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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
Glory Days
Day 67: Thursday, November 21

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Back at school, Glory still had one Televibe vibrator in her pussy and a smaller egg-shaped one in her ass. The cell phone allowed Alan to remotely control the vaginal vibrator with the press of a single button in his pocket. He'd put the Televibe to good use during the first two breaks between classes, but during the break between third and fourth periods he'd had an unpleasant run in with Heather. All of his troubles with her put him in a bad mood, so now that his fourth-period class taught by Glory had begun, he wasn't in the mood to mess around with her vibrators.

Furthermore, he reminded himself, he'd vowed not to bother her while teaching. But as time wore on during class and he saw Glory looking even more lovely and desirable than ever as she walked around and lectured (due in no small part to her flushed cheeks and unusually high arousal level), the thought kept coming back to him, I told her I wouldn't bother her while teaching, not that I wouldn't bother her during her classes. There's a loophole there. Technically, I can do something to her in class when she's not actively lecturing.

But for the time being, he didn't have much of a chance to slip through that loophole, as Glory was very busy with another one of her lectures. The class was World History, and today she was teaching about the beginnings of the European age of exploration. She was so engaged in a discussion of how the inventions of gunpowder and the compass impacted history that Alan thought it a great shame to interrupt her.

However, he only saw Glory's outwardly visible behavior.


In fact, even as she ably lectured, on another level her mind was heavily focused on the two vibrators within her. The anal vibrator was still on its lowest setting, but its very presence up her ass created constant, curious sensations for her, especially whenever she walked around. She was completely unused to having anything up her ass except for an occasional finger during sex. However, she was starting to like these new sensations in her ass. It began to dawn on her that she was in the process of discovering a new erogenous zone, although she had such an ingrained aversion to anything anal that she was loathe to admit even that much.

But as interesting as the anal vibrator felt, the vaginal vibrator still occupied most of her thoughts. Alan hadn't changed the settings during the last break (due to his confrontation with Heather), and she was very disappointed that he'd kept it on the lowest setting for so long. She'd completely forgotten about her initial determination to take the Televibe out!

She'd given the lecture she was giving several times before, and she felt she could do it in her sleep. Only the vibrator and its low, steady buzz held her full attention today. She was somewhat worried that her face was flushed, but she was confident the students would have no clue that was due to any sex toys. She was determined to hide how aroused she truly was.

Alan's rotten mood, brought on by his confrontation with Heather, slowly evaporated. The more he gazed at Glory, the less he thought of Heather.

After about twenty minutes, a student finally raised their hand and asked a rather involved question.

Alan saw a chance to strike, as he figured Glory wasn't technically teaching when a student was talking. He switched the Televibe from its lowest setting, zero, to setting number six, which he knew had quickly become one of her favorites. He still only had a vague idea what any of the ten settings did, but he'd gotten positive feedback on a couple and negatives on a couple others, so he tried to make the best of that knowledge.

Glory had a rather bored expression on her face, until the instant Alan changed the pussy Televibe to the six setting. WHOA! ALAN! Not during my class! Nooooo! Her eyes immediately bugged out, but she quickly covered for that, trying to make it appear that she was surprised and fascinated by the question being asked.

It was all Alan could do not to laugh out loud with glee upon seeing the reaction he'd caused, plus her efforts to disguise her feelings. Despite Glory's mental protests about him activating the Televibe in class, her face now radiated happiness instead of her previously bored look. When the question came to an end and she started her reply, Alan turned the vibrator back to the zero setting, which actually earned him a sharp glance of disapproval from his teacher.

He thought, A-ha! So she likes it, even during class. Interesting. Veeeery interesting. I'm almost positive that frown wasn't for me starting, but for me stopping! I think I've found the perfect way to get my Heather troubles off of my mind. I'll just have to look for more opportunities to give Glory a jolt without violating my pledge not to interfere with her teaching. If she even so much as stops to sneeze, that's not teaching, and it's time for another jolt! He chuckled silently.

About another minute later, another student asked a question. No sooner did Glory stop talking and point at the raised hand than Alan switched the vibrator to another setting. He still didn't know how the ten settings worked, but he'd figured out that the zero to three settings went from weak to strong, and beyond that the settings followed no understandable pattern. So he switched the setting from zero to two, the "Medium Gear" setting. That got a raised eyebrow and slight smile from her about two seconds after he'd pressed the button for the new setting.

He thought, A-ha! She does like it! And here I was so concerned that she'd get upset at me for ruining her concentration. But he still turned it back down once Glory resumed her lecture.

After that, Glory seemed increasingly distracted. This in turn led to more questions, as she was leaving obvious gaps in her explanations. More questions meant more opportunities with the Televibe. She would flash him a smile or frown after each question ended, indicating whether she liked his recent setting change or not.

Alan wondered, Is she distracted because of the vibrator, or is she purposely messing up so she'll get more questions? Or is there some delightful combination? How far can I go with this? I still don't want to keep it on when she's teaching, because that would violate my previous promise. I wish there was some way I could talk to her directly and find out exactly what she wants. But then again, maybe not knowing for sure is part of what makes it such fun.

Indeed, Glory wanted more questions so she'd be able to enjoy more secret Televibe fun. As the teacher, she could act. She soon reached a good break in her lecture, and announced to the class, "I want everyone to recall their reading assignment and come up with one question. Then we'll collect all the questions and I'll select someone else at random to answer. This'll be a good way to judge both the intelligence of the question and the answer."

Alan naturally assumed that he'd be the one to collect the questions, since he was the teacher's pet sitting in the front row and such tasks usually fell to him. So he took the opportunity to write her a couple of true/false questions, with a couple of questions like, "Can I turn it on while you're teaching?" and "What about a new policy? Anything goes, unless you indicate you don't like it." He also wrote up a regular question, just in case he had to give something to someone else.


He collected up all the questions, just as he'd assumed he would, and walked up behind her desk to hand them to her, including his special Televibe-related ones. But he was in for a surprise.

Glory was ready for him, and she'd pulled her skirt up and panties aside so he could see the Televibe wiggling at the entrance to her pussy. She handed him a note, which read:

Look how hot you're making me!
I'm throwing all caution to the wind!

His penis had been partially engorged, but it immediately surged to full size. Taking advantage of the placement of the podium and desk, he was forced to adjust his shorts so the bulge wouldn't look so obvious. He quickly and surreptitiously put her note in his pocket, and then silently pointed out the questions he'd written.

She simply wrote:


With that one word she answered all of his questions, confirming "anything goes" regarding Alan's use of the Televibe on her, even in class.

He walked back to his desk with a smug and happy look. His only problem was concealing his erection, especially while walking and not being able to get any relief for it at the moment.

Now that Glory and Alan had made their desires clear to each other, their fun escalated. It helped that Glory's question session was starting up. She stood up behind the podium and began reading out the questions other students had turned in. Then she'd select a student at random to try to come up with a good answer.

Nothing happened to her Televibe at first. She was surprised and disappointed that Alan didn't change the vibrator settings, now that she was letting him do that at any time.

However, he was waiting for a number. As soon as she said a number, "In 1498, Vasco de Gamma sailed around the African continent and discovered the riches of Asia," he dialed in the number eight on the Televibe.

She went on without much pause or seeing the connection as the "Techno" pattern pounded through her. But then, a few sentences later, she stated, "As the Portuguese had reached Asia only six years after Columbus discovered America in 1492," Alan hit her with a six and then a two.

She grinned as she realized that she was now fully in control of the vibrator's settings by the words she said. Suddenly, she decided to answer the selected questions herself. Furthermore, although no one else noticed it but Alan, her answers were filled with numerical references.

Before long, she systematically worked her way from zero to nine, and surreptitiously flashed facial expressions in Alan's direction to indicate which settings she liked the best.

But she was still in for a surprise. She happened to mention, "With the main routes to the Far Eastern riches monopolized by the Spanish and Portuguese, other nations strove to open a back door to Asia that would let them in as well." Alan had been thinking about turning on the anal vibrator. Her mention of "back door" gave him a delicious excuse to do so.

When he turned that vibrator on, again merely by pressing buttons on the cell phone hidden in his pocket, he received the most entertaining expression from Glory yet.

She sputtered in mid-word while her eyes bulged out and her hands reflexively grasped at her ass cheeks. Needless to say, that caused quite a few titters from the other students. That in turn made Glory blush, which only caused even more of a murmuring from her class.

To stifle idle speculation, she said, "Excuse me, class, but I'm having a very upset stomach today. But never mind about that. It's not a big problem. Where was I?" and she continued where she left off. Confident again, she shot Alan a dirty look, and said, "But let's not focus on the back door route, let's discuss the much more interesting front door route." She emphasized the words "back door" and "front door" to an almost suspicious degree.

To her chagrin, Alan only upped the settings on the anal vibrator the second time she said "back door," and then he changed the vaginal vibrator to a powerful setting when she mentioned "front door."

Soon Alan was changing the settings on both vibrators at the slightest opportunity.

Glory learned she shouldn't use the word "but" if she could help it, because he'd always change the anal vibrator every time she did. Similarly, the words "to" or "too" and "for" put the vaginal vibrator at two and four respectively. Four was the most intense setting, so she tried particularly hard to avoid that one.

The problem was, Glory soon became so overwhelmed with sexual stimulation that she could hardly concentrate on what she was saying anymore. That meant that she wasn't really able to avoid key words and numbers and kept saying them more often, which only made her even more stimulated. It was a vicious circle. She tried particularly hard not to use the word "but." However, that proved to be nearly impossible, since it was such a common and necessary word.

Within a couple of minutes, she was forced to sit down behind her desk for fear of rivulets of pussy juice running down her thighs so copiously that her students would get an idea of just how aroused she was. Her panties were thoroughly sodden and soaked through. She was eager to change out of them, but of course she had no way to do that in the middle of class. Sitting down prevented obvious dripping, but in a sense it only made matters worse, because now, safely behind her desk, she could touch her pussy without anyone knowing.

Anyone except Alan, though. He watched the movement of her arms very intently and quickly figured out exactly what she was doing.

Glory thought, I don't know what's come over me! I'm acting completely irresponsibly, ruining my lecture and fondling myself right in front of everybody! I promised myself not to do this ever again. No, Glory, no! It's a good thing I happen to know this particular topic like the back of my hand, or I'd be in really bad shape! I can't do this! Teaching comes first. Yet my pussy feels so fine, so alive, so cared for! This is terribly exciting! Such a fun game! I can't stop. Can't stop. No. Keep going. Alan, hit me again! Another one! Keep doing it! I love it! I love YOU! Yes!

If there was only some way all these kids could LEAVE and Alan could bend me over my desk and RAM HIS COCK HOME! God dammit, young man, NAIL my slutty hot hole! Fingers... dildos... even the Televibe... they just don't cut it! I need COCK!

She was getting so excited that she could barely keep teaching, so she switched back to having other students answer the questions. She let them do most of the talking for a while.

That meant Alan didn't have many signals to change the vibrator settings to, and now that they were playing this way he didn't want to change the settings willy nilly. Besides, he could see her face was growing flushed and panicky, and he figured she could use the break.

She was glad for the chance to calm down, but she didn't want to calm down too much. She was having the time of her life, reveling in the danger and excitement.

She'd hiked her skirt up so the growing puddle of cum on her chair wouldn't get her clothes wet. Thinking that the chair was too risky after all (as she couldn't control her masturbation), she cleaned herself up a bit and then moved behind her podium again.

But really this was only an excuse to get even more daring. Soon, she hiked her skirt up so high that anyone could see her entire panty covered crotch or ass if they had the right angle. Yet she knew that no one had the right angle to see, especially since she pressed herself up closely to the podium.

It was a cloudy day, so there were no reflections on the windows, and therefore not even Alan could see what was happening below the podium edge. However, he had a good idea what was happening by the way she was panting and getting red and the fact that she wasn't gesticulating with both hands as she normally did. His erection was like a steel bar in his shorts and he longed for some kind of way to give it relief.

Glory knew the other students must have noticed her flushed appearance, so she mentioned her supposed sickness again to explain away her strange behavior. But then she pushed her luck even further. She put a hand to her face as if wiping a fevered brow, but very strategically she showed only three extended fingers.

Alan got the hint, and turned both vibrators to the powerful three setting.

She didn't expect the anal vibrator change as well, and a surprising anal tingle brought her right to the edge of a climax. But rather than stop, she wanted to go all the way. She made another swipe across her forehead, this time showing four fingers.

Alan turned both vibrators to four, one of the highest settings.


Glory cried out as she was wracked by an intense multiple orgasm. She clutched at the podium with both hands while her whole body vibrated back and forth. Luckily, her face looked agonized, though really she was in complete ecstasy.

As she came down from her orgasmic high, she decided, Okay, I've had enough fun. In fact, far too much fun! My whole teaching career could be destroyed today, due to my reckless behavior. This has to stop, now!

She made a move to return to her desk seat and fully recover.

Alan was quick thinking. He strongly suspected that her skirt was hiked up and she was too blissed out to care about it. When she covered the short distance between the podium and the desk, she was bound to expose her privates to the whole class. In a flash, Alan sensed she was going to make this mistake, judging from her spaced out facial expression. Just as she started to make the move, he stood up and shouted, "Ms. Rhymer!" All eyes turned to him, which was his intention.

Better, Glory stopped moving and again grasped the podium to keep from falling over in her languid erotic bliss.

He urgently explained, "Everyone, our teacher isn't well. Ms. Rhymer, you really need to go to the nurse!" He rushed up to the podium and held her up. He looked down and saw with horror that his instincts were right, because the lower edge of her skirt was still hanging a couple inches above her crotch. He managed to tug her skirt down without anyone seeing, using the podium as cover.

Glory was so out of it that she didn't even realize what a close call she'd had. She waved off Alan's help and returned to her desk, saying, "Thanks, but I'm all right. I just need to sit down for a minute."

An awkwardly quiet minute passed as Glory panted and recovered back at her desk. Then she had the students continue their discourses, and she made a good faith effort to pay attention.

Soon she was able to teach again, thanks to the fact that Alan had turned both vibrators down to their lowest settings in the meantime. But her panties were sopping wet, and she appeared to be completely drained. Had anyone been looking closely at her legs as she moved from her podium to her desk, they would have seen rivulets of liquid pouring down past her knees.

There was simply no way she could stand up again in class for any reason, and she knew it. She felt like her legs were two giant wet noodles. Her heart continued to race wildly, because she sensed her entire teaching career was on the razor's edge.

Alan remained concerned that things had gone too far. One of the students to answer one of the history questions had long blonde hair, and that reminded him of the similarly blonde Christine.

With the Televibe situation seemingly in hand, Alan began thinking back to when he'd asked Christine out and she'd turned him down. It no longer caused him pain to remember that. Instead, it mainly reminded him of how much had changed in a short time.

I wonder if Christine suspects that something's up with Glory. Christine is so proper; she'd have a total hissy fit and call the cops if she ever suspected her teacher was wearing one vibrator, much less two. It's things like that which make it better that I'm not pursuing her seriously anymore. She could never fit into my new life, which is too bad because she's great in so many ways. She could never deal with the "Bad Alan," the one that even at this moment is considering the possibility of upping the Televibe settings again. I'm so incorrigible!

But Alan's concerns for Glory's reputation and teaching job still dominated his thinking. He left his controls alone.

That gave Glory a chance to recover. She thought, more calmly now, I went too far. Way, way too far! Craziness! Today, I've just been in one of those moods where I've been really needy for Alan. I sure picked the wrong day, with his Televibe experiment going on!

Hot damn! It's like the last hours have been one constant, massive orgasm! But no matter how arousing that's been, it's a huge relief that he's stopped. I can't ever let him do this to me again, or I'll lose my job for sure. I have to play it cool for the rest of class, or else I'm going to do something very stupid. As it is, it's all I can do not to stand up and proudly announce, "Class is dismissed early. Alan is going to fuck my brains out now!"

Hell, just standing all the way up would be a disaster, with the way I look.

She glanced at the clock on the wall. Fuck. Fifteen more minutes. When is this class ever going to end?

Glory kept her promise to play it cool until class ended. She wasn't in much shape to teach, especially with thoughts of what Alan might do to her during lunch looming large in her mind, but she managed to drag out the exercise where the students did most of the talking until the class came to an end.

Alan was a bit disappointed he couldn't keep playing with the Televibe settings. His erection went flaccid after a while. But the awareness of how close Glory had come to great scandal by exposing her privates before the entire class kept him sober and a bit chastened.


Alan's erection came back with a vengeance as the time left in the class hour slowly ran out. He knew for sure that as soon as the other students were gone, he'd be on Glory like a wild man.

Glory knew it too. If he wasn't planning on doing that already, she probably was ready to tackle him before he went out the door. Her excitement started to grow as time ran out too. She tried not to show up, but there were signs in her face.

Alan read those subtle signs and grew more excited. Then Glory read his subtle signs and grew more excited too. It was a positive feedback loop.

The school bell eventually rang, signaling to both of them that her class had mercifully come to an end.

Alan and Glory were so aroused that they could hardly contain themselves. They waited anxiously until all the other students had left. Then they flew at each other and kissed passionately.

To Alan's surprise, Glory exclaimed, "You're so good to me!"

That really surprised him, because he thought she'd complain. But he didn't reply and just kissed her some more. Their hands were busy, and while the kissing still continued they both somehow managed to get some of each other's clothes off.

Then Glory suddenly pulled away and said, "God, that was an insane class! You've made my pussy red hot, like a scalding bar of iron straight from the forge. It burns to touch it! Please, put out the fire! Put it out!"


Alan knelt down in front of where she stood and put his face up next to her pussy. He found that what she'd said had a lot of truth to it, because her pussy was radiating a surprising amount of real heat. His face was actually warmed just by being near it.

He leaned in closer and began licking. With his tongue on her clit, he spread her pussy lips even more so that he could slide a finger in alongside her vibrator, stretching her even more tightly until he found her G-spot. He frantically licked and frigged her on her two most sensitive spots.

It was more than she could take after everything that had happened that day. She came within seconds, and came hard. For a moment, her pussy gushed at Brenda-esque levels. She thundered through the intensely powerful climax, her entire body vibrating as if she was a large bell that he'd just struck. The only thing was that she forced herself not to make much noise. But the reminder that she had to stay quiet because she was having sex with Alan in her classroom helped send her orgasm to an even higher level.

She was so overcome that she actually lost control of her body and fell hard onto the floor before he could react and brace her fall. Luckily, she wasn't hurt.

She just lay where she fell, panting hard. She was completely oblivious to the temporary pain, while the pleasure centers of her brain flooded everything else from her awareness. When she finally recovered something of herself, she looked up at him, as if for the first time, and saw him standing naked above her with his massive erection towering over her head.

"Young man," she said with a wry smile, "what do you have there? Is that a monstrously huge cock poking me in the face, or are you just happy to see me?" She giggled at that, and he did too. Then she said, "But seriously, it looks like you've seen to my needs and I've forgotten all about yours. What should we do about that?" She licked her lips seductively. Since her pussy was filled with the Televibe, she had a blowjob on her mind.

He replied, "Whatever we do, let's make it last. As excited as I am right now, I doubt I'll be able to get it up again before lunch is over. That's just the feeling I have." He didn't want to explain why, but the truth was he was still suffering a kind of orgasmic hangover from the poker party, fucking Brenda, and then fucking Xania, all within a short time frame. Plus, he knew he'd have a lot more sex later in the day, and he needed to pace himself.

He suggested, "Let's do a role-play. We haven't done one of those in days, and it'll help make the fun last through lunch."

"We've done far too little in days, my favorite young man. By the way, before I get too carried away with your cock, remind me that we can never get that carried away during class! That was far too reckless!"

"Agreed. I'm really sorry."

She simply nodded. She figured they'd talk more about that later. Right now, she had a powerful erotic hunger that needed to be satisfied. Suddenly, a strange look came over her face. "I've had a certain role-play in mind for a couple of days now. I'd like to surprise you with it."

He was pleased. "Surprise away."

"Okay. You'll have to turn around and close your eyes. But first, can you... Am I allowed to take it out? You know, the big one? Otherwise, how will you fit in?" They both knew that she was referring to the larger of the two Televibes.

He considered her request, and then answered, "No. Not yet. When I'm ready to enter you, only then. Your holes must be filled constantly today. No exceptions."

"You're so mean," she pouted, but she did as he said and kept it in. "My holes are killing me, you know. This fuck is going to be an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain. But first, hide yourself. I'm going to go get the costume."

So Alan closed his eyes and turned his back.

Glory wasn't very long getting changed. She wasn't wearing any clothes to change out of, and what she took out of her supply closet was easy to slip on. She wasn't sure about the idea behind this role-play, and the Televibe was distracting her so much that she considered doing something else. But it was something she'd thought out and arranged the night before, so she decided she might as well go through with it.

"Ready yet?" he asked with some anxiousness. He was really looking forward to more role-playing with her. Just going a couple of days without their games seemed far too long.

"Almost. You'll have to visualize the setting, as I don't have many props. Okay. I'm starting now." Her voice changed subtly and she nearly yelled, "Son, is that you? I'm over in the kitchen, doing the dishes!" It was as if she was shouting from across a house.


Alan opened his eyes. He noticed the room was much darker now - she'd obviously closed the curtains. He saw Glory standing with her back to him. She was up against the chalkboard, but her hands were moving as if she were washing dishes. She wore nothing but an apron. He could see all of her back and ass, and a lot of one of her tits in profile. Despite the sexy sight, he felt a hollow feeling in the pit of his stomach.

He was overwhelmed by fear and horror as he realized what she was doing. She's role-playing a mother. A mother! She hates incest! There's no way this is a normal role-play - this is a test! She must have suspicions about me and this is how she thinks she's going to find out! I can't let her. I can't let her see my face, or I'll give it away!

"Well?" she asked impatiently. Something in her voice also disturbed him.

He quickly closed the distance to her, figuring that if he was right behind her, she couldn't turn to see him. He put his hands on her ass cheeks and aggressively caressed them. He got down on his knees and nearly buried his face in her ass crack as well, to make sure she couldn't see his expression. But then he decided that wasn't necessary and just kept his face an inch or so above her ass cheeks. He trusted in his steady hands and steady voice, but he knew his face must be burning with a heavy blush. Given her attitude on incest, he feared it would be all over if she got even one look at him.

He said, "I absolutely love your ass in this apron, Glory, but what's with this 'son' stuff? Obviously you can't be pretending to be a mother because I know how much you hate the whole incest idea. You must be a maid. That's sexy. Did you know I used to have a maid who called me 'son' when I was little?" In fact he didn't, but he hoped she'd buy it.

She asked, again in a voice that didn't seem playful, "So you don't even like the idea of incest in a fantasy? Can't one fantasize about anything? It's not like it's real life." She thought about turning to gauge his reaction, but she was afraid to see. Not only was she fearful that she might not like his response, but she was anxious to get fucked and didn't want anything to ruin it. Xania's advice to Alan to keep Glory so constantly filled with the Televibe or his cock that she was too distracted to suspect anything was paying dividends even during this challenge she was giving him.

"What was that? I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time concentrating. The fact is, now that the initial burst after class is over, I've got something on my mind that's bothering me so much that not even this magnificent ass can distract me. Glory, I've got some really bad news."

She finally tried to turn and look at him.

However, he buried his face in her ass crack so she couldn't see his redness. "No, let me give you pleasure to balance out your pain." He licked right at her anus. His tongue pushed at her asshole while the egg-shaped vibrator kept right on lightly buzzing away deeper inside her.

She couldn't help but moan with pleasure from what he was doing to her, but inside she was torn. Now it was her turn to get a horrible sinking feeling. I knew it! He's sleeping with his mother! Probably her AND his sister! I've seen them both and they're both so remarkably attractive, and he's so very virile, handsome, and confident. And with his treatment, it was inevitable. But he's gone too far. Too far! His own family? I can't bear it. I can't even imagine how I can look him in the eye ever again! It's too-

Her thoughts were interrupted by his words. "It's Heather. You know, Heather Morgan, the head cheerleader I've been sleeping with?"

"Heather? Yes? She's in one of my classes. What about her?" She was puzzled. Am I wrong about my suspicions? Please tell me I'm wrong, Alan! His bad news is about Heather? Her quick mind flashed to the strange confrontation she'd had with Heather two days before.

"Yes. Her. I found out just an hour before class that she's been spreading rumors about you all over school. Horrible rumors. It pains me to say this, but she's been telling people that I've gotten you pregnant. She says you're either going to have to quit teaching or have an abortion." He slid up her body so he could hug her from behind. His stiff pole naturally settled into the crack of her ass as though it belonged there, causing her to sigh and lean back against him. This new position cleverly gave him more time to wait for his blush to fade.

She remained in his arms for some time while she absorbed this, but then she suddenly squirmed out of his grasp and stomped across the room. She stared out the window for a few moments.

Alan could see that her hands were tightened into fists and her whole body was tensed up, as if she was about to explode.


She dramatically turned back around and strode right up to him. With a voice filled with menace and tension, she said in low, quiet tones, "Why? Tell me why she said this."

He could look her in the eyes now, and did. He hoped that either his blush had faded or she was so preoccupied that she wouldn't notice. "There's more. She also claims that your boyfriend mistreats you and passes you around to all his friends. She wants to destroy your reputation."

Glory spun on her heels and strode back to the window. She raised her arms as if she was going to punch something, but then in an act of great self-control, she slowly lowered them again. "Is that all she says? The joke's on her! I don't even have a fucking boyfriend anymore!"

"What?" Alan was confused. He knew Glory had been drifting apart from her long-term boyfriend Garth for several weeks now, but he thought they were still together. "But I thought that you... You and he..."

She twirled back in his direction. "Fuck! I was going to tell you at a special time, but now Heather's fucked that up too. That bitch! I'll fucking kill her! I'm so sorry to tell you like this, but it's true. He and I broke up over the weekend. That's one reason why I was so needy for you. How could I stay with him another day after the way you make me feel? But Heather! Arrrggh!" She went storming off across the room again.

She was filled with righteous anger, but didn't know how to let go of it. She'd been raised with manners and believed a woman just didn't hit things or throw things or get destructive. She pumped her fists in the air and cried again, "Arrrggh!"

She came storming back up to Alan and looked him right in his face. "She knows about us. I figured that out two days ago. She came up to me and tried to play some kind of mind game. You and I really should have talked. She's trying to separate you from me, isn't she?"

"That's what I figure. The rumors started today. Apparently she's started rumors against Amy today as well. I ran into Heather an hour ago and told her, in so many words, to stop the rumors. But once they're out there they can never be completely stopped." He didn't have to mention that Amy was his official girlfriend because Glory knew that all too well. It was a sore subject with her.

Glory pulled away and stormed across the room again. "What the fuck? I don't mind the rumors that much; I can handle myself against some baseless rumors. What bothers me is what this means. This means WAR! If Heather wants to tangle, I'm gonna tangle! That FUCKING BITCH SLUT doesn't know who she's messing with!"

Alan crossed the room and caught up with Glory as she paced back and forth. He gripped her in a bear hug, and said, "It's all right. Let it out. Hit me on the back if it'll help."

Her voice said, "I can't do that," but her hands began hitting his back before those words had finished leaving her mouth. She rained punches on his back with her hands that had been wrapped around him the same way a petulant baby pounds its fists.

Her blows were surprisingly hard, and for a reason. Subconsciously, she wasn't just mad at Heather, she was mad at herself and Alan for putting her in the position where she could lose her job and her reputation due to a bitchy cheerleader. All of her worries and fears about her relationship with Alan came flooding out in her anger and her punches.

But then Alan kissed her roughly on the mouth and took her breath away. She found herself so overwhelmed with the kiss that she stopped her futile blows and found herself squeezing him with all her might as she kissed him back as if it was the last kiss she'd ever have the chance to make.

They kissed and hugged for several minutes until her surge of frustrated energy passed. She pulled back to make eye contact. She was gentle and soft with her words, yet still with an underlying angry edge, "Heather thinks she can take you away from me, does she? Well, she's wrong. Nothing can separate us. Nothing! Certainly not that fuckwad dipshit evil bimbo and her stupid tricks!"

Mere minutes earlier she'd been on the verge of breaking up with Alan over her incest suspicions, but now that was the last thing on her mind.

He asked, "What should we do, Glory? Let's figure something out. I'm sure that between you and me, we can-"

She interrupted, "Ah, fuck it! I'm in no mood to think. I'm so pissed. Not only that, but I'm incredibly horny! That was the greatest kiss ever. It makes me uncontrollably hot and bothered to know that you know just what to do with me. You knew when to let me rage and when to hold me. I really shouldn't let my pussy do my thinking for me, but you make me feel" - she paused for a deep breath - "so fucking good!" The only word in that statement she whispered was "fucking." She said it as if it was the dirtiest word she'd ever uttered.

She reached down to his still stiff erection. "And I still haven't taken care of you. Let me give you the best deep throat ever!"


Alan kept hugging Glory, and said, "I've got another idea. I really want to do a role-play, but that one you had with the apron is so overdone. I have a really strange suggestion. Why don't you pretend to be Heather?"

"What? That's odd. Why don't you be Heather and then I'll kick your ass!" Glory's eyes flashed dangerously.

He laughed. "No thanks. You already beat my back pretty good. Let's try it the other way around. For starters, take that apron off."

She replied, hesitantly, "All right. You always seem to know what to do, so I'll trust you." She stepped back from him, dropped the apron, and then stood there.

He stood in front of her with his stiff dick poking out, and tingles of sexual arousal flowing through him. He whistled in appreciation. "Glory, you're gorgeous!"

She looked down at her feet bashfully. "Thanks." She felt very self-conscious, because she had an idea about just how stunning at least some of Alan's other lovers were, and she worried that she didn't measure up. For instance, she worried that if it came to a popular beauty contest between herself and Heather, Heather would win. She was too embarrassed to tell that to him right now though.

She remained standing, unsure of what to do next. Finally she said, "Now I'm Heather. Now what?"

"Well, if you're Heather, what would you say?"

Glory thought about this for a few moments. Glory had a high, dainty, and refined voice, whereas Heather's was coarse and casual, with a tinge of Valley Girl-speak to it. Both had been raised in upper middle class homes, but Glory had been raised very properly, whereas Heather had been left to run wild. Glory was good at voices and knew Heather's from teaching her, so she launched into an excellent mock-Heather accent.


"Hi, my name is Heather, and I'm a complete BITCH!" She smiled, and then laughed.

Alan smiled too, and asked, "Didn't that feel good?"

"You shut up, you! I'm Heather, and nobody talks back to me! I'm a fucking bitch and I OWN this school. I'm a stuck up cunt and I don't talk to just anyone, so get out of my face!" Glory turned her head and tossed her hair back flippantly, dismissing him from her presence with a final disdainful glance in his direction.

She decided she was really enjoying this already. It was cathartic.

Alan started to say, "Heather-"

However, Glory interrupted him. "Did you hear me? I said that I'm Heather fucking Morgan! Do I need to say any more? Don't you realize that you're talking to the most beautiful girl in the whole school?"

Alan laughed. "I thought she said that just to me. Does she tell everyone that?"

Glory smiled, and said in her normal voice, "I don't know if she says it in those particular words, but she implies it with every sentence."

Then she switched back to her Heather voice. "Because after all, I'm Heather. Don't you love me? Everybody loves me. If you don't love me, I'll crush you like a bug. And if you do, I'll use you like a tool, you worthless peon. I'll bet you want to fuck me, but you can't. Even though I'm such a slut, I'm not going to sleep with YOU." She looked at Alan disdainfully and then turned away again with contempt.

"Wow! That's scary good!" He asked, "Feeling better, Glory?"

Back in her normal voice, she replied, "Much! This is so much fun. I know I shouldn't mock one of my own students, but it feels too good to stop."

She had a new idea. "Watch me walk. This is how she walks." She strode across the room, swishing and swaying her hips as dramatically as she could. "She walks everywhere like she's a model walking down a catwalk. It's like she's saying, 'Look at my ass. Don't you want my ass?'"

Alan nodded to himself, because it was true. She really walked like that. He also thought, Remind me never to mess with Glory. She gets totally psycho when she's angry. I feel sorry for Heather. Actually, Heather can give as good as she gets, so no one needs to feel sorry for her. No, I feel sorry for the school building, 'cos it's gonna be rubble by the time these two are done with each other!

Glory seemed content to swish and sway all around the room, Heather-style. In so doing, she made another pleasant discovery. Walking quickly, and swinging her hips dramatically the way Heather did, she became acutely aware of the two vibrators inside of her, and how they shifted and ground against each other with each new stride. It was as if she was being deliciously fucked as she walked around. The quicker and more exaggerated she walked, the better the feeling, especially from the anal vibrator.

Glory would have liked to experiment more with strutting around, but Alan was impatient. He wanted to get down to some serious fucking, and the lunch break didn't last that long. He walked up to her, and said, "Okay, Heather. Now imagine I'm a nerd."

She reluctantly came to a halt. "Ugh! A nerd? Excuse me while I barf!" Her Heather voice was still a near perfect mockery. She also mimicked Heather's facial expressions well, making a convincing gagging expression when she said the word "nerd."

Alan moved closer, putting his hands on her shoulders. "Now, keep in mind that not only am I a nerd, but I'm a smart nerd who's slipped you a powerful aphrodisiac."

"Get your hands off me, you lowly nerd! I'm Heather Morgan, queen of the universe! How dare you!" She tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but she wasn't too successful at it, accidentally on purpose.

He aggressively cupped a tit with one hand and her crotch with the other.

She trapped the hand touching her pussy by squeezing it with her thighs. "Just a minute, nerd! What do you think you're doing?"

"The name is Alan." He continued to grope her boob with his free hand.

"Yeah, whatever. Like I care. I'm the one and only Heather. If you don't let go I'm going to scream."

"Go ahead. There's no one here. You're helpless to stop me. Did you ever see 'The Revenge of the Nerds'? This is it!"

"No way. Oh! Oh God, that feels so good." Alan's trapped hand was still able to finger her slit a bit, and now she parted her thighs to make it easier for him. "Stop that RIGHT NOW or I'll, I'll... I'll get too horny!"

He laughed at that "threat." Then he said menacingly, "That's right, bitch! You're all mine now."

"No! Not a nerd!" She reached out and grasped his hard-on with both hands. "I suppose you're going to want me to jack off this big, nerdy penis. And I'll love it because I'm such a bitchy slut... Oh! Why did I say that?"

"Because I also gave you some truth serum. We nerds are great scientists."

"Dammit! Don't you know I'm the great Heather? Everyone has to look at ME! Me, me, me, me, me!" She frantically jacked him off as she said this. Then she suddenly fell to her knees. Her tongue flickered out and licked the tip of his cockhead whenever it came within range.

Alan dropped his role for a second to whisper, "Glory, you're so good at doing Heather that it's uncanny!"

"It's easy to do her." She thought for a second, and joked, "But you probably already know that, in more ways than one!"

That got a good laugh from both of them, even though it was bittersweet humor for Glory.

She continued, "Just combine bitch and slut. Actually, make that a blackmailing bitch who spreads lies and innuendo. Fuck ME!" The emphasis was on the egotistical "me."

"I think I will! Suck on it, Heather. You know you want to."


Glory leaned her head forward to suck even as her hands kept pumping, but then Alan changed his mind. He said, "Turn around. You're such a bitch that I think you need it up the ass."

She stood up and spoke in her normal voice, momentarily dropping her Heather imitation. "Wait a minute, Alan. Time out. My role-play enthusiasm will only go so far. Even though I'd love to see Heather get it up the ass, you'll actually be fucking me, not her, and I don't do that anal stuff. Not even for you. I'm sorry. Stick a baseball bat up that hussy's ass, but please leave mine alone."

She meant it, too. Even the pleasant feelings the anal vibrator was causing her weren't enough to overcome her deep-seated resistance to the idea of anal sex.

Alan was surprised at the vehemence of her opposition to the idea, though in part she was just feeling extremely passionate about everything in her anti-Heather anger. He also was surprised the topic of anal sex had never come up with her before. He could have pointed out the irony of her words, given that she had an anal vibrator buzzing away in her at that very moment, but he let it slide. He figured she didn't need more aggravation, and clearly she imagined a large difference between a small plastic toy and a bigger hard cock.

"Okay, if that's what you want, Glory." He then switched personas and spoke to "Heather" again. "Now, bitch, spread your legs because I'm going to fuck you in your bank."

"My 'bank?'" She reached in and pulled the vaginal vibrator out, because she knew what was coming next, even if she didn't understand his cryptic reference.

"Yes. Hundreds pull up to your drive-thru every day. They cum and leave a deposit. Except from now on you're going to be the cunt on tap for all us nerds."


"No. No! ... YES!" She turned around and leaned over a desk, sticking her ass out at a dramatic angle. She figured that if she couldn't let him fuck her ass, doggy-style would be at least similar. She reached back, found his cock, and helped push it in. "I'm such an evil slut that I can't help myself! Fuck me, whoever you said your name was!"

"The name's Alan, you stupid cow, but it doesn't matter because you're gonna see nothing but an endless blur of nerdy cocks in your cunt from now on." He accentuated the point by driving his penis into her.

"Okay! Sounds delish. I'm a horny slut who just can't get enough!" As if they were having a second conversation, she punctuated that statement by thrusting back at him with her hips. "I'll even take nerdy cocks if they're like yours!"

His role-play was proving cathartic. "Besides, you need to get fucked by a lot of nerdy cocks to make up for the way you treated us. You, and girls like you!"

Glory still gleefully channeled Heather. "I do! I do! I'm a terrible human being! I need to pay. I'm only good for fucking!"

She greatly enjoyed the extra, unusual sensations created by the anal vibrator. She made a decision that while she wasn't in favor of anal sex per se, anal vibrators definitely got a big thumbs up. She spoke passionately, but not too loudly, mindful of the location. "Fuck me hard, Albert!"


"Sorry. Alfred, right? Deeper, Alfred, deeper!"

Alan laughed, because he figured out Glory was making fun of Heather's self-centeredness and pretending she couldn't remember his name.

She proceeded to call him just about every male name starting with A that she could think of, except for Alan. They both laughed a lot.


They fucked hard and fast for a while. Alan liked to take her anal dildo out and push it back in. She was so very aroused that she didn't object.

Glory had a very hard time not screaming at the top of her lungs, especially when he worked the anal dildo. She knew she couldn't scream though, given where they were.

They eventually came to rest, when Alan needed to catch his usual second wind.

She thought, Phew! So good! Alan is my man! First, he works me up into a lather with the Televibe, and now he brings it home with the real thing! I'll bet even queens and empresses don't get fucked this good. Bye, bye, Garth. You were a nice guy, but Alan makes my blood boil in the best possible sense. How do you like being outclassed in every way by a high school student?

At the same time, Alan thought while struggling for air, Man, I'm never going to see my desk in the same way again! What a trip, to have my teacher's tits slamming into the same spot where I'm usually writing out answers to her history tests!

A minute or two later, while still resting with his erection all the way inside her, he asked, "Did you choose this desk on purpose?"

"You know I did. Whenever I see you sitting in class, it's about all I can do not to walk right here and say, 'Class, for the rest of the period I'm going to give you a surprise quiz. Explain how the Renaissance got started or some crap like that. Whatever. Everyone that is, except for Alan Plummer. He has a special extra credit project. He's gonna fuck his teacher's pussy raw! Don't mind my screams, just do your work.'"

They laughed.

Alan said, "Awww, shucks. But I have so much to say about the start of the Renaissance, not to mention some other crap like that. And extra credit sounds to me like extra work."

They laughed some more.

He thought, Man, I'm on top of the world. Fucking my teach in the nude right after class is over, and on my desk no less, is such a natural high! And with any luck I'll be doing this until the end of the year. At least! He chuckled to himself.

As they were about to resume, Glory said in her normal voice, "That was fun being Heather. But now, I want you to show me how much you love me."

Alan began fucking her as she'd requested. The emotional mood switched gears accordingly, They were all gentle caresses and blowing into ears, whereas Alan had been madly slapping his balls against her thighs mere minutes earlier. But there still was the steady and long stroking and grinding that they both craved so much.

Strangely, Glory asked out of nowhere, "Young man, you wouldn't do ..." She stopped her hip thrusts for a moment while she searched for the right words. "You wouldn't do anything to disappoint me, would you?"

He immediately knew what she was indirectly getting at, even if she didn't know that he knew. The incest idea was back on her mind, but she was afraid to bring it up directly. The question was so vague that he could take it any way he wanted. He answered, "Glory, I used to be a complete goody-goody, but now I'm a bit of a bad kid. But I think that's one reason you love me, isn't it?"

She pondered that, and failed to answer. Instead, she said, "Just fuck me. Fuck me good."

He switched from making love to something much more vigorous and wanton. He was relieved she'd dropped her probing, but he knew it was only a temporary respite. She had her suspicions, and once she had suspicions about something, she was relentless until she found out what she wanted to know.

He kept fucking her hard until they were out of time. He finally let go and released a torrential flood of cum into her when he saw what time the clock showed.

He'd pushed his luck on the timing, so now they had to clean up quickly. Glory knew nothing about the "cleaning" tradition he had at home. He had to clean up his privates the old-fashioned way. Luckily, she had some moist towelettes to help them get clean.

He asked as he pulled his shorts back on, "So, what are we going to do about Heather? I take it you cooled down some?"

She frantically changed clothes as well. "Yeah. I've cooled down, thanks to you. You really helped me blow off some steam. You know that's not the real me, but I feel like I can just let myself go and act out my normally suppressed feelings because you and I are so close. I'll refrain from doing anything overt for the moment, but she'll still regret crossing me."

He nodded.

"What do you see in her, anyway? Can the sex really be that great?"

"Well, it's different. Not great, just different. I can blow off steam just like you did and really get crazy with her. Anything goes."

She suggested, "I can be like that. We can do like we did today. I can be your substitute Heather. Then you can be completely rid of her poison and whatever hold she has on you."

"Yeah, but it's not the same. You don't deserve the kind of treatment she does, and you can only pretend to be her so many times. I guess I do kind of need her, in a way, some psychological way I don't understand. Maybe I'm weak about that."

Glory gave him an irritated look.

"I'm trying to pull away from her, I really am, but it isn't easy. Plus, how can you say 'anything goes' when you won't let me fuck you in the ass? I know it seems weird, but anal sex is the key to my relationship with her. First off, it feels really good, and I don't get a lot of chances to do anal. But also, I feel like I'm taming her inner bitch through fucking her ass, and maybe even helping her somehow by humbling her through doing that."

Glory scoffed, "Ha. Good luck! You're gonna need it. I think your penis will fall off long before you defeat her bitchiness. I mean, what kind of person spreads lies like that? So what if you and I are together? That's none of her business."

He gave Glory a quick kiss on the lips. "I know. But we know how she is. Look at the time. I've gotta run. I'm gonna see her after school and try to figure her out. I plan to give her hell for spreading lies. Then you and I can talk. We need a strategy to deal with her."

Glory stopped him before he left her reach, pulling him back to her and putting her hands on his chest. "Come straight back here after you finish with her. Please?"

He said guardedly, "It might take a while."

She grimaced. That's because he's going to fuck her too, I'm sure. God dammit! He'll probably rage-fuck her to get his anger out, like what he just did to me in our role-play, only more sincere and intense. Still, she said, "I can wait. I really want to hear what happens."

She gave him a smoldering look, and added, "Plus, we can't forget this." She was fully dressed now, but she didn't have any panties on. (They were a soaked, rolled up ball of sodden fabric stuffed deep into her supply closet in the corner of the classroom.) She lifted up a leg so he could clearly see her pussy lips. "Aren't you forgetting something, young man?"

In fact, he had temporarily forgotten about their Televibe fun, but he pretended otherwise. He started looking around. "Where did they get to?"

They found her vaginal vibrator on the floor, still humming away. It had been thrown aside at the height of passion so he could enter her.

He'd also manipulated her anal vibrator, but that ended up remaining in place so it didn't need to be found. She continued to have zero interest in anal sex, but she remained beguiled by how much better the anal vibrator made their fucking feel. She decided that a little bit of anal play was okay.

He commented as he picked up the vaginal Televibe vibrator, "Just imagine what would happen if we forgot to pick this up and your next class saw it there."

"Don't remind me!" She shuddered, momentarily sobered by the thought. But then she added eagerly, "Just stuff me up!"

She thought to herself, What am I doing? Talk about letting passion take control of me. If Heather doesn't cause me to lose my job, I'm going to lose it another way, at the rate things are going. I really should stop. I need to put an end to this. Right now!

But her introspection and reluctance ended as soon as her eyes fell on what Alan was doing with the vibrator. He cleaned it off with some cloth, but he didn't use just any cloth; he made a point to go to her supply closet and dig out her panties. Then he ostentatiously wiped it with the soaked panties. He lubricated it with even more of her pussy juices, leaving it wetter than before. It wasted precious time, but he thought it was worth it for dramatic effect.

She stared at him in disbelief. Despite having just climaxed, her pussy tingled in approval.

He gave her panties a big whiff as if smelling a fine bouquet of flowers, and then stuffed them in his pocket. "You won't be needing these anymore. Why do history teachers even need panties to teach? Don't even bother wearing any tomorrow. Don't bother with a bra, either."

Glory trembled with excitement at his assertion of control over her underwear selection (or lack thereof). She practically danced from foot to foot in anticipation of getting stuffed again soon.

She was like putty in his hands now, and cooed sexily, "You'll have to come back and give me another inspection or I might just be a bad girl and leave my holes all empty and lonely while you're gone. I'll be waiting for you when you're done with Heather."

She thought, I can't believe I actually said that. I'd patiently wait for my turn while he's doing Heather?! We both know that while he may yell at her, he's gonna fuck her too. He'll probably come back here with his cock still covered in her skanky pussy juices.

I'm like his puppet on a string. He's controlling me with the Televibe, and now he wants to control my underwear too. I'm his teacher and he's my student. But he's taking control, and I'm liking it! I must be soft in the head. I should have stuck with Garth, safe and steady Garth. But Alan makes me feel so alive!

He replied. "I can come back here, but again, it might take a while. Oh, and you're going to keep my cum in you while you teach, aren't you?"

She defiantly shook her head no. But then, after a pause, she nodded yes. She blushed at her instant change of heart.

He pulled her in for a hug. She'd already put her clothes on, as had he, but he lifted her skirt up in back and possessively kneaded her bare ass cheeks. "If large gobs of my seed drip down your legs and splat onto the floor while you teach your next class, just tell your students, 'Oh, don't mind that. My fourth-period student Alan Plummer usually keeps my pussy pumped so full of his hot cum that I've gotten quite used to it sloshing around inside me all day long.'"

He let go of her and quickly changed the vaginal vibrator's batteries.

Glory's eyes went wide and her chest heaved. She thought, Damn him! Now that's all I'm going to be thinking about. His cum rolling down my legs past the hem of my skirt! That and the Televibe churning his cum all around inside of me. He's turned me into a total nymphomaniac! As if I could EVER go back to Garth.

She reached back and felt her ass cheeks where Alan's hands had just been. There's nothing underneath my skirt now. Nothing! Now that my panties are gone, I'm going to have to be VERY careful about how I stand or I might really drop my Televibe in front of the whole class! I can't believe Alan would allow that risk! What a crazy, lovable lunk.

He grinned knowingly at her, then turned serious. He reached up with one hand and tenderly brushed her cheek with a loving caress. "By the way, I'm touched that you broke up with your boyfriend for me. You mean a lot to me. I love our sexual connection, and the taboo of fucking my teacher, but you mean much, much more to me than that. You made the right choice, you'll see."

He glanced at the clock again. "We'll talk more later. Gotta go." He gave her another peck on the cheek, then pulled out his Televibe controller and winked. He hurried out of the classroom just in the nick of time.

Glory sat and thought while her fifth-period students filed in. What's wrong with me? Why did I break up with Garth when I'm so uncertain about Alan? He has no sexual morals, and he's just getting worse. He used to be such a good kid, but he's becoming more of a "bad kid" every day, as he put it. He fucks anyone and everyone he wants. I don't even want to think about just who might be in that growing crowd. He loves bisexual threesomes. Probably orgies too. He fucks girls up the ass, girls like Heather that he doesn't even particularly like or care about! I want a nice Mr. Right that I can settle down with. I'm the monogamous type.

At least Alan loves me. I can feel it in everything he does to me, even the weird and domineering sexual stuff. That feels good! His love is a powerful love. I feel more love from him than I ever did from Garth, that's for sure.

She stared off into space, heedless of her students arriving. But although he loves me, I'm still just one of many loves for him. Many! He's "touched" that I'll only sleep with him and only have eyes for him while he sleeps with half the female population? Big whoop! So hypocritical.

I'm so stupid. My boyfriend Garth might have been a bit boring, too boring, but he was handsome, safe, and dependable. If only there was some way I could combine the best qualities of both of them. In my heart of hearts I'm dreaming I can take Alan away all for my own, but there's just no way. He won't even give up Heather, even after she stabs him AND me in the back with her dirty tricks. Bitch!

She sighed sadly. Alan's a runaway train and I've just hopped aboard for the ride!

Just after thinking these thoughts, she felt a tremor in her pussy as the Televibe went up a notch from zero to one. She knew that Alan was letting her know that he was still nearby and thinking about her, and still planning to keep her stimulated without any let up. She liked that a lot.

She bemoaned the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties and that Alan's cum was oozing out of her pussy, but the idea of disobeying him by putting her panties back on or cleaning up her crotch never even crossed her mind.

She wore a devilishly happy smile as she stared out over her classroom, while inside she happily thought very naughty thoughts about what Alan might do to her next and what she wanted him to do to her.


Susan, Suzanne, and Xania were relaxing on lounge chairs beside the pool. There had been hardly any swimming in the pool in recent weeks, but Susan and Suzanne got a lot of use out of the lounge chairs. All three of them remained proudly naked from head to toe.

Xania had a strange feeling of déjà vu when she returned to the pool, the site of where she'd had sex with Alan earlier in the morning. She looked all around, and asked a bit naïvely, "So, can anyone actually see you from here?"

Suzanne answered, "No, don't worry."

Xania pointed to the upstairs window in the Pestridge house that was clearly visible. "What about that?"

Suzanne replied, "One can see through the trees from my house, if you go to Amy's room, that's true. But that's the only room. There is the odd chance that Brad or Eric could go to Amy's window and see what's happening over here, but luckily they're rarely home. Besides, they respect Amy's privacy. I'm the only one allowed to go in there, to clean up sometimes."

Xania persisted, "But still... What if they heard, say, a loud scream coming from here, and really wanted to check it out?"

"If one of them did that and somehow saw some hanky panky, it almost certainly would be of Susan and me, since we sunbathe out here every day. At worst, they'd think I'm having an affair with Susan. That wouldn't be the end of the world. I hardly ever do anything out here with my Sweetie, and if I do, I make doubly sure that neither of them are home. And the other neighbors are far off and completely out of sight. Trust me, you're safe."

Xania felt better knowing all that. Nonetheless, she would periodically look up from whatever she was doing and recall with a start that in fact she was outside where strangers could potentially look in. She often felt chagrined that Alan tricked her so convincingly. Already she was trying to think of ways to prank him back.

The three women leisurely indulged one another. They spread a blanket out in the shade. But they were all so fair that they lovingly applying suntan lotion on each other anyway. It soon devolved into sexual fondling, naturally focused on the pelvic and upper chest regions.

Suzanne, Xania

That got them hot and bothered. Soon, they were taking full advantage of the numerous dildos at hand. At one point, Xania wore a strap-on and used it on Suzanne. Their shared erotic pleasure went on and on, effortlessly.

Susan was determined not to be penetrated by anything more than a finger or two, at least until after Alan had "deflowered" her. (She liked to think of herself as his "mommy virgin," because even though she'd obviously had sex with her husband Ron, she figured that since he was gay, that didn't count.) However, she was ready and willing to fully take part in everything else they did. In fact, she was the center of attention for the other two more often than not.

When they finished their fun, they just lay back and relaxed. They were all nicely sexually satiated.

Xania even drifted into a short nap.

However, when Xania woke up, she wanted to seriously talk. She took a quick dip in the pool to revive and clean herself, and then she sat up in her lounge chair.

Looking intently at Susan in an adjacent lounge chair, she began, "My work as your sex therapist today is not done. First off, I have a prescription to condition your anus and rectum for increasingly frequent penetration by Alan and, I assume eventually, a variety of strap-ons by your female lovers too. This isn't a prescription for pills, but for a workout routine. I want you to do the anal exercises I showed you earlier as a regular daily regimen."

Susan asked, "Will that help keep my ass firm and squeezable, as well as making me a better ass fuck?"

"It will. Furthermore, I want you to keep your anal dildo fully inserted at least a couple hours a day, more if you can stand it, until you develop the necessary natural aptitude to easily and automatically accept penetration back there."

"Oh my goodness," Susan said with mild alarm while fondling her own ass cheeks where she sat. "So you're saying I should keep my ass in tip top shape so Tiger can plunge his stiff staff into it any time he likes, day or night?"

"Yes," Xania replied with a grin. She was amused at how Susan's face went from alarm to aroused in mere seconds.

"Oh my!" Susan's hands switched to squeezing her big breasts instead. It seemed like she had no control over where they went. She whispered, "He's just gonna... he's gonna own my entire body!"

Xania grinned. "That's probably true." She thought, I can't believe I'm an enabler for Susan's craziness. But this lifestyle makes her so damn happy! I wish I could be half as happy as she is all the time. A tenth, even. She gets to live out her sexual fantasies on a daily basis, and Alan and everyone else around her benefit big time too, including me. What's the harm of that? Besides, Suzanne is there to bring her back to Earth if she gets too weird.

Xania continued, "Then do the 'rectal crunches' I showed you to build up your muscle tone and grip strength back there. Both things will contribute greatly to your pleasure and his. Once Alan experiences the results of your anal exercises, he's going to be plunging his cock deeply into you quite often. That in turn will make your ass stronger and even more irresistibly fuckable, and you'll create a positive feedback loop."

"Oh my God!" Susan muttered with growing arousal. "That sounds SO HOT! I like that whole feedback loop idea. I'm gonna get fucked and fucked and fucked!" She started fingering her slit while still pulling on a nipple.

Xania, also getting excited, sat up in her lounge chair, purposely letting her big 38Gs bounce and sway. "You will! Before you know it, you'll have the most fuckable ass on Earth. You'll be able to squeeze his cock with your ass muscles so expertly that he'll practically want to LIVE in there!"

Susan gushed (in more ways than one), "Then I'll be my Tiger's favorite butt slut, just like in my dreams!" She squished and squirmed happily at the thought, writhing about so much that it looked like there was an invisible lover on top of her, drilling her.

"Indeed you will," Xania responded, now trying to contain her own excitement so she wouldn't get completely carried away. She was happy that she could help Susan fulfill her fantasies. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air, even though they were outside. It felt as if they were all inside a colossal pussy - the wet and musky smell was inescapable.

Suzanne, however, wasn't as happy as they were. She thought as she lay on her lounge chair, looking the epitome of cool and sexy behind dark sunglasses, Curses! This sucks. I mean, I'm all for help and help alike, and I do want to turn over a new leaf with my scheming, but dammit, I want to be my Sweetie's favorite butt slut! His cock should live in MY ass.

Well, I'm not going to do anything to hinder Susan anymore. That was a mistake I'll never repeat. She's my best friend, and so much more. I could never hurt her!

But there's no harm in me following all of Xania's advice too. In fact, I'll do double the exercises Susan does! I've already got the ass of a hardbodied college girl, if I do say so myself. By the time I'm through, I'll be able to bend steel bars with my butt muscles. Hee-hee! Naturally, he'll repeatedly bend us over and fuck all our asses, but with my sexual skills and dedication he's gonna end up picking me the most! This isn't plotting against Susan; I'm just engaging in a little friendly and completely fair competition.

Oblivious to Suzanne's jealousies and issues, Xania continued saying to Susan, "You'll also need to pay closer attention to your lubrication than you have been. I like your enthusiasm in lubing yourself up each morning-"

"Thank you," Susan cut in. "It's no bother at all lubing up my butt, and I do some anal flexing too. I get to thinking of Tiger bending me over, grabbing my ass cheeks roughly-"

Xania interrupted, knowing that Susan was likely to get sidetracked describing another fantasy. "That's good. But if what you did today is any indication, you haven't been using quite enough lube, especially on the inside. Remember that your ass has no natural lubrication of its own. None. I'm also glad to announce that Suzanne told me she's happy to help you along with your anal education, not to mention your lactation needs as you get your tits fully prepared for your son."

Suzanne indeed was very willing to help, but she expected similar help in return from Susan once Xania was gone. She said, "Susan, let's see you take your small anal dildo and work on loosening things up so you can take something bigger. Something like... oh gee... I dunnooo..."

Susan leaped at the verbal lure Suzanne deliberately left dangling. "Like, my son's cock!"

Xania thought with amusement, Gee, who would have seen that one coming? She whispered to Susan, "Sssh! You don't have to shout it to the whole neighborhood."

"Oops. Sorry. It's just that sometimes I get so excited!"

"Oh, really?" an amused Suzanne asked with deliberate understatement.

Susan got into position on all fours and "practiced" her anal exercises and dildo insertions for them again.

Suzanne and Xania just sat back and watched her, occasionally offering words of encouragement. Supposedly they were watching to make sure she was doing them right, but in fact they were more intent on watching because it was so arousing to see this formerly prudish and devoutly Christian mother joyfully fuck her own ass with such lustful abandon.

Their fingers lazily rubbed their own pussy lips, creating a light erotic buzz. But both of them were too tired for more at the moment.

As Susan pumped her sex toy in and out of her ass, she once again revisited her fantasies. Her imaginings returned to her favorite old idea of being bent over at a ninety degree angle and having Alan shove his meaty erection right up her ass.

Suzanne was enjoying the show that Susan was putting on, and pretty much could guess what Susan was thinking. Susan was very predictable, but in an endearing way.

Xania, however, had to ask: "Susan, what are you thinking that's making you so happy?"

Susan gave a fond sigh. "Well, there are so many things, so many fantasies. Mmmm... For instance, I have this recurring daydream that my Tiger comes home from school and finds me working naked in the kitchen, or maybe with just my erotic apron on. Mmmm... I love those... But in any case, my butt is bent over the counter at a perfect right angle, lubed up and ready to be fucked! I'm trying to act calm and normal, but my heart thumps and my body tingles all over, because I know what he's about to do to me!"

She picked up the pace of her anal masturbation. "Without saying a word, he just drops his shorts and pushes his big, manly, MASSIVE cock into my eager and horny little mommy butt! He doesn't need to say anything, because he does this kind of thing so many times a day. After all, he's the man of the house. It's his right! He fucks all his women a lot, but he has a special love for fucking his big-titted mommy!"

"And tight-assed mommy," Xania said encouragingly. She was surprised how aroused this scenario was getting her.

Susan's eyes twinkled with delight. "Mmmm! True! Mommy's naughty, cock-hungry ass! I just gasp and groan and wiggle as he completely fills me up. It's so big! It would be like trying to fit the end of a baseball bat in me back there. A fleshy, throbbing, hot and juicy... baseball cock. I mean, bat... Oh God!"

She forced herself to calm down a bit, gradually slowing her thrusts until she was using the same long, slow, luxurious strokes that Alan had pumped her with the day before. She sighed and arched her back, working her anus and rectum around "her Tiger" the way she had learned, and was now learning to crave. She mumbled, "Mmmm, how was your day, dear?"


"Very good Susan, just like that." Xania murmured, hypnotically. She was really getting into the lewd display. She encouraged, "Keep going, just like that. That's a good mommy. Good mommies get their asses fucked so very much, every single day."

Susan cooed and purred at that delightful idea, while Suzanne snickered at how easy it was to get a reaction from her best friend.

Unexpectedly, Susan asked, "Son, aren't you going to tell me about your day?" It wasn't clear who she thought she was talking to, since her eyes were closed.

Suzanne decided to answer this, since she knew the kind of answer Susan loved the most. She lowered her voice in an attempt to make it sound manly. "Oh you know, same ol', same ol'. It was a good day. Glory and Heather sucked my cock at lunch today, so that was pretty cool."

Susan grinned, and shifted her fantasy to add in Suzanne's comments. "Together?"

"Of course together," Suzanne replied. "I told them if they didn't share nicely, they'd both get a good spanking. After that, they were like angels. Although they did put up a stink when Christine joined in."

Susan practically screamed, "Christine?!"

Suzanne smirked a little. She was having fun with this. "Of course. Ever since she became one of my official cocksuckers, she can't get enough. I fucked her tits while Glory and Heather licked my cockhead when it peeked out through the top."

Susan did scream now. "Oh, YES! I love it!" She was masturbating with both hands now, fingering her pussy with one hand and using the anal dildo with her other.

Suzanne reached out and caressed Susan's ass with both hands. It was wiggling and swaying in such a tempting manner that she couldn't resist. She continued, "I shot my load across all three of their faces just before lunch ended. You should have seen the way they licked each other's faces clean, as well as my cock and balls. Even though they're enemies, that didn't stop them from kissing and snowballing my cum back and forth, and rubbing their sperm-glazed tits together!"

Susan squealed, "So HOT! If only it were true!" She was working herself up into a masturbatory frenzy.

Suzanne caressed Susan's ass as she added, "But now I'm in an anal mood, Mom, 'cos during PE I anally fucked the cheerleaders."

"Which one?" Susan gasped breathlessly.

"All of them! The whole squad! I took their asses, one after another! And now I'm gonna take yours!"

"OH GOD! OH GOD!" Susan kept right on playing with herself until she came, with a little bit of fondling assistance by Suzanne.

Suzanne and Xania didn't cum because they weren't masturbating, but they were highly aroused too.

As they rested, Xania asked Suzanne, "So I take it that was a completely implausible scenario, even for Alan? For starters, Glory and Heather hate each other's guts, don't they?"

"That's right," Suzanne said. "That'll probably never, ever happen, but then again, you never know. Who would have believed a poker party like the one we had last night, for instance?"

Susan sat up. She was in great spirits, since she'd just had a nice climax. She said, "Anything is possible! That's one thing that's so great about being in a harem. Once you open your mind to sharing, the various sexual combinations are practically endless. It's all so great. The Good Lord has certainly blessed this house!"

Xania said to her, "Let's get back to your ass. That fantasy was fun, but it kind of slipped away from having an anal focus. Susan, do you have any other anal-focused visualizations that come to mind?"

Susan replied, shyly, "Now that you mention it... I do!" She suddenly beamed in fond memory. "In fact, I have quite a few!"

Xania chuckled at that. "Why am I not surprised? And let me guess: they all involve Alan."

Susan blushed a little. "Keep in mind that I have a lot of time on my hands. I spent a good part of my days alone, cleaning or paying bills or buying groceries or what-have-you. If think about my hunky son and his delicious cock, and who he's doing, and what I want to do to him later, well, it kind of puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face all day long." She smiled broadly, indicating just how happy her new lifestyle made her.

Xania said, "Fair enough. Can you share one of your anal-themed favorites? Let's hear something really out there."

Susan spoke shyly. "Well, I have this weird idea that I could never ever sit down, or even lie down. I mean never! Any time my ass touches something, Alan's cock magically appears right between my cheeks and slides far into the depths of my open ass! There's no way to stop it! If I move over a few inches, his cock is somehow there instead. I'm not talking about Alan being there. In fact, he might be watching me the whole time. I'm not talking about a dildo, either. I'm talking about his real cock, but detached, somehow always ready to appear wherever it's needed."

Susan spoke with growing confidence, because she could see that Suzanne and Xania were enjoying her unusual fantasy. "I have to do my housework, and if I get tired and have to sit, there his cock is again, filling my ass! Maybe I lean against the refrigerator door for a minute, just to catch my breath after vacuuming. But his cock is there as soon as my ass hits the door!"

Seeing Suzanne starting to furtively finger her pussy some more, she resumed doing so as well, even though her pussy was still quite sensitive. "It's always in the exact perfect spot, trying to wiggle into my asshole. And it does! I'm anally violated no matter where I go, no matter what I do! There's no escape! I try to do my work, really I do, but I get so tired, and I can't stay on my feet forever. Finally, I give up and sit down in a chair, but of course I can't sit without being anally penetrated! So DEEP! UGH! He completely fills me up! His rock hard boner appears right in the middle of the seat and fully impales me! I bounce up and down for joy and grasp hold of the armrests as I reach a climax. But the armrests have turned into copies of Alan's cock too! Of course I start jacking them off, because that's what good mommies do!"

Suzanne mumbled, "Yes. Good mommies do!" She was surprised to find herself saying that with all sincerity. She was supposed to be the one in control, but lately much of the time that was just a front. She had a lot of sexual fantasies too, but she rarely shared the weirder ones, not even with Susan, so she was having a lot of fun hearing this imaginative one.

Susan continued in her usual horny and enthusiastic way, "I open my mouth in great surprise, and another copy of Alan's cock slides right in! It's a good thing I can breathe through my nose, because my mouth is so completely filled with hot, hard cock-meat! He takes me everywhere, all the time! I have no choice! I have to submit completely! Utterly! His cock is everywhere! Every hole, every crack! Take me, Tiger! Ram that tree trunk of yours up my ass! You know just where! God! Unh! MMMM! UH!"

Susan had mentally pushed herself over the edge with her fantasy. Her hands flew about frantically and it was just a matter of moments before she would succeed in pushing herself through a particularly massive orgasm.


But then Xania said calmly, "Nice visualization exercise, but please, hold it right there."

It seemed Susan didn't hear, or didn't want to hear. Her eyes were closed and she was happy somewhere off in Alan Land.

So Xania repeated more forcefully, "Hold it right there!" That was easy for her to say, since she hadn't resumed masturbating like the other two had.

Susan's hands reluctantly came to a halt. "Hold it? What are you talking about? How am I supposed to stop?!" She sensed that with just a few more seconds of clitoral stimulation she could cum, but it would be rude to do so now after being told not to.

"That's good," Xania said benignly, as if it was no problem at all for Susan to start or stop again, just at a word. "We need you to complete some more exercises before you can cum."

"Okay, but hurry! I'm only human," she breathed, her chest heaving. "What is it, already?" Her fair-skinned orbs were flushed and crazily crashing into each other as she gasped for air.

Suzanne could see where Xania was going with this, which was keeping Susan delightfully frustrated at the edge of climax. Keeping her voice pitched low and sexy (and keeping her fingers rubbing her own clit), she spoke quietly to Susan. "First, take the dildo out of your ass."

"Why?" Susan asked plaintively.

"Don't ask, just do it." Suzanne ordered.

"Oh, poo!" Susan reluctantly complied.

Suzanne said, "Now, without cumming or touching yourself anywhere near your ass, cunt, or tits, I have another visualization exercise for you. Imagine that it's been a long day and you're working in the kitchen. Naturally, you're buck-naked."

Susan asked, "Can I wear an erotic apron? Or high heels?" She clenched her ass cheeks, trying to imitate the way high heels firmed up her legs and ass. Already, she was envisioning Alan coming up to her from behind, and she wanted to look her best for him.

"High heels, okay, but apron, no. You'll see why. Your big breasts are full of milk near to bursting, and you really need to be drained."

Susan instantly visualized herself in the fantasy Suzanne was describing. "Ooooohhhhh," She groaned, as if her breasts really were painfully full. She ran a hand back and forth across her tummy, since she wasn't allowed to touch herself in other places.

Xania told her, "You know how it feels walking around without a bra? It's like your breasts have a mind of their own. One of 'em wants to go one way and the other the other way. Now imagine those breasts feeling like they're twice as big and twice as heavy because they're full of milk! You're totally STACKED! So busty! Because of all that milk! It's like you've added two big balloons to your breasts, but they're full of creamy milk!"

Susan gasped, "Xania! I love it! Tell me more!" She was frustrated that she wasn't allowed to touch her privates. So she sat up and brought her upper body up against the back of the lounge chair and rubbed her erect nipples up against an edge. She figured she could do that until someone told her she couldn't. She hoped that could help relieve the imaginary pressure in her milk-heavy breasts, which felt very real to her, thanks to the vivid descriptions she was hearing.

Suzanne seemed to allow her rubbing, and continued, "Alan walks into the kitchen, in the buff. He's just gotten home from school and this is the first time you've seen him and his motherfucking cock all day."

Susan's eyes remained shut tight. "Is he hard?"

Suzanne grinned. "Susan! Who are we talking about here? Don't you know your own son? Of COURSE his cock is fully erect! Is it ever not throbbingly, massively erect, burning hot, and ready for a good sucking or hole stuffing?"

Susan's breath was growing ragged. "Oh! Yes! Yes, yes, YES! You're right! I'm sorry."

Suzanne asked her, "So what do you do? Do you sit down and watch TV?"

Susan laughed at that. "No!"

"Do you read a magazine?"


"Do you make him a sandwich?"

"Maybe later, but no! There's only one thing for me to do, and that's take care of his cock! Properly and extensively! Tiger needs to take advantage of his naked big-titted mommy! He's had a hard day at school, and he needs to relax by unloading all that yummy sperm in me and on me!"

"Very true," Suzanne said. "Does he first help you with your tits or your ass?"

Xania nodded to herself, Interesting little fantasy situation that Suzanne's cooked up there. I wonder how Susan will react to this scenario, especially since it may very possibly become a regular daily event for her. I don't live here and I don't know what's going on, but if I were Alan, when I'd come home from school I'd probably go straight to my "naked big-titted mommy!"

Susan asked while she continued to press her tits back and forth against the back of the lounge chair, "Can he do both?" The rubbing just barely failed to push her over the edge. "Maybe he could hold my tits from behind while he rubs his cock all over my ass?"

Suzanne grinned. "Of course he's going to do both of those things, and more. Much more! But the question is, what should he do first: suckle on your nipples or fuck your ass? Keep in mind that your breasts have grown even larger than Brenda's, thanks to all the milk building up in them."

"OH! Oh my goodness!"

In Susan's fantasy, she could see Alan standing in front of her with a tremendously massive erection pointing directly at her. However, she could also feel the insistent pressure in her extra large breasts too, as if they were really sloshing about with gallons of milk. If I bend over for him to put his cock in my butt, he won't be able to suck my nipples and drink my milk. But if I bring his mouth to my desperately needy nipples, he won't be able to put his cock in my butt like he needs to. Maybe I just need to slurp and suck on his cock for a while, until I make up my mind? Oh dear! Choices, choices! Mmmm! Yummy, spermy choices!

"Tiger, mommy has a little problem," a shut-eyed Susan confessed to her imaginary son, blushing a little as she squirmed around in need. "My ass is empty and my breasts are full." She started breathing even more heavily, her G-cup boobs rising and falling like mighty ocean waves in a storm. "Can you, can you sit in a chair facing me so I can sit on your lap? That way, I can sit on your big boner until it fills my ass up while you suckle at my teats. Hurry! They're about to burst with milky goodness!"

Suzanne was a little surprised by Susan's clever resolution of the conflict. She'd wanted to see which erogenous zone was more important to Susan, her tits or her ass, but she realized she wasn't likely to get a clear answer. So instead she whispered an idea to Xania, then sat on Susan's lounge chair between her thighs, and pulled those splayed thighs up over her own.

Suzanne scooted around until she had the dildo in her hand pointing right at Susan's asshole. Suzanne spread the orifice open ever so slightly with the tip of her plastic cock. Then she teased Susan until neither of them could take it anymore and she plunged it in. (She would have preferred to use a strap-on, but respected Susan's wishes not to.)

Susan pulled her best friend to her straining breasts, which Suzanne happily licked and sucked while pumping away in Susan's backside from the front.


Unable to resist Susan's boobs any longer, Xania settled in behind Susan and reached around, groping, fondling and squeezing Susan's breasts, even as Susan offered them up for Suzanne to suck on her nipples.

Suzanne gladly accepted the offer, again and again, with loud slurping sounds. Just to make Susan that much happier, she paused to say, "Mmmm, this milk is delicious!"

Susan practically swooned as she imagined herself really lactating.

The three of them greatly enjoyed the "Susan sandwich," as they called it. Suzanne eventually got the climax she wanted, and then some, and so did Susan.

Xania was less of a focus in the trio at the moment. She was content simply to play with Susan's boobs as long as she could. Already, I'm feeling sad that I'll have to be leaving soon. Not only are these two total hotties, but they make sex non-stop fun!

Once the three of them were more or less recovered, Xania sat up and gave Susan a bit of a lecture. "It seems that your brain isn't just controlled by your tits. Your tits, cunt, and ass all vie for control over you. In fact, I find it rather amazing you can get any non-sexual thinking done at all. The way I look at it, there's a whole bunch of things turning you into an utterly divine creature of erotic pleasure."

She continued, "First of all, there's your age. At 37, you're reaching the peak of your sex drive. Since you've been so repressed all your life, your sex drive is absolutely exploding now that you've finally uncorked the bottle. Secondly, you're seriously in love. I don't know if you've ever really been in love before..." She let the comment hang to give Susan a change to respond.

Xania flicked her eyes briefly over at Suzanne, including her in this second point. Her glance said, This is just as true for you as it is for Susan. She'd heard that Suzanne had really loved Eric at the start of their marriage, but she guessed correctly that Suzanne's love for Alan was on a whole different level.

Susan answered, "No, not really. Not like this. I thought I was in love once, a long time ago, but I was deluding myself. I was more talked into marriage with my husband Ron than anything. People told me he was the perfect catch, and it's true that he IS a nice person. But I never had the all-consuming, burning, lusty passion I have now." Her eyes glazed over as her face took on a dreamy expression.

Suzanne meanwhile was thinking about her past loves. She was different from Susan in that she had been truly in love with her husband Eric at one time, but it seemed so long ago that she could barely recall it. She briefly thought about the painful events that drove her away from Eric, but she quickly banished that line of thought.

Xania replied to Susan, "Ah. I see. True love is also peaking for you along with your newfound lust. So what if it happens that the man you love is your own foster son? That just makes it all the better, doesn't it? This love sets up a positive feedback loop between your sexual urges and your romantic love, which only sends you spiraling higher and higher. So my advice is to just sit back and enjoy the ride."

Susan smiled widely. "I can do that! And it's going to be a long, fulfilling, bouncy ride, isn't it?" She churned her hips, indicating the type of "ride" she was referring to.

Xania grinned at that response. "It is. Third, and this is a big one, you're rejecting all the moral values which have held you down since you were a little kid. You played by the rules and did all the right things, but your uptight, conservative, Midwestern upbringing brought you a lot of sadness and a lack of fulfillment, didn't it?"

Susan nodded, suddenly sad.

"You did everything you were supposed to and married the ideal man, according to what everyone said, but you were left miserable, with a loveless marriage and an empty bed. This helps explain why the naughtier the sex, the more you love it. Every time you take your son's hefty cock inside your ass, cleavage, or mouth, you're reaffirming your rejection of everything you previously believed in and embracing your newly awakened self. Yes, what you're doing is very sexually submissive, but it's also profoundly liberating. Did you ever think while doing something really crazy with Alan or Suzanne or someone else, 'If they could only see me now'?"

"Only all the time! And you're right. It's such a great feeling. Shameful, yet invigorating! It makes me feel so alive!"

Xania nodded. "Well, there you go. Anal sex is one symbol of your transformation from an ignorant, prudish waste of a perfect body into your new self - a fully sexual woman who is vibrantly alive for the first time in her life! Love it! Revel in it. Rejoice! I know you're all about loving your family. You can love them just as much as ever, but even more now, because you can do it in a sexual way too! Get fucked in every hole as often as you can!"

Susan lay back, and it seemed as if every muscle in her whole body relaxed all at once, leaving her as contented as a purring kitten. She closed her eyes with a great big smile on her face. Mmmm... Love... Family love... Romantic love... Sexual love... All together! With Tiger, with Suzanne, with Angel, with Amy... And with so many more wonderful women to come, who he'll conquer with his cock and bring into our family! Our harem!


Suzanne felt envious. She said to Xania, "You give such good advice. Damn, you're good at this! To be honest, I wanna be just like Susan. Look at her. Look at that blissful expression on her face. How can I let go and get that look on MY face? I'm so much more uptight than her to begin with. What's wrong with me?"

Xania pointed out, "You already talked to me about this earlier, but I never got around to giving you my thoughts, did I? Let's review. You're having control issues. You just can't seem to let go completely to achieve total sexual orgasmic release. And you said that on the rare occasions when you do, you're afraid of losing yourself in a submissive way to Alan."

Suzanne nodded. "Yes. Yes. Exactly. Susan's in her happy place right now. Let's go for a little walk and leave her in peace."

"Good idea."

They both got up, while Susan continued to lie there with her eyes closed. She wasn't sleeping exactly, but she was in a dreamland, fantasizing about her hopeful future.

Suzanne didn't want to go for a big walk; she just wanted to get away from Susan so she could talk to Xania freely. They slowly walked to the other side of the pool. "Now that you've spent some time around the house, can't you see the problem? Everybody gets carried away."

Xania nodded.

Suzanne continued, "You know me. I'm a strong woman. I use my wiles, charm, and looks to have any man eating out of the palm of my hand. But with Alan, it's different. God, I love him! I really do. He makes me weak in my knees. Just looking at him sets my heart racing. And that was BEFORE he proved himself to be a naturally talented cocksman. With the subservient attitude going around, sometimes I get caught up in that too. Frequently, in fact. More and more, I just want to bask... in the joy... of, of... serving his cock! Does that sound crazy?!"

Xania replied, "Not at all. I can relate. Last night, at one point, I was shouting for him to tame me with his big dick. I don't know if 'taming' is an actual thing, but I felt even more that way this morning, this sense of being sexually dominated and actually really enjoying it. You know I'm not much of a submissive type, so that's very curious. But Alan played me like a fiddle by tying me up and tricking me, and so much more. There's a crazy vibe around this house. Maybe it has to do with the smell, or the constant sight of incredibly gorgeous, naked or scantily dressed women. I don't know."

"Those things factor in, for sure," Suzanne said. "And he has a knack, knowing just what to do to send a woman into seventh heaven."

Xania nodded.

The two of them continued to slowly walk in circles on the other side of the pool.

Xania said, "If I were here for weeks at a time, I imagine it would take all of my willpower not to give in to Alan's domination too. It just seems like the thing to do, especially when everyone else is doing it and feeling so joyous as a result. Like you, I don't want to give in. That's not my natural way. I admire how happy Susan and Katherine are, but I'm just not the submissive type. I'd fight it."

"Exactly!" Suzanne enthused, glad to talk to someone who could relate to her situation. "I'm fighting it. But it's so hard, because Alan is so damn incredible! I mean, I thought he was just an inexperienced kid, but the things he does to me! I hyped him up to the nth degree, mostly for Susan's sake, but it's kind of become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The more women who fall under his spell, and the more impressive they are, the more tempting and powerful he becomes somehow. He hardly even has to do anything at this point, because even just the hype gets us all so worked up. I kind of created a monster."

"'A monster?'"

"Well, not a monster. That's just the saying. And I don't regret it. I'm happy with the way things are going, actually, just so long as I don't turn into Susan or Brenda eventually. I love this harem that's developing, overall. But how can even a dominant woman like me resist his sexual power? It takes all my willpower. That's why I can't give in and enjoy myself as much, to reach the same ecstatic heights that they do."

Suzanne sighed in frustration as she thought about her schemes and her secrets. She particularly thought about her greatest secret, the way she had initiated the six-times-a-day ruse and her constant concern that it would come out. Even thinking about those things caused her to tense up.

Xania however, remained undeterred. "That's where you're wrong. Letting go is not the same as submitting to another. I think I have greater immunity against the strangely-alluring submissive vibe that's taken hold here, because I can tell the difference. Here. Let me teach you." She stopped walking and faced Suzanne.


"But how?" Suzanne asked plaintively.

"First of all, you have to be as honest with yourself as you can. We all have secrets, and that's fine. But many of them are secrets of pride. Part of letting go is clearing your head of petty worries. Look at Susan. Do you think she's letting a million little things stress her out right now?"

Suzanne looked over at her best friend on the other side of the pool. Susan was lying face up in her lounge chair, naked to the world and totally blissed out. Her legs were slightly spread and her arms were akimbo. She looked like she'd just been royally fucked, even though they'd all just been casually playing around. She wore an enormous smile.

Suzanne felt her envy rise again. She knew that Susan often looked like that, completely blissed out and smiling, even when she hadn't had a recent climax. "Okay. I'll admit it. It's my CUNT. I don't go on and on about it like Susan does, but my cunt controls me in the same way Susan's tits and ass control her. Okay? I mean, it's embarrassing to know that half of what I do is because my cunt demands it of me. If you only knew some of the things I've done to keep it happy..."

Again, the six-times-a-day secret came to the fore of her mind. Slashing the tires of the scoutmaster's van the week before popped into her head too. But she forced those unpleasant memories away as quickly as they came up.

"Hey, remember who you're talking to here!" Xania exclaimed, reaching for Suzanne's pussy. "I knew that already. Don't you remember all the fun we used to have back in college? Your cunt was practically insatiable!"

However, Suzanne closed her legs, using her hand to keep Xania at bay, forcing Xania to withdraw. "No! Don't touch! It's too sensitive. And I don't just mean now. Feeding it just makes it hungrier! A couple of weeks ago, I tried wearing one of those internal dildos all day long, and I damn near turned into a blithering idiot. I was much better off before Sweetie started fucking me. That woke up my cunt, and now it's taking over my life. I fear I'm losing control!"

Xania pointed out, "There's the control issue again. What's so bad about losing control?"

"I don't want to end up worshiping Alan like he's some kind of god. I don't even want to be fully 'tamed' by him. I mean, I love him heart and soul, but I'm a modern woman. I love the harem, I love being a part of this sisterhood of Alan's lovers that's developing, but I don't want to be just... like... nothing more than another one of his sex slaves!"

She added, more to herself than Xania, "I never thought it would come to this. I thought I could stay on top of things. I figured something like a harem would develop, but I thought that I'd be the one on top, controlling it!" She flopped her arms up and down in helpless frustration. "Things are slipping away from me, and I don't know what happened!"

Xania pointed out, "You may not be in complete control of everything, but I know you. You're still the same Suzanne I've always known: the clever, creative, 'can-do' woman. I'm no harem expert, but I suppose it's only natural that the one guy is in charge. But who will be the real power behind the scenes? You will!"

Suzanne frowned uncertainly. "You think?"

"Sure. You can do that AND go wild on his cock to your heart's delight too. Even if you completely 'succumb' and become a 'fuck toy' or whatever the submissive lingo here is, your natural take-charge personality will still come to the fore again before long. Alan's not a controlling kind of guy, I can tell. Sure, he finds the sexual submission thing highly arousing, but beyond that, doesn't he pretty much look to you on what to do?"

"He does," Suzanne said with relief. She felt better already.

"So my advice is to go wild in the bedroom. Give in to your submissive urge, if it feels good. Let go, completely! Then be your usual strong Suzanne self the rest of the time. You're not going to turn into Susan or Brenda, because you're not them. You're you. Their personalities didn't change, not really. To be honest, I don't think there's true 'taming' here at all. Clearly, both of them had untapped and repressed submissive aspects of their personalities, and Alan's 'taming' magic was that he was able to bring that to the fore."

She continued, "Chances are, a lot of women have a submissive side, including you and me. But that's just one side. You're a particularly complicated and multifaceted woman, Suzanne. Alan has brought your submissive side forward too, and now he's working on me. I consider that a good thing. It's gonna result in a lot of really hot sex! But in the end, we're still the same basic people we always were. You know what I mean?"

"I do," Suzanne replied. "And thank God for that! This is such a relief, talking to you. Thanks! Where would I be without your good advice?"

Xania smiled. "Suzanne, here's something to remember. You have great friends. I'd like to think that I can be a really good friend in your life again, and give you help and advice when you need it. But even if I'm out of the picture, you have your best friends here. Alan, Katherine, and Susan, and of course your lovely daughter Amy. Trust them. Let them know what you want and what you DON'T want. If you go too far on something, they'll be right there to help you. You're in a circle of love."

She went on, "Frankly, I'm very envious. Alan loves YOU, the feisty Suzanne he grew up with. Yes, he loves dominating your sexy ass in the bedroom, but he doesn't want you to become some submissive zombie. Far from it! He needs you as you are, and relies on you to be that way."

Suzanne said, "That's true. He keeps telling Angel that he wants her to be 'uppity,' not mindlessly submissive. As for me, I think he wants and expects me to be kind of the father figure for us all, and help keep his 'Bad Alan' tendencies in check."

"Exactly." Xania added, "Trust him, and the rest of your de facto family. It's like a team-building trust fall. Let go, and know they'll catch you. You don't have to always be the responsible one; you don't need to always mentally hold back. Look at Alan. He's as maxed out with sexual pleasure as a person can be, yet he still maintains a good grip on things. You have a strong will, Suzanne. You can do this. Just let yourself go totally, when the time is right, and you'll be able to experience the ultimate ecstasies with your loved ones."

"But how?!" Suzanne asked with exasperation.

"Let's do a little trust exercise right now. Come with me." Xania led Suzanne back around the pool to Susan.


Susan opened her eyes and looked up when she sensed the other two get near.

Xania asked Susan, "Could you help me here? There's something I want to do to Suzanne that'll help her out, I think. Can you go get a blindfold and some earplugs?"

"Sure thing." Susan got up.

Suzanne and Xania watched Susan's bare ass cheeks undulating back and forth as Susan sashayed her way back to the house.

Xania whistled appreciatively. "Damn, she is one hot momma. Just watching her walk makes me wish I was a man so I could squirt her full in every hole. How could you look at her ass moving like that and not want to fuck it? Thank God for strap-ons."

"I know," Suzanne said proudly. "And do you see how sexily she walks, with her hips swaying like that? Even just a couple of days ago, she would only do that around Alan. But now I think she does it without thinking. Her prudishness is falling away and she's becoming a fully sexual creature."

Xania grinned. "So she's becoming a lot like you then."

Suzanne grinned back at that. "I guess so."

When Susan came back, Xania snugly attached the blindfold and ear plugs to Suzanne.

Now, Suzanne could neither see nor hear anything happening around her.

Then Xania and Susan toyed with Suzanne's body in the same way that Xania and Suzanne had played with Susan's body for most of the morning. They kept her on an orgasmic cloud nine.

Suzanne was amazed what a difference the loss of sight especially made. The blindfold was on tight, leaving her completely blind. Her legs and arms weren't tied up at all, so she was free to go where she wanted, but the loss of sight left her extremely dependent on the other two. She wanted and needed to trust them. True, she'd played plenty of bondage games before, but she had almost always been the dominatrix and she had never let herself be blindfolded even when she was not. Then, as now, she had a fear of losing control. It was a struggle for her.

As time went on, Suzanne slowly let go mentally and increasingly gave in to whatever the other two were doing to her. But it wasn't really an issue of dominance and submission; it was an issue of realizing that she was with loved ones and there was no reason to worry.


Xania and Susan tried their best to constantly surprise her. She never knew where they'd touch her next, or what new and exciting thing they'd do to her. Both of them used strap-on dildos on her.

Although Susan didn't want anyone to use a strap-on dildo on her, as she felt her holes belonged only to Alan, she was willing to use one on others. She had no great enthusiasm for the role reversal, since she felt it was highly unnatural for a natural submissive like herself to be the one doing the fucking. But she did it in order to help Xania with a non-stop double assault on Suzanne's erogenous zones.

Suzanne's sense of touch was greatly heightened by the loss of sight, and soon it seemed as if any touch anywhere would induce an orgasm in her.

Xania and Susan mostly explored Suzanne's pussy, and they did so in exhaustively tender and intimate detail, since they both knew that was Suzanne's mental and sexual "weak spot." One or the other always seemed to be working on her G-spot or her clit, or both.

And yet, despite all the attention, Suzanne's appetite for clitoral and vaginal stimulation seemed to only increase, rather than lessen, as time went on. True to her earlier words, Suzanne's pussy was practically insatiable once she'd started to "feed the need" within it.

There was no chance for sweet talking since Suzanne couldn't hear very well due to her earplugs. So Xania and Susan fucked her in silence, only occasionally talking to each other to coordinate their movements.

As Suzanne was led from one brain-melting orgasm to another, she found that she completely and utterly gave up control to her friends, and it was good. She'd managed to "let go" in just the way she wanted, and she didn't feel particularly submissive in the process. She was overjoyed.

The fun eventually came to an end after they were all orgasmed out (with Suzanne getting the lion's share). Suzanne's blindfold and earplugs were removed.

The first thing Suzanne did was crawl up on top of Xania and give her a big kiss on the lips. She said, "You have no idea how much that meant to me! That was beyond incredible! I swear to God, this giving of sexual advice is your calling. Your true calling."

But then her face clouded over with new doubts. "The problem is: what if this happens with my Sweetie instead of other women? Will I still have that submissive feeling? When he gives me mind-bending climaxes like the kind I just had, and he gives them so very often, I become incredibly needy for him. I'm ready and willing to crawl across the floor and lick his feet, just to have more sex like that."

Her mind flashed back to her moment of great shame when she had crawled across the floor for him in abject desperation. That scared her.

But Xania replied, "And what would be so bad about that? It's like I was telling you before. So you're dominant in some ways and submissive in others. There are really two things happening here, I think. There's letting go of one's mental restraints, and then there's giving up control to another. You can do one, or both; it's up to you. Many doms have their sub moments, and vice versa."

Susan pointed out to Suzanne, "You don't need to be afraid of Tiger. I call him 'Tiger,' but he's really a big teddy bear. Think why you call him 'Sweetie.' He's sweet-hearted!"

Xania said, "Susan's right. It's true that I'm only starting to get to know him, but an outside perspective can be very useful. He really does seem like a fundamentally nice guy, despite being a little scary in bed sometimes. I know that he truly loves you, Suzanne. A lot! He loved you long before he lusted for you, didn't he? I didn't know him then, but I remember you singing his praises way back, ten years ago or more, when he was just a little kid."

Suzanne suddenly was finding herself forced to fight back tears. "Yes, we've loved each other so long, pretty much since he was in diapers. That's how I know he doesn't love me just for my looks. And he is a totally sweet Sweetie! I love him so very much! You're right. I shouldn't be worried about losing control to him. It'll work out in the end."

She turned her head. "Excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye."

Susan and Xania knew that Suzanne was starting to tear up from feeling emotionally moved, but they didn't challenge her fig leaf of a cover story.

After Suzanne recovered and turned back, Susan sat up and tightly held her hand. Then they shared a passionate French kiss.

When that ended, Susan whispered in Suzanne's ear, "It'll work out. Even if we both end up becoming his sex slaves, it'll work out. We all love each other, heart and soul, and that's all that matters."

Suzanne nodded. She wiped the few tracks of her tears away, and smiled.

Xania was sitting up right next to them, so she put an arm around Suzanne's back in a comforting way. "Suzanne, I gave Susan some 'homework' to help her with anal sex. Now, I'm going to give you a 'homework assignment' too. Experiment sexually. See what works for you. Just do what makes you feel good. I know you, and now I know Alan and Susan, and even Katherine and Amy a little. Heck, Brenda too. My gut feeling is that everyone here is so good and so kind that you can't go wrong no matter what you do. Trust them. Remember how good Susan and I made you feel just now, because you opened yourself up fully and didn't just seize up and try to ride out the sensory deprivation? Imagine how much better you would feel if you did it with Alan, the one person you love the most."

Suzanne actually cried tears of joy at hearing that. (And just when she thought she'd successfully covered for her tears, too.) She was so overwhelmed that she felt like her heart would burst with pure happiness. She kissed both Susan and Xania as they pulled together into a three-way hug.

However, most of her kisses and attention were directed towards Susan. As tears streamed down her face, she said to her, "This is it! I've found my family. I've found my life! Susan, I love you! I love your children. I love Amy! Let's spend the rest of our lives together, all of us loving each other!"

Susan found herself crying too, and she hugged and kissed Suzanne for some time. Then she said, "I'm so ahead of you. That's been my thought for a long time now. As far as I'm concerned, not only are you part of the family now, but you always have been! You're more my sister than any of my actual sisters!"

Suzanne said, "You too! I never had a sister, until I had you!"

They kissed again, even more passionately this time. This time, both of them let their tears flow freely.

As that long kiss came to an end, Suzanne just sat there with tears rolling down her cheeks, and stared into Susan's beautiful face as Susan stared right back. They were speaking volumes to each other without words. Suzanne thought, I love all this mushy, lovey-dovey stuff! I tell myself that I hate it, but I really love it! I just want to dive head first into it! Unconditional love! Oh God, it's so good!

Suzanne turned to Xania and gave her a brief kiss too. "You said that I'm surrounded by a 'circle of love,' and that's so true! You know, you could be a part of this too. I don't know the details exactly at this point, but I'm sure we could work something out that would make you happy."

Xania pulled away slightly. She was wary of serious relationships. "Thanks. That's a very tempting offer. Right now I think it's best if I keep coming to the weekly Wednesday night poker parties, and see how that goes. I do live over an hour away, after all."

Suzanne playfully poked at her belly button. "Okay, but say you'll visit frequently on the weekends too, won't you? Now that you're back in my life, in our lives, I'm not going to let you slip away!"

Xania smiled at that. "We'll see."

Susan gave Xania a stern look. "Oh, come on! The weekend? How could you not make weekend visits? What do you have going up there that's so much better?"

Xania pondered that, and quickly concluded, Nothing! But she was still afraid of commitments. However, she conceded, "Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be seeing me from time to time, and on the weekends too."

"Yeay!" Susan gave Xania a big hug, and a bigger kiss. She really liked Xania a lot.

Xania's aversion to emotional commitments was so strong that she was growing increasingly uncomfortable by the situation, even though she was sharing nothing but loving feelings from the other two. As so often happened in her life, she felt a strong urge to escape before things got even more emotionally serious, so she looked around, even briefly glancing up at the sun. Then she suddenly acted worried, saying, "Oh my gosh! I just realized that I probably should get going. Do you know what time it is?"

None of them were wearing watches. Susan suggested, "Why don't we go back inside and look at a clock?"

So that's what they did. They discovered it was nearly noon.

Xania had mentioned earlier that she could only stay until noon, so the timing gave her a good excuse to "escape." She adored their friendly and loving ways, but it quickly overwhelmed her. She'd concluded a long time ago that she was a loner at heart.

She said, "Darn. I'd better leave. As I mentioned before, I have a class that I shouldn't be late to."

Something occurred to Susan that hadn't occurred to her previously. "Class? Why would an experienced professional like you need to be taking a class?"

Xania felt a surge of panic. In truth, that was a careful reference to a dental hygienist class that she needed to attend, but she obviously couldn't admit that. Luckily, she was a good actress, as well as a quick thinker. "Actually, new research is changing what we know with startling speed. It's good to attend the occasional class or lecture to stay on top of things."

Susan nodded, clearly impressed. She asked, "Can't you at least stay for lunch? I could whip up something yummy in a jiffy."

"Thanks, but no. However, I'd like to take a shower before I go, if that's okay with you. I'm covered in suntan lotion, cum, and sweat."

Susan smiled. "Certainly. You don't even have to ask. I know we've practically just met, but we've shared some intense sexual and emotional times. As far as I'm concerned, from now on my house is your house."

"Thanks." Xania smiled. But that kind of friendly gesture secretly frightened her as much as it gladdened her.

Xania quickly showered and dried off. Then she dressed in the clothes she'd first arrived in, her red business suit and white blouse.

When she came out of the bathroom, she found that Susan and Suzanne were sitting at the kitchen counter, and both of remained completely naked. She asked, "Aren't you two going to put on any clothes?"

Susan replied, "Later." She looked at her hand, which was holding Suzanne's. "Once you go, I think the two of us are going to get, well, very friendly, if you know what I mean."

Xania smiled for them. "I do. Good for you. By the way, before I do go, I must say that I've been enjoying using my psychological expertise to help you out in any way I can. Are there any last questions you might have for me?"

Susan suddenly got shy and nervous. "Thanks for asking that, because as a matter of fact, I have one. My number one biggest concern has been whether or not to let Tiger fuck me. But, in large part thanks to you, I'm coming to accept that getting fucked is a vital part of my cock pleasuring duties, and God won't hate me for it. I'm basically okay with that now. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

Susan got even more apprehensive, and she looked away as she spoke. "But now I have a new number one concern. What if... what if Tiger moves on and out of my life? I know he won't leave me completely. I'll always be his mother. But he keeps loving more and more people. What if he goes off to college and leaves us behind? He'll probably build up a whole new harem of hotties there. Sure, he'll still visit from time to time, but just seeing him a few times a year? Dear Lord! I'd just die!"

She added "I know I sound like a clingy mother who can't let her child leave the nest, and maybe I am. But I've made a big sexual commitment too. In my heart of hearts, I can't ever imagine being with another man. I belong to Tiger now. Now, and forever!"

She dramatically stood up from her stool and waved her hands down her nude body. "This body belongs to my love, my son, my master! Serving his cock has become a way of life for me. I can never go back to how I used to be. And sex with other women is nice, but it's not enough. I love HIM! I love his cock! But how can I serve him long distance?!"

Suzanne stood up too, and said, "Let me address that, please. As Xania reminded me today, I'll always have my scheming side. And if my Sweetie thinks he's going to skip town for any reason and leave us behind, he's got another thing coming! We can always move to where he is, you know. I have a vision of him showing up in a college dormitory and finding the four of us as his new roommates. You, me, Angel, and Amy. Wouldn't that be funny? But he won't leave us behind, period. He loves us far too much to do that."

Susan tilted her head uncertainly. 'You think?" She bit her lip.

"I know. Sure, he'll have other lovers. Probably lots of them. But we're his lovers AND his family. And we're gorgeous! He'd be a fool to leave us behind, and he's no fool. No one new will ever be able to match the years we've all spent together. And like I said, I'm not going to let him leave, and you aren't either. I'm sure Angel and Amy feel the same way. Face it: he's stuck with us!"

Susan rushed into Suzanne's arms and gave her a tight squeeze. "I'm so overjoyed to hear you say that! I don't know why I never talked about this with you before. I guess I was afraid you might not think the same as I do. I feel like such a huge weight has lifted from my shoulders!"

Suzanne hugged her back just as tightly. "To be frank, I'm totally relieved too! I thought I knew how you felt about this, but now I know for sure. From now on, we can work together to make sure our new family stays together, no matter what."

"Nothing would make me happier! Literally nothing!" Susan kissed Suzanne with even more love and desire than before.

Xania was all smiles as she watched them make out and fondle. "Look at that. You didn't even need me to sort that out."

After a while, Suzanne pulled away from Susan's lips, and said, "No, we didn't. But you being here helped that issue come up and get resolved. You're making yourself indispensable around here."

Susan let go of Suzanne and threw her arms around Xania, even though she was naked and Xania was fully clothed. "Don't go! Please? Do you really have to go now?"

"I'm sorry, but I do."

There were hugs and kisses all around as Xania made to leave.

As Xania made it to the foyer, she left them with some parting advice. "There's so much more we didn't have time to talk about. But there's one issue I want to at least mention before I go. I'm concerned about Alan's attitude regarding sexual diseases and pregnancy. It seems that he's fucking any available woman he wants without thinking of the consequences. Just think how much trouble it would cause if he went and made some strange girl pregnant before he's even out of high school."

Xania raised a concerned eyebrow. "Not to mention sexually transmitted diseases. If he catches something, he's probably going to give it to all of you. A dozen lives will be ruined. Imagine AIDS. Gonorrhea. Herpes. Mono. It's not pretty. I STRONGLY suggest that everyone in your circle of sex partners get tested immediately. I've talked to him about this, but he keeps forgetting to even wear a condom. You need to talk to him about being vigilant with contraception, and limiting partners. If you're in this for the long haul, there need to be some responsible limits on his behavior."

Susan and Suzanne both agreed. They vocally resolved to get more serious with the testing and making him wear protection. They thanked Xania profusely for her knowledge and wisdom. Then, after even more hugs and kisses, they sadly watched her leave.

But they didn't stay sad for long, because after a few long moments, Suzanne suddenly slapped Susan's nearest ass cheek. Then she started running up the stairs, and yelled, "Last one to your bed is a rotten egg!"

Susan squealed and ran right after her.

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