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The women who play a prominent role in Alan's life, naked
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Day 69: Saturday, November 23

Written and illustrated by Spacer X <paul_t_22@yahoo.com>

Copyright © 2004 - present Spacer X; All Rights Reserved.

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Saturday morning after breakfast, Katherine sat at her desk, got her diary from its very secret hiding place, and unlocked it.

Dear Diary,

Brother's gone and I'm so bummed! But I'll write about that later. First, I want to get caught up on what Amy told me last night, a few hours after he left. Turns out that he and Christine have kissed! And not just some innocent little peck either - it was full-on, serious smooching! Aims said he even fondled her big boobs. Damn those boobs!!! I was totally pissed off, but at the same time I was seriously jealous, wishing I could have been doing the fondling.

But anyway, this is BIG news! It's like my worst fears come true. Okay, maybe not my worst fear. Having our incestuous fun publicly exposed would be a million times worse, for one. But still, it's pretty bad! Christine isn't human! I swear, she must be some kind of robot, with flesh and blood on the outside but steel muscle and a supercomputer brain on the inside. How am I supposed to compete with her?! God hands out great beauty OR great intelligence. Nobody ever gets heaping helpings of BOTH!!! Sheesh. It seriously pisses me off.


Diary, I love being my brother's fuck toy. It's the greatest thing ever! Just writing the words "fuck toy" right now is getting my pussy all tingly. Fuck toy, fuck toy, number one fuck toy! God, I love it! Oops, one more: FUCK TOY!!! Brother's gonna rip my clothes off and fuck my pussy good and hard right now, and I can't say no because fuck toys NEVER say no!

Sometimes I think I must be Mom's real daughter, because we both share such a submissive streak. Hell, I love the fact that I'm not his only fuck toy and I'm forced to share. Thinking about licking and sucking his cock with Mom or Suzanne or Aims - or all three of them at once! Wow! Is there anything better than that? No way!

That said, I must admit that proudly calling myself his fuck toy is also a defensive kind of thing. I just don't have a lot of confidence in myself. I think that on some level I figure: how can he reject me if I'm his willing slave in everything? Who would turn that down? Nobody! Sure, I get a kick out of being his "uppity" fuck toy, but he knows as well as I do that all he has to do is snap his fingers and I'll be naked and on my knees, choking and slobbering on his fat cock! Or, better, lying underneath his driving thick man meat, kicking my legs in the air and screaming his name!

Yes, being Brother's fuck toy is the life! I'm writing this one-handed now, if you know what I mean, while I think about how good he fucks me! But still, underneath it all, there's this lack of confidence. Luckily, I know how much he loves me, so everything is peachy. Plus, at least I have enough confidence to know I'm worthy of being one of his busty, beautiful sex slaves. That means a lot to me, fitting into the harem well.

EXCEPT! Except for Christine. Or, as I'd prefer to call her, Robo-C. I mean, if there's one person who could steal his heart, it's her. Right now, thankfully, she doesn't know sex from a hole in the ground. But just wait and see. Her robot brain is probably downloading sex goddess programming from her space alien masters, even as we speak. Then she'll kiss and suck and fuck as well as everything else she does, which is way too good!

I know I'm sharing Bro's heart with Mom and Aims and Suzanne, not to mention Glory. And Brenda, Heather, and others are trying to muscle in. It's true that I still get jealous a lot, especially when he's with someone who isn't part of our real family here (including Aims and Aunt Suzy, of course). But he has such a BIG heart that I could handle it. (Special note, Diary: he must be all heart and cock, with a few more vital organs thrown in!) I may not have all of his heart, but the part I've got is MINE. When he's with, say, Mom, he's 100 percent with Mom. But when he's with me, he's 100 percent with me. That's what makes the sharing work: the fact that whenever he's with one of us he gives us all the love and attention we can handle. If he was with me and thinking about Mom half the time, my fragile ego couldn't handle it.

The one danger to this is Christine! I've definitely noticed the "Christine Effect." Whenever he's flaccid - Diary, it's super rare, but it happens! I swear! - all I have to do is mention Christine's name, and... boooooiiiiing! Instant boner! Aaaah, and such a thick and cum-filled boner too. All throbbing and hot, driving deep into my hot box! But wait. I'm not gonna get distracted. My point is, she's so extraordinary in so many ways that he could love her too much, throwing everything out of whack! Plus, there's the fact that she's so hung up on her square morality that she'd never accept harems or incest, much less a big ol' happy incestuous harem.

Some day it might come down to him having to pick her or me!

Diary, I'm freaking out!!! Arrrrgh!!!! ☹ ☹ ☹

I talked to Amy about this last night. She said that could "never ever happen in a million billion gazilla-quintillion years." She pointed out that nobody, not even Christine, could compare to having an entire harem of busty, beautiful women. The problem is, I know in my head that's true, but my heart isn't rational.

Actually, Amy's attitude bugs me. She, like me, doesn't buy this whole "practice date" pretense. We both think that it's inevitable that he'll be boning Christine before long, especially now that they've kissed. Brother, bless his heart, is trying his best to hold out, and I gather she's trying to hold out too. But you can just tell from the way they look at each other: their feelings are too strong! And Brother's had so much sexual success with so many stunning women, with practically no setbacks at all. I'm sure he sees the danger with her, but by now on some deeper level he must think he's invincible. Hell, I would, if I were in his shoes.

So Amy and I are on the same page with that. But what bugs me is she seems to think that there's nothing we can do. I beg to differ! Sure, we know what's going to happen if things continue the way they're going, but what if we were to nudge things onto a different path? For instance, what if I were to clue Christine in about the harem? (Minus the incest part, obviously; I don't wanna get killed!) That probably would shock her enough to wake her from her never-ending wet dream.

True, I realize she must know something about his many partners, but if she knew that she'd have to share him with the likes of Suzanne, Brenda, Xania, Glory, Heather and the rest, she'd freak out! Heck, maybe I'd even tell her that she HAS to regularly take part in threesomes and moresomes with Heather there. "If you don't lick Heather's pussy first, you don't get to suck his cock with her. Rules are rules! Oh, what's that? You want to suck his cock all by yourself? Sorry, girl; in this house we have a two-tongue minimum! If you can't handle it, there's the door."

Sigh! I can fantasize, but the fact is, I'm just not that conniving. I could never say that kind of thing. Alan is my brother, and my love for him is as big as the world! Aims is too nice to go there too.

But still, there must be SOMETHING we can do! For instance, what if we were to get Christine interested in some other handsome guy? I think half the problem is that she's a total virgin, and she's dying to get it on with somebody, anybody! I actually brought that idea up with Aims last night, but she shot it down, saying that Christine was "too far gone." Then I suggested we go to Suzanne. If anyone could come up with a good scheme to get Christine squarely back in Alan's "friend zone" and away from his bed, it's gotta be Aunt Suzy. But Aims shot that down too! She said she's "working on it," but I don't think she has any plan at all.

I don't get it. Aims shares the exact same concerns I do about Robo-C, but she's fatalistic. At one point she even told me that we have to accept it as a done deal and try to work out the "best deal for ourselves," whatever that means. I agree with her that Christine is a nice person, and it would be cool to be better friends with her. But that's the problem! She's TOO nice! TOO good! And if she can't be a full-on bisexual harem slave, what's the fun in that? It would be torture to be just friends, with a body like hers so close and yet so far away. I swear, her tempting, giant boobs are the bane of my existence.

I love Aims so very much. She's my best friend, and my sister, AND my lover! (Yeay! Go Amy! ) But sometimes, there's no getting through to her. It's like she's on some other wavelength and nobody else can tune in to her station. If she and I could work together, especially with Suzanne's help, we could solve this Christine problem. And we have to act fast, before Bro kisses her again!

Hey, I know! Brilliant idea! Next time that Alan, Robo-C, and I are together, I'll bring a super-powerful magnet. Then I'll point it at her and she'll fly to the magnet and stick! Her robot nature will be exposed and he'll lose all interest!

Sigh. I wish. If only she WERE a robot. The fact that she's a real human being and kicks as much ass as she does is what's so depressing for us mere normal girls.

The bottom line is, I'm not gonna give up just yet. Maybe if I learn more about her, and about how she and Bro are getting along, I can find the chink in her armor?


Susan lay on a towel by her backyard pool beneath a clear blue sky, reveling in the joy of living. Suzanne sat above her, rubbing suntan lotion into her back. They were nude, as usual, and had both just eaten lunch.

Although Alan had left for a weekend hiking trip with the Boy Scouts, his final words had completely shaken up the order of things in the Plummer household. The fallout was still sorting itself out a day later.

"You know, Suzanne," said Susan, "I'm so happy I could die. Aren't you?"

"Definitely. I'm not as thrilled with The Pact as you are, but having Alan become my son has made me happier than I've ever been in my life. The question is, what happens now?"

"I'm glad you asked. Obviously, there are going to have to be some changes around here. Big changes. First of all, of course, my frisky Tiger is going to give me the thorough fucking I've been denying myself for so long. The very minute he gets back!"

"Finally!" Suzanne said emphatically. "You're way, way overdue." She was genuinely happy for her friend.

"I know. I've been torturing him for so long, and he's been so good and patient. I'll have to make it up to him in a big way. Having him fuck me is just the start. I want him to use my busty body in any way he sees fit for as long as he likes. Maybe that'll start to rectify the balance."

"But you'd want him to do that to you in any case," Suzanne pointed out, chuckling a little.

"Good point." Susan laughed. "But nonetheless, that's the first and most important thing on my mind. The next thing is that we have to throw what's left of my old rules and boundaries out the window."


"Now you're talking," Suzanne agreed.

"But everybody needs rules to live by, so we have to have some rules. We'll start from scratch. Actually, we should build on The Pact that Tiger forced us to agree to yesterday."

"Now, hold on," Suzanne said. "He didn't force us to agree to anything. We all freely-"

Susan interrupted with a sigh. "I know. But can't you at least let me pretend? You're no fun."

Suzanne grinned. "Sorry."

"Anyway, the new rules will be what he said before he left. We are all a family now. Now he has two mothers and two sisters to fuck and control, anywhere and everywhere he wants. It's gonna be heaven on Earth for him, but also for all of us. We should take that one step further. He's our master, and our top priority is to serve!" She sat up and turn around to make sure her best friend understood fully.

She continued, "If he insists on something, then we must obey! And if we don't, then we have to get spanked. And fingered! And fucked! If he says, 'Mommy, come to the next cheerleading squad practice and give some hands-on-dick demonstrations of how to blow me so MY squad can get better learning how to serve me, then I'll have no choice but to obey his every command. Even if it means that he fucks my cunt in front of Heather and the rest, that's what I'll have to do, 'cos good mommies get fucked by their sons."

Suzanne rolled her eyes, knowing that her best friend was mostly just fantasizing now. "Yes, dear."

"And now that you're his mommy too, you know the same applies to you. I know you're normally an independent and even domineering woman, but if you're serious about being his mother, you can't take The Pact halfheartedly. You may not like the words 'sex slave', but that's what you are." Susan was panting with arousal. Merely saying the words "sex slave" nearly gave her a small orgasm.

"I know," Suzanne said both jokingly and seriously. "I've made my bed and I'm ready to lie in it, and then get royally fucked in it."

Susan said with annoyance, "Please, don't make a joke about it. This is dead serious. Now that he's gone and you've had a night to sleep on it, are you still okay with everything? Can a woman like you truly be happy as a sex slave in a harem?"

Suzanne pondered that sincerely. "Honestly? Yes. I must say that it grates on me sometimes, like fingers on chalkboard. But I understand that's how things are meant to be in this family. My love for him makes it all worthwhile. And I'm sure I'll warm up to it more and more as time goes on."

"Good." Susan went back to her previous position so Suzanne could continue the suntan lotion application. But then Susan turned surprisingly serious. "However, Suzanne, you have to realize that I still need to be the number one mother. I'm happy to consult with you and I want to consult with you, but I still have to have final say over what happens around here, is that understood? I need to have some control in my life. You're strong and a natural leader, but I'm not, so I need a kind of title of authority."

"It's understood." Suzanne resumed the lotion application on Susan's ass, although the way Suzanne was doing it, it also doubled as an all-over massage. She was surprised to see Susan veering from her usual sex obsessions and even calming down a bit. "I'm just honored to be part of the Plummer family, even if it's just in spirit." She really meant that.

"I have a feeling that eventually it will be more than just in spirit. If he marries Amy, then you'll legally become his mother, even if it's really just his mother-in-law. Then Amy will be both his wife AND his sister! Won't that be great? It gets me so excited and hot!"

"Me too. I can't wait." Suzanne meant that too. Just talking like this while running lotion into Susan's bare ass cheeks was getting her extremely worked up. She dug into her ass crack, liberally applying lotion there.

"You can't wait? God, think about me! I'm so ready for Sunday night that I'm about to die! I'm literally ready to die. I hope he's not all tired out from the hike, because he needs to fuck me in every room of the house before I'm gonna let him get any sleep. I get so hot just thinking about it! Then I'll be fully tamed and owned by my own son! Dear Lord! Just the idea practically makes me cum."

Suzanne replied with more vigorous rubbing instead of words. Her hands went up and down Susan's spine as she rubbed copious amounts of coconut-scented suntan oil into Susan's lightly tanned skin.

As she did that, she thought, I wish I hadn't encouraged Susan quite so much to let ALL of her sexual hang-ups go. The way she goes on sometimes with this sex slave stuff can get on my nerves. But even if I'd been smarter in bringing her along, I think this is pretty much where we were going to end up in any case. Well, more or less. It's become obvious that Susan absolutely loves to submit, and Angel isn't that different, except she's more "uppity" about it. Amy's basically willing to go along with whatever the rest of us do - if we were all wearing S&M biker outfits, she'd wear one and not even bat an eye about it. So some kind of harem and some kind of "pact" was inevitable.

I honestly wonder if it's some kind of biological thing. If a man gives you an orgasm that just about literally melts your mind, your bond to him just deepens and deepens.

A very relaxed Susan closed her eyes and happily "mmmm"-ed in response to Suzanne's massage. "You ever think how similar suntan lotion looks and feels to Alan's thick and tasty cum?"

"Of course. I was imagining that this cream in my hands was his cum instead of the lotion even before you said that. My goal is to cover every single square inch of you in cum so thickly that there'll be smears of white everywhere. I'll probably end up using the whole bottle."

"Please do! That's so fucking hot! If only he could really squirt out that much sperm. When you're done, let me do you, too."

"Sure. We can do this all day, if we want. With Sweetie gone, we have nothing to do except prepare our bodies with exercise and tanning so we'll be perfect for him."

"Mmmm. I love the sound of that. Perfect big-titted bodies, ready for our master." Susan mused, "I wonder if some obscure company somewhere makes cum-scented suntan lotion."

"Probably. I'll look into it." Suzanne teased playfully, "Although I doubt they'd have Alan cum-scented lotion in stock."

Susan slurred in a voice unintentionally similar to a drooling Homer Simpson, "Alan flavor. Mmmm... so good."

Susan was so relaxed that she felt like she'd melted into a puddle. After another minute or so, she recovered a bit, and continued, "Anyway, dropping the rules is just the beginning. There's going to be big changes as we contemplate our new lives of eternal incestuous sexual servitude! For instance-"

Suzanne groaned inwardly at the words "eternal incestuous sexual servitude." Feeling sexually submissive with Alan could get her really worked up at times, but now wasn't one of those times since Susan was acting even more over the top about it than usual, plus Alan wasn't even around to put her in an exceptionally horny mood.

She said, "Wait a sec, Mom. If we're talking big changes, let's bring our two daughters in on this. I see they're up and about, scrounging around in the kitchen."

"'Two daughters!' I love that! And I love it when you call me 'Mom,' just like I love calling you 'Mother.' It makes me so hot." Everyone had agreed that the words "Mom" or "Mommy" could only be used to refer to Susan, and "Mother" could only be used for Suzanne, in order to avoid confusion. Similarly, Katherine would be "Sis" (since Alan called her that already) and Amy would be "Sister."

Suzanne laughed. "Everything gets you hot these days, Susan. I swear, you're talking about feeling 'so hot' even more than when Alan's here."

"I know. That's because when he's here my mouth is usually too full of cock for me to say much at all."

"You wish!" Both of them laughed.

"I know. I'm just so excited about getting royally fucked by Alan tomorrow night. But not everything gets me hot. Let me think. Hmmm. Maybe asparagus," she joked. "I've always hated asparagus."

"I'll bet I could get you pretty hot just using sticks of asparagus," Suzanne suggested in a husky voice. As if to emphasize her point, she began "applying lotion" between Susan's legs, except that she didn't bother with actually using any lotion. She pistoned her index finger in and out of Susan's dripping pussy, keeping her finger stiff as if it was a stalk of asparagus.

"I'll bet you could, too!" Susan said laughing. "Mmmm. Just like that. Put another 'asparagus stalk' or two in there." She spread her legs to give Suzanne better pussy access and make sure that her plea to get fingered wouldn't go ignored.

Suzanne didn't immediately respond with more fingers. She wanted to do a little more teasing first.

That frustrated Susan enough for her to roll over and bend over backwards. With her ass sticking straight up in the air and her knees around her breasts as she lay back on her head and shoulders, there could be no mistaking what she wanted. "Look at me, Suzanne, look at me! This is how I'm gonna be come Sunday night! Except that my whole body's gonna be shaking from his jackhammer drilling!"

Suzanne could hardly resist the feast of pussy practically shoved up into her face like that, and pushed two stiff "asparagus stalks" deeper into Susan's needy hole. But she stopped momentarily to shout towards the house, "Katherine! Amy! Can you two come out here for a minute?"


Susan cooed as Suzanne fingered her, "Tell one of them to bring the breast pump." Susan laughed to herself, and said, "And, by the way, you should know that the very thought of a breast pump..."

"...makes me so hot," Susan and Suzanne said at once, causing them both to laugh.

"But it's true!" Susan insisted once she'd stopped laughing. "It really does excite me terribly. I'm so close to lactating. You saw the drop of milk we squeezed out of my left teat earlier. It's working! I'm going to be Tiger's fuck cow. His moo toy. He's going to milk his mommy ALL day long... I think about him branding my ass cheek with a great big letter 'A' and it gets me so hot!"

Suzanne rolled her eyes. She found Susan's sex cow fantasies a little odd and over the top, even by Susan's recent standards. "I know, I know. But who needs a breast pump when you've got my mouth? All of our mouths, for that matter."

"But Suzanne. He's gonna be back in less than 36 hours, and I've got so far to go! This weekend needs to be all about speeding up the lactation. I want to be gushing milk by tomorrow night! I want geysers of milky goodness to spurt from each tit and cover him in as much milk as he always covers me in cum! We need extreme measures!"

"Relax. There's only so much you can do. You've already made so much progress in such a short... time..." Suzanne's voice trailed off because her attention was captured by Amy and Katherine.

The two girls came bouncing out to the pool with their usual youthful enthusiasm. The only clothes they wore were half bras to help keep their tits high and firm. All four females generally wore them at times like these when Alan wasn't around. Even the high heels were off, to give their feet a much needed rest. But if any neighbor was lucky enough to look into the Plummer backyard, they would have seen four nude Playboy model-quality beauties.

"Hey Moms!" Amy said brightly, as she idly cupped one of Katherine's ass cheeks, giving it a playful squeeze. "What's up?"

Suzanne looked at her daughter and practically shrieked. "Holy Mother of God! Honey Pie! What happened to you?"

"What, Mother? What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about your tits, daughter of mine. Is it just me, everybody, or does it look like Amy's growth spurt is increasing the size of her bust by the hour? You look bigger in the chest than Susan and I do!"


Amy giggled. "Oh, that. I wish! No, that's just what happens to them with the push-up half-bras."

"Push-OUT, more like," Suzanne muttered. She thought, Amazing! So much has changed in the last twenty-four hours. I have half a mind to just up and do my own daughter with a strap-on, and now there's nothing stopping me from doing it! But all she said out loud was, "Darling, you look so deliciously fuckable. Sweetie would totally want to bone you."

Susan could see that Katherine, with her comparatively smaller rack, was none too happy with this discussion. She quickly added, "So do you, Angel. Very fuckworthy. Why, I dare say you look at least as fuckable as Amy today, if not more so. It's a good thing Tiger isn't here, 'cos he wouldn't be able to decide which sister to nail first. That half bra makes you look soooo very busty too. We should wear those when he's here instead of when he's not. But it's your hard, tanned, trim, and toned body that really does it for me."

Suzanne belatedly saw the need to be diplomatic because of Katherine's boob-size issues and joined in. "Oh, definitely. Angel, your muscle tone is second to none, compared to all of us softies. You look like you were born and bred to FUCK. In fact, both of you kids look TOO good. Susan, I hate to say it, but the younger generation is taking over."

Katherine blushed in response to the praise and forgot all about Amy's growing boobs. She knew she was easily the most tanned and toned of the group and she particularly loved the "born and bred to fuck" line. For one thing, she loved the word "breed" because it made her think of having Alan's babies. The mere thought of that always got her hormones racing and her pussy wet, even though she knew he said he wasn't going to knock her up for a long time to come (if he had even committed to that, which was frustratingly unclear).

In fact Amy had had an almost freakishly big growth spurt in the last few weeks, with most of it centered on her chest. She'd gone from a D-cup to an E-cup already and showed no sign of stopping. She claimed that she could make her boobs grow through sheer willpower, and that she had decided to make them bigger once the tit-loving Alan had become her official boyfriend.

Katherine knew that explanation was impossible and absurd, but nonetheless she frequently tried to will her tits to grow too. So far she'd had absolutely no success.


Amy strutted around near the edge of the pool, bending this way and that to proudly show off her impressive cleavage. She asked, "So what's shakin'?"

Suzanne nodded to the bottle of suntan lotion. "Well, aside from your tempting, jiggly twin peaks, I was in the middle of covering Susan with that bottle of Alan's cum when I got an urgent request to insert some imaginary asparagus up her cunt."

Amy and Katherine exclaimed simultaneously, "Alan's cum?! Really?!"

"No, not really," Suzanne admitted with a touch of sadness in her voice. "But with him gone, we have to pretend." She temporarily pulled her soaked fingers out of Susan's pussy, held them up stiffly for the girls to see, and wiggled them around. "That's not why I called you both out here, though. Susan was just talking about big changes, so I thought you two would want to hear what she has to say. Where were you, Mom?"

Susan clarified, while remaining in her awkward ass-up position, "I was just saying that we need new rules. Tiger is the man of the house, and as tempted as I am to obey him in all things, he still needs some parenting. As we've talked about before, Suzanne and I can be a good cop, bad cop duo. But we'll need your help, too. The main thing is, we don't want him to get a big head."

Katherine joked, "Mom, you'd better watch your language there for double meanings. Big head? Maybe you mean he shouldn't get cocky. No, that's no good; we love it when we're all full of cock! He shouldn't have a stick up his butt? No, we all know what THAT starts us thinking about. Let's see. What exactly is the thrust of your point, so to speak? No, that's no good. We can't let him beat around the bush? No, that's dangerous. He shouldn't get stuck on-"

Suzanne interrupted, even as she giggled along with the rest, "All right, daughter. Very amusing. But Susan DOES have a point. And no, not THAT thick, meaty one."


Katherine joked some more, "Speaking of points, do you have any more of that asparagus?" She squatted down and exclaimed as she looked at her pussy, "I could use a stalk right about here!"

"Ooh! Looky, Sister!" Amy said while raising her hand. "Here's a stalk." She winked as she raised her index finger high while keeping the other fingers curled down.

"Well, Aims, get to it. I thought asparagus was for eating, but I like what our mothers are doing with it a lot better."

Amy sat down on the ground right next to the pool. She put her hand over her pussy and kept the index finger pointing straight up.

Katherine then sat down and straddled Amy's lap, impaling herself on the finger. Once the two girls were settled, they turned (most of) their attention to Susan.

Susan resumed, "As I was saying, we have to be careful about inflating his ego too much. Now, I know that we're all aware of what a wonderful guy he is. I also know that we've been saying all kinds of flattering things. He's even starting to warm up to being called master sometimes."

Susan crooked her head to look upside-down into Katherine's eyes as she continued. "It is true that he's the man of the house now, and is our sexual master in every way, shape, and form. But these little asparagus sticks, as nice as they are, just don't do enough for us - we all live to be violated by his massive cucumber. I don't have to remind any of you just how good it feels to have his big log slide into my mouth, er, I mean any of our mouths, so I can, I mean we can, swirl our tongues around his hot, throbbing, ten-inch monst-"

Suzanne coughed. "Mom? Your point?"

"Right. I'd like to ask you to tone down the use of words like 'master' and 'slave' for the time being."

Katherine complained, "Mom! Of all people to say that. You love thinking of him as your master as much as I do!"

Susan responded, "I know, I know. I'm not happy about it. Mind you, we all know that he's the one and only true master of this harem and that he's effectively tamed us all with his big cock and made us his eager busty slaves. But you know how he is with his modesty and all. We're not in this just till next week or even next year. We've got oodles of time to get him used to those kinds of words. Plus, right now he's under a lot of stress as the implications of being lord and master over us all slowly hits him. So keep it cool until I say so, okay? When he's around, let's generally stick with calling ourselves his 'nymphos.' A nice, non-demeaning word."

Katherine was annoyed at this. As she lightly bounced up and down on Amy's finger, she pleaded, "What about 'fuck toy'? Can I pleeeaasse still use that? It means a lot to me."

"Well, okay. But only that. We might as well call a spade a spade. Just don't say 'slave.' ... Although who can really deny that he's completely tamed you and made you his slave in every way... Ah. I'm too soft, Suzanne! You see my problem here?"

Suzanne chuckled. "That's all right. Let Angel have a little fun, if she gets a kick out of 'fuck toy.' I agree it's a good idea to drop the master and slave stuff for now though, especially since that still bothers me on several levels. I need time to adjust to it, too. But Angel loves 'fuck toy' so much, and she's used it so much around him already, that I really don't think he has a problem with that. And, of course, the rules can be bent when we all get super hot and horny."

"Of course," Susan agreed, while the girls nodded. "That goes without saying. That's one of my favorite things, getting him so aroused that he doesn't mind being called 'Master.'"

Suzanne continued, "In any case, let's hear some more of your plans." Her "asparagus" fingers continued to piston in and out of Susan's pussy, but very slowly, so Susan could remain (mostly) coherent.

"Well, as you all know, I'm hell-bent on starting to lactate as soon as possible. Speaking of which, my breasts are tragically under-suckled at the moment. Hint, hint."

Amy and Katherine laughed, disengaged from each other, and scooted forward. Each one took one of Susan's nipples to suckle on while they continued to listen to her.

"Mmmm. Much better. Thanks, kids. Another thing is beds. It's an absolute tragedy that Tiger has been forced to sleep alone, and it's high time to fix that. I think it's a no-brainer that he should never have to sleep alone at home again. But what if he wants to sleep with his entire harem at once? I'm going to special order a massive four poster bed, the biggest one they can make. I hope we can get one that fits at least eight, since there's no telling just how big his harem will eventually grow. Then we can have big tag-team orgies in it all the time. You won't see me trying to stop or slow down anyone from having sex anymore, in whatever combination we want!"

"Sweet!" Katherine exclaimed as she and Amy high-fived each other.

Susan grinned as she added, "I'm throwing out the old rule book and all the old boundaries, if any still remain. The Pact we made yesterday is the basis of our new rules. The only other remaining 'rules' as such are just common sense things that I probably don't need to tell you. For instance, we have to cover up like the old days whenever we're outside the house, to better keep the existence of our incestuous harem secret. And if we get interested in any women outside the harem, make sure they're bisexual so they can be shared with our master first and foremost."

"Like Brenda," Suzanne said, bringing up an unresolved issue.

Susan had found her ass-up position uncomfortable to maintain, and lay down flat on her back again to give better tit access to her daughters.

But Suzanne still kept slowly teasing Susan's pussy by reaching a hand in between her relaxed, open thighs while the other two remained suckling at her breasts.

"About Brenda," Suzanne continued. "There's another big change that I'd like to suggest. I've decided it's best if we take up her offer to be our house slave. And in her case, slave is definitely the right term to use. She doesn't just have a desire to serve Alan sexually; it's a need! In fact, she needs to serve all of us in every way. She really wants to go all out, and our house is the perfect place for her to explore her new submissive lifestyle and needs. Maybe she can be our slave on a part time sort of nine to five basis, since she still needs to take care of her son Adrian in the evenings and on the weekends. What do you think, Susan?"

Susan responded, "Who could say no to having such a willing, eager, and totally gorgeous slave? I'm going to make her do all the chores I hate to do. But I don't want her to be around much when he's home. Her body is just too much competition for me."

Suzanne chided, "Come on, Susan. Jealousy doesn't become you. Sure, she's got bigger tits, but you're more beautiful than her overall. You're a six-foot tall Amazon goddess, while she's just a little doll. You tower over her. I don't think you have to worry about Brenda too much, as far as her stealing his affections. We hardly even know her, unless you count carnally knowing her. Whereas your cutie Tiger has known and deeply loved you, me, Katherine, and Amy as far back as he can remember. She'll never be able to compete with that emotional depth. No one can. He'll go out and occasionally fuck this and that new woman I'm sure, but he'll always come back to the four of us."

Susan sighed. "I hope you're right. No, I take that back. I know you're right. It's a bit of a bitter pill for me to swallow due to her huge hooters, but she needs to follow her destiny. The Big Tits Theory says she needs to serve a superior man like Alan, and who am I to try to deny him any woman he wants? I'm starting to become good friends with her, to be honest. I'm not worried about her or anything or anyone else anymore. I'm sure it'll all work out. I'm so glad I've been able to take my time and work through all my feelings before getting fucked. Now I can do it without any guilt or ... worries and ... enjoy it to the, oh, ah ... fullest!" Her voice was becoming increasingly ragged as her sexual arousal grew.

"You're so lucky." Suzanne asked, "How many mothers get to experience the joy that you do?"

Susan didn't answer at first, but merely let out a "mmmm" of pure pleasure.


Suzanne stopped playing with Susan's pussy lips to prevent Susan from becoming too aroused to continue talking. What Katherine and Amy were doing to her tits was more than enough stimulation for her, and kept her right on the edge of a wonderful climax. She asked, "Susan? I asked, how many mothers get to experience the joy that you do?"

Suzanne waited. "Did you hear my question? Hel-LOOO? Earth to Susan..."

Suzanne snapped her fingers to get everyone's attention, When that didn't work, she stared down Amy and Katherine until they stopped suckling on Susan and playing with each other. Amy was particularly disappointed, as she was within a hair's breadth of having a really great climax.

Slowly, Susan came to. "Uh, yeah... Oh yeah. I know exactly what you mean. Joy... Naughty mothers..." Her dreamy gaze faded and she grew a bit more lucid again. "My guess is not enough mothers know our joy. Far too few. We're so lucky. Friends, family, and lovers are all the same people now, and each aspect of the relationship makes the other parts deeper. But there still are a few loose ends to tie up. For starters, everyone's in agreement that I should divorce Ron. I want that to happen sooner rather than later. But is that timing wise?"

Suzanne reassuringly stroked her friend's clitoris the way most friends would pat another friend on the back. "Let's not go into that now, my fellow mother. I'm on top of that."


While no one wanted to ruin the sexy mood with talk about Ron, Amy very much did want to talk about her father, now that the mention of Ron reminded her of him. "Mom, what about Dad? I'm talking about Eric. What's going to happen to him? It's weird. You and I practically live here now. And I hate to say this, because it's really mean, but..."

Suzanne completed Amy's thought. "You're not all that fond of your father."

"Well, I wouldn't go that far, exactly. I mean, that sounds mean. He's my dad and all, and I should love him, and I do, but..."

Again Suzanne elaborated, "But he's never there for you. He hasn't been for years. He's been married to money for ages, now. His company is his family more than his real family is. It's almost as if someone were to ask him about his kids, he'd have to stop and try to remember how many he had and what their names are. No, Amy, don't feel bad. He's been lost to us for years now. It's just a matter of... your... of our..."

Surprisingly, Amy interrupted, anticipating Suzanne's next thought. "Brad. I love my brother. I mean, he is a bit weird, but then so am I. He'd be totally bummed if the family split up." She put her hand on her chin and pondered.

Thanks to the weighty topic, all four females remained physically disengaged from each other.

"'Bummed' is an understatement, Honey Pie. Yeah, that's the problem. Brad. What to do about him? He's an innocent bystander in all of this. In fact, I've done him wrong and I feel terrible about that. I haven't been there for him these past couple of months. Heck, years. It really hurts me to think that I could be failing him as a mother and even hurting him."

Susan noted, "But not enough to spend more time with him. You could turn that around any time, you know."

"I know." Suzanne sighed heavily. "But what would he and I say to each other? We have nothing in common anymore. Plus, the lure of this house is far too strong. It's like a drug. Literally! The scent of sex in the air here hooks me just like a drug, and whenever I'm here I feel so free, so high, so happy. Liberated! Loved. Brad's off in his own world. He doesn't want the family to break up, but he doesn't make any effort to keep it together. I feel like I've lost him."

The subject of including Brad in their sexual world had come up before and been rejected. The idea of involving him in their incestuous fun wasn't even considered anymore, because The Pact expressly stated they would touch no other man. They all remained lost in thought for some moments, considering other options.

After a long pause, Amy said, "I know what you mean, Mother. I love my brother, but he's kinda so distant lately. I can't get into his stuff, like football, cars, and fishing, like, at all! And he can't get into my stuff: art, cheerleading, dolphins, nudity..."

Katherine humorously completed Amy's list: "Getting fucked by Alan, getting titfucked by Alan, sucking Alan's cock all day long, bending your sweet ass over so Alan can fuck it..."

"Oh yeah," Amy agreed, as she started to rub her own ass cheeks. "You totally know my favorite super special hobbies!" She giggled. "Hey Sis, tell me more about what it's like to get your ass fucked by our brother's raging butt-stuffer. Tell us all again how he took your anal cherry!"

The group was extremely easily distracted by any sexual thought or action, but Suzanne played the responsible one as usual and completely ignored Amy's last comments to keep the conversation on topic. "Obviously, I have to divorce Eric. The only man for me is Alan. Hell, I wasn't even kissing Eric before... this whole thing started with Alan. But should I divorce him now, or wait until Brad has graduated from high school? That's my big dilemma."

"That's only six months or so away if you wait," Susan pointed out. "That wouldn't be so bad."

"No, it's not so bad, in theory. But in reality I don't know how much longer I can stand it. Amy and I should move in here right away. Otherwise, it's going to drive me crazy, sleeping in the same house with Eric - although thank God we have separate bedrooms - while knowing that the man I love is over here sleeping with you, Susan, and you, Katherine. Or more to the point, NOT sleeping with you while he's sharing your beds, fucking you all night long with that rampant, ever ready, penis of his. Amy's free to spend the night here whenever she wants to."

She went on, "But the worst thing is the danger. We all should move away from here as soon as we can for that reason alone. What if Brad or Eric were to stumble upon us one day? It's so easy just to walk over here and wander in though the side gate between our houses. Even as we speak, one of them could come home unexpectedly and peek through Amy's window to see if we're over here. And what would they see if they look down onto the pool area? All four of us naked and the two teens sucking on Susan's boobs! That would raise some eyebrows, to say the least. Jesus!"

"But we'd hear the car come up first," Amy pointed out, still ever so slightly massaging her own tingly ass. "I'm always totally listening for the car."

"Yeah, but in six months there's bound to be at least one unlucky break. Honey Pie, maybe I should divorce him now and you and I can find a place of our own. We have to protect our new family."

"No," Amy answered. "That could be worse. I mean, in the movies, people hire private detectives and stuff during messy divorces. It would be even more dangerous to do that than to keep going. He might even think you're divorcing him because you have a thing for Aunt Susan, and get all snoopy about that. Or maybe he'd think and wonder about other reasons why you're over here, like 24-7." Amy had obviously given these issues a lot of thought, which Suzanne found somewhat surprising.

"You're right. I've lost my analytical and scheming edge lately. My cunt seems to do all my thinking for me. Damn. He could do that even if I don't bring up a divorce. I really should put in more face time at home, and especially be with Brad some more, but it's just so hard to stay away from here. I'm such a bad mother."

Susan consoled her friend, "No, you're not. It's just fate has it that your children are more Amy, Katherine, and Alan than they are Brad. Brad was the one who withdrew from you, long before all this sexual stuff started. You've been complaining about how he's been lost to you for at least a solid two years now. Anyway, we should really hear from Tiger on the divorce idea. He is the man of the house now, after all."

Suzanne sighed again, but more of a fond sigh, as she thought of Alan. "You're right. My Sweetie is more of a mature man than my husband ever was, even though Sweetie is still in high school. You know what it's like? It's like he's a husband to all of us, and we're all his dutiful wives."

Susan really liked that. Her eyes lit up and the arousal was plain to see on her face. "His wives and mothers and nympho sex slaves, all in one," she corrected, a bit breathlessly. "Or sisters, for Amy and Angel. Oh, and pretend I didn't say 'slave.' I can't even follow my own rules. But you're right. I feel like he's my husband. Oh God, that makes me so hot! That, and your fingers."

Suzanne also had gotten so excited by the thought of being Alan's wife that she couldn't help herself and pushed a finger up Susan's still sopping pussy again. She tried not to show it most of the time, but many of the same things that excited Susan often excited her.

Susan held very little back. "Can you just imagine? I'm getting divorced now. What if Alan wants to marry me?! Fuck, that's a turn-on. Marrying his own mother! I could wear white and he could fuck me in my wedding dress!"


"God, that makes me so hot!" Katherine shouted. She immediately dove back into Susan's chest and rubbed her face all over her mother's ample bosom. Then she resumed sucking with fervor.

Amy waited until the other nipple was free and then dove in, too.

The idea of marrying Alan obviously was extremely arousing for all four of them.

"Like mother, like daughter," Suzanne chuckled, amused that Katherine unwittingly used Susan's new catchphrase. But she answered truthfully, "You're totally turning me on, except that I'm imagining him marrying ME instead!"

The mothers both laughed while the daughters sucked. "And why not?" Suzanne added, a bit more seriously. "Once I get a divorce, my Sweetie and I could get married and we wouldn't even have to keep it a secret."

Katherine and Amy pulled away from Susan's massive mammaries and spoke at once. "Hey!" Then they said in tandem, "He's going to marry ME instead!" Looking at each other, they laughed at their identical reactions.

Amy cried "Jinx!" and then they started tickling each other. Their heads repeatedly bounced into Susan's pillowy boobs in a bumper-car style as they joshed around.

Suzanne spoke to Susan, since she was the only one now paying serious attention. "I know he isn't going to marry someone so much older when there's so many tasty younger vixens for him, especially these two, but it's a great fantasy anyway. But let's not just imagine. Instead of sitting here feeling horny, why don't we dig out our wedding dresses and do some role-playing?"

Susan put her hands on the heads of her two daughters, stilling them a bit. "Oh, you know I'd love to, but I feel obliged to refrain from anything sexual today, well, not counting inducing my lactation. I think we all should. You hear that, girls?" Her hands on each of their heads gently tapped them to better get their attention. "Remember how we said last night that we'd take it easy while he was gone? I think at least one sex free day would do us all some good. For me it'll be the first time in ... well, I don't know how long. But a long time."

Amy moaned, "Awww. Party pooper. I've been on the verge of like a really, really, REALLY big climax for like ten minutes already." She and Katherine stopped their tickle attacks on each other. They turned their attention back to Susan's tits and began licking, hoping to talk Susan out of this new "no orgasms" idea with some skilled tandem nipple stimulation.

Suzanne smiled wryly. "Meet the new Susan, same as the old Susan. Always stopping us from having sex. But I'll go along with you on this one, and we all should. Especially Susan. My dear friend, think how horny you'll be by Sunday night. Going two days without an orgasm for you will be like going two years without for most normal people. It'll make your first time even more incredible."

"God willing, it'll be Sunday night," Susan pointed out. "But he could be tired out, or even sick. Or hurt! Oh dear. I worry about him so. What if I have to wait until Monday? Or even later?! I pray not. But I'll definitely abstain until he's ready." She cried out loud with glee, nearly orgasmically, "My next orgasm is going to be with my son's magnificent penis thrust deep inside me!"

After a few more licks on Susan's nipple, Amy reluctantly said, "M'kay. No more orgasms. After I have this one. I'm so close to bursting! Kat, will you go down on me?"

"Now, girls," Susan chided. "Think of Alan. He's out there right now on some lonely, windswept island. Those Channel Islands don't even have trees. He's going to have to go the WHOLE DAY without a single fuck! Not even a single handjob! There isn't a single woman on the island to even flash her bouncy tits or show him a beaver shot, for God's sake. My heart goes out to him. The way he must be suffering, with his balls building up with such a huge load of cum until they're ready to burst and no one to help out... It's almost more than I can bear to think about! If he can endure that kind of hardship, so can we. Are we in this together, or not?"

"Mmmmm'kaaaayyyy..." Amy agreed reluctantly. "No more lactation help for you then, at least not till I can take a cold shower. Grrr." That gave her an idea. She stood up, took off her wire half-bra, and dove into the pool.


Katherine showed no sign of talking, but just kept on suckling on her mother's nipple while watching Amy swim.

Finally Susan asked, "What about you, Angel? Are you with us on this one?"

Katherine eventually pulled off the nipple to talk. "Of course, Mom. My sole sexual purpose is to love and serve my brother. That's what fuck toys do." She bent forward to resume sucking, but then pulled back as a new thought hit her. "But Amy is right that we should stop for now, or both you and I are going to break our vows as soon as we've made them... Hey Mom? I know you're gonna want Sunday night all alone with Brother, right?"

"Yes," Susan replied dreamily. "Him. Me. The bed. All alone. Candlelight. Soft music. Incense. Making slow but insistent, deep, overflowing love..."

Katherine lazily traced shapes on her mother's tits while she imagined the scene. "Mom, it'll definitely be special, but I was thinking. What are the rest of us going to do? Are we going to just sit and twiddle our thumbs in another room? I mean, WE'RE going to be all worked up too! It's going to be cruel waiting. You get him all evening while we're still going to have to wait a whole 'nother day. And it's been days of deprivation already!"

"Hmmm. I never thought about that. I'm sorry, Angel."

"Yeah, but I was thinking. What if we record the whole thing? Isn't it something you'd want taped for posterity? Ten years from now, you're going to want to look back and fondly relive your first real fuck. I'm thinking we can set up video cameras all over the house, and record all kinds of stuff! Wouldn't that be great?"

"It would," Susan replied hesitantly. "But it is kind of unethical..." She turned to Suzanne for guidance. "What do you think, Mother?"

Suzanne had moved away from the others to get out of the bright sun and protect her pale skin. She seemed to be frowning and staring off into space, and didn't give a quick reply.

So Katherine continued, "Mom, just think about Alan taking a shower. Imagine that you can't be in there with him, but you can watch the shower any time you want. Imagine him covering his cock with soapy suds, stroking it over and over with his hands. But then, wait! Who's that walking into the picture? That's me! We can't allow him to touch himself there when there are soft, feminine hands always at the ready. Not to mention, hands are never enough when there's eager lips and tongues! Before long, he's fucking my face, and you can get off watching it, live, even while you're getting dressed up in your bedroom!"

Susan was obviously getting into Katherine's scenario, as her bare breasts were starting to heave and tremble.

"But wait! Who's that?" Katherine paused for dramatic effect. "Is there someone else walking into the picture? Why, yes... It's you, Mom! You got so excited in your room watching that yummy fuck stick getting ready to splooge all over your daughter's face that you want a piece of that load for yourself! So you come on over and join in. Together we show Alan how his cock needs to be treated. We're a mother-daughter cocksucking team! Then, instead of explaining to Suzanne later what you did and masturbating over it like you always do, you two can watch the video!"

"Wow. You sold me," Susan answered, her eyes glazed over with lust.

Katherine was getting into her own fantasy. She sat up on her haunches and spoke as if she were really in the middle of getting her face fucked. She looked around and saw Susan's breasts heaving. Amy was bouncing up and down excitedly as she frigged herself in the shallows of the pool, and Suzanne watched everyone else with thinly veiled amusement. Life was very good.

Katherine returned to lightly stroking Susan's breasts, while her own swayed all over in their size-enhancing half-bra cups. She correctly assumed the tits she held were her mother's most sexually-vulnerable spots, so she knew her stroking would help seal the decision.

"But wait. There's more," she went on. "There's one special place we all know Alan's cock belongs. Your cunt! Our mutual sucking and licking has turned him into a wild man! He throws you against the shower wall, and with water pouring all over you he invades your cunt with his mommy-loving monster tool! Wham! Wham! Wham! He's fucking you into the wall!"

Susan's body twitched violently with each "wham" that came out of her daughter's mouth. She was fully living the moment.


Katherine sped up her description, growing more excited every moment. She bounced up and down on her heels as if she were the one getting fucked. "You're helpless! We all are! There's nothing you can do except experience the fucking of your life! He tosses you around like a rag doll with each powerful, cum-filled thrust! His cockhead is going to explode with fertile seed at any moment! He's gonna drown you in his life-creating sperm! It's all so hot that I can't just stand by and watch, so I have to attack your lips with kisses and maul your tits like I'm gonna tear 'em off! I squeeze 'em so hard that milk is squirting everywhere, covering Alan in your white, creamy love! But he's gonna fill you up even more with his own thick white cum!"

Susan's only response was a series of little happy squeaks that arrived faster and faster.

Suzanne couldn't help but get swept up in the excitement as well, but she felt obliged to walk over and tap Katherine on the shoulder, distracting her. She made a frown that indicated Katherine should cut off her story before Susan climaxed. After all, Susan had vowed not to climax while Alan was gone. Then she retreated ten feet back to her spot below a tree, slightly annoyed that she'd had to be the orgasm police.

Katherine's voice had been getting increasingly ragged, but she calmed herself down a bit. She'd had Susan right on the edge. But then she looked at Suzanne's stern face, turned back to Susan and calmly asked, "So. Wouldn't you like to capture all of that on video?"

"Yes! Yes! More!" Susan screamed. "Somebody get the dildos!"

But again Suzanne rained on the parade, much to her own annoyance. She waved her hand in the air and snapped her fingers to get Susan's attention. "No. No orgasms until our Sweetie gets back home, remember? That was your idea."

"Wha...? Oh. Yeah? Damn." Susan just panted for a while until her close encounter with ecstasy had passed. "Fuck, Angel. That was good. You know all my buttons. Bottom line is, a BIG thumbs up on the video recording idea!" She thrust both of her thumbs up into the air to show how enthusiastically she approved, even as her chest heaved while she panted for air. "Is everyone else with me?"

The others all thrust their thumbs up too. Even Amy had her head above water and gave a thumbs up from the middle of the swimming pool. There was happy laughter all around.

Once Susan was fully off her sexual high, she said, "Suzanne, thanks for saving me from breaking my abstinence vow. What a great friend. Where would I be without you?"

Suzanne thought to herself, Where indeed? You certainly wouldn't be having sex with your son, and none of this would have happened if it wasn't for me. But that's a secret I'll never be able to tell. And yet I worry about these three beauties. Why do I always have to be the responsible one and keep their excesses in check? I wish I could be the one to cut loose and have someone else catch me, just for once.

Suzanne realized that bringing up the idea of mutual help would actually be a good response to Susan's question. "No problem, but please do the same for me. I have my weak moments, just like everyone else. We can be strong for each other and police each other, but we also have to police and discipline ourselves too. And that goes for you two young vixens as well, my daughters."

"M'kay!" Amy easily agreed as she splashed around in the water.

Katherine asked, "Life is going to be so much fun, don't you think, Mom? Even more than before."


"I wonder what Alan's doing right now," Amy said out of the blue. She swam to the side of the pool closest to Susan and looked up at her with worry.

"I'm sure he's doing fine," Susan said reassuringly, although wrinkles appeared on her forehead.

"I hope so," Amy replied uncertainly. "He's probably worrying a lot about what's going to happen with Glory on Monday, though." Then she brightened. "I hope he found my picture in his bag and liked it!"

Katherine laughed. "Aims, you only told us that a thousand times already today!"

Susan laughed too, because it was true. Amy had put a picture she drew of herself in his backpack, and was dying of curiosity to find out if he'd found it. And certainly Alan had Glory on his mind, though no one wanted to bring up that delicate topic at the moment.

Susan went on, "Now, here's a plan. I'm going to take a dip in the pool to cool my libido a bit. But then, what can I do to get you two kids to suckle on my nipples some more?"


Christine kept up a very rigorous exercise regimen. Most days, she practiced her martial arts, primarily Aikido. Her martial arts and ballet stretching provided a thorough warm-up and cooldown for her entire body. In addition, she usually swam laps in her backyard pool, jogged around her neighborhood, and conducted her own workout at home using nothing more than free weights and her own body weight. Many days she participated in classes in her Aikido dojo, on top of P.E. at school. As a result, she was the most fit and athletic female in Alan's life, which was saying quite a lot, given how regularly Susan, Suzanne, and some others exercised.

Since it was a beautiful day, Christine had chosen to swim laps. She'd already swum thirty laps when her mother Olga called out for her. "Christine dear? Can you take a call? Or should I have them call you back?"

Annoyed at being interrupted, Christine stopped swimming and lifted her head out of the water. "Who is it?"

Olga shouted through the open kitchen window. "It's a girl named Donna. Do you know a Donna?"

Christine thought, Donna? Donna?! Who the heck is Donna? It's not THE Donna at school, is it? But who else could it be? Ugh. I'd better take it now, since whoever it is, I don't have her number. She sighed at the bother and shouted back, "Tell her to hold on a minute or two, would you? I have to get out and towel off."

Christine quickly got out of the pool. She was wearing a conservative one-piece bathing suit, but she still looked sexy and fantastic, especially since she was only able to briefly towel off and then wrap the towel around her head, leaving her skin glistening wet. Her mother brought the portable phone to the side of the pool, so it didn't really matter that she was still wet.


"Hi. It's Donna."


Christine recognized the voice as "THE" Donna, the well-known, powerful beauty at school who was competing with Heather for Homecoming Queen. Christine didn't like her at all, since Donna Giovanni was bitchy, selfish and power hungry, just like Heather. She asked suspiciously, "Donna?! What are you doing calling me? How do you even have my number?"

Donna replied, "I got it from a mutual acquaintance. You don't mind me calling you, do you? Normally I wouldn't have bothered, except it's kind of important and urgent. Do you have a minute?"

"I suppose," Christine groused. "But please make it brief. I was just in the middle of swimming laps, and I don't want to disrupt my exercise sequence."

"Sorry. I'll be fast. As you know, the Homecoming Dance is right around the corner-"

Christine cut her off. "No it's not. It's a couple of weeks away."

"True, but one has to start early to gather support."

Christine sighed loudly. "Oh God. This isn't about the Homecoming Queen competition, is it? You interrupted me for that?"

"It is," Donna admitted. "But I promise you, you'll find this interesting. I just heard some new news that I know you'll want to hear. But first, are you gonna be in the running?"

"Are you kidding me? No way." Sensing the phone call would take more than a couple of minutes, Christine reluctantly sat down on a deck chair. "I couldn't care less about that whole bullshit popularity-contest thing. Count me out."

"I thought you might say that, knowing you. But still, you must know that you're very popular. Even if you don't lift a finger, you'll probably be nominated and get a good number of votes."

"How do you figure?"

Donna explained, "Well, you have no real chance of winning, since you're not into that 'whole bullshit popularity thing,' as you put it. No doubt Heather or I will win the crown. But you're popular with the academic crowd. Plus, you have your own little crowd of groupies, the 'Goody-goodies'."

Christine was still annoyed; she really didn't care about that contest. "I don't have my 'little crowd of groupies,' okay? It's just some friends of mine, and I don't know who came up with that stupid nickname or why. If it makes you happy, I'll tell all those people not to vote for me no matter what, okay? Can I go now?"

"Hold on. I haven't even told you this hot, juicy news yet. I'm glad to hear you're not running and you're not interested, but it's not enough for you to just stay neutral. I'm gonna need your help, and your votes, if I'm gonna beat Heather."

Exasperated, Christine replied, "Look. I don't have a bunch of votes. I just have my own vote, and I might not even bother to vote at all. It's not like I'm the head of some political party or something."

"No, but a lot of people look up to you as kind of their ideal. A moral paragon, even. If you were to say 'Don't vote for Heather; she's a nasty bitch,' that could sway dozens of votes. And I know you hate Heather with a passion."

Christine responded, "It's true: I'm not exactly Heather's biggest fan. But, to be blunt, I don't really like you either. As far as I'm concerned, you two are like peas in a pod. So no, you're not gonna get my 'endorsement.' I mean, the fact that you and she are so keen on winning this silly, meaningless Homecoming Queen title says a lot about the kind of people you are."

"Ouch!" Donna replied. "I can see why they call you the Ice Queen. But I'm glad that you say what you mean, and don't play games. That's a big reason why you could help decide this election, because people respect your opinion; they know it's from your heart. And, okay, it's true that Heather and I are similar in some ways, but she's very different too, and I want to show you that those differences are why you need to get the word out at least to not vote for her."

Christine complained, "Are we done? Try your sales pitch on me some other time. It's very important that after I start exercising, I keep my heart rate up, to-"

Sensing she was losing her, Donna interrupted. "Wait! Let me tell you this hot news about Heather, which I just heard less than an hour ago. It'll prove to you that she's not the kind of person who should be our school's Homecoming Queen. Plus, it's also about Alan. He's some kind of friend of yours, right? I see you and him hanging out together at school sometimes, especially lately."


Christine had been totally annoyed and eager to get Donna off the phone, but that all changed when she heard Alan's name. Her heart immediately started racing. She had to be careful not to sound too interested. "Yeah, I guess you could say that. What did you hear?"

"Well, the word is, he and Heather are getting it on, freaky-style. Really freaky!"

Christine's heart skipped a beat. She'd already become convinced that Alan and Heather were having sex, but hearing that from Donna shocked her nonetheless. "Wait a minute. Hold your horses. There have been all kinds of weird rumors about Alan lately. I've heard them, and they're mostly bullshit. Just because he's dating Amy now, and she said he's free to see others too, imaginations have run wild. Is this more bullcrap along those lines? And who did you hear it from?"

Donna was getting into juicy gossip mode. "I heard it from someone who was THERE! She was in the SAME ROOM as Heather, Simone, another girl, and Alan when the five of them got down and dirty!"

Christine was more than a little skeptical. "Really? Who?"


Donna admitted, "Okay, it wasn't directly the person who was there, so I don't know who. But she called a close friend, and that friend called me. My friend was sworn to secrecy, so she can't name names, but she's very trustworthy. If she said that's what her friend told her, than I completely believe it. And it's not just some vague rumor. It's a VERY detailed account, just one step removed! Besides, it's just too weird and outrageous to be made up!"

Curiosity was getting to Christine, even though she tried to sound put out by the call. "So what did she say, already?"

"Well, the big news is that Heather is some kind of puppet for Alan! She's like his sexual plaything! You know how she's all bitchy and domineering with everyone?"

"Of course." Christine was all ears now. Her heart was pounding hard, even though she just sat in the deck chair.

"Apparently, with him she's the complete opposite. She does whatever he says! If he tells her to strip, bam! She takes off all her clothes on the spot! If he tells her to get on her knees and crawl over to him and suck his dick, she even does that, even though we all know how much she hates giving blowjobs. And she does it with gusto!"

Christine had heard some weird rumors about Heather's attitude towards Alan, so she suspected there was some truth to what Donna was claiming. But at the same time, she wanted to protect Alan's reputation, as well as her own reputation as a "moral paragon." So she scoffed, "Give me a break! Are you kidding me? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

"But it's true! I know it sounds crazy, but certainly you've heard other stories that fit. Hell, just the fact that Heather has been seen talking to him on more than one occasion recently demands explanation. Why would that be? He's such a nobody, a nerd, so low on the totem pole that normally she'd never be caught dead talking to him. But when his name comes up, which has been happening more and more, her face gets all weird. I've seen it myself."

Christine sighed. "Look. Alan's started dating Amy, right? And his sister is Katherine, right? That's two girls on Heather's cheerleading squad, right there. So, if he's spending a lot of time with Amy, it makes sense that he'll keep running into Heather and they'll have to interact to some extent. Maybe Heather doesn't like him 'cos she thinks he's not good enough for Amy or something."

Donna said, "That sounds reasonable, except you don't know what I know! My source tells a VERY different story. I tell you, Heather is practically Alan's sex toy!"

"Stop right there! How can that be? If anyone even talks back to her, she crushes them like a bug, just because she can."

"I know! I know! But sex makes people do weird things. Apparently Alan has a big dick and, more importantly, he knows how to use it. He rocks her world! She's hooked on him like a drug, so now he holds all the power."

Christine stood up, she was so agitated. "I don't believe it." But in fact, the reason she was bothered was because she found it all too believable; she strongly suspected it was true.

Donna said, with growing enthusiasm, "Have you ever had YOUR world rocked? I have! I'm talking about getting fucked so powerfully and so long that you totally lose your mind! The pleasure is so intense that you didn't even know you could possibly feel that good! You become an animal! You scream like a banshee and forget your own name! Sweat's flying everywhere with all the pumping and thumping, and the sexual intensity rises and rises until you simply EXPLODE in an incredible, prolonged, mind-shattering orgasm!"

Christine was taken aback. She reflexively clutched at her chest with her free hand. "Whoa! Donna, get a hold of yourself!"

"Well, have you? I take it you haven't, or you'd react very differently. In fact, the word is that you're still a virgin."

Christine pretended outrage. But she didn't outright deny it, since in fact it was true. "WHAT?! Where did you hear that? And anyway, my sex life is none of your damn business!"

"Sorry. I'm just trying to explain this whole Alan-Heather situation. To me, the only way it makes sense is if Alan's taken her to a really high plane of sexual pleasure, repeatedly. It's no secret that she's a round-heeled slut, so she's had sex with lots of guys. Alan must be giving her something way beyond what anyone else has done. I'm not quite sure how he does it, but he obviously does, or the evidence wouldn't be piling up like it is."

Donna sounded like she was suddenly hit with a smart new idea. "Hey, you're Alan's friend. Maybe you can shed some light on this. Has he ever talked to you about sex with Heather, or anyone else?"

"Certainly not! We're academic friends, not, like, sex friends. Sheesh! No way would I ever touch that topic with a ten-foot pole!" Christine blushed, since in fact sex and Alan, and sex with Alan, were on her mind quite a lot lately, and their flirting had been getting increasingly overt.

"Hmmm. That's too bad. But even though he looks like some kind of ugly dweeb, he obviously must know how to deliver."

Christine couldn't help but defend him. "'Ugly dweeb?' That's harsh."

"You know what I mean. Okay, he's not so ugly, but he's not Hunky McDreamy either. He's just some guy. Yet out of the blue he starts dating Amy. After all, she's a cheerleader, and one of the prettiest, most desirable girls in school. She's waaay out of his league, if you ask me. And then she hypes him up as the greatest lover since Don Juan, yet lets him play around. How does that make any sense?"

"They've known each other since forever," Christine pointed out. "They're next door neighbors."

"True, but that doesn't explain her claims about what an insatiable stallion he is in bed. And it's not just her. For instance, I know for a fact that Kim is singing his praises too, and she's a lesbian. How the hell do you get a lesbian to get all dreamy over a guy? It all makes sense to me. He's got Heather so hooked on lots of stupendous orgasms that now, instead of just being a first-class bitch, she's HIS bitch!"

Christine had to admit to herself that Donna's theory made sense. But again, she wasn't about to admit that to Donna. She paced around nervously along the edge of the pool. "Come on. I know Alan. He's socially clueless. Someone like Heather would eat him for lunch."

"Sure, normally. But you can't judge, because you don't know what it's like to have your world rocked, to have every last nerve in your body sing in total ecstasy."

"So, maybe he's had sex with her. That's possible. And maybe he's amazingly good at it. That's possible too. And so she's nicer to him than usual, or whatever. Big deal. Or it could all just be some rumors. There are always a lot of those around school. Where are you going with this, anyway? Why should I care?"

Donna replied, "Because it's not JUST the two of them having sex. It's like I said before: they're having freaky sex! Do you remember what I said before, about who was there? It wasn't just Alan and Heather: it was them plus Simone, plus my source, plus yet another girl! FIVE people! That's an orgy! The girls were all licking Alan's cock together like it was the most delicious candy in the world, and then he took turns fucking them all into oblivion. On top of that, there was all kinds of girl-girl action. I'm sure you've heard the rumors that Heather and Simone are more than just best friends. Turns out it's true!"

"Okay... But if Heather's bisexual, that's hardly a crime."

"No, but it's a scandal because she keeps it a secret. Do we really want a bisexual orgy girl to be our next Homecoming Queen? What would that say about our school? And then what if she gets busted in some other orgy? It'll be egg on everyone's faces. Whereas look at me. I've had a steady boyfriend for a long time. Have you ever heard any rumors about me cheating on him?"

Christine couldn't help but grin as she replied truthfully, "Actually I have."

"That's bullshit! I don't know what you've heard, but I'm sure they're nothing but vicious rumors, no doubt started by Heather! She's been angling to win the Homecoming Queen crown for a long time now, and what better way to do that than to pull me down?"

Christine grumbled, "Whatever. Look, your 'hot' rumor is certainly interesting, but that's all it is: a rumor. I hope you haven't been telling everybody this? Alan's my friend and he doesn't deserve to have his name dragged through the mud as part of some grudge match between you and Heather."

Donna protested, "It's not like that at all! I swear. I'm totally in the right here, and Heather's the orgy-crazy liar. She's obviously some kind of sex addict. She's not fit to win. As for Alan, I know he's your friend and all, but you need to open your eyes. Sure, I called him a dweeb, and he's certainly got that nerdy vibe, but there's some freaky sex stuff going on with him too. Maybe he's Mr. Generic Gifted Tennis dude most of the time, and that's all you see, but when he gets his freak on, he really gets it on!"

Christine continued to pace around nervously. She was upset because Donna's call was confirming all her worst fears about Alan's sex life.

Donna continued, "For instance, remember earlier when I said that if he tells Heather to get on her knees and crawl over to him and suck his dick, she does, and with gusto? That wasn't just hypothetical; that really happened! My source was there and saw it with her own eyes! And he calls her all kinds of nasty names, and she eats it up. He calls her his slut, and his cum dump, and other stuff like that, and she loves it!"

Christine wanted to punch her fist through a wall. She struggled to sound normal, asking, "What about your so-called source? Does he make her crawl and call her names too?"

Donna admitted, "To be honest, I gather the story I got was a bit edited. The source, well, she admits she was there and she's had sex with Alan, but she kind of tried to keep herself out of it and keep the focus on Heather. The other unnamed girl - her involvement was downplayed big time too. Obviously she was being protected for some reason. But to answer your question, it was made clear to me that the name-calling and all the demeaning stuff, that's reserved for Heather only. But I can read between the lines. Alan must be some kind of exceptional sex stud. I mean, just look at the numbers: one guy and four girls. Have you ever heard of a lopsided orgy like that in high school? No way!"

Christine lied, "I'm sorry. I just don't see it. Alan's basically just a nice, mild-mannered guy. He's no sex beast. I think he's had a little luck with Amy and maybe he's played the field some too, since she lets him. People have blown that way out of proportion, probably just to make up juicy rumors."

Donna said, "Tell you what. You're known as a pretty good snoop. Since you're Alan's pal, why don't you dig around and see what you can come up with? You're in the perfect position to get the inside dirt. If you don't like what you call "mere rumors," then get some solid evidence of him getting it on with Heather and pass it on to me."

Christine finally sat back down, complaining "You'd like that, wouldn't you? That would seal your victory for sure. The mere fact that Heather's having sex with a 'nerd' like Alan would cost her a lot of votes from the elite, stuck-up crowd at school that you both hang with. But don't hold your breath. Even if everything you say is true - which I really doubt - I'm not gonna sell my friend down the river to help you win your meaningless little popularity contest. In fact, I think it's damn rotten of you to go spreading these wild rumors around. I know you're all about bad-mouthing Heather, but Alan is an innocent and you're smearing him too."

Donna responded, "Hold on! I'm telling this news to you and you only. Well, okay, admittedly I've mentioned it to a couple of other very close friends, but that's it. This source, she swore her friend to total secrecy. That friend had permission to tell me and me alone, knowing I was the one most likely to put it to good use against Heather. So it goes without saying that I'm trusting you won't tell anyone either. Okay?"


"You see, there aren't that many candidates this source can be. If the story gets back around to Heather, she'll damn well know who else was there at the time, and then whoever it really was is gonna be in a world of hurt! So you can definitely believe I'm not gonna spread this around. If I do, and she gets in trouble, then I won't hear anything else from her."

"Then why are you telling me? You literally have never called me before in my life; we barely even acknowledge each other at school."

"Don't kid yourself, Christine. You're the head of a crucial clique, so I had to make a special exception just for you. You may not think of yourself as the head, but you've got a lot of innocent little 'Goody-goodies' looking to you for direction. Not to mention plenty of guys who would vote for you just because they think you're hot. I have my crowd and Heather has her crowd, and they're both big crowds. The vote is gonna be close, for sure. In my opinion, the winner is gonna be the one who reaches the other cliques. You could very well provide THE crucial swing vote for Homecoming Queen. You and your followers, that is."

Christine didn't say anything, but she generally agreed with Donna's analysis of school politics.

"I'm telling you this news, and it is news and not a rumor, because I know how moral and righteous you are. You're not going to let some orgy queen become the Homecoming Queen, are you?"

Christine sighed. "I'll admit that if what you say is true, that would be bad. But you could be making the whole thing up, mystery source included. When did this happen? Where did it happen? Where's the solid proof?"

Donna said, "Okay, it's true I can't answer those questions just yet. My source had to leave some things vague to protect herself. She risked a lot just to say anything at all. Apparently she hates Heather with a passion."

Surprisingly, Christine quipped, "That doesn't really narrow it down very much, does it? That could be anybody in school except Heather! Even Simone."

Donna chuckled. "True. Too true. You see? You hate Heather too. That's why you need to spread the word that nobody in their right mind should vote for her."

"Yeah. But the problem is, you're just like her. I'm sorry, but I don't trust you any more than her. I could totally believe you made this whole thing up to get an edge. In fact, I'd be surprised if you DIDN'T make up a bunch of scandalous stuff about Heather to help get some votes."

Donna conceded, "Okay, true. I have... let's say... wandered into some ethical grey areas in the past. But I'm not half as bad as Heather, and you know it! Besides, this has the advantage of being true! I know I don't have any proof now, but hopefully this source will take part in more sex games and come back with something solid and provable next time. What'll you say then?"

Christine tried to sound bored. "If that happens for real, call me again. In the meantime, don't bother me with more rumors. I don't want to get caught between you and Heather in your tug of war. Maybe I should just tell all of my so-called followers not to vote at all, so you two will leave us alone. This whole thing is a waste of time."

Donna concluded, "Okay. Sorry for bothering you. But think of this. If you're not running, then you know it's gonna be a tight race between me and Heather. Do you really want Heather to win? Really?! I know I'm not all smiles and friends with everyone like airhead Amy, but I'm not nearly as bad as Heather either. Think about it."

"Whatever. I've gotta go."

"Later. And sorry to interrupt your... what was it?"

"Swimming laps. And yeah, you kind of ruined my workout. But don't sweat it. See you later."

"Yeah. Bye."

As soon as Christine ended the call, she thought, Well, that was weird, to say the least! Not like I'd ever admit it to Donna, but I'll bet her source was for real! It fits too neatly with everything I've heard about Alan and his sexual prowess.

Jesus! He really is a sex stud! One boy and FOUR girls, together?! And they were crawling naked to him and licking his penis, together?! That is too weird for me to even imagine! What kind of guy have I fallen for anyway?!

Not that I've really fallen for him! This is a good wake-up call. I have to turn off whatever feelings for him I may have, right now. He's bad news all the way round. He's dangerous! It sounds like he casts some kind of spell on girls, and once he's got you and he's "rocked your world," you're hooked. Whatever that means: rocking your world. It sounds pretty damn amazing, actually... Turning into some kind of primal, feral animal, consumed by lust.

But that is so not me! No way. I don't want to be dominated by him and his great sexual prowess. He's a good friend, and we need to stay friends only. You're not gonna catch ME crawling naked across a room to lick his dick! Ewww! Gross!

And as for Donna, she can go jump in a lake. I am NOT gonna get caught up in this ridiculous battle to see who gets crowned the biggest bitch in school. I'll bet in a couple of days Heather is gonna come to me with some scandalous story about Donna. And hell, it may even be true, not that it matters much. I've gotta figure out a way to steer clear of this whole thing.


Glory was sitting and moping in her apartment late in the afternoon when the doorbell rang. She opened her front door, and there stood an unfamiliar yet extremely attractive woman at the door, looking a bit lost. She couldn't understand at first what a supermodel level beauty with just about the biggest pair of breasts she'd even seen would be doing at the door of her modest third floor apartment unit.


"Hello. Who are you? ... Wait a minute, I recognize you." It finally came to her, as she'd seen her at some school events. "You're the mother of Amy and Brad Pestridge... And Alan's..." Glory's voice trailed off.

Suzanne finished the thought. "Alan's lover. Yes. Well, one of them anyway. Hi. The name's Suzanne." She held out her hand.

The mention that Alan had multiple lovers made Glory wince, but she shook Suzanne's hand anyway. "Right. Suzanne Pestridge. Alan's told me a lot about you."

"And I know all about you, too. It's nice to actually meet you after all this time."

"Yes, likewise." Glory paused to check out her visitor.

Suzanne wore a fancy red business suit in an attempt to look unassuming and responsible. However, her attempts to appear unsexy were a complete failure; she simply couldn't look unsexy if she tried. For one thing, she didn't have anything in her wardrobe that didn't make her look fantastic. The clothes she'd chosen for this visit were remarkably tight, and she couldn't even think about wearing her suit without wearing dark red pumps as well.

When she'd finished sizing up her competition, Glory asked, "So what's this all about? How did you even find out where I live?"

"You're the only Gloria Rhymer in the phone book. Look. I know about what happened between you and Alan yesterday and I thought that you might want to talk about it. You know - your big disagreement with him. There are some things I'd like to tell you that you might find interesting. Perhaps we could go get a cup of coffee or something?"

Glory was in pretty bad shape. She had been crying on and off, with little sleep, for the last twenty-four hours. She wore baggy sweat pants and generally looked like she was recovering from a bad hangover. If she was going to talk with anyone, she wanted to do it elsewhere because her extremely modest apartment was a complete mess at the moment.

Suzanne waited patiently while Glory got presentable.

Glory was flummoxed. Not only did she know that she looked like hell, but she was awed by Suzanne's beauty. Even though, rationally, she'd decided to break up with Alan, she felt more than a little jealous about Suzanne, and pegged her as her main competition for Alan's affections. Her strong competitive streak came out, and she tried to dress in the sexiest yet casual clothing she could quickly throw on. She wore a deep blue, skin-tight top that showed off a lot of cleavage, and green shorts. She surprised herself by not even wearing a bra.


When Glory came back to the door to leave with Suzanne, she ostentatiously yawned and stretched. It was like she was throwing down a gauntlet.

She thought as she preened, Suzanne, you may have some of the biggest tits I've ever seen on a thin woman and a smolderingly sexy face to boot, but I'm not exactly chopped liver here! Look at these muscles I've gotten from surfing. Alan loves them! Frankly, I'm far more fit and trim than you are, and I could easily kick your soft ass. So don't give me that "I'm the sexiest thing on Earth and you know that Alan fucks me every day" haughty look! I'm not intimidated by you.

However, this was largely bluster since she was feeling very down on herself and uncertain since breaking up with her lover.

Suzanne had heard about Glory's competitive nature and decided the safest course was just to play it cool and act friendly. She smiled warmly and said, "You look great!"

They walked a short distance to a local diner. As Glory walked, she realized her initial reaction was irrational, especially given that she'd decided to have nothing to do with Alan anymore. She decided to try her best to listen to what Suzanne had to say instead of being judgmental.

Suzanne carefully picked a spot in the diner that would give them some privacy. Once they were settled, Glory asked, "So then. Now that we've dispensed with the pleasantries, what's this all about?"

Suzanne replied, "I know everything. Alan told me all about what happened between you two yesterday. We're very open and like family."

Glory spoke bitterly. "That's the problem, isn't it? He seems to confuse his lovers and his family."

"Now, hold on. That's just what I want to talk to you about. I've known him since he was a baby, way back when he was first adopted. He's such a good kid. I'm so proud of him. I don't think you understand all that's going on. Furthermore, I think it's a big mistake for you to break up with him."

Glory grunted. "If you're so happy with him, then he's all yours. This is absurd! Here we are, both lovers to the same man, or should I say, the same BOY, and you're trying to convince me to stick with him? That's crazy! Don't you want him all for yourself? In any case, I've made up my mind. I've cried a lot, but that's over and done with now. I'm at peace with my decision. Let him love entire volleyball teams and packs of wild gorillas for all I care. I'm washing my hands of him!"

"Come now. You're just saying that. Deep down inside, you know that you still care for him and love him. I know you do."

"How can you know that?! I've never seen you before except in passing at a couple of parent teacher conferences. And now you're an expert on my private love life?"

"I'm telling you, I know you rather well. I feel you're a kind of kindred spirit. Alan was talking all about you long before you two got involved. He's been moony about you since forever. For the past two years it's been 'Ms. Rhymer says this,' and 'Ms. Rhymer thinks that.' He looks up to you like you wouldn't believe. He admires you and respects you. He loves you deeply, and I know you love him too. I can just tell. Things wouldn't have gotten this far if that wasn't the case. Your eyes wouldn't be all red like they are now if he didn't mean something to you."

Glory was very moved to hear of Alan's love, but she barked defensively, "So what if I do? A little, maybe? I'll admit he means something to me, though calling it love might go a bit far." She corrected herself, "MEANT. He meant something to me. I really admired him too. One of my most promising students - so handsome, so smart, and such a heart of gold. Okay. Shit. I love him. Loved him, I mean. But that was the old Alan. He was the one I loved. This new Alan ... he gives me the shivers."

She interrupted herself and gave Suzanne a piercing look. "But hey! What's it to you? I still don't understand. Why are you even talking to me? You and he obviously love each other, so go off and be happy. There's only so much of him to go around."

Suzanne replied patiently, "I know. And we both know that he's already spread quite thin. There was a time, even a week or so ago, when I would gladly have said good riddance to you and thought, 'There's more Alan for me.' And I would still think that, except that now I see how much he's hurting, and how much he loves you and needs you. The two of you have a very special and unique bond. You're a good influence on him, and, well, kind of a mentor to him. You give him the strength and confidence he's going to need in life. It would be so sad to see you two lose the special thing you have for each other."

"I know, I know." Glory looked pained. "And I'm touched that you think that. But I've made up my mind. He and I should have just stayed good friends, safe within the confines of the student-teacher relationship. But he's gone sex mad, and I fell under the spell of his rampaging sex drive for a while."

She looked around and then lowered her voice. "I shudder to think what goes on in the Plummer house, between his sister, his mother, and then you and your daughter Amy, his so-called 'girlfriend' from next door. Have you no shame? Why would you all agree to such an arrangement? Don't drag me into that madness! And that's not even the half of it. If it's got a pulse and a pair of tits, he's probably shagged it already. I just can't look myself in the eye and remain involved with someone like that. I'll admit that I was blinded, blinded by lust and what I thought was love, and I was blinded for far too long. Now I'm paying the price for all that. At least I feel this great sense of relief now that it's all over and I don't have to be afraid anymore. Afraid of losing my job. Afraid of the scandals. If he was a little younger, I could have even gone to prison! I've been living in mortal fear of getting caught for weeks! And what a relief not to be jealous anymore! For crying out loud, how many women are enough for him? I don't even want to know!" Then, with great disgust, she spat out slowly, under her breath, "And his own family!"

Suzanne reached out and held Glory's hands across the table in an attempt to get closer emotionally to her. She leaned forward. "Glory, I understand. That's why I had to see you today. You do know both he and his sister are adopted, don't you?"

"Of course. That doesn't excuse anything. If that's the big thing you wanted to tell me about, then forget it."

"No, that's not it. You see, I know that you think Alan has kind of gone off the deep end sexually, and that he's no longer the darling, innocent boy you knew even a couple of months ago. There's obviously a lot of truth in that. But it isn't his doing. It's my doing. I'm responsible for everything."


"You? I'm sorry Mrs. Pestridge, but I don't buy that. He's really come into his own with his newfound aggressiveness. He needs to take responsibility for his own actions and mistakes. Don't go making apologies for him. There's no excuse for the moral lines he's crossed. I consider myself a pretty open minded and sexually liberated woman, but the things that young man has done..."

"Glory. Can I call you Glory? He's called you that so much that that's the name I mentally give you."

Glory nodded.

"Thanks. And please call me Suzanne."

She paused dramatically, then continued, "I want to tell you a great secret, the biggest secret of my life. I swore to myself that I'd never tell another soul, but I'm going to tell you because I think that you and I will be friends for many years to come, and you, you of all people, need to know the truth. I'm indirectly responsible for all this pain you've been feeling, which makes me feel somewhat guilty about everything that's happened to you."

Glory was normally a very perceptive woman, and perfectly capable of reading between the lines and discerning the truth from a lie. Looking at the slump of Suzanne's shoulders and feeling the grip of her fingers, it started to dawn on Glory that this woman felt very much responsible, and therefore very guilty indeed.

"You know how in September Alan started his rather unusual medical treatment that led to him having a very active sex life from that point on?"

"Yeeeeesss...?" How could I not, seeing as how I became his "mid-day fix"? She shuddered with disgust at how easily she'd succumbed.

"Well, I was the one who got the medical people to tell him all that. I had an ambitious scheme, and I put it into motion. Not only did I want to seduce Alan, but I wanted to seduce Susan and Katherine too. I have an insatiable sex drive and I love both men and women." She relaxed her grip on Glory's fingers, so Glory could pull her hands away if she wanted to. She didn't.

Suzanne continued, "Now, I know what you're thinking, but don't worry, I'm not going to try to seduce you too. Alan has told me that you don't have the slightest interest in other women, and I respect that." She looked at Glory's exposed and nicely tanned cleavage, and thought, However, if my Sweetie gave the thumbs up signal, I'd be so all over you! He has such great taste in women. Glory, if you could only be a full member of our harem, you'd be so happy! You have no idea what you're missing!

But Suzanne didn't give the slightest hint as to these feelings and merely said in a level voice, "I'd developed a tremendous lust for the entire Plummer family that was years in the making. So I created an elaborate scheme, manipulated events, and played them all like puppets so there would be a complete breakdown of sexual barriers within their family. I'm the one who actually encouraged him to be with Katherine and Susan!" She looked around conspiratorially at the other tables, but no one was within earshot. "Nothing, absolutely none of it, would have happened without me. You should blame me, not him."

Glory let go of Suzanne's hands in disgust. Her whole body recoiled. "Good Lord! That's horrible! What possessed you?"

Suzanne found herself starting to tear up. "I love them so much. So very much. This world is such a cruel place, and no one can be trusted. Not even my own husband loves me, but the Plummer family is so special..."

She got a grip on her emotions, wiped away the beginnings of tears, and started again. "My marriage has been all but legally dead for years and years. I started to get lonely, but stayed technically married so my kids wouldn't have a broken home. I had so many adulterous affairs trying to find happiness and true love, but then I realized that my true love was for the Plummer family. I was, and still am, deeply in love with mother, daughter, and son. All of them at once. I had a fantasy of loving the entire family with physical love expressed as freely between everyone as much as any other kind of love. I thought, why not throw away conventional morality and see if communal love could happen, where everyone loves everyone else as much as two people can possibly love each other?"

Glory stayed silent, but she emphatically believed that Suzanne's vision was not only immoral, but completely unworkable. Her disgust showed on her face.

"But here's the thing, Glory. To my surprise, not only has my vision come true, but I've exceeded my own wildest expectations. We all love each other more than ever before, in every way. But I also unleashed a sexual spirit and drive in Alan that took me and everyone else by complete surprise. Not to mention a talent. His medical treatment, which of course had only minimal medical justification, turned out to be some sort of perfect sexual training for him. Just like runners training for a marathon, his body is now trained for sexual marathons. Everything else that's happened, his relationship with the cheerleaders at school for instance, was all either directly my doing or an accidental side effect."

"But why? Why? Why did you take things that much farther than your already wild scheme?"

"Like I said, things spiraled out of control. For instance, I wanted to see him with Katherine-"


"Because I love her. And I love him. And I knew they loved each other and that she'd had a deep crush on him for a long time. Since they're not biologically related, it was something that could make everyone very happy. And, as it so happened, the way that came to be was through some sort of painting scheme at school that, once started, inevitably led to sexual relations with the other cheerleaders as well. I didn't plan that part, but I'd opened a can of worms, and that's part of what came spilling out. I thought I knew what I was doing but I didn't. The whole thing is completely beyond me now, and I don't even pretend that I can do much to influence events anymore. There are too many people all doing their own thing."

She thought to herself, In fact, I've become ensnared by my own scheme. I almost feel like a bit player in it instead of the original director of it! But she was too proud to admit that to Glory.

"But here's the key point I want to make. Glory, I know this shocks you, and I know you're disgusted by him, and now by me... But look at it from his point of view. He didn't purposely go out to get involved with his... you know. Susan and Katherine." She looked around again, and was careful not to mention familial relationships or the word incest. "Everything just fell into his lap. I got them so excited that THEY were the ones who seduced HIM. What eighteen-year-old male is going to resist when a beautiful woman throws herself at him? He's not the one to blame. I am."

Glory was very surprised by these revelations. Her gossipy side wanted to find out which other cheerleaders Suzanne was talking about, exactly, but there were more important things on her mind. She raised one eyebrow and looked at Suzanne in a new light. But she was still very much confused as to why she was being told all this.

Suzanne continued, "Yes, he's an incredibly lucky man to have so many lovers, but it's not all about his pleasure. He has many responsibilities as well. He's a very good and considerate boy, I mean man, and he's trying to do his best to keep everyone happy. He's had a heck of a time juggling everyone's needs, and the thing is, he loves all of us so much that he just can't say no. He's actually running himself ragged trying to please everybody."


Suzanne paused to give Glory time to digest everything she'd said. She saw from Glory's pensive and thoughtful face that she was making some kind of impact.

So Suzanne went on, "But listen. What I did was immoral and selfish, I know. But it's worked out so well for everyone involved that I'd gladly do it all over again."

"It hasn't worked out well for EVERYone involved, I can definitively say that," Glory replied bitterly.

"Don't speak too soon. I'm confident things are going to work out between you and Alan. I've learned something very important, and he has too. There's no reason why people who emotionally love each other can't love each other physically too. There's no law of nature that says a person can only be with one other person. Many societies have polygamous marriages and all kinds of different arrangements, and those customs have worked for untold ages. We've all learned and grown because of these startling changes in our lives, and our eyes have opened to new ways of doing things."

Glory however was still very obviously wedded to conventional morality. "Sorry. No thanks. If you think I'll join in some crazy group marriage..."

Suzanne held up a placating hand, halting Glory's impending tirade. "No. I said I realized that already. I'm trying to be mature, and not manipulative like I sometimes am. That's why I'm talking to you and telling you the full truth so you can decide things for yourself. I've realized that Alan needs you in his life and that it would be selfish of me NOT to try and keep you two together. I don't know what form your relationship will take. I only know that he wants to help make you happy, and keep on loving you, and that it's right. I'm not talking just about a sexual relationship; both of you have so much more to offer each other than that. Although I'll bet the sex is great. Am I wrong? Have you ever had better sex in your life?"

Glory blushed but didn't reply.

Suzanne noticed that a small, uncertain smile crossed her face ever so briefly. "A-ha! I knew it! He blows us all away, actually." She looked around conspiratorially, and seeing the coast was clear, asked, "What is it that you like best? Is it the taste of his succulent sweet seed? Is it the way he's always hard and ready? Is it his inventiveness and the way he makes each fuck so memorable? Is it the way he can just go on and on, making you climax over and over? I hear you're a really good deep-throater. Is it the way he rams his huge thing in your mouth and slides it-"

"Suzanne! Please!"

Suzanne looked at Glory and saw that while her face was irate and annoyed, her nipples had sprung to rock-hard attention beneath her tight-fitting top. Suzanne was testing to see whether Glory still desired Alan, and Glory's nipples showed the answer. Satisfied, Suzanne immediately changed tack. "Oh, excuse me! I got a little carried away there. I warned you I'm a rather hopeless nympho."

"That's all right, but please watch it." Glory belatedly noticed her own nipple reaction and tried in vain to will them back to normal. However, the mental visions now filling her head of Alan pushing his penis far down her throat, and especially the recollection of the one time he'd fucked her into complete helpless oblivion, didn't help matters.

Suzanne carried on, deliberately ignoring Glory's arousal. "But the point I was going to get to is that it's not just a matter of sex. He loves you. I don't know how, and I know he's stretched thin, but somehow you belong in his life, and he in yours. It just feels right to me, and I've always trusted my intuition. That's why I told you this great secret of mine, a secret I trust you'll never tell another soul. Alan, Susan, Katherine - none of them have any clue as to what I've done. You're the only one who knows now, aside from the nurse and doctor who prescribed the treatment, who naturally had to be in on it. You could play havoc with all our lives if you told anyone."

Glory sat and thought about that. She stared off into the distance for quite some time. Then she said, "Thanks... Thanks for telling me all of that. That certainly does put things in a different light. I guess in my despair I thought that Alan couldn't possibly love me and he just wanted to use me for his own insatiable sexual desires. I mean, deep down I know he really loves me, but what does that mean if he loves half a dozen or more other people as much as or more than me? I was thinking he was sexually greedy and out of control. I didn't realize. But that still doesn't fix-"

Suzanne interrupted. "Actually, we're the sexually greedy ones, if you want the brutal truth of it. It's really the four of us, the Pestridge and Plummer women, plus you as the fifth, who are the main women in his life. Almost everyone else will probably fade in and out of his life, but he has a deeper love for us. And we four back at the Plummer house are sexually insatiable. Trust me; WE'RE the ones who are out of control, all thanks to me. I got the others to turn into complete nymphomaniacs. He's just trying to keep up with all the sexual wheels I set in motion. I almost feel sorry for the guy at times."

Glory rested her chin on the palm of her hand. "Huh. I'd heard that you were a bit of a schemer, but still. Wow! However, I still have the same worries as before. How much can he really love me if he loves you four? That's not one, not two, not three, but four! Even more so now, given that you're apparently all so sexually needy. I've always only wanted, and needed, one man in my life. I don't have some kind of great bisexual orgiastic fantasy like you do. I don't want any part in that. Don't even get me near that house, please! His intentions may be good, but ultimately our relationship is doomed. He can't be happy with just me, and I can't be happy sharing him with all of you. I mean, for the love of God, all four of you are like supermodels, and my looks are more ordinary. You've all known and loved each other since he was born. I'll never even be near number one in his book. What you're saying makes me feel better about him as a person and how he's ended up where he is, but it still doesn't ultimately change things. It's still insanity for him and me to continue."

Suzanne nodded in understanding. "Those are good points. I too have suffered knowing that Susan would always mean a bit more to him than I would. But then I realized I would get more love from him, in every way, even a good way down his list, than I would ever get from my husband or any other ordinary man for that matter. Trust me; I've shopped around. Think about it Glory. He needs you. I can feel it. He's got a lot of women in his life, but there aren't that many with such strong willpower who can hold him up and push him if he needs pushing. Susan loves him dearly, but she's a softy and can't really tell him no. Same thing with Katherine and my daughter Amy."

Suzanne saw a waitress walking their way, but waved her away before the intrusion of a stranger could spoil the mood.

"Glory, I don't like to admit this, but I think my resolve and willpower have been weakening too. I think I'm letting my sexual urges get the better of me. That's always been a problem for me, as you can see from the scheme I devised to start this all off. He's likely to become insufferably spoiled and dissolute, given the way things are going, and I think I'm probably more of the problem than the solution on that, the way I feed his ego all the time. You're a unique influence in his life, and a very needed one. You inspire his better side. You can't just walk away!" Suzanne reached out and grabbed Glory's hands again.

Glory allowed her hands to be held, and even sympathetically squeezed Suzanne's fingers. "I don't know. I'd like to help him, I really would... but I'm kind of an all-or-nothing woman. Now that he and I have gotten involved sexually, and so intensely emotionally, I can't turn back the clock on that and merely be friends again. Maybe some other people can, but I can't. I need a partner in my life - one partner, for life. If it can't be him, I have to wash my hands of him or I won't be able to get emotionally involved with someone else. I love him, but I can't just suspend my life forever to continue helping him. Maybe he, or you, can sleep around with lots of people at once, but I just can't do that. It's not in my nature. And I get jealous, very jealous. Every day of my relationship with him has been exhilarating, but also so emotionally tiring. I tried to pretend he didn't have other lovers, but I can't do that anymore! And now, talking to you and seeing you... You seem so lovely and beautiful, even if a bit, uh, ethically-challenged, to say the least."

She nervously laughed a bit, and Suzanne laughed along to be polite.

Glory pouted, "You're so far out of my league! Of course he loves you, and won't want to leave you. If I were a man, I'd probably fall head over heels in love with you too, just like anyone else would. In fact, why do you even put up with the situation? You could have your pick of any man in this whole city."

That cut Suzanne to the bone and brought up issues she didn't want to think about. She growled, "We're here to talk about you." Then she realized she was being a bit short, and added, "I love him. Not some other man, but him. I know I could catch a multimillionaire if I wanted, but so what? I've been with that kind of guy before and learned that money can't buy happiness."

"Sorry. It's just that, what with all the competition, I can't keep fooling myself that he and I will end up together as a couple."

"Glory, don't sell yourself short. A woman's beauty isn't simply defined by how curvy and busty their body is, or how sultry their face is. Not only are you attractive as all get out, but you have a profound inner beauty and a beautiful mind. I don't have to know you well to see that beauty radiating from you. Let's just say that, in every possible way, you definitely qualify as 'Alan-worthy,' as we like to call it."


That accidental reminder of Alan's many other lovers didn't go over very well with Glory, and neither did the sexually-hungry look she thought she saw briefly flicker across Suzanne's face. Suddenly she regretted wearing a low-cut blouse (and no bra!) when meeting with a woman she'd already heard through rumors to have a great sexual appetite.

Suzanne saw Glory wince and tried to lessen the sting with a friendly conspiratorial wink, as if she were just teasing. "All I'm asking is that you think about what I've said and don't make up your mind about him just yet. Let him talk to you on Monday, and listen to what he has to say. I know the situation might not be ideal, but there must be some sort of way things can work out, isn't there?"

Glory pondered that. "I don't know... I just don't know... I'll... think about it. I promised that I'd give him a chance to talk, and I'll at least do that. Thanks for being so honest and open. No matter what happens, your secret will be safe with me. I can't relate to why you did what you did with this scheme of yours, and I certainly don't approve of it, but I won't tell a soul." She genuinely smiled at Suzanne for the first time.

Suzanne smiled back. They squeezed their hands together. "Thanks for listening, and for being understanding. One is lucky to find real love even just once in life, which is why it hurts me to see you two part. Please don't tell him or anyone else about this meeting either. I don't want him to think that I'm fighting all his battles for him behind his back. But these were things you deserved to know, especially since you've been hurt by them."

Glory nodded.

Suzanne said, "Oh, and a rhetorical question or two for you to consider: Has Alan ever hinted at or tried to push you, sexually, into getting involved with anyone else while you've been involved with him? Do you honestly think that he would try and force you into a situation with other people where he knew you would be uncomfortable and unhappy, purely for his own selfish desires? Or do you think he's the kind of guy who has tried to accommodate your feelings and be sensitive to your moral bounds, so as to make you feel happy and loved rather than manipulated and used?"

Suzanne let go of Glory's hands, giving her space to think.

Glory seemed to get lost in contemplation of that question. Her eyes focused somewhere off in the distance as she recalled pleasant memories.

After giving Glory some time, Suzanne essentially answered her own questions. "To my admittedly limited knowledge, Alan has tried, as far as he's been able, to keep your relationship with him compartmentalized and separate from everyone else in his life. In other words, he's made a space for you in his heart that no one else but you, Glory, can get into. If I had to guess, I'd say he did that to protect you, because he loves you and cares for you, the way a kind and considerate lover should and would with any special woman who was near and dear to his heart, and not because he was trying to take advantage of or make a fool of you."

Glory didn't answer, but she did nod her head slightly while she thought about it.

The two of them parted amicably not long thereafter. Glory had a lot to think about.

Suzanne felt a tremendous sense of relief that she at last had divulged her most guarded secret to someone else. She also felt proud of herself that she'd put what was best for Alan's development ahead of her own sexual pleasure. She believed that, despite her attraction to Glory, there wasn't any way she could benefit sexually from Glory's inclusion in Alan's sexual circle. Chances were Glory truly did have no interest in women. But Suzanne could sense tough times ahead for Alan and hoped that she and Glory could develop a friendship and work together to give Alan the backbone he needed to overcome all the obstacles which he would undoubtedly face.

She also felt good to once again be a prime mover in events. Between the idea for this meeting and her second-mother idea the day before, she felt like she was back in control.

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