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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life
All Night Long
Day 66: Wednesday, November 20

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Suddenly, Alan stopped and smiled. Everyone knew he'd made his decision, but he was silent and let the tension build. He stepped forward with his slobber-soaked erection leading the way, ready to fuck. He felt his energy and enthusiasm revive even more as he contemplated his choice.

The others all leaned forward from where they sat, waiting to find out who he'd do. Well, everyone but Xania, since she couldn't move.

He announced, "It just occurred to me that since Xania is staying and Brenda is going home shortly, I should fuck Brenda now and Xania tomorrow morning before school. Would that work for both of you?"

Brenda nodded enthusiastically. "Yes, M- Alan!" She again had trouble not calling Alan "Master," because that's how she saw him now.

Xania started to protest when she wasn't chosen, but then realized that in her role as the sexually reluctant psychologist, she couldn't protest. After all, her reluctance was supposedly why he had her tied up right now. Not sure what to say, she just remained silent.

Alan waited for a response, and when he failed to get one, he said, "Xania, I feel bad. Especially seeing how we have your hands all tied up and all." Reaching out with one hand, he gently brushed his fingertips over one of her nipples.

Xania just closed her eyes and shivered with tortured delight at his touch.

"You're my first experiment with rope but hopefully not the last, because I have to admit it looks quite sexy. I think we'll keep you like that for a while." He pinched one of her nipples.

Xania was still surly and silent, but she reacted to the nipple torment by writhing her whole body around like a beached fish. She was trying to look pissed off, but she couldn't hide her body's arousal. God dammit! This sucks. Royally. Why didn't he pick me?! Sure, he'll fuck me later, but I want it now!

Katherine raised her hand. "Need another volunteer?"

Alan smiled at that, but he had his hands full for the moment. Pulling his hand away from groping Xania's 38G breasts, he spoke to the group at large. "I'd like to be alone with Brenda for a while. I've had plenty of group fun tonight and I think a bit of one-on-one would be a nice change of pace. But if any of you still have some energy left, I suggest you play with Xania here. All tied up like that, she's helpless to resist, so do whatever you like to her. And you heard her troublesome attitude earlier tonight. I think she could use some more breaking in." He smiled at her in a friendly way, and winked.

Amy saluted and said, "Yes, sir!" She seemed to see the breaking in as some kind of new game, now that she knew Xania secretly approved.

Alan looked great, but he felt wicked. Even though he knew Xania was just pretending to be reluctant, he still got off on the idea of "breaking in" a reluctant woman, turning her into a submissive sex toy. He found himself powerfully attracted to the sight of a woman bound by rope.

But a part of his brain said, Watch it, Alan. That's your dark side rearing its ugly head again. Your evil side. You have to fight that. Where's the "Good Alan?" What happened to him? You're getting worse with every passing day.

He spoke to himself as if there was a conversation occurring in his brain. He's still there. After all, Xania is just playing around. It can't be denied that she's having fun. And anyways, isn't breaking in someone a good thing sometimes? For instance, I'd be doing Heather a big favor if I could overcome her bitchiness and teach her some humility. I think it wouldn't hurt her to learn to worship my cock.

No! I didn't mean that! I'm just going wild with all of my incredible sexual success tonight. I'm letting it go to my head too much!

He cut off his internal dialogue, trying instead to focus on Brenda. "Come here, Brenda." He gave her his hand and graciously helped her up off the sofa.

Brenda needed the help because she was so far gone from a night of nonstop sexual activity that she could barely stand.

Alan looked at her, examining just how thoroughly she was covered in cum. He'd never seen anything like it. Most of it was her own pussy juice, smeared all around by many hands. It had been fun to keep her like that for most of the evening, but he realized it was starting to get gross. "Brenda, I want you to go take a shower. I like looking at you like that, but don't relish the idea of fucking a sticky, cum-soaked zombie. Make it cold and rouse yourself. Then wait for me in my bedroom. Okay?"

Brenda nodded obediently and then slowly made her way upstairs to a shower. She felt a new burst of energy as she realized the implications of what Alan had said. This is it! It's about to happen! Master Alan is about to fuck me, and take me, and make me his! He's going to OWN me after he squirts his hot cum up my cunt! Good God!

With the situation resolved, Alan wandered off into the kitchen and helped himself to a snack. Not only was he hungry, but he had to stall for time until Brenda was ready. He needed time to clear his head (and he actually welcomed a chance for his penis to be flaccid for a while). He grabbed an apple and a glass of pineapple juice, then made his way back to the living room to see what the others were doing.


He was greeted to a wild sight. A hide-a-bed sofa had been unfolded. Xania was in the middle of the bed, with Katherine and Amy working away on her. Katherine was generally focusing on Xania's upper half and Amy on her lower half, but their hands were busy and seemingly everywhere at once.

Susan was just sitting nearby, watching. She looked quite tired.

Suzanne was getting her things so she could go upstairs to the other shower and clean up before heading home. She said to Alan as she walked past him, "Ah, the energy of youth. I think your mother and I are all fucked out."

Susan clarified, "I'm pretty beat, it's true, but I'm going to stay here a while and keep an eye on Xania, just to make sure our two daughters 'break her in' properly."

Alan was curious by her use of "break in," as that suddenly popular term hadn't been used around the house before. "Just what does 'breaking in' mean to you, Mom?"

"It means that she becomes like us: completely and utterly addicted to sex, and in particular, ready to serve you in every way. Look at her. What a body! What a face. Someone like that needs to be seriously fucked all the time. So we have to instill the right attitude by giving her enough mind-blowing orgasms that she'll need and crave more. That body needs to dedicate itself to serving your sexual needs first and foremost. If your sister and girlfriend can't do a proper job by themselves, I'm ready to leap in to help. But I hope I won't have to, as I'm simply pooped. All this sex is so exhausting."

Alan chuckled, "You're telling me!" He felt exhausted just watching Katherine, Amy, and Xania bouncing all over each other. He thought, I'm gonna need that kind of energy to do what needs to be done to Xania and Brenda. I'm not happy seeing a beautiful naked woman unless she's so deeply and profoundly fucked that she's too tired to move. I kind of feel like it's my responsibility to keep them that way. And that type of intense sex is so tiring.

He asked his mother, "Is 'breaking in' the same as 'taming?'"

Susan stared off into space, pondering the two terms as if comparing the subtle differences between fine wines. "They're similar, but different. 'Breaking in' is more of the initial stage, like what's happening tonight. To be 'tamed' is much more; it goes much deeper. There may not be an end to how deeply and completely you can tame me. I don't know yet."

He shook his head in amazement. "Okay. Whatever."

Alan saw Suzanne walk the rest of the way upstairs. (She had paused, wanting to hear what Susan's idea of 'breaking in' was like.) Then he found a spot in a remote corner of the living room where he could watch the proceedings from a distance without being disturbed while consuming his snack.

It was a good time for introspection, while he waited for Brenda to get herself ready. I suppose this evening will be pretty typical of my life from here on in, barring some kind of major disaster. Sex parties and orgies. Can I handle it? Is this what I want? Is constantly filling women's holes with my dick and flooding them with cum basically what I want to DO with my life?

Well... Yes, and yes, and yes again! It seems that all I do lately is fuck and kiss and fondle, and have my cock sucked a hell of a lot, but by God, it feels so good! I never understood what pleasure was before. And I never really knew love, either. I've bonded so tightly in mid-fuck that sometimes it seems like two people are really one. Besides, it's not like I can't fuck a ton and have higher aspirations and do other things. Didn't Wilt Chamberlain brag that he fucked, like, 20,000 different women? And he had a Hall of Fame sports career too. I can't imagine getting bored, either. If we do this again next week with the same bunch of people, it'll be the same in some ways, but completely different in others. I'd love to keep the Wednesday night card game tradition going forever.

But Brenda... She's both really amazing, and yet somehow disturbing. She still strikes me as somewhat unreal, like a cartoon character with an inhumanly proportioned body come to life. She was talking about her mother earlier, but I'm not sure if I fully understand what makes her tick. I just don't get what's come over her. I remember when she first came here and she was so moody and easily pissed off. I can't imagine that now. It's like her personality has actually changed somehow.

He finished his snack. Well, no time like the present. Man, I can't wait!

He stood up and announced to the others in the room, "I'm off to fuck Brenda. Wish me luck. You all take care of Xania, okay?"

From where Susan sat on a sofa watching the action with Xania, she said expectantly, "Goodnight kiss!"

Alan went over to kiss her. His penis was still flaccid, but that didn't last long after getting in close proximity to Susan. But he was mindful of Brenda waiting, and kept the necking short.

Susan had started stroking his dick when the kiss began, and she was stroking his fully erect boner by the time it ended. She whispered, "Dick Brenda really good, please, will you? Sperm her!"

He chuckled. "Of course."

She looked down lovingly at his erection, and her fingers sliding up and down it. "I know you will. You're such a GOOD son!" She made eye contact again, and said seriously, "Keep in mind what this means. Brenda, as you know, is very submissive. She's already very hooked on you, and she's becoming my new best friend. Once you fuck her, there's no going back."

He asked, "What does that mean, 'no going back?'"

She stared off into space as she pondered that. "I honestly don't know." She looked back at him, and down at her sliding fingers mostly rubbing his sweet spot. "She's obviously a horny, sexy, big-titted babe. I'm sure you'll be fucking her cunt and her face a lot from now on. She already proudly considers herself one of your personal cocksuckers. Beyond that, who can say? Her son Adrian complicates things, but she could wind up having a big role in our lives. A lot of it will depend on you and how much you enjoy her body. Just keep in mind that she's eager to be one of your fuck toys, and maybe more."

"Okay, Mom."

She drew him closer, and put his hands on her G-cups. Then she went back to jacking him off with both hands. "One more thing. Remember... you'll be fucking me soon too! Maybe, when you're in the middle of fucking her, think of that!"

He groaned lustily. "Oh, man! Okay, I will."

She gave him another French kiss, then she bent down and gave his cockhead a kiss and a brief swirly lick. Then she finally let him - and his stiff cock - go.

He naturally was obliged to give goodnight kisses to Katherine and Amy as well. Katherine had a strap-on and continued to pummel Xania even while he and his sister necked.

As that kiss ended, he thought, You know what's great? I can do whatever I want with these perfect women. Anything. Anything! So many holes, and so little time. I wish I had, like, nine dicks and an endless supply of cum, so I could pump a whole bunch of holes all at once and keep them all overflowing with my cum. But lacking that, I can still have a lot of fun!

He'd kissed Amy last, but he noticed that Katherine had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Furthermore, he figured that Brenda needed more time to shower and make herself ready. He figured he had a few minutes to kill, and he was very aroused at the prospect of fucking Brenda. So he said to Amy when their kiss ended, "That kiss was good, but let's make it better. Stand up over here."

"M'kay!" Amy had been sliding an anal dildo in and out of Xania's butt to great success, but she left it in and stood up where he indicated.


He positioned himself so his erection was hanging down towards Xania's face while his own face was high up and level with Amy's. He fed his cock into Xania's mouth.

She took it enthusiastically, letting him slide his cockhead all along the welcoming bed of her remarkably long tongue and on down into her throat. She actually was deep throating him, right from the get-go! She even surprised herself that she felt so relaxed that she could pretty much ignore her gag reflex, almost as if she didn't have one.

He loved that he didn't even need to tell Xania what to do. She was already pretty far gone into her own orgasmic dreamland, especially after what Katherine and Amy had been doing to her.

She didn't sustain the deep throating for long, because now that she thought about it, she worried about doing that when she didn't have the use of her hands. She pulled back until just his cockhead was in her mouth. It looked and felt like she was readying herself for some prolonged, intense cocksucking.

At first, it seemed like her mouth suckled at him in an automatic response. But as time passed, she got more into it. She truly impressed him with her blowjob technique. She'd demonstrated her oral talent to him before, more than once, but now she was so far gone into lust that she'd lost all her inhibitions and so was truly outdoing herself. Just like Suzanne's freakishly long tongue, her tongue could practically wrap itself all the way around his erection and jack it off as if it were a couple of fingers. But at the same time, her lips knew just how to apply great suction. It was like being blown and jacked off at the same time.

Xania thought as she bobbed, This is nuts! I've been in orgies and S&M scenes before, but nothing like this. I've never felt so, well... dominated! I can't use my hands, and he's kissing Amy at the same time, plus he's obviously just biding his time fucking my mouth until Brenda's ready. It's hard not to be impressed at a stud like that. It feels like Alan IS "whipping me into line with his big cock," and I actually like it! I'm not into that kind of thing, but Alan and the girls somehow make it a total blast. It's almost like joining a super-exclusive yet super-fun club.

Meanwhile, Alan kept on kissing Amy and playing with her lovely body. This might have been too much stimulation at once for most guys, but he was getting used to it. He actually chuckled into Amy's mouth. This is beyond the beyond! Oh God, man! Xania's so fucking great! I swear, this is one of the best friggin' blowjobs I've ever enjoyed. The only oral technique that beats this is Glory's all-too-rare deep throat sessions. This is a close second! She's doing so much with her freakish, awesome tongue. Geez, just imagine if Mom had a tongue as long as hers. Scary!

More time passed, with Xania showing no signs of slowing down. Playing with Amy's curvy body and kissing her was also endless fun. He thought, The wildest thing of all is that I haven't cum yet. No man should be able to endure this much pleasure for this long. But it's like everything that's happened to me for weeks now has been non-stop practice for me to win the sexual endurance Olympics. Just how much more can I handle and still not cum?! What's my limit?!

He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Katherine had returned from the bathroom a couple of minutes earlier. that led him to pause in his kissing of Amy and ask, "Xania, is there room for one more tongue down there?"

Xania pulled off and nodded. She started to reach for her face to wipe the cum and slobber from her chin, only to realize that her hands were still tied. That realization thrilled her all over again. She looked at Katherine, who was already kneeling in position, and said, "More the merrier. But could you scratch my pussy a little bit? It seems to be a bit, uh, itchy down there, and obviously I can't reach it with my hands."

Katherine smirked. "Itchy. Right." She giggled. But she gladly played with Xania's pussy and clit while she joined in pleasuring Alan's cock.

Since Xania was tied up, she had no ability to adjust the position of Alan's erection. So Katherine held and stroked it near its base, while the two of them licked it together. They used what was becoming their standard procedure, of imagining an invisible line running down the middle of his stiff rod and then attempting to keep their tongue and lip work to their side of the line.

Every now and then, one of them would get inspired and want to engulf all of Alan's cockhead and bob on it for a while. This only happened occasionally though, since Xania couldn't really do much when Katherine bobbed, due to her bound hands.

At one point, while Xania flirted with triggering her gag reflex and made lewd gagging noises, she thought, This guy is a FREAK! I'm giving him my absolute best. I wanted to make him cum before he got a chance to be with Brenda upstairs, just to tweak him a little bit. But not only does he not cum, he has his sister join in too! It's gonna be hard to go back to normal back in L.A. after this. FUCK!

After five minutes or so of mutually delightful cock-sharing between Katherine and Xania, Amy broke the latest kiss, saying, "Hey! I've got an idea, my yummy Official Boyfriend: round robin! We ladies can keep switching positions: two licking and one kissing."

But Alan disengaged, saying, "Nice idea, Aims, but some other time. I just realized that I'm getting far too close to cumming. I've gotta save myself for Brenda!" In truth, he'd been so carried away that he'd almost forgotten that Brenda was waiting upstairs. But also, he was getting close to cumming and he didn't want to be too tapped out to enjoy Brenda to the fullest.

The three women seemed fine with that, since they had each other to play with. Amy and Katherine returned to their double dildo attack on Xania as if they'd never been interrupted.

Xania too gave no sign that she'd just been thoroughly fucked in the mouth, but she continued to whimper, pant, squirm, and writhe with her arms tied down, just as she'd been doing before.

As Alan started to leave the room, he was startled to realize that Susan was still there, and still watching everything from a nearby sofa. "Hey, Mom. What's up? You just missed out on a lot of cocksucking. We could have easily found room for one more."

Susan sighed. "I know. And believe me I would have if it was at all possible, but I'm just too tired. Can you believe it?"

Worried, he asked, "Should I help you upstairs or something?"

"No way! I can still hang out here like this just fine."

He nodded.

Susan commented about how he'd just treated Xania, "Tiger, you asked about 'breaking in?' THAT's what I mean. You just stick Alan Junior somewhat near her face and she leans forward and gives it a good suck. She doesn't think, she just does it. That's what I'm talking about!" She beamed with deep contentment. "She's practically broken in already. Whereas to properly tame her, that's going to be a lot more difficult. But I'm sure you'll do it!"

She opened her arms invitingly. "Come here, Son."

He walked next to her, expecting one last kiss and hug before he headed upstairs. But instead she remained sitting, then grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him in between her legs. She brought a hand to his boner and leaned forward to kiss it. Then she started licking it. "Our family is blessed. Mmmm! You're going to make SO many women happy with this!" She suddenly engulfed his cockhead, and bobbed on his sweet spot for about a minute.

In fact, she was too exhausted to do much more than just suckle on it. But she was extremely delighted just the same. Mmmm! I can taste Xania on him! And Angel too! Maybe it's just my imagination; I suppose I can't really. But they did just slobber all over it together! That's SO HOT! If only I were my usual self; I'd make Brenda wait and have a four-way cocksucking epic adventure!

Then she pulled off. "Ugh! I wish I wasn't so tired right now. I'd love to suck your cock for hours. But this is Brenda's time. Go! Fuck her good. Make me proud!" She swirled her tongue around his cockhead, and lapped on his sweet spot a little more before finally pulling off.

"I will." He smiled widely as he thought about his loving mother and her second good-bye. "I love you!"

"I love you too!"


Alan walked upstairs, thinking, FINALLY! As Mel Brooks said in that "History of the World" movie of his, "It's good to be the king." Geez. Xania's right: this house is developing a little culture of its own, like a separate society. We're developing so many rituals and traditions that it's hard to cross the house without kissing three people and fucking two more. Not that I'm really complaining, when they all look so delicious. Speaking of tasty treats, let's see how Brenda's doing.

Alan looked in the bathroom for Brenda, but couldn't find her there. His own room was dark, but when he turned on the overhead light he found Brenda kneeling on his floor. She had been in the room for a while, so she had to briefly close her eyes until they adjusted to the bright light.

Brenda was taking Suzanne's advice that partly clothed was sexier than completely naked, and also Suzanne's additional advice to keep her long nipples bared at all times. The only thing she wore was one of his dress shirts strategically unbuttoned so her mammoth tits aggressively announced their nakedness, completely exposed but with the shirt straining around them on all sides.

Alan was already erect and aroused, of course, but he was impressed and inspired just the same. Wow! That look reminds me of Mom's great cutout T-shirt, except that Brenda almost makes Mom appear flat-chested in comparison. Well, not exactly, but almost. He chuckled to himself.

Brenda slowly adjusted to the bright light. A big smile crossed her face as she realized Alan was standing there. She'd been dazed and groggy, not to mention more than a little bit icky, but the shower did her a world of good. She now looked fresh as a daisy, sparkling clean, and very expectant. The idea of getting fucked had really inspired and energized her.

He said, "Hey, Brenda. You look great!"

"Thanks." She felt a jolt of pleasure run down her spine, because any compliment by her master was a big thrill. She looked up and down his naked body, and felt an even bigger jolt as she saw that his penis was not only jutting out stiffly, but it was drenched in cum and the saliva of other women. She replied, "You don't look half-bad yourself!"


She brought her hands to her face in what seemed like a bashful move. But in fact she knew that raising her arms was a sexy gesture that would draw even more attention to her fantastic breasts. She ran her hands all over her face. Aaaaah. My face is silky smooth and clean now, but how long before it's splattered and soaked with his cum? I can't wait! But getting fucked will be even better than THAT!

He asked, "So, are you ready to do this?"

She responded by simply smiling at him, trying to convey all her desire for him. Then she spread her legs extremely wide in invitation. Her pussy was red and engorged from being stimulated so much all evening long. But it was surprisingly free of sex juices, for once, since she'd just come out of the shower a couple of minutes earlier.

His thoughts drifted back to Brenda's comment made earlier in the evening: "I know my place, and it's on the floor or bed with my legs spread for Alan."

She was obviously recalling the same comment. I DO know my place, and it's right here! Wow! This is really going to happen! She tested her feelings. Hrm. Curious. I feel surprisingly calm, considering that this is going to be one of the most pivotal events of my life. This is what I was made for, to serve as a vessel for my master's pleasure. My two marriages were nothing compared to this!

She'd had so many orgasms over the course of the evening that it had more or less wiped out all of her worries and nervousness. She had unfailing faith in Alan, and she truly felt that when she was in his hands, nothing could go wrong. She continued to smile at him, trying to convey just how strongly she desired him.

Alan smiled back at her, and thought, I've never had anyone speak to me so clearly without actually speaking. Cool. She's really into me. But what makes her this way? I know she had some kind of weird lust thing going on with her own mother, and she's drawn to the whole incest idea, big time. Now she wants her son. Meanwhile, I want my mother, and can barely wait another two days to finally fuck her. That gives me an idea that'll make this an extra fun fuck for both of us.

He said, "Just a second. I'm going to come in again." He walked out of the room and then turned around and walked right back in it. Shutting the door behind him, he yelled as if to another room, "Hi Mom! I'm home!"

Brenda was puzzled and asked aloud, "'Mom?'"

Alan turned towards the voice, and pretended to just notice Brenda for the first time. He said with great surprise, "Mom! What are you doing there? And why are you kneeling half-naked on my floor? In my own bedroom!"

Brenda was unused to the whole role-play idea, and couldn't figure out what was going on.

So he repeated, "Hey Mom! Brenda Plummer! What's wrong with you?"

The combination of her first name and his last name caused the idea of her as his mother to finally click. A big smile came across her face. Fuck YEAH! She broke into goose bumps all over. If she had any doubts that this would be the greatest sex of her life, they were immediately banished.

She nearly jumped up for joy, but then she remembered her role as an embarrassed intruder. However she was in an improbable position in the role-play, and asked herself why she would be half-naked in her son's room. She came up blank and just asked him, "What am I doing here? Dressed like this?!"

Alan said with a straight face, "You're probably just airing out your boobs."

She giggled. "Oh yeah. They need a lot of airing out." She lifted them up and then let them drop and jiggle, as if that would help "air" them.

She giggled some more, utterly euphoric. She looked down at her lower body. "And my pussy's getting aired out too. That's why my legs are opened wide in a very unladylike fashion." She giggled even more.

He couldn't help but laugh too.

Then she looked up at him and asked, "But why are you naked too?"

"Mom, it's my room. I thought I had some privacy. Geez. I happen to be airing out my dick." He suddenly pretended shock. "Oh no! You're looking at my pecker. How embarrassing!" He put both his hands over his jutting erection and tried to pretend shame, but purposely didn't do that good of a job. He kept it pinned against him up towards his belly button, making sure that his hands didn't cover very much of it.

She picked up on his supposed embarrassment, and tried to imitate it. "Now you're looking at me! Don't look at your mother that way." She made the motions of covering up her tits and pussy, and she did cover her pussy and nipples. But for Brenda, mere arms and hands had no chance to cover up much of her tits, even if she wanted to - there was simply far too much flesh to cover.

Alan walked forward, eager to speed things up so they could soon get to actual fucking. "Oh my God, Mom, you've been masturbating in my room. Again! I keep coming home and finding you in here, and then my room smells funny afterwards. But this is the first time I caught you red-handed in the act. What on Earth are you doing?"

Brenda was still getting up to speed on the role-play, but she gamely came back with, "Um, okay, you caught me. I have to admit I was masturbating. Even a mother has sexual needs!"

"But why here? In MY room?" He now sat on the floor next to her. He reached out and held her hands as if consolingly, but that left no hands for either of them to cover up. His hard-on sprang out invitingly towards Brenda again, and her long nipples reached back towards him. Her excitement was growing and her chest was heaving.

She dropped her head in shame, enjoying the role-play more and more with each passing second. "Alan, you've discovered my horrible secret. I do it here because of the fact that it is your room. Do I need to make it any clearer?"

"Mom! What are you talking about? Do you mean that you have feelings for me? THAT type of feeling?"

She nodded. Her supposed shame was undercut by a big smile on her face, but that was okay because this was a very playful role-play.

Alan still convincingly pretended some shock. "What were you thinking, Mom? Were you hoping I'd come in and find you?"

She nodded again, trying to act shy.

"Did you expect me to do something like, oh, I don't know, cup one of your outrageously huge boobs? My own mother?" He cupped her left tit as he said that. He could scarcely believe how hefty and sizable her breasts felt. Even though he'd touched them a good deal already, there were some things one just could never get used to.

She nodded again as her grin grew.

He briefly looked down at her pussy and noticed it was starting to leak. "Mother, you must know that I'm drawn to your huge knockers. Who wouldn't be?" He grabbed her other tit, then began lifting and lowering them together as he spoke. "But what may surprise you is that I also have a big thing for cunts, especially leaky ones like yours. I have a confession, too. I've been sneaking into your room and stealing your panties. I love to smell your musky scent. Is that wrong?"

She whispered breathlessly, "I think it is!" She was getting into the role-play in a big way.

"Then I take them back here and jack off into them. You know what jacking off means, don't you? It's like this."

He briefly removed one of his hands from her tits and guided her dainty hand to his erection.

She naturally began stroking it, and he returned to groping her tits. She thought, Good God! Susan is so right! Alan is just unstoppable! With this little incest game of his, how could I possibly hope to resist?! And I get to pretend I'm Susan, the luckiest woman on Earth. That makes everything ten times better!


Even though Brenda loved the feel of his thick erection in her hand, she'd had enough jacking him off from earlier. She wanted something different, something more. She gamely came back with, "I have a confession too, Son. I also have fantasies. I've been fantasizing about you fucking my tits."

She held her great J-cups from below and squeezed them together. Teasingly mimicking the words he'd just said, she said, "Is that wrong? You do know what a titfuck is, don't you?"

"I do." He stood up.


She said, "Son..." She loved the sound of that so much that she repeated it. "Son... I'm thinking of doing some very naughty things to you! Now, I'm your mother, so you obviously could never, ever fuck me."

"Never!" He was all smiles, since they both knew he'd be fucking her in a matter of minutes.

"But maybe it'll be okay if you fuck my tits instead. I think that's something we both need, to get all of these naughty desires out of our systems." She rhythmically squeezed her tits, both to entice him and because it felt so good.

He pretended to be doubtful. "Hmmm. Well, I don't know..."

She literally pulled his boner into her chest. The rest of his body was forced to follow. "I do! Trust your mommy on this one."

This wasn't the first time his cock had been buried in her cleavage, but her euphoria was off the charts. She thought, YES! YES! This feels so right! My master owns my body now! Fuck my tits! Fuck 'em!

She did all the work of the titfuck, her entire body bouncing back and forth while he just stood there with his hands on his hips. While she was in the bathroom, she'd coated her tits with some lotion, so they were slicked up and slippery.

He felt a great rush of pleasure to his suddenly throbbing cock. The extra slippery feeling was a very nice sensory bonus. Oh man! This is the life. My dick could seriously get lost in all that slippery cleavage!

She said more to herself than him, "Oh, baby! Your snake belongs between my tits!"

Alan wondered why she used the snake term, though he did recall her using the word at least once before. That reminded him of how "Snake" was the nickname for Xania's long tongue, and that in turn made him wonder how things were going downstairs. I hope the girls are driving Xania wild. I hope she falls asleep all tied up, so I can fuck her like that tomorrow morning!

Meanwhile, Brenda was thinking, Master's cock is like a great anaconda! I love that I have such big tits, because it takes really big ones to fuck a cock this huge! (Like Susan, Brenda had come to believe that Alan's penis was ten inches long, at least.)

Time passed. She switched from raising one tit while lowering the other to raising and lowering them in tandem. And while she did that, she experimented with different speeds and different amounts of pressure. I love this! I wish I could have his cock in me or on me all the time! Well, no, I can't say that. That would be selfish. He has so many other women he needs to fuck, face-fuck, titfuck, and all-around dominate. I need to treasure these special times when he chooses to be with me!

Brenda continued to titfuck him with breathless excitement. "You know what? I'm doing a re-think on what I said, about how you shouldn't fuck me. Now that you know my true feelings for you, there's nothing that's going to stop me from becoming your fuck bitch, is there?"

"I suppose not." He got a heart-pounding thrill from her casual use of the term "fuck bitch." She sounded like she meant it, whatever it was, exactly.

"I guess it's inevitable... You're going to fuck your mother! Now that you know my dirty, secret lust, you're going to fuck me non-stop! Like, like I'm another one of your sex pets!"

He groaned lustily. He was particularly proud of coming up with this role-play, because Susan had told him to think of her when he was fucking Brenda, and now it almost felt like he was with both of them in one body.

She was just as pleased by the role-play, if not even more so, because it allowed her to freely call herself terms like "sex pet" to his face. Merely saying those words gave her a mental orgasm more powerful than most physical ones.

It was obvious to Alan that Brenda had a similar sexual mentality to Susan, and thanks to what he'd learned with Susan, he knew exactly the kind of thing Brenda wanted to hear. He said with confidence, "Yep. My dick is gonna live inside your holes from now on. All day long. Sorry, Mom, I hope you can deal with it, because that's just a fact."


"Oooh! I guess I really AM going to be your mommy-slut! Your big-titted mommy-slut!"

She gasped with delirious delight. She'd heard Susan refer to herself as Alan's "big-titted mommy slut" many times in their daily phone calls, and she'd felt a special tingle every time she heard it. She felt his boner twitch, even though it was tight and snug in her cleavage, and she knew he got an extra thrill from hearing that term too.

She thought, This is so much fun! I feel like I won the lottery! I know it might seem like it should be the other way around, with him thanking his lucky stars to be balls-deep between my big tits. But just look at how he dominates Susan, Suzanne, Xania, and the rest! This is superior master cock, so I have to do all I can to treat it the way it deserves to be treated. Thank God I have these huge, soft breasts to fuck him with!

Holy shit! And he's gonna fuck me tonight! Not just my tits, which is incredible, but my cunt too! I'm so excited that I can't stand it! I can hardly breathe!

She wanted to do more to reward him for thrilling her so much. She tilted her head downward and managed to lick the tip of his cockhead, although just barely.

The whole situation was all so improbable and exciting to Alan that again he could scarcely believe it was really happening. Dang, that feels good! But why do I deserve Brenda? Why is she so enthusiastic? Even after everything that's happened with her, I still can't understand that. If she were in a magazine like Playboy or Penthouse, she'd be one of their most famous models. Plus, she's a multi-millionaire. Not because she earned that money, but the rich and powerful marry totally gorgeous women like her. And yet she's on her knees, serving me with her tits and mouth like some kind of, well, sex pet! Why?!

Even as she slid her big globes all over his erection, she managed to lick a little further down, enabling her to swirl her tongue over most of his cockhead. She was straining to her utmost just to reach that much.

He could tell how hard she was trying, and that increased his puzzlement (as well as his arousal). The truth is, I'm lucky. Aunt Suzy scouted her and selected her, and is helping me with her seduction. Mom apparently has been hyping me up to where Brenda must think I can do no wrong. But I'm not just a bump on a log. I've played my role in her seduction pretty well, I must say. She digs my "hard to get" attitude - Aunt Suzy was soooo right about that! I guess one way of looking at it is that most guys presented with this situation would come in here acting like complete babbling idiots, overawed by her body. Then, once they'd managed to fumble their cocks out they'd be so excited that they'd prematurely ejaculate just at the sight of her, leaving her high and dry.

Alan couldn't help but inwardly laugh in frustrated sympathy for her at the idea of Brenda ever being dry during sex. He looked back down at her pussy and confirmed that it was gushing like a river now. Okay, metaphorically dry. He chuckled.

For another minute or two he just stood there, observing the way Brenda was giving her all to pleasure his cock, and doing a damn good job of it. She was steadily licking her way around and around his cockhead, even as her tits continually squeezed and slid all over his raging erection.

He thought, I do have other things going for me. For instance, not only do I take a commanding and cool attitude, if I do say so myself, but I also came up with this role-play. A pretty apt and clever one, judging from her reaction and the little I know about her. So, sure, I'm incredibly lucky, but this isn't just due to Aunt Suzy's clever scheming. I've got growing sex skills too, and I'm gonna prove that she isn't wrong in submitting to me. I'm gonna fuck her burning hot cunt better than anyone else she knows, and maybe even better than anyone she's ever likely to meet!

With his confidence surging, he got more into it and began thrusting his hips back and forth. He loved how lubricated her oiled-up skin was. His erection slid back and forth as easily as if he was rubbing up against silk pillows. Plus, she kept licking much of his cockhead, causing more slobber to dribble down his shaft in the process.

She thought, Aaaah! Master is really going for it! He's taking control! I'm so giddy and dizzy I could faint! Master! My lord and master! UNGH! I can't even say those words to myself, or I really will faint!

After a couple more minutes of sliding her breasts up and down his cock, Brenda lifted her head up from licking around his cockhead, and asked, "How am I doing, Master? Are you close to cumming? Most men would have cum by now."

Alan replied with a swagger, "I'm not most men." Gotta build up my reputation. Brenda seems to really dig that kind of stuff. But then he replayed in his mind what she'd said. Despite his supposed cool, he exclaimed incredulously, "Master?! Did you just call me 'Master'?"

"Oh no!" Brenda dropped her head in embarrassment even as she continued to pump his boner with her soft yet tight tit-tunnel. The manly smell of his erection nearly drove her crazy, but she tried her best to think. "Suzanne's going to be mad at me. She said I shouldn't use that word yet, but I just can't help it!"

Alan smirked. "Did she, now?" Hmmm. Must be another one of Aunt Suzy's schemes. I wonder what she's got cooked up for Brenda next. I'm sure it'll be something fun. "What else did she tell you?"

"Oh, please, Master!" (She figured since the cat was out of the bag and he didn't complain, she'd keep calling him that, at least until he told her to stop.) "Don't make me tell! I'll only get in more trouble with her. As it is, I imagine someone is going to have to give me a very stern spanking!" She trembled at the thought, even as she not-so-subtly suggested he should spank her.

That set her tit-mountains quaking in a delightful way around Alan's shaft that he had never quite felt before. Gaaawwwd! He's so virile, and he NEVER needs to cum, ever! And now he's acknowledging that he's my master, which means it's TRUE!

She shyly asked, "You don't mind if I call you Master, do you? Can it just be our little secret for now?" She looked up at Alan and gave him her most pleading puppy dog face. Her face was remarkably chubby, cute, and childlike for someone with such an adult body. It seemed her whole body had never really lost its baby fat.

He couldn't resist that look. "Okay. For now."

"Mmmm! Goody!" With a loud, lusty groan, she immediately engulfed all of his cockhead and then some. She started to bob and suck with just as much passion as she'd put into the titfuck. Technically, they were still titfucking since most of his boner was enveloped by her soft-yet-firm globes, but those weren't moving since her focus had shifted to sucking.

She thought, Fuck me! This is the hottest thing ever! He's admitted that he's my master! My MASTER! Which makes me his sex pet for real! Nay, his sex SLAVE! My whole life now, it's going to be all about serving his cock! I'm sucking his great cock and titfucking it, and he's going to fuck me! I could die in total bliss right now!

He hadn't planned on titfucking for this long, or even at all. But it felt great and his cock wasn't even close to cumming yet, so he figured he'd enjoy it before getting down to some serious fucking. However, he decided enough was enough. If he let her get going with the cocksucking, she could be at it for a long while. So he said, "But I came up here for a FUCK, not a titfuck, or even a blowjob."

He remembered their role-play, and commanded, "Get on the bed now, Mom. I don't care what you say. I'm going to fuck you whether you like it or not. And I don't care if you are my mother. Actually, it's much better that you are, because you'll be my sex pet living just down the hall!"

The reminder of her mother role greatly excited her, causing her to let out a high-pitched squeal. And she loved that he'd picked up on the term "sex pet." That was one of her absolute favorites. She thought, This is so fucked up! He's my master, and I'm his sex pet. It's wrong! So very, very wrong! But I fucking love it! I love how wrong it is, how society hates this. I truly want to dedicate my life to serving this man, this cock! And furthermore, I love that he'll never, ever be mine, all mine. I'll always have to share him with Susan, Suzanne, Katherine, Amy, and so many others! As it should be! I'm not just his sex pet; I'm one of many. And now, soon to be one of his many fuck toys too!

Since Alan said he'd had enough titfucking, Brenda disengaged, stood up, and literally threw herself on the bed behind her. The bed bounced up and down nearly as much as her chest did, with her remarkable orbs crazily crashing into each other until she settled down.

Looking again at her drooling pussy, Alan wondered where all that liquid was coming from. Certainly she'd have to run out after a while, wouldn't she? She's been cumming a bucket load tonight! If we have sex for a long time, will her skin shrivel up like a prune for lack of moisture? Freaky.


Lying back with her legs spread out wide, she said provocatively, "You need to punish me for catching me. Punish my tight, wet little pussy with your massive COCK! And you're right about having your own mommy sex pet living down the hall. In fact, I imagine you're going to make Mommy your very own fuck slave!"

She hoped she didn't go too far with her language, but since he was just standing there and watching her, she couldn't resist saying more. "Mmmm! I just love that term: fuck slave! I guess there's no use in fighting it. After all these years where I was the bossing parent, my son is going to dominate me, sperm me, and completely own me! I suppose I'll have to call you 'Master' from now on!"

Alan smiled at how quickly she'd managed to incorporate "Master" into their role-play. His stiff cock also appreciated her use of the word "Mommy" which always made him think of Susan. He still felt as if he was fucking a Susan-Brenda combination with this role-play, and that was a very delightful prospect. "Yes, that's right."

However, there was one frustration. Even his stamina had limits. He knew that he was so worked up he wouldn't last long once he started fucking her. He seriously considered taking a prolonged strategic break first. But then he decided, Fuck it! So what if I cum in a minute or two? I'm sure I'll get hard again, and then I'll really be able to fuck her for ages!

He was up on her now, holding his erection, ready to put it in. But then he lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "We should be quiet so Dad doesn't hear. He's just down the hallway, you know."

"He is? Oh. He is!" She reveled in his latest addition to their story. "Well, don't worry about him too much. He's going to have to get used to the fact sooner or later that his wife is sleeping in here from now on. Starting tonight and every night, she sleeps with her son. Her master!"


Alan crawled up on the bed and was just about to get down to fucking, when he remembered about protection. Stepping out of his role-play role for a moment, he asked, "Brenda, should I get a condom?"

"Are you kidding? Son, if you want to knock up your mommy, that's your right!"

Alan found that almost painfully arousing, but he persisted, "Brenda, all sex games aside, I'm asking you seriously: are you on the pill?"

"I am! Remember? I told you so earlier."

"Oh yeah." Needless to say, he'd had a lot of distractions that night.

She ran a hand down to her pussy and spread her lips. "I want you bareback! It's been so long since I've been fucked that it feels like I'm a virgin again. It's been three years!"

That startled him. Plus, he was trying to stall for time, to give his over-taxed cock at least a little break. "Really? How's that?"

But she was far too worked up for conversation. "Really! So... please! Fuck your mommy without a condom, like mommies need to be fucked!" She grabbed her legs with both hands and pulled them up until her feet were on either side of her head. She couldn't think of a more vulnerable and needy position to signal that she needed him inside her that very instant.

He thought briefly about getting a condom, just to be on the safe side. If nothing else, the chance of pregnancy with a woman her age was never absolutely zero. Awww... fuck it. She's just too sexy to actually dig around for a condom and all that time-consuming crap! He lay down on top of her and pulled her legs back down, because her lewd pose, while exciting, was blocking his access to her breasts. Then he positioned his erection on her pussy lips. He was ready for a good fuck. He rubbed it around briefly, but didn't push in.

That made her wild with anticipation. Yes! IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN! And with NO CONDOM! That means he's going to squirt me full of his spermy love! He's going to flood me, drown me in master cum! Then I'll be his sex pet, for real! But get on with it already, get on with it!

Alan knew that if he had one sexual skill that lived up to all the hype, it was his ability to control himself and delay his orgasms. He used that control at that moment to toy with Brenda's great desire. Also, he figured he needed another minor strategic break after all, so it was good to stall for time before he began the fucking in earnest. He could work her up into even more of a fuck frenzy even while he was pulling back from the brink.

Soon, her hips, arms, and legs were writhing around as her entire body suffered with cock need. Master, take me! Master, Master! Arrgh! What are you waiting for?! Gaawwwd, he's so masterful! Even now, he teases me to demonstrate his total control!

What was left of her resolve very quickly broke down. Tears were actually leaking from her eyes. She humped her hips up and down as if trying to catch his dick and draw it in, but to no avail. "Son! Master! Alan! Do you want to hear your mother beg? Is that what you want? Because I'm begging. Please fuck me! Fuck me now! I've never wanted ANYTHING in my life as much as I want you to spear yourself deep inside me! I NEEEEED it! Take your big-titted mommy and use her like a cheap two-dollar whore!"

He loved that she often used the exact same wording Susan favored, for instance by calling herself not just "mommy" but a "big-titted mommy." He would have loved to simply fuck Brenda as Brenda, but the reminders of Susan doubled his pleasure.

Since his face was right above Brenda's now that he was lying on top of her, he brought his lips down hard on her mouth, silencing her pleas. But getting in position to kiss her shifted his body a bit and caused his boner to slide further away from her vaginal opening. Her breasts remained crushed beneath his body, with her hard nipples poking into his chest. The kiss excited her so much that when it ended and he pulled away, he noticed that her hips were humping up, trying to find his stiffness.

She panted, breathless with anticipation. Her eyes were shut as she strained to feel the first hints of her impending penetration. She muttered, "Am I a whore? Your whore? That sounds so very, very dirty!" But clearly, she was nothing but delighted at that.

He cupped her flushed face in his hands, saying, "Sure. I'm going to use my own mother like a cheap, disposable one-shot whore picked up off the streets. That's how hard and relentlessly you're going to be fucked! But don't worry. I love you and I'll never leave you. You're my mommy-whore, now and forever!"

He kissed her, leaving her even more breathless. "I want to keep you as my very own favorite fuck, a private whore just for me, so I can spread her thighs and fill her with the love that only I can give her until I flood her with happiness and she overflows with joy."

Brenda was so emotionally overcome that she cried tears of joy. Please, God, let it be true! Master, make me your mommy-whore forever! Your sex pet! Your fuck toy! Your SLAVE! Now and forever! I hope you really mean that, especially the "now and forever" part!

She wrapped her arms and legs around him and simply held on for dear life as she shuddered through what felt like yet another full body orgasm. She was overwhelmed by his saying "I love you," even if it was only in a role-play. She fantasized that he really meant it and she really was his mother.

He waited until her orgasmic thrashing quieted down, which took quite a while. Then he kissed the wetness away from her cheeks and eyelids, which made her gasp and clutch him to her again. He found it ironic that she was crying tears of joy after just being called a cheap whore.

He was having great fun dragging things out. He was buzzing with so much arousal that he didn't feel a particular hurry to get started, but he knew she did. He asked, "Are you ready?"

She bit her lip and nodded eagerly.

"Good. But first, Mom, I need to check to make sure you're wet enough for me to start fucking you."

Her eyes flew open in surprise at the absurd notion that he could think she might not be wet enough to fuck yet. But then she looked into his grinning face and saw that he was teasing her. Oh Gaawwwd! This is what it's going to be like. Torture, divine torture! To be teased, humiliated, and used, over and over! What BLISS!

He started slowly sliding down her body, dragging her trapped breasts along with him. His boner slid to slightly below her pussy lips, and then it kept going down between her thighs. As much as he wanted to fuck her right away, he also wanted to give her the most mind-blowing experience of her life, and he knew this build-up would help.

At first Brenda felt like he was abandoning her, taking his thick cock further and further away from her needy hole. She grasped at his head, trying to stop him. But then she realized where he was going, so she relaxed her hold on him. She opened her thighs up with a breathy sigh and tangled her fingers in his unruly hair as she pushed his face down closer and closer to her drooling pussy. Too much! He's going to eat me first?! Good Lord! What a kind and loving master. I just hope I don't pass out!

Welcome to Lake Brenda! He thought to himself as he licked through her wetness around her pussy lips. He felt like he was a Scoutmaster leading a scouting troop to a new campsite in the wilderness. Directly ahead, you can see Gushing Pussy Falls. It flows all year round, regardless of weather. In fact, it's almost always extremely hot and humid out here in the bush. It is recommended, campers, that you drink straight from the source, although you should be aware that flash floods can and do happen frequently, at any time, and without much warning. He snickered silently.


It was nearly too much for the helplessly aroused Brenda. She had to let go of his head and clutch the bed sheets above her head to try and still her tremors for fear of passing out already.

He continued to avoid directly licking her pussy lips. Instead, he mostly cleaned her thick flow from where it had spilled down towards her ass.

Soon, she was moaning and panting breathlessly.

When he finally did swipe his tongue through her pussy, he explored between her inner and outer pussy lips. Then he settled down to play his tongue all the way up and down her slot.

She alternated between gasping for air and ecstatic babbling as her back arched up off the bed and her hips tried to fuck their way up onto his probing tongue. Her arms flew wildly in every direction while her thighs fluttered open and closed.

He enjoyed himself quite wholeheartedly. Brenda was such a responsive and vocal woman that it was easy for him to figure out what pushed her buttons. Any kind of sex with her was a very low stress activity for him, because he had no fear of performing poorly. It seemed that just about anything would push her buttons. He only half-jokingly imagined making her cum by merely rubbing her knee cap. But he didn't want to just be good or even great for her this time, he wanted to be incredible.

He found her juices delicious, although they were a bit thick for straight-up drinking, having a consistency closer to his own cum. She positively flowed: it seemed he was facing a losing battle because the more he licked, the wetter she got.

It wasn't long before he covered her entire pussy with his lips and drank straight from the source. He sucked her never-ending juices right out of her while she kept on cumming and cumming in surges into his mouth. It almost seemed like drinking from a drinking fountain.

When he got tired of drinking from her ever-flowing pussy, he stopped swallowing her juices, but he continued letting them pool in his sucking mouth until he had a mouthful in his cheeks. Swishing his tongue through the viscous fluid to stir it, he moved back up to lie on top of her again. Then he kissed her face and let her own sex fluids drain between his lips into hers. He fed the taste of her pussy down into her waiting, thirsty throat.

Brenda had never experienced that before, and she loved it. She especially loved the naughtiness of the act, and that he did it to her without even asking first.

She reached down and grabbed his ass with both hands, trying to communicate to him her urgent need to feel his cock deep inside her. She grunted and sighed in great desperation.

He broke their kiss and simply looked into her eyes without moving. He wanted to see just how worked up he could make her.

She began to whimper until she couldn't stand it anymore. "Master! Please! Stick it in, already! Have mercy on my throbbing, empty cunt. Master, pleeeasse! I beg you! I need to get fucked so bad!"

He liked the way she desperately begged for his dick, and he decided to reward her. Plus, his erection had been away from the action for a while, and he was ready to fuck. "If I'm your master," he grunted, pushing his cock forward into her pussy, "that makes you my slave!"


He didn't realize it, but "master" and "slave" had become the two very most arousing words for her, so his word choice was extremely fortunate.


The idea of being taken as a slave excited Brenda terribly. Combined with the thrust of his seemingly unstoppable stiff cock, it seemed her body turned to mush as she trembled and shook with an overpowering climax that had no end. She was so giddy that she had to fight to hold herself together mentally.

HOLY FUCK! UNNNGH! Just LOOK at that! He's shoving that fucking cock-monster into me, splitting me in two! That snake! That goddamned ANACONDA! HNNNNG! SO GOOOOOD! Oh, MASTER! Master, Master, Master! I'm your SLAVE! The happiest slave! UNH! Fuck your slave to your heart's content!

Alan thought back to a similar fuck he'd had with Glory. He recalled that instead of giving his sexy teacher space to recover from her intense multiple orgasm, he had just fucked her harder, and in the end she'd loved it. So he was determined to do the same with Brenda.

First, though, he paused to enjoy the sensation of being fully impaled in her. Aaaah! I love all the cocksucking and titfucking and such, but nothing beats a tight cunt for sheer pleasure! And Brenda's got a nice, tight one! He wiggled his boner around some to get a better feel for her while remaining deeply sheathed.

Brenda could scarcely breathe. Each little wiggle or movement he made was driving her out of her mind. And he hadn't even started thrusting in earnest yet! She seemed on the verge of hyperventilating as she tried to catch up and recover.

Then he pulled back and thrust all the way in.

Brenda screamed like a wounded hyena. Her back arched like a bow and she clutched at the sheets so tightly she nearly tore them. "AAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!" She had another big climax, just from feeling him fill her again.

Alan was relentless. He would have liked to just luxuriate in the feel of his erection sheathed in her pussy some more, but he didn't want to let her catch her breath. He kept pounding into her at a fast pace.

"I'm not just going to fuck you," he said in the most calm and commanding voice she had ever heard him use, even while his cock frantically hammered her and his balls slapped wildly. "I'm going to split you in two! You're gonna die of pleasure. I'm gonna practically fuck you to death!" He said this as though he were simply announcing an established fact and her death by fucking was a foregone conclusion.

Then he backed up his words with action. He picked the pace up another notch and drilled into her like he really was trying to force his way right through her body.

Brenda had never been fucked like this before. She'd been married twice, but both times had been to men who were good with money and not so great in bed. Plus, she'd never desired either of them nearly as much as she lusted for Alan now. She would have loved being fucked by him even if he was terrible at it, just because of how she'd built him up in her mind. The fact that he was actually very good at fucking her was almost too wonderful for her to handle.

There was a knock on the door. "Sweetie? Brenda? I heard some screaming. Is everything okay in there?"

Alan had to pause in his thrusting and laugh. He said, "Come in, Mom. You know you're just curious. Come take a look."

Brenda felt another orgasm hit her. YES! Oh, yes! I was just thinking that the only thing that could make this better was if Susan and Suzanne were holding my hands. Just having Susan here will be perfect. Somebody needs to witness this and tell me I'm not dreaming!

Susan opened the door. "I'm so sorry. I guess I'm just too nosy." Indeed, Susan had heard the screams when Alan first thrust deep into Brenda. Even though she was sleepy, curiosity won out and she'd managed to get upstairs. She'd managed to go down to her bedroom first. After noticing that Suzanne must have showered and gone home, she'd changed into a see-through nightie and picked up a camera. Then she'd gone to Alan's bedroom.

She squealed, "Oh my!" as she confirmed her hopes that Alan was balls-deep in Brenda. She quickly walked to the side of his bed so he could appreciate her sexy nightie. She knelt by the side of the bed and took Brenda's hand.

Brenda stared at Susan with love and appreciation. "You're here for me!" She held out her hand.

Susan squeezed her hand supportively. "Of course. We big-titted mommies have to stick together. Tiger is fucking you!"

Brenda chuckled. She said with wry understatement, "I noticed!" At the same time, her heart was soaring. "We big-titted mommies have to stick together." That's so true! I love that I'm part of a team. She squeezed Alan's hard-on with her pussy walls as tightly as she could. A cock-loving team!

Alan had paused in his fuck rhythm due to Susan's arrival, but he didn't want to give Brenda any respite. So he resumed fucking her. It wasn't as fast as before, but it was deep and steady.

Susan just stood there, staring at Alan's cock sliding in and out with unabashed longing. After a long pause, she asked Brenda, "How is it?"

"You know how it is! Incredible! Everything I hoped for... and MORE! Master has just started thrusting, but he's already tamed me! He's tamed me! You see these tears of joy running down my face?!"

Susan squeezed Brenda's hand even tighter. She was secretly delighted that Brenda had used the word "master" without any objection from Alan. "Oh God! I'm so happy for you that I want to cry too. Can I take some pictures? I figured you'd want this precious moment documented forever."

"Yes, please!"

Susan lifted up the camera and started snapping away. She let go of Brenda's hand and stood up, because she wanted to get pictures from various angles and distances.

Alan kept right on thrusting. He said, "Mom, aren't you going to ask me how I'm enjoying it?"

Susan smiled as she replied, "Nope! Why should I? Brenda's a top notch fuck toy, and you're my big, powerful, sex stud son. Of course you're going to love it!" She chuckled at that.

He chuckled too, while smiling from ear to ear. Fuck, yeah! I'm having the time of my life! AGAIN!

Susan snapped a few more pictures, then said, "You know, I'd better go."

Brenda whined, reaching a hand towards her friend. "Do you have to? I love that you're here, and not just to take pictures."

Susan avoided taking Brenda's hand again. "I really have to. If I stay any longer I'm going to want to get involved. Brenda, this is your special private time." She started to head to the door.

Brenda's body was rocking now, because Alan was starting to thrust faster. But she still managed to say to Susan, "Wait! Before you go, we were playing a role-play just now, and he was calling me 'Mommy!' I was you, and he was fucking you in his mind!"

Susan gasped lustily. "Dear God! So hot! Tiger, I love you SO MUCH! Soon, I'll be one of your fuck toys too, in every possible way! And Brenda, be strong! Remember all I told you about how to serve him and be a great sex pet."

"I will!" Brenda cried. She winced. "Oh, Susan! He's so deep inside me! It feels so divine!"

Susan bit her lip as she watched Brenda writhing around. She pictured herself in Brenda's place, and that aroused her so much that her legs nearly gave way. "I gotta go!" She rushed out the door and closed it behind her.

Alan had slowed his thrusting down considerably for Susan's visit. But her visit, including her sexy lingerie, had inspired him and given him a second wind of sorts. He began fucking Brenda more aggressively than ever before.

A couple of minutes passed. Hearts were pounding and sweat was flying.

Brenda felt like she was in a fix. She discovered that she craved this overpowering, dominating style of fucking. Of course Alan was speaking metaphorically about fucking her to death, but the way her body was bucking and writhing, it seemed as if she took him literally. But that was also her problem. Her recent orgasms made her feel like her bones had turned to jelly. She felt incapable of doing much more than lying there getting royally fucked. But she didn't want to be lifeless; she wanted to impress him with her sex skills so he'd fuck her again and again.

She gathered up all her willpower, clutched his upper arms, and started subtly churning her hips. She also rhythmically squeezed her ass cheeks, hoping that would help keep her cunt feeling tight. But, frankly, there wasn't much more that she could do than that. Alan was in the driver's seat, and he was driving into her long and hard. The best she could do was hang on for dear life.

A few more minutes passed. Alan continued to pound her hard and deep. He was feeling on top of his game. He loved the fact that he was fucking Brenda, one of the most beautiful and sexual women he could imagine. But he was fucking at a fast and relentless pace. Whenever he started to tire, all he had to do was think that he was fucking Susan instead, and it was like an electric jolt spurring him on. Yet somehow, despite it all, he still didn't cum. The strategic break he'd managed to take before starting the fucking was paying off.

Brenda was wracked by another multiple orgasm. That seemed to drain whatever energy and willpower she had left. She wondered if she could even manage to simply keep getting enough oxygen. She cried out, "Stop! Stop! I can't take it! Too much! Master! Please!" Her small, soft arms pounded on his muscular chest, but to no avail.

Alan remembered his mother's advice to not take no for an answer, and he was putting that advice into practice. It really does seem like I'm fucking her to death! She sure carries on. Maybe I should give her a short break after all? Nah. I gotta remember how well things worked when I did this to Glory. It sounds like she's suffering, but I'm sure she can deal with it. As long as she can keep breathing. He felt somewhat worried about the way she was desperately gasping for air, but he kept right on pounding.

Brenda felt as if she was in a state of permanent orgasm. The euphoria that lasts for just a second or at most a few seconds at the height of climax for most people now seemed to be a continuous state for her that would never end. She felt transported, as if time stopped and she was able to live an hour in each and every second. She thought to herself, I can't take it! This is too much! So good, but too intense! Can't breathe! Stop!

In the back of her mind, she realized that the only way she could bring this too-wonderful-to-be-endured experience to an end was if she could get Alan to cum. That conclusion caused her to find new energy. Her hips bucked upwards, lifting her butt completely off the bed. Even though she was still far gone and continually climaxing and gushing like a broken dam, she frantically rotated her hips and squeezed her vaginal muscles with all her might. It was like a desperate last gasp for survival, to get him to cum before he truly fucked her to death.

Alan had been up on her, as if doing push-ups over her. But she reached up, grabbed him, and pulled him down. Taken by surprise, he let her roll over on top of him.

The situation totally changed, now that she was riding him cowgirl style. She was still riding a wave of energy, and she saw this as a chance to prove her worth as a high-quality sex pet.


As intently as he was fucking her, now she seemed determined to fuck back with even more energy. She slammed her hips up and down as if she was the one with the erection. Her timing was excellent; her hips and his moved like one well-oiled machine. Their mutual thrusts doubled the exquisite feeling they both were getting. She cried out through gritted teeth, managing one word with each thrust, "SLAVE ... MUST ... MAKE ... MASTER ... CUM!"

Then she simply started yelling "CUM!" with each thrust, trying to force the cum out of him every way she knew. She did her best to grind her tits into his face as she rode him.

A couple of minutes later, she suddenly ran out of energy. She fell forward, so her face was right in his. She gave him a wild and impish smile from very close up, making him smile back. Gaawwwd! He STILL hasn't cum, despite all my best efforts. He truly is worthy of being my master, our master. At this rate, he might not cum all night!

He was needing a short rest too, since he'd been fucking her hard and fast for five minutes straight.

But she wasn't done, by any means. She felt better lying on top of him, and with his cock relatively still for now, she started letting her hips do most of the work. She rotated and gyrated her hips this way and that, determined to constantly surprise him and prove her worth. She did her best to rub her soft tits into his chest enticingly, which wasn't hard since her body was writhing around in so many different directions already that her slippery tits slid all over his skin. Some moments she rose up so she could bounce up and down on his prick forcefully, and at other moments she came crashing back down onto him, mashing his chest with her fluffy melons.

Then her energy ebbed and his picked up. Suddenly, he was in the lead again, drilling her hard and fast with renewed purpose.

Brenda kept on cumming. She hadn't been ready for that. She moaned, "No! Too much!" She even hit his chest some more. But she kept on cumming on his stiff cock, again and again. And no matter what she did or what position she took, Alan kept up a rapid but powerful thrust, just like an oil derrick pumping up and down at the same pace for days, never stopping. He was feeling truly inspired.

She was still trying hard to get him to cum, but she didn't have much energy for anything anymore. She felt completely helpless and dominated. She realized there was no way she was going to make him cum, and all she could do was take it and hope that he'd cum soon, before she went completely crazy. She kept on screaming things like: "CUM! CUM! CUM! CUM! CUM, DAMMIT! CUM!" in the hopes that could help. Her desperation reached such a fever pitch that her screams filled the whole house.

The cries would have disturbed Susan and Katherine's sleep, had they been asleep. But Susan had gone back downstairs, and she was watching Katherine with Amy and the tied-up Xania. Susan had just told the others what was going on upstairs, as if Brenda's screams hadn't made it obvious enough already, and gotten them reenergized. Brenda's continued screaming, faint though it was through the door and down the stairs, served as a heady aphrodisiac for them all.

Normally, Alan would have eventually cum in the face of this merciless sexy onslaught, but he took it as a personal challenge to cum in his own time, not Brenda's. He still felt he had to do his utmost to impress her and live up to all the hype, especially now that she was calling him "master." He held back with all his might using his PC muscle. He didn't thrust for a few moments, and focused all his willpower on preventing a climax.

It was a very close call. He didn't really know what he was doing, but in his desperation not to cum he squeezed the base of his shaft with his hand. It turned out that helped a great deal. He endured and then managed to recover.

After another minute or two, he resumed thrusting at a slower pace.

Brenda felt even more overwhelmed and helpless. She'd never put so much energy into a fuck, but remarkable orgasms were still hitting her, one after another, and she simply couldn't take it anymore. Her privates had gone into a sensitive zone where normally she would have recoiled from all touching, but he had simply fucked right through that, and now her senses were heightened to a completely new level.

Although she was already lying on Alan, he could feel her body go limp.

She thought, I've battled to get him to cum and I've lost. Now I'm completely at his mercy! So fucking intense! I hate it and I love it too! This is what being a sex pet is all about! She whimpered, "Please stop. Please stop. Too much... Master! ... OH GOD! AAAIIEEE!" Another intense climax wracked her whole body, interrupting her.

He had to stop thrusting for a while, because her pussy walls spasmed unpredictably, and it took all his attention to fight off the urge to cum, until her particularly powerful orgasm came to an end.

As she recovered from that, she tried to use her pussy muscles to pull him out, except that she no longer had the energy to even do that and instead she merely squeezed him in a highly delightful manner. His cock seemed welded to the insides of her pussy. She resigned herself to being fucked into unconsciousness.

Alan didn't want to stop now; he was almost insane with lust, and her newly obvious helplessness just excited him more. The momentary break convinced him that he could keep going for a while more without cumming, so he pushed her up into a sitting position straddling his hips with his penis still fully impaling her. Once she was sitting up, he levered his upper body up and found that Brenda's massive breasts were now perfectly situated in front of his face in this position.

He firmly grasped her hips, and then started to swivel them around on his deeply imbedded shaft. He couldn't get much more than a fraction of a rotation going since she was practically limp everywhere except inside her vagina (which kept involuntarily clenching around his rod). He gave both of her nipples a quick lick and a suck, which shot new fireworks all through her sexually overwrought body, straight down to her clit and all through her pussy.

Then he resumed thrusting as if he had never stopped, knowing that it was almost cruel to do so with her in her current, nearly delirious, horny state.

Leaning down, he whispered in her ear, "My slave doesn't know her place. I tell YOU when to cum. You got that?"

"YES!" she screamed back. "Yes, MASTER!" She really loved to use the word "Master," and hearing him say "my slave" was like the fulfillment of a lifetime fantasy (although it was one she'd only consciously admitted to recently). More intense feelings washed all over and through her. Her whole body felt like it was tingling and burning up. It seemed like all her nerve endings were firing off signals to her brain at once.

He kept right on fucking, but at an even slower pace than before. He wanted to go faster, but he was tired too.

His slower pace apparently allowed her to keep her sanity, but only just. It seemed in her sex-addled brain that each thrust was taking ten minutes or more (though of course they were nowhere near that prolonged). She just babbled "Master," "fuck," and "cum" in no apparent order with each thrust. "Master, Master, cum, fuck, cum, fuck, fuck, fuck, Master..."

She lay lifeless and just took the fucking, except for great shakes and twitches periodically running through her body.

Convinced that he had now "won" something of a battle of orgasmic wills, Alan gave up clenching his PC muscle. It was time to stop struggling and give in to pleasure. He began quickly pumping again, but that only lasted a few strokes because he'd stopped trying to hold back. His ropes immediately shot into her as he cried out in desperate release. His body demanded the fuck be seen through to the very end. All of his energy flowed out of him as he came down from a very high emotional and erotic peak.

Brenda's head flailed around like a fish thrown into a boat, and her nipples bored into his chest so hard that it was almost painful for both of them.

He still rammed his stiff erection in and out with long strokes, determined to give her the finishing touches to a fucking of a lifetime. When he shot the last of his cum, he finally stopped moving.

She continued to violently writhe for some time afterwards.

Now that Alan had finished, it was all he could do to stay conscious. He pulled himself up and looked at Brenda.

She'd just lost the battle to stay awake, and she appeared to be in a very deep and contented sleep. There was a large smile on her face, and her pussy was still spastically sucking at his deflating dick, although the contractions were fading away and getting farther apart as her climaxes slowly wound down.

He noticed one very strange thing; something wasn't normal about his chest. He felt around above his stomach as he pulled up from her and realized there was a surprisingly large amount of wetness there. Sitting up, a flow of white liquid poured down towards his stomach.

He thought, That Brenda. Is there any limit to how much pussy juice she can squeeze out? But then he couldn't figure out how the cum had gotten on his chest while the in-between area had remained dry. He smelled and then tasted a bit of it. Wait! This is milk! Strangely sour milk. She came milk?! Is that possible? Is she lactating? How bizarre. And why does it taste so sour? Wait until Mom hears about this. She's going to be totally jealous!

He got up and staggered his way across his room to get to the bathroom. He was so thoroughly exhausted that he could barely walk. Taking one look back at Brenda, he thought, Man alive, that was beyond great. I really did what I set out to do. I'm pretty fuckin' good at this! And that whole incest idea... I just wish it really was my mom that I'd just fucked. Susan... My Susan... He sighed.

He somehow made it to the shower and turned on the cold taps. Not only was he in great need to clean off all the cum that had collected on him, but he needed a long, bracing shower to revive his now totally exhausted body.


Susan heard Brenda screaming a lot more, and she felt a warm, blissful glow suffuse her. She couldn't actually make out any words, but it was a remarkable testament to just how loud Brenda could scream that Susan could hear anything at all through the walls of her son's distant room, especially considering the loud moans and pussy squishing noises emanating from the sofa in front of her.

She thought back to the sight she'd seen upstairs, of Alan's cock pistoning in and out of Brenda's wet cunt. If she'd had any energy left at all she would have masturbated, but she was so tired that she could only smile in fond memory.

From the tone of Brenda's voice, Susan thought, Yep, that's my boy! He's tamed another big-titted babe. I'll bet he just shot a big, spermy load into her. I'm so proud I just want to burst! I can't wait for my turn to get a brain-melting cunt fuck. That'll be the ultimate joy! If only that was me up there!

Sometime later, Susan heard the shower running upstairs. She wanted to go upstairs and congratulate Brenda, Alan, or both of them, but she also felt it was her duty to make sure that Amy and Katherine relentlessly dildo-fucked Xania into submission. Plus, she was dead tired. She remained and watched the three other women pleasure each other.

They seemed to be doing quite an excellent job of it.


Amy was learning to love the remarkable talents of Xania's tongue, so she was lip-locking with her while fingering her own pussy in preparation for her turn to sit on Xania's face and get a good tongue reaming. Amy had never felt anyone actually lick her tonsils before. She couldn't believe how dexterous and agile Xania's softly caressing tongue was as it insistently probed all over the insides of her mouth. As much as she wanted to sit on Xania's face and get the ride of her life, she really didn't want to end the deep throat-styled kiss she was experiencing.

Katherine was still recovering from her exhausting orgasmic turn at having her pussy fucked by Xania's incredible oral digit. She casually touched and stroked Xania between her legs, mainly concentrating on Xania's clit and G-spot. Although Katherine's tongue wasn't near as impressively long as Xania's, she fully intended to return at least part of the pleasure the other woman had just bestowed upon her.

Xania, Amy, and Katherine were all so lost in their own sex haze that they tended to forget that Susan was even there.

Although Susan was too tired to join in the tangle of bodies, she wasn't too tired to gently stroke her own clit every now and then to keep a happy erotic buzz going. She thought, Boy, you'd think that after a while this burning sexual hunger inside me would be quenched, but it never is. Ever since that first fateful Tuesday when I gave in completely to my cocksucking urges, it's like it gets more intense and wonderful every single day. Heck, it goes all the way back to the first appointment with Akami. In retrospect, what a great day that was! The very start of my total, loving submission to my son and his mighty cock.

Look at me now. Tiger isn't even in the room, I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, and yet I'm still horny. I can't even keep my eyes off my own daughter; I'm deeply in lust and love with her too! Not to mention Amy! And Xania sure is giving Brenda a run for her money in the most-liked-guest department. I feel so happy and loved that I just want to get sexy with them all.

But things are in good shape here; I should probably pack it in. I need the rest because doubtlessly tomorrow will be another busy day of cocksucking, titfucking, tit fondling, hot dildo action, and who knows what else! Hee-hee-hee! Maybe I'll get my ass fucked. Or if the good Lord is willing, it might even be the day Tiger fucks me good in my most needy hole. I wish this damn period of mine would end.

I'll just check again to see how he and Brenda are getting along on my way to bed. Oooh! That'll be fun! I can't get the image of Tiger drilling Brenda's defenseless cunt out of my mind. So hot! I'm glad I took pictures.

As Susan made her way upstairs, she again noticed the sound of the shower going. She peeked into Alan's room and saw nothing more than a naked and wet sleeping Brenda there. Shucks. I was just thinking what a great opportunity it would be to hide in the closet and get really aroused secretly watching my son fuck, but it looks like they're all fucked out. That closet idea sounds like fun, though. I'm going to have to follow through on that some other time.

But then she paused, looking closer in between Brenda's legs. Mmmm! Yummy! So much cummy goodness. It's like an ice cream sundae with all my favorite flavors just going to waste, dripping onto the bed. I wonder how much of that goo is my Tiger's and how much is Brenda's? Maybe if I just take a little taste? One swipe of a finger?

Nah. I'd better not. Once I get started I won't be able to stop and then it'll get really embarrassing when Tiger comes back in and sees me with my tongue deep up Brenda's twat, poaching his girl right in his own room, hee-hee! Then he'd have to give me a good spanking. If only I wasn't so sleepy...

Anyway, I've got Tiger waiting for me across the hall, even if he doesn't know it yet.

She took her nightie off and dropped it on the floor, in hopes that she'd be able to get wet with Alan in the shower. Then she quietly opened the door to the bathroom.

In days past the door would have been locked, but there was no real point in such privacy anymore. However, an opaque shower curtain hid all but the distorted shape of Alan's body from her eyes, and similarly kept her presence hidden from him. Nonetheless, his flesh-colored blobs were enough to get her excited, because she knew that collection of blobs was her naked son.


She thought as she stared in his direction, What a great day! My son's harem grew by one, if not by two! Just one look at Brenda and I can tell he fucked her into a completely satisfied, cum-soaked unconsciousness. Not long ago I would have been very jealous of her and her reality-defying tits, but now that she's so obviously subservient to both Suzanne and I that we can make sure that she doesn't get too much in the way of our own lust for him.

Obviously, she'll be Tiger's sex slave first and foremost, as no one can resist submission to his potent cock.

Just like me, for instance! Hee-hee! My cutie Tiger is totally irresistible! She stared at him longingly through the curtain.

So it's a win-win for everybody. I noticed that she called him "master" while he was fucking her and he didn't seem to mind. That's encouraging. I wish I could call him that all the time. "Master, your big-titted mommy is ready to suck and serve." Oooh! Chills!

Then there's Xania. She may still have some freedom now, but by the time she leaves tomorrow, she'll fall completely under his spell too. Suzanne and I should definitely give her an extra good time after Tiger is done fucking her, to guarantee she'll come running back to this house any time we want her. Or should I say run back cumming, hee-hee! A great therapist for the family and a big-titted, long-tongued, fuck toy for my son. And she's bisexual! What a great combination!

Yes, this house is certainly filled with the sounds of joyous sex tonight. But when will I feel the glory of torrents of my son's sperm surging into my womb?

She ran her fingers through her bush. When will I get to be his motherly cum dump? Tomorrow? Sunday? Monday? When?! When will I be able to join the line of all the horny cunts getting their appointed daily pussy splittings and reamings? Even tomorrow is too far away! My pussy feels sore, but empty. Look at him. Tall, dark and handsome. So manly! I wonder if he has another load of cum he'd like to shove down his mommy's throat right now?

No. If he's up for it, he'll probably want to fuck his new piece of pussy some more. That's his right. I shouldn't be so pushy. This is Brenda's special time. I'll just have to try my best to go to sleep and let the hours pass until it's my turn.

It's strange though: somehow being denied his cock because he's fucking other women is almost as thrilling to me as a good long cocksucking! It just proves that incestuous submission is the BEST!

Susan slipped back out of the bathroom without Alan ever realizing she had been there. He'd never turned away from the direction of the showerhead.


Alan returned to his room and found Brenda still sleeping in his bed, still naked and messy with fluids. He set the lights down low and gently shook her awake.

Brenda slowly came to. Looking up at him, she stared into his eyes adoringly, and simply said, "Master." To her, that said all that needed to be said. She was practically glowing with bliss and euphoria as she remembered the powerful fucking, as well as the fact that he'd called her "my slave." That made it official, in her mind. Her new slave status was a fact of life to her, like the sun rising and setting.

He said rather apologetically, "Sorry for waking you, but it's past midnight and I imagine you'll need to get home. Not only that, but I'm gonna need my bed."

"Don't apologize, Master! Masters never need to apologize, especially after a fuck like that! Susan has told me many stories about how you tamed her and the others with your cock, but I didn't fully understand it until I felt it myself tonight! I kind of thought that you'd tamed and enslaved me already, but I was soooo wrong! I've never come close to orgasms like that, not even during all the other times I've been at your house! This slave has never been happier!"

She grew more awake and animated with every passing moment. "Oh, Master! You get me so excited. Look, my nipples just got hard again from the thought of being in the same room as my fucking king."


Alan thought with some amusement, I didn't know her nipples were ever NOT erect. Dang, those are long, though!

"Alan, the way that you- Oops! I'm sorry for calling you that. Master, the way that you showed this slave who's boss with your penis control, and that fantasy you had us play, well, I've never-"

He interrupted, "Just a minute. Why did you say 'Oops' when you called me Alan? That's my name. And you called yourself a slave? The sex is over. You don't have to keep on like we're still doing a role-play."

She was reluctant to explain that she considered him her master now, so it would not be her place to call him by his name. She worried that he still had issues with accepting his masterly role.

Instead, she said, "Oh no. Have I displeased my master? I have! This slave is so sorry. Please let me make it up to you." She sat up and moved so that she was on the bed next to where he was sitting. She pressed her tits into his chest and rubbed. Meanwhile her hand found and closed around his penis, since he was still naked.

However, his penis was flaccid and seemed determined to stay that way. Even though his shower had been bracing, he still felt like he'd just run a marathon.

She continued, "I deserve a really hard spanking for my inadequacies. Please hurt me with your strong hand! I need it! I need it bad. My ass needs to be taught to behave." As she said this, she tried rubbing his penis as aggressively as her tits massaged his chest, but his penis wasn't responding at all. This only increased her distress. "Oh no. Oh no! I can't do anything right. Master! Please get hard!"

She was about to drop her head down into his lap to see if she could suck his penis back to life, but he held her back with his hand. She froze and then looked sadly into his eyes, disappointed at her failure to arouse.

"Brenda, I hardly know where to begin. First off, you shouldn't feel bad that I'm staying flaccid. I said before that I had one load left in me, and I had to choose between you and Xania. That's still true. I came seven times today, Now I'm all fucked out. If you could get me hard again, that would be a BAD THING. You got that? My body is saying that I'm done, and I have to listen to my body. Second, it's not like you had to get me hard in the first place. I'm very satisfied with that fuck, and it sounds like you are too, so let's just leave it at that."

"But Master!" she said pleadingly. "I need to please you. It's like a craving I have, especially after what you did to me. Can't I show you how happy you've made me?" Although she'd given up on his penis for the moment, she resumed rubbing her heavy mounds into his chest.

He stopped her again. "Wait. Let me finish. About this 'master' and 'slave' business. Brenda, I still hardly know you. Have you had other masters before? Tell me the whole story." He knew it wasn't "politically correct," and part of him resisted the idea, but another part couldn't help but get excited at the idea of having a true sex slave. At the very least, he wasn't ruling out the idea. Despite being flaccid and all sexed out, he found his hands wandering over her huge breasts. But it was more of a languid exploration than heated sexual play.

She calmed down a bit and even grew contemplative as she mentally reviewed her past. "No, no other masters, per se."

That got Alan's curiosity piqued as to what that meant exactly, but he remained silent and waited for her to tell more.

"You see, men have never been very good to me. Ever since I entered my teens, all they thought about was my boobs. What should have been a blessing was kind of a curse because they were far too big. In addition, they hurt my back and were just an all-around pain. You should try buying a bra or most any kind of top in my size. And the dumb jokes I've been told over and over. Stuff like, 'There they come,' instead of 'Here she comes.' Ugh!"

She added, "I would have had them reduced long ago, but my mother thought that was immoral and there was no way I could ever defy my mother's wishes, not even after she passed away. As far back as middle school I had trouble getting anyone to look me in the eye since they were staring a little lower."

He asked, "Did you have a nice boyfriend?"

"Definitely not. Nobody wanted to go out with me; they were all too intimidated. The occasional one with balls enough to ask me out would be all bravado and groping hands, and no love, no feeling. They didn't have real balls like you do."

She reached down and briefly hefted up his balls until he gently pushed her hand away. He didn't want her to get started again, even though he was enjoying caressing the fullness of her boobs.

She continued, "They were nothing but 'Give me a feel of your big hooters, baby!' Of course, if YOU were to say that to me, that would be totally different; I'd love it! But when they said it... Ugh! And the girls were almost as bad. I could hardly go on a Girl Scout camping trip without some lesbian trying to grope me and hit on me. Either that, or they felt threatened by me and talked shit about me behind my back."

He found it ironic that he was groping her tits even as she gave this explanation, but she didn't seem to mind that at all. In fact, his gentle kneading of her breasts seemed to reassure, relax, and comfort her.

She went on, "So my disdain for men grew. I learned how to manipulate men with my looks, and believe you me, I manipulated them. Look at my marriage. I'm worth millions now, almost entirely thanks to an older man salivating over my you-know-whats." She hefted up her tits and let them drop and jiggle, and then put his hands back on them.

He asked, "But didn't you come from a wealthy family?"

"Please don't spoil my story with facts." She grinned impishly. "Okay, that's true too, but still, more of the money I have now is from my marriages."

He nodded. "Continue."

"At the same time, I started to develop an idealized man, a strong man. One who was worthy of me, and who would even manipulate me the way I manipulated others. I started to think of myself as a shameless cocktease who left men miserably horny wherever she went. A cocktease like that needs to be punished! Don't you think cockteases should be thoroughly spanked? I do. I think I should be very thoroughly and frequently spanked. And then fucked!"

The excitement in her voice grew. "My cunt needs to be completely violated, pillaged, and owned, exactly like what you just did to me! It turns out my ideal man is YOU! When I think back to just a few weeks ago, that second poker party, when you gave me that 'lord and master' speech and told me about the kind of man I needed... HRRGH! I get chills every time I think about it!"

He wanted to hear more. He tried to calm her down by saying in a level voice, "So? Then what?"

She deflated a bit, and said, "The further I went in life riding on the appeal of my breasts, flaunting them and my ass, the more I wanted to be punished. I started to fantasize about my ideal man and what he would do to me. I could tell you all the things he'd have to do to me, but you seem to know instinctively." She leaned up and briefly nibbled on his ear. "Then I got into watching porn."

He'd heard of this before, but he still found it hard to believe. "You? Porn? Just watching? Not starring in it?"

She nodded.

"That just seems so wrong," he commented. "Someone with looks like yours should be out doing the deed in person. You could be a big porn star, if that's what you wanted. But you were masturbating at home, alone?"

"Not always, but frequently, yes. I'm very good at masturbation. Would you like to see?" Before he could answer she stuck three fingers into her slit. Not surprisingly, she was plenty lubricated already.

But Alan didn't take her bait. He knew she was trying to get him aroused again but he wasn't up for it. He moved her hand away from her groin and motioned for her to continue her story instead.

In moving her hand, he'd let go of her boobs. Smirking with delight, she lifted his hands up to the undersides of her round melons. "Aaaaah! That's better!"

He just chuckled. But he kept his hands there.

She continued, "Keep in mind that my husband didn't have that big of a sex drive, or maybe it was just that he never had time to have sex. He was always so busy. It clearly wasn't a high priority for him. I was the ultimate trophy wife - busty bombshell marries rich geezer. I cheated on him sometimes near the end of our marriage because it was a loveless and sexless one, and I was dying for companionship. But the young studs were just like they were in school - all boob obsessed and too meek to take me in hand like I needed to be taken."

He asked, "I thought you said you hadn't had sex in three years?"

"I haven't!" She dropped her head sadly. "Three long years. Actually, nearly four."

"Wow! That's so wrong! With a body like yours that's a major crime. What happened?!"

"That's shortly after I got proof of his cheating and had my affairs. That cheating was a relatively short phase. Actually, it was mostly a revenge thing, to hurt him, although I never showed him the proof in the end. Like I said, I found adulterous sex unsatisfying, so I didn't do it for very long."

"HE cheated on YOU? Is he some kind of idiot?"

She grinned at the indirect compliment. "The problem is, I found out that really rich guys are jerks. They think they're so powerful that they can do anything. He never truly loved me; I was just a possession. And guys like that, once they get something, they lose interest. It's not the having, it's the getting. So of course he cheated."

"That's sad," Alan commented. He considered that a cautionary tale. I can't ever let my sexual success go to my head. I understand a little bit of thrill of 'the getting,' but my attention needs to be mainly focused on the women I love. That's what life is all about: love, friends, and family.

Brenda continued, "We had other issues too. It turned out he was infertile and resented that Adrian had been fathered by another man, my first husband. I guess that every time he had sex with me, it was a reminder that he couldn't get me pregnant, and that hurt his pride."

"Ouch!" He was still touching her, but he'd moved on from her breasts to caress her here and there, all over.

"Anyway, once I stopped having sex with other people, my fantasies grew. The computer became my sexual outlet. I got into bondage and domination porn, more and more. I dreamed of a master who would treat me the way the women in those stories were treated. I picked up a lot of ideas from those stories, like wanting to be called a slave, or having a man I could call 'Master.' I hope you'll indulge me with that."

That was all true. But knowing from Susan how much difficulty Alan had with the words "master" and "slave," she thought that also was a clever way to get him to accept her using them.

He shrugged. "It's okay during sex play, I suppose, but not all the time."

Brenda smiled, thinking to herself, That'll work, because any time around Master is sex play time, hee-hee-hee. My God! 'Slave!' If he starts regularly calling me 'slave,' and regularly treating me as such, could life get any better than that?! How exciting!

But she hid her delight, and just said, "I guess I've been living this life in my mind for years now. I never thought it would happen in reality. My husband had no idea of what really moved me. I did try to get him to spank me some, and that helped liven up our sex a little, before it came to an end altogether, but his spanks were so uninspired and feeble. I craved a REAL MAN."

He ran a finger lightly across her tummy as he said, "Wait a minute. I thought you said you didn't get into that kind of stuff until after you'd stopped having sex with him?"

She sighed. "You got me. This is embarrassing. The truth is, I'd been masturbating to porn long before the Internet even became a popular thing. Remember how I said my hubby didn't have sex with me that often, even in the good times? I had to buy books and videos and such, way back when. And I guess from the very beginning I was attracted to porn with submissive themes, like spanking."

She smiled. "But, flashing forward again, then I met you. You're him! You're the one! You're the ideal man for me. You're so filled with potent seed that it takes a growing harem of the most beautiful women I've ever seen to keep you satisfied, and even that isn't enough. I love that I have to share you with the likes of Susan and Suzanne. I love it so much!"

That was true. It was sort of a truism to her that any man worthy of being a master had to have a harem. Belonging to a powerful man who dominated many women had been a big part of her fantasies nearly as long as she'd discovery pornography. It followed that the more impressive harem a man had, the more worthy a master he was, and she was very impressed at the beauty and virtues of his other lovers.

He interrupted, "Wait. One thing I don't understand. You don't like it when guys obsess over your boobs but you seem to love it when I do. How is that?"

"With you, it's totally different. With most guys, it was like watching little children playing with priceless porcelain antiques - all you can do is wince as they break them. It's wrong. Clumsy oafs, all of them. But with you, I love it! Because you're the one. But of COURSE you fuck your sister and mother. It would be so wrong it you didn't! The way you fucked me just now, I'm still glowing. I'm gonna be high from that experience for days!"

"What does that have to do with your boobs?" His hand had been wandering down to her thighs, but with that verbal reminder, he went back to fondling her soft and squeezable tits.

She said, "I know that they're my ticket to be a part of all this, my foot in the door. That's okay. That fact has made me love them more than ever before. I love that all your other women are so busty. It makes me feel part of a very special, elite group. But most importantly, if my boobs can help entice you to do that again, well, God bless my boobs!"

She snuggled up against him, while making sure he continued to hold her boobs. "Aaaah... Heaven. I love this house and all the people in it. For instance, the way Susan and Suzanne treat me and order me around... Oooh! Goose bumps! And did you see the way Susan ordered Xania to give her body to you earlier? It's all too exciting! Everyone in this house is just too much. I feel like I'm high on the best drug, all day long, whenever I'm here."

She suddenly pushed her big rack into his chest, forcing him back down onto his bed, with her on top. "If my big tits can help convince you that you need my cocksucking help, then they're worth all the hassle and back pain. I know that you have so many other busty vixens to help you out. I'm really lucky to have an attribute that sticks out, even compared to them. Or two attributes!" She giggled.

Since he hadn't reacted badly to her use of "master" and "slave," she tried to push her luck a little more. "If you call me tit-woman or even tit-slave, that would make me soooo happy! And then I could suck your cock, and you'd fuck my tits, and-"


Alan had her stop there. "Whoa! Hold on. And stop rubbing yourself all over me, especially since your boobs are still kind of lubed up. I'm really all done for the night."

Brenda stopped moving and seemed to calm down a bit, but she remained plastered to his chest. "Sorry, I get so excited being this close to you. Like I said, this whole house is just too much for me to take!"

He thought to himself for a minute. God, this is crazy. She thinks WE'RE too much? She's the one who's way over the top! I guess it makes sense that my reputation could grow into a legend of great exaggerations and I'd pick up women like Brenda as a result. But there's no way I can match her idealized vision. She's calling me "Master" and practically worshiping me! For all her talk of being a "slave," she seems pretty needy and high maintenance. "I must have more of you, right now!" I don't know if I can handle another person clinging onto me and demanding that I pleasure them all the time. The number of spankings alone it sounds like she needs...

But on the other hand, she's the one and only fucking Brenda! She's physically amazing, and a fireball of submissive lust! How can I turn her down? But I should pop her bubble and reintroduce her to reality at least a bit.


He said, "Brenda, look. I'm not the ideal 'real man' you put so high on a pedestal. I'm just a kid lucky enough to be having a lot of sex. It's just pure chance that I happen to have Susan as my mom, Katherine as my sister, and Suzanne and Amy as my next door neighbors and de facto family. Then there was my bizarre medical diagnosis. This whole thing just kind of fell into my lap."

She said, "Yeah, but would they have been so keen to help you cum six times a day if you weren't a well-hung, handsome, and naturally dominating guy?"

He worried about all the hype she'd come to believe about him, wanting to bring her expectations down a bit. So he replied, "It's not so much that I'm 'naturally dominating' as it is that some women in my life like you are naturally submissive. I'm just trying to put things into perspective for you. I'm only going to disappoint you as you get to know me better. For instance, you know those school kids you hated because they only lusted after your boobs? Well, guess what? I'm a kid too, and I hardly know you. About all I know is that you have huge breasts and I love to see and grope them. So I'm no different than those losers."

"HA!" She snorted derisively.


"Master, forgive me for correcting you, but the difference is that they weren't worthy of me or my chest. I let them feel me up far too much because I was young then and didn't understand, and I craved attention. That's another thing I need to be punished for, letting unworthy men touch me."

She positively cooed as she continued in a soft voice, "But now I've found you. You're the only one. You're no mere man. The way you fucked me just now was practically superhuman! You have me for life! No one else should be allowed to touch me, except my master and his other slaves." She was "in the moment" with Alan, so she wasn't thinking of Adrian at all, or the opportunity she'd recently been given to have sex with him too.

Alan looked down and saw that his hands were pulling on her extraordinary nipples. He didn't even realize that he'd started doing that.

She'd pulled back a bit so he could have better access to her chest and at the same time she was gently grinding her hips into his penis. It was now at half-strength.

He could never recall being so aroused but with his penis still basically flaccid. He thought, Uh-oh. "Practically superhuman?" That's not good. I think I may have overdone it trying to impress her with that fuck.

He said rather halfheartedly, "I don't have other slaves."

She ignored that. "The way you're feeling me up right now with your hands, this is how it should be. I want your hands all over me! If you see me as nothing more than a sex object, that's good, because that's what I am when I'm with you. I've been talking to Susan on the phone quite a lot lately, and even Katherine a couple of times. They've helped me see. I love their attitude. Lately we've been talking a lot about what it means to be one of your official personal cocksuckers, and dedicating one's self to the art of sucking cock. Your cock!"

She grew shy and bowed her head. "By the way, Master, forgive my audacity, but is it okay if I ask you... well... do you think it's possible that I consider myself one of your official personal cocksuckers already? Or is there more that I need to do to prove myself to you?"

He wondered, What's with this "official personal cocksucker" thing? I keep hearing about that, but I still don't know what it means. If there's some official list, nobody's told me anything about it!

His first instinct was to tell her 'Yes,' but then he remembered Suzanne's advice to still play hard to get. So he said, "I think you're almost there. Almost. I suppose we can call you that provisionally. But I don't think it's right for me to make it official unless your lips are wrapped around my dick at the time."

She loved that answer so much that she visibly shivered all over. Oh, YES! What an answer! What a RUSH! She exclaimed, "You're so right! Oh GOD!" She looked down at his crotch with a desperate longing.

He followed her eyes, and chuckled. "Not now, unfortunately."

She chuckled too, slightly embarrassed by her obvious over-eagerness. "I wish! But it'll happen soon enough. I just hope at the time that I'll be naked and kneeling - with high heels on, of course. Oh! And Susan and Suzanne should be watching, at least. Then I'll be properly humiliated and put in my place."

He shook his head in wonder. "Anyway, you were saying? About you and Susan talking?"

She continued, "Oh, yes. We've talked a lot about what it means to serve you. We've even delved into the religious implications. Susan has a theory that God has a special purpose for big-titted women, and she's been kind enough to share it with me. She simply calls it the 'Big Tits Theory.' Essentially, particularly endowed women such as me have been placed on Earth to be fucked and sexually dominated by naturally superior men such as yourself."

He scoffed.

She admitted, "Maybe not all of them, maybe there are some like Xania destined to get fancy degrees and big jobs. But as we've seen from her behavior tonight, even she turns out to be a cock-hungry slut as soon as she meets a naturally superior man like you! Regardless, that certainly must be my purpose in life, to serve a man just like you. Look at my cunt."

Alan looked down. Even without anyone touching her pussy, rivulets of cum were dripping from it. His penis may have been flaccid, but his mind was fully aroused by Brenda's submissive attitude.

She said of her wet pussy, "Look, I know that kind of lubrication isn't normal. In fact, it's quite extreme. I've always been this way. Why would God have made me so sensitive and so easily aroused unless it was because I was built to get fucked? Can you deny that I have a body that's basically built for sex?"

"Well..." He had a hard time honestly denying that.

"You see? You tacitly admit it! I shouldn't even be allowed to wear tops because the fabric rubs against my long nipples and drives me wild. Don't you think I should be forced to stay naked? Except for high heels, of course. That's another thing I love about you so much: your love of high heels. The higher, the better! That just drives me wild, that and collars. Hopefully that'll come next, collars for all of us who love to serve you. Those were secret fetishes of mine for a long time, but I had no one worthy enough to dress up for."

He asked, "Your husband?"

"HA! Of course, I wore high heels a lot back in the day, because I was a trophy wife and that was expected at parties and such. But it had an entirely different meaning. It didn't excite me. But, with you, it excites me!"

She went on, "In fact, practically everything drives me wild in this house! I had to strongly suppress my sexuality to live a normal life, but now I know better. I shouldn't live a normal life. If I'm nothing more than a sex object, that's fine. I embrace my true nature! I need to be constantly naked and fucked by a worthy master who has a big harem. In other words, you! I challenge women with those fancy jobs to see who's going to have a happier life: me as a lowly sex slave who's climaxing, sucking cock, and getting spanked all day long, or them trapped in the office all day and night, suffering as slaves too, but as wage slaves."

She suddenly grew sad and even temporarily stopped grinding into him.

Alan slowed down, but didn't stop, his constant fondling of her twin peaks. Her "getting spanked all day long" comment really made him wonder if she might be into spankings a little too much.

She continued more plaintively, "But if you won't accept me as your slave, or at least as one of your many sex pets, I don't know what I'll do! Susan and Katherine have made me see how wrong it is for me to give myself to an unworthy man. And you're the only worthy one I'll ever meet, I'm sure of it! Now that I know you, now that I've tasted your cock and felt it deep inside me, I would be lost without you. Completely lost. Master, I need your strong hand and your huge snake!"

Alan found himself falling into her way of thinking, but then a cold dash of reality hit him and he tried to remind her of some real world facts. "I'm really not all that. Really! Believe me, as you get to know me better, you'll find out all my faults. Look at my bruises. 'Naturally superior men' don't get their asses kicked at school like I did today. I tell you, I'm more lucky than anything. Soon you'll realize that I'm just an ordinary guy, and then what?"

"No! You're so wrong. You're wonderful! You're everything I dreamed of in a master. But even if you weren't, I would still be unworthy. Who you are is ultimately irrelevant because your massive snake owns me now. If you never touch me again, I would still pledge myself to you for the way you fucked me tonight. I would gun down a room full of lawyers to get fucked like that again."

He joked, "Lawyers? That's not saying very much."

She giggled. "You're funny too. This divorce I'm going through has made me really hate lawyers, but I'd gun down anybody for you. Look." She held his half-limp dick in her hand and caressed it lovingly, just as if it was fully erect. "Even flaccid, it still stretches across the room like a monstrous garden hose."

Alan looked at his penis. He said, "'Garden hose?' Look at it. We're talking three or four inches in its current state, tops. What are you talking about?"

She replied, "You're looking at it like a glass half empty. I'm looking at it, knowing what it can do to me, like a glass half full. Of cum. Mmmm. Sweet Alan cum. A whole glass of it!"

He thought, Maybe she's touched in the head. It's like she brainwashed or something. Did her talking to Mom so often have something to do with this? I can imagine the two of them getting increasingly carried away. Maybe Brenda can't separate the fact from the fiction. I guess this is what I get for trying to build up my legend with her. Ah, well. Looks like I have her to take care of now, like it or not. I'll just have to see how this develops and what it all means.

He said, "Okay, don't worry. Like I said before, you're a part of all this now, whatever this is. We'll discuss what that means later. Right now I'm tired and need sleep." He finally let go of her nipples.

She hugged and kissed him again. Then she brought both hands to bear on his penis. It was slowly growing, but ever so slowly. "And my punishment? My spankings? I think I need at least forty hard spankings on my ass and another twenty on my tits for all the wrongs I've done today."

His mind reeled at the idea of spanking her tits. His penis grew a bit longer, and her hands responded by stimulating him there even more. His penis was dripping pre-cum, and she took advantage of this to get her hands slick and slippery. He asked, "You really like and need your spankings, don't you?"

"Oh, yes! How else can I learn? My mother kept me in line with a very strong hand."

"Just out of curiosity, did she spank you with or without underwear on?"

"Without. That's the only way to get spanked. I assume you're asking about me; she always insisted that she at least keep her panties on. We couldn't have both of us totally naked or my dad would get mad. Well, mostly..."

Alan prodded, "Mostly?"

Brenda explained with great embarrassment, "Um, eventually, she took her panties off too. I mean, it wasn't really fair if I was the only one completely naked right? She was just trying to make me feel more comfortable." XX01

Alan was strangely amused at that. It sounds like Brenda had a very kinky, sexually repressed childhood. I'll bet there's more to the story, but I don't want to push her too hard about it right now. Still, I'm beginning to understand some things. I can imagine her parents having a very hard time resisting her charms. The more her mother felt guilty over her urges the more she turned to the Bible, yet she couldn't stop their not-so-subtly sexual spanking rituals. I wonder when and how she died. It must be tough to lose a mother when you're a teenager.

He realized that unless he was going to directly stop her, she'd keep playing with his penis until it was fully engorged. Then she'd want to have a lot more sexual fun. But he was very sleepy, and his penis was physically sore from being stimulated so much. He said, "Brenda, please. Let go of my dick. Now. It's done for the night."


Brenda let go. She backed up a bit, kneeling on the floor next to the bed, so she could take a good look at Alan's penis. It was three-fourths hard now, but still soft enough to flop down onto his stomach. Damn! Clearly, I've been ordered to stop reviving it, so I have to stop. That's part of what it means to have a master. And I was so close! So close!


Alan rolled his eyes at her dismayed look. She has such high expectations. It's like the mere idea of me being flaccid is beyond her comprehension. How can I ever live up to that? She looks at me in a guilty way too, now, as if she's committed some heinous crime by not getting me erect yet again. Her childlike reactions are almost comical. I'm thinking more and more that, ironically, this "slave" is going to be super high maintenance.

Brenda filled the gap in conversation with a longing sigh. "Master, can I sleep with you here tonight? That way, whenever you get a hard-on in the middle of the night, I'd be right here to help you with it."

Alan's mind reeled even more. He gently pulled her hand away. "Brenda, it's late. Time to go. Frankly, that sounds exhausting. I need to get as much sleep as I can, because I have school tomorrow. God dammit! What a sucky thought that is. And don't you have to go home, so you'll be there in the morning for your son?"

Brenda nodded sadly. "Yes, that's true. Adrian might even still be up, worried and waiting for me. I'd better go now, after all."

The mention of Adrian made Alan wonder how Brenda's young son fit into the picture. I wonder what Adrian is like as a person. Does he know about the "new" Brenda, and if he does, what does he think of that? Ugh. I'm too tired to worry about that right now. I've gotta get to bed.

She also was reminded of Adrian, and right now that startled and practically terrified her. She was reminded of her permission to have sex with Adrian too, and she wondered if she should act on that. Totally devoting herself to Alan was very tempting, but she sensed, correctly, the Plummers didn't want that out of concern that she would monopolize too much of Alan's time. What would she do if forced to choose between her master and her son? The very thought was too scary to contemplate. She shuddered in fear.

Alan could sense what she must be worrying about and said reassuringly, "Don't worry, I think I know what's bothering you. I'd never stand between you and your son. There's nothing more important than a bond between parent and child."

She let out a big sigh of relief that she didn't even know she'd been holding in. "Oh God! Thank you! I can already tell you're going to be the best master ever!" She gave him a tight hug.

But despite her general relief, deep down there was a part of her that still worried. She knew that somehow, eventually, her loyalties to Alan and Adrian would eventually clash, but she felt like there was nothing she could do to stop that from happening. She just hoped the clash wouldn't be too painful, especially for herself and Adrian. She had no doubt Alan would do fine in any case, with all his other loving women.

Brenda went across the hallway to take a quick shower. She couldn't arrive home all sweaty and cummy.

Alan wanted to go to sleep right away, but he felt obliged to see her out. He told her to meet him downstairs when she was done. He put a robe on to discourage any possible hanky panky. Then he went downstairs to get himself a drink.

She came downstairs dressed in the same clothes she'd arrived in: black thigh-high boots, and matching black panties and a bra-like top that only covered the middle of her boobs. She walked to where he sat on a kitchen stool and struck a sexy pose. "There you are, Master. I really needed that shower. I feel MUCH better."

Alan tried not to be affected by her clothes or her pose. He was so tired, he was having trouble keeping his eyes open, so nothing could affect him much at this point. He asked, "Is that all you came in with?"

"Of course not. I have a trenchcoat by the front door." She stiffened, proudly. "My body is for your eyes only."

Before she could say more, which he figured inevitably would be something arousing, he said, "While you were showering, something occurred to me. After we fucked, I noticed some milk on your chest. Am I right? Are you lactating?"

She explained, "No, I'm not lactating; that hasn't happened since Adrian was a baby. But sometimes, at the height of particularly exquisite passion, little dribbles of milk squirt out of my breasts. It's hardly ever happened to me because, frankly, I've hardly ever had really outstanding sex."

He thought, Hmmm. Weird. In her case, "little dribbles" is actually quite a lot.

"I asked a doctor about it once, and he'd told me it was a perfectly normal, though rare, condition. It doesn't mean that I'm any more or less likely than anyone else to lactate normally. Honestly, I don't know much about it. Maybe it's a side effect of having J-cup sized breasts?"

Alan shrugged, because he didn't know either. However, he found it perfectly fitting that she'd leak from her breasts as well, since she seemed to be such a huge leaker generally. He recalled that she'd also squirted pussy juice on another occasion, and had a brief vision of her squirting from all three spots at once.

He asked, "Why does it taste sour?"

"That's because it's been in my breasts for a long time. It can't stay fresh forever, you know."

He nodded.

As he took her to the door, he began thinking about problems that might arise if she were to come over more often. He asked, "Brenda, what about your husband and this divorce thing? Do you think he might hire a private eye or something like that?"

"No, don't worry."

"Are you sure? And is there anything I should worry about from that direction?"

"No, nothing. The divorce should be finalized in a couple of weeks; those awful lawyers are just tangling over some fine print. He's in Europe and wants to forget all about me and Adrian. He's not Adrian's natural father so he never really warmed to him. He hasn't really lived at 'home' in ages. He's got a whole other life and he's happy to be done with me. Don't worry. I'll certainly never fuck him again, or any other man, unless my master commands it. My master can command me to do anything and I must obey."

It was startling to hear her repeat those kinds of things when she was completely unaroused and fully coherent. The way she said it with such conviction was particularly unsettling. It hit him that all her "master" talk wasn't just some kind of sexual fantasy, like the crazy things he'd say to Heather. She apparently really meant it.

He helped her put on her trenchcoat and leave by the front door without following up on that. Instead he just gave her some good-bye pleasantries and kisses.

Alan had had a crazy day, and he didn't want to think any more, especially about this Brenda stuff. He went straight to bed.

But as he drifted off to sleep, he had one last stream of thoughts. I've gone from getting beaten up, to the strip poker party, which was probably the most epic evening of my life so far, to fucking my "slave" Brenda. Wow. All in one day. My eye still hurts a bit and must look terrible, but so the fuck what?

Now, I get to set my alarm clock so I can fuck Xania first thing in the morning. Whoa! Holy fuck! This truly is the life! Maybe I should just keep pumping up this reputation thing and deal the best I can with Brenda-styled craziness if it'll get me consistently laid with the likes of these luscious babes. Wow. Of course that attitude also got me beat up at school.

Shit! Speaking of school, I do have school tomorrow. Fuck! That's almost unbelievable. It feels like it should be a weekend, but tomorrow's only going to be Thursday. If I'm going to fuck Xania, I'm going to have to get up really early. I know: I'll set my alarm for five-thirty, and surprise her by waking her up in the dark. That way, I can take my time and not have to worry. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to go back to bed for a little while. Mom'll probably let me sleep until the last minute, and then help me get to school just in time. She's great.

He stirred enough to set his alarm. Then he turned the light off and closed his eyes again.

That takes care of that. I'm not really sure what to do with Brenda, though. Fucking her was great, but all this "master" and "slave" stuff is... worrying. Arousing, but worrying. And the whole situation with Adrian seems to have no easy answer. But let's worry about that tomorrow. I'm beat!

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XX01: Geezer: A young, naked Brenda being spanked over her naked mother's knee.


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