of scraps of clothing in the patchy black-and-white pattern of cow skin, with a tight, revealing bikini top that held up and thrust out her tits, bikini bottoms, gloves that went up to her upper arms, stockings that went up to her knees, and headgear with floppy cow ears. Additionally, she wore a cowbell around her neck.

She was positively glowing with happiness and pride as she stared right at her son. "What do you think, Tiger? I know it isn't a fashion show night, but I just couldn't keep this outfit in the closet anymore. It's too exciting for me! I thought it might cheer you up on a bad day."

"Mom, it's awesome." He teased, "And this can't be called a bad day anymore, especially after all the stealth help and what Brenda did to me upstairs. The only problem is, how can I suck your udders dry when you've got them all covered up like that?"

Susan shuddered in gleeful response and reflexively clutched at her tits.

"Okay, you two," Suzanne stepped in. "Stop before we have to get you a room. Don't worry, Sweetie, even without the strip poker, I don't think Susan is going to be wearing her top for long. Susan, that's actually much more than four items, but we'll count both gloves as one, and count your stockings with the panties. How's that?"

"Mooooooooo!" Susan replied, and then giggled. Whenever she moved, for instance with a giggle that caused her tits to jiggle, the cowbell rang as well.

"All right. I'll take that as a 'Yes.'" Suzanne couldn't help but crack a wide smile at Susan's cow-themed enthusiasm.

Xania, trying to play the role of a serious psychologist, asked with concern, "Susan, do you want to discuss your cow fetish?"

"Not now. Tonight is the time for fun. Besides, one reason I wore this is because you approved."

"I did?"

"Don't you remember? During our appointment you told me that my sex cow idea was a healthy expression of my fantasies."

Xania nodded, because she did remember after being reminded. She was so aroused and astounded by what she'd seen of the Plummer family lifestyle that it was easy for her to forget such details.

Susan went on, "Anyway, one reason I'm excited about this outfit is that it proves that I'm not the only one into the sex cow idea. The mere fact that I can buy this shows that there must be a whole market for it. Think about all the busty sex cow mommies out there, slurping on their sons!"

Suzanne spoke to the whole group, before Susan got completely carried away. "Let's get back to the rules. Now, I couldn't help but notice that last time we played everyone was trying to lose, not win. So the new rule is you get to take an item off if you win a hand instead of if you lose. And dares will now be between the winner and whoever the winner chooses. Since Alan was stubbornly trying to win last time and keep his clothes on-"

"Boooooo!" That was Amy. But then other voices joined in.

At first, Suzanne was annoyed that the others (except for Xania and Alan) started booing, but she found herself grinning and joining in too.

She continued, "The rules are reversed for him. He now has to take an item off if he has the lowest hand. If he wins the hand, he gets to order a dare involving whomever he wants, regardless of how many pieces of clothing he still has on or who came in second. That way, everyone will now try their best instead of their worst. Sound good?"

Everyone liked the rule changes.

Xania asked, "What's a dare exactly? How is that defined?" She sipped on a rum and Coke.

Suzanne replied, "You'll find out when we come to it. It's more fun that way."

But then, as Suzanne shuffled the cards, she added, "And another thing. Last time we did this, we kept Alan from sexual release for a long time, before we finally let Susan help him out with some of her penis tending. This time, we'll take turns pleasuring him from the very start. Oh, and any cunt touching is not allowed, not even your own. Otherwise, we'll all be too busy cumming to keep playing. Xania, are you okay with this? You did say when in Rome..."

Xania was secretly looking forward to it, but she did her best to squirm and look uncomfortable. "I suppose. I'll manage."

"Good," Suzanne said firmly. "Remember that it could be your turn to tend him at some point. Brenda, how long did you suck on Alan's dick upstairs?"

Brenda replied, "I was keeping an eye on the clock. At least thirty-five minutes, not counting some time off for strategic breaks."

Suzanne nodded in approval. "Excellent. And Sweetie, how was she?"

"VERY good!" he admitted. "She was really into it, even with Sis watching the whole time. I could tell she was getting really tired, so I kept asking, even insisting, that she stop, but she refused. She worked herself up into such a frenzy that I just couldn't help but cum all over her face."

Susan reached over and gave Brenda a high-five. "Nice!" She'd heard Brenda say this just before Xania arrived, and she understood that it was being repeated for Xania's sake. But she got excited all over again just the same.

Suzanne smiled at Brenda. "Indeed. Well then, since you were such a good, obedient cocksucker, and you appear dressed for the occasion, I'll let you go first. That is, unless you're worn out from earlier?"

"Are you kidding me?! Let me at it!" Brenda smiled and licked her lips.

Suzanne chuckled at Brenda's enthusiasm. "Well, then, you can start tending him at any time."

Brenda didn't need to be told twice. She crawled over to Alan and dropped to her knees.


Alan, seeing that she was so excited she was trembling, decided to help her out (and make the situation more of a spectacle). He stood up, unbuttoned his dress shirt to prolong the suspense a bit, and then dropped his shorts to the floor. His erection bounced out proudly until it almost stood straight up. It was drooling pre-cum from being in the same room with so many bombshells.

Brenda was tremendously excited by the sight, acting as if she hadn't just seen it a short time earlier (not to mention sucked on it for a very long time). "Oh my God! It's so beautiful!" she exclaimed.

Susan chuckled and nodded. "I know. Just looking at that thick, tasty sight makes me SO HOT! Go ahead and hold it, Brenda. Seeing a big-titted hottie like you hold it makes me even hotter, if such a thing is possible."

She explained to Xania, "There are so very, very many things I love about my Tiger's cock. One thing I really love is how hairless it is. Except for a cute little dark patch above, there's no hair to get in your teeth when you're sucking on his balls. Which you should try by the way, Brenda. It's fun."

"I will!" Brenda shamelessly ran her hands over her inner thighs, which were soaked already in her own cum. Then her wetted hands flew to his crotch.

Xania raised an eyebrow and pretended to look alarmed as she watched Alan's erection get covered by both of Brenda's fists. Then those fists began sliding up and down, well-lubricated from Brenda's juices.

With both of her hands busy, Brenda dropped her head down below them and began sucking on Alan's balls as Susan had suggested.

Brenda thought, The SHAME! Everyone's staring at me, judging me, watching every move of my hands and my mouth. What must Xania think? She's a professional psychologist! But at least I know I've got Susan on my side. She peeked with one eye, quickly glancing at Susan. Sure enough, Susan was smiling at her approvingly. I have to be brave! I have to prove to my master, er, my would-be master, that my dedication to serving his cock knows no bounds!

Suzanne saw that Brenda was far too excited, so she clarified, "Brenda, that's nice, but I think Alan might enjoy that TOO much. You'd better stop the scrotum sucking for now and give him a very slow, relaxed stroking so he feels good but doesn't feel the urge to ejaculate. If you do it right, you can keep him on the edge for hours. Around here we call it a stealth stroking; I think you've heard about it. But the honors of who gets to actually get him off and drink his cum will hopefully be decided through dares in the game."

Brenda nodded. She had the whole of one of Alan's testicles in her mouth already, but she withdrew and slowed the stroking with her hands. However, since her mouth was still inches from his privates, she asked Suzanne, "Is it okay if I give it just one lick or two, from top to bottom?"

Suzanne chuckled. "I suppose. But just one."

Everyone watched as Brenda ever-so-slowly licked her way up his shaft. She stopped at his sweet spot and swirled around there a little bit before reaching the tip. Then she did the same on her way back down, pushing her luck by spending even more time lapping around his sweet spot.

She was growing in confidence by the second as her lust overcame her fear of public humiliation. Let everybody see! I want everyone to see just how much I love my master's cock! I'm going to prove that I belong here. Mmmm! I'll bet even Xania wishes she could be in my high heels right now!

The room was dead silent except for Brenda's near orgasmic moans, and her rather loud slurpy noises. Eyes dilated and pulses quickened as the level of arousal in the room grew and grew.

Xania pretended like she was averting her eyes. "Wait a minute. With this 'stealth stroking,' you're telling me you all take turns giving him handjobs?"

Katherine was all smiles. "Yep! In fact, I was giving Brother more of a stealth sucking when Brenda came in to take over."

Amy added happily, "And I was giving him a stealth sucking before that!"

Xania shook her head in disbelief. Again, she didn't need to fake her reaction, since she'd never heard of that bizarre approach. Good grief. That's a bit much, even for this crazy household.

Suzanne looked on as Brenda sat back and reverted to just stroking. She said to the group, "Oh, and one last thing: In deference to our new friend Xania, we don't want things to get too out of hand. So if anyone violates a game rule, then the game is immediately over for everyone. That means that when a dare is over, it's over. So we won't be having any more incidents like how Amy and Katherine kept their kissing dare going for half the evening last time." She gave the two girls a disparaging look until they turned away in embarrassment.

Then she went on, "Also, Alan has a lot of homework to do and we all have to get some sleep, so the game can only last a maximum of three hours, starting from now. That means this ends at midnight. I'm going to set an alarm so we don't forget. Oh yeah. And you'll all remember from last week that Brenda said she didn't want to do any lesbian stuff. She's very much changed her mind about that, haven't you, pet?"

Brenda nodded meekly, even as her hands started to get a good stroking rhythm on Alan's erection. He had his chair pulled back from the table, so everyone else could easily see what she was doing to him.

Her exposure continually embarrassed her, but she didn't stop or even slow down. She was determined to be an excellent penis tender so she'd win the position again.

Knowing that Brenda got off on embarrassment, Suzanne reached over and pulled Brenda's flimsy top up to her collar area to completely bare the breast nearest to her (and, it so happened, the other one too). Then she started to knead handfuls of tit-flesh. "You like it when women play with your body, don't you?"

Brenda blushed and groaned, obviously tremendously turned on. She closed her eyes and nodded shamefully. My mistress! Use my body as you please, just as my master does!

Those who knew her from before were amazed all over again at the change in personality that had come over the formerly fiery woman.

Suzanne added as she played with Brenda's enormous tit, "Yes, Brenda's quite new to it all, and we all know what a good kisser she is, but Susan and I can attest that she's already showing a lot of promise as a carpet muncher too."

Brenda shivered. She whispered with distress, "Please!" Between Suzanne's goading words and fondling, plus the joy of tending Alan's dick, her body was about to explode with sheer arousal. She was afraid that she couldn't take much more.

Suzanne pulled her hand away.

Susan asked Xania with some concern, "Xania, you don't mind our frank language, and all the jacking off and fondling that's taking place?"

Xania spoke like a dispassionate, scientific observer. "Susan, thanks for asking, but I'm here to observe and learn. With my specialty in sex therapy, I'm more than fascinated. It's like this house has a culture of its own when it comes to sex, almost like an entirely different society. The rest of us may have something to learn from you all." She kept her face stern and serious. Then she continued, "Although I am a bit surprised to see what Katherine is wearing. Is that typical of your daily appearance?"


All eyes flew to Katherine.

Her outfit at first hadn't appeared so remarkable, though it would have been extremely unusual in the outside world. Her white satin top covered her arms and the top of her boobs, but was cut in an unorthodox manner that exposed almost everything else. But what obviously caught Xania's eye was the skirt. It was so short that in the position Katherine was now sitting, the fact that she'd shaved her bush was completely apparent to all.

Suzanne shuffled the cards some more as she answered matter-of-factly, "That looks like approximately four items to me. There's no rule around here stating that our cunts need to be covered, and in fact more often than not we're flaunting our cunts for Sweetie. Er, Alan. If that makes you uncomfortable, you should probably leave now."

Xania only responded by asking, "Have you always called it a 'cunt?'"

Suzanne considered. "No. We used to call it a 'pussy' but I suppose we started using 'cunt' last week. It sounds better. In the same way, Alan doesn't have a 'penis'; he has a 'cock.' Any more questions?"

"Sorry. I'll stop asking so many." Xania continued to furtively stare at Katherine's crotch.

Katherine raised her hand, and in fact turned a bit and spread her legs to expose more of her pussy.

Suzanne called on her.

The sexy teen said, "I have an idea. Alan should help take all our clothing off when the time comes. It'll be more orgasmically delicious that way. We walk over to where he's getting jacked off and present our tits or ass or whatever, and he undoes the straps or pulls the item off."

Alan liked that idea. One of his hands gave a thumbs-up while the other ran through Brenda's short brunette hair.

But Xania objected. Trying to appear prudish, she complained, "I'm playing too. What if he tries groping me while he does that?"

Katherine replied flippantly, "Xania, shit happens. The fact is, he's gonna grope you tonight, probably a lot. Plus who knows what. If you can't handle that, you should leave now. Are you going to try to be one of us and get done by the Romans, or what?" She deliberately said "get done by the Romans" instead of "do as the Romans."

Xania agreed with a reluctant nod, but complained, "Boy, you'd think this whole place revolves around sexually pleasing him at all hours of the day and night."

Amy replied happily, "It does!"

Susan, Suzanne, Katherine, and Brenda all nodded in serious agreement. Even the modest Alan couldn't disagree at just how much truth there was in that statement.

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XX03: Brenda in the middle of a high school hallway, dressed in a high school cheerleader's uniform (she's certainly seen them at least once, during a Fashion Show), her top raised up to reveal her massive mammaries, taking Alan Junior into her mouth, while a few high school students in the background (maybe a few familiar faces among them) watching.

XX04: Kat standing with her arms folded

XX05: The core four, Brenda and Xania in a line. Brenda is wearing a skimpy excuse for a top, G-string bikini bottoms, high heels, and cum on her face.

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