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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
What a Fool Believes
Day 67: Thursday, November 21

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan untied Xania's ropes. He felt that he should have untied them a while ago. He hoped her arms weren't too sore.


With a great sigh of relief, Xania broke free and stretched out.

To his surprise, she didn't immediately slap him for keeping her tied up so long and generally being a cheeky pest. She didn't suddenly resume fucking him either.

Instead, she was content to continue with her rest and recovery for a while. And as she did that, she realized she had more to think about and say about his problems.

She resumed talking while rubbing her arms and luxuriously stretching them up to the sky, deliberately striking a sexy pose as she did so. "Thank you for that. Aaaaah! That feels soooo much better... I do have a few more points to make, now that I'm not being tortured."

"Tortured?" If there was any chance that his erection would go flaccid sometime soon, that was lost because of the sight of her stretching.

She said, "Okay, maybe not tortured. Actually, I feel a lot better already. I just needed to stretch." She started to turn her head towards the Pestridge house.

But he said, "Don't look! Trust me, please! Don't look!"

She felt a thrill race down her spine and zap her pussy. "Oh shit! Someone's watching! How many?!"

"Ignorance is bliss. Trust me on this."

She suddenly felt so worked up that she wanted to do some vigorous fucking. But she forced herself to keep still. She decided to take his advice and try to ignore the stares (little realizing there weren't any stares, at least not from the Pestridge house). Instead, she asked, "By the way, are you really going to spank me?"

"Of course! It's just a matter of when, and how frequently. As to whether I spank you today or not, the jury is still out."

She shivered all over. This kid is too much! He's acting like he owns me already. Like it's a done deal. Like he's going to spank me whenever the hell he feels like it, as if he has the right to do that! Bullshit! I'm not one of his damn fuck toys. But still... it's so... totally fucking AROUSING! Dammit!

She preened and posed some more under the guise of continued stretching, since she knew Alan was watching closely. Her brain wanted her to keep talking, but her body wanted to be fucked, so she was sending out mixed signals.

She said, "Let's see. Ah, yes. Glory. So you need to dull her senses and keep her so preoccupied that she doesn't pick up on things. Whether by plan or not, you seem to have your whole house that way already. Suzanne's brain is totally out to lunch, she's so obsessed with you. I've never, ever, seen her turn into mental oatmeal like this before. But that still makes her sharp as a tack compared to Susan. I didn't know your mother before, but I can only assume she wasn't this constantly sex-crazed before."

He replied, "No, she wasn't. She's normally fairly smart, though not brilliant like Suzanne. But yeah, Mom's not exactly coming across like a sharp tack these days. She's really in the whole 'big-titted mommy' submissive thing, and I gotta say I'm loving it. As for Amy, she's not in a sexual fog, she's just naturally that way. It's hard to see it at first, but she's actually pretty smart too. However, she's also kind of like, I dunno, in her own time zone or something."

"I see." Xania moved with lightning speed and grasped his stiff erection before he realized what was happening. "A-ha! Now you're at my mercy! I can get back at you for being such an evil bastard! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

He would have been very concerned, since a man's penis can be injured so easily, but the look on her face showed she was just being playful. As a result, he joked in a deadpan style, "Xania, I warn you, if you try anything nasty, I'm gonna tell you more rope-related puns."

She looked at him with mock horror. "Egads! Anything but that! Still, I'd better keep holding this, just to make sure you stay on your best behavior."

With both hands tightly gripping his erection, she resumed her serious analysis. "In any case, you need to deal with Glory. I think it's safe to assume that she already suspects your incestuous relationship, at least with your sister. Think about it. She knows you're screwing some of the most attractive girls in school, and that you love big tits. Katherine's tits are only small relative to the likes of Brenda's. She's actually very endowed for her age. And she's possibly THE most beautiful girl in the whole school."

As Xania kept talking, she started subtly jacking off Alan's erection. But she was on such a roll that he didn't get a chance to comment on that.

She continued, "Glory must have thought about the possibility. She knows about your six-times-a-day treatment, so how plausible is it for your sister or mother to help out with your orgasm needs? VERY! I'm sure she can imagine a slippery slope of where a little bit of innocent help could lead, just as it really did. The only thing you have going for you is Katherine's prudish reputation. Susan's too, come to think of it. Does Glory know about that? Have they met?"

"Yeah. Glory's met Susan at different school things. Back then, Mom definitely came off as a born-again prude. She still dresses and acts like that when she goes outside, although now it's just an act."

"Good." The way she was stroking his cock was becoming more obvious, as well as more pleasurable. "Luckily, both reputations seem to be surprisingly intact outside the house, from what you're telling me. Although, there's no hiding Susan's bosomy beauty, no matter what clothes she wears. But if you're really serious about Glory long term, you have to figure that she's gonna find out about you and your special family bond sooner or later. Naturally, you obviously want it to be later, when you're inseparable, and you want to break it to her gently."

Xania's hefty melons bounced up and down in time to her pumping hands on Alan's pole. "In the short term, keep her fully preoccupied until you can sort things out. Keep seducing her, romancing her, and especially sexing her until she simply can't let you go. I suggest the full vibrator treatment."

"What's that?"

"You have to keep her cunt stuffed with plastic cock nearly twenty-four hours a day. If she's always on the edge of a climax, she won't be worrying about you and incest."

"But how will I do that? I mean, she has to teach. She takes her teaching role quite seriously. She'll never agree to it."

"You just leave it up to me. Actually, now that I think about it, the same strategy might help you with Heather too. If you keep her in a fog... But then again, with Heather it might backfire and she'd be encouraged in all the wrong ways. I'd have to know more about her to say for sure. I'd love to meet both of these women so I can feel them out, but that's for another day."

"You mean feel them up?" he half-joked.

"That too." She winked. She looked down at his boner. His pre-cum was flowing freely now, allowing her hands to slip and slide all over his throbbing shaft. But she kept on talking like nothing sexual was happening between them. "Right now, let's work on your Glory vibrator plan. I don't know if you're aware, but there's a growing toy collection in this house, so you have all the tools. There are some pretty high tech ones here, too. I'm quite impressed that you have a unit in there called the Televibe. It's perfect for your needs. Do you know about that one?"

"No. I'm completely vibrator-ignorant. I think Suzanne bought most of those, so she's the one to ask."

"I'll teach you how to use it before you go to school. I think you should start on her today."


"Time is of the essence. She could learn your secrets at any time. You need to up your efforts immediately if you hope to keep her, and even add her to your harem."

"Okay. Although I'd argue I don't actually have a harem."

"Look at me!"

He looked at her, especially her bouncing breasts.

"I'm referring to my hands. I'm jacking you off buck naked in your backyard while your mother, your sister, Amy's father, and God knows how many other people watch. And somehow, I find myself giving you advice on how to better seduce still more women. Believe me, you have a harem!"

He knew that was hard to dispute. But he dodged having to respond to that. "I have to go pee. I'll be back in a second, but then I'm going to tie you up again and play with your pussy some more, because I've been neglecting it. Then, of course, more fucking, and spanking, and who knows what else."

"Bastard!" But she didn't demand he shouldn't do some or all of those things. She was having too much fun to really complain. She suspected that no matter what he did to her, even a spanking, she'd end up cumming a lot.

She lightly slapped his cock, as if she was mad at it, and then she let go.


Alan did in fact have to go to the bathroom. That caused his penis to go flaccid again, as soon as he walked away from Xania. But there was another reason he went back into the house. Time was passing and it was coming up on seven o'clock, which meant that he figured Susan and Katherine had to be up by now and getting ready for the start of school at eight o'clock.

However, to his surprise, he didn't see anyone in the kitchen or dining room area. He went to the phone near the kitchen counter and called Amy's cell phone. When she answered, he gave her some very strange instructions.

Amy readily agreed to follow them right away with lots of happy "M'kay" answers.

Then Alan went to the downstairs bathroom. After that, he gathered up all the vibrators from the underwear drawer and put them in a big bag. Thinking ahead, he put a cell phone in the bag too. He brought the bag back to Xania by the pool,

He tied her back up. "You know Xania, not only am I beginning to think of you as a great advisor, but I also am starting to picture you with these ropes on. I think we'll have to tie you up like this for all future visits."

She put up a little protest, but didn't seem to mind terribly much. "Alan, you're wasting some good rope. I'm just not naturally into this, though I'll admit that you've got me going for the moment with your clever schemes. I'm too scared to look, but I'll bet there are no neighbors who can see, and you're just yanking my chain some more."

That heavily disappointed him. He thought he had her fully convinced that at least Eric Pestridge was watching.

She went on, "Whereas, unlike me, you've got some lovely ladies who would take to being tied-up like fish to water. I'm thinking of your sister, your mom, and most especially Brenda. So why me? I hardly know Brenda, but Jesus Christ, is she begging for it or what?!"

He cautiously replied, "We'll see. There's no reason why I can't tie up everyone, starting with you. But let's get back to Glory. Then, since you've been so insightful and helpful, I have some other issues to discuss, and we're running out of time."

So Xania explained her vibrator ideas to use with Glory.

Funnily enough, Susan had been in the kitchen and closely watching events in the backyard when Alan decided to come inside for a bathroom break, but she fled before she was seen, hiding in the den until he went back outside.

She wasn't afraid of being caught watching. Instead, she feared that if she got close to him, she simply wouldn't be able to control her over-aroused body. And while she would have dearly loved to give him a great titfuck or suck his cock dry, she didn't want to interrupt what he was doing with Xania. She knew she had plenty of chances to pleasure his cock, and she was eager to see him fully tame Xania. She snuck back into the kitchen as soon as the coast was clear.

Only a minute or two after Alan went back outside, Katherine came downstairs. She saw Susan standing at the kitchen window, blatantly gawking at Alan and Xania out back. She knew Susan sensed her presence, but she didn't say a word to her until she was standing right next to her. Then she merely said in a voice that was somehow both subdued and aroused, "Mom... The ropes... The ropes!"

Susan turned to her ever so briefly, and noticed that Katherine was standing within arm's reach. She said nearly accusingly, "Angel, if you so much as touch me, anywhere at all, I swear to the Lord that I'm going to cum and scream and scream and cum and cum and scream some more!"

Katherine grinned; she didn't see why that would be such a bad thing, and yet Susan seemed very distraught about it. She playfully touched Susan's nearest elbow.

Susan wagged a finger at her. "Seriously, I'm warning you!"

Katherine considered touching her a lot more, but decided to have mercy on her. She asked, "So, I take it you find the ropes as arousing as I do?"

Susan turned to actually face her and said with a desperate edge, "So much! Oh dear Lord! So much!" She turned back to the backyard view and resumed gawking at Xania in particular. "Just look at her! Is that not the most arousing thing you've ever seen in your entire life?! Xania Goodleigh, a professional psychologist with a PhD, has been reduced to my son's bound and helpless fuck-toy after staying here just one night! So HOT!"

For once, Katherine had little to say, because Susan had said it all when she erotically moaned "So HOT!", just as if Alan were in the middle of fucking her senseless. But after some moments she asked her mother, "Can you just imagine if that was you? I picture him doing that to me, and I get-"

Susan suddenly turned to her daughter and said with real anger in her eyes and her voice, "HUSH! I don't want to hear one more word out of you! If you say anything about it, I'm likely to just..." - she waved her hands in the air as she struggled to find the right words - "I don't know... spontaneously combust! From excessive horniness!"

Katherine giggled at that, especially at the added wild hand-waving.

Susan turned back to resume watching Alan and Xania. She griped, "It's not funny! UNGH! My pussy is so tingly and needy that it hurts!"

Katherine still snickered. "Come on. It's a little bit funny, at least."

Susan grinned despite herself. "Okay, it is. But seriously, hush. And watch closely! It's not every day that you get to see a proud, independent, worldly-wise woman get tamed. Watch and learn!"

Katherine decided that was good advice, so she just stood and watched Alan and Xania while being careful not to touch either her mother or her own private parts. Just like Susan, she knew that the view was so thrilling that masturbation would almost be overkill.

Back outside, Alan hadn't yet noticed that Susan and Katherine were staring from the kitchen. But a few minutes into Xania's talk about vibrators, he interrupted her and whispered urgently, "Don't look now, but someone's watching you. From the Pestridge house. It's Suzanne's husband, Eric. I'll admit that I was bullshitting before. It was too early, and the neighbors apparently all slept through your screaming. But now Amy's dad is finally up."

Xania turned her head as casually as she could. Since Alan hadn't said much about the neighbors watching for a while, she'd decided he had to be full of it. But, sure enough, she saw the shadow of a man standing at the only upper-floor window with a view of the Plummer's pool. Her heart started racing and her jaw actually hung open in shock.

But what Xania didn't know was that it was actually Amy, wearing a man's hat and jacket to make her silhouette look like a man's.


"Oh God!" Xania exclaimed quietly, as her sense of panic surged up and nearly overwhelmed her. She was suddenly acutely aware that she was buck naked. She started to cover up, only to realize that she'd just been bound by ropes again. That made her want to scream in frustration. The best she could do was lean forward, trying to keep her back to the Pestridge house window.

She hissed in dismay, "How can I continue with this, knowing that he's there?! We have to get out of here! NOW!"

Alan just smirked and smiled. "Nope!"

She turned her head again to get a better look. "Oh no! He's STILL there! Is he going to just stand there and stare at us forever?!" She hissed at Alan, "DO something!"

Alan casually replied, "I imagine he's probably masturbating. We don't have porn-star professional-model-quality naked women tied up and hanging out at our pool just any morning of the week."

He laughed to himself as Susan and Suzanne's daily nude sunbathing popped into his mind. He explained with complete calm, "Actually we do, except for the tied-up part. You should see how often Susan and Suzanne skinny-dip out here."

Xania somehow whimpered and growled at the same time. Her body was fidgety with fear and lust, but she struggled to stay still to draw less attention to herself. She hoped against hope that "Eric" would lose interest eventually if all he could see was her bare back and ass.

She thought, Oh God! I've never felt so naked in my life! She'd been avoiding looking at the Plummer house for a long time, for fear of what she'd see there. But she glanced over at it, thinking that she might make a break for it and try running there with her hands bound, only to see Katherine and Susan staring at her!

She was so horrified that she turned her head away immediately, trying to pretend that she hadn't just seen them. Their presence killed her sense that she had somewhere to escape to. She had a fearful vision of running all the way to the sliding glass door at the back of their house only to find it locked, with way to open it. She imagined Susan and Katherine just staring and pointing and laughing at her from the other side of the glass.

She was getting really scared! And yet, thanks to her fetish for public exposure, her lust soared just as much.

Alan said calmly, "I'll tell you what. You need something to distract you and take your mind off of him watching you. Something just like your plan to deal with Glory comes to mind. And as a matter of fact, I just happen to have some vibrators right here."

He reached into the bag and pulled out a vibrator. "What a funny coincidence! Let's see. Oooh! Mr. Excitement. One of the favorites around here: twelve inches long and black. Mr. Pestridge will be able to see that go up your cunt from all the way over there. We can put the clit stimulator attachment on as well. And, oooh! Here's a lovely little anal number..."

Xania hissed quietly, "Alan! God damn you! I've only begun to describe this vibrator plan, and you're already using it against me? That is so completely unfair! You are such a clever asshole!"

"Hmmm. Could be that I am. That's another thing I want to discuss: how all these women fawning over me, praising me, practically worshiping me at times are slowly turning me into an egotistical, evil asshole. I think of it as the 'Good Alan' vs. 'Bad Alan' battle. But until we have that discussion, Mr. Excitement, meet Xania's pussy. Xania's pussy, meet your new, well-hung, black lover. But please, don't let me interrupt. You were saying about Glory and vibrators?"

"Alan, come ON!" She turned her head and watched "Eric" at the window as Alan inserted the big vibrator.

In doing so, he turned her completely around so the insertion would be visible from Amy's window.

That immediately doubled Xania's sense of helplessness and humiliation. Now, instead of trying to look at the window, she hung her head and tried to make herself small. She leaked like a faucet, trembled all over, and panted heavily.

She tried to continue with giving Alan advice about his other women, but she couldn't even get started with the vibrator buzzing away in her and the thought of Suzanne's husband watching her. My God! This is so WRONG! Why am I letting him do this to me?! That guy up there must think I'm a total slut!

She frequently looked up and saw the silhouette in the same position, rarely moving. She didn't want to, but she couldn't resist. FUUUUCK! Earlier, I asked myself how it could possibly get any worse than being seen stark naked and bound, with cum all over my face and chest? Well, add a vibrator lewdly sticking out of my pussy to all that! HOLY FUCK! Alan is diabolical! I'm gonna die of shame, here and now!

Meanwhile, Alan said things to her like, "Look how long he's been at the window. He clearly must be staring at SOMEthing out here. I wonder what that could be?"

Xania whispered back, "How can you be so calm about this?! He's staring at you too, you know!"

"Yeah, that's it," Alan said teasingly. "I'll bet he's staring at me. So that means you have nothing to worry about. He's probably checking out my tits and ass. Or maybe the glistening cum on my face."

She complained under her breath, "Bastard! I hate you!" But with each passing moment, she was getting more and more aroused. Alan wasn't even touching her, and yet she was hotter than an oven.

Alan explained further, "Seriously, why should I care if he's staring at me? He must be thinking, 'That Alan is one lucky kid. Look, now he's cupping one of her tits like he owns her.'" Naturally, he cupped a tit as he said that, and started kneading it in full view of the window. "Meanwhile, he's probably thinking about you: 'Who's the kinky slut?'"

She panted with excitement, "Stupid fuckin' double standards!" She was really getting off on Alan fondling her for the supposed stranger's benefit. Just that much touching nearly sent her over the edge. The main reason she didn't was because she didn't want Eric to see and hear her cumming out of control. And despite all the many wild sexual things she did in front of Susan and Katherine (and others!) last night, she was terrified of them watching her now too.

After a few more moments, Alan thought, Three things. One, Amy has to go to school and needs to prepare. She's a doll doing what I'd asked, but it's cruel to keep her there at the window forever. Two, I pretty much promised Xania a second fuck. Now's a good time as any, because she's hopeless at explaining things with the way she's panting right now. And three, there's a fine line with this sexual humiliation stuff. I want Xania scared, but not too scared, so she'll look back and regret this later.

So Alan took the vibrator out of her. A considerable amount of cum came gushing out along with it.

"What are you doing?!" Xania immediately complained.

He bent Xania over a lounge chair so he could take her doggy style.

"And what are you doing to me now?! Stop!"

But he didn't stop. In fact, he started rubbing his cockhead up and down her slit. "I can't let Mr. Pestridge down. If I've got my own porn star sex toy, he's gonna wonder why I'm not fucking her already."

He inserted his hard erection. He was doing it doggy style mostly because he'd promised to do that earlier, but he also figured it would look good for "Mr. Pestridge" (in fact, Amy) in the window. He whispered to her, "As long as he's watching, let's give him a good show, okay? In for a penny, in for a pounding."

Xania just whimpered at that. She started cumming before he really got started and just kept cumming in one great long multiple orgasm. But she was so petrified about the neighbors and especially Eric Pestridge supposedly watching that she hardly made a sound.

About a minute into his thrusting, Alan looked over at his house and saw Susan and Katherine standing just outside the sliding glass door, staring out at them. "Oooh! Bonus! Look, Xania. We have more guests. Hi Sis! Hi Mom!" He waved at them with exaggerated hand gestures.


Xania couldn't bear to look, but she looked over at the Plummer house anyway. Sure enough, she saw Susan and Katherine standing near their sliding door to the patio, smiling and waving back. They both wore the barest of clothes. Their ample tits wobbled and swung back and forth inside skin-tight and obviously braless shirts with every wave of their hands. They seemed very mirthful, as if they found Xania's predicament delightful. They also showed no sign of jealousy that Xania could see.

"Fuuuuuuucccck!" Xania exhaled in exasperation. What the hell is with this kid?! Those two over there are so hot, and he practically owns 'em! Meanwhile, he's- UGH! He's fucking me so damn GOOD! I've never been so embarrassed in all my life, and the two of them keep staring at me!

Oh God! And Suzanne's husband! He's probably jacking off as he watches me! And for the love of God, how many other neighbors are watching too?! I can't look in any direction!

Alan was amused (and of course, aroused) as he took a closer look at what his sister and mother were wearing. Susan wore panties and a thin shirt several sizes too small. Katherine wore even smaller panties and a smaller and tighter top. They both had dressed to show off their hard nipples. He'd asked them the night before not to wear anything too arousing until his studies were over, and so figured that this was their idea of "not arousing." He was further amused to see that Katherine was awkwardly reaching back and occasionally groping at Susan's pussy even while she waved.

Even though Xania was busy getting nailed, she caught the occasional glimpse of mother and daughter, usually between thrusts. "Is this what it's like with them every morning?" she asked him with an incredulous voice. She'd given up on trying to resist getting fucked, and in fact, her pussy was so very, very hot that she eagerly welcomed it. Her body swayed in time to Alan's thrusts.

"Actually, they're a bit overdressed today," he admitted truthfully, as he kept on steadily drilling her. "They probably wanted to see how you were taking things before going into full-on 'dress sexy to suck cock through breakfast' mode. How ARE you taking things, by the way?"

"UGH!" She didn't say it, but after he said that it was obvious to both of them that she was taking a lot of cock, and taking it deep. Even though he was talking in a somewhat casual voice, he was riding her hard and fast. She wanted to churn and grind on his hot pole. But with her arms tied behind her back and the way he was steadily pounding forward, she was helpless to change positions or do anything but fuck back onto his dick.

He had her bent over a lounge chair, but he'd made sure that her breasts were hanging over the other side of it. That way, they were able to swing freely, and right in front of the Pestridge house too.

Xania tried not to think of what Eric Pestridge must think of her, getting fucked in such an outrageously lewd position. She was so excited that she was worried she'd pass out. I'm such a slut! Such a slut! I knew I was bad before, but... Oh God! I'll never be the same, will I?!

Then, as if Xania hadn't been embarrassed enough already, Alan shouted out, "Hey Sis! Why don't you come out here and join in the fun?"

Katherine waved some more but declined the invitation, since she knew he was joking.

Xania realized with a start that Alan should not be saying that to Katherine with Eric listening! She hissed quietly, "Shut up! Do you realize UH! What you just - OH! UH! Just said out loud?! God! UGH! Do you - UGH! YES! Do - AH! Do - UH!"

Alan slowed down a bit so Xania could finish what she wanted to say.

"Do you want Amy's father to hear that?! OH! So good! Don't you think UNGH! Yes! Think that - OOH! He'd find that odd?!" The threat of having everything discovered by Amy's father only excited her further, and even after Alan slowed she still could barely get a coherent sentence out.

Alan slowed down further so he could reply without frantic panting.

To his surprise, Xania responded to the change of pace by churning her hips and milking his erection with her vaginal walls at the same time. It felt intense, and showed her remarkable sexual talent.

He found that talking wasn't that easy, after all. "All I said was... Phew! ...join in the fun... Ah. Ah... Maybe... Hold on... Maybe, maybe, I mean that Sis and I should double-team YOU! ... Oh God! Jesus! Just a... Hold on... What's wrong, wrong with that? ... After all... Just a, just a sec..." With one great final effort, he managed to finish his thought, "After all, when you have a bound and naked porn star, isn't that the kind of thing you d-d-d-do, do to her?"


All the while, Alan never really stopped thrusting. However, he decided that he needed another strategic break.

He stopped, but Xania didn't. She seemed to delight in foiling his plans for a strategic break by continuing milking his stiffness. Meanwhile, she kept looking up at "Eric" in the window. Thinking that a strange man was watching her aroused as much as if an extra pair of hands was fondling her all over, and knowing Susan and Katherine were watching too felt as thrilling as yet more hands on her. Furthermore, she desperately needed to cum, but felt she couldn't because of her audience.

Her milking was so stimulating that Alan was forced to pull out until just part of his cockhead was in her tight vaginal grip. That allowed him to actually recover somewhat.

She cursed in her mind, Stick it back in, motherfucker! Finish what you started! Had she not been tied up, she would have reached back, held his cock, and impaled herself back on it. But she couldn't move much, so she just simmered and burned with fuck need.

She seemed beyond the ability to coherently talk, but Alan at least was able to get his breath back, even though his dick still had him dangerously close to cumming. He tried to tease her some more. "I just had a great idea. Unfortunately I need to go to school in a little while, and I don't know if I'll have time to spank you this morning."

In fact, he had no plans to spank her. He continued to feel that she was a true submissive. He still wanted to arouse and dominate her, but he'd have to do it in a more clever and roundabout way. He highly doubted that she'd find a spanking very arousing, but the threat of a spanking allowed him to do other things to her, such as maximize the impact of her public exposure fetish. With that in mind, he pulled his hand back and gave her left ass cheek a solid swat.


Then he did the same to her right ass cheek.

"YEOW! What the hell?!"

He said, "Sorry, but Mr. Pestridge just gave me a thumbs up, so I kinda did that for him."

"AAAAIIIIEEEE!" Xania clenched her ass cheeks hard, struggling with all her might not to cum. In so doing, she delightfully and repeatedly squeezed Alan's cockhead.

She actually felt tears leaking from her eyes and dripping off her face. I might as well cum now. Why the fuck not?! My public humiliation is complete! Someday soon, I'll have to meet Eric face to face again. Jesus, it's been years and years. In fact, knowing what a diabolical bastard Alan is, he'll probably introduce me to him later today, with a fresh load of cum on my face. OH Gaawwwd! I'll never be able to look him in the eye!

Oh God! Oh God! But I can't cum, because I'll draw the attention of even MORE neighbors! Believe me, things could get worse. They could get much worse. I have to be strong!

Alan gently ran his hands over where he'd just smacked her. "But I've got a bigger problem than just when to spank you. It could take a few days to fully break you in, so what should I do with you while I'm at school today?"

She briefly cried out like he'd just stuck her with a knife, as she contemplated being tied up all day.

He paused and caught his breath. She kept attempting to catch more of his cock with her cunt, but he kept foiling that. "Maybe I'll leave you tied up out here, but in the shade under an umbrella so you don't burn your fair skin. Then I'll put a gag in your mouth and hang a big sign around your neck: 'Notice to the neighbors: Help needed breaking in busty porn star. Please keep all her holes filled. Tell a friend.'"

Xania let out another groan that was more like a scream. She was finding it hard to keep quiet, though she was still struggling to do so. MotherFUCKER! He's just yanking my chain, right?! Isn't he?! He wouldn't go THAT far!

"What's that?" Alan asked, pretending Xania said something intelligible. He pushed all the way back in and then resumed slowly thrusting. Despite his calm voice, he was too excited to pause the action for very long.

She moaned even louder, overcome by the powerful sensation of being completely filled by hard cock. "UNH! HNNNG! YEEEESSSS!"

"What was that? You're pointing out we should charge money? Good idea, but that's tacky and we don't need the money. Hey, I know. I'll put a coin jar out so people can leave tips to show their appreciation."

Xania let out a barely muffled scream as the combination of Alan's resumed steady thrusting and his wild words slowly drove her to another climax.

But Alan again pretended to understand her wordless noises. "What's that? You're saying not enough people will see you in the backyard? Excellent point. You want everyone to see your naked body? Okay."

She somehow managed to get out a "NO!" But it was partly to herself, feeling that she didn't want to cum just yet.

"No? Oh, my mistake. You want people to see you AND feel you."

She whimpered. "Alan! Please! Have mercy!" I'm gonna cum so hard! I'm gonna cum so hard! The whole town will hear and see, and it's all his fault!

He tightly gripped her ass cheeks as he steadily pounded in and out of her. "What's that? You want everyone to fuck you as well? Okay, if you insist. We'll put you under the big tree in the front yard. In fact, I'll chain your naked body to the tree. I'll be surprised if I come home and I don't see three long lines going down the sidewalk, one for each of your holes. And if each fucker leaves a quarter in the jar, we could make more than ten dollars on the first day alone!"

Xania fully understood on some level that he was just teasing, but she allowed herself to think it might be real because as a fantasy it was so exciting. Plus, between what she'd seen at the poker party and her belief that he was fucking her in front of strangers (not to mention Katherine and Susan), she couldn't be completely sure what extremes he might go to.

She whispered, "Alan, please! Have mercy on me! I need to cum so bad, but I'm afraid to!"

"Okay." He felt he needed to push her hard, but not too hard. So he stopped his thrusting and just let breathed hard for a minute or more. He actually needed a break as much as she did.

As she recovered her breath, she asked, "You are just making up all that total bullshit, right?"

"Most of it."


He chuckled at that, and she laughed too.


He said, "Here's let's do something else." He switched positions and had her sit in his lap. Now she was facing the Plummer house, where Katherine and Susan were still frequently looking out the window.

Xania wanted to rest and recover some more, but her body had other ideas. She immediately started bouncing up and down on his pole without being asked to. At the same time, she asked, "Why are we doing it this way?"

He explained, "I was just thinking. It's rude to fuck and always give Mr. Pestridge the best view. This way, Mom and Sis get a great view."

Xania looked up and saw Susan and Katherine smiling and waving at her. Oh, fuck me! Them again?! Will this nightmare ever end?!

She stopped her bouncing out of embarrassment. But her body craved more of Alan's long and thick cock, so she resumed her bouncing, but tried to be less obvious about it. She was particularly embarrassed at the way her huge breasts were lewdly bouncing. But then she thought, Fuck it! After everything Susan and Katherine saw and did last night, why the fuck am I worrying about modesty! Hell, I should put on a good show!

She bounced on his cock even more than before, with a new burst of energy and inspiration.

Alan sensed her change of attitude, and said, "Oh, and I forgot to mention that guy over there."

Xania held her breath as she turned to see who he was pointing to. She stopped her bouncing and just tightly clenched his cock with her strong pussy muscles. "Where?!"

"There! Through those trees."

Finding no one there, she let her breath out. "Damn you! Bastard!" She resumed her vigorous bouncing on his cock. But she also loved his teasing. In fact, she was a bit disappointed not to see another spectator.

Alan was acting cool and he wasn't that winded because Xania was doing most of the work, bouncing up and down on his impalement. But his arousal had been rising all the while, and he had finally reached the point where he had to either stop completely or cum hard. He decided on the latter.

He leaned forward and grasped onto her breasts. "Here comes the first of dozens of loads in this hole today!"

"Can I cum too?!"

"YES!" He could feel his balls tightening. He was passing the point of no return. He started thrusting up into her more vigorously.

"Oh, thank God!" In the heat of the moment, she didn't stop to think how he'd somehow gained the right to decide when she could cum.

"But don't scream!" He held her big tits tightly. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as his cum started to blast into her molten hot cunt.

"OH FUCK!" Her relief on being given permission to cum was mostly stymied by his command to be quiet about it. She wished she could bite down on her hand or at least cover her mouth, but of course she couldn't move her hands at all. She clenched her teeth tightly and hoped that would be enough.

It wasn't. Her orgasm was simply spectacular in its intensity. Nothing ever felt so good to her as feeling Alan's cum flooding in her vagina while he kept on thrusting up and down and she kept on bouncing. Her attempt to keep quiet lasted for all of about two seconds. Then she screamed with total abandon, as if she was trying to set a personal loudness record.

He emptied his balls into her relatively quickly, since male orgasms don't last long. But his cock stayed hard for a little longer, and her orgasm went on and on.

She realized just how loud she was screaming, and tried to shut up. That didn't last long, because the pleasure was too intense. She alternated between letting it all out and trying to stifle her screams. It was extremely frustrating. She had a sinking feeling that she was going to get a hard spanking for directly disobeying his order, but she simply couldn't stop screaming!

He held her steady by her breasts until he felt his dick start to go flaccid, and her multiple orgasms began to peter out. Then he leaned forward and leaned his head against her back while she leaned back and rested against him. Somehow, they managed to keep each other sitting up.

She continued to twitch and tremble as little orgasmic aftershocks rocked her. Even after his flaccid penis slipped out of her, occasional small orgasms continued to hit her.


Finally, he began untying her.

"Bastard," Xania cursed, once her arms were free. However, the way she said it showed she was much more pleased than angry. In fact, she was practically over the moon. She'd never had an orgasm like that, not even in her other recent experiences with Alan.

Alan pretended confusion. "What? Oh, you're upset I didn't leave a tip. Don't worry, that's just 'cos we don't have the tip jar out yet. I'll put my quarter in later. You were definitely worth it. Heck, I might even put in two!" He finished untying her as she squirmed to get free.

Xania had just enough energy left to reach out and slap his upper arm. She said quietly, "You motherfucker! You BASTARD! Enough of you and your tip jar. As if! It's bad enough that you let Suzanne's husband watch the whole thing. Look. He's STILL there. Sorry, Eric, the show's over. Don't stick around unless you want to watch the next show: a young man getting murdered as soon as he finishes untying these ropes. Grrr!"

It was starting to get warm, so they lay out in the sun and recovered.

"You like saying 'grrr' and 'bastard' a lot, don't you?" he teased.

"Around you I do," she grumbled. "And speaking of bastards, I hope I don't have one in the oven right now. You forgot to pull out this time, you dummy. The pill isn't 100 percent effective, you know."

She found the idea of getting knocked up pretty hot. She wasn't interested in getting pregnant, but somehow it was thrilling in an alternate universe possibility just the same. Earlier, she'd mentioned to him in a vague way that she was using birth control, but she hoped he'd forgotten that.

He had forgotten, and he assumed that the protection issue had completely slipped his mind yet again. He grimaced, feeling honestly abashed. "Oops."

"'Oops?' You could be a daddy now, and all you say is 'Oops?' You're a hopeless case... Although, I have to admit that it felt pretty good having your hot, fertile seed splash inside me."

He thought, Oh, man! It's like I'm playing Russian roulette here. Are the fates still smiling on me?

They were exhausted, almost too tired to talk. However, he repositioned so they could look at each other's faces. He wrapped his arms around her and held her.

She really appreciated that, and she wrapped her arms around him too. Damn! That was TOO intense! I nearly had a heart attack! And everyone's STILL looking at me, I'll bet. I can't believe what a stud this kid is. He makes me see stars!

Xania rested her head against his chest. After another minute or so, she asked shyly, "So... Are you going to spank me, for real? I tried hard not to cum, but I couldn't help myself!" She lifted her head up so she could give him her best sad puppy dog look.

He hadn't intended to spank her, but he was tempted to do so after all. But then he realized time was probably running out to get ready for school. Besides, their climaxes had drained their bodies and left them practically destroyed. Clearly, the moment had passed. He said, "That depends. Are you still going to be here when I get back from school?"

"Not if you're going to spank me! Jesus! But honestly, I have to get back home long before then."

"Damn. Then I guess you're going to get away scot-free this time. I still owe you one though. Two, technically."

"I know." She leaned her head against his chest again and happily caressed his chest. Mmmm! That was great! Probably the best fuck I ever had! But I'll be damned if I'm gonna let this cocky bastard know just how much he rocked my world. Mmmm... Even the idea of sticking around and getting spanked later doesn't sound bad. I wish I could...

She said, "I can't believe I'm just sitting here, letting Eric stare at me. I must really be a 'kinky slut.'" She could feel Alan's cum slowly oozing out of her slit, and she liked that too.

"Wow," Alan said after another pause. "I got some good use out of that rope. By the way, did I mention that the silhouette you see up there isn't really Mr. Pestridge?"

Xania rolled to the side so she could look where he was lying next to her, and raised a questioning eyebrow.

He sat up, reached into the bag full of vibrators lying nearby, and pulled out a cell phone. He dialed a number. "Hi. Amy? ... How you doing? ... Thanks again for doing the big favor. Xania got a kick out of it. Give us a kiss and a wave."


Xania was chagrined as she sat up and saw Amy wave from the window. She was struck speechless. Oh... NO! It can't be! Amy?! MOTHERFUCKER!

She turned to Alan and glared at him with narrowed, angry eyes. "You evil little bastard! You really are a bastard this time. You had me going! I mean, Suzanne's husband! I was worried for her. You BASTARD!" She turned and slapped him on the cheek (with some actual force).

But even though she was genuinely angry, she was also extremely relieved. She realized she'd been pranked, but she'd been on both ends of pranks in her life many times (especially in her wild college years) and knew to be a good sport about it. So she launched a tickle attack on him.

Alan fought back until they both called a truce and had to rest from all the laughter. They both ended up lying on the ground.

"God, I love it here," Xania said aloud, no longer caring that she was outside and buck naked. "Alan, you really know how to have a good time and spread the joy. No wonder all the women flock to you. Speaking of which, let's take care of this Glory situation. Let me finish explaining before you have to eat and shower. What a bizarre morning!"

He said, "You think this is bizarre? What, you think fucking a naked and tied up beauty in my own back yard while my girlfriend watches from one window and my mother and sister watch from another qualifies as bizarre? That's practically normal for me lately. I gotta warn you though, what just happened was pretty extraordinary even by recent Plummer house standards. I don't know how I'm going to top this in future sex sessions with you, so please don't expect that."

She said cheekily, "Oh, so you're just assuming now that you're going to keep fucking me?"

"Yes. Yes, I am."

"You're such a cocky motherfucker! Literally in both cases, although the second one is still technically unfulfilled."

He ran a hand across her tummy, and playfully poked a finger in her belly button. "Well, am I?"

"Are you what?"

"Am I going to keep fucking you?"

She closed her eyes. "Don't even make me say it. You know the answer."

He grinned at that. He ran his hand down to her pussy. He knew they were both too wiped out for any more sexual fooling around, but he just possessively ran his fingers over her slit and down her rivulets of cum, as if reaffirming his ownership.

She felt a thrill race up and down her spine. Dammit! This fucking teenager is going to ruin me for all other guys, if he keeps this up. After a pause, she added, "And don't worry, I understand it won't always be like this. Pretending you have a neighbor watching only works once, for starters, and don't think I don't know what you were doing with that little trick. Somehow, I'm confident we'll have a good time, even when it's not nearly this intense."

He sat up on an elbow so he could look down at her. "We will. You inspire me." He ran his hand back up to her taut tummy and rested it there.

She smiled contentedly and placed one of her hands on top of his.

He said, "But speaking of 'intense,' that brings me to another issue. I hesitate to call these 'problems' because they don't compare to people with real problems, but damn, my life is beyond bizarre. I'm having a hard time dealing with just, well, all the totally surreal bizarreness I experience every day. My life used to be so completely nerdy and normal."


Alan lifted his head up and saw that Susan was standing over him. She was still wearing her skimpy and tight clothes that covered little more than a bikini. He could smell her distinctive musky pussy smell, and he saw a big wet spot on her panties, so he knew she'd been doing a lot of masturbating. "Hi, Mom."

Susan smiled at him and said, "Did you have a good fuck with your latest conquest?"

"I did."

Susan said a big smugly, "But of course you did. Sorry to disturb you two lovebirds, but you really need to get moving, for school." She finally looked to Xania. "I'm sorry, but there won't be any time for him to spank you this morning."

Xania did a double take. "You heard that?!"

Susan smiled knowingly. "I heard a lot of things, and so did my Angel. Remember, we were standing just outside for most of it, and not that far away." She looked down at Alan, in particular his flaccid penis covered in Xania's cum. "Son, have I told you lately how proud I am of you?"

He smiled lovingly at her. "Actually, you have."

"Well, I'm saying it again. Let's get a move on, okay? And Xania, we have a tradition around here of licking Tiger's cock and balls completely clean after each of his orgasms. Isn't that 'when in Rome' rule still in effect?" With that, she quickly walked back to the house.

Xania watched Susan's barely covered ass cheeks rise and fall as she walked away. Hot damn! I wish I was Alan. I'd be fucking everyone here non-stop, which is pretty much what he's doing. And I thought the women were beautiful in Hollywood, but Orange County is where it's at!

Alan said, "So, I was saying about things being intense."

Xania replied, "Unfortunately, that and the other issues will have to wait for another day. Like your mother said, you've got to get ready. Unfortunately, I really will be gone by the time you get back from school as well. Seeing how you're NOT keeping me tied up on the front lawn, that is." She gave him a stare that showed her adamant refusal to consider the idea.

He grinned and nodded. He was happy there was even a part of her that had to confirm he wasn't going to do that.

With visible relief, she continued, "But don't worry, I'll be back here soon enough, or you can come visit my place. I suppose I have to see what other kind of sordid and troublesome mischief you can get up to. I'm certainly not going to miss the next poker party! Assuming I'm invited."

He leered, "Oh, you are." He ran his hand back down to her wet slit and idly slid a finger up and down it.

She shivered again. He's gonna fuck me so hard and long at the next party that his cum will even leak out of my ears! And in front of all his other women, no doubt! I'll be walking funny for the whole next week!

God dammit, this all feels so good. Too good. What's going to happen to me? What if I keep coming back here for more, and eventually turn into someone like Brenda? I heard her tell Susan during one of the breaks last night how she'd bought a new fancy French maid outfit that looked fairly normal in front but completely exposed her ass in back. And hearing Brenda and Susan get so excited talking about wearing it in front of Alan made me almost wish I would be wearing something like that.


She pictured herself standing in front of a mirror in the French maid outfit Brenda had described. She imagined herself blushing and nervous, hoping against hope that she'd please Alan.

Then she shuddered. That's not me! I'm not submissive. I'm not exactly a dom either, but I've pretty much always had the upper hand in my relationships, be it with men or women. I don't know if I could handle the general submissive attitude around here. It's curiously infectious!

After a long pause to ponder those thoughts, she said, "And then there's the phone and e-mail. We need to arrange this whole Sean weekend on the phone anyway. Oh, and for the last time, I am NOT a porn star. I'm a B-movie actress. Can you remember that?"

"Nope. Wow. I just fucked a real porn star."

Xania rolled her eyes and sighed in exasperation, but she grinned at his impudence as well.

She said, "I know we're running out of time, but before we go inside where there will be all kinds of distractions, like me finish telling you about how you should use a vibrator on Glory."

"Okay. But please, make it quick."

Xania peeked into the bag of vibrators he'd produced. She pulled out a bent pink one. "This is called a Televibe. Do you know how this works?"

"No. I'm kind of vibrator ignorant. Most of the stuff in the bag belongs to Aunt Suzy. I've never even seen that one before."

"I mentioned it to you after I saw it earlier. This one can do all kinds of special things. It's perfect for your Glory-taming needs." She paused and snickered, "'Your Glory-taming needs.' I can't believe I just said that. You're corrupting me, kid."

She dug through the bag of vibrators and pulled something else out that looked more like a blue box. "Ah, good. The controller is here too. Anyway, let me quickly explain. It'll just take a couple of minutes."

She spent the next few minutes explaining how Alan should use the Televibe. Then she and Alan went inside to eat breakfast.


Alan needed to get to school early, to put his plans for Glory into immediate effect.

Susan and Katherine were still dressed in the panties and tight, braless shirts.

As soon as he sat down, he said to them, "I've got bad news. I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but I really need to take it easy this morning on the sex stuff. We've really got to rush here because I have to get to school at least ten minutes early, preferably fifteen. And then I'm going to have to lay off the sex when I get home due to my pile of homework."

He looked right at Katherine and said sadly, "I'll even have to skip my S-Club meeting this afternoon." He expected her to pass that message on to Kim later in the day. She nodded in understanding.

Susan brought bowls of cereal and fruit for Alan and Xania who were sitting at the dining room table. "Why don't you two get started, then? Tiger, what was it like fucking Xania silly? Did you pound your big, thick, juicy cock into Xania's cunt like I expect you're gonna pound me soon?" She smiled benignly. From her tone and demeanor one might have guessed she'd asked him if he'd had a nice walk instead.

Alan's heart skipped a beat, just from hearing his mother talk about fucking like that. He recovered and responded, "It was great, and I almost gave her my all, but I didn't give Xania my complete 100%. I'm saving that just for you."

Susan beamed. "Awww. What a wonderful boy. I can't wait!"

He quickly added, to both Susan and Katherine, "And don't either of you ask Xania about her take on getting fucked. At least not yet. Mom, if I know you at all, you're going to want to vicariously experience our fuck by having Xania describe it in graphic detail. But save that for later, after I'm gone. I've got to hurry." He dived into his Honey Nut Cheerios.

Susan pouted. "Oh, poo."

But she just stood there, like something was bothering her. Finally, she said, "Xania, I hate to be a nag, especially since you're our guest, but Tiger's cock and balls aren't going to lick themselves clean. I'd gladly lick him, but I'm busy cooking."

Katherine started to speak.

But Susan didn't give her a chance. "And Angel, you have to eat. Maybe when you're done. But the cum will be getting gross by then." She looked sternly and disapprovingly at Xania.

Xania sighed with resignation. "Fine. I'll do it." She looked at Alan eating his cereal across the dining table. "What am I supposed to do now, kneel naked under the table and lick him while he eats?"

"But of course," Susan replied happily. "It's a pity you don't have your high heels on too, but you're new to this. You'll learn." With that, Susan walked back to the kitchen.

Xania looked down and saw Susan's high heels. Good grief! This place is crazy! Seeing that she didn't really have any choice in the matter, she crawled under the table and started licking Alan's flaccid penis clean. Actually, compared to her many other humiliations last night and this morning, this wasn't so bad. She was mostly hidden from view by the table.

Katherine decided to eat her breakfast on a stool by the kitchen counter. She figured that although she wasn't allowed to lick his privates clean, she could help him enjoy the experience by providing visual stimulation from head to toe.

Her challenge was to capture and then keep his attention. She held the day's newspaper in her hands and asked, "Big Church Steeple Brother, you're probably too busy to read the paper this morning, but what if I read it to you?"

"That sounds all right," he said while stuffing his face with another spoonful of cereal.

"Let's see what we have here." She ostentatiously fluffed the paper.

Seeing that caught her brother's attention, she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it away.

Alan gave her a skeptical look.

"Hey, I'm just getting comfy," she protested with a naughty giggle. She turned her attention back to the paper. "Here's an interesting one, a local boy makes good type story." A change of tone indicated she was reading the headline. "Area Teen Sets New Daily Orgasm Record."

"Sis, come on! Get serious. As if there'd be an article about me in there."

"Oooh! Look who's all full of himself. Just because you have Xania licking your balls clean, do you think you're the cock of the walk?"

From the kitchen, Susan gleefully corrected, "Angel, he IS the cock of the walk. And the man of the house. And so much more! Don't forget your place as one of his many fuck toys."

Katherine grinned. "True. I stand corrected. That said, Big Bro, I'll have you know this article isn't about you at all. In fact, it looks like you have some competition." She pretended to read some of the article. "Wow! This guys is averaging TEN climaxes every day. I guess you'll have to fuck us all more often to keep up."

Alan snickered. "Yeah, right. As if more fucking is humanly possible. What's his supposed name?"


"Hmmm. Let's see here. Ah. 'Ivor Biggun.'"

Xania and Susan laughed.

Alan just groaned, and not from the way Xania was licking his balls. "Come on, Little Puffy Sheathed Sis. Get serious. Read the front page."

"Okay, here's a front page headline. 'State Supreme Court Strikes Down Incest Prohibition.' Wow! No way! This is awesome! It says right here that a California law prohibiting sex between siblings has been struck down as a violation of their right to privacy. However, and I quote, 'This provision will only remain valid for those who prove their seriousness and dedication to this major breach of traditional mores. Brothers must fuck their sisters at least once a day to retain this legal exemption. Furthermore, the daily fucks, preferably twice a day at the very least if the brother is sexy, well-hung, and cute, and the sister is a self-professed number-one fuck toy, must be deep, hard, and intense, giving the sister lots of wonderful orgasms.' Unquote. That's according to Supreme Court spokesman Dick C. Normus."

Alan laughed with the others, but he said, "All right. That's it. No more newspaper reading allowed. Now let's finish our food and get out of here."

Katherine couldn't resist but add, "Wait! I haven't even told you about the gripping courtroom testimony of one Ms. E. Norma Snockers who convinced the judges that she suffered severe emotional and physical distress when her brother didn't fuck her at least three times a day!"

Alan got up and ripped the paper from his sister's hands while everyone else laughed. He tossed it on the counter and went back to his cereal.

Xania felt disappointed to have the objects of her licking taken away. She resumed as soon as he sat back down.

Susan chided Katherine, "Angel dear, let's focus so our well-hung lover here can get to school early. Less reading at the table and more eating!"

Katherine reluctantly picked up her spoon and dug into to her bowl of cereal.

Susan added with great eagerness, "Now, as for your story, I know it's imaginary, but does it have anything in there about sons fucking their needy, loving mommies?"

Katherine spoke without bothering to pretend to read the paper. "Of course, Mom. That's legal now, too. But it says that good mommies should allow their sons and daughters to fuck each other a lot. Sibling fucking comes first! It's actually written in the law."

Susan smiled and rolled her eyes. She noticed Katherine had put her spoon back down and was striking a sexy pose instead. "Angel, eat your cereal and fruit, and at double speed, or I'm going to make you put your top back on!"

Katherine picked up her spoon again, but said, "As for my top, that's long gone. Xania, did you know that there's a little thieving gremlin living in our house? He especially likes to steal women's tops so he can ogle their tits. Of course you can guess what his name is."

Xania couldn't stop grinning. She couldn't see anything from under the table, but she could hear it all. "No. What?"

"Seymour Juggs."

But despite all the fun, they did manage to get ready quickly without any serious sexual play.

Xania actually had fun "cleaning" Alan's balls through most of his breakfast. She'd hoped to get him erect again, but that was not to be. However, she had a good time experimenting with sucking all of one of his balls into her mouth and then switching to the other one.

Susan in particular was very disappointed that she couldn't even give her son a handjob, much less a nice long blowjob. Her sexy morning rituals with Alan were an expected daily highlight for her now.


Susan drove Alan and Katherine to school. They arrived a good fifteen minutes early, at Alan's request. He mainly needed the extra time because he had something he wanted to do to Glory.

No sooner did Alan get out of the car when his friend Sean came rushing up to him.

"Whoa! Dude! Fuckin' A, man, fuckin' A!" Sean was beaming and excited.

Alan immediately grabbed him and steered him away from the other students streaming to their classes. While they walked, Alan said, "Pretty good, eh? How does it feel to be an ex-virgin?"

"Damn, it feels good!" Suddenly Sean stopped. "Let me shake your hand. If you weren't a guy, I'd hug and kiss you."

They shook hands vigorously, and both sported big shit-eating grins.

"Kim's pretty good, isn't she," said Alan, as his friend nearly shook his hand off.

"Damn straight! Fuckin' A! Greatest thing in my life! I'm gonna fuckin' name my first-born after you, man! What can I say? 'Thank you' just doesn't cut it. I'm totally gonna pay you back with some really good deed, though I can't imagine what could compare."

"Don't worry about it. Just remember, not a word to anyone, okay? If you wanna let your feelings out about how great it was, talk to me."

"If being quiet means I might get a second chance with her, I'll never speak to anyone about anything ever again for the rest of my entire life!"

Alan smiled even more, happy for his friend. "No need to go that far. You're on the fast track to sexual discovery, and time is of the essence. I'm gonna talk to Kim and see if we can't get you a repeat performance this afternoon."


"Ssssh! Keep it down, man." Alan resumed walking away to a safer, more remote spot, and Sean followed. "This is not exactly a normal conversation we're having here."

Sean said excitedly, "So, Alan. Kim told me some things that you said were okay for her to tell me. Man, I can't believe it! Everything you said is true! No wonder we never see you anymore. If I had a chance to fuck gorgeous babes all day long, I don't think you'd ever see me again either."

Alan smiled. He was glad to see that Sean had a healthy libido. Part of him had worried that Sean would rather watch Farscape or South Park on TV than spend all his time fucking. "Dude, I hate to boast, but you don't even know the half of it. Not even a fraction. If you could only know what I did in the last twelve hours or so, it would completely destroy your mind."

Sean grabbed him by the shoulder and asked him conspiratorially, "Did you do two girls at once? That's like a super huge fantasy of mine."

"Only all the time! This is the life, I'm telling you, and you're gonna experience all kinds of things. All you have to do is not say a word to anyone and I'll officially make you my apprentice."

Sean said gleefully in a Yoda voice, "Always two there are - the master and the apprentice." He and Alan were big Star Wars fans.

Alan chuckled. "Yes, my young Padawan, but we've got to work on your lightsaber techniques, and I'm talking about the one between your legs. We've got to train you for Heather."

Sean suddenly frowned at the mention of Heather.

Alan didn't expect a frown, and it brought him up short. "What?"

"Well, I mean, it's great with you wanting to set me up with Heather and all, but if everything you say is true, then that means that you and Heather really did... I mean, you two... you..."

"Fucked. Yes, we had sex. Deal with it. Sean, look. I know you adore Heather, but I have to pop your bubble a bit. She's a total slut, okay? She's slept with half the football team, and I don't mean that metaphorically. She literally did."

Sean exclaimed, "You lie!"

"Find out for yourself. And get used to it. You're going to have to get used to all kinds of things in very short order. I have a huge weekend planned for you, to get you prepared for Heather. Clear the decks, because you're going to be a non-stop fucking machine all weekend long with a sexy MILF who will totally blow you away!"

Sean was flabbergasted. "No way. How is all this possible?"

"I have a theory. I've learned that life isn't fair. Just as the rich get richer, and the powerful get even more powerful, it's the guys with all the women who get even more. Somehow I've fallen into the lucky crowd. I'm having so much great sex that I don't know if I'm coming or going. It feeds on itself. Once you've proven that you're a steady source of orgasms, you're not psycho, and most importantly, you don't blab, it's incredible how many women will want to fuck you. Now you're moving into the 'in' crowd. If you can show yourself to be talented and able to deal, you'll find that the sky's the limit."

Alan thought about explaining that he'd just gotten a brand new sex slave to help illustrate that there really was no limit on what could happen, but then he decided that wasn't prudent, even if he didn't mention Brenda by name. Besides, he was pretty sure Sean wouldn't believe him.

Instead, he said, "The key is to remember that women want a confident guy. Act like you're in charge and you know what you're doing, even if you don't."

Sean ran a hand through his hair. "Dude! It's tough. I am so not there yet. Kim had to be really patient with me yesterday. But she said I got a lot better by the end."

"No worries. I know more than you realize. I talked to her on the phone after you left her house." Alan was glad to learn that Kim felt Sean had a lot of potential, even if he was all fingers and thumbs his first time. Kim didn't want a boyfriend, just a good fuck, and Sean at least helped her to two climaxes. "She gives you the big thumbs up. But you still need a lot more training. Once you get into some kind of Don Juan zone, the women will pick up on the vibe, and you'll literally have to fight them off. I'll bet most women are as horny as guys are, if not more so; it's just that society frowns on letting them show it."

Sean replied, "Whoa. Hey! Lately all these good-looking girls have been coming up to you, acting all flirtatious. That's another thing that's been weird about you lately. We were starting to think you were gay, with you turning them all down. Are you saying that, in fact, you're really secretly doing all of them?"

"No. Pretty much none of them. I tend to go for the older, more sexually experienced women. In fact, I want to hook you up with one of those over the weekend, like I was starting to tell you. She's a perfect ten, and a part-time soft porn star. She lives in L.A., so think of an excuse that'll get your parents to allow you to go away for the whole weekend."

Sean's eyes bugged out and his mouth fell open. "A porn star? No way! Dude! This is so fucking unbelievable! Despite everything that's turned out true, you gotta be putting me on about this. No way!"

Alan smiled a wry smile. "Welcome to my life. Not a day goes by where I don't think the words 'bizarre' and 'unbelievable,' over and over. You're going to love it. I do. The only thing is that I just get so tired and weary, and I'm failing half my classes. Let me tell you a secret, and if you even THINK about telling anyone, I'll kill you. I'm trusting you so much here, with all of this."

Sean nodded.

He leaned in close and whispered, "I essentially have a whole harem of beautiful women at my disposal. Almost a dozen women, ready and willing to fuck me at any time, in any combination."

"NO! You?!"

Alan chuckled. "Yes, me. I know, I wouldn't believe it either, if I were in your shoes. But it IS true. You'll find out this weekend, when you talk to this woman I'm setting you up with."

Sean just stood and stared. He didn't know what to believe. He knew for a fact that Alan was fucking Kim and Heather. Kim had confirmed the latter, and she'd hinted that she knew the names of some of Alan's other lovers, although she refused to be specific. Given that, Sean decided he couldn't dismiss this harem idea out of hand, no matter how preposterous it sounded.

Alan continued, "Soon, you're gonna see what some of the harem lifestyle is like if you keep doing what I say and keep your mouth shut. I'm not going to let you fuck most of them as I feel quite protective towards them, and I don't even want you to know who most of them are. But you can develop a little harem of your own, if that's what you want. Think of the cheerleaders Kim, Janice, and Joy. Maybe even Heather will be in it eventually." He pulled back with a conspiratorial wink to see his friend's reaction.


Sean stared at Alan with his mouth practically hanging open. He imagined the four cheerleaders mentioned all naked on one bed, beckoning him to join them. Needless to say, his penis was very erect.

He exclaimed, "Shit, man! No way! ... No fuckin' bleeding way! Dude! But Heather is the only one I could ever love. Although..."

Alan smiled to himself because he could already see the same dark forces working on Sean that had worked on him. His loyalty to Heather only lasts about two seconds once he sees the possibility of sex with lots of other girls too. I guess that's just how most males are. But I'm going to protect Sean from taking things too far, like they've gone with me. I'm trying to stave off the asshole factor, but can he fight that evil urge without the likes of Amy for sanity support? He's gonna need a lot of help with that.

Sean asked him urgently, "How am I going to make it through my classes today, thinking about all that?! Not to mention Kim waiting for me after school! Jesus Christ!"

Alan said happily, "Like I said, welcome to my life. I can't think about anything but sex anymore. Remember, everything I told you is a complete secret. Tell no one! If you tell anyone even one thing, it's all going to come to a sudden end."

"Duh!" Sean said. "I'm not stupid."

"I hope not. But no one means NO ONE. Not a family member, not an e-mail stranger, nobody. If you do, I will find out, because you're not a good liar."

Sean held his hands up defensively. "I understand completely. You're picking me as your padawan or whatever because I'm not an idiot. I won't let you down."

"Good. If you do feel the urge to talk about it, talk to me and only me. Don't tell any of your lovers anything else until you have my say so. Not until you get the hang of this and start to fly on your own. Okay?"

Sean nodded.

Alan walked off with a happy smile.

Sean just stood there and continued to stare at his friend in total amazement. Somehow, deep down, he could tell that Alan was telling the truth - the full truth. There was a lot of circumstantial evidence supporting this, such as the way girls were treating Alan in school lately. That realization completely blew his mind.

Alan felt really good to let another person know some of what was happening to him, and to share some of the sexual joy with another guy. He had a good feeling that his friend wouldn't tell anyone anything, and that things would work out for Sean. He pulled a watch out of his pocket and saw that he still had ten minutes to spend with Glory if he hurried to her classroom.

As Alan approached Glory's classroom, he thought, Sean will probably never know the full extent of everything I do. It's just too strange to believe, not to mention the danger in telling him. Like right now: what would he think if he knew my backpack contained a large and varied vibrator collection that I plan to use on my hot and sexy history teacher to keep her on sexual overload all day long?


Alan hurried to Glory's class. The unexpectedly long discussion with Sean had put him behind schedule.

When Alan got there, the door was open to welcome in her first-period study-hall students. But Alan checked to make sure no other students had arrived yet, and then he immediately turned around and closed the door, which automatically locked it.

Glory stood up and walked over to where he was. She was dressed in a tight blue business suit, a typical one for her. Instead of greeting him, she complained, "Hey! You can't do that. Students are going to start coming in any minute. They'll want to come in here and sit down." She seemed intent on unlocking the door herself.

"Good morning to you too, Glory. That's why we have to lock it. I'm late, but I'll be quick."

"What are you..." She suddenly became silent when he took out a surprisingly large vibrator and held it in front of her. Her eyes went wide. "Alan!"

"Quick, pull up your skirt so I can put this in you." The vibrator in his hand zoomed down towards her butt.

"Hold on! You're crazy. Get serious, young man! You can't just put that in me. That's way, way, WAY too big. I have classes to teach!" She held her skirt in place with her hands so he couldn't slip anything into her.

"You're right. It is too big. What if I had a smaller one?"

"Well, that would be better..." She caught herself smiling, but then shook her head as if to clear certain naughty thoughts. "But that's not the point! What's this all about? I have to teach! I take my teaching very seriously. I can't have this kind of distraction. Now, go on. Shoo!" Her hands waved him away like he was a pesky fly.

He pulled out a slightly smaller, but still quite large, vibrator. "How about this one?"

"Better, but I can't teach with that in me! It's still too big. How could I concentrate? This is all very amusing, but really..." Her resolve was weakening, despite her protests. She was becoming very aware of the feel and friction of her panties in her crotch. She readjusted the way she sat, and then readjusted again. And again.

He put that vibrator back and pulled another one, slightly smaller than the last and about the size of a typical penis. "This one?" It was bent, making it look something like a pink banana.

She chided him with a sigh, upset with her weakening resolve. "Alan! What am I going to do with you?"

He grinned devilishly. "I don't know, but I'm sure we can think of some things later." He winked. "But right now I'm going to put this up your pussy. There's really a very good reason for this, but we don't have time for explanations. Just try it out and see. I promise you, it won't interfere with your teaching at all. Look how small and harmless it is! Plus, it's totally high tech. You have to check this out!"

She complained, "It's not small. You're trying to trick me. Just because it's not gigantic, like those other ones..." Her resolve was weakening.

He pulled out some more items. He handed her a cell phone, then a small box connected to it via a short wire. Then he handed her the smaller pink vibrator. The other ones were to fake her out; this was the one he wanted her to use.

She put the other items on her desk, and then held up and examined the small box.


Meanwhile he held the pink vibrator and explained some of its various features.

She interrupted, aware of the time pressure, "Yes, yes, it's a vibrator, I know. But what's this system called? How does it all work together?"

He explained, "It's all one unit called the Televibe. I learned how to use it just before school, but it's really excellent. You have to put the two vibrators in your appropriate holes, then keep the cell phone and the attached control unit in a pocket. I'll call you on my phone here, and the signal goes to your phone, the control unit, and then signals are sent to the vibrators, setting them off. So I can adjust what they're doing from anywhere, just by hitting a button on my phone! Isn't that awesome?"

Glory chuckled. "You really are too much." She could already feel the dampness between her legs starting. It used to take her a lot of foreplay before she'd get wet, but it seemed that wasn't a problem for her with Alan.

"So what do you think?"

She joked, "Too bad I'm not your science teacher, or I might have to give you an A for clever use of technology."

She paused, and thought to herself, I'm not REALLY going to go through with this. Am I? Maybe I'll just test it out a bit, and see if it really works. I do have self-control! Nothing's more important than my teaching responsibilities, and Alan is under some kind of impression that I'd wear this during my classes. No way! ... Well... Maybe just a quick test of this gizmo.


Ever so slowly, she pulled up her skirt until the bottom of her panties could be seen by Alan standing in front of her. She gave him a smoldering look that told him she was going to go through with it, even if she still didn't realize it herself. She growled challengingly, "So you expect me to wear this through my classes?! All of them?!"

But just then there was a knock on the door. Alan used that to his advantage to ensure her compliance. "Quick! Put it in! We don't have time. I promise I won't bother you during your teaching. I'll keep it on the lowest setting then. Hurry!"

Glory pushed her panties aside. "I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'll admit I'm curious to see if it really works like you say it does. Just the one vibrator, though. I'm not putting anything up my ass."

She took the pink vibrator from Alan and pushed it up her pussy herself. She wasn't averse to having a finger up her butt, but that was as far as she went. She hated anal sex, and had never used an anal vibrator before.

But he said, "The whole thing won't work without both vibrators. That's where the main receiver is, while the other part holds the battery. Please! Quick!" He was making the "main receiver" idea up, but he was ready to say anything to get her to agree, especially knowing that more students were gathering at the door.

She put the egg-shaped anal vibrator into his hands, pulled her panties down her thighs, and quickly bent over her desk. She pulled her butt cheeks apart for him as he knelt behind her. "Okay, but you'd better not set this one off - ever! God. Look how demeaning and embarrassing this is. Why are we doing this again? And why today?" Her butt trembled with nervous anticipation. She was acutely aware that there had to be at least a couple of her students already waiting outside her door to come in.

"Today's the only chance to use it. It's now or never!" That wasn't true and it wasn't really a coherent excuse or answer to either question, but he couldn't think up anything better. Luckily, the initial sensation of a pair of vibrators going into both her holes kept her too distracted to pay much attention to his bad lie.

Since time was of the essence, he felt lucky that her pussy was already quite wet. He coated the anal vibrator with her juices to help it go in. In the process, his fingers got sticky and wet too.

Glory couldn't believe the sensation of fullness in her posterior as Alan pressed the egg vibrator into her clenching asshole. Even though it was much smaller than the banana-shaped vaginal vibrator, it felt huge to her nearly virgin ass. At long last, she felt her anus swallow the egg completely.

Then he pushed his finger inside her anus to press the egg a few inches deeper into her. He pulled her panties up tightly into her crotch, stood her up, and smoothed her skirt back down. Satisfied there was no evidence of what they'd been doing (aside from her shocked and flushed facial expressions and heavier breathing), he went to the door and opened it up before she could change her mind.

Only about five or six students wandered in, as there was still about five minutes to go before class started and most students liked to linger and talk in the hallway until the last minute.

Alan stayed and talked to Glory for a couple more minutes in front of the other students. They pretended to be talking about the grading of papers and other mundane topics, as if Alan really was her teaching assistant. More students filed in, paying no particular attention to either of them.

Meanwhile, Glory began to wonder just what she'd gotten herself into. Alan had overwhelmed her with his enthusiasm, and she hadn't fully realized what she was agreeing to. It began to finally hit her that he intended for her to wear the two vibrators for hours and hours.

Knowing that her other students might overhear, she had to speak cryptically, in an extra quiet voice. "So... how long is this expected to last?"

Alan replied, equally cryptically and quietly, "I understand it's a full day exercise."

Glory was pissed. She wanted to slap him. She also cursed herself for agreeing to this under great time pressure. She carefully asked, "What about those who can't attend for the full day? What if they pull out?"

He replied, "They'll be missing out on an important lecture about corporal punishment. Can you believe people still get spanked in this day and age? I hear it even happens to adults sometimes."

Glory carefully looked around the room, worried that Alan's language had been too obvious. But no one else was paying any attention. She thought, I'll be damned if I'm going to be threatened by a spanking by one of my own students! Fuck that shit!

But despite the bluster in her own mind, she felt a strangely powerful desire to do what Alan told her. She knew deep down that she was going to keep the Televibe in her as long as possible, even without the threat of a spanking. In fact, from Alan, the spanking idea sounded more like a reward.

As she stood there thinking this over, she became acutely aware of the buzzing sound her vaginal vibrator was making. The sound was nearly imperceptible, but that was at the lowest setting. If it got louder, it might be detectable above the din of the usual classroom background noise, or the scraping of the tree branches against the windows. She wanted to complain and take them out for that reason alone, but it was too late. Class was about to start.

Alan made to leave with only a minute or two to spare to reach his own class. But just as he disengaged from talking to Glory by her desk, he reached into his shorts pocket and dialed in an increase in the vaginal Televibe's setting. He almost couldn't help himself from laughing with glee as he saw Glory's mouth pucker up curiously while her eyes got as big as if someone had goosed her posterior.

As he fled down the hallway, he dialed in a decrease, back to the lowest setting. He wanted to keep his pledge not to disturb her teaching, but he figured he'd have plenty of fun with his new toy during class breaks.


"Looks like someone had a fun morning. I'm jealous." Suzanne winked at Xania as the two of them sat in the Plummer house dining room with Susan, eating breakfast and drinking coffee. Susan had just returned from dropping Alan and Katherine at school.

"Yeah, well," Xania replied modestly, "probably not as much fun as Brenda had last night, judging by her screams. Not to mention how much fun Alan has ALL the time. I swear, he's the Energizer Bunny come to life. It's like this is Alan's world and we just live in it." She was fully dressed again.

Suzanne nodded in agreement, and said, "I sure do know how to pick them, don't I?" But then with a start she realized she'd slipped up - one could take that to mean that she'd initiated Alan's six-times-a-day treatment instead of merely reacting to it. Luckily, no one seemed to notice. Still, she added, "Brenda's a ripe peach."

Xania looked over at Suzanne, who was dressed in a white business suit as if she was about to attend a formal business meeting. "Why are you all dressed up like that?"

Suzanne replied, "I just told my husband I was off to do some business-related things, and I want to have a cup of tea before I changed into my more casual and comfortable Plummer-house clothing."

"I see." Xania wanted to say something to Suzanne in private, but she realized that wasn't likely to happen because there was no reason for Susan to go somewhere else. So she said what was on her mind to Suzanne anyway. "By the way, I'm totally pissed at you right now."

Suzanne was unflappable. "And why is that?"

"You tricked me and blindsided me!"

Xania explained to Susan, "The other day, Suzanne called me up out of the blue after I hadn't heard from her in ages. She told me how she'd fallen in love and in lust with your son, and how you had too, and wanted me to give some counseling to you all. Of course I said yes. Anything for an old friend."

Xania was being forced to alter or omit certain details to jibe with the account that Susan knew (especially omitting the plan to have sex with him up in L.A.), but the gist was still basically true. "So far, so good. Then, of course, I met you all in L.A., and I thought that went well."

"Oh, it definitely did," Susan said. "You helped me so much! Learning to accept my role as one of my son's fuck toys - and deciding that had to include actual fucking - has brought me such peace of mind!"

Xania still had trouble with that kind of language and thinking, but she felt that lifestyle really was for the best for Susan. So she said, "Glad to help. Anyway, I was intrigued by the whole Plummer family, and Alan in particular. I must admit that I found myself sexually attracted to him. So when I was invited to the poker party, I was delighted to attend."

She turned to Suzanne and made an unhappy face. "That's where the blindsiding happened! I had NO IDEA what I was getting into!" She honestly felt that way, even after having sex with Alan in L.A. "Everything was so sexual and arousing that I couldn't believe it! I still can't! Suzanne, you could have given me some warning, but nooooOOOOoooo!"

Suzanne smirked as she sipped her tea. "And what would be the fun of that? Seriously, don't you think you enjoyed it a lot more, being taken by surprise by so many things?"

"Well, yeah, but then this morning, Alan fucked me like he was trying to kill me with his cock! I was blindsided all over again, even after what happened last night. That kid can FUCK! Not only that, but he fucked with my mind. I must admit that I'm actually a little bit scared of him now. I've had sex with a lot of guys over the years. Big, strong guys. Linebacker types. Hell, actual linebackers. But I never felt so, well... dominated... as I felt with Alan this morning!"

Susan smiled from ear to ear, and fanned her chest with her hand. "Is it just me, or is it suddenly hot in here?"

Suzanne smiled too. "No, it's not just you. Hold on a sec." She unbuttoned the front of her blouse and opened it widely. Then she reached in, pulled her bra out, and tossed it aside.


With her pale breasts now fully exposed, she sipped her tea and calmly said, "Go on. You were saying?"

Xania shook her head in amazement. Every time I think things can't get any more arousing at the Plummer house, they do. Sheesh! "Anyway, I heard a lot of talk last night about Brenda and I getting 'broken in' and even 'tamed.' Dammit, I don't want that to happen to me! I cherish my independence. But after less than 24 hours, I feel disturbingly... hooked. Hooked to Alan first and foremost, but to everyone else in this house too. You guys know how to LIVE!"

Susan said proudly, "Thank you. Although if you would have come here a few months ago, you would have found everything very different. I think it's more accurate to say we're learning how to live."

Xania said, "Yes, but be that as it may, I have such a great time that it actually disturbs me. Suzanne, you really should have warned me how addictive sex with Alan is."

Suzanne shrugged, and then stuck her tongue out playfully. "I'm just trying to make life more interesting for you."

"Gee, thanks," Xania said sarcastically.

Susan had a twinkle in her eye as she pointed out, "Suzanne, guess who cleaned Alan's cock and balls this morning, and where and when she did it?"

Xania groaned in dismay and slumped down.

Suzanne said, "Tell me."

Susan happily explained, "Xania cleaned them, during breakfast, while kneeling naked under this very table we're sitting at now! She lovingly licked and licked his balls through the whole meal, practically until I had to take him and Angel to school!"

A blushing Xania complained, "You see? This is exactly what I'm talking about. Suzanne, you should have warned me. I had no idea things would end up like that. Good grief, I still don't believe I did that."

Suzanne was secretly very aroused that Alan had such a profound effect on Xania in such a short time. She stood up. "If you'll excuse me, simply opening my blouse up isn't enough. I'm going to go change. I'll just be at the front foyer, where the underwear cabinet is. I'll still be able to hear you from there, so please, don't stop talking on my account." She got up and walked out of sight to the underwear cabinet in the front entrance way.

Susan and Xania sipped at their coffees while they waited for Suzanne.

To pass the time, Xania said to Susan, "You said something to me last night about how experiencing things firsthand here would change my perspective on why you've given in to incest. I agreed then, but doubly so now. Susan, I can honestly say that if I were in your shoes, I'd probably be sucking and fucking him every chance I could get." She took Susan's hand across the table. "You shouldn't feel guilty or bad whatsoever."

Susan loved hearing that. "Thank you. That means a lot to me. I consider myself a very lucky woman. I know a lot of outsiders would think I'm wasting my life devoting so much time and attention to being one of my son's fuck toys, but I've never felt so happy or so loved. And why do people work so hard in the rat race? Well, to have their basic security and food needs and such met, for one. But that's taken care of for me in any case. Beyond that, people work to be loved and be happy. And now I've got that in spades! I'm drowning in love, spermy love. And don't talk to me about the orgasms on top of that!"

Xania squeezed Susan's hand. "Let's hear about your orgasms. The really exciting ones!"

They both laughed at that.

Susan said with joy, "Don't get me started."

Suzanne came back just then, and said half-jokingly, "Seriously, don't get her started. We'll never leave this table, at least not until our fingers are too tired to masturbate any longer."

Xania chuckled. "Okay. Another time. But Susan, if you've found such great happiness, then more power to you. Who cares what those outsiders would think?"

"Thank you," Susan replied. "I don't, not anymore. To me, it's all about family. Including Suzanne and Amy, of course." She smiled lovingly at her best friend.

The three of them made some more small talk about non-sexual matters for a while.

Then Susan asked, "So, Xania, how long can you stay with us before you have to head back north?"

"Oh, I should probably get going about midday. I do have things to do."

Xania didn't want to mention it, but she had a dental assistant class to attend. As she was nearly forty years old, she figured that in a couple of years she wouldn't be able to get any more acting jobs, which were based almost entirely on her looks. She'd need to transition to another career. She had no special interest in being a dental assistant, and she wasn't happy about it at all, but she figured it would pay the bills.

Susan replied, "Oh good. That gives us some time, then. You can join us for our morning routine. We start every day with exercises to keep in shape and I'm sure you must as well, given the way you're so healthy and well toned. We've got a decent collection of exercise machines in the basement. Suzanne put hers in with mine a long time ago. It'll be fun to have a visitor join us."

Susan was all smiles until a look of embarrassment crossed her face. "But I, uh, I should warn you that lately, our exercises have become a bit, well, unusual..."

Suzanne laughed as she walked back into the kitchen dressed in just a loose shirt and shorts. "Xania, she means that, increasingly, our exercising sessions are less focused on the exercising of our legs and arms and more the exercising of our tongues and pussies. But not today, I imagine. We're all pretty satiated and tired after last night."

Susan sighed. "You're right that we're tired out." But then with only thinly disguised eagerness, she continued, "But would it be okay if we exercise in the nude?"

Xania laughed too. "Susan, don't you remember our appointment where you sat in my office topless? Of course it's fine. In fact, I hope you're not too tired, because I might have trouble keeping my hands off you. Both of you."

Susan queried, "So that means we were successful in breaking you in to our lifestyle?"

"Yes, though putting it that way makes it sound like a bad thing, like I've been broken against my will by cruel masters. I prefer to think of it as an opening up. In this house, sex comes freely and naturally, and one just lets go and opens up. It's intoxicating."

Suzanne said, "About the naked idea, normally I'd be against that. Exercise plus bouncing boobs equals ouch! But since we have a very special guest today, I suppose we can do it just this once." She thought to herself about the sexual possibilities, Plus, I doubt we'll be doing much exercising, if any at all!

"Let's go downstairs then," Susan enthused. "I can hardly wait to get all these stuffy clothes off." Susan wore nothing more than her usual morning apron plus a T-shirt underneath it (for Xania's sake), but to her that was horribly overdressed.


Suzanne pouted, "Already? I just finished changing once. Oh well. I guess I'll have to go do it again." She stood up and started undressing. She took an incredibly long time to pull her panties down. "Look at this! Underwear. It's ridiculous. Serious chafing problem, here. Susan, I think I'm starting to love nudity as much as you do."

Xania watched Suzanne undressing with all the allure of a professional stripteaser, and exclaimed to her, "God DAMN, you're a sexy woman! You haven't changed a bit since when we were roommates. You don't even look older! You still have a way of maximizing the sexiness of every move you make. Susan, do you realize how lucky you are to have Suzanne as your next door neighbor?"

Susan gave a big contented smile and said emphatically, "Yes." Then she asked, "Suzanne, why'd you keep your panties on, anyway? You know that's against the rules!"

Suzanne grinned. "What can I say? I'm a showboater. I just like having you watch me take my clothes off, and the more to take off, the better. Besides, I knew I wouldn't have had them on more than a couple of minutes. If I had to wear them any longer I wouldn't have wanted to bear it."

All three women walked down the stairs to the basement in the buff. They only wore small, inconsequential things, such as sweatbands, socks, and sneakers.

As soon as they got downstairs, Xania said, "Susan, I have a bit of a confession to make. I wasn't as reluctant last night as I made out to be. I was just having fun acting kind of prudish. The fact is, I've actually had a pretty active sex life."

That took Susan by surprise. She looked at her best friend, and asked, "Did you know about this?"

Suzanne thought, Well, given the fact that she and I used to lick each other out back when we were college roommates, it's not exactly a huge surprise. But she kept the thought to herself and answered, "Xania and I have been out of contact for some time, but I've pretty much gathered that, yes. Don't you remember what we were talking about with our college adventures?"

Susan seemed to have a realization. "Oh, yes. Silly me. I didn't put it all together. How could you be prudish these days when you were so wild back then? Once people are turned on to how great sex is, they never go back, do they?"

Suzanne wrapped an arm around Susan and gave her a loving squeeze. "No, they don't. And you know what that means: there's no going back for you either. You're going to be servicing your son's cock for years and years to come! I hope you enjoy the feeling of having your mouth completely stuffed with his cock-"

Susan cut in, "I do! I do! So much! Mmmm... And then when my lips slide on him with a tight seal, and I tickle his sweet spot with the tip of my tongue, causing more of his pre-cum to dribble out and flow down my throat... Oh, it's all so good! It's the BEST!"

Suzanne chuckled. "Yeah, as I was saying, imagine enjoying that as much as you do, and then imagine enjoying him filling your cunt even MORE! That's your future in a nutshell."

Susan stared dreamily into space. "Oh... my!" She began idly caressing her bare tits and pussy. "Is fucking really even BETTER than sucking?! I find that hard to believe."

Suzanne said, "I certainly think it is. What about you, Xania?"

"Oh, definitely. Why is that so hard for you to believe, Susan?"

"Because I love sucking his cock soooo much! It's hard to believe that ANYTHING could be better!"

Xania gave Susan a big hug from the front. "You're so adorable. Alan is very lucky to have you."

Susan blushed and looked away. "Thanks. I try." She suddenly looked around, remembering where they were. "Speaking of which, let's get started. Being a top-notch fuck toy for my son is serious business. Daily exercise is absolutely essential!"

Xania let go of Susan, and said, "Before we do that, I want to finish what I was about to say about my background." She mostly lied, "You see, Susan, I'm not exactly a normal psychologist. I love sex, so my specialty is sexual relations. I do a lot of counseling of couples, helping with their love lives. That's why I'm so fascinated by your family and friends. I'd like to do a sort of informal case study of your family's situation. Not a formal, written study, mind you, but just something for my own edification."

She continued more honestly, "Your family seems to be on the cutting edge in so many things. For instance, the sheer number and duration of Alan's erections, not to mention things like this stealth stroking concept, or your greeting rituals. It's all so fascinating. All one has to do is walk into the house, and one is overwhelmed by the smell of sex. It's an intriguing mix of Alan's unusually sweet cum - something else I'd like to learn more about, by the way - and the potent smell of women in heat. Even down here in the basement, the air just screams, 'Let's fuck like rabbits!'"

Her mix of lies and truth was designed to set herself up as the Plummer family sex advisor. She didn't want to be paid; she just thought that would be a fun thing to do, and it would give her an excuse to visit frequently (not that she really needed one).

Susan laughed. "We do our best. Of course, Xania, you're always welcome here, as long as you remember the house rules: hot big-titted women like yourself have to spread your legs for my son whenever he wants it. Or drop to your knees and suck. Or fuck him with your tits. Or, well, you get the idea. But now that you're broken in, and doubtlessly been thoroughly fucked by him like you deserved, I don't think that will be a problem."

"No, I don't think it will," Xania agreed, grinning. "That's the best thing about these case studies: the firsthand participation."

She was surprised that Susan's unusual conditions didn't bother her in the slightest. Normally, she would have been outraged at the audacity and hubris, but her overriding thought right now was how good it would feel to have sex with Alan again.

Susan asked with great interest, "So have you done other studies like this? Do you know of other families like ours?"

"No. You're unique."

"Darn! So you don't know of any other boys with full-fledged harems?"

"Again, no. I imagine that's extremely, extremely rare. Your son is very exceptional."

Susan beamed brightly. She clasped her hands to her chest. "I know! Both of my children make me so proud, every single day. My son is turning into a natural, well... let's call him a harem leader, for now, and Angel is coming into her own as an EXCELLENT fuck toy for him!" She wanted to use the word "master," but she was reluctant to do so with Suzanne and Xania.

Xania suddenly came up with another inspired lie that would allow her to reveal her actress experience to Susan. "Your family's case is unique. But I am conducting another sexual case study right now, in a more formal manner. Since I'm in L.A., I thought I'd look at the porn industry. But what's funny is that I approached them pretending to be an actress, and people liked my looks and soon I was getting all kinds of jobs. You can actually find movies with me in them! Not great movies, mind you, but I have some minor roles in some actual mainstream R-rated films."

"Wow. Amazing!" Susan was impressed.

Xania wanted to be more open and honest about whom she really was, but couldn't tell the complete truth because she also enjoyed her psychologist/sex therapist role she'd developed with the Plummer family.

She was more direct and honest (but still not completely honest) with Alan for a variety of reasons. The main reason was that Susan had a lot of emotional investment in Xania's psychologist role, while Alan didn't. Xania's professional seal of approval on Susan's incestuous and lesbian activity was very psychologically important to her, so Xania tried to maintain more dignity with the whole "case study" concept. She was glad to weave her acting career into her cover story, though.

That resolved, the conversation drifted to what Xania had been doing with herself the last few years. She could answer fairly honestly, now that Susan at least knew of her acting work. They also finally got around to actually exercising.


All of them were tired, especially Xania, since she'd woken up before the others and had an exhausting morning of sex. So they took their time exercising, and in between sets on machines or switching machines, they often talked.


Xania talked some more about her personal life, going into honest detail about her general lack of success with romantic relationships. She admitted, "I'm fickle. I don't know why, but I have a really hard time with commitment. I've known some great guys, and gals too, but I've rarely had a relationship last even half a year. A full year is about as long as it's been for me. It's frustrating!"

Susan was sitting on her ass with a towel wrapped around her neck. She said, "That's very distressing. I can't imagine life without the people I love, especially my Tiger, Angel, Amy, and you, Suzanne. They complete me, and give me reason to live. Xania, how can you stand to live alone?! Surely you must have some idea why?"

Xania shrugged. "I honestly don't know. At first, I blamed my partners, like they weren't good enough because of this or that. But I found myself in relationships where everything was great, and yet I got restless and broke it off. So I started to think it had to be my sex drive. To be blunt, I love to fuck! I like a lot of sexual variety. And I'm fully bisexual, and that's a big problem. If I'm dating a guy, I miss having sex with a girl. And if I'm dating a girl, I miss having sex with a guy."

Suzanne spoke with a sly grin. "It sounds like what you need is to belong to a harem type situation. You could have sex with a kind-hearted and handsome young man who has incredible sexual stamina, and also have sex with a variety of remarkably beautiful women. Admittedly, you wouldn't get much variety with just one guy, but you'd more than make up for that with the women."

Xania laughed at Suzanne's obvious ploy. "Gee, could that young man be named 'Alan?'"

Suzanne winked playfully. "Maybe."

Susan's eyes brightened. "Oooh! That's a GREAT idea! Xania, I'm just getting to know you, so it would be premature to offer you full admission into the harem just yet. We're going to have to set very, very, VERY high standards there, or the harem will grow to an unwieldy size. Besides, this is my son's harem, and he's the one who would have to decide. I imagine he'd have to fall in love with you, at a bare minimum. But, after last night and this morning, I think it's clear he at least lusts after you a great deal."

Susan was going to say more, but Xania stopped her. "Before you get carried away, let's nip that idea in the bud. If I were to join the harem, I'd have to become one of his sex pets, or fuck toys, or whatever you call it. I'd have to totally dedicate myself to serving his cock, and forsake all other men. That's just not me. For one thing, Susan, I'm just not the submissive type like you are. But also, for whatever reason, I guess I'm kind of a loner. I've lived alone, or with just a housemate or two, my entire adult life. I couldn't handle being in a group situation like that. I couldn't handle staying loyal to just one man for... well, how long would this last? Forever?"

Susan spoke firmly, "In my book, it's forever. At some point, age will become a problem. When he's 42, I'll be 60! A total stud like him will be drowning in busty young hotties, so he'll want to have sex with me less and less. But, if that's my fate, so be it. He's the love of my life, my soul mate! My master! Although the sex will decline, I believe the love between us will just grow and grow."

Suzanne held her breath listening to that. Getting older frightened the hell out of her; she tried hard not to think about it at all. But when she did, her thoughts were very similar to what Susan just said. Oh, God! That's so scary! But Sweetie is MY soulmate too! There's no reason why a person can't have two soulmates, or even more. Right now, we're all a bit sex-mad, but the vast majority of life is the time between having sex anyway. And there's no one I'd rather grow old with than my Sweetie, AND Susan, and my Honey Pie, and Angel!

Xania said, "That sounds nice for you, but it would never work for me. I couldn't stay faithful for a year, much less ten years or a whole lifetime. Some people just aren't meant for a harem lifestyle."

Suzanne stared at her curiously, then said enigmatically, "We'll see. We'll see."

Xania turned to her. "What does that mean?"

"It means what it means. We'll see. Things can change. People can change. You're getting older too, you know. At some point, don't you long for more meaningful companionship in your life?"

Xania stared at Suzanne for a long moment. Then she bowed her head and sighed. "Yeah. That would be nice. I'm coming up on the big four-oh before long. I'm probably on the verge of a mid-life crisis, because I'm not happy about a lot of things." She looked up and around with new determination. "But let's not talk about that now, please. We're surrounded by these impressive, expensive exercise machines. Why don't we finish our workout?"

So the three of them resumed their exercising.

Xania was even more averse to thinking about her long-term future than the other two were, largely because she had much less to look forward to. She felt like she'd reached a dead end with her Hollywood career, and her plan to become a dental assistant only depressed her. Her personal life prospects were similarly distressing.

As a result, she was keen to get the other two talking about sex. She regaled them with some entertaining sex adventures that had really happened to her. In the process, she made clear just how much she loved to fuck and how often she did it.

This, plus all the naked bodies pumping on the exercise machines, slowly increased the arousal level of all three women.

At one point, Xania made the comment, "You know, given my limited time around the porn industry, I can't help but notice just how much money we'd make if there was a crew here to film us exercising in the nude like this. I imagine they'd call it something like 'Lesbian Workout Inferno,' and make a million bucks. I'm definitely not suggesting it - no way. I'm just pointing out that there are countless men who would gladly give their right testicle just to watch what you do every day to stay in shape."

"What is it with guys and boobs?" Suzanne asked, a bit tongue-in-cheek. She stopped her exercising and walked over to where Susan was exercising, and then stopped her too. She pressed her tits into Susan's, and the two of them began mashing their boobs together, rubbing them around in circles while they clutched each other's asses.

Xania's heart started to race as she gawked at that sexy sight.

Suzanne added, "Guys have a totally unhealthy fascination with tits. Why, there might even be men who find what we're doing arousing." She was even more tongue-in-cheek now.

Susan giggled as she enjoyed the contact.

Xania had a particular interest in Susan's breasts, since she'd already gotten to know Suzanne's quite well in college. She stopped exercising too, and pulled Suzanne away from Susan. "Forget men! Damn, that's hot. Can I play with Susan's nips for a bit?" She pushed and pulled on both of Susan's nipples aggressively.

Susan yelped a bit, and said, "Be careful, Xania. I have to warn you that my tits are tremendously sensitive. When people touch me there, especially when they touch my nipples..."

Xania pulled on one of Susan's nipples again in response, and hefted that tit up with both of her hands to bring it to her mouth.

"Oh! Like that. Especially there ... The underside is quite nice too, but really the whole of my breasts... It's all such an erogenous zone that I don't know if you should start."

Xania started licking the nipple she was focusing on.

Susan squealed, "Oh no! You see? Sucking's the worst. Or the best! I don't know. It gets so intense for me, and my craving for Alan's cock gets so great when that happens, but I have nothing to put in my mouth and suck on when he's at school. It's so aggravating!"

Suzanne didn't want to be left out, so she grasped Susan's other breast while Xania continued aggressively fondling and licking the one she'd been holding up. Suzanne pointed out to Xania, "Susan keeps telling all of us that her tits will just up and take control of her brain if they get too aroused. So you've been warned. Are you really ready to face Susan's tits on the rampage?"

Xania bent down and again licked Susan's left nipple.

Suzanne saw what she was doing, and then did the same to Susan's right.

Xania paused long enough to ask, "So what do we have to do to get her tits to come out and play?"


Susan bent her head back in ecstasy. "Just keep doing that, you two! Oh GOD! No, on second thought, don't! ... It's too intense! ... No, do it! Do it! Fucking do it! ... But wait! I can't handle it! Stop!"

Xania and Suzanne licked a bit longer until they knew Susan's engine was really running. They continued regardless of what Susan said.

Then Xania unexpectedly pulled away and moved back to one of the exercise machines. She had her own exercise schedule, and she wanted to finish this particular workout.

But all three of them were very hot and bothered. Xania was dreaming if she thought they could simply go back to exercising now.

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