The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
Good Times, Bad Times
Day 68: Friday, November 22

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Alan had gone to sleep quite late, due to all his homework. It was two in the morning when he finally went to bed, and he fell asleep instantly.

Normally he was quite a deep sleeper, especially when he was so tired, so he was surprised to wake up a short time later. He was even more surprised to realize that he wasn't alone. He could tell it was Katherine merely by her smell, but he opened his eyes and looked at her body in the darkness just to be sure. He couldn't see any more than her head because the covers were pulled up, so he focused on her face. He realized she was awake. She also was a good distance from him across the bed, apparently because she didn't want to wake him up.

Seeing that he'd noticed her, she gave him a nervous smile. She whispered, "Howdy, Big Palm Tree Brother. Sorry I woke you. Pretend I'm not even here."

She gently scooted up to him, but then seemed content just to turn around and spoon up against him, not trying anything sexual. However, she was nude and he was nude, so the odds of them not getting sexual were pretty low.

He noticed that she'd turned so his arms and chest pressed into her back instead of her more tempting front. He whispered, "But you are here. What would Mom think? I don't want to have to deal with disappointing her. There's too much going on with me right now."

"Hey. My bed collapsed. What else can I do?"

He smirked at that. "I can feel that you're naked too. What happened; did your wardrobe burn up as well?"

She giggled. "Yeah. I had a little accident with some matches. No big deal."

He couldn't help but chuckle at that. But then he was determined to stay serious. "Sis, we really shouldn't. If Mom were to-"


Katherine turned over enough to caress his cheek with a finger. "Hey! Don't worry. She won't. I know you're worried that if she finds me here, that could open a can of worms, such as if you're sleeping with me, then why not with her, and what should be the policy of who gets to sleep with who anyway? That's a lot to deal with at such an early hour. But I'm on top of it. I've set the alarm clock to wake up a bit before she does."

She added in a more tender tone, "I've hardly seen you lately. What you did, coming into my room a little while ago, it should have contented me, but instead it just made me miss you and want you even more! Can't I just enjoy a cuddle? We don't have to do anything at all, just sleep. I know you must be exhausted, so you won't hear another word from me. Goodnight, my loving big brother."

She closed her eyes and made a big show of turning back over and ignoring him. Within seconds she even began to pretend snoring, but then that made her giggle more, so she stopped.

From then on she was good to her word to stay quiet.

Alan lay there for a couple of minutes, but his sister didn't stir. He closed his eyes and felt the pleasant sensation of her soft, feminine body up against his from his shoulders down to his groin. His penis had gotten a bit excited, expecting action, and he was quite pleased to feel it revive after many hours of not being able to.

But she seemed to act as if his erection resting between her ass cheeks wasn't there.

He thought, Boy. Sleeping with my sister. This is wild. For someone with so much sexual experience lately, it sure is strange how rarely I've slept the night in the same bed with a woman. There's only been that one night with Amy.

It sure feels good, though. Reassuring. It makes me feel loved. I know Sis loves me so much. How lucky am I to have possibly the best looking girl in the whole school as my sister? Not to mention the other best looking one as my girlfriend. And then the other best looking one, Heather, is my bitch! ... Of course, there's Christine, the one who got away. Still, not even my lucky butt can have everything.

He cuddled up closer. Mmmm. So cozy. I hope this is a taste of things to come. Wouldn't it be great if I could sleep with Sis or Mom every night? Or both! The only problem is, I don't think we'd get much sleeping done. He mentally chuckled.

As if reading his mind, she said, "Big Weather Vane Brother, I'm so happy. Just so happy to be near you, lying beside you. I know that sometimes everything seems sex, sex, sex these days, but forget all that. Even without that, I'm just so happy you're my brother."

"Little Sis, I love you so much."

"I feel the same," she replied. "I can really feel the love between us and our bond growing even closer. I can't tell you how much I loved the cuddling last night. It made me feel like I'm one of your girlfriends."

"You ARE one of my girlfriends."

"You know what I mean. Let's just lie here and enjoy the togetherness."

He didn't know what she meant, but he didn't press the issue.

She sighed happily, and then mumbled to herself, "Yes! Mmmm. Brother. My true love."

He was so tired that not even the sensation of his sexy sister lying there could keep him awake for long.

The next thing he knew, he heard his alarm ringing. He automatically reached over to slap it shut, as he always did, and his hand did manage to hit the off button. But then he realized there was something on top of him, impeding his movement. He directed his attention downwards, just as his eyes opened up.

His eyes went wide as he saw a very large lump under his covers and he felt incredible sensations coming from his stiff boner. A familiar tongue was working on the sensitive spot right below his cockhead. I'd know that technique anywhere! Sis always goes straight for the jugular and keeps working that one spot! What we in this house call the sweet spot. That really is the spot! It feels great!

He exclaimed, "Sis?!" But then he realized that he had to keep his voice down, so he repeated it in a whisper. "Sis!"

Katherine giggled. She pulled her mouth off his cock, and pouted, "I'm hurt." She swirled her tongue around his cockhead.

He rolled his eyes. "What now?"

"That you'd wake up from the alarm clock but not my mouth, your fuck toy 'alarm clock.' I guess I'm going to have to resort to stiffer measures to get you to wake. Mmmm. Stiff." Her body began moving.

"Uh-oh. I'm up already. Didn't you notice?"

"It's possible, but I'll just have to make sure." She threw back the covers and exposed the glory of her tanned, curvaceous, naked body to his eyes.

He looked at her ravishing teenage body, and quipped, "It is a tough life, but someone's got to live it. What time is it?" He looked over at the alarm clock and saw it read six o'clock. "Six? Why so damned early?"

Forced to talk, she resorted to jacking him off with both hands and licking his cockhead when she could. "Mom gets up way early. Do you realize how much time it takes a woman to get pretty in the morning? Sure, none of us use much make up, except for Suzanne, but there's all the anal lubing and butt flexing exercises we've got to do. Plus, I don't want to rush too much."

He smiled, but then something she said puzzled him. "'Butt flexing?' What are you talking about?"

"Oh, never you mind. Something we all learned from Xania recently. Though I have to say I'm upset with her."

"Who? Xania?"

She lapped on his sweet spot as she replied, "No, Mom. I know you call her your special alarm clock, but how often does she actually wake you up with a blowjob? Getting pretty is important so we can tempt you with our fuckable bodies and keep your fat cock stiff and throbbing all day long, but is it more important than waking up your cock properly? I don't think so! If she's unwilling to do her duty, I'm more than willing to wake you with my tongue and lips every morning!"

"But, uh..." He was having a hard time thinking while his sister's hands slid up and down on his prick. "Um, I think she wants to save my hard-ons for breakfast time fun."

"You need a wake up blowjob AND breakfast time fun. Why not both? It's an outrage you're not woken up with a blowjob every day! You're the man of the house, as Mom never ceases to remind us. We are your fuck toys, here to sexually serve you at all times, in every way!"

She lapped eagerly all over his cockhead, seemingly inspired by her own words. "But don't worry about such cocksucking politics. Mom and I'll work it out. One of us will suck you awake tomorrow, and we'll figure out a way to have one of us suck you into consciousness from now on, don't you worry. Just enjoy what your number one fuck toy is doing to you right now." She began slurping up the side of his pole as she finished saying that.

He thought, Man, this is nuts! Feels soooooo good! God, they spoil me so much! Waking up every morning with a blowjob from Mom or Sis? That must be sexy talk only, right? Not even the stars of porn stories get it that good! The thing is, I'm sure she really means it!

He tried to think of anything else before he overheated too much. He asked, "So what do you and Mom talk about during your butt flexing, or whatever it is?"



"Every time I've got my tongue on your cock and I'm about to do some more serious sucking, you make me have to talk again. I'd totally punch you, except that I've mastered the art of licking and talking at the same time."

She showed off her licking skills on his sweet spot before continuing. "But, in short, we've been chatting and getting up together for about a week. Mom usually does most of the talking. She usually goes on and on about what an extremely important day it is for you, sexually speaking, and how we need to do our best to make you cum a lot. Mmmm!"

He asked, "Which day is an important day?"

"All of them!" She giggled. "Seriously! In her mind, she's always got reasons why this day is even more important than the last when it comes to pleasuring your cock. I know she's just psyching herself up for the difficult work of more prolonged sucking sessions, and getting me psyched up too, but she really means it."

"Whoa." He could never get used to Susan's submissive passion.

Katherine paused to work on a tricky swirling motion with her tongue. Then she continued, "She used to talk a lot about your six-times-a-day target, but now she's pretty much keen on getting you to cum as many times as you humanly can. Of course, she reminds me, and herself, that it's not just a matter of how many times you cum, but how long and satisfying each orgasmic session is."

Reminding herself about the importance of giving his cock prolonged joy, she stopped talking for a minute and just lapped against his sweet spot, and jacked off the rest.

He put his hands behind his head and relaxed. He figured they'd be here for a while.

Katherine continued, "She usually gives me dire warnings about the dangers of blue balls, chafing, and the sins of Onan. She always reminds me that, as family fuck toys and sex pets, our role is to serve. Sometimes, we speculate who you're gonna fuck at school, or reminisce about some orgasmically amazing thing you did to one of us the day before."

Her fingers fondled his balls as well while she went on, talking and licking, "It sounds a bit corny, and it gets annoying when she goes over her precious Big Tits Theory again and again, but all in all it's a lot of fun. It gets me psyched up to perform my fuck toy duties. Both of us get really hot, especially when we spend a lot of time lubing each other's asses up. So by the time you come downstairs for breakfast our pussies are usually already wet and dripping, and we're hot for cock. Your cock!"

Figuring that she was done talking, she dropped her mouth back over his hard-on and got busy bobbing on him.

"Jesus!" he muttered.

"Whad?" She spoke while continuing to bob.

"Oh, nothing. It's just..."

"Whah ahreahy?" Since was talking through her cocksucking and stroking, she wasn't very clear.

"It's just... I had no idea that you two do all that, and every morning, no less. That's really wild. I can't believe the extremes you two go to in order to please me. You really don't need to do all that."

She sighed, because she was forced to pull off and talk again. "But I love you. Mom loves you. It makes us happy just to make YOU happy. Besides, it's way fun for US, not just for you! I used to hate waking up and dragging my tired ass off to school, but now I practically leap out of bed, 'cos I know there's going to be all kinds of sexy fun and games before we even leave the house. If I'm lucky, I might get lots of quality time up close and personal with your big boner, like right now."

She happily licked his sweet spot like a lollipop to help show her genuine enthusiasm. Then she continued, "I've never been so content as I am being your fuck toy. And I love that I'm just one of your many conquests, because the sharing of the experience is half the fun, like all the stuff Mom and I do together. I guess I'm just submissive that way."

He pondered that, at least as much as he could, given that she kept on slathering his sweet spot with her busy tongue. What if she really, truly means it? How awesome would that be?! Damn, I'm so horny right now!

As long as she wasn't busy bobbing on him, she wanted to take the opportunity to get him more involved. One of her hands stopped her stroking long enough to pick up one of his hands and bring it to her chest. "Do I have to remind you what these round things hanging off my rib cage are?" She quickly brought that hand back for more double-pumping action on his stiff pole.

He laughed. "No. But geez! Give me a second. My dick might have woken up already, but the rest of me takes longer."

"Actually, Alan Junior was up long before you were. How could I sleep when your morning woody wanted to get going even before you woke up? He was insistently poking around my butt, trying to find my pussy."

He laughed again. "Figures. He's been like that lately."

"Did you have pleasant dreams? I hope you did, because I've been practicing my handjob and cocksucking technique for most of the last hour on your morning wood."

"Now that you mention it, I was having the best erotic dream. But the reality is so much better."

His thoughts drifted back as he tried to recall his dream in more detail. He'd been the sultan of an ancient kingdom. He had his harem gathered around him in his ornate throne room, all dressed in skimpy and usually transparent outfits. His dream harem consisted of Susan, Suzanne, Amy, Katherine, Glory, Brenda, Heather, Simone, Christine, Akami, Xania, Kim, Janice, and Joy. But there were others too, including some more hotties from school that he'd lusted after at one time or another, like Donna and the school principal Mrs. Napoleoni. But what really surprised him was there some famous women there as well, including Elle Macpherson, Petra Verkaik, and Elizabeth Hurley.

He did a mental count and realized there were 22 women there in all. One thing that pleased him was that the famous women were no more beautiful than the others. In fact, in his opinion, Susan and Suzanne were the most physically impressive of them all, although Xania, Brenda, and Christine were very close.

Generally, three or four of the gorgeous women were servicing him at any one time, while others were performing erotic dances right in front of him. Some were having sex in twos or threes or more with each other elsewhere in the room. The smell of incense hung heavy in the air. He found it exciting to watch Elizabeth Hurley and Suzanne rub their tremendous racks together. (He was proud of the fact that Suzanne's was much larger.) He was surprised and amused to see Britney Spears in there as well, in a sixty-nine with Heather. He didn't even consciously realize that pop star was on his fantasy list, and he felt a bit abashed about it.


But what took up most of his attention was the way Glory was dancing for him. He could hardly recognize her, with a shawl over her hair and a veil over much of her face. But she looked ravishing as she gyrated with the skills of a professional belly dancer, especially because her body was oiled up and all of her privates were exposed.

He sighed in fond remembrance of the dream and thought, Now, THAT is the life. No, wait. What am I talking about? My life is just about as perfect as that already! Seriously! Any more women in my life and it would be too much, even Liz Hurley.

He laughed inside and added, Okay, I think I still have room for her!

Still, I AM living the dream! Geez, just to think that Sis was sucking and stroking me even while I was dreaming all that!

Katherine could see a big smile on his face and a faraway look in his eyes, and somehow she could tell he wasn't just basking in the glorious sensations of her talented blowjob. She asked while still polishing his knob with her lips and tongue, "Wha ah you thinging abou?"

He replied, "Oh, I'm just thinking what an amazing, beautiful, and all around wonderful sister I have."

She mock-sighed and pulled her lips off his throbbing boner yet again. She pulled his hand massaging her breasts up to her mouth and kissed it. "Such a flatterer. If you keep it up, I'm just going to have to suck and fuck you all day long. Of course, that's my duty in any case, being your number one fuck toy and all."

She let out another mock sigh. "But you're hopeless. I give up on trying to suck you right now, 'cos you're too much of a chatterbox. I have a better idea." She pulled his hand back into her mouth and sexily sucked on his fingers, one by one.

He thought she was talking about the finger sucking and closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation.

But that was just a feint. She straddled herself over his midsection and sat down on his erection before he could fully figure out what was going on.

"Unh!" he grunted, as she slowly impaled herself on him. "Hey! I was kind of enjoying that blowjob. It was over before I even knew it was happening."

She giggled. "I'm afraid you're just going to have to suffer though a sister fuck instead. Besides, my jaw and hands are tired. Remember, I was sucking you a long time before you even woke up. Maybe it wasn't really a full hour like I said, but it was a good while."

She was in a gentle and playful mood, and slowly raised and lowered her hips over him, while his mind was still playing catch up.

Between that and the way she was slowly rising and falling on his dick, all he could think was, Dang! As much as he enjoyed blowjobs, he had to admit that fucking was slightly better. Katherine's pussy was hot and tight, although not nearly as tight as Amy's. The all-over friction blast felt incredible.

She asked while she bounced on his cock, her tits flying about in a slow circular motion, "I know you love me and all, but what were you REALLY thinking about?"

"Oh, just my dream. In it, I had a big harem and I was living the life of Riley, having nonstop sex with the most beautiful women in the world."

She laughed. "Are you sure that was a dream, and not, say, yesterday?"

He said, "That's what I was thinking too. Thus the big smile on my face. Everyone was all dressed up in sexy little harem outfits. Or I should say dressed down. It was totally great."


After some more bouncing, she asked, "Who was there?"

He told her all the names.

She laughed at hearing the likes of Britney Spears. But her jealousy flared when she heard Christine was in his dream harem. Still, she was having such a great time getting fucked that she didn't let it bother her too much. Besides, she figured that if even Joy and Janice were in his dream, it would have been more surprising if Christine wasn't there.


They continued quietly and slowly for a while, with all of Katherine's body bouncing up and down on him like a pogo stick, over and over. The pleasure seemed endless, for both of them.

He was too horny to pace himself and take occasional breaks like he usually did. He impaled her with increased energy and aggression.

Soon, he flooded her pussy with his cum while she orgasmed on top of him, delightfully clenching her pussy around his cock with every orgasmic tremor that ran through her.

Katherine snuck back to her room very satisfied. Her thighs dripped with cum. She'd loved merely sleeping with her brother almost as much as fucking him, and eagerly hoped it would happen again, and not just for part of the night.

Alan, though, was exhausted. He changed his sheets to avoid getting caught when his mother did laundry later, and then reset his alarm clock and went back to sleep. He figured he'd wake up a little later than usual and rush through his morning routine.


The next thing Alan knew, he was waking, but not because of an alarm clock. He felt a mouth on his dick again.

His first instinct was to gently gibe Katherine for her recklessness in getting caught by Susan, until he realized that the mouth in question actually was his mother's. There was a difference in the smell (Susan favored apricot flavored shampoo recently), the way the long hair brushed across his legs, and the blowjob technique itself.

Susan's blowjobs never lacked passion and energy. But lately, Susan had become more "professional" and technically accomplished as well, no doubt due to the practical advice Suzanne and Xania had given her.

He recognized her current move as something she liked to call "The Pole Dance." She enjoyed cocksucking so much that she gave creative names to just about every little technique she knew, and she loved to refer to them by name in her mind as she did them. In this one, she had his entire knob in her mouth and slumped up and down on it in corkscrew fashion, while her tongue danced all over it inside her mouth. She did a lot of different types of corkscrew moves, but what made this unique was the "dancing" of her tongue. It flickered against his sweet spot so quickly that it was nearly a blur.

He thought, Wow, TWO alarm clock blowjobs in one morning. Too cool for school. I really am getting pampered beyond all reason. This is ridiculous. I'll give them, hmmm, a couple of years to stop. He chuckled silently.

She didn't realize he was awake until he opened his eyes, and said, "Hmmm. It seems someone let a pole dancer into the room. Or is it Playboy's Miss December? I swear that was you."

She giggled. She briefly pulled her lips off his shaft to say, "Good morning, Son! I would say rise and shine, but you clearly have the 'rise' part taken care of already." She kissed his cock affectionately all over. "I hope you don't mind me coming in here, but I just couldn't wait to taste your manhood. I just love morning wood! Mmmm. And the smell of hard son-cock. It positively reeks of sex in here this morning! MMMM!"

She engulfed his cockhead again.


He laughed inwardly. Like mother, like daughter.

Even with the highly arousing distraction of her sucking skills, he realized that his mother was now sucking his cock only a short time after it had been inside his sister's pussy. If she only knew the reason for the strong sex smell! It's a good thing Sis gave my dick a very thorough tongue cleaning after we'd finished, or I'm sure Mom would have suspected something. Phew! Close call!

He quickly changed the subject to be on the safe side and distract her from thinking further about sex smells. "You know, Mom, we should install a real pole in the living room for some real pole dancing."

She pulled off again to respond, "What, you want your Mommy to get naked and dance around like a slutty, big-titted whore in the living room just for your amusement? What a great idea!"

They both laughed.

But he chided her, "Remember what I said about calling yourself a whore."

She smiled as she licked. "That's right. I'm only a slut for my son!" That made her very happy. I love how he still respects me despite my obvious total addiction to his cock. Yet he still finds a way to repeatedly sexually humiliate me in the most wonderfully arousing manner, even as I'm constantly bathed in his deep love for me. It's the perfect combination!

Thinking about his pole-dancing comment some more, she added, "But we don't need another big pole in this house when we've got this one between your legs. Oh by the way, I was hoping to wake you up with this move. It's a new one."

She slipped his cockhead into her mouth again and took him as far as she could go, which was just over a third of his whole erection. It wasn't quite deep throating, but it was deep enough for her to loudly choke and gag as she flirted with triggering her gag reflex.

The two of them loved that technique, both for the tactile sensations and the lewd noises it created. They got off on the same things.

Then, with her lips firmly sealed all around and sucking up and down, her tongue started a frantic dance inside her mouth, as if she was trying to imitate the blur of a hummingbird's wings. The tip of her wildly flapping tongue was right on the side of his shaft and her tongue covered most of one side with its crazy motions while her lips kept sliding up and down.

It was similar to her "Pole Dance" technique, but different because there was a lot more suction and sliding of lips. It actually was a very difficult technique to do, and she was proud of herself for accomplishing it for the first time.

After that elicited some pleasant grunts, she popped off and said, "You like? I just thought that up last night as I was going to sleep. I call it the 'Alarm Cock' 'cos it's sure to get your attention."

They both laughed as she went down on him again.

He flexed his PC muscle rhythmically, because his arousal level was already so high. Dang! Getting blown in bed by Sis and then Mom! What a way to start the day!

After a long pause, he recovered enough to remember his manners and say, "That was great! Inventive. Mom, I seriously think you're going to become the Leonardo da Vinci of cocksuckers."


She spent the next few minutes sucking him, including repeating the "Alarm Clock" move a couple more times to make sure she had it down.

As she bobbed, she thought, This is the absolute best! What a way to start the day, with my lips repeatedly caving in from all the intense suction I'm making. Mmmm! Although... I must admit... it would be even better if I could share the experience. Like the way Suzanne and I shared sucking and licking him yesterday. It would be so nice to feel her cheek pressed up against mine as both of our tongues meet and touch right on his sweet spot!

But that can't happen every time. His cock is stiff and needy so very often! I need to better appreciate the joy of solo sucking.

She was on a cocksucking roll, bursting with energy and oral creativity. She was tripping on an endless erotic high, especially since she had him constantly and loudly moaning with arousal. That was truly music to her ears.

Wanting to impress him still more, she muttered as she bobbed, "How bou thith?"

"Ack!" His body jerked in surprise.

Her switch to "The Tongue Bath and Tooth Scrape" technique took him by surprise.

He exclaimed, "Whoa! Nice. That's one of my faves, as you know."

He put a hand on her head and petted and stroked her hair.

That made her mewl and purr with delight.

Eventually, he got around to asking, "So what's the occasion for the special wake up call?"

She popped her lips off his pole again. "Reason? No reason. Your 'special alarm clock' should try to wake you up like this every morning, but usually I'm too busy getting ready myself. But today I was thinking we could get this out of the way early so you could focus on your upcoming tests. Well, either that, or I could blow you some more during breakfast." She smiled and winked at him.

He thought, Whoa! Better and better! How much do you wanna bet that's going to happen too?! Fuck me, this is awesome!

But then she got back to serious business. "Now stop making your mommy talk when she's got some very important cocksucking to do."

"Ugh! Mom, why did you have to remind me of the tests? Talk about a turn-off! Dang. What a downer." He frowned as he remembered everything he'd have to do in school.

But he also thought, It's as if she could hear Sis talking earlier, saying that Mom didn't give me a good morning cocksucking nearly often enough. I wonder if Mom did hear, or if this is spontaneous? But if she heard, then she would have known we fucked too, and she's giving no sign of that. They probably talk about this kind of stuff when they're doing their "anal flexing," whatever the heck that is.

Susan resumed an intermittent combination of licking, talking, fondling, and cock kissing.

As she did so, she thought, I was just thinking earlier how pleasuring Tiger's cock is even more fun when I can share the experience with someone else. I wonder what Angel is doing right about now. I bet she'll have some time to help out!

His dick was just as stiff as ever, but she seemed overly concerned by his casual comment about tests being a turn-off. "Oh dear. If there's one thing I dread happening, it's turning you off." She cupped her hands in front of her mouth and yelled, "KATHERINE! ANGEL?"

Katherine was getting ready in her room. She came hustling over to Alan's room immediately, completely naked. She smiled widely at what had obviously been going on. "Wow, Mom! You go, girl!"

Alan stood up and he shared a brief good morning French kiss with his sister.

Susan waited impatiently, cocksucking air, pretending that she simply couldn't stop her mouth from sucking.

As soon the kissing ended, Susan crawled to the edge of the bed where he stood and went back to happily stroking and licking his erection while staying up on his bed on all fours.

But she also said, "Angel dear, Tiger here was just saying that he was in danger of going flaccid. I think you'll agree there can be no bigger disaster in this house. I might be forced to get all lesbian on you to make sure that doesn't happen." She opened her mouth quite wide and plunged it down over his bulbous head as far as she could go once she'd finished talking.

Katherine put her hands up to her large "O" shaped mouth, as if she was doing her best Macaulay Culkin "Home Alone" impression. "Oh no! Why, we'll both have to get totally dyke-y! It pains me to say this, Mom, but as Brother's new official assistant in your domination, it looks like I'm going to have to lick your muff while you keep sucking on him, to make sure you're sufficiently motivated. Then we'll be forced to suck him off together!"

He laughed and said sarcastically, "Forgive me for bringing such suffering upon this house."

Everyone laughed at that, even Susan with her oral cavity totally stuffed with cock-meat. She knew she didn't need any additional help to make sure she was "sufficiently motivated," but she was having fun with the idea of her daughter helping to dominate her, just the same.

She said, "Daughter, I'm afraid that you're right! Lash my naughty pussy with your tongue until I learn my lesson!"

Katherine giggled. "It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it!" She giggled some more.

He asked, "You two sure have fun with sex, don't you?"

Susan managed an enthusiastic "Mmmm hmmm!" while she continued to suck him with her favorite corkscrew move.


But Katherine protested, "I don't know what you're talking about, Big Snow Shovel Brother! Suffering, I tells ya! This is suffering. Pure torture!" Then her giggles quieted down as she got in position on the bed to lick her mother's pussy.

He stood near the foot of his bed and watched Susan on all fours sucking him while Katherine licked her mother's ass further on down the bed. He was in awe at just how inspiring that sight was.

He thought, Mom positively lives for sex now. There's never been a better time than today for her to get fucked in the hole that most needs fucking! She's so ripe! I just hope we'll do it this afternoon and not have to wait any more.

Susan was thinking, My pussy... tingling! Angel's lips... fantastic! Ass is... quivering! My tits... swaying free! My lips... sucking! Tongue... fellating! My two wonderful children are dominating my body at both ends at once! Somebody kill me now 'cos this is how I want to die! I'm in heaven already! My children love me!

They continued like that for a couple of minutes until Katherine's rim job made Susan cum.

At that time, Susan had her lips as far down her son's cock as she could get them, given that she had yet to master the art of deep throating. She was in the middle of more loud choking and gagging.

He could actually feel her scream around his hard-on as the waves of orgasmic ecstasy passed through her.

But she still had lots of energy. In fact, she hopped off the bed and sat on her heels on the floor next to her son. She immediately squeezed his iron-hard pole between her soft tits, and started a wonderful titfuck. Lubrication was not a worry since his dick was so wet already with pre-cum and saliva, and beads of sweat were all over her chest.

She said to Katherine, who was resting on the bed, "This is no time for lollygagging, Angel. You need to go to the bathroom and rinse your mouth out, because your tongue is needed over here. It's a scientific fact that a superior cock like Tiger's has trouble cumming from just one pair of lips at a time."

He had no idea where she'd come up with that "scientific fact" but he wasn't about to question the point. His mind reeled from looking down and seeing his boner enveloped in his mother's huge, soft tits.

Katherine stood up and scurried to get clean.


Susan still wasn't nearly as practiced with titfucking as she was with cocksucking, but she was developing various special strategies for that as well. She liked it a lot when her son used her rack as a pussy and thrust back and forth into it, but now he was just standing still and letting her do all the work. She had some different techniques to deal with such occasions. Right now, she was alternately rubbing her tits up and down, meaning when one stroked up, the other stroked down.

She said, "Tiger, the reason I'm switching to titfucking is so we can talk. Well, that, plus I love doing it." She looked up at him with a great big smile. "Don't you love it too?"

He exclaimed, "Oh, so much!"

Her enormous tits kept on moving around his hot, wet pole. "Do you love it as much as I do?"

"I think so. But, uh... something about talking?"

"Oh, yes. I have some bad news. This morning, I still have my, well, my flow. You know what that means."

"Oh drat! That sucks."

"I know, I know! You're telling me! Last night I could hardly get to sleep. All I could think about was how you'll be taking complete possession of your mommy. How you'll be filling me, drilling me, flooding me with sperm! You know, I used to hold back from even thinking about you nailing my cunt, even though I knew it was inevitable, deep down. It doesn't really matter how immoral it may be, a real man like you, he takes what he wants!"

"That's not true!" he protested while watching her boobs rise up and slide down on either side of his pole. His hands were kneading her ass cheeks in time to her titfucking rhythm so he was giving her ass cheeks a good workout.

"It is!" she protested back. "Big-titted vixens just have no defense, no prayer of resisting your well-hung cock! Look at me! Look at me, kneeling naked, serving your cock with such dedication. Do I look like a woman who would say 'No' to you?"

She craned her head down and licked the tip of his cockhead for added effect.

"Um..." He was too aroused to think quickly. He was staggered by the sight of her flawless body, and he could never forget she was his mother.

"You could have taken my cunt weeks ago and made me your willing fuck slave! But you were just so nice. I dare say too nice, even though I love you for it."

Katherine walked back into the room, since cleaning her mouth and hands had only taken a minute.

Before Alan could respond, Susan asked, "Angel, what do you think? Don't you agree that Tiger turning us into his personal fuck toys is just the way of the world? How could it be any other way?" She deliberately used the term 'fuck toy,' knowing how much her daughter liked that.

Katherine tried to sound like the voice of reason instead of imitating Susan's hyperactive, over the top style. "She's got a point, Bro," she intoned sagely while sliding serenely to her knees next to her mother.. "Um, can I get in on the action, here? Or am I going to spank you first?"

Susan's eyes lit up. "I think you're going to have to spank me!"

Both Katherine and Alan laughed heartily at that, since they knew Susan was just angling for a sexual spanking.

Katherine reached back and gave Susan's bare ass cheeks a few hard smacks.

Susan loved in. She humped her ass outwards and upwards to encourage more.

But then Katherine said, "That'll have to hold you for now, naughty girl. I'd love to do more, but I'm looking at Brother's big, fat, juicy cock in your hands, and I'm positively drooling."

Susan chuckled. "Shoot. But that's okay, I understand. Tiger, why don't you lie back down on the bed so she can sit on your face?" She half joked to him, "Before you start complaining about being too spoiled or something like that, please give your modest protests a rest this time. Listen to two wise women who know what they're talking about."

As the three of them repositioned on the bed, Katherine continued, "Sure, the six-times-a-day diagnosis was perfectly fitting for you, Brother, it really broke down all the barriers. But I was in love with you, big time, even before then. So was Aunt Suzy. So was Amy. Aunt Suzy would have had her way with you in any case, because what she wants, she gets. And as we can see, she's not at all averse to sharing you; in fact, she encourages it."

She went on, "Plus, we've seen that Amy can be a lot trickier than we all realized. Once you started getting into sex, it'd be inevitable that you'd start nailing both of them, and a few girls at school, besides."


Alan wanted to protest, but his mouth was already full of his sister's pussy.

Susan was hanging over him on all fours, but still giving him a good titfuck while licking his cockhead whenever it came close to her mouth.

Katherine warmed to the subject. "Naturally, before long you would have been slippin' the sausage with the Pestridge gals all over this house, due to Eric and Brad next door. I would have given in pretty quickly, I'm sure. I was primed to go. If you don't believe that, just check out my old diary entries!"

She went on, "So Mom would have been the only hold out, and I admit that would have taken longer. But come on! Look at her! She's so submissive and downright hot, and you're so dominant, well-hung, and handsome, it was just a matter of time before you would have added her to your harem. So the bottom line is, it is only natural that a man like you take possession of all of us!"

Susan wholeheartedly agreed. "Angel! That is SO darn brilliant! It makes me feel so much better to know I wasn't almost doomed to a lonely, sexless life, chained in a loveless marriage to a gay man. What a relief! I should have known that it wasn't just a fluke and that my son would come to own me and take control of my busty body, no matter what! Oh thank you, God!"

Trembling with joy, she engulfed her son's shaft again, taking it so far down that she choked and gagged on it for a little while yet again. She was going all out on it now, and she'd really come to love her choking and gagging.

Alan strongly disagreed with Katherine's assessment; he felt it was revisionist history. He suspected, Maybe it's true that I would have gotten involved with Aunt Suzy eventually, but things would have ended there. No way would she have allowed me to get involved with Aims without all the strange circumstances we've experienced. In fact, she still has issues with Amy's sexuality even now.

Oh God! Sweet Jesus! He had to take a moment to cope with all the pleasure he was feeling, especially the feeling and sound of Susan's choking and gagging.

But soon he pressed on with his thoughts. Probably I'd have ended up with Aunt Suzy. If she'd wanted me, I was hers for the taking. My God! What if she and I had gotten married? That could have happened; it might even have been likely. Wow!

Well, that certainly would have been a pretty cool fate. She's an amazing woman, and as smart as she is beautiful. And there's so much love within her, once she allows herself to express it. God knows I totally love her. But I prefer having her AND the rest of my harem too!

However, he had to stop thinking altogether because Susan was staging an all-out assault on his boner, using her lips, tongue, and two hands, plus every trick she knew. She kept on salivating copiously due her continued choking and gagging.

On top of all that, Katherine was grinding her dripping pussy down into his mouth, and it took a certain amount of concentration on his part to deal with tonguing it properly.

As the only one with a free mouth at the moment, Katherine kept talking. "Big Racquetball Racquet Brother, I know what you're thinking. 'No way! I was a virgin until two months ago! Blah blah blah.' But you're wrong like usual, you big doofus!" She giggled at that playful tease.

Then she went on more seriously, "You have no idea how much I wanted you before this all began, for starters. Like I said, my diary is the proof. Anyways, it's a moot point. You're cock of the walk now. You've turned me into one of your fuck toys, and not only do I not hate it, I totally love it! And I'm so happy for Mom, too. Just listen to her choking on your cock! That's one happy big-titted mommy slut, that's for sure."

"MMMM!" Susan loudly agreed, as her tits kept slipping and sliding around his shaft.

Katherine added, "I can't wait until you have the two of us in a fuck sandwich, taking turns slipping in and out of our pussies!"

"Mppffh!" Susan shrieked with delight upon hearing that, even though her mouth was still stuffed full with cock.

As Susan pumped her lips up and down his boner, she thought, Oh my God, I just have to swallow his load right now, I just HAVE to! I need his sperm in my tummy like I need air to breathe! Cum, dammit, cum! His sperm is love, and I want to guzzle his love straight down my throat!

Her tongue flicked at his sweet spot, and her suction created an airtight seal, but even that wasn't enough. Cum, Son! Cum, cum, cum! What more can I possibly do?! Why won't this gorgeous fuck-meat cum already?!

She pulled off in order to express her desire for immediate assistance. She panted excitedly, "Quick, Angel, we have an emergency! He's too stubborn and studly, and I just can't get him to cum, no matter what I do! It's like I feared; we need two cock licking tongues at the very least!"

Actually, he was right on the verge of cumming, but once again he felt no burning need to correct his mother's excellent suggestion.

Katherine was greatly enjoying what Alan was doing to her pussy, but she immediately got up and repositioned herself to the side of his reclining body so she could get a piece of the action. She squealed happily, "Mom, let's share our mouths with him just like we'll be sharing our cunts!"

That set Susan off into another cock-frenzy, but she was mindful enough to work her way up one side with her flickering tongue and hungry lips so her daughter could do the same on the other side.

Once both mother and daughter were going at it full bore, there was no way for him to hold out, no matter what tricks he used. He was right on the verge as it was, anyway. However, using his great self-control, he suddenly shouted, "Break! Strategic break!"

The two relentlessly-horny women pretended they didn't hear him, so he was forced to completely disengage.

They both groaned and moaned in frustration.

"Come on, Son!" Susan cried. "Not NOW! I NEED you to paint my face!"

"You can't be serious!" Katherine complained. "I could almost taste the sperm bath!"

He panted, "Just a sec." After some moments, he started again, "You see..." But he was still too winded. He had to wait nearly a minute before he could continue. "You see, it's not every day that I get a double blowjob. I absolutely LOVE these! So I want to treasure each and every one. The way things were going, I wouldn't have lasted even a minute."

Susan and Katherine shared a scandalized look.

Katherine beat Susan to the punch to ask the obvious question: "Why is he NOT enjoying a double blowjob every day? That just seems wrong to me."

Susan emphatically agreed. "Me too! It IS wrong!" She looked up at him. "I'm sorry, Son. I had no idea. You poor thing! Take all the time you want to rest and recover. Then Angel and I will give you a niiiiice, looooong tongue bath."

He shook his head in disbelief. Man! Life is GOOD!

Susan thought, I was such a fool! For weeks, I resisted double blowjobs. I kept saying it could lead down a slippery slope to full-on orgies. Now, I say: bring on the orgies! What's wrong with that? That's one of the best benefits of a harem, all the sharing. And God knows how much I love sucking my son's cock one on one, but two mouths is twice as good! Sharing has so many advantages. I really appreciate that Angel is here with me; it heightens the joy for us all. Double and even triple blowjobs should become the new normal!

Katherine had similar thoughts. Thank God Mom is finally starting to come around. We're his personal cocksuckers. It's what we do, and we're damn good at it! Two mouths are better than one, obviously. I have no problem sharing with Mom. In fact, I much prefer that to going alone!

After a few more minutes, he announced, "Okay, I'm ready for more action." He spread his legs where he lay on the bed, inviting them back to his crotch.

Susan and Katherine had been whispering urgently while waiting for him. Once they resumed pleasuring his cock, it became apparent that they had been talking cocksucking sharing "strategy." They both took things slowly to prolong his pleasure, and they worked as one to keep him highly stimulated.

For a good ten minutes, mother and daughter couldn't have been more cooperative with each other, or better at keeping him riding an endless peak of pure ecstasy. As usual, the focus was his sweet spot, and it seemed that most of the time there were either two tongues lapping on it or tight lips sliding up and down it. There was an endless blur of stroking fingers on his balls and lower shaft too.

He soon lost track of who was doing what to him, and he just reveled in the non-stop joy.

It seemed to him as if everything was occurring in slow motion, and that helped him "endure" all the stimulation. But it felt so good that not even he could last forever. The two women seemed to have forgotten about the need to get ready for school. But he remained aware of the time pressure, and so he finally decided to stop fighting his orgasmic urge and quit clenching his PC muscle.

The funny thing was, once he started to blow his load, Susan immediately stopping being so generous in sharing with Katherine. She had no control over the matter because her mouth simply took control of her son's cockhead, swallowing it whole and going deeper and deeper down, impaling her face on his meaty pole as much as she could. Her brain could lament the greediness, but her mouth refused to listen to any arguments.

The first of his ropes shot straight down her throat, but she couldn't really taste that, so she pulled up enough for him to paint the back of her mouth instead. She tried to keep as much cum in her mouth as possible, to fully savor it.

By the time he was done blasting his load into her mouth, Susan was already beginning to feel bad about her greediness. She pulled her lips off his shaft and said, "Sorry, Angel, I know I'm a cock hog. I can't help myself sometimes. I'm awful! In the heat of the moment, I felt I needed his cum like I needed air to breathe!"

Katherine said, "Mom, you love to quote the Bible to us. Remember what the Good Book says about being a 'cheerful giver?' Have you forgotten your own advice?"

Susan felt bad as she recalled the Biblical passage out loud: "'Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.' You're so right, Angel, so right! That proves that not only is it a must that we share Tiger's cock as much as possible, but that we do so with joy in our hearts, not to mention joy in our dancing tongues and sliding lips! Thank you for the reminder. I've been thoughtless, but let me make it up to you. I've got almost all of his cum in my mouth still; let me snowball it to you."

Katherine had been miffed, but that changed matters. "Well, if you put it that way, I'm not so upset," she replied with a giggle.

Alan continued to lie on the bed while his mother and sister embraced and kissed right above him. Man! I didn't even know my mom knew the word 'snowball.' Hell, I didn't even know the word, though I can guess what it means from what they're doing. Must be a term Aunt Suzy taught her.

He lay there and enjoyed the sexy scene for a couple of minutes, until he thought, Oh shit! School! Oh yeah. I actually have to get up and go to school?! That sucks! It's a good thing Sis had us start on the sex fun early, but the downside of that is how many hours sleep did I get last night? Three? Man, I'm gonna be so screwed later, 'cos when I don't get my sleep I'm a basket case.

Sigh. I wish I could just stay in bed all day with a big harem, just like in my dream... Hell, who am I kidding, I HAVE a harem! Why do I keep denying that? How much clearer do Mom and Sis at least have to be about how much they completely adore the idea? So what if it's not a politically correct term? I need to fully embrace my wonderful life. Maybe it's time I do something to formalize the weird dynamic we've got going. Maybe like a club or something. No, it's way more than a club, that's all wrong. A ritual, that's what we need.

But I'll have to think about that later. Right now, I've got to get ready for school.

He started to get up.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Susan asked. "I haven't licked your cock and balls clean yet."

"Mom, we're in kind of a hurry to get to school. Maybe we should skip that this one time."

"Pshaw! These kinds of traditions are very important. I just wouldn't be a good loving mommy if I didn't lick you completely clean. Please let me do this."

He was a bit chagrined, but he closed his eyes and let her go at it.

Susan said to Katherine, "Since time is short, I suppose you can help with the cleaning."

Katherine got busy licking his balls. "Yes, time is short. Very short." She giggled.

He wondered about her curious, giggly attitude. That also got him wondering what the exact time was. He looked around for his real alarm clock, but failed to see it on his table next to his bed. That was curious. He naturally asked, "Hey, where'd my clock go?"

Susan replied, "I took it away, because you won't need it anymore. After all, you have your special mommy alarm clock to wake you from now on." She kissed her way up his penis and sucked his cockhead into her mouth, even though it was small and flaccid. She was making a symbolic point.

Katherine chimed in, "Yeah. Besides, you've got a special sister alarm clock too. Two alarm clocks are plenty, don't you think?"

"Well, yeah, but..." He was going to say that that was just sexy talk and they didn't really mean it, except he realized that they probably did.

He was still curious what time it was exactly, but with his sister and mother both slobbering all over his balls, he was too distracted to worry much about it. He figured Susan would make sure he wouldn't be late to school.


After a while, although Alan remained uncertain about the time, he could sense his penis was on the verge of getting erect again, and he figured there was no way they could spare the time for another round of fun. So he managed to disengage from his sexy helpers and get dressed.

Susan and Katherine seemed strangely unconcerned about the time, but they acquiesced to his wishes. The two hotties quickly returned to their respective bedrooms, put on normal and not particularly sexy clothes, and then came back to his room. They were just in time to meet him and walk downstairs together.

He was halfway down the stairs when he took a whiff of the air and frowned. He spoke his thoughts. "Huh. That's odd. It's like I can smell food cooking in the kitchen. What is that...? It smells like shakshouka, of all things. Is it?" He looked to Susan in confusion. (Shakshouka is eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions.)

Susan's head was turned away as she sheepishly and cryptically replied, "Maybe... maybe it is."

He furrowed his brow, even as he kept walking with them through the living room. He was moving faster, in order to get to the mystery behind the smell. "'Maybe it is?' Mom, what are you talking about? If you don't know, who does?"

Katherine giggled with glee, parodying Susan's response, "Maybe... maybe SHE does!" Just as she said "she," the three of them passed from the living room into the dining room, which gave them a view into the kitchen. She pointed dramatically towards the stove.


Standing there, in nothing but an erotic apron, was Brenda. She was in the middle of cooking waffles, but she twisted in place to smile back at Alan. "Good morning, Master!"

He stopped walking and smacked his own face as he stood next to the kitchen counter. His surprise was total. "Brenda?! What are YOU doing there?"

Susan happily explained, "Knowing that your time this morning is limited, she offered to help. After all, if Angel and I are busy playing with your cock, who is there to cook?"

He lowered his hand, but shook his head. "Whaaat? That doesn't make any sense. For one thing, how did she just materialize here? You two were too busy with me to give her a call."

Katherine joked, "A Star Trek transporter beam, obviously. 'Beam me up, Mommy!'" She giggled.

Susan seriously explained, "Actually, the whole thing was planned out by her and me yesterday. Angel and I talked about it before you woke up, and I called Brenda to make some last minute arrangements. Do you approve?"

There was a long pause while he thought that over. His heart was racing at the possibilities. "Geez, I don't know. It seems very, very unnecessary. You spoil me. All of you do. Besides, Brenda, what about your son Adrian? Don't you need to get him ready for school at this hour?"

Brenda alternated between looking over her shoulder at Alan and keeping an eye on the waffles she was cooking. She relished the fact that he was gawking at her bare ass cheeks. "Normally, I do, kind of. The thing is, though, my maid Anika really does everything, including most of the cooking. Heck, all of it, usually. Basically, I just sit with my son and eat breakfast with him. So it's not like I have to be there. I told him that I had to leave early today due to some important business, and that is technically true."

She briefly turned to face him, to make sure he understood the importance and sincerity of her words through direct eye contact. "Master, taking care of you and your cock is VERY important to me. VERY!" She turned back around to show off her fantastic bubble butt some more. She made sure to keep her legs straight while spreading them dramatically.

Her desire for Alan was so great, and her body lubricated so easily, that her pussy was starting to get wet already. Her heart raced, knowing her master was looking her over.

He grunted at her comment while very much enjoying the view. He could see a glistening sheen on her pussy lips. "Huh. That seems... extreme. Brenda, like I told you already, I'm not this great 'sex god' you think I am. I'm just a normal guy. Besides, I also told you not to call me 'master' except in sexual situations."

Brenda grinned mischievously. "That's true, you did say that. Except look at how I'm dressed." She twisted in place and ran a hand down her nearly naked body. "For me, this is a sexual situation."

Alan had already been looking at her, but he took his time to closely examine her literally from head to toe, only in reverse. Starting at her feet, he noticed that she was wearing shiny red high heels, probably five inches. His gaze moved up her sleek, firm legs, until he stopped to enjoy her completely bare ass. Then his gaze slid up her back, which was wonderfully bare, except for a large bow just above her ass that was practically begging to be untied. But even untied he knew it wouldn't make much difference over how much she exposed herself, because with the way her upper body was twisted towards him, it was obvious that she was completely naked from the belly button on up, and the apron barely reached down enough to cover all of her pussy. XX02

He could feel his flaccid penis start to stir due to the stunning and provocative sight. My God, man! Brenda is so stacked! So curvy! So fucking sexy! I know that's as obvious as saying 'The Sun is big,' but still, it gets me every times. How is it she' so into me?!

Then he remembered the need to get to school on time, and looked to the kitchen clock, only to discover that it was missing too. "Hey! Where'd this clock go as well?!"

Katherine wrapped an arm around him and led him away from Brenda, towards the dining room table. She knew there was a digital clock above the oven, and she didn't want him to think of looking at that. "Don't worry your handsome head about it, Bro. Consider it an experiment. Now that you're the man of the house, we want you to fully enjoy yourself in the mornings without getting all stressed out about the time."

He let her guide him to a chair, and he sat down on it, but he wasn't happy. "Well, thanks, I guess. But that's not going to work. If I don't know the exact time, I'll get MORE stressed out about it. I'll be constantly worried that I'm late for school already."

Katherine looked back to Susan who was still standing near the kitchen counter, and the two of them shared a significant look.

Susan asked him, "Do you really mean that?"

"I do."

"Oh, poo. Very well. We'll put the clock back then. And don't you worry. There's still over half an hour to go. Plenty of time for you to enjoy your breakfast... to the fullest."

He frowned. There was something about the ebullient way she said "to the fullest" that made him suspicious. "And just what do you mean by that?"

Instead of answering, Susan looked to Brenda and asked, "How are those waffles coming?"

"Oh, everything's ready to go, including the eggs and muffins. I'm just keeping things warm and waiting on your word."

"Excellent. I'll take over then. And thanks for your help."

Brenda bowed. "It's my pleasure, Mistress."

Alan frowned at that too. He muttered to Katherine, "This is weird."

She replied, "Hey, things change. You're Mr. Roll with the Punches, aren't you? So roll with these punches. You're the head of a harem now, or whatever lame-ass word you want to use if you're still not ready to call it what it really is. Brenda wants to help you and serve you. It's what makes her happy."

"That's nice and all." Knowing that Brenda was close enough to hear every word, he said, "And I thank you for it, Brenda." Then he continued to Katherine, "But it hardly seems necessary for her to come all this way just to cook me some waffles and eggs."

Katherine just smirked knowingly.

He frowned yet again. "Uh-oh. What does THAT mean?"

Katherine was relishing being mysterious. "She's not here JUST to help cook. In fact, that's hardly the main reason she came here today."

He suddenly sensed a presence near him, and turned his head around to see what it was. To his surprise, he discovered Brenda standing just a couple of feet away.

She bowed her head. "Master, if I may..." She turned her back to him and bent over, so her bare ass was practically in his face. She wiggled her ass impatiently.

He didn't know what to think about that. But he definitely noticed the large bow just above her ass. It seemed to be calling to him, demanding that he untie it. So that's what he did. It was tied very loosely, so it came apart easily. Her scanty erotic apron fell to the floor.


Brenda quickly dropped to her knees and disappeared under the table.

Mere seconds later, Alan felt her pressing her way in between his legs. A few seconds after that, the fly of his shorts was unzipped and his dick was in her hands.

He was still only half-erect, since he hadn't been expecting this and had been starting to go flaccid after moving to the dining room table. But, knowing that she was completely naked under the table and eager to service him, his penis began to fully engorge again.

The fact that her fingers were already slipping and sliding all over his shaft certainly helped. Her lusty moans didn't hurt either.

He complained, "Okay, could somebody tell me what the heck is going on here?"

"Isn't it obvious?" That voice belonged to Susan.

It startled Alan, because it turned out she was standing right behind him.

Susan placed his breakfast plate in front of him, and then did the same with Katherine and her breakfast plate. With that done, she walked to the side of the table opposite of Katherine so she could make eye contact with both of her children. "Son, I thought that we could treat you with a special cocksucky surprise this morning."

Even as he felt Brenda's tongue start to directly lick his sweet spot, he thought, Man! I never thought I'd think this, but maybe there's such a thing as too much cocksucking! This is starting to get ridiculous. I feel guilty. But the pleasure is so good! I'm already feeling it again. So friggin' awesome!

He felt obliged to resist. "That's, uh, nice, Mom. But I already got treated like a king by you AND Sis upstairs. To have Brenda help me too, in the same morning, that's just... You really do spoil me!"

Susan grinned. "Maybe we do. But, to be honest, this is more for Brenda than for you." She unexpectedly reached out and lifted him up by slipping an arm under his nearest arm.

Katherine did the exact same thing at the same time on his other side.

The result was that his ass was lifted a few inches off the chair for a few seconds.

Brenda took advantage of that to yank his shorts all the way down his legs and then off him altogether. Then she scooted back up and quickly engulfed his now very erect cock into her mouth.

His eyes nearly crossed as he was walloped by too much arousal to handle. He clenched his teeth and grasped the edge of the table with both hands. AAAAAH! Fuck! Too intense! Hot damn, that feels AWESOME! XX02

Both Susan and Katherine let go of him, but they also leaned over and smirk-smiled as they saw the reaction on his face. They looked into his lap and saw Brenda's head start to bob, and were even more triumphant.

Susan said, "That's better. Much better. It's much more comfy for you that way, don't you think, Son? And she has full access to your balls now too."

Clearly, Brenda was listening, because she immediately started fondling his balls, on top of all the other highly stimulating things she was doing to him already.

He grumbled, "Great." He was somewhat annoyed, but the pleasure he was experiencing was too intense for him to actually put a stop to it. In fact, now that Brenda had started bobbing, he was in the middle of such a surge of arousal that it really did curl his toes.

He thought, Brenda?! I could kind of handle Mom and Sis doing crazy great things to me before school, but Brenda too?! Gaawwwd, she's so fucking sexy and stacked, and submissive as hell! A part of me still kind of refuses to believe that she's real, or at least that she's like she is and seems to think I'm her "master!" Fuuuuuck!

Susan put a hand on the table and leaned towards him, knowing that would cause her huge boobs to visibly sway and jiggle, despite her normal clothes. "Anyway, as I was saying, this is more for her than for you. Brenda is painfully aware that you still haven't made her one of your official personal cocksuckers. You have no idea how much that title means to her. And you said you couldn't do that unless she had her lips wrapped around your cock at the time."

Katherine playfully wiggled her eyebrows at her brother, and leaned over to peer into his lap again. "Hmmm. Curiously, that seems to be happening at this very moment. What an astounding coincidence!" She giggled. "Why, what an ideal time this would be for you to make that official pronouncement!" She giggled some more.

Brenda reveled in her humiliation. Not only was she bobbing and sucking with gusto, she was flirting with triggering her gag reflex, deliberately making the lewd and loud choking and gagging sounds so the other two women wouldn't have to peek to know full well that she was slurping all over Alan's fat cock.

Susan felt goose bumps and shivers all over, because she absolutely adored those very noises. Just hearing them made her salivate, especially since it reminded her of how she'd been doing that to him a little while earlier. So hot! This is the morning for choking and gagging! That's the sound of a busty woman being TAMED by too much cock! First me, then Brenda. Who will choke on him next?!

But she knew this official pronouncement idea was very important for Brenda, so she forced herself to stay focused. "Tiger, we're all very aware of how you'll be gone all weekend. It seems downright cruel to make her wait until you come back before you make her status official, don't you think? Especially since I hope you're going to be pretty darn busy with your big-titted mommy once you do, nudge, nudge, wink, wink." She used her upper arms to dramatically push her large globes forward and together, to emphasize the "big-titted" part of that statement.

Katherine happily clarified, "In other words, you're going to be too busy fucking Mom's cunt to have time to fuck Brenda's face!"

Susan beamed at that. "Well put, Angel!" She told her son, "Furthermore, we have some special plans for you, family plans, to kind of give you a proper send off before you leave later today. So when else can Brenda give you the kind of blowjob to show she deserves that special title, if not right now, before school? That's why Angel and I aren't wearing anything special, or joining in, because we want all the focus to be on Brenda for her special time where she can prove her loving adoration and total devotion to your cock!"

Brenda was inspired by those words. "Loving adoration and total devotion!" Well put! She tilted her head this way and that as she performed some of her most effective moves. I hope Master can feel how strongly I agree by the pleasure I'm giving him with my fingers and mouth!

His mind was reeling, and he frowned from trying hard to think. It was just like he was trying to see through a thick fog, except this fog was caused by Brenda's cocksucking talent. "Make her status official?" ... "Special title?" ... What does this all mean?! ... I think... I think I'm supposed to official pronounce that she's one of my official personal cocksuckers now, as if that's some kind of reward for HER, not me! Jesus H. Christ!

Katherine picked up her fork and knife, and nodded towards Alan's breakfast plate, encouraging him to do the same. "So eat up, Big Bro! Time IS still ticking until the school bell, you know. If you're not happy with what Brenda's doing to you, just try to ignore it."

He snorted at that. "'Ignore it?' Ha! Fat chance! And unhappy?! Are you crazy?!"

Brenda heard that and loved it. That put her at ease, enabling her to take her cocksucking efforts to the next level.

He immediately responded with a gasp and then a clenched teeth grimace.

Katherine saw that and giggled. "Brenda, whatever you've just started doing, keep doing it!"

"Mmmookaaah!" Brenda wasn't too clear speaking as she sucked, but the others could tell she responded with a very enthusiastic "Okay!"

Susan walked back to the kitchen to get herself a breakfast plate. She wanted to enjoy eating breakfast with her children. She had an extra spring in her step from knowing that her son's cock was being well taken care of.

Thus, when Alan went back to frowning, Katherine was the only one nearby who could see that. She was obliged to ask him, "What's the problem?"

He replied, "There's no problem. I have to admit that although I believe there need to be limits on how much you all spoil me, what she's doing to me under the table feels really damn great!" He groaned lustily.

He immediately regretted saying that, because Brenda felt emboldened, and she somehow stepped up her already very impressive cocksucking efforts yet another notch.

He still hadn't started eating. He put a hand on the top of Brenda's head and spoke to her without seeing her face. "Man! You're a fast learner!"

Brenda was so elated that she could hardly contain herself. He likes it! He really likes it! Gaawwwd! My mouth is crammed full of my master's cock, I'm totally humiliated from kneeling naked under the table, and I'm loudly choking and gagging on his thickness while he just sits there casually eating breakfast like some kind of lord. Oh God! Some kind of "lord and master!" UNGH! OH GOD!

Thinking about that phrase reminded her of the very first time she'd had a private conversation with him, and he'd made the pivotal suggestion that he could be her "lord and master." That sent her lusty desire into overdrive, just like it did every time she recalled that powerful memory. She was close to spontaneously cumming, even though she wasn't touching her privates.

Susan came back and sat down with her own plate full of waffles.

Alan was at the head of the table and Katherine and Susan sat on either side of him. It was a tight squeeze for Brenda underneath, with Katherine's and Susan's knees brushing against her naked body.

Susan was very pleased, almost smug. "This is perfectly fitting, isn't it, Angel? The man of the house sits at the head of the table, with one of his sex pets UNDER the table. A total knockout with breasts even bigger than mine is giving her absolute all to maximize his pleasure! It fills my heart with so much joy!"

Katherine said, "Yep! Me too! Just hearing her go at it like that keeps my entire body buzzing with arousal."

Brenda couldn't keep up the difficult choking and gagging technique forever, so she'd stopped that for now. But she was still making a point of being extra noisy with her sucking. She'd started fingering her pussy from time to time, which meant she was having an occasional orgasm. That helped keep her moaning loudly too.

Alan actually had to speak up to be heard over Brenda as he explained to both his sister and mother, "Brenda hasn't blown me that many times so far, relatively speaking, and at first I must admit that her inexperience showed. But... dang! Like I said, she's really learning fast!"

Susan leaned towards him eagerly, "Son, please, paint a picture. What's she doing to you right now?" She licked her lips and salivated repeatedly.

"Isn't it obvious?" he asked.

"Yes, but help us vicariously enjoy the moment!"


There was a pause as he savored what Brenda's mouth was doing to him. "She's using her lips, tongue, and fingers all in one coordinated attack! She's relentlessly lapping against my sweet spot even as her tightly sealed lips slide back and forth with tremendous suction! And she's constantly surprising me with different rhythms and techniques! It's like... it's like... she learned from the two of you!"

Susan was all smiles. "As a matter of fact, she did. Mostly from me, actually. I've been giving her cocksucking lessons, and she's been practicing daily on dildos and such. Now I know how it feels to be a teacher and see your star pupil excel. It's quite... rewarding. And invigorating!"

He thought, Dang! They're all so friggin' obsessed with sucking my cock! It's crazy! "Practicing daily?!" What did I ever do to deserve this?! Aunt Suzy really was the genius who selected Brenda from the crowd and told me how to seduce her, but I'm the one reaping all the benefits!

He finally picked up his knife and fork, knowing that his food was getting cold. He was determined to at least pretend to act normal, despite the seemingly endless intense arousal. But he asked plaintively, "How am I supposed to eat, with all that going on?"

He paused briefly, letting Brenda's loud slurping and moaning explain what he was referring to. "And Mom, what about your jealousy over her boob size and all that? Isn't that still an issue?"

Susan replied, "I'll admit that still bothers me a little bit from time to time. But Brenda's one of us now. You said it yourself the night before last, after you fucked her. If she's going to be one of your official personal cocksuckers, then she has to be the best of the best. Of course your other lovers are going to be busty and beautiful, so I just have to get used to that. We're a unified team, aren't we, Angel?"

Unlike the others, Katherine was busy eating. But she stopped to reply, "That's right. I've got my jealousy issues with Brenda too, as you probably know. Even as we speak, I'm feeling that familiar mix of hot lust and burning jealousy, especially since she's being unusually loud and slurpy. But I've gotta admit that she's totally earned her spot under the table. She's learning from us, but we're learning from her too. To be honest, she inspires me to be a better fuck toy."

Brenda was very pleased to hear that, especially since she knew that Katherine had jealousy issues. Right back at ya! Katherine, you inspire me to be a better sex pet. We're all in this together!

Susan smiled proudly at her daughter. "I'm glad to hear you say that, Angel. That's a very mature attitude." She picked up her utensils. "Now, I say it really is time to eat. Son, I know you're distracted, but please try your best. We can't have you go to school hungry." She finally took a bite of food.

He grumbled, "Very well." He started to eat too.


There was no talking for several minutes while Alan, Katherine, and Susan ate. Worried about being late to school, Alan ate quickly to make up for lost time.

Katherine frequently giggled, and even Susan sometimes snickered, due to the frequently changing expressions on his face. He often looked like he was in extreme agony, but they knew he was experiencing extreme pleasure instead. It was amusing to see his efforts to look normal and breathe normally.

He tried to psych himself up. Come on! You can do this! This is a big part of the fantasy for all involved, that I proceed to eat breakfast just like she isn't there. Even though she's so dang loud with her slurping and sliding! Heck, I can even hear her tongue lapping on my sweet spot, like a thirsty cat at a water bowl! And then there's the smell. Don't get me started with the sexy, intoxicating smell! Brenda's more pungent, since she leaks so much. It's like we're inside a wet pussy, the sex smell is so thick in the air!

Then there are her huge tits. Even like this, they can't be missed, the way they sit on my thighs like two water balloons. Only heavier, more solid. And pumping and pressing into me in rhythm with her bobbing head. So fucking sexy!

But I can handle it. I'm chill. I'm relaxed. This is the new normal, right? Soon, most every breakfast is going to be like this. Fuuuuuck! Don't even think that! Too arousing. She says she wants to be my slave, so she's going to be sucking and titfucking my dick a hell of a lot! UGH! Don't think of that either! Heck, don't think about anything!

He was flexing his PC muscle non-stop already. He had to briefly stop eating to practice some slow breathing exercises, almost like meditation. That helped a lot. Step by step, day by day, he was learning to "endure" truly remarkable levels of sexual arousal without cumming quickly.

It helped that he was developing a simple form of non-verbal communication with Brenda. She had caught on that when he put his hands on her head, that meant she needed to slow down and ease up. He had to touch her head, and sometimes even repeatedly tap it, every minute or two.

Brenda knew from his tapping and touching that he wanted her to take it slow and easy on him, but the entire situation of being naked under the table with the other three eating and talking, was too thrilling for her to control herself much. Now that she'd fully given in to her submissive urges, this was like heaven on earth. But enough of her old way of thinking remained to remind her how "wrong" and taboo this was, and that drove her wild.

Once he finished his waffles and eggs, he just had some fruit and a muffin to go, so he slowed his eating. He didn't want this special breakfast to ever end.

Susan and Katherine were finishing up and slowing down too. That allowed all of them to resume talking. Susan was the first to speak. "Isn't this nice, the three of us getting to eat breakfast together? Between the cooking and the cock pleasuring every morning, I so rarely get to sit down with my children. I say we should do this more often!" She asked Katherine, "What do you think?"

Katherine asked, "What, have Brenda help under the table?"

"Yes, but not just Brenda. She's got Adrian to care of most mornings. But we could have various special guests to help during breakfast after you and I give him a prolonged wake-up blowjob together. Suzanne or Amy could get away early from time to time, I'm sure. Then there's Xania, after staying the night from one of our parties. Or Akami. I'll bet that she-"

Alan cut her off. "Hold on. Can we talk about spoiling me too much? I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth. Especially since Brenda is STILL putting so much effort and passion into what she's doing."

He had to let out a heavy sigh, like he did after most every sentence, because it was an effort to talk while getting one's cock sucked this well. "I'm still floating on air, no doubt! But, something feels wrong about this. Immoral, even. No man should ever feel THIS much pleasure. It's way too imbalanced."

Katherine spoke seriously. "Brother, I think you mean well, but you're misguided. You don't understand! It's like what Mom said earlier: this is more for Brenda than for you. Sure, you're enjoying it, but that's almost a side effect. What about her? She deeply submissive. This is her jam. Her thing. Her groove. She longs to be a good sex pet for you, and this is what good sex pets do. She's having the time of her life! I guarantee it!"

She gave Brenda's side a gentle nudge with her knee. "What do you say, Brenda?"

Brenda had been suckling non-stop through the entire meal, and she relished being "forgotten" under the table and unable to speak due to her busy mouth. But she pulled her lips off to answer. "Of course I'm having the time of my life!"

Brenda peered up at Alan from under the table edge, just barely managing to make eye contact with him, even as she continued to stroke and lick his throbbing pole. "Master, I love making you feel good. That makes me feel good. That's what being a busty sex pet is all about: the joy of serving, and basking in the humiliation of servitude!"

He frowned slightly, wondering what the heck "basking in the humiliation of servitude" meant. He understood how most of his women got off on varying amounts of sexual humiliation, but he didn't really get just how deeply Brenda was into that sort of thing.

She simply lapped on his sweet spot as she considered what else to say. Her fingers were busy fondling his balls too. Finally, she went on, "This is about as happy as I've ever been, not counting the time you fucked me to heaven and back! Mistress Katherine is right. This is my thing! This is what good sex pets do. Honestly, these are the times I live for! I know that's hard for you to understand, maybe impossible, since you're the opposite of submissive. Just look at you, sitting there so forcefully and powerfully, like the lord and master that you are!"

He didn't understand how he or anyone else could simply sit "forcefully and powerfully." But, wanting to make the experience even better for Brenda, he sat up straight and tried to look down at her with an imposing glare.

It seemed to work, because she sighed longingly. She stared up into his eyes with fiery intensity while she continued to slurp on his cockhead. After a long pause, she went on, "But if it helps you, consider that I'm sure I'm feeling even more sexual pleasure than you are right now. I've had several orgasms already, and I can feel an especially big one coming on!"

That surprised him, since he thought he'd gotten very good at detecting female orgasms. It was a point of pride for him to keep track and make sure his partners got lots of pleasure too. He asked, "You have?! I didn't notice anything."

She continued to lick as she explained, "Women have different kinds of orgasms. There are the really big ones, the screamers, but that's just one kind. Did you notice how I only have one hand on your balls about half the time? That's because I'm periodically fingering myself and cumming every now and then. I know you'll find this hard to believe, but as high on lust as you feel, I'm sure I feel even higher!"

Feeling that she'd made her point, she engulfed his cockhead again and resumed her happy bobbing.

He winced, due to another surge of intense arousal when she reestablished her tight lip-lock around his shaft.

She moaned loudly and with obvious erotic pleasure as her lips got busy sliding again.

He wondered if she was exaggerating for effect, or if her moan truly reflected how overjoyed she felt. He looked to Susan and then to Katherine.

They both nodded with great sincerity. Susan said, "it's true, Son. This is a classic win-win situation. I know a lot of women are said not to enjoy blowjobs. I don't know what their deal is; I can't speak for them. But just because the woman does all the work, don't think of this as a selfish act."

Katherine chimed in, "Hey, I know. Think of it just like fucking. That can be selfish, or not, depending on how it's done. A guy can fuck a woman and leave her frustrated and unsatisfied, or he can fuck her until she actually passes out from erotic overload, and there are all points in between. It's the same thing with a blowjob, or titfuck, or other things. There are so many different aspects that go into it. Heck, I'd say the mental part is more important than the physical."

Susan said, "I'd agree with that. Son, you say you're not doing anything, but that's not true. You've created this situation where she's naked and kneeling under the table, with two of us watching. Your attitude is key. The way you continually humiliate her without actually degrading or disrespecting her is a very fine line, but you have a special knack. That's half of it, right there."

Katherine nodded. "More than half! Such delicious humiliation! Don't believe me? Peek under the table and take a good look at her face."

He did so, scooting his chair back to see more. He was astounded by the sheer intensity on her face. Clearly, this was very serious business, in her mind.

Katherine asked, "Is her face red from blushing?"

He nodded. It was an extremely sexy sight. He was so wildly aroused that he was right on the cusp of climax.

Furthermore, she clearly was listening to the conversation as well as occasionally opening her eyes to take peeks of his reaction. Knowing that he was looking down at her, she upped her efforts yet another notch. She went deeper and deeper down his shaft until she was loudly choking and gagging again.


Yet she kept going. He was sure that she'd started deep throating him, because she had over half of his erection in her mouth!

Unfortunately, she couldn't sustain it for more than a few seconds. But the fact that she managed to do that at all was a great portent of pleasures to come.

He thought, WOW! WHOA! Brenda?! Deep throating me?! How much better could it get! I hope Mom didn't notice that though. She'd get even more jealous.

He glanced in Susan's direction and was relieved to see that she didn't have the right angle to see that even if she wanted to.

Katherine, who was also oblivious of Brenda's brief deep throating effort, spoke louder to be heard over all the choking and gagging. "Think about it. She's been at it for the entire breakfast, and her face is STILL that red! Can you imagine how totally horny and embarrassed she is, non-stop, from this situation? I'll bet you can't, not really, but I can. I get shivers just thinking about being in her place, especially since I know I will very frequently from now on."

Susan chimed in, "Me too, Angel. Talk about being put in her place! That's not just a metaphorical saying this time around. If a stranger were to walk in at this very moment, nobody would have to explain that you're the master and she's the slave!" Remembering her son's distaste for that sort of language, she added, "Or, uh, whatever titles you want to use that meant that same general gist."

Brenda felt a thrill race down her spine. Susan is so right! I'm totally enslaved to his cock, and FUCK FREEDOM! I'm going to suck him so good today that he'll have no choice but to make me one of his official suckers! Then there truly will be no going back for me! Serving this perfect cock will be my life!

Susan continued excitedly, "I can feel it! It's like I'm in Brenda's shoes. I know that 'delicious humiliation' so well. Tiger is going to make us suck him through countless thousands of meals in the years to come. But I bet I'll never get over being humiliated about it!"

"Totally!" Katherine agreed. "Same here. Some things are so far from the social norm that there's no getting used to it. I mean, Brother, when we talk about Brenda being your sex pet, that's not just talk! She's a grown woman who's willing to crawl around nude on all fours for you, just like a real pet!"

Brenda moaned extra loudly upon hearing that. It's true! And I don't even care anymore! They're right that one can never get over the humiliation, but I've given up trying to resist. I don't want to resist! I love to feel the burn of shame. This is who I am! Master's cock is in my mouth, and that's Heaven!

Alan was having to hold her head still with both hands as best he could, because he was still on the verge and she was showing no restraint. His earlier system of tapping her head to get her to ease up had fallen by the wayside. She was far too gone for that.

Katherine continued, "Think about it: will she ever be in any other relationship in her life where doing this kind of thing is possible? I'll bet not. Never! Has anyone else she's ever met earned the title of 'Master?' No! Not even her two ex-husbands. You set the scene in all kinds of intangible ways."

Susan added, "It's true. Son, you have a special way of totally humiliating AND dominating us without actually being mean or cruel about it. The way you make me feel, us feel, is simply out of this world!"

Brenda moaned loudly and affirmatively as she noisily bobbed on him. "Mmmm-HMMM!"

He suddenly exclaimed, "Okay, that's enough! Strategic break time!" He felt he had no choice but to say that, since his cum need was getting too urgent. Knowing Brenda didn't have a lot of self-control when she got this horny, he used his hands on her head to rather forcefully push her back until her mouth was off his throbbing erection.

He closed his eyes and slumped in his seat.


Susan took a peek under the table. "Tut-tut! Brenda, you heard him. Stop stroking him too. Part of being a personal cocksucker is knowing when to slow down or stop."

Luckily, Brenda got that message. She let go of his privates altogether so she wouldn't be tempted.

A couple of minutes passed without anyone speaking. There was a lot of panting, since everyone had gotten worked up, even Susan and Katherine from watching.

Finally, with everyone breathing easily again, Alan opened his eyes. "Okay, where was I?"

Brenda had been waiting for that signal. She engulfed his cockhead again and resumed bobbing on him.

He chuckled at that. He patted her head to get her attention. "Hey, take it easier this time, okay?"

"Mmmm!" Brenda resolved to be more obedient. The two or so minutes' rest gave her a chance to cool down some, so she was more in control of herself - at least for now.

Seeing he was ready to talk some more, Katherine prodded him, "You asked 'where was I.' We were talking about some of the reasons Brenda loves doing this to you as much or more as you love it. Remember this is for her more than you."

He sighed, recalling that line of discussion again. "Oh yeah, thanks. That may be. I kind of get that. But still, all this lavish loving is warping me. How can I ever be normal again? How can I go to school, and in just a little while, mind you... Yikes! What time is it?!"

Susan patted one of his hands on the table. "Don't worry about it. You've got twenty more minutes, at least."

He looked at her skeptically. "If you say so. Anyway, how can I sit in class and try to act like just another student after a 'breakfast' like this? It's total mental whiplash. Worse, how long will it be before I come to expect this kind of treatment all the time, and even demand it? I don't want to be that guy, that arrogant asshole guy. But I feel like it's almost inevitable."

He sighed again and listened to Brenda's joyous slurping. He was running a hand through her short hair in a relaxed way. He was glad that she wasn't sucking him so intently anymore. "Look. I'm not saying this has to stop. I'm enjoying it too much to even be able to think that. But let's at least have SOME limits. Okay? For instance, no more special guests at breakfast. Mom and Sis, you already spoil me rotten every single morning. Any more, and I'll be too weirded out to even function in school. Let's save that sort of thing for AFTER school."

Susan nodded. "Okay, fair enough. No more special guests in the morning, at least for a while, until you get used to things." She was careful to leave that large loophole. "By the way, have you finished eating?"

He looked down at his plate. He'd only eaten half of his muffin, but he was full. He'd finished the rest. "Yeah, I guess so."

Brenda suddenly applied much more suction and began bobbing faster. She was listening carefully, and she was worried that her time was running out.

Susan asked him, "Is that all you wanted to say, about your issues?"

"I suppose."

"Good. I thought you'd say more. As it is, we should have just enough time. Angel, can you take Brenda to the bathroom and help her get ready?"

"Sure thing." Katherine stood up.


Brenda pulled her lips off again, then crawled out from under the table. After briefly bowing in Alan's direction, she silently took Katherine's hand and walked away with her. Curiously, she put her hands behind her head as she bowed, making it an even more submissive pose, even though no one had told her to do so.

On the way out, Katherine stopped by the phone, called somebody, spoke only a few words, and then hung up.

He noticed that, and thought, Weird, man! What was that about? Everything's so friggin' weird this morning. For instance, Brenda just bowed at me. Bowed! After all she did to my dick, she bows at me as if she was thanking me for the pleasure of serving me. Which, now that I think about it, was probably exactly what she was doing. Too weird!

Once Susan was alone with Alan, she leaned towards him and whispered, "I'm glad we have a moment to talk in private. I know you have your concerns, and believe me, I hear you. You say you worry about balance, and understandably so. This is a perfect time for you to do something for her to make up for all she's been doing for you."

He was relieved, and whispered back, "Gladly! Anything. What is it? I'll do literally anything to try to restore the balance a little bit. I'm not worthy!"

Susan smiled at that. "I knew you'd say that, even though you ARE worthy, and don't you ever forget it. Luckily, it's really easy. As I mentioned earlier, this is all about giving her that official personal cocksucker title before you leave for your trip, so she doesn't suffer all weekend long. That title means a great deal to her. She wants to feel that she belongs to you."

"Well, she does." He did a double take. "As weird as that is to say. Wow!"

He thought, Brenda DOES belong to me now. I still don't even know her that well, and yet she adores me. I know there's more to her than just being a... well, a sex pet, but it's kind of hard to keep that in mind when she's so friggin' sexy and stacked! Not to mention being a cocksucking demon! Whenever I see her topless - or more - I kind of lose my mind.

Susan suggested, "But you have to make it official, make her know it. You haven't done that yet. Angel mentioned how you set the scene in all kinds of intangible ways. Now is your chance to do some more of that. Please give her that title, and make a sort of official ceremony out of it."

He frowned. "Wait a sec. What's with all this 'official' talk? Official according to whom?"

"To YOU, of course! She wants to have firm confirmation that you appreciate her efforts and that she belongs as one of us, as one of your favorite big-titted sluts. Now, as for the ceremony, I don't have any specific suggestions, but it would be good to have a lot of sexy humiliation. That's her favorite."

He cocked a curious eyebrow. "'Favorite?'"

"Well, I don't know if that's the right word. It's like what I was saying earlier. Like the rest of us, she's in total agony while it's happening, but it makes everything that much more intense and arousing. It's like... you never feel more ALIVE than when you're being sexually dominated and humiliated by the man you love!" She beamed lovingly at him.

He shook his head at all the strangeness. But he also said, "Okay. We all must be collectively insane, because I know exactly what you mean, and what she wants, even though I can't really understand it from her point of view. How much time do we have left?" He still hadn't found out the exact time all morning.

"Fifteen minutes. Twenty, if we push it."

"That much? But earlier you said we had half an hour, and it's been at least twenty minutes since then. Plus, you said twenty minutes more than five minutes ago."

Susan looked down shyly. "To be honest, I've been fudging the numbers a little bit in order to spur you on. But don't worry. Knowing that Brenda would be coming over, I woke you up extra early so we'd have plenty of time for this. We can't skip this ceremony or she'll be crushed."

"So how much time do we really have?"

"Don't worry about it. Enough." In truth, she considered this so important that she didn't even mind if he was a little late to school, but she didn't want him to know that.

"Okay." He closed his eyes. "Give me a minute or two to mentally figure things out. Plus, my dick could use more of a strategic break."

"Sure thing."


Susan got up. But then she leaned down and whispered, "Oh, by the way, Suzanne and Amy are here."

He opened his eyes in surprise. Sure enough, he saw Suzanne and Amy standing at the entrance to the dining room, fully dressed.

They smiled at him and waved. XX02

He was flabbergasted. He managed to wave back.

Susan whispered more, "Suzanne helped me plan all this. We figured having everyone here will make the ceremony more official and emotionally impactful."

He sat there simply shaking his head in amazement. Whoa! Crazy. Just crazy. And I'm sure them being here is meant to make everything that much more humiliating for her too.

He quickly pulled himself together and asked, "What's the deal with this whole 'personal cocksucker' thing, anyway? I keep hearing that term tossed around, but has it ever been precisely defined?"

Susan replied, "It means whatever you want it to mean. But I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Lots of beautiful and talented women get to suck your cock, but only a few are selected by you to be the very best! I think Brenda deserves the title, not so much for what she's done to your cock already, but for her commitment and passion. Don't you?"

Wow! They're giving me such much power! He pointed out, "We never had any ceremony for that with you or anyone else."

"That's true, and that's a shame. But at least we can have one for Brenda. Better late than never, right?" Susan bent over and kissed the top of his head. "Oh. And please, I know you have great stamina, but it would be great if you could conclude the ceremony by cumming all over her face. You need release before school in any case, and that'll symbolically put her in her place." Then she went off to talk to Suzanne and Amy.

He moved over from the dining table to the love seat, figuring that would be better for what was coming. Then he closed his eyes again. Man. So friggin' weird! I get to restore some balance with Brenda by doing a nice thing for her, by making her one of MY official cocksuckers, which makes things even MORE imbalanced! Apparently, cumming on her face is a favor to HER as well! How does that make any sense?! But it seems to be the thing to do. And to think: in twenty minutes or so, I'm gonna go from this to sitting in Mr. Tompkins' physics class. Talk about SEVERE mental whiplash! Sheesh!

It turned out he only had about one interrupted minute to make plans for Brenda's ceremony. There just wasn't much time left before school.

He heard some deliberate coughing, so he opened his eyes again. Before him was an odd sight: Brenda was standing across the room, still buck naked and blushing, with her arms pinned behind her back, head bowed, and her tits thrust forward. He didn't see a big change from her time getting freshened up in the bathroom, although her hair was combed and her face had been wiped clean of cum and slobber, and her thighs were dry too. But the odd aspect was that Susan and Katherine stood on one side of Brenda, and Suzanne and Amy stood on the other. The four of them were still fully dressed, which made Brenda's nudity starkly stand out. Undoubtedly, that was the intention. XX02

Despite his griping, he was still very aroused, and ready to play his part. Weird or not, this is my life. This is what I do, and I'm damn good at it! I've just gotta get in the right mindset, kind of like I do whenever I see Heather. Let's make this a hell of a lot of fun for us all.

He started by pretending dismay at Brenda. He barked at her, "What are you DOING there? Standing there on your feet with the others, like a free woman. I want you to go back to the front foyer, and crawl to me on all fours, like a good sex pet! And be quick about it, because we don't have much time."

Brenda's eyes went wide with alarm. Clutching her huge breasts with her arms so they wouldn't wildly bounce, she ran to the foyer as fast as she could. Mere seconds later, she was on her hands and knees and quickly crawling back to him. Her already blushing face quickly turned blazing cherry red.

The other women moved to each side to allow Alan a good view through the large opening into the living room. They all seemed pleased at his commands. Suzanne in particular made eye contact with him and smiled and nodded his way, indicating that she very much approved.

Alan remained silent until Brenda was only a couple of feet away. He figured, correctly, that the silence would give Brenda nothing to think about but her own predicament, further increasing her humiliation.

He thought, Fuck me! Look at the way her gigantic tits are dragging nearly to the floor! Is she doing that on purpose, knowing just how much I love it, or does that come naturally? Either way... fuuuuuck! She's got such a rockin' body, all over. I'm already beginning to rethink sharing her with her son. But I guess it's too late to change that.


She came to a stop, uncertain what to do next. She was so thrilled and her heart was racing so fast that sweat was tricking down her face. Oh God! Fuck me! This is too exciting! After all these weeks of waiting, it's happening! I hate having to crawl for him in front of everybody, but it feels SO RIGHT! This is what it means to be ALIVE! I swear, I'm so excited I'm going to pass out!

He said to her, "Okay, you may stand before me. Strike the most sexy and submissive pose you can."

She didn't hesitate, not even for a second. It seemed that she'd given her standing pose some thought already. She immediately spread her legs wide, to a surprising degree, wider that Alan thought she could manage. It looked like she was on the verge of doing the splits. It was an even more impressive feat given that she was still wearing her red high heels.

Then she put her hands on the top of her head and leaned her upper body forward. That served as both a submissive bowing motion, and also caused her massive tits to swell and hang down in a most enticing manner. It was as if she was offering them to him on a platter. Once in position, she adoringly whispered, "Master!"

That was plenty arousing. Not surprisingly, his erection hadn't softened at all, not even during his break. He'd known that moments like this were coming, and sure enough, he'd been right. In fact, he was so aroused that he was momentarily speechless. He could have made Brenda pose in more embarrassing positions, but his sexual desire was too great, and he was worried about the time. XX02

He simply pointed to his stiff erection and nodded.

Brenda was on him in a flash, kneeling between his legs in what seemed like the blink of an eye. She swallowed him surprisingly deep, and then started to bob and suck. She'd been hungry for his cock while bobbing on him all through breakfast, but after being made to pose and crawl in front of the others, she was absolutely ravenous. She made quite a racket, slurping with great suction, and making still more lewd choking and gagging noises by continually going as deep as she could.

The four women watching and listening all felt goose bumps at the exact same time. Those choking and gagging noises triggered a deep desire in each of them.

Alan shut his eyes tightly as a rush of intense arousal flew through his body like electric currents. After a minute or so when he opened them again, he noticed a definite change in his audience. Previously, they had been smiling and happy, obviously enjoying the ceremony. But now they looked almost pained, due to their struggles to control their own lusty desires. It wasn't so much what they were watching, since they couldn't see much of the actual cocksucking other than Brenda's bobbing head; it was mainly the sounds of Brenda's oral action that kept driving each of them wild.

It went without saying that Alan was even more affected than they were, since sound was just one small part of his erotic sensory overload. He was flying so high that he was in danger of forgetting all about the ceremony and just losing himself to lust.

But luckily, he was mindful enough not to make that mistake. However, he already was panting so hard that it was difficult for him to speak. So he changed his plan slightly to let others do most of the talking for a while. Gathering his wits, he said, "So, Brenda... I hear you want to be one of my personal cocksuckers."

"Mmmm-hmmm!" She opened his eyes and looked up at his face. She tried to nod emphatically, although that wasn't very helpful since her head was bobbing already.

That was good enough for him to get the message. So he gasped out, "Very well. But do you have what it takes? Let's see what the others have to say about that, from up close!"

With that accomplished, he closed his eyes again and directed most of his mental energy at simply not cumming yet. He knew the other women would do the speaking for a while, and he was grateful. Furthermore, he was counting on their close examination and critical comments to embarrass and arouse Brenda even more.

Sure enough, the other four quickly crowded around so their heads were only a foot or two away from Alan's cock. They began saying exactly the kinds of things he'd hoped they would. They all knew to challenge her and slightly embarrass her without actually saying anything mean.

For instance, Katherine reached in and ran her fingers up and down the lower half of Alan's shaft as she said to the others, "I suppose it can't be denied that she's taking good care of the cockhead area, but what about down here?" She essentially jacked him off as she added, "Look at all these inches of thick cock being totally ignored."

Brenda quickly brought a hand from his balls to his lower shaft and replaced Katherine's stroking fingers with her own.

Then Amy reached in and cradled his balls from below. "That's true. But now what about his balls? Aunt Susan, you've told me that a man's balls are an underappreciated and under-loved erogeny zone." She giggled.

Susan also reached in for his balls. She fondled one while Amy played with the other. "It's 'erogenous,' Amy. But you're right. You can't ignore his balls. It makes me wonder if Brenda is really personal cocksucker material." Of course she didn't actually mean that. Like the others, she was just winding Brenda up. XX02

Brenda was so horny that she'd had one hand fingering her pussy. But she realized that she had no choice but to bring that hand up so she could stroke his lower shaft with one hand while fondling his balls with the other.

With that, Amy and Susan relented and let go of his balls. But they kept their hands on his thighs, just inches away.

Suzanne spoke up next. "What you say is true, but it's a matter of perspective. I like what her fingers are doing now, but I wonder... if she's so busy doing all that, is she really giving his sweet spot enough attention? When you come right down to it, that's the main thing."

Susan said, "You're so right! And the real test is stamina. She's only sucked his cock a few times, and not very long each time. Does she have what it takes to slurp and bob over his sweet spot for hours on end, if need be?"

Katherine added, "And, as we all know, need DOES be most of the time!" She giggled.

Brenda was frustrated. She was doing all she could with her lips and tongue, but unlike the earlier comments, there was no easy way for her to show off what she was doing inside her mouth. And it was even more impossible for her to demonstrate stamina, especially since everyone knew that Alan would have to leave for school shortly.

However, she resolved, Screw what they say! I'm going to do my absolute best, no matter what they say. They're just trying to get my goat. Master is enjoying my efforts and feeling tremendous pleasure, and that's the most important thing. I can hear it in his sexy moans and groans!

Katherine Amy Brenda

Brenda had been going all out on his cock and balls. The situation had made her as aroused as humanly possible, and with the four others watching closely, she already had been determined to do her very best. Yet somehow she managed to step up her efforts a little more. She already was using her tongue, lips, and both hands, and she didn't actually do anything that different than before. But she stopped consciously thinking about what she was doing and fell into "the zone" where everything happened naturally, to even better effect.

Alan had been on the verge of cumming for a while now, building up a strong need to cum all through breakfast. It was remarkable what he'd endured, but that ability was breaking down. He felt he could only last a little longer. He really had no choice but to hang on, as it would be very embarrassing to cum before the "ceremony" was over. The problem was, all of a sudden, he was gasping for air and struggling so hard just to hold out that he was in no shape to say the right words appropriate for the situation. It was difficult for him to coherently speak at all.

Luckily, he knew he could count on his loved ones to help. He tapped Suzanne's shoulder and made eye contact with her. He didn't say anything, since Brenda could hear, but he tried to convey his problem non-verbally as best he could, since Brenda couldn't see his face or Suzanne's.

While he still could, he spoke between ragged, heavy breaths, "It's time! ... Time for the... words! ... Aunt Suzy, please! ... Say them!"

Suzanne smirked, amused at his predicament. But she was loving and caring, and she wanted to help make this event a success. She winked at him in understanding.

She spoke in her most authoritative voice. "Brenda Hunter, we, Alan's other personal cocksuckers, find your efforts..." She paused dramatically.

Brenda held her breath and her heart leapt to her throat. She even froze her cocksucking efforts.

Suzanne finally relented, and concluded, "...worthy. Don't we, ladies?"

Brenda's tensed up body relaxed. YESSSS! Oh, happy day! Glorious day! She resumed her sucking, and with even greater passion and intensity.

Susan, Amy, and Katherine all muttered and murmured in agreement. Actually, they were quite impressed by Brenda's efforts. They couldn't see inside her mouth, where nearly all the important action was taking place, but they noticed his lusty reaction. Watching Brenda bob on him was making them extremely hot and bothered, and yet they felt trapped and annoyed since they were wearing so many layers of clothes.

Suzanne said, "Very good. I agree as well. Brenda, please stop sucking him for a minute so you can carefully listen to what I'm about to say." She wanted to help give Alan something of a respite, because she worried he wouldn't make it through the rest of the ceremony before cumming.

Brenda stopped her bobbing and stroking. However, she couldn't resist continuing to intently lick his sweet spot inside her mouth. She knew Suzanne wouldn't be able to see that.

He breathed a big sigh of relief. He could still feel the cum need inexorably building up inside of him, since Brenda was "cheating" and the overall situation was so thrilling, but Suzanne's words bought him a little more time.

Suzanne continued, "Brenda, do you understand the commitment you're making, wanting to be one of his official personal cocksuckers? That means you have to be willing to serve his cock to the best of your ability, and with all your passion, whenever he needs it. Whenever he wants it. Heck, whenever he so much as has a fleeting thought about it! A personal cocksucker is happiest where you are right now, naked, kneeling, and with a mouth full of cock!"

Susan couldn't resist cutting in, "It's where you belong! It's your greatest duty! But remember that it's more than just cocksucking. That may be the most common way you'll pleasure him, but a personal cocksucker is always ready to serve him in every possible way, in every possible orifice!"

Suzanne resumed, "If you agree with all that, slide your lips down his shaft as far as you can go, choke on his thickness for a few seconds, then pull back until your lips are where they are now."

Brenda did that, but very slowly. She used all the suction she could muster and feverishly lapped and licked everything her tongue could reach.

Suzanne was tempting fate, hoping that Alan could rise to the occasion and delay his climax just a little longer. However, she could see from the strained expression on his face that he wasn't likely to last more than a few seconds. He was in erotic ecstasy, but he was suffering greatly too. She impulsively helped out by squeezing her fingers around the base of his shaft. She knew that if she applied pressure at the right spot, his cum couldn't rush up and out of his erection.

He was so far gone that he didn't even realize what she was doing to him. He didn't cum, but even with Suzanne's squeezing he was right on the verge.

There was much more Suzanne wanted to say, but knew she'd have to wrap this up fast. She waited until Brenda gagged on him and then slid her lips back to her original position. "Okay, good. Brenda, I now pronounce you Alan's fifth official personal cocksucker, joining the rest of us right here. As such, your greatest pleasure needs to be HIS greatest pleasure! Yes, it's humiliating, but you should always put serving his cock first! Always treat him like a king, like your lord and master!"

Suzanne knew that the phrase "lord and master" had a very powerful effect on Brenda ever since, in Alan's first private conversation with her, he'd told her that her ideal man would "treat you like a queen most of the time, out of bed, but in bed, he'll be your lord and master."

Brenda was holding back from orgasming, just like Alan was. As soon as she heard that key phrase, she lost all control and began cumming hard.

Suzanne smirked, because she knew that would happen. She also knew that Alan would start cumming at any moment, triggered by Brenda's orgasm. If that didn't do the trick, all it would take was Suzanne easing the pressure around the base of his shaft. But the wily redhead didn't want him to cum in her mouth, since that wouldn't be an ideal ending to the ceremony.

She quickly pulled Brenda's head back, completely off his cock, allowing Brenda to scream as loudly as she'd ever done so in her life.

The other women actually stepped back and plugged their ears.

Suzanne didn't have that luxury though, since she still had a hand on Alan's boner. She relaxed her firm grip and slid her hand up, ready to do the aiming. She used her other hand to make sure Brenda's head stayed in position.

As she expected, a second or two later, Alan started to fire his load. He was worked up to such a degree that even he yelled loudly as well.

Brenda's face was right in front of the tip of his cock, mere inches away. Her mouth was opened as wide as possible due to her screaming.

It would have been easy for Suzanne to simply fire his cum into Brenda's gaping maw, but her goal was to paint her face instead. Luckily, Brenda's eyes were shut tight, so Suzanne generally aimed above Brenda's mouth.

Alan was so deliriously aroused that he had only a vague idea of what was happening. He actually saw stars.

Brenda was just as delirious as he was, if not more so. She was grateful for Suzanne's assistance, because she would have been completely incapable of aiming his cock. All she could do was cum and cum, and cum some more.

She screamed her head off for a good two more minutes after he stopped cumming. Even then, her body continued to twitch spasmodically for a few minutes more, often because another small orgasm would unexpectedly hit her.

Her body was completely limp. Even her holding her head up seemed beyond her abilities for a while.

Luckily, the others were able to help out. Amy and Katherine held Brenda's body and head in its kneeling pose between Alan's legs.

Brenda's thought of the others "forcing" her down between her master's legs triggered another orgasmic aftershock.

Susan scooted in next to Brenda. "Congratulations! You did it! You're one of his personal cocksuckers now! It's official!"

Brenda's eyes were glazed over, and she showed no sign of hearing that.

Susan asked her, "Did you hear me?"

After a long pause, Brenda mumbled, "Mmmm-hmmm..."

Susan frowned. "This is not good! It's going to take a while for Brenda to come around, and Tiger looks to be completely out of it too! I've kind of lost track of time, but I'm worried all three of our kids are going to be late for school!"

Suzanne said, "Hmmm. That is a problem. I've got an idea: let's cut our losses. You take care of him and her, and I'll drive the two girls to school ASAP. Then, as soon as he is even halfway mobile, drive him to school and let Brenda stay here to rest and recover. You and I will be back soon enough, with me probably coming back first. How does that sound?"

"Good!" Susan frowned. "Such a shame though. Just look at Brenda's cummy face. So beautiful! We could have a fun time with all that yummy sperm!"

Suzanne said, "Them's the breaks. And I'm afraid you're going to have to skip your usual cleaning ritual in the interest of time. Let's get a move on!"

Things moved quickly after that. Since everyone was fully dressed already except for Brenda and Alan, Suzanne was able to leave with Katherine and Amy almost immediately.

Susan had a harder time getting Alan out the door, but it was partly her fault. She helped Brenda to lie down on the floor. Then, despite Suzanne's instructions to the contrary, she couldn't resist cleaning her son's privates a little bit. However, mindful that he was headed to school, she did focus more on actual cleaning. She even used a wet towel on him after that to make sure he was truly clean all over.

She managed to get him out the door about five minutes after Suzanne left with the girls. He was still in a daze. She had to clothe him and help him walk to the car. She knew it would be a very close call getting him to class on time.


Alan rested with his eyes closed during the car ride to school.

Susan was quiet for the most part, knowing he needed to try to switch gears mentally in his own way. She had to concentrate on driving, since she was going much faster than usual to make up for starting so late.

He thought, Wow! So intense! I still don't even know what the hell that was all about, with all that "official" stuff, but it was fucking epic! Brenda is amaaaaazing!

But what really blows my mind is that this is just the beginning. This is not just one wild week, or one wild month. This is how it's going to be forever! Brenda just made a serious commitment. Hell, we're all committed to each other now, whether we say it's "official" or not.

For instance, I'm never going to live separately from Mom and Sis if I can help it. Hell, twenty years from now, Mom'll probably still be cooking the two of us breakfast in her erotic apron and then blowing me through breakfast before necking and rubbing her tits all over my chest as I head out the door to work! Why the hell not? I know some people might find it odd to live with their mothers, but they wouldn't think that if she was a perfect ten totally submissive bombshell fuck toy!

Hell, and knowing her, she'll probably look even better then than she does now! And Aunt Suzy and Aims are just as much a vital part of our shared future. Brenda's wiggling her way into our lives too, and I'm certainly not complaining about that! Man, "my future's so bright I gotta wear shades," that's all I can say. I just need to make it through today, and then the hiking trip, and soon I'll be balls-deep in Mom's cunt! Not just once or twice, but every day, forever! How cool is that?!

As Susan drove the minivan through a key intersection, she gave him a nudge. "Tiger, my love, we're almost there."

He opened his eyes and rubbed his face. "Man! Whoa!"

She glanced at him with concern. "Are you going to be okay? You still look a bit, well... stunned."

"That's 'cos I feel stunned. That was great, but we can't do that kind of thing every morning. It's too intense! How am I going to get into the right mindset for school?"

She smiled encouragingly. "You'll manage. You always do."

He thought, I've got to seriously focus on my classes for at least a few hours. I'd love to repeat my remote vibrator control fun with Glory, but not today. I'm going to be distracted enough as it is. Besides, she'd be too sore to take another day so soon. I've got a triple whammy of tests in my first-, second- and third-period classes, so it's time to hunker down and avoid distractions.

By the time Susan pulled up in front of the school, he was feeling better. But the school bell had already rung. After giving Susan a goodbye peck on the cheek, he did his best to hustle to class.

Normally, he would have been quite nervous seeing Christine for the first time since he'd passionately necked with her at the pub the night before. But he made it to his first-period physics class with mere seconds to spare, so all he could really do was smile and say "Hi" as he took his front-row seat next to hers. She seemed to look and act perfectly normal, which made things easier.

He glanced over at her and sighed. Sheesh! This morning was like the blowjob morning to end all blowjob mornings! It was so far beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of in my wildest fantasies, and yet it really happened to me! If Christine had even the tiniest inkling, she would completely freak out. Hell, everyone would. And yet, Mom washed me down, combed my hair, and threw some clothes on me, so now, to all outward appearances, I look just like everyone else. But that's so wrong! I don't even know how to think about it anymore. It's a total skull fuck!

He found himself grateful that he had tests for his first three classes, because it forced him to focus on test-taking. By the time his first period was over, he had mostly recovered from his morning sex daze. At least he could fake acting normally.

Christine and Alan walked together between classes, talking as they went, but by then they were both so deeply in test-taking mode that it was easy for them to act as if the events of the previous evening had never occurred. Similarly, the tests helped Alan hide how strange he was feeling from the morning events with Brenda.

Alan's next two tests came and went. He felt pretty good about how he'd done.

As he waited at the end of his second-period English class, he thought, Finally! That monkey is off my back. I've got one test left in fifth period, but I know I'll cruise through that one. Heather came through with the illegally authored essay, and it was a good one too.

From now on, I'm going to do better so I never have to do that kind of cheating again. Not only is it wrong, but doing wrong leaves me vulnerable to blackmail. Especially from Heather. Despite our good meeting yesterday, I still don't trust her farther than I can throw her. Hell, I don't trust her farther than the eight inches I can fuck her.

But those worries are for another day. I made it through a tough week and now I get my rewards! First off, I'm gonna fuck Glory silly for lunch. We've never done that Princess Leia role-play she wants to do. I saw that she still has that costume buried in her supply closet, so we can do that one. Sean's such a big Star Wars fan; I wonder what he'd think if he was a fly on the wall for that one.

Speaking of which, with these tests basically out of the way, I have to find Sean again and get a progress report on his second Kim fuck. And I wanna hear Kim's side of it, too. Probably I should get her take first. I hope he did well, because the Xania thing is all arranged for him and right around the corner. I wonder what she'll think when he shows up there with his car all filled with camping gear. I hope the cover story of him being a guest on my scouting trip holds with his parents. It should. The call from my mom to his mother should prevent any doubts, I should think.

And then there's the hiking trip. I've been so focused on everything else that I've practically forgotten about that. But it should be a good break for me, both mentally and physically. A chance to give my mind and my dick big vacations. Forty-eight straight hours without cumming. That'll be strange.

But there's so much to do beforehand! Not only finish packing, but I've got all kinds of unresolved issues to deal with, most of which hopefully involve more sex, heh-heh. I might as well go out in style and completely drain my balls before I go. I think I can afford another fuck with Heather as final payback for the "help" with the essay. Then there's an appointment with Akami in the afternoon, which is certainly going to have more sex in it. Oh. Wait. Heather'll be at the football game cheerleading after school. Well that's one less fuck for me, for good or for bad. Probably for good - I'm only human.

And then there's the one really huge question. Is Mom's period over so I can finally fuck her? Mom did say she's still "on the rag," but that could change by the afternoon. All hope is not lost that today could be the big day.

If worse comes to worst, we'll have to wait until after the hiking trip. But that might actually be better, if we can both hold out until then. We could make a really big production out of it, and I'll be so backed up with cum I'll be able to fuck her ten times in one day! Okay, maybe not, but a hell of a lot of times. He chuckled to himself.

So sweet! I'm getting a boner just thinking about it. But in any case, she's going to want to play around before I go. I can at least console myself with that. A titfuck? An assfuck? Or the tried and true blowjob? Another double blowjob? Dang, I love those! So many good possibilities.

This is gonna be a very sexually busy afternoon. All I know is, as soon as that final school bell rings, I'm going to have as many fucks as my body can stand until the van comes to take me away. It's going to be glorious. Talk about "Thank God It's Friday!" Sweetness!

Alan had been carrying on so much about how his tests and the 20-page essay were bothering him, that a number of people knew when his academic day was finished, for all practical purposes. So when he walked out of his second-period class, Amy and Katherine were there, dressed in the skimpy red cheerleader uniforms they wore every Friday, ready to meet him with hugs and kisses (a chaste kiss on the cheek from Katherine, and a wet, lingering kiss on the lips from Amy). The two girls had finished their own tests, so the three of them gave each other high fives.

But then Katherine suddenly said in a nervous voice, "We've gotta go," and the two girls rushed off without even goodbye hugs.

Alan thought that was strange, as the five minute break period had just begun. But then he looked around and saw Heather coming his way, like a shark swimming through packs of helpless fish. She too was dressed in her cheerleader uniform. She had a serious and determined look on her face - which made Alan realize why Katherine and Amy had departed so suddenly. It seemed like Heather was coming his way to punch him in the face.

However, when she got close, she smiled at him and said, "Hi! You said you had your two tough tests to start the day, so I figure you must be through the worst of it. How'd you do?"

Alan was a bit taken aback by her casual, friendly question, especially since it contrasted dramatically with the searing look in her eyes. He replied, "Okay. I'm glad it's all over. I still have one more test later, but that one should be okay."


He hadn't gone more than a few feet from the door of his third-period class, and he stood just out of the path of those wanting to exit or enter that room. Suddenly Heather grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him a few feet down the hall and pressed him up against the wall. He found himself positioned with his face only about a foot away from hers, and her legs on either side of his. It was the perfect position if they wanted to stand and neck against the hallway lockers, but that wasn't what Heather wanted to do.

With Alan still playing catch-up, Heather grabbed one of his hands and drew it to her ass. As she did this, she said in a low and quiet voice, "Alan, thinking about our meeting yesterday makes me really HOT! It's all I can think about. I want you, no, NEED you, in my butt! Time is short and we all know what kind of day Friday is, so don't waste time!"

He didn't know what she meant when she said "we all know what kind of day Friday is," but then he reviewed his memory of their meeting and recalled his "Groping Naked Heather Day" fantasy. He'd described how dozens and dozens of strange hands would grope her all day long every Friday as she'd only wear painted on panties, and possibly even just a painted on top as well. Then the feeling of her skin on his hand made him realize that she in fact wasn't wearing any panties. He thought, Wow! She's doing the painted on panties thing! For real? Really?!

She was planning on doing the "painted-on-panties thing" today, but she was so excited about what Alan had told her the day before that even that didn't go far enough for her. She wasn't wearing panties, but hadn't had her crotch painted black yet either, as she planned to do that during sixth-period cheerleading practice, in time for the game after school. The feeling of nudity not even covered by paint and the thrill of getting caught had her so aroused that she'd been practically glowing all morning.

He looked around. There were kids milling about all over the place, and Heather was practically treated like a rock star at school, so people were always looking her way. It was remarkable no one had noticed where his hand was, mostly because it was covered by her cheerleader skirt, and they were standing close. He said, "Not here; this is nuts! Let's go around the corner, at least."


Heather let out a frustrated grunt and then practically carried Alan around the corner. She eagerly assumed the same position as before.

Touching Heather's privates in the school hall was still pretty crazy, even in their new location, but Alan couldn't resist. It only took him a couple of seconds from the time she pulled his hand up into her ass crack until he figured out what she wanted him to do. He began rubbing his hand over the inner slopes of her ass cheeks, and poked around the entry to her anus.

The ecstatic and practically orgasmic facial expression right in front of his nose told him that he was doing the right thing. He was too frazzled to notice the difference in texture between painted and unpainted skin. In any case, he would never even have considered the possibility that she would have deliberately forgone even the minimal protection of painted panties underneath her short skirt.

He looked to the right and left and wondered how the two of them would look to other people walking down the hall.

Going around the corner had moved them from a crowded hall to a less crowded hall, but it wasn't deserted. He saw some girls walking by, staring in wide-eyed wonder. But to his relief, he saw they were staring at his face and Heather's face. The faces were so close that it looked like they were about to kiss. He figured they wouldn't have even considered the possibility that he'd have his hand all over Heather's ass under her skirt.

However, he knew that Heather had such a fantastic ass that the next boys to walk by would probably be staring at it in any case. So he embraced her with his free hand and pulled her up so at least their activity would be less obvious. Then he switched to fingering her pussy from the front side. That would be a lot harder to notice, especially with their bodies closer together.


Heather was hoping to blindside Alan and so overwhelm him with sexuality and danger that she'd be able to assert control over their relationship. But right now she was the one feeling completely overwhelmed. She couldn't help but think back to the fantasies he'd put in her head of things like "Naked Heather Day" or wearing no clothes to school except painted on ones. Suddenly, she was filled with the naughty thought of Alan fucking her ass right then and there. She imagined herself wearing nothing but her cheerleader skirt and being lifted up into the air and held there by nothing but a wildly oversized version of Alan's erection.

That turned her on so much she could barely contain herself. She even had trouble breathing. "Oh Alan!" she purred. "I can't believe what you do to me!"

He thought, I don't even want to be doing this. How do I get out of this? I can't seem to pull my hand away. What's wrong with me? Am I suicidal? What if some of the football players see me? Just standing this close to Heather would earn me a serious ass whooping!

He took another look past Heather. To his surprise, he saw Heather's friend Simone standing less than ten feet away. A couple of her and Heather's mutual friends were standing with her, apparently all in on whatever Heather was up to, and enjoying the groping scene. Simone was positioned in the best spot to see what he was doing with his hand, and in so doing she and her friends had blocked off that view from anyone on his right side, no doubt deliberately. The left side was still wide open, and unfortunately they were at the corner of an L-bend in the hallway, so a big potential remained for people to see from that side.

He motioned to Simone with his head, and nodded in the direction of the exposed side. She got his non-verbal message and moved to the other side of him and Heather. She stood quite close to Heather, effectively blocking the view from that side too.

That was a big relief for Alan, but he still didn't like the situation. He whispered (even as his hand continued to explore her pussy lips), "Heather, this is dangerous!"

She huskily replied, "I know!" But to her, that was a really good thing.

The memory of being pushed and shoved by big football players in the hallway was at the forefront of his mind. He imagined what they'd do if they saw him like this. He had a vision of being repeatedly punched and kicked by a crowd of big bullies, and then having his broken and bloody body thrown out a window into a trash dumpster. He whispered in a shaky voice, "The football players!" His heart pounded like a hammer.

She breathily whispered back, "I'll take care of them! Remember what you're having me do? Believe me, they won't bother you anymore. Though I'll hate every minute of it, because you're so right about them. They're just jealous because they're a bunch of tiny-dicked losers who don't know how to fuck."

Alan felt his hand wander between Heather's legs until it was back on her ass again. He was rather amazed that his hand would fondle Heather's ass even as he knew the act was ridiculously dangerous. He didn't have the willpower to stop, and it was like his hand wasn't being controlled by his brain. But at least he managed to quickly switch positions with Heather, so that she was now up against the lockers and his back faced the open hallway. He figured that was safer, though still far from completely safe, especially with the way Heather was breathing heavily now.

The skirt and the wall covered up what his fingers were actually doing to her bare pussy and ass, but there couldn't be an innocent explanation if anyone noticed the general location of his hand. He couldn't move his hand much while Heather's body weight pressed it against the wall, but he managed to wiggle it around enough to keep Heather happy.

He looked again at Simone, and saw her lick her lips ostentatiously at him.

With a mischievous twinkle in her eye, Simone said, "Hi Alan. Did you lose something? I'm thinking you must have lost something around Heather's ass, because you sure are giving it a good search." She snickered.

He turned back to Heather. Somehow, seeing Simone lick like that made him much more scared, as if it was possible for an orgy to break out in the hallway at any moment. He consoled himself that at least Simone was keeping her voice way down low so even the other girls standing near couldn't hear.

Despite everything, his wiggling hand grew a little more adventurous, momentarily exploring her pussy lips.

Simone was watching his every move and she said, "Smart guy! You obviously need to conduct a full cavity search." She giggled.

Heather ignored that. She'd been planning to get a revenge of sorts for the way he had treated her the day before. She thought it was time to remind him who was really in charge of their relationship. At first she was too excited, but now she steeled her nerves and asked him, "Are you a 'fraidy cat? That's surprising, coming from you. I was going to jack you off, but you're obviously not in the mood." Even as she said this, she grasped his throbbing bulge through his pants.

"What?! Right here in the hallway?!"

She laughed at him, as if he was soft in the head to have a problem with that. "Where else? But time is short. We've only got a minute or two. I'll let you go as soon as you give me an orgasm." She figured she could control any man through his dick, and he'd soon be putty in her hands, ready to follow her agenda if she let him cum.


He felt very uncomfortable, because now Heather was in control and he was the one mentally knocked off balance. Not only was the situation embarrassing, but he knew it was also dangerous to let her think she could ever have the upper hand with him, like she did now. So, despite the danger, he quickly licked his long middle finger to get it lubed up, and then he stuck it up her asshole.

He'd been reluctant to go that far, but he consoled himself that at least no one would imagine she wasn't actually wearing panties, and so probably not even Simone with her extremely close view could tell what his fingers were actually doing.

Heather gasped, and she immediately appeared to wilt. The aggressive and practically triumphant look on her face disappeared and her whole body slumped down a couple of inches. Her ass was her weakness.

He didn't realize that she hadn't even painted on any panties and that her new position caused her ass to stick out and her cheerleader skirt to rise up. He was so into the moment that he didn't hear Simone and the other girls gasp as most of Heather's bare ass came into view.

He pushed his sudden advantage, and whispered, "Who's the bitch that needs a Bitch Tamer?"

"I am!" She seemed ready to cream. She tried to get back at him by unzipping his fly so she could jack him off directly, but her hands failed her as she lost her concentration, so she merely fumbled around for it. Within seconds, she gave up and went back to simply stroking his bulge.

He was really sawing at her ass now. He felt a sticky wetness spreading onto his open palm from her excited pussy. It had been moist before, but now it was flowing like a river. "You will NOT surprise me like that again, you understand? I'm in charge at all times, and I'll decide! Is that clear?"

She whimpered, "Yes."

"Who's the anal slave?"

"I am." Her hand was practically wrapped around his shaft now, despite his pants, and she stroked it with a passion. Because he happened to wear silk underpants that day, she was able to work up a good rhythm.

He purred, "You're whispering too quietly. Tell Simone and her friends what you are."

"No. I can't! They look up to me." She was trembling with arousal and fear. The fear part definitely was unusual for her.

"You can forget your Bitch Training, then." He continued to saw her anus madly, knowing that anal pleasure was the key to getting her to agree to anything.

He looked around frantically, and didn't see anyone else who'd paid them any special attention on the left side, aside from Simone. But then he looked to the right side at Heather's friends, and saw that the group had increased in size by two girls to a total of five. They also were moving in closer. Their very presence with their body posture indicating they were looking at something interesting was certain to draw a crowd before long.

Every second that Alan had his finger working in Heather's ass seemed to weaken her resolve. Her facial expression morphed from victory to defeat mere inches from his face.

She looked over at Simone, and in a quiet voice but one just loud enough for rest of the group to hear, she said, "I'm an anal slave. Alan is my master. My ass master!" Then she buried her face in one of her hands in embarrassment while her other hand kept stroking his bulge.


Simone's eyes went wide in shock, and her hands flew down to her crotch. She'd been painfully aroused by everything she'd seen and heard so far, but seeing the haughty Heather act so submissive practically made her cum on the spot.

Alan immediately pulled his finger out of Heather's asshole, his task accomplished. He whispered, "Good girl," and withdrew his hand completely from her ass. His body pulled back as well.

He looked at and sniffed his finger. While he didn't see or smell anything unusual, he nevertheless planned to wash his hands before the start of his next class. His palm was practically soaked with Heather's pussy juice, plus he had an urgent need to clean the finger that had been in her asshole.

That move caused Heather's skirt to fall back down.

Alan was still completely unaware of what she'd been showing the whole time.

Heather though, didn't want to let go of him. She continued to jack him off through his clothes with one hand while the other remained propped up against a locker in a futile effort to make their contact appeal casual.

She desperately whispered, "Can we meet for lunch?"

He pushed away, and said in a low voice, "No. I told you I have other arrangements now." He looked down at himself and saw a small wet spot atop the obscene bulge straining his pants.

She still clung to him, even though she knew that made her look pathetic and desperate to her group of friends. She whispered even quieter, "Then can I borrow the key?"

He looked at her uncertainly, painfully aware that the break was coming to a close. He lowered his voice again. "You realize it's my key and you only get to borrow it for a short while, if at all?"


Changing the subject briefly, he told her, but loud enough for the other girls to hear, "I want you to shave your bush off. Today. Your body belongs to me and I don't want a jungle down there. Is that clear?"

Heather practically swooned at that. "Yes!" Her knees buckled and she nearly fell to the floor, but luckily she managed to grasp the handle of a locker door and hang on for dear life.

"You deserve a reward for admitting who you are to your friends. I'll open the door for you at the start of lunch. Now go." He turned and hurried down the hall to the bathroom without looking to see Heather's reaction or the reaction of the others. Had he looked, he would have seen Heather, Simone, and the others simply stare at his back in amazement as he walked away from them.

Simone's hands continued to rub at her clit through her skirt, without her even realizing it.

As Alan fled the scene, clutching his cum-drenched hand with his other one, he thought about Heather. Fuck! I've created a monster! Even if she doesn't scheme against me, her enthusiasm is going to get me killed! That was complete insanity! Complete, idiotic insanity! My face is still black and blue and I'm already begging for another beating! It was just sheer luck no guys came walking past the whole time. Sheer luck!

Heather stared into space dreamily after Alan disappeared around a corner. Wow! He has such big brass balls! Talk about a REAL MAN! God! I want him even more than ever!

But then Simone walked up to her to speak and she snapped back to reality.

The transformation of Heather's face was incredible. She instantly went from lost and moony to looking like a harsh drill sergeant. Her eyes fell on the five other girls who had watched the whole thing and she gave them a deadly look. They had been quietly chattering amongst themselves, but quickly shut up.

"Okay you lot. Come with me." Heather realized she had to make these girls completely shut up about what they'd just seen and heard. She could trust Simone to be discreet, but these others would need strong persuasion for her to be absolutely sure.

Luckily, they were all members of her "Blondie" group (and in fact all of them were blonde), so she already had them more or less under her control.


Alan had a very hard time settling down after that encounter with Heather. He sat down and tried to focus on his third-period art class, but his dick stayed very erect.

Christine was sitting next to him, as she did in nearly all his classes. She noticed his hard-on right away, since he walked in holding his hands over his crotch. He was trying to be subtle, but there was only so much he could do. She acted normal and didn't say anything about it to him, but her mind was racing with all sorts of thoughts about it, including who or what made him that uncomfortably aroused.

Only a minute or two after he sat down, and before class actually began, his teacher Mr. Jackson walked up to his desk. Even more curiously, Simone was with him, following just behind. This was very strange, since Simone wasn't in the class.

Mr. Jackson spoke quietly while the other students filed in to the classroom. "Hey Alan, I've got a student aide here with something for you to do. Try not to be long, okay?"

Alan looked back and forth between Mr. Jackson and Simone. He didn't understand, and it showed on his face. "What is it for?"

Mr. Jackson was holding a small piece of paper, and he held it up and read it to himself. "I don't know. It just says that your presence is required by... let's see here... some visiting nurse named Ms. Hendrix." He squinted at Alan. "Is there anything wrong with you?"

"Um, no. I feel fine." He looked suspiciously at Simone, since he knew her last name was Hendrix.

Since she was standing a little behind Mr. Jackson, she gave Alan a sexy smile and a provocative wink.


Alan suddenly had visions of having sex with her. He wanted to be annoyed, but they weren't exactly unappealing visions.

Christine was already feeling very suspicious from seeing Alan's lewd bulge, but having Simone, of all people, come to take him away sent her curiosity off the charts. She was tempted to say or do something to find out more or even follow them, but all she could do was simmer in frustration.

Just a few moments later, Alan and Simone were walking out of class and down the hall. Once the coast was clear, Alan said with amusement, "Nurse Hendrix, huh? I wonder who that could be."

Simone smiled from ear to ear as she played stupid. "You got me."

He chuckled at that, then asked, "Seriously, what's going on? I don't like being shanghaied left and right. And I don't want to miss any of the class."

"I'm aware. But I have some serious stuff to talk to you about, regarding Heather, and it can't wait. Don't worry; I don't want to miss a lot of class either."

He replied, "Oh. Well, I'm okay with that then, I guess." In truth, his horniness was making him eager. "Where are we going?"

"We need to talk in private. You have the key to the theater room on you, right?"


"Good. Let's go there."

He noticed they were already headed in that direction. "How'd you get me out of class, by the way?"

"Heather has a stack of passes about this high." She held her hands up, gesturing a distance of about two feet high. "I used one on myself too, of course."

He sighed. "Figures. I just hope and pray that Heather's power at school will allow her to influence the football players. Has she told you yet about how they're after me?"

Simone responded, "Don't worry, Heather tells me everything, and I know she's working on things already. Besides, I'm pretty well plugged in on the grapevine here at school myself, so yeah, I already know all about your situation. Let me tell you though, those guys are all bark and no bite. Nobody crosses Heather and survives to tell about it. Nobody."

He grumbled as he walked along, "You make her sound like a mass murderer."

She quipped, "Nah. Mass killing is too crude for her. She prefers targeted ass-ass-ination." She wiggled her hips outrageously each time she said "ass."

He laughed, despite himself. "That has to be the worst pun I've ever heard."

"Hey, you try making a joke on the spot out of mass murder. It ain't easy."

"Good point. And here we are."

They had reached the door to the theater room. As he unlocked the door, he thanked his lucky stars that he'd managed to get the only key to the room from Heather. Furthermore, had he let Heather borrow the key earlier, he wouldn't be able to be here with Simone now.

Once Alan and Simone were safely inside the room with the door closed, he immediately turned to her and asked, "Okay, so what's so important that I had to miss class?"

Simone walked to a couch and sat down on it before answering. "Several things, actually."

Alan, following along, sat down next to her. "Such as...?"

"The main thing concerns what happened between you and her today in the hallway. But first, before I forget, I want to mention something curious from yesterday that you might find interesting. I was hanging out with Heather in her room after school, as we usually do. One thing led to another, and we started fooling around. When I got all of her clothes off, guess what I discovered?"

"What?" He was impatient to return to class, and it showed.

"Some crusty, yucky cum on her ass cheeks! Can you imagine? I wonder where that came from?"

His eyes widened in genuine surprise. "Oh no. She didn't."

"She did."

"God damn. I told her to keep that cum on her ass as just kind of a... thing. You know, it was just something arousing to say in the heat of the moment. I thought she'd get off on the idea. I didn't expect her to actually DO it!"

Simone laughed. "I know. I was pretty blown away too. But I thought I should tell you because it shows that she takes what you say seriously. I know that in general you shouldn't trust her farther than you can throw her, and you still should be wary. But when you say something, it means something to her, which in and of itself is highly unusual, believe me. Frankly, I don't even know how to read her sometimes lately, because she's acting totally out of character when it comes to you."

He didn't know what to say. That was unexpected.

She went on, "She told me all about your demand not to have sex with anyone else except for me and the cheerleaders. You do know that she and I have a very special relationship, don't you?"

"I do. I probably don't know the half of it, but I have a general idea. And believe you me, I have no intention of getting in the way of that. My main concern is the spread of STDs. As long as you're not having sex with all kinds of strangers, it's fine with me if you do whatever the hell you want with her whenever you want. Frankly, that's not my business."

"Except if there's a disease concern, and then it is your business," Simone pointed out.

"Well, yeah. Sorry, but that's just being prudent."

She nodded warily. "I understand. And you'll be glad to know that I'm only having sex with one guy right now, the wide receiver I told you about before. And he's a real straight arrow. I'm only the third girl he's had sex with, and each has been in a serious relationship. He's pushing me to go steady, but of course I can't. It's not you that would hold me back, it's the fact that I have sex with Heather nearly every day. He wouldn't understand that."

"Ah. Well, thanks for telling me all that." He said impatiently, "Now, about what happened today in the hall-"

"Wait a minute. You asked me to be your eyes and ears when it comes to Heather's sex partners. After talking to her yesterday, I get the sense that she's serious about limiting herself to just you, me, and the cheerleaders. She wonders how long she can go without more 'live cock' than just you, but at the same time she's not about to just up and have sex with some other guy, because she thinks they all pale in comparison to you. I even suggested she should look outside the school for more impressive partners, and she just flat out wasn't interested in that idea at all. That means you have some kind of emotional hold on her. I know she has a nasty habit of promising one thing and doing the exact opposite, but in this case you should know that she's not blowing smoke up your ass."

She paused, and then added, "Actually, she probably IS blowing smoke up your ass. Sounds like you two do all kinds of wild ass-related stuff. But what I mean is, when she's not busy tonguing your ass and blowing air up it, she's not running around and blowing smoke up other guys' asses too."

He grinned. "Thanks for the clarification. Actually, that's good news. Please let me know if there's any kind of change, okay?"

Simone smiled and mock-saluted. "Yes, sir. Traitorous, back-stabbing Mata Hari Hendrix at your service."

"Hey, it's not like that. You're not betraying your friend in any way. On the contrary, you're helping her, big time. When she's with you, if she's anything like she is when she's with me, you know she's unreasonably wild and reckless. She's completely convinced that she'll never have to face any consequences. As your best friend, it's good if you look out for her."

Simone nodded. "I know. I do feel a twinge of guilt, but you're right that it's for the greater good. You should beware, though. On the STD issue, you and I see eye to eye. But if your interests clash with her interests, I'm liable to side with her."

"I know. And I understand. Thanks for being honest. Now, speaking of wild and reckless, what did you want to say about that hall encounter today?"

"Ah. That. You really set the school on fire with that little stunt." She pointed to a spot on the couch just behind him. "And the fires are still burning, as I can see from the smoke rising out of your ass crack."

He realized she was heading for a joke, and got there first. "No, don't worry about that; that's just the smoke that Heather's been blowing up there."

She grinned, but said, "Darn, you stole my punch line. Anyway, as I'm sure you remember, it wasn't just you and her standing there, I was there along with a bunch of Heather's friends. And sure, I could keep my lips shut, but Heather's other friends? Not so much. In fact, she doesn't really HAVE other friends. Not real friends."

He joked, "Yeah, I've heard from reliable sources that you'd have to be certifiably insane to be friends with her."

"True. Too true. By the way, you should stop by my place one day and check out my insanity certificate. It's very official. But anyway, her other so-called friends can't be trusted to keep a secret. Sure enough, by lunchtime, rumors were running rampant. Remember, you had Heather tell the group point blank: 'I'm an anal slave. Alan is my master. My ass master.' So... not a lot of subtlety or room for misinterpretation there."

He grimaced. "Oh... yeah... That..."

Simone rolled her eyes. "Yeah, THAT! But don't worry, I'll do my best to take care of it during lunch, and I'm sure Heather will too. In the meantime, you need to watch out!"

"Thanks. Damn. Is there anything I can do, other than just 'watch out?'"

"For one thing, don't be blatantly fingering Heather's ass in the hallway!"

He winced. "Yeah. That was not my best moment. But you can't blame just me for that. She was all over me like some kind of excitable octopus. She was unstoppable! Believe it or not, I was doing some damage control there. I had to play along to some degree. You should have seen her. She was so horny that I seriously thought she was gonna drop to her knees and blow me right there in the hallway!"

Simone pointed out, "I was there, silly. And I do know what you mean, because she was that horny, so you do have a point. And I'm partly to blame too. As you pointed out earlier, Heather is unreasonably reckless, and I kind of see myself as her guardian angel, making sure she doesn't get into TOO much trouble. A little bit of mischief is okay, though." She winked. "That's why I've agreed to be your inside source and help you out with the STD issue."

He sighed. "Shit. I'll been far too careless, about too many things."

"Shit, indeed. Although in your case it's probably smoke-flavored shit from all that ass blowing Heather's been doing."

He looked at her in confusion.

"Sorry. Once I get on a jokey riff, I tend to run it into the ground."

He rolled his eyes.

An idea came to her, "By the way, since I'm your secret insider, I'll need a code name. Can I be Deep Throat?" Her voice turned flirtatious, and she struck a sexy pose on the couch. "Of course, I have to earn that name, and I don't know how to deep throat yet. But I figure you can help me with practice. Lots and lots of practice!"

She put a hand on his crotch. She was disappointed that he didn't have any sign of an erection, but within seconds she felt a bulge. She theatrically bugged her eyes out, and cried out in her best attempt at a Transylvanian accent, "Igor, Igor, come to the basement. It's ALIVE!"

Alan laughed, but he also pulled her hand away, since he felt obliged to get back to class. He asked, "Are you trying to be Dr. Frankenstein?"

She said in a pretend offended tone, "It's Dr. Fraaaankensteeein."

He laughed, because he recognized the reference to dialogue in the Mel Brooks movie Young Frankenstein. Recalling more of the movie, he quipped back, "Then you should know my name is pronounced 'Eye-gore.'"

She had a good laugh at that. "Touché. I love a man who is well cultured and knows the true movie classics. That's why your code name should be Biggus Dickus." She put her hand back on his bulge, which was already larger. "I don't know why that name just came to me, but it did."

Catching the Monty Python movie reference, he said, "Ah, yes. That's my vewy gweat fwiend in Wome. If that's my code name, then Heather's needs to be Intercontentia Buttocks."


Simone laughed heartily, "accidentally" and repeatedly squeezing his bulge as her body shook with the laughter. "Awesome! And fitting. It's sad how few of my friends even know the movie Life of Brian exists. But anyway, getting back to the hallway incident, it's my self-appointed role to serve as Heather's kind of guardian angel, but I just stood by and let it all happen. And you know why?"


"Because I was damn horny too! Do you realize how arousing it was to see you treat Heather like that and get away with it? To watch a red-faced Heather actually tell a bunch of her Blondie friends 'I'm an anal slave. Alan is my master. My ass master?' My God!"

He shook his head in wonder that that had actually happened.

"And then to see you fingering her ass and look at all their shocked faces?! All of us were so fucking horny, it was incredible! If we'd had more time, not only would Heather have dropped to her knees to suck your cock, but I would have too! Then I would have turned to the other now kneeling Blondies as I pulled my clothes off and said, 'Sorry girls, but you've gotta wait your turn!'"

Needless to say, this sort of talk aroused him greatly.


Simone let go of his bulge, but only because she used both hands to quickly pull her top off and then undo her bra for good measure. She knew she had to work fast before he thought to put up a resistance.

It was so fast that it seemed to happen in the blink of an eye for a very bewildered Alan. He was bewildered because he was quickly finding himself overcome by lust as well. He wanted to stop her, but all he said was, "You don't have to illustrate your story by, uh..."

"Oh, but I do!" She returned her focus to his crotch. But this time she brought both hands there. She deftly managed to unzip his fly and whip out his erection with as much speed as she'd taken her top and bra off.

He complained, "Simone, we can't do this! What about my teacher, Mr. Jackson? It's not fair to him if you waste valuable class time jacking me off."

She joked, "I didn't realize he was jealous. Next time, he can jack you off. But he's not here and I am, so let me do the honors." By this time, she was already busy fondling his exposed privates with both hands.


"That's my name, don't wear it out or I'll make you buy me a new one. And don't worry, you'll be Simoooooaning with pleasure before too long."

He laughed. "You really are the queen of the bad puns, aren't you? And please, stop this handjob before it goes too far!"

She kept on stroking, and said in parody of the famous U.S. military slogan, "It's not just a hand job, it's a hand adventure!"

He laughed some more. "You're really too much. But please, stop it already. It feels too good."

"Well, we wouldn't want that."

To his surprise, she did stop the handjob as soon as she said that. She stood up next to the couch and began wiggling out of the red shorts she was wearing. He was disappointed, realizing that he didn't really want her to stop. Then he realized her intentions.

As she wiggled the shorts down her muscular legs, pulling her panties down with them, she said, "I'm stopping because I can't do that while you're fucking me."

"Whoa! Wait a minute!" He didn't even know why he said that once he said it, because he was so horny that he was past the point of no return.

She could tell his protests lacked conviction, and the way his hard-on stood up at a jaunty angle showed just how aroused he was. But she kept talking because it was taking her some time to get completely naked. "By the way, did I mention that I'm STILL horny from what I saw you do to Heather earlier? I've been having an itch needing to be scratched all fucking day!"

She finally had all her clothes off, so she picked up her panties and tossed them at him. "See how wet I've been! And not only that, but Heather carries on about you like you're the greatest motherfucking fucker on Earth! It's time that I find out what the hype is all about!"

Since Alan still hadn't moved, Simone crawled back up on the couch and all over him.

He couldn't resist squeezing her dark globes. "But you've already had sex with me."

"I know, but let's not rush to judgment." She grinned impishly. "We need a few good fucks before I begin to make up my mind."

He disengaged and stood up, but even he knew that by this point he was only playing hard to get. When she got up and wrapped her arms around him, pressing her naked body against his clothed one, he didn't resist. All he managed to say was, "Some kind of angel you are."

She was all smiles. "Hey, who says devils get to have all the fun?" She knew his fly was unzipped, so she dramatically yanked his pants down nearly to his knees.

He was smiling from ear to ear too. "Uh oh. I have a feeling we're about to fuck."

"Brilliant deduction. Biggus Dickus? They should call you Biggus Brainus." Holding his shaft, she rose up and lowered herself down on it until he was fully impaled in her while they both remained standing up.

A great surge of pleasure went through him. "Whoa!"

She smirked. "That was articulate. You sound like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix."

The comment made him realize that he was just reacting. He decided that it was time to get proactive. Although he knew her comment that she wanted to find out what the hype was all about was made partly in jest, he realized there was some truth to it too, and that she really did wonder why Heather was so hung up on him. He was determined to rock her world, just like he'd repeatedly rocked Heather's.

With that in mind, he unexpectedly lifted her up until his dick was almost entirely out of her vagina. Then, just as unexpectedly, he suddenly dropped her back down, dramatically impaling her on his thick shaft.

Simone's eyes bugged out and she yelled out incoherently. "HUUUGGYNNG!"

Playfully throwing her comment back at her, he said, "That was articulate. You sound like Keanu Reeves getting strangled to death."

She recovered quickly, and joked, "Sadly, a sound we have yet to hear." Obviously, she wasn't a fan of the actor's acting abilities.

He realized that while fucking standing might look good to someone watching, it wasn't a very practical position. So he said, "I could stand here all day and impale you" - just then, he lifted her up and impaled her back down again - "all day long."

"Sounds good!"

"Or, I could bend you over the couch and fuck you doggy style."

"Sounds even better!"

After he impaled her a couple more times for good measure, they changed positions, allowing him to fuck her on the couch as he'd described.


As his cock slid back in her tight sheath, he thought, Maaaan, that feels good. I can't believe this is happening. Here I am, fucking one of the hottest girls in school, when I should be back in art class! Life is GOOD!

He laughed out loud, even as he started thrusting.

Simone asked, "What's- UGH! What's so funny?"

He joked, "I just realized that before long I'm gonna be Simoooaning with pleasure. Maybe even Si-moaning and Si-groaning."


"Was that a 'bad joke' ugh or a 'damn, you're fucking me good' ugh?"

"Both! Seriously! So bad, but so funny. If you keep it up, I'm going to have a tell-me-some-more-gasm!"

He replied, "Ugh! And that's a 'bad joke' ugh! If you keep THAT up, I'm gonna give you a show-you-the-door-gasm."

She guffawed at his quick wit. She quipped back, "Shut up already, or I'm going to have to hit you across the head with a two-by-four-gasm!"

They kept on fucking, but at the same time they also kept up their playful, jokey banter.

At one point, Simone pondered the situation even as he was fucking her hard and deep. I'm starting to get why Alan is so popular with the ladies. He makes sex FUN! He knows just what to do. With Heather, he somehow figured out that she gets off on dirty and mean talk, so he gives her that. And with me, he knows I love joking around. And even though it doesn't get me off in any way, it sure as hell makes this a total blast! Even though his jokes are so bad, hee-hee! Between the joking and the fucking, I can't breathe!

After a few minutes, the joking, and indeed any talking at all, faded away because they were going at it so energetically. Alan was still determined to give Simone a fucking she'd remember. He did have to stop at times for a minute or two to catch his breath and gather his energies, but then he'd be at it again, pounding her over the couch with great vigor.

Eventually, Simone had a nice orgasm. She figured he'd cum too, and that would be the end of it. But in fact he wasn't even close to cumming yet, and he had no intention of stopping. He'd discovered that continuing to steadily fuck right through a woman's orgasm and well beyond it was a great way to make an impression, so that's what he was doing now.

Simone was winded and overwhelmed by her climax. Her pussy was in a sensitive state too. So when she noticed he was still going, she panted, "Stop! Please!"

But he didn't stop. Instead, he said, "You don't mean that."

"No, I do. I really do!"

"Trust me on this, okay? Give it another minute. If you still want to stop, then I'll stop."

"Well... okay," she groaned, still dubious.

So he kept on fucking, but he slowed down some to give her body at chance to at least partially recover.

There were no clocks in the room and Simone wasn't wearing a watch. As a result, she had no way of knowing when a minute had passed. She tried to count the seconds in her head, but Alan started talking to her, telling her dumb-blonde jokes, of all things (he always had a bunch of those memorized to use on Christine). He asked her, "If a blonde and brunette both jumped off a building at the same time, who would land first?"

Simone answered, "The brunette. The blonde would have to stop and ask directions! By the way, don't try to out joke me. I know them all!"

He tried a few more jokes on her, and she knew the punch line more often than not. But in the process, he got her to forget all about counting until a minute was up. Eventually, he was so confident that she was into keeping the fucking going, he said, "Here's kind of a different one. If you're fucking a sexy girl, how do you get her to stop counting to sixty?"

Simone was so preoccupied with getting fucked that she couldn't think straight. So she just asked, "Huh?"

"You tell her lots of dumb-blonde jokes!"

She finally figured it out. "Grrr! I'm gonna get you for that one!"

"Yeah, you're not exactly in a position to do that." Pleased as punch at his cleverness, he kept right on fucking her, hard and fast.

She was amazed that he hadn't climaxed yet. She was nearly as amazed that he could continue talking without running out of air. What she didn't know was that it wasn't so much a matter of him being in good shape as it was a matter of getting "trained" at both things through many daily sexual adventures that involved talking more often than not.

But even Alan had his limits. Once he'd told that "stop counting to sixty" joke, he went silent again and concentrated fully on the fucking. He'd already reached a point where he had to rhythmically squeeze his PC muscle to stop an imminent climax. But he also knew from recent experience that he'd gained the ability to do that nearly indefinitely (or at least until he ran out of the energy needed to continue the squeezing and the fucking).

He felt he had Simone right where he wanted her. He'd gotten her to cum once, and he kept on fucking until he got her to cum again. Then they changed positions, and he laid on top of her on the couch. But, like before, he didn't give her much chance to rest and recover. It wasn't long before he fucked his way through her third orgasm.

He was going to keep on going, but she started shouting, "Stop! Stop!" It sounded like she really meant it this time. He didn't feel like he knew her well enough to decide he knew better and continue fucking right through her cries to stop. So he really did come to a stop.

As they rested, he said, "Your loss. If you would have let me continue, I really would have rocked your world."

She panted, "You already DID rock my world! Hell, you fucked me half to death! You gave me a set-off-a-nuclear-war-gasm! Jeeeesus!"

He laid on top of her, cuddling. "Yeah, but that's nothing. Seriously, I could have fucked you all the way to death."

She realized he was serious about the fact that she'd missed out while also being joking about his exact language. "That doesn't sound so appealing. I think I prefer being fucked just short of seeing the Grim Reaper."

He grinned and kissed her face. "I can see you've got a point there."

Even though she was exhausted, she reached down and found his dick. He'd pulled all the way out, so it was resting against his thigh. "Hey! You're still hard!"

"Yeah, well, I figured we were going to keep going for a while."

"Oh, geez. I'm sorry. And... hey! I just realized! What about a condom? Damn, we forgot!"

"No, you forgot. Once we got kind of close, I was going to put one on. But that wasn't going to be for a while yet. Actually, we could still do it. You want me to put one on now?"

"Are you kidding me?! Damn! That's all I can say, is damn!" She laid under him, still panting and sweating.

In truth, he'd forgotten about the condom too. But his goal was to impress her, so he was exaggerating just how long he could have lasted. With the condom comment, he was giving the impression that he was just getting started.

He thought, Shit! I talk a good talk about being careful about STDs, but when it comes to actual fucking, I forget more often than not! And here I thought I was so clever with that 'stop counting to sixty' joke. What an idiot!

However, he turned the close call about the condom into an opportunity. "Hey, Simone, if we're gonna keep meeting like this, we need to be more serious about STDs. As you know, I've already been tested, and I know you have too recently."

"That's right."

"But don't you think it would be good if we're both tested again? And Heather too? One can never be too careful."

"Yeah. Sure. Jesus Christ, at this point, I'd agree to anything. After getting fucked like that! No wonder Heather's so ga-ga over you. I know you fucked me before, and that was a lot of fun, but this was way more intense!"

"Hey, we aim to please. By the way, what you just experienced is called a please-stop-I'm-much-too-sore-gasm."

She had a good laugh at that. "Stop! No more jokes! If you don't kill me with the fucking, you're gonna kill me with the joking. I need to catch my breath!"

Alan laid on top of her and just cuddled and rested for a while. She apologized several times for stopping before he'd had a chance to cum. He shrugged it off, appearing to be selfless about it. In fact, he was secretly relieved. He'd had plenty of fun fucking her, and since he hadn't climaxed, that meant he'd still be ready for more when he got home later. He had no doubt he'd be in for a lot more fun and sexual times before the day was over.

Eventually, the two of them rested enough to get up and go back to class.

Simone had made sure to talk to him in the theater room with the intention of getting him to fuck her. However, she hadn't planned on it taking so long or feeling so wiped out afterwards. He had truly impressed her with his skill and especially his stamina.

Both of them made it back in time for the second half of their third-period classes. But after all the fucking, the best they could do was go through the motions.


The break between third and fourth period was an extremely eventful one for Glory. She was lost in thought at the end of her third-period class. Heather was in Glory's third-period class on the second floor.

As the class came to an end, all of Glory's students stood to leave, and she saw an opportunity to give Heather the evil eye while no one else was looking.

Heather returned it with an even more menacing look. In fact, the tension between the two had been increasing over the past few days; this wasn't their first exchange of mean looks. However, neither of them dared to say anything. Glory knew that, as a teacher, she wasn't supposed to do such things, and Heather didn't want to be blatant about incurring her teacher's wrath.

Heather was also in a hurry, so she flew out of the class with surprising speed. She had plans to catch Alan as he left his class down on the ground floor, so as soon as she left Glory's class she broke into a run.

But Glory wasn't so worried about Heather today. Her thoughts were more on Alan and the fact that he'd be coming into the room in a couple of minutes. She couldn't shake the notion that there was something dreadfully wrong.

As she got up and walked down the hallway for a bathroom break, she thought, That mother role-play I put on yesterday still haunts me. I wanted to look him in the eye, but I didn't get a chance. I was so out of it thanks to the vibrators that I didn't put him to the real test. But was it that I wasn't paying proper attention, or was it that he managed to avoid looking me in the eye, because he didn't dare look me in the eye? There's so much circumstantial evidence that just leaves me with a really bad feeling. Am I risking my career and everything else on a guy who's so sex-crazed that he'd even have sex with his own sister or mother? Or both?

She shuddered in disgust.

She ruminated on this some more while she went to the bathroom. As she made her way back to her classroom, she saw Katherine talking to a couple of friends in the hallway just outside the door to the teen's next class (Katherine had just come up to the second floor after giving her congratulations to Alan and being spooked by Heather). During breaks, most students tended to linger in the hallways and socialize until the very last moment.

Glory walked up to Katherine, and said, "Excuse me. Can I speak to you for a moment?"

Katherine was surprised. She and Glory knew each other by name, and they knew a lot about each other through Alan, but they'd hardly ever spoken directly. Katherine had never been in one of Glory's classes yet. But she couldn't say no to a teacher, so she agreed and followed Glory down the hallway. To her surprise, they entered a ladies' room, the very room Glory had just been in.

Glory looked the bathroom over thoroughly, checking each stall to make sure they were alone. They were.

Katherine thought Glory's scoping out the room was extremely odd, and she started getting nervous about it. Then Glory walked up to her and looked at her from an uncomfortably short distance with a strange, intense expression. That made Katherine even more nervous.

Time was ticking on the class break, and Glory, as a teacher, couldn't afford to be late to her own class, but she just stared at Katherine while she tried to figure out what she wanted to say. She hadn't planned this exchange in advance, but she had an intuition that she could find out from Katherine if Alan was committing incest with her. If only she could only figure out the right thing to say, she'd have her evidence.

The problem was, she couldn't just blurt out, "Are you having sex with your brother?" because it would be beyond embarrassing if she was wrong. A good twenty seconds went by while she thought, and Katherine grew increasingly flustered and nervous. She had no idea what Glory was up to.

Finally, Glory simply said, "Katherine, you know that I'm involved with your brother. I want to ask you about who else he's involved with."


Katherine blanched. Her jaw dropped in surprise. She immediately assumed Glory was referring to her, even though Glory didn't say or even directly imply that. She averted her eyes and blushed profusely. She stammered, "I'm sorry, Ms. Rhymer. I don't know what you mean."

Glory felt an incredible sadness. It was like a ten-ton weight had come crashing down on her head. It was more than she could bear. She looked away as well. Her brain screamed, IT'S TRUE! FUCK! ALAN IS SLEEPING WITH HIS SISTER! NO! PLEASE GOD, NO!

She muttered to Katherine, "My apologies. Never mind." Then she rushed out of the bathroom without looking at the teen again.

Katherine was left confused. She just thought, What the hell was that about? That was a close call! The way she was staring me down, I totally thought... Phew! I'm all tingly. I'll have to tell Brother about that. Weird.

She hurried back to her class, unaware of just how guilty she'd looked to Glory.

Glory hurried down the hall. It was fortunate for Alan that her class was on the second floor, because had she been one floor lower, she would have rushed right past Alan and Heather. If she'd noticed them, she almost certainly would have stopped to see what they were doing, and noticed that Alan was fondling, if not fingerfucking, the bitchy cheerleader's ass. That would have been the absolute worst thing she could have seen at that moment.

But even as it was, Glory was beyond distraught. She wanted to scream. She wanted to throw things. She wanted to cry. The one thing she didn't want to do was teach a class. Yet that's what she had to do.


Glory walked back into her classroom just as the bell rang. Barely making it to her own class on time was quite unusual for her. She sat at her desk for some moments, shuffling papers and gathering her wits. She was determined not to look at Alan, which was difficult because he sat right in front of her in the front row.

But, in fact, he wasn't there.

Once third period ended, Christine was dying to find out where he'd been for nearly the entire last hour, and especially what Simone's role was. They had different fourth period classes in different directions, but he'd been forced to delay heading to his class while Christine not-so-subtly questioned him.

The official story, that a visiting nurse named Ms. Hendrix had called for him, was extremely dubious, especially since Simone's last name was Hendrix. He knew Christine had overheard that, and he figured she'd dig around and soon figure out that there was no visiting nurse with that name. So he'd admitted that story wasn't true, but said he couldn't reveal the true story, as he didn't want to break any confidences.

Needless to say, this frustrated Christine to no end. She pressed him for answers from various angles until the time between classes was almost up.

As a result, he ran out of time and had to run upstairs to Glory's class as quickly as he could. He was still running when the bell rang. He burst into the room rather dramatically, still huffing and puffing, just as one of the other students was closing it.

Glory couldn't help but look up to see who caused the disturbance, and when she saw it was Alan her heart leapt to her throat. She jerked her head away and said nothing.

The students found her behavior quite strange. Her appearance - burning cheeks, trembling hands - was stranger still. But then, to add to the strangeness, she announced, "Hello, class. Something has come up. I want you all to write an in-class essay right now on this week's reading assignment. Um, think about something you feel strongly from that reading, and develop an argument on that. You have the entire class. I'll be back shortly."

That announcement was met with groans. Most noticed that there was something not right about her demeanor, if they hadn't picked up on it already. She spoke in a robotic monotone, and stared straight ahead, above the eyes of everyone. She was trying desperately hard not to look at Alan, who had taken his seat in the front row. She fled the class as soon as the last words of her announcement left her lips.

Despite his late arrival, Alan knew Glory well and also realized something was wrong, very wrong. His front row seat allowed him to see that she was trembling and tensed up while most in the back rows missed those clues. He could tell that a problem was brewing with her, but he was completely stumped as to what the problem might be. He put his head down and got to work on the in class work she'd just assigned, even though he knew it was just busy work to cover some kind of emergency.

Glory didn't know where to go to have some privacy and a good cry. She didn't want Alan to go looking for her and find her. Then she remembered the supply room that she had the keys to. It was the very same supply room Alan had used to fuck his sister and Kim, in what seemed ages ago. She knew about his shenanigans with Kim in that room, and she bitterly recalled the memory. She ironically went back to the inner supply room where Alan first agreed to fuck his sister, and crumpled down to the floor. She cried.

She cried and cried for many long minutes, thinking about nothing in particular, but just feeling weighted down by the entire situation. After a while, words began to form, and she thought, I want to cry on someone's shoulder, but now I'm all alone. I just broke up with my boyfriend, and now I can't cry on Alan's shoulder! Poor Garth. I should have stuck with him.

But Alan! God, I want him so bad, but it can't be. It's over! It has to be over. If I'm too stupid not to break up with him now too, then someone should shoot me. It's just been one thing after another with him. First, sleeping with my own student was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong! So stupid. Then I find out that he's sleeping with other women, and do I break up with him? No! STUPID. He even steals my key to fuck another girl in this very room, and do I care? No. I find out about more and more partners, and do I care about that? No. I'm so desperate for a good fucking and desperate for love that I acted like a complete slut and an even bigger idiot.

Then things get more and more dangerous with Heather and everything, and do I care? Do I say "slow down," "play it cool?" No! Stupid again! I even go and break up with my dependable boyfriend for this wild kid. The Alan I knew and loved was the most good and innocent and tender boy, but he's turned into something else. He's turned into a sexual monster who'll fuck his own sister! Where's the love? I thought he loved me, but he's only hurt me. It's like we're all just his sex slaves!

He doesn't care. When I told him I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday, it barely registered. "Oh. That's nice. Thanks for that." He never calls, he never visits me outside of school - he's probably too busy fucking his sister! Face it Glory, you're just a midday fuck for an evil sex monster! And you're a dumbfuck. A DUMB FUCK. IDIOT! He's totally crushed my heart.

I should have said no. I should have said no a million times over. Well, I'm saying no NOW. He's gone way too far this time. Incest? It makes me want to retch. What the hell is wrong with him? That's disgusting! Does he just fuck anything that moves? What's next? Necrophilia? Bestiality?

Oh no, it could be worse, much, much WORSE! What if he is sleeping with his mother too? I know he's doing Mrs. Pestridge, and of course everybody knows about him and Amy. So he's fucking one mother-daughter team already. Mrs. Plummer would be just as sexy as her neighbor if she dressed right. Plus, no matter what she wears, it's obvious she has just about the largest set of breasts I've ever seen, and Alan is a tit man. If he's had sex with his sister, why would he stop there? ... But that is so WRONG! How could she? His sister is bad enough; probably the only hope is that Mrs. Plummer somehow resists him. This is just insane. I CANNOT BE INVOLVED WITH HIM! Period!

Gloria Rhymer, what have you done? I just have to completely cut it off. I can't ever again be friends with him after this, as much as that pains me. How will I ever look at him again? How will I be able to teach his class, or even keep my job?

She buried her face in her hands and cried some more. I loved him. LOVED him! He was the only one I ever loved! Hell, I STILL love him. Even after all this, I still love him! I can't bear it. I just can't! I can't go back in there into that classroom! It'll just rip my heart in two to see his cute face again.

She cried for nearly the entire period. But she knew that she couldn't avoid her responsibilities entirely. As time started to run out on the class hour, she managed to pull herself together enough to stop crying. She went to the bathroom and cleaned up. She washed her face over and over, trying to erase the evidence of such a heavy cry, but her eyes stayed red no matter what she did. Finally she had to go back in to the room where Alan was. Her feet felt like lead as she slowly walked back to where she knew he was sitting.

Glory sat at her desk without looking up and then had everyone turn in their papers. The bell rang, and the students all filed out - all but one. By this point she wished the class would never end, because she didn't want to have to be alone with Alan. But she was.

By this time, Alan realized that something was terribly wrong. He'd spent most of the class thinking about what might be bothering Glory instead of fully concentrating on his assignment.

At one point, he went to go find her under the excuse of taking a bathroom break, but he didn't see her anywhere. When she came back with painfully red eyes and a defeated walk, his trepidation grew. He couldn't think what could be bothering her so much unless it had to do with him. Everything else in her life was going fine as far as he knew, and the breakup with her boyfriend had been a long time coming to what seemed like a loveless relationship anyway. The more he thought about it, the more he figured it was either some horrible new scheme of Heather's or Glory had found out about the incest. His worst fear was that Heather had told her about the incest. By the end of the class he was almost sure that's what it was.

The others were all gone. Alan stood in front of Glory's desk, waiting. She resolutely kept her head down. Finally, he said, "Glory, I can tell that something's obviously wrong. Do you want to talk about it?"

Without looking up, she simply said, "I know."

He blanched just as his sister had. His body immediately went into panic mode, but he stood his ground and tried not to broadcast his emotions. He had a very good idea what she knew.

Then she repeated soberly, "I know." She added, "I know about you and your sister. I ran into her before class, and I could tell just from looking at her face. I can't... We can't... It's over. Please leave now. You have to go."

She still didn't look up. She hoped that he would silently walk out and she'd never have to see his face again. She knew it would be very painful to look at him.

He was stunned, even though he'd suspected this, but he didn't leave. His mind was too frazzled to think. It wasn't just that she knew about the incest; his worst fears had come true and she'd chosen to break up as well. It was all too much to take. He'd been under a lot of stress lately in trying to juggle all of the women in his life and keep them happy, and he felt as if all of the balls in the air had just all fallen to the ground.

He fell to his knees and then dropped forwards onto her desk. He buried his face in his hands just as Glory had done in the supply closet, and cried. Just as happened to her, he had a pure outpouring of emotion that seemed to have no end. He was so overcome that he couldn't control himself. He almost forgot that Glory was sitting there right in front of him. When he would remember, his reaction was just like Glory's: he wished she was gone because he couldn't bear to look at her.

He cried into his own arms for a long time. It went on at least twenty minutes. From time to time he paid enough attention to hear the sound of Glory crying as well. Eventually her tears dried up and she stopped and just stared at his head. His crying slowed down too, until it was more a series of sobs.

At one point, he thought, I'm some kind of hypocrite, or selfish bastard, certainly. Hell, I just got a double blowjob from Mom and Sis this morning. I'm involved with too many women, and they're all amazing. Why the hell would I need Glory too? But I do! I really do! I LOVE her! It's not just a sexual thing, or even mainly a sexual thing, although the sex with her is great. I love her! I don't care how many other women are in my life, if she breaks up with me, it's gonna break my heart.

But how could she ever understand? She must think I don't really care very much.

Finally Glory spoke. She said, "Jesus, are you ever going to stop crying? I-" Her voice broke as she struggled to continue. "I didn't expect that reaction from you."


Alan froze and looked up at her. They made eye contact for the first time since before she'd talked to Katherine. Mascara-smeared tears still ran down her cheeks.

He said, "What do you expect? I'm crying because I love you. I don't want to lose you."

That started a whole new round of crying from both of them.

He couldn't bear it. He got up and moved around the desk until he was kneeling at her side.

Then he and she kept crying even as they tightly held each other.

After some more minutes their mutual crying died down, and Glory asked, "Why? Why, Alan, why? How many women are enough for you? Why did it have to be her, too? Or was it... them? Is it... Is it more than your sister? Please, God, I NEED to know now!"

He closed his eyes and admitted, "It's them. The two of them." Having to say that felt much worse than being punched in the gut.

Glory shrieked and fell to her knees. She burst into a new round of gut-wrenching tears. My God! His mother too! I'm gonna be SICK!

Alan had no idea what to do. He feared that if he tried to hug her, that would backfire. So he remained kneeling next to her and waited until she calmed down after another minute or two.

Then he said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for you, sorry that I hurt you and kept the truth from you. But I'm not sorry about what I've done with them. I'm proud of it. We love each other. It isn't wrong! Love is love. Why is physical love so separate from other kinds of love? Why can't I love the women in my life physically, too? Why is that so wrong? Hell, I'm not actually genetically related to either of them. You know that. I love you, Glory. I love them. I want to kiss and hug - and more - with the women I love. Why can't I, if we all want it? Why?"

She reluctantly stood up. She still couldn't bear to look at him, but his tear-soaked cheek rested on hers as the two of them stared together across the classroom into empty space. "It's wrong. It just is. It leads to sorrow. People are made just to have one partner. And the reasons against incest go very deep. It's not just a matter of genes - they are your family." She sighed heavily. "I don't want to talk about it."

He muttered, "I don't agree. You just don't understand how it is." But he let it drop for the time being, since she said she didn't want to talk.

They just held each other and stared out into space for a while longer. Then Glory turned to him, and from inches away said to his face, "Alan, you mean so much to me, but this can't go on. Our whole relationship was insanity from the beginning. I should never have done this. This is a good excuse to call it off. We have to, before it destroys us both. Look at your face with your bruised nose and everything. If you keep this up and just recklessly fuck anyone you want, a few bruises will be nothing compared to the hurt you'll face, especially the emotional hurt. I can't be a part of it. Don't try to argue. That's the way it has to be."

"That's not how it has to be, Glory! I know what we've done and that all this sneaking around has been hard on you, but I love you!"

"Stop saying that! It's killing me!"

"But it's true. It's so true. Doesn't love conquer all? If we love each other, we can overcome anything!"

She started crying again, but also said through her tears, "How can you say that? How can you keep saying you love me when you have a girlfriend, and you're doing ... THAT to your sister and mother? Look, I can't take any more of this. I need some time to think. And..."

She looked at the clock on the wall, "Good God! Look at the time. How are you going to have time to eat lunch and show your face to your friends, so people don't suspect? This is the problem. Incest and girlfriends aside, we're riding the razor's edge and it's just a matter of time until we fall. It has to end!"

He stood up and held her hands. He looked at her intently, and her eyes were drawn to his. He said passionately, "Glory, I love you. I'll say it again: I love you! I'll keep saying it until you realize it, because I won't stop loving you no matter what happens. You must think I don't love you strongly because I have these other lovers in my life, but that's not true. A person can have more than one friend, and they can have more than one love. I can't live without you!"

She snorted derisively. "HA!"

He admitted, "Okay, obviously I'd live, but I just can't put into words how much you mean to me. This isn't just something where I'm getting off on having sex with one of my teachers. I love you! I really love you! Don't you believe that?!"

After a long pause, she nodded. "I do. That's what makes this so hard!" A new worry came to her. "And what's going to happen when you go off to college next fall? We've talked about that, and we both know you're very likely going to go to UC Berkeley. If we were still together then, how would that work? And what are your... you-know-who? What would they do?"

He winced. "To be honest, I haven't really thought things through. I'm sure it'll work out one way or another for all of us, because true love conquers all."

She groaned unhappily. "You can't repeat a cliché like 'true love conquers all' and expect that to solve everything. You're so immature sometimes! I can't believe I ever got involved with you in the first place!"

He wanted to cry some more. "Promise me you won't make any final decisions and just think about it for a few days? Okay? I'll be gone hiking all weekend anyways. Promise me we'll talk some more on Monday? After school?"

She looked at his sincere face and felt her heart melt. She felt as if she was falling in love with him all over again. She had to turn away before the feelings got too intense. Staring at the far wall, she said, "I'll promise we'll talk some more, but that's it. Okay? You really have to go now. I absolutely have to pull myself together. You've turned me into an absolute wreck! Again!"

So Alan left. He wandered out of the classroom in a daze. His plans for the rest of the day and beyond were in tatters. Not even the prospect of fucking his mother mattered to him at this point. He loved Glory deeply with much more than physical love, and he didn't want to lose her. He resolved not to give up, not yet. But he realized that the future with her looked very grim.

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