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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
Don't Stop
Day 66: Wednesday, November 20

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Xania and Amy continued to kiss, lick, and fondle until most of Alan's cum was gone. But they didn't stop there. With the others giving them some privacy, they were able to get even more intimate. Xania wound up lying on top of Amy. Xania's pussy had finally recovered from her last orgasms, so the two beauties fingered, kissed, and fondled each other until they reached a mutual orgasmic peak.

They just rested for a while, lying on the floor entwined in each other's arms.

Amy said, "You know what? I like you."

Xania grinned. "I like you too. As if you couldn't tell, from what we just did."

"I know," Amy replied. "But it's more than that. I think it would be fun to get to know you out of bed too. Ya know what I mean? We can be pals!"

Xania playfully rubbed her nose against Amy's. "I'd like that." Then she got up, and helped pull Amy up. "Come on. Let's go join the others in the kitchen."

The snack and drink break turned into a prolonged one. Nobody was really that hungry or thirsty, but everyone needed a mental and physical break from so much non-stop sexual activity.

More wine was consumed by everyone but Alan, Katherine, and Amy. The "adults" didn't want the "kids" to drink too much. Alan was so high on lust he didn't need alcohol too.

With everyone either standing in the kitchen or sitting at the kitchen counter, Suzanne said, "While we're all here, why don't we decide who gets to be the next penis tender?"

Alan suggested, "Can we wait a while until my dick recovers a bit? Right now, it's still too sore for any tending."

Susan said, "Sure, you deserve a big rest, Tiger. But that still leaves the question of who gets to play with your cock when you're ready."

He said, "Frankly, I don't like having to pick in a group situation like this. It's almost impossible not to give the impression that I'm playing favorites. Why don't we go back to our system of letting it be decided by the dares in the card game? In fact, let's start from scratch with all the tending, including the cunt tending and tit tending. There was so much tending going on that there practically wasn't anyone left to actually play cards."

Suzanne nodded. "I agree to that. If nothing else, it'll increase interest so maybe I won't be the only one wanting to play the game."

The others all agreed to that.

Xania chatted with Alan some during the break, in relative private in the dining room. They didn't really know each other that well, and she wanted to get to know his personality better, and not just his body.

Alan had put on a T-shirt. He wasn't cold, since the house heat had been turned way up for the party. But he wanted to have a prolonged break, and since the T-shirt hung down over his privates, he thought that would help things from getting arousing.

Xania found it ironic that when she'd arrived she'd been puzzled to see Alan's cum on Brenda's face, and now it was her turn to look the same. True, she didn't have much cum on her face, but she did have some, since Amy hadn't gotten it all. For instance, she had elevated her faux glasses to her forehead because there was still too much cum on her lenses for her to see through them clearly. Furthermore, Alan's intention in wearing his T-shirt was backfiring. He was calm and collected, but it greatly flustered and aroused Xania to be wearing nothing but high heels when he seemed fully dressed, since his privates were covered.

She asked him, "So, how's your six treatments coming along?"

"Six treatments? ... Oh. That. You mean my six climaxes a day requirement. Well, truth be told, I don't think about that much anymore. I realized I was obsessing and stressing about how many climaxes I have each day. I kind of make a point not to think about it now. If you look around this party and see all the lovely women here, I think you can see that getting enough climaxes is not a problem for me."

She grinned wryly and looked around at all the other naked women milling about. "Yes, I can see that."

"What can I say? It's the tough life." He smiled widely. "Anyway, I figure I'm averaging about six or seven a day, at least. If I get more or less, it all washes out in the end."

She looked around again, feeling incredulous. Despite having been to some pretty damn wild parties with the "beautiful people" in Hollywood, I've never seen so many naked gorgeous women in one place. Not to mention seriously stacked ones! I'm usually the most endowed woman in any group - but not tonight. Hell, I might actually be in fourth place, although it would be a very close call. All these total foxes gaga over this one kid. Wow!

She found her hips shifting around as she wiggled in arousal. She forced herself to snap back to the discussion, and responded, "That sounds like a good attitude. May I ask how you've fared so far today?"

"Let's see. You're wearing my sixth load today, now that I think about it. I guess that's pretty typical by this hour, but I hope to have a lot more fun before the night is over. But there's also the issue of quality over quantity. As my nurse said, prolonged stimulation is key. Today has been pretty remarkable with that."

"It sounds like you've been stroked and stroked for hours. Has it been helping?" Xania was feeling increasingly self-conscious about the remaining cum on her face. There was one particular cum gob that Amy had missed, and it was slowly sliding down Xania's left cheek. It was bothering Xania like a buzzing mosquito, but she didn't want to draw attention to it by swiping it off. Plus, she was so horny that she feared she wouldn't be able to resist swiping it into her mouth.

He was puzzled by what she meant by "helping." He asked, "You mean helping me feel great? But of course!"

"No, I mean helping your condition."

He and the others had nearly forgotten the supposed medical point of all the orgasms. "Oh. You mean fixing my energy and tiredness. No, not really. Not yet. I still have to nap every day, for instance. But when you think about it, I've only been at it less than two months. It probably takes a lot longer than that to see results."

Xania could feel that one cum gob dripping down to her jawline. She worried it would drop if she didn't act, so she swiped it up. But she was right that she couldn't resist, and she fed it into her mouth. That made her blush.

Alan tried not to react to that, but he couldn't help but grin.

She pointed at him, and growled, "Don't you dare say a word!"

He kept grinning, but kept silent, and held his hands up defensively.

Trying to move on from her cum eating, she put her hand to his face and gingerly caressed his bruises on his cheeks and nose. "You want to talk to me about your school problems? You just got these wounds today? I'm happy to talk to you about anything, anytime, free of charge. We could do it in an informal way right here."

"I'd love that, but the game's going to resume in a couple of minutes. Tonight is a time for fun. You have your overnight bags. Will you be around tomorrow? Why don't we talk some time tomorrow instead? I actually have a lot to get off of my mind."

She nodded. "Sure. Glad to help."

He kept a poker face, but thought, She's going to be spending the night? Sweet! I'm gonna be boning her for sure later tonight!

He'd noticed that she was still constantly fidgeting around, almost as if she really had to go to the bathroom. But he knew that couldn't be it, since there was nothing stopping her from using the bathroom if she wanted to. He put a hand on one of her slightly shifting hips, and asked, "Hey, relax. What's got you all jumpy?"

She tried to still herself. She lied, "Oh, nothing. I guess I'm just waiting for the game to resume." She thought, What am I supposed to tell him? That even this break isn't much of a break for me, because I'm so fucking horny all the time? Or that it's all I can do not to start fingering my pussy this very moment? Or that the way he's looking at my cummy face and nude body makes me want to scream?! FUCK! And now the game's going to start and things'll get even MORE arousing!


He'd kept his hand on her hip, and slowly traced a finger across her tummy. He swirled around her belly button, and then headed up. He wound up holding and caressing her left breast. He didn't say anything for some long moments, but then he commented, "You know, you're a very lovely woman."

Xania's pulse raced and her breathing quickened while she watched his hand explore her body.

Then he slowly drew the fingers of that hand up higher. Chills ran down her spine when he lightly brushed her neck. He finally wound up holding her just below her chin. He looked her closely in her eyes, and said, "I like you without glasses. But then again, I like you with glasses too."

She was so aroused that not only were her hips wiggling around, but her breasts started to heave up and down in a very obvious way. She thought, Dammit, and dammit again! Why is this kid having such an effect on me?! I'm the worldly wise and jaded one here. Hell, when I started college, he hadn't even been BORN yet! And yet... the way he looks at me and touches me... it's like it's just assumed that he possesses me totally! Fuuuuccck!

She muttered, "Thanks." Then she suddenly broke away from his touch. "I should go clean up before the game starts again."

He nodded.

She hurried off towards the bathroom. She felt even more flustered and aroused.

By and by, each person took a turn in the bathroom cleaning off sweat and cum. The only exception to that was Brenda, who still wasn't allowed to get clean.

Xania was the last one to freshen up. She was glad that she could wash the remnants of cum from her face. She also was very happy to thoroughly clean the cum smears off her glasses and then put them over her eyes again. With that done, she seriously started to consider if she'd have time to secretly masturbate to orgasm. Even though she'd had a lot of big orgasms recently, she hoped one more might help her body calm down.

But Susan had been surreptitiously keeping an eye on Xania and Brenda throughout the break. She was looking for any opportunity to help facilitate their "taming." When she saw an obviously highly flustered and aroused Xania head to the lower bathroom, she followed. Then, when Xania didn't come out in the usual amount of time, she knocked on the door. "Xania, are you in there? We're all gathering in the living room."

Xania tried to sound cheery. "Okay. I'm coming." But she took her hands off her privates, and thought, Dammit again! Talk about terrible timing. But I'm NOT cumming. There's no way I'll have time now. FUCK! It's like there's some kind of sexy conspiracy keeping me totally horny all the time, even during the break.

She hadn't been serious about her "sexy conspiracy" comment, but it was more accurate than she realized, especially considering what Susan was doing.


When the group reassembled, there was no sign of clothing anywhere, unless one counted the high heels and glasses. Even Alan took his T-shirt off again to get naked from head to toe. Everyone had calmed down a bit, but that wasn't likely to last for long, especially since the women were all getting quite drunk.

Alan declined having a penis tender for the first hand, so his dick could recover a little longer. He won the hand, and said, "For my dare, I say we bring back the Susan tit tender idea. And Xania, now that your hands are free, I'm making you the tender."

Both Xania and Susan were very happy about that. Nobody else realized it, but Alan happened to be looking at Susan and Suzanne when they'd been whispering about Xania's bisexual tendencies shortly before the break. Normally, he would have been too far away to hear what they were saying, but he'd watched their lips as he listened carefully, and he'd understood the gist of the discussion. So he thought, correctly, that putting them together would make them both very happy.

Xania was actually a bit frustrated. She'd been hoping that she could just play cards for a while and get a much needed respite from the non-stop sexiness, since the break hadn't been much of a sexual break for her at all. Instead, only a minute after being foiled from getting to masturbate in the bathroom, she was presented with Susan's naked body, which she'd been craving in a big way since pretending to be Susan's psychologist up in L.A.


Xania couldn't turn down the opportunity. She was very good at handling boobs. She began kneading and fondling from behind, with an enjoyable alternating mixture of roughness and gentleness. She knew exactly what to do since she'd been keeping an eye on what others were doing to Susan.

Susan was downright giddy. At first, she submissively pinned her arms behind her back, mostly because she didn't trust that she could control her hands.

But soon, even though the dare was for Xania to "tend" Susan's great G-cups, Susan couldn't help fondling Xania's G-cups as well. She did so wordlessly and furtively, as if she was worried the others would "bust" her at any moment.

Not surprisingly, Xania didn't try to stop her, even though, again, she was almost upset at how everything that was happening seemed designed to drive her out of her mind with lust.

As Susan hefted Xania's breasts with both hands, she thought, Wow! Just... wow! They're so soft, and bouncy, and... delightful. And big! So big! Dear Lord, you spoil me with all this titty bounty. Tiger, please, tame this woman, and fast! I can picture so many sexy things. Like peeking into Tiger's bedroom and finding Suzanne and Xania naked, kneeling, and sucking cock together, and then stripping my clothes off and joining in. Three tongues from three G-cup ladies on one big fat cock. That's the kind of service my studly son deserves. Nay, demands!

Or, having Xania spend the night... in my bed! With my Tiger! We could play 'Hide the Sausage in the Tit Meat Sandwich' game, and so much more. Soon, my son will be fucking me, and of course he'll be fucking her. He'd fuck both of us all night long, so that when the morning came, we'd have to call Angel and Amy in to take care of his mighty, unstoppable boner for a while, until our poor, banged-up pussies could recover. Mmmm! I can feel it down in my hot cunt. I can almost really feel my son fucking me, for real! It's so exciting! Being a big-titted, cock-loving mommy is the BEST!

Alan was watching Susan and Xania fondle each other more often than not, and the sight inspired him so much that he felt his penis finally engorge. So, before the next hand started, he announced, "I'm ready for more penis tending. Let's say that whoever wins this hand gets the job for the next few hands."

Brenda asked, "What if you win?"

"Then I guess I'll just have to masturbate. No, just kidding. I don't know; it's a good point. I guess I'll sit out this round."

For once, all the women were highly focused on the game. Xania and Susan even temporarily stopped their tit fondling.

Suzanne won the hand. She was so happy at winning the penis tender job that she clapped her hands with glee. She even taunted the others, both verbally and by flashing her cards around. "Look at those cards! Would you look at those cards? Face! Who's your daddy? Ha!"

Suddenly she got sheepish, and thought, What's happening to me? God, I'm getting close to losing it again. It's this competitive environment, I think. I need to be the one who remains in control. Who knows what kind of opportunities will arrive this evening for me to advance my position? I need to stay sober enough to exploit them. Calm. Breathe. Count to ten...

But Suzanne was drunk on lust, plus some alcohol. Her attempts to stay calm didn't last long. She sat in Alan's lap and got busy stroking. But she didn't stop there. She blew in his ear as she whispered sweet nothings, and generally used the sexy seduction techniques that she did better than anyone else.

Many of her whispered comments were about Xania or Brenda, since she understood the lure of the new. For instance, she cooed, "You know, when Xania and I were roommates in college, we had separate bedrooms, but that was just for show. Usually I'd fall asleep with her face in my crotch, or my face in hers. God, her tongue!"

She accented her comment by licking his ear, since her mouth was right next to it already. "But you know all about that, don't you? I saw the way she was wrapping it around your cock. Just imagine her tongue and my tongue, licking and sucking on either side."

She began licking up and down the sensitive nape of his neck to show just how she'd treat her side of his shared cock. Then she added, "By the way, have I mentioned what the nickname for her tongue was? The Snake!"

Alan gulped at that. "What was the nickname for yours?"

Suzanne just chuckled playfully. She tickled his side, and purred, "Wouldn't you like to know?"

He groaned lustily. Oh, man! I'll bet her name was something snake-like too, like the Python or the Anaconda. The two of them together? It would be freaking unreal!

Then, as she stroked his cock and balls with both hands, she whispered, "Of course, Brenda only has a normal-sized tongue. But that's just about the only normal thing about her. I'm not even going to talk about her J-cups. J! Do they even make bras that big? But think about the rest of her. Her cute face, her bubble butt, her constantly soaked and oh-so-hot cunt... But the best thing of all is her attitude. She adores you! She can't wait to submit to you, to SERVE you! Can you picture her naked and kneeling, BEGGING to serve, BEGGING for you to ride her and drill her to your heart's desire? Well, get used to that sight, because you're going to be seeing her do that a lot!"

He moaned and groaned even louder. Suzanne had only been tending him a couple of minutes, and already he was nearing the cusp of cumming.

Going for the kill, she added in her sultry, scratchy voice, "And you know the best thing of all? You've got a sexy mommy and auntie who not only don't mind you fucking the likes of Brenda and Xania, but can't wait to be there and watch and join in! You lucky bastard!"

Then she shut him up by kissing his mouth. They necked for a long time.

Suzanne took on her penis tending role with gusto. She thought she'd done almost everything sexually she could do when it came to stroking him, but she did something she'd never done before. She stroked his cock in very long strokes with both hands from top to bottom, and with each stroke she exaggeratedly lifted and dropped her entire body in time to the strokes. The chief effect was to cause her tits to bounce nearly as wildly as Brenda's had done earlier.


She sat on Alan's knee so she could slide her wet pussy along his leg, just as Brenda and Xania did earlier. Plus, her tits were constantly bouncing inches from Alan's face and repeatedly slapping into his chest. She'd never done this kind of thing before because it seemed so juvenile and undignified to her, but she didn't care anymore. She just knew both of them were having a lot of sexy fun.

Somehow, Alan continued to take part in the poker game, as did Suzanne. Both of them only checked their cards the bare minimum amount necessary, and usually had their hands full of each other instead. Yet, Alan went on a lucky streak, winning four hands in a row.

Susan, though, seemed to see each victory as a further sign of his sexual prowess and all-around invincibility. Brenda caught on to this as well and before long the two of them were nearly orgasmic every time he announced another victory.

Alan used his dares to hand out vibrators, so everyone could be enjoying themselves all the time, even when they weren't part of a dare. He personally inserted them into Katherine, Amy, and Susan. Each woman came to him and all but planted her ass in his face, so he could do the insertion with Suzanne still in his lap.

Xania was the fourth one to get a vibrator. Alan could see that there wasn't much need to give her one to keep her horny, because Xania and Susan were still having great fun with each other. Susan considered Suzanne the chief enforcer of the rules (since she herself wasn't doing much of that tonight), and since Suzanne was so preoccupied with Alan, Susan had gotten bolder and bolder running her hands all over Xania's fit and firm body. The two of them hardly spoke to each other, and they refrained from kissing, but there was a lot of erotic non-verbal communication going on.

Xania was still having fun playing her prudish role, so she put on a big show of protesting. "Alan, you expect me to put this thing inside my most private place? I'm telling you I most certainly will NOT do it. I draw the line here."

He replied, "I don't expect YOU to do it. Come over here." As an aside, he said to Suzanne, who was still perched on his leg, "Stop bouncing for a sec."

Suzanne responded by melting into him and giving him another big French kiss (while continuing to jack him off, of course). He tightly clutched her bare ass cheeks, pulling her in closer.

Xania sauntered over to him and handed him the black vibrator that Amy had just given her. She just stood there above him, and asked, "What am I supposed to do now?"

He replied, "Bend over with your ass up close to my face, and grab your ankles. Then maintain that pose while I put it in."

She already knew what he'd say, since she'd just heard and seen how Katherine, Amy, and Susan had been given their vibrators. But still, she put her hands on her hips, and complained, "That's outrageous! This time, you go too far!"

He thought, I love it when Xania gets angry. She looks extra sexy, with her narrow, intense gaze. So passionate! Especially since I know she's faking. At least, I'm pretty sure she is. He told her, "What happened to 'When in Rome' and all that? Are you going to act like one of us, or are you going to chicken out?"


She glared at him with genuine irritation. "I am NOT happy about this!" But she turned around and clutched at her ankles. She further complained, "This seems terribly unfair. It's like we're all just here for your sexual pleasure." But she made a point of keeping her legs stiff and spread wide. And she wiggled her ass like she couldn't wait for him to put his hands on it.

Leaving the vibrator on the sofa for now, he put both hands on her ass and started caressing her muscular ass cheeks. But her pussy in between attracted more of his interest. He swiped a finger right along her slit, making her tremble. He pointed out, "You say that, but look at your pussy. It's really red and engorged. And wet! It's absolutely soaked." He continued to run his finger through her wet lips, even poking in from time to time.

Xania moaned loudly. She knew her moans sounded extremely erotic, but she couldn't help that. She thought, FUCK ME! He seems to find new ways of humiliating me, but this is the absolute worst! And, of course, everyone else is watching! I might as well die of shame!

With the others, Alan had done all the fondling and inserting himself. But now he said to Suzanne, "Hey, check this out." He guided one of Suzanne's hands to Xania's ass. Then he said to her, "Check out how wet she is. Or is it just me?"

Suzanne gleefully ran her fingers through Xania's wet cunt. She said, "No, it's not just you. She's very, very wet. Xania, I think you protest too much. For instance, let's look at your clitoris. It's unhooded, red, and very erect." Suzanne started pinching and playing with Xania. She knew just want aroused her most, due to their years in college.

Xania whimpered helplessly. Fuuuuuuuck me! Fuck, fuck, fuck! They're going to make me cum, again!

Suzanne was so interested in Xania's pussy and ass that she took her hand off Alan's boner to temporarily focus on Xania.

Alan picked up the vibrator, which was a particularly big one, and pulled Xania's pussy lips open with the fingers on his other hand. Then he slowly pushed the vibrator in her pussy.

Meanwhile, Suzanne kept on diddling Xania's clit, and generally caressing her ass cheeks.

Xania wasn't religious, but she prayed for this "ordeal" to end quickly, before she had a huge orgasm that would possibly cause her to tumble to the floor. Her face burned red with embarrassment, and her hair brushed against the carpet. She kept her eyes shut tight so she wouldn't have to see the upside-down craziness.

She was so wet that it slid in easily. She said in a quiet voice, "Oh." She wiggled her hips around, and then with a bit more erotic delight in her voice, repeated, "Oh... Oh my!"

Not surprisingly, Alan didn't stop there. He slowly pushed the vibrator in and out.

But that was more than Xania could handle. She cried out, "Please! No! I beg you! Too much!"

He sensed that she was a hair's breadth from a massive climax, and that would be precarious with her hands still gripping her ankles. So he said, "Okay, it's in. You're done."

Xania was surprised by the act of mercy. Instead of standing up, she knelt. It seemed the safest thing to do when she feared practically any movement at all would trip her over the orgasmic edge.

But she didn't get a chance to recover, because Suzanne ran a hand down her bare back, and said, "I think you should thank Alan for giving you a break there, and for the big, black gift. Why don't you turn around and kiss him?"

Xania had to take some deep breaths and try to calm herself before she could even turn around. But she did. She whispered, "Thank you." Then she leaned forward and gave Alan a peck on the cheek.

Suzanne complained, "Not like that! Sheesh! I mean a real kiss... on his cock!"

Xania looked to Alan's lap and saw that Suzanne had resumed jacking him off. But she'd also pointed his hard-on up and out so it was aimed right at her.

Xania whimpered again, and then bent down. Her plan was to make it quick so she could escape and recover. But she was so far gone with lusty desire that a kiss on the top of his cockhead turned into another, and then another. Before long, she'd engulfed his entire cockhead and started fervently bobbing on it!

She'd closed her eyes again in an attempt to lessen her shame. But then she heard Katherine exclaim, "Now, that's what I call a good kiss!" Then she heard Katherine, Amy, and others giggle at that. That doubled her blushing embarrassment, and quadrupled her desire to suck.

But she had to pull off a short time later, because she was so extremely aroused that she was genuinely dizzy, and she was panting so hard that it seemed like she was running out of oxygen.

She started to staggered back to her chair, but then she realized that Susan was there, and that was too arousing a prospect to contemplate too. So instead she headed to an unoccupied sofa and flopped down on it. She sat with her legs closed as much as possible and both hands over her groin, trying to keep some dignity.

But Alan said, "What are you hiding there? Do you know that's the Mr. Excitement dildo in you? It's becoming something of a family heirloom. Sit up on the sofa and spread your legs. Let's see what you have there." Obviously, he knew what she had since he'd just put it in, but he wanted to put her on the spot in front of everyone. He correctly guessed that she was near an orgasmic breaking point, and embarrassing public exposure really turned her on, probably enough to trigger her release.


Xania did what he asked, even as she mumbled, "This is so demeaning!" In fact, she purposely sat up on her heels and spread her knees wide, presenting an even more lewd sight that Alan had hoped for. The Mr. Excitement dildo, which was actually a vibrator, whirred and twirled on its own.

The room was dead quiet, since the music had stopped playing a long time ago. Xania kept her eyes tightly shut and managed to at least calm her breathing some. But she still felt like her entire body was on fire. If anything, she was getting hotter and hotter, knowing that everyone else was watching her expose herself like this.

She complained with passionate exasperation, "Alan, do you have some kind of magical powers?! How do you get all these centerfold-perfect women to obey your every command? Even I can't stop! I'm so fucking horny! So. Fucking. HORNY!"

She didn't seriously think Alan had any magical powers, but she really did want to know his secret. She'd been extraordinarily aroused all evening long, and she could tell it was no fluke. This kind of seemingly endless sexual ecstasy obviously happened in the Plummer house a lot, to everyone involved. She knew a sense of competition amongst the women was a part of it, but it didn't explain all of it.

Alan realized he was in great danger of cumming too. He had to tell Suzanne, "Hold on a minute. The sight of Xania here has me on the verge." To his relief, Suzanne was getting uncomfortable sitting on his lap for so long, so she got up to stretch her legs.

Meanwhile, Xania realized that the vibrator was going to keep her on the razor's edge until she finally succumbed to her orgasmic urge. Her will to resist crumbled and she started to cum. In an attempt to minimize her embarrassment, she covered her mouth with both hands. That managed to muffle most of her loud screaming.

Watching Xania cum didn't help Alan with his orgasmic crisis, but he hung in there with his PC muscle squeezes. He waited a minute or so until he felt the immediate crisis pass. Then, seeing that Suzanne was standing there looking keen to sit on him again, he said to her, "Um... I think I need a longer break. Why don't you just sit on the sofa next to me for a while? If I cum again, that could be all she wrote for me, at least for a good while."

So Suzanne sat next to him. She was glad to just relax a little while too.

Xania switched to a less exposed sitting position after her climax, but the big vibrator remained wriggling around inside her. Her face showed great lust every time the vibrator did something unexpectedly pleasurable.

Time passed. Susan, Katherine, Amy, and Brenda had gotten very hot and bothered watching Xania getting fondled and such, so everyone was grateful for a chance to cool down some.

Brenda had been particularly affected. She still hadn't been gifted a vibrator, and she anticipated that the exact thing that had just happened to Xania would happen to her very soon.

When Xania asked Alan about the secret to his sexual success, she hadn't expected an answer. But he'd pondered the question while he rested. Finally, after he sensed everyone was doing better, he belatedly replied to Xania, "About your question: I don't understand how these things happen either. I really don't. I just go with the flow. To be honest, I don't think it's me. It's everyone else. You all bring the sexual heat, and I get to bask in the glow."

Xania was still short of breath. But she replied, "Yeah, that's a big part of it, but not all of it. You're doing something too."

Suzanne challenged Xania. "Answer your own question. How does he do it?"

She was too aroused for a big conversation, and just muttered, "Fuck if I know! But it is kind of magical. This night has been... amazing!"

"Uh, let's play another round," Alan said, modestly trying to deflect the conversation.

He looked over the group and thought, My life is so easy. All I have to do is pretty much sit here and try not to cum too often, and everything else takes care of itself. These women all feed off each other. Geez, I've even got the sex goddess Aunt Suzy as my dick tender. I could be a bump on a log and I'd still come off like the stud of the universe because the sexual energy would be sky high even if I wasn't here. What an incredible bunch!

Nobody made a move to resume the poker game. Everyone was still in recovery mode.

But Alan's thoughts about the "incredible bunch" gave him an idea. "Wait. I figure this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime collection of voluptuous bodies. In particular, the tits shown here tonight will probably never be bettered. I absolutely have to get a camera to record this for posterity! Aims, can you go get a camera from upstairs?"


"No, wait. Let me get it. I shouldn't get used to having other people do things like that for me. It's bad enough for my ego the way I'm treated like a king on sexual things. I'll be back in a jiffy."

He went upstairs. As he did so, he thought, As if doing one minor errand somehow makes me more humble. The fact is, too much adoration can be a bad thing, though I never would have imagined that. Well, one small step begins here. There are too many women getting far too excited around me. I love it, but I'm really going to have to redouble my efforts to stay me and not fall to the dark side. The "Bad Alan" trap. Honestly, this time. I mean it!


Alan came back downstairs with a digital camera as well as a camcorder. He set the video up so that it recorded the entire area where they all sat, and then he left it alone. Then he picked up the camera and had all the women mug and pose cheesecake-style while he took their pictures.

The women all touched each other and said jokey, teasing things to further arouse.

For instance, Katherine said, "Brother, can you bring your zoom lens over here? I have an extreme close-up shot for you."

Suzanne said, "No, Sweetie. Over here. I've got an even closer close-up. In fact, you'll have to put your zoom lens right into a hole."

Xania couldn't help but ham it up a bit too in the ways she posed, though she kept her mouth shut so as to not completely destroy the last shreds of her psychologist persona.


Alan took quite a few pictures in quick succession. He thought to himself, I should be documenting these magical weeks more thoroughly. Xania's right that there is a wonderful, magical thing going on, and who knows how long it'll last? At least I'll have these pictures to jack off to, if everything goes horribly wrong from here on out. I still have this uneasy feeling and a black eye to remind me that there's a good reason to feel that way.

Ah, but stop being so gloomy. Just look at these six total babes! And four of them are the women I love most in the world. Wow! I'm the luckiest guy on Earth and I should never forget it!

The photo session came to an end and the poker game resumed yet again. The session definitely raised the sexual mood even higher. The more the women touched each other all over, the more they got in the mood for serious girl-on-girl action. Xania and Susan went right back to their reciprocal "tit tending" roles, to everyone's great delight.

Alan's winning streak in the game came to an end. Katherine won one dare, and ordered Susan to play with Brenda's huge breasts, since she wasn't allowed to order herself to do so. Suzanne won a dare and ordered Katherine to do the same to Brenda.

Just about everyone wanted to play with Brenda, to fondle her impressive tits along with the rest of her nearly impossibly-curvy body. The others were all amazed at how her breasts were so large and yet had virtually no sag. Her long nipples attracted a lot of attention and admiration too. By this point in the evening, it seemed that there was always a hand or two roaming over her chest. Oftentimes, large breasts are less sensitive on a per-square-inch basis than small breasts. While this was not true for some of the others like Susan and Suzanne, it was true for Brenda, except for her nipples. Touching them was just as orgasm-inducing as it was for even Susan and her extremely sensitive nips.

Brenda was disappointed. What she wanted most was for Alan to win a hand and give her the same vibrator insertion that he'd given Xania. She already knew that she'd be having erotic dreams in the nights to come of Suzanne and Alan playing with her ass and pussy while she remained bent over clutching her ankles. But being the target of two other dares was at least some consolation.

In a way, she was lucky. She might have been in danger of eventually passing out from too many orgasms if she'd had a vibrator in her, as she did last week. Even without one, she was cumming more fluid than the next two leakiest women combined, and she was nearly senseless from a never-ending series of orgasms.

She seemed to get more and more covered with cum as the evening went on. The others got a perverse thrill from that, and no one had even tried to clean her up for the photo session. Susan had come to believe that cum was almost like a physical manifestation of love. When it was her turn to play with Brenda's body, she enjoyed running her fingers through the large puddle under Brenda's ass and then wipe them all over Brenda's skin, which of course only got her even more sticky and cummy as the evening went on. Her cum was rather thick and hung on her more like a man's cum than the typically more watery female juices. As a result, it looked like Alan had shot his seed over her skin time and time again.

That sight, in turn, got everyone increasingly aroused. It seemed that everything in the room was on a positive feedback loop leading to greater orgasmic joy.

Alan won the next hand, and promptly said, "Amy, I want you and Xania to fondle each other and kiss on the lips." He'd noticed that Xania and Amy had gotten on very well while sharing his cock, and he wanted to see how well they could get physical with each other.

Xania loved being with women almost as much as men, but she also loved continuing her prudish game. She felt like she'd been acting so wanton and easy that she needed to play up her reluctance some more to maintain any credibility. She stood up, and with the vibrator sticking a few inches out of her pussy and rotating, she proclaimed, "Alan, you really go too far this time! It's true that I've done a lot of wild and crazy things tonight, because I got carried away trying to go along with the group. But intimate kissing is one thing I cannot do."

Susan pointed out, "I distinctly remember you kissing Tiger earlier. In fact, just a couple of minutes after he came downstairs, he had your undies off, his fingers in your cunt, and his tongue down your throat!"

Xania blushed at that. It pretty much destroyed her "no kissing" argument. She said, "That was a mistake. I was kind of ambushed."

Amy asked, "I don't get it. Why is it you can suck Alan's cock and all kinds of stuff, but you can't kiss me?"

Xania replied, "I'm sorry, it has nothing to do with you. It's just that kissing is something that's very personal and romantic. Consider for instance that most prostitutes will perform most any sex act under the sun with their johns, but NOT kissing. Besides, it wouldn't be fair to my boyfriend."

Susan stood up in shock. "You have a boyfriend?!"

In fact, Xania didn't. She was still actively dating, but she was very resistant to serious relationships and she hadn't been going steady with anyone for a while. However, she lied because she thought she needed more excuses to make her seeming reluctance to kiss Amy credible. So she lied some more, "Yes, but we're not really that serious or anything." She didn't want to go too far with the story about her supposed boyfriend because she didn't want to be seen as the cheating type.

Susan exclaimed, "And yet you've been naked and in Tiger's lap most of the evening, licking, stroking, and even sucking his cock, getting groped and fingerbanged, and generally behaving like one of his sex pets! What would your boyfriend think about all THAT?!"

Xania's blush deepened, as if she really did have a boyfriend. She hammed it up, mostly for Susan's sake. "He... would not be happy... to say the least! But he's not going to know! I know it's wrong... but when I met with Alan up in L.A., I ... I don't know... I felt something, something powerful. I kind of... I couldn't resist! I don't know what's happening to me!"

Susan was so delighted that she practically swooned. She looked around and saw Katherine sitting near her. She clutched Katherine's hand and beamed brightly, as if she was a young wife who had just been told that she was pregnant.

Katherine was amused by Susan's over-the-top enthusiasm. But she found the situation a big turn-on too, so she squeezed her mother's hand supportively.

Brenda was at least as excited, if not more so. She began vigorously fondling her cunt and nipples, and loudly proclaimed, "This just validates everything I've come to believe about Alan! UGH! Such a fucking STUD! Look at the older women in this room. THREE of us are married, and another one has a serious boyfriend!"

Susan let go of Katherine's hand and clutched at her G-cups, repeatedly squeezing them. "Tiger takes who he wants! He's unstoppable! Even his married big-titted mommy isn't safe from his rampaging cock!"

Alan felt the need to defend himself. "It isn't like that. I'm just a normal guy in an extraordinary situation. There are extenuating circumstances here, including three failed marriages. Anyway, Xania, if you have a boyfriend, then you should probably re-think all this. We'll all respect your decision."

Susan's eyes narrowed as she stared at Xania with fierce determination while still clutching at her great globes. "I don't! Xania, you are a guest in our house this evening. We have been very hospitable and all we ask in return is that you obey the house rules. And those are very simple. For a big-titted, gorgeous babe such as yourself, you must obey any and ALL of Alan's sexual wishes. He expects you to engage in some heavy girl-on-girl action with his top-heavy young girlfriend, including kissing, and I expect you to do so. Now!"

Everyone was surprised by Susan's authoritative tone and words, especially the uncompromising finality in the way she growled the word "now." An awkward silence prevailed.

Xania was surprised as well, but was also glad, since this gave her an excuse to give in. She actually loved the idea of kissing and playing with Amy since they'd been getting along particularly well, but she just felt the need to put up a pretend resistance first. She looked conflicted, but finally replied, "I'm sorry, Susan. I didn't realize it means that much to you. You're right. I did make that promise at the beginning to follow the house rules. But in the future, I need to draw some kind of line. I reserve the right to say no if I want to."

Susan put her foot down even harder. She was both angry and aroused. "Xania, you agreed to play this game and follow the game's rules. You will follow this game to the end. Period! Not to mention the house rules. You are in ALAN's house now, and as a busty, sexy woman, you are fair game! There is no line. You're one of Tiger's sex pets, at least for tonight, your boyfriend be damned! My son will do with you as he likes! That includes fucking you whenever he likes, in any hole that he likes! Is that clear?"

Alan remained silent, but grinned and thought, Go, Mom! Wow! She's so hot when she's angry!


Xania didn't know what to say to that. But she didn't have to reply because an eager and smiling Amy sidled up behind her and, with a happy "Boo!," kissed her square on the lips.

It seemed that Amy was just being feisty and spontaneous, but she actually acted fast on purpose. She figured that Xania would feel obliged to object to that. But if Xania was too busy kissing to reply, silence would become tacit acceptance.

Amy got very aggressive with Xania to keep her too distracted to think or talk. She happened to start out behind her, but she managed to move face to face while kissing nearly non-stop. Then, once she had full body contact, she mashed her tits into Xania's in the most arousing ways, and grabbed the vibrator sticking partly out of Xania's pussy and thrust it in and out.

That drove Xania over the orgasmic edge. She completely forgot about her prudish acting or Susan's demand. As her climax ripped through her, she and Amy tumbled out of her chair onto the floor. But that didn't stop them in the slightest. In fact, even as her body shook in sexual ecstasy she decided to counter-attack. She grabbed the vibrator that was stuck in Amy's cunt and reciprocated with some vigorous thrusting. The two of them became a blur of activity until finally Amy came too. Xania kept on cumming and cumming until both of them stopped moving, except for their heavy breathing.

Brenda was sitting on the same side of the table as Amy and Xania, so she had a close-up view. She was incredibly aroused by the conversation, and far gone with her lusty masturbation already. But seeing Amy and Xania cumming a couple of feet away took her to an even higher level, and she had a big, and very loud, orgasm of her own.

Susan sat back down and kept on fondling herself. Katherine masturbated too. However, Alan was relatively unaffected. Despite all the very sexy sights and sounds around him, his penis was still flaccid due to so much recent activity. Furthermore, he was concerned about Xania's confession that she had a boyfriend, and that put a damper on his interest in her.

Suzanne continued to sit next to him on the sofa. She had an arm around him, but she was taking her cue from him, and she could tell it was best if she gave him some space for a while.

Eventually, Xania sat up and put on her act again. She looked around as if in great confusion, and then genuinely blushed when most of the others clapped for her passionate performance. She stammered, "I... I don't... I don't know what came over me... How did that happen?!"

Katherine was quick to frame that. "Xania, what did I tell you? If you do what Alan says, you'll have lots of orgasms and you'll feel incredibly good. It's that simple. Is there any wonder why we all freely give our bodies to him, to use in whatever way he desires? ... I see you still show confusion. Don't worry. You'll learn."

Xania thought to herself, Wow. That actually makes sense. Just let Alan take over. It sounds so easy. Just lay back and let Alan bring on the cummy good times. All acting aside, I'm seriously getting into this. This family has more fun in one evening than I do in a month, and that's saying a lot because I make it a goal to have a hell of a lot of fun. I feel like I'm being brainwashed into a cult, and yet I'm totally into it. What is it about this situation that's so alluring?

She looked around at everyone. Ironically, I don't think Alan has much to do with it. The same thing could have happened to anyone in his shoes, although I have to admit he seems to be handling it remarkably well. True, he's very sexually gifted, and he's got great stamina and recuperative powers, but I've met guys who are a lot more gifted than that. I've had sex with some porn stars who are the best in the business. Hell, I even tried an eleven-inch penis once that makes his look small.

No, it's the other women. How did such a remarkable and attractive group of complete nymphos ever manage to get together? Life is going to be one non-stop orgy now that these women are all turned on, and it just so happens that Alan gets all the luck, finding himself in the middle of it.

The sense of friendly competition between these beauties is amazing and exhilarating. I can feel it in the air. Even in Hollywood parties I usually feel like top dog, the hottest woman there, but I look around at these women and I feel like I'm the ugliest of the lot. It makes me want to prove myself, and show that I'm the best. I have to please Alan the most and make him cum hard. I just HAVE to. Then I'll feel so good too; so proud of myself. This is psychologically interesting. I should become a psychologist, for real. I love this kind of analysis. Sex and giving advice - two of my favorite things put together!

But even fully understanding the processes going on, and understanding that Alan is "just a guy" without any special magical mojo, I still really, really want to get fucked by him! I'm totally caught up in the group frenzy to please him and serve his cock. How bizarre is that?

Not only that but, even more bizarrely, there's a real sense of wholesomeness to all this sex. Back in L.A., everything is so seedy. With the power games and the drugs and the name-dropping, fuck, it gets tiring. Every guy is more vain, egotistical, and blow dried than the last one. Whereas this feels like a tight-knit family playing a game like Monopoly or Scrabble, except it's a highly erotic strip poker game. I mean, look at Amy, and how she's just so infectiously fun. Even the competitive spirit in the air is like a fun game instead of a vicious, stab-your-friend-in-the-back kind of thing. I LIKE these people!

I wish I didn't live so far away, because I could get used to these games. I imagine my psychologist persona will be pretty shot by the end of the evening, but that's a good thing, because my cover wasn't actually blown, it's just changing and fitting reality better. They'll see me as a prudish doctor who's discovered sex in a big way, which will allow me to have more and more sex with them in the future. Plus, hopefully I can morph into a sex advisor and all-around therapist for these people, which is what I would prefer to do.

In fact, I've been loving advising Suzanne and the Plummers so much that I could see a whole career as a therapist if I just didn't have to get a degree and all those other damn qualifications. Who'd want to hire a little-known soft porn actress for a serious job?


The game staggered back to life again. The masturbation came to an end, except for Brenda, who seemed to be slipping into a kind of permanent erotic bliss. It didn't even matter if anything arousing was going on around her; she could just think back to events that happened earlier to keep her excitement level high. In fact, simply looking at Alan and thinking "Master!" was all it took to keep her fires burning.

Although Amy and Xania were still pretty wiped out after Amy's "sex attack," Alan's dare for them to kiss and fondle each other was technically still in effect and that was something they very much wanted to continue. So Amy sat in Xania's lap, since Xania was bigger and taller, and the two of them kissed and touched in a more relaxed and intimate manner. They still continued to play poker though, as did everyone else except Brenda.

Once the situation settled, Alan asked Xania, "What's this about you having a boyfriend? You should have mentioned that earlier because I don't want to be part of any cheating situation. I know that sounds hypocritical considering I'm getting it on with no less than three married women, but like I said, there are extenuating circumstances. Those are dead marriages heading to Divorce City."

Xania was glad for the chance to save her reputation, now that her boyfriend lie had served its purpose. "I understand, and I appreciate that. I don't like cheaters either. Maybe I exaggerated saying I have a boyfriend. He's just a guy I've been dating a few times. He knows I'm not exclusive with him."

Alan replied, "Oh. ... Well, that's a big relief."

Susan was visibly disappointed. She adored the idea of her son being so irresistible that it forced Xania to give up on her boyfriend. But she diplomatically decided not to say anything.

Brenda would have been disappointed too, but she was so into her masturbatory joy that it didn't faze her much.

Amy won the next dare. She said, "Looking around this room, I see a big problem. Not only is my O.B.'s cock not being stroked, it's not even stiff! Mom, you're totally letting us down. I think we need a new penis tender."

Suzanne sat up straight and spoke with indignation. "Now, just wait a minute! I'm giving my Sweetie a break because he needs it and deserves it. Right?" She looked to Alan for confirmation.

He replied, "She's right. I did need the break. However, I feel stirrings of life again, so I'm good."

Amy grinned. "M'kay. In that case, Mom, I dare you to revive him by any means necessary, including tits or mouth. Better yet, both at once! And further, I officially declare that all other penis-tending tonight has to include those things too!"

All the other women liked that, so nobody questioned Amy's right to change the penis tending rules.

The only exception was Alan. He said, "Hey, in theory I love that idea. But we have to be realistic; there's only so much I can do! This is like the greatest collection of female beauty in the history of the world! At least, that's how it seems to me right now. And you're also a totally sexy and horny bunch. If I allow that rule change, you're going to repeatedly drain me so dry that I'll end up just an empty husk!"

Suzanne stood up. "I'm sorry you feel that way. On a completely unrelated note, I'm feeling like I could use a good stretch, after sitting for so long. So don't mind me; I'm just going to stretch her for a minute."


With all eyes on her, Suzanne proceeded to strike a series of highly provocative poses, all while stretching this way and that. Throughout it all, she stared directly at Alan with her most beguiling "come hither" look.

Alan grumbled and groaned as he felt his resistance crumble. He muttered, "Oh, man..."

Amy clapped her hands and snickered. "You go, Mom! Hey, everybody, check it out. Mom is totally awesome! O.B., just think. You could give in right now and run your hands all over her, to your heart's content."

Katherine added, "Yeah! And remember, we've all become experts at keeping you close to cumming without actually taking you over the edge. So you'd have to be a total doofus to resist!"

Amy giggled. "Unfortunately, I think he's still got a touch of 'doof' for us in him. But he's learning."

Susan piled it on. "Son, which do you think would be more fun: feeling your cock slip and slide in her cavernous G-cup cleavage - very much like my own, I might add - or feeling her tight lips sealed around your shaft with her impossibly long tongue doing wonders to your cockhead at the same time?"

Alan watched as Suzanne struck yet another sexy pose. Man oh man oh man! Aunt Suzy has such a flexible body. It's crazy! I'm so horny from watching that I can't stand it. But Sis is probably right, that they'll keep me near the edge without going over. He groaned loudly in defeat. "UGH! Fine. I give in."

Suzanne was magnanimous in her victory, so she decided not to gloat or joke around. "Well, in that case..." She quickly wound up between his legs. She purred, "Let's get nice and comfy!" His penis was already engorging in anticipation, but it inflated even more when she trapped it between her big breasts.

She spat into her tit-tunnel for lubrication, since it had been a while since Alan's dick had been in action. Then, showing off a little, she tilted her head down but showed off the full length of her tongue by extending it all the way out until it just barely reached his piss hole. She started sliding her tits up and down either side of his boner, and flicked her tongue all over the top of his cockhead. Then, looking up into his eyes, she quietly whispered to him, "By the way, they used to call it 'The Anaconda.'"

He laughed. "I knew it! I was totally thinking that earlier!"

The others didn't know what he was talking about, but no one asked for clarification

He dropped his voice to a whisper, and asked Suzanne, "Why was Xania just 'The Snake' in general and you got to be a specific kind of snake?"

Suzanne replied, "She got the nickname first, and it stuck. But I like my nickname better. I think it's more evocative." She licked down to his sweet spot and started lashing back and forth on it in a manner very few women could do.

He clenched his teeth and even his ass cheeks as a wave of arousal washed through him and threatened to overwhelm him. He quietly cursed, "Fuuuuuck! So good!"

Katherine won the next dare. She was fascinated by how very aroused Brenda was just sitting by herself, and she wondered what might happen if she got direct stimulation on top of that. So she said, "This is kind of a weird one. Aunt Suzy, this will involve borrowing Brother for a couple of minutes. Big Brother, I've got a good feeling that you're going to fuck Brenda, very, very soon. So, in anticipation of that, I want you to rub your cock up and down her pussy lips until she cums. Oh, and rub her clit with it too. Brenda, I want you to grab your legs and spread them out as wide as you possibly can, like you're inviting him to spear you deep!"

Brenda was already nearly insensible even before that. She whimpered and moaned helplessly, because that was like a hundred Christmas mornings happening to her all at once. She cried out, "Thank you, Katherine! Thank you! You're the best!"

Alan really liked this dare. He disengaged from Suzanne, and then waited while Brenda relocated to a sofa. She figured she could spread her legs even wider there, and she did spread them impressively.

As he stood in front of her, Katherine said, "Wait a sec. I'm amending the dare. I'm worried you're going to fall over, so I want you to hold and knead Brenda's big titties for support. And since you don't have three hands, I'll have to give you a hand to guide where your cock goes. That'll prevent you from giving into temptation and taking her right here and now!"

Obviously, Katherine's supposed worry that he would fall over was absurd; she saw Brenda's J-cups heaving up and down like ships on a storm-tossed sea, and she wanted to see her brother drive Brenda to total erotic ecstasy by involving them too. Plus, it gave her an excuse to participate.

Katherine got on her knees and positioned her brother's cock close until it was actually touching Brenda's very wet slit. Then she announced, "Hold on a sec, let's get it lubed up." She lovingly licked all the way up and down his shaft. His cock had been dribbling pre-cum into Suzanne's cleavage, and in fact it didn't need any lubing just to slide against Brenda's super soaked pussy, but it was another fun excuse.

Brenda suddenly screamed out, "Susan! Help me!"

Susan got up and rushed to Brenda's side. She held one of her hands, and also helped keep Brenda's nearest leg open wide. "What is it? How can I help?"

Brenda's entire body was trembling. Technically, the dare was only supposed to last until she came, but she'd been cumming nearly non-stop even before Alan's boner touched her. She pleaded to Susan, "Give me strength! I'm too hot! Too horny!"

Susan was full of concern and sympathy. She squeezed Brenda's hand supportively. "Hang in there! Be strong! Be strong!"

Sweat was pouring down Brenda's face and her enormous breasts were heaving wildly in Alan's hands. "I'm trying! Oh God! So hot! So hot!"

Susan looked over and saw that Alan's cock was starting to slide up and down Brenda's hot cunt. Katherine was guiding it while continuing to lick his shaft, focusing on the extra sensitive underside. Susan could fully relate to Brenda's condition, because her nude body was burning with erotic heat as well.

As she continued to tightly hold Brenda's hand, she told her, "Remember, you're one of Tiger's sex pets now. One of his fuck toys! As such, he's going to fuck you. Hard and deep and often!"

Brenda cried out. "Aaaaah!" Her body trembled and shook even more as a particularly big orgasm ripped through her.

Susan continued, "This is good practice for you, to mentally prepare. Just submit! Give in! Surrender your heart and soul to your new master!" She wasn't supposed to use the word "master," but in the heat of the moment, she forgot.

Right then, Katherine redirected the tip of Alan's cock to Brenda's clit.

As soon as contact was made, Brenda was sent into paroxysms of orgasms that surpassed all the ones she'd had up until that point. At first she just wailed incoherently. But then she screamed, "Fuck me Alan! Fuck me! Master, Master, do me!"

Alan was very, very tempted to do just that, especially with the inviting way Brenda's legs were spread so widely. But he'd learned to control himself in such situations, mostly from restraining himself from fucking Susan in similar incredibly tempting circumstances. He probably would have given in anyway, except that Katherine was managing his erection. Besides, she was still licking it, and between that and kneading Brenda's great tits and everything else that was happening, he was in total sexual nirvana anyway.

He endured about a minute of that. But then, with Katherine slowly rubbing his cockhead up and down Brenda's slit some more, even he couldn't resist the temptation any longer. He started to push his lower body forward, causing about an inch of his cockhead to push into Brenda's engorged pussy lips.

Brenda realized Alan was about to fuck her. This was far too mind-blowing for her mind or body to handle. She screamed and wailed in desperation, triumph, and ecstasy, and then simply passed out.

Unfortunately that was the one thing that could stop him from fucking her there and then. Katherine wasn't going to foil him, because he could just thrust forward from her hips. She probably wouldn't even had tried to stop him. But he didn't want to fuck an unconscious woman. That didn't seem right to him.

He'd been surprisingly winded from that experience, even though he'd done little more than just stand there and knead Brenda's boobs while Katherine licked and moved his cock. But his heart was racing wildly from the sheer sexual intensity of it all. He went back to his sofa and flopped down on it.

Suzanne knew his dick needed another break, so she just gave him a loving hug.

As Alan rested, he wondered about Brenda calling him "Master," but he figured she was pretty much out of her mind with lust so it didn't mean anything. After all, she hardly knew him (or so he thought - he didn't realize how much Susan and Brenda had been talking to each other lately). Besides, Susan had "slipped up" and used the word too, so he thought Brenda had been running with that.

Susan stayed with Brenda a little longer to make sure she was okay. She repositioned Brenda's body to a better resting position on the sofa. Then, even though she knew Brenda was unconscious, she leaned in to her face and whispered, "You did good!" She kissed Brenda's cheek. Boy, what a GREAT night! Brenda just got that much more tamed!

On her way back to her seat, Susan stopped at Katherine's chair, and held her hand. "Angel, best dare ever!"

Katherine laughed. "Thanks, Mom." Katherine did feel very good about her choice. She felt like she was overcoming her jealousy. She hoped her brother would reward her later.

Amy was impressed at the way Katherine had given Brenda's taming a big assist. When she won the next dare, she wanted to do something to help Alan with Xania too. So, even though she was enjoying sitting in Xania's lap, she said, "I'd like my O.B. to lick Xania's pussy until she has another big cum."

That went over really well, with lots of oooh's and aaah's from the other women. Katherine said triumphantly about Xania, "Stick a fork in her, folks; she's done."

Xania had a strange, tense expression.

Susan saw that expression and complained, "Don't tell me you have more objections. Remember, you're not allowed to object."

Xania replied, "No, I was just thinking about cumming... AGAIN! I don't know how much more my body can handle!"

Susan chuckled, "Well, that's okay then. But get used to cumming a lot, if you're going to be a regular visitor. My cunt is pretty much always in recovery mode, and my son hasn't even fucked me yet!"

Xania wanted to be comfortable during the dare, so she lay down on the carpet with a throw pillow under her head.

Perhaps inspired by how Susan had "helped" Brenda, Amy stayed right next to Xania and held her hand.


Alan got to licking Xania. He ended up giving her a very competent tongue lashing, even while his erection continued to get slowly stroked by someone else's hand from behind. At first, he didn't even know whose hand it was, and he didn't bother to look.

Then he felt a pair of very large breasts pressing into his lower back, and felt a long tongue licking higher up his back. The length and dexterity of the tongue gave it away, so he whispered, "Aunt Suzy!"

She chuckled. "Who else? I still am your official penis tender, after all."

His cunnilingus didn't compare with the best pussy licking performances Xania had known, especially from other women, who usually knew how to please a woman better than men did. But given how extremely horny Xania already was, he didn't need to be great, or even good.

The entire situation was like an erotic dream come to life for Xania. Amy didn't speak, but she bent her upper body at an angle over Xania and French kissed her. Soon they were lazily fondling each other as well. They were developing an easy yet electric physical connection.

After a while, Susan asked with a chuckle, "So, Xania, are you having a good time yet?"

Xania couldn't even answer since Amy was in the middle of kissing her, but she laughed into Amy's mouth.

She thought, This evening is already going into my 'greatest evenings of all time' list, and Alan hasn't even fucked me yet! I can only hope he'll still be up for it later! Not only that, but I take it back that anyone could have been in his shoes and things would have been the same. He's got a big part to do with it. This boy is extremely talented at sex! He's a natural.

She paid closer attention to his cunt licking. Okay, so he's not a natural at cunnilingus. He's average at best, which isn't surprising, since so much of the attention is centered on his cock. But he'll get better, and that's almost scary! Besides, when he has assistance from the likes of Amy, he literally can do no wrong!

In addition to jacking him off, Suzanne gave him on-the-spot advice while looking over his shoulder. She said, "Now, Sweetie, listen to me. Xania and I were roommates and lovers back in college. If anyone knows how to lick her cunt, it's me. Most women, you don't want to do too much with the clit. It's a 'too much of a good thing' problem. But not her. She's not delicate. Don't waste time with a lot of slow build-up! And if you really want to drive her wild, try licking on and around her clit while working two fingers in and out of her cunt."

So Alan followed Suzanne's advice. He immediately noticed the effectiveness by her heavy breathing.

When Xania had a chance to speak between kisses with Amy, she groaned, "Damn you, Suzanne!"

Suzanne chuckled. "What?"

"Telling him all my secrets. It's like you're trying to kill me from too many orgasms."

Suzanne chuckled some more. "I am!" She kept on stroking Alan's pole from behind. "Hey, Sweetie, do you really want to go for the jugular? Dig in deeper and find her G-spot. It's the big bump on the top side. Once you rub that, she's a goner."

Xania wailed at Suzanne, "Fuck you!" She seriously doubted she could handle another massive climax on top of all the others.

Alan followed Suzanne's advice and found Xania's G-spot easily enough. He didn't know the biology of it, but the G-spot is basically the bulbous underside of the clitoris, and between his licking and fingering, he was going at it on both sides at once.

Xania couldn't hold on long once he started doing that. Alan sensed that she was getting close and he sped up his efforts. Furthermore, Amy also knew Xania's orgasm was coming, and she helped out by pinching her nipples, licking her face, and much more.

When the time came, Xania was glad that she was lying down because her body shook like she was having an epileptic seizure. She thrashed around even more than Brenda did just before she passed out. Xania couldn't match Brenda when it came to shrieking and yelling though.


The next round took place without Brenda, who was still passed out, or Xania, who was lying on the ground recovering, or Amy, who was cuddling with Xania.

Even the remaining players were in a low energy mood for a while. So, when Alan won the next hand, he turned to Suzanne, who was merely cuddling with him on the sofa. "Okay, this is a weird one, but I think it fits our energy level. Aunt Suzy, I dare you tell us a story about your wild college days with Xania."

"Phew!" Suzanne sighed. "Really?"


"Oh God. Okay. Let's see..." She had a lot of wild stories to choose from. "Hmmm. Xania, should I tell him about our famous 24-hour all-star blowjob competition?"

Xania was resting with her eyes closed, but she was still awake. When she heard that, she exclaimed, "No!"

Katherine complained, "Awww. Why? That sounds interesting."

Xania answered while still lying there as if comatose, "Because. It's too embarrassing. You'll think we're total sluts."

Suzanne gleefully said, "But we ARE total sluts! At least I know I am. It's just that I'm a slut for my Sweetie now."

Xania said, "Still, I think it would be upsetting to Susan, since she values loyalty to one man so highly."

"That's true." Suzanne sighed.

Susan asked. "I can take it, I'm a big girl. At least give me a hint."

Suzanne said, "Well, it involved seeing who could give blowjobs to the most men in a twenty-four hour period. I won, of course."

Xania opened her eyes and sat up. "You did not! It was a tie!"

Suzanne grinned and rolled her eyes. "Some say it was a tie."

Susan was frowning. She asked Suzanne in a harsh voice, "And just how many men did you orally service?"

Sensing Susan's disapproving tone of voice, Suzanne said, "You don't want to know. A lot. I couldn't do just anybody though; there were strict rules, and the challenge was finding the eligible guys."

Susan crossed her arms and looked at Suzanne with deep disappointment. She was so loyal to Alan that she couldn't conceive of having sex with many men.

Suzanne was slightly abashed, but she tried not to show it. "Remember, that was then, long before Sweetie was even born. I was young and reckless. Anyway, let's try a different story. Xania, how 'bout our 'naked on Halloween' adventure?"

"Oh, that's a good one." Xania managed to get up and sit back at the table to get more involved.

Suzanne said, "Okay. It was the Halloween of 1982. Xania and I were sharing an apartment off campus because we'd kind of outstayed our welcome with the housing authorities for the campus dormitories. But that's a whole other story."

Alan asked, "Wait. So when you say you were sharing an apartment, were you, like, living in the same room, or did you have separate bedrooms, or what?"

Suzanne looked to Xania as she replied, "We kept separate bedrooms, for appearance's sake. For instance, if our parents came to visit. But as a practical matter, we always slept in the same bed."

Xania quipped, "Not that there was much sleeping going on!"


Suzanne chuckled. She sighed in fond memory. "Yeah. That's true. Boy, those were good times. We were close, real close." She thought back to one time when the two of them even role-played getting married to each other. They'd put on dresses that passed for wedding dresses and had a sexual parody of a wedding ceremony, with just the two of them. Then they'd fucked each other all night long with a variety of sex toys, including strap-ons.

Suzanne's smile turned to a frown as she recalled that that had happened not long before their falling out.

Xania, interestingly enough, was thinking about the exact same thing.

Alan could see that both Suzanne and Xania were a million miles away in their thoughts, so he prodded, "Aunt Suzy, you were saying?"

"Oh, right." Suzanne snapped back to the present. "Anyway, we didn't belong to any sorority and we didn't want to belong. But we hung out a lot with the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority because they were the most desired and exclusive sorority, which meant they had a high number of seriously smoking-hot women. That meant they drew the most desirable and hunky guys. We had this one good KKG friend named Samantha, or Sam, who was as wild and slutty as we were."

Xania cut in with a big grin. "Nearly."

Suzanne smirked. "Yes. Nearly. Anyway, a couple of weeks prior to Halloween, Xania and I were making love in the yard behind the KKG house, because, well, we did that kind of thing a lot. There was a party coming up later that evening at that very spot. Joanna thought it would be funny to play a trick on us, so she spiked our drinks with some kind of sleeping pills. We were knocked out!"

She continued, "It was the late afternoon and we were in the shade already, luckily, so that wasn't a problem. But we kept right on sleeping through the start of the party. When we woke up, it was dark and there were dozens of people milling about all around us! I was lying on top of Xania, more or less, and we were both stark naked, while everyone else was fully dressed. Furthermore, the clothes we'd had with us were gone!"

Amy was highly interested, since she'd never heard any stories about her mother's wild college days before. She asked, "What did you do?!"

"We hightailed it out of there! We rushed through the crowd, covering our privates as best we could, and ran up the stairs to Samantha's room, figuring she'd help us out. But the door was locked and all the other doors were locked. We were trapped! Samantha came up eventually, with a few of her KKG friends. They wouldn't give us any clothes until we 'licked' our way out there, meaning we had to go down on them all. A lesbian orgy ensued. Well, it started out a lesbian orgy anyway, but that's yet another story." XX01

Xania was grinning madly in fond memory. She said, "You forgot the best part, about the flag!"

Suzanne blushed. She gave Xania a mean look and the middle finger.

Naturally, that only increased everyone else's interest.

Katherine asked, "What flag?!"

Suzanne looked away. "Never mind about that."

Alan was still next to Suzanne on the sofa. He had his arms around her, even though they otherwise weren't doing anything to each other. He started tickling her underarms, and then her sides. "Spill the beans on the flag, or I'm going to tickle it out of you!"

She was laughing hard from the tickling, even though she was mostly fending him off. "Okay, okay! Sheesh!" When he stopped, she said, "As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, someone found a small American flag, with a pole that was about a foot high, and attached it to a butt-plug. Then they put the butt-plug in my ass. For weeks afterwards, all kinds of strange people would come up to me and salute me, or even sing the national anthem!"

Everyone in the group had a good laugh at that. Even Suzanne had to laugh some, although she kept on blushing too.

Then she said, "But that's not the end of the story. Of course, we had to get revenge! We weren't mad at just Joanna, but all the KKG girls, since any of them could have woken us up before the party started, and none of them did. With Halloween coming up, the KKG sorority was having a big Halloween party, and of course all the beautiful girls wanted to out-do each other with their sexy costumes. We pretended to make-up with them, and then we hung out a lot in their sorority as the big day approached. We also stole a pass key to get into any room. Then, whenever the chance came, we would sabotage their costumes. For instance, we would weaken the seams so they'd easily come apart with just a slight tug in the right place."

Xania eagerly added, "But that's not all! We didn't get everybody, of course, but we got Joanna and the other ringleaders, the ones who made us lick them out. Then, for the ones we got, shortly before the party, we found this great itchy powder, and sprinkled it on the insides of their costumes. The great thing was that the powder wasn't obviously itchy at first. It took a while before it bothered you, and then it slowly got worse and worse."

Suzanne was grinning madly as she recalled that. "Yep! That was great. Then, once the party was in full swing, there was a lockable door that led upstairs to all the bedrooms. We essentially super-glued that door shut so no one could get upstairs. Then, about an hour in, the itchiness began! As our targets started to scratch and pull on their costumes, their costumes started to fall apart! At first, it was just one or two seemingly minor accidents. But then, one of the girls tried to go upstairs to change, and found she couldn't! That's when the panic set in!"

Xania added, "You should have seen it! Keep in mind that virtually every girl had a male date. And the itchiness was getting worse! Suzanne and I pretended to be concerned. We walked around trying to help. But we less helped and more 'accidentally' pulled on the parts of their costumes that we'd weakened, causing them to fall apart!"

Suzanne said, "Before long, there was a lot of screaming and running around. The costumes were so revealing that not many wore bras, although nearly all wore panties. So when the costumes came off, there wasn't much left! Some girls got so itchy that even if their costume hadn't fallen apart already, they took it off on purpose and then poured water all over themselves in an attempt to relieve the itching!"

Xania deadpanned, "Needless to say, it was a very memorable party. Over a dozen girls wound up standing in the middle of the party in just their panties! For Joanna, we helped her dress, and along the way managed to get some of the itchy powder in her panties, and a lot of it! So she wound up completely naked and wet!"

Suzanne smirked with satisfaction. "The moral of the story is, never mess with the Tongue Twins!"

Alan raised a curious eyebrow. "'Tongue Twins?'"

She said with some embarrassment, "That was sort of our nickname. Well, one of them."

Amy said, "Wow! I totally never knew any of that! It sounds like you two have a super fun time. But what happened at the party after that?"

Xania said, "Someone figured out how to get to the bedrooms by going through a window. So all the itchy girls soon escaped and showered. But we helped their boyfriends get upstairs too, and although the girls were frantic, their boyfriends were VERY horny by that point. Let's just say that a VERY interesting private party ensued upstairs, with Suzanne and me right in the middle of it. But, as she would say, that's another story."

Amy was wide-eyed. "Wow! Double wow!"

Katherine said, "I totally can't wait for college now!"

Susan leaned towards Katherine and gave her a disapproving glare. "Is that really the kind of lifestyle you want to live? Sex with strangers in orgies in sorority parties? Are you serious about being your brother's personal fuck toy or not?"

Katherine replied defensively, "Of COURSE I'm serious about it! He's the only man who will ever know my body, and that's a fact! But just put him in that situation. Certainly, he'd have his own private harem of sexy, stacked KKG girls before long. So I could be part of our own private orgy."

Susan sat back in her chair. "That's true." She smiled as she imagined that. She had no doubt that Alan would have such a private harem. "Boy, I'm really HOT right now. Am I the only one who's kind of excited?"

Xania said, "Definitely not!" She gave Suzanne a loving and lusty look. "Suzanne, that story brings back so many memories. We were such great friends back then. And the sex was fantastic. Those were the best years of my life!"

"Not me," Suzanne replied. "THIS is the best year of my life. And it's just the start of a great thing that's only going to get better and better." She smiled at Alan and held his hand. Then she looked back to Xania. "And you're going to be a big part of it. You'll see."

Alan suggested, "Hey, let's play another round. I'm ready for more dares."

Suzanne said, "Good idea." She looked to his penis and saw that he was erect. She used both hands to hold his cock and balls, and even dug a finger towards his perineum (taint). She whispered in his ear, "Don't be jealous about all those guys I had sex with in college. That was a loooong time ago. I belong to you and only you." She licked his neck, up to his ear.

Then she looked him in the eyes again from just a couple of inches. With her hands slipping and sliding all over his privates, she added, "Unfortunately, I can't give you my virginity, like your sister and Amy did. But I belong to YOU now! Exclusively you, forever! I love YOU! I don't like the name, but call me one of your fuck toys if you want!"

He replied, "And I love you!"

Suzanne and Alan shared a very electric kiss. Alan hadn't been feeling jealous about Suzanne's college adventures, since that was before he was even born, but he was thrilled by her arousing plea not to get jealous. Hearing her refer to herself as one of his fuck toys was a particularly big deal. Even hearing her say "I love you" was a rare pleasure, since she hated to get "mushy."

Brenda said, "Wow! That's beautiful!"

The others turned around in surprise, because they'd figured Brenda was still asleep. However, she'd been awake and listening to Suzanne's story from her sofa. She'd just moved back to the table to rejoin the poker game. She was bedraggled and cummy, but alert. Her nap had done her a lot of good.

Suzanne was embarrassed, since she'd thought that only Alan had heard her intimate whisperings. But it turned out the others had heard it all, even Brenda. But there was nothing Suzanne could do about it now. She just kept on kissing and stroking him.

The game kicked back into gear a short time later. Xania finally won a dare. She wasn't sure what to do with it at first. After a pause, she said with the detached air of a doctor, "I'm fascinated by the incestuous love in this family. Katherine and Susan, I order you two to do the most incestuous thing you can think of with Alan, short of getting fucked by him."

Katherine and Susan stood up and looked at each other. They didn't know what to do. Katherine joked, "Hmmm. I can think of a LOT of things."

Then Katherine whispered in her mother's ear.

Suzanne had been jacking Alan off, but she disengaged and moved out of the way.

Susan got up and moved the coffee table out of the way. She opened a sofa-bed to make it into a bed.

Katherine lay down on top of her.

They spread their legs in such a way that both their assholes were winking up towards Alan.

Katherine spoke, "Mommy and Sister have a present for you, Big Box of Pringles Brother. We thought we'd give you an anal sandwich. Whose ass will you take, or will you take both? Or will you just spank us for being bad, naughty little girls?"

Susan then spoke as she wiggled her ass enticingly. "Please, Son, regardless if you anally violate me or not, please spank me? Mommy has been so bad! She needs her little baby's strong hand to teach her and control her. Show Mommy who's the real boss around here. Take us up the ass and make your anal sluts beg for more!"

Xania spoke out loud, as if making a psychological diagnosis. She said in a dispassionate tone, despite the vibrator still buzzing in her pussy, "Interesting role reversal issues. I must say you two make up a very fascinating control fantasy. Why, I myself am growing extremely aroused imagining myself in your position. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm wishing Alan could whip me into line with his big cock." She raised a curious eyebrow, like she was an intrigued Vulcan analyzing the situation in a totally logical manner.

Susan cheered, "That's the spirit! And he CAN! I love how you put it: whip me into line with your BIG COCK! Tiger, whip us all into line! Whip my ass with it!" She wiggled her ass some more. "Gaawwwd, I wish I could shove it down my throat right now!"

But Alan was in the middle of having a strategic break, ever since Suzanne had let go of his erection. He wasn't on the cusp of orgasm by any means, but he wanted to be fully recharged before he entered this extremely exciting situation. He raised a hand in a "hold on a minute" gesture.

Susan calmed down a bit as she waited. She gave Xania an understanding and benign smile. "Xania, I'm glad to see that you're coming around. Sorry for being a little forceful earlier, but as a mother I can't help but be supportive of my Tiger and his insatiable sexual need. I hope you understand."

"Yes, I do," Xania replied. "I've learned so much this evening. It's been a complete sexual awakening. I'm glad I came."

She thought, That last comment, definitely yes, but the first part is surprisingly true too. This has been a very educational and eye opening time. I really do want to be whipped into line with his cock, and I'm normally a dom! Is it just the intense competition making me act strangely?

Susan prodded, "So you accept your new purpose as one of Alan's fuck toys? That's good to hear."

Xania protested, "Hold on. I didn't say anything like that! Don't put words in my mouth. I'm merely saying that while I'm in the house..."

Susan and Xania launched into a vigorous debate about just what Xania's role should be. Susan was already gung-ho that Xania should join the harem, although she didn't go that far with her verbal argument (in part because Alan continued to deny that he even had a harem). But as far as she was concerned, the more "tamed" and involved Xania was in the Plummer sex life, the better.

By contrast, Xania had a big aversion to personal commitments. She loved the idea of coming to more Plummer house parties like this. She even liked the idea of becoming a poker party regular. But she certainly didn't want to rush into any commitment now.


While this conversation was going on, Alan examined the mother-daughter duo. Susan had rolled onto her back so she could better look at Xania while talking to her. That caused the mother and daughter pussies to practically touch each other.

He thought, You know, it's just as much a pussy sandwich as an anal sandwich, since those holes are so close together. Dang, it's so tempting to go after any of those holes, especially the way they look right now, all sweaty and leaky.

He laughed to himself. Of course, there's nothing really unusual about that, lately! Look. Their cunts are both slightly dilated, as if they need something to fill them, whereas those assholes look so tiny and hard to get in. Mother and sister are both my complete sexual- Oh God! I'm losing it! Too fucking much

He staggered back and sat down on his sofa, near Suzanne. "Oh, man! I can't! I just can't!"

Suzanne ran a hand across his chest, and asked him gently, "Why not, Sweetie?"

"I was just filled with an overwhelming desire to fuck them both! But not in their asses. In their pussies! Both of them, but especially Mom!"

Susan said to him while still pinned under Katherine, "I'm not psychologically ready for that. I'm close, so close, but I'm not quite there yet."

"I know!" He sighed and wiped his forehead. "That's the problem!"

"Can't you just fuck our asses? How many boys get to enjoy a mother-daughter ass sandwich? Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"Oh, so much! So much! But I just couldn't control myself for a minute. I wanted to have it all, to have YOU! To become a real motherfucker! I'm sorry. Don't worry; I'll be good in a few minutes. I just need to get a hold of myself."

He slumped down on the sofa and just said, "Aaaaah." He griped, "You see, Xania? So much for all the hype. I'm just a regular guy. I can't take all this arousal. Dang, I really want to enjoy that anal sandwich, too. Shit..."

Xania kicked into her therapist role. "Don't knock yourself. You're facing incredible temptation. Your mother is extremely, extremely fuckable. The fact that you've held out this long shows just how much you love her, and how hard you're trying to spare her from feeling emotionally torn apart."

"That's true," he said. "It's really important to me that she doesn't do it until she's totally okay with it."

"Keep hanging in there. It won't be long now, I'm sure. In the meantime, you have more tempting sexual options than most guys will ever enjoy in their lives. Including me." She gave him a sexy "come hither" look.

He saw that and just groaned. He felt overwhelmed by the sheer sexual heat that seemed to fill the room.


Susan and Katherine remained on top of each other.

Katherine pointed out to her brother, "Big Champagne Bottle Brother, your family anal sandwich is still here when you're ready again. Mommy and I are real comfy like this. We're all lubed up and ready for a deep anal probe or two, if you know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink."

But Alan said as he slumped further down the sofa, "Sis, tell you what. I seriously need to chill out for a while. But you two want a spanking as well. Xania and Brenda, why don't you two do the honors?"

Brenda reacted with horror to that suggestion. "Oh no, Alan. I could never spank another. I only deserve to get spanked myself."

"Okay. Up to you." Alan still didn't understand the level of Brenda's subservience, and he didn't have the energy to think about it at the moment. Plus, just looking at her while talking caused him to realize that she was a bad choice, because even though she was more alert than before, that was only true in a relative sense; she was looking more wiped out and bedraggled than anyone else. So instead, he asked, "What about you, Xania?"

Xania fiddled with her glasses. "Well, I suppose I could try, in the spirit of cooperation that Susan has encouraged. But really, this has to be the last wild sexual thing I do. When I wake up tomorrow, I won't be able to blame it all on the wine."

A number of eyes rolled in the room, as no one believed her reluctance anymore.

"Okay, there's one spanker," Alan said. "Aunt Suzy, we all know you're a good spanker. Why don't you start and show Xania and everyone else how it's done?"


So Suzanne and Xania tag-teamed spanking Susan and Katherine's asses.

Xania could slap hard if she wanted to, but she pulled her punches, so to speak. She pretended to be uncertain and reluctant (though slowly and continually breaking), still hoping to stay in character.

Suzanne, on the other hand, swatted with great confidence and authority. She also kept up a good verbal barrage, accusing both mother and daughter of sexual "crimes."

Their supposed crimes largely consisted of failures in properly sexually pleasing Alan. With Susan it was easy: Suzanne accused Susan of failing to give Alan her cunt, and making him suffer. With Katherine it was harder, since Katherine had pretty much done everything humanly possible to sexually please her brother lately. So instead Suzanne complained that Katherine was too jealous and didn't have the proper cock-sharing spirit.

Since Xania didn't feel inspired to do much spanking, and Suzanne did, Suzanne soon took over doing all the swatting. Xania fell into the healer role, which consisted of soothing red asses between spankings, and fingering their pussies as much as possible. With four ass cheeks and two pussies to work with, her hands stayed busy.

Although they didn't receive many slaps, mother and daughter kept grinding their clits together during her ministrations. They were also lying together face to face, so they kissed when they weren't too busy panting for breath.

Once Suzanne was done spanking, Xania was also able to lick from near Susan's asshole, through her leaky pussy lips, and on up to Katherine with little space in between. Then she kept on licking through Katherine's overflowing pussy lips all the way up to the edge of her asshole in a single stroke. It seemed to her as if mother and daughter shared one long and constantly grinding pussy. For all of Xania's sexual experience, she'd never licked anything like that before, and she loved it.

Brenda and Amy fingerbanged each other while watching. Brenda in particular found the spanking very exciting, because she imagined it was Alan spanking her. Amy understood this and gave her some playful smacks on the side of her ass. Brenda couldn't get enough, and asked to be smacked harder. But Amy was too nice to be able to really give her a good whack.

For once, the only person left out of the proceedings was Alan, because he was still in mental recovery mode. He wanted his dick to go flaccid, but there was no chance of that happening with all the other sexual activity happening around him. But for him now the main thing was to have a mental break.

With more climaxes all around, everyone was exhausted, and they all took a long break.

Xania was astounded at the number of climaxes all the women were having, including herself. She thought, It seems everyone's having climaxes every five minutes. Including myself! I never cum this much, even when I've been the target of a gang bang. Sometimes I get fucked by a guy and I'm lucky if I cum even ONCE!

Is there something in the water in this town? Look at Brenda. I didn't even know it was possible for a person to leak that much fluid, much less cum non-stop for so long like she was doing earlier! Maybe it's infectious. The room smells like a giant vulva, with a healthy taste of penis thrown in. I'm staying constantly erotically buzzed from the general smell alone. I seriously, seriously, love these people!

The nude women walked around the living room with drinks in their hands, casually chatting, as if they were at a cocktail party where the only allowed clothing item was high heels.

Alan remained on the sofa, just recovering and enjoying the passing scenery.

Suzanne was as much of an authority figure as the group got, so she walked up to Alan at one point, leaned over, and quietly said to him, "I just checked the clock. It's one hour until midnight. I know we said we'd stop at midnight, but something occurred to me during the break: what about that big school paper you have to do? Isn't that due tomorrow?!"

He leaned forward and whispered near her ear, "Aunt Suzy, just between you and me, I've got that paper covered. It's done already."

"Really?" She whispered back in her delightfully scratchy voice. "Why just between you and me?"

"Because if I tell the others, they won't give me enough personal space tomorrow. They'll want to play, as usual. But I still have a lot to do before Friday. I'm good for tonight, though. I figure we can go for another hour, after all."

Suzanne said, "That's good, because this is a very special evening."

"Yes. It is." He playfully leered at the huge pale tits nearly dangling in his face.

Suzanne just grinned and rolled her eyes. She was about to walk away, but then Alan dramatically reached out and grabbed a leg to keep her from going. No longer whispering, he pleaded with urgency, "Suzanne, be strong for me."

She looked around and saw the others weren't paying attention, and in fact Brenda and Amy had both fallen asleep. "What do you mean?"

"Look at this. Everyone's casually strolling around in their birthday suits while my friends are probably at home watching Seinfeld reruns or checking e-mails or something. Brenda in particular has really unnerved me with the way she's so subservient. And Xania, look at how hot to trot she's been. I mean, I'm just a kid! Can you see why my brain is kind of fried?"

She nodded.

"You're pretty normal, and you're decisive. Can you make sure I don't let all this go to my head? I know I'm just incredibly lucky and not some sex god, and you know it too. Help me stay sane."

"Don't worry, Sweetie. I'm here for you. I know you can handle it. We'll handle it together."

They hugged, and Alan felt a lot better.

But in fact, Suzanne didn't feel very sane or competent at the moment. She felt wild. There was a big pause in the action, true, but she was ready to let loose and lose herself in the moment as soon as things resumed. However, now she resolved to try to keep her urges under control, for Alan's sake. She felt proud that Alan counted on her so much, and she hoped that was a sign that she was rising up to Susan's level of importance in his life.

In fact, a minute or so later, Suzanne caught up with Xania, who was buck naked except for her heels and mingling with a cocktail in her hand. Suzanne wobbled over to her, unsteady on her high heels after drinking too much wine.

Xania spoke first, leaning into Suzanne's ear and whispering tipsily, "How do you like my performance?"

But Suzanne was focused on her own problems at the moment. "Good. Xania, they still see you as a wise psychologist, but now you're a sexy slut too. But I've got to talk to you about something else. You know how you told me on the phone yesterday that I could completely lose myself in the moment without submitting to Alan?"

"Yeah?" Xania found herself staring into the cleavage on Suzanne's bare chest.

"How do I do that?! I need to know right away because I've been on the verge of losing it for the past hour or more. I totally lost it this afternoon, and just like then, I can barely think now. I mean, this whole room is throbbing with sex, and everywhere I look, I see, smell, or touch something exciting. It's great, of course, but I want to rise to an even higher level. I want to be like Brenda!"

Xania lowered her voice and looked concerned. "Brenda?! Are you kidding me?! She's way too submissive!"

Suzanne waved her hand dismissively. "No, I don't mean that. I agree completely. It's true that lately I've been getting off on having Sweetie dominate me sometimes, but I'd never want to be THAT submissive. No, I mean the way that she let go with her orgasms. When I cum, it's just an orgasm. But sometimes she gets so caught up in the moment that her orgasms can be transformational, rapturous moments of complete ecstasy! Like when she passed out earlier. I want THAT!"

Xania forced herself to look up from Suzanne's cleavage and concentrate on her words. "It's complicated. It's not like that happens to me a lot either. I can try to help you. But remember that you still owe me a victory fuck since we didn't really do a proper one before the card game. Tomorrow morning, I'll teach you with some very hands-on lessons." She winked seductively.

Suzanne pouted, "You're just making it worse with your sexy tone of voice. Seriously, I need to know, now! Anyway, what do you call all that fucking we did earlier? The fucking in the restaurant, the department store dressing room, and the car?"

Xania deadpanned, "Warming up." However, she saw Susan walking up to them, which meant that their private talk needed to end. So she said, "Hang in there. We'll talk more on this later." Then she went off to intercept Susan and chat with her for a while.

Suzanne found herself frustrated, but thoroughly unable to think coherently about her problem. Fuck. I want to cum like that. I want Sweetie to fuck the hell out of me until I pass out, RIGHT NOW! But I guess that's not going to happen tonight.

I need to get my act together. I sound like a petulant, spoiled child. Sweetie says that he's counting on me to direct events to a good outcome, and that makes me feel good. But my usual cunning has been blunted by a lusty fog. For instance, all evening I've just been another slut in heat having lots of fun. I haven't been strategizing or guiding events at all. Hell, my schemes are in tatters in general. I'm supposed to be the leader here, but I told Sweetie that I'm one of his fuck toys! That's fucked up, especially because it's true. And I like it!

I hope I can have a long talk with Xania in a non-sexual situation before she leaves tomorrow. She's always been a smart cookie, and lately she's been giving out particularly good advice. Maybe she can help me get my head together. AND teach me how to completely let go, so I can have epic orgasms like Brenda! There's no reason I can't be a clever schemer AND cum like a feral beast!

After a few more minutes, everyone wandered back into the living room.

Suzanne brought the group to order and resumed the game. She pointed out that she'd announced at the start that the party had to end at midnight, and they meant they had one hour left. That caused a new sense of urgency for everyone.

Alan still felt out of it. He was feeling okay physically, and he knew his penis could get erect if he wanted it to. The problem was that he was experiencing mental burn-out. The party was such a cornucopia of beautiful, sexy women and incredible sexual pleasure that it seemed his brain simply couldn't handle it and needed a more extended time out. This was frustrating since time was starting to run out on the party, but he felt he had to heed his mental and physical limitations.

He told the others that he needed to sit the game out completely for a while, and not get involved in any of the dares. However, he couldn't resist the temptation to at least sit and watch. He also told them that he felt confident he'd be able to get back into the swing of things in a little while.

One upshot of his non-involvement was that most of the next dares involved Brenda in some way. She was still very bedraggled and covered in cum, but she'd benefited from napping and taking a break after that, so she was more or less back to normal and fully engaged. She was ready and eager to kiss and fondle and have fun.

But Xania ran a close second in interest, since she was also new.

By this time, Xania hardly bothered anymore with putting up a prudish pretense. Sometimes she still made a verbal complaint, saying things like, "I really shouldn't be doing this!" But her body was very willing and able to do any dare offered, and the others knew it.

Susan won the first dare. She said, "I think we need to get the girls more involved, especially you, Angel. I like what happened when Alan licked Xania's cunt while Amy kissed her. So let's do that, except Angel, I want you to lick Brenda's cunt, and Amy, you'll keep the rest of Brenda occupied."

That dare was a big success. But with time a concern, it only lasted a few minutes before Suzanne called everyone back to the table for the next dare.

Katherine won the next round. She understood and shared Susan and Brenda's submissive nature, and she wanted to do something with that, even though Alan wasn't participating. So she said, "Okay, this dare is for Mom and Brenda. I want you two to stand right in front of Brother and dance a slow dance. We'll put some romantic ballad on the stereo for you to dance to. Except I'm going to call this the Dance of Submission. I want you to finger and generally fondle each other as you dance, with an eye to the fact that Alan is sitting there and watching. Definitely rub your tits together at an angle that lets him enjoy that sight. And while you're doing all this, I want you to seriously think about what it means to be totally dominated by him, and how you can sexually serve him better. Feel free to whisper your thoughts to each other as you do all this."

Brenda and Susan stood up and stared at each other with wide eyes. Already, their hearts were racing and their chests were heaving as they panted with arousal.

After a long pause, Susan said, "Wow!"

Brenda replied, "Yeah! Wow!"

Susan turned back to Katherine and said, "Remember earlier in the evening when I told you 'Best dare ever' after you rubbed Tiger's cock on Brenda's cunt? I take it back. THIS is the best dare ever!"

Katherine giggled at that as she went to the CD player and selected a song to play. She took a minute trying to find a romantic ballad that had some kind of submissive theme. Unfortunately, nothing quickly came to mind, and she knew it would take many minutes for her to sort through CDs, and even then she might not find a good song. So she went with "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye for its general romantic yet sexual vibe.

Brenda and Susan started dancing. Each of them wrapped an arm around the other, and they drew close so their massive racks were pressed tightly together. Their free hands could have done many things, but both immediately started slowly fingerbanging the other one.

Although Alan was watching from only a few feet away, Brenda and Susan could hardly take their eyes off each other as they slowly danced.

Right away, they started to share their submissive thoughts. Between their quiet voices and the music playing, they were able to have a truly private conversation. (Unless someone paid careful attention and read their lips, that is.)

Since Susan could feel Brenda's long nipples rubbing against hers, she started out by whispering, "Big tits!"

Brenda whispered back, "Big-titted mommies!"

Susan replied with "Big-titted mommies who serve their big-cocked master! That's what we are!"

Brenda sighed, and whispered longingly, "Mmmm... 'Master.' I love that word. Just hearing it makes me hot. Hell, thinking it makes me wet!"

Susan nodded, and whispered, "Master Alan."

Brenda moaned erotically. "Aaaaah! Even better! So much better!"

"It is," Susan agreed with her own longing sigh. "Do you know what big-titted mommies do?"

She was going to answer her own question, but Brenda beat her to the punch. "They serve and suck superior cock!"

Susan nodded. She stared intently into Brenda's eyes. "They do. A good big-titted mommy lives for the moment when she's naked and kneeling with a mouthful of Alan cock!"

Brenda moaned erotically. "MMMM! Yes... A mouthful of master cock!"

"Yes. But that's not all. Do you know what else we do? We spread our legs like you did earlier, so he can... he can... fuck us! DEEP! We get FUCKED!"

Susan and Brenda were so aroused by this that they mutually drew their heads closer and French kissed with more electric excitement than they'd ever kissed each other before.

They both felt extremely lusty, but had little way to express it except through their kissing, so they necked intensely throughout the rest of the song. As a result, they weren't able to say anything else, but each of them were lost in thrilling, submissive thoughts.

Even though Alan was sitting right next to them, he didn't pay much attention. He started to, but as soon as he saw Brenda say "Big-titted mommies," he made a conscious decision not to try to follow their conversation, or even watch much. Since he was feeling emotionally overwhelmed, he knew that their enthusiastic, submissive talk was just about the last thing he wanted to hear if he hoped to get over his mood soon.

Hearing all their "master" talk in particular would have weighed heavily on him. A big reason why he was resistant to the words "master" or "harem" was that he doubted he could handle that role for long. It sounded great in a fantasy, but in reality it was a tremendous responsibility for someone who was still only eighteen years old.

When the song ended, Susan and Brenda quickly returned to the table, eager for more dares.

Several more dares took place, and Brenda was involved in all of them. Even though Alan wasn't participating, she was in seventh heaven.

Bit by bit, Brenda's lust started to overwhelm her. The previous card game had been the most incredible experience of her life, but this evening's events made that day seem as sexually mild and ordinary as a peck on the cheek. She usually could be found panting and heaving, attempting to recover from yet another orgasm.

One dare from Katherine put Brenda and Xania together. It was very free-form, just for them to go at it, so they went at it.

Xania ended up spanking Brenda for most of the time allotted to that dare. She had realized that Brenda seemed to want to be spanked, and she wanted to know whether she could spank someone in the same aggressive manner that Suzanne had earlier.

It turned out she could.

Brenda But it didn't last for very long, because Brenda went into total orgasmic screaming mode, just like before. She wound up collapsed on the ground, with her pussy leaking like a broken faucet.

Suzanne was envious. Again, she wished she could totally let go like that.

Events seemed to carry on just fine without Alan.

Susan's pussy grew sore from too much masturbation, stimulation, and orgasms, not to mention she was having her period, so she reached a point where she had to beg off. So she didn't get involved in much. Plus, it just wasn't as much fun for her if Alan was sitting things out. But the others carried on quite well without her too.

Alan thought as he watched, These women are all so insatiable! How can I possibly ever please all of them, much less them AND the rest of the cheerleaders at school too? And Glory, for that matter! The only solution is what's going on right now: they have to tire themselves out first and leave just enough for me to handle. Thank the friggin' Lord for lesbian sex, or I'd be a dead man.



The game was slowly unraveling, because without Alan there were six females and they started pairing off. Suzanne was with Brenda, Katherine was with Xania, and Amy was with Susan.

Alan was amused at how neglected he was, compared to the usual situation. This was especially true since his penis finally came to life, and yet he couldn't get anyone to notice it. There was so much moaning and even screaming going on that no one could hear him, even when he raised his voice.

Finally, he was forced to get up and find Susan's cowbell on the floor. He picked it up and rang it.

That caught their attention. All eyes looked at him, and the women saw him standing in the middle of the living room with his erection jutting up proud and high. That really got their attention, and the room fell quiet.

"Thank you," he said to the suddenly hushed room. "As you can see, Alan Junior is erect again. We could pick another penis tender and go on with the game. But rather than do that, it's getting late and some of us have school tomorrow. I think we should start winding down."

That met with anguished and disappointed groans and complaints.

He responded, "Now, now, I said start winding down, not end. I've been stroked and fondled and even blown all evening long. I thank you all for the attention. But I think it's time I finally fuck somebody."


That quieted all the complaining. The others all gathered around him, sprawled out on the sofas. Everyone was tired and sore from all the sex, but there was still some energy left for more.

He paced back and forth for dramatic effect, surprisingly pleased to be the center of attention again. "Now, Mom, Sis, Aunt Suzy, and Amy, sorry. I love you all, but I've fucked you before and I'll fuck you many times again, or the time isn't quite ripe yet. Whereas we have two visitors who are completely unfucked. I think I must choose between them."

Alan had fucked Xania already, but only Suzanne and Katherine knew that, so he had to keep up that pretense. With a hand on his chin, he said, "The question is whom should I choose."

Xania spoke up. "Now just a minute. This goes too far. I know I said that already, but this time I really mean it. You can't just talk about fucking me without letting me have a say in the matter. That's rude, crude, and, and, and... despicable! I know that I said I wished Alan could 'whip me into line with his big cock,' but that was just in the heat of the moment! Things have been so erotic and arousing that I'm very confused and making all kinds of mistakes that I'll regret later. Playing around is one thing, but fucking is serious!"

Susan again got a fierce look in her eye. "Now, Xania, normally I'm a very accommodating person, but I have to put my foot down. I don't know if Tiger wants to fuck you or Brenda, but if he chooses you, you're right that you have no say. He likes his tits big, and despite all your fancy psychology degrees, you're still a big-titted centerfold-quality babe at heart, and God put women like you and me on this Earth to be fucked by the likes of my son! Period! The problem is that you feel the desire to be tamed by his cock, but you still haven't been tamed sufficiently. Tiger, please take care of that, will you? Turn her into one of us."

Xania looked around frantically. "Turn me into one of you? What is this, the invasion of the pod people or something? I refuse to play your twisted games any longer. You all have gone too far!"

She wasn't sure if anyone would still buy her prudish front after all the things she'd done, but she thought she'd give it one more try. She further hoped that playing hard to get would make her more desirable, causing Alan to choose her over Brenda.

Xania looked over to Brenda. "I'm sure you agree with me. Right? Alan can't just fuck whomever he chooses. We have rights!"

Brenda answered firmly, "No. Actually, I don't. Maybe you have rights, but I only want to serve. Serve this whole family, but especially serve Alan! Susan is so right with her tit rules. I often wondered why I was saddled with such annoyingly big tits, but now I know. I know my place, and it's on the floor or bed with my legs spread for Alan!"

Xania sighed. She muttered, "God, the pod people did get to you."

Ignoring that, Brenda immediately assumed that position on the floor. She spread her legs invitingly, just like she'd done earlier when Alan ran his cockhead up and down her slit. "Mas... Mister Alan, please fuck me? Please?" Again, she had a hard time not calling him "Master," and barely managed to cover her mistake. She wasn't aware that she'd screamed out "Master" quite a few times earlier in the evening when she was beside herself with desire.

Alan was impressed, if not overwhelmed. Most of all, such talk made him horny beyond belief. But he remembered Xania, and turned to her.

He had a strong hunch that Xania was acting and in fact she very much desired to be fucked, so he too decided to ham it up. He figured that if he was wrong, she would leave little doubt about her true feelings. "Xania, this is my house, and I refuse to permit this kind of behavior. If you actually had a steady boyfriend that would be one thing, but you don't. I'm sorry. Brenda and Sis, hold Xania down."

Alan had chosen Brenda to help even though he barely knew her. He had a hunch that she'd do just about anything for him, and he was right. In fact, Brenda loved the idea of helping; she managed to drag herself off the floor to do so.

Xania let out a string of expletives and curses while her arms were pinned back by the two females. She wiggled in ways that would look alluring, but in fact she didn't try to physically resist at all.

Alan could see she was only making a sexy show, and not really trying to get away. So he went to the kitchen and brought out a coil of rope.

Susan's eyes lit up. "Rope! Yes! It's about time!" She pumped her fist. "Alan, Tiger, are you going to tie her up? When you're done, can you do me?"

"Yes, I'm going to tie her up, but you and I will wait for a special time. You should have told me you were into this kind of thing."

Susan said with exasperation, "You didn't figure that out? Come on! I love anything you do to me!"

Katherine also seemed very excited by the rope, but Amy had no special reaction and Suzanne just rolled her eyes.

Surprisingly, Amy spoke. "Alan, you're not going to do anything Xania doesn't want, are you? Because the Alan I know and love wouldn't do something against someone's will."

Alan was touched by Amy's goodness and concern. He thought, Once again, thank God for Amy. I live a very crazy life and I think that ultimately Amy is the one who's going to keep me sane. Actually, Amy's empathy and Suzanne's willpower. Thank God for the Pestridges.

He responded, "Of course, Amy, I wouldn't do anything anyone wouldn't want to do. Xania very much wants this. Listen to her body, not her mouth." As he said this, he started to tie Xania's arms together behind her back.

Amy asked, "Xania? Are you cool with this? Alan's not a meanie, you know."

Xania too was pleased and amused by Amy's innocence and kindness. "Don't worry, Amy. Come here and I'll tell you a secret. Then, if you want to stop everything, just say the word and I'm sure Alan will stop."

So Amy listened to Xania's whispering. She left satisfied.

The truth was, Xania even now wanted to maintain the pretense of her prudishness and reluctance, but Amy was ruining it by forcing her to admit that she desperately wanted to get fucked. The whispering allowed Xania to keep the appearance of reluctance going with the others, even though, by this point, everyone sensed more or less what Xania really wanted.

Alan was left with the task of tying Xania up. He had an awkward time with it, as he'd never tied up a person before. He stood there with the rope in hand, uncertain as to how to start.

Katherine said, "Big Güiro Brother, would you like some help?"

He asked, "What the hell is a 'gweero'?"

"A musical instrument made out of a gourd. Very long, thick, and phallic-shaped. Anyway, let me guide you through using the rope."

"And how would you know about tying people up?"

"I've been researching the subject so I'd be ready when you wanted to do it to me. I know all kinds of ways. A good fuck toy has the same motto as the Boy Scouts: 'Be Prepared.' I hope this is the start of a new phase of increasing your control. You should have your various nymphos naked and tied, bound and scattered all over the house, ready for fucking!"

Alan rolled his eyes. "Sis, you're too much. As if! You scare me sometimes, and I seriously mean that. But I could use the help."

With Katherine's direction, Alan tied Xania's hands behind her back, then also tied her arms to her sides by passing rope above and below her breasts. The extra rope for the arms didn't have much practical purpose, but it made Xania look more helpless and sexy. The fact that Xania added a proud defiance to her usual stern glare only aroused Alan (and everyone else) that much more.

Then Katherine stepped away, leaving Xania lying prone on one end of the sofa while Brenda sat on the other end.


Alan walked back and forth between his remaining choices of Xania and Brenda, assuming a dramatic posture as if he were a military officer performing an inspection.

He thought, Realistically, I've got only one orgasm left in me tonight, if even that. I'm running on fumes. I can't ruin my reputation by trying and failing to get it up, particularly with everyone watching.

So. Brenda OR Xania. I have to pick.

He turned to Brenda. On the one hand, I've fucked Xania already, but not Brenda. I'd love to give Brenda a good fucking. I'd start with a titfuck just to warm up, and then work my way down. She's already so covered with cum, it would be perfectly lovely to end up adding my load to her messy face and chest. She's such a great screamer and leaker, I'm sure she'd be a total blast to fuck. She's like a living Jessica Rabbit, with a body clearly designed by God for a lot of fucking. Wow!

Then he looked over at Xania, who was still tied up on the sofa. But on the other hand, Xania has been so great this evening. I've been getting a huge kick out of her protests. And now that she's all tied up, how can I not fuck her? I've never tied someone up before and I'm finding it really turns me on. I'd love to see her squirm and protest helplessly while I ram her pussy repeatedly until I fill it with my hot seed. Man, that would be great. Not only that, but she was a really good fuck. Very experienced. Tonight I think she'd be an even greater fuck because she's so randy and uninhibited.

In some ways, Xania is even more built to fuck than Brenda. While Brenda is all soft and squeezable, Xania is toned and muscular. I like them both, but Xania's tall too; I can French kiss her and fuck her at the same time. She's got a great squeezy cunt with vaginal talents right up there with Aunt Suzy. That's hard to turn down.

But then again, Brenda and her tits. So tough to pass up. But Brenda lives near here, while Xania just passes through town once in a blue moon. On the other hand, Brenda hasn't been fucked yet. Also, it's not like Xania won't be back often, not after a night like this. Yet I can't just leave Xania all tied up and ready to fuck. Look at how clean and dry Xania is, relatively speaking... Then there's Brenda. Lake Brenda. Her energy does seem to be reviving, which is good...

He walked back and forth, genuinely unable to make up his mind. He kept thinking of more good reasons to pick one, and then the other.

Everyone waited to see what he'd do. Brenda and Xania sat still and waited with bated breath. The fact that his rigid erection bounced around with every step he took drove them and everyone else wild with lust.

A problem came to his mind. "Hey, what about STDs? Have either of you fucked anyone else lately?"

Brenda proudly said, "Definitely not! As I hope you know, I'm in the middle of a divorce. My husband hasn't fucked me for three years. Hell, I don't think he's even touched me in the past year." She added with growing excitement, "In fact, there's no reason for you to use a condom. I'm on birth control, and I'm totally clean. I hope you take me bareback!"

Alan nodded with approval. He remained poker-faced, but on the inside he felt a thrill race down his spine as he considered fucking Brenda bareback.

He turned to Xania and asked her, "What about you and your boyfriend?"

Since she didn't actually have a real boyfriend at the moment, she lied in a way to arouse, "Like I said, we've only gone out on a few dates. Well, more than a few, but still, I haven't let him fuck me yet. I'm not some kind of easy lay."

Susan loved that. She couldn't help but note, "And yet, look at you now!"

Actually, Xania was ready to be fucked bareback too. Alan had had to use a condom when he'd fucked her on Friday (although they forgot to use one their second time). Suzanne had made clear that she'd have to keep using condoms if she fucked him again unless she proved she was completely clean. So she'd been tested, and she'd just gotten the results and now had an all-clear from Suzanne. Furthermore, she was using pill-based birth control, which let her both avoid pregnancy and control the timing of her periods.

Unfortunately, she felt she couldn't reveal any of that right at the moment or it would blow what little was left of her cover.

Alan continued to ponder his options. Then a thought occurred to him that helped him make up his mind. Brenda has to go home soon because it's nearly midnight, and her son Adrian would worry about her. He's said to be a real mama's boy. Xania, on the other hand, told me she's staying the night. In fact, now that I think about it, I even brought in her luggage. That means I can have my cake and eat it too!

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