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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
Girls Talk
Day 67: Thursday, November 21

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Xania was trying to get back to exercising and away from thinking about heavy issues, especially issues about her future. But she was still in a contemplative mode, so she asked Susan, "So... what about you? Are you happy with your life?"

"YES!" Susan's whole face brightened.

Xania rolled her eyes. I should have known. Damn, I'm envious. The thing is, it's clear that she really means it. It's weird, because even though she's felt conflicted enough to want to see me as a therapist, I don't know if I've ever known anyone who is so genuinely happy. That was just a few days ago, and look at her now. Did I help her that much?!

Xania asked, "Let's put it this way. Everybody is always striving for more. No matter how happy you are now, what's still missing? What do you long for?"

Susan spoke without hesitation. "That's a no-brainer, if I ever heard one. To be fucked by my son, of course! I can't wait! Sometimes, it's all I think about. Well, that and the pleasures of cocksucking, titfucking, ass fucking, and more! As long as it involves my Tiger and his big fat cock, I just know it's going to be great!"

She stared off into space dreamily, and smiled from ear to ear.

Suzanne asked her, "What? What are you thinking about?"


Susan giggled gleefully. "You know what! I'm imagining Tiger fucking me, driving into me, right on one of the sofas in the living room, where everyone can see! Mmmm! My legs are splayed out wide, a thousand miles wide, as wide as they can get, so he can pound me deep! So deep! Hard and fast and DEEP! He's fucking the SHIT out of me! Oh, and he's kneading my breasts too, making me scream his name at the top of my lungs!" She sighed blissfully. "Aaaah!"

Xania asked with a tinge of frustration, not to mention lusty envy, "Are you really THAT focused on your son's penis?!"

Susan's voice was fill with pride "Yes, I am. And I'm not ashamed about it. Xania, what is life all about, anyway? Becoming rich or powerful, or both? That's never driven me. I'm very blessed, and I have all I need. Helping others? That IS very important to me. I feel that by basically enslaving myself to my son's cock, I'm helping others more than ever. Obviously that helps make Tiger very happy, but it's not just him. We're developing this little community bound together by all the sexy, fun times we share."

She concluded, "I could go down the list of all the things you could argue life is about. But for me, life is about two equally important things. One, living a righteous and moral life in the eyes of God. And two, finding joy and fulfillment by sharing love and happiness with family and friends."

Suzanne thought, Well put! But what do I think life is all about?! Hrm. I don't think I can boil it down to such a simple formula like that. But the things I want most of all are to be happy and to be loved, so I suppose she and I are on the same page. And I have to agree that this emerging harem has me walking on air nearly all the time!

Susan looked around, startled. "I've never stated things so plainly before, and it's a bit more complicated than that, but I believe that is the gist of it. The bottom line is, I've never feel so happy, so loved, or so content. Not to mention sexually satisfied! The only problem was not being able to get fucked by my son. But now, thanks to your advice" - she looked to Xania - "and your advice," - she looked to Suzanne - "I don't need to worry that incest is a sin. All is well! I basically couldn't be happier! My life is like a dream come true!"

Suzanne was extremely moved by that. She thought, THIS! Talking about dreams coming true, this is my dream coming true! I've schemed and lied and indoctrinated Susan and others, and sometimes I've wondered if it was just my selfish desires driving me, and is this the right thing to do. But now I know that, YES, it IS the right thing to do! I've made Susan this happy, and that makes me so happy that I think I'm going to cry! She turned her head and used a towel to wipe the tears from her face under the guise of wiping away sweat, because she didn't want the others to see she was tearing up.

Susan wasn't quite done. With Suzanne turned away, she spoke to Xania. "I know it seems strange to an outsider like you that a person could get so much out of basically servicing one man's cock with such dedication. And yes, I love it! I'm probably happiest when I have his cock down my throat, or in my cleavage, or my ass. But it's not just about him. It's about this community, this group, this harem - whatever you want to call it. It's about the love we all share with each other."

She turned to Suzanne. "For instance, I have my best friend here too, and I love her so much! And we're learning to love each other in new and exciting ways!"

She got up off her exercise machine and walked to Suzanne where she sat on her exercise machine. The two of them started to make out.

Suzanne was extremely relieved. Her heart was filled with love for her best friend and she longed to express it, but she was shy about putting it into words. She much preferred channeling those feelings into the kiss.

Susan was initially surprised at the intensity of Suzanne's passion, but she quickly recovered and kissed back with just as much feeling. Their huge racks rubbed together and their hands wandered freely.

Xania thought, Damn! Damn, damn, damn! It's kind of easy to look down at their harem lifestyle as an absurdity, but they sure as hell are having a lot of fun. And so much love! I wish I had a best friend like that. Suzanne and I are close, but those two love each other so much that it almost makes me want to cry! Are those actually tears leaking from Suzanne's eyes? I think they are! Wow! I wish she felt that strongly about me.

Feeling a bit awkward, Xania joked as she watched, "Hey, you two, get a room."

Susan and Suzanne finally broke apart, but they still stared lovingly into each other's eyes.

Xania thought as she looked at Susan, Clearly, Susan has a very simple way of thinking and living. She's all about being a good mother, and helping others. It makes sense that her sexual submissiveness fits right into that. I envy her. I wish I could find such purpose in sucking a guy's cock all day long! But that's not me. I'd be the world's worst mom, for starters. And I'm kind of selfish, to be honest. Or at least I don't have the urge to help others that she does. And I'm not submissive either.

Xania turned her gaze to Suzanne. Whereas Suzanne's much more similar to me. But she's truly in love with Alan. I can see that clearly now. And she's just as much in love with Susan, probably. Not to mention Katherine and Amy. So even though she's not submissive, this harem situation is ideal for her. She gets non-stop sex with all of her favorite people. But it's not for me. It would take me years and years to even begin to share the strong bonds they do. It's such a shame, because they really are living the life here!

I do hope to visit here a lot. There is something special about Alan and his sexual skills, although I can't quite explain it. The fucking he gave me this morning was the best sex I've had in years! Plus, the poker party was way more fun than any orgy. And it'll be great if I can fully renew my friendship and "skinship" with Suzanne, and even take it to a deeper level. Not to mention, I'd really like to get to know Susan and the others much better, both in and out of bed. But it's like a great destination to visit, but one where I'm not allowed to live. Damn!

Once Xania had their full attention, she said, "That was a really deep answer, Susan. Thanks for sharing that with me. I'm more than a little impressed. You've given me a lot of food for thought."


Suzanne still didn't want to speak of serious things, and she still had trouble expressing her feelings. So, she furtively wiped the tears from her cheeks, and then she said to Xania, "Hey, let's lighten things up here. Remember how we were joking that Susan's breasts have minds of their own? If you talk to Susan's brain, you're mostly going to hear about how much she wants to get fucked. You should ask her tits what they think instead."

Xania chuckled at that. She stared at Susan's massive melons, and asked, "So Susan, if your tits have taken over and we're speaking directly to them now... Hi there, Susan's titties! What's YOUR greatest wish? More titfucks?"

Susan replied for her boobs, "Hi there. It's nice to meet you!" She hefted them up towards Xania, even though Suzanne was still fondling her there, and giggled gaily. "Yes, of course I love titfucks! Lots and lots of titfucks!"

Then she thought, Should I tell them? I know she's just joking around, but this is a perfect opportunity to bring up my great secret fantasy. Maybe they could even help make it come true! Xania is a doctor, after all. True, this isn't her specialty, but maybe she knows someone...

Susan gathered her courage, and said, "But more than that, I want to be milked!"

Suzanne immediately bent down and locked her lips around Susan's nearest nipple.

Susan moaned with erotic bliss. "Mmmm... Yes... Mmmm..."

Xania chuckled. "Yeah, that's a fun fantasy."

But Susan adamantly replied, "No! Not just what Suzanne is doing now" - Suzanne happened to be squeezing the entire tit she'd been working on as if she was trying to empty it into her mouth. "Not just play milking, but real, honest to God milking! Like what Tiger talked about last night. I want both my son and daughter to drink from my tits every day and squeeze my life-giving mommy's milk out of me, constantly! I want to gush my milk all over my Tiger in the same way that he covers me in cum!"

Suzanne pulled away from Susan and went back to her exercise machine. Like Xania, she intended to finish exercising before getting seriously into sexual play.

But Susan was so excited now that she grabbed both of her tits and began squeezing them tightly as if trying to shoot milk out of her nipples.

Susan seemed more than a bit preoccupied with her own body, so Suzanne said to Xania, "Susan adopted Alan and Katherine, but she adopted them not long after they were born; about one year after Alan's birth and less than that with Katherine. She could have breastfed them, but with the way she was brought up, no one thought of having her induce lactation. It wasn't so common back in those days. Maybe her current desire to breast-feed grew out of her frustration in not being able to do it then."

Xania was back exercising, and Suzanne was too, but Susan remained intent on her weighty mammaries, acting like she was going to squeeze and play with them all day.

Xania pointed out, "Alan seemed a bit noncommittal on the lactation issue last night. But Susan, or Susan's tits if I'm speaking directly to you" - she chuckled while saying that, moving her eyes down to Susan's chest - "it's obviously a very big deal for you. Or, should I say both of you? Or all three of you?" She grinned.

Susan replied half-jokingly, "You can speak to me, and I'll pass the word on to my bouncy boobies." She lifted them up and let them fall, setting off a prolonged jiggle. "I thank the Lord every day for blessing me with these."

Suzanne continued more seriously, "I have a suggestion. I think we should induce lactation immediately, and surprise Sweetie with it. He probably doesn't know what to say because he doesn't really know what it all means or what it would be like. How easy is it to start or stop? How many times a day do you need to be drained? And so on. So he needs some hands-on experience to figure it all out."

Susan gasped with pleasure, and grasped her boobs. Then she moaned, "Hands-on experience? Our Sweetie? Oh YES! Tiger, milk your mommy! Many times a day! So many times a day! Put your mouth on your sex cow's udders and keep it there!" She repeatedly squeezed them together, as if she was in the middle of a titfucking.

Suzanne smiled while rolling her eyes a bit. "Calm down, Susan. I think we're verging on a serious discussion here. Can you stop squeezing your tits like that? I'm finding it hard to think, the way you're carrying on. I for one don't think you need this lactation thing. It's a nice fantasy but a pain in the ass in real life. Just keep it a fantasy."

Susan reluctantly let go of her throbbing breasts, because she really wanted to pay attention and get some good advice on this issue. "How would you know?"

She was referring to the fact that Suzanne hadn't breastfed her children, even though Amy and Brad were her own biological offspring. At the time, Suzanne thought it would ruin her figure and didn't know about the many health benefits for her children. It wasn't as popular an idea twenty years earlier as it had become at the beginning of the 21st century.

Suzanne seemed a bit bothered by that, and she opened her mouth to say something in return. But before she could, she was stopped by the sound of Xania laughing uproariously. Annoyed and a bit miffed, Suzanne asked her old college friend suspiciously, "What's so funny?"

Xania replied between giggles, "Suzanne, I know you, and I can see right through you. You just don't want Susan to really lactate because you know it'll make her boobs grow bigger. Right now you two are exactly tied in size, and we all know Alan loves big boobs. Plus, it'll be something he and his mother will have with each other, and you'll be left out."

Suzanne was chagrined, because Xania had pegged her perfectly. She hadn't even realized these things until Xania pointed them out. She wasn't used to such perceptiveness, as the trusting Susan usually took whatever she said and did at face value. She thought, Damn. There's a double-edged sword to having such a good sexual adviser around. Grrr.

Xania's comment was so perceptive that Susan couldn't help but see the truth in it too. She said, "Suzanne! Jealousy? Tsk-tsk. It doesn't become you. Don't worry. Tiger loves you very much. You really are like a second mother to him; that's why he calls you Aunt Suzy."

Suzanne grumped, "I know. But don't worry, I'm fine with the idea. I just needed someone to slap me silly and wake me up. There's plenty of him to go around."

Changing gears, Susan said, "But I don't know about surprising him. I mean, Tiger is the man of the house now. I have dreams of him literally replacing my husband in my bed, and in all other things. Should we be making big decisions without consulting him?"

Xania pointed out, "It would just be a testing period, so he can make an informed decision. Obviously, you're so into the idea that you need to get at least a bit of it out of your system. Imagine how exciting it'll be to shoot a stream of warm milk directly into his mouth. How could he be anything but delighted by that? Imagine him getting his 'afternoon feeding' right before he takes a nap with a tummy full of mother's milk."

Susan talked more to herself than her friends as she fantasized while grasping both tits. "Mmmm. Mommy is going to make her baby feel good. But my baby's not such a baby anymore. Baby has a big hard cock and he wants to stick it in mommy's mouth! Oh, yes! Let Mommy milk his cock with my lips while his lips suckle on my udders!"

She stopped, brought her ragged breath under control, and asked with a worried frown, "But can I do that? Can I just test milking out a bit? I've heard it's a pretty time-intensive thing. You can't just turn it on and off, can you?"

Xania pointed out, "Turning it on is relatively easy. You just need to eat the right herbs while we give your nipples prolonged stimulation. It can take a week to a month or more to get started..."


"A month?!" Susan shrieked in dismay.

"Hold on," Xania said. "Maybe not. With the way you and everyone else here are always fondling and sucking your twin glories, I imagine you're pretty close to the tipping point already."

"Thank heavens. I wish I could start today!"

Xania continued, "And yes, it's a pretty tough daily regimen once you get started. But if you don't actually have a baby who needs the milk to survive, you don't need to have such an intense schedule. You can have fewer milkings a day if you want, or more if that's what you want. And yes, it's a bit tough on the body to stop, so you don't want to flip it on and off like a light switch. But you could, say, go half the year milking and half without, or whatever Alan wants. You should try it for a month and see how everyone likes it."

Susan fondled her boobs and hummed, "Mmmm. Daily milkings. HOURLY milkings! Mmmm! Tiger on my right breast, Angel on my left! Oh boy!"

Xania assumed Susan was still paying sufficient attention, and went on, "However, I should warn you that it's rare for women with induced lactation to ever get as much milk production as a naturally lactating woman. As it is, we should supplement your stimulation regimen with some pills and herbs, if only to increase the quantity of milk you'll produce. I'm guessing you'd want to be a heavy milk producer. I think the pill is called Reglan. Do you know any medical professionals who might be able to get you something like that?"

Suzanne said with some satisfaction, "In fact we do. Don't worry about that." Akami naturally came to her mind. Suzanne still wasn't crazy about the idea of Susan lactating, but she genuinely liked to see her best friend happy, and she could see that this could make Susan very happy indeed, if everything worked out as it should.

Susan meanwhile seemed lost in her milky fantasy. The other two just watched her grope at her double-deckers for a bit. But then, remembering her two waiting friends, she focused somewhat, and asked, "How do you know so much about this, Xania?"

"I'm a sex therapist, remember? It's true I've never lactated myself, but you're not the first woman to come to me and ask about the use of lactation for sexual play. I have to know about these things."

That was another lie. Xania did have some knowledge, though it wasn't because of previous patients, since she'd never had any patients. However, she did have some wild friends who'd used lactation during sex, so she knew about it through them. She'd even suckled on milky nipples during an orgy or two. She quite liked it, and already she could hardly wait to be back in the Plummer house when Susan was full of milk.

Xania explained further, this time honestly, "The idea isn't really that unusual. Many husbands partake of their wives' milk straight from the source when having sex after the wife has had a baby. It can be an extremely sexual, sensual, and emotional experience which bonds them closer together both as lovers and as life partners. There are even women who can spontaneously squirt milk at the height of intense orgasms, even though they're not actively lactating."

She put a hand on her chin, and pondered, "Now that I think about it, Alan asked me about that very thing this morning regarding Brenda. He said that he found milk on his chest after he finished fucking her, and he wanted to know what it meant."

Susan sat up and looked at Xania with alarm. "Brenda? Brenda?! You mean Tiger is going to get his milky goodness from Brenda and not me? I won't have it! May her overly busty tits make her fall flat on her face! That's it. I'm going to lactate for sure. For real, and not just talk or games! Let's get started right away!" She practically ran at Xania and shoved a tit in her face, as if she could start lactating after a few minutes of sucking.

Xania gently held Susan back while grinning at her enthusiasm.

Suzanne laughed. "I'll admit that I was jealous before, but who's jealous now? Jealousy doesn't become you either, Susan."

"This is different," Susan complained, obviously deeply upset at the Brenda revelation. "Tiger already loves you and me deeply. To argue over how much is like arguing over the number of stars in the sky. But Brenda, she's a newcomer, and a threat! I don't have to remind you that she has the biggest tits of us all, an all-around incredible and squeezably soft body, a cute face, a properly subservient attitude, and she's really rich too. What if he takes a greater fancy to her than either of us?"

Xania said, "Susan, before you get your panties in a twist - not that you ever wear panties - keep in mind that Alan also told me that he'd asked Brenda about her milky excretions last night too. He just wanted to get my take on it. He told me that Brenda told him she's definitely not lactating. It's just that some sour milk leaks out when she has particularly powerful orgasms sometimes. It's sour because it's been in her breasts for so long."

Susan replied, "Well... that's kind of a relief. But still! That shows that her tits are so big and full of milk that all she has to do is THINK about lactating and she'll start! Practically, anyway. Suzanne, we have to band together! I've grown to love Brenda dearly these past weeks, but we can't let her become the family milk maid. That job naturally belongs to me!"

Suzanne could see the logic of that. Besides, she realized that now that Susan had the lactation idea in her head, there would be no way to talk her out of it. Furthermore, although it would have some effects she didn't like, such as making Susan's breasts bigger than hers, she also realized that playing with lactating breasts could bring her, and everyone else, a lot of pleasure. She got off the exercise machine, which she hadn't been using for a while anyway, and moved over to stand beside her best friend.


She put both hands on Susan's breasts, and said, "If you're gonna do it, you can count on me to help, especially with the stimulation you'll need to get started. There's no time like the present, I always say."

Susan squealed, merely from having someone else's hands on her tits when she was this worked up about lactating. "Oh no! I'm going to cum!"

Suzanne bent down and put her mouth to one of Susan's nipples. Just before she started to suck, she exclaimed, "Then cum!"

"Dear Lord!" Susan cried out, as Suzanne started to suckle on her nipple. "I'm going to squirt my milk all over! All over Alan, AND Katherine! Yes! Both of my babies will suck my sensitive tits for HOURS AND HOURS! God, it's making me cum already! Just the thought of both of them each taking a tit is too much! I can't handle it!"

Xania moved over to Susan, and said mischievously, "You mean like this?"

Again, Xania sucked on one nipple while Suzanne sucked on the other. The difference was that Susan was much, much more hot and bothered now. The sensations, and the idea, were both too much for her, and she began having a very big climax.

Suzanne acted quickly, thrusting her fingers into Susan's pussy as her climax began.

Xania also did her best to further the stimulation, fondling Susan's engorged clit.

The stimulation was literally too much for Susan to take, causing her to pass out.

After checking that Susan was really dead to the world, Suzanne motioned that Xania should follow her to the basement restroom that was adjacent to the workout area. Once there she wet a washcloth to take back to Susan, intending to use that when Susan started to stir as the cover explanation for why she and Xania had moved to the restroom.

Once they were safely some distance from Susan, Suzanne whispered to Xania, "How do you know so much about inducing lactation? Or was that all bull?"

Xania replied, "Don't worry, it's for real. I've had girlfriends who've done that for their lovers. It's really hot! I even know which kinds of foods and herbs can make it happen, like oatmeal, fenugreek, anise, fennel, and mother's milk tea. Unfortunately, that tea tastes like bitter black licorice, but if you add some peppermint or honey, it's tolerable. On the other hand, the fenugreek will make her smell and taste like maple syrup when she's taking the right amount. That should appeal to everybody."

Suzanne said, "Good. You should buy some of those for her and present them to her along with your advice. That will put her in your debt. You've seen how jealous she can be, but she'll want you around if you're helping her, rather than wanting you gone so that you're not competing for Alan's cock. I'll give you some money when we get upstairs so that you can buy her a month's supply of everything that might help."

She continued, "In the meantime I'll contact our medical source and get a prescription for Reglan. We'll get her started right away."

Xania nodded, but said, "The only snag with that plan is that I highly doubt I'll be able to go shopping before I leave this area today. Besides, I don't know the local stores, and it can be hard to find some of this stuff. But I'm guessing Susan will want to get started right away."

"That's a safe bet," Suzanne said.

"So let me write a list. I'll leave it up to you to get everything."

"Okay, I can do that."

Just then Susan started to stir, so they walked back to her with the cooling washcloth that Suzanne had prepared.


Glory was very irritated at herself, and irritated at Alan. She sat at her desk towards the end of her first-period class and had a brief chance to think about her situation as the class was winding down. I don't know which is more aggravating: the fact that Alan is making me wear this stupid Televibe thing, or the fact that I agreed to wear it! What the hell was I thinking? That young man has some serious hold over me. It's almost disturbing. He even got me to stick something up my butt! I'm sorry, but I do not put ANYTHING up my butt. Well, until now, I guess.

I'm Alan's teacher! I should be the one telling him what to do. I'm older and wiser. Even in our sexual relationship, I should be calling the shots. He has the gall to threaten me with a spanking if I pull these damn things out of me. I should tell him to go to hell, that's what I should do!

She wiggled her ass in her chair and felt the dildo in her butt. She was annoyed at how distracting it felt. Crap. Every time I walk a step I can feel those two toys shift and grind against each other inside of me! I'm just going to have to find him during the break and tell him that these things are coming out!

She shifted her ass cheeks back and forth several times. I'll admit that the technology is clever, and I certainly wouldn't be averse to trying this out some other time, but not while I'm teaching! It is MOST distracting, even at the lowest setting. I mean, I taught my class okay, but this stupid Televibe thing was always on my mind.

Not to mention, it made me constantly think about Alan and his god-damned fucking delicious cock. Those thoughts are the real reason my panties are getting wet. How am I supposed to teach with all these fantasies going through my head? Two minutes ago, I was explaining the causes of World War I while imagining Alan pumping away at my pussy with us both naked in the middle of a busy beach! It's a sheer miracle my mouth could keep moving and say something vaguely coherent. No, these cursed things are coming out. Period!

She shifted her ass cheeks back and forth some more. Dammit! Why do I keep doing that?! I can't afford to get all squishy and juicy now!

Glory dismissed her class a minute later, and then got up to find Alan. She felt obliged to tell him she was taking the Televibe out, since she'd promised him otherwise. Just walking to the door was incredibly arousing, as Alan's toys rolled around and against each other inside of her.

But as soon as she made it out the door of her class, she felt the pussy vibrator suddenly increase in intensity. Both vibrators had ten settings which varied not only by intensity, but also by the type and pattern of pulses.

Alan had switched her vaginal vibrator from "heart beat," which was nothing but very brief and soft twitches, to "throb," which was a rapid and strong pulse. He'd only had a few minutes for Xania to teach him how to use the device before school, so he didn't really know what all the settings were. He assumed that the zero setting was the lowest and nine was the highest, but that wasn't so. That was the general trend, but, for instance, four was one of the strongest settings.


Glory wobbled in her walk, and nearly fell over with surprise as her knees came close to buckling out from under her. Holy shit! She paused in the hallway and struggled to remain standing. She looked around to see if anyone had been watching her.

Luckily, it seemed that her near stumble hadn't been noticed by anyone. The vibrator continued its "throb."

Glory was hit by a stunning realization. I'm completely helpless. Helpless! This is a disaster! Alan could turn the vibrator up to a very high level, making it impossible for me to do anything. Unless I'm in a bathroom stall, there's no way I can take these out or otherwise stop them in any way. I don't think this thing even HAS an on/off switch! I didn't see one, at least. Even the damn anal egg keeps buzzing at a low level.

I'm completely at his mercy! Unfortunately, I've got to admit that turns me on. I mean, it's not like I'm a submissive, not really, but one couldn't be human and not get aroused in this situation!

Dammit! She stumbled and nearly fell as she continued to walk down the hallway.

Stupid high heels. As if I don't have enough problems. Grrr.

But the danger is that he might not even know when I've got a problem! For instance, I could be in the middle of class when there's a sudden silence, and everyone could hear this thing buzzing away, and I wouldn't be able to do a thing to stop it! To think that I've been annoyed at those branches scraping against the windows lately; now they might be my salvation.

But even worse, this thing doesn't even fit completely inside my hole, thanks to that slightly widened circular base on the bottom end allowing it to rest up against the outside of my labia. Luckily, that ridge isn't very thick, so it's not noticeable if I'm wearing panties, but otherwise it could be bad. Really bad. What would happen if it suddenly fell out of me altogether and clattered to the floor right in the middle of one of my lectures?

Holy shit, again! That's a scary thought! I have to find Alan immediately, or a bathroom if I can make it all the way to the end of the hall without turning into a puddle of cum. I'm taking both of these out, NOW! Where is he? She wandered further down the hall, even as the intense "throb" setting made it difficult to walk.

Then the vibrator's setting changed again. Alan had hit the seven button, which was "Ramp Down Waves," a gradual decrease down to nearly nothing, and then a sudden increase to full, repeating over and over. This made it even more difficult for her to walk, especially as the throbbing of the vaginal vibrator caused sympathetic reverberations with the inactive vibrator just a thin membrane away in her butt. She would be fine, briefly, and then hit hard.

She placed a hand against the wall and stood in one position until she could recover, except that she couldn't recover. The vibrator was relentless. She waited for the setting to change again, but it didn't. She looked around and breathed a sigh of relief because she didn't see anyone staring at her. Realizing the situation wasn't likely to get any better, she attempted to continue down the hall on her unsteady legs.

The bathroom was getting in sight, but then Alan changed the setting again. He'd pressed six, called "Rhythmic Pulse."

She quite liked that one. She could walk a little better with it because it wasn't jerky like the others. But just as it changed, she saw Alan farther down the hall. He was looking directly at her, and she realized that he'd been watching her from a distance for some time. She walked forwards to him, supremely aware of the plastic toys filling both her holes and in particular the insistent throbbing of the vaginal vibrator.

But he walked away from her at the same pace, while keeping an eye on her.

She thought, You little shit! I'll get you for this! Crap! He's toying with me, stringing me along like a human yo-yo. Bastard! You damn well better fuck the shit out of me, and right now! Wait. Why am I thinking about getting fucked doggy-style? That's not right! Where would he even fuck me? Oh dear God, what am I going to do?! The bathroom! I need to get to the bathroom!

So she headed to the bathroom to take the vibrators out, even as she was enjoying them more and more. Her panties were truly soaked now, and she was continually aroused no matter what the setting was. That was the problem. She was so aroused now that she could hardly think.

Alan could see that she was heading to the ladies' room, so he closed the distance to cut her off. (He didn't have much trouble catching up to her, since she was walking slowly and carefully.)

He walked right up to her, and said, "How are you doing, Ms. Rhymer? Did you stub your toe or something?" He was aware that they could be seen and observed by other students standing just a few feet away, so his joke was as subtle and veiled as he could make it.

She was having a hard time keeping up a public front, because she wanted to cry out something like, "You fucking bastard! Stop this insanity this minute and take these fucking things out of me!" But she couldn't say or do anything unusual with other students around. Merely talking to Alan outside of class like this could be eyebrow raising in and of itself.

She quickly looked around. Seeing that no one was looking right at her face, she gave Alan the evil eye. There were a million things she wanted to say, but she was so flummoxed, as well as uncertain if she was being overheard, that she didn't say anything. What annoyed her most of all was that she couldn't get the image of him fucking her doggy-style out of her head.

Alan said to her rather quietly, "I remembered that math sequence that you'd been asking about, teacher. Zero, four, seven, six. Then I think the next number is a two." Right as he said "two," he switched the pussy vibrator to the two setting, which was "Medium Gear," an insistent, constant vibration of middling strength.

(He hadn't even touched the anal vibrator controls yet, and didn't plan to, as he'd promised not to. However, there was no real off setting, so that vibrator buzzed at a low level no matter what.)

Glory grimaced and tensed up a little. This setting was more intense than the pleasant rhythm of six. She said quietly but forcefully, "No, I think it ends with six. Six, not two."

So Alan dialed a six instead.

A big smile returned to Glory's face as she relaxed into her "Rhythmic Pulse" again.

He grinned too. He was amazed at what he could do just by hitting a button on his phone.

However, thanks to his misunderstanding of the settings, he thought that meant that she wanted something stronger and therefore closer to the top nine setting, and not something down near the low zero. "I think you're right. Six. Although, are you sure it wasn't an eight?" He switched the controls to an eight as he said that - "Techno" - causing an intense series of throbs and pulses to rumble like thunder through her.

Her eyes went wide as her knees threatened to buckle out from under her again. "No! No! Definitely six! Not eight. Eight's bad!"

So he returned the vibrator to the six setting. He looked around and noticed that most of the other students were filing into their classes as the break was coming to an end. No one was paying any attention to their conversation. He said, "A most fascinating discussion, Ms. Rhymer. We'll have to do this again sometime." Then he started to walk off.

Glory was at a loss for words, as the break time between classes was now almost over and she hadn't made it to the bathroom or been able to speak to him about anything. NoooOOOOoooo! He needs to fuck me right now! Enough with this stupid dildo crap! Bend me over and fuckin' bone me, you big-cocked bastard! Where are you going?!

She looked at the bathroom, which seemed so close, yet so impossibly far away, and then at Alan walking away. She grimaced. "Alan! Wait!"

He paused and fiddled with his hand in his pocket, feeling for the right button to press. "Oh. Right. All number sequences end in zero. Sorry." He returned the vibrator to its lowest setting, and continued on to his class.

Glory felt greatly relieved. After all the other settings, the zero setting seemed like heaven. She looked around to make sure no one was looking. Then she patted the middle of her ass to see if there was a wet spot there. It felt dry, so she ran her hands over her upper thighs to make sure there weren't any rivulets dripping down to her knees.

Phew! I'm okay for now. But I feel like my pussy is gushing like Niagara Falls. I hope I can make it through the day. I have so many more classes to endure!

She walked back to her classroom with a spring in her step, amazed at how good it felt to merely have a light buzz. Even the inactive anal vibrator felt good as it shifted around inside her with every swing of her hips.

She thought, That didn't go as I expected, to say the least. But I'll have to admit he makes me so fucking horny! I didn't make it to the bathroom to take this damn contraption out of me, which is unfortunate, but it's too late to go back now with the bell about to ring. Maybe I'll just keep this in for another hour and see what happens. I hope he caught that I liked the six setting. That's a good one!


Amy felt bad about the possibility that her boasting about Alan had led to his current bruises. Since gossip had caused the problem, she made it a point to keep her ears to the ground and listen for further gossip. She unobtrusively hung out near Heather's friends, because she figured if there was a problem it was probably connected to Heather. Because Amy was perceived as harmless, no one paid her presence any mind.

She'd been doing this for a few days - in fact she'd started paying some attention before Alan got punched - and her effort finally struck paydirt during the break between first and second periods.

Simone and another friend of Heather's named Melissa were at their lockers in a crowded hallway, standing around and talking, since they had some time to kill during the break between classes. A whole clique associated with Heather had their lockers together, so it was a good place for Amy to lurk.

Amy had been listening intermittently to several different conversations when she heard Melissa say, "I can't believe Heather wants us to tell people that! I wonder what her beef is."


Amy wandered over and acted as if she had been a party to the conversation all along. She said in her almost constantly happy voice, "Ohmigod! Heather's having you tell people stuff too? Is it the same thing she told me?"

Simone and Melissa were a bit surprised, but not too surprised, by Amy's interruption. They knew her a bit from a couple of shared classes.

Simone asked, "I don't know. What did she say to you?"

Amy was winging it, hoping that if she played along and guessed correctly, she'd figure out what trickery Heather was up to now. She made an educated guess. "I guess she's trying to ruin her reputation. She wants me to say really nasty stuff about her."

Melissa prodded, as if annoyed by talking to a child, "Who, Amy? You have to say who. Are you talking about Ms. Rhymer?"

Amy wasn't as dumb as they thought, so she played along. "Yeah. Ms. Rhymer. I guess Heather must be trying to bring her down. What did she have you say about her?"

Simone laughed. "You can say that again. I'd hate to be on Heather's enemies list. Going after a teacher, that takes some daring. She told me to say that Ms. Rhymer's gotten pregnant by a student. Can you believe it? She's going to have to quit before she starts showing or get an abortion."

"Wow," Amy replied. "I'm supposed to tell people that, uh, her boyfriend treats her mean and stuff." She just said the first nasty rumor she could think up.

Melissa tsk-tsked, "Amy, if you're spreading rumors, you have to do better than 'and stuff.' What's the rest?"

"Um, that he, like, passes her around to his friends and makes her sleep with all kinds of bad people."

"Oooh. Nasty!" said Simone. "She told you that one? That one's nasty."

Amy was amazed that the rumor she thought she'd made up was already in circulation, more or less. But she kept her simple, smiling face on and didn't give away any of her feelings. Eager to pump more information out of them, she asked, "So are you supposed to say which student made her pregnant?"

That caused a bit of consternation between Simone and Melissa. They whispered to each other with worried looks on their faces.

Amy could figure out what was going on. She was fairly certain that the rumor had Alan making Glory pregnant, and the two girls didn't want to say that part to Amy since they knew she was Alan's girlfriend.

So she said, "Are you two prudes? God! Like, no way. I totally wouldn't have figured you two to be prudes. Me, I don't hold back with anything. Like with my boyfriend Alan. The way I figure, the more girls he sleeps with, the better. It makes me so happy whenever I hear he's made another conquest. It just shows that he's such a stud and a real man!"

Simone looked at Amy uncertainly. She didn't want to be considered a prude. "Yeah. I'd heard that about you. That's a bit... unusual. Well, maybe you'll be happy to know then that the rumor says he's the one who made Ms. Rhymer pregnant."

Amy clapped her hands with glee. "Oooh! He is? Cool! See what I mean? Isn't he such a stud? Simone, don't you think he's just the bestest fuck in the whole world?"


Simone felt uncomfortable answering that, and stayed quiet. She thought, I can't believe what a total airhead Amy is. She asked, "You're HAPPY that he made her pregnant?!"

"Totally! 'Cos then everyone will see what a complete stud he is, and then he'll be able to bang even more hotties like you." Amy didn't really like the idea of him making Glory pregnant, but wanted the others to think of her as a ditz.

Simone knew that the rumors she was helping spread would hurt Alan as well as Glory. She did feel a certain loyalty and affection for him, but it wasn't nearly as great as her loyalty to Heather, who had been her best friend since childhood and her lover for several years.

The reminder that she'd had sex with Alan too, however, put her in a bad mood. The fact that Amy obviously knew she'd been fucked by Alan and didn't mind it puzzled her. Does she really not care and even like that fact?! I don't get it!

Melissa, meanwhile, rolled her eyes. "Amy, it's just a rumor, remember? Knowing Heather, it's probably not even true. I didn't know she's got you working the grapevine too, but go around and tell it to everyone you know. Okay?"

"M'kay! I knew that. Although, in a weird kind of way, it would've been kinda cool if he'd knocked up his teach. Bummer. I mean, how many students would be able to say that?" She pouted prettily, then gave a friendly wave and walked off.

Yet Amy didn't walk off as quickly as expected, and she kept her ears peeled. So she heard Melissa say to Simone, "God. What an idiot and total weirdo. What does Alan see in her, aside from her tits and ass?"

Simone snidely replied, "Well, you have to admit she does have a lot of tits and ass to like. Why do you have to go beyond those two things? I know Alan and that's all he cares about. He's like a walking sex machine. I know he looks normal and unassuming, but you'd be surprised." She wanted to think of him as a bad person so she wouldn't feel guilty for spreading rumors against him.

She added, "Besides, what guy wouldn't kill to have a girlfriend who actually loves it when he sleeps around? Amy's such a child. I kinda like her, to be honest. I don't like to spread rumors against her too. Heather's really flooding the grapevine today though. I wonder why."

The others had forgotten Amy, so she was able to stand nearby and keep listening. But the conversation drifted off into other idle speculation and she never did hear what rumors were being said about her. She left seething - a feeling almost completely unfamiliar to her - but outwardly she kept her cool. She wanted to rush off and find Alan immediately to tell him what she'd learned, but there was no time left before she had to get to class.

— — —

When Amy found Alan in the hallway during the next break between classes, she slowed down and grew cautious as she got nearer to him, because he was in the hallway talking to Glory. Amy lingered at a safe distance, waiting until he was free.

He looked over and noticed her standing about ten feet away, but he continued with what he was saying to Glory. Amy was confused, because it seemed to be some kind of mathematics discussion, but it made no sense to her. Alan was saying, "The sequence goes, zero, three, one, six, two, and nine. I'm sure of it."

Glory answered, "No. Forget the three. That's not in the sequence. You have no idea what a three is like. And a nine? Are you crazy?"

Amy thought that sounded like a very perplexing kind of mathematics problem, but then Glory saw that Alan was looking behind her at someone. Glory turned and saw Amy as well, then said something under her breath to Alan and left.

Amy of course had no idea that Alan and Glory had been obliquely discussing Glory's vibrator settings. After Glory left, Amy had a quick conversation with Alan. She had just enough time to tell him about Heather's latest before the break came to an end and third-period classes began.

Glory had rapidly become addicted to the Televibe, so she gave no further thought to removing the vibrators for the rest of the school day. She made sure to "accidentally" run into Alan in the breaks between classes so she could communicate in their code language which settings he should focus on, at least until he fully understood their impact.


Meanwhile, Heather felt triumphant about the spread of her new rumors against Amy, and especially Glory. She hoped that at the very least Alan would be forced to curtail his contacts with his girlfriend and teacher while at school for fear of inflaming the rumors even more. She figured that would mean that he'd spent more time with her.

Heather was in Glory's third-period class. When class began, it became obvious to the astute Heather that there was something unusual about Glory's demeanor.

Glory taught like she always had, and her words and actions were as typical as ever, but there was a pained expression on her face. She seemed distracted, and practically tortured at times.

Heather thought this meant that Glory, with her interest in hearing all the school rumors, had already heard some of the rumors about her. Heather rejoiced in Glory's misery. She imagined Glory was deeply shaken and desperate.

In fact, Glory's facial contortions were caused by the Televibe. Even though Alan kept his promise not to change the settings while Glory was teaching, she was so aroused from all the constant stimulation all morning long that she remained very horny. Even the lowest setting, the zero, helped keep her buzzing with constant arousal, especially when combined with the unfamiliar feelings caused by the anal dildo. She was actually in heaven while Heather thought she was in hell.

When third period ended, Heather left Glory's class nearly ecstatic. She wanted to gloat. Then she ran into Alan in the hallway. He had Glory's class right after Heather did. Recently, he'd been arriving at class at the last possible moment to avoid running into Heather, but today he got there as quickly as he could to catch her before she got far.

He walked right up to Heather just before she reached a group of her friends. Cutting her off, he said in a polite voice, "Hey, Heather, how goes it? Can I talk to you for a moment?"

So they moved to a quieter spot in the hallway, though it didn't have complete privacy since it was still the busy hallway. She knew she should stifle her gloating around him, so she said in a light and normal tone, "How you doin', Alan?"


He just looked at her. A part of him was flabbergasted at the clothes she wore (in this case a sports bra underneath an unbuttoned shirt that allowed one to inspect the shape of her nipples, even when they weren't erect). Once again, he wondered how she got away with wearing what she did and somehow didn't get generally known as the slut that she really was. He tried to avoid looking at her curvaceous and deeply tanned body and just focus on her face.

He concentrated his anger mentally by remembering the details of what Amy had told him about the rumors that Heather had concocted. His look turned to a glare, then the glare turned into a menacing, penetrating stare.

Heather's smile retreated from her face, as she wondered what was coming over Alan.

Then he said, piercingly, "I know. I've heard the rumors, and I have proof you were behind them."

She expected more of an explanation from him, or even a threat, but he simply continued to stare her down until she withered under his malevolent gaze and turned away, unable to face him any longer.

"I'll deal with your ass later," he said under his breath, with all the cold, brittle anger he could muster. "Put a stop to it now, if you want to cut your losses." Then he stormed off without looking back.

Heather was stunned. Her exuberant mood was history. She felt devastated. She'd carefully developed a cover story for her rumors, and was going to blame them on the football players, pretending that it was part of their campaign to get at Alan by striking at his favorite teacher and girlfriend.

She was rocked to the core of her being. Shivers of fright ran up and down her spine. She was so unaccustomed to anyone discovering her trickery that she had no idea how to react.

She stood alone in the busy hallway and thought, Fuck! I'm so fucked! This wasn't supposed to happen! This NEVER happens! How the hell did he find out? I had it all worked out! Maybe he's bluffing. He must be bluffing... No, Alan's a pretty bad liar, and I'm convinced he was extremely pissed off at me. I was certainly terrified, that's for sure! He MUST know. Shit. That really pisses me off because I had such a perfect alibi! It was all so brilliant. Fuck!

What am I going to do? Well, for one thing, I'm going to have to tough it out. Act like it's no big deal when we meet later.

She thought of Glory. That skanky bitch! It's all her fault. Fuck!

At least I have the satisfaction of bringing her down a bit with these rumors. It's not like Alan can stop their spread now. I need to talk to him during lunch and get this sorted out. But how can I when he's gonna get all lovey-dovey with that ugly 'ho teacher of his and not even leave her classroom? It makes me SICK to think of them together. Laying his thick pipe in her when it belongs in MY ass! I'm the one who really loves you, Alan! FUUUUCCCK!

She went to her fourth-period class fuming at herself and at Glory. She irrationally blamed Glory for Alan finding out. But after a while her anger died down and she tried to concentrate on possible solutions. Think, Heather, think! Alan's going to be soooo pissed. I wonder if he's going to take it out on my ass.

She squirmed around in her seat as she delightfully imagined all the things he might do to her rear end as "punishment." But then she remembered his face as he simply said "I know." Worse, she remembered her desire to be his girlfriend, and then realized just how deep of a hole she'd dug for herself.

Come ON, Heather! Focus! This is serious! I've really fucked up this time. Like he's ever going to want to be my boyfriend now. I'll be lucky if he wants to keep me as his lunchtime cum dump at this rate! Arrrggh! I've got to come up with something clever to get myself out of this mess, and fast!

But first, damage control. Shit, I need to do a lot of damage control. I guess I do need to put a stop to the rumors. Otherwise, this hole I'm in is only going to get deeper and harder to climb out of!

She felt a yawning pit of uncertainty and despair start to take hold in her belly. I might really lose him completely if I can't contain this!


Amy had just had food put on her tray in the school cafeteria and was standing at the end of the line, trying to decide where she was going to sit, when she was practically accosted by several other girls.

They surrounded her and all but forced her to join them and sit in the yard outside the cafeteria, away from everyone else.

Amy knew that the four girls - Simone, Melissa, Donna, and Roxy - were all very attractive members of the most elite social circles in school, but she didn't personally know any of them particularly well.

She was a little puzzled by what was going on, but just went with the flow and let them direct her to a place to sit.

As they all sat down in a green space surrounded by trees, Melissa said to Amy, "Sorry for being so insistent, but the four of us were just talking, and we absolutely HAVE to speak to you in private about something. Is that okay?"

"M'kay, sure. What's up?" Amy put her tray on the ground and leaned up against a tree.

Melissa said, as she also leaned against a tree, "This is kind of awkward, but do you remember when you were talking to Simone and me and a couple others a little while ago?"

"Yeah?" She picked at her salad with a fork.

The others had trays too but none of them were eating. Melissa continued, "Well, it's just that we wanted to hear more about one thing you mentioned. You were talking about your new boyfriend Alan, and I think this is an exact quote, you said: 'The way I figure, the more girls he sleeps with, the better. It makes me so happy whenever I hear he's made another conquest.' Well, I just wanted to ask you about that."

Any replied, "Yeah, I said that. What's the big deal?"


Donna was a stunningly beautiful olive-skinned brunette of obvious Italian ancestry. She was second only to Heather in the female student power hierarchy and as such had never deigned to talk to Amy much. She knew Amy only by her airhead reputation.

Thus she lectured Amy as if she were dealing with a slow-witted child. "Amy dear, surely you know that good girls don't allow that kind of thing. If you have a boyfriend, you don't let him stray. Period. If my boyfriend did that to me, I'd cut his balls off. Do you understand?"

Amy replied without a hint of malice, "But Donna, you DO sleep around. Does your boyfriend Sam know what you and Nick do when he's supposed to be tutoring you? Or how about what you did to Jerry in the bathroom at the last school dance? So how is that different?"

Donna opened and shut her mouth like a fish out of water, gasping for oxygen. But she recovered quickly and blurted out, "That's totally untrue! What are you talking about?! I have no idea where you heard these malicious rumors, but I can assure you-"

Roxy was a friend of Donna's and a member of her power faction, but she didn't know the others very well. She interrupted, "Donna, give it a rest. Everybody knows about that stuff except maybe for your hapless boyfriend. Heather's been telling about your cheating to anyone who has ears, and now even Amy knows about it. Don't blame Amy for YOUR slip-ups."

Donna was defensive. "Well, so what? My situation is totally different." She glared at the others as if daring them to refute her claim. "I can't go into details, but for starters it's one thing to do something in secret and it's another to do something out in the open. It sets a bad precedent and it's bad for us girls everywhere. What if every guy starts having sex with girls other than his girlfriend?"

Simone spoke up, joking. "Then we'd probably all get laid a lot more often!" Seeing that joke hadn't gone over very well, she added, "Why is Amy's situation so bad, if that's what she wants? I think it's great that they have an open relationship. There are a lot of open marriages that work, you know."

Roxy, falling back into her usual role as Donna's attack dog, complained, "You WOULD say that. That's just because YOU get to fuck him. I hear Alan's even been banging you and Heather at the same time. And don't even try to deny it; in the past few days, Heather's been surprisingly loose lipped about some of the things you two have done with this Alan guy. He's a nerd, isn't he? A real nerd! I don't get the appeal."

Donna chimed in. "Yeah. She's been so insufferable at lunch lately, even more so than usual. She's got that 'I've just been royally fucked and you haven't' smirk on her face all the time. It's SOOO annoying."

Donna was Heather's main rival, but they had a Cold War-styled low intensity struggle going on behind each other's backs while pretending to be friendly face to face. The others all knew the score, so Donna didn't have to put on a front and hide her hatred for Heather from them.


Simone confessed, "Yeah, so I've had sex with Alan. So what? Maybe that shades my opinion of Amy's sharing, but I don't care."

She turned to Amy. "Thanks, girl. Thanks for sharing. You've got a pretty great boyfriend. I think you're really cool about everything."

Amy was growing concerned that the others were ganging up for a verbal attack on her, but she flashed a big smile when she realized that she had at least one supporter amongst them. "Thanks!"

Melissa chimed in, "Hey, I think it's cool too, if that's what you want. Unlike SOME people" - she shot a look at Donna - "I'm not here to judge. I just want to get, you know, the full low down. I mean, there have been all kinds of rumors about Alan lately, but now that you're his girlfriend you can give us the inside scoop, can't you?"

"I dunno..." Amy looked around with worry. She was surprised to see Christine sitting just a short distance away, as she didn't recall seeing her there before. But she didn't spend much time thinking about it. She figured Christine probably already knew everything she was likely to say anyway.

Donna suddenly changed her tone and came on to Amy like a friend. "Oh, don't mind me. I guess maybe I'm just a little bit jealous, especially about how Heather is rubbing this Alan stuff in my face lately."

Simone cut in and joked, "I usually sit at the same lunch table and I haven't seen much of that, but watching Heather rub Alan's 'stuff' in your face sounds like something I'd love to see!"

The others laughed, but Donna just smiled politely. "As I was saying, Amy, I'd love to hear all about it too." In truth, Donna wasn't at all envious about Heather having sex with Alan, since she still considered Alan a lowly nerd not worth her attention. But she figured there was a possibility she might learn some things she could use against Heather.

Before Amy could answer, Simone asked her earnestly, "Out of curiosity, does the fact that I've had sex with Alan bother you at all? Does it make you jealous? I mean, come on. You can be completely honest here."

Amy was all smiles. "Nope!"

Roxy was unbelieving. "Oh, come on!"

Amy explained, "You have to understand, I don't look at it like I have any claim on him. I told him I want to be loyal just to him, but he made it very clear up front that he was going to sleep around. In fact, when he asked me to be his girlfriend, he had this totally gorgeous girl suck his cock just a few minutes later, right in front of me, to be totally sure that I was okay with it. In fact, now that I think about it, she took over from another hottie who was jacking him off. And then later on I shared the licking honors with another girl. It was great! He really showed us all what a total stud he is."

The other four girls were completely flabbergasted and struck speechless. Even Simone was amazed and wolf whistled.

Finally, Roxy said, "No. Way. No freakin' way!"

Amy frowned and wondered if she'd said too much. She was proud of herself for not mentioning names and for referring to Susan and her mother as girls to help deflect suspicions. She'd also been careful not to mention anything about his six-times-a-day treatment. She didn't see anything wrong in what she had mentioned, so she couldn't understand why the others were so shocked.

She decided it was too late to take back what she'd said, so she just replied, "Way!"

Melissa asked, "Who ARE these other girls?"

Before Amy could answer, Simone put a hand over her mouth and faked a cough, but coughed out the name "Heather."

The others laughed, but then Melissa gamely joked back, coughing out "Simone."

Simone playfully fought back by coughing "Melissa."

Melissa laughed, then said, "I wish!"

Amy explained, "Yeah, Heather and now Simone are two of them, though they weren't the ones there that day. I can't mention names, but most of his lovers aren't students you'd know, from this school. About the only thing they have in common is that they all look totally super sexy and pretty much all have big boobs." She thought that was a clever dodge.

Donna was skeptical. "One guy and that many beautiful women? What, is he a porn star? I don't believe it."

Amy frowned and said defensively, "It's true. It's super double totallyistically true! Why would I lie about it, anyway?"

Donna was still incredulous but asked, "Amy, can't you see the situation you described is more than just a little bit unusual? I mean, that's just fucking nuts! Why on Earth would you agree to be his girlfriend when he's getting stroked and blown by someone else right in front of you?!"

Amy said, "I don't even think about it, 'cos the fact is, Alan is more man than any one girl can handle. It's the only way. He's like, super stud guy! Heck, if I tried to keep him all for myself, he'd probably burst from making cum faster than I could squeeze it out."

Donna snorted. "Yeah. Right!"

Even Simone seemed skeptical and joked, "I don't know, Amy. I can handle a LOT of man meat!"

Amy got a bit upset that the others didn't believe her, and especially that Donna was looking at her like she was crazy. She protested, "It's true! You can't talk 'cos you don't know what it's like. You all think you're so experienced, but have you ever known a guy who regularly cums six, seven, or even eight times a day? And it's not like he cums in five minutes, either. He's like, superwonderifically long last-y, every time!"

The others continued to stare at Amy like she was just telling a tall tale. Her strange use of grammar only served to puzzle them even more.

Amy was disappointed that even Simone didn't believe her fully, since Simone knew more and had been with Alan. She tried to explain it in a different way. "Think of it like this. Did you ever have a super big crush on a pop star?"

Melissa answered, "Yeah? I'm, like, waaay into Justin Timberlake. I've got posters of him all over my room."

Amy smiled. "Well then, Melissa, what if you got backstage at one of his concerts and had a chance to have sex with him?"

Melissa looked around a bit guiltily, but then burst forth enthusiastically, "You know what? I'd be all over that! And all over him!" She giggled.

Amy giggled too. "And after you had sex with him, would you demand that he stop seeing all other women?"

Melissa was indignant. "No, of course not. He can have sex with anyone he wants, 'cos he's Justin fucking Timberlake! I'm sure he's got a steady stream of groupies. I'd be totally psyched if he wanted to do me any time, no matter what the circumstances. I'd thank my lucky stars that he even looked at me!"

Amy sat back, looking satisfied. "Exactly. So now you see how I feel. My boyfriend is Alan fucking Plummer, and I love him. He's got a steady stream of 'groupies' too, more or less, and he deserves them, 'cos he's such a stud. I can't even imagine him NOT having sex with lots of girls; it would seem wrong. I just thank my lucky stars every day that out of all of them he picked ME to be his official girlfriend. That shows how much he loves me."

Donna complained, "But Alan's not famous, not even close. He's just some local loser nerd at this lame-ass school. He's a complete nobody!"

Amy, though, wasn't moved. "Says you! If I had to choose between him and Justin Timberlake or any other famous guy, he'd win hands down. I mean, not only is he a sexual super-duper-man, he's smart, considerate, caring, funny, rich, handsome, loving, and everything else I could possibly want in my man. I haven't regretted my decision one second. And I really do think it's great when he has sex with other girls. For one thing, when he does that, well, let's just say that can lead to lots of fun for everyone. Have you ever been in an orgy? I have!"


Amy again worried slightly that she might be saying too much. But she was so proud of Alan and so determined to explain to the others how great a boyfriend he was that she didn't have much self-restraint.

Again, there was a stunned silence from the others (except for Simone). They were surprised by Amy's possible implication that she engaged in lesbian sex, because until recently most of her female friends hadn't thought of Amy in a sexual way at all. But lesbianism was a sensitive topic and no-one wanted to touch it at the moment.

Donna frowned, and said, "I'm shocked! And appalled! Amy, that's wrong. Very wrong!"

Simone chastised her, "Oh Donna, stuff it already. I know you've been in orgies before, 'cos I've been in a couple of them with you. So don't be such a hypocrite."

Donna shot back, "Simone, shut up! You can't talk about that kind of stuff! That's a secret."

Simone rolled her eyes. "Yeah, big secret. Remember what you did in full view of everybody at the party by the lake last year?"

She turned to Amy and again gave her support. "Amy, I can't say I fully understand your situation with Alan, but I've seen that you've been even happier than usual lately, so thumbs up." She emphasized that point by giving her the thumbs-up sign with both hands.

Melissa pressed, "Amy, the main thing I wanted to ask you about is what makes him so great, you know, sexually speaking. You're calling him some kind of sexual superman. Why do you say that?"

Amy said, "Well, I'm not all great at explaining stuff. All I know is that he makes me feel soooo good. I mean, super duper incrediwonderliciousallyfantasmorgasmically good! So good that nothing else even begins to come close. Like, have you ever just had sex and you're lying there panting, and you're thinking, like, 'WOW!'? When I'm with him, gosh, if he just even smiles at me, it's just the bestest of the very best feeling in the whole wide world!" She gazed off into the distance in fond remembrance while flashing a smile that seemed brighter than a lighthouse searchlight.

Roxy said sarcastically, "To put that into English, I think what she's saying is that she likes it." Addressing the others, she said, "But everyone here knows that Amy's never had a boyfriend before this rather surprising hookup. Maybe she'd be over the moon with almost any guy."

Melissa turned to Simone. "Hey, you've had sex with Alan too. Is he really all that?"

Simone looked to Amy. "Is it okay if I speak my mind?"


So Simone considered the question carefully. "Well, that's hard to say. Keep in mind that I've only had sex with him once so far. It was... I'd have to say... it was good, really good. In fact, now that I think about it, I can't think of any guy who's been better. But on the other hand, it wasn't like he was so head-and-shoulders above everyone else. I've had a few other guys who were on a pretty similar level. Not many, but a few. But also, I'm not in love with him. I'm sure everyone here can agree that sex with someone you love is much better in every way. So I can only imagine how good he must make Amy feel."

Melissa followed up with Simone, asking, "So would you say he's as good as the best of the other guys, or a little better? And what makes him so good?"

Simone thought back to her one encounter with him, just two days earlier. She began to grow aroused as she remembered how Alan had made Heather lick his erection while he slid it in and out. That was the biggest sexual thrill I've ever had, and I've had a lot of partners. But was it mostly because of the way he humiliated Heather? Was he doing that knowing how much I'd love it? What would he be like without Heather there?

She finally said, "He's a little better than any others, I think. But again, not THAT much better. I mean, when you really get down to it, what does a guy have to do but push his dick in and out at a nice rhythm? We're not talking rocket science here. He does have a nice long, thick one, though I've had bigger a couple of times. But he's got this intriguing combination of being sexually aggressive at times without being an asshole about it. And he's got pretty impressive stamina. Amy's definitely right about that part."


Amy was nodding her head madly in agreement as she leaned against the tree. She said, "Simone, you don't know the half of it! He can last for hours! It feels soooooOOOOoooo super great! And once his thingy goes down, it always bounces right back up again. Well, almost always. He can do it over and over and over! And don't forget his cum. Imagine your favorite food, and then it's twice as delicious as that!"

The others looked to Simone for confirmation.

Simone smirked, then joked, "Heck if I know about his cum. Donna, the next time Heather rubs Alan's stuff in your face, make sure to get a taste."

The others laughed (except Donna), but then they waited for a serious answer.

Simone was wary. "Well, to be honest, I did taste his stuff, but only a few drops' worth. Yes it was unusually sweet, but I think Amy may be looking at things through rose-colored glasses a little bit too. Just look at how much she obviously loves him. However, I do have to admit that Heather, of all people, has praised Alan's cum lately, which is pretty remarkable considering how much she usually hates blowjobs, as I'm sure you all know from the way she's always complaining that girls who give head are 'weak.' So maybe the taste grows on you or something."

Amy jumped in. "It does! It's like, pretty yummy at first, but then you're like, 'MMMM! I want more!' And then you have some more, and you're like, 'WOW!' And then pretty soon it's like you just wanna suck on that big fat spermsicle all day long! 'Move over and let me share some of that!' You know what I mean?"

Donna said flatly, "No."

Melissa, however, was growing enthusiastic and more than a little aroused. She'd never participated before in a talk about sex like this one. "I don't know about anyone else, but I find this all pretty amazing. I mean, the very fact that Heather would even have sex with a nerd, much less blow him and like it... He must be something truly incredible."

Donna though, wasn't convinced. If nothing else, she had a knee-jerk reaction of wanting to knock anything that Heather was praising. "Awww, come on, how can he be all that? So he's a nice guy with a big dick who has some stamina. I'm sure he's not the only one in this school with that combination. But my main objection is that he's got all the baggage. No one can deny he's a total geek. I mean, TOTAL grade-A nerd. You can hardly get any lower than him. I still can't believe Heather will even TALK to him. Plus, I hear he smells."

"He does not!" Amy complained with righteous indignation. "If he smells a little funny at times, that's probably just a lingering sex smell. Geez! That's mean. It must be the smell of perfume and strange pussy. And he's not THAT nerdy. You're just afraid of guys who are smart!"

Roxy didn't want to get on Donna's bad side just because they didn't see eye to eye on Alan. She said, "Donna, please don't get upset at me; I'm just thinking out loud. Don't think of this as being about Alan. The key thing is Heather being involved with this guy. What does that mean?"

Donna saw strategic possibilities with that, but didn't want to mention them with Simone right there. So she just said, "Whatever. I don't care." She hoped Roxy would get the hint and save that discussion until later when they were alone.

Melissa leaned in to Amy and held her arm. She said in a conspiratorial but friendly voice, "Don't listen to Donna. If she wants to be stubborn, that's her problem. Personally, I don't care if he IS a bit nerdy. Simone says he's the best she's ever had, which means something. Say, since you're so open to sharing, do you think maybe you could set me up with him? I'd just like to try him out one time, 'cos I'm in between boyfriends and I've never had my bell really rung, if you know what I mean?"

Roxy butted in. "'Between boyfriends?' Ha! Just wait until Jimmy hears about that!"

"Hey!" Melissa turned to Roxy, suddenly embarrassed and worried. "Who says he has to hear? It's like what Donna said, what's wrong with a little fooling around in secret? If no one knows, no one gets hurt. Maybe I can learn some new things and teach them to Jimmy."

Now Roxy leaned in to Amy. "What a slut! I'd never cheat on MY boyfriend, but it does happen that I'm not going steady at the moment. Do you think you could introduce me to Alan? I don't want to steal him away-"

"Hey!" Now it was Donna's turn to butt in. "Roxy, what kind of friend are you? I said Alan is a nerd. AND he's Heather's boy toy. I would assume you wouldn't give him the time of day. Whose side are you on here?"

Roxy knew she couldn't cross Donna, since Donna was nearly as ruthless and powerful as Heather. So she thought quickly, and said, "Your side, obviously. Sure, Alan plays Star Trek video games or whatever it is that nerds do, but that's not all there is to him. I've been checking him out. He used to be gangly, but have you seen how he looks lately? He looks GOOD! He's been on the tennis team for a while now and has developed quite a muscular ass and buff chest."

Amy smiled and happily nodded in agreement.

Roxy added, "He can't REALLY be a nerd if he looks that good and is that good in the sack, can he? So what if he's got weird taste in movies or whatever? Anyways, it's not so much about him as the fact that Heather is into him. We need to know what's going on between them to use it against her, and that means getting closer to him."

Simone coughed, and said, "Duh! Roxy, you must be forgetting I'm here. Hell-looo. Heather's best friend? Remember? You're not stealing him from Heather, that's for sure. If you or Donna even tried, Heather would take the gloves off and go completely medieval on you. Heather has some strangely powerful feelings for him that I can't say I fully understand yet, but I know enough to warn you off. Really. Ignore this warning at your extreme peril!"

Simone wasn't the type to utter dark warnings, and normally if she did she would want to lighten the mood again almost instantly with a joke and a laugh. That she didn't try to make light of her warning told the others that she was, for once, quite serious, which in and of itself was actually fairly ominous.

For her part, Roxy had indeed forgotten Simone was there since Simone was sitting back and hadn't been talking for a while. She blushed and avoided looking in Donna's direction.

Melissa remained the most insistent about getting together with Alan. She took advantage of the awkward silence to lean in closer to Amy. "Amy? Girl? You didn't answer my question. Do you think you might be able to swing some kind of meeting with this wonderboy of yours? Forget about my boyfriend Jimmy; I can drop him like a hot potato to get some of this Alan stuff."

Amy was feeling awkward. "Sorry, I'm not some kind of social secretary for him or something. He's the one who decides who he wants to fuck, and I don't have any say in the matter. Why don't you just talk to him?"

Melissa sighed. "I already did. You know, I've been hearing all these rumors about what a stud he is for weeks now. I came onto him pretty strong a few days ago, before I even knew he was your boyfriend, but he just brushed me off."

She grimaced in remembrance. She didn't get turned down all that often, and Alan's refusal had stung her pride. He'd been very polite and nice about it, but firm in his answer that he was "too busy."

Amy suddenly stood up. "I'm sorry about that. He is pretty busy that way, but maybe you should try again. He really is great and I truly don't mind if you do sleep with him, if that's what he wants. Just make sure you use protection and stuff. But I've got to go. I'll see you later."

In fact, Amy didn't have anywhere to go to, but she was feeling uncomfortable with the way Melissa and Roxy were pressing in on her as they grew increasingly excited about Alan. It was clear from the looks in their eyes that they were going to keep pressuring her to arrange hook-ups, and she didn't want to have to deal with that.

Her doubts grew about whether she'd said too much. She also hoped that Alan wouldn't sleep with any of them - Melissa, Roxy or Donna - because although she grudgingly conceded that they might all be "Alan-worthy" in appearance, they each gave her a bad vibe. She did like Simone, though, despite the fact that Simone was Heather's best friend and was spreading bad rumors.


Amy walked off with her food tray after hardly eating anything. As she left, she again noticed Christine sitting near the others but still not joining them.

Christine appeared to be leaning in to listen as the remaining group continued to talk about Alan. She was staring into space with an intense look on her face, almost as if she was trying to record every word. (In fact, that's exactly what she was doing, thanks to her excellent memory.)

She could see from her peripheral vision that she'd been spotted listening in on the group. But once she saw that it was "only" Amy, she didn't worry about it and kept up her eavesdropping.

She heard Roxy ask Donna, "Do you believe any of what Amy just said?"

Donna replied, "A fraction. No way can that all be true. Maybe Amy believes it, but she has a loose connection with reality at best. I think she makes up tall tales about her boyfriend just like she makes up her weird words."

Roxy replied, sarcastically, "Super duper totalistically." She added more sincerely, "I wish we knew just how much of that was true. If I could believe only half of the rumors about him..." Her voice faded as she lost herself in thought.


Susan had passed out in the basement of her house from too much sexual excitement. When she came to, she found that Xania and Suzanne were both working out on nearby exercise machines. They were as naked as she was. She still felt dizzy and out of it, but the sight of the two perfectly figured women engaging in rhythmic, pistoning motions got her horny all over again almost immediately.

Then she recalled her decision to start lactating, and the tactile sensation of having both nipples sucked at once came back so strongly that she almost felt as if it was happening to her again.

She nearly screamed with joy. Instead, she yelled, "Thank you! Thank you! Wow! What great friends!"

Suzanne looked over and smiled upon seeing that Susan was awake again and obviously feeling happy. It made her feel really good. This is what I should be doing. I should be supporting Susan instead of trying to undermine and best her. Ironically, I think I can actually get closer to my Sweetie by truly wanting the best for everyone, because it ties us all that much closer together. Susan's right. Angel, Amy, Susan, and I should work as a team. It feels so good to see my best friend in the world as happy as this. She's positively glowing!

So she'll lactate. And yeah, her breasts will get even bigger, bigger than mine. That'll make her an I-cup, if not a J-cup like Brenda. Whoa! Sweetie's gonna love that, of course. He may well spend more time with her, especially since he'll be suckling on her nipples a lot. But so what? I shouldn't think of this as a competition. He loves both of us so very much that it can't be measured. And if he's spending a lot more time with her, I'll just join in! They'll both totally love that, and I will too. So what's the problem?

It may be time for me to give up on this idea that I'm going to be the sole leader of this group. For one thing, I just don't have the heart to push my way to the front by pushing Susan aside. Most anyone else, yes, but not her. I love her! I've loved her for so long. If she's not happy, then I'm not happy. What would I do without her?!

Suzanne nearly got teary eyed, but restrained herself. More practically, she looked at the sexual ramifications to such closeness and selflessness. Us Plummers and Pestridges should work as a team and fuck as a team. We can overcome any potential threat by acting as one seamless Alan-fucking machine! If we're always there to lend an extra tit for him to grope or a second or even third cocksucking tongue, there's no woman who can steal-


Xania accidentally interrupted Suzanne's thoughts. She'd crawled over to Susan, her bare tits swinging enticingly all the way. She said, "Ah. Look who's up. A couple of us at least get to finish our morning exercises, but not so for you."

"Why not?" Susan asked quizzically. "I can still catch up."

"Yeah, you could, but I think it's much more important for you to work on some more visualization exercises. You've got a big day coming up, and you need to prepare." Xania realized she wasn't going to get any more exercising done with Susan awake again and obviously already terribly horny, so she made herself comfortable next to where Susan lay.

"Big day? What are you talking about?" Susan nearly trembled with excitement at the mention of Xania's "visualization exercises." Those were almost as good as getting fucked by Alan. Or, at least, she guessed they were.

Xania smiled. "You silly, you know what I mean. The first time Alan fucks your pussy. The day he becomes a true motherfucker, and you become son-fucked!"

"OH!" Susan sat up and reflexively clutched at her chest as she considered that thrilling yet scary prospect.

Xania added, "I want to see how mentally ready you are. Let's have you close your eyes and visualize Alan naked, standing before you."

Susan looked over to her best friend. "Suzanne, please stop her. Don't let her make me do this! You don't know what it's like. It's so arousing, so terribly arousing! The way Xania talks me through Tiger fucking me, it's almost as intense as if he was really here and sticking his big cock in me!"

Suzanne couldn't help but laugh a little. She grinned and teased, "And how is that a bad thing, exactly?"

Xania tickled Susan's nipples with feather light touches of her fingertips, causing Susan to gasp and pant while her nipples hardened. Knowing Susan's submissive nature, she told her, "Put your arms behind your back. You're blocking the view."

Sure enough, Susan uncovered her breasts and struck a stiff sitting pose with her hands behind her back.

Xania grinned impishly. Then she turned to Suzanne, and said, "Susan's such a lovely thing, isn't she? Look at her, with that innocent and kind face, but such a sinful, devilish, voluptuous body. Is her pussy ever not wet? Are her nipples ever not hard? How lucky you are to live next door to her." Mischief danced in Xania's eyes, as there was little she loved more than playing with Susan's hefty globes.

Suzanne pointed out, "We moved in next door to each other because we were already best friends, and we probably became friends in part due to our similar looks, so it wasn't luck. And we call it a 'cunt,' not a 'pussy.' But yeah, I know what you mean." She smiled wickedly. "I think she needs some encouragement to go with her visualization."

Suzanne scooted closer. She reached out and, temporarily taking over from Xania, grasped Susan's already heaving boobs. She mumbled, "Gotta work on starting that lactation," then she resumed sucking one tit while she played with the other.

Susan cried out, "No! Xania, this is unfair! This is too intense. Please don't make me think of Tiger while Suzanne's doing that! My tits are already too sensitive from before. You're going to make me pass out again!"

Xania said, "Too late. Your Tiger is already in the room. Close your eyes. Can't you see him?"

Susan closed her eyes. "I can! Oooh!"

"Can you smell him?"

Susan sniffed the air. "Mmmm! I can! Sperm! Mmmm, what a yummy smell. Just imagine if he really is here! Think of all the things he'd do to us! All our tongues sharing his cock and his big dick sliding through my cleavage and his cum splattered across all three busty chests! Oh! Oh! It's too much! Suzanne, stop sucking on my nipple or I'm gonna get too excited!"

Suzanne didn't stop.

Xania replied calmly, "If your tits can't take any more stimulation, don't think about those hands and lips on you. Think of something else. Think of Alan and the long, hard, fat mommy-splitter he has hanging down between his legs. His hands are reaching out to touch you. Where are his hands going to go?"

Susan was instantly in the fantasy, like someone who dropped into hypnosis with a secret code word. She moaned and MMMM'd a bit, and then said, "I can see it now. He's put his hands on my legs at first, but now they're moving up to my ass. He's going for my ass! Oh, Tiger. You're so naughty! Just like my morning greetings. He must be 'getting my attention.' I love it!"

Xania commented, "Interesting." She was fully playing her psychologist role in her demeanor, tone, and even her facial expressions, but at the same time she was fully aroused, not to mention buck naked with a soaking wet pussy.

Rather than making notes on a pad of paper as a real therapist probably would have done, she reached out and grabbed Susan's ass with both hands as best she could, despite the fact that Susan was sitting on it. She said, "Imagine my hands are Alan's. He's touching you on the butt. But change your position so I can reach better."

Susan wasn't sure how to present herself so Suzanne could have complete access to her tits while Xania had access to her butt, but luckily she realized she could just lie down on one of the exercise benches and hang her ass far over the edge. She could plant her feet on the floor to fully support her weight and have Xania sit between her legs while Suzanne sat to the side, next to her chest.

All three of them soon repositioned themselves to take advantage.

Suzanne and Xania went at Susan for a bit, while Susan fantasized with her eyes closed. Eventually, Susan asked, "Wait. If your hands on my butt are Tiger's, then whose hands are on my boobs?"

Xania replied, "Those are his too. He has many hands. They're everywhere!"


Susan whimpered, "No fair! That's far too sexy! Don't get me so aroused!" She kept her eyes firmly closed and clenched as she felt another orgasm coming, but she didn't quite go over the edge.

Xania could see in Susan's face and bodily reactions how close she was to the edge. She kept her hands away from Susan's pussy so as to not push her over. Xania wanted to keep her right on the verge. As she worked her hands all over Susan's buttocks and into her ass crack, she said, "Now, keep visualizing. What are his hands on your butt going to do?"

"Everything! Just everything! He's going to spread my ass open and lick my asshole! And there's nothing I can do to stop him, even though it's terribly improper and naughty, because he can't be resisted! At all! Ever! Then he's going to spank me! I love that. Oh, Tiger! So hot! MMMM!"

Xania prodded, "Even though he is your son, he's gonna spank you? The child spanking the parent?"

"I know! It's so wrong!" Susan panted. "But he's the one with the big, fat cock, so what can I do? Serve him and love it, that's what! Anyway, then he's really going to open me up wide and plunge his cock, no, his mommy-splitter! I love that term! He's going to force his mommy-splitter into my tiny back door and fuck my ass! Yes! Mmmm... You should have seen the way he fucked me there yesterday. Aaah, yes... It was so hot, but now I'm too sore!"

Susan's voice took on a pleading and plaintive note. "Don't go there too much, Son, because it still hurts some. Let me suck your cock, to give my ass a chance to recover. That's it... Mmmm... Let Mommy drop to her knees below you, where she belongs!"

Suddenly, she snapped out of her fantasy, and asked, "How can I get my ass fucked more often without it hurting afterwards?"

Xania smiled, and thought, Like taking candy from a baby. Then she said to her, "Funny you should ask. I have some great ideas regarding that. Do you know what a butt plug is? Suzanne, slow down on the nipple sucking for a bit so Susan can think and remember. Actually, we'd better stop the heavy stuff altogether for a bit and just go to some gentle fondling. Susan really needs to know this."

Suzanne did as Xania suggested and listened to find out what this expert advice would be. But she still kept on idly playing with Susan's breasts, especially their sensitive undersides.

Xania said, "Susan, you're in luck. A woman's virgin ass isn't used to having a really large object, such as Alan's thick, hard, nasty fuckmeat, pushed up into it and stretching it so widely open. I'll bet his first assfuck hurt."

Despite Xania saying that she and Suzanne should stop the "heavy stuff," Xania couldn't help herself. She quickly lubed up her index and middle fingers in her own copious pussy juices, and then unexpectedly shoved them up Susan's asshole to illustrate her point.

Susan grunted loudly, "UGH!" Xania's two fingers were quite filling, although nowhere near as filling as Alan's erect dick was. Susan had to simply breathe for a while to recover from the shock of the initial penetration. Then she said, "Damn straight! That assfuck hurt. And the second one yesterday did too!"

Despite the discomfort, Susan rocked her hips slightly to try and force Xania's two fingers deeper as her asshole pulsed and throbbed around them.

Xania pulled her fingers out and then leaned in and kissed Susan's clenching anus, very much like the way a mother would kiss away the hurts and pains of her own child.

Xania didn't mind kissing Susan's anus, or even licking in it, because she knew Susan had an enema to thoroughly clean her ass only a couple of hours ago. She'd been told that Susan did that every morning on the off chance Alan might want to use her ass.

Susan's little hole twitched as if waiting for more fingers, or anything else sufficiently large, to return.

Her anus wasn't entirely disappointed. All the tension seemed to drain out of Susan as Xania licked and rimmed around her asshole with her exceptionally long and talented tongue.

"Not to worry," Xania said soothingly between licks, as if she were talking to Susan's butt instead of to Susan. "You just need to prepare yourself better to take his fat cock. The more objects you can take inside you and the longer you can keep them in here, the more prepared you will be to take him."

Susan shivered as she said, "I prepare my ass for him... Every morning!"

"That's excellent. But you have to do more to adjust to his size back there." Xania kissed Susan's twitching anus again. "Luckily there are all kinds of toys that can help you with that."

Susan writhed wildly. "Oh, Xania, please! I can't take it! Your tongue is making me feel so... strange!"

Suzanne let go of Susan's tits and stood up. "That reminds me. I have some killer new dildos I just bought yesterday. This seems to be the perfect time to break them out. I've even got some anal ones, too. I'll be back in a sec." She hurried upstairs.

Susan continued with her "visualization exercises" while Xania cooed encouragements directly into her ass, keeping Susan's anus constantly stimulated with her tongue or fingers. It was a purposeful imitation of their earlier pretend direct discussion with Susan's boobs.

Xania said things like, "Susan's ass, don't let your tits and pussy take all the glory! Don't you want to take over Susan's brain too? You know you want to..."


Susan responded by elaborating on her anal fantasies. "Oh, Xania, you don't know. I want to, so very much! I want to be his butt slut too! I want him to know that my ass is his, any time he wants it! If I'm standing in the kitchen in just my erotic apron, working on something, he should feel free to slide right in my back door, as easily as saying 'What's for dinner!'"

Xania helped her along by deeply penetrating Susan's butt with her long tongue and tongue fucking Susan in mimicry of what she was fantasizing Alan was doing to her ass. Xania giggled. "I love your naughty anal thoughts. And I thought you were so orally focused."

"I am, but I love it all! I think my ass has taken over my brain already. For instance, you won't believe what I was thinking when I gave myself an enema this morning. I don't really like doing that kind of yucky thing, but it's not so bad because I have all kinds of thrilling anal fantasies while I do it."

"Tell me!"

Susan continued, "So, this morning, I had this fantasy where my Angel, Tiger, and I were traveling together on a big airplane. Luckily, we had our own row, because Angel and I had to keep our heads in his lap most of the time."

"You HAD to?" Xania asked.

"Well, of course. It's not like his cock is going to get stiff all by itself. We're his personal cocksuckers. We have to get it stiff, whether we're on an airplane or not. And once it's stiff, it needs a lot of loving and tending. Lots of licking and sucking and stroking! Mmmm! My goodness. Just talking about this is making my mouth water. Since Angel sat on one side of him and I sat on the other, we both had our tongues on his cock most of the time, actually. Mmmm!"

Xania asked, "So how is this an anal fantasy?"

Susan shook her head to try to refocus her thoughts a bit. "Sorry, I digress. My point is, halfway through the flight, Tiger decided that cocksucking wasn't enough, and he wanted to fuck my ass! Right there in the middle of a crowded plane, no less! What a cheeky, COCKY boy! Sitting in our row gave us at least some privacy, but there was no room there for an ass fuck. So he had me strip off all my clothes and get on all fours in the aisle! Then, with Angel helping, he proceeded to fuck my ass!"

Xania was amused. "You realize that could never happen in real life. What about all the other people on the plane?"

"I know! It was crazy and totally unrealistic, but Gaawwwd, did it feel good! I think I kind of forgot about doing the enema for a while and just fingered my anus. In real life, I mean. And as for the other people on the fantasy plane, imagining that they were watching was one thing that made the fantasy so hot! I mean, Tiger doesn't care. It's like I'm, well... like Angel says, his fuck toy! Even on a plane, he's gonna-"

Susan cut herself off to suddenly exclaim, "Xania! Your tongue! It's like another cock! Fuck me with it!"

Xania grinned, her tongue still buried in Susan's backside. She was inspired by Susan's fantasy, and she was channeling her energy into her tongue probing. Her voice was muffled and slurred as her tongue probed deeper. "You're noht duh firthst tuh call it thaht."

Susan further gasped, "Have I told you yet that you're invited back here any time? It's an open door! We'll rent you a limo, dammit! Just keep that tongue up my butt!"

"Thpeaking of a wide open dooah..." Xania drove her tongue back into Susan's relaxed anal entrance. Her lips formed a seal around Susan's anus as she reamed her deeply.

Xania was surprised at the intensity of Susan's love for anal fun. She understandably had gotten the impression that Susan was orally fixated.

One of the things Susan told her while gasping for air was, "I want my Tiger to stuff his rock hard impaler into his mommy's butt hole and flex it as the new 'rule' for 'getting my attention' whenever he sees me!"

Xania figured Susan was exaggerating a bit with that one, but she was nonetheless surprised at how much Susan enjoyed anal penetration.

Xania accurately guessed that the pleasures of Alan drilling her pussy still seemed too fantastical and intense for Susan to even focus on them much, so Susan channeled a lot of that energy into her ass.

With Suzanne gone for a surprisingly long time, Susan went on to tell Xania even more anal fantasies that she'd been having in the last couple of days. Most of them were plausible in that the setting was somewhere in the house or the backyard. But others were like the airplane fantasy, taking place in improbable public locales. Xania realized that Susan shared her exhibitionist streak, and she felt a bond because of that.

Xania also recalled a joke that Susan had made earlier in the morning, about Alan marrying her and getting her pregnant. She knew that such jokes often weren't jokes at all. Susan and Suzanne both want to marry Alan and have his babies. That's obvious. That obviously also plays into their blatant yet thankfully friendly and even loving rivalry, because he clearly can't marry them both. Yet they're both incapable of having kids, and twice his age to boot.

He isn't very likely to marry either one of them, if he marries anyone at all. If I were him, I'd just build up a big harem and not play favorites. That's probably exactly what he's doing. Lucky bastard!

However, that obviously doesn't seem to slow down or hinder their fantasies in these directions. Susan seems to channel some of her pregnancy desire into a lactation fantasy, while Suzanne channels her love into pure lust, and a love of fucking. She's not afraid of her pussy, like Susan still is, so she focuses her energies there, whereas Susan turns more of her energies to the "safer" areas of the ass and tits.

Hey! I'm getting pretty good at this analysis stuff!


Suzanne came back down to the basement after an unusually long time. She walked in disappointed, and said to the other two, "I searched the underwear cabinet from top to bottom, and my best vibrator is gone. I'd just bought it recently too. I could have sworn I put it there. It has some cool remote control features."

She held up a bag and pulled out a few items. "But at least I have all these other vibrators, including this anal one. And here are some Ben Wa balls, and some anal beads, too." She didn't realize that the Televibe that she was looking for was gone because Alan had taken it to school to use on Glory.

However, Xania did realize that, since she was the one who advised him to take them and how to use them. She whispered to Suzanne, "Does Susan know that Alan is fucking his teacher, Glory Rhymer?"

Suzanne nodded.

So Xania explained, "Actually, I told Alan to take a sex toy called the Televibe to school."

Suzanne groaned in frustration. "That's the one."

Xania continued, "I know. They're pretty nice. Susan, if you don't know what it is, he's going to use a remote control device to stimulate his teacher Glory with vibrators all day long."

Susan immediately complained, "OH MY! You've got to be kidding me! He can do that? I'm sooooo jealous! You mean my Tiger can control my cunt all day long, with a remote control vibrator?! Why hasn't he used that on me yet?!"

Suzanne pointed out, "You've said you don't want any big objects in your cunt, not until Alan 'deflowers' you with his flesh-and-blood cock."

"That's true," Susan admitted. "But after! Oh my GOD! After! The possibilities! He'll be in my cunt all the time in one way or another. He'll be controlling it and fucking it twenty-four hours a day! YES! Mmmm! Mmmm! MMMM! He'll keep me, his horny big-titted mommy slut, in endless HEAT! Oh no, I'm gonna cum!"

She didn't actually cum then, but it was close.

Xania was chagrined. So much for my strategy of keeping her close to the edge. She's far too excitable.

What Xania didn't know though was that Alan using the remote control vibrator was an even more exciting prospect for Suzanne than it was for Susan. Suzanne tried not to show this outwardly in any way. But she was the one who'd bought the Televibe with the explicit hope that Alan would use it on her eventually.

She handed over the bag of sex toys to Xania, and then surreptitiously massaged her pussy lips while reveling in Susan's sexual fantasy of Alan using the vibrators twenty-four hours a day, except in Suzanne's dreams he focused on her instead of Susan. Then, being more inclusive, she thought, He can do it to both of us! Ah, that's the spirit.

Xania looked in the bag, and said, "These will do. These will do just fine. Susan, some things are best taught in a hands-on fashion. I'm going to put one in your mouth first, then I'm going to put one up your ass. By the way, the remote control vibrator unit, the Televibe, has an anal vibrator too. Alan's using that on Glory today as well."

That got an appreciative groan from Susan, who said, "May I just mention how very HOT that is?! I mean, my son has tamed his history teacher! I still can't believe it!"

Surprisingly, Suzanne groaned too, with even more lusty passion. Her hand was buried in her crotch so the others couldn't see, but she had a nice orgasm while focusing on the thought of Alan keeping her pussy AND ass constantly stuffed with vibrators. Why Glory, my Sweetie? Why not me? Okay, I can understand the thrill of secretly controlling your teacher and her cunt in front of class. But still, it was MY idea in the first place to buy these things, and I love you more than her! I want you up my cunt and up my butt all the time! And Susan too. And why should Angel or Amy be left out, for that matter?

Okay. That's it. I'm gonna visit Ginger's sex shop TODAY and order a bunch more of those! Best if there'll never be a problem of running out.

Oooh! Maybe Sweetie could have a bunch of phones and control us all at the same time! Or, more practically, he could have one phone that controls all the Televibes at the same time. That would be interesting, having a shared orgasmic experience with everyone else in the harem at the same time, no matter where we are! Either way, given how he's picking up big-titted nymphos everywhere, I'm going to have to buy a LOT of these! Wooo!

Suzanne felt jealous when Alan focused his attention (and toys) on someone like Glory, but she also reveled in the large number of sexual conquests he had. Logic didn't play a big part in her thinking when she was very aroused. She was so horny that she didn't realize how much she sounded like Susan when Susan was similarly excited.

Susan was still lying down on the exercise bench and couldn't see what Xania was doing directly below her.

Xania took her time picking out a dildo, increasing Susan's excitement and anticipation.

Within seconds, Susan grew tired of waiting and sat up to help make a choice and speed things along.


Susan commented on the dildo Xania happened to be holding. "Ah. Excellent choice. Let's use that one. That's Mr. Excitement. It's the only one that's black and a foot long. It seems to be a family favorite. But that one in your other hand is far too small."

Xania corrected, "No, this one's a little anal jobber. It starts with a small point and then widens out, so the further you push it in, the more it fills you up."

Susan sat up and clapped her hands like a little child seeing a magic trick. "Oh, goody! Let's imagine Mr. Excitement is Alan - it's about the right size. And then let's pretend the other one is under his remote control." She was so enthusiastic about Alan's penis that she sincerely thought he was about the same size and thickness as the massive, 12-inch dildo.

Suzanne had recovered from her secret climax by this time, and she joined in. "All right, so you've picked out the dildos. Let's not waste any more time. Susan, assume the position!"

"No fair!" Susan complained playfully. "I've told you how much it excites me when my Tiger says that. 'Assume the position.' Oooh! Mmmm!" However, her voice grew a bit sad, and she added, "Too bad you can't put that in my cunt or my ass though."

Suzanne and Xania were surprised at that. "We can't?" they both said at once.

"Of course not. Remember, those holes are saved for my son. I can't allow anything much bigger than a finger in them; it wouldn't be right. But I'd loooove to suck on Mr. Excitement though. Maybe I can practice sucking on it. A good mommy is a cocksucking mommy! And we can get it all lubed up and you can fuck my tits with it. But that's as far as I go."

"Oh, very well," Suzanne said. She was a bit disappointed, as she'd momentarily forgotten Susan's stance on vaginal penetration and she'd had ideas of taking Susan with a strap-on. But she also admired Susan's dedication. She figured she could talk Susan into changing her mind if she really pushed and worked at it, but she decided that would be selfish and not a very nice thing to do.

Suzanne and Xania respected Susan's wishes, but they also found lots of ways to give her pleasure without using big dildos.

For one thing, both of them realized that Susan was so easily excitable that touching almost wasn't necessary. They kept up a stream of sexual comments that drove her wild. They generally faced towards and directed their comments into Susan's asshole, since she enjoyed that conceit. They discussed various tips, techniques, lubricants, exercises, and strategies on how to keep Susan's ass primed for routine and frequent assfucking while Susan listened and took it all in.

Xania also used her remarkably long tongue to thoroughly explore Susan's butt, both inside and out. It was accurate to liken her tongue to a man's penis, because she could pump it in and out of an ass or pussy just like a thrusting penis. Its smaller size made it very effective with assholes.

Furthermore, Susan wasn't opposed to all sex toys, just using the big ones in certain ways that came too close to fucking, in her opinion. So Suzanne broke out some anal beads and showed Susan how they worked.

After all the anal talk and Xania's tongue work, Susan's ass was ready to go. The anal beads were just what she needed to take her arousal to the next level. She'd never even known that such things existed. She was endlessly fascinated with having them pushed in her or pulled out. Every time a bead went past her sphincter, it seemed that she practically passed out with the intensity of the experience. After a while her ass grew so sensitive that she started crying to stop, even as she continued to have great climaxes.

Eventually, Suzanne and Xania listened to Susan's increasingly desperate cries for mercy, and let go of her.

Susan had had so many orgasms by that time that she hardly knew her name or where she was.

Xania said naughtily, "Okay, we'll give you a bit of a rest, but just a bit. We have tits ready for milking and an ass to ready for rampant, non-stop fucking. There's no rest for the wicked. We'll keep those beads in there though, as we don't want you to go totally prudish on us."


Susan laughed. "Prudish? Ha! Now that would be so VERY improper!" She walked around a little bit, proudly showing her beads off to the others.

The other two laughed at that turn around of her old catch phrase. But then she sighed, completely exhausted, and sat back down.

Suzanne slapped herself on the forehead. "Xania, what are we doing? We're letting Mr. Excitement go to waste because of Susan's concerns, but we can use it on each other. Susan, do you mind?"

Susan was still strutting around, having fun with her anal beads. "No, not in the least. It would be kind of hot to watch you two get it on, in fact."

"Good." Suzanne reached into the nearby dildo bag and gave a dildo to Xania, then got another one for herself. Xania was impressed with Susan's and Suzanne's sexual enthusiasm. I swear to God, I've never seen such a non-stop hothouse of sex. I'm sure some of the action is due to my presence here today, but they clearly have a lot of fun without me too.

She inhaled deeply of the air. For instance, I can smell semen and cunt even down here in this obviously little-used room. Especially cunt. Juicy, tasty cunt. Wow. I just LOVE this house!

Suzanne stood up, modeling a huge strap-on. It looked to be about 12 inches long.

Susan took one look, and said, "Holy fuck! I think that's even bigger than Alan Junior!"

Suzanne replied, "I think it just may be. Xania, are you ready for a 'holy fuck?'" She was gently teasing, since Susan so rarely used the F-word.

Xania said wryly, "Well, as a sex therapist and researcher, I feel rather obliged to try out new experiences. Besides, it could be an interesting religious experience too."


Suzanne smiled and teased, "Believe me, with this dildo attached to this strap-on, you just might experience a second cumming."

"That's true," Xania laughed.

Suzanne suggested, "Seeing as how we're nearly done with our morning exercise routine, we have to show Xania our other favorite morning activity: nude sunbathing by the pool. I'll tell ya, Xania, life is tough for the idle rich. When do you have to leave?"

"Noon, at the latest. I have a class to go to up in L.A."

"Let's go upstairs. We're gonna have more fun before you go. The application of suntan lotion alone is worth the trip down from L.A., believe me! However, first, I see a cunt that needs fucking." She winked in Xania's direction.

Xania felt her heart swell with lust and love for her old friend. "It's good to have you back in my life."

"It's good to have you back in MY life. Our lives, actually. Us Plummers are a close-knit team." Suzanne didn't notice that she'd just called herself a "Plummer."

Xania nodded. Then she looked over at Susan and saw her pulling on her anal beads. I thought I love sex, but these two are total nymphomaniacs! I don't know how Alan can keep them satisfied, much less his other women too. If only I could have this routine every day, with these two... Man, I have to come here more often! When's my next free day?

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