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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Games without Frontiers
Day 66: Wednesday, November 20

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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The strip poker game got rolling, and it played out much as it had the week before. The card rounds flew by as fast as possible, since everyone was eager to get naked and there was a time limit to be aware of as well.

Alan insisted they put some music on. He pointed out that it would make things even more festive.

Amy immediately bounced out of her chair. "B-52's!"

That was her favorite band, and she played the B-52's albums so much that the others were a little sick of them. But she was so enthusiastic that Alan let her have her way, and soon the song "Party Out of Bounds" started up. She elected to play that song first since it seemed appropriate to the situation.

Xania was game to play cards, and she played her cards ably, which meant that her clothes started coming off. Her jacket was the first item of anyone's to go.

She also drank quite copiously. She could easily hold her alcohol, but she figured a perception of drunkenness could serve as a cover for when she later planned to "break down" and get more sexual.

She asked a lot of questions about activities in the Plummer house, and was honestly surprised by some of the answers. For instance, she could scarcely believe that a succession of females had really stroked Alan's erection most of the afternoon and evening - and the practice was continuing right in front of her eyes. She couldn't talk much to Susan though, because Susan was feeling extremely playful in her sex cow outfit, and liked to respond to all questions with one "moo" for a yes and two "moo's" for a no.

It wasn't long before things began to get interesting. Brenda naturally was the first to lose her top, since she had nothing to lose but that and her panties. Once her top was gone, it seemed that she focused more of her attention on pressing her big globes into Alan and jacking him off than on paying attention to her cards. This was especially true once she started licking his ear and neck.

Brenda didn't exactly do a "proper" job of tending Alan's erection, because she couldn't help but pleasure him far too enthusiastically. She was concentrating on his boner rather than the game. Had it not been for the fact that winning would allow her to take off her thoroughly-soaked panties, she wouldn't have bothered with her cards at all. Although everyone was excited, she clearly was the most excited of the bunch.

The females wanted to expose their boobs to the tit-fanatic Alan as soon as possible, and it wasn't that hard to do since none of them were wearing a bra. Before long, Katherine and Suzanne joined Brenda in going topless. Each time, the woman stood before Alan and let him take the top off.

As usual, Alan simply couldn't get enough of playing with their tits, so there was a lot of fondling until someone pointed out that the game needed to continue.

Then Xania won again. It was a shock when she took her blouse off and revealed her bare 38G chest, especially since she still had her tight skirt on. Some of them had been expecting a bra, forgetting how Susan had earlier held up Xania's underwear.

Amy let out a whistle of genuine appreciation. "Wow! Xania, you're stacked!"

Xania replied rather awkwardly, "Thanks, I suppose." She covered her chest with an arm, and then reluctantly uncovered it, acting like she was struggling to fit in with the group.

Katherine said to her, "Yes, we appreciate that you let your fabulous tits out to breathe, but are you really ready for Alan to grab you and strip you, as is his right? Even while Brenda keeps on jacking him off?"

Acting casual, Xania replied, "Hey, I'm just doing as the Romans. When I came in, Susan asked me to follow the house rules and remove my underwear, so I did. Now, I'm following the game rules."

Susan pointed out, "The rules also say that he does the stripping. So put your top back on and let Tiger take it off properly."

That's what Xania did, while the others watched in silence.

Alan got in a good groping from behind while Xania was bending down in front of him to pick up her blouse. However, he was hindered by her tight red skirt and her panties. So he simply yanked them down to below her knees, where her skirt was stretched almost to the breaking point. And as long as it was stretched like that, it served as a sort of bondage, preventing her from being able to move from her spot.

She complained harshly, "HEY! What do you think you're doing?!"


"It's pretty clear what I'm doing," he replied with matter-of-fact glee. "When in Rome... This is what happens in Rome." He was blatantly running a finger up and down her wet pussy lips.

Xania grumbled, "Well, I don't like it! You're practically publicly molesting me! It's like we're all just here to arouse you to a truly incredible degree."

Katherine couldn't help but snicker, "By George, I think she's got it!"

"YES!" Susan pumped her fist, and gave Katherine a knowing and approving look.

Xania was finding this situation curiously exciting. She especially got off on the fact that so many others were watching Alan "molest" her. She did a good job of looking unhappy while she remained bent over with her boobs dangling down. She acted like she was nervously fiddling with her blouse and having a hard time picking it up, but she was just giving him ample time to explore her hefty rack.

Finally, she got her blouse back on, as well as her skirt and panties pulled back up into place, only for Alan to immediately take her blouse off again. She was standing all the way up by now, but Alan continued to fondle her massive rack from behind.

The situation was awkward for Xania, to say the least. But being a public spectacle was only increasing her arousal. She was trying to appear unaffected, but her cheeks were flushed, her heart was racing, and her pussy was getting very wet. Worst of all, she was starting to writhe and moan, no matter how much she tried not to.

In the middle of that, Amy asked her, "Xania, just how big are your boobies? What bra size are you?"

"G," Xania replied matter-of-factly.

"Wow!" Amy exclaimed. "That's, like, super duper big! Hey, that's just the same as Mom and Aunt Susan. Cool beans!"

Xania frowned. Alan was a pretty talented tit groper. He was quickly figuring out what felt best for her, and not just what he enjoyed the most. She asked Suzanne, "My top is off already. How long is this groping going to go on?"

Suzanne just smirked and replied, "A while." She was having a great time watching Xania squirm.

Brenda could feel Alan's already-stiff erection grow even more firm as he caressed Xania's chest. She was sandwiched sitting between the standing Alan and Xania. She suddenly got a naughty idea and moved to the side. Then pressed Alan's cockhead up against Xania's ass crack. She started rubbing it up and down the crack while continuing to stroke him.

Xania knew exactly what that was, but she again pretended to be clueless. She reached back to her ass, but not quite far enough to make contact with what Brenda was doing. As Alan played with her erect nipples, she asked Brenda, "What's that?"

Brenda was tickled pink to be acting so naughty. She replied vaguely, "Sorry, I'm really squished here. I don't have any room."

Xania just grunted in acknowledgement. She was grateful that she was still wearing her tight red skirt, because Brenda was forcing Alan's cockhead even deeper into her ass crack. Between that and the way everyone in the room was staring at Alan fondling her boobs, Xania was in serious danger of losing her composure and maybe even screaming out loud in orgasmic ecstasy. She was frustrated that Alan was behind her, because that gave her no cover from the blatant stares. She at least hoped the others couldn't see what was happening to her ass.

As Brenda stroked Alan's boner and rubbed it against Xania's butt, she whispered to him, "Amy's right. That's a very nice pair of G-cup tits you're playing with, isn't it? Not as big as mine, but still, not shabby. You should fuck them later! And then fuck mine!" She was far too horny to feel jealous about Xania or anyone else. She realized that the other women added to the erotic atmosphere, and seeing Xania topless took things to an even higher level for everyone.

Brenda hoped that only Alan would hear her whispering, but Xania was just as close as Alan was, and she heard every word as well. That only aroused her even more. She was churning her hips, deliberately grinding against Alan's cockhead in her ass crack. She was increasingly ashamed by her obvious sexual movements and moaning, but increasingly aroused too. It all seemed to be a vicious circle, bringing her closer and closer to a loud climax. She clenched her teeth and silently prayed for the "ordeal" to end soon.

Brenda was further emboldened. She sensed that since she was squeezed between Alan and Xania, probably nobody would notice if she started licking his cock as well as stroking it. She spoke huskily. "Let me be your tit slut! One of them, at any rate! And make Xania one of yours too! OH GOD!" She'd worked herself up so much that she pulled his erection from its deep indentation in Xania's tight skirt, and bent her head down to lick it.

However, the others either noticed her repositioning or the way Alan groaned lustily when she started licking right over his sweet spot. Suzanne immediately said, "Brenda, cut that out! Unless you want someone else to take over?"

Brenda sat back up in a flash. "I'll be good." She looked down at her two constantly moving hands. Dammit! It's so tough holding back. Our master needs his cock sucked, at least for a couple of minutes, so he can fully appreciate playing with Xania's big tits! But I must admit that feeling my hands slipping and sloshing all over his huge snake feels fantastic too. I could do this all night! And the thing is, he's never gonna cum. Never! It's like I'm trying to best this great cock, but it's besting me. Susan's right - that is "so hot!"

Xania had been in many wild sexual situations before, including orgies, but she felt something extra compelling and thrilling about the current situation. She worried that she was ruining her appearance of reluctance with her involuntary sexy writhing and moaning, and she was in danger of having a very loud orgasm soon. She repeatedly licked her lips as she fantasized dropping down to suck the top of Alan's boner while Brenda kept on stroking the rest. Before she lost all self control, she forced herself to ask, "So, how long does this go on?"

With that, Suzanne said, "Sweetie, I suppose you should let go so we can continue the game."

He reluctantly let go. But then he turned Xania around and said, "Thanks for being such a good sport." He followed up by kissing her lips and fondling her tits some more, only from the front.

Xania was stunned. She was dangerously close to a highly embarrassing orgasm, and she feared the kiss would push her over the edge. She had to push him away and step aside to try to recover.

With Xania out of the way, Brenda asked him, "I'm sure you'll be fondling them some more before long, but in the meantime do you want to play with mine? They're even bigger."

Alan sat back in his chair. Then he leaned down and gave Brenda's left boob a quick squeeze. However, then he whispered to her, "Can't. Sorry. Rules."


Despite the increasing nakedness, they all played the game quite seriously. Most of the women were strong natural competitors, so there was a great desire to win just to be number one. Suzanne in particular played the game seriously and occasionally got annoyed when things would get so sexual that the game would stop. Sometimes, she couldn't resist taking a peek at some of the other's cards, because the women generally were too horny to remember to keep their cards well protected.

Brenda then won another hand, and she elected to have the cum taken off of her face, since she'd been told that was an item. She debated whether Susan or Suzanne should have the licking honors, but ultimately chose the latter because she was strongly attracted to Suzanne's more commanding manner. "Suzanne, would you please?"

Suzanne smiled warmly. "I'd love to." She changed seats. Then she lovingly licked Brenda clean while the game continued.

The others looked to Xania for a reaction. They were particularly worried that having Suzanne lick the cum that had fallen on Brenda's huge melons while Brenda kept right on stroking Alan's erection could be seen as going too far. At the very least, they found it an extremely arousing sight.

Xania convincingly made appalled and agitated faces while nonetheless closely watching Suzanne lick and swallow up the cum.

Susan said to her, "I can see you're looking displeased. But don't knock it until you try it. Tiger has exceptionally sweet cum. It's truly delicious! It just so happens that he loves eating fruity and sweet things and avoids bitter things, so his cum tastes, well, fruity and sweet!"

Katherine said, "It's true. Obviously, moms are biased about their sons, but we all feel that way. Before you judge, at least have a small taste."

Suzanne stopped her licking. She swiped a finger through Brenda's cummy left cheek, and then pointed that finger towards Xania. "I completely agree. You HAVE to give it a try."

Xania had previously tasted Alan's cum. She hadn't had much, but she knew it tasted sweet, and even smelled sweet. But she had to pretend otherwise to maintain her cover. She frowned. "No thanks."

Susan eagerly prodded her, "What about when in Rome, doing as the Romans do?"

Xania shook her head. "Maybe later."

Since Suzanne was near Katherine, she fed her cummy finger to her instead. Then she went back to licking Brenda clean.

A few more rounds passed with more clothing removed. After Brenda was down to just her (incredibly soaked) panties, she sat in Alan's lap and experimented with rubbing more of her body against him. No one seemed to mind, so before long she was rubbing her huge breasts all over him. When there were still no objections to that, she pulled her panties to the side to expose her pussy, then began sliding her juicy pussy all over his bare legs. Somehow she managed to keep stroking his boner at the same time.

Then the time came for Xania to lose her skirt. Brenda was still in Alan's lap with her great big boobs practically in his face. But Xania was persuaded to scoot up so close that her legs were actually outside his, and her back was nearly against Brenda's back.

Alan reached around Brenda with both hands and quickly pulled Xania's skirt down below her ass. But the skirt stopped there, giving him the excuse to fondle her ass for a couple of minutes. He didn't like how her panties were in the way though, so he pulled them down in back until her ass was completely bared.

Xania immediately complained, "Hey! You can't do that. I'm losing my skirt, not my panties too." She pulled her panties up in front so at least her pussy lips were completely covered.

Suzanne said, "Don't your panties slide down sometimes when you're pulling your pants or skirt down?"

"Yeah," Xania admitted.

"That's all that's happening here. He'll pull them back up in a minute, I'm sure. In the meantime, put both of your hands on your head."

Xania put her hands on her head, as ordered. But she complained, "That's not part of the rules."

Suzanne just wanted Xania to do that because she thought it would look sexy. She made up an excuse on the fly. "If you do that, you won't be tempted to meddle. It's Sweetie's job to fix your panties, not yours."

Xania sighed heavily. She truly resented having to keep her hands on her head, because it made her feel twice as exposed. But she'd gotten extremely horny when Alan fondled her breasts and pussy while "speaking to her in private" soon after she'd arrived; she hadn't come down much since then. In fact, she soon found herself with the same problem as before, trying hard not to writhe or moan too much as she blushed and tingled from the fondling and public embarrassment.

Now that Brenda wasn't busy "tending" Alan's cock, she pondered Xania's situation. They're doing it to her again! I can tell Xania is a strong woman. Look at her grinding her teeth and trying to fight it. But it's no good. She's gonna give in to lust, and she knows it! I'll bet this kind of thing happens every day here. Hell, I know it does. Susan is constantly put in her place as a big-titted mommy pet, and she's just one of many. I love watching Xania get tamed. It's like I'm watching myself!

Alan was getting so very aroused, with Brenda sitting in his lap, that he only played with Xania's ass for a little while. Her pulled her skirt further down and her panties back up, and let her sit back down so the game could resume.

Alan then won a hand, which for him always meant he got to pick a dare. His first goal was to replace Brenda's hands on his erection with someone else's, due to her over-enthusiasm. He'd been frantically struggling not to cum nearly the entire game, and he was getting tired of constantly flexing his PC muscles. He loved Brenda sitting in his lap, but it was also too much of a good thing.

He announced, "Okay, Xania, it's time for a dare, and you're gonna learn firsthand what one is. The winner gets to pick an activity for someone else to do. So I'm going to ask for you to take over stroking my cock."

Xania convincingly blushed and pretended indignation. "But... But that's not just strip poker! That's practically sex. You don't really expect me to do that, do you? I'm a guest!"

He replied, "Brenda's doing it as we speak." He paused so she could get a very good look at what Brenda was doing.

Indeed, not only was Brenda stroking his throbbing pole, but once she'd heard him say that she was about to be replaced, she stopped doing anything else, and turned her attention to stroking him with both hands while rubbing her great tits against his chest. She was hoping against hope to get him to cum before she had to turn him over. She even tilted her head so that she could lick his neck up to his jaw line.

Everyone else just sat and stared at her efforts. The sexual heat in the room was rising steadily. Xania modestly covered her big bare breasts, although how much of that was an act and how much was real embarrassment, she no longer knew.

After a long pause, he continued, "As we explained, everyone else was doing it before the game. If you want to 'do like the Romans' around this house, you've got to do it too. Shouldn't the game rules be the same for you as everyone else?"


"Well... I don't know!" Xania looked flustered. But then she gave in. "Okay, fine. I should have known what I was getting into when I came here and agreed to the rules. But really, this is the limit." She sighed in resignation. "What do I have to do?"

He commanded, "Come here and wrap those lovely long fingers of yours around my cock. Then stroke slowly. You've been watching Brenda doing it for quite a long while, so just do what she's been doing."

"Um, well..." Xania looked nervously at the ceiling.

He added, "Brenda's got it quite wet, so your hands should glide quite nicely. Think you can handle that?"

"Of course I can! It's not like I'm a prude. Geez. Please just tell me how to do this 'jacking off' thing." Xania was really hamming up the innocent angle while maintaining her stern appearance.

Even Suzanne was puzzled by where Xania was going with this, though she knew that Xania was acting naïve for some reason.


Brenda had to get off Alan's lap. She stood up, and pulled Alan up too. With Xania standing right next to her, she placed Xania's hands where hers had been, and explained what to do. "First, hold it in your hand lovingly. It's no ordinary cock, so you have to treat it specially." Their hands started sliding up and down it together, four hands pumping at once. But Xania's hands were moving without Brenda's help, so Brenda asked her, "Haven't you done this before?"

Xania wanted the others to think she was sexually naive, but to claim she'd never jacked off a man was a bit much. So she answered vaguely, "Well, yes, but not like this."

Brenda, luckily, didn't press her on what that meant exactly. Instead, she spoke like a patient teacher. "Cradle it with care and tenderness, like you're holding a newborn baby. Remember, this is a magnificent and POWERFUL cock, and it needs your love and care. In fact, it demands it!"

Xania wondered how any penis could be "powerful" and "demanding," but she didn't say anything.

Brenda continued, while guiding Xania's fingers, "Don't get too frantic though, because we need to keep his erection stiff and throbbing for pretty much the entire evening. Just stroke it lightly, like you're petting a cat. I like to keep some fingers pressed against his most sensitive spot, just underneath the cockhead. You do know about the frenulum, don't you? Here at the Plummer house, it's called the 'sweet spot.'"

Xania dodged the question by asking, "I'm supposed to rub him here most of the time, right?"

Brenda waited until Xania started stroking his sweet spot in the right way. "There. Yes. Good. Then your other hand is free to roam up and down, to slip and slide all around. You can play with his balls too." Since Xania was taking control of the most sensitive parts of his erection, Brenda stayed busy stroking his lower shaft and fondling his balls.

Everyone watched and nodded approvingly as Xania seemed to be getting the hang of it.

Alan was thinking that he'd get a short strategic break during the switch of penis tenders, but there hadn't been any break, and now both Brenda and Xania were working on him! He had to clench his PC muscle even more intently than before.

Xania asked, with genuine curiosity, "I don't understand how he can handle this much stimulation for so long. I mean, I can barely see any of his privates because of all the hands sliding all over him, including mine! Wouldn't any man have orgasmed a long time ago by now?"

It wasn't clear who Xania was expecting to answer, but Susan spoke up. "That's just how it is, and who he is. The more we stimulate him, the better his stamina gets. I'm so glad you were able to come down tonight and be with us and experience all this. I love how you were so tolerant in our meeting, but still, I'll bet there's a part of you that disapproves of the incest. After you see and experience all this firsthand, you'll be able to really understand where I'm coming from, and Angel too. With a cock that powerful and delicious, how can you resist it? How can I resist? Or Katherine? Or any of us? It's not possible!"

Brenda suddenly let go of Alan's privates. She pulled Xania's panties down her legs until they were below her knees, causing Xania's bush and slit to come into full view.

"Aaaaiiieee!" Xania screamed. "What's that for?!" Xania asked as she wiggled her bare ass around in a sexy but impossible attempt to get her panties back up somehow - she didn't want to let go of his boner for even a second, for fear that Brenda would latch onto it again.

Brenda kept her hold on Xania's panties, forcing them down and out of reach. They wound up bunched around her ankles, making it hard for her to spread her legs any further, unless she wanted to rip her panties in two.

Xania was genuinely distressed, although she kept on stroking Alan's cock instead of trying to retrieve her panties. "What are you doing?! Give that back! Can't you see you've completely exposed my pussy?!"

Amy giggled. "In case we didn't notice, we sure do now!"

Katherine giggled too. "And look how wet she is!"

Xania blushed for real. "You would be too, if you..." She looked at her hands sliding all over Alan's long shaft. She couldn't recall any handjob half as arousing and fun as this one. She desperately wanted to cover her soaked pussy, because she knew the other women were staring at it, and that was making her so horny that she was having trouble breathing. But it was as if she was literally unable to stop her own hands. "Well... it's just... the entire situation! I'm effectively completely naked!"

Susan was delighted to point out, "Not true. You're wearing a lovely pair of high heels."

Xania growled, "A big help that is! They just make me feel even MORE naked somehow!"

Susan grinned as she idly fondled her nipples. "They do have a way of doing that. Which I totally love, by the way."

Alan asked Brenda, "Can I sit back down now?"

"Please do."

Alan sat in his chair.

Brenda and Xania immediately followed by kneeling between his legs. Xania winced when she heard her panties tear while she repositioned. She sensed they hadn't torn all the way through yet, but she couldn't bear to examine the damage.

Katherine noticed that now that Xania was kneeling, her mouth was only a few inches from the tip of Alan's cock. So she suggested, "Hey Xania, since your face is so close, try blowing on it too."

Xania looked up and over to Suzanne. "Is that allowed?"

Suzanne replied seriously, like a professional referee. "As long as you don't touch it with your lips or tongue."

Susan agreed with a happy "Moo." (She'd mostly given up on mooing, since that got old fast, but she still had fun with the occasional "moo" every now and then.)

So Xania experimentally blew on it, making Alan respond with a loud erotic moan. That caused a lot of murmurs of approval from the women still sitting around the table.

Brenda leaned in too. "Do that. A lot of that. Like this!" She blew air directly onto Alan's sweet spot.

Soon, both women were blowing him all over, while Xania kept on stroking and stroking.


Stalling for time, so they could both have fun playing with his cock, Brenda brought a finger to Alan's sweet spot and said, "Oh, and this is definitely his special spot. The Plummers call it his 'sweet spot,' which I think is a great name. See how I'm directing my blowing right there?"

Xania complained, "Of course I know about that. Everybody knows about that. I even know its proper name: the frenulum. That's where I'm blowing too!"

"Good." Brenda was still rubbing his sweet spot with her finger, while Xania stroked all of the thick shaft below that point. Then both of them leaned in even closer to blow still more effectively. Brenda added, "So, while you'll want to be stimulating his sweet spot pretty much constantly, don't stop there. Susan has been teaching me all of his other sensitive spots. For instance, right here, just under the crown of the head, all the way around..." She ran her finger along under that ridge.

Xania pretended to not understand, so she could get her other hand involved. "You mean like this?" She also ran a finger just under the crown.

"Exactly. And down this way, this whole area is pretty good." Xania's stroking hand gave way so Brenda could trace up and down some veiny bulges on the underside of Alan's shaft. "This whole side, really, could use a lot of-"

Alan was forced to complain, "Hey! That's too much!" It wasn't so much what they were doing with their fingers, but the way they kept on blowing and blowing, right across his sweet spot, that was driving him wild.

Xania pulled back and looked around. She was daunted at the way everyone else was staring at her, yet again. "Wait a minute! Whatever happened to the poker game? How am I even supposed to play, while I'm on my knees?"

Suzanne said, "Keep in mind that penis tending takes precedence. But if you want, you can sit on his lap and stroke him from there."

Xania decided to do that instead. As she repositioned by sitting on one of his thighs, she felt her panties tear the rest of the way off and fall to the floor. But she didn't say anything about it, hoping that at least some of the others hadn't heard or noticed.

Brenda knelt just outside of Alan's legs, and went back to merely playing with Alan's balls. She told Xania, "Take advantage of your new position. As official penis tender, don't feel like you have to limit yourself to just his cock. You need to stimulate him all over. Make out. Kiss him anywhere and everywhere. Lick HIS nipples. A big part of the job is rubbing your bare tits up against him at every opportunity, so get closer. You've got a very impressive set of knockers, so use 'em!" She nudged Xania into Alan so one of his arms was practically encased in tit. XX01

Xania played along and began rhythmically stroking her chest into his, in time to her two pumping hands. But she asked, "What's that got to do with my panties being pulled off?"

Brenda said, "Your panties aren't off, you're just wearing them more loosely." Using her foot, she scooted Xania's torn panties so they covered one of her high heeled feet. She looked to Suzanne for confirmation. "Am I right?"

Suzanne nodded with a delighted grin. She was in position to see Xania's feet and exactly how tenuously Xania was "wearing" her panties.

Brenda went on, "The reason I pulled your panties down is that, as penis tender, you have to use your whole body. Don't feel like you have to sit next to him exclusively. Just before you took over, I was having a great time sitting on one of his legs, sliding up and down it, rubbing my cunt juices all over the top of his thigh. Be creative, but just don't get so outrageous that you make him cum."

Xania looked around like everyone was insane, especially Brenda (who continued to fondle Alan's balls). "I can't believe I'm doing this, but I agreed to follow the rules. So I'll try."

Brenda ran a hand down Xania's bare back. "Good! You should celebrate by giving him a big kiss!"

"Then can we go back to the poker game?"


Xania cuddled in close and starting necking with him. Meanwhile, she kept on jacking him off while pressing her bare tits into his chest. Alan, in turn, was freely fondling her all over, except for her pussy mound. He generally kept a hand on her ass and another around her back.

Susan was so happy that it looked like she was about to rise up and fly around the room. She was beaming and bouncing in place. It's starting to happen, just like I knew it would! Xania's getting TAMED! She's such a nice and wise person. Once she's hooked on Tiger's cock we'll become good friends, for sure! And she's a serious hottie, with a great set of tits. She might even be worthy of joining the harem, and I don't say that lightly!

But Brenda was demanding and not satisfied. (Plus, she figured the longer she talked, the longer she had an excuse to at least play with his balls.) "Xania, I understand you're new here, but penis tender is an EXTREMELY important job! You're not giving it your all."

"What?" Xania broke the kiss to complain. "I've already gone way over the line for a simple handjob. Look. I'm effectively buck naked and basically making love to him with my entire body. I have no idea how I can continue to play cards like this. What more do you want?!"

"More cunt!" Brenda insisted. "Here, place your cunt on his knee." Brenda let go of his testicles again to help reposition her. She managed to get a nice feel of Xania's bare ass, and she even kept a hand on one of Xania's ass cheeks under the pretense of holding her in position. (Needless to say, Brenda's attitude on sex with other women was rapidly changing.)

She told Xania, "Now, you see I've already got the top of both his legs all slicked up with my pussy juices. Straddling his leg like that, slide your cunt all the way up his leg until you reach his upper thighs. And then back." XX02

Xania, pretending consternation, began rubbing her entire body against him while continuing to stroke his erection. "I can't believe I'm doing this," she complained to no one in particular. Then looking around, she said testily, "What? What are you all looking at? Does everyone have to stare? Sheesh! I'm just trying to be a good guest."

Alan, huffing and puffing with excitement while squeezing his PC muscle, said between breaths, "The effort... is appreciated... Very much so."

After Brenda was forced to stop rubbing Alan, she sat down on the floor and took to masturbating herself while watching Xania. She felt like a penis tending expert already, and gave frequent advice to Xania on how to stimulate Alan even better. She didn't care much about taking part in the poker game, although she still had her panties on.

One of the rules from the first week was "no fingers in pussies" until someone else's dares during the game dictated that. However, Brenda satisfied herself well enough by repeatedly pulling her own panties tight against her crotch. They were completely soaked through, so she was the constant source of squishy sounds.


Alan found it a bit unnerving that most of the time Brenda was staring at him intently and adoringly, making him too self-conscious to look her in the face for long. Luckily, it wasn't her face that he was most interested in looking at anyway.

What made things extra fun for Alan was the way Xania protested, with almost, but not quite, over-the-top comments like, "Well, I never!" "How dare you!" "Don't take advantage of a drunk woman," and "Not the nipples, please!" Even her grunts and moans were extra sexy because of the way she made it sound like she was being violated against her will (although she never actually asked him to stop).

However, given everything Xania had done so far, and the obvious enjoyment she'd had, no one was worried in the slightest that Alan was "taking advantage" of her.

Feeling emboldened, Alan started "accidentally" playing with Xania's clit and/or slit from time to time. He figured, correctly, that no one would call him on it.

Xania continued to protest, saying things like, "Haven't you had enough of me?", "Hey, fingering my pussy is against the rules! Isn't it?", "No! Please, I beg, no more clit!" and "There?! Touch me anywhere but there! Don't put your fingers inside me so deeply!" But she still never just told him to stop, since she really didn't want him to.

She also made comments that sounded more like psychological advice, such as, "Susan, I think you're far too permissive. You're giving Alan a complete run of the place, and of your luscious, incredible bodies. And now my body! It's like I've become some kind of sexual plaything for him."

Susan and Brenda gave each other significant looks from across the room. They both felt shivers run down their spine and they were both thinking the same thing. Brenda almost inaudibly mouthed it to Susan: "She HAS become a sexual plaything for him!"

A wide-eyed and overjoyed Susan mouthed back in agreement, "MOOO!" Of course, this wasn't exactly a startling revelation, but she treated it like one anyway. She thought, It's hopeless! There's no point in resisting. I'm Tiger's big-titted plaything... one of many! Just look around the room. We're all here to serve him, to serve his cock! And now he's taming Xania right before our eyes. Before the evening's over, he might just fuck her right across the coffee table!

Between gawking at Brenda's tits and experiencing Xania's sensual all-over body rub, Alan was nearly delirious with arousal. He was clenching his PC muscle strenuously and thinking seriously about calling for another strategic break.

But before he could do that, he suddenly and unexpectedly lost control. As it happened, Xania had just started a long, passionate kiss, so he wasn't able to give any warning. The best he could do was moan urgently and loudly into Xania's mouth.

However, Brenda was still sitting nearby, masturbating and watching him like a hawk, and she quickly realized what was going on. Without thinking, she leaped forward like a striking panther. In a matter of seconds, she engulfed his cockhead.

This annoyed Xania to no end, since Brenda roughly pushed Xania's stroking hand off Alan's cock in her haste. She broke the kiss to complain to her, "Hey! What do you think-"

But she was cut off, because Alan's mouth was free to talk and he exclaimed, "I'm cumming!"

Xania was chagrined. She brought her hand back to his balls, and she felt how they'd tightened up. She wanted to get in on his orgasm somehow, but Brenda was in the prime position and she was bobbing on him frantically. The best Xania could do was stroke his shaft, trying to coax more cum out.

Alan's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he clenched his teeth tightly. "Aaaaah! So... UGH! So intense!"

Xania burned with jealousy as she watched Brenda's bobbing head. Dammit! That cum should be mine! I worked hard for it! And everyone goes on and on about how sweet and delicious his cum is. I'd like to get to know his taste a lot better. But, fuck! What can I do with Brenda there?! Dammit!

Despite her frustration, she continued to assist with her stroking. She even brought her other hand over to fondle his balls.

Brenda kept on bobbing and bobbing, gulping Alan's cum straight down her throat. She was in seventh heaven. She loved it so much that she didn't stop when his cum ran out. She hoped he'd simply stay erect, but he slowly went flaccid in her mouth. She gradually went from bobbing to just lightly sucking, and then licking, as she thoroughly "cleaned" his dick and balls.

She'd guzzled his cum down so quickly that nearly all of it was gone. When she finally finished her cleaning and sat up, all that remained were a few dribbles of cum on her chin.

The other women weren't too pleased. Suzanne spoke for them all when she said, "Brenda, we don't mind that you took quick action and sucked Alan off. A lot of his cum would have been wasted otherwise. But to just swallow it all down cleanly like that is selfish. Sharing is caring. If you'd shot at least some of his cum on your face, or at least saved some in your mouth, there's all kinds of ways we could have shared that."

Brenda dropped her head sadly. "I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking!"

Suzanne said, "That's okay. You're pretty new at this, so it's a very understandable mistake. But in the future, think first, and THEN suck and bob like a woman possessed. Not only did you miss out on sharing, but you missed out on getting to truly enjoy his taste. Savor it, like fine wine. You don't down a glass of wine in one gulp, you draw it out, and swirl it around inside your mouth."

Brenda dropped her head even lower. "Oh, God! I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry!"

Susan got up and walked over to Brenda. She knelt down to get face-to-face and wrapped her arms around Brenda, deliberately pressing her huge, bare tits into her friend's. She smiled encouragingly. "Don't be sad. All Suzanne is saying is learn from the experience. If you want to be one of Tiger's favorite personal cocksuckers-"

"I do!"

Susan nodded. "Well, then, it's a constant process of getting better. We take our cocksucking VERY seriously around here. It's not just some mindless sex act; it's an art. Ten years from now, after sucking my son off countless thousands of times, I hope to STILL be improving and learning new things."

Brenda nodded with determination. She clenched a fist and shook it. "Susan, you're my inspiration. I'll do better next time. Much better!'

"That's the spirit!" Susan leaned forward and French kissed Brenda. That picked up Brenda's spirits, and soon they were playfully rubbing their nipples against each other while their tongues dueled.

Then Brenda broke the kiss and turned back to Alan. He was resting and leaning way back, with Xania cuddled up against him with her arms around his waist. Brenda lightly held his balls again and resumed licking them. As she did, she looked up at him and started to speak.

Alan was feeling the usual post-orgasmic weakness, but he was alert enough to keep his eyes open. Before Brenda could say anything, he cut her off. "Hold it, please. Brenda, I can guess what you're going to say. You're going to be all apologetic. Don't be. You did great. Thank you for what you did." He turned his gaze to Xania, who had her head on his chest. "And thank you." He tilted his head down and kissed the top of Xania's head. "I'm so lucky, and so blessed. So, not another word, Brenda, and that's an order. Just enjoy the moment."

Susan wrapped her arm around Brenda's torso and rubbed her tummy. "Yes, enjoy the moment. Just think: you have a belly full of Tiger's cum!" She leaned in and whispered right into Brenda's ear. "And who knows what'll happen before the night is over?" She licked Brenda's ear while she added, "How much more of his cum will you have in you or on you? Maybe your face and tits will be thoroughly soaked from multiple loads! Or maybe his cum will be oozing out of your hot cunt after getting a royal fucking! I have a feeling tonight is going to be a very special night for you!"

Any trace of Brenda's disappointment was long gone. She gleefully rubbed her tummy. Our master thinks he's lucky and blessed? What about me?! Susan's right. Already, this is the best night of my life, and it's only just begun! True, I made some mistakes, but I'm going to get better, a lot better. Tonight, I AM going to get royally fucked! I just know it!


After a couple of minutes cuddling comfortably with Xania in his arms, Alan announced, "Hey, everybody. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm sure I'll be able to get erect again soon... but not right away. So why don't we all take five, and have a snack break?"

The others liked that idea. Xania got off of Alan. She joined all the other women helping themselves to snacks and drinks in the kitchen. She covered her chest with one arm while cupping her pussy with the other as she wandered around in just her heels.

Alan, though, just remained sitting alone in the living room. He was feeling mentally overwhelmed from so much non-stop sexual excitement. So he was glad to close his eyes and zone out for a while.

Xania had noticed that Susan was completely naked, but the others were either down to their panties, or in Katherine's case, a miniskirt instead of panties. Xania felt more exposed than if she was strutting buck naked down a busy city street, and she didn't understand why. So she came up to Suzanne in the kitchen, and asked, "Can I please put some clothes on while we're taking a break? Pretty much everyone else is wearing something, at least."

"No. The rules are, once your clothes come off, they stay off, at least until the game is over. Although we're not big on wearing a lot of clothes here in general."

Xania rolled her eyes with annoyance. For once, when she asked to wear clothes for a little while, she wasn't just acting. She felt she needed a break from all the non-stop sexual arousal too. Just standing in the middle of the kitchen covering her privates was keeping her wet and tingling with arousal all over.

She leaned in closely, and whispered, "I understand. But my panties ripped off by accident, so can't I at least get a new pair?"

Suzanne used the close whispering as an excuse to wrap an arm around Xania's back and pull her in still closer until their great racks were pressed tightly together. She slid her hand down to Xania's ass and whispered back, "No. Whose fault was it for making those panties rip? I'm sure it didn't happen by itself. You were careless and you have to pay the price. But don't say anything out loud about it, or else we're going to see a lot more ripped panties in the near future."

Xania was chagrined. She was hoping to get some sort of actual reprieve from the sexual heat during the break time, but the way that Suzanne was pressing her tits into her and firmly clenching her ass was only arousing her even more. To make matters worse, their whispering had drawn the attention of Brenda, Katherine, Amy, and Susan. They'd stopped talking amongst each other and had most of their attention on Xania.

Suzanne subtly squeezed Xania's bare ass cheek as she pulled back slightly and asked her in a normal voice, "So... what do you think of all this?"

Xania couldn't answer honestly, since the four other women were listening in. So she pretended to be more prudish than she really was, although there was a lot of truth in her answer. "This has been very... challenging for me. I thought I was sexually liberated and I could roll with the punches, but this house, it's like an entire sub-culture in itself. And everything is so sexual, and, and... HOT!"

She addressed the group, since it was clear that everyone in the kitchen was listening anyway. "Look at you all! I feel completely naked walking around like this-"

Katherine joked, "That's 'cos you ARE completely naked."

Xania took a step or two back to look down at herself, extricating herself from Suzanne in the process. "Good point. But in fact you're all exposed like me, even though most of you are wearing panties. You're not even trying to cover up, so you must be used to it."

"Yup!" Amy said with a satisfied smile.

Susan, Suzanne, and Katherine chuckled, since they knew just how true that was for Amy.

Xania continued, "All of you are so beautiful, not to mention extraordinarily endowed and curvy, and yet you're all totally devoted to this one boy. I don't understand it."

Normally, Susan would have been offended by that question, but she was so giddy from what she perceived as the start of Xania's "taming" that she didn't mind. She just beamed with joy and patted her on the back. "You will, you will. Besides, you're not exactly ugly yourself."


The others all stood back and took a good look at Xania, to fully appreciate just how beautiful she was.

Xania had been hoping to sneak off to the bathroom so she could secretly finger herself to climax and thus get some much-needed relief from the sexual heat that had been steadily building higher and higher. She did go to the bathroom, but Susan followed her, acting as if she also needed to pee very badly. As a result, Xania couldn't do anything except actually pee and then wash and freshen up. After that, Suzanne was calling for everyone to return to the living room, so there wasn't any time for Xania to dawdle, or diddle.

In fact, Susan was just pretending to need to pee. She could sense Xania's sexual need, and she wasn't going to allow her to take the easy way out. Once Xania left the bathroom, Susan went in to freshen up as well, but mostly to make sure that Xania didn't have time to go back and get off.

The game resumed.

Xania went right back to her "penis tending," sitting on Alan's lap again. She was still hot to trot, almost as if there hadn't been a break at all, so it wasn't long before she was stroking and kissing Alan, and rubbing herself all over him. But Alan had a proper strategic break. This was very frustrating for her, because she'd had him close to cumming before the break, and now he'd gone completely flaccid. She was able to get him fully erect almost immediately, but even so, she felt like she had to start from scratch.

Alan was very pleased at how events were going, particularly with Xania. During the break he'd been thinking about how to "hook" her even more, so she'd want to visit often. He knew orgasm denial was an effective trick that seemed to fit the situation. So he whispered in her ear, "You're not allowed to cum, you know. If you do, I'm going to have to give you a spanking. You'll lie across my lap and I'll spank your naked body like a baby, right in front of everybody!"

Xania had trouble breathing, that aroused her so much. The spanking idea didn't arouse her per se, but being humiliated like that in front of everyone else certainly did. The overall submissive atmosphere affected her, because she didn't even question his "right" to punish her. Instead, she asked in a whisper, "What if I make you cum? Can I cum too then?"

He considered that, and then whispered back, "Yes. If I cum, or if I give you permission. Otherwise, you've gotta hold out!"

She nodded, and then steeled her nerves. She didn't want to beg for permission. She was fiercely determined not to cum until she got him to cum first.

Susan was feeling very smug and satisfied at how Xania was behaving. She said, "It looks like someone is settling nicely into her penis tending role."

Xania blushed as she felt the eyes of all the others suddenly on her. She stopped sliding her pussy against Alan's thigh, but she couldn't bear to stop jacking off his hot cock. She closed her eyes in embarrassment, and said, "I'm just... uh... obeying the rules."

Susan asked, "So you're not enjoying yourself?"

Xania thought about denying it, but Alan was fondling her ass and tits, and that, plus everything else, had her so hot already that she couldn't stop her writhing and panting. "Um... My body is betraying me."

Suzanne was feeling smug and satisfied too. "We don't want you to suffer. Maybe you'd prefer if someone else would take over the penis tending duties?"

"NO!" Xania cried loudly. She forced herself to calm down, and said, "What I mean is, this is all part of the experience. Treat me just like I'm one of the gang."

Katherine was feeling jealous towards Xania, but not nearly as jealous as she would have expected. It was so arousing seeing a proud and gorgeous woman like Xania blushing and succumbing to her lust that she was able to keep her jealousy buried. In fact, she even exclaimed, "If you're 'one of the gang,' then watch out! You're gonna be sucking a lot of cock before the night is over, that's for sure!"

Xania could only moan and close her eyes as her cheeks reddened still more. She had a vivid image of herself kneeling below Alan and bobbing on his thickness while all the others stood around and critiqued her every move. Ugh! Dammit! The scary thing is, that probably really IS going to happen later. And I'm gonna love it and hate it at the same time! I've never wanted to suck a cock so badly. My entire body is burning up. Why is everything ten times hotter in this house?!

The next round of the game began. Xania wasn't dealt any cards since her hands were busy, but Alan and everyone else did participate. The round resulted in Katherine losing her miniskirt. That was all she had left on, not counting her high heels. It wasn't much of a miniskirt in the first place, since it didn't even cover her pussy in the front, and only covered the upper half of her ass in the back.

Xania had to temporarily get off Alan's lap so Alan could properly take part in the undressing ritual. However, she stood right next to him so she could reach down to his lap and continue to stroke his boner.

Katherine immediately hopped up and backed her ass practically into Alan's face so he could take her miniskirt off. He could have pulled it off in a matter of seconds, but that wasn't the point. Katherine spread her legs as wide as she could while remaining standing between his legs, and then bent down and clutched her ankles.

Her voice dripped with lust as she asked, "Brother, could you help me get off? Er, I mean, get my skirt off?" She giggled at that.


"Sure thing, Sis." Far from pulling her miniskirt down, he actually yanked it up higher, so that it hung uselessly around her waist. Then he pulled her in close and rubbed his face in it. Katherine laughed as he "blew a raspberry" on her pussy, making funny noises on it. Then, using his hands to both fondle her ass cheeks and hold her steady, he got busy kissing and licking her slit and clit. At times, he even licked up close to her anus.

Xania protested, "That's outrageous! Suzanne, how can you allow that? Isn't there a clear rule against touching pussies?"

Suzanne smirked. "I don't know if it violates the game rules or not, but who cares? It looks like they're both having fun. I suppose the pussy touching rule has been suspended. Besides, who are you to talk, with the way you're going to town on his cock?"

Xania looked down at her hands. Of course she was aware that she was jacking him off, but she hadn't realized just how fast her hand was pumping up and down his pole, while her other hand slowly fondled his balls for good measure. It dawned on her that the sight of Alan's face buried in Katherine's ass had caused her to pump much faster. Embarrassed, she tried to go back to her previous "mellow" pace without drawing attention to the change.

She also realized that her perfectly round tits were steadily bouncing up and down, thanks to the way she'd been putting her entire upper body into her stroking as she leaned down and over Alan. She waited until her body was still and took a few deep breaths to calm herself. That took a good half a minute.

Meanwhile, Suzanne smirked at her with amusement. The others kept on staring, more at Xania than what Alan was doing to Katherine.

Finally, Xania felt calm enough to respond. "No, I'm not against sexual activity in general. I knew some of that was going to take place here. It's just that... I'm having trouble with the fact that they're brother and sister."

"A-ha!" Susan spoke up. "See? It's one thing to say it's fine in theory, but it's another thing to actually see it with your own eyes and then feel the same way. But I could see how your hand was practically flying up and down my son's great big cock a minute ago. The taboo makes jacking him off extra hot, doesn't it? Can't you see how it was impossible for me to resist that siren call?"

"Well, uh..." Xania didn't know what to say. In truth, it wasn't so much that she was turned on by the incest, as she was turned on by absolutely everything that was happening. But she didn't want to admit that, so she stayed silent. Besides, seeing Alan fondling his sister DID greatly arouse her.

Susan triumphantly took Xania's silence as agreement. "Yep! Just like I thought. A part of you thinks it's wrong, but it doesn't matter, because look at Angel bent over and clutching her ankles. Too sexy! She's a fuck toy for her brother, and she's proud of it!"

Katherine was more than a little distracted by Alan's tongue. She was having a hard time just remaining upright, but she was following the conversation enough to shout, "YEP!"

Brenda thought, I wonder what the difference between being a "fuck toy" and a "sex pet" is, if any. And is it possible for me to be both? I'll have to ask Susan about that later.

Susan smiled from ear to ear, and said to Xania, "You see? That's my daughter. I'm so very proud of her too. Just look at her. Have you ever seen a more beautiful, fit, tanned, and voluptuous teenage girl? She could have her pick of any boy in school. But no, she'd rather be one of her brother's fuck toys. Just like her big-titted fuck-toy mommy!"

Brenda caressed her bare breasts. "Big-titted fuck-toy mommy!" I love the sound of that! I wish I could be his mother, or his sister. They're so lucky!

Susan was also fondling her breasts as she continued to talk to Xania. "Mmmm... She knows that a good sister serves brother cock! It's about so much more than just the sexual pleasure. It's love. It's devotion. It's total submission! Even now, it may look like he's servicing her, but really, she's using her body to enhance the pleasures of your handjob. And speaking of which, your hand seems to be going a lot faster again. Hmmm..."

Susan's eyes sparkled with delight as she nodded towards Alan's crotch. Sure enough, Xania's hand was zipping along nearly as fast as before, and she was pumping him faster all the time. Her bare chest was back to heaving up and down as well, lightly slapping against Alan's chest.

This time, Xania was even more embarrassed than before, but she didn't see the point in ridiculously trying to deny her lusty desire. In fact, she had such an intense need to get Alan to cum that she wasn't sure if she could stop her hands, even if she was ordered to. She was amazed at just how hot to trot she was when she was "merely" giving a handjob. She'd had many wild sexual adventures in L.A. over the years, but she had a strong feeling that by the time the night was over, tonight would top them all.

Suzanne spoke up, saving Xania from having to think up something to say. "Xania, why is your face so red? You've been blushing all evening, but it's especially red now. You were the one who told both Susan and Katherine that there's absolutely nothing wrong with their incestuous love. Don't you still stand by what you said?"

"I do..."

"Then what are you complaining about?"

Brenda chimed in, "I'd bet you'd love nothing more than to drop to your knees and swallow Alan's entire cockhead! Then bob deeper and deeper until you're choking and gagging on all that fat THICK cock! What a struggle just to cram that hot meat in your mouth, but, mmmm, it's worth the epic battle! Don't you want to suck and suck and SUCK, until he blasts a creamy load down your throat?" She was freely fondling her pussy and nipples now, and she didn't care who saw.

Xania whined helplessly, "Oh! GOD!" She stared at his thick boner in her hands and whimpered. Then, as if some kind of tractor beam or powerful magnetic force was pulling her, her head started to slowly drop down towards Alan's boner, which was poking right up at her. The closer her lips got to his throbbing hard-on, the faster she moved. There was no acting involved at all, nor had she expected anything like this to happen. Her willpower was visibly crumbling in front of everyone.

But just as her lips were about to make contact, and her mouth was opened as wide as possible, a hand was thrust in the way.

Startled, Xania looked up to see who the offending hand belonged to. She was shocked to see Suzanne standing there. Suzanne could tell what was coming, and she'd moved quickly from her spot at the table. She'd gotten there with only a second or two to spare.

Xania's head pulled back, but her hand was like a blur now, flying up and down Alan's throbbing pole. She complained, "What's the big deal?!"

Suzanne said, "Girl, I love the idea, but Alan is only human, after all. If you do that now, he's going to blow his load in a matter of seconds. Sweetie, can you finish up there so we can get back to the game?"

That suggestion was met with a chorus of disappointed groans.

Alan had gotten so carried away licking Katherine that he'd forgotten about the need not to cum. The problem was he had only so many "bullets in his gun,' and he didn't want to face the embarrassment of being flaccid during such an arousing evening. So he tried his best to resist Xania's rapidly sliding fingers, and focused his lips on Katherine's clit.

Katherine was close to orgasm already, and his renewed effort quickly pushed her over the edge. Her legs grew weak, and she would have literally toppled over from her rather precarious stance. But happily, Suzanne was standing right there and was able to keep her steady.

As usual, Suzanne took charge and tried to get the game back on track. She commented, "Xania, you look a bit preoccupied there. Would you like to rejoin the poker game?"

Xania wanted to yell, "Fuck the poker game!" She was ready to cum, hard.

An obviously amused Suzanne said, "I'll take that as a 'no.'"

Xania just grunted. Then, realizing that might not have been clear enough, she grumbled, "That's a no." She was a bit grumpy because she was determined to get Alan to cum, and once that happened she was going to let go with a great big orgasm of her own. She didn't want any interruption. She couldn't keep up the blazing fast stroking pace, so she switched to keeping her hands nearly still. But that was even more effective, because she was using all ten fingers to rub his sweet spot and his other most sensitive spots. She sensed that it wouldn't be long. She really needed the release.


Now that Alan was done with Katherine, Xania sat back in his lap. The game resumed with everyone else back in their seats, including a very sexually satisfied Katherine. But nearly all the participants were still too aroused and distracted to think much of the game.

Suzanne alone cared about the card game, and she took full advantage of this to help guide the sexual fun and games. She knew that Xania was going to get Alan to cum if she kept doing what she was doing for much longer, and she knew the problem of Alan cumming too soon and too often as well as anyone. So she secretly mixed the cards she got for herself to make sure she won. It was easy for her to cheat since hardly anyone was paying attention to the game in the first place.

Suzanne said, "Xania... Hellloooo? Xania?" She waited until Xania finally noticed. "I won, and I'm making you part of my dare. You have to stand up and face Alan so he can play with your body. ALL of your body, including your pussy. Oh, and put your hands on your head and keep them there. I like how you looked when you were doing that earlier."

Xania stood up, letting go of Alan's cock in the process. She asked guardedly, "And how long am I supposed to do this? A minute? Two?"

"No, indefinitely. Until some other dare has you do something else. Someone else will have to take over as penis tender, of course."

Xania was annoyed beyond belief when she heard that last detail. "What?! But that's..." She caught herself, remembering that she wasn't supposed to be too enthusiastic about the handjob.

She tried to get out of performing the dare, but she couldn't think of any even remotely plausible excuse. She decided to explain part of her genuine reasoning. "Now's not really a good time. You see, Alan gave me a secret order a little while ago. It seems I'm not allowed to cum unless I get him to cum first, or he gives me permission. If I'm standing with my hands on my head, how on Earth can I make him cum?! I can't! Worse, I really have a powerful need to cum right now, and if he plays with my pussy, I'm going to totally lose my mind!"

Suzanne smirked. "Sucks to be you, then. All us women here are in danger of losing our minds from total orgasmic ecstasy. It's a daily threat. Seriously. So we don't have much sympathy."

Xania looked around at the others. Sure enough, none of them seemed sympathetic to her plight. She complained, "I don't get it. All of you are so focused on servicing Alan's cock. It's practically a 24-7 thing. I understand how that's great for HIM. He must be cumming buckets daily. But how can the rest of you be losing your mind with big orgasms so often?!"

Amy spoke up. "Look at yourself."

Xania was confused. "What?"

Amy repeated, "Look at yourself. You've been the penis tender for a good while now. That sounds all unfair, I know. But you're the one complaining that you're in danger of losing your mind, 'cos you're so super duper horny. How does that happen?"

Xania flopped her arms in sincere confusion. "I don't know!"

Suzanne said, "To be honest, I don't think we quite understand it either. There's some kind of group dynamic, a collective energy, that develops, and just grows and grows. We all feed off each other. But the bottom line is, even though the focus is on Alan, us ladies have even more big orgasms than he does. A LOT more! It gets so intense that we even pass out sometimes."

Katherine picked up Suzanne's point. "So that's why we just kinda chuckle when we hear you say you feel like you're losing your mind. If I had a dime for every time I felt that exact thing, well, I'd have a hell of a pile of dimes!" She giggled at that. "So stand there like a good, obedient slut, and try your best not to cum too soon. What's he going to do to you if you do, by the way?"

Xania shamefully admitted, "He's going to spank me."

Susan raised her eyebrows. "Oooh! Sounds fun! You might want to lose on purpose. I would!"

Xania reluctantly got in position. She was already standing, but she drew in closer. That allowed Alan to reach up and out to fondle her breasts and pussy.


Even though her entire body was trembling from his caresses, she managed to put her hands on her head. Dammit! Shit! So close! A couple more minutes, and he'd have cum for sure. Then I could have too, without penalty. Now, he's gonna take ages playing with my body. And someone else gets to be penis tender? Fuck that!

She sighed, realizing there wasn't anything she could do about it, or about the way he was still playing with her body. Daaaaamn! What a disaster. And look at this humiliating pose I'm in. I don't know about visiting this place. It's scary!

She moved in still closer, pushing Alan's legs together until his knees touched. Then she moved way forward, right up to the edge of his chair, so her legs were spread widely on either side of his. She hoped that if she was up close like that, more of her body would be within easy reach for him, so he'd spend less time playing with her pussy. She worried that more pussy play would set her off.

Brenda quickly took Xania's seat next to Alan. She asked, "So... Who is going to be Alan's penis tender while he's busy with Xania?" She clearly hoped that her proximity would make her the logical choice.

But Suzanne gave Alan a long, careful look, and then said, "Unfortunately, no one. I know my Sweetie well enough to know all the signs. He's far too close to shooting off. Sorry."

To everyone's surprise, Alan scooted his chair back and stood up. "That's true. Things are getting a bit dangerous. But it so happens, I have to go use the bathroom. Maybe by the time I get back I'll be ready for some more tending. If I am, Brenda, I'll let you know."

Alan went to the bathroom.

Xania sighed and dropped her hands. Despite being dangerously close to cumming, she was very frustrated that he hadn't even touched her since she'd stood up.

In fact, Alan didn't really need to relieve himself, he just wanted an excuse to have another strategic break without looking "wimpy" for taking a break so soon after the last one. Seeing Xania standing there with her hands on her head, ready and willing to be fondled all over, was very nearly the breaking point for him, forcing him to retreat. He wanted to enjoy her body at length without having to stress about being right on the cusp of orgasm.

He stayed in the bathroom for a few minutes, washing his face and freshening up, but mostly just thinking non-sexual thoughts and playing for time. He was almost too effective. He'd been so supersaturated with sexual sights and sounds that he needed a mental break from it all. He was able to clear his head of sexual thoughts, which caused his penis to go completely flaccid.

However, that turned out to be no problem at all, because once he walked back to the living room and saw the naked women there, he could feel his penis starting to engorge again right away. Standing at the front foyer, he looked around at all the naked beauties, and thought, I'm so fucking lucky that it's crazy! If this isn't the greatest collection of female beauty in the world, then I don't know what is! Brenda and Xania would be such incredibly worthy additions to my, uh... Not harem... My stable, let's call it. Even that's a fucking mind-blowing term! Wow!

By this time, all the women had noticed his presence. Xania even stood up expectantly, hoping to pick up right where they'd left off. So he knew he didn't have much time to just stand and stare. Xania and Brenda. What's up with them? Are they just going to be around for a while and then move on? I sure hope not! They're so fucking stacked and sexy! I need to hook them even more so they'll want to be a permanent part of... whatever this is. My stable. I'm recharged and ready. I think it's time I have fun with both of them at once!

He walked into the middle of the living room and announced, "Okay, I'm back. Xania, if you're ready to continue, I'm ready. And Brenda, it looks like I'm gonna need some tending. In fact, my dick has gone kinda soft, so if you want to bend the rules a little bit, you can blow me to get me fully aroused."

"Okay!" In a flash, Brenda grabbed Alan, pulled him down to the nearest sofa, lay down next to him, and engulfed his cockhead with her mouth. In her excitement, she kicked her legs in the air, causing her high heels to fall off.

It happened so fast that Alan had to laugh out loud.

Amy giggled. "Geez Louise! Somebody's eager!" She giggled some more, with Katherine joining in.

Susan nodded and smiled approvingly as Brenda bobbed, just as if she was a proud parent at a talent show. And that wasn't a far-off comparison, because she considered herself Brenda's sexual mentor of sorts. It was a heady feeling for her, considering how quickly she had sexually evolved in recent weeks, as well as how quickly her relationship with Brenda had evolved.

She thought, Look at her go! It almost makes me want to cry, I'm so happy. She gets it! She knows what a big-titted beauty is born to do: serve superior cock! Even from here, I can see how overjoyed she is. She's got her mouth stuffed full of Alan's great thickness, her lips are sliding, her tongue is dancing, and she's kneeling near-naked in high heels! There's no better feeling in the world than that! God, it makes me SO HOT!

Then Xania walked up to Alan's crotch, keen to get in the exact same position she'd been in before the bathroom break. Luckily for her, Brenda was leaning over Alan's crotch from the side instead of kneeling between his legs.


Like before, Xania spread her legs widely near Alan's legs. She put her hands on her head, striking a stiff, proud pose with her back slightly arched and her tits thrust forward.

That was a very tempting sight for him. But realizing that Xania was still rather difficult to reach, he scooted forward on the sofa, moving Brenda with him, then leaned his upper body forward.

Xania was able to scoot up even closer to his crotch this time, thanks to his new position sitting so far forward. She could have scooted closer still except for Brenda's bobbing head coming in from the side. She didn't want Brenda to fall off the sofa.

Alan's bathroom break had given Xania a chance to cool down some too. She was still very, very horny, but she wasn't frantic with the need to cum. That allowed her to enjoy herself a lot more. She'd also warmed up to the idea of performing Suzanne's dare.

Alan immediately reached a hand around and began gleefully caressing her ass cheeks. His other hand aimed directly for her pussy. But rather than going straight for her clit or slit, he started teasing around the edges of those sensitive privates,

Xania found the pose incredibly arousing. She wasn't getting off on the submissiveness of it exactly, but it fed into her fetish for being sexually embarrassed in front of others that she wasn't even consciously aware of. No one had ever treated her like this before, and the fact that there were no less than six others in the room gave her an incredible head rush that never seemed to end.

Yet she felt like she needed to maintain her reluctant persona, if only so Susan wouldn't doubt her psychologist identity. So she complained, "How does this help anything?"

Katherine quipped, "I don't know if it helps YOU, but it sure helps Alan enjoy your body. Remember, this is Alan's world, and we just live in it." She giggled.

Xania grunted, both in frustration and because Alan swiped a finger down her wet slit.

Suzanne wasn't sure if Xania was really reluctant or not. Just to be sure, she told her, "Remember, you said that while you were here, you'd take part in our traditions and follow our rules."

"I know," Xania replied. "I just didn't know that it would result in THIS." She shivered all over and moaned loudly, because Alan leaned forward and blew air on her clit while poking a finger into her slit.

Susan smirked. "That sure sounds to me like someone is protesting too much. Tell me that you're not incredibly aroused, and he'll stop right now."

Suzanne added, "Remember, the rule that you're gonna get spanked in front of everyone if you cum first is still in effect."

Xania just whimpered helplessly upon hearing that. FUCK! I forgot about that! UGH! I thought things would be fairly normal here tonight. I knew I was gonna play some sexual games, like strip poker, but I've never been this horny playing ANY game before. Jesus Christ! Everybody's staring at me. Could I be in a more ridiculous position? I think not! Unless Alan spanks me, that is! I can't even think about that, because it'll make me cum and then it'll come true! I knew I was gonna get fucked tonight, but it's like I'm getting mentally fucked. I hate it! But it feels SO FUCKING GOOD!

Alan could tell that his fingering was having a big effect on Xania. He wanted to up the ante by using his tongue, but unfortunately he couldn't see how he could bring his head close enough to do that, given that Brenda's head was bobbing in his lap. He might manage, but it would be awkward and difficult.

For the next minute or two, Alan had a field day fondling Xania's ass cheeks and fingering her pussy and clit, while Brenda kept bobbing up and down his shaft. No words were said, and everyone else was happy to just sit and watch (and furtively masturbate).

In fact, it was so quiet that Xania finally paid enough attention through her fog of lust to hear Brenda's loud slurping. Oh, FUCK ME! Fuck, fuck, fuck! It totally slipped my mind that he's getting his cock sucked at the same time. Talk about being spoiled rotten! Sheesh! I'm centerfold worthy. That's just a fact, since I've had offers from major magazines. And Brenda's in the same league. So what's this kid doing with the likes of us?! And why am I so fucking AROUSED?! And why is the thought of Brenda slurping on his big tool driving me wild?!

Susan pulled her chair closer to Suzanne's so she could whisper privately to her. "What do you think? Isn't this great?! Tiger is taming both of his sexy guests at the same time!"

Suzanne whispered back, "Yes, it's very impressive. I'm not surprised about Brenda, but for him to get this far with Xania this fast is unexpected." She meant that, even though she knew Alan had fucked Xania in L.A. She'd expected him to have more sexual fun with Xania tonight, but she hadn't anticipated Xania being willing to pose like that while someone else was sucking him off, and in front of everyone else, no less. She knew that Xania herself had to be surprised at what she was willing to do too.

Susan leaned in closer towards Suzanne and eagerly clutched her upper arm. "It's so exciting! Suzanne, big things are happening here! History is unfolding, right in front of us! Just think if he fully tames them both!"

Suzanne wasn't as thrilled by that idea as Susan was. Hmmm. Sweetie might be getting a little TOO successful here. After all, there's only so much of him to go around. But it'll be okay. We're going to split Brenda's considerable sexual energies with her son Adrian too. And I know Xania. True, she's a sexy bitch in heat, but she's also a loner type, and she's got her own life in L.A. Let her get all excited and visit us a lot. I very much want that. But there's still no way she's going to move here and join us.

Not even Suzanne bothered with the idea of continuing the poker game, at least not yet. The four other women were transfixed by the sight of Brenda bobbing on Alan while he fondled Xania. Suzanne's rule against masturbation was long forgotten, and even Suzanne was playing with herself.

Time passed. Alan did whatever he liked to Xania, and no matter what he did, she loved it. He generally kept one hand fondling her pussy or clit while his other hand reached up and played with her G-cups. But he spent a lot of time exploring elsewhere, usually on her more reachable front side. At one point, he reached a hand all the way up to her face, clumped three fingers together, and slid them into her mouth.

Xania sucked on them like they were an undersized version of his cock. She thought, Fuck me! This has gone so far beyond a dare, especially with Brenda here. Susan, Suzanne, Amy, and Katherine - they're all staring at me! I can't dare to look, but I can feel their eyes on me! They must think I'm a total slut, letting Alan fuck my face with his hand. But I'm just too hot! My entire body is on FIRE! Just standing here naked in this humiliating pose, with my legs spread wide and my ass cheeks clenched tight... UGH! Too much! I'm gonna cum, and then I'm gonna get spanked, and then they'll all point and laugh, and I'll cum some more! UNH! So much more! I'm gonna cum and cum and cum until I die!

Xania was feeling flustered, to say the least. She could feel a great big orgasm coming, and that scared her. She protested between heavy gasping breaths, "I'm... lodging... a... a... formal... UH! Formal... protest... It's no... No... No fair! OOOH! Aaaah! Nooooooo!"

No one was able to find out what her "formal protest" was about though (not even her!), because she started screaming as Alan fingered her through a multiple orgasm. Before long, he had to use both hands to grip her waist and hold her up, since Suzanne wasn't nearby to help with that this time. But even after he stopped frigging her, she kept on cumming and cumming.

Eventually, she slipped down, exhausted. Although her legs had been on either side of Alan's legs, she managed to flop to the floor without trouble. She felt semi-comatose, yet she managed to turn her head and look up at Alan. The sight of Brenda's lips still sliding steadily on his shaft sent an electric jolt through her body. Fuck me, AGAIN! That's too damn HOT! Doesn't he ever cum?! He's just reduced me to a quivering wreck, and he's still getting blown like it's nothing at all! Jesus fucking Christ!

As she sat there trying hard just to breathe, she had a minor epiphany. You know, Susan is right. It is a whole different perspective seeing this in person. How COULD she resist, even if she is his mother? There's no way! This place is like a sexual hothouse. It feels like it's 120 degrees in here. I must be sweating like a pig, just from being fondled. FUCK!


Xania was still flopped on the floor and gasping like a beached fish when Suzanne announced, "Okay, Brenda, enough of that. I hate to be the 'penis police,' but we do have to be careful of overstimulation. And anyway, Xania is still the official penis tender. Xania, can you get back up?"

"UGH!" Xania groaned like she'd been kicked in the gut. Fucking hell! Are you kidding me?! Tell me that's a joke. I'm one more orgasm away from death!

Xania considered herself very sexually talented. She didn't want to be outdone by anyone, especially with Suzanne there, since she'd had an intense love-hate sexual rivalry with her since their college days. So she somehow managed to prop herself back up to the sofa and take Brenda's place.


However, it was all she could do to lightly fondle Alan's boner and play with his balls while her body recovered. She looked up at Alan and asked with trepidation, "What about the spanking?"

He shrugged. "I think we can let that slide. When I said that to you, I wasn't allowed to touch your pussy. That's what really got you, so it wouldn't be fair to hold you to that when things changed."

She breathed a big sigh of relief. "Phew! Thank you!"

He meant it when he said that it wasn't fair. But he was also being strategic. He had a hunch that Xania wasn't really the submissive type and that a spanking just didn't fit, somehow. Plus, he'd figured out that putting her in embarrassing situations was arousing her, but he feared a spanking would be taking that too far.

Alan was grateful for the reduced stimulation. Brenda had had him right on the cusp. He thanked heaven for Suzanne's well-timed interventions. However, despite the fact that Xania was doing little more than holding his boner and rubbing two fingers over his sweet spot, he knew he was still dangerously close to cumming. All the stimulation he'd had since the poker game began was adding up, and his dick was begging for release.

Suzanne, as usual, was eager to get the card game back on track. She began dealing cards and "rallying the troops."

Alan leaned over towards Xania, and whispered, "It's cool that you're tired. I totally could use a break, so please take five. Really."

However, Xania thought that he was just saying that to be nice, so she merely said, "Thanks, but I'm good." Her competitive spirit drove her on, and she managed to keep on fondling his dick.

When the poker game resumed, Xania continued not to take part, and nobody played her cards for her either. Again, the others considered her "penis tending" a top priority, and they didn't want to divide her attention from that.

The only women still wearing any clothes at all were Brenda, Suzanne, and Amy, and each of them were down to just their panties. This situation had persisted a long time since the game had been stalled due to watching Alan having sexy fun with Xania and/or Brenda instead. Suzanne didn't like that, so she subtly manipulated the poker results by only picking winners from those still wearing panties to make sure everyone got completely naked before anything else happened.

As a result, Amy was the next winner. She walked up to Alan and presented him with her body so he could remove her panties. As he slid her panties down, she exclaimed, "Fiiiinally! I've kinda had them partly off anyway, but it's good to get rid of them altogether. Yeay!"

After taking her panties off, he spent a long time fondling Amy's pussy, and sometimes even licking it. Although it wasn't "required," Amy followed what Xania had done and put her hands on the top of her head. It just seemed like the thing to do, especially with everyone else watching.

Alan kept on fondling Amy until she had a big, loud, and very satisfying orgasm. All the while, Xania remained sitting on his lap and jacking him off.

Then it was Brenda's turn, and the same thing happened to her that happened to Amy. She also kept her hands on her head right through the end of her climax. She actually loved posing like that, because it made her feel extra helpless and submissive.

When Suzanne's turn came, she felt obliged to keep her hands on her head too.

Not long after Suzanne's turn started, Brenda pulled her chair over to Susan. She leaned towards her, even while she was slowly fingerfucking herself, and muttered quietly, "It's so impressive, isn't it? I think of Suzanne as such a strong and forceful woman. But look at her. She's just as tamed as the rest of us, isn't she?"

Susan whispered back excitedly and conspiratorially, "She is! She's a strong and forceful woman, that's true. But when it comes to Tiger, she's a big softie, just like me."

Brenda nodded. "And she's so beautiful! Looking at her standing in that pose, it's almost too sexy to look at! She's a pale goddess, like Venus or Aphrodite, come to Earth!" XX03

Susan nodded back. "It's so hot! Look at that rapturous expression on her face as Tiger fondles her like he owns her! Especially with Xania there, rubbing herself all over my son like a bitch in heat. Remember how she started the evening?"

Brenda shared some subdued laughs with Susan as they both recalled Xania's dress and demeanor when she'd arrived. Then, to their mutual surprise and pleasure, Brenda leaned in and gave Susan a scorching French kiss. Brenda realized that was probably against the rules, but she was filled with such longing that she couldn't resist.

When the kiss ended, Brenda thought, as if she was speaking to Susan, I love you! So very much! You're my new best friend, and more. I love this house and everything that happens here. I love Master Alan, and Mistress Suzanne, and everyone else. You're all such kind and wonderful people, and oh-so-sexy too. I've never been so happy in my life! This is where I belong. I wish we could do this every night. If it weren't for Aidy, I wish I could live here permanently, getting endlessly dominated by my master and his great cock! Most of all, I wish I could say all this out loud. But I have to be careful not to be too rash.

Meanwhile, Xania's energy revived. Before long, she was fully hot and bothered again, and turning all of her sexual heat on Alan. She kept on fondling and stroking his erection while sitting in his lap, but she otherwise kept a low profile while Amy, Brenda, and Suzanne took their turns standing over him. (Susan had gotten a little carried away calling her a "bitch in heat," since she wasn't actually doing much at that point.)

When Suzanne's turn came to an orgasmic end for her, Xania was left all alone with Alan again. She decided it was time to step up her game. Mindful of Brenda's earlier instructions, she cuddled her nude body into his side, French kissed him, licked his nipples, sensuously ran her hands all over his body, and generally did everything she could to keep him insanely horny.

All the while, she still maintained the pretense that she was reluctant. By this point, it was clear to the others that it was a pretense, but at the same time it was still effective somehow. Her overall look was all important. She knew from her acting career that one small prop could make a huge difference. Without her unfashionable glasses, she looked like the soft-core porn actress that she was. With them, no matter what she was doing, she looked like a stern and severe, though extremely sexy, librarian type. She reminded herself that all she had to do was keep frowning instead of smiling, and the others would still tend to treat her as if she was doing what she was doing only to obey the rules.

She'd been told earlier that blowing air on his cock was okay, so she did a lot of that. And with her straight hair falling down and covering most of his crotch while she did that, she frequently "cheated" and licked his cock as much as she felt she could get away with.

She didn't know it, but in fact the other women could tell when she was "cheating," and they were perfectly fine with it. In fact, the "penis tender" job should have changed hands quite a few times by now, but by some unspoken understanding, the other women conspired to make sure that Xania kept the duty as long as possible. Only Brenda wasn't in on this, but she went along with whatever the others (and especially Suzanne) wanted.

After a while, Susan won a dare. She flashed a wolfish grin as she looked back and forth between Alan and Xania. "Son, I can't help but notice Xania's pretty impressive rack. Why, her breasts look almost identical to mine and Suzanne's."

Xania had been blowing air on Alan's cockhead - which in fact involved as much licking as blowing - but she pulled her head up in surprise and looked around.

Then Susan looked to Brenda, still sitting next to her. "On the other hand, Brenda's tits look pretty nice too, don't they? And, incredibly enough, they're even bigger!"

He nodded. He wasn't sure where she was going with this, but he loved it already.

Susan smirked. "My dare is that you do a little compare-and-contrast of your two busty, beautiful guests. Xania, please keep sitting on Tiger's lap, but make room for Brenda to sit on his other leg. Then, Son, I want you to fondle them both as much as you like, for as long as you want. Especially play with their big tits!"

"Woo-hoo! Sweet!" His concern about overstimulation was set aside for the moment, because he couldn't resist the temptation. His hands immediately latched onto Xania's twin globes.

Xania groaned, pretending to be annoyed. But, in truth, she was delighted. Without thinking, she locked her lips on his and passionately necked with him while still jacking him off.

Brenda quickly leaped up and rushed to Alan's lap. She found room and settled down, then wrapped her arms around both Alan and Xania. She waited impatiently until Xania and Alan broke their kiss, at which point she instantly took over necking with him.

Susan loved it. Her goal was to help Alan "tame" Brenda and Xania, so this dare was a logical way to do that. She knew that the others, especially Amy and Katherine, weren't getting much "action" that night, but she hoped they understood it was for the greater good of the harem.

She noticed that Brenda hadn't touched Alan's cock, at least not yet, so she added, "Oh, and Tiger, while you're doing all that tit examining, if either of them want to stroke or even lick your cock, well, the more of that the better! Treat them both like your personal sex pets. Do whatever you want with them!"

Xania was going to complain about the "sex pet" name, mostly because she felt obliged to maintain at least a pretense of her reluctant psychologist persona. But then Brenda broke her kiss with Alan so she could bend down and lick the top of his cock while Xania stroked the rest. That meant Xania found herself lip-locked with Alan, making it impossible for her to say anything at all.

She thought, I'm so fucking horny that it's not even funny! This is better than an orgy! Hell, this is WAY better than any orgy! I just felt Brenda lick right over my finger, and I love it! I don't know what it is, but there's something in the air, like some kind of irresistible sex drug. Maybe it's the way that everyone is looking at me and judging me.

I love that I'm sharing him with Brenda, but I want him to want me more! Somehow, I want to be the best. No, I NEED to be the best! I NEED to make him cum, before she does! I know we're going to rock him together, but still, at least I don't want her to out-do me!

The other women were huffing and puffing as they masturbated to the sexy sight. Luckily, not even Amy or Katherine minded being left out of the action that much, because watching was thrilling in its own way.

In fact, when the next kiss ended, Katherine shouted out, "Hey, Brother! Make the two of them kiss each other too!"

Amy added, "Yeah! And let's see some titty rubbing while they do that!"

Katherine turned to Amy and asked her with mild surprise, "You want to see them rub their big racks together?"

"Oh, totally! That'll be double super awesome, bouncy, busty, titty mega goodness! Don't you think?"

Katherine giggled at that. "Now that you mention it, hell yeah!"

However, that didn't happen, at least not yet. Now that Susan had given explicit cock licking permission, Brenda had slid all the way off Alan's lap and knelt to one side of him so she could focus her energies on that. Xania wanted to get in on that too, so she also slid off his lap and knelt on the other side of him.

The only problem was, this was far too arousing for Alan! He very much craved for Xania and Brenda to lick his cock together, but he simply couldn't allow it. Before Xania could join in, he abruptly stood up and practically ran out to the bathroom. As he departed, he shouted, "Bathroom break!"


Once he was in the bathroom, he just stood there leaning against the sink, trying to recover his breath. After a couple of minutes, he decided that he really did have to pee, and so he did. It took a while for his boner to calm down enough for him to manage. When he was done he flipped the toilet seat down and just sat on the toilet.

Man, this is crazy. So far, this is even more arousing than I thought it would be. And that IS crazy, because I pretty much knew this would be beyond awesome. Xania! Xania is beyond awesome! And when I'm not having fun with her, it seems I'm having fun with the equally awesome Brenda. Hot damn! And now, the two of them together?! Are you kidding me?!

The only snag is that I can't cum. What if I cum and I can't get it up again? I want this to last all night long. Literally! I'll sleep when I'm dead.

While Alan was in the bathroom, Susan went to the kitchen to get more snacks and drinks.

Alan returned and sat back in his previous spot on the sofa. This immediately raised the question of who would be doing the penis tending, Xania or Brenda, or, given Susan's dare, both of them.

Brenda and Xania lingered near him, but not on him. They were trying not to appear too eager.

Before Alan said anything, Susan came back. She put down her tray with its glasses of water and juice, and carrot and celery slices, walked in front of him, and silently ran her hands up and down her voluptuous, naked body. She smiled knowingly and gave him a smoldering stare as she sensuously caressed herself.

Alan wasn't sure what the point of that was, but he loved it just the same. His dick had been fully erect before she started, and it poked up at a jaunty angle, untouched.

Then Susan walked to the side of the sofa, leaned over the sofa arm he was sitting next to, and French kissed him. She was careful to position her tits so they'd hang over the sofa arm, allowing Alan to play with them while the necking went on.

It was unusual that she went to the side like that, forcing Alan to twist his upper body to meet her lips. But there was a method to her madness. She wanted his front side completely freed up, so hopefully both Xania and Brenda would get the idea to join in. She knew he'd be reluctant to have two penis tenders at once, for fear that he would get too stimulated too fast. She wanted to make that a fait accompli while he was still being kissed.

Xania was so inspired to see mother and son making out, and with no excuse or talk needed, that she did exactly what Susan hoped she would: she crawled between his legs and got busy jacking him off. But she didn't stop there. She immediately bent over to blow air on his cockhead to help him enjoy kissing his mother that much more. But even that only lasted a few moments, because she used her earlier trick of flopping her hair down to hide what she was doing, and the blowing turned into licking.

Yet that too only lasted a few moments, because she engulfed his cockhead and started bobbing on it. She knew that was against the rules. Even Susan's recent dare had only specified stroking or licking, not sucking. But she was so inspired and aroused that she couldn't help herself.

Nobody was fooled. Although her dangling hair completely hid his privates, she was too horny to remember that her bobbing head gave her away. Even Susan, with her eyes closed to fully savor the kissing, could tell what was happening by Xania's slurping sounds. But nobody said or did a thing in response to this "cheating," since they wanted to see Xania get carried away by her lusts.


While all this was going on, Brenda just knelt near Alan's feet. She very much wanted to get involved, and because of Susan's dare she was pretty certain that she was expected to. But her submissive nature made her very reluctant to act without clear orders, especially when she was so uncertain about her exact status. She called Alan "Master," but only in her mind, and she didn't know what he actually thought of her. Furthermore, Xania had monopolized the prime spot between Alan's legs and covered his crotch with her long hair hanging down, and she didn't know how to cut in on that.

Meanwhile, Suzanne, Amy, and Katherine just watched.

The two teen girls were sitting together. Katherine scooted her chair right next to Amy's, and whispered in her ear. "Hey, Aims. How are you doing? I guess we're not going to get to play with Alan Junior very much tonight."

Amy wrapped an arm around Katherine, and whispered back, "Nope. But that's cool. After all, we get him pretty much every day and every night, and Brenda and Xania are special guests."

Katherine quietly replied, "True. And we are getting to watch a pretty hot show." She wrapped an arm around Amy's backside too. She brought her free hand to Amy's tummy and slid it down towards her pussy. "It looks like someone here has been having a wet time. I refer to Miss Pussy, of course. She's having fun!"

Amy giggled loudly, because Katherine slid her hand on Amy's back to her more distant underarm, and gave her a surprise tickle attack there. At the same time, she brought the hand on Amy's tummy down enough to playfully pinch her clit.

Amy clenched her arm against her side, foiling Katherine's tickle attack. Then she brought a hand down to block Katherine's fondling. She whispered, "Stop! We can't! The rules!" She cast a worried eye at her mother Suzanne.

Katherine withdrew from tickling, but still kept her hand over Amy's pussy. "Rules, schmules. The rules have been getting looser by the minute. Look at what Xania's doing to Brother with her mouth. We've all been masturbating pretty much the entire time. What if you do me, and I'll do you?"

Amy glanced again at Suzanne, and bit her lip. Then she said, "M'kay. But let's be kinda not all obvious about it."

"Agreed." Katherine turned her attention back to the action centered on Alan while she started fingering Amy's pussy and Amy fingered hers.

Susan and Alan were still necking. Susan hadn't meant for it to go on that long, but she was having too much fun to stop. Between kisses, she quietly whispered, "Son, I'm so proud of you. You're turning a professional therapist into one of your naked, busty sex toys! I really hope you fuck her later tonight. Dick her and sperm her, deep! Are you going to fuck her?"

Alan didn't get a chance to reply, because Susan wowed him with another scorching kiss.

Things might have gone on like that for a while, except that Alan felt bad about having the others just sit and wait. He looked around between kisses, and he'd noticed that Brenda and Suzanne were looking particularly antsy. So after another minute or so, he broke the kiss.

Susan, though, didn't seem to get the message. She kept on licking his face up to his ear as she whispered even more quietly, "I can hear what Xania's doing to you, and it's making me SO HOT! She's really slurping and moaning! Is she a good cocksucker? Is she using a lot of tongue?"

He honestly whispered back, "Yes. And yes!"

"Mmmm! Goody! I can't wait to share sucking duties with her. I'm so hot for your cock right now! I want to give it some extra special Mommy love."

She pulled back slightly, and brought her hands to her neck. "By the way, I've got a special gift for you." She untied her cowbell, which she'd been wearing all along.

Alan thought she was going to give him the cowbell, which didn't make any sense to him.

But she reached inside it and pulled out a plastic cover. It had been over the ringer for most of the evening, because even Susan knew that the constant ringing of her cowbell got old fast. She held it up, and whispered, "Check it out! I made this myself, by cutting off the finger of a thin plastic glove, and I keep it over the ringer with a rubber band. But it has multiple uses." She pulled it over her index finger and stuck her finger at him. "See?"

He saw, but he didn't understand why she was bothering to explain this. And with the way Xania was sucking his cock, he was highly distracted, to say the least.

Susan leaned in close, and whispered, "Take it. Stick it on your finger. And then... ram your finger right up Xania's asshole! That'll give her a real howdy-do!"

He chuckled, finally understanding. He whispered back, "Mom, you're evil. But I love it. Thanks!" He slipped the cover on his index finger and then happily caressed her dangling boobs with both hands.

"Anything for my baby!" She whispered even more quietly, "Listen to that..." She paused, so they both could listen. "The sound of sucking! Mmmm! That makes my heart race and my mouth water. I know tonight is mostly about Brenda and Xania, but please pick me for your next penis tender, okay? Mommy really needs it!"

Before he could whisper back, she abruptly stood up and returned to her previous seat.

Suzanne was growing impatient. Taking advantage of Susan's movement, she spoke loudly, "Come on, folks. If it's poker night, let's play at least SOME poker."

Sensing her cocksucking time was running out, Xania bobbed faster and faster, hoping against hope she'd get Alan to cum before she had to stop. She didn't realize it, but her "illegal" actions were becoming ever more obvious and noisy to all the others.

With the game about to resume anyway, Amy couldn't help but tease her, "Geez, Xania, it seems like you're really getting into blowing him. Er, I mean, blowing air onto him." She giggled, because her verbal mistake wasn't really a mistake.

Fearing that her cover had been blown, Xania sat back up in his lap and cuddled into Alan's side again. Not surprisingly, she went back to jacking him off, and with a vigorous pace. She still hoped she could get him to cum soon.

Katherine also couldn't resist teasing Xania, especially since she noticed two rivulets of pre-cum and/or saliva dribbling down her chin. "Hey, what's that on your chin? Is that... liquid air?" She was all grins as she waited for a reply.

Xania hastily wiped her chin clean. She didn't know how to respond to that, but she tried to put up an indignant front. "I'll have you know that I'm only doing this because I'm trying to fit in."

Now it was Suzanne's turn to give in to the teasing urge. She quipped, "Yes, I can see that you fit it all in." As if her meaning wasn't clear enough, she opened her mouth wide and flicked out her exceedingly long tongue.

Xania blushed. She knew that she'd been busted. She didn't quite realize though that the others were being playful, not accusatory. So she tried to bluff it out. "I don't know what you're insinuating, but I can assure- Oh!" The "Oh!" was because Alan chose that moment to stick his index finger up her ass, about one digit's worth.

He waited with bated breath to see how she reacted. Although he'd had sex with her once before, he had no idea how she felt about anal play. He was grateful at least that he was using Susan's finger cover, so hygiene wouldn't be a big issue.

Xania looked around the room and saw that the others knew she'd just been anally fingered. Even if they didn't directly see the insertion, her reaction, plus the positioning of Alan's hand up against her ass crack, gave the game away. She could tell that everyone was waiting with bated breath to see if she'd been offended. Now it was her turn to tease. She let the seconds draw out while showing no reaction other than surprise.

Finally, she wiggled her ass down onto Alan's finger, pushing it in deeper another inch or so. Then she smiled impishly and said, "I'm afraid Alan has an anal fixation."

There was visible relief from the others, most especially Alan.

He kept his finger in her ass and wiggled it around some. Then, with his other hand, he put two fingers in Xania's mouth. She sucked on them for a few seconds, as if they were a real cock. Then she freed her mouth to exclaim, "He has an oral fixation, too!"

That got a lot of laughs and giggles from everyone, easing the tension that had built up.

Seeing that he was on a roll, he put his fingers that had been in her mouth back up her pussy while everyone watched.

She cried out even more desperately, "And he especially has a cuntal fixation!"

The new word "cuntal" got a lot of laughs.

Xania realized that she'd been too paranoid, and that they were just joking around, not disapproving of her blatant "illegal" cocksucking.

However, if anything, her problem was too much arousal, not too little. This was especially true because Alan kept his gloved finger in her asshole and wiggled it around, while wiggling two more fingers in her pussy. She sensed another big climax coming on.

Xania found herself thinking, My God! This kid... I'm starting to see what Suzanne sees in him, what they all see in him. I haven't had this much fun in years! Sure, getting fucked is more pleasurable, but this entire situation is just so weird and wonderful. I get to be totally uninhibited. Completely sexually unleashed! And yet it doesn't seem sordid or wrong in any way. In fact, it feels downright wholesome, almost. As if this is a typical suburban game night, except with a lot of sex instead of, say, Monopoly. I love it!

And pretending to be prudish with these nerdy glasses doubles the fun. Although, does anyone still buy my act at this point? Hell, I've been stark naked and playing with this guy for most of the evening! ("This guy" was a reference to Alan's erection.)


Soon, everyone was sitting around the table and ready to resume the poker game. All masturbation came to a halt (or, in the case of Amy and Katherine, mutual masturbation), and there was a renewed effort to be serious about playing the game. Everyone knew that since the clothes were all off, each hand was going to result in another dare. Suzanne was the only one who cared about the poker aspect, but there was great interest in performing the dares.

Alan decided to continue playing. However, as he'd done most of the game, he kept his cards face down on the table most of the time so he'd have both hands free to fondle. He didn't care much about winning or losing since he was the winner no matter what happened, so he only needed to briefly check his cards a couple of times each round.

While Suzanne was dealing the cards, Brenda finally found the courage to speak up. "Um, excuse me. I couldn't help but notice that we never really got a chance to do Susan's dare. You know, where Xania and I both share the penis tending duties?"

Susan's face lit up. "Oh, yes! Good point. You definitely need to do that."

But Alan said, "Sorry, I'm going to have to nix that, at least for now. I love the idea, but that's the problem. It would be WAY too arousing for me, especially after what Xania was doing to me, and with Mom kissing me on top of that. In fact, now that I think about it, it's probably better if I go without any tending for a while."

Xania was very disappointed to hear that, and it showed. Her hands were getting tired from all her stroking, but lust trumped tiredness. She asked him, "Can I still cuddle here on your lap though? And just... hold it?"

He chuckled. "Okay, sure. How can I say no to a hottie like you? But just cuddling, no holding. Let's not start down that slippery slope. Alan Junior really needs a break, thanks mostly to you and your hot and sexy mouth!"

She smiled at the compliment. She let go of his boner and brought both her hands up to his face. "Thanks." With her nose close enough to touch his, she purred in a sexy whisper, "My mouth can't get enough of your hot and sexy cock!"

She hadn't whispered as quietly as she thought she did though, because even Suzanne heard her from the other side of the table. Suzanne teased her college friend, "Hey, just a few minutes ago, I could have sworn you said, 'I'm only doing this because I'm trying to fit in.' And now we find out your 'mouth can't get enough of his hot and sexy cock.' Which is it?"

Xania immediately blushed. She glared unhappily at Suzanne. "I think you know the answer." She turned her head back to Alan and snuggled in closer to him, with her head against his chest. She sighed contentedly.

But Suzanne pressed, "What does that mean, exactly?"

Xania answered without looking back. "I'm having a fun time, okay? A great time, in fact. Alan is a remarkable young man. And..." She was going to say more, but she decided that she didn't want to appear too enthusiastic. So she kissed his lips instead. That gave her an excuse not to talk, and it was a lot of fun to boot.

Amy won the first hand of the restarted game. She noticed that Brenda was having a particularly hard time not being the penis tender, especially since the promise of Susan's dare hadn't materialized. But she also understood the importance of Alan "taming" Xania, whereas Brenda was clearly much more "tamed" already. Furthermore, she'd noticed that Brenda had a special affection for Suzanne. Plus, Suzanne hadn't been getting much sexual action.

So she said, "M'kay, here's my plan. Why is it that only Alan gets a tender? Brenda, I want you to be my mom Suzanne's 'pussy tender.' Basically, do to her what Xania is doing to my boyfriend. Keep her buzzing with pleasure, but try not to have her cum." XX04

This made Brenda very, very happy. She was on Suzanne like a puppy dog happy to see its owner after a long time away. Everyone had to smile at her affection and enthusiasm. Suzanne was very pleased too, because she had been feeling like all the action was passing her by.


Brenda sat on Suzanne's lap in the same way Xania was sitting on Alan's lap. She immediately got busy kissing, fondling, and fingerbanging.

Alan kept sawing away at Xania's pussy and asshole, sensing this would make her cum soon. He didn't know how far he should go with his anal fingering, but each time he pushed his finger in a little deeper she responded with approving erotic moans, so he wound up wiggling his finger in her quite deeply. At times, he felt like his probing fingers on each hand could almost touch inside of her.

Xania finally had her big orgasm, but it didn't leave her completely wiped out like the previous one did. When that was done, he pulled his finger from her ass and took the glove off so he could use both hands to fondle the rest of her luscious body.

The game continued, although more participants were having a hard time not getting too distracted. Brenda and Xania weren't taking part in the game at all, since they considered their tending duties more important. Xania did resist playing with Alan's boner for a while, and that gave her tired hands a chance to rest. But once she recovered from her orgasm, she went right back to jacking him off. She gave up on trying to make him cum anytime soon though (realizing her aggressive pace was a big reason why he had her stop), and lightly fondled him at a slow pace.

At one point, Susan noticed Xania had resumed her handjob. She whispered to Katherine, since Katherine happened to be sitting next to her, "Look! Tiger is taming Xania right in front of us. She can't keep her hand off his cock! She's a great psychologist, but under her business suit it turns out there's a naked, horny, big-titted, cock-hungry slut! It's such an inspiring sight to see. It almost brings tears of joy to my eyes!"

Katherine couldn't help but agree. Seeing her brother having such an effect on Xania made her jealous, but it made her horny too. In recent weeks, she'd grown used to the jealousy-lust combination and the way the jealousy actually increased her lust, so she tried not to mind. But the jealousy was still very painful sometimes.

She grumbled to herself, Great. Thanks a lot for reminding me, Mom. As if I don't have enough competition with Brenda already. Both of them are so fucking absurdly stacked and beautiful. Even their faces are totally arousing. Xania in particular could be a major movie star with her sultry stare. Grrr! At least she lives in another town. I suppose it's not so bad if she's only an occasional visitor. After all, she lives at least an hour away. So why am I burning with jealousy, like a bad case of heartburn? And why does that jealousy actually arouse me even MORE?

The fact is, I love being Brother's fuck toy. But even more than that, I love being ONE OF his fuck toys! How can I not love the fact that he takes women like Brenda and Xania - literally the sexiest women I've ever seen who aren't part of our de facto family already - and he turns them into ready and willing fuck toys and sex pets right before my eyes? It's true I want to be his favorite fuck toy. But how extra awesome would it be if he chooses me over them? Wow!

What's neat is that while I may not have a perfect porn star body like Brenda or Xania, or Mom or Aunt Suzy for that matter, I AM his sister, and his love for me is as big as the Sun. So it's like I have a permanent inside track on really being his number one fuck toy! Well, me and Mom do, anyway. It's hard not to admit that Mom is turning into a pretty amazing fuck toy. But I'm not willing to play second fiddle to anyone, not even to her.

Tonight is obviously not my time. But my time will come.

Alan won the second dare. He stopped playing with Xania's nipples long enough to announce, "This is going to be an unusual dare. Sis, I order you to do whatever you'd like to Mom's tits, and keep doing it. The unusual part is that you can't stop. If you have to stop for whatever reason, which I imagine will be when you have to get up to change or to perform another dare, you have to assign someone else to take over. Just as I have Xania as my penis tender and Suzanne has her pussy tender, Mom is going to have a tit tender."

He was impressed with the way Amy's dare had made Brenda and Suzanne so happy, and he wanted to do something similar. Now, the only problem was taking care of Amy. Unfortunately, there were an odd number of people in the room. But he hoped to match Amy with someone with his next dare, and have partners trade off.

Looking around the room at the dwindling number of people playing poker, he added, "One more thing. Both you and Mom have to keep playing the game. Don't get TOO distracted."

Needless to say, Susan was delighted by the dare. She figured this was the fulfillment of Alan's promise earlier in the evening to "punish" her by having her passed around to all the other women.

Katherine got right on her task, and began licking and sucking, mostly on Susan's nipples. Unlike Xania with Alan's penis tending, there was no reason to go slow or hold back, so Susan's extremely sensitive tits got her very aroused very quickly.


Before long, Susan was making a constant stream of the "MMMM!" sounds that she always made when she was close to cumming.

Xania pointed out as Katherine began, "Susan, I recall reading that one could induce lactation by prolonged stimulation of the nipples. Yours are going to be stimulated for hours. I should warn you that if you do this night after night, you're liable to lactate."

Susan already knew that, and had been secretly hoping that would happen sooner or later. She said, "Xania, you don't have to warn me. I'd love it! My only concern is if Tiger wants it." She looked significantly at her son.

All Alan said was, "Sis, you heard my dare. Please go to it." Trying to ignore the way Xania was humping his knee with her wet pussy, not to mention her cock-stroking fingers, he turned and smiled at Susan.

Susan appeared about to burst, unable to deal with his enigmatic response.

So he clarified, "Mom, what son wouldn't love to get a glass of mother's milk straight from the source? That said, it sounds like a ton of fun in the short term, but it could be difficult in the long term. We've got to talk later about what you want exactly and how feasible it is, but right now we have a game to play. Okay?"

Susan got up, crossed the room, and gave him a big hug. "Oh, Son! You're open to the idea! That makes me too happy for words!" She made sure to smother his face with her large orbs, even as Xania was rubbing her equally large orbs up and down a part of his chest.

Susan then went back to Katherine and dramatically presented her tits by thrusting them out at her. "Come on, Angel, let's get started. Really give those nipples a good workout!" She acted as if she expected to start lactating at any moment.

Xania meanwhile remained very intent on doing a good job of penis tending. However, she'd been doing it for a long time, and she was getting tired. Even the recent forced break from handjob action only gave her a short respite.

Susan was frequently checking how Xania was faring, and she sensed Xania's flagging energy. She somehow won the next poker hand, despite Katherine's enthusiastic "tit tending." She'd also noticed that Amy was the only one not paired off, and she figured she could fix Xania's tiredness and Amy's inaction with one dare.

She announced, "Okay, I tried this earlier and it didn't work out, but I'm going to try it again. Xania, I can tell you're getting tired, and rightfully so. That's why we rotate the penis tending, because it takes a lot of energy to do it right."

Xania immediately sat up, trying to look revived. "But I don't want to stop! I feel so good cuddled up naked in Alan's arms, his big cock hot, wet, and throbbing in my hand. I can do better, I promise!"

Susan said, "I'm sure that you can. But you'll do better still with a little help. Amy, you've been so patient and understanding tonight. And how many girlfriends are willing to share their boyfriends like you are? Xania, you stay where you are, and keep playing with Tiger's cock. But make room for Amy to lick and suck on it too. Oh, and please titfuck him some as well. Keep him continually throbbing right on the edge of a big 'O'!"

Amy stood up. "Sweet!" She raised a fist in the air triumphantly. "I'm all over that! Susan, you rock!"

Alan wanted to cancel this dare, or at least temper it down. He was pretty sure the exact same thing would happen when Susan had tried to make Brenda and Xania his penis tenders at the same time: the sexual stimulation would grow and grow until he either had to cum or take a strategic break. But, looking at how happy Amy was, he didn't want to disappoint her.

So he nodded, but said, "Okay, but Amy, please, take it easy. Remember, the job of the penis tender is to keep me horny but not to the point of cumming."

Amy strutted towards him with a lusty fire in her eyes. "Don't worry, O.B. I've got this!"

He thought, Uh-oh! Man! What did I just agree to?

Xania quickly repositioned, sitting next to Alan instead of on him so there would be plenty of room for Amy.

Another thought occurred to Susan. "Oh, and Amy? You're definitely NOT allowed to keep playing poker. As long as you're tending, make that your full focus! Remember, being one of Tiger's personal cocksuckers is a great responsibility. Never give it less than your all!"

Amy didn't waste any time. She knelt between his legs, held his shaft, and dramatically swallowed his cockhead and then some. She seemed not to have heard or understood Alan's admonition to take it easy, because she bobbed, sucked, and licked from within her mouth without any restraint. Perhaps she was taking to heart Susan's advice to never give it less than her all.

Xania was inspired by Amy's passion. Plus, being forced to share him with yet another woman was strangely arousing. Her energy had been running low, but she felt fully revived. She began rubbing her body all over his again, and French kissing him. She continued to hold and stroke the lower half of his hard-on while Amy bobbed on the top half.

After about a minute, Xania licked her way to his ear. He hadn't been doing anything with his hands except cup an ass cheek, since he was trying to cope with Amy's oral passion. So Xania purred, "I love the way you're holding my ass, but I need you to finger-fuck me!" She nibbled his earlobe. Then she added, "And play with my tits!"

Alan got busy with her cunt and her tits. It was hardly a hardship for him, since she felt so good all over, and he loved to get her extremely hot and bothered.

After another lip-lock, she cooed, "That's it. That hits the spot! Why is it... How do you get me so damn hot?! Even having to share you is a turn-on!"

He just smiled at that. Then he took her free hand and put it on top of Amy's head, causing it to rise up and down in time to Amy's bobbing.

For some reason, that aroused Xania to an even higher peak. God! How is he doing this?! He's kind of a selfish lover. He hasn't gone down on anyone all evening, for instance. But he's got me feeling like a virgin who's just discovering how great sex can be. I've had my share of threesomes, but even sharing him with someone else feels brand new!

But even Alan's great stamina had limits. His prediction that Amy and Xania combined would soon prove to be too hot to handle was coming true. it was happening even faster than expected, because Amy was going all out in an apparent campaign to get him to cum.

Alan was forced to say, "Aims, please! It's too much! Have mercy!"

Amy slowed down some, but not much, and not for long. She really was determined.

Furthermore, Xania reacted to his plea to Amy like a shark sensing blood on the water. She'd all but given up on trying to get him to cum, but she realized that she and Amy could make it happen soon if they worked together. She could see that his breath was growing ragged, and even his boner seemed hotter and pulsing more than before. She stroked faster and faster, hoping to get the big creamy load she longed for. She was careful to use short stroking motions though, for fear of smacking her hand into Amy's face.

However, Alan sensed that he was going to cum soon too. He wouldn't have minded at all, since it had been a while since his last orgasm. But he didn't know how many more times he'd be able to cum tonight if he did, and he had big plans. He sensed tonight was a big breakthrough with him and both Brenda and Xania. He wanted to fuck them both later on if he could.

He suddenly broke away, stood up, and lurched his way across the room. He looked like someone just kneed him in the balls. "Break time!" he gasped.

There was a collective groan from everyone else in the room, but the women got up and went to the kitchen for more drinks.

Alan eventually recovered enough to get up and get a drink for himself as well. (He chose pineapple juice while the others generally had more wine - he considered it his duty to eat and drink lots of fruity things to keep his cum tasting good.)

Only Xania was left in her seat, stewing in frustration. Damn! Double damn! I was so close! How many of these god-damned breaks can he take?! Can he last all night with one erection? I knew he came earlier with Brenda, but that was ages ago. Dammit, he's supposed to cum many times a day. I want at least one sweet load out of all those!


The break lasted longer this time, since Alan sensed he needed to calm way down. His idea was to get his dick completely "reset" back to "zero."

While Alan was in the kitchen, he asked Amy, "What was that all about?"

Amy turned and asked him, "What do you mean?"

"You were, like, insatiable!"

She grinned widely, while she sipped on her glass of mango juice. "I was, wasn't I?"

He shook his head. "I loved it, but it's kind of like a supernova. It burns brightly, but it doesn't last long. That's kind of the opposite of the whole penis tending idea."

She replied, "I know. But I really, really wanted it. I was gonna have you cum on my face and then have Kat lick it up."

Katherine was standing nearby. She gave Amy a high-five, and exclaimed, "Girl power!"

Amy giggled at that. She added to Alan, "Besides, I sensed that it was time for you to cum. I mean, wasn't it time already?"

Alan was exasperated, but tried to hide it because he didn't want to seem ungrateful. "Please let me decide that, okay? I can only cum so many times in one evening, so I'm trying to be careful. Even this gathering, which is like the 'Night of the Super Busty All Stars,' doesn't mean I can cum endlessly like some kind of human cum fountain."

Amy nodded. "M'kay. Sorry. Can I try again when the break is over?"

He replied, "I think I'd like to mix it up for a little while. I want to get back to the usual penis tender rotation."

Susan was standing just behind him, getting some things out of the fridge, including a pitcher of orange juice for him. She'd definitely heard every word.

It took fifteen minutes before people started heading back to the living room to resume the poker game.

Eventually, just Alan and Susan were left in the kitchen. When Alan got up from his stool to go, Susan blocked him with her naked body. She wrapped her arms around him and made sure to rub her big tits into his chest. She whispered sensually, even though they were alone, "Tiger, tonight has been fantastic. I hope it can keep going for hours and hours!"

He smiled. "Me too." His hands naturally settled on her firm ass cheeks.

She whispered even more confidentially, "That said, can I ask you a favor?"

"Anything for you, Mom."

"Could you please pick me for the next penis tender, and soon? Seeing all these sexy babes stroke, lick, and suck you is like a dream come true for me, but it's also a kind of torture, because they're not me. I even asked you earlier, but you seem to have forgotten about that."

He said, truthfully, "I didn't forget. But I was kind of... fearful. The problem is, I'm trying really hard not to cum, and you're SUCH a good cocksucker. Plus, I figured you'd get 'so hot' that you'd go all out, kinda like what Amy was doing."

She grinned impishly, and admitted, "That's probably true. Heck, I know it is. But you're totally flaccid now." She reached down and caressed his flaccid penis and balls. "Why don't you give me a chance to go all out and get you fully stiff and throbbing?" She subtly slid her tits up and down his chest. "Let your big-titted mommy show just how much she loves you... orally! With my lips and my tongue! I love loving you in our special way, so very, very much!"

He smiled widely. "I kinda gathered, and I love it too. But what about the poker game?"

Her eyes narrowed almost angrily. "Pardon my French, but fuck that! The game is just a thin excuse to come up with different ways to play with your cock, and everyone knows it. The others will wait. We've been doing more pausing than actual game playing tonight anyway."

He considered that, and nodded. "Okay. Sounds good."

She wrapped her arms around him again and squeezed him tight. "Mmmm! Such a GOOD son!" Naturally, they French kissed some before she let him go.

Alan let Susan walk into the living room first and sit down. Then he followed a few moments later. He stood in the middle of the room. His penis was half-hard after the way Susan hugged him, and he was trying to mentally will it not to fully engorge just yet.

He waved his hand to get everyone's attention, although all eyes were on him already. He asked, "Mom? Aunt Suzy? Can you both stand in front of me for a sec?"

The two of them got up and stood where he wanted.

He said to them, "I have a special request. As you can see, my dick is still flaccid. Look around the room. Has there ever been a more impressive gathering of beautiful women in one place in Orange County? I highly doubt it. And all the nakedness! Wow! But my dick seems to have hit some kind of wall. It's like it just doesn't want to get stiff again for anything. So I'm thinking some extra special measures are called for. Could both of you suck it back to full hardness? Together?"

Susan was ready to suck Alan at the drop of a hat, but she wasn't sure about doing it with Suzanne. She'd gotten so used to sucking him on her own that it seemed as natural to her as breathing. Having others watch embarrassed her, but that usually just fueled her lust. However, she was only starting to get comfortable sucking his cock with someone else. She considered that much more "debauched" and "wanton." Even that would have been okay in front of the usual crowd, but she felt particularly shy in front of Xania. She muttered, "I don't know..."

Suzanne was more skeptical. She was a bit reluctant to do that, also particularly because of Xania. She was getting a kick out of seeing Xania (and Brenda) blush with humiliation from everyone staring and judging, only to get more hot and bothered as a result. She didn't like the idea of having the tables turned, so that she was the one that Xania and the others were staring at. She put a hand on a hip, and asked, "Is that REALLY necessary? Two on you at once?"

"It is," he replied confidently. He lied, "I've gotten to understand my dick pretty well lately, and I think this is the only thing that'll revive it quickly."

"You could have your pick of any two women here," Suzanne pointed out.

"That's true. And I pick you and Mom. There's something special about you two working on me together."

"That is true," Susan reluctantly agreed. "Suzanne, you and I have done this for him already, and didn't you love it? Didn't you feel an extra special spark?"

Suzanne couldn't help but nod. She did feel an extra special spark. In fact, there was no one else she loved sharing Alan's cock with more than Susan. She loved and lusted for them more than anyone else. Still, she asked, "But in front of all these people?"

Susan nodded grimly. "You're right. That would be so embarrassing! But still..." She looked at Alan's half-hard penis and licked her lips hungrily.

Alan had to restrain himself from eagerly rubbing his hands. He thought, It must be the "Bad Alan" in me, but I get a particularly big kick out of seeing Mom get embarrassed. Especially when she and Aunt Suzy are standing there gloriously buck naked. They're totally going to do it, I just know it. I can't wait to see the two of them suck my cock in front of everybody!

Susan continued to protest, even as she stepped closer and closer to him with hunger in her eyes. "Tiger, do you want us to drop to our knees and slurp our two tongues all around your big fat cock while even relative strangers like Brenda and Xania just sit there and stare? Do you realize how intimidating and shameful it'll be for me to feel their gazes boring into me as my tongue laps endlessly all over your cockhead? Can't we get your cock nice and stiff some other way? I mean, what does this say about how you treat Suzanne and me?"

Alan was starting to figure that the gig was up. He'd been doing his best to keep his dick flaccid by thinking about the most disgusting things imaginable. And while Susan talked, he pretended to be making eye contact, but he was closely examining the bangs of her hair, because getting a good look at her entire beautiful face was liable to make him extremely horny. However, despite these efforts, Susan's words were too arousing for him, and he felt his dick starting to fully engorge. That meant that the entire point in asking for Susan's and Suzanne's help was moot.

He "casually" kept his hands draped over his privates, but he doubted that would fool anyone for long.

However, Susan's words were arousing herself as well, and she continued with an increased fire in her voice, "Are we your mommy and auntie, or are we just two random big-titted babes who you want to selfishly use for your own well-hung satisfaction? Do you think you can just treat us like pieces of meat, like nothing is more important than seeing your powerful, manly cock rise and throb while our hot little tongues slobber endlessly all over every last inch of it? Do you like it when I get weak in the knees just from the smell of your saliva-soaked cock? Do you think that makes you some kind of big man - a handsome, strong, sexy young man who would order his own mother and aunt to debase themselves in front of a large crowd, treating them like they were your personal sex slaves?!"

Susan couldn't take it anymore. She dropped to the floor and crawled forward to where Alan was standing. She held Alan's already very stiff shaft and started to lovingly lick it. "Mmmm... Mmmm... So good..." She couldn't shake her shyness in front of the others just yet, but the mere act of licking him helped her relax quite a lot.

Suzanne shook her head and rolled her eyes in amusement. I should'a figured. She hypes herself up like that all the time lately. The thing is though, I've gotta admit that she got me all hot and bothered too! And his cock is stiff as steel already, so it's a moot point. Clearly, he's just tricking us for his own pleasure and amusement. But, the truth is... his sneakiness is working. And what the heck? I'm not gonna let her have all the fun. And maybe Xania will learn a thing or two!

She got on her knees as well and joined Susan in licking Alan's hard-on, although she acted a bit more reluctant about it.


Aaaaah! Alan thought, as a powerful surge of pleasure washed through him. His erotic joy was partially in response to the way that Susan and Suzanne were expertly lapping at his cock. Susan immediately started bobbing on his cockhead while Suzanne used her extraordinarily long, dexterous tongue to full advantage. At times it felt like her tongue wrapped all the way around his shaft!

But also, he was simply amazed by the mere fact that his mother and aunt were doing it, despite all their reluctance. Man, this is the bee's knees! Check out the way everyone is blatantly staring, just like they predicted. It's like time is standing still, and everyone's too excited to breathe. Especially me!

He looked around and saw that all the other women were furtively masturbating. In some cases, they weren't even trying to disguise it. Look at how Sis is looking at me. She seems pissed and jealous, but in a totally sexy way, like she's thinking "That should be MY tongue in there too! I can do better!" And Aims. She's as blissful and smiling as always, as if this was a totally normal occurrence. That's hot in its own way, because this IS becoming the new normal! And Xania. With those nerdy glasses, she's like the repressed librarian, in spades! She's kind of got a poker face, like she's a detached observer, but I can see she's seriously getting into it!

And Brenda! Jesus, she's not holding back at all! The way she's lifted that huge tit up to her face and licking her own nipple... Man! And she noticed I'm looking at her, and she's giving me this NUCLEAR "come hither" look while she digs two fingers deep into her cunt. Sweet!

His cock was already pulsing with arousal by the time both women started running their tongues all over it, and things just got better from there.

Suzanne was a bit chagrined that Alan had pressured her and Susan into doing this, but as long as she was doing it, her prideful side came to the fore and she was determined to show everyone watching just how good a cocksucker she could be. She "played to the gallery" as much as for Alan, positioning herself so most of those watching could see just how long her tongue was, and what it could do.

Susan also felt pressure to "perform," since their audience was watching so intently. She was intimidated by their stares, but Suzanne's long tongue and her renowned skills were even more daunting. She didn't think it was fair that she had to be compared to that. So, at first, all of this affected her and made her too self-conscious.

But then she thought, We're not actually in a contest. The main thing is making my beloved son happy by pleasuring his cock to the best of my ability. Suzanne and I aren't competing; we're a cock-loving team! I'm Tiger's big-titted mommy and he loves me. I'm showing my love for him with my mouth, tongue, and fingers, and there's no wrong way of doing that. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks; I live to serve my SON! I can tell from his throbbing hot pole and his happy moans that he's loving it!

Once she picked up that attitude, the scary "crowd" faded from her mind and sucking Alan's cock became her entire world. And although she lacked Suzanne's tongue length or bag of tricks, she made up for that by channeling all of her love into what she was doing.

Both women completely forgot that the supposed point was to get him fully aroused, especially since he was fully engorged when they started. They just went wild on his cock. Not surprisingly, they focused primarily on his sweet spot. As a result, there seemed to be at least one tongue on it at all times, but very often both tongues were there.


At the same time, both of them remained aware of the others watching, and they continued to "play to the gallery" to some extent. For instance, even as they licked and licked, they held hands and sensuously rubbed their tremendous racks against each other. They both felt that Alan considered them his favorites, and they wanted to show why they were the best of the best. "Showing off" increased their confidence and freed them to get even more wild and creative with their cock-pleasuring.

Suzanne was definitely feeling the "extra special spark" that Susan mentioned, due to their personal chemistry. As she licked and lapped and slurped, she found herself thinking, I hope Brenda and Xania are taking notes! They're both going to become addicted to Sweetie's cock, I can tell. Hell, Brenda already is fully addicted!

But I especially love how Xania's falling for him. I've really missed her. She loves sex as much as I do. I can tell she's having a great time tonight, just like I knew she would. Even with her pretend prude act, her enthusiasm shines through. Like the way she's playing with her cunt, thinking no one is looking. How adorable! Soon she'll be a frequent visitor, and we'll be able to really reconnect. Maybe even when licking his cock together, like this!

She tilted her head, allowing her to look back over the coffee table at Xania while continuing to lick. Just look at her. She's fingering herself, of course! Hee hee! She's got a fucking hot body! I've loved every damn inch of that body, and she's kept it in perfect shape all these years. Now Sweetie loves that body too, because he's no fool. Mmmm! I love sharing Sweetie with Susan. Soon, this will be a regular thing, a daily thing. I'll share his cock with Susan the most, I'm sure, but I love the idea of sharing it with Xania too. And Brenda. And of course Angel too. Even Amy!

After a few minutes, Alan sensed he was getting way too overheated. He asked plaintively, "Um, could you two... I love it, but could you change it up? Or I'm gonna cum! Soon!"

So they changed things up. Instead of licking him together, they took turns bobbing on him. Their justification, if they had one, was that one mouth at a time would be less intense than two. However, it wasn't any less pleasurable. Both of them were in a cocksucking groove, effortlessly varying up their many techniques and channeling their great lusts into everything they did.

Furthermore, it wasn't really "one mouth at a time," because they were still working as a team. For instance, while Suzanne bobbed on Alan's cockhead, Susan stroked the rest of his shaft and licked his balls for good measure. They were switching positions frequently, and as they switched this time Suzanne made one long lick on her side from his balls to the tip while Susan simultaneously made one long, slow lick from the tip to his balls. Then Suzanne started bobbing.

Such moves were not only mind-blowingly arousing, they also showed just how much both women truly loved what they were doing. They were well aware of their audience, but their reluctance had faded and it was like they were proudly putting on a clinic.

However, their dual effort didn't last too long, because it was simply too effective. After a couple of minutes of them alternating bobbing, Alan pretty much had to beg them, "Uh-oh! Stop, please! Quick, stop!" He clenched his PC muscle frantically.

After he managed to persuade them to pull off, and then went to collapse on the sofa, the four other women gave the two talented cocksuckers a very hearty round of applause.

Susan was suddenly embarrassed and shy all over again. She just nodded and then hustled to her seat.

But Suzanne was pleased, and she gave a gracious bow. She turned to Alan and said, "That was a blast! Anytime, Sweetie. Anytime you want us to do that together, just ask!" She winked, and wiggled her hips provocatively. Then she returned to her seat too.

Susan spoke from her seat. "Agreed! I feel bad now for even being reluctant at first. Boy! How 'bout we wait five minutes for you to cool down and then do it again?"

Suzanne chuckled, especially because she knew Susan meant it. "Let's give the poor guy a break."

Suzanne narrowed her gaze at Xania, who was looking extremely impressed, not to mention flushed and horny. Take THAT, Hippo Hips! This old broad's still got it! Sometimes, such as when mentioning that jokey nickname for Xania from back in their college days, the competitive aspect to her relationship came to the surface.


Suzanne found the deck of cards and started shuffling. "Okay, folks. The show is over. Let's get back to the game."

Brenda held her hands up. "Wait a minute! You can't move on like that. For one thing, can I sit in your lap and tend your pussy, like before?"

Suzanne chuckled. "Sure."

Brenda immediately got up and then plopped herself in Suzanne's lap. She smiled from ear to ear. "That's better, much better. Secondly, if no one else is going to say anything, I just have to say... WOW! I'm so impressed. That was so inspirational!"

Xania, Katherine, and Amy all followed up with similar compliments for Susan and Suzanne. Also, Katherine sat in Susan's lap to resume her earlier "tit tending" task. Then she gave Susan a long kiss to personally express her appreciation.

Eventually, Brenda said, "I have one other point I wanted to make. It's understandable that Alan would want to rest for a few minutes after that. But once he's raring to go again, who should help with the penis tending?"

Alan had been slumped on the sofa with his eyes closed. But he stirred, opened his eyes, and sat up. He made the announcement, "Hold on. Let me address that. I hate to say this, but I think things have gotten a bit out of hand. There's too much 'tending' going on. Not only is someone about to resume tending me, but Brenda has gone back to tending Suzanne's pussy and Kat is tending Mom's tits some more too. Nobody wants to even hold their cards anymore. Plus, I need to recover for more than just a 'few minutes' from that. So I say let's cut out the tending for a while, at least until there are new dares."

That wasn't a popular stance, so he added, "I don't know about you, but I'm in this for the long haul, meaning I don't want the game to end too soon. So we have to kind of pace ourselves."

The others saw the logic in that. However, Susan said, "Son, I'm okay with that... except don't tell me you don't want your penis tended! Especially since Suzanne and I just got it so nice and stiff and throbby for you. You're still hard as iron, but if you wait much longer you're liable to go flaccid again. That'll break my heart. What if you just have a little slow and easy help, for starters?"

He couldn't help but grin. "Well, I suppose a little tending would be okay." He looked around. "How 'bout you, Sis? It's been too long since I've had you in my arms."

To everyone's surprise, Katherine replied, "Thanks, but I'm pretty happy right here, tending to Mom. I feel like I want to see this dare through." That was true, she was having fun sitting in her mother's lap and playing with her tits. But she also didn't want to have a turn just after the impressive performance from Susan and Suzanne, and possibly be compared to them.

She added, "Can I pass my turn off to Amy? Us girls gotta stick together." She winked at her best friend. "Amy, could you please be the tender for a while?"

"M'kay! Sure thing!" Amy quickly took the empty space on the side of Alan opposite from Xania.

Xania was in a fix. She didn't want to be replaced, but she still was trying to keep up her reluctant persona. She started to say, "Hold on a sec."

But Katherine raised a hand. "Wait. You hold on. I'm not done. I'm thinking that if Amy helps Alan, that'll leave Xania as the only one all alone. Now is that any way for us to treat a guest? So, Brother, why not let them tend you together, like they were doing before?"

Alan complained, "Now, hold on a minute! That didn't last because they were far too excitable."

Amy promptly sat in his lap. "I promise I'll be super duper mellow this time. A mellow yellow fellow. Just hands, no mouth. M'kay?" Even as she spoke, she began stroking him, hoping to get him horny enough to agree.

He still protested, "I was just saying I wasn't ready for any tending at all."

Amy gleefully pointed out, "But then you changed your mind!" She giggled at that. "We'll be good, we promise. Right, Xania?"

Xania smiled and nodded too. Seeing merit in Amy's attempt to make this a done deal, she cheekily got up and sat in Alan's lap too. Amy slipped to the side to make room for her.

He rolled his eyes. "Man! Aims, you're a real case. But you're too cute and irresistible. And Xania, you're just... wow!" He looked down with amusement as Xania put her hand on his shaft, along with Amy's. Clearly, the decision was being made for him.

He asked, "If both of you are on me, who's going to play poker?"

Amy exclaimed, "Who cares?"

He knew he was going to "lose," and he was just stalling to give his penis a little more time to recover anyway. "Okay. But hands only."

"Yeay!" Amy squealed. She reached across Alan and held up a hand for a high-five from Xania. "This is seriously coolio in the Olympic-sized poolio. Xania, we're gonna have a total blast together. Literally!"

Xania gleefully high-fived Amy back. She felt like a teenager again, and it felt great.

Suzanne commented, "Oh, about that. Amy, since Xania has put so much into it, I think she deserves most of the spermy reward, when it comes. Don't you think?"


With Amy sitting on one side of Alan and Xania sitting on the other, they tried sharing the penis tending duties. But they immediately ran into problems. While Alan's penis was thicker and longer than average, there actually wasn't a lot of room for two hands there.

So the two beauties had a quick discussion to work out a plan. The upshot was that only one of them had control of his cockhead and sweet spot region at a time. Since that was the most prized real estate, they were to switch every time there was a new hand of cards in the poker game.


It wasn't perfect, but it worked. Both women also focused more of their energies on arousing him in other ways. For instance, if one of them wasn't making out with him, the other one probably was.

Xania found herself thinking, I think I'm beginning to understand the secret to Alan's success. First, there's this sort of "groupthink" mentality that leads to a kind of fevered, shared insanity. But I'd noticed that already. On top of that is just... sheer stamina! This kid is amazing! Amy and I are going wild all over him, especially on his cock, and he keeps on going and going. It's like playing with a cock that never goes soft, ever!

For instance, not only are Amy and I jacking him off together, but Amy's mouth is so close that I can feel her blowing warm air on his sweet spot too. Plus, he's playing with my ass crack as I rub my pussy on his thigh and we occasionally kiss. Yet this is all fairly standard "penis tending" around here, from what I understand!

Xania soon discovered that sharing with Amy was even more fun than doing it alone. (They hadn't really shared earlier, since Xania was on Alan's lap while Amy was kneeling between his legs.) Amy was just so easy-going and happy all the time that there was no sense of competition. Amy seemed to giggle over every little thing, causing Xania to smile and giggle too.

They got particularly good at one of them rubbing his sweet spot while the other one blew air on it. It wasn't long before the blowing led to "accidental" tongue contact. The increasing number of such "accidents," as well as their increasingly prolonged duration, was a prime reason for much of the giggling.

"Um... Not yet, okay? Give me a minute, please!" He chuckled at the absurdity of the situation.


Despite all of this lovely stimulation, it actually seemed like a great relief in comparison to the double blowjob Susan and Suzanne had given him. Furthermore, he was doggedly determined to continue to take part in the poker game, because if he didn't, the game was likely to fizzle out. Even with Xania's and Amy's naked bodies sprawled all over him, he managed to hold his cards and fully engage in the game again.

As a result, he got on a winning streak. For his next dare, he ordered Brenda to stuff a vibrator up his mother's pussy, just to make sure that Susan wouldn't call the game off for any reason, like she did the week before. (He needn't have worried, since Susan was having such a great time with Katherine constantly playing with her breasts.)

Brenda asked, "Where's the vibrator?"

Alan explained, "Check the top drawer of the underwear cabinet in the front foyer. I've noticed some in there lately. In fact, go get a few of them, just to be on the safe side."

Brenda was a quick learner. After she picked out some sex toys and brought them back, she had Susan hold her butt up as Suzanne made her do the week before. Then she took a long time pushing the dildo in and out and rubbing her hands all over Susan's butt and crotch before finally announcing the insertion job was done.

Brenda faced a lot of jokes from all the others about her opposition to lesbianism, as it was clear now that she was getting into girl-on-girl action as much as anybody. There was also quite a lot of cowbell ringing, and it kept going non-stop from the moment Susan had the vibrator to contend with.

Suzanne called for the game to continue, but Brenda didn't hear the call. She was having too much fun continually plowing the dildo in and out of Susan's pussy. Suzanne repeated in a firm tone, "Brenda, the game. Can you hear me? Come back to the game, now."

"Yes, Anna." Brenda muttered. She finally stopped moving the dildo and turned back to the table.

"Who's Anna?" Suzanne asked.

Brenda got very red. "Sorry. Um, that's my mother's name."

Suzanne thought for a moment. "Brenda, is your mother cute and big-titted like you are?"

Brenda blushed even more and placed a hand over her pussy lips. It seemed that even the mention of her mother was making her incredibly aroused. "Yes, she is. Or she was; she passed away when I was a teenager." As soon as she got back to the table, she put her hands in her lap and began to diddle her clit as surreptitiously as she could manage. She hoped that no one else would notice, but it was obvious to the rest of the group what she was doing.

A light bulb went off in Suzanne's head. She spoke her thoughts. "Hmmm. I think I understand now why you said you disliked lesbianism so much when it turns out you actually enjoy it. And why you're attracted to other big-titted women like Susan and me. And one reason why the idea of incest with your son turns you on so much. It all fits!"

Xania was fascinated. She even temporarily handed off her prime spot on Alan's throbbing boner to Amy so she could focus on the discussion. She asked Brenda, "You have an intense, unrequited lust for your mother, don't you?"

Brenda was too embarrassed to reply.

So Xania speculated for her, "It was buried deep down, but now it's all coming out. You see Susan and Suzanne as mother replacements. Now you see that you can fulfill your mother fantasies, don't you? Isn't that right?"

"Yes!" Brenda cried out confessionally. Her hand meanwhile was working on her clit and pussy like never before. "It's true!" She looked with longing to Susan, and then to Suzanne.

Xania continued calmly, in complete contrast to Brenda's desperate gasps. "But why your intense feelings for Alan?"

Brenda gasped, "My mother... She... She... She was strict. Control... Controlling... Dom... Do-Dominating... Headed family... And Adrian..."

Suzanne took up the idea. "So. You see Alan as the head of this family, and want him to dominate you?"

Brenda nodded frantically while attacking her privates. She wasn't trying to hide what she was doing anymore, even though she could tell that all the others were watching closely.

Suzanne said to Xania, "And it seems her feelings for her own son Adrian are tied up with Alan somehow. Is that right?"

Brenda was too involved in an impending orgasm to answer coherently.

But Suzanne thought the frantic wobbling of Brenda's head was an attempt at a nod. "Xania, when we first met her, Brenda had completely repressed all this. She even denied being attracted to women in the slightest degree. Now all that pent-up lust has been exploding, gushing like lava out of her in our most recent card games. No wonder her feelings are so intense."

Xania calmly nodded while still slowly fondling Alan's balls. "I'd guess no one in her adult life ever tried to sexually dominate her and release all these buried feelings. Alan, it seems the more you push her around, the more she's going to lust after you."

He rolled his eyes, although it was mostly with amusement. "Brenda, even hornier than she is now? Is such a thing possible? As it is, all she ever does is shake and leak and scream."

It seemed like Brenda was trying her best to prove his point. Everyone watched while Brenda threw back her head and climaxed with a tremendously loud scream. Only after she recovered was the game able to continue.

But Alan's cool reaction helped show why Brenda was so attracted to him. Virtually any other male would have been in awe at Brenda's sexuality, not to mention the near-orgy going on all around the room. But he had slowly become accustomed to such displays and had built up a tolerance, just as his penis had built up a tolerance. It wasn't that he wasn't incredibly aroused, but he could be both aroused and relatively cool about it.

With the Brenda situation seemingly settled, Xania turned her full attention back to her part of the penis tending. Both she and Amy leaned in with their big tits pressed against his chest and took turns French kissing him. Meanwhile, they'd given up on taking orderly turns with the upper part of his erection. They'd developed a natural understanding, so both of them slid their hands all over his cock and balls without having much problem of bumping into each other.

Alan won the next round and chose to have Brenda give a vibrator to Suzanne as his next dare. He said, "Get on all fours, Aunt Suzy, and then spread your legs as wide as they can go. Brenda, I want you to get behind Suzanne and push a vibrator all the way into her. But first prepare the way with your tongue."

Brenda loved doing anything to Suzanne; she considered this to be a natural extension of her "pussy-tending" duties. Also, she still had a few extra vibrators at hand after getting one for Susan a few minutes ago.

She took her time preparing the way, sticking her tongue far up Suzanne's vagina, and then "accidentally" put the vibrator in the wrong hole up her butt a few times before cleaning it off with a wet washcloth and driving it deep into Suzanne's pussy until it was out of sight.


Suzanne used to be a cheerleader and gymnast, and she could spread her legs about as wide as legs could possibly go. In fact, she flaunted her flexibility and raised and lowered her ass in her extended position as if doing push-ups.

The sight of Suzanne with her legs spread so amazingly wide and Brenda rubbing her tits all over Suzanne's ass was too much for Alan to take. He'd been holding back all evening, but he didn't feel like fighting the urge to climax anymore.

He felt his balls tightening and his cum boiling to escape. He announced to Xania, "Suck it!"

Xania protested, "I'm not ready!" That was true, because she was sitting up in his lap, just like Amy was. She hadn't been expecting him to cum at all.

But Alan forcefully replied, "You are now!" He shoved her head down towards his thick erection.

In fact, Xania wanted nothing more than to blow him, and Alan knew that or he wouldn't have acted so roughly. Once she got going, she let herself drop like a sack of potatoes, until she was kneeling between his legs. She could sense Amy fall to the floor next to her too. Finally, Alan dramatically stood up, in order to get his erection close to Xania's face again.

Then, with Amy helpfully holding his shaft in place once more, Xania eagerly closed the distance, engulfed him down to his sweet spot, and started to suck with a passion.

She could sense Amy's hands on his balls and lower shaft. She particularly noticed Amy was pumping up his shaft, and only up, over and over. Clearly, Amy was trying to coax out as much cum from his balls into Xania's mouth as possible. Xania greatly appreciated that.

As part of Xania's stern psychologist persona, she might have pretended how shocked she was. But that pretense was long gone. She enjoyed the cum blast to the fullest. Even with her mouth stuffed with cock-meat, she let out load erotic moans that clearly showed how much she was loving it.

Alan tried to stave off his orgasm with his PC muscle squeezing, but the stimulation was too much for even that to work. He suddenly began to cum.

In the middle of Alan's orgasm, Xania heard Amy tell her, "Save some for me! Take it on your face!" So Xania pulled back, shut her eyes tight, and let a few ropes splatter across her face.

Then, to her surprise, she felt strange fingers on her pussy and clit! At first she thought that it was Alan, but she realized there was no way he could reach. It turned out that Amy was trying to help her cum.

Amy's busy fingers quickly triggered Xania's great climax. Xania trembled all over in the most delightful manner. She didn't scream much though, because Alan's cock was still inches from her mouth, and she engulfed him a second time and eagerly resumed bobbing. He'd just stopped squirting, but she was determined to suck as long as he was erect.

When Alan's orgasm finally started to wind down, he looked around at all the other women. He gave a sheepish shrug, as if to say to them, "Sorry. I couldn't help myself."

"Look!" Susan shouted, watching Xania's head rapidly bobbing up and down. "His orgasm clearly ended, but she's still going. She can't get enough! He's making her his slut! He's taming her, right here, right now, for real!"

"One of his sluts!" Katherine happily corrected.

"You're so right!" Susan agreed even more gleefully. "I just knew that he'd do it!"

In fact, everyone was so excited by Alan's "You are now!" aggressive exclamation that they'd resumed masturbating just after he'd said that. Most of them were close to orgasm already, and Susan was so excited by the Xania "taming" idea that she was the next one to reach her climax.

Amy had a hand on her pussy as well as one on Xania's, and she was next. She howled without restraint.

Hearing and seeing other women cumming triggered the remainder to let go too. Suddenly, the entire room exploded in one screaming orgasm after another.

Brenda was the loudest screamer, and she even out-screamed Amy. She arched backwards and shook her wobbling tits for all they were worth while she pulled on her clit. Her tits bounced in every direction like a very well endowed, naked jogger going on a brisk run.

Even though Xania was just finishing a very big orgasm, hearing all the others cumming caused her to go off again. This time it was even better, and much longer. She had a multiple orgasm the likes of which she had rarely experienced, despite her vast number of sexual encounters over the years with men and women. She couldn't believe she'd had any kind of orgasm merely from a blowjob, much less a great orgasm, but she figured the cumulative sexiness of the whole group and all their activities had a lot to do with it. Having a whole group of women cheer her on certainly helped.

When she sat back and opened her eyes, she found that Alan's hard-on was out of her mouth again. She'd been so far gone from her climax that she hadn't even noticed. He'd pulled out because she was screaming so uncontrollably that he'd been worried she might bite down on him by accident.


Xania stared incredulously at just how much cum he'd expelled. She exclaimed, "You filled my mouth, and it's all over your hand and on my face too! Good thing I'm wearing glasses! Jesus! And there's even MORE on your cock! Phew. That's double the normal load, at least!"

Amy added, "And he's still stiff, too!"

"That's my boy," Susan said like the proud mother that she was. She told Xania a trifle smugly, "If you want to learn about our 'unique culture' as you put it, you just got your most valuable lesson right there. The more dedicated you are to serving his cock, the more pleasure you get in return! Though you won't really understand our lifestyle until you become a complete Alan cum addict, hint hint." She giggled with pure glee.

Xania didn't respond to that. But she stuck her tongue out to help demonstrate to herself and others just how much cum Alan had deposited, because her tongue was covered in his cum as well.

Alan was struck by just how tremendously large and long her tongue was. He'd noticed its freakish length during their encounter in L.A., plus all of her frequent "illegal" licking and sucking earlier in the evening. But seeing her stick her tongue all the way out startled and astounded him all over again.

He thought, Wow! I think her tongue is even longer than Aunt Suzy's! I think it's a bit wider too. That's incredible. Will wonders never cease around here? What are the odds that I would get to experience two women with tongues like that in one lifetime?! Although, now that I think about it, Aunt Suzy did say something about how they'd been sort of thrown together in college due to their extremely similar looks. I'll bet their long tongues helped bring them together too.

Xania was so aroused that she wanted to keep going to even greater heights. She saw that although Alan's cock was still stiff, it was finally starting to go flaccid. She lurched forward and swallowed his fading erection straight out of his hand. She made sure to suck and lick it clean of all the surprisingly delicious cum still on it. She kept right on sucking even when it shrunk down quite a bit.

Alan found himself growing mentally aroused at the thought of her long tongue wrapping itself all the way around his shaft, but at the moment he was so numb he could hardly feel what she was doing. He had to insist and practically pull her head away.

He sat back down on the sofa behind him, and pointed out, "Sorry, but that's too much! My dick is way too sensitive at the moment."

Susan asked, "What about the cleaning tradition?"

"Yeah!" Amy said. She'd stayed out of the way during Alan's orgasm, but she leaned back in, clearly eager to help with the "cleaning."

"Um... Not yet, okay? Give me a minute, please!" He chuckled at the absurdity of the situation.


Xania looked up at the other naked women, worried that her prudish pose was probably blown. She was glad that she was wearing glasses, because otherwise his cum would have landed in her eyes. She sighed. "I feel like a slut. A total, shameless slut!" She meant it too.

The others looked back at her with amused expressions.

She didn't realize that her cover wasn't really blown because they all fully expected her to succumb to Alan's sexual prowess no matter how prudish she was to begin with.

Susan was beaming with so much pride that she was practically glowing. She thought, Bless my heart! It almost makes me want to cry. Is there anything more delightful than a spermy taming? Seeing Tiger's cum splattered all over her face is so symbolic, not to mention beautiful. There's no turning back for her now!

Amy though was more sympathetic. "Don't worry, Xania, it's cool. You have nothing to be ashamed about. We're not thinking any bad stuff about you - that's just how things go around here."

Xania smiled at Amy's kindness. She sat up straight and tried to act presentable, despite all of the cum on her.


As she looked around, she saw mostly smirking and amused faces, and decided she'd have to act fast to retain some credibility. So she closed her eyes tightly again and grimaced, pretending to be upset at the facial Alan had given her. "Ewwww! Gross! Now I've got all this disgusting goo all over my face!" She held her hands up helplessly, indicating she wanted to clean herself but didn't want to touch the cum.

Susan was offended. "Hey, be careful what you call 'disgusting goo.' Nothing could be farther from the truth. What you have there is, like, I dunno... liquid gold."

"Oh, please," Xania said derisively.

Katherine chimed in. "No, really. It's great! I know it's kind of weird at first, but try tasting it. I swear, it's like dessert."

"No thanks!" Then she remembered, "This is for Amy. She asked me to leave some on my face for her to clean up."

Amy flashed her winning smile. "Thanks! And I'll be on that like white on rice in a minute. But you should have some too. I thought you said that when you're here, you're gonna live by our rules?"

"Yeah, I suppose I did say that." Xania continued to just sit there between Alan's legs with her eyes closed and Alan's cum plastered all over her face.

Amy concluded triumphantly, "Cool beans! 'Cos it's definitely the rule that when Alan cums on your face, you have to eat it up!"

"UGH! Are you kidding me?"


Xania opened her eyes a bit, and saw a smiling Amy give her a friendly wink.

Amy added, "But it IS more fun that way. We should share. It's super double duper yummyrific! Didn't you taste a lot of it when he came right in your mouth?"

Xania admitted, "Yes, I did. But, to be honest, I was so distracted... I was cumming so hard most of the time that it was crazy! And most of it went straight down my throat. I did taste some when I was doing a little sucking afterwards, but again, I was pretty much cumming non-stop then, too. Then, when I had a bunch of it on my tongue, I just stuck my tongue out to show Amy, and then I swallowed it all down. I guess it tasted pretty good, for cum, but I wasn't really thinking about it. I was kind of in another mental state... of total euphoria. Even now, it's like I'm finally returning from orgasmic la-la land back to the world of the living."

Amy eagerly nudged her. "Well, get a really good taste of it, then. Savor it!"

Xania tentatively wiped a cum-soaked finger into her mouth.

The others all waited with bated breath for the verdict.

Xania let the cum roll around in her mouth, truly savoring it for the first time. Finally, she said begrudgingly, "It is... surprisingly sweet. I suppose it tastes okay." That was an understatement, because she didn't want to let on just how much she liked it.

Still, her verdict was positive enough to result in cheers from all the other women.

Xania tasted a little more, and was more honest with herself. Wow! That's probably the sweetest, most delicious cum I've ever had. It's like dessert. I could easily see getting addicted to this!

Amy prodded her, "Come on. Just okay? Doesn't it taste better than that?"

Xania still didn't want to sound too enthusiastic, but she admitted, "All right. It is surprisingly good." Then she hastened to add, "But still, you know, it's someone else's cum. That's inherently gross."

Susan said proudly, "Xania, you're still learning. Soon you'll come to realize that not only does Tiger's sperm taste absolutely delicious, but getting a big creamy load blasted on your face is one of the great joys in life!"

Xania thought, I don't mind a facial, or a pearl necklace for that matter. But it's just something that happens. It's certainly no "great joy." Sheesh! But she decided to keep quiet about it, since she didn't want to pop Susan's bubble.

Katherine couldn't help but tease a bit: "So, Xania, what was that about your earlier attitude? Remember how you didn't want to suck his cock?"

"I'll admit that something strangely compelling is going on." Xania tried to look prudish again. It somewhat worked, largely due to her bespectacled, stern appearance (despite the cum dripping off her glasses). She wasn't just posturing when she said, "I never expected something like this to happen tonight. I think some kind of curious group dynamic is going on. We all feed off each other's emotions, and everything builds up and up. Even the simple act of oral sex becomes nearly... rapturous."

Xania noticed that Amy was licking Alan's penis and balls. She asked her, "What are you doing?"

Amy responded as she licked, "I'm cleaning him up. It's all part of our tradition. Remember, he said he was too sensitive for it a minute or two ago, but he's good now. Hey, you wanna help? 'When in Rome' and all of that? Look at all the yummy cum that dribbled out."

Xania was sorely tempted, because his cum tasted that good. But now that she'd had orgasmic release, she was in a different mindset and trying harder to maintain her stern psychologist persona. "No thanks."

Katherine smirked. "What's the problem? You think it's undignified?"

"That's part of it," Xania conceded.

Katherine said, "Pshaw. There's no room for dignity around here. None. I gotta admit that getting humiliated and dominated by Brother is a big reason why sex with him is so hot." She pointed at Brenda. "Besides, if you want to see undignified, look at her."

Brenda appeared lost in her own little world. While the others had cum and then recovered, Brenda was still frigging herself and going strong.

Four fingers of one hand were completely lost somewhere up her pussy while her other hand played with one of her gigantic tits. But that hand had just been in her pussy too, and elsewhere. Wherever the hand wandered it left a trail of pussy juice. Her tits in particular were shining with slick juices from her incredibly copious and constant discharge of cum. It seemed that her tits, too, had shot off their own trails of cum, judging from the dribbles flowing from her nipples, though everyone else had been too busy with their own orgasms to notice.

It dawned on Brenda that the others were staring at her, and that forced her to come around to some semblance of coherence. She looked around the room as if she'd just woken up. Her eyes bugged out when she saw Amy "cleaning" Alan's penis and balls. She loved that, and although she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, she switched to fondling her J-cup boobs with both hands.

However, she also realized how cummy and bedraggled she must have looked, and that embarrassed her. She asked, "Sorry I'm, uh, kind of out of it. Um... can I go get cleaned up?"

Suzanne spoke in a no-nonsense tone. "No. And no clothes for you the rest of the night, either. Not counting your high heels, of course. Sweetie likes to see you constantly naked and covered in fresh cum, and so do I. Now let's get back to the game."

Brenda groaned again with intense arousal. Gaawwwd! This place is like Heaven on Earth! My master and chief mistress, humiliating me and using me, endlessly!

Xania asked, "How about me? Can I clean off my face and glasses?"

"Certainly," Suzanne said just as firmly. "But the only way that's getting clean is with your tongue and/or Amy's tongue."

Amy stopped licking Alan's balls and sat up. "Cool beans!" She was still kneeling right next to Xania, with only one of Alan's legs between them. She scooted around that leg to get even closer to Xania's face.

Seeing and hearing all that caused Brenda to groan loudly and lustily. She thought, Alan leaves his mark on all his women! And he's just conquered another one! Xania's totally hot too. Lucky Amy. I can't wait until the day comes when I get to lick his cum off her face. And her tits too. I could lick and fondle those all day long! She giggled deliriously as she recalled how she had suppressed her desire for other women until recently.

Xania asked, "Can't I just wash up in the bathroom?"

Susan sighed. "Xania, you still have so much to learn. What a waste that would be! Why, you might as well commit the sin of Onan and let his seed fall directly to the ground!"

Katherine knew Susan's religious thinking wasn't likely to sway Xania, if Xania caught the Biblical reference at all. So instead she argued, "Besides, if someone handed you a delicious bowl of ice cream, would you wash it down the sink?"

"Well, no," Xania said.

Katherine concluded, "This is like Amy's bowl of ice cream. It just so happens to be on your face. Remember that you pulled out and directed his cum at Amy's request so that she could enjoy it later. You don't want to break your promise to her now, do you?"

Xania had learned that sex with Alan could be fantastic. She was having more fun now than even when he'd fucked her back in her pretend psychologist's office, and that had been pretty great. She loved almost everything that had been happening, and she knew his cum tasted pretty good. But licking someone else's face clean, or getting her face licked, still didn't sound appealing to her.

Suzanne explained to Xania, "That'll get licked up in due course. But I can see from your face that you don't fully get it yet. Maybe you just haven't consumed enough of his cum. I dare you to clean his fingers off."

Alan stuck his cum-drenched hands out.

But Xania was still reluctant, and in this case that wasn't just another bit of acting.

Amy said, "Come on! You know it's yummiferous. You licked some off your own fingers, so what's the big deal of licking his fingers?"

Xania said, "I don't mind cum, but I don't like it either. It's just there, like sweat, or snot. When you get some on you, you wipe it off. I'm having a hard time with the fact that his tastes good. I mean, if his sweat tasted good, would you lick his underarm clean?"

Amy pondered that, and then answered, "You know what? I probably would! That could even get kinda kinky and fun. But come on. Just try licking his fingers some, and if you don't like it I'll finish it off."

Xania considered herself very sexually liberated, and she didn't want to be outdone by everyone else in the room. She felt that falling back on her prudish pose would be a cop-out. So she leaned forward and started licking.

Alan watched as Xania cleaned his fingers with her exceedingly long tongue. It felt surprisingly good, especially since Amy went back to "cleaning" his balls, even though there was nothing left to clean.

It soon became clear to all that Xania was enjoying herself. She closed her eyes and tried to pretend the others weren't watching, but the fact that they were secretly embarrassed and thrilled her. Keeping her eyes closed also helped her to savor the taste of Alan's cum some more. She discovered that the more she had of it, the more she wanted. It really was like a fruity and sweet dessert.

After a minute or so, Xania realized that she wasn't going to stop until she cleaned all the cum off his hand. She decided that if she was going to do it, she might as well make the most of it and try to impress Alan. She'd been licking the cum on the top of his hand, but she switched to sucking his index finger. She looked up at him with a "come hither" stare and sucked his finger just like it was a little stiff dick.

Amy looked up and saw that, and liked it a lot. She'd been hoping to get Alan's real penis erect again with all of her "cleaning," but it looked like that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. So instead she wrapped an arm around Xania and started licking the cum from Xania's nearest cheek.

Xania was startled and mildly annoyed by that, but she was having fun licking Alan's finger and she wasn't going to stop now. Besides, she told herself that Amy was determined to lick the cum off her face one way or another, so it might as well be now, while she had her eyes closed and was distracted with sucking Alan's fingers. Plus, by now, Xania could definitely understand the pleasure of licking up Alan's delicious cum, since that was exactly what she was doing too.

Amy liked Xania a lot. She knew that Xania was a gem; not only was Xania gorgeous, but she was kind, smart, very sexual, and fun to be with. Plus, Amy had clicked with her when they'd shared Alan's cock. Amy knew that Alan would have many, many sexual conquests and partners, but she had a hard time imagining any who could top Xania.

So Amy wanted to do her part to help Xania learn to love Alan's cum, which hopefully would inspire Xania to visit more often. She correctly sensed that Xania's pussy was still overly sensitive from her recent massive orgasms, so Amy began caressing Xania's upper body, and especially her G-cups, even as she kept licking Xania's nearer cheek.


Xania didn't resist or visibly react to Amy's actions much at all. Instead, she went from finger to finger, sucking Alan clean. She was getting so turned-on and into it that sometimes she kept on sucking his finger even when the cum was long gone.

Amy soon discovered that playing with Xania's erect nipples was having an effect, as it sometimes made Xania moan and even glance her way. So Amy did a lot of that, but mainly she made a big production out of sensuously licking Xania's face. It wasn't just about the cum - she was practically making love to Xania's skin with her tongue.

Susan was very pleased by Xania's wanton behavior. She sensed that things had reached a point where she could playfully tease Xania without it causing Xania to stop. "What did you call that? 'Undignified?' Or 'like licking up sweat'?" She chuckled. "Face it, you can't resist. Once you get a taste of his tangy, sweet cum, you're halfway to being an 'Alan babe,' if we can call it that for now. But that's fine with us; we love you all the more for it."

Xania had largely forgotten that the others were just sitting around watching her. Susan's words reminded her of her situation and made her blush. She didn't know what to say or do in response. She could hardly deliver a line like "I'm just here to observe" while eagerly licking the cum from Alan's fingers, while Amy was licking and fondling her at the same time. So she chose to keep her eyes closed and remain silent.

Xania kept on licking until Alan's hand was thoroughly cleaned. Then she sat back and opened her eyes. Again, she was at a loss over what to say, and she hoped nobody else would comment on her performance either.

Amy had licked much of the cum off Xania's face. She'd even licked the cum off Xania's glasses. But most of her efforts had been on Xania's nearest cheek, nose, and chin, and the far cheek was still fairly cummy.

Amy had been coming at Xania from the side, but now she repositioned a little so they could be properly face to face. She wrapped an arm around Xania, pulling her in close. "Mmmm! So yum! Isn't that yummy in the tummy?"

Xania didn't answer that, but she didn't have to, since her enthusiasm and thoroughness in licking Alan's hand was so obvious.

Amy continued in her usual bubbly manner, "But you know what's even better? A yummy, cummy kiss!" She'd swiped up a particularly big cum gob before she'd started speaking, and she'd been keeping it on her tongue. She planted her lips on Xania's, and they started snowballing it back and forth.

Xania had never snowballed before, so she was startled at how much she was enjoying it. Dammit! I feel like a fucking virgin. I thought I knew everything there was to know about sex. But here I am, thirty-nine years old, and I'm getting schooled by a teenager. It's like there's some kind of magical spell on this house. Even tired old sex acts like blowjobs and handjobs feel new and exciting again. And Amy's still playing with my nipples. If she goes for my pussy too, I'm going to cum AGAIN!

As Susan watched Amy and Xania make out, she leaned towards Suzanne and whispered to her, "I've been wondering something more and more as the evening goes on... Just how much does Xania like women?" XX05

Suzanne smiled in fond memory. "A LOT! Of course, she likes men more, much more. But she's a highly sexual, fully bisexual woman. You should have seen the things we did when we were college roommates. We usually slept in the same bed, if you know what I mean."

"OH!" Susan clutched at her bare chest, a habitual gesture from her prudish days. She asked Suzanne shyly, "Do you think she'd like to kiss me... and stuff?"

Suzanne shook her head with delight. She whispered, "Susan, you're so adorable. Yes, I'm sure she'd love to 'kiss you... and stuff.'"

Susan brightened, and smiled from ear to ear. "I like Xania... a LOT!"

Suzanne smirked. "Me too. Me too. You're going to love having her visit, believe me."

As Suzanne continued to watch, Amy licked up more of Alan's cum from Xania's face and then snowballed that fresh batch into Xania's mouth.

She thought, Susan is only beginning to discover what a wanton, sexy slut Xania can be. I want Sweetie to fuck her tonight! The more he fucks her, the more he'll... well, I kind of hate to use Susan's "taming" lingo, but I suppose that's a pretty apt way to put it. Tame her, Sweetie! Seduce her into joining us, bit by bit, step by step. Soon, she'll be visiting here all the time. Then she and I will have more and more playtime too, with my cutie or without.

Who knows where it will all lead? I should never have let our friendship fade. She's practically a long-lost sister to me. We have another chance to get close again, the way things should have always been from the start. Still, I know how reluctant she is to commit to anything, especially long-term relationships. I've gotta take things slowly and carefully with her.

Suzanne abruptly stood up. She announced to the others at the table, "I think Amy and Xania are going to be a while. Let's not rush them. I say we go to the kitchen for another drink and a snack break."

The others all agreed to that. Even Alan roused himself to go to the kitchen, leaving Amy and Xania alone in the living room.

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XX01: a sitting Alan being stroked (two-handed), and caressed (chest-to-chest) by a nearly nude (at least to the viewer) Xania (her panties are currently at her feet), while a nearly nude Brenda (she still has her G-string on at this point) is kneeling and fondling Alan's balls.

XX02: A sitting Alan, with a (essentially) nude Xania straddling his leg, sliding back and forth on the leg while her 38G's are pressed/rubbing against his chest, while she continues to stroke Alan Junior.

XX03: A standing, nude Suzanne, hands on top of her head, eyes closed and mouth open in a show of rapturous ecstatic delight, as Alan fondles her while a kneeling (and also nude) Xania continues to pump away at Alan Junior.

XX04: Brenda "tending" Suzanne

XX05: Xania and Amy kissing

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